Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1855 Page 2
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evening star. WASUINGTON 01TY: SiTUBOAY AFTEKHOOH April 28. XT" Adybetisbmknts should be handed in bv 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may cot appear until the next day. AGENTS FOR THE STAR The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adrcr tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmm, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Psttinoill 4 Co., Hassan street. Boston ?V. B. Pjllmbb, Scollay's Building. ZJ* Messrs. Rbnxo & Colvin, of Char lotte, N. C., are filly authorixed to re ceive subscriptions to the Daily and Weekly St r, in the States of North and South Carolina. frntiT of thr mo as we press The Union argues the Cuba question to day with abiiity, and more than usual moderation of expression, showing that the pretence that this Gjvemmcnt will be doing wrong in pro tectisg American commerce on the high seas fr-u Spanish police interferanoe to be alto ge'.ber wrcng. We alio find in the i/monan extract from a late anti-Krow Nothing speech i Mr. Wm. E Robinson, wherein that gentle man sa js thai, in reply to a request from him for information on the subjeot, Jared Sparks writes that he had never saen any such order from General Washington as?'-'pat none but Americans on guard to-night,"?and that be doej not believe he ever issued any suoh order, giving reasons whj ho conceives the story to be without foundation. The Intelligencer re-publishes the follow ing explanation of the alleged "firing into" the brig Hickman, off Cape San Antonio : IF om the Si- John's Nt??, of April 24 ] Lir Fkskkt*- : Tho following i em of news appears in your paper of this day's date : ''The brig Hickrran, from Boston, bound to MataczaJ. was firei at three timra by a Span i?h cruder, and after an examination of papers the brig was ailowci to prootei on her voy ago the qucstien has been agitating the Cabinet at Washington for some time." Now. sir. the J\zrt* of the caje havo get to be toll 1 was a passenger ou brard the bark Thalia, fl-r St John's. Our vessel w.vj present durinj tho certvt'j y A Spanish war hove in eight, on:e fcoisttd rur color?, ^wh>ch is a universal custom of all nations) and when th* war vessel came up we turned helm ani fe.l to ih? lee oi uer. it being a ou~. li-m?ry marli of courtesy towards a man-of war of any nati.-n Oar compliment to the a'r^szcr was politely nnswe'ed. and so we irovei en Tbe *? Hickman, of Boston," (as tae vessel turns cut to be ) next came within ball of the Spaniard ; ani ins'ead of doing as ?c did. hoist Iks bu .ting. that i? might be teen that he bolcLged to a civilis-vj country, he dogg-ifily attemj-t-d to move away, not dis p sr,i t > tel! his country. The Spaniard, (not * .losing bit that tae schooner might be a pira'e or a Slhbuster ") fired a blank shot ac-tes htr b^w to bring him to hi.i senses This had no effect. A second shot v/as fired across ?he - em of the ech:>onor; aid, as these two Lints did not produce any effect, the Spaniard pitched hit.ill toward? the hull of the Hick man 'ibis brough* tho schooner up. The *usyirio':* vessel (a vessel that will not show he/ U ce-tainly FU'picioas) was over hauled. an i rulfered to depart after the officer who *ent on board found out that she was a legitimate trader Now, cir, had tho Amer ican .-hown his colors there would have been no fhots fire J. Had w-s kopt cur Eoglish colors to ourselve*, instead of showing them to the Spaniard, we should have met with the same treitment. and deservedly so. A PaisasGEa 05 bmudtus Bark Thalia, F/iiay, April 2U. At St. John's, (N. B ) 1 1 Powd*.*i Mill Explosion.?Last Wednes day morning, the chimney of the drying house of Sioneback A Detweiler's powder mill, on 'fohicoB creek, ia Haycock township, Bucks (County. Pa , took fire, and the hands had barely timo to make their escape when about four tons of powder exploded, blowing the mill to atoms. Fortunately ao person was in jured. f?" The Great Provincial Council of the Catho ic Church will commence in Bal timore on tho 6th of May and continuo un til the l*:h. The Archbishop of Baltimore will preside Ihere will be an attendance of from Richmond, Wheeling, Pittsburg, Erie ani Philadelphia?the Sees cf Savannah and Charleston b:ing vacant by death. This i6 the first Council since the divi-1 ?ion of the United States into several arch fcLhopriss try A recent experiment with a newelee trie light has been made in London Con stant light*equal to seve at j-two gas organ burner? wa produced, and the cost was almost rothing, and the materials consumed were ccnvcrtol into valuable pl?c*nts. So fays an English journal. PEBNONAL. The lion. Henry A Wise, the democrat ic candidate f->r Governor of Virginia was in Washington to day. In conversation with friends ne seemed to be sanguine 0; an election ?>y eleven thousand majority. ... .J Lindecgreen. E q , British Consul at forto ltioo, is dead. . ...Ihe St L.uis brought home the body of Uartin Van Buren, Jr., son of the Ex-Preei dent. Iho father is in Franco, ani is not ex pected to return until June. .... The Freeman e Journal says it has been Tfquested to state that ''his H<dicers l'iu? the JX ti h? s been p castd to oonfer utcn the Kev A Wallace, L L l> . of Williamsburg, the decree ot lK?ctor of Divinity, in consideration <4 tae literar7 and theological merit of the Rev. gentleman's religious p^ms. ....The Emperor of the Fr;nch hj.? offered 1 (/oo guineas,rp?n U> Great Britain and Ire-1 land, tor a perie.-l bruko charger for the Em-! pre?^. lleu.u^t re thorough-broi, quiot with UO'p?, a^d stand fire. ... .The lion Fr t.ets Villiers, M. P. for Pu>."Le rer, r ur'h "-on cf the earl of Jersey, has IeftErglard b?in- a defaulter oa theturf for upward* cf JtltO OCO. .... Eli lissietoo, for rome time pa?t known aa the r.iet^r 11 pablie bou e at 106 Charl ton siroat, N- Y ,e mmittod suioide by stabbing lia >eif iu me head with a shoemaker's knife on Wednesday. ... .John Woodruff, M. C., from Na* liivan, Ojnn, tad hi* leg broken on Ibursdaj, at New llaven, by the breakirg of a wag ,n on which tenu riii:g Jau.c3 Irving, of Poole notoriety, tnd Wm ?Law, another "fast, mau," Lave been b ulctti ia $5 000 damages, by a Brooklyn, (N V ) court, for miulin; a man on the raoe coaae, last September. 1 ....J. W. Fabens, U. S. Commercial Agent for San Juia d# Nicaragua, and Mrs ?wife ot Lieut. General fcoou, are each at Wil* lard's Hotel. ....Nathaniel Bof.ons, Erq , of Indiana, 13 S Ccisul at Geneva, Switxerland, is in WAahlt gion, preparing to dopart hii post. V'ASWNCTOfl MEWS AND GOiSIP. r-? Administration and Cub* ?We are *> t a litile amused at the nervousness which < ur esteemed neighbors of the Irtelhgtncer are again duplexing over what thej believe to be the Administration's determination to gat up a war with Spain. The Union's late disclaimer of being intensely excited, " by authority," over oar Spaniah relations, was but a temporary god send for their nerves, it seems; a paragraph in a Washington letter, saying that Commodore MoCaaley has been instructed to resent, on the spot, the aet of firing shot over or around any Amerioan ships engaged in lawful oommeroe beyond the le. gal polioe jurisdiction of Spain, in the pre fence of his ship or any one of the squadron, having set our neighbor in a tremor, appa I rcntly. The l?pth is, he has permitted him self to be sadly frightened by the " blowing " of our orer sealous patriots, who would get up a war for the fun of the thing, incluiing the nioe little chanoes which the extravagant and, to a certain extent, necessarily unquestioned expenditures incident to wars afford. Now, while the Intelligencer is taking ttouble on interest, those who have frightened it are playing a game which is not worth the can die. It wont pay ; because in attempting by terns to lead, coax and bully the Administra tion into managing our Spanish relations to the end of ?arr>ing out the plans of the dis contented Creoles and American operators in Lopei.expediiion stock rather than for the best interests of our own country, they are throwing away their labor. The President of the United States and his constitutional advisers are thoughtful and prudent, as well as experienced gentlemen. Their whole course on the Cuba question shows, that while ready and anxious to obtain the island by fair and honorable purcha3e, they are not the men to essay to steal it. Nor would they engago in a war with any Power, except for the protection of American rights, when it is evident they would not shrink from any consequences of the diaoharge of that duty. We have seen nothing to induce u? to believe that they conceive that Spain deaires war with us, though it is plain to ns that ihcj think that the almost unaccountable fear of the departure of another filibustering expe dition from our shores which so efflicis the Spanish authorities of the island, may induce them to do seme net which will bring on a conflict. V*e draw this conclusion because ws have cot yet been able curself to discover any questionable act on the part of Spain in the matter, which seems to have been deliber ately designed to trench on our national ngli's, for they appear to us rather as im prudent and raa'.iy unnecessary measures of self defecco resorted to under an unprece dented atite of fear and excitement. We th:nk these are common setss views of the mas?, and knowing that common sense guided all that the Administration ha* done with reference to other matter.', we s?e no reason to judge that in our Spanish relations they are guided by less prudent councils. It Las been the policy of this Government, since Jjhn Quincey Aiamv tim^, to look to the acquisition of Cuba, whenever it passes irom the dominion of Spain under anv other government than that of an independ ent republic, at All hazards and any oost, at a vital mea-uia of self-protection; aud to eejk to purchase it, too, whenever Spain will let as have it at a fair valuation. This policy the Intelligencer deplores, as it deplored the ac quisition of Xexa?, and as it wou!d have do plored tho?e of Florida and Louisiana, had its editors then arn-.ed at their present a-es and been in those days affected with the notions of American public affairs they now entertain. We, however, see nothing terrible in this pol icy; moro especially as both parties, when in power, avow and adhere to it. We have no reason to imagine that the bugaboos in this connection which the Intelligencer is color ing up, will change the settled policy of the government?not the least reason. Now. If our neighbor will permit ns to ad. Use him, we think we can put him on a plan which will prove a positive insurance against war wiih Spain over this question and its col laterals Thus, let h m oca39 predicting war and insisting that our Government shall sub mit to auy and every tniag which the feara of Concha may induoe him to do to prevent the landing of another filibustering expedition, aj?i convince that ruler (as half a dejen ar ticle* to that end iu his columns will certainly do,) thai tho President ot the United States ?ul surely prevent f uture threatening infrac tions of our neutrality laws as against Cu?a And further, that he tioms to bo a party, di rectly or indirtAUy, to any plot c: plan to wrest the island from Spain so long as site may not use it for our positive irjury. As mat ters now stand, Conoha would take the Inttlli. gtnssr's assurances for these things, the truth of whirh he (the Intelligencer's conductor) must by this time have sufficient proof at hand if he will only so quiet his nervej as to lo k at fvi'.s with the mind of a reasonable man. We repeat, fer perhaps the fourth or fifth time, tha? the only msi danger of war with Spain lies in the .'act that Coccbc and his advisers, in the agony of foa 1 under which they now rest, msy commit some outrage npon us requir ing, for the vindication of our rights, prompt retaliation or punishment. The Intelligencsr may easily avert .that danger, if it will, by quieting Concha's nerves. No reasonable man ean doubt that the do minion of Spain over Cuba ha# been in danger from eur filibusters, nor can her right to Uke measures for its preservation there be dis puted. In so doiDg. however, she has no right to violate the rights of others. She has to somo extent violated ours, though we put lit tle faith in the accounts of the aots of her officials there, oming from parties notoriously sympathising with filibustering, which are much worse than the truth?that being baa enough iu all conacisace. The question of war or peace depends pretty jpuch on the future course of our aeighbor of the grjic?r, as that journal can induce Concha to cease doing things which only operate to in fluence our people against the continuance of Spain's authority over the ia!and. An Infamous Falsehood Reiterated ?We take the following from the New York Express of yesterday: Washi*gto?, April 33. The American 0*gan, of 20*.b inut, eon tflfned an article from theN*w York Express, stating that Clerks in the Departments were ?a^aged as agents in procuring land warr ants The Star, of this eity, of Saturday, published tno same article and thea says, ?' Tnls story is an unblushing and unmitigated falsehood/' I apprehend it will require something more than the assertion of the Star, however ros itively mad?, to counteract the belief tint clerks in diflhrsnt departments are eogagwd in procuring latd warrants. A rumor lo this efioct has fox some tunc been current, and I should thick ex?ensi*oly believed, though I cannot personally vouch for in truth Bat ?osie of the clerks have told me that they did attend to this kind of business. I have aleo been informed that these clerks enpyad facil of agenoy business, wnioh are denied to ordinary or outside agents. It ia further asserted thst the Commissioner of Pensions allows darks not belonging to his uk*k? offioia' franked envelopes, in which to enolose their agency or other papers. Ido not however believe these things are known to the heads of department*- or would bo sanctioned by them if known. Justicb. We again declare there Is not a ward of truth in thii story?not a single word of truth in it. It grows wholly out of the fact that a pension agent in this city took, without leave, a package of the envelopes of tha Pension Buraau, bearing its stamp but uot tha Com missioner's frank. This agent essayed to use them, and they were sent to tha bureau by the postmaster of Washington under the im pression that there had been a mistake on the Commissioner's part in failing to frank thorn. Thus tha discovery that they had been pur loined was made, and the Commissioner in stantly struck the individual's name off the list t>f agents with whom the bureau corre sponds. Bounty Land Warrant Forger*.?During the lession of the U. S. Circuit Court recently holden at St Louis, Mo., the grand jury found indictments against the following persons, for presenting at the Pension office fraudulent claims for bounty land warrants, vix : Dio genes Wetmore, Thaddeus K Wetmore,Mar cus A. Wolff, John H. Stile and George G. Presbury. The aforesaid parties have given bonds in the sum of $5,000 each for their ap pearance at the next term of the oourt, to be held in St. Louis in October next. The lfew Kinney Expedition.?The Attor ney General is said to have received this morn ing intelligence of the indictment, in New York, of the parties concerned in getting up the second Kinney expediton to NiJtragua, Coi Kincey and Mr. Commercial Agent Pa bens; so we have every confidence in the ac count of the attachment, yesterday afternoon of the steamer United States, in which these armed colonists were soon to have sailed. John Parham, who was under indictment for forging land warrant papers, at Knoxville, Twm , has absconded His bail (whioh is ijood) will be forfeited at the next session of the United States Court there. A Superintendent of Jfarbla Work ? We e .rnthat Mr. Dougherty, lata superintend ent of the construction of the Washington Monument, has been tendered the post of superintendent of the marble work in the con struction cf the extension of tha Post Office building. A better selection could not have ^een mads. Virginia Revolutionary Bounty Land Scrip Tf located on land graduated in price below $ 1 25 per acre, the ordinary minimum by act of Congress, can only be fo taken up, acre for acre. This is the cubstance of a recent ruling of (he Interior Department. Disxiigcd ?First Lieut. George R. Slicer ?<ni Third Lieut. Robert G. Auchlncloss, U. S. R. M., were dumiaasd from the service thii morning. Governor Gorman ? Washington is, to-day, full of a rumor that Gov. Willis A. Gorman, of Minnesota, has been removed. We wero not *ble to verily this rumor this morning. The Current Operations of the Treasurv Department.?On yesterday, the 27th April, vuer# we;e of Treasury Warrant entexed on tha bocks of the Department? For tha redemption of stock Tor paying Treasury debta ^nrthe Customs /or covering into the Treasury from mtecellaneous Hourcee.... For covering into the Treasury from customs ' p?r the War Department Por the Navy Department For repaying in the Navy Depart. mcnt For tho Interior Department tor repaying for the Interior De partment ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Weather? Diorama - Water Notice?A ment? Meeting?Fish. Alexandria, April 28, 1555. This morning rises upon us clear, bright, end beautiful. Last evening, tho Diorama of Bunker llilj gave its second benefit to the Hydrauiion Fire Company, and thia tfcemoon and evening it is open for the benefit of Alexandria's noblest charity, the Female Orphan Asjlum. We feel confident our citisens will not be backward in tbeir patronage. The Alexandria Water Company publish in tho morning papers a notice that, in future particular attention must be paid to their rules to water. The Board of Revisors of Assessments open their session at the Council chamber on Mon doy, the 7th proximo. Next Tuosday evening the Democrats and Know Nothings ha*e public meetings. The former at the Lyoeum, where Jas. S. Skinner will address the people, and tha latter at the new American Hail, where Mr. Mitchell will | defend the basis principle* of the American f arty in Virginia Fish sell this morning low. Shad $7 ; Her ring $1 50a$5. Ami Dariro Attempt ?1? ia the daily custom, at the City Prlaon in New York, to let the prison ers out of their cells about eight o'clock in the coming, to exercise themselves on tho com dor. On Thursday morning they bad beon oat but a few minutes whet William Eberle, a ho is indicted for the murder of John Gilfov ore pi up behind Mr. Charles Iloople, one of the deputy keepers, and stabbed him iu the back with a cas^ knife. The assassin then ran t> the other end of the corridor and threv the knife away The wound iollicted was very severe, but not of a fatal charaoter Tha cause of the act was not known. Eberle, it aoems had previously expressed his wish to poison Mr. Uoople, if he oouldget the chanoe Tie offender was, immediately after the act, pat in chains ???j r ' Tna Last or Somtau.?Aeeountsfrom Ham burg, of the 3i instant, mention the arrival oi thj? Danish brig Jano, Captain Bohn, from Laguna, with the remains of the Countess Ros*i, better known by her maiden name cf Henrietta Son tag. who, it will be remembered, 4iqd of the cholera while making a profea aional tour in Mexico The corpse?whioh is preserved in three ocffinr, one within the other - was forwarded by railroad to Berlin, in tha fir?t instance, where the widower was accred i'ed formerly as the Envoy of the King of Sar dinia. St. Domingo ?Intelligence has been re eoived at New York of a coospiraoy for get ting up a revolution with a view to loouring the recall of the exiled President Paes, hav ing been discover d and put down. 6prcl'LAtior? II Flour.?One of the flour merchants in Trentsn (N. J.) has purchased one thousacd barrels of fhur in New York for ?peculation ia the former city. f 5 397 79 71.351 29 12,795 20 4,107 27 3a2 13 29 278 47 59 671 32 3 620 2H 62.C62 67 7,909 99 BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE Baltimobb, April 27,1855. The molt cheering accounts continue to oome in from all parti of the eoantry with reference to the growing crop* The prospeets ere that we shell not onlj hire ea abundant harvest, bat frait, end every description of vegetation to the fullest extent. If this be the oase?and heaven grant it?prioes most recede from the high ratee now demanded. The esse of Charles R. Lowell, oharged with purloining money from letters in the Baltimore Post Offioe, was progressing before the United States District Conrt to-day, Chief Jusrioe Taney presiding Testimony for the Government was being taken, but up to a lata hour not a par'iole of proof was tdauced that tended to implicate or indentify the accused with the alleged robbery, nor can there be any. Whether goitty or innocent he will de mand an aoquittal in the absenoeof testimony. It is shown that the money in certain oases disappeared, or failed to reach its destination, but not in consequence of having been taken by Mr. Powell. At the suggestion of many of oar most in fliential oitiiens, a complimentary benefit has been tendered to the managers and proprietors of the Hoiliday Street Theatre, to como off some evening next week. Tho beneficiaries are Messrs Cariss, Allnutt, Cheenat, Smell, end Murray. These gentlemen heve been at groat expense in fitting up and renovating the establishment. They epent probably twenty thoosand dollars, and succeeded, in not only producing one of the neatest, most comforta ble and convenient theatres in this country, bat afforded our citiiens and all lovers of the drama a series of entertainments never before equalled in Baltimore They determined to try the experiment of having a theatre con ducted upon legitimeto. respeoteble, and ap proved principles, and finally succeeded. To do this cost muoh money, especial pains, and no ordinary degree of solioitude. Oar ciii seas feel gretefal for their efforts, end haee determined to show their appreciation of saoh merit by proffering a grand oomplimentery benefit, which will oloee the season. This will, doablless, be'one of the largest gayest, and most fashionable assemblages that ever came together within the walls of old Hoili day. All the actors have volunteered their services for the occasion i The grand, and really beaatiful rpectaele of Aladdin is still boing performed at the Maseum. It is well worth a visit Owens | draws largely at Charles street, where Uncle 1 Tom's Cabin is being performed. The play is gotten ap finely, but fills short ?f the original. The southern latitude does not suit *ucu pieces. A dispatch just at ha*id informs me of a very destructive fire which occurred at Boston this aftern-xm, destrojing property to the amount of probably four hundred thousand dollars. Another dispatch from New York, states thnt Col. Kinney, of the Central American expedition; has been indicted for conspiracy against the Government, and an order issued f-r his arrest. This will, doubtless, be a damper upon h:s enterprise. The recent mysterious case regarding the death cf Mrs Pendergast, has been finally disposed of by having the body exhumed and subjected to a further examination and inves tigation. Additional evidences have all gone to confl-m the fact that intemperance was the oause of her death. No farther Fui?picion, therefore, is entertained against those con nected with her. I regret to learn of the sudden death this morning of Mrs. Moffit, wife of Professor Mof fit, who has been engaged for some time by the government in miking chemical tests of oil. She uicd in this city in a few djys after boing confined in child bed BukineeB is steady Breudstuffs havechanged hut li'.tle in price. Provisions are very firm at full rates Money is abundant and easy. The agricultural interests are unusuallv ea?y in their finances, having obtained high prices for their products. "When tbo ccaotry is rich, cities and commercial districts mast partici pate in this advantage?bene a prospects are chcerful. Oar banks, hers and elsewhere, as a gene ral thing, and markedly sound and deal lib erally. ' All legitimate paper finds easy accommodation. First olasi notes are taken on tho street at 8 to 9 p?r cent. ; second do. 10*12 per ceat. discount, and money on call 6 per cent. S ockj are healthful and soand securities steady. Fancies a*e im proving. ItODEBlCK. ?! KTA sea monster was canght near Punta Rotsa, on the 221 alt, which had a mouth three and a half feet long, and wide enough to shallow a canoe. The spaco between its eyos measured four feet four inches, its length of boJy nineteen feet, and breadth niueteen feet?weighing 3,000 pounds ! TOE ESCORT.?COMPANIES IN _ "tending to join in the escort of the West cin lloee Company, will meet at their respect ive Engine Houses and proceed to the Hall of the Western Ho?e Company on '26th etreet, at 8^ o'clk i. ui The profession will then proceed by Hie lol l >wing nutc : From 26th street to K, up K street to Pennsylvania avenue, down Pa. avenue to X. York nvenu?-, up N? w York avenue to 7i.b, down 7ih to | E street, down E to 5th down 5th to Louisiana av enue, fiom La avenue to Indiana avenue, down lu d.ana avenue to the Depot, reiurn from Deput to !M. | Jersey avenue, ihence to the Columbia Engine Mouse, from thence u > Penn. ave to Georgetown ; up l> itige street to High, down High Ktreet to the Vigilant Engine House, lioiu thence to their Hall. J. T. EDWARDS, apg8-2t? See. W. 11 Co Z*-^?==>sr- PATRICK'S.?On MONDAY next, the 3uth in-taut, at 10 o'clock a m ,n Sol emn Anniversary will be off-red up in this Church for the repose of the soul of the late vener able and venerated pastor, the Very Rev. William Matthews. Rev B. A. Maouirk, President of the Georgt towu Co.Icge will prt a h on the occasion. ap28?It va PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, Attention!?You will meet at the armory rMW in fu I uniform, with accoutrement* in complete order, for escort duty,on TUES DAY. May 1st, at 2% o'clock. Promptne.s is expected of every member as the company wil take up the liue of march, at 3 o'cl'k precisely. liy order of Capt. J. Peck. ap ii*-2t* W. H. HAY WARD, O 8. |?^G8AV'D EXCURSION AND PIC NIC Vvl5t to the While House Pavilion.?The Arner | icua Club take great pleasure in informing their friends and the public generally that th-y will an Excursion and Pi ? Nic at the above named place I on the 91st of May uext. Particulars in future advenisemcut. S. E. CULVER WELL, ap28?SVVS Secretary. | NATIONAL GUARD, ATTENTION?Yo-' I are hereby notiuud to meet at ywur armory on | TUESDAY MORNING, Mny J*t, at 8 o'cl'k, >iii full Uniterm, with knapsack, for parade and target practice By orjer of Cant. Tail. ap 30?2t? C. R. D18H0P, O. S. ^NOTICE? CONTRIBUTORS TO THE pi05? fund for the erection ofa Mouument to the late tftevart Ho land, of the ill -fated Steamer Arc* ic, are requested to uteri at tv.e Com:: ins room of the Union Office on MONDAY AFTERNOON next, at i b o'clock, I or the purpose cf *<l< cting from among their number a suitable committee to take charge ol the funds and make nil needful arrangements to car. ry out the contemplated design. ap 27?3t a^~^UNION HOTEL, GEORGETOWN.?An J i rdjourned uieettns of the fchareholder* o: the Union IfjtM Oomnanf -.vill be held at the Coun cil Chamber on MONDAY EVENING next, at 7*4 o'clock. Those share holders who are una' le to attend will please scud their proxies, as it is impsrtant every a hare should be repreeented. W. H. TENNEY, ESAU flCKERELL, ^Trustees. A. U. DODGE, j ap 25 td g^-^^JAMESTOWN cOOIETY OP WASH ingUMi City?A meetini of the Society will be held oa SATURDAY EVENING, Aprl 8", at 7M o'clock, at the United States Hotel, for the purpose of making Anal arrangements for the annoal celebration. All Virgiuians and the descendants of Virginians are respectlully invited to attend. C. W. C. DUNNINGTON, rp 26?3t* Rec. Sec. CRILDREI'i HOOPS lust received at LAMMOND'8, 7th ??. ap 88 3t . .. F19I1IXQ L.IKK9 and Artificial Rait at L.MJM jND'S,7:h st l aj>3e-3t LIST OF LBTTIR9 Runtitling til tk* P?? Om.e. Washington, D. C , A,ml 28, 1855. [Ordered to bo mieertitodin tke " Evbki4? tfretai'l" to the foUotrMg soetion of tke Post O/Ti-t Law?it ki?( tke n?*tsfOftr kartng the largost ctrcw lotion of onvdaUy fOf*T fmiliskod in Washington: SbC. 5. ?*nd he it /striker enacted, That the list of tetter* ivnuuiung uncalled foe in any po?t office in any city, town, or when? newspapers shall be printed, ahull, hereafter, be published once only in the newspaper which, being issued weekly, or oftencr, shall havo tke largest circulation within the range of the delivery of aaid office, to be decided by the postmaster at sued office.] ?arson* applying tor iattas ta Um foUowtag list, *0' ?tj tbaj ara idtiituuv LAD IBS' LIST. Adams, Miss Carolina Adams, B area rat & Ulan, Mrs K Boyd, Mary 111 own. Mm Sarah Ann Boyd, Mr* J M B-ll, Mr* John BInney, 11 ra J P Brlnley, Mlaa Backat t, Mlaa Oirtatana Brngdan, Mrs Mary Bond loot, Mrs KUtu Butler, Asn Banaon, Mrs Baylor, Mrs C O Conaor, Mra Kmlly Cb^ny, Mra Matilda Cassltt, Mrs Jane A Curtis, Mlaa Anna ? Claael, Mra M K Coanall, Mra Mary Ana Oonoboe, Mary Ilarla, Mra Paalina Da via, Mrs Cliarlrtt Wearing, Mra Kllaabath Da via, Mrs KllaabeUi 8 Dement, Jnlla R Dodaun, Charity Oavia, Mr* Benrlatts E Raatsrbrook, M Annie bdlDgtnn, Mlaa Mary K Kllpt, Mr* Pilnt Oardnar, Mr* Nelly Ueyer, Mr* Jane L Hall, M>a Bottle Home, Mr* Oscrgs K S Halnea. Mr* K B Haven, Mr? Kilt* M Harrison, Mra N P Herbert, Mrs Maria Hammellon, Miaa Alios C Hauaon, Miaa Mary P Ireland, Mrs Bltrs J ?wall, Mrs El mlaa Johnson, Mrs Kits* Katgbt, MIssS H Kern, Mra Mary A Kneel, Miss Margaret Lain, Mra LeU'-h, Mrs John II I^-ba, Mlaa Mary Lea. Miss Mary ? Lyaa, Ml** Margaret Learner, Mrs Mary L Mnrry, Mlaa Aaa Miller, Mra Bobart Martin, Ml** Margarst A Maboney, Mia* Habere* A ?Itcbel, Mrs Panny P Mount*, Mlaa Catharira Martin, Mis* Harlstu II Mattln, Mr* Sarah Murray. Mr* Mary Prunres Martnn, Mlea Mary Nonuili, Mra Peterson, Mrs Barbara Bogara, Mias Maria 8mlth, Mr* Jane Smith. Mr* M L Stewart, Mrs Mary Stewart. Mrs Jan* Hrriner, Mr* Bllsab<-th tinier, Mr* Minnerv* Htinrbromb, Kmma Silnrer. Cbriatiaaa Tate, Mra Anna Thornton, Mr* Bo*e:t* Tucker, Mr* Samuel TelTaro, Mr* James M Wood, Ml** Klin Week*, Mlaa Walker, Mr* Wharton, Mrs QBBTLBXKXS' LIST. Antiaell, Mr AIIbright, Mr Pltagerald. I B Arnold, J H Panllng, K Alliaon, Jno Plnn, H Addiacn, Lt Henry Ureau, Wm L A vegood, Geo W flroomer, Wta X A eel, Oeorg* Gool*, Wm Ardisson, Chas S Drwu Tbo* T Ames, Cltenay Huru*. Wm Gadney, Capt T B Uraliam, Jauea U Breat, C*]>t Tbo* L Gragg. J Kll Beck, Rtrxln Oralmm. Daalal Brown, Richard Green, Dr D S Brady, Nathaniel Bart M Warwick Brown, MaJ A W Hartnell, Wrj a Bracken bridge, Mr Htacks, Wm Brown, L Boland, Solon Ball, Jno T Bender, Henry Bennett, F 0 Bailay, E Hittlns'*-, Rev R C Brown, Chaa U Ben net, C P Beale, Benj B Brown, August iiamon. A W Crowner, Wm Chamber*,Capt W H Herteabeimer, D Ciyle, Thos Hartley, Cu** Cattleman, Stephen Hall, G,1 C W Ox. B 3 Clement*. R A Clark, R G Porman, Francis B Nurrls, Tbo* M**l, Jno T Nelaon, Gen Nae.1t, a Nora*, A W Noye*. A L O'Oawd. Hicbard Offutt, N O Owena, Jao B Ogg, John B Patten, Win Port-r, Wm T Pii'lllpe, Tboa H Pbalpa, Bobert Praetoa, Gen J B 1 Porter, Capt David Pbiilips, Geo M Po*ton, Cba* D Babbitt, Wm Byan, Rev WDM Rittenhonae, 8 B Bldgeley, BDU Roberain. NeLarn B Bacine, Napoleon Blx. J ante* M J Ue.d, Kill D Roea, Chaa A Stow*. C R flternbergb, Wta Strader, T htrobel. Max hteven*, L L Ilamme, gam'l Hugh**, B 11 HaSJou Michael Hat^eid, Ju> Hyde, James Heath, J K Hunter. Jno C Hart, B G Banning, Geo F ll.'dgea, G W Hutcbin*. Geo W Hall, F H Ha.'.am, R T Crocin, Philip Cl9*ry A Hoilmsn Carroll, Michael f>aden. Mr Cullen, Jno Cluasman, Jno A Cat?i, J.>* C yle, Jno Cor wta, Jaaon Coleaon, Jno 1 Cletuaula, W G Chittou, Daq. Carroll, Andrew CofSo, A S Davis, W A Duuki?soit. W H I Duuohoo, Thus Da via, NA 3 Dnlle. J P Duval, Jno P Dudley, Jobs G Davla, Henry DnlJn, Rev R S Dulany, Com B Ralln, Wm l.dward, Wm II Klliott, Robert K*'ln, Jamea KlUwortli, James Kills. Hiram Klgenbrot, George French. W ut Fi.wler, Tlio* W Fibias, Jacob Flynn, Jno Fairali, Jos Farver, Jno F.tcb, Henry B April 38 Ilaralaon, M;d'a CLstevec^, J as E Johnson, Walter fleaeer, J Jone*. Tbo* T Johnson, Lathrop June*. Jatre* Jalrrent, n^ery Jone*, Rev G?> Joailn, R M Juice, Daniel Johnson, Cha* H Kaufman, P Knbl, Dr J Kelley. J?* Klnr.ey, C(d Koone*, Ciiarie* I^-e, Coin S < Lander. Jno A I.ane, H W S.rong, I* Ham*. J .oi?-s Stewart, Jo* B Bt?lu. Julius (???halts, John Shrehy, Jamea Bt'ret, Jsiues II Stuart, J B Smith, Tl M Sander* Herry bmith, Ueo P 8cbfiling. F S?-liaileul*rg, P htewart. Cbas Sha>, Jr<* Turley, Simon Litchfield, Hiram T Tboiraa, Lew!* LaQeur, D P, * Co Tsylor, J H 0 Lor'ng, C!i*a H Llppiiicott, A K M udd, J H C 5 Mack. Wm Macomb, W B t Morgan, Lt Van B t Morrison. J D Moore k Ramadell Myer, J, k Son Morgan. Lewi* U Moore, Jn > J Mu'.lan, Lt John Msgulre. John F Miller, J C Uagnlre, Bryan Msy, Alexander Mcfx^ud. J M McCarthy, Char 1st McCartnay, F A ?: cCnbln, Tbo j McConvey, Wm Thurston, Jo* Thorpe, John Vanderpoel, Iaaac t Van Precht, Mr 1 Var. Kaaimsrhueber W Jos Wal*b. James Wrig'.t, Willi* W Wil*..n, Jii.. K William*, Jo* L Ward, l*ra*i P Wolfe, Jno Waihinpton. Jao T Winter, H W William#, H 0 William*. H S William*, B B Wright, B C Walters, Geo W Wellington, Geo Wright, F B JAMBS 0. BBBBB?. P. X. REWARD?My strraiu e?rl, Margrt v"" ref,'elt my hottsa t>n New York avenue, ihe iioih instant, and it is believed *lic had been <ie ?"<iyid off and eccreied b> Iree nciroen. I wiil (iv< tfie above reward it takrn out oi the District and $25 if taken in Wa.<-hin?ton or viciniiy, and delivered to n.e. She is about ?ve feet high, iwt uty-one jears of aaie, copper eoler, rajier btoutiy built, at?l has a quick way of wpeakin*. She U believed to be still in Washington. F. M. LWELL, an 18?co?t* 8?L?Cr SCHOOL 70S GItLt AND BOYS Sixth itrcet, bttween D and E,teet tide. PATIENTS or Guardians desirino to enter their children can see the Proprietor at the School b< tween the hours of and 1% o'clock, com mincing May l?t. ap 28?3t* A LADY HAVING A PLEASANTLY LCCA ud Hou-e in the country, a short rii.nancs Irom the City of New York, acces*iblti several tiaies a d?y, would receive five children, not over ten jean* of a?e, to board and educate with t*o sh? a'ready hap engaged. Pan nts preferring this mode cf edu cation to sending their boys to a large e?hou! will find tfei.-: an opportunity seldom met with, as ei her sex will be taken, and only the number mentioned. As ihe lady i< now in Washington an Interview can be had, asd the children could accompany her on, under her charge, if de-ued. Address "Gov mess" Wa hingtffi), I). C. ap 28?It* TO PERSONS DECLINING HOUSE KEEPING? FURNITURE BOUGUT! PERSONS dcclirin; Housekeeping, and wishing to avoid the trounle and expense incident to a public auction, will find us at all times prepared to purchase their entire household effects, for which we will pjy the highest cash prices. HuU.-t.keepers an t others having a surplu4 of naw and sec-oiid-hand FURNITURE will find that they can dispose of articles advantageously by uiaknu' application to BONTZ i COOMUS, New and second hand Furniture Dealers, No. 300 Seven;!) bt., bttwoen 1 and K. spfiS?? o3t* FOR MOUNT VERNON AND WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. ( The Steamer TUOS. COLLVER ,*ill make two trip* to the above pla Cte iicAt SteK. The Bi>a. leaves Washington at 9 and Alexandria at a. iu. on TUESDAY, May 1st, and FRIDAY, Mav 4th. The trips will give the passengers the privilege of spending the day at the White House, where they caa see thousands of fish (aught, and u great q-an tity of wild flowers cane be rot. Fare round trip to Mount Vernon and the WlUe House, $1. To llie White House 50 ceuts each Children half price. The Boat will return to Washington about 4 o'clk p m. A good band of music will accompany the party on the above trips WM. COKE will furnish a Plank ?had Dinner at the Pavilion, with all the ilelieacics of the sea*oo. and collations for those wishing them. ap 28 5t $20,000 worth Boots & Shoos. SPRING SUPPLY. IR0H HALL BOOT, SHOE, AND TBUXZ ESTABLISHMENT Pettn. avenue, between Xinth and Tenth ttreett. JUST received my Sp-ing assoitment of BOOTS. SHOES, and TRUNKS. **" Lu3.cs. 1000 pairs Ladies bronze, colored ao J black Gaiters, $1 50 10C0 do do do heel do tK *? ? do t'lippara k Ties, 6-2 to 1 0? '50 pairs ladies onrocco and kid Hjel Boou Btd Gaiters Mines and Children. mines and children's bla?k, bronze and colored Gaiters, 82 to 1 00 do co'ored, black, and white kid aad fqorcco Slippers, for May Balls childreti*B Shoes, all colors, 85 Gents, Bot/t and youths. 17C0 Genu Patent L<-athvr and Ualf Boots, 1 25 to ^ 7 06 25C0 do 3000 do 1COO do 1300 do 500 do 3000 Boys' do do Oxford, Cony, an! Rosenth Shoes do kid, cloth, lasting Cony Galters, 1 50 to 3 50 do kid, eloth and calf Boots and Pumps 8S00 Youths' Shoes of ail desciipuons The above stock is perhaps the largest and most desirable in the eity, irom which to trais selections Itembraces every variety, aad will be sold at the lowest prices. g. p. HOOVER apS^lllii8001' 8h0e TrUnk MAY BALLS. s^ 9AA D J0II,,, F* 8LLIS, ap2?-|f m,M Amusements. onn FELLOWS1 nALL. The Grand and Astounding Prima.n OF THE BATTLE Of BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHJlRLKSTOfTM, (Mtf* A tAIOTUMj Will be open for exhibition oa TUESDAY EVE NI.\G, May 1st, and conunue ev< rj evening during the w*l. Also, on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY after - aoaba, at J o'clock. Door* open at 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. Admission 96 cent*?Children accompanied by tbatr parent* half price. a MAY FESTIVAL AT CARCSI'S SALOON. MOH9. COCHEU ku the honor u> annoanre to bis pre at nt aad former patrons, his friend*, and the public generally, tbn hi* Mir Fail will be given at CARUSI'S SALOON, on TUESDAY, May I. The fallowing Farcy Dance* will be performed: I. Miuaet de la Coar aad Gavot da Vaaiioa, by a mail' r and miss 3 Shepherdess Paainral Dance, by 2 miaaea 3. La Cacbaca, by a aitaa 4. Highland Fling, by a niai 5 Bouemian Polk*, by a misa and mater 6. The Nymph'a Garland Dance, br 6 ml 7. A Grand Fancy Maaourka, by 16 miaaea 8. A Grand Finale. A regular aet of Coullona will be drnend bp lb<? scholars, after which lbe entire floor will bo thrown open to the rnupaay prenrat. Mona. Cot heu confldently traata that, a* the aame full aatiafnction haa been exprasstd by bia patrona at the end of tbia season'a labor na at tbe claae ot the Ian, and that hi* Second May festival will ex t hibit tbe aame briliiaat assemblage, nnd afford th ?ame general pleaaura. ap QKAKD EXHIBITION AZtD KAY BALL. AT TliE NATIONAL THEATRE. PROF. H. W. ^IJBDKR takea pleasure in announcing to the pnbl e that bia Grand Exhibition and Kay Ball will uke nlaee at the Na tional Theatre on THURSDAY EVENING, May 3d, 1855. The moat ex ten aire preparatloa ta being mad*, which will render thia the moat magnificent entertainment that liaa aver been witnessed in tbia c-tty. Tbe Parquet te wi'l be floored owr from the entrance to the foot of the stage, Uirowlag the en tire Theatre into one immense Bail Room, which will be decorated in the moat gorgeous maaaer. A ' hrone for tbe Queen of May and her Maid* ot Honor will be erected on the back of the vtage,orn unenied with flower* and banner?, surrounded by *cenej of a Fairy land. The Exhibition in preparation for thia occasion cannot be ex-elled. either in point of lieaaty or tbe min'r tn which the dancea are executed. Tbe following ia a programme of Dancea: 1. College Hornpipe, by 4 masters, 2 El Bolero, by 4 mi*aes. 3. La Cachucha. by 5 miaaea, 4. Paf Sty nan, by a miaa and i 5. La Smolensk!, by 3 miaaea, ft La Fille du Savateur, by 3 m 7. Cracovienn*, by 2 miaaea, 8. Scotch Dance, by 4 miaaea, 9. Styr an \Va!tx, by 2 Udiea and a k 10. Fischer** Hornpipe, b> a master, 11. Ell Jeleo de Jerea, by a nnss, 12. Grand Shawl Dance*, by 24 miaaea; ia which ia the crowning scene, the grand march, and ascension upon the throne, and grand final tableaux. IX The Flower Dance, by 32 miaaea, from the ace of 5 years up to 16, as introduced by the wonderful Vieanoiae Children in thia city in 1848 It ia comprised of 16 arcbea and 16 circle* of Roses of every variety and color. Thia dance pre-en is one of tbe moat impoatr.g spectacles ever witnessed on or off of tbe stage. The boxes will l?e reserved lor ladles dnring the exhibition, alter nhich the floor will be cleared for the whol<* company. Notwithstanding the enormous expense attrcd ing th a exhibition, the price of tickets mil be as 'lsual, only $3?admitting 1 geutl> man and ladies. Prtvate boxea may be obumed by calling on Prof. M., at bia Saloon, corner Pa. avenue and 11th at ^ from 4 to 8 o'clock p m. ap 21? dtd All htrasoiri visi'ing the City ahould see Hunter'a Cata logue of the Curioaitie- of the Parent Ofice. Aleo, his Description of Powell's Great Picture. fe?. 23?3m* FRENCH LANGUAGE \ DRAWING. tlOMPLETE and thorough instruction In the / above Jg^uches will be given on moderate 'erms by a French Gentleman, a graduate of the Polytechnic Scbo? 1, of Paris. Tbe advertiser is bearer of the highest testimonials of succeas in teaching. Apply to or address ?'French Teacher," No 40S Thirteenth street, between G and H. op 27?dim SMOKED AND PICKLED HALIBUT, AND smoked Halifax Salmon, for sale by SllEKRLL BROTHERS, "P 27?3; 40 opp Centre Market. ENGLISH BEEF SAUSAGE lor lancb and fi.fc ing parties. For vale by SHEKELL BROTHERS, aP 27?3t 40. opp. Centre Market. TO TllE LADIES. FF. MYER, Agent, baa just received from New ? York a new assortment ot BONNETS an J FLATS, for ladies and children. ap27?3t* No. 13 Market Space. NR.W JXWKLKT, WATCHES, . SILVERWARE, he. M. W. GALT h CF.O are receiving dailv large additiona to their stock of new and elegant' JkW ELRY, WATCHES, SILVERWARE, *c. Purchasers have the advantage of a eeletecuoe from a complete assortment of the latest at) lea. of the be?t quality, and at the lowest rates. M. W. GALT It BRO, 324 Penn avenue, between 9ih and 10th sta* ape 27?6t MORE NEW GOODS. WE have just reoc:ved 50 pieces French Lawn? and Jaroaeta, very beautiful Cood?, and entirely new pat terns, to be sold at 25c per yard 1 ease Portsmouth Laconsat lx,fce 00 pieces rich figured Organdy Muslins 35 do very best quality Paris Lawns V 50 Dree* Patterns, rich fi?"d Berages 2"i pieces plain Berages, good qual ty, at 31 fc'c .-5 do very best ouility plain Berage, at 37*c 2 cases Merrimack Prints, lJj^c m 1 do Scotch Ginjhain^, IS-^c. AISO?ON HAND A handsome assortment of Twisted Piik, Berage, Jaconet and Muslin ROBES which we aili very cheap. HUMMER SILKS. W# would invite special attention to our large and well assorted stock or Silks. Ladiea should not fad to ex imine cur aasartment before purchasing, a* we can certaicly sell better bargains in Una cla** of goods than any other house in this city. MANTILLAS. Just received. 25 black Silk Mantillas of the new est shaprs ar.d handaomely trimmed, lo he aoid at our usually low prices CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY * CU. ap 27-flt SCOFFEUN ON TI1E WEAPONS O^' W \E, London, 1855 The Rifle Musket, by CapL Jervk, Royal Amllery London,1854 Boucher on the Rifleman and the Rifle, Loadon, 1854 Naval Gunnery, by Sir Howard Douglas, 4th edi tion, 1855 Naval and Military Technical Dictionary, FrrnrU and English, by Lieut Col. Bum. 3d ediuon. 18M. nP '7 FBANCK TAYLuR RICH AND POOR, and other Tracts for th?J umes, a new volume, by Rev. J. C. Ryle, au thor of'Living or Dead" The Youn^ Man Adi-iscd, by Dr. E O. Haven. The Sclect work of the R?*v. Tlios. Boston, com prising his Body of Divinity The Teacher's Last Lea?cn, a Memoir of Martha Whiting God Sovereign aad Man free, by N. I. Rice. D P A Boy's Adv.nuire m U?e Wilds Aualralia, .J' William How lit. CRAY h. BALLANTYNE, aP 27?3t 491 Seventh st I^HE GREAT BATTI^E^of the Briiiab Arm),l vol, London, 1855, $ I 50 Ottley'a Bixtory of Remarkable Siegea, 1 vol Lot don, 1855, 37c The War Almanac for 1655, London, 37c The Book of tbe War, by P. B. Sl John, Lond? 18o5, 37c History and Record of tbe War, London, 1856, M cer.ta Field Pocket Book, by Capt Fefrov, Royal Arti: lery, London, I &55 FRAKCK TAYLOR POTATOfeCS? Jiiat received, per schooner Isabel, a carfo" ? hue Mercer POTATOES, suitable lor uUe ?* or plantinc- For sale in lota to suit. Also. 300 buabela small do , for plantini Apply to PETER BBRBY, No TT Water street, Georgetown, !>? c* ap 36?d3t ! ? COURT OF CLAIMS. THE anderstgned will practice in the U 8. of Claim*, and ia tbe differeat ci'ant) j, ^ District. Hia ofllce ia on tbe comer ofl4??? w streeu. immediately in the rt>ar of Wdlard? ' ^ f ap28?3t* JOHN 8. TV*^, LOT OF GOOD SEtXlND HANU fhr sale. For information enquire at w ?coo It Co."a, comer Peimeylvania ? . ^ ae?t. FRANK M- SrENtEb.

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