Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 3, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 3, 1861 Page 4
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Mil. HUH, USE. HAVE 11, DE GRACE MI).. Tae Undersigned having increased their Cap •il an I rt*i>e* ~>cilines, have this day a Co-tvvrfn**rsliir under the name and style of SIMMONS, BRISCOE A HILLES, far the natirnin'isi of he Coal, Lumber an-1 l.ime trade, heretofore conducted by Briaeae, ft,He* A Co. and Simmons A I lilies. We have • istiuily on hand for sale nd inimediafeship* menf, every variety f Coal and Lumber. Coals. Bal*ino-e Co'a, Trrverton, Pilttcn, Smaurv, M-int. Lumber, White Kne, White h*m>l Yellow Pme Flooring, Sidif, Picket*. Lathe. Cy f res* Shingle*. best North Carolina. and Selects, fie nl‘c,|| and White Pine Pei-ing, ioials, Studding Kit] ■tuff cut to orde., WniGUTHVILLE MICXIEIM STBSt LIME. •he beet md <-hemeat that is used for agrirullu rsl purposes. cAnic.k and *>la. ked, either with • r without M i'iie<ui. (t)iie miilie! nf Quirk Will alack two aod s-hall li'ie!s.) We hive •very variety of SHINE LIMP, •'"* variety, containing an ABUNDANCE of M \U.VE,- HI4 for ANY S.IIL that may squire it, and •lie ether varieties contain a e , i'fi'*ieot quantity, 1 • fhnie. Our Lime Hoala go to M the a ; ts-. ■able omnia on tiie Chesapeake Kay, and its tributaries, we are therefore cm!led r o off**r to the Partners and Dealer* in M iryland and \ >r- ( Einta, g eater facilities than they have ever ad in purchasing the aru< lea. Thankful • far the trery liberal patronage we have hereto-; fare received, uoal respectfully iilicri a cuiutn Sat inn of the same. tflMUOh'S BRISCOE A HILLES. n ivre ul c.n in:, md. i Marsh 16, I MO- ly ~~~ I'il‘E INSVR A N C E . INSURANCE on all Jnacriptions of Count ! Property ran l>* elic*ti*ii in any o( the f j lowing FlisM Lu!* 4’om|>i4 ••■**. with out the delav ul co,j.<nilioß I lie L*iii oilu c> • Pen application the nn lersi-ne.l. JO.IN ACA M A 1.1 PR. | /.tjiiard I’ouen, 31>l. ■ March 10th. Ib9 ly. Comp.uiieti. Capital and surplus ( •oaritv Insurant's C0..0f N. *>‘k, j Phenix. ‘2P2.HIf. | Re* .lute “ “ 24i.lMMj New World " “ “ 240.tMM M Montank “ “ “ 20iMHM • •Paartsr Oak -I il-rlI .rd C-mnoi'lit ul .02 JMMi i Ibsiiratios (A*.. of the ol f 3.*1.09ti Albemarle ol V irginia, 299 WIO Lynchburg “ 200.000 Hvrliisru Assurant* (a* . Condon, 2.1u4,11l Makib Drfaktmkkt. Mercantile Mutual of Sew York, 1.014.159 • Lynchburg of Virginia, *200.000 Charter Oak of Harford. Connecticut M 2 ooft ROT Thu abVH Ceitipaaica sra ah licensed by the Comptroller. Tlismax D. Johnson is Agent for; •he butt- of Maryland, No, TJ, Secor-d street Baltimore. vtr r,. is-sos promptly adjusted and paid. March 10th. ,859-ly. FOR SHERIFF. JOHN 11. BUCK.LKI* i recolWmended ; to lh voters ol ibis county as a candidate tor . ■ henfl m 1801. (.'HiHt.OTTk Ilit.t. District. Not 10l h. 18Jit I'HOM A? 1.. D \ VIS is recommended to the voters of this county as a candidate lor •lie SUeriMalty in I bbl. luijo**' District Nav 10tb, | 8.~9 NEW GOODS. II LUO SPA LDIMG ban jnt receved one * A* of the ’iM-?.t selected *t**ks of (ifMll)S he ha* star had, which he oflwis for Mile very low. lie wauld call particular attention to bis Block *f— 1, uiies !*rc*p (foods, White Goods, Linen Cambric and Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs, Ladies’ and Hunts Kid and 1 .isle Thread (i loves Ladies Mantles and Points. Ciulhv, Ciius-imore bit Ik | Testings, itc. i April 2(iti., iPGO—ly, J. H. IUCKETT, Stock, Note, 15 i1 I , Ati Ukai, Krtats Brokkr, Ml Seconil Street, BALTIMORE Rkfkrrncbs. P. Gibson. Cashier Hank of Halt. Baltimore. ; C’. R. Coleman, Ch>l. Mechanics’ Hank, J. ■ M. Buck, Cash. Franklin Uink, Thoraas .1 j Cirton, Banker. 'l'Uomas I). Johnsfor, J. | ▲dams. Warwick, Frick A Ball, R. Mickle, i Cash. Union Bank of Maryland Halt. B. A. ! Vickers, Pres. Marine Uvak. Johnston Br. I Co., Bankers, .lusinh Lee Sc Co.. Hugh Jen- ' kins & C-o. Young vV Carson, Wm. iHukucy Broko, Washington. 1). C. May 24th, IB6o—tf. XEWFALL AM) WIXTER GOODS. THE undersigned has ' just returned from the City with ilie largest, ana best selected stock at FALL, and WIN I'ER COO IAS ever nflercti lo thecitizens nfSi. Mary’s County, couiiisuiig, in part, of very superior quality of Heavy Goode for Servants’ rlothing, at the must moderate prices—also Boots and Shoes of the most sub stantial make, and best material. Besides Cloths, Casstmeres, vestings and all kinds of fine dress Goods, for Ladies mid Gentlemen—a carefully selected, and well assorted stock of ready made • loihing,manufactu red expressly to order, and a v inety of articles of almost eveiy kind no where tiseto be found in the county. He respectfully so licits a cull from thoae desiring to purchase, feel ii.gaasuicd that me thorough acquaintance with hbusiness, resulting from a long residence in His city, will enable him to otTer such induce ments ss will defy competition. E. H. JONES, Cliflvn Factory. Septembej OTih ! Wl—ly. F ERG LS.SOX, MUR PUT A CO., CißooK.aa & Commission' Mkhihaxts, 121 Lombard St., BALTIMORE. OFFER to their friends a large and well se lected stock f t.Hi4CEKIF-S, FINE TK \S, WINKS. I JQITOrtS and SUGARS. Cbas. Fcrjrnssua gives hi.- po.aonal sttantion tu salos ui prcJtbar. Sopl Dtth, 1860 —tru. — wmmrnm mi— ■. ■ —'l QUICK QUICK LIME!! KENNEDY’S 3CIIUYLKJLL LIME, ; QO \wcll known in I’chuhnlrauia, Delaware O 'J?w J. ntey md the NWtbern and Eastern ' portion •!'tints State, as bning rtpen r to any i ocher for ajriC ' im/fro'-emenl, i* f, r the first lime placed vit tin the reach of the fann ers and planter?- -*f St. Mary’s and aJj lining counties, thr ugh the agency of the undersign* oil; who prepared to sell on anon, nuyi ititig term* any quantity f Quirk !Ame, deliverable as j>er agreement on the shore* of any of the rirer arluj n; Mtii counties. Orders solicit* sd. JNO. A. CAM ALI KR. Ajeut. Leonard Town, MJ„ March 3rd, 1869 —3ui The following> sis recommend* this lime a possessing projierties (fur superior to any other) necessary to he applied In the lands in this section, w1 1 jeh ire known to be deficient in both me and Ltdmrutory of State Chemist, J No. 29 Exchange Building*. Baltimore, MJ., June 3(hh, 1*57. S Report of analysis of 6 samples ot Schuylkill Limestone, -n.-a kid respectively No 1 (while), .No 1 (blue', No 2 (while). No SI (blue), No 3 (top), for John ivennedy, Es<*.,ot I*oll Kennedy. Montgomery (’■.. Penney!ania. The above samples of’‘Schuylkill Limestone” were tumid , apon analysis, lu be compost*; lie •jhuws . No I (w) I (h) 2 (w) 2 (b) 31(0 ; Carbon. of Lime, fit! 9, 64.7, 60-6, ib.l, 67 I Carbon of \lg , 38.2, 34.1, 38.3, 42.4, 40.4 1 Sand, (’lav iL- Iron.U.i), 1-2, 1-2, 1-5. S-3 100. The vbove Schuylkill Limestones are Magne i snoi Limestone'*, ol pretty neariy eipmi‘•otopo rtillon. Th .-y are m-is* es lecialiy iJapted to the • application >n sails which at e dnicient in bom Lime and Alugm sia. JAMES HIGGINS. MARY I. AM) AGRICULTURAL WORKS.I to run fa it mfji ■? of si .if a firs. —We would iio<t p-sp* cf ftuly call v*mr it tention r* -*ur large assortuenf id /.!//*/>/■- MII.VI'S. We are manufacturing P" paring a larger assortment .1 yririiCnrol l*n /•If/jiruls At- have ever Uv| >ru olferc! ti the pul in -II r- Powers and T':r >h< rs. Wheal Fans, L-.rii M 11s, Cun S>l'prs. Ph.ugho,; f’ iliivatois, and maty . other articles nuttier *us to mention. Me tail supply the Fanner -.villi every thing he may w.,it. With regard to II <r*e P overs we would call p.uticu’ar at* ti ,- i to a hue lot of F/•:///’(LV.S 77.77’/ E OKI UK I* POWELLS, lo ik n k icilU or iiil’iotit ba >’i. ■ tchirJi art u-jI surpassed in this or uny u.h.r i/iurkcf: aiil we n\o>t respectfully iii'io- those j who are in want Machines to give n a cis I. as we feel confident we can >nil the pur- ; chaser. We ate making a CORN MILL h.r j grinding C>.m at Home. This is a good Will, has been tested and proiiunnetd so by expe rienced judg. s. To this we ask your spe- , at leu! ion. \\ e tender v<u •.mr siucere thanks for ti e kindness h< !•••;..lore sh- wu ns, ami beg a 4 ****i _ tin j.inoe of your 1 iv..r>. detfrn.inpd to m.iki ■ a strong elf-it to ph-.isv ail who gtv us the r custom. Orders vviM meet with prompt .vlivu- j ti -m by being itinvti-d to coitingiiam &. ii\Pvl)ino, 160 Frail s/rrrl W, trf\ Bullimere, osV. Apiii Pdth IbfiO —ly. COACH M.VNPFACTOUV j; A.VO i HARNESS MAKING. ij - JTF THE undersigned le;ive to inf*irnQ their I friemls ami ’he public, iha; they are lo- cate,l it the old .land, lately occupied by J. .1 ‘ & J A. d irhoe, in Leonard Town.cnrrvi goi J the CO\CH and HARNESS M AKI N> ' BHSIXKSS; and that lli* y at all times ready to execute orders entrusted to them for i the manufacture of B: tiGIf.S, R< *< KA WATS. I.lvilll' \Ritl AfiKS, HARNESS • ( of all de-cnption.-. Horse shoeing, atd fum ing wo.k ul ali kinds. rarfs. A large ami commodious building bavin? 1 been erected. I tier h ive every facility for man- Ufading all the kinds of work in tlnir line, c and able to meet the w.ti t? of ail who may favor them with ihc.r patronage Old carriages repiired at riie sh'>r{c-t n*ice mid nt moderai* prices, nr taken in exchange for new. All accounts will be due or. the Ist of July and lae Ist of Januai v. J. J. JARBOE A C*. Jan. oill. ibCO ly. LIM K AND FKKD STOKK No. 3 Hollinsworth St , Baltimore. J% r n. R. o (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HEANY ) WItOI.F.SA I.E AND RKTAII. DK.U.EIIS IK Inline. * air. CVmnit. C.U.CINKI) PLASTER. Corr, Oats, Corn Meal, Chop-Rye, Mill Feed, &c. Dec. 23rd, 1858— ly. a—ww i !■ im !'=—cean—w GBOIUiE SLATKU. JAMHb C. GREKSWF.I.L, SLATBR ii. GREEN WELL, GROCERS & CCMMIUffI MERCHANTS, NOS. Yo 12 COMMERCE ST., BALTIMORE. A largo S'ock of GROCERIES A LIQUORS dwa rs on hand. Mer* handise A: Proviuio aught and sold on ConmtiKsioH. May iQth, 18C0—tf. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber ban obtained from the Orphan’s Court of St. Wary’s county in .Mary lard, letters tesMmentiiry on the personal estate of LV:V\ r IS E. TURNER, late of tuoU county, deceased. AH peroiis having • -.hums against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhthu the Same with the proper vouches thereof , to the sul*.s ri*ier, on or before the lOday of June, labl, otherwise they nay ne excluded by law from a!! benefit of the said estate. Given under ruv harm tnis 6.n day of Drcember I ANN MARIA TURNER, Lxevutnx. Dc 6th, ie^Ou—4w. I LiiinAcß N37l£. BURNS & SLOAN return their ninecr th inks to the Fanners f.r their HVn patronage fW the rear pa-t ' Tf*tnck , i LUMBER i* larger than ever and better *- , 1 rtfd; sin) vre are deterruined lo offer great . ’ inducement* to ca-h htiyrra Anply at the f 1 •■ortier of K it*** and! (imuftitAein. or at 132 ■ Light street Wharf. . i BURNS & SLOAN. ' : I’aUunoie, Md ] Feb. 2nd, 186©— , * ■ ROBKIITSON i BRISCOE. ‘I * SUCCBSSORS to kH. MILKS, AT HU . OLD* STAND, 149, W. PRATT STRUCT. BALTIMORE, RESPECTFULLY offer ‘their service* a* agents, for the sale' f TQRAUCU , GIIAfX. and all kinds of PRODUCE, pledg ng their unii ring effort* to reader natislactiou j•• a!i who may patronise them. aJ < vanres in rule on consignments, j March 22uJ, Wo—if. i NEW LUMBER YARD, • Jut'tur of Ei*l Fall* a*l tMJltru Arenat, ; BALTIMORE, MD. S WILLIS (late ol the firm of S. Willi • & Co.) has commenced the LUMBER I BUSINESS on his own account .and it prw pared in furnish hUMHFJt in all raririit* for Budding an other purposes. lie will fur ' nish also— FRAMES, SASH, noons. Lhicks, umk or hair, d Willi man. thanks to his former custom ers .n St. M; ry*s an i the adjoining counties u** hope, to retain tr.e;r cotifidence and re <-e ve their patronage, and pledge*- hnnseli :o nv* every effort to pkase.and will sell ciie.ip tor cash or apprnv* u paper. | Dec 9fh. 180 Iv. B (J / L 1) K R ’ S M A TE RIALS ( ! ♦ , ( Ti e undersigned wonbl rspectfuily call th ;.tteiitit.n of the Public t seir l.rge ' nienf f noons. RLuViK, sash, noon FH I MFS, wisnow FRAMES. W.ISH /lOAHnS.CAS/XOS, iIorUHXHS. MAX \ I'LkS. uid every ucscription ol* Budd ing ia.iieri.ils,’vhit h they have const.tully on h.ui-. and wLicit they can furnish at tlie shell i est u* the. * , . They are also prepared to /nrnish at the , slimiest notice. FUA.IIE WUUIi f.„- (Dmitry Houses. Cottage*., suburban Ke.-idences. according t" any plan or design, ill r-a-ly fitted to he put up on titeir pr-*pus- I •-il sites. r.irmers and others, desirous of building j in the country, would find il to their advantage by giving us a call be/ purchasing else where as we are fully prepared to execute work on the most reasonable terms. And the advantages, which we otter in preparing all the materials that may he necessary in con st meting a house, will be found to save the: Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and ; ex per.-o. 0 Jicif All orders left at their office cr ad- | dressed to them by mail will meet with prompt and satisfactory attention. M A IT; 11 LIN A JOHNSON. S'eam Plaining Mid anil Sii.sU Farfnri /. Hast Fails Avenue, near Pratt Street Bridge | Warehouse No. &•'. Pratt street. Next door in Ben* & Mitchell. Ball. Aid. April l#tn, ihCU —ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. \y E. .\M)Ki:s(i\, .Vox. in & iv, * • .Second Street ho ire?a Frederick Si red and Mai n/i .Market tiahhiure. Having the largest Ware rooms and be*t assortment oi Cabinet Far nil are in the city, is prepared to sell every, article in hi- line uper. the most liberal ami act ouimodrdmg terms, t Having had lottg experience m this line ol business, he natters h.mseli t f*oxt lie can com pete, as to excellence ol material, hnautv oi workmanship and range of prices, w lii j*t\ estahlisluneni or the .-on in tLi* or any other citv. His general stock embrace* a lull am! complete assortment o (Parlor khiir*. Sr fa a. . JlmUincf Chair*, S/.rirrf l.fningpg, Chnmhcr Suits. Par room. Offii c and /lining ('hairy, h'rtnrh 'l'rte a- l'rtrs. SrFees, Arm Chain,, tl iltrasrs. Looking Classes a-c.. ol every va ri ty nnd description. He ha - aLo on i.aud Bedsteads of his own manufacture, which can be put up and lak-Mi dow a in two min utes. Ib-rsons from St. Mary’s, wishing to purchase Furnii tire. ar<* requested to cal! ami examine his Slock be I ore buying elsewhere !*.> sure to find the right place Nos. 10 A ■ Second .Street—Varloure with 80 lee' front and 3 large Folding -doors. August I Ith 18."9—1y. JOHN T. CLARK IL Wholesale and Retail Grorey A N D (Commission Dtmijant,! IM AS moved to the fine and commodious ri WAREHOUSE, No. 13*1: West Fratt St, near light, and hegs leave to inform his friends and the ■ pubiic :hat he has on hand a large and gen era 1 assortment ol GROCERlES?,consisting in part of- GOVERNMENT, JAVA.LAGLTRA and I IUO COFFEE; 1 ' REFINED AND BROWN SUGARS, of ( every grade; GUNPO WDEK, IM PE RIA L, Y. IIYSON 1 BLACK TEA.S. GOLDEN SYR UP, NEW ORLEANS anti 1 W I. MULA.S’sKS; SPERM, ADAMANTINE MOULD CANDLES: 1 FAMILY, EXTRA, SUPERFINE aud BUCKWHEAT FLOUR,kec ( He also invites tne especial alien tiu it of hi> ’ •riends an-J customers to hia extensive stork < of IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC. LI- i dUf)R' 5 . which have been selected With the greatest care ami iann : fan' to plea-e. s Baiiiinore, March 4th, IBTO March 10th. 1.56®—1y. ! i r ■*)*■ —W—I ak;i:t;jt* suslszr. riVl*' *ti mvl*- icl’ irm?"* I meats a* wifi enable iiiin to e.\x'Ufci* ;H •ork in hi* lice at BALTIMORE PHICFS, wit*i pr.iinptcfiw and despatch. He solicit* a ••al! from his friend* and tbe ptjldir. V. CAMALTFR. Leonard Town. Jr>. 2Uth, lit o—tf. I. *. HiHItKT. M. H. HERItCkr JAS R. HERBERT &. BRO. TOUAOCO AM) PRODUCE COMMISSION' MERCHANTS, Ntt 33 Grant .t HDliinsrs.vorth Sta., BALTIMORE, M D . REFERENCES. I John llopk-us.Pre>i(ientMerchanisOtonk Trueman < *ro;, C.isiuerCouiiuerrial and i Farmers’ Hank. Ciei*. W Howard.*. Co., Baltimore. Doer. Norris k Cu., •• It. Hick ley k Bro.. •• Perm; man 6, liru., •• 1 Wiiitney, Cusliinjf Ac Comstock. Pa JOHN i,. hrbbT ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR AT LAW, I.canard Taint , St. Mary's Co., ifd.. .TOfLL practice in. he Conns ol the T Judicial District. F**h. 14th | S'! • —I y THAI). K. PREUSS, Attoaey uid Counsellor at Lav, Ac’ll </■</ /oir/i. ,V. .1 1‘iry .* County, J/./•*// tuH \\ H.L practice ii. the Co.irtsol Si. Mill} V ▼ T ami a Counties. Jan 10fh.1j.60 tt. I’OK COUNTY <’I.EUKsHIP. The ’ie n Js of DANIEL T. .MORGAN present iin to the voter* of St. XTarv’s rutin 1} as u lull date for ( lerk of the Circui Court ai ihe election in IShR. and solicit to his claims a dispassionate consideration. Nov. *2fith, 1567. WAITED. 'I 1 !!!! snhscrihcr wishes to V-nr a lot of ■ LIKELY VOLV* M.! I !MKS, of h. tli sexes, for which the iiighot in.*, k.-t ju ices w I! j 1 e paid. I ersons wu.iiuo wlioniav see liimr during his present toin thr ugh *he Youthen counties of the State, will i„ive li.i ir I rdtia promptly resp n VJ? .by addressing i ALLEN S. DOJISKy” ■ Washington . I). ('. ! Fch. 2nd. tf. j WM. 11. LYON. D. E. CAIISU.N I.VON S,- CARSON, GROCERS AND >| CHIIBiHIEKiiiiS,;' No. ;>3 Ph att SmKET, skir CuMMr.Rn;, AGENTS FOR TflE SALE OF SOUTH EUN AM) WESTERN PRODUCE GENERALLY. Angus*! 9>h. ISb'Q— an:. _ j , FOR SHERIFF. •! : I offer myself to lh** niters of Saint Ma- - y’s county as a candidate fur sheriff in IS 1- . I uul s •!it it the sitpj or; of my Incmls and tel ow-i iti/cns. • I LEONARD HAVIIKX. N -v. ]Tih, !wr,o. I. GENERAL COMMISSION M ERCf! ANT t No. 9. Light St. V he.rf, {between Prut! 4c i 'jinnlen) B 4 I, T I JZ O It SI Refer !>v permissi u t.. Mf.srs Omni! A, R. kV W. Vv . if, V Hroun, , oenlv A I'.lghniHii, T. W. Leveling ,V V,n. J P.-.tkely A Fenton, W. K. Meirihh. iV Co .J Ioi:n G.’CT, E.rp, ('. A. Gntn!>i :!!, I ' Esijr.. .t. G. H ires, W.u. If. r.,„oy, A. ! | Aj*p ! egarih. S. D Coulburn. M. Roberts, Vlessrs. Smiili Ac Edatondsen, ('athitr Huxcnrd . Hunk. , .Sept. OTih, 1860—6 m. . i I FOR SALE. 4 pair nf FI NTT YOUNG GEAR x ■ liftRNES \vi!; Hi’ S"!d low, it iium'di- 1 nte ap[>liv.Ttit n is mad* to ; .lOilN f. HERB, i 1 iiiil View. If.L i : October jl CIO Mis: PITHS!! TOBACCO! !! i : rißir undersigned, having just returned ! M fp-iii I* iiti mure, take this nterl,<*t • i in- ii forming tlie pnhlic tiiat they have i.>• w on ; hand, at their Cigar Manufactory, in this vii- . lag* l , in addition *o tio-tr large and ci*i..]>lLt | stock of cigars, the following articles to i!: 1 PLAIN and FANCY I‘it’ES of every quality and varuty ; MERSUHAI M CIGAR SMOKERS; CHEWING and SMOKINfi TOBACO); FiXK C( r r and FASCY CHEW ISO } TOBACCO; SNUFFS of every brand ami qualitr : Afl of wliLh will he h'.ld 1 w hv GKO. W. DWYER & CO. Ootobor I*th, I Hhft—tf. AS stolen frm the suVrril>ers’ Lan*lin^ ▼ T on Brittons Bay. i, \\ ediK’rslay night, the 24th l Octoiwr. a SEINE, Tt) talholns ir, ’ lengih, \Titich fishes 14 leef. and a civil of rope measuring Ign yards. The Siao, when st**- 1 l‘D. I,ad attached to the U-ad lines a consider- 4 .•lahie numl>er of tunic strips by wid. hit can ! he easily identified, if they have Lot been re moved. * B. R. ABELL. Nt. lat 18C0—tf. < 1 -- - I X! LIAS Kit Y AST FASCY GOODS, i 'FIIE m de r -igned takes this n.otbod of in ■ 1 *-r old rusforutr- ard the public, rererally, ?! *t sj; C w iM opr-n in I/onarH I’ousi, *m '1 bars*lay T)emher fi?f*. a > mplele ass<>rtnieiit of MiFI.INFIIY t i!id FANCY G* h > L.> v.f the tmt lasiiionable ail of* siic u ill seal OD Ihe moat iccuii.iuodating terms. \ XUri. CASSIDY. c Ncr. 2fih, ItttO—if. t ( i co wrs.sioy BCSIXESS. jnPiiK uUeraigiu-i W*s leave to announeo • I to the ct* .*> of 6t. Mary county tLU jI be n.o c >uiMi tM t*a tlu* % PHOJJUCE AM> C()MMISSION ‘i ursii\ kss, No. H Guocru*’ Exchange, • C of IV See ntl Commerce St. EALTIM 01% K, aiil will sive his |ier>na] Attention to all pro r j‘luce cornui'm-d |o him, lie h.jes by assidu j .-ua and prmnpt utenli >n to business to merit , the coulMtiu c of the communi;v. WM. K. DOHSON, , " ilia Late firm %•! i.iu kcti A Young. IHtrutSCEt; Jambs Mott, Casltivr of Fanners and Mer chants* Bank; Messrs. T. J. Caron A* Co.. Bankers: *’ Wni. Whitefock iSr Co.; “ Freeland \ Hall. I April 2blh. IJW0 —if NOIJCE ' nndersigreti In-*;* leave to inform*) is i friends and tiie l*tillic. that lie is still at the ()LD S!AND. in Leonard Towii, eHrrving ~>n ItLAt'KSMmiING. GUN. I.OCK . SMITHING, SHEET IKON AND STOVE j OlvK. -in short, ir m \vi>rk of nil deserip , •ions, such as repairim; C.\Kill AGES. Hl'G j GIKS. ROOK AW \ ys. CARTS. WAGONS, i IfOliSK SHOEING. FARM WORK of all kin.!- also REAPERS, THRASH KRS ami DitlLbS. With bis experience of | I years in a Machine Shop. be thinks tnal lie can |o any ’ kind of IV.wksin tb \V rk from a knee.Me to an aiiel. t. an lon roasoior le terms. New Wag -1,51 > ami Crt> built eln-iptr than can lx- done < at anv other shop in ihi place. IIOIiSKS ! Silt >l-1) at the siiori.-st notice. J AMI’S A. MVATIIKAN, ; Blacksmith. ( j January 12th, IRoO- tf. ;i b. h;;im. i. .ictin %trs. uko. p, tiiomas i J. H. 11 A K D EST V , j 11 KIM, XI COD K MI’S A CO. l.Ml'Oli 1 I IkS AND DEALERS IN ! F3JIIMIIIC IMI. • : or kvki; v pk.-. i: .1- rio.v, No. 3£;i BALTIMORE ST. IIALTi M U R E . March 1-t |®Ho—t f,. NOTICE. K. U.O s'DAI.DING returns lib* thank; I iiis nntnerotts ett-b>ufi > (• ;■ the liberal patron* he has r.'cmc.l troin tln-m, ami s himself to k-rp a (.’HOICK STOCK OF GOODS :ihva\s on haml, wliieh will be sold very low lur cash or it< <•<j• •i\ .dent. Ih I.Ko sI’.U.DING. A | • i i 1 1800 A prii nth 18;0_ !y. . I.BKKT TKUiU. j , MUK < iA>S I TII EGO k MOIIG AN. V II () I) r ( K c ommssshkv .v/-://( //hats, And V\ hclesale Dealers in L /quo n s jj .n I) ci (;.? us. Nu. J7 CIIEA I SIDE, ro-ar Krais s*.. ii.ii/riMußh. Cr> Every d' serip’ion ol eounliy I’rodur enl rusted !• out care will re.r. iv s i cl atten tion. Apr 11 Bth . S 808— If. rmti:sin\<: mmihses. (have tor sale the /*■ U>‘H }< ~/(• t>%r;vv/ Uur-te Pi.wr and W. \V. A C..V Iron Tftn.slur, trt/h //'ii./co/ry Shir t imin'. ! he iii .elntie is warrai fed to render Ksifisl.u 'ioti to ail piifi ha-.-rs. Ihe mice of 8 ii“rs. power. SO inch 1 iresher md Straw-Carrier, delivred at any wharf in St. M ar\ s count', is ,S! *Ci. Fanners are invited to call at mv Stoie io LconarU Town and examiiie this Thresher. F. 1.1.0. SI’ALDING. June 28th. 18f;0—if. NOTICE. tiinl.Tsioneil wislt to inform the Jl people of Saint Mary’s and adjourn ing counties, that they havejust coinpletrd a Fllisl CKAss J(AIMVAV, and an prepnreti to iiaitl out vess<!s of any size, and wil; KEEAIH. CAI LK. Ac., on the j most reasonable terms. Prompt attention i 10 all work, andiptick dispati-ii will be given j inall cases. The Uudway is situated about I a ouarti r of a in;lc from Leonard Town or. a line oyster mrek. where wc will al*n build S( OWS. BOATS, or VESSKI-S, il reouirod. on the lowest terms IIA Kills. NOKKIS& FOX WELL, j July I‘dtii IBi;t)—tf. MATHIOT'S GAY ST. ifAmm mm&h F-xfetiding from Gay to Frtdrrick street, baviii|r 40 feel front, ITO fec-t deep- and f 1 sturi*s high, Baltimore Md. A T.WAT'S uti hai.d h latgc assort men tt • J.M. every variety f Household ami (tftin etohracinc lhu-'ans, liedotead* Wa-hst.inds, Wardrobes, Sprinjj Ikils, Mai tressts ol IDisK, O'tton rtid ll.dr, Bofas, Tele , a-Tetes, Arm C l airs, hocking Chairs,EUpe- , rrs. Marble Tables, K reption mid FphoUter- i ed C'hairt, Assorfiil Odors of Cottage Fumi- , tore, Settees. Wo d (Jha rs, Office Chairs, Ear le- Chairs, Cribs and CradKs, .Sidc-bo*rd, Extension Tables, of every length. Persons disposed to purchase are invited to; ca• < and give mu st kan examination, which, | for variety at.! -pialitv of workniar.shM;, , 'annl liecxctlloi i>j ary est.ihbslir.iUit in the cuun rry. A. M * SON, No 2 o acd z~ North Gay citreel. Feb. ?> d, |Beti_ Jr. JAMES S. DOWNS, - ciTOUNEV .v uoi Ksia.un: law, ! Leonard Town, Si. Mnry s Co. 1 Jld., Will pratiic* in St. Maty Tand (ucaufuafo* jounties. Ffcb. Ih'.h I u vi ) s ii ) rut.. TT AVING purchased the above property H the uhscriher respectfully inform* the fra* ell tug uuhlic that he is now prepared tft accommodate them. The Hofei will be thdt oughfy repaired and ail its rocan rebirrmbed; The per.ooai attention of the subscriber will be devoted to It* management, and his best efforts will be g:-.ea to make his guests earn- Kwtabli*. Ilu> table wdl be supplied with whatever the market affords, ai d his Bar for wished with the best f.iquors and Cigars His servants will always In* lound attentira and accommodating. Softer and reliable Hostlers have been employed, and the sub. Kcnber wdltake care ihu urs * tables are no He solicits the patronage of the former gue*ts of me Houses and that of the ouhlie generally. r JOHN F. FENWICK, _ _ Leonard Town Oct. i in. IS3S—*f. *KKV i VOK J FAMILY mum . ANO UFA I. Kits IS rrnF ounr/xFs a xn uqpors. No. 88 BALTIMORE STREET. *EAK hoi.ur>AT, BAITiiIORK, 1.1 AVK ( oiiHtantly o n h.tnd lnrye and well ■ ■ selened stork of FAMII,Y GROCERIES, eioisisting, in part, of— thioH I ka*.—(irren and Black, of various priors and flavors. O-opkkks ilfk-hn. Jav.i, T.agnyra, Maracaibo nn<l Km. >rAK*.—New Orleans. Crushed. Powdered, |a~4f. (irannlAteil.' C V-llnw fli.d Cl.uiHcd. M iciMna.i and Vermerelli; Cooper'* < ’ i ' xV R'lined Gel.itiue; Fresh SaUI and OhvetMU. (Tiveae, KanlUh Dairy. l' lu9 Apple aiid Sop Sardine*. Fronth ai.H Spanish Olives; KnglW, and American I ickles—(lerkin*. mixed, Picrniili Chow Clmw. ( .mlidowcr W.dnnf* and Onions. Nmh.-os Bull. Harvey. R .!i:ig,Bol.n, Mu.-lironins mid \V.irreter.shlre. l’a\ mi's.—las Ifennrsev A Co.. Vintage IMO. fr.*rd Du pu v A . j|c, Situ*; fUMIe. and' other brant!?. FinkOi.d Wives— London flock Part. Sher rv . M fdeii.i. Lisbon. hwevt Moselle, and ( lampagiu*. A MISKKVS. —Senfi-h. Old Rye. Cilhmin. Old j; TP "" l B=*"rlsifi. * .fee very old and fieo. Pitre 11• >11;• 11<I l Jin. .UnniK a Spirits, Arr, . Iwip -rt-.1 iud Domestic SEGARB AND TO -15 Mill, A I of which they will aril at reasonable l :>ncc> ai.d re-|w.-ffully noli, it a rail. Mn It 1-t. IBiO—l\, NOTICE. ALL persons wishing to communicnrt v\ i•ame by . ;ilcr.w 111 direr 11 heir cor respond, lie. by madio Foi tTobacco,Charles '■onmy. -Md., or hv steamer st. Nicholas, te 1 huppei Point,< !iar)e> county . Md. f , V V.M. T. CAMPBELL, beb. Srd. I Bn9 —l(. f. Aoi.r-a npn rt. woodward. 33 S T/I IBAiROAUKS, AT J. A<Hrr d- Cue NEW STORE. WE h;tve just returned from Balti more city with n large nnd well ■'elected Stock of Goods, embracing the following articles: viz; MEN’S AND BOV’S READY MADE CLf mirxo of every quality and variety ; MEN’S and BOV’S HATS and CAPS; OIL CLOTH SI'ITS; I MHRELLAS ; FA SSI M RUES. CASSINETTS. FFLL CLOTHS and K ERSE VS; LADIES DRESS GOODS of every Mvle nnd quality; EMliito/n EE IE, HOSIER r. CLOVER, NT BE AS and HOODS of different styles; ditto for siiiMren; FINE LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS; | SHIRT COLLARS, CNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS; LADIES’ SHAWLS, CLOAKS and MANTILLAS; LINEN CAMBRIC and SILK HAND KERCHIEFS and many other nrtiojen unnecessary to mention. The above goods will be sold at the lowest Baltimore prices for ran A or to punctual customers ou six months credit \V e invite a call and examination of our stork hy the public, before purchasing elsgwbtre. A. ADLER k CO. I*o2ard Town m. Sop*. 2Tth, Itm—tf. SSO REWARD. RAN away from my estate in w Medley’s Neck, about 10 days ago, negro man (OMBRIh. %L lie n bought oat of the estate o Mrs. i ?ick aud baa & • lie living Mr. George Tar 1 ton a at Forrest leading. In-ad *f Cuckold * creek, near wliu h placa ha is doubtless lurking. He stotipa a litile, Is of a light chocolate complcx*D. sad about tft years ot age. I will give tha above reward for his apprehension and delivery la me or for his confinement in the countv I*ll. Leonard Town. 1 *| t JO. H. MADDOX* Sept. mil. I*6o—if. , j FOR SHERIFF. HARRISON EDWARDS is presented to the yt*er* i.t Saint Mary’s county as a caodi utf for bhtriff at th< election in IH6I. Januan’ IVth. f*6o, NKW SHOES ! NEw"sHC>EB!I " I SIM MS A MADDOX f.nvejual received a larg> nssortnient of NEW r SHOES, of the L*it quality ami of ail nm u:U.bk for aervants, wi-i h will i*e <„!U iuw. Nov. Ist leCo.

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