Newspaper of True American, July 26, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated July 26, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 122 CENTS. -- HP i 191NT DY ONG L ,Vor..--V N NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, .JULY 26, 1838. Term, of Ike Neiapaper Pee . .f 1Nero Orleans_ i . ero0e ,1 l eI, . -. - --- --. . - -- - - -.. Terse of the Newspaper Press of Nen Orleans unatimesasy agreed to at an adjourned meeting of tLe Proprietors, held an the :13k of March1 113 ,SonO.sRIPTIO3.-Twelve DIllars for the daily pg per per annum, payable snmi-annually in advance : ten dollars faor the triwcekly coantry paper, payable one vert in advance, where no city reference is given. Na suberiptioa will be diacontinued until arrserages are settled. In case of dilcontinuance, one week's notice n writing mlst be invariably given, previous to the expiration of sulbscription. ABVEaRTISnlO.-OinR dollar per square for the first asertion, and half that price for each subseqlnent one: any material alteration frIomn the original advertisemelnt will be charged am a new one. YetALY ADvERTISERS.-Merchants and Traders, arty dollars fai English alone, and sixty for both Ian gagesi Banks, lnsurnece Olflicees, and other similar pubi instolttiaons, fifty dollars in English only, and 'tighty for both languages; Ship and Steanmboat Fac. rs, or Commission merchants sixty dollarn in English no, and eighty for both languages. blARRIaGASi, OnBITUs NOTICES, and artiloes enll Ilth attenition of the public to sales at property, ards of passengers, lbenefits, &c. &c. will be elbarged one dollar per square for tihe. brt insertion in each lan gouge. CunuutcA'rlto s, or '.lvcrtie,'lntslf,fav pIrsln al nature, when ad alsible, oall Ibe ehi'r~eel dnule, and in advance A dedu.tion ef twenty-five per cent. will be made to Auctioneers, Sheriffs, lReinwlrsdof \'ills,and Marshals an sales of real estate, pinolishld in Imtl languages, and 30 per cnt. in iiglisb alone: lllpercent.onasale of other property. AN.aInvIRTiLE nSo t O t n.direet line of bu ss of the advettiser, msuh as Jeoel, auction, ndil plaaoln ion sales, runaway slaves, stray ablioale, &e. &e. will be charged for sepinately, and at the ordinary rates. ADVIERTISEMNT not specified as to time, will be ublished one month, and charged aceordingly. No advertisements of bankruplcies will he published a any case, unless paid for previiou to insertion, or aymenal guaranterd biy a replllloeible persol in town. Theatres and other places of lllonsement, advertisieg aaily or the season. to e clharged $11111) for bnglisb a ene, and $150 in both laoglioies. All announcemnents of ce1didat's for politica offices be charged double tie price .f other Udvertise l: esr, to the immense loss eustained by newspaper Oprietom, they have come to the conclusion that tle names of perslns whose acounlts have uot been paid witlhl one montlh after presentation, shall he marde knows (so far an practicabl) to each other-they obli gating tllmnselves not to advertise or print for such delinquents, unless in case ot adeance payments. (Signed) J. C. I)c ST. RO.MES J. BAYON, I'. P. REA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LUMSDIEN. Neekly Presn.-We, the underignesd, agree to abide by the above conditions, as far as they are applicable to meclvl poapers. (digned) A. B. LAWRENCE, SN subscriptions are taken for less than 6 months. etters must,in all casen , be poIt paid. Fibl.i.'el SI' N REV IITEGi, 4c. PAI N IltVlISITlEII ll tile it thorol "Al year in IS Spain," in 2 vole- llrrl/L." t'rI/, ni novel, by ioe athor oaf "Cecil ilyde," in ll vls. 'The Acitres of Pardra, and other tales, v the autho, r 1,f ,'Thel For a ken," in 2 vols. Nimroll', II lunle lollllr-; Illltel'llelersp with characteristic aoeclldtlllr., ,atCviln- and ointL s of lnorrtig Men, inclllill ui til:ec IIf ltheI rici l crInck lers of England with unnl:licnl conrllnts and eneraLo dex ofname, to which are added, Nimrlled's L.etter on citing Hounds, is 2 sale. BRa lIrace, tIhe lat lo Nell's Agnaelllust , in Capt. Cbamlier, It. N.,nauolllr oI thoe Life ofa nllilor,"' &. il 2 voll. Conmlleotarie on Equity Jorisprudcmnes an llllnistered in E--londi anil Acerie, bly Jnanrp Story, i..L.L). Ovild, ti.on mltel by I)rydlcn, Pope, Clngrecve, Adllisn and others, in vols. mbrain; No tl and 2t 'of "fIar per's Classiccl Lilahrv." Infaentr 'I'edict , or rlesI fnr the exercise Te imaoleuvret of the Uniteld hSlates nllantry, by Major aeelral Scott, U. S. Armty, in 3 vols. Jsot ;racicev and for sale qy WVM. MCI LAN, 7 corner uattp lt , Conillnon sir. yiEVW MUSIc. T' i the I lolr;a i sai not IaiCsoilO, fair; Ol tlis is .i Lve; Nnining: Ihrppv aiai, Miv Switzer HIom; Ital; Ieaullveuie Ltall; Telln lt e of lrokilen VIws; L love tl Awr ln the lO.oln s ['el; \a e , s a Illl meet no ,,ra; (lli, II l) to elltr rlln l rll e arc faily Slanilldilln ; \ aef1 " lnha I llltlllb ; I)av i.l IhIl I o'er ithe Bill or ; Rov l'arVtr.Il;Jokll .n-la, Pt-- h'tlC Ifiidow I Sonl tlii. ..vl .:r ,il lat t. .Ul; \110 "11,+ bo , ll a'[ ire ohilniltn o c : -, o; c tf r tit: Irli . II \l l e i Ilirii lbo l I i lhtrt; til ll. I l oit .i, I(a lr vllie l,) Iy tIlI llini; "V till sI rieu air lr(l il 'r a Ia l i 1ira, vllrit lll v I c|lllltdll i 11,mi ri t.llf t!e 1 .t elr 1ed op l*:+ i.n .Ntll'm lll b i Vll 'BeIllc at l hro,: B itA airs olfln thl operuI dle rictlli, arrnlnd, ,or flai e an'PlclI i la VI 11 ta1 AIIt leo1 nl i li C SEY'S PLiano Flore nol llilh Slort. jan 21 _ [l'npstrl'l. slastar's L wsaes. A Collectio.n of Colloqual Phlrases, iaon evry topic no: eeory to nllintaia coverrar.ion, arranged under iitbrent heads, with numerous remarks on the peculiar pronunciationn and Lie of various words. The whole so .lisposed as considlrshaly to fuailitatl the acq uisition ol'a correct pronunaiatioa of the al'r.ench. Ily .1 lllmnr, a ew edition, revised and acrreaedacl. A selection oftnell h lndred of Perria's'l'ahles,accoma panied with a key, containing the text, a literal and free translation, arranged in saultl a lanner as o point ,ult irditfercnee eatween the French and English idiom, l.o a figared pronnteiation of the French, according to the hest French works extantoa thle sahject. The whole precede]l ay a short treatise on the sounds of the French language, compared with those of the English. A 'ronouncing French Primer, or the Scholar's Guide to the accurate pronunciation and oathographty of the French lanea , ax containinng its elenlnts according to the hlst Itaei av Ilernerd T'rouehin, jnst received ndl or tale I v t:\M .IcKFAN, m; Cor Camp & CanI sla ' 'I'Ll' illI.. 'IR NIts. GPRFrNBIitLiE COUNI'Y, VIIGINIA. Itlltdifavorite watermag place in the mountains SVirginia, Lo miles was of L.ewisburg,and 21 from the White Sulphur, will be open in due seasot for the reception of comnpany. 31lmv imaportant improvameums have been madna aine the last seanson. A Pepaious hall room, and a number of singale-b-dled rooms have beaen added and now finilhing; ni.lrliag ace :.nmloations. by the Istof July, for 250 visitor,. An excellent turn ptke road has been consruncted passing by the springs, and intersecting the Kanawha turnpike near Lewis burg. Over this road, by drlection f the post olfice department, Measrs. Beldin, Walker & eo's.line of mail conches will run. A post office being established at the springs, visitors Inay recoive news,and corre. pond daily, east and w.ntl. Of thie mnedicinal qnulitie of these waters, tile prolrietnrs nned nIt speak. They hlave beet analysed ly ablle and rlofeseIld chemists, and ond to hold in sooutnm all thie valabale ingredients of the mostcelebrated springs in Virginial. Thetomtlination ' contains much Salphuretted Hy drogen, Snulipsaate of Magnesia, Sulphate of Limas, Car bonate of Line, Snlphate of soda, Muriatn of Soda, and Muriateof Magnesia," the salutary electe of which are exhibited in diseases incident tofemales;and chron ie affections of the stomach, liver, and bowels; incuta naons affections or diseases of the skin, no remedy more potent or efficacious can he foundl. Extensive hathing establishlants for both sexes have been erected conlltinous to the springs. Visitors can at all times enjoy the peculiar advantages of their be aigs and wholesome a eets. Major William Vast will. continue the superintend ane of the spring. Ever) exertioa an his part, and on tile pit of the pronprietors, shall be rendered to insure for tle Blue Sulphur a liberal sare of dtim public pat. ronage. The proprietors of the Blue Sulphur Springs wilt be iheral in the receipt of notes of all 8a tthern and Wea n Banks which are eonsiderel solvl a t,atpar. MARIA MONK. &c. AWFUL. discionures of Maria Mon of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreol, niit .a, with all ap pendiacontaining, part 1. llecptioni, t first edition; part 2d, Seqatel of her narrative; parn.ld, Review of thia cane. Also, a supplomenat, giving more particulars ot the Nunnery and grounds, illnstrated by a plan of thl Nnunery, d.c. Maria Monk and the Nunnery of the lHotel Dieu-be ing an account of a visit to the Convents of Montreal and refutation of the "Awful Disclosures;" by Wan. L. Stane.s. Fourth experient of Living. Living without means. 'rhe Btudent's Insnitetnor in Drawng and working "The Five orders of Architecture," folly explaining the methods for striking regular and quirked moulders; fordiminislting and glueing ofcolumosand capitals; for 6ndin" the trua diameter of an order to any given height; for striking the Ionic Volute, circular or eliptical: with finished examnples, on a large scale, of the orders, their plaaehars, dc.c and some lesigna for door alesa, ale gently engravea on forty-one plattes, with explates-by Peter Nicholson, architect, author of the "Mehaninica Companiou -"Carpenter'e New Guide," "'Carpenter's andil Joincr's Assistant," dec. "A Practical Treatise on the Culture of Silk," adapt ed to the soil and climate of the United States-by J. (. Comstock, secretty of the Hartford county Silk So cietv, and editor of the "Silk Culturist." "'The Silk Raiser's Manual, or the art of raisin g and feeding silk worms, and of cultivating the M Ilberry tree-b M. Maorin. The tlerk's Guide, or Commercial Correspondence; comprising letters of basin as, forms of bills, invoices, account-sales, and shopkeepers, e qation of payments, commercial termsa, &c.-by B. F. Foster. "History of the War in the Peninsula and the South of France, from the year 1807 to the year 1814" by W. F. P. Napier, C. Bvl V.;tn which rllaae perfiae an swers to some attanks in Raoinson'a Lii of I'icton. and in the Quarterly Review; wita counter remarks to Mr. I)adley Montagu Percival's remarks upon some pansa. ges io Colonnl Napier's fourth nvolume of ti Peninsular War. Jst rreceived nd for ale by moa 'OIPPEtILA--t U bhbl, in store, tor sale by J UG tbORSlY, je"sN 44 New Lever. UtlAR-50 hhdal, prine article, for sale by Ut DORSEY; jo6 41 N'ew Levee ORK-1tit hbls 3Sless, Prime and otberdesripi~lt - I bli SBTETSON & sVEAy. B. Browcer & Co. SAYI ust - .ceived at their Furnishing Ware-house i No. 17 uanup 'treet, by recent arrival from ku frope, and the Norith, lrg additions to thcir mock of Suseful andoroamentul lhosekee/dng articles, which eel lectvcly (they believe) form an assortment more gener ml and complete than ie to he found in any similar eaib Ilshment known; consisting of SILVER WARE. Coffee -nd tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, camle rsticks, cups, tumblers and goblets; table and desert bcrks; table, desert and ten spoons; marrow and gravy, or rea t got spoons; sugar tongs; sugar, sauce anld soup ladles; hotter, fruit, pudding anil fish knives; pickle and dsent knives and forks, napkins, rings, .&. prinsitlmlly fromr Sthe manultsetory of Mr B. Gordiner, of Nw York, whose long established reputation for the manufacture of silver waer is sufficient guarrantee of its superior quality. SPLA'TED W'ARE OF NHEFFIELD AND BIR. MINGHAM. Tea and cofie urne, tea setts castors, liquor and con - dial stands; sloi, ale llebrls, anl Epergues with mir rnr plateaux, Ior centr oft the dinner or t~l per table; voterr rntnnel :sou oblong, lom 8tnl 2 illches; bheef , .nt hleg,.talK.e dishes; rich diaksc,.ers; cake i it'. .I caskets; ldecunter standls; ;unll., ao,, ehlhuI e canllllesticks; wile strliners; coolers antll et hllnns+ dec ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, toe, t'. i ble. egg anl mustard spoons; egg boilers and st- ds+ toast raeeo, &e. SILVEII ON STEEL WAItE. ''able and desert knves, forks and spoons; soup and ,,e ladlesIm; Iitter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as paraons longs, vegetable forks, to. JAPANNERY. tFine Gothic Sandwich on I round cornel waiters, in setts a.ll single, from 8 to 31 inches; lo ofit'paer manee; Ireld, cheese, ahd knife trays; large upright plate warmera; spice, snfgr and cash oxes; pressing cases; India li tahbles in nests, oalhllels ,oltnatned tInI of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortment, among wanch are Astral Inlamps, all bronzed uanil gilt, and of rich cut glass: mantle lamps do, do, each pilin and with glass prisms ; very splendid cut glass do i bronzed ond Japsnnted side or bracket lamps. CIlANDELIERS AND HIANGING LAMPS. English and French out glass chandeliers or lustres of 8, 10, 15, 18, D sand 24 lights; French bronze and gilt Grecian Inmps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lamps and Ian tents, ricskh bronze boat or centre lamps for drawingC rooms, from I to 6 lightso, lamp shades, glassesanlt wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANI)LEBRAS AND VASES. ronzed andil marble; ronzed d gilt all gilt, and all gil, with lixtures, etc; connting house and kitchen clocks; bramzed inkstands, cegar do; paper weights, thermome. ero, card racks, nindlesticks etc. CHINA WARE Ott PORCELAIN English and Frenclh dininlg desert, ten all coffel ser vices of plain white, gold edge, nao very rieh iance styles; spilendlild toitt sct ; water anid milk pitchers, mantle vases; lancy card rokli + ..ti Io it..n, EAIC'lTIGNI v',. Dlining, desrt, tea, to'i.. l io .i , . , trli!- c walre; pitcher. (Al ., ,,: .I.. ,, 1..,.C., aCU i !;LAPS IDolle:lmrs, pitchrs; chmlarel nLd I li ,,Il uockdl ditnfl.I, bowls, ilishs, celerly vaso, sait landsl . nlgar bowils, hunttier tnhs, inger basos, leiubllers, wine, ebhatIpigneR elat't, coUlials, leitoii:lde and jolly giasset; lhioe olo'til) bhok glasses. Also, cnnile tshades. Ti'AIILFb CUTLERY. Fine ivory balanee handles, sell' tip and huck handilht knives and tolrks of 51 and 53 pieces, or by the dozen; ivory handle knivis onlyl for silver lforks; guard and Tame carvers; long slices for roidl beef, oyster knives, nt cr'nks an picks; sugarc liolr%, Il.k shiewti ela IIRITTANIA AND II..()llC TIN hAILRE. Tea antcttl cle setts andl uii, withl I andt I2 lcets, suitanle for hotels and steatllhbols; spotonls al.d ladles; venson dishes with covers, .stlersror chafilngdtones; dish -Lovers, plateheateers, ollbot 'reegs; te kettllles onilt tatds with heaters, egg boilrs, etc. I FANCY \ IIAlIWAIiPE. lres and wire fetdlers·. brsoandiruon ; brass and steel shovels and tnllgs, eltl; copper cnal h,,ds cudI ioclh lit EIronzc hostlle Ilb11itIl 111(1 Iti,,eit I I h 1·oIIII(I i brusllhes;lll crimping l llolltn g ni b~ i . o nnill.,a atamtlu , gr taie ootm en lit l wa. i'lrm ' pd:,tis, KIl'lT ll I lt lNl'l'tI ltlt'- Con ting€l'ir,:., rir PbraIIII /; pr am/p" s odni1 ltilel l's, a colli ct iU nl all lemniltsusily reqiredI for culin n t purposes, ail i ihrief'l n olsl Iv.ot l"- ariti tl e walilted Ih, I-.o-e keeireur callh e inltllld ill thui. ostahlllretol ti t IlSilrand dlated wre' repairbl e d and replishedas I Suw.. Lamps repnired antdrebrounzed dee 3 I31 .OI.. S' l ,D:',NT i'(I. ''t ').\'V I;LV, il"ie i rt, ii-I.', No. iA ; l , al'0,,',, NtaW t)frlasn. T'1 lIE iAlN I F.\I i'III:I I IN N IWV YORK BY IOI.IiIEII' II)i,; 0, Co . SC.LE OF 'lPIIC IS--Double G;anis. For a doubnlle Gin of so slws or mote oil each eylinder, making IAi ans uol tihe saind, with foedcr'r, banis, &c. at $6 pEr isw, or $396;0 00 For a Ginn olf 60 st ' ts a t tlindir, or 12t0 saws in the stand, feedr:s, &c. a $6 per saw, or 720 00 iFordo. ofl iosawsondo.or 8 saws inl stall, at $6 25 per s:w, or 59 00 Folr do. so . :t s:ws oln d. olr 10 saws in . 1:l I, o $ .A0lli pr .a:, or 200 00 SINGLE GINS. Fora single gis. of 80 saws or more, with one ot of feeders, bonds, &c. at $6 per saw, $480 00 For dl. of 60 saws, with feedelrs, &t at $( 90 lrse w, "io 0 For do. sf40 saws, with feeders, &c. $b( 75 per saw, 300 00 Foldo. roflsaws, wilh feders, &c. at$7 50l per saw 150 00 Extlnateeth alh,. d 'ar',I. ri Ilt'tdelers, supllied a ;l cents cash; thll u ,s.I II " lll , equal Stile numblter of so.s. . ) tt . . i .. silderet however, will wear onut two ,1 Iorc: -t.i. sows. Eaxt sawsallslpitlid at 80 0rots eal1. 'lThe Gins aelerell, will ie delivetre to the agents el planters in any of tli sea port townq of the cotlton lan tip States, atthe atloe price; theagents paying the Iilght lon the smie t'ens New York, and Ibeeoming i.s sponible tln the amltllt Of the Gin. A iin Wigll will e sent withll the ins to purt them up where lie aired; the charges lir whose services will be extra, but modelrte. Iron running gearean also he ordered where desired, on reasonanble terms, but will be charged exta. Horse power, oanny description, can be furnished on like terms. Small steam engines can also be ordered if de sired. It is desirahle, when planters give orders for Gins they should acconpatny them with their views in regard to tltenanngemelntofLsaws, breasts, brushes, &c. It is foundl thee differ in opinion. Soss desire saws of larger dismeter than others. 'rte most eonltoll size is 9 or 10 inches; but some wish them 1 itnches. Some wish 5 or 6 rows of brushes on an axle, while others do not want more thanstat molt. Some wish saws with t or 9 teeth to the inch, while others want 10 or II. W uc neh discrepancy, we prefer they should, at the time of givitg ordlers, furish a statement of their wishles, and the Inaniolhcturers can fulfil them in even' particular. Where it is left to our discretion, we shaftll make them on the most modern and approved plan. An order can be exenuted, fromn the time it is received, in the space of eight or nine weeks,and the Gin in that time placedin the hands of the factor. To be in time fo the next crop, all ordetlrsn oughtt to lie in the hanls of the mnafaetaret' hy thIe firmst or middnle of Msy-; enxept forpplantations wherethey arelate in commencing to pilk or gin catton. N. H. The Patent Eight, for any one of the coetton grewilg States, will be sold on reasonable terms. m23 imos STATE OF LOUISIANA.--Firt Judicial District." Court. r HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whotm L these Presents lhaol ellie, Greeating:-Whereas William Makey havinog purchased at a sale madle by the Sherif o the parih of Orleans, te propety e fter described, has applied to the clerk of tis court, is whpoe offiee the deed of sale was recorded on tile 0th day of Mlai, A. D. 1830, for a monition or ad vertisetient is conformity to an act of the Legislature of the State ol Lmllshina, eatitled "Ae act for the further saauranee of titles to perchaser at judicial sales;" ap peloed tile 10th lay of lMarch, 1834. nO)W, tlhreforo, know ye, and all permson interested herein, are herehn cited and admonished in the name of the State of Louiiana tand of the First Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, title or ctilin in end to thsproperty hereinafter described,in aeonequene of noy informallity in the order,deeree orjudgment of the court under which the sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the appraisements and advertisemtents, in time, or Inanner of sale, or far an other defect wtatso ever, to show eanse within tlirty days fromn the day this monition is tirost inserted in the publie papers, why the sale so made should not hbe confirmed and hoaolo. gated. The maid property was soli by dne Shorif of the par ish aooresaid on the 2331d dav of April, A. D. 3il,ll y virtue ofa decree of this coirt, rendered n the 3d day of March, A. I). 18t3,in a solit entitled William daekey vs. Soamuel Boll, No. 13,535 of the doeketef thil eonrt, at which sale sold %Villno Mackey became the par chaserfur the prient of $3,300, cash. Description of Praporty as given in tne Judicial Con veyanee, vlz: A certain lot of grllnd, together withall the build ings and improveenotas thereon, situated in the porilI of Orleans, in the square bounded by New Levee, lunisa, Paul and telord stretets, designatedl by the No 9,%o a plan drawn by C. F. Zintipel, Deputy Surveeyor General, on the 16th December, 183. and drelmoited as plan No ID, in the honk fplanas of Felix Grime, notary ublie. Said lot meoasure 20 fet II inches front en New Levee street, 75 feet in depth on the tide adjoiilln lot Na 8, and 80 feet 7 inches and 4 lines in deptl on the side adjoining the property now, or lately, bellnyil, to N eoodala, rnd 9I leet It inchea width in the rear, Shere it frontson an alley f trlnee feet nine inches ill onmnon to lots Noli 4, 6, ,7, 8 and 9. Clerk's Office, ItI 1 yM , 1533. m16 th WLEWIS. Dep. Clchk. I-- ---------- lhm a; or of-ierrltooiroeeorlcrdlt,1iioiory Itnalrip~j t a(oin( naooo i o, or yoor' lyv Io rrtunrd e again Inst night. bein to l.e mtldl I o ti an very ;n rtanitrt olldi thlehood, utn iis i Itento the vnr Journ " o l ,rti- cif}' wi u tntoii.n htitnttnatli eJtnlfit ft a tip, ]neiy laerat (kings, that I Imd netlnlly eon R.YRY Rrmn Loiysville to hetpe the eelehta of tire ondrerfu ll migtin nee .le of dtactar Snip, tit knight of the thimble, aliae, A S 5, My retun, lo.rer, , roanca t rhat the irhbro aft' Itoere tid wolf, is norplie IhI to the Janenal. 'lhre frble ih 'A baon tnriselly tsta I wnlt t h ad r vIe thaIe lion, whllen the ortf alpeared; he ioeinrg either n 'hrattnoo,' a taileor' oellp,r int liarfr'eren:ly criedllt the tolfio comainar,'&la toh l .etdiK.ay ftheit 'I7 ,th Slast found out his rent charater·: that bel was a lialr, and not to be believed eveln when he apohe the truth." Tie fact in, tnat cauner muOt iroduce their elfecto. Sn it will ]rone,of tie all-wise writere, Dr. Soili & Co., in the Jonrat. I oldll ndviee theta ta peoaide them selve with a stamn engine presa, in arhe t meet tire wenderftl demanadanr iineeaae of that iaqer, no it is ell knownt theroe are many who seehk for nting but falsehod, out o'f aleer, loe to ie ventDers of Sit I i dle. lnt tanfaetawtay y fr Goliah Sterip, f needler and thimble velebrity, the great m sen of the i ilioa of A tetereonn enpe, are fatied,nds for fared aollovereaof truth. 'i'heafnre they mill, (lie cvilecte pirodliod bI the n trhaOit netSnlly n v, I oret to rrleat a lilar, tht I rna rely tio, thlerefore I will aeek out Islra, alhienae ahnoaiaer hi, tihe otller journals, wlose ilh t emt will nt prah. falar. T'ltime ame riatoeReiri are too pal pnble to reqattea o.fnrotiia't oetl will state: let. I rmlah agea toltothitre. 2td. 'haint t shallrooatn tll rhle tait aul: 'tho Dr Snip & Co., hve sent me a letter threatening sy lie, if I retanined after the 20th. 3d. thnt from rhiet,s lntll proreed to Cincintati.for fourteen dn only, oaf whiclh wish Do Snrip & Co., to intofr tho nibioter, in their own artilraiae never frilsto bring lhto intints. 4th. That foeon thelncl tiI Poallproceel tle tire Fall of ttie Ningara, iro heat i1.itrl0ni, (if' ie Saii S Co. do not take nwaiy r life,) on the let sof "aeipenrher, aone aiNew 'nrknii the lint ofN 'enheer, ipenl tp e whole nrfthl next irmirnr, in ordnrer lt enllit a rll tilne r al ' lie troedoal i"linlie of Bilhrtio, i'lril Rlel ahine, Shcaplhir, Noeiville and Lroui nill, to iei e e. rll u ltlthier th imo nrriver dooresirliail ilt, lRope and thre Grliah id N Crtrrier the. onlta mhkei for astse, olrulee, Ic. oliai 4th. Coiet cutler. Gl. lh ith, ]'aints and lrli+g, nd pickhletlore. liolinll trll the mtost nngnifier.trofall, I r. Snip, o lin- Doll, &e. pntbhel to the rprietel,.tiond llditlrsnof ther Jurnal. Iortly. I would lha. the noble I .. Sip, & Car hnoa, that lonaghbfore they were ebln to thread anveer d.Ivor prnead a rlieter, I •nd taeen itr .earo, in tie libt it of retoring oigiht i the blind, onathatll ton when oa was n collector of isa Mjoesty'a cuaionm sa tireat irir nin. I.mla oen then RI employll. the trllhe hptnnrel the carriren the tnonesa ma lnri for B.taea; he corn cutter; tie .,lnt lt ilrdre stori keep, ani throiie leagninieetnt d rtor Snip,,ver, iron r o thi dem +of bling~ er to do tir like? I wish tire ,ournil i],. tnt, 1 shinll eicive lallii nrl rrn greo hii,iri ill to AM nolganttlr'rrrr'n lana to iaio'elrok P I1. ever,, lh ' oehear llll. lirror tii rofo r m "rllr ' hio .s1 isiual JI I11· WI 1.1 ( Ilic lofao en I tri. rrhilr illr r u ril i 1rr l " ..,r Ier . r rr lli lor, ,:i:n7 '. S. w ti A c !,, tls 1'1, ,,, eon info rme, t da lort a , 0 ' ttt. l o r r r ' l r r i r v o aer l rr ie y or rrr -,rllrlroso, ilr roo lo rl orrll' n rIoeIrl iR.hrrorlr or '. I . nal, n od h i, t ll I l ,sI ter, V r l slrt l el ' e '.rI'(,a ''ttloroliirl iro.ra... ol''rr tirr'er rrr th 'ear' rieviatlate r rarkr, it r ! , ri q IVl[ l lr tilr r i'hI , l h iii rr ' (,r, rty irt111 trn-'nh rr, o 'intnr a f r itl rrrrrr oi rrf . o... ; i t rrtaranlrorrtrdtyngrelro wrlrae. 1rtaoorrrirvai li,' i ght of or ,h por e onil or go' l ,)il r v tanit. torvi l st titan t lrrirre thee hirspei 0 iar ' l ie ninn tir e s ,rr. nre, aoirtolihe rI eePnir ,clevtn toreic lier railm elr wh n I ha , ii n noe To ,f tire ofir artr "toi n tvoethvb on igtrainghl,'wtrtooioceanydorh aca heitd l n i o to avtll n - r w e t "y i t hh n tar.. )llr, o 11in o m rill rrrin tie, i Ire h ht i rt rrnfy ia e I .irrs rleia ler abr i ii o he' nirrIri irorrlor nl lvit ohavrrally oieen te gijB tir t ler .l h ill'lir e r In 1 h l- ,e I roirtir ai ti Iill r Iririt hr I Ith Ie dI it )oil 'rmt'r+ . Ir ' ir lr I b row mosr It ti're rIr'r. rcll'r'll i~llllo hirr r llrrgoorrl'r'r . rr ` l it X It - . ,I · 1/)1 (1 (,l, · 1,. n I )lnl ep{ fi lJ I I ( · ''o k lis hesp"";T d i ot gha 1 i"'T n t. \ifi 'o, we , ' th e vo .ll (.t. • l:e€ i· I'.'v ll'"' l .~ l ' l~ "" · I i·~·l 1 I · ll i'. ,1{ rr ii+ t i rIll I ro 1" I rr. in.l'' Iroll nrl•sli ]ilt of n wi ull,~b thile hea lie'. 1111 ' " i e . kniel o - I thr thirtbrer lhrr rheplairrm ot ro irr dti oo re',rr fionle m h inl, h,.I ; ra iteolotg h, tf Ih " l lc I, a"to," al iovc tn r ..srr o it;lr ' ttllr ' t l i (be pl h. we 1Id I ha j v I ra eI ' Il i.llll'r rll·II n mono 'irnrorr of~ m hf t a hlo;, . ' ro ' f Ir came o,, wl r of 'o h)llu rL tr -n Itor io 'rr orir''rooo ~llllll roll: S Ito't trl 'of'n ' ( oo r'h. orol 1aor l tr 1 I 00 o fat Ih h , worlo s ut or.nrly o r i l ok on: , 000 tenl, c r l leor . ov tto r. io ) noon 0 r.0 Io tool e t Ie i Ihl" ir'\. of il;Irink. rt in. lhll tilt! Ct . pit ri. u'0 roo'l lorlloliooovelro I 'I at lit '00 I "n m ml I0 l r ' 1000001 ' ill : o , p ~ n l a l retitis ofr t a avM e erll nonl t lllli,r I tlor h , oro ooort.I01' m''o'eri ~in lao i lore'.± mca croo n t rat o t," rom ini canoe, 0000' $211, thorn I-h ileofrth.I o-lrorfthrourrw I ally h l.they iir i tol Illt !' n r,'%," t.-han e I'tal ti re et a iva, l ". t1,-a ,,' ,ink.; Stit gl rtailrie mill nIlatl h avt Illnlclo, w ev oift e ar l l ogtlm tlh 'orerrl Ther, h notlor o rlill o orth, will aet kno erieh m l"n mll le il/: lll i h, it, 'I',ll la li t l fl, t' , i tr lo trcallialaqcioloero 1`toorir Iinoorlvrax,nt I~renoue ioi'natroryco inn ,oroerrtog'll roror n" rlyu tfro p lrerdrlin1 'r in a itoole 0 "eloirerti , y (trillh . l0h00 ii otrll lilo he rolitle clllyit see ohjertsP. wl hrel t wu rt II t ll 'illlla to hit(, Debar to iito i o io a rr lortt ho or"' h m tile I i orte dv tiatnd iaailloo'.ot,ifitioreorioooiio roe i.'onrotdieoioi IroLI s1 Irot 00 tuosne wear it, tlmuhoI olla till tlhded by llev. . .. .... ..I. \V .9. \,. Jefferson House, Saturday, 2,d July,1837. JEFFERSON IIOUSo LOUtIrVLLE, Jnlv 13, 1837. To the Editor of ihe Ctty Gazette: l 11--Having listeneld to the entreaties of my poen Spatients, I am resoilved, if my health permits, to re main in this city till the end of July. 1. To try to do them more good. 2. To convinoa tie inhabitants thot the vile apt thets the Medical Golilahs S. &e, have pplted to re, bclon ut to tem, oa their lawfio righlt. 3. T'h et I unm redy to depseitn two ht nded dollnars in notes of the U. S. It,nk, in the Itnols of his llinl, the Ma),or of this city, agaitnst a sieilar som to be do posited hy ll the Ir, at anti m ghty Itetoro S. & Ce. that I restorertoilght otre n-ed, t'ndlle-aged, youeg tpersons an lt children, who were totallv or p Iitryay blind, than they d; ndl tlint I a, eoul;ledl t care t greater numben of short, weak or dict-sighted pe esoe tdtring my short visit, then they dti. Yet I will alloh my wise calumniators to call in to tteiraid all the yere deservedly celebrated peoteasoer and Doctors of all the medial colleges, as well as all the doctors and queck doctors o be founld in privte practico, (who are itne fewt itn the States of Keltchky, (Ohio, Indiata ands vet in aennessee; where there are indeed suse two ,lthvre famousi dectrs, whosee namesougl to beh iaded dow as low as possible to latest posterity. 4. It muat e clearly undlerstood that all the cover if any, on blotll sides, mst be prtoved shll have t ee perhrmedt without the aidl o aly surgical operation whatever. 5. Tdhose who really merit the epitellet they have as liberally applied tfo ma sheil tirfeit tile $UO for tht benefit of the oalma houaes ill this citY, and tile therpur ty shall take oack his moen $0011, wvover hoe or they may Ita. If eve,, tile mligh :l, tedeli c hnuritgger r. shaluld prove one dft thie sueeesstll tcatdidates, I wilt fillfil the old proverb, and give the "old getonitan" Ii. d ue! 6. At all evlelt I woulld advise tie blast haloed Gtc alih S. no ttl, alr that letter to stand Ials2C IoS it olen for "tsitnltotu" ns well as "sapitentt," Ioti, yesterutpt anti to.dtlo;- bnt i.adlvise hlitl to otl to iit its legitimtttm .ompaniot ns, A S tonecd ltflpre it, it alliabletical ordles then thb indlepenent iehalitluts of" tilt, city, wot d a l ways know the writer by thle etltdy of his voice. JOIIN WIILLIAMS, Oculist. oI was weak etoughI to rendl tie moss oa laleohooda signed S., which deserve nothirg but ily silest con tempt. ad It kown Infa otevoaninof tie great importance ot A S S, I should have treated the last of tihe tlhree some what dilterentlv: but let that pass. I will. however compliment hitimaster of tile Jturnal, fur his sagao.ity to employ the former knight (not ofthe garter or of tle thistle, butl ofthe needle and thimble, in order that ha may kill two birdns witlh one atone, i. e. to patch the holes that may he ih his natural or pnlitiLalogarentta.t and, if I may jude from that excellent paper, the Ad vertiser, Dr. ,nipea master is, politically, in canstant need ofhi aservvicsa. When any cireomsttancteieurs, whether dloesaticnlly or politically, wmilch reqatecs a Iblister, welthllcr on i atwn nose o.eOI tile rtputation tf tlhesi wo du ont hapl sen to please him, being unlike tita, (wlhlich ust bhe great tisforttne!) tihen, it is he rings his BEIL.L, which afterall is nultiang morr than if it was "sntding hrnass or a tikling ryvsbal;" yet, to view it thts--I)r. Bell looks well ; ut with an b. it. A. S. S. after it, appears magnifcenl!!! JOHN WVIILIAJIS, Oculisn. July 14. AVANA SlVEEiTMEA' S-Itt store n:d tirsale l by T'1' R HYllt: & Bt t, . not Cotrmtn and Maat lwine ate. aftT, IItt handsone STORtP: and Ibnrk Kitrlhent r tile estwnall1t story of the 'Tiree Alnttri C an ttlice, two, doors Irt vvt St. ( i ut leerIte. trrs. A Iitt rate stand fitra Coffee House. Applv to 1111 J(tI|N tiltSltN, Editor lre, Amenean. ADGtiG\l: a"ILt' I-t!I piece Kealuc,.y l;ag. B gig; I;, ,ads do BoI etll, r sale by H P IK'.VY & CO,. he(N-0 Grtstier ts get. apt u te. alive lot ofr sale by (Vt ASt bt Ue IJLEE 8dteaatv iba &Uijtlh y, J MILES' CU(\II'OUNXI) EXTtIAC'I' O()F TOM A TO. A STURRTIT1 E FOR CALUMEL. T;IltE docttine promtulgted with so much assurance it by mny empirios of the present day, that one me dieine will cure all diseases, Is not, and never can I. true; and he who asserts it, is either a fool or an inm postor. But it is a fhat demonstrable by experience, that cornbiMtione of medicine nar be formed romm the VEGETABLE KINGDOM, that will act so nuiveralltay on the system, when taken seasonably, and injuldicious pro portions as to cure, in nine cases out ol'ften, al diseases within the reach and power of medicine. From toe well knowt and established reputation of Cafloeel, it has long been employed by the empiric, and scientilic Iphylsieian, as one of the most powerfal agents for the reomoval of disease. By the former, al most every land has been deluged with nostrums, that their authors claimed as specifies is every lisease inei lent to the human family. The folly of theme J.eten lions needs no eommnent, for aeeurate chemical Imvesti gation has shown, that the base of most of the Panaceas, Catholicons, ke. which have been trumpetted before the community, with so much assurance, is Calosmel, or mercury in some lorm. Now, if this potent articlee even in the ihuans of the most skilful physiclan, frequent ly exerts an influence oi tile hulman systeml, unforeeesn, and entirely ievnol the control of art; undermining tit, constitution, atno brigingg on premature ols age, disealse and death, what result should be expected when pre scribed by the ignorant? Could their many tthosand victims speak, a voice from tIe tomb would soon dispel he lspeci.E c' deluaion that now sways the minds of tihe living. Humane Phvsicians deplore the sad evils resultst.g front the teeretrial Itraetice, uad will glattiv hail the in trodlsction ofan article that can sfel lvbe substhitatedt for ealomel. They feel, and that kee~?y, the uncertainty o1"its primars oteration; theyeunttnt say whethercit will he fa.oratle or tunfvorable. They also knoe, and Iael, that it its use is contionesd Ibr any considelrble time, in jlrious se.omleary conserquencesmunst isllow. But ihey must choose the least of two evils; they know no other article that will arouse a torpid liver, remove obsrnle tion, and set itn fi'e actionL tle whole glshdular system, atnd it being indispensohly necessary to dit tini, they eotille its ase, notwitstandling the evil consequences wsinlt follow. IThey hIave Iong desired and sought an article that wonul protuce thle good tlieets of tthis drug, without sualljteting the patient to its tdleteriout results. Sach a dessiesltumn, it is believred, h.a at length been obtaineu' in the article now presented to the public. fiThe p'prietors of this article keeping in view the fcet, tihat a wise asd benevolent Bleing, has plced withll it the reach of all, remedies mlaapted to tlhe diseases is cident to the climate they ilhabit; nstid knowing, like wise, tnhat mot of the disenab of the South and West are based uplon orgatie or ftuctional derangement of the liver; directed their attention to those articles which act more eslrcially on the biliary organs. After long, laborious, and expensive resenreh, they have sueededed in extracting a obstianee from thie TO tMA'lO, which, froma its peeculiar effect upon the elpa liv or biliary onsa1ns Ihl:v hasi le slesssninattl ltepatie. It is a meldicir tlst will psodslte atll the blenfietinl Ir'sults nf Calomel, il hlath acute .ald chrouiic diseases, willthoutltelpssibilit lsofprodnina stheleteioubsde eon sttcllsnenes clnlu l t that tl'eticle. Its action upll) thle constiution is luniver'sal, no part of til t stye rtlescapingsits influence. It is, howeer, Iupon tl ogIaIt of selettion atl excretion, that its 1est p iower is particularly inanifesttd i hence it is pe culiarly a;dapsted to tlse trestssent of biliolse fevers andt olher diseases in which a toripidity or eongestios of the liter ald potaln circle prevail. It is adlnissible in all eagses, where it is necessarr to cleanse the atoachl and htowels. It removes a hstruc tion, asd etseits. :ii squisk :andllll unlthy actionl of the liver andl otheromindular vi es of the abeldol en. Being dif flisble iin its operation, it lproduces a free circulation in the vessels ons the surfce If tile boly, accompnanied by a gentle iprspisrtion. It does not exihaust like dtas tin pisresi; still, its action is more universal, otd i may ,t'tetl e repented, not merely with sfetv hbut with gress bt fit. This l becomesI indispensably necessary itn as. of lolng standlilng; for inl tihem intense teolulntar inptles tins madet by strong medicines, seldom, if ever, do 9 lto(; but tend to itjure tie stamntsa of the cns:ntitstion. It is cleansinvg sI tpureifving to the systerm, onta it prfeclt htrmsssy with use known laws s 1t' 1ti , asd is 1,,: , ul bedly onr ol the most valuable articles vier oiILer Sfi' ublic trial nt inspecti tills. 'rhn white pills are rastt/tif, at/nvativte, Sdlia //hor ,tiet ne diiurrtis. I be yrllod I n llar:seiic, stm- ,ldant antI dial/otetic,. 'Te follow ing extract n chue saelject is filom tie Cincin nail J.ntinal. MileS' TOMtATO M't)ICINxE. Thle virtues of thel'omlto, not oldV as a delieious vegetable rt the table, but also as a tmedicite, have lir a ctisiderabl. time last, atlracted aI little ttenlltion. It It:s beliehsed to posses anti-billous t udlii, s which, it t.v could he eit etnall, extlact.d, alp separated Iir1 thlle superiluous mutll er, tl oullll. ilnadl:lble. 'hibs has beenl chatlactelrized as :a biliolls coImItroI A I:hr'ge prlllsol ot'the disoasesarise lrom disorlder"ed live s, or i oini de rangeomelnts in the glandltal sy stem. 'Thie s iespeciall the cese ill the west, aind still illre seo at tie southi. If it renedy, easy, saite, clfectlll in its operation, aind leav iltg thle costitutio, utnimpaired, could e dliscovered for bilious compiliints, tlis would unquestionably be mnnltlg the lost healthy climates is the world. Cbhalnsl lae been. the almost unliversal remedy fio diseases of this icart",tel. htt it its a recluv tt icll cnuthtntg but ieessity should inlduce the use of. It laty be concludeeled as tIresphssing on thie produice of anlother p'ol'ession to speak nt this, set we itay lie permittel to express our lstron conviction that Calomel cannot be usel without injurtous and lasting effeets upon the sys tetl, ,uaeeter or less, according to the qutantlties taken, slal tbe f'equtecy tifl its use, tud tile eolntititution of'tte iltient. A subtlitute fe thlit, tieretrei, tee l leilt vit getable kingdom is a desideratum in thisi country. We believe this desidelatlllt hals been discovered in lie Tomatot. Dr. Miles, of this city, li isassIociles with much labor and expense, as e unlerstand, hlave sucetded in hobtainin'g such all extrllet lil tilhi egeta bie as, it is hoped, will ite f1uml ani elfectual substitute. yWe have taken smte paits to enquire among medical men land othere wiho have used this medicilne, as to its eflects, alld e lieel well satisfied that it will prove a most valiatble remedy in bilious complaints. So thr as we have been able to learn, it has produced the desired elffet, oiteating to produce a Iealths action of tie liver, pr'ocurlug bilious dlischarges when nieelded, aud ill some instances breaking upi fevers, withl even ttore certainty and in a shorter time till calomel: For sick or Iilious headaches, it has been found a good remedy. Those who have used it say that it does not Isnodeue the debili tating effects of most other kinds of purgative medieines that there is tot itnreased dlanger liaits colds alter its use, and where large doses of calomel would be needled this Olpertes without iny danger oftbe distressing ind inijutioas effects of ealomel when prodticing salitvation. As we iave ic.sont to htle rom our iltestigatliol, Iris erltal of thie Tolsato wilI provee sublbtitute Ise alolceline a grlt VlsvieB yl'eases, we ailtn o adl it as a bleseillg to tic IitntiI Ihfttilh. tlut Ierlulsaf, llF., ild tree Jtrotusll ii e thltt iuc ciitti of it anId ise trusit tlt iilirn i iully tetted by iiltlie. We ltirevery esal hube The above aedicine cal lie obtained onl, of the Gie neetl Aglets, anld thos "etailin g uegentc haviig Ii eoIn iltiasion igned hy "A. Miles,'Pree'i I. M. C. ." ai eolntereigeo d by "E &l B n' Stote, General Ageste for Louticilt," itn bearing tile Cgue panty Real. Lilt of ./gieunucec. E & ii T Stone, Generoal AgUts for Louisiana, 114 Tehapulltolat etrwet. Riedlr k Co. 133 Old Levee street, opposite Vegeta Peio Mairtit, enr Old Levee and Hoepital street. WIst Sliterry, caT Clllsp alnd Julia streets. mDr Mueler, cur Tehtlupitoulas srest tand St i ar)y' market. J P Iblrbut & C, cllrler Tehouplteoulas and Gir.d strets. J i4' P i lartwell, Ilayvo Sara, l.e. I)r Will Stansbiury, a it:it eches, La. 'b lu. JStanu, h ttllllr oustun, Tesas. Freetc iuk Sterdl'Il, coirl l'eydras rndc Camt p eta. ie o.. lllee, Tivoli Circle. Wmc. Evans, Noit. 4 leuilding Co. Row. Applic.liiil fur agenciea, or Ioedieiine e y i hllaolel luet bhie tumle t,, the Gt'erll Agentc atl Nlew Oleais. All letters, post paid, will be promptly attended to. msB ly STATE IL LOUIIANA. I )ARISH COURT''.fir the PI'rishl and City of New Orlelmte. I' the Hen. Charles Maccrilte Judge, Jute 1h1, 18i:18-No. 0,i984.--Jueq ls Potiee .s. his creditort.--Ucis reading andefliilg the iretition alid scltedlee in tIbie ica,, It is ordereId ly thle Coilurt tsat the ereditoei of tle ietolvlot dal ltiw ilutse t oelicpll court on Santurdat the 71h dey of July, l838, why ihe should inot bedtelhargeld ecordilg tvo law; and I Ite meantime all praeedlngs against iisi person and pro erty are stayed. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, June II, 1838. jel4 2Iw AlIMANDI) FI'tffT, Clerk. p. TA'T. DE LA LOU8IA.S L..--Cour de Psiriase, poiur la proistetlla ville e is NouellIe Oc leans.--'relsea I'hon. Charles lajurian,juge, Ji jtin, 838.-eNo. IO,984.-Jncques Potter contie setl eriais iorrs.--ltr lectcre it eoregislstellet de I c petitills et ai scihdele dens eeetesl nfliire, lI et diseret piar Is tour qlte les erihei-ers de I'insolable ilire savoir leur7 rui ecens en eeur euvet, Smdi 7 dejuillet, 183i3 pl,pleciiit it oi serait piint dechtrgi confornlemient s Ist Ini, et ii attendiant route pillr Uitls eontre s a personle il ses Iroerietiee sent rret6eds. li\lreau de greelier, Nolevelle Orleas. II juin, 18:18. jel4 law AIthiAND PI'OT, Greleier. T INIEIED 1 1l.-- 0 lblhs, landiuti, ferot etolbsti J Albany, for sale by l; ItIILC EY, jel3 441 New I. ever. E ARII'S SUPElItilt IIAlS-Nous, Ilitig' frauiu i steamihbonat Slltns, a supstll, of the bove, put tip in hllse, sierces lid hills; for eile liy I.AYET & AMIII.LUNG, jell 17 Commerce street. SINSEEII Oil.--.l hblc alsdl t rhLks beet ilinteed Oil, iow Ilnditg from slip elcbvillb, nl ior ale by JAIVIS & A.I) SIFtS W\Vlilesl.Ie I)rlisgts, Jell Commoiiand lll]ililtltil St. S"i CU''CI ALE--u casks (ltest p lt Ilteear) ie store ies d for estisby giioI.jlbh:s I, )AItNTS, OILS, GLASS, B Shfl ESlliE, .--ast -. .,ultil.r nlr.m hp Constitution, :and tr i sle-vi. : / iNfll+ i 0ft 'ct fl'L:as lhost qlanlity, frotl £X l0) tX r:;AX 2; 3d00 khgs ie,'he e' )d pulrer; 3:,1 io pgreenl looim. ni !, liLr. kie ; '24- ni Jlapulled ins lbrsign.';(ilthIi I .n]rase 26 doz senlendld t)00)0 gronnd hrune-', lsoi) ofOUn na;d (100 do; :dLases creme green in powrlerl snelrior nrticle dorl do , enlii a lnrge assortment of snas tt of revery size and qarnit; satle pencils fir artists; tlnt narkilg. lbrashns l ir rdtrchnnts; artist's colors ill oil reao pre pared,in hoxe litted : p with all nr'eees.arsy brushes; -artist's tols, &oc. Flake an[d trmnitr white; 60 pncks gold leaf'; white andyellaow waxol g un Irnbhic; and a arge uand c ehoic an sorteent oflt aiut, dry coler. nil, trplltin, vtarnishb, &e., for sale,nwhnlesnale and retail, at the lowost prices, by MIONI)ELLI, a28 58 Camp st. )itUSPEUT'ULD. NE5W EDITION OF 1THIF CIVIL CODE OF LOUISAJod. TT has been for some time made known to the publie Sthat tihe shrcrilnrs are oaaoged in prepariung fltr the press a new edition of the Lonilsian Ciril Code. They were. itrloll tine lirt, aware at the great dificlety nnd resplonsa.iiiity attnling the plbllcatlnll of tihe work, and it was not witlhout great hesitatirn that they eon sented to tile undertkinlg. Blt the prerent elitionl, amountin" to bnout thrlle'thousand copiern ald which had acost the Stato more than thirtyI thousand dollaro, was entirely out of print. For more than two years past, the ugual price of.the work hae been froml thirty to fifty dol ire. It is a system of written rules which so immediately operates upon every individual of the state, interestela either inll ag'ilture or comunerce and which governs the disposltion of so mlnth property .oalaing to uafroml other state, tlhat--urhkera altos. asy atlrerttentrle upon law-it is as nluch the lext-lhok nal annual of the moereh.u t anil thel anter, na it is of the private gentle moan and tiol prenliaioall advloc ,e. S"Ple lawyers ofltheadjoiniog states, and in fact of ral those states "onll the t)hia and illisrtioippi rivers which findo a atot fr their produlre in Louiriotu, have a fire quelt necessitv of refcrenre to the eole, and ake it all inrdiensable renquio;ite to tleir lilrnries; and in tih e eitr of New Orlerns tile hook is a sore tle eonI, lin tihe tnerehlnt's elmanting romn ats ut the i skle of the judge, or tie table of tIle attnrnev. It is not srnprising tleefoire that tile first editio ruf tieh twark wats so quick ly displlosed (e; nd althioughSr aamlre rl:print it wo uY in some mean rre supply the opublic nrl-e-itv, yet it would he inlrerlecl ant unsartia ictorv e lunos anlngltnttei with references to Ithe Reporlts ald Satioute-, int order to emlrtlnce tile nualnerous anldeurlnotl whlich havl b.tre made by thle Lagislature, atld tile imotanlt decis +3 t and corttrueirtiors which hlve leen given ipon ttm y o its articles lv tnet Siipre.eni Court. The publiolhers have rertredl, tfr the general riper. iuterdeaee aud editorial dopertllmnt of th work, the protfessionial sarvnice of Wlheelorck S Uplton, Eq. a rmetherof the Na.v Orleans lBar. Tire Ihon. Judar Bullnrd, Jl..e Ilermnudcnls, nd lion George Eutotis, lave e ih t kndiv assistuel Mr Upton with thei valuale rnotes which tlew Ihave rcollected il the t oer.e of their studies and l.ractie; alnd Ito Mr N R Jalrlinis,tht ptejrt netr ofle Mr Upton, wlt, is Iso, elneued il tlie wrk, (e ltrrwblidglS , Eq. Ihaa pretei" ted thle irerat Illtn tif rePi - ren,.,..o'ttlitned is, tis thtelrt er+ i f tnen ude ant tlhith tnave bneen otade r hnim duin, rlrhe whre. rtt,.i , ol his die:lluisthed lnle tnstit)ml laors. TheI utbllis - ers nlttV thPrilre o lll t ru' I tll lt ll(tt tiOl) tio " l fi work wvill te all tlthatindustrV aod lhtIrr, sniOtePd Iy learuing and experiencc , can pvrll,rm. In puttinn forth this prornlnetO auid olieirnileg erI - tal rlhbsericers to thie work, tno pllishert tai k Iride ie tie .act thlt tit l.egislature of L)itinnnr has autrllrtrlzed thle i(;ovetrnr to urin lone thlousand cotpies of it fot te fatare usoa ouf tho Stamte. Th'le re-tiliuers willl which thur tlutnher was tokenll by tile Aselnhlv, evinedl their [lst neotie of the vIia lortl tile wtrk;nrld they rlhrelb extelld ed tlhat confidlence ill tihe aIbility if tihe I)tlablinl' ad apon good prtier and with clear t\pe;, nlor wil any ex pentse rore be spared to nmake tile wlole Itn charieal execution of it tcurrespond with its great impnlrtal+CO, It will prohtnlny ie relndy fir deliverv in the mointh If Septemnher t'eXt; antl the price will he, tn .Lrntnrilbnr. fiftenll dollars-lire doslne to he paid it tihe etole ofsub scrilbing. 'lthu nihsreriltion liets once closed, the store price till bie twenty ihllnrs per ncopy. tl t E JOIINS & CO. Pulilishers. [I.ouiialna awd N Xw YorIk Iial of Packets.] iclnllt i m ;it ovetb' r, and to insure t'l xtlril:h,..l Iiii--tlltla ill Ihea r a ilt: e l 'ailil.g, he lnle will I'realie cgnsist ofa' fiae Slhips it. : Spliltp 'baoo, l'i 1 'I'T.l.r !, 'l, avoi Ie 'I'th noiiv. 1Ship lJ agiail', Captainll 'lhgrg to nleae Oil tall; l,11b Ship Iluatsvil/e. Captain Eldrid;ger to leave O'' the Ship I'isbg, ,', T('apain \Voadl.ous-, to leave o the lsla Jo a'grv.' Slip lisaassaapi, (Captain D ogagi., to lIav oa the a1th [Ij" 'l'ale abov shils nre all naw, f hre flist class, en'p,1 lllled l nd pIIII l ilh ll i, IIInI !ap\Varg t Il"g f.ll' S Illo bunllhe, are of liglhl rllhalgat ofl at'ggrg, hlotg' Illl in New a ork exaresaslh, fr Ihe ' lrade.. 'Till! ,lic, f ol's saie is ixled al oae )huudred dollorts. 'Jheir a.till i1,. L1r litted ep un the nodt imp.loved oee convenient plnan aed d i tn neat and hlgaut style. Ample stores lhe flragt quality will be providd,l'aad every recard haa I o thle comfnlort anl enlire sialashetioa l ilaa llsgers, whol will please take notie thIllat o erth can be secured ua tIl tuid for lit tihe lfice of the conlaignees. There plackets alire collanlled by Captaipnsa well ex perienced in the trade, whol will give every attention, and exert tllegmselves to aoeeonllodate. ' hey will at all tilles be towed up anid down g he a Mi'is.ippli Iby steanloatl, ad tile stlictest punctullity oberved ill lhe lialela af sailira.a TheI owners of thllesue hips will not be respaonsihlo for :t'Y Il er iailra.l oir Iackag.talgaala bIyo paut atill Ofr ia helna , llllea g it reg lllar hill agl lalind i';be sigegd tt'a 'rl l' 'ea at the cnting hlouse ofl tie Igellts or owners. For rIllhr particulars, apply to i) BEIN & A COHEN; nov 1: 90 Comlnmoll at. AS found fiy ilesro hathe i monith W of Jlv,a hlitre lalluh, ( Egglilah butilt) cop'el filtaened, and has bieen coptapred, she is i `fee't llg, alld eight feelt ealai; and lias I.Rlan slop riggled, as there are iron a'trlaa fiarward flr rigillg. Wlorver re said launch, will pl'aa call gat No 7l Old Leveea. a I ii.a i PNSACOLT, MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. IIE slubscariber having purchased thel laaa aall fUir I liurealgl' this well known ba alblilgtgtalllg, lfa, lr Taylar, lhe late proprietor, will be ready to ircrive vi. iters Ihy tle lt of April next. Numell'rous anll costly improvemelnts will lie folld in the Iarrniig!ealrnts of tle ~lahllgi Igglgg. New ulllt more cOlllludlou btllhing hlouses will be uilt, alndl warma btn will e provilded at all hours. A stable will be atllhed to the holle, with god re lllllnlllod tlins li horsesIgg anlid carriuage. lilsa rate Illhorss and ctarriaes will also lie kepl for hire at ilodralut price; allalii and row boaa, witpll lperol)ll. aa nalanaga'ab a flr algte gae ol'vilteras. Ililliards lla d algger g Ulllgla lllaellme usually Ibund at watering places, will nalo be liarnished, and so 'condutled as noti to ilntrf'are with Ithe comfort and quietol' he boarders. The wines and liquors will le of the best quality, and to ensure a all supply of ica, a cargl has already been ordered, whic will arlrive ahlgt tlhe Ist al aMay. Mr Frederick laraard, who frmerly keplt so Ilopulnr a hotelat Washington city, will cnldlel this lgiI el tlbr the pro prieor, lwh, lwith schl nid,colidently ussures tile isaitrs uf last year, and gi liis frieids generally, Ithal itheY will receive every possible atteltioln; and therelby eaatanal a tl aive aga roal sualillaci:ll. the local ovllaltale If atli. Inause are too sell knownl 'to need a Ilangt. ened h!are. The lfacts tllat Pengacola is tile largest glural station of the UGovrnlnla; alle grlanral rglldeavallia gl Igif Gullflaalatl 'an a;tle salubrity aiabits iallate freatall'd aou' lltl dU ting llie sanler nonths a by the coolest I reeses l ront the Glll the b.ui of' thea bay alnd ilae neighbolaring islands wa rivers; thle abludaancel uid deli'aay of tlhe ftil with whlch the waters bollud: ill i.s proxnimity to the beslt Southern markelats, ilve l.eallaola lga pre-. feleea over all olher plllaces iTl thesg e llilllludes, al a healthy and delightllil Slllnlllerretrent. First rate boats will ru, lbetween Pellucla and Mo bile, agund will at all tiames he able to take the pallssenrllgr from the New Orleaan bouts. N 11 ARNOLD. Pensacola, Feb. 1t ,la:18. " (i Gentlelllen wlaillng to engagec reoles for thell famgilies, calln addle a' the prgpriulr. at PenI cla, g Mr Sewell T 'l'aylor, lae formear proprietor, af New Or leans. Refl reunces. T Sanford, Esq, Mr C C(llluma, t1 Me llpin, l.sq., Lt. Kibby in Mob le; S Taylor, PP Rta, Esq, in Ne.. Orleoas. P a--A letter bag, to receive collalunicationsR fgor persona at tbhe ubve hotel is placed at lGe Whialnala's office, 51 St Charlea Exchal.mge. FLORIDA ROUTIE 1FORI NEW YOlIK. 9 'l'ravellers desirous of takig thei Florida route, via Penacllola,to the North, are inlfrm.ld ta t irst ruo batas wiill lonsautlg ran ifro. 11bdlle to Pensacoa, hlavaing Moblile andl PenFr hlli ryev olthr day lier tlhe Istl of All. Ian.ul .,aea wiill lavlways he provided ay alga -tgl,''glah r I a.' ih, ,',g, g'aggaes go lake paaanagera from Mobil', gg caae oi the g ,gilure aflag hloata. N LI Ar.NOI.). The asteamboalt C(:lhampion laiaeos Mobile far Peana colal Ioil.e a wlgeek ell ^t*I lay UiA..i -abnd, . Af. e Iart , r . le by Ill aallIREY'S FOREIIGN 'lllR. &c. G a IIT lll'lITAIN, IFlANCE andll Illlll , a -lhort 'l'or in IIaI:k.-l Ilieuan Hmphre.a , I... P'galg',ent g Amugg eA I olle h,, ia 2 vols. IThe Ioris of. rs.',eand.d-i,e' the onlg , co galabi and magfangga edition e'r gulealgahed in the tUilIed OatWa-l, vol. 'l. Just .eg.egI.ed and fr salle hl W MAI' AN, jaauia Coraer aCaap S;aantpagj aagrap. IlR W. E01VANS' CA.ltitIli,: 'II.JIM. ' llllN hiohly slullluh..e nwiici ne o n1t beld whole. '. le nhirl te ooil t N.w Yourk pric,.os, of lE.'S & l)'..\Nt; E. i (CInp streert. It is confidently coomend ed t or lt' lillittine ldis ets.e.: Dfipeptift in all it fltnis; bilious and liver a.l flielons, in every stige and degree; feolmtle aoi:kl.s, lotre particullrly tle nllas.e ilcident to nolthers;'fluor n bl ,l :.ver alnd aguie, ilneipllent cln sullm illlls on r de llntiSl whether chrod o rni, o intmlmmtlory nerYIvou or bililus tfers, of every va. i r or; ttofula, slt rheni.I and all blotclhe, hId humors, anld imt.nre complexions oflthcskin; r.tllesnuessat night, and daily irritability and inelonho'v; the summer complaint, and cholera moorho or diorrhea in grown persrns; warot and flatu lencv, with had Irratllh ehlorotis ond palpitrations of the heart and hend; changes of female consouttioun; and for impaired and disorganized constitutions in either sex; which llve not Itlen peImnentlv relieved by any othller medicines A sinole trial of l)r W Evanls' medicines in any of these, will produce ulch ftel et as will il ditole their ineo',panrole sruperioritv, and, induce ulch a use ofl'heml as will iniure a speedy atlld ltnqnestiontu bl en Icure. Diretios li er ue aneoCllotlvine tltm. Ntellllle o cerileittelof'rer will hel shown, ts frotl fieleoe-oh of the eatthoCle it is imlpoosible Io glve them publicity through the nedil of el'a I ewopnper. Ont Dr vos' ta'ttlogle thlerloe ilpwardls o 25,1000! iooses, and ill this clt. eo oeu rfetor no montv Ie'rPos wo have bean relieven,'oand in Ttnote intaonero entirely cured of loeg stloding disa,.se,t by AIr Evats' Comon'ilhe 'ills. apyO lot STA'TE OF LOUISIANA--j iritia J'licial. 'nart. FfI1E ST'A'l'E OF I.OUISIANA, To all whom Sthese l'hreoents slll come, Glreeoting:-- herei.e James al'er Diggs i l:nlg lImo''hied It a sale made by the iShtrilof thte iaurio of OrltLans tile proIperty ist'i ilaftr dre:ribe, hoa appliedl to tlhe clerk of nis elnrt iul whose ollice the lc dl of sale tws leordedl oni tile 2t lh of Alttl, A. I). 18i:38, or ti ntonitton or r dvertise imelt ini conlin".it to an act of toie legislatre oft the Stote of Lostlioooeoltitledl "An act for the ftlrithetr antl nce of titles tol tlllltlllls to julteiil salrest" alproveds the Itlih day of evoltch, 13 i. NOVW, therefore, know )e alld odl ilresor inlerreted hre io, ore herrby cited lold adlt nitled ito thet name of ihe utteot I.oniillllt and of ithe First lJudliciall o)intiel Coritwlto c:lll set ullot right, title or olltit il andc to tihe ilot lrO) It'erolitlaleertotribred,in cottnetUellc e f otany il alltha I in tie lordler, leree orjundgmetr ol' tlecoult ittIlele, llth thSe sile eas lnle, ol. ally inieglalrity or ille-glity in thIe tlliIttiselntent l and lertisewnoets, in itite, ano mnlltooer oI Ille, or felt ally othor defest whatsno elrlnl tn =how slllse, within tllirly dls fromt tlhe day this motion is first ialrtlroed i thile ot lic liopers, why the saoe o made shouled not be eof rtledl old honinologated. The stidl furowrte was sold y thie Sletriffof ite pnrish oetlnti oil ite sit.s ttv oit onarclh, A. D. 1833l, by vir tile of a decrer of this eollt, rendered on thLe `0lhl (Iai on Ja,naosr, A. I). t13, in a suit entitled James Htiltei Iiggs ts. Itfue arreene, No 15,1 l of lthe doclt of thlis Cotll, et whlich slld soldn tomes Iltornes rI)ileg leroe tile Ul.eltter forf tle rie of tloenty-fel e thousandoit dol. tlescr'lullt otllof loelts o givees in the Joldicial Coln Acetl:lin, piette lronrtI or plrcel o gIelnlled tolhothler with all the hoilslitgsottd Ine on~ fnltlsl Dln rights0t |rllivllt , :'l· IAll.tibrotOtolo ttlgiting, or in 0lly 0is.0i-l prlaeliing, Sitootell litn fitoloorg Antototiriotion, anboe tlist itl i and e teasnriog ill nllislh tnelller. three hundredt otoln fiftyvsix feet lndl ftour-sighths of inc frotoln o t ohe pntlli rfood oio New Levee st, thrhe htlollreetl nol siot.clh ni feel six i chesold fotll-cflo hs oflin inchl froil on Celeste , two hllld illd litly-five fee nine ilrihellsatl twot-eighthls 'fn iltolh non a liee frootlilg nto Old loere tl.eet, lontil it ltrtirkeo lie Inounltlioo linet'of flaotenluit l :landon's iotplutle, to the oruter o'f Ill Levee n1d ~1 lns lleetl there flirlilo~e i 11ighlt gle, od etodtlllig g eiglgty-oive feet ctin three iloltte lt celtllotg tile boseollyld line of tild Millaudtn's proIlolertlt pIarllel to leles 0'e atlect; lheltre forlllollg a tight Aigle, and exltlldlilln siexe-o tllree feet eleven itches ll I Lhre oCriloi1o oIf all inth oil tie boolrlo. line of LElmis I)elde'stert, epllt. lle ltro O)ld l.evee soet;'llthloe Iltnlill.g alotholer riglittnglernl tetellllillg foltos two iet seoven iollelhe od fl vlieeglhlts of sa itiel , oothe Iboullllrv lille of staid Dee's lrOllt l',T pafOtlel to Celeste atreet; tilter forltoliog anolltter igit slogle, aloel xtending one hulgl dlredf td ild twe0I0V seven Ieetl tehl ioeh d ihsand foureighths of ia ineh Ion the bIoundry line e'said iIede's properotry l llolol to the ltico roadcl ootNoefw Lcore stret, anooetenlyto six flt'ofoltoo ines att footnoidbtltoo otoiltloottlt oo n .oNosot~o.i o, o:oct ,'d iog lots oIoiotloy J. 'ili City Surotyorlol iIlte 2t d e :,n \otor\'. , fLd.i ooxed to can cot p:oto.d before lduis T Coee, Noltlory Ifblic, ll dt he ftGlth J:llllo.y, Ito3.1, Wlitesls tie Iilno A. li. cli:ioieunlttl-Le of ilt C.olrt allForesaid,tltis 1(il April, t.3.. al;t',111.tti13 '. LE IILANC, Del. Clork. SANCTIONED Iv TIIR FACULTY OF MED CINE. _T(1ORN 'S Compolund Extract osf Copalba al Sars - p:illa -A- cer tin, sl'e,and rost ealectuol roemt ld ever discovereld ftr lte cute of tiollorrhea, (Gleots, Sitictls, h\lito, Plillns it thll hlk m1n1 loiIns, seminalt weakntes, alletions tol the killdnic, gravel, scorlbiltic erutptions, &.., In tlll itrlltttinln of a ntedicin possessinll the useftl aln active Bliate of llt. aoe now ollrttt to t te publito, tilt pro ietl. lhas bt to rtotr to the nullrol, s recoll llnehtilons rceived liot1' tile most etoiet.llt of the lle Ilicttl fmuhlty in Europe, believing that it will rbe dulo oagpreeiated when its nerits are nmore fidly known. The Ilalstamo of 0;opnibn, so extensively oncd, has lost much of its creodit from the dislike which patients formerly express d Ioegardiog its diogrsohable tast, dtlsturltane produced in the bowels sno toto1rdonct, ad oti heretrot'or. inelmeienev when used in the inflnammao tory stage. The proprietor has madetll al analysis of the Ilalontm, coceiv Ing that the more active qualities would therlhv o be much o11oie concentratotd and mtore Iusetfltly administoereld than in the present slate. Thttoe tbo e ed citne cotmbinLs in grelienots whiph are in the highest repulte mooo., the most scientific andl learned in the proltiossion. Itlech drug in the :ooI3msitiott of this prplatioon increases the ettiocoy of the other, prodtluecing operation truly asto nishing, and sturpassing thie most sallnguine expe'elations; possessingoat the same time the avantatge of its being admlinistroed with perlect success itn the diffelrent stages of the shoveo disease. The m1ost eminenit phvsicia. s oan surgeons 3of the present day express their leetied ap. prohtIion io favor of Sarsaparilla, whilst its use in the principal hospitals rand public medilml institutions hls the , and still eototines, very extnsove. It was a fao rilte re to'rI with the oelebratedl )t' Aber.ethv iti all venereal aff.ectiotlt, and itn obstioatt caltolll elruptllionls, arising tironl a dlsolrlerled state of t leigestivetilllttionls. UIladri breeon submitted to the test tod experience of the most celebrated nmong lc thee haaulty they have expressed theirt' satistction of its extraorditonry etlictev in ev1 se untder thetit charge, by adltltiog it b0o0 h in thtir publitcotl poivt pI-ett0o. 'titheir oho ervations will be i113rited hereafter. Pr)epared by J B Thorn, Chemtist, London. Prit Oce $51 tper pot. T'ES'fTIM ONIAL S. From A It Snlaono,, o Eo , F It S, Slrgen3t to the St 'Thomal s lHo;litalt, andt L.curer otn .\Anttooioy. The trial which I have made of your pi.pari tion in a vari':tv o11caeu, both nlnlae nllld l'ule, in its t..tllts bIat,,o pr10ove so highly ironulrahle, tlto I do not hesitate in plronouncingl it one lof tile lUmost vaiuable and ellieaious retlneire ever otliered t tihe ptublic, and llole ill hich, froII experience, I ca place evero reliance, whilst it does lot pll.oluce the wmme ullpluaatiLt ellects usually ex perienced fltlo copsibn. From I M I ywardot, MRt C S, PIhyisician to the St 51lrylrbotone Dispensarty. I take great pletaotre in atlting m11 testimony to the oluablthe properties of your pt'reparationl, owit hing you\ the success yon so fully deloserve, ill an alnpll retltn"d for the lalboranl expense Itlcrrl'led ill brillngillng It to such clll plete pIerfection. From WV O Cooper, F Rt :, Surgeon to Guy's IIos 1he uniforem suceess which hoas oolendedl the ano1niso - tering yeour mnoedicile amonog mo y atoients afflicted with tile ohovo diseass, has li tilly satisfied me that it has only to he knllownl to Ote truly ottIelutul. May the success yot so well desetre, amply and speledily repay you for yolur valualble pratlatlion. From Sir A Cooplr, FI RS PI R S, arc. ke. Itolillg beent ihndied to try yout r 0Extloet ill sevetle eoaasof violent (tonlloten, whicth hIal hitherto batled evrt' tprescripltiOll ationiisteltre i l v tloe, Ittllillg titlllun sure, lnd slotodty cures ofclrted by it, in at few days--1 rlet I mll iself it duty hountd to stale that I now inll y1) pc tir,' both public slid pritate recommend and ele llle other. From G W Blair, M D, Physician to Guy's (los pit:ll. The strict test which e have given your medicine an to11g ty iptieits, otll its inllviatble stoteot tlhs fir, wll inllllce Ine iII lelrsver in its use, tanl t ll eelm it Ita atn act of justice aln of duty to ald my lceblei testi* monial ill cullendlatiol of its virttles. From LC Thompson, I) F ItS I.. 1 return tyoot my moere tothanks tor t e valuable pre srtl of your Extoaot for tihe cure of ono (;orhla, ke, I foel gtratelil that y ou have at last brought a mtedlcine i.noo use whih will o it ovo a desldel-atolo o ono soughttfo nl tihe te.liCa: wor ti--a suot., speedty tdlle tt ettua cure in cases ,of the ohove o class. It atiords ome great pleasure it publtishingl to the world the taluable qualitiesof your .ere it necessary, the lrolprietor cotld here fornish Illn ll.o e testimollni:tls equaltly as comoenlldattolr as the abo1d'e; but t ust that its great succeshithte rto-tie care & expense at which it has beenlt pptu ed, wtill proveis gireaust recolnluenlldation amonllg a Idiscernlillg public. tOne rI'teotmmendattComo this pretparatiotn ejoys above all others it its seto, Iorot, e torlt--putt tp i. lat---the nmlde ill which it mat o e thtken, tbeing both lsy Slod plt oanlt-its tototol moatr., with no restrictiono in ditt, or continrtlent froml tbsioess. t'ravellers especially woll fitt this mtedicine: highly useful, aml ought never to he uuOtnvrided with a ptorelsttiotl possessing the ad vantages which the prestent one eomhbinoes. Aocoolnpatyitg the Medicioe is ia Impothlet el elat.m too of t ihe difret'rt stooget of tihe dilo ase, withtot at, extoa chae'ge, eontainiug full a lnd aule dirtetiotos. For salr byt SICKILES I CO. mr" 14.iwt.o it Coanal -~trcct. j l.Ao' --To hhd Si, lt thdJot o o ,,nd o li h ho.ds I) ShB l er, Clun oantt ted, lanoding fromsuooao - T'ETSON & AVERY, , la .as eraser skeet. THE i'h.91R1 AJ SITAGa; tt:i SSr' AMBOAT l,11 TUHOOLGH IN FIVE AND A HALT DAY' From Mobile (Alabama) to Atr.usta 'Gen) L EAVES Mobile everv other Jot, inmmm,iatelt onte: the arrival of the moil from New Orleas, per lt-n steamnhoat EstELnas, to Blakelyv. cocoes to P'entsaoit steamthots (per Pensacola Bay, St Itos soun d and hone tahaehie Rllier anti Bay) to Cedar t l luC, enotthes thetat via Marianna, Chattahoochee, (formerly.v Mount Ve non,) Bainbrlorte, Pindettoont tlawkioaville andi t.ols ville, to Augusia. A tlsegeerrthkioG hia sat at Mo bile is in no dltgher of being thrown out 6tlosids hii Oererence by other blhfliettng inteocsts, ITsE FL . RI' )A LINE is but one eonllmn, anm undet one e tuei thrfoghoul, andi may rely WITn cETA.l.'" dom litl nrrivsstu Augusta in time specifiled, through all weathr er and at any season, unless some most unfrelee cts ei.* toopto.ehould occur. The Great New ('leans Mai' is crred l j this onmte. The Agents fo olitoonnoodc tooo, 'T nms, Coahes aond Drivers are not Oo'Tpssed te soulhro eonontrv. 'Thle smooth, hatd, naturtal troods, the safetnd inter esting eater navnigion, the time oand aieondon*setiiais t.nvoth tl e traveler nspeed, ertlin.l, oomfort, and a plece ig vrieity,; on.ncted. as it ete w ithrthe Atoil Road Chotleston, S. C . cLtlhe steam o ackets to hew Y5rk8 travelers aon reaeoh New York from NBew Orleanis LES 7rutsA DU e rx-n.V cash~orent oity in 12. 'I: From Ulomahocs hee, Floerda, we Inve t Bli ne Litn via Quincy cmt 'Talhhtltssee, to St Marksi 4 hot •post coaches, aimo two Branbhes lirsoo HJwklrsvilt one to Milledgevilte, ald one to .81ion, lighrt twniOtre eotaches. STuOCKI'OS UL eno. A rr.era, .oth Jan. IRns. (llieneat Maosion House .oobie lI)isteoc, New rletons to .Zlo'iilt, I.Pt mile Motile to Augusla, 540 a AugstaS so ClrtrntlJ.OI 1'6 it thnorltston to NeoS '.0k, t1W- il(1 'Time, Nw Orlenon to Mokile, 25 housih Mobile to Ao.usto, IS 5 i Agonstn to thorleston, b i " Chlarleston to New yVoki, t-.. U8 Moaking 1iS miles loer oly. or 7 miles ptr thtor, inctg. sine oft' l stoppjages. nov 10 N. IB. I beg leave to infor'm the poll icthat (ha obridges over tthe Chlnatahooleswoi and Hand Lsoot oreenk havejust mbeon oempletted I, the eocnltgoaetYro , nmeol, (the oblstaeis olntoilot laga.oi tlhis saie onds opeedy rouoot ate thus thapnpily removed tae I have the pleanutoe otleoonooog ftoom tonvellers tlnt thoe caslonhhi".s4 sa, drliveonoaol oads are loo Ihefirst orneo; anedasst tihe wta't o.olle from ltn'eatol too Cednr Iitht; t is admitl tel by all o hbo have passled t.rooogb it to be to tsspnalset inolvelties obeauotoYalnd l .ie t. The bridlges throurl Georga a lso beenrtpaoetoj J M C IIAKlER ': M.,zsel,,¢ VTH.r. NEW-ORLEANS. o J)SEPT[ KNETTLE & Co.-Importers ofenro iid and Dom)Uulestic Hnrdwnrp'r, are receiving frr mn l. eoIoP alnd tile Attnnte (':ities, direet from tie Moanufac tls, onu extllnoive srlortnleet of FnPle oend He llordwalo re nceomplsing every artiole in tihe lioe which tloy otlbr low. o'oolltr MIerti haets and otlers noeo rnited to call ansd xminniue t.heir stork whlic coe rists in p art, of table{ 0t0her's 0 pockel, he'dtr's aooo straw k tvolotlatedalo lerioin tea cpoopno,nee oos, pltnIobi, nod eyes sloh vetI adol .ooldr., hovelo, fionder,, andirones,'Brito anio l uad ola, ned wole, hrushe.s.h, l k bho ks ao d o a tooc, lookig glao.ono, .noils, vieo, srew eplote, hand, oolodee anoo nl eoooblocoocooithstl oi0 ,AooCicno and Eo.lishl llinster, lot, a shoea, Germaooo n ol eroocley steel, Iotlo io omouolds ter, , ane no ogy hlno, woedotiog Leuis. anon anldgroobhin hoes fhtotoeke, pit:k xeo,eorl and grass cortics, Coiiio l Kings nooo Siooooons echopping axes, wought horse ad ci is cotto and iwo enrd.s, cnliee sad cot'n ills . tl es and . lsi eio, gvtglS, hooIoe od, 0ltroil hokh li d h ointoili lshoo, pllwder notd liquor It ks., per oo, lohot, too.k cood pad lo hos, bridle EU UISAIA N E--Cour du l'rerelere.Lis trict JUdieiaire. S'ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE-.A toe s crux qu LJp It loitel enlleetietlla, Sliut.--Aten lu rluoe Julltrs Blrnesl Diggs, eyatiat itsle ,one .elue itile por Ic Slurl it dt Ila perOiisc delJttns t Ia loevpiip•to e. d lucrllr . 'e4C adtesii all Gi efl. dt eetll Co' ,," , t'lia fil CiregiUst.iu e I 2ille ijt. diA ... I t8, pour ll avis 0 lnt ll ll n " laetre d I'I.iat do It Leuisitre, i e ,to to, tir liter e tittel Aes ecqacipt-,- iilt , la'p e'" u e le w M r's 1 8 114' . -ll ' I . ' • /iersolnesllls illl.rltr6s8 sou l par cs Ii lom.. del'ltat lie ia Lo1dsl4... t t. . " Dstriict Jtdieinirequ poul l l 'a l ts,,, , , t-' ,. iu'iel ti- l'eSr der tee, en to0tb10t '. lo-".,'; fiat le {].s I'ordre, le dearer Ic t j ,- . ." ell vrtu ll d flllc Is a ellie a '' i re !ý,( , le Icltt v vdl, I tocl It o len t l cOlllrlllnclt .ul).t . ' " " ! ' " Lu dire Ilprleirielc luL vend~l t,· par •,+ SIoW jl ', 1" :,s. t la 3i0 'ile ioulr de Iir st de :ine 108b, t ll, t l rt pet. dtC0rer dle Bittle C-ur Ie0dil 1 ul-'1 ciito Julvlr lie nlue 1838, ilas ]'ilolilre tie Jittes ll ieso r Le)i,,s vs. v u I (_to i ,l No. 15,191, du Docliket te celtte Colr, A l t:lle VUnlti Isst relldU acquereur pour to llrix d.vinlgl einq glilee piastres. Descrilptioa de I tiiiittcitt de tltlls I liraonsfel Jldi elair, Saonir. Un certalin Illrea, u dtoe -i.u avce roultes lea atissec etilneliov ,lttiooa qti s' ,ro.uvet,. iti itui le dronits, t iriileges tce. y at.PIrttti:litt d'tl,, tita, iiore itllln.oliuet ellt tie laioloxbti, AsirOtleoljill*h. IneIlatitt (mloel-c atllglielu tlc-ileettiqeia e ilidsel otatre hIoliciteetn s 'Pun pelre litre an Chelnin Itutliquce elt 'ai rie do la iloivelie IILevte,inrls eit Joiallte ittlieidi six pontoe Siq'itt' thitiklollti ioe a la rl e Cileso edl, (telllt Ceiin Iuante cinq poieds nut"u poaee,et d llx huih'emes Sur ille Ilgle Ie, A I, ruco de It teill! Levie, pltiq , lapae Is lige linlil•1cleie l1 It o-iei-ie de Laurel,. Millaudlon i' L'encolbnll dies rnt. Veille Levre, et lies Nonnel I do A l'efornaullt dlngle droit et sI'etiondan i qiNollvtn d lilnq ti, d eit tiOls potices eil lroililelld ilte ung cie s lie l in'loliod-e Itpe In proiCi-t u di it ll illtlion, pIr il.I i lea tiue Ceblet, tde i l otirtll tt 'aII gle drilli eta ;iloldtlt idi Soixcile tilci pdls oeeoe pecos et trois liuclll-s S Is liglle linlill,-OIe tIe lit p-tirietdi de tie Louis Dric, Ieratlelt la I riue vielle Loete: itu Ii, lrotlll uit n lllr a llegle croil ct sii tltelalll e qmntcts dfeux plieds sept ieelre el cl. I uitie'les sui I#ligrl thili'. e tt latrepitr e lii Decla petrallel a in rlio Cclste ; dellllit farliil il litiie slgle Ilntit eotj'clien aleltll utll vitbgt seiei pleds dix Ittccis clt tlutire li. tllits ileti It ligne limlloliie dei lt I lo(il tin dii lietlli pad-lil atu uhemit pnldpique saic l rite tierl I nto veile Ievee t tmixituto seize ielits qIlttt IoUcel ci quat re huitelees lftted ie oUe des Nonnes eonliapmlmen : ul plant dresed pr J. Pilie Voye, ti lI villre b2.1d JlllVler 1832, aitooc a il cte piassi, Ir deteol Louisx T' Cue, notUire publit, I 26 .aImier 1832 Temoin li'i. A. AI. Luchltnllat, Jogo de In Coie Sdite le It16 Avril 183o. P, LE HIANC, a__ t Dep. GoO dore . If'Al DiE LA LUUItIANE--Cour dt Premier Dil troit Jndeiarr. I'E1'AT RE: IA LOUISlA.\E, A toes ceux quo It c ltt ptsentel toncielenl, Stllt:--ttAedU que Willilanl Mlckey Pyunl uclthe6 i alce veie tite par ttisetiello It Ittoetroo ttdOrlt it-tot lnpreoi-ii(te ci-apros dcriter 'est uddre-.ititotsi it itee ec.t. Cur au .. .les otit Cutt tnregistrio le Soimo jur ie aiel de l'aenn( i1r4, ltter It 0itrict dictiIetoa iA I ao ito de lI Lcgic lutu Irlle I'Suet it Is LUUdistete i titi(e U"At•e pour ctititto te lae titles tes uque-lt.leca ootlesatjudiie tln'e," lrie tole I1 Mlarven, 1834. ont'llo utit enae , tItiet Itectiteer iutt'I (stOseteti Ittotei icix prfoutesm. ttia t onut de 'Ifia i do le Lutieale ctl doles ior do Prlctier I eltricl Jidicias,ui Iuutitentiil adir dilit I It oipritit oi-tproa decrite, en coiecqucce d'euo d lAig de lin-itit de I 'oclo, Iao dootI oc IO jttccient doe la cuutlur, n vprlu rtel la Dendue a Ole Seitre,uu dn tudtle lerroeturit( on il,cgilii thens I', tevia on Is Nlototol Is iicttt0 de Ia trek-, in pour tlo ill,,e enure a.,otllquede (dir voir, daun trelt. jU it, limteier dola pl-ll, .,e ito tco cvit, pourqeuui la vurllctoiaae Jhito l.1,1itl: plrerii ·tn fh r .tel du e . rrirn er" lit el litiae lagioirc oerijeeemlainikoc tidaere coprit te PieS lecclui I.e itet joehr Ait Avrilde Inidnto 18I18, cn - ru l.inte do. rlet do rrtto e cttodu to Icein , "tstt arS, iae Init•e ltit3, deute Illeulie At William M klyli noky :. nilOIl tc-1, No. 15535 d ketdce ter C , laqelle tookt0 tI dii IVi~l itt Ilekey, c'e reccltt auenqtiur tour to poerix do $3,St00 ittiotittt. Ptetutilttid Del I'ruliglrli. d pileN, I' trlnstier Jialicl d ,e, l Savi rt it etnoittoetlitito, eitct en It nItroeale d'irIPcnol den lil et ti reS per lee tr e tIe Ia N Ititollc L cs vi,, L piCVtpt Polintlel tIoltt-oigee.e Pt It N eS (els nit pine A'- ai· pr Ci Zii 0ltcl itopitil Vovc (en-n-~erl, itu 10r ll~teemlt 183,1, et 0lttt enl I'et e ;el do Pelix (Gritet anoleir public, tttns plan pe o e1, I diJt lot do,, - iiitsurlti vinitel piedo lue pucaes c 1 t la I oedelm Nuvelle Levrl, tIxati e quize pieds d.l"tttoudulrdl, cote qui tilehe le lot No 8, et qunted rt hpida, e• paOri ci,, i,,le a li.i e .e.t , prn ..ti du tOte tueiot r In peulrile apre.ent, ou erirremuit ei I Uial Ai N Goudull, el ay it Iix laf' t I a e Oln- . . de Inrge deas Ini prlde.der, ou il lit ore t : do trito pic. s neulpocos en cohmune, emr "I- lo Nun 4,5, t, Pit oeo `I Butr a dt Gr LE5 AP It-Altll.-4iNi1 keg, is prin to .LJ r • e b y ( i. t - , . ". Jr-5 " " s" t Bi- - N .-5 cas ,et'uoit c---- 1 . J , u f t '."-.i vm, "R .l ,.U lit KH LD .- 1 .. q r i ,i0 sal by i Jul rpa bIt F ''.Ei - I ".bePe,' r " c 'I'41' o buu ihi C l, 'i:... In ": r ".1r10.01 , - . (r",n:' e-di f .ite t:",t.., "I t"lte ý4c _,l(' iss, -&'i I,, te i t to, , w .+ 111 11 'I i

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