Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1861 Page 6
Text content (automatically generated) WASTE D-FK UlL A middle aoed person or bxpkkiknvb, wtabeii * situatHill Its nur?e; la a ties: c?<< aeainsresa, J*i able of cutting wid making nil kinds ol aklldren ? also villus to Instruct tliem If nt-oe?aary. Ca., fir three 1ay* at 39t) .Id ave. Apkrhon, wi?hin?i to oo to California, would Btv.- servic-s to any family ?'imjt "it <n pay inert for b?-7 passage, >r i? willing to pay part of (?? bh^p Aiidnt-* A., Her ild ottice. J FIRST R4TK DRESSMAKER WANTS WORK BT Ih* <l?v, woek or month: no ubjoctiua to tile country. Call at 87 Blet cker st, in the store. ___ "a iuilATION WANTED?BY A RESi'k'.'TAlluE A. voting woman, M wet niiiee, lo a private family; hat good city rt'/en iico. Can be seen at -it We^t 'J51h st. \ SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS nui>c and line sewer or as chambermaid. Oal! at 2U ? nt ;iwli tit. a SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOl NO WOMAN, TO ,fa. do genctal housework or chamber* ork ami walling. i.i s private taitiMy, good . Ity reference. Can be semi lor twd at IW West lath at., that iligbi of suir?, bark rum. A SITUATION WaNTTiD?I1Y A TIDY YOl.MJ WO. num. to do chanUiei'tvurk ami waning or tu assist in washing ar.fl ironing. Can he seen at "?! I'mlMc St., Itiooklyu. A RESPECTABLE iJRL WANTS A SITUATION TO ili' general house woik. or to cxik, wnjiiai The lust of city reference uui bogiven. Cad at -<J78th ave. A NICE SOOfCn tiIRL WANTS A SITUATION A3 Cjok, or pen rai worker: also ?n American drat rule 1'i-k; Protestant cook mi l laundress, Eniil'.gli exec lent nurse and arem.trcas; English rhambcruiuld and wait real; Irish ? ?* k, Ac., 7 yeais and nui-e and chambermaid .( yearn last ?(???vilriii ; "alto, Mother excellent servacta at Wi 1th *re. A SITUATION WAN ted-BY AN EXPERIENCED rook, w ho urderatanda her business in all Itt brauehee; iiude-fiiaiiils Amerii an aud English c oklng; no objection to a private boarding tousn. tSix d rittr reference given. Apply . IIS West lfiih *t., n':ar Oih a\ 6 , for two duya. A RESPECTABLE, INTELLUiFNT WOMAN, who iV fully understand i working with, and It rump-iem to take charge of a uurnb. r "of sewing machines, ma> make :in advantageous error ueratnt br addressing Sewing M*< htne box 187 ili mid otlice. staling wbe^e an nitei vlew m iy be h i 1 A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES AN EN gagement, with a lew mure fainllins. to w irk at their resideuce A note addressed Dressmaker, station E, 8lb ave., wilt meet ultcn'.ton A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO cook and iLSrlto'. a lib the wsnhiuit and Ininltig; I- a ? >nd baker ot bread and ph s; understands si'itps, grain's ind game; baa the bem ot city refen nce from her lajt place, 'jail for Iwo days at 471 Oih av.. In the fa:u-y st >-e. o A HIT UATION WANTED? MY A NEaT, TIDY lilltf., elinnihi rinaid mid to dp line wsshina /nd Irniilri" or hssUi iu tlie ear*- it cliildreii the beit of eity ri-fer-n 'rum her laa". vla^'. t'un b?t se^n for two ituys at l'.ii Kast l.'lh St., between 1st and id avs., ihir 1 Uoor, Itonl room. AN AMERI?'A!V n\DY, OF EDUCATION, EX i'E fV rlence. eni i(|y Hud luilnene", desires ? siiu^-iou i:i a islcliss bisrr ing si.-ii iol for the higher fcngilsh branches, le. Addtei?s or i ml at .'>B l-'leet St., Brooklyn, ueu ? full J'i av., lom 'I till 4 o'clock I'. M. \VB1UICH OIRT, DBUREB \ SITUATION a< child s iinrce or ?> make heis.-lf generally u"."!'al in ?? mall fsu th ; -[Kaks iiiiylt?ti. good reconan^' id ir. jn-. ? a 1 .<1? h?k.'t't st. >o-t!h broi kljn. A YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS WET nurse, has a bsby weeks old, her se. ond<l. t i t foi tvvudnv c- ItNS tid st., between I-.t and2a -i-.s AN AMERICAN <iIUL WISHKH A SITUATION AS iV chantHerm.iiil and !?? do sewing, or will d" e i < ii?rw ir< Kiid Mailing. A) ply to-day and 11 morrow atZdititU aie , tup floor. ARESI fCTABI E MARRIED WOMAN, WHO II IS ju*t loi.t luf 1' bv, wishes 'o t.iUe a baby t" muse a! In-r own bnuie. lu'iuire at lit), corner of Font and l''?rla'v, Biook'yn A WIT ATI os WANTED?bv A BESf'f.. TABLE >011:11: won in. do <et... *1 in a privm*-! j miijr. kbo la a rood ? ook, ?r*t rate wa-it?.. and n-iinor, md baa the beat ol l ily re >?>. u-v? hum h ;? 1**: iiiac.' c.illm *;tu.. A , mxiiuu i'll.dt loom, brtwcn li'h an 1 12th his. ? YF.hy hk6reitabi.e MARRIED WOMAN W.WTS s\ u fitnuuor hh ?'?' nurm i .in gvc the b : of rcfi-r enriw, i* nood mitured ami ir elln.-d lo cbildreu tli-r fi.iby t? ont' mriilli old. <"<1! for thi.-.' d v.- ul 7Vi 2d nv , 11c*r 4ttu ftune but reu;'e able laml if-s acrj a .ply. A A SITUATION WANTED?by A tol'NG <iIRL A-? av niamb-raia'd *ud w.iiut impiin. p ,rm^i r.i Henry i i-'.-l-io.m So i. flr,t fto -i, far I a ? j K fitl'a1ios w ? yi E D AS xcrse, uv \N ft pi." ^ *^ni i d winnai wh.jtmlla.-ig ;.-d a. pies?,o ; udllfc nim|c(' ?'lnit* !.'.** ?*' ill q'uvft, ( mm i?Ai,|.i u'n 1 r-.i rointwndml b ?? 1 d ''torn full on oraddtvm Sui e A kkat AND TIDY OERMAV u(bl Wants *0 DO ** < aamb. rwoii;, jx Ire** und waiting: 'i, hi* tion to mkr i-are 01 rfaild. -n Apply .it ill) ."Via , b." ,v! -u aaeuuea A aud 11, lu lh"''?< m..nt ahu A%iitation wanted?by \ hiohl1 he- ?? hypa bli-younj; w vi. . n. '-haio'icrm-dd and * 'i ..<? i,'.? uo obj?hi.? to a u ;?? or h ?.-.nag hou-o; would tro ? it oil distance m tb?ooun;iy ?. -t ,-rv r- ire-n-.. i r.?-, l..-r p'ace. ou tr u n :? ?r t? uava at 3h filuabetu at t??r iluuaion, aect.uu tiuor baik, J'r int houa?. Asiidation wanted?bv a ses7e(tvh7f girl, to do tr." c-diml hiiiirf.-vc kof a nrirat.- family aiielvugood plain and -x. ?. .nt ?.,<!,.?? > ,ro?*r r r-"'f,)i ?? *?-; ke8pectable vo.'nt. V hlltlei) I,ld? (AMF'h riitii. with uj r -h br,-iat of in K. ? i<him,i sitm i ii ?, w#t intra*, no olil' uon (.> '?? i iumrv; n-ini- bn- ivi wn'>i* nird apply: go11 ally rbti ionc*. rail at ir. ifm ->a at , betften ?tb and j 'th ar* , ilrst hi...r. Aeespeotaijle i ot nii woman wants a sin* at:on in u |>r.v?r^ annly. >..d,i ? ;?.-:al h.m-?ork' co .d my i.-fi rcnc.* . ,.u at !>; bno.!v:,.o?nd boor, loom No. 11. ??v?. ?? ma A SITUATION WANTED?isy A eebpehtable wo mnji. ah \ i k, tlioroiigjly undi-ralar nthi- .inn raauo<bj??tliintoa-??-mtlip wa>uln4 ..:i 1 ir.inlng if ,,, jjnred; baathabt-l.i. city re;ei*qr- Can b? *...j wcm 2ctn lit. Are8peptable rooti'li oirl WISHES A mtiri tlon to rock. ?f b and lr>n; good ri ?n>un>- it.inn how to l ak? a::d lal' ,mo milk and; no obj.-oi, a. w gojo the count!,. , all at .No. -,th at.. ;o,?e ,,'la v>j A yoi no ho'iw wi-hl-S \ "<IT!- \TIO? a- (v.olT ?t\ waabi rar l- .ni-.-ln a *in?ll ?i<> umllv ? .. n j rwd co..k w -nor iind u ??..?r, tnd a < iod b.k?r ba? Ibi> tent 01 city r r-wuiv rmin 1-1 la?t i ji ,t i ?' en at 3ath at., u''?.i .id ?n.t u.lrd tloo., front rj *?? ASITI ar/on >t ?r\ a KESl'ect IDLE Ltd - t lib ,'.?id n*fct i do ?? ti ?? it 11 nackork fortonr r 6re r: a lamlly. ? ?.i4tlll vV.--- ? ,t?. ?t, roar tl> avo., htr twortaya, * n Acoi-k wisilk-j A sill ATION -I- \ IJOOD f(,itv . rook, waaliti and inmar. and la wil.'ix o make heiailf ?-?.oia'. y iiht'fu,; i <* y od roforonco from lierlaai ai'-jatton Can beaoon loi ho da>a at 3!7 mi/ ?t., in itn> rear A behrctafle n*f? ?ire WANTS v >!.-ri ,?*? *i'"j i1- und""it:,ni]< .ill klndtof lukhtin u h ui>t ' ???-k; iioubi?h??'.i.n t.> do ? . wh-mr4r?nu in r .<i. fa- b-nt . ? u. r?iei n ? ? if .i.r.t Can l e f?r ?,o day, a. mv, .. ...imond al . f?i A wmri't-su AND rn\mbebm4id- a s* *rt ao S\ tivo <i.ui.?'* ntly.l?,.|?a< j i " r?-?|."-<ah? i rlvmic r?.i,. y uiidor>: inda h?p hti*-ine?? !? c'^y ?ud c.'.n b'? well rpcntntb<*!i<fod ad-irrsn r_d.. ISO2<th r.. betw -on l?t ?ud 3d ava.. .1,^^ A'fcctacle TOrNt. woman WANTS \ pifrt -rt i.oii t ,lo<?ral ho... w, 1-k ,n ? .,,i .11 ,.r|v t(o familr "'d i' tm' o 'k .nil ul,,t rato waaboraod Iro iei ox{ at jiu eiltabeth at,, orer tbe lanrjr (tore. A(iKRM*N clnl is de8iboi s TO OBTAIN \ ?ui'uflon, nt h?t pn ^nt omoloipr 4 t'i r 1 ??v.a beum*ajoandj. .%. m. ana 2 and } # ^ 6lh A htpa^ion wt\r>n-mv A kesi>fi<t\rt'f nZJ"i."* vr" r< fl" " k ""1 ?""'l ?a?hor and iroa'-r < ss.'s'otast sslts, 2S all I?a lira,nil. a. u ,ukl do . ^ w the xtfi^kuch? work ot a ar^at! rani1 y. V ?t. 1 .-n. rpf.'rm.a. 7b ?o.-n at 13V fax vb ? }? ,. j.i !oa i.' r ^ - A touno amelitax lmiv I)f alr-a a poanton ?? hou-. k-. p r; in o ?mp>v?nt t > cjier^r o! miih!1 cti !.!r?n; would noi obi. t %,t ,, tut of th#? gasssnaa ^3?* norsckkapli: -% vi>i? >-11 widow lad/ frow oneot Hi.. n. ? k: a'a.i i m-t.aa, ? ' a. \.i. i j,.i * t. h.seD-o and abfl ty l v ;,.nt , wmum to^ako ,t!raa- - ???a. Hoi'hfc.KREI'KRs SITUATION WANTED?bv i ,oiin?ampi,o^n atilow iidy, noobjet-tlona to a wld ? ? ?'J -r-dd.- v.- "hi.,"*" Hotsekketebn klTI'aiioh wan! ED?by A yonnir ? dow laur fr-im No* kn#!and who baa *?r, . t ,b,at c-?. "r?? ?\l,ran1|..l??a flti ation, BY A behpkl'TARf r 11 young woman. *a ch. mb?nb* ,i nnd nurw or woolrtx* boo^wo-k .n aam>l i family. t'.n c me wetl^^.^mond^l ljV..rtn * h,*r '*?' '?p.ojer r tut wp?( lid ,i ?. i and 7ui r.tfi4t'oa. ? w,w?*n u *? t''D-PY A vrbt bekitktablt yoi no wll i ' ?*!? ' ?iwiatloo aa mod rook ? ltd ;ii-?: rata wa^nrnnil ^ cftv r-Jerono-. .-.:i .? bet-'ui . aiwl hjiuat m *a., in tba m.lllnorr atom. ti'-ajmi 't-a ?irrmn?, bv~a rou?^vo*ti<~m d-naraJ bona.-work id a am,11 prlraM family; la a p.f,PUl" cook, w?*ter and Ironer. tioid c!ly re.eiem?a ( all for two diy? at (II d>lan<vy at. ' ** w \uft. a bjj,, at'onv *y a respectable ,r"' or aa mm and ?"t?.st,'b^"k'in ' n,fer*d^* ,''n ^ ?? "? ? y a^d??temt,l,ka"v^ BY a vocnil WOMAN. TO dr^- b%a go.4 rt?t ra'ojt^ t 0r f ***? ??r* of ^ y: ?rj^xx[:L?^ibe ?onu"or cmirt "W' j?^anrst/el'nfi rnu!"*E"TABL,! PRO mu'h a,';^ Wa-j*U_A "'T? ATION, b7t"hp-?-"~ ittoyora 1^7da\ni i? .ic^d r>f^r>dc?< h ' "n Vb, Addraaa an ^thv",''* r'ner 1? Jw??wsa^!*b,# WAN ThV- K ^itt'atlon tf) do mtf a vuibiar *" aiwivnifjnk. ot i ia^awiib th! s?hkj City rvfrnw* frnni h ;?h< pl.i . u.IWop' .1,1 ... ao,ond?, r. front C'"'"r **<>??*:'at ? sgss lh dll at i>A p v ? ?? ? ttm.f (:>!<!,"a~h,t 7 ronorslj,^! ,... o k ? , 'ip j/wr, or to ?> tfc, m7 uiai.. , i ",ly ' 00 * u HIT!'ATIO.VH WASTEIj.KVJIAIiKS. Tl,rAKTKl>_Hr A RBSI'ScTaHLE WOMAN. WASH ." lng ol a lew geuienuu ortainCiet, at her own hotiae; references ;;?v ?-11. Please cab at IH Beach p'.toe, between l?Kr?* mid sackettats . South Brooklyn TITaJCTFD?BT AN E.XPLK1*M'*D YOCNO 5TOM.VN, ?? with mieiceptl oable ?*it> r-'erence, a situat on an i hamhermaid. tskc car" ,? I children ued do ordinary tewing, or to do chainbenrortt. t?V? i ?r>-of jhUdren anil Jo up U'll-s' Hue muslins; baa iived .vith ttiu tils; Freucu ;?mllie?. Call at 75 West I7tb at. WAMKD-A SITl V1I0X. BV A RESPECTABLE T> ' oung girl, as li ?t tas waitress. or chambei maid and wailre?s; gnid citv leleiMMe fr 01 her lost pl?c?- ('all at ll? West 2oth at., between 7th and &tii ave>?., lop floor, t ront room, for two daya. TirANTFr ?MY A REM EATABLE WOMAN, A cirCA T? tinii a.i rook; is a Aral rati* washer and ir nnr and ran do ail kinds of c.ok ng ba< lieed el* ay a in Brooklyn ?ud in the best oi families: lies: of reference; wages >7 per month. Call at or ad (res* Ellen, No 51 Atlantic at, Biooklyn, lor two Uavs, OT ANTED?A fSlTUAHOS. BT A RESPECTABLE T? giri, ns chambermaid ami waitress in ? private family, or 10 do clinmb. rn ork and tuite rare of children. ?losi citv left 'ence from ner liat place. CaH at TV 6th art> , thud H->? ?i', 1 act room. TI'ANTED?BY A YOl'N'O WOMAN, X SITUATION ?? as cliii:,',iriiianl or nurse and to do plain sewing. Beit city teictciif . C II at t'.'t East I'.ith at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASS COOK. wa?hiT and ironci . can make all kinds of jellies and pa?in-. Rest of city reference. Call ut her last p'ace. 122 l':ewepont It, Br.<uklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITIW tlon as em t. waaber and ironer, or an chimberm ud amt waiter. br?t >f city reference. Call at 9ti West 21i'.? st , between 6th and 7ih avea., f< r two days. ?firANTED-A SITUA1 TON, TO COOK, WASH AND ft Iron, bv i goon cook t.ond city reference from her last place Ca 1 at i>3 West 25tli st TIrANTED?SITUATIONS IN BROOKLYN FOR TWO T? rerv smait, experienced servants: one a? first Clans cook, washer and iionfr; the other tor general housework. Both are ver> iVsirable and highly recvmmeiniod servant*. Apply at MflUujrit,, Brooklyn. TA'ET Nl'Rf>E.?A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN ?T Mdll lost hetownhaby wishes a child to wet nurse at her own rerdence. Inquire at I02 last 7th st, room .No. TITANfED?PIlUAtrONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE ? ? girls; i i,e to d" plum cooking, washing and ironing In a (?mall private i.imlly . the other to d ichsmberwork and as?'<t in the wbshitig and ironing or to d" chain lerk and waiting, fio objection to t'ae cjunlcy, Uo<*l city reference. Call at 'J)I Kant :t 'd at. W'ANTED?A SIT ATION AS COOK, WASHER AND iron".", or to do turn*, a; housework in a nmal'tamily; best of reference siven. Cull at It! West 29tb st , between itli and stli a< ?-n., in the r?*ar TXT ANTED?A BrTtATION A5 HOCSEKEEi'ER OB ?F aachiidrctt's nirff. by a ; ? unj Udy iw.-n-,- ; ears <?! age: la fully com; '"tfi. to perform the duties of liouaekeep t r; refi ienis's undoubted Ail Iress M i'., bis 11', Herald ofiee, for oue week. TK7ANTI'D?BY \ BESPEt'TABLE MARRIED WOMAN, f ? a baby t?. ivh nui Heat her own residence b >a lost lier baby. Call at l?7'."tli*: , l etv.ten 7 ti and Sth sv? , second tiot.r, front, room No. 7. TWO RESPECTABLE (ilRt.S WISHES SITUATIONS _ in a private fatally: 'tie a< ciiaurtermald and waltres-; the uih r is child s ntir.a" ind ?eaui-tres?; uudcrstuads cut ting and tilting. n> i, ijci tion to the country. Best of city reference. t'ailatlVJ West 20th it WANTED? V SITUATION, T?Y A RESPECTABLE V? eiri in? towl!mtauefsmlly, to400k nit Mdli tat understands her '>'1h1-""'s. A g'<sl horae preferred, iuod n-it'i. toe. Call a' .Hit Hick*, at., betneeu Atuity ati ? *?:?? crt!**. .-outb Brooklyn. "11'ANTED?BY A t'Ol.ORED WOMAN. A SITUATION IT to do gen< : a! housework, or c >ok. wasU and ft-on. In quire at '-8 Cornelia st., fcurtn floor, baci r ?'m. TT* ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL A vt filiation as cook, va-iier und t.on*r. Good rl v iv reference if le.julrid. < all at ivi taat IM!) *t., corner of 3d av , third Honr, fiont room. Tt'ANTiD-BY A STEADY WOMAN', A SI f{ K'tll 'S ? ? as ?o .k in a bote I or reataurant Ms veur* in iicr laat place Good reference. Call for two day* at us L.i'ireos at., Mar B ccvcr. In far. ro< ui 1. (JTAN'/EIV?BY A HE8PE1 JAoLE YOCBO GIKL, ?? twin Moatha *.n tkla country u situation M aeani amen; t\. : i be willing Ui do light clnaib.'rwotk; uad*: stnttis all kiudi of family ae?In:;: wag * imt a > mueh an ob ject as 'i ? mfortaWe U( mi t'nu be s -n for two diy-H ui 41 'Hon *ri1 ?i t';isi rorn. r ?i Binad* ay, ver tb<> d ??' >r'? oJic" \\-ASTEr-:n- a middle aoed american wo II man. a ai'Hc'.ion aacook ill aaina'.l private 'amity; paad city reference cia be given aa to i bai a-ter und capability ca.i for tnodayaat o.> W?*t un r,et, between^laatfnfc are' ?orakted?a situation, by a .resectable It glvl ' i do general housework. Apply n' l'is, room >?>. y, corner <3i H^urj u dAtlnttiiti., Biailuyt, ANTED?BY a GIRL 19 YE APS <>F AOE. A hit\ TT t ion In .i bakery or confectioner* rore can ulveh-bes; oi tet'eveaee Can be aeon ?t '.74 I'mgreM at, Brooklyn. XI*ANTED?BY K RESPECTABLE GIRL Vv ii 'it io do ;-n> ral ho.iaew.rk; caagtv* good cltv r? reti''t*? Can be been at W4 Unit ar. between 27th and 2Sth i AY nTANTED?A SITUATION. HV A BEsrH'TABLE vl colored J" ma woman i do waiting and ch tinbc.-work, or cbamberaork and a>atat in the waahmg. * ?a!.s and un dent ?nd- i rettcii. Call:or t*o day* at 511 Broome at. WANTBD? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE v I voting v. unan, n ihamVrmald mid t > J 'g'uerai bou,c werk." ? allfp: tw i dayaat 146 fciat AHi at. nrABtso?it a respectable youbo i i frl, A TV actuation aa chambermaid i:id watire-*. ot wisher. or would d.. gfiiera; itoua-<*ork Has the beat reference. Ap ply ut t:W SJth at., near the 9'h a*. TETANTEP?A SITIATIOB. BY A RESPECT VBLE ff ? ???nan. as <? ok ?he undcr?tau'!< her buelnea* in *11 Ita various brain lira. baa tUe l est of re'ereu ?<?. Call at lo Union between ll'b and I'.th st* University placj; cau b>? at en tor two daya, 11 i.ot i uptg'-'i ITANTKIj?BY a competent t'OOK, A SITIMTION v ln? iHnttfnflr; wUias?itt in waaMafaad ir-minf, baig>idc;tj referencaa Can beattnat2sMtaat9th <t. rjTAJflED-BY A KE9!'E< TABLB TOt'NO MARRIED I? w imm a baby to net nurse, at her own residence; n >ne bu: r- iec:?ble [."'raous with a btftltliy bal>y. n?'-d apply. Call ?t ::'4 t ista ih a*., third fi > ?r, back ro^mi for two day*. XtJ'ANTED?A HITUATiO.V. BV A BESI'EOTABLE }t ctr!: : a j,? i plamcook waaher und Ironer; featcood d't r<:eitarr a' :u I'????! at., Brook!.-n, tatrd floor, trout r^'n , for two <iaye, if n^t engaged. fTTANT ':T?_BV A YOUBO VT??V.VN. WITH EXi'ELI.KNT Vf ree> minen'ationa a aituation >m ch;i iren h mirw; ahe ?e? ? n-'aily, Is wl1 l"g to make herself gea rally uaeiuL A|<i<iy a'. L' Laat lUtb at. Tl'AHTED-ArtTT aTION. IN A WHOLESALE OR RE Vv talliiMHy, alaale manm b^.kkee^er, by a y?ui.amsa of hlx v ? ars' e'lence; beat of refere'lOPi glttia. AldreaH ,1. W.,'Heraldgfflg n*AMT.Ii-t HTI'ATI OB, ?T A RESPECTABLE vf ? "-T" tod 'ttneia' fconaew nk U; aprtra'efa i?Uv; iaag '*ic"'k. waahtr.'ind Ir.mer. City reference* fro? lier laat pli"' ?' >n b<' f- n for t*days a lltl liarriao wf Colo rn*M . f Columbm at., U;o k! SITfATIOM* WARTEO-KALKS. 1 PITI'ATIoN WANTED?BT A YOl'NO MAN. AS POR A ier or ;mcker In a tnullna ? ?tai>llahm<'ut. or in aav ?.nrli capacity, a* be ran luukr ii m?'l' general!v ?>ful{ beaiof city rcimoo*. Ador^aa J. P , b x IJU llerald ' U**. AKITUATION W*NTtD-n V \ Y01'N'; IEKM AX VAN In a grocery or tea atore his been In the < laiaea* tour fear*: baa good re.ercuc a. Addreaa J. M , 3<ti K tatVth at. OSBTLEM W. AtiEf wiailKS A SITUATION To go to Cuba, la a g ?sl penmaa, .xxotin'ant, and general htialneaa man. U w ilMng to gn at a very mo," panic aa larv. as he w.ibea to p. i :e<! uluia'lf In the spanlah iaa<n) undoubted referencaacan Addreaa l a.. Herald otl ce. mo DRY OOODi JOP.BEP ' ?THP. ADVSHTMKH. WHO J. has alxt^n yeara'in tb'Jobbing trv Is. hu ?tneaa in tbe beat and t\ea?i -at boua? .* la the largest W^steaa etty ane haj aerv.d In eve'y d'p?rim.-nt <?f tlie tratc. who la not afraid to work m IS tiarc-, and la ac;ust >m -d M bo'h deslrva a ?ituatt"n m ?? tin- food houae in New York or Boa ton, at ? fur aalatvfor the '.tni?-s, Addieaa for one w-.>k, A. C A. IVnUua, i' <at"3ice, B. Y. A (JS<w I[| ?I WIL.I. I ,VY TO ANY PER'OS THAT WILL ge< ni?.>nt'.t- po;,.a force tb- earn a! twih'in tired dollar* AU commaalcatlora strlc'U con i.l.-ntial. Ad raa ABC, bt,* luj Herald o'l; ??, lor t^re ? daya Til K IIHIIKV CEVERVL FEMALE COMPOMTOIW WANTED?AT t!:? otl ce of the spirit of E >ra*nce. lil Libei v it., in >nd Boor Apply Inimeoia ?'ly. FRKRCH ADV KRTISKS VT*. Bonne D'enfabt?on demabdk in p. bonne Fran^aiae. <jut parie b ?n a i iangtio et on p >a I'Ang a.s. pourailgner un eni.?n' de juatre ana On dietee quelle ^itiUx- servir de eoiiturlere, n .|U'el'.e donne lea taenia ra ren eeigio-ments. n adresatjr au No. S West li b at TTNI DBMOISBUUE FRANCAIfE, PARLANT TRES I. bten -a ?nguf. d? site ae pmc-r daua nne famiile psrti ctillerc eomaie MM d'entanta Kile prut Jonu?r de oonn?a recommandt'imta JCadressn au No. & rue Dover tmlaicnie ttagc, pr. a de Kranklln aquara BPRCIAL. NOTIVBS, XJBADT'P 7TH reoiment OYMNAsH B.-a HTM JJ naatl<- Exhibition and 'Toneerl will take place at tbeabtjve named Inatltute on the eveulnaa of Thursday and Halnrday, I'rbruarv 14 and Id Full Band of Seventh Regi. ment SeaU for <100 and number of tickets llml'ed Ticket* and programmo* now rewiv at the Oymuaalum. 'JO Mt. Mark'a plaor, ElaoU. atreet: ft ?ach, admit two, ABNEK 8. BBADT. Proprietor. Dental notice -a beetino of the new yore City A-aoota'lon of DenUl Surg?ona will be held this (Wedneadav) evening, at the a.-clety'e ro one. No. dvi Br.-ad. way. at hair-paat 7o'clock. Eaeny by Dr -loan All-n ync*. tton for dlactiaaioa. "Thebe*t me*n? of preaervlng teeth " By order. A. Mt-ILLAOY, President. W. FHaiaatm. BwereUry pro tern. LBTTER* FOR EUROPE. PEB BTBAMrtHIP KEDAR. will bo received at tbe company ? oTIce. No. 4 Bowling Oieen, until II) o'clock on Tburaday morning, 14th ln?t. K CUNARD XTEW Y'tiBK COUNTT mbdical HO"IETT.-A IN apeclal meeting of this aoclety will be held at the o'olleg* of Phyaiciana *nd Hurgeons, > >urtb aven'ie, eorn*r of Twenty third atreet, on Prldav. loth Inat . at T, o'clock P. M., ti> take cneaeure* In relation to tbe d?ath ol lla illattngnlaned member ind former Prealdenl, Dr. J. W. Krnncla. II f. Dowan, M D . *ee y. H D. Ht LKLEY. Preat. TUP. SCANDINAVIAN SOCIETY WILL HOLD AN ET !?* li.g, Thuraday evening, Febn.iry 14, at g o'elock, t" take tli?. necaaar^ ate| a to eeenre room for the ao^ lety ff m the urai of May rifit A. O. HBLFOL'R, Pr. sid. nt WATIMKB AND rHWBLRT. i,'"", *rrti' V" ' * GOLD AND V.liHn.u, II ' for JI f; c., ? ifntion gtven to -I V r"i a* <h, ''licks. M'lslral Ii-11 vvr t,r. %,Sr. !??? * frt/'Mofi firiin*. .1 i t i, h.n ril '* W. *?. Wdiciiauker MRudK ?< HKUP WAWTKUwKE!HJ%LKA. ALL FAMILES and GOOD S8RVANTS > AN KIND thr large*'. and best i>Bic? id the rlty a. til* Inititute *.id H Of, ?'.ifre the beat servants are u'wav. re alv Al.-o. go .4 situati< na lor good help. UO 11th at , coruo oi Cili jv. Opeu till 9 In the evening. A LADY OK REFINEMENT AND FIRM RIUGIOUS triuelples wnnt<-d- To take chug* ol and Instruct t #o girls (tec eight aufl fnurWen, mid a bor aged -u ?"?r>, ill tlie Kngiisli briui'hea and music. To a iadv ie<ily loud of chil dren, and capable of managing them, t go- d b< in' ue?r city i? otreitKl Addre.s. staiin* talarj i ipectod, Motb?r, box 9 Msdlsou square Post otllce. AflERMAN GIRT. WANTED?I OR OEVFR VL II< L'-^K woik. One accustomed lo the cure o! children can apply at l.-fJ Hudson at , after 0 A. M. A COOK WANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY; out-who thoroughly understand* li<r busings tu all i? branches ond is willing t?< aa>ist lu washing sml i. .nim:; ' ?>t ot city reference* miuiied. Hi liasl IfM at, from 9loll? pOOK WASTED?A PRGTRKVaKT YOCNG W<?MAV, ' to do 11??' Untlnf. washing ?:?d I room:' i MB1 MB v Good city reference required Aop.v at No J t-iwl 3Sthat., between 9 at'd >'i A. M. C1RI.MVN, ENGLISH, KCOTCU AND lilRI.* IN T great ti mbers, wanting situations, in i It. or eonutrjr for every capasity, at Mm YOKKSTi >.VS ('Aire. > hourth avenue. I h- b< ->t girls in the city c til be had with ? .e be t of lefercuce. No dbslionest dMliiig'practlaed at her oil c. /^IP.I. WANTED?TO COOK, WASH A>0 lit"* FOR IJ a small private family uiu*t undent'.ml cnocing w*iL and l rlng Vst city reference: noon other* need .'PP'y ut 129 V\ est 26th at , near 7tb av. Nttr*e wanted?one who th't.(>it(,ml,v t;n deiatandsand does ber dutv; wiio ran new. aud ts cue<;r ful. i'rointaut pielerrtd. Ajiply at 100 Ea*t -l?t ?t TO MILLINERS?WANTED. A FIRST CLAH3 TRIM n?er, a jopng lady, capable of! the bna^ol ?n esteblishtnent; also capable of d<*lg'tiug ber own wylei. To Mti.-li ? person i\a*e< wilt be no object, atin a permanent nitila tlon t!ie yesr round; al-io four go. d worker* Mia two uppren tlceg. Address for three day* Milliner He'aid /lice, statin? where an interview can be had. \1'ANTED-A RE8PSOTABLE MIDDf.S AGFD EX ?? perlenoH person, capable of undoneth* manage merit of a nursery. A responsible per-on wh< will b" billing to travel is required. Gall betwe-n IJ and 5 o c'ock, with city reiereuceu, ut 17 Weat 17th t,i 1*rANlED?A VOUNO WOMAN. AT NO. ? EAST 11TU T t gt , who understand" pU'n conking. \? khIiiui; and iron ing; tidy snd willing, with go< d city rec iminendation. No jr others tiei d apply. TV'AN'ED?A SMART. TIDV Gil'L, AS WAITRESS 11 and lo do flue ?*asliing; city relert"" e ri quired. Ap p.y a'. 10 West '-'7th at , between 'J ?nd 1J WANTED-^ SMART GTRL, TO MISD CHII.OREN li ai d to do tip atahs work; o"e ili-at Inn dune suoli work before preferred; inu-t >irlng good reference uo sh ip iriila reed call. Apply at IM East .'Hta s; Wage* $ . ocr month WANTED-A PROTESTANT Nl'RSE AND SE VM stre:^, who bus had eiperieuee in the care ol children, isnea'utid tiling. Apply, with goal city reiarenoes, at 3J Wei<t mth ut. Tt/WNTKD?A GOOD COOK AVI? WA-iIIKR; PKKE Ml rencea requi-ed: wages liberal. Appl> at I'Jj Port Greene place, Bruoklyu. Xl'ANTED?A Gil!I. TO DO OKNERAI. HOirSEWORK; il si.e must be a good cook. wash' r and ironer and I'tina RfKid refer* tu e from her last place. Impure at 286U eit Xl<i at , l.eai '.It'.i av. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS GERMAN COOK; SHE must speak 8t^Wi, h4 tawtitr nlentM. Apply a' 102 East Hr ailv. ny, ujtween and 11 A. M.ani4sudo P. M. XX' ANTFD?FOR (iENE R All HOUSEWORK Fv A tl saaU l'Mnily, an active neat girl; m is' 'e a first rate washer and lroner. itond cook, an 1 mule -'And m ikimj ln> ad and biscuit; mtivt lie civti aud respectful, and brin^liest of lefereotc from last place. Wage 38. Apply at :>1 Charlton St., uftet !? o'clock. *11'ANTFD?A GIRL TO WAIT ONTVHLE AND AT 11 tend to the dt:.Ing room of a large family. On? that understands her bnsiiie--, and has go >3 ei;y reference, can apply at 4I'.14th st.. between '.'d av. and Bower>. w ANTED?A (1TIII, TO 1)0 (JE.NERaL HOl'SEWO ' _Appiyai iWAdelpW,!., Brooklyn " \\ ANTED?A WET Nl'RSB. WTTTT A ERK.SII RRK 1ST Amerlrnn'WeW^'b"dnu' H^fdVoUk'%-o!in bat reapecubU- person.* need reply. " holw TTr.\NTi:A .''M.4RT, ACTIVE, VTODLE AtiED W? ,,,! ff"nrra! I'oumK iirk; tnu*t l>e a good ?as!ier and rotier and well recommended fro'i. Uer !nine- \ >ne others iHfil apph 10 Holder, Ml VcrkM., Brooklyn' ' * HELP IVAMED-r-MLES. " Agents wan tkd?in evk.iv town ^d'cTttTv the l iiKin, wiili f.l i.? $10 capita!. Our ane'iU O'lib uia.e and female, are -Muting from |, r.. ill) ,,n. ,ji. our new (lift Jewelry Env, I hi the quality of our good* we d..fy !,m; et'tiou tfaVfc Su tn r.r.rtL."" / "VT Bure 01 '"ur 'uu,,v Patronage Applv way' second Uoor!?* Sa: ^ ? *? ?rSL I '^/^^ANTRD-E^-Enywherr. to sell ra*s. f , ? , ' *''k-LK7- "r'l.-l.-; will,I, ,1 ., . . .. b...y, AC!UP men < *5 p?f day. sample* ,??t if. VA rrYTu'l'Viy nJ^dwaT.1"1 * *Ump 'ot L,rc"-*r 10 ****? ADKNI-i AaNTKI TO ski,I. RICK\l:Dy t'lU/.E -?\ .?**.? ry, containing mo-.- an >< ih.'i <11,7 otter envelop. advrt ;,?.d i n. r,.eti ? day. hend it amp for circus: to S. r KIcLard \ Co i<r? Nh8kh<i atreft, mom No. H * * ?;J;NT.S WANrKD? PO s| |,r. \ Mil-. \ - r \ , 1 \l l\ > ort ili.e Dol'nr Copying f?rri? '.veigat eiibt o 1 ir- * fWHM- i*'"!! r0I,r ?" Iron pre*-, ivitb greitor fai lilt}, t.ood nt'.'ntji puke irom $5 10 *111 ? d ,v. , ?*>! ,,I)ua nr p S x an Anden, 1S9 WUltom -i". New York, or roughkeepule, N. Y. 1 A man wanted in a r.EKTSEL business- one of aetire and JTMral t>u?lne?, turn required To the na'it man, with $.**>, ihu afford* h permanent business cheucc. Apply at 4-J bro*uv.a>, room 12 J. H HOWES A OQ. A El Vt KESI'KCT.VllI.E MEN WANTED?VS \GE.VTS m a?u" VI Z Jcorn,,";nJ nj a ready sal* and Urg- p.0. lit. Appl} ai 102 .NaMn<i ?! * room No. 7, 1'rom 13 i J A. M. BAItKFEP) R wanted who t'NDKIl*TANDS Pr.AY me i?:lha ?]- and Ik wUl'nu t?> open * \ ^r??r- Apnlv with a' t'le ,st Uertnaln, corner of 5tu a?". and PERSONS Ol-T 01' EMI'M>V OA.V WITH AN .L excellent opportunity n. make mon.?/ rai> d y. I>v selPn'' a nev . I'sbt and u?"ful article: a sample ? nt :r.*- . l>v a- dre?? | ?li '; l"X ?I9, fottarll e, Schuylkill county, ra. | Ranted, wanted, wanted?i.?joo aubnts and i IBi re, from 10 to 80 year* male or female, in u uc? a-,d paving btiNlMM, with acupltal os iromj: to #3, hare made, andean make, trorn to -j.5 p?r uav nell!n< Hirtieit's on?(. nf -X,'rTJ eVuI-Vt ron,"nV^ p*t*r. envelope and ? gift Ot j-wclry. AU wlahlne i-mploy>nent call o- u a*. AH Briiad way, corner ol t iilton ttree'., up a'atrs, room No 2l. K. I' BAlilLETT. WANTF.D-A rilACriM VN HE NCST HE TArX"so ^T,'1 ' "th h 'r'J? V ' lr r ' Herald, wlttt paritcalav* and rv. i en* neon. \\'antei>-i,Tm? en t'kr PR I > I niVVe x~ti >"t \ Tvo f , 10 a II0? mirney mjlilut; enterpilae. <?r md cU.ii.oc. Call and ao?- Ketula A Co., <1 N*?i?nr. ?t., rtK>tu No. 9 VI'ANTED?A VOI'M; V\NT() IiKH K \V t i\, "KTiV WAwII na7/oN,!^iNi?SW ::"T- r U L AT :)t" :,K"VD U'ANTED-A mWBBR OF KM.p.,KID VV|, RF" *P"n,|!'|e men, to ?ell an artlelaol' great ralue In ui_ IM-ntable In eT.-ry family and mo?t m?aiifactnrin? ?caljiii'i ^.^eatlnuncemen,. oflered. Cai. ut 114 f'nlion uv , WANTHI-A rnl-NO MAN. as CLERK IN U OK TT Ore; aiao a wle.tnan la a dry goola h u-ie ml . n,l lector opply at the Metthanta' ? lerkc k?W> oillee 13 In ifdrauce.' "iJubiuiJ?V?T"1 *? iKl > '? \ A ' ? J?? W^ANTEi. IltMEDlATSLV?100 MEN AND .W BOVS ?T * ho are not alraid of work: active employment an<i fair reecmpenae Apply afier 9... lock at Speaeer\ in tie baeement. No 'i l orilandt at., corner,v .y ?HTIIY STAND is TIIEtfE IDLKf-r WANT ?SM OT a ib*. "f yn>1 "J.1 "" ?r" "'at h.i* a reputation and on wbl. li you can double your m -ne, ev ,-r ii.v LEaDBEaTEI*. I.i; Kuii <>n atreet. ?rAJ?TED-A YOEKO OR MIDDLE AOED MAW. TO ?T pack a Ileht staple article; *a ; < { . ui 17 iwr wwl Ope baring front to fOO to Ilia employer !-an m-et l*1'1 " arMt'tt!1 ha'l 1?i'lor'***?' or ?'ening. at -HEM* WANTED-A REI.HBLK MAN TO vOOt f. act aa aal. and gen-'ral anlxan- In a ma-m. tactorlng bu?ln.-a?, with | riTile,p. of lull lnu>reat If d ?lr?l line | ayini; liuxlneaa; UO.4 aeeurlty for m .ne* ,md liberal ?a ary jear round. Addreaa Caaluer, for two daya llerald OK* IMIOM, At. PAHH \>L> SHORT TIME R< TERll v ^ I'l flo<l it ind tnid^r th^ !o A'>'4t m^rk^t urifMi MERRIMAC, HfKa.ilEH, COCIIECO, HAMILTON An ! other 1'ontfn'lc I'rintR HEW YORK MiLL, WaMS'.TTA L<)N.SDALE ?u And "th^r Skirting* aSSHT-u "n<l "u4'",r"t Sheeting*, Denim*. i?. ? y io ? .',w P ?n? Bleached Drl'la, Mtri|ied dblrt ISg!; Ac Ac together ?? ri4nneU- Blanket*, yulUe, Tick With a laroe aasobtmemt ?tale of1"Ae^?*rket rV*' l',,r^hM", '? d The cloaeet buyer* are particularly (netted to etamlne LBVH> A. T. BTBWART A CO. Foulard bilks .to cents per yard .. fANOY NlLKM At greatly reduead prices JAMaH ARaY A CO., n? Broadway, eorner Waverley place. The estate or MERSBII EDWARD LAMBERT A CO. Will effer on MONDAY, Keb 11, ? Broadway, between Howard and Draod atr-eta M French Caahmere Long Skawl^ at $17. re?,Ur ^^%l, ??W flo. ao. ? |y[ -j? M ?S 1" ix 3Z & to da ^,1,r"AI "<?? ? e;.? bMb 800 long And fl<inar? Rlark Th?h#t Wool Frnm Ij *' ? ^1'c'>"n, P** ? fronT?ormer ^ob edward Lambert a co In llqnldallon. w ANTKI) HRT GOODS, OR \ I^TflRT R \tf MTDPff jelll ba flren a Farm of 447 ace* will TVrS'^eha^ . .B aled 4W mllea from Nile*, the county *ev o> IWI ,1 4 gen. rrlre |IS p?r aere. Alan, H? wr?. In'r a Jl f- , , (lie city of Mica, at about >75 per acre ' 1 11 mi,n fr"''1 , CHICKEVINO A <*0 , R-.l E.tat Hmker* r>oo ^0ULABn SILK ROBE,,, , ledued from f, ti 1 -'A' Fs OK*v * Bfotd?ay, corn", ffa.eiley place HOUSES, ROOMS, SO., TO LET. ATtRV DESIRABLE Hliill hTO >r HKOtVN STONE fruit Hu m, uii Broadway, 711 :i*t deeo, adtuira blj adapted for a ulul> houae, will V let for tha'. purpoae on it lease <--f tUiee Of trr veara LOt'LK>N A CO., 771 Fourth avenue. ClOfTAOE TO LET?WITH <>KE Al Rg Of (il'.'M'SO, J fcltnatrd ti*tr Port Morrit, "ettehMKr cun'y, t?B rain uiefc' ijJe frmu thefo'ond. biid.tnd Fotirl.'t areLUC r.iil.oad depots, and landing of the Harlem ateamboata Aj'Alr to B. I!. LI 11 LOW k co, Mc. j Pine ttieeL ,,r 11 ' mrteenth atreet, Heconr story. DESIRABLE APARTMENTS To LET-IN THE BROW.V ?it ?ne h'.oi k, Sec ml avenue, between I titv u;n h and 1 bi nielli streets: third iloor $15: fourth toor. $17 pe'mouth. All the modem improvement* gtta flxMuwa, laundry, 4' *p ply to J. 11. STEl'llENhON. tti7 Seoond avenue, tlitrd floor TjTLTON SI BEET?THE STORE ANO I.uFT* IN .SO. I IUI w.ll be reui.?i m paiatelv or toge;her aijo. .* to A. M. I.( a EKY, 77 Kimu str.ct FUDKXI^IIED HOCKE* TO RENT?NO M EAST SB* enteentb street nMr Tiitttk avenue *irst cUu house, 4 We*! Fottletb .-iieet, near Fifth avenue, tiv?* stories, Vtig.l?ie l>a emeu:. Apply tot. H. Ll'jli.liA 4 i '0 . No. 3 HdlEI. TO I.ET?'TUB HOfSE KNOWN 4S the <*al' :|..".?e, situate* tn the Eastern dinrict of Brooklyn, will be rented low to a good tenant The houa la pleasantly sltuted. wijhia three uiinutea' walk of several ferries to the i pper aad to* lo?er pai t oi *ew Y??ii, and la a i ery healthy Mttmtton lk? h-*tse i? furnlahed with Bedsteads, Mat ue^se.*, Bureaus, Ho'aa, CirpeU, Oilr'otlia, Ac The Nassau Water W introdtued la the house mid e<uiue*'ted with aevrar. Appl; lit no fmot ititft, New Voik, 'etween 12aid:!o'clock. P?se*fiUMl c\:i be given lam -diately. HO' SF TO I,ET -THE TWO STORV AND ATTIC house, (irc?'ii? street, wltli gaa and water, to let. Id quire of J. iuiDOE, ID Warreu auaei. HOIVE8. STi)RES, BAREMEXTS AND APARTMENTS? To im, on the block oi uew four story hou-.e<, on \West, side "f >inth avenue betwc on Forty second and Forty'third streets The store* anil basement* are larce and wxll loia'i'd, auiiaole for any kind of at bualneaa. rhe apaitme" j? cm ?!ai ? n'lt ronnia on each tl'>or, with g*a, water aod water clnatt.s; all in dimplei^ order, with :ium??dial-* po*?4?Jion Ai'plv t-i E AffERBAfH, Ullvi^ef airi-ei, atn! 4t No 7 (jMd alrm-t. fn m one to four 1*. M HOrsr TO LET AND FCRNTTORE FOR SALS, IN Bn'oklyii.?Three story l>rtek front houne, aitua'ed in t'.irll.'fi arcniie, acarLnfavi'tte, u>ntaliiin)( jjas I m o ice, A'' ; rpti' TliKV t<> a ga-d t<'n<.iit; t uruunrc nev. la?i aprlug A !<lr"?a House, box l,fl>i New Vork t'oat oilio. r fiFTS \N'D (iFPIt'l- S Tf> LET?AT KO. K CHAMBERS atre?t, near Broadway, t igetber or aepara'e. Buslm-aj ocktlan unsurpassed. In i'.lre at tb"* premiaei. M AJfCrAnTirRINO PKRMHRS TO LEASE, WITH OK WITUOUT MACHINERY. The bulldii.g, with thirty-two Inta of ground lately oonupled br Arme* A Vivian, aituated eorn?r of TtJtli aireet'and 'lr?l avenue, at liarlem. The fai tory la of bri< It and .a fi??: Crot ??i'?:tt^r it Introduced in tne m >st complete manner. On ilif jiromiie* la a :*> h< rae nowcr rtietm Engine, with ainpla ?> lii.'r both lor engiae and tor liwitlni;. Ac Tb?? is alao a line n Wiisttiiig, wiih puilinn. lmlta, Ac One pal:-of t'UaaMra,suit able for flat'a>>ed, i'B''k, Ac., with (x?mpl-*W apparitm fo? ?i. f?>ii.^ dr> :ng, boiling. Ai ., and several tanka and tvillera Plie^e ''r"uitaei will ti^ !"ased for a terra of years, au.l auchul the machiberyaa may be ?-ante t aild. or t'ae whole will h? 1 a rd up.jn '.avorat'.e term* For .urtlie: l'if .rmtti >n ap ^ly to ClLaSLES W. CO HE LAND, No. 122 Broadway. New York. Part or an enol'sh basement house to let I. in Bn."ki.n. ion.-i*imgof large sitting Boom, Bedroom, kitchen and cellar, partially :urni?hed. nouse coutaina range hoi an ',.> d w t'erandgn?" Loc ttlori nne*ce;iti twenty tr<nutea waikfrcm ouih ferry. WeferetMe ivquir-d. l'erma $176 per year. Iiumodlute poaaeaaion giveu. Address t'retgh t n, ros 170 Keraid oillM. yjHAM POWER ?TO LKA.SK .slTPE<tIOR ROOMS, ii w th a aity p>wer, in the new tlve atory buildings. 42, M, 4>i, iH unU M) (Ire ne atreet, with extenaive Are proof vaulis The bi.i dings are lighted on all aides; h. jted by ateam, wiih eve v accomoda'i u; location is the moat lentnl?one block ?voni r.inai street and Kroadway in ranco one percent. 1'nrtie^ In want of superior aeootnm'Hlatious .it a iovv rent are iavi,ed to t ill and look at the looms, eugiue, Ac. Apply to II. iloWAfl*. on the prem'sea. CTEAM POWER?WITH WELT, LIOUTPD BOOMf, 7 lur;'.' nnd Mna'.l. well adapted for mechanical purposes will be rented cheap to g >o<l tenants. Power Oral-1 ate. Poasea sicn immediately. Apply to J. A U. 11. WALKER, 1(12 Cen tre atieet. TO LET.?SMALL STORKS AND ROOMS. AT TUB southwest corner of Bnadway and Twelfth strw>t. Also !h.*? t: np?r (.art and basement oi n.i 4S East Twelfth street, ne?r Broadway. JOHN" 8. KKLiJ0, tk' W Mam street. rru, LJT?OF Fir* 8 AND PREMISES IS NOS. B 1 and 7 New street and ?S Broadway, amiable for law, or.k-r*' otltces or Insurance compaulea Apply W L. ?. H So r. New street between I: and '<! 1. M , aud of JAJIHS I Kl IKMIANK, 53 Broadway. T>> LET?THE HoJSE AND STORK IS THIRD AVE I tiue i.j p j?i:e Cooper Institute. Apply to J. DODUE, 10 W.-.r-eu a' ri et up ataliv. r|'o LEI-TWO SUITS OF OFFICES, NO. G7 WALL L 'r,e., one in ba emen', now occuplei by W! lamsburg it.sur-.nce Compauy: the other on second ?l rr, o ?copied by i irml Livingslon. Inquire at the utile 'J, or at No 77 Cedar street, al 2 r M., of K. J. DILLoN. 'IIO LET?THE TWO STORV AND ATTIC BRISK 1 IIhum, H Watts street. Will be putln gtud order an 1 haseii low lo a jjooU tenant. Apply at j>7 Water street. ?ro LET?A SPLENDID COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH I i40 acre1! of good Land, situated 2S miles from New York and three minutes walk from New Jertey Railroad d"Uot; > lso a btore near the above, in whuii lias, and cm 1>?, done a thriving business. Kent low, wttli privilege of purchasing, r'or {mtticulars inquire al '?J9 Broadway, ru m 28. *Ti<? LET?A HOUSE AND SLAUGHTER HOUSE. NOS. I 20; and 3)5 West Sixteenth streot. Inquire al 74 Barrow street, oi tin, 71) and 79 Washington market. TO IJiT?TWO LARGE PARLORS AND TWO LA ROE Basements, wit!' pantries and pia/za and c mil-TtaUle yard, in a small private family. No. lid Forsyth street, near dro..we. TO LET?A KIRST CLASS HOUSE, ELEOANTLY Fl R nished, in the most iaahionnldq part of the nily A -ale of the furniture would te preferred. The o vner w iull like taretaln a or two, with Board, if agreeable. Boarding irmeo keepers r.eed not apply. Address boi 2,174 Poet oilioe, g^pttq^muae and residence. TO 1KT-STUKS NOS. * AND 5 BROAD STREET. Oflices on second and third doors of No 3 Broad street; aieoofllcea >n tt,rd floor of No 5 Btotd stre?t. Will be let low. Apply to A. J. DELATuUR, 26V* WaU street, near Broad TO LET?IN JERSEY CITY, A NEAT TWO SIORY AND bas? mem brick House, tn good order, with water and ?aa: rent #280. The Carpets, Oilcloths, Heater, Chandeliers Ae... f?r sale Inquire at 92Uraui{ street, Jersey City, or 1UU Wall s'teet, N. Y. rpo I,FT-A NE.VT TWO ?TORY AND BASEMENT I Co tage riouse, In excellent order, in Wlllianiibutg, *l'!nn five minutes walk of the ferries Large yard ia rear, with grspevtne In good bearing condition. Rent Pos r>sston 1st ol March. Inquire at W South First s:ivet, Wil liamsburg. To LET-nOUE l.m NASSAU STREET, WITH FINE rut it and d> tue tight, admirably locat*d. also a fe.i de ' i i - f> ? ? n, 1(11 n the sun-.?I >r brown stone building south i nl" Mit-.'oi .' a .mo nu?l Beekman street* Apply at rooms H aid 2f> 11 lac bui'ditie. J. M.1<?DD pO LET?A Vf-IRY NICR FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, I la a private bouse ?lth all the modern Improvements. If'# M.iriiouiaii stre< t, between Hlem k.-r and Amity Wt^sls. mo LET?A COTTACE IN WILLI 4 MSBl'KiJ. COXTIUC. 1 OIK 'o fourfetrlei; is ill goial order, n?w .y pa iered, water, yard, shade ires, eitension kltehen, tin,' ??llar, Au Kent i?2W . two years' lc??e. I'ofAe^alon lirst of March if iosired. liood reference re piired. French rosewood ci't.i?e Piano and soma Furniture lor gale cheap Inquire at Messrs wm. MOKCaN A SON, City Bank, foot of South teventh street, Wllliam-bv.rg. IIO LET- THE LAROF BOARDING HOCSF,. NO. 123 Htinson ?tr< et. for live years: rent ^SK). Ala? the leases ni four or live large houses lor any busmen*, m Ea*t Broad '?ay. near Chatham atieet. Inquire in baoenieut ot XI East Broadway. TO LET?PART OF THE UPPER PART OF THE I'RE minea, Bowery. I'lie e rooms sre especially suiu d lor a dentist, hating been <s-cupied sttccessfu !y by one during the ast two yeaiS, or will be let for mllliuery, dre s:na^ini{, 4c. Apply on the premises. TO LET?WITH IMMEniATH POSSESSION?THE new live story Buildiug .No. X> Park street, near Dusne and Centre streets. It is well calculated for me than teal or tna nufacturtng purposes. WM. II. SCOFIELD, :?.!? W illlam stieet, rear Otllce, irst t,nor. To LET?WITH IMMEDIATE IMSSBMIOH?tHB Parlors a:n. Bassments, w ith three Ro- ms on "lie upper floor nt house #?? St. Mark's plaee; house newly panned itenl J.'ssi |>er yesr, or the parlors and liasetnenta will be let sepa rate. Inquire on the premises. TO LKT-TOOKTHKR OR IN P 4 KT A r LEAR ANY country pUce of about Ave acres^ with two good dw.'il Ini? h"'??s on l? it is easy of accesa to and from the city, and will Im let on reasonable terms lo a good tanatit. Apply to I.ol IS EKflST, 47 W?st I'wenty slith rwi, near Sitta evenua. TO LET?RROADW VT STORKS. OFFICES AND Ro. m-<. iu thf building 710. which ia now und 'r al'era Uons, and will be adapted to the p<irposea of any r?s;>?ct* ble boaluess Would be let aeparataly or together Apply to l.EO rilEsTRHMAN. ft) Nassau street, or on the p^misea between 9 and 10 A M. and 4 and SI*. M. TO LET-TIIE STORES NOS. 79 AND ? B \ Ri'LA T atieet. near Waah>ngton street: eicell -nt lefwti ma ffor whaleaals businaaa. Apply at the oflloe, 2to (Jreeuwicii street. TO LET-TIIE COTTAGE HOUSES NOS II, H AND 24 seventh avenue very pleasautly located, and Ittsd np with every convenience. Apply at the oitice, S44> Green wich street. rLET-A l.AROR FAMILY MANSION AT HASTINGS, ten minutes walk from the depot anil steamboat land ing, huse In verv good repair. A large family will find thia a delightful residence. Ilaatinga U one of the moat healthful spots nn the Hudar.n river. Will be 1st for a first class board ti.g Muse. Responsible parties only need apply Furniture for sal* Inquire Of T. J. Crowan, M? Broadway; N. 0. Bishop, 144 Broadw ay ; Dlngee A Itotden, No. 8 Pine street TO LET?A SMALL THREE STORY BRICK IIOUSE. high stoop and basrment, In Fifty fifth street, north aide, third d or irom Third avenue, containing all the modern improvement*, with chandeliers and brackets, for A'Jt) per year. Immediate possession. Apply at French'g Hotel r> LET-A HOUSE AND STORE, TOGETHER OR aepaiate, en the eaat side o( Fulton street, Brooklyn, be tween Tillary and Johnson: one of the best locations in t!i? c'ty Store over 70 feet deep all lilted tip for dry goods or fancy business Apply at J. B. ARMSTRONG'S. 276 Fulton ?Uert. Brooklyn. 'I O LET?POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY. HOUSE NO 1 146 West Twenty first street, between Seventh and F.igh'h avenues; three stories, modern improvements. Me Kent ?t'*? Inuuire of XAMI WIL MOORE. 144 West Twenty fit <t street, or 114 llrosd Street. r? LET OR I.F.AsF,?THE FIVE STORV M \RULE fronl Store li;i Cham burs street, eitend'ng through to Rea'> street, being 20 fe>-t frmt on each street and IM Ieet deep Apply ?" s ? HUTOHINCS. .46 John street. TO LEASE- THE EXTENSIVE *?ANUFACTU",mo rrengs'it Nna it and 9# Woo>ter str>"t, tiesr Broadway htid Canal tr< et. b?en used tor seven years is a n ano fo-te factory Address Major Thompson, 27 W>w?ster street yVF I NT!nr. TH.P ? JLOOR OF A '-MALL FTP-fT ( r':i , (. >t:?e wll! b? r J, i.llhei lurn! .ed or un'tmish ed tn i wt/iv of tw > >r , 're* p^.itu (Irt'dnf sfrnnttlt 'nt ti.tis 1 I ri'sek.v n'nc P' s* M I fl? 'Ce -ejulred \dd' ess t E A M . boi l,!*W I'ost olliue HOl'BEK, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. T*U LUn-mi HKEWERT AT U I'AKK STREET, J. New Vork, with lilt urea lu good working ord-r. |i .< Itiou immediately. tmr DarlicuWa Inquire at tile o lice o' HaDDENH jasl A KIKFLE, U Biium street. rro CI.lBfl?ANY club Of RESPEOTAfcLL V >J*8 1 mrti desirous of lem-ins a r ?*1 lized Hone, in h k --el tioo, well furnished, billUrd tables Ac at a t *:r ivii'. ? r ,m ni t- ur lit of Kay. can have au opportunity bv a-lUeniu^ Club, Union square I'ost otlice. HOl'SKS, ROOMS^&C., WAHTF.O. flURMUHED HOUSE?WANTED IMMEDIATKLV. r.V a private family. Location between Third and Sixth avenues, and Fourteenth and iroriietti streets. Adl (postage peli11 l>ox 1,763 t oat otlice, HOI'SB WASTED.?THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO id the upper part of the city Oue suitable in nil respect I ?ill betaken for a term m Answeis ;o secure attention must stute full particular* ?? tl rent.locati >c, size, and whether with or without mo lera ini provetnt-nts. Iht' advertiwr will take s house tn tbe su >urbs if not suited in the city. Address b >x 619 I'ost ollioe. HorsE wanted-buitable F?R a boarding i bouse, in a good location, betwnen Leslugtou *i d fiixlli avenueN and Fifteenth and <wenty-61 tli streets. Address Roberts, with rent and location. Herald otbr ? HOI nE WANTED?NOT OVER TEN minutes' walk from corner Tenth street and avenue a: must iw a neat house, three stonei mid high basement. aud sui'Vile lor lwo small lamllies. (eUftU) to J54<>. Addrese imm* diatejy O E. Douglass. 1M avenue A. House wanted in Brooklyn?a three story House with modern improvement*, in a good location, not ten minutes' walk troui the feiry; rem not to ex cecu $.VJfi. AddiessO tS., Herald otlice. HOl'SE AND STORK WANTED.? A 4MALL HOUSE and Store lu Eighth avenue, between Twenty sixth and Thirty-eighth ?tre-u, weet side, Irom 1st of April or May next. Apply to or address John Matthews, 137 first aveaue. House wanted on states island.-the house must be well slitded, pleasantly loea ed, and convenient to the ferry. Addresa, hiit.n^ particulars of real, Ac., to N 0 R , Herald olllce. Lowf.k part ok a house wanted-by a ladv anu three grown daughters; moderate rent, l'ljjwe sta.e partlcuiarj &r i ecurity uuescep'.ionable Address Albert, tare of t?. Lt-ckwood. Esq., 42S}J Broadway. Part ok a house, unfurnished, wanted? Krom the 1st of Ma> next, by a family cousfstiog <>: a g'-ntlemau. wife, two little g rU and servant; location west i>t" Fourth avenue and above Fourteenth afreet. A'ldre-.*, stating rem and other particulars, S. A. H., box -,2jti I'ost oilice. ITNKI 8MSHK0 loo MB WANTED.? A BINOLB ?je.v J tii-man, of retired habits, wants, on or about May I, In a strictly private tainlly (a corner, modern, large house pre* ferred), tbe whole of the Second or third floors, of no lest than three nrulMlte-1 rooms Loottion betvtiv-u Fourth and t.^l-tb avenue.-i and Fourteenth and Thirty-second streets. Term.-lor the loom* .itid atteudanee, without board. not tn exceed ?iSU 'early, s'? J with board, <ntX). Addresa, with full particular*, term.*. Ac HI., b >x 0it l'>st otlice. <4' ANTED?A MODERATE SIZED HOUSE. WITH Vv all ihe mooeni improvements, in pettect order, furusce, Ac., between Twelfth >md fwtnty-flfth s'ri;>'t- and Le.xui(;:'>n and-nth avenues: ini;iiedl?ie poue^Mun itir -l Andre i. -tiling tei r.i?, I. N N., Herald olll -e. \17A.MT:D.?THE ADVERTISER DESIRED TO KEVT v? a nice, genteel oountry i-e*idence on the Hultoo. vtti in an hour'* rice of Thirty tlrsi street. Address Mr. W'llte, "US t ? ?l d street. Sew *nrk r\'aNT!?'D? r*AI!T OF a ilij''SE, IN A RESI*fcOTA3LE vv ne".;b 'OrhiHxl In Brooklyn r Williamsburg a house where tliei- is only anothei kmtll famiiv preferred; at a moderate rert. Adiiress. stating full p.utlcnlars. O. T., box ll.S lie-aid orttce tor thiee days. w.\mid- in south Brooklyn the seoosd ff Klcor and front Basement of * genteel hou-*, situnte.1 be'.weeu I'llnton and Hicks, anil Pacific and Harrison streets. Hott.-e muKt l-e in tir^t rate order and coutaii water and gas. Addtes- vv. u. L, b< x tU Herald otlice, stating locatlou, ItftU!-, Ac U'iMED?AHt>n THE 1ST OR 15TH <>F MARCH. ' I nil tint urn shed Room and Bedroom, with permanent Board, foi a gentleman and his wife, wh"te there a:* few or no boarders. Li cation must be qu;et and genteel, between (M-eondsnd reuth strtets, and eml ot hr-'adway Ad-tress, ttlili parl.culars, stave \ ard, foot of Fourth street, E. It. VIJANTED?a furnished ROOM, wmi (ias BY A. v* single gentleman Term* n"t to exceed $1 50 par week. addris. (i. \V . box 171 Herald otlicc. w'ANTF.r?a LODGING APARTMENT. FOB A SINGLE f ? scntleman, in a r??p?-< table neighborhood, be; >w talon ?<iuate aud n>'?r broslway Room ana Are required b: evemngs dining the week. Term* about $d a inoath. ad dress <_?. V. o., llcra'.j o:lic" T\*ASTED-tn KENT A moderate SIZED HOUSE. i| with till the modern iraprotetneou: situation wen ot fourth avenue, up to potueth itnet: would fniekiuow pei> md oilrotb u lmmedute po-*. a*i< n gneu j<?n? #>?> to 57uj No English bat emeu t house. .AdJn'bs'.box i.ZSi i'oat ott if. "11* ANTED?PARI OF A HOUSE, fcbnishhd, SUITA vi hie for hou*ckcepiug, consisting of four or s?e m >nn, in Brooklyn or wllnainaburi; , rent not to exc ed ?1j or ?!?' pet montu Addr??s box 1,7k< i'ofit otilce, n. Y. "\\*anted?io hike, a ooxvomors dwelling v? Hctue, plesiantlr oca'ed. between Fourth and Eighth avenues and Tenth ai.j Thirtieth ?treeta; the mol"ru iroprovemen's Kent rot to etneed tAlO. addios*. statlag loc?iion, lent, size oi bouse and when .he s.uue cku be ??u, b l, lew mnm ctf ANTED?to HIKE, TWO HOWES. w!t1i MODERN ft inn lovemert*. beween fourth and Seventh avenue* Slid Fourteenth and 'thirtieth street*, to rent fri>m $flm?i > $tu<i i>ee annum : also a houae near or on Fif'h .<>%?nue. t ? rent irom to 91,0111, be w?en Fourteenth :ind Thirty-sixth st'eeta Apply to B ai ei & JONES. Mi HlXth mnh WANTED-BY A LADY AND DAUGHTER A PLEA lautly located Hou?" el'herln new york. '?!o* Twej. tieth street, or in Brooklyn, convenient to ferries. furnished or unfurm*hcd; where the rent or ? portion of it would be taken m board, with me ri .t.'ue w ta'ttng a few ?el?ci gen tlemen boarder* Best of relerence* given. Address mrm. s it S., Herald t1'ANTED TO RFNT?by A SMALL FAMILY, THE v? lowet part uf ? homt, -hasted w>ww k erkeratid Eighteen!* strect< an 1 second and Eighth avenues. Add:t?s box 2.938 Post otlice. "tl* ANTED TO RFNT IMMEDIATELY?a SMALL ff rouatry Seat, with S to 24 acre* of Land, * lr?? a <00-1 D? elliiig House, g irden and fruit tree*, locate 1 near u depot and not above 11) mile* from th* city, and ot easy access by rail or water- a fnrnt*hed house will be preferred AddrMj, with full paiticular-, 1'aito bruhers a Co., 2i Pine street pkksonal. Fhir adoption-a FINE HEALTHY FEMALE CHILD, one m nth old, ot re?pect*i>le parents. the mother uot being able to support It on account ot the death of hei hus band. Please address Mr*. Howard, Brooklyn l'ost o lice. Heaping that an advertisement was pub 11?bed thtve "r four months i;to tor ft mm. M , toraierlv boardlpgbt Mr. ii stroet, and !i*?itig jn?t arrivel irom (' . it mrant for me, * note u<tdies?ed E. M.. M<idt.?<>j ?qure Port otllep, will receive atteutfon. Harky*a. Lawrence.?call at oi i am very *lck and musi tee you. ida. INFORMATION wanied-oF MAI-\KEY TARCET, of i Ba';y!(?:ie, pail*h of Ananch, eonntrof Mayo, li-piand. By ?ddrentlng or *end!ng to Mary Mora. No. 128 ?v?"t t wen ty-third s-reei, he >?i.l h'ar ot something to hi* advantage V> l>en last braid trotu was in Toronto. Canadai?per* please topv. Mr bapney I.ct'ert will HEAR OFSOMF.nitno 11 ill* advantage bj making hi* waenu'jouts known to post otlice. box No. 2,1127. civlmen WHO were ON BOARD the orftsader. Mohawk, mobican. san Jacinto, Wys-ijjt. ttonatelullnn, *!?rl u and Mystic ? ben slaver* were rapture.i, pieaae oaU 09 THUS. L bravnakd, 81 Wall rreet. ii'ili.iam ?ocr coachman saw you yester ?? divon Broadway and told Ma. .-?he w?s dr;.ghte.l to hear ol pisr rnurn to the City. We will all neat !!ie ught ilusid Ballon thnrncny evening. Meet us there an-1 give Ma a clmnre tor explanatl n. I. y >u are aot ca*ng>' l s i w ill \et be well. . aertkcdb'. (OPAHT*F.h*HIP rotll ks?. RARE chance-ANY m an i! \' 1N(}92,(??. W1SH inc to er^age ii a light and pl-aium. <?fe and substsn t;*1 ( H*h bu.?lne. s-? monopoly, fr m wtilrh at per annum caa be .ea ized? may do *o by applying at 3u3 Broadway, ro >m no. t?. A PARTNER WANTED-hwimo FROM |2m 10 in a gen'eei and re*pei t ?oie cash b laln- us *ixveir* eatabllahed. He ran < lear jio lo ij.1! w eekly. tad no rt?k. u can be *een. App'y to T. uapkney, i'jv bionlway, r>otn. No. i. _ /copartnership. ? THE i'xderaiuned HAVE vv this day formed a copartnership under 'he Arm of Miner a th. rp, for the transition of a gi'anril auction and ronim.?*lon b i*iue?s, at 37 Nassau str??-l, opfnmtte the Post otUce. . ? HfcNRY D. MINER, satv voti* Feb. 1. 1?41 OOCLD r THORP DMOLLTION?the copartnership IIERF.rO fore cxu'iig under the firm of (!old?m d t tfnmner la 'hi* (*ay di??oivd by mutual counent, by the re'lnng of Isaac (jolifsmid. taking ? .Teel fr>.m februarys The bu?l m *s ot ihe late tirm will be i nilnued bv llcnry Bnun?r, by whom all claim* against the ltte arm of (Mdsmtd A Hron'ner will be promptly settled. isa AC tloLDSMID, HENRY BHONNEK. Partner wanted-wiib 12,1**), in a sure ?i-iuiy lm*inc?a, wlthei.t onmpettiuu, in thiacltr. Al?o Stuto ami county right* for aale at $1M ?nd upwards. The articles are Indlapeniutble and rerr valuable. Kiill Dartleulara by uddreaelng or calling on Mr. lioodTl at I'owera' Hotel Park row, frn? 1 to 4 o'clock tor one week PARTNER WANTED.?A KARK (i.'PliRTrNITT WILL be given to 4 pat ty yonnj nun lirrfi.TMliwholiMtlfa boflcK andrapHblr, havng from $| mho MOcMkatoom tneml, to take full charge of a ' ranch hoti> ? be <?tabliah?d Id one of our large Weatern citlea. The huaiaeaa .? highly re electable and profitable, la well eataMinhed, Mid conducted In thlacltybya reaponalble and raapactabto party. Nona but auch will be noticed or treated with Addreaa Branch, boi 110 Herald office, giving real name, rcaldence and referenoa. Thla rr.ioeat m'lat be complied with In order hi receive any notice and It will be treated confidentially. PARTNER WANTED -ANY STEADY, SINOLB MAN. X having 91,1W In c**h to Inveat on or before the lat or March In a ?m?ll but gal e and profitable Mercantile Hualneaa, and willing U) be latlafled with $.*? a< hi* ahare ot profit* for the Brat year, may addreaa. atating whera to oall (no other* noticed). Jamea, boi 1M Herald "flic* AOCaWlU PURCHASE HALE INTKREST IN A fanov and atatlnnery atore; partner having entire control; or will n.-ll out; atock, iiturea and fnrnltnre ikltable for hiiimcltceplng. cheap rent. Addraaa Bnterprlae. Herald nfllee Aenn 04M, and ACTIVE PARTNER WANTED ?T?)UU In a light genteal office buvlneae, fully estab lished, now maklrui money and can be largely inereaaed. will be aeaoclated with an nnetoeptlnnal and reaponalble i arty. Addreaa I'lna Street, Herald ofllce. HPORTfNa. Arrived by the last steamer, a large lot of Canarlea, etcellent aongrera, at wholeaale and retaiL cheep; alao Mi eking Blrdi, all klnla of Kaner Bird*. Cage*, Ac., tor aale, at No 71 Pulton (treat, comer Old DAVIO yenten, Fit > it saI* THEEE black ANDTAN KTHC CHARLFA I tip*. A prly at ISO Slitb ii e 11T/IMBD-A SCHOONKR YACHT. FROM 75 rj iat If toue, Addreaa D. T. A., bo* ft i'mt utii? GASLIGHT >T<> -2 , I v*asv.iie, lull a-rtfui.N i. Milwaukee, Via Waabl.ig'oii. jj JOHN B -.*s 2.M ?*ca'. atree , corai ?TWAnrc ny, I At^r-ion/^ ,? v y ?ma of auaci CAa (iv; ^*j, > UM OFFICE OF 171F. V ern Icditi* ?< Km vv 1 rk, Feb !>, 186 **?.? It is impftrtjii* k p/" <that the C'-up-ns! and >ovenibr. I luudeM before th?? clov? UIGA? 2?1'?.p-LV,"?:*l?infc ? t, ,Viu'i ./J i * *'4ni Htrnet . It -*x' *?><*? , ? t''<" ''"f Jn >w ? "ill ? 4i uqjm ?*? ? .%<>wrniu*r mv 5--0, ftiid Vjv, 1861, be pr^y^uH| 1 ol the <ls J . ???' on the 3x: i mar T^w $6.0001*? L?uK' ?*? : - "^5 troubles o: ilL V ? 4bf tk 8?v>n for th* return <v t*J 52 " 5 ** -unty wrifi , ? ?ady to ai t (?? ,.i i' "'"''P*'4 tbe mo i?,? v.ew'a. tUe on v,Q?;^,r"f-ud?u''- ' "1" ?-??iflr Addteaa an. aII 'u.^m ^ fur !"r ? $18,000 ;" ? rva! otl jita(l ? s.?.: , * rw. cent, n . titiM** Mwwx * a- b .* i t>;r ^ ?]3"i.00ii . ... one "f more ye.r? m sua..-. ot i. rmir .i . 1 . ' " one ? r more ye .rs, iu so joiin i ct .nreV, in ranee i umpKiy. (X w? '''?&?? !;i? St''apT>iV? , u ,a" ^?>l>le? Kirw l,u. 1200,000,sy^jgMaj a:.J tu sunu ti" na city. Appy I LOVN OFFICXC&. A T8e# ^ROA'OWaV, nn?vi>iT'A,""^r." _?* &?*s **? evti-dencripUonof JlarehL.,1 J. "Vr- "?,>ds- SW*, *i> Ooafliieuual. ' -au-*s 4i. tr*'ia?rii ,ru will t BUffc'lAikTt::. * ?;o. At m ceo ah siHMt-'nuref muTr bioker. . un lulvanVed .ju vv atoiea. ?Catch yr,~ Ac., or bought farcaan. Opvo* te tie * '-lu^ ? u;> atHirs to i.t-dar street "Oice, .xxjoi ,To. A 1 11 CHaX<*?^^ dT'tfcKT. i!i?\EV Ti) Ilk v ?? ":V^ShStSf ^iSKtlS A dvancf Ja Jewelry nn.1 -- ?uu ?rIb?''liPSir ?rAhT' a? bii(be9t pnt-H. . ,.j .... . * '? . " '??'?! ? It Ot.l CMU.)!,8bf>.. O.lic.-, Js v*?' y at U branch, 4C7 Broadway. <i7 stre? I A 1 t^'.Ur Lt.V ':"l; ''' ' V OIAMO, *. . oc l> H ? ,P,o ^nO'.rao'.l. *.i,|., a&afi" - ? ? ; | $50,000. raw and ni: kjuds oi v. truu *y Z , ' J*"Hry ><??, ?0>. atic !ooe?-r. l"j Nat'iu a-tvet 'pni. 'V ?*? THt#MI floor. to,,ui N. . 2. ? reel, c^u-r <jf Aao, ?v? IGHT ALL SKASOW. ?LL ?AO VltLV . ?-?1.1'J, K.-b.-,i ; 1?. !S61 iud !adi . Ti -*e?a, #2,? MtXKAL. A OKEATLT IHrZOVZO MANurf?TE Manuf?ctu'W* o: it new in .? .>? .,r*r . ? . tated full in.n fratne, g'aad aud ? uirx" ifi ,a* Brjome ati-ent "Uuoi "?,* Plaao. jrVfl, .H., 4 -A Halofo!t"(IaErvTl. ?? R^-^WOO corc-rfc fii.. ir .. ?i? ? i,. .?j'vi.,. ~Jl. " c*" r"lt ba?a, inlaid with ) ve.'i, k,.v? mid? to .'II^Xj'r?7?E'trili owner by c'tv make., f,. f? V^erior be pr iDt'ludinv rit"u. ;iud t'or.>r \ . .'S .1, .'. *1 ttrect. new bixth ave i.e ,L """ rw??t7-?t*( /JUICKtRJSti Jt sO.VS ORAXD SQCAKE and CPRIOHr PIANOS. 5?H 3;,a7, New Vort. M Tflf.?TV.-Trtr _ VP I. K??rl7,IH? PrA>'? ENAHIuh'l "li'd. at i.' p, ?? ,T, mi. on a ;::onMul nitfadrd at tUHi rea?iienria Ul Practice. P-/M ?serenteen'k air.ct. b>- E^I,t^?odq^ra\u^c?uf^ a?0 P'V^'oVe^^PwP*3, ALEXANOwT" barga,ufroui'ia, ti> tuft'^One ?e }>'*ao*/(%t towe/if pn^l J, ^thlvpIy^t^^Sl f "VhSSl ? ' Vc? ^ AJb^a. Age it, 333 Broad way, N TJ TJIAKOfl, M IjOnE;irf8, HASMOSTTrjC^ T'ftiir ?"?r ? $175 to $m>> CoH^e ^ii.iT^uni wl^^. 'V $1/10:7 octavej, $i7a ^ a^v; j w H i??!, .""'I ?*3 Uroadway, S. T. J' "? P*-T0?(1 .?oa. *u PU.M.??rAN' as3?rtME.\T OF MODERN' rfp>nn 1 lanofoites, seven ortAv?? in ?uu t: i ?')n rosewood c?<ft, at tinr.^ t ? *J"l '*l?,gantiy carvi bind I' an.i* 'wo.31 JS* V $???'? Rn5 mJ """ $a) ?' ?ven?e A, c^rVf ' '0r 8,aj' * ?pOVZALEZ R SoO."4ad6e%^Vf ^^IV^OOD ^3 plied tor ao .ti. Can be a??a at t" f"r $?> '^ ? veraeur. isoa dtree'.. neariita lie a seven iv tave -oiu-?> vi.r, . * "> oITt m the pu Improveaienta. for $l&i ca*h nt ' th' mtSe than has utnaily been -old or 1VST1UC T1Q\. . rir? A KrD?hHo^f ;^^0ju^o,0.^T XE?D r,K A PR I utuW twel'.r ve%r* of i*L u *i.rultu*p *>? yotiog nilv^l f.;^1 ?','?? -iM't-d aurnber iiflious education Ihey will aii*.. !., gT 'UOdA, ?rptu or guardians de-til *e?ju; e nr ? square l ? b - m >ra . n a-'ii aud 'r| , ?'V -r "'- "'??? d; ?:e - fo! !n> *nd pi -ana l I MHo ti .e'e th.^rVi ,M\lii' u' C' [H--""**"* ^ Wdr*? Mw^wTwr^JI charge ot- t!l#. e<! rj|U 7 nnth household, or tal I ? w; r?| C 0!C. ?U l?"W.D rO^'R?R (1 sr. nin. Win b? , i>r1, *';b- appllf bad of earn .<njt>iag>' bv na'ly n-ote??,.r? t? u'ur m*7 ' patimiwd by tb? Mgbott *,Cie<?or^ th J I and par iculir, apply at the In.tTtSL^?,or ci?^ I k'nd attended to. L ^ i r ?V if,1 "ll "r **? rAL"A DI CEsSOLAj "n'ANTPD-BT A TOCJfi} ttDT a USg71^ .$36. 7^ Wd "iei'aSd rA\ ras'issait# roil me for ad ion. young men prt?irUffif; * e?..ege. a department (o-iaiW f,?i'boatneaj <>r menreg Mareb ZH For rlrriiLinl o?^*"' SPrtMI term Joaeph B King, i-ort Edward iMtitu^NeTTo f,rei" ^ At ADK.MlK.H. ~ A. D0I)W0RT" s ?an?inu a.Tdem ei"" No M7 2r0'1.<lw'"r' X'", V"l-k. 1 '< *?tiUgue atreet, Brooklrti. Tk%X?. 5f^M5a d -*?' ? ni?y be !i?l at either Aeademy. ' lrr"lw? <? P K ? RE K (V -. D A V< -1 .N?i A r A DE M V, Tr. Fourteenth s'rpft rn-fc After noons, or mia^, and miafra; ^'mfngV * mm c^i 7 '' commences n the dav c f ??ntr^ ?" ^SSawS's CLOTHliVG. ?end a note to7!i aRKH lA6^fUv/ntiTl,i^ >U rmiv4j * f ?&?5le; kit r> ?f? <S?s S ss3SS?a ?? ?"??? wStE? gg teodad ?ir, H^a'",kr rwenlj"<lr*t Udl^| A^m BETTER CHANPR THAN EVER.-I HAVE .nj* received ?A.nnO to purrhaae cut off ClMMnf for This go, TIL Ladle* and grntlemen. If you wtah t., 4 fwr |in, for ronr Clothe*, i arprta, Furniture and Jewelry, end t avoid being humbugged br talv oT?r?ra, ib? b?at ran r*o d la to and a note to B. Mlnti, n Hlitb avenue. There rv may be conTlncd you will be dealt with to yottr aatlafaoUM Ladiea punctually attended to by Mr?. Mint* 79 Slith a?i nue, tMlwMii Bfehth etreet and Waverley puu*v , A BETTER PBICl PAID FOR LADIES' AID OBVTf A <*at off nothing. Furniture, < arpeia, Jewelry. *> Fn?n $7 to $36 nald for allk dreaaaa, from**! to |18 r*7io?l and from $1 ?to M for pan la a not# by poat on agnail attended to br B., IS4 Heventh avenue, batween fttneteMl and Twaatleth etreeta. Ladle* attended to by Mr*. B. * OBRAT DEMAJTD FOB CLOTHIJfO -LADIES AM A gentlemen having anyraet off Clothing. Furniture rf CarpeTa wlU ijrel?e the hiheat price liy addreaalng or eallifk. Ui> lUnU ?""ue. unUm attended to b AH 2,RK*T DIi*A^D' MPU8 OENTLEMBW. Wanted, a l*t of oaat off Clothing, Furniture, Carpab and Jewelry. I pay the baatprtn la the ctty by calling <m <k addressing Br. Abraham#. ?i ;th ave.betweon 1Mb and M? ata. Lad l#a attended by Mr#. A. Ah lame qi axtttt of cast otr clothiiw' want*#, to (III >if) order* fmm the Weat Flrat rata pr1?e? will be glten, and ruh paid in current money. Apply u, ?' ABES MOROXKY, 4M1 I'earl etreet. neit block to l'W tin AH BARE ("IIANCE LtDIR* AMD ??*TTJ*BB ? I h*vc jn?i received |AmiO to purehaa# oaat off (lothla i i he . allfornia market " promlee to par tha hlgbeet prt* for ll eto by ce'tlng on or addreaalng M Ellle, If# W HerentF "ntie near s#v?o.#anth nreet Ladw# attended by Bra, Ellla m A tHID Rf.lMI IIUHBUOGRD?LADIES AND OER, I\ ><> ti>> n, and rail at once, or addrrve # nole by poat to IT 111 < R'-ncry Th?reyonm?r be t<> ol*po<? <# v ? : r ' . I < ...thing, Kurnluire. fan""'' 4ew#lry at ? iair . and not l>c humbug_"o. For .?<llk Dr a?e?, fmm ? U i ! i ate. from $1 fc^Jia f .r .'ante, jr. m il b.l ? > v> . i i I. die*punctually at'euled to by ' ? <5 JJ'wfy. oppotlte Fourth aodOrtal Janee* ? 4 \

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