Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1855 Page 3
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great alaeritjr, eaeceeded la eapturiag Oebeeao. Oa eearehiug (be pereoa of the primer, ? 141 of the spurious rnam?y ?u found <? hie poeeeesion Aleo $2* la gennine toon* j. Ibe prisoner >u taken before Wood, at the bin Huirt Police Court, who committed him for examination The accuaed, on being interiogatel aa to the manner in which the Aaacosta bill* came into hla poaaeaaloa, laid he obtained them from a Mr. Mtaor, who aeepa aa offio* ia Nassau atroet, aaar Fulton. AUU8T OP AM ALLEGED NEOHO T I0KPOOKBT. Hewry Tbosjpeou. a Thorn an street negro, waa arrested yeeterday morning by officer Glenny, ot the Eighth ward polio*, oharged with haying picked th? pocket of Mrs. Mai Out Aiinee, reiidlog at 137 But UfbteeaMi ?treet, of a oorU moiinaie couUluiog $2. According to tl'? evidence adduced before the magistrate it appeared that while the '-cmplalnant was paining throjgli North Moore atret't 'be negro ?uc,o?e"<"l in intruding tun poiunjout aie from be.- pocUet and then ran off to**rd? Canal atreet, pursued by a gentle/nan, who happened to be a wltnc s to the proceeding At the corner of Canal and Thompmo ntre?-t? officer OUnay su"R??<lr<l in cap turing tbe fellow. lit was tti'i-o belo -a Justice Daviein, at the Second District Police Court, who committed Ulin to prison . Anothbk Gl'oiii* i k Town Bchnbd Tha AtlanU lnttUigtntr of Monday liarns from \ passenger, that alKiut one balf the town oi Joneaboro', in fayeite coun ty, situated on the Msoon and WH-lt?rn roal. waa con ? ura?d by fire on HatuMny last. I'm lire caught from ? piuniog ocotnotive. No furttier paitiuulaia are given. ? XnrtiHTtaL GkorgUm, JU irch 27. ASTKKTlSUEim tBBftt KTMff MY. MaNIUTTaMVIlMJ fOOVVMIDI. Lift of i.etkrs remaining in tub post office at Manhattanville N. Y.. April 1, 1HM Andataisu Edward Arda llr ArkcnburgMrs R H Barnet Mrs Barttn J am OS Due Patrick t ambei Wia 1'asey Jobu C'aaon Mr Cboiior Mary Chonor Tb >mai CkritMv John Clay Rev fcdwiu Daly Mr Daly Themaa Davideon Cbas II Delia M1m XUis Samuel Runnet Christopher liraily Cathriao Bery Turnis Hnr,? Henry Bowdon H'JiS Bnrihara Col Jaa C Clark W Consistory of Ke Clav'on John formed llutb't Ch Comber John Coroeraa John Comnu-ford Miohatl Corson Cornelius Conklin Mr Crewford \lesander Conaur Jobn O Curtain Miohael Dovine M:ir?'r?t Donobnn Peter 0 Dennison Thomas Doyle Mr K Englebrok P A Son Everiti Bettee F Feehe Anton Federal Rosa " Funning Cathrine FUber W L O Caffnsy Mini Anne Gemlnia Ravolina Goti Carl Cunaey Ilenry Gilmore Reith Greeu Mary Garland N aeon ? 2 GloneMiss Mary ? 2 U rimes Aliai II Herbert Mm C B Hoffman Horrn Hoffman Ziriah Huffman Jonn Harferd Micbai>l? 3 lloldun Miss Marlon Hnrity Mioha il HarUy Wm llom an Charles Jlynes Jamil Tale Fredrick fairingtoa A B Haggin Micbaol Hajen Run rod Hale Hj> C Hanley Michael Horan John Horn Ai r. nil Hum ill-- Mrs Hunt Evullne M Hajdock Geo Kennedy Mr Kennedy Michael Konnedy Wm liadds Jam t l.a^lar Joseph l.amb Mm ]<?ag Anton K Kenny Wm King David Is Lamsnn Patrick I/O# Esq Thomas Logan James M Kinny Jnd(? klos P tl Kroaio H l<uck David I.) nob Catkrino I.vnuh lloyan Lyaoh Juhn Madden Chas Mayer John Miller Phillip MaherMrs Mcnek Wm Mitchell Mrs Martindale Mrs Bli Merrill Mrs Muntituinery Mi ?a? 2 Meti Frill Kliia Mason Mrs Anna Murter Henry MC McCarthy Jobanaa McMahon Tlios? 2 MoMnllin Peter McKemie Alo* Kaffer Andrew Me V ay James Panlsson C M K? 2 Pendleton James I'ayne W l'eaulbie Ilnnry J Pewer Thu Power Philip Pewur Mar^rot Itankia Jamea It .adv. I II JU'illy Thomas KeMdonce ot 2>Q2d Rider <t Ward ieroe James II Piter Philip K Ri'eidencunearlOOtb R< of Win street Robertson Geo RiehardsonO!iver-2 Itoas Uo'ot Tehran) An gnat in Sehnlt Aaron Mealier Mrs Talor Grace Thorn an George War J Mr -2 Ward John "Ward Frederick J Waring W Watts Eli W oeke Mr Rider A It Rntherfnr I Mrs Rj ley Mrs & Pee Learder Pmith Mr< Ann fiiaclair Juhu J? 7 Sprmgor t.'arolina Steinhaus A T Thomas J D Tibbatts Wm W Weber II Weher Andre* Webir 1 ramiska Welcrh Daniel Wiles Dr Cbae Titus Joseph Titui J 11 Wevman C S W <lson MrsJnne Wilson Mat'hew VV'bitlock lliiil^tt Wood John 11 Van Krower Rev II Tan Neat A HOt'BKS, ROOMS, M., WAMKD. J HOUSE WANTED, OH I'AKT OF ONE, FOR A small Amurlcnn family; no ohiliron. It mu-t bo pleaaantli located; rent moderate. A gentleman m l lita wife will bo taken to board, if aureeaMe, in aompenaation for rent. i>r part Addre*e, poat puid, or call for three daya at W Twenty fifth atr:et, orS7' ?', Uiwery, 1UIRM8HED HOUSE WANTED IN BROOKLYN? NOT lea* i ban tare or mors than thirty minute* wal* from the farnoa Muat be neatly furnished and auitablo for * family of ei^b* grown peraoni. Rent not to exceed $StJU. Addreaa K. A . Herald office. House wantrd-paiitof a modern iiousr, by a autall genteel family, in a good and rcpeutable loca tions rent about $2AU per y?ar. Apply at 131 Clinton plaue, lor Mr? Jonea. ' HOBOKEN -WANTED, BY A SMALL RESPECTATJLR family, a oottage. or pirt of a genteel honae, whom there la bnt another family, and In a good location. Addreaa 1. 1' I) . Herald ottoe, ate ting location and teruta. Lower part of a house wanted-comsist iiig of parlor, kitchen, and throe or tour bedroom*, in a modern hirtiae, between liouaton and Twunty aiitb atreet, weat of Fourth avenue. Belerepoe given and required. Addreaa L , Union aquare Poat Office, immediately, statins rent, location, Ac, TV ANTED ? A WELL Fl"RN ISIIED ROOM WITHOUT TT board, betweon Diviaion and Rivlagton atreeta. eaat ol the Bowery For a anitable plan' terma will be piid m advance Addreaa II. Hunt, Chatham aquare poatoffloe. WASTED? BY A LADY, THE LOWER PART OF A hou?e, (two or fonr room*,) aitnated ktw??n Twentieth mud Franklin atreeta, very quiet, Ac., not over flfleea min ute*' walk from Broadway. Adar">( Mra. A. P. Hartley, Broadway Poat Office. WANTED-A NICE TWO STORY AND ATTIC OR three atory honae, complete, with gaa, bath. Ao. ; looa Mon not above Twenty fifth atreet and weat of Ilrovlway. Any peeana having one to let. will plcaae addreaa a note to ti Martin, Broadway l'ear Office, giving ' riii* and looatiou. XMJ ANTED? FROM THE FIRST OF MaY NEXT, IN A T T detirable location, a l.trge and comtnodiona four atorr Tijuae with all tie modern Improvement*, between Tenth and Thirtieth atreeta, nnd Second and Sixth avenue*, for a private family, witbout children. Rent not to excced il. JIU. Apply at i!2fi Tenth atreet. T1TJNTED-A HOl'SE, THREE STORY, BASEMENT TT anil attic, in a go?,d neighborhood, aituated hetw ??hi fourth and Seventh avennea. ami llleeoktr and Thirtieth atreet*. Kent not to exceed fc-.V). Addreaa H. Maurice, :'*) Weat Twentieth atreet. WANTED? BY A GFNTEEI. FAMILY, I'AKT OF A neat honae, with the improvement, in aab'e neighbor hood, not lusher than Twentieth atreet. Kent iki'*l. AtMr-ai ,vi K., boa 3 <)!<> Po*t office. WANTED-THE WHOLE OK PART OF A SMALI, comfortable honae, location halow Unuaton atreet. and in areepeetabia neighborhood, for a amall family, uon?i*ting of gentleman wife and aervant. K n' moderate. Kelerence eiveu Addreaa Merchant, Herald offije, WANTED-A LARGE ROOM AND BEDROOM, OR two large room*, on the aeoond floor, nnfnrniahed, and wthont board. Location between Fifth and Second aveniee, and not lower than lJieecker, nor bigh'-r than Fourteenth atreeta Addreaa X., Herald office, for three day*, atating terma, which mnat be moderate. Refer nee exchanged. WANTED? A GOOD BUILT HOUSE AND LOT PN the lifth. Eighth or Foarteet th wnrda, New York, worth iM.Otai to ffUvl, for wieh a modern three atory and l?aement bouae and lot. up town, near Broadway, will he taken aa par*, payment, valued at $il,Uki. and about} I,. V") in each paid i'l*a*e addreia a not? to Mr. K Iward, lir a ? iv Poat iiffiie, atating the loweat price, terma, aiae of bouae and lot, and loratioa. TITAN TED ? A FURNISHED BED ROOM. WITHOUT TT board for a amaie man. loratioa, below Canal atreet, ?r near the ferric*, South Brooklyn. Addreaa. atating l*ea tioa and terme ? whioh niuat be moderate? C. D., Herald office TlrANTED-FROM FIRST tiF MAY NEXT, THE UP " v per p>rt ol a bouae. with mo lera iinprov-m1 nta, eoa Biatiag M hie or aix room*, l.y a L-en tleaiau, hi* wife, aad two amall children aad servant; locatian no' above Twen tieth atraet aor below Spring, botweoa Third nd Seventh a> -nqea Kent n-t to exceed 12SH or $373. Ad tree* M C., B-o.iway Poat office. "|IrAN7ri>Tn BUT? A GOOD CLASS HOUSR RE v? apectablv lorated, eaat or weat. beiw-t Thirtieth ,a ' roarth atreeta, at * reasonable tat* Addreaa, for oaa week wit h fall parMealare only will be noticed, aad leweat f ee L H , Herald o?ce. \\ ANTED TO KENT-A NEAT IIIRKK STORY AND ?? b H'm??t heua*. well loeated. between Twelft'.i Mi 1 ' irtv nftb atraeta, and let *een Th'r d and Siath or .Hevaeth and Tenth av;nuea, conteiaina all the modern improve a n'a Rent ret to e?e>. d $000. Adiraia, atatiag term -, A .< ( 5ji M5 Pi't llffloa "117 ANTED TO PURCHASE? A fiOOD PAI'F.R t\D TT p?' -1 atto*. Addreaa G C , French a L tel LKWAL NOTK KM. I EXECUTOR NOTICE? PI RSUANT To an ??m|>F.R j of Wiiiiem F I ra-<-r. f .rr^rata oftha county of K?>ek laih. *ot:c? 1* hereby give I t* all perene* havfna claim* alalia* the e-tate of Jatne* Tbot?p?>n, late of the town of Cran/?town, in the county of it oo B I aad. deeeated, t'> pn ???at tin aamc with tl.f von her* there?if t- W'u. E Le?iett, tb? >o'.e e> ? ator of the >aid de. . ?? 1. at hia place of t,n i ji?a?. a? t!ie r..rtier of front and Heet-nan atreeta, In the e t t nf S w York, Noa It ar.d IS i nitio Market, on or be f:r* the tbirtoeath day of October neat, i .V. WE. Lf-GUETT. Eiacutor. N'F.W YORK M PFRI .R COUHT.-C F.ORGB SLATER agan. ? Cartal Jataoa and otnera ? Notiee ll aaret .y gvea, that pn rati ant to an crder of thia c ?urt taa la la ih above entitWd a<t. KB, all and ai.igular the houaehslii aad liotal furnltnra fortrirly own?.l b> i;urtl* Judaaa. no# tun t? .aed in toe hotel kaown aa the Brevoc-r* llouae, attaa' 'd at the nertleaet e iraerof El h'h atr. et acd the F'fth av n - In the eitj Of \*w Vo^, wlP ^e aoMtBt wu1 mi ?Se l1 th day of A prlt, I^.VV at *ald Hrevootl Hou*e, at tw Ue nth' ..A.viJULi'U W. T^WNSEND Seo. vat. nasoNAL A gab STRUT. NO. ai-IF THIS should meet the eye of No. 21 Agar |etroet hi i* re juasted to com luuaieaU with hi a friend LA RENCE J fc if AN UKL, for m*rly of the firm of Colt, Iliggs A Co. Direct to tht Po?t offloo, Philadelphia. SIMILE BMYTHK? THERE 13 A LETTER IN THK J Broadway I'oal Ottoa. K.. IT IS WISHED TO ASCERTAIN WHETHER THOMAS j JL Richard Herring. the youngest aon of Mr. William Iftor ring, of the Menageria, New Koad, Regent's Park, London, ! be living. T. R. II err in* una boen in America for some time, and wi? laat heard of between two and three year* ainoe, at j Philadelphia. It ia Relieved that he baa been in the eervioe ] of Montr*. Titna A Jnue, proprietors of the Maintn>th Tra 1 veiling Uet.agerie, and in that of several other owners of ! bthitluna in Aiuerioa. T. R. Herring is reqne*ted to write j immediately to George Robert Ben^ongh, at No. 4 f iehUorne ' at root, Piccadilly, London, who haa a communication to make 1 to b p.m. Alio, address P. T. liaruum, American Museum, New York. _ j INFORMATION IS REQUESTED AS TO THE REHI i I oence, or whereabouts ot Mr. Joseph H*rdy, formerly of ] jteuaph, cwnaty 'lipperary, and late of Now London, Upper 1 Canada. Anv perron e ?i*alle ot affording the abov* furor | mation, woMld confer a ^rent favor on hii *ist?-r, Mr*. Ma- i thews, 6<M Houston street. Canada papers pleaae copy TTICTOR.?I RETURNED FROM EUROPE IS THE ? Celtic; bate written yon three notes; called at Twn ty ? ninth street twice ? \ou woio out: received no reply to my not**. 1 moat nee \ou I am now at the St. Nicholas? n.y bouse not yet in order. Call at ouoe. M. Y. will nail on the undersigned immediately, ,u?.?U>;n? ?u,fi,.>IITt(W k CO.. 3-) ?rox?w?y. TXTAM. STREET ?IF THE UENTI.EM AN VTHO SOLI! f T b'J. ') in ailvor and gold, on tlie 5th of April, at No. 1<) M ail atroct, \% ill call again, he will confer a favor. Young lady missing. -left ht-ri home, sup po?od to be deranged, at George Hewlett's, near Rook away, on Friday morning laat, Miaa Jane Wood, twenty-two year* of aae, black cyea aud hair, of medium height, aa 1 ! rather good looking. Sha had on when ahe left, a delaine drt'i*, light eloth cloak, pink bat and feather* Anyperaou I giving information of her to GEO. HE W LETT. near Rocka | wav, I .. I., will he liberally rewarded, and receive the thanka ot Ler diatreascd mother. SPKCIAX* NOTICES. A T A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE CLIONIAN SO JY. ciety of tbo New York FroeAoadomv, called April'.!, I'.'-o to take anitable notion upon the death of one of ite mcmbcra Andrew J. Pago, the following preamble aud reeo* lotion* wore unanimoualy adoptoo:? Whoreaa it hue pleased the Almighty to remove from among ua, by death, onr beloved friend, Andrew Jaokaon Page, eo leng an honored and faithful mombor of our hody; and whereas. both reapect and afTeetion for our deoeased couit?anion call upon ua to render our tribute to hit taloat.s aud big virtues, and to mingle onr sympathies with the >or rowa of bereaved trionda: therefore Keaolved, That wbile in thia afflicting diapenaation we | hnmkly acknowledge tbo overruling hand of 1'rovideneo, we I do most sincerely mourn tkia stroke of tno destroyer, which has removed from onr mttet one whose opening manhood 1 gave each promise of future neefulness, and whoaeinauy en gagieg qualities bad ao atrongly attached him to the hearta ot all tnnt knew him. Resolved, That we. are deenly conscious that in hia death the Hooiety haa loat one of its earlieHt and moat faithful members, who has filled its !>ighe*t offices, and whose distin Euished talent and unwearied devotion to duty, while they ave greatly contributed to its preaent prosperity, have conferred laat ing honor upon ita namo; that as individ u ? als we have lo?t a friend, beloved and respected as few trends are, whoae place it will be ImpoesiMe to till, and whose me inory we shall ever delight to ohorish. Reaolvea, Tha*. in our sorrow we would not forget the deeper grief of those who wore bound to our lamented friend by nearer and dearer ties than even those of friendship; that we s> in path in e with them ainceroly in their bereavement, knowing, trotn onr own heart*, how deeply euch a lose must be telt i*y thein; and we rejoice with them in their confident belief that his removal haa been to a better .and a happier land. Resolved, That the members of the society wear the n*nal badge of mourning for thirty days, and that tho bulletin board be draped in crape for the *amo period. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be farnishod by the Secretary to the fumily of the dooeated, and that they be publlahed in the leading city papers. J. L. VAN JSUREN, President. Rt bast Srriu.ia. Jr., Secretary. A SPECIAL mm NO OF THE NEW YORK YOUNG llcn'a Roman Catlielia Benevolent Aaeocietion will be In Id thia (Saturday) evening, at 7>a o'clock, at 163 Bowery. Punctual attcndancu ia riqui'itcd, to make tho fin &1 nr rani emeote for the loirec, in aid uf thu Orpluiu Aayluin, to bo held at Niblo'a, on Eaater Monday, April'.) Ry ur.ler, JEREMIAH QUINI.A V, President. JoasrH J. K> aiiiifv, C'orruapondiBg Seo'y. (10M PTKOLLXB'l office. CUT or ST. LuUIS, J Ha roll, 2.1, 1K'<6 ? Great alumni; ealo of thu Third eub divimon ef the city eommonii, St. Louie, Mtaeuuii? l./iKI Ixautilul building luta'at auction? By order uf tho M.ayor und C oancil.of tlm city of St. I.oiiis, MUaiuri, on Wednoa lay, May 'I. 1M6, we will mill at public miction the entire ntim'iar of ft t? in the city ranmoii, holoiuiu - to the < ity , r naming uneold. 'I'hie property compriaee the eubdirMlone o! oity common* blooka Nun. :ft, li>, if/, ii ItlM Them Lioi In have hoen *uhdiv'diid into aiuall?-r lota of twenty five feat iroiit each, by a depth of one lauudrui aud twontbve feet, eutb lot fronting on a broad and beautiful avenue. The ground ia moat> aitnated iimnd liutt ly hack of th? promt city liniiti. on a hi ;li and oomuiandln/ point, afford mz a uiapmfieent view of the entire iity of St. Louie, the Mifaiaaippi Hivernn tli' cent, and tho beautiful uudulutin^ {irairie on thu weal. Broad and apk'iidid avcaua. h.tvc bo?a aia ofl and MINI wi hin the paat ya r felrou^ tho gMS la, and many of tbem are ulready niacftdamixed; 1 traefee huve heen Mi rvi d and retained by tho city lor parka, which an l eant Ifiiily located, miue of which are already in a high etnteol im | ron ment. Terma of Mil'*? One ?ixth caah: the balance In equal pay m? nta, at one, two, three, four and tire year- with mteroft a| thu rati- ul alx per rent pnr annum, ei-cur-d by d"? la of truat i n tho property, 11. ti V ERSTuLZ, Comptroller t or tnrther partioulare apply to KENT A OBEAR, Auetiiuera, OfBceNo. 71 I'lieannt 'treat, St L? la. ? EMIGRANT INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS RANK, NO. tl J Chamber! atreet. ? Notice ? lJepoaltura are lntorm-1 that depnalte made on nr helure Saturday, the 7th of April, will beer iater-at from April 1. liault open daily, from It) A M. to S P. M , and from 5 te 7 P. M JOSEPH STUART, Proaldent. Johh Maiaivisc., Comptroller RASE BAM, CLUB -THE ANNU al tneetir K of thia club will be held at Fijua'a, 11 liar clay atreet, thia evening, at 7)i "'clock. JAS. W1IVTE DAVIS. Sec y. OrricE or lf.e marri.e quarrying company, 24 VI illiam atreot.? The election for live trnateea fthia company will he iield at their olhco, on Monday, April Dth, at 1 o'clock, P. il. GEO. W. Al c LEA N , aeo'y. New York . March 30. 18M. SOMAN CATHOLIC ORPHAN ASYLUM.? TUE COL. Uctionx in all the Catholic churchea in thia < ity on Eai ler Sunday will, u uaual, >>? for tbu U nctit of tboae iaatitu tiOBI. fHE MARINERS' SAYINOS BANK-CORNER OF 1 Third avenue and Ninth atrtet. paya aia per cent inter sat on euna ottM) and under, and fire f t oenl ou jumaorur i two. Open daily from 9 A M. t? ! P M , and WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, from 5 to 8. orriccna Hon. JACOB A. WESTLRVELT, (late Mayer of the city,) | Preaident. Philip W. Enaa and laaac T. Smith, Viae Preiidente. W. H. Ei.mwosth, Secrotary. > . B ? Thia Savins* Bank la In no way eonnecttd wi'b any other t anking ii>atit tition In thia city, ia rmrnlarly eharter<'<l aor Tdine to law by the l<eaialature of thia Statu, and hai i Ite tnnda aecnrelv Inreateil. mainly on bond aud u>ort(a(u, | en property worth double (he auioant loaned. WILLIAM POOLE. ? TIIE MEMBERS OF TIIK POOI.E j Aaaociation have (tie honor to announce that a e<iloxy fn thf late William Poole will he delivered at the Apollo Rooma, on Stindav afternoon, Aprils, atjo'elock, I*. W. by rapt. Jtmti M. Turner. Tbe truce' d< rtanltin^ trom the aaieoi ticketa to be appropriated to tbo beaetltoi the widow and i rphaaa of tbe lamented deceaaed. Tn- aaaociation tie liete thia announcement anfllcient to inaure toe ready aa<iat ai ee of all who knew tbe inaa when livinr, an I who now ayinpathiie with bia ontortunate widow and orphan in their I diatroaa. licketa Bti eenta. TIIK HlLalrARV, A MERICAN CONTINENTAL1), ATTENTION ?A PUB J\. lie meeting, to further the orcamiaii in of an American i t.' ntinantal regiment, will be held at the Karle drill r oinia, corner of Delancy and Chryatle atreeta, omM nday evening, yth Initant at etaht o'clock, at which time all win. ? i*>> ca.i have an opnortuiiity to |oia. Several popular epuakera will addreaa the meetina, amonit whom may he expected J W. Barker, Ee?|., I' M Hut er, Eaq , Chatinoey Scbaffer. Ea | , II. V. Lowell, Ea<i., and other'. Captaina HU ME JONES, and HULL, Committee. I)ANCIN? AC \IJK.niKH. DANCINO ACADEMIES.- M'LLE CAROLINE VE ilea'a dam ins aratemy, 21 Howard atreet, la now opan lor tbe Inatruction of ladlea and gentlemen in tbo moat faah ioaabie daacea of the day. School tor practice every even lay. Grand daacing soireee every Saturday night, tr .m Sto II o clock. ^ Monsieur c; mirasm.e. professor of dan omg, ltil< rtna frienda that hia beautiful eatabilah mi nt, llrocine atreet. will open >a Saturday evenitiK noxt. Mona. M lakee thia opportauny to state that, having etib leaaed tbe hall No. lb Bond atreet, and paid at* month# ren' In advance, by the failure of hia lindlerd. and by no tault of bia, he J.aa lean ejected tbo premiaea at a loaa to Mona M of aeveral hundred doilara Mona troud to aay that he baa aever failed t" pay in lull every dobt and en gagement, and hopea te receive trom hia patrena a contiau ance of their former favora TIIE DANCING ACADEMY OF G MIRASOLE, AT 4# Ilrcome atreet, will not be opened until Moaday eve ning, April it, ha ' in?; unavoidably b?ea dela>ed ia opening on aceouat of ropaire. KIRMTUIIE. FURNITI RE -FAMILIES IS .NEW VORK, BRortK I) a and Miriamai<tirg wlahisc their houaabold rural tare revaraiahed and pellahed can have It done In the neat at manner |.oaelhle by eaperienced workmen of long prac ' lee la aome f the n net reapeetable cabinet nmaofaetoriee of i thia city Piaaofortea. office and counting houoe fornit re rei ollahed In tl moat workman like manner Pleaee ai dree* SHINE A MrKEON, i? Eaot Broadway. / Vl.l) cTa S I' FOR CIIF.AP l l'IIMTI HE. IIEDS AMI I \* mattr>a?a -Inrailure made to orJer repaired var niphed and apbolal red, el.a.ra ?*ted an I pa.nted N II ? I tild furniture I ouj h' or ex< hangeit at (i tt' SNKDE^ S. Vf. Bowery. I.eie.en Stanton and llonat .-i a tree! a Vl r J. kl I. I'I '>W?, li PARK PI. A K i ANPFAC vT . tor ani vnarant o to act! window abadea and all kiada of curtair. flxttir-a IS peri?nt lower thaa any other benoe in the tra le i onntry dealera are re^n rate 1 to call eed eaatrln- their aoaortment before eelect.w etork tor onrlugaalea BIM.MRIM. BII I.IAIIDh ? HAVING INVENTED A NEW TV1 F. of ? uehion of auien r olaatirity an-l ' feet ieaa we invite fcnyera to rail and >-tanuBr for t'-i> ?t houreg a- d rlub rooma fitted up at abort Rot ice with roe* wood, mahotan) ar.o o.?k ' *'.'ra of witp-tio- ftelah ORII H III A DEt'KEH ?? Am t *t PI.AU1G ( \HIK IJUTIWO < A?:)S - I ARfl PLAYING CARD* Vf.KY old ant w-ll ae,< ned with all the vaeloe. ..f? r.mal Itlegef tit OB and n>? ? tor 'a. wa1? Hj ?AM II A RT A * r tfc* ? ??'! t!ii> hoDMi it tr?#ir M?. I ih# An* or ll'iti** art*. /VII> nti-.i. A>D engravings lodaiir-is am Z l"a") " lt' ?.lear. .1 J|',?|, I f7 Na?au #tce?t V" '* V ' So^v-n r. ris** I > ,*? e. ? ?, a oe t ??? a .argo -r*nae- 1 or ta>ati ana t pete "tt '??? UN fl'hE, Naooaa aimt. ILMIOUS ROVICM. ON SUNDAY NEXT. ATTHRKE AND SEVEN P. M , BT divinepcrmUaion a aermon will k* prMobiJ ky John or Marcarot Biahop, about Iho in^athariag of ItrMl, At No. 10H Vlr?t atrect. Alto, to prove th* Holy Scripture, tome publication* rorjr low. Soraoa and a koek of Ilyiaaj MB b? obtained Ik* re. TUB TURK. Rev house pleasure o rounds, harlem.-vm. A. BROWNE retpectlully announce to ki* friend* and tbe public generally that bo ha* now completed hi* ?itenaive Improvement* at thu celebrated plaoo of racor*. I ?? -? addition* bava ko?a made to M? etablee, wbioh now aBurd accommodation* to all tboao who may avail tkeia aelvrtof their oenvenlcneea, and where tha Uuoti horaea la the conntry are alwaya on aale, which oaa ke eeea daily by iietanna dlapoacd to viatt the prerattat The training track ana rncket ground* are new in One order, and are unequalled by any otbera in the eouotry Tbo Uoute kaa undergone ? alenelve repaira. and laage addition* havn bocn made, making the whole one of the moat perfect etiaklieb loentaiu the world. Tlie Second areuue railroad nan pate the Red li?uae every Ovo minutoe. iiuiiHft IH?B LIVERPOOL.? UN ITMD STATES MAIL STIAM fl.ip BALTIC. Joa. J. t'oroitook, oooinian ii<r Tlilt ttcaiutnip ? ill depart * ith the United St\te< mailt for Kuttipe | < t it ivcly on Wodnetday, April IS, at 12o'olockM. Iiu. liea lerth, at the fool ot Canal atreit. for freight or pareaue, having unequalled accommodation* lor ele^auce ami con.iurt, apply to EDWARD K COLLINS, M H all ?trtet rameut'ort ar>- requested to be on board at 11), o'cl rk A. HI Tin etcaiiabip laciflc will tnocood the Oaltio, ami h* I H?)' >. Shipper., pleaee take notic* tl. at the thip* of thi* liuo ranactearry any good* 61 ntrabkad of war. Tin: HRITI.HU AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL SIEAMSHIPS. t mm new toti to LiruroOL. Chief rablti panaa.' e f 131 Secoud oahitt puitie H raoit mxTan to uvrHPOOL. Chief eabia pateage 110 Second cabin package ti# The tl ip? from lloaton eall at llalifag. A U A HI A, (apt Judklag. AMERICA. Cap*. I.aug. PERSIA, Clot. Ilyrio, EI.'R'll'A, Capt. Shannon, A>l A, I apt K U. Lett, CANADA, Capt. Sl?n*. A> RICA, Capt. llarrUoa, N I AO ARA, Capt. Leitofc Three *ee*e't carry a clear white light at malt head, greaa en *ta board bew, red on port bow ASIA, I. nit, leavo Beaten, Woduetday, April II AM KR1CA. Lang. " liotten. Wedaeeday, ApnV 2k A 1 RICA, llarriaoa, " Boitoa, Wedneiday, May 8 AM A, Lott, " Button, Weduetday, May 23 liertlit aot teoured until paid Tor. An eiperienred eurgeon on board. The owner* 1 f then* alii pa will not be accountable for (old, ?liver, bullion, tpecic, Jewelry, preciou* atone* or mi'taia, unleaa bill* or lading an aigBed Uiereior, aad the vala* thereof thorrin expreaaed. > or fi eight or paaaage apply te K. CUNARD. 4 Bawling Oreea. There will be no atoamtbipe of thia line from Now York on til further notice. YANDERBILT'S EIIKOI'RAN LINK OP STEAMSHIPS. ?Thu lirat data rt.mui.hip NORTH STAR, 2.3UU tone, Wnmack, uiatt?r, will loavc New York at auoa. prncia?>y, April 21, lor Havre, direct. Firat elate paetago, (ISO; aeoond, Vt 6. The Nortk Star will be followed by tbe new atenmahip Ariel, in May. Tbe ownor ol tneae veaaelt will act be a? couutable for gold, tilvei, bullion, apecie. Jewelry, preoloui Itonia, or metal*, uuloet hi 1 1 a of lading are algned tlierefor, and the value thereof therein expreaaed. Specie and (ooja taken i?t unnal ratea. No Irelnht received after noon of the day befure tailing. No berth tecured ontil paid for. I^t t< ri> pr?paid, iirtn n centa h?r half ounce, will b? reoolvnil at thi ollice up to II A M of tho day ef aailtn*. and will lia carried in ttrong India rubber l age, nuder lock; and on ar rival at Uavrc, will he imn.odlately depoaited in Pott OIBce tl ere. riacn DATica or aAH.inu. mow nrw volt. raoa Hivur. North Star April SI. Narth Stac May 1!>. Arit.1 May 19. Ariel Juno 10. North Mar June Hi. North Star July 14. Kit freight or pataage, itpply to 1>. TORRANCE, M Bou'.h Wflliam tiroet. New kork. 8LMNEK, MONTANT t DRAPER, 26 Rue N. D. dug Vi-'toiret, Paria. ALBERT N. CHRTST1E, 17 Quai Caitmir Delavigee, Havre N. II ?On and after May 1, D. Torrance' t offlto will b* at No. Bowling Qroen. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STtAMSUJJ t.oiurauy intend tailing their favorite ttoamthipo CITY Of MANCHESTER *,l 2ft tone, Capt W y!t?. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (now,) 2..VW teea. Cart. . CITY or WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 tone, Capt R. L*>t?k Saloon tiift, and V'ft, according to ttate room A limited number ol third elata paaaengart will be iakrn from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in provlti>.aj. Fnim Philadelphia $?? ? k'rom Liverpool $41 l'artie* wiahing to bring ont their frienda oaa obtain corM floa'ee of pkmage and dralta on Liverpool, in suint uf H) atrrling ai>d upward*. Apply to SA MlfEL SMITH . A*nct 17 Walnat tiroet, Philadelphia, and No. 7, U'oadway, Ke* Yi.rk. CiTfcAMSUIPS BETWEEN HAVRE AND NEW YtiRl O direct.? The ?tcamitliip A LPS will tall fr"tn Havre dlfeo' for New York, (-without l ulling at anv purt in Lutlan l,? o Saturday, K'tii of November. The rat<iuf Iroiglit and pm? t?n* lu nrtt and accoad oablna will be very moderate. 1 t la ling ot the eurceedlng e'oacierr will be tbortly aa nuuuced. Tho rate of insurance In Vrance It leta by thipi from llavro direct tor New York than In ahltta calling at a> F?*li?h port A J ply in Havre and Pane, 17 UhuIi *ardt dtt ila ient, lo Uonald t irrie, urluNow Turk to E. CUNAMD No.l Bowling lireeh. T.'ORSOI THAMPTON AND ?A YRE.-TIIE U. S Mill r ttcamer UNION, R Adama, commander, will loave lo) Havre, touching at Southampton t'? land the mail* aud ra* tenuert, on Monday, April l*tb, at 12 o'clouk M , from p?i >? ,'>7 North river. Price of paaaagu in hrtt cabin 11)1, ?? cord oabla 17ft. Luggage rot wanted during tbe voytgi abonld be tent on board the day before tailing, marked 'be low." No Ireicht will be ialten after TMtrvlay. April ftth 1'or Irrigbt or patnage apply to M. LI V1NUSTO*, Agent, al Bt'iailway. IIOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN-. ? TUK UNIl'Kt 1 ,-taiea mall ttcanier W A&HIMQTON, b. Cnvendy, com n.amlir will Bail for Bremen, touching at Southampton t< land the will- and varaengur* fir Eiujaml ann t rance, .t .Saturday. April 21, at lie'cloek M., Irom pi-r ,T North River Price ot pairaie:? In the ftrtt ealilo, main *al'>?n $ISl In the brtt cabin, lower aaloon. Ill In tecond cabin W An eg|perieneed atirgeon ut attached to each it'-??or. AM letter* inlitt patt tbroudh lite Pout OtTlce. Specie d-liveie* in Uarrc and London. Por |*>taii* or freight, apply to C 11. SAND, A eu t, II Sou lb William .treet The (teameg Hermann will auocecd the Waahington, aad ?ail May IV. B EDUCTION OF I' A KCS TO SUIT THL TIMES - New York aad California Steamship Line. via Nioara tun? The AfctiKT y Trauait Company, of Nicaragua propria tort.? Through In advance of the mull; 7'W inline ?h'irlT than >n) ot h t route, avoiding the deadly Panama !?*? ?r unit t?o mllraof dangeront boating in 1'aneiiin hey The p\ 1 n diil double Mate* tteamthip >TAIt OK 1UK w I 1', &tf| tont liurtln-ii.i Captain Turner, will leave i<lor No. 1. North river, at 3 o'clock I'. M., precieoiy, lor I'anta Amti, on Thuradny, April 12, l.Sftfi, unniecting with the etcamihlp U atlt J*am (2, IKHI tang,) evir the Ni' ira/na Tran 'it route, having but t wire milt ? of land tranaportation by Drat elan carrier * Hcvrral new aad twift iron ettanhoata have lat' 1 7 bten Jiut on river anil lake, wlitofa ehorteii t he time on the tran alt from ocean to ocean Theeo atuaiuere are nnfturpAet id la their veatillation aad accumraodationa For latirina tlon or ra??>?* at the reduced ratea, apply only to (.'HAS. MORGAN, Agent, No. 2 Bowling Urmn l.etter ba* m ida oa at th? office. N tt ? t'o?memlag on tha .nth ol Miy tin' daya al leaving .New York will be cliaBjo4 to the Mil aui 3itk of each month AUSTRALIA PIONZRK LINK, CAKKYINO TBI ( lilted Mtatea mailt. ? The i-elel rated clipper ehl) Ot.BAN STF.ED, Thoa Cunningham, mauler, la now at hot, pier * Baal n?er. loading lor ktlUam. Tint ahlp U !? i>n <jU\ OB hvr M^ynd V'jyage la lln?, having made hei flit piratic la tight; nine day*. liat etcerteaA acvjoim^dt tlona for drat and aacond claat paajetMfrt Early atpllut tion foi freight or paaaage naaeatary. aa ah* will poaiiivah ?a'l about middle of Apnl. Tha Ocean St?ed will be auc seeded by the mactiilleen'. o'ipper alup Nightingale lat Jim <, alto nn har eeeoad voyage, having made her laat in tha uaprv tadaoted time ol seventy tit daya Kir freight ar paeeaee. apply oa hoard, urto K. W CAMEKON, No ii Biwlmj Uiaen. and 110 R all ureal. FMiK.'AVANNAlI AND FLORIDA.? UNITED STATES Mail Line ?Tha ne? and elegant "team-hip AUUIJ.* TA, Tho*. Lyoa, will leave New York lor Kavaeneli on April 7. fr< in pii r No. 4 North river, at 4 o'clock I'. M hillt ot lading aig ncd i. n board For Height apply on botrd, or for i?a?.?, to SAMl'EL I. M ITt'fl I I.I. l1 ISroad?ay Fur Florida, throa/h tli.kett from Niwr Yark to Jaeka'iuville, 131: to Pilatki, <3.1 The Al.AliAM A. Cepl. Ueo. K. Hcbea ik, will toereed and leave on W'dna?day. April II. "L'HR (.IIAKI.EXTON AND FLORIDA- SEMI WEEKLY r I ?. mail line Tin feamthla SOUTHERNER, T commander, will leave pier No. 4 N. K.. on Saturday, April i at 4 o'clock I*. M pracitely For fiel^ht apply on hoard, eteri all tlllt of lading aiU'l.e tlicnr l, and iorpaaaace, at the ollce ot ?rolFOKI>, TILE?*lON A ?'0, !U Mr.adwa/ Through tickrtt to Florida a- followa: ? To Jack* nville $31; ?<? I'llatka $3.: Tka JAMEn ADOKK will taeeead, aad leave on itamrday, April U. ?V*OR NORFOLK, PKTRRSHL'ItU AND RII'IIMOND 1 he Unitad Stat'a mail ateaiuahlp J A U Kr I'll W N, I. I'arriak, t> mmnndtr, will laava p4ar I I North river, oa Hatorday, Ami 7, at 4 o'clock I'. M . will arrive at Norfe k the neit afleraoon, and I'etenhiirg and Riehmoad tha fol lowing muraiag From Norfolk, paaeeagera for tha ftontb proeied hv r^liroad direct, with thrauab tkketa from Wei don to H' ilinlartoa. Cl.arieatoa Ar I'ateaire aad fare to .Nr.nolk, t" to feterahnrg aad Kiahmond, #|U. ateer?ee half prior. 1 brooch ticketa to Lynchburg, $14. N o freight ? akea lor Tetarahnrir Apply to LI7DLAM A PLEASANTS, .12 Broadway FOR I'KTKKABt.'KC AND Nf.RFoLK-TIIE ^TFAM tblp KHAX'KK. I aptain xkiaaer. It now loading at tiler 1.1 Norlk river, for I'aterahnrg and Norfolk, and will leave oa Wedaeeday afteraooa, at 4 o'eloak. I.I.'DLAM A ri.KASANTS, 32 Broadway iNtrit \>< k. \I'Kf?STER " IRE INSURANTS COMPANY, OF TIIE v? i:itf af New York.? "Sire, 157 Broe iway.? Caeh -api tel. } I .Vi ? Will iaanra hsildlnga. morehaniliie. and pT tanal | roperty generally agalnat damage ly are, oa aa la terabit ttrma at any other c.mieny DltMllte. D D W'laant, K J Bell, Jat II I'riaee, J' ha R mrhor llarvey Lnrdell, I. I< Hart, Jat C. lorretter, l"nnia II irrit A. I'riaee J. 4' Howard, M' k Wioaat, Thorn aa I# ill af . K CI Holn -a, ?' K Ueateett, Abrtiaf. Bell A Hlaltdell, t'hat I.. < ornun D. D WIN ANT. Preetdmt A. lll.aiabt I.I., Secretary 1. 1441'OIIS, A4 . A CHOICE SKI.KCTION Of BRANNtr Bl.'PERI'iR eltret aad other wlnee, riiiar, heoteb and Irttk whl> k?y?, L .tid- n and Imblin p r<- r S. otch alee d< mottuc ale at.d porter for family oaa, avrupe aad cordial" fur ?ale. by W M. U INDfcKU 'LL, 431 1 llraoatt atreet. ceraer Crotby. C'-OTCH WHISKBT.? THE OKNL'INg CAMERON t? I ndre. tnnetitaia daw ?Makey in demiiohaa. k?ga or p nrhaont. ler aala by LKTUkKIDCk A (kjWI.1>G tf Bontb atreet. IIO DRIVER- Of ROtTR.t FOR "ODAS. SAR?AI'S tillat. alet. portera eldera, Ae Ae , or proprietor' of watering piaea> ?hlppere, dealera and coaaemon geaerally Oetraadef. 4? E??t Broadeay. will roa'raet to toppl. th'si with any taaatlty or dteert ptloa af laiaaral or carboaate ! w alert, alea. porter*, Ac . Ae , of a rnpetlof flavor, aad et rellent >on. at price, mnch leat than an/eth>r mam'n-'or-r I,-. New 1 or* AM article! A Ni l. or ao aala aad it ?> > it ate half tha ataal peicae. rT'lll. SUBSCRIBER IS NOW F.N'I.ARUI NO AND TCL 1 lering for the maiafaetneiag of liou rt In reaeral- t"er t Maine .liver law goet into 'perai; a. by foraithlat 1 1 fr.a'ertal they r an have it made into lienor art will t? I tt cm K.e n a'ena' ? h' ap by wh 'leiaU or retail and dittil '?.? aaree ter tb'tri : eordmg >0 rder I ?m ?l?i ruakiag p?ieoi ltdroatati a* lit for 1) ?a wie vitklv maaof^tere f >r tfc?.r oa a eie, aad will Ht:,er l?t ? r aell ?' ia. aad , ?a la atrweti Lt b?? t ke ..ed ? ll.l I A ? ?N F OIK fc K lir and IK Tr y gtreet Ninth vard dtetr *ry tiriNM HRANDIES II 1 1 f? A M ?? H N A I'l" c. ' N ff rt 9 wN.tkc* ale n'"**e .-ewf. .'p n ae 'ted for private er modi'iaal nee, for aale a' ike l>?->et at !*>?(>?? ?. II K1 vac lag ittetl, ?tnei ?f I 1 - a. MUSIC A. L. A GREAT CHANCE ? ORAM) DIAGONAL PI AW? for**. Id ritful <aea, talikd all rauad, htm Kliiu, bv the kit mikoi and Iirrutd; ixnt 943S. will bo told for $2(0. on account of ill health; baea awl a abort tua*. Caa !???? at 141 Math atraet, im Broadway, trviaUa to Um o'clock. J LADY TEACHER Or THE PIAWO FORTE AND aiariaf. poaaeeaiug the aavanto. pa of Aral cla.a ar I tiata, will take a nnrnbar ?t puplli at ?ary moderate tarma. In ?lew ut 1?..I.|I0K eatablletied. But of roforvuoaa (irea. AddreaaO. S l\, Broadway P oat Office. V(|R SA1.E? TUIIEE BEAUTIFUL SEVEN OCTAVK I pianofortea it?o with carved local made of tba beat nit'tonal. and in the moat workiaanllke meaner, will ba 1 aold law. aud warranted. Apply at Uk Sixth avowee, i DA V IK SMITH. HAM/8 V8S1C AT THE UDDOIO PRICE? THE cheapest rataliixna of in *u.ft n In the world New SoBta ? ! "l?u 01. ho ma fnud nana," ballad ly Bra. Mary K. II' ?ilt, melody fr*m Wallioe'i i'faiitirul romaane; " Tho ViM,?e Maldrn'a (loag, " aytnplionlra ami a?e >uip*nimenti by Ctiea I Jaitia; priic i'i ocnla. " Tim ilrplioo'e I'rajar," aa?( coin no a*4 by < liar'ea Jarria; price A to nta New ScboitUb The Ma oriin Schotli-li t.y J A fowler; prion 2ft c uita. New Polka Itedowa- The iv.idifr'i' Polka Kcduvt, by Kraa cia 11. BruWk; price coota. VVM II A 1.1. A SON, C.'J Broadway, o* the Park. Vfl'SICAl -A I-AllY IIH8IDIN0 UP TOWN, (WEST if 1 ride,) will take u number of pupile for the pianoforte, al very moderate term* lu view of becuming urftetiliebul. Addr a* II K , llerald office. Musical instruction? nv jus koK.sri.Kit, ai? tlraia liim * hroiigh tl.o I'uat Otfloe Jnaepli O. knoatler, teacher o I muiir, 43 It-ade a'reot, or SW Ur.adway, r >oa St PIANOS '-GREAT BAKd^lSS!- A LAIIGE ASSORT mt ikiof sijuart! atd upright piano*. which, having bu?o bought ut a >?ry low price, will be 1 At rtklll fof lee* th/H thi'> r?D In' had fur ul?*ewhore At wholesale. Aui?ntf tbim, two upright , rand pianos, made at ? 'ovinKten, Ky., (leit on comm.' union t / will Ik* sold without re.r*rd to coat. Aleo a larjo a*?ortincnt of T. Gilbert A Co.'i celebrated | iano>, with or without the A"., with iron on frauioe ami ciroulur Mialtw, aiul Horace Water*' modern improved pi a it ok, will be Hold At prioe* whi<h defy ouinpAtUloti, for oA*ti, or utttiiilActurjr pAixir lloKAUE WATfcltS, JIM UraAdwAjr SrXONI> HANI) PIANOS AND MBU>DlONS.? TITO T.Giibort A Co.'? ??oond hand aeoliun |>iAiii??. And ouu ditto without th? **olinn, in good ordvr, having bnn um I one vour, for lali At a grfAt raduetion. Al*? one eaoond liAud )ii AD" for one (or $1*), And on#, ??ciAV?, n arly m w, tur $I7&. thm ivcund hand nx-lndlan ona KK), ?,ne I IA% And on? $H0. ? llOKACK WATKIt.S, 3SS Broadway . SRC ON DI! A MI) PIANOS AT (2RKAT IiAHGATN'.S ? One Chickeriug fdano, ?evun octavo. All rouud coraar*. with circular ?ealr, iron frAino, an t all tha ruod?irii improve rnrnte, j rice $4(MI will ho pold for one T. Uilbtrt & Co. ; ifColiAn tiiAno, price i- *\ will bo eold tor $210; one llArmoro i jhia no, tiVjJ octave, for fl7.r?, nearly now; and onn do. for $100. | To nuit Koine purohaaori monthly pAvmuut* tAkoiu lloKACL WATKK9, piAnoa And mueio, 3.1S DroadwAj. WATEEaS MUSIC AT TH K RKDIM'EI) PKICK Oi?f of the larneNt and best eel?ct?<l oatAlo^ue* of llln^ia in tha United iStatrs. CAtalo^uei? distributed i t any ' ad<:re^?. fn*? of chArge ?? Twilight is ohann^ the Ust hoAms of day," vaoal duet, words ty Mis. C. l.??d<i, mu-i j by tho poiiUlAr A inerioan composer, Charlie C. t.'onvor^e? .? cents; 1 wandered by the brook side," a beAutiful balU l, by J. Iline? Xti e?'i?t?; " CftMt4e Polka.'' a ?-harn<inir arrAiigcaient by Edward O llloi ? lllli; "iiilly V? lute h^hoithehe, | atrnnged from the ponular air ?f tho Lilly Whit? i??np, sun^ i by the Hockley*, by Jamss licllak? 2f? oenti; " l#etr<'fl??, or Thre?? l.i'A v?*d Clover "-?wait*, polk a And sohottiseha? i brilliAnt trio, by M'lle Nannie Qosson? Scents; ' l,i<h? an l i Sliade," one ol tha tincet ArrAiiKemeuli* for the piano ever { published by the celebrated composer, 0.?? ar (! >rn. UAnt? M i cuts; " ^parklina 1'olkA," ArrAn^ed as a duet by the xroAt composer, Thomas Baker? 40 cents. Agents w Anted in ; every town in tha United Stat. s to ift-U ntusio At the reduced | price, to whom tho most adraotaffMOus term" will bo stiren. II OK A< 'h WAIfcK.H, mt iroadway. IIOKSKS, CAKIUAOKft, &('. A SIM F.N DID N'KW TOPHUUOY FOR SALE CHEAP, am the owuur has bu iim fur it. Inquire At M Dcy ADI.AI K HAWK IIOA V COLORED HORSE FOR ?Mr, lin? I) marked, cam trot in 'J. 60. km?l Ami gentl? ; aleo a wagon with Muffin# top, and a harness-? All noarly new. A || ly f.. J AUKS M. UK A THE. 70 Nassau utreot. A SPLENDID PAIR OK LIGHT CARRIAGE HORSKS for unle cheap: very etonolj matolied, iron aray, ?hort t Aila . 1M* hand* lush, warranted round and kin 1 in sin/le l or double harness. They woulu make a very good road or J dottor'i tem, Prici 1(00 laf|oiitilKli iJN Christopher i street, near Went. N.ii ?They are nnturally fast, although | n?>t trained. AVEUY 81 l'KRIOK CITY MA UK PIIKTON, It V l.inr nic A Co., with UrnoM to match, of Gibson's | nmkf, *111 )>e sold low, a* the own >r ua<i no n<o for the ?am< either *< f aratc or too ther. Ha* i?o n hut little me 1. i Apply At Jsruh atabh*, nruer of iiralwAy aad Jaunty ?<-*<' ii tit ftnet. I^uh sale-'* lir. m:sr matciikd pair of iilack. Ion ? tail ninrtmin the country, of th* talebr *tod f 1 ??>ia %r itok ; they Are half liil' M, #1* y: ars old, 15>. hand* f.i^h, *nrrant%d"roitnd in every respeot by a rospon?iol** party. can tr? t, witiiuut nrsing, twelvu u'lei an boal; will no sold at $?*30. Any gentleman wantin. a handsome and oh ap pair of bores, *?"uld do w? II to tall at KOi>KK l'^O-Vd Htah^s, ?>t ate street, near IDury, Brooklyn 11 OR SAM: A VERY HANIS0MK HAY MARE, PER feet v round. est on *? ?ri ol 1, lifio. n band ? ui I t.?rce inches bigu, swit< h tail; has never been trained, Imt w*r ranted to go in tbreu* ?? now Fur further partloulirs inquire of A PoWKLL, 113 Caial street. yOH SALE roi'R KXl UK.'h \> AGON* AND HOlt-iES J1 will be ? dd cheap Inquir of ?N ki.NU.HI.KY, f'? Read* itroet Fi i R SAM A run k HORSE, OR HM-W WillTP. siOUIe b"r?e, 1 1 ratio i huh. neva y ari old. sound i and kiod gentle In th? hernoM and under * ua aad lie. Can I trot a toll** in ifa mlnutta. For further inf urination in<|tiiro of 11 K I.A %? 11 Ho* ard Hotel. 1p??R SALE? A BLACK POM V, 14 if A V l>s HI OH, PITS ' }var*ol?l, pood style. will trot l?*a than t lire ?> mi nutes to a wognn, aoondand kind llENJ. AU(K?, Comer fcldridg* and Division streota E10R SALE ? ON K SEVEN YEAR OLD MARK. SIXTEEN hands high aound and kind in an v harae??; can trot in ?id# of three minute*. Ala ., on - light shifting tup with in, one tulkey and alei* h, together with harness blanket*, roo-s, ?addle, bridle, Ac Will Ihi -oil cheap, a? the owner ha a so n?o lor tbeui Inquire of T. R CROCKER, 1) t'ullon Market For sai.e-a vkry handsome gray, with white mane and tail, ant? en baud* high, asven ><nrM old, warranted aounl, auitaMe for either cart or wa g? n; Just from the country. Inquire at 41 Troy street. IlOR SALE? A PAIR Of STYLISH HAY HORSES, V*y% banda hljcb, fix aad a* ven yeara old, abort tailf. Koo l travollera, jtiht from the country. Sold cbeap fur casn. And warranted No ?.V VI oo?t?-r at raet. I^OR SALE? A FINE ROAD MARE, WAOON AND bart.eaa, all in good o^der. iht wa^on baa a ahif'in^ top. Afply to O. A HILLS. 67 Vesty atr-et For sale-a brown horse, in hands hick, aev<-n )?ara r.ld. warranted lound an I k>a l in all har n'*a;?for atyle -? n tl acti n cannot be ?urpaa<*ea . he Is a ang rier paddle horse. Apply at the atablea ef K KICK, JM t ourtJ. at r? .et. F|V)R Rale- a PAIR or THOROCOH RRED FRENCH < snaohma. f.eantifnl and Jet 1>Ia< k? Commadov** Mt >ok t? n and ISlaek Warrior, can trot tagetbar inaide t!.r^? minntes; been in N? w Yerk one month, and b?ve b**at all lUfll a ltd doubl' taama they hav? met on tfie r ad In f itre ?I I HAKM-.N M ARMS'.. ESti , IM (.rothy MfWt, or Mr. fiitlinM, Metropolitan Hotel. B^OR SALE? A VF.RY HANDSOME SECOND HAND tbiftin,, top, two aeat. bbrW't^a good aniftkas top b?SgF, and a aeeond han?f 4oetor'? t>/; baa two pair <?f Wbeela; ala< a new tfirea aent rockawAy a two i^at at.ndin^ to i vAsron, atop I mj try, and two borF'r? without t'?p<, will be aold obeap, at tha Lirwry &tftbii fa West Twenty third ?treet. I/OR MALE-A SErOND HAND TOP nt'OOY WAOoN I Also, a apUndid li?ht new roed waxon Also, a a?rril mare ? ight ?ear? eld, aound and kind, fifteen b&Mds blfh. li.?iuire at iKndrtekson'a stable, 075 Fourth etrest. DORSE KOR SALE-A BAY noRSE, FIFTEEN AND il a half lands hl*h, seven year# .?ld, found and kind, proi d in all harnsaa, aod a #ood saddle h< r?e, weuld anaw?r * el 1 for family u ae. Will be sold cheap Apply at the pri vate atabls >n. 11 Ea?t Twenty seventh street, Milks wanted- wanted, iw large size well br"l> mnles, from four u, sis vea ra old. Apply to tbs Brooklyn City Railroad Compan), 12 Fulton street. pONIES.-FOR SALE. SHETLAND AND RCOTCH X pomss, suitsblo for children to ride or drive in haroe*?, ? ns pair ol beautiful matched por;ie? warraited kiad la harness, and taat Can he seen at JU Elisabeth atrcet. OE# J HALL Rote a way carriaok for sale? nearly new very commodious and li*ht. it is in p?>rf<*et order, aod will be aold at a great hargAin Apply to HRA DI.E Y I CO., eornerof f ourth avenue and Eirhteenth street. TrnaOKT HORSES- nrTEEK nORSES OF THE \ best Morfaa stock, aiaons them several fast eaes, aol tw<* match team*, jost trom Eaetern Vermont A!?o li#fl t waiont. *y the teat city makers. Will be eold low, ia consequence ?,f the fire which destroyed our eatablisbmaal. Apply at 21 and X) Be* rum eir?-?t, Brooklyn V4r ANTED? A PAIR OF PONY HIM LT HORsEI. vf about I ban da high, f.unl, ?aa? le and kind And can trot to^eth*>r la .*im lAsac. '?nrm a eaeb caatasaer may be found f r such atasm, by stati*K des riptisa, where t be seen, sad lowest prise, to A. O, Caioa a-iuaie |'o>t Oftea. flf ANTED? A GOOD FAMILY IIOR.iE TO SEND 10 vv the sonntry , be must be p#r?? ctly p atle and a ?ua'l Pleaae address J llenry, Herald olftre, with panieelar4 and 'oweat i rice. _____ KKWAHIK fi;OA REIt ARD.-LOST, ON 1 1I E AI TERSOON Of ?pall/ the &th motant, about 1 or .1 - eio?v in ne f the rishth aveawe ear*, between fourteenth and Cans! stra^ta, a steel pore* containing about one bandr'4 dollars The Aleve reward will f e paid by taavlag the etaae at Duane ?tr?et. C*r RrWdRD .o J, YESTERDAY MORNIN*; 9' J wMltl ' ' ' ' * * D * ? r?et through Lightb etr^^t to the Fifth a-er "e. a ladla grid lir.k baad h?a- ?let "J e fsn i-r will r?c*?ee the ab ve reward ar d the thanks of tbn owu?r. by teturamg it to Ne 3 ht < lanueat s place c r. reward I o i A * lit K ? : * ' S s Italiai - lal f iwri te Ibe nan.* ef Mves Hho?i?r will return the asat ta 31 Amity street will r-reive the alevve reward Rpfmnncj, ai . ? <>nj> M.t THO J14M( </?r EM. I I'll B ^ * A s I) l*n l.rri.r 4^?. \ rrry tu?mn*r kr?? I. V. Mi f.M .?'? mi( nrw MOt KlVO MHI?k -RfcVRN .pi R\ III It M<X > IS0 MH> Tk??? UHl ??? tt '?? t?-? ? ? |Mi I i ttf mti k ?.* ' - ? hi i rr^Mr ? ? i ,r* ?... I, i, . - I >J ??? il ??. Iff ??* !*< | ?? ,!"???< ? *. I ir< ? ' ?k? ? '.t? ? ?at,| H?ti ai.f l? *7 1 .( r \ ?tr?- ? CLOTHtiai ecr~ ?v'octii!" A*r> (HM.noin cMWma I H i I 'l*fc !;All.( I ACO, Si " l'?rk " - < .. ? if* J, t ait ?>?,<* Ik. k?i u..- >4 . . >| %'<4 t?> ??? rt ^i ul Mil* V. h* f. ?1 U t.. MM?. >?( V%. < Il t-4 ?>. In* III M M IfHIf J Ml 14. *4 iktiMi, ??! f?r r?'i; NmiI pru??. jporr omcc aroncntt. rosTAMT poutagb NUTici -PU6T oyriot. Mi* York, Mirth 31, 1 MM ?From mi 4 ifUr this dev. la ririUMf# of the Aot ?/ CtlljUM, f Md Mtreh S, KM. Rl iettera will be Mint from thia otto* in tho ntaiia, addreeaad te plMM vilkti the Ulited SUtM, mmU? ths poilop# 4? pr*p<ud Id oHtr mere rife Anally U tarry oat the prvtrMtna of the ?aid Act, aad the iaatruotloBa of the Port OfBea lirpartiaont in relation thereto, the drop boaeo it UtiioIlM for the ra oeptioa of Iettera will be eloaed from and after thia day, until tht practice of prepaymeat beooroea M>?rftl l.-ttera, whether prepaid by atauipe or prepaid by tnlmej, will bo re ceived at oil tho wtaduwa, tot, to prevent the detoatioa at the delivery windows of |wrioM deefria* only to deposit lol tern pr*iaid I t etainpa, o window on the Na?aati all eel aide of the I eat Omoe, the one neareat to Cedar atreet, will to appropriated eaclaaiv< l> to the receptUn of Uttere prepaid M otowfi. Under n<> circu wilt any other out inm& 6f tran meted at fAit tri i^iv 1'eraone mailing tcttwra wilt facilitate their own action aa wrll 0 tlie btiaioaaa of thie oflVee, h> oatn* -lam |>a or ' *mp??d envelope*, tor the payment o( p<< ta. e htamix can be par ckaoed iu nay <|uenlitv, and ravel |?..a n. p.." a?"?, balwea th# houra of oiko A. II and three IV M . at the olhoeof aaie, IB tie roeoitd atnry of the !'? at ?fti? bail ting, mtnuo? ot tbe ea*t end of tho t'edar at reel front Letter a addreeaod to |<lae*a wit in th* UniUd Ht%t??, not prepaid, will be acnt to tho l>oa 1 Letter Offtre at Waahiuft tin. To facilitate tbe ina?lm? of l?tt?*r? f< r pla^a Veyond the liinitaoftho United .St a' ea, a window at th<> foot ?i the at air*. at the rnet mid of the t edar ?tr?#t tr?mt, will be ?*i af art for the Okelnaife reception of on|.ai4 f*r?ifii 1 H re, ehlch will b? rooeitod at no "ther place, and ol iettera fjr California and C*re?? n pr \ ltd by ? tarn ? K-.p ? i I tier* can be prepaid at an> of w o wiador e toe the d livery of U tier a. 'I I ? poata** on Iettera bo* weeo plane* in tbo United Sta'ea, will heroafW r he, (or a tingle rate, (half an uum an I uad?r,j an follow* For anf dl tanee not oxoeed ne throe tho<t?and in ilea, three cunta, aid for any r renter dlitanca, wniuh la cludoa ail Iettera to California and t)rocon, tee oe ita. I.HAAO V. roil LICK. Po trn**ter OKFK K liOVli'Mt li V fcXl'KK.HB l't?ST, NO 45 Wll, 1 i a tn atreet. ? |*eraona havi i* deponitnd let' ra in my boiea intended for the Lntted St ate a taaila wtth?ul pr* rai inr tho poataar, ara inform?*d that th?y w III r inainat thia oihee, a a the J'oat Otlioe will not reo ?i%" lb>?ui from me. JOHN T. IIOYI) Proprietor PINANC11L. ftfin T(l I.OAN ON niANOVr>f*. ^vvvivvv ? watohea, jewelry, ao<4r*? i?ian.?fert?a. mereUandiaw, and pemoniil property trmn-r %'\y . or bought for caah. lto?inoae oonfidautial, and ei> > ulet i?r uapti> , at fll Naeaau atreet, Urat Hour, baak othoe I l.oui.NCk A OO. d?rrA (mn -HONEY TO LOAN ON II! A MON Dft, ?IP ? ? wati'lte*, jowelry, dry ^ooda, ae.^ra At. or bcufcht for oaah; city atocha, notea. boa^U, ia ?rtga.ea and billa of eichan^e ne, otiaiod. iiutiiioaa conlltlential aud prompt by Tl|oAfi'8t)N A t'O , br??k?*ea and comiui?rioa iim rchant a, 1U3 Naaaaa stroot, corner Ann, room 2, eevoad floor. $900 fUlATOIOAy ON taluablks. in any ?IPw 1/ \J * reqiiift d aum?, f?<r abort peri' da, at City i.oan ofln o, 76 A isiiu atreet. Intrrriewa ?unti<lintial rxK t\l\l\CA$n* fw ANV AMOUNT. CAN life t|P 1 t/t/?l/\/\/ had on diamonda, watcliee, jewelry, oe #ara, Au., tor bou^hl oat ) Honda aud tnort^a?rea bnufthi and cold. CopiniUaioua of any kind nroinptly attended M at tho Loan and Couiiiii?aion ol&ce, 14t? William, near k'alWa atrtet, back oftlre, op rtaira nnn to in* est in tiik pitkciiasb or ?ipf /\r#v/\/\F bonda and jtiort^area oa r.-nl ?>?iatu in thia city and Brooklyn, in noma nf rl.'Mi and upwar i?. Alao to loan on oiortKiu* a on r'-al tat* in thli oity <?r 11 r < ?k I > n , and tw?> ?am* ot $1,'MJ< a< k Apply t > A .SKKUICANT, IA H all nlrooL d>qn i\i\i\ TO MIAN, AT f PR II CENT, ON tJTO" bond and m rt,'ar? un fir t rla i iuip^?r?d property in thia rity , in auinn te unit applleanta Apply It IIOSH KLI. li 1'1KK< K. Pine atreet, < >rn*r of LIrvadeay, nnd**r tho M < tropolitai. ItanH. Q1A tlftto-vm ?'-\aoo, I2<**v ifr?>o, to ip 1 v/ loan on bond and oi??rt aa^e, <?a improved city property . Apply to S. S HI K Kit. 1>J Naiaau aireat. QfJ ()0(| AMI f-J.tHH} U'A M ?U \T s| \ rPIt f'HNT, on property |ti the heart ??! the oily, w>rth ? Jt?,OtKl and f-VAX). Addrcid 'JTH, Chat bam a iuar? I'oat Ofhta. $8.0()0.t.wA.n7^J TO INVKST THIS AMOUNT, ol tint inort^ataa, on propi rty iu thia oity "or Mrouklyn, at a f.vr dl**.. mat Ad dreaa (? C. II., llcrald ofllee, doacrihiug ni'irt ra^o, tnrma, .ft' . (1 ASH A DV ANCKll IN ANY Allfi :%T, ? ' It i'JR J cbaaed at fiaht, diarnoiida, wa'chea rtcn Jewelry, *o4 valuable poraonal pr per?.y generally. It WOOI>, < ul4 a atreot, aecond lloor. front room, trom HAM to 4 !' M j)Fr KIIT OK TIIK I.Alh II Kl'fr IlLIC Of* 1KX.VA ? UfthtbyOLIVBK \V. HTaNToN ^1 front atr^.t. \J AHINF.K'i SAVINGS HANI, CORN* ft Or Tflll tt i.?l avenue and Ninth *tro? t ? lb poait* made in tbif inatitntion on or boiora the ItKh ot April, ?Ul draw in teroat fr?'in the |?t uietan', at the rate of alv p^roent*** auma of jOtW and undvr. and fiv?? p? r cent >u mil ? ovnr i.<< . II n J At Oil A tvfcs I KKVM.V, I'r ?? In'. W. Ka r?g and Isaac T. Smith, Vi* ?? l'r ?. Uota, Vr' II Ki.awuii i ii, Secretary. IfOMT LIB1 BAI m IDTAIfCBD atI By i'KiA KICs, BEHNHT LIN ArllllflC., AuUoa ??*r*t No. fil Liberty atraet, ot?e door fr??m Nm-?u, ? '? aU'.#? ??-aaola, roal ontate. foraiture. pioturoa U"'r'?eaJi?r,, \ left \*ltU ua for aale. O It Til I'ARoflNA All i'KU ct T STA*** XT(*.\ * ? Tr*a?ury iMjiAriitM nt, ml nu t . . t'., M.rct^ t k?-at?d i rapoeaU ? til b? ro-o.ied a il ? ? ?% ]o o'al"< k AM of tha Mill of A fid! natl, for tha piir'l.a* of or.o millc n dollar* In bond*, ruuni .* hirtv)*?r?. T?i?* b?>nd* nr? b v to# Mat- if North Car ,1 na for ih? oodrirtioiion Iho North < '.ar< '.v*?a Hsu?;o-.<t ? I in a?lCt ? I iii I" tli* faith oi t li #? HlaW all tba Mork i m<l by <h? Hta*i In raid roa<S, and Vha dt v i?i? n u aria \ut irom ?M'i k, art n edfd tor tf??lr rMnui^' i'.n Thoj w II b< ?r Hiw< )? # nr?l day of April, 1H56, and w.?l h&%o oonpona attached f*>* thi Interval at all r?r cent per p* ??U# tk" Vat davff April and VJotou?rln e?wh >?%r lioifi lni?r?it mi'! |rri?<l|j*i will b. j *v*' U ? th? ink *> t>i? KoptibU*, in the ril) of Now fork ualaae a- hare III* :> ucUaaer I r*fer? to ha** thorn pa , able a1 the Tro???' y a north Cir<'llBI. Th? y will la iaa ned tn nomi of ona tnoae*rii dollar# <?it Vtiffta I ata by *?pit:as ouac'tuea . OEawptod fr-iis atl >0 tor any porp**e. I'arti** l idniBf w;ll plea#* a .dr-a* l* otr ie?t*ra, aaaotaodi "FropoaaU for faorth Carolina alack*, ' w? ti??< indrrgt/B^i at luVicI'. >. C. T*iay will alen itftti at what potat, li vliit kind of fondnthqjr prop ?<*? to pay The bide will ire opeaed at If) A If . a/ tt>a 1**1 Af riJ no?t in tba pr* " ?oe of tba jo?*iw, tba S??r<KM, and Comptroller of Stale and oMI H Mordaoai, l'M?i4?a of tba linak of the Mate o' Nuitb Car< liua Th?< und< reigned ro*ert?a the rtr,M of acfptiiift ?**h MAi tu wbolo or is pirt, ?? may bo 4**ojo J u xl? Moto. h?ipr?fc?fu! bidders will b? r? riqoirod m mi u iv, ? rn??4 of Mm KMftoiM ?! tMtf MA*. I i n at li Ihi k Ilia ammnhR of tli?i4r tddii, wtfcb ll?? ?crru id i?t?rn?v from tb# Rr?< dnj o? April, lo tbo nrodlt of the Tron?ur?r of U?* M*tm 0 .N? rth I troliBfc. This dop'>?l% ma/ b# madtla tb<t li*j k ? th* Kopnbltc. Naw York, tha flank of tUa Uiata at Carolina, or it." Hank 0/ Ca^a Foar, Kal*i*a Docuru^Dla obowtaa Iba ' *tar. t of th? r**'it?rr?* of tu^ !Ha|t aad lha amaant "f Ur Indattodnaaii mar ba bad at thfe oftiaa. or oa aj.plicatioa lo Maaarc llHOW N Jk UK *?m1ITT ?117 of New fork. D W (H)VHT!> FahU' Tminraf a/ N?r\h < arolina. KENTUCKV TKU!*T ro II KANT, AN!) MASK ol Coaarrtftllf, lad. , 100 n-> waatad by U ^ ttAKSf.1 OS I.ILfrt; ??r?*at RAir.WAT AC( EPTANf TS AND #>Tff P. ?? lirSfNKII pap#r | nrrba??d br JulIN II. MUMKAV No M VTaif ?tr?t, ??ar liank of North America <aili ad?anf? mtdo np n flour, irr*lo, provltloaa, in?lu?. and atb?r fn?ri'i*adlaa. an 'I on ??#.-!* at oaa or la p< rt, aad oa all ai'n*jr?J ntbi. 110 CiriTAUITI ill I rox \nO friACfiMSXli Improramrnt t'ompaay offar to cap.taltaia for inr?#? a>? nt lh? rtniaiaiAK half of Ihtir h par r*at I oada t$T') "*MJ payabla February I 1*721, lat r#ai aaml a tnoall/, al |M Hark of North Attitflta. rttjr of Now fork baaAl ar*^ a#^?rod by a ftr-t anort'M* opaa landa w>rUs, at a Ivw Ttl i>|jf ? H- 'T' Hum iailti iba Maoaat? alto up n ???? Ira proT?m?nt ilaall, U>ft?th#r wttk tta proaaada, wabf pov?(, At. Inqtilra at tho ofRno of thi Company, II Wall atra^t \1 * \ v I M I ft ii r Ira yean, aaenrad bv b ?n4 >nd t tt'ij b> d>>t,bli tb?* aiiiount Addrtaa K- al C*tat?>, llaral i offtca. (OPAKTWKKNIIIF ,\trH< KH d.4?r (|(W| WAN7KI ? IIV TltR M R-l OUl'.Nf. ?Piif/iU"V/. or Joly, in an ?alab iabad atothu^ l.oaia, r?'jnirm?( mora m*aaa for tha ?al*.?t bt tbmtr b?aiao*a, a ap*<nal or a#"tira paria^r wilb ta?:aty fl ??- t ho* -and d'.ila r* 1a fiab "f fro?h tmp"rtod '-loth*. aaaa<mtr a, ?a*4la4?, I* , lo that ? mo ant To a aj-nal partaar am>l- aa^.arty ?tll b? ri*^n for III' aaf?tr of lh? Inraatmaat, wi .b i?<ai taloroat apoa Iba i?in? Addrtaa O f . Ilar?l4 oA ? ? c n/ld a 1 ahtnkr waste i#. ?mi m Uivvv# ftlHtfi a?ouat n all vary itil ? J * aood baainaaa aall aloali?4 with haraaa, eoaab?a, alaixaa. aaroaa, and all of th# to ry b?*t jaallty THla la a /?> 1 ehanra for a man thai baa got tba abata amoaat ; a ' %?' >9 |>art in good papar, and eaa t i% c?' d l>ira 1 a M?#r. aith r*ai aama, to fl. 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A H' II* n N'?V?rl Aprllft IV/' q Kg COFARTH MM^IIIF II I* ETof'i* I EII-TI*fJ f bttMii tba aadTitgaad f ?r laa l#a??#*t ? a ? ao f. a r* j 'BB aijreaa boat****, in tar tb' ^fa *' Ed?na*4a Na'- HI Edwarda T> ? affaira af tb* lot* irai aMI ?# aa**l*tf b? ?Ka r? maiainir fart aara, ?ba will eoatiaaa lo ?aa latA ' *?a baai aaaa iad*r tba *?r?i of ^ao* -4 A ? a G E< ?K'? E E?WaKI> 9 * Mxr-in ? M nu JAME* KIVI aai i llffsllf MAif Ur > t Haat #rd. t Vatr ?" ? ?t 5 Haw fork ?ar?ti l*.V oratrri liiniKi CFIRIfCAK RArriNO I9D WRIT! No TlfROf.'oW r Mr ?' aa Vat aa* ? nrf a .a la bo# lafw t ?ra fvr It - ?ton R?afi -?| ? 'a 12 A M t > '? ?% | ? * f |? v at *10 hr>ad*ay II \* ' bapaf Railf ta? ' i ? I'rt * a* * awwiaa bf ap***a* arr aai a *tt upiRimi i k ? Rn IK.' T THA I'll % '#1 H Hf Hatta fr*?a? II to I A M ? *aa it* fr m 7 to It o * ; - ONa^aitara ilfital t., itt?ai A laa?*a. va va f 2** ??) ftlbf /toil tSR ^QHCIYHII f IU b* Of UTWRt* '?? Ilf?.feli5 W|i_taa f alfaaiibl warra ? ? ? 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Wi?klr llcrala, Yankaa >*?tn n i, I) >ilar N?w?|i?par. N V. I'lraitina. Ionian IlluHr.ial W oak 1 7 Trbuaa, ll< y'al.adt ?K?ak N???, w aa*lj Tiataa, l.adtaa' Nat Max Now York Journal, W' kit lic>ti#'? Ubi*IM I'uiicI', A" . i-b*tut>?r* jooranl, tloiiMliold H ord?, iioaton 1'ilut, l<iUU Sol |lli?AM?rilM| Ac ,,r i||o?? *<* And all ? Ui*r nrat ?la aa r?*pio labia *? ?iy p%!?r?, ma(? tin- *, * 1 pack i?ii 4 tor?ari % > %ll I art* of tli? world mt |??* hl?* h?*r? ' priww, %? ? >?<n a? puVltnb ?d a lint ?f paper* 4i?<i in" ? wilt b? fvr<it?U*4 fr??u? au> ?f th* tra?l?, at li and U i<p?ta>r? UKXT I .? A Ifl >ruu IM-i i?at PUBUhUiD nrru iditiom rattui ttt th? ( rlrnift- Inoludili* a r.inpl#to Iflvtorlaal ^um mat ol U.<? l(i.??Uu war, from INe ?M?matirain' nl t<? tha ; I t Bit . i . ' v . I ? ? . t Villi BlMMlMdlV Inp* (kU?ii, liM I*ri?> .VO ?*?t*. 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AM), I'l.A V k i't} # Sit BnUff. mo TAILORS ?TIIOJIK WHO \% I H TO Q(J1 (#AK 1 inaufa III with at ?<? ftn ra an?t ?*#? , ara * l?i?- .i io oh Urn i dODy i?( hWn- u?Kla' work tlm li contaiu* ail n <?< ?**ry InlnrniKi Inn on the ?ul joct l*rlc? fro n |k1 to JM j? r ? apjr W II 5TIMtMKTM, No 2 llar?lay alr??t. AH*r lUuaa I'WV ( Nl.v BSUABI K a i rn * ?ui i \ ON fASMKMI i? ?rank L?i?lip'a iiaa?tt?, Ju?t |iu)ili?h?d fur April. ?<?? iai!ilii(f o HplMuilld anaoriliiottt of l>?<nn> i?, oai^a, ti??4 dr? ?i?ea mauMtlaa, <iraa??a at raw n?>oda, irimui .nu *, baautl ful i?nttar?a for ih- ^dlewora n??M inn da. p*p'-r pail*>rn for a laity'* roiitiauailon of Mr* fitapbon*' naw roinawo^ Ac I'vlc* e<*ntR To l>* bad at ail boak?oll?ra, bm4 I'KANK I CM. IK'S If and U H| ruc TIIR }*Kri.AKK-A MORNING R'?NC. <;rilfrOHR!i OF Brnfdirt, and ?"njf wltli vapiuroua applao**. by MUa Lttlllft Ff II. for ?alo at iho'i?? t ? r#f riill M NMfl Copn-a mailad poiti|{? paid. I IK71I, I'ONU A CO , N* I I rai.klin ? juar? fl'KINO K/tnilfO**. A LL TI1K B| riNuUTI , ? . I \ in ?n J\ Mrit" IifcAlOKK* I . |*% tt ?tr t? ?iuporhim, 575 llr<i?ilivift N V.. kriinhei 2A) V ultoli atrant, llr??Ah n, lWOratA Willimnburjr, 222 Hfoad atraM, Nt-warw; al*o I'htta dl|liU nod |Iiatton. Acniriu * ?iat tialtatna oat at 14K oviV ADDITIONAL MOTBLTtBft IN GENTLBMBN** L>ra?taa >?f A pnl, lnu% F DREIJY A ? ??M I'ANf Announce thn uiott inl ira f? r A Walking l>r?jt? Fur tout roil of I r wn, gr a?n r tinted T ?wt*ian olalli A Morning Dmw I rook ouit of *rrt dra<on broom ?la natl, aurafe* r?Nk Hll 1** h, It <>r 1? H morning roai, of Una Half ooatmg. >a va flout colored M?lt?iA orfnmdlay color* A? A ti? ri? ?<??? Of ollvn or ll|ht tnulT brown oloib Ai t.vtiiiiu/ In* tt, Of tirtirkil rrtut Rrorti, brown, M?? Ofl< ftflk Moth I! I'ark INtaa K?*rjr elM? of ruitun^rn t<|4ftlljr lavortd "I ) ROIil |/f MAS Til I A^-NO||(K |(> Tilt UDII.H. J J Uro.lio't aitbottlion of taring and ??ttntai?r in a Italian^ thai ?nl y tra* ftth?< nt for Ihn ***?<. n, on and nfiae l'u??4af , 2d of Ajril, at It I (mil ?tr<?t an t <*1 l.opi-ard atr?at CI'HIMG ? A - II ION H ? J II AUMM'ftOMJ II AH Till* 0 day o|?*md hit ?irifcjE alack ? f :i<illii?r? goad* Tl? tf tr? rompot* <i a.f 1 h* mwii Part* ?*? and Eagfl*h ftthiaaa 'I ? ty nr? ? I ?p m t in d< tuii, tB'i r??tly n niftl^rUl an 1 will Vi? tl(b ftl.y , da i * ? I Oil* i -u n In t h* fir ?td r a? pfr f?r-rinfo?, tn | -? I ? t of <|uthf\, and ir? a' It t*t thirty par I P#l| M?d?d; lad lea run wait atitfi ibajr naad In (?? mil 1 Jti arj WftJ , ?! ;*7 ? I alien tlrawl Ur< fkl)n IOi?a*n ?c U?? name I# ArM**'i NOMJ, M.n bftrMnttr -f fa*Man 1 1 Ai'AUi: jiaemm, a;i i roam* a v, n \ vino jtrm J>| ?? .',???} in r n?w m4 fa lit ? * la mirifil tpnntt fj Hi |'irM T?p* ' ti< i in . ?? v 1 ? ?.? i ttlitn *r (Im u if# tif N?w V??rk ih'l rMtilt jr ' l?? t Ihm ????"?W-l wlit. fr??t riMTe, nod ImporUd for tinr lytu*. A ? r ?n ?aki???cR>nn ?mm<I NKW \ i f \ ^ \ I l*i i ' W ? ? l I \ II M??l. .V4 hrondw Mi W "\\n n. .? 4?nriti t? Infora lirr ?t>?tovn?r? nna tit* p it* thil h*r itot r ini mMMk t?J irilh ? ti Nlr?ti?i '<1 l?TI(AM a Nl? Mil I iSAkr MMHM M*f hftii i ? ftnd mlllln?rt ftrn r'?|- ifyil/ m? tl??l %? Mtf bc'cr* | ?rcbnMng ?r?hnr? Hilt W II My o.N- %ri llronJwny 01-r.MSO Of Hf HI Mi AMI i'MMKM MlftlKICV Th# im^MirlUr b??ft t?* ? ?II tl? ftli* il </ tt ?f it lu? lii? iiftor^mMt of ifrmn ttnitur .N *1 - h it w Ui? PVff ollortd ftt r?tft?l In ? I* * ?njr, < lurv virittv, tit? ti-1 ?ljri ?f It ! ? 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I RTA N * rftott All TION li M^.ha*w rAalta ' ^ H *' It ar tn tf Mail a ttftaiat fat 08 tf/ W?riJa ? Tt M i aa-Ma m ta? I '*> ?*r|l | H Mftalta ' Tftaiat AO WiflUM li'aurta.n f r|l ?? M rift a Jf lar. . tr'aikt f ? a, 'ta Matin I ?-t a i Mai at fur i?? ?? Wart* li ft I *a rtrtattt *oa |A 't Watlk W m ! ?" tarUaia f'?a j< iti If ?tAla El ft A '"nf-litt at* rt^ta* af < ? a? v ????.! *%rAatt ta aataiaaa at radtaad yn *a A El.T V A f 9 EOl>" N . // Ht*a4?af MANTII.LAH II II A It LA 4 A'MMAEB, HR<i III AC A Infta a*a r v i?4 ? a ? ' t a1 aa to aaw?a? a-ytaa ?ad faa* f '?< ra i .uau. iff ta* ffiMW ?il a *#V " 'uWm rowir ? i'M " .,,k* n.Ai> am? ?*s' > " i*i.. ?.?i ? ' : >'? ?&xr B > ?' 4 I '*? I I .1 KAMIl.t I* III M KHl?.?. mi' mi *M? ?n"u > !?<? T W nmn'-w !?*?.?? toj ?14 #??'**??? ? ? . ? >< *1 ?T> ' ?* k- N *p***4 ?? Im I ?<? I ( . . ... t ?r'i f Im<i^ <???? * M.< iu ' ??#.% II ? nliM? ? . f?. ? ' ' tu ????< ? 'I ?? " "? ??? >v?tt .f * <H*. t ( in .**! 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