Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1855 Page 3
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Stthewt snoceee, from the deogerons ef jj ? ,trl H?e ptiivutti who tma got o? *hoce t**?a Ey the ooest guard peop> in their attempt* to put out ?o assist the v-??el, iu order to jiroot tbem where *lie BT? thoM of the ship's crew whe jet ashore positively K-efusieg to lend even this assistance Unfortunately toe KmU could not r.ach the vessel, ud were B^turn to Ue shore. They f llf***' furtji?r ell Kill the following mwiog. when, gong BZ to I aiorr f..ora!le pl.cs of ?g fetched the vessel .u then not ebo ,ve two Kaudi?<t yard. from ?hore. During lt? **.5 ** Em*. the crew, being for the mont part ??* L tingle effort >u made to ??'? ?? -2225S ? Cither certain or crew ?*>m? ?tempted of them-elves to get th? cnt^oat ln ^ d 'mg Ithey stave her bottom, end loot t*? *?* ._ ?*? **Lf L, . 4la .nfl| struck VAl ibOUt l#0 vOlTii *OD, fcrul when ?be aunk flU ttM ^r, teat til ?mure Art and if aseirtan-e had b*en rendered at this ?time all might have b?en solely Uoded. Unfort'iuttoly, Ifor the want of (tome directing mind, this opportunity Iwu loet end on the returning tide eome portion of tho?o Inn hoard got Into the rigging, the cr*w gett lag in K.he toM while a large number of the passengers took. Shelter: in the long boat? tue boat waa Boated out of the Chocks, and beaten across the deck against tha bulwark* ?until she waa knocked to piwse* and the who'* of ?#r IliTinif freight either craMied nr drowned The rising Lu'e booh did it* work, washing tte unfortuete people off ?be deck* end oat of the lower rigging, moat . of them Having from oold and suffering, loet eveo the little oner ? v necessary to make a further ascent up < the K the morning the survivors wr? taken Wj the coR"! guard and Uuded at Coverack^t Kererne rbere they met the moat hospitable reception from the ^statement, dated Falmouth, Minday, May 7th "thi^rreck of the John at the M*n%cle* turn* out to K* much more fetal tt an wai imagined or even ??*?***. ed by the *urvivor* It now appear* that there were xmbarked bo leee than 3f o emigrants, m*u, women ail children (a very large proportion of the latter), bMldiM ?ve cabin pa*seDH*is; aod at it cannot be ascertained that above 08 or 5? of tbeee hav? been wived, it follows that the lose of life reaches the frightful amount of -jO. XJb to laat evening 80 corpse* had been brought to at, Keverne, and the coroner of the district, Mr. J Carlyon, of Truro, had reached there and commenoed the Inquest '"wfikisrn from tha pwenger* that the ehlp'i carpen ter Elliot, ma<e a raft, 'on which seven people were eared, and that the cuddy sUward, John Hewett. ?aved two young women, Mary Ann Penman and Eluebeth ?Feeree, by conveying them to the fore top, where they remained until rescued by the coastguard boat. the itrrrrg- passenger* waa James Eaetcott, of Nor Talland Cornwall, laborer, with his wife and eleven two b?y9, 14?dl6 ^e theonly iiirTtTore. Another paa-enger. William Walter*, ot Beeralito*. miner, through great eiei tion* *ared him aolf wife aad alx children; he made two daring but un ?neoeeeful otlorta to recover hi? infant child, wniih had fallen into the aea. The foremast of the John remainei standing when the Avon left at noon on Tuesdar. Com missioner from the Board of Trade 1* gone to Falmouth to hold an official inquiry into tho circumstances concern - ????<?? ?? U^rongV atnptdlty, tr. bombc*. d *r? lessnoes, and muuy bewilderment; aod the fearful loss of life accompanying It may principally ^ attributed to tha rame cause, ^ha struck o> ooo of the eastern rocks about half past nine o'clock, and beat oyer tho first rock, and struck on another near the shore, an'lj* eame sUtlonaty there at ten, rearly fuU of water, with tho upper deck out of water; aod had mod Mate exertions been Wade by tha crew to get the boats ?^r?reoeire tho nsmsengers, or any alarm given to make hsr situa tion known to the coast guard, every soul must have been saved in an hour. The master would not allow the two largest boats to be hols'od out, telling the pa.isen eers to be quiet, that they were perfectly safe, as ttie tide would not flow before daylight, when boats from tha shore would come off anl take them from the wreck, evincing thereby his perfect Ignorance of the tides a inoet important matter to attend to; 'nstoad the tide commenced flowing at one. and b?(''rw t*o t1.* ma broke heavily over the vessel, dashisg the oo.i s t? nieces each wave carrying iti victims into etern ty amidst ttw most terrific ?hrieks of tie rest, expecting every moment to meet the same doom 1 One hunlrid and ninety six men. women and children were s wall) we 1 up, and about eighty saved. The crew with tion of the stewatd, evinced the greatest apathy throughout this dreadful ?<*???, and did not render tae slightest assistance to the passengers. Ihe following is a list of some of the ptss?n^ers aaved:? Mr. Heale, of Teign mouth; Mr. Polomin, of Plymouth ; Mr. Carrol. Heury Jeirr^y. a^akeeves M. iHuddon, W. Pawson, Johu Do?n, Robt. Williams, Ily. North. John Ds'ighton, 8 Qnen'rit Jsae Bone, S. Ltos ford, William Seidon, Will am Morey, William tlnnea. wife, and four children ; Edward Telle/, S. Dvmoad, (ieo. Wilce, 8, Pattmore, Hy- North, 11. Lacey, S. Creeper, W. Walters, wife and six children;-; H*yu?, Joo. Knuekey, ?W E. Cburehwarri, W. lorn, Wm Yeallaad. Jas. and r. Bscott, Jas. Bawdeo, W. Krook, k. Taogye, Jas Uampett, W. Turtiln, Robt. William". Henry Hocking, Krnncis and Elizabeth ctoyle, Mr* l'earce, Miss Penman, W. IUliott, John Pkare. Jemima WtU*, John Tincome. j he re were five cabin pateengers, ail of whom were 10 Mr. Heale, whose name Is mentioned above, arrive! In Plymouth yesterday (Sunday) morning. He was in the water upward* of one hour, hat succeeded in swim aalng to shore, although he sustained man* hard kno-.ks aaainnt the rocks in doing so. He says toe weather was very fine and bright at the time the vessel struck, aad that the captain was not drunk at the tine, although , he thinks it was his fault that the ship atruck and was lost, rhe scene, of oourse, was fearful oeyond descrip tion, with cries of women and children. Mr. Heale had a swimming belt on, which the bet'er enabled hist t) combat with the waves. Ho feels satisfied that not mort than fifty are saved. These were cared for by the vil laaers and probably are now on their way to Plymouth In the' A von. Ihe ship broke up at hal' past 'three > on Friday morning. Mr. Heale feels confident that had boats been lowered when she struck all might have been aaved. ''he passengers were nearly all asleep when the ^Tota/passengers saved, 93; drowned, 19*. The coroner's Inquest has returned a verdict of Man idaughter against Captain Kawle, who Is In custody ^ After* pronouncing Captain Rawle gnll^ of manslaugh ter, the jury at the inquest expreseed their ' "??tire du rjra:7b^t^ bou.e should be bu'lt on the Manacle roexs on wcount of so many wrecks taking place there, and the sacrifice of so many lives. " ?peech of Mr. Buchanan at the Royal Acade my Dinner In liondon. The inauguration dinner of the Exhibition season of 1R6A attracted on Saturday, May 6, a brilliant assemblage, within the walla of the 1 loyal Academy, Ixmdon. From two o'clock, at wbich hour the door* were opened, no til all, Ministers of State, many munificent patrons of art among the nobility, and othors distinguished in politics, law, literature, and science, continue! to arrive, and to apply themselves with k**n ar tistic relish to tue inspection of the paint Is gs la the various rooms. Ike "fusion" of rank, wealth, aad parliamentary eminence, with the artist world, was no less coraplste than grati'ytng; and nv\ny interesting groups might be seen, in which poli'ldaus of (he most opposite opinions were disoussing with artists whose names are household words the merits of the more remarkable paintings. At six o'clock about one hua dred aad eighty gentlemen sat down to dinner in the east room, tbe chair beiog taken by the President of the Royal Academy, Hir 0. L. Eastlake. During the evening tbe President said that tbe next toast wnleh he bogged to introduce wax the "health of the Fore lea Ministers, wbo had deigned oa this occasion to he their guests." (Cheers.) He had to regret the abeence of some of those invited, and among them the representatives of tho>e gallant nations sow our special allies; but they were honored by the presence of others who might here reoognise the perpetual alliance wh'ch it was the province of the arts of peace to promote. (Cheers ) Mr. Beaux**? After what fell from my noble friend (Lord Palmerston) oa a former osrasion, who said 1 had no right to call my sell a foreign minister at all, (a laugh,) I am inclined to think I have no right to address jou; bat, although I might plead this privUa^e, I am not disposed to do it on this occasion, the Foreign Minis ters wbo repreeent the different nations of the world at this co art must be very ungrateful indeed if they did not feel sent'ments of deep gratitude towards the British people and the numerous noble societies that adorn this country. We have received the kindest attentions from ail, and It is a natural and neoeseary consequence that this should produce feelings of response, not only on our own pert, but al?o on the part of the countries we represent. (Cbfers.) We feet It to be a great pri vilege te be present on occasions of this kind. The arte have been brought to great perfection ia this country, and when we review the pages of history we find one thing to be constantly tbe fact, that civili/.ation, aad, above all, liberty, are theabest foster mothers of the arts. (Cheers.) Painting and sculpture sprung into existence almost at ooce, like Minerva from the head of JupiWr, when Greece became free; aad 1 believe it may be said to be a remarkable fact, that tbey sprang almost at once to a point of excellence which baa not since been ex ceeded in any country in tbe world. Far my own part, not having bad an opportunity m my own country oi seeing expensive galleries, or many specimens of the per fection to which the arts have been brought ia thia roontiy, everything wears an air of novelty In this ex hibition thu lias inspired me with delight, and I shall remember the present evening when I return to my na tive land as one of the most agreeable and instructive of my whole life. (Cheers ) Hut, although the tiste and imagination may be gratified by the specimens of art here collected, I cannot help admirng that noble in stitution of England?an tngllsh dinner. (Cheers and laughter.) I have enjoyed tbe privilege of feasting with you, and, after enjoying the feast of reason and the flow of soul, In surveying tbe picture* hung apoa these walls. 1 have been highly delighted to enjov a more materia! f? est of this sort. 1 return yon the thanks of toy col league and roysslf, and T am lure I may also than* yoa in the name of evry member of the diplomatic corps. ^Cheers.) The Krw York KxhlbHion. [From the Londoo Chr Juicle, May 0.1 A meeting was beld on Thursday night, at no. 10 Car lisle street. Hobo square. Ion Ion, of " English oontribu. tors to the New York Exhibition of IH&a, to hear a state meat of tbe affair* of the Exhibition Association, aad consider measures for ths recovery of liitberte on return ed property." Mr. W Bouiotft, who took the chair, said hs had la vited tbe English exhibitors to meet him, a* he thought It neeessary that there should be a full knowledge smoegst tbem of the present state of the<r contribu tions to tbe New York Exhibition ef 1863. With regard to his own case, he (Mr. Kogers) had, after writlag se veral Hosts to the New York agent, been inforsaed that his coat nbntlons had beea safely shipped ani duly In > eared; bet could get no tidfage of the goods themselves, until ooe t sy, befoc In tbe Iondea Dock h* saw the raaa which contained them lylag there, and son ascer tained that a ssagaiSosat looking glass, worth &16A, was mukfi, and tbe carving* of the frame brake* te pi* sea, and other thmgs accouipaoytng it ware alae iajured. But this wu aet all; for although be bad eeat hi* gosls to the exhibition upou a guarantee that tbey aboald be r? tanked free of ebirge, t* hi* rurpriie he hat received a bill of ?16 3* lfcd. fer dock chargsa, which, ot nine, be bad declined ?* par. Mr AuKOWsumi (New Bond atreot) a> 4 he had ae*t a very handsome carved cabiaet and other arVnle* to the Exhibition, to the amount of ?'2M, but Had aa idea a* to where they might be at the present Ume Mr. Loft said a gentleman in Dueliw bad twa rata able carriage* 'here which he could not fit back, aa I he un derstojd that there waa properly to the aoeint of half a m llion yet in the Fihtbitiea which the contributor* could not get bajk. (Hear, hear. ) The Cuaikimn remarked, a* a lingular faet, that a Urge quantity of armor from the Tower wa* there, and he supposed the Queen would here to send a broker or er to get it blew atala. (Laughter ) Mr. RogeK8, Jr , eaid he had received a circular, an nouncing the loKolvsncy of the Awociatloe for (be Exhi bition of the Industry of all Nation* at New York, and that a receiver hao bene appointed to mtoage it* aTair*. Several otbar gentlemen made statement* aa vo the value of contribution* which they could net get back, and complained tbat faith had been broken with them by the New York Aisocfation After aa animated coiwersatioa, in the courae of whioh it waa itated that no exhibitor present hat received any order from America in consequence of the Bchihilloa, or ?old any article exhibited, the meeting wa* adjourned to give time for further Inquiry and consideration. Trial of Lyman tow for Forgery* court op oamaaL skssioms. Before Recorder Smith. SIXTH DAT. The trial of thta cause wa* reaumed yesterday mora le* at nine o click, the day being given for *n arming np. Upon the jpeoiagof the Court Mr. Buiteed commenced buicmlng up for the defence. He ably revUwed all the evidence of tbe cate, and closed at 13 o'clock, having occupied tbe attention of the Jury about three hoar*. Mr. James R. Whiting followed for the proiecutioa and closed, when the Court charged the Jury aa fol low*: ? THl OHAKOB. Gxmijmkn' or nix Juuv ? I congratulate von upon drawing to the oloae of tbia Importaat trial, ft ia a very important oa* aot only to tbe prisoner at the bar but for the community. A Iraud almost unparalleled baa been committed, and yon are to deoide whether tbe prinoaer at tbe bar U tbe guilty pertioa. This prisoner U cnargsJ with forgery la tbe third degree. Now, to ctnvict bin, It i* not necessary that he should aotunUy write the forged instrument. If ho participated with other* ia the aot, he i* with them equally guilty. The prosecution July contend that be only asted advsorlly in this fraud. Now, tbe prosecution baa introduced Andrew Findlay, who acknowledges himself to be a guilty party in this olleure. It would not be a safe rule to couviet a prison er upon auch evidence as thu, uneorroboratM, and, thtrefoie, i shall advlso you ia this case, that if taere u no corroborative testimony of Findlay, it would bs un safe for you to return a verdict of guilty, upon his evi dence alone. tfut when bis testimony is corro be rate I, then hi* testimony may be regarded as safe, and it is sustsined. If, in connection with corroborating evidence jou find tbe accomplice f'indlav aesUiuef, you are bound to believe bim. Now, geauemen. taking up this rate, we And that Findlay says that Coin and Kitsau* were stopping at the Bixby House. Now, do you believe tbia. If there waa no buHinens between these parties, bow did Findlay know that tbese gentleman were at tbe H'Xhy Hotel within a few momonc* after their arrival? Mr. Findlay Hays that Cole and Kiasane and he wsre often togst her at tbe New York HoteL Here we And Findlay corroborated by Margaret Haudbury, tue chamlxrmaid of the hotel. Fin tlay say* their business there wa* imitating the band writing of the checks tbat were to be forged. The girl says again she was in the habit of taking up papers from the floor. It it for you to Hay if this again corroborates tho st?tem?nt mads by Findlay. Now, the next point is, findlay says that when Cole left tbe Bixby House he took a rotm opposite the Broadway theatre. That hi took this room is proven by Mr. and Mr*. Fam?worth. Now, KiuiUy says this 100m overlooked the Hospital grounds, and this has been sustained. It has been attempted to weaken l ino lay 's testimony by pro ving that he never was in this room of Cole's, and it is for you te asx bow Findlay knew about the situation of this room and tbat it overlooked tlie llotpital grounds, if he was never there? Mrs. FurnswottU swoars ha could not come into the room without her knowing it. Now, gentlemen, if Findlay did go to this room, it is for you te ask what he went there for? Tbete are tlie only 'circumstance* of corroboration tbat particuiaily bear upon tbe qunst:on in is-iue. The other questions sre collateral, ami aot strictly within the law affecting the case. If in your minds thene facts are suffi ciently corroborative, then you are to believe Findlay 's t?tttm?!Dy ? tben you sre to convict; but if tbese are not sufficiently corroborative, then you are to reject his testimony altogether For the delimcs, gent eiu?n, they have introduced testimony to prove that hs has heretofore bwrxe a gool character. P-ow, gentlemen, as regards bis trisl upon tbe Martba Wash>ngu>n cate, you are boucd not to let his trial tlioro alfect yoar minis heie. Upon that trial bo was acquitted, and the acquit tal of a jury should be always taken over any of a community. Now, gentlemen, if you are not satiiflsd beyoau a doubt of the guilt of the prisoner, tben you have a right to fa'l upon hid previous good eti trus ter, and wtigh it with jour douots la his fa vor, and give him the benefit of an acquittal. Ibis, gentlemen, is necessary when character is bene ficial in a case of this kind. It bsa no bearing when hia guilt is positively shown, but it is entitled to great con sideration when doubts arise as to guilt or innocence Now, gentlemen, you are to give the defendant toe full benefit of tbe testimoay aa to bis cbaraoter, that he ha* introduced upon this trial. He bus shown that up to this time bis character hai been (air. 1 do aot, geatlo men, go over thefaeti In this case. It Is for me simply to lay down the rules of law, and you are to be the judges of the facts. Thsn, gent lemen, if you believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Cole was here aiding and abetting Kiseane and Findlay, thea he la guilty and should be pronounced so. But if, upon the caie you have any reasonable doubt*, those doubts are the property of the prisoner. Tbia, gentlemen, i* all that I think it ne cessary to say to you upon the subject, and yoa may uow retire to deliberate upon your vurdict. Tbe jury tben retired under the charge of aa officer to deliberate. At 10)? o'clock at night the Recorder came iato the Court room and t-int for the jury. It was found ths jury at this time stood five for acquittal aad seven for 00 a - viction, and there being no prosptcta of an agreement, the jury were discharged, rbe Court waa thea adjourned for the term . Tbe June term will commence one w?>ok from to morrow, when Lyman Colo Till be put upon hia seocad trial. Nnyor'i Office. THK 5IA VOH AMI) THK FAKHBK*. Quite en interesting scene took place on Friday at the | Major'* office, occasioned by a deputation of farmer* ao<l producers from New Jersey, Long bland, York Inland, and other places, which waited upoa hia Honor for the purpose of expos'ng their grievances to li'm, aad of learning how they were to be remedied. The Mayor heard them very patiently, through their spokesman, who described ia a brief and plain manner the object of the interview. Be atated that the place allotted for the accommodation of farmers and producers at the foot of Veaey aireet was completely monopolized by a set of contemptible speculators, who blockaded the place with I their little hhantien, thus rendering it utterly impossi ble for them to aeil their produce to the grooers or mar ketmen, in consequence of tUeir being unable ! to proceed beyond the water, unless by drir- i ing over the .?han*.les, wbich, of course, they eonld j not do. Hie farmers sre, in consequence, compelled ' to sell all their produce at a Tery reduced rate to the speculators, who, m turn, s?ll thsm to the grocers and 1 consumers for nearly twice m much as the latter wo 4 11 1 have td |>ay were they allowed to bargain with the I farmers themselves. Another serious evil, and one of ! great importance to the publie at large, l?, that these 1 persons, when nnalde to sell them at once, easily keep ' thtm OTer and sell them the next day, or probably after a longer period ; whereas, if the producers and farmers 1 were allowed to have direct aad Immediate i-otnmerce , with the grocers aad eonaumera, the farmer would have to sell ofl their whole stock before nightiall, pre visas to returning home. By this moans a treeb article, sound and healthy, would be obtained, and that too for halt' 1 the amount charged by the speculator* All they sek.-d ! were equal right* aad privileges. Nothing was required i or sought for but what his Honor might conuaar just j and correct. The spokesmsn said that he had aireadr ' been to the Commissioner of Streets and letups, but ' failed to obtain aay redress. Some Conacilmen also wen prexent at his lntetview with Mr. Kbltag, who in formed him that "for such things of courae money was 1 a necessary requisite. " Ihe Major expressed himself very happy to see thsm, and said that the nuisance complained or had not failed to attract his attention. He admitted that farmer* aad market mm were greatly injured by It, but the Dirties who suffered most by it were the people at large this was a ?ery serious matter, and deserved careful consi deration. The queetion ia, however, how is It t> be re rr.edied f There Is one great difficulty, ha said, aboat'ttiia matter, and that la that the wawr boundary on the > wsitem stdeof the ci'y baa never been truly settled. The place where the speculators have built ia in reality tbe property of the Hwta and ant of the etty. As Mayor of the city of New York, although ostensibly the chief of every department, he had ia poiat of fact eoatrol, of but cue ? tbe Police. He had therefor*, no authority to act <n th s matter, ?nd if hs did. he would only assume authority, l>y which be would be breaking the law instead of keepipg it. Tbe proper remedy. If indeed there is sny, Is the Common Council; who, he thought could bare no objection to setting matters to rig'ita, wben such a oourwe would so materially benefit the city. In fset. it waa bis opinion that 'hey dare not refute, and If tbey did, be would himself bo inclined to think tbatltwas "money" they wanted, as th* snokesaan of tbe deputation asserted. He waa very sorry he could not aid them by acting with the same energy with which he has la every other ease: but advised them te get up a memarial explaining all the wrongs tbey suffer, aad asking for what they deemed their right. Hs said he wotiVl himself sign It, aad in addit'oa send In a mettage to the Common Ooancil, expressing his owf views on the subjeet, and recommending the proper ccnree to he parsned. Ihe deputation then thanked hla Heaer, and departed highly pisascd with their interview. , 1>R. PKNJt^dTOK AND TBS SIXTH ATOHTJB RAILROAD* Mr. llatley Myer*, Secretary of the Sixth arena* Rail road Company, sent in a lengthy ooaemaaioaUen to the Hi rot Batnrday, relative to the recent ejectment from car No 22, of the Rev. Mr Pennington, a oolered olerl eal rentleman. The writer states that there u n ear ?very half hear for tbe especial acoomasodatioa of col ored people, aad for them only ; bat u te their right to ride In cant other tfcsa taoeo aaelgned far tbem. he says It will not be acknowledged natli a legal decision fa that efiact virtually compels tha tompaay ta take off their car* for entered penmaw. I^pnrhlng i Prfr Soller In Mlaaowrl. The Rochester Ihmocrat o! Ikt 20th iaiL tells thl follow!*! ?*??? 1 In oa? of oar issne* of lut wssk, iu4tr the h?al of '* Pluck is Ksntav" we published an extract from ta* Platte itrpii* i Atchison's organ ) priated 1* W*?'oa, Mo. In that article it was staUl that tiie pro aUvery m*a ?f lmntorth <'ity, K.T., bad arrested a Urjtf, nani*-! ft ill i pa a t that town and comiaenoel preparation* for tarring and feathering bim; but, upoa th- collecting of a bard o 4 tieemea determined to rescue him. ha waa ?at at liberty tgain by the lawless | aag who had seized bia person. It M>-o,a the' the offenoe of Mr. Hbtll p ? la that ho in a frvoaoliar ; scd it m pieteni*ed by t?ie pr>-at%vary nta that ho baa' ad McCrea th* revolver with which Maleot-a Clark waa killed. 1 tvia 1* probably falae. aa respoaaiole a^a declare that Philhpa did aot at all iatortore ia tha matter That outrage, it app**ra, was bat a fa-lure of a con spiracy agama* the right* and pers>n o' aa American citivD. Tbe sequel baa at leagth transpired, aad we (or .to the cloae attention of every cltiaen of tha Waited States to an exaninatioa of the principles outrage! and the rights trampled oa In the proco*diog. On the 17th of May (Thursday of laat week), Mr. Pbdlipe waa decoyed to the bank of t*>e Missouri river, where be waa sudderiy aetc*d and forced into a skiff, aal carried across the river lata Miaaouri; thenss he wa* taken seven miles to Weaton. Aa old w&rrhoute stands jut below the town; h waa taken there, hi* head waa shaved, hi* face blinked he waa tarred aad featbs re* , aad then ridden upon a rail through the street* of Weeton, while muaio hirrihl* aad hideoua accompanied the proceaaion. Before th* hotel they exhibited bim; aad then a n?gr waa compelled to eell him to tha leweit bidder, aad the offered to him "very iaaalt in their power. After detaining him aeveral hour* in thla manner, re peatediy telling him that if he would net leave the Ter ntery, or giro them hi* promise in writing that he wonld leave, they would haag him. He having steadily aad firmly refuted, tbey let him looae. Hi* brother, who bad come from Leavenworth after him, took him Into a carriage, and lata in the afternoon atarted for leaven worth. Tbt-ae are the facta, briefly related, aa they oome te ue, and they can he moat implicitly relied upon. They unfold to the people of the Union, and aepeoialty to the North, a moat alarming atate of affair*. The Ship Canal at Bant Stc. Marie. DMOftirrioM op raa wore. [From the Detroit Free Prees, May 24.] The ateamer lllinofa, Captain Wilson, belonging te Mfr Knight's Lake Superior line, left thia city oh Saturday, about 4 P. M , aad arrived at Mackiaae en Sunday even ing, where a he tarried three houra or more, landing and ahipplng passengers aad freght; thence pro needing on htr trip, ahe reaohad the Saui early ea Manday morning. Among at the large number of passenger* were the Qe veraor, Secretary of State, Attorney General. Auditor General, and Commiaaioaer of the State I ab>1 0 (Hoe? the whole -'fusion administration"? accompanied by 'A. Chandler, fcaq , eammleeary, and R. Hoamer, Ksa., prin cipal musician and poet laareate The Canal GimaU ?iooera ? Henry Ledyard, Alfred VTilllama aad Chauocey Joelin, F>qs ? were alao of the party. The object of their viait waa ta inapect the canal, which, by the condition* of th* contract, waa to have been finiehad by th* '20th Inst. It waa an event of a* cenrnon intereat or ImpMtaaee. The felera1 govern ment bad granted to the State 760,000 aore* of laad, for the parpoee of constructing a abip caaal around the rapid* of the St. Mary's river The Legislature had paaaed the necessary law to carry into effect the ebjeot of tbe graat, and commissioners were appointed by the Governor to contract for the work. Their powsra were ample, but were attended with tha gravest responsi bilities. Variona estimates of the coat of the c*ntemplat?l work had been made by engineers, both ef the Federal and State Governments, which ranged from S-00,100 to $4fi0,CH 0; aad the common opinion waa, thai th* coat could not exceed aome $ *00,(00. The fund of 76\000 acre* of land, therefore, wa* conaidered, brail, a iib-ral, and, by many, a prodigal, compenaattoa for the wark. Hie plan and ?pcciHoationa of the canal were assigned to Capta<n Canfleiri, who waa appointed ( with tha asaont of the War l/*pai tiaent) a* the Kngneer on the part of the Hate. The plan proposed, it becama the duty ef the Commis sioner* to contract for the work ? and here their ra?pov aibilitiMi (greatest, perhaps. in the outset) begin The competiioia for the contract were nnmerou* ?each with n oieorle-i Mam! to advance hi* or tlieir claim te prefer?u<* ? some oflerlog to flniah the work for con aiderably leas than tbe entire quantity of lan^a granted ? others olferiog to cuntrac*. tor lta completion at aa earlier data Other conMideratiena than the mere term* ottered weie to be weighed by tbe Commiaaioaera who were rbargtd With tbe execution of eo great a trust 11 a contract wiiato baeHeeted at all, tbey wonld be held to a rigid reapoaalbility to the pnblio for a faithful compln t ua ot the work. We have never doubted the wUlom which gave direction to the contract; and th* trium jibaut arcompliahment of the work, in the face of obata rle* which aeeicod ioanrmonntable, and whiob ooutd cot have been foreseen, has conclusively eitabli ibed It. At the inatanco of aome of tbe competitors for the con tract, a euit 1b Chancery was iaatituted, restraining th* Commieaioner* from executing tbe contract witu the ptttiea ta whom it had been aaaigne! ; and auch wa* th* oelay thua occnaioned, that, until aome time in th* moEth of June, nothing waa done, or attempted, to ward a rommesuing the work. fc'ubatantial'y. tli* cou litiona of the contract w era, that tbo work ?nould be completed by the -/0th of M*r, lt6&, acrotding to the p'an and apecl&catioua of Capt Can held; and that, therenpon. tbe contractors (iiould receive a patent for the 760, COO acraa of land , waich she: Id be exempt Irom taxation for fir* yetra. The canal is 4 4&0 feet in length, 6t faet aero a a the bottom, aad 116 feet across the top The depth of wa ter ia 12 feet? equal, of courte, to the depth of the river where tbe water enter* the canal. About midway (above the ioeka) there is a receaa or basin of abont 4<M) feet in length and 165 ia width at the top, formed for tbe pnrpo e of dropping in a vessel or boat, ia ease two or mere should be paaalag through toe canal at tbe stme time. Tbrougbont the whole line there ha* been more or less rock excavation, but, for nearly a quarter of a mile from the upper end, the excavation is through solid roik, al most to the very surface. Tbo embankments are walled with stone, very bard, and of a bricklsh oolor, averaging 18 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 6 laches thi ik ? piesentlvg a moat permanent, durable, and beautiful wall ; and the whole laid with the utmost mitbematioal precision. But the most attractive and beautiful featur* in tbe Canal is lis locks, which were deolared by Governor Barry to be equal to the most costly and perfect works of maeonry io Kagland. These are two, aad are combin ed. Ibeyareof cut stone from top to bottom, each 1560 feel long, and 70 feet wide ? forming a continuous line { of tbe most beautiful mweory, 788 J,' feet in leagth, aad 'Zt feet in height. The gatea are supported by strong lianda of iron crossing them diagonally, and these, passing over sad fastened on the top of the stanchions or tow era on either sides of tbe gates, are extended at an angle of say 46 degree* to tbe ground, and there burled at the depth of 10 or 16 feet in solid rock and masonry, ia which tbey aie variously keyed and fastened. The gatas them selves aie models of mechanical skill and art. At the upper end of the canal a pier extenls into the river POO feet long. At th* lower end a dock and wharf is snnexed, 304 feet In length Those are of great strength and tolidity, the timbers of whi-h are all planed, ana a* perfectly jointed aa poaslb e. Jhey are far superior to I the finest wharf In Petioit. The Governor and (anal Commissioners have, wlthoit qualification, ?oc*pted the work and given their certifi cate to that effect. The contractors are ready to trana- 1 fcr the eanal to the fate almultaneoualy with the deli very to them of the deed Irom the State for the land*. Tbe contractors and State oflioers are all on th* apot ia thia city, and tbere I* no good or *uffici*nt reason why the whole business should not be closed to-day by a deed of the lands and a transfer of the canaL The Tornado near Chicago. THBME Tt. BPO.Nft KII.LKD? A IWVdK OAUUID CP IXTO THB AIR ? TFRiUBLK HPFKOtH OF TUB WllIRr.V'NO. [From the ( bica^o Tribune, May lit J Nev *t before ba? it be?n our duty to rseord ?o awful : a calamity as that to which we now lit down to write. The totne' of the tragedy is still before oar mind's eye , the wrecka of the tempeat are atiU lying scattered about; hat were it not for the unimpeachable charac ter ef our iaf< rmanta, eve- witne^ae** of the drealful calamity, wo aboald be inclined to believe that they hal been laboring unrer acme mental hallucination and that wbat we art about to relate waa but a dream of ! the Imagination. The reality, however, i? too true. Theboeieaof thf three victim* ?ud the ?oundn of ths j other peraona constitute evidence too palpable to be eet ? laxie. Our readers will remember the violent hail ttorm that | tc?k place in tbla city yeaterday afternoon between four < and Are o'clock, and the oppre*Aive heat tbf? rent of the afternoon. At toe **m* hour, the events te which we I allude took place in the town of Jetieraoo, near Jefferaon . Mills, ilxteen mile.: dt?iant. A cloud of a peculiar xhape waa first observed ap- I J roach ng from the northwest, anil terminating in a unnel shaped point, the apex toward* and nearly ! reaching Ue earth. Aa it came nearer, It wan dlicorer- i ed to be a whirl wind, rapidly revolving, and whirling j ep various object*, in which were plainly ween lar^n , ?tick* of wood, board*, wall tree* and chair* It waa > coining toward* our laforroaata, but did not rcach them hut turned to their right, described a lemi circle and foil upon a large frame houae. In an inatani. and with a cranh, the roof waa torn off, and Immediately the whole home wa* lifted from It* foundation, literally torn to piece*. and the pie"e* carried up in the horrid vortex. The furniture in the houee? all of it? shared the anmo fate, the weight of the article* appearing no obatacle to their ascent what ev?r. And now we come to a part of the a?rrat've aid in deed to relate. In the hone* were nin? person*. Thoy ' were all oiawn np iato the air, and (ell at different H* tarces and with great violence to the ground, the wife of > ne of the eye witn'oen, Mr*. 1'ajje. and two of her children, were ln*tanty k 'l< d. AU the other perten* In the hon*e were greatly Injured. The Injuries, with two exception*, conaiit of lingular and heavy brniae* all over the body. f>ne man had hi* aim broken, and another hi* wriet badly aprained. Mr. Pnge only aaved hiaxelf from beinr draws up iato the air by holding on to a large rock. The hon*e atood upon tour granite boulder*. Those were all moved several feet from their placet. The whirlwind went on and p*?jed dlagonat'y acroea a root and rail fence Of this it tore up twenty rode ?o : eftvctually, that there i? not th* *Iignteat veattge of a fence rr mining. From thi* it paaae) to the barn, tore , aw a; one aide of it and threw it against a horoe, can*- I ing hi* death. The nite of the oarn thea Ml down on three calve* and Injured them so badly that they died daring the night. H>e whlilwlnl eeeroed te piM off la a aouth war ily '"jltuj pf the frarment* of the bnlldiuga, ko , fell te the ground from a great height In ootn'ng down they fell sear'y perpendicularly, and enterel th? ground like ?tatee. Hundred* of theae were counted by oar In formant. . .... The fore* of the atom w*? Irraaendon*. Not eely weae the beard* torn off freo the Seam* to whfoh they were a a' led, but the heam-t themseire* ware wrsaoh*! aeusder The whirl wiad was aecoeapaalsil hy a item ?f hal, | ou; of Ik* ImBiImn b*ing the ait* of valiiti. Sana ?f them ?W' ?<?* iurlie? in ai'ltl'WMM. We have Mith>r epe<? nor iaclinat on for cement >a tbU Affair to day Nothing oceurr#.| tiaro Wore aad ?e hope o??er will *??'u It r**lix*s tbe nta>o?t borrcra of a ""octh Ameflcin tomato. IU'1 ft a??nt its 'erro in thn eli y, h?n(r?Ai of dttili n ^t have mkikeO ita progress [From the D?inw*t May *54 ] Tafttrrif import# mm- Srought lata tn? "4tv tiat tha ?torm af bail wot li via ted thl? city >a Cn??-Wf % ter ooca, about 5 o'clock, bed N*ro a?fitly danructir* of life aud pioperty la the town af Mala* ia 'hucoia'f. It b*? ? (lawn f?ncei tree*, kc., fa swerpio* tbroucb th* tovDkbip. WoUnctoly to edd, tOK'fw, It wen ill ?c compabted with toa Ion nf li'a 'bt> wn I, wholi ?a* a regular whirlwind la <oa xnt eddy tha lac* af Uia cod b try. took ia ita course tha ha ia> af H. I'aa?, Esq , eat) literally tor* it all to plsn-a "l-at-celf a stick af tba hatldiog, a 'ratne on#, w\e 'eft while. Enfytklif waa brotag to piece* n't acatiered ia all -11 rectoie*. There were t velre p*r*oa* ia all <? the houao at tba time, of whom Mr wi c ?a? liittitlf kilM. Two childrea af ft L Wheeler. K?i . aitli Uf of Mr. Pa$e. were alee killed iaetaatlv. Mr A Qlllett and three other pert-one belonging to tha fam<lr were eev?rely wounded. All a' the t ?H?? p?r?oaa ia tha bouse were mure or toe lojara1', and It In feared that Home others will ye t <*ie of the effects of 1 heir iajurioi It i* ?ai<l tbat the Louie waa completely raised fro a tho Krouod at Drat, and t*en tora almost to atom hv tba amtraonlioary force of >he hurricane A' tha tiae of tbe wh'riwind. it ia wa*rt?d by pereoa* in the locality af tfcix fearful accident, that ha l-etonee fell af tie ex traordinary and unpar?l'eted weight of half a pound ??oh. Dn. Hralnard and Freer were neat far to this city yea ten! a v evening and left for the seen* of tbe oiourreace, to i*o all ia tboir power to alienate tha suffering of the wound' d. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. DIO H R T H AEKBT. Buniiat, May 2T? 6 P. M. Tbo atock market cloaed yesterday at prise* which correspond vary nearly with thoae current at the cloae of tho previoau wrek , During tha weok the arrival of steam era with later Intel! Igeace from tbo Fast and the West, from Europe and California, cauned a temporary aotirlty aad excitement in the different markets; bat they hare all hince settled down Into tbo aiual ohaaaela, and move along quietly aad steadily again. Nothing new hai transpired ia financial affair*. Th* arrival of large r? mittaacea of gold from California has filled th* racuam caused by shipments to Europe; and tbe baak* will, without doubt, ia their next weekly statement, show aa increase ia tboir supply oa hand. The steamer from this port, oa Wedaicdey nest, will take oat a largo amount of bnllloa, but by tbat time wo shall probably have another California atcc,n?er In with probably half a mJHioa or mora. Our stock of Rnld is, therefore, likely to be kept np, cot wit be anting th* active exportation. In tbo atreet money la abundant, far exceeding the do maml. Tbe accumulation in ptivate bands appears to be golag oa, and the coatractioa of baaineas give* It no outlet. Quotations for stocka do not seem to be in flu'noed much by this abundance and cheapness of money. It creates no speculation, and bring* la ao new buyer*. It enable* holder* to carry their ctocks with out hypothecation, aad takes business away from the broker*. There ha* not beea a time for miay year* ia Wall street wbea there waa aach a limi ted demand for loaas on stocks, either of the bank* or broker*, as at present, and there probably never w.\* a time wbea outsiders held a larger per sent of the ag gregate of stock aecurit es thaa at tbii moment. Out si<i?rtt tare had all the benefit of the rise ia market value wl'bia the past six months, and tbey will doab'leas hold for dividends. Tbe brokers cannot gi t any quantity of any of the prominent dividend ptjin# railroad *t>cks, without ptying much bibber than current raten, for eten a moderate bona fids demand would raino the view* af bol< era materially. The stock market at present is firm. Stocks are sollfn; well np to tbeir real value, and we i'o not look for much chaogo either way The exportation of specie from this port last week was quite limited, as will be seen by the annexed state ment: ? ftnPMKNTS OK PPFPIlt FROM Tit* PORT OF HNW YORK. Kchr.J. H. Koscoe, Truiillo? S*overe'ga? . . 00 l-cbr. Moun'.aln Kagle, St. Ilarts ? AOieri caa fCfld 1300 00 Prig Cowtn, Cindad llolivar ? Amn. gold.. 6.0C0 00 Bfig l'lum*, Cape Haytien ? '? ?< .. 'J.OOO 00 brig Gott en age, Matanzas? Doub'oonh.. 5,070 0J Total for the week $16,570 00 Pievu/inly 11,407,2*10 61) Total for 1855 111,512, 889 69 This week tlio outward movement will b* Urge. The Liverpool stesmer on W e<l c esda jr will probablj take out a million and upward*, and the Havre steamer on Satur daj will also lake out a large amount. A. H Nicotay's semi- weekly auction gale of stocks and bond* will take plsoe on Monday, the 28th lost, at 12^ o'ciocl, at the Mtrchsnta' Kxchaag*. The anthracite coal trade for the last week was large, though it is somewhat leu on the Readiog Railroad than the previoua week, in eooaequenc* of a large atoek of c "ml at Richmond preventing the quick return of earn. The shipment* on the I?high Navigation for the wnok endirg on Saturday last, w?rs 37,680 tona, aal far the season, 198,064 tons. The Reading Railroad Company brought down for the week ending on Thursday Last, 00,269 tons, and for the season, 870,991 tens, again it 74P.809 tons to the same date last year, showing an in crease of 134,182 tons, fthipraente on the Schuylkill Navigation for the week ending on Thursday, 28, IBS tons, and for the season, 282,766 tons. The aggregate ship cents by the three lines for the week, 116,141 tons, and for the leasoo, 1,262,722 tons. Dealers, it is said, do not come forward as freely aa they would if they were better assured that priees would not coma down. Desirous of buying at the lowest point, care must be observed that ?hipnents are not checked by delaying orders, nnd, by thus shortening the supply, increasing prices later in the ?eason. The utmost c? pa city of all the carrying compa nies, It is estimated, will not more than supply the de mand, so that any interruption, from any cause, will | nd to increase prices. The shipments of ooal from Richmond for the week ending the 19th Inst , and for the reason to that date, compared with last year, wtre as follows: ? FtnrnKvis or Aimnucm Coai. from Rk'hmovb, Past. Albany. N. Y 9.18 Newburyport, Mas*.. 295 Ikiltimcre, Md 78 Newport, D*L 35 Boston, Ua.ia 3,211 Newborn, N. C !?0 Bridgeport, Ct 470 New York k Brooklyn.5,691 Brkgeton, N.J 00 New Haven, Ct 290 Bridesburr, l'o 145 Norwich, Ct 502 Cambricge, Mass 008 Pawtueket, R. 1 341 City Island, N. Y 118 Petty's Inland, N. J. . 151 < harleston, S. C 260 Portland, Me 352 ( hai let town, Mass... 200 Portsmouth, N. If.... 580 Cheater, Pa 48 Pou^hkeepsle, N. Y.. 528 Fair Haven. Ct If* Providence, R. 1 614 Kali River. R. 1 1,420 Red Rank, N.J 63 Fredericksburg-, Va .. 2*1 Richmond, V* 271 Frankfort), Pa 165 Rondout, N. Y 214 Fort Washington, N.Y. 227 Roxbury, Mass 370 Gardiner, Me 183 Saoo, Me 116 Georgetown, I?. C.... 113 Salem, Mass 406 Grassy Fort, N. Y 106 San Juan dsl^ud. Nic. 700 <ireen*>uah, N. Y 40:; Southport, Ct...'. .... 187 Greenwich. Masa ir?3 8t. John, N. B 471 Hartford, Ct 166 Tarrytown, N. Y 273 Havana, Cuba 220 Timber Creek, N. J. . . 40 Haverstraw, N. Y?... 146 Trof, N. Y 225 Hohneeliwrg, Pa 35 Washington, l?. C.,.. 714 Jersey City, N. J 80 Wilmington, Del 194 I ynn, Mas* 3.'<1 Marblebeiid. 2ft.') Total tons 24.540 Marcos Hook, I'a 54 For season 455.616 Neponaet, Maes ?60 LaaLwar, 391,422 N?wberg , N. Y 618 The caih receipts on the Morris Canal for the pa it week, as compared with the e>rrespondiog week last year, show a falling off. 1 or week ending May 19, 1865 $9,406 91 ( or respond! ok weak last yanr 12,034 80 Increase for th? week $2,627 89 Total to May 19, 1*56 142.440 46 Total to Hay 20, 1864 87,8*7 98 Increase for the year $4,676 67 The comparative falling off of the last week's receipts, we understand, was in ooasequenco of aa unusually heavy buainees for the corresponding week last year. One mile of aach end of the Iloosic tunnel has bean put nnder contract, and workmen are now employed la building temporary houses for the ale of the laborers. The friends of the enterprise feel great eon6 lence In its early completion. Whaa the line la opened through from Troy te Hoeten, great benefit will aocrue to the Vermont and Massachusetts and Fitshburg Railroads, and to the trad* of Roaton. The earnings of the R?me aad Watertewn Railroad for the month of April, In 1864 and 1866, ware as follows:? _ 1S64. 1M5. aa^nyera $12,351 U $18,060 81 13,948 09 14,767 71 Mails, Ac 1,097 56 902 H\ Total .'... $27,406 84 ${8 72185 27,406 80 Increare In l*f>6 $1,314 66 Tha annexed statement exhibits the 'quantity aal value of certain article* exported from this port daring tba week ending Friday, May 26, 186/i, distinguish!^ the destination aad extent of export* to each plas*:? Cowukhch or Tit* Porr or Nkw Yoax? Wsaxi.r Ht rorr*. tun. Qvum. Quin. Fain*. Coffoe, beg*.. 21? ?2,tP8 Itosln.bbl*.., l*j $iiu Isgptif., tone 17? 4,484 ? TnUi $7, Mi uvntrooi. CMta*, t*...4.M$$W4,91T H>>ooke, hbila TO On 0ua..l3.4M J 6, "76 W tooU.rn, I2.f.<'6 B'?ux I bit 4 171 1,160 Oil ?o*p. o'.a. 7# Ha?vo ... .132 43T 1S.70H Yohoc., !???.. 1,066 Kiw a, bb'a. 2 Kt 4,710 H. wood, p?i* 654 Ium 12* 2,1211 ti >cra/?, CM. 13 0r?-?- lb.. 14 401 1,162 loul 11* LWt 1.430 132 2k4 2d0 $449,69* T'lioo, Sbla. 1,009 8ta??* 10,200 F ur Kilo*, e*. OA Otlooko lb*. 1,274 W Oil. HI* tr? 2-.0 it*.. 2 :,fi? P-of. irt. .. Roo W' ??>??>, 11*20 24.1 K oi< ?ala.l68,20J Q. bark, pkga 12 Macbin'r; ,co. 29 Cottaa, b*.. . 102 Coffiw, bag*. 5,004 ttol. bblo ... 84 I'-'UnbM 69 W 'boo*, lb* .4,028 Ti l>*c?( 6TB 11* . 1ST Hnwj, bhda. 6ft H< p?. bale... 60 ToUl LMDOU $4 f>20 H*coa, IS*. 262, 968 8K.? *-urk, bbtn... 151 28.113 li>.t<Kit, lba .22,836 0,001 (?p. or* bu>. 224 2,213 Hotia, bSU 2,216 8,623 Tome , pk?s 51 061 H?r?e ntit, b? IT 21,750 11 aulap Le< . . 000 12 185 fp'c?U, ib*.lJ,H'!H 2t>4,902 (tarn 2,069 337 16, "21 Total $148, 8T? ANTWKHP. $4, <*62 Prort.ioo*.... 60 04,01 3 Roaio, bbla.. 80t 0(H) Fuatie, too*. . ;<2 2,107 Logwood .... 108 1 862 W?gno 1 lt3 Mahogany... 62 12,162 RtavO* ...6,0(10 2.30T Other article* ? 1,700 $23,660 1.804 8 666 9.700 4,269 1,670 3.309 2-4 4,f.0J 4,487 $1,922 1,259 T10 t,86? 164 411 306 420 .137, 71T Cntteo, bale*. 4b0 PbUt'M.,,., 28 I* riyrwnod. 400 W'binelta 2,011 I. H (<oo4a, ea 6 Total HAXm'RU 918/66 Tobacco, lba.8,818 6M> Ro?ln. hbla.. 1,5 T4 2,220 Khookc.V hhda 4M 1,129 Other article* ? 805 .$34,260 Fur?& ek'o ca 23 I. R poodH, ca 6 Day good*. ... 1 Cotbiag 2 IIKKMKN. $12,026 L*a. cloth.... 1 796 Tea ch??U... 62 ?i0 Room, oa.... 1 3*0 Dig. good*. . . 1 total. Cottoa, ha. 1 60$ Hair*, lba . .5,(10 Wfcalebf n?. 27,537 Fuca & aha ca 2 Hlu-lla 2 Piec. tioMi ., 1 Bop*, ha .... 24 Total HAVU $80,000 itag&ra, ca.,.. 0 700 Piaoo wire... 2 12 400 lltehlawf... 10 1,000 Dry good*. ... 1 200 Clothing 1 6 <?00 Other article* ? 1,000 $14,394 $304 350 7,040 81* 164 214 Pork, bbla. . .4,406 Fuatie. taaa . 20 I of wood .... 80 koalo, hbla.. C50 Uteawax, lb*l,972 TOOL")*. $89.:'8S China, oa.... 4 680 Clothing 1 1,7(0 Mark, albs, ca. 3 4f>4 8tave* 6,000 464 Oara 1,391 >110,828 $276 104 (50 226 1,604 Total $06,286 iiritimi Floor, bbl*. 6, 28 1 Rye do 864 Corn, buafa.. ((0 Ik. meal. bbll, 262 Pork 68$ Ijtrd, lba.. . .4,372 (oof'em'y , ca 13 I *atb*r, . . . 100 l'roge, bx*.. 1 Bttpar ... 10 Prt-sft. bbl*. . 360 Him pune.. "0 Tobacco, hda 36 NORTH AMKR1CAV COLONIK. >67 114 Ooiflab.lha.12,020 8,177 Piah, bola. . . 75 626 Srap, bxa ... 600 8,117 Wine, a* 16 8,433 Rise, bbl?. .. 16 61 1 II war*, pkga 27 176 looking giaxa 1 Toa, cbeata. .. 20 Coal, ton?... 671 4/6 124 362 1,K<6 1,741 1,003 Lumbar, ft. .4, 034 Otbir articlao ? $640 311 461 668 230 439 288 306 8.886 720 666 To?al $96,111 TICTCII WHJT IkDIKU Flour bbla.. 710 $7,769 Bread, bMa 1<> e do 61 Corn m< al . . . 20 P.* Af f?9 BuUrr'lb*.'. 3,679 Lard 1.371 Ptill 1 \V oil gal..l r>46 Candira, bxa. 244 l<on>rs'isa,cg. 102 I ? > 1 ?<- r 68 A In. hot, bbla 10 Praody, ca... 124 Rop? co Ih .. 41 Toaacco, l?a 6,467 Bookn, CO.... 2 F'uro'ture. . . . 17 H. ware 42 4'i9 Copper, ca... 6 Rice, pkga.. . 16 ]bao))H>r ft 14,004 Othei artic'it* ? 85 Total $26,600 409 110 479 711 164 K>0 l,06i 840 3,1116 0(2 291 1,460 DtnilHH W?T IWI IKa. Flour, t>bi . . 1 ,2s 8 $13 867 l.arO o I, gla. 1,237 CaorUa, bos. 060 3,0.'?1 864 fit 3,026 475 100 1.-JB5 1,813 l'ork, bbla... 2?7 8,404 llama lba ..3 726 i<22 Rot?*r, lba.. 3 2S7 f.?9 Cb?e,e. lbe..l.r>04 107 I ar?, lba.. . 27,746 3,384 I'aper, rma.. 176 176 Provitiooe Ida 67 1.040 Cra.n, buab. 192 2f>0 Iaoiga, CO.... 5 441 Cbampa'o, bLalOO P?aN, biibh . 50 Pr- ad, bt'la . 606 Sliool thda. 426 lloopa 6,0( 0 Lumber. ftlC5,(.00 IV*f, bhla. . .. 44 Viupgar, c-ika 6? Tobacco, lba.8,055 Matchea, c?. . 4i Onra 48 ('?]?, buah... 487 Dry Kooda, c* 1 Carriagaa.,.. 6 Furoituro, c? 22 Mxcbio.ry. pk 10 F'ub. boxfa.. 100 Tobacco, l.lil. L L'ofumeal,bbl0 75 Soap boxes.. 26 Boots&Ktioe?,ca 19 lUimentioa, ba 2 Rum. punch.. 14 Other articlea.... $1,052 274 836 632 110 *573 166 1,173 226 585 125 147 420 105 763 133 267 1.GC8 ToUl $43, 72 J Pork. bMa.. ;ieo l ama, lba.. .2,722 P(*f, c# ?A lard, lba. ..13,813 Rutt?r ( 25 Drug*, pkga.. 26 Clai<aware c? 6 ^'kc&U>a 8,613 F'urait'*, bxa 50 Hogcheadt.. 1,963 llcofs ? Htat.o'y, pi go 42 Canolea, bxa. . 70 Hardware.... 7ft V?n<*ra 2 Eoarda 2,500 Tobacco, lba 1,260 C*dflnb ....19,250 Peppor, bagi. 10 CUBA. $i,!H6 Oakoin, btleo 65 184 Rioo. kogo.... 6 243 Bread, bxa... 8 1,642 N Htorea.obla 16 112 Tallew lba.. 4, 628 9.6 Ale, bbla ... 26 226 1 rubber, bla 1 13,6-0 H turp'e.bbla 31 1,264 PlaaWr 100 3,2^il Rope, coilit . . . 10 2 260 Whale oil, ell 10 2,063 Bait, eacka... 115 716 Paper, reama. 200 1,468 CanTOM, bla. 4 162 W iclung 2 480 Coal, tona . . . . 76 434 Other articlao 003 101 Total 1 .our, bbla. .1,904 lWf 26 llama, lba. ..1 102 Pork, bbl*.. 1,216 Urd. lba.. .20,618 t'lueee, lba. 4 227 Butter 1 167 Cod >Uh ...182,707 Fiah. bbla 5*5 Itrrad 40 Tobacco, lb* 2,000 linseed oil.g 3,1(6 Whale oil .... 286 Candle*, bx*.. 22 i'oap M0 Roe, bbla.... 166 Tallow, lb*.. . 421 Total IIATTI. $21,511 Pepper, bag*. 9.3 440 Kama 2 201 Hardo'e, ca.. 127 22,416 Tobacco, bhd* 61 2,448 b hooka 50 611 F'urnlture, ra. 59 226 leather, mil* 7 6,186 Turp'te, bbi*. 32 2,100 ]>raga, ca.... 13 84 Sugar, boxe*. 10 2U) btatiooary ... 2 3,061 Oilcloth, co.. 2 216 Balcony 1 81 ^gara. c*.... 1 1,124 I.umocr, ft 52,236 2.681 OUier article* ? 62 Ctadle*, bai.. 350 Hardware, co. 197 Pr?*? 1 I. R. good*, ca 16 Oil, gal*.... Pruga, care*.. I fry good*, c*. Tea, cheat*... Coach Total 300 16 20 14 1 MEXICO. $3,272 tombs, ctae*. 2 1,0(4 Hop*, bale* .. 8 1,682 I'aiot, gala. . . 12 2,720 Furniture, bx 17 685 Cio?ea, ca . . . 20 2,346 Machinery, be 36 3,031 Book*, boxea. 2 151 Other article* ? 629 $43,444 $099 101 1.303 1,742 131 1,309 .'(63 764 854 640 136 70 104 126 028 1,889 .$74,683 $026 268 423 1,300 360 1,168 216 203 .$20,894 Floor, bbl*... 6f8 Trunk* caa.. 60 B'U & ah' 21 Dry gooda, ca. 3 Halt, raooo.... 100 Pomt*tlc*. c* 131 Tobacco, Dbla 7 Kica, bbla.... 24 I R. good*, ca T Vine, c* 6 Clothing, co . . 1 Floor, bbla... P5 Pork 160 *eof 106 Ha ma, lb*..4,f0T Tallow 017 Butter 1,286 Molaaaea, bla. 20 Rioo toa 80 Bread, bbla.. 200 FUh 10 (Hi, gallon*.. 10H Rnm, bbl*. . . 8 I *rd, lb*... ft. 282 Oidfl'h .... .3,1(0 Candl or, bx*. 173 Soap 75 Om.nt bla. 1,000 li'dware, c*., 81 TIC?KIX'EL4. $6,342 Mlaba, feet ..6,r00 270 l.uni^, ft. 37, 088 432 Druga, caaea. 7(6 Hardware, ca. I"i0 I 'o oder, ca... 6,378 dataware, ca M>6 Pump, caaea.. 681 Tobacco, ll>a. 1,660 74 Other article* ? 76 217 Total $22,456 NKW QKA X ADA . $1,111 B-ianla, ft.. 16, 644 2,281 1,347 457 Lighter ' 1 Liquor, bbla. . 50 Br Andy, caaea 68 116 Oin, case .... 1 310 Drugs, pkga. 12 2?1 Hugtr, bbla.. 23 0f4 Dry gooda, ca 1 1,437 Tobacco, ba.. 62 C9 Clothing, bx* 3 109 Hat*, ca 1 3 162 Booti, c* 44 6'iS Anchor a .... 6 106 Rope. coil*. . . 10 1 , OKI Hheatbing bx 1 260 Other article* ? 118 396 ToUl $561 7,'XH) 950 1,114 350 2 ?3 271 460 J 816 ton 000 1,661 2,026 70 133 1,361 | .$29,818 j R*r?rm*i.*Tio?. Liverpool.. ...... .$249, ? 99 Hrrmea $14,390 I < o<ioo 44> H7? Havr* 1 10,^29 ^ a ? w? r p 97,717 Toulon., 9?.2t.S IUrob?.rg M.-m Trieste 7, "".a hr. N k CoIcb m. 1*111 nr. W ladle* 43,73a ( ub? 4a 410 H*jti 7IH83 Mviior 2<VH14 Venernela '.I Ifrt r ?vh lidW... V4,f<>0 New Granada 29,313 Yalta of marchaadUa ?\ ported duriag the week $1,411,538 Value of apeoia ei ported durlog the week. ... li.170 Total $1,427,109 TM* li rootparatfvalv a ^arg* ?K'gre?aU, bat wecaaoot a'trihute It to the Movement of any particular nttple article of Irado. The owl jr Nature of importance it the ?hlproent of aperai oil to Ix>o<loa. The valne waa great er than that of aay other article of export except oot tn* dnitag tbo week. Btea^atuffa do not go abroad ?o any ? ilent, ard wD not tbu aeeeoo. A little corn went to IJvevpool la?t w?ek lYorimoa* have bees prat ?j active for *hipaaeat The importation* U?t week ware larger than aiaaJ but tha balk appear* to be la art if lea of g*oeral ei>tiin?pUon,?neh aa tat, *ug?r, oof- | feo. Oaa third of the aggregato of general m?rchaad.?e ! waa In tbeao three artlelea The followta* I* a comparative utatemnat of the value : of esporta from tha coaoiencemoat of the feu to May I lf'M. 1 *55. tn reate. CMto? ....$?.2W\971 ??,'72 431 ? |l,5t7 $W Foar 4.1f.0,*2? l,7?2,0o* _ S,37T,79i Cot nmeal. . 14.1 70? ?4\**8 4,180 ? * beat 8, 127, MS 87 9** _ 8,059,575 Corn 1,K15,:?49 1,540, <XI2 ? 474 39* Beef f>Ml, 1 <*1 791 C*n 125,1941 ' _ Fort 487,81-4 1,6M,.'IA8 1.1(18, 051 ? ToUl .$18,599 TT9 $10,49? 911 $1 /W, 427 $8, 4*9, 2*5 Nat tfeorMMW to May S4, ISM $5,101, *>8 $0000 Obti. ?*? '<0.. 104 >4 14WK Missouri B'a.. 9i rn(K>Loui.Uu 6't? VI w 1I4K,(> In. I >t?l> 5'*.. 84*4 10t)0 Vn/in a 0'a . . i*H lot 0 Ca'if aa 7'o, '70 89 loco E?ie t oo Ba, '71 M 2009 du HS^ 300<>0 En? B. '75 ,a3 Hyi4 20o?i do Rh'^ 10000 r? b',0 *#', &>0O do bi.0 H.I >, lOCOO do bl6 80 lOOO Mich .*0 KK It. 9? ?4 1000 N In ll'VliUK1. 8k*?? (lit 1'ao K? 2d ihaue ion* ICOOO CO 101 6W 0 111 CetHKBa bfiO 7G?4 30C0 do *3 7?iH 1?)0 do ?3 7?,<-4 ) ? >? 00 do e 7(*4 6(00 do 610 7"H 3000 N Y Ceo KK U4. 88(< 6000 N V Oa *'?.... 103', 10< O 11 Ibtlm ?vk '47 94 >?, lo ilia Hum 1o? Do 90 Vf; Muilitiua Ui< . . 1.T2 46 lYua Coal 107 *4 ?M do 108 60 do 108 '1 42 Comb Coal.... c I'll 100 100 100 2(0 fO to 100 WO 60 210 50 200 too 1(0 200 64 100 do C 2b \ 'to c 28 do boo 27 \ do a60 27 3 <?? 27 CO 27 \ do 630 'i\ yK (Jo h3? 21 >4 do. .0 27 H do eOfl 27 \ 27 S do. do. do b?0 27 T4 do o 27.^' do b20 'V\ do bfiO 28 do b30 277-4 do kbO 27 >4 tBOOND $1000 lllwMiuri 6'*. . . 92* 1000? trie lids, '76.. 89 ?JDM Erie 2d M Bda. . 99 4?. 1 0 111 OnRKBa.bOO 77 6C00 do 610 7i", 26Nhj Ohio LAT.. ~ 60 do 100 Readrng KK. . >3 20? do boO 67 \ 600 Cuaib Cool.. .*16 27^ 60 do ?t0 27 S 100 do 27 X 100 do bSO 28 20 1'?no Cool 108* 60 llud Kit KK, . h30 38 >4 tUTOKDAT, H0sh.NC Copper.. IK 81 N YCanKK....# tl* 70 do VIM lot* do a 00 DIM 6<> do 91 * SO d-> *30 01 20o Erie KK *3 ?8?? f On do o d8J? 100 da......attO 1.0 do b30 1(0 do bdt 20? do 600 ll.rlotn KK. . ..*1 400 do b3 ?AO oo bGO '*o Keadia< KK 87 100 do aOO 87 X 100 da aflO 87 ? 100 do alO 87)2 500 (*<>... .al .ai 86 100 do b'l'l 87 hOO do 87 % 100 do blO 87 W 100 do blfr 87 K 60 do biO 87 % 10.) CO .... blO 87V 200 do b30 87* 2(0 do 87* 210 do sIO $7 % 100 Had Kiv KK.pJic 39 100 do *10 .1? 100 Mich S Ai N L? KB IOC 26 do b3l> 102 >4 ."?00 Paaam i KK . b'.O 100 260 do b30 1M 60 do 430 9?? to do MOO 09)2 4-.0 do 99 jr 150$ da a?0 09 K 126 <to H30 9?X 21 Clov CkCtm Kit. 108 ? da 10t> >4 100 111 Cen KK. . .bM 94 6 Ual tcCtuc&go RK 94K 20 do Mk 108 Ct?T ti Tol KR.aS H0(< 40 do aU 80* lOCh k K I KK .... 8% 87 88 87X BOJlR*. 'r.0 NVOnRR..iMl 60 l'ao ama KK. .... 10 rhrd A?? Kit... 60 bio Kailrood..b3 100 36* 100 160 60 100 200 60 do. do. do. do. do. . b3# .a .. 63 .630 do M do b3 300 lUririn KK.VbftO 200 do 620 100 lUCea KR....M 20 ?S m **) 48J *Sf 48* 'it s? NX CUT TRAUK KEPOar. SATUnoaT, M*/ 20? ? P. M. Ami eh were quiet at old priota. BitKAUfcTiKra ? Klour ? The market vaa ateadjr, aad la ?M?? can* at Ghbh ratea; the aalea eaibraeM a boat 9,(8 0 a lt.OCO barrel*, mdudiag oooainea to good dtaM at $10 31 a $10 60; Weatern do. at about the eaaao QKiitea; among the HaUst were 1,000 barrela ooaaaoa State, to art ire ia J uly, at $9: Caoadiaa, (about 1,000 bain-la. ) brou$ht $10 60 a $11 37 tor cotnuiOB to faaof and rxtrn, which indicated firmer prtoea; Houihera (800 a WO t>arrela) bo Id at $11 44 a $11 76 for cemmoa to choice branda. K?e Hour ana ainal were a nc beared. M b< at ? hales of 3,00o buahels Canadian white were maia at $2 00, aud 1.000 do. Michigan do. at $2 06. Cora vaa active, and prtoea favored purcbaaer*; the ealee eae trhce.ll about 70.000 BUbhola, moludiag interior or out mt ort.'er to k<hk1 xound Aeatem aiixeo at $1 08 a $1 11, e)o?>ng at $1 09 (or the latter, aad $1 12 for tio'ithera white; jellow wiui b*id above the view* of bujete, anioag the t-alea were 10,0O(i buahela Weatera mixed, to arrive ix> all Auguat, at tl 04. Rje was tirmer; aatea about 8,100 buhbela were made at 41 00, wit a a small lot at p. t. (Me id moderate requewt, at unchanged prioea. Erhkiutu ? Katea were inacUveand engagouienti light. To Liverpool i< o a 300 bile* of compre-aml cotton wero ergaged at 6 32d., aud a email lot of rtea lauiad >4d^ >l<; 18 OOt buubela of corn iu ahip'n bag* at 3!? oeaU. To london and to Havre tb?re wui nothiug an w to ao tiro lo Bremea 2t0 bale* of cotton were takea at X?t ?d<1 60 ton* u>* ahuretui nt ?ood* at 7a. Od. To Califoraia rates latigt^l trom 30<s. a 25c. per <oot a?a?urnment A vn-Hel van cbarttico to load with Ceiln at Iiio fir Lm coo at ?3 1(>? , atd atolber to loai at Calcutta for Lon don at ?4 If*. Uotb veme Is are now la New Orlean*. OoVTO ? Male* of 3i0 bag* of Maracaibo were made at 10w4c a )2o. , with 60 8an llomlngo at p. t. con on ? Ibe sale* embiaced 3,000 a 4,000 bales, the maiktt firm, at an irregular advauce *lace tbe America'# sew*, a* V4c a >40. We quote middling upKndx at 11 o ; Floridado. atll)4e ; Mobile do. at li>4o., aud New fi? lean* and Texas at llHc. Hay ? Sak* of (('0 iia'ei were made at 112c Mot .akms.? fales 110 bbl*. Now Orleans wer > made * Sic., *nd 71 hbd*. Cuba muaoovado at 27 a 28c Navai. ^roiuuj.? The market was quiet aad aaloawrtn portent. 1'Iion jnoxjs ? Pork ? The sale* embiactd abont :t00 bbla. ekietiy M* prime, ptrt to arrive imid, at S14 60; ui *14 aaesit at $16 68 a 910 76 ud $17 76; thin oni tu it SIB 87, and clear do. at 918 60 a SI 3 76. Beef continued firm, with ralee ef 300 bblt. at 410 12 a 912 60 far ceaa tr> mesa, and 98 62 a 89 60 lor prime do. Cut nniti wrrr firm, with ?alea of 2M) paokagea at 7 %<x. a 1\ Car shoulder*, and 9>,'e. a 8\o. far uant. Beef ha ma ? 2? 0 liblH Weet*rn wore Hold at 817 a 92<\ and a lail j (rime lot at 920 60. A sale of 100 0U8 lbs. of leeae i ?lr* waited pork shoal iera were mdt, to be take* la Phi i K<i?1pbla, at 7^0. L*rd waa easier, with aalM of 40S a | M'O l>bla. at 10)40. a 10\c. Strictly prime waa heU a 4 Butter ? Btate wan selling at 19e. a 24c. Obi in I wm dull. Km waa dull, at 6>?e. a 6','c, Fikw. ? About 300 mate ot cassia wers aeid at- 40e. hL'CURrf. ? Tbe sales were limited, being coatiae4 to 300 a 460 hhda. Cuba muscavado, at <?>%#. a 6\'c. Weekly Report of Drathi (? the eitj aad couaty of New York, from the 19th tarn of May to the 26th da/ of War, 1866. Ilea. 66; women, 71; boys, 149; girls, 1J9? Total, 80S. Adulta, 130; children. 268; malea, 214; femalea, 164; ee Vored persona, 11. Abecesi 2 Fever, typhoid 5 Atteeem of the liver 1 Fever, typhua 4 Abscess o the n?ck 1 Kracture of thigh, Albununaria, and BrighV s disease of kidneya. .... 1 Apoplexy 4 Apoplexy puerperal 1 over by railroad t Heart, diiieaae of T Hooping cough I Inflammation ef boiUla.. 4 Asphyxia 1 Inflammation of braia. .. ? A?tbma . Weeding fron navel . Inflammation of Uver... 8 Inflammation of lunga. . . IS Blttc ing from stomach. . 1 Inflammation of stemaoh t Bronchitis 2 Burned or scalded. 2 InflammaUoa af toaaila. Canoer 1 Intemperaaoe. Casualty. by run aver. ... 1 CUolora in fan turn 1 OhoWra morbus 2 C nhoeis of liTer, drop*/ 1 Uomprese ion of braia .... 1 Cornpresaisn of braia from a fall 1 Coagr Ntion of braia 0 Inflammation of throat., I I Jaundice, (<afantile) .... 1 Kidneys, disease of 1 Liver, disease of 1 t,ook Jaw, (infaatile)... 1 Lass Venerea I Langs, disease of , 1 Malformation of aaaa... 1 Malformation of heart... & Congestion of lunga 6 Maraxmus, infaatile 21 Consumption 46 Measles 14 Convulsions, infaatile ... 84 Old age 4 Croup 16 Oaaiflcation of haart, val CyaLO'ii. malformation vnlar t of the heart 4 Pal\y 1 Debility, infantile 0 Parturition, difficult..... I Delirlnm tremens 2 Premature birth 4 Diarrbaea 3 Rheamatiim of heart ... 1 [iropsy 5 Rupture of bowel* 1 Dropsy in the cheat 3 Rupture of bowela, inj'y. 1 Dropsy in the head 30 St. Vita* danca 1 Drowned 0 Scrofula 4 Dysentery 6 Kblaigement of brain... 1 Scurvy 1 Smallpox 4 RalaigeaMat of heart.. .. 1 Softening of stomach.... 1 Epilepev 1 Sprue t Krjkipela* 3 Stillborn Si Fryslpelaa of the head, I Fever 2 Strangulation 1 Suffocation. t Halcide, by araeaic 1 Fevtr, bilious 2 Tumor, o( abdomen, ma Fever, con geative. . 1 ligaaat I lever, intermittent 1 F ever, I'ana or Chagraa. . 1 Fever, puerperal 4 Fever, scarlet 22 Total RacunrcLanoH ? doo.a.w ntum, Bo nee, joiata, Ac 1 and prematura Hrain aad nervee 91 generative ortrana 6 Heart and Mood vessels. 16 t.unga, throat, Ac 80 Old age 6 3ktn, Ac., and eruptive fevere 42 Tote) Of which feurteea were from violent caunea Ulceration of bowala, i turn... 1 Ulceration of throat 1 sis birth 7 44 Stomach, bowela, aad other digestive orgnan 44 Uncertain saat aad g?a eral fevera M Urinary organ a ? S4S Coder 1 year 120 S0to40year* 3* 1 te 2 yearn 45 40 to 60 yeara tt Uto 6 yeara 6? 60 te 00 yeara !? ft to Id yeara 21 AO te 70 yeara It 10 to 16 year* 9 70 te 80 yeara ? 16 to 20 yeara 4 80 to 90 yeara S ?t> to 26 year*. . 14 Unknown 4 'it te 30 yeara 26 ? - Total 99S UllSM Prltiab America 1 IreUad 7R ' ni; land 6 .Scotland I France 6 United mates 284 21 Uakaawa 4 Holland 1 ? lotal 4B4 pruuo n?nw. Almshouse, BlkH'a lal... 1 I .una tic ieyl. Klk'U's IaL 1 telle vne Hospital 4 Peat'v Hoep Rik'U'a UI. 4 t.lty Capital 7 Raadl'a lal Nura. Flosp'llS City Wioaa 1 St. Viacent'a Hoopital... 4 Onlored Home Hospital.. 3 Ward's lal'd Kmi'i Hee^.. It ( olored (vphaa Aaj lam . 1 Workhouse, Blk 'U's lal. . 1 Total s* waaiM. 8 13 8 6 23 Id 20 22 17 9 34 :to 19 21 14 15 94 n is n s? 14 THOMAfl K. IKJWnfTNO, Ctty laapeetat. Uty Iaapeetor'i OStoa, Hew Tart, Map 21, ISM.

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