Newspaper of Evening Star, June 19, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 19, 1855 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, TUESDAY. JUNE 19. 1855. < THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT ?UNI>AY.) At tk<s S'.ar Building. corner PenntyltajiiM 6v??k* an l E'*v*nlk stmt, Br W. D. WALL1CH, WiM be sordid to subscribers in the cities of Waih Inston, CeocreUiwn, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, pnyalde wsekly to the Agents. To mail subscribers the subscription price fa> THREE DOLLARS AND FIPTY CENTS a year In adran. t, TWO DOL* LARS foe SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR tr THREE MONTHS. yt^Smot* conns on 0?WT. SOMETHING f? KW USDES THE SUN. CHARLES WERNER, JVouylearnta nrw?, opposite Brownt' Hotel. HAS fitted up the coninmdion* hall over hi* Res taurant as a first class L.AGt;K BEER SA LOON, havinz pro'urei a ?npply of every luxury and comforts found in first class establishments of the kind in the N.inhera cities. U;s RHINE WINES and French White Wines, as well as his Olsrets, Scjarj. L*i'?er Beer, German. IaJian, and Switzer CHEESES, and indeed < f ev ery other appropriate luxury m ^nch an .*stab!i?h merit, is unsurpassed in this country. He solicits a call from his friends and the pubiic. ?ay 12?tf DENT 1ST AY. RB. DON \L:>SON, l>eii late of the firm of # Hum h. Donaldson, ct ntmueg to f^ JSpX\ manufacture and insert those beautiful porcelain te^th, with or without guuis,'-*i for specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) wa- awarded the first Cemhmi at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, tecently Id in this city These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and incir re-vrobhiocH lo the nata ra! organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention ai-o paid to filling and pre serving the rutura! teeth. Charges moderate and ail operations ivarr;.nu d. Office southwest corner Seventh and D s's.?en trance on D. mar 31?f.m NOTICE. THE WHITfc HOIJLE PAVIL rion. 4c , h&a bf an r< stsd for t&e season, aim is ie*dy ;or the reception of visitors. Larae a d small parties can be accommodated | With 4C. For parti-ul-irs aopfy to WILLIAM COKE, on F, between 21st and i?M streets. No Excursion parties except those already en ? an furntsh their uwii cateier except paying ejtra for the ua.? of the house. By order of the MANAGERS. _auyj2l?MVVkFlm LAND WARKANIS WANTED. THE nnd*rsigncd will pay the highest price for Lund War: ants. Sucks bo'isht and sold on C'nnmv?*<on. HAMILTON r.VNT, No.434 Pa. avenue, Wn*in..gton. any Ji)?iru <Ir.tS Union) ICE-ICE?ICE! CHAktLK* W > ii.:< It, on Pa. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, will keep throughout the sens hi an ample supply of l eu,bom's hrst ICE, which he will * H. on call, in any quantities, at the lewest possible rates. may ^i9?<ItS*p30 PLEASURETRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The Stes-men GEO. WASH jfilNGTON or TUOS. COLLYEit can be ehart* red for public or f?"t ct parties to Vt?n the White H<>u<e Pavilion, Mount Vemou, Foil Washington, or otfc?r laces on the river. The White House Pavilion is now open for visi tors It is a bt antifnl pla^e for pleasure trips; it has a fine Ball and Dming room , also, a new Ten Pin Alley. {?- For particular.! apply to the rieiidunt of the Company, or the . apt.ims ol the l>-:nts. Mr. V? ILL'AM CoKC is furnishing refreshments ou the boats, and is i^epared to tarnish |iartieii on th?" l?e.-t t.-rn ap dft?2m PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CEN P ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT & BRO. cn'I attention to their ? nnusnally urge assortment of Silverware, j consist) ue of? Solid silver Tea Sets, complete Silver Pitchers, solid Silv.-r t,'actors Silver Cups and Saucers, Gobtets Silver Fish Careers : r?d Forks. Crumb Scrapers Cake Kmv s, Prtnt Shovels. Si^ar Sifters Jelly ^p ?oa?, Cheese Heoups Pickle Knive?" and Forks Mive Spoon?. Salad Tongs, Vegetable r'orks Fru.t Knive;, Ice Tones, D'ssert Knives Soup, Cream and G.avy Ladi-:s Ice Cream Knives, r?;i t Cellars Napkin Kiius, Cutf r Knives, Tea Strainers Tea, Table, ami De-^rt Sp<Mitis arid Forta of tvory variety Breakfa-t a.i.i dir.ner CoiTee Spoons, Jic. Also, a Vr*r/ largK ?_j?ortm' nt of Pancv Stiver ware, suitable for wtd<iiax, i inh dty, a..>d other presents The abov* i-1 all of cur own manufacture and is warrautea to be pure. M. W. GALT A. P.F.O., 13* i i. av^., betw. lii j ?icj lOJi sts. mar 31?tf GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GENT-'.MISSES', A*D CHIL DREN'S' BOOTS AND SilOE.-'.-l h ?"b?-rib r o?-M . it r. , v. ;. i a the stor-i he i: ?w ? j'lr.iri, ej. r> i. ' - ent wel!-:ivort- 1 -?<;?< o. BO'^l'S A*J;)' SHOES at greatly reduced pnc?,--. All [<t^oue in want of the ar:.i;i< vvi'l lin i i; airtnif.go to call before purchasing tUvxracn. A II. SLOAN, No 304 Pa. av., rear lwiii . tide, may 1?3ui PRf.KSPECTU S Jt'or publishing a monthly Musical Work in thi city of Washington. rrHE under-ijjriud, at the flciicitatioa of aiary ol X their smtwal customers, propose paLtluhm; a monthly Miuieal Work, entitled Tho Rauonal MoatLIy ?a*ic?l 2ii^iiiu?. The Magiiame will contain from 'out to fix paces of Mu?ic, selected from the bt.-?t European and N<? tive Comti* la addition to U?e Mua.e an extra sheet will b^ ad !ed, cont&ininc the latrst Mu-ical News, Musical Notices, Kc The Magazine wi.l be print d ou die be?t quality Mu?i? paper,aiid will be printed fr ,in engraved plates, :a the ueatest man ner. The fttj; uaiw er of the Magaaine will be ready about tlie lot of July, IrJo. Mr. S. V. N.itss, the Ager.t f..r the W'crk, will anlicit snLecriptiou trom tlie citizens of tlie District1 of Coluiatia and show a >pecimen number. Jamks 11., No. 15<> llndge street, is ths aceiit i\>r Georgetown. IIII.BUS & II1TZ, Maaic Dep..;, cor. Pa. av.. 1 > ih ami D i-ts, Uuudii.g-, Washington, D. C. lane i?tf ^ A CARD. A Bcortcviy r.t tha road to twai'M " Qraai Sadacvion ra tlio pricb cI iiati 4 Caps ?j?UK undersigned, bavine made aiian?em>nta I wnn a New York hit Coiafiaiiy to b.j con Mintly supple J vvitn the v< ry h> st Moleskin or DRESS I1A 1*S, got up ia tlie latest ctyle, otfers Uiem at tin uujtrecedented low price of worth ftMu f:ur to five d>?;iari>; secoul ?ju.dity, fd. eorth Inn lit yl; an J ? very C'Od :?iiion able fiat at -jr-',jd. w.jrt.'i ft.MU to S3,.>3 Also, lleebe a Co s tl ivs, at h mu<h le?s adeancv thin they have l?*-en In re tot-<r? sold in tliis city. First rate l>eav? r Hats All kimls of s*tt HATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at the ab >ve low prlcew th" cash sykfm mmt be adopted; coiu.qutully thore who pureh.isa wdl not b?- o iarg- l f.-om tiwta to twehty five an cent as an oflVet f.?r bad d> -to. ANTHONV, (for many yearn in the empioy of Todd X Co.) No. 3,C iumbir. place, 7t'i St., ap Id?tf iid du.?r north of Per.n. avenue. REESE'S EAGLC PUJHBINQ AND j OAS-FITTING DEPOT. THE sub??ri!.? r mptctfsll| MMMM to hia | tneinfs and the public in r.< ml that he hasrw eetv^il the ti lot of t?e eelebrautd |Mi|>GE'Hl IkiUHLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PI'MP, which received the SILVER klfilKAL at tlie laie Fair of the Al uopoliiaii Mecliibica* Ir.stl UU-, and k now pr< par* >1 to turui;h all who may favor tnm with a call. His*o.:k Of G A ft Mki l iMli ere uasar passed in the Di-Uiet. With his cot}*. (M competent wor!?n? n he pnd? ? haiiHeif to.011 any ?r,:. r? m Uie PLUMBING AND ^ * '?*'* ln"* w?tli iirouipineo.4 and despatch 4E#-AII work doue w:uraavd to give complete aatistaction JuliN KEESE, -?y 3~tf r"' Slxth^.,1.) Pa t-.v.-nue DO YOU WANT FIRST KATE ICE I I.UEAM? / 1 O at once to ARNY, Bridge street,Georgetown. \Jf be was awarded a MED \L by th.- Metropoli tan M^ch^uics' institute, for ICE l'R?\i|^ WA-1 TER IUE^, aiid CAKErt^ nva^ fi*--eoti NUT1CK*?I received this .lay a new ?*<*>? mem of SLEEVE BUTTt?NS and STUDd.oi th< latest ?tylei. Also, a varieiy of othrr aew ?i'stds: as Vest Chauis, Chat< lain-*, Brace lets, Pins | E'lrnnga, Rings, etc. Ur?*i uiduceineuts offered to pnrrhasers. 11. SEMKEN, No 330 Pa avenue, bet. tfili and 10th stt New f,>int* out to Gold Peus at short noticp,! lusmonds remounted, and Jevvelrv made to ordeT, luar 41?U i r I J0B1T R. SLTAI9. WILLIAM TB0MP8C* KLVAHS * THOKP90IT| DfAT,KR3 IN HARDWARE, COACH TRIMINGS, Ac tio. 390 PrniiiylTtaU RVtnne, between Ninth and Tenth street*, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Plated Tea, Table and Desert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out forks Briis, Britannia, Block Tin and Plate>1 Candlesticks; Shovel urid Tongs, Waffle Irons, S .d Irons Maslfn and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaccs,Gridiro.;s, Own.", flic. BUILDING MATERIALS. llutal Cottage, Closet, Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Looks Shuttle, Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wrought Naiis, Bolts Brad's Hhuta-r Screws and gtubha, Door Spring*, Handrail Screvs, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, D?or Sheaves and Rail, fcc. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Ilai/ C! 'tii, Curled Hair, Muss, Gimp*, S.tfa tad Chair Springs Veni:i;*:i Blmd Hotiks. Rack Pulley*, Roller Ends, Plackets, Furniture Nailn Glue, Collin Haml!ea and Screws, Diamond Screw P.ates, &c CARP6NTERF' GOODS. i'lanes, Snws, l>rawirii; Knives, Spokeshavcs, Chis els an-.l Gouges, Plane Irons Augers, Braces and l?i:ts, Boring Machinal, Ham huts, Hatchets, Devels Bevil*, Squares, Gmtges. Axes, &c. BLACKSMITH AND COACH MAKERS GOOD? Black and Brigl.t Springs, Axles, Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, Bows Shafts, Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvered and Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Curtain Frame*. Lamps, Inside Linings, Lining Si'ks, Dauia-k, Se:>miug Cords Tufts, Tassels. Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Laces, and Plain -\rd Enameled Canvass Russia Duck, EiuimrlHnl Leather, Dash Leather, iVc. E^VANS Si THOMPSON, js 1?6m 34fl I'a. avenue. FOll THB CJKH OF Asthma and Consumption. NEW AND VERY WON D EKFU L HYGEANA Brought heme Is tho door of the Million. A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been made l?y Dr. Curfs of this city, in the treat ment of Con-iinption, A'ttima, aril aH diseases of J he Lungs. We reter v> DU CIJUTIS'S HYGE ANA OR INHALING HYGEA* VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP." With this new method, l?r C. ha-; restored many afflicted ones lo lie Uti*, a-< an evidenc e ol which he has innumerable certificates ?peakin* of tne treatment, a physician remarks, -'It is evident that 1 haling?constantly breathing an agreeable, healing vapor?th? m-dicinal properties must conn-in direct contact wnli the whole aerial caviue of the luuzs, and thus escape trie many and varied chances produced upon them when intro duced into the stomach, and subject to the pr>K ess of digestion " Toe liygena is for sale at all tie Druggist's throughi.nt the country.? N. York. Dutch- ] men of Jan. 14. The Inti&'er 1? worn on the breast under the linen without the lea?t inconvenieuce?the heat of the body being sufficient to e vapor.tie the fluid. Hu:i dreds or cast-a oi cures, like the following, might be I named. Ouc package of the Ilyg ara haa cured hie of the | Asthma of six years' standing. J F. Kkcsbzrrt, P. M. ol 1'uncannon, I'a. 1 am cured of iii c Asthma of ten years' standing by Dr. Curtis'* Hygeana. 1 Margaret Gaston, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr?. Pail, of No. fl H&mcinad street, N Y , was ] -iired of a tevoro ca^e o[ Bronchitis l?y the Hy geana. My fci -t- r hi* be*n cured of a distressing couch of' . "veral j?sr:; i-'andin^ and decided to be incura-j Lie ft> tin* physicians. M?e wtik cured in one month by the Hyg<ana. J. H. Cac?*?t, P. M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr Cbckvk*, of New York, testifies of J our medicine iu the iollowine language : Nxw Vouk Nov 15, 1854. IJ. nr Sir?i think inghiy of Dr. Curtis-'a | as a remedy iu (listaseitof the throat and Lungs ? Having L,i ? some opportunity to testily its efficacy, I am convinced tint it is n mo-t excellent eine, tiotb ih - Syn.;. aad die othahng application to the chest. Prof. S. Ch ; kk vrit=3 us a? follows: Gentlemen?I hive recently he.d occasion to tent yo ir Cherry Syrup r.i.d Hyrean Vapor, in a case ot chronic u->r : throat, tint Imd refuseil to yield to oth cr fi.tuir of tiettsitit, t.nd tlie result has satislied me thit, wh:it? /er mty he the composition of your pn-'.Hr-u..;!, u is r.o irnpOMtion. but an excHlent remedy. I wiih, for the t-ike ol the afflicted, that it mi^itt i<e brought within ij? reach of all. I'r Johns, one of the most celebrated Physician in New Voik writes r\* follows: l>r. Cnknj?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex < -iii i.t ot your Hy^eana t.r inhaling lly^ean zzii t^Dcrry Syrup, in ca??eof Chrome Br? n ch.-U.s, b'-iuij much iu favor of counter irritation m alfectiona of tne tSroit, Bronchial tubesandluuKs I eari therefore clieerfuily recoinnn nd your Medi?( cated Atipaiattis a_* L<-ing the most convenient nr.d eflwctuai uioijc of applying anything of the kind i hivr ever i?-No doubt, thousdmls of per?<Hi? may he leliev-.d, aud many cured, by using your iu* diciflcs. I must here La bllowed to confer that I am op po.;ed to {.re?cribit.g or c-ingeecrel compouMiln, b.ii this little neatly contrived arli< le, ar.d its ?fleets in the ca*e above alluded to, hive :auuced me to kpeak in it* favor. You arc at liberty ts u?e Uiis in any w?iy vr<u may liunk proper. U^tp^ctAilly, yoars, h.c. C Johns, M D.. No. 509 Houston ttreet, N. Y. Price tiire^ doliam a package. Sold by CUKTI* A PEHKINS and BOYI) k PAUL, No 140 ' humbern street, N. Y. Four paekitpeg w>nt tree to auy part oi the Umten States for ten dollars. N B ?Dr. Curtis'! H)>eana is tlie ORIGINAL aud ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; oil others are] base imita lonb, or vdi aod injurmus couuterieiin Shun tlum as you would POISON. For saie in Washington by CHARLES STOTT, Pa. P-Veime. near 7iii street; and J. B MOORE, in the First \\ ard. may'J2? 6.n DENTISTRY. T\R. MUNSON respectfully rails public attrntion | \j to his new patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED c:et:ic?i of setting Artificial_ T? ih. With CuMiiiMaa Gum?the very' PERFECTION Ot THE ART. Thisstyle of Teeth has the fallowing advantage* over nil others, viz; GREAT STRENGTH. tJLEANLl NE.-"S, ?:oai FORT, and BEAUTY, vicing with Nature in these rrspecis, aud in some others excelling. Public in spection ii nspsetfolly ouheited. I'lta-'e call and see specimens. CAUTK >W.?No other Dentist in the District ol Columbia has a right to make tbi:i style uf Teeth. N. B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged t:i l warranted for life. Office and house at No. E street, near the j corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street. ap 34?tf HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of IIiir, such as Bracelets, (7h.':t clains, Chains, Brea tpins, Earrings, Fing>;r Rms", male to order, of any desired design. Ail orders taithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my store. H. SEMKEN, No. S30 i'a. av., between bth end lOth mm. Mar JO F;KttY'SAND GlLLOTT'H KP EL PEAS in variety, l? itight in prrson from the mauufactur ? is by tlie underwoo d, in litis way securing genu ineness, as w?il as the best quality and finish, i t each brand. FRAWCK TAYLOR, may ?-*> SLP Kill Oil TALI.K AND POCK1Y Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Sic.? A large assort ment, low> r than at any other pla^ein tlie city. Foi good artuies a...I low prices always call ut the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh st. may JO G. FRAN. IS \CA riLU KiOLUUS. something new, an W excellent arti' lo DOUBLE ICE PITCH ERA, diiTerrut ?t ries and Sizes; Brittaunia Pitchers, J open and covered ; all kinds ol Biilianma and Block Tin Hare. For sale low, at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 400 Seventh st. may JO O. FRANCIS. Alexandria polka pchottihh???*>? I Kmnimaehci's new piece of the above name, | deiiicted ti> Miss Eliza J. DeCimp, of this city, Just put lished fu?d for sale at toe Music Depot ut Je5 HI1.BCS It H1TZ I THE PROTESTANT CHURCHMAN, KDITKD BY THE EEV. STEPHEN H. LYN'G, D. D.. REV. II AN THON, D D, REV. E. H. CANFIELD. 3 a large weekly religious newspaper, published at $2 50 a year, in advance. The above named clergymen have recently be come editors of the "Protestant Clergyman," and, with the aid of many distinguished writers of the Protestant Episcopal Church, will cause this period ical to take a first plac* in the rank of Religious Newt pa per* From the Pro'j> " We fully believe that, with our wrII known rhurch principles, our fearless maintenance of thosw principles, we may appeal to Ev ingelical Church men with baldness for support in th's our opening address >? 1 * Subscription received by the Agents, GRAY St BALLANTVNE, Je 12?Ct 4U8 Seventh street. SELLING (JFF. WE have concluded to quit the fancy silk trade, t ? and in order to reduce our large stock we shall com ;ipt.ce to day selling off our entire stock o! Brocade, Piiiid and Striped, Col'd Silks at COST, mid in?ny flr>r le-s. Also, all Printed flan ges, and thin Drees Goods at 25 per cent less than former prices. Ladii s and purchasers generally are invited to t-iikiiii'ic our assortment bef ire making their selec tions, as we are I'etermin^tl to ?.ffer jrent ; argains. COLI EY fi SEARS, No. Seventh st, 3 doors north Pa av. Je 13? eo2w Dr. L. B. WRIGHT'S UNFAILING "SCROFULOUS A3TID0TF," For th* Permanent Cure of CONSUMPTION and all o her forms of SCROFULOUS DISPOSES. r|MIM Medicine is prepared bv an eminent physi I eian of eighteen years practice in New York city, Curing which time he has constantly used it wiili the most unbounded success, and created for it a reautati.m in private practice, unequalled in the history ol medicine. It upon tha btootl. cleansing it from a I scrofulous humors or iui purittea, renovating and. hy its magic pi-.wra.iN VIGORATING THE WHOLE SYSTEM, iu proof of, hundreds of respectable witnesses ficui the doctor's private practice have given in their tes timony, and entreat those suffering from any scrofu lous affection, to rail upon them u.ii tatisfy vour telven. A Treatise on Scrofulous diseases can be had pretis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 40? Broadway, and at Storae generally. OHARLES 'STOTT fc CO.. Agents tor Wafhinjton. RE. Ii. II. WRIGHT'S TASTELESS "LIQUID CATHARTIC," OR, FAMILY PHYSIC. rilHIS i? the IIEST. CHEAPEST,and MOST EF I FICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC. It i* TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nausea ting ? ff.-ct of Puis. Oil, Senm, Ac.,) r.nd producing no iriping or other painful effects. Unlmc all oth er purgative-, it-earehes to the hott'-m of the dis ease, tiiiiruughly cleanses th'j stomach, and leaves the bowels entirely free from costrvenoss. NO FAMILY SHOULD HE WITHOUT IT. Children drink it readily and without forcing, and NO MKDICINE LS M< >RE HIGHLY RECOM MENOEl) by the MEDICAL FACULTY Give it a trial and then judge for yourselves. It can be had wholesale and retail at E H. STA RLER & CO'S, Haltimore, or CH ARLES STOTT 8s. CO., Washington, I). C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DHPOT, 409 Broadway, where the doctor an be con uited daily on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p.m., without charge. je l^-6m ISTo. Q67. wasmiutoji stotk iw ^ nhfacti! p.t, S. hL comer of Pa. av. and fJevtnik street, Sole Agency for CHILSON, GOULD & CO 'S Warming and Venlilatinz Apparatus, M POND & CO.'S (of Ro*ton) lTni?n Double-Urcn Tookin? Range, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly on hand, and receiving I.ATROBE STOVER for heating two stories; Parlor and Cham ber GRAi ES, tinaiuel ed and Japanned Cooking, Hail, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Boom S I OVES; Plain, Tinnttd and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WARE; Block Tin, Planished and Ja^anued WARE in great varietv. All of wbioh will be snbl at the lowest possible rates, tint will compare favorably with any Estab lishraent v?uth ol New York. An.^xa.iiinatiOii of my stock ise;ini',?,ly solicited a pit 3?3m J AS SKI R VING I.MNS. PERFUMERY, TOILET ARTICLES, 1 N.C., 8ic.?We have now in store a large vari ety of fire and comittca Fans, Harrison's and I.u bin'seehbrated Perlumery, Brushes, Combs, I'ooth Powders, playing and visiting Cards, file Portmon nai.-, Ciyar Cases, Card Cases, Baskets, Canes. Xc , sc., all of which we are a iling out at low prices to suit the times at the Piano' Music, Sta tionery, Perfumery, and Fancy Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 30ft Ta. av.-nue, bet. Vlli aaJ lOtli std. ni.iy 23?tf new and7jld~pianos~ TTTTP. have now in store the largeit tissuruneat of f \ PI AN'?S ever offere-. in this city, from !Ial lel, Davis Sl Co., Hacon &. Raven, and Knabe, Gaehle & Co.'s celebrated manufactories. Th^se Piano-* we guarantee, and sj.1I upr.n vciv easy terns Abo, a n? w Pi no used only afe.w months, which we offer at the low pri.-e of . ash ; a second hand Piano, by Andre Stien, for .^75. A very fine second haad Chiekering Piano for sale or tent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken iri exchange for n. w. Always on band, Stool?, Covers, Violins, Guitar*, Flutes, Accordeons, Mu?ic. 3ic. S.c. JOHN f. ELLIS, 308 Pennsylvania avenue, may !0 bet. 'Jth and 10th streets. N ew books received at KIllLlilSiGTMRiR I'ae Watchman, will bo lound a fitting companion to the popular and simple stojy of the Laiun lighter Harper*' Magazine for June?comuiejcea a new volume The Mining Bride, by Mrs. South worth The Two Guardians, by the author of Heartsease Kianch Lorwood, a tale of modern life Virginia, Harper's Hiory Book lor June A B?x?k of Thoughts, Memories, and Fancies, by Mis Jameson Peeps from a Brlfry, or the Paris Sketch Book Leaves from a Fam ly Journal, by the autli >t of At tic Philosopher in Paris Joy and Care, a friendly book for young mothers, by Mrs. Huthlll. All the new book? published received immediato ly afterwards, aim every tiling in the stationery line Cur sale at bill ISLINGTON'S, Bookslote, O '.HOti Building, je 1 Coiner st, and Pa. av. FINJS WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition to my st^ck of **0!.D ni JITISO P^TtJtT MVIS.S, eud LA 1JIts' WATCH gs Of fitnt quality, heavy lb carat J case.o. Aiwx SILVER WATCHES for b.)ys. I offer th'.m at greatly reduced price*. The movements are selected with great car-I, aud every ?Vatch is warranted. I'cn>ons in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. II- SEMKEN. No. 3SO Pa. avenue, betw. 3ti< and lOtli sis. mar .'W MOR E B A R GAIN S . JOHN (1. SftlOOT, BnJ'e street, toiUK tide, rsar High, Georgetown, HAS just received a further supply of seasonable Goous, amongst which will be found Ou pieces good st>les fast colored Lawns at 12^ 10 do plain black and white and bl?ck do. do rich plaid Ginghams and Gingham Lawns :<U do 'dotted and rich emb'd Muslins 50 do plain Swiss and Nainsook Ho 40 do Jaconet and Cambric do 30 do plaid and striped do 25 Grass Cloth Skirts 30 corded aud damask do White aud colored Watered Moreens 50 pieces light pretty styles Calicos 10 do Barege ife Laines at 12?^c 2 do Buff shade Linen With an assortment of seasonn We styleo of Gloves, Hosiery, and many other very desiruble Goods, to which the attention of cash or prompt customer* is invited, as we are constantly receiving now goods, and ure helling theui at prices to suit the times, may 29-U J. II. SMOOT. Auction Balea. By J. r. HcODIHE, Auctioneer. f|"?BUSTEE'fl SALE OF VALUABLE ANP EL I igibly situated Real Est at u nn tiie IsTand.?By virtue 01 a <1? ed of trust, hearing dite on the fttb d ay of June, 18.15, and recorded in Lii-er J A. 8., No. 58, folws 1^4), &c , the sut scriber will sell, at pub lic sale, ou THURSDAY, the 21st day of June, 1855, at 5}4 o'clock p. m., on the premises, the north half of Lot No. 12 and the whole of Lot 13 in Square j43, the wholtj fronting 70 (eet6 inches on street west, between K and L streets south, and running back 100 feet to an alley, with the buildings a'td im provements, which ate two two story and ?>ne cot tage built Frame Dwdling Houses, well and sub stantially built, or so much thereof as may be neces sary to satisfy said deed ol'trust. The above property is situated in a rapirflv itn I proving i?art of the city, and offers a favorable op I i-ortunity to persons desirous ofobtainirg a residence or investing. The teiiu* of gale wili he one fourth cash ; residue in 6, 13,and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from da^pf sale, secured by a deed of trust upon the property. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six | days after the sale, the property will be resold at the tiek and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at c*>?t ot purchaser. (-'HAS. S WALL *CH, Trustee J Ad. C. M:G!JIRE, je 15?d Auctioneer. By URkRH dt SCOTT. Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED I'ROPERTY NEAR the NaYard a! Auction?On THURSDAV the 21st instant, at f> o'clock p. m , we shall sell, in f.ont ?>f the premises, purt of L t No. 3, and all ot Lot 4, in squ ire No. 8*1, it being the property be longing t-> Mr Samuel T. Little, situated on-ou'h L, between 6th and 7tli streets east, and near the Navy Yard Market. On lot No. 3 !s a go ri, sub stantial, and conveniently arranged lirick r>weHin<i Hou-e. Li>t N?> 4 has a f.< nt ou L street,of 50 feci, and w II be subdivided t>> ?:utt purchasers, on a part of which i-. a good brick store house or otSce. We de- a it uam.ccssaiy to s -y anything n i;.tiVe to the de.-trakle location < f lha above described ? roperty, as It is v.vli known. Title indisputable Turuirt: ore-sixth cash ; balance in 6. 12, 13, 24, 30, and 36 months, the purchaser to cive notes for i the deferred payments, bearing interest froui day ot Isale. A deed given and a deed o" trust taken. GRLEN & SCOTT, Je 15?d Auctioneer?-. By J. C. IflcUUtKk', Ancuoneir I/CHOICE COLLECTION OF RARE AND VAL (Vy uable Oil Paintings at Pablie Auction?On TUESDAY afteru' on, June 12th, at 4V? o'clock, at he Saloon over Firchain's Bo"k.jtore, corner of ilth street and Pa.avenue, I 'hall sell a collection | r>f rare and valuable Oil Paintings, selec'ed wiih .'rent care by II. N Bailow, F-q., from vanou- iral tVnes on the Continent. Amongst them will be tound specimens ol Domenichino, Velasquez. Sir Godfrey Kneller, A. Van Willie.-, John Wilson, Uain-boro', Murilla, Vernet, Pounsin, Sl:ayer, ir., | ami r.theis. The Saloon v?iil be open and the Pictiurcs on free I exhibition until the sale. Catalogues may be obtained at the saloon or at t'.e I auction renins Terms: $100 and cn.ler cash; over tha* sum a | credit ofsixty and ninety days, for notes satisfactori ly endorsed, bearing interest JAS. C. McGCIRE, je 6?d Auctioneer. (37- Tltt above i?le In poitpona! ui ti! TUESDAY afternoon, June 10, same hour. JAS. C. McGUIRE, i junc 15?d Auctioneer. By GRCSS & SCOTT, Auctioneers. XTALUABLE BUILDING LOT NEAR THE I V Lona Bridge at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, | the 20th instant, I shall sell, at 7 o'ekiek p ?*,MM bah of Lot No. 11, in Square 257, fron inc vu f; et I on south D street, beiwer n l.'IJ^ and 14th eU. wc>t, | running back 92 lee; t" a 30 feet ailey The above described property is handsomely lo [ cited near the Long Bridge. Title indisputable. Tirms: $lt'0 cash, balauca in six andtw.lve months, for notes bearing intvre.-a from Use day of j tbe sale A deed given and a dc; d of trust taken GREEN Sl SCOTT, Je 14?d Auctioneers Vi lli be ntldeil to the above sale, at the same time and place, 10 000 or 15,000 good Bricks, aud & lot of Lumber. Terms ca-:h. GREEN A SCOTT, Je 15?d Auctioneer?. By JAS. C. lUcOUlim, Auctioneer. r- RUSTLE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE J_ and Lot on the corner of F street ?outh and 3d [ street west.?By virtue of a deed in trust fr^ni Jno. P. Tolson and wile, the subscriber will sell,at pub | lie sale, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of June, 1855, at 5^ o'cioak p. m., on the premises, parts of | Lots Nos. 24 and 25, in Square No 630, fronting 4"i | feet ou F street south, by Cri feet 6 inches on 3.1 st. west, with the buil lings and improvements, which consist of a well built two-story frame house, with brick bakery attached. The aiove property is eligibly situated on the Island, and offers a favorable opportunity ti persons desiring a residence oi to make an investment. The terms of sale vill be one-third cash, and tiie balance in 6,18 and 18 in>.nth?, for notes bt arir.g a terest from the day r,f sale, secured by a deed of ] ru?t on the property. If the terms of sale are complied with in six days after the sale, the property will be resold hi the risk and eip. nse of the purchaser. Ail cenvtyancing ;.t t xp. :ise of purcli i.-cr. CiiAS. S WALLACH, Trustee. JAS. C. AlcGUIRE, je 5?eoh.d;i Auctioneer. Uy UREiilA & SCOTT, AucUoneen. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON VASSA chusetts avenue at Auction?On WEDNES DAY, the 2*nh instant, we shall soil, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m , a beautiful Building Lot, Mtuated on Mas-achusetts avenue, between 4th and 5th streets west, it being Lot No. 2^, in Sq. 517. having a fiont on the avenue of 67 feet 4 in , running back u> a wide alley. Teims: One-third cash ; balance iu 6,12 and IB months, lor nates bearing interest from lite day of the sale. A deed givon and a deed of uust taken. GREEN & SCOTT, je 14?d Auctioneers. I)y J. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S S ALE OF VALUABLE IMi'ROV ed Property in t:,? First Wuid?Ou AiONDAY afternoon, June -25th, at ti j* o'clock, in front of the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, duly r* corded, ac., ihe subscriber wi I sell thai valuable piece of property situated at the coiutr of Pennsylvania | avenue mid 1!) h streets. Tl<e iiuprovenn nts con sist of a large and commodious three-it' ry brick dwelling house, with coach house, and o.hei out buildings. Terms ca?h. W. A. MIX, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, je 10?d Auctioneer. By JA3. ?< WcUl'UlU, Auctioneer. ClIIANCEhY HALE OF VALUABLE improved I Real Eftaie ard Ma:k t Garden ?By virtus of a decree of the t ircuit Court of the I i-trint of Co lumbia t t Wash nig ton county, mads in the cu<e wncrein Mary llnffuian, adm nictratiix ai d h< ir at law of M ?ore, deceased, is co r plainant, and Hannah Moore, and J. me* Moore, and Laura Ann Moore his wi:e, heirs ut law of said Thomas Moore, dece -sed, nre defendants, Na. 1,007 in clon eery, the subscriber, trustee appointed by said de ciee, will sell at public auction, on TUESDAY the 10th niiy of July, 18^5, at 0 o'clock p. la , on the premises, t'?e whole of square No. 303, In the city [ of Washington, frontins .ilO fee on each of llibard 12th streets west, and 202 feet 2 inches on each of V and W streets n rth, and containing about 02,072 square feet of ground, with buildings, improvements and appurtenauces, which consist of a well and supramiaily built two-story brick dwellii.g house [ aud frame stable, fee. The above property i-? eligibly situated and rapid ly enhancing in va ue, and has been occupied and | cultivated as a market gerden for many years, is m an excellent condition for that purpose, and with in a very short distance ot either of the city mar kets, and offers to persons desirous of obtain ng a valuable market garden or making an investment, a rare opportunity. The terms of sale, as prescribed by tbe said de ctee, will be oue-fourth of the purchase money to be paid iu cash, and the balance iu 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, to lie secured by the purchaser's note, bear ins interest from the day of the sale, with secu rity to be approved by the trustee. Upon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, and the ratification or the sale by th? Court, the trustee will convey the property to the purchaser in lee. If the terms of saiu are not complied with in six days alter the sale the property will be resold at tbe risk and expense of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at expense of purchaser. CI1A8. S. WALLACH, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, Je 15?cofcds Auctioneer. EVENING STAR. CAN A WOODElf MAIf BE MADE TO WALK AHD TALE 1 For some time past it has been report ed that a wonderful achievement in'sci ence and art had been accomplished by a mechanic of this city. Ue had. in fact, invented an automaton that could walk and talk. A number of gentlemen had seen the figure operate exactly as de scribed by the inventor, but they weie inclined to think that there was collusion in the case. Yesterday afternoon we witnessed an exhibition of the automaton in a private room in Broadway. It was an awkward looking thing, weighing, it was said, three hundred and fifty pounds, with a huge bronze head, a monstrous body painted red, and short legs. The resem blance to a roan was very slight. Its general appearance, we should say, was more liLe that of a monster. Lpon our entrance into the room in company with several gentlemen, the figure stood near the wall between two windows. The operator read a descrip tion ?f the invention, stating that it wai moved by machinery. Before he finished reading, however, the automaton began to vibrate iu a very Eicgular manner. 1:0 motion continued some seconds, and the spectator began to suspect that there was somebody inside the monstrous sto mach of the figurr. The machinory w:.s wound up at last, and while the operator steadied the figure, it shullltd its elephant teet along the lloor lor a short distance and then stopped. Ihe screws were put to the figure again, and it backcd towards the wall, at the same time liftirg its feet in tbt backward movement much better thac going forward. The operator then prepared the figun for speaking, by the use of an air-pump this, some of the lookers-on hinted was to give air to the person ccncea'ed within the figure. While the operator was proceeding with his " punipings, ' the gentlemen closely scrutinized the automaton, in order to detect any deception. Small windows are placed in its body, to allow a view of the use of the machinery in iide. But these appertures, anfortu nately. though a person can cce directly through the body apparently in a straight line, do not throw any light into the chamber. From these openings nothing can be determined as to its mode of oj>e ration any more than by looking at the : unsightly exterior. Barnum, of the Museum, two or three other showmen, and several members of the press were present. None of them, it seemed, were favorably struck with the invention. The greatest point was now to be fet tled. Ko one doubted that the figure had walked. The oj>eratcr seized the air pump, and moved some keys on the out side of the body, when the figure said, with pauses between the words : 44 Ladies and gentlemen, you sec before you a triumph of science and art.1' Many more words were spoken, but we couid not understand them. The voice seemed to sound as if proceeding from a living body through pipes. The operator assured the spectators that anv body could make the figure speak, and that there was no collusion Barnuro moved the keys and the figure answered, but as he could not see the interior he was not satisfied. The impression of these who were present was that there was a man inside of tbe figure. If there is nothing of the kind, the inventor ought not to be secret about its construction.?Act* 1 ork Evening Post. HjMS A?fD W'HAS. Our homes?what are their corner stones but tho virtue of a woman, and on what does social well-being rest, but on our homes ? Must we not trace all other blessings of civilized life to the doors of our private dwellings ? Are not our hearth stones guarded by holy forms conjugal, filial, and parental love, the corner-stone of Cnurch and State : more sacred than either, more necessary than both ? Let our temples crumble, let our public edifices; our halls of justice crum ble, and capitals of state be levelled with the dust; but spare our homos ! Let no socialist invade then* with his wild plans of community. Man did not invent, and he cannot improve or abrogate them. A private shelter to cover in two hearts dearer to each other than all iu the world; high walls to exclude the profane eyes of every human being; seclusion en'.u:rh for children to feel that mother is a holy and peculiar name--this is home; and here is the birthplace of every secret thought. Here the Church and State must come for their origin and support. Oh ! spare our homes! The love we experience there giv?S us our faith iu an infinite goodntss; the purity and disinterested ness of home is our foretaste and our iarnest of a better world. Iu relations there established and fostered, do we find through life the chit fsolace ai J joy of existence. What friends deserve the name compared with those whom a birth right give us ? One mother is worth a thousand friends; one sister truer thaa twenty intimate companions We who have played on the same hearth, under the light of the same smile, who date back to the same scene and season of in nocence and hope, in whoue veins run the same blood, do we not find that years only make more sacred and more important the tie that binds ? Coldness may spring up; distance may separate; different spheres may divide; but those who can love anything, who continue to love at all, must find that the friends whom God himself gave, are wholly un like any we can choose for ourselves, and that the yearning for these is the strong i spark in our expiring affection. ET~y Never give a boy a shilling to hold your shadow while you climb a tree and look into the middle of the week? it is money thrown away. THE WEEKLY STAR. Thk excel)** Family aa4 Nrwi Joarrvv?rani talning a gr*&u<r variety of MrrctUat trading tbna cmj br found in an? oifc?w?4a pubH*he?ion HnnuAay TOM. cxQ'f, por anaom $1 Si TO CLCIfl. Fiveeopto* ^ ^ ?????? Twenty do ? ???M ???????????? ?????? ? ??????? 16 HO 09*CaBI, UTV AAIASLV Id ADTAJICB. Gp- Single copies {? wrapper*) oan ke procanii at the countex, unme&aialy altar (lie mm of - o paper. Pricc?tiui enrrt. Fostmabtim who act an afouu will be ai)c?'d a corciaivqoi) of twenty pi* ceisu THF. U.1FADI50 EEAKT An old man walked near a time-worn church, having gone thither to visit the grave of one long departed. H? hvl cen weeping; and as he turned his eyes heavenward, tears glistened therein, lie wore in a button-hole a faded ribbon, which ever and anon he looked upon, then again lifted his face to tho skies, muttered some soft words of love, and continued weeping. Some children, standing by, derided the old man. Raying ?? Father, givi* us thy ribbon: it is old and can be of no worth to thee/' But the old man clasped the ribbon in his hands, and thought sadly of one he loved, who di#d w hile her bridal garments still adorned her. They had loved long and truly, and had married in the full vigor of their youth. But as tbey were returning from church they chanced to meet a rush of people, who were being driven before the soldiery in one of those cmcutcx fji which Francc is so notorious. She mar ried pa;r were riding in a car. when the report of musketry was heard, the bridr groom became excited, and s?re?chirg out of the window, he marked the tu mult for a moment, then turned to calm the fears of his wife. Alas ! the quiet of death was already upon her?a bullet had entered her young heart; and thero she leaned, as before she sat?a sweet smile upon her face, her lips still warm, but dead ! On that unhappy morninj, the old man took a ribbon from her breast, and ever - night and day?he had wo*n it mar hi* .eart. Sixty years had passed since then, but he had never sought another love. But, gazing upon the ribbon, he saw her he loved ever by his side. Ard when the children derided him, he meek ly replied?44 The heart, my dear chil dren, is not like a ribbon No! no! be lieve me, the heart never grows old."' SlXGCt.AR CoXDrCT OF Mrs. RoBIKSOV, THE CONDEMNKD MlEDEEESS.?The TrOV Limes of Monday gives the following ac count of the strange behavior of Mrs. Robinson, called the veiled murderess, now in thcj&il of that city: "The intelligence of the refusal by the supreme court to grant the motion for a new trial, made by the common council, was received here by the public official < on Saturday afternoon. The Sheriff, how - ever, considered it advisable to withhold it from the unfortunate woman until the arrival of Mr. Pierson, her counsel, think ing that the intelligence would be received by her more calmly when communicatcd by that gentleman. "Through the medium of an outside friend, however, Mrs. Robinson becas?e Acquainted with the fact about thr e o'clock in the afternoon. She at tir<t manifested symptoms of uncontrollable an^er, stamping the floor with her feet, and launching out a torrent of invectives against all who were in any way connect ed with her trial. By degrees, however, she became moderate, and finally settled down with the exclamation, 4I am glid that they would not give mo the new trial.' "Towards evening she sent the woman employed to do her washing for a larce quantity of provisions, and after build ing a rousing lire in the stove?sufficient ly iarge for the coldest wintry dry?!>:? gan to prepare a sumptuous repast, say ing that she would at lexst have a La.; in honor of the occasion. "Soon after dark Mrs. Robinson pla:c J a number of lighted candles in each win dow of her cell?the illumination bein^ designed, as she stated, to testify' h^r I joy. The affair attracted a large nuaiVti* of spectators in the street, bui she was allowed to proceed with jner amusement uninterrup.ed until the candles barnei out. "Tho goceral impression sesai3 to bj, that Mrs. Robiruon will be sentenced by Judgo Harris during the present term of the court." IIow a Tuiustt Man* got two Gl_ss?-:3 amd a Mu J of Alb.?44 Will you give me a glass of ale, please ?" asked a rather sctdy-ish looking person with an old but well brushed coat and a'most too shiny hat. It was produced by the bar-tender, creaming over the edge of the tumbL-r. "Thank y?," said the recipient as ho placed it to his lips. Having finished it at a swallow, he smacked his lips, and said: 44 That is very tine alo?very.? Whose is it ? 44 It is Uarmau's ale." 44 Ah, Il&rman's, eh? Well, give u.s another glass of it." It was done, and holding it up to the light and looking through it, the connoissieur said : 44 Pou my word, it is supeib ale?superb!? clear as Maderia. I must have houu more of that. Give me a mug of it.'* The mug was furnished; lut before putting it to his lips the imbiber said, whose alo did you say this was?" 44 llarman's," repeater the bar-tender. The mug was exhausted, and also tha vocabulary of praise: and it only remained for the appreciative gentleman to say, as he wiped his mouth and went toward the door: 'Ilarman's ale is it? I know ilaiman very well?I shall nee him soon, and will settle him for two glasses and a mug cf his incomparable brew! Good morning."?Knickerbocker Magazine for June. 44 Sam" a Native of Rome?Martin Luther gave this account of the ordir which bears a very decided resemblance in many respects to the present organi zation : 44 In Italy there was a peculiar order of friars called Ft ales lgnorcntia?that is, 44 Brethren of Ignorance"?who took a solemn oath that they would neither know, learn, nor understand anythn\? at all, but answer all things with Scscxo? 441 know nothing."?Leber's Table 1 aia. (?7" Man's happiness springs mainly from moderate troubles, which afford the mind a healthful stimulus, are followed by a reaction which produces a cheerful flow cf spirits.

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