Newspaper of True American, July 28, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 28, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. SUNDAY EXCURSION, FOR BAT S'T. ,LOUIS & PASS CHRISTIAN. Fare lr the 'Trip $5,00. The steam boat IAZEPI'A, will leave Ihe Inake end of tlae Irit Road, on Sundav iext, after the nr t l e 7 'clck cars A. s1., flr ithe aove ports. Returning, will arrive at the rail rald at G o'clock, A. M. on Monday moring. . Apply to 1GEt,. 'WIII'IMAN, Jjy26 ltnder St. Charles I:xcntun For Bay St Loait, Pass Chrisign, letloi, to Pastrafeluln. 'ritesttuamlt MIAZEPPA, Griffin, naster, will leve rthe lake ecnh t. Ihe Rail io:,ld on the ;nst, on tl'e arrvn oa til taif-past 12no'clok .:.tre. A;pply to G(o. Whitman, New OIrlleans and Moblile Mlast i)lice, :under the Exchange liotel, St Charles sttruet. jr lbr Bay St. Louis, PaIss Christian, dIlozi, and I'ascagoula. '.'The fill low pressure steamboat GIRAFFE, Capt. Swiler, will leave fhr lthe alboe iaces, oil the toiriges of Thursdays and Saturdays, Immediately after the arrivael o the six o'clock cars; and return as ieretotbonr: on Fridays anti M ,ndavs. The p.hlic may depend on the Boat ieavnut punaetntaily on t. aborve das. icr pstenge apply to Capt. Srrilie. P S. Tlhe Girate will he prepared, ;on previoet nette te Captain Swilter, to prtneedl ance t week no Pleasure mgrions, providedn a sIcie:nlt nmbehr offers to ReunerateU jy 19 SATURDIAY EVENING AND SUNDAY TO MANDEV II.. & A)I:AIONVII,t.E. r 'le stenamboat tIAZEPI'CIA, Capt. i.. 'r. Knight, will leave tile lake eodl of the rail-read Flr tie above places, aer int? ttj evening, on the arrival of the 4 o'chtlk wara, and return rhl nttme night,--and leave Sttnliny onrni on ti rrivl of tile 8 o'clock cars; returnisng IUaae Madisonville at 4 o'ealok, P'. M. m23 3taw 2m FOK MAI)LO()NVII.LE, L)UUIUl tU , I AN-DE VILLI. & COVING(;TI N. ' The istc rennin and nsplrldid steam bont MAZ'PPA, I.'1' Kni hit ts. ter, will rue as a r-eolar mail Ioet Iir thlanhve pi.ts on tldntles, \Veduesdte s and Fri dy,lafter the arrival of ithe o'cloct k cars, A M. itr Itnrning, loaves Covington 'l'uesda) , 'I'hurvdas ttilld .Saturdays, at 8 o'clohk, A 31. N B. All bahgage and parcels nt tlhtlrisk ol tll. own ers, unless a bill of ladllag is signedI. eit;tl tVIti tIAN, No. OrIlenna nolid lobtl, Mail O)ltice, mp 9 txthatlnte tnitlit., St Charles st. FOR BAY SI'. L.OUIS, I'aass Chtristin, last anll East Pasnntllon. The cltlii.t low psresetsrl stean n aces twilce.a wek, leavinig the I.tke end of the rail road on the arrival of the 12 o'clock care. Apply to, S tWIt \VIIITIIAN, N O nml Mlobile Mail Offce, under Exchange lintel .fit Charles et. nli STEAMIIO.IT Fti)t cS.ILI. . Ther litne new seeam lerry bent LA U A, i eo teri order, liand ree Sdy to cenn nce running im she now lies in the >rllollr of til new cnasl; will bIe distposed of aon reaonable terlos. Apply to AI.IIERT STEIN, ,No 8 Building Row, Thallpitoults street. a ftcv loors above lielrd,. tell lit For- Texas. .For Moatgnrda, Lire Oak 'oeint, andl .rasoas ft,., T1.h. fine fast sailing brig (G() D) H PIEI'', . ohnlet Ilanti yg.e n er, vhirig it larets ttt.f ! er cargo engtged, will snil in a few d,'.. IFor b of frer;iiht or iassna , lin hg superior ac eommdnt., i. oapply 111on.ierd, ,r " jy21 W WV1 lilt Y N, 5G C.,mln nt ,t, SN t The Good Hlope har been hll rooily nrrlirepn and newly tcoltredl oil tle (lllllti ..itP n ltp, le of t itr ,and new attands A 2, it the dilyl.''t iltit rolte ,ItlileO in this city. j 2 l f ir Vlarecn. Braoria at d .Ilarion / , ,. Ti.h . rer sp, rior new liht drt sI . .hnner large prortion of beerltll' d, sill hlits reight or pasge, aply Io \V IYAN,i FOR MA.1TAGRili , 0)%N'S PI)1INT' AND ARINS.A1 I\lY. _l '"le wetll known S hoolll 1 1.(1'IS1 \N\ , Vn phii Auld. ba:., larc p iriion of her alrgol r nllend·e , will ,lt hlalt dI.t I t1 h 'llt balance of hreight I r pI sage, apply, ~n boalrd, opposite eiTersuonl ftreet, or Ito i 1 itl ii t- iiD r V t.l~ I't I iI In - it'll. I· \ 1 li i-i - . Tile rbal 'I'r illS. Cii li!I 'll ll jr Ito Cnn ue V %V I'll V \ I 1N, jv 7 lad at ,, ,,, " inr5;1~w diat e A d all lin l or It tinli io illt tl' ll r , ptl.t _Cantall .I c pkit i, will lotI as alt o it iII , iae I p i Cait. iyCe Ido l r l A Vl l el ~i, r 6 ll \Z )rt! I 11 . u: h.i tIlWl - 'l'yle and Teanot.. ,to II xcL ee w h, e -h l ,dd j t I frt, f ,hr t .rls ",ly t,t. till .,, :..t l t F v or I ;0ii1se ine , lo ll, ;a . l t. the N'tIii i iii blil'hll Aop Vsite t Vt .elteo ire itt t bil ad t r \V1! IRYAN, jet t 5,; t L ollllln l trie r. or will r Creidetl lor C .harlst,il iarter. diateo ti li n Iitloll b iC ll aL i le jylndng Cr at ti or I coppert SC An t l l aitcks ir , rp ttL will loa 10it 10oard i i li Citizens, Ilnd for anl1e; by I I G 1.E, jell 9:1 C nnonll al reet. O I-M essl, fPrim imoll, 4n t,r le leer. I rn-oi iancy letter parpr otlry veryotllent quality, r sale veryi lw byad ase or t iCnle r a e ,at d jel6 t NY Sfur tinrC Cll, 4 ters tly rtre t. UMi-iti0 this New OrleaInt I uIttt, for ittIC .jy7 40 PoII rAN,,ii s treet. WV ANTED ll)l T tIII A I ER, A n esel to rcd SLATER &obile, and tire oad IME.- r Claaa LimeFor terms ply II jyl 6 58 Conti street. will reO, inve despt, t)obbrs aChnrd est, l iunst rne iited npll r satnle by B CASEY, S jy24i ,93 _ _nmp__ street. SD'S L'ermanenta t Ilk, i or p oarkine liten, silk c to e rotton, eith a oettnuntn Imun thitlt8t ltreiart Citizens, and b CAse; EYy jejyl8 9: Camp street. ANEI CloTZed Letter Pape-Just received a ,tw grou s fancy ltterir Seidlt poevers; neallent qualityp nr tin sale very lowe by thile ase d or le rea, at box, IDy I)AVIn FEIT' & CO jelew Yorkll, 2 ationer's all, jy7 24 CPoydrte street. I Weig I --l9 reg ofsivd perr shqalityp ll landinge frombrig owe Enrique, for sale by 'l doeen qiuene Black Writing Fluid, SLATER do ind RIE, 114 do hnalfpint do do Fer saln wholesale nr retteil v New York Stationers Hall, jyl5 40 Poydras street. RAVE.-40ER going to loile by the alil Line on ModOOay, Wednes, sdubrs and Friays, will regi er teie neme at this uice, as no seats cn bbye ecud ine n. at Peaula do the above named dCASEY , aly heane e placed n the way hill. tree Thoe ln aein heavy baigage can haven inen, tkeilk diereettfoelbie beany beoae dGEeg ahe neeb, xce n ar abonith a med a on. G iO owHIToIANra Pin, fo-rima d sale Porkfll braSdedPY, and ha O. Alan, 8 Diso Reie entneky Unoggii 85 cVila Rope; far jy2 10 ravier at. p stairs. DtouTit, SHoEd & BRO GAN .-IUT EIrei.Td b. abip tharl-Jst re aeied bg Tew le peog aerultnt, and which will e octitI low c or evr gs city preler A F eIINB It up b IN EUROE. tne tin brnes itfur ie by at grn, d ozen or ingle.; in I LAK eitlengl- Ink- Just receiv ed per shlpby ' funtrville ir adm New York, eta. 2 dozel qurt B lack Writing Fluid, bHIPPING. For Europe. FOIl LONDON-Passage only. " ' ihe A l and fet sailing barque NIM ROD, Cu.ptin Patterson, will mnet with ilnmmediate diespatch. For passage onlt, having hand s u l l e ec o t nowi l d.t t i o n s , a p p ly t o " LEVIII GA.LE, .. jy,. 913 t't ntI r t. -- ·l F _ R r-Iýll F llll FIPL. ,j The A I and superior ship) IIURON, Capt. t Boardman , will receive despatch. For freight ofO) hbles1 e deck, or pIssalOl havitlg hnd sum,+ acetmmnodationa for 4 cnblin pnas:engers, apply to , L The elegant Packet Ship IIUNTSVILLE, "Cornell, mtr, will ite dea.t.rehed fpr the __, sov part, ipovided au i!nediate cargo tli:rs, Ir ten'I s appli t JD BEIN & A ('OHEN, i+'?l -- 0 Comrmn street. The A I au tal ts, sailing ship ROWENA, Captna In.ed, having the greater part of her - .cargo c ,+gagng |, will m eet w ith i m n edi ale des pateh lFar freight Illf I)00 hIIlaa ttoll or Ilns.lagte, Ihving hlandsole nacomnledntions, apply to jyil LEVI 1 (;AL 'J3 Common streert. FOR hLIVEIRPOOL. The A I and falt ailing ship i ROBERT WAT'I l', Captain I)allingham, having the greater part of her cargo engagged, will melt with itunlediate deapatch. For freight of 3011 bnles chadn r passage, Ilaving handsome iccoltmonlll I, e+pl'y to LEVI II (;ALE, jyll 93 Ci ommon street. FOIL LIVEIIPOOIL. jy 7 3 'ou stCoastw se.t. Coastwise. FOR NIEW YORK LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. Regular packet 6th Augustal. The splrendid fast sailing Packet ship it nltN'I'r:.VltE Connell isiter, will ail nas Sabove. For freight or paslige, having -lten did accimmodations, Lapply to the Captain, oal board, opptsit the vegetable or aeto a J D OLIN & AIOIIEiN, jy2.f 901 Common etreet. FORL NEW YORK. S The A 1 fail sailing brig WEILINGSLY, Capntain J Churchill, having nearly 1ll of her iearg eingagedl, will hIne despatch. Fm'i (eigtht ot'l30 bis lr Ia-saige, ihaving good accommo dntions, pitly to tile Captaitn i board. foot of Ilelard streIt,.r tI CIIASE & DIXEY, jyll 6 Customhouse streert. FI(OR NEW YORK. The A I and fast sailing brig ALICE., Captain Jonrdan, will receive immediate des patch. For freigit of lIt tons lead, or pan ige, having handsome acconunodationi , apply to LEVI II GALE, jyl7 93: Commn.on street. FOR BOSTON. The A I brig Ellsworth, Captain Ilorner, A Il rlng ti. rt o her enrgo engaged, will have desput.e. Foir ireigltr rlHatsge, apply to jy 14 : S & J P WHITNEY. FOR 1PE NSACOIA. The new and fast sailing schooner MARY . EII.EN, ptain Farris, will Inet wily dea p itch fr hlle abnme port. For freight orl pasge, alpli onil laoanrd, (oP losie uDper market.) ltr to J 'I'IA: ER & Co, jyI 74 Piydrta atretl. I :r Mbsdre, and all llrirdiatie Landings. ,u0day, atl 12i ichlck, .. tomhin t all thie aii ertna 11..r h rt itl, ell t puaers e llmay wish to laind. For iE). \VHITM3AN, jyvl Exchiange hiotel, St. Ihntrles st. Ihr 1l~bilel and all I,irlrnediale Iandins. e I 1 \l Ft1I t I, 11, elir i in .;s njt.+. slah! rook..S, will sour.r .\eW 1 hi[ ass f,,r y ". 11,d , +lid all iltrr'lll ' tlltl w: lelill ay l -lm'+'S, Ser 'tedaey and .alurdgy, ater th, arriva ofth i i 111 ). 111 31 I N, t ii ' J 1 III ' ;), -" . "; S'I " " " sti l , ll : i'; II , AID 'd ote i ? i i t, tl dliiiTiEI "D -_ o,, :,i ,1, ,, I-,,,,' i', 1 1, , ; n , I,"I,, 'Ih,'rll ,11: null ;, i ite d n , ca h iir,,. , !. - I'.ii, X-hr'-+. i t l ; . :I. . i I; h I .1 .I it . I h ..: ', ' 11t .1111' i\; l~o \c, .. l t ·I ,I, ];,+1 - , Notice to the Public. ." . iI"ITY• I). LIA li, i t l t\i.tle tor it onvicti - f , Ihilef In ,T ',,'. --(n )l nittd a.y, n*.ht th,'7th geniI"· villilil+.q ;inl I~~t~lqdll~ 11 Ih++l li·~llrht:: t\blt tw''entt. dtill.r it spei h' A httitl ttlt IhX hlioVilleg t' o:meo on, Illld Petiljllhl JeSnol II jltht uctt ana te .mate 19,5moth9nb Jatuar , 18,7, Itr $1011 7;5 (' UC l~lllr llt,'.q hol lt Ill , uutl |., ftelll 14tu" Jaetiari,,Ihete.I-It J C c'l rctls note at r4 nmonths, from 1 0th Jelll, lB 4 o.to7, her 60co t (109t urtltt ut I'tlltnrte s e(ic iqtuidatitm) note at till titys I' elt th hotlt, lt?, ittr 400 00 Julit - e rie' r.ote at id0 days, lrotl July, dth, 1.17 fIl 1150 0t r Feh(b td Ilodr's niote at ti0 days, from Feb. lot, III.., tof1er1 Fel t t,, ll Ilh ler't no.te at 4 iolonths, froltt Itebrtar I -t. 1d838, firlt 0 Feltoa anod Holder' ntot, at o imonoths.fromt " 'ebrleuary Itt, 10.1, ir 141 00 Ferguson, Parker t Co's ote at t1to0 days,fom 30 J .auarv, 1,83, for 702 97 Seraeltt 3 couelu, tier till, dated, 1Sti May, 1837, paIable oin 00elned, 6802 71 And sutnllllr itltert tdoculenttl ppet a stot recollected. TIIn resler e erin ancd ire Inuorance Companycs Policy ntr fire, risk or goods. Iitto, certificate ftt salll-eS iOf stock. Mlerchalnts' Insllratso Coelpnnty'' shares of stork. GClellercia Banek's eortllceare for slres eol stock. t'aalto and llBanking CoLilltuy's eerrticate ftr haroes of ototh. The punblic are hIer.e. coatienPd against tradiog or ue~ot.liatig tier any of the above tlo, a or dcuttents, as tetmoet f themo are lereby stctpprd; tiv Icaciog been snl eo froet me by asooe Iheloer thieves tltknowu. J GI LANCHIAILD, jyl2 3:1 Grcravier street Ofce of the Firemen's Insuranco Oompany, New Orleans. SI 'HE Stockbuolder of lthis Cotntnv ore hbreby nacl. . lied, that tile Third Inlolaten ou 0 teer stock will be due and payable cn he 10tt of August gext at tbe office of the Uompany, foe 04 Muosuo'o Buildings, Canal otreet. jyl2 EL TIRACY.Secretary. Breena d'Assuraaces des Pbmpiors de la Noovelle Orlibans. r ES Aetionaires de eot compagnie scnt notifiN que l troistme patiemaent pour leuls actions seront payables le 10tout prohaeti au bureau de laeompa gnr, No, 24, Maisons Mlusons, t ue Canal. 12Juillet EL .''AL Y+ Soerbtaire. L E-8O0 caseks of l'homaoton c i tit aele by". CHASE & I)IXEY, jy 14 6 Custtobhouse street. gpLOCK Tt., I'IN I LAT; & ZLt.t -4ltpigs block U tit, 1tt) btoxes tin plate, andC 15 casks zit, in store Fur sale Ity u LOCKE d& Co jyt4 tO Old Leves PERl CANDIES.-Steve5ity-6ve boxes,various broods, tbr sale bYbSTON7' INSTON & SHALl, je22 7 Freot Levee. tI OIc't--ttU bble Meeo, 100 do Perime, l14t ball bblo Si t less, 5O Ibls I' ), 10 Ibls REmps, 40 bbls tShtlolder'; in store and for sale by jell .LAYET & AMIELUNG. C OKDIlAL--Cordials of different kinds, for sale by JARLVIS & ANDRIEWS, jel2 ecar Common and cl'hokupituulas oss JA IBRELLAS & PAILASt)LS--20 eases, compria oing oaroaortmet t ofMntuto, fney ilk, andgir. hetr Utbrella- anod leansols, fttr stle ky ISAAC BRLIDGE & CO. jel 131 Magazlne street. ILLINOIJ &OHIO FUNDS, for sale by NA'THiL lTOWN END, jeol Exchanoge Hotel Gray etr st. SiLARII BIUUT ' IES--:i oampers in lura, ond fr jelas~by T' Kt H.DE I BROIHER, jeO eecr Common & Magazine sle. SUSN-cN5 barrels itosin, landieg sod for sale by -...0 8fCuoti stree 'Ol .--0f hboxe sotup, various brands and dilerest size boxes, for calo bv WINSTON & SIILL, je ___ 7 Feace Levee. ACKELLEL.--10O kits Ititl qr bbls. & kegs, foe sale by WINSTON & SIIALL, eS' 7 Front Levee. S)ltpe, luoing fettt etrcPtchtttt Cemmerte, lor sale ttr LAYPEI' On AMIP.UNG, m28 17 Co nmree street. ELLiot PINrP LU31 tIt--3&2,000 feetu.nE yellow pine pinok, tir salo by lIEdAI & IIARSTOW, U |7 iraver street. W H.ISIKE- tII bills ht ttet', ftr olel by .Yselti 1t IJltbYlt',41 New Leces a yfflK, I..l,".r -\1hi-kev and 17ntd--.-0 I [,js nest 1 primelear, rltrt aitt shotuhhltr Petk; 200 bbls Fboar, So do \ hise ry,,reetired and cotllmou; 1000 kegs Leut I.ard; ill tre, ir l by t" ;3 XIP T;.\AET 3ILLUNI BUSINESS CARDS, -PASIOlA.N LE CLOTHING TAYLOR & IIAIDDEN, No. 14 (lI,artrers r slrect IIAVIC: a ~eoIlnt snupply 1 f every article Ierrtlting to gentlenl's t dtress, tf the iatlct style, Ut Newn York Ipriers¢ de '20 '1'diE'-i'ii. SIILCI)iCni MI ETA ILIC TIE'ril. SPECItIEINS of these Ieaoltllil trech.n a the man ner oa'selting them, may Ib saen at ithe ullien of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Cannal street. These teeth i:ver .hange colour. id ,re by ianny, atll inl may Cases, preerabl c to tile sIlt nralteeth. (L)F Dr. 11, will wait upon lalies at their residence, requestell. ap9if S. A. PilItltOis:l i,Ilt, MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Cutnmuo sheet, EfG f to iniforri IhI tat havine purchased froam aMesrs IIOUiill, SKEUGS & CO. part of their atock, he will continue the business at their old 11tainI, opposite Bidhiop's Hotel, where he hope to merit o alare of their pnitiaanie. tin Inen IndP arrangeateint at Ithe Nrth to be suppliaed tolaIly With lite latsat and snos faisniianable gands. int 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 1112 'oydras street New Orleaan, tAN:FArTURVnia o.F Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all descriptioni. |WARM, COLD, AND SIlOVER BATIIS Fixed oa the imost anproved principles. MILL..'I) LEAD, PIPE,, &e IiOUrders executed in any part of thelt Southel n States. mnr 9 Dr. Robert i. Lindoee. IIF ' 1 11 " Excrrw s0 ItorFL. Gm Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 P.,vdlan atreet, EP on hanI n arllltaI t supply of Ierd Pipe, from 2 ill. diameter dlown to n-i ia. dilnleter, fitr sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ES'I'A BI'1SL,11 ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. IVILLIA..I G'iREI:VNE, PROPRIETOR nrl l H. PARKIER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No 6, FRONT LEVEE, Ur STAIRS. New Ul"erant.,:b. ". JARVIS & ANDREWS, W1IOI,E$ALE AND IfET.\IL DEALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE SI'UI'SF' . . VD VINfVDOIV GLASS, Corner of Common and Tehoupitoulas streets, SLW' OmRlEANS NA.\'A N JA RVIS. JH(IIN IV. ANI)ItEWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds, warranted the growth i" 11:37. AT MOBILE Ala. S. I. & 1. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos.61 tnd63 WATt'I'I'I1t STREET. 'Fll+ unldersignedl, ht itsl e'i.'ilti-Ied IhICniselnts in tl,; 1'f,,hni -si0 ) i00 i' I. s vanrita d b t'antches, beg ileave to itlllr)ll their fri+nta InId ti punli, that thi l nre alll ellread to retCeive t lsigllments, and lake lileral ndvauces on thie ilae, either for private or publie sale. I i)LEMiAN I. JONES, ISrAEI. I.JONES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Miaoile, Feb t, 18 :. feb 13 A CRL D. SAMUEt. SLATYER. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwardnt_ & cotllll s,.loll lerchalnts, No. I0 1 Pa.v'!ro S 'teet, NI ti I R 1, N .. They w aill devote T il l , rtica'r altt lion to the sale I of li t -estrq . rl ' i . at I io it, 5 A 1 Na lthttt ,fers, KI,,! 1. I)1on, & Co. X n) & I 1 1ti\ti n , 'I i ' Il.t, ', 't" 1:-I . Sta 5fi:l tll l, It',[. NE. T. i.IUN.S FOelllla'd.o illul odlllonlliio. n .lelchllltsll 'UltNl:eS i" .'IisII 1 1) ittT STORES, N, wiv i rl lli c, er IEinc \;tr (',n aoston lIat. Pu a. JJ i '. W uITIO i Cincinnati, O. 1VtnO\lr li'r n hvill , ll. t OVILI.ISST5t'ENS . ('U St Lutti .tlo J. & P.P I'. AIrwE.LL, Biivyou Sara, La. SoILonoN Gtllu.New Orlear.s. SIRn iN AMERICAN & EN(;LShli CROWN GLASS, lNo. :1 C*onIIIELLET STREET. Of INSUIt .,CE COMPANY o) NE\\ ORL).LAN S, Tlhis Company are now prepared to take RISES AGAINST PIRE. No.24 Musson's illldinig, Canal street. E L TRACY, New Orleano, Slay 15. 18.8. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission anid htorwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OI10. Refer to Layt & .I nelag, New Orleans. Jos. Landis & Con. m24 mn ROIBERTIIT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street, Wholesale Dealer it Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m3t Window and Picture Gless, Rc. Re. T. W..OLLINS A TTORJNEY & COU.ASELLOR A T LAIV. N OW practising in the State and City Courts. Cli dis awill ind hlim at tile Clerk's office, U S Circuit Court, in the Custom House building. je8 A CARD. T HE undersigned have opened a bduse in this city. for the purpose of transacting a GENERAL C)lal.ISSION BUSINESS. O$F'IC, No. 10 GROtiER STREET, Ci' STAIRS. H P LEVY. The houste at (;rand Gulf, Miss., will be continued il the above name. References. Gndfrey, iLarie & Siall, Ne Orleans. La. Peteor & Mill-id, I H B Hill & Co, Louisville, .v. JohnA M Gilmore, hicksburg, "3iss. Harper Carpenter & Co Grand Gulf, Mlisi lMuir, eoorn & Co, G i s Silos Lillard, Nutchet, Mlse. New Otleans, July IT, 1888. jyl2 A CARD. NATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located him self in New Orlenns for the purpose of transacting a General Aagency ntd :ommiilolo businearss, would re spectfually asolicit fromi the public a alare of their pa. trooage. Ilaying n house in, he o ill attenidlo the trans acting of any husiness that iany he desired in that coulntri, ad "will gutraltree prllet ad uarelitted at stnlilu to all bsine,.e etrasled io his charge, nlld a faitllful allplicntiun (it ameordasae wilth instractilon) of all iutds that may cr e iitt i s hands. Office in Nea Exaclange. on Granier street, optposite to er evMr Clapp' chureh, and adjoiniqg OibsthE 's reading room.sigi of ie 'Texian Consalate. ,New Orleanus, Nnovlebei r 2 5, 1837. Sl feretiees . Mesars Hillyer, B sh & Co: lNew York Blurr Wal,enian. Alnarz. F ok, Naltchez, Mi5i. R MI Srutlhi r SI I.i-, M. John T ir y.Lo .iisville K yv. riREn1iENI'S INSURANC CEO6MPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, Officeo No. .4 Muoon's Rudining1 . Jeo CANAL S'REET. I EltE'RIT tCONVERSATIVONS, CELLER RLCO L TIONS, of S T Coleridge. Konintemarkh, or Old Trise in the New World; be. ing Nco 7 and 8 of the Uniferm Edition of raulding's \%orka. EColini, on tilt Religious State of the Countrr. Whale Fishery; being Nos 26 aud 27 of the lays an Girls Library. Jus C rrriled hy iJt C I11 1ANtROFT It Cemp TRUE AJItICIAN OkFIN E. hi corneerion with ihis Oflice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, veil TrlE IRINTI'IG O Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalognes Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, .ud eves'" deocrm'iptiol, oftJob Vorlk thal *nory be r.eq.ired. -Thie pro lirietllr reI ct·rolily catlls trhe tlerrrltion of thie public in the ubllr e r, rd, ,lnrlf arllrres ihoclrn thrt all work inorui..,ed to hli care srlr.,li be dr e t trlhe r, hort ei notice, in it slyle unsur, ir ' in thts cite; ild at the lIows[ raTl., 51 Chr I GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF Till CITY OF .1Vew Orleans land Lafaette ?A " pub lishednl ,rd .In , ist hv nd in l W for sale at th o Folliirolill o iofl , o e tllopubillhe-, xclhonge IHolel, St C(alrles tre.r,--ad o iithe Hook rore t of elsrs. E. Johns & Co.corner St Chari l and Cllmlon rtreet.. mT C(3ourlrt-I hereby certify, thallit the 2'tt 1 div of Jnc, 188, jrdrilrrler os, erl rer in thirs chor, ir tho suit of W J lhoiee L Lucilla IC ('lor,. hlis wi!, ite tile roes igd fi10nro Jllloohie. to ilt--Nor. 12108), el loeiro of A li(r.:iv, er; ,,fhorrslt' Ii, tr pJd ilrlii; anid o n llothilr Io thle eOlll'l. tlR fit ll .rt, tha~n I..n dav iod elIped .ilxt Ie till oCl er of the Iind ereecel lthkhe on illr. lllt Maiy eiv ilnhil', ld iel, ull c nitor n ns-T weron hilin iiiedie ihr rolle, ant ,,u ihrllrr i'oe'ionL 10 tile rontrl, tR it l, 'pr o r Lt ti ovr, Ir acep o td oinse the rcaeipdion of j hllSlot tii lledto rr and board brroveenr. ihe tarrccis, llrr no" oer lccrolitriol ,,r-riog iskerr tlhn ewe herposeo el ibdratirs c n e oalC litirn of th il elirillrr ;n. it i orderrd, mlj timr ll j icil perorerdirs.t Jnrlrglilr it of divorce,, be h lfr e rd hotw,,, tile rplerhior .V J Ilicr('r rIlt I. ritil R (Bl lrr, hin wofb, orrodcillp, tO rile 4111 r,,ril rl r~f ni rlte o|' thtn 3'lib Mlr ih, 1827. Juorlllderr red eredr r th'i 7tha .tunue, 1 138. jigrled, 10n, JnhN. 1':3r8. ( Jiignrid)A 31 Irh.holio, Jrrdgr. (CoUrrril.reiiFdl) C W e I.rriia, IC lerlchk. Ir tEritlrlOlry ninrtrcrfi, I hnre }lerernlo setr lv alond ari otard rtioe erao t of hri' d tllrlr, h turie iro" rl New Orli , Ollt, rllrir lIrt drio of Julty in tio 'rrll.r of otr Lord ,olle Ptouraid eiirhrrorid ArdC Ihselrf .rf i e in tire siry seorind of tire hndeldclndurco of tie United f.ot e. .jyl P L.E IANC. Clcrk. ITATE IiiA' ErI)1 ,I.I-Firor .I ufdici,iI i Joitror-.larlrro MRaveilldr vlrio cnr'fihorc--'1'h, resoion osthr ll)ellrtirionr's prrlpcrtv Irovillr hren aceepI ed by Ihe curt fc r rlre brnefir r i crediorri ; it isor ordered tlant in irerrill rf iris eril crrelitres do take pliree at nlre olii:r o rrf n Y l,ewi', IErrl, not. l slllllonn Thurrda thre !lth Asr I-t nXtne, at 10is rt oCtl, A M, frC tile rrtrie rof enlihrentirirg tile e affiiris of ithe .aid pethiolror'; l tn, 0 thle inllrlhrilrt l jilljrdhfirrie IrIroCrllhilrrf rainlithlrs tener, ol eiursdprert , R ito tile rclditors niieritioii..d i llr the cheltlnlll are ~llyed. By oclrr oel te csurt, thir 7 dra nocf July 183:. 'jytl P LE 131LNN:, ;.ir Clerk. -E'1'AT-DE"LA LUITTIIANh:--Ireomicr Distcrir Jlrdirioire. .T .3E1, "l.ftFrIEI.I) rorllrrc: eL (1anPorl,- e* sPriore rf s Itoof tlr' l Prrisir~iirf ..trr , I nt ,*tc , eP Itbe oiarnorlrrtlr fru hirriisr de c Ir,,,wi,,rv; ifl ot ocdot, r1i rlli'rllr urr.'rflhoe de rtC criw.riro ,it lircirc cI'i,- ' trlle ioe \Vro i" t'wil, r lonirt puiclirf , ludi Iec d' rellt Sif Ilirirecs ihl irltir, Rrr ll lbif drib rfi'l.r'r oir IRr o frinotle dudit rpr~frorai olon Crrn''c . ljr) ro lel).,) llte. Piir OlIdc t r I E Co lir p 1j ) il") 1)8 ( c. n rlr rillrt 'oeve r. rcirr'crT,erT,,r t F LciOU[lrf NArFlootrst J udcirr fosr'.rrrid (y( lrt--Cern ef lrerr)hcir, e f t hi, 1 .r.(ito7, . tire Ii'rcb IAiied 1fo aIpIarN- oer,, ieo' r fortsd. (i Ilitlll iy the (iftI l i ,)t, nt 10 ll c(.lok o c rt rr rOhilw cl,'crrr i r'noy tthy I rirlnr whr r r'ieo rfitiwer filotrlrril, iolvllvl the Ien1ft IR tile l~lw.1I~ iLl'rll tptb h rle o y order ofth! t'Ollrte ollii,'t ,Ju'tloer,, tlR. jVl. P IA.]tI./\N(', I)'v, (,hlrk. II,. I li S ll, : ti, i 'r,'. I" .#LA !1= lI)EI.IA I()US.\ Y~ I': (.(liilr os (·i'baneiers. I,,mlr'rfimirirm r, III 8~~iillll( (:*IIC11(1 in? e. pl,}nl palr hII' I)lretlhl: Illoltiii'* dJ'av,,i r i (.Ol~lil)ll -. 'Irrc i , Ira i It tlir, fe nl e :1U.8) I lletlrer ihl ilia the., p"",r th=,dl uhl~t. 1¢., nl~rit.,i *i ilr al ,,,It .,III rI I-le., '. I I, hIlit (li~lilloiinairPr tl'ohlihlldr,lit I.;t. h,' J(,l.{',fivP ,t Io I((' l,'tll <i. 1)iIr nr(Pdre tIe hi (Ilur ,.i. 7 ,te8i!li!hl lf I: I 'f 1' ill Ki S I I 1,m ir\efr .rll, ,..Irfhr yl~lli'' I'lli'i:";' () f. I; 12) I, illillllIllljl· IlIi' hlllil. \liht. all \rilll \I.1 II ;Iil.'ir .. i€. I (. l,, jt:Pt J,,-(i . ,,- .'.,,,,, ,.. /111, ....... ,, ., e, -. V¥ by lll', je2GIIS·r I Nt ( l~v,. R JlEt N-..uiIin too, tnt N e Ju l I dr sal e ly '' I l'H & bIt), jAl I o ('~unnl ln .,tijne tst. ( FIAl' iATE BACLIlN-krg tro qo thryn ho it lers adid-s, o ;f , ,serr quality, to snor fror J .ale by 1r ; DHt)ItE f:Y. i jelrl 171t Nti etreLet. "[:\ ,1,llY JHAMS--Put it iini~ hags; s c at,+ e;vta-sed ! l d, inl bola and hhds. e.,presslv Ier hnneily yuse just lande I and fist sida by t LAYET & A MIELUNG, jell 17 Co,'muerce street.I 1 INCINNAT'I BAd;N-t? btd I t Poyd, NSitu t dorn and Sis, a of sTror qauality, ltading frm stemner .antolltc r, abr sale m, ISAAC BIrnDGE & .t. 0. jt'4 c:2m ri nettei soreet. l PERl 011,--0 itcasks tinter .lelatd Oil, hberach Sed.. for sale by ISAAC 3tlltlll:E & CLt. jell 131 agazin street. T_ oIIISKEY-2-7 h bls Whiskey, lading tlimt the Sto teamboat Milerrimack, osretao by jell LAYET &F"MELUNG. ARD-40CK kegs prime Lord, n stere, for stle bl L jelb LAYFI & A TEWLUNG. P01K-310 bils prime Pork, landing from steam boat Emperor, for sale by jeS8 L YET & AM ELUNG. _UGAlv-150 nhhds nn plnttletion, for ale bF 7 ltl SLA'ER & llt'II , 40 Poytirota t. JOHN 110EY, Saddle, Ilarorers and Trunk Moaufttlturer, and fur. ticker oJ Miii.ian Elquipmeats oferery desoriptwt. No 189 re eoebtto0LAs STREET. |_3HAVING in dttplhy several Military Workmen, i1he is ready to execute work it the above line at the shartest notiece cnd en the most reasonable tlertmo Merehtsto' and Pesolitr' PackingTrunks of eaerdtloe ocription, constantly on hand. a 01- MIL,-MLIS...I corn 11ill'. -It Sant er'. Inatent, C cmrbined. One man cat grindt 25 or 30i bushels of meal pet dietuttith these mills, and they can be at tiched to A cotton gitt, and are particularly calculated for planters use. Apply to t'hIAMPLIN & COOPEh, !,82 82 Jolia street. . rO MERCITIAN' 1. l ERCRHANTS can havoe a beattilul cirocular trucNk t oei atptwl hours notice, by calling at the Orleans Lithographic Office, 53 itsagame strhet opposite Banks Arcale. m4d k.ETU1.ElEL-35 halfhblin Nt 2 itoqlcrerl, fir sle lby IEAID & ItAAR .ttVW, lll. 17 Grtvior srtret. B ACON-I0n etke ittrine. taeon mtdtr, rnerived per n steamer Babolti W rebster, t, roale br LAWRIIENCE & I.EG(ENDRE, jel2 28 &n 29 New Levee. NOTICE. l1 c-E riberst have this day associaoed them 1. elve in business, under the firm of ,llanray te Rober.son, aod solich a coutinuante of the patromga exterirnced by ,il lalnay while cudncting business tin ti ain natoe, as General Agent and Comtmissio Melchant. ROBA RT (M1 HANNAY, jyl2 ROBERT A ROBmERTSON, L EAF LARD-t1OO0 kegs in store, for sale by 0t I)OItSEY, Jyel 44 New I.,'ee. fj ENTUCKY IBAGGING--1tI pit ftr sale by LI IIoLMES .h. t1LLe1 jy l2 Bank Alley. %t C IUCHBAiiilNt. -8ttis baav 1aggi L. 43 inches wide, for sale It " , ttOLolbES & MILLS, jyll Bank Alley i"XCII~tt GE, ON NEW YORK fur sale by LL 1AWRENCE &, I.I.GI;NDILE, jy 12 28 & 29 New Levee. /3ýllAS, NUTJlE(iiS &.c.-250 nit ted thirteren L pound caddies of gunttowder ant imperial teaI , 25 cases of canisntr itperial and gunpowder, 20 halft cheste o2 pouchaong tea; one cask of fmnsh nttttegs, and a general assortment of groceries, fr sale low by LAWIEENGE & LEGENDRE, nut _____ 28 & 1,29 New evem -AILS-T7-. kegs es'orted Philadelphia Nails, itn .' store and tor uale Ft YoRRfl & BKOTflERS, Jyl2 65 Camp Sdreet. Co I(IN-- BAGGING--lt etrt andi for sale by YORIE & BROTHERS, jyl9 .65 Camp streal. ( AGIN -i-2 IS pieces of prite 44 incl K.tuttctky Baoging, landing froat s. I". Cnrintbino, for ontoe by LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, jli0 28 antd "J New Levee: W~ ESI'ERN IBiJTTIER-l00ktg ing tt oroe, kor eels • by FLr-IrER , TRIER, j'2l 411 Poydras street, I ARD- -779 kegs leaf L,-rd of - uperittr qoalitly 4 bJ l nding lrot steamboat Monarch. for sale by IAYLT &' AFMEILU.G, je 26 17 mt',nere street .LEMON SYRUII' AND PICKLES. 1 O BnoXES I emon Syrup;, 14. oIxes ansorted • . Pickler, it gaart, two , tart and enll, bol tles, frnm the anlifctntorv of WiI UtJ,iI.riwod, and I.ewie & lla kllak ,ff Itlotrn; landing fromn brig Talley rand and ship Charleston, for sale by JAIKVIS & ANI)ItWVS, _ nl ear C,_nwon and ithlpi.nla:r, ts. 1 UA Y.itI;L ;[LCOCOA --100Ui Iags. itr : ale j.1 rJ ' g AHIJAH C CFFEIE--11t Iu rime green llavana'Colce, lcudltiug from brig A E, aad fir inile by J. D) NiIli,, jJi. __ _11 CmI s,'reet. AGGtING & RItOPE-133 ps Kenuckv Iiaging, B and Illl Coils Hope; liso a small lot oi'Twiio, in store ni d for sale by J I)ANIELL, I :.hl 59 Camp street. <it1a11tCo-'--5 boxes ind 4 kegs prime Cheewin i Tobacco, (Le ther's braon,) in -m." ot for sale by J. ) je20 1-10 I i.l)tEIoT80 ho o-. ,. " ,d, Snality, landlng fronm baru I. . r ila by A si A " STETSOa In& = VEt. - d1+1 ANACKS Cur 1839.--. list ne;:,ivedl t ati sall lot oltf P'eple's Allllumnaeks ud :,loeketl's Alma naucks, for sale by 1)AVII) FEl.'I & CO., New York Stationer's hdni, ie'20 2I Charlres rtreel. rl t.XAS FiUNIED CERTI' ICATES end Audi tor's Draut , o tle Treasurv, wanted Ib NATH'I+ TOWNSEdI), jlt8 Exhange Hotel, Gravier at. rI YEXAS BOUNTY LA.ND wa Nted v NA'I'H'L 'I'O1WNSEND, jel8 Exchange HIotel, Gravier street. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. N OTICE is hereby given, ihat the boolks of subserip. I tion for the remaining shares of the capital stoe.k of this Conmpany, were ropened in i,Monday, the 18th inst. between the hourl of 12 anl o'cloe'k P nI, and remain olel th e ei holar ofenlch day thereafter, until the while shall iave hben aillbt1c'ibed for. By order of the Board of Directors. E 1, T,2ACY, Jilets, 1833,. Serrtfnv FRED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, O lFFEIRS Ils services to the Ipublic in tihll depart mrilers of Surveying and Civil Engineering, both ill townl sld country." Fron considerableexperience in his profession,anmd by romptness andl fidelity in ,ihe execution olf huillenn entrlltedl to hini, he ahopes to naert anti iisrive ilt shar ofrlhllm plttronage. liHewill also nleasure aad caleulate tle Loiultellts of wa ls and exarnilions. Otice No 8 Cha:rtres street, second story b acc. je7 I INSivIAD t)11., in Casks and inh bbls, Iarrantcd .A pure article, fir saul, whoilesale ud retail, by JAIRVIS & ANlDRE\VWS, Medicine, Paints & Oil Dealers, jelt Corner of Colnnlaon & 'I"ciaupitnitlas Sta. SLI},\W.N' SllEETINHGS--tUl ,IIn yards 4.4 trown Sheetings, landing fiom ship Clherokee, suitable for tlhe lMeican itunrket "or City trade, fbr sle, by S'I'E'T'SON & AVERItY jelt 88 Gravier irrelt. SI'IE'lIii CANDI)LE". ,IIL, &e. B00 BOXES New Bedford Spermt Cnlle; 30 a1) caks New BIedford Winter Oil; 15 casks Rootllur Zinc: 6 toxa bron aua avuna Sugar, 101l coils Italo aope; 30I pieces I.aggiag; 6 cBasks Bllack L.eal Crucibles; 30 casks I'a cr Hnn roins 51 baskets Chainpagne \ ine. Fuor role by JOSEPH C )CK.\YNE Jc8 25 Gravier street. jESTERIN IUT'TERe-139 keen, received per pV steamer Vunlualia, front Springtieil, Illinoie, a superior article, Iar sale, by SLATER & TRIER, jell8 40 Puvdrii l trreet. je6 (; I)D(OKSEY, 441 New .Levee. PbllI OtLt, CANDLES, &e.-30 casks Neirw Ben brd winter Oili; 20 boxes o tin Sploe Candles 20 cansks rooting Zmncll. boxes Iosten Moultd o andies 300 ahecIs lBraiers' Copper. 1i store, ber sale by JOSE'PH COCI AYINE, apa0 L5 Gravier street. L A.A I .LA11D--ed1 Icgs it, siiire, for anle lby el (i DiRSEY 41 N .eo , .c... C ESS MADIn1 : EASY; hcint a new introduction C to tlie rudimlents of that stcientiti anllld iupullarI came. By George l'nalker, Tn-lear.heof Ihess. Uncle Ilorare, a novel, by sre S C h( all, anuhor ofl Sketclheo f Irish Cl.liraterIT, 'he Iluceneer, c. m 2 The Spirit of the WoVods, illtirated by n.olured en. gai': gsl , bi tihe' Iuthir If 'I' .IMoTral of Plowers. Finden 'siew.s of ort- and IlarboUar ofiGreat Bri Flora's Gems, or the Treasures of the Parterre; It nolll coliIIredll IfrOt nilatllle, by Jname ,uldruws: nwith puortiend illu.itrutions,by Liunisu Aun 1', ulllley, nilthll, of li iThe itomane of Nature. A .Glsi.nri of 'lerie, used ill Grecian. Iolman. Ita li it, an id Un(ioi: Arcllilt-'llre; tile ecould dition, ell I)'1lre.i tixlluplitei, byi -0 wt i c0 i Cuts. .ieksll I, illneers' Pi lcket Ii nlin , I;r, tI y r 183.;; with un .\1 unII, I; by Ilenrv, Civil !lEngineemur. \\V ,lk; ,I Iord Ifla.onll, v.lth nol itl;rod .ll, tort' essall, ,iiii i i p 'rIt' Lt; nIew elil it ll, Co llll])[t l ill s l." " Bi- hop Iurnytt's Ihstory ofh is \own Tiime: flrum the ieiotion of Chlturles II. ti the treat of peace l l I rl.elll t I I iit r .t (; tl Q(uc .\Ann". A new eiitOlln, SI hhilo)ric, c" bioraph Icn t s il- ; cI splete ill one " ... ., ' Ju. , ,,,,,.," ..... (,, . ..." J 1':IX.;IS ,luN,.\--Ior . - .l " n n IIYIoe, u . je7 col' CuOllo II Magazine. F LOUR-1-!2 bbis e,,lLrtu Flo,, biding andid l Sle by STET'I'I SON & AVER\Irr, je'7 7 . .+ rnvier --reet s'l:lIt st PUNK l-i,.-Z511.-C n Flour. 511: 1,.14 he 11." ean 11. t., Prime 1'. 0;, Kum ips & :hlllnders ilotore, and fir sale yI jeo'_ I.AYIE'I' & AMFI.UTNiG. ''JIIISKiEY.--0l i bbla reclilied (Pallen's b Yfor sale by -i. I)ORSEY, 44 New Levee. PORK -500 hhts. of all qualities. just inspected and will be sold below the quotatiott., hI Gi. InORSE., je22 44 New Levee. -D U'I"I'EI-i-30 kegs freshe, esr Ilt r, lir 1 I) lp il J 'IIAVER & CO. F LUUIR-4110 bbls in stare, for sale by 15G DtIltSEY, je29 44 .new Ievee. PRANMKLIN INFIRMARY T IIE public are respectfully informed tlt t inslti Station is erected on the 0olst improved plala, and in a airy alnd moat admirable uatoion, in the fbohaur Fra"klin, nuop lhe railroad, oae mile from die Mlinsis sil Fe hoiiling is large and mot comneoliously divided into nf)nrttents, fi)r keaping separate different clauses, slbi different diseases. The intitutiti is sopplied with the nmst skilful attd nttentive male and female nutses, and speaking the va rious moilern languages. Private roomn may be had hv gentlemen at five dol latr per day, inclnding attend acet, &+:. Terms in the ordinary wardso to dollars per day. Slaves also two doillrs. Small Pox ill tie ordinary wards, five dollars. All capitdl surgical operations extra. P'llb resident physaician is Dr Veddeman, to whom spplication for adlntision must be made. or to I)r C A Lhoenberg, No 17 Ranmpart street. i1ll9 I" - EAF LARD---lls kegs in store, tfr sale he L G DOR SE\T, je29 44 Noew levee. D IEGO MtORPIY, Professor of LagsFagos,is now prepared to receive o ertlemeN, thu imay Le dis posed Irspnnd a part of itoir leisa Ihoeurs during the smenanr, in acioirng ths French, Spnnish, or English Lanuages . hats genlemnan alill Ia a aseparate lour, from 40o9 o'elock, P. IM. N. It. ''ramnlations taldl as asual, Office, 67 Char tres and 4 Itlevtlle streets. , je2".-Iw HE NATURALIST'S OWN iOOfK--Conprioirng jdescripntions nodautal tloc nstoteeof nFsUdruep eds; o'ieutifially rranged accortling o the aons. ofat Cuvtdt by thte sa.or ot tl r "YounglMa.'lan Owl sook! TLtE NATURAL HISTORY bF INSECTS-In two otltumes--vol 2,fortmig ho. 74 of the "Family Li brarn"; Ardligstoftle LAW or EItDENCE IN CRIMINAL. CASES -hy Hanry Roscose, Esq. shith notes oan refet.ieoes to Am'rican decisions and to the English c iiommon law nd ecclesiastical reports by iGeorge Shlarswotd. Os DsaoOS or DIstAnEO of the CHEsT-hoased oe. on the comparison f i hielr physical and general signs, by \V W Gerhard, M D. PRINCIPLEa or PAT HOLOGY, ANti PAbCTICE OF PHystr-By Johnt Mackitosk, AY D., froit tils loat L.n don edition willt notes and additions, By iSamutl Gio. Mortou, M D, in l vouls. TH. AMEsnICAN IUARTIRLY Rnttaw-No 36 lot Decembelr 15: Joust received and fdo sale by f1I' Wm MIKEAN.oorner ffCalo and Cm. j A LEA.I L.AR-420 kegs leaf lard, aon rig fro steamboat General \Wayo, fir stile, by LAYET & AS11o:I.UNSr, .iyQ 17 Ct.:mltereo esteet. ) ACO.\ SIDES-I hbrlds bacon side, landiig from L steamlboat (Geneosral Wayne, for sale by LAYEl' & tSIL:,UNG, iyO 17 Conmereo street. -i YI'tI-,5 TI'.ITEL--T-wa ftof, cons"ifi of Sabout 14t0 logHs, ling at Cortr.lltoi. for stile by T . I'IYDE & BIltti)HER, j) 2 bor Comltmo & Mpagaiue strots. FLOUR,. WHISKFE, PORK & BEEF-148 bbls as erU6ie and 152 do fine four[ 19 bbls oqm non and 46 bbls rectified whiskey; 7 bblls mesa and 13 bils primie potk; 2 bhla prilln bet; tho i.argsef a fiat booat fdr sal ltw, to close, v . IAY ET & AMELUNG, '1j 4 17 Commerce ftrr.t. b AII 3-1 esied (60 boea liachl) taible salt, for asale 1,v REAL) & IARSTOW; jy' 7 Bank btlie. b GMA.N-' .?E311NT--or si , jyG " " N -i ,ee Se b.y RECIAAD sI . I Il s . ,," jyG 7 Fiesk Plyse. 1. Btk Place. jeie .F AM MILY IIAMIS-74 bil.ld ttiiosed Family Ihnts l' , f stup ior quality. landing f,iln rt.onmlomt Alaonsh,b for sle by t .AYET & A\IELUN(.. Sje6 17 Couilltne street. N EW MUSIC--She 'o,ore a wreath dof a pee; FIlet Tref; .4ink forlh liy fairest;'Theater Spirit; Cent eiog vour leseso, Ti'e htath thin night; tile lay a the G(ndolier' The lady leavet the banquaet hll; Na plleun'a midlght review. Just received anld fr sael at B CASEY'S, ap24 'ilanofrtr and M 'ic t i IRVING'S NEW %14OtK &e. r'I IE ROCKY MOUNTAINS--:Or scene, incldent I ald adveutures in "ithe Far Weer,"digelied fron he journalolf apliitai 1 I If Holleville, of the Army of the United Staote, all illustreatd froem variou ethrel iillresa., by \holsili,: n h-vin, ill atoti. 'I'H!. VICTIMS )I'I SOCII'TjY- Iy the Countresn oft lil·esircan,ia2 "vo. Just received lll fil saile hv W .1 MJKli:AN P A'lER, (utils, dteel pIt, i, Oh fluid wafers realing i aax, iidia Iltbber, bhlitck sand poiti(o nd every thlier arrticle of ltiaionerv, iv the very best quality.con staotly on bandtd aeniltiale by DAVID F'lT &CO. rnl9 N Y Statit,.rs' Hall, 28' Chartrees et. . t11I'E It NAi.aI SU \ b- 5 toxes lauding Tromh schr ''exas. fior s.le by oIly l8 IA'I'E1t &'11(1.FR, 44 Peydree at fI EXAj X M12'tINE-$8II'It T'ireaturt \ieca for ale ' by 1' ItI1IYD &'BtlTIaRtER, may 28 39 Commlnon . lar. aaziu at S I;~A5AR-;lit lild iu e, fbr sale by nl it I))itlltI'. 4'ee'la'rvrP T 1 t ehoCincilnnati Cured, in stet, tor atle, w - 0. 1)011ORSEY, je18. 44 New Levee. LILOUR-400 bdbl, in store, for sale by ' .jel8 G. DORSEY, 14 New Levee; SEAF LILRD-O500 kege, id fina shipping order. for S sale by G. DIRSKEy, jel8 44 New Levee. " 1' ACKEREI., LIME, &o. 11 274 bblh. mackeral, no. 1, 2 an 511 hall barrels maekeral, nos I and 2 1129 casks of lime, 2) Ibundles hay, 5i00t) feet lhnber, Landingfrom brig L.inaildoand fir an.l., b J 17 1 E'l'SON AVEltl '& CIO. NEW I IAT STOIRi. JUST receivedlper ate arrivals from Nea Y'olk, fresh andll bisltonable alirtllletit +f H1.TS. The subhlilber would particularly call the atlention of the plllIli to a .tyle of beaver that. of a snperiri finish, fine te~tlre, ric i and beautiful lustre; also to a fine dplli+ lullssi tihal oft atllerior quality t ald al. a fledi artlicle olitf silk Illht, tegate er with a enertl iti onrtlaotlll ol'rufuet, tell by hlrntelt. upreeely fur tlllt itiarket, wllelsole aut rletoil J W OSBOItN, 34 Camp street. N. R City and country dealers are invited to call. S RICIIARDS, 'I'lobacco alid natl" tonnnfarc turer, No. .77, Catne, New-Orlcanls, wishlles to inform his itrcll and the public in genetal, thathei snow prepared to furnish any thinl, in the above business, and tas constantly for ale the followlag artiacles: SNUFFS. Rone, German Rappee. .Motaealy, English Pri te Regent, Alnmricni Rtappeel Nolhite. bei, Imlitated, Anmerican gentleman's, Ilertago ot, lnokenthtt Rapper, Irish lchkgnard, i. tOiar, Curacoa, Maris, FareSlpotansh, Half ctlarse Raplper Scotcl, and genuine todthl liowder TOBACCO; .. Fine cut chewing, sweet nsented or plain. Fine cut smoking, of various qunlities. Ilih-foot Virgiinia, Spanish, Eoc. Tle abovearrtilen are oil warra6ted as g d, tf nd su periorto anything of the kind imported, and will be furnishedlto dealet ron the most liberalternlr. 'ay 4 NEW Bl.t)DFOlttO sP'ltl CANDIItES--1Ot hbxes of New Bdford lp.rl Candleas, landlig 'rot ship Kentucky, and for sale by LAWRENCE'IC LEGENDRE, je 1 28 & 229 New Levee B RAZ .ERS COPtPEK--1000 sheets braziers copper weighing tell pounds eaeh, in store and for aale by A.tMIUEL [OCKE & CO., No 8 Front Levee, betweeti Cu.tdht House and Bicn. ville streets. june 24 New Orlenannn ed tanrrollton Rail Rnad Arrtangemetits for ruening the cars from teis date. FRno (cnnoRLL'rON FROM NEW ORLEANS. The horse c ait cl o'Al'k A 1 te amn car at ? A At atean eai 6 d dl do d.o do do 8 id do do do 11l do do 10 dO do do 1 etcaannia' 12 do hi ateean ear at 3 do stem car 2 Jo ' 1 I do 5 do do o 4I do do di do 7 do dedoe 6tidod do dot 9 Ia do do 8 do do Tl'he Ja'ckon oretat care aot1 Lafayette, hnlf pst 6 oenlleik, A\ 1. Canlll atrtelat Ii o'elotck A M n, odrun nin: lollrlv o at7 o'tlhek. Tli!Pe cars will eomtne'ble rounning eery Iall lloor and icontinue throughout the day until7 otelock, P ltM. 'I'therrngee eu:ent lIbr the La Course street eare the snme as tir Jackson treent. -'f. JAc.r-O-. 3F0 , ir 6 grr I b:gl-100, received SL AT .'1 & TRIE1R, nm': 41U lloydras str.ct. jOUIAJ NI.; \WV.'lT...-ltireltly ivitirted IroeI Co ltiglte, by t ItiN.NAtlI't, cear Natchelz tatI Tlihapitoulas sis. Ti' ltl' ,enuiclllettcof ithe artilo ie i roved by the autograllph o't lie mauulactuier, Johiott Maria Foim'lt. W 'lli civet in a clhotlt Parcel oi' U.I3MMER Y L(.tH''II ING, to elsit, a er'isighnient. Per: Son wiothin to t porcha are invited to call add ex lullie the unell, at thie oflice TOf NAT'I'I'L TOWNSEND. jcl Exchange Hotel, Gravier st. I4 iISKEY--00 8f It ion iore, lier sale liv 11it 4 (f ItKRSEY,44 Nea LteVY.' ILOUR 3 l--tI0 bi tll t ll landilie, per l, tubr sale jel3 44 New Levee. I7 A LAlG\ WIN l:--Sweet aa J)ry i Mlaaga Wine, LIA in qr casks atld Ildi t bllbs, entitled to debentuln; for sko by READ) & lIARltSOW, je? i7 Gravier st. 50 CA SESiopnrial, 0guncpoder. , yono tyson ani 1i0 b toes MR I Mlaga Raisins. •100htif do do do,. Iltlbags prime green Havona Collfe. 20 boxes t'rash tlavana Sweet leut'., 300 boxon Yorng's surperior Cha.mpagne Cider d75cases Bur, eaux Clnrt. 30 case, superior cld Purl Wine. 25 do do Sherry. Spipes old LP 'l'Tenrifte. O- kegs prime Goshen Butter. 5. oils Manilla Cordage, asorrted sizes. 20 cotlo tarroed do do do. 100 dozen superior Corn Brooms. 50 kegs assorted Nails. I9 kegs No d, White Lend. 10 casks Winter Strained Sporm Oil. 100 tboxes New !ledlcrd Spernt Candles. 100 boxes lioston No I Soap. 311 hloxes Freneh Brandy Cher iee. 20 hoxes Uoderwood's Pickles, assorted. I0 hbis American Gin. 15 bbls Amlnealn Brandv. 5 qr casks lBarelat's Por't Wine. .uoar. IButer, Wett er and Seda Crackers. Pilot a te Navy Bread, manufoctured by the Patent St..oUn Ilake-s constantly ol a hled, toetllhr wil it general assortment of Groceries, wholersle nod retail, by ZACIIARI1 & litLOTillllR, je 27 716 Ol I.ovee street. "l\rtts, 0teLL.--500 gallons iwat English liotred LA oil, new' landing frm brtuig Willioam,fromt Itoan. 1(200 enallon Ioreignand lrlhernl lumaLfactlred linseed oil, in cuke aondl brrele, ill tlll, nll for sale low by JAKVIS & ANDRE\V.S, \V holt.asa I)btggi t. pv7 e,,r Conllll & 'l'colallpoltloe strorie. 1AiJ'--35(l boxes No I eoap, brand etJnnr Ja ioeld A. landing from bri" Willim, fhr sole by ISAA.C ItRIl)GE'& Co, jy7 1:4 Magorine strest. B ALEL ROlVE-Ill coils bale roe., of superior quality, for sole by ISAAC llIRDGE &Co, j.7 131 l apgo ine otaelt. )OllK-- 15 bbl, \i Sle, .od lriote il U and P' .l'rk, fir ale he ' I ylv LAWKI:NCE & LEG(ENDRE. jeli ;_ R end 29 New laevee. IABLE SALT.1.1: 30 Cases: 60 boxes each: fine mta Sbesalt,foraleby IEAD k AS' W july 19 7, Bank Place. JEACH BIlANIll': A tee bhis old pattI bltandly A for sale by REAl) & flARilI'OW, tly 19 7, Batlk 'lac i io Ut~ -05 bhis, leauding Irontl itntuaboat John J[' Mill, r sale by G I)I1SEY, jylT 44 New Levee. UK-2M1 ls; . ine' soft prime &. shotlders, I. Orlale by h lt)RSEY, jyl7 44 New L5'vL.r NOTICE-Tite eubaciibhr hating peurhased the 1 Stock of Messrs. Irwin, ulla A. &Waltont will cuntinue to transactn a Wholesae Grocery and Cotm milion Business. lie has on hand a altmeral assort nitlt of Srdsn IBOAT STORns,which lie offers for *ale on nloderate terlot, and solcits the patrolnge of his friends of tIe lutrmer concern, and the public In gene jyl4.7t JOliN CHRISTIE;, JOHIN CIIlISTIE las renoved frot Nd. 15 New Levee to 2T Common street. jyl47t Lockhart's Lifo of Walter Scott, &o: p*ART 7th aend last, of Luokhart's Life of Sir Walter c dott.. Ldvelb thIe author of FlirtatidunThe Divorced, &c. in 2 vdle. '1 he Works of Wasilingion Irving, new editionisole. ,I. It usd 112: 'rite Americaii Joatnal of the Medical Stienoce.No 43, ter May; 180a. Jet, reseised and for aole by Wi MSlcKEANi cor ('oam and Comition stthent. Also, a h'rther supply of Alice. or the Mtsteries; a sequ(l to Erdest Mnltraners. jelti IL L ON S " RtLUP--.501 bllxe su pet Lemon a ruj fui f ale by REAl) & ItA.,S'l'W3 ith22 R iT ratir street. )OItK-1100 bbls Nleenocd .1110 1'Ok;n1hbls i jti Sinspected Porl. t Pcrl E R, I. itWLS Ce W LEtIclNgF:. m28 28w r'tI Leic... S~ " HliiKT-2J9bbisr ctiied laulilegfrom steam Soer Splendid, lotr tle by I)tIRdEY, Sr14 44 New Levee. NEW PUBLICATIONS. T IFEinLondon,or the Dla and! Niight scenenr JLerry Hawthomrn, Esq.onnd C(irinthian Tgn),.o l comlnied by Bh ,oi) , thid Oaini' in tlii' rmnblres nnd prees tfhddlli tihe etApesa G' i Pierce Egon, in 2 vole. Vivinn Greyv, Novel, by tD'; eCndpleto r nJ vol: The Ynoung )se, t novel, by the Author nit Vivian. (frey, oenplew in 1 ol., The Humorirt, NElited by ''hecdhrie Iltek Author li Gilbert Gurney. Just received lnt, til sale at ilFA cornr oflCbmp said Cn(:olnllte etliby r WiVn 3IKEA N. IIOIN tItt1 it R.NITtUILtE-3: sets vneryu I r perir plawl, andel set.s brue al iding door fin'ri'u·s ' nmpletet jut reccived per,eailp n I( ldgeaun anud Cr erie vy 1.A. TON , ' C'., eliv il 5301"' 'ree . HECK S ON ' ltb IUNITED e"l'A' ..I , of 'hiladelpllia, and in u'ms to uitt pirc'/ fur sale by\ItI;N'tE & I.EGI.;NI)tlit jy9 :1 .& -.3 Newte Leve.. B ROGANS--4 ciases .)ten's anld oy' Kip din. Russett Lroadl., for sale hv ISAAC BItttIGFi & CO, jy9 131 Magazina stre.. I It. SAMIUEI. SHAKaPIEARE is my tltborized' Agent durmg my absencet fro-n ile ciyv. IDANIEL DiANA. j9-law4w. BAIDNESi. A *BEAUTIFUL head ofhair in th grnntdest ~nrna Sment bielonginb to the human frame. lIow errannelT Iv rthe loss of it changes tie cmIntenIane, and premal tarely Irin~s on the eppenrance of ohl age, which, e.u: dH many to recoil at being nttcverel, and nmnetimnsw even to shut uvniety to avoid t11fi jets and sneers of theliir acqlani.tanee: the remainder or, tlefir lives arecon. reqe-nitly ipnt in refitmeient. In rltrte, not even the Iose of troperlv fills ilhe eeneren tlhinking ylt'th writh' tlat nneevv sinkin elieim as dne- the loss of eli ha ir. r'o vert aill thesre untiteannt tirenistnntePe, Oldridge ialm of Col mblin elop the hair froet fiiling often the fist aplieution, ati a few tottlre reslnres it again. It likewisn premitucte evetmwne l a ind icee; ptevetnt thler nir frim lttrnline greny, makes ift curl tPietifillly, ean ftes it From scirf. 'Nilmertrt efri(ICtee 'mfl lic Jr eeRpecinhility in sopport of the virtter of Otdridgoj Ilalm, are loievn ty the proprietore. ID Read the folhllong:- Robert Wharton. Esq. late Mayor iof Ph1iladelph has eertifiei' as may I. seen Ielhow, to, the high chara' ter of the fulltwigI gentleTnmen. 'lI'e undesrigned .ic herreb cetifv dlh iteleive userl the Balm ef Columbla'iered Iv .J. O(llridee., sti havre fi.,td it highly servitenafe mnont alys a pre'vetivr against the filling offof Ihir, but also aeertin reatora five WIItLI it 'tH ATCCIER, Senioi. Methodist M.inister in St (deorge i'teree, . No Gl North Fift stt. JOHN P ITGLIS,32I Arch street. JOHN I) I.HOMAS. MI D, 163 Ranest JOHN S Fl'REY,10I Sprcte street. HUC Ii eIcCURDY.243 Southi 2d at. JOHN GAtci, Jr, 123 Arch strert. it is knowrn that three of th.. abowe signers are molA than 50 years of ag.r and the others not less than 30. [Froun the Mavor.] Comutonwealth if Penn vllvnia, . Citv of I'lhi'ldelphis. I, Robert Wharton, Mavor of said city of Philaddo. pthi, do hIereby certify ;htnt unm wCll acqtminted weith' Bleesr J iP Ilglis, Jian S Furey, and lnigh lnCurdy,; whose names are signed to the ahore certiicatethat they, are gentlemen o lcharacter ant respnretabiliteynd ase sune full credit should re given tihe raid cernitfiocate, In witnets whdeof t have uhenunto set my hand aeTd caseed the seal ofthe ctiv to be .,ffi.d, thi 6th ddy of Decemleer, &e." [. S.] ROBERT WIHARTON, Meyer. OBSERVE thtol each boftle of the Genuine Balm hlteo a tiplendiL engrived wrapper, on bhich is represented the F rll tofN iniagreA,&e Shld n' w llnrelef nd retail Ihv thfi ole neent ftr Aurta rice, Nil Fletchir stredit, teity Alniden Luneii, ele doo below Pearl streetlnd by ItUEl druggitlsatnd perfume&i through hb country. JIt VIS & ANiDREWS, mI Vtiholesale Aoenoe, New etierlner. PROSPECTUS. TIlE subecriber proposes to iibhlsh, in tile he.. ginning bf the ensaing witer, a Condenaection of. the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiano Reports, to be comprised in four volumes, 8oe., accorditg to the model of Peter'n Condensed Relprts. Thisr work is now in preparation by J..Ilurtman tarrison, Esq., of thin city. assisted by William F. irand. Ecq. Theo Editor is also permitled by d tistinginohed retired Judge of the Supreme Court; and by Cie of the sitting Judges, to expect frtn elir r.ier nal supervisiot nil thle advatnin o whioe lary inaturally be reaped from their elxprionce. Such a work is becoming every day more no Ccesary, as the originl is volumintousp, expensive and secren. An inicrasing coriosily too in moni test I thie etit o. rates of the Ultie, in rettetin to the periltljtrispruiiono ot Lonusiana; i an nciI'ttUIIlIllnI be Iluie IUllltorU prinebplsa cr ere r cideod in tile adjustment of eonfliie of tiws, ntak the knowledge of oulr adjudged enases of prime u. lity ui tejturists of thle nwhole Unine. Morcer, the rising republiie of Texas ins adopted nor co and thus there is greet dcleand for the Louiesf: decisions from a frelsh qurter. Contvenient notes, indicating tile piiallel r: decided in Louisiana, and occntstolpu l trhose in t..: ire authoritative forums of tlie other States, will hb added io each ease. Tlhe work will form four voltumes, royil oettavt; and cill be delivered, hound, to subscribers at $8 per vol.; in case it uleuld he fhund prnaeticahle to compreas it ilto tiree volunmes, ithe price iu aub; cribers will he i7 eper vol. Subscriptioea received by W\M MeKEAN; jes5 eeor Crip and Contitns t it. I1 t:: -171) blil. vry' prat r, ne 1l'.waruon aig : I iles lives [hupit forsol li T IIYIDE &'IiIOTIER, nm29 39 Codinid...4t earnecr of tl egezine it., TdM1LELLA2 & PARASOI.S-2S en-ac. rn-n pre. U log em a trtinonti f 91nam. & (&ngle nm Ui beeline and Parasdls, luriding Froui Barque Ellen Hand elur ate by touP) 10 AC BRIDGE: & el , 132 lagazineas a P ETLICSPills, un, lelli Pill.; I; 14i,, 1Linent idmýIl inoeDu, tieermni l bnne tills, Butler'~ Eflifrverreut Mne ejoia, lulmu of Coln nn &c. &ec lauding and for nula be 1 "i )NNAIIEL., SS coar Ntlchez aned TcbhnphtUuloe tan. r10 LE'l-A IHloose, CanaI Street, betl'e, I irine and TreinO Svcere, auiluble far .i large Ifnily. Apply to & DOYLEF & A1Ai;, je23 3 Ceronndelri etnIt. 14(LOUII.-SlNi0 bble eupirfieb Fluar; fresk and will k ip for nume time, fq tedtle by h,. DuitSEY jer2 44 New ikbe.. 1 AVA A CLe~t-FE-251 bogs a .a Cu. ee, gan scbr Heru, fronm Hvanor fdaIf .sbe SLATER&TRIRER je14 40 Pnllrene treet. jtnr.tu.,,dlir r na e irlennuloibrilw OldPeauh Braondv inbbl Amiericd.. brmod' sd Gin iti do; Nd 2 blubberd in nIalfld; l'nble Sall inculan kI 60 -boxneo lalne. 1 ine, Sweetil sl Iry, ibn pibuIni and I dine hbl2, (enftilbd todeolnture;) Spuiioh Boluiing I.ouldon'teruand Aki; Leuun Syreun; Ihiladelpho. Wh'itt1 L nd. No I; Codfish in bones; CLtton Gboo. REAL)M II ±14rDi-W; "-"+ i67 (;ruvier trieet W bltellelr Itu asl, le IV p ly eir aemily fbe, mu ale lut', in clbika u efnblgnmaen + h l.AWI2ENCE to IEIENDRE, Jel? _____ an8 d 2 Nrw Lbeaa ' B3 ACON-I 15- 1.,4 bitle s J ltid boudenu in= cinluti burwn. in pridlu order, in store, Idr talm by & AMELUNG, y jy17 17 Ceuacre 6alteet. H AMS-70U 1d. 1 3 tieOrcO an, inl bbl8t lham, 310 lhida and 59 bbls, begged do, pit no er rfanily usie. a uperi-r article, in alore, for sale by LAYET & AIELUNG, jyl7 17 Cooniliqera 'tmea F REI WYEdTEi U ''ERb-49 tkes 14beiva .'fre atiaoallt Trqqubi. 10i anle be SLATEK & 'rILER, S40 Poydna sateeti BLANK lOORS-Jetul rceiwed by recbat .reylif B lim Noaw 1 tk, anl additionall suap1I ofBlank Bobkearwrv Onibier of uling and UB.tliyg hilit in went et Bladb lookus and Paper, are kequsatiel. ! call and ennmiune bure ti emiv.. stock,; wbuiesala 6* reltil by DAVID FELT & CO. New Yoik Stationnr's Hall, jy17 _4 Cl4rtvlre ureet, L LoUIR-l40bbla flut; landiag,landforaaleby STHAYER & CC, jy6 . 74 P..ydmasMat.tie (NANVASSbj .liloa-itbbi Ciaroiaaalupabk J caaeio4iad ingot,., fob oalt by J TIIAVERb & C), jy8 74 'eydmne pireel. BUSHELS 2 SV~y1iLua Cults--kar eats-' J TIIAYE:R & CO, t6 74 iPoyde m aiim. 1 Al IN--3'2 awn k, laadiug i;;ii iaenmer I$nlwiln. fo3 Inale by 4IIOIEV, jeltI 44 New *' l AF I.'.Kp;-llO keg, lalNuig rIon = Buikeye, and fr aaa by Ui lk; v~DNli .\' i.Uthttg begging, W110.6k eejae. eiaaH isie. inr p it far aele by i1th 1E' AMEL$lICI. 3.7 ·-' 7Cnaw bore 'nor Gilandag (mm ete~aner Allonrl'% 14i-T:fb~iN& AVE~ jr7 0121 t5 a .

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