Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1860 Page 3
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beere*. f!3 a 115; beef cattle can be bought in the Muctihoring TillH^'fh at 112 per head. KikaNpial ?A morgan (told. 3 per cent pre ini?ui; Mexican gold, lo p*r cent preuuum; Cus tom Uouic aoxip, 60 per cent Uiacount. T1IE PRINCE ON SUNDAY. SERVICES AT TRINITY CHURCH. i I Attendance of the Prince and the Royal Party. INTERESTING CEREMONY. Scenes and Crowds Around Trinity Church and the Fifth Avenue Hotel, j Hermoni on the Prince's Visit by the Rev. Mr. Frothinghuui and the Rev. Mr. Harris. i D'jfuipr A La Fouchette at the British Consul's, MORE OF THE DIAMOND BALL. Arrangements for the Departure of the Prince. > What is to be Done at West Point, Alba ny, Springfield, Boston and Portland. BUtfERN ATHENS WAKING AJI EFFORT. TEE OCJIE v;tw OF TDK RECEPTIOJ, 4K., Ac., A*. THfi prince at itls devotions. uikk-NKB CKita at ijumt.- cuulu-tuh urnan ? ?EHM(,N BY Tns KEV. I>B. VIN 1'ON ? INVOCATION yO? quaes victoria. run rtuNCB or waxjw and tug KOYAL FAMILY, ETC. The vlS'talion of blj RoyaJ Hlgfcera the Prince of Wua ?ud lb? Uistiuguiibed noblemen wlu compose his saito at morniaj service At old Tr Lilly churcb yesterday was ibo cause ol UrawiLg tegelbrr one of tbc largest and in'*; I At biuu Able coDgregatkiiS tkAt ever worshipped within tu oortecrated wails. The morning broke dark and f -jr^y , at J a cold wind blow aciotss the East river, suggestive of tbe fall of rain. But people wbo were ?ol provided with tickets of admission armed them selves with their great coats and umbrellas, and started og to peat themselves lo the mnrt eligiblvplacea near the eharnti, ao as to catch a view of the Prince is he entered aad left. The arrangements, both external and internal, as well o f the police as of the ?ocltsiattical authorities, were of the moat perfect kind. Not the sligheat trouble or ooa fnMbii prevaikd. The stats tu the col t re aisle were all uiiiubi red led apportioned to the holJera of tickets, and tbese, as tb?y arrived by tho main entrance, wero quietly shown to their plaoea. Tickets for the tide aisle only admitted on those ?Met, but ao rapid was the Uow of people that lone be fore the closk had tolled the hour of ten evsr? seat was occupied, and yet one half of the congregation had acaroe^r arrived. Fortunately provision had been made for the great rush which was anticipated In the issue of red tickets, which only insured ad mi* ton, but no seat. The holders of these latter tickets, among whom were some of the moat highly bocored citizens of the United tttatss, very soon appropriated every lAch of ground that could be spared, and, with the exception of the main centre aisle, there was not a single standpoint or seat in the whole church that was not in full occupation la hal as b<"'ur later. Three front pews in the centre aisle were reserved for the accommodation of the royal party. In one of them, aad Immediately in rronl of the Prince's seat, two magnt ftoent prayer books were deposited? the ooea smtll octavo ?tse, the other a hair quarto. They were both got op In the moat perfect style of typographical art, and the skill ?f the binder had exhausted itself oo the exterior decora tions The large prayer book was bound la bright red ?wrocco, and was fastened by a golden clssp, chastely ?abcliislied with filagree work. The, clasp alone cost the sum of MM On the outer eover it bore this inscrip tion ? TO BIR ROYAL IIUIOAM { ALBLKI lU#ARI>, PR1.VCE OF W vLEi, ; rum tbc ooktorati"* or ? TBWirr fst'Aca xiw york, j m aaaoRY or vn* MtninrR?cs or m CRlW.I OT RBOLABD. I Tbt e'A*;> of th's brok was Qsely worked with Uie Prince of Water' pie me iu.<1 the motto " Ich Diea." It wa? Alt' gutrr a h<?u'ifu! g'.fl, wet! werU?y of Trinity rhnrrh and the royal Prlaci. The imalkr prayer book was bonrd In smasthiag like brown morocco, and clasped by two nrcs-naatol (llrcr r.ltspa Tbc bladlcg was Arm and taitoful On the Inner front oovrr wis a beautiful'./ Inlaid rep'esentali<>n of Uie crown and garter, and on tlx other side the fjil-twing rlpttoa:? tu nix auvu aumeaw f TUK PKlfiCE Mr WAul^, X rno ? ; rHA<*on Tin row, D D , * HUCI) OOtudY, I). 0 , i TVS U SKITTER IN PIIARUS (IT 1 THIMrV CHI it H, i *IW YOKE , arnoaiei or rat maataawTa wvwr> aT attcb i TR1VTT, IHT >Hla It. 1100 $ The rroatlrptece Is a very One vt graving if ?in bhsaol ?avtoar. Tie two books were examined with ar-ob eurlaalty by all wbo could get tbetr bands on th??n, and were after wards dtjoallcd In the Prtnoe's pew, as alrdady stated THE CfllMH*. About ten c'eloak, the usual period >??f?re the ?*>?? Bfi>cen><r,t of b.<vra,t? rervioe, the ftllswlog rbl.oes ??re rung o-Jt meiodiousir fr m the elgut bells forming the cYme, ?>y Mr Aj ?.*??, the tipsrtsoecd bjiir.njer of the oh uri b ? I < v*ng<a ca e*bt bel's. 5 Paris h From I' < > l.l's cb ?rcr, "Tdm roaad aboit the Cltfry H<sv?.bs." S. Vsn ua 4 Sic lias Mariner 's nyma. t Hannv?r 6 Old Bundled. 1. Qiar^es on eight be'ts. ? Ptrjel's Grr-ntu Pysir Per . never befor have the chicaaa of 0'<l Trluily been listened to w'th sn en" ?? aa attont! in, ?r by ao car.'' >ai aa u l oij-1, as on tail aceasioa of the young I'risce 4 *?*t worshipp ng la aehorhwtth wbloh als an- ?t)r? ?'* as in^iHilei/ Msattfled. At Uie sor.eliislon of the sbtm-?, tb* or.l nary peal was raag, anam-aclog ihat tb? itar nff ftir- was (war. The belts were cut in l>>n ,'>n, eooHt Imo ta the year 1T90 by Mean ft Sob, biiJ wpre first lo th? oil tftarrh Oee of tVm was kr *?o, and hvl to be taken ?owa from tfce bell tower, an' a aew bill ssbatltatol f* It. aid wbee tbe prse?at eunrrh w>< betlt the balls ws-s s fpended in lu elegant tower ft m tbe oolf set o chimes In the city, aad ooo of the very ft* lu the Called ft ates It is the largest ?a weight, tbongh not la nam her la the Pal' o. The t w*a a-e very rtnh aad moeloal , as tbey alnost necessarily are, considering the aslehrlty mf tbe ma* era They are arranged to such a manner that s?a person ess r'.Bg tba ertire set? a great Improvement mi the old eystei 1, which m? ^sitated a risger to sash t?ell Tb'e arr?nr>m nt has sot yet heew universal';' ?doj d Vt ftjrl"' , t P'l'.nt r ' .? ?r, kw held tbe a?t ?? '? ft?r tke last rght, dor * wt> Altaic he bss gtvra nninni ! Set ?'sci" n. b th ths c- -rrr awt tl? r? ... r. t : o. Every 8 i4ay tbe sblta a*rang|to? ?sat'as from ten to kalfp^st l a, with ? ie ev-ep tw<n if a t*? r' Iui>f ireiore th- It'wf tue. tl^rlnr wLh.1. oaa af U.?. b, us .* rj" t ia Ibi oruioary veaaer to Iiillir ?t? that (be t'roe of scrvlee I* near. On cc?? Ing of this lant twll, divine sarvtae t?n. dut.'> t m , neDcop Tn the afternoon tbn ebi.o?a, at tbi* eo?iJi tbP year, are ugali rnng, with a #'mllar eaoeilti -< ?' the mort ng, from three to half put three . f.*i * ;A:n< , During tbe sun tr.-r nwiitha Uia -orv>.-? W I) ? f *" ?> <r later In the evening, ai.?l, <* ooorwi, the Unt'f*< ' Ibelr sweet melody co".-*ponillrijly later t>;a? t.f ? .?< the late fall a:H wluler. The ?iw ?' r*o; ? j are canted o.H on the great f FUvai- o: i-.t j church, whfcb, ?Hh atl th? <* <?e f. .? a. a<? and saint's davs, ?r.< ?a atrWllir kepi ** the - ' ? the fret Htant ?pl?eo;*l efcureh enjoin. It la n ? W no etiwery to *Cd that dodo b it saere 1 ? ?" eh ? ? I on Sotdajs and bMHays ntvme *?r?loe s h ' I ? *-?> day, morning and aft' rnoon, bot oa thee < ? -a ,?i' chimes are n ute, only a sUgieb.:! calim* <h? en t ap pers to praj er There are two occasions In tbi jear oil aWo^ ih.i r lie which exclncos Seto'ar airs from the list of cntmnJ w nm obrerve<?? namely, on the great c.lioaal Q'tid .i/e <>r the Fourth of July at d Now'ii day. O i <ti"?e civil restiva'* t'leel me* are rung at midnight, t >'u U?>r pas', slev.n to b.i'f past twelve, *b-;iinj iu tbe v iver ?ay of lcdependf nw in the one case, and rin^-un ll. >11 year out and the new year in In the cttur. Oa itieac occasions the national, patriotic anl a selection >f the m<?t popalar airs are | laved. It is a Tact worthy o! remark that neltbtroathe ^'ini a nor on the great organ in the Interior of tbo bu'l ii< < **a the English nattoual antSem pla>ed Th.s la contrary to general expectation The roa*on for tin* i . that the Prince was there ilmply a? a worshipper, on a I vol i with other wvrehii>per? ar. I full >w alnuara, a:; i ttiat ( th?refore It wa* Improper to rnaka any ?peeial rti*p w In bis favor, which b?s oontrary aliko to tbo spirit or tbegoep? l ao>l the iaw* ??f the cburcb. Shortly alter the bt-g itaing of tbo cbiro'1* a lo# avjnd leg nolno towai c*s the (wuthoru part of the ch'woh K?eme ? to Indicate the approach of the Prince The wboi- oou grrgatlon, with few exception*, at once rose to g-t tue Brat g'im; ae of the youug aclon of ro;a'ty,b'ii it even tually tnrucd out that it wm a falae alarm. Pr. Vliitou toon afterwarrti came from the T>-?try chamlwrf, and req'iifctod that the aggregation w >n d not rl?e on tbe arrival of the Prince, but thai all ah mid keop thrlr icata uctil the coriimoLC-menl of Divinn wnrahip Ho rxprtffcd tbe bo^e that the aaine ec?rom thai had alwa.ia a arked lhe conduct ol the people In the h.>u*e of God would be maicta'ned to day. ABKIViL or TUB I'UINCE. It was not long after tbat a uoiae was again heard at the main front fulranae.aLd presently a ter the l'rinoe acd lift tulle, preceded by tbe t^xton, boaritg h ? mice, or ro?l of offl v . walked up the alile with aatn" rapidity. HI* Royal HlgbLew a as dr eased In a plain suit of black, and looked ex'-eniingiy well. The royal party wro duly escorted to their pewa by two niambera of Trinity l?rpo ratlon. Tbo Duke of Newcastle entered first, and vr*l cloaely followed by I-ord Lyons, then the l'rino?, who took the teat ntaretl me di>or of tbepev. Hia Rjyai Iligh&ess, Uavirg silently tflired his adoration to Aim |hty God, very quietly took his seat, and leisurely htjun to look ?ver the leaves of tbo prayer books wbloa were laid on the ledge if the paw. The Earl of St. G;r mac*, the Hon. Mr. Eliot and tbo other gentlemen who accompanied the rrluoe, took their pUces In the ri-ar pews At a short dlatinoe belos the third paw tbo tall f, rm or General WiLfield *vlt was s?on towering up line Saul among his brethren. 1 * spite the advice of Dr. Vinton, nearly the whole congregation aroeo a* the l'rlnce eiterod, ^ut. without a word if aLy kind, thry all g.?nk back Into their ueats as soon as theykhad eten the Prince While the par;y were asctndlLg the a'.rle to their pews, the floe old organ of Trinity plajeJ an appropriate voluntary. TUB BUKVICKS. The clergy now t merged frota the vestry tn a long line of two abreast. They were all drewed lu tbetr furplioee, and presented a fine and Imposing appearance. They were located In the following 3rd?r ? HOKTU ?TatLS. Her Dr Vinton, Re*. Mr Fros?, Hev Dr Slauntoc, Re?- Mr. Abeirromale, Rav. Mr. Young, R?*. Mr. Leeoa. Rev Mr. Pvcke, sornt mA.uA Rev. Dr Ogllby, R?v Mr J. O L Jouus, Kev. Dr. Morris, Riv. Mr. Payne, Rev. Mr. Young, Rev. Dr. W^llS. Rev. Mr Marskall, kostii fwaacwu Rev. Dr. Criigbtun, D. ??, of Tarrytown. Rev. Ir. Ilackley, Rev. Mr. M..I1, Rev I* Walton, R?? <*r HiookiM, Rev. Dr. Edaon. Rev. Mr. rovb?rgul, IUt Mr. Btea'bS, Hov Mr. Dennisoo, Rev. Mr Atnell, R?t. Mr. Do?e. Rev Mr. Pratty, HOVTH 11UMH. Rev. Mr. Wowell, Rev. Mr. fcar borough, Kev. Mr. Ilarrlaoo, Rev. Mr. Chapman, Mr Craet. Kev Mr. Cbi-ou, Kev'.Mr. Tbonpenn, Rev. Mr. t^ird, Jam , W. L Beside* these gcnleincn were the four aodermeaUooeil bishops? ? Right Rev Blab op Potter, of N'ewYork Richt Rev. BWtiop < ?denhemier. of New JerKT Right Rev. Biabop IMaacy, of Wee>erB New York. Right Rev Uiabop Talbot , of Boeto a. U will be observed tbat there were several gesUemeo from distant dlooassss, among whom ws may particular ise.? Rev. Mr. Fotberglll, of Quebec Rev. Mr. Thotnpioo. of Krwler ickton. Rev. Mr Caird, ef Jamaica, ? 1. Tte men and b>je of the choir, numbering abwt twen ty four, all dressed in surplices, the*, took up tbe position aetigned thorn near the chancel. Tbelr appearance, in their new scrpllces was very ehnsts snl bsauttful, and in ihia cocnectlon we may mention tbat the snrplloss for tbe choir were the pious gift of s gentlemen who Is a member of the c ng regal ion, aad not of the ladles, as has breu erroneously atatsd. Tbe ladles, It Is said , opposed tbe movetrist. but seeing that It works so wsU are now <tuitc taUifl'd with It. MORKiVi) 8KSTIOI Bfc?n in the uau*. m laid dowa la the elegant liturgy of tbe I'rotaalant cfcuroh. The Rev. Dr. Ugllby latooed marniag prayer to Um croad. The Inl I' moo tai raad by Ibe Her. Mr. Payaa, of SebaMolady. Th* Rev. Dr. Vtaioa tatoted the contiaaatloa of morning prayer from the crecd to Um Litany, when It ma taken op by the Hcv J 8 Young, aaatctaat minister of Trtatty church. The latouattoa of the Litany waa vary One. B.ahop OuuUimtr. o t New J-raey, latoaad the aate com munion acrrloa, ay) the ipiatle of Ue day waa raft by the RjLt Rev Bub.p Deiaacy. Bt*h<i> Talbot real tho Ceapcl, aad the oauai reapoaie, "(.lory be to theo, oh, Lord!" waa rundered with thrilling edect by the organ add choir. The r?*Hn* were latoaad by the Rev. Dr Via toa, who, InttcaU of ilaglag the aaual ''Gloria p?trl," ap proyr lately ?ub?tit?ted the "U lor la la eaoaiaia Deo '' The i' ?cluding prayer* were by I be Rev Dr. Gratghtoa, aad i be Baal bi tec lotion pronouaxd by the Rer Dm tap loiter. The whole aerrtoe waa a full choral oae, and It may be Jurtly raid that no charrh la America conll exoel (?Id Trinity la the culrhratloa of the marring rerrtoa. The Veaite aa well a a the Paa.ra< of the lay were chaunt ed, an I the TeHum and BeueUlctua from Cutl.T'i (errloa la R Oat gtr* aaip'.a opportunity to a tin*, latell g*nt joUb, aaibcd ilaltr Jamta I.ittJe, to diapUy the powers of bla rtrb a.J extranril:.ary roica. Th r young lal'i ilngftg ?<<nMd particularly to bava attract*! tUa atten tion or tht PrlLoe ant Li attendant Tbe Nicer* Cr?e4 w?? cl. iui:ted to tho Gregotlaa taaa No *, aad at tbe wtr<i?, ".Vnd to Jaru Chrirt Hie otly Hoa," Ibe whole tt i ( rrjtatlun ri rcreutly bowed, act **clodlrg the frlaoe atid Tbe actum by Marfr !k>, "fib! Lord, our Qoremir, how ear* ileal la thy name la all ite world," wea theo (nog, tl?r ??.?? t fn the anthem being glren la the mott p?r?*t at) le cf u.'jljal art by Dr 8atll<aetta and llvi'-r J*tv* Little. 11 e p' rl< rua; w waa ao uaoaoeptloaable aato be brjord all pralta The offertory wet omtWil on thli oeaaalon, Dr. Vlntoa ertranr'rf taal peraon* wh had aim* t? giro e-viM c.thef cepcfll Ifcrm Is the u* ml box a; lbs ratraooa, tr r<>od them to bin (the t*wu?r) la per*<>o. J*t tho e?nolu*loa of the oommoaioo tervioa, the wol' ksors hymn, Ui>fnr? Jehovah's awful throe*, wv *tmg by Hie foil cboir, ron?i? ,ing of tlx bv- ?*. thr ? Vtor*, finr altos, ard ten ?'?prano* The *oM la tlie (' tn wcr>' well Sung by Jane* Mule Tbe orgia a r mtrptnkd Ihorh'lr from * dlataar* nf 110 f<et, aid Mr Cut'er, th* director o' the tnusle, threw la IU full toned rery ?#?ctltely. TIIK HFRMOIf. The Prr Pr VrfTrwr who <r*? eppo ntol to preach the rertnoa. ther aaM-ndM the I'fl'p l la hi* t-iril'cj.aad to* tbe k>lio? lag l' ? The' lh* rr??Hee?e *Bd ???!?<?* e- nrM to fl1"! ?''? afairet liaalel roocet?h'* ?>?e hlnrtm nat l?i?v cm i Mtd i>"ue <<<raaK'i tor t? hi araaui a a* ui ??? ! f "hru ooltl . r waa I ?>r?* any in -f or ftut U< . 1 ta bun raid thr#? w?en we *H?>I iK>t flad anr i ag?*i??tt ? DaatH, >e M it an - it b m em C'n'tt t* <? law rf hi* f > I ??"l"f *1 . a, It On* ol (At gr. '-bi that alt U>* i*;riptiire? art ?rritteu fjr tors I tbe SlgTCl f'M >?, 4 >1 ?.!?(? of Ui ? ?H.| A-fcUaK l u< III- I' 4 <! ?>?"1 1 ? it t i ?vr Bft ' > va-lety ?M temp r. pa." ? >u ? vr- ?<? ,u? rttdvot) ?*?r> g? U>al?Ow.*S ai*d v ? ? j i l <1 avi v. ? >r t and i ?i*- mi ?% a ? l , >u . lb? Motives c ib? ii- kM. oi?i eg . it,.. | ii I Uit i whtcbtov ''4ai<i a*. ii,tli H i i ir, , , i* iftice, i ik * >i njraata wu ' ; ii, ? *f**c'iiions ,# our r*oe pars in '?vi -w h < ,f uvtis U IT i ci lri (iflii, wt) rem <4 , ? ? ifwlwli of ill . i kind , III Ib'-.i 111 I. .in i Hl'.i HI, i ? i in ii/ ur crtt ''ii tttoi i in a t dvu am 'i> Ur |?D?ijUiUB| friitt aua 'i In thin U*i i ~ *t> bus? tule. ciiiM < Ilk lif llllil, ?o i b i 411 ? 0; ! i|? m iw.0, a i>< ?-?>? iir? h'im?t i.vtiirx ".i '? an I on f ii u> than y mi may etsenvr h siui i ,|iiu ui" oiiai oo i n tb? cane* oi to* Bible aa >1 ?b;?.> ail m l tell mhi viai y< u art ? ubli.i.K'ug tu auriitgs ut aotivu, <Ji < 1 r i> y the *- ere'** *Uieu y?i #onl t mi nival i^iui rmesnten"*, r?fnli.i( Hi* nivwlertea >f rod* balO?. ah i aqiaittmg you with the uioHinn.' ?>! jiroflMMi, In (irr ail ell .rl? at reli an iwledgo au i U allc n,?i? In Ititc |?rtt rvi lu w bicb your w ti. ib cr y *ur obaarv* UN <'?ii |M?Mhiy aocoiuii ion 4kil anonrdtugly ion ,1o"K of *ji.( ( Kciibi b umu just at ibey truly a-c in tc ? w >ri<l. Come ot ibe-u ar<- reuiirkanlefor pr ?-oiin in vm.ii>*. anaie fur uiorslrnus wiok-il .,?-?( s ii? iro dlxlto* mu-il lor oertaiu qualities, good or bad, but are ditilci" it Ii oiueri which OBa would expect to see *t?.ic atol Soi* a c ?mi lirlit lor specific euoowmc I* ami moob^IM u -i.H, whilo notorious for a barrel. ue?s of kuiirt.l Iciiu >h, juii mud vi a may meet wita in oomrnox LU- H>?i? m (it nr. what 1 may denominate partial >r fra* neatarv hi'ijjcu- , an J fetr *bal 1 may call complnta aui ??ll vapor tloued charariom, "every incb a man," a't (t-ther *>1011) ; uu u of iBkgrity, wbiil-; mm, f uiAi i m|( all dutlea, Mln rixativd ?nd p.oua, Willi ?c upoiou* Hiclu> and ?nn nynt-mit ?! order. But iMtilcl wit auca a miu aud auob a e ilat rim obaraoter la developed in j ut pron?rta>u. and nia actions are goverLttd bj meaulaat pruioiplus Uitior uicn, every one (if Ab<l and Knucb and Jua> pb and -Umael may not be excepted trom too nat), proro i r oroaot and o oml, falling, lor tbe moat part, in the very virtuea lor watca tbc> are c. ;eDiaU>d, and ui? 'ovoriuR tiiareb) tin fuiit/ of oar (kite . uaiuru, even wbou It u aiuotiilM. H>ito( llao el we read ud!> oommeudatinu notb troja (iod add niaa. He wai, in many >arliauiar?, a t)i>e it J iaua Clirllt, quite aa reaiai ItaOIe aa au) MM m.i . am iiik tilt) prepbet*. Ue was b tu dunu? lb < ?pti 'it/ <rf Uraei Co rial wax born In tbe lime of ttiu worid'4 nooda^e Uu iel ?aa l- mailed, peraeoitvd, ani (avoirdiu^ labia oiohi ure) maiepctfuit itirounb Hull rings c*i ' n id mil Cbrlii J>'?ua No f.iuit ooull uu found i\ b Uaniwl, r> ? canae an excel lent rpirlt waa tn bun Ch < siia<? iJ ni waa without ilo, oeiiber waa guile fieiu i lu fun m i itb, and U<mI gave tu llm tiia btnrit without ui>.<a*u a ikiniel war uoaoiid with iliw title ol' th>> ?' ?reaiiy o ! iv?i(' of God. thrift .Iraua wti <)od'a om> " b-?k?v-d Am " \n ' 1 might rub th? parallel lurthcr. luto tieataol ?iai>u and Jii mvmtlmmm ll ataMaa and (Otoe ; but it ia to th? point, of perc ioal cbara itr IQai 1 wl* i ohialy to tlx yn'ur ait-nllm ? k far a? a mortal, or rapt by taluie and aauctilled by gia?. -.?ul<l p->aai >ly foreabadow the brlgtit aud apoUeea and iMtculite example of huniaolt) which shime tu tbe le-erioea ?u<i ?luieaa One, lianiel waa oonapicuout and pro euiueoi. Now the oarelet* reader ol tb? Uioie ia apt tu iim that the wortliul of old liiue were poaa a>''d of p ounar advanlagea, or gilled with apodal amati"*, ?bora?itn they alia ned to ibeir superiority , aud nnei .ru tbo l?a ton ol ibeirexielieuoe laaomuwuat impair. a n , tbe 1* io> Of unllkcbeta oei*-c n our (qi^urlunitua au-i lu-tira V are apk to imagine tbat tne aaiul* ol u ii v ?> i-ipiare wor>* bleaaed with grai>> (bat you d< n il poaaena, iq?i iuh> ik i fewer temptatioua loan >ou have. iaai t.n * aat ui iaiuK to do but to be good uuu pioua men, tbat 111* < indtll m uf aocit-ty waa mure favorable tu tUu growtbof beaveuly Virtue*, that in thla omuiercial aud l> i y ngu no h i ;ii aamtliiieaa aa w? rial of ought to be loukml aud ex peeled iu ChrMlianx wao are eogagel Ii ib.i urgeut 0C(M> |iatioiiB ol an ludurtrl, nia life. Now iu iu *i?iuipar1aou,tbo U!e ol liauiei ii |H?ullarly luatructire Kir wuaieror yo i may aay ol other holy moo, and bo ?nv?r you may driw Tour In eierce* trum ib? nm. ? lavorible aoiiecia ol aunpie aud paatoral engaciuv nti> lor tbe coeiiabuig ol laiu> a;nl virtue, yet in liie uaae ol Dauiei yoor conjectured aro wholly toiled aud ihaiued a< ay. For it ta a n ?'?t'llo fact of tlie ncord that llau el. tbe hi. uml iuau a>u nig IBu galaxy of the elder aaioia, waa ho who waa liuaioat aaaoua?t men, tbe moat occupied m puoli j ad lira, l io moat with lue If pHHWI of a innriuja auewiy and tbe aliuremeuta of a prjUigatu Ouui t, aud withal dn prtvrd ol tbat luiloeaa aud p iwer nt mo Holy ??h -H whicti in tbeao Uoapel timoa tbe humblest nj nbe-r of UiriU'a churcb oath rooeued. 1 will uow .let my sell to eiiforx th.-ae character wile* of Daniel's example. Oir text, in Its Ural clause, arquatuta ua with the bouoraole Qdelity uf Daniel in tbe duties of hia gtatiou Hia cncuiios, being ja<lg<a, said, "We snail uot Hud auy Occaciou agaiutl Dautel oouceruiug lbs kuigl >oi " Such waa their innate to bis probity, n leiuy ?ud sorupa louaaitw iu tbe disrbargi! of bis rel ative obligations or hia duty to man. it waa icatlmouy eat irl?d iromeuvy Itee.f For ?'these meu" s4.i k?. of U the text were too Prestdetits and Vriucea ol Media I*ersla, c vlj ilirs aud compe. rs of Daaiel, j el above whom he waa prelorred bo cause he exoe lod tu r.) , who, by virtue ol tnuir privilege, Were eiiduwcl with tbe o|ipon unity to *"rulinii.j tb<? P'l vate and public cotidnel of tin' Prlrra Minister Th"tr duly was t<> give aecouula to Daniel, '-that tbe Jilag shoail re reive no damage " I; will bo se> n uiat bis booeaiy b? name at oooe the ch??k over thetr knavery and tbe safo gnarn I'f i'h ex tbeiiuer VheMeoi* tvralia e n nr.< ul tint time cobtauiad one hundred and twenty provi mws, aal over tlKfo Dariua set one hun'lr.*d aai twenty frinres, and over tbeae princes a^ala Ih'eo Pro siueuli, of whom r<aaiel ? aa first And " llie K ng tbougbi to set hlv over the whole realm " any man familiar wllti tbe burdens a[>peilatning to the ohiof bRIoe in a particularly the nftlce de uauding au di dencaey of inapection and such law of Inr.atUatl m, may Lot .inin.te MM nor imagine lb? rti| lym -nt of IllWe to tbe oci upaut of it m (WlMl Ml WIN bnalcen habitF of Daulel pn'babty liupasaed tb? Industry of any modern sutesmao. aud lb? w-unt of reio >uai uu ly upou him doabUoaa ovei balanced Ui* anxiety wnt.ih any public oILct r of itsa lenour cot,sciMUi"u*a<>** dm ever mi. No ooo among 700, 1 am HIM, ou ever preatad wtlb mure engagement* Wnne it a<vuet.>mod to give " diligence in uu>ikh. ' mor-j ti in ho. U? >u a juing mtn ? uoublieai junior to til* po?r*. Yet no ?u agatapt from til* rout*; 1 10 which youth 11 prone, and troa rr<?n the frivolltlea ? herewith young men are apt t ? he aa*r.k led. In woiltTir point ol Tit w you inay contorap'ati su b a character, It ? lu admiratiou and ?? nm?n la rotp^cl. To the yourg man. to the public idflorr, tn the attoraay, to tbe merchant, to every man living am ?g Ui" compli cate relations ul b'.nin society, lu wu.?.a onufl leaoe It repoeed In Ibe a lmiaiileru<g >( liumtn airaira, I kaow not <4 any *fcc ne en-npie la the whole range of hlatoric pert wtgea (avre t in ni iico'ott >ae) more worthy of Imitation ih?u that of Mie youthful iluiiel That pralte aLi h bla rtctllude won from the Hpa < >t political rival* ? that nnhlemlebed awtrt wh rb ion tongue of jealou* and discontented tubormnalea waa c ?uatraioM to proaoaac*. ? '.L.l boM**bl* ifbgojiut wtmh Wo p^a cf Go d bath ltecrlVd ih tbe ciroalak* of the weeld, de daring that " having sought onraal >n ay* net fiaalel coo corning tbe kingdom, no uc .uk? nor fault amU be f jUL i, >a a ii-ra^t, my >ki r?,Uii yon ?? .14 do w?il lo it rice after tod Joseire Yo .ng m ? . ye : .unut ereot lor yourselves a eta->da'd of richer blasonr,- tbtn iwn aa aaaign ou n>u j c jave 1 nprm-ed " boa t.y, mduetry. upr'fh. ear, it tb> l.-gacl that preclain* ynor aim la the <*? - ? yr? relations. And lf thera !>?> any h.rWie . ? W' |? <|? ? atltwg tn your poewit* ? If th?re K <1 V f jiu you w juld aeaire to leavw to yoar III..,' , - if li auy fciuibjia or p'>iM*ta>n wutch r." ' ^ ! ? niVr wter tbry ar* look-ng upat their llrtfd.i 11 uk- c tweeter for integrity wh^re eltb Uiey ?ta> hate ftooblad MfHH Ve may alia u tJ toe bight at Halloa to the (..1 <f j tm couutryraaa, and yet, failing In integrity, your aalaaaoa shall terveonly to n.ake more orntpicuoiit your tuame Ve mty notMct more ni aey u.aii jour a- jociaw-*, and taMM an 1 OaturC'l on ' aa the aeaUhleal MM that walk* U>?re snd jet, If y bar.' Ia>kel MHMf M pather>j( together yaur estate. Ml nam* Sha'l evr*e ooo Leu pi fiom tbe scornlui ai, 1 cUa. eLge tne 'luwi-icuioe pity of the very byporrlt** who have fawaed u{> n jnu Ye mty arrive at profrtt 1 mal renowr hit II ys gtm It with a t battered character, the rnwla who retnined y?<i tnr your astuicnsas, or tbe patieaia who emphit*d f n for 1<>nr skill, or tbe people who llrkr??1 ti y uur w -rds f>r lie pleat rg rbetfte and graceful oratory of your oVv qutsit, shall yet. la Uteir Ik arte, rtewpe* you for want of Integrity. "A good t.ame, therefore, M r? Im* to to chowi* than great rtobe*, aad lovlnf fa-nr rtla - 1 ? Slfver Srd gold " IM, secmdly , let me tiuleo to Inform you that tbe c.'iaractrr of lUniel w but htif 11 J in tbe rulogltm ol hit elrlo rinei xnoa. I bar* *aid that ho wax a who'o mta, pre eml?ei.tly a mi* Integrity. Hot what M trwe latefrftyf I sav t*>tt Ihtt *ot inter rity oC character, la ibt Hible aeoa?. wnerw there M aa o^acrvance of '?ly na* of the tableenl the law Our duty to man ant raly, b-it nor da y to God, the Isw pretcn Vie, Aad H Joined together trs tbe TVn U>t>i?an4m-nW. th\t on* duly i* no* recannad a* dMibargrd eul*>> tbe n;i?-r be fvtfllled alao And ccoe our d'lty to l*o<l la Uk l et ard great onrr it\ mi -? inert, *n I* nMrrr^ to th ? (lrstt<bl* of the law the e> nrre and parent of obv?i?n?- 1 to tl>" t* oi ?ml. It wae ilt ucl I | .ety , tl, wnicn begat his ?ryaJ?r HHi hoaetty and taJ>.<try a- 1 ^o'r. as w. r* Wi'e of'n rl'r hie f?;fb T*itt m ? *' w ic* w. n m ?+? to difaliy ??!<) the lofty t ue .( lategrity, '? ?? which vartag* n>t fr ?n a puma atowv* aad <>uiy waa r* tn otiilc* *bow. m hat th* cnaatf rfelt aa 1 muiwry of Ibe tvia Irtegrity eg ehfaeW of whtjh f>iet?l I* th" e* taiptar. The marble ttalue la oohlly toanttfal, but tie Iwttteltts eyeballs a 1 r.(??ab yta lb it art r- .< not chterl the ef|ir?aioii cf the linag soul The freab 00- par i* learfuMy tnvely, bet the rl|l1 puf*" l?1lea?<^ that tn?re t* no ot Um liv eg le-a't Ao talth with Hit Worst i* dead, and wor** wisba"'! fb'th ar* *o'ill*Bs It wat liai.lal's reltfir i-e flje'ity that pmdwl bta f'vK e*oe|. Irroe And no visibly w*? pi?ty th? rntnf v< pitii1;. that we read la lb* l< tt that * three n?n *tM, we ahail n^t bid any orcael-ta agalu't this lor.iel, airept we in I It agaiaet btia r ?aerrnlug tli* law of hit <!<> 1 " An I here observe what ws* t e toaen of tbta men's g V ' iwat * It was hi* habit of daily "-aver T?r? trn** a >*ay he a^ f tVni' * h-marlf u> Sneef upon h? Sre-e, hi* ala-lawsi being r>oe? la hi* ehaiwh^r towar>l? Jerma'em, th* de*r lat?d city , aad towarda tie* TWmpie, witata wti ?e *a?-r? 1 ws' s hi* spirit winld fain have pimred 1 <rtb te aip ra tl'eie V? t evea , in oapuvlty bit datlv praye-s, in hie cl ?rt, be offered In tbe oommonloo of the e>me li Three 1 a day be tbne prayed aad gave mange bafo-e bt* tod. It w*a the ruat> ai o( daily pray?r* t list, win'* '? Indicate* tbe irw?*re by which finniel faand nurture f>r M* f?ith ai I ablatovd the graeiei f at the earn" t<n>e f -r ???Ued hit rtiriau* w in their plan of *atrippitig b>ns mto li*. tyaity. r>Mplrlrg logctb- 1 lu ?a? oa >ai, m y lnv>-igle th* k;> g I* to a d?> -?a, thi? ??whoeoever, for thirty Itys, sIkjvI *?s a rem oa of aay go I nr mta. ear* <if the kli g bi n eilf, rb uUI be raet lati tbe den of ll->n*" A ntoall'sl wrary days without peayar; tbtrly <1aj* O, wuit a htrrrr irvt la life's pllgnmtge I life with >lt pvaynr ' li is lika the dreary 'I wart ovar wbtnb travel^ tinx* pa** la tbeir j orueyt The prnspent IS appalling and I he memory blio^'is thai Ntaa the thoughts on thtt parched grnand a*d bewllng wiMern'o ?a l *? no wire man wo. i HI ohm ** tn jeopard hi* llf* by adopting tho daeg*roua rout*, *o would no predant Cnrletlaa wllnesly ber<*va hi* *onl of her splrlt'itl onnt''>rl hy r i*eat ng to fneego the prtvtlrre of -omm mton with flrxl <a fray?r St ithoait prayer earn d iv Ibe *o?il will laoc'*h, Mk* tbw thf'?tv b< >iy *a< r. Prajer i*<> ir <1* r*' t il fi4 d: sr.' thai maa who r'tarrrt t > hoft for ift - *?! ? S ? mi* of I to e b'ldrew nf ftod, and ye* ore'te lo prev ev?*y >lay. Will ("*???? I bttni**H d r ial and aate'iatn a fk'te.i|o-? huge A 1 rays-hue I n, tttian m a ' ' ir" l tplrli ? t th< >* abtrb "hsth a naiea 11 lire h it I* ?,?td-' ? 1 ptr-los, |f gttted te * pmprwttHW ? aa MNMHMi W '? > ye^ ?* ? : "i'|i am a maa. A<a d?t the rinl aid e ? *1 lattee lbt? de?o| ved on tbe holy Oatlti, It I* Warmr ?f yaar fr? fdli-d adairstloa, bretfcr a, tbat be four. I time ?i i i*l Uir praylrg to bla C<>4 <u.J nixing ' -i? . * utreo u i " ' * "ky. ?? r <||<t ism do1' -it re i i ? >r. M> , ip j ? i. tt> 'jiiu ' -oia praytu'R OA *ai h >i tfeeve I lit it i. < j '.Hi ilto ' try w?. ???? k;? ? i*ai t - < 'eg ? t " <? I ? I- **.? ? u?t d I ? to - ' ' ?i< ' i "y .nun tinooi. ii< 10 ?, iu ? i ? ? , 14 ll<> t"\ * the plea Of wmtof ll'tte rt'f p'4> I '? * l" h IW I ?la '?/ e rHI- cm I > k ?"> ' K ? H ? ( ' ?' fc? '? H a ??! ii! <m>tl| v. I ' 'I * ve 'i r/ i *- WoUl | priv--- .ii <t oj us o' * ' t d 'I .-* An I if ? "i# ?orf- ?i f ..m| uii ivo f>r m ' vlii away ?.(- tatnoo i'*i- ww -i In* I k * 10 j ? '? "A-uti m iv n "I- r. ubriMla-ii w?m|i| pall i cx'.r | .1 'j inki . i? a ae ?r t K'W. M ? r; i %i i? ?!?? ir i>' t'ut i vi. i " wiljr ih-4 ?? v.. i>. i ? r wlili i, pro., | |i ? IK I* I vH . ... ! > i .ii i f. it. . ni ? mu nvi gib t " iiiii nil ki . Ill*, b .i. . .| ii it, it ?.,? .n '( ifi . i "I 1 1 -irv..ii |.i '"-uvetbi ? iitno' in.., . i - , SO ' i- . ti at ... .v, v i'.r t hi? f lib fe' thi | i il . le I bin tratti r*~ mi nri w l.n.l, ? 1 1 > nri from Ii.r tMl it thi A itiigftiy lb v. wn *h >iilil ? H'tn, ii"d wh?i pruiil *n i . 'I b?vt H ??i* pi vy oil. IHUj "?Jib lil-t Ob up llib wnl ISm vh R r UV. ? *riil? mi? l...d ubidi'H uw 1 1 Im i' .'iiii nevi white Hi 18 a prayor lii-urin* 114} MMr, Win.! i.' ti !li * Influence ni r im i -i i hi witn Hi u i ntllim W II. |iowi rftol, In glilrn cmt'iiin U> -.i n I'ili r ii, r win f?fn in ihs ihh^ Milling ?ni ( rtllj'l? '? iba quiveriag, ftti'l bope t.i ib<- uccpoudiug; n i/? r ? ?*?' I 'h'i . Hit*' i < I prtjer c.i n?e i bi m bwlp, uiil nul a hlu^r lac-*, ill lb* (tiii 'turn' f nW DlllM III li ilk 4 1! Mil OKU ' ?' Hoi> l?'vi of H' a??. ii t?w?wn b i.-nrirjj i? r tio pi.i* Irnii ?. il, t" iil-i lb?ri' tu'l bli-n* H *ilb Uh ir- Jotc', wb. ri tit *rt i. ,uU? atlorannca oi iko lipi lavufei* Rua <a *ur n viiii ? rilj or lOf bl urt iivili>r -i> u " *>tli s r j40 Irf llutt c ii i nt be ult r?.1 " ?' I'r.kyri movi ? 'ho \r'?l Hi . i ui'.wh ifec wo, M ? i'neio 1 4 * hoi I "f 0 uaip i.?uc.< Hi prvyi r; vi a Miliar tr< mnltv w h -n b? mh h Tii' li 'bt'Vi mi 1 1 0 )>iii biv Ku?r? li rihim von kiu'iren r. -k^iuv tb-i * I ?ors?ry ?l o? hi* If.'io vrllili'ry v^^luat jrvyer H? I jorn d.iut>l? Bon'"ru K.K lie vdiviilxKii H i I' Rlt|;?l?? tit^lisoiD' lUpriiilh'R Hi if|i*vi? v.'ikickti for its n Hrinu H < *rr*) ? bin ((? u to flerioe ih *e who Mioir.t tirmtiiirw to it< 'uthful ' iilivrvvniw H ? Lav, tu ''T'ry i|?ol lb? olmrrli, allurt i to ilirtr la'l nml liuiles tun, from i.-ar of man ana lor^et fiilui M <j' Ood. hvvo '(iiuu tonoJ pri.'ale a.> ' p i:?l o in if fit. ni d 'unk iDiovuiih ami ' i s ialliy, tuul i'U)> al't-o ? v ii tiiii"ii<*f ?'b'lw m? 1 1?? ??i|dor and 1 wi1' point y "i , l'i Dm Dm iplTlliml d?oi- i vii'j In hi? Tacvul cl '*l nin> hum of prayur U Iv :'iarao<?rivtlo o' tUu on >rob I'.ai nn" jifoildn! for anl ixbjru tod l'i/ i?ra>i>r ? ^ri/at?, , lain'lj and pnhllo |irvy?r Voa a I kud*, my tirr'britn j Ibr balrrd whmli iwtd rn- a b *r aic iintt otm r a n oa *?'. Cuiitit of ibMr rWlgi .uft tfUHta auil id ,{1 a* mi U-ikl 1 wvv mil i iempi Irom lb? tn m ul iri?i ?tia{ rboio ; wtoked i-wiuiv ?aid: "We vial I i?i ttod iuy ojcuIw i virMittl lluv Ikinlfl, esoept wo tin I II ugalnii i m ' -noi-fn ing ibr la# ot biv (i >d " 0, MIk^Tui ?jlofiuaal '), ver II Jl ol iiy'iim uvnnvv rodllerfd io wordi of h'nuau ?ooi j And H.' wbo ??i wiibnuivio. l*v? h"ly J"> 1a h m-nT, O'lf ????lour, i-fcapt-d not ihr Ian lit ??rinv na i hub a il?(irtl, aid iv uiad " l/et ua, Uri-itir.-a, bo lji a?bviuei!t kal ruib'T triuul'sua Ui sbarr the (>? rtiou wi'.h i ia, that *i, wth DaiiM, wi> may "viand tu our lot al lb l , n 1 or IMo dajv " Vh, I'ku him, ni'iy b* r.t*i ml > ,uo o.'u of li.?u>; yet Ibo mlianlr cnal bn w.ou^bl u'?r *a.i >,v r ai'in ? ben ibr l/>rd fhdi t?nd biv auvl au < attall abut tU'i ll' t'v mo'i'h. And ye, like Daniel, vtin i it v-- to biu i I Ibe di um if your a ouarrv, "irho wb u Utry wi-r mat into It" pit, tba iiou2 hud the moau-i y o\?r ilitin iu4 b'akr all their one* In ptccm uru even iut v ri'vn -1 Um b"Uoni oi the di-n " Give me a p*ayti;< no^I'i aa J I will ahow the worn the kp--ta l? "f iaua. Vina 'u and ? bllorm who are Mroi'i to Uilh and mighty through ii ul Wive nil, a nation mil i nuK^ira y w..i ?r-> ac.iu nil ? to pray dally la vpllo of .-vi-ry n;v>?iti in i .1 o?rry blpdraiiCe, and I will poli i y -it lu ili.-rti av m u *li ? are roii.jieiriii to endur vlll.ctl"u f?* lla nun, and ^iaiitt"d fcr the molt arduoua t iil.i of any ktaliou ui btt Ji'iu ilfo l)n thia aogvvt aiid neoiorablr imk m1>o U t mo aiy u> rrery ore ifcr p'ayrrof every A'a*TMi?n h ir '.hataa M t > ihe liord our Hi aTrnly Kath.-r, high ant siivbly K ? i Klr^?. l.oii of N'rd.:, thn . n!y ruler of Pr'd' aud fiun ta n of 14*1 goodnrtv, that If- v. mid ble?a V otorla Que ' i of Great Britain, the Pr uo* o' "V^| ?, the PriaM Goun iri ami all 'lie tb-j ai Family ; that U > would eulow 1>i >iu with Kiv Huly -p rlt; tin H ? would erlil ti tbcji with fl ? u?? i vrulj frvc, provpi'r toi m with all happUeaa, an I bfin< Ibroi lo Ilia CTcrla.>tui|[ kingdom Aadlrtlli- u-i?>u of Ih'.v u rmoD he to cacb and every one: Be Uim pioua au d la 'blul; be thou a man? a maj of boiieaty, luduair^ , up rifhlurw and prayer; be tbiu a w*iole mau ? i mm of true Intrfrity id rharvriT, a fh'.ftiau inin, a obur-.h man; aolhat II may be a?ii of eaoh of ua lh*'. tttere dm be tonad aooe occav "n vg? unt ue, I roent It lie .or t ?? law of oar 'lod And may '! id graoloualy rlait on all of ua the ricellert vpirit of bia arrvant Ii?.nrl, (ur Me ?aao of lila f.jn, Jtsoa Chrict, to whom bi glory iuid power, might and domlnloo, world wlthoji cud. During the delliery of tbo aertsoo, notwltbitandlat < thai the day waa cold and raw, two peraonv? a mau and ! woman? 'aimed, from the heat occasioned by the great j throcg, ai.d Lai to be earned Into the nalry. The acrviee waa oecrladel by prayrra by the Rer. Dr. { C-elghton, and the Kplaoopal beuodl alien by Uiahop foi- j tor. The Prince and bia attendant* then rase, and wltboat j any de ay paaa I down the aiale aa rapidly aa they bad en ? tend, and were aeoo loat lu eight Iter ng the whole err Tire the Prinoe waa rery atientlva, and he luteoed with apparent earnratneaa to the portraiture of Daniel 'a cha racter aa drawn by the preacher. The Duke of Nvwoaalle waa partlcularlv alien t lie throughout. ituon after the I'rince and auito Lai left, a number of Udlea cnlerod the pewa the dlatltgnlahed party had oocu pltd, and there were ao many anilona to undergo Uila thai fully an hour waa ooaauuod la aarrylag it Into practice. SCENES OUTSIDE THE CHURCH. Tba excitement attending tba viait of tba Prtaoa to thl? city did nol latin lo bar* subsided In Ik* least degree, If the appearaoas of the crowd outside Trlnliy ahuroh ><*? tenia; moraine Mar *? teken aa ? criterion. Not only ware lb* main atepi of I be tank of tb ? Repsblla, Metro pulltao Bank, and tha Intervening lnaurance office* and Louae* of boalnsas, oocupled, but lb* window sills, siga bow da, Ac., ware crowded with ? lit lag maaa, antloua lo take advantage of thla chanoe of 1 ioku.g upon tb* fao* wf Ui* heir apparent of Great Britain'* moaarahy Tb* alda walki ware crowded with people of both ssxes, and even tha opposition ?f oo lor of the raoaa male no dffereoo.' aa to tb* mlagliag together of tb* people?* fair lady, wltb blu* eye*, alandltg (Ida by aid* with one of the "immor tal n'g*t r" glrla, each rtgardieas of tb* other, tb* bright black eyts of the latter gaxlrg a a ani.ooaly for the Prlno* aa dl I tbe lighter oaea of the fair daaiaal. Tbe lark*?, dreaaed la bia bollday attire, stood aide bv ?tds wltb a foil blooded Ameruan fraai tb* rtnnib and tbe bur'y Eagltahmaa was ooaveralag freely with a Hibar j a lan aelghbv, who at* mod to bare forgotten all about "tb* wroaga and auOeringa of ould Ireland," la bis anilely lo "look at the Prince." At e%*arly hour the cr.*wd k|aa lo amembl* around the ihurcb, there beiag about a Uiousasd peraoas pre seat aa early aa sine o'clock la tbe morning. Many of I beat peteine retained tbelr piaoea until Uie oonclusim of the serrtoe, and boasted tbat tney "bad aeen tha Prlnoti tw ice darlag that day. " At aboat half past tea tba royal party arrived at tb* principal gate of tbe main porch of tb* building, facing on Walt street. Tb* I'riaoe, aooompauted by Ui* r> i*? nf hit* art!*, Earl of HI. G rmana and Lord Lyons, oocu j led tbe (rat bai<>ucbe, which wai drawa by a spieadld l>?lr ul borate Tb? remainder of tbe edit* ooeupled tbe rvmalaii t foor open Carritf* The party were preeedod b) a aquatl of eight mounted polios. and a barouche, la which ?era Superlnkrdaal Kennedy and ene of bla la spector a. I'rom a vary early boar la tba day carrlasea containing tb* p> lacipal member* of upp?w tea ion were to b* eeea driving at a rapid rate In Ihe direct ion of tbe<burcb. Ino v. air te? wre v< ry Ine sjiec .m^ur American billl oarrHg?-e, many .f them being a t $t< U tv le, ani drteo by b*>ut fat boraea, the drirsss were aUi od, la n'j?*r>>u* teeSaaoce, In gorjeoaa liveries, the whit* men la dark g-ea toov.s and tb* ''isrklee" In dr?b. Tbe buttoas ware orna mented with mate la the ahap* of greybo ode, boar toads, grlfllu's beads am necks, and many tier designs tbat a ay taelly be found la a book of heraldry, or ehloii will be placed >o tbe butwma of any democratic per it wbo may feel lac.u?d to git* aa order therefir to a neighbnrlag ul e;nk-r Tba neekerchlaft of t't* drivers Mid HMMS wera of spotless wblle, aad Uie wo.ds ap l? ii ran ,i of tie team qaai.Uty of the ''laramitt" gay and bf 111 mat The ocr ipa its of tb* carriage* arere attire t in all tbe lalsst style of last) lias, bith tbe geatlemea as welt aa It* ladies, f' r tb* lor ?er *?*med to hare paid quit* aa moth altenU.n to Utalr dree- as tbe teller ow this al imorimt reca?i?a. Tbe foci of going to choral with a "live prince" waa tcough lo call f rib all tbetr soar* a, and it certainly appear d aa If It had I'uriig '?baservle* a ta^a^lspaM was kept 'a fr nit of lh- etinrak by a s-ji.vt of twenty Lias p>il ne, under ta^'aln tllvry , nf tbe First pre iac>, aas stnd by arrfeent* J .be* and W?yniess The mounted polios fiortplnd the ? of tba roadway, to prevent tboee oa tbe east aide o 1 the rtreet from oromlag over, from the gtvs nearest the ft-wllrg l.r <m V> lb* one forib<<st aorta the sileealk waa kepi perfectly cleie by the police, so that n- croelim; upon tbe party as they cam > out of tbe osatr* (\1S could pnselbly 'akeplwe The fed p*?M?a ncriplel lli? north and w<uth?M'S nf tbe paral "lotra-rt tbua formed, while those on k m bank bad rbarve of the e*?t tide. Tba weal side vas f med by the iron eaM nrsoftherh irth. Two eon ir''e if popce bad cberg* ?f ta fi -4 tb? gatea at lbs right *n<i ?ei <f the ctcl*e, whils a large number urrs st% ti r "d i k'et th? y-nrrti of the .naia e-iirme#, wbisb w?a 11. .> ore t-y eh'rh fie rr>r< ? entered tb? chtrgb, feavleg cMtg .a*, (Uid AS lb, tat SctSS if l*S tiwgMfl' T t nrtao of the rbureh w ild break t .* ?sr jf f* e th au*s le of the >-r. ' t, a it w -I'd at ?:"? enaj? il>e people ?<?ir ! g to be p?. ttaiiy awed by tbe v,w,T,'r' ;h" (a?,M?,,m,o.wWuir,Wli tb.. ?*?? >,'f4r "I, .1*1- ugh ,-erTert W'tr aaoept '? n a bere an oWlou* ',mcer wo'"'t ti'eato* wbnu it ? ?<* >" .,, , ? the peer,:.. bcng ?? "w lime ?*ry >t i*"1 Tn" andur't . i s ...? -t '*?? ru ?-. >.?Uf remiu-ed ua of tie Ui?>teiK>r of t.nn f t the poew ? M.vl ???? ?' mill tMW"i n ? tuilc brM??Mwr1ly, I; ,?? ? Ii fa lisiiu ll ? *1 Woiw b tftU lieavcu Av uiiue Hi uLg. ? wiiy ? J .Mice l? ?>l'i. rs of tho torn*, we uavo to stato toat .? a?k |i,l the character u a'l of th -m. ' * capUtn aed it?' i re t? r pail of lb* n>- -? w< :<? veiy <<**5 humored an ! oHiging 111 ih-1 ciocii, pol't 'y n quest it X lb' m u >t lo ovratep tbe limita prear.i Ibrt, and i> n? *t ca*eg ino re i|U?lt won complied witb. f ui? few jouug nrclim* ...1,11 i.? uetial, ?et between Ibe leaf of ibe nlUiere.or ibH ranks, but tbe people K.-i* rally wb-u aakod i \ illy o <1 a. thoy were tell to do. AH ibe roadway wan noi blinked up a?nunl i tin paresge of vehicle*, a cty of "look out I r jr.ur ????," ?' UllDl JO'ir C)lO?," , would 1). U- aril ih y.c carrUc * pasted by Ita* ?aud barrow oouietalLg a U'(? qum.iity ?f i'*e .Jand*y newspapers, gj? lor limsii, mil *d fortb a Tew tfitty remarkv, ^ ?uo l?ro large w Mtui.a or l ik" bier, m loe/ were drtven By elicitid tbe inquiry whoiher tho "Prlnceevor t*i I hi* '?gi r iu the morning or n .1 " as each /*hiow wuunl | br ogh ibe erowd, so Immediately aftw would Uw gap be OUed. At Ove inlnuti s to twelve the o*rrlajte? or tho royal iwrly a ere driven up to the froiit or tho edIBce, they ha lug hi en removed Immediately &<W tne I'rluco b*?i ci lered I he hnlldlng Toe i>eoplo be^au no# to mak? W D,P?b a or a riiKh, but a prompt action on the part of me iml oe preventi <1 any brea*ag? of the lluo. One uiaa, aa be retreated to the ildewalk, aumewhat la a<)vanco of ILe i'io?d, very wnely remarked to bis ti tend that he ? ? onpht it much hi tter te walk qulntly back than bo driven l ack." Some young lad iest wbo bail beon ghl't lug ?h<.ui fioai place to plane, aero greatly annoyed ?om at :?*t ihey !>jnd tb?y "were worse oir than be fore " A portion o' tlie aascnsbled erowd begin to climb upon the rhurch railing and Into tho trees, au t as these placi* were outude el the |wlloe Umiu tbey wero not interfered m th. but wheu some of tne men began to mount on tbo wjHare portion of the gate poau they wero at onoo ordered iff, and In some lustauocs tnaJo to go down a little n'ncker than tbey atcended. This tbey found tnoon vebH-nt, aa tbe sp ke? ou tho railings woul) catch their olotbirg. glviug it oocasloual'y a nswty tear, which the boy* would uoi ce and cry out, " Rip, Van Winkle Shortly after th!? a ??? occurred that was not altogether creditable lo the poUoc. Tho crowd on the *ti!e*alkB nearest the northern gate of tho church began lo puis forward a little too much, and a loud "Get back," "Met bark," would be heard from the foot do ice; whether th. > w. re bolrg overpowered or not by the ru?h we could not plainly aeo; bat two membcra of Ibe mounted police, rHlig their borsoa on to the aide walk, backed them forcibly agaloat the orowd, trampling oi the leei if both men and women without considerati.m or even the use of common Judgment. This act lou r-me wbal excited the IndlgDatlon of tbe crowd, which hail now reached tbe Lumber of about ten tbounaad, and tbey sainted the pollej with a volley of hl?ea. The wind r baking tbe trees at ihU momont, caualog a rustling auiotig tbe dried leave*, mggested to a bystander lhi ulea that " even the trees were hissing the pullco ur their oobduct " I Aa half paal twelve wav chimed out , tho peoplo who , were not elevated bogan to make use of tho carriago j wbeell, he , aa temporary plat 'or me. 'me young woman who had requeated a driver to allow her to utand or sit on tbe bo? of his vehicle, acd been relused, vented her d.sple?aure by saying that she "could not see what so many people wanted lo be there Tor, merely to look al a bjy, nineteen yarn old." Hho wa? plainly there for thit purpoae, and only felt chagrined at " not boing able to look," aa the driver told her. At twenty Ave minute* to m?e tbe door* of the fro ot entrance wee* opened, aad the swelling tonee of the or gan informed thoM ouuida that the service was over. A ruah waa now made upon the police without effort, for no sooner waa the cry raised of ? There M " He Is get tlng into the carriage," ftc., than the people began ruah log up town aa that aa they oould go The loud commands o< the polloa of " rail back," " Stand bsck," fco., wera no sooner uttered be I ore a ruah waa made by lit *e behind to get a view of the l'rlnoe, md as they oould not advance Uuy raiaed theme. Ivea on tip toe to try and s?o over the heals of tboae In front of tbem. 8ome few lu dlvlluala, in the ganariua Impulse of the moment, tried to get ap a cheer; bnt aa It was tbe dabbatb day It waa ?ot taken up by the remainder of the aaaemblage. Tbey bo waver raised their baU. and the Prince acknowledged the oourteey. Whan the carrlagoa of tha royal visitors drove away, preceded by th* mounted police, a great rush waa made ap totra by tha crowd, in the neighborhood of Cortland t atreet one of the hnreee of the mo u a ted police alamblel aad fall with his rider, aad for some raw momeaia oaold ?ot MM again, he having got tew kla leg eataagM la Ibe stirrup by some means so that he coald aol emtrlcate btoeeir Ho waa tharcrore la some danger, aa tho crowd waa advancing In a rart body . and la c -arq-'aoe of the long double, and sometime* line of earriacea, t*e tpaoe for their advance waa very limited Indeed Aftor a ihort time tha officer recovered his pnelfoo on hla borae, which rose up and prwaedod. the orowd bal now g>l tbemtelvee lato wliat la vulgarly termed "a jam," and arvetai were knock 1 1 down, oae had bis ooat torn off, acd for the momect al aoemed la moth dang-r; bul aa tt? Prince's carriage wsa driven along the crowd fellow ?d, and allowed a clearer paesagc for the private car rln'gtt? of which there wero over two hundre 1? to reacO Ibe church. Fro* tola point th* people had dispersed, tbey thinking, doabtU*. that they conld aee " npp* ton dom'' ?qul|iaga? and occupant* every day. TWO OLD BRITISH RESIDENTS WITII THE 1'RINCB. Son>ewh'r<! about church tlnio yesterday morning Meaara. Guerre Borirao and Tb >raaa Baabford were pre aenlad to the Print* by Lord Lyon* Ibcee ge&llrtmii were col load by tba Prlaoe on the Baiury , and kamlog that limy war* both eonuuel*) with e*T*ral eiplolle la ibe Kngllah nary, he etprooaed a wlab to hare them preeenled. The/ aooordl/if ly received bo Itoa to be preeeat at Ibe bouw at aa early hour, whlih, II la aeedieee to my, aa old loyal aobjrcta at bar Britannia Maj<aty, ibfjr punctually obeyed. Tba Prlaoe r coal rod Ibem with R-.vat cunilallty aid pol.loi.iae, aod of Mr. Baahfcrd made inquiry aa to h'a eervioca la tbo Brltwh 1 nary, partlcUariy at Ute battlo of Copenhagen. Mr. BaiUford laana'lreof Catabrilge, Kn*la id, and baa rcetded la tbia country tor about flftaea yoara. Ite rougM under Admiral Meitoa at I be battle ?f Gopeabig'tt), la the year 1MI He waa a T'.lnnltfr baloufiog t > tba chip 1 N?rr .o, hot r< ti?e battle fu'^ht ia tba Edgar, oooimiui led ' by Caj ?a n C ! evfg* Murray. Be ?ai lima uih lwe~ U -tfc year ; be * now cioeo an to lour anorc. Be w?ar?, tad lliow* wuh ptfde, ar.lm medal ?b b wea Beat oat to !.lm by itu ix.l.ab g< rtrameat tea yeaie ag ?. On one rde Of ll.< B'llal la a Iffnre of Rrltaanl* ridtaf aba boraa tbroefh the waTft, while m tba otl>er i* I4? baa>t of tbr RrlUrb Q ?ecb an. I u.e worda ?? Viutona Ragle*" In hto rn? to The relerea'a acme t? engraved on in r 'ye Mr Bwbfard tor trrHM yc*f? CCfWd aa root ?'? i!al c.aik to lb* firm of Jufea aod Robert Uibon. nattl few yrari agv, whea b? *aa tuca, aaHatei by a ?U ke at parelyrle. Mr 8cilreo, wbo ba* redded in tbie r-raa ry I tw?t,ty yrart, la * aattm of W#y?o-?tb, iCn(t?t> 1. Be lea ?? - -ri ?" itiiflif, who r> a ? r i <tMioguiab*d aarvtr-e ' lb tba Brit b barf. BCENKR IN T?!K VICINITY OP TBI KIFT1 AVENUE HOTEL? A DISAPPOIVTMEX T. Aa the time ar roa utiad wbrn tba return of ma roy ? jerty fr"? eborrh wae eipmsted, a dmee Or>wd rotlorvl la fr' i.t of tba Fifth Atcaae Hotel ead to* a CoaaUerabta I diataner alnry MM a?f ana Tb'r oonr MM it per? ?a o I cr?ry err. 1lti> n of !.>, bbd o? both NM, who manitoal 4 an rararat d<?,ra to oatrb a (Umi'i of royal* y, by tba reinaiki abieb war* ban 4 tod from ooa to tbo other Prom tba traor of tome of theee ob"-r?a tioca It ?o?id alm<at appaar kbit tbrre ware aom* Indlvtdaala in iba nrowd wbo retarded a ml, lira I JViam aa rnme rorhma and complicated ple-e of huiaar maablaery. Aa tbn earrtacac of tbe ?hirati fr*r* lo ibat fwbi -tj ah C tboroagb'ara, on Ibnlr way froa tbelr raapaottra I laoo* af wcrablp, dt'had mroofb Mir orowd . than wer? irrqaebi ??elamat!naa of "Hr"? he l?," aal * t- r' f.-.Vf porttoot ef ?h" yrmrf a' hlna aor aipaa ' ItortT raaartiky^to ? tj pom??| t? ?n? i?i> ? '",?. j by who. mm* of lb**- arW-xtrat? ^aipa?aa 1 a -a d-i.ea, ? ? <????*? ??pw'-*???a ! la ibe vttel pamdbto af ?b<lr or?v < ' rMwratlon, aod .arariab'y carrieg toed ab ate of I* ffcter. Boom t'ui's some oM e?r< ?oQtd be the sublet of these poltlo ICMittrilMw, ??? tbongb they might be pn>of*<1ii>K r> in a dtn Hue to ih'i rtluru route of tb? royal cerWgt On euro ue?aaion the Uiig titer wirahl be nuoh i>? kitdfr ..iid e?cn the " grave and reverend slxnors'' pr<ii ul t . wbov* C'liunmurr* ? no trare of fun, uuder oidlusry ? i cumstaeoss, could bit discovered, nod who Wuulit f ?r h?vs been suspectet of appreciation t.f a JJt'-, i"?bt tliti OtnUgMm, with a dawu Uif of ? KDK of th? ludtamn, and related the rig'ittty Of Mfc ii* rw^M mosclee All, h>wa?er wan dou* 1U 400J hu'r. , ALU Jott fur tbQ fan of the thing, ? tier the MSc?r at ?gc-'UlnH tiotnamlte crowd. SUll, Ih ? Prir -t? did 1 ' *pp? ar, for tho bc*t of all r<aao'is I10 t *>, uiotpki! i." invitation of vlr Archibald, In. tirutnti O01 -ml, to parities ol' lunch wlUi him, and iLsl<*a<l >>f re t rr lr^ direct 10 the hotel, himself and tulle h?o lurnotl 1 If lu a different direction, 10 tho hosplti.hle mansion of th > geoUi raau. and would not return to Ibe note! till thro o'clock Still tbu ri j*.! waited, an.i atlil the juLe ? some of Uiriu of a practical nature ? wcut round, and the orowd ?DuttnoM i" <1 j )y ibetn* Ivv* atiislpgljr, after their o?a r?Ehl'iu. Pri t, 1 tij , hoAi'Vt r, a f w of the lent lu j lisl live tad enthuaiaeli >, e wukrloi lliat aa the Prince bad considerably tutiti Id th'' t'mo w.*'i a Ue ought In reason to have appeared, uultvs be hud ^ mm HomiM'tiero ehie, bo ftn to inkf.ti'i tb?t such was ll< a f?ot mid to mnv? oil la gruupe and 01 e by cue, mauy of hem, like M.ler i;ey n*rd u the fab e, divlariug 1 j .1 I; was of no uae waiting for the l*rtnce, who waajual iiko auy other Uian, a proceus of reatonlr.g aud a mode . r a-tl .u which tended mate rially to thin the tin its of vpocialors, though It m not Iniprobab e Ibat there were no'. a few who itertUlenlly waited till the Prtnco aclua ly made hit appearance, aa they would, perhaps, have done, eveu luough his IU>yal Highness bad not arrived till mldu'ght, or daj light noil day. for that matter. What hastened the depurture of many of iherrowd, probably, waa the boiateroua nature of the day, whioh waa breezy, wheezy, almost freeiy. The dual Itew in clouda, and the treea, bow In the "a? re and yellow lear* of advanced autauui, were alttJdtug their leavea in a man ner which, with tho Intense cbiMliices of the day, waa an indication of the rapid approach of winter too aigul flou.t to be aalatakfD. In fact, old Boreas, .tidua, or who ever waa In charge of the beiiowa for the day, aocmed to have enltited some new hands for aervloe with that use ful Ibatrumenl who perfectly understood tbulr bueiuoaa. On the whole, therefore, perhaps th me who leu the eailleat were the the wiaeat of Ibe lot, cape ually aoch aa were not provided with overooala. TUE LUNCH AT THR BRITISH CONHUL'S IlEBIDENCK. When the Prince and party left Trinity church they proceeded along Broadway to Fourteenth street, as Ibe members of Ibe various oongregatlona wero at that parti cular time In tho act of leaving their respective churches . aa aeverai persons were waiting the Prince's return Ve the hotel, and aa he w*s driving along so rapidly aa to para moat of them before taey could ranch their homes, the appearance of Broadway was very eoliveoiDK, espe cially when it became known that the carriagi s contautod the royal visiters. By ibe time the oarriages reached Union square the crowd of persons who had started la pursuit were com pletely left behind. The Prinoe and his full auite, including Lord nisobenbrooka, prooeeded to th* residence of E U Archibald, Ksq , her Britan nic Majesty's Oouaul lu thia city, No. 101 Four teenth street, where a very sultible Innchcon hud been prepared. The Prince had staled bis Intention not to ac cept the hospitalities of any private Individual, an! it was therefore with regard to the official capacity of Mr. Archival l that the royal gueat accepted the invitation to luncheon. Several lady gut-sta were present at the entertainmrnt. lira. Archibald and her daughter ((be same who dauccd with the l'rltice at the ball) were also prefect The following are the names of the oDiclal g?n lJen"-n wbo were invited and attended with their ladles:? Consul General Oaw'ord. Hi* Crawford and Miss Crawford. Mr. and Mrs Bunch. Mr. and Mrs. Cunard. Mr. Consul Kortwrifht. Mr. Barclay. Mr Vice Consul bdwardl. As the entertainment was considered purely of an oO c'al nature this accounts for the small number of pursues Ibvtled to be pri sent on tho occasion, they being .i>o offieially conncclod with England aud its guvernment. GOD'S DEMOCRACY- WAN S ROYAI.TY. BAKMON IT THk KEV. MK ii AKK1H, AT OMKKNg bTUIT mbtuudist KriHcur ai. caraca. Rer. Mr. Kuril, pastor of the tiroene tirt+i Wuhi diet Kpiacopal church, ealcctad for hit Mruoo yeaterday eren log a I* xl from Iha Flral Eplalle lo John, from which ho eliiu!nalt<! a dlaoouree under the head, "(lod'a limn ir.ra cy ? Mau'e Royally auggivwd by the rlait of tb? frloco of Wale*. Notwlt hat lading lbs exoceeitre Inclemency of the weather, the lubject of ?election for the oocaeioa bo ll g prevkualy announced, the churcti waa tiled by as at taallve aad Mere, who llatened with deep tutorial lo UM aermoo After the prelim In uy ecrrloaa were ciocludad, Her Mr. Haaaia look hla a tan 1 at the preacher'* dealt , and opened hla dtacourae by readta( the loilowlac teat, third chapter and aecond rone of the Flrat Kptatlr to Joha ? Behold, now are wo the aoaa of rod, md It doth not yet appear what wc -hall be, but we knov. that wb' n be ahatl appear, we shall be lute him, for we thai) aoe bint aa be la After explaining the meaning, aa glvea hy the cborab lo Ute worda "child of ttod," and Iha ra tal loa whlsh one deaerrlng of the UUe bora lo iha Urea* Father ol all, tie ooaUnued, aa fol low*! ? Thua might they perceive the par <1 liar relation which a batterer beam lo nod. "Poo of God ' a "demo cratkc royally;" for all nay be aooa aad jotat bewa with Jeaua Uir>at to a ILroae incorruptible, undented aad mat fadelh ad away. Be would rather be a child of Uod lliaa hla JUrjaJ Hlghneaa I'rlnoe of WaJee, though the lat ter were the only prince la the onlreree, aad all people paid him homage. There were eome atroag cur. 1 rail*, be laid, betwrea earthly grealaeaa aad htarealy greataeaa. Earthly greatae* waa the reault of aoclJunt, heartnly greatucaa waa the rrrw'ionuf worth? tuee made greataeaa anl 1. 1 made giaatneea arrre very diaaimllar. The foraier waa the dual which the wind* of popularity blew together aad formed mm a paaai, w htm ih? buaiti or Mpgfaterttr auald aoatter again for ever But the latte mm a Rpirit'jal bk>u ding by the p'aatM hand of the I My Uftoet Tru? $rf n< aa Ilea not la 'irnnaaaianoea the tori lee t of birth or tortuue? but la actloe But yet they arare out to de ride earthly monarch* berauee our government waa not a ti carchy. republican have bene juat aa bad aa moo arcbtcal raker*, a, ) our own (Muolry waa aot without taint A MStoaa weed would aitll be uoatooe whetaer it grrw In a n public or a mnearrhy. A gKid re mi b Ii< w w beltrr than a bad m oarcny. and a t ?wl m> ?archy waa ix'tter than a bal republic. There waa f lb rg hoaorabte ,n tx*? F. .glai. I and lb? t'alte 1 .u>a'*? were gr-al aa 1 pnarfol, an l each i* n-edf il In tb- p ?'?{VTily aud (tea lace* <rf the other Aa the beet ft ft a 1 la would aHM tiima <|uarrel anl make their quant I up iga'r . ?o with the ? gulag of the treaty 'if t*a<v lv???? n the two na<. iM? all pMt anlm >att right la bare beeu :>uried,aad ibia the one leaa *a inter *t*. teitgioe, end in many MMM bloo4 rt.ti. .i.a reader am tia factpr^tty a'.n ?t e< oeeiary to llwlr maiu* <l*-tetie 9IMI, 11 Uaa i.ot a, rata ooea en; pniMlaal d-?i(ia en both ?.d< ? Lire peabM Ihe old *>rea ?ih the laacw'* of |aa)r>M> aid 'tie of tho rame if a Mrttaber i.aed to rnflle the aplrtt, amt ib-i br> * an>i -unr Ute tamper wiUi thiigbu of rr' ft ate, ni iehria ai d tu<- ro?l of %Un druat, *i * 00 t i," her ? !i "Am mn" w?? a rya'iaym *r>r * r mlored Indian, with t "n*ha?i? and ?i-ailigk> hi the old g"n*ratton aie?l away, aed ? ' 1 a I. a a;v f J-*lo ia feeling Ul?? I ? I'rf ? uj -i the lb f, bitter i-te anl fee' inga wer< ed;ead aa em'gralloo larreaa>-l. aad ? ?n. It w ? reealnr w "nraeroe, wiee men m both net lone t * ? .1 t'.e ? .) waa not far diataat wben Julia aad Jt aa than ?- ? m <"r ' tertrr, rji?ai tba 1 '>'e w t^? eta. !?re rf ? ther attlnaMttf , CM the r <e? ??eef. phwa p?. UK, I a?u I ed?r ami ! .mj?t it plee, Wllh a MVM I 1 <a* at I co d will, aa If toay had earer !? <*ed eac ! aantfcar'e ntra That a>> >4 dej . a* pnrllJtal, did eome. j V ai bee day, <a the ???<. whleb oaherad to tba D'?t atitetnaai moatk, Ibe barulogwr cf pleoty-a I the m 1 g? raoftne aar.eel lutrodoiad ar other ? ? -,?? r-ne brake fwetfc tfce aairtraal rat 'ic aaa nf that 1 line whet rmtn l?iaie to .?'tate. rr? m p?<*?aot r allay lo rug ; g..t moat taie tape, fnwir-*"^1 miaad waW ra v. .??oaaTa rem rl-el eeita. the in 1 aad *?? w .rk?*.ohoa.l tlieg ad ho carina* ebied ie the t;r.leer*m ehorda n( joy Hhtl ? meaet tha? garerel r?toletog? Hvl a oooqueror, with a Talta t tad r"r inriooe ?'aiy, retwaed rromauiltn <4 bat Me w ib the itch I roal> le? or hla eon^uaat. with the eae miee of the car try boaad to hte char'nt wheel* Wee It in ?r>?? ? r U' ihe roarralalallora whwh bontned forth fi%m i?. ng'ieeof war at Oberbowrg, anaoeaetog ibat Vwio rie a. ' Ne|"lcon 1 ail drown' d Um old fen I* ol I tglaud ar d prtnee la Ihe champagne wfclib fl .wed lo h 'n?r .jf the royal ataWt *aa it bene nee wealth waa poicl into the 'ape of Kmga, mak'up their rnle aad away ttronger I ?r ? rr< r?- andurinr. aad human frwrdom nv>re th?ii aref ? 't to an I at I erUU be. h' or w*? II ?** tb it froU III.' W. at rime treat nree aad ? ich atnrae, fllllog the porg ?ta of lai'of aai la.niauy? Wb?t aavtat 'hla eat' ?ai |u hi eel Had a 1'reei lei t beer, la* ifnratel, or * <*? *ta'JB r -roi; or better atvi had a" ? r < ? ?>at ? heeaaad ' I w M flown of If ?*. t a, Mt?? '"I *1 lag, ? lea *??--?! f< 1 >t It..'. ?' :t*hr>e?- ?' v d away 1 ' *a'ly if f ? c .eed tbalr m*rta of ?"aile, khaadoaaa Ihalr d?it)P a? - at', ti* at ?' wart f rllt la I 'tar atf'ra to y-eet 1 t? ? It Kir TI*I.? Mmiid yoa aarrw tht rewrnaf The attaatio c?)iw* has Mil} ITh# cifi? t*'l <m " '' *-'** ^ ' s-i^n to tut Hniplaw the great at leal abicu t><e I ?i a*at

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