Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1855 Page 3
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unuramm iejevs* *tmi hat. TXN ANTif Buuiwraa. ?Q/i 7 BROADWAY. CORN E R OK LEONARD STREET? O x | la daru> rreotyplit* and artists.? to tat splcudil rooms. taring l.m very tin? liglitt, ou north the other west, everything perfect for the dagui"re<>t j ne business. Alee ar tists' roontt for pau-ting. having verr so pern r north light*. Apply to ALEXANDER C. LAW?NCE. on the premises, after 10 A. V. ?-i A 1 BROArWAY. CORNER or LEON ARD STREET? Ox I iffiees to let ot all sixes. very lif ht and airy, aad 'very cheap rents, alro one large ant tnlindid room. s jitabls lor a merchant tailor, tS hv CI), frontinc Broad way aid Leonard (treat. Apply is ALEXANDER 0. LAWRENCE, on the prfitet, after 10 A. II . ^j?b*sjf* P^Ona^ ofVoTl"* WITH J?w* Flr.t aad Second a.en^ ,.E*V Elsventh stiV.t ACOU5TRY SEAT TO LET-AT KINGSHRIDQE, Wealoh eater county, one of the moat bonutitul and de airable?on>try aeati to ba found within the immediate vioiaity ef the Hudson River Railroad. It oonsists or a cottage dwelling, earriage bouse ice h<usa, An., and about ?ne acre of around, abounding with fruit of the clioioest kinds; and for health, prespoot, oouTeaoi?na?, Ao , is un ?iirpeised, being only one bour'i ride from ?.h? City flail. Tor full particulars iaq nire of NICHOLAS t,. V15SHIP, 133 East Thirty sixth street. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO TWO JTv or three single jeatlenten. oie large and two small voll furnished rooms; also a very fine office to let to a physician, ctrcer of West W?Ehir.gton plaoe and sixth ava:iu?, No. 56 one block fr< m Waihington square. Riferenoes exchanged. Apart or the wnoLE uf a furnished house to let ? in a very pleasant tonality la Brooklyn. The buuMiS elegantly furnished, with tapistry velvet carptts, large mirrors, ua ?, v. ater, and .evtry oonvenlono? for a gia teeT family. Terms to a go^d tenan'. vary reasonable. In quire of or *1 lress Dr. B., No. 048 Broadway. A HOUSE TO LET, IN SOUTH BROOKLYN.? THE larse first class, threa story briok houa. sitna'ed No. !>4 Warren htreat, within five minutes' walk of Sooth ferrr, is well bnilt aad has all the modern improvouientt; would he lot to two families if desired, ?nd v> ill bo lat vary reasonable. Apply at 10 Joralcmoii street, Brooklyn, or on th? premises A HOUSE TO LET? 128 WEST TWENTY-THIRD street, an clef ant brown atone house, nearly faraialied, to let; tbe rent mostly tak> n in board for a lonttemnn wile and servant With an agreeable family, Itboral arrange inon's will ko made. Application mnst be mada immedi ately. BROADWAY-TO LET.-THE NEAT LITTLE STORE, with baek room, and two rooms abiva, 61<>JS Broadway. Store it handsomely fitted np with shelving, oountor, ga?, and water Possession immediately Rent moderate. Ap fly to JAMES PRICE, aw Hudson st rest. Broadway stores and lofts at moderate rents ?To let or lease, several stores and uppor parts ?n Broadway, well located and suitable for any respeolable light busmen* Pcssession of aome ot them oan be had at ?aca- rest to comiuenoo lat May. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 3U0 Hudson street. Broadway lofts.? the first and fifth lofts oftho boiiaing 11 Broadway, west side, betn-eon Cort land, and liberty streets, an < xcellent location i'-ir any lar<? business requiring first olass lofts. Rnnt moderate to a good -tenant. Apply to WM. WARD, 159 Broadway. Broadway offices to let, at low rates ? Alto two elegant parlors, furnished with velvet carps'-.*, splendid mirrors, chandeliers Ao. Several studtos for artists and rooms for engraver', with northern light, una l?r<e room for a lodge or cl nit. Applv to KoiTKIGtXT CtlUGiCR. 331 Broadway, (late Coop or Houeo,) corner of Anthony street. BROADWAY.-TO I.ET, THE STORE 737, SITUATED on tbe west aide, under the A>tor Plaoo Hotel, near Wararley plate; az excellent position for any busineis. Rent moderate, and lixMira* for ?ale cheap. Apily ou the pre tulsas. "DEAUTIFUL NEW FRENCH COTTAGE TO LET-AT Jj Rye. within two minutes' walk of the depot, and one mile only from the celebrated Kya Beach; grounds well shaded; fruit in abundance; staHle room, Ac.; rent low to a <;ood tenant Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, S07 Broadway. C10UNTRY HOUSE.? TO LET, ON BERGEN POINT, J one honr'a sail from the city, a roomy and convenient hrmee, ploasantly situated near the water, having a fine view of New Brighten, New York Bay, Ae., five (5) minutes' walk from the landlnc Very desirable for a anmmer re si denoe. Apply to Mr. WILLIAM REED, new tbe premises. COUNTRY HOUSE -TO LET, FURNISHED, FROM the 1st of May until tho 1st ot November, a neat house, at Fort Washington, on the Hudson Rivor railroad, miles ?from tha City Hall, within three minutes' walk of the sta tion. The house contains 14 rooms, has water throughout; a stable ia on the premises. Also for sale or rent. ? a neat cot tage, unfurnished, containing 12 rooms, with about \ of an acre of land near the above. Enquire of DILLON, o GOR MAN A WILSON, 24 William street. (COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET? AT YONKERS, J Westchester oounty, hsautifaUy laid out, within fit teen minutes' walk of the Hudson Hirer Railroad depot, constating of a handsome dwelling, two story and attii, with a splendid cellar under the whole hono, carriage house, ice house. nil new, and two acres of ground, in a hisjh etate of cnttivatioa, bountifully supplied with frui'.s of the olioioapt selections. On the premise!) are two splendid wctla ot water. For further particulars inquire of WM. H. VA J.ENTI> E, oOSec and street. COTTAGES, Ac., TO LET.? TWO OF THE THREE pretty oottages on Forty -ninth street, Jus", of i bird avtnue, containing nine rums, Croton water, xa.: neat tar den in trout and yard in rear, just put ia completa order *nd ready for oeeupation; rent S309. Also, the uaat three atory house 77 Varick street; tent $450. Apply to JAMES J'RICE, aw Hudson street. / 1ANAL AND HUDSON STREETS? TO LET OR \J lease, the prominent southeast corner; ha? a front of S-? feat on each stieft: rpper part coatains ten ro-.mi, Cro ton water and gas, with a separate and genteel entrance on Canal ftreot. "be stores will make capital stan Is fjr the clothing, hardware cr furnituro bnsinoss, Ac.; w juld be let r-cparate, if doaired. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 2iXJ Hud son street. COAL YARD TO LET.-THE COAL YARD KNOWN A9 50?, f04 and 500 Washington street, ne\r Cnntl streit, "with immeeiate possession. Apply to J. I CODDINGTON, 17 Wall street, second atorv, Iront ofiioe. Also, eight lota to let or lca? on north aide ot Fourteenth street, next to Avenue B. i DEL1GHTFUI COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LIT- ' within live miantes walk of Bnll'a Far rr, commanding 1 a beautiful view of the Huds in: nine rooms, marble man tels, range, Ac., and fruit of dtn'rent kinds. Year'? rent $150. Apply to John Garrabrants, adjoining the premises, ortoB. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Desirable Ti ree-story and basement bsick 1 house to rent, with sub -cellar, bath rooms, kitchen j ram'*, Ac , in Vestry street, one door fro n Hudson, to wards Carnal. Rent, $700. Apply round the corner, 174 Hud ton street. First class houje to let-west of and con- j veoient to Broadway, below Ninth street, containing letween twentv and thirty rooms, with all the c'javeniences ? ?gas, chandehert, batbt and Croton water throughout I Rent lew to a retponsible ptrty. with immediate possession | Apply to B. W. RICHARDS 807 Broadway. j Furnished rooms to let? a suit of genteel !y furiunhod room*, in a pleasant home, located in Jileeeker street, one door from Broadway, wjl be let on rea r.nable terms. Apply nt 71 Bleccker street. FURKUHED ROOMS ? (SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES OR aiagle gentlemen, can be had tif applied for *001) at 10 Henry (treet. Houae tww, roomt light and airy. Caotaius ol vessels, and tho?e having business d wn town, will find ?t iiia a quiet and comfortable Dime for the summer. I Furnished rooms.-two suites -of rooms, bandtouiely furnished, with every convenience, plea .antly looated. sting near ibo new Union Clubhouse and Union square, at) It able for gentlemen of respectability. Apply at 2?4 Fourth avenue, one door above Twentieth FURNISHED house on easy terms.-a widow er. without children owning a lame furnished twuse, near Union sqvare wtuld let it to a family, and if agreeable koard with tbem thereby rnduclng the runt to abon*. $i,iJU0. .Apply to J*mes Snoh, 51' Eaat Fifteenth street Furnished house to let.-to let. for six month*, the moJ>:rn three story houae, S3 St. Clement's o'aco, Maedttigal street. second house toot', of Bleccker; contains all modern improvements, is furnished, and will be let low t? * email fin-i'y. Apply on the priniiica. Tot session immediately. Furnished house to let.-the whole or a part of a tbrte story house; the house U in complete or Jer, witb trod or* improvement*. furnitnrc tnew last Mir. in a desirable location, west of llroa I way, leio? Broome street. Apply te Messrs HAMPTON A DRCMMoND, gro wers, No 66 Canal sti t?t. I BURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, nt IPS Fulton atreet. near St. Paul'* ehnr'b; a good ip vcrtunity for thaae who w iah a genteel and convenient real ?tenet down town. Apply on the premises. GENTEEL APARTMENTS ? WATER, OAS. Ac. throughout, on the nottboatt corner of Sixth avenue ?ud Twenty ninth atreet; the eeeond flow, four rooms, to gether witb two roonj? in basement. Also, the foirtb doer, containing Ave room*. Apply on premises, or at 95 Weat 1 Eleventh atreet, before 9 A. M., or after S P. M. HOC9E TO LET-ON TWENTY THIRD STREET, OP posite London Urraoe, the finest location in the oity; n tine large four (story brown atone English batement home, new, containing all modern improvements To a good tenant, mill be let extremely low. Apn'y to E EYES A HOAULAND, No. .1 Everett liens*, corner Fourth arenuc and Setenteentb street. j House to let-a very neat small threk story and basement maatic treat lirtek houre, h Forty fourth atr*ct, letweon Fifth and Sixth avenue*, with all the mudern improvement*. luqtiire on the piemiva. House to let at iiarlem? a two story houee ?ith basement and Croton, and two lota trom 1Mb atreet to ISScli etrott, near Fourth avenue, suitable f?r a genteel family; also, a stable Inquire of Mr. WAT EON. Fourth avenue, near 125tb atreet. Rent, f lis), and (.OMfiatea immediate. HOBOTF.N-TO LET, PART OF A PRIVATE HOUSE, ?t 17 ThirJ street, to eae tmall family, without chil dren. 1 be bjoso i* beautifully flnishtd, with gratia m\r >1,. mantelaai d ga\ about lit ? minutes walk from the ferry. Rent ter> moderato. For partlcnlara apply >0 J. p. J set, at tbe Engraving oAoe, c error ot liar Uy atreet and Broad way. batetrent. OUSE, DRU3 STORE, AND OROCKRT STORE TO let.? A small genteel houa*, with all tho modern lm ir< vemonta, eoratr ef Broadw?v and Thirty sixth atrait, and corner of Si'th avoTne and Thirty tlxth atreet. Apply t# WM. A. BRADPIJAW.MJohn ajrect. H OU?-E TO I. F.T? POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY, IN Franklin atrnM, near Broadway: an excellent two atory, ?s?emeat aad attic houat, in all tsrelvo rcama, good rangein ?kitchen, aid in every reaped well adap1 ed to a rnjpaotabU ?amlly. Rent very moderate, and about pOO wortk of fur vdtnm, nearly new, ?n be sold cheap, as the family is unax^ ?p^etedly I?avia| tor Etir"pe. AddreaeM. i., box.!,''-'! I oat Bouses to lei in hobokkn-within thrice . mlante*' walk or tbe ferry; a few new first claw house* in Rlvor terrace, with coort \ ard.i, ocminan Uan a b. aiitifnl ??'ow of th% fiTrr and o'.tf of New Torli; ff&t ?Ind hot and cola water, Ac,A?.;aod will be let to prUate lamlliea of the t Khftftt rtipectfctilil? onl*. Inqulr? it th? eorwer of Hndaon and Second at reeir, Ho token, of E. MAItTIN. IJOU8E AND OARLEK TO LET, OR FOR SALE, ON JLI reasonable terms, abont 17 a?ile? (Yom tta city, oa tbe line of the New llavHu railroad For partiaa!?rs *t>|>ly to 4 MENUEL 37 C^aaUtiCi V, up . mmr RBomns. ROUS* TO LET -A FIRST CLASS DRILLING to??, 32 Bond street, with all the modern improve mcnti, rm. bot and cold water, tbr?ugb"u* the bn no. Part of the rent can be paid by boarding tbo landlord None need apply except they eaa give the boat of security. Hot'f-E A>D STORE TO LET-THE HOUSE NO a Wooiter ftreet , westerly tide, in the blnek adjoining Canal street. The lowtrpart will be finished into a (tare If roquiied. Applj to J. CHAM 40 Union square. Hods* to let at yonkirs? containing u rooms, Ac., a good garden with all klads of fruits, rrares currants, Ac , situated on Ui Albany Old Poet Koad.and near Riversdale. Kent 13 a. App y to R. O. GOl/DWIN, Clinton Ilali, Eighth street, near Broad way Lodge room to a central situation, for Mssonic or any other societies. The ro ia it very Urge and airy. Apply to F. A. PARKER, 67 Chamber* ?t. I OFT TO LET-ONE DAI.F OF THE SK'OVD LOFT, J 46 Vesev street, 40x24, well adapted tor a ah^w room, where light it needed, ae it has seven window*. Rent low to a responsible tenant. Inquire of T. STAN YNUUUHT, 148 }u It on street. T 0T8 TO LET? TWO LOTS ON HOBOKRN STREET, JU directly opposite tbo Hndion River Railroad paoieuser station. and eloae to Collini' stoamebip dook and lloboken ?errv? have a front of 60 foot. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 2U0 Hudaou atreat. OFUCES TO LET? IV WALL S1REIT. IN THE NEW National Bark building, anita'ilt for lawyera or brokers Apply to ALMON W GKIjWuLD, 36 Wall atreat. OFFICE TO LET? FRONT BASEMENT OF H-iU3E 19 Jajr street, a*ar Greeawicb street an it able far a phy sician, i n i* i n been ocoopied by one,) or for othar businejs. Apply on the premises. OFFICE TO BENT.? THE OFFICE NOW OCCUPIED i by Baler A Weeks, Pine str?et, comer of Broadway. 1 n: d?r the Metropolitan Bank; convenient, apaoioua, and well lighted; has an excellent safe; also gas. water, and otter conveniences. Inquire of ROdWELL O. PI&KCE, corner of Pine street and Broadway. OUT OF TOWN.? TO LET, PARTLY FURNISHED, A splendid mansion honse and ground*, on the iludson river, at Eighty-sixth street, commanding a magnidoent view; the location i? healthy and the building it mi-, able far a lurg* private establishment, boarding house er hotel. Ap ply on tba promises, or of W. F. LEE, 49 Exchange place. sasww - ?? IppW Fart of a nou?B to let on broadw ay-pos sessloB immediately; cot tains two rooms on tbira flour and fonr attic roomH, with Croton and cas Ixturea; would be rented to a de<lrable and uaexoentionable tenant at $260 per annum. Apply as above at No. 823 Breadway. Part of a house to rooms on recond floor, four pant'ios, bath room, servants' ro ;m, kitchen, large oellar; location deairablo, near to Abingdon 1 fquare and Hudson street. Rout reasonable. Address I I'. M., Herald office. PART OF A nOUSE TO LET. FITRNISITED OR UN. ! funtislied, in Twenty third ?troet. near second avenue I with all the modern improvements; posseasion immediately! ! I Inquire at 778 Broadway till lat of way. PAVILION HOTEL TO LET OR FOR SALE. OR Ex change for city propo'ty. The Pavilion Hjtel at Port i Washington, N. J The Dense partly furnished, a beautiful ! garden, horse stables, earriage nouse, situated immediately opposite the lar ding dock. Alto a cottage with nineteen ' lots attached to it. Apply to N. BUN EL,, 650 Houston ' street, New York. PRIVATE STABLE TO LET.? A SI ABLE, VERY COM- ' plete in all its arrangements, to let. Apply on the pro mises No. 139 West Fifteenth itioet. SPLENDID SUITES OF APARTHENL3 TO LET-IN thote houses No. 160 and 168 West Thirty seventh street, near Eighth avenue; the halls, stairs, Ac , are furnished, and lighted with gss; Croton water, water olonets, Ac , on eaoh floor, and the gas la eaoh sui'.e; ocoupants have only to at tend to their own apartments, as a housekeeper is employed to clean and keep in order the balance of ibe houses; theso apartmeits need only to be seen te be appreciated; they will be let to small respectable families. Apply as above, or to WALLER A SREi.Y, 440 Eighth avenue. STORE TO LET? 228 THIRD AVENUE, THIRD DOOR above Twentieth street, on the west side, now ocou pled as a boot and shoe store; a good location for any kind of buiisesa. Inquire at 37 East Twenty second (treeV, be fore 10 A. M., or after 3 P. M. STORE TO LET-THE SMALL STORE NO. 16 ANN | street, between Nassau and Broadway; a very uesir.iMo location; rent $30 per month. Inquire of A. BAKER. SPLENDID PARLOR, WITH SUIT OF ROOMS VERY elegantly furnished, la a first class house, to \t sepa rately to a tew single gentlemen, or together to a family, with a kitchen. Apply at 33 St. Mark's place, Eighth street. SANDY HOOK-NEW AND SPACIOUS HOTEL TO let, at the highlaads of Novesiak, ae>ar Sandy Hook, eon- ! taiuing nearly one hundred rooms. It oominauds an exten sive view of the ocean and New York bay. Beautiful beach i fer soa bathing, and the land soenery cannot be turpasiad. Within two hours' sail of >ew York, by stea-nboat, twice a day. Apply to nOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Tlue street. STORE AND BASEMENT*TO LET.? THE DESIRA- 1 Me store and basement 38 Canal street, both belag in : one clear room. U0 feet la depth by 26 feet in width. Has > i*k fitting* in both rooms Basement has one of Augur's ; hot ?i* furnaces in operation, which hoats both rooms with , one half the quantity of fuel of any other farnaoe in use. i It is well calculated for a ca.rin.ce depot, or almost any j butanes? that requires room Canal streot is shortly to be extended through to the Eurt river, bclnir directly opposite i the New Haven Railroad depot, and within a few dcortfram Broadway, will make it as great a thoroughfare a* the lat ter street. It will be let together or separate, trom the 1st j of May next for one or more >tais. Apply to R. D. GOOD- ; WIN, Clinton nail, Ei jhth street, near Broadway. TO I ET-THE NEAT TWO AND A HALF STORT AND basement dwellitg, No 3 Hubert street, finely located, only one door west of St. John's Park; ooutains ten rooms, has Croton water vnd waste pipes ia back basement; vault under sidewalk. Kent $600. Apply to JAMK3 PRICE, 240 Hudson str et. TO LET? A HOUSE, 30 ANN BTRrfIT, UPPER PART ased at present aa a dweUing for a (mall family; th? first story ai a tailor's store, and tbe basement as a bottling cellar. For particulars, apply at No. 127 Fnltoa street, thira itorj. B. GALBRAI1H. TO LET? RENT *2S0-PRKTTr COTTAGE HOUSE, I bow in nice order, 11 rooms, stable in rear, shade treat Croton water, bath room, space for gardes, Ac. Second A Third avenue cars past night and day. Apply oa tbe pre mises, corner of 108a street as d Third avenue. TO LET- A THREE-STORY MASTIC FRONT BRICK i house, 26 Pavonia plaoe, Jersey City, delightfully sit uated, within five minutes' walk of tbe ferry; supplied with I I'astaic water sod gas fixtures. Rent low. Apply to A. 1 ABBOT, 289 South Sixth street, between Jeriey avenue and I Coles street.' TO LET-A SPLENDID BRICK HOUSE, SITUATE n on tb? bank of the Hudaon river, Eighty -aiith atreet and Twelfth avenue. a beautiful retired apot. Inquire at J*. BRENN AN'S Coal Yard, corner of Eighty-fourth atrect and Broadway. TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, A SECOND FLOOR, 8CIT able for a gentleman and lila wife. Rent $140. Or will be rented fnrniabed to gentlemen, v ithout board. Apply at 902 Pacific atrtet, between Smith and Uoyt atreeta. TO LET? CORNER STORE, FlRST FLOOR AND basement, 90 John atreet, corner of Gold. Apply up ataira, aa above. ta"khonii' *? Eag?Suh ?tl A NKtr three TO LET-TO ONE FAMILY ON A FLOOR, THE FIRST and aecond atoriea of tome 270 Went Forty jeventb , p'roct, between Ninth tad Tenth avennea. Rent moderate. Apply to D. WAN RAKER. 174 Forty-eoventb atreet, or to A. QUACKENBISH, 34 Cbailaa, or No. 8 Broad atreeta. TO IET? TDE PRINCIPAL PART OR THE WHOLE ol the four atory Eng'iah biaemont hou?o, 10J Twenty fltth atreet, ^containing all the modern improvement*. Apply on tie premiaee. or at M7 Greonwloh atreet. LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE HOUSE NO. 29 Hubert atreet, near St. John'a park, to a gentleman and bia wife without children. Fnr partionlara oall at No. U Vandvu atreet, between 4 and li P. If. TO LET-A STORE, SUITABLE FOR A FANCY BUSI neaa, 'being occupied aa aneb), tailor, hatter. Ac , ?o- , aether wit b the hack room and rear kitchen, on the aaci | Coor; alio, vith the aeoomi flnar and a room in attio. In- i Sulre on the |>renii?ea, 2&4 BleecVer itrect, one door from I arrow. Rent $?00. TO LET-THE THREE STORY DWELLING HOUSE, No. 200 Utidica atreet, (except office, flrat floor,) otght room i in (rood order. Poiet*iinn immediately. Rent 9 ISO. Alao. the two and a bnlf atory dwelling, (atcept baaement flo-r,) No S3 Watta atreet, eight room*: now repairing. Will be rendy before May. Runt MOO. Alao, upper part, 197 Canal. Ave rooms; now repairing. Rent $2/5. Together with other imall i licet. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Budtor atreet. TO I.ET? THE TOUR STORY BROWN STONE BASE ment home No. 86 Bait Ihirtyieuond atreot. The hou?a ia fintubed in the belt manner, with all tha modern ooave nicncef. Apply on the preraiaej. Rsnt $700. TO LET? A FIRST CLASS TWO STORY AND ATTIC brick dwelling bouao, in Union utreet, Brooklyn, between I ( linton and Court atreeta. The houae la well built, with j large r<<om> and high oeillnga: kitehen ranm and gaa through cut, and ia now balay re painted and put in thorough repair. . Tlie Mtnatien and neiahborhocd are among the beat in Brooklin. Apply to NATHAN STEPnEN8, drat bouae weet or Court atreet, on the aonth aide of Union atreet. TO LET-IN CVMMING'S STUDIOS, 88 IAST THIK t< enth itreet, one door weit of Broadway, a lar?e atu ' dlo. suitable for an architect or engraver; may be conve | i.iently divided mto two. Apply at rooma No. 1 and 2 on ; the premitet. | rpo LET? A SMALL BROWN 8TONI HOUSE, IN A 1 flrat elate neighborhood, a ear Eighth avenne and Thirtv 1 ateond ktreot. with all the modern Imprevomente, and ia complete repair. The furniture, which la nearly new aud of the beat quality, wtil be aold for $960 Rett ot houae 9600 tx-r year for three ytare. For fall partionlara apply to SMITH A WODKLL, 444 Eighth artnuo. TO LIT-TWO FOUR STORY MODERN BUILT baarmrat housea. aituatod on aoutheaat corner of Se i tend avenue and Twelfth atreet. The owner may be teen I on the jremiaea, Mondays, Thnradaya and Saturdaya, be ; twnen 12 and 1 o'clock. or at hla office, 674 Sixth avenne, on ti e above day a, from 10 to 12 o'o'.ock. T* LET? Til F. THREE STORY MOUSE 17* EAST Twentieth atreet. three rooma deop, with all tha modern I linprov omenta. Inquire on th? premUea. Poeaetelea irame j diately. TO I.ET? THE SMALL COTTAGE HOUSE NO. 1 GAR den row, ftlevrath atrtet, near Slatli avenue; a rare i chaam for a email family to obtain a bouao at low rant. Po?i?paior giTan thia day. ir denlred. Inquire of D. W. FENTOM, Ir.7 Broadway, np italra. r LET-THE. DWEIT.ING PART OF HOUSE 720 Gr> nnwi< h torner of ( harlea ?tr?et, gaa and Cmton wa ?<r in th< in uae; ?tagc? pan tbc door every few mlnutee, and In nithin ene Mock of Hudaon atreet railroad. For pavticnlara Inquire of B. HARRIOTT, en oppoaite corner. fllO I.ET? AT SOUTH HERGES. A THREE STORY X boiiae and larae garden apot, pleaeaatly located one and a quarter milea from Jeriey City ferry. Inquire of W. CI! AMI IO>, Oar iener avenue, on the premi <ea, or of LAR. COMlii: A CO..IU Maldea lane, New Vork. Rent $300. TIHBO LET? Hi E DWELLING HOUSE NO. 108 LEONARD I fU- ft ? '?? door* eatt ot Broadway; ia admirably adapltd, oa account of it) very central poeiUva. for a flrrt cleaa hoarding home, for which pi;-??ae ft b?? been oc.npt?d tor irary >Ar? Xpnly t,. STEPHEN CONOYRR, Htjada>y wwiAjrw laoiw, rpo I IT- A VERY SUPERIOR BROWN STOWE HOOSB. 1 *n txit) fifth street. near Madison iiiain. R-nt 91, -Jim. Inrniture contained U honee for Mil, at & bini d, tadi rniaii lliiri E. B KlNSHIMEK, SI9 Fourth ?rtn?, from 3 to 7 P. M Toiet-at 27 summit street, within five minute* walk of the Hamilton avenue terry, a ba?s n>?nt house; wl'h hot and eold water bath, dumb witter ?nd gas tbroagho'.t. ehandolier. As., all tu perfaot or lor; root low aad possession immediate. Ma it Ml A CO; No. t% laao. TO LET? THE HANDSOME t WELLING|OVER STORE, corner of Third avenue and Eighth i-wt; pri'ate on tranca en St. Mark's place Alio the superior brown st n< dwelling ovar store .101 fourth aveatie, separately or with etore; possession immetiately. Inquire of C. PITT A SON, 17 Third avenue, corner of Eijhth stroet TO I.ET-HCUSE. STORES AND APARTMCN 1S.-A fonr story briok house with atoie ana bbtemout, 1.260 Broadway. rout 1460, to. ether or in flours, to tmall, senieel families', alio tha store aid basement adj.imm, corner Broadway and tirty -first stre, t, bein^c a gout stand fur a baker; or other business. Inquire at 127 IL'in^Uu stroet, from 4 to B o'clock, TO I.ET-A THREE STORY" MODERN STYLE HOUSE at a decided bargain. a law doors from droadway. on lorty-fifth street; basement, high stoop, riaxta, and ciurtjard, and iaagood neighborhood. Crotoi water, ba? h, ranee, AO Apply to WM. E. BRINCKEKHOFF, Mo. Ill avenue C, before OA. M. and alt .r 6 P. M. TO I. ET? THREE HANDSOME TWO STORV BASE TLi nt anil attio houses, i? excelleat order, wish Croton vatcr, Ac., situated at Nea. 1 ;i, 105 and 107 Mero-r street, be t v eon 8f nag end Prince streets Will be let to good ton ants, at iroderate rents. A pply at Hi Mercer street, or at 2t 9 Broadway, room in. GEOKUE W. SI V Kits. TO LIT? A NEW FIRST CI. ASS HOUSE, FIVE STO rite high, sixty teat deop, brown stone front, with' all the modern improvemtnta, situated four doors fro u Ninth aveiue, iu Tweutj third strut; usual rent, $1,200; will rent it now for VI /ICO, orany fair rui t ?hloh a good tenant may deem it reasonably worth. The owner will put la airy im t>roremei>W> tenant may want. Apply to JOHN H. McCUNN, 1S2 Wnt Twenty first street, near Sarcnth avenue. TO IF.T? TWO ELEGANT FOUR STOBY BROWN alono front English basement houses. 20 feet front and fft feet deep, are In perfect oner, hare ell the modern Im provements, and are most desinble residences for genteel families. Apply on the premises, at S27 aud229 Woat Thirty fourth street. TO LET-TIIE FOUR STORT AND BASEMENT noURE ftM Houston street, oa the northwest corner of Crosby atreet ; ocntaim about seventeen rooms, haa all modern im prcvnacnts, and it in good order. Apply to JAMES PKICE, 210 Hudson street. TO LET? ROOMS NO 555 PiARL STREET. NEAR Broadway, tor manufacturing purpoirs. with or without atcam power; cheap. Also, a partof tlio ctUoe oa first floor, aame building. Inquire as above. TO I.ET? THE NEW HOUSE NO. 11 POPLAR STReET, Brooklyn heights, near I ulton ferry, finished with the modern improvement* Apply to J. Ill SCO No. 154 Ea?t twenty third atroct, Now York, bofote 9 o'clock A. M., and frcm b to 8 I*. M., cr to Thomas Morton. No. 212 Pearl street, corncr of Flatcber, New lork. TO LET? THE NIW THREE SToRY AND BASEMENT brick house, 90 Weat Twenty seventh streot. lias all t .o modern improvements, gas and hot and ootd water all tLrourb. V ill be put In perfect order. Beat $700. Apply to SaML. EDDY, US Wall streat, baiemont. TO LET? IN WILLIAMSBURG, THE THREE STORY baiemout brick house 11 South Third street, with i^aj, range, but b and wat?r closet, not more than two' walk from Grand and I'eok alip ferries Apply at >o. !) South Third street, Williamsburg; or 11 Wail atreet, room 10, New York. ri'io 1ET? UPI'BR PART OF HOUSE NO. 220 HUDSON J. street. naw thoroughly repairing, to l?e ready if a few dh)? Kent $225. Also, store and drellinit. No. 401 Wash ? lnptrn street, opposite Clinton market. Ront $500. Alan, several smali stores, Ao.. Ao. Apply to JAMBS'PRICE, 200 Hudson street. TO LET.? A SMALL RESPECT Alt LB FAMILY HAY in? m"rs room thaa required, would rent the unpv p irt cf their hi rue, furbished ir unfurnished, to a small fami:y, or to two or tbrie younx centlomen. Apply at 6i Six teenth strtat, two do?ri from Sixth avenua. TO I.ET-ON MYRTLE AVENUE, CORNER OF YATB3 avenue, twenty minutea ride from Fulton ferry, twelve n?p house*, jnit finished, with foldinz doors, ti a room, an i plana, commaadlna one of the finest view in Brooklyn. To a good tenant will be It tor leased for <150 each. ApDly to A C. FK ANHICLI, at tha vflloo of Tberanon A Bryan, No. 8 Wall street, ? ew York. TO LET-TO A SmXi-L GENTEEL FAMILY. THE SB co. d floor of the modern bnilt honse MM Eighth ave nue, consisting of three rooms and two bearooms im a floor, with Creton water and gaa. For further particulars ajp'y on the premises. Bent moderate, TO LET? A LARGE AND COMMODIOUS THRFE STORY brisk honse, with base . en t. No. 4 Stat* street, fronting on i he Battery, will be let to one tenant or by floor, also, tho hetire No. 67 Oroerwioh atreet, comprising atore and three ill ars above. Inquire at 15 State street. TO I.ET-A DESIBABLR PLACE. CONTAININO thirtv acrcs, and within tbreo-quartera of n mile of TuckaEn depot, Harlem Railroad, on which there i ; a two a'.ory boute. barn and carriage houie There are ten aorea cf apple orchard, and alto peaches, pears, plums, cherriet, currants, raspberries. Tha plaos is well watered, and very productive, ruese&nion given immediately. Inquire of E. I>USENB?B?tY, 15 Nassau street, or of CHA3. DUSBN BERRY, at Tuekabo. TO LET? THE NEW FOUR STORY AND DWELLING, No. Slf Atlattic street, Brooklyn. Apply at 223 State atreet, Brooklyn. T~ ~o7 F.T-TIIE STORE ON CORNER OF TWENTIETH atreet and Seoond avenue, together with the dwelling part on first floor, two looms, and rear ba?ement; al'o, the second floor three rooms and two bedrooms if de?ircJ. In quire on the premises. TO LET-A MODI RN TWO STORY ATTIC, NO. C57 Greenwleh street Has seven bedrooms, yard. Ac. Omnibuses pass. Rent 16 00. Also, No. 660 Houston xtrsat Also, No. C4 Prince stroet, near Broadway; re a'. $700. No 90 Broome and Sheriff streot s; rent t'jfci. Tour lots on Thirty ninth strict, and ono on Thirteenth s'reot, be ta eon avenno A and avonne B. Inquire of A. 8. LEfY, 19 Wall ttreet. TO LBT-AT LOW RENTS, TWO OF THE ROW OF handsome three stnrv houses, oa north side of Eijhty lixth rtreet, near Fourth avenue, in good order, Croton water, Ao ;the street is 100 tee* wide, on high ground; loca tion desirablo and acoessibls; rent $.100. Apply to B. SIL LECK Eighty sixth street, near Fourth avenue. TO LET-APARTMBNTS IN HOUSES NOS. St AVD 8G West Fortieth atreet, irom first of May next, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, consisting of a parlor, two bod rroma and kitchen, all oommunicatmi;; they are tin label in a superior Banner, witt marble mantels, gas Croton water, and all modern improvements. Bent moderate. Inquire oa the t remise I. TO LET? LOWER PART OF A SHALL. PRETTV bouse, with larfO yard, location very pleasant; occu pied bv a gentleman and wife: rent aboot $'80 If waated, one or'two rooms on third floor. Possession immediately. Apply at <67 Fourth avenue. i TO LET-THE DWELLING PART OF THE THREE sto'y house 392 Brcome street, convenient to Broad vay, will le let low to a good tenant, witn immediate pos?essiop, on application, this day, to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broad ! TO LET-AT HABLEM, VIRY LOW RENTS, SOME beautiful cottage houses; with marble mantels,- Croton water, Ac , at $125, $150. *200. $225 to $*W, with targs g*r den*. Apply at WARD'S Real Kutata Office, adjoining tlio railroad dtpot, Harlem. Several eotlagns for sale aheap. TO LET? A FRONTPARLOR, BASEMENT ANDTHRKB bedrooms, to a small family; location desirable; runt iZ.'O. Apply at 228 West Illtecnth street. TO LET? ON THE EAST BIVJR AT RAVENSWOOD Long Island, two modern bnilt cottages, eleven room* each. Inquire of GILBERT HOl'KlNS, at Ravenswood, or at bis office. 40 Peck slip, up stalls, from il to I o'clock. TO LET? TO SMALL, AMERICAN GENTEEL FAMI lie*, suits of apartments in three very handsome honnes, on 1 hirty sixth street, between the Eighth aud Ninth ave nues, Nos 21o, 218 and 220. Inriulre at 210. Also, first floor in 100 Sixth avenue, and 195 Seventh avenue, near Twenty third street. TO LET ? THB LOWER PART OF HOU*B 203 WEST Thirty sixth street, and two rooms oa third floor. For particulars impure on the premises. TO LET? THE PART OF A MODERN BUILT HOUSE, to a resectable American f.miiy, conaiating of tront and beck j arlt rr with folding doom, hall bedroom, pantrle*, ird three large room* on third etery, with pritriieio of I.ath room and collar. The lionae i? in oomplate order, with hvt end cold * ater, pat, bath, water cloaet, Ao. Will berontcd at a moderate price, by applying immediately on the prv Bim, No. 172 w eat Thirty ninth atreot. TO LET-YERY LOW, AT MASPETH, O.N THK plank road, two and a half mllen from the tarr.ea, two houiea; first floori finished for (tore*: on j an adrairaM* ttand for a grocery; rent SIM) eaoh. Alio, a oottnge honae f( r sale, on ea?y Is rmi, or to let for $120. Inquire ot JOHV SON A VOIOT, 421 Broadway, or JAMES A. JOHNSON, on the premia*<. TO l.ET? A TWO STORY COTTAGE BUIl T HOUSE, yard in frost, on two lot* of ground. oOxlOO feet, in kighty third street, one hundred feet eaat of Tenth arrnao; place for horie and carriage in the rear; plenty of reom to nine regetaMe*. l'otaeaaion immediately. Rent $31)0. In quire of B. PARKIIURST, 23 Market ?treet. TO l.ET? ON WOOD ROAD. STATE* ISLAND, THAT elegant new three atory boos* twelve room*, an oren, ' and all fixture* tor cake and bread baking. Apply to M. I C'URSILL. on the premi?on. TO LET? TnE OrrER PART OF A TWO STuRT houao, in Eighty third afreet, near 10th avenue. Rent ! J7 per month; but two peiaon* in tha house. inquire on the I premiie*. oi the corner it ore. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR OT HOUSE NO. 2STT Bowery, eon dating of front and bank room* nantriea, Ac , an it able for a dvelliig. *ehool, or phyairtnn1* offloe. Rent (170 per year. Inquire at th* book aicre, 290 Bowerv. TO LET ?FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH ALL THE MO dern*meute, with or without partial boar J; alao, a light airy baeement with a door oommuuieating with the atore. Apply at 7l?* Broadway. T?noftTh 7? i?'***4011 1,0 CSK <>N THE .tr?et; win V. p nuI\^oVdVr rEKVw Eanbnttan land Offlee "inrtk aVeV.. ' U luU' TO LET- A TINE HOUSE, CONTAINING ALL THE modern improvement!), and titteon roan*; baa n re a ? ; bnilding anltal.fe for a atabla, and an all-year eijht fee', wide. No. ILt Hammond atreet. Inquire at ? Ptrrj atreet TO LET? THE FOHR PTORT BUCK FRONT KV(! liah ba?* tnent honaa. on the toutheaat corner of Second I avenue and Thirteenth atreete. The houae contain* all the I roojrrn improvement* For term* apply at IHO Tenth (treat, I one if "or ea?* of 1 tird anane. TO Lf.T? FOR ONE OR FOUR TEARS. A HOUSE AND atore t I Walker *treet. favif door* from Broadway. In I quire at Ihsjer * ealoon, No.881 Broadway, corner of White I Mreet. TO LOT? A gentleman owning a new three ?t< ry haw* np town, dtnra* to let it to agantlemin with a rDinll genteel family, with whom h* would beard la pa> ment of rent. Addrea# 0 R L., Herald office. TO IET- A FIRST RATE BTAND FOR A FR'jtT ?tore or bootmaker, 45 Whitehall atreet, near the .lonlh and State a laland ferrla*. Apply on the pramiiea, ot ?t Dt. E. M. Ouian, 177 B?w*ry, corner of Grand atreet, > fjro 1.1 T? A GOOD THREE STORY B*iCK ROUSE, X with twelve rot me, in a eery retire plan, so'i'h Biuiiil; 1 vert j three Willow* pla?e (,aq aftnevieirol tie lit; ?tlj hvf mimta*' w*U f^em Wall att?et ml I A iwt'ii ut'li. TKV/Urry RBOISTMR TO LET-A NUMBER Or VIBST CLASS HOUSES, some brown stone; English (Moment, hi<h etocp with All thx modern improvements, eitnated en the w??t aiie of Broadway, up to?n >1 pries varying from $250 lo $l,*JO; llu, i oouatry botHiii boat* al New Rochelle. Apply I) fck ITU A If UDELL. A Eighth kmh. TO LET-368 SIXTH AVENUE, NBARTWBNTY THIRD ? treat, the enure third floor, with Croton is th? earne, in a four alorv briekho>iso: weald accen-inodate twa entail fu illtl il d?lr?4, kent moderate. Inquire of N. F IINU, T4 Wfkt Fifteenth street, until 11 A. M., and from 3 to 4, and 8 ?? 10 P. M. TO LET? THE Til RKF STOEV AND ATTIC BRICK dwelling boere 171' Eaat Fourteenth (treat, with all the modern iuipr^Ti biciK. Alto tbe aeo-nd atory of store I'Vi William street. Inquire of JAS L. PHELPS. J*. , 62 John street. TO LKT-TO SMALL GENTEEL FAMII.1VS. THE firtt floor and be?en<eat. eoaeiating of three bedroom*, parlor, kitchen. and sitting room, kent |lij per m >ith Alio the lecond floor, four rootna: rant $12. Alio tblrd fl >or; rent $10. I onrtb H<,or; rent $8 per mouth. Apply vn the prttUrea, 88 W?t Fortieth (treet. near Sixth avenue. THIRD rf.OOR OF NO. 4 MONROE PLACE, Wl L llamsburg, to let to a until Aiueiiean family, consisting of two rooms acd two bedrooms. The house is Je-irablj- la rated, being within fire or (it mil utti' walk ot Peok (lip, l>ivtaion avenue ami Grand ttreet terrier Rent moderate lo ? suitable tenant. For particulars aidrox R. H. W., Herald tflioo. R<?B TWO given, if oflloo. TO l.ET- A FURNISHED PARLOR. TO ON E4 sinplt gentlemen, at modnret* rent ; breakfast required Apply nt No. Ml 4 Mulberry atreat, o?al t TO LET? THE BILLIARD SALOON, CORNER BOWER/ ai d broome street including bet and ?1* tables. For particulars. enquire of J. II A W. K. Cert, SO Bowery. Alao tle^tore 6u lto*ir> TO I ET? A IRONT OFFICE 1M SOUTH STREET, Please call, flrat floor, lor two days. TO LET-ONE OR TWO FPRVISHf D OR UNFUR nirl.ed rooms on third floor, without board, in a modern house contre'ly located. Reference ol the highest respeeta bilit j required and given Address Moderate, Harold office. TO IET? TBE TWO DWELLING HOU*E* 559 BROAD way; one large room, for piano or tailoring butmeo; ore daguerrean and show room, baaement, and single rooms. Inquire on the promisee. ItO LET? T1IR NEW FOUR STORY HROWV STONK front hime, <n Livingston place fr ntini on Mtuyvount aquare, between Slxteo ,t>i and Seventeenth (treat*. Tbe huu(e eontaina all the modern improvements For term] aprlv at 180 Tenth (treat, aua door eaat of Third avenue. ?rro let ? TnE second, third and fourth sto -I rice ef hou(e No. 39 Greenwich avenue, corner of Charlea ftreit. Thirteen rooms, including kitchen, bath room, water closet; a'lo g(( and Croton water and n?e ol undor cellar T' O l.ET? TO A SMALL GENTF.EI. FAMILY, PART OF . tbe hour* No. G Allen street, confuting of front room, j j 1 fldroom on the second floor, two rooms in attie, back base l meat, with privilege in oouuter celltr. Kent Inquire ; cn the premise*, cr 4<i Catherine street. TO LET-IN HIE VICINITY OF FOURTH STREET | and Waahlu&ton tqnare, in the three story and ns?m-int : lionta, the socoud and third floors? ei.-bt r'ouf hot and 1 cold water, bath, 4c. Yearly rei.t $375. Also, the Iront basement to lat to a phjaieian. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. | TO I IT? A TUREE STORY BRICK HOUSE IV SKIL I van street. near Park avenue, Eaat Brooklyn; the Myrtle avenue railroad rnna within one blnclc of t!ie prem I ises, rendering the locality convenient to those doing busl- : ness in tie city. Apply to C KNOX, la Fulton (treat, | New York. TO LET-TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY. SECOND | it' ry of houae No. Fiiat avenue, confiding of two I r-unii, two bedro< ma, pantries, and back Laaoment; railroad and etagea pa?i the door Inquire on the premise! Ront i? o. TO LfcT-WELI. FURNISHED, AT CLIFTON, STATES' laland a desirable octtage. with two acrea of gronnd. atabla coach honae, Ac., very complete. The garden la well Mocked with fruit tree*, and planted with all the vegetable! of the acason. Apply at 81 1'earl ttreet. ri o LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY. PART OF HOUSE 21 1 liammtnd (trett, comprising the front baiameLt, lor, adjoining bedroom and elcaeta in (ecoad story, and backroom in third itory. Rent S^76, and half expiate of t&(. Bath, Ac. Pot(c*tlon immediately. Apply aa above. O LET- TnE NEAT COTTAGE 27 WBST TiVIVTY firkt (treet, between Hfth and Sixth aveniwe. Clan be (con fjom 11 to 1 o'clock, daily; r-nt For further par ticular* address fmith, Herald office. TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY. TEN MINUTES' WALK from the terry, a cottage house in elegaet or, er, hand (omely paperi d and palaten. Ga( and water, tine oonrt yard in frcnt. Ao. Sent only $3iK). A( the pr?aent occupant ta al out leaving tne oity. will (ell hia furniture, which k new, or such portion a< inny be agreed tipon. Apply to E. B. KlNSHIMEIt, 319 Fouitb aveuue, from ? >o 10, or 3 'o 7. TO LIT? LOWER PART OF THKEE STORY HOUSE. 163 South Socond street, Wil'iamaburg, between Sixth atd Seventh ctreeta. A desirable neighborhood and loeation. kent vety reaaonable. Also, a pretty cottage in Sandford (t., t ear Graham avenue. raioutea' walk Irom Williamaburg ferry; rent }1U0. AU'o, tbe o[per part of a convenient new brick hou^e in DIvImoii avenue, between Fourth and Fifth ttrceta. Apply eoon to G W. KELSi'Y. 124 Giaud (trout, V illiamal uri, or to C. Z l*OND, Esq., 15 Spruce atreet, New \ ork. Alio, a (t:ro to let No. 202 Seventh avinne, occupied for three ycara ta a (hoe store. Apply to C. Z. POND, No. 15 Spruce street. New York. Alao, a first class blaokemith ibop and dwellinii, in Seventh avenue, between Forty-first at d Forty-socoi d streets. Apply to J. MUNSoN, corner of Forty-second atreet and Seventh areuuc, or to C. <&. POND, 15 Spruce (treet. TO LET-IN TBE GENT* El. HOUSE 254 NINTn AVE pue, third or fourt h flo:r?, consisting of live roims each. Croton water, gar marble mantels, dlding doors; good 'oca tion. Rent, $1^> and $180 per annum. Inquire at 251 Tbir t; second (trett, corner, up stairs. E. KENNEOV. TO LET? THAT OLD ESTABLISHED STORE AND bvtemeot, 37 Ann itrtet (welt ki.own at the "Quirk House), (ingiy or together, tni immediate poa(ca ion given. For particnlart tpply tn the premi?ea. TOLET? THF- NEW BUILDING, CORNER OF FRANK lin and Centrf stroets, fitted up in the be<t manner f^r n boarding house and dinirg saloon, containing 45 bedrooms, ore large room on (econd atory, 25^70 feet, suitable for pub lio meeting", having two gotd entrances, on Franklin and Centre streets; the dining saloon contains (team cooking npparatna, gas fixtures, Ao. Root $1,300. Inquire of J. MARSHALL, 46 Rose street, basoratnt. TO LET? TUI STORE, SUITABLE FOR ANY BUSI nera, with backroom and basement, 84 Elizabeth (trout Poscsion immediately. M ill be let low to a good tenaut. Also, lodge rooms in N atlonal Ilall, 34 Canal atreet. Apply to E. VAN RAN ST, 34 Canal (t. TO LIT-TO A RESPONSIBLE TENANT, APART meets suitable for a lar^t- family in the private honae No 132 Last Twenty tilth (treet, near Second avenue. In quire on the premitce. TO LET? IN THE LARGE NEW BUILDINO 108 AND 10b Centre street, the third loft, well lighted and ve&ti Ik ted, with hoiatway. Rent $300. Site .llz/tS fe?t. Alto tho fifth loft, same size, well lighted. Ront $20". Inquire of J. MARSHALL, 16 Ro(e street, basement. T TO LET-A LOFT, FOR STORAGE OF LIOIIT FURNI tnrs. Apply at 94 East Eleventh atreet. TO LET -STORE AND HOUSE 195 MOTT STREET, DE- j tween SpiitK and Brooms. Good business stand, it | having been a grocery for years pait. Reut ?.VjO. Apply on the premise*, after 3 I'. M TO I.ET ? TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY. THE LOWER j part of a four story house, 26xM), turuislied or unfur j B>sbo<l, with gai. latb, 4c., in the vicinity of Washington . square. To parties tited of boarding, and willing to nay a i fair oricc for food acorrrnodationa, a nrc opportunity la j offered. The advertiser, whole family consist* of three per ' rnnR, "ill occupy the rest of tin houre oocasionally. App'y , to B. W. RICHARD. 307 Itroadway, up stairs. Quod re Lrences and security required. TO I.ET- PART OF A PLEASANT SITIiATKD H0U3K' containing parlor, 2 bedrooms, basement, aub cellar ! and term* reasonable. Inquire at W5 Ludlow etrcet. I rpo LET? TOE LARGE ROOM 40 FEET SQl'ARE, IV X the brick building So. I>ouatoa atreet next to the ! ecrner of Broadway, ?cll ventilated and lighted with win rfows, reliable for holding meotingain, will be let very low, | to a gtod tenant. IIO LET-ONE OT THE BEST STORES IN THE FOURTH ward, suitable for any kind ol bnainaaa. Also, tbe front I i>nd laok b?aein?-i t and flm m?e plaoe ior a bottling esta blisbnent. Inqiiite at No. 30 Cherry atreet. TO LET? A DESIRABLE HOUSE IN WAVF.RI.EY plac. ; ope on Tenth street; one on Twelfth atreet: one <n Thompson; also two goid housas on Mercerstrai t, aV>vo Blcecker, to mia.ll respectable familiea; together with a number of other houses, fnrnlohed and un'ornlahed. DEM A REST A BASSET, No. 4 Aator plaoe. TO LET-TO A QUIET, SMALL FAMILY, A COM fortab's apartments, consisting of three rooms on second fi< or, rood yard, Crot<>n water, prlvilcra ia cellar. Ac. Rei:t ? ! bmmIi rate. Apply at 133 Pearl street, between M illiam und | I FliO LET-ROOMS IN A HOUSE, WITH OAS AND 1 I Croton, tarnlsbod er unftinitbsd, at No. 772 Green- , wlcli, c?rn?r of Bank street, aear Abingdon square. Rent from 9180 to fcHuO, according to nnrabar of rooms, Ac , repaired Also, in a ama'l honae No SCI Hank atreet, two r "ma, rent M.V1, also a i table. Inquire at the tirst place. TO 1 ET? HOUSE AND STORE NO. (192 BROADWAY*. ' Rout, $woe per yenr. Store and dwelling will b? let scpa I r'te Inquire of CH ARLE3 WATERS, NJ Broadway, cor ! n< r Thirteenth alreet. or on the premises. TO I ET? FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT or HOUSE No 30 Berk man itreet, for store; also, a s mall bons^ down town; a tore in Dnane atreet, near Chatham: apartments an l basements. To let or for ssle, a small house in Williams burg, near the ferry. Apply at SMITH'S, 15 Mott atreet. rro LET? THE UPPER PART OK THE HOUSE 37 1 Vestry street, near Hudson consisting of two rooms and t entry, two b?dro?ms. aud privilege in kitchen. Inquire n the premises. _____ _________ mo I. IT? IN WHOLE OR IN PART. THE DWELLING J. house lie Wcat Broadway, containing ten rooms; will be rented <ow to good tenants. Apply on the ptemises, or toT J t El X AS, 27 Perry stsaat. rTO LET-THE THREE STORY ENOLISI1 BASEMENT J. home, brown stone rtont, hi I eiin^tou avenue, en? deor south of Fortieth atre< t, flalalied with the modern improve nm.ta; reat 1U*. Apply to J. 8ISCO, 164 Kaat Twenty third street, hetore 9 o'clock A M . < r fr.nn i! to H P.M., or la the store next doer. Possession immediately. TO LET DOWN TOWN? ONE OK TWO HANDSOME furnished rooms, for singla gentlemen, without boarJ, ale* a front roam on Hr?t flo?r, furnished or uofaraishad A pply at -/i Murray street. TO I ET. CHEAP? A SMALL STORE. WITH A n AN D tomt plate glass front. Inquire at H7 .1a<saa street. Possesttaa givea immediately. TO VET IN BROOKLYN? THE TWO STORY AND AT ?io brick hon>a, with baeement and under collar, 1.11 llnJscn aveaae, rear Sands street, and only ten mlantes dUtant fieat tbe Fultea ferry. Inquire of FRANCIS BLAN CHE!, 291 Sixth aveaae. before 10 A. M , or after 1 P. M. TO I.ET IN BROOKLYN? THE COMMODIOUS THREE atorr anl basement brink honae 304 Court street, bs twa?n lurriton and Oegraw streets; has largs yard at tached; ia well ait^ated, being oaly a few minutes' walk Irom Ike South and Hamilton ferrtea; the care also t>*?? the i!o<ir to Fnltca f'n^r. Will be rented low to a good tm?rit Apply to EUGENE O'SCLLI V AN, OS Wall atraet. TO IET. CIIIAP-A LEASE 01 VEN-T'jE~SF.f'ON n and iklrd floor, No. I Chatham Kqnare, a goo I ohanna for a barter, cr t' r any rnrfoae wbera tb-^re I* a g" d li-ht require d; eisbt lsiya windows in aao^, Tleev. ini lira P W. SAfcbtW.ta'.hj'.aaf e?*M, ' " ' r I TKWAITr BEOIITM. rPO LIT- ATWlLLIAMsBURO. A STORE AMD I>WK I lla? l.ou-e. corner .iraham tftnut and ?'own frw, loan established aa a ..rat market Al*o, t va atory ana l>a-' tLeBt toa>?, 2 lot. and Una {tardea, Sanford *tr?et, one J?m? mil o( R liin|kV; avenue. Apply at U4 Graud I T? V*T Fl ?***D STEEET, WILLIAMSBURG? AN 1 slagant brick store, 80 fiat deep, a* dry *o?d* or tea ! Wll*au,??nr(i * !***? tmiaaaa Inquire iat Uraad at , T?#LIS IN 7'LLIAHbBURO TO DM ALL GENTEEL ,k*1 of a raw of a aw elevant brink oot ilJS k ? .7 SI75 per amma. Also beautiful ?u its of room JJV* ki^otfn ?nd all tue modern Improvement*. Ktct t<M)per annuia A so tha same, $150 par annum. 10 mil. u too walk from the ferry, stage* paae th? d.or Aa these bouses are new and eoatly nose bat peraon* highly rupoot able need apply. Inquire 45* Grand at.. WUliaaubnrjt. TO LET III BOKOKlN ? OMI NEW TURF.E STORY and basement trick bouse. ta Waabinatou atrvot lira minute*' walk Oom tbe forr>; foar years Uatu. Rant ktfU per year. Inquire at Ml Bioadway, room No 7, up stius. TO IET AT BI.OOMTNGDALE-A MEAT COTTAGE containing eight rooms and ua.eraeut, with st>ble' card* n, orchard, and a' out tan aoioa of ground; rant J.vvi' lflwmirgdaie states pass Boar every ba.r h?ur; roae?a,.,? tirrf of liar Api'lj bet wren 10 and 12 o'clock, to 8 11 Ht'lCUlNCS, St John street. TO LET AT PORT RirtlMONT. STATEV ISLAND-A now modern built house, containing nine ro>m?, Ac., ai d lour lou of i round, eieh :S?100 feat, with good r. all of water, Ao ; ahout Are ?inut??' walk from tha ftrry. on the rlai k road. Apal* to T UKORKIC GEO 3H>)?. 'l'lia ho v a leave Whitehall, Port Hlchmi.uJ, near tba terry, at 10, l'Ji'i *'??. ard (iV; o'clock THE SEPOND ANT) TIIIR*) ITOOES OF A NE*V three atorj house. with all tbo modern improvements, will be rented low ti a (mail familt Can be seen at my time. No. 17 Forty lint street, between Broadway and EiYth avenue. TO LET OR FOR SA1.E? WILI.IAM STREET.? THE Are story titore M) William street; alao, the first floor and l a. rment fi7 William atreit, Bear 1'ina. Apt'* to S. B. SCUlF.rit.LIN, ITU WUHata street. TO LET OR FOR SALE? SEVERAL LARGE STORES and otters in tbe nrw Concert Hall building. In Stain lord. Coin., well flntabed, uud calculated for a milll..or, harness uviker, tai! r, crany ether buainese. Alio a cot tage, near the ?ame Apply t? Panda fcteljr, Stamford Conn . or Iheodora Moultoa. i?S Cherry etreet. New Vork. TO LET OF FtiH ^ALE-A OOOO BRICK BUILT licuie. in 8i**li itrect, lUorrUania ? three atorr; thirtrea ruo|na. Kent $l>SO. Una a K'rdi n and a good well of water. About five minute*' walk t? tbe depot. Inmiir^ of W. l'KU KIFB, Tilth atreet, llorriaania. TO LET OR FOR SALE IN BROOKfiVN? THE FIRST claa> throe etory brick koncc hi,;b t.a.exeit, 'Mti U>iai ? trret. *lth furnsre, (tin throuxhout the bo me, lath. Ii it and cold water, will be let <*r aold at a low price. Apply to JAS. U. .SCR111NKK, 2a0 Dean atreet, Brooklju. TO LET OR FUR SALE AT FOROHAW? A COTTAOF. at d pa,dnn, with all kind* ot fruit*; alao, a l*r<e atone bullae; t be whole or part to let to a smnll rentcel family fart of tl-e rert wi'l be taken t nt in board, if a*r<8able' Inquire on the premiaea, at tbe depot, or at 70 1'riakl n at' TO LET CR LEASE ? A STOKE CORNER OF CANAL ? treet and llroadway, admirably (Hunted for any bun nem that require* publioity. Inquire at 11H Broadway. TO I.ET OR LEASE? STORE NO. lOti TEVTII AVE ntie, *uit..ble for a grocery or anv- ntheabuiiineta. Fli turea in the ttore. Apply to 1) FORBES, ?I1 Ninth ave. TO IET. LEASE OR FOR SALE? A OOTTAOK ON ecntb ai!e of Eijrhty.alxth atreet, Yorkvllle, 25) fe.'t enat of Third avenue, ten roomi and two oollara; to a n~od teaant rent moderate Apily to Col. HART, YorkviHe. TO LET OR LEASE? THE FIRST LOFT OF NO. 26 Beekmaa atreet, extvndiua tbrouitU 185 (ect to Sprnoa atreet. >iaa tli.i entrance and hoiKtway on both stre?t.<, and i* fitted up with k?*. water. 4c., ccmplota. Poaaoaaion lit or May. Apply to JAKK3 PRICE, 2U0 Uudaou atreet. TO LET OR LEApE -THREE LOFTS, CORNER OF Morris and Cr<enwich atrcuti, well lighted , and wall culonla'ed for at'raae, SUafiO. Alao. the atore in Morrii atieet, twenty five feet aqnare; will be rented low. Apply to JOHN 1, 1.1/ YD, 1ft Nassau itreot, eorncr of fine, over llank of Commouwvalth. TO LET OR LEASE? COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT PORT H aabingtcn, on tbe Iludeon rirer ten miles from Wall street, convmient to depot, ooDtmamllni a fine view of the liver to Sti-ten Inland Home COxl.'i feet, new, firat claa<, with all mot e?n improvementi, uuli aup?lied with water la laundry, kitoLen, butler's pantry, bathroom ana bedroom*. The place contains about two aero*, has l.a'h houao, fine shade trees, Ac. Rent $1,(00. Adcress bos 1,1S0 Post Office. mo LET OR LEASE? TUE LARGE STORE 279 i Washington street, between Chambers and Warren street*. Inquire of WILLIAM iORSVTll, 177 Franklin at. TO LEASE-THE DESIRABLE STORE 26 BRBKMAN street, with basement, snb-oellar and fireproof vaults, rery suitable for wholeaale harlwate, paper, or othor buai naas? poasetsiAn 1st of May. Also, tbe throe upper 1 > ft a , lisht and oommcdions? possession Immediate. Also, at it areatly reduced rent, the fine store 10 Spruoe street, with basement, vaults, Ae.? possession immediate. Both these ?tores are in Rord business locations, not far from tha t'ttv Hall and Post Offlcc. Apply to JAMES PRICE, ftJO Hurt son street, or E. W. CAN DEE, No. S Wall streot. TO LEASE? A COUNTRY SEAT AT PEI.HAM, WKST cheater county, containing 51 acres ?t lan 1, betvutltnllv located, on the Sound. Rent low. Apply to ADAMS 1 LUCK EY, 7ft Nassau street. TO IEASE? TnF, BRI?;K BUILDING ON THE NORTH westeoiner of Eleventh arenuo and Thirt7 third stroot, formerly occupied by II R. Dunham A Co. Toe b'llldinz is 60 by 7ft feet, three stories tinh. very substantially built. Any desirable qnantitvof ground may be had with it. For particulars inquire ol WM. DROWNING, 211 Wmt Thirty uurth atreet. TO I EASE-TOR A TERM OF THREF, OR FIVE YEARS, the extensive premise* 45 and 47 iiowery, opposite tha tlca're, contiating ot twa twenty foet lots, with bouses, on the Bowor; . and a piece or pound, nearly one hundred teet square, in tbe rear a carnagc en' ranee from Chtytie street, wit b a stable, may be bad ir di sired. Apply to N. C. EVE RE1 T, 117 White etreet, from 4 ?o 6 o'clook P. M. r LEASE? A FOUR STORY AND BASEMEN . house, in th? oentral part of the city, one door front Broadway , w ith part or whole of the furniture for sale on easy terms; location unsurpassed for a boarding or loJrin^ house, bavinx from eighteen to twent* rooms. ? B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway TO LIASI? FOR ONI OS MORE YEARS. A VERY convenient house, located west of Broadway, below Broome street, containing from 10 to 12 rooms, hot and eold water hatha, ran^o, Ac ; everything in nioe ordor. Pos session on the 1st of May. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway, TO LEASE ? TEN TEARS LEASE OF SIX LOTS, ON east side of Ilrcadway, between Thirty. eighth aul Thir ty ninth streets, separately or together, on taromblc terms. Apply to ROSWEI.L G. PIERCE, Pine street, corner of Broadway, under Metropolitan Bank. TO RENT-AT CARM ANSVII.LE, ON WASHINGTON heights, abost ten minutes' walk from the railroad de pet, abeuae and about one acre of oieel'.ent garden ground; ike house contains 14 room-, conch house and stable Price SC50. Inquire of R. G. PIERCE, Pine st-eet, corner of Broadway. O RENT-A HANDSOME AND COMMODIOUS COT _ tage, in the mod pleasant part of Astoria. It is new, has lour rooms on the principal floor, and eight bedrooms, With dinirg rooms ana modirn convenience*. Rent low, Apply at EDWIN MILL'S store, steamboat landing, Asto tla ; or Ebentier Steven' Sons, 19ft Water street. TO RENT-IN BROOKLYN, THREE FOURTHS OF A mile from the City Ilall, near 1 ulton avenue railroad, a thr'fst. ry house, with good convenienoe*. in an excellent reighborhood; rent f 125 Apply to ROSWELL G P1ERJE, l'ine eirect, corner Broadway. T TO RENT? THE FIRST CI.ASS FOCR STORY ENO litb basement hou?e, on tb? north east corner of i tmlflh street tad Secon '? ev nne, with every oonvenienoe; : rent tWU. Apply to KOSWKI.l. Q. 1'IEH E, Piue itrut, f corner of Bruudnay. TO RENT? IN TBI YILLAOE OF MOURISAN1A, RE tween First and Second streets. and betaei n tlie Mor I lisania and Melrose etations, Ilarlcm railroad, a la: go and ! nearl) new dwelling homo, containing sixteen rooms, liable, hen house, Ao., and 19 city lots of land, all In good order. ; Rent $3M>. Apply to A. F1NDLAY, II Spring Btrejt. TO RKN1, POSSESSION IMMKOIATEI.Y-P.ART OF A genteel bou>e, six rooms, In WUlonghby areano, fomrtb tonne loutb i f Kyer?on striet. Brooklya. Will be rented low to a tmall genteel family. Apply on th? premine*, orto l'E? DHKI.1-. k SIMONSGft, 10 Front street, Brooklyn. TO RENT, Fl RNIEHED? A LARGF, DOUBLE HOUSE and tbr# ? to ten acre* o'ehoioe land, attuate on thobny, near Hamilton, on high and beautiful ground, with ex'tn five Tie? ? of the lower bay, the city of New York, St* ten Island. Ac , Ac. Possession ni or ce. A only to HOMKR MORGAN, 3 Plut- itreet, Metropolitan Hank Building. TO RENT CHEAP, IN HOBOKEN ? TflK LOWER part of bouse ho. 190 Waehiogton street, ooasietia* of kitehon, dining room, two parlor* and aleeplng aptrtmen*#, with all the modern improvement*. The h<u?e i< in a lino neighborhood eigi.t minutea' walk from the lerry. Inquire on the i reroiae*. TO LAWYERS.-Tn LET FROM TIIE FIRST OF MAY neat, ono ol a anite of neatly furnished offices o;i tha ee j cond Itoor of a builuing oa Wall street, with the privilege i of ? good library. Address Box 3,916 1'oit Office. TO PHYSICIANS? A FIM BASEMENT ROOM TO let, for an efflce, desirably located. Also, a salt of I 100ns, Willi beard. Apply at Ao. 6 University place. T'O AM ATFl'R CLUBS ANB OTHERS.-TO I.ET, lit the week or month, three larga rooms for meeting*; will I e let singly or together; the room* are eligibly sit-jated, fitted with ga*. Ac For term* apply to JOH(4 U. HIL 1.1 kK, '<SI Ilen?ton street. TWO PAEI.ORSON TUE FIRST FLOOR OF 43 GRKA1 Jones street to let, furnished. without bnnrd. to one i or two gentlemen; treakfast if required. The house haa ail ! | the modern improvements. WORKSHOPS TO LET-AT A I.f W MINT, IN TUF. tew five story rear bulldiog 02 White street, only tlireo dtcrs wen of broad way. Beat oi light front and roar. Good location for mannfaetnrlng Jeweler*, ?iiver?roith?, carvers, . ild*r*. printer*. piano maker*, or anv light menulactnriu/ busiaeir. Apply to J. I.. PLIMPTON, In front store XirtiHKSHOPS AND OFFICES TO LET-IN THR TV most convenient and public thoroughfare I n the cit> ; to so?4 tensnt*. will be let reasonable Apply to J. PRINTiCE, Me. 1 Chanhare stxaet. porenra icSiipif. Dancing academies.? m'lle Caroline ye ?ien't dancing acaleay, 21 Howard street, la now Optra for the instruction of ladioe and gentlemen in the most fash lor able lapses ef the Any. Seboal fbr peacttod arery even ing. (.raid danoinA asirees every Satarday night, from 8 te II o'clock. MHIPPINU. I VOt NORFOLE. PETEEFBUBO AND RICHMOND.? r Tie United Statee mail steamship JAMESTOWN, L. : 1'arrUh. eemirander, will leava pint 13 North rivenr on Satnrdny, Aprtl JS, atdo'oloeh P. M ; will arrive at Nor/o'k the next aftesaeen, and Petersburg end R'ehmond the ioi lowing airrnlvg From Norfolk, paws en ye re for tha tWo*h crocked by railroad direct, with throne* tickets from W?1 lot to Wllmingtm. Charl eaten, 4a Ftnui and fare ?? INevtott V , tn Petersburg and Rlehmond. ?HI; ttoerage half ptloe. Thron.h tl?k*t? to Lynehhnm, ?U Apply te LOB I. AM A PLEASANTS. U Sreadway. Mo IhlgU Ukaa fer PeUtsbnrg. TyOR RICHMOND AND NORFOLK ?THR JP ahlj JAMESTOWN, Capt fairish ? u VS J?ii> ^ i pier No. IJ, North River, for FNahmoad and Norfolk, and i Will leave -VSatrr^teraa^aM UwaiwA/. ?Bmna. L'OR 1.1 VBRPOOl -UNITED STAI^S MmTrrSAII Z" .I J *? ooam ia^?r- Tumi t'-n ?>>>!*> Siii. ^ Unii?4 biam !U4iU tar UurtM, pvm b.ri(f nJT'f *?' '? " u ? ?lo?k u . SeaTwc ?** . ?* lh* r"?? ' ???! UrMl War freight k ? i irpr * - 'U>aode'4oa far hImhci ?4 iff* ???*'* EUt?AKt? K. COLLI vs. 8* Wall FuHlimin '?qneeted to hs ea board it WW t'dNk, L1L The steamship ATLANTIC will saeeeed tha Peeiie ui saB May It Bb pip per a pie.- UU rttm that tU ????' ?? hit cu>?l cimj ut (? .<i ?. tlrikta^ ?( *k All UIMH must I>a?e through ths rod trihoe Mi i. there will be n turned. Th5 TOtt !?D VIT,Rro?L mnnoiTAfll Mail SlMBin Th? ship. soaposiag uOiliMmtfel following.? ATLANTIC. Cart. Wm. BALTIC, Capt. CtuMfc pacific. Cap*. Ny*. aubiatic, cap* . TIism ships have bee* boilt by cob tract. erncisnt aerrioc My cry ear* has baea tskea_ia their ?? struotioa. as also la their npau. to ensure aireagah ant .peed. and their ??.? ?nin.odaUoua for (Uka?tn an ummI lot] for elegance and somfert. I'riee ol aaesa** from Man York to Liverpool, la Ira* class oabin, I 130: ia eeooad 4a. f75; "telumt n? of extra alia staterooms, ?XK. from Liar ?rtx'ul to Nat Vork JO aad JO guineas An sipeheaeod ear IMD attached to aaob ahip Na berth seeared aaUl paM f?r. rioroito dat sea orMiui*. r?u ? near ion. arauaa urnrML. Wednesday Marcli 01 ....ItiW Saturday, March A UM Htlui-sdsy, April 4 ....IhUS Saturday. Marsh 17 IM A|inl NI..,.lwS Saturday, Maroh 51. . ?..1H Wednesus) May T...lrtt> Saturday, April U Iff WH.wlai.Mu; 16 ..1MB Saturday. April S M I Wednesday Ua; J0....InS4 Saturday. May ? 3? * or freight or pfc*?afre ii'.ly to K''WnU iL COLLINS, ^o '? Wall .treat, New Tacfc. HKtiWN SHII'I.F.y k CO , Liverpool kTKI'lil.N KENNARh 1 CO.,27 AmUa TrAtfi LaalM. 11 G. WAIMWRIGUT A CO., l'aris raars, a^ms^m GEOKGB U DMAI'BP, Davre. The o??e/i of these ship* will not ba eceosatabls 'ar roM, iflYcr, bQilioB. Jewilij, preciou* nVouw* or m*Ml4 unless tiilli of lading ara atgni.' iharctor, aad Uia vale* thereof therein e? pressed Shippers please take nottoe that t)it> ships of tlals Ua* na 1 aot oarrp any gaodg contraband ot aar. TDK VAKF KRDILT EUROPEAN LINE OT STRAM ship*.? I he II rat claaS new steamship AKlKI., | tons, Lufevre. Master will Isave Now Vork. from pier M loitli river. root ol Cbambera timet, at aooa precisely. aa 1 Saturday. May IV. for llavra diriot. F'xat ola*? i.a?aa(a MM Etcoud " " .... M , Tlia Ariel will be foll??cd by tba North Star, Juaa tf. Ibe c?n< r ot tliaav vaaaala will not ba aooo?atabla far Hold, ail?tr. bullion, apaoie, jawalry, preoioua atoaaa or as tal?, iinlraa bills of Udin< are siiuud tharafar, and tha raise tliortof tbeioin saprKaaad. ?p?riaand *ooda taken at unal rates. No frripbt rsoolred attar noon ot ths day balers talbtac. N'o berth aeoured nstil paid fsr. I.rtlrra prepail, I?Ho. psr>i ot , will ba reosirsd at tbs offics up tu II A. H. ol ths day of sail lax, aad will bs saistsC iuslrotK India rubber ka?a uadar look, and. ?a arrivals* Uarro, will ba immadiataly dspoaitsd la tbs <*oat Mat thera. l'axo/tla takca, oath prapaid, oas dollar Aad WUldia I w urn PATKI OF CAILI1V*. r>OM it k w tuns from iatbi. Ariel May 19. forth Star May V. North Sttr.. , ...Jans 9. Arisl J ua* A. Ariel Jnns SU North Star JsaaM. North ? tar JulrjI. Ailsl JulyJL Ariel Auiiuat II. North Star AnfuatH. Nurtb Star Srplrmbtr 1. Ariel Ssptsabsr 1. Ariel Sepli-ml.'r 21. North Htar. .. .Ssptseahsr & North Star October IS. Arisl Ootsbsr ML Aria; 3. North Star November A Ariel NarsatsrB Thcas stsansbipi ar? alasaad A 1 at tba laau<aaoe offtsa^ snd specie and anode wilt ba inaurad ia than at aa low ratal of premium as in any other ateainahips that orsts ths Maaa. Tor freight or psnaare, ?pply to 1). IOKRaNCL, No. S Dowling Gresa, New Tack. 8CMNKK, MONTANT A bRAPKR, & Rus N. O. das Tit toir. a. Paris N. CHRTSTIE, 27 Qua! Casimlr Dalari^M. Havre. .0 THE LIVERPOOL AND PaiLADKLPHIA 3TEAM.W Company intend sailiax their favorite steamships ? C1TV Ut M ANCliESTkR J,l.'4 tons, Capt. WyUs. CI IV OF llALTlltxllE, (new.) 2,6.'? tona, Cap*. -> Cll'Y OP W AS DIN O TON, do. *,7U0 tona, Capt. R. LstfcSh. Saloon (90, $?.'> and $M, acootding to atats room. A limited nnmher of third class passengsrs will bs tafcs^ from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and luund in provisioca. From rhvadelphia $3u | From Liverpool .M Paitlra wishing to bring out tholr friands saa obtain ssrtt fl' ales of psrsags and drafts on I.iTorpool, In sums ?f 41 atorl ng aud upwards. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, A??^ 17 Maluut street, Philadslphia, aad No. 7 Bread wayTxiSW York. L'OK LIVERPOOL ? BLACK STAR I.INE? THE PACKET r sh'p LUCY THOMPSON, Capt. Psndlstoa, will saU sa Saturday, April tti, btr regular day. Sho has vsry supariar acoomniodatlona for a lew more cai in pasaengera; also, for m limited number of eecoud oabin and steerage passenger* who will be famished with provisions by the ship. Price or naa ssk* in tbs second eabia, $)M: ateera^e, Sid. Apply oa bearL Pier U. K R , or to SAML. TDOMP&oirS NEPHEW, A l'esrl street. FOR L1VKRFOOL.? BLACK BALL LINK Or PACK eta. Ihe apleiaid slipper ship NEPTUNE, Captkia 1'cihody, e> ill poaitively sail on Tueailay, the 1st of May. lor aeoonil cabin and atserais paa-agn apply oa board, faot of Beckman ?trest, or to JACOB WILSON, 106 Soath street. FOR SOOTH AM PTON AND HATEE.? THE V. E. mail stcamahip ST. LOUIS, J. A. Wottoa, rnniifwi will lsavs for Havre, toaohing at Southamptoa to land the mails and passengers, on Saturday, May Sth, at U e'elsek, from pisr No. 57 North rivsr, foot of Beasb street. Prise ef paoaags, first caliia. S130; aseoad eabin, f75. Luggage aattt wanted daring ths voyags, should bs seat oa hoard the da* before sailin/, marked "oa" ? " * ' " ' " ' af*ar Thun The now the St. Louie, and tall June 2d MORTIMER L1YINQ8T0N. Agent, 53 Broadway. a7 OR SAN JUAN DE NICARAGUA ?THE FA70RITI I1 first elaas ateamahlp UNITED STATES will sail be the above port at 12 o'elook sn Monday, 7tk day ef Maw next. For freight or paaaaie apply to WAL'iER R JONES, 90 Wall street, a* PKDRAJAS k CO., Ne. A William sttee*. wher* plana ol tha aoeommodationa may he sesa. K EDUCTION OF FARES TO SUIT THE TIMES. -MS* i York and California steamship lias, via Nicaragm. Accrasory Traaait Company, ol Nioaragua, Proprieteaa? ?J hrough In advsncs of the mail? ?W mllsa shorter Waa aav other route, avoiding the deadly Panama favor and two mil? of dangerous boating in Panama Bay. The splsadid do ah ha engine steamship NORTHERN LIGHT, 2.WJ tons tardea. Captain Tinklspaugh, will lsavs from Plsr No. 3 Nsrth river, at throe o'olosk P. M., precisely, for Punta Arsaaa, on Friday, April V, 1S&S, oonneetlng with ths stsamsMp SIKRRA NEVADA, 2.000 tons burdsa over ths Nioaragaa Transit route, having bnt twelve miles of land traasaatli tloa by Drat class carriages. Several new aad swift iraa at earn boats have lately besa pat oa ths rivsr aad lake, wlilch shorten the tims on the transit from oosaa to eosaa. Theee steamers are nnsurpassedia their vsatilatiea aad aa con modatibLB For information or paaaage, at ths redaeed rates, apply only to CDAELES MoBGAN, Agent, Ne. I Bowling Green. Letter bara made up at ths oflee. Na aa ? tamped lettrra reoeived. Commsneing oa the MHh of Mar. ti e davs of leaviag Now York will ba changed t* the Mb aaa ttth of each month. lins, marked ''bslow." No freight will be takaa raday, May 3d. For frsight or passage apply te r eteainahip ARAGO, Capt. D. I.iaos, will suoesed UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, via A pinwall tad Panama. ? Callforniana Mr* informal that tl ? l'utnit rallioad ii completed and tba tranail *< lb* Isthmus will be made by railroad, from ooean to ooeaa. No more mala travel? no river hosting. On Saturday, May A. at two o'olook, P. M , from bi?r at foot of Warrea str?*t. North lir*r, will be despatoticd tbo fleet ateamehip GKOROE LAW, Captain O. V. Fox, U. S. N., to connect at Paaaaa with th* saw and superior steamship Golden Age. Captaia J. T. Watkins. A apara boat alwayi kept at Panama la frevant detention, In caaa of accident. No freight received afttr 1 o'clock on tbe (tiling day. For passage apply at tfea Company's oftce, 177 Wo at atreal, to J. W /RAYMOND. Reduction of fares to suit the times ? new York aid Calflornia (teamshin Una, via Nicaragua. Acceemry Tranalt Company, of Nicaragua, I*ropriet*r*? Ihroueh in advance of tbe mail ? 70 1 mil** abortar than any othi r route, avoiding tha doadly Panama fever and two mllea of dangorons boating in Panama Bay. The splendid doable engine steamrbip Si AR OF THE WEST, 2.1W tona bnrd*a. Captain Turner, *111 leave from Pier No. a North river, at thren o'clock P. M., precisely, for Punta Areaaa. on Hat or - day, Miy 12, 1*65, connecting with the eteanehip Cortaa, J.wiO tona bnrden, over tbe Ntearagna Tranalt raaia, having bnt twelve mtlea ol Innd transportation by first claaa oar riarea. For information or pataage, at tha redooed rata*, apt ly only to t HARLES MORGAN, Agent No. 2 Bowline Green. I.etter baga made np at the office. No anatampefl letters reoeivod CommenctBg on the 30th of May, the day* of ioavlag New Terk will be changed to the Mh and JUth o( each month. * C I.I Pi ?R SHIP 001. DEN EAQI.E. FABENS, MA8 Ur, it now loading at pier No. 1U Eaat river, aad wM> p'ritlvel) sail t?r Man Franeleeo oa oa before Txtaaday, 8*h of May. All freight should be na board before Tuesday, M?yV SUTTON A CO., ?4 Wall ?tr**t. Australia-pioneer line.? carrtinq the United States mail. ? Tbe celebrated A 1 clipper ahta OCEAN bTEF.l), lving at pier No. 8 East rivar, for Mal botimo, will be des|*thed oa tbe 2Hth iaat , on bar aecoad voyag*, having made bar laat in eighty niaa days. Intending ahippcra and passenger* witl apply aft once, aa the hat now three fe?rth* cr h*r cargo ra b*ar4 arid only a few seoond cabin beitba unsold. Tha mag nificent cllppor ship Nightingale will saceeed tha Oo**a Steed, snd sail about June 1 on her aroond voyage, haviag made her last in tLe unprecedented time of To day*. Far ? rcighi or paasage apply oa hoard, or to X. W. CAMERON. No. 6 Bowling Graaa and 116 Wall struct. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY? l or Havana and New Orleans.? On Wednesday, May A ? t 2 o'clock, P. M , from pier foot of Warre* street. N*rtk rU..r by the well known aad favont* steamship RMPIRM I IT Y, Captain H. Windle. Paasage caa be aornrsi at tha Companv'a oftioe. FreUht to Naw Orleans. SO oenta par caMe foot Shipp ra wUl be supplied with blank Mill at lading of the form* signed by the Compaay, ?? applioatiaa at i heir o? ot. N* other forms sitned, aad M biUi af lading will le hi<ned after the hour of sailing. For freight or paa i.-ce apply at tha offlee of tha Company, 177 West itrMt, orncr of Warren. V. O. ROBE RTS. VIW YORR AND NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP Xl Company.? For New Orleans, atnpplag at Havaa^ carry i*g the V ailed Statee mail.? Tbe steamship BLAOK VAKKlf'R J. D. Bill lock, oommander, will ooms**n*? ra e#i?i?g freight oa Saturday, Ma; ft. aad sail for tha afcave porta on Wedneiday. May V, at IS o clock. tram pi*r IT, faat cf Robioscn Mreet. North river. Freight forth* interiac and tor Mobil* consigned to our agaata la New Orlaaaa. J a ui*i Connoly A Co., will be forward*d frae of aoainissiaaa. Pasei agora far Havana muat procure paasp rta b*fec* Kavlig port. Bill* ol lading mast be wa* la f*r aitniag tk* evening rrevlont to the ahlp sailing. For <V*lght or pa* as: * apply to LIVINGSTON, CROCHKRON A CO , Ageata, SI Broadwar. N . B ? Tb* Cahawba, R. W. Shnfeldt, **?? maader, will *ue*e*d the Black Warrior, and aail aa Friday, 3?; POR SAVANNAH- rARE REDUCED? TIIE 0N??? T States mail ateansiiip. REYSTONB STAT*, Ca^. R. IIhii'I' ?, will 'cave Philadelphia for Savaanah, oa Wtimm day. May 2, at 10 o'elork A. M. Tar*. W;?t< ****?. Hiyitm* State * ill leave aa abo?*. lr#?a<je<ay. Ag. nta la New York, SCRANTON * TAl.UtAS. 19 OU alTp. wliert atatrroom* may be eecared. B'OR SAVANNAH AND FLOR I P.4 Mall Ida*. -Tbe a*w and *Ie?aat ??--a?l? h * OXVlbUE I Cart. C. D. LadUw, will leave ?*?r York . ft^araauara. ?*?. s&tisMa r*T Florida threogb tlelet _ __ s Waal : vflie ; t* Pilatka.JM^ ?4 R I hall, will *uc**ad, aad l*av* *a waaa? ay, may a ! "jjjoiT r H A KLF.gTON ANj?,rLOOT^^ irMRLT : t'^A'tg'ADOER^ ? 0 TtSJ -2JSS? ' tiiJL ail* b/lla*l laSa^w$i b* ilpM, Mi^tiffsiia, at ?, *?'? "f BP****'"*; tILMfOli mil Smdvyv 5 i rooiii tlekit to FlorWa a* foUowa ? T* Jaakaoavilla, M| 1 in PllatV*, m Ike MARIOM will (?e**ad aad ImnM w rd**sdsy, May X For cnAiijsTOM, s. c-thr sidr fim rteamaMp QCARXR CITY, J. H. U*4don. C**imaader, | will ">v* Philadelphia for Charleatoa, on Saturday, Ma* 5, at 10 A M. Catla paaiage, ?20 vte?ra(? <*..?? Fo* I ftsljbt rr paaaar*. apr>lv TT(RON % MARTTH, *orth wkMvaa, t'UuAilfU*.

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