Newspaper of True American, July 26, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 26, 1838 Page 2
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Ow.l met ptanulan! to sdje pre.. nn. aoshu I Itadis, Itn rlsau. Olovdn belel and N cixan. n the CUU5 l aaioai ti o T the u l, at- o'clock, P. e. N, CM'S RCIAL5 d .t.. . Ilh1gulattons. . 'iEasrn Moai oloosd ever' day at 10 .M-Is daue ovnrr day at I., M. - ruJfAil is cioaedevery day at half.past d.e1 with the great Eastern Mail, Mail (ia Covingpton La.) is closed clld y.Wedneday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, e every Tueosday Thursday and Satur &PM. SnariIPe or Rirtr Mlail is elosed every 6adedaay and Saturday. at 0 P M-Is ited murned by staemboats.-Arrivea irregu. y"" alott a week. a.p mr or Coast .5ail is closed every al Friday, at 8~ P M--I sent and re. tseeats Brilliant. riat o b Rirer .Mait is sent irragu. Lossi ralr e or Itiver Mail. and laome at 8 o'clock, P M. Bat`idi, Coast mail. I a d. Cl as t g olook, P M. New-Oteaane Chamber of commerce. -mrcaa "osa uss rais 1838. S. J. Peters, Presideet. A. Quertier, lt Vice President, W. L. Hodge, s d do. COMMITTEB OF APPEALS. FOR 1838. Samea Dick, Thomas Barrett, Jlhn A Merle, H C Camsmack, ia t Leverich. Abijah Fisk. GEO. W. WIIITE, Sec'y. La.seaut Pates. Italen.ul I WuhinIte, Juoly ......9 Ic Yturk, July ..........19 I (ineai ati. July ..0...... 1 vhIi,.delpa . lo ...........19 I.oui.ille, July. ... . I c.. m."a July ............ to I. Iouis, July ........JO i era n- do ........s....0, June ........ . htiassoas t'l5ana) Ju'y 'ri, Jue ........... tereSoa. July..... .... V 17 T .ndo. Jilae ........ 8 kulivJUl July ........... 18s .,vr June............ isn un.·... . LONDON..Pr shlip Kutusot..oeago; 563 hhd. tobacco, 11cCOO ..P 0~WttOOL.. o.o ship 'fwootameond-oa 1953 oles cotton, 0 blots sweetmeats, ts, S e JAVRE..P.oship Moot omery..eorgo: 1799 bales co.ton. NBOrTON..Peohbaqoue Helby..oo ngs: 5491 blres otton. d hhd. tobacoo, 94801 log lad, 21boxes h.ooks. 1nr PrlgbrigTnl Is ER EId..ooago; 160 bhotl oltoao, 24 bbl. wolaoaeo, Ideg.s tobacco,OB8 Dpig. lead. SW YOR1K-Per how WlVllim-oaro: 20168 plot l1d. 10 11.1 castor oil. 0 hoxes mdseo, 25 hbil to bacco. 102 ba1es c1otto. -Perebho Auntin-argo: 912 bales cotton,83209 pit, laud. 4 MOA-.-Por whr Lydi.-soam, 100 hbl. flooru, 10 do rice. Pr: 01 do white wi Ooe. &c. Pu r MOBILE..Pt Behr Enotorot,-Poarte. 1041bils floor, 140E ,'v; sack. cores Per summer itatpr~..eargo: assorted groceries, z. , li a,. st rise buildin. 8dI. gw *. IYIPOR'rs. hTOn.POm ..p (Oluhip lobe.. 1.02o: rail road iron, dry good., , n to t A o. J D4 oi.Mtour. H 4 J.Cur Tl l L.,U .l4,,rl. and order. AALVE/%tDN..Per brig Emprsur o..Farg: 3 bills pork to or LAr. MOFIL-.Per ..oncot Caruj.·..eaag01$J W is speceie to p Grant. , LAJP11110tt...Per CD A101 W10 binU t..ra1C4: 47I hole Cateo C''ol.aJo; 35 do to order; 4 do mor, J H MOosils; I do 1Noltam 30 bo , Shol.hol Aloin r Trimolot; 20E.o, 3 A" molr A R drille & co;30 bats rice H Laoroinl; 98 bills blob pstatom, 2news & to owers a board. PA8TrENOERL. Per stoammer Moey o, from, n..41 Steadier, 8 E Alen. by.D DKIt, 1011 Codrilo Per s5otea pC.1o11. Colmbi,11 fom Vll...0P o Clirk 1nd don hoer, Mrs Decision, Hen BL Wilson, Mebssrs Chcxueuld T~llallrnr Lelhtsy, ·W Lllotiert, J Hoer, J nnurko, J W CrouopylTd1eod , %1., Loydyurth, Unger, J A Man, Horn, Culuinu, W Trapp' A Gadtuyer nd seatl. tV S John-· 31i,'JPHoBenjamin. CUl oAndrslon W Ui Burger, FC MilllI. C Btrmr.y. JMBlorooks. L Pttl, Joner, R Yooa1 , G 11u11,I) McNal, A MS Cowan, 4 Shepherd' Dr J Carter, '1' Erl., W E DustC Humberyer, llD Steele, ad 40 deck. P Yrbril Emprsrrra O'onalulrclcool..Meurr 9 8 U Morris, Par.oobrCuoum'i..Uo ,for Tampa1 BLay1110 h. CI, Mr Col2,, rare . 21,4r Caroline, om 1 bile2 S L ..)n T . idir. M. BHipah, chil.pnd h.Moy2 Thorn atd family. 4341 ci and duubh 3.oMetqo (11 ri0 2. 04o,, J 4 31 4il1.u, C lo, E15w1n, alnd 3 Per steamer Washington. Dour Ii~fonrell..Mrr l Atkinson.U i Viltey, ht11.,sa Noil '1,11 Vulle2111140 011111 Pa1irs. G David, lady and chilld, Bowers, I Idy *ad .-rvt, 'I' Fold x sonlt B:Iring e,'lrhcu Slidell, Lsef, ,Uribin. Landlry, C Uo~uellsde. Auomioatoo. Ogtl.r Lutanist K9 3152 Vo20 loh Menus , U h, J Welterry. L.BlarHyns, P'1' Us Yurdrun, morn llrlr y, Bourg, 'Rralos, Units, Taller. Lorin, lobtelr Ch1.rlOt, 10; luip., MYeo.10,ll Ur 0 bulqy. J L Lu 2,1 I. Taoism. MEMORANDNA. Flth Glo.1 , R.1 a My 28th, list 43l 30 long 13 30 bhrqup hle Ct..2, fro t Holnndo June 221 d let31 40 Ion 115110 spok brig Elibeth from Now1 York; J0111 A 1i1110 11.ed Eng0li. N.. ToPa Jthely July thtat111 .hlp lolllong7o4la30,p (11 h10NO; Alo 221. from ot Kitt0., bound to 9111011tu4 , N C; ai. Eeey 16th hold, spoke barque Gauge., hence for Marseille.; AJst loot 2810lo 871 k 30 14cha1q1 d D ulguo, wi shi1 At 04....Loth Ju.l, hl Behr Eclipe, from N 01 118thoar Mfg Chs.e, Rl. d;a1r r Wandrer, Becer from N O. 81U11*.11p118th Julyold bri, Ar4li8yLtW Grayll yur.N O. New~o York July Idill~er ship Sushvilla JacLull. from N O; .,hr, Lament, de; Maion. Suwyar, do. At Liverpool. June, lo,0aid balrque Burlinto,, 0.Evans. for N Of lkl Hobart. Seldom; and Halen Mar, eruclor, an the 8111, At Hao o110b June, ship ZCobo, Merrill, for N 0; on the 40h Lawrence, Merrill. do, unc; Helflespiont. Lullahe, do, Hotelsno ill; Brasil, uJoo ; Pnay, do, Ait W,,wpuol Juue Jth, arrl·ydlwy, fov·. Henry, Pierre; er~lthert azar. Heaven. laiidelphis 18th, err achy rdlisw Wilson, from N U. (,haloun 20h err steamner Cuba, Carson, hear.; old .cbr dpok.Ooo tho 1o1t inotnt, the ',Phaeos'.' brace to N York, 1111list 3lonig 730e. MANCHK8TER COT'TON M4RKET1'. J.,1 8. Contrary to all formereaxpriallcs .r least for the last little ter of a rentury. tlh business d1oh t1 is oeeooh 1,110 a com. piwto holiday on. hbookMe 11100.0t. it neltfully oqal to that rota11fepw1preding ones; amid it ito11 also 0l11rty 71ois114,owy 40 boav to k ho. thla pricer for every kind of hd old ndpol. NorIsmcloth boo gin advanced. These advancing prier. ..phetl with 1111011odiness inothe Livrp 0ol C011. m100k1t, Nsk. the otgr.adet lst a 01111001i00 0ne;0and if thingsgo in only a 10, in this way, or ere. do not r1troqud. ...phlants from either ,,matt or 01en 11011 copletely 101se' LIVERWOOL COTTON MARKET, J..o9. The arkhet h behnt b very itol10tti all the wekh, ath1ou1h a tap, Jorg buha.i hoa 11b.s transacted. The lower q,,ali. ol.fAmorioo 04tuOn have been oyred very .freely, alnd Ob lab n tapu.imp 1rts 11 1on1isted of these quallloie chiefly, pr08. hriolOeivoen way in tlem td to Id 411r I1 10hil0t f01 nd gtood ddscriptions fr1t thedir 1omp141111 scarcity. have folly maintained the prvolus currenFy. Egyplian;s have been 1' ctad demand at an adrance of id per Il,. Brazils have be1n :u1:, without say 1101411. A. extensive1 hboineo. htl been 2.. ion ducO.ts at rther lower rate., in the olrodory 1nd 41,l.1110 qooalilie'. '111 lnpormolft0 week are 19,413 hugs; abd the.1sl.n ftortlomea1 period including 511110 Amorlo;,, a1nd 114 Egypthico h;, 1110 ion speculation. and4 2400 Americ o,,,l0l7i1000 r .110ort, amontt to 39,330 huge, including n'11t1l Islod l6. 3110 594,610 Upland d4o51 a 8.1; 5072 Alt. b.ama 51 o, ;1181.550 Ne Orlellot51 a Did. lTATE OF* LGUOSIANA-ftirst Judiciol Dialrio1 Court-Jacob Mlotlitoy to hie Creditors, No. 161316 't'h e 1041 of the petitioner's propertyv, hlving bee, accopted by tho Coort, for the 11,1efit of hie Creditors, it i0.ordered tlot a mee1tin0g of Paid Co ,litre takhe place at thtp oflfo of Wm Y I.owio. a-q., 11111ry p,,lio, on blondly, th. 311110. int0nt, at t401Ucl,ch, A M,.Jhr she purl0 of0 deiberatlg on tI;'x.l!oior of acid l swi olouor. aod in thlemeantime all jidicial proc09 ogo agoiuet his pernso atd propeoly ere stayed. -Br order oftho honoorabla ClhlrleR hleaurioe, J.dge of the Pfriah Couon ot New Ooleaos, t1inog noJudge ot this Court 11. the absence of the hotoohle A 12 ilneLaaoo. 11 11). 1.1211, j)"9-9 Depu.ty' Clerk. I5T 15kE LA I.4.421bAL 'o\- Coon do Distr t ales ppremier district jndiciaire. A1 ,W MI\'FU14rY casette we Cr~allolers-Nnn. 16,30.-Laceein de. pr0pri 0. 4111 do 00riti ire qyant 6lo1th 1119ep4' 00. Ia Coar poor le bh,4'Ik-e de 00o 6ooeir.; Ii ro1 lye t4or4t1 _qu'nao ktoohl4'e deoJi9 clhatiqlen .tuoa lied ao gro o de We,. Y. Lew-is, Not. tnt' Ldi le 30 cuoant, A 10 heurto du media, 1101 9 ltiib 00r 0ur lan atairelO dudil pl1itiot.io8, at en at. son ~dnm toutea p euraiteejudiciairra centre ae periscop cru We ptoeltbe ennt rrstrr. or bs de I'Hteo Chaoles Meorion, Juoe doll ~iijs Paroirse, 06nantcm commonR jag~e de cane courr jpsg !irnc d1 1on A g d. Buchanan 0 IIý nl3t TEO. LEW IS, Dp. Greffier. ;.qN 0 FWAR NEW ORL.EANS ) COMANY- Rrafs ra RA IL OjlPJA!) COIhPANY-14afts on 0N. York at cmight, r ixty days dale, tor sole; in 01 00 t 00uit pur # JAME2S H CALUIWEi.L, JosY President. fT iU LET uontl Joe Novtbhr n,0t' the eIegant - 0mllwu 0Mauv N..o 111 St Jooeph qtreat. Apply 01 Nor.24 P0110111.nnou11. jyl9 BA RR Li1.I/Iandling from hrig Uncle jONO Baie, laOrl bgey jy9 S& J P WHITNEY SLAVERY. PUBLISHED THIS DAY. Atraior ~e tN CtfatlCo Rat ofthe True A nrri cap. Eohan2.Hl m, a S. (.berloe 1100e1, SLATU~T. t doiiereod in the First (ongrrgotioool rho or sireeos, April 15,1832. bly Hr.leo heoh ~Ilerno.Oma. jell O GU3l AND DIu OTORy SlilRo an to Louisiaao, and Older of Neo Or' sia~nad LO~afyOImo for matloby WMK oKAN. c apr C oo and Coanoann set.. NEWV DIIWC1 ORN. WaULINIHED till day, Gihoeo'e ,11inuorl Direc 206 ,.og r, llsoroiJl,Ior h;,rtr. 5t. E3II08 203 d b~ roll.00hl ot,11 0001 roo ed For 100121L(1. & 011401014(12.1 8,~~ 1Y·l,.oo~ DE LA huinicipalite No. 2. MARn0, 5 Juin. Le Comit6 de Finances ayant pris en consid6ration.les propositions de Thomas - Banks, E. L. Bernard et P. J. Tricou, re latives A un lot de terre par eux achet6, A la jnnction des rues Tchoupitoulas et An- d tonciation, lesquelles propositions sont comme suit: 1 °. Quo la Municipalit6 leur permette d'6rig'er' sur ledit lot de terre, un march6 aul16gumes pour leur usage ct profit ex clusifg, pour le terme dde douze annres, A !'expiration de laquelle p6riode la Muni cipalit' aura droit de leur acheter ledit lot I de terre ainsi que le march6 au prix d'es- Ii timation; et payable en buns ayant dix p ans A courir, et portant int6iAt de six pour c cent par an. A 2 °. Qua la Municipalit6 achlte le dit lot deo terre, afin d'y eriger an marchB aux d lbgumes, pour cinquante mille piastres, r payables en billets comme ci-dessus. Votre comit6 considbre la premiere pro position comma entibrement inadmissible parce que les marches forment une des sources des plus importantes du revenu de la Municipalit6, leur police et leur di- t rection doivent toujours Otre r6gl6es par le Conseil, et en acc6dant I la dite propo. sition, tout le b6ndfice que 'on retirerait de l'accrbissement de la valeur du terrain et r6sultant de l'6tablissement d'un mar ch6, loin de profiter A cette municipalit6, ne profiterait qu'a cos personnes. Avant de d6cider sur la seconde propo sition, votre comit6 examinale terrain avec le Voyer et arriva A la conclusion qu'il est trbs bien situd pour un march6 aux 16gu mes et que pour environ $15,000 ou pour rait y 6rige; une batisse semblable a celle 1du march6 Poydras. Votre comit6 6tant d'opinion qne la somme de 50,000 piastres 6tast plus que le terrain no valait, a obte nou des propri6taires leur consentement A diminuer la somme a $40,000, payables en billets A 20 ans, portant intbr&t I six pour cent par an. Maintenant ils font en consequence leur rapport on faveur de l'achat dudit lot de terra at soumettent lee resolutions suivan tee: Quand ce marchb sera finie, le march6 Ste. Marie ne servira exclusivement que pour la viande et le poisson, pourquoi il sera destine; et le revenu qu'il donne n'en sera pas diminu6, tandis quo le nouveau march6 aux legumes produira probable ment, pendant dix ans, une somme suffi sante pour couvrir tout le prix d'achat et los interats, et donnera alors nur revenu 6gal A l'int6rIt de $150,000, au moi'is; ou Vde $10,000 a 12,000 par an. Votre comitt ayant pris en considera tion la proposition de Mr. Barrett de re cevoir son billet, avee Mr. Sylvain Pey roux comme securit6; comme garantie a cette MunicipalitB contre toute r6clama Sttion sur certains terrains achetes de Mr. Hodge, resultant d'un jugement rendu %ontre ledit Barrett, en faveur de Mary Hampton. Votre comit6 est d'opinion qu'on peut accepter la proposition de Mr. Barrett, sans aucun risque pour cette mu Sicipalit6, et presente une resolution a cat aeffet. SAMUEL J. PETERS, Pr6sident, JOHN HALL. I1 est rlsolu que Maite est et demeure autoris6 i accepter, au profits de cette mu nicipalit6, la vente d'un lot de terre appar tenant a Thomas Banks, E. L. Bernard, P. J. Tricou, et born6 comme suit: 158-3-2 sur la rue Tchlupitoulas, 143 G pieds sur la rue de I'Annonciation, 80-1-2 sur la rue Poyfarr6 et 20 pieds 3 pouces sur la ligne separant ledit lot de terre du lot triongulaire appartenant A cotte muni cipalitb; pourvu qua les titres dudit ter rain solent aprouv.s par l'avocat du con " selil. et que latite propricte suit libro d'hy 1 pothlque. Il est de plus r6solu, que Io Maire est , et demeure autoris6 a souscrire et a d6 P livrer aux lits vendeurs, quand la vento Ssra termin6e, 40 bonds de cette Muuici. palitd payables au bureau du dtrsorter; 0; chacun de ces billets 6tant de mille pias tres, et ils devront Atre rachetis dana vingt ,; ans, portant interit six pour cent par an, °; payabie semi-annuellement; et le maire est a en outre autorisa A consentir I ce qua cette Municipalitd, dans l'espaee de deux ans, ir 6rige sur ledit lot de terre un march6 aux 1k, legumes. 3. 11 est de plus resolu qua la rdsolution idu 5 octobre dernier, pourvoyant a l'6rec tion d'ume hbtisse pour la Compagnie No. 1, sur le lot triangulaire appartenant Al cotte Municipaliti, bornd par lea rues Tchoupitoulas, Annonciation et Delord, est et demeure rappeldc; ledit terrain utant se indispensablement nucessaire pour le nou veau marchd projetd. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. 11 eat resolu que le nmire est at demeure auturis6 a accepter, au profit de cette mu nicipalitr, un billet de Thomas Barrett, so lidairement avec Sylvain Peyroux, par lc quel ils mettent cette municipalit6 a l'abri de toutes riclamations risultant d'un ju gement de $1200 inscrit contre ledit Bar rett, en favour de Mary Hampton; et quand ledit billet sera complltemtnt fourni, le maire eat autorisc i faire dliwvrer a An drew Hodge lea billets qu'on lui dolt, pour certains lots de terre, achetgs de lui, et si tn6e rue Girod; pourvfi qu'aucune autre charge on servitudes que le jugement sus dit n'existent sur lesdits lots. Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. M. Caldwell, president du comit sur les rues et les lieux do d6barquement, fait le rapport suivant, accompagni des risolu tions ei-annexens, qui, aprbs dispensation des rtgles, soent siparement prises en con siddration et adoptdes. R6solu que is voyer est Ct demeure au torisg . adjuger au plus bas ench6risseur, k son bureau, aprhs dix jours d'avis pria lable dans deux des journaux, en anglais et en frangais, l'extension des embankments des wharfs de cette municipalitc, confor mnment au plan et aux specifications qui sont et demeurent adoptis, et qui seront en temps et lieu montrts par lui. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rlsolu que le comptrfleur estet de meure autorisd Bi donner avis dans deux journaux, en anglais et en frangais, pen dant dix jours, pour les propositions ca chetges pour tous lestravaux en bois t faire aux wharfs devant cette municipalid, con formument au plan et aux specifications qui sont en date du 29 mai 1838, et demeurent adoptdes et seront montries I son bureau. Signd, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. NHW PUBLICATIONS. TANE L03'AX or a MOTHER'S CRIME-Ry 1 the authorof"Brambletye Ilouse." ReubenApaley, -ce.. in -vole. Gleainge is Europe, Italy-By an American, in The L.if and Adventures of Nicholas Nickiboy Ediled by "'B ," with tllustrations hy l' Phie." I . he ,ontinusd monthly, mnd completed in 20 numbers. Just received, and for rsale by WMI. 'KEAN, jeam o Coner otCamps Commron aterts. OMMOIN WHISKEY--80 Ibl, landinEY, Lj for ala by G HiORS I eee. AUiDl' ul'o . tAF'lP---o, the l'~nur e ex ' , Eurchaaed by NATH'L TOWNS-ND, jl ExchanoaIotel, Gravier o tmer •NATXI'HL 'TOWNSEND,, jyi Luclage lHotel, Grorier street ''IL 'ITRUE AMERICAN. EDITI.D BY .snoaI aEIBSON. PATITHPUL AND BOLD. IMWV ORL EANS: THURSDAY......... JULY 26. 1S38 TEXAS. By the steamer Columbia which arrived yester. day morning, we have Iloustoh papers to the Slst inst. By these we learnt tht the Cumantchea in the nrighborhood of Bex-ar, have become exceed" ingly hostile, and violent a.imanndversions are made on the conduct of the executive for taking no steps todefend the frontier, anrd carry into operation the law recently paseed by Congress to that effect. This same tribe, however, in the vicinity of lins. tron, remnin quite friendly, and it is therefore sup posed that some recent outrages must have been committed on them by the settlers above BeIar. A ruffian antmed James Wright, who, some months since, fled from Houston after murdering an In dian, was lately arrested at Bexar, where he nad robbed the church of about sixty pounds ofsil r in consecrated vessels. Wright being conducted to Hlouston he was liberated by the sheriff of Col orado, and a justice of peace! They have gone towards our lines, and it is asnposed intend to en ter the United States. We trust some measures will be taken to resent this insult to-the majesty of the laws. The steamer "Warsaw" is running regularly between Galveston and Houston. The new theatre at the Capitol contitnues rpen. Mrs Barker, once of the St. Charles, took a benefit there on Monday evenrng last. Some curious sparring is constantly taking pl ace between the editors of the Telegraph and the Banner. The former is Mayor of the city, and the latter lately raised a big fuse with him because twn dead dogs lied together were left before their door:--ibe Mayor in reply states that be has removed the dead dogs eonmplained of, and regrets that he cannlot also removte the two lire dogs who made tile com plaint, and are a far oreater nuisance to the neigh. ,ornhotd. A party of 200 Alexicans recently came into(Goliad and sttale all the Ihares rnd mules in and lnear Ithe tlne. Near Copana they overtolok sev,, , : ".- d with merchndtise, which they phl: ttot , kiiia PlclnaIn and Ilarris, two of the drivers. 'iT..1) :'o captured and robbed two young men noaor Refugio, who, claiming It be citizens of the United States, and thre.,tening to obtain redress from their Consul in Mletamoros, so frightened the marauding leader that he instantly gave thenm their liberty, Iheir botees, and every ar ticle they claimed. A new and much larger tihea tre is about to be built exactly opposite the Cap itol. PETER W. GRoAYSOe, Eaq,of Texae,committed suicide a few days ago, at Uiean's Sation,hbv short ing himself through the head. Mr. Grayson was s native of Bardstown in this Stare-a man of a high order of intellect, a scholar, and a gentle mar:tln ri e tmoinini of his days, he wa subhjecl Id to rope ellaned various ridls, which, lthdurh the.l did not break down a spirit, baoynnt and fuil of Irmiesecasi, a shadow Iipon it and made him at inimed the ihjeclt of deer m, lnchhly, . hrirh ocrans.ennally verged upon mllisnniihrilrir 'A rnir~ iother rnuses hich weighed downr his spirits, hll apprebonsiuons 'hut at solie futi rer titte lie e wa to become a madma'on o'ccasri.ned him lie most dia tressing anxiety, aid we suppose, cost him finally his life. Why such a lhaitornl iasenedl him is not knohrwn; bit we boeIav lre Ithan Ionce crossed him in his hours of dar.inecs and jeered him inted self p, sei sion. Mr. Gnysoan, acme years before the breaking out of the Texian revolution, re'noved to that country; and thlie high sarion whiclh i held at his dIath Is evidence of his slandilng iii that oung and growin g irpubili,. Hle ," r nic eCilabhle vlmie to hli ae(ipled ionre.r, ;ii d huII a .inpi 'UIt hand in the organnizatioi ,l of ias mci .:ti'.e j drliciary BHt t';rsre r re small evldenre( s his reel ior.ll they illustrate th stl nonatem i but not tIe manu ; the m(onumntls of his godnrress are tire hearts at hiii triHrtis--.ind any such there ore inl hs fiaell r alia, which contarin. lnauali Ii that gifted otie but hisrailes. K.j paper. f'erarisiy l the Courier -This to.ut spirited pa. per, notwithstanding the result of the late ele. tion, which returned a whig governor, three whig congrrsnmen, and a whig legialature, denies that the staie of Louisiana eiie a it hrg state. I'The amllle ipapelr also asserts, that Gen. Riple'y, oas obliged to resign his seat in Ciongress, in ec count of ill henlti. Now, the Courier ouhlit to know, tht although Gen. Ripley did not antend Congress ihe last session yet he did not resign, and why-because the party knew full well, that ifl he had resrcned his place would have been sup. plied by a hiii-which i now is. .1ore OQfical Tyr'atiny.-- Mr. Poinset has ,begun Io ssue Tl'reesury ceirclres. There is doe under date of Ilth of July-ollicial. hneULnaTlons-I. No officer, whorse duty it enay be to eamlllile the accounts tile disburesiu_ Itli. cers of lthat brarnch ender his ilnruedrlte supervl. sion, shall hold or disburse funds. 2. Vheanever it is practicaole, all disbursements shall be made by checks on a Ihak or a persbn, as the uels nlany be, ad not in mllley. 3. A mInlltIlly rsatement shall be imade and tnlronlilted to the Deparltment by the disbursing officer, II the onllneys received, paid and remaoin igi in his hands. This regulalionl will sepersede the case ion this subject issued a few monuths since. J. R. POINSETT, War Department, July I l, IU381. Shat next? We had scurcelv read the above hefore we took up the Rlichmonld Whirof the fIih instanr, and fiound he following stilroent. Is there to be no lend to this despotism of an unprin cipled envernr entr ! lTHE GCeENI;.AIE'.T IREPUDIATING iTS OWN PAPER. -Tire lulluwing ransaction t .il ln i i Post lilic, 'r',,,lira n . Draft No. 53i3. 'rPo J. J. Cor illltoll P. Ml. at New York: At sight, pay Io Arthur Nelson or ord* r, one thouri nld foilr hundrd and twenty four ullars n lid fily cents,anl sharge to the nrcount of lils DepaLrtelenl. AMOS KENDALL, Dub 1.,';, P. M General. tCharged C.K GARDNER, $1,4D2 Yr Ai i iherP. O.Deparitmen. SPECIE iR 'i'rt:L.SUtR NOTes WN.NED.-ec-hIv, ii in pay thie overlllllent to duty bonds, amount.l Ing to $1,930, we offered today to Thse. Nelson, Esq., Culleclor of this port, $400 in specie, a Treasury Na,: ,for $101), anid a dralt of the Govern. mert flr $1,424 50. The draft was prompily re f..ase by tie Collector, who stated that heihad no auhoil)ty to take sceh claims against the Govern' ment in dischalrge of claims due to it. We will, therefore, give the market value for the specie or 'Treasury Notes. How long will a peopie, who once cnl!ed thremselves freecand ildependout,sub lit Io auch tvranny July 2, 18311. DAVID ANDECSON, JR. & Co. The tncaiin is sr'unded ioldly throughout Ken tacky, asld its freeand chivalrous sons are plepar ng to wage battle in August, with a spiri that most insure victory. The tories were beaten be lore and will he heaten again. Of the whie prospects in New York Moajr Noah says, they will elect their stare -Hicers by a lajlilty o Itwenty houslandt-tlhiriv Cong:res memlbere,and largae miajorities in tIle lsale legisla. ture. A !egilntine mennhr elect askr us w'hy rwe had marked his inaie with a star it our listl I never was a loco loco said he, and now [ cerlain. ly cannoit be, for the whole party I consider in a state of urdupaolire-ness. Dealiha rom drinking cold water are becomlling fearfullyn lulnerousin the North. In New York durlng the week betore last Ihere were 229 deaths, 71 of which were euased by apoplexy, drinking cold water &e. Suich callltUitIes are rortunately not so common with us, yet it beheoves all to be most carelul in avoiding exposure to the sisn, aod drilking when overhleated. But should any ac. cident of the sort occur, we would remnid our citi. zens agaln of the efficacy of that simple Ireat. eaent,a table spoon full el cayenne in a cup of hot water every 20 or 3G minutes, and a cautious avoidence of alcohol in every shape and formt. .Another effect f hertd-We learn that the water in tihe canal at the liamden level, near New Ha ven, has become so hot as to kill the fish, which are found dead in large numbers, flolilng on the enrfnie". WV" La a;iiy the'e slily tre.ut had not :r ken lessons of their fellow finniesa at the hot aptingsaii Arkansas, where myriads of their tribe are said to flourish and thrive in the wnters there, the temperature ofwwhich, we are told, is so high as to boil eggs,.scald pigs, strip ehickens, and sup ply a large engine with natural born steam. The holiest of oll-The New Haven Herald given an account of several healthy chickens hatched near that place, not by the natural pro cessof incubation, but by the extraordinary heat of the surrounding atmosphere. Europe.-Thb packet ship Vicksburg, Capt. Woodhouse, belonging to the Louisiana line, now in New York, brings dates from Liverpool one day later than before received being to the 9th June. Tihe papers contain but little political news. In Liverouol a new company has started to in crease the number of steamers across the Allan tie. It st called the AcAtlantic Steam Navigation Company": its capital is £500,000 in 10,007 shares of £50 each. It is proposed to build six steam ships at a cost of £50,000 each, a speeulationm which it is confidently expected will secure a di vidend of at least 20 per cent. to the stockholders. When this line of steamers gets under way, to gether with the Bristol, London and Citrk hebats it is to be hoped that some of them will be sent to this port which would surely prove as profitable considering how overstocked New York will theh be. A sense of propriety seems rising among the members of the British parlinament, for we learn that tin tile nit!ht of tile seventh a bill was pre sented in the House of Lords, entitled n"a bill to prevent the payment of just debts being defeated or delayed by the privilege of parliament." It provided that no temlber against whom a decree or order of court for the payment of money has been issued shall he entitled to Iris seat or vote till the debt is paid or tihe proceedings reversed or stayed. It was laid n tl.e table. Captain Roberts, of the steamer Sirius was pre sented to the Queen. The papers are full of "Courtenany," or Thorn's exploits and characier. All sorts of wonderful stories are related of hinl, and nil sorts of reminis rences. One man recollects how he camle near being killed by the maniac, andl another recollects something else. The place where he ias shot, before knwn as Mash Fall, is changed to "Court e. nny's Fll,'" and will probably remain under that name. He used to threaten to shout thaoe who r talked of deserting-told his deluded followers hre r was stronger than Sampson. As Thom fell he had the blasphemy to iutter at.his last wordls.,'I tnve Y Jrsus ill :y heart." Amongi other tricks lie would - ire tow and iron filiins at the stars and tell his fol. lowers to listen to the nuaic of the bright particles falling to the ground. He pretended that it was - imself to whom allneinn is ealde in Revelnuio.s, 6th chap. 13rh verse. ThomI sieems toi have been a eecorml Mlathias. Five widows, eight wiveean d d forty-seven children, are destitute by the deaths' or committal to prison of those who foillowed Courtenny. Six were killed in rhe fray, and eight have leenl ecommitted for trial. (Grealt irlnily feuds which existed in villaies in whitl:lh tlie il postor practisedro nil nec nlt ol belief and disbelief ill hi h Iretensions, lhtve ben einded by his ilenth. All t now de.em him an impostor, however hiltl was n thejr laih berloie. Sales of coon I Liverpool, to t the th of June. were 30,100 bales, at a slight decline in price for the lower quality. In London produce generally was in dernand, at improving prices. A London merchant has been most justlo finedl 10,000 pounds sterling for shipping it Spain adol terated flour: on' third bnllvg girund IhonIes and plaster of ['ari. The fine rstenm pncket Nvptune, Capt. I'elnny e, was e ,bought for $50,000 by the original prlie, - torsta. She is still prinripally awmad in Charleston. TIe stu.mtor 'Royal \VItonm," expected daIly it.c Nw York fr.m Liverpool is 6IT17 tons, and :7 h or.:e power. Th-- ;,e r t,,am, r "Cal,.," Car=o", hence t,, New York, a-rvid in C'harleston ,on 1110 alh in stan t, a nd sin:; t 'I . n: . , di ay h r h er dts inil. ," Tie .ienm Slip ialdehtZ -'Ti iftl vsit l is now lyiIg at tl.e o.IIII Ferry whtrl, IBr.okltii. takinge ie Ilt neIeeosa rv' si 0 pl of col il tor h lr lirsd voy·ae Irom thin tiny to ?N.'cltez. She will snil oil \W'edhesdSa. tn,.xr wi h ^ith.m er of poai,-ngerr and a conisilderaltI aoniiton of ,i'~ii!,ll aitht h noexertins havte been mindl to prc iu-S etll ier Shie lihas been Ihotlouhly examined st.l a"e site etr. rived in thispiorr,atd ironontced the .'nual.ldeet tst onm vessell a nt. BI ilt in lliatimort by ite of I or best sllip-build .rslflhl city, under the eye. of Ciap. St'irvy-himself na lhoroiugh sPeIIIIant, wIt placne hisail In hr,o she can be nothlig less than, w0.Iit stle hlisr hetn proI uncit to ni . by able jid ges--a .irst rate re"sel. W\V Anike these remarks n justlice to the ownt rs, wht , with thie imslt util ntmndnhle pubhie spirit aed persevwrane pr,.jret'd Ialld have carried out to sI Iocesful coill pl!tiill this great e nterprise. 4-God speed the good ship." -Star. hlore Steant Shipsa-Rtterdns putts in her oar in Ihe steam ship harsiess, neasuree being taken It establish a comanlyar to put on a line nl steam packets between New Yor anod Rotterdam. Col Gw n, receiver of pullic monies at Pon tise, Miss. died suddenly at the Exchange Hotel, in this city yesterday. His comtplaint we under stand was bilious colic. Our city continues remarkably healthy, but is excessively dell. The Circus contiaes ta flourish, ani fully de. serves the success it meets with. A very plea. ssnt evening can be passed in witnessing its varied antd capital entertain ients. itonot, doutioi.i s a .t et 'i- ,:iy plenty itn W all street, but speculation grows cold as the weather gets warm. 'I le larger portion of the citizens are seeking relief in Ithe country from the excess ive heat of the city. T() The tine ship i.i i,," Cuaptai. Stephen Glover, arrived in New York on the 18th from Liverpool. John Jacob Astor has presented $10,000 to the German society of New York, of which he is pres ident. The 'Minister of Finance at Antwerp has deci ded that ships touching at Cowes, on their way to a marker, are not to be eharged two florins, as comling from England, but 80 cents, as from a port of production. A nulllso hiarler named Carter, in New York. recenr i killed his wife, and then instantly cut his own throat. VWhun foundt Ite had just hresth lnft to onw the ideed and thle euse-"I did it-- she bad woman." The folks in New Jersey have a ulte way of getting a good price for very had cows. When their cattle becomee so poor as to be unsoaleable they drive them to the rail road, when by some ealraordinary saccident they always get killild by the locomotive, and the rail road company are forthwith nummmoned for the price off very valoun ble cow, killed in ths night! Mr. Albert .1. Hale, a worthy merchant ol Phil' adelphia, wnsdrowned off Cape Island on tite 151th July. As soon as the news reached the city, the flags were all raised half mast high, in token of sincere respect ftr the isteased. A keg of powder exploded on the 1th in Potts vlle, Pa., which killed three persons, injured two others so severely their lives are despaired of, atnd burnt several more. The lady and family of Sir George Arthur were among the passnngers in the packet Westminster, arrived at New York on the 15th. The "Giraffes" are quite the rage in Noew York They are very shortly to be removed uot their way here. The Courier and Enquirer Itas been again in. creased antd is now the largest daily pIaper in the ..arld. It is printed on a large eteam press, said i! to be capable of throwing off six thousand enopies in nt hour. TerriJic Slormrtin Virginria. A letter from (uo,ch land, Virginia, published in the Richmond t\ ltg, ulnder date of the i2th ultimo, says: We had three of the most terrific storms last night, in rapid successlon, between II and I Y o'clock, ever known in any latitude. Fourtten flashes were co-instantaneous with the thunder, all apparently strnking in the yard, nod Ihere could not have been less that 12 or 1500 distinct discharges oa electricity, more orless near. Mil ton alone could have conveyed some idea of the tremendous sublimity of the scene. No mischief, however, was done that I have heard of, except to I the whieat. In the last cloud, the wind for a min ute and a half threatened to destroy every thing, d and the wheat eas been prostrated in liany pit ces.. Rain was greatly needed, but not to full in t ttoat style. The Petersburg Intelligoncer of the 3d instant says: Our town was visited on Saturday night with one of the most severe stortms which we have known. It cotmlnenced about ,ight o'cl.,ck, and continued until II, during which time the light. nlng was incessant, and so near that scarcely a uotttoent would elapse between the flash and tnt nOtae ohe the thunder. Tile ruin carme down in torrents, and ite wind nlew a gale during tie I time. We have hearl of no injury whiclh has been sustained in the {own with the exeeption of one house, which wOs slightly Idjured by the lightning. Tni e untry, we lear, has nit been so fortounate, as the wheat must have been sFei ouesy injured by the wind and the hard driving ruin. PALESTINE, Parish of Washingt'rn, July 2td, 11138 Sir In the classification of the politi cr1 cast of the present legislature of this state, con. tained in your paper of the 19th instant, to my ve ry great astonishment. Isee that you have set me down as na eutral member; never havingorecupied so enviable a position in any political contest, I hone you will without delay correct the error. If an uncompromising hostility to tho etablish ment of a United States Bank, or any similar "hydra headed monster," and an unbounded op. position to the election of Henry Clay-or any oth er man peseessing the modern whit principles, should correspond with your notions of neutorlity, then you may, without the fear of being contradiet ed, designate me nas being a neutral member: and the whips enjoy all the henefirs to be derived from mvoecupring that position.-Yon will pleasetdn me the favor to give this a place in tour next paper. Respectfully, your obd't servant, M. G. PERM, To the editor of the True American, N. O. loax. The New Era states, that the account of the two brothers driven craey by the explosion of a cannon while under water, is altogether a hoax. The Era may not he a proverb for veracity, but its aditor, Mr. Moon.quiz Locke, should certainly be good authority fora hoax. .Niotice to all creatron-from Isaace Chiekering in .the Amherot New Hampshire Cabinet: I forbid all mankind gunning in my woods, at t all times of the year, without my consent. I for. bid all mankind moowing my Beaver Meadow. I have lost two tons of hay out of my barn, worth I 60, and I cull upon them for the pay, if not, I send for them. I have also got a pigeon net for 1 sale.-Texas Tel. Lord Durham is hilding his state at Ningara r Falls. lie is about to visit Unlinalo. Poachel in Maryland promise to be finer nod moire plentiful this se.oason than for many years pust. Forr the sake of our lioltitoore ifrends we hoprr they will keep their word. POi'I' OF NE\V OR1LEA \:,. ClEARANCES. PhIp O1ltlensry, Gene, ||ses. 8 & J P WhitVne Ship Ktu,.off. Taylhr, London, Analy & Robj,,, Shlip 'I'ullu cllll, Borllalld, Liverpool. a & J P Vlltnev rig 'l'llomas & Edward, llRowatl, ulorton, G ldfirl cher lurlill, Sylvester, Nl!e 'snrk, S &5J I' Y hitllov Sll I.ydiaOn, Ome, J o., ll&Sl,,, StranIelr Despalch, Ilsowurd. Mobile. t Jrt . 0with. iMr, it, llnllry, Delnoll..llltlh Stelts. & A eIt, Brlg WllliOe, Ole.uir New York, S & J P1l' hitlev Poh~r Jllr:; hl. I gell, Mohil,, S & J p' )h'liney A It IVAI.S. 1I,,slmalllsul, Ilournd, frol lntl Ps el. ToweP tN .l. shiplitrl llm<.brit Siý.W, a .drcte I.,,.lls. roIweId tl 1.1np lol, e 1111, llp . lilhlM , ,riu. E llrssr, ,ilr, "lll l 4;llllf in. l. e .1 L -iolll ntlhlllg ill hingI t on the ri r nrw er. s11i lih,,, Oilvr. rl,ll Liverpool, lel 1i1th May. jyili tllh I n, ,l,. fr lil iolleill .,la- It. . e . grei Ftllperi;lc , L. L cups, Ifrm (srls,'ntu l., e. Iti0'rr. S ll r h(:ls lllii. D n l, frtl l Olll i lll.y, .llllllllt stres to k. j l' liBrk. Ssstilll lp:ohlst Colomhia, lhor,,, 40 holr lenlll VcPuiIPu, tO e horlly .t cS. sttsllllr ( -.rlllll:.s-u i,,t fi , ote Mobil e I , ,. te Nlller ane-hillg ll., t eCk, fowr mar nlureCl. NEW oRI.EANS t NASIIVII.I.o E IAIL ROiADl iitll S ElPlARliUl'll E IN 1S 0.'Y S 1'O Ih,1'll. 1Fromll Dlpot. ro,',n llath. j A. Al 7 A. s.. 0 do. Ill do. lA i0. 2 P. .01. 41'. l. ~P. 0. 'h'lie rust of the week. 1rom Depot. From l rath. L A. 1. miv P. t. p ol MA. r I'. 1. 41' . 0?. 6 I'. ti. N. .l.--l'erson ni.hing to dgo in Ihe I'rri,, el1n do s u or flt tiles a rord extaends whilll llt u" exlultl c r'e. J.AMES Ii. C.,i)WEI.I,, jy26 .1.4 h r ies hsre et, LOS'T. W4 ARRLAN'i drs.'n upln F. Gardlerr, State rL Trelsurer, in Iovo' r oll Ue. . T. Iallt) r, 'ivil Eu. gileer, fir tille I1111 f ivs Hlundred dollars. T' ill it or will eolners favor ry levillg ilke sae writh F Gilur. dare, Esq., ratr lleofice el' Ihe 'lue AlllAeriuln. /IASH, or Bask oux,--ju r B BRA OWi'It & CO, jy2f6 _17 Chtlpe street. F .1. 18II IK S , Liu ss, Riobbers and Reefs,jl uat re ceved and fir sale by 11 CASEY, ._y____ 19 Camp stroel. O A,0l' l'ersanuot Ink, far osorbine liujen, silk or cltoln, w'ith a comlona pan without prlelarln tion, for sale by It CASEY', jy26 19 Canl streelt. H A EIDIE'TZ POI'r l) 0--Jut rceived a tow n ro of very seperior ;eidlert powders; Ileotly Illt up in tin boxes, fur sale by Ihe grll, doeen or siallle box, by I)AVII) FEll' &. .,Y, Now York Statlioner's Htll, jy2 741 (Pyhartrrs strlet. j.LAOIK Writing lnk--dult received plr slip luntsville Iron New Lolrk, 2 dozes qulrt Black e 'riting Fluid, 24 do pint do do 24 do half lint do do For rule wllllesnle r retail hv DAVID FEL.T 4 CO, Nelw York StationOrs Ilall, jy26 24 Chartres street. U- VwRITI-PG [VINK+-J-e t reesiv-el.small lot W of Pernanent Blue writing Ibk, warranted a tl perior article; for sale by DAVIT) FELT & CO, New York Stationers Ilnll, Jyl6 24 Chartras street. HAVANNA COFFEE. DRIcIE-O10 Bags olfprime gree Havsnona CoIe,, nowlaonding IromstrigTowes Enrique,per llsav. oa, for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, jy26 25 Gravier street. H AVANNA COFFEE--95 bags ofsoperiorqallity, II U Iodilng fronl brig Towen Enrique, for sale by SLATER ., TRIER, jyili 40 Poydras street. L IME.--400 Cask Lime for sale byi jy 26 8, Conts street. L EMION SYRULP-l 00boxesmlelot syrup, landin from ship Concord, and for sale by J THAYER & Co. jy26 74 Pydraos street. ALLdIICE-bl0 bags Allsrice in store, and for sale by J THAYER & Co. jy2i . 74 Poyvdras street. A''IllIS-400 Lathls ill lstore, oand lor sale by J THAYEIR & Co, j)26 74 Pouydras estreet. t anlld-tl)-i bids, landisg fromo B1iuye, S alltd for saleby G I)ORSEY, j.26 41 New Levee. P OKK.--4tI0 [,hi bless A( 0, prime and soi. - jalt inspeeled, for sale by G. DORSEY, jy26 44 Nsw Levee. I ACON StI)ES--7u cosa, asupe'r Cinrcinnatli oIre, Sinl mlore and for sole by G I)ORISEY, jv6fi 44 New Levee. S'L'. JAGO COFFEE. --OFFEE-O95 Bags, superir orrticle, landilng Iper b)rig "Toswen Enrique, for sale by SLAThE & TRIER, jy26 40 Poydtas street R OSIN I)ROSr--70 bils ransil dross, sladilng nd Ibr sale by J 'IHA I ER & Co, jy 14 74 Poydmrs street. SIC'E--50 caks sad 51 curks lalndig and fr rule Ri. by J TIIAYER&Co, ly 4 74 Poydras street NEGIO t:LOTIIS, LI.'Iei.OS d& iK.FKiEZ S 'lle slaseribers offer for sale, luatlilh lrolll ship 'onord, 2 bales plis mixasd negro clthlls; 1 bale twilled Illixeld igro cloth; 18 bales lianeys, asso.u ed elorsl; I bale 1 bie wsti skins; I case printed kersves. 2 bailes leaev mied Cordova aerseys; I bale 5tllinit~led Cordova kerseys. ISAAC BRIDGE " uo, jyl2 134 tMag.ziee treet F..ESUHpL.Iou --L8,.0 bbl. Iandir sn.dl fr ..le by ' y G;U UItSEY, 11t Nw I.Cvrse SECOND MUNICIPALITY. W ERE brought to the Pliee Primo of the Second Mnieilpality, the folilonng narned ln'ven,vis: ALEXIS, says hre belongs to Mr Sanve, aged 15 years. GEOLRGE, says he belongs to Mr C Johnson, abed about 25 years. The owners of the said slaves are requested to prove property, pay charges, and take them away. I S IIARPER, jy12 Captain of the Watch. tL tt nene n prisoon e1I Seeonde Muaici cipoliti, rue Rarronne entre Hevia et Glrod, leo Esclaves saivnelt: ALEXIS, oe dirant nppnrtenir .A Mr Sauv6, Agi i'environ 45 lans. lGEORGE, so disant npprntenir A Mr C Johnson, ('l d'evriron 95 nts. Les propri.tares rdes dits erslaves voodront bien prouver lrurs proprietbs, payer len frnir et let retirer. H S HARPER, juil 14 Caoitain de Watch. WAS brought to the Pound of the Seeond Munici pIlity, situnated in Baronne street, between Hevina nd Girod street, the following animals,viz: Onoe lhrown HIorRe and Bay Colt. One large Bay More ntll L'oltJ One White Spotted Cow. The owners of said animnas are requested to prove propeit, pry nch.rge, andl take them awy, on or hefore Sturdav, July tile lst, wten titey will be sold at auction, by'P A Guillotte, anctioneer. 11 SHARPER, jyl2 Captain of the Watch! i t'-«t@ nrmen..eo dp6t dp ie la SeeontdeMunicipalit4t I rue Barronne entre Hevia et Girod lee antmaux suivents: Un cheval brn et otn Poulain bnie. Une granide.huttent haie et poulbin. Une Vaehe blanc et tacheite. Leo propriltaires deo dits animnux oent pile de pru ver leurA 'ropri(ths, payer Ito fioi, oetler retireor d'ici Somedi 21 Jttillet, 1838,on il scrolt vendues le dit jour par P. A. Guillotte, encanteur. II "HARPER, 14 juil Cnpitain de Watch. ICOE--5o casks now Innding Irom Chnrleoton, for a role by S U IILACHARD, jyl2 33 Gravier street. (i NOTICE-Tho' Packet Ship HUNT''SVILLE, Cornell, master, fromt New York, is now diseharging oppesite tie Vegetable Market. Consignees will plase atterd to tile receipt of their oeodr. J ED REIN & A COMEN, jy2l 911 Common ptreet. rl O RENT-A large and airy office. well situated, anodI in the most huiness pnrt of lhe city. TeOrm. mwderate. Apply to W. GrEENE, at the Orlean, I.ithographlric: t)flo, 53 Iognrci.e street. jy24 JIO LET--''he HosIte situated on the corner of Orange and Religio srtreets; apply to J I) REIN &'A COHEN, jr24 90 Commonostre't. A Card. ORLEA..S LI7'IHOGRAPIIIC ESTABLISII MEAT, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITE HANK S ARCADE. W GREENE rrturrtns rlinsintere thanks to hia friends anl the public of New Orleans, for the paotrotteo hcstowed oil hi filolr te lant two years, ant egt leavre to vonre tiettI lnt all orders commilted to his charge shall he punctuanlly attended to; he will as UStol, keep tile office open alLrine tihe snmlner, lnd inll hbe always ready to strike elf mrerchanlts eireu Slrs, bkuiness and adlress carll, furlral notices.,mps, plans, arnd drawings, of every description, at tihe shortest notice, lnit on the most reasonable terms. Being nassisted by artists sluperior to any other establish meat in the city, antd roma lon experience in the litho 'ra hic litt he feels coufident of giving entire SN II Apolhecories and drutggists' labels executred in r a gor1l style as copperplate engraving, arid at one thirrd f the expese ,. jL°4 ' LE fI1 resks PIhihuleiphic Ale, Abbot's bran, just received, .d Itrn CO ENby J I) REIN &4 A COIIEN, . jy2 91 Cnno, street. UjVCIIANTI. fIN jlTN-rsiftn, ie us to - suit )lrchaser., fur sole bI jy S'I'I''SON & AVER'. 5 PE'IlI ()11.--I0 asks winter strained sperml oil, waralltell, for sl I lby ISAAC BRItiGfE & ('e, jy21 131 Magazine street. It RAl TIl--I il flies fI f-eri .clterin braIC ndy, tiin 8) rodel I ISAAC BIOI!)GE. & Co, jy'24 131 Magazine street. R OMAN (ft U lnneeion e n.l.on ( 'lii lTiNt-.. lIlfi C',..-Ielaelter e hfthifg,CofpriCing ) an tss lertownt1, tOfr m ital by R-Il.N ('E.(IEfT--Ilo~rt iUlnortainn fNiu Lon l(i, flril sh, lly I ff) V I, I(S'OIf'f , j,21 7 Ilank I' .e. |f (f I' I"' fl 4Cf I'~l, dlrs street. -Wk , l'.>'l':l{\ I I'Tl,-- '. nl'rIIer arli, le, fir ,- ,a IN v ' .\ f I &T IEllll j,.- in I) ei i eel,/,,,! .. . , " l SI, \T 1 , 'RIEI., (jyI I l'ydr ( stret:' .I ' )fTE- &. IRIll , jy''I I0 P, oy tras ( If 1 A 1V I'I F:!,: I.i bF , inr , -m , ))ding r'ot = ]1_ Iri;- \Viol ,, sadl Ift . I.:" I."h, .ATf 'I & T'l.I f.eR, "l t ,n I'o. drn.+ relrto I "1F f'f In; - f i 1eo .fl t CTflll fI fll o.PI illerf V flew 1' Ii feisfIl.:. liie , liaf rfr.E & If p 1 P'- fE Itlh l flll) al I.efl, Ii } efI ff111 1j\.\IC 1tutltOiE & l 1n, j®24 1Il4 M'nNIlni stro.Ie. ISAAC 7Iu)11E1 & 'no, _nbemfo\Ina" I nithlfr th , efiretet fticrfeh, wi a -inh C nl nd firslot e C ec o, f I )if l A E , EyI4 91 t-:l3 rastet nl, opp rp kerseystrIdet. j+14 E. glnCe Ilotel, St. Cfaleris et S1 lQ (t, f i t n y b e h af f y a p p ifl in ; a t N o . 2f r1 b (ff1 Ff.f.--I;(ff IIle .hott rlt ffoCIcee-e.eiteuafnli l ii ETSON &. AVERY. jyl0 , f 8 (Iravieer streets. ,NV'ltI-- IfOt)K iBINDER-Neonc in eed ap-tN ply l ut a f wf orjkmnl . fI ME AN NV ICeKEAN, jyl2 car Camip t l oeln streets. -ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OPPFFICE, eNo. 53 .\(.1cvie sitreet, opposite hanks' Arcnde, L. , lIAflIIEf fr the exeutimonr fn s,dlans E lld drwinl, Ilerclhents' circular.%busieS enl addle i edofeverydescrip ion,fullneral circul ' onll dere louj ni t i.)r : pothwe.t'y and druggists'label.; baFIk (h.rro, idy receiptIs, &c. prilted ll exlun d in acheap ond exfedititns style,0 IC tlte .r.prietor. NR. laek Notes nte. .*v executed. n ,24 PORTRAIT -PAINTING. i _lt R. PARKEt respectfuly jlorns toublic that h1 ihe will remain a ehort ti e in New rleans free fie pIure lose f f inting p lrtreeits. RoOIms cerlnr lt CgI el Sait Charles, fint thellouse occupied e y Parmly & Lynn, Denfisl iwhlres ecimenn of bin paiwtieg can be seen. Entrance in tf Charles street. u_8 Im QOAP-5R r boxes No. I soup, brand of James e ould, Slauding frm brig Chamlpion, foe sale by ISAAC BlilI)iE & Co, jy 12 134 Magazine estree. LINE GUNS--.\ few fine deoble birrel glun in orN , for sale by S LOCKE & (e. jy14 22 Old Levee. 10 LET-.\ comfortable Dwelling Hlouse, in St 1 Joseplh street, between St Charles and Caron tr street. Apply to jyl4 J 11OTT. SSKEY, Flr an Pork, in tore for rale by W W m22 G DORSEY, 44 New Levee. ONE DOLLAR REWARD. R ANAIVAY on the lot inst, an indented apprentice to tdle neenefter' trlade, nanled Frak Banket or dnker, aged 7 yearn, speaks Dnteh ore English; halld an when he left, a black ht, silk or fur; white shirt and roundabout; whiter or phe eantaloons, The above reword will be poaid to nsoy oe delivering hime to the subscriber. Allpersons are cautioedt against employ lug or harboring him at their risk. 3 J OTT. .nea8-7t NOTICE. NEW ORLEANS & NASHVIt.LE RAIL ROAD. SerA few cargoes of Dry Pitch Piei Wood wnted, delivcred on thie bank oel te New Canal, at the Raoll Ro1 d lBridge. Also, a few Carpenters, and men who are acquainted with Sawing can find constant enpnloynment ani good Nwages. Apply e t t ll office of the CIompany, at tlhe cor'ner ofCanIalllld Baronne streets. D.: IIOARI), Chief Engineer and Gen. S"perinltendat. PUBLIC NOTICE IS Il1EEink GIVr.A, I ll'T, whereas, my brother, Doctor Jatmee Grant, 1. Ioato of Couhideil and "lTexas, died in the arny of Texas, in the month of Marchi , t183i. Whereas, un der date of August 20, of the snmeyear, Daniel I T"ler addressed I letter to mefn frofs Naese dclt es, in Texre. neqeiulief fl E itnh hbi Iclee Ireceived ily saidee tlhtfer's Will, dnenl at Boxar, 151c. 3f1, 1ff0, setting forth that lie; Mr. Toler anl mself were named execu Itore. And, wherenas, thle eio l'o eo fllerlienons if llie i-ter above ialluded to, tilft fe hbd tile W'ill fuly regio tered; notwithstnding, which I have strong prool that he never haod it probated; and further, have found my most anxious enquiries and exertions, for the Inst two yearn, ioneficient to obtain a copy. Now, therefere, be it hfleby foremliv known that the said TIler has no aelhority to make ariy disposition iof, or give title to, any land or other property beloging to the estate of fly deceased lBrolther; or o at .fi anly thig eppertfinifg to fIr SfIbe nlFt thaiI I n ienstituting roennd to ,ench measures as if n f y chraeter oft execu or, arenow cmalledfer. HUGHll GRANT. Norre.--The editors of 'Texas newpapers and New lYork Aibin aire repectthlliv requested to copy this v• vertisenlnt Ie hree lin e iltd scude tflir N .COflints Io tlIeftf eltofthe ''ell, Almericanl, or nto fee tt1he Sulr. rnot'e t)lff.l, ;d Meuuii-iie ity.nofNem Ortehne. ie'.'7-h1 U. S. MAIl To AND FIROM1 MOBnli, DAILiY Compriging tie followingl bots, viz: I'm N. . Fin Mobile: Sunday Caroline IL A Jeffriec, Swan. Mooady, linozeppu, Sclel (;rilfin, S Alabanma Tuesday, l abell, 1 1nrray, Cm line. W\Vdnetlcdcay Swan, nS . tlan, W Wallace. T'l'hradiy, Caroline., It A Jel'ey, Manlaepa. Flidlav, S Alahtcc,l It CBracoc, CaroliCoe. tunallav., \W V Xlinee, ,J 3t Klight, leabella. The alove boats will leavo tlh lake end of the Rail Road daily on thii urrival of the I-!) past 12 o'clock cal, A.i M. Slaves muatbe cleared iot theCustmn lleouse prior to starting. An extra bedat will dlwavs be at each port in case accident. I.ortrieght or pase`cge ppilv to ieght or \VItMAN, F1 St, Charles Exchegeo Buildinga,Nl 0. r to S,\A1'IE (:ONVE S t CO. Mobile. i NEN & P.LORit'l BO'TLES-i-I) grdis wine, and 100 guros porter bottrles, for ile by IIOLMES &, MILLS, jy_2 Bank Alley. O CTCH ALE-72 caskE Scotch ite'; rtse- and pilats) hr ale by IIOL,CIES & MILL W yy'2f Blnk Alley. Sand all other Corpenter'o Preparations, received lately by H IIONNABELl jy2r 1 00 Telmcinphteules & Ntchez sit. MAYItPAILIS attl NEW ORLEANS. oInUl prie. of fre l aflo tn -day is $l 50 o aerbplia.'o at hording to the tari;f tile bakers shall gtve daring thc eocciag week, (from Aloudaiy, SJd July,) 4t ounaee of read lfor a bitt. Broad of the seconi qroPthy is re qlired to weigh 25pea r cest. uorer, vil: 511te aeos. C. GENOIS, M10ayor. Jtly 21. 1838. Fifty DOllars Restward. rANAWAY about onae month aigo, -Ite Negro iBo 1. ROBEIRT, Ibelonging to tim subscriber. Sail boy is between 13 and l4 years of age, slia builtt ot very dark, and very intelligent; speks . lsnglishlt od a little French. Twenoty dollars will e' paid for hit Ipprehension an tiht I cau got Iinc; or fifty dollars if r taken oot of the stote, on'np.liertin to P DELAHOUSSAYE jyal4t Fabouhrg Lallyette. New Orleans & Carralltoa Railway. 1 IOPOSALS will )be recciveea by the uadersigned' I until Saturday, 28th, for ihn erection of 2 two story itouses and Kitchen, onu Blacksmith's Shop, one CorW iuseo, one 1tnble fbr 23 uhorses, I by and o. e Car liaos. 40 by 13. 'lans and Specifiiations ca ICm seen on application at the oflice, corner Poydras iid Bnrnaie streets. y21l GCORIE, M IE.RICK. L ETTER IA'IPEIL.-J ua tc ivetd fronml tle Brandy winie ills, i cases suliatCne blue letter paper, some very low plricedl; 10 cases sperfiie white letter paper, do; 2 asesa thin cink letter paper; 4 catea super tlieie packet cost large size; 2 cases suIperfite letter assortl coueos; 2 Scasei slperlfine octavo assorted colors, flir sale, wholesale edi retail, by D FELTul & Cac New York Stationers' Ilall, jy.21 _l24 C lartroa street. T O IlENT'-I'secrseioR given innnediately, the Ilorae oa b, t lhelB Rail Road near the Laos Shore. l'her two Pavilions in Bath, near the New Orleans and Nakhville ni IclRoad. Several Rooms in. Nthe Car Iloouse of tilhe llatih lail Road Company. For the iarticulars apply Io Ii BONNABEL, { jc21 earner Natchez i Telcoupitpulle s t. SlO IREN''--Tlciie lnand G(oarden udjoitc Hurby's J. Academly, on Tivoli Circle eoitaincicg oix roomse with kitchen, pantry, and oct-lhouses, &e. Apply to JAILVIS & ANDRE'IWS, jy 21 crneP r iIchoupitoulas & Conmon streets. FObI'Y DOLLARS RLWA.RD. SANA WAY from the subscriber, fiftleen days ago, I, til Negro Girl LUCY ir LUCINDA. LShe is n strong and well built, speaks Englist and snle broken Frech; her skin is Ic t very dark. Site was owned by Mr. T11agta, Ibhet by liMr. Clark, in Poydras street, whoII old ider to ter present imastelr. Sne cos been seeu five days ago, in thr lower part of tihe city, andl: Sndaxv before last rie expr.ndedl tile wbole da in a brick earil. sear to the rrce roiund. II IIONNABEL, jy.l cornrer Ntclcthezr alnid 'T:llcanpitoulae st. i REF .I IAltl--21100 kics superiir article, insh L shippiaing ilorder, 'al lfor siile by I; I)ORISEY, jyt 4I New Levee. V sale by tC DORSFaY, jyl' " 44 Neow Levee. ýIW I/lISKE'--7i IbicI1 rcrlifi whliaskey, latdillcg frneont steambot Ilanuibarl, 1, dlo, ill stlre, far t. salIcby LAX 1.1l' &AMAlIUNGi, jy2l 17 (Cinlleiiire' strect O1:I Ct)N SI c11)1i-le h Illll, sidle,, in sture, SIar sale l.y [ 71.,%I II' & MIE'IU.N\t, / (tlll ilL' III~lI'IiIIPIIIS, l'ltlrl e t llullmp Svrmil eell noId StomnI l'tt ,lly ot ti o lllmst illl3r311,d des Ai-i, CIoloyi' \VWoiei', It ier of t' duhin \W'trrl'+ (hiClr Oil, Fi X', lihe, Ncil and T cci!h crusheap,&c, &c. jc I ,l ,<IC(IL.I"S i c li, I' 4clCiiccl strent. .... .. ii. r-,e ng. l , ,,I , I, nl, r , ,,c , ,,,, ,, . . AE\ci icI,I0;A iNS. i CAII c cL'I')N RAIlc, ROAIl 1"1t(c:I i, ice.l, ,.i c ,Nl Ihill ( n d c lifterili tle 22,.1 .lc y y f the l'pr-l monchl t hli R ilwac y Car., IiU ,'rý ýnatl.s, ,ill fe, t" h ens d -f Ihe ricnd ierery hour A.rran-l at, l tl llliln c r e, ii t hC' e mll ate ae t. usual , t 'Ic )lth;i I'i d t]ci i',II ('h o Irt I!1 - ih Ie cIc:ci tccli N. ' c &" l'. fHail ydi . t ,\ plyb I. I 'SI't:, OINE l. Nlilitil) lOI.I.." R RIEWARD Alhic I'lbraulict. naidl hlo nbvrlendedr from the riolCiro ,o Collmbia, on her lotle trip frollln l'l"rs, ifc Idils ten seen luikilg aol t tllhe llorkes. Edo.erd is. aI (;llfe, cl ai t Vlllr vot 'ae, 5o feet 4 or 5inehes, hih, ronllni fil te, thick lnirmi oIt1 h rttlher shlrp. Fifty Idollar: will he hia i ttllkten in the state, or rllO hntundre ito of the tlilrt. (Calt::ilo fi res-els or steamlboats are enatit l not to harbor oo ho1.Al F J F)ILS'l'ALI, & RO'II )T , 3t F.rlt Levee street. F IVE DOLI.lARS IRE\VAlI i--l ost on WVednleday ' lal, o very oldl 11.AI. WATCH, with n smail' gold gunred itroi. Name oie tie r lot, , Dirury-Lon don.'' The Iwatch i. i Il) hioitlri ic r line O allltogh prized Iy ila iltwnr.ll r T hll ol reward will be paid' on lelic'tf thclCe not rtiolC f te iliJoictte. WT HOLLESAIE ANl) IAtET'AIL tCO.l AN) SVARIITIY STORIE, No. i1 Camp strelimo dor Bishlop's HloteI--The snascmoilhern atr now open'fg at their new standl, all C\.leISive assoltment or artdailes their line, comprising every variety of Combs, blrA lesr Perlifmery, Lookinlg Glasses, Playilg Canrs sal a large number of Falcy articles. iheT followin IIs prrt a description: COMlliS-Tortoikeand Brazilian high toptuck, npal aml carved; do. do. twist, bog, lon ec, lepult side, pate and dressing, ivoryo i holtllr; fiee to'th, dressing and pocket colltlti; lorttt, ehLliitg anlt hess slnmbs; wonode., dl'iieva lins e toole l ndpocket +,ms., I'EI 'UEllEtY-,-A gtletnetl las.msi.nt of Frenae add Amelican lierftionery, consisting r lolgne wate ie bottles, of all shallesllnd sizes; laei er, Florida. rose, oranlle, lemon, Jelsalvine, bergamo, .,ellerfleurs, ate.; fancy soaps olf evc.y ,,saription; mieassair, antique, anl veeo;lihle heir oil odt curiling fluid; chlorite tooth wash, carbonie and chlorine detruitice; seemed and plain toilet owtler; pomatm ;llreston salts, etc. tlRUSHES-Complishing 0 great va.lety of cloth, hair, hat, lesh, tooth, cnil, eomli, ttintitg, iplate, hearth, flee antl pain dusting, swecpictg, crumb furniture,. scrubbing till wlii'.: washl, horse, shoe and tanner' scoulrinlg, paint anl varnish brushes, ad sads and grain fg tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Comnprisinlg gilt frames ol various sizes, 5, 3, 2 and 1 dtraw toilets; erman statis,,. toil an okntl oket gltass, mogi irroig mni trs, etc. SiAYING CAIRlDS--Eagle, [loliy 8th, Broom,. Highlander, Spiel Cartet, French asd white back Play. lig Cards. FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A supe rior assortment of !oirtabhle desks, hullies' and gentle men's dressing cnsce ait loadies' Worl Iioxes; fancy bos. eS of variots d'escriltioons, suittlre Ibr the new oyear nad Christoc s' gifts; Iocketl hooks oe all sorts; luspen.. ders, musie-boxes, lend pencils, i.vois, violins, bead bags anid lurses, an assoatment of lhlo v ILeall superior •dlity billiard banlls, paste l.cii.ei bone, shirt, ve.l, all and suspeinder buttons; pearl builtou aned shirt studs,. razor strolis; gas machines fore reeting lights Spanilh and melee srgars; maccounb, Paris, roppee ail Scotch sunifes an assortment of plaen and soorld canest back. gmnon bonars; diee, tIney se'elen, optics, Jews tlrs, harmoniaes, lucit'er matlthe, pins, iieedles, peromasi. caps, dlriltking cupo, huntono fltsks itil home bia;. steel, silver andi plated spectaeles , thimbles twine, ete..; a handsome assortment of engravillgs, and a lrge varie ty of othlerltrticles, all of ol ihli will be soldfor low prices, for cash or city acceptances. may 4 REES k D'LANGE. RUSHTON & ASPINALL'S CIOMPOUNDITONIC MIXTURE.-A speed and certain cure for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevors; prepared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni. versal success in 1832,. by persons of the highest respectability in this city, as stated in the annexedi certificates. This medicine is highly recommended, and has tmon extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished sucess, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pubn lie in its present form, in the hope that it may be the moans of relieving many of those who are eufifring under the scourge of our country. It is. a mediomne possessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the mIost obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may toake it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requiree more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a core. There is neiiler mercury nor arsenic in the tidicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its lffilacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with tIh directions and has not effected a It perl.ct cure of tIlh fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole ttalllt frur New Orleans, at his whioleaslv and retail irnlli ani medielne stere, corner of Bienvillo and Chartres atreets. For Distriet Agencies apply to je5 T. W. NMI'TI, 46 Conti it.

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