Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? OUT I4RKIV. Mo if oat, Hif 88?8 T. M Muotatiens for stocks took quit* a start upward to ?day, and tba Market was nor* excited thaa we have known far many days. Stat* stocks, railroad bonds and railroad stocks vtrt all ia active lessaad, and sold at prices considerably 1b advenes or thoee ruling at the cloee aa Saturday. At the first board Indiana 5's want u| |k eent, Missouri 0'i, 2; Virginia tifi| 1| Krie se coal M(t|i|t, 1 | Illinois Oentrnl, X ; Mow Tort Cen tral 7 'a, X". Penasylvaala Coal, X; New Ybrk Caatral JUOraad, Hi Panama Railroad, IX ; Raiding Railroad, X ; Galena and Chicago Railroad, X ; Cleveland aad To ledo Railroad, X- The leading diridend payiog railroad stocks ware operated la to a large extent, and nearly all infrared an the opening prices. Reading touched the highest cash price of the season to day. The coal busi ness thas far this year has bean very profitable to all the transportation companies, aad it is likely for the rest of the season to he even more profitable. Up te ha 24th Inst., the quantity of anthracite oaal brought 0 market frem the Schuylkill regions was 1,196,722 tons, against 1,182,511 tone to the same date last year, bowing an increase of only 100,181 tons la the first sis months of the present year. This u not an average in cotM f?r that district, and the deficiency must he made ap en the last half of the year, which oommences on the 1st of Jane. On the 1st of July the Reading Railroad Com pany raise the rate of toll thirty cents per ton, and it U therefor* for the Interest of that company aad all other coal carrying companies that the bulk of transportation should be thrown into the last alx months of the year, -whea tolls rule the highest. The Reading Railroad brought dewn 1,087,854 tons of coal from Dec. 1, 1853, te Dm. 1, 1854. In the first six months of that year <nly 777,120 tens were brought down, leavtag 1,210,328 tons af the aggregate for the last six months. It there fore appaari that the earnings of the Reading Railroad In the last six months of tke year are about double these for the first alx months, caused not only by the a-lititlawf' quantity of coal carried, but by the addi tional price far carrying. New York Central Railroad stock waa particularly active to-day, at batter prices, -whila BMe, its competitor for Western travel and freight, waa aegiectsd, without change la market value. There Is vary Uttle doubt bat that at pro eeat prices Erie is much the cheapest stock of the two, but, having been compelled te exhibit ita financial dlfficultlee to the world, it haa a bad name. The only differ ence is that the Central has not yet been found out. It haa net yet had an investigating committee overhauling ita accounts and making reports. The Erie Company haa passed through all that, and is slowly re covering from ita effeeta. The Central will ultimately hava te ga through the same ordeal. All these large, overgrew*, bulky corporations, after a time, get dis eased, aad require a great deal of doctoring before they get iato a healthy condition again. The New York Cen tral haa been a long time in the hands of financiers, and it must be in a very rottea condition. AHar the adjournment ef the board the fallowing of bonds and stocks were made by A. H. Nlcolay : ? jo, COO Chicago and Mis*. R. R. 7's int. added 59 5,000 Cleveland and Toledn R. R 7's . . . . " 84 10,000 Harlem R. R., 1st mort. 7's ?? ?8X 1,000 North Carolina 0 s .?..?????, '* 6,000 Nor Ind R. R. (Goshen Branch) 7's 88X 3,000 Missouri 6'B 160 shares Reading "-j* 2 " Third Avenue R. R 27 X 75 ? Erie R 10 ?? Chatham Bank 92 ?26 " Fulton Fite Insurance Co 83 >4 <26 ?? ?? " 6 " Park Fire Tasurance Co K9X 25 " American Express Co 10 14 oeeeeoeeseee * e e e X01 1 C00 " New York and Shawangunk Minlag Co. (hypothecate!) S3 At the second beard a further improvement was realized. Ene Bonds, 1876, advanced X P*r ?*nt> Illinois Central Bonds, X ; Cumberland, 1; New York Central Railroad, Xi Panama Railroad, X? Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, X- There was more cash stock on the market thaa usual this afternoon, notwithstanding which better prices ruled. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's offlcs to day were as follows:? Paid oa Treawurj aocount *}?J >?!? Received do 22 Balance do. 2,246,865 00 Paid for Assay office 51 Paid on disbursing checks 64,520 14 The receipts include one million of dollars transferred from the bullion lund. A meeting of the stockholders of the McCullock Coppe ? Company is called for Moaday, the 4th of June, atth i office. IS Exchange place. We understand that the super intendent, whe has just returned from the mlnea, give s-oat encouraging accounts of the product aad eeaditioa of the works, aad feels ooafideat that a few weeks wU give a yield greater than ever before raallxed. It ia im portant that there should be a full meeting of stock holders. The warrant* entered at the Treasury Department Washington, oa the 21th last., were as follows :? Far the redemption of steok *2'?25 ?2 3-or the Treasury Department 199 For the Interior Department 11,403 04 For the Cwtomi 36,540 00 War warraats received aad eatered Repay warrants 0,872, 00 for coveriag into the Treasury from miacel- lr_ ? Uneooj sourceA 117 w For covering into the Treaaury from customs #,096 03 The rademptiea of the public debt at the treasury de partment, Waabingtoa, during the week sndmg the 26th Jnrt., was as followi . Loan of 1842, *5 000 ; 1845, 42, (MO ; 1847, 96,250; 1848, $0, 000? total, $21,250. The Camber land if inert' Jourmtl of the 25th instant, anys: ? Frem reports fumiahed us by the several mining com panies, we make the following statements of tae ooai shipments for the week ending Saturday last, May lw: From tae Cumberland coal ana Don Company's cell is Ties, there ware sent to market, during the week, 4,448.16 tons. A portion. 2,887 15 tens, at this amount ?aa seat via caaal;tbe balaate, 1,670.01, by railroad. The total amount shipped by this company since the 1st of January, 1856, is 49,30815 tens. Over the Cumber land and Pennsylvania Railroad, irom the Frostburg re gion, there ware shipped for the wees, 5,810 tons ? 2,486 tons by railroad, l,bl4 tens by caaal. From the < leorge's Creek Coal and Iron Company 'a railroad, the amount of ?oal shipped str the week, was 6,ooa 06 tons-the total amount from this region s-nce the 1st of January, is 67 504.1# tons. From the New Cree* Company via Ba'tt more aad Ohio Railroad, for the wees, 284.11 tons were shipped. For the year, 1,897.10 tons were sent te mar k*lks following propoaed amendment to the State eon atltutian of Missouri, relative to the establishment of hunks, haa been passed by the Legislature of that State, and ia to be veted on by the people ia August aext. It provides that the General Assembly of Missouri (two thirds af each house concurring thereia) shall have power te eataoluh sueh baak or baaks aa may be deem ed necessary for the Interests of the State; but every bank so established shall be based upon a specie capital, and made liable to redeem Its lssuea In gold or sliver; provided that the number of banks chartered shall never exceed ten, aad the aggregate amount af capital shall never exceed twenty millions of dollars. The Lake Superior Journal of the 17th lost., says:? Reports from the mines are thus far, this spring, quite confuted aad contradictory. Several mines are shipping oopper freely, but for the most part they have been embarrassed and unproductive during tba past winter, owing la psrt to the stringency of the money market, aad partly to the want of powder, the supply of which, it will be recollected, wsi lost bv the storms last U1L Many of the mines, also, find difficulty In collect ing assessments oa their Stoc*, and their operation* are thus eatirely crippled. Stockholders should sea that it is their Interest to -pay up," anddavelope as far as pos sible. There is considerable copper ab? ve awaiting ship meat, aa also at this point. Most of that hsre is for the Ridge, Forest aad Mianesota companies. There have been but two shipments below, as yet, vis:? May ll per Northerner, for Copper Falls Mining Company, 178 bar rels, May 16, per luiaos, Die Ruyale, 362 barrels; Mlh neaeta, -9'.? tarrsD. The annexed statement exhibits the average daily con ditiea of the Waclag department* of the banks of this city for the wssk ending Saturday morning, the 4flth a: May, lfi?5 ? Naw Yorx Cmr B**x*. Luant. Spfi*. Oirc'l'n. DepoiiU Naw York .... $3.081 ,380 1,174,061 247,23d 3,121,433 Manhattan 4 272,115 K37,6U 371,480 2,905,337 Merchants' 3,727,826 1,206, <190 207.24# 4, 812, 6 76 Mechanics' 3,008,762 812 704 373,261 3,338,64) fatoa 2 741.187 314, M0 168,767 2,241,483 amirlca ...4,464 867 1,614,656 124,074 5,142,161 1 Wnix " ....2 220,002 400, P02 78,076 2,026,301 fltt m.1?4?1 834-013 1.401,451 MoJte'Rivir....l 026 490 80,807 172,780 804.984 l^dTsmea's... 1 422 878 lffi,720 240,962 834,546 Tuttaa ...1,562,504 ?57,011 126,678 1,3.18,763 rhMnTcaV ' ... . .1,507,092 381,854 270,706 1,401,049 SSata' b 2 420 070 972,668 144,461 1,765,061 .1 618 988 109,783 168,676 824,890 1 486,167 220J476 62,872 1,088,036 M^S. AT^d'S . 728,807 6^,281 100,812 630,227 fiSenwtch 634 054 40,439 176,201 446, S90 1,778 913 185,087 100,229 1,360,896 KmnS Ward 1 160,427 105 488 177,012 744,054 Seventh Ward..i,ie , 1# % SSS^-fev.v'M?!? Association 1 121 074 105 740 184,461,681 Caawarce ""7 404 413 1,531,631 2,165 6,029.603 Bowery^??: 79, 120 88:671 168,127 766,450 Ttraadway 1,414,701 105,548 "Oi1** Ocean 1,240,901 88,925 0, 401 Mercantile 2,134,688 190,062 84 665 1,461,549 Pselfie 8M) 4H2 45.212 112,164 611,175 R> public 9,007 ,4u0 71M*? 3,367,.U)? Vhatham 607,77 1 66,0i? 06,707 340,483 Pee*!*'*. SM.OM 11.81 1 116. 421 8 4,07? North America.. 1,663.0*8 ll?, Sri 42.1 1,212,441 Haaover 1 313,482 91,634 1*2,763 711.?t? Irving 6.16,201 i4,S>>7 112,452 460,0*1 Metropolitan . . .3,617,647 746,677 98,?71 4,617.951 Citisena' 714,767 C0,3ii6 160,457 644 774 Grocer*' 640,493 91 406 66.178 6*1 6V? Nw?n 964,98) 90,866 121,126 8X0,147 I Ml River 558,719 56,234 88,671 281,616 Market 1,150,326 176,?* ll*,90i 961,240 ft. Nicholas .... 683,677 46, W 90,276 401,794 Shoe h Leather. 840,966 47,809 10H.621 637,761 Corn Kxcbange 1,541,696 125,076 #?1,183 1.3'.0 613 ObUMDtil ....2 599,637 216.H7 74,834 L692,?73 Commonwealth. 1,162,990 99,943 81,620 960,656 Oriental 534,236 36,926 94,646 331,701 Marine 743.125 44 042 96,196 637 7*6 Atlantic 466,839 70,091 97,743 293,611 Inland at j 350,997 39,434 82,393 17.1,784 Dry Dock 403,396 20,642 63,657 130.561 N. Y Kichun. 204,476 10,890 109,592 135,791 Bull'eHeu* 222,883 20,077 91,514 121,064 Totals 691,166,618 16,314,632 7,489,637 76,766,746 Clearing Housi Transactions. Exchangee for week ending May 21 611*. 110, 174 " " May 28 104,474,800 Balance* for ?Mk ending K>; 21 6. 97. >,632 " " May 28 6,646,616 Tb* above aggregate, compared with Uih for pre vious week*, present the annexed statement ? Bun or Nnw Yon*. Lomu. Specie. Oirtnl'n. "rrriitt Dee. SO, '64. .681,653,837 12,076,147 7,076,830 8$,M8 030 Jan. 6, *66.. 82,244,706 IS, 606, 963 7,049,982 64,962,166 Jan. 13, '66.. 83,976,081 16,488,626 6,680 461 87,803,38# Jan. 20, '65.. 86,447,998 16,372,127 6,691.366 69,647,618 Jan. 27, '66.. 86,664,667 16,091^60 6,689,823 70,136,618 J* b. 3, '66.. 88,146,697 17,439,106 7, C00. 766 72 923,317 Feb. 16, '66.. 89,862,177 17,124,394 6,969,111 73,794,342 Feb. 17, '66. . 00,866,031 17,330.086 6 941,006 76,193,636 Feb. 24, '66.. 01/90,604 16.370,876 6,963.662 74,644,721 Mar. 3, '66.. 02,386,126 16,631,271 7,106,710 76,958,344 Mar. 10, '66.. 92,331,789 16,870.669 7.181 098 26,269 489 Mar. 17, '66.. 92,447, 346 16 933 932 7,061,018 74.624,227 Mar. 24, '66.. 93,060,773 16,602,729 7,452,231 74,289,923 Mar. 31. '66.. 93.634.041 16,018 106 7,337.633 75,600 186 April 7, '66.. 94,409,394 14,968,004 7,771,634 77,313,908 ApL 14, '56.. 94,140,399 14,890,979 7,623 628 77,282,242 A pi. 21, '56.. 93,632,893 14,366,041 7, H0, 124 76.744 921 ipl. 28, '56.. 92,606,951 14,282,424 7,610,986 *6, 219.951 May 6, '66.. 93,093,243 14.326,050 8.087,609 78.214,149 May 12, '66.. 91,642,498 14,686,626 7,804,9(7 76 860 692 May 19, '?5.. 91,676,600 15,226,066 7,638,630 77,361,218 May 26,-55.. 91,160,618 16,814,632 7,489,637 76,766,740 fti last return*, compared with those of the inriou wwk, show a ? Decrease la dlaaounti of 8614.982 Decrease in circulation of 148 993 Decrease in deposit* of 686 478 Inortaie in specie of 89,476 The increase fa the amount of specie oa hand has not been as large as anticipated. The heavy receipts front California, aad the limited shipments U Europe, lad need oa to expeot a much greater additioa te the supply of specie than that reported. The exportation during the present week will bo Urge, and with jat an arrival from California with remittances of gold te a mack greater ex tent than usual by tho Nicaragua lino, the next bank statement must show an important decrease In the stock of bullion in band. The falling off In disoouats Is in ac cordance with the general expectation. It is welt known that the banks hare for some time past found it difficult te get all they wanted of the right kiad of paper, aad the contraction is more a matter of aeoesaity than choice. The aggregate line of discounts ia now lower tfcan it ban been since the 17th of February last, bat a little larger than at this time last year. The variations in deposits and circulation are of aesendary importance, aa they do not bear so closely upon the money market as movements in the other departments. Stock Exchange. Mondat, May 28, 1865. 85(0 U 9 6a, '68... 120 2r>0ahsNV C'l KR btO 02 5,000 Ind'a State 5s 84* 160 do 92 ft, IKK) do 844, 425 do S3 92i? 1,(00 Missouri 6s... 93 460 do ...sBO 92 16,000 do.. . . b60 94 50 do bttO 92 * 18,100 do 94 113 Paaam* Kit Km 6,100 Virginia 6s... 98* 100 do blO 100* 6,(00 co 99 100 do a30 101 10,0(0 do... b60 99 * 60 do ...aOOlOl 15 0C0 Tenn 6s, '90 . 93 200 llarlem RR 27 1,000 Erie 2d M bds 99* 200 oo 2 b* 19,000 do b3 100 1200 do 26 * 2.(00 Erie bda'83 b3 93 200 Erie RR slO 48* 5,000 Erie bds'75 b3 89 * 200 de c 48* 7,(00 do s3 89 60 do blO 48*,' 1,0(0 Pan bos, 1st is 101 * 60 da 48 0,000 Psn bds, 2d la. 101 * 400 do s30 2,((0 111 CenKRbdti. 7A* 500 da 48* lOCCO do 77 200 do b6 4HY, 2,000 C.kTol div bd* 76* 21 Stoniuij'.ou RR.. 63* 8,000 NV CenRR bds 88* 1200 Reading RR.... 88 12.(00 NY Cen 7s ... 10** 100 do blO 88* 20 eha Del it HudCa 129 200 do s30 88 10 Bk of N'th Amer 106 100 do bSO 88* 21 Metrop Bank.... 110 400 do *60 bit 20 Cora txch Hank. 102 200 do 88* 36 Ohio Lite k Trust 90 600 do 88* 21 Tenn Coal Co.... 108* 200 de b30 84* 30 do 108 * 600 do 88* 18 NY Central RR. . 91* 60 MlehSkNIaKR bS 102 100 do o 91* 20 111 Central KR... 94 50 do b30 01* 10 Gal k Uhi'go RR. 96* 60 do c 91* 20 do 97 50 do s 60 91* 290 Clave kTolKR.. 81 SECOND BOARD. $7 , COO Virginia 6s... 90 410 shs NY Coat BR. 82* 20,0(0 Tenn 0s, '90.. 93 150 do b60 92* ?26,000 Erie ba'76 b60 89* 200 Panama RR 101* 15.0(0 do 89* 100 Harlem RR 27 1,0C0 Cb&RI RR bds 96* 150 do 26* 6,(00 111 C RR B blO 77* 200 do 26* 5( sbs Erie RR..sl0 48* 200 do bflO 27 lOONIcara*. Tr..s00 15* 300 Reading RR. . .s3 88* 1(0 0o b3 16 100 do sl5 88* 6(0 Cumb Coal Co. .. 26* 2(0 do blO 88* 150 Co s30 28* 50 Cleve'd h lol RR 81* 100 do a 60 28* 50 do 81* 400 do b30 28* 25 Mich Cen RR.b30 88* bL NY Cen RB. . b60 92* CITY TRADE REPORT. Monday, May 28?8 P. M. Brkai>mttkfs.? Fleur ? Market 12*c. lower on common to good grades, State, Western, and Canadian. Tbe tales looted up about 9,000 a 10.000 bbla., included in ? birh were common to good htate and Western, at ?10 26 a SlO 10; Canadian (1,900 bbla ) at 111 60 a $11 37; Southern moderate. Sales at about $11 60 a $11 87. Being scarce, it closed buoyant. Wheat Sale* of 1,600 bushels white Michigan at p t Corn Acme sales of about 80,000 bushel* at $1 06 a $1 10 for Western mixed, and $1 13* a $1 14 for Southern white sad yellow. Rye quiet Oats <n leas supply, anl 4c. a Cc. higher. Sale* of State and Weatern wers mad* at. 76c. a 80c. Coins ? fralts embraced about 1,200 bam of Klo at #"?,6. a 9*o , including one small lot at 10* c.: and 360 co. Maracalbo at 10*c. a 10*c , and 10*o. The mar ket closed at rate* in favor of purchaser*. Con on. ? lbs sains reached from 4,(>CO a 5,(00 balsa, the tendency of the market beiag in favor of the seller. Krmohts. ? To Liverpool, 6,000 bushels of oom were taken at 3*d., In bags. Square oottoa waa at 6 32d.. and 100 bales of Sea Island were engaged at *d. ; and 1,(00 bbls. tar at 2#. To London, 200 bbla. oil were en gaged at 17a. 6d . and 2,000 bbla. roam at la. 6d. To Glasgow, 1,: 00 bbls rosin were engaged at Is. 6d. To Hamburg, 200 bbls. roeia were taken at la. 9d., and 60 tons measurement roods at 20a. To Havre ootton anl bore were at *c., other articles war* unchanged. To California rate* were unchanged. IIay.? Bales of about 300 a 600 balei were mad* at $1 12. Iron.? Small sale* of Scotch pig were making at $27 60 a $28 st six month*. Navai. Storks.? 400 bbls. spirits turpentine were aold at 43c., and 2,< 00 bbl*. rosin at $1 85 a 61 9Jptr310lb*., delivered. Hipm.? Price* favored purchasers, with some less as tivity ; the stock on hand waa about 86,000. Lkathkr. ? The market was lea* active during the vast week, though price* ruled Arm at 22c. a 23c. lor best Buenon Ayres, hemlock middle weights at 20e. a 21o. for Orinoco. Pkoyimoks. ? Pork? Tha market was easier, with sales ol 1 300 bbls, including old mess at $1? 68, and aew do at $17 62 a $17 75, aad new prime at $14 50. Beef? Salea of 260 bbla. at $10 a $12 50 for country meas, and $8 62* a $9 60 for prime. Beef haaa* were at $17 a $20. Bacon waa film, but without pales of Important* Cut meats ? tales of 450 package* were made at 7*0. a 7*c. for abculdera, and 9*e a 9*c. for bam* Eard heavy; sale* 300 bbl*., at 10*e. a l<.*c., tho latter figure for strietly prime. fiici? The market was quist, hut without change of moment in transactions ?coab ?The market waa rather iaactive. Tho sales embraced about bOO bbl*. Cuba, at 6*e. a 6*c Tallow ?Sale* of 10,000 bbls. were made at ll*c. WniwtkT? Dull. Sales nc Important. UTEBTUEIENTS KE1VBWBI ITKftI Dir. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC. C1ALIK0RMA DIAMOND 8INOI.K STONE CKNTLF. ) niee't i>mt, at $5, equal ia brilliancy and aniwaranoe te tl.<i real diamond; ladioa' pinr, rlaga, croaaea. ?to4i, ear rirra, At ., art in every style and at prip?i tn anil avary be<Ty. (ildoriglaal I. mJ. JACOBS, 407 nraadway. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. PAWNBROKER'S ?ale.? A. M. CRISTALaR, Anotioneer, 23 Bowery, will ?aii on Tu?t1?y, "9th, at II e'olook, <-OB?ntinn of cold aad ?liver watrhee, An* Reld ringa, plna, earrings, neaklaoea, guard and lob chain*, ma.ioal In.trameata, ko Me., bv order *4 P. Tndeabergh, SVJ Kait Broadway, and 494 Hudionat. TH.tVELIiEIH' OMPliu L'OR KEY PORT, UNION, PORTSMOUTH. RID BANK A Shrewsbury, and Middletowa Polat? The steamer eagle laavaa foot of Moiray atreet daily (eieept Aandayi, at 9 o eleok. Returning, leavea Perteneath at 3 P.M.. aad Union at 1 P. M ^ F?*?? FI8HINO BANKS-PARE FIFTY CBMTS ? f, . and ?pleadid eteaaaboat MERCURY, Captain Rlebard \ at?a, will make daily tripe te the fUhing Btaka ed) thronghont the eeaaoa, itopixn^ at fort Ban- liter reel way, eem?*n.,n? on W^needar, May 3?, V ',"W1 atreet, Ka.t river at -H foot ei A?oa atreet, Nortt rivw, at 7 e eloek A. M j foot of Spring etreet. North ?JL'X ?F??* A. M.; foot at Rebfasee etteet. North ? 6I00* A. H ? pl$T BlO. 4 North rim r $1 Mi/ e'eloek A. M. Returning at s7*l*ek P. M. Reireeaaeatii dalles taehle and bait fnralahed ea bear? **'?*a?aate New roltr fob sao b arbor -tui ipi.iMDia new tteamer ISLAM D BBLI.H. Cap* iV p.' j Will oomaer ee her regnlar trigi te Bag Ilarber. ea Hater' da?. the ?th of May laadiaa at No^bnert. Ofteat rafnt, aaJ Greeepoial laayln* New Yerk, (Catbert- * Market *11 e i at IP. M.. aa Tuaeday. Thursday, aad Saterdar; re?ura Int. will leave Sag Barber at 10 A. M , en Mnndar, Wedaee day, and Friday, at the lew laca et $t W. 5'reight take a at now pfliitifHTioia ? \T NOVEL. FIFTH OAT t>F !)iH?ITlH LAST Qllt (TUT ? Itflrtr THIHUUt Should pwrcbaoe it ohi -a, TNIC INTi nlILT INTKB KITlntj Itokr or OITT u. ERNEST GRAY, OR TUB SI MS UP SOCIETY. Bt Vint Maxwell; with ai> rim liiLuiTKATiona ? olothoiiiiiouaI^ Published by T W. ST K>NO. JH WllIM .treeA fUAiiviAU tl nn<t Ann -MO?iy TU LOAN ON DUHI*NM (?l.UUU .UUU. watches, Jewelry, M(tn, pianoforte*. Bitrchsnjiae, tod personal property generally, (or boa* tit fat oasb-J trst ol?M notes, atooka, beads nod inert^es, An. namtiatea. Bitmm ror tide mini ei>d promptly oiecated. At T8 (Mini ilcMt, irst flosr kMk omen. Florence a co , Br *?>-?. (tfinn nnilTOLOAN ON UNDOUBTED PIKSO. ^OUU.vvU >tl securities, diamonds, ttiobnjtfil rj. or other valuab'oa. far ahait periods, l> u. I required wot, at tba I ?u Office, 247 Broadway, ap dtalre, eeraor ?f Hurt a j struct mm he. i. ?K7Hll 111 III ?MONEY TO LOAN ON DlAMONDi, V I vV.uUU ? watabaa. jewelry. dry got-da, eegara, ta , ar boa ah t far ooah; eity Mooka notes, mortgages and HUe af ssohsnge negotiated. Buemess confidential and ore. not by ' THOMPSON A CO.. brokar* and eommiseloa merchants, ?OS Mnoean itrMl, aoraar of Ana. room No 3 eooead Boor. *K7K nnn to w>a*-o? bought rot cash. ?T?' I 1/iVUU diamoada, watabaa. lewelry, tat every oeecrtptien af valuable p opart), by JOB. K. ft A AO. bns? ment ode*, 11 Coaabers street, between Chatham aad Cow tra Transactions stroll, confidential. N. B.? TUa highest prfoe paid lar aid gold aad at 1 far, from I A. M. to 6 I*. M. $1 fcn HAH 10 lOAN un diamonds, w atch Mpi.UU.UUU aa. Jawalrr, sopors, do , ar bought far aaab; raai aatata, bond* aad mortgage*. aotoa, stocks ?'(> tinted. Business at riot I v sonSdsntlal. CUIIiKMiK, BRAISTED A CO.. 36 John atraat. tier; nnn-riuiwH wishimo to ncootiatb Vlou.UUU, laaaa, or aall aa? valuable personal pro p*rty, oonMstiag of diamonds. watches, jewelry, segara, ta. aaa bo aoooaaoilatod aa raaaaaabia terms, ay applying ta BORBLBB A JOHN AON, Bo. 107 Naesta atraat. ?aar.\nc4 Na. (9 Abb atraat, nana 4 aad I. N. ? ?Baal '?uu nW loans aad oomatMons goaernlly attoadad to with pronp* aaoa aad dispatch All bnsinee* atriotly oonddautiaL ?Q11 nnn ?MONEY TO LEND, ON BOND AND JOU.VUv. mortgagee, la mat ta suit tppllittu. ta firat ulaaa productive real aatata l? till* oltjr or brooklya. Apply to S. 8. BROAD, U Wall atraat, aoauad atary, front ?,i 1 1 nnn ? advanced on diamonds, VTV.UUU. watabaa. Jawalry, pianoforte*, aad every Oesoriptien of mnrobaadise. Baslaoss atriotly ooafldontlal. Apply to J. LYON A CO., BBS Bouaton atroot, between haroor and Qaoon. f/in nnn -money liberally advancrd oh tJPTtU.UUU. diauoida, wateber, Jew'ry, *?car% atooka, and all kluda of merchandise. by JtsSEI'll LYoN A Ou., IS William atroot, rMim 1U. I'artica waited on at their resi dence*. N. B. ? All traaaaotiona confidential. co nnn wan'ied-?,ou> ON BONB and MOAT .UUV g?#a. en property oa tba Fifth aroaao. Ad droea K. II., box 2,088 i'oat Ottice fcQ nnn ?A COOP 8ITUAT.ON -A YOUNO, OS tTO.UUU. middlo aged mtn, who will loaa hlaea ployer tbroe thouvaad dollart, on nndoobted aeonrlty ou meet with a rood aituatiunand a fair aa'ary ia a atora. AJ dreaa i. H. Worry A Co., Poat OfU. a, Naaiaa atroot. A MEETING OF T11E aTOCKUOLDSBS OF TUB BoCntloek Company, on bualneai of the utiaeit iako reat to tboeo ooncoruod. will beheld at their office, 14 K? ehango plaoe, ioeond a<ory, on Monday, Jane 4, 1S45, at] I*. M. uy order oi the l'roaiaent. 2ABH ADVANCED [N ANT AMOUNT, OM PUVCUa* ed at eight, diaaende, aatohea, not jawalry. aorcbas o, aad valuable personal property con or all? . k. W >OJ5 W Pulton atroot, aoeond floor, boat rooan, frea S A K. t< ? P . ML CASH I.IBERALLT ADVANCED ON UOOdEUOLB fnriiture pianoa, gold and ailrer watoliei, diaiannlis Hirer plate bautieal inatrumerta, nie^liaiiioa' toole, jo . or tbo highest oaab price paid for name, at in Catherine aTeet, by MoCA Kl'IIA y A WAI/lgAd ClASa ADVANCES ON TIIE MOST LI8K&AL TKRM4, / on watohea, pint*, diameudt, dry pooda, furuitiir.<, piaaotortea, or any otbur property, at tho old e^ttblnhed and oontlaeLtial oftice, i-i U|.?d?ay, ouratr el l>u?n> atrcet, aoo?>nd flour, room No. V. Oraach e.'lico bl i'ulto'i atroot. 1j11NANCIAL.-K.000 TO LOAN UI*?M IMPROVED J? oity property, ct-ntrali v located; muni bo warth at leait doable the aum loaned. Also an odd juui of Apply to JaIIKS PRICE, '.DO ltudaou .-t, Monet to loan. -persons requirino tek pornry advances on rual estate, ainuouda, p. ate, watohea, jewelry, nianofortea, dry goo Ua, hor'Oa carrta/.et, aud every devcripi Ion of pvrfocal property, promptly as eoBimodaied by the Kmpire i.ean and Ap,eucy Coniiiauy, Xli Broadnay, oppoatto the Uroadway theatre. C. WILLS, A,;4nt. VJOTICE.? THE JULY IJNTKKiKT ON TUB CIVIL i\ lunda Bondi of the State of California will b > paid b> JOll.N Ct>oK, Jr., at hi* oltioe, .11 rlroadway, ee proeja tatiou of theooupona, on and alter tae 3->tli Juue, LSil. fito capitalists. ? the tox ami WUOomeib i^ JL provemsnt Louitway ctfer to eap.taUs.a f?r in ? ii-uien'i tho remaining hall uf their o per oaut bo i 1 ? . pay ablsPtbraary 1, IBtvl, intoroat aouu annually, at the Lao! of North Anterior., oity of Noa York TUese bonda at'a ?arad by a first mortgage upon lands ourtb, at a lo? valua tion, more than double the amount; a'ac upon the improve meat itoelL together ?l*h its prtoi eds wator power, Aa laoeire at iko otBoo of tho ooinpany .14 V aU street. nf ANTED.? $00, 000 FOR A TERM of YEARS, ON vT unencumbered real eatate la tbia nity. Th- properly is worth doable the amount and oomitanily improi ib j. In qnuo ot 11. PECK, 22 Trinity Buildiu-. Wamed-tiie lse or t? oo pok onb ykah, for which seonrity on good rnrntinreand ??thur cba't .<la bo given to the amount of S71XK to a> > p<rty arlahtn^ to help along a yonng man wi'hont any riak to tLi inooivea, a benua ol >10 will be gives, benidrs the Irgal interest A Bot<i al dreaaed to A Villard, Br I'oat Offije, any tme tki-i week, will meet with prompt attention. DtlY OOOlItt, CQ C* BROADWAY -MAN17PACTCRK lt'3 DEPOT OP Ot/U limaeols and ChaotiUy lacos, shawls, seari's, aaa tiUaa, beithas, flounces, sleetea, veiU, uaudk^rc kiofs, Ac. A lot of remnants to ba sold eitea*. JULES DELCRulX. near MetropelitM iloteL A TP. COLE'S, 8Cti BROADWAY, JUST KECE1VLD A iv largo lot of blaok silks, very cheap, anew Mtmtf ladies' skirts, very de>irabi*;a lar^e lot uf hair oioth tor skuto, vi ry low. BULPIN'S MANTILLAS 1 I !? UNIVERSALLY PRO nounced the most elegant collection iu the city, ami a', prices without a proceaent or paralle ? eouimoaoing with a rich and pretty silk mantilla at pi, and every auoceodiuj; price to the most ooatly garmoata mauutaHircJ. W1 Broadway. BULPIN'S REAL GUI PURE I.ACB MANTILLAS. AL40 moire aatique and lane oomhinud? an extremily li^bt ard graceful atticleiof costumo. ra#hin^ in prtee trutn twelve to twenty dollars. An immense assortment this week at tho Paris Mantilla Emperina, 3ol l.roada ay. BLACA SILKS PROM AUCTION- SI Il.L GRKATRR tariaics tbaa last week ? Uaviogjust purcbaaoa from ai. assignee*' sale, at acetitn, another lar^e lot of blaok silks, ve art- selling at forty pir cent under former retail prices :? 1,61)0 yardi black tilks, rioh luatro, only 6s , \r ,:tb ? a. lid. a j srd; 1.000 do. do., very heary, rub lustre, 6* and Oh ?>d., worth Us. and iita ; 2 'M>4n. do., very wide,( lor man ti.las, Ac., 7s.. worth 10a. a > arJ; i 376 do do , il .'ch itt'i so pctior make, extra heavy, wide, ?s (id. and U* ud., worth lis and 13s ayard; 1 out do. <ie.'.. extra nanorior i.uality, jardwidr, very ht.avy, 10s. Hi, a>sr'h 16... a ya-d. N. it.- Bin-boll's black silka ?r? celebrated lor Hit-ir soft. neas, rich lustre ana thlcknoes Bad warrtnt -d not to oat in WtBrlng. U C. HL RDICfr A CO . 191 Gran 1 street, corner of Mnlberry. C AIIEAl' SPRING AND SUMMER UOSJKkY.? / A fnll ssaortruent ct ladies', centle'ii< u's. aad cbililreo's hosiery, tanoy aad pla<u cotton, aiik, aooHon union. Au , Ao Lt'Rl* X rWLtt*. 26.'). 267, 260, and 2til Grand street. Ant new Nos. 47 and 49 La heriae street. Dress caps.-mrs. a. t jaiiks, (formerly ot t 11 New man's, 7UI bmadway,) bail scar op< u a band some assortment of diess atd Ki*< caps, bei.d drosaos, Ao. Al.e, mcnrning ocllsrs alreves, 1 1 enuscttoa, capes, Ao., a*. US Bleccket street, third block weit of iiroalway. JUST BECElVEt? A LAROE i.OT Ol' PAKIS AND fancy embroideries, much b< low their original cost, also smbroidtred bast|aos, oape?, hand kero biers, Ac , la en tirely now stylos; muslin in tho pioo?, with emoroiderod baads to match, ai.d a larse lot of ottsr af iclei in our line. MILLER A GRANT, 371 Broadway. T ARGK AND BEAUTIFUL aSSORTULNT A j Pla<n silks, drabr, browns, lawns, and blaok; plain ds lsinea drabs, browns, slates and blaak. plain casl.ioere aak thibot shawls. all at vbht low pnirrs. LORO A T t YLOit, 258, 257, ?69 and 2t>l (.raa l ?tr*?^ And Lew Aos. 47 and 4V Ca.beriao street. Laces an de.mbroideri&s.-the greatest bar gains of Frenob embroidered collars ovorodorcd will be opened at Gtnin's Bnzasr, eu Monday, May a?d follow ing days. Also, aa elegant assortment of ladios' and ohii drea's parasols. GKNIN'd BAZAAR, ill Broadway. LS BOUTILLIER BROTHERS, CEFOHR E\TKVI?INO their store thrnngh to Howard street will aell their stock at very low prices, and will oTor on Mondty l,t>k> yards of silk at 1s ; 2.7">0 yarda at 6s ; I. .1M yards at 0a., alao extra rich silks at h*., 10* and Ills. All ?ooldelaiao> at 3e , worth 6e. ; baroga delaiaea from Is. per yard, txj Ca.iai street, feur doors from Broadway. V| ADDEN A STBWART DA VB OPKNXD THEIR NEW ill store, C4.1 Broadway, socond door above ills<>oaer atreot, when ladies will find a spl"Udid as,sr imeat of em jfoid.-ri?s. oonsisting of cellars, sleeves cnsniUstlea, janketa, baa^nes. black and white laoo shawls, tau ty S#iss muslias and kaalx to match. ______________ OPERA TALMAS AND MANlLRS SOU ? MOLtNALX UKI.Ii, CH ('anai strsot, Has preMred a variety of light anil rrttty opera ta'maa stttatls tor t.V hot wear bar, to wlroh ho cal s tho attention of ladios, In view of the oommenoeaeut oi the snanir opera seaeoa. He weald also roniad them that the largtst stock In tho eitv, of guipure, ebantll.a aud ar>pli<iue mantillas, aa y bo found In his olore with thoie of bis o#a manufacture Please sail and Isspcot tbem. .V Caaal atrwt. ONE THOUSAND SILK MANTILLAS WILL BE ON sals oa Meaday, Msy 28, and daring the wsek, at fd each, the richest silk with elogant iaoc and meir* aati.(aa ruffles, the most tnshionable stylo ol the soaoon, aad ab? cheapest maatUla over oil en d. BULPIN'S Einporinm. 301 Brotidway. B1EBONS REDUCED SB PER CENT - Ib order to close onr prsMBt largo aad beautiful stock o> rfbbona aud trimminss, this rednctioa has boea made, aad sales will oemmeneo Monday, May 2H LtiRDA TAYLOR, 166. 267, J/M), aad 201 Grand street, And new No*. 47 and \i Catherine street. UNION POINT LACE M ANVTACTOBY.? Till PRO prletor of this establishment iatorme tho pnbllfl and ledlee vlsitiag the citr, that t>a?lm enlarged hit store be has incensed lac J I ties for manofaotarlag bis very an pooler U nioa end star point laoe, whlel. exceeds in rich now and nlogaaoo anything rver prodacod; laoo rollers aad siaavo* la se a her thae, hsndterchiffa Ac., of tbe newest patt?ras, whieb ta dnrelihty oaaaot bo onnalled Lace altermi and r^salred enaal to bow Any ettle wade to order All ds<nrlp?4*e or laoo* eleaied withont damage to tho tairls Urderi iromntly attended CARTRR'S laee aianufaoVorr, No. WJ roadway. oppe?iW the Metcopeiiua UotoL ifflt ufwooi-jwim mlir ? ZZ 5- Baltic, Jm. j c?*u<oct, ru! '"???"> ?Ui 4?p?? WIU tba UiM aiT^.?-*.^ ?"r'P* ?? Mu at, II I ?" Irom bar bartb at lb. for SrfA* :; P*?Mfca. BBes.All.d WM<w?il.u ft* (SSL!! f?"f ?P?^ *? COLLINS sftrSI ?"??l PMMBjLWe ?f* tMNtH< MNnkairt It Il)4? AM ' lii m ? ." ???>???< *Aa AAltla, and Mil jiu 13* ShiT aara nill plaAaa take uotlea Ult tba (Up* af tlm 11m ut V - ?"-J Wv,S?4* ?*??*?bAA? a? wa* All latiaramaat ?MTOO?b tha I'cMrf IJOoi; u; turn will k< nltnil "oeth amwca* botal <?i*?ltw?l NUrUNOIt Ck*f ????**???; HOM BOaTOa TO LirMUMOll ! CbUf wbla imk ?" |Muo? o*Ut \",,\7#YVVY,1 M TL? ikiirt trni Unii. '? Hilifit AkAttlA, Cap4. J??ktA ?? AllllBdCA, Cap*. Lu|. fKtMi, Catl Ifrit. UVUOpA, Capt Uuml ASIA. t?pl t C.UA CAN A OA, (Japt Ulni AV hit. A, t apl liarriaa*. ?f{AUAHA, C*pt L*it?k. Tbeaa tMwli nrry a (1MT tv ^ q?b? ?' millhaai, pm oo tiarboard bow; rod fori *'?? Aha, Lota. u?*t?B VMuXty, ttd Ht|. Auiimm Lai*. " Boato* #??&??<?/, 0*1) Juua. Atn?h Dtmwi " IUam WdneeiAr, *fcWuA*. builu out iNind utH p?M for. A? axprricaced >urg*aa M board. Thr owner* of tlieaa abipa wUi not b* Maa?atAbl?*M gotd, diver bullion, apaeta, jewelry, peeeteas atone*. or mffWalA, ulaai bUla of lAdiu* are d|ia4 tbarafer And Um taIa* there of Uiwli eipniud. far Inwkl ar p*>**?* intt ta A CUS aRD, If a. d BawtUc Oraatt. Tii ore will oa bo ?Vi?anb|pa of tAia Um (ran New Tark ??til further uotlea TBlLIA'VhJ"iu,.L^ ?"'"'"an LIN I of arm*. ?hip* *ba &r?t?o'a>a iKuiikip NORTH STAB. vJ> nock. Blaster, wiii Imx New Itrk Inn *1 ai..?? rlMw toot ot 6kamhere strvjet, a hm ?">?!? ? dBjr. Juno 9 lor Havre diiaot ^ ? ^M........ the Worth Star wiu bo foTlawad'by the Ariel ']*?'? %i ' * s Specie and goods Uku It >iul nut 2 0 '??oivsd tfver aoon of the (u boron ulllu No berth HMn< anUI |m14 tor. u1"*' -gSOTn^jns'S'.aar na x x ^Acce ^woou taken each prepaid, dollar Bad unra _ '??"? UATM 57 ^H?a M WU , N?rt h w/.v.v:;;;. . jtu*/ * JS3l a4**;;:: v.v.v..j?" * Norths ^ "?!T;;;;;;;; ? " North ?6urV.::::::;:j5T g ;;:;;; :v:S:? g ArW ^ 1 I'ktw ?taamshlpo ere ilM?#4 * i *k ths " ?fld .pool, aadgoVds -UllT^.urld^t.r ,. :??^i 5LPVT'J.? ?,la ?*? ?'h** ?*>??*hip. For freight or |ual|. apply to MM? '^0i^?:?io"MU? * ??-. * Q- c? I, BLA<i5.BHli Ll?*.OF pACEETS FOE LIVERPOOL. I ~ i?, 0hpp?r ship J AMKs FOS fEM, Jr., Cast. 1'ortar mJ** ac;'?.'.* a **" "**? ? ?q. y.::bi aft '? "?"?& l^MERALD ISLE I? TAPSCOTT'S LIME FOE I I VR(t zi.fitLL ^ardJUf.1 b'^hJTa'B ",", KMf R Will, ,.,1 Vtodnesdayif.^ ThV^om oi tl.i* superb packet ship, for all cltmi of paweriiri ?iS .ot be surpaared lor comfort Bad ZdtW ? ?"* or to TaV TU* LlVAkPOoL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP iuUn? tailiac their taverlte .toamshipe - in? st K&rasa^iiBass.^ ' Was*11NGTON, d<'..'i.7UU toui' Cant R I s'.Uih *?*?* W>. aioo.du,7, ^ ,u'U Afoot ' A Umiteo uuuibcr of tut/# cIim luieDara will h? t&v*m froui ^hiia4.jpl.u ana Uwro^EfrSite ur,ct?L J! ? U bri?? out *?"?" 'rieadi, oaa ebtala cor iff h ton of pMei^n iiid <ir?fU on Liverpool iii iuniH ot' ?f fi<1? 1* upward. Apply to SAMUEL hill r 11 a?>l VoJh- PbU*d*1Phi?? ?kBd "o- 7 Broad we'r. NoW F?.kL.p ihUeboi,14 aC1~,TIIE FIR8T CLASS SrK*? \ . ,1 .7 BfeoN, A. B. Low Dor, master, mil leare Now ? erk at uoon prtoi?oiT. on &alarda>, Juno 16th for Unrre ?f I * bo ownere will not bo aoc,iuota3lo IlHil >i'v?r, bu lion, ur otl-er valuabli *. quJom bill* of ladiaK are iuiiid therotor. No berths eeoursa ua'.il paid it it. .fir, i*0' far *'?" ???<??. will be received it Ibe office Up to U A. M of th day of a?ilin?. Per irci^ht tr I*?Ko, ?tpl, te JOHN 11. M.HCU1NU, A * ea t , W^Uearer itreet. fj'OE SOUTHAMPTON AND H A TEE. ? THE MEW OKI J ted ins i es tuail steamer aUaGO, D. Lines oaumand ?, ?IU icm? lur btiiri, m Southampton te land the uu pMsooger- oa osiuHay, June id at 12 o'oIimul ?rou. pier tto.J/ North, loot ?? beach MrMt Pri? t ?m ?but, ?4U: pric. of e.iund eahia, *; 4T^u?i? n!i LV.? ??? shu aid be seat on beard '.he day Tbir^?' ' if.*; nT'pl ^7 " No 'ik.a aft<n gsfri ?roL^:ir TKiar1^ ^ tttou^L tho Host Othoe. l.*W? nut I )1??f?'tl1 I4*1** /OB 8ABI 'AaNCISCu-OUaKaN toa,i ^u.on cr bcfoie the Wth inst. The splendid A 1 ? iSIrrNoVE^U''1B**"*^V?w' U "" ^"CloadlM at pier No. S, East nvvr.aud alii positively eail tor <4u iNuol-ov.osof before Tuesday, 2Mb inst Shlcoots art I - * re<|?o.u.d to Mad I heir frtfsht immediatvlr ^2 ti'H ooojpiete thslr etiueaMU before Tn.aH . , . iSst 'dVes'o'/ 'c? *|'*pP?'","*B*?*?ourriBf on th? lUdianVlllI "iSfi S,??.U' ???to..-raU or aotToll. th. MSidiaiit wiu sali oa or before Ihe day advertised and >a ' r?V tak.n attar the day preeeediaa to. islliu da'v un/f? any or at aa/ priaa. SOTToV k C?C 5 ?or? r af ITUI. fcrErU ef Ht MTaU .trw2" lllfUCTlON OF FARES TO SUIT THE TlME&l J.V Now i ork and Laliforua lUamship lime, via Nicaragua Acw-Sran Company, of Nicaragua, proprietors? ? rough In ad tan oo ot the^i,all-700 mile, .ho/tar thaa any other route, avoidluc th. deadly Panama forer and twe * .1*1. fc?r**u* boat in* la i'aaama itay. The splendid douL). .UKib. Steam.btp ttar of tie West, 3 30(1 tons our.lea l.a.'sit. Tiirvar. j?Ul leave pier No. 3 North river, at thre^ r #i'C^ l>n>ei?el?, tor 1 unta Anna, oa Tu.stLky, Jun. 0. 1 l.t, oonBtonnR wttn the stoamship sierra Na*eda. ' At pVkMyo&rAr^ m^md*"" *' M imSSPuoS "I . MTII> STAT1S MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA iV,. H .it^'.h*4.. ">d P*"?m? California ?s are in! loiuitd that tba I mama railroad i. completed and toe I?an?it ol the l.ttmn. will ba mad. b j railroad from oosaa t<. i ci an No more mola travel? aa river boatiar Oa IcMday. June j, at 2 a'clook P.M., from th. pisr at tn. foot of H.ri.a street. North river, will ba despatclird thn iu< t .t,.m.l?p GEORGE LAW. citpt 0 1? U. 3 N. *To ?fi'i v 'l JrVi^r ^lh ,ow ?nd ?U perlur stea-nahip T. < STAhtiLNS. A apar. boat aloay. kept at Pa i , *0 jrevent oeteatioa in case of accident. No fralcht rvc ived alter 1 a clook on the iailloc day For passage ap ply at the company's tOioe, No. 177 Wost . reef , to I. Vf ? RAVMOND. a I'Sl KAI.IA.?PIONF.ER LINE.-CARRTI.VO the A ?**?*? niait ?The cel.bratcd a I dipper shii N I Ch TIN OA LB, Captain Mather, for Melbourne, will be I., miii *? UU| V ???rnd *?m* Bbaut the ??th June. b?v made her last in tb. na proc.danted time <?f 7# day. Has CXC'. Uoijt KOMlBDiddlljoBI for MlMaidfl IBd freight Aii TINiT*fi bTAT" "AIL RTEAMS1HP COMPANT. ?V.. Tj;r Stw WleaBs.-ttn Saturday, J a a. 2. *r* f ool5 1 ? M.. from pier toot of Warrea street, North crT V !??,.! il'L JVT. ?n?.'?T?rtt? sieamihip KUPIKK c?,n J? . P*?saj|6 can be .. :nred at th. ? ?Fln9 Frcl?," u New Orleans. 30 oents per la'dli . of^lJ>JUrPP'r,i " J v * ?"W,Ud with blnak bills cf stfV..i? ??!U s?^ t*a*, 7 ojmpanv, oa application ?Vi jifn H .?? ?A r, or,n" ,'*ned- "?d ?n bin. of lading i? J !. ? r, T ? Ii J ,l0nr 01 For freight or pas c n r il c r tfi' arr en * ? *' th? 177 W^ist Ureal, of Warren. jj. u> ruukwts. NtW TORE AND NEW ORLEANS STKAMSBIP (ompaoy. ? For Mtw Orleans, .toppina al ilavaa*? N,ttd i^iJ** ?n?il? The steamship 111, ACE i ! . V J?ullock, eommaader, wjl cuumenoe ra ceharK l-*l?hl oa 1 hursday. Jane 7. and .ail l.r th. Tbo? (K'rts oa kBttiday, Jtte V, at 12o'ciook from pier at toot niltohir sua street, >?,rth river Freight for tne i.UHor c^V'*?*d .1t.?.0,,r M'M I" New Orleaaj, Jamss c oui.oly A Co." will ba forwarded l>e. ofooami. ! '."??""?re for navaoa must proour. passport, ba ft re leaving port. Bid. of ladiog mast be la lor d^niac tl.a evening envious to th. ship lailiag. For frefeht or oaa r?|>?, apply to LIT1NGSTON, CMOC'HERON i CO., ^ " ~ W. Shu felii/commaade** will snrcetd ike black Warrior, and sail Monday, Jane 25. l^OR SAVA N N AH? FAR E R EDUCEdT^THE U NIT1B , ?'??I ?teamship KLVSTONS STATE Cant it iiardl . will l.ave Phtladalpbia for Savauaah, en Wedaaa i h*' fty ? ' at. A. M. Fare f4>; stesran, 9H. j^S.^a'^"" ! S,??*?,wUU"** " ??<>??.?? Wortn??day, f ??,? J*:,, '? "8W SCRANTON a tallman. l? Oid Slip, Whera stateroom. mayfbe secured. I fH)R SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA.? UNITED STATES mail lin^? The n.w aad aidant steamship Fl.oRlbA. tapt M.S. Wxodhull will leave New Vork for Savannah. IV 4 ,fr m li" N! * >"'?? rtvw. o eijok I . H liuuot latiio^ ?Un*-4 om board. For r rou a||!y on b< ard or for passag. to SAMUKL U MITCII tl.L. .1 h roadway For Florida through txk.ta from N.w Y-.rk t J?< k?onville, ; Pilatka, E?. The Aa, usta.Tha*. Lyoa. JJja*"" * *' '??*? ?? Friday, Juae 2. < fc * H A K l.ltSTl >N A N I> ri <iRlD4l^5?iirw*RlLT _ Urlted states Mail Ma. ?The new and taut gela< ?? .Marion . W. fo.tar, mmandor, will leave pier ,Ns. ' on w.dfsd.y May 30th, at t>e'clo?k P. M precisely. ?crli. l|ilit Biply oa i.oard, where all bill, .f ladlag will >a MCBfd; and f-r ps-.ace at the office of 8l'OFFoRI> TILR.4 ION A CO., I' road ear Throush tickete to ri'orlda a. wl'iTt"?.? fSI} to Pilatka. $93 Tm NAS1I T 1 1.1 E wiM ?Bcaeed. aad leave aa Saturday, June 2. L I'Rf OR ro L R peteesbum and EI oh m on d. r Tb. United States mail ataam.hlp BOaMOKR, T. MIhm, ommito will "eave pier Na. It North riva?, aa Uedrjjdav, Msy 9Uth. at ? a', oak P. M.. wiU arrive at >Sffolk ihe aest slWaooa, aad at Patersharg and Biol) t joad tie it llcwiag mnriiiag. From Norfolk. paMaa^ere for thdSeulh proroea by rsllroad dlreat, with through tinketo 'mm t? cMet. to Wilmlrstea, Charles tea, Aa. i'sesags aad 'era ?? Norfolk, V; ta Peteraharc aad Rlehmead, $10; stoor ere. i tlfpriM. Tl rouah tickets ta Lyschhurg, $14. Apply u iV t?l a M t PI. RASA NTS, Ba. SI Bread way. M. B-N. kraiakt taken tor lUakmaad iNSiniAirci Mechanics' fire insurance company.-capi jVI ital $1"0,t>00 ? < ffioe, Sboa aad Laatket Bank baildiag, 271 Broadway comer of Cham??ar. street Thl. eaapany ith* capital hB'l?s all beaa paid ta) to arsparsd to iasura bnl'dlngs, menhaadM. ships la port aad thairaar?MM honsebolc fart Ittire and penwaal property gWa?aHv,aga(aM lea. or damage bv fire, ea favorabl. term*. Lomos aquita kl, a?u?.ted at^d DEOBOOT. P^ieat. ITraa v B Dawaow, Secretary. naacmaa. Wm ? Defiroot, Ja<nne l lehoat. Fra*maa n?at, Dani'il P .H?il?b. A'eiaador PWlIp Alrx < fiaa W. rrpelaad, Natkao A Rogara, Edward DeOreok, Johr. K Hnra Joha Jaf, Hartletl Smith, Iianwl S. Dar'litf ritn ?, Coow, 8?Ttyo*. ACABKBT or MUSIC.- THl I'UBLIO IhMM u apecttully liArnH ILiI tb* LA ORaKUI OPM1 Tiom Vttf ctpctt, tor Ul lut fata, Vardj'a (itui Opera *f EBNAM, OH WKDBBM>aV KVIMLNO, MAT 3U. BKIBC TMaclB LAST AFPIABAKtB bUT roCB IN MBIT TOBK. Tb* nu?|wl ioIm will b? aupfx>rt?4 by H*B. AH MA HI LA GBAKOS. SIUBuB BA?ABLB MIBA1B. 8IQMOB BoBBLLI. u< ? . , _ hlUAUB BABIJW. Musical Director and Conductor <w *rdiU B*au m?, b* mc m*d U UaU A 8*B'*; JoUlVa, 619 br?a* **>? #?daa A Kiac'*. u4 at tb* b*? (Cm ?f IteAit Mv> of luit Pu^mI CMt, U4 Flrat oHu*^ *' Cuato, ?> MiU; A?pbi Pwmwi a> the o m> t* wum at 8 j BROALWAY TUBATUf.-B. A. B A H?it ALL, SO LB Lew**. ? D*or* it?> a* 7; coaauN at ;k I'tlMk Iau4>| area'ag, May W. will be |R*t*ciaad IBOUMaB lofOKAr, ?be barbarian ? Mr. OnwaT 1'arUeuiA ?, Mm*, foaiu ABibrrar Mr. Allen I Fot/der Mr. L*t&u?w?U Novto Br. llorton I Byroa Mr Uaarbelt Alar tn Br. Lauurgaa I Art# a Mr*. U.ory lte TiiLacb Br. bauivrd | 1 baaaia lira Barnard haa da l>aux Maaa* Ueatj and PriM TAB IKIS11 TUTwU. Terry O'Baurke - *r. Seymour Koae ? Uaraard Ci BO. CI1KI9TY A WOOD'S MlNSfBEl-S, 47J BBOAB T ??y, abate Grand atreet. 0? EN KfKRY BVBNING. Tor tbia ?m, Attuupiaa BiaatiaUy, IHaalafc Ao., aaa duding witk tbe WAN DIlHINC MINSTML. Uocn ope a, (>H; aoaaauva, 8 a'olook. Ticket* -??ent? All buaioiMHi traaaaot?d by li. Wo*a. T'HE WALLACE TESTIMONIAL.? THE CUHMimi bu iratincotiou in aaneuuciag that. through the ready and eponiauLoo* Mtiu of the duusi of the Mnnl 1 licatre*. and ntarljr th* whole theatr ioal p?r?fe*?Je? la Ik* oit y , luoh a _ MAGNIFICENT EMTEBTAINMBNT oaa be pre*oat*d an will b* wit boat a parallel. They return ttelr boat thank* to the great a amber *t the tolnntftn. It 1* muoL to b? rtgniM th* lknitod' lima will not allow of their kitIiii beiag mad* oao oL PROCBABMB OF AtTIkM.CN AND BVBNINO OF TUESDAY. MaV at, performances.? 1I1K AFTBRNOON I'ERFORM AN OB, ootnaeneinK at l>* o'uloek, will ooimiat of the aolebratod drama of MONMEUM JACQUES Monsieur Jaoque* Mr. Karri* Harnett Melaaie Mia* Bat* R*ign*ids Vivid ?..Mr i.evore | Soquxnce. Br. SWddact BRILLIANT CONCERT and divBetissbment, Hit* Loulta Pyu*, *T him U. Maoarthy, Hi** Pyna, and Mr. Harrison. Mae. Aagunta. To be followed by the elegant eomedlatu of th* MORMNG CALL. Sir Edward Ardent Mr. r. C*a Mrs. Chillingtou Mr*, F. Conway Soon* by Madam* l**dora Clark Song? " La horaaata" . v by MUs Duokworth l a* de Deux, by M'lltsDaoy Bnrreand Mr. 0. W. SaiU Comic Medley Cl*g Dane* ? by.. ..Mr. B. ? at** To oouolode with the greatly popular oumedietta of DELICATE GROUND. Cit'sea 8argfr*id Mr. 0. M. Waiaot Alphoase Mr. Greeveaac Pauline Mrs. H*ey Th* brilliaat Oroheetra wt.l perform several popular Ovor tores, ltd by Signer I.a Manna. Doors opon at 2 o'oloek. TlokeU SI eeoh. No sdatss* etired. EVENING I'ERIORMANCB. commencing at 7H o'clock. l b* immensely popular tragedy of b Ail ON AND PYTHIAS. Damon by Mr. R. Forrest Pytbiat Mr. B. U Davenport D>oni*iut Ma Dyott Luouliua Mr. Grosraaor lbllisflut Mr. Norton Celantbe Mis* Fanai Vlning llermlon Mri. Duoklaad 1'a* de Deux .It'll* Zo* and Moas. Wiathsff Oveitures by th* Orolitttra led by M. ChaWl 1* be followed by tlie line comedy of the POUR GENTLEMAN, in WHICH Mr. make. Mr. Dyott, Mr. U Ha, I, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Lester. Mb Chippendale, ili. Uruuibam, Mr*. Blate, aud Mien Rofa Bennett, will appear. T* conclude with a popular tares, la whloh Mr. Davidg* and Mr. T. B. John*** Will appear The r<ioet will remai* a* usual at th* Aoadamy, ris. Panju-t, Parquet Circle, Firdt and Saoond Ctrole, aad Dr*M Circle, ticket* (loach Secured Seats M> oen'o extra Amphitheatre Si ooat* TO EACH VKHIUHMANC* That Id the afternoon commencing *ti.'>? o'clock. Thetrea ing performance commencing at 7>4 i'laoes secured forth* evening performance only. SPECIAL NOTICE The Private Boxes, tor each repteaeulatioa, win be sold at auction, by ALBERT R. NICOLA V, at his salesroom ll linad street, on iuesda* morning, at i2x o'clock Seats can b* secured, for th* present, at Watlack's Theatre, trom 10 till 4. Extra notice. ? wallack'S theatre. MUS. HOLY'S BENEFIT. will take place on THURSDAY EVRi?INC, MAY SI, cn which ooeation Mr*. Hoej's titter Mad. k roll man will make Imr first aupvaraocv lo Now York, aud sing a oavatina fit m LINDA 01 CIIAMOUKI; alto, will be performed lor the tirit tine at this theatre, th* oomedy WHERE THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY, and Coliy Clbbur's splendid oomody, with now dretset, teener j, Ac., SHE WOULD AND SHE WOULD NOT. Iloth piecx* will inoluile the followlcg named arU*|^: ? Miter*, l.ettoi, Lltke, liroogham, Dyott, Vincent, Stewart *i.d Blaud; Mctdame* Uoey, Brougham, Steveat, coaorer, Ac., Ao. Uox book now open. National baby show.-thb 100 babies bn gaged.? This groat oveat oom*i off at Baraum's Museaes on th* 5th. 6th, 7th aad t>th of Jun*. Pri**? amounting t* *l*v*n hundred dolltr* will bo distributed to tht ttnett babies. 1 he number ot competitors is limited to on* hun dred. The 1U0 babia* have already reeoired their oertiHoates, including twin*, triplets, quartern^ Ao. An addros* will ho delivered, on the third day *f th* exhibition, by Mr*. L. N. Fowler, ia the L*ctur* Room. (CRYSTAL PALACE ONCE MORE? THB GRAND J display of the works of Renin* and of art, on axaibi ? ion at tb* Crysial Tslace. mutt poaitively be rstnrned t* Europ* in a few days, A cottier week, and our oitisea* oaa never a?ain feaat their ?y?* on th* tame gtllcriet of statu ary and paintings, besides various articles of mechanical tkill. and an imeretting teleetlon trom the mineral world. We invite evrry perton to take a final farewell and look at tie New York t lyttal i'alace SAMUEI. HKfcV OORT, Acting Superlntendtat. Grand concert, at Brooklyn.? m r. frazer (of th* begnia Opera Company,) will have the honor to give a Vocal and Instrumental Concert, oa this erasing. (TneMi ay, May 29. at tba Brooklyn Athcncum. assisted by M'lle (,'arrline I.ermai.n, Mrt Ceorrtana R. Stuart, M'll* Camille Urto, (the celehratet Violinist, ber fi'st appearmno* in Brooklyn,) Signer Iternsrdi, Mr. Allan Irring, Mr Ed ward Lubmann, (Flute,) and Mr. Tboma* Baker, (lat* leader oi Jullien's oonocrtt ) Tiokets, 50 cent*. To commence at 8 o'olock. astrology. A CARD.? TO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN? I'll Y5I- , A og?o?y and Mental Alohemy, by B. BKoWN WIL LIAMS, M . w.. on Tuetday, Tmrtday and Saturday eua- I if>t tbi* week, at Knickerbocker liitll, corner of Ei/nth avenue and Twenty-third itr*et; and at tfleecker Bulldiig* alto, on Wednetday and Kriday evening*, at ? o'olook. Dr. ! W.'s office, N o. t Bond atreet. | ASTROLOCiT AND PHRENOIOG V ? THB CELE j Lra'ed Mrt. i'LEl'RY, from 1'aris, whom relation ha* i been eonitantly consulted by Napoleon I., givot infoimation on all event* or life, at 2t>3 Broom* st. C1ARD.? MADAM FREW8TER RETURNS THANKS ) to her iriendt and patrons, and bt.Tt to tay that, atter the demands, both in thit tity and Philadelphia, who hart conmlted her with entire ratitfaction, she feel* coatldont that in the (|U*ttian* of attrolory, love and law matter*, aad liookt or oraolet, at relied on oonatantly by Napoleon, the hat no equal. She will tall the nam* of the future bus. band, and alto the name of hor vinltcr. Rendenco 76 Madi son street, one door from Catherine. (CLAIRVOYANT EXAMINATIONS. -DR. HAYES AND J lady, the moit eminent clairvoyant ?, ptyehol vgiatt, aad electricians we have in the United States. Alldlseatet, (particularly nervous,) treated with scarcely a failure hy eltc'riuity and inagne.titu. Office 17oG:and ttreet, between Broadway aad Bowery. Dr. HAYES psycho eleotrio phy aiciaa. ^ Madame mobrow? this highly gifted lady is a seventh daughter, and has a natural pf% to teU all th* eveate of life, *v*n th* very thought*. She ia th* m*?t woadatlul Aitrologsst lath* world. No charge If not tatit 8?d. 7* Br**m* street, near Caanoa. Oeatlemaa not ad mitted. Madame alwin. from rARis-rE.vDEns her services to the ladies and gentlemen of thie city, la phrenology. She can be conmlted about love, marria.-e, bu tim-ti. Ac.; and will tell the name of the ltdy or geatlemaa tley will marry tl.'o the name of her vlritort Madame Al win converec* In the English, French aad (lerm*n Hngnagos; tetidence IMKi Bowery, between First and Second street*. aSSSE Dr. SWAN APPRISIS HIS FRIENDS AND THOSE who with to cootult him, that ki* office is removed ?rom 80 Murray ttreet to No 1 Chatham tqaare, ia partaer ship with Dr. Lak*. Coaialtatioas from d A. M. t* IV 1'. M , hoadays excepted. DR. HUNTER'S RED DROP CURBS WHBN THB treatment of other *hvtieiaat and all other remedit* tail. It is your only reliance foi a tbona* h enr* ia entala <li*ea*(<*. No > DivLtloa stre H, the *nly a.ace aew s* weB known fer the mawy extraordiaary sure* it ha* performed without diet or Mndraaee from butinesa. wkea all eth?r rw m*dles only dtlv* the dlseat* m th* bl**d~f1 eat*. This tteoret th* patient from secondary attacks, aad 1* the oaly remedy en earth that does it. Yoa will tad this out b/ bit ter eiperiwee. If you trntf to any ether medfctlna. It has ?urod thouaands of cases that never would have b?*n **r*d without it. Dr. Hunter rot'ores (wepie to health dally, W%* have l>*?a almoat ruiuei by m?r*ary aad *an*Uv by th* h?m bug* ,R. WARD'S CNFORTUNATB'S FRIKilB, Bi . WWtk _) a book.? Just what thct* waat who h?v* ?M>*ra?tM Jlmirr. namely, a euro at one*, and no talay ut P' diseases, namely, a euro at ?***. and no ?alay aM moro exaent*. br*atest *ure In the world by Dr. w*rd'l " Unfertwnate's Frieud." Affiicted take aot?e* -no ottw mnedieo oan owr* y*u radieaUy. Sli?ht ?***? eured ia ? few b*?rs; aethlaa els* d**t if. Mo. IW Cauad stmwt. oru deer eaet of Broadway. Is ths plao* to jet thi* rap U aad thoroaali remedy? a* where elt* ta New York. A eni* war ranted by Dr. Waid. Patiaats aailoat lor rwliet ma) rely on a rapid core by his treatment, without tatta* tht system Alteration *# d.ct e- oeesati** trom bwiUest a# reqnirad. MLARMONT. PARIS AND LONDON PHYSICIAN * and tnrgeon, author *f the Medical Advte*r and Mar tlase Guide, M pa**e. 7S engravitca, (mailed by him, e*al*4 elot?ly, to any addroa* for SI ) it ooatulted at 42 R?a?e etreot, comtr of Broadway, from II A, M. till 2, aad 6 to y P. M., Suaday* ex**T>t?d. Tboto at a dutaaee treated by mall and enpret*. weeoncur with other pa port In win mending Dr. L an.l hlttrtatne.? Diipateh, t our'erde EtaU Unit, bay Book, H. Y. Ooar'er, National Demoerat, Ao. CURB CCM-DR, WARD'S UNFDRTUNATB'S O ttiaad aow It ns*d Uof*re etery other remedy. The only eettaia cur* kt*wn. Do tot Ve deceived. It Is the *nly remedy that will ret disappoint Qolt* oHglaal nerearv or mirtral pelt on*. N* oaa ever *rl*d the tftjtrtt. aaU'* FHeid bnt eirj ro*e?d hi* admlratl** af > it* oonaily pleaaaat a* *ol I'aey. M?oy Y* k' ??? 0?*o Lama i St., *** dtog eaet et Broadway * * i'AW* "" " Marttara .Mlaa Mala* Pf** tbarin II. ..?r. Mane* HJ1? I P* iff* Mrtmamt J??fiui? Mi. Rue*. UlUurUll ... Km rym? l?n < ??tr bum ??? ......Mr W Hmmm Coadaowx i*. Git. W. liitrov, IIIOIAIt %*OTlC?. Th? Circle Ptrqatt ?<* ' thr?wm ffM t# tlie public, without teeertatiea W ??*** At ?*? ?1nlM< aa4 nnitorn arti*. Iieltli Maaafe The ualy M>?1 ? that tis be tMCIMa'n>~ Tlio Arm ( bum Mmfc Fritate Po?m M1j| box i ffic. o) r* rom ham u 4 r tke ab rf tick.*, aid ntcroi Grch.xra SraUand i*v 'kU ] optb .(7; ta cu?>B.cBee at H o'alMt. BURTON'S. CUAMBIRfl STREET -TVEBMJW ? 11 r UEuRGk HOLLAND In two arm >|km, MS. BURTON IN TWll PAR R. I ASsT NIGH 1' OT 1 1I* WANDLRINO MINSTREL U9 VILIE1N8 AND MIS MNaU. 7 he p*tlte comcd) .1 UMI DEVILS. M*KriD: Mr. 1 > irti bi*ht b* rw .( THE I Obi UJT HONOR. Ct bii. Mr O. Iioliaad I Troiich.a Mr* lUk. WaNDEMINO MINSTREL ?od Til It aECBST. A (treat Tarirtjr ai*ht BOWERI TU*aTRA-1. P. WALiitCII PMOrMtMMM a>( tuMir. Robert J.aae, dU|i Mta?aar Mgi .? adjciMi.a ?Do tee, ? cent*; Pit, U^Malt: OtllVfjK Mai*; friiM Boim, M ? Ture4ay mam, Ma/ V. LO?T t'HIl.D. _ . 8 I T III TBMPTAYI OMR. *ha ErU One Mr Wahh I Mm Mm BM. Qm? tOULAU M.aTK Al' Bt KOPOI.ITaN TUF.aTRB, BROADWAY, *ilu &m4 ?mi -Irm. ant Mtian?, Mr. I TUIti RVRNINU, MAY 2V. MAPANIhlLO; Or, THB lil'HM UlkL Ok PoBTiri, with HI ao4 appro pri at. M Muery b j t. R. Smith. M* drrf.f k. ana p rupee tie t. ? fecllA. Ube r.mb Oirl( tUaerMa M* t karaeter* by the aaUre ktrcagth .1 tk. t racaaU. Mat paoy. Darta* *b? pieaa, daaalna by Seaoilta Sat., Bene Qmwfc M'll. buy litre., O. H . SaiU ait aa ?aUi|U 0?t|i M Ballet. Abwi other ao.afa, _ ORAM) RMUI'TION or MOUNT YESUTIMB. TLe iBttiultBiaU to ronaaaoe with th? ROUGH DIAMOND. Ob Wedneadaj ? Ballet ni^bt Thor?dajf? Mr. Baakett will repeat lalataS, <? Oft HENRV IT. kciaa hia laat .fawmue bat two Daora aye a At 7?; ta ooaiiaeaoe al 7X UCKLET'S BMMBM ADBMS, lat m?? aiemr tmm wbkk. tha urtal karleaqae aa tha opeta at NO KM A, IV WHITM PACKS. introducing all tha principal pai. Preceding tha apera , Kxomo minstbblst, with O. Kwalne Backiey la bin ooaiaiiM Ala., bia n?w pleo*. .aUtlod CROW OUT M1ANGHAL CtrataeN at 8 o oiaak. Ttokaea, ? Barn UH s American museum.- now imw Swis? Bearded LUj Mi bar B*arded laful w^ a>thcn# h do t jot two ]WI old. bu a (mil beard u< wM*? her*. Tunday, May i?? ItmIii, M 8, THE LOHBU MAM Or THE OCEAN. AiUtimi at 5, TUB MAN AMJM TUB TIGEB ud ICDABOD'S COMB Mais* OiaaMmT nearly eiaht teet high; Dwarf Lady, aaly tmtiwM inches; l be Mermaid. living Oetriabef, it. 1 fmHaaa* > S pent*; children undet ten, 12% Mate. W' HITE'S OPERA H0U8B.? POSITI YHLY THB LAST week ot the (c**on, an J teeth tear of I ta woaderM eucoe**, mskinu tbU the firm aetablisbed u< oldest piste* ofniastrelsy is the world. Kemembai this U the leal ntk. White's .s?ree*d??i will appear et Be Baltimore Massaaa oa Monday evening be it. /1IRCUS ?WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, Of PBB V' ladtlrhla, aad Lei>t'i New Yoch Cirous, eembintd i one giand Equestrian aad Aorobatle exhibition, wBl form In Harlem, 2Si; Cold bjrlng. This 1* tbe lirixl i tue forces of two magaihoont troupes. f KAN KLIN MUSEUM, WO. 63 BOWBB1, NBA! opposite the line erj Theatre. Perforiaaaoe?er?ry at Uirtiooo, atS, and every evtaing, at 8. N. B ? " ? ?? ??? uinut, etmuinn m retrian aad Aorobatle exhibition, wBl per 9, May V6; Sin* bin*, Vti 28; reeks kill, lw I, May SU; and l'ouitiheepaie, May 31. MM. [lit cueee vow travelling, oouprislac the aa will obiiervo that tba franklin Museum Ik the only dteoel tlie United States where the Model Artiste are tultiteA with otber original entertainment*. Kameaabar, Ma. m Bowery. J OHM B. SMITH'S CBANB TOUR OP HI AND K1EOE tfK SKftAbTOl'OL, ATCwiBksr AentenLT Rooms MV Baoaawav, Showing OMKUMlKIOrilW^ fori; Net wide, of tbe priasipsl CiTiKtf A NO OBJECT* OF INTEREST IN BC Every svsring, at f o'cloek, and ever* Saturday at aoon. at a. The man* by Mr. Alwya Field, ef Leaden. idnmiMo tt eaM PLRUAM'b BU KLEbQUE Ol'ERA HOUSE, an broadway, 1HE C.UEAT BURLESQUE UAUV SllUW, tl.e most laughable piece ever rruduoed ia the Ethiowiass lit>m>.w will be repeated every evening this weak, aad ltcdnerday and Saturday afternoons, atSo'oloek. I'l-rvious te HAB1 8Ut?W, Ethiopian Concert and Otta. Adn.isaion ,, tfeeatn. rpo DRAMATIC AUTHOR8.-THB UNDERSIOl A nropuses to tbe dramatic aatbors ia the United St* tea, to invite their exerUou* is behalf el tbe drama, te a eosaf* titionfor the following:-* For tbe beet faroe, ia wblak am Irish male aad Yankee female character (ball be tha lesditg teeturee? Oae bsadred ana titty dollars, F or tbe beet dramas U three aota, with at Iriab male aad Yaakee female oliatas ter? Three hundred dollars. For the bast comedy, la dM oi flee acts, in wbieh an Irish mala aad Yankee female ela recter shall be the most prumineat? rive hundred daUaHL Those sums will be paid te tbe sueoesifol author* i**|is?ttr? ly. The dacisioua wtll be made bja competent, dleiateewat ed committee of five gsntlsmsa. The latest term far the rw cr'.ion oi the plays, which are te be sent ta tha sab* set bar. loi East Nineteenth street, ar the Broadway Theatre, ta th? first day af Aug-ist next. The subscriber daems aiaastl ealled npoa by the reeent wholesale piraoy af bis fit rate manuseriptt, ta make tha above proposals, la the hi?a that hereafter be may be able t* j>rot out author* aad artist^ it. tome measure, from the nnnriaeipled n*e af ladividastf property. LARNJET WILLIaBS. Oaaadlaau THEATRICAL NOTICE? ALL MANAGERS, . termers, and the profeeeion generally, ate hereby bed act to plaw the farce, entitled ' The Biaek Stakaa nnder the penalty of the copyright law. The fellawiag ia said distmt, hath deposited in this ottaa Mm title of a baok, tha title et whieh is ia tha words fatlawla^ to wit, ' Black 8tatae, a negro farce, In oae act, by ChaitM White,' the right wheroof he claims a* aathor aad prsaala tar, la conformity with aa aot at Coa grass, entitled Am act te amead the several acts respecting copyrights ' Oaa. W. Morton. Clerk of tbe 8<>a'hern District of New Tark." CHARLES WHITE, of White s Sereaadera, 49 Bowery. Theatre tor bent? the rhildinq enown am the 1'elicaa Theatre, situated oa St. Charlaa ihs*L apposite ta Perdido s tract. Mew Orleans, together with afl the scenery, furniture. Aa. Built for aa amphltbaatia, lb has all tbe aeoatsary improvemeat* far sash. Tha leeaMam U the best ia the elbr, aad to a good aad respeajible teaaaA It will be reeled tew and a laag lease rivaa. if daeired Ml terms, app^y ta DANIELS ? Bd DWELL Phmate Bewaa. New Orleans. MftHOIU, <&C SODA WATER. A p., Ac.? TWENTY CENTS A MZflW. ? Iirivere, commlieien men and the trade renerall# earn bo sop-lied ?ith a very saperior article of soda water aaA rari'spirtlla, at the above low price, by ealiiag at 136 1" strict, ia tbs rear. OcULI?T8 AIO AUR1ITI. DR. JAMES W. POWELIi BECS TO ANNOUNCBTO his 'riends and patienlv his return from Earepa, whara Lo has en.|o>rd unusual opfiortaaitiss of o imer ring the asa deru practice of the mi*t celob rated ocalist* and auriita at the Old World, especially ia London. Paris, Da blia aaA Clavgow. Dr. l'owell ha* pric.ured all the new tastrumeata. I)e>marre's improved ophthaimascope, which aaabla* tha ocalist to loclt tiiio tbe depths af the ey*. and ascertala tha exact conditio* of the optic aarvc and rvtiaa ia amaarasB% and the lent la cataract; al<o. Avery's specalam, eqaaMp eitraordinary for lonkint Into tbe drum of the ear, the eaa tachlan tub?s In tbe throat, strictnro. Ac. ; also, LauleberVa besntilnl sjr'ore. Jseoh's cataract needles Wild's specala^ and maay o'her new invent'oneof graat imp ortaaae. A sew rate exsmiaations made with tl e above insttnmeats, aaA A deeimve and t rompt opinion proao need a* to the onrabilitw of each particular ca e. Consnltalions as beretofure, aa aB diseases af the tye :.nd tar, from 9 tc 1 o'clock daily, atMC Brnadwav, opposite tha Ft. Nicholas Hotel. N. B.? Privata interaction idvento medleal trac'lticners MKDICAIs. DR. JOHNSON. 30 BAXTER (LATE ORANOB) STRBBT, cornvr Anthony, can be omsalted. aa usual, at his of fice. bpcedy turn ffneranteed. Charges modorata. Hpe elas patta Si per bo*. No mereary. E FIRRY, , t K A N M.l N STh K *. / N K A it TA r lor s salooa, makes the only real, radical aad sctentiAa cure* ef pertain diseases, and there who bave bee* misted b\ charlatans *ud aastrum renders, would do well to esM. n|ica him. rrilE UKEATE8T MBBICAI. DISCOTSRT OF THE I age? MK. KBNMBDY. at Rexbarv. baa diseevsrad la one ol our cowmon paatnro woods a remedy that sera* every kind of bnmtr, irom the worst seerfela down ta a *???*? plnpla. lie ha* tried It in ever 1, 100 caae*, aad aerar fhilsd axaagb la two ea***~betb tfinader hamor He ha* new la M* pta seaaioa over two haadred oerUAeatet wf Ms virtaa, all wlbhMt tweaty miles sfBostoa. Two bottles are warraated te aura a aarslng sore maatA. Oa* te three bottle* will ears Ik* worst ktad ef pimple* e* the face. Tao to three bottle* will *are IBe system sf boils. T? o bet< lee are warraated te *We ta* wet*t eaaker ta Mm moath ar itomaeh. Three to ft * bottles ar* warrantad ta onre tha werat eaaa ef eryMpela*. cue te two battle* are warraated to ear* all baaer ia Mm aye*. Twe bottle* are warraated ta care ranaing of tha ayes aad Ulotehoe tsioi? tbe hair. foar te stx battle* ar* wantatad ta ours oorrapt aad raa alar alerw*. <>ae buttle will rare aealy eruption of the ikia. Tw* to three bottle* are warraated to ear* tha wwat ease ? f rinrwovm. Tao tu Ibri three bottles ar* warranted te care tbs meet daa perate ease of rhenaiatisn. Three te foar battlaa an warraated te ear* tb* **H tt* nra. Tive to eight battle* will ear* tha worst *ese sfureftd*. A lensBt i* always experienced from tb* flrst bottle, aaf Uierfat* car* U warrant *d whoa the abere qsaat ty ia MU Read*r, I peddled aver a thousand bottle* oftau la lbs vicinity ef Boeten I baow the eifeat* of it la evsry ease. So oar* a* water will (atinwabih fire, so sure will Mm* **m hiaior. 1 never sold a bottls of it bat that *ald aaothers af ter a trial it ale ays speaks for itself. Hwi are twa tb a> eat this herb tT prow* ia oar past jet Its valae has ..... tee' ad. that itsboald ewe* all hinds af 1 dt p t? rtii Mint idii ?f th#> fndd#!* rlM mi a of t ht> (*?Mr.fery, I will itoti, thai April jM^lj ile ays spaahs for itself. ??' aniraitam rb that appear te me sarpriMat^tat MMtfe restores. U seme plaee* oulbs pleattfel mU baa sever been kaowa aatil I diseeverad lb ia la ar eight years, tea ipeoataL A* a* directions *aa be aaall ea> Is to all soasbitatlona, b*k* snflrient to optiate aa (be bowels twiee a day. Mr Keaaady givee pereeaal aetaad saee ia bad ease* af serefula Maaafaetnred by DasaM Kennedy N*. 138 W arrest street, Raxbary.Maa* Pries SI. Wholesale Meets f? !t.w Y.rk-Cha^h. B^ag. If. Si Ilicadway; C. V Cllokaaar, Ha. 81 Barelay street; A- B. A D. Saads, Me. 141 Faltea street, Mtr*b A Noetic OreoiwtcbHreat; *hnmi.. A Br* a, A Ca., IT0 WBMam t l.rr.i.rtV ".r,., /????"" ? !*??,? V*., IJW W If Mail Sweat. B?vd A Paal, c hamber* atraat i r. C. WeBs A 0*b. 1^ fraaklla siraat; M'Ke*na, Rol.hlns A O*,. Matdsa Ian, Hovllaad Honvall k Rissay, Warrea street; Ward. (X***A Oa., MtMttlm, aad rttaO*4 by aU rMfsst*>l* fcsg?^ / J

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