Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1861 Page 3
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for 00?moo state and Woilers brand*, whito ?l" grades werei wuined. The low -ale-, of f .rwjn ex change tlri* -ess of freights leaded to check gala* for erport. The irar<ac(ions embraced some 7,000 bbU., closing within the l hove range of prices:? Sopertine State 00 a 5 10 fixtra Slate, good tc choice 5 'JO a 6 26 Super tine Western 5 00 a 5 10 Common to cboiro W stern extra 5 12 a 7 10 Vised t:> straight Sou hern 5 30 a 5 7') Straight to good extra do 6 80 a 7 25 Choir* extra familv and ''aVers' brand"... 7 25 a 8 00 Rye fliH*r 3 -TO a 4 10 Corn nieal, Jeiney - ad Brai dywuie 3 00 a 3 50 ?Canadian Hour wns (filet and loner, with sales of 250 bbls , at $o 16 tor < uimon and J7 25 for extia. Southern Jlour was in limited request and c'os-ed with the turn of tho morfce l lit la vor of put chasers, 'i he sules footed up about j "joo bb?s., closing wiihiu tho above lango of prists. Hal | tour ,n !uir demand ut our quotations. Corn iriwR ? *?6 unchanged and * ilea limned. Wheat wai- inactu-a ? aud easier, and the demand tor export moderate: the I ti n factions embraced 22,000 bushels at $1 40 a fl 46 for I Ohio and Michigan. (1 3s for ?ood whiteCalitornm, |1 32 | for red .lersey, $114for No. 2 Chi ago sprt>.g. an 1 21# a $1 30 lor sniad luts of red Western, ptrt ds liv^"-1. Barley was lirmer, with sa'*sof 15.000 bushel* a'73c a 75c. Barley i.iait wa> steady, with Salejol' 2 COO bu?be!s at 83e a!H)c. Rye was quiet, with small i ? it 64c. a 65 a. Corn was lower, with moderate sales, wh.cb were chu fly made for export: the transactions ombrared alM>ut 26.000 bushels ai 02c. for new Western ni'xed. 64c. a 64>?c. lor old do., in store, and 65c. de livered, und 73c. a 74c. for good new white Southern. Oats were firm, with ?ale-< of Western and Canadian at ?86c. a 36c., and Statu at 36)?c. a 37c. Curiae.?The Kales embraced about 1,500 bags Rio *t 10.'rc. a 13c.; 100 mats Java at 18>^C.. and 836 Uaraoaibo at lie., the market closing with a Armor feeling for Itoo. fas 'ollowing statement of sti ck? in the market ia from tho circular of Win. Icott !i Sod ?Stock of Rio coffee oa February 5, 1861, 48,739 bags, received since to date, SO^Wi. Total, 09,089 nags. Sales for consumption eiti trate<i at 14,839 bagtf. Stock of Kio on February 12, 1861, 64 2U0 ba^s: Maracaibo, 6.366, Iaguuyra. 150; Jara, 10,29 mats; do. government, 950 bags; St. Domingo, 200 bags; other descriptions, 48S. Total hags and mats, 71.570 The stock of Rio on February 9 at Sew Orleans 'was ^5,500; Baltimore, 5,0t0; Philadelphia, none; 12th, New York, 54,900. Comix?The dulness in sterling exchange still tended to depress the market. The sales embraced about 1,000 ban**, in loth chieily from store, closing on the basis of 11 Sc tor middling uplands. Frik.hth.?The reduced room, with the firmness Of shipowners, and tbe low E4t?s of sterling, preventing purchases of produce for export, tend to check engage ments. To Liverpool, corn was at 11^'d. a 121. in oulk and bugs, and whaat at 12d. in hulk and r_"-;d. in bag*; Hour was at 0s. 6d. For bacon and lard lull rates were demanded, while cut'.on was 5 16d. a 11 KM. To London ?00 bbls. flour were engaged, at 4s 3d , and 75 hhds. tallow were taken at 40s. To Havre cotton was at lc. -per ib., and grain at 22c. Hat was steady. with sales of 800 bales at 90c. for shipment, and at 90c. a 35c. for city use. MoL4i*sK was quiet and prices nominal. Naval f?roRw were quiet but steady, with sales of 250 bbls. ut 36>%c. for Now Yorfc hbls. spirits, and $1 25 for common rosin, 310 lbs. delivered; crude was lirmly held, while prices were nominal. Pkovisions.?Pork?The market was dull and lower at the close, while the sales embraced about 300bi>ls., at $17 ?5 for sew mess and at $13 lor prime. Beef was inactive, and sales conllned to about 100 bbls., in lots, at $8 75 a (9 75 for repacked mess and at $10 a $10 76 for extra. Lard was lower and in fair demand, with sales of 450 bbls. and tierces at 9%c. a 10c.,and city at 10.',c. Out meats were quiet. Dressed hogs wore heavy and lower, with sales of Western and city at 7>?o. Butter and cheese were unchanged. Rick ?Sales of 70 casks were made at 3J?c. a 4\'c. Sik bb.?Sales of 300 a 400 hags pepper w ere made at B.'^c. Sen a its ?The market was dull and inactive. Sales were confined to 64 hhds. Cuba at 5c., and 209 boxes at 6&c for refining. Tobacco.?The trade continue! limited and desirable stocks very scarce. The sales embraced 29 hhds. Vir ginia at 4>?C. a 5,V\, 20 do. Kentucky at 7>^c., 63 bales Havana at p. t., 110 cases seed leaf at 4c. a 8>?c., and Jt do. Florida at p. t. Whisht.?The market was active, with sales of S00 bbls. at 18c. BOARDING AND LODGING. A 8hall family, having more boom than ttiey require, would aocomniudate two or three gentle men, *Hn or without Hoard; Are it required. A desirable lo cation, convenient to B'oadway. Apply at 1<M Elm street, be tween Grand and Broome. A COUPLE OF SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN FIND comfortable Rocras, with Hoard, by applying at 25 Cot tage place, between Houston and Kleccker streets. Beie renoe required. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO 8INOLE GEN tlemeti can obtain good Board in a private famitv; house with all the mi dern Improvement*, l erms moderate. Dln ucr at six o'clock. .Inquire at 30 West Tenth street, between Wavtrley place and Greenwich avenue. A handsome finished parlor, with or without bedroom attached, to let to a gentlemen only. In h private French family. Partial meals given 11' required. Apply at 224 Fourth street, Washington square. AT 17 TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVER aity place and Fifth avenue, a furnished Room to rent with or without board; suitable for a gentleman or a F< ntlcman and his wtf*. House with modern ltnprovemeut* A ROOM AND BKDKOOM TO LET?WITH ROOMS for single gentlemen, at reasonable rales. dinner at six. Reference* required. Apply at &3 West Twelfth street, be tweeu Filth and Sixth avenue*. iUUKUic nt; re. * U'MUC Wiuiuita mil tint I i l fcij ieir advantage, as the lady 1* a aunerlor housekeeper iu eve ? department. Address Mrs. E. K., Herald odiee. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY. WITH THE best of references, wish** to meet with a party of gen tlemen willing to become responsible for the rent of a house, and board out the same. The lady will furnish the mine in handsome style. Those wishing home comforts will find it to 1/1 ? I ??-??HHH? Avery pleasant boom to let-at 112 second avtmie, sultubie for a gentleman and wife or two single 1 nilemcn. Referents eiebauged. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with good Hoard and pleasant Itooma, on reasona ble terms, at No. 80 East Bi oadway, House I urnlshed with gis. Ac. A^m pbivate family, pleasantly located in Brooklyn, will let to a family or to a parly of gentle men (German* preferred), furnished Room; on thesecmd ? tory, either with or wlibout Hoard. Terms moderate. Ap I ly at 11)6 Henry street. References exchanged. A^m PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET Sl ITS OF FUR tiished Rooms, on second or third floors, with Board, to * ng'e gentlemen, or geatlemen abd wives; also an ofliee, suitable for a physician; bouse has every modern improve meat!, ('all 412 West Twenty third street. "No moving al May. A LADY UP TOWN WOULD RENT TWO NICE BED rooms, to gentlemen; Breakfast and Tea If required; the c< mforts of a home; convenient to cars and stages. In quire at 127 West Forty-sixth street, till tlrst o: the month. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE GOOD BOARD and pleasant, comfortable Booms, at 1/7 East Broad way. Also n gentlemaa and Wife. A^m ('MALL FAMILT, HAVING MOKE ROOM THAN they require, would rent a Parlor and Bedroom* to gM tlr-men or gentleman and wife, with or without meal*; the bouse t* delightfully situated for the summer. Apply at 21 Mnjvesant streets first new house east of Third avenue, and between Ninth and Tenth street*. AM GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BE ACCOM modated with a pleasant Hoom and good Board, where there are but few boarders taken ; al*o one or two alngle gen tlemen will bo taken. Apply al i.<is Broome street. A handsomely furnished ROOM. ON SECOND floor, with grate and gns, to let to a single gentleman, without board. No. 4D Twentieth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. A PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH (as, to let, with Board, to a gentlemaa and wife or slu g'.e gentlemen ; al?o room lor two young ladles ; terms moderate. Apply at 121 Chrystle street, near Broome street. A LARGE ROOM, SUITABLE FOR THREE GENTLE men, and two *quare moms for gentlemen and wives; veil furnished, large closets, gas, hot sud cold water, with B?*rd. at reaaonal>> ra?s. Apply st '.'l Seventh avenue, be tween Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY OR A FBW SINGLE gentlemen can be nlo?ly accommodated with good Board sod home comforts at JM West Twenty eighth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avenue*. Near ears and stage*. Answer thib-gentlemen and wives or sin gte gentlemen wishing tlrst rate acoommodation*, with table permanently. House will be newly carpeted and fur nished. Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue. No moving in Ma/. Addiess for oue week A. M. L . box it,046 Post ottlce. AT NO. 7 OBAMEROY PLACE, IN TWENTIETH street, aeoond do?r from Fourth avenue, to let to a sin gle gentleman only, a furnished Sitting Room and Bedroom attached; breakfast If required; house Ar?t class snd pri vate. No moving In May. A flne residence Reference* ex changed A FEW FURNISHED ROOMS CAN BE HAD AT NO. It Qreene street. SMALL PBIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM L than they require, will let one or two Rooms to single ntletaei. Apply at Ul Broome street. A ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH THE PRIVILEGE of * handsomely I urnlshed parlor and piano If required, ll would be a first rate stand for a dressmaker, as the same business has been carried on with aoeress for flrst class ens totnera Inquire attt! West Eighteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. TJOABD?WITH ELEGANT FCRNISHBD BOOMS, JJ single or In ?ult. to *lngle gentlemen, with or wuhonl Hoard ? family private; utrtct attention pal 1 to comfort. Ra fereoces exchanged. Apply at 110 East Thirty fourth street. ?DOABD.-HABDSOMBLY lUBNlflnED ROOMS. SUIT Jj able for gentlemen and ladle*, to leu Board (or ladles opty. Price* low. At ?30 Sullivan rtweH, near Amity. BOABD.-TO LET, WITH OB WITHOUT A LARGE comfortable Boom, with a small Boom and pantry at tached, on the third floor, also, a *lng'e Room on the second <cor. Apply at td Clinton pk". Eighth street. JOARD.?CLINTON PLACE.-TO LET, WITH BOABB. to a family or single gentlemen, two furnished front ?a. Apply at 61 Cltnloa place, two deora *aat of fifth iw*. Befsrsnres rea aired. SOABD.-A.SUIT OP BOOMS TO LET, WITH BOA BD (aeparate &r together), with gas, hot and eold water, bath, |e pantrlee, Be., In a email family, where there are few hoarder*. Inquire at No. ? Bank street. Stage* pas* within one blosk of the house. Beferetee* exchanged. OARD?TWO OR THREE SMALL FRONT BOOMS __J can be had, with Board, at 4A Fast. Sliteentli street, next to Irving ptere. Terms for two persons, including Are snd ga*, 110 and 111 per week, according to rooms uiueerat a o'clook. References exchanged. OARD.?A handflomf.LT FrRNISIIKD FRONT B BOARD.-A HAMWOIkLT FrRNISIIKD FRONT hall Bedmom, on third floor, at 83 Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner at six o'clock. B" OARD.?.IKRSEV CITY?A GENTLEMAN ANI> WIKK, or two slng'e gentlemei, csn be *<.ommodate1 a Kli Heard In a strictly private family, a short distance fr en the ferry; liotine flr*t etas*, with all the modernlmiiroveineiv-. ilertvld ofliee. BOAR DIN & ADD LODOINQ. HOARD- AT 25?TUYYESANT KTRP.HT. continuation I ol Aator place.?.1 gcuiieman and bis wife, or two ?u , gie geot!?uien can bf with Hoard where ton comfort* of a home can be found. conrt-ui<-ut to ca^ *a J i stage*. Second of the new EufUah IhimmoI houses east of Tliml avenue. Board in clivton i-latjs _a suit or rooms I for a gent.eman aud his wile, or for single geu.ierti'u alto.i sim;le Koom tor our or two gentlemen, at 'J7 1 Clinton place. Board wanted?a neatly fchmskkd room una Botrd, toi a young lady, m ah tute of piano. Address R<>aid, Imjx 1M Hera!! o.lice. |}CAl(I? WANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN, WIKE, HUN JJ and daughter, iu a nlt-aM&t, ttrlrtlj private family; the location uuuet be oeatW de*ir*o"l? rutn'ly fare, terms must be moderate AJdieaa <?., box lu) lie .-a. J utlice, st* .oea tl"U trm*. Board Wanted-in 4 genteel house, rp town, it t a small Ian.'.'.;* of fi*? peison*, requiring twoorturcC room* Adam*. Herald otlic.-, wi'h parUcuUr< BOAI D WaNT?D-3Y A VO0NG SOCtlff ItN GEN tlemau, In :i prv r.e f?mi y *liere (toother bosrdu-g are takeu, ia Brook y?t 01 Nev. Kei'ireu es tjiven and inquired. Address. with terms, 'jcat.on. Ac., 0. W. H , boi 111 I'.mt .11 ce. V V HOAItr- WANTED-TWO LAROB CNFCRNISHt'n loomsfoi 1*0 ladies and 'wo children and our-e \i iliei"? t. A . bo* l4o Heraldoit-c, swung !ocv.,oa an! term, mhicu muit be lut dern e. BOARD WA.YTED-FOR A GENTLEMAN, LADY AND tw" ??hiilreu .one. au Infant, the other ti\ <? years >ld1. must be in a priva'e ism !/, ?ith few or 110 boarders. A plain. clean family only ?.r.-d answer thin, fermt not to ex oeeo $|i per week. A Idriis A. J. H , boi 173 Herald oiltse, stating all particulars. Board wanird immediaiely-by a single gentleman. In a aloe, final', family, wuh but a few or no other Boarder*, wit's p od plain tahle. and at a moderate price; U . ation bet wet'a i'aa.?l and Thirty uiuib streets and Sewtid and Seventh avenue.. 11 th Fourth or SUth av^aue preferred. Addrrsa IV.*e78raace, Herald ol&oe, gtviagprice aotf accommoda'l >ns Board wambd, fisher in this <"ty or in Brooklyn.?A geu'.lemau and irf'e dei,re a ueatly f>ir nlshed Room, ult'j ;io.?rd. in a family where the e ire but few othi-i boarders Address, s'-atuu tertoa au.l Ijcanou, V. M. A.. Herald OHlce. Board wanted ox staien island. in a first class house, for gestlema':. wife, three small children and nume, near itfatnioa' landing a d in ?u ?*? of tlit-hav; smith side t'lel'r:re-i. \<> Ire ? ST, '>ot 175, S. Y. l'oi; otlloe, giving full particulars. \r Tetm? mod rafe Board in rrooci^n -large ro< m A^D hall Room adjolniuf. nte> sMitly altuated, for gentleman m l wife, or Mingle gem emeu. Ridgewood ^ate,, oath room, gna, furnace, 4c Five minutes walk from Ailjuttc terry. 100 Pacific street, between Heniy and Olintoti. Board in Brooklyn ? \ gentlev vn and wikf. or two dnglo gentlemen, cjd be a v ommodaied with a ple?.-ant home :n a suihII private tamily. where n'" other i t oarder* an- taken. Term" moderate. Apply at tHi Kort Green p.ace. Board in bkooxl\ n.?TO let, with board, for a K>'Utl'aiim ^'.>d Hit wife or Mingle gentlemen, a large, front Room, v.'h ha! Heiiivom atfached; wlsoau u:i: umUhed back Oarior. Terms low. ln'|ulr? at 3W llemy ?ire?t Boabd in bpookly.v-a few single gentle men can bo act orrmodiitel with Board at 101 Lawrence stree'. Brc >klyn. ihe a.itutiuu ,s pleasant audconvenient to I the femes. Board in Brooklyn.?furnished rooms on i aeond t>n<l th rd atones to )?t, with Boani, s>-veti miautea' walk of Wall aud Bt.uth ferr'.ei. Apply at ftt?. 100 Cautou ?treet. References exchaug< d. /"1hf.AP furnished Ri'OMS AT thk FRVNKFORT * 7 House, coiner of Frankfort and Wi.liam atreeta ?(Jood Rooms from 91 to $?, per ?eek. Lodgings from 25 cents to 37 cents per night. Ope'i ali night. Uool restaurant attached. I elegantly FURNISHED SUITS AND single li Room* to lei, containing all the modern c<jnveniences, with or without (till or partial Board Apply a' 910 uroad way, between Twentieth aud Twenty first streets. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Elegantly furnished rooms in the hotel St. Oerniain, Fifth avenue, Broadwuv and Twenty second street Now vacant, a suit of delightful front Riotn?, suitable for a large family, also small l'arlor and Bedroom, a 1 having MhS attachea. Botrd at table d'hote, private tables, 01 meals a la carte. Furnished room, with board, in a small houae, occupied bv a yenteei French f.imlly, w"tuout children. Inquire at 26 Last Twenty-fourth street, between Madison squiu e and Fourth avenue. Good ehance to become perfect in the French language. FLRNIcHED ROOM TO I.ET-A TOIN3 WIDOW wishes to l?t a !!? om, with or without board None but those of quiet habit* need apply. Call at 52 Downing sin"t. Good rooms second floor, with board, in the tamily of a French teacher. The house has nil im provements. family small. Apply at No. 1 East Thirty third street. Rooms and board.-a few single gestle tnen, or a family can be accommodated with lianis me Rooms and Board. Apply to Mr?. Gregmy, lMEaai Four leemh street, op|>oslte Aoadmiy of Music. Rooms to rent-with board, in a private house?with ail thi* Improvements. t'u"n shed or unf'tr ni?hed. Inquire a< 123 West Twenty second street; reference* required. TWO HANDSOMELY FI'RNISHKD ROOMS, OVER the parlors, together or detached; meals If required; gentlemen pr< ferred; house with all the modern improve ment*, Inquire at 170 Meat Tlmty fourth sweat. TWO on THREE GENT LEV EN, OR A GENTLEMAN andw .fe, run be ari.-imiiv "dated with * lame pleisaut front Room, in the second story, with a Kedr.> on communi cating: also a tame front It om iu the fourth story with Hoard Applv at H Seroml avenue, one door from Fourth Street. ' TO IET?WI1H BOARD, A SUIT OK ROOM'S, OR w>ll be lot separate, on Lexington avenue, a few doors frcm Thirty'fnuith strcet. House and accommodations rtrn clan Also, two tingle Rooms. Addre-s Board, stall <n F. mo LET, WITH BOABD?ONE LARGE ROOM AND I fceOro'ira on the second floor: also, one small Room, contaiuicK gas grate. Ac , at So. 30 West Twenty ninth attest between Kr>adw?y and Hfth avenne. TO LET-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM ON THE SE oond Hi-or. In a German priva'c family, with bathing room attached, with Breakfast If required, tnfcentlemen oniy. in doie proximity t > several car and s'aee routes For par titulars Iniyiiie at No. 7 Hamiu >nd street, between Fourth and Blcrcker streets. TO RENT?WITH BOARD, TWO PARLORS WITH bedrooms attached; also several slng.e Kooms to single gentlemen, with or with ut Board Apply at 4ft Orove street WANTED?For A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, A BED *T room ainl Parlor, with Board for the lady only. In a modern houte. In the vicinity of Fourth avenne, Bro.idtvay or Fifth avenue, nor above 1 mrtieth or '>elow Twelfth street. Ad'iress B. C., Madison squat e Post offlce. TAT ANTED?BV A GENTLEMAN AND LADT. A NEAT jJ ly lurni-hed Boom, with Board for the lady only, to a small quiet family, where theee are bo other b-nrdeta Ad dreas Carlos, 'oox 111 DeraM attiee, si.itln? terms (which must be moderate), location, Ac. WANTED-BV Jl GENTLEMAN, A NICELY FUR nlshrd fronr Boom, with breakfast only, tij a family where the retl comfortsof a home can be realized; a widow lady prefe. red Address, with tlxed terms and full particu lars, Permanent, Hera d office. T1TANTED.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WITH TWO fv snmll child-en and servant, wl?h to obtain a comforta ble, homelike place, In a private family, where 'here are n ? other bo.ird'-r*. Location between eighth and Twentieth streets preferred. Unexceptionable references given and re quired. Address for three days G. T., box ? N. Poji >!lic*. T17ELL furnished ROOMS TO LET?TO GENTLE Y? men only; location most desirable family pr.vate, bouse has bath, gjs, Ac.; breakfast if desired. No tti East Twelfth street. ne>r Broadway. AQ ?BOARD.?AT SO WEST HOUSTON STREET, ONE <POs bl ck from Br adwuy, a gentleman and wife and three or four voting men ran lie accommodated wit'u Board for $:t a w eek ea< a. The bouse has all the modem improve ments. S}4 UNIVERSITY PLACE. CORNER OF NISTH T" street.?To let, a handsimely furnished Bedroom, on the first flaor, with full Bnaid. Also a single R-ma. t nex ceptionable references required. Dinner at 6 o'clock no GREENE STREET ?FURKISHFD ROOMS TO LF.T, ZD to gentlemen only, llooms at $1 SO 'o $i per week. House has gas, Crdon wa'er, Ac., and is very quiet. Q7 WEST THIRTIaTII STREET, BETWEEN BROAD 0 I wav anc Kitth avenue ?One select family and two or three gentlemen can now :>c MMModalsd with sails or sin ?le Km mi in no# ot the tr ?t deilghtt >il location* in the oity. able first class. Re: crencea exchanged. At' WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ^rU and Sixth av*nu*s.?To |>t handsomely tu-nlshed ' ront and bsck K"Om": also a single Room, with or withuit B<?id, in a tlrat class house, with a French family, location Iinsntraased: convenient to Cars and stages. Terms reasona ble References exchangiil. 7Q TENTH STREET, ONE DOOR EAST OF FIFTH I Zt avenue.?Rooms to let, with Board, to respoctabie par ties Dinner at ? o'clock 7Q SPRING STREET. THRPE DOORS FROM BROAD 4 O way.?Tr let. aeveral han' some!;- fuintsneii Kooms, to single gentleman. The lo<atl <n is near all the t'rat c ass h 'els and places of am istmenu Reading room free, iniulie of ANSON HoUfcE. QQ GREENE STRfET. ABOVE SPKING.-ALsTOtf ?"0 House Elegantly turnlshej stilts of Kisims. <ia>, C rot on and every convenience for houseke?pingeeie.iomi^ally. PartK ularly suitable for small r? spi-etaole families or single gentlemen. Kent low to permanent tenants 19 4 WAVERLET PLACE NEAR SIXTH AVENl'E - YZrT A large and very desirable R"i)m. with pantries, Ae., on s?or.nd floor, for a g-ctieman and his wife or ' wo sin^.e gentl'-men. Also, one sing e Itootn. No moving iu May. Dinner at six. ICC PRINCE STREET-BT. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELE 1 ? )U gantly lurnlshed Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, tnclud log gas ar d Croton wattr, to let to respectable families or sin gle gentlemen. m i l ELM STREET, NBaR SPRING? MaKION HOL'aft JJlU Bleely furnlsiied Apartments, arranged for anon, mi oal housekeeping, with all the cnnveslennaa, inelodlng ook ng uteneils, best bedding, gas, water, ka. Heats lew to ra pectable tenants. ?? THE LKCTtfRR SRARUH. "" "11ERCANTILE LIBRARt'aSSOCIAt'iOn" JV1 JOHN B. OOOGH Will deliver his new and brilliant Leeture on the STREETS OF LONDON, AlCOOFER INSTITI TR, FRIDAY EvBsiffO, Feb. IS, At S o'clock. Tickets 26 cents. For sale at the Library or at the door ihii.itaht. IJL'ANTKD-SEVENTH REGIMENT (S O) UNIFtiRM fT In gi rd oider height 5 (eet. 9 Ircbca. Address i. h' H , Herald ? flic*. ki ?\iti h? ~ " AFED*OOMs riTOF ENAMILLFD FffMIT I t'.ilt, lu a 'I en! irs of wsrrsnled t?>anti's lure, s chestnut v hi,nils-] isi ts, plan aud ortisin eal, st FaMSI* ()T< N's UaOantl itieel, opposite ?? >s ?> lisbtd Iu i*'4d SAt.BIS or REAL KHTATK. A^m OOTTAOB FOR BALK OK TO LRT-NO. *13 WKtfT Fourteenth street, witb liable in rear; lot 1.10 feet 5 feel front, with party wall Th>- alio** will b" e* ?fianaed i*r a g<?d house la a good location in thUoity or Brouaiyc. Apply on tike premise*. AoPI.ENDII) FARM IV WESTCHESTER COUNTY, 126 acres?Large and good buildings and fruits; pri"? tO> triv i Ktti ini umbraiiacs; would sell or exi hauge u> r*rt for village or city property W. H. MELICK. 407 Broadway^ A^m babdbome br<>wn stone house ro> su,e or would b? let to a reipousible party, on the inoal cu ptot lag part ol Lexington avenue. sue a) by 30; replete with all the modern Impro vement! and 'n perfect order. Posses an-u immediately Terms moderate and little cash required; Willi be ?o!1 at n Kirgatu Apply to P J. MURTll AJnortheaat corner of Kilty third street ana 'Ihird avenue AHN ELBOAN'TTWO STOUY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, in a block occupied by genteel American families, d "i ble purl-i?. in.nblr mantels, pia/ia. ?c.; ba'i a:i boor'irde from f< irle?. price J2,u?), terma to a g >oJ tami.y very easy, a' on: $500 chi.ii, and quauetly till paid E P. DAY. 76 Fifteenth str<*el, .-south Brooklyn. AJF.VT TIIKEE STORY AND BASEMENT HIOU ?'oop Hr>u?e for ss'e ?6 lex log ton areuuo. Ha* all the modern improvements and >o good order. Terms easy. Ap ply lo.KlU.i FOLEY, 163 Broadway. AT CHATHAM. MORRIS OOl'NTY, N. J.?A NEW and desirable House, neatly (unshed, wiib sn acre and a b ilf tor morel land . three 111101110-. walk from depot, Oa hour dist.mi 110m New Ycikcityby Morris and Kasex Railroad. I- or (milicularu addles A M Tredwell, 43 Fulton street, New Vork cily. __ Kxchanue ?selected assortment ok frenuh fancy Uooda, ready made Clotblng, Cloths. Caaaitneres, Ymtliu-s, forootin'.rv mortgages, tenement property in New Yorl. or Umoklyn, ligh'ly t ncutiiben d None but principal* n?ec' addt-esa B. M. how ler, box S 763 I'osl office ITIACTOBT PROFEKTY.?I HAVE A PERMANENT r W'aier Power, with a g*>d three aiiiry and allio Factory Building, and water wheel, aha1 ting, belts, Ac.: 3 t-iicin -nts a:.d la acres ot good land situated In a village about flfly ml'cs :rom Albany, which I will seli at a^oul one half Its real value 11) close up an estate. All over <751) cm remain on bond and montage any reasonable lenglu of UsMi orwrnld ei cl?' if ! 1 .11) other good property, (wntoual or real. Ad dress P. N T Herald office, New York. INARMS FOR SALE CHEAP?IN various SIZE4, r qualities and prices, in |>ieasint locsti jus, oonveni-ut to the t Ity, good buildings and n per'ect order, and some to eg charge for city or Rn oklyn property A'.ao MM tine country se<i? snd a urcai mill property feOUTIHUCK A WOOD. ^ Nassau street. FcK SaLB-OR WOULD BE EXOHANOEL FOR A good farm near New York, a valuable House In ibe city of Brooklyn. with all the modem tmproveuieota. For particu lars a .Id-ess Ix x lft'J Hrooglyn Post 111-e 1[V>R HALE?TWO NEW RW OUM fODI SIOIT 1 brown stone front Houses, with all the modern improve menis, tinished in the best style. lIlM'tjOB Murray Hill, between Park ana 1-exlngton avenues, Nos 4.% auj 47 East Th'ny seventh si:eel Inquire 011 the premises FHUK KALE?A FIRST CLASS FOf'R STORY MVNKION on Murray Hill. Fif'h avenue is fn: rushed wlih all the modern improvements and built iu the most suostairial man ner. 1 he owner would uegoliste for t'ui ed Sines freasury notes or stocks Principals only n?ed atply. Address Owner, No 4 William street. N. Y. For sale?on murk ay hill, 100 feet east or Ijckingtoo avenue, in I uirty-elghtli stre?t six smail tlrat c ?*? lnown alone iluildings. with uli mo leru t!iipioveiu-*uts. Termx ea.iy. luquiie as above, or ': W East Thirty eighth si. IilOK SALE ? A FARM OF MU ACRES SITUATED AT Lrnsne, Illinois six miles from cltv and railroad sU ti n: improved ainl beautifully located: two, stole, and two lots <>n the Hudson riwr ruilioa l. .'1 tulles from the city. Inquire at 43d lireenwich street, gricery hou-eof \\. H. Kiutliu. For sale?house and lease of lot nu. 6M Eighth avenue ;iiid Forty-fouiih street, the lower part of whtch u now cccupled as a liveiy stable; would suil most any bosinesa. Apply on the premises, up stars I TOR SALE-THE TIIKEE STORY BRICK HOUSE No. 4<W Pacific street, Brooklyn . cars to South, Wall streat and Fulton fertirS near the door, litis brown stoue basement, suWIIar. larg? yard, rnoilern improvements, gas, bath, r ing-., Ac ; w ill lie sold lor 4&.5tH), and is eouai 10 a New York house at $I.UW lent. Inquire at 26 Water street, up stairs W. OHEdNEY. Full ULR-Ol LEXiN'tiToN ayenue, CORRXR OF Thirty lifBi stn-et, two flist class four story stone tront Houses, w ith all the modern itnpiovements. Inquire of D. II. KNaPP, owner, IW Allen street. For sale?the two new hoi'sbh, brown stone fronts, nearly completed, with all the modern im provements, and built In the oe*t manner. Desirable loca tion overlooking the park, ltvl amt ir>7 East Fifteenth street. Terms to suit. Apply to .I. H DOUUHT*, 143 Bo^ry, or ner of Broome atreet, from 12 to :i o'clock. FOK SALE?ON THE HT7DMOV, TWKNTY MINI'TES' ride l r m Thirty first atreet, a ba-. .-meat two at iry and attic House, large garden, Ran and <*a'er ?throughout; also, a brown stone fruit House >n I'iitlcth street. near Eighth ave nue. Apply to W. H. sILLIMaN, Broadway, corner of Twenty-eighth atri'et FOR SALE?a NICB COTTAGE FILLED IM WITH brick. Lot, estra size, 2-V, fee'by 100 feet *Valer anl gas. Mtuatlot?flne No. 40 East Thirtieth street, near Madi. son avenue. A bargain. Apply at 127 Bowery, corner tirand street. Drugstore. not UMI IAT HIOWUT, 25 FBI* JT front anil rear, bv 125 feet. rents, with llie mosent build itig lor $2,tW0; title lndisput ?ble. inquire at MM Bowery JOSErH W. COOK. V?H SALE-THE MBW rUWT CLASS BRoWN STONE L House No. l.'iS West TMrty nln ii atreet, near Broad way. tlouse 22x50 lot 2?xlilP; houae has biurk walnut stairs, marble hall and all other mo tern Improvement* complete Price $lt).a< u. JT.U1*) or $S.OUU tun remain oil bond an 1 rairt page. Apply W JAB B. ULENTWORTH, No. 7 jrtwd at F"<OR SALE-IN BROOKLYN, FIVE SEW BRICK Houses, three story, basement and sub ce lar, rua.ble mantel*, gas and water part cash and ;>urt gocd merchandise above * moderate mortgage. Address w. B., Ili :a'd odli e. T/OI! SaLE?A WFI.L BC1LT THREE STORY Hoi SE 1" and lull I?iit, No. 407 Fourth street, Albion place. Will | be sold c!>c?p, at.d most of the money may remain on m >rt gage. J, SMITH OODtifc, 10 East .-eveteenth at]vc, J"?OR SALK?IN RPOOKLYN. THE THREE -TORV and basement high ?toop m dern frame liouae, filled In i with brick; has sub-cel'ar, marble mantels, gas, water, bath, beater, iacgi\ tr. Corner of Fourth avenue und I'acllic s'leet. rats to Fulton, Wall and South lerr.c-i, near the bouse. Price low and oh easy'errus. Inquire at 41 Water st. I^OR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, THE first CLASS | F three story brown stone IroDt House213 Clinton street. Lot 25x112: House 25x44, with all the modem Improvements. ! Price and terms made favorable. Apply on the premises, or I at Ml Wall stieet, N. V. "IT'OR SaLK AND TRADE?SIX HOUSES AND L.jTS IN JT West Kaims, W. stcliestcr county: Factory, Dwelling and Store, nranrord, limn.. Houae and Ieit, Bu-fiwh?, I.onu Island; three ?h e Stores: also Wagon and Harr.e-a, Apply to R. A W A. I RE M Na-sau atnet, roon; li). Fob gui low?ion easyterm*, bi ? i ?l nan class brown stone three story Houses on We-t Fiftieth stnet. Apply at 224 West Flitlcth street, be'.we* n Eighth ana Ninth avenue*. F'OR SALE OR EXCHANGE.?A CoCNTRY SKAT, with slit en acre* of and in Westcli-st r county, Will be sold at a barg* n or exchanged for a bouse and Mi i'n this city, or a country seat In same county with ;e. .an I The buildings are new and modem: hot'and co d water, bath shade and fruit trees In abundance; *iiu.u?t ..n the New Haven Kallrsid, twenty minutes me fn :u tue de pOt. Ing'itieof A CO. 2a itond sti.stt, For sale or ix^hanue-a docble brick Dwelling House, In the suburb* of Brooklyn, ?uit*lil? for a gentleman's residence, would eielianze for oile r city pnqie'ty or a I?rni near the city. Apply to M. * . SCoTT, :? Cellar street, Near York For sale or fx hanoe-ior ciiyuk brook l?n properly, a tine country Kesidence, newly 9msbed, withbarti and an acre of ground, iti tine oondtlii.a, weil stocked with choice giafted i rult of various Sin n Lawtoa blackbcrties, currants. 4c. vtthin i.'! mtnntes ride of the city, on the lin?-ol trie New Yoik and New Haven ltailr.?a>L Aiidrcss S W. U , l^erald ollice, describing prooeity, location and price T7H)R SaLF. OR EXOHANOE-A CO'T.NTRV IIKoI r denc4- at-Astoria. L. I , lormetlv owned bv l>and J. i'ur'lj, deceased, and now occupied by -the subscriber, com Drisitig 23', si res of (iarden Land, in a grsnl stale of coltlra tion. with a youtiit on nnrd of upwards of a hundred iruit trees, with a* dwelling and kl'i hen with 17 rooms, l>arn an 1 other outbul.ding", cist-rri snd two wells of water, the said premises being leas than two miles tr<m Eighty sivth street lerty. and three miles by the new Hunter's Point roa<.' fr m Thlity lourth street'eiry The above would beexchirijed for a Drat data Dwelling House in a noud n<"ignborh<?Ki in Ibis city. Inquire of WILLIAM BANT A. ,V>7 Canal<>t, corner of Wooaier, N. Y. T^trR SAl.h OR To LI. I ? THK FIBMT FL ?OR ?.F NO. X <6 Leonard street, suitable for a ?'-ore or nana faeturiug purpose AI-?o for sale the premise., Iiis FratUll-i street; price pj^UMX Inquire of TAYLOB A WILSON, 117 Beade street. U'OR bALE Oil TO LET?OYSTER AND PRIVATE X" Mipper K"1 ms, In one of the best Inca,iiles In the city. Inquire in Hughes , corner of spring and Mcrcer streets. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. SALE OR TRttB?HOr?*ES AND LoTS IN NEW ork snd Pnoklyn; also Farms of every description; will take mei bantable g >..,is. stocks and b.iu U in exchange A. M. RYDKn A CO., il ->aas u s'ree' Tpol'R LOTS UN FIFTY SFVKNTH STRFET, SOPTH f side, east cf and near First avenue, for sale, to cartmea or others, lor building pur|?iees JOHN h. Ml BRAY, 2?4 Canal atreet, eomerof Kltn. Harlem loth fob bale?every ?jxk a home ? A number of fine Lots, well located, in llarlem. and re*< 7 /c i immed^te improvement; will sell on easy terms or would help any one to build. Call or addrnaa A. WARNER PLATT, No. 61 Liberty street E0LVE WANTED -?0 Bl'Y OR REXT, A TWO Oit thrie story Dwelling House, between First aud Twenly flfth streeis, on the east side as far as First avenue; t house on lease preferred. Address Sims, Academy of Music, New York. HOl'SFS AND STORES FOB SALE A"D TO LKT-IN diirereut places on the Third avenue, (run Fortieth street to Forty eighth street. Will sell at a price to pay 16 per cent <>n the purchase money, Including taxes and insurance. Apply to P. .1 Ml'RTHA, neal as tale Anent, oorner of Fifty tl.lrd ali-eel and Third avenue. Look at this-a oentleman fbom the wbst will offer at private sale, or barter In dry goals or other merchsndlse, Heal I state cbiclly, any amount from flti,tt?to f'; also Bonds and Htocka to the amount of u> $AII,IUI (all barter for that). Propositions from persons wUb tng to clo?e out or wind up btislneas will be entertained All communications strictly conSdent'al. Call on or address S. W., hweeny a Hotel, New York, for flfuenor twenty .laya. VCrCACLBY, BROKER IN REAL E1TATB. AiJB.NCT jvl lor Letting Houses, 4c , (WU Rinadwsy, under 'he Eaat lllver Hank. Onice bouraH till 11, 1 tlllt. TWO 1/4ITS, BETtfEEN MYRTLF. AND ATLVNTIC, Wasl'lngton and DeKsIb avenues, Brooklyn, to erect dwellii gs, in eichange for Champagne and Scgars. will pur I t cash two i^>ts near a thoroughfare in New York; hUo, severs! Farms w anted. lock ? PiTTMAV Bond street. ANTFD?TO PITRCHA^E, A MODERN RUII.T, ft thrre or four story House, with all the mode ti mi t rovi mi nts 'an English basement no objection1; situ t e I b?. Iwe- ti Fourth and Sixth avenues and Twelfth and I'hlrne h s iv" >, Price 'bout $10,OIU. Address J. (Jolek, Mtdiiwn sunn' e Pest olPee F?y sMKU-IO EXCHAm B BIAOn BOKTII >F n Mri Pmrerty for Bods and Shoes, Clothing, >?w I < ? i,i? uoods suitable for the Wesurti markoi Addr I E , lletald oflice, lui nrd atcly SALES OF REAL ESTATE. WANTED T' FCKCHA*E?IN A 00>D NF.lflHh ift hood. a; jv> TweoUetb aireet, a mealiuni sued ihreft ??o?7 UOUM', v.nh the ino'lern InproWUdl Anv pir;y hiving ooe for mi> cheaf umy address. ataiiBi location, price. amoiait :n cuk wanted Ac , A. 11 L , Herald oBice 1(\r\ AS?*y' 0F FIJ,B FABMISa LAND BX 4"'' Cfcange ?Jt it in i*ike countv, Fennsvl/. ., ?r ib# Delaware river and war rrf kai ad ?? ar to ax. clear, bouse aud earn; price $?ao. Als. llio acre*, alao Juoucrca. ? alao 4U0 and ii? anil bi a. re?, ali to trade r?r (?ior?rv ar. i Uquor M. n-a. ialonns, fciiitaa i-. ttarkeis. o. a. y busm-is Any our war line ? i. eFarmwiU ge a good (lunv cj 'r\ti ' JB8 by caliina un i*a viys u:vM.on at;v.-t. ?s Ua^uui i the map of the county, and all the land loft with Umtoaell ! ?r ? rrtdc. ??. a!! prices It la tsebead 'fpot in New York for 1 our nui?jil??ni4 Laud* a' w h' le ale prices, oul., three or toarhoun* ridafrcm fli!~ r t.. Will '.-?de t r ilronklvaor <ity i>rij..rty. All u Willi' 1'AU'LS, I)i DivisluU a'.reel, New York. tS;4) Kftfl ?ale a ka?.m of rnrrasv i\J\ f, aerea, with fold '.uildngs fruit and water a soul twenty mile# 1 rum Ho City, 00 (lit N'? Haven ttall road. Kr>i i^iilcu am inqui-e of ?'?>?. OMlBKUONK, 147 Fort Qreen place. Brook yn ?9ft nnn-fok ?*le r;i t? lkt uat ele ?4iv>V/UU. gant irtnl-i .1 oiolt live hi. rv i>rown ?lone House, n-ar Broadway, No. Faat Twenty :trs. street, con tiguous to >'ad'..t"n agnate, Fifth Aveti' e H ou L Ac nnn wanted f.<r t:>k west. ?]P?)v/ :>.r w Inch llrooalyn pr pe.ty cas.: and land* will be i'?id r tmnc.nicaltor.* confidential Adlie-* lor one week, lirvwne, ui'lian Agent, care ul M B Edson, No. S4 1'iue aireet House ! ur;i Alas goods wil. lie M. B K * UK 9.\LK. Arabs chance?the well established Woodward of Hugh Limy. corner o' fourtwath atn-et and Tenth avenue, doing a buHmcs* of $'<tl,UilU yeai'l/. wiih aJr proflis, U for Ha>e. the preaeii' owner eaterlnc "on the home biiKincita, cl.iae by the yard, tha bunlr.e-H .f whin a will ?>e facilitated hv hl? pre??nce It c naliMif it lionti, 4 larga Waenna, 2 line <'arln, :t slciglm Stabling, Fngine. *??%* 1<>K an J Spoiling MiU'iiiin-k, al! in the beat conduion. . Ue atock ot" W ood la Binall. it Welng cbesiper In the iipi lng Tertun cajy. Apply ou ihepremlk-h. sale jook wtU be xtaoam. AN OYSTER AND DININO SaDOON for SaLK <-b eicbaoge, corner of S011U1 Seveuih and !? in' atreet*. Brooklyn, r. D., tinder "e?-k >:ip Uctel 'n iui. co: K rt. BBAHV8. c irrier o: ^ou;h Eighth and V'lfih ?iree ?, or G. W. DITt'U1' XT No. STyron row, rooin No U, N \ A PORTION OF THK Ml ATR f?al?.l?.MW of I k bmgei for aaie. Ten iloraefl ?ad k.i ? arri?gea, ! all flrat iloaa, Curr.ngd Uouae W N<;at Nt^th auect, uaar Flfta avenue. COAL OIL FACTOR? K.lR SALE-SITUATED IN Hrookiyn, 111 complete order, citixielty ilKJUt liM) b^rre,a per week; ?Ul b<' sold low lorc tah, or exek.tnged lor other i'ro|?erty. For partlcularH, addreaa factory, ilrrml [lioe. DININO SALOON AND BAH FOR SALE -WELL I.U ca'eil and lining a good trade, well fitted up; wit take part in trade and aeu cheap. ISAAi' A BK .JS, 7^ Na-.iau atreet. For sale?a fine retail lioi or store, doino a g'rtel paying buslnes*; th" owner 1 ?? engajenn-nt* ?lilct. 1 pievenl Ion attending to it. *111 gel. v. ry | ,, M. i'.TOEll ! A I'O., 82 Naasau ! treet. F^OR SALE ?country STORE O^ ACCOMWODAT ingteimi A country Store, aboat twenty mile** fr?n the city, ?n a gi. wing village rent low, H'tiisfn -tory reasmaj loraelling will be given Ac dress 'oox lle-ald oolce IIOR SALE- STO 'K. F:XT! RES, H.iRSE WAiiMV, Ac , of one i.f the 1,est rumily (HDOtVUM in Newark, N. .1 now dolus a butlnei ? of from Jll'in t' f.'l.iM. ? veur; value in all about $1,500, ?c iiidtak- ball 'a^ti and approved T>K|jei'lor balance, or would tradi- for aamaU honne ?nd lot in Newark An investigation will prove everything re^ie .-en'ed. For address Inquire at 2lH lio '-ery Agea*i need not apply Fiok sale?tiikee ^kakm lease fkok next >iay of ?boli"-Hi ? and retail Liq'ior si ?. ? on a g' o>l cor ner. lnqul' e at |Q( 'I'enlh avenue, :n 'he It i'ior slot. FOB SALE?V LTQT'OR STORE. fORVE t OF F'>KTV third treet and -ec* nd avenue cloae b> ?>??inil Avenue Bai'.rotd depot. Satisfactory rea?on given for aelllnu. In quire till aold. For ?ale-a c<>al yar:> elu.ihln situated up t"?n :ind well aMdlatlNl tu iwyiMMtt l'lire? I home* and carta, and everyHi'.ni tu 1 mapXe 1 i t. Adtreaa Lehigh, box 114 Herald ollice. For sale-the fixture? and good will of a well entablighed Liquor -torv witU a ('all !:? am it tached, up town?the .ml, ue .11 the Miri? ?:iu w ill be sold clieap. Apply to T. 1SAFFNE1, auctl-neer 4i>.i Bro ?Jn ay. r*OR bale-the sr><?:; and Txri :.i.> <>r \ '.ko r eery and Liquor otore,'a ???><! h.-*? ?! vor parti ular-i apply at KM Madison street, o ?e ^ lilts: J Hal oa, for ae weak. IiHiR SALK-a >IsOtft'S BfcWEBO *ACHHWL LARA, f eat tir - !n peife : it ' j- 1 .??>?: In . t v-et, App'.y at lOt Krr.ut *tr?et, up autre F^OR SALE-THE LE.\t-B \k D FIXTURE* OK A JSutcb.'r "-hop: tiae loflntioo, ari l wll e sold v .ry low as tlie cannot a;?0Ld to it. A M. " > It t?i< Ac <, SJ >auau F>OH SaLE?AK OLD ESTABLISHED >HaDLS. BIL llard and Oytter Sal >ou com'lned t. In:; * good L- <1 Of**. Appiv at th>- i'gar store, A . ? Fultju street, Brook yn. after als o'clock yon HAM?A M.\N* rAOTL'BMO ?: AIKERB, ?BC8 r pari, .1 ue' p'ntltof to $V OH i year eataUlub'-d aceen v?a>r<. Tim la ku opportuni y aeld >iu offered. a p.tty ?ub ?.\t*!0 cash ?"\ti either pnrciiaae thf en Ire inter?: or tiec n>e a i??. tuer with ,*\uu amount. Address Down Town. Hetad oflice. F"?OR S.U.E-A COAL OIL STILL, PrT I P AND IN working orfcer. A d chuu-.e for a competent nun ? !tli a hdi " cup -ul V. 1.1 be sold uw f or i*?U oi good sc -a rity. Aadre<s{j. M. B., Hera'Joihce FiOP. SALE-.AN ESTABLISHED BtTBINESS. IN Tt'E loner ;i?rt of the rlty, for $10,OUI>: tr thirds ot the amount wlli beetebnnged 'or real estate :a thisdtyorUrjok } n A J Iresa box 4.o7o Post Office. L""OR SALE? AN OLD ESTARLI.-iHED CONFE( TIONE r rj btore. now doing a fair buainev-i. will be di.posed of a' a reasonable prlc. hh iho ow ner m g 4ng ffM in ib ? spring. In tuln- on tie premises, No. fiti t-Utu at <-aue. Er*OK S\I.E CHEAP?A STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER of dl teen horse power, w|:h Building suitable forms uufecuintig t>urposee, with four lots of Ground on the "orin-r of Flashing and VYasbtt gtoti avenues. Brooklyn, inquire on premise*. For SAUL or a partner taken? a great chanc.- to make money.?A N-** spaper Houte. <ervtnj{ hII o' the daily and ?eeklT ?nd ^iinda* I'.iix-r'-; fer?ina abov'. l".tl to .'l*i p .pern d.'illy He**i>n tin aelltuii: No t in- 'o at teed U> It. Alsu, a Billiard Room at n v-ry low ren' A'l drcta. for tbice day?, H. O., Hei ?ld oflloe. For .?ale cheap, mi cash-the lctwjh room an'! Hr- ?urant. 74 Cedar ?;rc-t, eoraer Nsnaau, will known alnrr atx year* Le-i?e ? 111 be ijKen. ITOP. BALE OR EXCHANGE FOR OTHER PROPER".*? I; h <>t ot Sewing MachlniM, ? 'ounter *n1 Ji;>lt. Apply at y. Pine (.treet, ro Jtu No, 4. I lOrOR STOP.ES FOR MLE')RTHt)E-r'iR.\E* :N J Vilnt* itreet- corner in fcleventb a enne <-or:i"r In Sixth ward comer In Spring ftrei-t,; tt?roeery tn Uott utreet; Halnon in Brnome itre-t corner Grocery In il <t?' n --r -ef Two of thete not aold private, wI be so.d a iU<* tmn thla week; one on Thursday and one Fitday. Apply to rAYTEN, 9ft Dlvl.ion street. MEAT AND VEtiETABLE MARKET KoR nLE cheap ?One of thelx^'. n'artda In th' <-itr, Jf.d doing a good bunini'w. Apply hi 137 bridge itreet, Hr^ >klyn al'ARTZ ROCK M.LL AND PORTION OK PATENT for sx'.e?Decided the very !v?' for re lu'in*! rock ..nil er hard Mibat.mceH to imp.ilo .b - po?de ?Uh ha;dentil Kblftit'g, grinding -ur'ai e? e??lly replaeed h*>U1!IW10K A Wu?jD ?2 N.isaa'i *'re?t. STEAMBOAT FOR 8ALE-1H4 FEET t/iN?J, yi pf.ET heam, 4Wt tons burthen, 411m h cylind r, and It) fe -t stroke; draws about 4'jfeetof w iter. < <? >>; 'ri"l and copper !astened. She W well lilied op v !'h staterooms and h -rt'is for a nlgkt boat; has Urge capacity for t' 1 ??tirlit an< p?sa>".i gers; w a? tmllt for Lons U'.ani Sound F >r m'1'ma' ?n in ipilre at 1D6 Bei-kman -treel STEAMBOAT JOHN HART, a LI A3 OONKlDENCft, K<iK hALM CHEAP. M il! 160'eef long, 2! Te?'.'.earn, 8-; feet hoM Ermine M Inch cylinder 9 ieet stroke. In go 1 condi m and now ruu 111 eg. Apply :> CHAM ?. COPELaND. No 122 Beoauway N- ? ?ork SCHOOL FOR SALE -A VER V PLEASANT A v D profl'ub'.e prlt ate li. .odlii( and Day Si-'.io ?! for ') >y<, tip t?WB, wltb Lease ot 1'ulldlea &<? , w Id be dl*oo?e4 of at a reasonable price io a a arable gt-ntleinan ' Aldresa $2. TOO, I nion Mpiaie Poat oflice. SALCO? FOR RALE-OR A PARTNER TAKEN. 'A rare chance. Ca 11 at 164 Fourth avenue >*aem ati. TJPRINTERS.-FOR SALE. A JOS PRrNTtNOOFFICE. ronnN'ingot Meaui Engla*. Boiler. Cylinder and Han't Pre?ie ?, .steam lnk"in. Type Ar Can be seen on the pre mi*e>. 73 Maiden lane, New York. TO DKNTDTS. ?A HI SINRSS OF $*.??> FOR SALE; half c.??h, the b.Unce on flne >rlth good see 1 rlty. v-iii be taken. Addrese C.. box ljU Herald Wee, for fml partlca iara. TWO TE" PIN ALLEYS FttR HAtt-WITH H\LLS, P'tia Sl?n?, Ar. complete. * ill (>e ?"ld cheap 11 re moved immediately. Inquire at 221 sutn av?nna BAKF RN ?FOR SALE?A - EOOND han't t'rarkrr Machine, with xuttem for city trad*', m gi-od 1 tinning order. App'y a: 7ft Na?*au atreet. Hneiklyn.) 4?9 '/in -FOR sale. A WELL EftTlBLLSHCD wW.ea.iie cath bnntaeaa, now la acuve and hi ece sful ori raUon. Addreaa, wllo full name, 1. t;., box ISJ Herald odlra. VALKMTINKM. ,'ALKvriNES. TALENf IN EA. \ CALL ON BTRONO AND GET THEM. DEPOT, 9ft NASSAU MfREET. DEHTMTRY. ARTTFH1AL TEETH.-ONLT ?h for BEAOTIFtTL and ai.batantlal Seta on pure silver, on Ore gold and platlna, >2ft. Slnale Toeth. |1. Teeth Ailed and extracted ?ithout the least pain. ArilBctal Bone Filling. 30 centa AU work warranted. Otlloe l.W Blxth avenue, between Tenth and 'Eleventh streets. Dlt LUTHER, Dentist. Artificial bone filling for dfcatedtekth. put in while soft without pressure or pain. Aching teeth o- mere shells can be filled wlfli II by the dlaooverer, JAMES PKARHON, M, D. Rooms 8U> Broadway, above Union a<iuare. n^rth aide. DR. J. C. KENNEDY Ha* REM <VED TO 1* BOWBRT, th*ee door* below Spring street, where he conunuea :o ln?eet hla'wautiful lKe like 1' etb. at unusually 10W pneea. W hole upper or under seta on ?old from tift. or on silver ft.m$M. Partial seta on gold from %! "a -h t'eilh, or n? all - virftomfl. >o ehariifl for exfactisg or temporary sot?, when te'rmanent sets are ordered H BK?.,\RI AM) T?>tl<\? CO. AYANA SSOARS ~t AM ^BT.l.INU ?IAV \NA BFiiARii hj the I'u or l,i?W as low aa W.'flit c:ui be bough* Of aty otivi dealer In tbls I Ity. ( ft) W Nfcltot.s Tmt ''or 73UM ??' VJKOAt<s A ' PANIC R' T - r ?i,'?X) H \ > ' meatle p'i i (lerrrn i ? ';a*9 ? s-.h 1 an now be inv~ i e >tk a|>ei es*. aeau'ance 1 ' e ttlei d.4 ret trn b "|f<u.a.1, 0' I am now offering?, ? '< .. loeemenls thiwi e_"- 1 ?-< p,-.n'Uaser* Ol.LANDu CHLK^.', l^Kr?.;.va^ A4LK4 AT AVCTIOW. ABTUU3 B ? HAPKAN, AUCTIONEER Ofi 1 HI ?> DAI iWHIdKaOAn, JB\TItAOR]li N'AH i Al i:TI'?M >ALK OF RICH HOl'fcBHOU) r'URNITURE. Modern Ko* wi>-d 1'ianofortc, ami* of I>r?? Room Flo ture. Rosewood Escietoire En.->ignure?, Console latl. s, PtorudNiaW Vlrroi-i, Ve.vt t aud English Biuasels Carpels. O ik luninz Room Anil Roseeood, Mabogsmy and Walnut Cbaiuler turnlture, Cutlerr, Sl'ver and Olasa Ware, At the private rctMiciice oi the late Morton Fairchlld, E*t , No. SuWeat Six cent!. street, near Filth avtnue, th:?dajr t Wednesday!. at HK, o'clock 1 he Furniture o; the house in uiadn to onj^r, flint rim* throughout, ?t' of ?hich will be peremptorily sold to Ike hlgli ??tbidder 1 to* catalogue comprisi* tlit llrgdt'ud rich'*! ? s?ort meiit 11 Hon *eh> Id Euro'ture offered at auction this ?'??on. Lr\* i n t-. .in Furniture conaUtsof farted rosswo ?t Etegcres, uiarl?lt t p, Fren U door* :ind back: Work table, in .it 1 v :>i) unit in-r of p arl; rose??i>i d Centre tabje* statua ry an J raartiif toil, two full auit*l>ia? lug Room furniture, el-- i gam tele a so<as, two Arm ReceptIon and eight Oral B.?i-k cli.ilr?, run fd 'nw Iramea, covered In three ? olorrd so'in brocati i ot thenn.-d otuenMve deacriptl in; Console ta ble*. Inlaid * UB tortoise ?in-11, brocade and light Brooat and Ortnotu Chandeiiera, imported fnmi I'ari*; candai.tra* Brackets, I rerch piate I'ierand Mantel mirrori, with rtcU iflit name*, superb hevrea and Dresdeu china Vaaea V tOMFfCENT SEVEN OCTAVE IMASOFORTB, Caned lev end cafe, lOcnd corne:*, AllUhed all round. Inlalt bvitb pearl Iu:ih; roM* <1 iuiisi. Kirk cm cioidered ilotli Cover, abeet abdhuok Music, Hat stand, oil i loth, Biuntd* stair Carpet* chambers- htuhlv carved i oscwood Bedatcttd*, stjle Louis M\.. Bureau* nml t'.om- I muden t>? rnat< li; dressing una Toilet Tao>?, ?liav.nn and book , stuud*, Courhe*, Arm Chair* Cu tiiu*. Shades Cornl -ii air toattrestca, Pallia*i>ee, Feather Bed*. Bolsters, Pillow-., RlankeU, shut*, tlounlerpuna, deooratad ChinaToUet*, oral Mirrors Lining Room Furniture?Solid oak Bullet. sta uaiv arbir top, tolrro: back; ller /'* patent Extension Dining t? tie, oak Arm t hair*, butler'* Tray and stand. Arm Chair* and Couch, Cciveied ill aolld Mlver Dinner and h a Seta, ( gold band chlnt Dinner mid 7ea Seta. Parian marola Fltchera, i hi ver plated Cai'era, Cake l<a?aet*. t offee t ra, 8liei'.ield table Culi.'ry, Table l.tnen, Zophmeae cr> >.tal?iid ruby (ilata ware. Al >? Urgeaaafutment of Bsarmeui and Kitchen titr. uitu:e. bale |ieifni|'tory, without regard tn weather. Com pelent p"r?'ii;? will be in attendance to pack and atiip the e<H>da it desired. .N. B.?Above elegant Ke*id?s?ce ior salt For further ; irtlcular* inquire of the au< tloneera. AU( Tl(?y ^?OTICE.-POSITIVE AND UNRESERVED lnaia of MAUMF1CENT HOfT^EIIOLD FCRMTVRE, AT PUBUO AtTTIO>, At the elegant re*ideuc- No 21 ?< Weal l>ourie?'ntb mcee', ivear Kigmh avenue. ON THIS DAY (WEDMBBDAT),at 10>* A M. The cata.ogue c? uipn*iDg the IdrgeKt and riciieat assortment of Household 1 uraiture and Work* of Art < 'Herod ?t auctl i:i' hi* seasoa. Sujierb aeven ootave Pianoforte, Elegant lira wing Ho? .in euits, /*.iT.Ktti Hr^niea, utatuarv Oil J'ainttngo, '>y eminent art!*t*. Bronze aud <Irmolu ?'bandelier*, 1'iM abd M an is Mirror*. Brocade and bve Curtalm, An O'jaimencir.g at In1o'clock precisely?the entire elegant 1'irnl ur? und beauUfui Work.- of Art contained in the abo; e lar^e dwelling, all of which will be sold without ri? oerve and mimt he removed immediately from the pretniiM, compiling a >erv large and el. gun: aa-orimnui ot everything enaeutial to a f*-nloaable and coatly furni?l>e-l realdence, in resertood. oak aid mahogany. ha!c will emimenue in ihe dmir.g mem, with rich Mirer Ware, ot KogarB Brother*' ma nu'aciui-e?l."rn?, t.'amert, Spoon*. Forks, Cake Basket*. Dinl'ig Sets?t-tipeib Fi'r.fli and Boliemlan < hlna, orya'al t'ui O.a-s, tnh> -ograve.I Ola^iware, Ivory and !>eai I Outlery, French I'orcelaln, Oidgant emen-don Tabl-, wkh oak Dinlilg Boon, v ru.ture Furlora?Two i-lc ly carvcd r isew od Par lor suit*, covered in three colored bn cade, in perfect order; velvet and Wilton ' arpeti, roxeweod maible top Et^te en; r' d' eutie, -ota iud i'lei" Table*; two elegant !*iei (d.iMte*. **ith l>a*el; damask ami rich lace Curtain*, Freucu Miade*, 1 urkioh Chun*, with : .a to man h; Racept'on Chain m brocage, elegant curved rosewood Pianolurte, with B .lid learl ke.vo Hu.u t'abiaet, Divat * magnificent mantel x ases, Bt. n es, tnaible groups of Parlor ornam.-nta with a tinnber o' choice and viiliiabl" Pain ingg; velvet and Wilton t arpet*. cleg iat? liamber Furniture, in l-'.aevk ood aud raaao gBtiv; 1'cd* una Bedding. Kitchen Ware. <tc. A I CTIGN NOTICE -tT.rtXl WORTH OF HOI SEHOT.D >, ilch Carpets, Ernnch, ui:inu-l and pier Mir ror*, uiag-i.ll j'-ti* Pianoforte, l'arlur Suitn, Bronzes Sevren Vui <<. marble Uu*t?, Ac at public auction, this d ?v i Weaneg da>), at 10 o'c'.o' k preciwly, at the elegant redidence Mo l.'>2 lwenty-3l?t street, near Eighth avenue ilie entire elegant tiiit cliiM Fu. tilture ol the house. all of which i* new, h iving been ivcentlj made for th? present o? ner. The whole will be perempt'-rily *old. alTording an extraordinary chance for housekeeper* and the trade: consisting of magnificent Piano forte, cost $4*>. music Caiiioet, Stool and < >v-t: Turkish Lounge*, with \ oltalre chair* to inuieh cove.ed In l>o:: |uet: velvet, tapeM.-y and V> tlton t'arpets, lour elegant miiitel and pier ilir'or.s, ?llk end Curtain*, rosewood centre, *ofa and pier Tables two rosewood fcie ge c*. with plate 3<?n. FreiA-h K*ereto!re, mmalr mHI'l'lc i'edeital*. tuouiiteii in brouz- und oriu .iu; bronze Clock* roaewood recepti ni'hair*, velvet ottoman*, rich mantal % aac*. lava and h.trua : tu mantel Ornaincnu, velvet .-.g- superb landscape and hUtorioal Piibtiiig*. two magnificent parlot 1-uits, w lid ro-ew. od, 1 l? r^li br> c.i'el ,nd velvet; twenty .on- pteoe* urtlstic Br.nzes, ri.-h t'hande..era roeewood itedfrteaa*, dressing Bureau*, m troin V a*h?'ai.d*, Flench toilet set., i,ounces, ?-ie a 1 e-.. it ? ? ic er , lu hair cl< th and al'.'e ; t* *oty suiwrlor hair ?, K*da and Bedding Fitscch Chair*, duarti-He Tab s, Carjieis, . val Mirrors, 8o1?h ai.e aofa Bi ds e? is, rosewoioil and Ma li gaoy hairs, i . xi. li Shades e^teuaicn dining I'ible, ri h I'rui hi lii.-ia isllver Ware, Spoons. Kirks Cast-r*. i ,*n?, cryaiitl cut Ulasa of every descriptl n h'orjr * itlery, with ? i mple'e at crtmect oi handsome chuintaV ?nd n ra ! rtiL'ure Iron .?vate. one Colt's Hev Uer, OllclO.Ua, Ac. N> po?t[ inemei t. CaUUugUM at house. AM MRU WIS, AT/rTIOMJfcK. . Jjv HANUii, MfcKWlN ot CO., Irvluu B ilidl'iR". .'>91 .?r>J .'?> 3ro?d * <7, Thursday, February 14 at 7 o'clock I'. M Medial and MN-ellancou* Llbrsry. Comprising ft ur->t varViy i t nluaule Book". In all dcpartaieir.* ?! aid cine ..rid, and a collection of i undard vru: u u ui i branch- * of literature, Ac. A J. 2LFECKER. AUCTIONEER. IS VA1.I AB1.I. UAKLEM LOTS. I \. .7 lILtEfKF.R, SUN A ct> , will soil. ?a Thursday, | Febri ary lit' 12 o'clock a: the Mcrohants'SKx.ranj' ? Ci> Mltb avenue, 3 Lot*. >? * , 2ft feet north l.t< l Mivet <Ir. Fifth avcuut, K Lots, e * . between ! .irh nd I.Utli s'.a. Ot l."4 h street. t Lota. n. h., !i*l feet rMKi i'lftu avrn:I\ Terns liberal map*. Ar., at No. 7 I'ine street. AS. RICHARDS. AUCTIONEER ?WOO Ai^ES B'tOTS, . >:.<*'? aid Bream at auction, by R1C11aKI?*i t W'llITlMi, on \?ednes,isy. February is, a*. 10'. o'cv?i. it ?'.? i More 14 Cortlandt ? reet, being a cenerul assortment j>f -tpr.m I, il? Catalogues 'id morning ? t (ale. AUCTION NOTICE.?M. DOUOHTT, AUCTIONEER? I Mortgage Fair of Household Furniture, this (lav. at !??' , ' o'clock, .'i? the salesroom, 85 Nassau nrw, v;&kosewool parlcr ftults, In plush and brteatel; mahogany <o, in bar ! cloth; fll.? ga^ Chandellnrs, t ier Wlaases, mahogany Ward- ! ro!??, French acd cottage Bedsteada, marnle tup dres-jng and i plain Unreal*. Biaible lop Buflcts. oak an I ?a utit extension dining '!?b *?*?. oak dining room Chairs. r ?cwiiih1 and rn < I hogany Library, Jiookcares. shaving standi, ciilu* 1> a Seta, i ni.ntel Va*es 'superior i'U Calnling*. by K. t'. Ooate.*; < ar- ' t>ets, hair M?i?resses, Bedding, Cutlery," Hall Stand*. imti i* j ;m; Cliara, fofa ana arm ?'Jair*, Lounges, together with a loto! Dry coin Couriers. olPre De>k? luolion Sates, Ac, I the wbi.!e to be re<r?rnpt'irl!y sold l!y order of E. JKNN lntit?, Jr., Ait.*uey for M >rtj?a.{ ?<?. ! ATTRACTIVE AUCTION SALE-AT C C. LEIiW< | China Stall, W# Broadway, next door to Ha l, Black & t o.'R. > U!? la an upportiinity rwely aif rded to liotiwke?;i era. hoUl*, Ac., to sut ply themaeires at M ;ier cent lower | t'uaii the oid.uarv cOit uf'.hi.-^-' g"o !a. WM MYERS. Viietfone-^ N. B ?*a> continued Wi dne?l*yn aad Friday* uu'.ll fur thcr no'.ice. ' | Auction notice M. ??'. EDEY, A'lc'ioti-er. kill KAWAVS, TOi' BUOOIES. Ri?AI> WAUONS, HARNESS, Rf'BE'i, f *. EZRA LT-DLOW. Jr , will a?ll, tula illy, at IJ o'clock, ?t hla a?le?rooti'*, C?d <r ?tr?ct (o tio?it? the I'oat oiDeei. a Lrgi numfwr or light f air ?>?* l;ockanayx tarioiia stylni; lop Lugg'a, lub' Read Vagina, lJepnt and Jagwr Wagon?, fbaetcin.; iiKoinn e|. cant light alxa<at llockanay, alaoain gl" and double T.arneaa, Kobeo, Ac. ArcTKiN VTICE ?THE ENTIRE HOC It ITS til' re of h. u-c No. <"< W*c<( llouiioR itrcct, oiwl-tlng ? if relcet. Rru?*?i? and inurain <'arp? i4, mabogmiy Bi-iHi an*, do Bureau*. Matbaiauda. flDc li.ur Mattreaaca, fier Ulaaaea, ^(lf??, t hairs, Tablea, WaMrobea. window Cnrtmlna and bhiid??. c' v>lrh niilKii of 1 av-mint and kl'cb'U. Thl- aale v ii: lake plac* cn Friday, JS'h Inai., at ll>1, o'clock. Tu"K .V.. ( uNN Ai'iill TON, Aucicui-er a UCTION NOIICR. ?BURNIIAM S FCRNITITRV FX 4\ p '?1 ?r..l 1'Hi-klng t't? !lahnient, III and li Ve-t Elen ni'y *?: ?e,l bet we ri Kit'hand Hlttb arenuca.? imiae. h M lurnl'ure h ued and ?hl|'pi-d to all part* of the world , l^ cotared na^ona lor rainorlng fntn.ture lutu the e iuu try. Furniture Huii A En ward bchenck. ADcrioNEKR. ELEliANT SADW.K Ht)RSE, ly E A F H JHCHESCK, on Friday, IMh m??.. at on* n c nek at their ?ale?room, 141 Broadway?a bay Mora*. I.V, land* high; warranted kind and gentle, high spirited and ("on'tahy; a pertert saddle horae Tor either lady or gentle man; would make a atyllsh carriage horae. baa been u?ed fur the laat year aa a saddle h ire* by the present owner. V H LUDLOW, AUCTION!**. v . , Pi. Valuable Uou?e and I/itnn Forty eighth street at Amtlun, _ E. II LUDLOW A CO. will ae.l at arc-Ion, on Thursday, Febt iiarv 14, at 13 .. clock, at the Merrbanta **' hangw, the vaIuaMc fooc ftorr browi iton# fri>nt Houn Ma liot, mutik Ilda r w."" FaryelSth rtreet M feet we., of HUtfc atenue. The bouse Is 19 by to teet ID inchea in iron! order, and am tains all the modern Impnivmnenta. lot, lliiWfeei; p >aaos *' i?ap?. 1*', tUM sucitoneer s office, No. ^ I'lne strew*, near BKh"SE A SICHOW, AUCTIONEERS.?THIS OvY <W rdcetdaj ), I'ebruary L't, at otie o clock, at our aaiea room', :'!i Na>-au aire* t, HfHSfct*. W AO.iN <, H ARNES". BLANKETS, ROBES. *c. cim?l?ting ot lop and no top Hitggtei. n* t and second hin d hi ka? ays. ma j v" ns ??*, Thaeiotis and Sleighs; also d iuh> and ami; ?? liami-aa, Blanket-, hobes Ac. hATL RI>AY. Fell 18. at It,', o'c'ick. At . ur ?a.e*iootn?, S4 Naaaau street Iairce aale ol ? hand Furniture, Ucla, Bedding, Ac. hniwllll in time. / K NOTABLE 8 SAf.E.-HI^iU?;> WaLTKR-I. aU<". V' t;o'err. s^lls this uay, at No it ha?t Broadway at iill4 i'i cl ck. hy virtue of an'execution, a large aesor cnent 'it llou>el o il furniture halrand other Ma*trease?. Heas, He.1 ntn*. I'oitaga Huita. Pillow a, "oleiers, laWea. Chairs, Ingrata . and Uruaecit Cai tx ta, and oilier gi?.4s f. H KRV^, C< tstab.e ol Twenty sec md wanl. ftlao to forccloae chattel mortgatie a g-?sl H?~"-tm> ri' of Psrinr and Brtuem Kiiri.tture, Et'gere, eofaa. Chair a, K.irk er?, Mtrrora, larpets, Bed*trada, Bedding and other Furil | tuie. JAMLH M. HHlEHaN, Attorney for tnoitgag?e. UHWaKD rtCIIKNCK, AI'CTtONEKB ? Pj I'e emptorv sale of ' tl^OANT. FIRST ? I,aSS HOI snllOLD FTRV1TURE, B] E a 1. f srilKM *, on Tl>nr-"lay, H;b ins' , at II I o'clock, at their salesrnam, 141 Bniadwajr?the above el'gaiit first rlnaa Household Furniture cuiaisili g in pan of el*>ant inaewood I'ar'or Kulta, covered In ratin, ilitna?*, .irocalel aud ' I'lu-h . superb blackanod and gil' t alilnca, wltn Tabl"< an I r tegeies: rlecan'.lv carvd rosewo'id ttiuurm of new ami ( elmant ileslgns Secre'ary and I.lbrsrv IVMikca'ies. carved ron wood ano oak BnfT.-'t*, carv.-d o?k dining room t'halra In rep* and leather, carved losew ?d .Bed-leads, marble top Bureaus, Wasbstanda and t'omninlea, rosewood and ma hogany Armolr a Olace, elegant broti/e and marble Mantel H? la mahogany Farlor, chamber and Dining r iom surnlture. 1h? above I* now on exhibition, and will be positively Sold without rearrve. Ir.ajeay. TlEUBor Hol-BRitOX, Al'CTIONKF R, WILL SEI.L It lh s day Wednesday, February 1.1. a- K??, o'clrwk, at ft.l F.c'ilh avenue, the mi ten's of a lles snrant. consDtlng ^?'psr and I'ai k par. lee Box, Beer I'nmp, can- Chair*, on roth, W lass ware, l.n|Uors snd Keirats *llv*r |/aie I \v are j.t*ve. EHchen I un?il?. Tables, Kngratiaga, Oas tlraikets v ,rt ra, A? fale positive /r, n HERTS, JR., A' tnrioyi'EH J I iiNKFs' y\U'. <>'? R*.t)vv hc?krt/)Tnistt l.(. .OB, *1 on lYedres.1 V, .eh I.H ... |o . .. i ?i Ji r oon'S, *o. '.line sine, n.i:tiprt?'ng i> lot o: r? . t ? C.tilhltig Foi sh.nt t! da I'Ims Goo's, r>,Ac.,/.3. 1enu*c*<k. B.. order of AJ-l'a*. SALEi AT ACtTIOW. HENRY B HIW7B. JR., AU4tTII>NEBR. M'lRTOAGB bALE <?F FrRNITURE AJiW ft*. H or A BILL.aKD A'D DIMM1 e su>uN. On Wednesday. Feb 13, at 11 u click, at jn Murray ?n^ ol Billiard Tables, I.;.iunr " i- i ? ? i nini?a_ ri^ira, labiea Cooking I'tenniU., <a,| ? him ware, Oyster Bar, Tea and Coffee l rtir, Meu Lnabaa Um a ??nall stock of Wmea, Li'iuoa- and HENRV CBKEK, AUCTIONEER-THIS DAT, AT I4I( o'clock, ftt the auction atore, 194 Wl'liam ?.rwl, c ??. 'lea, Currants, *? bags Coffee. Soap. Sacked Herring, id i>m* BUu-ultf .'JU bose* Maraschino, 20 basket* peBniae mtp-KtMi ('luiiii)Hj(iii', various 1 rands. & cask* hast India P?i? Ale flf keg* Olive*. ? puncheon* Old Tom Gin, '. pip*# Holland lllm-ks Brand*, ado Sherry. .'i do Port, 5<K R.tai 11 do. V lurgar, s do Maltha. 30 demijohns rartoas L*| - flrepny f Hafft* 41 tut) Segars. Al.-'O, aT 12 O CUOOK. Lot Of drains!* Hoi' e* and Colter: s. .'! Sewiu^ M ? ft* ?. Drv and Fai.ev liood*. coats, i'an'a?, Vents, aod si Wslcbe*, .leaeliy, Ae. TJ tMti H Lfetl.*. ACCTIONKEK. XI aSSIUVEJ. S ,-aLB OF riJTB F'.BA 11EMJV II LEEDS A Co willta?!' at audioa, on Vina day. Feb. 14, at 11 o'clock, each day. at .#7 Braal.. a/ n???' 1 lac, b"er' b. Tiler ot 1:ip j-iviBi1"?*, lit* enlt.' stook di Fun. made eip>e**ly tor Broadway eetltl trail' at! of t*i, beNtclasa? c< 111.1-1.ugol Ude^ and i'hlid:e?'s M:tfs. i'ai> * ?"till*, Ac., oT mink. Sibanau anutrrcl, Ir-'tteh aalilc, io , %<?? Fur 1 ap*. (Jliives, Col'ara, A'', gt-ut-i art 1 ct.lli-n ? It i.? ami 4 ii,.?, toxe'her with 1 line m-ortTiient of S.i 14 i V*i>rt m vatiofi description*, without res. v e TOHNE. VAN ANTWERP'S SON. AiVTIOMll'.K. 4*ru. sell on Thurnday, Fcbruaty 14. ?'Ult 'claek a'?iie <-u?? No. ;:t Anllaiu stre-i. four i-U'ei l'r-a u Tinned ?v i.e. pricing Ssucepitii*, Strainer*. (>ridirt?us istewpan* w'o o? em, i-.esh Foil,*. Ladles. Skimmer'. Fr pars, fcgsp?ns, '-r4 l?e II' vs. toffee Hoib'en, Mi'k B.diers Str.icos*. K.mM Baskets, Tenp ts Ac., &c , bi ing aiislitly ?ltmai;ed on Ot v<ivn?e?if iin|M)r'atlon from Antwerp, oa board the acaooa^r * ou-t I'lloi. and --old :or acrouat ol whim it m?v concM* iiudcr the ia-pe<itloa ? < lit-* Wardena ot lite Vort. Wm ? iikh. bankable [uom>_,. l??l N t. Van ANTWKRl'S SON. ACt'l THNRKH. *114. ?I include in Ula lla. .lware oal'' of 1 buoiiay. February 1 * ,ti,lOl lb- E^gliah 1 'ast stt-el, :o.* lap-.- fl'e lu^ker*; hI*i f aim la^en d:iuiai;ed *1 uiiiimI Wa ?*, em >rarit.g 1 larit* artaortme?i* ind 'old ui.der inspection ol" tU,- l'ort W? Mana l >-c*?i? ?? o*n!tRbie money P.-?W NBROKER'b SaLK ?THIS l?A 1 aD ,i|( |?i:K. in con inttation from Muti iiy. 'i Hi Ll. t (Mitt v iaM* aticiloti rinnia,'JO Nevr lliwer*: ? "iitUlDg. I?ry i.ood'i ikon iijttile. Kooia. Siioea, vaiuaole Walchs*. dewe'.r*, fviU an.l othnr < .oiida C A .1 BOOART. Atl'TIOfcEERS, THIS U.iV Atia. o iloi k. at tlie AUi tlon ao. ma, No. 1 North tVtliuum ?ir.-et : 1 tiatabl"-. ?;ile of !>r>'1 }< od-4111 C! jibing, nxiate'. in? ot Calieo, \leritio. D.-Ijtiiii'^, Hosiery, 'llovet, 'hau-bi Lw-n llandkerrbiata, ^1 .bon* Curulirir Cap* !tlndini;i. i-a ' loth. t:?*iim?,ei . e^uugs, Heac-r over naia, I'ouia J'anl.iloona, TrUauilnj* boom, Fancy ilonb thtee large show Cava, Counter Iron Hale, Ji. MiCliALh OUULri. v'onaUUitn. O.CLEIFF'S SALE?MEER?C!1 \TTIt PIPES, ?EHiM C7 .tc ; I'llAMHhr.S A FAlKtJUiLil>, Auotiuii rs, *?!! mjIi at tnelr aalearoi'm. 11 1 Sa?aa<l atreei. ot/ iburart.i , F.-i'ruary II, it 11 1 'clo.'k, a '(ituntity 01 M.'.-ra- uautn. and Faucnr '"ipe? 5U4I vrftj tine .segat'i*, oi aa-'tted Havau ? ind iltineMJ.r lirnndR, I'lpe stean, iegarCa*together with 1 wnV; Ol' ??ancy Cutlery JOHN Ki'.i.I.k. riaerllT. OHEKIFF'S S*LE?OFO''ERIES, WRAPI'IN . IVV.'S*. t-J Ac.: 4 HAMHFRS ,t FAlfl('HlltD, Aui'tloneera, wi'l aeM on ihiimday. kel< uaiv 1?. at 111'-, o ? 1? k a auanti'y Jl Ja ier in kega, bn*eao! t hei-ae, r"Hrtn ot Wrapping *n>"* two tasei" segarc. hve b>.sea Tobiueo, logrtther wiihaiini'y tlcaU artlc'.c*. ,'UtlN CfLLV, HbenK SHERIFF'S SALE OF BOOTS AND SIT i!-:-i-a. M t.RIsTALAR. Auctioneer, Will ?eii t;i'..- da? I'itU Mil. at 10 O cl'X'k, at 4.>'J Third avenue, Ibo at.k * o t .; ?kw< atote, c nslxiifg ot calf aewed and pegged H>ot ?, 1 'itigr*** (inHera and Oifori tiva, la.lies' prunella ilain ii, -IIio(>h??i Hr gain, 4c. Bv order of K'll? KET.I.> , ~!h?iitl i'lie aiiove sale U poatpone'l until 'l'liut lav, ?u'i aist a .^ame i.our anil plai ?. SHERIFF'S SALS.?niivVIKii HAClilSKo A. + t? SBWIN'i MAi'HINl. VA^?'F.^.<^'^e> I'HAMBBRS A FaIRCHILO. ailC'loneer*. aal.Mr-ufn ll> Nhniiiiu street, wlli ae'l ',1* t^edreaday, Innuiy Hi, -u i< o'clock, at No. XI Uold St. eci, Hie oontent* ol Hie Har'.h? bewlng M-cbiiie Maimtaciurlng 1 omnaniv, conaUung of Ste:im r.tigiue. I athi'a, M icbmor,.. a n^o nuuib.-rxf ;ln..-ihe?i and unHnldied -???A-ing Machines and a the store d aaij .? <in piitiv. Comoro: Broad-i-ay ami Howarl stri~'t. 1 larvt- nuniW 01 beVing Machinea, an iVou naf., otUtv- .''uru' 'ine, ,t . t' JOHN 5 Kl.'jV, rfherlf OHI.RIFF S SALE.?UNFINISHED FIaNU.% A 3. O CHAMBERS ,t F.lIROHtLD, A'.ic'i ?Tr? Will Mil, 011 Wedni'sday, Frbrttary |:i at iloislm-a. .?i >01 and '26 Wooater atreet, h larij-* qnan'lty 01 unttniah.-d rw vcod l'iano?: a'?o carved and fluted l<e"i;s. Front o.?r- ??; p ?Vi uldlnga, .Mtuilc Le-k, Lei? illoca. !???.>? \ey iup. Key* Hey liloclii. Damper Frame* fiuinhed K' ??? i. ? irtiMb and Vaiui h 1 ana and tools, Heel * ire. Lumber, Moructo<t Vntbine, Clutnpa Cist i r>. ti plate-. i'.aao U?r"v. r '^a 1 Action. al?o ateam engine tvili-r, I'iatnng M?*'i ne, ftpmlar Saw*, hhaftltig. lt- 'iiug Latliea, Ac , eotuprlsiu^ 13" entir? stock of au < xtetialve 1, aao m?uuta<''o- /. ,H?iiN KVLI//. -ibertff "X'aLLJaBLE UOI'mE iVD l??i TO CLmSE an K. ? vale - Jr.. H. LL I'LnW A CO. vlll ne'l, a' volt oft u? Tueaouy, f?b. 10, at -o >a a; t >? M-.-eliunt*' ti'.UkOtfr? the vaf.:ah:e tiouae and Lit Wwi Tbl*'leth nriA n I tatmng all the inoderr :mpiovenieni?. viaa Hi'.ur * <u wita. tli?- hoi,?.. I. >t JJX'Jl tee-, y mr.lca. I TKT1LUAM riTTERU, V -I: t s 1 . ; ... ' 1* on Vntir^iav, a" ! A M the W.?j:iln<' tn > n- "?r tierot *e*t i4ros livay .?1 ?? imnl-'M, it i> ?? ? ?? 1 h ? Ititntture, bar .ud bartlittuie* <v'* ' lease >? twoyara a M '4 n t F He. Al t.i'loNEER WILL -FL.L r'll T? da-, at two n root ?>t bis a. > ??, . tie Fr ? icti i P. ::y '-oh t?: e i,'o aik. '4'i-lmi-l* Ul^h. sitM*!i> '01 nil i | is-dd.e[ my. si mrtien. vei;? sty'i'Hi ?a1 i-" 1 j hi,I- i n lie lied ty ,adn'? ani cu.ilrea ni. I u ia? .ail m I imi WIIlhKs Ali'TlONKKK, WILL sELt. Trtl - j ? a ?v. .:i i?o o ili'c1,, .1 Hi t'ao.ii t. Sitix -*>f l ! ??!<. rock'ng and other ? ?'??aire ?? 't i id ? ??(??? j labi> a, ia< e ai>d damask t'urtuoa. Mlrrura, hmkrav i'hM ii i?r?. nr'i m?dalll- n \ i-.lrri t.pentry, ihn> - fily ml oth- i i,a |k u, 4c , In tci -a' variety: uuli and baaemnnt oil Iota-.. ?U.; t 'ai pets Rode. tua'iUle top Uureaua. A'.iabataoda t >i'et clntM, gla** and silver Ware raali?'g?r.v. I'rencti nal p. ";iac Jl..t.'ttdi., ' a.i and <-thet >liU.r ?-? ?, "nlii-r Sh.. !?, M-i.keta Sp> e?d?.'all <? Llaett. Ann <?'???? cfMAa T;*ti.e. st < en, dmlui; ni trn and klt'dien Kurni'ure. fhi? w.h le vel! n)apu d U ibewaBtaol fam:Ue.-> a&4 oHiar*. IV M Wll I F.?>, At i TTONKEK. WILL SELL TH.t* V? day. aUi :, o'clock, at hoi ?? ?l Wih *'.?r ?'?t'1', It wd <rjt house Furniture, Hum > W,.iu-r, lamer Bit -la'aien, Dm lug rvi.m hEd Kitchen Fuiulluie firM wittf;:?, At otionker. Wii.r. '? ll t;?? v f day at 2 <>'< I " ?. t.4umi s' ec* y 'i-* ? ? "In tp| niortfHi;", I fine p-evood iVanotnite, s- ?>>; in 1 r.ver aim. Hat and liar frixtOTM, p;e v ounttr, Al By order o. mortgagee. Il'M WITTERs. A'CTJONEER. Wlf sELL. !lT ?? v/rtiif .if a rlnitel tnoi >n Thur?<l?v, a i I ? ? .m K. (!?<? rnitn* Furniture i< it the r ?' ? ? >mf? atreiw n mprising i'arl >??, ri?im'? r. r> n'ng K-> mai f ??:a>-r : trn 111 re uImi ladleM ar.d gentlemen s !? uitig * . ? i-? 11.r HI'd Bar Fix:una. <king I t."i?l!<, sliverw ????, ^ - ij :.iu itt.v of Tu.'e and H-d IJncn. Sc. Hv or in o' 1 ? I n mini attorney f >rin rii: ;e<. v. It ? T'ii- -?>._? art,! tM j.-irmpti-ry wltbrvt an* turtliei p' ?:nnnement U'ILLIa.M aHBOTT, Al'CTTONEEP - ?.iK sale lh>* day. at dock it No. t Kiv I)->i.!wi? V'ioei, lira!.dim, Segal* md Boxei, JC?g? it . 1 t?. ?iti. bran 'apu: KotUrt. it.rreW.' a?k?. Denir jh i<. wttli It qu r aLo ' o'.tliM'''itl -i. Ate and lli{', W ad ???, V:. Annl. 1.. to ani t>cew?, st?'t?, ajIm. 4i SAM hi, ;i L ?ja>i. a"orn<*y t'? mur'i'iifp Mavma-* ''a:Ttt* u; D'let Ajipli*. LOST A\n roi \D. Fioi nh-a h. r,i, rr.RP i ? ;? <t;. a:. ? a -mai.l black and white l'"1 The oe ner* cm h ?? t leaiT) (?ror'.ng property and paying i har??? It' not ' .1 -d f >r ta twod?y? ?lll b? *o!d (o pay etpfsoe*. Ap;i y a; 171 Ll:t? b^tli at;let, lu lie4tore. FOrND?MONDAV, FEBBCABV II. IV . r/NT"?N iinrl. 3?ar tui-rie, Brooklyn, ? cen uau ? ?- lt t'nain Appi/at No 4 meat VVarrea utre ", vi ' 1 .iiookwa up ntaira. F'Ol M>-At THE WtNIER UaRDF.N, OS AN h > E <? lug of Iiwt we>-k 1 wii d.anu ti t 7"ntVm ? 1 t I'.ti IV own'Tcrni have It by app'yu g to K. rfcnua. Ji . N?. 7 si.u.? atrrtt. LOKT? 4 MEMi?B*NDl*M B<"?OK WITH I ft. ASItr.R win p'.uu d In gt't letlera <>n i!i-co/t-c. Tb? p?rt- ln-4 <ng It willkf rurardi I and onfer * tavor >>v leavtng it U WlUlam II. I^ee A t'o. :?!? atid tlt? Broad*???) 10ST-A BOWERY sA* INO? BAVW BOOK, N'i Jt ?,s J The Stdkr wth be *iuta >\ rawan'. -dby leaema It ?; 4; ul'islcn il:i?', up ?u r?, t'aird fl xtt, wita i?u-'.a7 kV^n'li IOt,T?<)N SATURDAY AITERNOOK. Khli. 9. 3* J twn-n Thiri?-.?r?t:< a-ui 1 a.'n'v ihtrd *'r? 1 plain r" Miat-elet I hi* tridi-r ? HI u* ?u. a'dy -???arbil ?. t ?riu( tbo ?1.ui' at h.1 Fifth ai'onue, coiner o: I'UlrWa h f-e* LO-r-TCt-DAV, FEH. IJ, IN fRIV B ?TkF.^T. BS t?p?-ii hp-ad ?%y ami ffoatiT *tr'<", a b? k and tai* Do;: weigh* about 14 p<?:r d?, antwara t > :li? n.iw jf ,m ana itad on lila nnk a red mm ' i 1 l:bi r?: reaa. J will be fald for Ilia return to :be Metaiaoa, 3-'. Br *?! ray OTtAYED OR BTOI-KN-A BLai'K AND TaN TFit kj ni*r; Ii* %n?*eri?'i to tHe tianae -?' Prtoc? vif ii?ra>? tkri?' 1 l ir a?irb m d?g *1.1 b.- auitab y re* ar i d ?? b- tu"H <"*? t4? 1# hu Four'iwntU sn*i?t KKWAKOi. AsniTABLE REWARD will HI. I'ArDTt'AV. PCB a< n w ho will ???d > thi* roc-ivary ..t 4 lip/r*y ili?r??. about 14', ban la high %n<l H ?cir?i>,d. a-lt i irfiriiitifc" nlgli htud .i'< *a? taken tri m Mr I' ?xi* 1,1 >" <lal?U No Hi 1 lianel .Ne ? lUvm. on.i tIi.t nrlib riKl l.tDd Nli-lgh, h.irtH*?a. rolva m I b< |?, :i t.i? ?v "eilM U 'Iw lilt ff Jebriiary, by a perai'i. <ia ????K-n- ? 1 ?* w i.i ??'<? nut, but did ho' r* tin a An.. afojoiatloB ???iuc<rola4 iti<? lior>e or appreb*oalon ol lt<" tilet he re van ed dt> - RKWaRR-LOST. A iH>LO I.RPI.NE fATOH WO S)D 17 3W P"*r* ?" a'"1 '*"'J-*1 T'.ia il??? rea-ard wil! 'j* paid by M at 173 *wtb ?lrMs ?rli.t? .laenb Murker. 0>X REWARD-M^T. ON SAlORDAY fOTn.. !t>i) fiosi III"* Allantli- alrrct. Bro.?k.yr? to 1 Ift Jertla^iKi aiF?et a mink Mi lorine 1 ba Badxr will p<wtv? tha aW? reward by l.aimglt at .13 J iraU'tnnn atrevt. Brooklyn. AK REWARD -L03Y, ON MONDAY BIOHT. Bl.rwt?.\ Aiademyof M'-aic, by Fourte?-i;h itw, f\f'^li tmnM and Tenth atreet. a Jet Bracelet. In fill, rlnrtilar atom* lien C. Alien, Jaweller, 41A Bn adaav. will pay tor iu -? turn. $- RKWAIU>.-LOirr. ON BATfRDAY RVKNIMi*. A *t browrn Pi lnt?-r Dof: had a whin- and Mux . at i?r w lar Any 1 n? returning him to SBt'ed tr atr-?*t, wkU rwei?e ff' REWARD.?LOMT, OR MONDAY. A BLA ':{ \I?D ?Pl\/ tan Terrier, from I4rt We<t Broadway Tie lu.lee win receive 910, and no itiaau->na aaked LRUAU NOTICK9. Vrotli'E I? HEREBY TJ.M * Hag Xa rant, Imued thladatc, ou the appd ? >n 0' B?irr A 10.. by tbn Uou. John R. Brady, one ol tbi* Jn K'<a f ife* Coi.rt of fommon P'e<a, directed 'n ibe Sbcr./ I a.a enunty, rnmnianding him to attach the ne ? ?aa ? -1114 ?blp "11 iixl.In, of t'na p irl, and fiat all rv*rai?n< w 110 'a n hi ha?e an* d< n.ainl* awlriat the aald eeiael, utut-r the p; 1 m .im Of tlile et: hi, i?f cii-pt-r eight, of part three >f i' t Ke ?d f>tat*t, b**' rw|iiln*u to ?* *n %r< 'j'int if ih^ir " ?" '?> * VU f'H . , < ' , . th.' 4Mt ' ? |f On'-iitti* ff t:i t*''1 ttrj* pi* >'ici&f!?>n of thH i?? i' 'o * r*"> . I- ?}'?* <? *' m*I wtU 'm? ?? I 'Ml ptf4 will b* ?oM tot tlu* o*?*n%u <t l*io i?*ku ? htf, HD^M ?'>!?? ? fVf" 4?" th ? ?? s ?. ? ' ?: chfiroo t. 'U ? vrafct, nxvibn wiu ' m-*?? ? Ihrff vs /At, HAfhtrr, t*?*??%**t 0ft'f ' Vuu , hK T, L*j

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