Newspaper of True American, 24 Temmuz 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated 24 Temmuz 1838 Page 3
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ror the Interior. For Bay St Louit, Pass. Ctristian, lItlo.ri, to l'leo tsa o ilo. 'l e tteaoIot MAZEI'PA, Griffin, arrival olf tle t atl-lh t 1" o',l, '. A] h o Whitman, New t)rhtans ond hMobil- Mail 1tliteiei, 'ler the Exehanete IHt!l, St Cl . ti o r' . .r. i Fbr Louisrtlle. Cintdioati, a1 Intere oim 1 r -( 'ts." leTim foot itia tn1 ililht ' Ihalthtt .Jli.....-. 2tlllti oot CiA1,tN'F'IiN, A Filiooarl, '.-':"uta er, is rrPeoviin eirlt n al I,:oaii vrt e eree:t whorl, iatl i w ill ie ieiititl eitl ot 'I'ttctIl v,'?'tlh ilst at 4 P.M. for t'reig t ,or p i 'sie, i itot'o rieoooollt P The Clioten will rim to this tlde durino low water, jy.! Tl,. I t'l irst tlas.sotaon boal PRAIRIE J It Freligh, tto ter, will leave oa ' oiniovLt'fL' il't, ait 10 l'ltrlk, A\ 1I and iniertnediate tport. For fr, ieht or puaoteo I.l ving superitlr ilteollo tlllli at l yI o ntl e i nlc of Puydraestreet, dr In l.&OAi&lti BRO,3'I Nrw Levee. jyfl or J BAILEY, 18 Now Lever. For Ray St. Loie, Pnre Cherielian, Il/lcon, tod Pascagoula. 'f'll foneot Io' pressirr stromltont CIaC "GIRAFFIAi, tt t. Strierri , will 'uave ai. , Lor rilte hove plllces, on thle mtier oirgs or Thursdays and Saturdays, almedliately ter ara rival o the l six i'clack cors; tanu retin as erroetofinro'. on Fridays and I Tll days. lhe patiic mrN o dlpttod o til te B at ieaoriror theoi:ttoi otn the above doec. or paioootige alply to 'iopt Steilr. P S. 'lThe Goiroli will lie preparedl, on pceutnititettottitte to Caettoin Steitet to rroteeti otceotniwelek on f'/leotre Exearsiono, provided a osuliriiot ostllhr ot1ers to remnlloeralo, jyl9 r-- lATUlDAY iEVENING A Ni SUND AY EXCURSION TO MANGIVIIt'I, &. tAIILtAOONVIL!.E S The spleanolon t IAZIS'rPA, tapt. . I. T. KnirtR will Irtve the latte ed ry of her il-rool lir Ithe aove pllatirs Nery Satd iyee n il he, nrrivl of the ,I n'cocek tars, ant retllrn shi inoe T light,-- il'l oave mSulllltliy Iorning oil thle arrival of the 8 i.teolek cl ; ollI retroniov leave Madiiooville at t4 o'hcle, P. M. m h3 3taw nl i 21 VIII+I & CoVINGITIIN. Th rIP l 'rie first rnlllflilln sel sIlrollll steom .RI't M 'A EPA I\ T iti lit mas hr , tcar, will ran wll ns r-m r nil l l haeo For hie oAln.oe orioeig ot nI ltlAanve. We oicd uperio e dclao oftr tlIIo rrirl of tle telo ock rloe'R, A 1t. lne. otainLag. lte te (:ovhitL ton 'Tit'o t blotl , 'Floor ndt ys and $.ttlrdaoyo it 11 no'clock, \ 1i. N I. All A. ostio.o tot1 ,arls fit the lisk th owrir' n wrt, unless i l Ti'l of lading is sign ed, Git) Wit !h I' \N, New Orleatnnod Mtoih Mall ile nilti',e, yre o9 r xcloo e Bloilttihne, St ('llotrle ort. FORlt AY S'1'. LOUIS, PerIs c'htristlioa, o et t114 Foot Pn taiooillotI. fl'le oplndeo i low -' pro .otire, S8 n bort ('A lROLN,,IV A IStton mias ter, will coil it tlte aiove watehing pactre tworuicttvook lealling the I.nke endl of the rail oNal on the arrivall f the l2 o'cloetk ci lr Atrly to rGEtl 11'IIITPMAN, N o and Mobilo Msail Office, noder :xchaonge Hlotel Pt Charles at. i1 l S1TI:A.MiIIOI I' FOIIL iS.\,l. lThe f I.w lillll t i llerry bO t LL.AUIIA,in coim lete ordler, and rev dPo it C n vto cot or ,nee rueniag o so t he no, lit in t ile th trl..Itr tot teo new eonl1; will tI tli.ipsedd of on reaonltble termn. Apply to ALI FrI.RlT STEIN, Wo 8 Builldnlg Row, Thllnpitoolas vtfetr a feiw doorm above Ifelord, jelt It -- For Texas. For Matagorda, Lirce Oak Pmint, and .iraneos JIrq. * The a elle fiAt .niling b iti (lrlllt) Iltll'E, JonilH tl igoo o,, hlaving t larol e l lt ctf i.~ . .er carl or engaged, will min it ifw dIV, Fur bohalce of firelgt or ISRIgCt, oIlrnig OStllerior rte armmorclntiuna. "appl, nl boardt or ¢t jydo21i WIn ! Ie r s 11 N, r i t;tO o tRaYllANil t. N B T loe oodlo I 'n lmoly fre n.Io and newly eopllP red till otih loe aide of the I iv "rt and i e tllo A "l ,I iti e otll'r t illso llrll a t It l r Sthii city ii jy _I 1. 'c Tlry i nsurriot nlew lido id't E eooor. Str pitorhm t o aits h a bol t v i',- 'i t to, i hae ntick dleslinl th fhr rIho ahvI " ioo rls; t r htlitito ' ofi fretght or Iast sgi, plilt to 11 \I i.l r Y IN, F"-lL Itt.-l.1A1t1.tU I, ,OX 'S I'tJI.Vl' AND A! \lN..I Itll '. I . he wemll kllhumwIn nl'hlllln r l .t 5)It'I 1 'M i o , _io"ole . ldtt , I +o totl tttttt Z: lr_ .t t lrot ll ,her canre n g.l.. , ", . ill .t , +. 1 ] lý"s uo llr hltl;ol:e. oi' 'r hi l O- Irlsu; all yj. fig bun r.,, h,. d up.+.+ile JeQ?rlrlll slreet. or Io \ro 1IX N, j),. fTl (·IS; '.igglll lll r rt. d I" T h e n -',pll h i tip ln l . 'l i h r 0 () 1 'I' L E( N I 'II I n,,,l' ll lLl" ti erl':li' ,,. .'€ir h ll ta ill, ,I +loi-.hl or e101000'", tte ' ly ot li a ol ,:t ,l r.. ir , tr to It " tot ill7 : ',,gi u ",,I,11 11 . 0 , I I. tt. Ti ' lioot ,Atotlltl -, iAtn1r 1:\:1.1 It i i w ill l t ,I. r:i! In-t r ,,, F., r olh oi itieot hl or l it , ot . litl"o, llp l fit lvto , o positet C ati rtrotr tt, r tr 11M. IIliV,\N" jyii A ,l Co ollll tr,,,ert FO. FIi .AStJ'), ,II1..i ll .lhIlAit. A. fierelot sler. ) dioInolt vth r mill It do tot.oe iltr the aotreIiriv i o1 the i o'ol prt car of tt ek r eilt of jy11 or asOt VoLg oAply tl 1. 6M BR1,MBYAN. '.'hle well kllon, lir'ht dr iEhtE sIhr lER K LJ N \ ii, Calt tlitl, e r0l o having b llt 5 bb toI part it h ir ear eng .to ti wtoill o•o.t with del nlo r IFhorgIo l ,o-i e of I'eiollttt r fp r, Icla 'lu' Sl oppl oslt bol ot iter stiestit e to We BRYAN, jet4 51i Commnmlll street. FelR MAT \ tiit -).\--l-egalar P ,et. je ,56; C.olitllion street. Z'or Sale. Freinht or Charter. FO1l FREll 'IIT O1 C IARTEIR. '1'o lailll lit o li 11 1.1 the illnterm diate Slandings or at thi .p I l, t ecopp.r Clatai u Hoppkint, a will ad as latl if ilmedilate pth uation be made to LEVI lt . \t:, jrl l 9.ICaetuitont street. FOit 1Ati.It I'll. iiilI ~ It Cll itf.It It. '.Tbe A I copper and apt lltt lititened brig EI M1A, Ca tli Bates, 215 tons Irthea, it ready to receive cargo,lanhcar. .Lt.. :,Oft hillles coltto. For terms, freight er .ule',-l yv to It.o Captain on board, or to REIAD & BAIRSTOW, je.l i7 trovier trert. V AN 'lAS"D TO ClAit 'E.;A E A Veslal for 6 moonth, to rln tteween 31ohile ntd TCxas,ot to exceetd tl eo ln loded Soleet, for ters ap ply to jyl7 WM tilt l YAN, 36 Common street. \h AN'TEIV 'I') CIAR'I'IlR, A Ve.wel to proceed to lMobil. and there load for Iuavana. LFor term a vpply i, WVBI HR.'AN, S17 56 Cominlo, strteet. A rvessel of the copecity of 100 Ito 150 hbdl. will receive drespoath ot Ctnrlostesn, it imue liat p pplitntol bo t mode to LEVI H1 GALE, jy24 913 Commoo streect. S'i A I. -20ll socks Liverpotl ltlne salt onboarld barlor Citizens, and for sale; Ib LEVI H1. GAlE, jelt 93 Common street. P itIK--Mess. P'rimte antid Ilttp, for stlll! bI o 268 Gi ttORSEY,41 New o'.eeo. F\ INC\ Coloured Letter Pper-Joust receiveI, fltr cases fancy letter papor of very excllent quality, for sale very low by thiecae ior siltnle re,,lnat IIAVIID I EL'I L CO jelfi NY tationers' l itl, it'llrtres sf. FURNITURE WAREROOMS, No. 53, Rienvll.e street. W ILLIAM It. CARNE.S, (flrmtriv of the firm of Flint ot Carnes,) would rspecttlfullv infrm his frient. and tht public that Ie is :onstantly receiving from New York and Boston a good assortment of ltor niture, such as mahogany chairs, sofas, bed-tends, n.a.t ple :llll painted chairs, maple and cherry bedsteadu, maboganv and cherry taldes of all descriptti n, to reau, toilet, secretarye, writinP deska, warnlrtes of aholmgaFy ondt1 cherry, wash soaeds, looking glasses, satlhelt, tbedding, &e. &,. Nl. Furntture pocked for transportation withltreat CANAILS ane I$.At ItIOADS-Map of the U.iten 0.+aes, thowiog the principao l travelling turnpike nel eolltnton roads; on which lre given the distatcet 11 miltes .rum lolle pllc to notllotlc also, the ootrsea od In Ito I. taltol tail rotl throngotlt the eltllnltv, eltrea lly enalniled ltio tie list ulthorities, by S Augustud Mitchell. 18.5. Political CoonstitllOtio f the free slate of Coaltnil mlll Texas. Mlap of t xa. % with :eets of the admilning states bly S lnstin, id. 1135. A Nlapol l cxat, ty Ltavil It [l.rr, ed. 1%3i. Jult mrt'ived nld thr sle in WVM M'IE't'," to r.l'ner "nlllll and commlnl S'.. I'l-ICO bhle .at a inewn. RIumht, for aolrt . ,sS J TIJAYE Co. bHIPPINS. F-- - or Europe. FOR LONi)ON--P.'cc e only. 'he Al and facit ,niliing bhrque NIM ROD, Captain Pathersn, ilIl c t withc iccctmmcldilte Ilisparch. For o.Ilac age on)c iclcaug iald sncle ccoucnOdaticsc apply c o I, iV I I (;ALE, ,'121 93 (',I l nII I strI· r. . Tha Al cplPrd aml rnppr fastened shit St.IAME.S, I havine pert of her sneo engaged, il ; ll uve· inste'littedespoth. I'or Irelcght or Icc I+ cin, Ii llnie cc lll llll llllc. ella c.l fliP nistaie c bhillc, lapliy oi i b ,lud at I oI' tI PI'iPr s. or to S J 1' W ill.'!,i"F ', jy 1 b Conti struit. The A I ad filat ulnilhilog ship (GIIANI) TURK, l('np!cin Thonun, will reeides: pI-'h. For f.ighlt of 11111) -ha cwtlto , or u e, a vi a a l;llld.ihr acco n u. iclaldaltios fo l oir or 1 passen( s, pply to LE I II ( II1 . sICe, S O.K N ( 'The A I eoppccell onl1 raiopl- fastncned brig oULSQI ('IIAN0 %II C Iipi BrigI iavingc fll cnri enagaeld fl r the ubovre prt, will acet with despa tcl. F I lll.acP , havingi huild somje ibcommlllnllllatiaone, apply Io jei9 S & J ' WHl'rITNEV. 'iThe f rt class shilp I-IIREVW. Conaio 'tCarr, hnvilg full r ccrpa wh pid k lL t r ohe a.ov: p ori, will ave qkciok desatch. For pabacig hvairn Ihand.ume aconcmodaliotco, pplV to jegl S & J I' WIII'I' NE'. F( O1R I.1VEIRPtc I,. SThe A I and a uperilr ship UllrON, Capt. Boardana, will racdavec dlspatll,. FFor freicit of 6i ll ales con deck, or pacsngc, Ilhvig bhal l sme . c llollllm daliotlls for 4 cabin pla, ooert, anl lp ly to LEVI It 1 ,1.ll:,, jy24 i3 C. . c, canot t'rer. FOR I,IVlli'O)(L S'ITh elegaant Packerl hip IIUNToVII.IE, Cornell, m.tla-r, will Iel dciplcti c dl for the abiova p ri, provided na ilclllumediate c orgc o cllers, tor terms apply to J D REIN & A (COIIEN, _iy4 _ 91)_Ol nlnlcct'reeta FORl 1.Eti'clc]l owln. Tlie A I nnl :csl a iling shlip ROWENA, SCaptnai Reedc .aving the greater prcl of her .argo engagcedll, ill meet wall imlnledi tc des pac'llh. For freight of 1300 al es ttC l or i passne, hlving handisone aco ncndiO itP, alcrll s IcI jal .IoEVI II lid.L', .'.!3 6 nln, strPet Frll I.1VI'c I|tll OIL. The A I ill fan sailing sllhip RORlERI "W ATl 'S, 1'cctoicc Iai clghula, ihalvine thel . cter t f iler norgo oa . od,c ll 11. Waills icila idiate ocicdoopotchi ' Ic'oigict of 3 II bales colttn or presage, hlavillg haallsla rllt nceconm, lnntionsl, lpply Io LEVI II (ALIE, jy'sl .co CcllllllllOmIcirer. The A I and splendid fn t sailine ship IIUIION, Caltlllni.c lho'rlrt l , will re civ Sim lcdiare cic' h. Foi r co iccolge, havinlg hnd ouL e lccllllnluiltiu s for , cabin p ,sI n. c , aU . plY co IlEVI II A ,str . jyiT ____ . .. -, otoco P11It IlVl-:II'It lU.. 'Te. A a o ilVal .lilillg ili FO)IRMOSA, Contai. n Tolll I ,hi r tihe grh. lter part of her calro engaged. will feecore imnediate dlea patch. ,or loright of 311 Icale c ilni apl o jy3 93 I ilmiiinoiin ' streP . '. 'The A I ,opp.orid and coppler fastiened hip 'rAxtIN Icll, C'pia in ihuld, having uIll lcargo l . 1gage, will lhave d'spaitrh. li r lmns go apply to lh.( altalin,on Imu rd, olppo+.ite( Orleans cottcoll I res;, or to 1oI I.IV.IlAPI)OI .. The A lltcc' oiling icip NORM NDI , Captain 'ys'von, avi g thic greiaer part ofIler Ieargo rngiug,,,+l , wel HIive, ilnlltllahit telle-p to:Ir For t'rcIl f :.1 tichl's ccitcccc, (r cicpc .+d U:c htivingl handsome accom.mdaniccnc, aplj)il' o i,'i11 11 (iAIE,, L I)It I V I1 I' t ' II i tr. . The .1 I shi IR.\1. ' I i.,('clllnli Joihus.l n, will s cil psiivl'ly as abiove. IFor 1 ps1 ee, having ll i ndsooIer iorml wr)llYd,. i Is Ir I i l. chiI jand i(eerage ( lsen: lriapply i 111c . 11 ,llL .I, IVE!tll i ll a S Thle \ 1 ,od fit t rnIliu; ship iSIN \'llT R, .. tr1 n c oic vln;lc d, willl cl:"cc e ial iiatl dco. patl h. nFor frJihl i 1111 , r l ,jl. , having hu l nd, ia , ,r U u m t is, 110 0.1l. 1,1: 1'1 IIt C \L', jr"?: !t I *lillllh' a, sta t.ll + \ '. w ill . silively .. . i. i t . . , ic ýt--= . rliuýe,, hirlished ante r~l i ,, i " h ,_a,_ d, mi 1 T hI l w 1 .I 1,I r . I I'E t ni/ L ' hip h tj l Kll , 1 I1 u '::%1h I;, llhis cl. I pass,., lip: i 11 ( 1' l i c Si,,.ý 1,, ,cccc \ I -hcci lItl , for ci .=l.l,, l ell ,,, ,i IcIc c -,,c ,cctcl ii. 1 o I i .1i i 11,. 1 i.i 'l,'_+.h1 t , l itc'cccc lclcc r 1 o'cii ' - oc.a er 1 l I j- l 1- 1 l "1 II iil. . : 'm 3 , 1 1The b I , T , ri rc I i loill 'n 'c , 1 1 ' a o cl1cnl . . . .ccc R ccctclcc icmii. jr.I !" ('1 Concr m street. F"c li ltAVA'AŽA- Dcccl c"c'-c Tc regTc lar packer scel oner Irlolic .'Pelc, t(' r, foa i IC Ie l L, wi llIr),.o , t h Cagpt. c ,(1111 w 1 i tll• 1hctc 'lcc ih 111i ca 1 1ti e 1tint FYe''o | 5ibhnr &reight or paIaetill.n I 'c tVIInlEllthcO lt ply (It bonunl , l pin t S I t. r st I ac A ir to i+7i \1':1 +I A \',ri 'lllnlrlun startl. FO)R II\'\V A I'A,- lclg unl}.) I'll- last stililr sc ir. I:.c e hlii. Capt. nlorenn, wodnts I Itlor t1 e abore pl rt i n a few due'i . Fo r + nsinehallr n rlhr l ccllll 1o conmm datiun, apply tolhe Cc-llir )l oiarl - r Io july 19 8 Coti ste -ý Coastwiso. FOR NEW YuaIKi Sthe :I It t'kt sitolngri AOFIT.IN~OIA', Calptain J Choureclill, I, ong nearly IlI of Itor cnren rngnged, w)( ill brieR despatch. Forie flcigltt al ;lulu1 hhla o~r lat,.nT~r I having goad a nccollllllr Oattos appl to th atai .' hal,l fou oftt\IW, jv'1 Ii litstoinltous1 O(treet To salill il en'IL·l'u !IlBFLK , (thily II111, 17 th inst . II 'l lPl 'l~oue 61 I sne or to+t-aiin ItIo1 COIIINNI, Flinn, itci , h aI lay,t iitt iInst.r Nuit cir nl, I ~i' tlctr I eop,. pacite Ilttttiol , tltcc l, r t It' (BRYAN, j b1?!): \' 11101 nthrt Aol ____IL ________________ile Inidl~g J 'r ItehA I d (a l ot =tailin brio ALICE, Curtrs lny nnd willrroo t, ton elotte des putrli I For t rro o tt I,'eu oo:(ta, o puasn, eo jly7 9: C no,,o, ottct. For Mobile, and all rteclr,ri dintte Laoldtogo. ,. The Into presscuoeostum bast CARoll NE, ciill lea veNrn t Irboo oftr A.,,iulb ater, T 7ho,'sdo tand Stucuute, at 12 o'clock, Al. to'uci ll te t wartupurr uingplacesat l passengerr ioy wish to laud. Far lotther uurtiu lar*,apply to GEOt. ItIH 11IAIN jy-i R~nog! (Howlo, Ir. hottes sto For Mobile aol oil It ,'r,,uolto Lar(innaIo ' The faot rtuoing Cod opleodid seont fCoat AVOT AVAIL ICE, uctiOtly in attt e roostt, eil .nave N Ie Orleanco, li~ Mloile rond oil totermorulate wotering ploces, toerr TJ'attt0Iandt~ aotttriyater, terl tito artotti i ootti,, ous G 1:+). IV I I'" nl~ rlr,· I''11.9G~l~ jy I flx thoutgt Ilotel. Wit. Clbrles ,t ----- II) I3tieiIUN. thfle A I brtig Eltsoturt I, Captuoit loot-c, iavtinrttrttofl ,er crgto cagged, toil Ivto CtopattIl. For, l.'otriglut r ;.ti.o=tge, ludy to jy 14 S9 & J P W ITNEoiY. (.111 BIOSTON. Th'ult,[ t si llo,,tuta r otcrte, to Ito banne ;ildE, otart c oucotoeoloto ra k leyo [flou Coptaioo ttloard,a I'ciayouuoTlioo. or tot CIIpAb, & Ill1EY, jyt2 loti uotnn,,,ooeat airlit.g astitp EAGII.E Capt,, CI , will lioo dispa~tcht tor tho abtove pano. Ftot frtigh o tite Captaitn 00 boatdl, uuepocite thte lailbon 1, tur to Mt'EI'Sl.2 & AVERY, jc2_3 88(1 tr,,t',e otrnta. rIteui I t,,iiespa chl, o trItblAIitr I AAI.01s appy opt jon l~kt, i,,o'j,, itI' taco 'lNF -d-- iF1 oti1t1. l't I ttutt,,co utlo bawd n IIp ttotniu,.t!,l M.oiLICIIpclto.Y~ 1 tb . Ii J. F. AVIiiI'NEY, It rig ,t'j,, tu,tb,,u1bii, ntfci fo theshor por lito freightt(,1 prag , *tp,' tot,,i bneiteitrt' u,,ipet orle,t 0,.r ucl 1 ~~J Ill I Y .bb A I'~" dtcl 1r., iea ime BUSINESS CARDS. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartrem Strees I IA VE a eonstontsipply rf everr article pertnt.'ing to g.ntleonte's dress, of the latest style, at .ew York 'i'JSEI'ii* SIIlCE(OTIS METALLIC TEETr'I'. S I'ECIMIENS of these beautifil teeth, and the Iman ner oulsetting themt,may ,e s.,en -at the sllica of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No I6 Canai street. 'These teelh never ehange coloir, ml re y lllllv o ,lnd i nmnny cltsoes, preferable to the atrl teeth. re , Dr. 1t. will wait upeon ladies at their resideate, r rlue.tedI. ap9if S. A. PERItlO.IIER, MERCHANT TAILOR, t67 (Commou n street, BEGS to inform ithe aublic hat havina purchased S lniem ,lestrs Hi)UiHi, SKEiGS & Ct). part of their stoek, he will continue the business at thier old sted, op ),tsite Bishop's Ilote. where he hopes to merit a share cthelr patrmaee. lie hitR made arreeangeaeata at the North to he sopitlied Iahnitliy with tile latest and moat lahshionalte gooda. slr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 1112 P'ydras street New Orleans, MIANUFACTURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all descriptiosl. HWARM, COLD, AND $1HO1 VIR BA THS Fixed on tile mosRt anproved principles. MILL'D LE.AD, PIPES, &e I'Orderr executed itn any part of tile Southean States. mr9 Dr. Robert V. Lindoe. oFFFICR: E Ecia sOE I oortE.. Etm CLAY & CLARIK, Plumbers and Load Pipe Manuftaturers, No. 11102 L',dnrts street, R EVP on hand a ns;t.lnt suppty o .erad Pipe, .. froml in. diameter down to 3t In. diameter, fitr ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA fILIS - M ENI', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Ianaks' Aradtl. 111LLt.41 GIREEE.VI, IPROPRIETOR nrl J H. PARKER Coniniis.ion and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, ur STAIRS New 0 :lenre, Feb. "2 . JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WIIHOI.ESAI.E ANtD RETAIL IIEAI.IES IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, I) IE S''TUFFIS JANVD WINPV DOW GLI,ASS, Corner of Commlon and lTchouapitouloa streets, NI;v' ORLElA NS NAP'IIIAN JARVIS. JOIHN W. ANR)ItEW8. A large apply of Garden Seeds. warranted tile growth of 1837. AT MOBILE Ala1 S. I. & 1. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 a6titi \d WA'i'Et S''REET. T IlE undersigned, having esttlblished themselese in Mble ihe f trtile prpose of transacting the Auction olll CollnltisPioll busainesin in tsre various Ilrleches, bIg leave to intorm their friends atd the plnlie, that they tldrIn v parared to reteive eonsltgnlents, and make liberal advances on the same, either tr private or public shl. St t.)OMA:AN I. JONES, ISRAEL I. JONES. Refer to Walker. Klight & Co. New Orleans. tt.oile, Feb 9, 18:18. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. AC RAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding t &coan.iiII 'msitaU Merchants, No. 40 IP',elras Street, N H ,V W I, E A NS. 'lher will devote their particuelr attrntion to the sale of Wesrten Productle. Refertenres. A ltijlt Fisk, Isq. . lhet ,11 Shill; New Orleans. tII a tl a tn t, 't >le-srP. Ktlh, rol &n . (& . JIt i, L 31 Wtlliatne, St igg,,.Wild &('o-. Roston, I St ee i lllhtt. New tYork. I6ta .n , I u is. St Louis. ( It tI-st.v. -l l . . ., lrt l S t .) i "t Marsh:ill Cts Cta,-I,,li~vihe. 1 & .I N T. ONEOE. Forl ardr tal lld Co.illliill nleelrclhants, Sl''ltNlIilI:ltS lOF Stili' ANI) IOAT STORES, No. I14 ITCHouIst rtet ate Rt r: TPr. N, w.tiroleans. liesete. llat.t., Alto h ('n" I Boston I'.ENaEeoIrt tO F. LY &CI A. I" M8:AcH & Co. New York, R. PUTFAre, J. & P. Iout.Dt pI Cinrinnti,- O. WRIOHT SMITH I)oAVD STONE, )ntvten O II. Co.tSTOCo & c(O. Columnns I. N. AtItI.CHs, & tIo.. Louisville, Ivy WILl.,TISo,TEVENo & (CITllS. SI Louis Mo A. II. Itori, .1 lott, Ill. Wmt I. \Vrrteow, Rushville, III. J. & '. P. I'ATnrwEL, Bayou Sara, La. SOLOMON ltaH. New Orlence. - )OYI+1 & . 11A1, IfEALEIS |IN IDEALERS IN AM1ERICAN & L.NGLISII CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONiELETr STIREET. of INSURANCE COMPANY This Company are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST WIRE. Ni.. 24 NMuson'e ultding, Canal street. EL TRACY, New , leann, May t1. 183. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Cotlnmissiolt and Forwarding Merchant, SINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to I.ovet . Anoeho t, New Orleans. Js. Laitli & Co. t m24 hm RKOBEItT'' CIANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp strnet, VWholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, mlil Window and Picture Gltlss, tc. AC. T. W. COLLINS . 7TTOR.XEY & COUANSELLOR .lT LA.I:I N'(\V practising iln the State and City Courts. Cli Selli will lilnd Ii at tlheClerk's officic, U S Circuit Ciou t, in thle Custom I louse building. je8 A CARD. LTATIIANIEL TOVNSENI) ihaving located him 1 self in Newv Orleans for the purposeof transaeting i General Agency IaInId (f t niio loll bhusine.e, would re. spectfilly solicit front the public a sitre of their ps troitgc. H ovilg a house in Tmexus, le will attendl t the tranr. artintg If any business that mlv be desired in that country, andi will guarantee prollle t and unremitted at. timotillo to allI.ileest ettrstted to his charge. and a i, itlhftl atppliaimtion o ncrdatitnlc e with instruetions) of Sall lads that mayv come into his hands. 0 Otlihe in New Exchlange, on GraVcier stree', opposite to lIev Mrl Ctlapp's chlikh, id al ljoinilgsGibson's rnding ,oln.sigl of thle T'l'exih CIotnsulate. New orleans, Noemthber 25, Iit37.. Rfere,,c.. Mosers ee Hillhyer, Bush &C h. New York. Burr Wnkemlnm. Alvarez Fisk, Natchez, lits. ItM 1 rmith r Si L.ty , M,,. John T air v.L.listviill, K y.m ,I .ilh .\ A e e, t Irkll slle, ,it Ky.r I r6m 't LAIlti'FT BO'I'LIr.,-.0 I lmp ers in stoue, and fr f sale bly T ItIYDE &l &IhROIHER, je2t ear Ciomlllmon &. MAlatine sts. Oa SN- 55 bharcl iei-, laningn d fur t ale y 1e s &J P' WHI'I'NE', 8 Cnnt streett - OA.'.-25- i hoxes sopl, various brands and dlserent sine boxes, ifr sale hv WINSTON ," SIIALL, (j-1 7 Front Levee. M CKEIfKFI .-kI1101 Litc 1110 qr bbls. & LIeg., tIU i sale by WINSTON & SIIALL1 rje. 7 Front Levee. PhI:Ier CANDl ES.-aSevenloy-five boxeTs, variNus Obrands, or sale by l\ INSTON & SttALI., ie 7 Fnlonl LeveeC. t V ',-21ii bihe Afeso, till di Prime, 1411 half tlla " s,,it irtes, 50 hblI P 0, 40 bbls Rulnps, 40 bba Shnmlders; in store and for by jell 1.\Y'T &1 AMlELINO. ('t OltD1ALS--Codias of diferentl kindl, for sale y e LJAK(VIS & ANDREWS, ielt co Coelmon and THl-honftlaa rals UTII'tRl'i. I d& PA IrASt IS--2II ets,-, comprie Ilng ain itassortmet of tnta, f.ta y h ilk.ndi I, gir hami Umbrellan anmi Parasole, for ale Iv ISAAC RItIDIfuE & CO. jel2 131 ,lagancne stneet. I I.I NOtI' : OlINU FUN s0, ioe elne bY INATH'I "'lOWNOFED. 2l. Exchaltnige HetI Gfitev e t. TRU0T AIMEIIICAN OFFPICE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FtO THE PRINTING OF P.munphlets Blank Cheeks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Roceipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, And every description of Job Verks that Many be requilred. OIL'Tlle proprirtor respectlully ctlls the attention of tie public to the above Card, an I alstres tlhean that all work intlutell to his care shall be dne at thile short ast notice, in a style unsurlpassed in this city, and at the l'oest rates. FIRE1MEN'S INSURANOC COMPANY OF NEJW IRL(EANS, Office No. 24 Masson's Building, Jt CtANAL STREE T. L T"ERRS, JOVEdASATIONS, CELLER & CO STIONS, of S 'I' Coleridge. Koniusnmarke, or Old Tlimer in the New World; be Ing Na 7i aid 8 of the Uniform ,Edition of Paulding's Works. Colton, on the Religious State of the Countrr. Whale Fishery; beiing Nos 26 and 27 of the &.ys an Girls Library. Just received by JI2 C H iHANCROFT 14 Camp 5 SAt\CKS SAIT',., Indin' from brie Samunel and Juhn. oIr sale by jel6 S & J P WHITNEY. ttORK--:'l0 bble in store, tot sale by jelt G I)ORlSEi, 44 New I.evee. L1.1 OUtR-5.0 blsla in store, for sale by ' jel06 G I)OLt.ESY, 44 New Levee. FOLIO POST. INETY-SIX reams Foli Poust paper, for sale on Nreseonabull eoros. Apply to .IOIN GIBSON, mlt9 Editor True Amerieon. B CO-N tT-D-S-18 c-i~ s-upe'r iininnti cured, B in slore und Ibr sole bl G I)t)tRSt Y, jel6 44 New Levee. I4llE Ameri'a, Democrat. or heina ton the social and civil relations of the Unired States. fly J. Feli onre Coonper. The Two Flinrt; or, Advenstren io nCountrv louase; and olllr tale 1, hs lady Blc+ sinCtoo E L Bul lver, MRtn Norton, Burry C;rnwall, Mrs Gure, Captain AMedwin, snd others, in l vols. The River ind the Desert,by Miss Parduo, author of the City of the Sultan. Tlhe Casket of tbGems, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with line wood e.revinegs byv Anlderson. J st received and oer sole by WMt McKtEAN, jelli cr Camp and Conllllon Rt. TIXCIIANG;E ON KENTUCKY-Certificatea of I)neposit of thet Ilnk of Kentucky at Lonisville; ier snlebv IlAWRENCE & 4l.GENICRE, jel6i 28 and nl New levce. IJUIlK--1:Il bhls lens and l'rime Al 0 and P O P fork, for stle low bv I.AWRRENCE & L.EGENDRE, j,,lc; '2 nd 29 New Levee. i. ililttNti--IJ I picoe of prime 44 nlch Kentlucky ) iBargig, landing from n. h. Corinthian, fior sale by LAWRENCE & I.EGENI)ItE, jel6 28 and 29 New Lervee. I.OUR-16 Ihbhis, landing from rteamoboat Em Ireeofr sale by .G I))IISEY, jrl(i 44 Naew teve.r. - HI.tSEY-llt bbll rectilied Whiskev, !or sale Sby HOLIMES & MILLS, je7 Bank alley. a' ESTERIN BUTTER-0h k'geg in storn, for sale by SLA'I'ERln 'IRIItlt, je2l 40 Poydras street. O lltK.--.* 0 bhil, iMlests M t), prime and solt. Prisme just inspected, fir sale by G. DOIRS1eY, je25 44 New Levee. i ARD- 1779 kegs F(f lnrd of -.pcrier quoritv, SI landing ront teel.lrhoet lnttnarch. for sale by I.AY'.T & AMEI.UNG, je 26 17 Commerce street. Oidltl 'i owll tO ook. IIF, PIRAI'ITES' OWN BOOK, or authenllc nar rlelives of the lives, exploits, and execution" of th-e ro. il ' r,tP o rd Stc llbblers, with historical ketchles of the ChIninllee, Spanioll, Ladrone, Woest Inlia. Malen. not Aluenele l'irtett, ill I vol., just r-eeived, aid er .nle.I W, M. I'KI'. je.6 eotr Camp & CnmConmoln eets. I IIISKIEY-150 Ills Iecttiliedl, ill woes, or sale by G DlOtlElY, Sl f bbi Inr t L, v e'-5 -II New I· evee. t i(tAli-t5 hlids eery l lritu, il no,,ilni n l t ing, s ettfor sale by 'I fil'Ite p In 11, joil rot - llf'mn h antd legnzinre St. I I o i lt)-tI0 il gs b rt uttn i, i e, , r jel.l 44 New Leore. %.MLY Ill l"-P1it tin iI tllhes, allo ,nlsd lIAY'iT& AllEl.U1Nt, jell 17 I'onunurce street. 1 IN(:INNA'I'l IA(ON-67 hh ITalls, e houl. t iersonsadt . I ee. . I, rttl,ette qrn li., imlillti frol oteetler Chahcellor, run rir ISAl.C IltNDGIC I tO. Jo4 1:4 lonzie orwet. P e rsin on ti lthe I st to nexlt ironth the two s P tory dwelinRa ho'lu adjining the new Me Lit thoidith Ch bc rI Poyras street; oecOpied pleet byhv I)r Rogers. Also, 3 salll tenePerts on Girod street, a few doors om laronne st. Apply to DIYI0,E & MA 1, r,17 3 Camondelet street. IPEIlt t)IL.-21 casks Winter Sperm Oil, bleach d ed, for sale by ISAAC LtRIIiGE & CO. jell 134 tlagazine street. W Ilj HIKEY--: 7 bhle Whiskey, landing from the steamboat Merrimack, for srile by jel2 LAY El' & AMELUNG. r A RD--t00 kegs prime Lard, in strer, for sale by . jete2 IAYET & AMIEI.UNG. YOlli--3,l0 bkls prime Pork, landing from stearr bout Emperor, for sale bv m2 LAYET & AMIEI.UNG. l UGAlIt--150 Idlla on plantation, tfr sale by mill SIA'I'ER & 'I'tilgI , 411 Poydras to. SAAI.A(IA W VINE-Swret and v f lev-Mtlgo i, I in or casks and Indian bhls, entitied to debenture, for sale by READ & IIARSTOW, JOIIN HOEY; Saddle, Harness and 'Trunk fannfatelurer, and fur. nislher of Mlliarlr Equipmnlts oferery descriptisn. No tt189 PCHOUPItOLAS STREET. HIIlIVING in nemplov seveeal Military Workman, Lei is ready to execute work ill tlhe aove Ibn at thle RshrIst notice, and on thl most reasoomhle terms tlcrrhentsr ' ad i'elltre' IPackingTrunks orf every de. cription, r'oIsintilv on hand. LEA .AbtlR-Larding frrm tito ee ap-5 44 New Levrce. t O'lt .lll.l.t-ll cor nlmills, of blnter's patent, r combinled. One maon call grind .-l or 30 bullshels of meal Ier diem with these mills, oald they call be at tachled to cottoll gin, and are particularly calculated for planter's use. Apply to t:IIAMI'LIN & COOPEh, mll.3 Ud J lia street. Lt NIt ,N POltTI.:l-10ll casks best London dtuble L nlrown Stout, for sale by HOLMES & MILLS, oIS loBank Alley. P .OUGld-373 Pittsburgh Ilue I'loughl,in stor all t. ,h o ile .o Lr.ati l lr ,e . t LOCKE , CO. ap 17 ii Old l.evee street. i.j AGING & (I')PF-tI O Ils. agin;2i cnioi ltlnlpe, l lt long lfrot steamboat Conlenrce,tor sale yv LAYET AM"EI. / I.UNG, nm23 17 Comomerce street.\w P'INI. a.UMtIE i-32,000 eet oSei f trr yellow pine planrk, for sale by RIEAli & ITARSTOW, m 67 ilar'eri street. ,[ HISKEi- 11111 bble in store, for sale by Sap20 0t It)RILEY, 44 New Leves STEAN -$5000 good short city paper, lt" SIATEIt & Tl' ItER, mlt5 41) Poydras st. Y EI.LOW PINE LUMIBER--6lt1 to 8110o feel SflRoorng boards, I 1-4 il ll h i3,t0 feet iuch plank ter sale by 'EAI) 1. BA lIlTbV, m115 17 Giraer street. IUIK, Flour; rWliskeoyl itnl lard-21l0 hibs messo 1 prinie, lear, runtp and eloulder Pork; 2P0 Ibls. Flour; ltll do W1hiske) ,rectiliedlud commonllll; 01)0 kegs Leaf I.rrd; in store, lilr sale by lti23 LAYFtT &AM1E.IING 11 AT'TIN(G--21 bales Slpanish Maettinor.frtr tale by 11 RILEAD & tHAIlITOW, hlt 017 Grnvier street, LEMON StYRUP--dt lioe ae superior Lenlon yu ro L fr salh by REAl) & llAOTRA oU\, n1 6tilt (ravier street. )otK-e100 t hiskbrlelrsani 0 oIolk,ltbbls print 1 inspected Pork. for sale hv .A WItE.CE U LEGENDRE, m1128 0 v rw e O Levee. Sl SII EY- 19 bLbls rcltlied landig froa stleam IV r Splndid, Ior mal by IIOtIRSEY, nrll 4, New.. .vee. Pr MEIIRCHANTS. M ERCIIANTS can have a beauntiill eircular struck trI Oat tao hours notice, by anlliuo at thet Orleans Lithographinc Otlieetl Megazlne street, opposite Banks Arcade. m24 III ACKiEREL-35 hallf bbie r 2 .lckertel, reel by REAl) & BARkTUToW, mn 26i7 (;nnvier street. ACrOC-It rac-- oI .ta Ir me tca,.tr' pe Ssteanmer Italliel Vebhtcr, for sale t I. tWREN 0'E & I EnEflfDRE. jet 2 0& ! New Levee, LEgMON SYRUP AND PICKLES. 10(1 BOXES lemon Srnup; 14,i boese nenrsed Pickle=, inq quar, t ieors rd and pslon Lot tier, from tse sanfssfoery fI Wn Illel.lrwoned. and Lewis & Haskell, of Rltten; lending freiN breg Talley rond and ship fhur elos s. .fr Icnle by JAR(VIS & ANDItEWS, n2I nr Comnmnennnd ied'1lpimpitnuuee tn. FIdli's lEA~i Vs.nlsc F ,cer F IlAVEI.,II 4 on t ConIint rof Esers:,evie: in Ene landl, Irel ilnll , s'nnee, Isslv, iSt ei s.l,"nlit ss rT~li ss,tlhe Nslssrlnndls. ll\el'I1s'<, Il1) It, Ieeis!sl'ss o the w'r'Sleysn IInl~seesy ni .hilidlslssss's, (o-5.: in 1 nelusie,wessslgreiSni~se. Jusst eeeivs, ol icesmisle by `4LI. Noriens 1r i e oses iliher 5ulnCes rrl02. r t 'l's psr' pe, t le ofethe snsls rir,I e,'n'tisl oth FC hmr ilsti'S'ric~ne, or n th selss'sssh f rstl'is, ~ r or lest A VICTOR DAVID'S COUOIIiIC lnelrr bent 11h.\ n-ill Ibe A tiendedl to. iou S 1' Ii'. je2553 .1i.5si I U.) VAQUIL 420CL ) - I '*'n. tar rsle EICI'I0EE-40 hp in Cne, J i) i llII L, Jl.2 _____ ___ rýOllCU) i b W ( PE-sro isd Iirnliooi I-liroe .Uanal III Coils Rope; a1lso it small lotl of Toinlll, in store a, d for maler by J D:1 I E,l., J0120 59 CArnp street ý ?ýOiiACI(; 2', boxes end 4 Arcs prime Cuewiý,;ll; E. Tolissco, (LeoIther a bruod,) ins tonnnsnd for isle I Ilr I. IAvLI., jiB liii Camnp trert. )11 COFFEE-liS)1 logs. lio isfI-', of gonll quality, landing trom barque Henry, list rle by ja~fn 'TE:TSO( N & AV'ERT. A L.)IA,\Al~ e li ii.-i :Jut see js'es, an .;mosil Isis of People's Alssmlusssr andl 4Tssntesi'i Alt necks, forDale by DAVID FELT' & CO., Nerw York Stauionere' Hul; j'20 24 Clierlrre Ftreet. ratEXAS F UNUEIl) CEET'F ICA'lT!- and Audi. tort'e D)raft , on Ith Treasurr r, wntede Isv NATH'L 'rOWvNdEII), jelfl Enlinnee Iloal, (eonvisr er. FqExAS BOiUNTY .A1l onose ali be I NA'I'H'IV 'I'slSVSEND, S jelO Enelon"a lintel, (Grnier rsreet. FIRLEMEN'S ZISVRAN0U COMPANY (IF NEW ORLEANS. NOTICE is hlsrri.v givess, tht the books of esbrerip 1 \tio for tile remn Linrs2 shires f tlhe enuitaIl eis'k of thin Coeplsonye, neir rseopsesd o50 olnrdLy, ItIh 18tllhinst. belweinsrshe s llsrosof 1":neslldIn delieskT I, and resnin open thle sasel housr fCl m lachid s theutaes, I until trie whole shill Ihee hsIsis esslicrilsed tor. By order sl ile BIearsd it Dirseisre. E I. TI.I'CY. June 14, 1l'S. Seeremrv FRED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, ti O/FFEltS his services to tie public it. the deporl lJ ments o Surve), ig and Civil Engineering, boIllth inow tsal odcountry. Fromconsiderlnle experiencfillei his professiun, nnd by 'rotmptness and fidelity i 'stie i execlution of business entrusted tol hhits, h opets to elerlt eaid ,ecire a shre ofubli lthe rosonten . o l warlill e lloo ,,eoastrt otud islculate ,tIt it'ttOlttlt t It' wttil, nld i excavtions. Oice No Challrtres street, seccUd story a Lack. je7 I NSt.FlI) OIL, in Cabk and in otis, oarronted .A pure article, sal, wllelewolele ntd re tail Iby JAILVIS & ANIIREVEW, , lMedicine, Paints & Oil I)lelhr, J jet8 C rorer of Cssotntto&'l't'lt lopittltlls atR. 10R))VN S.t ':(lhtI;.\i--ly,'lIU la-ed lI-4l llrown bSheeringe. landing friom ship Chterokee, suitable for tlho Mexican market or Cit v trade, for sale, by STE'SON & AVERY, jel8 8 (;troier strteet. - APtiL • Ii 71PR. 55l.lI, till,, &c. 2 0 0 BOX ES Ne Ilelfo nl S .. C nlls; Ill casks .New Redlhrd W\'iorr Olil; 15 casks Rloline Zine; 6 xes Itrlown Ilavatn Sugar; 1(11 ro',ils Bale tRospe; 3lii pieces Basgg'.g; 30 coks Ila ,k l.,d Crucibles; 30 etnk8 Paper Ilangin.k; s5i baskets Chanmpst; e \ ia . o For sale by JOSi 'II CI:KAil NE Je8 2 vier sre, %rl E/ITIN BIU''TI,'ITI'--II kIe,, reelved ier steaumer Vlanila , linenfr l Springfield, Illinois, u uperiotr article, for male, by SLATEIL & I'RIE:IR, jol8 40 Poydra, "s'r't. jJJORK-lt,,p, soirt aths .t..l I' It, K. byk -j3,11 ; D IltSkNY, 44 New I,evre. 1PI"l Oil., ANDLESI)I , &c.--ltl rsks New I': Ii s fhrd Vinlter Oil; IH) bous dos do lSprot" Callels I 21I cs k+ roo tine Zin llli ltll l bhoens lo+t .ilold Candles 31111 sheets Ilrsiers' Copper. In stsre, for sale hv JI)SEI'll cIot:lKA YNi:, p1120 2, (revier strer . PAI' I It'-ll-'ti ke.s it, stoe, Ibr saile by L. l 4 I ItlLSE 41 .b ,w 1.' v,. . ( . ... I I ' l L I'.. A lO N '. CUESS 5MAD) E.16V0 being Il net intrWlnction l j I ell rallisnI e oIl f hint scI IIIIe li Iu l popular t' ; line. Ilt, Georgll , s'lker,'l' ncherl ol' ('lrss Ulcle IIl rlce, It novel, by Al. SC IHall, authoI r oI Sketchers of Irish Ciltrlter,l'he BIuccancer, &c. Is 2 Vol.. The "pirit of the ll o ls, illustrnted Iv en graviug=, bl the oiilll rolllfTl"he ,hu i ol u l' loh ers. illsden l iews sof Ponts sItd tlarls lsrsl of real llri tailn. F'lora's otus, or ilte 'Ie't,.or-,ss of Ithe Porterre; 12 hb,luets. drasi t t'o'; ,d I' m a reshy Juner Anlll'r 's : lithI po kel s '. ,' ntrao11,, by louisa Ann A Oi I s I t Tllh; ,Itry ' 'f T , "in i liel, sal olthit At . • otd . ltoll ioll , It.l Itgal'id; exeo lhf (i,"1 .'. I,, 1;,.,,,i et.lll s .!r,o .' l'.l o s i'uckl I ok Or , h! v ar 18a;' with un .A\hnui ,'; bhy lihenrvy A. \ll ok, Civit l RElei Or. WerkS of Lord laseos, hilh ao ittrodstl, ssei'-v ntd n portrait; lnew editonnlrnullhte in' c Vol.<. " Ili bo itret's Ihlisoorp titfe s l low, TI e: fomu tile remstoraston of C sharles II. to tNh n olelty u. t f4 ,a4 e o, islretht, ootdtf s sen lf Queen An, ll lew railiot fllltnc. Jurst receilld ull ti "i'stle IIby \11'11 M,11c'KIAN, m3 1 cor CutupninpI aowroon l. I EXor8 al uNE ,- itsalosby .1. T iL tYDF']'it 1 -)1: & T , je27 oar Colmoon &..inenz? re, j sale by ,TETSON & AVIAN', 1jeOlt-l00l Iler. of Il q avliits' jo inlr stre, otntl sill he silld btlow, ll,e quItatsl,'os, -ILOU-Iit & POI.K.-t IIs l. Ft a ht, bo slc,,le T Al i tte t' ., Primte .1;, B iioutntl binhrlt in an oitt and mooatottoirslles tuStistinisR tenhourk i onkltr, l fpor ule l , se ile fr he t s " lIuil din eist. . e.- l ,s retc om:tlh, d (l',lle'divi. opttr saletfr bky "epugt sestt dile..sI class's, jal22 Ie New ieves:a. attnllive d m ail heodti to i t, atl spetking tie v, by jrion I tnsol h eil New ietfvee. o Iers l' in o tlel s i nksll w slt, tlern oller, I, r d, t I 'II.e rOii'entt llls in.ial is . I. r sle Itle towo appliheonlo ftr slomitase mot ote sdoe. srl Ito)r CA Luo.'tsttt'trjt, No is ostpetrt 'treel. tpli SRL'EARl- I gs il sIto ,ll a l It jcl9 CrII Ntew Ln e. Zin D11EGO Pbil l-lic Proieteios to store nintis, t nsi i tolrei reel ti ret in the ettllelellt, o m y )ie, li*d lposOrsklilu,' Ic rairt.d, ole ille frolus the oTrlhts 'heIujdna" t irn lar 'te n rd notcoh, mnoisl, diviied into, I 'art itsn t foor k. m i. h eseparateiet lsss, I and ,1 herenlt it seise-s. N. itI. T ranve sltio lullt as tioll . O speaking, fie (1vC roR is nd4 Hiern ltllelltl e. j '. IlIE NATCrIIA.l'I'STl" 0 N (17IOOE-C'soprs'tog Pdecrivate rnos tthlv lnico de nellleiten of Qlve delp. fdrr e ,ietyiltesllait ellrdlog 11tttlli'tiis , l(. tOs f oTermt in the ortfinart" wtrds.ttt A.o. llarste Iotit. 'T11KNAT'l'URAI. IHIS'l't)ltl' (IF INIl"C'(TSIn, i lo es lso two-vol ,llrirg nlt. 74 of tilhe oFarlllny All capital srgh.e l o t.I e : I. t'r ttxt l. ses -Ito' lsi ri' toscer, Es,1. witill, tstet snt ref ert'o,'es to Ame ri d eeisint, iad t. the E:eliol tedmnolaw nholld applicaeion firth admnssots b t be o de, or uo I)r C A uzor, W W lerl, n 1 street Tao: AsERoICto (eosrLoHrT llott:VW--rNo 5 fore Dsceomher 1035. Joe. rectived eod tha solb b' (12 WIm .cKKANso . otscorner ato stlI Cl. a LEAF LARII)--400 kegs~ lortse, irn le bygom jsteamboot inet ln t', or sole, Ievee.hy I.A : on & A llI.U[It, j.'? 17 n :s n. rce s&otreet. IACON SIl)E-1hth nido,,lanodini g trot TL 1 It hN. jN. I Co smere sfreer. -LUK, WIle I Y, POeII l -l' I F -11l I- -hEi orimedR Ist ibbl Ia prn this to'sr the r ofro l dtl .lt for ol.tlrs , to l o o, O M ' I h -lIeeery Rscoe a ol. ahit" attesd.tef t lp NF.'W MUSIC-She wore a wealh'nf aIine; Ellen I Tree; Loek fortlh my rfairest;tlhe dtar Spiri;; Cone l e rlnar esson, The heath tihis night; List the lit ot tin Go'ndolier Tlhe lady leave( thle bnnquet hall.;"Nh ptsoleonta mid.ight review. Just receivte, and fie sale at It CASEY'., aop4 Pianloforte and tlMlsi t " IRVING'S NEW WOItK &c. rllF E EROCKY MIOUNlTA INS-Or-cenes,'hinidtlnts Sril adventuresl . in "lhe lr \cet,I " diiges.elld Irm I'ljoimlriotl ' UCapain it I1.' I: llln lvlc " I o elll A ln of Jli.l i ieto in vocs. c iJust Ir t Pl ied lancd fr sit le i l.l s i;nti il r,;c l pa t, inklll. lO, wll r+. s I n.i P g I t mb it er tril, ami. pline and ivitrliy her I larit.Rl. 1 Slttilir et the verl n est qunlil, on i.+VID) FFI.T& ('O. I MG N C-atttioerI ' hlil, A ('h4 ntrei t. l111'l' II V1. + NGU(:AR--2 brxen lauidnl, Iron schr "',xa,:. for at li"v Inn'. 2,3 nI.A'I'[iU ac Thi lia,411 Pevdrai st fia oitit: , atici s Itry otH r I s. tile it ,rl f by '1T i VliFl A RRrTHI*R, ire y l ed ~n i I tllthinioun.a r. tlllth penr at l t (' dA i t-o tu ihdla I. t , lr lolte Iby d ti in I iltdta Y, 44N wirere. i UR lNITUl RE-l The sut i earinbers have reeiti ln i e siy sh. o hksnlmr,thefollowing splerdonew erl a+ 'aly flt.t niturli, which thle y ottle r e, a'r rnit Aller :hll l hog any Rokigcknephalin. mid en rved Steirclntlh hil.e, scarlet atd purple pluyaow m.rlet m,,l" N)a'AtHAsK nntt m ld worsted dri k seats n2 all an freollinh pmrle L( lner oet 'rittl ntd od nlalt *tetiit') ltviiigltIeo Il.linTI. ih th city, hae nea t ett fir, nor will do plain 1roe eit labor or i x.on worsted da rils at it reiunat doesi mairaeIRothitalo rencll inurti chainsve eInutlied ilI o' tree verity, wit li the :st tlee oahrket atfinlr-hi liarn dun; aib n it ihan, hoicr wineosI eandl slta llr-lii Nlelw'inp prtmnts ke t ai ierlctly ndlew n I .e a wiAll IItCll tiiue hle aitinto give NAtI1i tairea e n ti I hcriber, hit e t, tfi slrCI in a no U cini to theitblic ihttil t ie while ilterietr ofh utitatctl trnisled, piliillne ii leainsell-ind ta Ithrte nawber i o Irlle o er wi th e retme lltoit l ofh oe l rler. ofdine to covize Iio hli a l o lrcst on e F roth·ir nIt'I' eithner labo tror free o s elieNso , to o In a id freot r id Iltt hield ithItho etnller+ ot wines and ill gi rs-im 1rvnals wjotlnt ollt trnues te i waitihrg fo gtve prilt'i. attrIt eion to the walnvtslg of hid ctlomlers. ole is pilticullalyn welle provided fileht aiceommot n tCtlaenltliehtiet hol tattif:ie toel large ne bed r oC Parlotrtn with twt KrowntiIs ItltI$ t aicd Uniol Apil. I Chincinnti, April fte. 183y'7- if'. "alt 'til ltiA . on c'Mlndel p i emltl New'Y ark A Chlecks, &c., ir rlle r hv LA\VRIhy( El & I.lI; EENIlIR ll jelf 4S nd '7 Now I.,v i 'I INt-lMsks Cincinnati Caured, in tore, rt Slti 41cNIw Leer tillle I +l i j11t 1U 400 b la, in lt t4 ew r behe.r I A F e A 11i )- -5 0 keg , in erinr e f o l .e rdt . f1 , S mile by C'. I11,.SEi.', jets 41 New L,,vee. .1- 1 4 .ld Ic7ltitteobt nttum.t1,t2 ani ' SO b ,ol t r ls licker l, eis I and '2 1 . CLsks oflillle, 0I) bundles, hy, 51olil ftet In bter, toolnlinr from brig RIinnaldoond fl'r nals,Ib l J17 S'1 'I'SO/N, VeI:l '6i&C O:C. In NEWV IIA'l' ST'OIIRE. . T'1''" received per late arrivali from New Yoiki I tre-h nUd fshionable nc rtmntLt oi f A'ITS. The nullm riller wolll pltrti llln rl v cll tile rentionl f the public to, a style of' beaver !,ats of ita taeril ll.h, fillne te ltlre, ric r nid Illutifll lusire; also mI a line phlin lutI+ia hat of. superior qIality; and nilo ai - s1 hllnid article of silk hilt, e.g'tl er x 5illh a generrni t t atlrl t llall Ulllll tuleed by himself, expressly lir thisi J \VW OtBORN, 34 Camnlp stret. N. It. Cit" and country dealers are invited t arll. I t RiCHARDS, ''Tobacco and nn till' eanunde S turer, No. 277, Carm" r.-et, Ntrw-Orleans,. vishen to il'orn his triends and the public ill generl, hint l re i tnow prreparel to !tlrllsh uIV thillg, it tlhe iwe lillless, nill Ias tnsltos tll y for .lle the litllowing cciiodtit: SNUFFS. 1Rose,, Germatn Rappec. .lcoaiht., ltnglish ri ;eltregent, Amtoriemr Itappee; Natehito,:h.:s, liliued, Alerlicl getlllleman's, lrish Itlcot,'lcao,, St. lOcar,,t (:ca-r tOe, I t oris, Plrepuelsh, Half colrse it:Rppee, Scotch, ald tenulllille tootl powdelr. ITOIBACCO. Fine cut chewling, sweet seemed mr pli n. Fine rut smoking, of va'ious utalities. Itib-lollt \ itglni, Spanish, kC. 1 The' :Iovel:'rcls are are ll altlllralted lsg d i l, f not i- tll periot to r thlg of the kindl imrpohtd, aod will eIt fn-,-shed to dle+ ... the most ih-eral terms. may 4 A. tI . 'l,i '")1'l i 'I .I C l t:. !NiaI. i Iu cac ,xes It hip I Kentucky os fr I c li GNDE, je 9t11 & "!1I New l.eve. RAZIli,9SI C/PI-'P l--II-OoI heeti Irthirrzi:rnpllper Sweighing ten llp iounds neclln sn it d r ale by SAiUI;i:I. I,1Ct'KOi& (:O., 008II Front l.rere, between CustomI llol Inud Iliena. il, streets. juole 2l Nar d.' IIIes ad Unrrollle l n it ill ed, .rl illtlgemlll tlll l r ru ill ig tilt' cars 1'51iii thll dallte IctltM CAnoRttrOc Fiott NeKw (Int.rra'. The horse'tr Act 4 ocl'k A AM Steam car at 7 A Al stwInlllll r~nr I it, dui d( du' do do Io Ill do do do I rsteam rn 1s dc do Crseet rtarer 3a d stel car 2 o P I d.o do 5 do dl do 4 do do do Io 7, dn dc do t6 do do, do do 9 do ) td di T do' do The Jk'liect) t street cfrcs anti, iallritolt 6 ,,'clack', A M. Cnal steeitr t ' .uo'cllck A' Al, amcrun dae ulntile7 rmlobcm, i'P c M. o i rrmrr l'hP Ilraellcml rtll In C llourc e sreet eoars t'iIo Hoiin to lilr . urcksro tietr . .ii 'rI. 1a41. , . it1 , , u . .... .. .--i, , r;.coed c per bIrl Stgr, iell t rtl llr cle frh dIUtl'ItR,& T iIPi., I1:2 41 fI'dri edreicrt.c j LOUI3NIN A4 ltlt-tIiretlv n ittc-tert fltro tr ICo J lgile, bly I lt..\Ali.l., ncr Ncla h et and Th'i" ntiinldos et.. SrT The enoc'icieeos rf he article i' Ini l d to t.o h alltllrcli of lth! e irtna l uunttllt'r, Jhalidr lMoria nd. -Ac'! tot titiA. " 'JIL.t.lre divrr in a rlchic.e Parcel rf SIIJIII It I I:Al'r , toaclr o:ll, he a elI.oigllr't. Pl sorts trioltrwhi to pulrchase, are imircd Io car l ca rl el - an cI the s "me, rt the ro0ore ofr NA'l'ii'lT 'r(\WNSIENit. jr't * I xll I.tthII c lor,, II r iiri. I If. t, i ItrlttSt\" 14.1+4 c. .r I . IC(iUt--tilNi Ibls ta t olte iandirc, per la, r sIt s l ý( I,.,4, (J IIOIt F , t, jo.l 4.1 New I4ev"c . I 1i.tIY(i.A \-- N1:-- ~--.7.,l. 1)t'v .\llnya Wi, r qIr coks a4 In di It hilrt, rethclc d l i' llnturbl'c, for sale by ILSEAl . It lS 'O\VW, Sjr7 r t iti irtroiol { e)0 C il":S j. i, rW l ,t lllllle(na d. .. mIonl.g ]..lll ni 100o Ioxes oIw It Molnega Iloicinrs. Illl hof lo oI do. Ilhlhllg.e periere elw dI.vllcr Collie. 2.r Imxce. rrh' lllarnn cies,weel e.tor. ' ;1111. itroe Yi'rlllA'o c lllleritral)l' 'Ita llllt C lr t11t cacec suaeioi.r ' ld l'rort Willne stterWinterr anIIretdt o rro 2) ,Io do ,hrr v. p Ibeas old, 1. r I'rontreriltN o illc.c.a iio ilhl t Iurltngel .l tall otl li tilt ellcr tldrred do r i.edlto 51i klrg ussorted," ,I k15 ores N icol' Iirald, TSi r. ,Rett, \iiStr aIt od udo Crkar . a Na1etIlrxes New i oedthn ttid . 'torli r rJui tklea.l.' k' Ioll s llt r il e I' ell od, tlt cll ov lti e ll. it 15 bhlls American Broadv. 5 qt' auske Bnmeld'v'. aiWr W Wine. JtOiRK-rB me Wnd and Sods Crarkell, Pilot a ud Navy lls.d, manufactured b" the Ptent St learn pake; r'isLaltli fn hanyd, t I Pr wiIh a genera. .SSu tnlt& l" 1.irlc.r.,arI wlllssl nld rdretil, iv Z.-TAl.\IIr & IMOTIIER,, __jr 7 76l (tld L.eve streei. NOTICE. 1 ii1AVI. LitRS goiog Ito Mobile r Ik"he Mlil I.nle otn ltoltndac, \Vrdnosdrtd alnd Ftridays, will ret.:" er Ihetr lltltesot this otict', as no sceasts rean ,,Ibe rlleIi tin h l Paola the str P oao te abvh e nohred dnay; alcils :hrtr nam's e placed on the wrv hill. 'Phso wo oave hetvy blragsge eau have it Ikeri dirert to \lobile by any ttrts during the week, exee lt the ihllotre iroaed days. GlEU WI l'MA A N, OK--i'rim, and MeAsla Pork, tull braded, PI') end Al ,). . aI, 90 Dienrs Kiec.ntuky Balir., 35 egil Rope; Isot le ib Iil l' 1-..V & ('It. Jr.? 1 n :I rocier et. i cltains. -1 t''P l re'eid hb' lty l It;'harlor.ttmt l hpi d 1r'Prl.l ',ri mio.or . .o-r.,"tI.t. oci o 'llhioh willr heh .Id iso F It'Ž' It 1r1. to. :,ia- t tj-lou' 'itt.: NEW PUBLICA h'ION-J. .h Jerry In tlha-l, .lq. andy Corrinthdm Tind, oambles andl sprPrt' through lthe Metmpolio, by Vivian (ry t,, ovoI. IN l, 'l.rmnti. erltpleto2 vol, b'h .m',". k hbtk,,. lutby ith AoAtlolt or ViAu G. rtv, tmp i-rein I vtoto Thie flunort i- Jitrd by TI'oheloroe Hook Author (Gilbert 4 r, v. Jest rereivd amoi fin suale at the corner of Camp an (Comuno str,.tr. by L Win McKEAN. t .. .. , "it . s:---.... ,.d I,,t n i ntp Noth,' J I , l .'A.IN 5. o l"ll t " e i ll too iil llll \ il' 'oh "F . I1,,y.y h )t , : IIt, NiTU -& I U.- to ve' . n oupOtier: just ece:ei r -,:chip n lud HLeto . inld j3 e l 3 oy.zuip otrnet. .ice hlu.nsitt i th.iun- fur sorame , q r' Is I;h"rr;R &o C u, jr9 tnr1 n Mageanh as treet.l"e" Si'. 6tAfIJti. PtAKr t'EA lE is mI tirhore cd" , Atn nl hicrin my nl,set. fro the ,lo ofY hi w IrANlIEL AN¶. - u i ,ro i t ni ýlnfl g .raymaki I i i c ii o SiE.. T'TIF 'h . hyod ofher in th e'rnor rodt grn ment Ierl.nein_ t., tle hlman frme, toe hw h mncnr I t tlhe lo, of it h ottler tite e tIII PR It'.t, n proma oreh1' Ibriate. on the hprnllo ofroll'nre, ,'hich c I uo , hae nmnf v to rrnii n 111 -'i.on ,bl r ':nrFrt nod antl relime, rrrnll hli Mln, 'lir(ty to novodl t lhe ests andsnree of tlPir nrttnirha.raI e: thli relmninh r b f It eir licer . ore con, . M.n .gney rtheotin,tln't. In sfot, nort evn trhe It4 ,of'ttpeoytto All. tltr.err.toos thinking o,,th wimt t..ty n tovv sitine e'lnorm no does roe lof. i hhir.' '1, m'rrt nel theer unplen +nt cirlnatsprrs, Oldridget RI Iot ,f itoIlllllttnn,,oto It th hir from tnllinO nofln ti', fi Rot pplintiroo, nml af',v hottlyr rttait'r it tly in. It h likevws prtnlros eveirnto'v and thtI:iB r; pteventos rile: lr from tlr,,oinr raov. llmke it 'nrl hiautifrll, fno. iropp, it froll sort. .ll rlt otloritlptie G "o 'I.r.h h .'iptoo hilitt'in rltpport of ti h virlttrs of (.drldgel hohn, oro lowu by, h tl e proprtletrorn. (17 Reo' the ftllwtting:-. Pohyrt i1'hyrton, Frq. Int Ilnvyor of Philoojelpl; oha eertifire' a moty Ith- orb eIt.,lv, to thohigh olntr terof hfle oltoionyrtlr. leoy . . Tr' Ioll ,r,tiottydtlld ,, l rlI,tllv rti'fv tli.'t,' rlt le uowr itle .,hn of ('tolumbia Ii-'y, ,ero Ity J. Oldridgo. Idl( MJtllh di'f1 tlItiyter in rt heonrro colr-e. No, f6 North Fifth ot. tOhIN it IN,3.L.,'3.l A.r,itroret. 1l) :fN 1) 1'1< tltliS. M D, 16:3 Iec rst I,~- l rlItt )1.,43 South 3d at. .tIhlN GARII,Jr; ,23 Arch Itreef. It i t knowi' ttrt thrre ofl' tIre ntonvr iner are morn ihtn o ) v rlno.e fi nte,. tol thie terit+ roto led tho n 310. m mmhol eale IA.entsensvhvn aq I, Rhott h11a ortonn lnvor ,' oifv gf l'hit.dl . yhiu, dl hereby certifl ,hit o'nn N+ell cqtttinted witl" .'y,orsl I' loolit, Joohn $lFyyo, otd Hoch M-CuCrd,.' t, hoo olnlno ' ro si,-rned to IlhP inltve et'rliflaoltl th tithtv irrt _l tllt l tl hoe o o1 eh t.rl ot,.,r lln rl.ctllo lilitv,' od n" sltcll fllll rrrIII ,hnul l h P aieI to t.l) said ce'rtifier te. .mili c6 l l ,te toeal fItI t e litp Ito i ue :,Mbxtl, this fills ,hov of D,,·t~ehrr, fin. ([I.. S.] I"tIIliT WIIARTON. Myor. filE1'E t lt th b ottle~ tflho" Genuoine Baloo hlt n a )|endhl sllumm"'ed wmrpper, ool whbih is reprsentea tth I .itltt otf .tiult.tll, & , t, Solhl ',n h. les-d., ,lit retail by tl v 11 ole nrely for Ane, rico, 'Nt 2 Flittllhe otoet, tlt.or ljtitlen ILne, one door below Peattrl treet,'lud Iy most druggiLtoand porfuonrrn Iltllogh he coottriy. JARViS & ANDCEW'S, ott 31 holotnlo Acrntr, Ne'-Or1ctio. ItROSP0ECUS. t'i(OSL'EG'T'US. Ti 'E subscriher proponr'i to publish'" in tihe he. gintnine of the onsing wimpr, a Co densation thei twenty votlutimes of the Old and New Seri Maertln's Louisihna Reports, to he noniprised r volumes, S.o., according t& te miodel oi 'r Condensed Reports. This work is nllw in preparation Iho lHarrison, Esq., of this city, assioted by Brand, Ecq. T're Editor is I erol dhrtllrgnisherd retired ludge of the Supreci anod ly one of thite iting J.ldges, too eCI;:. their personal surorvision all the advnle po. i, tay iaturally be reapld froim their er :'r,n.,, Suchl a work is becoming every -nc,-r :..' eessary, as the original in volmi(nol:., e..prn .'. and scarce. An inrcreasir curiosity troo i;s e rln, htit, in the other StaLes ol the Union, in r :rTr to the pl'lthar jiri.prudence of Loutlllsi:ýt; "l.c t'c ° circums.tanel of the inllltumerous prtr ci;r. lll er' cidd in the adjustmenlt of cOtfliclts of ]awe. maket n the knIo.hledge of otIr adjudgFed :ises of prime utic lity t t!hejerinte of the Whole Union. .i1ereoivet the rising republic iof l'e.diai has adopted our cret.s, and thus there is a gfret demand for the Louisiana lecisiols flrom a fltsih quarter. ('onverient noutro, in(lhating tihe parallel cnaes decided in Louiniaen,,, ned occasicnally those in tie mnre authoritative forustn of the other Stares, will Ite iulted to each case. The work will form firllr vohoinie, royal octavn. and will be dtilivroed, bound, to Cubsarihers at 86 per vol.; in case it should be fodntd practicakle to comltpres it itito three volumes; the price to sab scrilber will he $7 per vol. oubscoriptionsi received by Wi McKEAN, jc5 cor Camp and Cotrmon e es. t l(; CA tt--t, it I ril? v ter) , rtt,l l'lanetioan ei.igh. t itniles litr thte city, ibr t le try T' It yitrI) &'if R'IOT'HERi nt29 39 Commonn ot cnomer of Maga.t. .t. r (diltKI , l.:. . & 1'.111L.1,1 i.t--:ýJ ca.est . catmprte U ilng nslornnlr 111 1i' Manlltu tit (inllght UIof I onell!s I nl'iaraol. elunding frontm arque Ellen Heand t;r smale by t111t 1. 1.1' lRIt)Gi & oi, 13I4 Mngnzine At )JTI'fl.It' ittle liLr.tdretir e, MaUnte Liniment, J qlkmp' t linlllelt; tierlllltt, frtllle pills, lBuler's hIfiervetcent Alu.gesi n , lhIll of COIulnimbin, &c. ,Ce. alloliltng and tor sale Itv H IItONNAIIEL, m_25 Nr ntrhr. antl Terltlpitournta stt . ount l ; llil k RS'.-- S EA1l·:1) preprsals will be .reeeived at the office of t. to O (rt..ns td Na-tvillo Ialt-road,tdt tihe tt tltvet' i of r , i'c li'et t int or cypress timitter to ton atter a. l, ttct r.itto-he ?.tilt eirfnttre rttocltireieoeltl 0 tic i l. , d III-ll'l l.r bretthlt io Itill iltheso in lhiek llt'-, Ie ril itll t'lotie of tlno less thraintlli L et. The i bl.t isl Pted al,,ni the c'rore of lake Poltchbur I n illn, ll ltl will Illt r 'eeived it tile thirl be oi nitntve tile new cnllal, of .Li thie ba.ik ,t tie new catnl,ua the Rail road Bridge, at ;il option of ilhe Company: 1l,'ropori wil l.e ervr1{ fcover'n[ thmil e el ank rt Ca,'ty .on-It tttrtim 'tO thitr fte onp loe; with n hes ianl jand, to i d.rreth r er,, h ot 18 inches. 'l'he terials I; r ue ae tesitv n.tnbined t iltfn , short dis uia in f tte rithlllnhaniutlte.lid thie 'ultl.lav will b fur Ilit' it.t'nli'tnd :,lterti's titr Iaming i nrtnnpuerv rlocki wrhre lhe distanice is I.rigreat our nlleelbar Al-., r'ntiieals will o eb rtecrved fol builhing several olaen tit:' nittr iltttire of the, rrmnadl tie description will be glivrn or arplmiettitll rOr tlhe nlrginer. SNew ttricane neid aothill Ranil-rond Office, Jotnd tih, 1Cu'JI 1) HOARD, Chiref E.gileer ead General Superinteadant. iilti l'-.1 Ilie'r tn Consl Street; between' f unrice ,rod .I'remu Strleets, suitable fr It large IDOYLE & MAY; jerS 3 Catebd'trle rtieltmi. k.ep oli I seuring for netln titn, for sale by G. Dot)lSEY, J- 44 New lavee. E" "o.kt. t tlFg---51 Inloga green offee, pter schr iereo, from tHavana; fo sale ob SLATER & TRIRI i, jel4 40 Paydres street. 1IY AUNT I'ONTYOI'OOL, ' novel, is * 7'lr i)etalr, ih the autihoress of "Tie Diaiulrtlidtt ... "liirtatiotu," tce, in . vols Tihe Adveatures osf aGetJemb ik aieaeIfcsa I Hir' with numnlerous wooi its. Ctamtrteuetor or Newl tort,. ON Ntnclithmrhtnel.fhdn . skcuhl''es hI the irlltor oh "i0Ur NSfk. b&lAtrhbtl'" &e itt voI . Rossia nud the h.saianHs or : $nbitil.v tSt Per. burg nti MIfreow, ithrsghlk Cnotlkkd'atd Li . nitl chrlitnctrivcic nketciseo otf ale people, 1.". itcehie, Ent authior o's Anuue I "Scrlnderhdo'nr'a," tcie. rentine of eth Arctic L.ala j ""OsO -; d ,' of the arer Nitl riveree, and ahlng thes .., Arrtie (reon, hi the veare I8,, 1884, PD usptiau Pidck. i. N. onulmnldtir oul ib " untrated wtith iba n , , I N. stnroe atdTfr ilo ta by the rsu rlLtet SOlcd i'each ltrnadv is blits A tarica Mr aiO Ois id' &te di-en hbil, (esitted Grdo torr ýec ,Fp dib Intiag', A tttotnoP Itr trmnudtAtrtfi.eimr'rOvretpe t l'hilmn-tIrhhitt Wi'I rte Leed. No I; " It +,1 h tit - t ',t r mm aliot. ' r ohJI ) b.. 'n('. W'r ", ; .isien cw ..t

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