Newspaper of True American, September 13, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 13, 1838 Page 1
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- -- . . -------",, PLICE 121 CENTS. . ... ..----.N iNEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 13, 1838. - ,.,,l r4. , ,: . - .. ,: /' ,, ..... . ... wi . . . . i·' & t u .i p. . ., , , .,. ,-.. ... 1 . In \ ,. t q', "r ,'ss ..fl Vr y,:. l ,I" "l ~," ,--,'+ r,,I to trtt.: .rI tt'ltrtit toaiBr, t sectiln, anr rIrW' tl o oit ic a.r c , 18:lun n: Svillr r il rl ,r · t rtr a ..rv o dr p td ble o trry dol ior ft ill "no iola • I si. r or ri. in, ,.,tth'+ ln ,i v,-,v , i .* 11 11 ý , I , ,I. I.. II, iul .l' n,,fi,: ,aRIl ro i n i t 'r i Il *NriI , R ti .l e;r lt - ot"r atC llntio, ofll' t)l e t ,r"lic t ale a s n, rt I r iii Ie cha"nglar, q os nitw -,k. . willl urLtLtAl ftrti.lrrl, t.-ttit rchaqt O0rt dollnri 116t r'tnt;irth alon ro 11d s orrit rnl ita !3 ta tII, I ntt t 1f r ,o tII e '. I i) ýT v t c " an , to 1 r R il, r, S llo titatir , ,er i t'irvr tll ar.irt in tlib oh inly A nd 1 in I nd, 'a ýdor I tl r . i t tyrfit Ill .. md" I to 0 0 ia[.<F'.s, Itnl l oa.c r rt o rof As, and arti 'leo enll fithAt tIp rrtttto oft p11t olr ictott t letl ;, !r ,lperty, a do llr ooer 4s1 M tro ofr thto llrorte: iisper ion iOn acil t ,qln in de . S:tiloaers, " IT., Will",nd Mnrsh ls f rle of rr3i trait. ouilislorla in o oth iar, .aonrguage., I' A per 11, iin Alir atlOner : t1Operent. on&sales iAtoVRTISPIRTS OUt or the di..... line of bus.iness a y cadvertiser, n el id flr previous to n, sertion, or a n t slesrundahy T a" , stray mible, &c. &eonn . willn inh awe s for sepr lntelv, and at the ordinary nrtes. afliy edth one aonth, rtn charged cc$100 fordi glish ay. No advertiri entsr of tonkrupiciti will Iler prttlihred n a y caset Uqlaro pridfror preriosR tortinsertion, or royarror goorantrrrlehr it ropooridole peorso i10town. lrlicatrt.radoliothr roareer of alorrrorrroR drertising wril art sir asroo. to It alltorgeti $1043 ftr Erglishla ruo, and $150 in bothir ltanguatt. 41I announronacnta of carldidntes for political offices Ite charged double tilhe price of oiher advertise :c :a.", to the iltnense losst rsotained vy newspaper olrirntiul thav haIvet c-llne to the concliorni that tihe nAtleo of itesAo:1 whotr e acCcouln. have not been paid within flee moonthl aftar presoaentation, lhIall Ile toiile i newn (o ftr as pracicnblell to erca othler--they ohli rrartin themsellves not to advertise or print for such da~ilyqllits, unless in case ofrIadance parymrcar.s Jigneod) J.C. D)o S.T. I(OMIES J. BAYON, P. P. RN A, J C. JRENtKRmf,*ST, LUMSDEN. ,Veriior Presr.-WVe, rth, undealrigned, agree to ahide by the rc -ve conditions, as far at.iheyare applicable to -:lklv papers. ({ir.i rl) A. B. LAWRENCE, P 4 N. wrlmerirptions are taken for less than 6 ulontls. otterr s must, in ll Itsos, ih post paid. I AIN KI, VlSITSIt) rby tle nuthor ltof "A yr in SIrlrin," in 9ols.o- Harry LC drelarY, n lv, Iv ..,inutl horof "Geci Hyde,ie , 2 vol-. l'he A,ltcress f Paittla, and other tarlrt, lyv the lauthor of "The For.a twl," ill 2 1 lis. Nilnrod'lllH ullltill llllrs; intrrsIprsedu -irh Ohrnr teristic anijedotes, savinas +ild doinlvý of ci llli .fell inc l llir" nI't I.c o le princita l I.' ro k :ll' it"f E ihtild w till% -to.Iytival c lclute t lind' 1 n'l Iitrt It titre, to which trtttlrr lt )tinid't t I it ot', I tgy . Illttralr, in 2 Iotrti. let.n lrt-, l n t. .tr I, ý, I "il4A i . tl I n ol m IIV t t. ChII ImIehr( I {.. t. C I I iu I ,i tilt. rlif ofIt ailor."& . in & ' . lly. ( l'lilolrl *-,::,I iG ,I:IIItv lu'isloui r Iw-, :L4 ili inist n - Ii ;: -land u, A vr .i- i iv Jrtp It aStraY, r.L.)i I d(.1. , i to 1o; !.Ih id n I ll I ttt 11 irtl'l Pope f ,dd i o .uoI ohlr-.I S, I.I wi ll iinllu liaInd2 1 i" f "IHi ri" Ipvr', I cllt I I ." lntntrv ti , or ro las tir t..' exa arci, I lI trl. i nIll I of the nit d Sta , ts'n rri.1 , 1by Ilia r ' l Scott, . S . JAnnY, i 3 . .A t il r 7 cotrnorCaipt& C onnn t NEW 1IIJSI '. 1'l 1 iI Is t l our; 14 sAl It uot pii inrl . i+. ir I < h Ii It. tt ll-ltor a·a tio .; Il Il ill' 1 H ,lllt T Sll.of Iito I a nlll Ill l l 1 ll, at VeI. I .;%it', L,! ,,:1 B r , I I . I4 I in ".I ,. Vo .r . I '4 -i, l Th ful r1 IIi rei' . 3tyat'tratar'rn inhon Uon...-t Ina ,'rorr. i"r ,lllith l and llse ol arilll s wl -l'l. Thl whlýl l l s t in d l.Itr, a U sl'It~t'lil r , ne bunlred e ,f l'rrini ' l',, pa wi a key, conaininig the text, a literal and fIee ..lll nr.e..k . n 'otIe ill h ll n It i l (rIv n I d iltBl.nrc bl·t\ l e l~n t.ka. ren ial d ' llt. .i i i41lll Ir l-ede it.l Iv ii short irelo List Filo Iib Solinf. oIA thec Fl renc h t hlt.. h craed iti nro intit n anltl' ''the r du ol l * ,Ien ll'h ll ltnrg agey, lconta ining iteI tile t, acolarin t int Itelnl tnuage. ay LBernurd Trllncnin, in.t roeceive and enr ale l.y W'sM Mn:KR.AN, n;s Cor Camp & Celm tsa. ..IREI. N RIIAI:ir COUNTY, VIIRGINIA, HISfavorite worksvatring tplaee inthe nllonltailns I \i'ginilnei. leswes ot Lewiolnr',annilnff"nmnt lthe White Sulrihur, will lIe opn in idue seaon for tIe reception orf eollpan Milrv illl on rttal ilnllrovelllFlrnt have beenll mdnsi .e the latsensln. A E sciolls hal rnun, .nllld nmbrl' of singl,-h.dded roon1tntve beenr addried anl no' lintshing; affording a::elnlnodnsionr , yv tile ltnof Jliy, for Ot1 v initnrs. An etxellont turn p ike road Ins bcen .onstrurcld passing by tl e spring., and intruectinl tlhe Kanacwh turnpike near eiwis beirg. Ovrer tiua rnad, by direction of tile moat offico rnlie rtaelt, Measero. Ieldin, Walker & eon'slline of mail o alle will run. A lost nffie being esltblished of those watrs, te r rictors need not steak. They have been analysed able and professed cnhemist,I anl 'oand to hld in solntl, all tle vnlable ingredientsNc irt 1 mosttr celebrated swtrings in Virginia. Tb:colnhhtionT'eontaitns much Su Illtretted lly draoen. Sotp tate sf Mnoot.aia, +nlplltlttle f liue, Car Ilnte ofWi Lime. Sllpillate ot'SloJi, Ieurinte of sodo, anl Maiatetfd Magnesia," the salutary eflteeta of wlhicll are e.hihited in diseeaaes incident tolennles;anl chron ic aeTltion, of the statnlch liver, and bowels; inuenta neons eatectionsor diseases oftire skin. no remeody wIure potent or ,tlicnaionus enn he found. Extensive bathing establislunenls for both sexes have been erected cnntignuou to the s)rigs. Visitors alln at all liosejo the peenliar advantages of their be sigt antd thernisreale bff toeo. Major Williatm Vtas will continte the b leng rilntend ance o the spring. Evers sxtertioa on his palrln d tI, l fl .eh, rt af tile proprietor, shtalie oerslered o inllsnre r the ueile kln a rte aliberal anre of the putlit, pan rolnte. ' r'ie eperiietars of the Blsia Stlphahnr (ritngs U idt he .Inre thie rtceiptof notes of aillSr 'ltitrn ord Wto- n anilk fwithle esonnali,tlere scaleo b ;t, nl ar. MARIA MtNI(. &rc. A FUl.ctdisclos reas of Mtria Blti of tilte mlrtel pte Dieu Nmn--y of Motntretal, nie, witca ali fut xenollsit Irtrtng weslr t ,I limeneptirnftt b itrstditiln 'D t taltSeqnel nof her narrative; pnrnd Review of the ae. Also, a snlaplelrs ne, givilln mon e partisulirs n sits NI l:lirv anl grig rld , illastrnton by h pantf tahe Maria l k an il the Nnnnert y ohfate Hotel I)iet--s-ar i I&Ltrlnne.nrt onl a tis, &lite rt oils ee th s(oe bntre-l and relfntrtion a f thte "Awfi lI)inlOsurnn;"i by Wnh L: r lEttre. Il ,lrleapeoritnrnt of Livitt. Silving witnlttt mteans. S'iTo Stodeot's isatrnetor ihl l)raweitng nrd workinrg P'i ke tiv-e nrelerntes Aracllitect," fully explaininge irtll etikslWi c F tr srtriki ae regrlar stld quirkdl t tlnUder. i ]ir Dienirihin on f Mlueing nfhnlnntrea and capitlai a;'r tlndinslin ttrnr l.opareter 1fan nrdr to nsy Lrietn heigllt; r er arltkine tht Isnupi Vltnte, eircoir orr elipticnl: swit iie aionert eantplei, n a lsrge aele, of the rlners tlli -I1nanrlleres, 6C.; nllt sotre designs fier dtorases, anttle tgravd on a ,rtv-nne platsn with xiatlte-ien-by Voter Ni)ch tloon, ntrehiteet, athnr enof tire "Mtbnoninrs ,rnltn'otfnia't.'- "tCoronttter' New (Gide," "'Ctrpentlr'a •arinl Jinerr'r Aasistirnt," t&. Alt Praeinal 'l'rieaiao on th" i Cultre ofSilk," oinapt .ltrtlhet. taitlnd clint of th Unitttfed Sateas-by J. (;. Cnastoek, nretary of Athe Itartfur,,Ieotnnty Sini'So nd;imtl editor of ihe "Silk Ouhlturist.' "rPlne Sil alosr's istri rang letg l art of rke irlg antld fiedinttn ilk wirmnsr, nad of nuliaitng thie M heerry :rta--bv S. Ms rin. 'Ike tClerk's I Gnie. otr cnlnmrcninl Corrernoif l wcte; efnhriitieelattes, of alansins, hsrns of hbills, invoires, -nheorlntt-sns, an nd slunlksepers, eqiagion of payments, en:nlaaerriael t iens fe.--bv B. Fp. F ester. of FCranes, fer tire year ll07 to the year n1yI" by w. F. Lt. Npier, . i ., vo l V.; to which are fixed an ,,rs in, Somie rttMakn inl Rntineson's Lite artof ito. anBi in the (tunrterly o inew; wita eofnutrver retrnmirkA to Mr. J)ldle Olterl(trG ivlde',o remarks npa o some paason -. gcopinsti loeme Napier's fourth volumln of tse Pe invsultir \Var. Jusatreenisel rIftor ale be I' ran'ceElA --2nf .rn, i0 stotre, yir 13E,4" W F ae41 i New Ierf e. S IDul.\R 0 hdsit, prirts article, fre sale hy G DOIISeV; )nsteRen-rt 4 leet, FiromRe~a ut lnlrrrst.n rrnt o For snle l, S'TE'I'SON & ,VFlty Jo-N Bo. iBower & tce. : i'::,,lop ' r et. hrt rIecen lri.vals f ruom RF, I i. tl Xn oh, large o idrioo o I to ohe ir slro ofl , : i l oi rlo iV l i T I ', . I) tiwk : *1tI1 i l ol . i tt., l alW rI, oolddese)l. ulhk; Tlii let ndi ten o spools; :,ma or l no ngrsvi o . y, l 1 opat slponsi , sgal tolu; nsuar, sauce uln soul) ladie; Ilotter, fruit, padllinTg id fish knives; plekle andl idlser ,knies all forks, iopkinsl , Hrigs, .. pi ,in eills fron, the rmaUloatory of Mr II. Gardoier, of New'York, l ahose long estiblilsled reputation for the manllaetur, of silver ware is sullic(;nt gntarranerll of ito s solueriol PLA T IFII LV l 0I, OF H.EPII.l) AND ElII. MING;HA M. Tl. o alol eolf"e , a :1 lls; rI:sl:,' liquno r a Icl, o i;«l C larl; uis,: candles, tb.: , I i . - s ith lli - ror platewix, f-r -., tr. of 11v- diI .r... ... I r table; .aters round -.,! ohlbl.-, I,,n Io 112 inhlu; deef steak nlld vegetaKLu dislhes; rick lish eolelrs; cake anlld lbatkls; ncantelr iamnls; 00lh 0 and chtlnO br canllesticks; wisIC stranlers; coolors indl0 s% phloln; leonll. ter labels, cllrlt corko, ten stlrlilrl,. table bells, tea, t-. lle. ggand musoltardl spoonls;i gg boilers and ooo81 oldsI toast races, cc. SILVER ON STIEEL WAItE. Table ald ldesert klves, forks and spnoos; soup n:l saucelatlles; hutter pand fish knives, cheese scoops, as paragus togs, vegetable forks, itc. JAPANNEi Y. Fine Gothic Sandolwich and round cortne waiters, in setts anl single, from 8 to 31 inches; do oftpopier mache; hreoad, oheese, and kolfe trays; large upright plate warmers; slice, sugar andl cash boxes; plressllog cases; Inndr tea ilabes n ilets, caololles Japl.t nella old of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive asalertmlnt, among wme re Astralo lamps,all bronzed and gilt, anl of rich cut glass; mantle lanpi do, do, each plain and with glass prismsi very sllenclid cot glass dto ;bronzedl aodll Japannedl side or b peket lamlos. CIHANDEIIE .RS AND HANI;IrG LAMPS. English and French cut glass chandeliers or lustres of 8, 10, 15, 18, 20u ano 24 lights; Prench bronzed and gilt Greciao laml s, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lalnps and ln ternsl, rich bronze boat or centre llllamps for rawing rooms, from 1 to 6 ligots, lamp shades, glasseos an wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CAND)LEMRAS AND VASES. Bronzed anld marble; bronzedl anod gilt, and all giltl with lixtulres, etc; countillg Ihouse and kitchen clohks; bronzedl inkstands, cegar ldo; paper weights, thertnomle era, card racks, candlesticks etc. CHINA WAREI 01l I)I lRCELAIN E.nglish and Fronch dining desert, ea alld cofHei ser vices of plain white, gohl edge, Rod very rich fancy o styles; splendid toilet setts; water anlI mlilk ,ichers, mantle vases; f.ncv iarlll rcks nd lhkets. tAllS lt N.VA AID DI)inog, desert, teao, ie, blreakfast aid supp)er sens; toi!Pt ware; pitchers. Also, Calton chila Ilinell sells, etc. CUT GASS. D)ecallters, plitcllll's; cl:ale' a1d I ot11 ed , Ipk , Ec. t lie. bowls, lishr s, celtr. 0 ,0 .,0 1 ,% . ,000' -1, 1 00. I ttM1 tubs, linger b;, I, ,- . 0 .i, cl laret, - t..i..l l 1 1, I gIII o I I I ll, kglases.l + Als-,c lh Jlwl: ., tBRIl I tINI Ii 0 hl0w 11 l al a l I I ll: e m, l . 0.llb i ll -1,' h , .lil...I -.. IIIII lkst'IS ' I , Iln.wt c1 r r'· ; h,.l g slic ', ... . . l i d htt i.t , • l I'\O IOI IN k V t.Vl l 11111iIi l,. ,. ~I d F Ir a' in ' gIn of o as ntso , c;.5) o Ic s u, (h e .'-- ', 1 ) 1".1. 1- of' s I:r. , It,.+ ... .. . ,. w in :t le... I " " Fora Sh. lh gill 0as, aids kor IIir, v, ih saw, $i 4 a For do. tf 6a l.saw ath h'edirs, &ca. ata 6 73 per soo loll 50 love Saw 1511 (1w, Exltrateeth wlere desired, fo,' I, aders, "pllplicd a 40 celats ceash; tile lum'ber oflteeth bleing aboaialat eall l5 o tlle number ofsaws One() set of, it is cl sidered howevel, will wear olt tw. or three sets lo sows. Elxtra iawvs stpplivi at tt tCents eaclh. The Gials ordered, will be delivered to the agents of pliauters in ally o the sea po(rt toWnl o the cotton plan tilog Stakcs, at lte ahosa prices, tile ageats i) illng the, f'eigt o the same ifrom New York, srlls becomin g re spon.ible for tile amount of the (;i. A alin wright willle seat with tile Gias to t tllem uti wellrte tde sirelt; tel charges for whose serv ices will be extra, but moderalte. Inrt ru nnin gearean also he ordered where detired, oil reasonable terms, but will be charged extra. tIors,! piower,ofallv ilescription, can be turnished oie like terms. Small stetam engines cane also be ordered if de sired. It isdesirable, when planters give orders for (ins, they should accomptaa ty them with their views i rtgatrd tostlearrangement s t saws, bIrests, brushes, &c. It is fi tnd they diflbr, , opilion. Sole desire saws of larger diameter thal, 'others. Tile emost commonsll size is 9 or 0 inlches; t, . some wish them 1l2 inches. Some wish 5 olt (I rowsi- brushes oil all axle, while others do not wanlt more than 4 at most. Some wish saws withl or 9 teeth to the inch, while others want 10t or II. W I Itlhliserepacv, we plre'er they) should, at the 'tille of giving orders, frn.lsh a sttstc.te etF their wishes, and the manufacturers canlli flil thlem in every iasrticular. Where it is left to our discretion, we shall make theml on the most modern and approveld lln. An order can be executed, from the time it is received, il tle Spaee efeigt or tiine weteksta d the ;ilt i ill that tatate plaled ta ste hands ef stse fctor. To be ill t(in for tile next crop, all orders ouaght to bI int tie haInds of the manuofacturersr hy the first or amiddle of May; except fI'r plntalittail wherethey artelate ill commellcing to lack or gin etton. N. Ii. 'Fite Patent Right, for arty oneof the cetton growialg States, willbe sold our reasouableterms. m'3 6locs STATE OF LOIISIANA.--First Juuicial iistlrict Court. rl1IE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whoml I these Preserts shall come, Greeting:-Whereas ailliam Mackey having purclhased a al sale malle ly the "heriff ol the parisll af Orleuts, tile arolpert lereinafter described, has applied to the clerk of t ais rourt, in wlose ofice tile deed of sale wa reoorded ol the 5111 dalt r t t ar A. 1). 138a for aalmoaition or ad vertisemenit in conformity to an sat of thle legislature of the Stat tl of Louilna, entitled AP.An act for the farther assurance of titles to purl ahera at jud;eial sales;" ap proaed thle sat day of Marchl, 1134. N t)W lherefore know ye. aad all persns; interested Ilrei. are haeirb-tltd c ai d antiadmlished ill tie, anear ol thle Stale of L.ouiin and of tile Firet J udicial DIistrct Court, who can set tp ally right, title or clatia in and to tile property lhereinatler described, ii consequence ofl aev iflioaaalitv is tile order, dlecree or jlldgment of the eourta under which ith sale was made, or anyirlegtltaritv or ill,,gality in the noaraisemetsa and advertisenienta inl timlle, or manner o sale, or lbr an other defect whatso ever; at show caase, within thirtv datys fot thile (lay this monition is first inserted in the puhlic papers, why tile sale so Iade should not e confirmed slid homollo. gated. 'hie said property was soll by the Slherif of tile lar ish aitresaid oil the 23d day of Aaril, A. I1. 1i:8, las virate of a decree of tllis coiit, reldered ol tile 3d dlaly of March, A. I). 183i,in a slit entitled William t31akey vs. samsuel Bell, No. 15,535 of the docketof this court, at whi:ch sale said Willi5am lMackey became tie par chaser for tile ptice of $3,300, cash. Description of llPrprty as gisaen in toe Judicial Con. veyanCe, vtz: A esrtain Int of grulnd, together with all the buildl ings and isaprovelnlalls thereon, silllated in tile patrish f )rlelns, in the squalre ounded by New Lever, Lu aisa, Paul and Delord streets, designated by the No 9,I aa alsan drlwslly C. F. Ziatatel, beutv la uraevor (teerael, aal aila ltatl I)Deemaler, 1i31. aaid deltasitlai axi plau No 10, inl the book ofalnns tof Felix Grimat, notary oblie. Said lot measures 2s0 f et iinches frost e' aTew Levee street,75 feet in depth on the side adjoining lot No 1, and 80 feet 7 inehes ahd 4 lines in depith on the side adjoining the property naw, or lately, aehlagiElg to N loodale, aoal 19 leet I1 inehes wiltla in Ihe, rarl Shesre it fronts on an alley ef tlre feet nine inches ill coellUton ho lots Noo 4, 5,'6, 7, 8O sI, 9. (Clerk's O'1ie, I 'l MayeI, 1838. anl6 GW 1 EIllS DIp. i lll. MR. WILLIAMS. O)(CULIST', LOUISVILLE, JULY 2J. 'i::li i h- s.+ l s.t t mrer -1 a, . gain fasll ,ll it ' i , Ii, . l iiiL . l,'l, il I t, is a ,.n,, li ll la i, e4slp. ): htý elh.vts of tile ltderful nlli nellt ic nee le Ido dectoir ilil. tih. knightel the thimlle, alins, AS 8, 'ly return, however,proves that the IthlelP of he hls and t lolf, is appliahble tI tile Journal. The fable is 'A hov wnas eiplllovid lIn watclh and Eve the alarml, whe hi.e w""If appenarid; heli being either a ifiotinan 'a ilor's ,sn 1), or ai linr, frleieu:1ly cried out 'th' wolf in VouninZ,' to tile gretil dmallttV 'Iof the citivon- Tth y :i' ast found out his restl lhitracter: that he was a liar, tlll not tfo ie believd neven when pliik tilhe truth.l' 'lTe li't i , that cauaces muallt produce their ei.iects. Si I will prove, if tie all-wisenwriters, f)r. Snip & I'o.. in te. rJmirlil. I would advise ther to provide ihdain slvest with a istlaii engine press, in order Itl IlIPPt the volllnderflil demand ltll increase of that lamper, wi it i well knlown, there re manlly who seek for lnothing itlr alsoehollod,llnt (" herr love to tile venders of thll arri cii. But unfirtunately fimr Goliah Snip, in f needle and himble celebrity, tile reat mass of tile millione of A ,l(lileun<)ule, arn faued,md anti far finnied Re lovers of truth. 'herefnre they will,(aceffectsa Iroducea d Iv tile c:lutes) natirally snay, I want to, rend a pater, tilT I nay rely oil, tllherfo I will seek tIlnt snuchlaTbl enme SPbrier to te other it ohejournalst whose stntemenllt vill not prmn, false. Their l:ts tatemenls are too pal aille to requllt r.iftitationi; yet I will state: SIt. T aIa agnsin I, tatnilotal. t4. ']lat T shallreina t tit tile 31st Jill , 'thie I)r inip & (Co., have aent tne a letter threatening my life, f I remaninled after tl.tc2tih. alr. riat froin tll;n,I haill proeeml to Cineilnanti,ifor lourteen dav only, of which I wish )r Stipt & Co.,to inforam the afflicted, in their own antiabil never failI to bring Inm patiPats. 4th. That faro t in (incltil I lshll rnceed in the F'all of tile Ni!(iara, to lie at Ifl'ainlo, (if Ir Stip & Co. fhI not take awav iy lifie,) otin tile Tat ofl'elteeilllr, anni an.ewn .oalk n ile I t of Noivemler, noslenl tile whole of thn I nexI t Il aniieri ill order It laughl lit all the wholl hinm, .Mlcnphlli, NuAshille nuud Louisville, awo iei irolnml y. (hfcterthat time arrives loor,,Goiah Ist, Rope and thre (olinilud. Currier &e. (oltna mk icr tassie, miles, i&c. (;olihi 4th. Corn G (li ith 5tli, Paints and drui,anil pikle eltore. (olinh thh the milloat uanitficent of all, IDr. ainip, altinas ell, &c. pateChlI tn t1Itw pre prietorm anti edito rsof tie .llrjltlial. ilastlv. I would lliive fetillet e i )r.ii il & (i.Ii rI iaowl tint lon, bliefrllthey wire ableI threadll a near Imue,ir spread It ei't I hd beI lii r y (tl rsd ill the tiIein it of rreslorhlur si hlt Inl tile blilnd, find Iii 'lie! iciii' oi wits it co:1-tor o'+thi t . ii o l illt I o -rent rir - t sin. I ' s' e'ei l n C o em l oyed. )i Il tihe tre I a plaitom iier;I i o t hi ; tii i l olllu' mllllker Pir as e ; tile ITrn ll 'lll r i lth e Ih o lit vil tl vJlr , k10e. r nn.1, the 1 !,l *irt smili i W[l!hlLn ilhh+ l~I if he pIi' I i' i? l wi.h - iti i ii eI p ,ih'h I ihall rii'l' l i -lj, nIII sra ,'.r !iw, l i I A '1. ani .ll ''Ith i ulht l ll: t ill i 0 ''i ' .) A T i Al I e ' lnAY to oIlllllill In ' o illi l, wII' li t Ifet, l'i ' I'l l .( ) 1'N %1, 1 Ll.IA %1' 1t;, citist, i'ur-n I , i.," ilhi , ihi ' i. I c1 ';:a7. , I , -. e " litIglI i l t iia i l the It l l lt In Ilat mwth, i.ltl ii c t" Ie t nnueci0 , ii i, I 1knW mi-c .h en'ilii. pl ct is b' i luiiiiiii -uig t ihi m ils,,ti , in T.i i l ie, nell.ta .',tl "nIn ay enln in .i e t ,la cane I earIt,-, rllaag, atihendm'" i ky,,t a ,a. Teeonn Tiniaof, ateday, 22. ( ,n 7. J. U • S a, na In cn.. T,, the i- v, , 1 .i% i . . if h.1 is. nw min* Voll,,-f eb i fllh h 11, ,.a 'l: 1 ii loh-, I, , S I hl t 11,1 I. + o lo 1,,l , hrro , h Inw i ell4,{1+ ( ,11:11 i do their h h) lllV'Ilst1 i 1 . Is ' k. li, lt. I lll xl ttt't[. i. :l t nlile. t V1,,++ j li hlt , (,+it tll% o k I li, il oga to h,. v (ill "t gist n I inth , lh v,. h: 1· /1t- . Ths" ) rtr s llhv e d' llric ,, I , ,.s v, , . K i, anvr eto vi'y jii11 ree 11LIt Ili+..lliir 11.t)lefihh to th!emli insa iill llt Uletter lih' 'lie lhehv may restl+. , , ii -r' I ll1 t Iot k tell isvil i y e i ni llllell . l) lll rfts sayll' g.etllleinilel i nI ul it ae dIrI·II I I l Irk l . I \\ '1.1 ,1, 15 Jelterson HIouses,, Saturday, 2"2d July, 1837. JEFFERSON Io07sF. LOUISVILLE, .. . .. Jilly v I:1, 1837. Jllv S, 837 To the Editor of the City (aiette: IRt--Having listened tl tihe entreatietlf emy puri mie tienl I r emt L he d it e e y he alth peirm ite, to re eain in this ctit till the ell oflJly. I. To trv to iI them lore good. 2. 'T'o ennlvine9 tile inhttitaoit tlhat t ile ii pt tllelS the Medicnl Golihe S. hi&e, hli applied to Ite beluont to them, a is t e itir lawtfl righl. in.. t iI atl rIfd to1 decmsite two hundred dollars in otes of till U. S. B ink, il the hands ofI his Hlono the Mayor of this city, against a simiiTr sui to be de posited by all tile gr at a11n in gty ol)torI S. & Co. tia I restlore 14 sight moreI aged, Iln.dlle-aged, youtlll tlerstnlinc d ehilren, wll, wee ttotally or tiriiulu bind thllto 111y (o; Itlll tllat I an ll, d Il)ledIt l.tII ut, glullter ntilllle of short, weak ilr diu-ighlcd person during mny short visit, th tley d. ed. etI el allt, itaIY wise .alunuiators il int o ti eiraid all tile ver dIeservedlv eltebruled lrofcsstors and 1)oltolrs lof all tIIt lllege, Its well as all tile doctors and llltuack doctori o bie llund ill prival practice, (who ie alelt !w ill tile Sttalte IKelltteky, ()lhiu, lliltlll i a lla ad v , inl ellnessee; where ithre are ilndeeds ttue two l thr fillllnou doctors, whose nallsl'Oug t to tbleh:lled dtw is low us t ossilct Illaltest uiosterilty. 4. It olllit lie Iilrly. toneirstLL that tll the t e i ures if any, " n both sides, aist be provel hnall himv been perl'Irmed ritlhout the aid oluany surgical u.eratio 5. Tholue wh really Iverit ile epilllets the lr Ilv s liberallv aipplied to ie, sh ll florlbit lhe nile ir - tI benelli fit flhe llllns llhoues ill l citkeI vland tile other parlr ly shall tke balck hiiswn i 111$a , .l'ner Il or thl% souh prove one of the siuccesslal eandidates, I wi It fulfil tne old Iroverb, and give the "old genItlti nll" hi, due! ti. At all events I Iwould advise tilt hset llutled lice liah Si. nolltto suel r that letter to stanld :llt , as it g. llt for "sii llctoll" ItsI well s "t llcllit,' " I loii L yieistuild i ailim ttllii% ý bllt I advliie hia to aLnd I, l it ils Iliillb tll t n la lliO'll. %~ A S Idlllntcd htfImn it, ill Ill plll~oetilval I l rde tcil lhe, illde llede tli itjo III I, llit' ,-i ,ii kf' ways know t w it er h% l l -,dj -lii I . I JtillN ilILI% A.Ic, I was weat k enii liL h I tori ld ll., i 11 tal llllld signed S., whiih deserve nlolýýii ilm a. h Lou tempt. Had I known fastninli loti . l re- inportaIce i A S S, I should havel tretted tilt iniict i.1 til, I, Irtea ,l what diif rt'llyll.i: itll let tllat lpas i. i wi;i. lowevt r cllm lille t his nl t,ter iof iten J mralI, a c is lone ill to elploIy the lotinor (tOt III the l rtir or oi flhe thistle, bu. -ft" lt ltl u kinmble-, in .rdl r th t l h ie mlcay kill two birds with one tllln, i. I-. ri + tI h III, holes that i i lV be ill his natural or pol it ; *irnl, lts and, if I tnly jlildgenfromi that excell.lct i'al r,thl Ad vertiser, D)r. .uil 's masll ter iý, potdlitieullt.y, I'l c)lstlol need of his serviIc:s. Whenallv cirumstlncye 1 ur. whther dmllet n or politicallv, vhich requires a Iblistr, w 10th1 r tlt ii 1.wll 11OSe Oro I tile roltalllllliln oftho"se who do notl hai st-n to lease him, beig unlike him, (which must he gratiI li lb lll, irtui n ) Ibel it is lie Ii llS his 1i 1,1, whlie aifterall i no ll nllc tlhlll if it Lwas "c hlltlli t IbrTie looks well buCl withl ac l M. Di. A. . , .fter it, alpears lnagnificnt' JOHI N WILLIAMS, Itculi t. Julyl 14. tiAVANA .Sl\ EETIIEAT.S-hI lore Illd Iorsaýtle j, 'or (olnollln anlld llnga vlilm Fir. TOi RENT. I THE handstme STORE and back Kitchenc ol the oaSelent story of II h True AIiiri E can t)ict, two llors fIrlm SI. Charles ThIle. atre. A fist rate stand for a Coffee Inouse Apply tc 111ml8 JO)IIN GI ( SON, Editor True American~. N I L S .- -A p rim p. u smo t nnt of ,ato N ai s frw n An .'20d, f rsale I CItASI & I)XEY, mlt ,'Shan li0 . .MliM.E ' O.\IPOU D EX'ACI'T OF TOMATO. t sunsirrrrye folln VnoUofr.L. r, Ill 'ocuul uited with solucllahssurntlCe itpreset day, thi t one me wit cure all diseases, is noi, and never can he t'o; arll ri wIho alssrts it, is either a fool or on in pstb,r Ilt it is a filet demonllstrable Iv exlltiene, that comnbinations of medicine nmay lie folrmed from the VEG-'rAuILF KINGINlM, that Will aOt 50 ulliVlrsalinly on till s stem, when taken seasonably, and injudicious pro Portionsl s to core, ill iline cases oit of te, all diseases within tle reach and power of nmeicine. From tile well known andi established reputation of Calomoel, it has long been employed by tile emtpiric, atlln scielltific pihbsiclan, as one of the tmoot iowerfill agents for tie removal of diseaose ly the former, al most% velr landt has been deluged with nostrums, tlhatt th'ir nothors clnimed as specifics in every disease inli idet to the hmn l'family. The folly of thes pireten iolls lneleds no eonmment, for accue chenlmical investi pgtion has llown, that tile base of nlost of tihe PonoIe.s, Clllolicons, kec. which Ihave been trumpettred beflre tille community, with so much assutllrnce, is Cal[omel, ofr mercury in some form. Now, if this potent article e even i the hIlins of the most skilful physieialr, lfequernt ly exerts oIi influenle oi the hulman syRstemn, unforeseen, and entirely beyonl tlhe control of'rin t; undermining lh, eoncstitcluint, antl bringing onl premulture old agge, disease and deatho, what result shauld be expected when pre cribed ),i the iignorant? Could their man)y thousandt eirtitos snleoh, a voice Irnoom the tomb would soonn dispel he 'specifi' delusion that now sways the minds of the living. Humane Physicians deplore the sad evls resultimg from the mercurial practice, and will gladly Ihil the in troduction of an article that canll safelybe substituted for calomel. They feel, anl that keeny. the oneertainty of its primar operation; they eannot say whether it will be lihvrable or nfavoroable. They also know, and feel, I that it its use is continned for any considerable time, in- I jllrioull secondary consequenees must follow. But they" must choose the least of two evilst they know no othler arlicle llthat will allroise a torpi. liver, remove r bstrue tion, nld set in free iction thitt whole glanldular sysetoei, and itl beilng indispenllsily necesslary to dio htis, tihey onltinllue its use, lnotwitistlinlg tie etil eoionsequences which fitllow. They have long desired ndll soughllt an article flat J would produce the goon effti!ts of this drug, withlaut suijcgtinlg tile Iatient to its deletetious resoilts. Such a desidertnllm, it is elieved, Iist at len~glc been obtainle ill the article iow prese'ltied to Ihc Iublie. 'IThe prop ietors ii' oi this olttile kelepin ih n view the fact, that it wiselthi benevolent Being, hai plllcedI with- u in t ie realch of all, lremedienlli.s llalpted to thile liases in- a ciilenlt to the climate they 'iviinhbit; ii d knowing, like- it w.ise, that most of tile diseases of tihe Solth sind W1est re its a upon ''g.olie r fitanctional derarngxelient oif it tile liver; dilrected their attention to those articles whicllt act Inlllre Isp cllly oin the bilitlr organtl . O . Alter iing, intorious, andi ecxpensive research, tlhey hv sccetledeld in extracting it substanceii ftim tihe TO \! Al iO, llitii, froni its peculiar eliect tinO tie he-ic i it lie ol' bililir origans, tlhe have dlieoilllln terll Il.pttilne. 4t ii i'a olltdicie tIhat 'will pronhice Itll he beneicial results iOLf Calonllt i Ioth a iete atll chroili diu ices .iflout the possihilio of rlhodcing theleerioutllcwtco 'lil l '' - o111111n1 Ito that al icl e. of l,, st, piiogitit iillnencto'. It i h1 i op'"I I orga, W il . 1-0 il a ld excltti On hat itsll , , , 1iin rtolll L't d: h inpi - ! ~IIi w, o~l , t .i r h of biliois /.firs' ;,, ,'I" ! , . II I i.hpidit ' o eni llo 1.e tion ofi" the r- it Ito t "II i Ii t in- ofl te liivi - I, I t, , 0 n aio I ll, li( di 7. . . ... ... ,,p,, ,,. vi -i pi 1i- , iol'i, , $l/ n 0!, , \ l. JI , llt. I t .I , III, l lIlt l : l .t it Io I i s In i, ,ri 1 . 1 i 1.. ,- ! 11 in f li , Ie.:i " 1. , t-o t l ll b, H ir , as f, " i, o't 'h, lir 1, ofý aIf" o h 11 I1 :' tl Ie . \tot t, . ,till tl I , , Is't- : t : o "'I IIJ , II~ IIll: It h ,: t i t- r I; o tit. l n.l ll:li t , ll lllitl I hbe the ( fo. olh , 1 1. h 11 111 111 111 tll 'l ',I ljlV'il i ol I I III a:I ll., 1it. . t tit a l "al I i o lt, tti'o c' ilnhl t le wi ll uil .i I ";lolilts Iii' bi ti. tl e Al mot l sIll I II 'I (I I I v I' I aIi ,- I tle l 1rie r o iti S1:, UIe, :. tvl e cit I, :, lrl 't\lluv , hih slun ho lll eul bLol l tit'lt . t ll tsllr l er ll' ll le f t o·1f Ih pr'of t'aossio tt t .o 0' this -, 't oo,o oll lt l' lli l is Iu"fie e ) n oil ti* eto"l ictng that ( a in I e ogl t It, Sie Ifs, wit i js o , wllt. tol l o lth l. .'.llctsl ou oll tile ys Iom, bn tae oi . I:k , a '0e alil'n g to 'thile , tm iti t' l , v ., alI tltis, l e llte, y well st. tiStl, d thle t'o it tioll l 0 te al we hove O ele a ble tlolea-n, it hato ploouloo't-t ao lo io lafcit, ! Ae sat i - to irtloluc s a thelt y acti n o toile liv ct tloU I t kh -ilio-to s is lcar s i o.·e ll t ee ted, an i .on s IlVe hvlc v this li.oie 'lles wit he tl lslhs llvtlar d ill n io t a Lhoo'. r. t ite L haln clt mil: For sik or h ili:,o u hoIle cLs, it Io ed, icll lie ullle ll ll g ioud e m .et. t l, . wo I ave It stol it sa te 01t it loes not oot lce lle debili t/ hti gellets of Ill ost othllel kit s of llllgati e mtl .llisll Iithat( e its t oi whoea ll u nstlger this oltlin, il :ts uset ts, a Id w eel lo edoe w oll f e. aOiloill o o it %ill pr(ole H. twit av6lbooeo eI witohout ao o t 11 ageit ofl the tistl dtesg ioed AsroL ello e rieasolto tois llr e 'oo our iee lld s i tioll i nll his er ilt hof tile Ilomotlo i.ll Ipro 'e a siubsk otilite li halonel s, it in r eat vafe ity o oose, we ianlly Tho awho it as a lssit sy tho thie lu not poh ue thili. l taeinel ts of mosg t other kindt s of uain tive olf dicie, lir Itahre is i eo i nel easedll AgIltlt e r frnt so ol .oilo n , ts tlis otll aa o 3 w otit, o ly do v er t oltht dtrlt singtll IhO i1jurios ellfr· ets of T ioce l " then loU c ing s litMl a Al s e ]lave re t'o, ro ll e i.. ortotlm o s y i l'sti ltilll 'his extlve of tile Tonr to wiilll pr P'e : sub helltIlte tio -T-homl in l g asbt l rty.lI. o'eus(oa we ..ll o ta: . I . I b elelssing o t t fa aiaia I l Iv. i l lll rll ith r c stifi., tl ree iru it all n oli r i s e lt e s 1cl nf and it ,tru il trsI t i mt it lotno tltl . tested by Itmolied. %%oe boe, h eevery .sat $,0le allneA,.r The alo ver n doiiose cta h1a oIllie ot 11 I ill (;ie. oo ollllll. il llt Il . l T o I rlt l , (i ,a ral Age, 1 jol. Lo illl l o itt bell r i l h lll llllto e ltoto i u0 ot.- seal. 0 LW r i f , I :o. Ila .I tll, : o1 t,1 T . IR T Stolle, I II r Ito.utl s forlt Io stani , ! i Wr++,l+++ & t'. 133 1 )lll-I ' ec t , i 111 ta i'0n 0ll-0 eor ,rto lo I lot a a In Is r t. o , too -. lL.Tl tllrk . ttol bJ P Jhlrhitt I l .CooOl llltr Tchuo1u i lto lu ant: i Dr V l -11 shor%, -i ilo esh La. I Jo Row. '['llllliil lsmtmi f IIu r llllell"" o lll. ii+. i I .lu rs.I . ,'lt tt(. 1. s :1I , . I; ',, ,I r I Il, i' sty. I lis ,llil c m :.y'l . i t ,r t llal i ,r ll.i t P I 1 ( i , 1,1, e.,I Il. 0al0.' 110 0 tiloeo LIt |ll tol o 0i0i 0 J- II I, 1838,. *,1+' o oot oatto.o.- 00 too I loH00 ot _ she '00000 L s Il t tt hi Uto ll It l ilr h P1 , o to ol "lo" o A ollo too loot. ie le l lot tlill i ( I I to,.o iu IjAht.' S U'l~l1"f Iht shttiol r . 1 11, , 14 No , vlootio It " d ,i "I ttlolllrtto ttl I 011 .001.10-ott olt tI obo " , • :,.1 tl l ,. , fiag.s I Ili, ll'rtull h l . i tpr p I h ) 1 IT ItI" itk ,I ..' tl le d.-%l lo tIoo 1" I le I . ... . ... J' oI, I's t li- -I I"tUrha t 'H.ehde I t oI l to; bO I.-P. m j I'l o . \ CI ;- Ml+.lo. It e I t gI I t. -h od a lttoo l Itl t ' il jo~lli 101 I t~t.I I cto .I j,,11; I' nk .\llI |tAiNTSU1;I.S, (LASS, BRUSHlIE"S, &n.--Just L_ liuhells r mrhlll a;hip Ctll~littistl' solrd s inr o le-II : .1000 fei.-t ofa-t-rm, erqst .ltit' ft lialll 8X10 t a, :;Xi18; 310 keas white, lead, pue; b:3 da grelen !ina, in 12 libr. keans; %' doz japnedil.inn airnny'l~lla. lithrage; 2( d doz ellow wdid 00000 graound IlAnhe'. alsn o 01,00 anl 0)Off do; '!cases (.roole tresn ill Ipowder, superior article ( Eo do In cr.nls II aitcllellnt of ash tools f every size ina Ili. s; ablle pencils fir artists; fltt narking. bruasle, for n'hrnt; amist' colors in oil rea i v fire pan'red, is boxe, fitted ' iwith all brushesk artist's tools, &o:. Flake and., Iwannitr whire' GO iaeks gold leaf; white adyellow wn a;ln rabic; ani a a large and choice an snrtlnent ofpaitg, drn Folorl .il, tolrpentnt, varnish, &c., tita sale,whiolevre aind d.tail, at the lowest prices, by NDEI, hso58 Cau top St. lK.Jl'tA. - i' La SEIVEDITIO.Y OF THIE CIV'IL CODE OF I,OUISI.ahtI. lT hers it en fair some tine madn known to the publie mtrhat t ahe subsarilpter anre entaged in prieparing for the pnress ai or edition of ftie Loiitltna Civd ('de.- •They e t-n. frol lie first, nware of the great difcllulty and rt)es ..lnbiiiitt laintndiig lile pulliattiili oi the work, and it was not witlhout great hesitatioa thatt the conn tented tia tfile ndertakingl. JIlt the present heltiaon. nmountine to itnat three thosanld copine, and whiel led east tile States more thaa tirty thoeannd dulnar, I was entirpiv not o prlint. For more than two vears pns, tlte uiual price of tile work ais been front itdirt' ao iftiy dollars. It is t a tynten of written rules wniah so immedinrtelv opwritrate ron every individual of tile state, inotererte; either in agýiculture or omamerce and which governs thedispoaition of so manh propertpy onning to usferan other states, that--utlike aloan. say other treateise upon ow--lt is as nucl tile eati-bhok atid atattnal of" the Tneruhant and tile planter, it isaf the nrivate geutle ine and tile professional advonate. S']'he lawyers of tie ardjoinii states, and in fact of al those ateis aeoll the O)hio and Mr1issiippl rivers lwhichl fil a tnart for their prodlute in Losiiana, thave a fre qiliat nwessaitnv o1' c reflnce to the code and lake it aa itnlispeasuble "rnquisite to their lih.carins; atd in tile 'it of New Orleans tile hlook i as saire to bL folnd ill the mercahantns counting ront, as. up-n the desk of tile judge, or Ilte table of the attorney. It is t s therrefire that tte first editioa oflhe aork tas so quick y disiosed of; llid arollogh a ltere reptint oa' it wouldih Irl sone measurre supply*t filte poblie nenenAitr, , et it woald be ilnper:ct alln nUatiastr an lllle.r 'unnliated w itth elrennces to tile Reporta and tllStute-, in It!ier it enilrae tile nuntIerot. illanlontuts which have' Itan. mnde br thle ligislara, aind ilhe illanrlall dtcilnonla antneontrnc'tinn trltiel Thteenies given upon ina iy o its articles v tile S llr le ( tollrt. The ptil;laers havIe ecuerd, far tile getieral super inlteldetee and edlorial dep.a'rlneit aO teI h work, tile Ipsrionedal r avices oR \\Il l'nelhe, S ipton, Eq. ielllerof tile New Orleaes liar. 'Ihe lioi. Jdtge Iluilnard, Jud.-e lflerudns, nllt, Ilonl George llmttia, Ilanve eait kiudiv alsisted Mr UIp)toI with Ilae valutable' nol"s whichi thý have co lleterdt in the course ot their studies and ip.'aieenlld th) ir N It .Ilnulillngs,tle nrt tier of ier Upton, who is alo Pteragedl ill thle work Gee t Sntrawbridgre, E,,l. hlao ire-ented theQ great I1lass o(t IefQ inen- ,'ontaintd ill hio tffie d con v of tile code a nd w atich o ave been inle hv himl nlarpe' the ,,hlp period ,t his di,:intuishted )rle, lulaors. The pblish t,rt rl.ltV taCerw.fI. ueI fllrost t ,at tili annI o tlatiolns of tiw Y ,larln till alad experilv, ,,lla t rI',rlltlb,,aa.ti' l' I InI putting rl), ll n ti, r,,sl)cll 'turtt a o iCihlilct g gplo- , iatl tifIciJrile'F Ili the Imairk, il-' lla.lihl..'nS take pridt) i a a)e.'ý tI that lie .exiilaa'reif,,e,,iiana si.laattlrim' ft, ;-ernlor toIorcr one )) iaal ca'odL ' of it fil.l It1 'nlllllA.' IlL's tak,' Iv the A. -ealnlvn, -Pin: edl tlheir jlt --vll* ' of'fliP o ivahlo olthe wnark.atad tIll. v titreb, ext+hl.l' Iv linq 'i wh il r: i h, ,I,1 iU n, not 'wh lyll v u,4 r.r d. oIpott trom I iin l r p a l]m hýll ,[ v iir ti¢,r; iiin r w l all% ý % a.nase r cre I,-, a I tm.d I-, i .'lii' a1., -holte , -aall leic,, vxcPll tionll ofit ,'or lwslllmd with its roTTm iti-:llMI1,1tee I will lohanln- he radY for deli-erv in the n.ath of a')' i.l a11" t: jii ; i , Irl II. w &l: pt '). Il a llahs-rilw,,- I fit'l)iw i: tR-- Riw e a tL alr r+ t1cd lll to lbe a Id l a t li ille o "Sti- l, The I tll,.,.rl i,)+l latee cllolse,, thit store prie Ive a ,rill bit. t enty. , phelh ' )r ·op 1,-. al, 1" ; JOHNS & CO. a it. . [i1,uiiMiAt at d New Yok .illne Nf I'akls.] I I I a: f,. I,6p :,: : ats tat. ll I., In th ll iirn New .i I Y I.,L-.,i em.i i - I , 1 fller I.It l th e 4th -h I no, It I , t I. I I l 'Ot' ' I it ttt'ot' tttttt n tt l h e 'li t , I . i i i P]slrs , pll ,in fl e i, f to lel e o Ai tlin e ln lalte iitEll iN t .r A.llE;v Sf lix Ua t r . e humIred dllars Their enhins are : ti'lin h~e sh ' n e al Qn\., nh+ la r I , Illtl I, ill ',h PENltlNd aI d \vin tali r (_lll ii ]hlrle - Ilitirt , a 11 d1 th .a l P ttt ltlnt ie ,it.' ll 41t1 Illt' l.tlt' tl e r l I .ti t a llta ill.l l 'h le ive r" aU Wil l isi to r D at6 1.0 oilice at t Shi'pt.a t ' .tai" s l t latalnl I a ittklar . le e tiwt he il ati1 r ll ti o he toI e l .al itnll da t t ell I | l f ifta ei I' lld ila h t tie lnll l ye t 4lnnll t l , at,] upti r(k.· lo I nl'l 5 flll r , II\ w eall lllu re 11 nof li te trilleLt I fu cr lality bI , llrv ed illl thl' e oflll.( II ie iese hi1o w [ ill v n e Irepon siblelI l ori ii t lit t ea iin [ I it t)itl ' llltl,'ill t l llt-' nt tttitlt L ardo.l e lIlet er, mr cel o r li.. qll~t h t b ta t ie elntinat houtla i ott ttie agaent r o rs. or 'thrIN I be iCOlEN ill niv 13 90 (olnon st. " i A S 'tl i ltv il stro n tie It liTeinthe ant 1]V of Jtllu large htlau11dh, (Elnglish builtl copper ilstened, i alti hIis 1 eell colpPeia , Pshe irs tq AIet NlouF, antl eight Ifot bl rI, n+; amI ha, Len sloop) rig'geel, a1 Phre ae ironii stra ti foriwand fr ri 'atai. \ alioevr re e iieives siaill huneh, itwill llate caell'v at tnoR . ih A l ve it a 0 I PENSACOLA T..INSION HlOUSE - NII alltb', rihterhavigttli' a .ih al ta e a ease t nd "a lr _l tlitleir this well klll~lln nsl.alirhllle·ltN , fratlnl ni Iaylor, h late nri t ra ill ' be ieldy to reteive vi I iter Iy tile Is d, A tft tlIril next. t llln'llo s and cotly illlllrNoellemllt will bt e fund ill ft arilrelgeie of i f Masi huse New and Tile lolllodio s ll'tee htlthlillig lous es will le built, oll warm bltll awill p ie i rovided at all Ioutrta. A stablt al ill ie attahe lo thle Ia hlillse, w lith gooil accomniullda - tilol: file r rllres ami l l n r"ile. ilsl nlIte hrim rsl . Ftl u:lrrI'Iap e will so bi e kipt lir hire uat In erpitl: a rices; uild Fsail aInt[ low hunts,ds nlll s Ilo Innlglll helli as f or itw, use ol"vi Il ll ld ollel UIIII& O IIIE I I Isuallv foulllnd aft aiterlg l nlces will nilz le l ,llnished. llVld JI:ontIucted :s inot It illtrlbre bilh the coplll;lt And quiet ofllthe Ioardlrs. ''hI winas I i L d liqo lr ll Aill I e of the biest rll lil and Illr ensr i ull oII l W ply ul t, t r mil laus Illrch wlll bu ordeled, whllic will ar ri e air Frederick Ihlnrnr, who frinnerh, kepIt st pmpular a hotel at Washinglon city, will rundler tlin he el for lhe P rop)rietotr, w!h}, wiith sll ch tlid,lnl:ofidentlV tsllP s the visi 'rs nf last yalr, nl isI fiiei ds genelll lraiillY , Itllil they will rrlea ive e r t.avin pu h IIa li lelia e ad t Ifrebl k inowi to nited i wellg L enlled de-rithn lI Te'n . Tf ien M Icts filal laei prcopl iet ohe lwrgeli navdy stathi of fi-e t ,ng the muiner nihs by the olett I rAepril next rht (illli he hfe ll A ll ilf te bey n tMay l he neigwhbonril is li I- aInd riverP; tlhe abunllaun 'e nnd delic.icv tIi' !110 ]litl witlh wllA h the wtatltrs abound; mull is [it oximlli An Io ie best Sotlllhern anlrkets, w Vc goeod acolnul.( e urd - tir- flll- o r;r all other phlaces Fit thse lalitudes, as a Jualthy and w il ak ha b k til lner retre mt. I ind rlPaul lt o boats , vi l ll lru , he twet lens olua d to I ile, nud will at ll iln he lle to ltake illul llpscng rs vruln tile Nfeu irl ingt l p ,lllll , e NH ,\AINOLID. lPenuneolla ,+ Feb. I1,lh, 13:18. W (ientlelllen wrlshing to engage roo% i R for tlheir filltileie s t ca l hdrels the tiop rh tor, at iPn-npl, r gir newell T]' T raylor de th l orl wler Pr r ,hr lliert Wew OI le fs. T a i n rel, IaPt q, Mr(: tonc lhni , i 1, 11 I llbin. h lq., I.. Kibby, in Mnb I h S T Tay7lyr, P A ' Le1u, Enq, illn N P ,'--A letg Iv e - to receive CIslli nicationS Ftr kno ew, 51 St Chalg.s Cxeh l Ige. f Iact lltll Rlto lT i ll,- I R NgItn V YORn i. ( [To Triaveller's de+irouis r 1 takhi7hnt, t Glorida roluite. Iho.u l will conIIsa lyllv run olllil bral l. llile t, Iens. tl t ile sB ltilivri ti) ti ill r,,iontine s t tam ke |coue*l, PIsL (Lin IM ob ile! iall(- be .ite - if h b yl l tle tfe I er t o. i isaN I; AhNOLI). "T) he steStu n Chae n pion lret ves Mobil fr Peno sle ctllia lwice a *eek lil 28 [.v jt9: II l w !.eve. SIIl'o 111e r ill > hY FIOItII Il N T Ul'i leR. &c.A Thet Iors of Mirs. SLhrnood.--llmn thle onlyr elii lele nnd v il l o dli itilb n ever T ta e lih ed in tIhe aI nil ed jlttes, vol.15. Jth st reca ived and a t r lsa la by WiltM'+ AN, Air Se%%el.T T e orner propaiet t m eml i tl-t. list, F il t )t W. EVANS' C:iAMOMilE, PILI.S. . ..Idihv Valuable ' eoichile iii lbehbad vil'he' ?lz P. :e anlld uCfll at New I ork [)ri6;;s.s of1 IM;ES & I i'l.ANg;E.i8 C llmp street. ;' Irt iP conlloenljly ticOllR lrmletd lot thll' fiolwinc lis r * l,: h pps ,in in all it i, 6 n h ; hilious uni t livpr nt' nIr t'rt'nc, i erstig, Hnd ilgreei ; e fett iti e Sicns, r n ore pnrricularl y tile nausea ijucidenr to i'iotlher ; fllor g. a bllus, fever and u te, i iheil ent ton e i m.ptitloii or ie . "e~, of a ivlitie, nermvoui treortiarts inebriati;,l' r ' idel'tiinitt 11 llt ie.oo' acffooi .to"all kinds. rhei ite n1:tim.4.l, whehle.r irOlni or il: dniliontory; nervout or .. )ilious lovers. (it every varietv; st.rofiol," saltl rIheLtn , 8, nd II hlthi',I.,i,,, c hihncrA, id impoc em,,lexilný ' fl I kin: rechi l~ors it night, Enl dlilv irritnability illsd hua-ho'.; lThe tsuUnlier Olpilaint, and chillerll m irb or diariht'.en in grown pers ' ts; iorms and flatil - illeo, wilth bad Ilith;l atnd Ilpilltion of Ihe Iheart al. heiad; changes uof tflale t onstitution: ant d for Iinpairel and di.sorganizd colistiillitois in either sex; F which have not been peimtanentlv trtleved by any other imediicines A single trial of ir EIvas' . ll'diiines ill all of Itltt c.a.e, will pIoe ...c. h c , will i"l i' dienie their incompilbihpt superioritv, anld indjec such or a Iuse of' thmu as will inulur a sleldy and uintllnstionra - I.l cure. Dlirections for oIe' aeeomio)utving theI . Iv Nui el'cu certificiteof cureo c ill beo'lhowil,it fronl Ii, fle In'lth oflthe oottlolcse it is ilopolsille to give thIllt "| pil-liieh Ithrough the ineditiea ofte icc.rr. On lDr F / lvac' " otolo',e her arte uiwlaords f25,000. ! eaeI I lld in thlli city we el. ,tefer to many pertolnl who have I s, hveen iellievell "ani illl holse intaln't eniirli'v ,llrod of I lcog'otistanding diseoses, Ibov Dr cFtt' Ctoitionilt Pill. v STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Juodici:J. Court. S BTHE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whnm 1 . thluse Presents shall eome, (lGreeti 'g:-\lWherel, n James laines D)igls h.'in purchasetd at a .l, lmadle lib the StIeifol tie Iarisil of iOrieat s tile il.Fp'l'i lihaell ilfIter delscribed, his applied to the clerlk of this enui,., in wlose oflce thle deed of sale wals recordold ol tlte i di idy of Alil, A. 1). 1838, for' a loIllition or adVelrli Inent ill Couliorllity to all set of tile Le'gilallrt of tilhe State of I.ouiialent itle d Al act for the fiuf hel aml rance of titles to purchasersi. at judld cial Ilt;" ·aptloVd rhe lOth day of Mla'rch, 1831. NOW, thlerefore, knllw ye, and all prlleson iiltmrtestel I r hrein, are hereby eited anid lhnonllish.d in tie llllue n i I0he Stalol Lauisiane, and noftle First J. dicial*ict Caourtllho c-i set s it1l righti. title or claicn ill ani to tbie lp'Opietly hereitcttr lcis'teilred,ln t onlselluence oo iii ll illt'.rnialit".'in the otter, crrtc ojijulgcnlti of til' lIil I under whilh the sle wai iode, ort ao 'irregilhrii) itr' illegality ill the plraisenielts andil alldv erti mlents , in ilme, or nslnller ofl slle, or fi ally other deltect whatso eer: to, ho%, ' cause, witinl thirty' dlu s Lroml tile dal this inotion is first ilih l ed hi tile nIlllllis lli ., 'ill thle ! snle sto ilcule itOllitIltot liCe tr1nfirili ntl Ialon tiipiled. The said property was sold by I lhel heriofi the lorio h v llores lit on1 the 30tth d. oi .Mrchl, A. D) I83';, Ib vii. tue oft decree of this t.uri, rendh irid Io thie i0th I:,l o Jaultall.*-, A. 1), 1.S38, in a suit eutithliI J allies hi l:eesi I Diggs vrs. RIlful rOeell, ,o 15,191 i tile locket i' tli i Coutrt, at vwhich sale sai l.anles es l )!nDiggs IbeCaInu tile ptirc.htiser for tile price of twentl-fiOe thousati dol (tlescription of ploperly als given in tihe Judicial oil l'etrtiiil lie, of ibopi.oi Il orl. IntrlollUe i ltllt ti'ltih. I wilh all thie buildi 't and it Irlo enils ihle right Io'tivilege" o.'. thereuntoIbello'gi~ , or illn lillv ise.. ip I er.hlhiln, sillaite in l stuhourg, Ann ullncilo, iaboll l this cily ,tlld meisuiuing il oiiglish mea!,lre, lilee hbonded Hi liil -six feeta lour-eighths of it inch olit i the v puhlic roalld on New IAvie %, three hundred ;uill ixlN - 1I "Il fei·et six inlhesnld fUllu-eighils Iof iullll ohu I'ot i C(eleste e1.tllo hundredll and t'ilivie teut nille ills:il tw o-eighlhs o ( ifa l inch ll iia lilne i'rouliuI i'ng l Io 4 ' s uit'e. liuntil it strikes the bohsNil l'in-e elit %it I~lllllilo' (iaroperty, at the cornei o" Ohl Lewi·e nIall N Iti s trlllt: ther llt i n lling a riCIght n -1egle, a (l]d extelv lin g i.Ih1-tio e Ifet :111d l ree inllhe deho .. ll.oig.e holeilla ' lih e ,I said ]hillauslo] n's, proptll eri n l t Iih8lollt sI't'll; th 're tl llll right angleh ud exteh,1dIg i -i ,l " fhllee i-etl elf,,n inches 1 tal1, thr1, . ..h. o, f slt, iuvl, l 3` P theh( boundary lile of ILouis Duede's ieeti, Iparaile Ito O11 IItehee ..irgil t+ herie flilniI ilt;,51erl riIkhtl , u. ,'ad ext.vulill 1nthu1 tlac iel svlens i e. a.I fle eighlhb it lit iuch IC tihe ! o uldaryi lilt,- ,I' d $ )llt De roli ri, iarallel to Celeste strveet there forI _ý. anoth, right at glh, lno td ndingi (.-t i' l ,rd I.n vtw se lt h hi!i inile. s aid lh I lrn'ighlhs All" i O iln h on I h'e hlounl:dar lite ol'said Delk's lor.perty plurlll to thie public ,easi j stil N "' Icl te street, illlil'me' "IN 'i\ feet four inchlei iil fbiurvighilhs of': inch frosnt ,n, Nun's 'treet c,,llrd- t ihng to-i Ilhn- J. Pili, City Sur'i"ll. , lade Lid J:ui v-u'ý, 1 3,2 annexed to ;it, t b,<: d hefore Louit, T It olil.", \"[t-, Public, oit t ile h .11 ai. uar 1 8,.3-. h, I l hW i i e. - Ih I loni A.. M . elichitti futie o! t lhe . au.'l si rt - is tIhis [ll. ApI Mril,i ,. aliT~illi~llAl~i I. .E 11.,%)[i. I v l'. 11 SANCTIONElD BY Till, FA UtLTi OF m11E) CIN I". 4 1OilR)llN'S Conto!tutl Extrlct ofCopaibll a I SnrAt illb -A c-hio, salt, tnl tot-aite o, (e-nt INl e~vr di.)vvred fin- the eure oi" G-norrhea, clcetq, Strietures, W\\hite, Pains in the Itck a ~l.ois, s.e:Ial weakntess, albetiotns of tit, kidnite, gerael, sCol'butice itltt iltroduction otl t medicine possestsing tile 'usefl' rani active vii.tile of tile ont noll otelrl to the ipubll, tile proliectolr hass but to ref.r to the: nlumerous Ir.ll lleullllilstti reeived lfrom thile ,lost mlllilllenllt f tile IUe dtcal fhoulli i l Ettlope, believing that it w11l be dllY Inpre'vciUled when ilts Intitsare nu're fhll% kIo.wn. "The IalIIMII oul W oGlniba, soextenbll,%t y sei sd,his lsl mnlll. of its eredit fromn the dislike m hirh )AlietIs hor0erlrv e'xprlvess d c'in its dicagcl lk aie dsubechbk t sis r;llee. * olllll - ill the hocels and *tonllttlt, alll its hrltut.oftr illtticiviellNe elln usd ill tile infltalnltory stag. The Ilol'iltlr ~ha~s l el aln aallylis o1 the Baslllteu, onceiv tI g thait tile more activelqllllitioS w d thietb be Illtl Ilore otelltrated anllllt meoe usefllv Admilieliel tion in Ith present state. The lshoe mtc;I inecombls i dliets which e in tie s ie est reinte tllo tike m iost sientific and learnled in the Iprot.ssionl. E-h drll in the ,olposiion of this. . al:uation ill.ases ti1 ellicyac ol tile other, produllcing l:ul opelraltion truly V Io iSi nl nsurpallssi!ng the most sauguinm ex ectatlinlls; Itlsssst ll g t the saeltl tine the llvanl.tage of its beingl with peet ttesuets in tite diliretet stage. ofillthe ablllove disele. The most eminlelt Iyllysicua.slld surgtleons . f thee pfirent day express their Zleciled ap iproation in thlvor of Siwlitp arille, whilst its use ill the rinei:ll hospitals and public medical istitlutions lilts he Ii, slid still collthilues, verL extenllsive. It was a itIv orate remedty with the celebrated IDr Aberneth ill all venerel.l afllictions, and ill obstinateetltaneous rlptiols, ariingl frolll ia dIisordleredl tllte o ltheliestivellinctills. Having beenl sublllmitted lltt testesti d exp)erielle of titI. mlost celehbrated amlong tile tfallty, lthetl have, expressli.. their satisilctionl of its extralordintaliy eflieav hIl evelc catse uinder their a.itrge, iby adolititig it holth ini their pullie mir llprivate pracllltice. -lohil c11 ervtiolis mill 1lt iserted hereAler. Prepcad by J It Thorn, Chelist, Lollldon. Price $1 5li1 er pot. IT.STI IJNTA .1S Frl'ln A II Slllllli, sq, F It S, St.rgent. to the St Theal lHosplital, tacnd Lee lrer oil Alntoltl. TIl trial which I have imnlae of %iyour preparation in i varittyv of eses, both mltlet tll fe;iile, ili itsleLiasls ave Iprove;l so highly favo lmi'a le, that I do r ,o h-itute icn iroOutncing it le (I the llost e vltahl An ll tllit'1 ious remelies ever otered to tile pubihlit, still Itoe itll .hio1l, Iloll e r ie tle, I eltn Il-cee evt.e I'rtiiClle, mllilst it itDes not proctille Ille mnlle utiplieasatlt cetFectusull) ex ceienecid fromt coptihc. Frlom G 1 Illywtle , N.i1 t C S, Plysvici, to lthe St Mittvlcliolle liistetlstrt, I take great I'leastue ill adding Ily tes tilcioliy to the valuldle i riOllpltils (if 1yo11r preIllrlati/I', wishing"lou the success Vi so ftlly dteserte, in a'. allIple retd it-r itle laboralHil expense t Itcurie i bringing it to such lllll - pletu perfcetion. From W 0 Cooper, F it S, Sturgeon to Guy's llhs The nIillrnl Allucce's *hich has w tweld do- th" dlini ltlrill r y ur dictine ong IIny patients alllS litl, d will the attc'te diseastes hl i fully satelited cle i t ieat t s olv to heknownll to be ruly iIllldl . . .I tL yOU so weI dese rve, iiply ani speedily repay you ofor : ,Ill.: valuable preparalioln From Sir A Coolpel, F ItS PItC , S ec. &e. iHtving been inldllcel to tt volll. Elrltca inl sveral caetsllot viulole cionorrhai , c ilichil had hitherto htftiled Iever preIscription ednllinisttald hv i u, having lndlll sure u'll sleidee citeluts tlleel i it, ill a tew a, s--i leel .Im lfi linty bolnd to %ttle thIt I in i In t it prC tice hoth public allnd llprivate r.eoU..ue.d and use noneIlll Other. From t W I nlair, NI I), Ptysiciant to Guy's Ilos The strict test which I I h:ve given y.Io l di.ille am1 n it patielnts, llll its lvariable sl'ee ths lll , will illt e tit e to Ilersee't in its uIse, Inltd I dIeelm it but aln it ofl' jstice ltd otf idut to add t Ihc Itecble tUeti onional in co;nmelation oil 1f itvirtues. From 1. C Thompson, A1) F 1I1 ý, L. I return y to my sincet.e thuliks for o e hlabile i sent . of O1u Extractl t ill lthe Utre of Gollortll, kt . I littettel itat lllto hael at lteias h blought h talia.lin, illo use wllichll will lrovlt, a delnsiderthlliloli hi so.olglti lo I in the mltlitit totltl--A sure, si ediy lnd iettiti l CII i. it Caseset ,I thle siot class. It itilmis ne glat pleasulle iluhallobslshing tlo th wo tlte vllluable ltll itieh of olur W\re it lneeessttar, lite ilnoprictor couldl he. llllllash lltf inlre ti tesit teils glutl' id t cii acommeiatory ai s the .lte;l bitll tstS t thal t litlgrent sl:ceshiilllerto--he tar & expense at which it has been oepaietd, will proveilt greate'st recommendation mollog a discerling public. Onei i-comiendtlol ho s I , Ilntratimn io1 l'rs above all otlhers is itsl eat, eorta, e otrllhm-- itil up i*lptts-tlle Inlde in which it may be tallkeln, beinlg b Iu sy milll phleasiut-its tastel nltlulre, with no rest.iorion ill diet, or coninemenlt friom busineslls. Tl'ravellers espeilially woulltl find this medicine highly usethl, amu outht nekcr to be unprovided *i.i a preparation ossessing the ad. inlltalges which lhe i,reseni one crnmbliec .Ac omll.pai i ng iti, M edicine is a ipam p hlet explnmit-t tally of' the dii1.,vllit Ltages of I wth diease, wilhout an) etýlra charge, containing fll.1tahll .d mple direetions. lF'or sall. SICbKLIES & CO. lmr 1433aw.inl 4i Canal street. .PJ Shoulders. C tiinniati culrdi landing fomk satnm - er Buckeye.and Ior sale I TETSON & AVERY, -1., 3 Gravier tlreil. T'HE F.ORKIDA STAGI A COMMVA Sto4 lBOA T Lt THROUtfH IN FIVE ANDt A HAL DAYS. j From Mobile (Alabama) to AnugUSlt Ssa SEA VFS Mnlobile veryr other ilm , iammn,iate - a`«l the arrival ofthe mail frtMt New Orleinibn ps t stealnlMcI 't M EaL.., to Illkely, entches to lstamlihota (pter Pensocolh; IAyt. t lIOi btonid and 'Cle ttltl,,o cli, er atsl tlay) toe Cellr UlnC; Cochea tlauei via MNriannto, (itttaliti:thee, (formterel Mount Ver. iion,) Bainbrhlidge, Piilnertoft; tltwkihivllt e and L6ag. ville, to Augusta. A lmssengeertaklthi hts *tat Mt bile is in nlo lnge ol being thrown out orltiustis plrttrence lty other conflieting intrwests, s the FULA IDA LINE.I is Lt one toncern, and moler one conatt thlougihoot, ndl lnay Irlv WITH ciNTltnrTr Uponi lie arrivallt Augusta in time swneified I hrough all weath er lUdl at Han season, iunless sonie most enforeseen estas' tiophe shoould occur. ThI Grreat New (Olean Mpil is rarried iy this route. 'rie Agents rot ine.nmaoda-' tion, Teams, Conches anld Drivers are not tirpPsssed the southern conltty. 'The smooth, hlnrd, naotral roads, the srt and Inter esling water iavigation, th time anld aeeoltttsilaion, t.ftorl tte traveler siled,, .rtaicnt, comfort, .aitleas in variely; conlorcetl s it were with the RWil Roa SCharleston, S. . and the IstamU e Iketlato Plew York, travlers can re h New York mrom New Orleane LKSý THrAN I I*Aoi-\.-Washington cityln It Fromn Chattahoochee, Florida, we have a rlete via Qt: intc and T'IhallIssee, to 8t M lh hor post tuoches, olSn two Branches from" al ille one t Milledgerille, and one to Macon, buwolor , cohes. STOC8 tO S D to. A.rnsTA, 201h Jan. 1813. Officialt iMa.nsin iloiuse Mobile S*listolelt, New Orlealls o Mnoile, 1O5tfil Mrlllbil to Augustr, 544 SAinisina to Charleston, 13. ' i Carloston to New York, 980M it Tlime, N.w Oriean tot Mobile, 28 fbeut i Mobile toAugusta, 138 2* An.gita to C.rrleton, 12 " C harlesion to New York, I86- 259 SMaking 18 mniles per day. or 7 miles per hour, iutl. :t srve of :tstolppages. nor tO si . It. I beg lave to inrorm the pulli that tht bridges Iver the Clhstahlooherswamp and Hard Labot i creek Ihatrut Ibeen tnlonpletled y the general govert- , I met, (tile. tly olbstacits operatingigalinsthis safe and i speely route aln thus hl ily removed; and I have the' pI leas lroflear ntig front tl vellers that the coaeCthesh i -Is, ilrivers :ml oads are ol the first orer; andas to the Swtetr route tfrni l'ensacol. to Cllar Bluff, it i admit Sted b) all woho i:vr ptsoed tl.rouglh it to be unnmarseto Siit nvelties beauty a.d salety. Tlhe britiges diroit . f.orgiu h.ivealsoo ; enoreiailrel d. J M C BAKER 1 HARDWARE. 29' I MACAZI i SvTRE' SI r.iLW-ORLEANS. OFr.PIl KNI'rrLE, & Co.-liporters ofFnrignt, P and I)otetr Itlttardwoare, e recervini from Ell rol)e aInI lth Atllltle Cities, direct from the lanufac unrlo, o11 extr-nsie asoI~ tmett of Fancy and Heavy Ilanlrr e i tw prnpiting every arlicle in the line which' thtov offer how. (Cotunlry .Mterclhant and others are inrited taeall and ex'omte iltoir rtock whicth conmLrnsi n part, , 6 tlable iiwhler', iplkeh, .ltddlexl'r's and straw kives, plated and Irilttuin teru )..1 , iredlle, pitl, iooks aud eyes, sho. rvls t n~ld jalrcs , hns, irhovelA, fenders, andirons Brit tauin aund lJitaned wure, IbrnshlAi blank hook* and ipa. tl'r, tonokihln ECt litil, rit+it, sreru ploate, Ithand, . tle d te lttt nlltil l1]notto, Ioth lllhs bellotnAlerieon and FEug tistol lister, roo:, shenr, t(eroten fnd crorley steel, 11'0:10plu.h 11e 1 oxu l sltll anlg chain, waedijg Louis io otanl glllllllill I'oe.o f.ttnl(eksh, pir.k axea,corn ang gr nasot crlt, lllire Kij.u oand Sim tons hotppio nltxrs, wrlOjll, hro anti cut nails, c'Iootton and wod iv,'ld. c, otie mIII d , tr,rn t ,illt,pPlnet t td plai rik. to o ko Itoh. f tt.irt, hoohks anod pit.tldsshotl, Ijwdtrir iild littor flnihkper otir. ttist, I.rca s tntd bell .Metal ,nobo 1hl't, trunk and pad I ocks, bridle L:EUIjISA N E--Cour duio reallere Di trict Judiciire. i l'rAT 1DE 4 .A IAUISIANE-A tusceeux quo tces ptIervlllts colcernent, Salut.-Attendu quo Its Ullians Diggs, uymui acheie A une ventte ai piu Urit" de in poroisse id'urleans 1h propriete ei-apris ie sr.est tlldrella.d n Greft e etlteCour ou la dile Slillt ellregisil.a le 12 elle jour d'Avril ie I'annle o, 1io1111ru ae i coilorrtenut l til aste dl e a Legis e de I'Eltt lld la oI.iisiaie, intitule " Acte pour tirmerle titrestds eoqu its ventsjudiilares;" wIoie It 1lU .Mar 18-. Qu'il joit coniu, et toutOs solne o hin unS( s L tit l teso pl.lI tes SoummOs a iT del 'lta be ri Lusiaet tle iaCoutl du Premniei striet JItliire, iqui ,lollient .lvoir droit i li pt-. iie ti-apres icerit, en i untiiisquenoe Plun dfeau die Ili lHNS I''ornle, le decret ou lejlrgermet die 1. Conpr, I' i ou iegalite dulls ]'eistitaltion, Ptvis ou le tems et lodle lle i vellt, oil loune'lllle urlt cause qulelcollque, taire voiii tt ns Itreotejorsi Hlaeer te la publicationl celtwal is t Ip1o1rltoi Ill lellte atlisi tfate Ile serait les Ilirlllee illinlo logtl'e L: dite oil, propriite toul venllile lpr le SIIhrir, sluldit Ir cine tjor ie lrlls de I' ;llV llt , Il onI tI tl tiu i dtetiv t. tL519l, du i locket tie cette i Cotr, it tluelle venit :at tetdul aIculuiet' tour tle rix dttiiengt ilnoihiie riviption dte lt Proptiirte de I pres lie trineser Jutli; Eioh'te, Savltir. Un uortain morrctu le terre ive loutes lea catisstli rl lioi-ia t1 io i sA i m s llt% itive >i, nioni qui lesdrolt s, i t -iileges etc. y appurt i::m n on l i orequelcotolu, I tle li f Jtla tti tlllitioll. meuraunt (tietiult hig lise) nirneeil ciniat silix pliedslti e t q lt lilienL ,t /u polle fare al L.elmiln Ipubliquee sur 'l Irue i . I olollccll et isllir rellc Joiscanteh uie pdssix pullrc r tquaUtrhilltiueelfi:etll irue Celeste, deut celitcl, ltomtte ir W piE l ileu" |iomt iet >libt huitreIltes sor it, igne inc ti la rue tie is veille Levee, juslu t Fi.n.livl it igle limitnrolphe ie Inl poplrid t e Laurent Millon uil, IIicointureit denirus Vetill Leve etl deasNonne i; ie folnnult un angle dtroit et bietc entlat i luntareill titl o pi, its el tol tiottiu elitlrOtiduotule Iln t tio l,. leote Iiluilrtdledi I, o lo'irioyi doe dtit aillandoe, 1.i - Iiktl i In ruie Celtlle, lie i formant il angle drol. TI uelldaint de Soixante trois pids oule liouces el Ilt,,a llAttlti Ur. to Higie hlitiroltJhe 'tie oa piopriet e ti, ie Louis Doit, poalllelA INi rue viellett Lse i tie I it, olnot tilo autre angle drot et s'elendant de quoliuttle dleux pileds sept p[ouset et einq huitiemes sur li ,e (iitropllc tie l ltlpropricte d lit Dedll parallel o ia rue Celete ; idelk frmrutu utlUtre allgle dtvillt. etfj'tl lilll tit eltvt vilo t set ieas tix ilouler t eluatrte Ili le pAl Irallel lNlt thelelupubliqlll sur li rvedela .Nuu velle Leve et asdixhte seirze peis tlustre poucei tr iIlatrehlitielns acet ia Itie i rde Nonneesci ehormnimue, A it'ns, ilitMi prtli J. Pilic Voyer de il viule, I' 2jl Jalitier 18,iB.i, unl e a n acte loas piar tvallt Louii S(CatCe, ulOltaire tpublic, le 96 JaVier 1832. Teotoion I'tllo. A. 1I. lBuchanan, Julge de i Cour Suadiie Ee 16 Airil I h38. P. LE BLANC, ap 21 Delp. Greffier. EI'A DE LA LOUltIANE--Cour du Premier I)is Irict Juldiciare. S'1i' AT 1) I. A L.OUIJ IAAE, A tous eenu qur i rc,, preseltrdi concernent, falut:--AtterAu qvs 'W1illiam ila ukey 'avanti aillet6 It ut;e rente aite Iar I lI Shrite la pariisitos dOrleaneit,la prourite ci-apriuA decrthe, 'etst aldit ( au Gretfe de cotte Cour ou laduit te I it re e giiillre eIt i jour i deA lanti(e tio. Doittr o0n ovi ootulrlrlent A un aoie de lat Leis hlturonle PEita d la Louuisiaoe, intitul6 "Acts plloi onfi lrmer IP liltei% tes Uequerlurtlls s ventso judici Iiresi," pp)luii lI 10 tlatrr, 18 3. Qu'il t oit otnuoi, lr t Vii t a tillDoe tie' ,la lit e is Lui sneois e tie rl eaour do I Premier DIri-l. J<digiac-ti pourrIient aviir droil it I oprtbli nttt-i wtt decrile, P elo ul eteqoteie d'uo ii Itll te lille dli" I'otirel, il dsocrTi U le jgemet die oin ettir, it irli Iuqulel IN eulpI a ,tre ifaie, on de loore. eilrt ll h ir glil li liatis i'estimalio, Puvias oin n teot t et ie lten it I verle, 0n pour unes aitle actes u lnnd «uclcrralmortnuln1of 13rble dt Inte deari i our c ellqinr frl nvo hi, onte entl joure i lat li dat S li titL! oelt aois.l urquui In veotalisoi fall t.n .--t.rm;ive eu ocimllrole ei aitelologo6i. ma rble ,rontrini, Fut veuoue par le Slertif, plitos t h je. ilbrb d Avri,e Vno eein 1.t o Vertm otei de. r lt c e tt oer, ial ns :ormettel do Mlesan an ratnone S13i, delt, I'aotite doe William ltaeokry vs. Ilouislan I erl, NIt,. .15ti dtle okel tie eeto Cuctol A eqotell iir ie llpris datoU4al w olatra ot. joorrltiiitllli deia m topriltl d'Iaprtal I neosfer Jotici-. slire, Savoir: il i lI otl o e1 erwtir, v copeltr s toels lea batiaset te I i tuirliii o st i I lln o Ldmils otirlialo. tdar oI'ilt triltille. lrs trles de la Nouvelert Lev.l, Loeuiea, t1'1111 an'd I)ttordt, tI lign pr It No 9 J'.ir ieto tllan t p oti C, I"Z !tt.tilllt 10tlll.l VoteYr eioertl, ItV 16 tirtCtitItI: ,0t4 e¢ iot drtI n neloile ide Frtlij tinia t i o[lt' public, cnli ter plan No 13, le dit ltul deterrn w'test nl It iedts, ellis pcluti MClee * in rup de lt s so u.el t L qtiie pitodde prafeundnrdu e qn oe I5 t No 8, et quure lilgt pieds. aepl inIt.ell -l lilac Ii gu es ell lrofooderr du c6t4 qua to tIh tt rpr litlt allr.ietnt ot deirniere n)uit asporte ilt I N Dioodlllt I eaont dit .eiuf plee ooze pouees lie Igo dlatll Ia Ii tttot liur, o0 Il foil Iesa A one Illt ie tliti n o tlltd nesfpouces on lotinus avrer Ilr toRA N-s 4a.5,, 7,8 ounu 9. Rir It (le (,;r ARBLLE CtIIMNEY PIECE WAUlous.s , it Cuotomhouse street, opposite the pot.ofics. The subsorihers ste now reteiving from-their fee. tories is New York. and wsill keep onlstatlty on laend a gonert I iosortmontoOf Marble Mantle Pteees o'fuperinr workthnttlpip, and of the lateost potlersa, mads of the beot 9gyjptian, Iltliln, Irish snd American marblo. Also, Molnmeontls, Tombs and Girave Stoners, mrtlded and plain lill and linhtels. marble facings. hoerlht ond booundary tone. pleater o'Poio. Roanl IL& yrule Cement and Pltstor ink! o Iair. togethsr with a splendid siorlnuottr ot nrisn oounted ind plait Grates and Russi% Iroi Iorstes1 of the mnewot and nloslt pproved potoaknot. Io'ttue4in . .ut in the neatest moanonr and at the ihtorsest notice. Theyhave firstnl et woernmee to nst tile above work. je5 JAMES KAIN & STROIII'

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