Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1860 Page 3
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?QCTti, ROOJ?,+e., to un>. A BILIJABD BOOM, WITH BIZ MARBLE BID BTL lOfU tables.and I wo mw Bowling alleys, furniture and Mature?,.u t;af? *, ud do to* a varyprofliahla bush aaa, low ?eat aad well tocaiaJ Inquire of W. H. GRIFFITH, 146 PnL W awaet t w. U. GREEN, urn Broadway. M. T. A STABLE INLET. WITH HALLE FOB TURKS A Burma. Oarraia-a Houaa and Ha] Loft, No. JRleak antt, i^alrc at ICS Six.h avenue. LARGE FIR6T CI.ABB HOURS UP TOWS TO LBT, ? ferajhad, for a txmrdlng house. 31 rooma. Also a aim bef far pdvate i i'.ies. one with stable; a number unl'urnish. ad as Murray ill.. .o.d .iner places. v C. HHHIOP, 144 Broadway, store lluor._ A^m FAMILY OK THRKB PERSONS, ABLE TO GIVE tout! reference. audi Uj l'.uJ Board auJ Ixida'i** io a^Vri vaieiamily, ihc omiec must ha ail taied between Twsnttath aad h ?t eets, aad Bar nd and Fourth ann taa. Ad dreat L. I. I>e?c, uibea, .4* Nluth idrsai. or fwl otto", N T. AM BARK CHAN. K FOR A LADY.?AM WTABLI8HKI) House 10 lei and .be Furniture lor aala. Pnoe I4B0 Ad Anas M.Ta Kovl'l, Hi tdway rout office. FTRNISTIED HOUSE TO LET- FOUR STORY BROWS alooe near Fifth avenue. elegantly furnished Ihrougbom; lian aaira'ir of October Address with raal name n.itiug where aa interrlew may be had, Waahln?'.oi>, Herald FT. Ms* on IEHED HOUSE TO LET. A neat aad pretty Kuicliata basement Ileum on Weal fhtr ?treet, wall furuufced, k?-atioii unexceptional le. Rent of the year, to May 1, tSli. J AMEN R. EDWARDS, 177 Waat Twenty third at root TON Eh' WC OH.?BARS TO LET OS THE ORASO PO af IMiral lAm'val or Oi Steal, on Wednesday, Sep lam bar B. HSU Apply n the hotel. FFJCK ro LBT?IK A PRIVATE DWELLING HOURS, 140 West Thirty eighth ? treat. Genteel neighborhood. 0 SEWING MACHINES FOB SK-FOR SALE, TWO OP Eureka Sawing Machines. very abort lima In uae and In Brat rate order. Aa the owner baa no use lor them, they will bo aoid for KJ each. Apply aoon ai M Broadway, in the fur DECORD STORY TO LBP-IN HOCSR MO. JM NIMTH |J avenue, nootlsting of Ave rooms, aaa and fixtures tproion r, m?rble mantels, I lidlng doors, Ac Hani (IS per month. ^a wf A YET UP A I L'lFU I'.Jael.Wae IK ) MI..IK aeanna S&eD ol A. W. WA LK EH, Undertaker, 562 Ninth avenue. m lmmedlately? r LBT?TO A PHY8I0IAN. A PROMT BABBMBMT It a handsomely furnished brown atone house, situated WlSBterton avenue, near Thirty-eight* street. AddrmCM. R. Bon ldt Herald oAce. E LBT?THE MEW THREE STORY BBO MM 8TOMR front House a West Forty Mth at met, between Fifth and a venues. Also, the four story Hoaes, seme street. Al an new House 128 Weal Forty-eighth street; ram 366U. ANDREW LESTER A Co.. 1(0 Chambera street. mO LET-BOUSE 146 EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET, A fonr rortea, with hot aad cold water, bath Ao. Apply to J. BIRCO. 168 East Twenty third street, before 10 A.M. or ?Urn 6 P. M. r LET-THIRD FLOOR OF BUILD1BO 127 EAST Twenty second street, to a plnoforte maker, or for other buatnom. Apjily to J UINCO, 166 Eaet Twenty - liefore 10 A. M., or after 6 P. St. LET-TWO FINE LARGE BOOMS, WITH BATH one, on the eeoond Boor of a new four story house, plea located, occupied by n private family. Io two ur three sen, w,th brsnkiaal If desired. Pleaee address C. T, erald oBce. t r> LFT?THE BASEMENT, WITH BOXRM. BAR. ALB vaalt, Ac. at fl9 Broadway, vomer of Twelfth street; also, Baarmett of bl7 Broadway for any bnHiaaa lminedlale pmneeemn. dOHN S KEI.M), tl WIHiam street. RIO LBT?TI1E VERY ELIGIBLE SECOND FLOOR, COR A aer ro* ma, with eight front windows; also front and ooroer Beaaaa. on the fourth floor, nt SIS Broadway, earner of Twelfth ?treat Ay ply to JOIIK S. K ELAO, CWflllam street mo I ET?THE POUR NTt RT BROWN STONE FRONT A House, No. 137 West Th.rty-fiiii street, with all the mo dern improvemeau; will be let low nstll the 1st of May; the a? slothi, carpcia and window shades will lw sold, at a reasun geprice. Applj on tbe premises or to ALEXANDER HaW, fPO LET?A COTTAGE HOUSE AND STABLE. BKAUTI fullT :?-aated on 166th street, between Truth avenue and Bhagafc; BBROI ta^bnu^a road, Washlaclan Higbls. Apply to PKKRINd ! Bowery, or on the premises r LET-TWO BAREMENT8; TWO PARLORS ON FIRST toor;two Rooms In the attic, bee hot and cold wafer, and a at SO Charlton street Would like to sell the sae fixtures the parlor heaters mO LET-IN JERSEY CITY, A SMALL BE1CE HOUSE. A eight Booms, artth all the modern improvements, two miawlea' walk from the ferry. Rent 3300 30 per year. Pur ?More for aale. Apply at 14 York atrset, Jeraty City. mO LET-ONE OP THE BEST HIGH BASEMENTS ON A Broadway, for a dining saloon or restaurant, all la com. ptaie order euoept the ba'. Ac. Boom kj'by wo feet; ear yeted, Ae. Apply at 480 Broadway, in the plutnraatore. rLET OB TOR SALS?TWO MEW THREE STORY high stoop Houses, with all the modern mprore ?mnta; New 177 and 179 West Forty fourth street For par Menlare inquhm of H O. LAWRENCE, Booker tier. No. 1 Waawr Weeal Tatar Aouss B LIT-A COM MODIOLI DODO, WITH THKBI res of lawn and parden no the Kaat nrnr, ooaveniaol to ?an aad adapted ? o lummer aad a inter rrudence. Root .J. SMITH A CO.. 7fl0 Third avaeua LBT-FURNIEHBD, THE THRU 8TORT HOUR! Ma O Weel Forty fifth itreot. soar Fifth aranne, o*? ?g all awdsm lm?rov?me?ie, newly aad completely for water immediately; rat jut par Booth till Mar -,JuQ Mr year till Mar. 1? Apply to HOlOUk !. Ma I fl? street. ?10 LFT-IIMA MKW HOOK. ON THIRD ATKNCE, A mm Fcr.fsiiih mtmi, the aaeood aad third Bonn, with aB th? Btodrrn improt amenta la, all largo Rooms. with ward J8atftgfl?fcWffliT^g'-r5t ?S?? mo HOTEL IBKFKRB.-TO LI IBM, TBI NORTHERN X Bawl. tamer Oortiaadt and Wnt street#. N. T . one of the gws? ^arA.i.'"ir.-aL!;Trr.i''i~ ?no LIT-A FIN*, MODRRN BROWN STON1 PROMT I Bona*, with stable, Na V Ma Vlow place, Bnbokea. a gjMMgKhjgfegjrrf; " mo LIT?A 8FLKSDID ETORK. 23 HT SO FRIT. ON X Math annua, near Twanty-eeened street, wub a l*r,.a >111 aad raulta It la aa aagant Stora tor a Aral elaaa ^s^T^A^St Woat Twac-y 'Mrd atr-t. rH LIT?TO A 8XAU. FAMILT?THE I"I'PER PART Hef hcaee .75 Elisabeth atrr- .aaar Blacker, ,? ctalnlor twe Roeau, Bedroom. fanuiee, aad rood* yard. Rent ren r LIT?IN BROOELYN, FOUR WELL FTENISHKO ? ?onaaa, two BPiry an ', uw-naet thrv Mr. >. be a Rata iiitpiiiianrana. (u ran?n. bath, do.; near Wall and P ?f ernes. vary dm/able fr aaaal! private fem; Dae. Paan lanaadjuoj. App.y at Ml Mrtdpe street. MO i.rr, orforhalr-a vfjiy large. Efi.ENnm A Ho use ea Laniard atrtet, near Broadway, a<it<aa a lor bcn.r.ena pnrpnews jr first rlans dwelltef I Ma properly m is hadmpoacd at at onae at a bargain. Terma vary aaey B1BBHIMKB A OU, 3U Fourth avrnna. FPO LIT CHEAT-TWO BROWN RTOJTR HOCSE* NO# X II* and Jl? West Forty eighth street. between Eihih aad NMth a ran una Inquire Of HaNFORO A BIOWNINU. tx Rtuadway. PM| LET?TBI NRAT STORY AND ATTTO BRIi'K Houaa No. MJ Wataa atraat. a ear oaaal. baa ra aad water, aad baa; at been painted, to a rood tenant will be iaaaad low. Apply at?: Waits auwac IK) LKARR OR FOI lALR-THR HOrBR In. 1.1M i Broadway, nearly new; baa ail modem ImprovaaMate, asm occupied by tha subscriber. with oaaeh entrance aad MaMa aa mar. Inquire of R. F. CARMAN, IJBd Broadway. rmm ijcarb-a hrLiNDin fitr ptort hour, oo* nor of Fifth arenua aad Twenty fifth street, eiteadtap to Broadway, atr etic Maditna square. Apply al or aildraaa Warth Houaa. [fit Fifth avenue. Raw Tork. rLIARB-AT ASTORIA L. L. THB LATE RK1 deem af Hinacr WkMMM?R Keq , decerned The pre ?Met inc. de a coiaaaodlou* two story aad bnaaaaaat don hie Bene* aad ehoul aa arm o land, Mtuaie an Famuli avenue, wflhin thrna miaaiaa walh of the tarry aad sleambom leading. W <m of the moat iaaii this MaaRaaam the village. Th? hoeas Will ba Iaaaad furnished or nafnmlahad. an deal red. Pnasns wrssssset v2su??usr> - KA5 BROADWAY RTOBMR?TWO BTORRR OR of Br mdwap, between the New Tort Ho , -reel, eternally Mad up, with tmmadieie a tea years'leap# it a nlaable let oa tha east ty. Apply 10 THOMAA J. MILLER. Ma U CFl'RMTTTRB PRALXMR.-TO LIT. A LAROf ?HOW Rouai. War?hop. In oaa o' the beat looatiocv ta New IK; a ho aa wall established, with the bent c*y ounam. " dreea A. W . Herald oflice with full name i " "" where aa let* rview oaa ba had. WORIKKE MTRKET, AIJTTOM HOrRE ?Ft.10ANT fumtahed aeaa at Apartatrnta with e-wventer,res tor hcieeah *eptap la an aona<Mlaai maaaar, rooaan airy aad he? fareb o? eanfetaa ' laaaita, Ba. wmpMM. all aaw. real low Id MM?inhia tanaMa CO A BROADWAT.-REv-OND FLOOR TO LET ALRO UOt OR?Booms arm I?anas. A ho? Morn la ? the Irm Boor. Apply la J. MTftro. IN East Twaaty third?eat, before IP A X. or aOer I ML, or oe i? pie?I? QfQ BBOADWAT.?TO LIT. THE n.IQIBLE FRDOMD Out7 rtory at the bouea MS Broadway, a prime order; suit owe fie borfevae. del or fa?If. Afoly to Frof. D. LA OROIE. aaonad flow, back room, faomlto II A. H. iiw PL' ? tnlCATloil. Ef AhON 10?10 tUNTE A IONT1F. OI SI FEB ANNOM. J1. .,5."iss,i?v-.WB* "I WbCVE. F-IIMFr. ?mW ? I at Mrerenr aad Cmaby areau xr*w and tent porn.ii Mnic ?total??? ia fl tie a Barret,'' ?'Bcaale Be'Je " " Laaav a no haahfni RM'aMdj Fmp." " Wllhe dray. ' " Oh t If I were a Uule ?Mdr" Alwaya Unk oe the Nanny ???, ' ? e? ta aeaA ' ?Chr?maa ?"|tJ recta sad Farmer ?ebb#' Vlwt ta T,ek CHy, II ream taetr ;meatA "Eplrtt Celha." .. 8-po Folaa ' ?'My Ralie P'Ma. 7 " ttoma Axual Colka," t>DUey Waltv.-' R?m*mbrar m. a Ro?aaaa,' .'I sects a?A "U < h .ta dim A ape. ? falsa RnlSant# ' PI recta. f?tl^S fre? ?aaUahd,'' with urtldaal varauoaa M ? i m pnboeb? by IQIACI WATERS. WE Rraa'way Pb meamue by i_? c^n.^ ySGOTl u" ' arte? my aa af flhnvtm a that ar* awv. Frtoa Ed Waateu, a .< joryaoi atx* and a paataMoa maher la to Rrtdpeport. Ccaa. Appiy aaa^wa TBIFULITAIY. "~ TO?EFH ITLLIOTT BCETETEERq.?A MKFT1S I OF V Ac at, ? t?n?i mar ? , * i eteld at the Evertnp Star vr>. 7E arWua O. a?r R;i'? ?f?t. on E eday a?pv 10, at eipht o'rlo * The ma?tera 'fada.l Wwawiahtof to juo are rw.t?a -end. W A. LiNt'H. Ctptrtq W la. laBav. S- w T I'NITrRtf 00A1" _ nty Ckif-ntr Ml f n ,f A 1 at b*W BhKsa AAt, -t KA/a lSgXHUtTIOJI. Ac at buy orlrminiANsHip .and gOTKntiM .*?3 Hraadwty, enattnnnl :,y W. C. HOiVIL VND, 'nf many yean asBMawul of Ottvt r B- Ootdamlth. lMr.nuoB our* ful, practice! and thorough Pupils tough. Jmj ana averting, at hours to aull thatr own convenience. A CARD.?TBS 6UB8JRII1FR HAS KEMOYRD H? A Academy of Fenmauaalp and Hookkeeptvg from Wo l?'l to Horn- Ml and 923 Broadway. corwr of 1 vent> first afreet. New paplla received dally. OLIYKR B. GOLDSMITH. AOOOLNTt, AC.-TO QUALIFY GENTLEMEN 1'KAC "ttcaUy for lneralive positions fa BOWser*. Mr. HOIHEAR, ioj Broadway, k--*ps the i.trgaai oomuusrciel ' in " srfc. fu " ? ? " New York, ruplls can enter A only ft for a sp-ndil oou'?e in Bnokkeaplrg, Penmanship or Arulim ' c. Arvrsrn uny, a Parisian, who nit unflBT ker language la firatelaaa 'awiitaa n Now York forties years, waste two more Pupils, or would Ma. ptaaoo^iacjacat with a Boarding or Day reboot to iahrh French a frre hour* every day. gdaraaa French tea her, at tl. DantmsvUta'*, uk3 Broadway. ADDRESS NATION At. TKACHKRR1 IN8TITI R, 3? Broadway . N. 1., f< r IMtbrra, |tlnol| pit fla iitroduo tloaa lo leech). IInmii, uslstog1"a, Ac me . very part of the L'siou. Scboo.a lor sale, use to Wlitiamsi. urg oue ia Brooklyn, four ia New Tutk, our in Cour. ilan, ode In Pennsylvania, one la Maaswchiurlt* and 1 fleeti to tw.-niy Othtra. JMCIS A ANDREWS. AT PAINE'* MERCANTILE DOUAdt SI BWVYHRY aud Xi ru'toa strict, Brooklyn. Mudeuu arc tonght Pun toennhip. Bonkkf eplrg, Ae . at boors r. 'il a- jp alrpendrul of nln ? a Frcm key. A. Bruoaou ? I l\kn rreat ciiuauro m recommending CoL Paine as a respect*.. Ic man asd n cutn plete master of hla prof east on. French and german LANouAOKd.-pior. k TKLI.ERlNO, 8I9 Broadway, corner of Twelfth Mreet. .ealabhahed lb."C?i will rrcenu aSff lady and gentleman scholars for lcatrnoUon ia the above lauiiuagei, attend private fatuities and acboola, aud make translations GERM AN-AMERICAN INSTITUT1, 309 \T* CT TWENTY aeeood street.?This School. nonCucted on lhe moto ap proved German plan, alms el the huimualous dovelopemeol of all Ike faculties of the mind, the physical perfnetkm and the moral well being of its pupils. > iwero .? hlgMy lualifte.) teachers, native aud foreign, employed In the Kagl ah, Her man. French and Spanish departments. Boys prepared foe . are txug bl. Term begins Hep cm Per 10. ahrculara, giving very full particulars, may be obtained at Weitsrmasu a. MO Broad way: at ttoc* wood's, R. DULON.P. D. ill Broadway, and at the Institute. ?. ? wm ? . v. U. GERCKE, P. D. TTUDbon crrr seminary, w. j? c graves, prim 11 eipal. This Institution reopens September A with en larged fa nil ties for a thorough English and classical education. Parents residing In the ety are respectfully solicited to call and see for themselves, as It is of easy access by the fersey nty and Hobnken ears each ten minntes throughout the day. LADIES' ACCOMPLISHMENTS. MR. AND MRS. APTOMMA8' NEW ESTABLISHMENT. Ccndnefrd npon the principles of a prirate European family. EXCLUSIVELY ir principles of a private European fai SLY FOR THE AUUU1REMKNT OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS, And also to afford those who visit New York for only n limi ted space of time, a home where they may pursue the.r studies under emiuent artists at their option, without being subjected to lhe ordinary rules and restriction* of bovrdtag aehoots. Mr. Aplununaa'extensive te< "ttiiig eioertvooe in London, Parts and New York, Ac., h*aconvinced him of the utter Imposaihtll ty of attaining mm than the minatory n'eps to accomplish mrnts during the period of school days which to spe ilally de voted to the culture of the mind; therefori it Is when the prac tical part of education has been dispensed with that the moment arrives for the cuRkratloa < f taste aud the appreciation of the teaattes or art; and then only It to that an adequate proper tiun of Ume'and attention can be bestow d upon th-m, which, from the mnlttpllrlty of the objects of pursuit, could not be fore have been done. It to proverbially true that three fourth* of the aspirants for accomplishments are dtoaatisAed with their altalnmrnto. notwitbslandtng that mu fh Ume and tulUon may have been oooanmed In the attempt. The mala cause doe* not Us In the want or ability In the master but In Uielr IMPERFECT METHOD OF STUDY (NO, kwbl-h the instructions received are of no practical benefit, remove no formidable an Impediment to one of the moat prominent restores of this establishment. The practicing being conducted under the strict surveillance of the principal, every lesson Is effectually learnt, and a rapid progress the Inevitable result. The admirable aysbim of every da^Ji-seona . fifty In the quarirr), to adopted as the only . tlecUr. plan of teaching. In addition to the numerous entertain mens In the city for the de\ elopement of taste, a series of KOIRBEB AND MATINEK9. OF A fiun onio n, wiu. sk civs* m itinu k*cn skasoiv. The eeslsunce of the most talented a rttots hue been secured for Harp. Pfairoforte, Singing. Organ, Onttar. Languages, (III ntkig, Water Color. Drawing, Harmony and OomposdUon, Belles Lettres, Wax flowers, lib-lellng. Tapestry and Fancy Work, i'hoongraphy. Ac. The dosuesl- arrangem -nts are The reaideare is deTlgbtfnlly situated on Murray HU1, and '-on " avenues For further particulars West Thirty fourth street, near vrntont to aU the principal aven apply to Mr APTOMMAS, Us ' Broadway. M Y. KMOGH'S BOARDIMO AND DAY SCHOOL FOR young ladles will be reopened on Monday, September 17,1 ai -J kaal 1 wenly uu.ia street. Mrs. oodkn hoffmanw French ami enolish . BOARDINQ AND DAY BCHOOU f o I E?s' f hlrty brat s'reet ? .HOFFI WIU open on Thursday, Sept 30. Mrs. HOFFMAN vrOl be at borne afug* SepL 1, previous to which date applications made to ber by letter wiu roeetve prompt attention. -RffRR. A. TI 'RAULT, FORMERLY OF NO. 13 WARH in. lngton pi e, having removed to No M West Thirty firel street, net ween Broadway and Fifth avwwr " to receive her pupils on Monday. Sept. 17. ?mnt, between Broadway and Fifth a venae, will be prepared 1|U A. OOUTAN'R FRENCH AND RNOLMH BOARD. M Ing and Day Seh'<ol for young todlrt, No. 773 Fifth avw nun^enrtier of TUrty first street, erUl reopen oa Monday, lap OH* SPRi'lAI, BAHT TKSVS, POR 1RAWINH WHICH ?ill be made kuuu o to percale, two Amerleaa bare will be admitted ae boardera In e eeleel Academy la iirbukly*. . Brooklyn Pum uHce.' keddpohmt. Sm tTjOHSPH H CRMUUMC ACADKMT FOB TOUMO LA diet. Keel Mm iicaiili. M. T. Trrni(ltd. ? r>mn ROHR AMD KU TDTPH PRRMCH AMD Dv Reboot. Mo. 11 Waal Tweoiy ... aara, arUl be rwcpcMd an RTTHRKLBB A DtXOM'B ACADKMT OP PERMAKSHIP TT and Bookkeeping. SU Broad war. earner af TMrtewib Mreet, opeu da; and eteaing. Ornamental work eiec'ited la order at abort notice. rVBRITURK. Avutioh hoticr. ? BL'MNHAMS riBJUTCBl DraM AMI) PiaMlTl'RB I'ACKIMO HBT A BLISH MINT, 111 and 111 Wem Berenth mreaL between riflb and Alitb a?a Hooarbold furniture of arery dnacilptVw boxed and ah-pped to all nana of Ae world. Planet once, katnarj relating* Mir lore, China and 11 law ware rarer illy packed and mored. Large entered wagon* roe the remote! of Pnmnnre In the aouniry. Boring nana at Ike at all hour*. Murage for P urnlture. runutura bougkl oo commtaMon. ALL KIMPfl OP PURNITURR. MATTRRS8I* AMD HMD ulna ?boteaale and retail, oboapar than any other wra. at O W SNKBPEJI'R. MS Bowery, between Man lie and Hooebm etrrrta. Oalr oaa prim aakad. All goada warranted and delittrad free. Note the a umber. A^Hl'CTIOM ? PEBBORB ABOUT HBMOVINO WILL P1MD ? a to thru- adraoUge ' ISM oa 'be Meinv, ; Kipraaa St and 37 .ling etreet, and ItO Vetch a reel. II weaa fed negotiator ramuriag fami.iae la tba enantry or elty Oertnal all tWa. All blnda of ntebliag. Pier (iiamee, Cklaaware, Pianoforte, Ae. , removed with care and at oar rtak. ~R. B ? Storage for Inmltarc. T. QOl'LDWMlTH. Proprtetiw. m AM BEDROOM X7TT OP KMAJIIU.RO puimitorb fee tm, la all enton, af war reel it manufacture. A'an, sfAsawsKSa kstusse MnphMMaflf IX OB HTl.IiRRM'H AMD <K)TTA?B BBDIITRADB, CRIBS, AO., la great i artety. BaOablB beat la uae. aprtag bada of al ?Med Wmgoeu Beet balr and c Broadway. In iba bcacacant EB MAMXLLBO CHAMBRB BU1TTI OP PCBMITDRR 1M all anion and atylea. at wboMeala or retell, mM ?stub vrarwv' Pear flaoraaaataf Bread wap. RST PRKM1CM RMAMKLLBD A> D URAIRKD ? Ohaatber Kara lure, la erery aolar and atjle. at plow to auk all. Alan Baddtug of ararr dee rtpuaa. Erery article warranted aa repreaenled fc. (1. Trot iDBRI DOR. Man 4 aad t Bulllraa, two doon froat Oaaal cut CRMITTBB BOCOHTPOR READY MOHKT ?A PAIR ?raiaa giraa In ready money for furniture Oaryeu. dm a Ac., at IS Sink araaae, between Mtatb and Tenth ffOCRRHOLD PX'BMTTCRR WAMTCD-TUB Bt'B JUL ambar wlabae to purcbaaa from WW to Ri.ltiO worth of booeeh 'U rnrnltnra, not too aipeneiea la anal*;. IIIK NKM, HfHtJWH, AC.. WASTED. ART OMR DBRIROCR OT lJURIMO TO A RMRPONSll ? bit tenant a BrM rlaaa fc > h etoop bouaa. between Pour keen A aad Tkir.ieti atreeta. and between Thir I and Bulk ate n ea. will addreea II. T B . beg l.dbt oflina Bm AXKBRBT AMD CELLAR. OB CELLAR AMD BCrJ ? cellar aery lerae, n Bmnd etreet. Keaaar aL? . P., boa AS6 real eSaa. wMb panlaalara. RDCBamiRP HOOVE WAMTKD.? A SMALL. MBATLT JP fnraiabed bouaa wanted frrwa let af Mereaber to la af May aait. to wind between Third and sutk area oaa. aad Teeth ?Ml Thirty aitb atreeta Addreea boa l Uf Maw Tort Fom cellar, aery large, waled by aa undeniable tenant; Hon Broad atrwrt, Beaeer dtreet or netghborteiod. Addreea J, YY AMTRD?A MRPIT'M BUBD HOOBB, IM BROOK LM a fan ."ja ar; 'II*'AMTRD?A MBATLT Pt'RMIBHRD HOCRR OR COT TT tana, abcrit < wtober I, ei Tonbera, for a eMail family wbbom abUdren. aol mo far from ike depot, ab*< terma moat N- mode rata. Aid ram Randolph, bo. R% 1.99 Pcm oEoe, W^HAMTRD-POR Til IKK OR POL'R MOMTHR. A waall fnraiabed H'tuM. Addreea P. P. M , box l.SU Ym oMe?. M T. WAMTRD?TTIRBR MBATLT PCRMISHRD ROORB. r;liable for bnneaheeptng. foe a family of three peeeoaa, IB > rnrate bmtaa. Terma moderate, week la adran-w Taaast bouaa agaeU need at* ana war. Add ram o. P. 14., Broadway Poet office ?T AMTKD-TO RRMT OR LB AIR. WITH PRITILBQI TT of jnr<haae. a omuitrr rlaoaof ana to Ilea or more acrwa ? the Rortb rtrar. ear aide, balow tarryiowa. and net far from rtrar or depot lame lowaal prtaa. -mrma. Ac, to Beaam, boi IS Herald otlcc. Tl*AVTRI1-A SMALL rAPtl IN JKSSRT. WITH A TT aMab. era* fair eapptrof vood ? t m branee, la e hange for a R.O(M.ra CM dam three Mnry nader oeiiar Brk-h ltaiaa Apply at Mo. t?l Roaa gMati heed of Bl^U attaey Wililamabnrgh. TR'AAfTRD-PrvR or ?!X MKLL PTRMWIED TT ?? i - ? i ?'< fi ? ati m. JAMRU R. KDWAKHA. 177 Waat Tweni;. tdi I ?l I\*AMTRD- IT A R WORSTBLI SM ALL PAMI1.T OP TT racpemafct nr. Rorma u d ao'e tie m hitxhaa la a mm dent b laa. acatKia .nei.-er, : cah e. not far ic mat; a Ural "laaa peraianeat ?W'*"rea wok owaee prafarraif roeaaetoo o Nbremnar or Dewmrar. refarencaa'eiMpaaaaT.a. Addram I l!M. cart at Ooftm\ SI ?:*<. way. OQAROIHO AID LODiillO. ADVICE TO USNTLBMB* DRhUUNO PER < sMhlfT Hoard Superior accommndat ius 'tu be obu ned with ail .be mm forts of ?a agreeable Xsr. m ft Met* private family. heated in the anal desirable part of Jersey C t f. with 111 uuremiuutee' wu-kof UMierrj A, lerenoeroquir .A. Ad dress, M. K. 8 , Jersey City Poai A FTRI8I81IED ROOM OR THE FIRST PI.OOK, WITH O halb Momadiohilitp, iolel to oat or two Mugle gentle "tea. lp<|U'? at 176 1st nr.. near St. Merksplsee. A SLIT OK ROOMS OK SECOND FLOOR OF MODERK * ouae 1* Hsmimmd afreet to let with rood Table, to a muxli . ,-uieel family or it party of geuJemeo. to pcrraaeent ?>'"? up tab m moderate terms; convenient to <-.>re and stages. I'nicer tit t, o'clock. Hef ereueee exchanged. ______ A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE. WHOOAN PROCUMI tke t ?at city reference*, would like to And t>-trd In a prl tala ta_ My where so . ihar boarder* era admitted, between Twelfth and Thirtieth streets and Fourth and Kt.ih tmoaa Add'eat luiuiarlately, 0., bet t_7 Foot office. Boarding r< uw % n< re rot ar carer. ABaI'K PaRLOR, OK FIRST FLOOR, KRWI.T FUR ulahtd, to let?w th or without o yard. no very reasonable lerma, honM la pleasantly located So. 29 Willow place. Brook lie, d luniaiKdca a iiuo new of ike eay, Lee minutesi walk frcm Wall street or Mouth ferries A APKIVaTK FAMILY, 121 EAST THIRTY-FOURTH arret, between Levin* vm and Third aeennea. will let Ike euilre aeeond ho ir to a family, wuu B ?rd. or ? tutam.idal# thire uncle gentlemen, on reasonable term*. Bcferoucee tvehanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RKBID1KO IK A FIRST CLASS house, 103 Fast Fourteenth street, oppnatte the Acade my of Must,-., would let a tew ska sot Parlors and Bedrouns, lotamilte* or single gentlemen, * th Board. Dinner at sis o'clock Heiereno* required. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A SUIT OF HAKD eemelr furnished P-mms, coosuUng of the entire second door, together or Kpu-xte. without Hoard, u>gnal!".men only, 6) applying at Ko. 141 Ninth street, third dour east of Broad way. A CARD?A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAYING FWO large and pleasant Rooms, would le them, with Board, to gentlemen and their wires or single gentlemen lar-ni m i derate, house has modern improvements. Dinner at 6 o'clojk. Apply at 169 West Thirty seventh street. Dr. WINTER. AOF.NTLKMAN MAY OBTAIN TWO COMFORTABLE front Rooms In ihe best nan of Fourteenth street, at the rate of 99 per we-'k upon application to boi 3 32f, New York Poet office. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING A FINELY LOCATED knnae, well furmelwd, te desirous of taking one or twu agreeable ladles to board. Room* large and airy, gas, hath, Ac. Address Mrs thcrmau, statiou D , 0. >. oat office. A handsomely furnished suit of parlors oa flrst door to let, gotta! le far ? party of gen'Mtn en. Alsoalsgle Haoma In s prtvsle house, with all 'ha nolern m provrmeuta. Apply at 9ti Prince street, a few doors west of Broadway. At f? east twentieth street, a few doors from Broadway.?Board.?4 very plesaant ffurolsbe,! front Room for a gentleman und wife or two single gentle men; house lirsl olssa with modem oocrenlances; location very de sirable. The beat references ott-red. * A PLEASANT HOME?WITH SUMPTUOUS TABLE and Use sccosumodatlone; Mint mostly new furnished, ran be now h?d in the spacious, ple.iaantlj an uated houses 399 and 401 Fo H Ib street, convenient to Broadway and Fourth avenue. Dinner at 4 AI.ahtlK CKFUBN1SBF.O SECOND STORY ROOM TO to let, with or without boar 1. Terms moderate to a good tauanL Apply at No. lh Weat Twenty sixthslrwe ,near Broud waj; A ORNTLEEAN declining housekeeping de fx sires Hoard for himself, wife child and nurse. In a prl rate family, where Ihey will feel at home; any family wishing to leseen their rrpeases, and destre an agreeable family for company, tall address M. P., bus 181 Herald office. No board lag house keepers need answer. A LADY RESIDING AT XT FOURTH AVENUE, would rent comforta-lv furolsbed and pleasant Room* to single gentlemen, or a gentiem m and wife, with board for the lacy. t A FRW FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS TO LET gentlemen, at ?U BROADWAT, Opposite the st. Nic bolus Hotel, From SI SO to IS per t A 8MALJ. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO GENTLE fi men one suit if Rooms nicely furnbhed; alto one sin*:# Room, with or without partial Board. 1 ha house has all the modern Imnrovemenla. Apply at 31 Btuyresant street, oon i la nation or Aster place. A YOUNG MAN WISHES TO OBTAIN A PLEASANT room and board, in ansae plats, agreeable family (Oalho lie preferred, tnourh not eseentlai le eome location easily ac cessible from the eastern part of the city Addreet, staling tonus, Ac., Teacher, Herald office. A LADY DESIRES BOARD WHERE THERE ARE NO other boarders, at not more than S3 per week and not ha low Canal street. Direct to X C M., Herald office. Board-a oiNri.RMAN and wife or two or three single gentlemen, can ba eeeoininndated with plea sant Room* and good Board In a genteel respectable family; beanos p,Meant, convenient to the cars. Apply at M7 Brooms Btreet. between Hudson and Varlck. OARD -A PRIVATE FAMILT, RB8IDINO IN THIS i ty-fourth street, could accommodate a a nail family with three or four pleasant Rooms. To respectable parties. a pleasant heme la offered. h<> other boarders. References exchanged, Address A. B., Herald offloa. 8OARD-TO LET, WITH HO t Kit, AT NO. 137 RMOONO avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets, one nicely llaired Front Room no ft.ior, with secretary bed stead, suitable for a gentleman and kta wife; location very de sirable. dinner at > oVI'-ck. OARD.-SEVERAL PLEASANT AND WELL PUR tuabed Rooms, with Board; at 83 Clinton place near Fifth V B gOAi^^^An^ii?iRor^)^^uuEn?<^U|ir ?? blc apart me ita. kind mm aad home etienllna. widilrt wlU private undated with private Board, aaraag and every requisite . Ill a phyatoUa'e family. BO 'JUJdraa or boardarm. Ad ? M E. P.. ateih* D Pal ofltd, M. V. -DOARD.-OMB OE TWO rUMWH) EOOMBTO LET Jj wtth Board, suitable for a gsnllmnii aad art fa or two ata ?la ?aaklaaaa. at IS Nleth sweat, a taw doara waat of Bred waj, the buuae baa all lbs modern Improvements. BOARD. AT U MOETH MOORE STEEMT.-A LA ROE hell. Koorn, froot^wtth ptaee for Are also, alar*e front aad baek Rooaa, with Paalriea to rsat, wtth Board, to a gentleman aad hla wife or tingle genth tjoaed?a family wiewimo arpkeioe aotxim. U ? modatlnna for tba enautug winter, raa be Hotom *lnted wttb tba tnttra fleeced Floor at a how batlou tba modern tmprovamenta, and an -loel.ant table, location daatrahla. Ap ply at 171 Wed Twenty ftrat areei. gOARD.-WA8Hlf.OTHR By U ARE SOUTH.-H AMD aomrly furnlabed Rooms, amiable for families. la let, wttb Heard, at the above delLchtful location, also, Rouen for atc?le grntlrmaa. Inquire at Si Fourth ?-rest, Washington HquaMEmdh. gOAKD.-^O I.KT, WITH DO A ED, A LABOR, HAND ? ?a Parlor, wttb an eitenalnr, on tba Ural door, alto, a lull at comb-liable ftootna, wtth Faatrtaa. oa earond tloor wttb bath aad gas. Apply at M < lialoa place, D|k h tirest. SOARD -FLEANANT ROOMR TO LET. WITH BOABP, In a r.rat < lata house, wtth all the modern lmoro - emaota Titre at SO N Inth atreeA, near Ptltb avenn? BOARP-AI CROSBY FTRKIT, BETWEEN BEOOMB , and Spring areata. A fl't large bark Rooan flrat floor, irate, uantrlea, A a., well furnlahed fur ataxia seat'amen, alao finale Ruocua; bath, Ac.; a food substantial table, family Ka kbtST . TJO A BP? WITH HEAT ROOXB, LAROE AMP ft MALL, Jj la a quiet aad plea and location; aatali family, whara bat taw boarders are taken. To Iboaa aeehtng a comfortable, qnlea boner. where a borne feeltac may be enjoye ., this Is a ?<>?1 "^portinKy to obtain aoab oa ream mains tar ma. Apply gOARP.-TWOOR THREE OERTLKREM GAN OB tain pleaaant Eoomt, ullb full Board, dlandr at (o'clock, at ID Stale atraat. Brooklyn. gOARP-AT S BAET FOCETRENTH NTRKKT, BE tween fifth ar en tie aad Vatna square, with Bonus la autta. or ting la, far taatUMa or tingle reallamsa. t dan conveniences aad wall fnnafihtd. all i BOA BP OM MURRAY hiu?-laeoe. PLEASAMTLT furnished Rooms on third, aad a baalsnmti; faralWii Parlor oa earond fleer to let, with Beard, at a3 Ram Thirty Mb Parlor <? earond fleer to lad, wkb mrset. adar Fourth drsaaa Refer eases wtdtmagad. B AIRING -QRMTLSNBM AMP THEIR W1VRR OR parties of gentleman who will roam together, who wldb as agreeable hoaaa tu a flrat < lata houaa aad mo larate rhargea B 111 I' Afla ? wM?Wt| W W WSE ? hews aad m< larate < barret i reapeatf 'tily inrued to sail all Uua attk oa Mrs Fowler, M Broadway. 130ABPIE0 -SI OEEBRWICH STREET,?A Fl J) Omen ran I-a aoormi modal <-d wttb Board at >3 FEW GEN BOARD wamtkp-bt a ormtlemae amp with ta a geateal prteale family. mart bars front roam and bedroom on aeoond Lour af a houaa containing modern Im i rrrrrmeats, situated aaalwari flam Fifth avenue, for about ?7ti per amath Ptanar aid. > Warm mi flatiaangad. Ad dram A. B., bo> WU Herald odiod. gOARD WANTRD-FOR A. GENTLEMAN AMP WIFE. where there are no other hoarders, or with a widow lady, a please at. well fwafcbsd mom required, aad ao mailt for the gentleman Addram M., Uartld UBoe. HOARD WAMTETV-FOR A ORMTLKMAM AND DAUOH J) ter alt yeara old, ta a print's family where there an but taw or an other huaidara. Addram i. 0., Herald adkae. Hoi fi*' OARP WANTEP-FOR A LADT AND qbmtlrm am, board for the lady only. In a quiet location up town Addram Mm. H. linrrlecm. Broad way F at I TJBfX'Kl'TN.-ECPKBIOR AOOOMMODATTOMR, WITH D partial Hoard f* gentlemen, dommtie nrratigem-nu are aurt at to enturr a oomfurteMa bnme l-waiina pleasant and within (Ira minutes' walk of Month or Wall atraat tarry Be lareaoea tequlrad- Apply at M Onrdbier street, Hronafy*. Board om brooklye heighte-a oenyt ream i " V. It ouert. The houaa laa all the modern' finpmre sad wtfatwjwoprntlemaa nan be^aeoomaw?iued wttb akeEy furnlahed Rojaaa, full >w partial Board- Apply at No. gOARD IN RROOELYM.?LAROR AND HAMpBOHR ly furnlahed Rooam. oa second and third floora. for tea tlemen and their wives or Wn?le raatleaten, wttb full or par eocea. Apply at flb Henry atroat, near Olarb. Bale ranee quire it. OAKP IE BROOKLYN GRMTRRMRH AMD THETR wires, cr tUn*!e graUeeies, can ta aooonaai <dateI w th and warn by apt 1. tog at ?? Goacor.l street, booag El ? lessenr y locate I a lew mtnotaa' walk from Fallon ferry, ta ? req tired gOARD IM BROOKLYM-A GRMYLMMAN AND HI? wife r a few arete tent emen mar (ad deelreblfl Roome, With Beard, at 10* (Tl'ntoa atrest, wrner of Mtate; -or - antent tn wall ttraet at ?' lh" ferries Kefemaoaa r?( 'Ired. 3GARD IN NOCfH BROOKLYN ?A FRIYAYE FAMI- I J 1 hieaprtag a kmlawir'y f irrWhed house, sear the '-ith ferry, aal hartnr more room than they rwt-ba. near , ? ad*ai'UMrea J a enaaf' rlabla and pleeeeat home to oae w ? par"-ea 'eating In a#-..a themwdraa for tie water. Re i "?*? iw.-red. Add/em N Curat ?reet tiv i.?E rg? Brerr. ?OAMjBnia *>o BOARD IN bRulAAIP A .rari.fcHvN Ah a W # Ago I ? ?. ? -.r El"?'v "?'* '*''*? ?-?11 n? * -1 "" ma ??* m ' - aw t. iw r* A?ak)Jt|?i ?cru lniproieamaia BOARD IM BROOKLYN A?.1> L.r?? and mi ... kuatiT fura */.? 1 <?m r.ra?t Ive aonuiw .m 'mm *?. ?<? mi ? i k* km, b? U *c. Board in hr< oklim tct^ru or cm or iw. tingle ifimcii m ft. ntihb tar?.a?*|. Uirar ,...m, ? 'T'i "? MPt.Tw i ? grow fc..J ITk ?? ?-.t lln.ry ?' r- . 1*rtil B cup) dig A nrtl .'i ?? u .e ff w? A'e ? et wp f Bo.'b fvriet, with < . t. .. k B ... ? , ?*, ? -wt'te < ? eh ? i U..4.M %?< ??? tggMa AM Aw Mraat, corner ?< lai.'e. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS - gentleman And woe x) * , i III* itreel, ? /??.. II r .!?? Walk |. .1- f? oc.orb; leraavory n>m In( Tgewtiea ? Brookltm he: iittpl-a t (.<?: i r? ? ? **, r\ t uahrdor uafurulahad. W "> ? ? l? I ? ? "e (ut m ir ("?.'nn?r. la a p ew??t.i? ?d ? . g been o wl/pawled, tpj ? U M I-wfar " Wm; A k j Rottren-ef n iu.gil Apply At 0 Hon l gnN. BOA IIP IN HH 01 TN NUE ' i . Wtth A <A?i '? I t'M u-iUi, gts. A . *i?> imtti iha ?a? .Am .>.'?? ?*. ? * ?Fnp:ArgUwe! near'., lafciA Board :n brooki-th. rmot oi ?i ira Ma II dm at rgt rtaan la < k. ? wt> g- ?? tad ?ti# i.r tfngla get.t>?aea. i* -? Ml or a Aw Hoard, Hi U1' b hlir-t. am u changed. (iontrmient f^r anmriM ?*';*'? a * \t - J la Raw torR?RaanS, vMkMMUAMMm a* nSh let in. ui be knd n.A'n or* Bit >*m * ?>t ct -a at t. .wry. IB A private ? ? ht ra HT A 'ew til he take BldrnAIe I nail. "Ur,|iAl > lA'Af'n M 4BcAA'? I ii,lk 62 Hi* tutet, W jikn >M .rg (il i xti iw rorHK, &>t-M m a* W J AK kAicon -> ,i(ac . M>r??( tu m tnr?, b?? ?pnt.( l?Mi? ab.1 Ail A- ntiagm ?? ? A ti? *m hnaar. Aprly >? ok ??. Elroanti.y ri raimiip k ><>?? ru ucr f er or W|WW|T, nrA ?nn MnAm m m- a ?. ?? > OIK CiM* Ahum P iii*af M A Apply Bl III ??? N > III Nlnlh auom, neat of go I m-?r Bn ulway EI.KOANTIT PVRmStlRD ROORH AT THR tl<tTK Ht. <J?nagi?, flrtfe irgrna, Hoadwu aatf T?-?i? m M tlreau Fait.iUm ah . ? m?m-.-abiIahii ? um.g i> ah * p. n.Anar.t iirruigcmaiuA Ma MM* M*f fcin?" at af AiiAr'BantA w tk b?iba ?1U. l.AU. la Ika .|-ilal a<*4 *A?M' h(. IOCAIA.1 hotel. CANKFORT HOPKR, i'ORNHR OF FRANKFORT A N? RU'*m HAM, N T.?RIak1* Room* IV' . , . or tl to 11 par AMk 'I m a. , ' aaaH KhSh good RaAtAMiAQt AtBohad. Opaa All aigfeL FVRMHBD ROOM. F1TH UAH AND HOARD It *' quired, I .itAliln lor An . or l?n or <Araa ca .' .i*aa A m. a hADdgoo* forniAh'ii larg* n?ai hi a>?t ???? O r a par tj cf gaullamaa .u a <tolat. gar'aai h .?* at tPJ (tr uai ana. bciweau ltroadway tad Bow i j. rRNIHHltn RfOMB TO I.RT-WITH WHO! R OR piriiAl Roard. a lib All lb? nodara iBpioar ?au. ?t?n tkaromtorU of a b..aiA baa aniiynd, la a aary d. a-rbtr aaighhurbood Apply at 170 Waa? Thii ty ? ilk ? .raai. >?A*Mi SavAiitb and Klglth Ateaura Term* taoAarata. FDRNIHBRD ROOMN IN BROADWAY?ROt'AR F1RNT RlAta, bAadAumaly furniAbAd, pi?i'n i ? a.1 ttadopa m proranu rl?; rrary facility and comfort aB- rdad; 1 mm t* oaa ItaI aad oonTaalaal. R9 Broad* aj , lala?i TtaaHtt a ad ThirtaraiB utrreu. FURNIRHKD ROOMS.-A FIW NF.W1.Y FfRNlRIIKIl Koooia. la a Oral ciaaa bu iaa, lo lat to <? ? UhimI board. Oniral lirAiion, ronreoiant lo car* aad Bagaa, aad near RroAdaA}. App.y at *U2 Fo irtb at., A.Mda pladS. Furnished room wanted?for a lady avd aluid. ia WllluHMb'irg or Broublra, icraa B oat ba B'ida rale. Addrea Mrs. Wlliia, Ilcrald oflfca. 9 rial KNTT RMSN OR OENTLEMRN AMD THEIR W1TER damra a of rbtalnioii Sua Roi?*e. wRA or ? lb" i tr*i rlAjt Board can And the aamc at No. 91 illntoe Fink aren ia. Referanaa gliea aad ran tlrad. Han neoMBLT furrishrd and ptjuaanti y arru a md Room a may be obtained at 11 We* Twenty ninth ?treet. for gentlemen aad their wlt ee. or angle geailrmtn. ibe bouae la newly furniahed and haa all modern iBprpf gggaata; Kyle of hooaekeeplng and labia uneioepUouat le. HAMMOMRI.T Ft'RNISHED BUTTH OF ROOMR, WITH Board, aail private table If deeded, at W Eael Twenty iirgt ttreet. oppoadle the centre of Oramarcy Park, prtyt lrga of park. Mrb. qimbert. from THE COUNTRY, HAROPFRID a Roardlng HMa* at 210 Third aeenoa, near Tweupeth BraaA Bka eaa acsoaatndaie a fa* reapeetable y*. ng m?n with clean Romnt aad good Board oa raaaoaabk It/aw. Ap ply .rani... lately. NO 4d WERT NINTH STREET, REAR FIFTH AYR l noe.? Rooeag lo lei furnleked or uafnrniaked. to gatteor I gtngly, to gentlemen only. In a quiet, (Iral elagg houae. with hreaaJ'aat ir deatred; every a I lea Una paid; uaei jepucnabla re ference* given aad required. RT0 1 RANT BROADWAT-YTELL Ft'RNISHED AN froat Room, for a gentleman aad wife or two atag> gen ilemen. Aleo. a hall be.' room, hotter within A few lalautea' walk of Ike bdemean part of the city. PLRAHANT. NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMR MAY RR oblaBM by gai.Uatnen and ibatr wlien ana tingle geai'.e ?aa, by applvBg at M Wr^gfaoth ttreet, between Rw h ?ad Bleecker atreeta. The bouae rontalne the modem Improve meaU. aad la locatad In a quiet, renpectabla aclgbbarbood. Terme moderate. Referaaoea exchanged. Rhooms ;ro let- with board, in a house with all Ike modern Improvemenla? Ferlor and Bedroom, fug a naked, oa ibe aaaood loar, and two badran? oa the fourth I Prioee moderate Loaatlaa 71 Waal Twaaty aevaatk at. Ra-I E COM AMD RBDROOM TO LET- WTTH BOARD. TO A 1 and wife or two gaoUemaa. Apply at M Ik atiwat Raforeaoaa exrhaagad. -DOOM*, WITH PARTIAL BOARD, CAN B XV telaed at U Ram Twenty-alate *tl* Oood rnfi an to reepecubflliy required. BB OB RBNMTTABI.K MMH.B WOMEN KNOAOKD IN ?tore* or barter nadir work to do at bote* mar 8nd comfortable Board and I nor in* at ft per weak, at 11 Lalghl career tf ft. John ? Una. Bear Oatml teres!. raoi-o Hi/aa.i or barter needle work to do i ? Board and Louring. at H per art IT U Bu Jokn a laua, orar Canal ? T) BOCTH1RN ORNTLINRN, WITH ' PAMTLIBN -A yoong Cngllab lady dratraa in #ad a aoliabla boa# ia tea Month, d-nlng the coming winter. Hbe is aa wvomp'uhad pt aalrt and a rneerfnl eumpaa oa. and tier fnemla rar aamaad bar to adverUm bar w tabea Mb* la wilting to par. at a mode rata rata, (or bar board, or to be raeairnd aa a oompaakm oa terma to be arraed at a peroneal Interview. latteri .tea. -:ng r interview will raoeira every attention, it ajireaaad to ? , (lareodoa liotal. itb a? . B. V. rLW-WIIB IMMEDIATE POBB1WHION, TURBB f .rnlebed Roan la a private family, with (U bath itfan. Ac , rata bloek from Mrb and Klrbth avanna sera, with foil or partial Board if required, i rat U par weak la. tire at 51 Larov tercel rLET.-A LADT LIVING ALONE, WITHOUT boarder* or rhlidrea, will let a nbniae at large front aad bark Bnoma comfortably f iratabe I, reamtainf gaa, grate* >?rge paatrlee and all the freedom of a* ew? home. Apply at KaOtmtc terse 1, near tUeC' kar. TO LET-A IPUINbini.T PrENIRHID NCIT OP Parlors-*i Brat floor, with Hadranmt ate>. two neat and nicely furi.lehed rnmt Horn and Bedr-m on accord llnnr, with all the modern Improvements. Apply at 11 BUte avenue, one door below Wavertey plana. rro OR THBKR PI RNIH1IRD BOOVR 10 l.RT. WITH Board, to gentlemen aad lhair wteea or kftfle ?ei tlemao, (aa, Ac. Apply at 1U Wei Bltleaavh ureal aoar With tv. TWO IIANDBOMBLT PURN1NHBD BEPBn?MR TO Idt. witb ur wtlhni.i board, in a private Preach family; nee oa the eenwut floor, and tea other aa aalc room. Apply at 1M Bleecker treat. pro UBXII RblCN AND TIIRIR WIVR* CAN PINO X pood Board ta a mndern billt bn-iae, wttb hot and and bathe, ran,and In a nicely furnished hoiiee, rood table and at arwamwao e tale la a prlvata family .at Itf Waal Tw.nty TITANTRD.?A OBaTUHUN. NIB WIPB AND A BRO Tv tear wtab ta tad a private faaufy a be may (Ira team Rooma aad Hoard oa nlwli terma. 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PRIVATB PAMILT, A f'iratiteed Room, witb Board for a geetiemaa and hw wife, from tea Hrm of Oatobar, locallna not above Thirty e-'.-vepl Wr-et, anr below Rteerkar Terma awdaran. Ad dram Law, Colon euaars Tote odiee. ? PLR4RANT ROOM" ON BROOND PLOOB. NRATI.T f'trvuabed for Ivmaekerptnjr b-A and raid water, (aa. heth, Aa. One family imeapMa Ute rate ? tea boaaat Beat Mu. la -jWtra at WiWeei TtortT wrih treat, near BMrbth area ta. 6 NT. MARK B PI.ACR THRRR PCRNIWRH ROOM* to lev, banker or separately. Witb or wttboni Board, oa moderate bruu. (11) PRR MONTH-TO LIT, i IN A BRAT Tim, 91tb avari'ta In Wtlltamehnrg, on,taming tei aranmeate. kltebea. van, water, rata l ip*, all oa oaa ffnr. very genie-i aad beelfby, rnre,Jl eaam, pom tea door. ?U -Irnod alreet, YUUIaamborg. 1Q BOND BTRFIKT.?Pt'RNIMHWD AND CNPCRNINH 10 ad Rooma Id tat to (entlemea oaly. 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A < A Wl(t WAMHlTOTfN Pl.ti E.-RfWiHA TO Rt", ?| T Wita Boar :r. a b- a* dmtrably Healed. - ataii ?rr all the modara myr ?'??>?, and ?b*r? bat'?w bjr?rv are ut?*n; r*'.-r*oeee et'barfM. Ayp'yktU W?K Wath ?r a { oka teat nub time*. ?UAHUINt* tlO U?D?i*0. _ al' wmr iwMtri uuh -th ? r .imbr-i* *f "> hmmt* ? '? aa - a ? ? < r. ? u? ?? Man ?> . k-i .."I- IX* * r. * .tl tt"4 at . IU?1<* MA - ** "?* * ** ?! ?? rw; ?? !?? *-? 141 wv*t kiTiufi *r**xr bbtwrbb fifth i ) .ad ? t a a a I t , a kak A ?- J for**'!'-.! ? ULat ?. . - . .11 t?d t??iiA-W ? > J" .4 'Willi# ? ~ I ? ? , ? * ?<--??? *?! . ! A - FT* xh j?..j . ji it#. c ? k ' x ana???<:, i?f trauma *i ?IhK.'f ? ft ,*i i* m ? . MKiutrr ?at.iaib. l ? ? -a r**-f r park? l ?*??r?!r?4l? ? < ? ' .1 i ' .11 B?i ?- m ? <*v?. yr* - ?*? -a * ??? aa ai ?"W 7.|t?*TH ? v* III IB VTKXC*.-k? iw ? 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Qirr OFF n.OTHIMfl?A labor iicartttt w a ftro umilnr't 44Km 0 ft MMMM iMidi til. t tH aaak rar -ma.a the'Hi ta ? ar1 tini-riipaaml ?' f 'l r* r, RRPTW4T FCR I,(.pica 4RTI URMTI FRRR n pn-a fh.r prv?'-r i-aotni- V?I at. P MP ra. f arp mi, aad Mi I' kmmh'iaped ej rmai ,'a a v an? ? ? - -? ?? r?pp IM F?-aaik a mo ? wh' h t *n ha ptaan-aa , MoaMA 14 J. AMIaLT. LaMwMtanded hahy Rfh A |? AC1TF -J7IT RK BTBD FBOR ACCTIQR. A* ^tj m el'<at a?a '*1i -c ifaaa ard ?' I ha.R IIP Mug lr>*a-d? iii'm we ctaan-.-.aF ti-4 a a aad \m* < *m Tmm at prlaao Mnch iwa* ? ?- R- R-?Fanahf afcaM' u-R aM for ahattar ? .rrhaa* L Baaaa-ti ev-ea ,j Fc. ? wraai, i>4T.?rol !fer-?r. FA/inWoRT r rtw *md i?rT off in ."r'l'l ap aiaM '1 R* *MMn Mirln. Tk- apa . -aofc pr. ? -?? pwtd aa ha .waned a MMet ? vdi/1 ? ia-?r tt "r.a' . M. -.t a rpallkd Mrp, JT hc^rpMM M. Wua U I.RV1 MOtt ? H'fct HlvAL. k.nllll. \ r,1^!;,SI'L STRV MMDKNOM * ???? RTMUM aNOB , Ttll.T" "a the B'Htou r -,!, or c, ilium :iob . Taint star ^ ;h nlB? |,,(, fruita. liowra, ah.- .Iteri Ac ? ? wy> wvo.lf nv p? usu Termacay ' * ?*t '1 ' f', N "? ? Tfyon low, r ,m 9. /YOUNTRY I . M.K I'llK VP ?PORTT AI'KM firat ua.i y .?u4, food Bidding*, plentr nf Fruit, aplen did wiler flaw, on*- ard a hilf mtlea f, Whit# PUOu? ol *gt WeetjMrmhr cnuaty. Addreaatinpt Uiwt. WbHo Flilua depot, or K. I*. I.awrence.illit .Ctmntb am, ,? FIRST 1*1.ASK FARM OF SKVKNTY-SIX A*'REF ill thorough cultivation, hrun* b.irra, gtabltng and onibo'iies inrd? nod in brat rate condition, land a noi d'-e > >u wi5 beautiful ncenery, with it* own nlnou lawlm* and ,,i? ll-hlaa To ? farmer or A city merchant tbw offer* nnuitial advaolhiMal Eaiy of oi'rai fetid witfein ? few Is urn of u..- ity i,u | J Ifeifeod r' Mit.d I'nco TlO.Utt'. the produce paying n 1^., Mt. ,u.j. root. Address 1. T- boa 170 Herald i*n.**e. POM BALM? The elegant four story broom a'nue front Hone* 2t0 West Twenty third streot, 23t5?; lot hair the block; built uy dfey'o work. JAMAS K. kOWAK.M, 277 Wool Twenty-third itr-el. rR KAI.E?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ? cmtiulju of n ?cr*o of Load, in ? h'gh otate if cm iro; "no 'nrge double lioaae. and one new OettAjre. Uarm, Hi and Oiitho mi nil In good oondiUun: (ool fruit in abundance, I o?d fencee. A''., allunted one alia from the Hath Hotel, on tho r.*d n Flail .at, L. I. A lArge part iff the purchase m .oey an ren-*ln n b.*nd and mortage for a term of year* I> vine of II F . K\KK, US Lauren* street, N. Y? or KllWiaj HAiiAN, ou the premises. rl* HAI.K OR KX<IIA.V(IK-? BUILDING LOTS I If ib lion lid Oreeo avenues, ttro iklyu, 1 matten beautiful nod Mortu.eni to cum. Apply u> W. F. JORDAN, 18 Wall ?uvrt. room Ju rH>R f*l R-ON LEXINGTON ATKNUB, CORNER OF f thirty f' h street, ihrce flrst "bias lour atnry ?one Irani lUuses. w ith hi?h stoop*. baaementa and anb cellaiw. and ^ V* modern improvement#. la<iui>e at MM Allan street, of D li. KKaI-F, Owner. EH| r nAT.r~(iN mt-rrat hill, the first c.ase Jour anrybniarti atone Iran Hounra, wrtth high ainopa, IS and 77 Thirty fourth atreet, near Fourth Tbeee h"K" ? are b'llll on at. entire'7 new and Improved plan, laaring three nana rtrep, repl-te with all the modern hnpnvemeute; b'Ult by day'* w<rh, aardwiond duora aud blank walnut loalra. Term* to rut rnr.+aaer?. Arply to MATTHEW RYRNKS, on the p rem eon. Thirty fourth atreet la n one bnndred foot rR FAI R OR EXCHANGE?TWO HANDSOME Pllll.A. lelphle I rick front llonaea. well IhaaM In Bruik'to, Inr a ,eer?i le Farm or .mintr. real letice, near New iork. Ad drea* H H t*, &! and 84 Naana o atrret. room 2#. FOR "AIR ?A hFLENDID FOUR STORY HHOVVN *o t. cb atuop Hone.-, on W< at Twenty-third atre. t. No. AT baail lb mxl.m coovt-nh uoe*. ia diTlgbtfitilv t rated, and M I. I ' ? Id l ap James k. kowarim, 277 AT"?i Twenty third Mreet. fl BA1.E-A TWO 8TOKY AMD BASEMENT HOUUR, brown Mrne tiiMklwa. Eldeewo-I water, aaa. martiiw w fee - ? Ar honae 20 by M. hd M hi MM Price ft,3 0, IS.S00 a ia i n Wt*ir~ Alan, two adyntninc three at-iry and Saieei. ai K-- ,?ea. w iheaoie atyla of trtaaruiagn, hatha, waah be-n ? err .ue i up and dnwn ataira; una, marble maotela, a'- e iumi waav tub*. Kidpawrnul water. Ac. Price W.SOU, I-. C 1-11 and mmtaaae Thla la one of the moat ae-eaatbid t'Aen in1 i.l In itrnnkltn. <?lr three ?Inuiei'walk fr a. I i ? aienae. A ianbc avrune and Flatbnah avenue ear* Apply W FAGaN A iT.tFFY HnlMera, on ine pre 1 I?a ?? i*aiu'? aueet, ba ween Fortlaad aud Oarellon ave rR RAI K ON FATORARLE TERNS AND IN QUAN ? pure to eun pureknarrn. AO acre# of the eHoloeat l*nd, or IV eel Ib.'ii a. cited en Third avenue and Fifty tilth aireet, p. vetyn near Hay Mulge within SO mmnteanf New Tork. Far ma aeldn ere at kit AM REV MOVE. 3U Fine feet rH>R ?AlJt WAVTED TO EXCHANGE 3*0 A RM ? flMne mad ia Nmaeeout. for hm.ieb.M I furniture, new J ? - i bar t r-id m l?r Any pi ratio da hnln* houirawep mt eae n.eai ? Jettmble trade by addieadrg W. A. U., EFWH dWR M ?Al k- ? THREE ETORT HOUSE IN TftlBTT f Ire muaer peaaaetn aswnud. la enmpiele enter, mb a.I ike medara mpmiviaenu Foaaeaal ? giren ? a lew .. a -v r ? terma, Me. apply to K. f. DELANCET, Jjmjaad ". ''*? i rvai. PA1 F?A TWO STORE, EEATLT FINISHED mr Me-ie* and fair Usa la Newark, N. J.. ab-"it Wee it tan 4 a mite Irm ihe rwlirnnd depW. Frtee td SUtE t* v dnram.itrt N Pit HAL USER iu Et?hth avenue. Mew tur* AURFS OF KMIfii ly in rntlei .rem n Fink PALM- A COt'NTRY RE?IPRNC*B ? A f eeeaatwt ladd. wdh WndamA ^aaehery. ken ?Mad i ? me < amrwl Ret.rand u' Raw Jwrway 17 H P ? let I ? ?e rem KtialaW ONp, 1>? ?drnrtew1 walk froat ike da, I Cm the pinWmn id n lares twoaturj d ruble b uma, wwa a "Sea > idil. k ds m ??W? myle. a email tenant knew, lares karw and nil me aaaal ontbuUdtags There are three ? of e- e'laui waiei with mm m Me hmiae. la ..uire ef lT MtRRfTT ?* Third sveaee Tun? easy. Wlf Mf NolTMRAdT OORNBR BSOADWAT F ?ad Fmla ttpd merek Ab- lata I'Nt atrnt, -??w Fi.iAareu * lihia wet earaar b.alh areaue; Frwurtk ureat, - ' . ? I * * ? ' r-1 i . .? vtwevi. I 11 t, -r.d I l ;h nrma rnaiei as Bmi mce. Am> Mm Win Ms ? SRTMtit'R M Fmewmt. H-VlRhllR t R Rl<"?tAN.?R F?.R WHS OR DoWN f lamw S ?a? -F< r aaw llawaMi kl(k mmrpa, bmwn akrud mm dim awry tad hieeaMBt naderw imnu lamewia heat rwah We asm P Ileal I araeaaa hum ky the day. an .mtad ?Nhpylmi, tw TkmatA rnamo t an'nd m Hamad lately. Mpptpie w a Fwrraiffi'M iAhlamfkNcy mnad em _ B*OR BA1.B OR TO LMT-THB NEW Y HRIR HToRT f tweara mrme 'rami (loan* Ma M Warn Forty AOS ?? net, he*weee FiTnA and maiA avireap ale* Me new ihm wnry It ?a* Ne lO Wear F*wty atehtk ?mi hat*aaa Ruth add ke? *a A ? ? n -?# rvat NF per aeaam. A h iiRKW iJRfTEB A CO. HHHO ?? WANTTri A oBNTI.RNAN HAVING t GOOD Bms. made by a rmmMi amy ko *as ler I ? . ** at- t ? m **the tn ma nan at* ma <u. Same hrtfk ? *? the stri.rv?wn;.?*.*i5SX,iscirA "_r*r** X* rw"m *? II RE AT MUX rftirtRTT FOB Shi M?TWO LOTE ? ?mEMBk wem. aae I Mb IRRAT HII I- FOR RAUL HCHNMI AND WOT NO M ? Ram Thirty fourth Mraet M Rt iaafeas kp baN ike ? ke-msAf r**i aaap. f**enetm Naai aaeae bunt !? Er^g*t5?xTTMiE Oizi. ? PAi.jufwann th? mriw>w-i ah ArmoBsitn fMBfl ' ? ?? ' ? ' -? M MMIW I '?.?? ' <r p ? ryam .< I?|'fw pam akt> >lMa ? trm Am fcti?l rath* r' _ , __ ?ri h* > rMX < ItrnMBMi M In A?f4* laa >? ArataMa fcrMailk i >ni?tA?n? *1'A*I>.; ? M a' K KM t * I All t.A?IMC TV r ?. t t <-rra f nm -n laa *!?<> ? aa M taaaaaaaA *mmruna ami) w aaA ahm ?r tl m t> >i Pi ami i L. . ?A 1 Mtl aalil J A* it >* VI Ml IB'A HTTP-A HVf i f Pit *TTa p? r?>? TV lwr< Ut4 >* ' ?**>? ??'? Ml -a*. hf a III Ml? ? A<1. f<1 ?*?#?*, Hara-A iflkm. oniTrTin n>i~?flML'ttii iTommtv ?> ?m> ? ? 7 ftMirn iiw >HrAa?4?t WM k?ii4Ma * . IA (V Aaar, fm?t a rj fcaaamat a*4 ?A aallaa. mmm .-a?a*r. Antra? Br a*M(V?aaf trara ?+%*??? far* tmmr-m, fwwtn aMAufA-urv. Mr ii" A HAruiw. ?OH *<; U MlM ?MW 11 ? A ? # rfwlKl _ 4- D0(j-r**l *fr?*rr>i thiri HWT Aira r__ __ ^ IMaaM* atraaa, V ??,r? tntka lAaalara MniMii ? *HMwnMi I I W A V B* ? llirikw ttnw V>* M NKDM AU A Mil I anMnMaal I 'UW aaA Iram ABfMMf TOBARJUBD AID IllUIJi 01 ? AT a* *i m f**taii*, pp, ?m MA. tw MMlif IA* aM iMMM h?A t ' B*> <<km Ra<>?? W *it *"*A ?? <??f Til AM Hr>m4 n>, I T ,am? ay ?? taMarai **? At nn w aai4 ?tos5s^trravv I AAA! Al pi rirn n >* h wmt THtitiiDTH mrrr. w>a.y?aa Aiiwt " El HODII, AH MO AO* AT, lATIDa V*I*TT. tan jfat* imii, ?*??? Atm? r aa a IMnm r*a# I far mi i*il?? AM Aa At r amA 31 aa: rm. ?i mum or ma tmith Iv SKMIMUI ? a*a mi i ? ? aar* p haat ana. Ei. ontarrr irimi or tub raw tobb W?iW laaa*. Ha Mm ma nA ftaaa o ? 4 at Da If Ok# ma ? bla tit: ana: ia qf a< I" ? !*?? ?i. Mkna <Mil 1 ImAI ana haiaa ' MA a naa at ? A t at flail ,1 ?Barak* aa ?flVUa .??? ? *a I tkaaaar ? B ? HI*. It* "ft* M Df ABB ITIBHT HBHIMB "P ?IB iJL'^nu 5csKU?xiX\a rv s nWbrn'.v.1:/ ?a B M? taaaa tm kt* an*at a w Baaaaaa paw MB r kMBk Ml VAMMll Ifl# flMM WHHHMt (H* IBW BMHP i4d? pflML ? 'kal aa iaaa*a a# Mm t%a naka ara at.a aaj itftaaaarr??aMMMirBMif f D? Hi ITKB a a raaaAM* aAMMBMa, 't-aa ' ? 11* -1 ??#? ta: m at a ?ki. at a<a MA *a lln twit <*araaa aa ? MA araa?t>a4 a*t jM ? " ?M i t:?M aa m w Mm Ma Bwfea kaamaAl H aa aa. ??? ? H' MM iLirs's^ ara a ?. * tut Mam Mi1?M tan' aa M . ' tall i P ataflMaam' .!( * ?aa ? amaaaMt m MmM aa ? <m an <* vmw immm m a ?i ? n-v J.y HmM Mm a* KB U? J W I mm tf a aaaa Am a| a tv-mamfcark ra'tMB'fU aa. ? maaMi a 7>Vall .? ? ?*?< mm ?r ? i - M aa . ??l?l at at.i_ ka aamt *j ? r^TmSf XflPlf Al. Ti:rifa-fW| lit!' T PWfi: ??. iO Ik I IVvir-at. an MA* fktr* Mf <m*w* ? "t ?amtABMAM aafaaM BMmM. B| amA ?*< ataAi M i Mi i *1 OBra *1 <>atf eua* taraa* * %*a# ^~rS*oiT'.MtvT'l ? ? **' ' * . ?? ha ''taaaJMi aa M?al ar ?? >*?*? 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