Newspaper of True American, September 11, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 11, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, sPEEDIIY, IIANDSOIEILY AND OIIEAPLY EXE( TED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True lmericafn, ST. CHIAILLe.S ST'IE'I', NEARL I'OYDIIAS. LOtIlSIANA FURNITURE W AR2EROO1 No. 53, Bien i lie street. ,aiIt".IA IM E. CAILNE., (fccrlarly of tIe firm lf ,V Pl" t &in td rro o ,) wo nld r oplc dlull v inf,r nl Ile. friedIs and tllo pblic that he is coentanttly receiving froee.Now Yuri aed iioston a good acsurolrtmellt eilc ur titureoaci esollint lle"t etlyloelr y ' E1 " I •ed Eool eeoa ole uca I i nted cIeceirs, uloie anId chlcrrv bedsteaods, ,nlogaany acd oheory talies of all descriltions, h- t revu s, tilrets, secretdary slritiUg d:lks, w rdral .s of nlahogny undl cherry, wash tands, leooking glaescs, lealteres, teddag, &oe. oee. NIl. urniture tacked ofrr transportation with great -are. _je MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Rlemnred f'oml 7 Cusitomhouse St 'rO NEXT DOUOR TST. CoHARLES THEATRE, i CORNER OF PuYDRoS & ST. CIIAR~S C STEET. au19--1838. f-N _ d'ltlt l'REl ItOI'lIs-OSU groee wie 'S) gid 10 .gss Irer ter belsttlr aY ele by n HOLMES &. M}LLd jyr2 Hank Alley. - v----- -TE BOARDING HOUSE, No 13, T'rolnuse ,--11y Mrs Ilolfmalr.n. Tn Il Ileouse is sepnc:c'e teod Conveniently situatelod .- f mnen of bulasi e, ileir tie l.evoee anlld tloe New The tble will beIt well supplied and attended to, and - tIee charge moderate. Boarders wishieg to have lodging, can be ancommo dlated, at different prices, with, commoldius frnishled rooms. Boarders will lave the satlisftlion to meet there, persons speaking the French, English and Span ish lang ges, cag23t3In - PEN-" ON BOURGEOLSE, Ruel Touldose, n. 13, tenue lpar Mdde. . Iff aonnn CET btablissemeent st speeieux, et se trouve silt u6 Jprce de La Levee et de la Nouvelle Bourse, c'ert dire all centre des affirese. La table nrer bien fnurlie, proprement tenuo ct A tin prix mocdErt. "eux quilerenant pension dcsircraietnt y loger an ront de uppsartenoens de diffrens prix,billen garnis et clonledes. LeR I net esieoOires llrtle Ct I'eg', li(' nt d'v truver elct paguole. `:huto 1 ieU AAIAA Wine ,weert and dry, in quarter c sks, I Indian hI REAl) % t 1tttS')OWl, aug25 7 lack I lce. 1 tNIINI.UiE-J tt rec.i is an dditli , I lv froem Nlew Yock owl In ostoa teres i0 wnatof IURNITURE, w elid, wll d t call at 53t Ilienville street hbefore irchasing elsewhere. Term.e Cash, or good city accetances. ARN \V R CARNES, I ang:r-2w IItEMORRIIOIDS. .'fAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fction.--This ex. A traordinary chemictl eoulptsitio,,, the reosult of science, and tile invention et a colebrated tnedi. cal man, the introdlE ta om of wlich to tile public was invested with tile solemnity of a deathbed bequest, IlaS since gainser a reputation unparalleled, fully sustaining thlloe crrectrEs of tie lamented Dr Grclley's utett confession, that ' he diarem not; eie w ithi out gib l g Ro It o stcrity the bl uofit of lhie lenuwleldgn oil Riis .cuj1cl," and iho lrelbtreI lnqloeathed to his .rielnd and atellcndnt, SolJoolon laeys, the secret of Iis discovery. It is now uecd in tile princilpl hlopitals, and ithe irivate practice in oa'r Eoutttry, lirt and moast certainly fecr tIle cors of hile IPlesc ne so exltit aevnly and etffeotually its to bl:tfle credulity, unItleso where its effects are witnessed Extlcr.illy I tile I followin, vtcot nmplints: For DIrosy-Creating extraordiary absoription All Swellings-ReIducingc" th in io a fit her . ]lteuteteemtIs-Aceutee or CieIIictc, giving qu1c0 Sea re 'l'hrot-By C(Icners, Ulcers or Corlt. .Croupll and Vhoopll cogC.n.el-rXt.ernall'ly, e lld over thel (:hest. All Bruaies, Sprains., and urnie-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Uloecrt-Wiohei r fr.oot er I,,,; atandinllg, and fover salroe. Its tperalion! s upt I adhlls a ild ctilcl Ien n r,,dett ing rhellln atlc swelllcicngs,. il ltoch"e elle IIIe n il4.l i: tl leitnete of tlce C hl ,y tl n.l lltllt t ' ohas terl s rlrietgt e g lt Cnl te plc ,. 'c i~'c t I'll-, i- " It ,iei c k, ik o :>e lcee TIlE I'i-[LM<-Th' " 'I Is e'r ' to , y ] rson, w ho w ihll ,, ., : I ,ls I. IIa 1 , y Iyi" a hi 'lIn tr the. I'l.e. anil reetrl tche ml:y e t nctlh wtle1 t tIcunec.1 elilre.d TIhes2 Ar tli i p+,5-v dlil' ,l the propnll l r to tie' A.le t.t; n Ill lellll l m y theeu a:,lde told, c ollt oot Ioo t'nn c 'tolr u ltet:Pm uJ ,\4'd ,l gll i lnl ert (. t' l" 'Ifi:itt 11t, \ Illcy'l l ucý l , ilt I.retir that w'in I the arlecw, :ho, ld ,,x hhil tI'.e riilld o p c a. CAUTION-Nun, c,"a in gesnu,, wtto' ct ,ploedid e.ngrlved wr:apper, ain grv'c to ily cII tid aulao thal of the Ag n.te.. Lt)LiOetN It\cY.o Sold whlle.nalo and retail, by CO\SCITOiltK & Co, Newv York, and by ono I)rtuggst n every I toten ill tiElo IJlllte lFor sle lly itae Wholesalel ALents, corner of ('otnnon & JI'elounltoulas cctct, and Il thee Apothleclries genelrully. I.1IT s! '1 ' ;I-:it 4 l'-I e I il- i..lill ;:. .dhm . . t . r' a,.<', ci , ; . liPi 0 aihles e le11l- tIti 8clee telle,- r.:ind a. tI i . ll )\ l l-apigle t. 0 0 in, i1 . xes tio l plate, oel 5 c hl, iuc tore, flor :.le by LOCK:t R. , ( :.,1, '!' o11 d vr = 1 l.U lt-2U bbis in store, Ir ye a iby 1' G IirRSSEY, aug21 44 New Levee. SACON DllEe-100carler aupe'r it ati curIed . i store and for samile by G Ii Ib Y, aug21 " 44 Newi Loeve. W 0)OD OlPTl , wanted or the N i rl S d Ne.dNashville railrouad; atply toN L, Corner of Natchez .i Tchpiluortluestreetr. PRJIV.'TINJG OIF'FICb2. F0tR SALE,-A painting olice, crmrpoiel of all L the matrrials necessary fir a newspaper. Antt as.nrtlrent of French macellts; several folts ol Jon euYP;a largeelrtre imperial, c, &re, will Ibe hold chea,antd o learyteems. Thisris ataxcellellnteaneo uor one intending t e-rablish a tcoirtry paler, and vii lice Jol Otliea. Tite type n:.. will re sol eparatly from the ress shoullld uhll aln arrng.ellen: IIaccoiluao date the aurchascr. .1pply at this lflee. ung:.3 M EI)CINEIS, PAINTS & OILS--A Ilige and genmerl au eortllelll OI ihnld, for sale liw, by JAIl\'I & ANII IIEI :S, or Citemaoi &. Tehoult itoulor NOTit E. TIIEG Copartnershri heretoltre exiting in thie city, i btween the suberiters, uender ihi foirm lof Van WVyck k Co., in New York, Laidlaw &% Co., and in Nateher,,Miss., Vani Wyck, Laidlaw t Co., is dilsol ved by mntual er llseort. h Jn Inidlaw, Peter S. Van Wyck, and Thomas W. Van Wyek are autlhrized to use tre nalme of the libt in liquidatilon oly. JOHIN LAII)I.AV, ANI)IWV LANE, PET, R . VAN IVVCK, 'THOMAAS W. VAN WYCK, New Orleans, au.g. IBth, 1838. CO-PARTNEIRSH1IP. The subscribers have thirmted a copartnership in thl city ulnder tile firlm of Viian \rk c ("o., and il New Ybrk uader tIh firm if Jiho lidlr daw S" Ca. JOHN LAIIII.AW, PETER S. VAN WY'CK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, ng1l8--1c38. ENILISl, FRENCHII AND ePANISH ACAD. EMY. 1IROFESSOR NIORPIIY',assiledi by Fentlamen of I proper qualifications andl e.ri'rrieuc. 1.,1 opeed an Academy, i ll thr brick bulding bhrlouil to Wi,. ]lrand Esq.. adjoining the \eraeda 1in $t. Charles msreet, where ioung gentlemenl, well di.jised, will re ceive a goo edllcatioi. Mr. . solicits tile uco-operation of his friends and those of edueation, to enable him io render this insti tution uselul arnd permanent. aug23 WHIOLESALE TIN WARE MANUFACTORY `t+ LOCKE & CO., No. .8 Old Levee, have in k.J stolr, oftheir own manlfaeture, a tlarge aIn ex tensivp assortiment of tinl ware, which they invite doel era in the trade to examinei also 211riI Copper, l ugar Shouse akia.unlors; ill do. Sugar Ladles; 211 doe. Cloppler rugar lamps; 7A Bailt tusi lassorted sizes; 311 gross assorted sized Cloflee Graighs. N. B--Roofs of bu;ldioags cvered with zinc., crppier Stin. Copper aod tii gutters pit uir on tIe rhllore poice. aoug S'".O r- 211 bbhle, prne MO stof prialte r iuldera 1 far sale ry G DORSEY1 , ag7? 44 New Levee, U NI)ERWOOI), Pir lea, Ketchups and Mustard, l1 ii store and for sale hy J THAYER & CO, nle 16 74 Potdras strert. ,USIN -70 bbla irosin in store oandfur alr lao J THIAYEREI & CO, nrtl;-It74 ?Povdras street. A).-1.4 . lkegs very sueriorior Ief Lardfsale 4 by JOSEPH CO)CKAYNI., u3 Gr.vier street. A nV: 1iP"-2.iio bags IlaaV ClT, laldirg fr iint rig Sobano, atnd ltr sarle blv lTiES)N 4i AVEIrTl", .ý"l': 36 (Glavier .trctl. ror the Interior. FOll LOUISI'IILE,CINCINNATI'. ANI) ALL INTER MlEDI ATE I'iRT'. . -1 1.1.,I J , :,'I .-; ,.. i,i a id il i h+ ' , 1,t: i i, the '"at i. freight or pa:csa e, having stnc riim rc, uculc,, apply to - - ':,A.iULI.. ICXC' li /Ol. T( i y ,5 '. US AND 1c.\, i lltISi't '. flre $2 57! Thello that rTh nn ia - trilllteambnot Ml 1 . JI ZZEI'P, \,clinpai G(;lini, leaves the '- Ike end of the rail re d, at the arri val of the c7 7 lnck eacsolni Slaurday eve. tice 18th and cvry enysuig Saturday. Iceiurny. ie eg, will riei the rail read ly i.c iciek oi )londay eereic -g. Apply to GE.). WVIItI/AN, New Orleans s Maibile hlail Office. augl8 Uinder the ieixchl nge Ihteel. St Charlen st. , ' Ici , P "' ;i l IUTITN, CI Twice a wreek. S-'.5 ýM;yr 'I'ic flee Iiaw ' re':" steamer IIAFFIE, t'e pt. Swile , will leave S '.. thr i++eie 1pt c.,s c p tlhe mornings if \VEtl) cc 1AyS & SA'TURI)AYS, iman:eliatel aft!r Ii .: tirrilvll of tlie 7 c'ecle (ce', ncad lcirni oI'll ralda s aaiid Mhlonday o tie IItRail iload hI'he pitlic may ilp tdeleil pllln great -unctuealitv. Aug 1I Por pa asa e uac 0l ' l i'ia , Swilsr. --rFo- 1il an-d all Inlermediate I.cadlldcg S. -The low prenacre steam hbat P C \ROI:INE, willleave New Orltais ,F . foF1 lloile n.ery Thursday ainn Suf.,ay,iiit 2 o.chck, M. tohi ching at all thle ia cri. places at which pasiengera may waih to land.a For furtlerparticelars,a pply toGEO. WHITMAN, jy24 Exchange HIotel, St. Ctharlea st. Jir Mobile and all itermediate Laudiins. i f Theafast rmnin anid p!eldin steam _. W.\. WALIACE, enlirilv in c roe mns,i will enva New irlbanis for .l.-ie, cidi alle intirmediate wcterile places, avery TFuesday atl Saturday, after the arrival o th GE$). WHITMAN, jv, n Ex,.hang te I t lokel. rt. Chrlcee't. hlA'TUIt)tA EVENING AND SUNDAY TA DCUESIN I.N r r-RPtkh. The iaianer OUTtd AI,AITAMA, 1 Capt. I.Tt(: a .ilt,will Ioae . th cltle i iteca oftlleralroad d e tle ail ove pTlc , eve.yia iun c'a a eenie, on tlie arriiva of ihe i ' clck cars, all retllrn th eie aieiiiigt-d-all leav cUIa diy nmoralg in the alriv.a ofthe li o'clock ears retturn i ti le cav c Ml aisonville at I o'clo ik, P. Al . a' :;,taw .in FI t . 1.i i l,, tuinc , ti illol l e blthe ,IANl iE VttLti' &i COVINiGT.N. `.LýL_..-.fioat SoU'I'I ALAthAltA, t.. T. '- ~ . gh nighi mobster, cwill rci an a r gu nar ail cit Iorihe iebovie orts o Mlidievr , Wcrdes i i t i cd I arid i,c after ticee ceiccl 'iii oe;'clock ciirs, A "l. Iet irciuic , leaves Coyicigtei I'cisdac P, Therc chca. and d.,terdiva, llt e ''hck, A it. V Iit. All bahgacce aid c rels at the risk ofll h owan cus, u less a bill oc ladieg is aigned. GlEO) WtIll tIAN, Now Orlecans ad ollrii MHail iifiicer I eixchicl e Iliildine, . t CharleC at. I"AiLE Rl-lu)hUithl' e-Jnt . 'lThle ccitocnlllont IAZEPPA will c leaeve tihe Lakk elld cl'cthc Rcil Road' S-iti o c I lcidaiv, wtdllc, nya and c ' i ,h l i ( all hll th Iitr iiv I l o f cth e I c .o' l lo c k ri , ias o niii i i t Ilcy -ct PIaslsi hi .Ch c.ritiacn, ciloxi, &c ; rcaclcicii, wiv l tl leiave. 1'sCn· llla lit ,ila light all id airrive Ut I)r P noesr in d ihh. I' a- ( 'llrritiie 5511 , ilhl:i 4 01) 'GiE i. \AarIlTM AN, -i. I'.t'hcien Itg, tel, S i .('harlr,· "lPl. j\:t\1 1; ;.'1il I ii l l ! ToL IlllI h" the \hlil I nhle i l1h ~e- l ,ill " I:II c cclilt V i : l l, :t' 1 s ll c c,117,. . l 1 i l~i;i ccir,. e ii I y hc stica ~iciiii"iic c tiii ,I,, c i, c, . hi,, , - '. ccc c, t lll. - i 1: i- l. .AI111 i - - . , c. , ', c li ic. ly, , l .. : L-. ,c ,,,, cj chil 2 c , . , . . - . ,c - i , e , jv-cc- ,cc . L. , t'i t. . a , t p ,c ,, 1,.i , .i ct cc -, Ill, e) t,,nlcl t , t I ll, i il , iltie llnd e . ....nJ n) 1 i.l,. t+.) + .t & co :. mw l ol , om, . er tull, ja1 , Ch..rt. . s sire, . .' `1t , ·.t'-,e~c dsuu ivc ltmueerulyIr 1 dd oote e the o I0 1 h R an il R o aol nea r theb Lo k N/tooo. 000 ti 0 t oooo 'noon,10t Uoet, oooooo tine .'oo oooo l'la andl .0:-l notlle lon Itooo. ooevoonl lo en in othe oo'o! ,lltore 1) tho lWlth lol 'ooill Company. bo leee I"L' lic ulur. applly t 1701 .''A Ub.o., jy71 otornoer Notc rcx : I'ceoupetoule a sin. oo hofl'Uil Al L-7. 7'as . Soulch ale, (quoorto wled )J p )Ootootoyll al by 0L.0IES & MILtL,, Jyol lloooK`Altoo-. 4;ltOL'b2l'770t'o FluiolIdoitoo of &oaro n-rilln- oJ ned alo t tholeoo Coojooeooooo'ool'rojootioooo, reved 11tt~ly by 0 10NOhAIIEL, 0 avl calr TolIou 0iloltuloo &SoNatchoo0 nn 3 yy E1.I1N S18311' in boxes oi 1 do,. oacht for 3 n1_ tale by 7A) ( & BARI0fOW, oug-t i, lin I'lues. S ilu.1 e 00 0oono -Itll ltnrrcl tiorr oootby J 'I IA) II &z CU,. a', g23 71 l' ldoodrao OoO000 (DICE-1,1 nuanla I ,lo., Jooo o'ooooo od toor sdol by .111 J I'l Et C 3o, a ug93 79 L'l'uyd, n a str.'t. C .1i.VASSI'.;l) ll nls- -lll heedsl, tierces anld I1UI6. to o eloc, aood or sole by Iý 'o E & A RtELU NG, eog3 1 Cu.uueerc street. lI' IE-Olttto 'lttuluu oolO I.iOboo,0ooeo.0lo lo 0 0 0 8 2 3 C I t U U I O o hA1 l A F 4 C U , aug"!3 : , Couli st. I%/ONES 7.4 Loouoro-b.07 00000000'0 Chlonoooteoooe `V Woine, (Conogro-s brlatd, 1100 do wine, (LoI7yette bIooood;) II pipeoon .tooioro; 9513 qr. ooook; imitotion )toodeira wie, 0n 0 r nro nod lur0nle by IIl-;lMoOIIN Al lI,VnO)o 0t C70, ooolE'I '7 Coooti jt. 11f OLASd-do bbl-. in storeo, 0or snote by ITVEE.AW ENE N IoL.(ihNI)RE, noggI 77 nd no Nero Levee. l REiASURbL Yib Notes-IO1)O dooll. Coo onto bo J 1'II'E1R &'Co, aeeg'-1374 l'oootooontreet. 0)F F1,10 ' l;E l' l i : 'O b il (t L E A N 5 i ,0l oN A O IH . VI:.E RAIL RO0ADO. RAFTS ~oiNe Yur' atooightl, fooooleotoooper JAMES II CAI.IttOELL, sep,8 IPrs't. --_ 1 P1''1UIIo.ICA'l'ItNS. 'ýHE Nojelo nO Jno Anstin, coutnloieiog Voide ncd lirejudice,' .7 notteltd loork,' 'SeJnse andsensi oility' oneon' oand 'Northanoger Abtey' on wnolon is oretixed n tbiographlical notice of lh, auitobo-wol-loootoo Nos. .3& 4 of "Ito, Life nod Adventooreo of Nlickoolt Ncbtklby,oooooonioo a foihful anouno t ccoono o rtunos, oooolooooooes, oldoonoolliogo, an complete no reer of tt e N iO klb oo I ~oo olyto. Io t d by 'BR o '- w ith iot I lluooo n to by '-Phir..' Aoo additional notoply of Nu I, Nickoton NicOktoto to Oliver'Ioolonl,' arl, fiot, oonl 'Pickwbck L'alpern,;ju-t received, nodle'drinto by AIM. M'KL0 ;, e'to8 corner oooCeo1o, :____ ":e 41001 DF).LARS REIIVARD. 1 7 "ST' or s oto ,o tram o1oO on sera h ih p o L' i'j .1 I.J IO,, wvhile lying at the Le' se, 91 Celnlluebiln oood .5.tlenicno Dnojlotooono...e . ovn rewaro. "oell be i4 lior oinoy ioofooiootion thot nooo IrYd to 'ol eodioooooooy notOO -1)881 I 1 u DLi - i Iooe bu e pe rm cand les, b Lee brooodo. C Iw td tu g fru m nsltip H a lo~l, for an le b y · IS A A C 17181001 it1' o ';), E X CU o i; olN n lJooo o o-In sue-o o to suitl ur STETSON & AVERY, ougg9S S8 Iiravier St. 7IIAIl'AiUNE Brod-la oo iprooatd-o l l piipes, e very Superiornldartiele in sto," nd 0,00- oolt by T It 111 DI: 0 ,00( _oooo28 tO1 Cooooooao, o- rig: ."1, 0 .oV,oo It 4 I ooo '-'I11 I' A 0El0l-Jt.o oo .oro-o-nono-o t ' li00 n S Shdetooo'os of Lhnk Lili Ifoi-r, of veoyooelojooo quaoliy, for sale by DAVID) F1"I,'I & 03), nng48 N f Statiooooers Ittt, 3 Charte's. II1Y 14,t h,- --- ew rleans, :15 Aug., 1838. I`\ 11I$ Rani is brricling oil New Verb at Big I. j 83331'. J. l':I .F KLob Y, t'ao hot'. SHIPPING. For Surope. 'FOR A It-iI.118. 444 44.4 - 4444i 4 44. 4 4 Coast .wi e. Flol N \\ 414)144.. 4. 44)isi44 44l4 4N4e ' Vore I.ine. . 'I44e4' g4414 44I. 44: 1 4I I . 4' 444II 444444.4,441'4 4't )4 . C iL.. Th u , st l .4 4 lii " 4 a4e. t ship 1 n loer ca.go eng:Ueed I i l Iel lit ineedi:te iosl, ,h--li brth hr tile 444444li4)t4r 44 44444 or pas4 -o) 4 I444'.' l 4 4elell' 4 4 4 connl4 4dati4 4, apllly to the 4 l a 4o 4ou4r4d, oppo4i4te h lev4g4 I4n1 4 4rk4t, or to sEp8 91 co A llll i street. T lNT 44'44ri4el at'the 2.oui4i4n44 F'rniuel Were L11444444S, 53 4i4nvil4 h 14 g tet,1)1 4414M44leu2444 1 therry lelstead-; a f4r4l rate article. Alt o, a 4,4d -sort 4ne4t ol' 4 plph, Walnut, 4a4d Pfited Chalrf , which .4ill be sold fur t2he lowesl c iash pr4ie4 A sE. v I CAIINIE'4. j*? 5'1 Bienville streel. Ier lishol's HIotel-The subscrlh)ers a. 4.4uw ',.l"4 g -t t hei t tlnew stlhXl, a4ll 4 X4 telsive asloy me4lt th tl r.4Ite4s 1 4heir 4l44, 4.4ml4)isin4g efery 4a44ie4 of Co41 4, 4l1r41444, lurge iumlpl r of Fa4ll4v articles. ' foll owir n ar'r a descrition: COMBIR--'Tortoiheoand lrazilil24 high top tuck, 4 a1 , Sd carvtd; o. dq. twist, long', neck; p.4f sile, Wo4re .ld dreuhi., ivoly antd horne fine .ot', dressing lle reeked eoedbs; horn, reddingt anl4 n.,rat soml, a wod-les, Irllsing, fine tooth1 antd poeket con.a . 'EHRFUMIEIIY--A general 4 ass4.44 ,4l of 4 re4eh4 tld Amerloan Perflnery,,l co.sitih . .4 . 1a) 4ne wuter ir bottles, oft all-sTapes n sizes; lar...-e., I,'lorid, ,ose, oralge, le lrll/,l jessar4 ille, )4l'4'44 4 .4n44) . llllltfile4ll, ate. ;falne sls qtfn', exter nesl:ari4tio; ' l4m~easr, anliqu , hd veiretale hair oil aLs l eurling lhidlp 'hlt.orite tooth 4vash, .lernllic and chtlorine dantreice, ; eel4te4ll CI lln l lin oiler powdert pon:Htumls peston snits, e. , o I -RUSHS--Comtrisieng a gaiare hrght4 o4t cloklla, 44ir, hat, flesh) tooth, t4)il, c44b, a44av)n4 , is44 e, h4al4 th, linte anlll Ilaih dlllstillg, swee4liong, cl4u4 llll fLtiel,4tur. nscellillng told white wash, horse sole and tllllel"e'S eosstin, Inint and varnish brusfls. tood saah pked giain nid;iosti sizes, 4, e43, and I draw toilets; Gl.4a4ll statie, oitnler a oll Iooklel lass I snifzieg lotl'o ls , eotc, r , I'oYo.aIn; (;AlDl)S--I44ei, Hi4ry 8hil, Broom, aligehtale air, Spie! Larten, rlinch an4ud whit hack 'Pla P"NCY AND VARIETY AfI'ICIES--A: s4pe tolr assolrtlelt of portahi dpestks ladies' ad gentcle n!ll's dressing cases Sid ladies' wwk boxes; r llallt Iscl es oif various Ilescrilptios, suita)l, f4 r til2 e itew )e4ll4 4In)d Christmas' glist pocket Iounks o4all lsorts; si4s44en dtarh, fusiht.oxoth, lead leceilsb,cla)ilts,h vinllans, bead4 , 44444 4ill44 4444444'44 4, 08(4l4'44i44144n )f 4all44y Ile444),1 44ele4rl44or qua 44lity billiar4 d l44 a4)4 L,4 4)tel 4ekia)4 i4l4li4, 2l4irt, vest8 fall ilIl ilsuslpllner Lbuttons ; eal I ulitto s •lilt shirt slllls, razio strOds1; gas maacliiest foer In.:'eeilng lig4it4 Sll4nish anllt inelee se.rIt mnaolleab, ll, Paris, rapple lanl Scrch 4snul',s; .anl iso4ltme4lt of Ilaill ad s4 4 o4Ld 41 ailles hgack amlll4l4ll ollunds dice4 ) la cy . s.crelesl. , optics, Jews halls , harmo4ltu s, lua il, r llatcells, Ili4l4ls444, .4le lc, le lssioll ea OKB, d AinSkiSg tul-)s, 4Iltil.g 4lqsks niid giltm. I1alms; st4:el, sizlers4444 and plated specd0aleh)4.h toiletsIt, I iil, It. a oileads e asoltmell of ga , gl'ag in s, i :t iar' , e t't ty of4 i thier tiCles) , all of .hI1clh 1 wl e l 4 t w I r hw jyln . aPt riori laIon' t f.i f ora be lilt)+le ti g$.U.- T C i11 1 nil4 i e ls 214 i.' , b 1ork Ii", es ; I, I II. ' e o u erpnui b ''o) n a 44443 l++I . 4l . . " 44 m le- , " 4 4a intnt nof in e ds, tu i" t ualt y lillin lh llll]ll, pa e bloi, I ·i, L one , sh ilrt , sll , 4,4llha 4ui pnlr,* .4 4 4uc.4444p.4r 1 t mh sh'll 4 4 h4n' . , sllml sg:r, ',n:i c I. I.r I hPaiv ap m Sct 4,4'. 44'4,'4" matche, -in , 44444 ('44444444 44444 4 4444444%44 44.44 ,4" r 4) , ; i t l 1. l a 1,ob v1 l! rA €t Il,1".' "1' L a le Nut,.!n:hcr next: the elegant 1lwe,!;, Hlu,, . i; ,, " J ," h ',.ll IJ ' lv }.pl. a1 .\A . 71 t'.yd,as n i ,'ot. jy Oh()dib'I'' (GOOD)--.n¢uetee &t (') -id heavv !", ShI'(. (e nes Jucksou L Co ;30 inch broim's ,hirlings. Lo~ ell .Nos. 1 & j brow. cotton. For sale STI'ETSON & AVEity, naugl x Graui,,r stree ll I t ,IG A N S- 4 0 easele lof various qt ua Ii I II ti nin boIvl. liaisle by ISMAAC BIIIDGE & CO. aul3: 134 Malnzine st. 8.1.1 tN \US fr 183:", jusi recived er' crt. Ar t.ll's, frcmn New .aork. 21 groe Alnericall ('omite Alilmallne for 1830 25 do. Crockett's Almanlne ftr 1819. i5 o. PIeople's Almanacs for 18x:1. Cal.ula ed fi every statel in the Uniolu, and containing a Breat "arte oIfu' gravings, t. r sale by the grore, doze and ni,'gleby I)AVIII 117I. & ('O, N . Suliouer's Hall;24 CharIesat. alltgR ()IIPl'tF-I -S-2 O bls allperls, in stol C 'ale by SJ G. I)111S4'. ', alnl6f 44 Nea ILevee. , , I.IKEY, I'ork, B con Sides, Flur and L,"rd,I in store for sale by 'i sto re, t. sale, aegl104l T eAMP 41 r. (' iIHI . hUT I 1241-NI bees hrip'in o rat I TIIA YER & CO, aul 1 74 y-F street. L Uit- , 0 Iols resh ground flour, lualihg from iaugl6 Irl Co lUmeree street. L- i nHi- UTTU'I'E -1 k1gs prime G1oshen but lter, l Jabild for sale bv 1. A WILENU1E 8' LEGINDRE, U . F1OR SAL-F.rom 18 ti 2 owt. of scrap ZiSe, by ` CoLAY Jr CLARK, Plunhmerr, nug23 111 l21 ylE ra street. 1 ) O R K .- .t l b id s M .s .ll , 11 i O r,ri . e in s ft . I'r ,i , ,just inspected, far sale by (I.D IiSIIcSeV, jyv6 44 INtw ce. lll Joha, for .le lI s jet6 ' 8 .1' , P ' ' iI T',.' AM S and Shoulders-i 11) hds l 'ickl , ,l i, . -uui A -h.ouless, latnI. a'lo ly l abo tir sale hv LA 1Eii,; ' & c.1EI.Ui' G, Iangl6 17 CouNrce -l r,, I I'1 •,lue Lt.'l, F: ua Lnuielle II A I' 1, tin' rl"u I, / nuai 4l3 t. ssh0tiA >S-31i (;: ]-uses Me-n L alt a ; t,, I "lpe,)ed lhrioa' , fis-Ill alre 'd II ,i ,,., n. ,r ,"I d Cal , Lath dt itil I 11 l I , nt a r le, l, Ita r sale b y " `'i, 11. he {gymi d by the s1 bscribers nugO 11IIII e )le s ill, -)v , thl e I', preIllI'ttllllB AV auag B xrargr tier Ir IEX st. Sa by N is I.A oD wt yeard b r age, ee high, black fe, and , g Vod Iking whellT firt spoken t hie ,at k, and samme, a little-rhad oa llwt, ahte Fi, lihleLuttunade panits blue striped sheirt nd straw lu r JOHIN b l N'I'UItN, aug2S 13 Exchange At. ,U I , 4D R e c o r d | ) a te r - J u s t r r c ei t ,d n f e w r ea e s 11 lludrson' TYerv flne hli tecrd Cap, Loth plain NAI v)H' FToW END' , jlG3 Exc Sgt Iloeur's Hl,(riChartrs .i,:18) Exchange Ilottel, (;ravier s, e" BUSINESS CARDS. FAS OIONAB LE CI.OTHLN, r. iL. tt 4 the ln he ca qi 1p i of J. B. R1 SURGEOI DENTIST, N\.I: -I t - I or . l'ohor teeth I nveor -h nge 0-lther , 1111 b and in many case, pre le to e " r. It will wait up laddies at their rneidenlce, req ' ed. ap9 .)f MERCHANT IAILOR, - 7 Common stllrv,, I EG to inforo the pe ublic thit hIiine puri:hcmed I froim Mesre HO, f ttSKEttii & CO). part Iof their stock, le will oontittle the buoines ait their old ltand, opll,ite Bishop'; Hotel, wilO re he i pls to mori a hllllre tthcei patro.ule. lie liln made araneenI. sll' at the North to be' supplied may i yV with the nmost fahionldte go d toud CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 1012 l'odrau street New Orieansn, MANUFArTURFRS T 4 Lead Pipe, Water Closets, ia4 Pumps Ofiall de.criptiton. WARM, COLD, AND SHO WER BATHS Fielled on the utont-toproved principle.. MILL'If LE.D), PIP'l., &e ['tOrders executed in any part of lthl Southern Slateo. ir . 9 S Dr. Iobrelr F. Lindee. tFFICE Etl:lIANGE tiortE. i.n * lY t IWIK, Plumbers and Leal Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Pnvdre- lstrit, i- E''Pon haond .contolllt nolpply of i.ead Pipe, -i. trnln in . diomtler down to :0- illn. linlmeer, il Raie. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING E IA BtLIS, 11;E. No. 53,.MIagazine Street, (Opplosite Ilitlks' tloArendo. tILLL.lif (RdCN-', . JIlQOPRIETff • J II. PAREiR Cotnmtir.ion nod Foritnnrdilia I l:rchantllr Noo 6. FONT LEoN E'!, - -r sTuIls No 1 Itto Feb. r:! JANRVIS & ANT)REWS, WI0il.EA.ILN AN Ii) ltI"'ill. l)E.I.I'tItS IN MEDIOINES, PAINTS OILS IJ'LV/I ST'LP'-Y'' .dJD IVI.VDOIV G6L.4.S, C irier of Co.liollltnll Tchoupitoulatn treets, NAT o IIAN JARVIS. .IfIN \V. ANIIIIE\W\S. A large apply ,1of Gardu s, . the roth of i li7, $--- - I- ILD, . tla. o. I. t& 1. I ONES, AUCTI.TiEERS. Sf i i ' Ill llr, liL'll. ! h'I;" ill e=tId.i -li1 'l n h.Als lll- l ill . " l- II l. he ,liu.-- e il lil. l ll-h .\ll-lo lh 0oll ,.,!' i . ,, --:.11, nlsi ll i-* ill it. F 11i ,u: . .lll',llll IP.II hag hlea~ I., w. -.=i :It.i'h trio. ,1- n,11 t , m lilh, fit( ,h ,' ar . n ;, ,~, 11., io re, e. tr ,o ..1.: , .,'lent, andIII lahl , ll ))I. . J:'I 4, SLAT2ES & T alt N,,. ltol oo$vl'tlý `',lse(, -7 , , (. ts . i·ollh.rl , . A.t ) SII ,I r . ;-i111 \". I)' bll;, ! .Arl n' . H&ld . T N T om lE n ...rfnd IR'l t.I'IlItSI IF SIlP II' NI li IT .1' iath. . No. 114 Tltouri' TEs L. tTOE r. A. 1t AIt "irA & o . It. PlUTNAM, ".1 & P. IHol.u ,n CIi.un ti, ". W'RIGHT O'MITI )AvluD STONE, I)vt"tl 0 It. ConstErocE (& . Colulu Os N. AI.ucuH, & Co... I.lousvlle, n y \,'.tIo.Is, TEYN & . .t'lr iSt ..Lois AIl SIt. I orPr AkIIIULi , I. Wl 1E. WITHl W Itiushville, III. J. .' P. W.1 AItTWELI.,. l ur, la SOLOMON [h11. New ihlti. jan 22 DOYLE to LAAY, I)EAI.EIto IN AMERI'XN & I+;NNILISl CROWN GL ASS, NtO. :i'CRHNIUEI.'T ST.ETL. oI 1'11I1; 1 :1 N'S iNSUiIANC u C(COMPM''.A % Jr NE O (iR.I.EANS. This Company ar nolw prepared to (,ke. RISES AGAINST FI'E. No 24 ,\lusi on'ls Illlddlno (: ,il, I , , . . L Tit ICY, New O-len., oMay Ib. f8:1. ,iry. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission mid Pol warding Merihalnt. ('IN, INN 1, I'l, 3,i 1,.i Refer to I.yvetL &'nel oino New Or'oons. Jo..o Landis & Ctp. RilI:It' l I' II - NI'IN. IOUSD AND SIGN PAINTER No. I' Ca(:i street, lW hollesale I)alerI in 'Liln!: 1 b,, Varllli ;he', iihlr ihes, l.. . ..aO. IlNt .'TO,.'I" &.'. ( LJ, I.LOR .17' L.J T; Conit, in thie Custom Ilhose building. jell A CARD. rl i 1 underisitned have , lllt!i l II h()ouse in this cil? , . lor wh p lol-c u, trInns tctaing n tEN.I; Ji, <' S . -,it)N iIJSINE°'S r)FFIcE, No. ',l '.Illti STREET, I't' SP.lltS. ill i1111+ t. a VC nllllllle th dlrr ,, I.t li t~ o l, Si t,.. i Ne w llUrl, ns. La. t 'a .. illrd, ",!i",, \i ,,n.t re, \ ic.shurg, .Piss. t , ) i .,, l a- er L o t a(;, d Gull; .f iss. "7t. .,.t,'hez. Ti- i. \ ir r h 'iol n , i ", . 3 , 18.1 8. jyvl S 1i'l: N . I''ItW): ." Io havlng located hiu ei inh New ilrhlems for llhe UIrpo-e o'trnUsactuag - i n......It ! .i , cI ,.lll , t,.c iiet from thie L ill r ( i iinr of thoi ll ia I ,.v g a haute i Te,, h o .i i ,ttendto tile trans a, , "ng Io IV bu e uelPIs that i111%y b dea:l'd ign tht country, olld will gun in+e Ilrotnl ;, od ,inrnllitted al Still Ill ttu mIt Iihen. enirUsead Io hi. charge. ild. a talillt'l ai .llhc ilt,Hi (ill aEcotlnllte .'ltli instruetioits) of till 'it i l l v t.nLot intF Ilt tlstllt S . CI. , .,e.tlN tltt. lllllte, tniliit'av'r l.tree, <,ppshtet , nodu, r , i i the+ Te'xinn Co mulate. N\w io rle.ns, N.ovltber 2'5,11t . "lteferenres. Masrs lllver Boush & Co.. New York. IB a r r A V . ,. o n. 5 o w Alvaroz F ;k, Natchez, ii.. R M Silutll r "< Lui . 11,. J h I uiT r y.l. ., isvilh. , Vi,. -PIrl, "N . I NSVillR1NO7 ,OMVLP2R Y FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF Nt.,\V tll': L\-, Office No. 24 Musson's BDuiding Je. CANAL STf'IEET'. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY rOR the State of Loulsilln, oand Cities t., Ne\ Or leans and Lafavelto; for saile Ilv in3 cor Camp land C(:olmoe sta CA 'or DalnkBoxes,--4ust troivt-d b , j2i 17 Ocln t.tet II1 +olllleelifon with thi tll( icei it I S' A ..DID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT QF TYPE Panmphlets Blanc Chocks ..atalogacs Bills of Lading diabels, Dray Receipts, " gal Notices, Auction Bills, a--ill porms, Show ills Steam 3oat Bills Circu:rs, ted rvery description of.blob .a.rht Laot uyh be reqaire.d. I. li The propriet, r respe tlrlll t , lla toe 'ltecntion of the pubtli ti tihs above (Tail, an I la tIrN !br' t dlaf i v ork intrus d to his care shall e dune at th' tirt t notice, ill a style unsuarlpssc d ill tiis lity, ,sad tlihl I ,;,v . r£ ats., GLlIDE & DIRECTORY OF TIE , CITY OF Yo i Orleans and Lafay tte AS puabliAie I l on ll on no 'a,l t 2l ai , Io, ii no.I for sale at trie c lll itilg rann olf thi llille-, i ixthanc e I otel, St C('lrLae Ire,'t,-alld at the Book hore of tlehirp. E. Jlohlln & Iol.iorer i t Cllrles ual omimilllotl.rtm. s. . .:3 \ PE 'I . quits, titer l " li, ik, fl i.,. , refr s renting P . ax, idlia rlbllbr, Iu tlck lal, tolllullu r ld c ry trller llrtich d'statil ervy, of t he very beit qu lit .,conl lunll, il hl d ad and Ibe,',le bv iAVID F I.T&CO. o14 9 ' tatttiiy l,'rs' IhItl, ' i Clhl trey .t. IlTEI i cVA.Nit I t'G, 1U--15 boxIa ianding 9k tr lrom schur 'ic'xa h. folr s. ,e y t ,Ii.A'I't I ,I . '1'lll' ll, 411 paI don' ot JOUN lOEY, 'addle. !-Iarneso and 'i'rlalk Mannfactuitrer, nacd th'r cishte of Milttr q E.qiquipaents oJ'feeri de'sc'ription. No 1119 l'cHOulitoUlAs STIEET. i IAVING in c mlpluy i aer'al Miliitary \1'orkonv I1 he is ready to execute work in the above lie I, i'cctlieati' ad1111 'dlars Prat' iiring T'ruikc of el.'rv ~, i riptita, ct ititllh' ,iib aud. _" r i , lu ll 11IL -I n . c ,,rn 7l II-. It s t.",mt s l .ubII.m 1 c tombiled,. One l on cot 1 rild ,o or :t) I,-he'is I't per dpr \ieon w it l+t n lt w l i d ll lll y n lllle t-. : ho d to t co tt ,n. e m , u rld a re p articu, r! srl + eh n uhtedl or pl;ll 1"r'" uso. ApIIlI lo I I' llA lli & 1O , A S. 1 ! i 'IANi TS h na have n b.a uthi' l circut l n struckl 'i t f [ll t'' o hours notir 'aehy lltin, at the Orli s SitaholerI phic. I l ,ie_ ,:Lx zine strwttoppositc i|nnks Sby il": 1i1 \ : . ) . 'I ow I ,, r' 11)84 .lu t:.1 I . ,: rn!for street. " EAF IAID-in-I:IUt keg Il ./ir, ft-r s-al by S 111 T IOR I 'Y, ll I ,llt ' I! y I jv .l Nil / 11&, ,+- 1 .'0 r ,,' o ',,o111 .1n .11', Si n ' i t l (a1 l IIALt I. 1 . iytrr l 'a ni ilii o' l r I ::I ,' i, ,i iIli S 114 1 \ ',\ t'l l O th'e lii tu..A I rlt , i rn th, 1 3 11, "'ill , . N. herliu and i ,l-,r I . 1 'II - I 't"i , tredit: rs and the ( re. ,itor h ~,. ,t,.vT r l lltll{ " I: lii ( ll I, l Itir iii ,,t ii i tlll·d , i :'ii -il ,,ll , llll lllii " ri ,+ I l l It+ I.w lly il. 'I 1'. the 1::th 'of SerptrDem .r t i t) I' ltim ISc i hll e ,I +irs li e ta," i l , aill l t'i h. Iillrlin ac e , .l p 1'. Wrlpe y ore 0rmed. It Is 1' ,_, t 1 'tl , 1 i : r ,, . f I to "n " , Ile. : , ud liii I'bull ,; I', I' - )i 1.1 x.111, 1t T .i- , ot< I ,I o t'I P .irn ise p ier m, l ii toulca ictaoi lcI, ti. e N not-llc t thai ,.llt( I' r'r . :. I" li I t hn l ;i , i f l t ii , ,a.t Jun 1i 'it lI1 rtiii ll t iiiiih lt IitIl e aoi ilurs ll.tinii+II I Watrset tea rca ieiiii le 1int i+ & Yoit -No pr 1pltit lnirve nynn ie nrteptit par in clur, 1 l - I, , d,,, l, s i cr l ()t l 11it i st t t oron g~" l,. L," J n B narm, PI' u, rt p rb, e ner led . - lilI I 'gi'eia- 1 nn . or ,hin0 nn th0 rroriol qnd - civil 'ilnfiull o of the Ulf it't" Siol's. IBv J. F ldi n r.'e Cot. ·Per, 'h ol 'l'wI IT,'lofirt- or, Alllot.irr in i Cootl V l' I tlou',; a,,! ohi ,ri Ittle, I, l o i de Iilolo ott, l I. ItIf lw ef 11 : \ol'on, ll.ryi Cornwall, Mrw Goare, Colptiih lledwin, 'II' l;iir ilill IbIt Iterl, IIby Mss Purdoi, allihor ofi the City of ihe Sultlian. Tlh I'lias I oft'ilos, the Gift of tln Uncle anf Ani will h in al elr'lm i,,.r IIVg A h.l'IrRIo. JwI i irlivvd riii Itr ci. ity WIVA MleKEAN, j" li colr (alop anld Coion oie. R- O:N, i, f1 l--70 blis rollu i rol.s, landiu. til lil" sule by J THI A hit & Co, jy 14 74 PTlydras street. I trarct" ,f irsnparilla, for Ii crie of oruotinuit eruptions of the skin; Iliuplops or pustles of the il've; ti,les a hiih narie trom all imlplure State1 of 1tll blood; scaly erlu tlos; ,ils in the bllones; chronic 1heumatlismll test r; scrifoioa, or kilng's evl; whit swBllipng; syphilitic diseases, ald all ilisgrders arisipg iro alli impure stoilol ofi th. blid, bto long reslodlle ill Ia ho; linntr , or trie oijulic.iouo uSo of mercury. Also--Cave & Schalff r's Wolrm Syr p, or I. foot PresarvotiLe: the be-st prnlaratio inw xtant.ll A'oing which are the, follow ng!-Indian Dye, for cr. rlig thi hair; Bear's Oil; Hnrosul Bear a: Grase:; Pomaituim; ihlaw'a Frc-.le \Vanhl su. periur I'Pearl Powier; Lily White; CreLm o'f r es; Vegetable Rlsougo; O)ur .oI' hlRosn.; Lip Salve; Kre. obite 'rTooth Wash; C.:rlolic lyeslltrltce; Oralg, loweor Wucer; llowdlr'Pull al I Hoxea; Amen.r con Charcoal, iently put op io four oooce vials; I' toon Sio; Cologne; Kreoiote To,'h.ach Drops; Hair Brulrhe;.so; llo Dres iog Co Is 1I iai Ilair Otl;--witi a variety of otlcr Purf. lrcrlie, &c. For sale byl L V' GLENN'S PERFUIMERIEI. J C 'lTINCHARI), Cornr ot' Cil land ll I boonlii streets PARK ER S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. TOURNA ot ilt ExpoIinii ''our 'beyod the - Rocky lountato.i.iii r if,, dirl,,wtih of the A I C F M, perfor.ii ~ ' l. i yals 135, '3( alld 73; contaiilllg a d 'es' , 1'e ,i" I oillril ly go. ologe, clllarle ad i '" ' .". h Pr,m mnoners anit uitoni w l o, wilih a Map of Oregm' Te'rritory, ii:, .. . I I'.lPe, A I1. I h Itivoernrd 1Irtl 1 .,i clllctions of the Rhuloc ani th, 'fI , r .u; bo y i'pMi Palrdue, utlhor ofitho ( ity IoI . ' .. &c. ill vols. l Thei Robber, a 'Tale, I le author of Rihelieu, Th. Gypsy, Attila; , tA i l I e Tl'wo Fhlrts; or Ad. Ire in a Collnlry Ilouseo, ll lther T'rles, bly ,Lady B.orpin'gton, E IL IIUolrer, irs Nortonl Bnrry i orlowll, Mr Gore, Captain Medwin, sand otliors; in 2 vols. T'e Llli. .id Adventures of Nichiol s Nic, 'hy, cdit:d by lhlz, wilh Illluitrations ly P'1iz, No. 1. Just re&seved aint for sale by BIENJAMIN LEVY, -L'-IimHNS LITHliiliiAPIo. OFIca No, 3: ot-, ur , i" , lo;, 0,-hre , '., c-, E' STAIISHEI) l)hr tlhe execution of nl ,i pll's I Sand dlawingo, lmercllants' eollclarbusineb . o ,lo nJdle s i.lrds oflever descrillption, fleral rilnllnr- 1 ltdeep mourningllS paper, upl.Iertr vllr d d11iggi.'l I'hels; l ball chlecks, dlo y receipts, c. prinllrld arl executed inll acheap and expeditions styl, 11tv the plpr. i. I 1 " 'II.I.Io.I GI;l. ;NF. Nil Bank Noltes n,l.rI exnlcted. rn4 I:!ST received iwr lre rcirals flroum New York, . lirs,'h lunid ilhionlable assortier t ofrI II A Ta. lThe slbhcriber wiold particlularly ori-ll the ellntion of tle Iolllilie o, a or of lhoa r !Si, of iI slllcri rliiob, file o exlum , r ic I ind b'oaliful If s re; alit to r fine pillo inussia list of a superior (ulalllh; allnd also s as l lnr id article of i lk lia t, tofo el ell il nit i .ineridl o sorltilentll i aifliet.i I d by hlulsll, Io ' esly r ior, tLhii ,j t ".2 I 0r t ( IlNl , :14 CC'' -treet. N- .1 City anlid cltry dealer, are nvioed Iiolan. PORTRAIT PAINTING. Rt . IPAlili-..LI reopsetlolly illlOrlll ther public lhUt ill lie will emlila nii shortl tife in New Orleans for 'll, pIurpose o ft fnitllll im rl rairr.. IRom,.- corne'r ." (b:tn li d St Chhoib' in ,he ho1 e rp.iidib P'armly L, I)noliolentiv,,iiwirt,-p.spein . lh paolinrilg can be seenf. Entrarnce in St Charles otreet. Fosn In, `/ filbKEY, lou-r and Pork, in more for tide if i 8 m .2 E G DORISEY, 41 Newr Lvele. iBAlE lROPE &Tý'WIt'In.-Luois tut S O LP.\'T:1 0 R ' lTlltIR, n Il 4t PI'oydra'ie n!t. 6 I( (;AfS--tl I··r, !.r... n1 eUni an v' Kip, norl! 1 uJiuset Ill:Ir .oau rtle i v"e "st ISAAC tliltI)tiE & Co, jy9 134 Magazine street. g 11" l. IEl I. lN . R r4'DNi,.. SPEAIT1' ill ., hnd of hair i It h grnntt .t tr!,n meet belowaine to the hmnan frame. IHow arrnee I·v tln InsL of it 0hnllrs1 Ihrl ehl'~ln7enern , anld prei. i enr,, Irine.s n flp nnpenrs or ofohl n_ . ~hichk e ss iillty to riemil It Iirn- Ille'cvePrr. n ll lllnlDR e - evin to 'shit tl'ciety ton avoid Ith ist i and nun.i't of their nrnllnit.l hne: the i.enini "ter of di'ir Iiv n, are oni d.' nt.vt slv .p- il rntlitenlt. In fhtrt,. not evtn tlhe In.-O lllO Ii.pert 1. fill-the iFnlOllrna hillkilln ,·(lllt) with hllt l n- sri nkin. elthl.m ia dnli lllpit. pt of In hnir. nll in'f t'nllllll lttn i st,- the h' ir y rmi, ,.ll;h . i 1 tr.n tle fir-t nh oll:ltibn, and Ifw.lhollttlr rr..,rpr it al.l in. It likerw i-( prlOdes etebrowvs nll trvrentl flthr lntir. rol m l lnil.e n tr. makesL it ellrl hnlltiflll iV. n fore it from l l lnrf. Nnl ro s rll prteli ptllCr "of t t irst resperlhi!ity in support of the virhone of Oldrihge Illltll, are -lit· h Ithe n)llprirtllor. [If Rend the flloh'ingi: llohlrt 11harton. Elq. Into Mavor of Phiiladelph hias cerliire' In. mIV I" stlehnIw,.t the high chiara ter 'I' Ie filwinwn Cllntlelnt\l. 'Fhe unlld i.lllgndl hi herllv lllertify flnlt we hLive iIrd I ile Ital, of tl''luhbia dlCutvered hby .1. Oldridee and have' frunld it highlyv sereirenbleniolnnly nP apatrllntive r:,illna l the f.lling ;ff of Ih ir, butl allsol .tertaln resl r ivre. WILII.I Al TI fAT'I'I" FI:R, Senior, Methodi,) Mlini-ter in Slt h'.orge cI:'ur!,P. NIl i North Fiftllh slt. JOTIN P ING';LIS,3: t2 A'ch .tere. J• HN ` Ir 'rloMASL.1, M 163 l1'n e"sl J1)I]N 0 Ft'RIE': , I ti Sp lnlrr reel. ,1()11 1 GA Il).Jr. I1 3Arch ll·lsr t. It ig kmno a dt thrat te of' tlhe above i.inr- ieerrm [lr, a ,n t in. 3,nvr.] 1. lnhert '11Vlarton, filav r , -nid city of PI hi,.. i.I , 0, Ol iS h ( Illl e I 1t I Iin ~ :ll a ll 'll wd ill al u,· i'. J I' hrdtii..hne, ^ F"'lrr.'il1 , Il I 1t (.'i rl! , Ilm .lnlt! llhe'1 o l" Irlll-h t Ia I r r -:t ctle ,l i r antr Iln r ll i lll n , o 0 i' he ll l t l 'i.t, l w t ill err.len Lan , lip. hi g hillme. Eriol'b f I tlo. h, ul' shno ' i i1' ht:l, I, g ilnlnll f t lhe c lsnl Irl rll. thCil o h dIn. t tXi ' " litw o ylv olf Ie l f.,tnl el. O. '. i "f I r ) E'l ll It'llE% . Y1 1"Ii. i ,r Thts wk'salr +od rnoil hpr Ih n . r 1.nlt, b ,r \In~ ri1 oln. "1E1 . Ihlr c he, I, ilt. Ii:,I tthlln L.o , i nilln I,' e h'llow 1Te elllrtl. r,- T en . Iy .11.n I drlo'rCil tnlh fllrlilh r. thll' n:gh hi w r, t rlllllr .. .1.iVI.b ANI)REW,., PRO irci'v S. ThE .ilr ber iho r prr llosvio al I,t li , in Ilhe hei . illlling oftilh e t tletlr p 'i, lfr . ,i ('onllen ati ln I f Itcle ailly VOIgIIInIal ," I' 0:d alnd Niwu Sei es I)o ~dll artulc' L ui lan. a inc e ipur io, i trcnIllllrls d in uI' ir vfiiriii rlslt . .i 1.. Checr if i tio the U iodel oin Pref llre s oThis work is env i,. repar.ttin o niy , ni rn cllirrison, taIn .. of thise ity, Pawcilctd y \Villia:n F Itlrtnd, E.-q. The- Ftlioltr lis II,,)o P r nplld by n dish in n tishd rjircd luedg of tile Suilrf irnl mCrI their personal sl l tprvlsiolall the, llaantaillO ld w ic liy nlalllrall lie ofrlled tlir o the ir exp, frie lee. ulitch t wIl rk irts beof nl wolI every dyion. moinrlvl, tee sry, as he origblico inas hla us.rod ur expensi, and tuscarce. A i rn ra sineurind foriy tie Lo is inllni dcliionls fin ro - oifrtllt of qlr. UeiOn i rcrL to telle pcilih rji rilsulrnde o1 ionll isilosa illnd the ircerulntalltive ru of llHe n erolu prirle IIe wtilc I eldd in tin.t njuitliint ill cctas iiee.rfinn , iake. tIhe knwlorl whll tlr four vlodtljeim- royl l'nrime ti. lily vl.t ij nrl ts tf ile whol e Union. liornovelti omd thss tre in grel onuend for the Louisiann dscrisiors will be qu tr, Subscriptiolns received by WM MnKEAN, je5 eor Camp anl d Coiian nonll st. 1S rihrs 1aa tim rity, lr sole Lh' T H YI,K vIIl;tt'TPHEIt, ll 29 .39 C.UI l I t al .t cor I ir Ulofi gaufzinl t. I Jt.'EuII.A. ,t l'A :.(LS-ai.Ln es;2agp ia J l ill; II C tný 1]II s a Vlllll tlltl & (;ilnllltlll ll I 1.9 I IS Y..C BRIDE|(: & CO), 1:4 MIagzinI tv t1TP E tS1 ' Pills, ItnudreI Palles, hW e 141NP all nrt, t udklu' llintulent, German iSu;Ste pills, Budher's Ellbrver cent 1Manesin, oinui of ( hllumim, c.. lc. lan ling -id Ihl'ale it y It I()r'NNAIH: I., Il1't5 tc'_r Nai fhei uni t 'halitula s" " 1.11 u,--':net bbtis sup lrfine P'hmur, fresh nit weli lE kvllep r I l souriiL i uisui r ilnl i r l le I NLAT-Ii t &. l 'di11:R,, jel4 ,1 { P diala street. S\sto re I h tr s.,e Itle sillscritters, lllric l ln I tl d I ' ¼Id Gi il i do i; Nln 2 lluckerel ill Ibit do; 'IT ble " '1 Il casesof il toes; M a ln . .a X il .ie, . <w e t a n d J)rr I11 r t a s l.s sld I p drn l IIds, (xatitiled odg enBlle,) S1llali- ll :141ti a; I. lt,] IP ltel r n II All.; Iemon t ipt It , "odish in ate; ('. oa ll iii l12 67 ;lqa r n strct N. 111 ic L)- :- NDRi , II l . h. A Ita I \. C I, . ' ( '~ i Is I' & VI INI , tc c A-l -iiit -. Lh . i1at," an 5 i.r, E ' i,i 1.11 ..'I'. V ,+uil I.t1.1;, j 17 17 (i t 'ui, a st'l A. IT.'.' K t i lFit i, jyl7 u t t u , ,I as Slt , t.t LA K l+,t)(10 - .l ti rv,. .,-I .t, ar, ,', n rit l vall a'ld ex.lnine our , Ah",t . "ek ,.h hi+r at retailby I11111) 1 1.1. tI' . New , ,k `Itun .nl,"+la I! l,11, 1 p ii i et a CO t, -j vf;" t'.?odlns trret. I liN»i ) :.1 ýhýi- u, , iJliin i,,i, ~I-nuit ,dticed ! canvassed halls, l;,r .,mh' ht t I _ _Ul _--;_Un _ _al a _1l' t l tuT c, t tI i ell u , I rlle I I l 14 N"- - A,, LtI e - \ 11.( l( t, E \V.AT(R-i i-i tlv imlnritA .d Ua Iuulo e, by II lII t IL, :",, te r N- Itilb.he Irlu'it'ht piitlo u t i drti. iI I ; t'elinut :tl'; P I I, tin, at l Hrit I. IUr nipeho Ste itr, re, i C l (A E it- tiC., . P1'riail"-,s f tl'orlit tt I .:on lomy l ,'t& , I lle 1l. i L J Etr VIS Ali R \It .S, j "! co- Co mlon & h m'atritoul ist ll liti, prper . ~Oll ery luw priced, alnd 1D Fll1;i T & Co, n 10 N Y Sta ltmer's HIall, 2l Charutes'.( LA Nogro C trona in rstr, s a. Ind fne sale hv S'I'ET''O.N & AVi+{RY. n7 C5 h (nravier at. A d U, e i .e -E ,U- e i eeX apEY, S. r u l s alh .n 0 dirtl,, a md f or sale bory , j ly bu t ra , t tlct ,.r 1i-1o . (ot L ;l+n: r • .1nnlll 11) Flt ' ela I":1(.)N ,, ill --10 re,,,m , Ina uding jr26 71 l'..,Ire. alenet" L4TE PIU1LLC4fltluNb. CHESS MADE EAY beigY; n new inttrdui.I to the rudinments of that eeslnlC andl ipp, tiar game. By Geurue Wlker.TeeeTeherIfChesa, Uncle Hnraa, "a nov.I, by ,Art y C Hfll auhnr )'" sLketchels of Irish Clvtrater,'l'e hlfIeaneer, &c. n '2 The Spirit of tih Woods. illosalrald y eolo'oed i.n grnviiny, Iby liWe nthior'ifTIh' ,.,ml of VlownlN , r ind-n's Views (IIn tnort- lind HarboLraUf (reIal BIri' fain. Fblnra's (lenI, or the Trenenr-. of the Palertre; 12 bhnquets.a dl ia ,and io-lioureel froat naanre, by Jamea Alltewt i: till p rk:lin l illsi+ntt nisl, , li tiau A.tia T.'nintev, nitlibr nif Tlte Romalne o Nature. A (iloainrv (f Te'. iri noed ita Lfint-tt ilnll· intIt'" lieu ,~ a (;oihic Areihit-i.tia the elet ,d edtitls, en lre-t; -lxenetlifie by .eIji wu-tld rutls. ,lldlhrk's Enninvtp Pi.ker . taks the v tr . 1i83"; wilh .l .\lmtn ; h Ib HetiP ry A ddol: k Civil -Ea hleer. Works t ILorl ted tn.tilN bn inlrt aterd y eari- , ,nd a Iiortamiit mtw edilion, inmpptl in 'Nol'ii. Ili-Iop Iliriil'n Ilistlorv fhIia ,,; T 'im.: flea the re.etariotn of Chirles II. to Ihln reaty onf |pas: at UIlrerltI intle i.pi of (leeml Aane. A new edition, witllh iriadcaiti hloirapl)hi-al rluten romplet in Us vollume. .lJut receibvdl and for alei by WI AIIcKEAN, ital dir Cnlll l en l C (in ,ealdaol lnI. . -. ..a rLnn i pmiR. r.imoS. SIHE Iplbh are rrr'iettlllllv inltormedl that than inll Italiien is erected oat the nmoet lepmeled Ilnat, and in nan ritev andl no alltlirN hle ltNallmein tih faltlhili FrulklIn, upon the railroad, onte iile from shae liies sltjpi. iS'ite tnilding ia Inire and moht cmntmodiously divedad inl.t ,npartiiiela, for kI.l)ing aelrl. slel.t dlenl clesaat ad S lidfrent diseap-. e'lte iiitnltion it rnil klield with toe nmotl rl illl anil alteiitu nilnre atil feinale tinta-, and spemkimg the va rit tna olterni l ranl inelh. Irlte rOit lllsll mi v Iylt d Ilv rgenltltemeN a fimLe i .u Iarn pe lian, itlclullIn, altntlaitedu , a&c. 'Pertiic in ihe or'iuav warda,t o Ionltrs per day. nlve ala tiwo dllurt-. Small Pox In iterrrdiwlay words tlive doll:nari. All ca nital rnrgital nlieratltn l cairn. lie retideut phlsh'itlt it dr WealIltn, eul whnm uptliatio foar ndisalmenoi noiat e made.a or t i)rl C A nl...nlefg, No In tiniiiiart Iect. ae srgll InAbF LA11i--601 hl in llts'te, foiste t I'G It)RtE.t, 44 N.- I.evee. ... ... .-,, WIORKS. /\lII NATL ILA ,IST'S' OWN BOOK--Caopraiitg SIde.iri)tiullSnudlalinuthentie aneloditeaftilUladru) ells; scieintilicldlv arrtlloed Wlcl l;etrn to the vsloy m o C u vl I tib e lid illnr eif tihe tYtitlouig Mda' Bulnk. 'I'IIt,; NATUA'I | IIItTOItY OF INSECS--ln t ltwo hlllen--v -,1nlntniu no, 74 n f thb e "Falnnly Li S"lint-.tofilla L..W - )F IIIEFt- I-N CRIMINAL .C -hi lnrt Ipn-i.nC, tri .wih uitei naol ifenrenalnel ' tAi" Iticbnit iin , n.t -lt the i :aliish ctH unat n in-i : , C,.I hr tiv l n'ilh rt.i i (a:eil r l ' har wo L iIN I) AtoNOSLS of l...ti:AES afili ' HER'r-l bae,. i,, in flhe ,n l a ' t-ili nirhn, .l anid genraal t igse Iv \\ a " (lhtlrd( ) I H " I Ai ut-u-li Jain .lliliinW 0 Itlathi innht da d nl iiliiun ttith oiuIt'- : iuii itullll uta., thy ntlltllU nl na , \luihli . 11 1), ill i ti'. I ,,l vm Qiar t rsate, Ii t-Na 16 n itr Till l!E +' liAlt: A N t ~ hlll--.oxs p nll Il uer il u.II nl t ti r it ai cU e t i ui.f l t e i "i AA ,l.ti 1\ 3r..+', & TRIt' 11u1 t Iln N .i : i4 i Poy .a . At E 1)1: e l--. il.hlatia Alilne-, I to rngrnl "it ro0 luati j ...rail inav,., tfar ai, LA I''I' Il ,tIn lts I N j u i sl t c 1it18 a tl iD aa a Iarr ll N ]T1{ I'1'1 & mIR1 I rlt 3 l lit -tall, 5 ut1th7 .-ll', Itt-I- : i a 1l"t i rit aIa i;iu, 1 ihulo illnf o Ill + liisln-iit I htu n.' l ,i~ ~ reevllled ., hi.usi- i n;7 bils lihi itt- na til15 lum lI ta . 1 ,1 rll lipr h'm': b a th -icrgo of a flit heta , Il'bI & AMII-LL-G, sip 17 Oitlnaivrcn strtat. al. i t in l-eii i humtl -ni, + iig INitl stly teinra ,iibi, fnr tale by LAVE:YIT & bAEI.IJNt,. O8,o3,--;u bmli't'h. l solih InndlllIe ndt Ibfr nsale I tn & I' ¶ t ''NltWi, " C(onti street Sbtt'AN\ ti GIitSi:Llllll;I-0 niffm:r-nt braiid+, . tnl tn - LATER & 'I III ER, nail I 0 Pittyndras sateel I ti. llA .\. ii ll. , hb,1 n..ani.ttlbv I ti4 , ABIJAII FISKIC, I ai N , ale- tl ,, iii ,tlnof A rit, heatlbrny tior 1 I:tile by L.,.lAC llt! !1(ln & Ci, ,..'4 "13-1 Magazlne et-etl. .- AN. I'tnS---'lie 1Ia olm gieen corfer lantl . l iitaaln cilr libierti, ud ant il l) lb s it star ftf ,,.l Iby :LAT'ER 4. TRIER, tl 14 40 Ptivdrne'rtreet. ll P it'1t: lA\ANNA liti;AR-ihi hanen lrini I i t yl.:iaY, liuilltlin lon lllhi Plincher, fir ale i I St.A'I'Et & '1'TRIit. au, I 411 Poydlra It i l Illl n1ki liiPhilrldllphia Ale, Albbot's rad, jutlt lecmivid, aid tor .ale by J 1B EIn&, t A COHEN, J3 14 91tl Catanlastno rel thec'O rlotmoa wed C..nrrllluo HoillRrnsd A rriee remclc liar I eiclcg the curstiiou thiti dote. FoRO C scollLLic, FOHio New ORLEANS. Thflrcra f4dilk Al M ent car at 7 A Ml dte i cr 6iI do i ilod do 9 do do 8 di iii d1 du it do do li do o IiIt do .trolilit 19 it, fii Otititl iorrat3 dil cliclieacr 2do tOt I iu do 5 i., dIt, 4 di ia _ io dii 7 di du o do fi t d uo do 9u do du doo8 do do TIe JacrkeIIn street irs nod tnfoi-eiie. hnlf l'ri'i i'.linck, A l. Ciiol ilieat ali U 'cl,,l,.c Al, and ro, - ,nibunny it 7 i, elrck. Theise cnar ill cii lnimcc 1iiaicicer ia itllncoo.nuIiid ivnn;miiic IIThouglihi dIo ilitutil7 o'cck, P iii. - thlleitecr rsiiculltiirllii Lii Couiirse striet ic·r- ti.I Fa Illis itor Jicksnlloiiieet. taI' Ald it)clt EK. ii grim iciag-IllU, recrtic~ t elr rig Sine, iii stole, fii oe by mALAI R & TlRIEq 441ii 401 I'vdiao sii,,t. 1"tNeEtiii ll [1.-7l,0 gallono bert English linsclt 1 iua lanintlg fricii Iiaii Wiltiso.,from liii.,. I:'ii Itl~iiiictreioiicod ncrilhern i,,l ofactored ini,riJ Oi, Iu iiiak i anoidhelreli, in rsicrt, aid thir sal clwitrt JAttIVs n. ANtRIEWS, b5'tiinl" ii ll. t ggi i, ji"7i c r ('aiiiin & Teli'nipitouluc aricet hid (IA I'-:3:11 hoxle 10 1 c l' tlt: bnflid o t J nCeUoui, 't-.1AC BRIDGE& Coo j37 134 plaoaoine snari t 1Ai.l ttil -I;t roIil, balti rope, of ii nu I ~ ~ ~ l I qc i. itod jS quality, for sale I.v IdAAC lmll)tIB &Cii. 7; l ii Magzidne etrcle EI iiK-o 'IS I 'I.Riei, tui Pri e M 0 lcd P i7 tucrk, flr ioe Iiiev Iy LA~\\'3i SCE & .1.1'ENDIW, j__ 98 sad 29Vaec t.oieo. 1,67 3thik J'lio-i. ý(Ill it-16 .i hl., hldiu, fiac t. sloiilal John dill, fu ,si L, Ci! 1)Ultcl.Y, _____ 44 tac Lone,, r Jccrti liili A liii l 11 deie fll,", n 111 fiulN cllotIage E r.J. arhi t'. tIl1e oi hWstler iDoiLo, d&a. J)\ '' 11 n I n. 1, 1f ,,I,,,,,., lc,,r,,'c I.ili of fir \Tsalcl· LIove it e iii ulhi iof Flirti.lion,Tlo Dlinorced, de. 'I h," lorks if hn tiingtoi Irving,i, ew edijioieois. tie A ericiii Jc i A of the Medical cBiences No Itrir rteid, oiid for rolc by Will tiKEAN, CiO, Camop asd ComloniiisIII re Alro,, a ferihir sulpply 01 Alice. or the Auestriert; a illiivliio ii.crntliiiiiit ine. ___ _ Jo 1nliii.--llin blhio Mitc cnicd 7i O sick,thbblt.prim I illrpclcd'oihk.i oir sle tti iiclek A\ tC E & LEILENI1hE. hdl: di ron ",u Lerre. W IIIStiiI(KY-.- ulireciliitr Ionailiogkoimstleim; 'c Spletdid, for oale.hby (i D(IRAEY, 1,a4 4. ortvl.enro. [ 1,tid-i- I ynko roid 5 e Cok tiisdiiig od itO ante R b y TIAYI4R&CO, ijyta 74 Poydros eract r lit E-i1it oka of'l'hoftossot listie for ealo Li CIASE & tIXEY, Jy 14 Iii Ciotomhouser setr. SL AcL.ttI Ut1'L..-dd lionipers in toer, od for C sale ll It R YtOF & tiiuOTHfER AbC'ti SIDESW-7S inimmiocoO side.. 50 dmits CnenanI onem. 11101 hams ir bogs ruporiur quality, in ntore,ocd laie role 1 y LAYCr &t AIWt:1UNG. inllf 7 C(i, 'r orm mto 0. tl.li2i GRlEEN ItJun .Iireicred ofliuvliro OfT Permllmlrn lBlu sd (itrc.on luott far mete Le lire doors or siog ti baottb by 1A%94'S FILT & Co ' Y Slummotinor'&H I, dChtatmresou ý, Ea I Fllt li 11-A TE u(-,t;;i - ease I4 I"'L'F.R . iCiALA jJ'=4 411 1. I,,,atan, 11T t ItL Unioo Raigoc-lO b1i',y se irsiie . ou ac keCn rsst by MUL IEE -r~i' 1 in LII PluB l~uocrSJ~dai fJlt IN( auWJDLC lpin Ifor osele Li THL TOWNs$fNfl.

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