Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Şubat 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Şubat 1861 Page 2
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?l iioe UttwHut'l ik>llare each. wb?o ,n fa;t Mr. Bailey de ! Iivored to Mr IVu,. It. K.iseell eight bandied an 1 seventy ?*jy. 0?? ot'the other two ieaocojuted for t>y the ior- : rospocJence between Mr. Krlch and Mr. Bailey, already referred to. Tbe reason why tho ra mi u.ui; : *ne is <mbraced in the abstract, ami was ine.ludci id the published Hit, id explained by ibe e\ ideocc of Mr I'enry Reard. trie fai i- ' fM cuetod<an of the Doijit.-' under Sc. rer.,ry Mo '.c itu. I Mr. 1I?mxU e:>ys?-'In ibe advertisement eicht biudr-d ] and seventy una band* wore embrace I. i'lie ten 'in i hoed banded to Mr. i-Mcb. a* staled. waa no", em ?ru. ? J | * occurred in this wny It iceded oulv oue h .n I e 1 t?u i forty three Teuncvoe hood- toonipleie the eight h indre t | and -evenly missing, but our otlicu book or Iibi of bonds, as prepared by Mr. Bailey, indicated Hi as miis.nt;. Tlie > i*ecretary d.rectod us to include all the 1-14,1.8 at that time some uncertainty was felt whether there might ?ot l-e more ibm 870 miteing. Tbr advertisement wan jrepared d baste, and before the full m veaigitim by Mr Iaa .-LOBd, Mr. Williamson wd myself was con pieted.' To ?.void the irc.-nvenien-e of referi-ln;; t"?a>. rt'ft "B. )<"if committee ?vlJJ stave tout n'tety nm>' <>t tt*>e boi.i.8 were issued by the State of M,- mri ??r the St. I?me and lrou Mo .nt-iin 1U'roul, i lue'y i?y the tame '-late for the Hannibal and Nt. ./?>-' fa*ph hundred ami lliirt, for tbe Nor tit M.-s'ii i road, if.y-uue tor the Missouri t'uc no road; seven' e-twa by the ttutebf Nonli Carolina, dat i! .'..uiuary, l?5t;; <, ,e hundred and four by the same r, rlauatl July, 1SV ?.e hundred and nineteen hy tla ^meStite, .latod i.j)u:iry, lSoi: forty live by 'I same t if, d tied O i> txr, 1856, two by toe same Sttw, date ' \pril, 1*57; i. M*e( tiy the utnw State, dated Ho.ober, 1*?67; f eirioeu It/ the Stale of Tonnc-iee, d:.: d n ...rv, li-cf.-j; live by the ^*tre Mate, dated JaiuM'v, ls'.l; forty by the ?arne .Suit*, dated ,1-iiiivr j , 1<'l by tl'i1 nu -^t it".', date .tanttaiy, 186.'); seventy by the eum<- State, daied Jai u?rj. 18()7 Kcfno diniru'fr .<? erred m the iden'licatloa <?f tb? M?rtc Caro.ina botus. wveral w-itnessea sta'ji that lhe> b? )d bend* where itnmhei H c u iesixndcd *'?b t??. e eiV(D iu the p> mted l tit: and, a; ' ' been he'd by ibemi^lve* or bv '.b >-.? from wihh !!,.?>? ob'n!n?t them Umn oofoie the- n ti.e Uif ?>>r I', jjaitn ent w>re nbatraeteti, ib?" infe r? I 'hit i.h' h-iT\. correct Vbe sol I'iou ??." tbo'-.iiiii.ulty ?.? r < nude-' uu iiing may be ''ouud in tbte u.? --t ite ?! North ?.i ja .hhiicj bonds u> aid in varwn <?:.f?, ate: eey were divided cl?r?> . e.iUi c' i?s tie .rini' a de ??i ct da'e, yet bavioK a pre. ,?<?!?,? ;;i. , ai- s < r;<>* of lium b"s. A parly inljrh . tberwlor. hold a b .:?? irhoioutuu V-r or.?e>?oti?led with the u ituber iu tue imutod list b< t ibe Mibife would not oe idwtj.^l. oeo i'i-e t?elon(i:ii{ To '?^irulc elofxies, (li s (mated uy ilitl -er." flier* se< n.s to have been no i.a :s> tor stni ' ir mr-lakes m rufe rej e t?i tt\- boo Ik .e I hy o!her -tati s xh oii n"vs nurwr.Ki m. hi * c ,\i> vi nMi.n v- ' !???' !l. Huue'l 1R ill- be ,d ?( ib. bill, e of K'i?*e.i, *ii or? A. "Sr.-'.ddeil, a widely Wm.xri ? 4 c >utrart?rs w .?b :l>e '.t'ar IW |<artn>eutfortrauttp. rtlng iruiy provmems ?\er the Weeieiu an t Snutbureskrn p.?me. M Knxseil ?luted 11 ?he rronunlttef tbut he hart beard i? \< ? V.irk inch a ruan its Mr Ph.ley, t.Jihonf'1 tie <1 it net ex ie?,|y reir'. ni' i r bin Lame, wbi? hal t?eeii iti that, city to .-ietl r Krurliiis and K'l'J tda t* ?.}i;s?trie letter fur Mr. > i.'.e?, a Senator iriw that, state. When ???!{?.( ffoiii wiiern be unlived his lufornta'ton, be g ive t'ei answer i.suatly rest ited to n sitcb cases?vu. "lie <o,H not lenx-rob. r." The neM be ird <?! Mr. Rufs iII i- tb.i' he is rr why frern Veu Vn fe to W'afl'rngtou, i. .'.ttnpaoy w>tb I.uVe J*.i i:?j. ii banker of the i.:t?.-.-c.ty. ' l|r. Jaru Wi'uforni*'ilv C??mmisaioi)er 'ir In'.iin xte. '.r- and n % Portree of fjutse'l in th< banking o lfiaenji at ? eavenwv,!t.i, Kun^js. )n a conver?itiotj that unt ied I'D iben Mr. Kuweit made kienvu to Mr. l.oi i>h ?wubarrsis?e,i circniu?taj>ces, aodafkul if <io (vfr. I. a) tut net know nf son.e one that con 11 aKnat. I iir i Mr Udbk II). Mr. !.?? aL8erere<l iu tun negative. He it. t|. testimony tbut. Mr. Uus.^e.l p ig^nsred be bad beard of a mau in Washington iiy t-be naina of Kiiiex ?r Ui.rlui, wh'i was a rtl ition of l.';?re-Dor V ievd. ill 1 an ogeM T< r ttl" negotiation or sale 01 stocks, Mid a-kiil tiHi triced if be knew Mr. Lea wis mtu.i c'inipr.ilud to |*ivI* a negative replv, b.ii (La'ed M?i. he ktx'w a uum tliure k; the nnwe of Bailey, and M<. Riiskii Bi,d be supp i.^e i tie waa the tuan .if whom ?>- ^ns id (.ear.-h. It. if very evident from vtr. I.ct's e\ *iOiiijiti(,D tUat he was betb an artful und an iinwilllnj witoefp He had to tie pressed with great p rtiaici'y to u.du y in to di?i:)oH( ' he knew, .-tad cvea then h: KJ >ner^: w.:reeo iiiierpawid with irrelevant and eij iii o ?"j<1 ie'oarks, detigneu to lelieve hiir front s ltplcnm of ' orppliecy. tbut your ciuntui'.tee are cirn;?oJl.vl rel'ic vai tly to net .<? the absence of the e.mdor' arid frank "e?H 'bat tliev minnt te?"on..*>|y e*|H ? t.) litd 'a I .e respoi,^'*. He was eoni;'4ille<l, however. U> hy tbat be iB'enred Mr. hu. -il thit Mr. Buloy w a m fo ft tidi!.on to a?i?tst ti.m ? that he had no stock-i or mney.aiid was "a- ;?oi as aiiybo?1y." Before sojvi ratitj: Mr. IV.hse'.l, .. ctiii. g -nil to be'.eve that a il un/lt be <>)>taioed u Uie ter indicated, reque-ted Vr J.e-, to see Mr. linlley iu ret:a.-d to the matter Mr. l?i oiupl.ed w ith ttii" r?|,ie?:, uu ) stated to ttr. Itiiley Mi Vi 0 unless a-sist.iti i ?vi? rendered, ti e ,, -i ;ii:iri. " s 0'' I?<? era ? l l'.jd would pr-n. ^ted, i i . Im* would i.i* c.imp< lie t?.i 'etire from the Ci'^iue'. Mr. 1 ?.i s, bow vei?, i a:i 1 i! :?> cjitc iu h^s ev, len e that '"fM? te. ii.t tnati' i lo be ?.? tlj." i.ic? , ^ In had in I. s ii iri'C neluugitg ?o the Indian Tiuitt i ui.:. .Mr. ('. i.. Wagner, who is o nly relited to Mi I :?ij. ,.t <>. i\.l ? I, U'V we ',i ( ? , f<"?Mon. atatrs iu his et ideuce, given (yo tr coinTii'.t'" are pleas' il lo say j w th lull and honorable frankness, tl.i t he i, a>neu from Mr. 1U ley thai Mr. I/-a did mention fbe'*?vx ic the < out erxution b^twei't) them. An I, in ?*??*!. tin* uo .ld ratiiial:,v be interred from Hi " l,.ct i urt Mr Leawuaji rfe tiy fi-mdiar the bus.a.siof I'm JK>r*rtRiet>t. mid knew th'.t Mr lUiley had tfi ??., t,-. ??1' Ireland bad no la'ee 'numiiMlof privae in ins Vr. ! "i ndmit- that, alter the .lellt pry or the tlMt instti lif-l l Ixitrlti to Mr Jei"-e]|, be ki.ew fbn? Sir K i-.-e,'l mnc Mr. Iti.-ley were engaged u tin-Indian |r t b<'nd sate that 1'iej hi. confined to hini; tin' h" b. | ' ot T.?r?.' I .n.s With tbem on Ibe S ,b|.-. t, and tin! he e.-. "*\ond te. distfiiade tliem from fitrtl-er ojim ssions o| '!?<. ?r trie. He alsti state' tb?' he refraiced train In 'ornit.g tt-e S>i-r<tarv ol the Interior of the 'run ao:io!n ielerre.1 to, anil 'but he exactinl tti- uiogt joiea.u pledges fron. b < two Iricnas ttial h.g n.itj? shoild never tie p-.i-?i,-iy known in e un -etioa w-:h the btMiiisf. But lis p;autU-tis hive not availed to ?fiord fc m ent re ex inption from r.-*pou- b.ntv in emit ectoi. with ilie tranvactiona yo.:r .ommi'te. bave 'uqu re?l iut". Mr. T.> . did t.ot iiU'Od'i -c Mr ?\ ley 'o Ur Kassel . nor iIih he s'ate tb. he ap,i ilniei th<-in i pia ;e ?I'vlneetitii!. y-.". li-uppencd tb ii t' t-i ? two Vereotis i".d tint a* the W..t |i?pcirtmert un "he ?i>ne uay tbai ti, i em, rt Oetwnen M-. I.oiuul M HrJ v ?ccvrted iir I: isnell tin- was hetw. en the i-.'tti *i d 1Mb o.-.ysol l??i luly It w-ia peno it'lv on the i"iii ??> < that m nth. The ch ef elork of the Wir i?epti t ?i>? i t. -i r. tary l"to\. ? mo-t br.lxvc friend,Col 'V. K. IrrtDtard, ?iif 'be in ur.iii ilirnnch wb-?n t'i" mtro In t ?it tiv^ [iiji r> fiu tiia'd ". ihe\ ! their iii.<ti!itor x ?-w .v i.i V.ur 11, | irinnnt. i" ?l. Iirmkari. as shown hy ii m oh ii ei dera e ,ai|.r. ?'?-l tfr. Bailey w lib the be- I 1'#"! .ba-. N|r. Kimh'II wan a gentleman of gr-ea' rt,'x,ie;t i b.'btv and isi-iilarj ri- ' oir. s. and lint i'the a ? n J'?ce? ii.- itie .-e ;r< tnry o( H'ar Hare alloa'i'.t to go to p. o j lest tie fHie S? rctarj ) I lie ? greatly i:goni*e i an I HiaturlMMi. Meavs Husaell an.1, llai'ey btiid a orivaie nitri* m m 'bi 'bird-"tor.- of tie departnent, and laitbin a few t o ir? tb^teMt Mr. Hutiev de'tvered to Mr. JtuMell f IjU.OOO ot l.onUi a" the loom of the'attar t>"r son u, iy, and on ibe ?tme *v*t>.ng re< irn ??lit n-t.i.i'-u wttl. Hum to N,-? Y'?rk. Mr. I'.'isa.iU MwU'h that be left with M-". Biiiey ih? n >te of' Kus sell, ti M'aiideil ,n their -t*-ad as serurr.*. Ninn' u vi" u,eoe one b nibed and tiltv omi i? we're Umniirm. and ti e balance i 'uue?-ei <. Mr ./: -s-el| j.i.r not re? I'ilict. i.t lirs: whether er not the January con }mns were .41 the la>nils, hut st^t< s that >ah?eqiiently ttie nrtstof the hoods w re retirei! by b tn in order t-> ooturj tIk-h.? mnpnos to return tn \tr Bailey, us be (Ballev) waa poeuivr In bis ieqaest to hive 'b"rn re-urn.-d The ex.i (aits itar ug la-. ii uk"ti >0', ibe bond* were after wards ?l-i{Sr<.J 4 flu. ob.,e I was. ..: CO irse, tOC4urfiil tht fraii#? fn?t if Hie coup-'is were on hand u was not p o ">..ole Hut Ibe lionu- *i?ild !?? nun inOed O' loqitire I tor. A.cur-l;ug Ui tin' ftxieiueu' ot Mi. Rustell, there wa no t rtner orres|eindeti e .-r c iminin- ation between Mr. Bailey juid bonvelt until tbe Sei.ttmhe' followmr At ikat time lie returned to WaJincWti for the p irptnie of tHKa n.0|; others. In ,Q?eM ie?r tra* bel t with M H.I ley, tt?- retail of which w IS th?r Vbri^> o n. tied ?o?l eighty seven b aids, ip addition ti ttewe t.ret t.kee, were translorrel t.i Mr. R-^i-eli .hi it?e following flv' ibe prottviiou of ? he n-mur uf ^"^retary KlnjV. . " neies-nv e| (inm ling for the .itt\cr ? .."piwiiM . t ? I. h11.? prenoiisle ifltvered, an I wbtcb ?ere i' . t.. hue l.een hyp' reci'ed. were ??i(ft <ii us tb? ri ai ins for r-- lutiher a?.-isunee. In t?.s, iv* in tb" ln?t insta-i ?, the p.j er or ltu?? t( Majors 4 Waddell wis le't.s seen- ty, ?r R .s*a! I stives' that ai tb.e conference Mr Utile*' iirsi Infer men h m tbat tbi' tionds In bis p >*?-*,on bejanved lo ih. Indue ?fnmt f>ird. it eras the ngie? meat tn^i tU? tir?? takes sh "ild be retu-n'-d w fnt i. ne'v d%>o, b it at Hi" ??cond nterview the time w?# cxieri'i?1 i. the 4ttj .a Mar. b, 1N1I 111 O 'otier Mr. ]lU"- II r ? aria-1 tb" -?t it'i ?'aro* ria itnd Clorlda hoods. on< ti'indee l 0I tortr or Jfty n samfeer, having av"?i:t)i that he ?- >.it>. *?efot *'e theio. at d N'orth Caro!in boti n were s .l)?tii'i tmf ,o tbeir Bteed. Vr It -e?ll sfsm nppe irrd ir Wa?b in |a<. roller tollawing. atid, on the grounds miuct-Mif iIiy ieli*d ii|hhi before, v./. the p.-.i U 1-jO of rhe Mar l>H|..(/imut fj-otn <iisgr*r? s>.. tt.e bond*- pr. ri.nsy t men fr?jin Rterlflo', *e a?? nuihler! to olitalu from Mr. B?iley t?ree bucdret' and tb.rtt lluee i.r.n.-!- us an a tjn on* <i xat:e. iuak.tif tbe . ntire nnmher abstracted e^-ut iiun *.r?d Mil Mireiy. From the bon is obt.vne.! o.i the v ?<eid and tb:rd o c?sa>n? m'j "ariy re.'erred to. it is evidsn1 l"' iaii'iary coupons were cut off as a preca ma agnnKt ?i^terM.n Wre Tennessee coupon*, beloutiinf to oib >r N^ds lian tbiee abs'.r*c'ed, were returned h.? Mr. Km d, <kiiibt)?M haca ,?e tbe abstracted bonds lnul |>a?r.ed ?w'Towt li i rea ib. I ne tr?crai linn la?t if'-til to appear" to b*vi? cl"sed 1 '?* '".'ii.eea relat .otis o! the?e i wo p-i son . so far, ?t least, ?e ttey re*t?-d to the ab? taction of t>on is wn latin " h iTiim rtik raki.vti .a* a.><ns H Mr. Ila.'wy n.t>?tra -"eu ilia b'lOda in a qU'il k>0 to *1 Ii r"i'. '"i ? 'l* caI< I'feeeav o ? ?aii?!'?ct >ry an-wer. r is a Mr. lUiMtii ?(..r (<u r# h.-augur* prerions >'i ^ or?, ,>-",nn '""I ? ' /' " ? L f'tor lb? ai i;gs?'inns k ndlv .-In. - tbe r interviews Mr. Maney r, ^! /" snr m e cwnmenlcn'ions which b*v? rea-ti?i ,. . . mot?*. it m not iiaetria-no.1 enber ti,x'r, J.' _* i ,i.d.,en)y ...u. ttae patttmun of any Wr? ^ 1 ??,/ He bsnk act n. was ke^wnb1^'C "U ''I Ato-.of t?a*U, .?:<*? c.i'y, and Mr. I;,g-, tennies r'n I*1S'? Iy M.C tbe laib Of I)e? -mhar h.< d?tn ts \u' arC'-'y over former once, but am > .ntcd m t>ie ?4tkr**?"4 M' wt n.oie than Ave or six 1|i<oimd 1 U'4 ars It iat? e >bacttis s-.m .?alwgetrie ta on in i ,e p >sa?e?i->n ?-f a ?lK?e falarv w.i? but $i O.m per si.nnm an I mfco ?a?>i wirliug a ;am Hy Yet it would no", nf i'ts-lf ..r?ettli.l" t. i*r<a.nd lor fffaxe fucp c on, or aPnd a clue ?o it* ?'e <*?r j of Ibe purposes of the ab'tra;ti>r Mr. .U..-ei. ii;ti ? <.a.vci ?e: .oris with various wiU)ina*?, s iys 'in t I. a fk+w w?? te pitdeet tbe charact'ir of ftovetn?>r pHifd, I'ifi Pi ?i?ve lorn J rein the di?b->oor ua< retirement t raw. ib?C*t.i.fl tbat woald be necesaarily incident to the prof-el .?4 v?f|r Of I be iu ooptaor s which bad l*en 'efaey *?ua.lV* the i}rjrt of JI'iaeeH, Majors A TTsddeU. Mrtiein?irrf!. ? cunt aleruUott was the Vi e tnoliro of lt.? oor dort ;t % U-fi to U?e lin-iut lo d^ermme. Voi r com ?B'tme art", however, efofttrtiBad to ^sprean Ibe cr.nvic ' m tbat w?l'<til tl* evaias ibui hive t?eao iri'ide r.oo n a*i ?, <| I'tet Ii ibe *r<*i 4jr r f (raceneti/re t nat ha \ e ?eon de*cr:*?d, .? ? purpose which, aitbo'iiih Bucft t^r uly b iden, was rone mo less powerful and eftl c? nt, and baa given unity iind vitality to the schemea now partially exposed. MR. r?ILT\'s rOVKKtSKW. Ae a part ?r the evidence adduced ia fount! a wnniual cation lroaa Sir. Baifciy, dated De^em'tor 1,1880, ad ilrt'snd to the H?u. Jacob Thompson, Secretary of the li.K r xr, containing a statement Oiat a portion ol' the hoods rooatitsttng the Indian Trjet Fond, amounting to $H70 OoO, were no looker in li>s poesei sou. Thisconfes hiod wan <,u the I3?h ol Deoeniber placed in t no hands of Mr. WaifBer, with ih<- request tint it should be delivered to the Secretary of the Interior live day before tne eipl r.ttiou 01 hia terra of oflice. or, m Mr. Wagner understood i*, in t: days before the 4th ol' Mnreh. <>n the 30th of the Kniiu moiiih Mr. Itailey addressed a note to Mr. Waguer, revesting that the note prev.mtsly committed to turn (Mr. W after) should be riven to the se -rotury of the lu '.??i ?< r Immediately up"u iii? r-t'irn from Korth OuotlDt. Mr. Tb0m|>ti00 arrived on iho aftortoon of the 2it of Un ci tuber, A t-MTIll MATKS fVSjam Till- MKtill H THK1H .II WHi K TUB ) K ? I'D 11 DI-CUMKD. ? in thr evening <>f that dav the ftoeejonnoea is n "d t?y the War Impertinent ant the recvpts givu fir the bonds li\ Mr. Kuwrll wijro handed tJ Mr. T'i >ni;n>ti, if tho oflh e of the President, in lb** executive m uisiiia, by ti e Hon. H. ?.! ICioe, United >^nv< t< .->:oator from Minnes ita. .No earlier mtinatton of '.Ik tibplra -th id reaohoi Mr. Thompson. Your committee, not do-inning i<? ex?mne Mr. Batlto, :t? :i witne*F, caneed b siibp" n*. to lie served upon \lr. I i< ? io appear before tb?m. Hedc .l ue l to obey it. The Chairman then addrecaed huu a. no'.e, ex piiiniiiK tha1 he br>d beeu iuadvertontly summoned, an 1 politely requested his attendance. Co th-i h'.> replmd that In- would answer any que^tem that m chtke pro pounded to him in wrl'ioff. rieeing that ho vuod so pertinaciously on h? privilege as i Scni'.or, li not thought consistent w'h tho duty of the committee or dignity of the Jimmc to pre.-n iiny further inquiries, tales* the Ho se shtll ?n order. Mad the original lntintioti >>f withholdingfrom the^le re tary all knowledge of the fraud until within.tfe?r <U\? oi the 4tli if March been <? trr.ed ? ut, the ?; >nfuak'u iiici di nt to a i h.iBge ol a :m uiHtrattre oMieerti ?roul l b ive pit vtnt<h1 prompt invest g.ttkm,aod'>opriv?Kl Mr lb mp s?in r ibe mranp ol immeo.Jie ilei.-m e. ifnmm vi :n it nn: <? t xc ??? rn>. i? . si-nr.e run inun. Mr. !:aiiev, in the e* iTei- ? of a lore I luiu.'ht prndeut to avoid l eteclton, made n his stork :u-. u.inl for ih? cur rent year hhoaing .in .m laeo ih:'all the honds wrnre htttely in h,t i'iiBtoily,i ml M it? pre-"nl?tii>n t<> tho s< coni| AudtK>r, Mr. Fuller V, :i? iffloar efuael to uporvte rt., i"i die r- * 'iti'hn' h" >oup u auc .nct, U.' ?ii,jn d to be a oln-iL >>n U, did U'>1 accompany it It if, parliapa, to thin refiiFi'l tiiat may ;u pir. be attributed tho early dfo'ilostire ol the fraud. It- wili be observed, (h t whde Mr. Railey'a statement it ddf-il Peceasber 1 18tiO. an' embracw th'' eutTO ni'inber of bunds, and Ilxex the m mth of Juiv jib rlia time nt whh'h be entrUht*d thotn to otb?r p trt ???, thn tertiimony o( Mi. Rtir*eU sh"U ttiat tncy were u:it nil delivered at one t.oio, b'i: i ;i*. tareii h i'i cied and thirtv-tbre?' wer?> traus'cried to hi n on tin- i;<ih o Po lenilier, Dearly t tu weeks s tbs? pient io the i-ate of Mr. Bailey V notiit ^?inn Th'" onl. satis'oiy e\pl .na'ion thai can be j, vi'U of tins noticeiliio di&ci 'pttjict e tho supposition tin' '(??? st i'tini"nt ???? a iib'Ij pii par< it on the (!*v it <t i<i\ea t < Mr. W i< r, and the iiny the last b?mdr wo r vw u to Mr. BuvoU, and u4ted ivioiigiully '?!><eoutber I, toalLiy aay su-pi c on that ui'giit t>e e* n^d if it nore seeu that tho .lute ot then'lmruitlon idi nt >il <vith !h" date of th' 'ast i>cceD'ai)i:o wlir'h was i<?iwd by th- War (Vptrt imnt, lor tho pnrpoee. as your ."nr.'int'.i >: tlii'ik, of making up a di'tloite amount of ?f. rriiii s. i i?k Mrwinm or tuk mutts. As pontia.- the akstiaotioo of tin) bouds was made k..owu to the ><ecretiwy of the Interior, he applied him M'lf i!ili)^eiitly to <MC ' iver with whom th >\ w re iotlKod, vliat pro. iiuj-s m'Khthe In^ti'.utt-d tur luetr recove-y. Moses Kelly, Kmj., bis c.ilel clerk, *ati i!?+pntcUod to \e? VkiU. ami li' there ?auaed w>in of injunction to ?io served tnn'ii a few iiartieR in wh"?? gvi :jw<loa he h'td r< ?s< nto bi'lleve some of the bonds to be. But, in ier tRiini g this u I'd-) of oiit.iini'ij; the dejrred ;nformu.ou to be both ol iw and un-ia.l-.laetory, Mr. Ihompsou advised' that j?ur oomiuHiee -'xeill hold .siine oi its serstona in the city m Now V? k. H'Mitg desirous of exjit d|:iDK the inveKtigat inn, .it?' of as otding the heavy evprtifo that would bo incident to the ciiutmi'Dinif of a lurpe Hi mher of witnesses from that city, yoor oonmit teccotn i indinth" propriety of tins suggestion, and, ba\ .cy asked lur iind o I'mioed 1?M?V> io Mil w SDCh p!acoa as tbey b#ii'?vi*d the P'ibli:: Interest requirod, thi y i>^> (V<<ied, at ( ot;-'idi"-a' ie {tcraonal lie nveuieu^e, to? N'ow Yoik. now tiik homps tin two'.'siw or. Fr? tn the tlo't '.-riinoiiy theie pro; ? "<1 it wu app.? r' Ut that thf beads bad bc 'ti diapiv.f d of by M' l'us*?>II lino his a " nt, and tba' Mr. Ktn-si-ll did not have VI in his powef to rcnore any <ifth< in. < limited outnh,;r were trucod int ? the pn-s?v-mu 0; i en ,-u tad vlduui-; an t oor poraik nn, ?? ttiil.icv'- ?? vl' ichauti-' Benevolent Asaoei.itioa, New Yor!; eity . wltiie.-'s lit ctnr M'>rr son > Miariouri" *1.000 Steigc and 'ireenleaf, 1 ??: > o if.l Of1 W. I'ureeU \ Co . Biihuiund, \ ... (witness t'. A. Ifeigt), MlHOurls . 10,000 Mttche i, hetec' i y, S. \ ,,from one to t.htee tAie oot mebiio'.ie4 (\ieii?s witness'.... 2.t-00 ? ? . s.indi ii-, Maydruav lie, '(its , ouu to three, "O.i'e not fjiM'U i tl 'ies ?i no..! ... - 000 Ja? i; Kin? 4Sons, New Yoik city (J. <1 Kiu?r witni'i-s) Misimuris 10 00-t 1'lurK. 1 ?v t o , Nt? 'lo.k city (witness I.. iX Clark) ?.000 Cap' I'ori'f, N>? Yoilti /y (Matthew Morirati wiUMwe) *ooo ,.er< n.?? 1 'l. bi kii \ i ?. ' f-w York c.ty,purch>Md W Ui kaowl'-'Jge Of tliei-' ihma' ter II. Ui.' land witttCOs,* 10.0J0 W T, (Vilemat fcCo., New \o i. ctiy lolctiun v. tr <?? -) ... '<0 IK*) r.eo. Su> ib. < li i ?K" '"ami 'el1 ? tu ? s i H.001 1 li ? .-wauu, R umor* Wm. MrKtm wue-si.. io<oo ft |?. <;aitb> r, Ka:t.more t\ . I'i-n"r WHneta)... 3 000 U Atkir "?i, Ba't mo ?* {tv y !,? ? w.tnem..l.oio .'?I'll h' .??! >'< V, iiaHitnore i W Kiktk'' wit-tiers'i o.OOO l/'? I;.*-. T:oni('?on ^ < , Baltimore fMirim U?<<. w.:ne??) 3.005 Total ?! W o .'O A tr? oth-T l> lUilf were a- "I' i u<M 10 liavo li "Mi pur iu wi l>y I'.i.k .v. to.. b.itiWc.:-. of ftVUm^'on, for < iht" tie- mm t>\ -Ih "? :rj'l:v dtr?U. which *re not in rinded m t> 0 above ?? iieuient II1K AI't'tAKANi ? ?? M?'. II ?Til (.KFiiliR THr OOM lirTML At an eirly n ii'" > : o'.-r prnr.vdn ? 1, ;?oil bef ?>???? tb? ?XutnlDki< d of 'U> wpmyour Oom i. uao d''i?ig tialcd two of tl.oir umber, the Chairman ud Hip Hoo. Mr Thorn*. in with ItobTt Onld, Ksij , I'nlted ftat ml in- rict ,vuciu?>" for in.- I ??.-? rut 01 I 'oiunibii, In r?for*b ? I" Ih. ?ligtr.i.'.fion ft t*?..? li ? i '<? a d the IlmI (piedi 'lut * nniuT!i i tpo!rti "h:it otli.-er advi-ed that the '' Oniony ot both Mr. Uaiiry kail Mi. P.ui-Hull ,'hmld be taken. M'tMttI> Hi M\kM* MAN UAKIf WIMIKt.r VM-ARI K j4 n i/ii#-\?, Wr ./fT'l'fc' ft .>*i"i|i""ii, V'liv wvitiM le Jiiui'ii ih > " I it/. . t' '/?'< rsr????!'/! ami 1 rw' I" ijj'nih III' //. hiul ./? li ?? ':,nl I I'll II Ihecon fliii tKial liU-tn'iu ny ?' 11/ Hu-nU Milj r.. <( H iiihhII. anil inng, if i/t<i? |*< llfl'li. ull tA' tiff ?' l'- ??f f ' '?! /' /:'!?/ 'I .- I.rlhitl-li fix "lt>i Ui* )?JI ?1 till" lit OK l C ih' ?l V (I'll.'X.H li/' |kf lultl'll. T:X' III'Mt on ?anil ?'i7i <?'./ fun 'i fur hir.i ,rn'hi miarnhnn. .1? mm nf In irm'ii.n ip'1.1 . *? iii>*r ;n h itie ir?n h'rn time li ? i'ay f.llot '1 Mr liu'i I'surrrtf. "thIu* no frunr 1/' 111in i ?.< ??irn ' iv ? ? r ?' , r ??? eitilrn' Unit hr. ahr itiit,?I 1 r " m at'il b mini!' bi (V im 1 Me iv.??- mi'i'li/i/ ?/" tu act#, ami o?> U//? J rain < 'i./i r- 'hf nr amit) t vr On tniirin jm Kt'^Mi MKtuPit niK rovNi'i it*. in view of thiK 'i."cum.iiin<?, anil of the advro itiven by the Dwtriot AttorMjr. and uiiiio'- tie beiiff uule-wi a full svttcini-ui <'<iu)4 b<- I'buini-d from Kit no one immediately Ci'titii 1 i .d with Iflo trai ^uctim. no ??ti?r?i:torv ropirt coi.ld '>0 mulr of the fai if in relation to Uiemi.t fraud," n<i w?p leq.'ii1 i In tiir re^ol'itHiu "f tlie llou*'\ it w.m detertblne i to a'l i-d Mr an op|?i' taoity of ap pc.irioj he'ore the ' ouimiitt'C. I'revlou 10 Ihn apt>?ir ati' c It tia < luien aeciUei tj leave i? op'kiual with liitn aell to an wt-r or tioi, as he might elect Ttii" purp i?e will pi i.til; apjv .if tn in th? fojiow nj; extract fr-itn the rei "; 1' o! the j.tih.' etmga, jtijre '.is; ? M .(an. 14, 1S61. H'm. H. RiipjK'H uppoareil. lii* CbairtiiHii ? lir. H .ss??-ll, yo?:r cu;;n?el have doubt lerK jppt i-ed jot. of your rip*its. Vim are uuder a rnmi nai pr?i?i-<:",iii n, ??ml 1 I'l-em it ixc* duty to =tate l i you that the I 'lTtitiiixtee 00 not propose to require you lo aii'Ht-r an> qut-tM If vnii ch<io-i? volunlarily to do mo jc'i 1 in. bui if >111 do out prefer 10 do It tn .ti iicat'-d to >011 you 1M1 until" Id yui r aiinWi r. mi )??>? mi| mm: in 'j' k my urfic, 4*0 n innr* r i m ikk A Whims IT*I VHR.vT. Xr. IIiom-i:?T an anxiouit k> make a full pWwmU to rtgud M? ihe bus i? I c'aim t'i be ><? boaeyt man, an<l would |in fir to n .ke out a st itenu nt of the while t *n?4i<"i|on in writiUR. and bare you *:>rend il it lei.rth on your record. 1 Mk tb?t aa ? 'hvoi trow itie roirtmitf-e 1 am under a ci ni.nnl p onerut on.atad tliluk i' due to in- that : nh'iuld to |>eriiii!ti ti. m ikcafull i- atein iit, a iho.ijjh 1 do not (??* tb? , I'MtU of the Cflnuuitl priwi-cutiM. It the com null pi p'pfir tbe ettttemi'tit m do verbally. I w tl make it ii. tli it way Put I iliould like to ui ike one in writiujf Mr lit.--*11 way then awi rB, bnt ifl? r a few (pu?tt(?o? bad In 1 n prop?i?t?J, h' araili exp o-i'l a desire to < ibmit a u ;?I'ttm -Ui'i'niPiil, aim ii .ive wa? nr? n 1 rnnt"?l. On tin- 1M li of In rmlier be ? i? una in b M'oro lb ? rom ll'ttee, aii pr. ?'?iitrd a Mali ujod1 <wMi h will be found nn'mK' thp ac'(Hn|aiiivitu: p?|wr* h^ewitti prrpire<|, a- he Stan #. In bi? lUtorneva, " this tiiflit utter he n^kod >*? 1 mti-? hHi 0' the COKiBlttCe. M> . H ?HJ I I'llM kmi?ur r-M* M r is-riT Mt > ctuwcri. VariMi? hp rruei.lor.ea v.-ote propo?eii, wh.-li wem prrmptl)! t'i'ely oufwerei. liul > h'nntknl "Diil |ii?> 1 -r. ihi ii. 1 i.r m"i rrttif, rft . in any person any ???? nihil. ?' u,"r in' '? t i amiprrnn m j vrr>nt, for ttrrv-rt rffuh-jtii to in uir'"I 11 i'Ii X'i/r till*inr.'t U'ltji thr fV'ir 1/,/itirim iii Mr. If i-trlHU Uif l U1 rm/Kirul tf/ort con ti'I 11141 h ? ? M'' "11 nf I I'puti thiK a' fpiatioii ibe pM?uil'iatimi wrn? at oore Kti*|ieit(l>''I. th the 2-ld of Oorombar he iitc-un appi am! and wra* 1 ofu ndod ct what hud b""ii n\id lo him id a |w?viou* ncca* on. and more fully adni'>iii*U?d llwt be w?.s ui t. required to nn??vpr any ^u?s-'.ion*. fie ?a? alao advti ed tbAl hl? ?xaiiiinatinti would bo Wftlvod If lie dpdrt'd it, ib whole or in tKpt,atul that if he ar> ? lecteii,) 1* i vidciiie alriKty jjlvrn would br expunged. The M" of Confe**. ItptWttvod .lanuai v ISiT. ont.tbd an in more Hiei tuajlv to en 1 or re the atleudaaoe of witofMtf on the miromoi- of e,thwr home of tVmjft eM, and to 1 omppl Hipip to di*co*pr uwtimony," waa then ahown to M'. Ilumell, and aller r. nduj* It be refloated li rthvr tim? lo ndvl?i with hi' rounanl. Befo'o )oav,n|t tbr 1 otmi.tie'-room, bow? vor, he etatail, 10 reply to a 'I i-Hain that hr nndi-rnriod the atntute. nod that it had bwti etpia umi to h.m pre* oualy t J fcia appoiranoc b" loir m? n.ipiMtKP On tin-%th Mr. Ruwel! pre?tita4 t" tbi ? "nun tt?p a pk|h-r prepared, ho sM'ea, aa au wi-wiu to the n instil* 11,a* im 1 bant; previo taly prof?o?p<l tohtm,kbi'. re<(')<Miled tltui it Hboul'l be plv*d oprin the rernrd. H<> 1*11 It Willi the roinnjittae, and no further ? "aationa were pi .ptkieii. vbte Inatrument, though not piop?rtj; lialoiin n^ to the rpnord of our proceeding, W traiivnntled to ih-- lln ne lor Ita inaKetlmi .n one of th? a- -ompaiiyinit pappra. 1H1 rxaininalion It will found lo ba, i-o' an hi.awpr to th? q ip.ti'm that fivl been anted oa introduc/ify to more imporun pthw, but an elaborate .?flort made by Mr, with te. hn.eal adr i tnesa and kyal aramm to aval) btmapif of ihe act of Cimtr?aa be fora refi rred to, aod 10 lt,ler|K#e -t aa a ah eld between i,*i?pif*pdiM^w?u?iicaiof kia ???.<!* .s\^iy ? the n.a.ei a! tUtemente thereo contain** we wn-.h ,a enrrect. It :s not true. an he a':?ge?, ?tbBt he vu' u t penur.t.'d by law lo rofuee to to any fact ' wif n the sc^pe of onr inqu'rier. Neither"* It true "rnat 1,9 was required to testify." He teamed of hi* own 'ree will, aud was not "compelled." a* decltrel by the title or the act, 'to discover t'oUoiony," nor was be <'re- 1 quired," as expressed in the b.Hly of tbe law, to give hii , evidence. Your committee, therefore, wlulo they .ire ' < i'DStraiuod to ooo'idcr tn-j course Adopted by M* Km pel! at= a c?>uft?g:oL of big moral guilt, do not le?rn ? within th-'ir province to anticipate or pre.u.'ge 4 uuesttoa or law whi< h nuy arue \l iegti prosecution*. TUB M ' F.n ? M U?TE1> I Y T)IK SkniKTAMT Of W %* When the mquitius act perpetrated by one of the subordinate ufii' tvs of tbe luiei or fepirtouut In the abstraction of bonds, wan nude known, it w as die coveted at the rani- time trial acceptance* una ltbori/. a by law, and deceptive and in their character had beeu '.Bsucd by the ?< ret try of War in favor of Messrs. Rua-eil, ilijorg .V Weddell. as a portion >f these are ^separably connectid 'be bwtory of the bond embezzlement, it ia p-of?>6ed tlf*t to iuuui/u mio tin circiiinatancuH their imuh. It * tated by Mr. Ki;s>elJ that on inodav he mad* tra last application for so. unties, Mr. Ituloy agreed tj fur btoh them on tho condition ther? shout j be depot it ft with biro, ui their place, the acceptance 01' Governor Kloyd, as Se.retnry of War. Mr. K.? '?el, it would upi^/ir. h ut th. n m bml seven h itred and thirty Uve thousand dollars of a>vepune.? sev?nty two thousand of which were uoujud ?... ' and tbe balance < ouditk>iMl .tud puyubia out of t.11 ? ir-' Uilis of Km oil, Majors k Wnddciltor IStil (<'>f the acceptan> ? s will bo found einb uoed m lb.- loat no 1 / of tho Hun. Jacob lbomp^dn.) Tbeauwunc of the h U be i?Mvi'd on that and various o ictslom wai nigh*, hundred ami se\ , my or oght hundred and sevtim tiiou ?anddollars, iberivwas tb reform nothing to make ip'be requisite mm of secunl s?one h ;u'lred aud t. :r'y I! <? lltoir.nd collars; am! we t.cooi.1 ngly iiud i'"il tlitre ij an acceptance, bearing d i'e t-ir l;!th, t ?r that f roi i ? amount. V.'ben it :s rrw.> ibe.-. d rb-u that *.?? the<U>? tbe last delivery of bonds, and of the rov<o|it fi.-te. '? >r, tho in:erei C" hi etns uuavoiii.iblo thai the accep'a issued 11 roiike up an asr.-uaii.i -l defleicnny, and :b^t ;vas .uiti. "|iiited that it wou'd go ta'o the t> >s e<j 0| Mr. Huilev. There an- other l ie -a that s 1 .uld uv Ftaied iii fbm O'nnectiou '-Ir. Kuks..|1 nxis tne piobabje e?riii)'t'B of <.w lirm fo.* the yenr luCI n'. f'Oin f.VJO UO m ?'V>') t):)0 while I'?f? .tin V'a'i Vli e, estimated them if WHl'"jr IHM), an I li. iieral1; va>fi in liit te?t inojiy linti l >r I lie p'i te.n year the v.'I be about Mi?\ were u IVoO. which w.m f?i? w>?. in.'lniCng -i (Nivmeiit. made 01 Washington ny t!a Miller ci 1. Iittie more ijiku $0it.000. 1'lie euodv .on .1 ,u; eptate.H i .ven to Vr Hailey anio.m ti ,000, tUH,iQ0 nu re ih n tho m.tximnu Mini that could nui been en. n?;d h' M. p-is Kusm'iI, V-tjers .t \V 1 Ideil ? t; K :b yea., nccoi diu.'t > ihe -t.n ites of '.tie d-part tiif&t, ba.-<-d t.|*n. the earntnjr.' .' >r the prev 0.1s ye ir .'be Hcceplaiii ?'h or the $7f?S,0H0 w. r? tu^ i-aiy .0 ui lit'1 ai on.s u>"ue(l. and thi*o?, t<ig"iber with tl. '? t -r J7- 0(i0 if.Mji .J imi;on'inaliy, iiiiint, ho rega.'ded .i< a tfcegovtt nmei.l ?.11 do.1 ?I.ks acklio?l-d. th obligation to replace tim b-md-. b-l iugiug to the l.i lim i ri.Mt fund, and tie-re is lit,tie rean *1 to exfvot tin'. I.e^i'ill. Ma join Ai Nva'i ell will nui;? ? retiiru oi' what ll.rv Ua\e nc ire . 1! y.u' comm.ttee ?01110 rot her", nnd co'ijd 1'erj |ihi 'tie t :r ppr. t-Fitie 11 ?> r>e! 111 tt.a' .theii are iw other ouKtandiai; 1 at' li ( h, and that no further demands '.vot.iu be cudu UP" n tb.ti 01 any iV.ture Con;:iPf.i n connection with :hi<se extraoi dinary proi .-ediniiS, thee would deem thi.i .;n oc cut- af ore i grata it ions 10 the Himiso Bet unt'orti natelv , tl;. re urn Iran- 1 ition: 01 a similar e'larocler, b it of 1 i*till |*reiter magnitude, Itiat . |?r:n j our s.tiot>tion. " 1858 'l e -'e<T"t.?ry of War coi.imoncei tho (""lie of iuv cepratiers, and r.i ibe suuie i.uib wrote to various binkers and individuala nrgmg th purefeaa* <1 s,- int. one o." Ills le ters, and one fr'/tii O'loce irriokar??h.of Cleik 01' the War I . parimt-nt. to Jim.s r. .^ontinr, Prrsi lei.t of thoIi inLot 'he Republic, wll! be found in ?:tided in the n stin.f ny taken in v * Vork. t op <>? rari'ni olber leitei s reUtin-; to the same ubjeet, ou'aiu d Iroin tlic War i'fptirlmeu', a ennipiuy th s iei?ort. llr. l^. I'., 01 New \ ork city, testillod b?-'ore the < en niittee that, Mr Soutt.-'-, to whetn r-fereuce ha? ben. alrMuty made, rni.t to him upm an o cisloo ih'it he luo a dr?it fur $15 tsiO, and witn it a le'tor trom the ,-e;reta: v <a War, stating that be tiji.i i,.-nod, or was about tn imue, a vcpt mcii 'ti 'av..rof 1:ussmII \l.i 111-4 v; Waddeli; but that kt no time should tin :iSmo tbosi- ic oep?..nees to exceftd one half rf the amount w'i. ii h? know, of his own IfDow/cdge, was actually due to the partus 1'. 1 rvrvirfs alrevlj p riorme.i. Mr. tontter oa b|ong ealled . pun to )?<id uo t.nt? oomuiunica'iun, s'lya that be nad rn impression, and (he rn/ip >ae.J Itwisde r:v?l from a letter <>r Mr KSiyrt, tint ibe Wa>-l?epirt ne nt "ssned ac?(,<,in<rs t> tl.e extent only of on;-h?lf i f the amoent thit would b?c >mn duo to Ko? ,ell. Msjcrs & added, on w>> k 111 pro>;e.~s o' exo*...' ton. Ai;nou|;!i ..n examu.alloii ot the letters re-eive-1 by ih! 'muk and his own prlv.te letierr faded to b'inif ft tight such a c> tnmuni ivion as he had fleeted to iiud, Mr. Sou'ter <1 es n^t ch.uge n:-i opii ion, hut conchies that it. was derived fiotn the sr r ? tin ui o'" s me pern n whose nani^ he anm l now lecsll. Ib'fe trtterf and representations a*e Important, as showing the niMitis adopt, d by Ibe ^^cretary of War to get 'be p:'|xrr!< i.e Isued into circulation. M0HB nt.?* Ki.OAO .UdO i t AO KITAM Kx ISsrK.D. In reUtioo to the ar,-.ufani-es ;s? j-d \inson ditionally by the Uie s.- reury of v\ j,r, voir committee -'lenj it their duty to s s'e all the fscts they have been able to d:-0ovor a? fully as IKtss'.ble. 'Ihey an ount in the ag.- eg%te to th ? enorm vis ? i!n 01 |?.)79/ltl6. tberet > tin* r'ondi'.t ?n*l aec'f.t anr-es wh i ii have already been tui?*u b?..k ui> >n tun govemm. nt through tbe aip 1 r.y of Mr. Kiley, .ui-i :hu sum total J.- "tl rhi- .'slim to u bwed up-ui dit t turnifl ed by toe uepartinei t 1- api. nrs theretV'.tn tbn ace?ptani rs lotheamouiitof iH'O.oOO were retu'ni J to mo rtepartm. nt lor can tellaiior. Mr. It i?.-ell. honrver. 1 U rns to have returned on v f.DO (00 as J/.'iti o<l0 Ho l.n aier ?Uu*s that thenrceptan< eF wh eh ! o did return *et <? th.sej whieh h d mat irel in hi* own poek.and co ;;d noi, th-reiore, oe negeiiated. Hut this n-er'i in is isrslitvely coiitiedK'iod by the emior-.-mcntn on the ret .rni^l op lanees, i.iid by the testimony Ot Mr. !rvm r. clerk 11 1 lie War 1'epai trn. nt. i-'ron. the earel.vs and lrreS|u.n?it>le manner in a hi. h huain< -s was trati-acted ny tb?t gen tleman nnd the late r'eer.-ury of War. an I from the uct tli I it w m the habit it (,'*v. iloyd i.. 1 - - 1 .> aci'ep'aiicos at the dep ii im. ni, or ?? his home, or nt wba'evr pluce he happened to be, sud Ot'jer oonsijeratiotis, it i4 \ tna' ter of tiiea* uneertainty whether or not the iH^O Onu sh"iiM bo deducted trom the gum beret 'tore i-t i'e j. The prnlisbi'Mi is that whru the a.rejHanceS we-s relumed t" <iov. Hoj.ltiy Mr. Russell he iccopted others it th? same time for the fan..- amount. of w hich th <re * is no registry made. H h d.etned sat. st to prts . d iip m the supposition that tho a ceptanees mide in the p'ate 01 these returned wi re reg st re.1. I'pon this hypptliee^ the $S40 000 met be deducted from ftljio .!95 rf unr.ip a. reptancs made nnd registered In Uie War lie pai ttni tit. ibis would 1* ave of them, so far as Is shnwn by the records of thU department, J .still In cir culation .\dd to this amount $Tos,ooO of conditional a,ui i f ieceiv?d by Mr. Tlailsy In lien of the lH.nds. an.t the lugr. gate is f?,13T^ns Here. then, contlning the statement to tbe records of the <v,ir Oepartmer t. is a detlrlt of (6,137^06 in fall upon the holders 01" these ac ceptances or be :..?nimpj in some way by Uiegovei nment. WHS1 WAS DONS WITIi m* ACr nPTjlNl KH Tli.- evlilen. e rhows I bat the acceptances liave i>e.-n sold iu various parts of tne ( nitcd States, wherever a bank or privatetadivklnalcouldl* induced top\rchnes. Ini^moi h, however, as the amount of Uio-e that have I e n trace ! dirtct'j into the bauds ef pre-ent holders constitutes but a small fraction ef 'h? rnm still unaccounted tor, and as owners are daily tiling additional claims nt tho War I" p/irtn.eot, j; it deemed unnecessary to give a Vtstled statemeti* of the discovei'ed a'i pptancee, or 10 make ether mention of them than to refer to the pap'is relating thereto prose'nted bv the t\'ar l.'epurtmeiit, an t lo the general evidence. It is proper, howr ver, to remark In tiit onnoc> ion, 'hit, while your i ommittee do Dot deem it ucce^-arv t? said details, the data In the War I' iiartoieut ir M niinimum itnountof outstanding ut-ici'lanoee ki ? thai depurlmetil at tt,M6 <<<-Q 11 RTitm 1 tout on . n siovn's n. v mnvis Mr Klchard R Irvln. tho faithful and hitch v t elrtk, l?. whom reler. nee has b?-en nr do ? where in thm report, ray* in his evidence - "Tli- re ir.a*, o; cr.ur?e, bo other oue-uitidtng ac-entan "g, of itn, wlierenlKints of which tho detetrtment has 10 kiuw ledge. There wi'l al?o be found embraced in in* evl denca given upon being mlet her.'o the coinmitcee on the Bih Inst..alitor aidrc?sed ny R. A. .''arms i>i President of the f nk of the State of M ??.un, under date c r .lannsry 14. |S6|, lo tbe Hon. ..'ooeph H ,|t. Set r> tary of War, wh' h ,s of Interest snd w.'.l tnrow liglrt ti|on tlie c'nduc' 01 Governor Hivd's proceedings and as<eiaticcs in regird to the acceptances Mr li\tn n il further !? stifled to the ree, ipt of other In ters by the l^ar Hi'Pnr'meni, sfnee the papersfurniHied to theom nntte?. by that d? '?irt li -m were transmittal, of a '^.rac tor sim'la'to Mr. ItaMies-. tli" d-h ?' t nuuiry Is evidetitl) prolific and could be pirm^l 1.. a great leugtu, if ne;e-,4ity required or time would permit. MK. St SS?,. lN S?TIM<TK fo sinid n!l appoar.'in.'e of urifnirn>'ss, vour committee considers It pio;H;r tog ve Mr. K saeli-s estimate of the amount of sc eie.n ce? us ted, s? set forth iuthe foil >w ii'ST rxtntci trout hi* ? 1 Qur#lKJ!i. Stai" ??? iMrly hh you ran, o^" Thrown kia.wle<;gf and re?ol'.eetlon, the amount of ac' ptaDci-s I of f?o?ern<r Hoyu shown by that (h!s> scrount to have been used by \oo A I h:ive get hni an idea a'xxit it it was very larie. I cannot tell b'w Write I believo it 1 xreros ?:i 000 W 0 y. l ots it not exceed H ooocno a. I do not recal IfOt. ?J. IV es 11 not exceed $.1*0 000 I ,ndge net it is at' an impression on my pari. V. 'uti jou state that you have not re. -ived his nc reptaner s to an amount ex . e.llng ?? 00n imHj a J don't think I bum. (J. Hon mm h Ims 1 ban ?0.(?0.000 can joe *nr wns the amount t a I wi'l not iix the amount | know it was j vet) Isr^e. I know ii was millions. V. Will you U.\ any amount shdrt of sir millions shic.b vt ii ran fay cover* it y a. I do not thins it rescbss four I milij??i\*. p. Cm T<to ?ute in the committee wllhla * balf mil lion of (lottai k the ?monftt of the aoo t?V>n of Oo*eri?nr 1 loytl wtmli you h*vij>al? A. No, air, I cannot. we huve certainty pVd upward* of $3 QOO.iNX) nnj |irob?bly f.'MOO 0(0, H't<f < *fir?>ilfd then or r<-tfr#x^ihom. y. rn* ftv.'.OO 0C0 cover the amwntr A. 1 ? ar.not *tiy pnriilTfiy. y. ( au jr?u ' DIM * *nm which you rnn he poeitl** d<n* i-iivr the miivrinlf A. lain mre we ti?vo Mid tajooo too y. Art! yr.i' Mire you hare paid and cancel,edfS.OOO.OOW A. Wed, i am prri'.y i.mildeiit in m;. own mm I that we kill. y. Can yon atate any amonnt Iarper tb.'.a thU whioh T*>t< arc oiifili<icM in your own tulnd wkk paid and cancel led 1* A. No. air. y. MynofKywl laj.rrJ Covrrnor Kioyd'e nix ?<* to an amount tofr at the onHlde tbtvu |3..ri00,ni>i?' a. I think 'hat f?,.V)0 <XK? will nowr the turn i am *. ry ruatlrient In my own mind that il will. Mr. Xiiwe 11 the* fUKM that be?l<le* thea^cptanres be Imd twed, and thaw *1111 remain n* in hie poe^'??. .ii rtb.s latter wmrwbat kaa th?r. $3.000 000 In amount), O? vernor Moyd jr*ve h'jn other* which he r*t irned nnu*?d to the W?r pep*/taicnt. If cimMuii an he riven to tNw? eKjilanatii.iw, tho amoint ?>f ac, -ejitarx-e et.ll mit HUa-lln* verr Inrge. But V.r. Ri *??!! ? MM* n?nu are *o viftie, re?M?n* tod .meat** otory. and he phoua r >cb *r 4po<avc?tf *?'? (iMkrf MtlritBMa, ttti ,uch iwapncUy or unwillingness to make an exhibit, f hM attars, that yoar commiuoe have cont*> l*re<1 it miteh bv tbe War Itepsrlment. These records are themselves of a churnc -er too fiecttliur to bo pitted w tbovit c .iuiue, ' m ? u>K urn*,* Tl? w klt .-.MAura^r By rtleienca to the testimony of Mr Jrv'n a ct rk id Ibe War 1 Vpa-taieut, it will b? , u that be kept a reK^ry ?'f ibo ^uC " on loose pieces of raner onto .J "I"3"1- s reported to bim from time to ttaU, af)(1Z ebtry wiis made. He states, too, that tuere was toir ^ration of the fT?S,0?o ?.r c.muiitoBul wbich1 fell ntci Mr BaUey n bands, and iinm<Wi..'eS after tbe Recovery of the abstraction of the OMdstiov Ffojd went to his office and diieotea t,:,o l\'< Irvmi to enter on order of cancellation of tbme{ which be did upon a Klip of p..?er, as 1... had ivu-rt l thi dales and amoutta of other.; tout Had been -*i d rh? ?orn-MKCB be.Bg in the i.ands of t;?- Hon J.cob nxwptoij, hiving been maeed th,.r? b> B, Iku of lb'- ubsructtt 1 t>. order of w , mcb ? was aim, iy n or.:. ajfinKt th,. ', n,eU. Had He t nc, , be,, J*?': *???? the.rder wu.M er.vyfct,)' i<?.f *? 11 omM n-'f. n'Vi iid?ti! ilr i,t. l'M*ltVr:| T? ... , ' 4 ANtl W .LI-, . :. it . oujji ara li in lb r-C'li.u i,( ?(?.. v,tr lj.jni.--i !"?'i "al ??I* M???e a->tamea v*.-re being taawed to fjje a-nouut of (Qi|liot>n i , <*, !Jti-st ll 'U.oMi; Waddcl. were r-fpilarly J v.,,,# their ,Kiy lor the J K"V.TI m?uir. Tit , agL'irajitte -mount of tie piyineiit* made r-? th. if? ,n dimi" . 1|,6S' *??"?? and i.soo it -.1 ail ) a I" r-'ou ?( this W1\ 7 ih picfier oftieiT nt l/'avinMorih r.iv, Kiuinns. I;,,, llpii a-lm i'ed in Uh evidenco o/e.y , in -. *b l'e "K'ii:*t uuea.n?d in ?an.- ' ?od ? a io kivo tb* tn (tut} i;ontrttc:or?j) Mtbeore<i t 1 ,ber" b,,B not 1. on diacu'.cre' iho Hjgliubt. "'Ui>i?u that be mad? uuj ioi| .irv-ib'rit th? P'lj'uteL'e <t .one- ri e i h,mBelf to s,a .'h'u Voy were ?b,it made, appi.od to th.. ic<-. pt.ioccs By refore:' < t\ h.1 teM.m *<y O' (.en. ;krm/ M, , (> ? ir. Atfc i"i-. n, the Third Audi'or <.f tin- Tret^urv ?v < \ iriioi um of th.- ear,.,,.K? (,c? ,aym,.ulH w j..,,, w".Ji ft.w",uW* P, rh;k|'S, be sulli u-iit to sit 'ipo.i ill , 1 "tinnai W, Hufm-n aolcowi.^,;Ut f..,ere :? n,m t a " ' *'"* <'??' ??'* f..r re. t ,,,rnu.r u ; ' -? d,f.irahk. to re,.^v? ,.. i;? ?,-ia ,Vy Jh.S ?r,.1 t,. .?.Kc'O.'tU II positive. V Wh-ther Ktiftell Vtajo,K A- Waddtil bad ev-r i.nLiud a?'\-i I U! I}' War ^PWUiH-nt for ,.V| ^ " and vvhoth.'! any ciaim for sueh snrvces hi t * r ?'?' d 1,1,1 department, an i 4 c^rren^.nden e W:;K a.T?Tdt?gt? h.dw.tbth- pre,;,1,1 SBC. ?t irv 1'? IVir ' f i,,J ,H.olf: ?)'';> Id tb ? ). ite, 01 toe U,m ' 7 , -fohnson, (Jua teriuu-ter tleunril aiid e..uoij P. l.iy'or. V' Cumm^xtry of tie, oral' - iv .-t, it be ?wd from their ro;x,ks i ?? -urn curnsi rus ever been i^ule ur ai!o-.v?| (jea ?r;ii i. .. V tlmt th *? iv .111 vc o-ut k n<HiahM> ri. *.7' m a7 htiii?ii.^pctclod, wmch tho *e ^ iry Uai tl.i" t.,dto ber. i.i-. ll,, ,d.sil' ,.vao e 01 v?li2fa. I( ajKO,K tlie sum dU" tto to 01, the 4th ot Jmiirv I'"-'. ??[?,? current ea,uing< to he |if,7,0 4it ? rom m.?t bt dclne.'.-d |lf.,i!00 lor aduplicue ,, v WMir Ln'~ k"'''."" IT a,stwt*Wec( :,y tele,'i.idling f, lie i ?/'en'! i .b. at which piuce the .c -o.ints of i< ??,j m Uaddei ate kept ^i-hougb it may uot iJ.riuiie ( ti er earning in Sew ?l.-xic, 1 *rK*>y It'c-eawwl. fho fa, t.; the. f ire are .hut ..iihmII Mi-iorg .V Wnddell u-t only .it - r.o- i " the f ;m? e;.rnej by .i1,.,I1 uuder the.r e,,^** ,rrt rOld ail tbe l,(?i(l? tbij received fiom Mr. P.aie- leu a no ra:?e,i very large Kutm of moufy i!0ou , t!,.m atces Htu.,0 by the Se'reloiy of IVar. ' ' <<iMMiareosi,i?? hoy o s 1.1 iter. ;nfei inatioi, thus plainly preeeuud B"c?n to ,le maua that Me mention should be made or :im . 0, n tat jot, 01 tbe late Secretary of War, tbe l!??, j.,',. I Hoy.f, addrwaed to the Ifouse, and bv the H .use referred '? ^?iihin m?"! ' lD '"9 lettcr 0C;urH trii? pa^ige;? Within tli., lour years since 1 have presided over ihla depart..\ent, not a dollar, I bollere. i?eei, lost to tin I overiiiiifiu bv embe/./ieinent or theft, and withiu thai time sixty millions of dollars have been distiuired \\> rt I"! ""line of poi?;y Cail((|, I tbi-ik rcdth better rfsnlts. No system 01 accouritatiii.ty could' ?e more penct." it ny the best 1^ are twdcrettod to be the depletion of tbe public tre.tbury and tlio tleb'i8<)iii"nt of public virtue the IfbT??ij 01 ' V ' ";U"1 ^Wob'Mirn or the 'r,k).i II L'' T"1 ^rlV' 1 ">'3t,'OJ ?"-c Jr,tabibty'' ,8 mci.M amethiid ol tracsiutlBg busine^ thai :i,-.?nUi-< e?io''"*S 10 oca atrbfdd toe moet va u .0;e 1V <h'1,'V'' tJ ,ra1"1' indeed, may tb? jntt etr. iaiy have 1 ea^on to Bjteak with e..uOd-ot 'elf' "r -dmrnutratiou ' wd ? 'ce of ..1-iV ,r"*' r?1 h!S that the e has b.ei, no "embey/iement or "theft" ,n lua deoartment r? .'e' -n " 1"eation that will so jo bo deeded iu the tentioo Jr1',' ? - mcial eon K.nti .11, atd h,s lgu?rac, e or tee details of tt s atfi r^ have oe. 1, already ,n.,un. and ?.li ,t-nl *t -Q th 1 1 PC n^,a>< '* exinujiia-iot, ot the ?nnt.r.a.liA.o, ? anu vbK rile 8 of hm t -Htsmouj Your comaat^ ?,u th.reloie have j"?lgnirct n, be prononuced ay t?o Ho si jssawajsj- aa l.Mi'i HTA^T inniKcvY or sknvtoi; W. B. ni'ur in, wbo promptly appoared at tii? re iuen cli r. . i?*''ia<l Mff.h commeiel thle -,n,l r tvl ?fsnkii' !???, states that du-vinf lb, ti,-t ... ,s?Ml of the present Corgi.K,?n. two!re or eLbt. en "n T.Z man A-.w ?V V ' !'.y ,l"""ey o." !>uuoo>, ,ho. ,1,.' 1 1.' ^ "fk. aun h 3 opiiiHiu r.Hines'ed as',?> be legulity ,.f nccepfancee issti-d -o ,;l)v K? ' t, et . , ,'bM;,J:Y' * lVU'1dCn 11 ue.n.^ J h:u r th tt Miete "draffs," a? !bev were then ,1", *ere ott- red for n, gotiatlvr, w.-h the aCsur.m v that ,h..? b dbe n'f ^ " ^'^'aboia tbe matter'ey1 S14 w um ?; rr?kr'^e -r-if l::| .lhvi, h" *,<>Vr" Uonjmiin')* n'g'n r*'y ^Tm,^oV,:K,R'r|)' ^r>>ettber apply h s ,'SfJ I (l jiiiritj 1,1 led on (i')vtri)or '?i ti \ t'e'v" t'e?' ,h|** mu,l<'r ljB<l not bt,,u submittal to the Ut .r' b' ^t'Cm rol, as was stated; that the drafts were imued tn p'TSuance of a long established , is'oin or th.. .,e .V tnat be waanot awa,e of any Inn actually a ith iri/inir the r 1.-SUC. that he would inquire ,r,:,> 1.. .J , -ri^n'ortatmn which ibiy^Ld coLVr^Ted^ ^ ''"um 10 1 la" ?Ctwilljr s (arte, I on their war tha tt< paymeidt, were to be ma le, ur i,<r tb<> -ontrirf' tatosta loient,, as the tra.ns arrived at .lu'erent^nt' and Uiat. having received intelligence of the actual le' jannn. -that I thought he was acting "npr uloni.l-f ,?, ittJSs hv< tet,an'm''M h,,,p"U, f? ^0 tramT by ?? & t'lsu: ?uv..;;Xc,ri?^"s ,a, atd'Tbat u"at*w<oT'|AI i"""" "f tha r"!k,fT?nk 'tw> >?? ?* I l?ul nuuU U> jw i^jwn Trfircluii, he hail ittUTMtntd lh<U V ??, ' ?'! 'ifMUiUpl" . tVrtrt'v'm fv? a'-aw \ .e', , ^ Kill H-l 'IM th . afna .1 . t'. . .. en', ?: tu rr v.-.e ro lurtfi -. a ceptanrn?*??- .td h ave prooMtted t.'e ic ... . v . , a ? ul ic-iusiM-cti tu, .cti if h? vtit , dt?- vuttune b s pievbem polH^y. H 'W 1' however, that. S'ippoatag tbe uote iO in Item,m!u, bvl'ote referred to, to li.iv<>. bctta written a year a > ?, thete bp,-n issue.I by ?io vtrtior Floyd ainee that time a -,:epUtoces to the amount of fa.U--! 000, viz m April, ftO.OOO 111 Mav, fli',0 00>: .lime, fMt C(<0: July, $!l.">.0(SI; August, f^Ju.OOO; Sep tetlilH'r,|l'26,l!00, Oc?, ber, H^70,000. fo this amount mist l.e addeu the $7Wl.00U of utic nditioniU aceept-in e?, of wh,(h tfcer.' la no rejst-y. and tbe grand total ?< as above stated. Hav ii| 'r error and its probable 0 nn' i irt,.ea distir.' t,;, , ? d out, bav ing evprivtsed his Intention t'> r? r 1 ? '.n an the cmum, -eioa o'' similar acts, h - r' '. ? ? n : former ro ure, and actually it-sue ? at r $165,000 at a dafo so laie aa the IdUi ? i' ? : ,<70. Whether thi? m ini feat eootempi o- . lt?.<Uudiet>cn of lit and viola lion of a solemn prtu.i . , .1. bo reconciled with purity of private motlvr? and iaithi'B oosm to public trusts, is for the House to determine. It Is the opinion of your coir, mlttee tha* thev cannot. i- iKxmtaxi'anosa n >a \sw &,i p'-trmt Yisir canmittee have now rnported, a* far a? u?c?r la oed all the material facta oonueod with tb ? ?b-tr 1 j tion of bonds from tbe Interior I^epartmeat, and with a sarMn of transactions unprecedented in their ehira,iter and remarkable lor altercate exhibitions of fiaud and folly. Aa one of the results of tho examination they have made, they submit a bill to provide for tb- more oertain a>.?t etler.tnal punishment of crimes such aa that bave been brought to their notice, and also amenda tnry of the second aietion of the act 01' Oogroa approved January 24,1861, ertitUd "An act more ell, dually to en force the attendance of witaesaea on the aummons of r'ther beuse of Unngres.". and to compel tbem to diaeloae lestiinony." They also beg leave to sitggeet that tha fluctuations of the stoek market and the delay nod oncer tainty in tha colleetKni of the interest on the bonds seem to demand aotne further legislation in regard to tho lo dlsn TY'iat n?d. as a measare of obvions justice ard hu inanity to tbe Indians. All of whieb ia rtapectfully si.bmitte,l ,-n behalf of the committee. J. S. MORRH, Chairman. Kami lit, 1M1. Tht Etfrml?n of the Ctafral Park. MTRKMr < Or RT fit AMBERS. Before ll?n. IiiiIro rArnard. Ho> 9.?TlMCourl n it* >>poo tht roveetww of r?l<ilii| the arntMof the r?-ofr*l f'urk *xU n*?>n, r*n drrwi th.r morning, A?y??The in.,'-ton for * r?<*i?M >n of tb? oo?t* m-nrt ho printed. ! Am tiBAble to And aojt AiiU>"ritj> for th? Cnnnly Clerk t?A<it M ?. 'Alto* offtoM, Ker the p\rpt?e of hAvinK a proper exAm nAtmn i#to the charge*.! have determined 'o refer tho nvAlUtr Wj .f*bn p JlAfkiD. Kx;., to tnkr irnr>t ?t t i th? pi rformance of the t*TTk mi, the rrAeonaMecee* ?r .be ?imrgcA, *o l re Kt Uie una to thitCo .rt, together with lr.Aop.oion rM. M?vt rm? nfa In Hral E?<Alr. Br A. Bterfcgr, fi^n k 'to. The Hftfc 1 ?rd MuA' jm Hotel. ?. w. corner Weet Br?NM.'?AT acc ?Arkl.c at.. ifflxM ? i.'ft 0(K) Roio e AOfl tot ?? the A. m. n-rtrr ? ><nt Add fteAoh * IM A-d * laCl 1 mmI w? li.TOO | I H'fr I't A A . A'"' o) A e cor Be** aou k*?.. m iw ja vw Pullce ]ntil)i|i(w.'Ct Bwxhim!AnK'v wu kPju.- I*i uppfr 'ill of the ??ark. o there gbt*o?bi>"d pr ilie bro*u ?itou?-< o art buo-'e, was *be ewi c >>f a lively all'ay j ? pit r day luieiit?,>n. \t? i *e*n JuMi kerr<gan , i.r tho > >:oii A qtteduct fk.'i*xrt ! inept on CMftido, aid Kilty lVc|?h, proprie'W ofa dr uk i *rp saloon, on the other. PMola mm8<t4 ?? h rtk liilci hot ia ne of the b.i la took ellee' .Alter i?v<? roun i- hid bet-n 2nd, policeman to<m, of iLe Sui'k ,t ? uc', 0lum up lid < ? <i>rtfd the pirtie* to ll.e tombt. Neither of t' e ' pr.iicipals were w.llirg to enter a enmpt > m. fcwvcr, atd to the a. .Iter wu* dlemiesed by tb.' mii . tUr .'a I ?>? 1 fracav grew out of a difi'.euHy at ? ball on Frtiav i, *???., J on whkt oltaKion Welsh is Bh d to have brer> tile i? nv fccr. FtMtn llfT-Oft DnU.Uts' Wit ">! <>| Dun >V|W S?Vh!> - . A l,iTKt Disconwv ?About el- <' : ?? ? on M-uj't-y night, as pi i\ ite watchio tnCuvana; h Kit pa-sw^ through Maeien lane, he notjc'<1 that tUo \\ ii't >w ibtdi'i *?t" Meti-rr. Jltule Bmbeis premiss, id, wer# not low ered on liana!. Si^pe'ting that t( .-re ii g'-.t !?.? ifir^Ur, in ibf store, be tailed p >llcemeu lroy ,i ,?j .Molt ir.ougl, of the -'ecocdj|ireciBGt, to the spot, a*.d o? ed t'i -u aMtoitloti to the rat t. itiw Wm4dtliHilkw, U ?* ugrte 1 >.uit they should procure a key to the ooter oooi aid snir.-a the premie* h I'pon aseerdng m the thud tt r tbe >i ticeis round tli" door of H ulr brothers' oil.Mr;uK s cuiul from u ;tbm. Mot koowiatf h >w t'i ,i-i ei trance, lh'.-y t ni the watebmm w the propri ors house, risolviug iii?inwblle to keep a -<irto' giur. on thtl premie* until bit* return. IYov to'k Irs po*t'i m near tli'; door, wt !e M. O< uo igb ace I a? aestiael uptn thea.dew.ilk. i-carc'lf lul the po!i -,een,n t.ikea their posi' mjbh when tbe olli<;e i.oor lle? optii mi l out ruthid two men inteut ou u.uking their way ?:<???> i s. ii a Due oi the fellows, named t.'ijwlea i ? ! \v u> t i<'<i up?ii) tbe iut-tuiK by offieor Troy, Tee otoer f>urj[Ur, Damed (Irr.rpe Turner, m<ule do vn itars, b il beie Mi Dcuou^b put a f-top u> hixg<:l?p >y ji-itnu: ii< the Street il<>or up'iu b ui. Iho |>rif>oo? p J were |> o iptty t on dut'ted to the sei <>nd w.ird Htat.ou hon?e, aid p?. n'"!h< d id tbe upurl n.ur u-r. On the oern n m <'ioii ?.r;''n :u! i ! heavy gold ing wateli, $UXJ- oil ;? i.K? le.! revolver, vitile 'Huner bad u lot oj .-Ke.rtoii k'jja mil other hur^lariouR Ib'tiurneius.. t'pon evuuni i; ill r . Henle Brothers' o<l!c? die ofll'tia !'?uad thit the bnigia'K bad made exiet>~.'ve prefiira'ums for blown ^ opi D m snfu which cuut tioo.l ov> r .fJO OOC worth oi d\am uc!m. in ilie floor tliey fo-.ind iron d UI, wiih twojbttl, o? e lor pieroinjc ?n.od airl 'ho olbor inr .ri n . a H rewdi l?er, pair Of n?|(|M.v|), tj.'iimey, t .vn pa kuk<^<i p^'wder, a coil of flint). a blowp. ???;. to blow jowder .n o the e'ife, an i a Ine. The H.ifo ha ' li-wi re moved fr' m Hb i husI position, by tti-- wall, and the liurnUtrK were euKa^ed ui tbe work of drihia^ thoy wore ?urpriKOd aod captured, as pieviuuil) s'lted l"h?? prisoners, <>n be>ug brought belore 'ustlce Keily, at tbe Tombs, yeoterday, stated tuat tho> effected an entrance loi'je pienr.iaea abvu hnli pi- i n.\ o'coi. i hey are both Krgliphuieu, and not over 2& years of a;e They expreFeed |:r?it le^mt h lug b> en di'Mi bed v an>r meet when tboy thought all w?8 sa e, nn' the dla mentis were withiu reach of then grnp. lud aas'i'-oit tb.> miig^tratc that if they had t>e* ii li.'it a>oue for an luMir or t-o ledger, 'Lc i omen Is of tbe Hafe, ioci'iding ;h<> f (o, 000 woith of diamonds, would have been tbeire. Juitlee Keiiv eojomitted the accused lor trial, tach in default or I $2,000 bail. Personal lutilM^rncr, 6.11. Sb&w', andD)'r, of H it.'o; Misnes Julii and Marguiet Kvaus, of Pbdadelpbin, are stopping at th" Ctan ? i? b lit,tel. Major y. IVit'ge and wife, of tVashine'on: O. l>i.?hlnl, of Wimpiits; J. N. OatneveH, ^outn C'urol im s. Will, of Clevet iLd; <?'. r\ Adams, of H>?, are '.irt|>]>ui^ at the bletrt>politau Hotel. tlov. Bi.ek:ri.bam, of Canr.ecUcnt; fapt.Da^Sun, of tho I'Dited M' lew Arioy , W. K. Malo-w, &?ltimo-?; A. B. Jamtr, DfdenKburg; Osgood Uredley and fatally, of Mosca .tiusrtts, are at th>' Asior Ho me. M SUu t, of Vei uiont; Samuel M. Rainrbeek, of Now York: C. Wilson, <-f Alalia nut; M IV. I s win. of N'irtli Carolina, and C. M. Mil- holl, of W.iterburjr, Coon., are stopping at Use latl'aigo Houso. Robert Ould and W. w Corcoran, of Wamliirigv n ("aiit. Bobins.iii titd frank Huger, of tho l oitfd States Army; T. W. Thomas, of I/icd>m. U. W.; X. H. Arehbald, of tlney, aid .1. J. M<iue I, of Xewb'irg. arc Stopping at the Brevoort House. 1". C. < lark and C. K Smith, of rhiladelnhla; IJ 'tiry l<r\aiit ami K. Kent, 'f Boston; I 11 Hnuttoghiu, of Washington; J. J. M'igraw, of < onne. tijut, ami K B C'ot>iej , of Chicago, are stopping at the HvereH Ha.ire*. A. A. l'aton,tf Halifax; K. \. Ta't and 0 V. Osborn, of Bos'on; A. F. Harvey and W. T. Carrt'i^too, o'" Vir (in.i'; K. 1). Me> m and K. Wjider, o Ken'.iu'k} , and T. C. 1 ewis and wile, of Philadelphia, are stopping at tbe St. VicbolaB Hotel. Kev. W. O. Ande>son, of Cape Town, C ???. H ; R. Boyn toe, J. Hartshorn ?nd .i H. White,of Boston; K M Smith, of Roebea'.er; 0. J. Bowen.of Chn- igo; M D. H a k,of Cinclouati; C C. Cirpen'er ?nd Lieutenant ttcOook, U. S. N.; J. I.. Hardee, of 'savannah, and a. V. I?81|e, o'" Mis rouri, are stopping at tbe Fifth Avonue K to!. tv. W. McCrerry, V. H. A., John Jauney. Virginia; Hon Me?cs ifclkinald an I Hon W. K Kimboll, Maryland; C. Kumsom,A. C M. Peouuagton, J. S. Cocrad. A. a. Foard, li O. Tyler,and S. Tlartx'ifr, U S A.:*I'n. W B. (Vision, \ irg nia, Hon. A. B. Bonghter. H'>d. J. K. K ibinin, Penn Rvlvania; .Judge Alien, Maifsachuaetta; Commandei Ward, U. S.N.,aie in Washington. Aniericnns registered at Messrs %erbettr, Kane A To s, IVii is. .lobuai y li:?Mr. J. A J. N'ade, New York; H?-urv l.i/arus Ai.d lady, Philadelphia; 'Am K. Bak'-r and lady, Hi lton; K l,in ;oln and i.'iy, Phdadelphii; J. S. Far' ridge and iamiiy, A. Van Bergen, New York; (?ioorge .1. Bneadell, San Franclsoo; Theodore Heard, Boston, C. W. Kuver and lady, I". S. A.; H.C. ^o.ithwr.k and lady. New York; Rm. F. Roeloesen, Cincinnati; l>r. I., p. Hu^sell, I r. Cha?. rhelfis. New York; E. T. .Sambiliai, Philadel phia; H M. Pratt, New York. The President elect was born on the lit'i of February, 1 f09, and was thTofore nfly two yours of age ye?t'-rday. It is not the Intention of f,'?neral'Vifw to l-ave Wash ington before the 6th of March, be ng determined to seo Pr>sideiit Lincoln inaugnratnd. Be says t*. is the but ceiemony of the kind hi' shall prohaMy ever see. John McKinnoy, late Treasurer or Michigan, rh trged , with the euibezslement of moneys of t;ie Mate. w>; ar retted at laming, on Monday, and held In$.'6,000 , ? og ni/atices to appear for examination. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Ttksday, Feb.12 G P. M. The following in a comparative statement of tlic exports (exclusive of specie) from New York to foreign ports for the week and since January I:? 1SJ9. l-?<> 1S61. Tots I for the w?ek. ft 028 482 J 104,7'>4 2.<J 84.873 Previously reported. 4,749,918 7,.178 490 M,432.091 Pim:e January 1.. $6,778,400 8 7*3,244 18 OW,9fl7 The continued excess over last year?still about 100 per cent? accounts, in part, for the condition of the foreign exchange market, Such a move ment of produce from this port to Europe as has taken place since last September in without pre cedent, and the firmness of the foreign markets in the face of the large receipts from here is equally unparalleled. We recommend exporters t.-* In ] cautious; England cannot go on forever ?nVing two and a half millions of produce ] ? r week from New York, to sny nothing of the exports from Ponton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Mobile and N?'w Orleans, without u tremendous fall in priccs some day. The collapse in foreign exchange in the event of the day. This afternoon the best bankers' bills were sold at 104and tirst rate mercantile bill1 sold at all kinds of rate?, from 103 to 104. Some very good bills could not be sold at all. Yet there ia Tery little exchange in the market, and a slight increase of demand would soon pnt up the rate. The indications are, we regret to say, that we an on the eve of another d-ad lock in the foreign ex change market, caused by the vast disproportion between our imports and our exports. Our foreign importers owe to little to Europe, and there is so much difficulty in raising money on mercantile paper, especially jobbers', that the wheels of the commercial machine threaten on -e more as early in December last ?to come to a stand still through the excess of the conntry'* wealth. The remedy must be more purchases of bills by onr foreign bankers, with orders for returns in specie At the present rate of exchange, after al.owing for freight, insurance, commissions and long interest, there is a very handsome profit still remaining on the importation of gold from Kurope. llow the collapse in foreign exchange will suit our Eu ropean friends ia a topic of much anxious ?peon lat n. It will, in all probability, take them uua wares; and, eonpled with the adt ices of the probable enactment of the Morrill tariff, must, one would suppose, I' ad to a good deal of embarrass ment. The sto^k market was strong to day, and price* adtanr edall round. Severa' rn'-mbers of the board are ad* teed by their politi al friends at Washing ton that the pending difficulty will b-- adjusted he fore many days elapse; and as in that event it is natnral to ?uppo?e that the abuadam.-e of m ?ney, the low price- of Mo<'ks and the large railway traffic in the West would 1? art to a rev ival of specu lation on the 8to< k Exchange, th? knowing ones seem to be buying in advance. Thus we have to report to-day an advance of 'I per cent in Illinois Central, V/% in Galena, 2 in Krie, 2% in Rock Island, 2 in Michigan Central, 2 in Hudson and 2 in Toledo. All these roads are earning a good deal of money; or some of them as, for instance, the Illinois Central the traffic is ? nonnoi.s. In the month of Jannary that r<ni?f moved tons of fVeigbt.. Hud -t not b*?r for ib?' prosrrf cr>Ms ???e utcck wn .I j r'.baldy ha\e becu far above par. stat.. stock- were a') better to day. a advauc d J\, n..r?v on Hie u> ws?f the tir. uipa ol the i iiii.n (.a/l vw !!??? eleciio.i: \'irgiiua* J, > i'v -u.?,e stocks and goverr! U'?'ut- haw , < ?. :?<iaKurfi|> ! >r-a'o: but, as a ftueml ml. i: . .? wirary to itll e.iperienco to txpt,. , I'/i'in i.:i - in si ii tic r \ uteri an it* ok* in i nut., fjuei. ,,| lll(. Europeans tiiva r,a,,l-v s'n a iising and hoy on a fall iui. .ins afternoon t'??* market w.t? strong. ni.d HtorU closed tirm, tl.-; ft,! ,?iBg ? 1 , t". (|U. .iit,oii?:- I uiti-i! states .Vs (",r:.sT \ ij'iria i. s. 70 is >+; Te?t e??t;eH, 72 a ?;{? V Can.on, 11 + a w, ; 1#! ;:y, . v/i hA tun. }i iiJ." Harlem, 1<;>' 4 i do '/# 1 4* AiieJiicau Southern n?.t Northern Indiana, l.*V n V': do. .Southern and guaranteed, 33*/ u %; i ana- .a, 111 ;; US: Illinois I'eritraJ, 79 a y Culemi iind ( i.icauo, 72?., u 73: Cleveland and To rrto. :M a J,': ( hioago :m?J R?,k Island, 58?, a ?'? < In. a?'?, Iltulingtoii and Quinev, 71R 72 * 1 he following was the business of the Sub-Trea f-my to-day;?. Ffe?>tpl8 ?For custom p.. ???? $51 P'JO 00 P.?vim ii*m " ????... 33,000 (?0 ('(fiance }"0 M <4j H is probable that the trial of ex-8e.;retary lev!, e., r! .TM , out of the illegal issue "J utni <! u.' eutaiu eg to sm.,v ?ontractors. will ceyJopo the uio.t astounding frauds ever brought to light in thiv , oiimry. Mr. rii.y.l is .aid to have i.-Mied about .ix millions of dollars worth of" th. se acceptances, which were hold in this and Other markets Ut. very high rales oimftrest. Some of ti'e ncceptiii ces are said to have found their way to Km ope. What became ot then, ultimately weshai! not probably know until the trial takes om ^r lk,,:bU, ii"' w'"' duly met and paid out 11 the appropriations made l.y Congress. It is alleged that others were paid ont of the pro ceeds of the bonds stolen from the Interior ?e partment; and a iaigc portion are still believed to be afloat in the hands of innocent parties The' form of the acceptance# was such that no prudent business man would l ave been likely to b iy them* si ill, from the fact that over six millions are said to have been put in circulation, it is clear -.hat nAt a few capitalists were deluded by the b>h sounding title of the Secretary of War. The trial will take a lii^h rank among onr cansrs c> '< hmt. I he Security Fire Insurance Company has de elnred its usual semi annua! intere?t dividend of thr. c and a half per cent, payable on demand. The Reamer SrlMmi, from Brazos, with Hi j'ooo in sp. cie, arrived at New Orleans yesterday. lho Chi. ago Tribune, under date of i-'riday evening, remaike:? l'tcluinge open.-d .:?sy this roomitig. R^kcr* ?v..l r,v r"h 0|b<'r, aeii were un?*illt..^ to par r..r (. o li.R- x> >,iu,ki. rnuri- ttmn ti a C , : 1,,,' . ho -loiLmi m reas. '?*? . '.e ?<'?"??"?? several ?i them fre? o - vera a f': t8,a 'b,! maiki'i fc.-. d !i-in. The cufrent r:eUiD? i.i'e .ci tl'?y h.-s If'ti t-eveu per ceo', fin.nifum. Th< i- m Bu m a?"!J !o tI'? m*'" 'V mvket of ti?o Citv Bi..' m?s w moving along qui.;ilv, vw,11\ ? or D i?.iis n tec tiaiiiiH uf bankers to Jlfcoiict tl] tfco )e?'iii mate piper ti nt otn is. le^in At New Orleans, on Monday evening, February 4, exchange was quoted as follow* 7be counter late for chocks on \,.w \vrL- nn,r,,m ?. discount. Oulairte rtrawrrs solilat. .... .. w nrHwi rs soiilut , ,)>,Vmrl to r 8 V discount. Double A1 tbir.y V, . n a 1 dlM.OUUt: h'ntv (lavs s.crhi at 4 .1 ... so)d ?r K o.c. r-i s-i*ty uavs s;ghl at 2 discount fr^l! o 8 "l 106' lul'1 ?"erej very 'fo'v ut fr^m that t-? 105. with s?le<i a1 105', i i<h> h I'k wt<?> di*Wnlv arMchivt at 104> nrnl o?in?r gill-'" a* loi n lot. and 103?, t,,? rftte on [>urig ,j,?nct( 6 4() A $ The Matements of the Philadelphia banks u.r the past two weeks oompurc as follows: Kph.4 K?*b 11 C?|.;ul stock #11,807,5V 11,$07,916 lne %W0 522JS? iaSK^'S ***** 15.S% JM 15 04* ia8 Dec* U6 ? < lrnC"l',l?m"- a.778;31l a ?i6,(?aa Irc.' 47^4 The Michigau Bouthern roa.l earned the first week in February :? mo::::: 5L?,4/iS 00 ?; ' fl.wr^ ihc i.a.ena road earned in the first week of Fcbruaiy:? r? 14,0t?4 It>Croas?> ~~~ The Cleveland and Toledo r?ad for the same week gives:? Increase The receipts and shipments cf flour, gra-n, live Stock, provisions, Ac., by all the railroads leading out of this city during the past week were as fol lows:? Flour, bbis '"iVau Wheat burbcl* . . . . sj >,74 i?^as Torn, bushel- lftii.^l.i Vit 11700 ? il, Kye, bufbrl* b l)J0 ^rtey bjiibeta 7'?'??? 67?**' 10 '-"J I or*, DDI* l(t0 ,Tn--*:i' B?et cattle, mimbei /'?tf . !?.'?' rec"'P'K of flour sinm Jaauarv 1, Itifi], amoutn d,,r'n< correaponriinc im iii IsWl. of 604.605 oiiab.-li, agnlnal aw 244 o-r'a v.' k?w ?^.ri onrn' t72,#36 bil-lwm, iicaiii.i. 071 879 buahfls in 1800: o' ho^s, live an t r<*ss '<1 S'iJ. mo"6 ,D ,8fi0; or be" cn,t:c. ^i.-^iD..' f40CO Teen 6'*, >0... saroo da 1C10 Virginia On... lWtO do r. "0 N Cur 0>.. .?10 1 'io . 11<'? ?) Vitaourl 0V.. . i ',\J do f>8 ICiOVC 8|iclm?f b /.och) Ml< b !*> 2 m b. f.OOO I bi.VNW 1*1 ni. 1( 00 MtcbiSotin: b'l* lOCOttalAJbt l*t m. iooo 1010 J.BAQWItt b<l?. 6 ?bH Bk of ft ,'nv, 10 Metropolitan Ik Stock Rirhnnir. Trr-iM , Fob. 12. 1801. 70 600 fb.' HirHRpfJ.. w 71 lr.0ft ds l>30 40 75},' 3oO Healing RR 44 77 :7<; o? W''< h.s 64 40 76 V W ?7 10ft ItiO Harlem BR 10 180 do ... 60 Mil A. Mix* KR. .. 17ft I'MCilir M 8* Co.. 50 do h30 too do 4f.o N Y ( <n RR. i-pp aon f>:r> ioo ?> 660 4/0 do. do do.. dn.. 10 12 86 M', M X 7S.? 7 k *i 78 78 77% 78'.' . ..<>pr .. p k v. *30 pMe .. "Pg 78' :?ft Er.oKR at loo uo jn > loo iio fft an ft H'idwiii R.ver RR 44 f>0 do. 44 t O do 44 > 27.'. do 46 llX> do b'lO 4ft' .'.'>0 no *"0 44 100 ? d i blO 4.-..V,' 126 M"h ? on RR .... ftfl \ 60 ilo rCO r,f :t00 do *a> 5?>' loo 1.0 &As ?0* do 810 ftOV," 2ft HO K10 6ft1. 3?? Mi b S. ft N I RK 16 160 Mi ft MgB.*iO M 2*0 da 3.'! 'JOO lllitio k Ceo UR ?c 78 ;; 10 .10 78'., 060 do......... 78 loo do 7N 6" do a'tfl 77 'J o Ctov,Col fcCmRR :m?' 100 Ov<!? h Pitt* RR. <?>. 360 (iai ft (ttc KR... 460 do 110 60 do. 6W> r.rvr ft Tol RR 0">0 no 'JO" do. .... s'lo ?00 ?S?..... .?10 iio ?<n?' ro CUic A Hk 1*1 RR. \0ti 200 760 .'<? 760 loo ro *10 do. do. I'o do blO do HO dl 830 do. f10000 I S6 ?,"71 roil 87 ?, 4000 US '07... P4 1(00 T*>t>n 6'k, WO 71 6(>0 Virginia 6 f.. 70 /?(.?OO do 70', Htt O N C?ro.iun 0 4 > fOO III < >dRR bda. t*6\ 3(OOM''8i?-lmri<l. ?7?, W 00 IUd A Si.lwRt: 6'.! 4 COO do 62 K no?h? B?nk ?f C>m. 450 H?r!rm Ra.tromi. 10*, 100 do 10', 10 I'?l k Rud Cm. < 0 8'i 116 I'lu.lir. \IKt< Co. . H.i1, 160 N Y C?a RR . opk T? ?, 300 ito ttj-r 71'# 100 rto...tK?p^' 78>t 200 do .... blO 78S 20 llmliKXi Ri? KR . 461, 1?) lUrlrm Rll pr*r.. 40 , 110 no mo 40', (?O do 4(1 v, i'00 do 4C% W(> Cbl, Bur ft Q MR 8?.LOVU ROAnn. 74 7^ 7i'C 14 34 94 34 .11 . [.K 681, JS ;.8 58 ft7\' 671, IT* 71 60 KbJtsorVn RR . b)0 60 do 60 do b>0 l(K> Mi fV. ft N U RR. ;?6 Cluii'ir.vOniD RR. 100 MiSu.VNI gu'd ?U> "bo do % Pwi?ui.? RR M? ni (,'cn RRncrJp.. 800 d'i . i"0(;*lft< bi riR ... 3ft0 do... do <0 200 Clrt .U roi RR r.;? 1 Its d : .KM) !<0 do. 160 d,>. 10 Chi \ Rk 1*1 RR . tM ?;(*> loo ino 160 dl), ^ '?n *'& do hlO 'io blO <l? ."\7 a: i>', ii'. H J);v 1 b ? X ?'? Jtl MM 3-1'. 3v. :.s w> ; i* hH'i i'81. < ITY ( OniWRRCIAI. RKPORT. Ti ucd^t. Fi?b. IS?9 1'. M. / -hw> ?Ihc mnrVi't w?? ?t-ndy nnd pri-??i n?nh?rj^l, ?bile Ib? 8r<'<? < mb'R^^I Kmnll tol* ?f |>oW U ft 1 Vftr., ?rd of t*ari* ?t6v. Pi ??i'wnT*8 - I'.ot r?fit* iea"k?? wwheaty ani?e??'*r

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