Newspaper of True American, September 11, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 11, 1838 Page 1
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....NEW O.TLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 11, 1338. VoL.I -ea e oI v NI o n n rowie cY C "'r,e of tve Vc,.,aeap r Press of N,ea Orf)len.' :ttiiia'ti!qc '. 'r..l to"l, t' ai ,ot,l c I ,ate iin' s +.itra ns.-- ' ,i v.e I),tllar, tr th, dailypt pr .,.,r t h.t 1n, . c L/ IIle i.i li-tl tillyllllV ill Ia Iu": to un d rstri for t!t, tr, ,va,'dv cia Irv p.a p ir, M va able on [ v," or in a IvYtL ,: er,.,r nl I city r, foraaes is given. NoI ..,ai.,rwtltiu 1 ,vil it dis.ottiha't l nti l W It inta. I; di oluitnnee, nee wek'ghnoti,:n , ,' it ht ittaritac y giv':t, prviou to the r'ation' el* C rthriition. Auvea:atsrl .- ). doll.r per .qtiare fr the first I artim i, and I d it er p'ie, for'eauch subsequenl one: "Iv :nitoerial alteration froam the original advertiseaelc t will ho ell trged as a a.w one. Yliaal., hAvltertlsas.-t11ereltants and Tralers, o'tv ldollars fos Engllsh alone, and e intv for both ian t qas Ilankh, lcara.i,, Oimi :cO, and other similar pu ctlie lantilltitns, fifty d illr in I.n litkIh ally, and 'i Ity fior Ibothl lan.uagen; Ship anud Sten , Prc irs or n:erhrants sixty dollntr iin English ne, andeighty for both languatos. datatlr osi, OBITUaRY NOTICES, and artiel e rell the attention of the public to sales a' Iproerty, 'itrds f pnsrengars, heAdits,. &c. &c. witll h brrbeIl sue dollaerper square for the first insortion in each lan (,ow utniCAmnros , or IAdvertiements, of any person at tire. wVlll a:hl:.Bbiblc, shall be charged double, stll Il n~l*a A dedlea tt: f twenty-fivr percept. will Ie mnade to ct,:tioneorel iT, e I ae Itigisterdlf \Vils, , Mlarhl on ttlet of real stalet. ecatlitiled in bath tctnguctges, sailo hit pieoor t. in tl glitat alitr: ti petctnt. ottalae i' thr plleertY. AttVRTITISMM TS nut ot thte direct line of Ibuinies of the advertiser, such as laegl, auction, and planta ttt talts, runaway ltavet, stray anieals, ,tt .. c. will be elltrged for st,.ately, andtl tt the ordiniry rate. A,.tvl att>s MEts not s peificT l as tc tiie, will be a'tielted tne tenth, and cllrgcdt accor, No ndvertis%. enta of hantruptcies will fit Illlised u a y ease, ulotes paid Fir )prvious to intertio:l, or taylnen t galtrnteed v at responsibtle erson it town. 'I'heatrer and ltoer ilnees or antrnemrnt, tntcrtstrll a ily a t the tttn. t, io e chanrcdl $010 frtr itngijth a tile, rind $151) inb both h e,':isg. iii cnntollncellcell-. Ill' :l,',t,llt."t for etnlitenl oirea bh charlled doublt the prile I .olctitr a.l;tislt , tic'l: rl , o I ay, c ott , . 1I, tili- , : Icltr; iotl th 11 - , J. It.hYhiN, YI , ll li I 'oh.h |lrP. lt Ritl i.t, Ii Ii N,. i Ilattir. tt w itctttit haeroit: IT, / ell~l.. r l (o filr , l ll·;,r l'tr L) to l l ollhl r--lh` y )b li e.lllt y tIrlllS. -n , t tl. ' ler.. Cl l pntil el 'll fr st ch .tulli I·:r ;I;l~·l· t i n C tlZ~e )J III1' t lltatc taa it i '' iign tid) J,. tC Ii;c r. cr O.t IitS tv tIle, at uve )rea liti. a i, I, lar a they i' 'ppllcll l b(e to . ;e kr y paper i llo J l ..ll lthoy I ap litsbh. o (. ,ndt A .I. LA:1\VR\I1I, t i ctltt cciptitnis tre taken for lo- iIItm I months. I. ttert I lt ast, il t l t a; ', te post p lid. , "l i ).T . itit it IN?; I T -41- ., . '.iN KI.VII'tI'i!) bythe athorof "i v.Ir it it ahi" n ci vole- tactrri ' deer/ , vI,, tV i n, ,I aSi othe-r tale, hy thl uthor oa"llthIs 0-1 For n", " i vols. Ninro hl'ta'.h ti:.g 'l'To r:K ito,"rr; ,c':",1 S,.o ..t u~"ch"riiti.' luet dol"'i, -vru < ad lose^;lid of u I: n of " prfiital vc C i:': ll of' ]+lauldll h h lllq f l •it an: , '1 1P; 11111t n 'lW , , ' to. which are add-, ýi.i'n I., 1or l .mi n ,!toueds, is - vols. l..n lh'cet, the last of ,,i l, "l.ili, ofa MSailor," &c. ' in v le. , t ai, iah'1 by I 'vd r, P' , t ,','i \, , .1: u a l h.h r-t ,inI orouerurn l'lhe Uuih'd Slatl'nll]ol', by IIr r 7 weirner C { 1'i:i U0 ill "i'. .. .,V h1 a.0 . . I .,v,; "i ! 1un : It;. 1v - , 11; -,v l/r,,' ]lhI u,'; 1.L~f h,t ".'ib . C ) u v i. , ,.; r . . t' le I;',,, i , r ve. ll; J,"o iv n, "-; ILo'1 , . , il "; 'iii..hs v' f'" I I th : I t , ,\ ,,,o LL ..i 1r ',1. + r' ; t, + , I 1 " r l' llt l , I, 1 t i v L''i,"Ir i"'tvr in I.; ..""; 1 D ,w , "r J;,," . .. . _n ' ' ' " A I'o·loo'1y,, t l hilt, . 1 1. 1 Ise' s," .'.l'r r. 1! 1 " 111· I"1 "~i ll~ l oo1Il~ Ill l'. lllr I' 1·i 'oh ·~\ 11:, 1 Ioiohiooo" I " 111.11111 t1 "1 1( . l 1.-11 1I1 1, l1 ., 'oo11 tohor11 1oholol bloll' to iloo s rbuo'.oloot n r~ l t1," d~ all n ohoo,'Iti t 111 11 11.dIl IoV1 11101' o, ooollooo ' hll e .o wl l iwoc s .1 loo,, lo l 'rsl,',, to IIIthe of II I llw III ' rt lh l 'll t ilrolel 'l lIo t hle P0001 I10 . I:) o .'t L:otiih I , 1ro ho el~t i l ';o,, Inoll Ihl ofi ll 0 .1 rrn' 010 1h ll· ec1 11*11· pI Vdith a'g kIe, cuuntiuIs ill,, t1.t i'o itb1I' ,,l 'liee,, v'n llt '"l lntio In, arr la'la i ll such it maims.' it, to point ' lil VIo, White mc botliotur oohl I,,' e a1,, 1,1150 iiil . .s I a figured ir olunsiutidCln of the Frls~t , uerorle hill: n to Ilililtt Ofn II flhlooY1* loo b'estt,, l w' rk', ethor'lohto i le subj, h Oo 'll,,'oi oot ,bro~v.od.1itolashrt, wet o otrohooet'iooioyloy lloe l~erhl,, 1insll. leet', 1105 p r d ,n w by d i toe,'rohe f1':u oootoo'iio' A ,rlm 1oot, A lrre.e lsloli,. fV-olitO' & 'iu. (ide too the nvs tr te Irv IIIIIde III[I III 1:111 I"ýthlUI Illlllly" III illl' Lv Ihch Iaul, It ,e, rO 1111101 tItosoi'ol geo'taolio lo-, ootthopiltl'ltCioT1olo oo'l'.'10100 111n~l'OVO,1011111'AOI the bets usage y rulerll rd 1'ruuclu , fist receiv ed mud of tal,.' tot' Wooe1 .t 1J'' oi illK tspo i,'o ooo .it hi C.0l 0 Ir aLIt l tOII.'& ("6111+f.ll ,ll 01&Er I Iloogeoto C IlON ,iotlo IA. Tr tl ýtu I·favrrr te xuteriili Ita Icle in the, llunltk· (iuh' tYo Virglkie 1'l Isoltoto of leloewi-bsrl _lio olllo I lll ti,. lolll oslo lythdy hoWhithe Suphrtur, tootoill beumi. recetionot~1 lo tlooolf~ tla, ish 'os orlatiunvlrt ha'vre hero ,'loloiotosince the lust sra1.1 . A ýpnrioa hu 1, 0 uo'j, a oo td e onumb-Il"sr Jilluld o m Iloos 'o i 10''o IIdlId and now IIICI isltiis , OFufiord i lg iill: oonu rjlil(.L A1Iho ltj,, f Jolly, 'oon Voos w ilst frs. An e LZIII-\ ll(· tk, mill tac Il ;I suntructodpass ti by thesprinGý ntl ,1oto'iol the e ',t ltlilt turnpbke near t ewis fotrg. BlueO thi Is 00a dlbyrol doboe of the ..ubb..l.ll,. at It' rpringrs of (he Bini flolloitor r'ceiiio e cor pond da ily, sort .sud wet. Of thel~l 116hoot s1in l t 'e. hate bee nalse b alo~r~tsi'e llotd totie cei+': t. uu u l to Irilll in solnt loa all th uluvd I iuglp icts o thi Voo'Uo Ienrt io.oori'.,o At oto Moo ogornia. o' I'l,- umiwuiu. .atilmslsh iupbueted Iv b. lulm f Lime, tilplmt of So 1.1, hlull 1f llo et' Sod. t oo1 t iwt, 'An~ t Moo',ient to .lllnl ortlenoioolol'bin o ltrrttleooilt'; folro·,ll, nrv s II been o1n ore ;ote 1itegu to, Ioo'j llttrings 1110111i01 0l at all oNnt'ootl trhed ,pillutr tltIb n ofithouf tito lsrotWllia mlVa witllo cottimto Itih Iuiitt-boe nnto of thellsprlin E01ory exertiot' ol~tVlt his pat,sol eoll theI arout oio Of phop"retoral I)e rioonor ed-" by bi'tst. 1.. flotshetluooporisoent ofliberal. thiiof'itihet putlit'io o'o'loý" propriotribiof the ltoo'ulhoiqs priod will he oteihtooi the reeipt ott Votes la or there and t Wel- 01111 ti ~ ott touukswlel lorgeorole, os at' t'orrbir toltt,'Ios'oo, Sot'.; ttt NK100 c 010011 AWveogt l looeil ttuoe plroio, with roplooc -b r e P'1, a Nuilotloott, uorobitoet, tfebor of t,.o 'l -Sblloall j 0" tllrnilo, c tyitttar't Now, Gvoipo," "GIor iooloo' purl o tte of er naO ti,"; pr, il, Reiew (5 'h east-. Also, a supplement oil rio C ltllr parti." lln's o ilia Nn, v andgrotulndot sof llto'Uttited b totn -bytl. 01. csooootook,oseoeetary of tior tioroihoel cOul~tty oil'. 50' Maria0, moulto ofd thte "Silkr Coi thlttot.''ie l'hyoI1 Silkr IkolisoRo Mo1lot1tl, OlosI otlol rt 0·llli'lf 100111 I'i,'itog silk c o tln t o, liotS of cotitiototetog -oe 11 lbo'rr 'lit,' itimbe' 111001k. oor (Ilotetenrr~iol Cootre~polo loooce; amt refutation: If the "Awful Ilrr* i orllsurcl<;l by Ws. L..ns Sto0le0loede r 01' toonitoo eo, Strob of 1110,IOl t, oo''tc~ t'olll(oliiool t~olo.oioko,'dy1oo.eo IlIootiot ojolotoot L'u t o'o',,,enof&Ob Livi. Id.i n iht mns "TheFiveof hord AVrorfiohteor re,"ooootlly l te Soltllo of Erllllro~, l'rl,ol tint ystor 11117 too tioreeo lnu l·l" by AV. Il'. ,. Noi, ovr, C. BO, moilV.1toooi05iotean turoftoti Ott' totdimtoor otlbondk glu otnolof'o lu ife of aiototo, ootd thol tftottoLozLy Rth w itio, ttt tioootrreroo lteko to n IIgh tItiloy .trii toeo lIoricl' reVorlute, irclor olot ootoocIC *t It oiottlser NojleWr'. fod oirlteodigtoooo 01 f lor door olec Sft'sr. Joentt'rteietv o n ptIFor otlooby looer ichlau- rchtoble, ia eto rf, thel' 00111 br je1tiu 44 NodrprLvcr'e. ~VUtiRl-5h Itiode trifle artoole, foo 000 h u(Joier's Assiotont," 'ee p~ fl selKtltband chlae of I'roe onood Sothee -) J.oyyoiio Fr dtoir of th"SiTETSON & AV(ITY ' l M tn Z. !!rower & a o. A2 v1 just j ' :eiveIt a their ft rn ishing o ar-hom.e I, so.. 7 tao to p ioreeto by recit an alttn, Ciolr F hoRel, a tod tIle Ntorl , leg ote atd ons to th r c tio k foel of Ill',ll : tll oroteii l oc;t o r-oeeos ot;.o ticlest, hiho cllr o t eivelv (hsey bclicve) f am :o assn':, e oIa i. g e erlio at and colplc ob thlon i tio, Ilom & in any sliltar es Zb - l; ls:tlkts; knuwi ; conssi lqt I of SILVF.I WAIIRE. Ctlt e ull tao et crsAt; itches, waiter s, t astol s e:,c lek lic.I , c n og tumblersd u cpoo ts; 'o tble and t lcscrt t; rks; alfne, desert mtiln tea spoons; milllt r w at d g.y\o or . ou' oo100 i sllgar' too.s; sl;, iat.ce ds.i si oit, lles; hatter,, frqit, pldding ai ll ln knives; pikl ain IIcsert nteks noid forks a tkisn, rit gs, ttt c. tw inci t l at'i.o he ianuhltofry of lIt oI . lit( lltul r, of sew Yor k, lhok loiltcgestaboies iel;d r i lcll ttilo n co t kr i li lttie l silvet r .tok it stlotietlltl I tUtoITitee o its suIohtlorl i'LA''LIC -AlRL OF S'Ft IEI..I AND E III. - Tearll e oi l .c; i n, ten ueltsc ; ISi c l., liqlco r an1 cor di: l lt;slllI lll, rb canlln brat, wilI Ele:ge will h w it ' tolr iplath , for centte of f ltr or. s.ppe • tlei; watelr roulnl anl oblolong, frml 'il 1' inclhs; buee tleak rnd vegt;ll;e disles; rioch isthl Stitt; c:lke allI Iread basketsi dcgl nter stan( ; t i llnllntl at I challf tT, dlehsticks; wine stlllersl cnl ers eule sphol'io t ctatdel. oltt hbels-.c;l et cork, lo l stlainers, [lit bells, teat Ittt ole. e t ; and ntuillt d spiotis egg boiles ' a' d sltl;l' ' toa:lI l lacs, Ki. SIIVEIt, ON, S'I'IEu . p \ Al1 . ti'ao le lad desert k tulte l,,rks a' tl sIoo ;l sotIIl d .:aoe ladles; ilutter and fish Inllven. clieese saolatlp aIn m'n 0;us tollngs vegetable flio'ks, 'te. J ,AI'ANNltt cate :IuIul slingle, rlnll I to RI inches; rio of /,lt/aier m rlhr . Il itl, Et'Ise1, a;d l'ite ,l'lt 1tt; i go ut t' il e I wolrllmtes; slpice, sIugLIl. and(I eual )L·Sb lll 'ioxe s: l caseI.; Indla ttea tobles in nett s, caIdles at'c of lt ol·.la A . 1. ll, .r.. I..A 'GI'S. liiili% all hl'olltZrll And ilth, sloui ofr1"I~il eil las t oai llilillllc I:opr s i; l o I, Itd o l l at 'n I itl.0l0S0,. s; ,I.a iplltlllli ll colilS ;;los i do L; i iuiied H...l. Japalli1 el si(h l(· i' to'~I . I)!I'IIRS A D lt I ('I';' (II.A .. I. li, 15 t I , . .tlll i lldl. l .' 'r'ieIth i''r o d slll l l11 f l;·ui't taIll lls, , d iJ UII . lY,_eli: h:,l l lx 111 1 io , 1 .I ohS, ri ilr o ,e hoI, t ot at'c ot, i I tO i tt t l tot llttii l Ii ill I ilt. :l I 0,NT:f (' llfl I ' 00aN II0I0Ii.i(1.) l Fiordo. ;,1:n s Loope11 .ie sga. e I Ico rilel o Iedi h11 rl l he't i , llC, at r 1 l t i , an ll. l f jolt , t .,n1 ooi", , "1 cs Ottit, ,,,nst : l k ;l . b,, cl,.k, iro o eIltll o ck , el' n .lo Ito . r its e1111 thonl o sows. litra a ttt too Pe slt 'o I eac cll A. l lo' ' . 4 il:l i t tot thI e l . N p oldllish :h il: lm ( olth s il[ h.,n. lelH, ei a :o lildto 1tn.II"t i. o :ls l f lain t~b h c 1 t I e ,d too.w ill t. i hIO I1 O l' e11 ,. r.l)h .l Iwhhi e.,li"r se llh;rwad r a H,1,I 1 , ,k el, i 's •t i'ro:tiot l ;ta : c; ,l 'utokt ill I h,o l t t:,s.i Ix ,l oi .ig, d' .l., tt l l to ,'i" t , t; nbe k l .I s, le.e , e. to il o t. l S o t Iclt t iilot :llt l i, , ,I. lho . i: l e itoot' ittoto I n.sbtlit; thsi t oa il; +;i t ,1 5 ,.,;:at 1,o .11 ,, lthe l l.o ha cp,,, ial .lt'l. w1ie .a4 ll i '.0I 1 ill,· ; hi" .1.e tIIen I" I,:, R, ih ,, vs h ., ,, I,,l' i-Ias ,,, i .,: ,. , .r, "lI ,. " tot "ote rrl+ I , hog 11 d va , or.I I ll ! , v., 1. ,I lcot,' Ill, i I i It'\ 1 11 " .t1 . 1) t '; .\I tt t thy liotr, ltootc i . a atli. tc Tl, ~ rcoio ' oott. l' hill ' ol'r 1 hcln'o stl 1 i t c.l . il,,s ,tc; .tan" I ." lh el, . o h r, , . ! Is le b , . , , b il t l l llll i l, i t ll tior, h i r Io I I I 'rll , .I1 ,1 1Z . I, ll l 'll k ,tI l'l.I, it iv o G . , " W b.: I tt,, 1-1 , ...Iaseepm y . I, 1oe they ho , i o NI,.e time , l .l i 1 ( .ll .ll ,~ l ll t ,I . it, ll, ll t ;oe o fllt toilol'll t. Wi tl i t ll l lllcl i:llt;tort"to t lo o e ;l ill , , i , ,,.e c.b a ', l ,,,) " ..~e , , , f o. ,t ... , it. i. k, 'v., 1 11, 1, , l, :.1 I , uI ,",I f t!,!, to i .,, . i, , I' . l' . , .h,. ,,i, . ; :, ,.all r s i..,v n! II...... , ,.:,, h h ad .l. . ihil l 'lhl l l ,n I llf i;· \ 1. 1 , , . ,,1,'. k)rl :, ; "f:I1 t.a i , whrl ti, ,I r-, i t, I , I c er t`c iI. lh l . ti. S. Ilc. T fEP . en, ... . tlr . cr. i .e . . t n 1'.'1: ,1 r ; 1, i1 c% il l i; , r sorU Ina l f,' "l "I ;l lll .I", or ` sa ill l . il , t . I, . 1, (i sl tr i t~n Si es, i. IL 0e ld oS" raal teiis. fr lhl h ': lin N w Yor, ,l het l ., Sll rt w IlIE S5T EJ''I' OF L.OUSsI.NA, TJo aill wo S lthse lresent shall curell, (ireeting:-Wvherls hrroirillule idescribed, lhs appliedl to thl clerk i' ti ollrt, in whlose oilice tile ided of sale wal. recordud on vrri tlrrrrl r rt ill colfro lity to n alri t of the I.egisluitrP of tilte tdate y of lliln, A.n)ll d II .\ ar t fan' tile further u'a rl , Iftiths tlro lllrl llu lit jud;cil salr,-" ai. tle I111th day l iarrchi, lI;i3. N)l,\', tllerelilo, klnow ye.llld ll person r interested Ireilll, lre Iherebh citue d a lld ldlluliihed iIt the name of lie Stat r onlf louieihua and of thei Fir.t Judirdial D trict C(urt, who calr apt ulp lany right, title or cti II il uld to thrae lortl ereirll.llr desribled, ill ctlnserqlllr r uceflulv inrirmtdrv inr the order,decree or jdimelrt ol thle court under wiich the salei was madq, or aay irrerultrity oi iil,- g lity in the approisements and advI r i i. -efoli, ili |lttle, or ianllner of ste, orI lol- tll . other d lfellt whtilto e r; to sIllhow calsoe, withiu tllirtv dlayvs frlll tl dLIy rthil tlniti isa firrst iserrted ia Ide purbl ic why. tihbrale do r Iade rirsord Ilot l aoalfirrmed allt holoi. gated. i're, said irnperly was snal Iby the SIrerili" o" tle par. i- tla uareriill oa thb 13d day of April,A. ll. ti;i , by virlre i alild t:iree of tlils L.ttt, rlder,'l d r u l ilt, 3d day of Ajrrh, A. I). 183lir a -it entitledl Willian .)lacekuy . iul B ell,. No 15,3.35 of the dtckettol oiut at whirh aLie \sli Wilrliram .alckev ibecalre the lprl lthaler for tle Il ici ofi $:3.1111, casr. Deslr,itiml of Proitr rtyr a- givirn ill tile Judicial Col veVtilth.', VIZ: A certain lot of gri, nd tlellrr with alll the build. illn:s tullld i iproveallllnts thereon, sitluated ill thile p rishl of O)rle'tas, in tihe slure boulndrd hi New levee, Louisa, iaul ald 1)ilrrd sotraes, desllrild by the Nor :Ia r planr drawrit C. (F. Zirhrpei, iDeputy s rvevr iererarl, all the lt l llrremlbr, 1:31. and d"i's itv,. as plan No III, ih ith book of planh of Felix I riona,nt mry pcbli. Said lot m.easures '-It feit I I inches hront ef New Leven ' tree[et,7 i tht ie depth on the side ldjoinilg lot N. 6, and Ill feet 7 iinches and 4 lilies in deptb ,i the l hereN it frolt. on lart kilc of three feet uine inrhek ihl cunilllloto to Illa h N I, , i l,7l . 8 nud r. SlterIk'.r ,l:tice, I' jaur, 1:rr,8. 1lr16 l ii I rWIS DeIr Calerrk. I. +WILLIAMiS. OII'.["'I', It has been said that Irun uvII . Io L']li. J lill l lull .(: nl tIo other IIp:l e had rl ( lfr il trH hs. lt " ! t i n Niar. ,l--l h.rlofrl, resolrveI )if Ttaellr t¢ li.t, trillm ito (l'in :ll l intifOr (fl e ' lly O 1u I returned "ita an Las li i st Il inot fe I e lt iO n uth r t -ey t In iiii th I' il tl llt sth i ts i tlls t ln etr ,ll s city w put I ilol '. l It knl ir , h t i, mo g rst It gre t o i,., ei e to ieopethe elir ets ioaf of th P. I ri't ii, t Iti t Iae to ofill d poth. : ip tihe all-wiiek f the thirhlls 'ei !i. . it , "Ala h warlsV eI m pllloyl l ted l to w tth vl]rl ,,, I. IIaal .I.o, whl llheura.:ltl ll' i p ar d v , 1h emitit t' . rl' t hlle o tlu ' st' i' l ' t t e sltr i't strea s olot ei,' f s 'is t h fot urand out his reall .h Ibr ttrhel: that b; was t "iar, Ia t rit to Ihesfstle otevy iII,(ieul.s lis Ictse fraii'othl: oll}Ot I t r :inac b r t.i ll1 +l hellP·( n ,+ r I. t e tr hu" .le l:ct i , lut c a sesl5 5 I I: pro nce heir 1 .i:J cl. 1 h( o 0 ti te ,lr a t a m tl ' re ssth ior t r l t lh e t1 1e l X+J l 111 sl tll PtlI, lls V rn:+.. 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Each~l hIlu. ill the. a ompll t ionihl at tlis pt't' ,lllionll ilnt'l'a:ets iNt 'Iliei.? of the otI U , pr'oducin.' :ua toptr.tion troll+ .. , abi ng,:.laul surpo i' l thb~. e Ilolst Sttltuihl .+ t'te t~ ),.+tw. lll:, lht . .thesnw( hti e the ad at ag:lLl.e i, l l'h iinhlhisteredl wiht lierice| sutct, il Ihe dlitff~leie t sl;ta .< orlgatnsih fl the lileCsent iday exprelss ht~h'i .hle, edt up , are saihn in thwor of .ba,.+arlilh, i; Iil..t its u,+. iit. wPinei lll hosits ials ml uid llblic nwi ilnslituii nls hlu .- , 14,. still conlthilis, i1ery edel.nsil'v. It was Etti. .rlie Iunwt'll w+itl the ceh~lebr test 1), . eheiwitihy ill i|, I ' in. |'1'011 t disordheredl state ofthettligellitelfunctions. Unvlay bee |1, ub1milhtlttt'l| tl he test It111 exper'lience~t ofl hti unts ceh'l'eba ted it onlgl the thelalll\, tho'v h11.te expre' a. ,+ h+'ir stist:.ction ot* its+ extraw.l'litary ,lih'ney' i. 'tl\ : t .It"Ih'ir charigel.t, by aldholthng it lbot in thei i tl )liblic mui, I llritt prl'lt'ice|. Thth is twlaitions i+* ll I.< bit' etrlLl e,+dtwr. Preparedit.+ IQ J+ l1 'lhv'in, Chemia~il, isoiilhii. I'.ice +€-I ,5t1 petr pt. I'r n .\ II Sa.it51 , E;ll, L' It . , S t.L nt' to ht Sit 'T'n.+ucl ospliunI,a n Lvr u-er on -uumanl,. T t trial Otthioh I hilvt iti o tllli 1 st ) i. Iv:IE ty oI tllets', Roth tmoutle t boiiio.l il, i ts oitl li ulittl sto I..h v Ih l m to .ottr , that: d1 h loo liy iao I o nlltt 'il.4 t i it lllt ilo tih' m'.t ,: illlt, nl, tlhiencitliS ry'ny,'ls' ever ullewId U, Il ui, a Iu otne to itltbh, Irmi ' expleriec,.e, 1 ean pl,:ic \ e tl iat ,; , dlo. st e i n it dI ,s I nll t , ' i i t. in | lla lmtilo e Iu plsi;m lt i 'c. . . st u. u I l l ; e x -i to ttiodt from cotpitbt. F'ont G I1 Iiaw0ll or, 11 t C S, lhysi it a to th Stl M.ltl I,.lu I, P )ik .1 il'5) . . I tiake 5ltl 5 pi.aIllln e ill I . lily 11l·si i m v t io the tdui bles proll ctg h tiil' i) tolt:r. i i'i i1ii it o t he sucess y du so full, d.lter,, i.l . onplter.wr'd ora' the >runladol' expense incuin ell 111 L, iing it 551 stach man pl t t' tperlfcltio, t SroliO " Cooper'l , n F I, Sufile tot tl tlo an3'ill i I oI - itIt''h. , rlotdi c 5o1L't t % yh. gtttltl t h 11 oo n ritlll ~oL' th*l o II 6'lli totot to . . Ittttoo t pht tlo ill , Intttl'l . Ito Iott The ai,, di.':l.bem , Ia, fill) s,<isie d umy" thai i as 5bll-. to ie l known to truly :ia pro'cltllt ... o lall th. suc I-oo .. will dhsettoo, t'pli) and :,t Its I'r.. yill u ' ortl Si t " . 1 lirl', 1 o 1 t P. S Iti S, c .t tc,, Ihlk , ,u li f e il lnleid to 5y Itour I..r.nt it srvil' cIse. l' iolent GlioJrrh n, which Cild htl srt L,.illed ln, rnll Ir lwiP lo ;II nouIL try l'd Iy I , haIrving lound sorll' l tst ttlt I tIIts rid lo tl in lI few d. lltll- lei int sellin dul ot indtllo state that to I now i t t I ai - tlt, hotth public totdI pri'tub tiLoItutid tI L 1t us nol-i iFrontll I t 1t tllltir, . 1), PhysiLtl.lciaI to tiuy's Ito ''l lstrict test which I hale given 1tot u' 0 m. iluins mn\5lgl5 i) Is ltilnlts, a.Id its tuv:ri.lble a csll s. thus fI oli will ttducttott. tltnrseolntr in it.s luse, and dein, it hut :l act of jutice andI of dltit to uhLI oy ll ult'lell .esi F'roli I 'I'holllC TiomlsnI .11 1) I It S L,. It rotr55oit soyto re thanks for t valuble S & e stI( filllllllu IltIII'tlort Ihlike ce lle of 11.ono l ilU , i e. Ii fl nl ntt fil neat 55.5u loots at last brou'lt amncdicioo: intlo Ise wlhich ill , p t a kites it illll oie{ sought tll inl th e ,lu.cdii , l htoi-a t, m1,3 and ciulcttttlll vur in cas,.i th le a1re class. It &ai l liAt VreItYlt pllsut" in pilltihhilg to tike w orld the ,lltUhle quga5ltUboll) t. Estmet. .sry it ntllessary, t.he prop[ i11or (her, fIlliish many- miore It'stilmonliils ygqUalit 5)s .iuiumndatlor i the Ill'. %e; bh t 1' sits dht its great success hti'ht'o'l-the .."re & t'xpense at w high it has beeI'l ptl'prde, a ill proeits S s'tt l' O ue'ulllll t on l a ill n llll a ULellld d I· l5rlltl I Lpublic. 05illv ire¢Otlllation this prl'aloutin vuijv e above all othrs is its ieat, pmotan c toUm-pot op l l5ots-the n ndlin iiih it any he taken, llbig luth easy :ut plea llt- itl taste(\ tltrlt, with 5l.o l e. iclol il dli , 5.r coltintlwt froml huenl b.. "L'llllllcrs esperidlh 'ouuld ied this eltdicine i hi . uly . l l, and ought n Iev ' to be uinprohided wiiih :l pr, pi atii poo.esbing the ad calla .:llatnur , cUntlinl fll :5u.u m al I de Tiull' lll ns 14Ai3:o .in1 :l ,,,nt t.e L - t, J "t,lh kllers. C',lulinnlti cured, lauding htlU th.en.a r luS TETSOO & A\'EI r, TiLE F.HRDMA S.Att"AUE i b HiaOtUH IN FIVE AND A DALI DAIS, From Mobile (AlRbnhma),to Angaitt (eoje I EAVES Mobile es o theloo Lr, imm.i .iatel atet I the arrial of tie mn.ilg fronm D Otlrnw steDlonllt EmotLta to n illdyi, t.ehes t toP autnmboit.(l(le i'enDllk* laonHl, St 1m mound ad . ItcilneD Iti'r an0. 1 Hay) to Celetr 51tUd e.olies t.ienL vi \lOriantlI, JCIh.Lttm,lhtr. (1ormerly MItff'Yht' n* % lltiiblii, Plotkhrletm Hlwkineifle eitllub SlAe, to Augusna. A lassengerrtaking hsiellrt ]i lile is ill ID0 langer oi bering tlhrwl out orlleldnhi IDO'er1ll hr etherl enftlicting hix0101, aide Flsma I)" LIN., is uhot onteconcern, and voiderone .o;tro thro,:holt, nd ni ill reld WI Tr ClA I TT.I pn hir Drrivl at Anllginta i;timne mpIiflell, thro.g all weath el,:tltD;it an, sasl0's, ulileomiinmntM unfot're en tgs lohe llhoIuhnDD oIclr. TlIe (Gresl New ,(.Okin MS! is ceniPlby thllioute. IThe Agentsto forveonimoda tira, 1 001s, Coohesi nd I)river ar nut ourpoaned tLi lolllher'liln IOntrv, T'lh8 smoalh, hrtd, natural roads, the sare and inter elolmg wller cI vikallon, the tlim and aceonwlrmltioon .llinad tr ttravle-r Siaxl, cetivnt i-o, tfOtiltltt, d a pier, ilon vi:,.ir; oImected suI it were with llv Rail Rtad Clhamlnsto, S. tC. ut t ohe t1Im pekeIs to O Ymok. tIrlelersll i ,h New Yo'k t in'lw tLI ' * . T "I. I. ;.; .-- W o.hieapn oA 1W1 T .. ... . FIc1m1 ChltOalIwlnle, cIlonidi, l hiS% S1 tLIiil l I"ill l .t I+ I) IIIoDo r T ldllhae loshl a' hoh Hroe1 E(.II.Il, Olln two I Illtnlnn eros.le Hlaqlyouvill ontioN ID 'illcda :rit:, n ollelloc to rlnim, lit t IO gt {a1:1h1:h1S'V'OCJK'1'OUS F. s u, All;roso, ¶tilh Jai. 1nr05. l[ -I MD d ll.i D s llla t'e M o t ilet od ' , 'iltlrollult, t \w )l)leillS tol l,.ie, I.ln) mnil Stallt to Ailrttl.os N I'S6 t ( lOnlollr to jgew .ll. 98.1 56 ( '|t'ier , ., . rlxui a n.t, Mobile, 28 |Irr" Mobile toe A.tgew .. i 3le, " l twI lIoI Ilinua3eD n m ISd .too Clllllo;on to New Ylrk, Itos I Tkk. '104 ., i ir s I,.' ill.). or 7 miles l;er hour, imds, star rnow tj uN I. I lo.g Inv to info'm the Ipulicn t t . Il;,iigtI raver the (t hl.luiinuIOc wlp I aild Hi Lrdt Loor t irrk bI:vo lst bln I1II n .llplletlyd l the generil goverln. Dollt (i"e 11y ohslaDcln s ie !til.n g nlhilltthuii tie 1st1l spvldrv reot. .t- dlls hlploly rrinloved; mlnd. hbav t lh'lea t' oflei":.ltlK fio0 tr ellern that tne ndlh,e [s l, 'lldrllrs :1. oNlsOrol Ihenitt oInlelj.lU Q WDetrlipie trot : nla snoois to sedar lui it.r a lsr udmi 11d I ;,ll whio hi lpssetdo IIl,.ngth it Iibe ninlmi m' illll h-Oll ..ll Ir ..l'n .l sIa sfetIl y. 'T oe lg, l td flih It h.,0lllNe.ia Islolh; hrlt lo.l.ilol Ji M4)Pttflpft 29 9lAOA Z 8mrr, Il NrE\-ORIEANS. JO I i ItNI"IT''LE. & Co.-mlpertoranigarrpo AYY an h mP~tv Tlurwmrearre reiving (r"m i s r 11pe ,ll 1lh. AtIotIIcl Citi'i, direct from the lanofao tur,.r. io extensive asellrmen" of PFnoc 'nf .eNei. '1ri0aur cu0llpinl.tig every artidle iu tie l"nIdnsow ' ionutry Dlerhllnts sId othIer are roviied toaldI ut Ira xniu e their s lto k w hic h eouci s ti n ho.. . t 10't01 t|Noln b o 11,thee Di, pinse, iooka an1i l m.". - 1'i" -lklo. nalni pade. ilgn., hovels, lfnde, Andironm.n, Wll. t1i0. 11 jlnlpilDI.e w0r0n , Ohllrshetsllllnk booh end pa 0eI. IUmlkmg kll o UnaIrallaini vices, eeew plates, hnnd " lOl 1 I1oIII11| hollln .n"rs fitho I wllo,,l Amnletan and'" Rploi~ont siO~iNblol1 clonero I, nc rnnO, wodiing Leoui. llo and 1rtlbilkl hoid -1111 Mi00kh, pLek .o.on, eng gOODs .)tblhe, Collih Mini anud m inlllmg thPpino r0e0, :ro0n1h, Ilorde Br1id cNut 'tiJs. I.t ltn 0slno cordlls, ltii.+ cud lll irn nlill+s , no teis ld plod ols, e.ioncs, locks, col, irlon, hook and1 pl Ols, slhl, ll ~ildenBulllquollIhlks, per iIO. IerN. 101 bobal, brno aDIId bell liMetol tlnol 111h1,t 1trilk old pd lI ukL blridlle FL UISAI.I NE-.Cuuo du OIesuer Uil I]utdETAT liE I.E A LLUII+ANFP--AI to.o. e.U qul . . nill irltllIl 1l9, SluL.--Atteodu qod Jo11.n I.hocs Uiggo, Nynn nnltlti aioevslte lUite pitc' Ic .., lie la i1 01o dIl'tithlUIna Iim tiellt ein-prtil i.+.rltoe, odt ilo'dU n Uu (.lidi e neltoi Colr hi dMire " '0i0ln fill ....illlle i In '' 2ie jour d'Avrii e IPnllsi ... 1,11 , lor. 'ill VIe Jo. t1Unl ,lln1e111 iaIitilol l sa J. sI Inn.i. de 'I0t de lt 0.ll.hlT10 in Ollt 1 " *"'e n ol=rros Ic It) 311,.0 1824. Qu'il suit eotou, etl outes i-'"r tulllll sllls ld t' a r cs |reasrelu s lOet lill i Ldiou1 1 I1l1'ltlt he I Lo Io ianect do l (our dou Po.jnller Illlrict Jliiiciahe. till. 1101 INI nl oollr d2.1it i n I pro, 0101011t1100tlvs d Dcrite, ena cllllnelltIoeIe Jd'mn 110401i des 1001110 loosn Io'elre, loltleieton ol IlkjukIoin de IN gong 001 vl I I i qlll 1a liltle s t I 't filite, oil d 1e tute in ligii hu'11 lio t'lssalidll s 100 'ltli'ltilnioii Ilovi OU le ,2i0j1 It-. nude,,+ ,.: vts.,,, fI..,'r.uI .t,+ .rise quelcotnji+I lIllll lnlopl lnIlls lri o llk Iole0 I1ibillolla h-i n l-06p%,l Iilll'llloi IN true: lrra l itq si : A it leat o ull i l m o e t i lo n l ogll lj e , 39 110olt irelms elt Inloce1lkmn o ll vhergisiu rt'it"'e Id ei ,ll i r,0111 , 10 tII 91. ei0 , uvl.'Ig l'..o lrd I 1080 t1,,01 l.1+1...1 ,e. 4 0.iDll1iis tHl, gs i.. K itu' (it se, N1, N"t 11,, u Dke o lte Cwtlr,. hgir'lle ven lt )Ic i'illoi de Ilo l opri61 eilllle rdo p Ilinjner Jundic ciale, i uvoir. U.. rrrtcic)ilr nec ui dr site er u ' toe le. euisi rwe it .lcl iurepcll q. .i rioeellr ajil)i qnl leedroitr, .t' |)l~i~flelctlb+|. . Hllji.|l..!lllll fl l Illj q elP t. , ol{cr II h cll'ccc cul iO joion rlioion. wleksop t (.ebIUIC la somantll gl e' l Si It e r s et qu ate Il .llc t litm Ir~oriI~lhl'p I~l' llu (.ht' 11Iubli qluee ur li e i 'r.. ,I.. c~idiviil~te+el~ir.,j JiI.| e~a u l 11ei~lC i nk ! ' a-ixr u P emier 1a I/II.+. lltl lt hl l 'l lc F I. IeI+ealr 'llha i eah' !, Y I iseii . hi' c, uu p ro ct cll -ei lci " lt rrrl C if|, ., Il tlf d la od daci Len aIe L le.o r Ul. d lg:nlalitrlatal'Uccd as In""l~de l+,e, Cucpj Iiqrl,| l~~i~e c. . h c-Iu iielih er 4'car] nhri r u tre e r.i ji t ire l'l l ellllu dc o. , e.illn Lurbeli e s ob I. ,' 11 il~l'llllt( UI ll all{ lll'Oil el 6~lrlClI~llll I (|llltnY1" lli.{ i'll,,i Yi· ds t'L tU + IIIW ut.t~l em iln..qC·eUP le "|+I. -im ;1' Lip,+. iillcii.)llrcr I, l'Op'rCr i iii dio Wi) * *l, - ... Atel t ClL ,Ce Stjixa,,tu tr·i6 ldmlJ "ml e- lt(.' " ,lld .i.uun D cI, lo d h.ll lie lli e+ n i'ocr e l h.. '.'To," WI+ Pr. h Ul i i. i lr It ,ine'rn .,e a eimteir a. h lnd I iueral earu ortiion nAlelr prl drb l ,h.x r .it.d nicrr-cgI..cH u iiilehl o'etsrm~ loh'rd r i~ of cieior woerkmuc hi, ci u cifc !chirlr ti t p? hgi'g .' liic ofitel~- F i E Ii slit Joeriea , Iresitet .icii..ricagi.marbie. Alg,0 lonumentsoo. a Ihch i, : il d r "t-j. I. dln dein or [ll'ill (.! Itnlt: ii * ll, ' l't~~iUL· llli . ( l11 1)j( tl JU lyl . j~:;+, . , .... . I.i. c ,l ,.- , , . II'arble haceeca .i...rn r ,,, 1l'lllt' (11' e·ll \Irll O LU hL li.t Ul) L IIX 1,. pr qnh. 6< i AJfr i ,lli. :I h hllllll SUR m ., Lcdr ee d. .€1~ • ep .1ir D.1a (r ietaer. Grates of th e newest and towYr Ilitl r Ii liintl:lt li.ei Io ;hlAh de5 E -C c)llmi Plul4I icriit . l'riedv h l I 'i1i' I'!'1 IWn~S It, A. I'iilA.E, AU · d ljroot eeurqrl I e ilI l t ab ii .. IIIit.'ti , illli- Arr • e i td llj; I'',ls,, i A. UIU cl l i eleh JU nie d I., i CUIi SrYeltre. 1 .....i. ... llC1 iiiC'i II. ei) .Cijicta l5 - ' Ie. ''Iu i)i1 .i LlL IfIANirL---{jou. dilrf i ir '..o" Iri i ,'i J ui i ciuie. S'1:'.+'.\'l' ])F I.A I.O.I.-I~A.\E, A toua'cu.-qtd. Ill ,i1t i ieAe , U83 . en lle u¢ Ir "'cl','eilu lirore P.IIIr l'itieaiirrie pmenrl tbI.l-rprei Sct.P~ ii, I'crt ihidl ici;ii :ici -re eo ie Cint e ..'r hr- ). t8 ii:.tu lu i ,'liroill icr le Pie cJu i r de Mai .e l'lul e,' 1.;('.. |)llt' U~ ~i t'l ci tlnltlid I -i ui. a'te i roi lr l. i. Sinut e l t, l l '{lll· t J {II.I .t L Ulli. al PU I {q(II.+ F".I. ii ei c"cl, % ,, I' i .',i, ...ici. eo il ice.l t In I III Ioci, .6gw Iroupl eutaiu .i f4.u , i i d'.' t cellrrll,' i,, -l hou +,,leeq . Ic ieoreo iolh ) hio lc'fil c r ... lic ..... 0. r 4ie icerlio i'oric pee le l Siir4Vn..irrrU: A',IdIA d l'cr J,'Y8 e, veers d'u. de ,.t te Iit f t iur tt u t' 'r 0 :rime lsRII r ' ., de l'annre liic i..,. i.c)c, c~ Ic Wlick mn t e rie y weU.+ kae +ldtl - 'Ii1, Nc· :5:1: dl irel~·i·1r ic ..rrn U.~·.rsq* oquelh -'' , t+.+, II. iil \ViIi,! n me uLrc r, 'c rel 'Ie. . : i. . ,lxd $1," 10 u wle r e..U - r.tcil,,ll .:l .'.c'pditrll' e t'upr le i.r4 jg~r4 , ~ , +l PIiii ii -I. l e n.',7P "islcrl +ie l5 'r'e'sj cc ~iYII.crdw d'i Iia, dsme r'irluc,,l, t icbr. ire :iIe lano sq ,l. ole4 lllsr n t 'l,I .. +' lr'I t 11I ++C , tsL~ par 1*h- O Y1J9 dm ,,i r II¥.I .... i(,, ci li.r { I' ZIl lkle. ( ) t ii" e r Iii- "" Ocicit,,!e 1wihe, CIt kl+,,+@ 'lI ...~tn e.~. , lcP~rcrliHi JIqideuc·llller i~orrjAn ' eli r'j~:~~ iole''I i cl c 1.C r ) A)ui ;,lC r 1 1141.'l , vol P ip i5 4 j.... i iicl rsin l ' I e l l C I illPc II ' fIII.....le o e n 4 .6l SI tIllll 'Ii 1 IotlFl~e 11. Ill'tn .ou ct. Ui' zr, vilq~t..piimCinlt cclitiNli.cie. yit ur lin I.ror;iedehurU g~t II " I trlr ng' lti~llSP Le Il·lo l Il4'uriou il i Ii . Ibe +iW 1 lij q (ll nolg .)ilcc In urile(,i do co I ) olr1ne11 Vbbl . le + + ir e1.p. eic;, c Cc; C cuu ,.+ p , It ll r i e ' 1 rl (;r A ~iltRi~ Cht~lMKgy Pi*:ct A.WS ('ui.ltcnrlrao eeieon, oppeileo,,, TlII il liocrilce lire 1o5w coestog freqi their fteo t,ri.d Nel EI.W lerk, cod will keep .onltantl~di h..ld v, gonlor;l uir~rl,)rbwlt,,f M~r~ll #UI]].p J I~ ]I1 fofuplor w,,rke llenwt'k lll, alil UFoc he lCaeista.olgt J. ,ooiiu ue the I'eit lien.£lit..r, Italia., Irieb ahl A.ierecnr Irele;i. Aloe, Mo neaiwo.ts. T . .. ecruvo tlnllc, menulded sot) )Flih hbiltld a;.tl.,J. r elrt Pemsft, lenanwJlnd fo &...l be` ecrcoicni curla ptf~duloimr Gnnee sl. lilet lictbu. 'rvio . 3 r • R "t - Isol reoalcIir;~olrw.ln. lrnI~r~~i~-pg LLf~~ ,,I~lrRs.I~/~., l·tjP;i.; =^.,+ o. :,, Sfl oub '." hUBB YALN b: fa03i~kilc

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