Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1855 Page 5
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ef la "KmuIVW," the well known and rtficsatve opsia ef AmUj, Bertueaa ****** iBim l the pert ef Elvira with great judgment an execution, art wae rapturouily applauded. The Fene - )a at Mademoiselle Zee wae graceful, art, thoag mrte, ...7 of interpr.Uiio.. The ether cetera to ttorc ,1ec?e were well rMtalnsd. The great star of eke night, however, we. Mia Hea.ler, e young lady of American hirth ead forel?a education, who appeared in ?T*2Sdaetof^ Linda df Chamouaix." ami charmed STZIfKHre ef swiet aeoad. Ebe wae more ael< posoecaed i.prasertation, and went through ^TrAu with a grace of action and a power of voice indicate the germ. of a geniua that 11 jet destined W be aa ora.rn.nt to the American lyric drama. ThraGxans. Or?..?A ehert aeaeoa of Germ? Ope? irfll he commenced thie trening at Wallack' t theatre, with Eocisstti's r.ry popular opera, "The Daughter of the Regiment." A number of very popular artiste era heeluded >a the company, and the aoaaoa ebould be a preeperoue oae. W.ix.CE'8 THuarna?Fuxsch V.cdxvilui -The French vaudeville company gar. iU fifth repreaeuUtlon at thie theatre laat night, rhe houee wae well filled, and the performance, gore general aatiafaction. Thna fartbe ZsMriment mode hy thia troupe mem. to justify the of e permanent French thee tie he?. Celebration of the Anniversary of the Battle af Bunhtr Hill, In Brooklyn. qui, aaaireraery was duly eelebrated la Brooklyn yes terday, by the Veteran Corpe of 1812, the American Volunteer., aad Washington Light Guard. The Vetera? af Klngi county, under eommand of Col. Hardeabrook, pieeeeded to the headquarter, of the New York Vete rans, at No. 02 Llapenard etreet, before noon, and, la aeeor dance with previous arrangement, both bo die., under oommand of CoL Raymond, and escorted bj the remnant of the Flret regiment New York Volunteers, Captain Harper, marched to Brooklyn by way of the fhlton ferry, 'rhey numbered nearly 200 strong. and marched with the precision ef veterans. Fifeand drum wan the employed for the occasion *^e o??we ef the two corps pwmnt were Brlpdter^kejralVer ?lank Celonel. Hardeebrook aud Jonet. llajor uaiey. Adjat'ant-Grn.ral Taylor, Adjutante Buttree, Fvfe Btidrsth: Captain William., Lieutenant! Fox, St. John W o. ?"! "?/ serried through tbe Ifexiean war, and we noticed acre _ith ncdafa which had been presented to them for Start the battlefield. The Vetera*. dta* ntayed fenr or fire American flag., and a banner, on which wm Inscribed, " The Veterans of the War of 1812, rt Kinls county T rtey arrired on the BrooUyn side about 244 o'clock, and inarched to the tomb of tbe mar ly re ef tLo prison ihipe of the*'""jj. "n main* lie buried in a vault under th-Navy Tart wall, m Hudfon avenue A'ter forming In II? In front of the ertrance, Adjutant Hlldreth, of the Kiugs county corps, xesrt apoloiies for non-attendance from Geo. Bmtry and Mr. Msrrich, of Philadelphia; Gen. Leslie Coombs, of Kentncky; Hon. W..H. Seward, of Now .York; and A. Wxi^ TC'SftSmd tbe Veteraiu in a pa totatic SfteadnTthJaiunts of tbe Reyolution and Mbeequeat biatory of the country, ?d concluded by h?ug that the proceeding, of this day weuMglyean Impetus to tbe project of raising a monument to the martyr., which would rosult in its comm?noement on Fort Greens and speedy completion. A*Mf.tb?';e ae.di.xs, they marobedlnto the Nary Yard, and were Motived by Captain Hudson. Aflar exchanging mvi litici, tb?y proceeded to tbe City Hnll? where they wer *TheMamerican Volunteer*, a new organisation, the Brat company of a regiment In process of formation, ftnraed out in good force They wear a blue uniform, trimmed with whits, and present an .xcsediugly -est appearance. TheofiBoere are, Captain, Joeeph Morgan, jfrst Lieutt ?nt, D. K Seaman; Second Lieutenant, G. K Hyde; Paymaster, R. F. Hulee; Ensign Bisstll, and ?Sf SSStS?Cght Guart uuewlro P?adrt in hMH of the day. l'hey are attired in theoldconti ?ratal uniform, which is always attractive on acoount af the aasociationa csnoeoted therewith. T?y *er? mill tbe eommand of Captain Wm. H. Sharp. A good hart of music aciompanled them in their"J*01**. . In the CTsnirg u large and verj respectable l*???* hsok place at the Atheneum, in Atlantic street, to com ma mora e tbe anniversary of the oattle of B""*?* art to aid toward* the erectien of a monument to the martyr, of the British prison ships, in the ^The^audienoe comprised many ladies. The Vetera? ?f the War of 1812, and the American Volunteers, at - - . . ? a it.. i\.<.?U1?m i'iimmnn flAllffl (*.11. ti me war t>? aoaa, ?uu _ ? ? tended in a body, and the Brooklyn Common Council, being patriotically inspired, adjournd and lsnt the meet tag the light of tbelr oounte?nce?. . A bend of music we. in attendance, and interspersed the proceeding, patriotic airs. Hm-JohnTBrem.n'occupied fte chair ud about SX ?'deck introduced tbe Rev. Mr. Chapln at the first "*llr obserred that they cam. here u oitixi? fie lend their aid towards the rearing of a monument to the memory of the patriots of the revolution who had dtad la the terries of their oountry on the British prison akins in the Wallabout. They m.t here for one oommon sasn&Bf SS5; 1S52Ssy?!?SK tto one from the other. It would M as .upsr toto? as oDtonslve to go Into an argument, or even Illustration of their patriotism, as it would be were he to stand nph!waXoffer^t?cht??^dtenc? 4va eidwenfirr fteta of our history, infl sty vo inem that from the sentiment of human liberty, do? all true patriotism took root andgrew, rapsrateoo labies became one oountry, and British met isd was checked by the organic spirit of h rtliod uwi it wm well that the firing ef guns and crackers mm the 4th of July reminded ? of the patriotism of our ataee. and that by admiring thsir heroism w. reminded of neglected duty, of honor wo i their ashes. The patriotism of o? father, was the patri otism of ideas. They struck for principle, which ere m enduring m the agesand a. firm a. the world Therevolu tioa w? not tbe movement of a mob but the march or deliberate counsel art well laid liabilities. They counted the sort, snd calculated how 10,000 oouid and overcome them. In conclusion, he urged upon all the necessity of rearing monum.nte to the heroes of the reveluticn, art ?t let it longer be raid that republics ""aj?!?trtfcMMe were mmdj. Mr. Headly, J. L. Jarntgia, end George Taylor, Eeqrs. The meeting terml?ted at a late hour. The proceeds are to be applied to the preparation of a vault cm Fort Qree? for the martyra' romalM. ?h ?h? Halters In Use City and Coentry, A. Lalasd A Co., 171 Pearl street, beg leave to eaU the_aL tortteu of the trade to seversTnew stylee^of tela iait flnUhad, among which art the Yonng Amenoaj^ ??g fine white Japan hate, both of uncommon beautj ae well an inability' together with onr ueual large yaristy ofmcn c, "*Iw hate, aU of onr own mannf^tnre, 2gtLo lowoot market price, by the oaM Of doien. Ae IaB* toPD A CO., 171 Pearl street. White's Young America Hut, tor Young ta _ow readr and beauty of style and tor the eoTl Knnx*a Mew Hut Emporium?Knox will will be d*ligbted with the eslabUsbmeet. ooMCHian of his ?p tow? smporlum, M3 Brood X IkmM^yhsol bits can be obtained at both plaoss. Huttlns.?There Is no Branch of Mennthr* t?nit? if indebted for yarlone important improYementi mnde^urinr the laet ten yeare, and whoee euperb fa once have for na.y years psst drawn annually Increeslng crowds ef eusUnsrs to hit store, 118 Nassau street. To the Ladles.?A Splendid Assortment off millinery, straw g^a.d^h.k^kaU,^ ^ ^ Phologropfolr IntUtntr, 371 B^lwarJ tw? doors a bete Jajloi'i lama; tba art *%ugM flangiag, ttt latent Improvements.. Goo ^nr.r _for 91,. au Boaton Pianos Horace Water*, Wo. 333 I Broadway, haa tba agency of T. Gilbert A Co.'s PI- I aaai. whh snd without the jBollan, Jacob Chiekaring, Hal- I lata A Cnmaton's, and Woodward A Brown'a Piaaoa, all of I which have tba iron trame. and will atand ana climate.? I Thoy arc the boat Boaton makea, and will be sold at faotory I Rhii, wholoaalo and retail, with a liberal dl -count for oaah. I Pianoa to rant and ront allowed on purohaaa. Piaaoa for I aala on monthly payment! I BKelodcona.?8. D. Ah a. Smith's RIelodeons, tnnod tba eqsal temperament to whleh were recently awarded the Brat premium at the national fair, Waahiueton, B. C., tan be found only at No. M Broadway. A liberal dleooont made lor cash. The trade (applied on the moit 1|. hernl tome. OUBACB WATERS. House. Corner of Broatdwnjr, anal and Lie pel art! etreete. Thla new end elegant hotel, eondnetsd am the Buropean Ian, la now in the full tide of sueceaeihavlag become a po alar (topping place for Baa tern and Southern travel on lie way to the fashionable watering plaooi and apringe of tbo worth. Ita light and airy apartments, and admirably eon ducted sating arrangements have given great aatisfaotlon (hue far to the travelling publio, and invited a Corresponding "Tn^he (uf?ctory*"attaohed, every delicaey ef the season rtay ho had at tbo ehortoat notice, and nt all houra or the the day aad night; and few plneea in the oily ean enpply n cheaper or bettor dinner. The attention of the travelling nuhito ia reapaetfnliy called to tbeeo facto, and every ae auraaoo ia given by the management, that thtlr ntay at tha Braadieth House will hn rendered both ploaennt and agree able. or Clothing.?Ww have lately added ?way aew itjlee to our Tmmeneo atoek of faahionablo sum mer clothing, and woold advise our friend* to give no au early eall and make their selections, at th* mare daatrabl* style* will be scare# bafor* the eeaeon i# over. D. DEVLIN A CO., 3M, 169 sad MO Broadway, eoraer ef Warren atreet. Green's Shirt end Famishing Stove, Wo. 1 Aster House.?Attention Is invitad to the eo per tor articles lathe gentlemen's Inrniahiag dapartmsnt. The (toek In oladoe every variety of gauss, (Ilk, sephyr, Ltsla thread, Bhabor flannel, man's under tblrta end drawers, ties, ore wnte, sloven, half boas, gold ahirt stndaand sleeve buttons, mounted and otherwine, imported for the spring and sum nor trade. The prices are moderate and the assortment nnc^nnllsd. Zephyr Canal mrrr Salts, |M| Cheek Mar asHlos suits, $8 SO; eat/a superb bine olsth dre?e coats, 915; hnejeass'inere pnnts.92; fashionable Merae.lles vesta, 91, Ad ITAN|' t lotbipg Warehouse, tC end W f niton ? treat. To the Oilmen* of tb? Southern and W?t ?nSUtM-Lnniiffim my >|iiti ud correspond**'-* im various parte of th* (ooalry, that my dehkdaaa Aromatic Sehrxpp* Is extertively euusterfeited, especially in tb? Boa tkern ?nd Western States, and Hading that the piratee dar ingly ad'or tie* their perateieae deeeptione under the name which belongs to n; artielo, I think It naceeaaxy to oaution the eooounity against tlieae Tender! ot p ieon u> disguise. ? I introdneed the Schiedam Aromatic Sehnapps far the per poae ol supplying the medical faculty and tae whole com munity with a pare medicinal spirit. which might be pre scribed with contidenee in all eaaea where etimnlnnte were requited, without producing the fearful ecnaoqneneea which invariably ret nit from uiiug adulterate d liqeor. In order to renoer aaauranee doubly tare. 1 had the article aaaltied by ehemietd ef world-wide celebrity, and aubmltted it for expe riment tett te thoueanda of dletieguiibcd medical praoti tienera. The responses from thaaa sources war# ol tie moat unequivocal and eettefactory character. It ia now before the pahlle, anmunded with theee guarantees, and bearing tbeae nnlmianebable sailors'meats, and 1 call upon the ocmmnnitj te protest themselves and me their owa health and my reputation?by frowning down and repudiating the ?011001 speculator* who are peddling their fool eommodi i ua dor cover ol my trade mark. N o article had ever been imported from Holland into thle market, under the name ef Schnapps, previous to the appearaaoe of Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps, in tnie elty. The tret importation being made Into tbla city in the year eighteen hundred and forty eight, whioh can be inea by the Custom Hours bookt. I deposited my a trade mark in the United State* Ciatriot Courier the southern district, ia the year eighteen hundred and flfty-eao, and have the certificate in my poeteteien of that date. The great demand which baa thus bean created for the genuine article, has let tbo whole hive of eouaterfait*ra ia motion, and the duty I ?wa to my oustsmera and friaada, aad the public, oompala me from time to time to put them on their guard against ita poiitiea. 1 have established a depot at SB South trout at., Philadelphia, where the Western merchant! can draw their kupply at the New York price*. UDOl.PH'J WoLfK, IS Beaver street. Carpeting* and Oilcloth*, HO per Cent lea* tbaa usual prices?PBTKRSON A HUMPHKKY, 379 Broadway, ooraur of Whit* itr>*?, will Mil during this week at the above rates. Call and is*. Grant bargains may b* axptctad. hot Printed t? Royal Xagliab velvet carpets, 11a a 11*. per yard. It gllah tapestry Brussels csr-vsti, 8i., 9*. aad 10?. par yard. Raglish ingrain carpets. 4s . 6* and 6*. per yard. HIllAM ANDRR80W, 99 Bowery, Sign of great Amerionn Ragle, Boot* and Shoe*.?Executor's Sale to Clone an estate. ?A rare lot of ealf and patent leather boots, aad different styles of patent leather shsea, will be sold maob below coat, far tbo mouth of Jun* only, at 73 Nassau street Doll Show?This Show off the Season, at ROGBRB'B fancy store, Me. 449 Broadway, will eontlau* through tb* wook. embracing every vSMctv of dolls, from thesis* of one half au iooh to lull grown babies, dressed and undressed, black and white, orying aad laughing?suoh a display a* will afford all the littf* girls in Maw York an op portunity to make a leleo'ion Also, every variety of Toy* and Camas for tb* amassment and instruction of children, lor sal* at prices that Rogers, by bis own importations, can only afford to soil thorn. Ho. 449 Broadway. Spiritual Hanlleatation*. ?Some believe In t beir genuineness?other* don't; but a lady whs wear* CAN TRILL'S gaiters never afterward* ana bo persuade 1 to patronise anybody else, whiob Is a fast, wo believe, appre ciated by those both credulous and lneredalou* of spiritual demonstration*. Ladies who oaa appreciate a really splen did gaiter, should sell at 336 Bowery. Lagtr Bier Bottled, bp the Ooxcn, in anjr Jiuantity, for family use, ana alwaya be had, by orders being eft at allSILI'S lager bier saloon, corner of Ureonerioh and Ccrtlandt streets. Also put up expressly for shipping. ?olden Dane Fire.?Blew York, Jane 18,1835. Messrs. Stenrui and Marvin?Gents: The tiro that entirely destroyed the building no. 10 Maiden Lane, on the morning of the ICth Inst., a part of whioh was oeeuplod by us, se verely tested one or your Riob A Co.'* Salamander Safes, Wilder'* Patent, No. 2.491 pure!used In February, 1850. li remained among the ruins for forty eight hour*, and on bu isg opened this morning, all the book* and papers were tcund to bo perfeotly legible. Yours, Ao , Dpixis A Bobbins, Mo. 10 Maiden lane. These safer, seeured by tbo oeiebrated "La Belle" look, are manufactured and sold by. BTIARHS A MARVIN. No, 146 Water street, 1 bo only makers of safes combining Rich A Co. sad Wil der'* patents. Alio for sale by FAIRBANKS A CO., No. 189 Broadway. F Wo Fiction.?An Appeal to the Candid.?'Jr. L. B. WRIGHT'S ScrofuloualAntidote is tb* only nodi cine ever discovered that may be tolled on for the otro of oon- i sumption and all other scrofulous disease*. It has per- | formed more wonderful onres than all other medioines of fered to the public. This medicine, to the affiioted, may bo hailed a* good news. GnUko ether medioines. it wtU not de ceive your most sanguine expectations. Also, Dr. L. B. Wright's Liquid Cathartic, or Family Physio -a complete revolution la medicine. This physio is dsstlasd to do away with all other purgatives now In use. It io perfeotly pleasant to tbo taste. Children, as well as ad alts, take ft with i lsasnre. It operates thoroughly, bat gently?produoos neither nausea nor griping?is th* cheapest physic in use, and is truly and honestly the best bilious aad alterative physio known. It is a perfect regulator of the stomach and Bowels, and will not leave the bowels eostlvo. As a worm icedlclne it Is unequalled. No family should bo without It. Sold wholesale snd retail at 409 Broadway, and at the prin cipal drng stores throughout tha United States. The Remedy off the Season?Or. R. F. Hob. bsid's Wild Cherry Bitters hav* stood the test of expe rience for years, aad is pronouaoed th* best remedy for nervous dyspepsia, torpid liver, purifier of th* blood, aad general prostration of the physioal power*, that oaa be used. It* praise 1* la city aad country. Call and try It. Prepared by H1BBARD A WHRRLIR. 83 Nasi an street, sad by dealers generally. Rill, Inimitable Hair Cotter, *o Dona and favorably kaowa, at 49 Nassau street, has opened a branch hair enttiag aad shaving room at Bo. 1 Barolay street, la as asat and comfortable stylo as any in the city. Shaving at both places 6 sent*. featr Dye, Wigs and Toapee* -Batchcloru'o sdohretsd factory for theee artiolee Is 333 Broadway. Nino private rooms for the application of hie marivaUod hair dye, wholesale and retail. Beware of imitations. The largest woertmont of wigs aad toupee* ia the world. Ohrlntadoro'a Excelsior Hair Dye bsui be. come a staple article throughout the United States. No druggist or perfumer ana afford te bu without it, for no other dye operates with tb* same oertainty and safety. The blacks and browns it produoos defy detootion as artlfleial. Sold and applied at No. 6 Astor Mouse. Use but a flask,'tis all I ask. Invented ky L LYON; 'Twill mak* yoa free from bag and flea, And all neb posts, rely on. But first be sur* his signature Th* lsbal to dooery onl There ore many flpnrtoa* Counterfeits. Lytn's Magnetic Powder has S. Lyon's autograph ua label. Depot 434 Broadway. Holloway'* Pill*?The Diver, the Stomach, th* kidneys.?These valuable pills, noting direotly upon this* organs, olesnso them from all Impurltiss, and thus give health and vigor to the system. Sold at the manufactories, M> Maiden lane, New York, and 244 Strand, London, and by nil druggists, at 23 eeats, 62X cents, aad pi per box. The Great Inhaling Remedy Ibr Asthma, consumption, and all diseases of th* throat and lungs?Dr. Curtis'* liygeana. Thouiand* have bean reatored to health the past year by the Hygeana. Principal office, 313 Bread way, snd eold by C. H. King. 192 Broadway. Prioe only S3 a package. Dr. CURTIS will b* at the office daily, from 10 to 3 o'olook, where h* may b* oonsulted tree of oh ergs. Whiskers or Moustaches Produced la Six week* by my'onguont. without injury or stain to the skin, tl a bottle; large bottle contains eight! of the email ones, $3; s*at to any part of the conetrv. R. G. GRAHAM,383 Broadway; litlgge, 37 State street, Albany. 7651 Brood way,?H ? T. Dovet's Medicated Wsbpene, an Indian vegetable preparation, a beautiful toi let for dressing th* hair, keeping it olear of dandruff; a pre ventive of gravaess aad baldness; transparent, and fres front oil. Price 80 cent*. Owner* off Horse* will find Dr. Tobfi**' Lini ment, in plat bottles, at 80 oeate, superior to anything else for curing colio, swellings, galls, bruises, lump*, Ao. Soli h^ all the druggUte and storekeeper*. Depot, 60 Cortland! Married. On Tuesday evening, Jane 6, by the Rev. James Miliott, at his residence, No. 171 East Seventeenth street, Mr. Willum Hanky Darn to Miss Susan Lrwib, all of New York. On Saturday, June 16, by the Rev Mr. Vaa llyke. Jamb A. Booakt, Eeq., to Miss amkua Euousia, second (laugher of Chsrtos J. Ryborg, Esq., both of Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, on Monday, June 18, at the Reformed Dutch Church, on the Heights, by the Rev. Dr. Bethun*, Edward Rugous, M D., of New York, to Mart A., daughter of John voorhiei, Esq , of the former place. Died. On Sunday evening:, Jane 17, after a very short bat ?evere lllnese, Ann, wire of Iboe. Bayban, in the 80th year of her age, a native 01 the pariah of Banna, county West Meatb. Ireland. The friends of the family, also the members of St Cry's T. A. B. Society, are respeotfolly invited to at a the funeral, this alter noon, at two o'clock, from her late reildenoe, ho. OS Ridge street At Oreenpoint, L. I,, Jobs Bii.kworth, aged 38 years, 10 months and 9 Cays. The funeral will take place from his late residence, J street, Oreenpoint, this afternoon, at tiro o'clock pre cisely. On Snnbey, June 17, in the 6th year of hie age, Darisl 0., eon of Nathan 8. and Harriet Reed. God took thee in hie mercy, A lamb umtaak'd, natry'd; He fought the light for use I He won the victory ! And thou art sanctified 1 The friends and aoquaiutanoes of the family, the members of Nentnne Ixxige No. 317 Free and Accepted Masons, also Sckford Lodge No. 334 1. O. of 0. F., are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this after noon, at two o'clock, from the residence of hie pa rents, No. 180 Cannon street. On Sunday, Jnne 17, after a short Ulneso, Jambs R. Swords, of the firm of Stanford k Swords, aged 88 years. Tbs relatives and friends of tho fasstiy are respectfully invited to attend the funeral service, from Trinity Cha pel, Twenty fifth street, this afternoon, at a quarter past three o'clock precisely, without further netioe. Suddenly, on SundayI morning, Jane 17, Kcorria A , wife of a/6. Bsgley. 'Tie pass'n?her life's laet thrilling dieam; Its love, its hopes are o'er, And she has passed the troubled stream That bounds death's silsnt shore. 'TIS pass'4?the troubled spirit fled; Her dream i. o'er, the loved one's dead. Funeral frcm A iter Place Hotel, at one o'clock this afternoon. The nlativee and Mends, together with <* Metropolitan Lodge rfo 273 F. and A. &UM,J STJ^ a?f Metropolitan Chapter No. 140 R A. M., aad the SirKilghte ef Morton Roaamp ment No. 4, are respectfuUy Invited to attend Her re mains will be taken to Greenwood. On Saturday, Jnse 10, Jamrb, el lest sou of Hurh K aad tho late Sarah K. Prentisa, aged 19 years, a mSntha and 0 days. His remains were Interred at Greenwood on Sunday af ternoon. ' On Monday, Juno 18, after a long and severe illness Margarjct, wife of Tbos. H. Chalmers, in the Alst year of ker age. The Mends and relatlvss of the finally are respeetfnOy invited to-attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 260 West Eighteenth street, to-morrow afternoon, at three o'clock. 0? Mowdey, Juwe 18, Jam 0> loot*, to. belovwd wife of r* tbco. of the invited to attend to. foff?1. ***? *wnTT,l^n?r o'clock, from her late imUmm, N? 25 wwuh*" *"?*,' Htr remain. will bo taken to too Cemetery of the Holy ^O^Bondoy morn'ng, Juno 17, of esarlet fever, ?**>*"? Fdoar, onlychlid of Wm. U. and Almlra C. Cramp, aged 4 ?" "nTftff--?1?&2X*J&? '~S~r. or the New Ycrk Porterm' B. A., ero toriied to attend the Xleto? from bor UU residence, No. 4 Mrau^hom ftieet, at two o'clock tolo afternoon, to Calvary Oeme U(fc Monday, Juno 18, !iW E., daughter of G. P. and Amanda M Oouthell, agod 7 month, and 11 day*. Funeral at two o'clock thin afternoon, from No. 40 ^AfSwa*tort and ?0T?re illeee, Thomas, eon of Blaa both and Peter Gilligen, aged *1*1 year, and 3 month.. HI. funeral will take plaoe from the father, No 61? Sixth avenue, at half past two o clock ibis afternoon. No carriage ? alio wed. _ In Brooklyn, on Monday, Juno 18, Mr.. Coninua Nor E,H?rgWend,.^dfcreUtlve. are torited to neral, from her late reekonco. No. 541 Adam, .treat, Brooklyn, to-morrow morning, at ten o clock. fsirs. Wad "SSKA'S ?' p&,? shs*?<??? -vrs.*s funeral, from the toeldtnon of hw Ko' 33 Monroe .treet, toU afternoon, at four o clock. county, rodfenly, on Bun day morning, Juno 17, Corrydoh Wiuaamb, in the ^m/reMto.wlU be interred In St P?^? ^!J^j2day At Rye, Westchester county, anddeBy. ouSuudaY. June 17, Taunt A**, widow of Antooy, and daugh ter of the late William Lawrence, of Mount Pleasant. The relative, end frlende of tho family are reepectfuUy Invited to attend the funeral, to day, at Rye, without fhit her invitation. fMrrtegm 'will WU wniKjg f or *e train that leaves New Yo?k at 7 A. 11. per new naven Ponghkeeneie, on Friday, June 16, Hibam H. Vax Ylot. Iu the loth' year of Lie age, for m.ny year, a on Wednmday, June 13 PmoK R. Storm, aged 37 year., ion of the late Henry R Storm, of New York city. "advertisements renewed every day. ?PMClAh 8OT1C1CI. T , pni CUAPTXR NO. 1, O. U. A.?THE 81MBIE8 A rk??i? No 1 0. D. A., are Informed that Ito meeting, of .aid Chapter will h.reatter be held on Wedneecay evening., in.teto ^Satur^^ a. termeriy-Q /tRYSTAI. PALACE -HAVE YOU EVER SEEN IT HP 0 not, improve the lart ohnuoe wbloh you will ever haTe of teeing the galleries of itatuary and paintinptwmthe hands of Italian aud German masters, yet on exhibition. 'these oautivatioK wotks of art must bo returned immedi ately to Europe for exposition in the Palaoe of Industry, in Pirii Come quick ere It it too lit?. . . SAMUEL BRKVOORT, Acting Superintondaat. TTGBOKEH. N. J ?STRAWBERRY AND FLORAL H lestlval.?The ladlee of tho First Baptist Churoh iRtv Dr Pattoa'e) will hold a strawberry and floral festival, in Odd Iallows' Hall, Washington strset, botwoon Fourth and Filth streete, this (Tuesdaj) evening, June 18, at 7>S !;?s "?r.ra menta, 60 oenls?to bo had at the door. Hon. j. h. hacchton, of north Carolina; Hon. John Cuni.ingham, ol South Carolina, and Hon. FLllUpJL Boiling, ol Virginia; wlU addros.''Sam," iu the Eighteenth ward, on night, i one 19, at 8 o olook. Bj order ol ? wfAAONIC ?DORIC LODGE, NO. 280.?BRETHREN M are not'ifled of ?he intention to ooiebraU 8t John e KMP "imm ^eVoVJ"M^kerrtlote^e^ M^fMlse^. 3?3h?& Jt'mt4 0t th' '"mTdRUMMOND, ^. M. ' B. V. Batamaii, Secretary. Masonic NOTICE?THE SPANISH LODGE, LA is^..*?*niflsd was onened oa the night of tho ltfth inet., r^,s ir,...-j "-"/jsrs of Now York, and will meet the eeoond and fourth Satur day. of every moa'.h at the CASSARD, M. W. Ari?al Da MosqunRA, Secretery. MASONIC NOTICE-MYSTIC TIE LODGE, NO. 273, F A A M ?The member? of the ebove lodge we re quested to meet at ? lodge mom. corner of B?command Crosby streets, this evening, at 8 o olook tiiAmi A. Krhtiih, Seatetary. -atrw YORK JUNE 9, 1856 ?THE PRICE OF BOARD at aur tospeotiva hotels on and aftar this data will be two ftL*ACUrSr4;TCO.. St Nicholas Hotoi. g1RCAPUJTNAANM.T0N- CUJ.ndon ^Hatoi. WW YORK HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY.?THE June exbibltlonwill beheld at Clinton Hall, A'tor |,onTuMdey J?n. 19. Open from ou. tm un o'oUok ' I' BRYANT E.?1"!".^'duVlV ?? fr-Sf^dflo^.M U anUo' efto ' Admleirton to noYmVmbere.? ??"f. xTnTtri ?A NOTE OF D. C. OTIS A OGDEN'S. FOR N MM Juno 8, 1866, 60 day ..drawn h? Issso Otis A Co., pnjeble nt Atlantle Bank, New York citv wae lost in .ending by mail to Bridgeport, Conn. Alt person, are netifled not to porobaee eamo, as paymsn has bosn stopped. OT1CE.-ALL PERSONS ARK HEREBY den to pass or nogotla'o the toUowiog ehocks, iteawn on the Benk of the Commonwealth, by Sbufeldt Bros. A Co., 'r'S- :"J?l? dated Xnly 1, for $600; one dated July m. for >M)J. NEW YOFK JUNE 19, 18M? NOTICE IS HEREBY riven that no penon has any authority whatever to contract debts in my isme, nor wilt I hold my telf responsl blefor th. payment of an^ Boltoa. PariFlC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, NEW YORK, Juie 14, 1866?Tb# adjourned meeting of thi J*00!1' STEC1AL MEETING OF THE BENEVOLENT SOCIE tv of United Sons of Erin. this. Tuesday evening, June .h Want/at National Hell, ?th etre.t, at ? "'olook. viemVura im reauetted to be in attendance, at busicets of ^Tor?McTwU? bVbrought before th. meeting. By order, importance wui ?? ? o r F Moqi^u( Secretory. TDK MEMBERS OF TnE PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL Brotherhood of New York ere requested to mo it at the Sundsv schoolroom of tho Church of tho Asceneton, ou Tueedey 'this afternoon,) at 2* o'clock, to atUud the fa S3UU i?u?. ?vl5-T Tax COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, NO. 84 CHAMBERS street basement of tho Now City HaiL-NoMoo to Us tors rts assessment rolls of the several wards: of the J|tf!J j(,w York will bo opened for osnainetlon and review from Monday, **# 21st of May, nntll Monday, the 2Sto da, of juss, inoinsive. All tax payors deetroue of exemin torn and oorreotlng the said rolls are requested to make up plication to tho underii?sed, at their ofhoe, between the l,uroof9A.M.anddP.M GEO." H. PUMER, > Tex Commissioners. WM. J. PECK. 7 rpHE OWNERS AND OCCUPANTS OF PROPERTY I on Veeey and other streete. who ere opposed to the ox trnrion of too Sixth end Eightk Rvenuo railraeds. thraugh Vesey street to Broedwey, are requested toattenda mset iog at toe Aitor House, on Wodneedny next, June20, nt d o'clock, P. M. ^ ^ w HEEK8, oe hohilf of toe owners. THE LKlTJOR (tVESTIOV, IT1IFTHI WARD LIQUOR DEALERS' ASSOCIATION ? X A meeting of tbe Fifth Wsid Liquor Dttlirt' Aseoeia tion will be held thle evening, (luesdny) I9tk lust., at 8 o'clock, to hear the report ol the committees. Puaotnal at tendaaoe i* requested. J Ad. H. WELCH, Proe't. 1. T. Davidson, Secretary. Twelfth ward.-the liquor dealers or the Twelfth waid will hold their next meeting this evening, J one 19, at the Irving, cornor Eighth arenas and l?6th street, at 7X o'olook. Punctnat attendanee It re< quested. By order of T. T. JACKSON, Ch'n. j AN EXCELLENT QUALITY OT CLARET WINE AT 92 per doten. (bottles rotnrned); various grades of elaret, wises braacles, ?ln, tebnspps. Loadvn and Deblin porter, and Sootch ales, fer sale at UNDERBILL A HAT. TBECoN'S, 430 Broome street,oaths corner of Crosby it (1LARET WINE?FROM 92 TEE DOZEN; FINE ALES, J, porter, brown stont, brandies, wines, Ala. schnapps, lemon and gem syrnp, cordials, superior Mtiers. Ac., at 20 percent lees than at any other plaoe, at PIEKSON'S, 18 Bleacher st., near the Bowery. EXPRESSES. "PACIFIC EXPRESS COMPANY FOR OALIPORNIA JT Ottee 124 Broadway.?Oar aeatregnlareapresees for Ca lifornia, Otegon, Sandwich Islands, and the Sontbera coast ot tbe Paclflo, leave on Wedaesday the 20th instant, per steamers Illinois, .via Panama, and Northern Light, via Nloaragua, in charts of special mestsagare. Freight and packages taken at lowest rates. Our facilities for oonvay ing exptssa matter to (be interior towna of Cnlifornta nre unsurpassed, as we rnn onr own expresses, and have agents at all the Important mining and trading plneea. No congestion with Adams A Co., or with any former or present partner ofthathonie. WE. H. HALL, Agent. WELLS, FARGO A Ctb.'S EXPRESS TO CALIFOR ? nla, Oregon. Ae.. leaves on Wednesday, Jan# 20, by Panama reata, at 2 P.M., and by Nicaragua route at a P. M Freight to go through by oonnootlog steamer from Panama, weighing 17 lbs. and more to onhij font, tg taken nt.VI seats per lb. Freiglt which tbe skipp*r permits to wait on IsOimns nntil next steamer from Pantma (same weight to foot) 80 coats psr lb. Goods are shipped In bond by ear It press. All letters must be enclosed in Post Offlos ten oent stamp envelopes, nnd ten eexts in stamps p it on same for tviry half oonce additional. United States mall steemar Illinois, via Panama steamer Northern Light, via Nloaragua. Office ffl Broadway, D. N. BARNEY, President. ASTROLOGY. A STROLCOIC AND PIIRENOLOGIC.?THE CELE A. trated Mrs. FLEURY, from Perls, whose relation bns been constantly consulted b; Nanoleon I., kites it. or ma tlsn on all the events of life, ad 263 Broome at. CARD.-MADAM PREW8TER RETURNS THANKS TO ler friends aad patrons and begs te sav that after the thousands, both la this city and PbiUdclph a, who have consulted bar with entire satisfaction, she tools ooufidnat that In the questions of astrology, love aad law natters, and bonks or oracles, aa rslled oa constantly by Napoleon, she has no equal. She wl'l tell the tans Of the future husband and also tbo nusnenf her visiter. Residence 70 Mslisoa street, one door torn Catherine A A WAJTTB. 0?? HARROW STKSRT. IN THE BASEMENT, NBAR AU Blnekn situation wanted, by a reapeetable girl at plain conk; U a good washer and ttoaer or general boeseworker; no objection to tka eountry, good eity lefereuea. KKSPBCTABLE PROTB8TAJIT YOUNG WOMAN wishes to obtain a situatioa in a pro ate family, u nurse and seamstress, or to do chamber werk or plain tewing. Can bo toon at lid Chariot ot., ocrnar of Hndotn tL A SITUATION WANTBD?BY A RBSPBCTABE joung Luylitli girl, to taka tart of ohildroa and do plain towing ; oan bo well reoem mended bp the lady the hat boon Uring with, and to whom tbo retort, at 116 Spring street. REPl'ECTABLB ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A 3ITU ation In a retpeotablt lamlly at teamttrett. Gaa em broidtr, and hat no objeetioa to tea to children, and make bcrtelf ntofal la all other departmeata. Can bo teen at 112 wett loth ttreet. Beit of oity relereaoe. ______ A COOK AND CHAMBERMAID WANT SITUATIONS; the eooa hat lived with oat family going tn hoe jreara, and it new about leaving on aoooaat of the family breaking up boot* keeping and going to the country; the sham barmaid wtuld bo willing to atttit ia the washing and Ironing and do plata sewing Please oall for two days at thair preteut place, IS Wett 30th at., ntar Sth avenue, where they can bo well recommended. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, AMERICAN, ACCU8 tomed to good tooioljr, and of txporioneo in tkn domas tie dntloa of a botiaebold, would bo happy to mako arrange menta to take charge of a botal ar gentleman's aetablian ment on a largo tealo. The highest teotimoaiala far ait bed. Address Mra. Sedley, Broadway Pott Otteo. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS cook or ehimbonaaid; no objection to assist in home work or the w ashing and ironing; has lately arrived la thie A country from London. Can be toon for three dnyt nt ltd Cherry it, la the roar, room CI. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTB A SITU ation at first rate oook, who perfectly understand! her butlnett; bat no objection to ths eountry; Bona need apply bnt a ret pee'able private family. Please oall at 11A 11th street, Letweon Sth and 6th ayanaes; oan bo toon tor two day*. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, AS obambermaid, or to take earn of a lunoh room or hotel; no objection to the country; oan bo well reoommended Ap Sly at 75 Wan an it., second floor. Can ba toon for two aya, 11 not tngngtd. A RESPECTABLE HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN, WHO hit lirod out to wet nurio for tho last eight months, withes to go out again as wst nurse; has the boot of oharso ter ft on her last employer. Please sail at 117 East 28th at., first floor, back room, for two days. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO GET A SITUATION as nam and plain sewer, or to do ohamberwork; so ob Jeetion to tho oonntry. Can bo soon at 229 5th nr., for two days. A RESPECTABLE PROTI8TANT GIRL WANTS A Si tuation, as chambermaid; it willing to aasist in general housework. Can be seen at 274 Weat 17th str., between 9th and 10th ays. Good city reference given. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A Si tuation as ehamtermald and seamstress, or to take oars ot children; oan make children's clothes, or ladies' under clothes. Gdbd reftrence if required. Pleaee oell for two dtj s at 403 6th av? between 24th and 25th its , at the fancy ?tore. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WO A men; she is anexoellent wether end irontr, and a good cook. The test of references can be given, and has no ob jection to go a short distance tn the eountry. Apply at 72 Mutton at., three door* from Hudson, front basement. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, TO DO 11. ohemberwork and sew, or woold take oare of children; ie an excellent sewer; wonla go In the oonntry. Can be eeen at her lest piece, 72 East 28th stieet, for two days. A SMART. ACTIVE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTED? to live in a country town; she must bo English, Sootoh. W tick or Gsimsn; a good oook. washer and ironar, and tho roughly understanding general housework, with a good re ference iro mhsr la t place; wages fti per month. Apply at 125 Clinton street,^Brooklyn, between 6 and 9 In thamorning, ?r 6 and 7 in the evening. A PROTE8TANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS JX chambermaid und laundress; no objection to do general homework; Is a good plain oook. Has no objection to go a short distance in the country. Good oity reference. Can ha aeen for two days at 230 Bast 18th at., corner ot 1st av. A RESPECTABLE YGUNU WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation as chambermaid or waiter in a small private family; has lived in her last plaos throe years; no objection to go a shott dietanee in the country. Can give the beat of oity reference from her last pla o. Can be seen for two days at 119 Waverlay place. A NEAT, TIDY GIRL W1SBES A SITUATION AS JX waiter in a respeotaele private family; no objection *o do cbamberwork. Has good oity reference from her last place. Can be seen lor two days at 133 Hester St., in the rear, second floor, front room. t PASTRY COOK AND FANCY CAKE BAKER A wishes a situation'in a hotel. Address Mr. Ranvolls, 120th at., Harlem. A FRENCH GIRL DESIEE3 A SITUATION AS CHAM JX btrmaid or nurse; can take good oaro oi ohildren and do plain tewing; oan sneak English a little Good recommenda tion Call at 179 Variek it., in the store, A NEAT, TIDY GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO BO ?fx. general honsewoik in a small private family. Good oity r> ference if rsqoired Call at 111 25th it., front room, fourth fleer, between6th and 7th avenues, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 81TU ation as cook, washer and lioner in a respectable fami !y. 1 be bast of city reference can be given. Please oall a - 196 laurens st., in tha rear, ona door below Bleeokar at., for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tion ss obambermaid or seamstress; bas the best ot city reference. Please apply at No. 1 Atlor place, in tbe shirt stcre. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BIT. nation as gcod plain oeok, washer andlroner; no oi-Jee. Hons to city or oonntry. Please call at 16J orchard st., be twien Riving toe and Stanton, tor two,dsys. Good referenoe A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation in a rsipecta lie family, as waiter and to do ligh ohamberwork. Beet of oity referenoe for the last thrs y-ars. Can be seen for two days at 299 18th St., bstween lith and 10th eves. AS NURSE. OR NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS. BY A respectable young woman, very capsule of taking charge ol an intent; would go to tbe ooontry for tbe sum mer or to Brooklyn. Good city reference. Apply at 470 4<h si reel, soar 2d avenne, for two Jays. A GOOD, RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUA JX tion to do general housework, or at chambermaid and tu assist In the washing and ironing; is willing aud obliging in every respect. CaU at her pte.'tnt employer's. 126 East IStb s'teet. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, in a small private fami-y, tn cook, wash aud iron. Good city reltieLoe. Please cell at lib Wooster st., in the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, FROM THE CITY oi Dublin, wants a situation as senmstrese. In a private family; sha understands cutting and fitting children's dresses; bas a good knowledge of dressmaking and a'l hindi of family tewing; would bava no abjection to travel. I'leata cell at 99 East 25th st.. between 2d and 3d avsnues, fox two days. Can give good city reference. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook In n private family, aad to astisa in washing and honing. No objeotion to tbe country. The best of eity end country rsfetenoe. Can bo seen tor two days et 86 East Broadway. AN AMERICAN YOUNG WOMAN, WHO IS A GOOD cook, and a first rata washer and lroner, wishes a situa tion to do general houseweik. The best of city references given. No objection tn the country. App'y at 294 Mulber ry it., corter of bouston St., in the basement. A COOK-WANTS A SITUATION IN A HOTEL OR resteuiant, who thoroughly understands her easiness; hen no objection to cook for a hoarding house. Tbe best of cite re'crence san bo given. Call at 19 Albany street, or addrtse H. C., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as laundress, and to assist in chamber work. Apply at her present employer's, 149 West 34th ,t., between 7tn and 8th nves. A young woman wants a situation, to do go r. era I housework In ? small private family. Ii a good pi*ln cook, *Hbit and ironer. No objection to go in tho country a ehort distanoe. Good city reference given. Can be oota for two day*. Apply at 188 elm at. Am YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ?to do tbe general housework ot a small family. Ha* no objection to go a short dleti no* in tbe country. Call at 44 i, eor. Broadway, or address a not* to A. 8., He rald office. A COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE X\|family. Please call at Cheevor place, Booklyn, seond door from Degraw street, at Mrs. Baker'*, her present situ atlon; tan be aeen fcr two day*. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN WISHLS A sltaatlon as seamstress in a respectable fkmily, to as by tbe week: can yroduu* satisfactory re'ercace Pleas* call *t 109 Mulbery street, back parlor, front boose. ADOI TION.-TUE FRIXNBS OF AN INTERESTING orphan, of respectable English parentage, desires to procure btr adoption by a Protectant lady. She is of amia ble disposition, and prepossessing appearance. Ample re ferences siren. Address A. M , boa 8,994 Post Office. Am youno married woman wisnes a situation t? wet nurse, as bar hnsbend Is dead Can give the beet city 1'lense call at 311 Monroe st., room 4. A I APY WITH A SMALL FAMILY WISHES TO FIND nn agreeable female, of good edocation and mannert. to aesistter In tho light dntiee of tbe benee, ee a companion, and who would not expeot meeh remuneration beyond a good home Addreae C. A. M , with reference, Broadway Port Office. AM RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, TO to do the geeerel houeewerk ot a email family, or as chambermaid and wnitsr end aisist in washing and ir< aiag; no object loe to the eoantry. Beet of olty reference glean. Can bo ee?n for two days at 111 Deiansy st, first floor, back room. Good ooek, ana exeojleat baker. Am youno girl wisnss a situation in a small family to do homework. Please onll at 111 East 16th St., in tbe rear. Am respectable young PERSON. FROM DUBLIN, wtebee a ritnation as child's nuree and seamitresa. er would eseiit in homework it required; no objection to tbe country Call at 83 lleeter at , for two day*. AM RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS a SITUATION, AS chambermaid and waiter, sr to do general houeework for a email family. Call at the ooraer of Pearl and Con - cord ste , Brnok yn, seeond floor. Can be eeen for two day e. AM GERMAN OIRL, WHO SI'IAKS GOOD ENGLISH, nlebee a cot d situation ae seametrese and lady'imais ; ebe nadtrelands dreeemaklng and all blade of sewing, aad hie no ohjietion to flee wathlng. Call for two day* at 3U0 Elm it.; or addrese K. R. W., Herald offiee. AM RESPXCYABLB PROTESTANT young woman want* a si-nation a* seamttrec*. Can out and fit la dies' and children'* dreesee. Understands ber business Has ne objeeticn to tbe country Geed elty reference from ber last plto*. Fleece call at 162 Eaet 9tn it-, between 3d atd 4t b arcane*. AM RF.SPECTABLE YOUNO PBESON, FROM DUBLIN went* e situation as child'* nurse and ee*metre<e, or would aseiet in housework, if required. Pleas* apply at 21 Hester St., for tee dsys. Am young oiri.wants a iiyuation as cook, or u> do general bousework: kaa no objeeUea t* go t* the ccuntry- Pleaee call at Ml Kb St., corner of A veane A. wajtw. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL W ANTS TO GO OUT A bT ike iUy o? w*ek, m hibKwii, ia capable oi Jen* all hiada of *ewiai and embroidery; uaderetandidreee^ making; baa no objoe Ion to the ooaatry, or would Uko .0 travel with a lacy for the nnnor. Can he rata at Ml ?tl ?I ., mar 2d a*., aatll euited, has good city reference. Assistant bookkeeper's. clerk's. or light porter'a altnatioa wanted, by a well educated and 0*^ perWncod middle arid German, of oaher, laduatrloa* and eteady habita, who hao reatdod la the city three yeare, and ia eiteaaleely acquainted; oaa ooneerae, write and keep hooka iu Ea.lteh pretty well, and la wiling to make himself genially uaeful ia any offioe or maroao'ilo nouae, aa he doea where be haa been employed aim oat the above period. The heat reference* If required, rretenaloa* aa to aalary low. if the employ be permanent, l'loaee addrooo A. N. 1L, Iloiald office. Amah wanted-tomXehimselfgenerally uaeful about a larm, garden. boraea, oowa, Ao. Apply to Mr. Gray, at Lovejoy'a Hotel, thla day, Tueoday, front 10 to U o'alook. A HAN, THIRTY YEARS OF AGE. SIX MONTHS from Laadoa, and la the pre net t need, deeirei a aitua tioa a a olork, meaaoager, lltht portar, copyist, or la airct paolty whatevor, ia any part of the world, by whloh ho could ohtala the aeeeooario* of lit*; write* a aood hand, on Ad, HAN OF GOOD CHARACTER AND GOOD ABl "y waat* a oituatloa aa Militant bookkeeper or part ner of iqual moaao. Can glte real eatate "??'"J* amount or >10,000. Addreaa. poat paid, F. P. M., 736 3d ay. A YOUNG MAN, SMART. ACTIVE AND INTELLI goat, tor wit; one that haa not aa yet decided upou ant particular yltao genua, can hear of will at en re him a reapec table future, and, aOImlmbUUy. a fortune. He moat be the owner of a lew tbourand dollar*, or, a 1 leaat, not eometveanilera. A ceapla of llae. statin* something aoereditahle to tha aubjeet. Mil aame. Ao . wlU be attended to. Addreaa Manner and Activity, 424 Broad, w ay Peat Ottee. Negotlatlona will be kept open for eoaatr/ candidate# for two weeke. ADVERTISING AGENT WANTED.?TO ONE WHO understand* hi* buamoaa, a (alary and eommiaaion will be given. Apply to M. B. Moaek A Co., 210 Pearl atreot. YOUNG man wants a situation, as coach mas, la a private family; ha* lived four yoira la hi* laat place; baeao objeetioa to elty or country; understand* the maoagemoat of boraea. The coot oity refereaoe. Call at P. Trainer'*, aaddlor, 878 Broadway, for two day?, If not engaged. AS COACHMAN-A MIDDLE AGED MARRIED HAN. aa BagUihmna, who anderataod* hi* bniiaoaa. Ilai no objection to go in the country. Good oity reforonaee. Ad dreaa A. B.. at H. Water*' raddlery, 840 Broadway. Agents wanted?two or theee energetic men, to whom a liberal oomml??lon will bo allowed. Apply to A. HEGEMAN, 206 Broadway. Bookkeeper and correspondent-w-anted. to keep th# baok* ?nd conduct the oorroapoadoneo of a maaouio agtnoj, a man who 1* thoroughly oompotont to take charge of both tbooe dutiee. Ho matt be aa aosomplUhed writer, a good bookkeeper, and willing to devote hi* whole time to the latere*# of bi? employer*. Sueh a one may *e oure a permanent ittuatloa. at a good *alary, by addre*iing box 4 060, Poat Ottee, for two daya. None but affiliated ma ?or ? la good atandiag, aad with anoxceptioaable reference*, need lo?t Urn* by replying to thla advertiaemoat. Bookkeeper wanted-salary si,soo.-HAViNQ to aiv* up my aituation, 1 will iLflueaoe a suitable per ecu to tte place. Enoloae SI aad itamp, and appoint an in torviow with Bookkeeper, Now York Poat Offloe. All letter* confidential, and treated honorably. Bookkeeper, copyist ac.-a young man, wiio i* diaengaged after alx o'olook in the evening, ii doairou* ot employ meat a* a bookkeeper, oooyiat Ae . in aomo ro apectanle atore cr ottoe, from 7 till 10 o oloek at night; un derstands bookkeeping by ?ingle and double *ntr*, and write* an *xeolloat hand. Addree* Junius, box 1U0 Herald office, for throe day*. /CHRISTIAN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS? Thirty eighth streat, between Fourth and Lexiogtou avoane*; goveineaaei, honiokoopor*, alio servant* in *v*ry capkcity, anpplled from tbla lnatltution Madlaon avenue ctagei aad Third avoane car* pa*a within a few ?t*pa of the door. Two Freneh women at the inatltntioa. COOK WANTED?PROTESTANT OR COLORED; WITH city relerence. Apply at 217 Fifth avenue, between the 1 oura of 9 and 11 o'clock. x^bTnted-togo with a PRIVATE FAMILY to ti e country A person well tualiflel st first rate et ok and 11 good broad and paafry maker, uiiv heir of ? very rlexrant *t? ce-irable situation and a permanent Lome. vftb tood wage*. Apply at 62 Amity at. before 10 and gftoi So'clcck, nOOK'8 SlTUAflON WANTED-BY A YOUNG WO U man, aa bead cook lo a hotel, restaurant, or dining aa icon. Can give the beat of aity lofrrofco Can be seen Tor two days at AO. 148 Leonard at., third floor, front room, No. 10. nOGK.-SITUATION WANTED BY A WOMAN, WHO ba* lived with some of tbe moat respectable ramiltei at pre sent in the oity, to whom she e?n r?'?r; understand* her Inline** ia all it* branch**, aa can be t ao ?n of h*r lait ?m t'lovere; would go a short diatunoo In the country ; alio, , chambermaid aituation wanted, by a vonog woman, and to Jo the flue washing and lioniug in a private lamtly, or would 1 go aa ltundrear. Both can 1* aeon at 1U7 16th ?t. RUG~CLkRK WANTED-ONE WHO THOROUGHLY under* lands the \>u*lne??, and is capable of Uking charce of a tint class itcre in the upper part of thacitf. Appi3 at tt?J llndion etreet, comer ef Fourteenth, Drug clerk -wanted, by a yjung man. a 1 itoation la a wholesale or retail drug or modlolae cheat home, wbor* bo would not bo ob'iged to slop oven irta; h?a had about tlx yeari oxperienoo in the wholnt.e aad retail drug and preacriptiou ousiuen; i* quiok, active and willing l'leato addroTa J D., Brooklya Kit Office. I EVENING EMPLOYMENT WANTED-BY A WELL jj educated $cui?r man, who Inllj understand! boon ? ee?ina by double entry; ipeabi and writes eorroc;ly Kna 11,7 Frerob and Gorman, and write* a fair buaineia band. Good raleronoe given. Addreaa A. A, box 109 Herald office. Families, pbopbietors or hotels and sum mor bouaea desirous of engaging first olaa* help for the season wUl rave many of th# vexation* dixeppotatiaentsooa staatly oeeurtlng elsewhere, by calling at MANNING S agency. 10 Tillary *troot. near Fulton, Brooklyn, where thoy will in variably lad, waiting for immediate omploymont. over two buuorod Pteteetant and Catholio ?ervante of dif feiont nations, thoroughly oxperienoed ia the various de par'moat* of domestio dutiee. F'ARMKR wanted.?a good, industrious man wanted,who eon plough, oradlo Ao.; muet hi oompeteut, 11 required, to take charge of a larm. Apply thi* day from 12 to 2 o'clock, at 792 Broadway. Housekeeper wanted-an American lady, (widow preferred,) one who haa known bow to keep bouee lor herself in a proper manner; not particular as to wh tbor her oxperienoo a* housekeeper way la thiaoi ;yor not. To sack a lady a good and permanent altnatioa will be given, to take oharga of a hotol la thle oity ai houee keeper, letters addressed to D. H.. Broadway Post Office, stating wbta and wboro to oall, will be atUaded to la per ?oa. Nurse and seambtress.-a situation wanted; by a p< reoa who Daderataada embroidery, cutting aad making chlldrea's oressee; ao objection to the oonntry; can give good oity lefoieaeo. Please oall at 316 Mott (tract, between Bliocker and Honeto*, eccond floor, front room. Nurse wanted-wanted, at no 8 westsid street, an Amerloaa, Scotch, ot Engli*h|womau.a* nar*e. None without the beet rooommenda .ione need apply. ON DEMANDS?UNE BONNE CUISINIERE FRAN raise, dans an# petite famUle. S'adraisor aa 11U East Itth It. Seamstress.?a respectable protsstant yonag woman wiaho* a aituation no aeamatreie; ean ent and fit ladies' dreaao* and oaa do all kind* of ai, J embroidery. Can be aeon for thro* days. Call at 1*3 12th it., atar Ualycralty pl?o?. Situation Wanted-by a respectable wo man, a* oook la a private family; ha* many y*sr* ex- | perirao*; bra lived la the flrit famlllea in the oitv; under itand* Amerloaa aad Bngllih oookiag, la all t? branohra; deaetrt* of all kind*, making broad ??d oit/ rciersace. Can bo aeaa for two day* at 36 East 18th *t., bo twaen 4th av. and Broadway. SITUATION WANTID-BY A STEADY, WELL ditpoiod. industrious woman, aa cook, washer and Don er, in a email lumily; undenttnda baking porfaclly; can give the beet of city references. To bo teen at 228 W. Itth ?t., for two i ay*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do general housework ia a email private family. Ben reference a* to ebaraoter. Apply at 39 Weet 131b it., for two day* SITUATION WANTED?BT A BKSPSCTABLB YOUNG O girl, aa plain oook; 1* a good waabwr and lroa*f,-l? wil ling to make herself general It nrafnl. Can give good refer ence*. Apply at 178 West 16th (t, baok baramoat. SITUATION WANTED? BY A VIRT RESPECTABLE and competent young iobu. to do general homework; lr,a very Rood plain cook, exoellent waohor ud Ironor, Rood baker, and to eery well recommended. Pletse apply at 371 Bowery, for two dayt. Wagea moderate, aad no objection to tbe country. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE TOG NO girl. to do Rtneral homework, walking and ironing. Bee Rood eity reference. Caa be teen fcr two dayi at31 Amity at,, South Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE yonng women; one a* a Rood plain ocok, i? a Bret rate waiter end irontr, and a Rood oread ana peitry baker; wonld undertake the careot a dairy A reunited; the other ae chambers aid and waiter; wonld aeiiit in the wnebing if required; both Preteitanti; haye tbe teet of reference: they would with to lire in ote houee. No objeotioa toco to the country. Can be eeen at 308 Mat it.. Bret Boor,between HouiUn and Bleeekeret recti, for two dayi. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RXSPBCTABLB PRO teetant girt, to do Reaeral homework for a email pri vat* family; lea Bret rate waiher and ironer, andean do pleln conking, and ie a Rood baker; bai no obJeoMsa to go a ihcrt diitance in the country. Good reference ifrejnirel. Cell at 91 Orcenwich avenue, for two daya. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE Y?UNQ woman, to tako car* of children and tow, or to do cbambtrwctk; ia ?illior to make beraelf moful. Wagee not io much an cbieet aa a quiet, roapectablo borne; tint bem.r what ia meat deil.-ed. Caa ba aecn at It Tbompeoa it 1TUA1ION WANTBD-BY A niOHLY RK3PBCTA bit and competent girl, to <lo general homework, or cbamberwoik at d waiting; bai nnexoeptiunablo olty refer ence: !? willing to make beraelf generally naofal. Apply ah lb Myrtle ttenne, Brtoklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO AMERICAN ? irl, to tele care of children and to do chamber work, taa bo iota at No. IB City llall place, ia the rear. TWO RXSPBCTABLB YOUNO WOMEN WANT SITU ationi-one aa Iceek ; to witling te eeiUt with waehiag and ironing; ia an excalliat bah r ef bread; eaa make blano mange and Jelllee. The ether aa icametreee ; ean ent aad tit dreaeea ; te ? qnlek eewer, Both ean be eeea natll a. gear d at their rreiemt ami layer *. Ad dree* a note, or sail at OtJd. oorner 19th it. end 4th avenue. TWO RESPECTABLE ENGLISH SERVANTS WISH iltuattonr?One to cook, waeb aad iron, aad tbe other ae chambermaid er waiter, or plate eewer. Beet ef elty re ference can be (teen. Call at 133 tlat it., third Boor, froel room, bctweea 8th aad 9th nveauee. rrtWO RESPECTABLE CIRL8 WISH SITUATIONS; 1 cae ae cook, waeher aad Ironor, the other a* chamber maid and waiter ia a private family. The beet of city^re ference* given from their lait place* Can be eeea for two t eye. I leaic cell at 421 3d avenue, between 30th and Slat it. rnOTBL MEN.?WANTED, A GENTLEMAN, TO ?at ee eteward for a firtt clan enmmer homo, e abort outer ee tram tbe eity. Mnit give unexceptionable rete rrncee far capacity, eobrtety, Ac Apple it I a ton re tte llonte. Serger Pelef, N J. Tie e?eamboat Huguenot, ieaveg H11 tab all at 10 A, M., retnrniag at 1 P. M. S W1HTB. fpMVIUJIH AUIMCr WaNT ED ?A YOUNG MAW. b,fP;wo,,,,, ,,k? *? ?tnrat *so?cy in thii. or MjtbiiDi ciate. UuiMiUoukl* oity M Hiitn'ntanM A44m &?ZxZ? Afcy. i'rotUTllfo. Greco. Bounty, M. r. UNB PERSONNE DB MOYEN AQI, DJ&IBB SB plneor dam, one femillo prirde. pour fairo loo ehambre Uir* ?.I i?"? ????!?; -win j< liUaajvoj??w. SAjrooter ? Wet 13tk et. UNdu??.,Iu.*t 8A "MMB 1>?9IBBWT ?tRBBM V . '?? ????? ttOltio J hotel. ot M (MDitMBM ? uiaiait-re; coaaainaat icb A at a la perfection torn* U? dona daai la ?>< m. mauca ou idpetdmeit mw In tYuT m lAOA-pap, 8'adrmaer 3D* Pacfan .t.Bro&yn SITUATION AS NURSE OB CHAMBBM y Sr apul who bar lived eight year* at 57 Cluua Sun'ri.n'" '** C" k* U TSuKTSSTm? W^r4??ffi'i^a>vV?flL'^SSa I i c '77! "S'p.I'S?S ?' II7ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BBSPBCTABLB i, yonng pill, who ota cook. wath aad iron wait at to hi?, or do general hooaowork. Ba,?<*"SiriihTSaoJ few! at .?2?t7b.4r*..,b* bM ,lr#<1 Aree yeai*. Ploaao tall k#tw? *b "d WV.IlD,7BY 1 BI8PBCTABI.B YOUNG WOMAN > t .ituation ai anno aai chenibervrorkov or -? ' psa&aasa-ts SSSB&s&Ma W A?fIIDTAf, ANBHICAN GIRL, 18 OR IP Ttm ion tl?let? 189 Mtdl TV ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GERMAN tsS!Z EttSr i^JSrsws ??s.araafasu ss tyANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GOOD PLAIN tin fegSSSBSfl WAu?*?7?YkA RESPECTABLE aiRL, A SITUA WA?7??-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG KESPMr Hcen preferred. Perfectly oo? potent Aprlv !t Til UU? c'eloek! ' "Mt 10 c#rn" uf Auui' fw? M Apply at 127 Court >%./Brooklyn, third floor, front ro+ip. * Wa.^.??-^???ahon, as nubsb. to go TBA Wanted?a situation, by a rbspbctamt* aoman. tooook, wo.h and Iron; good mSSSm ilS k5 fiTOB. Apply at 20 Rait lMh It., near UrwadwMMd itk a. Uakonoafortwodtyt. No obJ.uLn? the^on/tr" WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A BBSPBCTarTw n girl to oook, waih and irio: ran tire r^a .itv ,?/:, enot of iix yaari from ont place. IMet.e call A 268 West Man ?t., Utwcen 9th and 10th an. " *jt* TVANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN th? ?** 7 nnrit; can giro good reference; naohjtotlon to YyANTED? BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A SITUA. n.1.11 M ?* ?hainbermeid; no objection to live in Brooklyn, gr wonld like to go lu the oonntrr- bait of rJfJT rUAMIB-A SITUATION, AS CBAMBBRMA1D OR W 'J.T9 u, "!1?d dronma^kor; good refironoe. Addron S W M ' Herald tfflce, for throe dan. n. rr. a.. Ty AN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A r it ?"?ntion ai cook, wathor and ironer In a nnnA li? iT' ?lr^,0D'<' S? cbambirwoik aad fine walking andiron ?.rT;ded a"lMt ?"? >r.'.S "aint for two day,. A' of 1Sth >P WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN *? ;??.?'mw*?1 children and do p\in iewinr no oV Jcffloe eonntry. Addit.i E. C., box lh5 Herald work for a .mall family. o"dri? h???? t^'dVy'r1' three yean In her lait place and ran Jttt,!'0" fg; hM ed; eho io very fond ol taklav ear. . r -w.a recoinmend Rt 8SS Blooekw ??U AoM?or'?hanfbo?i?Bij'''M^2 io w : ??p.cT*.r? thoearo of ehildron. and wooid hav?nT'nhV.',t U*d*n'.U"4* S.'.'. tea ?tvtfl. Good iifMfiiflA m4w*? ir Er ? ?"5P**>?? or 1MB Reld, Mot^ep. 11 ta^I'o i* t'fflcV for Mr/, A4dm* M? Apply at 183 Poriyth it., in Utircar ftrtiniSt, WAjgj^^A??>.Tt?w5la city aao coo a try. Rti lived with ttv7-/ P^S?'W.1 ft? i."'.STSis55.Ay. ??" *-'5s.?rss?:!{i WANTED?BY A RESPECfABLE MIDDLE AGED vista, a attention M drat rat* ooek and baker; baa lived in highly leapeetabD famlllea tmm whom aba aaa give tba very brat of referencea at to capability, Ao ; haa aa ob Jectlea to going a abort diatanee in tba eoeatry. Can bo ar on far two daya la tba a to re 8911th at., between 9th Mad 4th tvtinea. TK/ANTES-A SITUATION, BY A HIOBI.Y RBSPBC VT table y oong woman, a Pro to ?t ant, aa ooob, weaker and itoner. The beat of reference given. Apply at 291 Etiiabeth ?t , off tba cotter of Blocker. Caa be teen far two lava. No objection to the country. WAN")ED?A SITUATION,* BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to took, wath and iron. Good eity re faience freaa her laat placA Can do obamberwork. Apply at iJD Greenwich atreat. Can te aeen for two daya. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE LADT, A SITUA tien aa henaekeeper or companion to aa Invalid; the la well edaoated and of goon addrnca. The ndvertieer wenld not object to take tbe entire charge of a family where there are nechildren. Shale capable at taking care of a baby ftcm Ite birth. She le alao a tret rate ewi, and wenld amiat in flncwaahlng or plain rawing In a email family. Pleaee addreaa lltnackeepcr, Broadway Peat oOoe, tor one week. TITAN TED- BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO T? girl, a lltnatlon to do obamberwork aad toaaalat in waching and ironing; haa ne objection to go a abort ?a tasoc m tbe conntry; good eity refcraooc glren. laqoire at 242 Cherry atreet, ia the rear, eeoond floor, raom Ne. 8. WANTED-BY A EESPECTABLE *00*0 WIDOW, n attnation aa aaamatraaa in a private family, or to take cbtrce< ead w with l . call to day i aecond door. _________________ T^Tsd-BITUATIONS, BY TWO EESPECTABLE rcaag wom<n; one aa lady'a maid and aeametreiw; oaw at iff and childron'a diaaeca; tha other aa chambermaid ? ?a waiter, in a private family; beat of oi'y reference, ri-aae call at 710 Bioadway, whoio they ate et preteet em i icy* WANTED-A SITUATION, AS PIEST RATE COOK, ty one who thoronghly ondintaada her bnilneeo in all itc trancbea, aid la willing to ncciat In waahing aad Irenirg; haa ao objection to go In the ecnotryt good eity re firenre. rienao oall for two daya at 810 Batt at., near Hcchft. T|7A*TED?A SITUATION, ET A RtSPBCTABl.K rt joong girl,.thirteen yeara of a^e, to take onto of ohil drea aad aaairt in homework, line tbe beet ef ref. ri ne? fr.m ber laat place where oho haa lived 1 yearned lit monihf. Ploate call at 101 Matt a'rrct, roar, eecond fluor. iot two daya. To cbjoc'loa te the country. For lulaaca oI Warns toe Sixth Pact*

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