Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1860 Page 1
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NEW YORK HERALD. %? WHOLE NO. 8768. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. TIE LUE IKH645 f.H.AWTTT Hie Sinking of the Steamer Lady Elgin in Thirty Minutes. Our Three Hundred Mil, Woaea and (KUren Sacrificed* ?arnee of Thoeo on Board Supposed to Have Been Lost THE WAVED, a** u, a?* Tbf Rb.ld of yesterday announced tba moot aalami Mot ahipwiack that bM befaliea any tmwI ?tnco the loco ?I tbo etcamafeip Ceilnl America on bor pamage from Aspiewall to New York in September, 1UT. It to probable that orer three hundred human being* per tohed with the steamer Lady Elgin on Saturday morning toot, and If ao, the wreck of tbto ateamer waa by Car the ?oat oaiamitoua ahipwreck that ever oocurred upon tba lakee of tbto ooatineat. It appear* that the Lady Elgin left Chicago on Friday eveotog, with about four hundred peraona (men, woman and children) on board, exearsiouista, tourists aad pissenger*. The ateamer waa bound on an excursion up Lake* Michigan and Superior. Till Mar dawn on Saturday morning all went well and merrily. Tba saloon waa then the scene of music, dancing and general festivity. Who on board that steamer, In her brilliant saloon, jelnlng in the mirth and Jollity of their tost festival, and enjoying the delights of the popular and grnoeful Terpsichoreon art, Imagined for a moment that they were at that Instant on the brink of an sternlty into which all but a small frac tion or them were to be precipitated within half an hour afterwards T Just before dawn, however, on Sa urday morning, there was an awful ' Interruption to ths gay scene on board the 111-feted steamer. The crash or a collision startled all on board. The schooner Augusta, running at the rats of cloven mtlee per hour, came In contact with the lady Elgin, producing such a fracture In her that she drifted heiplemly for half an hour In the darkseae, and then sank in 800 feet of water, when some ihlrty-five miles from Chicago. Tbo fearful scene attending the staking of the Lady Elgin frightens imagination from picturing what It was. All on hoard, with ths ezoeptloo of some fifty or sixty persons, wars, It appears, simulta neously engulpfaed la the waters of the lake. Tberessenu to have been a most reckless aad tvan criminal took of boato and Ufa preserving apparatus, us will be seen from the following account of the disaster, given by H. G. Osryl, the clerk of ths lady Elgin, who waa on board when the collision occurred, and was fortunate enough to make his csoapa to the manner related by hlmaolf>? TBI STATEMENT OF MX. CAKTL, TBI OLKSX OF TBI LADY ELGIN. The hmmt Lady Elfin lea U>? harbor of Chicago at half peat eleven o'clock on Friday evening laat for a plea euro escuraioo to Lake Superior. There were about 390 eicureiooiata from MUweokee, Wisconsin, oa board, and among them (be Union Guard of that city. About half past two o'clock this (Saturday) morning, the schooner Augusta, of Oswego, collided with the steaaaer when she wee about thirty fire miles from Chicago, anl ten miles from land. The eoUision took place at the midahipa gang nay and on the larboard side of the steamer. The two Tenuis separated Immediately afterwards, and the schooner, having her sails Set sad the wind blowing fresh ly, drifted from the stwater very soon. When .ha col li* on occurred there were mnelc and danctog going for ward In the principal cabin. Instantly after the crash of oolllalea both oees. l. and the steamer mak half as boor after. Pasting through the cabins I saw the ladles pale, asctloalces and silent. There tree no cry, no ahrkk on heard, no sound of nay kind but that of the escsplng steam and rirgicg waves. Whether the ladles were lUeat from fcar, or wore sol aware ol the imaalaeat rate which Utey stood gutetiy aw ait Log. I oouid not my. A boat was lowered for lb* porpree of examtalag Ihe leek, which soou mads itrelf knows; bet there were eely two eere to row it with, and unfortunately at that aeoaeal no me oae had taken pgeremloa of one of them, aad the beat was consequently use. res. We succeeded la reaching the larboard wheal oace, wherein the leak was, bat were eooa driven from It by the fery of the waves, aad washed ashore at the vil lage of Wiaetka. There were esly two other boats os the steamer. One of these took thirteen persona from her, ell ef wbcm were eared The other boat took eight per sons, hut ealy half that a umber reached land alive, the other four being drowned on the beech when the hat drifted there. The rush of water thrtugb the teak had extinguished the tree before I Ml tbe steamer, aad the eagieea had eeased working la consequence Tbswiad wee blowing as bard sad in each a direction as to drift the beets, bodies of the drowned and frogmen la af the wteeh up the lake, aad mast of them will probably be washed ashore la the rleblly of Wteetta. I fancies 1 oenld see from the bsadh to which 1 was drifted fragments of wreck aad humaa botagi strag gling with the water*, drifting towards the short, MAIMS Of TBOSI til lint TO SO LOOT. P. A. Umodem, rdt, two children and sail, af Now orb Garth , ef Parte, I P. I. Bah aad bdy, ef Assam,nilmHa Mr. Seaptethea, ef the ?* af Math I geoptetbea. Mr. Pmroe, ef the Brm ef (liiftui h Panne Mr*. Barrow. bane Kmgstey, af Mllosshes. Jam>e Cu*pui?. Mr riupatrtch, ef I Mr*. Into and fov ehUdrsa. Mr. hunt aad two eblldreo. James Bellows, el A. tu'-hisjhSm I. C rniiard aad lady, afl J 1 tig-mid and lady, of I If lobar I 'lunegM end lady, af MDwanhSa Herbert Ingram, Jr.,sea ef Herbert ef Par tamest aad pisprlelef ef the Louden /Bmtnabd A'fW Sdward White. Faaay > una. Charles talk, ef Chisago ? ~rg? Morten, ef Bepener CMy. (-eorge L. "laapeao, ef Jolbt. (?so. Bust, of Milwaukee. Mr Lmte, of bihijgsa. Otto Uvenoci en J wMb. Mr. Vickol. Mr. Pb pe, ef MUweokee. John Hens, B*Ptty La ted flfotes Marshal for Wlo> c?as e The hooka end papen of the steamer are ail lest. tub fatso so ran as gmswit. The i ?i ef the at rod, so for u M kaown, Ihsiades the idle* rg t hiisaw,? 1?H r, caryl, stark tg?l?ha Meevay. 0?Fred. War, steward. S3? fredertck Helper. ?? '4?a w?ealek#.porter 3d John Repar. A-Robert Gere. 30?T Pritchard. r~ *b-ioee Murphy 9g-Jeho Kvertscm aad w.fe I l?Shgi. 2T?J.,i,n Doyle. 7? M ahael oneer PS?Mr Waldo ?- 'ska K Hubert, ef Mil- 30 bene Klagaiay. waukes. .10?Mr. Barks aad wifo. Ms u fotea 31 htn MaMialey 19?W. A. Derem. atMfrcdertsk fbyder. It?Wiidfoaa Mine, el Ohia IS-J. B. WMbrd. 13?1 j-men Ipdyke, ef 99? B. W. Besobso. Weapaa. 1 Pbtsr Webb 19?Berber* Ingram Jr MP 99? Va Invyer. It?Claries May. t7?Trad. Deveeasky. it?M chaaf McOnoh. 39?Bridget Kehoe. lA-rrter Welch. "A-fohn Realtor. 13?George Purteeg. 99 E Debar. B-*a. Bweod 41- *mms fogsn. 1??Jufcr '.tea. gg?PTederM reimeyar sm- War. Drear. U-L J. Powers. aJ-v?sm M Jtosam #4?grrry Qrethsr. 46? Mi*. Rivera, of Mil- 61?Llant ? org ? Hartsuff, wauke*. of Zonackmack. 46?Patrick Meyer, fireman. 62?JoaMa Rogers. 47?Mra stmonda. 63?A German woman, 48?George Davis. mat unknown. 49?Pat'k M?y> re,of Chicago 64?Jotn .'aoobeoo, of Mew 60?Jacob Cooke, of Fond York. da Lac. 66?rater Waiab. ITEMS COSCkENDIO TOT XXCTMION. The follow log paragraph ippeared tn i ha Ml'araukee Daily B'uooruWv of Thuraday morning laat. Thin In the only alluaioo made by the paper of that date to the total pleaanre trip:? i t ?The Union Guard make an excursion to Chtaego this evening on the Lady Klein, leaving Dous man'a dock at seven o'clock P 11. They lake along a band of music, and will return Friday evening. The Chicago IWi and Herald of Friday laat had the subjoined notice of the Lady Elgin's last and mem wable trip, and the arrival of the Union Guard of Milwaukee la that city ? Miutahy Yirmma mon Mawrm ?The Union Guard military company, of Milwaukee, left that city last even ing on the lady Elgin for an excursion to Chicago. They are accompanied by General Beat and staff, the Black Yagers and Green Yagers, the Rifles, together with several Are companies, and the Milwaukee oity brass bands. They will spend to-day In visiting the various objects af interest about the city, and in the evesting will visit MoVtcker'a theatre to wttnoee Little Mary In one of her favorite characters. They wllf return home tomor row morning. SOME OF THE PASSENGERS. GKN. BIST, OF MILWAUKBR. Thin gentleman left Milwaukee on the bndy Elgin, In her up trip for Chicago, in company with his staff, tha Black Yagers, and the Union Guard, a Milwaukee rifle company, and was expected to return with the excursionieta on that steamer on Friday night. Be Is, therefore, probably one of those who were loat. Mr. Beet is one of the loading German citizens of Milwaukee, and Is deservedly popular amoagst the large number of Germans in that flourishing city, and is noted aa the brewer of the best lager beer to be found in that market. In all the lager beer saloona of the city can be found a placard announcing that they have '? Best's lager beer Tor eale." It la, tn toct, sought after there by everybody who drinks that beverage. Other brewers often and It neoeeeary to label their beer " Bebt's" to Had a jnarket. His death will be mourned by a large circle of friends tn that oity. HXHBKRT INGHAM, M. P., OF LONDON, XNO. Herbert Ingram, Esq.,M. P.,of Loudon, England,and his eon, also named Herbert, It wiU be seen by referring to the list of those who left the Tremont House, Chicago, to take passage in the Ul toted steamer, were among bar passengers. The sen is probably among the lost, as his name does not appear tn the list of the saved His lather, who Is the proprietor of the IUudmled London Hevo, Is, therefore, this day lamenting the untimely death, as no doubt many other pareatealeoare, of bis son. Mr. Ingram was originally a poor man and n mechanic. About twenty years ago he started the ffliistmn I Lon don Hem. It was at this time that the Illustrated papers flrsl began to appear, and owing to Urn energy end Judg ment which Mr. Ingram bestowed upon the liUutmUd Hewt, it succeeded, sad got the start of Irs or tlx com petitors which made their appearaaoe about the same time in London. Since the starting of the pictorial paper Mr. Ingram'* career has been on* *f unbroken prosperity, and everything be has pot his hand to of any Importance has succeeded with htm. He baa now a large leaded pro perty. his paper is returning him a princely Income, and he is a man who has established fir himself a very high position tn society. The toss of bis son tn thn Lake Michigan ilearner baa heea the first check to his good fortune. r. a.; lcmsdkk, or mtw ori.iakr. Tb a gentleman, it appears, had the J11 forlonc to iter* tha fate of moot of tha pnaaeogrra of the I-ady Elf la Mr. Lumaden ?H a North Chro'.lnlan by birth, tad over fifty year* old. H? want to New Orleaaa aome thirty yaaraalnee, where ha worked at firat aa a printer, tin ha entered Into partaerabtp with Geo. W. Kendall, who aided htm In eatabllahinf the New Orlem a Pvctyvme, one of tho moat prominent 9ontbern paper* Hta connection with the Pic?ynaa continued till the accident to the lady H gin terminated his Ufa. He wae not much given to tra veiling, though oecaetonally he took,an Inland tour tor the recreation of hi* health aad etreagth. Mr. Lumaden ha 1 hie wife aad eon, the latter a a mart lad of fourteen, with him on board the Lady Figta, aad It la feared thud nil bare met a common, lamentable aad gloomy fata. laferty change has taken place In tfc* direction of the New Or leans /'loayun', in coasanaenca of which hta ptmcipn lion la the management and oontrol ol t* b iiaees h*? been more limited than formei ty. TBI ATE A KIR LADT EI.OJN TH1 CATATK A KB FIE* BISTORT. The Lady rig in was a Canadian brill boat, aad wan ronntrnrted aome nine J ear* ago. She waa named m honor of the wife of tbt Governor General of British 1 America, Lard Elgin. (be waa a boat of three boa ' dred feet la length aad one Uimmnnd tone borthea, and had the reputation of awifUiena, which mate her a ravorlte with aacorakmlsu aad iraveiiar* gene- j rally. Before the eomptetkm of the Grand Trunk , Railway or Cacala, the Lady Elgin carried the Onaa dian mailt aong the a or t hem ?boric of the lakan, aad after ta rompiatioc a be waa sold to the Chicago firm of Hubbard k C*., by whom aha baa rnoa been owned, and who kept her employ*1 la the Lata Superior and Michigan trade of mat la, paaoeagern and freight. H?r moat weatarn port waa Bayfield, on Lake Super lor, aad the aaatern terminal of bar rnyages waa Chkoago. Bay field id about one Ruadred milen east of the baad of aarl gatton oa Laka Superior. There are ooppir aiaw there and at meat of the porta along the ahorea of that graat lake at which the at' uaer need to eat) The Lady Elgin oaantly aanda three annual eaeurakma aa Ink# Superior, Martin? fromChicdgo. She auraya carried direral hundred pmrnm geraand pi net rieeek erica cash af lhaee, aad It waa wbtka aha waa proceed iag oa the last of her three aaauraiona tor the preaant year that aha met a fate which baa thrown a fyghtfhl pnT over bar eatira aarter. It la an untor toaate tact that the laat excun.oa of the three ia every year waa larartably tha one on which the Lady Elgin hid tha laryeat living freight The onptaie of the untor toaato ateamer w?a Mr John Witooa, who tea in nil pro bahllily ?bared the calamity af her tote 10 the rrteat of hta Ufa. He oommanded her tlace ate nteagi I owner, ship, aad wan a morn popular and favorite maMer imoog I *miafera aad pleoaure trwreGara to whom he waa known. Ha had roeatderable ekprrleace la the nav'f a Uaa af the item, having been eagagod la It far aome Ma veara He leave a torn Uy la lament Ms awddaw nad oa ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS Cnifiuo, Sept f, I MO ta addtiiaa to thorn reported loot y?ot rd*y are the tol krwmg Eraak Cbamberlaia, ? ludterer g an J eoe. Mr* Warth B Nteoomb, Kim An.c, a dadiltr and Urn Thomma Krfilady, niece, If re -man Han on charted R MalanglV a. Bra Ann Bulger. TV mas I vision aad a.te, Patrick Hanlfi.. B?we<? lanniig, Wn. Foley, Kate Fanning, Paul Foley, Alloa Pollard Sdwar-i Mahme. loha C. Pollard, Fames Mahme, fa Hnyea. 'an'.el O'trary and child, Mm John Jerri*. Strpbea Cwddy, Mtm Agaea Keaugb lamewGtlrary. Miry O Hum.. Mr*. In Banian aa : three Michael Murphy, children, N. McGrntb. ? euree P Arno.d, Martin PvMlef, Mr johueon. Eraak Oaaper. I'.orgr F. Uakley, Wm Wi'aon, ThewNbofChpt Barry of Br Nalpb. tha Ca.oa Ooarde. Jaram "or lib, Thai. Batew, wifil aad B. Itawvr, child, Mr. Monaliin, daugater aad John Kelly, won. Samwel Brvwe. Wm OVA NltiBM ftewert, .-*mltb, T?rr?*?e O r.lir. rviacy. Rebeck er, Hof Alderman Crtiiey aad At om and Rice, the 1*1 tee milr, with bla whole Ihmfiy, C- MK.>rmich aad later, Antonie Rica. Mr Metier, 0. O'Br rc tad family, Peter Lyncfe, loha OfMndy and wild, Wm. Pnmeroy, Mr Ro>*ey, Tted Mieeteo, wife aad two A. Corbltl, ch'dren, (Vmetahie Fahey, John CoagaoTd, Jebn Hot aw , 'vena %? HA, "l.phea Ri ff, Henry Par?n?, Hugh McGanr, F. Earner. (>w*i?ble Barb waa, Tboa. \erilld, Bdwaed Burke, rt'.liD Beat. 9ao rbrrehin, Paiffclc f"oaJay, Wm. CbnrrbU', tamaaOaataE, Chorea fhrte, fitmail A. Dowwdr, "?'Iward Warms, FP Eh nh ngtoa, CMartm Jehawie, Harry Riches, R. * 'rmmoa'ord, M- PI map, Hsrta Farmaa, ratr'ck Welch, M T tarndd and Hater, fill thanbsre ara if UhrMBK, Bridget Foley, L T Mission acd wife, Margaret Oodd, Brlget Oxld, of Chicago Hlia Dulles and Elizabeth McLaughlin, of WaUrtown. No accurate Uat or number of the peraou on board MB be given, bat the following ie eet.mated as nearly ear rests? Excursion party >00 Regular passengers M Steamer's crew M Total ?S80 Of these but ninety eight are saved. STATEMENT Of CAIT. XALLOTT, Of TBS SCHOONER AUGUSTA. Capt. Mallott, of the schooner Augusta, states that when he Brit discovered the steamer's lights?both red and bright?he supposed her to be fhora a quarter to half a mils distant, sad steering northeast. It wss raining very hard at the time. We kept our vessel on her course east by south, until we saw a collision was probable, when we put the helm hard up. Struck the steamer two or three minutes afterwards Just abaft the paddle box, on the port side. The steamer kept on her oourse, her sn gtae la full motion. Headed the Augusta around north, alongside the steamer, but they got separated la about a minute, when the Augusta fell la the trough of the sea; all the head gear, jtbboom and|>tan oheoaa were carried away. We took in sail and cleared away anchor, supposing the vessel would fill. After steering the wreck and getting up foresail, we succeeded In getting before the wind, and stood for land. We lost sight of the steamer in five mi notes after the oolUsion. Mr. Btusaan, second mate, states that at about half-past two o'clock a squall struck us; flvs minutes later saw the lights of the vessel off port bow; song out hard a port; no attention was paid to It, and struck Just forward of the paddle bbx, larboard side, tearing o0 the wheel, and out ting through the guards Into the cabin and hull. We were now steering northwest by west, a point to wind ward. Our course at that time was northwest. After striking us tbo vessel U<ing for a moment and then got clear. I went below to see what damage was done, sad when I got bark the vessel was gone. When the Intelli gence oT the loss of the steamer with tbo exoursion party reached Milwaukee yesterday, it spread like wild ffrs throughout the city. The telegraph ofAoe was thronged all day with relatives and friends of those on board. Many who presented despatches were In tears, and the most Intense anxiety and excitement wore manifested in the countenances of all. In the ffrst ward of that city it said there Is scarcely a house or place of business which bss not lost some Inmate or employe. All the survivors unite in acoordisg to Captain Jack Wilson, commander, praise for his bravery and daring throughout. He was fbresnost In confronting the danger and earnest for the safety of the passengers. He was drowned within a hundred fbet of the shore. Near [one hundred persona arrived within Bfly yards of tbsbeach, but were swept back by the returning wave and lost. Up to nine o'clock to night only twenty-one .Bodies have been recovered, most of which have been re SOgalsed by friends as there of residents of Milwaukee AMHTIOIAL FR01 EUROPE. Interesting Details by the America and Prince Albert. OUR NAVIGATION LAWS. The Special BrttUh Mission to the United States. The Joy In Est laid at the Eeeeption of the Priire of Wild in Canada, THE SUCCESSES OF GARIBALDI, 4c., 4c., Ac. Tb# Mill by Usostsamsbp America, wi.ich arrive I *1 Boston ?o Haturday AfUcnoou, reached bars rfct.irday at BldL^bk. lorn table? ua with some interesting JrUiU of European nrwi to the 26ih ult. Tbe PHt<* Albert, from Oalway on the 28lb,arrived at th ? port late laat eretalag, bringing ITS pore nfert and a (till cargo of tr.rrrbaw.1st to Bo* laid k Asplawe'l. St pt ember 6. off At Johns. law tieameb'p Etna, born d for I.lvsrpool The Prince Albert brings a loodon paper o( the STfh alt , and Pablin papers of tbe 2Mb Tbe Patosia. from S'eyr York, arr.rrd at Souiharaj Via j osi the 87tb all. Tbe followiag la all tbe news in the papers to ban J Tbe Paris Mtnitevr pnblwhrs tbe speech of tbe Em , paror la reply to the address from tbe CfcAjs.ber of Com . mere* of l.joea H<? M oeety said ? 1 thank 70s far the manner la which 700 appnriato ? 7 eSorts to augment the prosperity of Prance Solely orcupirJ with tbe graare' istereeta of tbe a'satry, I scora ail Ibat eaa off- r an obstabie to their deve lore moat. Therefore, tlie unjust distrust eveitod beyond the tore tiers, ss welt sa tbe tmggeretrd alarms of seia*h into rests st borne, Rod me mseasibls. Nothing will maks m? deriats frcsa the path of moderation and lust wo which 1 have to ibo Jay pursued, aad which to* atoms I st that degrre of grsadetir and pro?portt7 wblrh ProTtdesre baa aasigned her in the world 01*# your teissa sp, tbertore, srlth creMese* la works of peace Tbe Pops la said to bars sipressel to the Dob* of Cram moat his readtasss to agree to tbe proposal of tbe Italian confederation Advices from v eusa, or August 17, state I Lai altb ugh lbs Mtalater de* larrd a tb? last of the Cimtnlv tee of tweaty one members of the Council of tbe Empire, that tbe f overt, meet hart no obiectloa to tbe Ha agar tan programme being discussed aad submitted ta tbe vote of tbe Committee, it isnevertheless carta.n that the t.nrmea party 1# preparing s counter program mo. U bo sire tub' m it ted tor discission bj the Onoscil of the Empire are-m bled in| full lilt ag MJ Veuieocben will prosent tbe II port ta tbe asm# of tbe minority of Um Com m I tee. Oust Haas Mart me 1 m tbe reports# of it* ma)onty. Tl w reported Ibat tbe toll slttmg of tbs toaaail o' tba to, pre will wot b* reonmodjbetore tbe 1st of Prt teadfter. at ibe ntroggle bstwsen tba m.aerlty aad majority & tbe r-dnmtttee win decide tba future d-stiatoa of tbe empire Tbe reporters bars demanded a foil week tor draw tag up a report of sorb great importance Mareixs, August J*. 1M0 The two Neapolitan brigade# of Maliodaa and Br,go detta have surrendered at dor ret loo We are masters if tbatr arms, artillery, borers red sutler lata of war. aad of tbe Fort rf ititon. The above confirms the despatch frcsa Palermo pcUUbOd tba nv re log, sad this is oftlctal. Pa August 27.1U, ? lbs ftsttoa, ta aadbor't sg bla AmbaaaMsr st Paris |g e ra tha prof-wot of tbe M tost , wh'rh Is to be converted Isle, a roeveri ??, Imposed the ensdittre that tbe protocol should rentaia nothing ibat might iavofvo tbe idea of foreign Intervention Is ibe interior a-Tairs of Turkey It was for that reswo tbat the wishes of tbe great Powers reopen ma tbe measure* to be taken 'ar ame.oraiing tba omdllpn of lb* Christian rubKOto of tbe Porte were embodied ta a second and separate praeoesI This r-i ?<w 1 by tbe d lot tool raaw re* I re of tba Tnrk ?eh ambassador, waa ret to be inserted ta tbs rreventtoa Puss a, serertbeisss. trewSrd Uwt tha oonrertka sbeuld rerail aad creflrm tbe promlsot ftvoa by tbe lorte at the Oucgrees of Pars is tor or of the CbrMrtlsrs Tbe Dt ran refused to arood* to th la smaad, whl-h, ft dsr'ared. wo, Id rrealltote an act of biterrao tloa ta the l*trr<or a,lmis>stret>re of Turkey Tb#Porte, t ?#'? r, dor lairs that, set log m toll snare ma of ita sot ? reign 'tdrpeed, ore. it will ise every short to fuiii Um ? ishes nftba Christian Powers These proUmlaartoa hsre de i,,| tha signaler* of tbe 000 rent loo, spot wi.ieb tuwevsr, tbr Power* bavs now com* to aa tg um at. Icvnre, August ST, 1MB Tb ft -.ds <# day sr# Iraetlra but arm tb* market be ing istber ?b?, fbvorable. C'irooia have etrioswnevd aa I Sprovrmc nt of Ilia1, per rest to It it ah railway storks an iomedtato advance of a Uperoret I 1 *t st 16 it a takes place t oessls oteoed very Pt irr? e'-a-l | ?, v, 1, sad rl< ?'d Tory firm at abort relet ftt'rk rather sraror; >d ckwrd vary arm at a Canadian ar-WTrennh flr paam, Aim oat jf_g 90 P M. 1 Tba Bo-:r?e remains inanimate Rentes npsood flrm at Mf. Mr , but afterward* Inclined to gtr Ms , or l#c lower Urea Haturday Our Paris Correspaadtare, Paam, As gust 84. INI. rmpress <p Oarfboldt?Orred /Homing re at if,retire tortwewem ff (%, /TegpoUatt CVwtowv AnsSrva sag Prwssre W? latiril giioSfre FmrUcmikri tf 9mrt taMf's /oMMap re CbMrre, Tb# great Ifbsrsasr has, boytred drebt, laadod oa Ran potttaa territory, red Ibllaaaf n will acre hare to ba*U? wtM a ma? wbaba?,sp la tba pirerei, prered tarfalbls MM liUMII OttlMMMM biTt mmMH <? UN mainland, and umjy Kcggvo a in ut r posset' on. Deapatcbew rwnelved from Meeaina uqo dm that on .he night of llw 1Mb the oily *u illuminated la honor ol the departure of Garibaldi for the mainland. The General received, upon aa English vessel chartered for that ;<ur poae by bla agents In England, thirty thousand m taaeta and fifteen rilled oannon. Be at once departe 1 Xr Vap'.ee with Colonel Blxlo and Ave tbouaand picked men. One oanaot account ft>r the gupineneee of the veapo itan cretnera. A steamer, with two thousand Gart bakllans on board, wao run ashore on the Neapolitan coast, in order to laud too troops Three Neapolitan steamers were in sight, but waited be tore firing on the grounded steamer, until all the two thousand men were tafoly landed. Boyond a doubt the King of Naples oannot eount upoo bis nary. The name of the ataamor abandoned is the Torino. A fine English war Steamer, purchased at Llrerpool, bse Joined ??ari baldi'a fleet. In a few days most Important events will oocur. Tou may depead upon it Austria will oommeace her role. An article published in to day's Cons'HaiUmnel (semi-official) stales that the greatest g^od will aud ac cord reign between France and Austria. Th:-t U dolu aire. I am well aware that to the reprcsentai:oas just made by France Austria hat returned most peaceful and accommodating replies, but wo all know ho v mndh depen dence can be plaoed upon the promisee of Austria: vrittL, bar, needs must; abe baa no other coarse left. gbe ma t attack Italy; otbarwise she becomes a bankrupt in at tempting to keep up such a force an Is now In Veuolia Una thing I know from positive Information. A short time ?taee this government discovered, through the agency of some very patriotic bat very indiscreet Austrian diplo matists, that Francis Joseph meant to go to war again in Italy at a moment's notioe. The consequence was the Emperor Napoleon made some very energetic represents tloca to Prince Metterntch, the Austrian Ambassador at thia court, who, of course, transmitted these representa tions to his imperial master. Austria at once gave way. Bnt no ooe more than Napoleon 111. knows bow little de pendence may be piaoed upon Austria's keeping her word. She will attnek Italy, and that very auoo, unless Gtribaldi la i treated la bin carreer. We are now assured that the alliance between Trussta and Austria depends upon the latter realising certain poli ties] reforms agreed upon at the Ttrplitz ccnf-recco this la all boah. Prussia will aid Austria in ease of a war with France In Italy, Inasmuch aa the Prussians have become firmly imbued with the idea that Napokoc III. intends attacking them at a period already fixed in bla own mind. Iheysay, " Hotels baa had her lesson; Austria has re eaivwtf bera; It will be our turn next, and then comes that of England. Napoleon IB la avenging the first Emperor, sad those who coalesced against him will all sufler in turn." Perhaps Prussia in right there; at any " * her fbte rate she evidently desires to anticipate by attacking double banded lb# Power dreads. An Intervretion In Italy would give the pretest; bnt I do not think it will occur. Italy, In this In stance, will have, 1 imagine, to fight ber own battles, and if she it conquered by ber powerful enemy, Austria, Ga ribaldi will have to blame nil own ardent temperament, that Irada hiai ever onward. No one can doubt for a mo ment that Austria can defeat the unorganised troops of Italy, but abe weald wtary of the druggie Id the end, as Hungary would sorely rise one# Aurtrla fully engaged in Italy. It seems that spc u 1st lens upon the question d'Orteni have ceased for the moment, but there is mere ly a lull in the storm Th > expedition to Syria has sail ed, and the news of It# arrival and foot,eej rent action will arowae once more the fears and jealousies of Muse Powers who see la thia expedition bet the seizing up on Syria for the eseluslve benefit of France. Ahd rl Eider, as I mentioned la my last letter, will scon became a prominent man In the last, and through the influence of France be wilt moat likely l>c called upoo to rale ever a country that will, under bla government, assume an Importai celt has never before ;timisaid. Much has l>?n raid in political circles of Turkey's Immediate want of money, sad of ber eollnitattose upon that score to France aad England. I am enabled to ata'e, upon good aulbi nly, that the Pulun will getnominoy In England may do to preserve the lat-wrtty of the Ottoman empire, and thereby keep op ber own Influence ia the East a little Wager, I cannot tall; but thin much I kb<-w? will give or lend Turkey no mooay. The friends of tho Puespmnal scheme are now sanguine aa rewards fiheesmptaitsw of tb*t wore Tory force*.* that tor the future the opposition Of England wilt no longer avail aeainsi th? m A c-rr'-epfodeiil ha* ecot mc the fn'owiug extract from a letter written l?> Matzlol, the hefc ????? of Austria f< r ao many year*. Tbta letter will go lar towards calm ing the Irare of the rriende of Italy who were alarmed or adecWd to be to hy the presence of **veral MaxxiaIan i around tinrihaidi Ma?/ini> letter nbowa that ao fcar t nerd be enlerUtaed upon the subject. Be eaya ? ?' Italy feeiH the laaiiaut of h< r future, bet a bo baa not ihe lull eouciuaeorne of tier itrrngth or of bar duly. Ia idmee of etching it wit hie hertril she gees loneefc alrt-ngth In m with' ut Italy dnea <n a .Treat oaie that which tho rhbrr denare do on a m all, llllltary eerrloe la rctmg r art to them, and tbay jmrchaee a r.betiUte. Italy Melt aaubatitute la 1'iua IX., la Leopold, ia the BourOon ie K*|*>leou At prraawt the baa found. a better substi tute in t?artbald!?brave. deroted, worthy of Urnee wbo barn ?hceru him Hei tiertbwldl la a mao, aed evry at an a fallible, and jn ate that the raft ty of the natloa trpetu a core atore on the will of a rlnglo man The on i>? c will fblluw tiaribatdi on the road to ladepeodeoor but If the brave N'luard should arrnet hie nope, tber* la rteeuw to the'. I he nation will alao loae the will of ?>uiktr | on ukree ia that read There will he deception, uMcouragrwieet, a period of inarttow. It la not Uiat wa ?tu old fttr lor Oaribakll either the entlototeal ot rena, 1 he temptation of gold, or the rpteodor of courta. that which moet be frerrd h m ia the preetlge of a friendly Voice?hi* oonBdn cr M the Infallibility of one beloved person. hw repugaaace to afflict that pcreua by a rtfuoal. "If be tb'aka Victor Fmaaeel la inseparable from the lie tun ralien, let htm not forget that \ dor Emanuel cot M not no race aioae the path which Iradi to ualty? the pttb of the rnroiutioe. At lean be could aot do no oprniy. becauee be would bare the i >vrromenta against k i and It It not mi,sunt wMb the character of mo be to hanard ibelr ratateaoe la order to puree* aa tdra. Nt w. the morer-hy being enable to march la the national ? r l< rt>r tee rrwelntlmuirllr Irtr), what remalaa for It in ao? That which Onribaldi baa done ta Molly?to fire to the monarch;?by force e? to speak, or at least without its opto *00001(10?oee, two, three. ail Iho pro rue? of Italy, aa it baa feat given to ItMsilf. ? There la ao other way. To So tbW (.artbeldl aught to reject every pri[??*l of truce or peace with the Hour, ben. to employ all bw locce ia the emaacipattow of the country, ead la repel avaty epoch* of awaegaifow. If he doee aot do en. I"Icily wtil Voom# ao ordlng to tho flood B" lure ef lb* foceigaor, on annexed proriooo, and Isart I cught In knew tba? esuexetioeg aanrtfopad by the for* gner are comptaawted hy analugoue cnwneeateee ike where " The following emwmuBlrati ? ba uat been reoelred from Mir-iaa?? ? t.ei-f ral tferlbaidl la la (atabr ? Veetrrday eweetwg the uret br land# of Or were I Turr*a diwhiew embarked on beard the Franklin and Torino, at Taeeatlaa, and pro reeded for (hltbra All the troop* were embarked by ?r-vee la the evening by eleven they wars on ibere ta Caiakrla, wltbaet hartaf ha<l te dee a "hot About t^OO b?t. ib'refore, with Oartbaldfat their b-ad. are la the rear ef the heepolilaae, r beer pneltmee they will he able to take la rarerae Ti morrow, without dowht, Mlaeorl wilt hareenbeted ajuoctioa, aad the royal army will he la full retreat " Pete He of the leading of tho flarlbaidaao haws beta broegbt to MarneffleO by the steamer |tr*rn, which, na for try see from Oneatantlnople met the iiutllh of '.arl I aldl at I be et. trance nf lite Sua te of M***iaa The lawd ,ag leek plat* oa Sveday, tbe 1Mb, at half past three la tliO afteri'*i.. near Gape dell' Arml, *'tinted about aa hour' -rarch from Rrggto. Tbe Ibetatoe. who woo a the haeblngt' a. a meater Corey lag l.POO m?a, raa bet on ?vr*. Aa c? n ae aba tmirbe i tbe land, tbe t,arll>?Mfor* led oti bv the?r officers, eien.loeed the res- I ?el, trie taking two or three rnnuow with them, ireme d ate ,y -i 'reeled the ir march ? the nelgliberir / beighta. j Tfoy let IV ir ffu'e afoug a r<wd out tbrough a r eg, "n tbe top ef wblrh Ilea a little fortlHed village ctlhd Cit<|oe the t i?. bl tt the dwmbarVallow wan ; gurr Ib'ward. a Sewfiiloa war fr gat* an weevils I ? howrd itemeoiT"* ,10/rent tf the pern I chosen by tier I ? , I aldi afire iiaetur m rain en>fearor*d to a'nk the Uaeb , le?t*<i aed i revet?tl r operant* The rhaae given to lb* <.eilb*.c>ei>? by tVee two \ rear A trot being oocoreafol, ; tUy p t?J tbemaelree at ? aai i n ahot dtelaera reom the . r'lag* aad b< gas to ire >a 'be dteeotlen of tbe route taaea by tbe <uemy. aao killed a r< w mea It wee Hated that aa ordee was 'mmedietely iranenttUed to Krggte to toot e forward the Wrarolttaa rCumea to attack the Tillage onrtipttd by the Saribaldioaa A great moermont ol I trrnre wee "riwaiked within eight nt Roggto TV Heerw. v hrh catae i p i at aa the royal -h pa of warapewed their ?r- we* ft* ?n inetaal tuejeclec by the frigate ?f bring ing trcpe for UarlbaWI. Hence eh* irttted bee aarbor ig and came ow l< ward* the i#rr* packet ateamrw. bet. recegu'xlrg the Frearh Pag, ebe rearmed her place near the porrrlte, which wee her ping np a Or*;** tbe Oar <bal Oteaa. Tbe Beara aerired the naive 'ley et Mearlna, where they knew nothing ef what was pasntag ew tbe ether elde of tbe atrott. according to iofnrmatloa eb talocd, the number of (far < held tern ow the aaatalewt wrao ret meted ad lea or tweire ihoueaad THE ?XW BRITISH MI88I0H The Mwrltima# Btlatleai ef Ragltad with the t wltadi wtwtee?The Mleelrtn of Mr. ?l indaer tw UeihlwgtewW from tie I or doe flhtpwtag Owaetta, Augoat Ml ITe are eaahled to elate that Mr. W ft 1 1-hidang, M. t, to plaoe ? , tiawa of ber Maieaty'e gorwromawt with reference to tbeaaMlag nnrigatfoo laws ef tho Mwl|y, and lie rdfoeta upon marT i me com meres, and to enter apoe eegotlatlow* for the baa been authorised ta pmeaad to Weahlagton. to place before tbe Amerfoaa Cabinet aad the PeaaU tho opening of the American roasting trade to Brtlteh thlp rrtrg, for arriving at a mutaal waderutudlng rrwpertmg belngereat rtfht* at aaa, aad for a aMwoeatWhcfwy ad .atmewt ef the law of ewdl < owatry n reference to colli emwo. Mr Lmdaay starts ow bis tmportaat mtaare ao the Mb of Weptembm. ow nMtfihhTt mm itei wj mtxim m Doon<-fmeets bear .ny jpon French navigation bare r a appeared. An naperial deer's s about to ieaue, uy which, until the end of September, Mdl, toe import da tie! on corn and Sour entering France, either by land or ?en, are to be reduced to a minimum, while, during tbe tame period, all vessels laden with corn and Hoar are to be exempt from tonnage done. Another decree ban a so appeared, or If about to appear, reducing the tolls on ibe entire Inland navigation of France. Sow, although 'be report* of the French harvest are not aa satia'ar.tory as cnuid be desired, and although It ie, or oourse, desirable that the price of biendatuiia should be kept at a low level In Fiance during tbe ensuing winter, tbe approach of scarcity le certainly not to imminent that tbe French government need resort to tbe expedient of opening the porta to grain ships, at leant at present, and we are. tbereftne, led to Infer that an ulterior motive ban dictated thin policy on tho part of the French government. A year must els pro before the exptral too of this decree, which so Tar liberates the maritime com merce of France; aud, before the year baa gone round, we are much mistaken if another and a much more de cided step be not taken in the sau e direction. We ven tare to assert that the decree in question is the com mencement of n policy Which It la the Oxed Intention of the Emperor and bin advisers to expand, until It embraces s revision of the satire maritime system of France, and that tonnage does on grain ihlpn, and high rates of duty on grsin cargoes, will never again be Imposed lu the French ports. If we are correct In this conjecture. It Is clsar that we have been all along right la our estimate of the inclination of the French Emperor, and that be has col red the fitting opportunity for Inserting tbe thin and of the wedge A year's experience of the effects of a par tiai opening of tbe French porta to foreign shipping will convince the most nkeptleal or most timid politician In France that there is no danger to tbe French shipowner, or to the maritime power or France, la tbe relaxation of the rigid system on which the statesmen of tnat coun try have relied lor the protection *f French navigation. But before the cluee of September, 18C1, has arrived? probably before tbe next year la many wreks old?we hope tu be able to report a liirtber and much more im portaiit advance on tbe part of the Trench government towards the ebolitirn of the differential duties In favor of French shipping, which hare hung like a dead weight upon tho commercial energies of Fiance. If It be true that the value of the imports and exports of Franco is to tbe value of the Import* and exports of the Tatted Kingdom as live to eight, and that tho tonnage under the F'reuli flog Is tot one third the amoi nt of tonnage regis tercd under tbe British flag, it follows ariihmctisally tnat tbs French mercantile marine Is unequal to the demand* of tbe Frrnch commerce, and that if that commerce ta to expand, It moat, after exhausting the retources of the French tonnage, depend upon those of the foreign, and especially of the British, carrier. Hence the policy which continues to exclude foreign tonnage from tho Trench rts, while It does nut answer the end of filter ing the -mmeretal marine of France, opposes an obstacle to the devolepement o( tbe over sea trade of that country, and the extension cf ber commercial re tailors with foreign State, which every en lightened and dear minded statesman must de sire to see removed. That there are those In the supreme direction of tbe affairs of F>anee who hold tbeeo views, we are well aware, and we reoognlae In the approaching Imperial decree, Ire evidence of tbe Inauguration of a policy which has been determined upon tr-im a ckar perception of lis t-ecr.-iaiiv, and without any mis giving* as to the result We conclude, therefore, that the recent discoeelonn in Perllamenl aud elsewhere on tbe shipping question, and the production of tbe rrport of tbe Merchant shipping Committee, have had their rfiectr, and that ihrne effects have not been confined to this c?uctry. We think we can per ceive fbat we are on tbe eve of tntcrlngupon arran ;e mentf with the principal States, who still adopt a non reciprocating policy towrada British shipping, which will have a most satisfactory tssuo. The mission of Mr. Lindsay to Wsahhigtoo.wblch we this day announce, will, If successful, in all probability not be restricted to the United States The same course of special representation which her Majesty'a government appear to have decided upon will, no doubt, be pursued with the governments of the other Elates who atlf: refute to rerogiitne the prlcct ple upon which the mart! me enterprise of this country si- ccndrctt d. Tb< tame arguments which have already indeed tbe French Emperor and bis advisers to take the Initiative *o far In liberating the maritime commerce of Fiauoe, w ill not be?have not been, as wn believe?with out tbsir?ffi cts on thore governments which still adhere to a restrictive policy Truth and reason must In tbs end prevail, and the triumph of both cannot lis far dlalaLt. In our recant remarks npon the ob vious policy sad inclination of the French government w* took occasion to advert to the unjustifiable oouree pursued by some of onrjroctemporaries with re sport to tbe FYtnch treaty and its authors. We cannot tblrk that either country can feel obliged to those who fniin to lead aud dlrrrt public oplnb n, for coutlnunua and laborious tff' rU to ruts an arrangement for Increas ing the commercial prosperity of Fugland and of Fran- e, od which, U oa anything, must rest lbs ss-orwacs of the maintenance of paclhr relations. We ? ontse* that, as tht r'prrseutatlve of British maritime commerce, we should tie disposed, Irrespective of all other considers, ttous, to en-mote any arrangement which might conduce to the n.e.nien*nce of peers anl know It f that a i urn: rlty of Interest amongst naUoos is the he-t, if not the only, guarantee for MSh a stale of thii-gs, we aie at a kan to understand the object of those who peril? tertly opp<?e the nlorta of men ? he are n gaged in the las* of strengthening the oemmerolai relalks-a of England with foreign, and especially with maritime Mates. The Pi Ibm mt W>ln In A merle*. (From the Uucra Ttmev, A .(Mi ill ] The prrgrrtaof the Prince ol Walre through the emeu e? la reaprndr 1 to wllb ? heartier n d heartier welcome at emry frerh cotetialrai.'til The b|MM so l exrlumeM . Indeed, gale u iauao.UA aed ? aariog which carrica people quite away, tbey ceo act rrpreae tbemaelrre adequately, aed whea everythirg baa beea dose that can be dune, by vrkr or symbol. hi aaluaee ami lage. by crowded atreeta, windows i rammed w'lb fire*. ard "yard* Ala fid with eailoae." by lrlum|?ha, arc he* and frrtooofd el recta, by t rreeaae a?, addriares and rental; by aelcomae (Voiu "veraoia. weleeaM u..m Inhhlim, wutcuuee irow eiMNMHI; by baaqutte, belie, iilumiantlot?, Are workr? a hen heraldry baa eeba iate.1 all lie aarlig boeott, the gardtaa all ibeir oicr*, and leaf and Lower, wreath ami baaner, lamp and evergreen, have ton retted the colonial t .piial Into a fairr city, there la Mill an uaax| r< >>eii louring >n the ... el Hart. which would In n doMinethlag >o eaibody itaelf la outward rhap< if It c< nld. Halifax du net know llwlf on the 50 h oi July. It aiirimpuiely burkd in green laeiea an 1 Hoereri and mrtamcrpbered Into a gigantic bouquet. Every atceel. hvcee.aad window, looked at ltd n* abborr from under an cv? rihadow ing tower, which alio wed opening*. However, ftr wbtItc bardkrrehlefh aad outstretched bead* Never ?inoe old irban an Cabot landed on ita ahnre baa Hon Fro lie bed eorb e holiday. II te e gala day, indeed, which it more than a gaia day; it in an event in Ita hlelo ry, a day which cooctaualra at age audcrtwter a asaan W rolld aeiockatioea which will loof survive the I amir* inpreeiioB, end auppori the old hereditary o tmicliue of the rciony with tbe Britlah crcww. trim ibe nrment tbat "two itenmera were er like ecu on the entrance of Halifax lay," the of tbe 101 b, te the larowetl on the lat, the ubele or Ilal.fts wia in a Mate of perfect and nn mucu jubilee, triumphing in Its temporary MMMloa of the heir ap|? loief the Erglub thr. ne. Nothing was done. tree the main were not <ir*pateiwd, and the very rewrpappert whore bi ?.trm I B' l> eeery other per ?oublmlHtay. tirpped work Tbe Prleee. open hie eery Aral ?uad opoa the beach ol HatHas?and a - tend It ?M, lor it in tbat motmaieas Mand or due -luration whiob ie ttr'U (? r a photographic librae**?Aied all the bearte Halifax by ibe per fret ten with which be bore this rather awkward ordeal, which muxi.lutes the drat atep of bid iBt'odcri.oa to Ibe aearmbird aed gating oniony, ai d inaugurated a bile it immertallaed no the magic paper the Arrt tread of a Prince of Wale* epos Nova Booties roll And be Ruyal Higbnert, It need not be mkl, wril reetaintd ib* Oret imprirsioe. end wo* more ead irert p><pc erltr every lioor of b* atey. Bis ?.aaeert, "which Mended a native J rmty with react af H* the meat w rmii eeurteay and frunkarai,'' everybody, red whether it wad tbe graeibii raee with which he Minted the lines oa each aide of the MreeAd aod hewed ami.i tho prancnig* of hie spirted horee.or whs Iter It was b ? .baerranee at a review,er bis reedy Sow rf eeBvarawtcw at a bell, h* whole eddrriw won ua mixed admire!**. He eeemi te hare given plea euro to ?ceryb?dy The Kagltab nebilc at home will read these deeerlp tone or hi* Royal Hlgkoris' pr grata lb' ugh hit Mere celoatal .km.t.k?ta with lb* great, at ?atl?f?< itoe. aad the roleewM will congratulate then ?erven ra their roenexi<? with a rcyat family, the balraf which <*? b> ibe grace ami lofiireea ef a rrime w ih all the pub Ik aymytihlce of owe of the peepie It aoge to tbe Mreegth and the netira aed epraiauewue rhararter of Ihcte .l ro> i ?trat ?e that tb?y wre reaponaee to a mil whtrh doe* tot pretrnt the le*M ut! itarian object, but which ? ? wipit paid for the *ahe nf tfce ???'| ttwwir?r?*r the Mw Of If? r | M't WiMl'Bg the I doblBtg The Pi tore had bo Irqutrln to ?b|. and to poiiUtnl bun n**a to transect All that It f rr through ibe | 'Oper rhanaoti Tbi* * a v?i >Bpj that tbe Prince of Waif* w?r ???? ihe co ki Me etui Ibe rokrn eta may aee ibe I Vara el Relet It li h frwadiy vie it. It * a tonal t til it i* a visit or plea tare. It mi on that very errwvut a nuet advantegeoue and benrf.f al r*n aad one wt.lrb will pcdoce tbe m"*t lart rg reeuile. It t there Itkndlv mewtiBM, which aim at sot nn g alee but ibe tainral pteaetir* of the metiers theiwadtvea, whfh Ifwirb the beort of a people moot arn ? iiMy had meal deeply It le that beet klml of oompllmeel wbifb M Heater, d np te ibe pereou't mled and appealed u> ?*%!? aid aga n I* recollect ion and ylalde * n<rpeiiwl iHMntM It * tbat kind of cow? plimeat wt * cewfera an lawar.l rank upon the reripirot <>t It and * reeled ne an e r.area tee that a tree iwnmate * formed af him It * theee appeals to ibe bract and tbe feeiirg* of a jeoole thai do ranel that leal loaer*!, and ttal rrmeal aad bind a national coeeei Ion I* the aw*t ?0<> t rr aad tolld way. Three meeUeea o! ? young prtnre wnb hi* Mure aubjectn are eot bewT are* prf cerdlog*, bet they er* ea edraaoe upon beeteme, *bry are m< r* f flicieat tuaa basieeee they a* math gar peee aaythiag the Celfmtel office f an re ae aa act af Ibel lag turpeire* a bareala tbry do the work ef ? kaadrwd bweieree like aed cfertai braeffi.-they mmeewtrate years of* cnaecienttnur rtaieamanablp f?->ch a rlrlt * *a printed I* ihe wind of acoioay by a fbreeef He owe, It bet a record i* the aaterei reyirtdr of every heart aad memory, end It becomea a date for * Iboueaad bNMnriee In go beak to The whet* ynaeger yea era tun receive* a bias aed a Hemp from am h aa ereat wbleh * retamed through ilib, aad the motbrr eouatry aad the Rr 1Mb Chew a bar* ihe advantage of that MM. It cannot, i.deed, but occur te aayhodp aa (fee vary Ar t idea wbteh aweh a vlaH tuggeet* that our oota*lal ?oriety * ao lower, la Hamper Mm wtth a aetghborlag aad ted red people, Onm ita cwwneHoa with the esriety. tbe foveramewt, the court, and the royal Ihrnity of the aether " uatry. it must he aee* thai, vW#ru yiwi Aw, there ea* not he, M any rale, aay dmadraatage la rvlM'e* la, aad eieroeuree wtlb. tbe birbcet Rwm ef hsaaa* rank. ? fcyblty 'ppramee, ^MMas, HUB wd HfiTMNi I Minntrv let It by all mean* be aMIthad; but if it /one if a country la qui*a* freo with royalty aa wib out It? i/ royalty la not a d gad vantage, then even evory maw calculator mutt ace, on the r! .meat oomm,u ajoao ?.j. ih.i jt |a an immeasurable advantage That whole conventional aacent of aoctety which eulmiouteii in the hlahaot form of human rank in an undoubted yam to the mai* which oocupiea the level It la ao maiE v?.eaJ? i^d^p^ble ad^lon to their lotdreata ,n Ufa, te much etc uDd gaiued for ? ?noi?gu?atioa and BeotuuftDl towo'lP upon, ao much aod.lional held even for the occupation of that natural an instinct of *elf elevation tn our nauire wbteb jranh ua to value a proper connection with .over u? in rank So lotg aa men are men ihia wil' be eradicated Irom the tuman heart, and thtnt ?bo pretend to u.-tpine it are generally Juat tho men wo nra moat under Ha )ke, and imlu'ge It to an eaoaaa B it, it lb la Inelttut in a genutue part of human WJUt, "k mom eflrcUve and puc ntsfttol nude of gra ifjlhf tt !? cl<Ar'7 J ayaUmof d.fnlU and !urinal rank, aacendlug " a crown. A polity wbtch preview the very big heatJOrm of rank provide* the giatlhiwlton lor that Id human nature wbtch di-fire* delta lie rank lo'ook to ana to lean upon, and vaJoea relation to It. The loyal deelm to be noticed by prince* suppose* that we have prmcaa to notice ua Tbal la a truth which aual ba obvioua to our loyal fellow eubjecta of North Ann-rioa, it in a truth which nibody need bo anbtmeo of ne, lug, it ta a truth which the laiter, tnittncta and sympnlht* or human nat ..-e re quire to be seen, and it t? a tru'b which will aid o b tid ing every aentible and w?U disposed lolou it to the '?g lith crown Affair* In Sicily. B?fee leaving laroi tlaribaldl .stued the fo.icw ri; a 1 '/VLw It CUTS TO TBI 0FFICKE8 A*D fOLb.kVt OF tbb amiY. > y n org the qualltlen which ought to pw*??*atf Italian a> my. bealden bravery, la the amiability wt..hat traits ?nd Kcuita the affbcUon of aofcttars. ft ? pieiibie that bray, and beloved inn. go'tiifr? ibe dtacipline.n bordinatlon^imd mtaiy in d.flirult clrcumrtanre*. and, abnrn au, ?? lira net* which l? uecewary to ?"If?;1 I. og camralKd. Moreover, they ought to obtmn the 0? *fc?XE decW^^r. dr^fol^i lire Witb barsbners thny may a? buta eevere d jciptiue but it is better to obtain it tn a kind ^f.taTn5 due itlliunce True valcr !a alwayi the i' magi anin"'y. A breve Italian muatbe with all, and especially with tbi?e with whom ba eo * ihi war of emancipation ao nobly commenced by yon la Indiblcd for It* nueresg to the heroine and fympathy of the people. The moviment which from IVrco brought ua to Gibil Korea, and Ircm GibtlRieaa to Palermo? narrelv , that which ie? ured the llberallou of the biodtaB capita'?pr< iluced.l raAbat aptendld reault, becauaa tha < nemy could not be i*Tfe of ll tn aplte of m oumerouw i pur Thu I act wa. the remit of Urn affeetioo of tha Hid)Ian people for Ibe holy cauae we lefrnd, and of tha honoiable behavior of our aoldlery toward! the nbahl U rVpeclal alb li ion ought to be paid U order to MM* concord betwnn all tbe Itailan province*^ ln bappily tl'ia truth, altbocgh recogniwd by aU, taw been practicid but by a few. Tha Itaiaae of ibe North, more accutton.ed to the proud of victorlre already gained arer the eaemiea of Italy, ihould fraternize with the^yoanger wowier# of the icut h. Taev ought to ihare withi thm "JJ* rience go a* to embolden th.nri by ? 'Uoi^ a^tattow. Tbey ought to remember, above all, thai la the reeeai ctmpaigna lUly bit wen that ahe can count upow aU tar cf.Mi wit Lout exception. sbc cw convtoce btntll wit Italian bravery hag aboce fbrlh at allI'P*r1'^' 1 terv?In the co'd plain* of Lombardy, rtedmoat, aa? Vettce, a* well u u^ou the lava of tu ojjoothma reatonr Tbeielora it la not bravery that 1 naed tacam mind loan Italian aoldter, L^"d"L,^lm?VjT>2cle?? S'uVin^nvSt.' tXr from ^ another, mid SX rCKvlie, bJtdea a due realtor ^ pert\ .and above ail for that of the poorpeamntry, wwo mt. r io much to gam Ibe manly bread of Ut^r i >*t*at to you that an officer, ueioveo uu rw JXZ byTi. men, will perceive wt.b fiemure tbe/JP^ iroor.; bet the anmrer ?? ^ tM TOtfl, ?d ^ - btmved ofh<*r are mouah to ?t.muiale srsss. SSaTSd ttka w* of thirn ?* they would u! aeir owu f,yicaUv 1 thai! "iv to all Italian* wttb the wrtaiatv of inlng iJtUned to. that being few. the rtrorffta ' Ion* and with a pieat tactiflre of gold and b.ood but be eg many, we shall eecure the unity c< I'.a y ?iw*'y_ and w- It. m that futura generattona ?hall remember witb affection. ? OaK.kai.ui. tlilna. We bare ailvica Irom Houg Kong to July T **?f r "? June M Tbe f. llow lug la the *nmmary of ?? t dm* * vlihitiff of a |*>lttieal nature .vllbcttog oir reiat.ona with tbla imi tre ha* trao?p'red einee the deapateb of oat mall. I ..rd t.*in lett thu* l?-r the north lu the *JvJ^on,,^.<h* bit . Hi her Man*t>'a ?hip teraaa.nnd B?ron Groe.oo ib? p.oroing ol tbe Wtb ult , in hla Imperml Maje?t>'a ?learner fa *< n. They both arrived at ntmaghna ? Uia joth and Stub .'one. re*|ectlvely. ^'*r"" A* the twtb immed'at" !y Heneeal Wr Hope ^aat mul Ad miiai Hoie bad boih left fbr tbe Oolf ?* Ijehffll. [G,m. r . a tbe 22J June, and the latter on the 20th. "ertJela wm till tn the aacetdant, aocoedmg advtrra 'rrm Kharghae; and there waa ao tradei Im^t e-er at that roet. Feme miwtonarlen paid the rabea a T'lll. aid were well received,^nd It waa ikiy be oegrd to the Taiptng body T*d^amaa tod Mat ? body ol men a ?b. rt dtaMtea nto tbe Country ????J* ta n If Ibe ?eb*la w?r? in tbat vletnity. Ho kw **^K |V( bJ-f n ceiradtd, and ordered to Pekta a primmer, for ibe lota of !h ? b< w b?.t it wa* thought ha wo?ld try and make capital ool of tbe barbarian buamwn. The/*w*a a large number of tr.n.porta ajchor^ l? Tall, n Bay, aod tbe bay peeteu rd Jurty MT^araa^ uf I idng a #r.e tnehoragr. A i?rt?* of tb? u?? rtmnrd na ibore The Manda.lna had preh.blted the rmidc Trim ?un,,T,Bf ccr fbrc-t WUb prtUTf*aa, awd * ?V..Bemler ifDe^pU bad prion ded jilaad, to be out 5X'^' ?5jSo e?" "LSS mora lat purpoeea were deyUu by tbe ? tonka left io car banda The weatber M demj o-o ere' and I racing Ibe thermometer aland,eg at TP degree* U tbe wbr .'i long twi tghta, atml'ar to ante* at ^ m Cbuaaa we have ao later InHlkgrna. Item thai* e( June Tbe troo|? bad r??wtved ordera to proceed 'Tmw Jape, there la ro t.1elll,ratejf Th nga there *ee? to have aethed dowe_ Thww much trade dotagio import*, but m eiporld aamd irw*? ait en* wtra taklag P1"*. ^ woeeimn oa the Bd A ?? fieri dialurbenea look !*?*?? .,a*w June between the ran toe toeeha men *od the Ckweee*? lorcha ??. Vnrloen* ara aNWeff. <?et tie right MMBI Vrl'. T ?( !??? ? . . Tk... m.Tmrn U, pi. m'?e that tbr?e jartie. are oW. ^XS aa re la ami ng*l the Chlne*e arc not uefreqnaet uetnm* aa well a* wttir, and in the dUtetat.affefftte ibe roaow diawteta. mnnycan kghu taka piao*: have been wl nemed by "relgnefw oaimaayeww mm. The matdarina araao powerieta tbey I'ke. In the premtl nan ?elvea up In the city, leaving tha belltgerecU ta mum their afla.rf la their ewa way Okltvarjr. mats or ?ib ?town K' drnoi". ?lr IWorie Bimpaoo, Oaaaroor of liny ft a muy yaara, dwd ll UeklM, C E ar. Friday Ba *aa faa ? long lime eooaaatad wltb atfcr a M Hud ton Bay tad otbaa placra ? tba rtctolly, WA ** kw darlnr and ?f"? Sim recti rod May ra? Md, rrta fum u>? Baid of roy iy itaatf fta WW Wd ta ,h? OKvanUW'to portals of l/wbb?*a, Fraabtre. Beotlaa ^ ,.T year 1TM, aa< waa C*M<10*0?1| ?, the aaigtahorboo ' of itlly fcor aaord of ?I* * ban ?u aary young b? Ml to AaaaajcB t Uk< ?? .n n i' . i no teaI i n *?? ilitn f?ng <?? l*"Ti ?"< Hudarei nay < oannar ? and tba oarbartaawf, lot eitrrrely roaaaatlr, Bnathwfat (nwpaay. of Quada 'l?H| lo ho Ian, <u>d p'ana'Wty or ape*.h aa<f dr w,a?r>< r ha waa Itatrtmantal It i fiagtag tngatbaa Iba two ri.airadtag pari to and fnrwtag a maTlttoa. by which the Voatbwoal Ompairy rexnad nrwr mm half of Ibr capital rta?B, aid a my ?f tba oBWa la Iba tor rllory for ib?tr resident ?wciaua la tbla a'toal oa ba rbowrd fownrb ardcr ard addreaa thai la a raw jtaaa ba waa appniatcd f? armor af wbat la wBad Badaow Pay O nifar j 'a trrritoi l?a aa > IT-ea wbtrb ba bald ap to tbr l ira <>* bla dratb Iba H-.ra. r> Hay 'rn|acj w*? Brat ratab.Mad. and lama tract* of laud yratlrd to It, tbat Iba aafara tad raaouirca of iba ?nrr< i tuttpg tarntorlaa might ba la aairaa laic. ?rd refe r led atoa to Iba Fagliab gaaaaa laaat Bw i.rt mill l*ltg did lha rtmpmf nttawpt K? ' l>t at ttyaUoaa Bapuri mpm tbaa by iba If tba rhartrr 1a tbat yaar t'it|H j oatr actad Vr Hlwpaoa to aaft* ia rrrf ?ta prrparai o frr (t? < ni'jioaai ad aa > I pad I - ti?a ta fr??ct tbr d!*".T*rt*' it C^ptataa Baaaaad Bark R* did to ? lib each fori I' "uabt, aaafaad WllllOf araa tbat tba rcpaaiiK* waa a aanaiaa. N waa ntidrr tba . or Ion of h* ar|ba?, tba lata The waa play. a??. autad i tart ir d wrararr la iba w d?i n d f cu'tiaa a?i* tangara, Ibr a apnea of ? brea >*?r*. ibr airattlka Ira- d U<a Aretto aaaat f.f Amotra, fi< a> tl.a *<>ulb of tba aiaekaa* a rirar to Potoi Farrow, *id ftia* tba a?uih if iha Oyixraitaa rirar to tba hoi/ af p?tba la anaatda'tiMia of tb? wot raa af Ita dirtic rtrrditMl ?prkaa afatoaa baa Bt)mrty Qoaaa tlctoa aaaafirrad tba hoaor of lil|klb?4 oa ftaaaaaor birit'r aafarataaat p?r*.a if f lao owbaaaybaw. lb la baaor tba (.brrraoa raaalrad la 1MB Attltalaaad naynrtwraa. UBITtlb ?,iw .a-BiaieeMp Prbwa Albert?r ttaaodw d hroacuar^ At* I ro?,iw?d. |n>M Brood wr-d. t 0. Ira^w. rat. Muiowat A B-Mlno. KS^roa-'SSSkffi ?E* y n'STrirT ?VT4^p~i Bra flri aali fp liar. B' ario, B T-.' I ftrw Mn Bar kta PiUiaer. J r?* m 1 ftlarar, O Rl.#?, 4 w*|l WT. t tUlay, i^A?. taa iim Hii>. T I'lJLi rt Woodi t ?aa, lana tjewa. "* *rll?l|, tfa tra B | Ibirao, B l?i hnroa. gala Pitt*. Boar Jrwaa, tor "ba ? ??<*" fSarWto. baa ??aaii* Ctobaaaaa0>r* ? - ^4 mmu+imi i

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