Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1855 Page 1
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TTTE EVENING gTAR PUBUSHED EVEICTT AFTERNOON, CEIOOTT SUNDAY.) AI (ItB Star eornte Pmntylvamia av*n "s mrtH Eleventh sirest, Br W. ?. WALLACE, IM ha ?arr**d to wbaerilera tn the clu?e of WmL iBgtrm. Georgetown, Alacandria, Baltimore ul FhBaddphla, at BIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, ^v/xMe weeldy to the Acnnra. To mail sahacrihej* fee Mtaerfption price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in mktmm, TWO DOL i-igj for SIX MONTHS, and ONH DOLLAR tat THBffl MONTHS. Qp-OMou ooiui on ffWniSfiTON 8T0VK thRlFACTi'SY, 1L & earner of Pa. oe. amd fJ?emiM ttrsM, Sola Agency for CHILSON, GOL'LD fc CO.?0 Warming and Ventilating Apparatus M TOND k CO.'3 (of Boston) Union Double-Oven Cooking finnge, J. L. MOTTO (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. OmManilyw hand, and M*'?int LATROBE ?TO YES. for heating two Btoriet-; Parlor and Cham her GRAtRS, EnnuiO ed and Japann*d Cooking, Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room S ? OVBw; nam, TimmkI and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WARR Bloek Tin, Planwiiedaod .fanned WARE -%l great vanete. All of whi-h will br w Id at Ox loweot pnaeihle <M will ?wjnr* tuvoraMy with any E?tab Rafin-ni *cmh ?f New York. An .Mr.? of my sioek isearnewilv polkited anl?X' /<%8 SlfRVIMJ. Dk^TISTRY. KB. DONALDSON. >nt?t, late of the Ann ol ? Han'. * Donaldson, manufacture and iaeert those b porcelain teeth, with or without gi Mu,,? ? * *" tor specimens of which (made and do- . * . poeiied by the late firm) was award^l ,c [. premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, n ""? ^ held in this city . Thea* teeth are canrnd and Bhad?"1 to suit ea? particular rase, and their rnermblanee to the natu ml organs is so perfect a? to deceive the uiost prac Ueed eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre ?erring the nuurnl teeth. Charge moderate and all operations warrant^!. Offlee south weet corner Seventh and I) ?'s.?en twice on D. mar SI?flat DENTISTRY. ?TAR. MUNSON re?p*ctful'y calls public attention | / to hi- new patrnt, and GREATLY IMPROVED method of sett in* Artificial! Teeth, wnh Continuous Cum ? the ?cry rBRPECTION OF THE ART. This style ofTeeih has the following Mv^ntaae* oerr all other*, viz: GRBAT STRENGTH, CLEANL'NHSS. COM PORT,and BEAUTY, vieins with N*?ur?? in tnese renpects, and in errne others rxwHin^. I*ublic in spection U respectfully solicited. Please call and ?e* specimen*. CAUTION.?No ntVr Dertift In th? District of Columbia has 9 right to make this style of Teeth. N. B?Teeth constitutionally heai'hy, p!u3;ed ?n't warranted for life. Office and house at No. 58? 8 P. afreet, n?er the turner of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street. ?p94-tf TO THE LADIES. MISSS J. THOMPSON Hkttfiu nisr pr? p.irt-l t ? k5? >w fiir lar-c| l^DPand well seh-rtt d stock >f Mi'Mneryl which she htis jus? o^en*-d, of the la leetstyles which wc ?.re ?eilin* st ihe lowest price-', and we cordially invite th?s latfies to call early and bav? the first lielections. We would also r?-sp-etru!ly cell their ancotion to f*r large and hand hir<> -ome stock of Paaey Goo Perfumery, Gk?vei?. Hosiery, which wc can sell at lo^ juc-s. HUTCHINSON A MUNKO, Ho. 310 Pennsjr?T.ut?? avr-nue. Pint door w?jct of Walter Hai.n r it Co.'s. m~v 5?? MRS. L. ALLEN, .Ts. 3#9 P'i- erSftwe, Lci'rem Ifin ktfM ? on.1 Te*.tU %treet*. touth tuf?, Will op?n on SnUtrday, 7th iwunt, a {(** extensire ar.d beautiful aiHoitrient of Ppritta MILLIMERY, eono^tiog of Crape. Hilk, Lnce, Spotted Crape and Gra^s Linen HATS, incl'itf*ng Straws of every de-'.-.-iptwa. Aiao, Misses' Dr-ss HstM and Fiab, kc. L. ALLEN. HI 4? NEW 2IILLINIKY. TLCI^S THOMPSON h? jus' rtccivd anotlor invoice of lie s*; fa.,k,oi abie Oape a:id< Wifc HATS, ficm N-w Y<irk. Those ladiesj who railed to ?upp!y t.if-nwrlves at our la.-t ?peaitigan; now kff-rej aiiether op;H?rtuaity, and wool ! 4"? well to call early and have the first sele? ttnns, as we are seilia^ them off rapidly. Orders aoiiciusl and pmnipdy executH. HUTCHINSON * MU9RO, 310 P^nnsytvania av? imtt. ap li?>f9w (Intel eoSt) riT 4, 5, 6, 7Ts 9. oT Fl LAL AKKH, corner ot Tenth and C nts , who * is a practical manufacturer in luetMl, has an ,./? ?l.i?_. wi-uapsa.r ortinent <<f S:lvei plated NC.MBE8S of vtr.ou? patterns He will make nntubers for house*, hotel* pews ui ChurcLs, aud for hacks, to fiut all, Aud is confid'-nt ht U>e iow pnee they n iil 1^ niad?s it will suit the purchaser. ap 16?1 tit ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. A LL my old fnrudt. I'ot whom 1 obtained I>o?nty f\. Land is le?s quai.tities thun 100 acres are hereby inform**! that Utsir names and a memoran dum of tbeir tiaie u on luy Be jk, so thai tbeir de ?Saratior s for additional Bounty L .ud can be made with facility. M*i>y of tho^e who failed to obtain land for want of time, are entitled to 1G0 ?crca and ?aa obu ji tiic *jms by callitig on me. S?an.ea, O.-Jinary Seamen, lar.^cs. Clerks, Landamen, (cf the Navy) Wajoi M uUns, T? .in> ere. j, lie., k.r., in a:.y war, r. ill find it io their a*l vnnuge to call or send their e*s< s to uie Ad /toe jraus to thoee s ldici#, sc<unca w4 ?ui who ire unable to pay. 1 Brfer u> auy hono?t m= i in Wa^ife^on. JOHN D. CLAUE, Ajoti!, No. 5 ?7 Twelfth bUeot wui sp??lai* ICE. TW. KIDWKLL guar .nteeit full supply of | ? ice to his curtuiner- in Waahiu^taii or Gcot^e 4vwn, 1or the wiiol ? year, Ht tair prices. Orders can be left at the following places or ecut through tl>e Post OiEce. H. II. McPhenoa, Dru^iit, Capitol Hill Kidweil fe Laurtaca, corner of Pa. avjuae ami 14.h streets Mr MePbersoo. Grocer,7ih Unet * P. Ki>iwell, Sumh's Lumber < if&c;. 6t >L Joseph Moore, Diuggi>t, Pa aveuus, First Ward Ice can be hai at my Hcc. No 3 First street. Ororgetown, at all tinier. Pauiilic# will be supplied |nr the wfaoic year at fair prices. up 91? lm UAIR WORK] O^UNAMLN'TS of llsir, puch a, Hraoelets, I'kat ' elain^, Chain-, Br< a-tpics, Eu.r:!:y, Finger Riots. i;ude to or ;er, o! ai.j desired uesigu. All orders laithfu'Iy attendel to. ti^ecimeus may be seer, at mv store. il. HEMEiiN, No. 330 Pa. av.. b> tween Udi 20th sLa. Ma/ 3D NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. ~ EMRY p. AC BON 8l SOLOMON STOVEU hnT?-1 . ;dy furme-l a t' tpariiu'-hi:>lor tl? urpo?e of c^rrtuig in the WoLdiiiul CuJ buiinese .;i ail its brat-chef. Our jardi ?re .-;tu..^d on the earner of 2Lt a:id I str?ei>, Washington, and r.n tl:e moal, near Semme^'s p! null, Georgetown At either ol tiie above pia<*e* fn r?o;.? in want of '.Vuou and Coal of tne very be?r qtial.ty.aadoatlsemo t r? aauiiahle uu .n, will ai a>i tim- - find au a*eoruafcut equa-', ii \ not superior, te that in iny yard in lha fhairitt. Atl orders S!!ed with care, prmsptn* ?s and dlj patch. SABRO.V u BTOVEIL Georjetnwn, D. C., Aj?;il lOtls, 1&J5. aprlV-ilrr. * YTIv n nLAtA IILEsni tv?ry width lid iV (jna'ny, from "3 cents up, very ch. ap Pia?d in. pi^in filk?, PmH, white and bl% watered Bilks for Mannil.:9 >7^". P"?k, bl ;e a;..l ..1 ?de eoiM ShalUyt 4Vhite, pink, blue, irreen, corn sad moue c*mrtd r reneh MouiMeline? 4& pt?eM pUm Ilere2. >lc p?fy shade at 23, ve<> 1 henp ?i hile, p; k, blue, ti'-cn, ? rown, an 1 rno?le colored Bere*<rs, in fin? quality 190 r.awn?ai'd Js<-ko<i?u hi every reality Also, a well a<?ort-*d stock of Dommitie liooda All ?' which will be polrf at very low prices, C<iW>*iers srlll do well to five m * call. WM. R RILEY, Comer 8*h si. and i-pp Centre >* ir\eu Biar 31?lm C U P PING AND LK KCIiTnIT] JI'LHJ*. IcnMNKliS ?\I7 OUL1) respectfully inform the |>uhlic that 1?? J V is prepare ? to atleiid to the business cf Cup Tin I arnl l.eechirg at lit* Bart?er ^hop, s-"l'ii side of cinisylv^i'in avenue, between 13th and 1 iX 'is. Call, promptly att nded to iu all pmu of toe city, and at very rm-onabb* charge*. mar 31? QBAT'oBK A Kb -IA IH.-MEIf "irf Aac^m and M'xkn Tnnes, by 1) A llarshn rt?e C'^nty Nutthboffeood, ty M m Dupwy lmhert Qrukaiu by Caioflwe L?a llama ruttVK iaxlok. ? * II t VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY APRIL 28, 1855. NO. 723. ? i - _ . * SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS! JOH* H. BHOOT, Souli tide of Driilft tireet, near High, OBOaSKToWJI, d. c , HAS received and u now efferuig a very general aoortmentol SPRING AND SUMMEQ GOODS. la hia stock will be found a good mr rlmfrt of ot newUyle Light Spring 3ilka Best make Mack do. Beregcs, Grt nadine?, rtaeuee Bik modes and bright col'd Challiea Btrere and Chnlley Drlaiaes, Mou*->elince Real French Chintzes and Brilliant* Orjpndie and Jaconet Lawns Real imported Lawns, fast colore, at 13%o. Real French and Scotch Embroideries, cheap 1'laui striped and plaid bonnet Uibbona Etnb'd and plain Linen Oumhric Handkerchiefs a ereat bargain JacoiiKt, S wi>h, Nainsook, and Plaid Muslins Rich figured and dotted do Bajnu's Kid and Alexander^ Silk Glovee, ail colon Ladies, aaJ Gents' Hosiery, alt kind* Parasols of uvery shade and price Rich English last colors Prints at 12J^ Willi a Sr*t rate assortment of MEN'S AM) BOYS' WEAR. Al<o, Sheeting* and Starting* of the bestmakee In Li sens and Cottons Table Cloths, Damasks, Napkica Towellings, Far nitu'e Chintzes, white Spreads Domestic Goods cenerally. * Having made large purchases from the Philadel phia and New Yark auctions, I am prepared to of '".r gr^at inducements to cud) or prompt customer*. ' a ?? 13-lm J. H. 8MOTT. $20worth Boots 8c Shoes. spring SUPPLY. lt?0If IIALL BOOT, SHO e.Jt*fDTru*fk establishment, Pa. artiffif, bet rtm A'm. aru* Teni\ t'rfit. JUST received and receiving n,y spring as sortment ot' Ladies', Gentlemei'T* Boys .-i^ and Children's BOOTS and SHOES. BiBW FOR LADIES. ? fftJ LaJi,*' colored, b'or.ze and black Gaiti,**i McCurdy's.l 25 to a 00 Do morocco and k;d Slippers and Ties, "0., 62 ^ to 1 00 Do e-irpet and ve!v?-t Slippers for house,do, tBJtf worth 1 00 For a/ut CkiLlrtn. Misses' colored, bronze and bl*ck Gaiter*, 1 00 Do niorVi-o ami kid (also whits) Slippers ft* tlK- May B..M ChlMraa'a w*iit--' kid Sappers Da GkftCi " and Slippers a!.' ?oJota For Genii*men. Gentlemen's Pst^aj Leather colored kl.? ft^d h'acK Congress Gaiters, eome thing new Do Ai and calf Pumps, (Frenchj and walking ?1m*?* Ftr Hops and Yavlkt. Bors' Patent Leather Pump* for the May Balls Do ? 4i!f Shoe* cf ail kinds Youths' ?lo d?? Do Patent Leather Pimps for M ly Balls. The absve stock i^< perhaps the incst de-iinble In the city li om which to niske selection j. it etnbral ce.* every variety, and will be ?oid at the lowest prices. H. P. HOOVER, Iron Hail Etx?t. S' oe and Trunk Est.-ibluhm't. ap 13?e ' BOOTS?, SHOSS AND~>TRUNKS JUST o;> mrd, and now read,- for inspection, at D, K. WA IL'd Eiiot, .v\oe and Trunk Em-j| vriuin, n '.urge, var.ed :t)d well *.-l?!ct? dSM*^ eprir.2 and .u-nmcr stoct of i'?OOT3, SHOES aad TRUN KS, acting which Are? Ladies' morocco. kil and lasting i>aiters Mo its, Clippers, Tirs and Bu. !tni Miss?^' do do Children's Stio^s in cr?at v*ri"tv CMitlemtn'.-v patent leather and caif ?x!n B<iott and ShoeK, Congrtse Gaiters, Puinr-s. Itc. Boys'and yr>' do wi?h ail rhe nrv^t app?.;v?d and faf4i!ovable styl^ of Shoes manufactured, all of which will ?e sold a exceedingly low prices. In addition to Uir above on extensive ae?ortm?.n( of Trunks, Carpet Dug*, V&lisee, and Satchcis, vsry cheap. A call Is solicited from all who ar? hi want ol gTeat bargains, aa 1 am determined to sell as cheer as the chwapesr. D. R. WALL, No. 3* opposite Centre Market, ap i5?oo3w _ i ctwecn 7th and 8th sa? WILLARD' S H 0 T el7 "" Old Point: Comfort, Ta< TI1U Proprietors tax* great pleasure in laf irmff i their many friend^ and tbe public generally tut ? U:is magnificent Suiaiacr Hotel i? now being fiuai up in tlie motot modern and comfortable style for th? cumin* seanoo. The h? ase will be ojiened on the ftrst oj June, with nothing le/\ unprovided tliat muy promote the comfort and hapuinrse of its gaeits. The prapri-tor? also take much pleasure In saying th?t they will be prepared and h ippy to accoiumo dcte Croui tie>r*< o/ lUg aoy who may favur them with a call. B<%rd per day.. cy g? By the week, p?*r day.... 1 50 By ttie mouUi, per day j jjj B.itii? frac lor the guests. ?P C. C. WILLARD A BROS. TAIilC 3<OTICK. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. 1) W. BROWNING, Merchant TaiJor, under I ? the T n:ted htates Hotel, ha.i just received a large supply of Spring tnd Hummer Goods, and l* now prepar?d to offer great barjaiaa to all in want of good and fashionable clothing. His " Eeady ma-Tc Clothing " will he Mid at the following low prices: Whrle miita, Coat, Pantalorma, and Vt^t, of thin cloth or-casviaiere, for %12. Fine Black Frock and Drou* Coals, from $10 to ^1&? Go-^J Bu^inoas Coats for $7. Black and Fai:cy Pants, frnui to ffl. Marseilles *cd Silk VesU, from to 43. lie keeps always on hand a large assortment ol fancy articles, such a* Shiru, Gloves, Cravau, Um brellas, &c. "Sol* Agent for the sale of Scott's Faahions.' mar Id?jj. CUARLQS UA9KIAI, Architect. 'P*~ a+ifuie, Utwten Tenth and ELnerJA UreeU,) WlIHUVTOI, D. C. ILL continue to furnuij plans, detail workin; f f Diawing'*, gnd s|tecB<U4joBii of buildiu^s cs every d'^scnpuou.uau also to rfiparmuiid their 1 rue f*?- f??b 1?,.?? FROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PiiOfPEIU be4< Uave to in (orui his friecds and forme.- patrons that tliia band has Leen fully rs-organized and is now under his direction, ay^l ec is frA'y prepared w th a baud of the most Scientific klusicians in Vi* city, to fur null music for B Uis, Partle*, Parades, Pic Ntec, Ex evisions, b e , nt the shortest notice poseilile by ap plying to PRiiiiEhlCK. PKOSPBR1, Leader,CUA?. 1'BOSPBUI, Conductor; HtLBUS k lil i'li'S Mu sic Depot, or at PiiTRU TALTAVUL'S, o|?posite tlie ?.'urrun^n, Gannon street. Wavy Yard. f?b IB?^m* JOIBPII CAWLKK, OAEINET M1KHR A UNDERTAKER, MaaSTLVAKI*. AVBHCK, Wtween 17^i and X8tli streets, ( Ward.) Old Furr.itare repaired and new ma Ic to order.? Coffins made and Funerals au?ndeJ to at the short cut notice. C"?" A share of patronage is solicited. 31 - eolai T^OTICiG.?I received this i.'ay a new nssort 1^( ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and SI UDS, ol the latest style*. Also, n variety of other new Goods: as Vest Chains, Chntelains, Bracelets, Pine, Earring', Rings, etc. Great inducements offered to purchasers. II. SEXKF.N, Jfe. 330 Pa avenue, bet 9tli and lOtii s??. ATs?r f.tnu put to G< !d Penn at Fhort nmiee. Diamonds rcmnuntod, and Jewelry made to order. rear 8W?tf TKX MT7TUAL FIRK IBSURANC* CJUPA BY 07 TRX IISTBlCr OF COLrMElA, f ^HARTEKETt by offerx to the property VV owners ot the District saf'^r and cheaper mean* erfUtssirunce than anv ether Company. ULYSSES WARli, Presidenu CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHBW C. EfcERY, Treasurer. MeNAorns. Cl^-nees Ward J >hn Van Riswiek Btsfd.-a P. W. Browning ' ""SJkijr.. >'*">?" ?? comer Louisiana avMoe an I 7th street. from 3 to ? u'dock p.m. a A CARD. a ' Economy is tk? raad to wait Great Redaction in the price of Eata & Cap* 11 HE undersigned, havin? made arrangements wilb a New York Hal Company to be con stantly supplied with the very best Moleskin or DRESS HATS, got up in the latest style, offers inem at th? unprecedented low price of $3,51, worth from f"ur to five dollars; second quality, $3, worth from 93 50 to $4 ; and a very good fashion able Hat at $4,50. worth from $3 to $3,50 Also. Be?be A Co's Hats, at u mush less advnnoe than they have been here tot' r? sold in this city. Firit rate beaver Hats $3,5?. All kinds cf s?ft HATS and CAPS v ry low. In order to sell at the above low prices the cash system biu^ be adopted; consequently thoHi who purchase wdl no: be charged from fl'iecu to tweuty five per cent, as an offset for bad <i? bu. ANTHONV, (for many years in the employ of Todd & Co.) No. 3, Columbia place, 7th tf., ap i3 -tf 2?l door north of Penn. avenue. O. A. DA1LKT. M, D. DHWTTIST, IIn removed his cfllce one door we*t of Eleventh street, Pennsylvania avetue, Washington, D. C. ap freno^iib(X)tFmaker! ~~ ACOB WOLFSTEINER, No. 487 Eighth fit, near Pa avenue, Is now prepared to uiake the most fa hionabla French BOOTS. His long expe rience and practice in this branch of the ?u?ia?* in Paris and New York, justify him in saying that bis Boots cannot lie excelled in this country Has on hand a lot already mads up, to which the particular attention of gen'Jeman are invited, ap 21?lw* Raw away?$io bewa^d?j oh n, my negro man, a<;ed about ?0 years, ran away from my firm in Alexandria county, Va., on Mon day, 10th instant. lie stoops in hi* walk ; had on n gray frock coat and smy pants. He has a wife at Mr. A. Gladmao's, on 9th street, near thn boundary in Washington. I think he is lurking ab nit there. He also has asister at Mr. Marbury's, in George town. JOHN M. YOLNG, Coach Maker, Comer of 4# street and Pa. avenue. ap 18-tf J FKKICll StJIAT B-ISO ?3.-Another, and 1 trgc, ?upply of F/?nc!i Shirt Ro?on:n this day opened- Families, shut makers asri the trade can alwavs be supplied. STEVENS'S Salesroom, ap 25? 3t Browns'Hotel. AY IT?.? WP. WOULD INFORM Tflti ??si"It scribers of (he Kvening Star in Georgetown, that we have to pay the cosh for our jispers evy we?k, and 4 is impossible to do it tillers they p?j up the suhscriotiim when it is called for. a p 23 - St J AS. A. BURNS, Ag.Tt. OPENING SPRING MANTILL AS. WE nre now receiving our second -upply ol SPUING MANTILLAS^ comprising all tht newest styles and novelties ut the reason, and ai " u prices to suit the tilliei. ^11 I?3dies, therefore, wild have not made th'ii ?elections ^ould avail themselves of this rare op portuaity of a beautiful g^rinei.t at a sin a! price. . . . 10) new style Par^*0'* Ju'1 opaned, embracing a! the desirable colors. . C01. -EV & SRARS, No S8 J .**!?!? frtrtet, np 23?St 3 doors ab?;ve I]*OR SALE?A VERY PIVC SAIiDLE ANT " Baagy HORSE. The horse i? /ouiir, g?ntle aod sound, and of fine rtoek ; w.mhtyA make eith?r a very fine carnage horse, or ***? very pleasant riding norse. Also, for Kale an excellent work hor?e, pcrfect'j sound. App!y to No. 43 Dun L or Ion st, George t'a mar 1?lawtf BY EXP2ESS. A GOOD supply of Spring and GOODS comprising our u?u?l v-.riety of UuibreM&s Parasols, Cane?, Gloves, Caps. Summer Hats, o varioun styles, Hracss for Ladies' and Gents, Sill and Cotton Hosiery, UuderganncntfeShirts, Collars Neck Ties, Rwues in Chambre, Silk and Linn Hdkfs, Port Mommies, Razors. Soap, Perfumery ic , Sic., now being received at HI ROE'S, ap S4?lw Willarda' Hotel. ras )AUAH'JLMi 130 very rich an4 chenp Parasols, ail flora I |AI t 13 2>r#^ Bonnets a.xl ML?>?ea'Flats, great varkty Rich ."f.iaets and Ribbands 190 do* * n Linen cambric Handkerchiefs in fane; U-xes, at $1 uQ p?r doeen; vfu think a go?K ha."gain *td and Clear Lawa HandkorahlviJ li grfAt variety 300 yards Swiss Edging, 12c.. Wort if 25c. JU "dozeu black Net Mills, from 50 ceiits up, ver cheap E") ilpaetibest Fronch Kid Gloves, all shad-9 My s.'ock u lar^e and well assorted, aud pur chased at Tcry lowe-st prioo^. ' Customers be :>leor..d to fiv^r me with a col and they tdnj| be* shown through It, an the goods uifcreil ut "* -uiaJI "^vancc eti ? . WjkI u RILEY, Oorn.f (*h ?'*?? "I'P" c,s,lUe Market, mar 31? lm NEW SONG. olu WCrd WHY DID I LOVE FALSE FL Jed and music by W. B , of thin city, Cited to Iaez Allison, the fair Guitarist qui This song has a mast cUoruiinr melody. Just luhed and lor sale by HILUUS & iil'l Z. On 4 ap4 TKH MOLL&U* 11 K"W A IIP.?Last, nn the 13th instant, batwe^n VVillards' Hotel and fk# City Hall, a Porrtjiiiunr.aie, potitaini: g three notes drawn by John H. aud A. VV. Kirk word in tavor of Win. T. Dove, ami by ma endorsed, $152 eaeh ; one note drawn by Zephabiah Jonc, 'jlOO, in my lavor and by me endorsed ; also a n?.te, drawn Ly Willuim T. Hook, in iny favor, for ?51; several other notes and papers not recollected. The above reward will be paid upon the return of the pai^rs to the unders.gued. WM. T. DOVE, apr 14 - tf BAJTJCtKG n0UOE OF^PAIEO^: KOOECE, Opp-viU Us Jed SlaUd 7Y??MLry. BONDS, Stocks and othw a*c<t*i>k.-i p^7civ^i. J and st>2d. lii'.t rest at the mtc cf si: ner pent prr asuum al ? lowed on de;>o*it* wi^n left ror 36 day* or ]a:i 24?rtui FOll HALE?A Pair of BAY MARES,7 yeaia oldnextsi*mg,wtil-bred^ouad.stylish, gentle, spirited and eupital goers. Thry well broken and perfectly fre-j i'rom tricks, and will particularly ho it any gentleman who u loud of driving. The owuer parts with them only because his purpose is to rctreueh hi* expense*. They can be seen at I'outhrou's (Utn Bi-cli's) Stahls, on Mth street, s< uiii of I'a. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquiry at the cou.Utr ui* tiie Star othee. They will bo sold a ba. jam. ap 3?if Mr. W. HENRY PAUIEI^_ IIITUiRTO KNOWN i.8 IIO UK it* HULLSH, HAS much ph>asur?i in iufirming his frisml ar?l tiie public in general that he ha? def taiiiinil on io. aiin^ himself lu thinly, and i? or pared to receive pupils lor instruction on the PI AXO FORTE, 11 ARVfON Y andCOMPOril TlON. lie is r.eraimcd to refer to Mr (Jeorgi Rig^e, Jr., anu Mr .Y. T Kifckhoet'nr, and any camoiunteailoti adilresKcd to him at IMhns &. lliti's rn isic store, Pennsylvania av nue, will have immed.ate attention ap 13?tf SILVFIl W AH K| PLATED WAIIK /VNItFi?X SPAfcO ttOODS.-Silvir Coffee and Tr?a Sets, Stijnr Bowls, Cream Jinjs, Oobicts, Spo-ms ?!:U P >iks. Also, a e;cat variety of n.u^nukent Fancy Silver Ware, suiiablts for wuwiiu Plated Coffee Sets, Cantors, Baskets, Spoons anf. Forks, on b?ut Albata. Tiie trticlss are warran ted as repre?;nted, aixl will be sold at u small advance. II. PEMKEV, 320 Pa. &venu?, bet. 9th and 10th stieets. mar 21)?if LOOK HERE!!! \T ORE BOUNTY LAND TO .11 J* who served L?a in anv wai; since I7W. whether as Offi^erM ^oidiers, P tilors. M.iriio-?, Clerks, Indians, Chap 'nins, Wagon Masters, Teamstvrs, Landsmen, (or itieir widows or minor children) who liav-: not yet received full 16d acres, and hsve been in service 14 days, wi'l do well t?. wrue to us. and their (>*nd Warrants wi.l be forwarded to them for the above quantity, and noehare? if they do not get it. LLOYD CO., Claim Agem'j Oflk-?, opposite U. S. Treasury, Washington City, D. C 3*? Clocks, clocks, clockk i?if you want a good Clook, warranted to k>:-ep unre, euU at tht store of J. UOU1NSON, 3 *0 Pa. *ve., op^o. Browns' Hotel. a^ 7? dim Auction Bales. By J? C? MoGUlEtKi AvtftOK##r? EXCELLENT FURNITURE and Household Ef fecu at Auction.?On TUESDAY morclr?, May lit, nt 10 o'. lock, at the residence of Hon. M. Macdnnald, north aide of O street, car 15t.ii street, 1 shall tell all bis furniture and household effect*, | comprising? Excellent rosewood Plan.) Forte, bj Knabe StGahla Baltimore Crixison pi ash-covered SoAi, Becker, Parlor Chair, and Ottoman* Elegant French plate Pier Glass, with Blab aad Bracket _ Marble-top carvp 1 rosewood Centre Table Whatnot, Rout Tables. bamboo Chain Brussels Carpels, Matting, Druggets Man .some VVii:dow Shades, Clock Girandoles, Bohemian Glaus ami Egjptian Vases Mahogany Cxt n.-inn Table, Dining Chairs Leather covered Lounga lievolvina Office Chair Walnut Sideboird, Buder's Tray Handsome walnut high post Bedstead,richly carved Marble top Drut>*irg Cabinet aud VVa*hatauds to match Toilet Sets, Psyche Gla?s Work Table, Easy Chairs B'ue Enamelled Collage Suite Superior curled hair Mattresses Holsters and Pillows Walnut Crib and Mattress, Trundle Bedstead Chiaa Tea Set, granite Dinner Waie Silver piated Castors, Table Cu:lerjr Excellent Cook Stove and Fixture# Together with a general assortment of Houaekee ine articles. Terms of sale: $30 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of sixty aid ninety days, for approved en dorsed notes bearing interest JAS. C. McGUlRK, ap25? Auctioneer. By J. C. llcGUIKK, Aaetlonssr IMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE NAVY Yard at Public Auction.?On TUESDAY nfter noon, Mnv Sth, at ft* o'clock, on the premises, I hall sell Lot No. 33, in Square No. ?82, situated at the corner of south L and Seventh streets east, fronting 49 feet on south L street, by 71 feet on 7;It street, with tSi? improvement*, consisting oi thri e brick and one frame dwelling house Terms: One-toutth cash; the residue in 6,12 and and 18 month*, for note-s secured l.y a de?-d ot tiust on the premiso*. bearing intnre>t. JAS. C. McOTTlRE, ap 21?enfcds Auctioneer. 37 QflKlSN A SCOTT, Anetlonen u. \rALl7AB' E BITILDIXG LOTS AT AUCTION t Mi WEDNESDAY, the 2-1 day of May, we ?.hall sell in front of the premises, at 5 o'ciock p m. I,:;t No. 1, i"i square N ? 4 having a front o-i 26:h street west of sixty feet, and fifty fce; ?>n north K ft. The ni*>ve is a h'.n i?ome corner lot, contJintnp | three thousand square feet, trouting o i the street ! lea-iito th" lower bri<igr, between Georgetown ' and Washington. And immediately after the sale of the above ws ?hall sell, Lot* No*. 15 ?n 1 17, in Squar.- Vo. 32, I fronting one fitly feet six ineh^r , the other 51 feet, on Virginia avt-nue, between 2ttn and 25 h streets, we t, having an average depth of about one hundred and ?ix feet. Term* tor the fi st name ! property * HI be one fourth caaii; the balance til six, twelve nnd eight [ een mmtbt. For the second named prcp?r*v. one P>urth cash ; j in one and tivo years, the purchasers, in all j cases of cr? dit, to give n >te* bearing iat?sr?t trom j the day of sale. Titlit indisputable. A deed Liven ar.d a deee of tru*'. ta'^n GP.KEV &. SCOTT, ap 23?d Auctioneer". F.y ?. a. WW.!OIIT, Aactlonjcr, GEORGETOWN. TrERY LE.-IKABLE PHIVATE RESIDENCE Y at Auction.?By virtue of the eathonty re?te?t in roe bv the will and'ot ?>f Emily Cor coran, deceased, I will <?*?!, at public auction,on WEDNESDAY, tha *1 May nn, at 5 *'clock p m. to the highe-t bidder, o.i the premises, the very de sirable I t, and dvt eliitig hoii!-e therein, late t:ie res idence c? Wie deccas? ft, rituated on We-t *t., be tween Congress and Washington struts, Gerry town, one oftiie most dcairafeie parts of the town for a private residence. The house contains two ; arl r.:. two kit'tliens, ani other ro?tns. ia all 1-1, besides a fine cellrr; and 13 suitable for a large family. '1 here is n go<w< ex tern in the yard, and other covcnamces, including n ..table, separated frota the house lot by an alley opei.lng oil Washington street; and the title to the whole is believed to be unquestionable. The ternrs of sale are mi tliiid cash, and the bal ance in one and two >eais, wt'.h interest: d? U;r?).l p iv meals to be reared by a deed of tru?t on the property. _ ... , If the terms are not cotK^li?d with within uv< days Iro ? tne day of sale, the subscriber reserves the risjht to re-cell the property, on one week's pub lic notice, at the risk aad costof th<! delinquent pur chaser. All conveyancing at cott of nurchas r. II c. Uaithews, Executor o' Emily Corcoran, deceased. EDWAKD S. WBIGHT, ap 19? eot* Auftnmwr. Cv &. BCOVT, 4ucttnnf?t?. rjMICJSTBE'S SALE OP HOUSEHOLD ANi 1. Kitchen Furniture at Auction.?On WEDNES DAY, the VU d y of May, 1 sell, at the reel deuce ul Henry Biltlwin, j nl tl?^ corntT o! ai.d II artcu, at 10 o'clock a. in . by virtue of a dee of trust ftoiu .Hid Baldwin t.< the,beanii| data Uie27th ?iay of F?-Lruury.lci5, and duly lecoi.t t-J in one of the land records for Washing u e<?unij in the Di-trict of Colun;bia, a 1 the good* aa<i '?/> sj "Hiihetl in ^itiu deed, vi*: *? ?-lor a:in I' ailinr and other Chairs Sot*.," ^? rvni, " Card ttod "tjier Tuldw Mal^ogu y * t,.,j Viiaiiil-?.' StU Turee fine v '? - Feather Be.U,? ???<>? (' l-nAria's "n ' C.'^#keryware, Talle CutlJ'tf S, siTand t ^^ OUcloih Lounge, Toilet Swls Wa?h and other Stands Books, Shovi I and Cookii g, liiidiator and othtT Slovri With a j?:>od lot of Kitchen KtHiisil" Term. : All cuius o? and under $25 i $25 a credit ofOt) and nine y d?>'s, *>r fcausfaeWri.; endorsed nou.s, bearing interest. C:W BENNETT, Trusts. ?REEN * SC*>TT, aprai?eoltds Auctioneers. By GRRKW dt ^OOl-T. Aut?ln??ri rrOUSFHOLD AND KITCHEN I'UI.Mrj ,LE XI at Auction -Oh WfcDMB* DAY, the 'U <la> ot iiav, ueshall se l. at the r?ti^!?nceo! ayrntie Kiiiii ?t? dining Ii4iu.? at Hjv? rorat'r <?l * ? and Mawaehutetu uveaue, (the lisp will 4osi^naM the bnuMt) at 1U o'ciook a. m., aa eice.'1'Bt as?or. ment of Furniture, via : Mahognt;y Sofas, Uocning am! other Ch?.:r? I?u I'.o-ike *se and Secretary, Si?S^4*o?l?'?? Do ar.d w llnu* Dressing an-1 oth^r Bin "aus |)o au'I w;-.lnut Fren-h and oth?^r Be<lit,-ad!i Do dinin*. earn and bri akfa^t Table* Waiuut other Waidiobes aud Wathsiands Walnut Whatnot Giit frame Mirror, 2 5 by Cfi inches CIdna, Glass, an I Ci ockrryware and Cut'.ery .'vply, insraiu and nth er Carpets liair nud s' uok MalQ esses ami Heddiiig lo r&ti.r. cooking' aad other Stoves AnJ a gond lot of Ki.c hen Rt q-jisites With many articles which we deem unnioeasary to enumerate. Terms: All ruit.s of and under ?*25 cash ; ovtr $25 a credit r f 60 and days, for notes sati.tfM.-lo iiiv tndoised, b annji inten sx. GHE1IW & SCOTT, np97?d Auctit neern.. By .J, <5. 3t tGIflBK. atictloncar. rj'BUSTEE'S SALli OF VALUABLE AND eli;i" ? bly situated l!.m?eaiid Lot on 6th street wot,, between E and F streets north ?By virtun o' a deed of trust, U?'inf dn e on the 10th ?!ay of February, l8oii, a-ni reco ?led in Lilr.-r ). A. S., No. 51, folior. 061, i*c , the suiiicriber will wll at piblic sale, on. MONDAY, the 2eith day ^ ?*'riw p.m. on the premises. Lot No. 4, in Square No 4?8, floating 24 feet itjt inches on 6tn street West, between E and F streets north, by 93 feet 4 in? hts deop, with the buihlirics and improvement", eon sitt ing of a four story brick dweUing hmise, with at ack building, built of the bret material and in the best mariner, and very comroodiotij:, with all the tnt? dern improvements, and in all respect* one of tha mcst desirable houses in Wnsfcin^tmi, and but teci nt J built, well Known tis the property ol Peter . flev ner. The property i& bitaate,! in one o! the ha ilth irst a<id oesirabiA; jarts of the city, and offe rs tt p.;r^on.? seeking a le ji n nee or investment an ui .jpor timity ^eldolu occuiring. The terms of sale %vill" be : On#-half ca?h, am \ th? balance in 6, 12, IB^and 24 months, for ante* bear ing interest frem uiy of rale, secured by a de ed i> trust udou the pro; ?rty. If tlie tenns cd Svlear e no complied with in s<& dayn after tl?e sale,the p*a pertj will be reeoht, uprni one week's iKU?e, at u>? rut and expense of tl? purahaw. All tonwyauei a the <?xpensc of lh^ purchaser. CllrtS, S. WALLA0H, Trust ee, J\e\ C. MoUUlUE, ap Jtaw&tU c?r. A WIFE'S DEVOTION Br GBO, a RATM02CD. The long and desperate struggle which bad for years been carried on between the Imperial Government of Brazil and the re voted southern pro^pces was draw ing to a closo ; and I, who for nearly fire years had boen almost constantly on the wing, or, what amounted to about the same thing, on horseback, in the patri otic service, was on my way to join my little Brazilian wife to whom I had bc<-n united some five months previously, and from whose side I had been summoned within three hours after our marriaire to lead my command against a body of Don Pedro Seguado's Landeros, who were committing depredations in ihe neighbor hood. I had been severely wounded in the side and shoulder, and what with the ex posure in our wild, uncomfortable camp, the entire lack of proper medical and surgical skill, and the slow fever which had for three weeks been consuming me, my iron constitution had given awav at last, and I was as near dead as a man could well be and maintain his seat in his saddle. My home, or rather that of my wife, was on the banks of the beautiful Uru guay, on the extreme western limits of the Brazilian Empire, and my way thither led across the serried peaks and through the wiid passes of the Southern Brazilian Andes, a region swarming wiih every species of wild Leasts, fierce savages, murderous banditti, who killed for men pastime, and bands of Imperial troops, more savage than brutos, Indiarn, or robbers. Pleasant, very; don't ycu think it was ? for an invalid scarce able to keep hi3 scat in the saddle, and accompanied by only two n-.gro slaves possessing but little more sense or reason than the horses they guided. Seven long, tedious days went by, an?J T had struggled on thus far without com ing in contact with the wild beasts, sav ages, robbers, or Imperial fo'ditrs, to within fifteen leagues of my journeyY end ; when my overtasked energies could bear me up no longer, and dispatching the most intelligent of my servants to apprise my wife and family of my situa tion, I lay down under the shelter of a shelving rock in one of the most rugged, desolate mountain passes I had ever seen, but with slight hopes of surviving tili aid should arrive from my friends on the Uruguay. Ic was near neon when the negro de parted on his mission, and, as I had pro mised him freedom and ten ounocs in gold if he reached my wife's home thai night. 1 knew he would not lose a mo ment, and I might expcct relief before night next day, provided I lived till that time, which did not seem very probable, ts within two hour3 I was half delirous. The hot bieod, dm en to the extremities by the raging f.ver, seemed like leaping l'quid currents of fire; while my very vitals appeared to scorch and to crisp with the subtle heat, and my whole frame wa? racWed with the most exqu site torture. Twenty times during the afternoon I I had sent the remaining slave to the , stream which wound aiong tho bottom ol the ravine for water to slake my burning thirst. The sun was, perhaps, an hour above the horizon, when I was suddenly sur rounded by a baud of some tM euty fero cious-looking Lri j-iud", who were traver sing the mountain pass to the westward in pursuit of a iraiu of mules loaded witl merchandize thai had preceded i J?m bui the day previous. I had LOthiug about me to tempt th? robbers' cupidity. As they were rathei partial to the revolutionary party, whose uniform I wore, they ottbrud me no vio lence, and one of them even brought m< a gourd of water, for my siave had llec at the approach of the brigands, and I never saw him afterward. But all my e-utreaties, prayers am promises of reward were unheeded c uOt prevail on ihem to remain will imT'till should arrive. The1 were intent oS'*")*" th.e clP;'"e a'; plunder of the ac<! 53 th7 dc parted, leaving me there dying, in that wild, desolate mJMUi'a pass. My scanty supply of water was soot exhausted, and I was raving mad witl intolerable thirst. In my frerzy I ton the bandages from my half-closed wounds beat my head against the rocky frag incnts that formed my be<I; end. oh, hov II prayed for death ! I There I lay all that long, horrid n\gn till it was daylight again; and then sank into a death-like torpor, from wliic! I was aroused by a heavy weight press ing on my che6t, and my first glance, a I opened my eyes, fell upon the wc:i-re Ti mbered features of tlie most de&dlj emzDjr I had on earth?Col. Martmuj Areola, of the Imperial ariuy of Briz>I. " By the Cross! we aie well met, Se nor RavrutA'lo," spoke the brulal rutiiin with his Licsv'id heel cra?hirg into mj throat till my e?c3 seemed burstingfron their sockets,. my black, swollc! tongue protruded frcn my mouth, an< the wretch laug'hed ic derision of mj terrible agony as he continued: 44 We are well me'tr 1 fiay. '->enor Ray mondo, and I doubt .not your Uautifu bride, the Lady Inez, of whota yoi robbed me, will be very grateful wbon tell her how faithfully 1 vvatched ovc you in your last moments. ?ome, m; men, this gallant officer m*st needs t somewhat chilly : gather a gcoi ?uppl this dry brushwood, and we will tr v.'hat tfleeffire will have on the diJeas tliat isauns tot* wasting him." Fifty bronze faced ruffians set abot rjibeying their commander's order, ar ihen after live minutcj had elapsed, ati J was placed, all helpless as I was, on 3iuge pile of dry branches, I understo*) t ail. The infernal fiend was abeut i urn me aiive! I would not ask my life of the demoi or well I knew that it would be unavai log. But, gh Cnxi! may I ewer i .? an THE WEEKLY STAR, Thta rxeeDect Pnuiffy intf W**i i&infi* a cn*?r variety <rf can be fraud In aaiyotfcer?t?| ? ??PF9 P? k-tiinr Qi ro ^a OOpi? S OD Twenty do |f<M C^*ClM, IITilUtLT Ui 0&~ Attain enfriw (in vrrmppw*) mm ba at tbe ?ou???f, Uaiu?(Laieif g,, y,,, ^ ?t? piprr. rn?~?umi aarrs. foirmiTMj who m? M ^ u a enmraiMKH) of tw?nty p* oat. UBV suffer such a mental torture as I did while lying there surrounded bj those devils m human shape, as I thought of all the heart agonv that xiy wife must suffer when the revolting details of my dreadful death should become known to her. Oneo I turned my head toward the west to catch a glimpse of the setting sun, and the next moment I was insensi ble. It was not loog that I remained thus; for I was aroused again by the quick rattle of pistol shots, the clash of steel, the wild baUle shouts, and dying screams of strong men in their last nor* rid death agony. All iround me I beheld a vision of gal lant men led by a slight, wirlish fi/ure in the light blue frock, gold-embroidered vest and plumed cap 0f the Southern (mumJioji who, mounted upon a superb torse, black as night, sped here and there, shouting our battle-cry of ? Mu*~ ro\ I os Imp'rialistos .'"in which she was joined by her hundred foUowera, who burled themselves upon the doomed ruf lians in a whirlwind of gleaming steel. The last wretch was slain, and tha lovely woman knelt beside me; her arm* were about my neck, her warm kiss was upon my cheek, as she breathed in a gen tle tone the words,44 My husband!" eJV1^8 wif?-my own angel Inez, uG r ridden on in advance of more than four hundred men, with only a hun dred who could keep pace with her, and ?I was saved. AWCIZKT AND MODERN HOBS8 The Romans walked on mosaic floors ? but they were hard and cold. The pall ane halls of Q.icen Flinbrth were strewn with straw and rushes; but we, of this western world, walk over landscapes, designed by the genius of Claude Lo am-?thus bringing to our v?,ry feet, in ."e luxurious tread of the parlor, all the mages of l>eauty which once adorned the wails of Italian pa!ace?, and which are now sought for with eagerness, and looked upon with veneration. The progress of art end taste is e'eo tnc in our age, and Inventions for mul tiplying whatever exalts or embellishes ci\:liz?d life, outstrip the widest imigi nation. We were forcibly stauck with this thought the other day, as we glanced rapi lij through a great carpet estab Iishment. There is always much that is suggestive and striking in a superb collection of rich fabrics gathered from every part of the world, and thrown opeu to the eye ol taste on our fashionable Bou.evard ; and every season brings its new attraction into Broadway. But at no former period have we witnessed more marked progress in any department, than xc find this spring in the new styles of arpets, and every ?p?cies of covering with which wc clothe the halls and floors of our dwellings. There we notice a .uxurious Mosaic rug, which seems an rxact counterpart of one of the fiaest pictures of the old masters. From ? short distance the tky is as blue?the clouds as golden?the water as limpid ? tile tree-shadows fall as mirror-like upon its g assy bosom?the herds are as lazily wandering in the meadows?the moun tains rise as dark at the base, as purple up the sides, and as golden en the topi, as ever the finest imagination pictured. At the iarther end of the stately hall al>ove referred to. (which, for com tnercet sake, we must call a sales room.) is suspended something entirely new iu the world of art?an American invention. It is the first sample seen in the world of the Medallion Ingrain Carpet. It id composed of five breadths, which unite in a gorgeous and splendid design?? unique, f.esh, striking, beautiful, aid suggestive of imag-js of beauty ; and vet khis work of art which is worth a thou sand times more than all the meaning less scrolls and flowers, and confusion of colors, hurled together to make up car* pets of common design, cost scarcely a groat more than one of thoce old-f^sh ioned things we have grown so tired of long years ago. Why shall we not havo things that are beautiful iu our dwellings, when the genius ol art and the sturdy am of commerce bring them to our doors ? This is an cge of luxury and of pea?e 10 "s on this untroubled side of the eai?. * It may well be: for the olive is growing ?*n 0ur New World, while the Haines of war Z'e Jighted in the Old. And here is a nation ?f working meu. walking on a continent of gold. Once all the beautiful oljects, images and associa tions of art were confined to the rich and ncble. Democracy has revolutionized thewor'i. It has lifted the veil, and cpencd a^. ?cr!hl/ paradise to the long toiiing. and ,e7?r-Iargo?a,z million. The home cf every active, intelligent, cpright American, may now be brightece-d by those 'usuries which, by the magic work ings cf modern machinery, have been Vithin tfc? common reach. To the ener gy, boldne&9 and taste of such, our city and country are* indebted for much of the luxury and crguflvts of American hemtij, Home Journal. / K .AkTIDCTB TO TilK l\-*ATO-R(>f.? Professor Boll man. of the Russ>n Agri cultural Institute, has published a pamph let on the potato-rot, and he announces to the woild that mere drying, if ex>n dactc-d at a sufficiently high temperature a:?d continued long enough, is a complete antidote to the disease This result was !>*<.?* tamed by repeated experience con ducted for a series of years. The tew pera'.ure required to produce the desired result is not very clearly made rut. Mr. tollman's room, in which his first pota toes were dri.-d. was heated to about 72 degrees, and much higher. By way of d i experiment he placed others in the cham d bcr of tKe stove itself, where the thermo a meter stood at 136 degrees, and more.? d! lie also ascertained thut the vitality of o'the potato is not affected even if the i rind is charred. This hint may be use i,! ful, and with similar experiments, eare 1- fully conducted, the fact may be c?t*b n l^hed.

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