Newspaper of True American, March 20, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 20, 1837 Page 2
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'astta OF aOIZAzI nR N ATCHEZ STS. ra JOHN GIBSON RO IPIG .i.March 20, 1837, ,w Oastss Cro, PURSE $2000. Scergivcen in .4mrrica!! man enters sor. . FANNY Watner, by Bertrand, dam by Alfred-Rider's lesaW Gartison enters ch. f. oevnrin, 4 I.duastry,dam by Richmond-Rider's d ad blue. , J. Midor enters J. C. enasleya' ch. f. fa n, 4 years old tIy Leviathan, dam Sally bJ~ r Archy-Rider's dress. blue jacket and !'ki will be a splendid race. Thousands are Sbi rntdked esilbte result. We hope to see to day a4at eeiismnbiage of the beauty and fashion THilE RACES. s ratical brethren in the North and East i es raise a hue and cry agains: those will term the immoral httizens of Lou tn hey learn that in deliance of their and sectional views, we -have dared to Alltw the dictates of common sense, and held our Mblia pastinmes on the public holiday; though they will deem their consciences blameless-may ev n olasy they have achieved the height of virtue, in 'p ltising treason against their countrymen of tile meeth, by holding their cursed abolition meetings 46 the BSnday, and preaching its treacherous doc trines their vary pulpits. Franec--enlight read and Uatolic France, has always held her fes Iels on that day, set apart by human and divine laws, for recreation and amusement. It was left for Louisiana to break through the tramels of pre jndiee and superstition on this side of the water, }ad she has nobly dared to do it. Let hypocrites apt, who will gladly imitate if they dared: and bigots condemn, because their gloomy and illiberal temeteof the dark ages, are despised by the intel" hlets of 1837. Louisiana laughs at trhent! H1er reiteas presu:a. to judge for tnemaelves, nor while they point to the fact that Parisians hold their ,regular races on Sz4-days, int their Champ tde .IWm, do they deem it necessary lucite the exam ple of-any nation, for either their actions oa opin "Going to the Race." .:Sadaywss indeed a sun-day,--it rose bright enwJ.hining, and every object around spoke of hap (ines and joy. All the world (of New Orleans) wa 'stir for sport,-merry faoes and cheerful reriersealted the ear on eventry side, and..he Coutse f coaerse, seemed tihe object of every ones desires. Zeven'the air was a smooth, balmy, antd rary tern.. pearare. The rail roadl, and the rail roa: cares wA'e objecta of intense interest, anthough little cal eseated by their simple engineer, to create feelings of romance or even answer the purposes of useful ase. Never mind. No one was inclined as they rode on the rail, to rail at tile road, although hun dredsupon hendreds were quietly waiting for the ears some hour before their arrival, and then found lese then half thie required places to sit on. Lir ing beings were pressed as closely on tihe seats as cotton hales in a ships hold, crowds were orn the tons, and many more, like the "big raccoon, were sitting on ti e rail !' TAE RACE. Throngs were upon the stands-crowds upon erowdofilled the large spa, e heneath-spirited men on spirited horses capered merrily about the mid dle enclosure-fair creatures in elegant dress ald address, graced the members stand; men were Letting; ladies were fanning; horses were prancing, and merry niggers were dancing with delight in the irrepressible enjoyment poss.esed by all who have the true feeling of "going to a race." L;.rdio was the great favorite. Extin anainst the fiild! E.tio ever at odds of 3 to I!! W'hen the time of uarling approached, the horaes ;were paraded, and looked in very good condition. Bumpel r iJd not look quite so well as might be wished, and doubts were expressed whether his injured leg wou;d stand. Still his noble fuorm did hunr I tio e "bon peer" from whom he sprang, and would not dis grace the "1 oa peer" that elymol!gied his name. The others were all of Leviathan blood, and theni appearance spoke decidedly of the nimblhr feet of their sire. larrk l lrkt! it is the signail-the drum Invites! To saddle, bnas! The four no.le crea tures Ire straining on the start lhke two brace of greyhounds in their leashes. Tap goes the drum, and away start the horses! Bumper ahead! Away went the little-thought-of Bumper, followed, and closely too, by the favorite EKrtio. "Extio!" said her rider at starting, "I'm off!" but he could snot take, or overtake the bumper, wiho won the heat in gallant style, leaving the grey headed An. Led Truth so for behind that many thought her her distanced, but Truth proved herself a hypo crite aIyl deceived thie whole of then. Becondlheat.--At the rap of the drum Extin, or 1Ex-shot as her pamle sounds, was indeed l"off," leaving poor Bumper apparently unable to follow her steps, and many a sympathetic backer of the favorite, on seeing hlia plight, exclaimed, adi u, Mons. Bon-peer-ohl! he's done itp! one run and all's oever, with many other such sympathies. But Bouper did not need themii;-'tis true he was so mnueh behind, that many believed him far beyond his distance, even In the first hall mile, but when they passed the judges stand, a length did not di vide them. Such a gap, made up in so incredibly short a time, was, we believe, never witnessed hv the oldest turlite. The reason for his apparent falling ,ff was an atteck of cramp under welich he was still suffering when he started for the heat, but his s,,itled owns gave up his intention to draw him. front hearing the many bets his friends would lose. Offstart: d the four on the second mile, istio leading, ftl dlowed by Parise and Trutlh,-but e're they had reached the third quarter they were, one by one, chaleaged with a Bumper, and one by one were passed even without the ce:emony of touching. Hurrah for Bumper. Hurrah for tlh John Rich ardestock! Away, away at the top of their speed few anmper ond'the favorite. Anxiaas to retrive her fame, the lady of the "White Feathers" made a bold dash at the northern hero--she caught hItm, lapped him,-passed him! Htrrahl! hurrah!u But sh! what is that? There goes Bumper again, be "tains his lost ground,--he chalkngcs the mares-.db peases anid gallantly leads her to the ssel-ght quarter. But alas, aluas for glory,--the espital rider who was on his back here evinced .ech weakness from previous sickness, that he se.Miet.etn ide to side upon his saddle, and when to d ilsf t the distanee, his stirrup broke,-he ated and fell senseless from his horse, who stil. antinoed his onward eourse, heading the race' bat.doohed to be distanced by the rigid rules of Joikie. Parolee distanced too. Thesecond and third heats were well contested between Estio and Naked Truth, but the former, thousghthe favorite, was destined to defeat, yet set dsgraee,sand lost both to hecrenduring but nt pftthe ding rival. - Taro DAY (Sunday) MAncn 19th. First race. l'ropretor's Ipurse $1000:-3 mile A.La Bigeman's.g. f. .akrl Truth, 4years old by Leviathan, diam by Palte 4 2 1 1 . 8.rt.rson's oh. c. Bumper, 4 years ld,by Juhn Richards,diamt by Sir t11. I dis. VM. J. Willis' e. f. Ertio, 4 years old, by J.evisthan,out of White E'tathers, 2 1 2 2 ?.3. Stark's b. c. Paralee Blerins, 3 years old by Leviathan, out of Sally M'Gee. 3 tie. Time, 6 12-6 14-6 27-6 3d. After the principal race a sweepstake came off which afforded excellent sport, and sent away the enormous crowd in high spirits and the greatest hilarity. T'he race resulted as f llows. •beas r pe.-Pruprietur's purse $200;-mile hoets. P.L. Claibourne'sgr. ,.Mfarlin, 2 years old b7 Riebhae, dam by Painter, I I SAli.lle.i s. . Lady of i.ic L:ke, 3 years .an by bare-Dt vi, 2'2 Old, It Afts' ch. c. .bmpromise, 3 years,dnam unknown, die. old)1 Kenner's a. c. - by Eclisc - , die. 5"I'ime nm. Im. 57s. Celeste takes a benefit on Monday i;rht. T'he mind usunally tires when the same object is ever presented ro it. But this rule so evident in other things does not hold good in the ease of this don soense. And why Decanuse the frenturesofCeleste's acting and dancing are an ever variant, that the eye does not recognize any sameness about them' This is a trait peculiar to this lady. And it proves he-to be an artiste of the first order. lier action and her dancing are not the mere result of prac tised imitation or set form, but they emrenate from the mind, and hence the beautiful adaptation of her pantomime and dancing to the sul jeet before her. Snawrin, the great HIlguenot preacher at the Hague had a constant dread of snaeness, antd all his ef fLrts were to depend upon mind for the source of action, and speaking. He continually exercised the inventite faculties, and hence his brilliant suc cess as a sermonizer. Hie spoke for twellty yearr to the very same congregation,-a congregatlin of princes and nlobletren,-a congregation the least ocwhonl were scholars, and in all thla time, lie was never known to be guilty of n plagiarism fromn his own works. So it is with Celeste. We have seen her sigllt after night in the French Spy, and we look in vain for a plagiarintsm sfa her previoue performance. We i::stance the dancing scene in I that play. That beautiful Arabl darae always conies t,a the eve unattr a dill0tent phasis. And this is the great charm of Celeste. A merely dlu!l imitat:vo dance, keeping time to the miusic, and proceeding anecording to the rtlts of the art is list less, painful and tiresome. But when soul pervades every- muscle and nerve, when mtind gives energy and meaning to the tread, the step, tihe movemenit, the looi , the action; then it is that the sy.nplathics of tile auditor are roused and chained to Ithe spot where such an exhibition is going on. And such will tlways he thie resu!t wheregenlrt is fount', and taltent to put it it; action. Cesitte has lost none of the giant energy of soul which distinguished her performances last year* She has improved by practice, and dispilaysm riper judgment in her pantontinre. 'To night will be a sturce of pleasure to her. She will see that her exertions have not been throw n aw y, that hler powers have been duly appreciated. 'IlThe house anssetabled to night will give ample proof of that fact. Ilercnftir when the fair beneticiary will have left tihe scene of her miilmic triuanp',s in the fine arts, she will have cause to retaeilber the night of the 20ti .March 11137-it will be to her a soturce of deep ft-eling and gratification to know that her appeal ftr the roeward of ceaselh s exertion found a promlpt response in the bnostm of (very Orleanois, -not for her own sake, bat for the slake of the art over whose aide realms she reigned :he undis puted queen. A Mrs. Juna Mortlon,of Philadelphii, lately re covered $500 doamages and costs against two wat goners, that drove so rapidly through the street, so to knock her down and inflict severe injuries on her person, while she was in the sat of crossing the carriage way. We hope thait our draymen will take the hint and restrain the speed wiah which they are wont to dash nalng the streets of New Orleans. The law is very severe in its en netacnts against fast driving. W e\' fearit will ie comc i:eressary o mtake nn example f sonime one of these Jehu's, ere tllhy will learn to respect tile provisions of the law in qtuestion. By the brig Peannsl Ivaniat at Philadelphia, from .lagago, 17th Jianunry, adviets are recvived of n terrille stormn on the night of the lst January, it that town. Several Baitish t men of war in polt, were driven from their moorings, witlh of guns, masts, &c. to prevent going dewr. Th'le U. S. ship John Adnams was in port, but received no in jury, to the secure manncr in which she was looterd. We are happy to li.;d that our fa.vorite Miss C. Barnes is receiving tlhe spirited and disecrn ing Malbilians the nleed of praise to wh:eh as an actress she is so justly enirrtiled. 'The Registerr slaS:-"'Miss LIralrs, itoi is an aldmirable rprc. senlative of the hiigh-soucd and lhitly I .'va l E; and should no other plaurl receive the full utensure of its worth, we should consider our time happily spent in listening to her sweet utterance of its a Utitul ents.e Extoact of a LePrar, dated l.' rtrct, 8 Ih Felb. 1"I,36. Diar S:r:-Noitwithstal ill the nonstninitl rant in lthy Amleriean papers, concerning Ihis caun. tr-, an d the expeditt, n destined to operatr ar ainst thle Texans, ion shoulld know that Ithc yleaxieias and their (iternnlent Atire resalved to make 'Texas enter inlo its dluty and they twill do so. Every thintg is now ready fir lhe natrclh f the traopsl which are comrposed of 16000 infantry, anld 1200 envalry, with their enrrelspondint artillery, and the com'. mnand is confided to Gen. Busta..enta.n, well known, for hist valor and roarioaislm. Although wi lt ereat trou'le there have lbern equipped llthlre bligs, fix schooni s, andi twelve gulln brars, alnd there are expected from Jllamaica, two good sternmhnat and one brlt ullder thile a om tnatud of Williamn McKenzie, who served with Commodore Iorter ill the war f Inlllpenlnnce. As soon ait these vessels arrive, alabtat 1000 m~ten will be ernbark ed to operate by seaon ntinst Galves teon, and the other troops will go by land Ito uite w th sheo tt inder tile o nlalandi of BlustaInenta: And helieven, &e. &e. To Mr. Wm Kidl, lerchanlt's Exchange, N. Orls. P S. The nrrivrl of Santa Ann-, will not changa in the least degree, the aspect of thines of T'exis, heensarsee has nareed with Biustianment and our (;lovei rtnent ; and I ra p sit that tihe exp dition will start about the uatildle ol Mln:ceh if nut before. Sa i.. . ol By the Governmee t Elrp'ress. FORE IG N. Tihe certain of thie irmortral pnint-r, Gera~., were interred in the remetervy f rMount ..II ose. IHorace Vernet was one of the pallr-bares,r and anon; the mnutuer were C!eate.abliand, Arafri, Villemnin, &c. Lord Wmn. Paoret, Captain oif thI Ro l Navv, and son of tihe Mrquis Anel esy, has pr tiitllnI e fur his discharge from Ine In~olvent Debmr'sn Act. Desides the steamers from Southamn! in ton lIn vre, we learn tlt tl one Iletwree Lendrlln nd Dir ver to Clais, Ilave during the veer Il3i, cronveyeI no less ttant 360312 passenrger., nonl those lfri Boulogne to Dieppe the same year 55,512. No lers thlan 1400 persons dined on n irif r roasted wdIlei, which belonirged it) StafITrd O'Iiri n, Esq. and hid tuken the prize at the agricultural meeting at Oakhnm. The price paid by the eaters was Gd. a piece. The .brleton is pers reed. A fellow was lately ilmpriejned ar Vienna foi exhibititn" what he called a wild E.quinlaux, and awho turned out to be a young irl hl had kidnap led and stained with walnut juice. T'he German phlegm can't swallorw hIumbugs. M. Maiasirt has exhibited to tile IFrench Aend emy of Sciences an itntrument for ennvreing li-i quids into the cavirvof the luns and for dilalrin hemn. Also a eshstitute for leeches in an improv ed cupping g!a-s. An extensive silk maRnufactory has been se nh lished tn the linrlad of IIydry'in Grtrce. 'I'Two coal mineshave been dieoverred in Greece-o-ne in the province of I'hithiotis the other in Pelopon At a recent reerption at the Court of the Tuillr ries, a dvi hAnppninrre to mnlke ne a.ollusion n r the loatlertten pt on tire hKing' I fr,..Y., ininlrlln,, re. lid his Maj'stl, "I am the pIoor rabbit that thley • 1l fire at." M. Donner it is raid will be Archlrishop of Bur deaux in rllooml of tile iamlented .hoverus. About 3000 of the French troops are supposed to have peri Ihed in the expedition to Constantine. Lord Lyndhurst while at Paris witnessing the trial of the Courier Francais niwospaprr, expressed Iis astonishirtent how an action e.uld be brought ageainrt the press for the derelictions nlrreed. It is only by going over from London to Paris that orne is fully sensible of the fact that Englland is yet a free country, and that the liberty of speech is not disturbed on Aluion's domains. F. B. Ogden, Esq, the Amnericn Cronsl for Liv erpuol, entertained Mr Edwin Forreat and a no. trernes part ofgerrtieema at tihe Adelpilt lotal. A voung hdly of a rich family at Parns, lately threw herself into the Seine, nearly opposite the palace of the Legion of honor. lShe was recovered by two saldiers, and stated she was driven to the act by o staclks to ler marriage. "Old Joe," well known for twenty-ira yeariloas the swveeper of the cr.a ing letlding from Scotland yard to Wlhitchall place, recently died at thle age ot70, leaving amollg his rage, documelt s to show that Ie ownaed in the fulnds 14001aecumnulated by his humble vocali ,in. PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. - I.EAEtt .tA U.ittAY. SLip tlrthenon, 'ra.Io;lar, Iive, aroo--t1ucnced 4" Mills; ealgo 193,1 bales cotllll. inrqll Ilorle iu. ounIe, .New York, D Mtlston-cargo :dell Ill lsaIs r. i, 3a IlnIa curll. Brig ariein. L.t;Itlcllll. Saarenlla:, L D C Wood--crgo ricg hr irr!, TrrecrW, .h, BOslon, ioaster--cargo 404 crt's rotroair. cirl I p, t, 0,00i, kakn lard. erio Cormet,t IJieki,;erm, t,.lrlve.. Comuulu, tlapeyre 4 eo ca go 4. hhds tr pcrco. 17 at les d. Drie eeidlsuree, lrlsllilre, tostonII. J .\ Mcerict-er go 1t8 Scel Woldor n o Noeic. tlrihrrrler lhia-rlnlriey & Ah'.,tt earn l43 r.hlt nd r xen os : IOt.ecR,. I. hr a:e r mInonii. 8t kegs l orrdrccclrrsrperk. tc. ir an s ; 56G irra4, chlr Jilllc. tuVrlllill toustIUoI c\ I 1 ruPlrlr ,.e LUat-cr.e 063 kr .s I.ll, r 0 sickse e c er,. Scthr Urclhir. B, iage , Matn.lgurdc, II Jonrrs-cargo, groce ies, rt ,,vi o tn , q- . acher p;lle.thla; BOrllae,'dtilTapa Bly, S 4 J 1' Wlhitlley carrl U a sle en . chelll Ir L Ollrlhl.d, Charlre, Mobile, Grtivet & P,,loe- €ales gntcrr.e, pr, viaiirra. &o. ehr llyp,,rilrn, tal.tcr, Il.,Vallll, R 0.Oltl & ceoO--Eirgn c110 ile1 aor. rehr elll rlll, Ba:el, Ionaton, S J P Wtitney--c 0arg 624 ehlr c1ar.. Cleekm, Jnmpecrir-, J Yrdars 4 0Seon-teno :144 rldys loaur, 3 ploughs. .ckr Ctrlllr, Roer, 'l'apa Oli lly.J Bnurr--cargo groerile, p w ovisl, ts, et,', Seh' cOristlla, ,ltf.ell, l'uaslro. " prey 4 co--cargo rcoska el, 19 hfir floor. ~r.,l er M l.acl.t liaeore, lioAPe, mate--ergaso Lalnrl te. AILRIVFED WA I UI, D.\Y. Tnoonhrt W\hle. ;llldll, fro cll at f'aTsser-r--toed alle stcl iAlerrtirle; lri ar Biarudlltli, al rehler t rirltll. llla d Prz. rtnailt lip t ia Wia flea y. Ia trre pan'wder ,cOgarire trr th city, btlar Parctac nd c;rtmrel Jt" Jr:; tod tL 'oyeiply ti'olrt, selr lr icaeprtl re.p Itic tlro P.,.ea , tr,re tim t 4 I' Itrrp.r: I rpo ril Clorro.-tr,, irrrir tlie bace, ai enleelich bulk roctsl. r,r. l'~eklrl crilp Y zoo still alcce. I,,ri Ic ra. l',,w moa Ptr ,oi-'. tO vie. f rPon t,' 'r r --, l o e rlrilca C lvr. tier .rclt rr ' rrolirr rl,eie V recar, Brr art tiirr Bill c ir. Ilhuu-is t lip hiL C i!litu and J,,e: smilrs Plush ,,hit 1 .I- IV |lsns ail, thle 171h . l 41 a l; ,.l' rty i Stve.Pdiah Iri;; et ani hr ,,uslle, sC tirY1azoo c r.) l.rdiy egtmll. St.ellal , Item Paciirc t ,lraert rL'ltla aive ; rcia a,,ll to trerlile lrih lie trll Mar, huctutId Iut npplr l.,r Withhl two iier of her, Bria Piteron, ecrlell, 2 a,,y f eolll Blonlle Io iter-ar rrgo assorted I(ze. r t lnlltlerl . Joh, Pe kaills, o 7n dlys f l Boston, to" J Pc. Whitley r l'r,. Bril Joan,, cr Gvla.r days fl om lluustvOnon, eas, tT aa,.o n. Brig t'ritetion, Falwell,:) days from n 5atane llto R Gr,, 8chr in:thti, Wafts, 0 dlrs loin a ntltgorda, to Clark 4. co, with .1111 dris,. rr lllrh, sr FCllrlhlc days cll rleeotn.t, ntt J Reted & co. rctn!male all tPh.c weer, Leuahrc, hr0 Olark Rlvecto . olntllllhat \I .|O lnnutc, clirrlclr, St ,trrlinrvliie, to masder. hr'aellrhca Oc.rllloa, aele;y hoz e.anro tL rei, en mloe.r. SleSlll)*rhl llull C , tln',i I'elaie, M. a:llesher, to master. tCecnlhlr t t'l'evi, lverha,,, i,., it. Sc a, t mt er, ttrmh atrillllb t lI I, t, rldier, Portaa.llll . to illml ,. All n1.Ii0D V'E1T: ILDAoY. T w'ovitlnelt Feliri;lrl;l. \VLoodl, trotl tice orserc, 0owell to era .il r N O s c.rialch, lrt!Ueihln cc, b q i.e Jsecic ihte. rIeIe Iig Alle|. Iliar'll,] tl 'lll..lhil : T e. ll rtte lls i the J8thl. het n Ia,, eprtos cll iee thn loni , c hlip Unitved rr e aahs arn. hr;lk- JIIplll, llhll. freIIe I~ , idlhlnhia IIIi nod hri.a ul.,lUtVln,- ihill Yier, a.rsill hlrdlrr IIrrtI.i, 6 l~vrI wllller iit her c Lc· rO cld low; here bceOrte ee to rIccislnutrravn al hrcrce Ioltelac lhip 'I i er. ,kce r. I lir r., inn. "l7It. Ilo nlter, hi ballast. oCrill llil, a1n1ilc1 hlOa,i'r. to ( rlve & P;Cine. i~ehr Acre Ianrirmtlo., Nbew Vcerl, I7 dcycetr msatee. le: lOlrho ct iFlo ill, n)IIIIII, iovil't. n cim ler.ic ble;llllcti,t Celcllllrore,. Iltmlroall, Opeousae, to Llsterrp :elaudlo:r t c Ir,. S0hernd, C,.cst!ene,nll f e tlaoaculhlialald Sra:rnIenrt Fis, l'thnoln:lrnn, Llrfohcr., io ,Illster. ll: lln l ot lll;ck ailwrk, Gtorn.Oll, Olhht llarsr e. I lllle r. S llltOari |lllll-villl, Jordll, It yao' Svei. et, IO t laltoS r . Pfnll,;lllhl: di eellh i ll Irllfll n, lhihlwlldwm, loliaville, lu miii tcl - i-crg llrottocl Yuurc hroalll tlrllrlro, ta;lle iolli, lrc. MEMOR tc.NDA. "I1 r er'e.l reported Iie lcsl.oro vlece trtinte Islann, taclhr hIlrollre HI-O r e it c,, 0'renl Bonellen. d er r rolllllllrlr r hals i ola cll t1 ccrcity clr o sacx.tlllce; r'rct s lrer to L: vrply Icadly 'ile 'l'icer reporlt srllp lntve to lave sailed snleao dal forp this t-lt. Na utical Intelligence. = = SPOKEN. Noth Feo. of Double llcado d Shot Keys, brig l(orkomor, Newport, for N. Orls. hith loss of ailet c. 7thb Feb. s. lat.g.10 lon,. 1550. Bazaar, Boston for N. Orls. 10 days out, Total Expotas previously............ ::.5.858--348.31 STATEMENT OF COTTON. Ot. It, I(-. N,,. hLo.I on h oal ...... .............. 8,71(2 Mor 18,19 '37-No. hol roe ..o..t. .......8...(3' fotol No. do, til p evioo sll 4:0,962 4'8,00 417,701 Mar. , 183-Exports todate d....... to l....i'po.. . 1051 "" do '' Uorl.......59 . Toltl Expno's pIt iosly ..i.......... :::45,888--318.431 No. hod. remalining, not cleared....... 03,92 STATEBIENT OF TOBACCO. Oct. let. t97l-N,,. hhd,1s. on, tooo..l... ..............7,7 072,. 19, 1837-No. do r,'d to dote ............. 3,428 Mo,. l9.--1ortso to date........................ 6, 0.25 No. ,Ihds. r'0maining, 00t clared ...1....13,97 NEW YORK SHARE LIST-March oth. l. Slate, Paok shareoo, 119 Urtloaore & (lud. do 931-34 Morri. Canal do 97 Ctoy I'luk N.. (1'. do ll 0 Virkoboorg do 9, Planters' B. Tenn. do 101 Olin Truo Co do ll N.O. (ias. Co. do 901t 971 llliouoio (look do 17 So,.hern Trust C. do 044 IIIIA DELHIA SIIARE LIST-Moch ttb. lUnited Stales Ilnook shares. 1161 (Girard do 57 Coo. Cineinuatti do 1014 I.nlouiille Bank do ,1 Delawareo & Hldson do 9,t Koonltohy do Plauto . 176 12 n6,0id GCulf do o7 Plnoosyl.Io tis do 116l Virkohhrg do 17 3-4 BUCENOS AYILES IMARKET--Dec. 31. 1836. Excrlngo on Engload 7ld per dollar; ,est ox hides 27l a e8d pe1ada: .In oUolloo'' a2o4 0 di. -eigb ing kll a 2l Ihl. 25 a 0' do: Joerked lbef II a 16d ot qouaool: North American flour none. DouhloonS 1161 a 0121 doll . . NE\V YORK MONEY MARRET. IfallStrret, drrh 9.-D-Dfloliesi are increnaoil. Stocks areogoigolowoo. Much curooltyisexllibiltdldabout tIe Delt. ware 1an, o Il , don concern,--obo t ey coudl .o suoddenly moko soohb a dioidend is 6io p cent. The coal okhiclk they odd up (to river a 55 p.r loo, brought tule lloxt pit 1rlasers fonm $8 to it 9iu ohoclty. Didithe ounl go olotlhe Compan'sopock. 'lkre oentry is ion ionoular oltitioo. T r prices of the oealleo, ofti IT atehSihi ( fer,--tlle k ooornnent in the kands ofon unpriocipocd Ipartn. tle trea(1on overolooiog,--nod yet inou' w~orth frntl t to l roper rent a onuth 11? enoonE says o, knoos peroonlly thot Vai n nunro wo , o'ppmood to thie removal lthe I)epoits.r. Ito \ill /knoo too fl t tile KInderrooker will not estre lthe cuerren'y' n tooa ,ud store. It iis not hi interest. Ti ct ile oth will hea ti ble t risis Ill llr I afllontary cl(cerns, thcre can I, no doubt. This ve y crisis it wllot t C pa y wante, ill ordr to he:lir their desigth against thoe COi SFOR MAITAGORIIA. ('n TxasTio.) [First vessel , to i!,j T llIld, pack oo bouosucr WARIttIOR Miller naster, - w ill :il tn 1,cdedav 722d inot, 1a4a ta161 tbto kulk ofo50 0r 300 bbl,t. For terlmof freight or plassage, apply to the C(ot'il oa nu lc0rd. or to t21_-_ 11 III JUNE, G: Cooop n CAIENI)ER FOR 15:17. F)lI.BI,111811 this dao',snd io r sale oooby the 15 osci Iher,'l' New ,iroo, l,;j o Counliooo Iljouseo Calotdor for 19(i7. iroi0 B .NJ. I.EV'Y. AIHD--1~d koego leaf t arl, n siljt)oai (oralli.:e, l" J sale by I.OCGi1,F r HA\W, "I lORN, al?11 " 63 Grayior et l AC N--75ihhdob o-ool Citionatti baeon,,boopxe I clear o i,'',, ut1 up) exo 'ooily r.ot tle, Flovaoa Ilm. let, fior sno, by B1);ER'L' & IAW T1 RllloN, 1 pork, now3 lau0lin,, Il(d horale by BUOGOJIT & Ilk TIIOIOIRN, 1,120 63 Gravier st i Uo.l-11OpFF"I;-1.7: .Lu,0s superior gr7en, hi-lh i flavnred 11ibo polTe, in or..r aaICt lion ' bhgst a inlg or i., bk o I.oIC,r frI o lilOde .nlneiro, an article well worlhy thle alIlleui ' ofocollntry buSver, Snl, sold ill hlts to stlil p)lt-cltoo se, for milt: by BURNS' STI'IFF & C)O. on203t 92 Coomlol s1t. (3 tAI'IIE a:)AP--T boors oa,,oll vizo, Cootilt l 1 soap, lor sode by IIOGERT & IIAWTIIORN, nm2( 62 Graviier et. lý S :1.AXi:: \.iNE--1. 0 r. ca ko sweot Loaloga wine IlA now ladilg, olnd tlr saoe oo BOGiEII' & iIA WTIIORGC (620 52 Graoie' mi. r1\E~l 3--l'inla-.l, gUllu--wtvo Iatd bs,- tor aloo b.. to.1UD & I AI"I;OW - t1 _1 i7 Grnvier alt. ITA IA1N;:--\\ inel ndt stilt slit .ed Aliu tddlit.rct ISt imollh tio'ai rt .Malaga, for sale hIl a'20 l .S)Olo 11). Itoi. I-ooW,7 (;rnvier st -. lIA:" D Iin - I- riorta, hkinSl a1' f7 1, ,Ir ,, e r 1by ot121O0 (IE11 .0- AI I(ASTO(W, 67 (iar st P E' .I4 6 i1 ll :.(,d V --u h- ls. fio r sa le Bo o _TE]'IAY--\VUs taken uonUI t nu the nlglhlt ote I: oMarch, 1 ) lilt ity niglht watch, 3d tirt' "9d o Mt.t ripalf-to, aonol coolutlBcd to the poliotc of the :1d war, a old left hind log ohioe to the knoeojoint. The oWoer of lslp pone', is requested ro coooe forward, prove orop ert', pIoy charles, to or before Satlrday iha lot doy of April, on ohich aoy ,ie said ,iotal will be sold tt plubic auction, at 1 o'el,'rck, bv P A. Egollhotl, auction 0er. IIP STIRIN; IIERl, Comalisr., mr0 :Id 'sard,2d M unicipality $111 EW\V tRD. AIISCONDEI D on th• 17111 lust. a block womao A. tam-d I)OI.I.EY aged nbout 49 yeouro, 5 fo-t, 2 or 3 illiaes ohiig, or llterotboults; oao thle most of hpr ,erth oat ib Iboo111 woreo wlhen shle owent (w( ty03( old (tri fed ginto haml1 dresol'--ollev f, o rmllo holouge l o , i t, lateo W,. Waller WVriht teceasred. She is well knowol by) ll1llt, Ipraoolo residing i tle pit anod faou bourg St Mart, I p:rticullrl o in the neighb(orlrood of I)r or streeo(ot'odl on agaille s oirct. The nhre~e reward, unid nal reasonable expenses will , paid, on deliver tol tre sulscriber, or lodged in jil, so that he aun get her. u2lltf 11 B STRINGER. St. Charles Theatre. TIllS EIVENI'NGJlarch 20th. W.:ri be li.'r .od lhe drama of the MOORISH IPAGE, Or--The Kight otf the Bleeding Scar. AdIlcl, (tie SMoorish 'age) M'lle. CEIItEST'F. T'o cotceluole with tle WVIZZA-RD SKIFF, Or--The buoengless Pirate Boy. Alcea, a Greek (irl, Atelt, Cphi at theG Skil, M'lle. CELESTE. Agataos ,ode'ring Ziatgsro, sn. Ceoeetlaotiter, l . . lrl'.oceet. Pauli, . . . . . Ms. luot. [[ Tile bark COSSACK, Knight, mastter, from New York, is dichargintg opptosite post 81.--Cnasig nees will pieas attcntlad to the receipt of thelir goods. coad tier below the rail ro d. Cou ignccs wilt ctase attread to receiviog their good. ottl -.- i-e I' cketshlip Iarkawa'y is tow disclrging optiosite tle Vegctulte Markk t. CSee1ipnets are i'e qestred to atotetd to the receiptol tIeir g o .s. mi7 [ tON. t.-, o v, S tlllday, thie P'roplrieators I're of $10tI 3mile boents, will I)t rolt for. In this race, there will be several lof thie best hIares to rue. The public may expect the best racing on that day. Ti'erhre ewillteoe offi at I o'clock. emlR Y N i LIVER, P'roprietor. ft UNNY BAGS-50 bales medium bgs, ltbir sealte byh -4 mt20 REA Dt & BAItS'I'OW, 67 irevier st ( ItAMIPAUNE-Aad sparkling htugtttoldy, tor a le by tRAD & BLt) t ' TtW, m'.O 67 iravi:-r st. 8, 213, 24, 50, 51, i6, 25,72, 31, 29, 67, 22, .re tile drawn nutetlsers of the 1Iltd Class FREE SC0HOOL LOTTERY. AU'rIfORISED by Act of the L.egislottre of the Stale of Louisi.tta, fir tihe brefie of thu "Luaehitta Schoaol Society," paIscnd dtapprove, d the 21st dMarch, ti8ly'. CLASS No. 15, FOR 1837. Ta be drawen an ,VNerOrlcnts,oae Satutrd:t2lh .e March (75 Number Lottery--l'2 IcDrawt alloes. "CIHEMIE. Priaazes I)ollers IDollars 1 of 12,000 is 12,000 1 of 4,000 is 4,000 1 of 3,000 is 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,170 is 1,170 10 of 1,000 is 10,000 10 of 600 is 6,000 10 of 500 is 5,000 15 of 300 is 4,500 170 of 140 . is 22,800O 126 of 80 is 10,080 126 of 40 is 5,040 126 of 20 is 2,520 3,780 of 10 is 37,800 23,436 of 5 is 117,150 27,814 amountting to 243,000 'T'ickets--wlollc tickets, $5 01;i halecs, $2 50;quartere $ 2'-'5. Pach'aees of I5 'l'Techts $125, wrrettetd to tdraw at htat ti/il, aaeet etae'/dtratw teo feur Ctptitoals. Packoges f shttteeo itt tltepotioee. FoaTcr a 'tt'y at the Mataeger's oflie, 37 Gravier istreet, tadjoinineg tto rtetrae ilto tIle readctr, and 10ei Ctt trcrs,betwieiee Colti and Pt. L)ttis al. 1o.13 " JKlEiADt ,autentger. letA\eOltAt,TIY 1)1' NEIX' ttttt.IeL.S. 'itea price offresh flotr to day, being $8 75 cents p"r hlrrell, according to the tarifT the bakers tnal giver 36 Oallleeb of btred ore a bit, ecurinet iltlt acet, frenl elallt dttr the 20th itest. Bre/t tf it the scottlel q//litey or tef three loaves for a it, is required tt, weiga 25 per cntt more, say 42 1- ounces. D. PIIEUlt, eaeor. March lbth 1837. MAYORAI.TY OF 7NEW OIRLEANS. Coteril of .tuetaietlytlt .,l. 2. [Sittieg of'le/esdoy. 1I4th Rlfrch, 1837.] Resolve tIat thouyor bu t tei is rCtbv ilt hlorized to gitepublio toice, according to law, of he elecaio for Alelorme of tltis Maii tt/// i/tyt tot ilh tlae to t e eairt Mletteday ill April next. at the tblloetiltg tlitetttd Pil/eta, tntdCr tte sleleritt dettetct ofthtet inslt etors and clerke hreeafitretlll/ed First Ward, at thle Arcade Exchange. Inptoelare, A. II. Jlseapp, D. E. Ulrtolt. Clack, J. Wf. StillII Second Ward, atIthe 1 eunicital e lat l. Iltspttort, elIabrt Latroe, m. Flerct. Third Ward, elt ltarvee Nortot's. Iltnsleetor. Edwrrld t'ltr er, J. I. Geonis. Clrrk,J. Beliaketn. I esolvell tllllt iul easo tlav ()1 Ihoe Illrn.c Ilnlllv·dperson.; sh l reftuseafo Olt tee, I t l teeter ttt', te, I he is tlelrl/v frllv a ltt lltzctt lettel/tl oiat st. I otherst l as 1he a y dteell tee/Per tree lc hl (Situeaa) J. B.\LDWIN, Recorder. Agttltleeb tee tte forte itg restceltteioe, tnot hv tirite ef tilto tl-oeisioe of ae teet, it rltetoedr tihe tthl .Nirehl, 31i6, entitlttd. 'Anact to intelrporatlte tie city of New Orleans, appr.ted tite 17th l', 180e5' and othet r acts Ilmendllth g ltlh amtte1,' ticele is Ileilrt, cive n, tllttont :otldaetv, 3d A1tril aext, betwreen nine o'clock A l anele ofive P ], Ihe tdI/ al ecletlitii ofA lerlmentett the eteeond lunie ia \it , w l bt e hehlt at thl e dittilbret places nl tlltl ete til ee tFl er ltel teer.llr of tilee ')L oIl$ ill 1110 tloea etird raoso lte a .Id 11It eeettrtjHtt . ot lree 0 enli t le t ; / J) eachl war~d of'srd MltlliCil)alitv. is emii icdl isasl fi l1o.,.: Si:lcold \e Vard, thrlee .Xtldl'lnele . Third tVWartl, three Alermen. Mlareh, )2, 1;37. D. PRIF.RInIMyor. Coallbrme,,,uncit it lat rt··.ltlti~ ll eitlcssin lin - ctJ .' nc.tll dtr (eertItsliels dl artc nl~lU.tlel 8 r:a:s IIt;l, 1 1 lti tale lO'.l rt e o //r t t eh l,'r l'acte mtitle e.\ te Io reattrt dectla vllee e la ew Orhans, narove le I6 Fevelaie 1t 0 ntihsi el//autre s Lte ite Ida/t'le ditXe/ c ,'a 'st eteoe qt e Lnedi, 3 tvlril o's ]lein re ueb ret du lnt r edlg ~u-e.deI'allr,,s Iifide il sere 1)l~rtlede 'l'etetiorl anllwllrle de:s Aiiderlln lie In Sierro ee . uali(:;. lalite, aux lieux i iedeqell te : 1I' la ssdite r:sola tion et OI o t lat direction des ctr'oltee lei't soua tt entt I at leto ereinele d re/eI ntate/t tunxquetl chaouhe ditriet el Ia e te I unefeitltliet a tie~ it t st 't I act ll treieeer dirreitt, leear/tel Alder'enet Seeolllu districrt, t; aid Atierdc·ago., Troisieoet d.iestrict trai Alderm le n, L.e 20 Msrs 1838 D. 'RIEUlt, Mayor. SCARD--·T)t t eoaset 'eo's tee, bhae//e t/ elri-a tJtme rthltaee plee salre itt afltl/lowelcarte//l ti, re ('lelet ndte ttcrewtekitnd treeeeae/ac they reec~eieo ea tee r:tll wrehttt eel, ni )ir / tt/ Ireo't l (/1l/a e tt l to N w/t Or/leans: to those takinlle o InsSalc er Gtall/-tot, /ete wnenol r'ecoie illnd tihe / Iiz a l t the most /lllibr t v e mtsel I 't accl IlUllune atl olns, anlld moslt c'tn1u1!ln ditous eahill in Ihr trade. Irt , Cee t in Ihas la !e allra n'men ts /it the Chall tA. Pu'ecre, J.o1 . Hh r,.et, tipJ Ihelt h Iea, o, I t tlr 'a. Ilooemai tvI o jchingat l..TaelR[)tl, Ieorri/t/Ielorar, elother etlacs'aen teae tetvceu. \Vtetleoe w ou'lttlrele thisa leotse/lelt lloeeetel eled lto $ contile, ter t ~ to r ls t, e e. aete t l t te hPracnv will. b l Trscson rInilk r Jrl))a /L '\Vill t s, C . dm Chas.I· A.Parn, ..I"ltl .I. Shrewshaorv, 8ohl rbv lrlee, :let&Cenasr ait auetioa onl thle 41h1dilv [+',, last, ar c rqulested t;) calll at the( ollrreo of \\'II; C:h'istv- Ileltare poltbic ante+) CI V .11 ni _ thl" p~r'pt, \\ ill b~e sold aIt their cost uad risk' arccrd. I " Y IEWl.rrETT & CENAS W i IItI. ble sold, on .,tldnv 81th nust I, o'clock on til l'hrvo', at t tt fo It fl'Tollhte str.CCt, - 57 BA\I(I El1.S MOL.ASSS, for nceoulnt ofT om it may tllllcerln. 'Termls--Ca;h TlICI1 N1) 11.\ HRE WIt N OS--O hl trost \iodein Io 13·Irnhmi.; Mlurdock, ohc. Scott, ion. 51hnsav, 1dn. Al o, pole old lototilldn it Iertt do I ,ho; do Cloll Gorden uni Co. All thtes are spElledid quaIT.; egol, dI s' oor oftlem tnpetlior to anty ftar ef l lte Uited S t otef r saleI ly A II IN KI ..t';E P , mOo 53 CuIal st I'ni!ed Slie.s, t i ltht lpt of hit y orrtteit l r " tccer )ef~Ll- Irte p 11i- i"; anlld lntice i oolfti itrl OI quItt i,'o s ofcl 1,'ii i .ttoo . 'ltlttent. t, national . policyt oid consItiltitonlt aw. Bll, George Tucke, EAi. of Virginia in 2 vol,. Thre'e ExpCri.ulal"hs of Litt ie within the Mvals, io Ip to the 3hans, ,oil Living b.eyonld the mns. 111 t BE:NJAtMIN LEVY. ?f1I1: f/-.hU .:li.. .,,l lto 1nin t tiltoie r i,,tt ,t '[ F aI:ncZh l, auil ofl"r fior sale, il fotllow'n n tie os. Ed llanntl, It oL.Trivs, lhlklt(llO ofatCh rinso; Arh at t I'rints, ,Cc. for.'sale flv II (C CA 31 MACK & CO. otet's Colored haIlf host, illiu t r'd I3 3e'r lgaor. and for oale Iby II C C'\.IIMACKli & CO ' lio17 I5 Grilvieract tll J S. lI3131'-ARP (R'1pt. o1liatth. tobacco, handing from slcantrr ':{.tl.}llll tfhr sole by . ..&J. .. T I ACIICIIA piees loides. Lo.ootl floul siPitnbo t PttL nn, wh11 willthr. i wn thin. att,t ,ttro i*lt o'ck o l lorso. Ttietllll0. Aplyat thc 1 anagero' {lce No 2 Arcadc,uod l o 37 Grovier t. S E K 0tEAl),IIE I) C lagcr, F' JAdCOlB MINOR is in the cit hetmnv Ihar of =, .'omc'fllmto hisl dvantage, by calling at tle JRccour tr, t tlice o tile second mo llt fnilillit r 'I'. o . & J. S. I ll t CI tilR, .. . .liloinics lotI ',, ,ot,sllol.s tn Loiw .ATC"TEZ, tISSISsPpIl eViid irnc' i3c in the ' ill 111 rntp em'ts ofthl stll e of m 3is. Tsoteppi, p d i the tloristh if ott ordiit. louisi.un. RIjifrence,.- .. Kirkmant & Co. Bnchann, lhtr gIo & t. Ilugtt , Nivctltl & Con.Im. lelles & Co. NC C Orh:nn_. _18 19t 3311,I 5- Is Iit-- SAIE F DA\MAGIED Ct}TTON. LL bI,e sohl out Mondylu 20th inst. aIl half-pest I 1 Io'elnclk, on the at tlhe foot of I'oydras strect 150 (nlct o! I)amnaged Ctottn, for .accouot of ,r holll it IoIny 'llller lh "'Tetl , velluh. 18 O' {bilts, No. .:1, \nlagzine slreelt all oative Negro boy, InOt under I or 15 venu's ,ofane. lo)18 - usT lal hto~i. , and fors ler aIt tle- store o iclsot bý:ii I.z, eachi; 50t} kcgs \\Whire l.eall, par.-; l2o} ) gallo'ns seed Oil; 11.5f La hn.: Jllllg t Varnish; 10 airrcls S-1ir t. Tu'orpeutinc; 2t;i galllonll (Copal Vatr.inh. 1. t18 1()NIIELLI, 51 Camp st, TO BlILDERS.9. Comtptrollr'sOdiie, Second Mua eipalitY, r Nee vOrtllau, Iti t `h iil r, Sealed proposals will be receivedl by the. council N thin 7lunie iptliv, unil the l, 'T'u esday in April next, (the 4thiI ,r trti e irrlriing of tll the i at re rils, and the ei ltion ofl Mtunicipal flthl, on the coarir of St Cltlr InRs aId tiuvia sreets. The irpurdoitiaor to be Ioidn , eon'airulllabv with thie ocetfieution s rend pnul frn'iiled u by d ia, f tll n Datuill, nhici maly be recu at the Surveyor's ollie. a sli t SETH W. NRE, Caup' t AUX ENTlIIPIIIEN EU.lS. - Bureau du Cultnicoler de In Seconde launiciltalite, Nnlvelle-Oqleunu ,le 16 N lrau, 1837. D earor'rs achesleetsrtont raeu lsa parl eaScil deelee ESfice\ ,ite ts. ael nitremier NJrdi d'avril orochain (le 4) iour i lfalbraitre tie tons i es metlc ioaa ain si e rl l iea cslrunctionPn l d Ilotl uniciprll., a I'cn triglllar dorslire- St Chlarie n IdHiut uin, L proploe tlins de grunt cLte faite eOia ~luftuInlnte uot ppll tint ipar Dakiil, Bh llrd Dainclli pc i lletre tera ll liCe dI vroaer. i 17 SETH \i. N 'E, _C na rrllear. A ISCOND ED YTES'PC!lDAY afternoon, ItENJA VIN SM11ITH, af 1 thie rm of B & J Similh 146 Magazine st tir.tee r of Phirudelphia, a tuatien a o)oer. lie has le it tie city wih fulnd o .e rsubscrir, er, and others, toe ith neurat f $N'1t00. Thle sae It Smlit is aeut l liv feet four or five int hea Iirt; sr toI uilt, satdr complexir n, with a vrry perea'ptibei seanur ou thle rightt eyelow niea tle nr.e Itii preasuel lue has gone to Neaw aYork, whm -ll recnyt rei.lre . itt17 JOHN l''1'i II, r sirauts of Sellintg Iierta rull r niu ntr ini tn i -iit, itt desirous oarf sitrrtilon in oa Dry Gead; lnitse, itl the city,l toritgl had everal years experirencei i the bi neus, at tle Nlorrt. ''t hebest ofrelrence girven il r.l quirel. A nnte addressed tlr A. II. at tis ltie Sr'i. til be prelrptlv atternded to. m17 aYI -ii(iualtli lo tho e prlit of i r-i 61 ilu icril-, V on tire 9 inst. a Neero waomnr who cils uher elf lorriet, says shel belansgs to Nnrberlrt Pndtskt : si i of'a erifrcrihlr, upiward ofrf5 feet hligh, antld abott t0 years olt. Thlle ownr will cmplp willt the law sid take htir away. F. S. HiARntPER, 1rut7 (Cant. of the W\ntuit. W -AS tbrounehi to the rion ol the it .d Minciilalt. h, i 'illt ie i1t il nst. a lie, b tiCe rnlite ofa1 a na.e-R' 1'7itln ieryt Ii. is of I l gerilColoui, nh'nt n5 frt 2 ir r3 inclias high, nnd Snas l.e belontg toa 11r. Kerlino. Tlle' ower will comnply wih tie ia w nand olarn hitit a riayF. S. ItAlP1!i, nim7 cr ptari af tire Wal trh. 111) IIlIT'.-Thlt tipper tait flloir Irelling Iln t Mr in Tehen trnellSo stieet, b.T e ticll Jttlia aNil St. Joeslihlt mtl'el. IEiquii'e of III.RMANN, III1GGS, & Co. n7 Tw l 77 Cnal O ii atel. t f111 lt NEyW YORK BOOK OF P'TI)E1LV, in A 'reatise on the liii of Evidaelle in the follrt Yof Equrirr. Bly Richardl Newcoimibe fGreuyi, (E:q.I Iepors llf ruset adtilgei itt thre lislritm Cialrk t oi Ith it;niled Statns lir thre Eaatern I)i'trict rof I'lells.i. rauina. Iy Iellnry D. Gilpil. Jest received tind for Srale b: W\1. lrtElN, m,17 C.Orr of CalR aRnd Crton c. 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[43 r sa le by13" JOS3 PI{ 4OCKAyN4, 75, G443vi3r3..l., . tl1 JU L IU V1 ,\I 11 5 3, 26 P o3 dras at. m16 GRIVOT4 4 & P .IGE, 12 Po4 h'a,3 t. 4h14tore aa l for sole .y. (G R IV0 I'. 1 3 P\(:,, 4- eo 14ditit34, bright and 444444d. Ftr " , h ," m17 G. J4)I'..\'t 444, (44 ( 4n4ti 4 t. ] D=11,3,1b' m17 JULI4 s V.AI 1 IN1"' I',1l4 4 .4 .44 s"T.I'rvl OF LOUISIANA Parish Court tir thl: Parish 8* City of New, Orlea-ns Present, thic llonortbl-e CAnLLbs Muntltiso ,Jodige. NO 932-l. 183 Thomnls iiroc re. Hils Crediloro. '-7ON rnnts n and filing the petition and clledule in this c aie, it is ordered that tire crsdiiors ofhtii e In solvent de Irset in open cort, on Ftridan y tLh 31si t dti ,of tarchai: rrediiors then nl there to deliberate ni ther'e titislcn"s nflsir', aond in the tnscntaii all ,rocit dings aiainst his pirson andl prl"pert are stayed. By nrdsir ,f fie coart, Clerk'a oice, Marci 9't, 1837, 11. DI. CGUYON, n1l6 3. Clerk. f - lIl 'Sulcribe ,s, Agents for she entsn nia e I \\'.. . IButchicr, tl/eflseld, England, lave jrust •ecivcrd a very Pxtensive set of patterlr, consisting of Tablc :nd I)Cst I.ft ' vlleCs s o everyat d.cil tioie, P)est, PI'kir, I)irtls and HiSpear rins Knives; rltlrres, Stis lsrsetrnlyc Tool . a. &A. &e. I.which they A re pcrlr. d will Ie ime known it itl tine. mil J. 11 EEIN & A r CO[IEN,m 0 Common n st. LA'r I'Jul ) A'II-CAT[ -- . r'' OUlt llreogl l tsie ro tufactnring I)iitlies of l'ng I tat, is itle smn r If th 15. Bay Si George lead, nauthor aof "Forest Selnes, and "lncidents in AP. erica." AI Elut." lcv Tre tince oal Anantom. By A. 1. J. Italec 3I. "D. Translted iroa th c'itt elits io tiltnf thi Ituenhu Ile A. Sidnet Donne, A. it., i. ). Lira; transln to.d (;eorge Baker A. A . itr vlnle', teiag NI. met a t8 of llarlpcr's Classical Fnamily Lil rrv. Also, As ndil li, iu; n solpple of Davis's aMemoirs of Aaron Burr. Just 1 rrcevi d altr fanirole , ev. ntl4 WMV.i. )1cKEAN, carner of Commn all st Ill' Ai U(NiT'1S EXPEI'IIEN'ITS" E ' XI'Pe I tIIe t fN'I Ot lbservationsa on the (a.ST a Juc4 , as nd tie nPhysi.ogy of DioCfstlnto. By \17 LB'onun t, hM. D., Sarges ian the U. S. Aroy. J u receiverl nd fatr shale by \VW. NlIEAN, mil4 lo ror Canp &S C)IO (II strtneat. wIh hit Iirothes , gs Thiomas C. i wtit, , in the irog litd/otl tcnlarv Iuovinss Nsitl1, t6tnl lnstnct, Intsr haIl firm iasis .f fSlothc i the lisletiasn of the fTtires f'nin Ieds C. Sttin b w ill h1 settleh d Iby the now iermn; nun t isis, In I t5o n solicits r shale of stroni t res. !6 Jr IINs \. ' tWAIN. TEPXTAS. ,511E sonbhcrilcr bern dionnd 'longcr in tchi Sc tv I th e cI oe pected. w," II 11c rt(,nlt, t) sail Ifor 'i'stlex lls the first of nloxt wee:, aod alttIuah hto has I rwanrd,lc Ihe inl n b)lr er 1i iie' that h l il t eI n eill ti ) dot,t, scin, ilsiisst sies itithere nre nunv now hetie teat olet'tis if i-itsll iinlng to thai hcultsiful sitd id . ightft cllllllor . I, r fe tic lltrpose of airdng lie cllnsor of civil and trligious liberltr nt ce is hereby Iiven to all 1h,7 ha provisi 1t l ra)nof s t I nllllllll will ho flr.e dth~l~hl[ lhc, ofael'S expll pro)vidCd leC nIllal ip-s. lic tir o s ii!d n llll thIlleir i iissCie dsurio this week. Ililtv isAidjotnl \Wihh,ns at Er. tenatti,'s rtotec llMnse, ,,1.s oining hle si. tis rles Ihere. h . I". \I Ai NMOIi l'I, nit1 C)I. Tlex as Asmy. [-.. it lIWt FVI.rTr & CI:NAS, - Si.El OlI' D. 0 1.1 G E11(11 'TlOT'. ) .rIIl L Ilic s-si thtis evenin, tsie 16th instant, nt half dnlnllaelld o, nalV ile sl 1 ThipTogla-,y hordcr end ulider t'lsse sInlpeotiton irf h'str 'sldsll fs tel pet, for oisssOstisi I" f lo is t ni5 e r IO. 'tr'S, C'[-1.w nlto it..\sNI & N()VEI, S('AI' Al ' ! $51,.82: i 5.3-110, or $8sitlt(l nett. I EXNtDIil k I I.ter, class C. To set drawn at A 8xail-ria, Vs., Ma Nrti 181h-ilrswingexn.setadst Friday the ")4th. CA PITI A.S. $58,82°3 5i.tiii-$t15 ,iisit-$i OO,/-$.,i tflf0-$-3,)io $2!,511.$1,i1tii 17-l ill-.-sii sit 1,1100--511 i a$50t , &c. &C. 'l'c'kets $Ii'; haties $ 0 ,\Th t,'kag' of -25 tiket, will coot $"0--winrrentrd (idsters tio'iUptis attend'd to, ii ittrn'essed to l iATES & c'lNTI'iIi' ,, , oils3 It -._sia _ "Ne "0:_,. W IS-KLY-'i) 1,eesI rectrirrrd \l to-kr i tr IV tnio~r~ hae y (IIV & (11.01' 1: It, mlfli I'I, I'a,"dras st nlrr. @ I9Tl' kres nnrtlin n l~l. - f,,,- Itc, u; i til 20 LI-. ench11(l~t' old I ri sole by A.. I L XXII 1(1 & ). r1ill Ally '10991:9:-Rfl floers nor, oodrrr- frot 11 II . I bry difrlontot u,rori-, rrfrrvareruurrqrrui~tr.r Forr 11r ht N :li 90, t : III r 911 t1. .O R.-12bb,)i t(du mo IltnjlL-eilnm Fo/ soe y hrrruirr, m`)fX 41, inn I i - vrrfu S int~to» I For hsllC by ; 1(1(9 1119 _ .11 \rw L cvr·r. OTA','' (\9I( , 11-11, and 1II Yb iylli~ hv(. lllmhlll, rilI,. 4I, 111 'Io e,'OrI111ýK1; 1-. 5 7 2 (1I·I I(·llifirdl \\Vlliiskrv, Illlldill: m1I:) 1:. I)1 )il': 'i Newn I It ' r. IV, j 7' I'I·: 1-a , or lltt" 1 n111, alto i+ r , good jLII·( 11.1l I1X'III ;lch ( r P rM, (, urri rr 1-11 htnN nua, lD I y Fill -It 116A1) &II3.\1(01'(199' I LI Xi) . 11 XII t-IIIXr It ;(; !'. 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IN'TEI..I.FFIGNCF .INI) FNIFGNERAL AGENC" fcla , I 0 n. no s .tl 'ill be r. re s to Ie l II I1ituic1ictt, m9o'I C ol IFOL, Wright, o ee . rA Ir'C LrIN h' le F n th FSSIFFN LLsofIC IANT, Fra I' n p hrit n f ito th n'e or no nsenino rutiones itl Nattc ,t, l whi ch c will su l a ( or nl it ll , various branches.en t 'l o . ro Fl flor a uc tior or ' rFF let sale s olieited, Beller to l',adrr l 3 ' \Loorirght New OrlNa i I IIEF'OSI O L. A ('rl, c or F itl G co. r, ' resident. a Tblns. trTtt tEdronlOd J. lForetell .h.ln .ll yde, llenryt D. LRielrfrdtte Jfl;os. Pl'll dr JalTeo Gritnesthaw, T Jurha \h'oitrhod, Secretary. Thlo looo,onptoo V till irsro e fire, marine tandfl' risks m, 1 gu'arlote' lllls orf exrlchantg iatL promFtFi I notes at ol'oi of!ice, iFF the Exchaoge on Royal atel' adjoioiog tots Uuioan RIaonk tlr oFl Jo. 'WVL T"T EAD. WI Vo TO PURCLAIE\SFiF OF Io'rs FIROM TILE S." CONTL FFLNICLPAI.LTY. ('rooulrolloeer's (flee, 21 ,lrhtteilr lilyo New Orleans, M'aFoe lo 7, 1837. 5 SFL1E purrhasers ,f lors sohl Fy this unotiFipolily othe st ohyo of Feoerur'v last, tre heh.-,y iootioF dtFl aepre . F~rfore toleo N:otao'y of 'l t oMuieipality and eeryC ply with thl o'ordititros roor the solo, oit or bel'tOFF r doy next,othe 1ith hist., rrlooen the naioors ,f such par csers ats iconn not lint r settle,| wrill be repored to tIi Coutweit ftor For' aotioo of 1hro.1 body. n,9 F 1."I'11 WV. NY'E, Comptrolhe.! [T'IC! . FL" 'LIlFI Nl-FlV ORCLOEA-NS AND -.P NA'.'IiVFII.E RALIF. ROAD COMPANY, Feb' 13. 1:F7. Resolred' , 'Fot the lr'r..idert o authorizer ! r r Ilsk 0 Fl ol or the Sroeotohh ers flro n instahllment of File da" a pr r shaire pavahle ot e t It 4 o ih try f April ,e,%, to l Frrn'ne oo t11 IFF" 000'iooo of th'oi charter. Exlloort from Fhe orioroohor orf rhe Iarnd. F. It FL'NAIi, S.ely. In lFroslrrooce of Fhe foroo.onr r..rorr|luiool Lie atLOt h oFoeo of Fhe 'olor ral'n in Fr" 'tec ' of Neoo LrleansofFO on eact shore of storot"'rlis'cly re ' lhenth ntO h oFooh day of April next, nnd that tn de.f.lFt thereof, LI stork on which he FF u1m is dlo e w'.',ill he forfelited. fbF FF1 oil \l' IIOFFMAN, porsiFeo.. on hold at eehmal aissetoo rao t of tilF wart , W'FlC. w . he sord low for rF boo nr' o' o lo r cp.oe Also, c-neooer oofo oilh colpperr tin, t r o Aec, on Ratt t able tero'o.o. (.iroloe-r: or ll ,.ond oo"n oo'ono, . deroor , eL tIL pFi ,A'\F[F1iF. E rqIp, corner of OO-ort .o,. o ,,orF Feho,oT rton ttl 'U .\(' • .--lieoas,,. tlrro-.('i. ' CiinnatidricdL eootish 1B iore of sitt, hoo, onrr olr shnrlrlors, in atore ando Fale by FLFF'!RT &. IAWTIOJFN t" 5.t, (,oT.eier rL et

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