Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1855, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1855 Page 9
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oiMTii? m um m imi hi. ma ?JLUMm (fcoo nnn -FO* "ALB? A valuable iron ore *O^.UUU. tract, Whi4k i* loaaod, u4 pagriag mor* ll?B 12 per Mil, without additional u|OM to the owner. ~nai?fl"irfaAyj8 ...... RAA ?A RARI C HANOI. ? FOR SAL* Oft BX VT.OUV, iIium for real MUU, the *tock u4 IiIum ?I tka largest nOwt Mot ud ihN lUn In the ally of Brooklyn, 79 MjrtU fclMwUiy hmou riven I?r Wttiag, m Ui twMli *?i?K to lMN the city; or, the (tore to let and litWM fer aalo. (QAA TO tt.000.? THB ADVEBTISER WOULD LIKE fOuU to Invert Ull amount la MB* (rood coal yard, ?bu? hi* ?c?vio*a, witk th* toUWiM, worid be udt pro ?table. Addrcaa Coal, box 136 Tribune office. None Vol llM principal treated with. More capital if re.|aired. JUOftUICftUT AMD EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTU dM tailMN, affording a dear fnlt at' 300 par cent, hoMld very law; with tba itoak, properties, to , com plate aa tho proprietor kaa other iron* ia the tie and oaa notrttond to it. Apply to THOMAS A STRUT, 34* Pine A PORTABLE FORGE, PUNCHING AND MOR A tlelng machine*. lathee aid Tioea, itraw euttar and va toala aad implements, will b* a?ld at half pnea, a> flip raaxl street, n?ar Centra. COUNTRY HOUSE FOR 8ALX AT FORT WASHING taa? A a oat ft ana home B 11 ad with brick, containing twelve rooms; stands on three-quarter* of aa aero, command* ?n*xt*a*iv* view of tbe Itudaon aad Naw York bay, and thrte minutes' walk from Fart Washington depot on tba Hudson River Railroad. Inquire of ?? O. GERMAN, 24 William sweet. DRUG STORE FOR SALS CHIAF, FOR CASH-PRICE IttO, two year* lease, rant 4150, atore, Ave room* and ?til a*, with good yard, Aa. N. it.? Fluid and camphene will pay the rent. Adores* Paul, Herald olBoe. FIR S AIR? 50 CARE8 NO. 34 GUASR 8HRET CAST Keel, ba*t quality, cnitabla for portcmonnaiea, Ae. For ?wlto?Iars apply to THOMAS MORTON. 212 Pearl street. For salb-an eight hobsb steam engine and boilai. Inquire at KIOHAHD WIGHT, 141 Thomp son street. For sale? the lease. STOCK and FIXTURES ai a confectionery, ioe cream saloon aad bakery, lo ?abed op town, *n one of the leading thoroughfares, aud ?aw doing a good bn*in**?, with a three year* lease Apply to THOMAS A STREET, 34* Pin* street. XTOR SALE-A VILLA, SITUATED ON THE BANKS X" ef the Hudaen river, about 45 minutes' ride by railroad irom the City llall, M. Y., with a beautiful view or the aver and surrounding country. The house i* new, of the flnt alaai, and replete with every eoavenienee. Vroton wa ter throughout, baths, water olosat*, stationary basins, dumb waiter*, gas pipas, range, furnaoe, Ae. Its aeooaii bility by ears aad atagea render* it v*ry desirable. Term* aa*y. Apply to PHILIP R. WILKIN 3, auctioneer, No. 2 Bread street, corner of WalL FOR SALE? ONE OF THE OLDEST ANB BEST ES tabliihed diaiag saleoa* down town, doing a fine buii nea*. with SO or W lodging room* attached; will bo *?ld if applied for aoon. Addroa* K., Herald office. Fob sale-a hotel on the ebropean plan, with furniture aad itock, doing an extensive dining bu sine**; located in a leading thoroughfare, with a leasa of Ave jean; (old as the owner i* leaving the ocuatry. Address box 1,931 Post Office. Fob sale? thbee lots on thibty-third street, between Seveith and Eighth avenue*; two on 'fklrtieth *treet, near Sixth avenue. No money, it improv ed. Alae, 700 year lease of a lot on Thirty- (eventh atreet, between 8fcond and Third avenue*? no ground rent. In quire at ISO East Forty iftb street, in the oarpen--er*i shop. I. ft. VALENTINE. FBft SALE-A FARM OF THREE ACRES. WITH A comfortable bouse, two ateries, with seven rooms aad collar; atabling ia near toe houae; wall of good water. The fsrm is pleasantly sitoatcd in East New York, near the rail lead depot, and will offer every convenience to live oomfort ably in the country. Inquire of FOH. SACKMAN, East Now York. FOR SALE- A LOT ON THE COBNBR OF 4CTH street and bth avenue, excavated for cellar, and ready to build upon. Apply to WM. A. URADSHaW, 54 John it. FOB SALE? THE GOOD WILL OF a LEASE, To gether with al'l the fixtures of one ol the beat restau rant* located in the Second ward of ttua city, doing a bual neaa amonntiisto *30,000 per annum; a rare ebanee tor a per son desirous ef conducting that business. Also a ton years' lease of a desirable location in Warren street. Apply to JOHN LLOYD, 15 Nassau street, Corner of Pine, over the Bank efCommonwoalth. Fob bale? an interest in a good business. T? a young, active builneu man. with a caah capital of *400 er >500, and willing to devote hi* time to buameu, he may purcbaae. balf an intereit of a wholesale and retail oemmhsicn business, (ale, wines, aexara, Ac.,; in one of ttie beat looition* in the city. Responsible partiea will addreia, confidentially, Andrew* A Co., box 2,277 Post Office, with leleienee, Ac. TO LET-IN HOBOKBN, WITHIN FIVE MINUTES' walk of the firry, to a email family, without children, part ef a three atery hriok bouse, lurniahed, with marble mantel*, water and gas, consisting of trout and baok rooma aad two hall bedroom* on teoond floor, pautrei, and privilege in ba**meat. Apply at No. 6 Meadow street. For sale? a first class four story brown atone houae, in Twenty ninth atreet, near Lexington avenue, let* than coat. AUo, three lot* in Eighteenth atreet, near Broaiway, cheap, ah >, one lot iu Twenty eighth atreet. near Lexirgtou avenue; alio, four firs', elaaa tene ment houtei, in Taentv- ninth itivet. tew, which are pay nig twenty per cent on tbo investment. Apply to W. H. JtiBNSuN, 345 Fourth nvs&uc, lrvm 8 to 10 a. M. and 3 to 7 P. M. JiH'K SALE CHEAP? A SMALL FAST STRAMBOAT, r ef 80 to 100 hur^e power, with an excellent condensing engine, ana vry economical as regards consumption of fuel. Apply to J. Pt'WhKS, 432 Tenth Hrent. FOB SALE OR TO LET, AT ASTORIA? A GOOD TWO story house, with eight lot* of ground, at convenient walk from the landing. Apply nt 34 Pino atreet, aocond Boor, front office. T7WK SALE OR TO LET? A LARGE HOU8K WlTd Jt two aore* of ground, aituated between bevouty aevenih and Stvemy eighth atreet* on Third avenue, next to the five mile houae; a large ahaded lawn in front with a great varie to ef fruit. Inquire /t 7V Madison, or on the premise*. Foasesaion given immediately. F ? K SAi.E OR TO I.ET? A BRICK FACTORT BUILD tag, tixe 2Vx)00 teet, to o stories and cellars, witn ?Mu Mvtr, on the lank of tbe Hudson rlvar, Just above uie Highlands, ud convenient of access by river ud railroads, Fr unites suitalle fer ioauy kinds of basin est, especially for malting, milling, braving, tanning, loundry nod machine sboy, cabinet, sasb, blind and door work: turntac, sawinr, ?tareh, soap and glue tusking, Ao., to, In tbo building is nn abundance of fare spring water, large boiler, tabs, tanks. Ao. Lumber, iron, ?oaf, bark nnd snmaob t and;. Attached Is a dwelling, convenient, for two families, stable and oar tinge bouse. Pjice of rent low, and accommodations for a permanent busicsss fer a good tenant, would he made to a seasonable extent. Itqulre of Dr. JAMES ALCOCK, No. 9 Ltioy plate, J>ew York, or W, A. RoYCE, Newburg, N. T. "?H>R SALB OR EXCHANGE? FOR VACANT LOTS OR f imtroved citj property ? Une of tbe best located, pret tiest views, and iabdsoniert oountrj seats on the Nor'h rtv?r, thirty fix miles from New York ; fare 16 oents ; 123 yres; teantiiul and extensive buildings, eost $60,000. Or, ue property will be divided to suit. No encumbrance. Should tbe property offered exceed the amount, cash will be yaidif icld; tr if below, the terms will be easy. WM. H. MELlCK, 84 Seventh avenue. Hotel and dining saloon for salb-one of the best ttandii in this city, now doing a first rate bnsintss. The proprietor is not able te attend to the bn?i tfess, on account of all health. It will be sold fer $3,0(X); a fart of the purchase money san remain en bend and mort gage. For mil partiotdsrc, apply to _sll 1111 A WUBELL, 44< Eighth avenne. Hotel.? for sale, the lease and furni ture of a hotel in Jersey City, now doing a ?ood tran sient and boarding butinoes. For lurther particulars apply at tbe Philadelphia Hotel, Jersey City. IBPORTANT TO LIQUOR DEALERS AND OYSTEft saloon keepers. ? for sale, a beautifully situated liquor and oyster saloon, doing a well paying bnsinese. The ore sent pti prie'or being about resigning tbo business. The lo cation is most resectable, in tbe vicinity of Catherine street, in the Fourth ward. Apply to MoCAFFKA Y * WALTER?, 26 Catherine street. VTOTICB TO STAGE OWWlttS AND OTHERS ?FOR M sale, a line at stages in Philadelphia, doing a lucra tive bminess. The route I* well established, hsving been nn by tbe present owner (or several yearn. All the stages are in prime order and the itoek very superior. Sole ohJj*t for ??Iliac is to retire from business. Address State, Phila delphia I'ostUSee. with real name, and where an interview may be hnd , when terms, Ao., will be made known. STATEN ISLAND -LOTS FOR SALB, ON HIGH ground, witb One views, pure water nnd pnrfeot sewer age, en the trnet el W. W. Tan Wageaen, Esq.. in tbe most eentrnl part of Clifton, near the Narrow*. The moot at tractive position for reaideieee on the island. Apply to II. ts'CONNoB.No. 13 Eeade street,'.or end of etnnibas route, ?Mfton. _ mo GROCERS? A FIRST CLASS GROCBRT AND JL fruit store to he sold ohenp, or a food chanoe would be ?iven te a young man. o( good chnrneter, with $80* or MOO. to kave equal interest in the business. Apply at 72 East Bwadway. T? MILLINERS.? AN ESTABLISHMENT OF THIRTY years' standing on Broadway, with a small (took of good* lev sale. A lease of the b'euse for two or three years, will be given if required. Fur further particulars, address Font ?ttee, hex ft H. ? "VACHT " ULTRA" FOR SALB? THIS FAST AND beautiful yacht, of about 100 tons burthen, belonging to sttate of U. H. Miller. Esq, laU of New Windssr, Freeman a co. s California express, (SBC eentors to Adams * Co. -Vltae M Broadway.? Ow next eisrioset lor < California wtU leave on Tuesday. J one'S. per steak tr George Law, vt? Panama, eloaing at I o'clock P. M.; and per Star of the West, via Nicaragua, closing at 2 o'clock. P. M. Both expresees in ohatge of special ineeeen ?ers. Iieigbt at reduced ra'es. FKEEMAN * CO.. grayriotew. ACiriC EXPRESS COMPANY FOB CALIFORNIA, Oregon, Sandwich Islands, Chiaa and the Southern ?oast. offlee, 124 h roadway. Our next regular expro*see leave ot> Tuesdav, Jane Sib. per steamers George Law (via Panama), and Star of the West ivla" Nicaragua), in charge ?t special me steuser* Fnlght ard P?oka,es i received at lowest rates. This express runs to all the Intern r towns of CalHernia, at earh of whioh we bave offloes and agents. We have ao eommt nieatlon in any way with Adams A CO., or with any of the previous partners^tbat honso^ STbdI.EY'S EX i'R*S?? CALLS rOR BAGGAGE IN any psrt of New York or Brooklyn. Send your ordors to 87 Csnal street, New Tork. H PORTING!. Fancy pigeons -the largest and best pou ters, and the very best st.-ok of fantaiU. rnffleneoks, ??Trior*. mnpri?i?? of tho dtfforont < kindo to no tonnd in .New York, ^togomer wit* ether varieties, ior sale, single or In pairs, eheap tor each, rft M) Bowery. Mammoth Newfoundlands and ST. ber nard?. King Charles' spaniels, Scotch and English ter riers, English nnd Italian greyhounds, sporting do?s, watoh done. Ao. All the choleo breeds also for (took. N. B.? (n fajnihle cute for mange 10 cents per bottle. Inquire at JOS Watet street, oorMT of Fulton, up ?t?iw. A THRU 8T0BY f RAM* HOUSB. IN GOOD RB A pair, u4 i> I dalightfal rituUn, Nt?Mli( of aim* Mm??i twe parler* ul twwwti, ? |?W cooking rang*, M< an uitimwU otllar a milt h< a balf from Paltoa forty, ia itrat, ktittra Fulton ug AUaatio aresaes, t?? minutes' wsik boa lb* uri Bast from bow tiU Mil Mil MM. Inquire At 39 vrub?itj ItnM, Brook 1)? Heights. CWUBIBY SEAT TO LBASB-AT PBLHAM, WBST ) sbester eountv, on Ik* Lii| Ialaad So end, with a water (Mi containing fifty tear aerea, wttb mansion house, farmer'# cottage. bathing bouse, Ac. Will ba Unit to an eligible tcaaat, to r a tarn at rtart, reasonably. For partio alar* apply la ADAMB A LUCEB?, 78 Naaaaa uraat. FUBNISHBD APARTMENTS. ? A SITTING ROOM AMD bedroom, famished, to Ul, at moderate Mat, Car the ?tanar; loeatioa quiet, airy and near tba Union Clah Hoaae. Addran M.. box 1>M8 Peat O?oe. FURNISHED BOOMB TO LET IN A FRIYATB FAMI ly, at S3 Walker ttraat. B[ALF or A FURNISHED HOUSB TO LET; ALSO. A L uilir. bedroom and kitcbea. vary convenient lor a ?Ball family, with aaok itova, Cretan water, Ac. A;plj at 1*3 Wait Twenty -fourth ttraat. Lofts to lxt.-tbe undbrsionbd, intending k occupy tba lowar floor aad batement af tba aaw building 231 Broadway, will lat tba upper part of tba pro miaes, eem pricing four light aad aity lotto, 25ill7 feat, at a modarata rant. Possesstoa given on tbe a>th Intl. W. f JBNNING3, Ml Broadway. PABT OF COTTAGX HOUSB, M BAST THIRTY second ttraat, will ba lat aheap to a very imal Ameri oan family. Apply on the premise*. STBAM POWER.? TO LBT, SBYBBAL WBLL LIGHT ed room a with ? toady power ia tbe building, aor* aer af Beater and Mlixabetb atreeta; alto in buiHiag corner of Twenty third atree l aad Pint avenue. Beat* very mo derate. Apply >13 Pearl ftreet. THOMAS MORTON. STATBN ISLAND-TO LET OB FOB SALB, A PUR msbed or aafnraithad cottace, with 3U aires of (round situated oa Barde avenue, a few miautea' walk from Sail ar'a Banc Harbor landing. Bent $300 a tear. Apply to Or A. B. MUTT, ooraor of Thempooa and Bleeaker itrecte. TO LBT? POSSESSION GIYBN IMMEDIATELY- THE rear part of tbe eeeond atory, tbe troat tart ef the third atery, and all ef tbe fourth atory of 29 lleekman street; alto, tbe front roum ef the fifth story ef 31 aad 33 Beekmaa street Baeh apartment ia suitalle for any kiadef mechanical baaiaeaa; alio, baaementot 'M Bookman street, Inquire el JAMBS CONNER A SONS, 29 Beekmaa itreet. TO LBT? COTTA GB HOUSB AND BIGHT LOTS Or aroand, attaobed, aituated at the foot ef 121 at street, on tbe Harlem riter. Said premises are laid oat ia a beautifal garden, with a ekoiee variety of (trait, making oae of tbe most deli&httal anmmer residences oa New York islaad. Cretan water in the koase. Seoond avenue oars go within two bleeks of tbe door. For farther particular* inquire ot B. P. BBIGOS. 174 Third a venae, corner ef Seventeenth it rLBT-A NEW FOUR STOBY HOUSB, BROWN steae front, in 38th street, seeoad door west from Lex in g Ion aveaue; else twenty by sixty-flve; contain* all the modern improvsments; will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply to T. A L. ROSS, 99 Pearl aad 62 Stone sts. TO LBT? A FURNISHED HOUSB, IN A PLEASANT loeatioa; eontalas bath and eras. Part payment oaa be made ia beard; or would let part *f the same to a a mall family, with privilege ia kitehoa. Apply at 222 Greene street, between Amity aad Fourth. TO LBT? A rRONT BOOM ON SBCOND FLOOR, WITH ?mall room attached; very handsomely furnished; wiH be let with breakfast and dinner en Sunday, if required, the bonse is replete with modern improvement*, and desira bly leeated at 121 Crosby street, opposite Nlblo'a. TO LBT- A BEDROOM. WITH THE USB OP A SIT ting room, to a lads ; a dressmaker preferred. References required. Apply at 131 Weet Sixteenth street. TO LBT? riBST TLOOR OF HOUSE 65 BEBKMAN street; a store 13 Duane street; house 34 Mett street; house No. 4 Yariek street; house 114 West Broadway. To let, ia Williamsburg, a house near the ferry; it has ga* aad marble maatels, ana vary pleasantly situated. Apply to S. C SMITH, 18 Mott street. TO LBT? A YBBY DESIRABLE HOUSE, IN A GOOD neighborhood, containing seventeen rooms, with range, gas, A*. It is well calculated for a boarding houee, located ea the comer of Woodhull and Uicks streets. South Brook lyn, within about seven minnte*' walk of the terry. The Move will be let at a low ratu to a good, responsible tenant. Inquire ef J. A. LYDECKKR, 199 Columbia street, oorner ef Union, South Brooklyn. TO LBT? A SPLENDID HOUSB IN WBST THIRTY first street, between Eighth aad Ninth avenues; has all tbe modem improvements, aad will be let low te a good tenant^ Apply to WALLER k 51BLY, 440 Eighth avena* mo LET? AT 6RBATLY RBDUCBD RENTS, SEYBRAL JL bouses, parts of houses and apartments, suitable for Crate families and bearding houses, some in very genteel atioas, and all in retpeotable neighborhood*. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hadsoa street. TO 1BT-IN HOBOKEN, NO. 127 HUDSON STRBBT, three minutes' walk from ihe ferrv, pan of a fine bouse and good neighborhood, consisting of four to six nloe airy remi. Apply on the premises or *177 William street, New York. W. FR1BRLAUDER. TO LIT? THE SMALL NEAT HOUSE NO. 229 WE3T Tbirty-flrst street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Ihe house has all tne modern conveniences, and the aeizh bcrhood is uurxeeptivuaMe. Rent $480 per annum, inquire of S. E. LENT, 024 Broadway. TO LBT -HOUSE 119 WBST TWENTY SEVENTH street, in excellent oriier, and fitted with Crotou water Rent moderate. Apply to WASHINGTON J4UNDY, At torney at Law, 76 Nassau street. TO LET. FURNISHED? A MAGNIFICENT ROOM ON the 2a floor, in a private dwelling house, west of Broad way, in tbe vioinity of the Metropolitan hotel. Apply at No. 3,746 Broadway Poet office. WO LET, FUBNISBBD, OR UNFURNISHED, A LARGE 1 front room, with iias and imall bedroom, with pantry adjoining. Apply at 242 Mercer at., near Washington place. TO LKT-THE MOI BRN THREE STORY AND BA3B3 nient dwelling, the sixth west of Clinton street, on Fourth place; genteel aad vary convenient to both cars and ferries. Tbecesupaat, wishing to leavo the oily, will rent fer 9300. Apply as above, or of S. 3. Hall. 15 Wall st. TO LET-A NEW HOUSE UP TOWN, WITH MODERN Improvemeats, will be rented low to a small genteel family, and the rest taken inboard. Address O. 1>. A., Herald oflke. TO LIT- TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, THE SECOND flour and pari of the third of the boat* 181 Heater atreet, Mir Mett. TO LET, ON MYRTLE AVENUE, CORNER OP TATES avenue Brooklyn.? 8 new houses, commanding one ot the finest view* of the eity. To a good. resoeotable tenant, wtll be let for SI60 a year caoh. Apply to A. C. FRAN SIOI.I, it the offiea of Therasson A Bryan, No. 8 WaM ?tteet, Sew Tort TO RENT? THREE ROOKS, IN A TWO STORY COT t ate, U9 East Twenty-third street, near Third aveuui. None but a small end very respectable family need apply. To auoh the rest will be le#. mo LET OR LEARR? AT GREATLY REDUCED RENTS, J. several wall itorei, with baaementa, in good buainosa loeations, tone o< them on very prominent sorners. AUi, several workshop*. Apply to JAIIEB PRICE, 300 street. TO LET OR LEASE? THE DESIRARLE STORE, No. ?6 Beikmau street, with basemoat, sub-cellar aad Ore proof vaults, very suitable tor wholesale hardware, pa per er ether busieess; also, the first left extendiac through (lffi feet) to Spruve street; fiae entrance, aad hoist way en both^treets; also, the three upper lofts, light aad oomme dious. Al?". at a grestly reduoed rent, the lae a tare Ne. 18 ?pruee street, with basement, Tanlts, Ao., with steam power 11 sesired. All the above are fitted np with gas, water. A*., complete. Apply to J AS. PRICE, JWO Hadion st., er te J. 0. Stevens. 28 Beekman st., np stairs. TO MANUFACTURERS.? TO LET, THE LAROE NEW buildings No*. 12 and 14 Pitt street, near Grand, well adapted f?r any manufacturing purpose. On the premise* i* a (team engine, Ae., almnit new, which i* for sale. HOPgBg,ROOMS, diC^WAMTBD. HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY WANTED.? A GOOD house with a few aorea of land, or garden, either near New York ?r Brooklyn. Terms must be moderate. Addresa W. J. R , Herald o&oe. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE FAMILY OF POUR person*, without yonng children, part of a genteel and pleasantly located house, untarnished; where there aro no boarders preferred? or unfurnished apartment, oontaiatag tour or five rooms. Situation not bolow Bleeoker street. Addrees S., box 673 Post OtBee. WANTED? TWO OR MORE FLOORS, IN A BUILDING op town, suitable for manufaetuiing purpose*, with the privilege of a C or 8 beree sttam power; an abundaaoo of Croton water nsoessary; or any one having a small faotory ean find an immediate tenant. Address, bos 183 Herald offlca. TI/ ANTED? IN A GENTEEL NEIGHBORHOOD. NEAR ? ? the line of the bth or bth avenue road*, a house suit able fer two small families without ohildren. Rent not ever lAUO, and location below 2Mb street. Address W. P. J., Bo* 666, Pe*t Office. WANTED-TWO OR TWO AND A HALF STORY house and lot, with good title, ftrame or bciek, in the apper part of this city, er in the neighboring oities. Persons having aneh to sell for oash, stating the very lowest price and all partieslars, may address Mr. Cash, box MB Herald offico. WANTED? A SECOND-HAND OPERA GLASS ? It EST achromatic lenses; field the largest sise; plaia putern preferred. Pleaee address J. C.. Herald offioe, describing the glass and stating prlos, whieh must be moderate. _ TRAVELLERS' OUIDHS. ^ For rryport and fort Hamilton.? the new and fast steamboat KEY PORT leavee New York, t>ot of Murray atreet, daily, Sundays axoepted, atdo'otosk P. M. returning leaves K ay p-rt at 1% o'clock A. M. Fare 33 oeata Persons desirous of vlaitiar one of the moot healthy aad best bathing plaees In the vanity of New York oan find it at Key post, and business men ean be in New York from half past 9 A. M. until 4 P. I. ahildren. L'tiR ALBANY. FARE FIFTY CENTS, THE ST? All EH r n< ro, Captain J. H. Hancox. will leave pier north aid* if Robinson at , thie (Sunday) afternoon, at 8 o'clock, ar riving IK hours ptevioue to the traiat leaving for the West. For passage and staterooms apply to the Captain on board. CLOTHING, AC. C~Tst off CLOTHING or EVERY DESCRIPTION wanted? The highest ppce g'.ren. and cash paid in car rent mcsey. Gentlemen wishing to dispose of clothing, of a kood quality, for a liberal rash equivalent, are requested t > cell on or addrot * JAMES MORON EY, 11 Baxter street (late Oranre street). ENTLMBN HAVING LEFT OFF CLOTHING, IN larie or small quantities, oan obtain the hliheit price ier them by calling on ar addraealng JOHN MURPHY, lit Naaaau atreet, baseman*. PURMITUHE. ENAVELKMD COTTAGE FURNITURE-NEAT. PRE* ty suit* aalow as ??. at the manufactory and' wart room*' (St Broad wav, near Bleeoker stwet beeides evegy iVSlswica. ??W PVBUCATIOHIi INQUISITION ADD PROHIBITION TUBUS IU1 Joju ud AatiProbibition Now TBI DOCUMENTARY HISTWRY OT THB MAINS LAW, *o uprising tbs urickMtl Main* Law, lk? New York Llquir Lav, LsglalaUre Debates, Argument*. Jadioinl Ds elnoBs. Statiftic*. Inpcrtsat Correapondeaee, Ac., Ac. 8vo . 10 pp, Price, papor, 23 MB**; ototh, SO ?nU A libw ft1 discount mad* to the ' r?ds. Order* solicited. PnbUehedby HkLl. i BtoTBIRj No*. 113 tad 117 A'a*s IT CONTAINS THREE OF THE LETTE 83 Or SENA tor Brook*, which are left Out of the Arohbiriiop'l ?di tto*. THE COITtOTHIT IITWVi:!! SENATOR BROOKS am D t JOHN. Archbishop ol New York, 0 rowing oat of the ipeecb of Senator Brooks the CHl'BCM FKOFKKTV BILI-, la the New Terk State Seaata, Mareb ?, ls45 Arranged for publico ties, with an Introductory prelaoe. by W. S. Tisdals; wi-b portrait* of the Senator and Archbishop. It w*nld require another book of the alio of thie one ot the costreversv to contain all tho matter adverse to the po sition if tJoha which ha* been publunod by the pre** throughout the country. Rtmrmbrr, this i* the only edition containing all the let ter* of Senator Brook* and Archbishop Hughe*. Price 20 cent*. BE WITT A DAVENPORT, Publishers, 160 and 1M Na**ao struct. PUTNAM'S MONTHLY-JUNE. 1*1) or Volume Five. Contoate ot Mo. XXX. I. Atactica* Traveller* 861 3. Robert of 1 iueoln 676 A Twice Named (sontlnued) 678 4. 1 be Late Kmperor of Ku**ia 6tw A, Austinliana 6 j* 6. Aifty-tcui Unndred Ytara Ago WW 7. Ma?ery in the Ottoman Kmpiro tkiy 8. Living in the Country 617 An Event? Wolfert'* Kooit? The Nepperhan and it* Le lends? Mr. Spanrnwgraea Descend* <o the Jnrernal Ro gion* on a Dumb Waiter ? Carrier Pigeon* and Roaster* ?the Gr*at{Poll*h kxile ? Poetry? Altogether a Chap tor of Bird*. 9. Scienee and Navigation 621 10. Abont Beta* (i?4 11. The Deair* of tho Moth bJl 12. Cape Coo W The Shipwreck? Stage Coaoh View*. 13. The Mormon'* Utile 611 14. boon and Morning frl'J 15. Sbenld We Pear the Pope'/ 660 IV. Editorial Mo ea. I. LiflliTVii -1. A Hatch of Novel* 660 Dollar* and Cent*, by Mia* A. B. Warner Blanche Dear woed- Alone, by Mi** Marian ilarland? Oar World? Southern Land, t>y a Child of the San -llie o.d inn, by Jeslah Barneo Con?. Cut Corner* ? Ironthorpe, by Paal Creyton ? lales tor th* Marine*, by Harry Gring-j ? l>ox U?Uo?te ? Grace Lee, .by Miss Kavauagb Maui ?oi, by Mr*. Core? Kenneth, bv Mil* Tonga ? Dou?lait Jerroid * Men of Character Amy at Leuo, bv Mr. Kiogaley? Rastford, or Household Sketches, by We* ley Brooka II.? A i'tw Hiiro mi>* cm Barry'* Uiitery ot Uaoiachusetta? Uollaad's History ot Western Ma**achuaett?? Zsehokke's History of Swit it nan d? Lamarilne'* Hiatory of Turkey Aatie'* Louis the Fourteenth, and the Writer* of hi* Age? Ufe of Sam liomton ? Fowler'* Hiatory of tne War? Uase's Chureh Hittery? Live* of the Chief Justice* of the V rnted State*. ?I.? Sown Mmckixakiss 666 M agin' a Miscellaniei? kern's Landsoape Gardening? Hayward'e Paper* and Report* of tbe Massachusetts Medical Society- Mr a, Charlotte Bronte Miohol. IV.? CoanupoRDanoa 688 Major Paal Retribution Wherry. Title mi) Cohtehts ro Vol. V. Fifth volume bound in oloth and half mcrocoo, now ready. Teim*? Three dollar* ay oar, or, twenty live cent* a num ber. BIX A RO WARDS. BOEgEB, SARRUBEg, dH>. AT BAZAAR. 31 CROSBY STREET, WILL BE SOLD on Monday, at 12 o'clock, twenty fiva horses, aultabie tor all purposes; also a great variety or new and aeoond hand wagon*, harness, saddle*, Ac. J011N H. UAfFIhLD, Proprietor. A BROUGHAM ROCKAWAY. BOSTON CHAISE AND coupe roekaway, neatly new; al*o, plain rockaway* and buiglca, for sale cheap. Apply at 79 Went Twenty-third street, a lew door* we*t of Sixth avenne. A GREAT BARGAIN.? A DROVE OT TWENTY horae*, Juat in from th* country, will be *otd very oheap, a* tbe owner i* in want of money. They can be aeen in Baltic Itieet, between Smith and Hoyt streets, Brooklyn. WM. DAVIS. CARR1AGR FOR SALE? A HANDSOME JRNNT Lind carriage, with **at* for four Dcraooa, top to lot down, and nearly new; coat $300; wlL bo *old at a aaeriaee Also a pair ot spiendid black carriage horae*, 16 band* high, and well matshed: good and itylitb traveller*, and will m ?old eh) ap. W oald be well worth the while o( gentlemen te call. The whole may be tees at 75 and 77 Ra*t Eleventh ?treet, near Seocud avtnne. GEO. Z. BaRTUOLF. For sale.? a black horse, is hands high. ?onnd, and kind in tingle or deuble harnaai; would make a splendid military hone, aa hoi* one of the hand icmeat raddle horse in New York. Can be *een at Harrison A Fleet'* (table*, No. 19 Rooievelt etreet; soldnfor waat of we. For salb-a very fine bay horsr, of vrr mont Morgan *took, 15% band* high, *la years old, peuy built, fine (tvle and action, and good ipeed; pertectly sound and kind ev/ry way. Sold for want of use. Inquire at olufe (table, Paoiflo (treet, near Court, rear of coal yard, Bioek ?jn For sale? matched horses? a pair or very tine family hones, bay. abort tails, about aixteon hand* high, kind and gentle. Alto, a carrlago, made for the pre sent owner bv one or tbe boat city maker*, and b'lt littl* used. Sold for want of nso Sold together or separate. Co* be ?een at Bennett'* (table, 68 and 70 South Sixth (treat, W illiamiburg. Long Island , from 10 to S o'olock. T,iOR SALE-A LIGHT BAY HCRSE, (PONY BUILT,) J? seven years old tbis spring; perfectly sound, kind and gentle; has been used aa a lady's saddle borso; must bo *otd, a* tbe owner is about leaving tor Europe. Inquire at the New York Steam and Uasfiitting RatabliabiAnt, 170 and 172 Centre street. Also a light box wagon and harness. For salr-a valuable mambrino bay uarr, six year* old, 1A^ hands high, long tail, no white about her; can go h*r mile la three and a ha) f minutes; warraatod sound, kind, and without fanlt; sold only for want of ase, and >2(J0 it the loweet price, which is $100 loss ttisu (he I* worth. Can bo roen at Ueorge Murray'* (table, 33 Thir teenth street, near Univeriity plaoe. OR 8ALE? A BAY MARE, FAST AND KIND; ALSO, A _ buggy and harne**, all in good order, to cloee a eon eern. n ill bo sold cheap. Apply at 136 Grand street, Wil hams burg. F Ij OR SALE? A BEAUTIFUL BAT SADDLE HORSE. J? H>4 bands high, perfectly sound and kind, will be told low, to the owner la going to Europe. Cm be keen for 3 day*, at Murray's stable, Colombia ktreet, Sooth ferry, Brooklyn. Will ?o in ilagle or doable bare ex. For sale-one op the host perfect little lid is r horses In the city, IS hands high, t! yean old, very handsome, stylish and very gentle: in faot a perfect pet, nltbiut fault or blemish. Inquire at 64 Sixth itreet. 1H0R SALE -ONE THREE SEATED ROCKAWAY. 1 Also one doctor's wagon, nearly new, and one baker's eart, a few light wagons. Call at tbe carriage shop, oornor of Broadway and Thirteenth street. For sale-a black mare, seven years old. about 16 bandi high; is very kind and gentle, and will be sold at a great bargain aa tbe owner bat no nee for her Apply at the (table, No. 60 Franklin street. For sale-a light shifting top wagon, in perfect order, and sold only for want of nee. Apply at 1M Crosby ktreet. For sale-a large lot of express wagons, new and second hand, large and small. Apply at bTUDLEY'S Baggage Express, 37 Canal street. Horse for sale-a splendid young horse, ?fteon hands high, ?evn years old, ? superior saddle hots*. aonnd and kind in single or doable hiruess; pro ha tly the handsomest mads horse in theoon&try; oolor lUht bay, long blaok tail and Mack legs. Apply to JoSKPll t'AKMbY, corner of Eleventh and South First streets, W ill iamsbnrg. Horse for sale.-for sale, a splbnbib gray horse, six years old, sixteen hands high, soirad and kind; can trot a mi'o in three minutea. One brown bi.rse, aands higb, six years old; can trot in thfvs minutes; price Une new top wagon, weighs 206 poind* one rquare box wagon, weishs 9CC pounds, will be solii cfceap. Inqolre of JAMAS CUYNE, Clua stable, oornor ot State and Boernm streets, Brooklyn. Horse ?for sale, a bright bay pony horse, atont fifteen bands high, kind, gentle and showy i.. single cr donble harness. Good under the saddle Has been drove and rode by a lady. inquire of Mr. SMITH, 2ti Dey street. PASTURE FOR HORSES AND CATTLE? AT 94 BO per month. 900 acres of good pasture, at Rockairay btaeb; an excellent place for UfVrm horses. Addroei or ap ply to 0. W. BUTMAa, segar store, undtr the WUUamshnrg City Bank. Peck slip letrj. SECOND HAND ROCKAWAY CARRIAGE FOR tale? Strong and In good order, for two Iturset ; wflt carry six persons ixoluding the driver. Apply to Mr, Pa< sene, coacbmaker, comer of Broadway and Thirty-Mrentk street, TJTANTED? A PAIR OF MATCHED CARRIAGE VY hones, color gray or bay, not over eight years eld. lyllsh and perfectly sound and geatle, a superior ptir of .iirses in every sense. Persons having suoh animals to eis pose of may address J. R. A., Herald offioe. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. IfilAA TO $800 ? WANTED. A PARTNkR TO MAN ?|>OUU alaciare Gotbie bookcases; aa it is the only branoh in tne business that pays 76 cents on the dollar, it le a tear chance for aay man with either of theee amounts. Inquire of X. MCMaHoN, 176 Cbajtham street. COP A RTK ERS B IP.? TBI SUBSCRIBERS II4VE TIIIS day formed a copartnership, under tbe firm of Jacob Eosevclt A Son, for tbe purpose et transacting a genertl ship chandlery and ship store business, at 2S Sooth street aad 33 Coenties slip. JACOB ROSEVELf, New York, May 31, 1866. MARCUS ROSEVELT. Dissolution and removal.-the copartner ship heretofore existing between the subscribers, under tbe firm of Thos. N. Lais k Co., is this lay dissolved by motoal eonaent. Thoe. N. Dale alone is authorised ro settle the affairs and sign in liquidation tor the late eon est*, and hae removed to No. 18 Warren street. THos. N. Dale, JOHN D. CAMP, EDWIN HILLYER, GEORGE RICHMOND Thos. N. Dale haa this dav formed a copartnership with George Richmond, under the firm of Thos. N. Dale A Co, and will ooatinne tbe bnalnesa of tbe late firm at No. la Warren street. THoS.N. DALE, Now Fork. June 1, 1886. OEORGE RICHMOND. Notice? the copartnership heretofore existing under the firm and name of Couenhoeen Mid Snyder, painters, haa been tbis d* j dissolred by mutual consent. A'l persona Indebted are requested to make par Dints, and til having claims are requested to preient the same to either of t!ie undersigned. CHRISTN. D. COUENBOVEN. JOHN G. SNYDER. New York. Juno 1, 1*66. Partner wanted.~a frencb tailor. est a 8 lis) ed in Broadway for the last six y sera, and doing an a\en?? business >if about $14,0UV per annum, desireo to Join with another good tailor. In view to leave him, after some t'me. the entire et-arge ot the business. Address E. C, ?., box 161 Herald offioe. T?BB COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING under the name of Crlppon A Kreos. has been dissolved by mutual consent. The busineta wiU hereafter b e continued by frailer Kreps, HENRY CBIPPEN, >nr York, Jul 2, 1666. FRAZ11R KRlfS. Fob uvBmrooL-o. s. mail steabsbip pacific, E. Ml, CnMii?- ThU steamship will Itrut with tM V. BUM* Mill far linp*, pwUnft oa Woduetday, Jase 18, tlUi'tlNk ?? tram bar berth Mkb?fMl<(CuM ?treat, fw frteght It btfti| ?tiquUid H?a ? olMtMl m tlMMH Mid eeafcrt, app?y to HTAKO K. CvlLINS, 00 Wall rtreei. riMHin trt nqiMitdUM ?a beard at iCW A. M. Tba ATLANTIC will sueoeed tha hacifla, aad sad July 27. Shipper* will flatM Uka netloe that tha a hips of tkia Mae auut carry any good* oontra baod of war. All lattan am pui thaoagh the Poat Offioc; ??7 othara will bo returned. TBI NBW Tdll AND UYMPOOL VNITKItBTAfn Ball Steamer*.? Tbe ship* wndig this Ua? in tta following:? ATLANTIC, Cap*. WaaA BALTIC, Ca?k. Comstook. PACIFIC, Capt Nyo ADRIATIC. Cap* . These obi po bin booa bnflt by eoa tract, ciproselv for gov ernment service. Every oar* baa bsea lUoa la their eoa itruatloa, aa alaa in tbair ea> ines, to euiro atioagtb and spead as 4 their accommodation* for Maaoagora aro oao * nailed lor slasanee and comfort Price <f passage bam aw Terk to Liverpool, la first olaaa oabla, $130; in aoooad do . tH; mlo hi u?? ot extra alaa atotoroom. SUB; from tv Ne? Turk. 30 aad 2 U guineas. Aa oxporioaood surgeca attached tu each -hip. Mo borth aaaagad aatU paM for. raoro in data* or ? warm wiw vukJi. raon urilNCL. Wednesday Bay Jt>, ISM Satarday Bay 19,1808 Wednre< 1*j ....Bay 3u, ItM Satarday Jan* 3, WM ?edr June IS, 1NS4 Satarday June Ml, BH Wtm.otaay ....June ?1, IWS Satarday June 30, INH aoiiaf day ....July 11, ItM Saturday Jnly 14, 1803 Wednesday Jnly 23, 1830 Satarday July 28, 1808 I or lretaht or paaaaga apply la IDW'D K. CHLl7lEs.Ko. 86 Wall street, Now York. B&i WN, SB IK LET * CO . Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNaRD A CO., 27 Auitin Friars, London. B. G. WAINWRIU1IT A CO., Pari*. CECkCB 11. I'RAPEB, Havre. Ibe owneia of these ahipa ? ill not be accountable tor gold, illver. bull it: a. apaeio, Jewelry, preeioua atoaoa or matala. inlera t ill b of lading aro signed tber*for, aad tba value thereof therein expressed. Shippers please take notice that the ahipa *f thla line can aet carry any gooda contraband *t war. TBS VANDERBILT BVROPBAN LINK OT STB IB ahipa- The firsyelass steamship BORTH STAR, War aoek, maiter, will leave New Tork Irom pier 3U Nortk rt?er foot of Chambers atreot, at noon precisely, oa Satur day, Juue'J, lor Havre dlreot. First elaaa paaaage file Second " <M The North Star will be followed by the Ariel Jane 30. The owner of theao Teaaala wlU net be aoeoantablo tot Sid, (liver, buillion, specie. Jewelry, preoioaa,atonea or me la, nnleae billa of lading are aigaed thewfer, aad the value thereof therein expiececA Specie and gooda taken at aaaal rate*. N 0 freight received after noon of the day before tailing. No berth tevured until paid for. Lettera prepaid. 12>?e. per X on., will he received at th* office up to 11 A. B. of the d*y of aalling. aad will bo car ried la itvong India ru ber baga nnder loch, and oa arrival at Havre, will be immediately deposited la the Poat ufflco there. Parcela taken, eaoh prepaid, one dollar aad upward* FIXED DATS* OV aAlLIMO rmOM HEW YORK. raOM RATBa. North 8tar Juno 9 Ariel Jnae I Ariel Jane SO North Star Jnae 31 North Star July 21 Ariel Jaly 21 Ariel Aug. U North Star Aug. 11 North Star Se{ft. 1 Ariel Sept. 1 Ariel.. Sept. 22 NorthStar Sept. 23 North Btar Oct, 13 Ar*<tJ Oct. 13 Arid Not. I North Star ...Nov. 3 Ariel ?.Nov. U Theao iteamahipo are elaaaod A 1 at the inatmnaee effloee and eperde and gooda will be inaured la them at aa low ratet ot premium aa in any other ateamahipd that emu the oeoaa. For freight or faaaage, apply to D. TtiHIl AN CE, No 3 Bowling Oreea, New Tork. SUBNZR, MONT ANT A DRAPBR. & Rue N. D. dea Vie totre, Paria CBRyVtIB. SCHLOR8SBANN A CO., 27 Qoal Caalmtr Delavigae, Bavra. N01ICE.-EM1RALB ISLE, FIRST PACKET TOR Liverpool? This noble veseel will positively aail on Monday, Juno 4. Early applications toaaoa re berths should be made oa board, pier 37 East river, foot of Market atreet, or to TAl'&COTT A CO. . Mi South atreet. FOR LIVERPOOL.? PACKET SHIP JABBS FOSTER. Jr., will aail to morrow, Jane 4. A ateamboet will bo at pier 24 Salt river, precisely at 7 o'clock A. B. C. 11. MARSHALL A CO., 38 Burling alip. OBD BLACK STAR LINE OF PACKETS TO LIVER pool ?The splendid packet ship AUSTRALIA, Captain Mnitb, will tail for the above port on Saturday, 'Jth June. For cabin, leeond cahia or steeraae passage, apply oa board at pier 27, foot ot liovcr atreet, East Kivsr, or to WILLIAMS A 0 Li IOW, 40 Pulton street. BOR LIVERPOOL? TBB CELEBRATED CLIPPBR ship Dread nought. Captain Samupls, -5f0 tons burtbon. having maae between New York and Liverpool tbe quiokeat trila on record (ber laat passage to Liverpool being 13 days. lOfcourt) is again ud tor the above port, and will sail abiut tbe 2Uth of June; ber acoomoiodaiiitna are nnuqaelled for all ot pasiengcrs. Apply to OEMARESr A JUNE: 40 South atreet, oorncr old Slip. Uip. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA dTRAHSHIP company intend aailing their favorite atoamahina? cri Y of Manchester 2,13a tone, capt. Wyiia. CITY OF bALTlMORE, tnew,) 2.33?< tons, CapoJ*? ? , til V OF WASBINOTON, dc..?,7U9 tots. Capt. R. Lcitoh. Saloin ISHi, $t.A and I6f>, aocording to state room. A bmiteo number 01' third elaaa paaiangera will be takes from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, and found in provlaioaa From Philadelphia 130 | From Liverpool $48 Parties wishing to bring out their iriends, oaa obtain oer ?ideates ol pasta*? and drafts on Liverpool, ia sums of ?1 sterling and upwards. Apply to SAMUEL SMI HI, agent, i; * alaut street, PhilAdelpbia, and No. 7 BroadwayTBew York. BRE1IEN, VIA SOUTUAMPTON.-THB UNITED btates nail steamship WaSHINQTON E. Cavaady, comu auder, will >all fur Bremen, touehiu* at bouthainptou tu iaud the mails aud patsengois for Englaud aud Franoe on Saturday, June 16, at U o'clock B , lrom pier 37 North river Pnoe of paiaage Irom New York to Southampton o t Breirei : ? In brat oabin, main saloon. 9130 In first cahtu, lower aalooa 110 In second oaoln 00 An experienced aurgeon is attached to eaub steamer. Spe cie deiiveted iu Us*re or London. All lo'.tera must pass through the Poat 1/fHcc. For passage or freight aptly to ?. H. SAND, Agent, 11 south William street. The steamer Hermann will succeed tho VYaatunatou, and ?ail J uly 14. Reduction of pares to scit the times. - New York and California iteamao.ip line, via Nicaragua Accessary Transit I ompany, of Nicaragua, proprietor*? ti' rough la advance ot the^oall? 70U m(i?a shorter thaa any other route, avoiding' tbe deadly Panama fever, and twe miles of dangerous boating in Panama Say. The splendid double engine steamship Star of the West, 2 SOU tons ourden. Captain Turner, will leave Pier No. 3 N orth river, at three o'olock P. B. prcciiely, lor Punta Armas, on Tuesday, June 3. 1*36, eonneetmg with tbe steamship Sierra Neveda, l.SOf tons bnrden, over the tNicarsgu* Transit route, having bat twelve miles of laid traasportation by first class carriages Etr ii. formation er postage at tbe reduced rates apply only to CHARLES ROBGAN. Agent, No. 2 Bawling Oreeu. Letter bags made ap at the offioe. No unstamped letter* received. UNITED STATES MAIL LINK FOR CALIFORNIA, lia Atpinwall and Panama. California^* >N in formed that tbe Panama railroad i* completed, and in* ttaneit of th? IsUnins will t? made by railroad from ooean to vctan No inore mule travel? no river hotting, on Tnerday, Jo tie 5, at 2 o'clock P.M., from the pier at to* foot of Warren etreet, North river, w ill b* de?pat*bed tb* fleet sttsmihip GEOKCE I.AW, Opt G. B. Fog, 0. S. N., to conn* ct at I'lmmK with the new and superior steaoiship JOHN L. STkPilENS. A boat always kept at Pa uua to prevent detention In rase of accident. No freight received after I o'clook on the sailing day. for pa?sage ap ply at the company's office, No. 177 west s reet. to J. W. RAYMOND. CLIPPER SHIPGALATEA. FOR SAN FRANCISCO, 19 now rapid'y loading at pior ltt East river and will poiitively sail on or before Saturday, loth Jane, but. r-ti| jers will please have all tbelr freight on b ard by balnrday, 9tb, ani l and in their bill* of lading, for eirfaa ti,re, to BOTTOM A CO. , 58 South street, corner of Wall. FOR SAN FRANCISCO.? THE A 1. NEW STEAMER Astoria, ot MO tons burthen, will be despatched on tbe Mb ot June. For freight aad passage apply to tbe under signed, cr to tho captain oi. board. The steamer offers hue accommodation for a limited number of passengers. i'er sons availing themselves of this opportunity will avoid tbe danger of ncki*.* on the Isthmus WM. Lull AC II A sCiibrBLEK, 30 Beaver street. Australia.? pion ee* the United States mail ? Tb* celebrated A I clipper ship NIGHTINGALE, Captain Masher, for Melbourne, will be detpatehed on her second voyage about tbe 2"tb Jane, bav ing made her last in tbe unprecedented time of 7ti days. Has excellent accommodations for passenger* and freight. As ply at tbe office of R. W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling Qreoa, and lib Wall street, __ Australia independent line-only vessel in fort now up for Australia.? Tbe splendid A l olip 8? r ship irjital Palace, 1 000 ton* burthen, Captuiu B. r. imnioui, will b* despatehed tor Melbourne on tbe 20th Jane, *n ner second v., , age, having made hsr first in S4 days, 'ihe accomraodatiom of thi? Bne snip for passengers are of tbe very best, both in first and second oabins, of wl]>eh unlv a limit) d number vi'.l be taken. Having most of her cargo engaged, passengers can depend on there being no detention. For freight or passage, apply on board at pier 13 East river, or to a.'KH L a Ai.LIOT I4t> Pearl street, or to MAIL LIR A LORD 106 Wall street. KEW TORE AND NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP Company.? For Ntw Orleans stopping at Havana? earning the United States mail? The steamship BLACK WARRIOR, J. D. bollock, commander, w?ll oommenoe re ceiving freight on 1 hnnday, June 7, and sail for tbe above porta on Saturday, Jnnc 0, at lit o'clock from pier at loot ?f Kobinson street, North river. Freight for the interior and lor Mobile, coosigmed to oar agents in New Orleans, "Jams* Conuoly A Co.," will be forwarded free of ooaHnis sioas. Passengers for Havana mnst proeur* passports be tor* leaving port. Bills ef lading matt bo sent in lor tinning tbe rvening previons to the ship sadini. For freight or pas Mi*. apply to LIVINGSTON, CROCHEBON A CO., Asents, 31 Broadway. N. B. ? The Cahawba, R. W. Shureldt. commander, will snseeed tbe Blaok Warrior, and sad Monday, Jan* 20. Fob savamnah and florida.-cnitkd states it ail line.? Tbe new and elegant steamship ALABAMA, Cap*. Geo. R. Scbenck, will leave Now York for Savannah on Wednesday, June b, from pier No. 4 North ri ?or, at 4 o'clock P. M. Bills cf lading lit n*d oo bo aid. For freight apply on board, or for pas^au* io SAML. L. MlTCttlLL, 1.1 Broadway. For Florida, through tickets from New York t* Jacksonville, 981; l-ilatka. 933. The KuoxviUs, C. D. Lad low, will saoceed, and leave on Saturday, Jane 9. For charlbston and florida-iemi-weekly U. 8. Mail Lin*.? Ihe steamship SOUTHERNER, T. Kuan, commander, will leave pier No 4 North river, *a Wrd'.esday, Jute 6, at 4 o'clock P. M? rreolsely. For freight apply en beard, where all bills of ladiog will be iigned; and tor passage at the office of SPOFfORD, TILES ION A CO., 29 Broadway. Through tickets v> Florida ai follows.? To Jacksonville, 191; to Pilatka, *33. The J a*. Adger will succeed, and leave on Saturdty, Jans 9. h OR NORFOLK, PKTEBSBCRO AN D BJCHMOND. The tailed States mail Heamshlp HOa.nokB, t. Skinner, commander, will 'ea?e pier Nc. IS North river, en Wednesday. Jmieltth. at 4 o'eloek P. M. will arrive at Norfolk the next artemooa, and at Petersburg aad Rich ssoid tbe lelleittnc morning. From Norfolk, passengers for tbe Heath proceed by railroad direct, with through tickets from Wei Jen to Wilmington, Charleston, Ac Passage aad fare to Kortelk, $8; to Petersburg and Richmond, 910; steer age, bsJfpMee. Through tickets to Lynchburg, 914. Apply iof,Ul>l.AM A PL* A9ANT9, Mo. ? Broadway B. B.? tie freight taken for Rlehmond. _ AgTROLOOT. Madame morrow. -this highly gifted lady it a seventh daughter, aad hat a aatural gin to tell ali the events of life, even tb* very thoughts Sb*1* the mod wonderta? AstrolOfpwt lathe World. He charge IT not satla fled 76 Bream* itreet, aear Oaanoa Beatlamea a*t ad mit* *d %I ADAM B ALWIN, FROM PARiS? TENDERS HER JV1 tetvicec to tbe ladiet and gentlemen of this city, in phrenology. Sfco rin be *Msalt?d about lev*, marriage, hn siastt. Ae ; and will tell the tan* of the ts<ty or gentleman they will marry also tb* nana ef her visiters Madame AI vim cenvercM in ?b* BngMah, French tad Carman languages; teeldeaoe 309 BVwcry, between Vint and Second street*, ACADEMY or MD81C.-LA3T VUl.-rCK TS1 Initial. Ik* LA ?BaNGB *PIU TBOOn will pwftn BaUfcai'* w*ll ????? um|| 1 pu?it*nIT OH MONDAY EVEN IN ?. JUNE 4, "?fix husk* mgmoe raff abliI nun, BIO NOR HuUlLl, ?( . _ 910*0* MA KIWI. MiiImI Dlntlw Conductor aigaor Atditi Buu Ml be sheared it Hall A Son'a; JeMo'a, 619 Bread ???; ui It tkl Ui itM ef Olilk Itai idnb friMi at AinMtoi:- Fmiit, Fwim) CMt, |M tint Ctrale, 11: iMutd, U H; rutilj Cum, N mtii iailii thefttf ? M HA M . >iih?mi at ~X: tk* Opt* to wmiiii h8 *'*>? k, Bowbrt theatre- l p. w aldeo*. rioPKimi ud VuiMt; bWn iiDH ttui Itiuir PriM ?f admission ? Boih, M mta; I'M, 11* lemMl fltlliii 1% Mti: ?M*at* Boxes. t& ? Monday tmlu, Jim 4. ihk last manT^ Geoffrey Dal* Mr. B. JoUnitim GRAND DIVEKTISEMENT. jack sheppaed. Metropolitan theater, broadway, opp? nt*B?i< itraet. ME. HACKETT respectfully aaaiBBeei this u the UHl WEEK alTH KB or HIS OWN PBRI0BMANCES OR MANAGEMENT. Door* ?pea at 7 and performance will begta a*. 7>i o'clock precisely Seats nay b* lecured for eith*r of tb? night* tbi* week at AO Cf DIP. ill BILCONY AND DRESS BOXES, without distinction of pricei HNiAiai. Meaday? E1NG HENRY IV. FalstafT Mr. Haekitt For aitrong ia*t of lh? other el aractori ici bill* of the theatre Tuesday? MA8AN IELI O? P< nella, Senorita Solo. After wh'th, Monsieur Halle t (tbo exiled General ef Napoleon,! will be reprei-eited hy Mr. ??uke?t, In oomplianoo with fab lie request. T? enne ?de with i farce Wednieday-MkKRY WIVES OP WINDSOR, lait time, and a Ball?t Uivertiiement. Thursday ? Benefit ot KINORITA SOTO. Friday? KINO URN BY IV-Falitaff, (laai tine J Mr. Backelt. Saturday? Mr. HACKETT'R Benefit, aad positively last ?Pi earn eo or managerial direction. A variety of enter tainment*. Prices of Admission ?Pro?eealnm Boxea for six perioai, S6 lad $t\ according to leeality, Oreheitra Chaire, each, SI; Balcio} Scati. Iiress Ciro'e aud Parquitte, 4(1 cents; family Circle and Upper Boxes. 26 eeati. BUCKIEY'S SEREN ADERS, S3 9 BROADWAY.? MON day evening, June 4, and all tbi* week, tfae musical bnrletta of tke TWO POMPEYS. Pompey No. 1 R. Bishop Buckley Introducing sevtral original musieal composition!. N1GKO BlNHTstELBl, at a superior erder with tt e celebrated O. S. Boekliy ia kil niw piece, CROW OUT .SHANGHAI. CvuiDif aeoi at 8 o clock Ticket*, it eeaM. PERIIAM'S ETHIOPIAN TROUPE, t*3 BROADWAY. kl^rAY. HEN RUT Of A. JoNBS, BANJOIST, on which occmIob will be presented th? laughable hurleiiue OB NATIONAL BABY SHOW, wbiih hai been sreeted everv evenint lor 'wo weekf witk TKBMENllOUS APPLAUSE. Preceding Baby Show in unequalled programme, em bracirg NEUhO M I ^ STKEl.SY, DANCING, Ac. Ticket*, !i cent i. Commencing at 8 o'clock. WALLA CK S TnEATKE.-F.XTRA I AST NIoHT OF TUE PRESENT SEASON, TUESDAY, JUNE ft, BENEFIT OF MB. LESTER. MR. Wallace will have the honor of addressing the audience, a* usual. al the do*e of the seatou. Pint tight here ?f Colemin'i splendid comedy of THE JEALOUS WIFE. Second nirht of the beautiful comedietta of WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY. Mr. Blake, Mr. latter, Mr Brongham, Mr. Dyott, Mr Stewirt, Mr. Viaoent, Mr. Bland, Mn. Boey, Mn, Cotottf, Mra. Cramer, Ac., Ao., will support tbe entertainment!. Box Book now open. BOW1RY TBEATRE.-MRS. J. M. COOKE RESPECT fnlly lBtortni l>ir trieadi and tb* public in general that ber Benefit will take place on Friday evening, June 8, en which ooeaiion will be praam ted an attractive aud powerful bill. Sho will be aieiated by a Brilliant array ot talent. Several emlnert volunteer* will appear. Tbe Box Book i* now open, and ieat* may b* iccured. Broadway tabernacle. URAND MUSIuaL FESTIVAL C0NCEK1 MONS1KE A LA JULLIEN, IDHDAV Et?'NINC, Jl'NK 0. Brilliant ai d Attractive Array of Talent. MD'LI E MARTINI D'oRMY, Tbe prima dour i contralto ot tbe German and Italian opera*. MJSbMAblON MACARTBY, The popnlir vooaliat from Burton'* theatre. MR. FRANCIS TREVOR, Prom WaUaok'i tbeitre, by petminaioaof Mr. W. J. Wallaek. MM. GEORGE LE J EU>E, A. R. A trom toe Royal Aeademy ef Muiic. ML1E. CAM1LI.E UMBO, The roiowned violiniit. TIIE BROTH RRS Ml) I.I. EN HAUER, Tbe eminent violini?t? who accompanied Monf. Jullien to tbii eonntry, and create! rotirntonnd a sensation by their elaiateal ana *laa?ing pertoraiancea. 1ULL OKt HSSTRA, Selected from the Pkilharmoaio Society and Italian Opera, ia conjunction with FULL MILITARY BANDS. Will perfbrtr, tor the fir't time in tbia eity, an enttrely new cv.rture, competed aad dedicated to M.JaUien bySic. BottetinL Jallieu'i great deacrlptlve work, THE FIREMEN'S QUADRILLE, with all tbe criginil efi- oti a? produced hy M. Jullien and hia monater orcliectra a 'be Crystal i'al*ee. "Tie Kity Did I'oIIia," ' .tmvticin Qaadrille," Grand Greratio Seleotioni, Binfonla by Mendelaiohn, ''lriab Qaad rille," te t rice of Adrogation Twenty-five centi Secured Kr?erved Seata ? Fifty eenta Ticketa may be obtained at the Taherntule at any time pre'ioui to 4 o'clock on tbe evenlug of the conoeit. l>n?ri open at 7 o'clock; oonu?rt oommenooi at 8 o'elook. I'Oite and attentive uiben will be ia attendanoo to ouaduot vitlteri to their aeata. The ruBLic is respectfully informed that 1S1UORA CLaRK. AMERICAN PklMA DONNA, will give her third ai d lint CRavd CONCERT in t hia city, on Tuesday evening, June 12. Theatre for rent.? the building known as the Pelican theatre, tituited on St. Cbarlei atreet, oiipvtiteto Perdido itreet, New Orleani, togethnr with all tbe aceuery, turcitnru, Ac. Built for an amphitheatre, it kai all the neceaeary improvement! for moh. The location ia the belt in tbe olt> and to a gocd and reiponiible tenant it will be rented low, and a long lcaae ri*en if demred. For term apply to DANIELS & D1 DWELL, l'boinix Hon**, New Orleani. T 0 THE THEATRICAL PROFESSION ?THREE PAIR of very rich and handsome pas to knee buoklea for *ale. L. A J. JACOBS, 407 Broadway. WATCHES, JEWELRY, &C. CALIFORNIA DIAMOND SINGLE STONE GENTLE intt'i pint,, atlA, in brilliancy and appearance to the rtal diamond; ladie*' pine, riage, croaeea, atnda, ear ringe, Ac., act ia every ntjle and at price* to eait every* (inly. Old orlg.aal L. A J. JACOBS, 407 Broadway. Reduced prices watches, jewelry, dia monda and ailver ware. The DiidcraiKned, tor to* laat eighteen year* a well known dealer and importer, < fieri l?r aaie all goode in hie line, at lower prion* for the rame quality, than any other houae in >?w ) ork, 1 hilkdelpMa, or an* other oity, and will (end by mall or expieaa. WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ac., to all parte of the United btatea, tree ofaharne. All rood) w arranti d a* repreaented. Ordere by mail, poatpaid, faith foil j attended to. WATCHB8 Dagumeotype watchee $100 to $154 Jurgenkun w?tcbee, genuine viarrauted 150 te 254 t. i.oper watobea, geouiiio warranted 125 to 2W Independent aeeumt natche* 125 to 254 Pocket obranim.eteri 125 to 2SC tight day walchea 140 to 185 Ladiea' enamel watcbet 35 to 104 Ladies' diamond watcbea 55 to 3liti Magic watciiet 100 to 75 Gold hi. u tin* le?era, tull jewelled. 18 carat 40 G'ld open fared levera, full jewelled, 18 carat. . . 24 Silver open tecod levera, inll jewelled 18 bilver lepinee 8 JBWELRY. Earringe II 50 to $25 04 Pine 1 50 to 25 0 Bracelet* 5 00 to 80 Of Geld locket*, one, two, and four glaaae* ] tx) to 25 00 Gold Guard >Jhalna 10 HO to W> M) Gold i batela ne, or BeltChalae 10 00 to 1IU Of Gold Veat t ham* K "0 to 85 IN Gold Fob Chain) 6 00 to 13 04 Gald feacile 1 .25 to 10 Of Gold Pene and Pencil* 3 50 to 25 Oil 2 00 to 12 ft Chaaed Gold King* 1 00 to 5 94 Plain Geld Ring* 76 te 8 Of Jewelry ef every deaoriptMn. DIAMONDS. Dtamend Single Stone Pine $15 00 U $1,800 Of Diamond Clnater Pine ' 3(1 00 to 400 Of Diamond Riega 7'0te 200 00 Diamond Earrings 100 IHJ to 900 08 Diamond (Toaaea .*. 25 00 to MUO Of Diamond I. raoeleta 100 00 to 850 Uf A*., Ae . Ae. silver ware. Silver Teaepoona per aet $5 00 ta $0 04 Silver Deaeert Spoona jar aet 12 00 to 15 00 Silver Table Spot na per aet 15 ilO to 25 Of Silver Table Ferka per aet 15 WO te 3H 04 Silver Deaaert perka per let 1.1 00 to 23 00 Silver Weddiag Cake Eaivee, Pie Knivea, riah Knivea, Fickle Fork", lee t ream Eotvea, Frut Knivee, Butter En via, Cliildrea'e Bote, ?la. : Knife, fork and Spoon; Silver Cape. Napkin Ringe, Ae. Watebea. Cl< efce and Jewelry repaired at le?e man tbt aauai prteee. Waiehee aad Jeaelry taken in exchange. GE?. C. ALLEn, Importer ef Watchee aad Jewelrv, Wholesale aid RetaiL Ne. 11 Wall atreot, (?eooad floor J rear Broadway, Maw fork. TO THE CONSIDERATE. ? A GEXTLF.MAN WHOSE meane are, aafnrtei.eiely, reduced, weald ??ll his watch, a very valuable patent lever gold watoh. A bargain >aldom to b? made ie aew offered. Pkeaae addreee Caiaa Marluv, Herald uAre. EXTRA PAT. enn ?-AND WARRANTS WANTED? OK THE MEXI ej UU ean and Florida war. and the war of 1812. and also llliaeif, Mtarouri aad Arkaaaaa pate ita, located in 1812, long flare Mild tor taiee; alao patenta located ainee 1847, In Illinoia. Wiecnnaie ami Iowa, for which the highest caah price w"l be given. Apply to G. U. SHtrrELDI, No. 2Nae eeu atreet, firat Beer, two door* from Wail ?tr?et. BOUNTY LAND, PENSIONS.-NOTARY PUBLIC.? Sallore, eoldier*. Ao.. widow* and minora, wiahiug prompt and apcedy euoceae, will oall on the onderiignel. Caiea taCourt of Claime de?| at"hed. Law buaineea eueeeee fully done. WM. UMANDiN,79 Naraau atreet, room 10. VJ ATT BOUNTY LAND ANO""EXTRA PAT'' OFFICE X> ? Bounty land* and "extra pay" for U. S. Navy itilora Ao-Ja all war* alne* 1790? their widow* and heir a ? prompt j obtained and paid . Ba'ancee dne widow* and heir* ef deeeaeed IT. S. eaUer* aad otbera collected, and all kind* ef elaime walnut th? OaJ ?eri State* recovered by undersigned; end the widow* or heire of ?b*ee who penabad with Waited State* chip ' Alba I ny," will be t refitted by catling on EDWARD BISSELL. Ageat aad (late) Puree* U. 8. Navy, 87 Wall itreet. RESTAURANTS. "rtLD STAR HOTEL," 04 LJBPBNAKD S"*"; V I near Broadway? E*tabli*hed by Reynolde. 1W. now open JOSH BROOKS, late ef Ciadaaati, ?ad formerly ef Maaakaetec, Eaglaad. prqriaM. ^Lca flAiDiR -Tim or ooMtmcmmc^ Doors eaea M 7; Overture U MHMI at fx, ?? taia rim at fl o'clock pro?l-?ly. w_ . . PYNR AND HARRISON ENGLISH OPllA ?CM/AJfTi chime or orti i (T11T mHft Monday evening, J aae 4. i ret time hera, A?b?f ? FRA DlAVoVO. Tr* Zerlira - tra lnavtlc Mr._ M?i Pine, Mr Borrani, Mr. Horaceetle aad Taeeday? Aaker'a CROWN DIAMOND?. Wednesday ? Doaiittti's DAUGHTER Of MINT. Tbnriday-BeUlni's SOMNAMBULA. Fnda,'i MARIIaNA. Saturday? lialfe's MUIIEM1 AN GIRL. _ , . UICI1L aovica. Ticket Private Boiaf Orchestra heat? ????? _ Be* office open daily from 8 A M. to 4 P. 1L, far I Orchestra Seate and Private Bexea only. ,? WALLACE'S THEATER B ROAM WAT. KJKAh Broome atreet. -Monday, Jon . 4. Last Night but Ubi o? tmc ScAaow. O'Keefe'a Una eomedy ot WILD OATS, aid tb? mart ptpalar farce 'J11K NAW FOOTMAN. Tuesday? Last night ?r the kuoi. BENEFIT OF MR. LESTER. Mr. Wallaek will appear and addrea* tbeaudltnae. FUkt night m thi? th >atre of tba tpleedid lfl<| ef THE JEALOUS WIFE. Second night of W HIRE THERE'S A WIIL THERM'S A WAT. Oa thete evrnirgi Mr. Blake. Mr. Lester, Mr. Brougham* Mr. Dyett Mrt. Uoay, Ao , Ac , wtU appear. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM-OPEN RVRRT bay and Evening, with lta immense array at CuM. ties ana Amufements. THE UK AND NATIONAL BABT BMW Will take jlace < n ItlMiAV , WEDNESDAY. TBURSDAT and FRIDAY, 'one 6, ti. 7 ai d 8, IkVi, * hen the neat INTERESTING DISPLAY OF 11a.M>SOMB INFANTS, aa we)) ?? the mi tt extraordinary collection at TW. NS, TRIPLETS, QUARTERNS and FAT BABIB8, "?i witnened la the world, will be preaeatad, aa4 npwaidt S> El EVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS IN PREMIUMS distiii oted among the inoat meritorious by the lady judged. ? FORTY THOUSAND VISITERS" Tbe moat ample arrangement have been made tor I aad egress at the Maaenm on thla <er%aton, bv whftah may ke comfortably accommodated, on each day ef the Baby Show, during the bouri act apart tor that exhibition. Th? Baby Show will oentmne BACH DAY, FROM U A. M. TO 3 T. M., aad at 3 o'eleck on Thursday afternoon TBI ADDRESS, BY MKS. L. N. FOWftBR, Kill le delivtrtd la the Lector* Room. Notwithstanding the large amount of maaay rxpeaded la ireftiam* Irr thia Show, tbe ad aiittaace ta all the CartM*> tie* of tteMmeum inclnding tbe Babr Show aad the Bra in a tie Eatertainaeats, as well aa the Ulan tea*, Dwarf Lady, All ino Ladyt, Ouraag outang, living ottriekee, Fejoa Met* maid, Happy Family, Ao , Ac., will he aa nsaaJ. ONLY 25 CENTS- CHI I. D REN HALF PBICE. Ia tha Lecture Rsom will be presented, EVERY EVENING aT 8 O'CLOCK, aad WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS AT K Prom Monday, 4fh June, to Satarday. ike 9th. tbe sew aad deeply lntercating drama, ia three acta. i?\f being played in London with great tocova, aad entitled T11E LONBLY MAN OF THI OCEAN; or. Thk Night Bcvorb the Bridal. Lieut. Adam Baahford Mr. C. W, Clark* fyrus Bloom.. Mv. Etc BUlington On tko other Afteraoona of the week, select meat entertaining dereript low. Tbe feUow ing ia what tbe E rating Poet newspaper aaya ta retard to the Baby Show:? THE BABY SHOW. Tbia qae?r and much berated txhibitioa, projected ky Barnom. ia to apen on the morning ot Tneaday, the Mfc aC Jnne. withent fall. It wUl continue open aaul the faUeW-> ing Friday evening. Tbe preminaa amonnt, in alt, ta aad tbe lady judges will be anthoriiod to add to the list aay amabei eC diplomas, at discretion. Ob Tboraday, Mra. L. N Fovler will deliver the addreiM in the Lecture Room. The jndgee are all lad lee ef reapeeta bllity, and doubtleaswill be strictly im[ Ob Tboraday, Mra. L. N. Fovler will deliver the addratM all lad let Barnom 1 aa beea ridieuled aad a"l>uae7aoSl( little fer thiM eibilitiop, hut we venture to ray that be has (trash a van ef pnblie oirloiity which most of the mothers and maay aC tie fathers in the laud will be glad of aa oppor'.oaity aC gratifying. One hundred licked babies, aadsc Sve years at age. all in one room, is a sight never yet witneiaedfaa thla eoatineat. The Mnsenm Is nnqaeationably tba UREAT PLACE t?F FAMILY AMU8KMBNT, ia always clean, qaiet, orderly, and vl?ito<! by ettkaeas an< atraigers who desire rational entertainment, aad wosld avoid anything calculated to oerrapt tbe miad ar taiat tk| juvenile imagination. Admiaaioa, 25 eents; children under tea, half prise. GEO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, <73 BBOAB way, above Grand utreet. OPEN EVERY EVENING. For tbia wee*, Ethiopian Miaatrelsy, Daaetag, Aa., sea eluding with tbe WANDERING MINSTREL. Doera opea, 6>i, eommanee, 8 o'olook. Tickets ? entl All baalueaa transacted by B. W pad. Joan B. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF EDROFB AND SIEGE UF 8EBASTOPOL, At Csinui Aiacaauv Rooms. 639 Bboiwat, ahewtag una hvbhrbo views, forty last wide, of the principal CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST W MDBOrM. Every evaaiag, at 8 o'clock, aad even Datardaj after no c a, at 3. The aiaeie by Mr. Alwya Field, at Loaaaa. Admiaelon ? MiW UNCLE TOM'S CABIN.? J. N. STILLS' GRAND ?I orama of llacle l'cm's t' the work of a distlagwlah ed ParUian artist, just reealved from Europe, flrn time pub icly announced in till* onus try, will be Mted (previous to going West) at Dr. Penmactoa'a eharah. Prince ktteet, near Marion, on Tnaaday eventag, Mh; Rev. J. V. Morwan'a Second atr*-et Bethel ohareb, Wedaeada* evening. 6th; Rev. J. M. 'VllHema' A. M. R. ehureb, Bddgo atreet, Brooklyn, Thursday evening, 7th ? oaebalf the pre ceeda for the benefit ot tbe aaid cliurobes. CHINESE ROOMS, &39 BROADWAY ? MR. A. SBDG wick 'a Couecrtlna Concert, 'IhuraCay, Juae7. Teesl ints ? Me -dame* Lovarnsy, Dackwortb, Brawn, Mesara. Pra ter, fcto pel. Brown, George Uarusou. Coaoerttaa duet, Mesirs. Sedgwick and Field Botataed Scat*, M oaats. Tickets, IS cents. To be bad of A. Sedgwick, teacher at piano and oouc?rtina, 544 Broome street. FRANRL1N MUSEUM, NO. 63 BOWBRT, NBARLY opiHiaite tbe Bowery Theatre. Performances every af ternoon, at 3, and every evening, at 8. N. B ? Stranger* will observe that tbe Franklin Mt seam is tbe ealyplaeeia tbe United States whsre the Model Artists are esnibited. with ether origiaal entertainments. Remember, Ne. M Bowery. OLYMPIC CIRCUS. 45 BOWERY, UNDBR A SPACI oas anmmer pavildon ? H. Prancoai aad BwraeM Run nalli, proprietf r?. Open every evening. Afternoon per fermaaeea on Wednetday and Saturday. MR. THOMAS C STEERS WOULD MOST RB?PBCT fnlly inform bis friends, that his teatimoaial beaeftb will take place on next Friday evening, June 8. EKMOVALS. I.A>GWORTllY, ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAN*. rj . tictun r, bin removed to 192 Broome * treet. An op portunity now offtra tor young ladle* to obtain permMemk and oomloitibio ?ituitioua A :orewom?n 1* aleo wanted, te lake charge of the work room, and ttrual appreation, REMOVAL.? THOMAS N. DALE A CO. HAVR RE moved to No. 1H Warren itreet. MEDICAL. Dr. swan apprises kid friends ANDTHOSB who wiah to eenault him, tbat hii offloe in removed lrotn 81' Muimy atreet to No 1 Cbatbam eqaare, in pactttet abtp with lJr. I.hke. Conaultation* from 8 A. M. to N F. H., Sunday* excepted. DR. FR. OEllAT'S OFFICE. FOR THR SPECIFIC treatment ol pile* and di?ea*?a of the bowela In gene ral, 341 fourth atrett, enmor of rt mi J way. offloe hoeri 12, 1. ?> and 8 1*. M. < nre warranted or trvaimewt not aom nn need Money returned wr.eunot eatiafied, four weak* after. Intrrinxtcut tev^ra euren in all in* tanoea wl'.bowh injnriDK the *eu?ral heaiL in the alightee* decree. Protec tion aKhintt future attack* by wutimal iota*. MLARMONT, PARIS AND L('NIiON PHYSICIAN ? and inrgeon, au'lirr of the Medical Advieer and If? riage Guide, S46 ;.ape? 76 enRravuga, ( trailed by him, *eal*4 alottly, to any adore** fir $1,) i* eonaulted at 42 Haiti strut, cornir of Broadway, from 11 a, M. toil 2, and ( ta 9 P. V., hnnaaya exeepted. Thoae at a distance treated by nail and raj rein. We cononr with other paper* in r?eedi inrndliiR Dr. L. and bin treati?e. ? Dixpateb, Conner de Etatg Cnia, Day Book. Staat* /eitun*. National Deraoorat, A*. VT OTICE.? THE INDIAN, Dr. E. OSTRANl^ER, 419 i.1 l'carl ?tre> t, frpoti'a Mndiaon, challenge* the eattM meoieal world in the cure of rhenmatita, heart dlaeaitL eon?umi<tion. auiofnia, fever *ore*, oanoera, pile*, II ta, ana all obitrnotiona. SCRE CURE -DR. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE** Friend now if need before every other remedy. The i certain erne known. Do not toa deaeived. It la the i remedy (bat will not diaappotnt. Quite origlaaL with merearv or mineral ptlaone Ne one aver triad tha Oatorta nate'a Friend but axfreaaed hi* admiration of Ha lint eonallv pleaiant aa aaluiary. Many are enrad tv ana de*a_ Oflea Canal at., eaa door eait at Broadway. ?B ITHE GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF TH* 1 h* -EK. EENNEDY, al Roxburv. ha* dUaavatad la ana ot our oomaion paatun wood* a remedy that aorae ave^ kind af buntr, from tha want aeorfnla dawn to a eotaaea pHaplo. lie haa tried it In over 1,100 eataa, and never failed, uaapt ia ton eaiea? both ti.nnder bnmor. He ha? saw In hi* naa aeaaiun over two baodrad eertateatae af ita vlrtae, all alula tweaty mllra af Bnaton Tno bottlea are warranted ta eare a aurein* nore mouth. One to tbiee b?ttlea will care tha wont kind ?r|taplea?a the face. Twv to three bettlae will cure aha ?v*tem af Mb. Two eotM*? era warranted ta eore me wan* oaaker ia th4 month or atnmarh. lhr?e *o five t-ntile* axe warranted to o-tre tha went aaM Of eryalpela*. Owe to two bottlea are warranted ta oute all hamer la tha ejaa. Two benlaa are warranted to eare running af tha eye* aa4 blotch** amuni tha hair. Foar te aia battlea are warranted ta oureaarrwpt aad rna n hi a nleere One bottle will f*T' aealy adoption ai the akin. Two to < hrea bottle* are warranted be eare tha wovet aaM of rinrwotm T*a te tbrea not tie* are warranted ta enra tha seat i?a perate eaue of rbeumatiaw. 1 brea to fonr battlea are warranted to a are tha ult rbetim. l ive to eifrht vettlea will enra tha want eaae >f aerofnlm A Nm?#t ta alwaya eaperlenced ftoae the #f*t hettle, aac etir? warranted whaa tha aheve ^naat.ty m Rrader, I padded aver a thoneaad hottlea af tht* ta th? vteni'.tj of B' aveu I know tha ?iTeota ef It '* ?7*f7 f o tore aa water will . xttnuu'ab *r?, f> '.,r*. 7'" A*? **_**? hnmnr. I never ?ald a bottle of it Jet that aald Mathat} ter a trial it alwaya areaka f.r IteeH. Thy awfaaetl^nga atawt tri? herb that appear te '_?? .. ' , V_t ?rowe in <>nr paetore*, la aome JJ, , yet, ita valne Uac naver ^*"9 bJTta e f tnaai 1.^ U4?; atf'H that it alwald ra^all Un^ er am*. In dar to rl*e >?t Idenof ?*?" a thooaaad bM'laa per day ot it. N? ai aa?aaf dieh "'I Jwt^air; th" f"1 ??* T?" af It. ftr ??- Adelta, one table apoonfal ear day ahfl ?,vT oe?r year*, depart apooafnl ; ohlldren fro* tva ta .r ht \ '%n> t?a apoon'aL A* no dlreetlana eaa be aai li^ate all eonXUat on*, take euffieient to oparata aa I Vowel* twlee a day. Mr Kennedy <ivaa paooaal ?taa ?nee In bad eaee* af errofula Mannfhetnrad by Kennedy Ne. I5< Warren *traat, RoxbaryJteM- T Wholeaale M"lt fir New York? (Tha*. ta. RVdc. Na. II Broadway;?. T. CMekeaw, Na . tt RaraUj '?taoaTA. P. 5aada, *? 141 F niton ? treet; Manh A Nartttaa, 1M Onaenwirhatreat: Phuflltn A Brea, A Co., 170 WIIHm Mraety Bovd A Taml, Chamber* atnat ; F. C. WaDa A 0a., Iff Franklin a treet; M'Eeeon, Robbtn* A Go,, VaMta ha Bavilaad. Bern all A Rieaay. Warrat atnat; Ward, Claae E Oa., Matdaa laaa, aad ntaUad by aU raapeetable

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