Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1860 Page 8
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OUR RfiTIONAL TROUBLES tO#V)TlNUKb FROM KllWT PAGE J tftgnftl'or kbi> people of ib? Hi,oih( ,u view of lbf,rr* ' . of tb?Y*ceat e>eclK>o, to prwioit*WtU?ir long medltal?l ?r^V>^ In Sonlh Oftrellnn,<l*crg>ft'ind A !????, ejeltetnent amount* almoat to ft panlo. and lb? p*9n m that section t* ooei'antly fatming the name. fc'.^Wgrnohlo win* H'lltrf fr> ra daj to day Wi IW PJ? ?Wr*?tf ibe u-ir bie ihitg* lb" 10 elected 10 adm',nl*ter ihe government "J4*" ? *o?1o M In vcwrt*?ae witb tb"?r ftvowcd 'And wen **?own MlUlCtDkfB ? ??'** Ibi! t'TB of tt-ocmn. ft of 11# SooUwro peop e, deceived ?no Biigio'l by tt.e pn ? o4 ttirlr own Motion an 1 tbo ?troctou* V*vtn>* ?? ontw pro tlaveev preraU tje North, really ib*<? ibai the nr"Mi??" '? ?arty aeu th*t l.?uo>"? ?, ?t toa-l. ft Uiec:pl* of Jobs Brown ?r Ira-e rio tfcyibl, b\A ihe leader* of opinion ?I tha',-otiHi twow hotter fbey know that the ropub .. w;:i <ro intJ P'"W under ft rolemn pMp to eaeeuv V'tffittre sieve la*, and to ablda by Hi the " rowpromieer Of ibe niritltutl'io," after llw ???? pleril WRarr:ufrt> ?>, Jofiirt m and Maliaoa; and If they ! bettered tbat rVs antl "laverv nenliinenl In the North out'O ho permanently Vept within tbftao UtnllalVHii, I Mw>y *rouid care vory *.ittl?, comparatively, lor thoaco- I ce?9 cf that f. rty tut they understand tbftt rwfiih tnm oiro 1* the rtlbprtag of the watt tlavery ft<?*t.^ii rjt oa (out thirty f ??r? ago o? ihrmoa, ut ttewy tee ? ootntog np in ihe U-irtu-in iky iko dark aloud of aboil 'Mo, ri'u-.t now art 'ben with lightning llaane* lt?t pir lend ibe doom of *'.*very Tbey *ee Uoarly tteat the ?VeaGeanle ri inuur, oration > f th" policy of tbe Fwtn?r* In rrlfttion to rlavrry wl I ilevclupo la tbe South ft ttroog ?pftfty 0"pMwd '? flftTtry MWfioo .ud f??orftt>le to *r? loft , if Lot tataMMlfttn emftactpfttion It I* *?t lirriuvoo froni ihe North, nor )<t ftu loiuneavtoa of 'he stftvaft, tkftt tbpy ftoir jch l(?r, bill th" Kicftnclpfttloa of Hnithoro tfiK-ur .<?. * from Uir terror i?m ihftt huaxj kwf prnrtlkx] ? %e tnaegurfttton 0' tne mil 8i??.-ry moreokent amou* ti?ibcoii?i> H?nc? tli?y ft<* not dtiitoaeo to wftlt for Mr Liimiln to rbtrr i' 8 White Huuae with his polio/ of coj Mtfttlos ftfid e< mpromiart. hot ftre il'.lrrm.n I, if popnibie, to prtcipuftte tbK coiton Stftiea luto rovoluciuti. fffntn Wm I loyil i.wrrlw.ii '* (V ntun>r?tor, Nov It! 'MO CK10N W ITU BL*\ KU itliKKH- rt!LTUtHN CM rEtUTIUN. Tbe tleftion of ibo repubiteftli i:?e<!li?!o, Abr?h?i> linooln, in Uie l'(ri<irt< t oy of tno I'miMt dtftU-t, b?o 0^wr?te<i ujwu 1 bo whoto 0iftvebu?dlog S>uth In ft 01. to irr tfedloetlve 0/ tbo torment* of tb<? Ta<? ' bmtftl 'utard? ftnd bl'-ody ni Ldtd tyrftnW, woo b*v>< 10 Iock ruled the cxiuctry with InipuDity. ftro bow fun toe 1 y ln?m P(t ?i th? tnnuth, gnftwmc tholr t)ngin? for ?mlE lut'ui* r;< )u the nr si borrld hl?f jibt-mite, uttorlng toe wtlctit itm?u. ftiid ?vuwicg the luont lrvftftv>n?l>le dMlgoa Tm lr iiUiMLa, * wt ou Ore of ht-U," ftro l<xvi ?g itM-m into every k cut of riteaa, and tbejr are in * 9pl/w> Boy a drm'miarftl phrtDty. In tile Sootb la ftnkiugiy applinahl at thla hour, the Ian jroftgs of tb? revwiator ? "(idly Ion la fftilea, It fallen, aax 'a "? ? n. ? toe ba'Jltatiuii uf devil*, and tbe bold ? f every foul tp.rlt, and ft cage of every unolaao and hateful bird Her 1I.1 have reached novo heaven, ami Uod batb renembcted bar tnlqutiita. In tbe cup wbleb ahe btih ? i?d, Oil to her double. la bar la found the blood of (ropbtta and of aaiata Bow muob tbe btlb glorlOe 1 be-vrlf, an I lived deiioloualy, ao much torment and lorrrw gtve her Tberefiwa ahall U?r p lag oat oomo to one day ? death, and mournlog aad famine anil tbo atotl I be utterly buiucd with lira; for tlrong la tbe f/>rd 8od wboju-'gelh hi r " Su much for dealing In atavee aad annls M men," tramplirg upoa all hotnaa rlgbta, do totog <.oO and b'a eternal law. and giving unlimited In Mgt-oce to evtry a< tkual aod incunatun "Ite yatce over her. thou b<av<n, and ye holy apoatkl and propbeU; for (iod b?Lb udged the gr^at whore, wh'< h did eorrupt the earth with her loruicuion. and batb ?veogvd tbe blood ?f bia lervAiila at b?r haud '? Never baa Ibe Uuth of the at clenl proverb, "Wnom Ibt (Mia tnlecd t ) dettroy, Ibev 3rd make mad," boon ?tore (igoally lliuntrftteo than In the pri Kent condition of itoe Southern ataveboldera Tbe y ftre inline iron tbiir faarr. (Mr guilty forebodmtii, tbi ir luat of power a-.d rale, their hatred of free malitotiuna, tbelr oonicvoiitncea o( merited udgmenta they nay be properly ?toMed with tbe inmaii-a of a lunatic aaylum Tbelr dread of Mr Lincoln, of bit ad m n miration, of tbo repub Moan party, demonatrali-a their Inaanity. In vain d iea Mr Ltnooln tell them, "I do not mw, nor ever did, niand to fttvor of tbe unconditional repeal of the fugitive Slavo tow," I dv ool no *, nor eeer did, *tanJ pledged a^tlnal Mm admiaai?n of any more *la\ e Siaua into tbe I'uton "1 do not utaod pledged to the aholiilun of slavery in tbo Pwirlri of Oolumhta ," <1 do not elaod pledged to the pro bltltlon of ibo tlave trade between ttie dtlWenl n " They rave (out a? II -rceiy aa ibou^b be wore another John Brown, armed for Soutbern utvaalon and unlveraal ?BtajcipaiHia In ram dooa the rv/tahlicaa party pre ami hut one intut of aatagon'rm k> aiavir) ? to, wtt bo ??'>re teint.irlal ?ipanalon ? and exhibit the stm >st rau Uowantu uot 10 give olTtnoe In any olber direction, and Bake lu? ll boarre in uttering proroaaion* of loyalty to theooralliutun and tbe I'm o. rtlll tbev proteat that Ma diaigna are infernal, and for tlwm 'here >? -'tleep no ?tore " Are n< t tbese tbe iiitnii of a dem-au?l pe.-plet Nevertlxlera, there it "mt tbsd" lu tVir uMnM. to their wiUeat ptrniyim* Iboy know prMlvly h >w far to pfwd "Will the y aooeda from tbe Uatjaf" Will tbey jump l*'n the Atiaullcr Will they c?'iil4)'rate their own dwelling*, out tbeir own throat*, and itoablo their alavea to ri*-< in mcce??ful >nr l'?roa(>* they will? p-i.bablj tbey will n it 1/ thair bullying and rwvlr g Ihev ba?? mar.y time* frirhtoned the Mortb lato a bane morn im 100 to tn-lr ili-matmM, and tbey eip?'.t to ao It again, nnall they nuowo V FA1.L OP STOCKS IV Pan. AOBLPHI 1, (frum the t'tiuadeipbia l"<|utier. Nor 17 J Tlie contrail Bet?eeo to d?y uiJ a ibort lime alter Ih* election la bad but when w> gi ha k t?> ab.iut (tottbor 1, when Ifce oa .* wbx.ti bare brought ua to tim ;w? vit Kmn. fi Wiil ' 'jierato tbo fail I* pr !???<? i* perfecilf ulitfol a* w'll b* reen ^y the fol iving tavi|o of aata. ol tbe leadleg New York and Iti adi lpj'i auok !.? Oct 1 -Voe IS A fall of ?aadlrg. !??', Jfl V ?'? Dt'aeare Divwtoo 4? 'i 44 3', Horn* I'aral oj 67 6 Cbtnden ai d Amber 1<? 1, ll?>^ North l'i nraylvania 8 * 7 4 70 4 Pbiia. < labia llirk VI. lit ex dlr 11 Bat k ol N >rtb Aniertca ll;S 14^ Ptonteri' Uai k of lei 0 l(K ., '?0 10 \ fc'O 42 21 14 Mew York t*blrml KO'a 7J IS 4 llllDoia (>t Irftl ? 60 ?? , Mock ' ? 1 77 V< MX Miehigm * Dtbern guvr io 'J 2i Mooey . In the *ame tin e, ha* changed from being ft perfect drrc at 6. to being very *carci? al 12 The country then ww peaoeful, ^uiet and looked to a proiperoui! fo tar*, now >t ta nn*-tt ed, and rmnoi of fanurea. bank ?wapeni ni aad troubi * of all kind* ftre ftround ua Ptrtmai I ntalllRanre. T T !???. of lent*. K ! . T A Sml, a' But-m, an. I l.wol Mud*o?, o( tbo K <arth Ariuiory I n lie I !*t?lea Ara<y , are alcpptsc at l&e 3. -tour I dunae. (?<- rje T \t "tool Mi l M M Rbodeo. of Tannton, Mail () Mn'-'fjr 1 uiil w'f.o f Virginia, an 1 W M barlaell, cf Ne* York, areatoppiof at U?e lAfarga Boom. Hob A J I'ajker and lantlcf I'rujn, both of A. may, Boo J W F.lmcada nad w\!a, of ?wV>o: Capt WilkM, Mr C- H Oraen an-l Mr A. faHtMP all of the t'nitei Wau ? Navf . aft ?lopptog at the Jl Ntcholaa Hovel Hon OA M ? anil 'amlly aad C.eor*? Kealall. all of WaatiiSft >o, I> C . H Mlekladaod fain I/, of tyracu**; W U t.r tl.iha, J W R >t>eru and wlfo, and Q. W F.iar all cf I'biladrlpbia, asd I) J. William* aod Urnlijr, of ?o*w? , art ttupptag at Uie 84. Oenia Hotel Dr R f>o'jer asd ramllf, ef Boatno; Ja m M Thxnp aoa aad J B Romrtll. bvib c f Rprirgteld. E. 0. Home kJ ?1la, of HkilforJ W B Ooale*. Of ljl?a I an* T flavrr.pnrt, of Ooanertienl A Raikioy ao<l w.fe, C W. Br t ? < 11 ar (l V (>>?t)iag, Jr , all ol Hem V'ffc, a r# utof at the Alt f o.ark- I Intel Mr A O M11 tb aad Mr. I. larro I, both of the I'oltri 1 Male* \ra\y Mr Ur. ?d ar.d Wfr 8 Berry an 1 wife and J F <v j if, all of WMh aftoo. I1 C . Mr t aring a aad wilt, af CuM ! t.Joifu* >B I wi'r and C T I.araar 1 til nfflt In'* Ur M. ?*? aod wife, of Saw Havre, aod Ueorga Htvel.ol rbllacr.ihkj ate atoppiuf at U.e Metn>,x>llUn aoel H mi 1 W Hl'Hard of Alabama H<a A ? 80 a, of New HamjaMre. Gov 1'erwlo, ol (Ktto. B,?i>op Kir of tfall'< trila. P?t l.mor I'etaley rrofae*-* K.<-n>er, Mri i.oT Marev Mra :>anle! ?* hwktaaon and Jjdga Harpt ' all of Now York F.tOj* Uerbort. j Ontonei Hcger and Colne liar r lane all of loMWiaoa Col ti W I ay , CM. Kusg'ea aa t Col. lartBg, all < f the I'aite.i nut ? army . UnL Frank iB aa 1 l.wui Hamn. botb of the I c?t#d hd&t.* Na?/. 0>l IlarVr aad Oot MeKay. bolb of Ntagark ?al*? . R?t J C Fleu-bor. of ?ran R A Craft, of Rna??o Frank Mayer, "t H*it!m >re aiK? <J M Hatlejr.Cklef Fncloorroftbe Ne? Orioana an I w.?irra R^ilroal, ara n nT B* at U>e Fiflb Areau* Hotel Arrival* aad Depart ? ra*. ixPASrt'Ma. P?-? 1 11 ? ?? r "? <?r H?i ? *t>%inaM( AUaat'e "ar>l *r *jnf?ia. a a <> r m J * i ?twl 1 ?o HnrM"*. .1 >? rauVlnr tad iMtr. T I.jiait' Mrn - * llre?i, ?Iran ??? -* ?<wm? anh' r ?i ? ?, t; H l??? at ' '?dr II ita oen I ?od ? Ife ? llaoae* > >< ? II ? Ar , .n, 't n f H PUu InnrMti., ?a Mr Durt. ? r? ul ant, ?# r *k1 ?('* lie* A pe to la ear wife and fhlld <?e Knni.: aife and ie. Mmll relo'erm i1 III 1 esje?"?r* f aaenfTMM Aira<? Wm rait llaajanita ? fHlr. t Tren.-Aert wt'e ?ad fOitr aAtW ree aad ane V Bernart and tl>?l. >?tuar da Oarun ?total ai <">ii'U?*toa- ft'awif ' Or'nnoM* -Rom Bnnrr an* lair J*#? Mr r<m?-r anl, it K 1' -dua, A f*rn>i>?ni. c M i??'l ?ad pa riy, J H I alt aod M a H H 1>iMi?a ?r< a W twear ard lao Mwtt, l> I. walt?f. H \ Rolfra * llet i?a M-a* R - n? rr ara * K War.'. I ?' < 'Iran ?. n It rSMbert, t * r>tBa tutaa Maraball. ?lr? f Wh te av* an.' tw?lafarl?: Mlai Rata 'ava IF V I eak- l hn frti", C Jllmrtmb** Her; Mn Ue ? R C<' k ar<ti?i?.- !-?n Mra a?liM %*d ta^? i!*n?kiara. Ml-a a It Toltla, Mteaiti?and ?aate Mra I ?o<l an V r? U Allan lofai l and 1 tfcti ?r?o. area M WidJi?:<ia. 1?e rblidrrn aid l?n> aetraaU T II i? ladt m'?M. t A Init J P.M?er. J T UVt* lidfanl <hte tti.<?r?B , C R RabNtt J* n Ullrfea. T a?-l wf? D t ijnui, /to ManVeo, Joo Hoaan tf l'?ilaba?. Mlaa II M'tratr t a?a f altr. t?*o yuHn&r, ?* l*tck?r. < Wab Fow ???. Mr Tau-ley. '"'"u* *"aa>?bip Alahaaaa? tfr* ' Bl?r*oa. Ur$ Wa' ?an u ill raa, 11 r < I rant t 1 iteaat. Mlaa K i?raat MlaaR jj***1 ?"** > ao' ?. ?o rM'irei Mr a<* td l?r an t I?dr, ?atti ' >ewd?ier Mlaa ?nUvtae Mia > e?t? ail nnra* II * ?r?*i ee-l ladf. * W Vdall, || W VaU. J ? Ma* ml Mlaa f f T^5** , ind m\(> J W J 010% .9 (.r^m !? S'SST.1 - ? " O** " ?'<< a? and wtfa. W Z$1 T'.fT. ,U"J 'tf " * ?t? a^ aareaat, V mJLV2 S" mi4 v H w*\ 6 ? Mr*. war Mra I Me?a?ae. Mkn H MeMaaiar. Maa^ Me llaaiar Ml^arJ VBrtea, M?e?r H^T *,m Ktof Ifliwui'. I T?ki#r, J til '-#r ?*.?? HlMf t*inn T rlaai i?i? i *[??:?? v -?* ? tb.,T%i ".r^viinr ?anal l M Lertll 1. rkui " ? f ? and rerraai (HTr aae tl I. Traak. J R RHlweil J > Will Waa !? JT, t "r Ma* Vrjww. 1 a?t M? >**r Maa tavi Kim a F nana a no in ?a'arta krt Unlit, una Mi Itrw wiuiii Mat J ft a re It tW> tadT aad nh' 47 Mi* M Fowl?r. T ftali Huai (Vi7 j ?*are, 0 w piiiiard. J ffwa?/? am ?!/?. <Ji MH'MI W w | Raf, T R MMebe"' wtte aa" ia?a?<t. Maeee and wa? Mlieball aiaa MM'kail. T ? BkjttMi* aa ' U? la a? a?in|> Rwtiat i<w IHaxuHr I art taw a t t?h c M Ma" ana lie r Mar on ? 1 *a.r ? ra Stand and ratd Mlaa lift bmiae. Mia* F?i?t>treel. ai?a Rw?? MI'a M a atr-S a d Hei.h t ? Ftawhlra aad w I* Ml?? R wttr, * 0 n trnre- j ti tTine ? O llarrvif. / I. W^ta Ma?t? lf Miat I A rn SMP Artotea?l'fc are |?ane a It rti' t, r ' H i?h. i< Hum m.< aw* ??????? ?. ? ? irr M'?l t* Mi?r?<ifc 1 t !? * ii?i *, "? a> ?" M. t *?"* ard a *, f >a MM M C MrJt at 1 - attd U In tfca Rta?"?t4. ILellgtoM latilllg?ae? CITY CBUBCUB TO*'.?AY. In tae Tw< ntieib street l'iiiv?rr*iist church, between 1 With ud Seventh sveaoea, Vv. E. Q. Brooks, pastor "?me lessone of tbe Qa. " er tbe Storm," wlU be the rubject of the dlacourse. su. sled by the Into election, Una afternoon; lervloea a' 3 o'clock. Sermon In the nor uirg by ibe pastor. Bubjeflt:? "Salvation ? Personal Work " The Rev. Ptdnej a. Corey will preach ta Ibe Murray HUl Baptie. churchy Thirty ttfth street, between Fifth and Stub av??uev^. 10 S A. M. anJ 1* P. M. Subject in tbe ewtltf.-' -Ttw life and Ttmee of Esther.** Rev. K. r itemlngtcn, of the Epttoopal church, w .11 T*** h '-o tbj large tent at Um center of Broad way , Fifty ?tfttb Knrt and Eighth arenee, the afternoon, at three e?ilock; titrmu preaching at the doss of the Ea|ltah eervk*. Preaching again at eerea tn the evening. Ken. "flenry Blanehard, pastor, will preaah tn 'the First I'ulva saiist church, eorwrr of Clark ctrevt and Monroe plaer, Brooklyn, tbla merntug and evening. In the even is I . the fifth and tart lectare la rwvhrw of Hsv. Dr. Thompson'* book, enMtted, "Lore aad Penalty Mr James Methteoa will lecture this evening, tn the Metropolitan Hall, 1TR Prince street, at baK past seven o'clock. Subject ? "Images, Utiles sad JsevUs daring tbe Ri'fo-metton " tn St. Ann*'* efewrch, (eighteenth street, near Fifth are u..o, Krr Thoiw Galla?de4, rector, sorrlaee with tbe v?l*e at haif p*at too o'clock A If , ?wd st baif past seven o'clock r W , Mr*' to thu atgo iangaage at three P. M. Rev F C l.??r ?;tl preach aioruiag and evening. In '.he H,v?'fKi ( qjverraiiet < here*, Rov. T. J ? Sawyer, ? ' 1 in UKb-rtoal i-fbrsry, in Sec-nd avenue, corner ol Bnnlb ?lr?x I, at hatf past ten e'oJoCk A. 11. aad ball p* t M?f? o'cWtc P II ?r the Vr?U fVmo\ Episcopal Ohurok of tbe Atonement, rhlrly third ?trr?t, wravr of Secuad avenue, Rev. K. K Wiping, rrrlnr. Ser vices at half past -ten o'olook A. M. , and at bail |?si revrn oVloek P M. Toe Rev SalMvan B. Wrsh*, >s<MaDt minister of Trinity chorub prsash iu ihe evening. In the PioteMaot Episcopal Mission rbnrr.b, Clinton Hill, Arter pti ?*, In tbe charge of tbo R<.? R?*>ert G. I'lckvcD, Mvloo servtoe at half putt U<n o'oloct A. M , snd >ttaf |?st sewn o'clock P. M. Rev WmIimb Alvin Ra'tlett will preach In Ibe Brook lyn TubriDarle, on Pulton avenue, near Hnyt street, at half paat to* o'clock A M , and baif pait seven "'slock P. M. Rev. Dr. Fisher, President of Hamilton College, will prescb at half past tea o'clock, In tbs First Presorterian rhnrcb, In Henry street, Brooklys. Bub>'et? "Christian Col legate 4 li>eat>oo." French I vargeltrsl c'lorch? Mr. Tbeolore Maoad, of Paris, wlH pre*rh (In ^Tetch) In the lecture room of Dr. TEomfeon'a chorcb, corner of (>rand and Crop by streets, at tea oVIock A. M. Tbe Rev. M Rlv?a, psstur of tbo above cburoh, will preecti (In Prencti), at half past seven P M , In tbe ibapel of Ibe Spirgler loitltute, No. ( I'nion rq UM, In the Memorial chnrcb, Hammond street, corner of Waverley place, the Rev Tbomas T. Galon, rector of St. John's chnrcb, Brooklyn, will preach this evening. Her T?rs at half-past ten, half past three anff half piat seven o'elook. Mr. f rcttiirrkam will preach In EbbtU Hall, 0= Thirty third street, one door cast of Broadway, this morning snd evening, at Uie usual hours. Subject lor tbe morn lsg? "Self Contempt aud Self Rchanci ereulng? "TrnU tn God." The New J- ruaalem church (jwedenborglari) will bold p<i >lic worship at the National Musical Institute, No. 7AS Urcadway, at ten o'clock A. M In the I'.leeckrr street Cntversalist cburih, oorner of IVtwnlng street, services at half past ten A. M an 1 half past seven P M. In tbe evening Rev. Moses Bsllou will suswir the "ttlsspbemy against thr Holy tibost " In tbe Christian chapel, Seventeenth street, near Sixth avuue, pn>acbtrg by the paster, Crban C Brewer Sut'ject for the morning?" The True vine;" for tbe cv?n Ug, " Tb" 8>.n?rtngs of the Aputttea " Kn tbe Catholic Apostolic church, dlxteeoth street, be tween Sixth and Seventh avenues, preaching thta after noon, \t four o'cltck Subject? ' Sauo.lfi^atlon of the Truth " la tbe Broadway and Forty seventh street Hall, fmja-V tng it seven o'ctoak P. M , by Rev. Uecry Bromley, aad at half pact three o'clock P. M tn Uarmaa. INVfTATtOf*. j TUe Rev. J. T. Job aeon, late rector of St. Pail's ck jrob i Id Alexandria V* , has received a call to Or t church, ? Savannah, male va.auit by the rts f oali j uf the Kl. 1 Krv. Htehop Mllott. Thr first parish rborcb. of Aug o?U, Mu , rooeolly under the pestorato ot tLe K?' r. ?. H. Wsbo, baa anaum u<ly totid to extend ? call to Mr Alexander M'-h>tix<e, of Ne<r Bedford, ? resident I certi*t?' ot A niorr r riernleary Should I lie call be accepted. Mi M<Kenxia will n .1 be able to enter permanemly upon hu dutle* until bast sum i mer. Rev P H Hamilton, for m.rlf cf the n.twe street cbnrcb, New Harm, Coon , wb" hu recetiiiy returned I from * two years' tour in Europe had received aid m oeptet tbe i.oat tmooa call of the Westminster IVes'jjtc r ac chan t of Jscksoavllla, til WTALLATtOIIB. Rev Alberto Btrbe, formerly of. tbe Mission to the Armenians, we- Instate! on the 30ih oil. pastor of tbe t luir b< a la Mount Pleasant and CniuO'lale, Pen n , by tbe Preeb; tery of Moiitroae. (m the 16th 'nit , Rev Files 0 Dialap, ?* R'ch I law, Ohio, was forma l)- metalled paator orer tbe Oantral , Presbyterian church In Baltimore DEATHS IN THI MIWISTRT. Rer Dr. Jotn T?.dd Eigar, pastor of tno Kirat Preaby- i teriaatbnrch of Va bvtlla, Tseto , died of apoplexy la that etiy ud tbe 13ih Inst. On the alfbt previous, Or. ? ? s?r attended sad led tbe prajer meeting la n church, as was tils constant habit, fie delivered a spirited ex b. rlstion U> tboae present daring Uif meeting , aad made l he concluding prajer After these services, be atteaied a borlteas meettng of the chinch, and his unusoaliy cheerful demeanor was the aabject cf remark. Us en tertained cta(*ay at his b.iute until tea o clock, when be retired to bed About one o'clock the meaaooger catne Vr m limi MM be brialbe t h'a 'aat bs was speechlcs* aad unci 'osc I jus. Dr. Idgar was bora la f.ei i iciWia, Ky. , la tha yaar 1793. acd waa, therefore, at bis ; drath slaty seven years of a^e Be went to Nashville to Ui? duties of pastor of tbe first Preaay terlaa | cborra ua 1*33, aad con tinned la that Ml.oe Icr twenty i seven years I'.ev Aden Koipie, rorroely of Ricbwoad, died at Wtlmlagioo, N C., last week. rbtf Rctrrprisa (Mls? ) N>wd,af th* lat, Btat<* that i Rev J. Ctafpepprr. after p-wacni'-g a art oa t%turday ' last <n tbe < aster* port oa of Jaepsr county. went h.xno with l.rsv B .1 ii . ? an "? took dt.mer, and sjoa after toik ! a eeat near th? il'e. an I it.alauuy hla bead dropped oa i his kraaft and ha was dead. Rev J. 9. TsiKibly d?oras. d la ClaclaaMi last weak Be (radcate l at lane ttemlaary in and labored Or?t ats?i Cinrlev. Mt . tcr two yeara, thea at Troy, O. for ? oae year Hn last ch.v*e ?,.i at Pom> roy, i ihio, where be pria.'bed fur ft>ur j r.irs ntw rnntcHk9. Tbe Be w ohnrch mat erect* 1 by tbe Calvary Prr.?byta rtan oburc.h and soriety, la Chkoago, wat delicate i T'M-sday eveaia|. tltb oil T' e new t nlvereal'st rhurok in Wrst Oam^rld|e Mtsa. , wmi b? dedieatxt an Tknra'lay. TJi irat. The ardiatt>?a of Mr W K Ulkba, as paa'or of tbe aoclety, will take place la the aveatng The BclMlei (V mialtue nf the new Sooth Corgreja tktcal church . la t uncord, Jf H . h?ve kxed ap a the Tusdaj pr?c.j'rf the ener.'rf los-iksalviof D?> a* the day I r tne dedieati ?? of that ad 1 9^* to tha w^rahtp of the Triuae Ood an l the service of ret If toe A new R 'una Oat holla church, ist eomplet'l <>a fhnrch HMJ. Rwhmcnd, Virginia, was ooaarcrate 1 p. the Service <>f A lu'^bty ll?d on !>uaday laat. The R /bl Rev Bmhap M.-lul, ciT, coated in tfea presence of a cj- ia l- J eaafn faWa*. Tte new M'tbe'!'?t Kp*?c?^al cbar< ii la K r?h?tb Wirt c-uintf, Va , win be iMlreM U> the eerri s of Al ?lfbty M?d na tbe Brat "*abt>alb ia rtecembev Tte oen in. ay of laying the aoraer st-?r.e ef tbe new ''herd. t> berrrcte.1 on ReUr ot ar-nuf. ia Newa/k.N J , fi r the r,>c fr?(itir>a of M f'ater'a <<eraian It tv?u OatUo Itc rb'i'rt lr?k p aea "B "andat last, le pr-*em:e al a arge cat >'?' <r r ' pvpta R gbt Rev Bie' ,? IHy .ev O.n riawd ?i' 'Hillj K'? M'asre Moan Meg .ad, LKiiat. Naidaa' u?. ii aat Pre ih, tae peat' r f m IVtet s M|4t"Kl.l.AMH'l a. Rer i.rorge I-wa-.i* l> f? . will sfiorMy >>e laaag oraU d PrteWrat af *ll?gh?By Osl <ge, Nrair.Ua, Pa Tte awesora or tke ctty of I.yan. Mass , have m meaoed a rew practice there? that of ttxlef ?nia'?ter?' ? a aetea. The law ?nr.j -cta salaries that emce?d MOO u taiat n, but ea.-mfta tlxiae that do SM T e 1'oitad PresbytevlM I reabytevy r>' Mlchlgaa hsa ' r?solve.1 thai, as It is ?e of the thirift whl'b r%t he d?ae oa aa< tker day it ia wroeg to a leeaan* aiarriafae oa the aabbefi Rev Oaa Ml - lakea ? hargr of tha rresbt terlan church <a Masllus. (Ihoadaga ruasiy, M Y ? ?Id lord Kph tast me waa a? leap at chore b wbHa the mtalatrr, ? very pecay preaaher. wa^ koidiag forth At leegth tM ra'"'!- ?tcppr l aad cried, ?' Watkia, tnr I.wd Alphiefoee ' A grant, aad thee. I'at a.> ee.^a' mtal- I alar " ' ???t ya ?ra Sleepia'. I II wager yadiiaa sea w hat I said i ??? " "Ts said. ' Vaukta, my I i*d alphia stose " "Aye. aye. h?4l wager va diaaa kea wh?t I e*>d last afoea that ?' I wager ye diasa kea yoar*-i '? ' ?aovna eaooaiva mm *m AOAtm* nee gr?rev uve , Rev Was Alvm Bart let t. paator of the Pw plaoe I gvagatlnaal ahurr*. Brooklyn, delivered an able aad el> j queai <i seourae laet fbursday eveairg oa tha neesaau.o af ' tbe or.tlitstiea of Rev tVaahiagt* 'J* Idea over tbe 'i?te street M?tV''<ist Ooegrer .t nnal ckqmh. le that eiiy Hla then, waa, ' fbr^t aa a pe?*-h rr." aad be argad, amarg other good points, it a? that be railed re persaaeto*. aad aot cn go era* n lor the ad vaarrinaa t at hla dactrlaea Aad t -ve (he perarher ?v<wsmip la eater IM earaest ar<t ??| ><at e 1 1 -u?i agalaat the l*tf elfwta of the Me trr.^n, i,e po!<aa, ?f.r|j, attirg ader ibe iteiga.' aaf ifeoie who, bowrer loud !n their pro*?ut:>ii <<l C,hr?e ?n ' y. entirely mistook l? ?p'.rltv 'AtJx attempt! re ?validly to force Una commuattj vj orutiu ret (um nfc> errutoee He prolwieJ , ?ull) fll'?rl? *1 wm pal* too In Ibe named Christian' ty uo Q( Christ blmscil, the great teacber aad preacher . Xbej hat proved now, ? ? tr*r before, u entire failure and they migut to, for they were utterly opposed to the spirit of iu? J J ? btch wh one of kutdMfi ud ptnuMHW, not ol wrath ui force. Tie TrH'^y la Bkit Now York. rn* ivqrtsr h km ir jim ? mbijical timtiiiont or tub TWO UOCTOBft Ult-SRAN ? BVI9VNC ? <>K H?N?V LAM BUM1, A Srjf iiiKNAHIAN, OaANDr ATIIKR OK TQK SIM'KCTm rARTV ? >0 0 .IH TO TUB MCKOKt. Tor icqPMIUon into the murder of Johaatiee de tk rolen Kolyer, lit Vew IxHts, ?u rerouted yeelerd ?y afleroooo. ?t 9new"e Hot? , Jamaica, before Co roter Woxt, wb?a ibo fullowtne wilDesKi were essoined ? KV1DKMS or IHB DM Kl?*u* Dr. ??org? H Klssam, sworn -! am ? rracttflag pbysr etas-* jistM. and made an examination of the body of tb? dNNVl at th? re*'?ln? vault, CyprsBt Bl? '*??? t,ry ? flrtt *sde tn examination of ibe head, and !'s ocvt red Mi or seven JaceraWd wounds over tho p., t?- r port of Ibe skull beneath tbete wounds was a oommlauted fr.-ture of the posterior port of ibe Mull extending ey?r about ?ne third of the whole skull. tfcere were also '.?-o longitudinal fractures, exteadlng along the *>*?> of tbo part) lal bone#, at far as tbe <? rrant Is, or forehead; tb? wound In Ibe acalp, J think, teven In number, mcatnn d Irom ivo to st* Inches in lengW; they w ere directly o vr !?,(. teal Ol fracture; the substance of tb? brain w?? t.ii k'ii up, '.b?ne wire larcerated and ooft?BBed * ' >'>>*; iheedgtrof the woauds would sh< w that f a ttict.d b> abiuntorduli instrument; the ? . it iba face were some contusions ?pnn lh? nr >.i oh.', k a e iluied wound with a large ecbymoalH at tho oulur ,n? leof tbe r'gbt eye; tbe globe of the rt?bt '??**? rnulured en Ihe anterior portion of the nock on iho left Mcr b.lwe.11 ihe angle of the 1 >wer uw aid is c.llecf the A<'am a apole, or traeboa, tbere way apinn lured would ?? itch in lengta. t?o Inchcx 'iwp, direa Urn obllnu. . downwards, inward* and forwards. dlvld ,r? tbo pu>. i itl'ary gUnd and entering Itw larynx; tbire were lb"* tuperllo<al lacerated wound* ovor tbr r af ifrt of the neck, ov?r the crlco-d -,urtil?<>; there wouuda vere tuterailBl, but, llko tbe wound on ibe ride of tl" ' - tbey seemed to have been made by a eul rng irattomrot, tb< i>gb a? Japfsd in appearance: th * w , u 1 tho whoijJh that bavn been discovered; lb* wounua .n ibebkull weio aumclent to produce taaiedUte Lib, refer any clrcumstar cet (Tbe fraaa knife pro ducrd, tli 'tnl with bl >od, and a quantity of balr ad i enrs to it ) wurh an l?rtrinn ut is capable of lolliiSttrK ' r-ble dair.nne, bnt notol d -ioe au.-.h terrlbk inj'ir. k? tbe teud ol ibe decfasc J exhibited , the blade could not have produced M-e clean cola 1 have ^ J Ml it ltd lu the poat moiteaa by m> ton, l)r t.eorge Km "rr Ororgi Kiaatm corroborated tbe ertdcncc of the prtcecdlng wltnua MB van wir* 9 T?THIOTT Thioiere Van Wyck sworn ? I live on the plank ro*d rlibt on-site Mr ft.edlker's ?M In Mr Tiernei ? ?ro cerj itofe on Monday even log, a l*mb< rt John t*?eara and a man witU bUok whirkm. wbo I dul n A know, be was an elderly wai cot there wb. a I went w al Brat. It might tare beea .bent t.n it inutta brfoie be c\m? m , when he lu be raid be did not feel very well, an l that he *aa betne ? lJtr.?-?rt said he bad to be heme by se?en o clock<d fa d be would have to go, toe, re-y ">on; J-am belt then went out, I talked with deceaaed for about l.r teen minutes, before I left; deaeaaed re na ned lert wert down to tbe engine bouse, where ' stay ed_for fom'e t me did not go back; eld nui aee deoeaeed with any moiry night . Lambeit, when he left, went out i be l>sck dcor be assigned no ie??"o for going himo } To led at rierne, / clock ,ust as Lambert left, and foend it wai just three minute to sev.u. ilk Wiiii'mwrniist Thomas Seaman, ??of#? Live aioot hal' a mlje from ),ere. was at Tier try 's on Monday o'eiock Mr 1 bett waa there, with the deceaned, Uroa-a VanyWjek and Hreen; don't remember tf anyone IV eio?t? Jam?H Kbuler, remained there about twenty n ln'nlea was getting some groceries at the c>oaUr. heard tairbert nail det-eas-d, and say ho want?1 to "pea* to h im , but don't ki o? what be taid Beard Umborl aay ht want<? to be b?me by screa o clock , deoaaaod ?*W " Thla don't iwk like it? yoo will have to be off P""/ t,ni! raw deceaatd uull hlB watch out to tee what o'clock taw u-nbett W>ok at tl; don't know wfceiber It a at a goJd or Hirer watih, t*m oer t tben started for borne through the bB-k door; 1 U>en tocfc iny arocerl -a and went home, deecaeod was IB the atore iben t left . did tot tee him have auy money , herad no bedy aak him for B loan of mooey. na uiNaiiMT Ts*n>irr. Benry iMmbttX nmorn ?I I!*? t?i YorktowB, irr couotf ' know a person oioftd Joseph l^nhorl, Ibtntc ui^it time I saw bin. was on rb.rslay mgbt; w? tot close <n?'Ugh to tpeak to htm; tbtnk he OBtne U. n. v hotte on W. dnesday morniii, and Btald all night, cr Thurtday be wa? about the farm whera the men were wo.kug d,*, i ibir* be worked to any extent, stayed with mr till about aoven o'clock TburBdsy erenlug don t know where be went to, did not sp?ak to him bebwo be l. ft be was titling !n tho room wbia I went to be I ; don t th uk it waa aa late aa eight o'clock; hit nowetl nod went | to tKd early ; old not eip?ot him when 1 taw him on I W. tfi ttday think he was at ay house at, out three i jnontbt prevtoutly : id rot ask blm what brought him ?nere, th' u*ht it waa on a ytslt aa on a preTlool ot^bbVio; be tald fce bad got Uto a seraje here with a tnan on the r. ad and that hit frl?H(J? bad advised him to keep away nil be eon Id settle It, did not ?~k him pwiicuUrs; (jut rot hear blm say at that tims to any |H rt< n wbat eauatd blm \i come there; at aaothor ;,B,e I tald lo him. "The offers were here last night lot kit* for you, Joe, jou are acruaed of kl'hn# a man: b. c med lo be taken by surprise, and aaU he hal board Ton tro' It. and that be was not guilty of the oltonrr, W irt him If Iiere was any aoch chsrgo a*alest him not to he tiayug there be said II It were not far tbe other rt iff* aialrtt h m be would go ha* to Ix>ug Island on tfce r"a-? bn sent word by one of tbe boya that If he coul? ret the other affair settled be would cjb? to l/wg l, '?rd ar 1 aire bia/slf up on th? charge of murder hi wact.<1 me to cm" home ard get the other affair nettled; wanted ire to t?lc blm tn the wafon to the *llla([e,BO aa lo ir.?t Ibe boat i? Saturday; lbt? Was In aaiwrr io a m.. all' n be pat to ?n? shortly afber (vm rj to the hooac aa to bow long be ?ot<oe.?d ?o auy don't kcowu ? ? ..kJ! tow bu< ?ofr.e*fberf ?? tl- neigbberb.f i. Hill rct-.rn to ascerUIn whether < VI rr V i.f'nwi bts t>? ? " or doI when h* r?me up tfcer. fee bad a black coat ant paotaloins and 'cwt dit not etam ne It. th'nk 1j? bal on a b'ack bat- sotrethlrK '.ike Ibis (b >Uiog up a low rr.wn. d blB'k felt bai th rk be aal.l be caaf ip by Ibe boat wbieb leaves N.? York abotil threeora qur lirbefc ui tbe a'ter-.oon. ti t cannot exactly let); tb.Jik i aaaab< t ibe ro.dO e of tbe day I s** hi*., ad. r ?l?vd h m to 'av that he arrlv I at the vllltj.- tbe even ?I f bei. rs (TuiW.lav) and Bta.d there a'l nlgtt. It was OB i bo i . wiig d?> he came t? ?y bou?t J*??'?*'' ? S.tber I taw h'm or not ve?>rdat. but 1 1 d d it matt hav been scmewb?ra l>'?t Mr ^ Bi''r ? ? till a ii.n in bs band, as If out shooting ** not ..e Joreth U< n>ert with one penny atK.ut bim low I desire lo ull the irolb 1 tolj < ffktir V f iel If 1 o>n* t have caught him, I would bn.i brought a'.?| wl.b me bat -m, Tuesday, bs lh? wealber bot rrcoil if I <an only arrange tbat olber d !..euity. 1 will have b'n I ?'* .r.d 'f he s cttt'ty. let bi.-n be r"" 'tbei be sa'< t1 'S was a reward of >2f !0 effereJ, aod tha' If tLey w >n id g ye h m ?t0 be woull give h.ruse: up, and V> tte C .rontr ?I r?*er told the ili.'er tbst If b* woold g've me the rewar d 1 would bare film estod tbat 's net tbe ??y I make my money ToaJsror N'evtr lent Jo?epb asr money . ?aw him w ib a sliver watch, saitfi a black rlbhoti allacbeJ, but not a chain b. ard snotber o' my graodsr.BS Bay be bad f to It cr ibe rccas .? of J.*'l forner v?lt, tbat II was a nice watrh but aid not txamlBe It myself; the a?t I'ibb Joe csitte up. my olber grands. B obterrBd that "JoB baa his watch " beard blm aaked the time of day Btrsral ttm<B and beard blm ray the watott waa rtghl by Sew ^ To the' Coroner- Jo* sever atked me to Bay nothing Bb ut the walc^t, never ksew tb're w aa a reward; If 1 ever said 1 woeld give him up fn? the rewwr-l 1 m->st have ?ald so in a way of U k n? don I rememW ever bav'rg sa'.l to If J did 1 musl have foegnien thlak I m uhi have said to oofitlab e Manny lhal I uodaraliod "/"?-areVwrd cf ?UM?, and tbat If 1 could gel it I srou'd g've ap tbe boy but If I dlt say so 11 mnBt bava *^Thie w in??s la the gran tfath?r of Jieepb lambert. the ?rt.-wcteJ party He ib. In apt?aranca. tha beau ti'cal of an o!d /merloan rammer? mais've In r/e ud rrnerahle in apaet'aitee. with a waa ihcr b? alee, bul n.t ui.pltaaanl He Is atra'tnt'y ahont seventy years of age, with ha'r aid tx ard ror ->iet?ly white. He waa reape-n-ily atltrej it a full a- l ..r biark The old g ntlemar th 'igh appa rently much adeeud. gava t la evllen.-v wi n mueh read! b??s, and was ,ulta clear and cooneoteu al the r >nim?ooe n-ert bnt ss tbe exarolnatioB - which way very aeareb Irg , n the tart of District Attorney Armat-nag -prytmA cd, he became s -neabat o?'.:?"l In h i reooltecllOB of <iatis aad fact* P?me difference of < p!nt?n, however, baa been tiprttsed as to wbethsr Ibe oil nan Islantlna al>y pre var?ate I or wbelber bit ronfusloo really aroa# from old age sr l the awkward pre. .eametl In which he foetid Mmstlf In relation to his grarYsoo Tl.a ttqnitl it a<*j irned to We.'.neal?y BBIt Bt on* c. ol. .k, lo Biett at ihe same place A Yorm; Unt Mr?r?*?o Bt a Hi A l Tw* Ml HF.M Cji i.<rr A!tt I! K*l'?b!? tntatllfraoe fn m > Hon. lali.way ooonly, Mo. appnaea u iMti ?bMkic| iras<iy occurrrd within n?ht mi't of that plicr on Satnrdar !ut la tha honaa of ? Mr fU ia? M * ?i?Tf of lra?n?le ?nJ darferoua Wrnpar. wbo had fr' iu*?t!y t>n D curag*.: by *r. RtrariT laiifhfr, .ndm J , a yocag lady of aomr rightom ji-am or afa Saturday rnoratr* th? tiara T'orj waa Mt to wurb ia a erre ??"M *ei tha 'amity ?Hull lo attend a mari ne of aoma bind. leaa'.nf Mm Barnra alnoa at 'lornf On ra t rair i from lb* Tr.<*Hr([ tb?y wcr# h^rr'Sad m Had bor ?bor?kiatly baa'fn lo drath, and tb? fl >or ai <l wall* <4 tha dwrllirg baapaltartd with bh*x1 Tba "i nner t?*>la had b?< i aat, mHhi't ?- Mm lUrtit.Nd Iwr ItitUaf wn?k lay di?arrai>?rd ? tba kilobaa fljof Tba liirhm ?> owed Mind aid alfna <>f a ateaffta. tnarka w?? t|?ib'? ?U?f tba wa'la tt tba *aat r?T?. oa t>? wr aad wal'a rf ah -b art much m-wa bkwt.aad Uw ronai eibibttart p!?.n trarea of a t irrtaat ?tr?a Xnt. the blood *a? traext tn ih? an ?; room, ? beratha nir rii ar had IM HWNM an I *t??re vtta uorpe ?*? fruiad 1) inj ta forr Tba piare w man waa oailrd. and found to bar* efcarret ber dreea ? or" tn-wn laf. Ua atarr.b. tha dr??a w?a found In lira #a>d. hitdeo, andblniiy A ?boT?l araa fuaaa bloody and li itiered H'br* anefront?d win bar l.Wiadt draaa, tba aimui mm 'n-H tt,a ?be bad killed Mi?a Ran > ? waa pl?<ad ? a noafcwiy of [Vf*iiT < oa?:abt,? Btef Wil'irf who rod# t ff In baate fnf lb* ja ' at Fulioa Wnep within tbrae rr ,'*?> of fx?ltop he w?a aarrtaken by a part* on bifrat, who Lor* lb# priwonrr frnm h n , lad t ? (o ? trar ro 'br ofl, aad thai* batr'd bar till ?ba waa ^?ad Tba ftboaa laformattoa waa r? ?t?rd br a iJat'WaK cop ' lawpcrsry . i"?m iba rir^'' Mm Mhw p?ti | : >f?d ?*#'f ?? felt t ? * Liv*l Dtrt ri< V i Ctty IatalU|iAft. Tbb lima to* in (run UoxmHonmir ?The | i toe lor I be Street Oommlaaiocerebip, In We pi toe of | Captain SuUtui W. Smith, nbott term baa emptied, la j becoming deoldedly UtomUii and e letting. All aorta i ol minora arc afloat reapeotlag Um probable cbutoe of i Mayor Wood Hd Um Aldermen ; bat II la hardly MMNiry | to cute thai aa yet profound myatary reiaua, nothing positive beloi ksoaa on Ube suhieot. The Mayor keepe hta two roeosal. ud the municipal fathers are equally "?hadj" aa to their islet hobs Among the aaaaaa meo ttoLcd la ooaarcttoa with the t i -oeeaton to tbe reaneera live position al Captain smith, are Ibnee uf Mr Henry Wrod , brother of Fernando; A Merman Howell, John H B''g|s and ei-Judge fcbermerborn. It >a aaaerted by tb< Irlei da of then- gentlemen vb*i the Mayor will sea l la ooe of Um above namee to ib? Aldermen at their eee tlon on Monday even log fc j coullrmallon. Horn vtmm*. Virrr or a N'gw Yoiui MiuraBY Oowuf M lo.woa*.? Ormpaay E, Ninth regiment, Cily Guard, Oaptain William Atterbory, will yletl London la Auguet next, taking a steamer from New York for *outbaapton Ttey upjci to lake over < Be hundred men io tbecomm in 1, ar d will be accompanied by a band of forty pleoir? probaily U.d wortb'r or the National Hoard B.nd Too I'resi lent of tee railroad betweeu Noaltumpion aod London bia lea tered a free paaaage between tbe termmtie of bla route Diaton, tbe celebioied performer on tbe rale born a bo, with bla aeni, vlaitod it it country anma yeara ago, aod ? bo la bow lit* leader of tbe "craok ' h tnj of London], volunteered hiatervlree to furnlub muaia for tbe Jaari dcriag tbelr tour In Ea gland. Fiwi 19 Piwioh SrhiKT ? Akkbbt op a Mam aw Hih Wire on *rfncu>a ok Aiu-o? ? Shortly before three o'cicck yealtrJay morning a Ore waa <iiscuvered in tbe baa?ment of tbe building No 212 Division street, oocnpied aa a litgt r beir saloon and sleeping afartmeata, owned by Frederick Freond and wife Fire Mambal Baker win earlv at ihe premises and Instituted an lav?aug*tK>0 No i. ik tban !? ur tepaialu aod distinct plaeea liad been fired Thla fSW appearing tho Ma'elial ordered tbn arret t of Freuad and bla wile on auspic on of araon. Freiu>1 was 'irly d rested wi.en he waa teen drat by the oflV.era, and when sesrebed, tbe policy of insurance, together w li b articles cf jowel'y were found In bla pockets To* wile waa alto fully crested, ar.d la ber pocket waa found a set of new lace unaeraleevm and other small artMkwi of rail e tbe property Ik tuinred for itliO In the Wall ?lieet htrvritc* Comiaoy. Tbe aroused partes were UktB be foie Justice Bieouan aBd deUiutd lor examine lion. Eutcrioa ib m Fnrsm Ricikbpt ?It is with pleaaure that we announce- tbe re-election of Capt. Janes McMabio to tbe command of company F, Fourth regiment of artil 1-ry Tcisnent look pl?--e 'a?t ween, when bis old eon ]iany i.Biioimously r< called bim to a rout which he formerly be id with dlatlnotlon Oampaay F has of late yetrs beea regarded I'.v military mej as the only one worthy of tbe came cf a light artillery company. financial and commercial. Satitidat, Not. 17 6 P. M. The Atlantic failed to-day for Europe, with I7:?,000 io speci. on freight. Exchange closed variable; some bankers claim 106 per cent but very good bills can be had all the way from loo to 104. Money continues extrsmely tight: the best paper pas** with diOioulty at 12 a 18 per cent per annum. The panicky feeling under which the stock market closed last evening was aggravated this morning by the advices of disturbances in the w estem currency in consequence of the decline in ^tate stocks; and, as usual. In the present state of public feeling, the new event operated prejudicially on the market. The businesa of the day com menced with a decline of j per cent in Virginias Tennessee, and Misaonris. Railway bonds and' bank stccks followed, with a proportionate decline; when the general railway share list was reached, the downward tendency, though very marked, was less destructive. The average decline, as compared with the prices of last even ing, was not over two per cent, with a large bum' n. s?. After the first board stoctu were generally better, on the scarcity of stock for delivery. At the afternoon session the market was steady: bn' afUr the board stocks closed heavv. We note sales of the new Uniu-d states lives, which are to be paid for at 1004 ?-y Thursday next, at 07. Some of the railway stocks arc being taken out of the street by parties who have faith in their speedy recovery from the present depres?lon. The trars fers to parlies out of town of Hudson River. New )ork Central, Roe k Inland and one or two other r *.ek a h are been very numerous of lata. Comparing tlie prices current this afternoon with those of yesterday afternoon, we note a decline of 4 per cent in Virginias, 2J In Mi-soaris, 5 per ccnt In Tennessee*, ? in New York Central 11 in Erie, Sin Panama. 3 in Illinois Central H in Rock Island. The following were the closing ?u0. tatiooa of the dny Virginia 6's, 76; lliaaouri Tennessees, 74 a 76; Canton, li a 15 Cumberland Coal preferred, 6 a TO; Pacific Mail a 74; New York Central, 72 a ); Erie 27 ? a ?? Hudson River. 47 a 48; Hariem. 14J a 15;' do. pre-' ferred^j2J a 33 J; Reading. 33 a}; Michigan Con tral, 47 a Michigan 8otithern and Northern Indi ana 14 a {; do. guaranteed. 28 j a Panama, 109 a 4; Illiaoia Central, 56| a J, Galena aad Chicago M a I. ClcvelanJ and Toledo, 2Aia2fi; Chicago and Rock bland, 61 a 4; Chicago, Burlington and Quin cy, 63J a 64. The bucinese of the Sub Treasury to d?y was as follows: ? STUi? A ft JS ' "" 60M,56I)?S The Arizona, at New Orleans from Hr..?? brought in >134,000 in specie. At a special meeting of the Board of Erectors of ie acilic Mail Steamship Company, on the 15th tost, Allan McLan. waa tlected President auj 8 "? Merchant was appointed i Secretary The earnings of tl.? Illinois Central* Railroad the second week of November were: - lft#0 N 8*Af7 49 Ineresae...,. ~ ? The Baitlett Mills, of Newburyport, have da dared a wmiannnal dividend of ai.x per ccnt, * hieh n akr? them 11 per cent for the year The following table will compare the exports (f the seven principal staple articles for the w?4k _ WV*. vtonf ift ?'XXOOk^? HtJ SS9 156 !W. 5ri-.k-h"' ';?i msa !V4u4 "l4" "4M 1 2040 di.l&i _ %M>Q 1 43 ? 170 i->i T", * ,he witb m. . ? 2S The following is a comparative statement of the value of export* from the ccmmenc.rn.nt of the year to November 16:~ **?? ? ?4?7>mi ftJTSR fkjtr 4S7UCO 6? 2W " ? (ornaifai.. j:? tai -v, -*i ? Ph .ssi ufe *jss = ** - 416 0?: ?*?.... Its JW07T ,'I7|41 47T Tser?*? as roBipMtsl wiih 1M# ' The earnings of ,he Central Railroad of New . ersey or the month of October were as follows: _ Same moatti t(t r?ar '* M JW H4 Hereat*. >4 per e*?t . mnrtf srtlanoD b?w ion. ,? 1? ?IL wbe? ? ratsferrtd lo W?ihlsiU?B ?r? kI^T Ue uatowsrd ntum of onatutoad at ui ct \v ? rJ: 1 ^ ls*M4, wtlk Trraool and *awa-h0?HU tl aad the ?wwk iu?if aow - M beta do tsrteua failnxa to the rit? Nw a *a.y r.f-r ?,m .. ?. 'TT'1" ?-weed. TtasadOoaaaas ,7 <????-* h?.1fsa rtporattnay brtrg abem . ?f ? **7 *t Iwo a %%j The Philad* iphia Aed^rr ?f i0 ar*,.T3 T7zr,z r.. i?,? v si's pre V ton# rrpo-l aad bv bm Vl .Vl - *** e?a^nT.rVba J^,;f7ef rt.J ,1 .rdun"* " Tlie toeier. hv a.boTl*i;, J. Tae trade. ko?,v.rf are w?L' bs eta a?rf r wt " e<** 48* 87* 81 81 J* 10 SO 80 82CC0 P 8 6 a. "71 eoo an to iiBb 6'*, 90 . iOtO do 21' CO do K 6C 0 Virginia ? 10(0 M jwuri 9H(0 do 10(0 do S0<0 N Y 1)1(1... 10(0 K RR )ll?M 100 6C(0 C KR ;i in bs 88 88 (CCO Ittch ?2d tuba itr v LI Cent KK bill 1(00 do 2(10 do mo IaO a mii 1 1 b A to ld.Urk*?am (too Ual A Cbto3nb 8 thst-k of tmerlca ion 10 Bk of Gormeroe . IK 10 Corn Kx ltank. . . HO N Y Or ttbl BR . M0 da, . ?M0 ?210 do.. 160 do.. Io70 ikt.. 460 CO.. 60 do.. 410 do.. H'O ?*o.. 60 do,, :?0 do.. 140 it I)e) A H?a 0?nal(V> 10 Pec Mm) S8 0o.b? 166 <fo. Block Kl?tal|?. Aatvhuat, Not. 17. 1M0 60 ths Mich Jet i RR. 40 160 48* 13? ?o <8 366 <"0 47* UO do 47 * 100 10 47 X 100 UW*9j*mRK. 13* 4i0 do 13* 660 do 18 160 do MX 00 Mich So A Nib g I 39* 600 da 39 4C0 do ss* 6C0 do 28* 100 do tM> 38* 10 NJertoy RB .... 130 97 71 77 76 80 70 ?ft 93 6 NJermy Out RR 106 .610 ?10 .110 ? >]6 17 blO V6 d", 760 frl? RR. 110 ltO 2<0 60 UO 'Z?6 ?210 V 0 >10 no . *16 .(30 (10 10 HtdMii Rlrer RR. 60 do. 160 eo. too Bb/len> RR 14 ^ to 70 70* 70* 70* 70* 7C* 70 * 70* 70 ^ 70* 71 71 71 88 74 73 72* SO 56 2?* 26 s, 20 ?id 2ft* 27 SO* 40 48* 48 60 Panama RR 100 do .06 do 60 do 440 01 Otnt RR scrip 110 do b10 60 do S60 do 100 do r00 100 do 13 Cler.ColA'Jin RR. Utiil ACtn RR.... do. do. do. do. do. .110 310 360 400 100 60 60 do 800 Oct it Tot RR... 800 do 100 do 100 do 1C0 do >30 60 do >20 226 Chic At Kk lkl RR 400 do 1(0 <>? >80 4(0 Rur li tn Kl! prtf. JI0 R??dlB* KH 600 do 110 00 14 "i 14' 13 f3 33 34 2C0 (60 40 60 to 60 60 (0 660 Cbl,BurA!}iiln RR S00 200 do >10 40 do 86 Mil * Mi** Brt. . . 60 0l I b A Wi? RK 1(0 La Cros A Mil RR do. do. do. do. d>. do. do. do. .110 ? klO .?10 110 109 1 109 108* 67 67 66' 66 1 66! 68 1 , 90 68* 68 ?7* MM 87 * 67 l4 67* ?M *6* 26 34* 26* 26* 61* 60* 61 63 ?1* 51* 61 61 >4 ?1 >4 ?.")>< 61 63 ?i 0 76 1* $K<0TfBb6 ?, 'SO... 76 MO do 76* 20(0 HlsMuri . 70 lltO do 69* HC0 do 09* 1(C0 (*0.... 69 '4 lCC(0Ohk> 6 " '60 ... 98 600 V it |t: ii ? O'l.. .. 80 SM0 do 77 20 ? ak Bk of Com'ce OS 26 Aran Kzch R*tik 90 26 PkdOeM 3^69... 74* KO do 74 100 E'l? RR 28 It 0 do til 27* 1C0 Huifiob RIt RR . * 0 NY Cro RB.. >80 SECOND BOARD. WihaNYCRR .13 72'.( 890 Harlem RR 14* 100 foaling RK 3S W 160 KO Mica AN fa RR. 100 MlSA*Jag'd?tk . 10 do 60 Mil v A Mis* RR 76 Panama KB 150 do 100 IllCeb HR scrip. . 160 do 200 Gal AChlo RR. . . HO to 160 100 200 2t0 300 to 260 60 1(0 do. do, dr>. do. do. do., to., do., do., do.. b80 .. 1 6 ..HO .. f3 .>30 . >6 ?10 48 71* 72^ 73 78 72 71 72 >4 72 73* 73* 72'. 72 ICO 300 AO 26 100 60 2C0 60 do do di do do do do dt.... ..116 (3 . >3 ?10 b30 b80 60 Clev k TjI RR 260 do 150 Cbic A Rk I RR. . 70 Chi, Bur A Vy KK. 36 do tO do 33) 13 U 39 38* 9 109* 109 67* 67 68* ?I* 68* 68* 69 M* 68 69* 60 3 4 Si 36 63 64 63* ?8* CI TV GOMMKRCIAL REPtlRt. Sati-simy, Soy 17?9 P M. I Lor* ?The market was heavy, and tales were coo Oned chktty to the borne trade. The deproalon In iter llag bll'a tended to suspend the demand for eapoit, and price* cloted a', a dec'ine of 10c a 16c p?r bbl. The Uauf actions were cosfloed to about 4 CCO a 6 030 *>bli. Whs at ? ' The market (tillered from Um atrUcencr In money and the low rates of exchange. The salsa were confined to a few thousand buahela at irregular prlMS. Cork, with a gnod loeai and Eastern domind, was less Afl-cted, atd ar>mp <0 COO b'Mbeii wer* reported at 09-. a 70c. for Western mixed, and 71c for round }?Uow In small k>*. P< Ri ? Ttie bnalbes* ? us moderate, with sales of 3(0 bbl*. at 818 36, and at 812 for prime W ni>*iST was <|ul*t, and tales limited. POSTAL DIRECT0BT. Foreign tad Oomtttlc Mailt. TIM* OF C l.otivu AT Til K vrr YOKK OFFICE. Th < I'xt t.flji* soar < .oaea at kaU past in o olock P. M , in m-?.1 rf se\rn. bp b*ret. far*. 1)o?? is i uk - AlV.oy, BhITaIo aad Cuada P. M. Ki'tth Kl Wfil w?y nnii ? t.M. tTfUfrn mail, *'albr?e KK J \. M. an>) 3'3 P. M. FrnitVi Mid hn W msila IA. k ami > , k' ?tub rn vail. raiircKi . \ M and; I' M. b? ?tmo.^oat t P M. Pdpdav Mi it ? On P'in<iK| all staila el f at tkli < 0i?? at IS P M I'iiiiOBJtiA By > , Wedaesdar !*<> vemtier 'J1 10 AM. Tke Over,*nd Mall for OahforaM leaves Bt nl? lArrr Mnntsy aa.l lb ir*l?j *t ? A V letter* it ?(!%?<? tor it Ahoa:a b<- mtrkrd ' 0*er Imiid 1 1* M. " B Linkt'irr The 0> . r'ani .Mail fr. rn >?( Joeepb (Mo > to Bait Uiket 'ltj leaves *L .' < ?? ? h ?*? r? Wiibi1?v and Ib t'May, ?! - A V. t.etfrs <b<-tild be marked "turr.wit via M .fateph So. PA< titr By sM?ni>htp , BeJaralar, Ko ttmmjl .. 10 A. M. Bahama 1.?lami" < 'e ibe .|?jt after tlj* arrival nf e..' h a ter rule t iisarit racket at thM port, b?tD(o? a irmib '?>? sfamer Karaabwtll b? deepa'<'b*d with teaila t ?r <be OOumt Islaada t > b? landed at >???an. h P. lOKOrr Vt* ?team^htp Perali, for Liverpool. We eesda?. N< v V 18 A. M. ' Ha^aba Hy ??<??!????* 1't .adeiphta, Moudsv, Mo veaber It ... 11 A. M TIHK Of CLO?"[N(l aT TlO. UKINM OITICI. Hombat . Tbe (n-rlacrt MaJ in Bombay rloaes In 1 nr.lm a? tn|'..w? ? i? Mar'nUea on the 11 an1 I ;li jf e? -h i.ioatA. Via t- > itka mptoo eti the l.'th ai.'l SMI t auctta... M l<?h If A. JOik, ia Marsei lea. 4th, U.b, .Kth 27* h. via 8ot|lh?Mrta. Cbiba kc I is lith and .Sulk \>aflauth ?mpt -o 4'h a?ri lOt?1. AMTKaua a *ar??-ill?a aod hnej oa l?tk. Via ion'b aiopu-n ?nd Sn?/ ll>h Wacb'TH-" . * la A4?n oa Uh- 4 h aad 27tl> of 'he rr nth. Bbaiii \ la ?? nlkampton i u tbe ttb of tl.> IllMa mf The Marariile* mails are deapa' bad im the i? if asnva dal?a. Kbonlil any of tteae dat's fali n* " it ia/ u.e a.i^ * dr^palrbed tfea talowbi* e??Blnf The Bonihan.titta Mai'a are dewpat'bed m Ike moralnf ahnva daws M* uid aar of tiieae dates fall am Hjadar. tae mail ta ilespalcied the morning r revlona Lettcru for ibe t 'all.'oraia Hm) Kiprsa* wlli be re ?; ?l a< the i Bi^e of tbe , wtp*n> la lbl> my, fin. lfi) Fu!t.->n oi Ui Ave oi'intk everf dev. to go by ??ipreaa. lea n g St. Joaepa on Wrdresdays ?Jd faturdara it II n'rlo^k P. * Talcxratna can >? sent oa Wedr.eanara aad Mtardaya SHIPPING NEWS. ?(rmatt of Uc*u itanm. TBOM KCRUFE. . fan*, L? IM Aim JW J oka ML Ml? oa H?t 3 . .Hww Tort UrarpooL Hot I...Kr* Turk V MifwWl Hmtkkattd* Hn?- J. . . Raw York Falloa. fcoatlkaaaptoa Boa T... Raw Tort AT no Uwpm ......... Hot 10. . . Haw Tark iltT Irf HuoMMr. Ui?r w/L Hot U dm lai Anrn onuxtmpu*... Hor 14 . Hew Tnrk Arakta Urwrvoo) Not IT Boat* HrattkaBptaa *cr? I*. ..Haw Tnrt iiwvm Hot 14. . .law Tart B4tnt"in| Urrrvonl Hot 14. ..Raw Tnrk .'tiiir 1 ( .cxd'? i*>n<n? Rot II . ftrw York Haw Tort ... MoowaiKp'na ...... Hnr 14 . Koliti BotmrIr. Pontkam^ka !%? t ..Haw Tort Atlantic Ha?r* Iwle i Raw Tort for ktbofb. Friaaa AJbart. Haw Tnrt. Mar ?n ... daiwar ParM . Raw Tort H?? Jl ? UtatpooI tantiaron *?? I'rt for it . .L i Nam B?w Tortl Rot 14 Oaaatfa Hnaum Rot ? HlmLT >? T"r* !>?? I....Mrrrr>nri Txitnkkt. |)aw Tort Bar 1.. .liuauura Afrtra ??*? Tirt l>?r & ..UrTsx-r. I Ara*? Krw Tork. I ?** S Barra Ar?P?a Mnana ..I?ai It ...UWPORI , Raw Tort. !<??? ' ft . . . Haa> l)?ra , **4 tnrl . I*-'' 19 .. .l^rarpot* Joha P?H Raw Tort liar Jl i*la?r>w RjnaatA., Raw Tnrt.... Dar 31 . Mamh.rf FOR CALIFORNIA. | KnrtkRUr Raw Tort Rot M. AjptnwaM Arwn Raw T Tk Par I. . . . AapiDwali R-nfcamUrti . . . Raw Tort IVc li... A??tawmU HATIN4, IM> RKW ORLEANS, fttariixa - From Hrw T wt lal. ?rir\n? at Btrtu Mk Aa4 ' Naa >rlr*rt?h Pr?v Haw Orlaaaa Ifck. Haraaa lata, kr ' I Tin# at Haw Tork XV. STtK <<r tii? H im -Trow VawTarfctik vrlrlnr at Hartal I4?h * r rr Raw Orlaana Orf Havana Mth a Re* , i.Tk *tk ' iiitii From Haw Tort lltk, irrHti at Baraaa Mkk a ad Raw Or lour. ? Iftk. Fran Haw Orlaana Mtk. Havana MA [ . TlrlDf at Haw VTk M ikiim rot a aw mmM- rrn# o?r ? 5?| wooa im ara to 17 ... t tC' am witba .. n>a 1101 Port ?( Haw Tarki Raaaaikar 17, 1NB0. cijujuBj H?a?akn Mit ?ra, Tt -npu*. Rh .faa'lro? TVx Ran nay WaaRtaktp H iot V rra.<a. I*rn?M. Rarannakb R Vrnm writ 4 Da nvamaatp Alabama Rrkaart. Raraooak ? R I. MMrkftl A Rrai Raaamak'r i!ai>ia>t>t%. Rarr?. < "haj t??a. .? ?poR.w?. lHaavw 4 <>?. HaraaaaVp rarkaikkiRt. FowaU. Wlhat?firt?- B B Onaw wait k (5 *Mwa1H(i TiakWiwR. |Ki? Harfnlk ki I ullaR A Hal aakrr MnunAIr HwKtraTV*. Oiiw, AletaawlflR, Bp? B B Ormm rati A IV> *?aaw?Ktp F?4r<aa?. Wanaa Mllaiai-H B Oaiwall M WMimaMr Fataaaan Tall. Faa4la^4 H R Oraaw.ll A Ok. Pkir B i. Hntirai, ?H.'ra? Raa araa,rtar>? kw?'>n A fa. ? k to rkk-arn I l?M Umi?4 -FwaHk A R? Albatl UalMla. I?a>.?o (=Wp ralawira I or?. Ui*a-I B Bnrpaai A WrlaT H?H. KMrrr'lar. Heba?a HaTra-?m? A Blnrtan Rrtp FrraMant IMikukt (Itraaal, Baorar. Aatarrp ? W F Rr htr w*i PMp Flaat Wla? .lajna 4 pa'arhionla P?f* Jar> rwpfrti. 1 Mr hart HU**nw - Dickara ? Dlaoa Ra?k (?i"<?r?ra fWnt.ia Flimontk - Ruirgaa, Tiaamiaa A i On Hark W T < Vvao oa?i Km la *avini<m~ r?unh*ia 4 l\?op | Br HI ilaaai.'hnroa < .m Cork aad a rmi-Tki *? ?r?. ?r?? <>? rna?ara T trrar Amnnlam ii'?ck 1 Mati'ka. Fry' Imrtia Fklaarr. IJrNr Br* Ba-a-T rvrwa* Kinrn,! '. Tk>wpana A Htrtra. J Haaaa W.rta, J?Mar**ll)a- Th-aapaoa A tl<n.|?p. nn? <!.:)? ?o ?Rai? RMkmoaxt -r il Ftaram f k Buk raw. I'trtMr, Ur*rt>RSI-A Behr O II Cook Bparka, Jao:n?l? K Beoh Behr Apb Hull, HaJtMk Ht Knu? K It EWred*e. Behr Jc he A Ma ry. Cud, Port Maria? Roger* A ftteft. Pehr ft H I eaur Ptiter. Utll(u-0 R MmiU. Bckr Kal* r.eld. Alton. Ualveatoo? U C luiu 2?"*' BaJaea, <>a)veeloe-N<iiwf?*?* Priam. Bear L Hlhhaii, Pete mi Tampa. Pebr (Jen Mailer. Bt Maika-Bmallwood. Karl A Co. Bckr Charm Once Pemaadlaa? Brett, Boa A Oo. ret r Ftva Boy*. .Intra Bewhern Behr Bunne HrtiiB. ?trk*. Wuhlrctoo-J IT Bmltk A Co. Bckr Bea Witch, Vfbert, Norfo'a Bcbr I J ?a) nor, Kaynor H?lUmor?- Merrill ft Abbott. Fchr .1 B Bleeder. tr?ardi, Philadelphia? Jaa Uaad. Bckr Helen Mar Re?d. Klawnrth ? Hreti, Hon ft Uo. Behr V Price, KMre^re, H<muv?S W Lewis ft (Jo. i Behi 1 ottle. Tailor, Boaton? J W McKmi. B-br Woirott. Parser. ?<eu.n- Dayton ft Oo. Ht earner Delaware. <"annno. Philadelphia E Palier, Rube. Xt? llaveo? Maler. ARRIVED. Bteamahtp Roanoke, Oooeh, Richmond, Ac, with oada* and paeeeujeer*. U) Liuuatn A tieuteken. t-lilp Antarctic, htoulTer. Urerpoat, 36 daya. wit* nadee and SO i ararnr ere. Ui itoreya A Co. Hot 1, let 47, loo BO 36 eooke> ?klu "HuiubT(i?un fr. m Liverpool for New York. 7th. <m ike Banka apoke t?kln? *chr 'ulla Uraae, of Orlaad, with 1000 niitaiab li?lian<i lilb.U act J Oik. lat U M, loo t?, paaaed a BUck Pail ?hlp bcurd ?aatward flip Jktnfi f'Kter, Jr. A beat, Liverpool, 28d*ye, wlihmdee aid 414 paaa*B*?'?, to C H M?r*hall A Co. hbtp l)a)<hte. Havener, l#oudon, Oat 22, in bailaet, to Draper * hbiy Golden Rule (of W.wton), Mayo, Sunderland, Cet IS, with coal, to tbe Bht ka'uii uu ? o. Bbip Cornelia l'1 Portland). Woodnlde, Ola??ow, it lay* with 'rca Ac, to mat tar. hiptuleuced heavy W weatker niotJ cf the pani|e. . _ . fhlp I'araitn, Prtrk water A*tw rm. 36 daya, ami Portland, Inp 14<1a?* wtih n^ae, i > rtamieilela, Pbelpe A Co Bm k Tele?r?rk *.|'e*.< rritudt Hart 14, pa*aad Shetlami Oct 1 ?'lhhrBp Ac v> Wm I- op?* A Cj. Oct T an* 8. while ij Id* to In a hravy tale fmn law. aaa boarded by tuavy *eaa. Mrlktr* Ike vea*el i p aiarlxwrd how, itarttnf ererjthUic fnr? ward, bula ark*, itiulirnu ai.d wood entfa, atuva t?ut*. for ? artl bouee, tt'lert t*? rahin, in.d r'rw otb< r <lm*?>e; from t??t in t up to Oct SI k*d ? con'l; naiton of bear/ |a)*a 'rvm W 1 rtm Im 41 40, 'm 2f 57. ti l.n 43 bad l.alt brerrtu fiom S to E at d from tbenc* v*r Iki->m r* wlo'a preealle-t; <Ht J7 iat St 1. loo 24 10 rroke b?rk t'iantt.iieer and wa? i J ontiwiv a'tt I tr 4 <*aT?; lltk tn?t l?t 40 l?. Ion ft W. t a srU i.t?er rr K- >h ?'r| a ? bite bt'tf with al?ir? r?4 . th to n; lXk ilJCM urt (oiiBdtrr* in 24 faihoaie- wlr.1 tW fark *t?>rii?l?ca Ktlt>bnr?. Aat'iamail. (tut 4 wttb htdea Ac In Joe r Joy. ?>' 2S off Cape Artoa< >li.'iait??d hark farm trrm Anlnwall f >r La(una, H>k tt ? Kt viso loo 71. a >Mr ?l?c*ir?r "V tbowlnil't oul? pendact M<mS'B4. Ha?k Pallaa B'ddte. t?a ve^ton. Oct 21 with <? *'oo, V'de? Ac to Joalab Jri. Hart adverse ? irda the entire panaira. B'ljc V irok (Add, Caaalik, Cardiff, 51 d*;?, with ooal, to I> Tciranre Brl? Fscnle l.leroln (of WalJoboro), Parana <, Waktoboro, 6 dav* In balltat to muter m hr Oerm (Br), Wilacn Bt Oeor ge, X B, 11 dey?, wllk '-th> to II J A C A 1 ewolf. ?cbr Oknlooa >S iraau. of Brt'lceuort). Wbe?ler, ft Haika, 70d?y?, *ltk crtf'.n Ac. to "tna'l ?niM. Karl ft ?!o Fchr t'arroll, t rocker, Kli7?reibi?irt for Boetoa. Kcbr Harriet Stnl'.b Kelly klirabelkport for iv?too. Krhr I .a lira Jar.e. Trarv. niiabetkpurt for i'ambiid(?. Hehr Vreaa. C-.n . Klizahetbport for Pall Rleer r'chr * nir?l. Lore. K'lrabetbi ort frir New Bedford. fchr S?r?b Jane Blcio'a. kluahetboo't for Proeldwie* Hi hr K C Pesnlrru, K ntkaonh, klllabetbport fur llartfon\ Prkr^oeevh tP>ta Holly. K ixaoeUi port for Brt1(teporV Bel r Hu? an A Karr. Taykir. k ito b- tkport for tTakoAeM. Fi hr O O Aeken. Peck, K'lrabeihport rnr Btamrord. Pcbr Wm It Knapp. Bulwm, sllxabethport far Tomphta* Cove h hr Fneriiia, Lincoln, Tauufn. PcLr Ntlaon Burt. Taurine. I'rhr Allen Dotln*, hmall I'mrldeaee. 2 day*. tokr Ta-kee Boy, Rlaley. Prortaenee, 2 daya. ?rhr Chief, Marvel iomera'L Rchr Adelaide. Lawrei un. Koneraet 2 daya b?hr B P Bjrali'fr d Hro ka. Portland. 2 r a- a. fenr I Bntlerd t barman, fort'aod, Sdaya B*hr Ji hn W:l*ht. l>art. Portland. Idaya fchr A gall * It" rd. Poit'end. 2 lave. h hr tito (lillam. Powd. t'o tlarnl, 1 day*. Sekr Kohert Malik Wlleoi fo.-tlaud. 2 dan. Bebr 8 D Bellow*. C'ark. Prrtiao^ for PbUadslphla. Bckr J V fcckee, Wendell, PoucbkeepeU for WarahAta, Bloi'p W t> Mklit aa Knaeell Tauolon 2 daya Sloop W II Boar* n Brilberloo. Providence, 2 day*. ?teener Mara. Mleboia. Philadelphia. Steamer Oonenrn. Bonaar. Philadelphia Steamer Daylight. Bprlocer. *ew BedforO. Bl earner datrray. ftanney, ProvMeoce. BKLOW Bhtp John Fy'e Pember, from Qlaicow Oo? 2t, wi b rodMt to lionham A Dltnon. Baih Choiee (Br). Bullion, from Co-k. 10 daya, In ballMt, tc maater. Had atronf W cale* nearly the entire paaaace. Bark Kl(btlr|fale, from Baltiaaora. Bark Acsea, from . Brl? X'lta B, of and from *4 John, MB. ^^kr Bu/dett Mart <of Aew Uarea), Harvey, frjm Malafft Aiao two ahlpa one bark and one ham brig, onkaoirm. dAILKD. Sleamtklpe Kdlnbtf* (Br), Liverpool (pa*M><! tko Battery at 12 40 I'M), Atlantic. Havre ipaaeed the Battery at 12 23 rM); Alabama, and Mount Teracn. Barannah; Oolnmbla. Char lea ten, Patkeraburc. Wilmloftoo, Tnrktown Horfo.k. Ae: Pott mac, Baltimore , Patai aco Portland, aklp laarald, Urerpooi. Wind at eunaet SW. very Hcht HKmiImmm. Th' tteamahlp Atlantic. Gapt Gray nailed ycaterday at half put II o'clock for Bonlhamptaa and Havre. The Atlantic U to run regularly henceforth la lb* line wilt the AdrloUa. Khft took oat 48 pMMoRer* The Brttlah MentnaHp Kdlnbnrg, r?pt Kecnndy, Bailed U noon y eater day for Qaeenrtu wn ani Liverpool wltk 181 paa mrten. >' LAOnrn-Tbe bn!l of tic fr-untii; Thotnaa Preebarn waa ?ucceeefttlly lucnrb-'d yrn'rla;, efirrnuoo at 1 o'clotk from tbt r yard of her b olid era, Xeari Lawrence A Poalkee, at WiUUmi barr lltrdlmeBd n*kM<: Lrtirth of keel 140 feet; it feet beam. and 9 feet depth of hold; AO feet outalde the guarda. Her bull la bnllt entirely of well acmoned oak, the oelllni of yellow pine, Fhe bu a 14 lock kelaon ramtlng tbe length of ber. and two of 7 torbra on ber l>fl?e; hae 9 feet dewa wood far w ard and 7 feet aft. m ry deck beam it I need asd holtril, *o,1 ?bc I* every way built It. tbe moat ?ub?iac'Xtl manner. Her f lk>dp will be put In at ihr / llalre Wor'i Mae will have a 4t> Inch cylinder and H feel a-r av>\t HQ hor?? i>?er It will be I N-am engine alth a 1 Ue uai-r#i iiaproTrmenla. Her It la! ec?t will n?d*4>e far <?<??? fMt'VO rbe 1* owoed by Hr Rtchird Fnu:rea and o hera of Ula cltf, aad ?lll be ajmmindei bj Hat rxprrienotd pilot an<i |rni farr nte. < ula P MorrMI. b be I* named after w of our Handy Hook piiota who k??t hta ife a hue in the dlacharye of h'a duty on board lae ahtp John Mtatbra aor?e 19 jra re a*o on ibe Jtnej c?ut Hb* will bo ready loraemee atv iit .Inn I. Bale W IIakaBP. filler f.-om Pnam'i for Oalreelon, pnb New Orleaoa ;o?ti Mat t r rrpalf-a the ha?ioa eoruMC aleak on .te Kth tru, 60 mi'ea ? t M^aiaweai t*aaa t be bad <a> iret?ht IK (HO nrfc V ? Pme v?nr A i ii r "*>Vt hrnre for force, PR, returned to the rl:y teat nltht. with U'*a ut an bor and < b ou, and aocbo.-eu < IT lie Battery. 'cm Wiu.i??. Llnc iir. of Md fir Bath. putba>'k io Bnitoo 10 1, with I nee of I'Xtprl . barlae hern larntl'itoa nlfrht pre VMM to Ibe >?\#r b?y wi h ?hr Lraml^r. .?*. .tnOer, of kr 1 fur Sowrfolskam wbk n kw malnman. tiior 7 K Blow* Rn w a at frrrWeoee from Patohneiia, LI. on ike ltih, at 7 PH. about S inlee W of P. let Jwtlik, we* l? eollieioti with ?chr JaiXrt, (r m *arra?anapil I'ler fur Www Vof k and had r>oe rhmin na-ried away, rell bn<teu loartrr ?!me end eaile tnrt. ItwJuatioe had JiB'oom and bead gear <~r ried away. liM or Jttmu?Ttf ?blprln? I.l?t rf yeeterday ?yi ? We notice aa>a of A J(, ih'p I>?yli(ht. 517 to*a, bain in Ca b eell In lHftt ut H nt $ finuu to load In the Deapatcft late for Hoe* I?r: AX )??'? ?r%?ete H~ror 37* wme, built at Prrtk Alabot m IM J ab ut $11 lie. aad AS hart Kec^.rlaia, 144 icua. bu'ltat RobMsat n la Ig#l on ptt\ate tern>?L llBrn or I)"r?ti ec Bertie*? 'art tlerrra of th? Biltleb tblp AianrBMi. ? i.vb ?Tiv#d at ihie port v retold ay from I i*r rj t oi, rrp< rt* that on 4th Uut let 2* loo 81 SI he a?w a eai!1 *1 to lh? -itdw.rd er*?i. * loearde him wltaailaoal at 'he peak. Il? a! i?i<* h rr t\ it.'. e?>n afier tbe Mt with & mrn in her r ,mr ametei^t- t hey ??n.twd ih?t tbey had d? ?ertrd frf? the barn Huhota. ?ttpwe i uw. of Heiraet, Me, at ? a'ariae ?n1 had -en In tb* Mai It data and .1 tvMDnm food or ?at?r I'apt Bcrroa i -<k !b< m oo botni. and kindly attentl ad lo their ? ante aid br ufbl Uirm to ih a port. Antrlcaa Ports. Af.CTAVnRtA. Hot l4-? 1 eth>a Irabel Alberto. Tookar, ?ad VUlefe Qnren, Ilawklaa Mum IHIill, Hyder, a mi r.orcnco fciffra. Horr-?. It fork. rHARI.WTOIf Bor IJ-Arr eUwwWpe KaMaekoeeUe, fan; erw, Be* or Jae Ai* -r. I'bllUpe. New York; aehr riyl?e Proa <"ar Blae. t aTaaa 1 1 the offia?. Pr ahlp Z? la. Ctd ahlo Donatl Black BTf-rk brl|t? fey ward Brere. lieraaa. J If J fnee. MU'a NTork. ackre Ool hatter ly. Kemptow. aad M A f b adler. Ji-rdau. do nid ehlp Mneonotea. Cuter. Urerpoot. CITT POI?r, Bor Ih? Arr bark * Bernard. Baad? Hook ? ARTPOBP, Not lA-Arrechra P B auderaon llllle, Blta V tbpor? J B Ittrtle, ?!Urk. B fcdont; l*h, < hta t llaiaH. RU> Urn Bum ethport .In're Punyoa, II .bard. Bew Briinealrk. kid 1Mb. ateamer Va^i'r Urnmley MbilaMi hte Nh W tiBl.BABB B< ? )i? ? Arr ?i ?em* hi re Teanreeea, Pr-rbee. Vera ?'rur, Bl-nrl le. Bu i.vV New Tort ?t% Uaraaa iblve \iairrtrnoe iB"?. UeTrn; HoT.lanna (BrJ Keemar aa<*. At.t a P ^ciorldt, Ntilllifa. I imn??.l I Iiw?-rr1?~ (Br), Baa ton and Reaver Kelly Lsetfiio; Trmpeat Wkltnei. a male' dim; tipreaa. P'<?*1 (.rphr.ra. bark Bradna ID'ema, B-rk laad; br<? (juaan of lha tomb. ? haprnta, Malaga acar booth en, HeOow*. Cbarlealxo <'id bar* 11 ? Plak. Plea, I'nrt ; hrlt; B?Bic??t, Jir^ea BTnek ech- K u Knifht Hilary riiarlaatoa. lllh? Arr rhlpa Ueo waailrtf n fnmalnta, Ureroool rlik Nod e. I "i-kBPea r. ?We. Artw? -p, Warailak. R1I>?. Haraaa Rcahni ath (Br< An d, Ha Ifai, J?m?e Mir|?oaBarr Faailtoa. Bmu*. Bktae!y at.d at<r'?i'ia r->hb Naw V'>ra; barka f briai. , her Ool<m>y i'Sar' /vtraiia. rteaoa; iiarmen (Bp>. Bi n Nala*a: br1(i Hopa Mnapeua, Havana. W Haxard, Mil ler. Peeaaroia It h- Arr a?Jpe Ar?rnaal 'Bri Whita. At twerp. Varti* La ther Bmh>' a Hto Jara'm Paao Maahia Balh M?. bark O ? Hnit(ia. deeper B?ti?. ?ctr Ma*y Cllntca Ryaa. Verm IbB* Belie III, Br ailp l'oanoa. frrm IJrrrprail erhr Loolaa A ?' hi.r r. lit*. frt.m te? fort I'ld at?*mehif Pmpl'et ??. B?ilrr. NTtrk ?la Ma*a?h; ahlpe Johannlev>era. ?il'lhtn and f''.wlram. rt Moraoa Ultriwi 't?a?.b Holaaee. Ilnr ana aaii lrarn i Paiten : lai- e. E:> ira c > en, ai-taadar. U*ora. berk Aieilea 1 unWl, Uaiaaa. bng, Pea nlt it' a. Brett r. Ifth Arr , I l?; afcira Kate Prli e, ti?en>oo< Joke A A? hrrt. Biaim. _ . 1 1 WW In aea Bo* 1 all< a I P Oa'-ata and Denrdaaa 11, B Webb NaronHMi, l4ti Bnrfbh?, aad H UaHha; ah AUantle. and Wilbur Pek bwra ttaleo (U ahifa W ? freer..!. Nary, aad B P BMoir. barke J H-ian>. and lactaa Belle 7ta. ihipe Jim Reimltb. K rw i.-a l*n and Krperuiatftk Prlsera Ad raiie Partv and Mai rb t>a adama BEWaXk. P< 1 l?? Arr a "pa J aa Bt-iirr. Trie. Atlaa. Al bany bid aekr Bla?ara Albanv , rlueo Har- ee? do l?tk Arr vehra B< t u.r P.rmJatc-. WiUam lleerf. NTo*h. Twa Paanlea WllUemeburf ; He-p araanal, lte?ai<n. BIA aitviaa BctVijr, T?>*; Atiea, e !?aae; BrlliUnt. I'r * n. BKW IIAVP..V, BoV if- Arr e ho R C ry. tfi-f>oaal|. Al'iaadiia. U*o W Wkbll'*, l'*'?er vlr?lnl* P'-d lylar, 7?tralt Bew Brtttewwa ('arioil Vewr, and Bldad, J ih-anta. Bilaabetbpml ajn p !..??. ?e eaaae. Port Bwee ("id arkrw Ara A Be"?ecca Pew Bittaaawk. Vd eatnrr. EUjitnkpon. WVwtler llliitl; 3 Hi'tjilki do. Plie Tl. a BU *' * ih? ??r bark A aaoorr IH?, Til ? ?*hn o*'' I Met I rr nf at.d f "Wi Hea-eptt-t aehr B 1, Nana <nt. R? mt?d. PetfoUl Cld la?? Alb ? i in ,.la Itlbbar Kuan HirpBOND Hot IB? ?r? a'eaiaahli Jameatown kklnaar. Blork. ar :r? Pe <ir>-ror? ??!?, e, R.vkl?ad. B ?H<-ter?m. Paa er. Hoaton. w . be lau e. Main BYork bid f hr l.ynat? bare Harr'a M ?l MB 11 NIPHTOB B-wM-arr erhre Rbn.1?:>a Bl? a, Botana; Pred Marrer r naM Prmideaca Cld ItU aebr Aea Bln\. tm ilk BTorh. BUt KI.L tSBlK't. KApBTAl-B Rton..irx? PtuV~ THB RP-T rVllltfiVl MB 1)1(71 NB IB TH? w .BI.D NATWA1 k RPOri.AtiA't <-M,a are terer arte* a* leetly nte'ed than la tie fall, fkrmfrata aad ledt*e?tl ? ie r?t*l*', ?" "f aattnaa Ptaorder aad wwafcdM iha bowela. and thecoVi n?|b4? rridn-e ?-'<f'l?a h''la. by wkleb t?e 'rra Irioa I* browacntof *>alaiee, ap' t*e earwek. Hear ani !n-t? partially para'' ?d To -??< >ra ib^e fueetkwa and <P tb? b. dy to wtthrtanj the In- a mear? t' eta??r a e-wepe af Ihle treat arerten*. ali?r?ilew ?nd rente n abantn ely neeap aar r t> k ta* '?!? eathert'e ia rba worM wateh rijnaJ^aa Wn? rdraataBea of the htro '. All ibe ?'?arel pu'r*M?? baea h deadly contrary effeat aa d beaea the faarfal Maraurtai dla "SVdway'a Bepwlallaf Pll. arethe ea? e*auh'? aotatl tute for rtleaal a?erra-a. e?'al?e a doee of from fonr to a<i ? III ??rnr* ?? th?* m ewA I r 4*9 <krnfi lit need ? i the ir?v # (Te.aa ?bi ? ibe phya'atan eapeeta to aa Utr wkkmi t nalllRf api ibe patieal tbe bu-nd reaolte of thr t reernre o' lbeee (hd^'na Owe o' Kadwa<*a B?f ilatlaB f*l Mpcaarae ?t, re af the ?leirean of health and t?a fo*d tbe p. w?r oee d aeaae, than wm of any fllbar pll'a la ae thirty piih ia taeh bo* Rat we ? a Rr??rfle? a eam? b- <*ra((laM ererrvhe a B AbWat A 0U.. Aa tl ioka ?tra?t. Baw TwM.

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