Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1855 Page 1
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T HE NEW WHOLE NO. 6849. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-MONDAY, MAY 28, 1853. PRICE TWO CENTS Tins vmaiNid zsuacrzorr. WISE'S 8UCCE38 CONSIDERED CERTAIS. j The following are our latest d?-?patche< : ? WaMK.voTUir, M?y 2T, 1855. I BtTMtjr lTI counties betrd from give Wise about I 6. COO majority, being ?n American brain over the Ust Presidents 1 election of nearly 1,000. The sixty two eouoti'S jet to come in gavn, at tb- last election. 450 democratic majority. Tbe Americana fcere claim -hat Wife's present majority i* 4,'i00. They give up every tblrg, hi wev?r ? Ccn<re-sn>et> as well an -tate officer*. The outrageous conduct of tbe persons who disturbed tbe meeting of .be friends of Mr Wine uat night is uai versalJy condemned by both part. ex. The election excltemtnt atill continue'1, but no defl nite returns have been rroeived to d*y. Tbe Know Nothings are still clinging to the hope thit Flournoy Is .elected . Baltimore, May 27, 18.'<V We have nothing further jet from Virginia, except a rumor from Washington that Flour noy has recmved Eorre tremendous majorities; but wa can ascertain nothlrg definite. THE FEEL TNG IN WASHINGTON. WASHINGTON, Mty 26, 1855 There i? bnt little news of intermt here, outside of tbe Interne election excitement wbicb ha* prevailed for the laat two days, and that is rapiuly cooling down, as the despatch** arrive announcing Wise's elation to the chilf executive chair of Virginia. Up to this morning, both parties c Lai tried the victory, an<l ?om? little oettiug continued, at about tbree to one on Wire; but this after noon, all putties sees* to aioaU tbat the Did Dominion ban diahocored the draft drawn upon her oy the \me Tican party, and stands now where sh? stood in 1840, as firm as htr owu blue bills, in defence of her ancient faith. Agranl sfrenatle is being prepared this evening for tbe benefit of the successful candidate, uud Mr. Wise is expected to harangue tbe mioses on tne occasion. if the official tesnlt shall confirm tbe (ir?seut ioi .pretsnns, Mr. Wis. Will have more proudly tri umphed than any candiuate who ev-r veutursu iuto tbe political arena ltraving not ouly the unite i Opposition of tbe wbig ana Know Notniu* parties, be bad alto to me>t and uverxme a tfioumiul prejudices? strong, powerful prejudices ? gnwmg out ot tbe fact that be mm oren tin- most unreiHutiug *?; no scrupulous perse :utor and abuser of 'he great democra tic party, upon whose getrrcia eup..ori hi now relied fcriuccess Under thee-" citcumstaujes he entered tue field, declaring at tbe sauie nine 'bat 'he h*o uo recan tations to make''? and by th- power ot his own rndurai ?table per??v? ranee and unt rmg energy, he has sur mounted all obstacles, and trituDphel iu a contest which at first a?pe*ieu hopeless no poli ioal nspir?nt hereafter Jfiopajr, whatever maj have t>een his terjivaf-, cations. OPINIONS OF TflE PREH3. [Prom the Richmond Wbig (K N ) May 2d.] We Uav? returns from ooly a few places, ?vlt we hive the gratification ct anuouuetog tb?t the American par y bnn mace laTgc and nweritl gams. W? have not done as well as we ought to have done in this city, but from all other portions of tne 3t?'e from which we liave heard tbe prospect is most tUt'ering Of course it is impossible to form any decided opim n from tbe returns before us. We indulge, however, tne confident hupe ot the ftu:c?eg of our state tioket. This anticipation U justified tij the flittering r-turns published under our telegraphic bead A few d*y? will decide the result. T il fh?u we mity only indulge the pleasing expectation th*t the gle nous Old Dominion ha* redceunl beratlf. Fcr the ptei-eot we may :ougra<uuce ourselves on the favorable exhibit of the pulls su far ?s hxarJ from The project Is certainly * good one. Kvery Virginia patriot will unite with us in the hope that it m iy be realized, [i'loaa thiiR < bajood inquirer (Aomiui .uauon) Miy 24] The returns au lor are out sufficiently lull and <lL?tinct to warrant tm positive statement of che result. Tae 4riu:npbmt * It- c :oo ot U'fse, no?ever, is iouicated bi y?.a.t a ooubt 10 lial Johnson Oeil . uinm-ra in i?ast ein Virgic a mi-re than tive thous^u i votes. We can af ford a coo." idem uie reduutior. fro?u this amount, anl yet he kSburvl ot success, i'ierce's majority in tne west ex ceeded tw-lve taoussnil The *t?. *11 do its wuole duty in tbis em rgenuy. It will give Wise a majoritv a l?sst ? qual to Tierce's. Returns frum the west will no be tecMvea hefo.e Monday. Wait until the westepeaas [From the RichmonJ Enqulr?r, Miy JO. J The returoh tiOLtinu*- to came iu most gloriously From the fc'outbweet aud the Vit'iey we receive a -count < which exceed our most sanguiu* explications I'h ? election ot Wi<e by an unprecedented majority is con cered even by Know Nothings. All tse o mo r*tic can didates for Oonsrtss are undoubtedly returned. Ttt Legislature is certainly Bafe. [From the Wsi-b.'nglon Union ( Adm'nistration), May 26.1 About cne fourth of tbe "bole State has oenn heard from, aso although most of the returns come r<i us in an imperfect shape and In a 'ew Instances from irre sponsible sources, sufficient Is n-iw known to warrant tbe confident belief of tbe triumphant election of Henry A. Wl3e s? fioveraor of VirglniA It Is now a question 0> majorities, in making estim-tes ,i.nd pre c.ict cos, tbe leader sb. nll besrin arnd that tne returns from the western counties of Virginia cannot be received in this city before Monday or Tuenday next (From the Washington Intelligencer (whig), May 2ft. 1 The returns wbic: hare com-* to haul of tb4 elections in Virginia are sufficiently numerous and ?ullioiuntly accurate, we presume, to ?bcw thai Mr. Wise is elected Governor ot that State? we will cot undertake to say by what mejority, as that wo<i'ni be at present mere guee* work. A few days will advise us. fFrom the Washington Sentinel, (bard shell organ), ^ May 20.] Words cannot express Ihe imcn*e Interest which was felt bete or Thursday in the Virginia election M?u, women and chil"r?o, alike, shared in It In the after notn tbe exritement becam>- sti 1 more intense. The te legraph and newspap?r offices were crowded. The ?tree** wrre dotted with groups of anxious Inquirers after n?ws. Ihe telegraph wis too slow lor the univer sal imoatience. Indeed, the tnle^raph was rea lered in operative by a thunder-cloud that cam* no mnst inippor tonely. una cissppointment sat on every face. The asxiety here was but a type of tbe anxious solicitude tbat pervadec the whole "natien At the extreme north, as welt us at the extreme south, the same rest ess im patience was felt. Th*re was not, pernape, a 'elegr*pa office in tbe United states tbat w*? no' tbrooged W'th anxioui inquirers. The s<m? state of things existed yesterday, it increased towards night l"u? impitiem-.e became psin'nl. All tli*s is a trloute to old Virginia; anr. though Virginians ourselves, we must say, a deserv ed tribute. One thing was observable. It was that the Know Nothings were dull, flat, and out of spirits. They seem *1 to fret, notwithstanding their former clamorous ooast lugi, ani notwithstanding the f*ct that no derive ne?s vti received, that they were beaten. It ban been hhH, when great battles are fought on which depend the fate of nation*, people at a great disttnc* cutci up an in junctive premonition of the resu t Sj it was here on Thursday atternoon There wan an all-p-rrading pre monition of the success of Win, and tfce Virginli demo cracy. It miiy be ? we hate to contemplate so revolting a con tingency? that Wis* and the Virginia democracy hive been beaten. We say it may be? for our aoxlety is so great, ani our nver?ton to bringing s strong, th*t we wlO not claim the aucoeas or me demosrncy until we know of it. If beaten, Virginia will be in eclipse. If suc ceiHful, Virginia will be effulgent, triumphant, and imposing. She will nbine with a new mrtre, Her democracy hare h*d to battle with an amalgama tion cf olri and new enemies ? with *11 that 1* heretical in religion, and unround in fo.'tirs Under a new nnu>, With a new organization and hitherto unknown t*ciio?, All who oppone nomocracy have united in a bjattful cr t animation, they have presume.) upon -he triumphs of their affiliated organisations at the North, ana their blacklegs and gamblers bare tw-n betting upon the mh( anccei>s at the South Toey have sougnt to intke the elections iu Virginia a ?ort of gam? of tarj, at which Bone but gamblers conkl win. What the rear It la we cannot yet determine. Oar carnMt hope and firm he! ?f !? that the demosrat* tre triumphant. We pnnllsh below such returns as ??> have received It is needlees to sp>eulat? on cUem Thii pre cis^ renult of the election will not perhaps, be ?taown until Sunday or Monday When assured that Virgtaia Is safe, u?i democracy triumphant, then we will Hit up Mr voire in joy and gratuWtton. rFr>m the Washington Organ (Know Nothing or/aa), May 2B ] ?" The few returns received down to the time our pap'r o press dc not authorize us to express any decioed cpinion on the geuer?l re-nit. We are disappointed in the vote* reported from Richmond and from Norfolk, as we had been led to believe thas the American nujorities _n tboae tens woula h.ive be??o much larger and m>re decisive. It i? true that Mr. Wise loses in those pltces nearly five hundred upon thn rote g.-en there to Oen Fierce, and about four hund?ed upon tn? vot* given to Gorvrror Johnson. His lots also in ChestsrlleU upon Pierce's vote ts nearly three hundred In Petersburg, he lot** cftr 2(0 ; in Alexan ria, about 4<K) ; in Campbell county, marly 4(H); in Culpepper, 204; and in Ohio countv 3f2, on Pierce's vote Corresponding losses throughout the State wool! leave him in a hopejsss mi nority But will there b- corresponding losses? We h*ar a rumor that the Wa*bin<ton TTninn receiv (d a despatch this morning, fr jtn Rich mind, to tlie pur port that (tveral counties on the south side of .h n? river hadgivon Mr. Wise som* ?itfht or a'nn bunirel vote* increase upon General Pierce's majorities. If thii be po. It la ominous of Flouruoy's defeat, but we io not hebeva a word of the statement, (or the plvn reason that we ernsifer it Imposi ble thoae counties could have been heard from, at Wcnmond, early th-s morning Another <iay wilt elucidate this jxrfot No r*tum< have as yet et me in from the west, except from Jbio and Msrshali conntlea, where our game ar-Kige, nod probi My no further reliahk mf.-rinit on will be gained frum that d-rtfon fcr two or three days yo far as we hive ?X.T Kn'Hable information, w* ?eo noting to justify tile be'tef that the American party haa boon defeated in Vir a. r.tnt, -suppose we have been defeated, whet then? ire than one, eje, more tbsn two Presidents htTc b ; -a *t?d witheat the vote of Virgtau. Tut Metropolitan Police* TUB MOhAL OK THB KEVIEW OF SATURDAY. The gratil review thai took place in the Par* on Satur day, snd of woich no account was sri**i? in yenU?rcla.j's Hm'.aid bat been the subject of no Utile attention and comment And well it might be, for it ban proved we bave a power in our midtt which baa grown up imper ceptibly, but soiely, that is now crpable of ccpicg sue cesafulJy with the crime and diaorder of thia great me tropolis. henceforth there la no danger, no macter what exigrncies arise, of a riot similar to that which occurred at Aslor place, or such as those that hive from time to time, disgraced our c t y The efficiency of our peiiiemen would cbe?k any aucn disturbance iu it* incipient stage*; an J even it a mob of five hundred men sbonld assemble with an evil of intent. fi'ty policemen with tbeir batons could march right through them, and disperse then: with eaee. The fact is indisputable that tbe adoption of the uni form has been the means of miking our police depart ment what it ia. Before its adoption there was no disci plir e, no order no disposition oa tbe part of the m?n to do their duty, nor bad thry tbatgreac atimulu > to activi ty, a spirit of rivalry between tbe respecur* companea or tlie members or tbe dill*-r*nt corps. N'ow tin* feei ng is rife in :he department, and the course ol Mayor Wood in establlfbmg public avarcs for marked acts of bravery in tbe performance of <luty is calculated to in crease and intensify ttiic feeling We may expect that in a few yeais we wnl bave, In proportion to numbers, as many sharp detectives in our to'11'* a? similar de parimentH In Paris and Iximion now boast Already we bave men who compare favurably with too best of them; but they are few in nunvr; nor have toe police a r rar>|i ements ber?tofore been sush as to train men pro perly lor grrat prodcieocy in th cf catching It is bow eonoeoed by good judges th?t our police, taken as an efficient active foice for th? suppression of crime, are inferior only to tbe |iolice < f London aod l'a ris. The latur nameo bave had so uiucu practice in tbeir voi atijn that it will take some time oefore our officers will excel or even equal them in adroitness and efficiency. 1 he police are now regularly drilled uider command of t-aiteatt Major Ricard, abd measures are now a-'oot to intiodu<e additional intereat in tbe drilling exercise, by forming volunteer companies among tbe men for practice In the use of the baton. Tbe members of the E'gbth, Fourteenth, and Kit tefDth Ward 1'ollce are about t> form into a vi lunteer company, with officers cf their own choosing, to drill, and also to bold themselves ia readiness toper'irin extra cuty, should any great emergency arise tor their service* This is a most coalmen, oable ellort on their part and merits the approbation < f the press and the puiltc. vakai>k of tub Nun of Tns EianrH, f(kj& TKKNTH, AND t IFTEBNTH WAKP8. After the levie* in tbe Park oo Saturday the Eighth, Fouiteentb, and Fifteenth Ward police, commanded respectively byCaptaits TortfraU, Kisncr, an i DiUa, bad a parade ol their oifp, to show our citizens what they could t'o ih the wa; t>f marching they pn?se.i 'I'TOUjh the Bowsry, lister flat Broidway, aa 1 exut?? no litt't ?'4tCBtion by their idm ruble drill Th'y Cen proceeded to Lafayette 11*11, where they pwtjokof ' a ditner, and ]'Br<r<ed to spO'Chst from Aldermi& J. JiatVer, Councilman Kidder, and others We are informed that tbese three compani-s are aoon to bave a review of their own in tbe I'ark, when they will go through the baton excrcise, and prove their skill in the ute cf that etfective weapon Tbe exhibition wli be a rovel one, and will no doubt aUract a large audience. The Turf CENTBEVILLE COflit-K, I.. I ? TBOTTIKO. The second march between Centreville and Lantern came ctf on Saturday afternoon. The previous race oc curred on Monday last. Each one was for $2,000 ? the first two mile heats, the tecond mile heats, best three in five, in harness Lantern won in tbe first instance, and Centreville in the second. As iitt.e is known by the public concerning Lantern ? tbe*? matches marking his first appearance in public ? it may not be out of place to say something about him. He was bred in Andalusia. Bucks county, Pennsylvania, and sired by Bashaw, the half brother of .Andrew Jack ecn and Paladin, tbe three rrost noted sons of Old Ba shaw. Andrew Jackson waa probably the most celebrated of thia family, having sired tbe famoua stallions Black Hawk and Kemble Jackson. Saladin was the sire of the well known Philadelphia Sal and Charlotte Temple, and died about two years ago. Bashaw, the only living one of tbe three brothers, baa probably aired mors trotters tban any horse America ever produced, not ex cepting the fatuous AbdalUti. He ia now living, and maintain! bis pristine vigor even in his old age, and bids fair to be tbe tire ot many a good trotter yet ; wliL'e his progeny now far outnumbers tbat of any eastern bashaw He has been a perfect Turk, ami should have oeen a sultan at least. Bashaw, tbe origin cf this great family ot irot'ers, Is claimed by bis owners, Mr Waa ver and Mr. .-am I MiCracken, to bave been the sire of tae g-eatLadySutlolk. notwitbstandlogtbe prevailing opinion thai she was by Fngiceer, a horse who was never known to have produced a trotter. Engineer, ^uilolk's reouted sue wss a corse of no character, until Lady Suffolk se csme famous, and then his owners, to estaolish a fame for Ecgineer, claimed for him th* paternity of l.ady Suf folk. ihe appearance ami style of iJidy Suffolk resem bled to much thai of the Bashaw family, tbat persons unacquainted with her recognized her at first aight as a Baabuw A oeautitul specimen of a Bashaw filly, out of a Moiitnotitli Eclipse care, may now be seen in the stables or Joel Ctnblin, oo Long island. At some tutum day we w<U say more ot this fine stock of horses, in an article giving a recerul history of the horse, and a bio graphy ol tbe mo.^t prominent aaimaU of thia country. Lantern is a very promising young horse, with a tine, open, trotting gait, bis carcase apparently lacuag iu sut stance, but bis limbs ihow vsry proninent rnu.ica lar (ievelopements. Be requires nothing but a#e aod judicieus mansgrment to make him on* of the ve^-y bett horses in the country. Centrcville id ? noted liorw. an.l a very peculiar one. He in a great-grandson ot old Bitliaw ? one of the family. He was altad by Ileory (.'lay, he by Andrew Jactsoa, Hod h* by Uanbaw His peculiarities undoubtedly come from tbe matetniil side, ?? ci<t tbor* of PbilaSelptiw sal. Be in a vny last horse when himself and up to the latrk iu condition, wlitin ib certainl> Dot the ca?e at present. He in ft boras that requires a pre tit deal of fori, who llier st work or ploy; and appears to have been sal ly (.rglectccfUuxing (be past wtnUr He require* more care in his food, management, *t-d training, tian any othrr horse that we are acquainted with; anJ thu fart aloce, to say Dotting of his temper, makes him an un fa'e horse lor any sporting man 10 own. in the two mle race, as we have previously stated, Ijmtern won. It sppmrtd to be no effort on nis part, although Centieville came out ahead m the Brst mile of each heat. The time, it i* true, was nothing to speak of; but it was generally supposed by the majority of tbe rpectator* that Lanterr was kept back with a view or creeling a belief that Ontreville could beat him at mile beats. The result of tbe sesond race doea not seem to confirm this opinion, for (,'entreriUe was never beaded in it, having taken tbf track immediately on starting, and retaining it to tbe end Tbe time was alio much quicker. Centreville was unfit for tha two mile uonttat; b' t be appeared at home in the aecond raoe, although many though' bim too weak to get tbrougb it, and ?ere netting one hundred ? o twenty five on lantern after OntreviUe had wi>n the first beat, wbich waa thought to have been lost by the driver of lantern hold log the powers of Ceotreville too iigbtly. If that heat hid not been lost tbe result migrt bave been otherwise Tb?he horses are sgain matched for mile heats, and will go in October next, when both wili be in bettor condi tion, and an exciting contest may be looked for. The time made in the last race waa 2:3?5( ? 2: 34^?2:37^. Hnval Intelligence* Ol'K NATAL COKKKHPOMiRNCK. Siia.vuiuf, March 9, 1855. The Cnlted States steam frigate Powhatan, which arrived bere a sbort time back, brings tbe American Japan treaty duly certified, in charge of Comnander H. A. AOam*, who proceed overland to Washington by next mail. The Powhatan relieves the Vandalia, which goea to Hon; Kong to recruit and refit. Tbe VanJalit has been lyirg oir the foreign settlement over months, r?n tiering gr- at aid and comfort to the American interests. Her oUicers and n?n bave been on cobs ant duty, an 1 have been much harrassed. Tbe Powhatan remain* at irbanghae to guard the American property till further orders. Jtlm I>. Worm*, fireman, a native of Coharie county, Obio, died on bour<i of the Powhatan at Slmoda, Esbrtia 17 'id, of typhus fever, ile was burind on shore in tbe American burying ground, and a bandsome nunument erected over his remains by hla ni?ssmate!< 'Ihe Powhatan'* oHicerr are? V'm J. McCluoey, Post csptam. Commanding ; R B PegTam, flonry Rolando, J. W Bennett, B. H. Ixiwry, J. t.arier, I -leu tenants. C. D. Maxwel:, Surgeon; J. (J. E'dre-ige, Purser, f,t. Y. Mc Caulej, barter; O. ?ewtll. Chief Engineer; A >hriv*r, Assistant Surgeon; J. H. Jones, Lent Marine* (>n guard at American Hcnga, Canton;) J. Earon, tl Glreon, Win. H King. H. f'antn, I.? Roy Arnold. Mortimer Kellog. As st'tant Engineer*; Wm. Whiting, Roatsvaia; f Roach, Gunter.J. 0. Butler, Carpenter; O. Parker, .Sailmaker; M. Dudley, 8. Craig, Clerk*, the Vandalia'* are-J. Pope, Commander; T. R Roo'e*, Wm B Whiting, A. Bar tot, G V. Pennlston Lieutenants; J. J. Msaoo, duiw ?ton; T. H Ilareood, Purser; E E Gray, Master 8 F teelaud, Asalitant surgeon ; Jacob Reed, Lieut. Marine - E. B. Betl, Boati-wain, T. R Rilsoa. Gunner' T. V. Butt' Carpenter; W Brampton Sallmaker. lbe Macedon an was at Canton Ihe lit alth of the ere* of the Powhatan wm* not good She bas a constant large a ck list. David Ei-k, of Provi dence, R I., marine musician, aged '>4 years, thirty-eight years in tbe service, d ed on besrd tne Powhatan, March 2. Waa buried at sea. Jose Julio Msrtin de Oor-ro has been recognised hy the President as Vice Consul *1 Hpa'n for tbe port of Sa ra ^n?b, a' d Jose M aiiot a* V ica Oooeui of Spain for the | por? of Boston ? Dramatic nnrt Musical Hattm. At tbe Acaukmy o> Mi/sic the artist* of the La Grange troupe bare given " Lucia" twice, and " Ernam" once, to full and appreciative audience*. Tin prircipal ar tints? Mme La Grange, Siguor Mirate and Signor Mo relli ? have made a moat favorable impression on the public, and their F?au>n will doubtlesi be a profitable one to all concern' d. Every department of the Academy la now well directed ?' Eraanl" is to be given again tbiH evening, with I* Grange, M irate, Morelli and Ma rim in tbe principal part*. At tbe Broadway Thuatre, Mr Davenport and MWs F. Yinicg bave concluded their prolonged encasement Mr. Davenpojt bad a full bouse for his benefit on Friday night, and, being called before the curtain. said, in sub stance, ?? tbat be was heartily grateful for the golJoa favrrs showered upon him During this engagement the public bad bestowed upon bis efforts to delineate some oftlie characters cf 1he divine Shakspere a meed of Approval wbicb was the more gratifying a* it was un expected. In return for this great kindness, he had en lea vored to ui*ke himself worthy of their esteem by throw log his wbole soul into tbose personations, aad that he bad succeeded tbe plaudits then ringing in his ears were a sufficiently giatifjlog pioof. He considered that they bad called bitn to a high position in tbe dramatic Wf rid, and bo long as he had their support and approval would endeavor to merit their paitiality. He desired also to return bis sincere thanks to the leading journals of this city, which had so ably seconded the public in encoura ging him in his effort*." Throughout his address ha was very warmly applauded. This week, at the Broadway theatre, will be devoted to sJcck benefits. To-night Mme. Ponisl has her annual benefit, and puts up Shield's trsgedy of "Kvadne," and Morton's capital comedy, "All that Glitters is not GoU." The beneficiary and Mr. Conway play the principal parti in both pieces. On Wecne?day, at this house, the Misses Gougenfcelm take their benefit, which will also be their tsreireU for the preseot of the New Vork stage. With the exception of one season in 1'hXladelphla, the Misses Gougenheim have acted in this city ever since their arrival in Araerl ca, a period of nearly five years, we believe. Their fame }>as t*en made here, and the Broadway audience will Lot forget this appeal from two of Its prima favorites 1 be bill includes "Ma^ks and Faces," with Miss J Gou f tnbeim as Peg Wofll'glon. and the capital farce ''Ladies Beware. " We expect to fee a great muster of "Youuj Few York" at the Bioadway on Wednesday evening Mr Conway has a benefit on Friday, when Mr. Bailey's tragedy, " 37 aide mar," will be played. It waa produced several jears ego at tbe Park. Mr. La Manna, the popular chef d'orehestre, has his benefit on Saturday evening next. Miss Rosalie Duraud, raid to be a vocalist of ability, will make hor d,bn> at tli<) Broadway on this occuion. At Bc*ton?s Theatre, this evening Mr George Jot Osn, the popular light comedian of the theatre, takes his b?ne fit, when " JJombey and Son" and " The Comedy of Errors" will be played. It will be a capital enter tainmcnt. Burton plays two of his best parts ? Jordan does the immortal Mr. Toots, and Mr. H. Hall has vo lunteered to p!sy brother Dromio to Mr. Burton. On Tuesday, Mr. G. Holland appears. At ibo Mhtkopoutan Thkatr*, Mr* Yoemana, a clever actrecB, tcok ter farewell benefit on Saturday. We be lieve that the is going to California. There was only a moderate house. The comedy of " Married Life" wai very fairly played, and the part of Henry Dove was ex ceedingly well acted by Jtfr. J. S. C/arke, a stranger here. Mr. Clarke has tbe elements of a capital comedian, aa<l bis only fault is a disposition to over-act. Tue first part of " King Henry Fourth' ' has been produced here with Mr. Hacbett as Falataff. Also the ballet " La Peri," with Soto a? Nourmabal. Miss Jessie McLean, whose debut in Juliana Isst winter will be remembered, has played Kate O'Brien in " Perfection." With tbe necessary disci plice in the bu.-ioees of the stage, Miss McLean will be a capital temidimne the is youthlul, beantifal and ac complished. Her vocal powers are of a hUh order. Tre pre ?ent is announced as the last weeit of the sea sou at the Metropolitan. "King Henry IV." will be placed, Mr. Hackett as Falstaff; and the afterp e:e is a farce called ''Mesmerism." "Masaniello" will Da played to morrow night. At Wallack's Tiixatre, tbis evening, "Oil Heads and "Voung Heart*," with air. Blake's inimitable Jesse Ru ral, is the principal attraction. On Tuesday evening this bouse will hi ciossd, as the Wuilsck testimonial at the Aiademy takes plies on tbat tight The programme for th s affair will be found in our amusement columns this morning. We do not re member any previous occasion in this country where the efforts of ho many eminent artists were comblaed for one object. There were scores of other volun teers whose nrvlcen could not be made available, UDless two more performances were given. A very large number of seats have already been taken, ar.d the affair will be a brilliantly uccessful one. Mr. Wailaclc deserves the compliment. Tuk Enciish Opkiu at Niblo's Garden bids fair to flourish. This eveniDg Auber's opera, " The Crown Dia monds,' ' is announced, with Mis* Louisa Pyne, MUs Pjte and Mr. Harmon in the leading characters. Miss I. Pyne will introduce Rode'i air and variations as a finale to the opera. At the BowmY Tueatrs " The Seven Temptations" has reached its fifth week, and it Is still attractive. It will be played this evening ; also, "The Lonely Man of the Ocean." On Wednesday, Mr. R. Jones, the capable state manager, has a benefit At the American Mcsktii, the dramatic selections for this afternoon and evening include 1be drama called " Ihe 1-onely Man of tbe Ocean" and two pleasant farce*. At Wood's Minhtrki 8. 472 Broadway, at Buckley's, 639 Broadway, and at Perbam s, 603 Broadway, excel lent bills are announced for this evening. Dramatic Gossip.? Burton's theatre will close on Sa turday for the season, but His said that part of tbe com pany, including tbe manager, will play at Niblo's daring the summer. Wallack's theatre will close on Tuesday night week for the season. On Thursday Mrs. Iloey, a capital actress, has a benefit, on which occasion Mme. Krollman, Mrs. Eoej 's sister, will make her ilibut in New York, and sing an air from " Linda." Mrs. Hoey ought to have a bumper. Mr. Charlas Walcot is engaged at Wallack'i theatre Mr. H. Placide will also act there. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Conway are engaged at the Arch street theatre next reason. Mr. Charles Ffther and Mr. Hield are engaged at tbe Broadway theatre next season Mr. Davldge, Mme. Ponlsi and Mrs. Abbott are re en gaged, it is Raid. Mr. P. 8. Chaafriu arrived in town on Saturday, after succesaful Western engagements. ani piajc for Mr. ?. Jontt' benefit at the llowery on Wed needay. Mr?. M. Jones will also appear on this occv non. Mr. J. Dennett and Mr. Pauncefort, m?mb*r* of the Boston theatre company, arrived in town on Saturday. It wan their first appearance in the metropolis of the Tnited State*, ax ih?y came direct Irom England to Boaton. Mr. W. B. Moore, the capable treasurer of Wallaik's, ha* a benefit on Saturday. The halitvit of thin popula; houae will not- forget him. Mr. George Jordan, of Burton'*, ia going to Cleveland, Ohio, to play a star engagement, opening on Monday next a* Rover, in "Wild Oat*." Our Weitern friend* will find him a capital light comedian. Mr. Bucklaad will shortly open the Montreal theatre; Mr. F. Conway, Mr. H. Hall, Mr. Davldgt and other popular artlat* are engaged to pl?y there during the seaaon. On die , that a well known litteratnir, dramatic author and amateur actor, enlisteJ :ntbearmyas a '-high pr.vate," la*t week; cause* of the raab act depreaaion of apirita and a financial crisis. The new recruit had a commission in our aray ia Mexico. BufcTOX. ? The Academy Irnujpf had a crowded house for the "Borgia" on trie ay night. Singularly enough it drew twice as many people ?a "William Tell." The cast was the aauie a* at the Acadcmy ? Stsfianone, Vest vali, Brtgnoll, badi?li and Colletb. lhe TrnirUet saj a lhe representation waa exceeding) j good, and the enul irurmbh was, to our thinking, nen more enjoyable, and n,*i'e a more laatiog, deeper impreasion than when gtvnn uy lhe tiiisi trmif . Ihtn the mualc had to give way in a measure to the two great ifwmmvi, wheret*, last evening the artl>ta were not so very celebrated a* to divert the attention of the audienc* from everything but their ov.n individual aelvta. And the Journal remarks? We have no hesitation in saying that last n'gM'a per formance ot this opera waa aa good In all reapecta a* any ever witnessed in this city. I.ucrezi waa Itnely repre sented by Bteffanone, the pass io Date character of the rdU giving her fine scope for dramatie actios, which ahe took advantage of. The "Com' e hallo" and "M'odi ah M'odi" were sweetly aung by her, and elicited much applause, Veatvall'a handsome face and graceful peraon created a* much aen nation aa her excellent actios aad M?4 we may sa'ely wurt that the rdlr of Oraini f? ne??r better filled. Id all reapecta, tnnn on tbla O'ea ion T i? face oq# "rink ng -ong, "II jegreto," ree? ived goal treat ment from this beautiful sol ac-.otnplisnmt arti-t. aid *a> warmly applauded. Hngno'.i baa a rare voice, ol good compntr, and when he chooses can bring dowa the house. The Trnnseript ban the following in relation to Veat ?all and Brignoli, who made their debut in Boaton on thii* occaaion Vest vail played Or-ini. Those who have Ims in the bit hit ot ri-eing this cla?s of contralto par** flljeo ??> ?fuialra, who in garb of gallant cavaliers etlli bear stamped on every leaiure tde lia?*ra"on of wo manhood have yet a $r'at enjoyment in store for theoi. Veatval mu>t eeen to be appreciated. Taere is % <ii< nity in her pre?enje, a treeoum from t lie aw*<varlne a wbl:b too ott*? reatroya the whole effect of such a ciiaricU-r. and a ^eouine bonkommif never overstepping the bourn's of the (triiteat mideaty. which made her appearance as Oraini a new pl?%Mire Karae has not outrnn t he r'ality ip regard to her beauty. Sue gav? Ihemuneot htr part better than are h?d expected, ner personal graces havmar be?n lauded to stich an ex'-eat, that weoerivfd tbt- :topr**aion aba was not much of a Mo(i?r. Sh^ wan en ored in the drinking song in ?pit* of a maciftot di-inelinstion to repeat it. Kroin the eo thn; iiinn h. r rtr't ajipt'?r>.n< e cr-ated, and her evident po? f r to iet*in the good will of her ait tien'-es, we pic nic for ln-r a p ace among our eetablmhed fuvorites tirijinoli, the n?w tenor, made quite a sensation. He ha* a vert agreeable voire, not of much fower, an I in quality of tooe strongly resemhlln* that of Mario par tlctlarly in the djing aoeaa tbia uoiioaable, and bta met bo 1 is good. The theatrea la Boston are not doing much. Mr. G. Jamison has been piayng at the Museum, and is liked. Mian I?. Howard anu Mr. II. Farren are playing at the . H-ward Athenicum. They hare produced Mr. r.?m Tay lor > play, "i'lot and Fasaioa." Mr. E?rren played Den manete, Robton'j part. At the BoOou, Mr. Btrryhaa produced "The B log's Riva', ' written by T. Taylor and C. Reade, for Mrs Seymour, when she opened the St, James theatre, Iondon, last year. It 1? founded on Charles the SeeotdV Birtation with ?<La Belle Stewart," anl was a failure in taudon. Mi>s C. Crampton is still play ir.g at the National. We have a telegraphic Cespatch anent the opera, which say*.? "IlTro?ntore " is nnnounctd for Monday night, and every feat haa alreudy been taker. Mr. Hairy Etjnge will manage the Howard Athenirua next season. M'Ue Nau and Mr. St. Albyn sailed from B. nun Jast week, fcr Liverpool. PuiLAPKiriiM.? The Walnut street theatre has relied npoa its fctoek compary the paat week. Thi Arch con t nues prosperoua, and the Museum has had a* Its star the popular tragedian Mr. J. B. Bcbeita. Thia ceatle man ?a* prehtnied with a swotd on Monday evening last ry bis It ends add adeiireirt. Bimio. ? Mr. and Mrs. Vlorrrce cooi-.nence an en gsgeuunt h>:o to-cight. 1'arodl gave a concert here lait ^ati-.rday. T)hboit ?Mr. W. R. (ioodall, after a protracted and se vere uloei's, has resume! liig profesaion. appearing oa ttt* evtping of the 7th inst. aa Claude Meluo'.te, support . M by fcu?an D'nin as hauline. Mr. 0'. W. CoaldQsU now plujirg wt tt!e th?"?1re. CunrLAKD ?The Athena-uai opens to night, wlvh Misa Cbatlotte Wyette as the first star. Shu is to oe followtxi by George Jor '.an; and man-ger Hurton, it U said, will play an engager ttt thereof a few night*. Auu?r.? Ihe Green theatre is open. M'llj Ma ria Turet was flaying there last week. Mus Margaret Mitchell has OniabeU au enragtment aud goes hence to lioeton. St. Loris.? Mrs. Charles Howard is playing at the Peo ple's theatre ti full housed. Mrs. Julia Ilayne is at Bates' tbeatre. One of the papers says: ? "Her tour to Europe has been nbandoEed. After fulfilling a few injre engagements e'ue finally quits the stags." Moiiilb.? Mrs. Stuart, an acttess of considerable repu tation at tbe South and Weht. died at Mobile ua ihe Mta ioet. blie has crcaaionaily played at the North, and was once a member of the i'ark company. Her ui aideu name was Vos. San FKi.NCiaco.-D. C. Anderson, Wilier, and Mrs. Kent had joined the corps at the Metropolitan, San Fran ciaro; alio, W. II. Hamilton. Leach hai gone to the American. The Saeramtnto theatre ha^ fallen into the bands of Venua, King fcltyer. Capt. Burton's commtal, etatipned at the miislon of San Diego, had exn-n giving amateur performances. "Bleak House" bad beenad\pted for the Metiopolitan by Geo. Ixjder. E<telle 1'oiter an i Neafie were at Marysville. Miss Davenport was at jiook ton: she returns home in June. Tbe C'Qapmans wore at Placerville, where two amateurs, Me<sr*. Westlake snu Lousten, bad made palpable hits. A Miaa Hel*n Vans liad made her dih't in Sacramento. Mr. Jjsh Silabe? bad closed an ucnuccersful engagement at the Metro politan. Foriicv ? There in nothirg novel in the 'ate London papers. Thesub'crii.tioa In aidof the y >unge*tcbildren of Sir Henry Bishop had leached a comfortable sura. The tenefi*. was ti lake place a". Covent Garden on the ISth. The Adelphi, tli* Lyceum, aod the Princess's wire closed. Sosin! had appeared at the Drnry Lane opera in " Don I'tsquale," atd was lik*d. Hm R?evea> and others, am siving English opera at the Haymaraet. Ihe Atbepnitia hays of GraKlanl : ? The new baritone p? seesses one of ths mist mellifluous voices with which mortal was ever bleswl ; bat he has mncb of tbe mpger'a art to learn, as reg ?r/e acsent, rrrre, and tbe power of a^vantagi-oualy diap aying his rare gifts Perhaps, like Madame Ho-do, he may profit by bis fce-ng romp* lied beie aod In Paris to study other music an<l another manner of execution than such aa warm and tnchant a public In Italy. And again ? It dree not rain i.o much a* -'pour" opera speculation* uht now besides wba* 1? going on <n Ov?nt <iarden, Lrury Pane the H<\ marke: and the Stran I, where Mist Ketecca leaaca keens alive a tort of guwnlU opera, the 1 yceum theatre now lears on -'its fryntii-piere" an invt tatiou lrom MaOame acd M. Tbiiloo to tae public, to eome and see tbe lady take leave of the stag1) in a series of ^presentations. We caccot i. uprose that Mvlam? Ihillon, in these, professes 1 1 tal e letvi ot' public life ; since, though t m# is lime, her time of retreat sbouid not yet have arilved. S gnor Bottesini has arrived frcm America. Among other arrivals for the season may be mentioned t.httof Mis. Eiscott, the American lady who has, we hive more than cnce mentioned, sung during a season or two at Naples in light opera with success. Madame Fioren tini has also returned to tbe Old World. At a rec?nt sale in I.cndon a renowned Stiaduarias violin bropght the hi*h price of ?200, and the well kiown v olocce'lo of the late Sir W. CuriLi was JiapoaeJ of for ?100. ;\n English compury. under the direction of Mr. J.tmes Wallace, is about to procoed to Paris, aod will, it is said, commence a etries of dramatic performance! on the Jlat mat. at the Theatre Ventadour. Mr. C Mathews, and others of his Lveeum company, have engaged thems?lvea with Mr. Hmlth at Drury Line to appear there in autumn, Mr. C. Mathews to act a' itage manager. Madame Dr.ehe was playing ia Dumas' ?< I.e D?nir Monde,'' at rirassels. Miss Catherine Ilayea gave her first concert at Singa pcre, East Indies, on the ldth of March last. Williamsburg city New*. A Fkmaie in th? ConFinmcK Bu.^ixre^ ? (hi Saturday al ten on, Mr Hess, butcher, at the corner of Graham avenue and Wyckoll street. wan robbed of SL'OO, under circumstances of an aggravating nature. About ten dsys i inco, a young German woman, having au infant tn her arm*, culled at the 'bop of Mr. Hrss, and asked to be dineted to the K sk'once of a Mr. Myers, a gro,:3ry man. On receiving the information she left, but subse quently returred, and wU tbat he was not the man ithl wan loot It g for; end, further, that sue came over ti sj h it aid from Mr. Myers, with whom the wi< acq uaiute 1 , baring arrived in New Tork pennies, and consequently had to leave her logiMjje an hecurity .'or her boar.i. Mr. Bcrs took companion upon the poor wrm.m and offered hfr an s?>lom une'er bin own roof lor the pr??ent Tbs w< rrmn remained there until Saturlay, when taking ad vantage of the absence of Mrs Ilex*, she stole the money (torn s bureau drawer In ?o upper room aud ahscon led. On inquiry jester a y, It was ascertained thatthe stories told by the woman in regsr.t to her ba^ gage were fain, ar.ii tie probability u the affair wan a regular confidence game. TfRNvmisa? The second anniversary of the Wil liamsburg Tnrnyerelns I* to be celcbrate-d to-Jay, (Mon day.) Karl? in the morning the member* will pro.eed to ite I'eck slip fe*ry, and reteive delegations fro-n Mmt lar tt soctat'ons from New V ork. They wiJl alio M joined by the Saxuerbund ana other association*. At Military in Ee?n street, an address will be de livered by the chief of the association. The several so cieties will then march to Walters' Hotel, on the Vew town p^pnk road, whsre they will spend the day in gym nastic tiercites, instrumental untie, and other am ose n.ents Atttmit to Kul.? A woman, name<l Anna Suydsm, residing In the Fourteenth ward, appeared yeet?rlay at the Filth district station house, an.l made complaint sgsinst a to so residing in tho same ward, cft&rging him with assaulting and totaling her with a deadly weapon, with intent to kill. A warrant was issued for his arrest. l.NHi i.tino Pbopui i.f TUB Stsiot.? A fair specimen of % loafer, named Jobs McNuI'y, wm arrested late on Saturday night by rflieer Westerfleld, of the Sixth polios otsirtct. tor insulting people en the street. lie was yes t?xd?j t*ktn before Aiaernan Eamet, MKl fined to. Whitsunday or WUItanjitlde. 1HK Pk.hTh.008TAL FKAST OF TUB J1BBBKW3. Ib? Fea?t of ?h ? I'm tec mt WE- c "-braved yesterday by our Hebron fel ow c.tuen?, it b?mg the fllteen'h day after th ? seven'h ef Niaan wh eh was the second day of tbe Pa- sover It m ?1m known u the " fsast of weeks," because it is ce!eb:at~t seven weeks after the feast of tglMrwil bread. This fesiral was ordain ed to allow tie Jews an ojpor' unity to acknowledge vhe au'.ht rity of the Deity. T' oy repaired to the temple, and there made floral and pomona o (Torino* - f the tirst fruits of tbe haryest to th* Most High. They also mre \ thank a to God for the law which wa? given them from Mount Sinai on the Afteeuth day aft?r their departure from Egypt. it was the custom to bring a meat offerlnj to the Lord on the morrow after tbe.sereoih Sabbath. Each Israelite offered up seven lambs without bl?ml?h oi the first year, Rnd one youug bullock and two rem*, for a burnt offer ing, with their meat offering!) and tbeir dunk offering*; also two wane loaves, of two- tenths deals of fine Hoar baked with leaven, to accoraoany tbem. Lurm? tbe pant week the Hebiews have beon celebrat ing tbat moat important event mentioned in the Old Testament? the reception of the Ten Commandment* hy Motes on Mount Sinai. TLis was preparatory to tbe feast of the Penteeo st celebrated y enter. lay. Our Roman Catholic population also observed yester day as a Solent fest.val, it being the anniversary of the day on which the Holy Spirit descended oa the apohtlea, a: re'.ated in tbe second chapter of Acts. Police Foteliigt-nre. AKKB8T OF A STREBT l'RKACBKB 1113 COMMITTAL TO Till TOMBS. Yesterday morning an aged looking man natued William Bryan thought proper to address a small crowd of people oftembled in tbe l'ark on religious matters, without having the necessary licence for i>o doing. As the Mayor bad issued strict orders to arrest all street preachers who bad no lice use, an officer wits despatched from the Chiefs office, wbo informed Mr. Bryan that bis preaching was a disturbance of the peace, and that un lets lie could prcduce a license for this Kind of public oratory, be could not remain on tbe steps of tbe Hall any longer. The preacher, however, insinted on address ing the people, and would not be governed by persua sion at a*l. go the officer was obliged to conduct his reverence to tbe Tombs, h"-e Justice Bogart took the complaint of officer Bloi mor but previous to prououns ng lata decision u iha cage, told tue prisoner if be would ptoaise not to go back to continue 'bia .street preach ing, he would allow niuj t? go at liot'rty. Hit tae rev erend , eaUenifn seemed quite stubborn, declared thit he hail a perlect right to i>reaoh the gospel of Christ ju?t where he please J, ani in cooclus.ou said, in a very eropbatio u.a> ntr, that ha would mate uj promises whsttvtr id relation to tho raa'ter, and would sooner be comities to the Tcn'bi than give up his right to preach .4 Ihe l'ark or elsewhere on sundajs. The magstnte s.e rgihet Mr. Brjim wat determined to go to prison. told him very trunk '?y that sr. be would not at, sept tue olT^r of iren'om, * e would be ob'wed to eeud him to th? City Pr'pou tor a lew days, ehere hi might. ptrhap-t, b# 0! hbh fervfo# to pTeacwng to tbow tSbRn?3 I'.'Uu Hint The sentence was received with a sp;rit of the n.o-t perf?ct nonchalance by ths cr'floaer. We under stand that the culer of the Major rela'ive to s'reet jreaebirg curing the summer will be vigorously enforc ed end all those persisting in tlie right of preaching without licfE.? will he brought before a magistrate and putbsol tor thefr obstinacy. FKLOMOCS ASSAULT AND BATMRY. A boy numeu Pat nek McUee, residing at N'o. 09 James street, waa stabbed in tbe back, by some unknown sailor, at a late hour on Saturoay night. Toe wounded youth and the sailor were quarrelling at tbe time, just in front ci tbe former s bouse, when the latter, as is alleged, Crew lite sheath knife anl stabbed MeCiee in the nock, 'nfiictii>? a dsngerous wound. The assailant, on neeing tbat he bad severely wounded McGst-, ran off and rscap eo in tbe darkness of the night before tbe alarm had teen iai<td. .Mrtiee was conveyed to the New Yom llohpital. ?be:e be now lies, fullering acutely from the effect e of tbe stAh. As tbe assailant ts not Known it will Ire a d fiicult matter for the jiolice to arrest him. AHRKST OP AN ALLEGED KtTKOLA^ Yebterdby a frilow named John ?miUi, alias James Gross, was brought before Justice Bogart, at the Lower l'olice Ccuit, ch; rged with having burglanou-ly entered cn? nf tbe ledger's rooms at the Ka?'.e Hotel, corner of 1- tiinkfcrt and Wdl'aui rtreets, with Intent to steal there from, ["mith was caught in tbe act hy tbe proprietor tf the b<-tel. Lieutenant Daltcn, of tbe Kirst Ward p;lice, who was in the ntignburboud a: the time, wai called in aiid ti ok the gtotleinm in'o custo'y. lo searching faith's peisos, a spurions Meilctn dollar, four trunk keys, a ccor key, two skeleton kejs, a nail, pies* o' CBDille, hall' box of metcben, and a oirk knile with two blades, were found. Mr Butsford, the proprietor of the hotel, having preferred a charge of burglary a**ins^ the prisoner, the magistrate committed him in full for trial ANQTUKK (-TABBING CAMB John Montgomery was arrested yesterday by officer }'olger. of the Fourth ward police, charged with having stabbed Charles I.yncfa, of No. 6 Bcekman street, with a catving km.'e, iLfhctiog a deep gash in his neck. Luck Us for the crniplainaut the knife did not sever nay of the arteiles . t the rent-, a large fl-sh wound the sole leault of the- s'.ab. Tbe affray was occasi'.n^d in consequence of some bard worus that too< place be tween the accuser and tbe accused, relative to t'je pecu liar qualities of some wall bred fighting dogs in Water street. Justice Ue'gsrt committed the prisoner to the loubs in deleult oi #{,00 bail. CHAKSK OK HX0B1TING STOLEN GOODS. Williflm O. Kiiizey, proprietor of 31'J Eighth avenue, ptefertCHi a complaint yesterday against 'Elward I.ewM !-now, keeping a dry goods store at ii09 Grand street, for taving been tbe receiver of a lot of alius, laces, collar . &c , stolen, a* heailtges, from bis iiore aoae weeks sgo hy cne fhnm/sju, wtio was arres te 1 a day ortwo a?o, in tMUon's place, in Ninth ar?nue. The complainant states toat walking up lirana street, where the accured kept a store, be saw aoit>e gouds io tbe win dow that at once struck fcim ts be ug vtry like that stolen from h s ).<emises a r.hort tln:? prxrious. He went into tbe sto.-e, asked tbe price ot the silks, aud ex ? i>mim(l Iheta closely, aud o; iue bis exit, fully satisfied tba*. tbe accused l ad in li s po^eseion a large quantity of tbe pioperty stolen from him. Accordingly lie pro creoul before t oe magistrate and made a complaint, when f> search wvrtant was grunted nun, and'hushe recovered a bout ISCiO worth of li.s property. The pro brietorof the store was aubaeqnently arrested on r.barge of recoivii>g stoleu g' ode. knowing tbe same to have beeu diehouestly olita ned at the lime of tbe purchase. Justice Breoran, before whom tbe accused was con veyed, held him to ball in the sti w Of 92,000. Soow gave the rcquifite ball and was dis:harged from irrest. GREAT INCREASE GK Bl'RULARIKS. or late tlie.e bax b??n ? very large num >er Ofbur glaiita ctniimtied in this city and tl>? atijoinio; coun tlei. Nigb , after aigbt .- iorf-t and dweiMuja are broken into, ard good* and valuable* ?tol?n to a very 1 irge (moaut. 'lbere *e?m* to te *?ver?lexp?rtgan{* of thean raec*l* now In our n?i<1*t, wbo operate to day la Sew York, the next day in Hrcok'yn, am toe third at lio boktn or .J?raey City, dwelling bouse* Htm to be the favorite pr>.v of tli?-f? ihievee nirop'y b cnu.w tliev are more t ai-y of a'1'*#*. Iloui-e-breaking has now nj?rg"t into an art, In wliish improvement* tre constantly being mtde. fri or t-r to pre??-nt eoy nohe wh?o cu*tiog * pace of gl??* out or a windo", the*# expert* cnver it With a glutinous ?ub."tnnce, anu then applying He dia mend, tbe operation i* |>er'orm??<i wt'.onut th* iea*t roip>. Id tbi* manner *ever?.i dwelling* in Jer. My City have been enured, and robbe.l -it aud otnet p'op^rty (f great value. Amoog tho?e who lately tuffeied toere at the hands or these rogues in Mr. Daniel A'gtr. On .-atun'ay n'ght bit dweller* *?? oroken inti, atid a valuable lot of silver pla1* nod clothing <>< oar n<"d off We hope th* police in thin city will exert tfcem*elv*H to tbe gtMlt <n breaking tip, if pnsiuble, tfctte gang* of burglar* who di* lofest the community. OI8COVKRY OK Bl.hOLAKH' TOOLS. On Saturday afternoon Mtaars. I<ane and l'owinend, bos* n?a?tn*, eoiraffd in tie traction of a house No 34? Wtat 24th atieet. discovf red a lot of burglar*' tool* eon elating of skeleton keys. nipper*, jirrmv *', file* and chia el? ; also a dirt knife, bf* ia a haoit of *?n1, placed op. pomte tiM hntldisr Tbeae tool* were tifld up 10 a b in die, apd ware nortntibt placed there by gone burglar, who, becoming alarmed for hia a?fety, bid them away there fir tbe ijuri one of hiding bia g-ii.t i'hone jr trum-ot* are low in tba pasneseioa of L?ptain Stevenson of tha 16th wntd police. ARTlKSr ITOJf A BENCH WARRANT. A coimiiMlon merchant rame-l 0?ear P. Walnwright, waa arsested cn .Saturday by Officer Boatvick, attache! to tbe Court of (isotral 3e*?ion* on a bench warrant in fiieu bv itecordcr Vmitli, charging him with ohUmin{ a qtitntity ol gord* by fa'*e pretence* and f.ncdulent rep teat tet'ccs. Tba accused was indicted for fal <e pretence* nion which charge be aa* held to bail in tbe*um of 9.%0 to an*n?r. CoRKrcTioN.? Ia the report, of the *rre?t of a gan| of lepnted burglar* in our i**ne of Friday 1?at, the name of Franc.U flaniey wa* puhliabed a* ha ring been one of the par'y It ir bnt just to pay that, wb?n l(r. Hanley <<ii< brought before Ju -tice Pr*onan, he win imme<iiate ly diacharged, a* he waa recogrkiieu to be a hard work leg and honeat young man. R1CUTT3 or Toli.8.? Tolls received on tbe New York Mate canal* duriag the Brat three week* in May:? 1864. 18fc> r.rat wtek 9111,168 44 984,660 20 Second week 1 32, 282 80 00,227 64 Ihud week 128,577 2* 92,66147 Total $372,028 49 $^67,4.11 3) fic?|et>?Ul 1866 9104,091 It ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. Highly Interesting Letter Relative to Japan. OUR SPANISH RELATIONS. THE WAR IN THE CRIMEA. MB. Bimmvs SPEECH ON ENGLISH ART* Singular Conversation between the EmpriM Engenlr and Sir. fla*on? THE CRISIS IN ENGLAND, Jtc., 4c.. 4c. INTERESTING FROM JAPAN. Appalling Character of the Earthquake at <t? phoii? The Kwne After IU Occurrence ?The Wrtek of the Knmlan Frigate Mian* ? Japa ????* HapereUtlon Alarmed by This and Other CaiMtuUe^?i'he American Treaty, <Mc. OUR 811 ANUI1AK COKKE PO.NDENCB. Suasuhak, March 9, 1836. Arrival of Vf Powhatan at Stmoda?The Earthquake at Niphon ? Interesting Particulars of the IHsastc,- ? Ap jjaliinfi ami Critical Position of the Russian Frigate lHana ? Her Subsequent Loss in a Gal'1 of JKimi ? Fear ful Destruction of t.\f<- by the Earthquake ? Kindness iff the Americans to the Wrecked Crew of the Diana ? Ja panese Superstition? Value of the Treaty Between the. United S'attt awl Japan Examined ? Japanese Dread of the Hussions, <fc . <?<? Captain Arams having arrived in China from the Unitfed State* with the Japanese ti?aty and wita order* tor the Po* hat tan to carry biai, with all despatch, to Sircoda, we sailed from IIong Kong on the 16th of Ja nuary A* a matter of course, the usual amount of head winds and ttmpeatuoua veathxr fell to oar share during this winter passage, giving us a ten days run. Upon our arrival, ? n the >tith January, w? foand that "there wan Homethiog new under the sun " A tarriMe eaittquake had shaken the inland of Niphon. destroying Slmoda and many other towns, ujuring and Anally sinking, the Rusbi?n frigate Diana, lying at the time in Simoda. 1 give you the following account, as received from one of the officers of tbe Diaua ? At 9 A M., oa the 23d of I) oember, weather clear, thermometer 72d%g., barometer 30, a sever? shock of an earthquake was felt ou board the frigate, shying the ?hip tcost severely. This shock lasted full five minutes, ami was followed at quick interval-* by rapid and afvere shocks for thirty minutes. At 9:30, tbe sea was observei washing inta tbe bay, in trie immense wave, SO feet bigh, with awful velocity. In an instant tbe town of Simjda was over whelmed and swept from it- foundations, large juaVa were da* hed together, and many awbpt up the valley several miles, 'tbe water as suddenly receded, carrying eveiytbing with it, bouses, junks, fragments of all kinda and burr bu beings, in <>nc frightful mass. This advance and recession of tae water occurred Ave times. A dense smoke nm* over tbe town and al* joining lanf , and the uluiospuoro was Oiled to sulf<>ca tion with sulphuric eas. (be earth heaving and being shook by tbe subterranean explosions for five hour*. On board the Russiao frigate the scene was of a charac ter to appal the stoutest heart. She was dashed from side to side, and upon the water receding she was suddenly grounded upon ber broadside, with bat lour feet of wa ter around ber. Again suddenly floated by the rush of water such bewilder ng velocity that it seemed aj if the ship was flying through the air, numa rous whirlpools were formed, in which tae ship wai whirled with such 'earful rupidity tliat men and officer i were made giddy. Ia this helpless condition they re mait.ed Curing the continuance of the earthquake and tbe agltati ^n of the waters, the water receding and ad vancing flve d i 1 1 <? rent times. When stranded at thsebb, the frigate's anchors were in aight, and seemed to be moving along the ground, tbe ship feel ag tbe shocks in every timber, having tho wbole of ber keel and rudder torn off, atd commencing to leak badly. By 2:30 P. M_ nil was quiet, with tbe exception of an occasional ram ble of tbe earth, the water calm, and seemingly smiling upon ita work of devastation. So thickly strewn waa its surface that the Japanese walked aorosi the bay, Marching for the dead and their floating property, (if about 1,000 bouses in Simula, but 18 -vere Jetc standing, aid they all more or less shattered. Daring tae height of the scene, a large junk was dasliod against the Diana '? bows, and split In two; lopes were thrown to the crew to save themselves, but in blind obedience to the autho thorities, which forbids a Japanese to go on boarJ of an " outsider" without permission, they refused to avail themselves cf any means of uafety, and ?ank with tneir vessel. Some two hundred livet. wer? ioat. The popula tion of 7.000, at tbe first ahock, rushing to tbe hill sides before the water rushed in, was the cause of gr?at saving cf life. Imuatteilyou that the Diana was at Simnda nego tiating a treaty similar to ours, an.', would have con cluded it in one or two days, when it was tbe Intention of the admiral to have cruised alter tae British ami French commerce in these teas. The Dism leaking badly, with her keel and rudder off, aud stern badly in jured, it was aaviaaile to seek a safer harbor for repalra. After some demur by the Japanese o!)i -era. tbe bay cf ''Heda," on the opposite side of the pealnsula ef ltzini, about icity live miles from Simoda, wa* pitc*d at the disposal of tbe Kusnans. On the 11th January they attempted to get the frigate to that place, but, nofot tunately. a severe gale coming ou, alia was drifted iota the breaker*, but extricated with additional lajirte* In this condition her leaks increased to such a feartuj late ttat the pumps woul i do hn&er free her, and, after doia; all that gallant men anil good seamen could do for their fhlp and c mntry, they were obliged, ?ltb tears, te forsake ber and save their own Jives. Not a life waa Ioat, and tney saved nothing but what they stood ia; tbe wholo crew of Are bnndred men and officer* were thaa thrown upon the licepitality of the Japanese, of wbuee k indue' c the Russians speak in thehigbeat t*rms Upon cur arrival, and tbe news of the disaster being conveyed to Cai-ta.n McCIuney, lie at once placed every amttxMoa* in bi? powtr at the disposal of the Ruaaian Admix*!, f fTt-rirc to convey the whole party to Sliungbae, the next fort to which we are bound. This act of national cour tesy wan bight} appreciated by the Ruxaiana, hat grace fully declined. '-Their duty," lie *aid, "called them to KuMla, and to go to China would place them in tha power of the FoglUb or French ; they would remain la .Tap*n till April, when the rea to the north would ba ojr?r, and they could rrach PrtrrpuuNky, or *oeaw other pert in ba*lem Ruioia or Kamchatka, an<l a*?i,-t In tbe defence ol their country. '? Nothing could exceed the kindnen* nhown by tha Amciicat'M to the RuK*ian< the Fowbattan furnahnd them with provieicn* for three months, rloth<*? a <>4 nectMatiM, msry of the ofli^r* giving away ev. rj thin* tb?y bad to their aulTerlng brother aat'or ? tie Ku*?lan rympatby I* very strong in the * n? Wcvn nary. We Raw enough at the T"?u%'if crew, ttelr admirable discipline, flrmner* and patiaane under ba rd*hlp* and minfortuno*, together with th ir ?trong, atalwortb frames , to be satisfied that, had *he not falltn a victim to a dreadful calamity, the would h va proved no mean adversary upon the oceao, and wo.iM have atocd a fair chance to pluck some of the* Unrela of John Bull'* or Crapeau'a. Two day* after our arri ?al, the French whaler Napoleon III. came into the har bor under American color*, for the purpose .1 la ding two iblpwrerhed Japanese. Capt M*Cluney order*! bar to haul tbe American coiora down; and upon bearing of the proximity of tbe Ku??ian?, aha departed la hot baete. Cnfortnnately, bat two Rusnlan officer* and twa teen were at Simoda, all tbe reat being at Heda. A die I latch waa sent overland by the RuaaUn officer to tKa admiral, who, In great joy, seat hi* boat* aronnd ta cap ture her. After polling forty-Are mile* la nine boara, they arrived to find tbeir prey flown. Imagine the dii appointment of the poor fellowa? the mean* or getting from tbe hateful laland, and a rich prlxe t> boot, witbte ulippery rea^h of tbewi, and to ?ii? it, lTpon tie airval of the f'owhatnn at simoda, the p<U itti tfltSte wi lit* tajii i-aia *Us tiawle a.-*-**

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