Newspaper of True American, July 31, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 31, 1838 Page 3
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For the Znterior. SUNDAY EXCURSION, A FtR·BAI ST. I,)UiS & PA."S iCHRISTIAN. , $ Fare for the Trip $5.o11. The steam boat MAZEPI'A. will leave the Lake end ol otle tai' Road, on Sunday next, oater the or a- the- 7 o'clock cre A. i., far the aldyve ports. Returning, will arrive at thle rail road at 6 u'clock, A. M. on Monday morning. Apple to . jyr6 tlloer St. CtaleaIl Excltange Foe' Iay St LMAu"e, Pase Ghtatuia, Ieloxi, rt Pascagouln. The stae t ,t n MA?.EP'tA, Griflit, mater, will rleave the lake rnd I1thle Rmail Rtiod on thle ;npt, on tlie erne. o the -itall-poast 16 o'clck cars. Apldv tot GU(u. Whitman, New tarldanv l nd Mobile Mail Otfiae, unoer the Excange IIottl. St Ciharles street. jVll For BaY St. Louis, Pass Christian, Belori, and Pasctgouoa. 'Eit e lne law perestrer steamboat . GtAIIRAFFE, Capt. Siler, will rleave O foilr the abo e placesr, on tihe mornteings t a huredays and Saturay, kInmediately after the arrival of Ite six o'clock care; anti retrn as heretotire. on Fridoysand MS ,dayo. The piatic may depetnd on ilte Roar t Ietnving iltarrTT llly oI the above davs. ' or Ilassage oapplv to Capt Stuiler. S P . The rEirlfeie will ie prepered, on previouse notce e Captain Swisre, to proceed once a week oil Pleasure Ieareioes, provided a suoicirot nu.tber oifers to remunerate. _ jyl9 _ SAiTURUDA EVENINGi': . SUNDAY TO MANDR.V a I t. A D.ttIONVd1.1.E. h Th steambtoat 7IAZEPI'A, Capt. f . I.. L T. Koight, will rleave e tleke end oftheraii-road or thle above plnrces, every atUtrdtl evening, on the arrival of tihe I o'cluock care, and return tit" rie t ighet,-et-an' leave Sttntttty ele'nin on the arrival of the 8 o'clock ceare; rettrnin ieave Mndisoovile at 4 o'clock, P. M. mn23 3tow 2.n FUR MADISONVII.LE, LOUHISBURG, MANtlE VI.LL.I & COVINOTUN. I 'fle The fast rnttle ond sptcndid teteam tboat MIAZIPPA, I.T Elri ht iot tar, will rute ls I regular mtil boat ror tea ve ports on Maatdayr, Werlnesdo. alttd Fri days, afttar the arrival of tie E t'elock cars, A it. Ie tnretng, leaves Cvinegto 'Tuesdays, 'lI'hursdays andd Saturdiya. oat 8 o'clock, A M. N II. All baheage and parcels at tile risk of tlt own re, unless a bill of lading is signe. New Orleann and Mobile Mail c flie, ap 9 FExctange ltoilliaa, St Charlers s. FOR BAY S'1l'. lOUISt, Psen Chriti..i,Wct oand East tPascagtllt. Ss he splendid low pressure IneniD* In* t I'AROLINEW CSoteton Ints tar, will Icull ot the ahove wotering p ocestwicea rt, locvinglle t ,it en.rd of ti.h rail goauwd on tihe arrival of the I1 o'clock ctrs. AITc to, ihtlO WtITt't'IAN, N Oand lohile Mail Office, under ExeOhInge iHotel 3 Charles at. in_ _ tf'1--T F , P.11I t 5:1.1 A I:. 'The fine ntew stetrn ferry boat I.AURA,i l tltttmlteit order, and ren tytto t tolllltrlllt' rlttnimtg os she now lies n the ne;rbor of t new caronal; will ia disposUed Of an reasonable teros. Alpply to No 8 Buillinte Rca, Tehapitoulas stlrcet. a ft'w dtmrs above I)elord. iel i 6t Wor Texas. fbe JFor Alulabrogda Ir.e Oak Paint. cnod .qrans,,ur B11, i 'lloo fine 6rust suting b4rit;;14111) 4141'(, John i "Ytinge, wrister, I1.vlll it lade kart r f ercargo engaged,~l will solil in n few lint Fror balutl-e olf freight t n f pax sage t blari ng Cu eerio u comlmaclntiulo. 1''S II nhll.crt j2T14foo 441V 4114 VltAN, .,4 Common4,~ At. 111 R' The God IloirIlo has been Ihurollllhl l repai~red and nIewy ropl)ered 4444 a1le4 ,,plans 444 side 444 44ll 4444r and n.ew stand4 A "l, at t44e d.1441w.4w iQ44444444 offices - an4lireily. jy`l The lSlry Pllprlrll) new light draft schooner~T ALS~' '6'":, 45444.444 -, h aving a It large p ..rtion o fr cn4'.. engagedIill hove41I quick de Ir ac a e abov.4 ports f 44 I4nlac 444oil hireghlt or, apply to WI I1:Y.\AN, j,21 56 (4n o0n At. FOR)4, 'iA III1 A4RIl4. (\':1I'X14)1\ 'V AM) - 1't well kn4,'..4444444' 1,0014)r OIIANA, balance .II t'reiclll nl I,.ttsa~l, ;gaply V " Ianted, uppuasiln il J1'Tru.44 street, ur toV 444 C:Iii'AN, V'll1 1 . 11:1 4 '11 1 I'll-· n~eulll i Ilullhr l +e r t1).. 1()1. ?R Cupt tin i;H' I ail, "nsttl· 1 111 all. -.111 b lures 1olt or 4)41s m it 44,pl4444i4 I44)4'l 4444)444il4 4 .I44ll4444 ' s44e4 . Or to Anld a1I ll lnit lll· i,lli· 1.1111.1111 ll the (' 1·11 s1. c ý- t-, I.. The I ,ewe 1; It 1 I T; " 1: .(ptalll _r, +,= in ::. af·. 111 : ur1rlv,111 l oll the ! (i clock ears. ly ill FI 144'1'"44,444'), I4 :1 4 ): .41 (,4 1. 14.1 1 I The we.I~lr I~l ll k1: lr ti , l li-l 11 .;r fit - hr DE 1 'l K 1,1,Cu l 11e i.enu lu1" 111 the swots, 1444(4444r b.444 t or 4,4 +u . h l opposit to Stl'vtrr ':': tl, ur t.. .r ~i\l():C: L jell 5,; CollP~il od jlllYli ill I street.I~li I FiE Fr" 1Gl ' or. cll.· t rllIEtw. l 'Il l oud at Ilutanll III og , th inerme iat Raiding,, Ir 44tt44 is44p4444,444 he444o4444ot A opkitt, willload a oove f ilnwinle upli, I t aio be ade o LEI II G.1LK, jelI _ _ 9:ICommon, elet. j441 I NVAN'I' E) I11 I'll ,R'r1 s 'I Eorry - _ ale F.reefo'rht or hai ter.u M oble 1411 ll 4,1 414 eceed (414 Iloaded 3 fi:"et, for terms uttel. .. jyal.4440b 44 11(N, 4ll44m st1e, t '- 411 A__________A IEl, WAII.l It 4 4441 wA4 'I'EIl) , A Britl or he c.Dner c apable of carryings Pratt V.1 to144 f4444444t 4).a b4, t1 load a444444 Pointni, hile Bu andproced t Iluuna. 4A d 4444144 EVI 14 . 4. ALE, JU131 93 Collaonnu street; : - W A NTl'ED. A 11444' 44f the4c4p44i4 of 140 44 41444444444 444444 6Ic41 u 1444,44 1,.44144, 4114.4441 ,. sal'oi44',; b t14)1.4134.444444441444444444144 LEyVI'4 ItEll1. GALE, P' jy24 9: 444444444444n st4ree. S ALT-204414sa4ks Liverpool 64444444 44444444 Monad ba444 Ciies and fur aisle', by I a1'KER I IEVII H. (.ALE, jels 93 o44lu,44 1tre4t. P'ORlK-oleos, Paw nle 44444 , f(444 r 4444 a444I 1. 44423 .1)0E1(444 4 Ne.w 1.44.. 1PqAN4)M C.,) '44 Letter Plapl)r-Jl44t re4e44e.4,4a 4444ase4)44444 1anc 4 4444er 444 o 4exec4l4nt qUality, for male 4e4y lo b te as o 4444444444444 444444,4 IIAVIII I Eli;" & co jol6 N Y 44444444444' 44411, 01h44tre4 at. UM-100 [,hi s Ne w (gnloms. Rum, for sale bypra R ape4441 ' Ill 44EI( &C4 B~EEN HAVANA C4)F E -IS0 bars, in 414444, 41an 4 f4r sale by SLATER & TRIER, jyl7 440 Po 94444444.44. Y-1 AVANN A CO)FF.EE-95 bingo fSl 4 u 44'44444q44lit4, 1landing fro4 brig 1.444444 r444, f4r 4a44 by jy44l 40 l~4'oydr4 4144441. 1111E..-10 Cask Lim444fi44a441e4 4 3 & J1 P 1blll'l'NEY, jy 24 4, C ,.nti 444441. taile d__ _ 6 (nd 44l4). UNDo) I'e4.44.4ae44 In,k 44r laknr444444444n, s44l4 r 4444444404, "ath a4comm4 1n witlh.ot 444pa444 lion, for4011l4 by It (CA4S4.4, jy'l6 19 C4mprt 1LACK WVriting Inlkb- t 444ei44 4 44r s LI lunl4vil~e rom New44 4, II dozen qu4444 BBlack 14'iling Fluid, 24 d144 ti44 do14 o 24 do. 44a444444 p 4n1d do Forth Sale wholesale or retaill bo nmd as (IA VII FE;LT 44 co. New.4 York 4444444444444 Hall, jy416 _____ 214 Ch4artres atreet. ýý/1'ý - -BS nvu gvy binurg city Ilal er, h' e IRAN S LAlI'El44ha l'lilR, 444114 440 Po6ydra at0. Ný T OTICE:. '19 RAVEiLERS winlg to Mobile by the M14441 Lin4 1 40 Mona41ys, 44.' 441444.41y4 44n4 Fridays, will 4egi4 tar their naume at4this offbce, 4444 no sootsCan be sec4Ured4 444440s th444r 444444 be 444444444 4n 1444 444y14i11. 444444v heavy ba4gga4ge can4444 hav 44444,e i4l oblc by auy 4,oat1. du4rin4g 41h4 wee.k, 4444 a41444e above4)4444444 days. GEl4J WHIITMIA N, UP RK-lPrim 444d me14. Pork,full bruaded, F 0 P and 6 O. .lso, 90040iece. Ken4tucky Beggingg, a8coils Rope4 for saloby H P LEVY & C(. jet10 (iruvicr st. up stairs. 1 h UoT4 ,-4114ES S, lll(0G.)N4 r DOJST raci4'al ship Ch4rle4t4) and0 b4ri4 Tolley . ruu,3U11) cuss" !hunts, Shuts anUld AmRrIIBI C cu Ilrilti;lr x good ns*(oTrIICeI1t ad wht~h will he sold 10w for cash, or good city p;.pler A F HUN 139 RR 11,.1 6 1 144.4,ml4ou.44 St. S FlISk'ý TI(.VELs IN ERKOPE:. Eil(AVELS .. 4444 Co0ti4ent of E44444, ,viz: in Eng 444444 144444la444. F4a444, It44ly. S44444r14nnd,44444444 4v,4thNel N444ll4444 IIt 114)'44 Fik, D D, Preside4nt 4 the Weoslean U4,..44r44y at 4414d.4444o44, Conto.; in b ellittleVtt l eygrltyttlon . ust reeerved nail Ina OHIO byl 44444444,W444 o.4g444 1111 44lMKEAN. -- (44h4-4444 4144 444444te, 44 l by -- 4.44444 U(41i(R4'a,44 New Love-, SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LONDON-Passage only. h The Al ad fast sailintg barque NI31ROD, Captain Patterson, will meet with imalmediate S deasptch. For passage only, haviag hand snuo secncminudatiaos, apply to iA LEVI I GALE, jyl2 0 3 Comman street. Fl i LIVEiRPITOL. ' t'he copred and coa1iper fa.etened slip CUMIBERlI.INi, Capt. Hastv, lbaing maost of' her cargo engaged, will have despatuh. ur 1'retght of3I00 hales or passage having superi3r S&JP WIIITNEY, july3l 8 Coati street. Na FOR LIVERPOOtL. The A 1 andIfast sailing ship STEIG LITZ, Coapt. Giblon, will inceive desp:chl. rot having the greater part of her cargo engaged; A reigt of 130 hhlds tobaccon, or passge, hlaring handunsa accommodations, apply to LEVI H GAIE, july31 03 Common street. FOll LIVERPOOIL. Tile A 1 and superior ship HURON, Capt. tIe aonrdman, will receive despntcll. For freight n oft it Ia les on deck, or passage, having hanl- as some accemmodatiats for 4 cahin pasengnrs, apply to at LEVI II OALE, ie jy24 93 Common street. - lORl LIVERPOOL The elegant Packet Ship HUNTSVIILLE, Cornell, master, will be despatched for the above part, provided an inonedihte cargo o tlirs, or termns ipl.l to J D BEIN & A COHEN, iy24 90 Common r reet. FOL L.IVERIPOOI.. , The A I and inst sailing ship ROWENA, . Captaip . Rteed. having thet greater part of her . "\curgo engaged, will meet with inaredli te des patch. For freight of 300 f les cotton or pnseage, having handsome ceomlnmotlntions, apply to jytl iLEVI H GALE,O93Cont.on street: S FOR L.IVERPOOL. ,-4 The A 1 and fast sailing ship IROBERT' WVATTS, Captain Dallingham, having the reiti aterr trt of her aergo engagoed, will meert with imediute despatchs. Four freight of 30I balse atttan or passage, having hnadsoln e accnmodations, apply to LEVI Hl GALE, jy'2I 93 Conssoa streer. FOR LIV ERiPOOL. SThe A 1 and splendid fa t sailing ship IIUILON, Captain Bo rdman, will receive imnatdiate desp itch. For Iassige, having d ouae accolnnodatias for 4 cabin plssAen ers, p. I ply to LEVI H GALE, jyl7 93 Commont street. Coastwzse. FOR NEW YORK IOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. Regular packet Gth August. e o splaendid fast sailing Packet shii IIUNT'I'VII.E Caonnell waster, will snil as above. For freight or paesage, having ~rpead did acctmomdlations, ampl' to the Captalain, aon board, Sippoita the vegetable nrhlke, or toa J D BEIN & ACOIIEN, jyQG 90 Common street. FOR NEW YO11K. T'roe A I fa1t sailing brig WEI LINGSLY, Captain J Churchill, having nearly all of her cargo engagedr, will Iave despatcd. For fijeight of 3U0 bids or passage havinggood occlnto datians, Tpply to the Captai lin nbarl. foot of Dtelard sires, ',r to CIIASE & I IXEl', FOR iNE\V YORK. jyk i le w Canton a in s ulsaaseratet. 'sThe A I and fast sailing ibrig ALICE. . O Cap si n J t ordsI, will receive ssdmte s des - . mltah. For trei r :.,f S trins Isad, or lasge, A having hdonndanot nccanlaodaltlno, apply so LEVI II GALE'. . jl7 : Colnslon street. FOIR \EWV YVORIK.--'a kOc Line, f _ Thile A I crd andl cope r fasenred ship SA i ACEN, caplai Ue\TerOux. lavitg S saincca ipat Itrti f her cargo engaeed, will have aits dc-p•tclh Fbtr lrighta of31lll bales orpassane, e nhavill pahCkes nIColtdatiUnsi, alllpply aoi board uppi sie. t ilc vegetablc sInrketr Pi wiI ln r S & J PO WHITMA NEY, a '.ll 8 t'ointi street. he fa-t ailite brhig I;OItA, Capt. hles. iJt. ict'nrlis, hain sasse hllf nfl r cargo eugs S red will haIl dlelastmelh fr loallhce of rli hl ci or ltsrpsh, hn lll n rme( I au t I wC t erlnllllOdlil e,* iu " 1aI to tihe s'aistatntt oi d, l aII Id , I\. the siail IIhdu , o' to sC.ll a sIIXl"v, )jy31 tlai'l tl lltll,-.e lc streit. "- . . . . OR - I'.l 1. l't IN. " " - f 'I' Te A I tldls ises silus szsoatr Sctsr -l Is .. tar Ihng itllllu p l otlll" 11l l ~I" I t o o 1 " I.I':VI II ".1\ 1.1:. sn. jsit, l ist is ; iss usI ( sy Is sit , i .). t ll. t all: JI -i latch. F,,' l',i lh, r ...... , n, , ly tI ili s c. Is itsI I i' \'iI[TI'ss. les .- - . . . . :Toll I" , .;N ltlt.A. ck The new mid Ihst -.ilia, -ch,,.ncr \11. RI' ..1 . w Illn\, sl t easa erris, 'sill m'et t ith tes- P it': I ... .. , si, pl ass Ia u ...t., (uppa s its s i e "" ' . l' ,I ' ,.r hi t rJ \ TIIA ' li: o,. , i;- j lt 174 u I'fidrus T" I.I. list'llT A I .lt .tst s tili sg .cshine slr S lt - I ir te ab'te sta, sirr is.,it it plv to L VI A .11 I', julyal 93 asoan so ret. d Far dlobrle. aid aoil Ins.rhaediate Landings. . h5 e law prismte steam Ilot ,t S_. fir Mhbile osrv r Thursday and . nudalstsl I,,'chock, M. touccitoe at all tse wveringo at el hicl )aesenger mtay wishi to land. IFar urlither particualur, apt~l toi t. IiO. WHI'I'MA N, _jy2?4 . aExcl.a.i gc Iloiri, St. 5arie at. a Inor lmbi:e anl all Intermedisale L ndints. led i' l ' It hefaus ru n nieHd a pleudid aslaln .,_-.-i--- nut Wt1. \VA.LACE, enisely ia .-- stavoe roolt, will cave New Orl;-ans f ar .lol*, tod ill isserIsesdioas watering ptlces, ec Ievere Tuesdag and ,aturdats , fter sthe ara'ivda otlflI I. o'clitk cars. KEO. \WHITMIAN, let. j)' L ' :ns-hltnge lIntel, St. Chasnls at. I- The fast sailing lehr EMERAI.D, Capt. M Mergeru, having tast of her carg, engaged, will laVe deplaltct,--fir fieigllht 151 burels apply to S & J 1' WHITNEY, 8 Conlti at. --USir ' receied et the Louisiana Furniture Ware L Reom, 5:13 Biinville street,2001 Mlaple and Cherry IBedsteald; a lirst rate article. Also, a good aesort meltt of Maple. Waulut, atd Puaited Cltairs, wlhich will bt soll ufr the lowest cash prices. V R CAIlNES, jv7 5.1 Bi:nville street. Q UIINE, iEP'o, SALTS.' AND CLI.ti tltf S1511 ounces EFrenclh (5ttiite, 10 bb1l Epsolmn Sits t :1 ceoks Pearl Ashes, 4 cutee CalomUeI. 13p3c .. JtInO, Itbuhbrb, &e. &t.. landing fromn brig William, fruem loston, lad for sale by. I & J.AI " & ANIDREWS, Wholesale D)re kists, jy7 eor Common kh Thlloullltoulas street. Notice to the Piiblie ILlIFTY DOLLARS REWARDI) ir he conviction I' of Thief or Thieves.-On Suturday night the 7hlt instant, ly Iron Chest was fbrciblt broken olent by sote villuios alid robbed ofltile tilltwiog: About Iwtuty dullars in slpecie A asnall tin boex hoving any Irname io , anld contaitlinlg, I Jeha H Glabanl'. nora at 4 stoat.l, fruLm 9th J aantuan, 1837,t f rr$101175 C Coslagtr's note at 4 ionths, fromt 14tll0 Julluarv, 1837. for 609 70 C Castlgae's Itder at 4 months, from 11,th Jsnuary, 183.7, fIr 600 Oil Mlorton oald Putteren''s (in liquidation) sole at ill days, frotnl 8tth 23lay, I137, libr 400 00 Julia's Vairin'a r.ote at 60 dats, froln July 2thl, 137, f.3 1150 0O Felton and Ilolder's note at 60 days, from Feb. Ilt, 1338, four 139 25 FelloR ed laolder's note at 4 onthas, from February I let. 10:1838, for 1 33 03 Feton oaid lIlddr' notei at 6 Iouluthst,. from l'l,rarirr let. 1138, fur 141 00 Fergpuo,ltl Parker & Co'a ltele at 1 days, front 3d January, 1838, for 722 97 Sera hia 2ucullu, due bill, dated, 25th May, 1837, payable on demand, 682 71 And sundry other documleots alnd papers not recollected. ALso. The Western Marine and Fire Insurancee Company's Policy for fire risk tr goods. Ditio,certifieate of shlares t stock. Merchant.,' Instrance CotLptInty's lhares of stock. GCnlnercial Bank's ceitificale liar shares of stock. Caual and Bunking Catnpany's certificate for shares ofrstock. Ilte public are hereby cautioned against trading or tIgoet atig for ally of tlhe above nors or doctenents, as p1o meth of tlnhm are hereby stopped; tboy havilng been stolen fromt me by aomel thile or t liaesa iitlnown. J G BLAACHIARD, jyl, - 3:3 Gravier street Ofice of the Firemen's Insurance Company, New Orleans. llE Stockholders of this Clmpnav are hereby noti. S lied, that thle Third Instal,,ent on their stock will 3e due and payablle o l tle tilth of Augt.llt next, at tie oflice of tlle COnlally, ,o.21 Slusoult'as Uildlogs, Canal street. jyl2 EL' I'IrAC. Secretarey. Bureau d'Assurances des Pompiers de Ia .\otvelle Orlianls. LES Actionaires de ert coatpaguic sent totifi que le troisrte paiement polr leuls Ilctians CsrotU pavableas In Iiout prochain anil bureau d.. laculapa grle, No 24, Mniuoas tluettsitl, i oe Cntiil. 1d lilllt ai L TIlAt Y, Secrettaire. 1i .-8.U l casks of 'Tsla'lhuuutllim l.r s1e le by CII.\SE & I)XSEY, jy lI it Cattuhotuure street. i- L)CK.lIN. TI\ !'LA'T; & ZI SC--33tlligs block e till, 10) Iltbes tie pIlul, ild ,5 casks ztic, in Store,f r stle ly S LOCKE er Ct jyll 22 Old Lelsee -(PER C \INDI.E'.--et, : bolas, various l buttda, o sal,: bc n tINSTON & S MIALL, IclZ 7 Front Lccc. BUSINESS CARDS, PAsmHIONABLE CLOT IING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartres alreet SP IIAVI aunet:nitall py i evCere ainclo Ieperllnii I.o gelrtlllelmn' dtLres, t' tle latest sttle, at ,iaew Yurk 'I'Ei,;H. SILICEIITS M E'I'ALLIC TEETII. PEC:IMENS of these beautlfel tecth, aed ti mnaun- S Sner of settifg tilhen, ay be s in at the adieu.f ' J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal stcreet. Tlhese teeth never changlle olour, aid are hy ucenv, and il manlly cases, preferable to tile eatlra| teeth. [l r Itr. will wait upon ladies at their residenc, the reqested. ap9if all S A. PEII.ISSIEIt, eat MERCHANT TAILOR, atd 67 Common tel alreet, E )EG. C to lfermt the public that haein, purchased f iuan Mes eea ItI)Ut;II, SKE(iGS 6& Ct). toart of their stock, Ice will eontilthe tlte Il siness at their old stand, opuppesita tall hi' Il , re, wrerie lie pas to meri ,share aftheer patronaiei lie has mIIIde erringeietta at Ihe NeI Ih t be supiplied nita lily with the litset aud miteI fatia otile gooits ilr 14 CLAY & CILARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Povdras street New Orleans, MAN.:FACTUR FIS OF I Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all dsecrintioni . WARM, COLD, AND SHOIVER BA.4TIIS E Fixed on the must approved principles. CIu MILL'D I.EADt, PIPES, &e S *70rders executed it any part of tha Southeal itn State. mrt Jul Dr. toberet F. Lindoe., OFFICE InC ExcHA.\NGEt. IOTrF.L. iihe Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, we No. 1112 P.vdrac street, to Tri ',P on hand a conitaet supple of I.oead Pipe, aill I. from 2 in. diamelter down a o -8 . iil " dicieter, linI be sale. _ _ph ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING .s' ESTAILI,ISHIMI 1N'I', W No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite lianks' Arcade. WILLL.9JI GRl EEE, IPROPRIETOR nrl J H. PARKER all Commission Rand Forvurdin' Merehant, Li No. 6, FRONT' I.EVI:, in Ur STPAls. New 3l -alean, Febl. 2 JARVIS & ANDREWS, - WIIOLESAI.E AND) RE'!'fA[. I)EAIEItS IN sd MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, a DYE S''Uh'h'S AND WIVI.VOIV GLA.dSS, ci Coriner of Collnln l and l'Tehatopiouls streets, 'I NATI'IIN JARVIS.. Ile JO)IIN W. ANIeItEWS. a A large upply of Garden Seeds, warranted t he growth cii o1tiUfl7. AT MOBILE Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 3 WA.\'I'IL S I'REEl'. It S¶lIt undesaigned, hvging estl.bli.hllel thlcinuleos in f l Mobile tier the p eiepose of tra,,c.tini the .hucticnc aInd C oissiou buasin ile s 19 in rts a Iou branhes, ll eg h leave to inllecc i theijr frinics and ti , Ie I icEiI, thIIt they aire a o.v pre ar d to reeve : CoUsIIIIIII.ents, and uakse liberal advances oni thie iace, eithel tor private or public atl. Se)l.o tAN I. JONES, , ISItAI L I. JONerS. Refer to Walker, Klniht & Co. New Orleans. T intlcile, Feb 9, 1838. (ibbh 13 : CARD;.. SamuKI. SI.ATER, A ^"AIIAM 'rlltEn. b SLATER & TRIER Forwardri tga coun siiiiSlOIiete M Irchants, No. IlI Pltyc rs tre et, , N I W i l1, 1 ANS 'Tlhey will devote their iartaeul I- athelion to the sale S t \ 'anta' Ii I'Iedll1 u e. Refere. es. s AhIijcih Tiik, l':1" " t, Ish furlhr, s ,t tiie .c il', New ( , I.t , ,cl . fllil.e l ,-i, A itNdilhcii ( A )le o. Illll\ T 1Te n e rt ir ti I-etl re .cia . c i ii 1 " o. o I ,. 'llr ..l,"ic tc l . ctni ce-i\InIIle ·eIc I t.,> gS Itid I. C A, ) h .l' ura, lT.l' , . -ilol,.L .%it t. c; '; \hu'.h dl & 'Xl .--l,_.'' IlI'.. H.. a r.a. i SE.' l: & I. T .1 ,'1' lIN ' l e. Fola tnl' , Ca cIt.,tut.iiot i .trlIlltal, 1,U I 'N I:n II I L'.t el " "1l y A N te III) el S T O 'l' , No.I I c 'Tctll'cl roeLAti ae'ri.Ta. N, w.(.rheaas. tlelerences: le- c. tol.t., IsoHn e vI'. O. IJa oactee cai [1 'u ti c A. I"heCrl, Ci,& ta"liicc INew York. N R. PUTeiAM, J II 1'. lice Cl ccii I CIII LS. UI s WM F Wt\Iareoa, ItaUetille, 111. , J. & p. I"Acai'rlwELI. BauIU Suara, l.a. cOLOMON HeaH.c e ()Ne I 'lt;r . jan 2'2 )FIAI.ERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLI S CROWN GLASS, No. 1 CARONDELE'r STtB.IT. (II IR{E \IE N'S INSURAINCI COMPANY 01,' NEtll1 E IF.ANS. This Company arr now pl,,Ired to take. RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Mussou's Building, Cnnalt rers. E L T'IlACY, New Orleals, Ma l: 1:) I.38. _ Secrretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commlision and Forwarding Merchant, CIN'.INNA'I'l, 011)1. Refer to Layer & ltunh NewO Orleans. J's. Landis & Co. w m24 Ihu ROBEIR1l CLXNAIIN, ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1 c '-nap street, Wholesale IDealer in ll .ts, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, mO30 Windto and sl, ure Gls-s, .c. &c. T. W. COLLI.E. s . TTOR.VEY & COUJVSELLOR ./T L./l.1:1 .oW piaetiiin- in the State and Cit' Courts. Cli NI cuts gill hind hil at tIs Clerk's oflier, U a .Circuit Court, in the Custom House building. je8 A CARD. FliEs undersigned have opened a house in this city, S tr the Ipultpose of Itrnluactilg GENEtAI. CO) i.I.ISSION IIUSINESS. Ot'FICE, No. 10 GIAVetER fSTREET, UtP STAIes. II P LEVY. The house at (Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in the above saume. Rleferrces. Godies, La, rie & Small New Orleans, la. leis & Mlillord, ol i 1B Hill & Co, Luisnislle, K. John tI Gilmore, Vicksburg, "Miss. Ha rper,Carpenter & Co. Grau.,d Gulf, Miss. Mtuir, .Clore & Co, S iilts l.illard, Natcotez, Miss. New Orleans, July '18, 1888. jy! A CARD. ATIIANIEL TOWNSEtiIND I lving uocatcd him sellis New Orl eus slrib l purtose oI" truusatullg a General Agency snd ''omssli0intu hbsiness, would re spIctLihlly solicit froUt thie jpulic u lshru of tleir Ipt tronaes. trolvilg a house i. t l.exs, he mill attcndlo tile trans acting of ,t usossove tler l1it y be deslred lUt country, anl'wgll tr, . u eh Iroln t alln( d u rtetitted o l utt. i n to al 'lies enitrsled io Iihis elarge. .sd a faithful ppl dications (i u acc will i nstr ucti ous ) of aill Lds dithalto VC, oe into his stoids. Otficet inN et "l'scha e, on Gravier stree', oepposite too Mrv 11r op ' i cur I, atd u.lsijoitig (lihbott's New lrleuus, Noveitber t.'3, 1137. Masrs hlillier. lhli.h.& Co. 1 New York. Hurr eliitiitl]iI. It 81 Strothi r *sit Le, MIn. Jonl T sr e. I.,siovdle, Kv. I r , e, if plkmo ille, is. K ii. lesm FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, Office No. 24 Musson's Duilding, jr CA.IA'.IL. STREET. T 'ITEI, CO.'VEReIS.V''IONi.S, CELLER ,s. CO l_ ''S, ofel' T Coleridge. Konisgsaosrke, or Old "riuie, in the New World; he tsg Ns 7 n sd i of the li'sitores Edition of sIuuhling' Coltoie oe tihe IRcligious Stale oltthe tlsountry. While Fishery; 'tin; Nos 26 aind i of thi tloveian I-= C ' .l.4NC.'IOFI" 11 Csmp TRUE AJIERIICAN OFFICE. (30D a PssJ)3 LrarJamm I In coluesiiou with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, rS os. 'Tilfn PRINTIls oF Pamphlets Blank Chocks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, And every desc·lptiont ot'Job 1Vork that st tany be required. I s'The proprirtur rrspctstt!hlly 'ulls the attention of the public to the ulove Cnirdl, aI assures ihem tihat b all work intrusted to his care shall be done at tile short tar notice, in a styleas unsurpussed in this city, and J at the l sseat rates, GUIDE & DIRECTORY oF TIIE C IT Y O F r .tVew Orleans and Lafatyette IT AS published on Msnday, ?2st .May, and ir new oV fnr sale at tle eluntilg reIan of thepublishe-, Eacsatge Itotl, St Chare's sreel,--and at the IasHk store of Messrs. E. Jlohns & Co.corner St Charles and Common streets. nllt3 STA'I'EOF LOUISI4NA-First Judiinl District 1 SCourt--I hreby certify, that on the 2usth day of a June, 1838, jundganat wase etered in this ourt,, in thet suit of W J Iuvre vs Lucill E Carrl, Ihis wi're, in Ihe words renl figires ftlluwine, to wit:-No. 12190, on motion of A LlcCatrtv, esq; of'cnl-nsel fbr Ihp plnintlt, and oil showing a tgthe court, tirai mor than ten days had elapsedl s ilre te service of the sale herein taken on thi e s hilt illst Ib' llintif l ol s dcstind:lnt, and no ans werh.s been filedtol thte Saiei, land oi further shewiingr to the rs4l.rt, thllUt itse tlhan two years sad elapsrd aine tthe renditison of jtus ut ftDnat l tiid alld 18art i rbetween tle prities, and aise reonciliation hIvints lkenrr ,lsrre Ietwee'sn the parties t sisce tse renditis oif saids ladgstent. It is ordered, uadjudgs'dsd asdcsreed thait ss''g.sslltn oif divorce be ntlered betwlhee tile slnititif' 'V J tovre asd Lutcs'iilhst Car, his wis'e, acserdisg itiss tihe 4th si ctia n ofls v i t if Itllt I'ts 'Biarchl , 10'I7. Judgmentt rendered l9th stune, 1038. Signed, 1(ilt July', l838. (Signed) A .i Itnchsls, Jtudy'e. (Courtersigned,) GV Lewin, Ir)ep Clerk. In testilronly wlherlol; I have Ierliunlo set Iiy hllnd and alfnxed the senl ofh te said courat thle city of New Orlaus, n tlhis tlith d v iof July, in the year of our Lord one thousanid eight hundred and thirt eight, and in the asixy second year of the Indepeidence of the United States. jyl2 P I.E "I, 'Ai'. (ilesk .TATE OF I.151.'isANA--'Jrst .in s issi Ilte et SCourt--Jiamres ..vfield vs hiis replitors--Thea ae.+·ll of tile ipetitionrsr'sprnopertv tnoillag te',n cicept rd bh the ccciirt for the benefit sit' his creditors; it in olrde.ed tha it lee'rtin of his said crdits dors take place atr tie olice of Wi\Vn Y Lewis, esl, not, pllublh:, T'lhursrla thle th AtLlgst r.nxt, at 10 o'clock, as , for thei purpose o'f dtliberatiang on tile uairs oft thi e said etitiome; and in the meat time all judisitl proceedings nsains his pers( tl Ini prupert'. is ito the crediturs UlI titsIn" i s tire schedul si r' areisted. Bly im'dr ot the court, this 7th day .if Jul 18 8. jyl 1. I.E BLANC, l)el Clerk. E''AT DE LA 11 tIIANEl-Preni,'r District Judiciaire. TAMS MAY'FIELI santre s's ru'nciers.-La T cessiion deases bie do ptltionaire a nut pI( acIeiP Ie par sla cour anu hInlliul ds crul.silers; i t ste l ordon I qui'une ucq'asebl(e de sea cran'sic rsnit liel en I'/ t.ude ile 'sm V Lis.c,'i, inoluire Isrslic, Jeudi les dl'Aottt A 10 irleres diu mIlti, alia Iets dtlib rer stir ls ailfaits dudit Ip tionlnt ire; et n aIll l IIIIIIs toutes l oursuite ntlre sa reOllllne t s. ptrori(tl. il Islt rrete. Prs nrdie de In Cour re 7juilh'I 1I38.. 1'jsillet P' I.FE BLANtC, I)p. Gretlier. I A iE OF , IltiSlAN.l-F'rst .iudici5 I)ietriese (Cllurtl--'I r Delhoas e vaIy s c is I'redilOts. The 'ireditorl's of the pietitionlPer, ('esa.llr IDlhleollttsan e, are helrey notilled to appear eIllfor the curt lrill'eid, isn Mohisntv the ilith i at, at I11 'i elort'k, A t ho I'lI .' ill t't elley III ICIy h ve, wh si .litiler' ais lllllsld IIIt Ho11VI·III IIPblors ill tIo11'1111[ culstoldy. jvl' IEBIAN(. If'v. lhrk. tscsiT DE ' I,.'fttsi i.'tNs:-i;utr tic istrikt, ic i ier d 1istrivr .i ldiarti l t. .Ar Al lt 1)11. 11 I.)1 15' \ 1i. moll tre SIl s , rtnund; rr1lvc1, ,,4,111 liar 14,= i,.l'lllrs ls nllltiti s d'tlvoir ii ('1 pllllr l' I tar Iaitl 'r. h! l ti J i, i. 111 hrIIIL dill u 11 lill, pllur d('dl uire Il,, irlli +,lll e i ilt. c 1~1 Iit, po11 IngJt l l - Ir h I td t)li(l llllllt 3i'1 1 $ I Ai l tl· u Ii r e ib(1. lie .i iss l i pour vei a o de ,ib rs i l s, dii i i1o i, i'r ,drs de la enur, e 7 d, juitlle t Isi I "' t l ji h'l t P I.Y. Ill.A1 t, Dep. 11-e tier. Iry111E+ 1 lli l'I .' i )\'V e tl ),i K, l i nlls t I llUr I i t I- t s " Ihf Itiv,,-, ex i'oit 1 vt ull slillills ti ile " i ass c',r .hls ' IN's . 'sit , i'ls h' -hirs uL l"i(l: olt. c`i~hI l III' hil I, e, 1e t Ih i ti: a illh ' S tilt s\ l lt . :lli' r sil 'c I is. I . ., yl:t r tcviv t .l . al in s hty s M. sip 'o ,o , . I1·I tt t l wLc % , I ll hi'- 1 ebrls rice t nlltedl I ;, 1 < 1 ,,e l ;i ' ar l +ie'. l lI.I N t,' 1 n''e F. hiH' t i.i---tshll I is hts sIssis, a-"- I jl , lagi..v ., F A d ll so s rIy- I s ' es t ' lltl a : S l sll t ' , ju. tlande I and lilr isale slv ders tns Sielles oif suilpeiari r quality, lInding sfrosl jtl1erl Clncellr, IbrAt s 11 Il e & t. PFin i boI.-- nd chus \\it1 for ' uil, Ilouchs jusI, forsae by ISAl .C by lti: .'I). jell 134 Mttga.issn' slr'e't. tje r a iAh ttiti'i'T & " iEt. B IlIl'Ke -it'7 bhuts Whisikey, tading liru the S isteamboiaU t Mierrimaskfor aSt aloNs G jel2lh L EI' I.. tltEI.IJ'tG. AllI).-41.1 kergsprirse Lrd, inLrl strire, foi salehr Is nj_7/ I.A\V'I, & A II 'I.UG_. i i ORK--310 bids ine Park, laudinhg ron team ig hUoIlt I imperor, nr ptlr2 Yi , for i 01 l fI, 1 I'I1 & TIll F "i, 4n i r. Is. JOHN HOE Y, Saddle, Ilarnens and 'tirulnk .lamontficurer, and fur hniher of llintar, Equnipmeunts ofevery Ilerrition. w No 11;9 I'.l'NooIrI+OIsAs ITU.T'r. UTIIAVING in emlploy severl flilitlry W\orkntrn, 11 e is ready to execute work in th ubove lio lne at1 tilhe sllortist noice, nd 1lt rtin tIhe IrIIorl renisorble tlorWllir ltCmrnlr' nd Pledbu'lrsn' l'necking'I'ruuike eii' evtr l,-. seription, rollnstntl tin hlnd.1 . i CiORN MILLS--1 c.ln lla lls, f I' Sisnter's a Iul, Sminlbined. One man cne er.redl r at 0 brr shels - ofr loeal per diem with these millr , and they can be al tached to I colttol glll, lnd re particulrly calculated ior planter's use. Apply to i1'IAII'tLIN & COtI'EI'h, l 1lrl5 U12i tli l strer.i e l 1'1O Ftl`tCtIAN'I S. rlI ERCIIAN''S cnan iuve a Ibeautritl ciecullr struck 1. oil' ut two hourrs noiice, by rilling at the Orlean l tr Litlhognihrri(i d illice,: 3 lugarr csiestr!ete opposite Hlnuks Areratls. oIj24 - 2+'lICEt-gL--35 h~if bbls No r2 .hclrrkr, fele stile by READ & It.lit-'lTW, r, -I i 7 G 'rri,'r treetl. B Al .ON- tIl carsts primi bilia n srles, r,'ceied po 1 stamener l"nirlit 'I ensier Ior ,ale by h je21 I "l &L " Lt w ) vc iO'LiCI' A S11.1E subsetielrs have this dv as c1iuned thlsn sreltes in bllalw,., lder Ihe lilll of lliaray r - RJfobertlon, arld solicrit r nulllllarnuce olf ilte IptLLrLrne o experierlrcd by It 11 IIlai.V whilncundlcting busineia b, in his ,Utl nite, os Gevieial oIgent I CoLUissionll Simcrutr. P ItOBERIT d II NNAY, d jyl2 311 IinIl tt' A II 1Elt'I'SON, S SL"Stl ,ARD--I kegsl it L ,lore, i for tile by jyl. .i4 New Levee. ENTUCKR ' I i/. ,I'i . ntl-ll rse~i ritsle 6v jy2 BaUk Ailley ``CO t-C I tAtitII\ i -1iil iwhall . c otch iugging - 43 inches wide, fir bty " IIOIoL.lnS ,& I 11.1.5, jy12 hmnk Alley -\c-l1.G: tiLn NE1 voiLi.r ieniu, 1,y jy 1: 2A3 l 'I nev L.revee. r E~ EAS, NUTm1tS, /&c -_5l six and thirteen Spound ceddies of gunlpowlldr and ilmperial h*ns, 25 casc. of ctnister imperial and go.. wder. .. ) hall chests of pouiirhg te; one calk i olI fresh nutmegs," p L. t \VI 5oNCI' IF. i, ENL)ItIl, SILS-7.50 kers assorted tPhilal'phir NailS, in store and lui sahKE ~ RO~li jyet2 lt, Camul, ,treet. ý i10TON B.AUGIN--l.n store anml fr sale b i ýl YORAL'; & A R. ITIHII'IRIS, B tIbilNs --r Ii pimccs of iii is ll ivch Kerluiiek lU ging, Innding rolorru Iu'. Inril.ian, for snll ItL L.\AW ENCE & .l:Gntmit:, i jellti 2 and 29 New Lreve. yb ESTERIN BUTTEL I'f -- ; Li in otl'!, fir srle j,. . "o I'o d ra l clstee l. RI DR- 17.91 kLe leaf lard of uperior iir hly, Il iii. Irn u iroi timie l huiual, , ton al. Irv I. la.l' II11 1.I' ," 2n 1 I CL'usurc. scfict. I:IMON SYRUP AND PICKI. i. -10)0 BOXES I Laei Syrup; 115 ie ansorted 1 Pickles, i i aui, tiwa qauurr s .ll hllu bhit t i is, irain th na manl ie ury of t'n Ujal'.n nUld, and .enwis &e H kekll, of Button; landint frno b h:'.-lcy- P rand anid ship Charleston, (L r sale b a .AitVIS V ANII.REV '. mtL csr ComamndoTn nd Tehpitollus ' iTCFL i lr AAtII. COCOA e-13000 a la n l G i haga11 k ICiCFE-4119 Iugl lrinae gI'nr Ha(Ieii Canoe, (toe ading for saleig A Eby J I na rae .I ilJ. , inlt I;i., Ste20 39 C amp streert. B Al-nG-N- . & O IoPE- 31p.(.b S eio.erhec, Ialt gop, le3 1 24 Chartrns an h street. L toacr' r ait, r'brilo ) i T orr . ur r a b le je Jxh e Htel,Gravr el8 ((0FFIF Exchange ote ,eGra i ri st ee 1 tin fir t radie fai ng mshares of heny. cpir tal st jaN) ____ STETSON & AVERY. V. KiAA S fr litCo nnyw.a aeW.ieed,re ah dile a la f I's.pletw teA iourn e and 1 C i celar 'n ine. auckh, far anlte he DAVID FElT &r CO., y order Car the ord of Direor t r 1ILXAS FUNDED CEIRTO1FiCA1'1iE:ei"ad .1 Lodi Juae r', 183D . led e rny NA'I'. . TOWILINSEN. O ir,'lifi ,arie' to the u'r l iar h deparw-d je ll Fellnnge on l elabi l C rer il. exeuS BiOUNTY aLAND wwanted yi e' J c.I aTNA'I'H'iL TOaWNSEND, Ij jetoSe E slchenge. lt tl,G si er FE N'S INSURIAN)LE COMPANY BOF NEW ORLEANS. SO''ICe i hereby giva e, that (olie bsiks efriie su ripl Stine far te reluarine shnares i f trhe caprialai, k of lia C rnpaa, w.w B repellerd ne Bcalnda, tieh 18th iiit. Ibaeteeetlie hours of 1a unil 1 'ta laelIiP if, andli i reaiiipen tll shamli buoi l'eilc ldt l Ill s l rea.r, unrtil he while rshall [Lave b &en rnhnribe fur. By j aedr of the Board of Direelari. lJuone 4, 183. Ind 1038r. FRED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, , . 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For male iby JOSEPIII C CKA YNE je8 '25 Gravier street. S st 8 aler V1.O liifoei Spriiigiield, Ihlieuis, a supeAior articl - 00 keg sale , hi .:LATEI & 'I'RIEIR, je18 40 Penleoenireitr't. 140RK It naip, oftStns endii P 1), iiiI eel.' by Sjell ( IISY. , 44 Ne4ew Ievee. - aESd M Dill b AeASl below t g a wal intr du t n tR Ih rtoil en, C LES, &i-3a l e ch ek Nei i, e ar y (0. \ W l ; ioila) a in de S a're' C unh da 0lcak eler aZint, nicell byiers (hsiae , lald aalhfdlea d0l liheis ,frira' l'hra cpper. II oloec, hr c .te by JIISEIiII :iOCKAV'NE, T ie? i ilr (teenier g Aiu F I lte a 'irf kigo in eoiae, oe .ac.i' . tFiden Vudiewsme ats ii' 'dai 5la r tl Gllnt ponuhlr inite. inrni eli a c nrlke a,'l'l el cel l nr a h arrrea n. \l~etellar, ot' Irish elal'rictnr,' all'.e BuccaLee r, \. ; \it r.eingiII. I e LII ceuh r , IfTh iI. 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'tiiiNATUIWAL HISTOiY OIK INti1'S-- l itwo vpoat s-tla--vl 2,rmittg 1111n74 at ti "F naily Ini brulV". Siiestntatitte I.ana aF aFl:am a alt nataa a rcnanr --Inliatarv inaoscoe Esq. wait lntets ttid rflrnatt:ta onn Allteniean lenisiotll, unid tlo tile El'nglish nit llnnnll t aIt W tn ecc uas tical relourt by George Shurswr,.ood. ON t EA(.N)ian a OnT DI rAt:SE s tai itn t -HEr- IatiS d 11?- . ol Ihne mtn1tariunlli ft' tlheir physical lld geaernl atigns, bv l' \V tcrhartl, 1 I) "PlFttl'IPI. R OIF P.THOLOGY, AI) I'AlN.¢I'tCR OF P ttatlc--BV Jonl1 nlackittutk, N1 I)., tfia it lualtI ao itan dition wiltt inet and iaddtions, by Snlauntiil ace. anrtt, ta t), i an 2 Vul's. n T'rt.: .tEactn .IUIIInaRTLY Ra:vItw--No 3a for DIcebttenr 11i5. Just reteited uid a or rsale Iv fl't2 WtIt lMcln N.orler ofnatll an (Im..t a LAFP LA-11 ti-4 ktg aletn atr, iar . l rat il,1, l ete ll i t i 'inltlnia bt'a t f nits it ttltitt, r" L4AYEi' & .\ \Il..UNt;, j.. 7 ('a.(llle r serrel, i jt AUU. 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Just received aud for itle at 11 CAL E1'Ab , ap24 Pianoforte and Music -V IRVING'S NEW WOItK &e. r I ROCKY aMUUN'AIN-Or sceines, itneldeea T Sunltd dlvitre I "ithe t r ut,' West "diig CtedA rotl Se i p , L k ill a , u die, oa tlie A rniy J f il. pU ij 0stte f tlllu)etrti l roml various olher Co 'eH 1.'I kpv0.. l'Y--By Ihe Countex Jt ust est~llQ sd i f-r stle by Wfl II AhI tllAN pAl'Er;. ukt, r..trlpens, ink, flutid, wauler srling p tax, indma rbber, blacK sand, pou.ce, anld ,Very tlher article uf statinrt, rlof the very best qulalit. con tanltly ol hland and Ior sale bv IAVI1) F'I'T & Cn. fur nml9 N Y Statiners'r Hall, '2 Chartres t r. ýlIE 11 k'.A1A StlUtAlt-:UI boxeslaindiig manyO28r SIioh t .T ' R, 40 Pevdras et ir.jitX.b 1OU1NY-$-itI 'irehurv iotas fur atle bv "l' It HYIl)I¢, S" IBU'VItu R, a uv2 39 C:lnalion. enr. Mtarazin oi at i AR-in li iltd rY, .i4Newl.ever. A(:()N. aisks Cintcinniati Cured, iI store, ior inteL by G. I)iJlt'ltc i LOU--400 bbis, in ori, for sale by jel8 G. l~triiSE1, 14 New I.veer. PA. lA0)D-500 kegs, in inre hi.,pi'g onrder. flr sei aut by I. DI ,ILSEY, jel 44 New Ievee. M" ACKEIEIL, 1.1E, &oe. M 2 274 bils. tlackerail, nti. I, 2 al 50 Iall llbarrels t ackerll, nos I and 2 11219 casks .fliitme, 20 [ dllilil bile , 511011 feet l mnber, Ls.nlingfrouh brig [tinlndl and for aale,b I J 17 1IE''SON AVItC"& I'll. N.ST received par luie arrivals fien, New Yoik, I tl, -.sll f au l acihinlltnable? issli,iiarat or liA'Ph. or. 'Thie sulsuarller woualt purticularly Call the uI ilellr i ev ilf ie 1ulic t at -tile if beavir 'hiuatus uulo i i s illth fiut.ih, uet xllrei.ric ..and h:lllutifull iluIwe;alt o hi a se ttie dlaiitiRu iah oil fi t superior qrnlilluail i I li d lIl.e a hi lI le did article 'f lilk hlr, togetl IelO lI a general t ti i enrtlmant unIunnlitt rd byi hnmsell, explressly for this 'i ilarket, ulioleu Inil r'tuil II, J \' a~IslOlN, 34 Cump street. fir N. I Cit, and cauntry dealer, are invited tou tll. lin f"b i nn RkCIIAI1Ds, T'fiioacu unid Snuffiuanutt: -te S:urern , No. 277, Ca ~^::.": t, New-OrleUd , u, wisdhes to illte llieis tre lls and the public in geoawr:d, Idule"t " na I iuh preI nira r i o'nuinotuuil hin i tlhe abuov ieii, sitind Itua anuistenil) Ior at, tcbc- folluiingl SNUFFS. Iton·, (tGelmun, lilpei . t Maullsy, IEnglish Pri :iRegent', I Antllictul lrappe; Hl Natlittlh, is, hnitiaed, Amerlican gutlleluutl's, a tI lierg:utot, I)uuKiuil tlptlle, irish llluuckguard, S. i)utml, C(traos, Paris, Pare Sln!ish, Half coarse lapptre, bootelh, alnld ;elnine t ueth powder. "rIOBACC:O. Fille cut lhewllg, sweet seinted at pldin. Fine nut ameulokiig, oif arious qualilties. iih2-foot Virglilia, Spanilsh, ke. Th'lleabovenrlit'.esareialo wearrated asg d, f'nntals - periorto all thing of the kind im poted, :aIl ill lbe lurnisledto deale: on the mot liber •terms. mot 4 N I\1' ttlii)lLttiu Su' C bNlll.E -lt)15 brini Sof New ililhlifortd Speru Candles, landing tt o 'hip Ketlacky, lind for l END by "I..tle V'..tNlF" r L trGacDI e., + i e21 ý1 &. \:' New Levee 1ItAZil t2SCO'PElt--100sheletnbrarias ier pper weighing ten puun Ils rehb,bin atore lna for stile by SAMUEl. tit;tIE & Ci.. :ni8 Front L.evere between Cuastot lousl e und Lien= ville. njlrtse New Orleansl ad Carralllallm Bell Rondl Vase Ciiesull u eals) Srrintgh us r h th .rf lll Idaia'e. . FueIUoMthJaltllOL FLTO Nsw' " F1oM NI:W ORLEA.S, ti 'The hore iar ai 4 ou'l'k A l Sti car at 7I .l MI Wleul car tits do do da 9 r0 do do I do Il dol do It do iho 1) do do do 1 steam tar 11 dlo do snmi -ar at 3 do I stealull2r ea . is .' l t do i d Ido lde do dol dio di i 7 do do do ti t Ido do do ! de 1. do 3 do do Tlhe Jlueliu street urIs nul ilt(trlt e, half patl 6 I n ii'at. k, . Al. I.unill sl eet l at l II 'l ck :\ .l; Ua nd rI ll nine hourly at 7 o'llotk. These cars will v.tmoence run hiu e rv hall hourn .S id continmtu t iroughout the v h. arranlnlli lhr h Ite clurs te astreet cars tlw uanto l.o ntill Jalacks lls erl. i .'1tt.i. t'i I 'COFFi:l: ,in eg l , n il.--itcl .- rnii In , per brr,, htir, it maore, lilr s tle TRV I-Itl. UA.\I; WLATEl ,-l lireclly iip,.rled oi'un to C lungut', b' I I ll .'\AI;El., " ner Nthl land 'l'',hupitouus I1.T The _.cuiiene..s of tae article' in troned b tihe autuoraph ofhl'th mauutucttit"r, Johlanu Maria FVarilna. - .1 (;R'.1 ' it'Al. t ki. N given. it n a chlo,ee I'urcel ll SUMMERI I L 0 TI.0'1'IIING, to ChosI a I:ntulllllllllt. Per souis uiw.ishing ptillrcl e ire illitied L ito i nlld ex- i uninne th sllie, at lhsl olOice of . S NAT'I'I L 'I'O\VN) EN.II ieIl Exctuhinge Ilaitl, uls er lt. li24 ti Itlt'taotA, 14 NiN- lu'.ue. -I-UR ht-l iil3 l S liuhI li.duA, p1er ill II sae L, a I t t aI dii. ur- ', L- .d lnd-Wit ..b..e it.' to \\'llitu i liretIlr At I; l'lt I, jr7 59 0.14. i$ lpedal, guapu'dur, you'g l'soIn and 104) b Ixw1 34 I lt a iaga IltR4nas. 1111111.11'f do do . IIllIbagln I.rlline urecnll Ilavula4 l 'o44 4 . "1 boxes Ish llMvuana Swaeet ,lel l-. / 3011 boxes II1onne's sulllli(or Chlalllliglle Cider 275ecaes Itur. 'aull :.lre,r. 44 casts superio'r old Portw Cr\ine. L,5 '. io Shel 2 pi r old . I. ' Te4 rill." 1 Lkegs primel (4 ilshll llaiter. 51) roi4s Manllal44, (Clldilgl, ' 4ssullrlted si4Zo. " cll ,lle. l art dd o do. I111 doze sullmerio 'lrll Corn Ilrouul. -I0 hega ussornlt Ni li, . 5 4I , ke,,s N.o , \V,, ile IeId,. III c.,.. 11'inter S'trained Sp null lll ( i. I 1'4 I,, .4 4 N4w h''d44 id .puIrll 4 Uil4,4 +s. OI'0 Ioi\. 4 isilo " I ullp. :ill hoxes Irench than.d" I:lwrlih'. I" boxl s AilC rll w dll d a c l l l'ir . 414410 Anr.'n 4l4ud4. S qr tnaks )hireli', fIrt 1ine. Sneor, Iluttr, '.av r and '141 t'rackerr. Pilo) a . I N'.vv 4ll4lt r d, aliulalclured 4 b the la'0h+14 (tal 40ll4' , cnt.lallnt ll ,i hu d, l" t lrw1) 1 h al u g iclr'l lssoI tr tnit of Grocclies, whoulea, h ualnd ,clil, by. l 4 Z .4'tAlth.4 & A&Ilt)l4 i.1li, j, '7 713 . aihl I.cvee ltre4t' . S .\.'ý '1r.s ý 1ll -.- 43I g l 'lons be et 4nglish lit..4 ed Sli.4 Ji, lolw l lnding Ir. in I4 4 liI li4 n,,4 4li I 4.t 1Ii:0 lullous enu no reln ounlt.f.1ttr'd iinsh ed ail, it, cuks nod barrel, i. ,to , udit t l- l.w by JAILVIS N.. ANlita' lv, 4'l h ol i4le illugi l, "iy7 " " r o('nitonl & Teho. pol4i et4.& SoAI'--J1 U xi. s N -I t 'I , I'brand e' . mes -4lt0i" ..l )id-uh ing froli bri \Villi .4 a,l It 4r 1e b 4 , j-.1 .. . II l '40 '& 4I .'0 , i jl7r 4 ll' lg.li4i4 sl rr4t. 4?quulity4, l444 4\ I4, h . u i I 1.4 41C 41 I e it 1 I . & suo, l .17 1:14 lhl ll ll I .trCltl. l) K--.4 W M4s4 . 4ol4d 4Ii'li.u .11 l) h4a 1' 44 P4rk, tlfor i & lt D lR , S lO ' . \.i ll A Iill.g w fr . t l oul Jb '44I4I' sale by44 4 44444444 uly 19 7, flhnk !'hie rI 5 U 4ll444)t44ills lo4) o t jja Jh 1OICE-Ti--ll- l subscribenr boing rcllhunSd uil. j.4 ck of . Irin, ull t. 4 t. , will cotinue to transacts a Wholesale 4 r4aer4 . and Co4 n10t ofiTeas, ifr sali &ORy swlich e10 80 for . ale tin moderae trn , 1 siub s 3 p run. of hi444 ee friends filr l.e IOm r 3 r , ld 3 uli in go).. j1.1 7t OHN CHRIS I 1'l .Ja . Level4 t4 7 Can" o 44 s4444 . . , 1471 L. lcki'ar..t L r4 i if Waller Scott. 4 . A oR' l 7 tha1 oda444 ll l F i4.L tl4art'sL lil4 of4O4 4 i r4 althr4 Lur e, b the authi r tcdlinlationThe Divorcedh u c. ,l41. -t 4 ad 1,. " . .. . . . . . ..a l .. I l . i r 44- , hA44& i. n rI, of [.ie Met" Walter al 4c444 &u. , N L1 so, aIlli'i f ah o"r su f .)lintation rThe w i toiru el, ac lh 4 4nl 'r. l44 44i44.4 al ox 4 4 e i l 4e .lnl fr 1,3 _ 4 .4.3 0. I4. \l41' ro441 I" , 44 4,4u4'"4ra) +llt O+'i. 4 4 i '. ' ir 'l b4 .. L iJerry I I awt t atll. haiant mntuelied by Bob Logic, the UaUtu, in Ihel9 raumble s atir .Nrls ltrolagh thse o trae lr pit Pierce :l;na ill "' rod. ;V i r so i; r f e , N o ve l, h v D'l s m c l i, e tn ll e 'i w l ý) 1 . lr]he Yasunsdl)e, an aaarl,hy lthe Autholr of a is | (;rey,camhpltein I tiA. Tihe H ntorist, Edited by Theodore Hlsk Aulif Sf Gillbert Giurney. Just received al lt sfale at fthe corner ofCdnitdtll Common slleets, by Wm MKEAN. We McKEI A. FI'V t. i-iTfrT-scta aert a t parisr plasid, n l :acstas bess.4e llig uiser furii usn uplepite: jttstrectivctd per ship lit.a Hlssgemsn and tr sLh by L a TN :CO.. sa of ' Iti d , a ll uis toeiit pls#./ fer sale by Li t:1'ZiL ;.'t &t t I+t..itNtDtlE l _ __ f 8 &,'2J New Ieiaa. lo)li Ntts-it ,ases lase's and Bta' Kip aJid lutuaetet liroe-nat for saolp lv ISAAC BRIIli;E & COi jy9 131 Mnagitink east " M   R. tAlitUE. SIIAKaPEARE is itay tahorisd 1 AgInt dturialg sIty abacsta f na Iaeitty. "DANIEL fDtA. j9.l tld4w. ll'i 1' I tll RALDNESS. , tEAU'iFt t. head ofhalt ii tie grnadet snrad ln. t hatlonint e tia ale human tralsto e liw ataongl Iv th ro" totl rit elhnego the cnrsPlylftd arld protm, iurelv I.rins aon lshe ppetratle of . it, whirl .lli spam , atnny bet tnil eir t unesvtrf and Nt'mt.aimaa itertte Ie sneieatvd to e aoid Ilos ie.a e.d atlsri of thrir elttitti.tatonre: the rteniser etorl iilr livs armetm. equgentlv 1.1,t hq rlvllleelt. 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