Newspaper of The New York Herald, 24 Ekim 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 24 Ekim 1860 Page 10
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THE UNION TORlHLIGUT PR0im*0N. (OOVTINUID KKOM rHUUt PAGE ] A 1*tf? DODiher of trmnaparenriM, declaratory uf tba MtarhniiTit ul ibe company to the I'utoo fullovtd "oroing t'tountr Corp* n f Albany na 'ii? n-xl It *oort to tbe Colon B>-tl KiifrerH, ennatttiof uf >)m, ? the commud of Capt Colrln Tfify Mted afi iw "*1*8 *nl <*f*. *nJ ?" bjf? thirty e'en. _ * by a troop or taoree, com mau led Dy acu ? iptwtr number, ng thirty men. , OUwr delegation* from Bortrn, Kenrt , Paterton Philadelphia, Kc., nuiabericf about fire hundred, took part id tbe procession. were dreM?S W * ? gem log torcbce alott. "* -pert, eacorMd 4 :o red fTFTH DIVISION. thoB w. And acveb mounted Aids. Tblt division wu led by Ui? Eighth Ward Democrat*) CdIob Club, S50 ttrong, lAfayette flarrlfoa, Marshal. A wagon drawn by two larjre exprraa bortra, an.l crowded ?Hh bub waving Ilaga bearing th? motto of "I'dIob," was followed by the member* of the club, marching rank and fife, bearing torches and trannparenc'.ca, dtap:a.<. log ihe mot toe it ? ooeoooooeooooccoeooooco rose ? "DOfl't UtTB ?V TH? WBII* " O n tub i ?in? ajm> ma roaWTi-nav o oooooccocoocococoosccoooeoo Tb< u came another * agon bearing *??- and drawn by Jour eipreM borfea. One of tbe Ham bore tb? words ? oecccoeceor. oocccccococoeeos ? HoW [UKI VOI >BSh TO fKI'JLHAT* Till OOKHH or O ? III t I. ..Mi I * * . KIWI K Til* SUHTIi A* I! O ? KH'Tll' 0 oococecocooooocoooooooooooo The traa-'parrae.ici carried by Una elui v>erc amosg tbe prctticpt anl most van colored tn lae whole procea tIob, and preceded a beautrtct coup d'ati. Tbe Eleven ib Ward ladei<oJent Douglas Club waa Be*l 1o tbe Ei{frth Ward Yoimf; Hen's Unioe DanocrtfiQ I'ub, to tbe KlRh division Tkey turned eat one handred strong, n&d were marsba><l by tbelr Prealdent, Jamea R fleers They carried trauapareoo-es and Ulumlnulod ?ar-t.cfc.rid laatcrna anil .torches Thc>|a?j boro a b?un?T bearing tbe cwtto ? Omkmoooo o'Moooi^^oc^^^cMoooooyyooo^^ TUB C*10? M 1 <*T* rirr nn? wa* **** '?'roe awakb 5eOOOOOCOOO<>O.H..HH).HKXX?H)UOO.?C.?*?lOOO>WO oooooooo ooO ? u*M#?ie?cle? **"> lhe ?olto?* Jon't ftivr Cp the Mip," and The ^i0D Mcn WtU *ve Colon," many otb.ra. tt.c, looked well, wd inarched with much r?e?ilarity. The third aibdtrlalM cr ?tb: fifth division wan th> In amendoht Artillery of tbe BcreLteenth ward Tboy mua trred *lity mro udM^ They earnod no U-rcbei, taWW orv wangparenotee Tbe national *taudard waa tbe only flag borne *>? , ml tt *aa devoid of M; unoaual oraamac-.f-OD. Al lntervala they mala their (im epeak wit* Tbfl duilant reverberating Bound* of ?cbo, and they turrb.i wllb a hoary military deport ment', an i were altogether an intereatlog eeut'on or tbo ir.n.oo They were under Iho command ol Qaplaln 0UTDC. Afi^r i?ia Mo;?ciy were borne torches and Irani par ancle* bf varlou* member* of Ihe Eighth ward club*, and Utoac alapUyrJ the aooltoea of"lmon and \ ictory '?I'owo for Kver, "tnlon and JuMice," fcc. One large transparency waa alto borne along displaying the word*, ..( ? Dl|t<? writ can carry joo *afe to the While Hooar Hwra Abe," and repreoenlt?g an old corpulent Al titan knocking Ave or ?ti fellow couutrj moo of hla ?aide, and *Mtuig Lincoln to drac hi a toward* the While Hoove, whtcb a>poartd to the distance Scat In the procmalnn cam? the Independent Demo ?rale Club, numbering eighty mea, bearing a banner wKb the worda. "Beujamtn Wood for Congrea* " They oarriod handwmie tran*pnrenctae, bearing molloM aad ?Ulimrou iim.lar to tboae which preceded thrm Many lurch** a Ld banner* were alao carried by thla club. Afwr Ifce Independent Demo* ratio Club came the ?tghib Ward !*) i giaa and Jobnaoa Oaealry, numbering ?bom llfty irro They were all mounted on floe cheat ?at her* ?, of a rery large and powerful deoerlptloa, aad relieved very pleaaanlly the daasllng brilliancy of the (Tea. bum of the prooearton while they were marching J??t The Hgblh Ward Exeeletnr Club followed tbe Douglas ?ad Johnson raralry Tb?r carried brilliant trmonparneiM, f!*ga an I lantern*, and mustered two bundrtd men. One large traasparen:/ ha<t the mollo, "Down with iVctioballam another dt* played tb <>?rds "ITe Will Split the Rail ?plltt'*," wh?e a targe banner waa made remarkable by rxk.b ting tbo weni* "No InTaawn of the Rlglita "f 8l*ter State*." Cue of ?? e nnn r tr?n*parenrlee eiMbtted the *entlm*nt, ??Oilorolorm for the Wide Awakae ' while anethor Ilaabed tbe tenement, ''Liberty and t'aioo, One and Inaapara ble " Kxkrta aaJ Roman car. dice were coolui tally Sred by tb.a oomptiuf.tb- latter ati-^InK like dancing mel*>re tron 11' (Tt'iuency with whioh they coo tin red to *? ?end Tbe Mgbtb Ward l nk>? Sei.tlnel Qob, numbering ona baadred and ftfty men. were the nest la tbe line of the prvnrnuB They carried a large number of banner*, one ?f which, handeoait'y adored, bore the worde "I'alon for tbe I nvoa " Thejr aino carried a large number of trane paretic iee bearing raotwww iimilar to tb>?e whioh pre eeded them . and were very noticeable roe tbe order of tbeir marcbiug and tbe goneral aypearaoee of their de OOratkC* Tb>' Ktghlh Ward I'aloa Hpartan Club mnceeded tbe HeLtmtl Oiub la tbe pn?iee*M>o It aumnered 130 me L fbey were preceded by a larrt wa*no drawn bp foor bor?ee, bearing bauiiera asd brlllla itiy Hlumtna toe with UMifwmrM. One ol tbe hanoe'* duplayed tn g It k'tter* the well kaoan a>H>m, ?' l etted w?*iaed. dlfiJtd we fbll." The men bore lorrbee aad Illuminated Ibnierti*. an t the "!nb romparod farorah'y with tbe r??? of ue Hfth dirt*"* *hi- > glitb Ward IVmorratle Tnton Cub turned oot (M m?i, m tbe |>roce*al They bore In front a large ?tal i '* >|?m " in whu<" and red I'ghl, ehowie* e>a ?I>h oie y lite aiwd*. ' The (wople all right" oa tijeose mia<. wh le on the other uaahed tbe mar at, 'The people Ofl d<^k *' Now eanr>e the Mew York llaetmen'* Calon Club, t? the ?umber of MO m< * Tbey were preceded by aa immetH ?a* n.Oaan by twelve bor*.? in frobt wae a large Wreath of r iwera ot all d*criptiona and aU oolora, wblie In thr wa?- 'O aa? * ?hlp, hand?'jmely drie?? l le rlbfc-aa, mod hav r g t?e American ennga lyiaf f""? her peak Tbia waa a very pretty feature of tb? |'r>****H?? Tbe met carrl' d t 't.h e and tran<parvu<"o<a, oae of wbl h fcore the mott< ? "Jfo North, no Scuth. but o?e t aw* aad ?oe rn.nat tuli< a for al. the H alee " The [ievulk Ward Young Meu e i^m-xyalio Doaglaa and Jebta n tlub Mlowed aeit Tney turned oat 100 mea In front wi? ? large, htBd?"?e bannw, dlaplaying tbe name of tbe organ laatlon,, ' Organ: ted Jeac aft. IMO " Tbep were j re ?led b) a tr oop of aeatt- , r n* nambrru g aboot twenty Tney aarr led ?etoted latter ua aed a pr< uetou of tranepaeanneo Near tbe rear if the line of tbe Club waa b roe a aennod bar u ?r. rewiaika^ile for ?b'-'Wliig tbe wor.te, "The Kiev' Ward Sever Surreutcr*. anlWul I. re 3 000 MaK 'lty " Then raae a *hlp Id full aatl, b->rwa on a ea^t n bandei^iiriy dreeeed with nag* A beautifu. eagou, eurm<>ui ted bj two auiv-ra and a baerer, d?('av'cc the motUi. "Ou r<><i*t'talinn One O urlry and u?e i>r?tiey " Tbe <MHtit?ny nunmerwd ab-".i one huudred aud fifty men, t earing lorchea aud tra?*(iar. cclee Tb* F eventh ward ?V?n vratk H lb ee"?e nert It aanWr-d three livn<1re>1 mee, larryier torenea, *od saa ?? re and trai.*|a'esr iee It-re ?*? nothing a> ?. bow #rer[ on any of the mei wt duplet ??! by iht* club that baa not b?en reported ** betn* dlep'ayed hp tb-*? whieb precejed H Tbe nelt alxb la t*e pentHHi n ** ll - < ve,.th Ward Ir wa lvmcer*t-r t*ub t .-arr > t fn-eta api?rdh' trai>ai ??enr* In t rar e?y of ? te'ng U. worda " *e darcli to \ c. ry' on one ? i. ??l on We i.tber. " Onward to TW f *wrwd IftO men. al of wh ? re-rl*.! a l?%oapa ec> f "-ch . Tb? T??ith Ward rltibe r?me neat in ii ' ? ?"d aumnerel e<w grtber 1.100 men T??e) were . "r tb<a> m tbe Thirteenth ward, nemhe'tn^ ?w, ant t "?e ?f tfc* T^fUiav^ , w^o I IT'fl ni(*n, ' '*?' Tr> m aoth rg t'v t lb r k>anm '* ar tran-.-ar- ?i ?? that w?e ae* dwplafad m tt.? -itber* wt < b H*>? prec ?unoe of >t la ha '.be u wt n-' h th.' Sati..aa: Minat" M'">. aumhe tag SiM men hennght op the r*?tr of itta fifth l'ria!r>n Their reaera' aptearaaee wae g?>d , bat very ? railar to thai of th-' other* ftixtn mvisiov. ylamuel i An leraan, Mtrahal MM Wn. Coetr*, .1 n Wnen. Rearv Hoee, Hogh rrom????t Jo an Hiaatii. Vornan b. tmd. Bernard Reiily. Tbe a'da wtra a horvhi. g, au I ? r- tr e? w. I gae'.ta d igoimlly ?rroaa Ue b -dp n.e h r*?a' trap | plrg* ware red and w', to, will the w ? i ?? Vu * " oa Me (addle elith Drveath ward rariraa (oa li(>r* b? k). Thej r?da ITth elfv t a? * f nt. hep -no mt"' e ghtr mea f J. 4. ft^t", W*-d Ward \ . g Mt? * Nu.j m c ix | u ui Job r ton CluY Tn J bore * lu-ge white muulin bi-n.r, with the nami- ol tee c ub oif riiod tbcrnoo, and tbo Jute ? i the orfaoi/atlon ? June 26, 1800 Another banmr bore (be Inscription:? f>??/ * TJ * KLM ? VTfl WAKf V1VBK ?f' RKK.VDBM (?<M >b KuK $ J YKRKB THOI NA.ND DKJKK'IUTIC MAJORITY ' \ b ud ? htrtcen plcaet. Then followed a miniature ship, drawn on a wagon? the Constitution? seventeen fcM long Mll fail rtfgod, with all ..ik set, manned by twelve bo,, to n uniform. '? 10 ??vy Tbls ?a? folloaad by a wagon, drawn b? r? . - ^^oru^ZZ- ^ b wi>" ? ' ,K* ?? Arisen Utij ?htj/|*T &****.?? " -?r Ally lab* Oo Vje j tar of Vag^n wai 4 batlD^r <,th the turof iptl'-n ? ; ; " 'rOOKI^ ThT OLDII*Vl?m? \tW4VS ? < t*i ? *>W ?AT10*?l n?llO?UOT J Tina wa?foKow?il by aaother wagon, with \|,mrty 0J ehtemakers a*. work They hammered aw?- wtlQ a wtll) art created much smuaemeut to the ?(*" juiora. Ttieo foil med a line ol iOBrt l*et,\y butch-r wagons, w in their ocropunta aU!r**l In Vblte aprons and sloe*' ?o tbc front (f tbo leaditg wagon was a banner, gurmr *" ci wilt a pair or ^.'.slied o* burns with tbo 1' ** tlon? 5 I'iThh'T on IH I'fK r.cilil, Hi IT khaIL w r -?'?? "It /. - _ oHK (tiWKTI HTUHt, "** .?* DB4TINV $ Tbt-u lolWwtrt another waj(o?j *^d /hlcti wad a rtJpre ieutatlon of a dilapidated fur* gco j#> Horace Greeley In the front ground, a niggfr rU? mr %hc r,i)gi *?,. Following tbliwa. aBof.ier ,Itrx ,k^e wa?>n, drawn by four burree, bearing ih> > Eleventh Ward ??mocratle Club banner, and guard' d v ,y jweoty tivo men, uniformed Id bine .blrU and Mb/ rt, ODe beRr(og a On either ildo of the w Agon wm the Inscription? > TUIB1T T11KM t T>.Tlf, 1VTTHI. OKI AND IMHKl'OLAIIIJI. 5 < NO WlTHloM $ Following lb 0 above wan another platform wagon, with a reprceentat ,on of a j^rty 0f nwarn teller makera at work. The y had their bellows Are In full hUgi , a Nma f4e anvil an,i t re*l boiler Aa the procession pawed ai ry tli' route the men worked wtb ax much eam<st neaa v though they were performing a regular day's labor on the wagnu was a banner with the Inscription? s WE Will RIVKT THE rklOM TIK.ETUEM J s iy arna or >%u ururrmi i Another read: ? i lua cuaKmrnoM and tub ctnoa. } \ TEMPLE Or UltBRTY J { TUB CMOjf NOW A*D FORIVER ; Then followed the Eleventh Ward German Dotigia* and Johnson Club. Then followed another banner: ? ) N*t nuvn THuoraa t m n riiowum wm; a $ ; LITTIJI IKIII.U." I-OKV UK lrt TWOKUItTT O* j ; TBI Ui.HTBIKG LUIS, A (Jl'ARTRB AHMAD CXDBK A } { f?TKn*li rri L. ; Hani Kir rc-nth Ward Dong la* and .Johnson Pioneer Club. Tbia company were attired In red capes and caps and mustered seventy Ave men. John B. Hooker Guard. Tbey muttered one hundred and fifty men and boro numerous banner* torches and The entire delegation from the Seventh ward numbered 1 ,500 men. Fonmaurrn Ward. Cavalcade of boraemen. Peter Monahan, Martha). Fourteenth Ward Democratic Republican Dour'as and Johnaon Club. They carried a large white batnier, with the name of the clnb Inscribed thereon and the iate o' IU organliatlon. Then followed a small banner, with the Inscription ? URVUD. ( } TUB mum tHAI 1 KB FKS?BRV?1>, BT THB BTBK> At ^ J WB *n* mtrbi. tub cbiob. or dir ihtur i^rTm-HT? Then followed the Fourteenth Ward Young Man's Douglas and Johnaon Club. They bore a large white ban nsr, with the Dane of the club and the date of Its organ I Ration Inscribed thereon. The Fourteenth ward repre ?entatlon numbered 000 men, all of whom bore torches, Sat? and Insignia. S*v MtssMis Wars. Charles O. Cornell, Marshal. Friendship Club. This company mustered sixty men, uniformed In red shirts and black glared caps. They drew a small six pounder brass told piece in the p roots* loo Dunbar's Band? sixteen pieces SeTenteenth Ward Douglas and .lohnaon Club. They bore a large white banner edged with r*4 rringe. with the nam* of the dab and the date of It* organization painted thereon Th>y muttered two hundred men. Among other noticeable features la the line wm a platform wagon, on which was ? representation of a rail fence with a (its negro astride It; underneath was the lnecrip tisa ? } T1IB BLACR RBTVRLK ?> rUATTOBB ABD TW rntBCirUIS I following this was a Tory large platform wagon, on which was a temple of liberty The godeas was repre wo ted by s young lady elegantly attired, holding a stair with the cap of liberty thereon. The temple was an ele gant pleoe of handicraft, and reflects great credit on Its dsntgner Seventeenth Ward Young Men's Hickory Club. The banner of the club was borne la a wagon and Illuminated by fifty lights. On the front of ths wagon was a repre sentation of n hickory tree. The elsb numbered ortr two hundred men, and they were nnl formed in hickory Shirt* and glased csp*. Seven toenth Ward Independent Democratic Club Tboy mustered one hundred and fifty men, uniformed in red glased caf*. 9*T*ate*ath Ward Denocratlc Douglas aid Johnson Club. Hon. John Cochrane, who rode la an open ba rouche drawn by four I inch horses, was moo r led by Oils Club. The riprissataHou from ibe Seventeenth ward In the proec*S'on numbered about eighteen hundred toco Tbey a. I carried torches, and marched six abiUMt. Hark men's Association Cavalcade. They mounted owe hundred men. Cortege 1 twenty carrtages with distinguished gueata. SEVENTH DITMIOW The Seventh dlrlsloo wan under the direction of Mar shal William O'Donncll and Assistant Marshal Richard Dslton, who wore hnodnorae scarfs, and wm mounted no warlike looking nnd denorated chargers It wm remark able more fbr the nnmber of strong, brawny looking, full grown Toter* than for any attempt at display. With few axceptkma, there was littls or nothing ta denote anything saore than aa ordinary turnout of diem* The dlTlsisn was benled by the Fioolsur Club, Captain Andrew Roily, numbering about four hundred m ??nbers, wbo were tnstefulty dreesed In red shirt*. all mrrying \ small transparencies. FiWIowlnr the Kxceltlort came the Invln-lbls Clot, rhsrwrter'red ky Its remarkably neat appeerauoe the member*, to the nnmber of tour hundred, were dress -d la blue shirts, with faney turned over yellow collars, black pants and Hungarian onpi; tbey carried the ordi nary pitch toreben. loll wtrg 'n succession were the Flght>**tb Ward (Mmftra Artillery and the Wllagnl ITsiisli I'nlm C- rr.tcltUe Tb? chlor f rra club* were dree*el in red *' rts and g't red rap* and carried torrks*. The T???ty. gr*t ward wa* represented In tbs pr??-<* ?'ou by a r*Bnd Mattonai l aton Aa?*taHoa, ana ?>rtag ?b"ut eighteen hnrdre I men, under the c unmund of Martial (Jen M'Une, assisted by C< ? T <npk!?. lathe or ?| were ?1 tt * Uiesls," to the number of tws ba*. dred. dn e?d in red sb'rts and glued sap?. I*eveval transpMene ea; bearing ?< Revtr yield Ili [>e?tb or Vic tor*." "I nioe ail Constitution," were vtsibis. Following were the Ja< .son Club, whtoh presented a fire apftenranre Young Men's Cnlon Club nf Harlem Twelfth Ward Kati?al Democratic dub and the York Tine l"r ion Club? all carrying t robes se ihs only meaca of ornnmenUtloa. The feat 'e? o fact the only feat ire? of this dlvtsim wm m Immense cart drawn by f< ir h >fue*. carrying an orchestra of dark en, wbo were laVMIsd w th tiie nam<w of ?ewa*<l, I.loooih, Hunlln, Hutnnsr, aid oth-r light* at the rrpub! can jerty . the orchestra an ?ej the | -opie by a rather b ste'ous bowl, u hmh. amid the rarloui ao?** of I lie <n e, might be nppcoed to b<.' sing ng. 'it' ostner 'f I. ?pensrd street nr i Rroadeny f?m* tr'wj' e ?.<? "?<tVr?d Vtwe?n the Bkfl mm no I deao crali ' -? i j t|e r t'.| of , he. It at oo? I. a* l<jote4 rmtbfrtwIWM.butg. ",* Anally pre *IM, ?"1 fie I Bell men marched triumph*.'*1/ p?$ aterrjpt'en THE ej?;hth Division. The ward cIi;I<k of th* c?7j wUh ,he wuikMMtanr I clubhand aaaoelallor (| whicb lh# ular?h, rcc oi the dfyk ion, turnod out in great n?' .-?* ^ tdded ccnaldp rtble effect to the m?rol" **" ^ -> t v?y . V ' B'1 *!|o|tfi-4 , l*j tb? y formal 1 It? mirrbala, it* <?* *Vch *Mi. " Jer their reapeot ?dpocmiob* s bcjoa* belief Above *l'i V <.d ?f or ?>.* vml, the j WW a at po?w to 'trio' ?**?. MM aithrofh Ihelr rat'erce, K not tb -ir pa Brt?l hav? beet sorely tried, they tbelf uall> " 'n roo^??fd tr, wilh T'rj lew eiohfXtoa md ad, i the roll ?f t^# d,Tm al g'0B? far idvucM point g?ve the in *r u|,ic-j1 for th6 botfr tC move with the pro ceeaion aa It r tbetr potion. F'>gh>'j dlvlfclOB *?i, marshalled by WWU?m W'ison. *ko ' jad *vr j,j8 kide llattbew T. Breonan, Wm Foster, l*f .tr U rion, William I' if get, l*atnek Dulfy . I. Wood, - Cll%-e and Alex Ward. T*-ie division formed aa set down la the T'io 1im?<i ?ua foriuea by the Empire Tlub, report 1 W j hare turned < lit 1 000 strong Id froul of their raiku waa carried a very Sae banner, lurmounted with a liberty cap In the true national red republican color Tho baiiocr rcj ?fgfnted figures and bore Inacrlpt'ona aa ; foll<mi', On ?be top were tho worda: j noooooooooooooooronwnooonoooor.onnoonnnnoooo.yiooooMO I o "mmmo Mm turn" o OOOOOOtXOO' 1 ' 01 o. OOOUOnOOOUOOOOuOOuoOOOiOOOOOOOuOOOOO A centre ? ?? formed by a circle of stain maide, whiih were nrrer ? tcj busts of OOOOOOOOOOOCC COOOOOOOOOOOOOUOOoooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO o jimiMson. luomon. o o uunuxiN o I OOtliOfKiOOCOOOOOOOnOOOXK OCKMMuOCiWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJ In the centre thus firmed, were two female Sturm, one repreKcntlog "Freedom," the ether "The (Jenlus ?f America": between three figures was a ahiold oa which j tbiy rested, *bof t? which iu the American Eagle. I'ndernenth the circle of stars we-e the word* cocecoote-ocoooccotoresoooo I li Ci-? LAKO* THK HOl *LM OF K E*|. m. O eeeccocoococ:cco o;oo:o:=eo j Thin - i. b carried a large number o' irantparrncles of j r<vi aoii blue lights, with the motto "Douglas and John 1 (on Club." Thirty mounted men, officer* of the club, ; > aooomi anted this large loroe ol torch bearer*, who were headed by a splendid band. KorKTu Wamd " Docg'a* and Johnson Association." The large tarn I ont rf the Fourth ward formed part of ibe Eighth dirt ?ion, kBd gave U a large, numerical force, as well a* m?o y interesting features in the chape of Inscriptions, mi>ttoe?, iranrparencies. he. The whole force was under the 'mn cdlate comm.nd or Qapt James White. Headed by a line band and several borsemon. the nsu'n body was preceded by several men carrying a Fplind,'' banner, on one slJe of which were faithfully represented bnrts o Douglas and Johnsoa, with a icroll lumnndlng them bearing the inscription ? c sococc eco oeoo sooeoc sooosoo o DOrULAS USD JIIISH* i?0("iT!'iy. O eceoooeooooeoeeoeooeooooooo Oa the reverse side was represented the oceoococoseoscsceooossooooo I o rrMn.s or unswr. o ocooceoooooocoscssooooooooo B.ncath was the inscription? I eooocooocsoocooooeoeoeooeoo | O IMlTBfl W1 MA?I>, I>1VIDSI> Wl FALL. O c o o c e c ? a e e cc e, cs c. zz m c. a r> a a a ?-*? This club carried lereral transparencies with loscrlp ' tloni, arch ??? I coeeeeoeoeeooeeeoeooooooaoo o tio?R una thi hlai k rui> ut i>?l'jno.v o coooocroeo so eooooeoooasoooo On the luift transparency waa to inserted tug , repre senting the rnlfl;m?ot of (be motto, ccececoecceeeceoooooooeoeoo O TmI'DII MiTIRH AKl AROl>l> O O !?<? VH>(i>KI> Ahl AUnWll> IN THI* n i l O oococooooocoooceoeeoosooooo The neZi body of men rurme l to Use >u the Ttmnn Vaid Toe Dooglaa and Jobuaon Sl*r Club formed torn* 800 m-a, under command of Capiain James O. Dmond Io from ni carried a banner on which iu macr sed, ta large It iters, tbe name of the club. Among a boat of transparencies carnrd by them were some wllb the fol lowing Inscriptions ? occcooeoo^oo o o e c ? o c&coooooo O DflCOUt AMD M?SIU!I Miicun O O t'MOa AI1A1SST THI OOMMO* IkUI. O O IN I'JIIOS T1KSI ID ITUXdTII O o tmit<iolas, junssms ash tinwt o " Twsvnsni warn ..tH'ji ?oa l SCO auwh. o ocoecoocooeccceococoooooooo Tbe banntra bore the Inscription* ? 0eoeceeoeeeeeoesoooeeeoeoee0 " W1 hsuavl 1H TVa RH.HT OS THI FturLt TO OOtUJI THIMirm wm?'t <;m rr twi swis m? hatti* cat WW <* "A nnruLAS1 a Dorouu!" ? ?oe6 seooeoooeoo so so: o*>oos o o ? Sercral wsgoos were ranked la the alub decorated with Bags and devices. One of th<- latter was awwvvvvvvO9BCeVD?0SeOCCVeeOf> imn nui rom arirat? bo witbbw k.* r? *????< ccoeecooosoecoooooooo0 Til* I Wabi' Another Pooglae and Jobnaoa Club took Uielr place In tbe 1 im, XV *lroag under tbe command of Ok plain 0? ii enU They praaanted a very Boe appearance Indeed { and wr? preceded by a floe band. After a line of borae men, who rode at their bead, vaa borne on a ?mjoo a ?Ml characterise and laughable groap of flfuraa, repre senting O HHM1 ? A HMK1BB ? ABB UM1HJ a o o o o eoooocoooooooooooooooo The n If far, with moat di atoned (rla, bad bold of Magna Mreeley'i alfln loon by the Ml hand, while be held Iboee or foot Abet by the right, aad pretty em art he bald then, to Judge by the agony depleted to the nun tenance of tbe pblmarpher The laarrlptlea* ware ? OOOOC-COOOCOOOO 9 o C QOOOOOOQOO U Tin ALXMiRT^ WHh.Wm o o fko i*un AUAintn ma mion. ? cooooocc o a o o 000 ooooooooooc e A eeoond waggon bira, oa a oanraa coreriag o IBB ax.irta * Akl? rBK?i ABW riofoat. o la tha rear of the rank! waa a eaaaaa which ever aad aan? aeat forth a loud report to the Minute men to keep wide awake Nnrrn W*ar T'bi-ib Cira TbU club, with tbe auxiliary Miaate Mea aambered, aa rer? rted. gome 1.600 itrong, under the cmaaud of their preevdent, Alexander .Shaw. Tbe Minute Mea betag more Imtrodlalaly under the commas a of Captain Tillman. la tbe front raaka waa born* oa a wagna a moat beaut If ai 8*al rrpraaentatl.'C of ?? l&Uitli: te&SZK tei*.?# being rrpreeenud by a lovely y*in? lady, rery ? ? richly and appropriate attired o o e e e oeeaboo s s o e oooeoeeeooo0 Aa might be axpacted, the temple asd the foddeaa were eapeclal objecte of care to tha "minute mea, ' wb? would aot allow area a miaate to the reporter to aaaka the pro feaaloaal la^ulrlea necaaaary upoa the ?coaeloa Tbe wagon thua honored waa decorated with a number of *h>elda, oorreap- adlag with the number of Metee tow prising the Colon, earh of which bora the arma of a par ttcular itale Tha wagon waa oae of tha featarea of Um yi aoeaaloa In the raakt were a large number of traaaparenciea, with the Mual democratic mott<?a. But wbal drew the moat atteuttoa waa a wagoa with a large lighted tranepareocy representing, la a moat gro tee.jue and ludcirou* manaar, the following interesting groap ? Gnotr oa TtoA*ar amort A corner lence with the uaual numbar of ratlg. old Vir ginia (tyle Top i gure Abe Lincoln aatrlde of tbrm, holdlLg on like gr'm dealb. Beneath him la a lurking attitude, appear- d the greaay face at. 1 wuoily trad of a wail k> do nigger In front of waa repreaealed Horace Hreeley badly down la the beeia of bW b u>. a a TrOmm Muck out of hi* coat pocket, an I h a pant* atuck Into tbe Ire* of hi* bo.ia Oue arm wa* etrelched out a* If preventing the d< tecttoo of tbe tig- i ger by a peering, carton* looking gaol eiaan, who waa, however, "not to he done " Thl* geatl??o*n ? ' (lightly etocpcj?wlth "he hard on fci? bent knee and tbe other |?lntitg to iheeigg r on the fenae, whom b? bag delected, ?!**pitc Uie eflorttl of Llttco'n and tin airy? triune hantir chtichiea aloud ? t ? e.c tc ( p :)?? ( ctreeio******* o '?! f?* m* *h.o*b t lki i*<; Tr*oi?h rw* ""wir* o eeeceeceoeecceeeeeeeseaoese Hov.nd the flgi riw were tbe word*? eaeeaeeeeeceosoeaeeeeeae o e o o l i.ii n mi II,.' iflC, ? the Mgger oa the fenae? the o o n .ger under tbe fence o o "*>ie liiggrr on the wood pila." O e e e e c c e o ? eeeceeeeec eeaaaae t? tbe front of the transparency ware the worda? coceceece a e eoooce<*eeeo 0.9 a a a O "F? ?fin .? l'ur IBM? Raitx k'l> wor>i " o eeeeecceaeceaaeceaaeeaaaaae Ancthi r transparency b- re the follow lag ? pooooc I -00000000000000000 oooo?oooopof>oo.mnc MM ?QOOMBWI o " TRg i mo* wnx t nnr nan moon o a eo* rwa i-moa ' o ooc cv . ? -km oronoooMooooooi w ?oi>ooooo.k ooooooooooooooo Twasrt ea?? *r Wam> Utt i.ui aju> joirwrw nci Turned out about *00 mea ander the command of Captain MCCtooa. Tbey carried ?? \ traj baa Berg and traneparen cle* *itnilar to thoee we hare already drwrlbed PnTr*?r? W?*ri Dorotjui a*o Jamraot* Ctra Fcur C ti rt ed oat frrwi th a wajd, nnmberlng la lukii.' S.K9 bi?b. vader Mniii*r i or Chpt. j. hn U rc. Coon. "" - 1 ? 1 - 'b' .u ?y ware proceeded by a four Uorse w*?in, from Venire of the wagon appeared a hnkory tree, before , c Jch on a piece of canvaa waa Inscribed tbe folio* log: ? , (v o^o-eecceccecoeocoeeoiesso THa HI< Rf.MY TKJM WAM nav|K Ml*. IT MY OUI / UKAll AM O I iccccccd?eoc?ocooao:cccoo , *!??(? 'be ?o - ? . ?nd an an?il, vpil? ak1* - waa i i?c u a ixrac .,u.Mny rang ^ ... ?iuie itUuncaui Valeana oec- lv ' ? cut icut i* v>|t j ViuuM^BrKO ctrna a?i> abmociatkws. ! Tbe I'uloo Uagae Club No. 1 turned oat 160 ??, w drr romtnm d -f M.J Rapp*')* red i m> |m f nod red nap*, aud Hey bore ID front a PH" Ww Pmaimoud ll*ht. They prf s?-nud a very 114,0 martial ?p ???.ru'c?, ard they locked wail wiuuho Tut colored i Icrt t?-!? rtd, grvfP ho i bine I'kic.1 LaAora Wo 3. il?- club air" frcm WillUtj.i>i>t> j , turned ont one hundred arid ninety two n,en, under command of Captain Mtll ??ter. Tit*i were dri ??e<l in atl?er colored capea and red rapa. Aaaongct the moet noticeable of tbe mottoea, were ? ? i,Ste?isjj;jtf'306eeSoe!(!i???'1 ? o MjfTi ooruTT *>inXrrr t*x nwr*jU?D roit rn? cnio*. o ' o pint VwakD as d bib Tuaaa arm's: o ' n atnty mm* ox, o o afuVr ?*>rr, o i o apKt* muvaar. o r,cCcoccocottccocosocooeocco? Ni*????.ntu Wahi> Ohwi'oht I'ainy Cldh 1 turned out two hunorwi ana tifiy atronft, under nimmand el faptair ( alloc. Iu front ef them waa borne on a wagon the vodrl of a steamer, called the National Guard. Tte club made a tine appearaac*. thk Jamaica Mi.vvts meh Tnrted out 116 strong Ttx-y were preceded, titer the band, by a trm spar-accy. with the word*, "Our whole country." One side represented the original thirteen ?-trtf*, tn the form of an arch l'nder th? arch were the worrif "The lvrltraton of Independence, on which )* built tbo outiKtitutlon " There waa a reprtarutatloi of the Tempi* of I,*ierty, lorrned of tbirte-n columns of hick or) H..1I hewn cn ground famnua in Revolutionary strips TTi>ro were thirty three torches carried la the rat ks rej.ri K.n.tirr the thirty three State? of the I-oioa. TtMN tuiLout if Iho men ol Jamaica waa crclilableln ever) mm. They were under the oommasd of Marshal IJ S Scott. CARTMEN'S ASSOCIATION. Owing to some misunderstanding ? large number of the cartnen joined tbelr different ward* in the proces sion, instead of assembling in Pearl street to ) ut them aelveg under the orders of Mr. Daniel Osrpeoter, who waa appointed Marshal of the Qartmen's Association Owing to ibis reason there was but one large tour v heeled wa gon and three one horse carts, containing about ono hun dred men. The Marshal was dressed in citizen's clothe, and bis aid wore a red, white ud blue sash and a large white rosette on his left breast. The wagon was drawn by fonr fine bones, whose heads were adorned with line plumes of feathers The sldts of the wagon bore the following inscription ? ( wvuth wain ok nanx. I { BT UfDrt-TRV VI TllUIYB. ^ Several handsome transparencies, made of colored pa per. and a largo number of colored lamps were disposed about the wagon. The other carts were decorated with a number of email flat*, transparencies acd colored lamps, while the horset wire covered with white cloths, on whleh the word "IVim" was painted in large black letters; each h irae's head was decorated with a handsome plume of feathers. TI1E ROUTE OF TUB PBOOMBO*. rUXMINATlON" . DKCORATrONS, BONFIKK8 AND ENT1IC" , 8IASM IN THK STHaW. Those wha witnessed the prooesslen last night at any 1 point along the rcule? which, by the way, waa verv ju dlclously selected? were struck with the wonderful en thuflasm exhibited by the people ? an enthusiasm re markable for tbe genuineness of Its character, and con- ! trastlog strongly with the deathlike, ominous silence which prevailed daring tbe celebrated Wl-ie Awake de I bd on strati on some weeks ago. After the formation at the Park, the msjnlflcent army of torcbee, banners, flags, I fcc , took its course np Broadway to fourteenth street. 1 down to Fifth avenue, up fifth avenue to Twenty sixth street, acmes the latter to Madison avenue, 1 down Madison avenne to Twenty third street, across to Fourth avenne, down Fourth avenue, ' through the Bowery and Chatham itrW. to the Ptrk again, where the eeveral companies were dismissed. All alosg this rente tbe shouts of tbs popolaoe, who were oat in numbers scarcely less for mid able than on the memorable occasion of tbe Prince of Wales' reoepttou, were Inces sant, and the pyrotechnic display of a mist brilliant de ecrtptlon. Several of the public and private edllcee were beautifully illuminated and bedecked with flags and ban ners, railing for particular mention. To give a deecrlp tion of all the buildings thus decorated would occupy too aurh space, acd we therefore ooaftne ourselres to the foHow'ng speeiBc U s ances:? * Thr Vi u 1 1 n 1 x. ?r No M4 n- valway, ODpoKltc the Park, was titan natel. having three spl-odil transparencies, on one of whicb appeared the inscription : ? > MU ?. mm } j IUM r?UM ( LIT, > j riKivm) ht rmo.a j On aaother of Umm tracapareactaa ?? noticed the la. arrtptloa ? X no ftrnoHAi um f >m ca | ! ora una i* thi rainw ) At No. 803 Broadway there wm a regular battery of Art work* la oeaaeleaa operation Th? magnificent wblte aiarbta aatabllahmeet of C. W. k J. T Moore, No rU? Broadway, preeente-1 a One ap ptararce, lit ap with hundred* of e*rt<-rau>d lanterna. Jaaea, Fowler, Kir Hand At Co 'a. No Mfl Broadway, ?ai de minted with two large, beaat.fu1 (ilk wbi<*h hong fn>m tba third itory window, and (bar ata alter tlaga fca tototd to tbc roof. Brcff Brother* * Haamer'a piaoa, Na 3M Broadway, waa alar decked wltk flip Tltoo, Worrall 4. Mary 'a carriage warebome, No. 4*0 Br radar ay . waa apiend.iily Ilium Itaied Tb< beat* 14 Barter a of U>e Grand Marabal of tbe prooaa aloa, at No 114 Broadway, waa deal with three a|?rcprtata traaapareaclea The atore of -aauoora \ Co , optician*, Broad way, oader tbe lafarre Hooae waa aaaoag tbe remarka ble fraturee < f the nlgbl. lo tbe window a traaanarvney Willi tbe followtag draign aad lcaerlptloa waa noticed ? ? No South, No "oith. No Ka?. No Warr I J (Two Aa> ' >can flaja joined by tw.i bar-da ) J J nia i vki? an-cr a?p niAU ?a raaMaaMD > The bead quarter! of tba National Utm<vrt' ic Voluo k*r(?M tl intniBated with * brilliant dwplty of gaa on the autaideof tbe building*, inUri|Mfi*l with flafr, baa Mr* tad mourn* . and lb* IlktMMM of \ m: , i?r>ir.4* ajtt> nntitonup?B, ) j n -i nun, i with mono uodrroralb - ( iani* h* th* uia or raa caio- | Aa the MatibaJ and bta Chie if AM, John rarreU, P*?*| I tb* build tar. tbey were |rwM with entbuaiaailc appia' ar ? the latter belaf claimed under Ibe name of the ?'Oerttialdi" of polttlni. Itooqueta wara preeented by ?nme la. Mr* Id the window* to each of tbeae femlomea Tb< beautiful prtrato real lean* o' ei-.Iu Ige Konaeeelt, I cited Stale* Pie<rtct Attorney No 8M Tlmad way waa '.1'imuated id a manner mbicli attrmrie<l the , at Walton,* floated from erery wit do a, and cheer after rlu er broke forth from the proce?toaau aa tbey patae<i tbla edltne The Bell tad V rerett beadqnarter* eihlblted aa llloml oaled banner tearing tbe repraaaotatloa of a bell aid aa ? a*le, bearing la I la beak a aeroll with tbe word* ? \ *aa (wiBmn*. tub rno* < ) un m j B*ro*r?ji*jrT or tw* uwi $ TTie main iBtcrtptma no the *>arrrr waa aa follow* ? 5 >.*i l ji >i? avsaart naaixji ? ? 'I tig M" ? Vail'-nal I u ion Uub. *?>* paiam>a*T, > JOB* WCU. > rem nut ra*?n>trt. ; EPWAHP KVEKK PT I } ?Mad'fbartljr s|?in tbe firet dawning ofj ; ??e?y attempt to alienate any portion ?>' rar country j j Inm the rrat or lo aafeeb e tbe racreri tloe ati , h low j $hiad l?f?tr?r tbe T*rW*-* paria tjniix.nK. j lo Fourth trenae the Qowary and ' hatha i atreet tbete were ao particular lliamiaatiooaor denotation*, but the tbibiui a?m wai ai t tbe l-?a tnienee T>ie bntMteg corner of He?(> r atreot ar1 the Ho aery? the hear qu?'ter* of the -parun *?*or|at |o?? had * large bante r ?tiepeaord fruia It, oa ?bi<lh tb* following Inscrip tion w?* ?'Kt? d ? f ## W(N A# W *### O > (fmAH I j Haartqoa'tera j > "ITrnngt) age* thon beat r rft I* rha'n* and n<?ht, { $ A'taen w. map aad *in !' aia tby rl*ht '? Feery where ?irn* the ert're mute the h?rrp>? blared, her Itrr* hrrned, firework* rtwt ip into tbe air th* pe< r't Iboni- d, wild w'tb e? thn?'**m. and, *Hou?th*r the de tnotatratliD w*a ?och a* New York bat nerer h/ 'orr wit MM. SCFSFS ALONO BROADWAY. Taat ereolag Utta noble thoroughfare ww a arene ? great yet ordarly nKMmi. Clmwd* of p?m>i? ware rrerywhera preaaat, aad yet bo difurdar A l< nf ao I ImpoalBg proar**loo paa*' I Ibrrmgb tb* throng, and yot ao dlftnrbaaoa rrerything paaae.i o(I lo tbe moat devnrtwa ud txromtof manner, aad waa a ootapMa MA At half p**t *1g o'elnch I art no appearutca nf extraordinary excitement ptrraJert th* priocipai atre> M of tb t city, tb* rrmr*e of tbe pe?pi* ?' oirnard,'' that I* golag up towe. bat if tbe pedeatnao (lau<'?<l a little to the right or left, be com Id t?roalr* b* the red glare *b*Bl*( upon th* taM of tbe mber *tre> t? <ed Sy the or,-a#ioeal Jlaebarge of rnMeta and romaa oand'ee, pa. **u. waa ( J| ua ?l*e where ot a m?re aciirt and exciting ft mtrnn W9M P""* ^ the lo cahty la which be ftt that moment iu moving. to the neighborhood of Um Tomb* a large crowd of persons had a**embl<4 W ?*? tt* departure of d,Tl" sisn, wfco were aven at tbftt w'7 buor congrogat ug about the rendezvous. At certalif of the partus would ride up to the icratch" ft few )>*? ?r00,J ^ " Uam uuiDOutivd relative to apj>uwtment*, *c . of the ?ouoted. One gruUetoaB ifisg tte owner pro Urn of a wh ? was deif minsted " wblte ** exiled ?? ftcbl?Tujijl?<H>'1t?PC!e<l p t ? *.ie black ?? having a blue lasb, W" strict!* - "*'I flew " One m*n ? ' getting blue blmttif." " .eqoerted to refrain from c&ir pssstd mm ' Several other words of b?dl one to tbe oiber. bat ail In very gooi pfcrw iu -tfg Broadway Itself, a e tbe hour of seven began U ' approach, might be sten a large o amber of gaily dreeaed carriage, and II gaily dressed occupant*, proceeding tc tbe rendexvoo* of tbe division to wblch they respectively belongid. Compauie* of pedestrians In blue sh'rts, an! others in red, were likewise seekiig tbe same deeirabW location). Tbe large wagon holding tbe blacksmith's forg< attrtcU'd a great deal of attention, more eepectally whec It stopped in front of tbe New York Hospital, when | tbe forgeman ".blew op bis fire briskly," throwing lti j ruddy glare upon tbe neighboring hours, and causing th< ' faces of lbn onlookers from tbe window* to bare thai peculiar light and shade effect so much admired lu Rem brand t'g note 1 picture*. A pie* cf Iron having been put the forge, was here heated to "red beat," and , wa> held aloft to show the crowd that the occupant* ol tbe wagoa were ready to "strike the Iron while It wai hot." (Joe man suggested that "he who heli tbe bel lows m:ght be a great mpporter of the Union, but be, at i le?st, ? sb tben a great blower." I At the corner* of tbe itreets at this time might be ob served tlwre energetic men, the "c*termonger*," wh? wtretryirg to earn sn honest penny by solllog applet and other commodities to Ibe gathering crowd. Ul course the noted "West India pineapple rock" seller wai not abrtnt. It I* almoat as certain to see this individual with his naptba lamp, now at every crowd, a* to expect tbe baton and shield of tbe M. P. Very shortly before seven o'clock several of the storei began to close op tbetr abutter*, and barricade tbe whol< of their front*, for the reason, so some stated, "because they were wide awakes, and were afraid of the Union folks;" bat from after actions we ahould judge tbe rea son to be because tbey were desirous to see tbe pro. etuka, end so made a platform for themselves and frienda. Tbe railings of the New Tork Hospital, In connection with some strong scaffold boardt, were lurntd Into a very tflloient platform, aid wai roon occupied wth anxious obiter vers Tbe plies or brick, thi sto< ps of banks, houses, kr,., windows, aod in ra<-t ever; kind of elevation ,|waa brought into use to enable J ail to at e who could be so aocommodated. B) 'his time ruddj glare bad been drawing nearer and nearer to tbe ceatre, and tbe tap of tbe drum might have been beard , calling tbe stra?glers of each dl v Moo to their plares. 10 as to form temporarily before tbey regularly took up tbetr positions for tbe procession. In tbe neighborhood of Rarnum'l, rocket* and Roman ran lies were being et oil as each OWfUI paMed alone to its Dominated place of assembly , and the Orummond I light of that Muteum was constantly being thrown upon the sdvsnnnc masses as tbev fathered totretber in the Part. . A I As the Worth Gourd fissed along aome bystandw of an opposite political tendency rtated thai I boy were "Wortb'Mess, but be wss toon silenccd by a man offering to bet a -clean hundred" tbat the slanderer oould not p-odnce a company of bis own pirtf that were ' worth more at tbe roll*." Shnrtij after seven o'clock orer three hundred extra police, of the itmrve platoon, were detailed to keep order along tbr route, a nd were stationed In mi itary order in front of tbe whole length of the line It was at first In United to confine tbs people to the curb, bnt a* they seem ed to evmoe no tendency to d is retard common decency or brbaviur,lhe police did no'. Interfere with them even when 1 they took op their positions tn the very centre of the road MM At bal' past seven the people began to line the aide walks In grrst numbers, and by the time tbe processlou bf^an to move that part of the thoroughfare was In firae piaees densely packed, except when the policy allowed the corcourke to extend the i r limlU into the Tuadways. By this time the glare in the neighborhood of from Canal meet to tbe Park was a certain sl|n tbat tbe masses bad to a greet extent assembled at their appointed places A large crowd of people congregated opposite C W. & J T Moore's la-ge establishment to observe the light ing ?p of Utalr place of bnninees with the Union lamps i At the comer ot Canal street there was also a very large i onobarss of persons, ss was also tbe case with the corners of ifeoome and many other Important etreets. The elevation enured by the raised '-false sidewalk'' tn front of tbe new . edifice at tbe corner of (.ran J street form< d quite a fine i spit for sight loving observers Of course, tbs hoys mounted upon verandah rails and aaytblog elae tbev I n.uld climb Even tbe lamp-|n<st mail boxes would have I been brought Into requisition, bnt, alas, tbs police woeld not allow of tbe sacrilege. In front of tbe -t. Nicholas Hotel a large gathering of Idlers mar always be seen, bat Isst sight, as It happened to be oppoete the headquarter* of the Bell Everett party, tbe gathering was moon larger than usual In (rout of | Dr. Cbspis'i church was also an extra crowd, ooe man ttatirg ss s resswD therefor tbat t&apia being "an L'nl rirsaitst be must c.ceaabrlly be fbr the Cnlou, and there fore was all right," Ac At a quarter to tight o'clock the police commenced turnies oil tbe sisgre from B roan way, but It was a long time after tbat before tbe roadway could be said t> be sctuslht el- sr of them Prom tbat hour until some short t ree aft?r nine the crowd b>gen to gather th icker and thu Iter, uliiI wli-n th? drat p rf .n . f the procession parsed Oalmbtiico's. there was a very large coocnurae in front of that well known odlfic*. As the advance guard of marrbals. *< . passed the hotel, they wer? greeted witb buxxas from tbe mm. and waving baedkt reblefk from the ladles, who thronged the wltdows. This ap plaus<- nray be ssid to hare kept oa li.e?aeantly during the whole time the procession occupied In passing the ptaee. and the ?? Mtaute Men" did cot fell to respond moet heartily. The trade organisations that >otned tbe procession, seek ss tbe hatters, the blecsamltbs, the butcher?, and ether arsoc aliens was a significant ep^tae'e? a tight tartly witnessed In a strictly |> luteal ds moasUattou It showed In tbe strongest paesitis ntansr the ssxicty felt by ail patriotic c.t.zens directly or Indl reetly oonnicved with commerce In tbe metrop->||( of the i t nn u to maintain friendly relations with their brethren at the S.i,tb They know full well. and demonstrated tbe fact last night, tbat tbe elevation of a sertiooal iarty to power wiU si rtoosly Impede, II not efiectually never, those commercial tics which bind all sections of oar cua trr together, and speedily hrtng about a torn his financial hiswm, HONOR TO TH* MAKES OP WASHINGTON. Tbs sceses round aad about Washington's well knows statue, tn I'nlon square, were Intensely interesting aad aathuatasttc. Tbe tang glimmering noes of the mao (1 cent prerasslcn advanced from the lowtr part nf Broad way tn numbers numberless, their torches. lantern*, transparencies aad fiambcaux gleaming, like tbe oohorts of the Assyrians, "in purple aad gold." Par away In l tbe Ihrtbcr dtstanos they trembled and fiashsd like so many meteors? now streaming forth in the full radiance of ineaadrecenl fires, now paling Into tbe softer beauty of the glowworm's light Mich aonnooarse ss aeermMed ?round lbs sacred prectnoti of tbs bras>>n m -mortal of the days of America's danger and America's glory bss ladeed been rarely seen. The Father nf bis Country , If In life, would havs smiled benignant)? on the S"ble and pair* tic hands d ?filing la strong and orderly coiumns be neath bis Monument, aid when tbe cheers often tiunanJ manty hearts echoed on tbe sight wind, tbat must Mve been a senseless soul and a torpid bead that did not rc: spoad with all tbe energy i< patriotic devotion t'aioa Park wss crowded la every part, but the terra nr and avenues opealag upon Broadway and tbe Fourth areans wesa literally "strewed"' with people There wss bat one opinion universally expressed ooroerrleg tbe <1enxn.stra t.on. and that wss that se*h a torchlight paoorsaioa has not been seen la the Empire City for a loag number of years. If ever s? ail before As ths regular files of tbs ssveral dlvlstons approached nearer and nearer to t'aioa squire? tbe be'f striped trees of which were thick with people ? the excitement of tbe mnltitude bename more botsterore ard demoiietrattvs, aad the snlt*d vo'c?s nf ' mm resounded l'ke tbe thundering of msoy waters. Cheer after cheer arose far the tVon and tbs oouft na tion, ard 'or the ga"set ffc|!? ws who have gathered arourd tbe banners of their country's freedom The people were rsnwitrd !'*?(?" as tbir* as rlpegi'ng genpes, at d ore row snd rjeeeh pervaded th? Irnumhem? hopes an ' w * 'or th ?>Mv t ?ir com-n n c..utt?v snd tbe trench ef oor?t.uit"->iel rr rctples In November next It is scarcely la p'a - her* to rprak particularly of the s-'Clf ib i-d "i the pr?v*e,on. but It ! " ?t roo ertri ' - .a 1 that se-..ra1 of the most i r iwi'V dfS*i'iS ?.'? treet?d with eothustMtM) ap P<?, ?. It. ,,V r of the trottub f>impbHM Is ' ' 'of the Blb'TH-h. anitiatlrg U- ?? i 'in- 4 *t 'W of patr'otMm. *o t' So I ? an t '? and Krerett mea, and tbe ' r i.i ?> . ? , '?>, He, told of tbe appr a !>f i|?e?e ?tat ard Iwari'ra r>f true oonelltut onal de D ' l.r r W ?Irg?ti'.0 met with a spirited 'Vatlon Telr ordrr'y ?ri?areace and strictly martial ?'r won the g> . Jeu < lu nt of tbe popi us ss tbev narrhei r -it u i slowly al<>ng Tbe Albany temtstt're we>-? r.ot i"?s eothnelsettcal'y rrvel e> J a- I lb?weil *r ' d 1eT>o-ratic ciuhs of New Vnr* city, an 1 ?otrpan'rd 1y th? ir rplrpdl bands, and march iog In all i the pr>. .? oi (i m ' iry 'ogen Hn*. were tbe dsser.iug leroe* of t^e f" "O'r's favor Vw Jersey never showed >re time boirrs ? b^ad with moren<ajestv than last night ihe I.-Hirr. ?? r.. ,m I S of b. r staUart sons wbn K., t0? ren i r th< -Vr ? i?t t, ?rr. a j r?lo sn l *a h ? >r t? ' Ifv vmntrv tt, ? I produoe 1h. m lYf Sf?m"d v> nihil e ths si'ir- i ii- it gallaat forefathers, ? bras ' I ! ise rlaim i s. > ? ? trail r cf'Ol strd fir- Id ofgi r j |i ibeir i istive ?ta' . I ? ? r* s? n t?>er gavo wt? a atlsr.t e? ????? or or ? at >r %, s<end ss firml? bv tbo t"n n ' isd the (v.r?i 1 1, a? fbei' horn e<l sir a at?vt vibe efbnt rep,,! ' at* or *. rmw t be Jersrt k % ens were | lit ?? ''v r?r-aek*b'e for the r^ ?mr?e f tbs r att". optqne arrsi remert of th* r acocrs and -|Mrs.c>?s, ths dau..og variety of Uu* abmerooa lanterns. and though laat Dot Isaat, for the p re ciikm aod discipline wtib wfc?cb ibejr mareb** ' !S?- * *~5; s?iaSR3?swfc ~ . ? - Oim urtra .loD in? ??U up U tbi m*r* deooe ai f- tbat *Le contribute to IM M Is "" " . s>w?t* remain aa Indisputable rr1 ? owotlon 10 the cause o( It* and or ter whtCu, . " ?* b?t>ed , will ce more ftiily and substantially ?** ? mpHSei by her sens when the idea of November ihaLI ] arrive. I The great feature of the procession In DnlJn rqaare ( wis the arrival of the advauoe *uard In front of Wash Ir (Ion 'a tlatue, ai*J oppot't* to Tborp's fnlon Hotel, io fourth a*enu?. The dau'ing appearance of the at moat 1) birl i able cortege, viewlne it from beneath the il ado# of tbe grctt rtatue, onuld only remind roe of three fabulous oreatioie of apocryphal renlj ?o far famed In Oriental landa la the olden t me. So much brllhuicy we bare never before witnestid. First, likesn army of Are flies, the glowing, lanterns sparkled faintly In tbe distance; then, aa apac? wis graduiliy conquered, the m<ghtv concourse radiated like globes of revolving Ore; and bearer yet the tlood ot ligbt became absolutely overpowering. Clouda of smoke rolled up firm myrisd lamp*, darkening the atmosphere for a wtlle. ana tbeu flitting gent y away on the wlngt of tbe wind to expose tbe radiant tongues of flame In thulr falter glory. The recent firemen's torshllght process loc was grard Inderd, and on tbat memorable oc ration It appeared as If it wonld be Im possible ever to surrars so masmfloent a display, but last evenii g It seemed as if the flat bad gone forth? ' "Sit !vx n lux trot " Calcium lighta gleamed la all their poweiiul brlllUncy Trom thereof* of bourn, from tho to|? of vehicles sod along the whole liae of the procea i sions |jtni? of every eoneeleable color, filled with aro niaticoill, glittered and flashed alone the line of march like so tout y t venipf! stars What were the beaaon dree of tbe ardent Scot I lab clans to tbe pyramid! of flame whlcb hiseed and burned at every opening of the throb bing atnettf What waa the vestal Same tc tho lt>nun>< ruble glories tbat corruacated around tbe beautiful brows of the tender mrldens who represent ed the glorious Stales of our united country. Holy as were tbite ancient tigr als, they faded before the bril liancy of ibe patriotic Ores of last night. Every torch and every lantern, every lamp and every transparency, spoke of united devotion to tho welfare of a ooromoc country, and well may manrstont hearts have wished that thrre sacred, patriotic fires, like those of the Mag: of old. or like tbe sairiflrlal coals of Zoroaster, might,, metaphorically speakirg, lorever burn In tbe heart* of tbe true men of tbe eountry. wbo aro now rallying around the threatened liberties of tbe re public. Tbe memory of tbe Immortal Washington was folly honored On tbe bead of the first division arrlvtng m front of the statue, tbe Grand Matrbal gave tbe order ic bait and form in solid oolumn. Tbe Brat artillery oorpe was then brought up, and, while tbe whole company reverently uncovered, a marching salute was flred with great rapidity and ellect, waling up the ecbooc j bf Union iquare and the whole surrounding neighborhood. Thorp's Hotel now blazed with ! Innumerable rqulbs and rocke's. Crowds of ladiea gathered at tbe windows and on the balustrade, cheering inoat veb< rrently as tbe companies marched before them. : Such enthusiasm was Infectious Tbe eheers of the ! ladies were taken up along the whole line and reiterated with luller lungs by the tbnusansa wbo lined the avenue , on both sid?s Tbe scene was now immensely exciting. ? Gannon boomed along tbe whoe length of the aveeun, I and was re echoed from tbe advancing phalanx tbat came rolling np Broadway. Tbe strains of stirring music, tbe loud rattle of a thousand drum*, and tbe In tpirlng cbeers of the vast multitude, tended to make up a s.-ene and an occaaion never to be lorgotten. It was a very late hour be'o'e tbe seoood division hid passed, and before the Klghth ward delegations &?.. pssaed In review the clocks of tbe city bad told ibe mi t n'gbt hnur: and oar reporters had to haeten to lay their partial experience before our readers. BCENEB AND INCIDENTS IN THE BO WERT. From aa early aa eight o'clock laat evening, the crowd* began to asaemble along tbe linn of the Bowery. At Tompkloa market there was a great crowd, and much cxcitrment prevailed. By half past nine o'clock the crowd had mach Increased although It did not I number aa Many as were apoo Broadway. At ! seme few choice apots some energetic boy* had th<* ! privilege of getting np small bonflree oa their own ao. count, and at the junction of First, Beater, Catherine and other streets, large tar barrels were Ignited and set ablate by ?' children of a larger growth." Along the line of ritite, wagnor, carta, drays, kc , wer? i prtned Into service for the accommodation of ladles, aad 1 tbe hardier masenllbe raoee, mounted on the top of sta tionary ash boxes. and other not aoelegant arrangements, all Intent upon gaining aa good a view aa poaalMe. Tbe boys, or course, were mounted aloft, and every window was fblly nocnpled witb an i loos faces At tho corners of Grand . Broome aad Canal streets there wss t mach denser crowd, and several of tha lad tea wbo had1 waited for boors were heard to expreaa their "wlah l? go home; hat they did not like to loee the sights which migbt pass aa toon as they were gon*." Of course a large number of tbe Teuton and Celtic rao* I were preaent and enju)ed the excitement At laat a dis tant gun announced tbe ad ranee of the prooeaalon , aad tbe almoet tired oat crowd were rewarded tor their pa tience When tbe tap of the dram waa heard a most sur prising eflPrct was obe*rvab>e, for crowds flocked from tha back streets like rabblta trom their betes, aad the then crowded streets became more ao aa the procession j eased cheers greeted the various clubs. THE NUMBER IN THE PROCESSION, la order to glTO our readar* M a glaaoa a oorr?ct Idea of the aaaber of paopla who turoed oat la the prooeaeioo , we have prepare*! the following tablae, the flgarea okTtac been obtained by ow reporter* from the cowmaadera ud opUloi of the COM pastel and dlvlaloaa, aa wall ae?v ac tual laapectloo ? imr mtbm*. 1 Fapln Club 1,600 Rtrbaiood Co. D V C 260 Riehmood Co. Village D U C ISO Richmond Co I'd toe Clnb Tft Totten* tile Colon Club lift TnmeklaevtUe I'ata Club 300 i Worth Guard MO i Flrat Ward D U. C - 7* itfrnaD Ptoaear Club 300 , Boatmen'* (tub about 100 I Second Ward D.C C 360 I Third Ward D.U C S0O Total 4.100 8 parte iaaoclattou end KaigbU jf the Paloa 2. DO Perth Amboy Minute Mea 130 I'mon Minute Mea . Jertey City 230 Jerrcy City I^mo-rat* Oub 360 la too Minute Mea, Pnter?on 104 I nion Miaute Mea. New Bruaawtck 13ft Hickory Club Robokea Fourth Want National I'atoa Oub Fourth Ward Rail aad Ererett Club 60 Fiffc Ward Aaaoclatloa ...... (0 Fifth W*rd Zoo?t?* 636 Fifth Ward Alert Volunteer* SO K ilt. Ward Ynuog Mea * Aaauctatloa 60 Hiiib Ward Ouha 1 too Sr Teeth Ward You' g Men * ladepestlaat Club. Srvnth Ward Ran rare 4W Pe Tenth Ward Nelaoa Taylor Club 400 Total rnlon League Ma 1, Mouth Brooklyn 100 Hick >r? nub. Brooklyn 1.000 National Qob, Kief* onnaty 760 Miaute Meo, Brooklyn 32* Rl< \ ertt Ward rVmoaratlc Club tt Brook lya t& Chrlmra'i A*eoetaiioo 10O Total 3.400 mu am 1/itu.kmi I'D on league 300 I ntoi) Mea New York elty 300 Fbllarelphla Minute Mea 160 Albany tiorpo K> A't-anr Bell R'rgee* 300 A ? ?ny Tnton Mtnnte Men to Se Tenth Ward Natloaal I'hW>n Hub 300 Trcop < f hor?.. noooapai.) .eg the above 00 Other delegatmna 500 Ttotal 1 .910 J nrm MR , In coMeqoeone of the late hour we are obllfed to leaT? I out our niri''. te tab a of the eirenctb ef eaah company | of the fifib dtTtatoa, bi:t the grand lotaJ amotion 4. M0. at xTn wnrawa. . Frr.rteenth ward 900 1 ?eTenteenth ward li - Fteeerlh ward 1.600 Harkn.en * A?eo?-'atien ' 100 IleTenth Ward ? ? *C Total 4,000 wvuaoa. "00 Trrirnbte W0 ? ?hlort.fottn Arlillery *0 .lackrrn Y./r.rg Men ? Ouh W0 I* ???? ?' ' ?!'! ?? n r ? n ~ f Clab. 1"* F thteertb W?rd V.n. le Med . hau kerhnrker* . 9"^ 1 ?H t* li'.l W.rt| Vii| , T,Ki f'|. a.. ...... 1 ,8r>j Y V i : ftp i, I' i.f i f )|ir lem '* ' T?r ' W?r . v.i.., i,.' [w^e.irrat'3 Club '? '? YwkTUIe Vlioi, 1M Total 4.476 kiotrm pinna*. Fwp're fob 1 00<I Fmtrth Ward 'vwfiw u'l .tnhoeoe '^0 Paread Want l?*r?laa ard Johr ??o !?er Club. ... MtMh Ward TVmf'aatnd Jokavoa Oub MMh Ward T*n'op 5^0 Twrntyeer tid War1 I' .?'?? and Johneon Oub . ... M>0 ?llteeMh Ward (ftwr elub-).. ? Colon league No 1. of 1'? l akm do No 'i, do "? N'nr teenth Ward idreeapotat) Paloa Oab 360 Jamaica M.nute Meo "* ? ?a KITAriTrtATION. DMeieiw. 4 1001 * 340 S 40ft 1 ?10 ? 4.600 4 .On# 4 47ft 0 re-ie-ai. Ft at* an<> other tlioea. m wall aa ri-arger* aad owoelatlnaa. 1 coo Ttta I7J09

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