Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 5, 1855 Page 3
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^financial and commercial* ?1 Off K Y >1 A U K ? I, Fridat, May 4?* p * Tha stock market was slightly be'.ter to-day. TU? transaction* were pretty equally divided between the different stocks. State stocks, railroad bonds, coal ?tocka and railroad stocks, were operated is to about the mum extent. Indiana K'l improved Ja per cent; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 1; Michigan Central Rail, rood. Michigan Southern Railroad, 2>?: Michigan Bouthern Con trurtion, IX. The consoli-tatlon ot tae Michigan Southern and Norther* Ind ana R?iiroai stocks into one company ha* bad a favorable effest on prioee. and given quite an impetus to operation* in the market. Other Went ?rn railroad ato k? kara also W proved, bnt aale* cos t'aue limited. Krie Csntrel an! Rending remain firm at yesterday's quotations. The oonl stocks are not in much demand jutt noir, and art ?ot very well sustained State stocks and railroad bonda appear to have retched thsir maximum. fhers is no speculation in any o' them. The absence of Euro pean orders mu<t have an unfavorable iuriaence upon their market value. At the second board the market was influencel by the foreign newt, and lower prices were accepted. The transactions ware, however, quite Um'.tel, showing a disposition to hold for batter price*, nnder any circum stance*. Cumberland fell off % per cent; Erie Riilrovi. 3?; Harlem, ?i ; Reading, }{\ Michigan Southern Rail road, 1. The class of brokers who are governed in their operations by the price of oonsola bad a fine opportunity to-day to make a demonstration; but we have not hear! that they nude any large transactions, either for a riie or tall. ? decline of IX per cent in consoli is not re ported by every steamer, and they may not have another ?uch a chance for a long time. The firmest and most active stock thia afternoon was Reading. We shall hire the report of last weak'a coal business to-morrstr. It will exceed that of any previous week this year, and be nearly equal to that of any week last year. The heaviest month's business last year waa August, when the total receipts amounted to $605,346 39. The m jnth o^ April this year will not vary much from that figure. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to day were as fellows Paid on Treasury account $87,424 46 Received do. 66,441 78 Balance do. ???2,314,436 33 Paid for Assay office 8.999 78 Paid for disbursing checks 18,403 58 The Otis Manufacturing Company, Ware, Mass., has declared a semi- annual dividend of 3 per cent. The pre vious two 6emi-ennual dividends were 6 p?r cent. The earnings of the Michigan Central Railroad Company for the third week in April, 1866, amounted to $53,867, against $86,629 for the same time last year, showing aa increase of $18,368. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 2d inat were as follows:? For the redemption of stack $209 08 For paying Treasury debts 41,775 68 For the Custom* 30,073 00 For tbe War Department 2,10133 For repaying in the War Department 1,739 33 For the interior Department 6,450 00 The steamship Atlantic, at this port from Liverpool, brings nine days later intelligence from Europe. The news is interesting in every particular, politically, financially and commercially. The most important item la the negotiation of a new loan by the English govern ment for sixteen million ponnds sterling. The announce ment made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer of an enormous deficiency in the estimates for the current year, including the loan just negotiated, had an unfa vorable effect on consuls, and they closed at a decline* The falling off was 1 to 1 % per cent from the previous eteamer. Hopes were still entertained that the Vienna conference would be resumed. There had been a more active demand for money in London, caused, it was eupposed, by the temporary withdrawal of capital for deposit on the new loan. The returns of the Bank of England for the week ending the yth April, compared with the previous week, exhibits the following varia tions.:? Public deposits ?2, 720, 640.. Decrease. ?3, 288, 253 Other deposits 14, 233, 796.. Increase.. 2,837,121 Rest 3, 123, 446.. Increase.. 37,853 On the other side of tbe account:? Government securities. ?13, 673, 713. .Increase . ?646,964 Other secuiities 13, 266, 635.. Decrease. 396,460 Notes unemployed 7, 967, 526.. Decrease. 612,606 The amount of notes in circulation is ?20 389,830, be ing; an increase of ?657,470, and the stock of bullion in both departments is ?16 .022,652, showing a decrease of ?66,166, when oompared with the preceding return. Barings' circular of the 20th of April says: ? An English loan of ?16,0C0,000steiliog money, payable in monthly instalments between this date and the end of the year, has heen taken at a price equivalent to about 87 per cent for 3 per cent consols, with the dividend from January llie scrip leave* off to day at pre mium, and consols at the price of 89^ a 89%. This operation has abeorbe-1 during the week the attention of stook dealers, and we have little of interest to remark in American securities, which remain well supported, but without any animated demand. United States 6's, 1868, nominal at 107 a 108. Massachusetta sterling 6'e bonds 100 ex. div. buyers. Maryland 91 a 93. Ohio 6's, 1866, 91, seller*. Pennsylvania 6's inscriptions 80 a 82; do. bonds 82 * 84. Virginia 6's dollar bonds, 87 a ; do. 6's sterling 86 a 87. Canada 6's sterling bon Is 108 a 108%. Pennsylvania Central railroad 6's bonds 89 a 90; do. sterling, 2d mortgage, 89. New Tork and Erie, third mortgage, 88. tellers. The Chancellor of the Exchequer brought for irard his budget Friday night. He proposes to raise by Increased taxation ?6, 300, too as follows:? An additional duty of 3s. per cwt. on sngar... ?1,200, 000 Do. do. Id. per lb. on coffee 150.000 Do. do. 3d. per lb. on tea 760,006 do. OB spirits 1,000,000 A penny stamp on bankers' checks 200,000 One per cent more Income tax 2,000,000 Total ?6,300,000 Hie London circular of E. f\ Satterthwaite, of the same date, says.? Oar market for American securities continue* ver y firm, and tbe demand for first clats bonda exceeds the supply at present quotation* ; prices here of the leading ?railroad bonda are comparatively below the Ne w Vort prices, and Importers at late ratea cannot sell to a profit. Then are a good many parcels of bonds held for sale at an advance of two to three per cent, which, however, ?bujers do not appear willing to give. Sales have keen mad* to a moderate amount in most of the current bonda; at the close there are buyers of Erie, 1888, at 84; hew York Central 7 per cent, at 93. Great Western of ?Canada have ruled from 17)? tol7}?, closing firm at 17)?. The loan of sixteen millions has been taken this morn ing by Messrs. Rothschild at the following rate, viz. Consols at par, and an annuity of 14s. 6d. psr eent, ter minable iu thirty years. On close calculation this would maka the present value of Consols to be ?80 14s. 3d. psr cent. The quotation for the scrip is to \\ pre mium. Consols are 89J?. The cotton market was active at quotations previously ?current, with an upward tendency. From the manufactur ing districts the acoounts are pretty good. Less business had been transacted, but there waa no yielding in prices, spinners and manufacturers being generally well engage! for soma time to come. Breadstuff* had not bean In much demand. Prices for flour had declined, while In -dian corn had advanced. The harvest prospects were ?good. The anneied statement exhibits the quantity and value of foreign dry goods entered at this port for consump tion, for warehouse, and also the withdrawals from warehouse, during the week ending and Including Thurs day, May 3, 1865 ? Morawia or Forkiok Drt Goods. Enteral for With- Ware Consumption. drawaU. knuied. Manufactures of wool.. .$167,636 $16,006 $12,938 Do. cotton.. 86.246 33,603 7,629 Do. silk 361,327 34,461 32,842 Do. flax 79.814 4,768 80,017 'MiaoeUanseaa 86,886 8,402 3,686 Totals #721,307 $9$, 716 $87,127 Value put on the market daring the week $818,022 The dry goods business Is essentially the same as noticed in our last. The activity Is bat partial, aad price* are so better. The supplies are oot large, bat holders an frea sellers, there being no disposition to hold over. Indsed, then is no eacoaiagemsnt to do so, and without this it would be hat folly to panae such a courts. The demand is mors from the couatry trade than from local jobbers. The latter buy only as they an la want, thas be ng able to take advantage of awry fluctuation in prices. Brown snd bleached sheetings and shlrtlaga an ia rather limited request, at previous figures. There is a -fair business being transacted In denims, drills and dock, at old rates. Ginghams and lawns an rather aaon sought after, but are without change in value. Osaabargs an unaltsnd. Then is not a gnat deal doing In print ing cloths or prints, bat thsse an pntty firmly held Stripes and ticks are quiet and drooping. Woollens hava not varied much. Blankets sre dull and heavy. Then is soma degree of firmness ia casslmens, which com mand pretty fait prices; but tt clotbs, flannels and jeans than is scarcely sufficient movement to rasks a market. Linsays an selling in a small way, and theia U a little demand fcr mouilin de laines; bat the most s stive por tion of tbe season Is at an end. Satinets and tweeds rale as pnviously reported. Foreign productions sn lees active and less settled ia prices, but tbe fluctuatioas an hardly worth not'einf. Then is not as much coming forward as usual at this time of the year, aad the Importers an tv>* very saa (nine ia regard to the fatun. The stock* remaining on / $41100 Ind State 5'a.. 9000 Virginia fl'a. .. 11000 do 83* 97 % 97,% hand are not twj hMTjr, and art being closed oat pretty quickly, though not in a satisfactory nuitr, aa th? selling prices through the aaction rooms ar,> ?e dou of a remunerative nature. Thus, though the setson any close without leaving our merchants in possession of any considerable supplies its pecuniary rcnults wi 1 not be very agreeable in regard to profits If losses are escaped, however, most parties will be content, and we have but little reason to doubt that thia will be the Uaue of the spring bueiaeM. Stock Bxehange. Friday, May 4, 1855. 50shs NVC?u Kit.. 9*% U0 do bttd 91% 65 do 9.1% 60 Erie Rt s 3 60 60 do 50 60 Gleve & Tol R*.. 78 50 do sli> 78 ^ 100 do.. ..?10 78% 500 Harlem RR. . .blO 30 ?25 do 30 200 do 29 \ 200 da biO 30 100 Rendiug RR. . .s3 8d 50 do c 80% 200 do.... atflO 8?% 160 dn sftO 80 100 do 8<J 200 do s3 8\% 15 Hudson Riv RA.. 41 200 do c 40% 300 do bt>0 41 50 do 40% 10 Mich Cen RR.. .. 83% 60(0 Kentucky 6'? . 104 30(0 Har lat M B s3 ,r)000 Bri* B*,'83.bB0 20o00 Krie Bi>,'<6 b30 2000 oo 5 C0( Hd R3dMB b60 5000 NInd 1st MGL 10000 do. ...b30 MOO 111 Cen RK K Be UC00 111 Gen RR Bds. 10000 do. . .bflO 1000 NY Cen R Bexd 7000 NY On 7'?.. . . 200 do. 89% 93 87% 87 % 73* 87 % 88 T1X 7f"% 763* 89 % 10* 102% 60 aha Del fcHua Cnl 126% 10 Cleve, C b Cin R. 105 30 do 12n% 23 Corn Ez Bank ... 99% 250 Canton Co 26% 10O do bOO 27 X 100 do b?0 27 100 Penna Coal Co. . 105% 30 do... 105% SCOCumb Coal Co..*3 28%' 6f0 do s3 28% 400 do b80 28 % 100 Penn & Le'h Zinc 2% BECOHB BOSBD. $3(0 K Y Cen Certfs. . 88% 200 Kb* Krie RR. ,.b3 83 70% 75% 28 28 28% 20 do 60 111 Cen RR. .... *8 50 do 200 Mich So ?c N la R 15 Mich 3 & * la Con 2000 Erie Cort Ba,'71 2000 111 Cen RRFrf Bs fOO 111 Cen RR Bdg. 2(0 aha Cumb CoaLsS 100 do (16 260 do 960 Erie RK 49% ICO do alO 49% 200 do s3 49% 100 do blO 49% 100 do b3 49% ICO do b60 49% 10 Harlem RR. 60 I'anaraa RR 94 104% 05% 95 103% 94 49% 29 200 Rea ding RR....C 85% 600 do 86% 300 to g SO 8fi% 200 do u3 85% 100 <o *30 85% 100 d> hi 86% 6 Mich So As N la R 102% 260 Hudaon Riv RR. . 40% 100 do bSO 41 Retail Prices of Farm Produce In Washington Market. Meat run up to a high figure daring the past week. Ilereafter it must be classed among the luxuries of life* and be the food of the rich, and of the poor only on holi day s and fes tire occasions. Cattle ?old for from 12 to 14 cents per pound last week, in the cattle market, and the retail priceg are consequently inordinately high, and the different varieties have ran ap some two tbiee and four cento in tbe pound. To in some sort make amends for tbis flsb bas become cheap. Shad is plentiful, .and can be had for prices varying from twenty to thirty cents. Flonnders, bass, halibut, and cod hare all fallen in price. There is scarcely any poultry and game in market, nor will there be any until tbe Long Island snipe come in, wbich will probably occur In about a week. We miss from'our list this week many well-known varieties, canvas backs, rabbits, &c. A plethoric purse is an es sential requisite to those disposed to indulge in poultry of any description. Both butchers and poulterers wbo have bad contracts with hotels and public institutions complain of the inordinate prices of all klnis of flesh, and say they are losing money. Eggs nie cheapening. So rejoice, ye pudding eaters. Butter ditto. Spring vegetables are becoming quite plentiful. Radishes, carrots and beets blush crimson from oat of bunches of green salad, spinach and leeks. Artichoke and asparagus, g&rlick and green peas, are to be seen In every direction. Potatoes still remain high ; but if our information is correct they must come down before long. It appears that since the operation of the Reci procity treaty, va?t quantities of potatoes are sent from Nova Scotia to tbis port. In anticipation of good prices during the spring and summer they were kept back; but the demand for them fell off, poor people being driven to buy oth?r food, and now they are coming in in great quantities. In Boston and Philadelphia they are selling for seventy-five cents a bushel, and good Judges predict they will be down to a dollar a barrel before long. Be this as it may, they will certainly be much cheaper. The following has been carefully corrected : ? Beef? Sirloin, roast, per.b 18 a 20 Rib, roast, prime ? * IS Rib, chuck ? a 13 Siiloia steaks ? a 1# Porterhouse steaks 20 a 25 Rump steaks lb a 14 Plates and navels, corned 10 a 18 Mutton, per lb 0 16 a 0 18 per carcase 44 0 12 a 14 Lamb " ? ? 0^6 Veal " ? ? ? Veal, fore quarters. .. " 0 08 a 0 10 ? Hindquarters... " 0 12 a 0 14 VesJ cutlets " 0 20 a 0 22 Pork? Fresh, per lb .. 0 ? a 0 11 Btmi, smoked, per lb 0 12 a 0 13 Shoulders 41 " 0 09 a 0 10 Sides, 44 ? 0 - ? 0 12* Bides, pickled, " ? ? 0 10 Jowls, 44 ? * ? ?? Smoked beef, " ? * ? JjJ Parages. " - ? ? J? Bologna 4o. 44 ? a 0 25 Trip?, " <>07 ? ? ?? Lard, " ? a 0 12 FOOT TRT AMD 0AMB. Tnrkeya, per lb 18 a 0 20 Geese 44 0 1? a Ducks, tame, per pair 1 60 a I 00 Ducks, black, 44 ? ? 1 1?K Ducks, redhead, 14 1 26 a ? Chickens, per pair 1 00 ? J 60 Fowls 44 10? ? 1 26 Guinea do. ?? e* W a 0 87 X Robins, per do* 1 00 a ? Wild ducks, per pair ? a 1 00 Grouse, per pair * J 60 Englisa Snipe. oer nair 82*a 0 75 Tame squab, per dosen ? *3 75 FISH. Shad, each 0 20 a 30 Bass, per lb ? ? *? Halibut 44 0 8 a 8 10 Smelts, 0 08 a ? Codfish, 44 0 ? ? ? 04 Pickerel. 44 0 12 a ? Sunfish, 44 0 08 a ? Eels, " 08 ? 0 10 Perch ?4 ? ? a 0 0? Flounders44 0 04 a ? Salt mackerel, per lb 0 1* a ? ?Salt sbad, 44 0 12* a ? Smoked haHbut 14 0 10 a ? Smk'd mackerel 44 0 12 a ? Sounds and tongues, per lb 0 08 a ? Smoked shad, 44 0 1? ? Soused salmon, per can 2 00 a ? Smoked salmon, pei lb 0 16 a Dry oodflah, 44 0 04 a ? ?HSLLFI8H* Oyster*? Princes' bay, per 100 0 82* a 0 71 Virginia 41 0 ?2* a 1 00 Clams, Shrewsbury, per 100 0 50 a 100 little Neck, 44 1 00 ^ 8 00 Lobeten, per lb ? ? Crabs, per dot _ a 0 26 VKGETA.M.E3. Potatoes, per half-peck ? a ? 29 Mercer do. per bbl ? a * 60 June do. 44 - * 4 00 Turnips? white, per half-peck 0 37 a ? ? Russia, 44 ? a 18 Do. per bbl J 50 a ? Onions, red, per hislf-peck 0 37* a ? white 44 0 60 a ? Cabbage* ? new, each 0 18 a 0 25 red, ?? 0 18 a 9 26 Savoy cabbage 0 08 a ? Beets, per basket 1 CO ? ? perbunsk 0 08 a ? Carrots, 44 ? ? Celery, ' 44 0 30 a 0 37 * Salad, each 0 08 a W Oyster plant, per bunch 0 18 a ? Parsnips, per bbl 2 80 a ? ? ten for OH * ? 1? Green pea*, half peck 0 75 a ? Lims beans 41 ? 50 a ? Water crease*, basket 0 50 a ? Sf leech, half psck. ? * 0 12* Gai lick, per bunch ? * 0 18* potato**, half peck ? a 0 87* Radish**, per hunch.... 0 04 a 0 08 Artichokes, ball p*ck ... ? * 5 lomatoe*, Bermuda, bsf peck ? ? 2 00 Rhubarb root*, eacb ? * ? 60 Asparagus per bunch 0 37 a 0 50 Leeks, 41 ? ? * - Shilcts, 14 0 la * ? rRTTT. Anplea? Spitcenbergen, per bbl 7 CO a ? ? Do. per half-peck 0 37* a 040 Greening*, per bbl. *00 a ? Do. per half- peck 0 37* a ? Rox russet* , per bbl 4 60 a ? Do. per half pock 0 30 a ? Cranberries, per bbl 18 ttO a ? BCTTKB, CBKEfll, ETC. Butter? State, per lb 0 23 a 0 80 Orange, 44 0 ? a 0 31 Cheem? per lb 0 10 a 0 11* English, per lb 0 16 a Is Pineapple, aach 0 16 a ? 8*p*a?o, " ? W a ? |p*.jKr doxen 0 18 a ? CITY TR&DB RRPORT. Friday, *ay 4?8 P. M. Ba*A rare fvs - Flour? The stack of cossrao* sad me dium gra es con timed to be in radnoad a apply, aal the market closed About 5,000 a 8,000 barrels war* sold, iccluded in wt.ich were comaoa to choice, or fancy Mate, at 87 a $10: do westaia >10 a >10 28, aad r.-.ih.. (2,400 bbl* ) at-810 12 a fit, which was bet ter aad southern (000 bbU.) at 110 60 a lit U tor common to (food, and $11 31 ? $12 37 X for fancy u4 extra Meal ? Sale* of about 260 a 300 bt?l* New Jersey *'rf Bid* at 66 18. Br? flour *m steady, w$k mall kale* at old p lots. Wheat? 800 bushels southern wbite were sold at ?2 66. Cora ?u scarce. and a(\ia aav?nced. The sale* embraced about 14 00 < a lft,000 buebtl*, induct ng wentero mi ted. delivered from stnre. atll2Hc a ltbo ; wait* southern at 113c and 115.: aal 116c lor jellow do., put to arrive. Kye wai bald at $1 fO. Oat* were (juiei at 80c. a 8ic. for heavy State and wea'ern fomtn? Atout 300 bags Rio war* sold at 10K? ? He. ; 300 ao Lspunyra at 1C){0. a 11c.; 160 do. Maracaibo at ll?*'c .a 1 1 \c., and 800 ba?* Saa Domiago at 0 % a < ocoa ? lou bag* Para weie 4ol<l at p. t. Cotton ? Before the new*, ab mt 1.200 bale* were sold at full prisea. Afterwards, no sales of moment were re ports! Fnxicutm ? Rates were dull, and engagements light. To Liverpool, 6C0 a 600 bales af oottan com pre seed wsra engaged at 6 32d., and 260 do, ee? Island, at Olttd., and "0 ba en boise hair, at 3-104. To Havre, cotton and bone were engaged at )?e To Marseilles, 200 bales ot co-ton were ?o*aged at fto. Copper, at *8 p*r ton Rum at 3c. p<r gallon, and measurement goods, $8 per too. To Bamburg, 160 bales of cotton were engagel at >ad To Calitornia, rates were quiet at 30c. a 36c. per loot measurement. Fruit ? About 600 boxes wet drisd raisins were said at $2 40. Hat ?-'ales of 600 bale* were m?de at II 12 %. Molabsib. ? 40 bhds. clayel Cuba, were sold at 23a., and lfO bkds Cuba muscovado, at 20c. Naval Storw were qniet. Oils.? tale* of about 10,000 gallons linseed were made, at 86c. a 87c. Provisions. ?Pork? The market ?u steady, bat not active. The sales embraced about 600 bbls., including old mess at *16 60; new do at S17 26 a #17 37 >?, and ne w prime at 114 26. H?ef was steady, with light sales ]*rd was Grm, with sales of 200 a 300 bbls , at 10c a 1< %c Pboulrters and hams were scarce and Arm, at 7>4C-> e.'4c a Ptfc. Bacon &rm, with small salts at 8>iC. a Uc Kick ? 160 caska were sold, at 5){o. a 6>*c. for good to prime quality. bxxD.? Clover was dull at 12c. a 12>?e. Spicks ?Sales of 1.000 saats cassia were made at 40c. ; 1,000 lbs. nutmegs at $1; 85 bags pimento at 13c., and 100 do , for extort, at 93fo. Sugars.? The market vu inactive, bat Arm; 200 bbds Porto Rico were sold at 6 >?*. a 6l?c. ; 24 bhds. clarified Cuba at fl*fe ; 100 boxes clayed yellow at p. t., and 160 a 200 Cuba at yesterday's prices. Tallow. ? Sales ot 6,0C'0 lbs. were reported at ll)?c Touacco. ? Prices rule very firm, and still tending up ward; sales to a moderate extent. 70 hhds Kentucky snd toaysril'e at 8c. a 13c ; 84 bales Havana at 26c. a 36c. ; 66 bales Sagua, p. t. ; 480 cases seed leaf at 5>{e. a 12 %. Whiskey. ? About 200 a 300 bbls. were sold, Including Ohio and prison. Wooi..? There has been but little demand for do mestic this week, and sales bave been very light. Bales were made of lfO bales, washed Msxagan, and thirty bales washed Cordova; price not made public. ^ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. 8PKJLWG KA8HIOMS. nc beautiful spring bonnets -of eu l O broidereil Btraw and crape, Juet rcoelved by last stvsmcr; and the novelty of the utTles which we popitively monopolize in New York, as no other houiocan exhibit the like artiole, wl'l attract, we have no doubt, our anmeroui frienda and strange**, who will never be disappointed to visit the metropolitan store of MME. HARRIS A SON, 671 Broadway. BULPIN'S SIX DOLLAR MANTILLAS-MOST CHARM 1m noreltiee? manufactured of the very rioheit taffeta (ilk, and universally pronounced alike snperior ia riohneaa, newness and moderation in prioe, to Anything ovor offered. Ladles call and see. 361 Broadway. BULPIN'S spring mantillas arm now ready for sitv retail trade, and oomprUo a ma to bless oolleo kioa ef Parisian noveltlsa, from a beautiful black silk man till a, at six dollars, to the most oostly garments mannfaa tared. 961 Broadway. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUT LAWN. STRAW, SILK and crepe bonne's, selling off at groat reduction, lawn bonnets, 12 and 14 shillings, at the cheap millinery and pat tern store No. 3 Catherine street. Ladles' patterns ou ? by mensuio, 1 shilling. DRY GOODS, dfC. An entire new stock of dry goods.? We have, daring the past woek, purchased a very lane and varied assortment of goods from auction and from the importers, at prioes far below anything ever known in Um city or country. THE CAUSE WHY IS beoanse ire have bought for oash, and have waited cor oppor tunity. ONE LOOK WILL SATISFY. Among other artioles we offer ? 30,0UU yarifk French printed lawn*, at Is., real worth 25 ota. 10,000 " Mmc. and Pall River prints, 6d? " Is. 10.000 " embroid'd drapory, Is. and Is, 6d , " 2s. 6d.A3?. 600 or ape shawls, >5 and $6, " $10 A 111 An elegant lot of golds for boys' wear. A pretty stock of barans. A large lot of brocade silks, at $5 75 per dress. 100 pieces of plain changeable silks, at $5 25 per dress. Rich high lustereil oil boiled black ailks., New de laines, ginghams, de Beges, Ac. Very fine linen cambno handkerchiefs, at li. Ladies' white cotton hosu, at $1 50 per dozen, worth S3. Domestic goods retailed at wholesale prioes. All goods sold by the piece sold at a discount. F. W. A W. F. Gil. LEV, 126 Bowery. Black guipure and chantilly laces (all widths), shawls, scarfs, mantillas capes and veils; also brigautine lace shawls, mantillas, scarfs aid veils; 8 4 fig ured nets, cbildrens' and ladies, long and ahort black mitts, in great variety at l'ETER ROBERTS A CO., FS Broadway. Embroideries.? the attention of the ladies is solicited t? a large lot ot very rioh Paris embroidered c< liars and alcoves, in sets, from $12 to 114, worth $18 to >22; ohimisttta and sleeves, in sets, in cambric and muslin; SOU emfroldered linen collars, for travelling, at 5l'o.; Fronoh embroidered bands, flouncing*, infant robea and waists, just received at PETER RuBERlS A CO., 375 Broadway. Great bargains in table napkins.-james FRANCE. 703 Broadway, will offer for sale on Thurs day, May 8, a large lot of table napkins, at half the regular ptiee. HOW PLEASINO WAS OUR PASSAGE YESTERDAY from the States in the splendid steamer Peerless, to thi* lartc and flourishing city on the western sharea of Lake On tario i And with whai astonishment do we observe the mag nificent structures, as universities, churohes, dwellings and stores! Hire enlightened enterprise has "made in a brief period the wilderness to bud and blossom as the rose." The most prominent establishment we have seen is that of Messrs. Merrick A Wilson, importers of British. French, Ger man and American fancy and staple dry goods, 24 Albert Building!. King street. It is of the Norman style of arebi tecture. The premises extend from King to Colbourne street, and ate five stories high, including the basement The in terior is enriched with the choicest goods from every clime. Ore of the firm visits Europe twioe yearly to make appro priate selections. In the basement room are the richest and most elegant carpets and oilcloths The spacious " show windows," composed of immense sized panes of English plate glass, are adorned with the moat beautiful and vain able artiolea, arranged with exquisite taste. The room on the flrtt floor is finished in olaiislcal style ot architecture, as with Corinttiaa columns and bass relief aornishes. Elegant fixture* for ladies' seats are to be extended through the store The pure light of the tun is pourod In from above by a broad and splendid skylight. In the first room oi the ground floor are different departments. The first contain* the choicest gloves, hosiery and habberdiahery, Ac , Ac. Second ? Prints, English and Swiss cambrics, oalicoi, Ac., Ac. Third ? Gentlemen's general furnishing goods of ovory variety and. quality, broadcloths, Ac., Ao. Fonrth? Flan nel*, blankets, and general staple goods. In toe second room are sils s of the most elegant designs, velvet*, laoe goods, and fancy artioles in general. In the third room i* the dress and general mourning department. Those are seen in vast variety, and in array as gorgeous a< the clouds at tho setting sun, every aitlole ladle* of intelligence and taste may require. Here is emphatically the Brodie" house of Canada; for, as in that emporium of New fork, jou see here mantillas shawl*, Ac., of the rioheit texture and of the newest designs. In this room we saw bonnets for the season, equal or superior to any we examined in New York; and such, unparalleled ia beauty, are sold here for half the price of the same quality east In the upper room are some forty or fifty young female artistes of rare excel lence They are superintended by ladies from England: Miss Oxenham presides over the millinery department, and Mis* Oakden over the dress and mantle making department. The elegant finish, the fashionable make and fit of these nameless article*, recommend their work to the best and most intelligent classes In town and vioinity. As the pro prietors Import direct their extensive stook of goods, they not only have the opportunity of makiug the best selec tions, but, in doing this, to afford them on the lowest term*. Order and olegance pervade every department of thi* great house. In these experienced salesmen are employed^ In their responsible duties they ever study to please all who honor them with a call. But without the direction of effl cient head* in so large an establishment, misrule and ruia would follow. Bnt we believe that by moral worth and high capacity for baalneis, the gentlemen who preside over the interests of the coicern will meet with that extensive patronage they so Justly deserve. YIATUR. Toronto. April 25, 1H55. Laces.-real valencienne laces, irom i*. P?r per l ard upward*. Brnsiel*. Point, Honiton and Guipure, all widths; alio Point, Honiton and Bruisel* rapes, chemisetts, berthas, sleeves and collar*, abawlt, bri dal scarfs and handkerohiefs, embroidered reveiere and hemstitch handkerohlef*; alio 3t0 dozen ladle*' and gen tlemen's handkerchief*, from auction, very cheap, at 1'ETkR ROBERTS A CO., 375 Broadway. Mourning goods at fair prices.-wf.eo-3 family mourning store, 469 Broadway, four door* be low St. Nioholas Hotel, New York. Thla establlshent ha* recently been opened with a full and complete assortment of newly imp rted mourning dry good* of every description, together with the latest style* oi Paris dresses, mantilla*, bonnets. Ac.. Ao. Families supplied upon the most reason able terms, far below the u*ual cost of this class of good*. Complete mourning suite made to order la the most fastlon able styles at a few honrs' notice. This establishment is the largest, aad will be mad* the flrtt, of it* kind in the city, where the demands ot its patrons will be met with little trouble aad neat profit to themselvea. Citlsens aad stran ger* are invited to eiamiae thi* eatirely new stook, as m all cases goods will be freely and court eouilv shown, WEED'S Family Mourning Store, 499 Broadway. NEW GOODS~PIR STEAMER " AFRICA J. BECE A CO . have received a large invoice of aptlrely new goods, ot the latest Parisian styles, and which tbey are now offering at Mtremelv low prices: rioh flouneed *ilk robe* and plaid sllks-JVouBced barege ana wgandy robes; bareges, or gandie*. de, calico* Ao., Ao., Noe. 336 and SSZBroad way aad 7H0 and 7W? Broadway. TO THE LADIES.? MADDEN A STEWART IIAYE opened their new store, 643 nroadway, second door above Bleeoker etreet, with aa entire now stock of laoes, embroideries. Ac consisting of ladles' and children's em broi'erwd jackets, joeey* iklrts, robee. waists. Ac , Ao.-. also 800 doaea gentlemen'* linen oambtlo pocket handkerchiefs, at 2s. 6d eaoh; 210 doien ladies' hemstitched hankkerchiefs, at 2*. aad 2s. M. each; 800 alcgant lace capos at la, worth 97. nuLvmjMur ccnn. BOSTON LINE-CHANGE OY HOUR. -ON AND AFTER Moadty, 7th last, the train for Boston will leave New York at 4 instead of 3 P. M., a* heretofore. F~OR EODDOUT AND KINGSTON? LANDING AT Cottsas'. West Point, Cold Spring. Cornwall. Newbnrg. Aew Hamburg. Mil ton aad Penehkeopsl*.? The quick and graceful steamer Al IDA, Capt. Jndaon Morey, leave* Now \ nrk, from pier foot of Robtnaen street, every afternoon at SU o'clock. Returnitg, leave* Readout every morning at S o'clock. OHM AY TRIP TO NhWBURO, WEST POINT AND O Cold Spring, landing at Yoikera, Hasting*. Dobb'a Fer r , Tarrjfown. 81- g Sing, Baverstraw and Cozaen'a l)o?k, tmchinp at Ames street each way.? The favorite steamer Tboe. E. Unite will eommtnoe her regular Sunday trios May 6, leaving New York from foot of Jav street every Sunday morning, at 7K?'elook, foe tb? above place# j retaining, 1?T? MtwbnitUr M. raiAICUL. I ?7Kn nnn &|tw *u** a>'d bauih rail , 9 1 t/v.UUU . road, Hcsad mortgage 7 p?r cnl I bond*, par* of iu Imui of gH nullloa. Tbu mor^-i -o coven ? large iBvmt of reel estate in this *ity, ? well i- inant ; I parcel* oa the lint of ti e road, Dot i?elud*d in th* tir*k I mortgage; the oraacb road to Fori Mnrria, on t&? lul River, with wharf and ground belonging thereto, aad all th* roiling ?tuck and tnrnitnre ot the road. The bond* are i**u?d with im-ereat oonpoa* attached, pay able on (he first day* of February aa<i Augaet la each yuar, and the principal reimbnrsaole oa ?h* Bret day of Auiua, lw 4. The mortgage it made to th* I armer*' Loan aad Trait ; Company. of thli city, a* truatee for the bondholder*, end . recorded in all tb? connttoa through which the road paaaee , This iaaue, added to th^Grat will make the mortgage in | oumbranco up.?n U ? road tour million dollar*? lata tbaa fifty | per ccnt upou Ita co>t up to thia time Tha proceed* of the , bondi iow offered will b? used? drat to extwi;ni*h th? Boating dabt ot the Ccmijsoy; aud. second, to complete tha douMe track to White Plait.*, and ereot aome few a:atioa Louaea required oil Uie lino of the road all of whieh, it U ex pected may be done So at to ?1om " construction a a ; count " at the end of the year. The somrity npan which theac bondi are baaed U bellevoo to be in all rvipeot* aa pia, qul'e aa reliable a* that oi tin drat mortgage. The earnin>t of the road are constantly fu creasing, aud it* buaino**, pre*en' and pro*peotire, never (t satisfactory a* now. Proposal* for all or any of theee bond* out be addressee to William B. Draper Treasurer, llarlem Railroad Cos Puny, New York, eudoraed ' Proposal* for 2d Mortgict Bond*," until the liitocrth day of May next, when they wili be opened, and loonld state wbet.her th* offer be made u aaab on reoeiving ? he bond*, or in in stalmonta of twenty ave Jtr sent, payable respectively on the 15th af Ray, 15th ? one, 15tL of July, aud lath of Augnat. The right of re jecting all or an* part of tha bid* I* reaerved, if deemed lo* the intereat of the Company *o to do By order of th? Board of Dlrtctora. 'NICHOLAS DEAN. President Wm. B. S'urtK, Treasurer Not*.?1 Thia road terminate* in the eentreof the city e* New York, I* on* hundred and thirty mile* long, con necting the city with Albany, and all the trad* of tha great We*t, together with a portion of that of the North. The annual grou earning* o" the road now exoeed one million ot dollar* New York. Aim 3d. 1H65. I <cr;nn nnn -money to i,oan oh diamonds, watnhe*, Jewelrv, *e?ar*. pianoforte!, merohai-diie and personal property generally, (or bought fir oath.) Business confidential and executed promptly, at 78 Nustau atieet, tint floor, back officr. ftURlNCK A CO., Broker*. nnn ?money to loan on diamonds, ijltiiJU.UuU . watohe*, jewelry, dry good*. Hurl, Ao., or bought lor canh; eitv (took*, note*, mortgagee and billf of rxonanie negotiated. Buainea* confidential and prompt, by THOMPSON A CO., brokeraand commlesion merohanU 102 Naaian (treat, corner of Ann. room No. 2, aacond floor qviKn nnn-PKRSONS wishing to negotiate iplJo.UUU loam, or *ell aay valuable personal pro perty, oonaUiine of diamonds, watches, jewelry, segtrs, .to,, can I* accommodated on rcaioaable terma, by applying to FORIilJSH A JOHNSON, No. W7 Nissan street, entrance No. 29 Ann street, room* 4 and 5. N. B. Real eitate (ale*, loan* and oommiaaion* generally attended to with prompt ness aad dl*pateh. All business strictly confidential. flfiA T0 L0AN AT 7 PIiR CENT? ON BOND ?]PUO?UUv7 and mortgage, on improved or unimproved real estate, in thi* city or Brooklyn, in snuit from $1,000 to $15,000 Al?o ?19.000 to inyeat in the puroliaae of moetgagua. Apply to J. K. COOK, Jr., Mo. 5 Wall street. tirit floor, of fiee No. 11. nnn ?o,ooo, woo $5,030, $4,000 $5,500, $3,000, ?JpUU.UUU. $2,500, $2,1100, and $1, WW, to loan on mort trigo on real eetato In thla otty Also $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000, to loan on improved Brooklyn property. Apply to A. SEKtiEANT, \S Wftil atreet. ?Jft nnn -MO>EY LIBERALLY advanced in ?|<trU.U vU. email or large lumi on diamonda, watohet, jewelry, aejrars, stocka, bonds, real eatate, and all kinda or merchandise, by JOSEPH LYON'S A CO., IS William stieet, room lu N. B.? Badness atrictlj confidential. nnn -GOOD FIRSTOR SECOND MORTGAGES, ?PTtU.UUvJ. laving one or two years to run, on oity im proved property, ?U1 be puro'iaaed or discounted by R03 nil LG. PIERCE, Pine itreet, eurner of Broadway, under the Metropolitan Bank. <J>9 P>nn WANTED ON MORTGAGE- HOUSE AND .uUU lot worth nearly three times. Insurance tor itio amount policy, assigned; title perfect. Bond umiuea tionablo Intercut paid promptly. Address T., box 2,7M Post Office. <5>-| nnn T0 >100.000 CAN be OBTAINED for ?P_L.UUV ft small investmeut. For further Informatioa ftddreaa A. M. GREUOOR A CO . Bankers. No. 233 Nortk Gay it . Post Offioe, box Mo. 210, Baltimore, Md. ?rnn WANTED? TO INCREASE A MANUFAC ?uUU taring business, which haa beem In operation lor aeven yean, and the tales incrcasi-g every year. Tlio party can enter as ft partner, or he can receive a lar/e per oentace, and take no part in the business. Address C. M., Herald offioe, with name and address. No agent need ftaawer. Knn TO *2-000 WANTED? TO EXTEND A CITY <|pi.wUl/ cash buaineas; every security will be given for tne loan, ftud one-third of the net profits of the business. Address Earnest, Herald offlee, for three days. All coinmu nicaiions coutiiiential ai d promptly attended to. flMnn WANTED-AT SEVEN PER CENT AND A ?PtrUl/ liberal premium, on a bouse and lot, un.ncum Lered; situated in the village of Mount Vernon, Wotcboa ter county, N. V., and worth $l,S00. Any person having the above amount to loan may address 3. 1. R., Herald office. 0?OCn WANTED.? A GENTLEMAN HAVING THE above amount to loan can bear of a good invest ment by addressing 8. B. W.. llerftld office, statin; where an interview can be had. nood boar< worth H per week will be given nntil tho amount is repaid. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO MEET WITH A PARTY of gentlemen who would loan her the turn of $'J00, and who would take the same in board iter house is pleatantl y nested in tho ? ioinity of Ble>ot er street. Address a note to Mrs W. T., Broadway Post Office, for three d?yi. Broken bank bills bought.? wheat grow era, 8So ; Bridgeton, K3c.; Stark Bank, H5c. ; Ktnt Coun ty, 70c.; Cochitnato, 30o.; Washtenaw, 27o ; Railroad, 25c. State, at Morris. lOo ; Eastern, W. Killingly. 10c.; Lewi* County, lOo. BEN J. N ATI! AN, 140 Greenwich street. Bank of wasutenaw-?i,ooo in bills on the Bank of Washtenaw wanted, by JAMES M. TaYLOR, Exchange Broker, 169 Chatham street, corner of James. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PURCHAS ed at sight, diamonds, watches, rich Jewelry, merchan dise, and valuable personal property generally. R. W ?OD, (59 pulton atreet, eeoond floor, front room, from 8 A.M. to CUMBERLAND COAL AND IRON COMPANY - $500,000 Loan. ? First Mortgage Coupon Bonds ?Five hundred thouiaud dollars, first mortgage bonds of the Cum berland Coal and iron Company, are now oflerod for sale, in sumi of one hundred doUura each, payable on the flrft day of January, lHfifl, with internet at the rate of fix percent per an num, payable aemi-annnally in the city of New York. Ihcie bonda are secured by a flrat mortgage to William D. Thompson aid Edward W. Dunham, in trait, on the land* of the company, aituate in Alleghany oouuty, Maryland, being about 12,000 aorei, and embracing ftbont 8,000 acrei of the great fourteen feet vein coal, and on the company'! railroad, connecting their mlnei, with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, with the Cheiapeake and Ohio Canal, and with the town of Cumberland. To provide for the payment of theie bonda at and before maturity, the company have agreed to appropriate and pay into the bands ol truitee* fifty thousand dollar# annually, aa a sinking fund, in default of the payment of which, or Of the aemi annual interest, for sixty days after due, the prin cipal shall become due. and the trasteei be authorised to enter upon and sell the said land* and road, and pay the bonds. Sealed proposals, ftddreaied to the President of the Com pany, will be received at the offloe of Dunham A Co., 13 William atieet, New York, until Saturday, the 19th day ol May next, at 2 o'olock P. M , when they will bo opened and the awards made. Ten per cent will be required to bo paid on notification to the Dartiei of the aeceptance of their bida, forty per oent on the firat day of June, and fifty per cent on the fifteenth day of June, with liberty to pay tbe whole at any earlier day. The company will reserve the right to reject tne whole or anv portion of the bids A. MEUAr FEY. President, For further particulars apply to DUNHAM A CO., 13 William street, Mew York. Knickerbocker stage company. ? three ?hirti for sale, par value $100, pays good dividend*, to be sold for account of whom it may oonoern. Apply at 184 Fulton street. Money liberally advanced By PECARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, aao tioneera, 51 Liberty itroet, one door from Nftisau, on atenka veeiels, real eatate, furniture, plot mi si, merchandise, Ae. let t with ui for aale. Money to loan.-persons requiring tempo rary advance! on real eitate, diamonds, plate, watohes, ewelry, pianoforte!, dry goodi, horiei. carriagei, and every ascription of perional property, promptly aacommedated at the Empire l.oan and Agency office, 333 Broadway, opposite tbe Broadway Theatre. Removsd from 321. Railway acceptances and business paper discounted, by JOHN B. MURRAY, 44 Wall atreet, over Baak of North America. Cash loans upon bank, rail way, and fire Insurance stocks, bonds and notes. Advances vpon flour, train, iron, provisions, and other merchandise, ftad en vessels at sea and In port. mo CAPITALISTS.? THE roz AND WISCONSIN X Improvement Company offer to capitalists for invest ment the remaining half ot their 8 per cent bonds. ($280,000,} payable February 1, 1873, interest semi-annnally, at the Bank of NoHh America, city of New York. These bond* are soenred by a first mortgage upon lands worth, at a lr? valuation, more than dbuble the amount, also upon the m E vein eat itself, together with its prooeeda, water powen. Inquire at the offlee of the company, 14 wall street. EEMOVAL. DENTIST REMOVAL.? 8. W. JUDSON, DENTIST, has removed his office from 165 East Broadway to No. 113 Nisth street, a few doors west of Broadway. JVANDERBILT? MEN AND BOYS CLOTHIER? RE ( moved to 67 Fulton street, one doer from Cliff atreet. New store will stoeked and in good order. Your patronago respeotfnlly solicited. Madame r. gavelle has removed nER estab lishment or dreatmakjng, millinery and fancy goods, to No. 742 Broadway, opposite Astor Place Hotel. EMOVAL.? HOLMES A BUTLER'S ALUM PATENT safe depot has beea removed to Nos. 00 and 92 Maiden lane, (below L'hertv,) where an assortment of their nrw patent alum tilled safes may be seen, as well aa the (original) safe made by them, whieh received the first and only medal at the great Crystal Palace tost of twenty four hour-, ia lHftA. N. B.? A written warrantee of dryness given with eaoh safe. EMOVAL.-A. O. BAGLEY A CO. HAVE REMOVED to No. one Maiden lane. R] R Removal? Griu.AUME, faris a co. have re moved from 06 broad street to 27 Pa.k row. Removal.? m. ward, close a co., wholesale druggists, have removed from 83 Maiden lane to No*. 115 Fulton aad 46 Ana street, between William and Nftssaa street*. REMOVAL.-P. W. GALLAUDET, MANUFACTURERS' agent for tbe sale oi A met loan hardware, has removed from 7 i to 80 John street. The trade are respootfully in vited to oall. TBI MISSES OB HEN HAVE RK?OYBD THKiR sobool for young ladies from 627 Hooitoa itreet to 145 Weit Twenty second street, between Sixth aad Seveath avenues. A limited number of young ladios received a* boarders. Circulars obtained at their residence, as above. DAltClHO AOADKniBS. DANCING ACADEEIE8.? M'LLE CAROLINE Vijjl ?lea's dancing acaiemy, 27 Howard street, is now opoa for tbe Instruction of ladies and gentlemen in the most fash ionable dftaees of the day. Sehool for praetiee every even ing., Grand dancing soiree* svsrr Sat OI day night, 8te 11 MA IU.K ,a,Al 0rf* or THE TW II V-K *>roa<lw,?"NL?e?H ??r'*i,,0U* JitS" *??! ?*, "** ??rth fife wk.43 C<^ fTAA? COUNTRY RESIDENCE ON 8TATEN IS ?k iJ.lU'U land, containing ,V? aereaof highly ouitiva'aa I?n"i, numcr-nt fruit trees. a large niw modern style bousa wi'li basement. crl'sr, marMe n iut?la. Ae., barn and car riage hous*. Also tifteen acres of ehoioo land. without build ing#, price $2,150. Term* easy. E. A. MUNCE, 212 Rroadway, room No. 3. Astoria paortiTT fur sah much nELOtr til valne, to closo a pa r'nerabi,). A vary handsome, new and well bulU hoaac in Astoria. containing tke morfera improvements. It ia built on ligbt lota. ba*ing two haadrad feet froM on Academa street, a:.d on# hundred feet on J? ii.sica avenue, neatly enclosed The hou?e ia boilt of tha bent maUria', and fitted up In a Tory supe' ior manner with marbl* mantels, kitchen range. pump Ac , and U in avery T-fp'et a desirable residence ftr a seniluinan doin; busiaeas in t-e eity. being only twm mi' u ton walk from tha ferry. A? it must be aold, ft la now put duwu to tba low pnoe of *4,100 One ha'f ca?h. and tha balance on bond aid mort cue. For particulars please apply to ANDREW SADIE 117 Fulton rtrcet, New York, up ?tairs. A COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE? DELIGHTFULLY lituated, ii tba town of Rye, tfeatobeitor oonnty, f> Y., on the there ot the Long Ifland Sound, a quarter ol a mile from a raUroad station Torm< made ea?y. Prioa $3 .a?>. Apply to N. W A K. STUYVESA* T, No. V Wall at A PIEASANT COUNTRY SKAT, NEAR POUOH A keeptie, tor tale ? 17 acres of gardan land, laid oat in or nsmental manner, with ISO Irnit treat of all varieties and of the choicest ^ratted kinds, grape Tines, shrubbery shade trees, walks, 4o., a superior kitchen rarden. lar^e aipara fiia und strawberry beds Ac. On the premises is a aubstan ial built brick cottage house in neat style, also a new model carria^o house, barn. Ac , ail in good order. In faot all that can bo requisite tosui' ti e taste at a gentleman ilerirous to obtain a nice, lasty country resiJhice at a eacrifioing price. 1 he lootl'in unsurpassed in thisaeotion. boin.- situated on the cant side of th>- Albany and New York imstroaii, 2ifc I miles south of Poughkoeisie Court llonac, and directly ad joining and in vicinity of the aeats of J. Ellsworth. J lie- i raw. Win. Johnson, l'roteator Morse, and J. Many, Eaqs. | I'ricc $X, IXX); $4,OCO can rnnaiu on mortgage on tbo premise* tor three year*. For particulars apply to J. SERGEANT, | real estate agent, 81 Mansion street, **oughkoepsie. Anew* three story brick house an? lot for tale.? Lot M foot front by luo feet deep, will be sold cheap, together wth the house 'urnltnro, if required, at the \ owner and his family ar" going to Europe. Inquire on the ' ]<reiniscs. 72 Forty ninth street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. A RARE CHANCE.? A VALUABLE FARM, PAPER I mill and water power for sale or exchange at a bargain. There ar r two dwellings, barn and othsr nuthouses on the farm, wbioh oonsists of seventy live acres of land, of whicb | twenty live acros are meadow and fifty acres good tillable land, Terras acrommodatlnr Address 8. M. J , Herald ' cfflce, or acply to C. O. LINCOLN, corner of Court and Sackett streets, South Brooklyn. A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENCE BUSINESS. ? For sale strck ttitures, and three years lease of building on the weat side of the eity, in a good busiaeas lo calitj , and bnMnesi of eiirht years standing. For particu lars, address Trade, lierald offioe. A SEA SIDE COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE? with about ono acre of ground; also, lots adjoining, on the Ilighlan Js of fievesink, coast ot New Jersey ? one of the most delightful situations iu the world, and only 22 miles from New York oity, to and from which four sleaintrs ply daily duri a. the summer, and two tho whole year. The view it unequalled on tbe whole coast of Amerioa, alao the facili ties for sea bathing, and all sorts of aqnatio amusements. The house it two i-lory and banemont. with piaiza in front, and contains eight rooms, eight closets, stororoom and cellar, It is situated in a beautiful grove of holly, dogwood, and other trees of large growth. A fine well of soft water near tbe house. For diagram of the premises, torms, Ac., apply to Al.itERT II. WlCOLAY, No. 4 Bruad street; or to R. L. WoODs, 137 Front street. A GOOD CHANCE? FOR SALE. THE LEASE OF A house one blook trom Broadway, a splendid location for an F.ngLiah sbadas Or ale boose. The saloon in handsomely fitted up and doing an excel lent business. I'rice The homo contains about twelve rooms rumished, andVlll bo sold with or without the furniture. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., Hi Nassau street. COUNTRY SEAT AT THROOQ'S NECK FOR SALE? About seven !< J acres.? The bouse is in the Gothio style, c-ntainlng twenty two rooms, marble mantels, fur nace, hot and eold water throughout, water closets, baths, conservatory attached; is situated immediately on the water; fine nailing, bathing ?nd fishing; an extended and beautiful view en the Sound. The new steamer Glen Cove lands within 1,000 feet of the property twice daily. Lodge, gardener's bouse, loo house filled, fine garden; in fact every convenience to id eke a residence in the country agreeable. Apply to JOHN WENDELL 83 South street. COTTAGE ON THE HUDSON BIVER FOR SALE? containing ten rooms, pantries and oel'ar, with fins garden and yard, 00 by 200 tect, witb frnit trees and shrubbery. Lo cation at Irvington, within 200 yards from of the depot. The riew of the river and surrounding scenery is magnificent, and the location very (elect. Price 93,600. Apply at YANl.lEiV'3, 1.110 Broadway. __ D1SIRABLE RESIDENCE AND PROPERTY in Brooklyn.? For sale, on the west side of Washington avenue, between Fulton and Gates avenues. The house is square, double, built in the Italian style, two siories and attic, In the best and most convenient manntr, with Key eer's turnace, range, bath room, Ao., with setween eight and nine lots of ground, fullv stocked with choicest grafted fruits, grapes, Ac. Stable and hen houses on rear stroet. Or tho house, stable, Ac., with fonr or five lots. For tjrms, Ac., apply to JOHN V. COLK, 80 South street. Drug store for sale-an old established corner staid, In a densely populated neighborhood, with a good stock, and a lease for three years at a low rent. At present doing a fair business, w hich could bo much increas ed if in the hands of a physician. Address GEO. SHEA, Esq., 107 Broadway, room 6. Drug store for sale ?an old established drug store, doing a good business, lor sale, with phyi can's office and practice at t at bed. Apply or address Drug giit, st the corner of Bridge and llign streets, Brooklyn, Elegant country residence for sale-with the furniture, carriage, Ac., and 20 acres of land, 1 >? miles trom the New Bruuswlok depot, New Jersey, on tho F bank* of the Raritan, and commanding a magnllieent view. The honse is In tnn gothie s'.yle; lately built with the host materials and filled in with brick. A photograph of the place can be seen at the office of F. D'HERVILLY, 18 Ex change place. For sale? a yery handsome and stylish white mare, flag tail, 16M bands high, ? years old; can trot In throe minute*. Price 9400. To be seen at tho Arcade stables, Eighth street, between Fifth ana Sixth avenues. For sale-thk elegant brown stone house and furniture, SaS Henry street, Brooklyn, and lot on 1'residont street; honso and lot No. 6 Cottage row, Colombia street, near Sackett street; very little money roqulred. First class farm in Latalle eonnty, Illinois, froo of encum brance, to exchange for oity or Rrooklyn property. Inquire of FRANCIS P. LAWRENCE, orJOHfTF. GRAY, No. 23 Chambers street. For sale-the three story brick house and lot, No. 61 Esst Twenty third street, near Fourth ave nue; lot 20.0x110; house 20.6xdD; has hot and ooldlbath, shower bath, water closet,wathtubt, speaking tube, gas. Ae. Price S11,000, of which $7,000 may remain on bond and mortgage. Apply on the premise*. For bale ? sso dozen coat links, latest style, well assorted, double and single, just received by the steamship Nashville. Tbty may be seen by applying T. W. CASEY, 4ft Mott street. IPIOR SALE. -A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE. BASE 1 ment and sub-oellar, with gss and fixture!, situated on Hicks street. Brooklyn, 362, near Union street; a pleasant location and good neighborhood. Price Sfl.OOO. $2 000 oan remain on mortgage. Apply soon on the premises. OR SALE? TnE STOCK OF GROCERIES AND FIX _ tore*, now in store 266 Delancey street, oorner of Co lumbia, with lease of store. Applv to JAMES CRD IKSHANKS, 33 Broadway. For sai.e-a yarnisii shop, with a good run of customers, tbe present proprietors going into other busineis. Apply at 14S Eighth avenue. |j OR SALE? AT A BARGAIN, FOR CASH, FIFTY f choice lota, in Omaha city, the oapltal of Nebraska Territory, ritnated on the Missouri river, oppoiite Council Bluffs. Apply, Immediately, to ROSWELI, Q. PICKCE, Pine street, oorner of Broadway, For sale-an elegant country seat, ixme dlatelv adjoining the residence of Cornelius W. Law ret ce, at Manhattanvllle, on the Hudson river, consisting ot a gotbio honso, and about twenty eUht lots In excellent order. Apply to ROSWELL G. PIERCE, Pino (troot, oor ner ofBroadway. For sale-bakery, confectionery and ice cream saloon, In an exoellent situation on tho Eightn ?venue, bow doing a first rate business; lease three years to run, at a very low rent. A rare chance for a small price. All particulars made known on the premises, 346 Eighth avenue. For sale-a country residence, contain Ing one hundred acres. Is in the best order, well watered, plenty of fruit, and sniflclent buildings; high elevation, and 12 miles from New York, and one mile from Williams bridge, on tbe Now York and Harlem Railroad. Inauire on the premises, of JAREMIAH TIES. For sale-an old established drug store* doing a good retail business, with a nioe in and out door practice attached. Would salt oither a young physiolan or a druggist. Fir further particulars apply to Dr. BAY RE, 412 Broadway. For sai.e-a feed store, locaied up town, well established, and now doing a tot and rapidly in creasing bnslncss. Connected with the (tore are several stalls. Satisfactory reason* for selling. Apply at Broadway, room 10. GEORGE W. SIMER3 For sale.? a largehtone building, marble finished corns**. tor sal* at auction at tke Merchants' Exchange, on Tuesday, I be 8th May. A country summer roeidenoo, " den, vllle. New York. change, on Tuesoay, me n*n way. a country summer lidenoo, or family dwelling house, and half an aere g%r n, at Polhamville. Apply to Mr. PATTERSON, Polham le. or to Mr. ANTHONY J. BI.EECKEK, 0 Broad streot, F OR SALE-TWO SLOOPS, IN GOOD ORDER. GEORGE LOGAN, 69 South streot. For sale immediately-a first class tenant house and lot on Twenty-eighth street, near Sixth ave nn*. newlv built, oa the meet improved stylo, every way calculated to accommodate fourteen families. Site ofnouee 30 by 44 feet, and must be sold wit hin ten days, as tho owner is about t* leave tbe city. Pile* f 7.V0, and rent* for fifteen per cent. SS.lOO can remain on mortgage. Apply to C. U. THOMPSON. 81 Nassau street, room No. 7. OR SALE AT A SACRIFICE OF U2SO-A SPLENDID farm or country residence in Westchester eonnty, oon talcing about 44 aere* of flr*t rat ? land, situated within on* mile of the New Baven railroad at Mamaroneok, and abont twenty two mil"* from Now York. Thtro la on tho f arm a neat oottage with very snperior outbuildings, plenty of grafted fruit, fire acros of woodland and a never failing stream of wator. Said farm la wall divided In arabl* and meadow land. ?nd must b* sold this week to olo*o a part nership, and is offered at th* low price of 94.300. For particu lars please apply to AM DREW SADIE, 117 Fulton strict, Newaiock. (TOR BALE CHEAP-A SMALL FAST STEAMBOAT of 80 to 100 horse power, with an excellent eond engine, and very economical as retards consumption of IMC Apply to ?. POWERS, 482 Tenth streot. KOR SALE CHEAP FOR CABH-A FOUR BTOKY FIRE proof honso and lot, situated la Seventh avonue, 218, iton water all through tho honso. A good ohan*o for Investment; no incumbrance. For sale o r~exoiTange-a vehy desijari.e country roeidenoo on Stolen (eland, within oo* mil* of lotten's landing anil about two miles from Ross vile. On said place there Is a well i nllthon??, containing 14 rooms, and ton scree of beautiful lawn, with mod bathing, fluhing, Ao. Tho health of tho owner ia the only reason for disposing of this property. It will bo sold oheap on application to 111 rutoi Itpit, Toji, OF #?*??. 'tHU.,*!',' **'? ?Ai BBtK HTt ??aa ?""j.sajifi x UixtMuw, tt'Thna av.n.L MftieiUw, iaqetra mm * ?*???. of Seventeenth *~ GWID CHAM E TO Ma KB 4 -On* of the olde.t ..d ' JORJO?*E.-; FOR SALS meet, in thl* otty. Appl, >cv< stmeut. ???? street Thu j a sere ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL-nvVTi 'J77TJC. canal lands and towo lota in llliaatT?.?i??^ .*3 granted bjr toe btate of Illinois, 1. forth 1? htrur/fl, 180. and Mnrcb 1, 184,.,^ VL '>? ^ *J trust executed by the Governor o? th? at*u jult duly recorded in the oenntte* of C?.ok uii w ill i ll o ' Tru?tee* of tbe Mlinou and Michigan Caoal '?ji? ,,??5 ?f put lie uli, Id toe city of Chicago, oommencinx .,n rE.*-.. day, tb* 10th nay ol May next, all lb* unaold V...i ,t"T and tjwn lots beloagtng to said canal? that L, "" 61,791 acres of laad, lying oa botb sides of **14 c *4 ?i d within bve miles of the same, between Chioa,,, Mll liM town of 1 a Sail*. Also all the unsold town lot* m Chica go, Lock port, Joliet, Do Page, Kankakee, Morris, <utaw% and I a Sal e, 1.329 Iota in all. With the exception of t.>w? lot* in Ln Salle, to be offered for sale In that place ea Um Utb. Hi the property will be offered in the city of Chiciga, cdDui ncinn on the i(Kk rf May. Jfaay of the** lan da, aed some of the tows lota, are travareed by railroad*, either ooot pleted cr under obstruction. The term* of tale are oaa fonrtb each the reaidue ol tbe purchase nseney la three aa oMt p uuhI instalments, with interact at ?ll ] payable ana ually in advance Ei'vi n^LKATITT I ?- Pita* JOsIAH ilcROUKKTS, > ?ad MiohUaii Office of the board of Tru^tae* of tlM Illinois Ib4 pan Canal, March 17, ISfift. PATENT MEDICINE FOR SALE ?ONE OF THE MOST popular and universally used pate * mara'aetored ii offered for aale on ttrmi t i popular and universally ""i '?!**' ad^antageta'tiba make tlna sacrifice. To a party with mean*, I port unity seldom met with. Addreaa, with referaaoe, 1,780 Post Office. River building site for sai.e.-a gentu n?iu in foarch of a beautiful and piotureeqne buildiac aite, can find ten aorea of land, perfectly level, and traattaf immediately apoa tbe bask* or a river leading lata Law Is'and Sound, two mitea distant. The property is ona htart ride from the city by Naw Hares Railroad, and about omm mile from t|e depot. Tbe premises eitend far a quartered a mile upon the banka of the river, beaidea fronting apoa the turrpikeroad. Oyitera and fiali are abundant, aeaka tide ebbe and fluwi upon the bauka af tbe property, ft* ? oonntry arat, few if any aitea in the State will compare (Nk it. If bnilt upon, will be Bold low. Two thirda of the pmt efcaie can remain on mortgage. If deaired, or will be aa chaii|/?d for eitr property, if unineambered. For fnrthac particular*, aead addreaa te box 705 Coat Offioe. HtwrNk SHIP BREAD AND CRACKER BAKERY FOR SAL^ at 31 Madiaoa atreet. - Thi* long entabli>hed bakery, hav ing been established orer fifteen year*, with a good otty aad cc un'r> trade, will be aold uoon the moat reaaonable te as the proprietor ii about to leave the city for tba (Tea*. Machinery and other fixtnrea neeeaaarf to carry oa the bad ness, all in Rood order. The location ia Rood; rent lew; would le aoitable for tbe loaf bread and cake limine**. Ay ply on the premite*, to K O. BltlNCKi'RHOVf, SOMETHING CHOICE. IN T1IE W AY OF A CODNTRY seat, may be obtained in btamford, Conn., atoat t*e lmnrs' from tbe olty. The house ii a very tine, well baMfc two irory aud attic doable cottage, bnilt in toe meat ap proved ?.i > le, with all the moderu improvement*, aultakM tor a large gentoel family. Half an acre ot land, tastefully laid out ?ith ahad* trees, fruit and flower*; location beaa tUul and oonvenient, and mnie land if deaired MILES ft BEI TS, 67 Wall itraH. TO PRINTERS.? SEVERAL ROOD SECONDHAND ?ingle oylinder pre uses, in oompleto repair tur aale, afc low prieea. R. HOB A CO. TO BARIIERS.-FOR SALE. SIXSP1.ENDID SBAYfNQ chairs; alio two marble top wash stand*, on* five, tbe other three bowls. Inquire cf J. Griffin, 30 Broadwny. VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE-THOSE TWO valuablo lots known as Nos. 3tt4 and 396 Bowery, ab??t 4H feet front by 146 in leagth, immediately adjnlaing the alt Vauxball prouadi, now being improved. Tbi*. together with other improvomcnt* in that vicinity, renders this pre perty vary desirable for a permanent investment. For far ther particular* apply to J. I UODDI NGTON, 17 WaH street, *ocond story, front office, from 12 to 3% P.M. HV8ICAL. A I.ADY, TEACHER or THE PIANO FORTE &N9 ?ingiug, will give lessens at *?-' per quarter, if applica tion in made immediately. I! mounted re'erenose gives. Address Mu?io, Broadway Poat Office. A SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE (BT CELM brated makera) for SlflO? must be avid immediately. Alao several excellent second hatd piano*, roeewood aad mn botany, at great bargain* fur cash. 1'rioaa, SIX, $30. $46, ${i\ 17'). $80, $Wl and >100. Plat oa tuned, repaired or taken in exebanve. Music thoroughly taught at 402 Sixth avenue, ??ar Twenty-fourth itroet. D SMITH, PIANOFORTE MANUFACTURER? WAR? ? room 16 Sixth avenne, where an anortmont of Brad elan 7 octavo piano* may be found, made of the beak mate rial, and in tho moat substantial manner; will be avid lew. and warranted. BMBttT PREMIUM PIANOFORTES, MANUFACTURB* by BTEINWAY SONS, (W Walker atreet, near Broad way, N. Y. ? These piano* received the firat premiums, im competition with t ianoa made by the noit celebrated Btaa f oturera of Boaton, Now Y-rk, Philadelphia. and Battt moro. Every piano warranted. Prioea moderate. Musical.? a lady fully competent and or Ionic experience, wiahea a situation ai first sopraao ia tome church in Brooklyn. Inquire at 4KC Atlantic, or U Court atreet, Brooklyn. NEW PIANOS TO RENT.? A FINE ASSORTMENT OT uew pianoa to rent, or for aala on monthly pay meat a, at tbe great piano anil muaio eatabliahment ef HoRAGS WAILUS.^) BroaUaaj. NEW AND SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR SALM. very cheap? One of Pieyel'a pianos for $12ft. TuuIajc auQ repairing done in the best mauuar, and at short aaUee. Pianoa to let. 3U2 Bowery, aecond floor. PIANOFORTES.? JOHN P. WAKE A CO, MANUFAO turera, have removed their pianoforte wnrehoaae I* Barclay street, to the new and spacious building, Iff Caral street, between Hudaon and Yariek atreetc. pianofortes at wholaaala prices, for eaah, or satisfactory paper. A great Induoemeat to purchasers now offered. PIANOFORTES.-RIMOYAL.?JL A D. WALK. EM J. have removed their baslness to the tpaoiout wareroom under the Mereankile Library, fronting on Astor plaoe aat Eighth atreet, a few doors from Broadway, where wttt ha kept Cor sale an extensive assortment of new aad second hand pianofortes, by varioua New York and Boston laakara. including those of their own mannfactore; also, a large stock of boudoir. Piccolo aad horisontal piaaes far km. Pianofortes recsived for sale oa oommittioa. SECONDHAND PIANOS AT GREAT BARGAIN*? One at $70, one at $75, one at $80, $BS, $00, $lU),$itOaa? $126, at tbe piano and mnsic atora of HORACI WATERS. SS3 Broadway. Three 7 octave Gilbert bondoir ptaaas. prist ?300, been used about one year, for sale at $190 eaoh. HOTELS. Berkshire soda spring hotel.? the pbo prietorof this eatabliahment reapectfully annoaoaes te tbe pnblio tLat he latends opening his honse for the re sap tion ef summer boarders by the lath of this month, aad that in order to make it an inducement for families te coat* te tbe country earls in the season, be has resolved te rednoe his prices to suen to the lowest potiible rates -say from $t to $10 per week, or an average of about $7, according t* rooms. Tbe house baa just been oompleted and newlynar mshed, and will accommodate about eeventy five persona. Tbe situation of the hotel ia one of tbe most desirable oa the American Continent, being amoag the mountains of Berk shire. within three miles or the beautiful village of Great Barrlngton, where pure air and picturesque seenory com bine to attract tbe lovers of nature, and oon tribute so mask to good health. The properties of tbe water of this unique spring have long been known to a few toieatile man, hah have not been made available to the mast of the better olasa of scotet y until quite recently? merely for the want of Dra per hotel acoommodatlona. Carriages will rua daily from the depot in Great Barrlngton to the Spring. Letters ad dreaaed to ANDREW J. BALDWIN, Propriaker of the Berkshire Soda Spring,. Great Barringt?n, Maaa. COLLINS' HOTEL, FOOT OF CANAL STREET, FRONT ing tbe North river, will let a few parlora and single rooms on reasonable ttrms; tbe location Is a deiirable oaa for snmmer, having a sea breeje from the bay and barkor. and a full view. TALLMAN A MAPES, Proprietors. Hotel Brighton, Boulogne csur mer>, francs ?To families going to Europe. A gentleman, 1st sly from Europe, ean safety recommend the Hq^el Brighton as not only the beet in the place, bat as one oi the beak la Europe. Situated at a convenient distance from the rail road and being In the middle of a large garden, this beta! poetesses all the oomforkt dtairable for wealthy families. Hotel.? point breeze hotel, four from Jersey City ferry, oa the Bergea Point plaak road, will be opened on the 6th ef May. Good bathing aad fiehiag; boats, bait and tackle furnished. JOHN H. MIDMER, Proprietor. HOLDRRDGE'S HOTEL, 797 AND 760 BROADWAY. onrner Clinton Plaoa? Two family salts and several tingle apartments handsomsly farnlsbsd aad neatly kept, can now be obtaiaed with or without boarding, at the re duced rent of from $2 to $16 per week. Howard hotel, broadway, new yorc.-thk pnblio are hereby informed that the above house, ae long and favorably kaswa as oae sf the firtt olast hotels ia the olty, la still open for the reception of the travelling cam - m unity Sevtral important and desirable ohaagoi have beea made, wMah cannot fail to augment the oomfert ami oeave nisnce of Ms nests, aid all Its old friends aad patrons mar be aatnred of reoeiviag that attention and kladaess which baa ever been one of the leading feakurea of kbit house. The copartnership of Clark A Bailey having beea dissolved, Mr. J. E. Kingsley, lately connected with the New Orleans aad Mobile mail line of it earn era, is now associated with the al ove l oose, and hereafter the business will be conducted undername aad Arm of BAILS! A KINGSLEY. EW TORE BAY PRIYATE FAMILY HOTEL? _ Two sad a half miles from Jersey City fcrrr, it bow stem fbr rammer, ea Bergen Polat plaak read. Bathing, boat iag aad iiblu. Stages leave the ferry every hour, ittiy tc Capt. LEU, proprietor, Poet Oflee, Jersey Ciky, otlk the house. N . B.? There It no bar atkacbcd tc this be N' rpnE LONDON COFFEE HOUBJ, LUDGATB HI LI* 1 Loadon. -EDWARD BLLIS, kilbsrte of khe Bkar aai Garter, Rtehiaerd Hill, kegs to aetify that the Leadea CodtM House hat very reeeatly undergone extensive altera tic mi and Improvements, aad aa satire reorganisntiea The na ek us coffee room It rendered private aad oemforta>. 1c JM k large emoklac room aad rrlklu ream have bean ad'oi light airy bcdscems, ? shower bakha aire) a THORK FAMILY HOTEL, NEW BRIDOE STRUT. I | Ludrate Hill, Louden ?The above house ie eeatrally aituated, has an axedloat coffee room, koa or kwelve private sitting rooms, "etwesn ferky aad fifty lUMgjjtaMM good imckiag room; warm, eeld aad ready. m*|j||aMHtem|mdmB^^^^^^^^^M Ship tavtrns, Amcrloaa Monde for khe favors he hat to Isag enjoyed a* I their haads, aS ssMsika khe* ceaUaaed pekreaage aad TO- I mwuici. _ _ VfECHANICS' FIRE INSPRANCE COMPANY.? Q Alt M ?al $lfl0,000. -Oflee. ?hos ^aad Uakher Baak Weadi^ 271 Broaiway, earner of y*/ CP capital havitg all beea paid la.) 1* **_ Hswav B. Dawson, Secretary. nmrcToas. fa. n pe Greek, James Tiebeuk. Fraemaa Haa*, Dental P. Sn.ftb, Alexander Philip, Ales. McCcMa^ Cbaa.W. Copcland, Naihaa A. Roger*, Idward Be Greed. s.a.- ? T tlosa Inka Jaw VaadlaiA ?** Joba K. Hoia. Joha Jay. BftttUU SsHkh. Daniel 8. D art hag. mrs? I. Skwk.

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