Newspaper of Evening Star, June 19, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 19, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON PITY: TUESDAY AFTZKHOOH Jane 19. | AtiE-NTM FOB THE STAR. The following persons are authorised to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmhr, N. W. comer of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pbttinqill & Co., Kassa-: street. Byton? Y. B. Palmkb, Scollay's Building. XT Ai>v?bti3h*:ent8 should he handed In by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. SPluXT CF THE M34RIKO FHJJ8. The Union illustrate? ike fact that the first or fundamental p inciple of Know Xothingism, Is to tell falsehoods, by its pertinacity in mis rcp:e*eciicg the relative number of nativo aui foreign born persons in the employment of (be General Government. It presents a table of the birth places of the employees an der the four departments of tha Executive branch of the Government, footing up 2,567 native? and 332 foreign born; whereas, the Knew Nothings oontinue falsely to say that there are 'j7S natives and 3,671 foreign born person: employed under and in these various departments We also find in the Union a correction of errors in the recently published letter from Henry A. Wise to the committee of bi* Washington friends, from the pen of Dr. tiara??t, (Mr. W.'s son-in-law,) which errors wero in the transcribed copy from which :'t was printed. Dr. G., in explanation of those mistakes, nji: "In .-peaking of our city Mr. Wise siv<i: 4 You have n:>w a large, a growing, an intelli gent, a^d zceultLy (not healthy) city popula tion.' Keterring. ia the next paragraph, to the efforts of the Know Nothing organisation in Ibid city to influence the result of the late political canvas* in Virginia, ha says: ? Your emissaries, -your viotuy, your types, v,*re felt in the late Virginia election and not the eo/usaries of the secret societies, their money, their types, Ac , as the Union has it. Fur ther on. ins teed of 4 give the State up to pro scription,' it should be,' give the country up to proscription,' Aa." The lMteiiiggHesr says cf the recent speech of Gen. Quitman: We observe by the newspapers that Gen Quitman V7.i? at Jackson, Mississippi. about tne beginning cf tbts month, and aJdreswd the people on the sutjsct of Cuban independ J once From the description of his sperch in the ' Fi;?g of our Union' we learn that he ar gued that the mission of republicanism and the great principles of self.gove-nment, like the mission of the Christian religion, is ag gressive; and that it is the duty of all vota ries of freedom to disseminate its doc rices to the enlightenment and e'evation of the Cau casian riice The acquisition of Cuba he deemed a universal semiiuent. Of the three modes suggested to obtain it?vii: by pur chase. by conquer:, or by private conqcoat? he said that tne first had failed hopelessly; that the second wi aid be barren of good, as the blacks would be emancipated before the L ni;ed fcrates coold get pos>e??ion ; and. con sequently, that the third method was the only feasible one for its accomplishment. Upon this point be dwelt energetically, eaf^rcirg his own views by referring to the successful revolution and subsequent annexation of Texas, wnich he sail had been accomplished by the materia! aid of American citisens. in despite of the proclamation of Gen. Jackson warning them against interference. 44 Such. substantially, according to the 'Flag of the Union.1 was the argument of Gen. Quit man ; concerning which a Mobile contempo rary properly remarks, that it contains mat ter 4 that might come back to plfeguo the ora tor. should te be found again within the ju risdiction of his learned uud able friend. Il<>n. John A. Campbell, of the United States Su preme Court. ' The J/iitUigtHar also compliments the South Carolina Spartan in glowing terms fyr its ami filibustering and anti territorial-ac quisition tcntirconts Our cotemporary eoem6 etill to deprccate the acqul itioa of the terri tory which circumstances have ad Jed to the domain of this Government since the adoption of the cons:itution. With due re?pect for the coniuctors of that journal, it strikea that they are ab u- fifty years behind the sge in this connociLn?quite Sfty years. The Louisiana jurchr.ja was the ky to the advancement of the great west The purchase of Florida, the security of the results of the Louisiana j ur cha?e. The acquisition of Toxas has been of great advance to the commerce of our At lantic States, to say nothing of the addition to the planting capacity of the United States which has also !.eoa ita result. Tho acquisi tion of California has not only given us, up to this time mauj millions on millions of gold, but has so inspirited our Pacific ooean com merce a? to be worth much more to i:s In that way, than a* the mere producer of so Urge un aiu? untofthe precious ne'al Tkis smbj-ict. howev-.r. ie fir It. vast to pormit us to at ten pt itc di-cuj-ion ol tais 5hort notico of the I.utl ligtnetr's article " Taa Comkceipt: A Talb or the hATinn." Lj A.'ozjl ire Dumas. New York, Stringer A io?Lri^ i; Washington, Frank Taylor. A - the j .eftce rtja, the Cocseript is better ad<pi?J to tar than other works of the au.hcr U;rg free from those description; of life which are rot in accordance with these aimu.c I ic this country. The strictest moralist may aft!/ go through the whole storv. wuich is Lhut fcouctry peoplain France, na u * whom it is generally admitted by tho3e mh? have locked Into it, that there is quite as good J a* ar-.oug ^ny cultivators of the soil und villagers of any country. The story of the Conscript answers the dou Lie parp^to of describing life among si^all cultivators in the departments of Prance, and the cxciiirg events daring the invasion of that country wbioa ,ut an end to the empire under JJapoleon the First. The opening cf the book is beautiful, and the train of thoughts which follow is just and philosophic. Americas Puohetjc Joiknal ?We have received from the jublisher, K. P. Prosser,' Cincinnati, the July number of this journal. As its name*, it advocates a change of orthography in our language to accord with the pronunciation. As an illustration, the words "has been burning ever since," are thua rendered: 4hax bin burning ever sini " k:?ow Mothi?o<8M ?An extra session of the Massachusetts State Council of Know Noth ings will be heid cn the 2S:h instant, to r?. ceiva the leport of the delegates to the Na. tional Council recently held at Philadelphia The secret obligation will then to thrown off and a grand ma?s convention will be called, to meet at some oentral locality, to take ac* tion on the count to bs purrued in the exist ing political crisis. Vir A railroad is in contemplation from Superior City, situated at the extreme weft of Lake Sopeii-ir, and a company of engineers have rcoeutly lef. St. Paul tor that place, with a view of c mmencing the road trona that point to St Paul. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. ? The Er:amln*tions.?Oar fellow citiiene are remind e i that the annual examinations of the ' ario,U8 public schools of this city are now in course 0t progress. In oar local columns will 1" 9 foond inforoiation as to when and where those are to eome off which are to tike place within a daj or two. It is the duty, not only of parents and guardians immediately Inter, ested in the proper conduct and good results of the different public schools of Washington to attend these exam nations, but of all others interested in the well-beiDg of society hero. Oar experience In the history of the publio schools of theoountry, teaches us that the very best possible insurance of their efficiency and that they shall be unexceptionably condcctod> is through general and particular interest in them. While the eyos of parents and others in the community who are generally respected, are constantly fixed on these patriotio and benevolent institutive?for they are both em inently patriotio and benevolent?tho publio msy rely on it that Excelsior will be the motto of all on whom their utility and success depends. But let the community fail to take duo interest in them, and they will seon com mence to deteriorate, we care not what may te the salaries paid to the instructors, or what may be their professional reputation. So far, our fellow citizens have not failed to attend to their duty in this respect, and we trust that their eyes may always continue to be upon the conduct of these institutions, whorein far more tor good or evil for the future of this commu nity is involved, than in any other institutions whatever. ? The Fourth Ward Poll* ?Oar queries as to the letter received by the Commissioners of election at the Fourth Ward polls at the la.o municipal election, which wan supposod to have induced the act cf defrauding many citi aons ef their right? there, have extracted from one of the commi.sioncrs ? statement, pub lished by oar neighbor on Saturday last, where in he sajs: The second bailot box. or hat. was to bo used, provided we received the decision of the judge* of the Circuit Court, and as no decision waj received consequently there iraj no donvient of any design. A communication was received trom J II Bradley. Esq , Corporation Attorney, about the commencement of tho balloting, which 1 read to my colleagues, in the prefunce and hearing of the us.-tfsor, as .tell a?, I believe, the challengers; which paper stated. in hit opinion, a person who had bsen convicted of an infamous crime, and pardoned before the expiration of his sentence, was restored to all tho privileges of a citizcn. Being pressed by the voters to ro?eive their votes, I threw the paper on the desk, and have never ssen i! since; but I have no doubt I read tho whole of it. As to there being anything in said commu nication relative to any other class of citizens' right to vote or with regard to tho decision or expected decision of the Circsit Court, there was, to my knowledge, not one word. Mj opinion is, th*t the paper is among the certifi cates in the bands of ihe assessor; and if so. or in the hands of either of my colleagues, 1 will endeavor to procure it for the benefit of the public. If the assessor has it among his papers I wish it to bo returned to me. ?o muck for thit communication. Thomas C Dos*, One of the Late Commissioners Fourth Ward. Thi? statement is worthy of note, as illcs" (rating the solicitude of Know Nothingism to get in the vote* of "penitentiary birds," who. as a matter of eourse, voted the Know Nothing ticket; while no disposition was shown to ac cord to honest men who, as u class, voted ugainet Know Nothingism, thtir rights as ad judged by the Circuit Court. Up to this elcc tion the idea of refusing them their right) was never dreamed of by election comrm.-sionert in this community; to do so was to violate the election law as it was always before adminis tereJ here. It seem? that the commissioners, with the full knowledge thit their votes had invariably been received before awaited posi tive directions from the ooart ero they would even put in their ballots in a separate and se cor.d box. Not so with the vote of tho " pen itentiary birdj." It seems that it did act re qt:ire positive directions ot the oourt to in d_oo tho lodgment of their ballots in ihe main box. But there is now no question as to the court s opinion &s to tho rights of the defrauded voters, and ihoso who have re ceived tho election certificates through the deprivation of those persons ot their ritfbU are to be called on to right tho wrongs done iu their favor, by submitting their claims to the places to wnioh they are certified, to be te.-ted when the ballets of all the defrauded citiseas who offerod their votes, are a!?o taken in'.o tbe as imato. Ibis c ursc wi'l test the aiccenty of the plea that their vote* were re* jectcd through tho mistaken idea of their light*. Dull/imea, Ac ? Just now business of all descriptions is very dull in this oity, though not so dull, as far a.; we can perceive, as usual at this period cf a long congressional recess. This fact may be attributed to the rnpid in crease of the population and wealth of Wash, ington, which in fa.^t coming to take its place among the largo citioe of our lrnion. Very few of onr fellow-citigens have as yet left u? for the watering places, and it rooms as though the remarkable temperature ?f the season v.iil be likely to keep here most of those among us who have heretofore made an annual summer pleasure trip from home. Old Point Comibrt is destined to be the place resorted to by most oi thoso who intend to fly away for the time being We envy them the unalloyed pleacure which they will enjoy thore during Juiy t.nd August?bundram, as we are f>>rcod to be, from the nature of our employment, whiih compels us to labor in that most unbearable of all con ceivable treadmills, the office of a daily news paper, wherein, let the laboring animal's mind, temper, or spirits be in what condition they may, one must seem to the world to be sprightly, happy, and as full of information of general interest, in the very dullest times, as an egg is of meat. Sick or well, happy or discontented with the world, in the humor or out of it, the dray-hori?e of the newspaper has a certain amount of agreeable information to evolve from his overtasked bruin, six days in each we?k. or he risks tbe imputation of being a dullard, whioh, once fixed on him, soon drives him from the constitution-impairing and generally most ill requited profession. Eeauty cf Know Eoihingum.?We often receive anonymous threatening letters from our Know Nothing pets; couched in all con ceivable disgusting language, and giving evi* denee that there are men arour.d us who Rre at least disposed to carry out to its legitimate end the policy of socrot midnight-plotting against those who cbocse to avail t^-msolves of the constitutional and legal right to oppose Know Nothingism, manfully. 'Ihe following ,/hich is a fair specimen of the tone, temper, and orthography of these tributes to the effi ciency with which we have discharged what we cjbeeiro to be our duty with reference to the most various assault on the integrity of our institutions and republican form of govern ment that has so far marked the history of oj^ country, came to us on Sunday morning, bei^^ ing the post mark of Alexandria, Va. The \ editor of the Star rogidea in Alexandria j county, soma seven miles from Washington, which fast he here states as affording a key to the oomprehension of a portion of the threat embraced in the letter: Sir : I take this ocoaiion of saying you are a d?d liar in regard to the city election. If there is any fraud you committed it. I rite this to put you on your guard as I intend to take your lifa on first sight this si le the Poto mao so look out you son of a b?h d?d Black hearted villian your end is nigh so be pre paired the titer of this live near your house and you will find your self in h?11 before you ara aware of it. Nothing more. 1 t Oic.s op thb Bohots. June 13, 1855. A First Bate Notice.?Uonnett is "gTeat on" bird's eye views of things of interest. One of his writers at times tells more in a breath as it were, than we are apt te find told so cf >.3D in the oolumns of any other journal; and in the vitality of that writer's pen, (and he was formally an esteemed citiion of Washing ton?Dr Wallace) lies much of the remarka ble success of the Htrahi. The papor has ta ken up the foolish Presidential oauso of George Law?"Live Oak deorge," as Bennett terms him, and "Live liosx Goorge," as the Now York Evening Post and other northern papers call him?and is now engaged in fight ing the burly fellow's battle. Our talented, truthful, and knowing neighbor it not partio ularly partial just at this time to George's cause, and has drawn out the Herald to say: " A silly papsr in Washington, which calls iteelf a Know Nothing organ?and God knows it knows but little?pitches into George Law in great style, denouncing him with great ve hemence, and all iheco denunciations are cop ;cd with great gusto into th*) Seward organs of this metropolis. This foolish Washington organ, it seems, pioked up a little gossip,'and frobably manufaotu*ed it itself, during the reonnt sitting of the Know Nothing Convention in Philadelphia, and fancio? that it can ex tinguish by it the nomination of George Law, v?hich has given it such umbrage Weshould imagine that if our coteinporary expeots to b'et ibo printing of the next Cor.grc-ss, it will ?;o necessary for it to exhibit a little more tact and discretion than it has shown upon this oc casion Joining heart snd hand with the Seward men in this Stato will not help it much. J he defeat of the American party in the recent content in Virginia, mar in a groit degree, be attributed to this Washington cr iran Nothing could excesd the folly, tie emptiness, the stupidity, and the want of judgment and tact which it displayed through contost. If the Knew Nothings had not had the misfortune to have iuoh an organ, it is certain that the democra cy would have had a less brillsant chanco of fleeting Wife Think of these hints before the next session of Congress comes around." Ihere is so muoh mere truth than poetry in [ ortions of the above extract, that all oar readers will at a glance perceive its polnti. l>' c could not have treated our pot especial to such a "first rate notice" had we cudjelloi >ur poor brain for a fortnight. tieleorological Report?Smithsonian Insti tution, June, 1855. Barometer. Thermomctor. Rain Mean. Mean. Tot it. June .29 927 68 6 5"3 44 2 29 764 67. .860 " 3 2y 794 64 3 laj 11 4 29 899 69 " 5 29 963 64 6 " 6.......30 001 666 0'>q " 7 29 6?7 71. 278 " 8 29 820 66 6 " 9 29 866 fis 6 44 10 i9 5S5 716 anriaklo " 11 29 741 67 8 026 " 12 30 034 63 " 13 30 145 62. The Preble ?The following is a list of the officers attached to the United States praotice ship Preble, which will sail on a cruise from Annapolis, Md., on Wednesday next: Joseph P. Green, Lieutenant Commanding; Robert H Wyman, Lieutonant; B. F Gallaher, Purser; John Ward, Passed Assistant Surgeon; Win. H. Parker. Master; Samuel It. Franklin, Mus ter; William K. Mayo, Acting Master; W. McGunnoglo, Passed Midshipman. Ib?r<i will also te about eighty Acting Midshipman on the treble. She will touch at Norfolk to tsko iu stores, and then cruiso along the Northern coast. A Resignation, Promotion, and Appoint ment.?J. 11. lleath ha* resigned his position, sis a watchman, in the Treasury building, and Win. 1). Crampsey hag been promoted to tho place thus vacated; and JamtsPooIc has been appointed to the laborer's post made vacant by Crampsey s promotion. A Light Boaso Keeper Appointed ?Wm Cotingham haa been appointed assistant keep er of the light at the Breakwater, Delawara. at $300 per annum. The Naval Academy Board has bean dis solved, having concluded its examination of| the season of the candidates for promotion ai passed Midshipmen in the Navy of the United j states. Removals and Appointment* in the Navy Department ?11. L Chapin has bean ap pointed watehman in plaee of James O. With ers, romoved. Samuel Simmons has been appointed mes senger in Bureau of Grdnanae and Hydrogra phy, in place of A. H Gatton, removed. Postponed ?The opening of the bids for | the construction of the Custom House at Os wego, N. Y., has been postponed until the 25ch July, proximo, for want of satisfactory bids, we presume. List cf Patents issued irom the United States Patent Office, for the week ending June j 19, 1855?eaoh bearing that date : Jos. Adams of Fairhaven, Vt.?For im provement in stone sawing machines. Horatio Allen, of New York, N. Y.?Fori two motion cone valves Avery Babbett, of Auburn, N. Y.?For ma-1 chine for cutting irregular forms. Uriah Beebee, of Oakland, Mich.?For im provement in corn planters. Henry Boynton, of Hincsburgh, Vt.?Ferl reciprocating railway propeller. Jno H. Cocke, of Bremo, Va?For improve ment in railroad car seats. 8 Park Coon, of Milwuukie, Wis ?For im provement in apparatus for replacing railroad cars upon the track. Riohard F. Cook, of Troy, Ala ?For im proved fish hook. L. G. Evans, of Spring Hill, Ala ?For im-l provement in ploughs. Jas P. Fennel!, of Philadelphia, Pa?Fori improved coal screen. Geo Fetter and Jos L Pennoek, of Holmes burg, Pa ?For machine for cutting the inside hold of shovel handles. Arasmus French, of Walerbury, Ct ?For improvement in springs for hinges, &o. Abram C. Fanston, of West Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in soaffolds. Robert R. Gray, of Crawfordsville, Ind.? For improved expanding block for horse ool lara. Stephen Gorton and Francis Morris, of Crawford oounty, Pa.?For improved stump maohine. Geo. W. Hildreth, of Lockport, N. Y.?For improved mode of banging bells. Orrli 0. Hill, of Malone, N. Y.?For im? provement in doors. Robert M Kerriion, of Philadelphia, Pa ? iFor improved piano forte aotioa. John L Kite, of Philadelphia, Pa?For improved hot air furnace. Joseph II Marston. of Philadelphia, Pa ? For apparatus for taking stereoscopic photo Felix Miller, of New York, N. Y.?For Im provement in fastenings for carpets. I Jeane Pierre Molliere, of Lyons, Franoe ? For improved mschine for cult ng leather into strips, for boot and fhoo solos ~nd heels. Pat ented in France J uly 22. 1353, Jonah Newton, of New York, N. Y.?For method of securing cutters to rotary discs. Royal Parce, of Pitcher, N. Y.?For ma chine for cutting locks and tapering ends of wooden hoops. W. D Parker, of New York.N. Y.?For im proved ice house. David Pierce, of Woodstock, Vt.?For ma chine for manufacturing wooden ware. David A J R Pollook, of Lancaster, Pa.? For fan blower. Lovell T. Richardson, of Worcester, Mau.? For socket handles fcr chisels. i John Richardson, of Buckeystown, Md.? j For improvement in produciug intermittent nooeleration of motion, in harvesters, rakes, ?0 Harrison D. Reynolds, of Pendloton, Ind ? For improvement in cleaners. John W. Russell, of Springfleld, Mass.?For improved chuck for turning eccentrios. James Selby, of Lancaster, Ohio.?For im provement in seed drills. Albert S. Soutbworth and Josiah J Hawes, of Boston, Mass?For apparatus for moving j stereoscopic pictures. Sylvester Stevens of Bosion, Mass ?For improvement in rotary engirt Pater Ten Kyck, oi New York, N. Y.?For improved self-acting brake for vehicles. William Thompson, of Nashvillo, Tenn.? I For salf-operatirig circular gate. Le?i Till, of Sandusky, Omo ? For improved brick. 1 . Charles F. Thomas, of Taunton, Maes ?For improvement in st?;im boihr?. , Albert M \Vaterbou:e, of New York, N. Y For improvement in ho?e couplings. Alva Wordcn, of Ypsilanti, Mich.?For im provement in joints i' u* etove pipe3. Jesse N. Boiler, cf Philadelphia, Pa., as si go or to II. J Ockerhau.-en, of Baltimore. Md.? l or improvement in joints of pipes io' artesian wolls. 1 George L. Dulanev, of Mount Jackson. Va. arsignor to Reuben Allen, of Shenandoah county, \ a ?For improved mill dress. I Ihornas Hodgson, of Brooklyn, N. Y , a?, signor to Rolt. L. Wright, of New York, N. Y * or improvement in the manufacturo of artl 1?54 6l0n?' *>atcnted in England, Muy y, Mirvin S. Olis. of RChester, N. Y., assign or to Charles Rumley, or same place.?For irn-1 provement in machines for boring cvlindcrs. Isaac H Steer, of Winchester/Va , as-jignsr to Ilenry Carter, of Pittsburg, Pa ?For im provement in making nuts. Ante dated De comber ID, 1854. rfV"""*-?Henry Carter and Jamas ltees. C'. J^,ttabarg, Pa.?For improved nut and washer machine. Patentod August 25, 1851. The Current Operation* cf the Treasury Fepartaert.?Co yesto:day, the 18th of June, thare were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department?? For the Treasury Department.$<S75 17 For the Interior Department..?... 32 ?74 14 For the Customs.... ? 12 572 20 w ar warrants received and en For covering into the TrVaVnry 64)531 9? from miscellaneous eourccs.... 11.5S8 14 For covering into the Treasury I from Lands lfH5o| Drawn on account of the Navy.... 57 003 37 ror repaying on account of tho 19,833 68] PEBKtfUTAl,, ....Antoinette Brown is not the only rever end among the gen.ler tax, a- we see amonc the nam^ of the minisrers who aro attendi? the yearly meeting of Friends at Newport R L, the names of Phebe Biship, of Canada West, and Mary Ann Fishcf, of New York. ....Rev. Mr. Sm'.tbett, rector of Chri't Church. Boston, has been Quod $10 for ''kick ing out three panels of tho chnrch door." ....TheJourneymen printers of Cincinnati have formed themselves into a military com pany, being the tlrst organisation of the craft in tho L nited States. In the Mexican war numbers of them followed the national colors to battle, to victory and to death We doubt not they will uiarch in fine and in column with credit to themselves and to their country, and, in r?*s of invasion, chase the enemy bo yond our bordtrs. ....A little girl bossfei to one or her asso ciute? that her father kopta carriage "Ah"' was the triumphant reply. "My father drives an omnibus!" This reminds u^ of the anec dote oi the boy who boastod that hia father owned a horse '-Yes," esid the r-erson ad dresbed, uand my father owns a horse, and a saw, too!" ....The Singapore (East Indios) Journal cf Commerce of April 17 s?;3:-Wt have to an nounce the depnrture ef the following passen gers on April 18. per Wide Awake to Now i oik?Mr Hogg, Mrs. Tarlton, Dr. and Mr? Lane and ohild Also left, on March 24, per Konningden der Nederlr.ndea to Bttavia? Mrs. Hayes, Miss Catherine Hayes, and La venu Bushnell. ... .Grace Greenwood has taken to swearing, Sbe said of an old mill which had gone Lode oay the water having dried away in the stream that' it wusn t wortn a dam " .... In Europe, the people take off their hats to great men; in America, great men take cff| their bats to the pe:ple. .... Commander Breese, cf the frigate Con gresj, Mediterranean squadrou, lion. J. Hos-1 lord Smith, of Now York and Gen. Herran of New York, are topping at Willard's hotel. ....A private letter from a distinguished oitisen cf London, dated June 1st, mentions that the medium, Mrs Ilntue, whose late phy sical manifestations in privaio circles in llos; ton weri so remarkable, ' is astonishing and frightening many persons in that ueiiopolis." j .... A man named Llewellon died lately at Ellsworth, Me., in humble e.rjUMistencev who is said to have been own brother to Lady Rat;- j lan, wife of the British ooiumunder in the Crimea, aud to have been wounded in the battle of Waterloo, where he was an officer under Wellington. . ...R Ritchie and wife have received |o( 500 damages from the 8 uth Side (Va.) rail road for pe/sonal injuria!. ....lion. R. M. Bujg (Whig) deoIineB the oanvase for re-election to Congress, in Tennes see. ....The Hon. Pierre Soule, late O. S. Min ister to Spain, id at Willard's hotel, in this I city. ' ? ?>? ???? Col. Kihhet amd bis Expxditxox.?We publish elsewhere a card from Col. Kinney in relation to his expedition aDd the oppositicn it has encountered from the Government. It bears date the day before he sailed. I Mr. Fabeua this morning obtained leave from the Lmted States Court, to leave town ab"nc?> upon condition that if Col., Kinney turned up. he, Fabens, should I cerne back upon a telegraphia notice We can assure the District Attorney that the Colonel sailed from this port in the bark TS' ^rkJamaic?' W. I, on the 6th instant, and that there is no probability of his beinJ seen or heard of in the^e parts until August or September?iV. Y. Eve. fast. 6 Odd Fxllowsdip.?Jamts L. Ridgely, E3q . Kand corresponding Seoretary of the Grand ?dge of the United States, left here on Satur- I day in the steamer William Jenkins for Bos. *? u a.!peflal mi Mion 10 the ?'der in Bri tish North America. The official visitation ' jasordered by tho Grand Udge of the Uni ted States, at its last session, with a view to a closer and more effectivo administration of the Order in the British Provinces This appoint ment is by the Grand Sire, domestic afflietiin precluding a personal visit on his part?Bal timore American. Accidiwt.?Yesterday morning one or the most remarkable accident* oe ourred which haa ever taken place In this r7 .3 n !wdf7 WM thn ?r*nd fet? d?y >n ?*? Roman Catholio Clmrch, and the two maic tower3 of the French Cathedral were decora ted with fl<gg One of them being a lemrhv pennant, and the wind being occasionally h:gb the smal extreme point of it g?t warped firm 1 j around the peak of one of the turre-s Ir. this state i' reoiained for several hours the wind keeping the flag tugging at the turret all the while. At length, about 10 o clock the topstone of the turret, weighing 183 1 2 pounds and S3 inches in length in t he shape or a su gar loaf, gave way, atd was precipitated from the top of the tower, a height of 250 f0?t coming down among the crowd that was gath ered at the time in front cf the Cathedral. The remarkable point in the aeoident it, that the stone fell among the people without killing; any one, and all the mischief it wrought waj smashing a lad's foot. The accident, hi far as he was concerned was, of course, se vere enough; but it might have been mucli more somas. The lad is a respwtahle younp man, an Irish lad, we believe, of the natne of McGuire. He took a cab and drove off at once for surgical ail. He fell into the expe rience! han^s of I>r Nelfon. and wo believe he is do.og well. Three of thoto^ are com pletely cff. and it is feared the big toe will al so have to be cut away. On* of his legs wa# also considerably grazed ? Moutrtal Vviot. Fanaii and Jbahwi Dx Lux.?The roman tic features of this case dtrivo additional in- i terest from the fact, that Ferrie. who claimr to be the heir of Madame De Lux's estate, (worth some $140,000) is a barber of this city, whose taste for ornithology and hair-dressing are equally well known and widely oelebratcd Chase A Ball are Ferrie's attorneys, and have been indefatigable in thoir efforts to sacnr* their olient the handsome fortune, to which ht so far seems to be entitled Tbe cate ha# re c#ntly come up n Eccocd tim? before the New York Surrogato. Mr. Chase aDd K. II Mm wood appearing for Ferrio. and the puhl>c ad ministrator for the State acd the French oon sul, by his attornics', fcr suppwd h*irj in France. In uc elaocraVe opinion, the burro gate held, that under present circntnstan-cr, I the chain of evidence waa not sufficiently oou pleto. end that a commission taus: be appointed to proceed to Franc j, to ondeavor to obtsin lurtner testimony. Ferrie a rcissors and curl ing tonga are said to have earned him a niee little surplus, amounting to some ton or twelve thousand dollars, so that the estate in question will neither make nor break him ? Cincinnati C jlumbtan. t"^"ln cor.stquenco of tbe remeval of the newspaper stamp duty in Logland, new jour nals and weekly papers are springing up in every direction in that country. In MSn Chester, where a year ago there were no daily papers, and only throe of any kind, there are now going to be five d uly papers, in addition to several woekly aod semi-weekly ones. OFFICIAL. Franklin Pierce, Frnulcnl of the United State* o/ m/imeru.u, to all whom it uni-j ix/jicfm: f Satisfactory evidence having he^n exhibited to) me that Jose 0a.rc.hes nr. A rem has been ap pointed consul of Veaexuela lor the port of N-rw ^ ork, I do hereby rec?>imisc him as such, and de clare him free to exercise and enioy such functions, j power* and privileges an are allowed to the consuls of the moat favored iiauoiu in UieUniled States. In t< ?timony whereof, I have causrj these letter* to be made patent, and the seal of tlio United Slate* I to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the eity of Washington, 'he Ififh day of June, \. u. I855, *n.l ot [L. s.J the independence of the I'niU.d Stales 01 America the seventy-ninth. ? L ? FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: VV. L. Marcs', Secretary ol State. (??^53,70 thr editor of the star:? c^v?^x? The article which appeared in the xar o! yesterday ? veninc >!?nyin? a report which appeared in the origin regarding a spree b- twei-n tw.? ruipo!, is incorrect. Mar>, ta can h?* ascenaioed at the .Vigis: rate's nffi ??*, wa-: in fault, as cross charge* w'rc in ide. and 1 i lia * err u is di misled, while Mary uan lined. G. VV. II. savs th>.y are net *.?fr WMioh they, though C't-lia uisoun* a:;y relation ship wl.a<ever. G. VV. d je 19?It* >STPONED ?Owing to this day bem? or~~?O i"cl merit, oTi which the Pic Nic fnr the t.melit of Union Bethel Chore'. \v\? lo have taken place, the Managers ii:k? tr.i^ method of informing I those who intenced to patron*r.<' it, t!:at it is iH>?t p jneil to take place on next VO\f?A V, the 2.r)'h ic-1 ptant, at the fame place, (White's W<k,.?s, near the Columbia M:lfc> 2# mile* fr< iii the city. tKhould lh? day pet a pan a'<o b j in>'!eii.eot. the fea-U will tafee place in the Bethel Uall, in Hie rear of the Church. Tickets .10 centr. to he h'ul of the Manager*. On behalf of the Mann-. ?>. C1!.\S. STEWARD A pennit wiil be obtained Wathington, June 19?3i? ATTENTION, GEKMAX VAGEU8.?YOU are hereby noticed !?> meet ;'.t yfmr armory on THUKSDAY EVENIMI, 7'^ o'clock. By o;der of thu Captain. . KUPPFL, OJi. g?ACCaUNTui' TflF. I N- !.r.MI!NC'. . <d ih? weather, the Target Ex ur io i <.f tii- \V a-lniigtoa Yag. rs 1- rostimntii tiil MONDAY, June 25th. M. RUPPELL, ) J- ANflfcKMAN,^(^ommlttee. J? l?-?t r. St IJGKL, > THE UVDEi:^IC\ED, ( ancv stores ) aSKjk -n order to give time to the Clerku in , their employ during the warmth cf the summer m"?n!h-, hereby agree to close th ir stores at qimrtei to 6 o'clock, p, m , (Saturday evenings excepted,) from this date uaul September n? it SEI.BV PAKKER, T. GAI.I.IGAN &. COH , ? HUTCIllNSoN & MUNRO, Je 18-3-.* J. F. ELLIS. ^SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT.-M'LEE W. DE BnVE'S Concert ol Classic Mn sit; will positively uke place on FRIDAY EVEN INC. Junclid, at Carusi's Saloon, having to be un avoidably postponed by the iuipoe.ibdity of Prof. Sl,r Ahrend s atiendauce on Mouduy eveiiinc lbth iu^iant. Tickets 50 cents, to be had at ail the principal hotels, music ard hooksioies. jo lii?Jt g-^^THE UNIiERHIUNEDGRot'UBT MER arv^iw* chants, in order to give time for recreation lo the Clerks in their employ, duiii.g the waimtli 01 the Summer months, hereby agr ??* to clos** ihc:r re spective stores at eight o'clock p. m., (Saturday evening* *iu;ipted,) from tins date unui u?? flj.t day of Uvpteuibcr nc^t. GEO. A THOS PA CXI B A CO . SAMUKI. BACON k CO., MURR\Y A SEMMrS, HAMILTON A LEACH, B. F. MoRSkuL. BAKBOUS & HEUMES, 8. E. WHITE a. CO, El) HALL, 8HEKEI.L BROTIIERg, BERRY fc BOWIE, M1DDLETON &. BEALL. JESPE B WILStl|f. Washington, June Il,18:.j?>j\v STRAYED OH STOLES from lb- *ul?. scribt.r on Saturday, the 16ih instant, gruy Hor?e. with a lew murks 011 his hinf,T|i3k caused by the bar'.ess, and wind gaits un his hind legs. He is about H or 10 years old, wi h a long tail. A suitable 11ward will be given if returned *?'"? M. IIASTERGIN, je 19?lt? North Capitol st ICE CRKAM OF the best quality d. livered to faaillies, pa?.i. Fairs, Ac , at 37J^ cents per qnurt, m lancy moulds or plain Ireeiers Excursions and Pic Nics lurnished at fil 25 per gallon. Give it a trial M. T. MARTINET, Tenth street, between D and E streets. ?e 10?lw* s M OREDUN; a tale?claiming to be by Sir Waiter Scott, 50c Abbott's History of Napoleon, 2 vols, octavo, A.r> Constance lierbeit, a novel, by Miss Jewsbury, 37c The Corrroversy b? iwp ? u 8*iiutor Brooke and Arc fa* I ifhop Hughes, 25 cents. J* ?? FRANCE TAYLOR NEW BOOKS received and lor sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore. The Life of Napoleon, by Abbott, complete In 2 vols. The Winkles, by the author of Wild Western Scenej Conn Cut Corners, the Experiences of a Conserva tivo Family Tales for the Marines, by the author of Los Grin gos. Miasing Bride, bv Mrs. Southworth Morcdun, a talc of the Twt Ive Hundred and Ten, by Sir Walter Scott, Bait Ballou's Magazine lor July. All tbe New Books and every thing in the Sla tionwry line, for sale at 8U ILLINGTON'S Bookstore, ^ ^ J><ftecn JhiildiDg, cer. 4>< st., and Pa. av. GRAND EXCURSION or Goa&ccn chapel wmx school, TO FORT H'.ISffUS'GTOX, WKDXKSDAY. JUSK *0.1*55 ['HE (VimiilfU'f of Arrinfrninit? nave n.ucl pleasure in amount ing to tbeir friends and tin jinblic generally That their Ant Excursion will bt t ;v?n mx above. Tne Committee pledge themae'ves that no effort ?n their part will be ?;>ured to afford all who bot>.? th^m with their presence, a plea-ant and agmau? time. A imperii* band of Miutc In ta n engaged fa ibe occasion. Refreshment* will be on thr ground and a>.ld at city price*. The profiu ari?in? from th* Excursion W Ul go to ibe )>? iit'lit of Ui? School. Ticket! for adult* 25 cents? Children half price. The l,o it will leave Car*1* Whatf at 8* o'clock; Vlexandna at 9 o'clock, and return at < o'clock. Cummittrc of .Id unftmenU. Q. J. Hall, O. W. Garrett, G R Vermillion. Je 18-2t THE POTOMAC R1YHR STEAMDOAT COMI'AWS STEAMER ALICE C. TRICK. CAPT ^ AMU FT. RAKER, ? - la, WILL LE WE WA*||TWCTON 1' "I.iiifcMi^T C O'CLOCK A>M.. and AL AT 7 0*CL<<CK A. M oN TUESDAY MORNINGS for - Mattni, r?. rioman. L. Macborinc, Prnrjr Point, Kinsale, Con*. ON FiilDA^ N.JitXIMi^ fui ? Cluptl Poirnt Wicomico, Leoaardlown, Piney Point, St. Mary,' Cone. ON WEDNESDAY (returning leave Cone at 4 o'clock a. m., for? St. Mary's, Piney Pomt, Leoe ard town, Wicomico, Chapel Point. ON SATURDAY (returning) leaving C?ne at 4 o'clock a. m , for?Kin?ale, Piney Point, L Kacfcc doc. Currlomsn, Mattox. Calling at th- usual landings on the river whea ?icnal* are made. By order of the Board r J A3 P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va^ June 1,1855. jo 15? tl' EBENEZER SABBATH SCHOOL ~~ v A PIC RIC EXCUB8I0R of tb? ?Ebct>fzer Sabbath School will on Tlll'HI'DAY, il?e k2l?t in<un the fine Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON' liav ing hf-en chartered for fl>e occasion. The Boat will leave Riley V v? harf at Ty^ o'dl, iu ,und the Navy Yard at 8 o'clock, touching at Mexandria, For#Wa?bin5lon and ih<-Wbilr Ho?r, tnen proceed down the river a* tar as Indian Ilea4, return 10 the White ILaise, and arrive at lit* Port about i o'clock p m., where dinner will be provided :il 50 cents each. All person* and fimiiic* desiring a day trip aboard avail dMBtelvei of tin- opportunity. Tickets can be h?d of any of the teachera of the School? SO cent* each ; children '25. A select baud ot' mueic will accompany the F.i MMtak. je 1??ft* PLEASURE EXCURSIONS FOR TlS POVS1 II OF JOLT. _ JP* ?. The Steamer* GEORGE WASri l?3WBWCiVf:T(t\ and TH< >V AS COLLYKg ra mak<! r guiar trtpatoih" White House Pavilion. Mount Vernon, and Fort Washington. persona wishing to ap'-nd the r ay at Fort W s hmrton ? U t>e landed there, a* each boat will atop at the Fort. Priees will he made to >uit tlie timet. The time of ?tarting And other particulars wMI be riven in due I mo. Fort Washington ground* 1* a del ghtfui pla^e lor schools or ?ele.t parties ti the day. Tim Wi.ite Mouse Pavilion and groundi are nn *urpa*?-d T.?r pleasure by any place. The Coats have a calo re r that nerves up refre-sbirenta in good ?lyle. JOB CORSON, i Je 16?81 t SAM'L GEDNEV, immf.nsfTattraction AT ODD FELLO\V~S HALL! Commeiicicg on Wednesday Even'g, June 20 r>l?OF. KIIIRY AND FAMILY will jnvc a aeriea t ofi?eautifal nna combined p?<rl'irinancea. r? p ret^nted in the hiph?nt order r-f perfection, consist irp ?.! GRECIAN AND CHINEHE EXERCIBEd, nymtinsiica. and Feats ot Str?njth. Ventrib qmsni. Nf Cfim'Jtry, and the enly ordinal Second Sight Myrt.ny, f r seeing without eyci?. Cariii> of Adtniaciou 25 cent*?children under 10 vcar* halt" pric#? Door ; open at 7J4, and cxercipe* to commence at j o'clock. Je |??3t* rOST?A FINE FNDIA CANE WITH larje j ivory hea.l. Wh-n last seea It wai in the ttr.i.d' of a persun or board the Steamer Marvlaid, * hen fvhe took the passenfers from the Powhatan lien aground, about the i3bl May lart. Pleaae re uni it to the Star office. A reward will be given I required. je lb?Jk (jST OR MISLAID?TWO PROMISiOkV M j notes, one at tt months, *nd tl?e other at 12 voDtlH, dat?-d Februarv 22<l, 1?55. drawn by R. C. A n *< . _ air ? k3 . L.I ? r . I I lobiitr-n St R. F Guy ;n lavor ot Wm. J Sibly, anl ndoned by Wm. J. Sibly and P. C. Johnaon, each luiounting to*$10; j 6J. All pe-i-ions are taeitby to? varned n^.iin ;t tr*?1ii>c lor tin* above notea, a? th? tayment of the snme is stopped. Any iwrson tlndir:: tin* aboi*e note* will please eave them wi b C. ^Vo<'?iHr:ird, they > an be ot to pof-ibl?? u?e to the finder, the puytnenia ?( ibe lauie havini been str?pi>ed C. WOODWARD, Uth -stret t, between G and H. Je 18?3t (Inel) [OK Y?On Sunday evet.hig, between Uw hou'4 j ol C and 8, in or about Lafayette Srjnare.or be ween said square and Fmnklin Kow, a small gold lunting WATCH, bt*arii.e the nilgais "E F.T ;** ^eRoy &. Fils, makers, Paris. By returning ?<aiJ iVatch to No. 4 Lafayette Square, the fin<!?-r * ill >e suitably rewarded. je IB?3t I' OST--ON SATURDAY MORNING, between j the N.ivy Yard and the Treasury building, * ^?iir of Cold Snectaeles, In a light brown or dark ^tll'iw ea-e. They were proi.ably dropped 111 get ling out of omnibus at Mrth str?et. The finder will tie heartily tiiauked and t-uitably rewarded by leav ing inforuiauon at th? i?tar office or with tf e *nt? ^criber. B. F. PLEASANTri. Ja 18-3C GLEN WOOD CEMETERY. Offiso Ro 203 Penn ave .corner 10th street, (OVER TIIF. SAVING'S BANK.) rHIS CEMETEKY is laid out on the plan 01 th^ celtbratej Greenwood, of New York, and sum a'.i-d on the tigh gr-.und distant one Btd a qnart>r ualaa north of the Capitol?N'jrth Capitol strett |ca.'.iug dircctly to the t ate way. Th.a Company have secured a charter frJtu Oon g'esr, appnipriaimg their jjraund ftjr evi r to purpose**, making a fee title to the pnrchaarr, an?l piohibuin^ aii from legwlauon ?* otherwise, which u ol'va?t incpiirtaneeto thoac a ho wi^h tiieir dead to repaae wrfccia they have them, tor it has become n custom in all other cities j whr-n the burial grouid becomes valuable for oilnt purp^rcea, to II it and throw the d>'ad prottt^caus ly into one lar;e pit, ind lejtil measures cinnot pt?* vent it, a? no lit!?a are yivea to the ground. N B - I'aniphle'J with a map, Ut? charter, anJ hy-lawa, ai:d all other usfenuatioii ran be obtamaJ nt he c.ffi:?. Also, all orders tor nit- rmeuts Itli at 51r. J F HARVEY'S, N<? 4*0 Seventh?tr?et,? any other undettaker, will be promptly ai'endLJ u* 4Is' 1 'f8~e open from 14 l?J 12 o'clock a. m. je lb?ly ? T U nOU8EKKEPKR<i-P,''>nn' _ ing t?? purchase superior TalJe ?>r Poeket t ii> lery, heavy Silver plated or Urittabia V\are, hat Japanned Tea Tray* or Toilet tirta, an eieettew Clock, Feather D ater. Hal bund, Enamelled tie, Saucepan, G-avy Strainer, Tea B?ll, oranvot ihe hundrr aed one little eureterau needed by ev*t. houaekeepcr, ?ro invited to call ou 1 G. FEANCIS, ja 16 !i! Sovenlbrt NO TICK.?We ahull &> urual :aaue ail un^?J bill* from our books up to Saturday, th*JO* ultituo. We re*p*icuullv request that a!l to wbow UiUUtiN vw v ? * - ~ ww'O a* "* they bel rg will promptly ataile them on or beiu < Lhu 1st of July. . . , . - _ Ail who deairo to have their tills before U a sent out will find lh> hi reailr at our <l?t je 18?dijyl CLACF.iT. iRtDSoWjJJ^, JOHN U. BUTUMAKN, T MPORTER AND DE\LERJN [ W1KK. BKAMDT,. liiu> received a small supply of Gie^er Ate.# xenay ChaiupatTie, ot hu own imponatlon. je 16?3t PASTURAGE FOK HORSES. AFFIV horn-- Will be taken to pa-tnra?T within FE W bor?* Where they will be J Tarefa.'ly attended ??. Inquire of properly and care in y j(jv| p|JMl.HRl?Y, C street, betwet 1: 4^ und 6th street* je 18?* -BEADT MADii 8UM234LB CL0THI16 HAVING within :he last few days made great ad ditions to our fo'tner stock ?at Ready naf" Clothing, we are now p'ej ared lo offer gent einen every induceinent in price and quality to vnat ?>u pt'en'iie (alesrooms before making their selections. Our apartment ot VVluie and colored Shirts r.aure, Merino, Silk and CoUon Uadershiru Lines and Cottou Drawers Summer Stocks, Cravats, Scarfs, Tiea Collars, Gloves. Hosiery, fcc. is verv large and complete, making our pr? ? stock one of the largist and most desirable lo ^iec trom in prices and quality to New York. WALL A S1EP?K??. 3'4 j Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Ba?. je 18-3l DR. TUEOD. HANSMAN Keeps 01a offi ce h??urs from euht to ten olpio< k No 505 SsrenfA JOpf. tim' may 45- liu*

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