Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1860 Page 3
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? Room, 4K? TO 1JET. k W'ra Sa MAKBUC BlD BII, "fs?*?>&?> *?*?? ??< j ?? ?-"-??? "?? *"v u?w u i?iiu| lavyv, i _ ^ "{I'1"1"* low *?* ??? won located. Inquire aTV.lL UK FKITH. 1*0 Ful f etroot. Of ?. U. BREKM, 620 Broadway, V. I. Jl re'71" *A,,wr "I", urr part or a <? ploo Houee, having ?J modern ouLvtumooee, in a pleasant JOCAtUiu up '.yfffl, to A small iespectable family. Hifirmim ? aug< d. Apply at Mr. HKDrOMDS drug .tore, 717 iu?, t\,u do&n uor.h ^f Fart* eec-nd (trett. A FURNISHED Bonng. KHAR UNION HQDARB, TO J\. tel. No 111 Eaet F.fleeeulh etrert, the late residence of Dt'n Board-suit. ftn; sll elegant and ?n onmplete order for a Ortitlaea'auuly, wRh mmediate pomrMioa. Alao A large a Uhber of jtbura centrally coated, i mulshed and unfur I naked Pur term-ai d remits ipo y to B. UttADLKT, l,2t* Bieadway . r IHaUKM A HOLdiKN. Mo 8 Pine street. NEW BROWN RTONK TURK! STORY UIOH BAM u mailt Ho ne to let, IN W?d Pony eighth aired, nea Jlilh areu-e. wnh etery cjotemeiou, loc*uoa #'*t olaas, r : WM, poststamu Inucrd -ately. Also. a largo nuu. oar of r,mnn. fan.ialed and in!onttgbed It JeRUable LioMjona. ap?|T to B. HHaJ)LKY, lit* Broadway, or DIN0ICR g HOLDRN N*. 8 rlof rreet, ? ' A f-.TARLE TPLKT, WITH STALLS FOR T'jRgR A. Hortma. (alralge House and Hay Lotl,No. 8.Ban' IStriir# at 100 Sllth avenue. __ _ CLARA FURNISHED AND r'.iniaumn ftouaee to rent, In the foUoartng.oc?-iL-^ _ FURNISHSfo. Went 1 htrty fourth (treat, between Set ^ ud Ku,hlh ITt Wed Thirty fourth street. between :i*h and Seventh ava. Went Forty tlflh atreet, bdween . lfth avenue and Broail way. Weet Forty first atreet, between Seventh and Eighth art. Wart Twenty ninth ah, between Fifth avenue and Broadway. Baal Seventeenth atreet, near second avenue Itath avenue, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth dree a. Waver ley place, near Broadway Thompson atreet, n-'ween Prince and ?onaton. Lexington avenue, between 1 hiri.eth and Thlr;y flret streets. UNFURNISHED. Waal Forty fourth street. Weet Thirty fourth atreet. Wad Thtrtt aiilh atreet. Want Twenty fourth atreet and Fifteenth atreet. Kaat Fourteenth street, Mhd Twenty fourth atreet. East Thirty cecum! atreet . Tarnished houses from II OflO to |3 R00 pent Obi .trnlahen houaea from I"00 to J. toO rent. Aapiv to B. B. DiliK, Agent fur A J. Itleecker. Son A 'To., Mb. W7 Broadway, eorner ot fifth avenue and 1 weuty third B CENIKSBD ROOMS TO LIT- TWO FRONT ROOMS on the second Boor, and four run ma on the third floor, and basement. Inquire at 20 West Klevendt atreet, near Ml aa J way. ______ KURNIRKF.D HOUSES TO LMT.?ONE ONfhAST TMNTFT, H 100-, Kaat Twenty second, 82.HU. hast Thirty aerood, SCO, Warerley place |2.(M>t Weat Twenty second, fOUO; Weal Fony fourth. $1,200 ? Weat Fourteenth, H 00 ; Weat Twentieth, utifurnlaheit, SeOJ. All very choan. KlMHHlaER A (XI . 3*8 Fourth avenue. TteNMS' W on-BARB TO LET ON TUE UH AND PO m Ntcal Carnival t r Ox Eoad, on Wedueeday, September IE, <MU Apt 1> in the hotel. TIOOMH TO LET?IN HfiFSR NO. *0 HUDSON STREET; XV two large and airy Rnoma with bedroom, and rleaeta at mahad. trAun water un the aame 'Iror. Apply to T. M. RODWAN Mefnpnlitan Hank. KM Broadway, or to WM. U1VMLL. H Mndaoo atrw>h i'TAlil K TO LET ?THR BKTCIC NTaBi K U THOMAS > atreet: rtalla for f"ur hurees; hue ju?t hern put :u perlect ?PSar. Apply n> r. M. UoDMAN. Trtrop, Hfin Bank, 108 Ri aa Iwa>. or to WM L 10 H ldann atrwet. SKWINO MACHINE* FOR $]$. ?FOR RALE, TWO OT Kti rka hewing Marhlnea, very abort t'rr.e tn uaa and In Id rale order. Aa the ow ii*r baa uo uee lor'heui, tbry will he .old for $28 each. Apply soon at $* Broadway, In 'he fur elc.-c. I|W> LET?THE NEW FIRST CLASS STORM, OOENRR A of Fourth and Greene atreeta, 2AxlUU feet' plate gUae ?hiewB, ahtable for etothlrg. graertes, furalture, or any ?gag liadarm Inquire on the prentlaee, or of W. A. MORB ?l*Wrt, 7Q Broad atreet. (MO LMT?TO A PHYSICIAN. A FRONT RABRMRNT X IB a fcandaomely furalahed brown duns bo'tae, altualed MtLddagtcw aveaua, aear Thirtyehghthdreet > ilili m<B R. Mb MS flerald odea. rLJCT?THE WHOLE OR PART OP THE NEW brown atote House No. 7"7 Be-ond avenue, with alt the modern lmprovementa. Rent cheap. Inquire on the pre Eurr-TBS new three story nova stork frool Ilotiae 6S West Forty fifth it root, bet wood Fifth and aver art. Alan the four etnry flotiao, same rlceeC A1 SO, mow Boom lffl Weat F.ety eighth atraot, ml MdU. ? ANDREW LE8T1R A Co.. 1US Chambers ? mo urr-norsK ite fast twenty third streit. X ftnr aiortaa. with hot aad oold water, bath Ac Apply to Ssra ^lha Kaat Twenty third arret, before 10 A.M. cr r| LET-THIRD FLOOR OF BUILD I SO 177 BART Twenty aecnod all apt, to a p to of one maker, or for other Tf-hti- b.nlaaaa Apply to J. HISCO, ltd East Twenty Mrd atreot, before 10 ATM , or after 5 P. M. mo LET.?FURNISHED PARLOR. WITH BKDROOM 1 adjoining, with at Wtlboot partial Board, hi a German ? 71 Hammond etroet. between Blaackar and Fourth ahearn. Tha houae ia vary ooevaaiantly located to auge and aar^routaa. eud baa all the modern Improvements. Bafaraaaaa mo LIT?TWO Flint LAROS BOOMS, with batb Jl room, on the amend floor at a new four alory bouaa. plaa ?" looalad. oecopled by earlvale fatally, to two or tbrea with breakfaat If desired. riaaaa addram C. T. aaolly looai ?Baa. Harald mo LET?HOUR* RO. 88 FBAMKUR STRKKT, REAR X Broadway, with nearly flra yaara laaaa. Will ha lat far fiht himdam purpoaea. Poaaemloo riven lauaedlaUty. Apply gdTSPullaattrnat, up atalra, or on the proatlaaa. IPO LET-IN BROOKLTR. THE TilRKB STORT, BASB X mat aad suboellar bnca Houae, U roaaaa, Mo. ao Smith Mat. two blucki from the City Hall, oaa block from Foltoa arawp aara. Pin la the brat of order, aow vacant, aawly painted and papered throuphonl. In the heal of orOar, hldgo wood watar. pa MkadsMen aad fl kinase camp let*, oaa of Die hoaa arnem, or at M7 Paarl street, Raw mo LOT?THE THRU BTOEY BRICK HOURS RO. MO X Wan Twautlafk etreet, directly fronUag tha gi I nil of fgSSnS855 vSst ??2 mo LIT-AT THE SCANDINAVIAN HOME, N?. lllaaclrr atraet, a ear Bruedwar, a large airy ataem or office oaa; al?n furnished Rooms o< Rc. tn angle aaalliman. ahmtwegun bead La tha aalooo. Rothe Grabs, Hwadlah Poach, E LET-A MODERN IMPROVED HOUSE. PLAIRLT farntahed, a few donra from Broadway, on the weal Ada. moderate, la.pure at dt kin areet, room SR. fPQ.TIMMER.-TO BE DISPOSED OP. TOOLS PEERS RH X D~>r? Dtee ami I'elterm for the af (lobe. eg* and aaoare aateraa To ooe wltb anall mcaaa tha would be a wind Chance, aa be carried H on for eight yaara. Apply at IB Paarl atreet. in the rear, Brooklyn. rmm BAERKER WIG. TOUPEE AMD HAIR DTE MARTI ? factorare?roc sals, tha leaaa f<w three yean .if a sural: No I Aslnr H uae. Barclay street Tha beet lonauoo in ntied Stales fur 111 tar braachaa of bitmap In mire oa IH) RENT-FOE ORB TEAR OR MORE, IR BAR lam, tha pleaaant rreldeore, IPKh areet. aaxt the corner Fifth a. eaue. the houae I* la good order, with |U and Car ha watar; full piaaaaa, front aad rear, paaaaaAua the la of November. la ; .ire oa the promisee. fpo LET-A IIUT CLASS BOGSR, NO IN KERENS X areet. between Weyerlay and Clinton places. two blocks from the New Tort Hoaa, I iSeble for a family, club or bnal aaa aawly palulad. seventeen motna. wltb fee aad watar to fourth War; Apply to JAR. B VAN I'I.EBF HO Br ml way LET?THE BASEMENT, WITH BOXES. BAR, ALE vault. As . at S|f Broadway, aoraer of Tuelfth alraat, ai? i, Baarmaat af <17 Broadway lor any hmgnaaa Immediate paemsaen. joBTT S. IBAi, M William area. mo LHT?THE VERT BUOIBLX RECORD FLOOR, COR. X ear raoan. with eight froat wladnwa. a Ion front and corner ?noma, on the fourth fnr.nRf hmedway. corner of Twelfth areat Apply ?? JOHR K ERtAi). Si Wllilam arret. ? IlKT?THE FOUR RTORT BROWN STORE FRONT Honaa. Ro. 137 West Thirty-fifth areet with all tea ao tmpunaai ale, will be la tow until tha la of May; the oil rkiUa. narpru aad window shades will be sold. at a main 5uV?? all-net ?" *** pcemlaaa or to ALEE AN DEE G AW. Let ir BRooELYR-rnE crrim part and baaaaaaat of a aaat two alory hriek Houae. sub cellar, aaa aad water, lea mmutaa walha from the far ilea, will ha rained law la a aMaWa IrnarL Appply a IN Brtdao sweet mo LET?A COTTAGE HOUSE AMD RTABl* BE APT I X fully loraaled on l.Vhh surest betwnra Tenth stands and fhadicfac read. Wiahlaglna Mights Apply to FEKEIRi E BBOETm Bowery, or aa tha pi am lam. mo LET IN nOROKEN-A THERE RTOET AMD RASE X a ant hrick Dwelta*. la aa aanUrnt InaaMna arur the SSmmfftSS Em aaaat. Botohaau m*E TPPEE PART OF A BARDROMELT fobr rhbo X Boaaa la lit, four haa; taraMEsd whh t"r - for hsuashaeptac. m a amah family or two angle gee geeileei"' I rpo LET-TO 4 n* IXl Ain? Bfjpi.ll able faetlt. X a Bah of nafarnWhadEaaaw, near fcnadnay, aad In the aEMar af are Ua af agi Apply a 1M Greene Meet. B^BJT-A MAGEIFICKRT FIVE RTOET H ROWS ?aa Bouaa, oa Waal FonrtaaadE alraat, moat aplea Hima FhrtEara hfbat adagnat anriart ana B A Mortpavfaa palMa aaana ha fouaSla the any ? ' "iBflbam A PP., Ml Psnrth an?a, ? OP m BDPowD ruooa Ifi ? isM Apply a MR Rprfag arm FLOOR ?TutFItwo EASEEERTB; TWO FARLOES OR FTRST A floor-,two Sir?la tha aMr. haa hat and aold wadpr, and saa. at? charhoa tuuat. WaWisUaaaatl Ma ana ftxtoras aad tha parlor hsaaara pill ShOADWAT -Ri-XJRb FUKMS TO LET. AIEO UiW <*tm Rwinia ovf* Ce art*. A bo?h Hare n on the BMtaar. Aip'y to J. Bt ' ^ ? Raf Twwmr hard atreet before IT A. ML, or a/vr IP M.. or oa it* f rpailaaa ISSTKDCTIOII. H AYOCNJ lady WISHES A ?W0>'ttOH AS GOYKR ?" '??ch KngUih, Frenob, OW.... mualo. oaiiju_?i6 Umdart, m the tea ?*^r, ?A T uJtlu^T' i? AKD 1?J FULTON BTRKBT 'rem ,r?Vv2Z ?Jfl p'aa of tomrucUua la. to allow Wadsets CSiL7y.g.*f otry to purine auoh studies a* they pre'.-r, at SbiTJS^Sr' '?*v*4sa* <* <*>"?' V"1 aa rapid aa "* 'rrt> .Mr- and ability stll ptimlt A ? aRD.-THE SUMJEIBBR HAS REMOVED HIS u, I Acalrmy of Psnnanahlp and llookkerplug rmn N? PSV < >os 921 and 923 Bread way. corner rf Tweidv ttrst nr et .?cw pupUa received daily. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. ACCOCNT9, AO-TO QUAl.IKV GENTLEMEN PRAC iically fur lucrative poeiibn* io tuiaiuass. sir. mil.nil \K 4W Broadway, k'-epo ti' .'.irprat c munrrrial ustitutl -r> to Mew York. Pupil* can enwr ?t 85 for a special cou w In Book loping, r'romait?hip or Arnhmetig, French language and frknch bibivew correapnlcnoe taught etthri in private orerening da**#*. Pref C. P. Oll.l ETTlf 192 Milh avenue. near PourVeer th street. ffrmi mod*rale, Is a teacher In one of the dm in Mutes nf tfala tty . UDHON CITY SEMINARY, N. J.. C GRAVES, PRIN clpai Tbia inatu iitton reopen* September 5. with -a largwd fa-times for a thorough English and classical educaU?a. Parents residing In tbe c ty are reapectlully >ilt<-lied to call and are for lbetr.?t-ives, aa it la of raay uiveea by the Jersey City and H?bokrn oar* each ten minute* throughout tea day. Term* reasonable. B/flW KEOQH'R BOARDING AND DAY 8CHOOL FOB Hi joting ladtea will be renpeoeo ou Monday, Bettembar 17, at81 feaat Twenty ninth (treat. MO VS. u I>B GRAMD-V.v 1,8 ENGLISH AMD French Claaaioal and CommeMal Hoarding School, Hud aou terrace, Uoboken, K. J. b pee 1*1 attention to the modern lat guugra and com ire trial branches MR88R8. LK8PINAR8E A ARTKAUA'B FRKNCH DAY and Boarding reboot, 117, 119 and 121 CUnton place, be tween Fifth and state svenura ?Complete ecurae of atodlen; modern larguagea taught without extra ehargea, three English teachera, three French, two Hpanlah, one Gorman. Reopened. MBS. OGDF.N HOFFMAN'S FRKNCH AND ENGLISH BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ho 5 Kail Thirty t'.ral street. Will open on Thursday, Sept 2u. Mr*. HOFFMAN will be at heme aft* Sept. 1, previous to which dale application* made to her by letter will receive prompt attention. ON SPECIAL EASY TERMS, FOR BBABON8 WIIHIB will be made known to parenta, two American boya will be admitted aa boardera in a select Academy in Brooklyn. French, Spanish and German languages taught and spoken. Addicts (J , Academy, Brooklyn Pom odlce. SPANISH INSTRUCTION?LADII8 OR GRNTLKMF.V desirous of qualifying themselves for a metal or cummer clal Intercourse with Spar tarda, may acquire a knowledge of that language by the easy and |uctuseful method adopted by the undersigned. Address Bern hard Ktea, box 3.163 Post office. ST. JOBBPH'S URSUL1NK ACADEMY FOB YOUNG LA dies, East Morrlaanira, N. Y. Terms $1*0. r LADIES ?INSTRUCTION GIVEN IN ANT DB partment of medical knowledge by a thoroughly expe itenced and educated surgeon. Terms lor either a single lea toe or series of lessons will be reasonable. Address Surgeon, ! box 180 Herald office. EE MISSES ROHB AND MRS. TUFF'8 FRKNCH AND English Boarding and Day School. No. 13 West Twenty, hati eel, near Madison square, will he ra opened on Thursday, September 13 W BITING?RAPIDLY IMPROVED. ON A NEW principle, by which ladies and gentlemen are lauibt a superior head In twelve lesaoo*. Terms, Ac . on application to Prot estor LONG (.from London), at his rooms, bdl Broad way. DABC1BO AC AMI ' A DODWOBTH'B DANCING ACADEMIES, A. 808 Broadway, Maw York. 137 Montane place, Brooklyn. WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS in New York. TUE8DAYS and FRIDAYS la Brooklyn. At 4 F. M. for children?at 8 F. M. for gentlemen. Commence In New York, Sept 88. In Brooklyn, OA &. In addition to tbe Hour* Quadrille, Frisco Imperii le, Ever green Empire, sad other social dances, Minuet Quadrille, Lin da, and ether educational dances already lnlroduoed by Mr. DOPWORTH, a variety of ne war danoea will be brought foe ward during tbe season?one the Quadrille Sunenne, aape cU 11^" adapted lo the derelopemeul of graoefu] movamaula Circular ef terms, Ae., mav be had at either Academy. BHROOKRB' DANCIMO ACADEMY, 811BEOOMBBTRKRT. I ? L. LIS GARMU HROOKJCfl will open hla academy an I Tueeday. Kept. 11, WO, far adults, Wad I Wetoeedaj, Sept 12, for children. I All th? faahlonabln dances will br introduced, together with I IhS nsw and beautiful French quadrilles, I PMINCK IMPERIAL aadLA RCHftR. I Ladies meet Tueedaji and Fridays, from 3 to ? F. M. I Uentlemen. Tuesdays and Fridays, from 7 to lt>? P. M. I Children, Wednesday* and Saturday*, from B lot P. M. I Ladles' primary elaaaea lastruetsd br Mrs. Breokm. I Prirats lieerms at hours not occupied by cilsam I All WM fsshiooBble d4ooM In mM ooujtm of iMiocuk I The opening soiree Wednesday evening, Rapt IB. I 2MUM AR'S CHEAP DAMC1NQ ACADKMT, M7 BOWERY I ? Lrasooa tl per m onth. Mondays and Thursdays, and Tnrw ^?a and Prtdaya, M. ladlse" afternoon nlasin Wednesday* and Nnturdayaat 4 o'clock, at 8 o'olook toirese. Adaaiuanoe M cents. Private imaiun 80 ceata Em pkbrkror ?. DANCTNO ACADEMY, 89 Wast Fourteenth street. Near Tort. Mae. DDRBUL FRARRRO aad R. FRRRRRO respectfully III! Il I T LEORARD?S DA1TCTMO ACADRMY. THIRD AYE- I el ? use Railroad depot.?Mr. LEONARD respectfully In forms his frtenda sad the public, that Ms fchonl srffll reopen for the season on Octoberi. Dnyso? latum TTi teaidays suit Natsrdays. 9 P M. far led I* mimes and sa asters, I o'etdsk for ladies aad gentleman. The drsl sassmMr of (he arenas will take place an Monday, October IP, end wfll be wnitniwd trsry other Monday s renins during the use an. BAR. o. n. BIVIRW DANCTNO ACADRMY, MO. M M Fulton street, BroHUrs, will renpes Tuesday, Rsptam bar 11. Oinii trill meet Tosnday* and Fridays. Ladies at 3 octrrk P M . gentlemen at BP M. Miasm aad ifij Wad ssnrtay and Saturday afternoons, at I o elooh. CHROFXMOR BOND'S DARCINO ACADFRY NO 7TB I Hlercket street Clamas f -rmlng lur Mondays aud ?urWava (or ladies aad gentlemen, sad WcJneedaya aad >ul tnrdays for Jnvenllaa. FimiYiTt?mK. A PCTION NOTICE. A BLRNHAM'S FVBMlTtTBR EXPREH AMD FURNITURE PACE(MO ESTABLISHMENT. Ill aad 118 Wast Keveuih street, between PVth sod Matt am. Household fornitere of eeery deswiultoe bored and shipped Is All parts of ike world. Ptantrfortss, fcsSsary, Paintings Mir rors, china and Klsasware carefully packed and stored. Largs Severed wagons doe the remove! at Pnrnlturw to the oountry ptutor carts at the oEios at all hours, mange far Furniture Furniture bought on commission. A rCTIOM -PERRONS AROCT RBMOYTWR WII.T, FIND , M to their advantage locall .n be MgtNpaMgh Kiprom, 15 Sod ?'! ?.ng aire el. and ItQ la-Vt (reel. H rwe and Wtgotis for removing famines Is Ifee country or city Carta si all times All kinds at Stab ,og Pier OWvea. Chlnnwaru. Pianoforle. Ac . rem,.red with rare aad at our rtak ? M. B ? Ptis as* fur tnrr.nvru. t. 901'UMRITB Pruprtetof. A EBDROOM RU1Y OP EMAMBlLbD PTJIMITURB I A for MA, la all rotors, of warranted manufacture. A ma, I BmnMtohsd to UE I Ami thr ea<i liTer a milled FtJiiirrcin man?" ? faslorr, M Brand way, Gre doors above Laura Reene'a theatre.-Superb and eieganl chamber Hutu la all styles, de sums and eotors. St pnam from Mi sad upwards the hast enamelled PmsEmg mnnnfnstsrtd. Plmas asl and amp /IBIU'REN'R AMDCOTTARR BRDMTtADA, CRIBS AC , \ la great variety. Reliable eprtag uisnrmmn. proved the heal in nee. gpr.i r beds of nil the dWaretl puMai*. InvsAd bed mad tonnmu Beet hatr and other wAiEEW AM Hr vulway. In the t taiwiat- | OMAMBULSD CHAMBER SUIT* OF FURNITURE IN O all acton and style*. at wkdnht or fsto^ ? "?"^-TCsiB vsrD-vn!i!is=t I Fswr dome saat at Broadway ? lj*<!R KN(Tl RK BOUUHYFOR RRADT M<>NKT -A FAIR Mine given Is rrady money for Furnttorv Oarreu. Ac . at UR Math at roue, between NEm aad Tenth ??? WANTED?WANTED, FROM ORB TO TWO hundred gssd anaoad hand mile as. for lector* roam 9H ndwsy. aorner of Md at Apply to dam E. Roberts, on RAILROAD!. N1W On ?nd S/Wv Mimdny. Jam M. IBM, trams wB | ? IPREBBEI. TAT ILIA, TABOO R OO. B RAPRI For CALIFORNIA, OEEQOM HRITIRH COLUMBIA AM Borrn "Ai (Ftc t OANI )?d <C Tuendar sett. Hep ?m-? msO rmwer NQRTHRBR UOHT. Fhtuyeia wit r'epee t-rnr is mb * ihs* an fretrtt wB rtimimthtdM."dft^t^hrA co , ?r - AM RnrTH rAi fPTC < OABf, Rill bedeepatfhed ? Tu-mdat seat. Heyt. 1L, per Ds "m ev Sisll v mw*r MQHTHRBR UOHT. win be i - on , M Broadway. BOARDING AMD LOUOIKU. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OF THREE FKKSON8, RILL A let, Arntahed, f ?e looms, separata or togethur. with private table If desired. or will be let to a pxrty ewhiug to leap houta. having all the conveniences. Apply Friday end Saturday at tOfi Kid Twenty fourth street, aear Eighth art A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT M A East Twenty ilrth ?lr . t will let a auit of furnished Rooms, tngethvr or aeparat ? with lloard, to two or three gen tlemen. Dinner at do'cktc t AfUIT or WELL K.'hNIHHKD ROOMS, SECOND floor front, with Boar 1 c a Drat claw houaa, with all the mo 'era convenience*. near <>ra and three line* of stages. No. 71 Weal Fourteenth street, II t house weat of Stxtb avenue, AOOUFLE or YOUNG MEN CAN 3B AiXJOMMO dated with a nice fum-hed Koooi and rood Board in a private family ipniyatlCT Fifth atreet. between Fural and net* nd aveauea, on the Ant fkMr. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, IF WILLlNd TO ray a liberal price, can tiud Aral chin ;tc$?mm?da|ijfi( lit a pr'>ate famliy by stressing K H, Madisona<iuare roat AORNTI.RMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BR ACCOMMO t Hied with Board in a respectable family, but three In number, 1 .oration pood end pleasant in the Seventh ward. AddieaaJ. 8 M . Hsrala i4Soa. APV1C1 TO GENTLEMEN DESIRING PERMANENT j Bo*rd,?Hoperto> accommodations can be obtained. with all the comforts of an agreeable home, In a a-a-lal private fa mile Ua. laA U lha daal^hU _a ? ? t fNt w writ K family, lore ted In the rnoet desirable part of Jersey City, with In three minutes' waih of the ierrv Reference required. Ad dress, M. A B., Jersey City PuatoAcn. A LARGE HANDSOME ROOM. FURNISHED, BALOO biea, pantriea and ga?, to let In a email private family, ?o gentlemen only: terms very moderate: I -catkin uneicep liooabie. Apply at (1 Weat Twenty stub atreet A NRATl.Y FURNISHED ROOM. FOR GENTLEMEN only, at M per week, at 2S> Wooater street AFrRNIHIKD ROOM ON THE FIRST FLOOR, WITH bath room ad join log, to let to one or two single gentle mee. Inqui-e at 1x6 1st av., near St Mark's plnee. A LADY BAYING A FIRST ( LASS HOUSE WOUI.D would rent a delightful suit cf Rooms, well furnished, with ?n unexceptionable table, at a red need price, for an *1 vasee of SIM). Beat of refarenoe. Location a short distance above Fifth Avenue Hotel. Addrraa Bow d, Herald office. A NUMBER OF FLKARANT ROOMS, IN SUITS OR ?Ingle. f ll'iatcd on first and second floors, well adapted for gentlemen. Terms with the beat of Board, from *6 to AH per wick. Apply at 1.081 Broadway, between Thirty first and Thirty -second atresia, east aide. AHT WABHINUTOE HEIGHTS, HUDSON RIVER, FOR I ? ty live minutes by railroad and steamboat from Cham b-ra nreet, lust vacated, a oommodiots suit of Ronma In tha Woodland Park House. This bouse, surrounded by thirty acres of highly picturesque grounds, attuated la the Immediate 1 v,daily of Blab Bridge and Fort Washington, la onsurpaee il I for beauty of aeenery and convenience of access. HUH*"1 room and bowling alleys on the place. Good stabling Toe ' ca>' slop eighteen times and the ? the place. Application for ra r_ _ room on be ??iumi HflUil St Oefmaln. corner of Fifth avenue and Twenty aeoood atreet. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LIT?TO ONE OR TWO youag men. with or without Board. Celt for two days at 113 new Canal atreet A SUIT OF BOOMS ON SECOND FLOOR OF MODERN house II Hammond street to let, with good Table, to a amall genteel family or a party of aenllemen, to permanent ~~ mndsrais i Occupants on moderate terms, oanvenient to cars and Dinner at 6 o'clock. References en hanced. A RICHLY FURBISHED ROOM TO LET. WITHOUT board, to a gentleman. Rent M per month. Apply at IS Fence street A PRIVATE FAMILT. 71 WEBT NINETEENTH STREET, wtU let the entire Second Floor, with Board, to a gentle man sad wife or two or three gentlemen, house contains tie modern Improvements. AN ELDERLY LADT and HER DAUGHTER, WHO own a bonte with the modern improvement*, would ae' commodate for the winter with comfortably furnished Rooms ? nd Board gentlemen only. Apply for one week at It] Madi son street between Jefferson and {Tinton streets. SMALL FAMILT WILL LIT TO A GENTLEMAN and wife, or two single gentlemen, a handsome Room and Dressing Room aRaebod, on second floor, with full Board erinwdnwdna g|0e gMtaMMimdlfik^ Also a Room for a mfh gentlemen. Apply at 104 Maodou gal Mreet AQKRTKKL FAMILT BAN OBTAIN A HANDSOME suite of nnfsrnlabed Apartments, with excellent Board, at No. It Amity street, sear Thompson. A LARGE FURMIBUU) BOOM TO LET-TO A LADT and gentleman: board for lady. 60S Seoood avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, WHO CAM PROCURE lha beat city references, would tike to find board In a pri vate family where no other boarders are admitted, between Twelfth and Thirtieth at ? ~ - ? - Street* and Fourth sad With avenues Address, immediately, C., box *J7 Post office, boarding houses send net aeawar. * hack rabIjOR, or firrt ruK?R, wkwt.t rur hss^sss^&is&k: from WaII Rrerfor RwA tfrt TMiU-rAim-i woclp ukr TO a???odat? 5d 1,'to" STSSbo, trod Applj At 1M Wat t??V (?iirtA "?irs?r; Ji, WUItaiMbufBi trt mtnuMA' wAtt fro? All ?? f?rTi?? Fgnss^SMSW " at TO BUM tr?t. Rru?AJr? Iard wm A*D kAi At IftHi x> ae??PT?? A ??? ana wUa, or two B??PrT? t.T. ?.TO KSfSi^K&TS ?D ?** jf'""?'-KbrAtA .?! WlAtt E^sriiiriiS???, <* ?? ^ IWCfMUPIifc tioariv-atwrabt wcmBW *Sf* ?? D twr?o rifu ypy.y ^ jy 7in?? wh* &u mo ??" ?'-A.ror 'yta7^/W*y arm coot fcig TfU Hlfi^ ??* Toci HOARD-AJ-B^ATR TAMIL!p^A^**ODATR B *?2^A^Wjl4 ?2[ a5% - ?* Wrw w'.VaSS tUAA*. -?Af r"Lh "?? POARO -^""SSiJli^r^ ?^rJrA""'4?t"?#*?' faT of FUtfc I'AW RAMTAACAA BACMOJim. }53^55OT.sd2*nsai To?r> w?irr?r-?t. rfi^Jl^'JgiiS'g una Sjsggtegtoagr* OOARO WAimiD-fOR A MJIUW **?*?? T1;,^ !?'? I* JST~ AAdrai <: w 0 U.r ,u. A-. T>OARDlRf -wA|ITRD. RT A ir'HW "'I .... MrcAt. <wratr of >wt??> T>OARPlRO-f O* "y aaa lK3j MHBHBBBSB ^CTtaa wh gsasgjggg*^5** pQARi' T* WggC '"^jE JSUQI ?ssrwcr tjoard iw MDOTUTRr-A onnrrnAR^ARD EraSfi ff* wiffw'"m,u,rt" 3 from RaBoa farr m g^^g".SSiuST^~ ?'~ *?? BOABOnva A!ID LODeiHfl. Board in i-.rcoki yn.-pi.Rasant and -ikhiha. I >? Konaa in a ileal claaa bine, soluble luf a gcnuetuu *Drt *"? or'sii gle gdSUeman, on #r<- .nd or third floor, tvi h Roant, .4 111C!.Won ataaet, oumw 01 State, reiervnoea a* T?EOOKLYN HHIQHTR.-A 080101 OR KOuM?. RPR. J J nished i r'unforulahed. to let, with Board suitable i t families or genlte men. In a bonne pleaaaatly ; icaled. bur I tig Man newly painted, and will be newly f urn-shed thr mrhuul. Referenda nchangt d Apply at 87 Henry aueeL Board in sooth bkooklyn-a pbknoh bhi vate family, without children, resiling In the beat pari ot truth .tr,otlyi, mar tha ferries, would B erd Iw i reaped' b'e gentlemen In order to enlarge thelf circle A' draar, with nave aad references. Parte, boi 7TSN. * . Poel otllre. BOA1 D IN WILLIAMSBURG, ONE MINUTE'S WALK ir an 'he ferrica ?A geulleraan and hla wife, or three all, pie gentlemen, can be abcon moria'.nt uluituard and plan MOt Rogana by applying at 18 South Eighth street. Diaaar at 9 0 clock. Bond strkkt.-to at rearonahi k ibrmh. a large furnished Room, suitable lor one or mantle men. Inquire at Mi Bond atreet. C80NVENIK.NT FOR GENTLEMEN DOING BUSINESS J In New York.? Hoard, wl'b heau'lful Roonta and excellent table, ran be had within one mln te a walk ot Reck a p feriy, In a private family where only a few will be token Ternn moderate. rnevceptlmiable refereucea exchange! Apply at 52 Klrat atreet, Wl'llamaburg. ELEGANTLY FURNISHED RoOVfS TO LHT?TOaKfil er or separately, and with Board on anound now of a tlist clara liouae. Dinner at 6 Apply at lit c?W No. 119. N liith meet, weat of and Bear Broadway. TJM.ROANT PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON RIRST FLOOR, ?j and a large Room, hai.daomety furniahed. to let to -.Ingle n: cm. hatli, Ac.: prices moderate. No. (9 Twentieth gentlemen: street, betarecn Broadway and Fourth avenue. ELKOANTLY PUENJBHBD PARLORS, AND RED rooms attached, on Went Fourteenth atreet. In one of the I licit homei In the city. Penenoa woo are willing to pay ?-li a week are invited to call at KfNBHIMAK ,k CO.'S, J13 Fourth avenue. Furnished rooms to let-with board, to families, iu a lirsi class home on Thirty ninth a'reet. near Third avenue, with all the modern Imp on mentc Looaitou beauilfuL Also'bree ?nl"ndld Parlors, with aeveu mlrrorv, on Bond ttreeL k 1NSH1MKK A CO., ,H8 Fourth a.eoue. FURNIBIWD PARLOR AND BEDROOM, WITHOUT Board, wanted perniancntly, for a gentleman, and son, In a good netcbtiorq.vod, near Br wlway and below Tsreu lleth alrtet. fur which Awl per month will be paid. AddreM A. W. L, Herald Furnished roomb in broadwat-housr first i ? ilaaa, haadaom ' ?" " ?'? *? prov-meote; every tral aad oonveuicn Thi, trenth streets. r Ilaaa, handsomely furnished, puaaeaaea all mol.vru 1m pnurnenb, every facility and ontufon a 'forded; location tral aad convenient. 832 Broadway, between Twelfth Furnished rooms.?a few nrwly furnished Room*, in a IIrat claaa house, to let to geat.emen without board. Central I, caliou, convenient to care and ntagae, ac t near Broadway. Apply at ?1U Fourth at., Aiblua plana. FURNI '.HID HOUSE TO LET.?nOURB NO. 88 EAST Thirty second street, between Madiwrn and Fourth ave an ee, high stoop, completely furnished, to rent until 1st ei May. Apply lo JOHN (1 DALE, No. 14 Broadway. G| KNTl.KMKN OR GENTI.RUEN AND TlIEIR WIVES desire, i?,.t obtaining tine Rooms, with or wttboot first clssa Boar,! rap And the same at No 91 Clinton place, Dear Fmb avanne. given and raq-ilred. Handsomely furnished and pt.eafanti.y situ. a led Rooms may be obtained at 22 West Twenty ninth atreet, 'or gentlemen and ihalr wives, or atngla gentlemen, the house la newly furnished and has all modem improvomeula, style of housekeeping and table unexceptionable. Hotel LonoiRn8.-n.KAN and comfortable single end double Rooms from 91 upwards a week, or 25 cents a night, at the Dining Saloon. No 108 Prtnoe street, corner of Th mpa.u Meals at all hours. HANDROMELT RURNI8HKD BUITB OF ROOMS, WITH Board, and private tabl* If desired, at HI East Twenty first afreet, oppnelte tha centre of Orsmcroy Park, with pnvl lege of park. SOBOKEN.-NRAT FURNISHKD ROOMS TO LET; suitable for one or two siugie gentlemen, with or wKbant lb feat, lo a prlv ,.e family. Apply at N,v. I Union place, Bloomlirld street, three minutes' nralk rrum the ferry. J KB RET CITT, HOBOKKN OR NIW TORE.?A YOUHO gem cmaa aad wii r with s Furaiswi Room with pantry, and Board. In a small quiet family wlx e there will be no other boarder* Address, stating terma and particulars In full, no othara will ba aolleed, J. R. B , bos 2,1-7 Plat ofiiae. Mrs. oimrert, from the country, hah opened a Boarding House at 281) Third avenua. Dear Tweu'icth street She can a commodate a tew reaoeotabie young men with clean looma and good Board on reasonable terma. Ap ply Immediately. 84 WEST NINTH STRUCT. NEAR FIFTH AYE &-< nue.? Rooms to let. furnished or unfurnished, la aultaor singly, to gentlemen only, In a quiet, first class bouse, with breakfast if daatred, every siteclua pahl, uaaxoepUooable re ferences given and required. QUI OB TWO FINQLE ORNTT.EVRN CAB HiVE A _ Boom, with Board. In a brows atono fnmi house, eontala In* am, bath, Ac., IM) Kant Twentieth abwot, balwaau Firm an* liacand hmh PLBABB NOTK K.-THK ADVRBTIBKB IS DESIBOUt of procuring a Soma for I ho winter with a family of re apaetabtltty Urts* In a central and ploaaaot location, abota TwaalleUi street, and who lake uo boarder*. Ilia faintly con stats of himself wife Infant and nuroa. For such a home ha Is willing to make arrangements which will be mutually bene flclal Any *ond family willing to a eoi unodaia him will " H. 0.. boaXhfc I'us DOOMS, WITH PARTIAL BOARD. CAN BE OB IV tainad at Bliaat Twenty nlnto f' - - - - fctnwl. Ooq4 rifi aslor*m>s*labURy required. DOOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD ?A LARUE BACK IV rarinr, nafurnlahed. also, a front Parlor, Hadnam and Paalry, on aaeond door, haadaumely forntahad. In a laonas re plate with modara ooovaalences Terra* rwaaonaht*. Parma arrangements desirable. In jure UO Weal Twenty alith Hi sear El(hlh arautia. Tinner at d o'clock. glVOU^ENTLRMKI^l^JE^LKMEN^M^niElR wire*, eaa now sugars snperlw aownimotlation* for the winter, at 3d Tenth atrsal. batwaan Plflh aad Slilh arenuea. Dlnnar st six o'clock Bafersneea girea aad rauuirad. W^Hlady di straw to dad a sellable bom* la the dating the com lag wlalnr She la MmHHM cmlng winter che Is an aorr en pushed pi sale! and a cheerfal eompanioc. and bar frlaada niinmmmd wishes. She Is willing In pay. at a mode to adrarttaa ha _ _ rata rate, for bar board, or ID be raoatrwd a* a companion on term* to bo kgrwed at a personal Inttrrlow. Let-ers desiring w will rwcelra twj attention, if ad Irene*d to A. I) . Ilaiemloti Hotel, tih sr.*. T. IJIO LET-IN AN BUCQANTl/T FUBNIBHKD BROWN etnee house. Booms, with or without paitlai Boari, to anly. Apply at M West Thirty ttrat street. mo LBT?WITH BOARD. A BI'B EDIT OP ROONd. CN I fomhbed. la a beautiful kicaUod np town A amall gen MlMM would Bnd Ihla au'tict nnd plcnaant home tor the nlnisr. Alao one or two R'-meoo floor abovejmiitabla fur a griitlcmaa aad wtfa Apply at 134 Weal Forty second street r LBT?WITH IN MEDIA TK FOSRERRlnN. THREE furnished Rush In a private family, with gas. bs'h room, he , one htorb from Rigth aad IBrhih ??on> ' cam, with fall or partial Board if rn-inlrad. lent (6 per week In, Are at (1 tifOf i TWO OB THBFE Ft llNIRIIKD BOOMS TO LET, WITH Board, to gentlemen aad their wires or single gentlemen, gam, ho. Apply at 111 Wool Ittweelb straw*. near With nr. | rllt-wmi BOARD, IN A PRIVATE FAMTI.T, A suite of Poms on the oaeonl II floor, nnf?iriii?bh>'1 **ifwri carpets location between Mad mm and Fifth avenues. Ad dram L M. O . hoi lit Herald odtoa. Caeaoeptluaabla rafn r< occ# Igaakbd ai.J glean. rro LET?TO H1NGUC OBNTLBMBN. A Rl'IT OF JL Booms, elegantly fur?l*ed, or aa satire door. annate on Fifth arecus, user Nineteenth street, la the vtcimty of the Idahe. Iha rem Hinder of the hours la nrwujded by a private family. Addrraa Trinculo, hoi lJd liorald < mwo IIA N D1IOMBLT FURNISH BP RRItRoBN* TO 1 le t, with or without beard. In a priests French famllr. ? .u ' banr. aad the othor ha attic room. Apply at me oa the teermd Iff) Bleacher street TRTANTRP?BT A TOt'NO WIDOW LAD1 FT Mi year* old, at latnly I nrolshed FarPe private family aad Rplrltaalist preferred A J dram for two der>. statins terms, which must be moderate. Mrs. Weeks ? B. Eighth ae LADT AND CHILD. Redoes Matioa B. t ighth sranne. B. Y, ^'HITID * flERTLRMAN, HIE WIFE AND A BR'> ther wish Is Had a private family who may glre them lna< aad Hoard oa moderate tanas bwattoa t) ha nut higher thia Fonrternth street batweoa Broadway and Math tveaue. Bone but priests fainlliea aecd appl>. Addrrm boi 1.7*9 Faat oEka, TOt'NO LADT, A .TRAUHFR IN AN INNTTTTTION. wishes lloard ta a genteel private family. In the nty only, oe where but few boarder* an kept Catholic preferred (fcrirf required. Address K ft M., atatton K. Etghu arenaa. Jg BOND ETBEET -FTRNTRWiro AND CNFTRNINTI Roobm la lot to gull era as anly. A Partnr and two ad/MrIng nndiuusua. suitable for three <* fo " Beaabfaal H required. f)0 rNTTBBNITT PLACE?FUBNIHTTRD ?UIT (?F FAR AU km, Mda mom and ertewmon, to tot, wRhoul Board, hot aad cold Wktgr la aids room. An nf) WERT FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTB LL aranna-Board, wfth hand* me y furnished Rooms le ^^^^^?nmriubln nlsa ho.we drat slam brows rofarsaoa raqulraA 22 iwton4- ,^rf 0F rrR,I*H*n l Board. AbkMMBblfNIW DO WBET UNION BQUARB.-TO I Oo Board, a snB of hi iluimilyfundi AMo. singla lam, pries from X to >M par -TO LBT, WITHOUT 34 ?Jiasr.-iroKsvai eg suswss? imM3t?sS5 IOLR OP BANT BBOADWAT.?BOOMR TO LNT. FrBNfflHBD ^Himfuralahad. la a drat clam be-, as to gsr-iemee sod Board. Reforoaoos NT BANT BB< TTJ. or imfar 2SL22!"4 w? A A WENT ELBTNNTH RTBRNT -frBNTSHBD B'i')*a lo let, suitable for gonUanMo and their wirra and angle! gentlemen, with ftiD or partial Board. Befarancsa giysn aad I gen^H mmm en TWENT1BTH RTBBNT, OORNBB Of FOURTH ATE iyy one, orcrmd door fro* Oramerry part?A aapmVir sail of Rorwia In let In a large family or la two amall fsmlEaA with rrirnbs labia, house and toanUua trot rise*, rnforoooro 00 7CJ KANT FOURTFKNTH PTE RET. NEAR UNION I ts oquars and Broadwar Rlesnnt oulta ad furnished ar | Iinfnrntshed Roowte. eontslnlng larg* elowets gee. water he . can now be engaged, en oulte or stogie by famUioo <>r Nngie gentlemen, for the winter. I'inner atdo eiocik. lnfe^^H IJ(j M'RINfi FTBKET, THREE POHRN FR'lM BROAD nay ?To let several handsomely furnished Rooms, Id tlngie gei tienu n The kw-aikn near all the Itrai clom hotel* ANRoN Hoi rk. 197 RIO NTH HTRf CT.?EIJCOANTt.T FUR NT* I! BP lOj B' Runs ? ?k e MtEHMM r permanent -wrdwrs FsmlHev or others looking for Board for the winter will do well lo call at the shorn a mbor, thro# doors last of Broad wsy, RWereuo* raqmrpd. BOtHUINO AVD IiODOlKO. ine woumtbr nrtuar i oiimHii and ll'vj wufg, and a few tlugie |i: :!(iur c.,u be nm <UW J Wi'tt flealHBt Boctll* ffi-d ?00(1 1. <ia* and twin tn ibe fc< \.*e. WW!F SIXTEENTH *TRKCT.-r!.EA9ANT ROOMS w lib full or puluj Houi 140 iaqkabt THiiiirsni street - single on JlO ilemeo caii be at owuiodatetf with lensr*: It *>ma ?iii Frou-b Hoard h- uM cnujua a.1 tnodern Impro/emenU, n.i baa beer. newly painted throughout, also a ha I'. !?> auon cenlia.. Kng.iah, French a-d iuuiau .-molten io ilia honxe. 1f|Q HLRKi KER -rRKET-FAMlUIti RKol'IRTV.J ' B ?rd for tba w iiu r will ample ?eeO*?nB alallong. nicely t'uiD'?h<*4 apartrnmii* and good table alec. i ingle Kim XL* '"r gentleman * Keierct-cea requiied. Dinner at ti o'clock. 1Q1 TENTH STREET, TWO AND a HALF BLOCKS AtlT M*Ol Hi'?d*a?.?A haritaume Biirlnr ra the ?econd Ucor, 'un icted aa a bedroom aleo. two am* ! JtooflM to let, uuii'i't". rxi*rl, to g?'ui)emtot ;a h Sffl&'l private ftji:uy. (Jim, batb mitt good a i> udnuct). V9 TWENTY THIRD STREET -FURNISHED Aivu to let, with Board, for * gtr'lnm-p ajid wif?, alai Room* for islngle gei.Uemec. Dinner at o ri clock. lla faiei.cce iiihanrna. OOCl E AST BROADW IT.-FURNISHED ROOMS, ?i?/C) with full or partial B i?rd, fn-ut or rear, aeeotad or tblrd tliair, auttable for gentlemen and tbetr wHea or auicle gentlemen; tie hotue eontatna *11 the modern ln.proieu.euU, unexceptionable unerencea required and gtven. FOll IALK,. A PKOPKLLKR FOR -A PROFKl.LKR OF Ja About dOl) too* burthen. She t*m good order, and amiable IVoo<wn or Inland navtgaUon. Inquire of S. P. TOWNftSND, M Pine etreet, in the baiemenu rs HA LB?TUB LKAHK AND FIXTURES, WITH OR without Stooh. of a wboleaale and retail Liq .or Ht ire tn he Eighteenth word: tint rate place of bmn eii, will lie a..,d cheap. Inquire at iMavenue a, oorner at Seventeenth it. FOB 8A1E-THK LARUE HOOT AND RH )E 8TORE corner of Twenty neventh etroot and Third av* nue. No. M doiog a good buelneee; Kte ataad, foe r? tan an 1 order work, 11 ne of the beet In the city ; will be aold no re a* ir able term*, with ail the Fixture* of the Store. Reaoona for netting out will be erpnuced at the autre from 7 A. M HI! 10 P. M MAXWELL A MelMTTRK. For sai.k-thk stock, lease and fixtures of ufiiatclaao gent einon'a furnlahlng and fancy dry good* Store In me of Ibe principal areata tu Brook yn which he* alwoji dune a gnid buaineaa ?i v pereon v.iah.r r lonnhark In lite aatne viirold bere meci w'lb a good opoori .ulty. Ken MM then for Ml hog out on tnlervl-w. Addrear J. A. L., bni IS# Hrr*ld office $ DOR -) ALE CHF.AP-A LICENSED LIQUOR AN!) Ojater Boom, aatmrf a Wind for the price aa there ia in ityLhc pic r,nt oro.irn I'r hnvluc tieen in It nrer tbrc ? jrara, and w to it lU id i n *<*?< mi oi rupeatwd a ekucn*. Apply on the pti Il l-It JTo ditndai u atreei, A. 1. For halb-thr fopr yk?rs t,iahb andrvo ;r or thogrncrra alore, Ft I bird nveane, wb-'- % c wrti Coat tier* ot i!n) UK) pi r annum >n dnlng uivt h aa been d mm) do lug the luat wren year*. Saueiacttry reawit,* given lor am ng. Apply on the | remlaea. JDOP.HAl.k-A BINR JAOKriON KNONillATOK WITH P two hundred and four nomnern tn pefeotorder nut wAnantc-t t'l aurk perteetly ; CK-t Ibe) will be *old for cn?b lor 8101. Apply at Ike office oi the Amur Place tiotol, 7i't Broadway. (DOS SaLK?TIIRSrOOK F'XT I'RES AND *t(K)D WILL ' of a V|i Inery Store, noar di*ng ?? flmtftttaf biietor**; will b ? (old oo account at U] health. AOdrtaa Millinery, lierakl office. PliOTOORAPniO OALLKRT FINELY LOCATED OB Unatdway, tor tale?ai'uable le*M, low rent; bitaineak flrat clwaa. nn eicellont opportiu.lty for A gentleman having elKiUt II,DUO. Inatructton if requlrod. Apply t ) DUtJFR NAT, 644 Broadway. PAINT BIIOP FOR SALE-APPLY AT NO. 9 EAST Nineteenth itrcet, betw een Fifth treb le and Broadway, New Tort. DTBAMBOAT UNDERWRITER FOR 8ALK.-IR 170 O feet long, XS); feet beam, SW tone bur hen. una A ?l tneb eyUnder, 9 lout atrakeihaa a new boiler. And I* In perfect or der 'or boafneM. Can be aewn at the foot of Thirtieth etreet. North rtrer. For tannicf eele apply to W. DEOKOOF, MU Front etreet. IHOFHB8, ROOMS, AC., WASTRD. ANY ONE DESIROUS OF LEASING to a responri lie tenant a Drat claae high a loop houM, between Four teenth and Thirtieth etreete. and between Third an.l Sixth ata auee. will addruee H. T. B.. boi 1.8X fuel office. A FURNISHED MOUHR, SUIT ABLE FOR FIRST CLASH A board era, la wanted by a careful and experienced houae keeper, wbn ean give nnarceutlooable tec .rlty. Apply to WORUfaiTKR A CO., 585Broadway, bank entrecee, ANY PERSON HAVING A SMALL ' OTTAOR HOUSE, or half of a large one, In Rraoklyn, at a moderate rent, will And a good tenaai by addreeeiBg O. >? '1., Herald office. SJRN18UED BODPB WANTED.?A NMALL. NBATLT furmthed bouee wanted from let of November to I at of next; totaled between Third and Sixth aveauee. and T?oth Thirty bath atreeta Addrete hex New T >rk Poet Owe* WARTBD?8V'IT A RLE FOR A PHTBICIAR, BiuniMl *Mt of Siith avenue and b?*in r.> rteenth and TMrtcth atrteta. Addram J. K., Union auuara Poet office Room with rteam power wartrd-wituim'm or U mlnntee' waft from Mil den lane, ?pare re. ml red. al- .1 ft by 1IJ0 feet, and an a\urag? power of I or i 1 irim Addramft.? I.Kik foal URca. mo PRINTERS-WARTRO, A RFICONP HAND IIAND X Pram, to perfect ordw. b.'d tSiAAwtth Inking Machine Ciller and Roller Mould, ikw. McUU?AH, 11 ^ WARTED?PART OP A Ptf BRI8HED Ho CUE, WITH cole uae of klti-hea, location between Klgbth and Thir Ueth etreete, weal Mde of the oily. Addram W. Herald -A JRCONP FLOOR, WITH FARTRIEM, J? bnlb, Ac., with Board, for a aeoiirmaa and tog ^ tb,or ? ?? . 1 W-, OOI WOW IOTK COW t, Rouaa keeper need apply. titeieicr ?nrAMTRIX-A HO0RE (KITIIEB BRICK OR FRAME) TV and fnll Lot lu WUUamabmg. w'thJn % mile of Peek alio ferry, In a raapectable naUkborbood. Price mnid be moderate and lerma r?ey. Addreae <'. M. R. K., Tribune ofltce. WAMTRD-1K A RlHPBcTAHI.E PRIVATE FAMILY. occupying a rleaaaoUy altualad hoaaa. with all modern Improvement!. and near care and stages. '.ho large naftir I Rrnea (' ?^ ?^ ' niahed Rroma Uront and ha> k). ra aaound Soar, by a middle a?<-d gentleman, of quiet harm. aeaaa and riapeclnMllty. For good aacotcmodaflnna a liberal price will be paid Heat of rtferi-nrea *nej eel rrqatoad. From F lonrentb lo Thirty Brood Wrr-ta. let wren Tblrd and Mat I avennaa. dear ad I ntra a |uara and leriaewai arcuoe preferred. Addram K. O. B . m^orler, Herald oftce. YtTAMTED-A MEPII M Wtl> HOURK, IK BROOKI.R TT until May < NMtoftftg all tk? an-1 em Macro amenta, for a family of four prraraa. and not dlatui from Kcbon and Wail* (trret lurM . will remain tba f blowing \ w, tf auitad. rent ad lo eiaaad r-kJU par year Ken-ranee and re ar"-r ability un.i'veueuatlr Addrcaa a, boi 144 Herald other. w 'AXTKO-RT A HESPORSIfll.g KM AI I. FAMILY OF r reeperiaUiI'ly, #t Rooma A d aole nee of kllrheo la a mo dern bouae; lucatlra auricer lloaeble. not far in Iowa; a Oral i lam permaneai reeldeaaa wltb owaer preferrW paarawlra in Forembrr or I>e<-amber; ?*?n "? 'iiilleii rambleAiMi m Eugene, care of Godfrey, All Broadway. WAMTEF-A RMALL TTBEIRHED OE mrOBRlROTT) House In the M' lntty of Ht ,'obo a park, for a family of adatta Addram, Mating lull partic, Allan, bog 1,713 YXrARTKI>?108 OE W> RECCED HARD BERCIIKR TO TT r??ta era a il 1 In |aire of John R. EolieuA Mi Rr<wdwe>, Twenty thn . a'reei, oppoetie Fl'th ereene Hotel. WARTED IMMEDIATELY?BT A ORRTLUAM ABO TT wife, uart of a Hoaaa, la a reap"-'labia neighborhood, auliablfI for io ar keeping. Real uut lo ct-.eed fASW. Addram M. if., HrraM >A<a WARTKD TO BBBT-BT A EEnPORBIBLB PAETT, Ant claaa Furaliura, uatll May or longer, nr would par *??)! Mdial tadaiimt was odered. ArliramUld, boi 171 Herald often. LEGAL NOT1CKM. $ I'PEEME OriCET, CITT ABO Ufffgi OP MEW Tork.?LE< iP< >LD HOLOMAR. plamli'i. against M>R MFR A RFF.ItT. trading uadrr fta naaaa >3 fon'bimar A Ready 'being Urn raly nam?i by wk*k Ibey are known to be Plainufl Oefrn-lanlA. R ,mtn..oa f-ra maty demand ra iintra! L?fiVmplalnt not (erred I To tbe defralama abora until and each <d them. Vie aired to answer named and each of them You are hereby amm eel tad ra ii nlrad to aniwer tba "ftiplamt In ibla actkm, wbb-b baa tba day beea Sled tn the aftca of tba < lerb nf ibe afty and w -inty of Raw Tork, al i).a aftca la tba CHy Hail of Ibr i?y af Raw York, and lo aerve a <opy of your anewar bi .be aal l oraplaial ra tbe tnlm rlber. at Ma nftiea, H8 Raamn wraet. in the cay a# Rew tor*, la Uk? Mate of K-w Tork, within lorenty dayo after Ibeaarrieiof Ibla aummoua on yon, eiclowtr or ua dtp of tuck aarrfca and If yoa fall la aaawrr the a tld anmptalm wtia la Ike Umr efiweanld, tbe plaint ill la Ifta ami. m will tafee jodg meal agaiaal you far Ibe aunt of bra k indeed aad Mrty aaraa dollara aad Mtaen oer ta. trltb Intaraat fr m tba Ural day a# May, raa tbooaan.1 rfabl h tadred and Wxty, baaMm tfcenoaM u 1 Plainur# Auoraay. Mo. U8 Bameu atreet, eiiy Raw Tork. CleOTHIITO. BETTER OHAB1-E FOR LADIRR ABl> OEBTLBHH A BETTER CM A RGB POR L J\ In crararl tbelr caet at On Em order from tba Booth aad 1 any tba f tllowlag prlaea -Prm Caitmim and IMrrara paid far !* WmC Pram H U> f'aehmerea and Haregea paM far mawltagty. fpam VI to W tar Paaft. from H to tlifor Ooaft; alaoCarpam, Fara*ura, Jaw airy, Ml A mda aidrwmad In ft, ft* Rat raft araawe, bakwaad Mkak^m^andjfajaliyb??> Bd paawaally amradad AH HERAT T1fi.^ra?itee n. ca? II illuming ofc*inag at M Waianib flfUt and Tawir mlk atreeU. wMsl I la by Mra. Abraham. A CARD.?ftMRTI.BMBR'R KWW AMD LIFT OFF A ClmMaa parrkaaed for tba Wintera market ha large or email koa. (Mil at tba at we er addram Tbomaa O. Uoaroy, 14 < antra awaaA R. B -Marrkaat iftlara hiring nay ? land will plena* afttrem an abora. Am FAIR r*gR PRICE PAID FOR CART OFF OMTB ? ing. ftinalittra. (arpeU and Jewepy- IndMa ud gen i<-men if ton wlab In gef an botimk, fair prVwf wro'ir lotben MHKem lasted Haaaa. bat ween TMrfieib aad Thirty Brat stream. Udtm poadunlly attended In hy Era. Mlau AH BETTER CHARCE THAR RVBR-LADIEE AEB , I gaaltamaa. I bare a grant demand f w metjff Clothing Bll Wkatatu markri alio for -ir nifara. Ilarytda. i? watry, Ac I g.iaraslee la pay tba f->U eaab prior w tba aboei earned artlaiae and aid lo hnmbiig. aa J* dra# br ntber grant braaicra aadTiiaa pratandam. Call aod >e crar(?md ta year rnuafacura, at, add>ma Harrla Ut . "TI'*.' kanaa below Twamy liat weat. Imftaa wleaded by Eva Harrla. the aCRFET WAT FOB LAOtEF AfO flERTLEMER I 10 grl a fair crlee f r cam Off ' tolh n*. Pnnritoea, Carpet!, Id m3 to br bamboagrd by paal m? Id ? . tea I a nfta be m lb M Fe-enik areone, abkh win be aaRllmil) abraded j A NHe I I Idsdier atei.d ad loby Mm A. WORTH OP RKW ARO IftFT OFF OUtrt[ Inr wan'ed MF Use Weatom market. The hit - a*a< paid cam ha '?btair-d. la hankab'e mier ran org " ~ ? #gb $8,000 eat caak pe e < Ml fw pn'Y "F ' Mma ipv niftiE'i^ in reiirhi^ for lark* cr at all Mm by OHftg kt Ibk Mr* ? ftlOlfti - Wank II ? ntr dreff, BALK* or REAL ERTATB. A *821 mSi"1'11.,* *>?U>n*OB A HIlOKf DIHTANOM *an'^'miJ?"' 'uihT Bo""? r'^ * luUnuaUaa wl'h nine ma, ^ ubtervAm e?T c seem u,. iv p? ? h w. T.rm, .4C" ^T' *' u* *? UITCLETT, No. 4 Trjon/ow, rooml. A^'i^t?^" 0B 10 RENT' A *0 < ? ' vsasLA'zi be at.I ffowrr rardeo. shiw a ?? *"<?*? STv.'.s.jSffi.TX r: ? IIOLliLN.No 1- !?[,. tue?t and * pcTTAOF roi: puj:. a two htort and rib* I m.m totisgs f rnnln in Huleoti Oh,, withtwo loUof u"oup.l hcu-w ili good order u-a-lj new Apply m ru0m j! .V . 11!) Nassau sir. H frw York. ' M (UIKAF UifK -NK\ K.ttAl, (HOICK FLOTS OF LOTH ) 1' luir oil >0(1 lev .-on fcightli 11 .roue sua lirm l?*y 'froui Sivtt nr. snd ll'I'li streets, st low market prices. UlMlkE A lioi HEN, M - FtM 1 soil I 244 llroadway. lfOK BALK THE HILL KNOWN WIOOIN8 HOT1T., A: '"ooey Jal.iLM rt ad I.. I., the m ?t beautiful rood and lrl's oat of 111!' HI ' . l- tir mill's Irom Brooklyn and ?v miiy from .In* Biu klyn snd Flalbu hcity railroad depot Iheuro poiij oaiaJuSaboot forty < it- '"i? or two And throe rigsthg arret of land, laid not In vegetahls, I'ruit and (lower garden. Ihet '* two alory utile hsseiucnt bouas, r'? in'ir fret iroi.t by Ihli y <11 feet deep, pis/ran. Ae , *iarn, abeda: also. two '.ery fine bowling allria Toe abo.e property would make a teautiful privvte country seat If desired. Trims ll eral Apply l?Oen. F. N t'KOl'KK. No. 347 Fulloit arrest, Brooklyt:, or 11 WIOOIN8, ou the premises. rR HALE-A COUNTRY RKHIOENCI AND TWENTY two seres of land, all in good order, one alio from the Bath Hotel, on ike road Ui Flalbush, L. I. Tgrao logultlha purchaser. Inquire .1 H. P. LEAKE, 134 Lauren* atreet, N Y . or 10 E .MAOAW, on the prealeas. IfOR HALK-cn 1.KMNOTON AVENUE, OOIRR OP of Thirty huh airert. three brat elan four atory stunh froot H.inaea. w eh hist a loops, Interments and eub oellarm, and Ul the modern tmpm eaMOU Iti'iut/e at ld4 AllWoWroet, oC I) 11. It NAFF, Owner For hale-on morkay bill, the first class four story br .wu atone front Houses, with high sloops, woe 74 ai.d 77 Thirty fourth street, near Fourth avenvM. ?N? b"ua?*a are hiulton au entirely new and Imurorrd pUfkksrlnf throe rooms deep, replete with all the m -leen ImproaBCenisj built by dR> 11 work; niardwood drnri uul niw.k w%lmU luurfla Terma to auit p .rctiaarra Apply to V a'ITHKW HYRRK8. on the premlars. Thirl) fourth street Is a 00s kuadrsd fool Wrest FOR HALE?THE KlhKT 01,AH". P<>CR HTIIRT BROW1S Sl'jne front IJouae No ltd Madison aveaus, wsatalds. with rosewood and black ? alBiit dnora <si (lrat Boor, black wnlnuA stairnaae, aud replete In every psruenlar. 'u'inire oo lbs pi rmara of D. ROIlINH. For bale-on favorable terms and in qua* titles to suit purrhaat ra. 40 acrea ot (he choiesat Land, or KK enure blocks situated i n Tuird avenue and Ktfty lifih street, Brooklyn, near Hay Midge, within 1)0 or Ni*w York. For maps inquire of HILaH SEYMOUR, 30 Fioe atreeu eaav, pr U> J. B. . First class farm of i,*4 ackkb fob bau.k?in a butbataleol cultiiallua, shunt W antes it ladle, the reat amnd and aalt meadow, jrge house, srsblea, rra'.orry and out build Inta In rood order. Hounded on one aide by aalt water, - h ? it,.11. r. ilahlnf As. Ijsd Bret rate. Elegant build Inn -Itn. ?nd veneiv inaurpaaasd. Farsn very productive, at d payinyt |.a<diniereai. Fries $110*0; shsut 40 miiss frons lb*- r t> a Id re*. T It , hoi !M Herald aMaa. R SAI.K.-IN HROOELTN. IT WUJ. BE MUCH TO ?he uiiervst *a uuae wishing to locals In ooe of the heal local*ona tor residences in the cay, and wtthiu 400 yards of IhS booth, Fulton and Wallatrert ferry city ears toosN and ass two uuw dial claaa three auiry aud haaasient Houses. 00 Fort Oreen place, near Hanaen plans one II rooms, OSS LS; lii ills price 46 too andBtS.dOO, Ui'ah. take s little Ism. Apply , JACKbON. oo the p -emiaes. F' OB 8ALK?ON DKHIKABLK TKKMH. THREE LOTS, w lib the unilnlabrd Buildings, on Forty lrat street he I tween Ninth end Tenth av-n'iea. Apply to J. B. 8 fit VMS. ; No. 67 Wail street. rR HAI.K ?WANTED TO EXCHANOE 4t0 ACEBS choic- land In Mioueaoti for bouashohl furalturs, sew or I second hand in good order. Any person declining houeekeep lukoao meet with a do treble trade by addressing W. A. <1, 23 Ferry street rR SALE-A THREE HORT HOUSK IN TBIRTT first atreet. plaaaautly aituatrd. In complete order, with .til the modern Improvements. Fisauml ji given In s few days'notice. Fur terms, ho, apply to R. r. DRLANCRT, Nos. 8 and 10 Fine etreeL PR 8AI.E-A TWO BTORY, NEATLT F1NIHHED frame Honae and four Lou. In Newark, N. J? about three quarters of s mile from the ralirnsd JetxH. Frlc*< f J 300. For per trulera Inquire of FD. UAUUNKR, hit ILgbth avenue. New York. For bale?a bargain, and on kahy tbrmh, the four story brown aloue House. Nu. SVI Wait Twenty second strat i 1 has all the modern Improveracnia and has jiial been put m perfect urdei, sen be aeso I nan 11 Pi 4 o'clock. For furthar particulars tpli to JAMEh M TaYLOR, odios of A. L. Kiy. 31 Flee street. rR BALE OHKAF-A FARM ON I/)N?I ISLAND: good buildings, plenty of fruit of all kinds, we I waierad and peer the lauding; good fishing, fowling Ac. Inquire for four days of the owner, at Mum' Hotel, turner ui Heyard street end Bow ery. rRBALB UBKAi'-TUE Fl'BHTAhtl AL AND WELL bnllt two alory and ante dwelling No 114 Fourth street, seer West Tanth atreri Eitra wide La ai>d h-utae In Sne order. Frier In. iudiua gas liituret. llt'.tWO Te-uia eeey. Apply tg LOOM IK A UOFF, No. ti I'ine street or 1.1X Broadway. CRRALE-UOT NORTHEAST CORNF.H BROADWAY and Potty uiblh atrial. Ale.. UAt UJStb atrrel, corner i mru in llfltli atrorl. rnraar hUlh avenue; Fortieth itrntH, near Klgbth ?i"t. i*. Forty two lot* hi-twr-n 113 h and 116cb atri elA [runup u on Anal rlter. Alao Bro iklyo loU. R RKYMOUR, 30 Plan ?rat. Tj*OR BALE OR BXOUANtlB-FOR LOTH OR DOW* X ton bouaaa?Four m Huueea. bl?b atoope, brown atone front*. Lbren atory And baarjiedl, modarn minrnfmania batt ed artth Ih* naw patent furuar-a, built by Lb* day; y| f Xbllpn'-J'A^, Thirtieth atmet; noaa.anno tmmedlaudy. Apply to WM FNTTHETOH, 1M Beat Thirty aaenod Mmal Ij'OR HAI.K OR KXrilARUR-PIPTV ACRR FARM. F. 7**lw" F001 d well i una and atom on tfee properly, *r*U fruited with all erupt. Mock, faraainy iiteualla, La a rUlar* 10 mlleanaar a railroad, will rirluyt for tmprorad property ss^a sx'tizvrrsaitsi's E Hoi la R EALE OR TO LRT-THR NKW THRRB ITORT brown Moo* front Hone* No ? Waal Forty tfth arwL MM aillK Mil Ml.Ik .M.M.. .I .1 .. Seventh a van a Fifth aad Milli avenue*; alao, Lba now lAraa alary A B DREW UMTEi l CO .Tfli OMtoberatomat mjTRRAT HILL PROFKRTT FOR BA'. E-TWO LOTS Ml oo aniitb aide of Forty dm award, am hundred rant from Fourth antna; Lew ttriM t, with four tt<ry brick btuldlae am fnmt, SO fret by aft fart deep; could be altertd Into dwelllaaa. or It auitai la aa H I* for a Oral altaa atablr or man , factorr Am larira door aa front and ilrtrawny to the yard. alaj batata ay la thclopoflhahnUdtnt Apply lie to* flNtotokh J RWURRAT nriX.-FOR BALE, llOf'KR AND LOT NO. ?1 iU Eaat Thirty fqprth atraat. lot U b lac baa by half tha bluch. bona* ift tret deep, fouratorlea. brown atone, bntt in the mam. aubatanual meaner, with all the aprnrtrraaoaa of a flrat claaa bouaa Lnuwr* i/bin W. VUIXS, US Borrary. YbTIK IIANKH, OTKTKR BARB O VNTKR~IIRMt (lya'er l-.ud# of tha ( 'henapeak* May for aala. The State of Maryland, aoia owner of all tha raaant and na orsnptod tenda above and under lba wa'er of ih* aavlcabln bayaanri rtvara within tha lltal*. Id datrruainad to aril bar aaul Land*. aad Ua araatnn of her Oeuerml Aaaaaably did aaaat a law let tha aale and dtapoaal of aU aabl laand* and for Urn Mflt rtjoaldrrailoo, * tucb aLr baa duly *ekoowle<t*#d, did fcttoTand warraat* to tha pan lea now holduw, for all tan Landa covered by the waftrrn (if lb* Cbaeapeaka Hay. Iyin? la Q and cnrdlyiona to all tha ltd* water ro uitiea aaaiaoail the na *l?ab'.a rtrwra The** Land* e in bra re aad am aamrad by all IheOywar Ha aba and Bar* of Maryland. from ? airh thirty mlOtora of dollara' worth am annua I* taken fur the a ipply of thr oyrter mar data of Naw York, Philadelphia and Halumom. 1 boas rich and bound lew* Oyater Lnnda ?r# a*w oflarwd by Ihd warrant* I mm tha Land otter of Maryland with tha anal af filed, and the lalth oi the Stale p.-dmI to laaia an Indianala btr UUa dirwrt to the porrhaaar lb* warrai.u raaaa tram l.UM'o Ju i??i a rta aarh, la alt tha r mntlee all the Hay, tad all the rtrera, and are now offered for aa e to individual* and rompanlrw. at IS p< r aare, half raah. balaaaal aad U ? ?"? A Hat <i the warrania will ti# forwarded If datorwd aad I* W rum a w urrant, appHeatlna ay* at. al tl<# i dim la Ba til 1 aMKs r. A Rtf Bit Tinoar, Hrpt 1 1S6P. rang# from the Ray, Mi ill vidua'* and Ml UnwIH. aliuo anf b? made In parea or by iltleior*, l?Lk boutk aUeet Ry order. ti?u km a tx?. aim u. c. L Oo. PAI.IFA I'FN ON THE fU'lMON.-t AM Af'TIIDRI/.ED 10 aell Pa Meade anda In luentltiea to ault porehaaam, aft very low rate* for porp<wra of Inprovament. and to deruta ton arraa to parliea nko will arret a trvt elaaa hatel rathe prwal ara. R ftbl MUL M. 3U Pine atmat fflEXAI f.aNDN WARTK1I. -PIMMUhR HAF1NO LAND 1 in Trie* that ' ev ?lah to ar ' eaoJEM Rto MM an Id for a am all cooimlaa'oa. by a c*n;>a?an of ihia My, .brum Teiaa hi a few waaba. and ramaln* there tar four or It mouiha II* baa a paefeet knowtodaa of tba .oaiuato bavtag been enfared Ma tha bo laato of aeutne land* paytne taaad and parfnrllnf ntlea tbroueboiit the Br libera and waatara t la tea for the laal tea yfbwa. f'artiew ownlae labile wham Uiey hare imparfeci Utlaa. or where they am M by tha lac or pnaai ala. aaa bav* the aaaa* raeoiarwd by tha ad* veruaer, who will defray all aepanaaa altanliaa the r aaa vary, aad attend to Ih* mm* in panmn rar a par rent of what la recovered on tha land. No rh*r*?* made withont k li at tahtod -eft of ibe land The beat of rwfefrne* clean an to abi lity and reai-wmlbiiity Addraaa I. R, In earn of WW. SURM UR TuMM atraat, N. I VALCAHI.N MOWN RTONE QUARRY AT UTTl.R Fan*, Raw Jeraey, for aale ?WIN be *>.ld at p iblle aoe Uor on Saturday. Rapietottor IS, 1WD, at Fate ram. the pro parly of the Jeraey UlU* Falla Man'tfarturluc Company, mm of the beat Itoawn Rtone uuarrtaa In LbliCountry. Par fall par. Ucuiara mm the Palermo Ouardbut. TJLT ANTEP?tn,00ft ACRRR TKtAR EZHE RVTWEMT Tf lb# Bra are and Trinity 11 vera Pemona owntna food M ton tonda Itohtia ?* a*U. pfaaaa nand danwipum dlnnd. what county to and abatratt M Rt aa to tl PtoM atmak. aara of Raah aada i Ftoary. or illria, andl wfll call m tbaaa. xtTAnrBP- a fwi or dry oobi* in trade for TV ttaarato Land, hatf aaM aad half land, hy a Southern ?an. Addruaa Oaurpa. Herald oWe*. QTH WARD -FOR RaI.R THE FROFBRTT RJ ANfl ? y Onaawam* almak aaar limihir atoaea. brMtdtof toaSS f^ toai waT jE"lual? rT dip"* rSt ttoU BwgsargBn naw et BkicATioaa.- _ V" A?" '"??'".Ml! ap.lL -."?"??'I-:..I.': |t)L^XLT3--|E?<SK. -.ITFi'SiYGh. Tubmen WAfghws' ? rvdiey Walt*. ' - ? act antbranoa, a Rowanaa,' IS canto earh, ' In IRote d'un Aa*e." " mtai Brilliant#to neata; 'tow# Hal la of St Aland, with tottltont vwnatioaa. *8 canto - ,t5?phased by WfiRAflR WATERS TVt Brand way SAHRAYH F> 11001, TtET.I. ?fWNFF HtTRTMUtS ANp twertj flea tbonaaad hand to* toat twenty men tha of Ml publSatSa Tb# ?re?|e#t aale by more tha* double of MP Rnnday aehool bn?* ofRa ala# pnWohml I* the world. It to now batra tnlroduaad Into the public anftool*. rrtnM, paper ro'ett if mill Mil per toi, pmtoan two eenta; hound to Kwrda to newke. ftlft rar lui. rmta** three eenta; We tad to rtoth. tb lma-d r It M mala, ?*' per H?>. noetnaa fmir eanm. IK i IIACR vFaTRRA. Alan I. N*. W Rroadaray, Naw Torh, Pubibhar l-~ FIRE ARTS. ware ARE IRPoRffNn ST A OONRAISSEL R IN AMY TV thai a carta* of rMnraa hare >ywy aiee-ued by at* at nf flrtt art..'*, rYprearnUBf amn* Of lie moat e.ntie* -senea nhieb c nrred d fh* tb# Atom-San eevoi ,iloa Tha and 1 haa owi-wvdati ib* 'aeknryed aobjaala and Mac toHM <h V ? den.r atlc weaeaof MMto a a moil '.nftuoara. , We ti d a aad ik-i will be .? exh blcn at I'a'arn Mt. l#i? mil for* r?w day* rtvtoua to weir rtto.xai spuik

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