Newspaper of Evening Star, June 19, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 19, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intalligence. Coomso with QasMr Willard. of the National Hotel, haa in operation, at hi? popu lar eetablishment, a simple arrangement for oooking with gaa A member of tha Balti more bar, in apeaking on the au^ject, seya: ?' One of my neighbors, who haa Iried it. ax preaaea himself in great praiie of it* economy and sueeesa; and a beefat*ke from Mr. Wil lard a gaa gridiron waa served to me. preserv Ing ita juiee. and exquisitely done. Mr Ouy, ol the Monument House, who is one of the best judge* in the country of the culinary art, haa adopted it, and recommeada it aa a great fuel and labor saving invention, which is des tine*!. I believe, to confer untold benefit* and comfort* on all olaase*. and ahould. aa it mcst. amply reward ita publio spirited inventor." The bar* cf the gridiron are hollow. To these the gas ia communicated by moana of a gutta percha tube attached to the ordinary jet. In tbeee bars are amall perforation*, the gas es caping through which ia Ignited, presenting parallel atripa of flame. Over this a plate of ribbed iron i* placed, and the article to be cooked laid on. with the re.ult above described In fact, cooking in any of it* style* can be ex eouted by thia simple arrangement and at a coat cheaper than by any other description of fuel The cleanlinesa of the operation, and the preservation of the sweetness of the meats, to aay nothing of the convenience of the ar rangement, must certaioly recommend it to general favor. ?? Tbb FBASKLni TARorr Compact?This novel association of cur young citiaem pa raded y?storday for the purposo of haviDg their firs target practice. They were accom panied by excellent mart'al music, attached to the Marine corps, marched well, were out in good numbers, considering the threatening aspect of the weather, and attracted ooasider able attention from our citiaens 'fhere were five priies to be shot tor?two for the offlerre a splendid gold pencil and a very beauiifu! set ring. Tho gold pencil waa won by Cspt A Tate and the ring by Lieu; Williamson Tkc priasa for the non commissioned officers >nd privates oonriated of a splendid -;o!d Iccket, <^er?d by Cnpt. Tate; a ailver enp, offered by Lie?;. S 0 Eckl - ff. and n handsome go'd ring, by LierU. Evans The firat was wca by pri vate C. J Cacfield; the aecond by private Spring; the th{rd by private Crampsey. The leather medal, ;he priie to 'he poorest at tempt, waa awardeJ to one of tho corpa, who obtained mere applaero ?hau ary oneof tho bet ter marksmen. The member* of 'be corps are loud in their praise of toe prjpir?tor of the Park. Mr. Schuyler, who did all tha. lay in hi* power to please them while they ware hi* ground*. Diabolical Villaist ?On H street near Fifth lives an old man named Orusl-.on. whose honesty and industry have gained for him respect of all hi* acquaintances. By pru dence and hard labor be has managed to pur chase for himself a bor?e and furniture car, which have been hia principal means of sop port. He kept his horse in a stable near Fifth and H street*, but it seems the unfortunate beast, by stamping on the ll:?or of the stablo, annoyed the neighbors. Laat Thursday night acme one went to the stable and scalded the poor beaat badly on one oi his shoulders. Not aatiafied with thia specimen of his malicious propensities, the person returned again the following night and iealded him again on the other shoulder. We nave no idea of the pun iahment proper for a person guilty of a crime of this description Aside from the injury | dose to the poor old man. *uch treatment of a dumb animal should ontitle the wicked party to a long term at the hard'it labor in the penitentiary. It i? to be desired that the guilty may be found out and severely pun ished Pcblic School*?The examination of the following named school* will take p!aoe to morrow : Mr* 8. E. Coale, funior department of Primary No. 2. firat district. Wilson a Hall, corner of Pennsylvania avenue ani .Nineteenth atreet?Messrs. 'Bennett, Bate*, Pearson, and Polk Mis* C. McCarthy, Junior department of Primary No. 3. seoobd district. Methodist Chureh aoath, Eighth atreei?Measr*. Baccn. Diokinacn, Davis, and At Lee. MUs F Elvana, Primary No. 2 third dis trict, public aohool boose, late market house? Messrs Hanson. Magruder, and Knight. The following damnations are advertised to take place this afternoon: Primary scho>?l. N". 1, firat district, Washington Library, (Eleventh street,) Misa M G. Wells, teacher, is to be ex amined to morrow afternoon, by Messrs. Ben nett, Davis, bacon, and AtLee. Al.*o, primary school No. 1, second district. Mis* K Parson* teacher, school house. Judiciary square; b/ Messrs. Magrader, Bateo, Dickinson uJid Pear son; and primary No. 1, junior department, third district, Miss J F. Acton teacher ; pub lic echoolh<>use, late markethonae; by Messrs. Hanson. Polk and Knight. M lls R Schmidt, the young And accom plished vocalist, from cur Bister cily. Balti more arrived in Waahington to day. she will auist at the concert i f M ile Boyo on Friday cveuing We have been informed by a friend i who *a* present at a rehearsal of tnc oratorio j of 14 Elijah'' by the Msndolasohn Association, of whica M'lle Schmidt ia a member, that her rendering of the beautiful aria, which iB In the programme for Friday'a concert, 44 waa mo^t exqai*iie, and gare proof that she not only knew the notea which aha sung, but imbued tkezn with that divine feeling whioh peivaded Ue great coiapoaer when he wrote the music " Jadging of all we hear of this lady, aha will unquestionably be a* aueceifful &*f:r? the discriminating auditory of a Wuahington con cert room a* a; home among her associate* of the Mendolaaohn Aisociatiem. Thb Ksow Kothino Mass MscTiao ?On Thursday night, the Know Nothings of W'aah ington hold a uaass moating at the City Hail, an* will, of course, bo luft undisturbed by their opponents, who will prove by their coo duct on the ocoasion that they do not deprecate the prostration of tho light of free discussion on the part of the Know Nothings, without being tbemaeiv?s resp*:iora of teat aoered American constitutional priviiere. Our anti Know Xothiag friends, eae ai.d all, will prove by their conduct that they are, as men, far superior in all the attributes of good citUan ahip, to tho>e in thsir midst who are their po litical opponents. Accistxr ?Several of our young citizens on Scndaj last took a notion to a?il a few ml lea down the Potomac in the little sailboat Will Watch, a great favori:o with those who are tond of aquatics, on the Potomac, but a sudden jjale overtook theu: and caphitcj the boat. Fortune:*!/ all ve t good awimmer*. otherwise there might havo bean something more painful for ns to record. The owner anil hia cointanions seldom mev with am>h uaei ?lents, they being skillful managers of sailing boat* Slmdat School EzcLBsioaa ?Ey reference to our advertising ooiumn*, it will be sean that the Oorsuch Chapel Sabbath school par P?ae a steamboat trip down the Potomac to Boriow morning, and that the Ebeneaer Sab bath-school will have their pio-nie excursion, on the aame river, ou Thursday next. The hours at which the reapeotive boats will leave the eity ere stated. We doubt not, should the weether prove fair, the company, on each oc casion, will have a good time. AMcamKNT ?Professor Kirby and family advertise a eerie* of beautiful and combined performance", repre?ented in thebigheat order of perfection, oeamting of Chinese and (ire cian exercises, second ?tght, dc According to a certificate of re?p?ctable citiaens whioh sa* been exhibited to ua, this gentleman'* en tertainment ia other citiei havo ),osn produc tive of much satisfaction, and are of a truly Bovel and interesting character ArrxiirTsn Ibcuiii'Iaris* ?OnlastSanday sight an attempt was msde to set fire to e ?'able between Sixth and Seventh ttreeta. The ignited combustible material, placed there for that purpoac, fortunately failed of ita ob ject. Stsaliro Lchber ? A colored man named Frederick Rinjrgo d waa arrested last night, *nd taken to the guard bouse for stealing luin her. lie was before the Captain of the Guard and Justice Morscll, the latter cf whom committed b<in for trial at the Criminal Ml tance below the Anaoostla. What vu the amount of money staked on the fight. or who the animal* belonged to, we have not learned. It Is a great pity those demoralising affaire cannot be ended. In all saeh exhibitions, in temperance and profanity are the frinoipal fea ures. Marble Ma*tl*s.?Those In want of these articles will find a capital sapply indeed in the shop of Maxwell & Son, at the old Star office, on D street, just south of PennsylTania avenue, near tha corner of Twelfth street. Being abont to move, they are for sale at very low prices. Suoh another opportunity to obtain them at very low rates may never again occur in this city. Th* Wratmr, for the season, Is trnly ex* traordinary Instead of summer olothing. winter garments are necessary. The recent rain has cooled the atmosphere, and laid the dust?the latter an event especially gratifying to tho?e who are not yet prepared to consume their allotted peck of dirt. Criwikal Court ?To day, P. Jordan was tried and found guilty of an assault on the barkeeper of the United States Hotel, com mitted in Maroh last. [COMtfUHICATRD A C a ? did Coxrcsaiox is Good for ihh Socl.?Dear Mr Editor : As yon seem to have acted as Father Confecsor of all those true penitents who bsve generously resolvod to expiate the sin of Know No'hingtsm by tears and mourning, I wish to avail myself of the absolving power with which you are invested, acknowledge my fault and disclose the reasons of my conversion Many object to the Know Nothing Order, besaute of its proscriptirs character; but I object to it, and have separ ated from it, becauso it is not pruscriptlve enough My case, perhaps, differs a little from any that has yet corao urder ronr knowl edge. You will remember, Mr Editor, that st the first election in onr city, in which this Order was triumphant, the policy of the cor porate authorities, as announced by leader* of the perty, was to have none but Native Americans in thotr employ, and to rid the Metropolis of foreign influence. Being a na tive myself, this announcement was received by roe with joy. as I thought of the delightful change that was about to take place. Do this, gentlemen. I said to myself?rid us of foreign influence, and yeu consummate the attractions which onr city holds out as a residence Crime will be unheard of. and the auxiliary guard and tolioe fiincti ojfino. The very trees on our Avenue will grow more luxuriantly?there will bo bo such thing as dust?property will advance?ih? Corporation debt will be paid? racketing will be cheap and money plenty? a perfec* millenium But, alas ! I have wait ed iu vain to see 'he promise fulfilled To be sure our friends have done something. Ihey have decided to remove Koche and McCormick as a tax on the community?they have taken possession of tha W asbiegton Monument?they nave poisoned one dog, (and some horses? 12i.,) bacaute, besides being suspected of having Scotch terrier blood in his veinr, he was undoubtedly nothing more than a Popish spy. But all this is very little. When I look aroond me and see oar publio works monopo lised by foreignera?our streets opened and graded, and our building* erected and deco rated l?y t^e same I find that our city author j ities have done nothing towards redeeming the I pledge* which they gave upon their election. Why, Mr. Editor, I thought that the glory and the profit, too, of these wjrks were hencefoith to belong txclusively to Amerioans liow id it that native shovels and pickaxes are not en gaged in grading ojr street*) ? llow is it th;it native chisels are not employed to prepare the stone for our edifices? 1 expected our Know | Nothing authorities to do this, but they have failed. They have failed to relieve our city of foreign influence, and the consequenoe is that property has not risen, nor has the corpora tion debt been paid. But I am told that grading stieets atd erecting public building* are not important offices Are they not, though? Who knows that these foreigners, i under some vile command of the Pope, have not laid mines and pitfalls in our public streets, or placci springs or internal machines in our public buildings, with which they in tend one day to destroy the lives of the native American citizens of Washington. 1 have ' waited in vain to see these Dutchmen and I Irishmen turned out, und Amerioans appointed 1 in their stead. I r.ra disgusted with the bad | faith of the Know Nothing party; I have left j it, and trust the priestly power with whioh ' you seem clothe 1, as it were by the acclama tion of the community, will bid me "Ooin peace and sin no more." Rrpkstarcb. Jc sb 14, 1865. W^Tcai Kkti-rnm.?There was but a sirgie lodger in last night. W. 11 Kyle, disorderly; fine and cost. Frederick Ringgold, stealing ; jail. 0EORUKTOWR CORRESPONDENCE. (icoRaercwj. June 19, 1855. Many ptrsons in our community do not seem to be aware < f the faet that the laws reg ulating the Post Office Department require the postago on all letters to be paid when mailed, otherwise they will not leave the office where mailed, until pent to the dead letter of fice in Washington, We learn tr at the num ber cf unpaid letters left at our post office of late are very considerable. We would, there fore, advise all persens who have depocited letters therein without having oomplied with the law, to call at once on Postmaster Tilley and do so. Otherwise they (the letter?) will fAil to reach their point of destination. Por nearly forty-eight hours we have bad heavy, misty weather, accompanied with gen tle and refreshing showers of rain, which have Imparted new life and vigor to everything in the >hape of vegetation. This morning, tho garden, and fields surrounding our eity pre sant a more beautiful and flourishing appour ance than they have heretofore done this sea son. In this ccnneotion, wo would remark that vie continue to receive from nearly all parts of Maryland and Virginia tbo most eheering reports of the growing crops. Many W'th whom we have conversed are of the opin ion, that, owing to the very favorable season hitherto, and the largely increased amount of everything in the way of broadituffs, ?fco., planted, that tie yield this year, if nothing happens to it hereafter, will be at least fifty per cent, greater than for the last several years. Our wood and coal mercnants are busily engaged getting in their fall and winter sup plies of fuel. From present indications the supply of all kinds will be large, and prices Considerably bolow those of last winter. We learn that the dead body of a German boy, of the name of Westerman, whose family lesidos in our oitv, was found a few days ago in the canal. Iio had bo?n employed upon tLo Washington aqueduct, and it is supposed be accidentally fell into tbo canal and was diw-vned. J The health of our city continues excellent. | We hear of nc sickness of moment smong any of our people. Buiineas is steady, but cot active From every indication, however, the general trade the ensuing fall will be unusually heavy. The floor market this morning is very quiet. But little doing from the fast that there is but little on hand to do with, and but little ex pected to arxlve before the incoming harves'. bmall sales to the retail trrde at $10 62ia $10 75, at which price holders are firm. No grain arriving. Spictator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. ? ' ! Alexandria, Jane 19,1855. The Alexandria Canal Company met at 11 o'elock in the oouncil chamber, yesterday. Berj HaIIowcII, President, K. Johnston Sec tary. The annual report of the President and Directors, exhibiting the afiairs of the com pany for the past year, was read and adopted Messrs. B. Barton, J. H. Brent, B. Hallowell, E S. II ;ugh. and W. C. Yeaton, wsre appoint ed an examiniag committee. On proo:-eding to an election of officers, the following were chosen: President, Jeseph Eache*; Directors, Win. Giegory, Jas Green, 11 Dangerfield, C. F Lee, W. N- MoVeigh, and J. J. Wheat. Va notitD o( Jm. II. Keid, the director! w?ra initrnotad to profaonte the olaim upon the Cbwajwak* and Ohio Canal Company for water righti eren to the extent of legal pro. oeedinga. On motion of F M. Monroe, tbe scheme of i the Potom&e Coalfield Railroad Company vat oordiallj eadoried, and the delegate from Alexandria requested to obtain legislature aid for the ^rosecation of the work. The company then adjourned. Next Wednesday (tbe repairs of the Metho dlit Protectantohareh having been completed) ia tbe day appointed for the renting of the pews. The pew system snoceeda the old free seat plan. The Gaiette this morning pats one foot upon tb?newKnow Nothing platform in this wise: "we accept the good, and wait for time to ameliorate whatever may be found objection* I able." * The forthcoming exoursion of the Y. C. F Society will be postponed should the weather prove unfavorable. Aki. LtV*2.(?25^LKr)IC,N*8 ?11 '? *?ttn>ate<t that A Y K R ? S CH88KY PKCTOUAI, and 0 A THA KTIC PILL3 hare ?oee more to promote the public health than any other onel ?*???- There can be no queatlon that Oie Cherry Pectoral i Mr by Ita thousand on tbonaand ouree ofOolda, G>u*ha, Asth I na, Cronp, tufliieuca, rimnchttls, Ac., vary much rednrM I fie proportion of death* from consumptive dleeaaee In thla I renntry. The Pllla are aa goo<1 aa the Pectoral. and wll I cure more complaints. Kverybod, ue-d. mor- or toe. porg,ri<f. Pnrge the blood from ita impurities. Par*# the Howela, |Jv?r. und the whole v1*c*r*l pystern fr??m obntrnctluim. Pure* out th# disease* which faat?*ii ?>n the bo.|y, to work Ita d*>cav But for Ji.eaaee we should die only of old age. Take autldotea tvirly and throat It from tbe aj'HUiu, beforu It It yet too strong to yleid. I AyiVK.* P"L? tl,rnf,t onl disease, not only while It la 7 Wh#n 11 uken ? ?WWM Mi Read tbe aa tonnding statements of ilio!*e who have b??n cored by thein from dreadful Scrofula, I?repay. Llcer*. Skin di?-.u?e. Bheu j uiatUm, Neuralgia, Uyapepala, Internal Palna, Btlion* Com I plaint*, Boada -hs, Heartbnrn, Gout, and many leas dange I F? ?J*t "till threatening ailment*, audi na pimp lee on tlie fa'-e. WorniM, 11 rltabiilty, L..?* of appetite. Irreau I ! "I'-'ineea In tlie head, r.ilila, Kevern. Dysentery, and liHeed every variety of complaints for which a Purgative I Remwly |* requited. s Thee* are no random statement*, but are authenticated by | your own neighbor* ?nd your own physicians. Try them once and you will nevei be without tlietll Price 35 cent* per box?6 bole* for )1 ^P.epare<1 Uy DR. J. Q. AYIK, Lowell, Mats., ?And tokl Z. H, fill,MAN, Waahl!*f(toa. 6. M. LINTHIOt M, rgetown. JA#. COOK. A CO., Kredurlclcsbarg, aad by all Prs?-gl*ts ?verywhere. may ??eo2m 0TZ*i??uOI,O?,I'A 1,0,51 PKLBBRATKD okrman bit TKKS. Weak, nervona, depressed 111 aplrite, and a prey to Innumerable mental, aa well aa physical evil*, the I v'".?i'0 ^y*P*P*'a, la Indeed an object of comoslsxeratlon, 1 ct It If atxtrd for him t<? deaf air. We care not how weak i"w. ?"'! Irritable he may be. tho cordial pr..p?r. litaof HOOKI.ANirS OKRMAN BITTKUS, prepare! by Dr. I w' i' y*ck,ou, Philadelphia, are etrourer iliau the many headed tn'-n-ter which 1* preying upon his body and mind; and If ' e rhooees to try tliem, we will Injure a spwdy enre ?mh? advertlsemeut. je 7_?a ~Y_y at thk faiss.??wHiTRRCKSTB rr *?!' J" th? ascendance ? Tbe jurie* of each of the lata at lUlttmure, Richmond, and New York awarded their highest premlnne to J. H W. for their snperlorlty of Pho tQfcraphe. Stereoecjpes a:id R^gaei reotypee exhibited. BIr. W. also received two Medala at tho Worm's Fair, Lon don sud a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. yaure'pa*'-* Maryland Institute fcr three 1 0tIler' '? c?7 ?? on Ta. avenue, betw. I *S* and tlU streets. ^ Tr^NO AR WALKER k CO., Marble Hall Clothlnf Kmpo rtam, nnder Browrs' Hotel, reapectfnlly announce tuat tnelr display of Spring and Summer Clothing la new r^ady for Inspection, comprising an assortment of C?at? J Veets and Pantaloons of the newest and r1che?t designs Id material, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen Who smdy ex'-ellence with economy In fashionable artlclflT'of dn?s an opportunity for selecting Is offered from one of Wje largest and moat attractive stock of goods ever offered Tn this city at ? very reduced scale of prlcee. ap 17 I T"y=?LCN1S?LrNGS.?We refer our re.ilers t<? an adver tieemeiit In another column, for full particulars con cerning the HYOEANA of Dr. Curtis. It Is said to be one or the mo*t remarkable cures for all description of dl*ea*n? of the lung* ever discovered. Its vlrtuea have been tostlflwl to by hundreds, who have obtained their kuowledge by the be*t of all teachers?ex|>erletice. CACTION.?Dr. CL'RTIS'S HUGEA*A Is the original and only genuine article. may jj?im OAHRiKD. On the 12ih instant, at Mount Airy, Va., by the Rev. Dr. Coffin, Dr. J. M.8NVDBR,of Georgetown J D. C., 8Td 80PH1A C., daughter ot Wm. H. Tsy | i WC J i,.1 Q. DIHD. On the 18th innam, UiM SARAH V., daughter cf the late F.dgar Patter^n. | The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral from the residence of her mother, on West ftrect, Georjetown, to-morrow (Wednesday) after noon, atS o'clock. In the city of New York. June 6th, at the resi d?rice of ht r pirent?, Mrs RACHEI. S. LUDLOW wi(e of Walter Lenox, Esq , of Washington, D. C. Also, on Friday, the 15th inrftant, M-XRY, their in fan? dauebw. aged 7 months On the lB'.h instunt, PETER PARKER, ng?d 19 i' nth?, son of prof. Chas G. Page. Want*. WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN a situation as a Child's Nurse or Chamber maid. Address "Nurse," aa ihta office. J* 10?It* WANTED?TWO OR THREE YOUNG MEN of jtood address and genteel appearance, to | en^ggH in a light and profitable business, where from 93 t? *5 per day might l.e made. Aps-ly at office No. 3G0*4 li it., near fcta, between 3 and 5 p. m. " je ly-lt? \PLA 'E IN A FAMILY WANTED BY A )onng white girl, ten years old. She ia of ex I c-li'-nt disposition, attractable, and makes heradf ?tv ful fur one of h?-r age. What she wai:t4 particularly 1- a good home. Address "M'1 (Jeorg. . | town Post Office. 18-2t* W'ANI ED?A COMPETENT DRUG CLERK. Also, a Drug Store for Kale. Apoly at Coruer Sixth and Q sla. Je ANTE D ?A PARTNER TO WORK A . Stone Quarry and contract for sale ol^ Htoiie to Goveriiioent and others, there being notv greatde i:i3n?) lor atone. Th.'s liuarty is imtnediaiely oppo. site GeorEet -wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, I and ev? ry implement on the snot. Tt is quarry lur m-hes the I??t.t and laigest truck Sione, fitc. A chanee in now offered. Call or write to LLOYD & CO, F.fteeniii street, oppo. ihe Treajjury. may 3?tf \Vrr ANTED?12 VERY BODY To KNOW THAT ff they can get a lot *4 feet front by LtO leet deep, for the low price of payable $3 a monlii without interest. Apply at tin: Union Land Office, I 7tl? st., ahov* t>dd Pel loirs' Hall. api??3m JOHN FOX, Sec. W Boarding. !>' 'AHDIN'G.? MKS. CUDLIPP, eouth aide ol I> Pa avenue, oppose the United Stntcs Hotel, has aevenil vaoant rooms, suitable for famiiiee or ?ingle gentlemen. Gentlemen furnished with meals, je 18?3:* 1)f>A H U1>0.?P'easant rooms for aummer, > with boarding for families or single p? rdon* can !?<? had by early :iW?lioaiion at KING'S, 3 93 t orth ^tween 3d and 4^. The Iiouho 14 il<* ligli,fully at;tinted, and has ju?t been thoroughly ren ovated and refurnished. Meals fumUhed to fami lies and day boarders accommodated on r? naonaWe t r,nrt- ]e 4-lm* MktS. M. C. OREEK'S Boarding Houae, on Pennsylvania avenae, first houae west of the 4'apitol gate. Fine rooms at various prices, and every possible attention and comfort bestowed on ladies and gentlaiuen guea:s. may2tf?3w' VO TP I V K.?FOR RENT?PAKLORS AND Cham iters, with board. Also, table and tran sient buard, with a bathing room and shower baths tad >-very attention to render it most agreeable to hor iaoarderti. Mrs. P. G. MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4U at. np 23?Jni BOAIIU, Ac.?MRS. BATES, on the ??uth west corner of Pa. avenue and 'Jih street is jire pared to accoinntod;tte gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der thom; comfortc ble who may favor her with their patronage. ap #_tf T OST FROM THE UPPER WINDOW of my I j dwelling, a Sliver Mug, mnrked Junes C. Mc Guire. 1 be finder of which will receive u reward of five dollars by leaving it either at my store or dwelling. JAS. C. McGUIltE. Je IS?3t SP.HOUVEH, Iron Hall BooL Shoe, and ? Trunk E'lajtafiment. I have received tins day a lai^e assO^uent of Gents French] Patent Leather Calf Bo<Jts and Shoes.I which I will sell che- p. Also, Bo>s' Youths, and Children's SHOES of all descnptious. All in want please call at S P. HOOVER. Iron Hall Boot, Shoe aud Trunk Establishment, between 9th and 20ih sts. je 16? BKOUKHIANA i or the Controversy between Senator Brooks and Archbishop Hughes, with BB Introduction by thtt Mo? Kev. Archbishop History ol the Life and Institute of Saint Ignatius; a translation from the Julian of Father Bartoli bv Madame C^lJeron de la Bare.*!. A large assortment of Prayer Books, Bibles, and standard Catholic publications, with Beads, Medals, kc., are fur sale at the Catholic Bookstore ot W.A.KENNEDY, J? 48 S 7th street. LOST?On Friday evening, in Georgetown, be tween Weat a reet, (on Washington or Bridge Street) and Mr. Jno. H. iidooi's atoro, a bundle of Black Silk, fi ? yards. The finder will be auitablyi rewarded by leaving it at the atore of Mr. JNO. H. SMOOT, on Bridge street, Georgetown, J? 10-^* ft For Bala and Rant FOR RENT OR SALE?A hoa*e on Virginia ??enue, between 9th and 10th street*, contain taf tea rooms, all private. Price moderate. Apply on th?- premises, or at Mr. Davia', next door. Je 18?3t? P. AlKEy. Fob rent-a handsome new prame HOUSE, containing eight rooms, very pl'-ia antly situated, on New York avenue, (No. 166,) having every necessary concenience. To a prompt tenant (none other ne?d apply) the rent will be put at the low rate of $150 per annum. Enquire ad> joining the premises. Je 18?3t For rent?a handsome new brick House, situated in the moat healty part of the City, on the corner of Mstsacbusetts'avenue and 10th s'reet, containing ten rooms, with ce'lar aid a good pump of water in the yard. The rent will be moiwrate Apply on L s treat, between 9th and 10th ;a,No. 50*. GEO. T. LANGLEY. je 16?31* For sale or rent?a new two sto ry and attic brick house, with a two*tory back building, containing a large ha I and ten good rooms. To a careful tenant the rent will be very moderate For furilter particular* enquire of Mr. PHILIP M ACKEY, corner Fourth and I ?treet-?. je 15?1m A URGE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED corner Lot, containing 14,000 square feet ard fronting the Capitol Park for sale on accommodating term* it'immediate application b? made to HILBUS & HIT7, Corner Pa avenue and 11th st. Being so near the Capitol and but a few minutes' walk from Hit: Car Depot, makes it mo*t advamaj>? ously situated for a large public House. je 5?tf FOR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA-, THAT large three story Brick Hou?e. well known as the ben nam) in the city tor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market House, and uow wccupietl by Mr. McGont-gal. Possession siv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD 8t CO., Claim Agent, 15th si., opp. the Treasury, WaMiin* ti-n, D. C. m?v :<P-tl Rents reduced to suit the times' $150 a year will be received for the rent o! those new ami convenient cottages at Kendall Gn en, with two acres of ground, stable, wood-shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and commatiioat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh meets and Peon. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for tiie accommodation of clerks iu the depaitmcnts. To secure the advantage of th:3 great reduction of rent immediate applu.ition must be made to the undersigned, either liy letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, afler office hours, when? the keys may be Iwi and the houses inspected at any time. Several ol' there residences will be sold on liberal terms. VVM. STICK NLY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9,1R55-U ElOR-RE NT-THE TillREE STORY STORE and Dwelling. No. 86 Bridge strett, George town, so long occupied i. Lmmert's Confectionery. Apply to ARNY, next door. n.av 25?eotf FOn RENT?THE STORE NOW OCCUPIED by Joseph Huggnis, Jeweler, No. $14 Pei na. avantie. E. OWEN & BON. je 12?eo2w I^OR KEN P?TWO NEW THREE SToRtf BRICK HOUSES, located on Vermont aveoue near north N street, in the yard ?.f each bouse is an excellent pump of wat?*r For particulars as to re't fee., enqui.c at No. 430 north M street, or to B. FRkAL, at C L. Coltinan'a Brick Yard, je 14?-eolw* OR RENT?A PINE THKEE-STORtf AND attic Brick House, No. 356 C street, between 4J4 and 6th, with every convenience durable for a private residence. A pump of excellent water in the yard. Apply at IIAVENNER'S Bakery, je 16?eoilw C, I et^e^n s"d 6th ?ts. 1JOR RENT?SE VERA I. HANDSOME PAK lors and Chambers, with board. AI.-o, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 5433 F street. an9 HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully ami healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet fVont by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of ?75, payable per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Ilall. Jan 9?5m JOHN FOX, Secretary. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING With each train of Car* arriv ing in Waihington or Alexan dria?The dreamers THOMAS COLLYEitw GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Washington at G a. in for tl> Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with' <1 same train on their amval. Meals furnished on the beat*. The Boats connect with all the train* from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d All. sTiuaoRHs" visiting the City should see Hunter's Catalogue of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Also, his Description of Powell's Great Picture. HUNTER i3 to be soon at 456 Ninth street, may 11?3m* FISCHER S BAND FULLYOEGAN IZED. HAVING now completed all my rrrangements for a first rate BkASS and COTILLON BAND, I aui again at the i-ervice of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibitions, Parades, Pic Nics, B ills, and Serenades. Ail those in favor of a citizen's band are respectfully invited to encourage our enterprise, here in Washington City. P FISCHER, Leader. P S.?This Band,uudermy direction, is regularly unifoiuied, and lrom a practice over twenty years 1 can give satisfaction to every one. Rcvidence, Pa. avenue, north side, bet. 9th arid 10'h streets, first door west ol Iron Hall. Orders left with Messrs. Hi I bus &. Ilitr. punctually attended ti. hi ay 14?'Jm* sciiutterT kaiilert, A BL T I S T S , Fretco, Decorative. a?>l every de 1-ription of O K W A M M K T A I. PAIKT1HO Orders left with Baldwin and Nenfling, Aichi teci*; will be proniptiy attended to. je 8?dim* IMPORT A NT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING. pEliSONil removing from the city, and wishing .37 to dispose of their Furniture and House^eep iug Utensils, &c , without the trouble of seudms them to public auction, can do so by calling on us at cur Stoie, 31 7 Pa avenue, corner of Ninth st, as we nru prepared to buy all such goods a.- may he offered Housekeepers and others will do well by calling on us, as we will ]miv the highest cash nrices for all such g-'Ods. WALL, BARNARD *. CO. Je 7?'2m 317 Pa. avenue. PHILADELPHIA LaOKU 8EK3. DBPOtT 3 W1 Pa. avenue, ietunen 4 % ami 6th it' WE have at all tiuietthe best PHILADELPHIA LAGER BEKU on hand and ofl'er it now for eaJe for $3 per keg, and in quart bottles for $1 50 per dot* n. We send the beer free of cat to all parts of the city. A?- Many physician* have recommer.d?d this beet as one of the beat temudies for weak stomach* ie 18?lin* WATCHES, JEWELRY. SILVERWARE, eft. M. W. GALT Sl BRO. are constantly receiving large invoices ol the above, and offer every article in their line, at the lovest r Uca. GOLD AND SILVER WORK of every descrip tion, i*ado to order, *uch as TESTIMONIALS richly embxllit.-hfri, with appropriate d'-sians, SIL VER TEA SETS, DINNER HERVICBS, fcc Precious Stones set in every sty!** however elab orate. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, &c. cut on stone. M. VV. GALT & Bl'O., 034 Pa. av., between 'Jth and 10th sis. jc 14?tr ' MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! II. SsEmKEH, J?wtllir, No 330 Pa. tmui, HAS received this day, direct, the largest assort ment or magnificent Roman and Florentine MoSAIC JEWELRY, which has ever been offered in this city. Phe patterns are of the very latest styles. The lot, being rather large for the advanced sea ton, will be sold at extremely low prices. Magnificent sets of Pins and Ear Rings, from $6 up to ?50. Admirers or this style of Jewelry are ib vited to examine this assortment. je 11 STEWARDS SKYLIGHT DAGUERREAN GALLERY?We are making splendid pictures lor lower prices than any other Ga lery in the city. They are per fectly life-like, and satisfaction is always given. Gallery directly over M. W. Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue Je 1?lm AT IIOA11C t PETKK SHANGHAI HAS BETURBXD, And having taken up his abode at RYDER & PLANT'S, Will be happy to we bis old friends at tl air es tablishment, No. 400 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. je 15?tf CIGARS?CIGARS. SUPERIOR HAVANA CIGARS.-I haw received twenty thousand more of those choice Opera and Concha btands. AJse, other brands of fine Ci gar*. ROBT. D. TWEEDY, Pa. avenue and IStb su., south side. Je 1&-1W Auction Bale*. 49* For -faction Salm ttt ftrti page "V* SALE OF CARTS, H *RNF.SS ftc?WILL bs ?old by taction on THURSDAY morning, Jnne Slst, at 11 o'clock precisely, on the Centre Market Spac?, opposite the B-nk of Washington? Pour Carta and Harness In good condition, thn property or a contractor declining business. Bale positive. Term* cash. fe 19 By WALL, UAHRARD * CO, Anctf PEREMPT?RY SALE OF MILCH COWS AT Auction.?On SATURDAY morniog, Jose 93, at 9 o'clock, we shall sell, in front of our Auction Rooms? II prime Milch Cows 1 first rate Durham Bull, 5 year* old. Term*: ?25 and under rash ; over that amount a credit of 30 and 60 days, for notea satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing inter*>t. WALL, BARNARD ft CO, Auctioneers. Immediately after the above sale weeha'l also sell, a large lot of Household Furniture, Feath er Beds and Heading Kitchen Rtquisitrs, Crockery Q'sssware. fcc. WALL, BARNARD ft C<>.# j* 19?2t Auctioneers. By GRKKN A. SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH L street, between 4th and 5th atreeta west, at Auction ? On MONDAY, the 85th instant, we al<arl sell, in front ot the premises, at 6 p. m., Lot No. 53, in Sqnare No. 515, having a front on uorth L, betw. 4th nltd 5tl? streets west, of 60 teet, running baek te a 30 fen alley. Ti e above d< scribed pn purty Is li?nd*omely lo t at> d in i rapidly improving {.art of the city. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third cash: residue In si*, twelve, an J eighteen month", lor noti-s b ariug interest. A deed given and a deed oi uiut taken. GREEN ft grOTT, 3* 19?d Auctioneer*. ay OKUkBi Sl SCOTT, Auctioneers. {7IOUR VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS in the Northern Libcrtiesat Auction.?On MONDAY the S^t'i uistart, we shall se'.l, in front of the pre ret ires, coaimencm; a: 6 o'clock p m , Lota Nos. 13 and 22. in Square No. 512. Lot 13 tronU on 5Ui at, and contain* 8,141 square feet. I.ot 22 fronts on north O street, and con ains 7, 3J0 feel. Also, Lot No. 20, in Fqmre 513, fronting on n^rth N street, and ci nuins G,5T6 And east half of Lot Nu 4, in Square No 515, ?n which the sile will be commenced. This lot fronts on north K street 29 'eet 6 inches, between 4th and 5th streets west, running back to a wide alley. Title indisputable. Terms : One iliirl cash ; balance in 6,12. and 18 months the purchasers to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest Ironi dat of sale. GREEN ft SCOTT, jft 19?d A uctioncer. By 0ID905I A CO) Baltimore OM NIP US COACHES AT AUCt ION ?Will b- off> red at P.iblic S ile, at the C.tizeu's Lii e Si ihles, corner ofUib*on (now ?u au ktr?r|) ard HoiTinan streets. Baltimore, on SATUKDAY. the 30th June, mutant, commencing at 10 o'clock, if fair, or if not fair, on the .Monday following, at the same hour? 15 c" '^ second hand Omnibus Coaches Several sets H trnexs, lot of Tools, ftc. Terms or Sale : One half cash; the balance for notes, with approved endorsers, payat le in 6 months with interest. WM. T. STRIGER Trustee. je 19?d GIBSON ft CO., Aucts. By J. C. NcOUIKK. Auctioneer. VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSE AT Pt h!ic Auction ?On TUESDAY afternoon, Jnue v6, at 6# o'clock., on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 3, in Square No. 42 i, situated at the corner of 8th street west and M street north, with the improvements, consisting ot a substantial and well-finifked two story b~ck building, contain ins 'n a'l iwr? large airy parlors, dining room, and kitchen on the hrd floor and six <ood chambers above, together with a i tabic and wood tihed at the rear of the lot. This property is delightfully situated in one ol llie most pleasant and be M thy pails of the city for a pri vate residence ; a row of shade trees surrounds the building-, a pump of exc? lien' water is near by and many other advantages, rendering it a very desira ble residence. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue in 6,12,18, and 24 months, with interest, secured by a de?d of trust on the premises. JA*. C. McGUIRE, je 18?d Auctioneer. By J. C. SleGUlHX. Auctioneer. OWNING silt: OF DRY GOODS at Auction J On MONDAY, June 18th, commencing at 10 o'clock, at the Store lately occupied by Hall ft Bro tiier, 7th street, consisting of rich Brocage Si ks, plaid Silks, plain silks, Bere?es, Siik Tissu< s, Be reze De Laines, best quality a; I w.ol French Mous seline Delaines, Lawns, black lace Falls, black silk Laces, Stale Shaw!*, Berege Shawls, Tarlton Mus lins, black Kid Gloves, Silk Glove, sreen Baize, large and small Cords and Tassels to go witli Cur tains, Oilcloths, to be eold in quantities to suit pur chasers. JAS.C McGUIRE, je 16?3t* Auctioneer. BY J. C. McGUkRK, Auctioneer. TWO NEW TWO-3TCUY FRAME DWEL linj; Houses at Public Sal".?On WEDNES DAY afternoon. June 20th, at 6)*' o'clock, <n the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 14, in Square No 247, with the improvement*, consisting of two new Iiauu dwelling h ouses, containing four rooms each. These houses are h tween 13th and 14th Ftrcets we t, and L street and Massachusetts avenue, In the immediate vicinity of Franklin Row, and aie neatly linislied ? nrt painted, inside and out. T?rms: Oi.c third rash; the balance in ft and 12 months, satisfactorily secured, bearing interest. J AS. C. McGUIRE, Je 16?d Auctioneer. By J. C. 31cG(Tiltl?, Auctioneer. ri 'UUSTKE'S SALE OF STOCK OF FANCY I Goods, Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry, Traveling Trunk*, Harness, Show Cases, Iron Safe ftc.?On THURSDAY morning June 2'st, at 10 o'clock, at Store N->. 428. on the north ?i5?> of Pa. avenue, between 4J-* ana 6th streets, the f-ubscriber will sell, by vutue of a deeit of trust duly made and recorded, all the valuable Stock and Fixiures, con.-i-ting in par' tf? Fine Geld ami Silver Watches Gold Chains and Lock) Is Gold Breastpins, Earrings, Studs, ringer Rings Gold and Silver Ptiseil Casrs Splendid lot of Portuiomi lies, traveling Cdbas i'urst a. ftc. of every description Large assortment of Combs Hair, < loth. *, Tooth and Nail Brushes, some very line Silver plated Spoons and Fo.ks, Cutler," Papier-mache and iron front Clocks, Waltxrs Perfumery, fan Soaps, Untors and Straps French China Vases, Chocolate Cum Gentlrmeu's Undershii to, Cravats, Neck Tiea Accordcons, Spirit Levels, Rules Fancy Work Boxes. I'ocket Minors LO superior sole !? a Jier and other travslmg Trunks Valist-s, t'arpet B tg?. Satchels Six ^ets single Harness I'lngUsh Bridle Leathers 'l'ogethrr with a good insnv articles of Fancy goods not nec?'ss;iry to enumerate Also, Four excellent Counter Show Cases One superior Iron Sa'e, ftc. Terms : ?i>() and under cash ; over if 50 a credit nf tixiy and ninety days, for notej puiel'acturily in dorsed, bearing interest. THOS. J. FISHFR. Trustee. JAtf. V. McGUIRE, je 16?d Auctioneer. By GUi?IC3l A SCOTT, Auctioneers Handsome new three story frame House ate.l Lot on Masfachuserto uvenve, at Auction?On FRIDAY, the 22d instant, we suh'I sell, at 6 o'clock p. rn , in Iront of the prenrises, tart of Lots Nos. 9 and 10, in square sou h of Square No j 562, fronting on Massachu>etts avenue, between 2d and 3.1 ?treets west, running back io r.onh II ktrett, with the improvements, which arc a new three story Frame House, containing seven conveniently arraii^ed looms. Title indo.putable. Terms: One fourth cash ; balance in 6.12 and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of ] the sale. A deed given and a deed of oust taken. GREEN ft SCOTT, je 16?d Aucvioneera. My G11JCKBI A SCOTT. Auctioneers. HANDSOME SQUARE OF GROUND at Auc tion.?On FRIDAY, the 2.'d instant, we shall sell, ou the premises, at half |?a<t 6 o'clock p. m . a beautiful square of ground, containing over 10 (iOO square feet, bounded by New Jir.ey avenue, 3d and 4th and north O streets, il bung square fc.1 Th-; above-desc ibed property is beautifully loca ted on an elevated position, and in a rapidly improv ing part of the city. Terms: One third cash; balance in 6,12, and 18 i months, for notes bearing interest from the day of | the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN ft SCOTT, je 16?d Auctioneer. By JA8. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneers. VALUABLE HALF SUUARE OF GROUND at Auction ?On FRIDAY afternoon, June 22d at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lou Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, A, 13,14,15, and )6. in Squire No. lo9, fronting respectively on Rhode Island avenue, 17th and Nortk If streets The whole forms half a square, containing 119, 000 square feet, and is one of the most eleai^ed sit uations tn lbs city, at a short distance from, end la full view of, the Public Buildings. Terms at the sale. JAB. C. McGUIRE, je ??coftda Auctioneer. TELEGRAPHIC. urorrac fob ru daily Evafnyg star Hon Arrival of the Asia Halifax, Jen# 19 --There are jot ao ftgaa of the Aota, now doe here. Arreat of the Kxprosi Robber Boa row. June 18?Smith Robinaoo. frolfht a;ent of the Eaatern Railroad, hu beea ar rested for floating tae bag of gold belonging to the Government, otolen thia morning from Jackaoa A Co 'a Expreea lie waa ooontlnr tie monoj in the offloo when arretted Ho io stated to bo a man of oome property, and bat a family* Kaow Nothing Publication Offloo Bon*. B aroa, June 19 ?Early thia morning the printing offioe of the Know Nothing America? Crttaader waa partially deotroyod by Are. to gether with the forma which were reedy for prosa. Thia dicaitor haa oanaod the itapention of the present woek'a Ueue Ba.timoro Markets Baltiborb, June 19?Floor ha? declined 26c. per bbl.; aaleaof City Mills at flu Hheat ia declining; sales of rod at $2 25 a $2 50 -no white in market. Corn?yellow $1 VOaJl 02. white $ I Ooajl 06. New York Markets. Nbw York. Jane 19 ?Cotton ia nnehaagtd. with a limitod business at rravioua raros. Fl >ur if uoeh&nged; tale* of 6 &00 bbia Sooth ern is easier; antes at $10 T5atll 26. Whea* | ii dull, wit a declining tendency. Saleo ?f white Michigan at $2.S2i. Com ia a trifle higher; gales of .'0 000 basliela W?t?rn mixed I $1 OOogl.Ol. Pork is firm with an m want tendency; raits cf 2 500 bbia old m*?e $17 75 af!7S7. Beef ia ncchanged. Lard ia cn I changed, and in moderate demand at previous rates Whisky ia upward. Saloa of Ohio at *Ha36o. New York Stock Market Nbw York, June 19?Slocks are active and better. Money is easy Sales at the first boari of Virginia 6's, 1001; Erie Railroad, 50; Ohio 6's, 108$; Missouri 6'a. 96i; Cleve land and Toledo Railroad. 90i; Cleveland, Co^ lumbns and Cincinnati Railroad, 111; Clove land and Pittaburg Rail'oad, 55; Cnmber land Coal Company, 29i; Reading Railroad* 91; Cantr.n Company at 2GJ; Pa Coal Com pany, 112}; New York Central, 93|. By J. C. McUtlHK, AucttouMr. VERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Public Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June I9ih, at 6 o'clock, on the premise*, I shall sell, wbliviwnni &5, b&, 57, 58 end 50, of Square No. 413; ?ach frontmc 4i*feet on 6th street w? ?t, betw. tK?rth M ami N street?, runrurg hack 105 free These lot* are < d in a rapidly imprevinx part ?r the city and arc very desirable, being graded and p vf>d in Trout. Terms: One-'htrd cash; the residue in 6 and 19 months, with interest, secured by a deed ot trust oa the premises. J AS. C. MrfRTIRE, je 13?d Auctioneer. By OKtOLU * SCOTT. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP HOCSF. AND LOT AT . Auction -On FRIDAY, the sWth June. 1856. I shall sell in front of the premises, at 6^ o'clock p. in , by vi'tue of a deed of tru^tfroin Henry W. Ham ilton to Uie subscriber, bearing date tbe sixth day of February. lt$55, and filed tor record 12th February. 1*55, all that piece or parcel of ground, in tbe citjr of Washington, in the District of Columbia, kno?n as Lot No. 11, iu Square No. 499, together with the inprovemeuts, which are a good two aiory Brick Hou*?, fcc. The above described nro|>erty fronts on 6th street wc?t 47 reel, between I and K streets moth, run ning back to a 30 feet allay, containing 4,900 equate feet. Terms: Ore fourth cash; tbe balanct in 6,12and 16 months, the purchaser to give n<les I'ur the Je j ferred payments, bearing mtei est from day of sale. 1 A deed given and ad(?d of trust taken. CRAVEN ASHFORD, Trustee. GREEN & SCOTT, Auctioneer*. And at 0 o'clock, time avcnlng, we shall sell a eood I'aiat Shop, situated en 6ih street, immediately opposite Island Hall. 1 Terms ca.?h. GREEN Si SCOTT, Je 7?cokds Auctioneers, By J. C. McQl'IKE. Auctioneer. \TEKY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT IN THR First YVaid at Auction.?On TUESDAY at I ternoon, June 19th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises. i i-i.ali s?U Lot No. 10, in Square 80. fronting 71*^ ft. ? n north G street, between 21st and 22d us., tun nir'f back 126 feet fljtf inches. ThU Lot is situated in a rapidly improving pert ot the city: a number < f first class Iioqs-m are w J in course of erection in that vicinity, and this ?ale | otter- a good opportunity tor an luveatmeut. Terms : One rmirth cash ; 'Jits residue ir? 3. 6. ?, and 12 months, with interest satisfactorily secured. JAS. C. MoGUlRE, je 9?eoluls Aucuoacer. By (JRkKN A SCOTT, Auctioneer!. 'I'WO HANDS. IMF. HUILIHNU LoTS M Auc 1 tl ?n.?On THURSDAY, the 21st instant. *e ? bail sell, on thi prraiiwi, at 6 o'clock p. ui., Let No. i0, in Square No. 724, having a frent on north D of50 feet, between let and 2.1 streets vast, run ning back to n jO feet alley. Also, immediately a:ter he ?ale of the above, at 7 o'clock, we shall fell on the premise* part of Lot No. 4, in Squnre No. 752, fronting 60 feet cn 2,1 ft., east, by UK) feet on G st. nortti. Both tfu nbove .leMTihtd lots are han-Jsoiiittl; Jl uated and i l~va>d. Teraae: One mth cash ; balance in 6, 12 and 1H iDotitlis, for notes! b ating luter^a froiu the di> of sale. Ti le indisput'^lde. A d.'t d giveu s:.U a deed <?( cast <aken. GilKEK a SCOTT, je 15?d Auctioneers 1 I A( KkltKL AM) HkRtll?Oli. i>l 15 bbls N?.. 2 Biv MACKEREL 2.. do do 1 N. rth Carolina UKKUINGe 80 botes scaleii Herring*. Just received, aud for sals low by WM. M. CtfPPS, C I Louisiana avenue, bet. fitii and 7,h ats. je lfi Jt TRUSTEE'S SALK. HY \irtue u'liiwrse of the Circuit Coart for Prince G?orce'? county. n? a t out of Fquitv, |>H?eed in a cause Wheiem John B. We? ?i?*r au.t others are complainant* and Charles B. Culvert ami others are deft ndnnu, tbe undera^m d, as Trusue, will eipe?e at public sale, (>? the praiuiet s, on l&IDAY. 22od of Jano, 1&55. ft the hour of 12 o'clock, m , if fair, if not, cm tire firet fair day thereafter, the Real Estate ol whlcji the late Jus G. Web-ter died seised and poMcsswd, knowu as part of "His Lordship's Kindness," coa taining 311 ACRE9, more or leas?which >aiJ Laud will be effrred for sal subject to the widow's right of dower, which has been laid off. This land lies in Prince George's coun!y, &5ogt two miles from Outieviile, and about sis aiiius fi.>0i Upper Marl>M<ro'. and adjoins the l&nds of Da*;d Barry, John Kingsbury and othtrs The ?<>il is sus ceptiblc of iaipn.v* ment. 1'heie is u:i ^buu.!ance ""of wool and water on the place?a Dwelling Hou-? aud other out houmw, and a Tobacco II .use. With a small outlay the place wght be nride very productive. The terms ol ?ale us prescribed by the decree are as follows: Two hundred and fiftv dollar*to be paid on the day ot sale, or on the ratification thereof by the Court; and the renidue ot the purchase aion^y to be pud in equal insulme.its of one aud two years, with interest troai the <!*y of tale, to be secured ??y the bonds of the purchase' with tecuri y to be ap proved by tlie trustee. And upon the payment (4 the w ho e purchase money, the underlined ir au thored to convey to the purchast r said real eetate, free, clear and durharged of all claim ot the parties to snid cause, or of any persons claiming by,from or under them. SAMUEL 11. BERRY, je 16?eots Trustee. Patent ica cancan vkukx ERS IceCream Moulds, Jelly Moulds, Melon Moulds, Rice Moul.i?, Pudding Moulds, Pudding Pans, Cake Pans, Patty Pans. Cake Cutters, at the Housekeeper's Furnuhaif Store, ??0 7th street, je 6 Q. FRANCIS. T ADTlcT' \Vo7t K B tsKKTS.- Card J j Baskets, Traveling Ba?keB, K'y Raskets, Knife Basket*, Cigar Baskets, Market Baskeu, Clothes Ba?keta, a targe variety, very low, at tbe Housekeeper's Puruifhlag Store, 490 Seventh street. ?? FRANCIS. 1* 6? FOR SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 yean old nextspring.weil-bred^ound,stylish, gentle, spirited and capital goers. They are^^y well-broken and perfectly free from tricks, end will particularly suit any gentleman who is lond ot driving. The owner parts with them onlybecause bis purpoee is to retrench his expenses. They can be aeeu at Southron'a (late Blrch'e) Stable, on 14th street, south of Pa. avenu*. For terma, or at op. ?rtunity to try them, enquire at the eouuier of thij u oftoe. They wfll Se oold o ba.|am, if 3 -tf

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