Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. pro* TBI m* inns hfrAg fti boddiaa-Pprta* la lloomlug, With ber b!o?sima frein and fair AM the air around prrftonlng, Spring perradah evwy where. Spring, uUtr headed," cornea and biewca Natnra with tier xenial face; Wakes the ?*arth with wimi cnreaaca, And uanboeoms every grace." Lowrlf Rprm( coiaes forth to meet ns. With her brines the leagth^nlaj da) , And present*, ngain to greet a ? April mild, and aiodait May. A. B. THE 1LCQTJEHT PASTOB bt laka* ai.Aifcnabp. !!<? tMight the cheerfulness that siill Is ours, The sw-'eWss that still lurks Id human poweri If Heaven be full of start, ihe earth bai floa tn* IIU was the searching thought, the glowing Kind ; The pintle will to others soon resigned ; But. more than all, the feeling just and kind. His plea*urea were as melo.1ira re?ds,? tiw-:-t bonks, de?p music, and unselfish deed*, finding immortal flowers in human weeda. Tme to his kind, nor or himself afraid, lie deem<-d that love of God was best arrayed la lore ot all the things that God has made. He d eflfd n an's life no feverish dream of care, but a iiikh pathway into freer air, Lit up wiih golden hopes and duties fair. He showed hew w-dona turns its hours to year*, Freeing the heart on joys instead of fears, Aitd wor nips God In siniles, and loi in tears. His thoughts were as a pyramid up-piled, On whose far top an angel stood and >>imled,? Yet in his besrt was ha a simple child. YoUHS LiDlKS NOT TO BR LOOKED AT while going to Chcbcii ?A committee of the Jane street Methodist church, con sisting of Susan Yanpelt, Jane Thomp hcn and Mary I sherwood, sent a letter to Mayor Wood to-day in relation to young men congregating about their edifice. They say: "At a meeting held for the purpose of communicating to you the annoyance ex perienced by ladies, and more so by young ladies, attending church on Sunday by the practice of young men standing in front of churches, on t.he sidewalks, it was ??1 Resolved, That staring and insulting by lock, persons who go to church for the purpose of worship, had not only the dilct of keeping away many who other wise would attend, but it was the means of doing away with the impression that is made upou one when in the house of God.' "We feel called upon as Christians and lovers of order, to call upon you and ask you to put a stop, if possible, to this nuisance. Knowing that it would be out of place to call upon you in person, we hare adopted this mode of communica ting to you." The police of the district were directed to take tha cotupiaint in their hands.? N. Y. Eve. Pest. How Ocn Bodies are Madb Up.?The following is a forcible illustration of the way we supply the natural waste of the body: Let it be remembered, that to take food is to make man. Eating is the pro cess by which the noblest of terrestrial fabrics is constantly repaired. All our limbs and organs have betn picked up from our plates. We have been served up at table many times ovrr. Every in dividual is literally a mass of vivified viands; he is an epitome of innumerable meals ; he has dinei upon himself, sup ped upon himself, and in fact?paradox ical as it may appear?ha3 again and again leaped down his own throat. Lei L;g stales that an adult pig, weighing one hundred and twenty pounds, will cou&umo five thousand ono hundred and pounds of potatoes in the course of a year, and yet at the end of that period its weigat may not have increased a ?ingle ounce. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Sam*. Ltsx>*. For Days. Illinois ...Blew York Aspir.wall.Api. 20 \V?suiac'von.._ New York. ...Bremen*...Apl. 21 K wih Star..~~ New York....Havre Apl. 21 Atlanuc ? .Uverpool......N? w York .Apl. 21 Ani<->(1'ja. Boston Liverpool.. Apl. 26 Kwu.em Light....N^w York....San Juan..Aj.l 27 Asia ..Liverpool.... Boston Apl 28 QZf- T!ic Culifbraia steaniera leave New York on ti.e Silt an.! ?0th of each month. AIUUVALfi AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Aiatloaal Ilotal?a. i>. wiixiin J Levertn, &I D 3 Boston Jt lady, Va J Latcbford. Mass B B Motri n, do J McSolough, Cau J S Wright, ill B Woods, .to Mrs Balwin, Pa J Ad&JU*. Ei.g Miss Baldwin, do lion A Van?itrpool, laJy D 11 Nice, do A sop, NY E It Jones, NY D GriAu, Ga Ls Rusden, do K J ro)>rd y W Chaiubtriayne and J E Miaou Va D Carroll. Atk J V% Lauderback, Pa ft!: * AJJndg", ?lo C M Oniugtr, do C J Nalaou, NO J K Porter A l.uly, MY Mr* Carter, do M < Kborn, Ark J W Wauon, Ky V F F?iId. do T Frc^ke, Md V llall, NY o W kcrty, da Uroena' Ii#tal?t- r.kt now*. VV J Lancaster, Mi G W I)ewi-?, Pa I>s Magill, do J M Danlay, Ark J C Wii 1 ig, N Y B M Pa> ne, Va J Beynold*, T A Mann, Oa <: B Ole, Md li L i^mitb S. !ady, do ftlrs L M. r?a, Miss G A Clark, i^coUaod It I) H^gere, do J Pulton, do C Ta/k^r G Kerr, M l fl B John?;n, li C HiN?-n, Germsny T A O'Neal, NY CH Martin A lady, Pa J L O'Neal, do B B Will?;n. Md Mr. A Wii iaros. Pa W A U.ise, NY Mm L W Wi!l::tms, go C Muors, do M'? J B W U:aia?t <!??> Capt A d'Brian, lady A J )i B VVi.liair.?<. do cl ild, Va II A Si-veos, O C O lit nry, Ga J T I >-kscn Ind P k'"bg? *? S NictoJ u,N?J Willarda* Ilotal?a. a. & s. c. wiluu. R R Cuyler, O* S Lan-burgb, NY H L^nng, J Fr mc-r, do Jd LeflVrti. NY J R A lady, do J XV Fab w, C.\ Mm Gen 8<oa, do O li y bevuKer, U S, Tex 74 Trieftoer, Loudoa <* J M Eatrn, Md G LniiJ.y, t,'i E Dslano, NY T T Br? r.t, USA C M-r.k A lady, Can OliiC, NY Man Monk, do >; ri Bar lour. Vd ? DaviJson A lady, Mas* G F Piakhaiu, Mas* J li Weeks, do W P Firry -t aly, Ga J P Gardner, in rr Csrr lad-/. NY H Harlan, jr. Del M 1* Hul. k. uJy, Js L Lincoln and daug.itera, MrsC'i M4nn,du Pa Mis C J >\ ells <!o W A Joynev, do P ? Brown,, V* Mrs Srymour, Vt J W Cutis, d* 1 t(lik?ocd Hi '????J. n. A a. ctaawoos. Cnp: Cbarman, Tex N ftlills, Va \V ri We>t, l al I)?; L-ittetield, Mars M W Cam) bell, NY W Clark, Md btilltd Statii Hotel?k, 15. BAcaaKT B F Gor-'on, fa M M- rton, Va J Je-t?-r A larty, do L B Wiuimigton, do t* f Mmjch A lady, do fiaaaisa Donti, Alexandria, Va. i.MWiu*, raorKtaTCR. A W Bla>rmorr, Ta E V?o, Va A J **. u klifTe, Va J .>? Harrison, do V Y i* Cava-'a Cvba W Mitchell, do di W Grain, >id 8 Gibb ri, ?:o ? H G>!b<in-, Va Mr Ai*H*r, N.^ A W Gray, do C 0 Duhary, Va F s# Al *>ek, i ?? I L Ontmr, do Miss Ball, do T VV Moscfftctt, Md W H Mitrhe I, Mi J V. thanduh, do ft! P Pl:?, iio ftf C l>t< k? rs??u, do W li Ball, ITSN ikv A B AiiBu; fa EAGLE PLUMDDSG AM) GAS-FiTfliSG DEPOT. TIIE SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCES TO IIIS FRIENDS AND THE PUBLIC in general that he l?aa received the ti'st lot of t*e celebrated DODGE S ROUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at :lie late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, and i? now prepired to furnish al! who may favor him with a call. Hi? mock of OAS FIXTURES are un?nrp-i*->p<| in the District. With bi? corp-t of competent workmen he prides himself to till any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with protnp;neM and despatch. 49"All work done warranted to give complete eat lsfaction JOni RK MSB. April 58?tf Corner of Sillil RtrrPt ?nH Pi.?navlv?iii9 Aw nno EVANS. Pa c venue, between l'2f\ and 13.'\ rfO HAH Jmt returned from the North with a larre large aaaoitamt of Gentlemen's S.Ik HATS which he is selling at .$3 each, of the same Quality usually .-told in this citv for ?4 lis likewise ti is such articles of w*ar worth 83 - 00, which hn will dispose o? for 32 r.O. In ad.Ji ion to t^e ab-ivr? he hr.s inTer.srd hi? -tocts o; LhJ;.-s' BONNETS prd RIUANDd, which ?**?"?*??! lo sell at cxtraordiniry low prices. 3 P -J ? IW SODA WATER, SODA WATER! C1 GADTIER ha* Just erected in Iii9 establUh J% ment a fountain of very superior Soda Water which for it* deuciom and medicinal qualities is i^r ahead of any beverage ever before inirodnc*<,ri. He would ca:l particular attention to the superior quaniy and variety of hi* ?irut>s, which are all made ,rom the pure fresh fruit, a::d not ironi any ef the acids now in common u#e, which are always more or lets deleterious to the stomach. C. GAUTIER, ap 16-Pf.a.v ZS'i Pa avenue. MANTUA MAKING. MIS8 MARGARET DVEK respectfully annonn c'5 ^ iht ladies of Washington and vicinity, that she has just returned to Washington, and in tends to returns her former business, and colinis the patronage of her former fric^i*. No. Sill td. , avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth eta. ap 9 ?2>aw3w* TO PERSONS DECLINING HOUSR-! P KEEPING-FURNITURE BOUGHT ! ERSON9 l?ci.*.ug Housekeeping, and wishing to avoivl ihe trouble mul expense in^idout to i? pu!mc ?ncti<n, will find us at a'l times prepared to purchase their entire household etfecsa. for winch I we will piy the highest cash prices. H nstk'-ep"r? and others having n f-;rp!ns of n?w and second-hind FURNITURE will find that t!:er can dispose of articles Hdvsntageously by making I applic.i'ion to RONTZ & COOMBS, Ne?' and ?econd hand Furniture Dealers. No. 369 Seven;h st., ^twwu i and K. I ap 23?eo3t* NOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSIIIP. : VV *a ? R'TTER have this 16th day o* ?? April entered into a co-partnership for the i PUT** of carrying on the Wood and Grocery bu.4 rhe stibscrib-rs Wood Yard ma-\ Store Is mtHated on the ( anal, west of and near to the market, where ! persons In want ol Wood or Groceries of superior aiUJ7n..Ul" ?'?s? plcati: g terns, can at \ all times find a full supply. ah . . .w " h n ?- RJtter. i All per-ons Indebted toW.U. Ritter previous to ! ue cewnencement of this firm are re<j-i -sted to I call and settle th-ir accuunu. eo2w RELICS FROM ROME. I HAVE in tny uoa^esjion a piece of the stone pre- ! sented by the Pope to the Washington Moumeut 1 suttcieut to make a limited number of charms' which can be had in any style of setting, by apply- I ***'to- * aA*n 1 B DALY, Jeweller, No. 344 D street, between thh aud 10th ?y84? wo3t* SUGAR, COFF3CK, S.IZfT. *?. lcfl banvls H? fined Sugar 70 bag* Rio Coffee 1 42 bag* oln Java do 60 boxes fresh gr auj do sacks fit.* dolt I -flO p-.un 'd Hops, low priaa Jum receixed anl for s .le by *?84?e?3i MURRAY fc SEMME3. ROACHES, RATS, AND MICE. ~ '|?HESE p? Kt-' can be ?niirely destroyed bv usiiu> 1 THE EXTIKMIVATOn, which can U "3 with more safety an J Certainty than any article ever offered to the puitlic. Price iH c*nt-? per packagw. ClJINCaOR HED RUGS 04n be enUrsiy removed by a f?w applwiiUoaacf my new preparation. Try it. iu> Price 85 centn per bottio. Vft no n J* B' Dmggiit, ap *" &VCEUe' ^ Seven Building. CHANCE FOR BARGAINS. O ? "WV:k BO/>TS ,nJ aI,?KS are now corn " pi' te In ail iu branches. Pw Ladies we bav ? an ?n .imw variety ofwt*^ Gsitors, button ?ad laoe, frmn 1 to a 5a k Morocco pud Kid Slippers, 75c, worth 31 Do Bufk:us, 81%, worth 1 IJ For MifUfr.4 and Uhilkren? Black, hroaiie anl colontd Gaitors, bntton and lace jtor?ta, braau and colored uh* K^?f)*e moro'-bo and Kid Slinnen Bbaaghai lkw?u, tmcit and ihin Moles Fot Gents our ? cimnot be hUrnassed in thi* Leather and calf, sewed a nd p,we5 ^ PtlPDt X GsJJr?1 Cl0Ul ttBd pa^nl ,e?lh? Batton Walking and <JanclnR Pumps, a -uperior article rati a Halenl a:her u*for?l 'l ies and strap Shoes Call and examine our stock for w#* ure , ??';? ?'?.*"??. SStS^LSqS^25Stm~t Don't lose uine but call Marly Dou't forget the ?tore. A. HOOVER k. BON, ?p 24-e^it 1 a*'' near,y ?PP- Brown"' iWL C*^1^61^8 I* HARMKB? For SeleiZ v The subscriber has on private nhi 1 six-s*-at Fsnii y Carriage I Doctor's Pbeton 1 set Double Harness 1 set Single Harness Both Carriage, were built to ordar. are thoronrk ' made, and but little used. Prices low and terms favorable. JA8. V. McGUIRK ap m 0Lfl"C ?r a8d Comnii*ion Merchsiu. BLACK TKA.?I have' ijum received another Lot <?f tiiHt | uperior, unnvalled bJack TK i I at ^0 cents per (iound Lrf i.?S'a'ii*Urnlion uthou^keep erw and all who wi.fuo indulce in ' s dHiciouscupofT^ is r.>r,(.ct 1 - ??* * 1 z. ?z " ?P 17-Ttf <0nier Vermtnl Me I street. CI?|IAT,?^?C-'S F A *c Y RTRUV ful a*.,rtinrnt oM'ITh '^ a"d b*#uli M1S..-S I . n1' " f<u,w cape, and ful patterns, ki BUTTPftTK)?^^$Slrh ^'b^* Cap, and Genth men'- r,.M; . Cheap Hat, bU. Mreet arid ?VnS. avenue ^ *, corner ol ; Natioual Hotus. CI>ue, between Browns' and ?P 91?no+w N' T>T. WILL1A1N. LADIZ8' EBES3 AND TRIM3CIN0 STOBE Pa. avenue. between Seventh and Eighth streets. M WILLI AN would respectfully announce to ? the Ladies of Washington that he just received from Uie Northern ciUes a complete stock of GOODS, among which may be found? ' New style French "Dress Trimmings ; Pino French Flowers and R:batirfs ! A Urge lot of Bonnets, in silk, scrape, and sUaw,cf tho laiest patterns i And an ? xcellent a"oruncnt of hrtndsorae Embroi deries of all kinds. Dree*-* made in the latest Paris fonhiotu at rea j sonable rates. Pinking and FiuUng, and Kid Gloves eleaned. mrr3l?eolm* ^ NOTICE OF REMOVAL. EW FURNITURE STORE.?ROTH v'.'ELL Si _ , BROWN have removed their House Furn'sit ing Store to the large and handsome building on 7th street, next to Od-1 Fellows' Ilall, where wo have for sule a large and varied a sortment of ele^aet par lor, chamber and Cottace Furniture. Also, Carpeting*. Oilcloth, Door Mats Gins* and China Ware, Clocks in variety Wooden Ware, Baaket War.', V? I???jiptdee Children** Carriages, Rocking Hor?-i Mattrwwjr ol hair, cotton r.nd shuck Office TaM s, De?ks,, flic. Japanned Ti-i Ware and)"aihing Apparatus They will keep een?:ar.t)y f<t sale a rull assort ment of hou?e furnishing Goods, and wiil sell on (lie moM favorable terms. np 6?eolm FISHING TACKLE. IIMERICK, Virginia, Kuby, Yankee Looi!!c and j Gravitation Fi*h flooki (*i k rea <?r\ss, Linen, axsd CoUOt! Li??? JoinUd Roils at *li price--, from ?1 lo each Alto, Barr.l*>o m;d K-ed Rods Artiftri/I H-.cs, ern-?hr,pp?rs and fl?.h Sinker* of every deuerirtion. Si'k wo-m Out, Landing Nets, and ever}thing in the Fwhin* Tackle lice ier 8:ile nt r <Jiiee?! prices. F. K LUNDY, No. 158 BiL'gc street, Georgetown, U. C. my MANTILLAS. WE op*n tiiis morning a rhoice assortment of bl.ick and colored Siik and Lace Mantillas, to which we re-pectiully iavite the nuenuon of the ladies. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY & CO. an 23?Ct WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Orricx W\sh;.not.iM Aq kdoct. 1 Wi'lm^'-'ja, March 7, 1855. / PROPOSALS are invited for traduction, ct<me and brick masonry, dam-", tunm Is), aud othc/ works of the Washington A<sucouct. Proposals received up to the bib of May will be opened at noon of tint uay. Maps, profiles, and specificaU'>ii? c* l'!e work will ba ready tor examination oa an J aflur the iiKh day ut Apnl next. Proposals will be received for the work of particu lar culverts, fridges, fee., as described in the piaas and specifications. Portion* only of some of tLa works car. be com pleted under Uie present appropriation, but all UK contracts for unfinished work will he mbjeet to fu ture appropriations by Congress. The Engineer re serves the right to prescribe the amount of work to be done and rate of progress under such contract for each appropriation, and. in ease of the appro priation not holding out kUittciently, to decide when tun! what works shall be atopped until fluids Income available. In case of the entire stoppage of any paricuiar work for want of lUnds, the reserved ten per cent, will be pud, if, in the judgment of the Engineer, the work had been properly eiocutui ?o far as it has gone. Payments will b* uiade in specie checks upon the Untied States Treamiry, upon Ue monthly estimates of the Engineer, reserving 1U per cent.; and it wdl be a condition ofall contracts tnat the workmen shall be paid their full uuges monthly and in specie. All bids sli-'uld be -eaJed and endorsed " i'ropo Hals for work on the Washington Aqueduct." The United States reserves the right to reject any or all the kids should they not be deemed advan tageous, and to make such arrangements a* u.ay be considered most conducive to the progress ul tba work. Every olLr must be accompanied by a written guarantee, signed by e:ie or more responsible per sons, to the efl'ttct that lie or ?hey undertake that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid be aeceptt d, enter into an obligation, within ten days, with good and sufficient sureties, lor the completion ofthe work undertaken; said guarantee to be accompanied by ihe certificate of the United Slates district judge, United StatH* district attorney, navy agent, or some officer of the General Government or individual known to tne Engineer or Department of War, that the guarantors are able to make good their guarantee. Bids will be opened in presence of bidders if any of them choose to be present. Form of Guar ants*. To Capt. Iff. C. Meigs, U. S. Engineers: We, the undersigned, resident* of , in the State of . hereby, jointly and severally, cove nant with the United Slates aad guaranty, in case the foregoing bid of ? be accepted, that heor they will, widen ten dava after the acceptance of ?aid bid, axecute a contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, to perfona the work or furniab the articl?*s proposed, in conformity to the terms of the advertisement under which it was made ; and, in ease the said - should (kit to enter into contract a* aforeeuul, we guaran'y to make goid the difference between the offer by the ?aid ' and the next lowest bidder. A. B. C. D. I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above named guarantors are good and sufficient. B.F. M. C. MEIGS, Captain of Engineers in Charge. mar 7?eotMayfMkwtf THE RAG BAG, by N. P. Willia " Feurbach's Essence of Christianity Cumniing's Family Prayets, 2 vols ap O FRANCK TAYLOR. I r*o. sua.] No tie0 of tk* ?stablishm'*t 0/ the oJU* of Surveyor General of jmhlie lands for ? the Territory of Utah. N virtue of ihe authority contained in the act ap proved February 21, lfc5ti, entitled "An act to establish the office of surveyor general of Utah, and to grant land I?mt school and universi'y pur|iOtt> s," the President of the United Slates has directed the office of surveyor general of said Territory be located at tf reat 8a 1 Lake City aoul etherwise or dered. GtV'tn under my hand, at the City of Washington this twenty foorth day of March, anno Doaiiiii 165$. JOHN WILSON, Comaiistttuuu uf (feoeral Land Vffice. mat Q9-2awflw Taiivir Dotrstmcwi, Mircto 1854 NOTICB It HEREBY GIVEN to tti* hdjUraof nock of the ITaitc<] States described in 'be <yvtfng ??lice of 3d January last, that fee tl?o pW pose of completing the purchase ?f the amoant .herein named, this department will ooaUaoe ?? porchase, epon the terms of said notW, to the ex tant of the residue of the ran proponed pot yet ob ?taed-sny #1,158,884 06, If said aioclu are offeted ind received here prior to the flirt day of June next: Trrasurv UiFitTXiiT, January 3. 1855. Notice la hereby given to the holders of the fol lowing described stocks of the United State#, that this department ia prepared to purchase, at any time between tho date hereof and the let day of March next, porttona of those atocka, amounting In the ac gregate to #1,900,000, in the manner and on the l?ma hereinafter mentioned, to wit: la case of any contingent competition, withia the amount stated, preference will bo g ven In the order of time In which aaid atocks may be offered. The certificates, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount tnereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof, a price will be paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value,or amount specified In each cer tificate. 2. A premium on the etock of the loan authortx'd by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 1#, 1856, of 2X per cent.; on the atock of the loan au thorixed by trie act of 1842, redeemable Decern ber, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorized by tlie acts of 1847 and 1848, aid redeem able, the former on th<j 31st December, 1867, and the latter on thaiOth June, 1868, of 16 per cent; and on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of 1850, and redeemable ou the 31st of December. 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemnity,) 6 per cent. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st r.f January, 1855, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in addition. Payment for Baid stocks will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on thn assistant n-asurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before the saiil 1st dav of March ?ext. JAMES GL'THRIH, mar 6?dtJunel Secretary of tfie Treasury. REV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OP THE EXETER STREET, M- E. CHURCH?A strong desire to benefit the afflicted induces turn thus to cerufy. We challenge any other medicine to present such a mans of testimony from gentlemen and ladiea of high standing of our own wcJ-known citixena. who testify of cures of COUCH, BRON CHITIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, kc. TUltihour, January 24lli, 1855. Messrs. Mortimer 4' Mowbray: I take pleasure in saying to you that f have Uf'd your "Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. Frorn a serious t.iroat affection, my genera] health had become very much impaired, when I com menced U? use '? Hampton's Tincture." I found its effects upon my genenl health most aalutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs soon right ed up under its use. I have several time* recommended it to my fri?nds, and in every case, as far a* I have been ui formed, they have use it with succjm. Youra tral7, Joan Lakahan, P^tor Of Exeter st., H. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OP~THB LUNGS. Raleioh, N. C., Feb. 8,1885. ilcrrrt. Morthncr 4" Mowlrray : I do here?y certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Veg'*i&bl? Tincture. I procured one boitie, and after taking which, I was satisfied that I was much better ; and ;J?at, after ukinz the fourth bottle, 1 was entirely well, and now I e??joy as good b?alth as ever I did in my life. I can, and do. with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture to ali persons alllicted in my way. Yours, Gio. W. Wxaklxt. CURE PITS?READ ! More lo the Sick than GalA.?lrom one cl the most respectable Druggist* in South Carolina. Charleston, S. C. Sept. 21,1453. Messrs. Mo*timir fc MowxnaxThe sale ef focr Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing svery day, and every bottle so!d recommends Uii ralua'le medicine to the afflicted. Several of our slanters have tried It in different cases with iwton isbing success, and are gettms ii by half doxens. It !ias hee." totiud to be the greatest lemcdy for iheu matis affections, and a wonderful c*:re has been [performed on a r.ewrn bov, suffering from Fits. I vviil fu r.i.-.'i you Willi a number of ceitlficates if you iriih tbem I am. g-iitlenies yours, W. G. Tk^tt. Call and ret pamphlets gratis, and see cores of Joupli, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys jcpma, Nervousness aud General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicate children we bolieve It one-mallet:. Sold by MORTrMSS & MOWBRAY, 140 R-.M5 m >re street, Baltimore, and 30-1 Broadway, N. Vor* L'hai. Stott Sc. Co., J. B. Moors, D. 6. Clares, Jlakks ?. Bowlino, W. Et.liot, and H McPhkr io*, Washington ; aiso, by II. S. P. Ci ssl. G> orte own; and C. C. Birrt, Alexandria, and by Drug fists everywhere. feb 21 ?tr KOULL * BOYD, BLIND MAKERS k UPUULSTERERS, \TT7 0ULD rcpectftiMy infirm their friends end the public generally that thcyp^V, r j ire j?rejmjed to aiteud to all orders innHrr' l liexr line of business. All kinds of UPHOLSTERING [jeatlr executed; sech as?Cuttii- j and, Making Carpets, Fitting down Matting ' and Oil Cloth, Making and titm-g up ^ Bed \nd Window Curtains. Hair. Shuck ; ind <?tlier Mnttrcsses, Pew and other j Ouahio'.s, Spring Beds, Loun*eg, Easy, and Sick l>a:r*. VVe have in store - Window Shades iuid rrimmm^s, Cords and Tassel*, Split Blinds, Wide Pa;?r tor Curtains. VENITIAX BLINDS made in iny style, aud oid ditto repaired to loek as well as new All kinds of old Work rcpairsd, and all or te? tiiankfjlly received and promptly attended to Ibr ea^h, or a perfect understanding tet'ore hand If you want the worth of your money just give us i call, at No A91 Pa. avenue, south cMe,betw. 9th md 10th streets. mur 30?tf PALMER'S PATENT LEG. 1*1118 AMERICAN INVENTION stands unrivalled toih in this coe.nuy uidin Kuro'.e ItiHWorn by 1.000;*-r?ons, md with moat astonishing succemi. In competition with 30 other substitutes of he b*:sl I reach, Engluh, and German nanufacture, it received the award of the miiTiiiPAL ut the WoaLD's Exutbi rtoN ia Lokdoh as the best artificial itiib known. In > l.u country it has tot n hirty iime? exhibited, iu couipetili >u vlihaJl others, at the annual Fairs in lii?t >nnc i pal cities, and haa, in svery instatisc, tMMived the award of the highest or lirat Memiuni. Aud as a crowning lienor, by he unanimous approval of an iuu-rna ional council, tlie "First Premium" ? i only Silver MmUil givea for Lu?bs?wot awarded theinveutor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full Information, sent traus ts A'cry applioant. B. FRANK PALSTER, 373 Chcjout sued, Philadelphia. feb ?3pi FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition stock of kOLO IIL'.NTIXU ?ATXET LSVXOH, and Lamas' watch ts >f first quality, hoavy 18 caratjj ascs. Also, SILVER WATCHES fur boys. I offer them at greatly reducad price;. The Dovements are selected with great care, and every iVatch is uarruUed. Persons m want of a fine timekeeper are Invited o examine my aasortmeut. II 6EMKEN. No. S30 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sU. mar 30 FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. |??*I ALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet ar core, in J various parts of tLe City, ui Georgetown, al ew prices, and Uxeu to suit. LLOYD 4 CO. BUILDIXO 2TG31S, for eale, deliverable at the Canal, or WLar??> ii VaaLington, Gecrsetcvc, or llciaa^rU. LLOYD A 00. UUi atTM^ Opp. Traaauii- Departmeat. It PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. T lin subscriber lias alwa>-s on hsnd a asjott 1 ment of German and American ri-^OBM^ fNOS, from tl?e very best manufacturera^^R*^ vhich he offers for sale at lower prices ban can be purchased in the Dihtrict of Columbia, ind i n the moot accommodating terms. All Pianos turchaaed from me are warranted to give eeiislac ion. Old Pianos taken in exchange. B. REISS, Professor of Music, G. bftw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, eb 6?3m* PKRkOS* W1TII DEFECTIVE vision aie invited to examine my xtensive stock of all kinds of SPECTA ' JLES aud EYE-GLASSES. Glosses1 if nay kind, suc h a- Cataract, Parabola, 'eriscopic, Double Concave, liable Convex, and Colored Classes, put in at ><t.ort noticc, with great tare, aid persons in want of glasses may be sure 0 get those wliicV benefit the eye. Jfjf Circulars "Defective Vision," gratis at if 330 Pa. avenue, bctw. 9tb aud 10th su. mar 30 1 TEMOIUS OF THE COUNTBSR OF BLES. LU Mtgufct, by li. R, Madden, M. R. f. A., two ^ ? FRANVK TAYLOR. DOCTOft HO OF LAND'S CELEBRATED (German Bitters, DR. C. 1L JACKSON, PkfUTft. WILL ?mCTUALLT OCT* LIYEB COSFLALM, DYSPEPSIA, JiUIDKK, Chronic or Ner*o%$ Debility, Dwea??s of tie ITbUeyt, cmd all rfiseaaes anting from a dU trdertd Liver if Such u Constipation, Inward Pile*, fullM*. ?* Blood lo the Head, Aridity of the Stomach, Nau sea?^Heartburn, bt??m for food, fulloe- or I weight In the Stomach, 9o?r ?nictation*, ?nk ing or fluttfriAf at Um Pll of the 8tooi?l, ***** m;ng ol" the Head, Harr-ed and difficult Breathing, Pluuenng at the Heart, Choking ?* Suffocating | Sensation* when in a lying Posture, Dimness ol Vision, Dots of W? be before the Sight, Fever and Du'.l Pain in the Heal, Deficiency of Perspiration, YNJownes? of the Skin and Eye*, P?.in in the Side, Hark, Chert, Limbe, kc., Sudden F.u-in* of Heat Bunii&gintbe Pleah, Con nan t I magin ings of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. THE proprietor, in calling tAe attention of the publie to thiM preparauoa, doe* ao with a t<*l ii? of the utmost confidence in ita virtues and adap tation to the diMasea for which it is rccommendcd. It ia no new and untried article, but one l??at ha* nood the teat of a ten years' trial before the Ameji can people, and ita reputation and sal* ia unrivalie oy any similar preparations exunu The te?.uiu<>i>y j in iu favor given by Uie moat ptoouaeut and well cuown Physicians and individuals, in all parts of | ?i:e country ia immense. The following from*> Caichna ia respectfully subijtt d, refitting an) who may still doubt, to iny "Memorabilia," or Pra. tical Receipt Book for Faimer* and Families. to U had rrati*. of a I the Agent* lor the German Bitters. Principal Oihce and Mai.uiaoory, lHO Arch sr. I Philadelphia, i'a. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAEOLDIA. Vertijicat* of Dr. W. Smith, of Pint HiH, RUk tnorul County, N. C. Pime iitLL, ftiarch 4th. 1S54. Dr. C. M. Jackson, i'luladeipbia? iXar Sir: 1 have been a subject ol Dy*pepbia, in its worst I rm, | for tile last five yearn. Such was my condition fo* .welve months that ihe physicians and all who saw uie ?aid I nrast die. While in this condition. 1 W8f carried to the watering piacea In Virginia, Tennea *e ai.d North Carolina, I ut was not benefited hj inv water to which 1 was taken. While ou rnj way home, I stopped a week at Rutherfor Una, a ?uufll village in North Carolina, to try the effect H some Chalybeate water In that p'aca. About th? last of the week, I w;-nt into a drug store to gi some medicine for my child and myseif. Tiier> were several of the village physicians in the store, and one of them seemed to take come interest in my ^ase. and, after asking uie some quet-tions, hi had beeu a dyspeptic, and had been gr^ajy bear fitted by the u>eof"Dr. Hooflend's C?rnian Bii ters," prepared by y?u, and he iu-osttd that I wou! 1 try the Bitters He also called the next day at m> room, and insUted a" much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one b.->ttle. He did it and I commenced taking it as directed, and 1 do saj 1 was more beni-.fitted by it than all the water en<' | medicine I bad ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors cane t< me fr>r a prescription and medicine, (he a dji-pep tic,) and I ?avc him nearly all the Bitters I had lefi ivnich effected much coo 1 in his case. He hasoftei coiled on me for mote of the same k ud ot mcd: cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than ar.v other he had taken, bat I have not been able to ge1 sny more for him or myself sl.c^; TV! . then Jore, please ahip mc a d<>ten or more as soon a- poe role. Respectfully yours, W. SMITH. ii. ii. HOOKER, Uoger'a Store, Wake t>?., N C '>-tober 24. Itt53. <-ay?:?u Cavws; experienced ?er\ great benefit from the use of "Hoofland's Gerni^i Bitters,"' in Chroaic Dypen?ery and functional de rangemcrit of the Liver, and im concomitant evils I nm desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for rh? benefit of my coiumuuity. You will, therefore, | picas- send a lot, ike. &c. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOH. Hcxtsvill*, Yadkik Co , X. C ,Kov. 1st, 1853. Dr. C. M.Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my sincere thanks for your discover} of a medicine which, to any the least of it, ha* ef fected a curc that all other medicines, ihut I htivr aken. have entirely farlrd to ilo. "Hi ollaad'3 Ger man Bitters" have cured me of th* mo:,t fctuhboir. and aggravated case of the piles mat, perhaps, ever fell t? the let of man. My case is boi a stranger in tf>is community, as I am well kr'>wn in t2;u aui the | surrounding counties, anl can truly aav thai my re covery has antouud-d all my friends end rrjftiiont.j as I had tried evervthirx reoomn endod, aa?l i?othit?f did me nny go- .1 until f was prrvai>.l epon lo tr> liie Bitters. You are at ubeiiy to make nnyoseo tliia. communicatioii, fur the btnefit of the aillicws:. I >ou may tiunk proper. Truly yours. WM. J. AT WOOD. The*e blticirs are entirely re/retafi*, th"y Invieorat! and strengthen tl?e system, never prostrate it, ai??1 can b? uc'eil for infills .is ivtll u ad a! is. l*< r a";!.' by respectable dealers t verywhere, aaH t,y Z. D. GILMAN, VYashingtoa; J. L. KIUVVELL Georeetown; aud ?. R. PICiiPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv ii * PTJTI?-C SPANISH MIXTURE. Ths Q?tat P?rli?r of ths liiood I Fct a Particle of Xorcary Ia It An In?U-iTLJ S: is-7 for Scrofula, Klrg*s Evi Rfc*umatis?, Obettaabe Catas^ons Ur^p.k b P mv'.es r.- on U<? fsoe, hJoteh?^, l?oil. Ckroalo P"T? Kyes, king Wora or Tatttr, ScaJb Li'>J, En large rosict and Fain of the Bones acc Joint", Stabbcrn Ulcers Ejybllilk Di*ord^r. Lajibcgo fV.Ki|.'i*.Etr, an J kll the dtsoe# *ri*1pg an injaJ'.Hon? of w -rcury, Lib prud In U>, 'T Imparity of tbr ^lood. T^HIS vaKaWe jJ*41c?ne, hsu. Ixtr7ne c?]?. 1 bratod for tts nam bar tf ?-traot<S?n*ry cure> ?fractal Ikr^ngh its afrancy, has In iccel toe prcpr. stors, ?t the u.-g*nt roquet of tLei. frnu-li, to ? ger It to the pcbltr, which Uisy do with lb* utmost con 2dfucv In ita virto^ an ! wondafal r.ur?tiv? prop ?ra^ Tha fi lloviag tarlifl a^a, r?l?ct?^ Trom t arjje namber, are, nr?wever, a^ronger toetlmon< han the mam word of Ui? proprietor*; and *.r? alt ro?a gtaUemea wa'l known in th'lr loenlitiaa, an-3 )f the highest r?specu.?uity, many ox th*m rea'dixij in ths city of &tcbmond, Va. F. ?J0YDf N, l?i? r.f th* Kxchanga Eotal, R'ch cacrd, known ever j wh?re es> s h ? has Sean the Lied ?clna ca'iwl Ciatia's PfAhiiii toim,adrainteUroq m ent a hundred cas?a, in nwr'v ali the tor wbirhit Is reccrr-m?adad, wl:n the moat a?u>n ishinely good results. De u;.' it Is tk? uodt ex tra*rl-uary ziedklue he Lu *var >?ts. AGUR ALiD HVEH?URK AV CCRI.?I haraby oartlfr thnt Lr thr*? yaars 1 had a2ui wnd Feve; of taa m&kt tiaicnt (kacrip^oc. I Lad a?veri*l Pbv siei*?L*, tcck Urce quan'iLies ot UniuUa, Vierccry *ad I l*al??ve all tha Tf uLi adv.rtlaad, but all with out p*nmr.rnt relitf. At l?6t I triad Carter*--' in iLl-t vorli, ami tha only midVca that *va? rat^admvcaM. JOUK LCUiQDRN. CaATta. Lacn, cegr lUehmroi. Va. 0. B. LUCJS, Ei^.( cot In the eity of Rkhtund inJ fcr i&uy year* in ths Po>t Ofliai, has stub icnLicooa ia the aah.oiAhiDK aUcacy of Oartar1* iy?ul*h Mixt jra, that ha taa TLueht upva: is cf bottled, uhi&h ho La* sivan away to tba alli'cled.? Mr. Luci ars ha lua saver known it to full vhao taken acccrois^ to direction*. Dr. UIMUK, a pT^cliaiag Physklin, and formarlj *f the- CUy .UoUl, lc Uie tiiy cl Sjvumcud, cays Lt t?c liln&^sl La a number ct hrsrioiew lh* oi t'krtar's Rpanisli Mixiure, which wars ts.v trcly lorprifcin^. ilo says ia a ual* c( Gotunmpticn, d? ? ^audent on tha Llvar, tLa good alaoU w* ; wvn- j drrful Iciaad. 8AMUML M. LRIl-;S?a, of 0. ?m of Drick. r a liorrij,RlchiQu^o, waa eured ourtU cf U?or Oca plaint cf tim?e v ?ars sts _din^, by the u-c oi twr bc ttlsa of Garters Spanish Mixtui-. GREAT CUBS QJ RGaCIULA-?Tha Editors 05 tha Uiehxaond RepubUcan umI m sa: raut amplo/sa ia tb>=ir piiua iocxo, cured of violent ?erofnIa. c m bined with Lh?uiau:i?n, which entirely lu^bled him from work. T?o bcttlea of Carter s Epan:sb Ulxtaru nude a prrfeot core of him, ao l th- Ldi tcrs in a public notiec, sav they Cheerfully roc. a a md it to all who are aHiioled with any diacaae ot the blood " STILL AN01HKR CURE ??F fcCROPULA.?I had a vary >aluabie boy cured of Scrofula by Carter'* 3p?iilsh Mixture. I ocuai-jer it truly a valuable aeikine. JAiliS 12. TAYl/^P, Ccn^uctor on tht R. F. and P. h. R. Co, Rirlosond. Va SALT RHEUM OP TWEMY YEARS PTAND2JG ' OUEBD Mr. J0H?i THOMI'BON, reeHim; It* the eity ol Richmond, sr-s cured by thr <e bottles of CarterV 3paniih Mixture, cf Salt i.heum, which h- had ftn nrarlf treaty years, and which all the phyaldanf Of tLa Cy eobld not cure. Mi. Thompson is a w?U I tioac | <m'"" <u tLa city of Ricliuuwlf and hb ' IS EMS* fcT'^tbi*. WS. L. KATTUBW8, of Richmond had ? rervsnt nral ?f SwphiUs, in the worst form, by Carter's | Spankk Mixture. He my* he cheerftiliv recom mends it, and coiMtdart it a very invaluable medi cine. El)Wl!f BURTON, oomm!r.'"oner ot the revenue, ?ye he has seen the good of Carter ? Spanish Mixture In a number of t^vphHitio esttee, and aays it te a perfect eure fcr that honible disease. WM. O. HARVTO'tD, ef Riolimond, care J of eld Bores and Clears, wh*ch disabled bin fxem w.lkinft Cook ? few bcttet cf Carter's Spanish hfixture, aad was enaMad to walk witLwut a crutch,lu a sheet Urae p< cored. Principal Oeipcts at V WARD, CLoSE k Co* Ho. it Maiden Lane, New York. jTjWTDYorf* BOMti,Mo. 18JNorthiMCndft^ HKNS1ITT * BiXSS, Ko. Ut ItalB MM. JUob mood, Va. And lor sale by OHARLES gTOTT. D< 0; HENRY FEBL, AUMuiftth, and by Dra^giati I IflTTfb^W. 1 m TRAVFT TR8* nfK^nrORT. WASHINGTON BKANCn RAILROAD. <fi CHA.NOB OF HOUBB. S and arw Monday, the M instant, tfce will r? Wasfeuiftco *i 6 mm! a. at, and 3 acU 4* p D1 On Sunday at 6 a o and 4W P ta L*jivc Baltimore at 4 if ar.d 9% a ?. aH I ao<5 **P" On Sunday at i% and 8tf p m. ap 93- if T. M. PAKBOWf, A#m. NOTICE.?0. ft A. RAILROAD. Tha iplerulW Staamar GEORGE *??.?? _... ? -Trali?,faoi m |gi Gof Jo?t*nlle, CbarMWf vtlle and Btaaaum. Pwkfwt on board the boat Thia boat, by travelers, u call#* tbe Float#!* Pal. ace. B. A. RYTURR, Captain. ap IT- ?>? _4f& Mott Bedell's Line. *??? XEW VORK.ALKXJiyDRM, WA3HTXQTON CITY, JtND DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA PACKET*. THiS LINE OP PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY from pier 14 East Rirrr, New Turk, and oAtuv if necteaary, and arc computed of lb? following fin* Mew schr. .1. F. BnUU, B^rP. nxta. New schr. Mott HtJMl, A. V. TretfweiL Sehr. Jnn DWm. Oliver, maMer. Sch'. f'oiani, L. A. Smith, master. t*chr. CoiMnatiir m-Uu^, \WfI<?, tut-MW Ketir. Greetiiruy, Wilson, m?<i?r. Tbe?e Teasels are all faat sudors, and Iba i men of ez^-nerc*- in tbe trade, and ike obJt Hnu lar iiaa of Waahinrtmi Citv ps"*k*ta. MOTT BEDELL, Wall mraat, *. T. 8. B. MAdTBt.- a. 80NH, Alexandria, Ta. THOMAS BILBT, feb 1?Cm Waal.injton and D. C. (HLAHGE AWD ALEXANDRIA KAHJKOaF. On and jftcr Ttusday, Nov. 7, 1^54, THB Oars leave Al?n?ndrta daMy fbr Gordon* vflla and !nteim*M*te ?ta?-ms at T* ?'clock, t e_, oa the arrival of the boet from Wttkiajior, vtng ana la time fi r breaklaat oa Uarl Cgx? isttitt? at Manama* Juaat*?a with a tiwlwlet Btrae aarg, at V.'artenioa Jo..ction with a tenia lor War* -?nU>n, and at GoTd~n?v31e with th? trails an tha Virginia Oentntl Railroad ibrEkhmoad,Charlotte* rllle, Mi Rfeacatoe. The pm* VeaT? Qot?lrimf?;v? flatly Ibr Alsaandrla uid int*roedis^ rtatir *.?. at V bafirtr* It, a. ??, oa ? the Yl iWvk TITRODGH TlCRBTF. fm Alexandria to Warrenton $3 00 ? * Gorton sv111e..__ .. 8 to 44 ? OhartottMrrflla ... 4 So M ** Btnntcn f M " ** 5;tra=^ iir? 8 id ? ? Lynchburf...^...^? I Tl B ? , 8 (a M ? Inr.7 4 la " ? Nfw ? eo ? ?> MU'latmrc B II *..* Lyn'hbrrr, r?B^ec-.iajr with tha *ia?? ai nbaflctlacriLa, oa Iftndaja, WedsMdayi, and tri ifcTI rr Lrray and Naw VarkM, iwneectteg wltk th? < m*** at Oulpeper, oa Tuaedaya, tVaxrU^, and 8a* irlaj-. For Wlcchaaiar laliy, oocaactts^ with at Pleic:ont For Middlsbarg d&Uy, ooaaectte? with tha i at the i'lalns. far order: W. B. BSCCJLBTT, tot T?dtt the arrtral of the train* or the Virginia Oentral rail road tfCBi k cLinoa i. Cbarlottyat Ula, aad FOR 210UNT VIIUJON. s Ob TUG8DATS and FRIDAYS# kfara roctd trip f 1; frcn/lax ?bdrta :it certs ?The THGMA8 OOLLYBB learaa ?FacMn?V>a at 9 and Alaxa.sdria at o'claak. OoacbM iaaTe the CapUd for tha boat at I jg e'aZk. Vwcb '0 rcr.ts. Hervcn* ?i-blur the Ooarhei will laara thalx raaV tocca with fteo. k Tboc. Parker. R?fr*?ihxMata oa tike boa^. a t JB ^tf BAMT, BKPiriT. Capt CtliC KKW YORK 4 L1VKUPOOL. UK IT ED STATES MAIL ST1AMIR8. 'pns^iups ooidi iusisa Tau llki 1 VII5? ATLiyrrc, o->t. Tr*ft PACIFIC C*rt Nye, B-iLXIC, Cipt. Oeirrtoek, ADI JAnc, OapW ton* aa Tbee* ahJpe hare been built b/ cortraat, azpraaa ;y for Cerrruiient earri?e; erery oar* haa be?sa uJtco Vn their con- -motion, m ta the Ba?(ix>M to aaara rtrraK'th an 1 awed, and thtir aeeomiaoda itcca for puaeagora are ua^orlled fbr ana oonJbrt. "ri?* cf tee? Fair York to Lta?rpoc'u t* f*? * - ? ot^s... i ? ? i ??..?.............?...* ...m?-- Mi ,t I w V?d Oab n ? 7? use of -:tra hla* ?t?u? rooma wU From LiTprpr'.l U N??? Y&rk fJD and ?30. An exv?ilenool tcn^ou attar lied to each ehif. No l?.th uaa Ke sacurwl aat.1 paia iuc. l'cs IroUht or pc ru? aj ply tu BiWAKD k. (y?LLI*B CO., U Wall ?treat, N?ra Yctjfc LLOWX, BlilP^BY 4 00, liTerpook K. G. ROBERTS A CO., 18 K.lnir*a Arms Vanl, Londcn. JOILS XU&iUJE A CO, 8C Rii" Ko&u L'ame OLos TV ?.ires, Paris. QLO.U. TRAP**; I lav sc. T^e ewaare of t&eae aLlp* will act be asooontabla *or jroIJ, ri?*?r, bullion, ?p*c?e, 'e^elry, pm ii us ton** or metaia, uuUtB> bills af lading are aigned Cieraiur, aitl the value tbaraof iharalii aov Id?J1 v Private Modical Treaties oa rua PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW Of UARRIACIk 22. B. LA ChOili M. D? jLiunrr. n y. 1C-0 Pijas and ISO due Plain ee l Cblorad i^aphs aad Plat AT- Prlaa omiy 2k Ccata H CVBcat free of poaia^e to ?tl parts ?f the Unknot flOiiW KX/K kVk* r U b LIB ttkb, a tl ooaUi aln * iMMtciy d able U:s quaauty <1 raaJisc matter in that of tbe FUT-IY CKXT8 OH DOLLAii FLBU0AT10N9. It titau- cn tbe PUYSIOLV GY 0# UARRLAGE, anu tUa Cecretl?finailic*k.nd disorO?r of youth and aiatarlij, rv aulUn^ (Kb erca^aea, which dfetfrr j tLt-phjsl^a! an - a^a tal poaers. vitb cb^rrkU. nfc in uartUfe. Its Ostlr* and disqiuUfloa^ooa, ani their raBevliaa; vith liLho^ranba, Ulasvaus^ tha amatamy axui phvaifllogy, uud cU? of tha repro doctiT t-rjArj cj b^wu sas?s, thair flrurtura, acd A pciular U.J eo^ipicLc nslv? -ret life ca thrf vlatirsj faa-1 caaoaili^' f a;r.c-a astl car rifd 112*?birPX Ru^ aL^aatae. in?da it taring tlum? u^d luJr. iLf oaas? taa:< ji'r!?Ai;u ?.ul r^c?.> kl--iJQ,v>J r?j:: hista to tho*^ laaUii J--y U^t ?Ui cwrocme .V joctious to It; b*vcvit, ab^ald take this to portaiit sxp \rfrlicv:t Crsi cot?.ultL.j{ its xmma&uilu the il^vas** and ciada^l trac.*.aant at fesealtj froe. is^L^cy to (Id a?<*, ?-xb eau graph* xaLy iiluats^u by UaatUol litic gripbis plate?? aexvoihs dabllitv, Ua cia. ?? and cuie, by a pr*eta? at cue co tiia Kir and -C?cl o^i that tal J are is iar<*db:e?rui?s Lr d*ily ^laxagwmatit?an aaa?y ;s ?p .intatrrrhti?a with rractietfr Kiarratlon? en a Sbftr. and ai<n? suafaasi'ui svode of traatiaaat?pra iautii tajy hints ct tk? evils rwultiBf ttaxa ei^i .n aal pr-aik??an t?u.y ca alt ?tis?aMs adalag from tndLczaiicr, pl^Tu acdelaaL rales by which all pt.-eotb c-u carw '.?*? without Btetcnry? ren .^-l:?s lx?r tluje aalf ij fticted tuic. rkc ai.d diJap polutad hepes so e^a>r:unately preva^act in the 7oiuf. It Is a tsrthi&l adri*r to tha marrteC and those c-watei-plttla^ m^rria,^. Its paraaal ta pav ? Scu'arly re?omm?od'd to peistxs eatertalair^ a. jrrt dcabte cf their phyddti 90!>dit1an, and wL^ am eensek/of of bnring Laxardad the health, bar^iao*; ?nd privileges to which every human hunr !a en Utlad tc. Prior it cents per ocpy, or five topi#a fbi aae dek ar. Mailed froe Cf p^sUaa to any ymt, aX the Onk :*d fitalee. N. B.?Ih-jse whe pra!er tr*j e'.a.-ip'/JJr li r*o? apen any of the dtceaMt r^a* wiiiea fcla bc<k IresU sthtr | ersoaally or by b*'1. Medicine pent to any purt r>t the Uaicn aeaording to direcUooa, taftly part^i and carujiP.y secured fiun all obaervatHn. AdJreee Dr. M. U. LA CROIX, No 81 v?<d+? 1 * Poet f art Bo* 579. Albany. If. T. <3T CSioe opea daily from lanfotvm, aad <? But day from U until 6 pm. B?* Office Removed from No. U Beave: st? U* 21 Haidem Uaa, Albany, M. T. ?lac 7 I^A'it PATENT AMERICAN ACCORDED>>*? . Pever.jl nf ihc? n?*w aa<i imfwoaed innrun:eii? JuM rtsct-ived and (or wale at the Music Depn? ??' I1ILBUS A UlTT. Al-o, 6 doaen of Paa'e new aad cbcap inatrucuo* Books, pru-e 35 oenta. The public are iavUed to examine these Aocorde ora, having received the fiivt premiums hi every e* hibtt on exhibited. lilLBV'd h- U>1 X, fliet M Ho>e Atwiifc R. H. QlLLKt. Oonsiillor ?? La?i (Mm aoa iwilHii ta Vtra&kBa Row, eerwr of ^ lad XhtotMatk MnX. "

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