Newspaper of True American, September 13, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 13, 1838 Page 2
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roCo rit"Gc ot eCounitl. Tuestoa. 11th Sept. 1838. The Council met according to adjournment, pre. atnt Hon. Joshua Bnldwin, Recorder, Aldermen Cnldwell. Ginyd, Hail, Lookett. Nixon, Peters, SBwall and Yorke. The Secretary having proceeded to read the Journal, on motion the Inrther reading of the samne wai dilqhiid with till next meeting. A eqmmunication was resoived from the comp troller triatrnitting an tadount of the adjudication of tie Oyster tands a.$8,645. l ~.r eekly stateamont of the Treasurer, was obhmitted shewing the receipts sino report to be S5,01 ýl2 isue of Municipal notes $9,525; ba asia th*i date $14,190 74; balance last report $11,l Sit expended sioco 921,536 30; old notes edasmed 50 75. A comrmnuniation from the same officer trans Stittinr bills for widening Tchapitoulau strert, was !f .rdto the Finance committeo. " ''iintnunioatiou from the collector of taxes on 'gti shops,. &e., transmirtting his quarterly ac coaunt ,wai stinitted to sine conmmittlc. A oommunication from tie Surveyor transmit ing proposls for the building the new vegetable aurket, referred to the Finance committee with authority to act wihthe Surveyor. bitblos from T, W. Collins and Boullanger, preying permission for eam blishing floating ballths, referred to the committee on Health. Of Natbhn Nicholls, praying to be paid for lay ing Amlit landing with gunwales, referred to tile enltitas on Claims. Ot Ipr Plinlet for relief, laid on the table. A0) J. High, aking pormission to establisl an. A.oth Festy, reofrred to the committee on Streets and Landiugs. A esplaint against Commissary Elliott was re. hired totte commiitten on Police. Of certain property holders to open a street be tweas St. Joseph and Ju'ia, andanrondelet and Baroaunto be sotled Mire street, referred to the 'dOaitinstt on Streets and Landings. M. Caldwell as chairrhanmof the committee on Streets and Landings, made the fillowmg report aceompanied with tihe annexed resolutions which the riles being dispensed wnh were taken up and adopted. Report of the committee Ma Streets and Landings. Resolved, That the flat stone pavement from tile south corner of Lafayette square to tile north cor ner of said square on St. Charlei street, say from the wooden block pavement of the former to tie square blocks ofstuor on tire latter be removed, and nl its stead, Le laid a pavement of hexagonal blocks of wood. Resolved, That the Mayor be and h e is herchy authorized to contract with Stytes Miller for the afbresaid hexagonal blocks of wood, agreably to his tffeb to this Council for paving hexagonal block pavement in his letter dated the 4th Sept. 1838, the work to be done nnder the superintendance of tie Surveyor and to the satisfaction of tile cor. mittee on Streets and Landings. The committee having takenl into consileration the petition of Owen Cook in reiition to sidewalks mane by him and not accepced by the surveyor, are of opinion that it does not prr.eent a case for the interference of the Council, inasmuch as the ordinances are sufficiently explicit on this sunljrct. JAMES H CALDWELL, EDW. W. SEWELl, SAM. J PETERS. ,Mr. Nixon chairnan of the Police committee in troduced the following resulution,which rules being dispensed with was taken up and adopted. Reaolved, That tie newly organized company, d'enominated the Louisiana Riflemen to be attch. ed to the 4th Regiment of Louisiana Militia be permitted the use of the room adjoining tire Coun. edl Chamber as a drill rounom, and also the use of the muskets in the armory to be usted until such time as they can procure arms from the North, and a suitablo room in the lecond Municipality, the said company pedgingthermselves, that their ibmet. ing or drill shall not be held when the Council may be in session, and tiat the muskets and room bliall suffer no damage. 0 JOHN NIXON, D. LOCKETT. . The same member also tnman tie following re. port and resolution, which on motion, tile rules being dispensed with were adopted. . The police comnuittee to whom was referred the petition of Samuel Chase to erect a steam engine to be seed for a cotton press, on Delold street, between Fouchier and Tchoupiitulas streets, re. port, That by an ordinance passed on the 71hI Nov. 1837, it ar provided that, " it shall not be lawfhl for any one to esect or establish within the limits of this Municipality any forger, foundry or steam engines, without the permission of this Council." " That any application to erect or establi It any such forge, foundry, or steam engine, must be accompanied by the assent of persons residing in the vicinity of the place it may be proposed to establish such forge, foundry, or steam engine " That on the representation of such number of proprietors and residents, residing or owning pro. party in ahe vicinity or'any suclh borge, foundry or steam engine as may be atisfactory to this Council, representing the same is a nuisance, and a cause of injury or danger to the neighborlood. " This Council will ordear such nuiasance to be forthwith removed," &e. &e. Your Committee now hI-vo before them a repre. sentatien of a sulicient number'of proprietors and residents in the vicinity where tie petitioner con templates thie erection of said steam engine, as is uatisfactory, and that the same might not be granted. Your Committee off r the following resolution. Resolved, that the petition of Samuel Clhae be rejected. JOHN NIXON, H. LOCKETT. '/Mr. Nixon presented the following, which was read and referred to a special committee, composed oi Messrs. Nixon, Yorke and Hall. Whereas the Council have seen the good effects of the revival of n military spirit among the young men of this Municipality, know that life, liberty and property are beat protected hy our citizen sol. dies, and wish to give some lasting mark uf their approbation. Therefore be it resolved, that the sum of two thousand dollars be annually appropriated, and paid to the Colonel of the 4th Regiment of Louisiana Militia, for the use of the Battalion of Uniform Volunteer Companies attached or to be attached to the said Regiment, the said money to be expended by the said Colonel with t.e consent of the Officers at the said Uniform Volunteer Cempanies in the purchase of uniform clothing, accountrements, &c, tor the menbers of the said Companies, who may when admitted be unable to buy them. And be it further resolved, that a stand of colours with a suitable device and rotto be procured and presented to the said Battalion of the4th Regiment of Louisiana Militin; and that Messrs. .lames I. Caluwell, Henry Lockett, anl Edward Sewell. Aldermen, be a speciaa colntittee to carry this resolution into effect. / Mr. Caldwell presented a letter from Commissary Elliott, in relation to repairs required to St. i ary's Mlarket, referred to the committee on streets and londings. A petition was read praying the removal of the Carrollton Rail Road itrom laouo trtel; referred to tl l oommmittee on streets and landings. ORDER OF THE DAY. '1 he ordinance in relation to the tarming of the Poydras Market, &e., bein.g in order, was taken up, and on motion the consideration of the same was postponed to next meeting. Mr. Caldwell gave notice, that at the next meet. ing he would introduce an orinance in relation to paving. On motion of Mr. Nixon, the rules being dis. penned with itwas Resolved, that the central part of Basin Street, between Canal ad Common streets, be appropriat. ed i a stand for the public sale of horses and cattle. Mr. Peters introduced the two following resolu tions, which the rules being dispensed with were severally taken up and adopted. Resolved, that the suns of $1000, voted by this Councl on the 13lh June 1837, appropriated to wards erecting a monument to the memory of the late Irad Ferry, be paid to George Bedford, chair man of a committee of Fire Company No. 2, ap propriated to superintend the erection ofsaid mon ument. Resolved that the Treasurer be and he is hereby authorised to demand and receive from the Treas urer of the State the coat of the side walks and pa ving to bupport the same, made around the properly of the State situated in this Municipality-and bordered by Canal,Common, Barronne and Phillip pa streets; and the Treasurer is hereby authorised to pay over said sum to the person or persons to whom the same may be due fir having made said work, which shall be ascertamed by the certifioate of the surveyer. The same gentleman also introdueed the follow. ing ordinance, which, the rules being dispensed with was taken into consideration and adopted. An ordinance concerning burials in the burying ground of Municipality No. of the city of New Orleans. The Council of Municipality No. 2 ordain as follow : Art. 1. From and after the lst of October next, It shall be the duty of the guardian or guardians of eemeteries within this municipality, to demand a certiicatesigned by alicensed physician or the cor oner or two respectable citizen, jointly with the omamissary of the ward in which the death may ocear, statog the date of the disease, name, age, plaseof birth, Mex, color and cause of death of the body brought to the cemetery for sepulture. rt. M. T certificate in all umae" to be fur niahed by the peron or peronse bringing to the cemetery a dead body or dead bodies, and in no cus shall the keeper of the cemetery receive for interment bodiee. without having obtained the oer. tidcate above mentioned. Art, . It shall be the duty of the keeper ofthe cemeteiy to vtord in a hook kept for that purpose, all the particulars obtained by certificates relating to the bodies having received sepulture, and also to furnish monthly a report to the mayor of the city, containing a copy oftho names,ages, place ofbirth, causes of death, dates ofdinease, sex, color of uoel bodies, names of the physicians or other citizens tatteting the Same. Art.4. A fine of ten dollars shall be imposed upon the person or persons bringing a body or bodies for sepulture to the cemeteries of thli mu. nicipality; in all cases where the certifioate hereto fore mentioned, shall not have been finrnished, and it shall he the duty of any keeper of a cemetery within this municipality to give immediate infor mation to the Mayor or Recorder of any violation of the provisions of this ordinance, in default of which, esch keeper shall be liable to a fine of $50. Mr. Lockett, chairman of the special committee to whom had been referred the letter of John Grant, asked leave to ba discharged from the further con. sideration of said subject, granted, and the same was referred to committee on streets and landings. Mr. Lockett introduced the following, whfich to. gether with the petitions wua referred back to the Police committee. Resolved, That James Priestly he allowed to re tain his distillery where it now stands, provided that said distillery be so kept as notto be a nui sane,. On motion of Mr. Looketl, Mr. Sowell was ad ded to the Police Committee. On motion the council adjourned toTuesday next, this 18thi September, at 5 o'clnck P. M. JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. COMMERCIALY Ienc lf Dnlea. jcrentn. Auf ............. 31 Wcchietlon, Aug ...... now ltork, Aug ............ 29 Cininnati. Aug........ 30 PhilNdtOll l r l. ...... ill. A ....... Aug ............. i . l.t uic, Aun ........ 7 Sa . A ........ .. 31 I erpol, July ........ 25 Il.ue ton ('lx ) Acg.... l| Parin July ............. 21 oton. Aug...... L8 .doi. Jly ......... 23 Nanhville Aug............ 31 Invro July ......... . ..22 ;: PORTS NEW YORK--Per hipSt 1Mary..cargo: 31 puncheons rum, 1463 ps lonwood, 23 hidls castor oil, 66 hoses tobareo..1 hhdls do, 3257 pigs lead, 358 Ihlec lottol. 28 bhbl. 243 kegs lard. &c. PENSACOLA-Per cbr Dnuvid lMosn..carlo: 0 blids sugar, 10 do pork, I do rum, 10 do flour. 24 coilc rop I S sk oil, 8 kegs lard, 24 bbla broad. 8 boese arers; 1 bbl rum.8do whiskey. 1 do i,)tatoe. HAVANA- Per Plvit s Feunoda .cargo: 3.2 hales ctono. i[MPORTS. i-on, 26 cneks ,alt, 100 henxes tu platesl, 50 bhla Fi.e aId '20 clksr oil. to iKe.nedy. Durll ae co; lhrrion. Clnrg c& -; A J DenlIutoun; A Grant & co; It 4r J Carrell; L lilaudon and E null: rlL ClIAlI.ESTON--ier brit nitniel Wehster. .caro: 0Slbundle. paper, IS hFxes mlzoe. Bei raskl rice k 2 slaves, In J A Barell. A co; J W Zachrie A, co; H C Gildemeestor; I.aflin & Sreellt; .e Pcage & Broe; L (:nltilt; A Robib; F J Forenall& Bro; cid Dri J Bliley. POSTON-Perr ship Yorke..-;arm: 1000 rink- lime to Ml.tcr. Ni'W YORK-Per slii(p Wilbion 'ell..crce': 1110 bales hay, 100Im0 ackhs al. a lot ou iron tldoc, to A S Barker. RECEIPTS PRODUCE, * Sartartlc--Per steimer Ynzo.. Ir hales cotton. Nugent. Tourlepio coi; 5 do t.o Laeblbth i Thompson; 17dn, Prcottll, Jo.e & co; 10 do, l.yvos, Hnrri co; le do. Smith 4& Vonr. Iepr; 24 do. W llocýrtl; 42 do. lerett, Ferriday #r c; I do. TO Otlrk.7 do, Burko, Watt & co; 73 bldls apples, &c, owu0rs nit boared. Ilaton Rouge--Per eevrer nnarriner..carro: 8 hhds sougar, Allli t Tcemoulet; 3 bbll, o kegs lfrl, and sundriel, I'rs call, Jooeea .& co; and order. PASSENGERS. Galvotoo--Per steamer Cldomlli..Mrs Delran, 3 children inl servallt; Miss RIlnolld, Mossre J W Davis, 1) Vane", M Ellls, A' , J W Alldrc,W J M llrOmw. J H DBois, Thornton. Cl;oude, A L Woodarl. P I'hillips, J Hirrts, E 8 Lane, G Parker, Mlatora. Smith. J Dinioud, K Morgan, Rer W Y Allen, O aller, Taiahill, W D Lee and servant, May, C C Sebu.,g and son, l Levy.Thoa Niles, E O'rion, Clies Shmite., Clonlno. ald l) ol deck. Retoai Rtue-Por steamer Mlariner.. Mr Welmann,lly anod 2 daighters, Atrs Valois,chlild and ervaut; b liss D Ilancanevni, MrrT' Leie, lady; child and crvas.t; MIaBro HRecoile, I.:ICy, l)u'ertraid. Lanlvilln, Borne, Page, Frazer, O'Brion, noulie. Fealrier, Duifllho. ians, Arneaux, Jamison. Rody, Bernard, Turnr, Rilhter, Black, Rice, PA St Marlin, Cage, WaVlker Groves, JohIIso. teyuoond, Bouts, Fallrru,,Ca Fery, Oer Ion, Zeoon, Fernux, anil Capt Cole. MEMORANDA. The Ahbansador, UpLon, sailed from i.iverpool for this port' 24lh July. Ileuce at Boston, tt Selt, hrig Ellanworlh, HIomer. Cleared at Bostun. flor this port, lIrk Hsllry. Dean. Oleared at New Yok, for this pol , 2d, Samuel Ilouston, Russell. Markets. BA1,TIMORR. Sept. 4th, I P M. FLOU--No variation in the prices of lloward street flour, hut the rmarkel is quiet firm. We quote tle store rice at 7it 12 87 i., and the wason price firm at $6 87 0 $;. Sales of City Mills flour at $7 25. Some holdera now ask $750. 7he btock. are exceedlinly tnll, and the receiptr quite trflinp, ill conseqeellce of tile low state of the stresams. which prevent tile mtill. freom rinditr. ales of let Kye flour at $4 50-ome delers ask a little more. G.ANr--There is not mrch Wheat t ppeariut st market- sIales of eto to prilne red continu, to te made at $1t45 ® 1 48 for Virginias, We hear of no isle. of white whent. Wetaol slbtsi Corn at 13 1)5 crsts,. ales of yellow, yesteoday and to-day, at 88 caets. We quote Oult at 311 38 crnts-- upplise limited. WHteau - We quote hhds at 40 celrr, and bbls at 42' 43 rentr. The wagou price of hbls is 36 @ 37 eents, exclusive or the barrel. a'ew e o Apple BRnndy in bbIs t 41 cents. SuGARs-At auction to-day 195 Ihdor Porto Rico, cargo of brir Alphnni. were nld at $7 1(5 (Co o$ 10. B Bloutt, from Hravana, cotnslti.g of li I.hdrs and 7 tierces, was sold at 33: (:v 34 corts. CINCINNATI. Sept 4. renet $ie at 5 25, witll an ilcreased demald. City Mills, $5 50. FLAXe EED.-In dema.nd at $1 I 1 WuLAT.--Wlated at t.00 Whearse.-Salesto-diy st tfc. PORlT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANC S. 8tip S Mary. Frster, New York, P Laidleo Shr David MoDt, Row. e'nsaeola, Master Polrca Freund.tsa, M, Hisue, J Prtits A ca Sclr Lclis, Lb'i-rde, Havanam. Pen|eret fchr Belle, Hooper, Galveston, Adme ARRIVALS. Steam towboat Post Boy, Morrileo. from the Pnases tiought up hip Yorke and brig DUniel Wehrter. Sleul e towboat Porpoise, Clarek,from the aeeae-er-rought up chip Orozimbo. Steamn etoboat Peciie, lMrtin. from the Ptoesr-Hrourgh up ship Willinm Tell. thip (troziubo, ltarry. 55 days trom Liverpool, to R D Shepherd. i hip Yorke. Larrase, 24 days frot Boston, to Meantr. HBrg IDniel Webster, FoIlansbee, 22 days from Charleston, o J A narolli & co. Shlp Herald, Coffin, from Netw Yorke, to A S Bker. Ship William Tell. Coffi, from New York, to A L Barker. Steamtr Wm Wallace, J N Hollmsu, blaster, from lobiee, Steamer Yueo. Latham, frora Sartartea. Prket iesteaer Coluhlbia, ouore, 41 haurs fron Galveston, to J Roed It co. Steamer Mariner, Noland, from Paten Ronie. LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. f1HIS Ins.itution Ir ile ducatslion ofyoung gentle Smen. will go into olIeration in thle early part of next Ocloiber, uteder the direction of the undersignedl whe has occupie d ti e clrai r of etsIhe, lat ics i several Colleges ,fllte north, aRd who is a graduate ofron of the most celebrated universities of Europe. Latin and ( rreek languages. 3. The co re of studies t be lanuedages, thin whil ry will hr t"gt tp reended ain t, following divi eD , braneps of3 a thorough aod accomplished LngliC h ed. Jicatioll. i i th eir pclnasic l depllrtment, clmpr ',endin the N rigoar r, Asteronoy he,. NitraewlPhilosophy ar ChLatin llttreek languages.pprprite eperiets 3. Thed learlmentof de ertiulanunill hest, in whic i4. 'a suhbseqen ict nd pad ilertisee hit depet. C J IIADLERIANN, A .ll RItr~taczs: J GIBSON Esq, REv PRiSIDpl T SIIANNON,Lu uisiaora Colltege Jackson. ). C A I.UZENBnEG, L DUNCAN rEq, J NICHOLSON E.q, DR J M W PIUITONi, New Orleans. SAVA coffee,pepper &c; 50 I)gs old Java coffeie do i pepper, s50 oxie rresh Einglish Alu tard, 411 kegs si'ein buller, 10 kegs Fulton Mlarket pickled tongues, received per skip V 'icksburg and Kesingtnlu, lor sale by sep 13 IP'T'LRS & tI.I.LAIID. NEW BOOKS. HIlE Clockmaker, the eavings and doings of Sam I Sick of Slickville, second series; part Id No 2 of ()liver Twist; the parish Roy's Progress, by the nu thor of "ithe Pickwick Pptters," "SketcheR of Every Life," "Nicholas Nickleby &e &c" illustrated with plates frem derigns by hraiorge Cruikshsnk. Also: an adltinrl supply of "the Alhenian Captive," by the author ol "lStu;" Just received and fur sale by WM. McKEAN. cep 13 Corner ofCaemp and Comsm etsa. TjIIII()SE persona who wish io take passage in Itie Cars at any intermediate pninrt between New ir leans and Carrelltor are particularly requested to make some motion or sirnal to the cogiS er of ithe Lscomu tive preveus to huarriving atathat point in day light, tier dark it is necessary in order that the Engineer may a:op, that a latp shoilld be held out. GEORGE EKRRICK, rep 13-If ChiefEngineer N. 0. & C. R. R. SE1JN;'IU lttUIcIPALI I Y TEAM FERRY Cu. lIE bsook ofauhts ription ef the stock of the d A Municipality Steam Ferry Co. are cloeed--he lubscribers will please take ,otice tllat the second in utllment falls due on the J4th inst, and will be payable at the Firemens' Insurance Office, No. 54 Musson'a Uuildings, Canal street sep 13 d6t ---- ARCADE BATHS. E NTRANCE at Bancker & Keifer'a in the Ar . cade. . ID Hot, tepid and cold Baths-alia an ecaellent shower bath. sep 13-3t I'VIPER.IAL Seuars, V.051 for sale yh l eplt 1 SLATER &TRIIER, 0 Ptydtae et. C URKA N rS-57 kegs Currents, a superior aricle, C for sale by LAWRENCE & I.EGENDRE, evel 13l: and -S9 New Levee. 'THE 'RUE AMERICAN. EDITED FY JOritM GlNOIfN. AI&ITrKUL AND BOLD. NTh OR I _ _ANR' THURSDAY...SIPTEMBER 13. 1838 TEXAS. TheSterm Packet Columbia arrived last night from Texas, by which we have received Houston papersoflthe let and Galveston r.f she 8th Sept. A.lato slip, without date from flouston,gives the result of the electiona in that city. From which it appears that for President Lamar received 670 votes, Wilson 73; for Vice President Burnet 629, Horton 93, Rowe 10. For representative Lawm rence 354, Holman 203; for Coroner, Fitzgerald 369, Parklr 150, the whole number of votes poll" ed in tbe county was 734, in the city of Houston 555. Col. Morrehouse has just arrived from the west. IIu states that the party of Mexicans that re. cently visited the Bay of Corpus Christi in a very precipitate manner, and have lett about one hun' dred barrels of flour tpon the beach at that place. Part of it is in very good order, and part much ramaged; they have also left the boilers and other apparaturofa steamn engine, apparently new. It was probably intended for the mines in the interior of Mexico. The Lipans have all returned to the Rio Grands. Trading parties of Mexicans are al. most daily arriving a's Rexar from Laredo and other settlements of the Rio Grande. They howt ever, bring in little specie, anti the trade, consists chiefly in lthe exchange of horses arear and flour for tobacco and various articles of merchandize. We regret to learn also that amunition, rifles, and fire arms of every description are freely exchannged with he Mexican traders by the citinens of Bexar. The foolish Cumanches have broken the treaty recently made with the Mexicans, and have been within a few weeks past, committing many de" predanions in the vicinity of the Presidio de Rio Grande. Uon. Wm. Wharton has been electtd Seltnlor for the district of Brazoria anid Col. John A Wharlon and Caip. Lewis P. Cook representatives to Congress. Gen. Lamar and Judge Burner have received overwhelming majorities in that country The Jourlnal ,f the proceedings rf the Council have occupied sot much o f our time and occupy so much space in our paper that we were unable to wrile any thing for our paper, or print it if we had written it. For afw hort weeks yet,we sk the indulgence of our n bsceribers, sad they shall find that we will furnish them a paper infer or to no othller in the South Wes'. Our new and per. manent arrangmements will be carried into effect early in Greal Suit.-The heirs of Dubreuisl and others have brought suit in tihe first District Court, against tire first Municipality. for the rertitution of the property situated between Ursrline anl Ers. planade. Levee and Rempart streets, and for $500,000 damages. The suit is brought on a claim founded upon a grant made by the French government in 1745. Th''ik attorney for the clai i mants is Chrisroval G. De Armns, Esq. The pro pertyyclaimed is estimated to be worth $4,000,000. The Yuzoo has not yet arrived. The story of a part of tile committee appointed to receive lMri Prenn-r, going down to the Belize was a hoax paesed off on somlre of our credulous confreres. The Yazoo is momentoly expected, and when she arriver, Mr. Prentis the gifted Congressman of our sister state of Mississippi will be received by the committee with due Ibouor, and by a saluteof twenty six guns. The Steam Ship Natchez, we understannd, or' rived at New York on the 4th Sep.ember instlaft, making her trip in 9 days froin port to port. The New York Inspector reports for the week ending lft September 1i8l deaths. 'Warlike-We learn from the Banulor Whiit thiat a thousand eland ol arms arrived in that mrv t. Saturday week, froar Portland, for tile poerpose of arming Iorthwtih the Lieraln Frontier Regmenrt. This looks as ii' Governor Kent was in carerst. The Buffalo Commercial Adverttser mntirons the esrtnhlshntent at that place of a Banok organriz ed under the new law, which is shortly to 0o into operaltion; capitll $200,000. Another insli. tulion is nearly organized by another asaocation,. The Epidentic.-By the report of the Board (il Hellth, published yestaerday, we regret to perceive that this disease has been increasing, anid from what we learn from private inquiry. slnce the time of the closing report, there are no indications of abatement. The weather, for ten days past, has been quile cool for the season, the thermometer ranging from 75 to 86, with a fresh N. E. wind blowing; and this hee led many to believe that the yellow lever would he checked, bur experience has taught ue that this kind of weather is rather unfavnrahle, producing colds, and therefore a pre-disposition to lever. \\ e feel bound to say this rouch for the infor. mation of ourdistant friends, and as a eaulrin to any who maight think of coming among usin the hope that there was but little danger.-Charles. lon Courict. Fromn the Pilradrelphia U. S. Gazelle. FIRE Is NEW JERSEY.-A fire has been raging for several days in Burlington county, New Jersey, which threatens more extensive ravages than lihu been known from any conflagration in the state. A few days sines, it had made near approach to H .anover furnace, but a timely turn out and n steady and strong application of t'fire to fire', turned away the enemv. The conflagration, how. ever, continues with unabated iorce, anti is bweep ing away foreser and awnampa with Irightful rapi dity. Ite ravages in the cedar awamps are r uere deplored by ile ,prperty hIoldets than are thlse on Ite uplands. The r eround is so perfectly dry, that whole acres of cedar trees are burned, steCk and branch, and all the under erush is licked tip hkle shavings. The cause of this fire is to bhe traced to the care lessnes of tw o told wonmen, who went iltle a me l dow and lt ,l ll somrle fire frolt Itheir tobacco Itie The cloudyrl pillars tiI smoke are plartly seen by day, and ounless roall should come, tile tmas se., rious aplrehltenslln o the loss of property, and perhalel uo houman life, may be entertained. ToE RIVER.-Since yesterday morning, thile river eae tnllen something like two ioches.'r The matil LoatL Swilutare, ot her way up lfrom Louisville yesterday, was detained for several hours by the bar at Warsaw, and in consequence, did not ur. rive until six o'clock in the evening. The Maine, a very light draught b,,ot, has, e uonde:stond been rha tered to carry the rmail down this nmort. ing, so we hope there will be no furiher detentiotn. The steamboaot Adventure, in leavimg our land ing, last evertninr, got aground oprnosite Main st , and had not got off at a late hour.--Cln Daily CONCEALED VWEA'ONS -Th. e ship iastero of Phi. landelphi have held a meteting and formed an as sociation, the members trf which bhind them selves not to allow seamen to take On board of tile vessel in which they may ship, any shleath-knives or daggers, under any pretence. Th'lis is a ood moove, and should bre followed by ship-rtn.ters "all along elrore." O01 tli seubject tile New York Sun remarks, "The sheatl-kniie, ,oorn at the belt itsteud of the jack-knile in the pocker, lookli too mnuch like thil equipment of a pirate, for American tats to follow. As differences and quarrels will occasionally occar, it is wise to have tetnp, aione to blood out of tlre way. In the conduct of ship manters, in relntin to this nailer, landemen may also find a salutary example; slid ite effottas ofall men of good intentions ashould be directed to the suppression of the habit of wearing concealed weapons.-N. Y. Sun. We lied the annexed paragraph quoted, with out comment, in tile Montreal Courier. Wehave no means of knowins how much truth there is in it, but It see m possible enough tier some suclh arrangement may have been made by Mr. Forsyth while m Cantdn.-N.Y. Com. Adv. NoRTu EASTERN BOUNDARY.-It is understood, under what we consider good autlhrity, that an arrangement has been made between tile United States and the Governor General of Canada, with the consent of the Governor of New Brunawick, thatiftheb Executive of the State ofiMaine shall proceed to run the North.eastern boundary line pursuant to the law of that State authorising the survey, he will not be pposeed by force by the British authorities; but the matter will be left for adjuStent nt between the two government-, who have th. cnly legitimate right to settle the queui lion.-Plattaburgh Republican. TimE BUFFALO Fotto.iRitts -Rathbon Allen, ne phew of tie notorious Benjamin Rathbun, of Iul falo meemry, passed vesltrday in irons, throu.i this cirl,on hi- way fr im NBew Orleans to Buffalo, in charv e olraonie oflictrs, who were conveyinv ill n t the latter place f1r trial, onr a requisition r't' . Goverror larey.--N. Y. Express. CITY. Aloe'a Y EvENoi. Tile Secretary of the Treasury has pul the .onilhly statement of the coodi' - l treasury Btatk. Herrit is: Treasory Dep rt The whole amounat eof T' ised by the act of October I issued vis:- gO,Vuut,uf0O 01) And there having been redeemed of thein about 7,350,000 00 The new emnission made in place of those under the act of May 1'2, 1888, have been 5547,310 01 Tihere have been redeemed of these last about 100,000 00 This leaves a balance of all out standing equal tao only about $8,097,310 C0 LEv \" 00oonuRY, Secretary of thoe Treasury. Mr. Woodoury also advertises that tte treasury notes outstanditie will be redeetmed. What a won derful condescension on his part ! We presume that tie redemption is to be made with the tmoney illegally extorted fron the imerchants' pockets at the New York Customn House. But here is this extraordinary document. Rend and stare. Treasury Department, Sept. 1, 1838. Noti-e is hereby given, that the outstanding treasury no.tes issued in pursuanee of tile acts io Congress of the 12th October, 1837, and the act addi ional thereto, will be paid agreeably to their tenor upon preselltrnent at the Treasury of the U. States whenever they fall due. Each parcel of notes offered for paryment should he aceompanied by a schedule, showing the dates and sune, of the several notes, with tile rat-a of ntrest thereren. Holtders of Treasury notes, to whom it may bhe more convenient to have ile amount lie upan the same made available at either of the Ports of En try or Land offices are informed that all cellectors or receivers of public money will continue to re ceive them, andl allow the principal and internst due thereon, in payments for lands and custooms. Those who may not wish to use tile notes in pay. llenals to the Uoited Slates, nor lind it convenient to take the atmount due on them at the Treasury, will be accomlnodated with drafts therefor, pay. able at their places of residence, whenever It is found to be practicable. LEvt WOODBURY, Secretnrv o the T'l'reasury. a We learn that the Arkansas Iaoof ttwo lidl lions of dollrs for Real Estate uank has been thker. Hali a million of It was neootialed by the ac-retary oflhe Ireasury wiof thile Smoithson lund through Mr. Beers' Bunk. This is tile bePgioniig of the political inflnence that we maore itha a mouth since predicted would be orought ito bear on this concerti. We now maKe anothier predih ion, sand beg ourreaders to bear it in nli.d. Ere tsix montllts rotll round, the Nobrh Almeriean Trrui and Banking Comprlany wiill be the PET of .Iar. Van Buren'sgovaernment. Th'e balance of tile Arkaln sea loon, it is said, was laken to day at 4 per cent. premiom. Itia further said that the North Amer iean 'rust Compaly t,,ok tile tilltoo loan of the S:ate of Artkansas for 103 67.-N. Y. Dai'y " hig. One of the itot Enhglisl taeters a entions the Perturlianre of an extraordinary pedestrian feat by a maon named Mollloy, whil accomplished the srduous undertal.ini of walking 1,250 miles ia six oweeks, perhlorrring tile istaone of one mtile and a quarter for every succesilve hour, on BUIlooily c olltlln . The restrictio.i were that Molloy should not piartak of any beverage durillg 'he perlortanlce of tho match stronger than tea and coleewhichl he strictily adhllerd to. It is stated halt his IlcSs oud :i klds were iluch swollen, aotJ h e alerect toosuffir tioch Irim fatieue. Politircaloax We menlrttined bhritfly rcpterrtl, in our sutllnarv of fioretun neitvs thatv somet ( f the L ndol n paters'had been hoaxed with a pretornded plan tor the paoutiion of Fraecp, purporltin to have beitn drawn uo under tile Ru+ssian E1 ipror, an i to have beeln hitrieled, at great risk, from the secret archives of tile tisllsiian COlltt. It s-emnl th it ile London publishe, Riidgway, is ,le ' I Ithe must respectable ine iln iie trade. t'll patmphll t clailms to he a translation of a d;, u ned Iy Nicholn, anid datJ l inl IU3l, stolcn fro, 111 th f Russian Arciivoi. It prtposid a divisio i of France ; t ivte ti io -itt the part adjoining tlte Pyreincera, it Ei jlaud Beolouge, to il llaud lelgimnj and part of F1ance IProiper, t Austria Swirzenrlelr , a--d Avioolim to tilhe Ppal See Pottiolln wPre a!sosre offlor B. saris and Prussia, nnd Lau 1, !hilppe ' ns t", have aa rlittle ki nllg l i thL i erior t Fra , the t ntortopril t.d esidt ue to have r pet givell to Cliarles X, Will) is noto i t l eo ttil ill-r it . It is crvn spoc tied tiiat the nl'e Jo ll to Chaitro was to, le scclrceld to rilie I)aDlldv i4ur, de,,x w;,o oas to el'orry tll.ý dofog'Ter - lIth, czac. T'lhis t l tlooks rdiculo us euil htnoo t t . clcal as 1 I's, r is not without a prec-Cdet . (leir rine, whs y tIoin a soldier'* co Ipan1i i n, nicC lltded the thrlone oa Rllttussja, as tie wildow Peter Ii h GIeati, o.te parcelled out China in thes tilo way 00r.1 tiper. Greuten P.ol 1nn is.-A Miss Faintiy Jones, ins made her debut at the 'lrerlent Theatre. lsIllant, as a dansetse. We do not know whetuer aila is a it ll tihter l Mr. Gro. Jones, and Mrs. 1. Jiones. Booun played Hamletr Ior his benefit at the Olympic, New Yolk, on Saturday evening. The larce of the Irish Lion has been stccerssful at the Park. IPwer takes his benefit Wedneudaiy, 5th, O'Flarnagan and the Fairies, (a poor piece) and cuniountedal Foreigners. .aid. Vestris appears on the 17th Sept. The Natiotal Theatre opened yesterday evening with Edwin F,,rrest as Daon a. Forhes ase Pythias -MiatLIthe e. an excellent ce oras the tyrnnt Dy. unisius-Mliss Monier, Calanithe-Mrs. W. Sef'ton, lermitone-- a very strong east. MctKenzie's company is playing at Niles-and where is Niles one anny askt-Only 50 miles up St. Joseph's river in bMiclytgan-- Mrs Intersonl is playing the Lady of Lyotis, &c., nind is very highly splken of. Site is the younigest daughter of Jefferaunl.-W-\ n. Warren in thln sate ae mpany, sid slso a sn ofl our old slid lepecled ilanlager, aseeOs tIt have Iet:oile a great aivurite il D.Ltrat, Chicago, &c. iMr. .arsons,and Mr. Ilield, are playing at the Wilailt Street I'lTeatre.-Parsons is very good lot a western tragedian .-Ball. Chronicle. Singular Partners-In To"'nslhead's Spain, writ atll in 1786, it is satited that tile insurance com. paries in that ciuitry had eale a t iltt, whosl . name was regularly entered in the articles and ap! enraled ;llonlg the other underwriters in every policy ef insurance. Tle saint's dividend of pro Iits was regularly set off to him, with as Inuclh cruIpulous exItness as that if a1ny other partner; but how his assessmenllts were levied, in cae it loss, doles not appear. As itls iiportant lpart if the business is left unexplained, we do not think that the custolt may salely be tallowed. REGALIAS Segar, 1,50,000 for sale by S lsep 13 SLATES & TRII EI, 40 Poydraat. ICE.-i5 terces rice, landing ex Brig Daniel WO ebster froin Clharleslot, e csale by SLA'I'IER & TRIEI, sep 13 40 Poydras st. SHELVING.-A lt of very good atrrow ing for sale very cheap by DAVII) FELT & CO, sep 13 New ork Stationers Hall,el4 CIt rtres st. RIE Beef.-2O hbls at tihe inseetn, fr salen by LA\VKENCE u LEGENDIRI. nelr 13 08 arid '29 Ne LeLerwe. , GLASEf-3I blns raronir orderfior scale by LtI LAWRENCE & LEIGENi cLE, sep 13 _ 2 band 29 New Levee. l AVAiA COFFgEE-300 ibagns prime, in store nd r s SLATER & TRIER, na4lg28 41 Poydrna street. .litALISt k oAZ DORAS Seoars--75,00 of ir a turperior quality hltdinh from bri.r Catharine. for sale atv LATER & TRIEII, aug2il 411 Poydras nraret. I~LS, PAINTS & I'UIPEN I'IN~ ; S 10 Casks foreign Iinseed Oil, 15 barrela Spirit, 'urtpentine; 5 casksa Spermn ()il, 100 kegbsnre White Lead; 581 " 2. " Also, a general assortment ofmediines, just recei ved from thie North, fr stile low, ba JARVIS &? ANDIREWS, ung3 1 T'chopitonlane t. GhUIAilA--1. pieces i .etLcky baggi ot sale _ by HIOLMIIS & MILL.S, seap 9 Bank Allay. D RAFTS oa Loaoisalle, far Wae by D EIIMOGINE IBROWN & CO, Iatg30 9 Conti st REMIIOVAL. ANDREWS k Brothers have removed their Count ing House to No.50 Camp street. sep4 ()LIVER ToWIST; or the Parish Boy's Progress. Spart second, hy the author oflThe Pickwick 'a pers,' 'Sketches of every day Life,' 'Nichollas Nickleby' illuatrated numarous designs bh Cruikslhank. Tha Life and adventur of Nicholas Nickleby, con taming a faithful account of the fortunes, misfortunes ipraisinga, downllilings, and complete career of the N-eklehy lamily. Edited by '4Ba,' with illustrations by Sketches of Young Ladies: in which these interest. lng memnher ofthe animal kingdom, nare classified e. eaurdia" to their several instincts, habins, and general characteristics by 'Quis,' with sketches of Young gen. tlaluen,by Quin lr.' ights an Shdows of Irish Life, by Mrs. S C Hall. authoress of'the Buccaneer.' Uncle Ilorace,' &e. &e. in two voale., just received and for sale by WMn . I'KEAN, auglO Caroer of Camp & COeiioton at. TREASURER'S OFFICE-SECOND 31U. I- I CIPALITY. Tj. w swerr H own ers off Lct oif ground, situntedl on the EaRl side of a1ga'ille SIntreet, be.twien Itartholomew and Melicerte streets, distant front Mel. - icerte street 63 feat II 1-8 inches; in the square iorn - ed by Magazine, Consinnee, loartholemnew noand eli. cetestreght,two dollars 31 lti cents the safronte he-n t0id lMagazine street hv 12 feet 10 5-8 inchrs derp bie een arallel finca-tfounded on the northl t I .o1. I nr let Slid to belong to ZonneVictor,If C, nlld on anid sold toy atish the said t bax. e oNn sept0-3iitd __________ ..r__ Treiurpr. l rie BthelWadem, tMe erteb notified td piy the ied 113d pouef dte t la rue Mfolicrt, dane ilet for te par len rues def Matasinh, C onstance, Barthhle 'mi et Mficee,merant of31 pli the1 5a lot ices fce and sold to Satisfy the said tax. seplti-Aiitd__________ I la ruedeA MagaREns sur 127 pieds 10 5l8 IOunei s de L F.piopribtairs on lea ptopritetoirets(P'ott it 4in tfeir profondeur lentre li o parnleles, borngn6 an Nord par lot de mBotes aniet n lio rte, qu on dit appare le nir pied. 11 3dI pfoee, de In Sud parli unte, de.sup Lost fr ne par len rues den Msnasinn, Constanee. Ilartlteloi mi et MBLinerte,tmettrant 31 pieds 11 518 poies funt A Ia ruedes Magnotins eur 127 pieds 1t0 518 intern do oefundenr entre liHreo ponnillele, binn nn Nordl inr lot do mAtie. dtneneiltne, qnr. lien dit nppnrtenti A Zno Victnr f Icno, nlud par nn nut e.nnuptnol; pp r tenir A H F Wade, sent notifi6s de parer la somnme de quatrvingt deux piastres et cinquaiie Fix cents, l e tur le pavaa'tes ia tqotettes en tare de ladite potptri tE6,sous n ..Alni de dix nours, de oette date, Ai d'laolt dequoi ledltlot sera salsi ct vandu pou. satisfuire A Indite demande. septll ,3 J. DOANE, Tr ier. "O-ffT'R BOT'TLES--100 grn.-s Porter .lttles . in store and for sale by 1iOLMES & MILLS, sepll 9 Bank Alley. SARTN HI D EVEREUX iffert fir sale, u large I n1 qaleiti fsupern r Russian sheet in fionn 9 to l5oz. weight. Also, a quatity (if Eiglisln sheet Iron. .bst received an asiortment ofCook and n Parlor setves of the latest patterns nit t26, Trcnopitoulns street. B AG(ING-70 pieces heavy Inverness bagging, in store, and for sale bv HOLMES & MILS, sepll 9 Bank Place. O LD COPPER--I1~Ol weight of ild Coplier, f sale by MARTIN H DEVEKIEII', sepi1 21 Trelnpiini ln nst. RIUI.RD'L 'TER r. CAP 'PAPER. T HIRTY renams superfine blne wove Cap, ruled;. 311 t(o do wlite do do 50 do low.pricedl blue & white Caon rul'd, 50 do nasortedbloe &. w lnite lInter,rul d Just received and or sale T i DAVID FELT & :O0, New York Stationer's Hall, seplt 24 Chartresn t. iTATie; OF LOULTbIANA,) FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT CIOUBRT. LIRI.AM FULLERI, va. Iia Creilitor; No. 14,543. 'I'lT cession of tlhe Petitln'ner's pr llrel y having then acesptid tlie Colrt for tnhe brenfit ofis cei tisep it -s orl3thleltl a meeting of his Said enredlitrs do ntke place at the iA Ul of I\Vllia Co 'I'. llenls, Notlry Public, on I hursdai, the 4th of October next, at 10 G W LEWIS, sepll--3t itp'y. Clk. I j'..T DF .A .JUIIANE-Cour e Iitrct du rei miler distriet julldiniaire-lIitlnt lollher coln tro sea era n bcier-No. 16549--n a clssion des Irprr li' t6s d1u p6titionntaire nyant t6 incespiice lir In cour poonr le 1inhfice nte ses cir6anciers, it cat icrat irt inie one astsoblie dendits er6onciers nit lie aun grefllC de t. Win. Y. Leeii, not. pub , eui ',c 4 clndh'n Ilr, -lhin A 10 htors ile mltin, atti n ie d Bil.;rer sIt I" afeiras dodit pytiliionairnio, Ct en ao tnni t tee pir suites contre sa persouns ou soes prolri(Ais snllt ilrlni t6es 'rbmoin l'llon. A. M. PuchuIant,juge dI. In cour ei dosus ce 11 septiembre 18318. II p:1t fG W LEWIS, I),p. tiitli. P.jRPEIRM CANDLES & 1oAP--20n11 boxes New t BediSrd Sperm Candles, best hands, oanl nIuslrt 191)il hoaol Btnn Siunp, Jacksoln'srn thrnllt'.now land ilg rolin Shli Pla I tofo folOlll Iotni, fill- sil V " JOAELII CJCKnA\N o:, spit -15 Gr, r, r..t. ITANTit ---rin'inrinseter". iMr the 6,'rinErors V v lorse Gardl--iel; t init frst rite rl' Ionee apply at thel Counting InoRlo of the Editr oif lthe 'rune AinOeican. By order of 0'. CflOSS, \VA TED, Also, as above, na lo n, siitallle tihr Drill Rlooln , in a cllntrltl situailionll sepl I TIABLE SALT: n0 Ciases: 0 boxes ti eh: lin in Sble ant, for sale by REA septil 7, Blank PI. l'c:e. O .- . (ll'. e '-ret h-dlr t'trl..n L imlm,, .tor salt . by 1R iHlEAC & EAtITI\ t, septll ii . )EAtIll IANDIY. A ie11 IIl, ddls . hl pi,ý h b ull yI. 1 librsale by o vepil 7 It:ink i h,-. ROWINl Tl.\NkIC.l box" DuptrIor Lvrmi^Vl, I and gieu. rl dblit h l cV.R .E .i i)l'& % u nmAle I m)eiine IIas eenll Arcived h te I ntt kc Idr c irt . (som the manuf\lory., 'weo are pIrtlIIpryd to, Eu1pplyI : t d nlers nid countrdy ndirch, )I t nlld lil l fur sne hv RI'AI) & lARS J'\', W olep llail Alfte, f rlt l rirnI . sfor l cornIer of hri)fno& T0h*' inI I nis. F kiTl's PCA LIckl;si-r sale S11KEAD &'lIlINS'('V, JAilllI & lANI )RIl, N EE AT'IOINAIr the \t!l K. nd aonly uthor iie d agent s v in Nu w Orlt nhld ih toedicine i beei re'eived by tile tntsir'lt.I.r, dirt t i d for the mdelivry of, theho niumbers redtr to SutppCi Sdealers and country O mr'lhot I.n !t te, 1 not eI .| Sberis. Si ARVIS & Aed,REW I WWhlole lEsale Reitil A.or Uilo lin, No. just corneived aofCo ion '& Iehttortlllili. s eO-Clompilet sets from l o 9. JARlVIS & ANIRE\VS NAOFFIC OF THE GIONEAT NATIONA W No. 1 P Hienvilic street. New 0trlans. SSRS. NORMAN, 3 'TEEI.E . (:o, e CO I only oauthorised agent in Nwo (ilcanl-nnold itI NOTICL 8 i herelby Riven (lait >ru|>npla ill Ine victinit, to receive t oo niles fl "To Ilitry ae t, In and for tte delivery of the iumbers thierel) to oulooilr btione. Signed, F iV IuEENOUII. - No. 9jun st reesive lodend r ftr delivery to slareai I ALSO- omplet sets front to 9. iy OFFICE OF THE GREAT NATIONAL WORE. No. 12 Bieonille street. New Orleans. VIS eit p le ionrent doon qe sqeced rii u l. dllc , s NORMAN, STEEl E, rt CrO. SURLVEYOR'S oFI ICE- 2d litniciplalit mOTIn r ea b pr la nry givn dthat un mrcnls nill i rNeceived at oly office. op to l'uhtJly next, ijn Hith instant, for eretting a Vegetable Market oil cast iro uoesI.luutn at djstioo Toe'houoi itools itd Atn nnciationp streets, near D elord. 'edii t seagreabl sp to con planscl roeted by tmnie i onliti of tis lIs inmtijols tiy lFor fthr plati clars opltcti'on dnit mll he .. JOSEPI I' PILIE Snrveor New Orleans, Sept 6, ltU.atU do VooetiR DL de in If ui"TiPA,, IT - untesao In jonoeion des ruilels Tlciaonlltset Ann chintion,pres ad rinte Delboort, 'edifl snd spptkle ti;ll' e col su esriboer o fe r iot alen illt iprone pr I consil doe cettlo t nicipalt ite;toutis lea informattions et detnils relotilf i ito conrtetction todit mtorche seront donnes o burales aon ie ni ct 8Ceplled miJe PInLIE, aoyer d R O G A N S , htoes an d c:n ipp rs - -i n cas es, t ,o n l prising an aosortmnnt of fllt's and Boy's tiolt ip, pegged mixed tCoRuoet Brogan,; MI bale t ntstiled ce vnal e; en's slodn'o ' ll t sli childrens and oninto boots, sthoeo anid aotklc tie.; land. ing ron shoip Ohio, ad tonr sale y ISAAC BlIIDGE & C, aug31 t antgazie street. LIIEGO C.O'sks 'I, I,INSl'S & RlEio f¥S 'b iR Cliebft-ine, oaer for t le,li f u Con8 t o o ti street. CnilCd illned egro reircn 1h0 lt a ioile V . I tolosoI t b ole tohte out nsti oh f i e I c ou lil oot k l ew oo, erseys t. IA Bt Nil jy12 1Ott Miagozine ntr~et -OAP--250 boxes No. I snop,l rlnd of Janlooe Yolnlil Inoding foionte rnig Brlotodino n f lr sale lby ISAAC BRIIIiE. Go, nugl 131 loagazino snieet, ImniE-1pit Casks ThInaston l.itne lnding fruilt hrig Chieftain, anod for ale by S & J P \I'ITNEY oEu4 8 Cnti storeet S.RtVEYOR'Y S oiFFICE-tid lounieipolity. oTrICE is herehy given that, it conformity to a resolution of the conncil of the Seeond tt tnttci. ,lity, passed nt their sitting of the 17th i ully hois, wi, at noon, of SatnrdiO. the 15th dot of Sýeiteinher Id38.adjuoticlte at lYtf Ole., ttile lowest bidder, tie opening, deepening adang nd leo io' l e jume tl,, ireoeloly to ltoe intentionsof roesolutio on naid 0u000l olj, nosed on tho.e d day of August, 1,136, (Eighteta undredol nnd ttirty-six,) ant in oceordance wit, tite speriftltion tonw exhibited at the surveyor's office. Securito will bh required in the sum of lOio (one (I Thousand) t to tle aOO tinsatiott of Ite Coltocil of 'd nicipality. JOSEPII PIIIE, Surveyor. Now Orleans, Sept. 6, 1 38. BUREAU DU VOYER OELO 2e MUNICPALITE EN eonforoited'nne resolution du eonseil dela 2ede mtnicipalite pansoeedans In s0a0000do 17Iuillet deroier, et auss- n idesir d'noont ure resonltiondodit cone- I passeo done I. eseneoedu 2 aout 18:16, Avs eot donno quio samdi 15 do present Iois de s.ptembrem el' otidi, a me0n bureau, j'adjogeroi an mbhir, lee travoux Sfiatpeourirecreusoere nettoover. oNcaIt-nal elpomene tine Ise nstmnnttoons exlibees o n bureau snsdit f Unteo ootion do $1[000 A Inl setisfaetion do conseil sera exigee. 8sept JOS PILIE,Voyer, EAF LARDL-200 kegs in storee, for male by L el 0 D)ORSEY' 41 N.w*Leit-. (II A eP1'--1"5 iboxes No 1 Silp, Geo Jackson l" lt," ini'ow itanlii, I'oil rliii i'Coneorditi, frorla l.Hstn, aid ifir Eie by' J.'Ji.l'll' ('CO AYNE:, ) F L , N tc iln l street lir . Iop,, 801 p ecs h ; ikt " !v : -i , i n l i m stre , Q TEEiii I: pit _l l 1 "Iveim Ily '.N ee I lair Pe ori Pciioiu|cil i , 'ci a'-A-, iii Il ) iC-E, iir ept( ii0 . lf r 44 New 1Levee. 1'3 ? ship Vicks umg, 10 :!rice G ilill'S Engle Pens: 10 enLEs; fi T Nlioul pll" fU Ii clear ork in tore sin glAYET AMELUNG, II FEl.lT & Cia N YI 'lilltler Ia rll,, s eltl[G 21 it hal re. stree t DaPH Lucy Denrt! (Ii Noll lty ioa; ay cildli iud hoours ,r , el, Bartlelt; Yes! thik inle happy, Sprow; II s thlis Cotie he lire, r(,oke; V Narrimos H I e;e t me restit) fi leu and , nvy airth Tohy lov 1 Mi; !.'lll f;IY farign theBell;.ictorifle peerlies Io're uf ; IlnAl;t; Up! tS o fi I'errest; Ilappy Fcles, lri lt, Briglit ii; n y A v i ualtain Iine; out tlle Brave will, have lillen us twsar lte ,estow, lassell; 'he pencre ofthe Valley, IBalle; our way l eross the Soiiriail n! it Mi trel'of the Il'rle ; Piggil (iii ir;n A Cnoe u l , idiio, Dioni zei; o l Iia,'s adoilni; So riover nou pos'ii, Marli|ni; enactli ykv goandoi mrelI; Anniverisary 14uick Siep; oarnival Whitz; Une Perle Walt., hmitenr Cau var Wualtzes, Strauss;Victoria \'aliz; La lies Wltzes .. by St'iaisiLL; ,I Fleur L' It;1ie, 2 2 3 4: Rememilraneu laohi; Diles de IlOpe ra otaliuo; Spnuish Skong,just recc:ved by Septi (I CASEY, 19 .naip street. 1, LOLR I.6- his biest uality, nine ( ,I new wheat just lnded r1 nul sCteamer taznr, Ini ftir sale by ui DORSEY, sept 6 4N4 Nw Levee. CfLEAR -lO iorrcltacr slpork is sare ol S o LAYE'T AMELUNG, spl 17 Cmlineire street. All)-- t1il le as 'erimle Leaf Lar k in store, ltr Jsleby .AYET &I AiIELUNtG, repl __ _ 17 ComiTeree street. l AY'S Liniment tr tliu ocue of Pila, just recei L ved and br stle by N ept ..... . ..... s si tree t. Sruowand i'a Tuoini liltuie, received hl S II BONNABEI. sept T-chllillhl .tiatst. Nl Eli' % )VlIOkAN'S CEOMMEIMICIAL INSTI. Peace srieet, bllerc j.loreau anld Csacalrao, sub'b. S I'EtAL Ciimre of lBook Keep ilingc-The course of Boaoik Iapling rpined since uac vertl mlonths will close in a 1iw dilis. Alcli' Fopil "oll.illlirttnto, a'lltiog WIhoim are gentle cs fliPred k,, tfile I tblic liLttrvle ci. no Il i evl'llill i clas will aii[ iit 11op,- 1s t II ce r fi ciient nwiliier ir Sl iiicrih erg W a ill taie h cl o; it Will close ill Nolvelber inext. i evelning class;, three ile ei It ll he opiiniili at tile ,Corner ef 't. Louis anlld Exchotnge Pllace, i" sllb scl-iptilonslre recoiked. lGENIAL CDOUPSE OlF C+MI!ME1RCE. 'his course is oplened every ltty, froln 5 itc 9 o'clouk 1. AL, for exer icisig oa th e ilioim brlcuirlnhea of ac The 1,ýrc'l'v aInd Ciaunweiial Iistitite flr itling fi'iile lu ii i ,ii'n'I frotm IolCuX. A. M.,to 5 Mhck . Ii h .llllicl i cholars r ili ajili e I P A AUIIEIIT. .r l 11. ll. (it i llu.--t'i r I +- ,: tliis day, i In 1 l$l5 l '-1 esnl'v i1oles 1n111 $'1110 ilae'vicolinne Iheklii oII ile Mlink i' Acnice, Ncw York, in dillr iII Scl lSi, AlI li it tle fLile .i f '' O. l HITMAN, sXX v I Ei c lcllli' I lu lt 11 , .t. C'ii Iles .i. A I 'IOStr, if e N wu1) liic:a Illuc and kitii'ht!iSi i'hllrSml - l lnl' tl wllll'll . AIX ply it, I DO'lL & MA r nRED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, ll . , hi l s r ,'i t tile pl l h ic I;; h ' 0 n lamnlts ,ot S r1,llr icg d ,ill Illll i rll'l Ioti 1 S ill t mlow n l in i nl tI, . I'roml ,lt i, ra 1-1! , - 114 r x il'l l,,t ill (V e'CI( i' (. II 1. l llsillv-" elitfll, l'-l,1 e I 'll, i lit*' II" 's t - ' i-n' ,' . O. N llin l Il al - . , J)W 1 i.+, Tth,, hL , 0 t I 1- 1 :A, ,I , '. I r. i A\NL' 'I I . ,l l I I " i r sI It I Illlt l I I. , . ll' llii ( I A.c I y I "I '. I ii i 0 4l N t 0 I ' 1 (iN I tiJ lt I' I 0 I I p1i r ll ! l in, fro n ; Inefict Iini I+ I. Tit-P . i t:- r; j , p w - i .t. ( lrllt lr +l< t , I ,;rclllcll'tllh d f' t,c sit'o, h" c.l. illl, & Tlltc111, j. rlsc ..... Mt P .d -toci.tcc ti ()ill tblc e tlKlli, tl'l ' ' h ilFe dl ct, fir chi h iis i t. Ib , r llhis 1 l) , 14 Ne.~ . ,clR e. oultr; judicialr wyte brn de-r w od e rtmon el- Im.+ tlO .has b'f lal'P- ., (Ine e the r pol'ea u I talel o. thle sleia, I eirr - iI' l Code i ,I A\R IS &- ANI NIIt , b lel p op/ll /ita c O ,t wa U tho ch ,lli' a' ll:. I M ElS t . d-uh lil,.r i h e 1en i ttle in fre it.h Ithe clllt ht It l li l , Iltc i ' itc cc e l tnl et th two it tnht .icu&. tcdit rii ccp, i it fire," tic e I 'ode ,f kInrmcihw 1, upe I it 1. n u n hi.h eliTllot tsslists+ 1, , a fi - 11, lIf + h nils I. Iae l(-perieavo i it flit. hlu wo t w oi lof c htoin altits I't m the rnntablit hlt ent Id otlr jdicil as teland t unlder whlrei eial lireultioin Ih l matter h lv .i b t? i ire a d. Since tile nlpp watll t plsi;i rt e t le iC of rltie iO a lilt sllll fomlI tiha Tluse wi wr ll y Ie enihled to hi In e file wo Coesll ioiettir, The ir iot ' iailtl.n hFev,, w IvN ti c liOll, II.n.n raI cl ngnl fill o lede Bisio1 , o tile ' apreC I. l'll. t Chtl . id r'ole il lliac i t. appl t ilthe ariiGhlR ciiia. ihld ll te , II, h ve An i eted and 1 . e Oil il Corperhli a rotii' ithe artircle, ie o the Allile oafl nolo; ngenier wi th rel~ri cr to file t othl e I h n re nlder b ry tlruloi t a lny artlicle ,if tile C clith Ita I te wl3l7 ic ile c i ol" ctle dn ii f ileo "Iupon it The Awork il a lso Scion rai trile c aten, a;i o fhiae Cldo of Pruetlie Pt%0 we tll I llws creling illd regulatinl tne City toiea of Newt Orl-nsfl with i complnete in Th e h' ie ao e iitt ill take its are c ancel c, asull so iti t :e first of\ Mirch noxlit ud bonm u in good, n utanI sapSU-I 1.3 fill shoeep olAlu |)n hhylhng, sahd avt SiX DO LLARS MAOILA L (IF NEW1. GRLEINERIAN. I'V iI, Cor c tac loi i tlir ta-t ins $7 e ii ot thelh. m IL nu.l11Ci t \Water \orkati e fo ) N lew . been hin iedi, r ctihe Istihil l, but in c i l tq gileley t iee I. d i ih ' i e rr i ll (lc h te f "l l ipe . s'eve ral l c l a , s- n et ila h ailled fiet[he splumer t t"l fit tile calls, Ihle chtn:' o Iee ii 'i'c ifaii llmed u ntil thisi+'t d clc. T e q riili irc-Inv zine tdicc g. Thie attentit.I of th aelh'itlel ill ellj 'a' iedC. . S , od oer. 10 40 I cyE[la. I'c teet, a7 s~atcetA tce, ltei ai nd t ienvtil .rd cal brca ia ' ad' cistlii, p suhi er ranert bragca' r ocm Je - l r noo n. A ii p'y lto rlr ipcini'cl1 herocRc; r cIl1 eItitilica cel cc"Cnivc w cohi c tir e tct Iniiatt, amici. tADil sIiON , .liltor. - l(IC -.\.i RL; %N k, NAG WILii:iAI. f s i g ht,, r -ix ty d a - d a te , fo r t ' V .i s it is ; it) s u it p u r - iase. JAMES I CAIIV,, CO piv c;l ltre7 idt, e nit. , il 15 ha s. JAMEcr c pS f. ll 3t' ]t7'01r. brn 'SLEl-- Housetd and Iumeit (;round oft 1 rLstreet, betwern Conti find Bioyvlle treets, kPritc uu'( s 11 w,) having 26 feet i lioo a front hlin a tt n- I tort str ee, t I 108 fuel 11 ini e$ t iund rth lo, wilh the uivi. I tcrin-, yl i Iy to RA 13 V &. I C, Isept -1 N Iol7li llm stIreet. W]ANT'ED imnmediateol iu gd Clik, washer utnd A spv ct 11 ýt Joseph street, e Co luoi asd mt-pl. corner .,f ('.,l~ln &. LCo~icl,ln)la SECOND MUNICIPALITY. ERE brought to tohl Police Prison oftle Second S itniciplibty, thile Iflllowing mulled slaves v;z:- I'OLED)O, aged ablot 48 t yers, says lie belongs toMr. Nasau. JOHN, aged about 23 years, says he belrogs to Mlr. S Baudwill. IIENILY, aed habout 19 or 2t0 years, says le be longs io Alr S Ioaudwin. The or ersl of lsad stires, are requested to prove property, pay charges and take the in P away. II S IH.APER, ep]l Captain of Watch. R ICE-- i coasks now oinding Iruin Charlriton, for sale Iby S G BLA\CHARD, SOlrage and Relieious streeto; nply, to J d IIEIN & A COHIEiN, jyp4 90 Common street. A Card. ORLEA \S LITIHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISH MEA\T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITE BANKO' ARCADE. W GREENE returns his aincere thanks to ris frienls anti th puillic of New Orleans, faor the atronaee bestowed ou him for thle lust Itoo years, and Legs leave to assure thosi that all orders eomi:bled to his charge shall he punctually attended to; he will as ustal, keep thle atics ofien daring tile sonrimmer, and shall lie always ready to strike of nmerchant's ecireu lars, business and address cards, fineral notices.maps, plaas, and drawings, of every description, at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Being assisted by artists superior to any other establish meot in the city. and frorn lon experience in the lithograoplicl , li, e feels confident of giving entire ratisfaction. N B Apothecaries and druggists' labels executed in as good style as copperplate engraving, and at one third of thIe expense. jv24 FOR SALE-Thr splendid steam boat MIRCHANT Shaving undergone a thorough repair, will be rea dy for se is a few days; this beat is coplper lastHned& and coppered, withl a copper boiler amd splendid on gina: her accommdtions ling very extensive, and well found in every r rspect: for further particulars ap. plyuattl e ship yard oflGregor lIvron, wheOr she now lies, or to MlIAUNSEL WHITE &, CO, aue01--15t 9r Gravier street.. SALT'-50l sacks line salt in store atdl for male by S & J I WIIITNEY, nugT23 . 0\(IP Irlod Tallow Candles-100 hoxes Tallow Can K illcF; 200 boxes No. I and extra soap, brands of James Gould aid Jackson & Trowbridgc; for sale by ISAAC BRII)tE & CO, nal023 131 Magazine st. OFFICL. NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAll ROAD COMPANY. I) RAIFTS on New Yok eit sirht, 30 and tin days Ssight, for sale, in rsuts at suit purehaisers. Al so, Crorar ti cltor l or postrs nod sleepers, and Philadel ,hiiia lubec wheels fa1a r fr male on ren-onublo ter'ns. JoAtMIPS II CAIDWEI,L0, afgs3-f t President. TlAiKE Noolce 0 itoutno obl inst til tiaint D I tock, sirllee atol approved bv Jnheo s ic)ihk will heroferflor o paid iy the owners rof tho Floating tDry D)ock, tle rllod JIn tne Dit k having never been authlor is od t eo Imaker .vc ilfltracts. llorolover, aill iill, f&in this dIatI will have to lie ap I-oved onill signed lly tie tgelt of the Flloatll I)ry Iltock. IIEIlIOGINE BOtI.WN &' Cti, nI Il ' ( 9 Conti st. itrl t.T-l - orie I-< 0 ll- inst. Ia Scotch Whine ITeorir Slut, black ont tile point of the nose, hair a little rrlllol. hoever lats tI sorr ilt ll lesr tn, rtohollio er lo tlhis otlice tlley will be liberall reo ward d. aug el1 . . .. if & tA-KEli.. . lOR)I'IY llaes of()i kkulianld 150 coils Manilla rope J assorled sizes, just received and fllor sale by Sn.I7 OCII & CI.e err? ut 120 1 iLevee r illE| nxxxxerxhoaix d bxavi- o , . nxx) xixntxd by 4 I l xItdlv',l th. firs.t .ud l ial '. srixt Cx urt, (',oton .-sio or, to ,-linoit, null ýssest tile duanCge and ,x!, se ofitidening Vodil o treet, behven Net, Le ,, ttirvct ul nd II l x river hx t ' I ona xc their estina te oand a, ' "" ' , illlt l a Iha-4 li.' hp si Irl trul co,'It' th reor, to l, , i of11 1 I o it lay concern. lr +it l l e11 lil it*ll III t otli,': i f tht i l r vil" la tll | ,Y I lxc xx lx I' x'li III ,xx'axx 0l x 1 itx x .lxxI' 11x1 r l alllIt u.lllvl I ill lie l rvsvnl t iii to ,ildl cour folr ol oi Satl ll IIltl the twe" t-i i . h ill - illth dfay of" Sell - h x'xr ' xlx; x i xll xIora l inrc 'lated iT'L propxitx"x y °lt . e, tosa i lhs't fit ld it rPsi-l ialll n oi li b ore (l', ixxxxxxlx'r Ixlix'.( ii 4 1 , x llllt : r I llxxil+x xxxxa ti . it1tIE il o' S pt - L ne R l i - iL . . I i. ), l' t CoINliiti, iners , S111'S.1 A, AC{)]I,) ,(,· ill .__| + pilllll. .rtil', +l,.ri l/ l I'I (, lhll'ID~nl llllllx. t til Ie a rn o l vi+ r -ill r ll r i , elll r e t in x e r leI I n oII l n t.- f let n ni e 1 d N *F ..... e l; 11111r1 r ov olig nauv, vrrBor 1.nw do' in l ornl li il;ell- ti>e m .t le ive, iout col" l itll lhu l.llltlt l t.o'1"I*lll" l de I nxe, d an i r I1 . dCtl."a sent vot ,,ill l l' l rr il ol l iei s, i i rl sU lh mr iw t. ]'l 1 il l, I NI. )I0lil t' ( I ll' 1. i ttll tOli t t.ll .t' llll.jt iii - v oll' l ltll lll i l ' i to kl r l 'il ll ( ' l ..lti 1I( ), W . llE ' 1 1 ' i ) ui,. t e n d ritll i >o ; tN loai..xt l l On I xn-,i l- , ing t - i it xl . 51l' 1 I.ilxlOP1 8 A a T ITIl'xlla bexx a it lI itx tri l a1 l egllli(alltx in till d h int lnlalr lllh li ll ll l l ohii i " r r e t l i I o rtl e Ci . lor ior li.x in s hich; lht xxirx bluae x xis; x x x ' ernit ' iilanae Aiill xrao.l lirxwarl ' no to hal,.rr R ru t xle sa i rllie ,i fe tiie xI·'t ('l "i lty CI IIIIE.LES t J A( I, AY Itc4- tt ilaoxkxaith. bTritn a l ni. I i1 PITia N DOi-'liiilA S dinau IllSiy fr % lTri I. e ,,, lo ,i lo te a rehenll. inin l in ,Ih gij in 7tt 6i-1l1ii ietix Spibllai t Vi n ij lilh base, iiio t/il iTrdt' e stiJ a[4rjtao lit e isx x ixb t ixr a :xx't four orlive ia ahso alt hlbehair, bluoavvadi ereabn by 1htrd; sp,.ak- the Enluiili, Fetihl. niall ierluan In t.ljIa . AIllt pero1' s livte hrewared nt to loaa r o r ie Ir f ilt s alid i arlltie ltlE ailir severest le ly fil In". N iCII( A. MUR RAY e, RAZIIlOS COPPE-0 liihpE i trzrrs copelr a1o8Frpoi L er, betwee 1 Custtom Houmun Ho-i) vill f Blacksmith, Tstrio juN all f al( OFI Eo- oloson c'l ri',_l ent, o.v S 'I'TSoN & AVERY l nA 8L1. ANA ll:r 1iti-TSit re i ve, ioa tarll lot J L of New l'odfrd S lliae and ClnePlr ndls froa siipck, lr enleu y i VIr FET & CO., Nei lk tio '9 Nr' ew Levee., R A Z I 1 , bra z , rs copper FK ENSIsl; ll Cbollrt Ox'Ert't. S tr' weighinruft n outIo eal store ald r sa by jrI8F Exblla c lopanl Graier st. Iua 111 A, C ' il to-e; - lio a staItD lot aliTwitn, i strlo a 1 ir yl AVIy J F)A EI t CO. ,jo0n 591 Chartresp treet AC R FIUNDL, CERTIFICATES and Audi if4 tactl 4e.xmxerala no ae triax le'clbaix 0 lr's Drft on r el Tcreasurv, wnos nd b u l j19 lacleks ollitel, Gavier st.e i I i; RP SON VEl(Y Ir I O. ut l 4a59 Coada street, TOx xTENxte . S Tobacco, t Learmi ibran rd) in stre a foIlr saleo by " J.D.ANI'ELL, Ill(r20 ..)bp an.ant street ill 211.1 bbkl . lli r , inacikeral, os-. I, 2 an ,50 1a x I barrel ltikxlx l, ties I a(nd xlex " 1129 casks offlhne, l ,, tfroa bt'. h t. . SDOYLEI & . AY, IloTSE HAVANA MUGAR-o-5 boxes e"iprbiex trade, lalint, frmin storehip Cnordi, an for ale low a LAT DUNR & CO, i 40 l' Cdm stom riout, TO RENT. STORE TltOsrl laree r prext ista iu Girod etrext; one lot from lxironx e,r thx e froat (in T rohl is il8 freet by dx lxtixxf fi0-x-iix , xlxlxlxl s conxx sxex t ofa xoible ifrasa dwx lling I0ous. and kitbllentx-aad tlxe roor lit adjoin ilt liaha,;a brick hiidii 30lbly h x ill--d-iied ixnto threes oiln . t w iie re asonabllxe tl a re blaSr lxox good teslatl . Apply iot - DOYLE & MAY, Fell 8 Carondelet st Judd' whie an lrogare ,ent coprisi Candla gene, ral i t, x rtxx ent, x iitaxble fix the city ar country trioade, rdio f. ip CeWintcerdia, bleacd for ale lowil afeo caso , orapi uved paler, by A SG DUNBAR & CORD sop8 1~ Crstom viers .lE IE'AL, PAINT & OIL STORE, Cornerxi toromUlotx I & T'lxoa itoulas alteels. S. Iilits and dl l constantly on hs nd, adlldi for eeu t duea sihe inavt reasbl onable te nilts, day of October next, a axxbo Orleans, sea8. Secay, JAKVIAd & ANRIIE LES asexls corner of C'xitaioax & T'elaptitaulas. t f-O MExi, store-na lanxing 51i bxaga priaae fEU-D la Nouvelrle Ov ans. Feelll 33] (tiartsr street. -OApA-NULfS,. --nastoreadfora eNol 1 PS tioal, of Valente andi oniher branods. ic Judd's whie and coloret du et epta aper i Cdolebs,a a snporior article. Fa.i aold Wiater bleached sperat oii% A lr store a ore sal de lby c S Gi BLANCecARD,. Papri M3 (iravior sll FVitE)IEN'S INUIIA-NCE UOXIPANY OF NEW r111IE Stocklxxldera of this company ar hereby no. tlifed, tha thite tourti ixstalment ot tleir stxok i due, oxd ipsable xin the nixth day of October nextI a xie officx, of tli cotnpoany. New Orleans, selis. see'y. WOlAil'VlGNIE DIALxIIaA.NCE LON'tlT LTE FEU-De hi Nouvelle Oxixans. E 1liS actioonaire dl oeltrt c tmpa gnia sonteooifioi I L axU' le 4e.verselnxext eat du et paysblas Icld'ucsbrp t lrohxhij ouu bureau do lax'oxxxpagnae. - .,E I. 'rtACY, secietarer.

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