Newspaper of True American, September 8, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 8, 1838 Page 1
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_ fWIkm ------ ----------- -- -- - - NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 8, 1838 VOL.-VI No 1782 %rus of !kn Nr mnannePnn a r nau.. . ! 7- T'eras of the Neewspaer Press of New Orleans SlO tiniaiy a,,.eet to rat a, saljoarsi,el meetin g of tire Pr arieltts, hrfl oa Ita I ll of oiarch, 1X.3. altonorater'los.--wllvce (Illar, far the daily pC perr e ar l i'0 , a'eyahllc so an"-lulluall ill a odvnoce: ten daollars farr the tr-woraloly tlarotrev plper, payable one year in advanoa e, where no city reference is givee. No eulicriptioa ld tl ba discoatlinued nctil arrtragtr are ettledl. In case of di coutinoanae, one week's anotion a awiling m i rt hb itvariably given, previous to the epiratiaon of Subscriptiln. A o.vrarlsler.-:)lle!lr per sr:uar- for thle first narrtion, no-I half al:it price for each suhseqluent one: art mtlteriai altoratioutr freo the original .dr'ertiseoent I will ie chear4ed an a new one. YunltL? AnvlaeRTlsl.-A-Yrchtlnts and Traders, orty dollars fin Eaglish alone, and sixty for both lan "gits" Bar nks, Insurance Offices, an, otl. r similar publiic Iostitttious, fifty dollars in Englilsh only, nod rjfiity for both langulrges; Shift and tonmInbort Fac en, or osmnision atrchants sixty dollarn in English no, andeighty (or bothl Iangoager. aI.,noeIOs OrITSeaTy NOTICsn, and aretilcs eall the attention of the public to sales of proierty, ards of pasaengers, beielits, tec. &c, wani be elneard one dollar per square for the irat inaertion in each lan guatge. COMMUNAes IOsnt or Advertlisements, of any porson al notlte, When admasnibla, shall be charged doeuble, and in adva A dedotoes f twenty-fie upercent. will he nade to Auctierieeae' e ORIfsF, Regiseter of Wills, and Marshbls orn sales of aal rtutt nisieall in to th aongagesb, ant 50 per cnt, tle ugldh alo ne : tl per cnt. on salon Pof ther propertY Aiysais arth 1O out of thai direct line of nsillashn of lthe adei$sr, snuch an legan, uaetiln, and pnrnto ietll atlees, enety elarlee, utrey aniannta, &l. &e. will he charged for epa.ateiy, and at trhe ordf itay rates. AnvoaeeSnpa s not specified ns ato time, t ill be witlihed one a onth. and charged ensall d nly. oa enase, oensrS prlelfor previaos tr insertion, or nyront gearnoreed by ie responsibte pernon in town. irontree and other places of annesement, advcertising ii iny the easoen, to he crairged p$i0 for ; a.glisl uh lIne and o150 i n b oth langnoaesn Al eanouncmsents of aanallidtot for politicot ofeos be charged doble tnho price of outer advertlee a ra; to the irmoense; lonsnettnined iy ne rpOper yisCtmse, tier hare nrore to the conecuiaorn tlaat the rnrten of persons whose aaountt Ihnve not been raid wtitln one month after prerentatiaon, shallhe inate ikeean eo far ae prncticalel to each other-they olli otning theatoelves tat rt adalertise or print for such dleinqatoatt, onless in case ort aionee pnymente. ibignedl J. C. ta S. IIOMEs J. BAYON, IP. P. IREA, J. C. PItENI)ERTGAST, JOHN GIBSON, ILMSIlEN. N'elrry Pess.-W\Ve the uotaersignool, agree to abide by the above condlitiona, as lar as they are applicablaea to ,markhlv papers. (tigrudi A. B. LAWRRi'NCf, SNN suhsaroi Dlptiono are takeu for less than t slouths. Letters iarrast, in ll ea laea, tai paIst paid. SPAIN RgVISITrlT bh the nothorof "A ye.r ia S"pai,sh"in 2 vole- Harry .leerly, a noal, by ae alihnr of "Cecil Hyeae,', in'I volt. 'he ACtrecs atI IPadal, mid other tale;, by tihe nathoar of "The Faoraa tkel," in 2 vols. Nitarod's allotllatc TouIars; nitatersieertrd w itl eharalctaristin alleolllala, RarVillrng ata doings if *sttrtitg Mert ioaclodiag otiaaatteeasflth priaainaci adcraek Jlars of Englnetd with .aaalyticaal ctlalllatoietda Lnlleral dt x aI Orlne, iro which rire addedl Ninllrad's I lettre oil t Ding aHounds, in 2 vcla. lien IBrae, the Iatr o Nlaaa's Agameuinon, by Caplt. Chaniter, I. N.,aaohor "l the "l.ife afa fo ilar," ..c. In '2 vols. (iOIaiiltalltarias rita Eqruaity Jurioprudence. at odwilaiitereltin ':-'-lan and Ataerien lay Joreph rStry, . . ". Iit. Ocv, li ta'.a 'lalaed yIt)rydetia Patia, Caaagcarira Aalalisaaaa andoait inatai. ftrairmiNag 2 ao'0 aaali aaf aHtrlaeltar's C at Ii I.illarry." Infantry Tactica, ,r rnlrs far thl ai x.-rise ItaaiIltenartastre tl tihe United states rliatultry, hyv lbar aaerenl Scott, UI. S. Armny, in 3 cala. Jest reeeorael aid for onsal qy WM. McKLa N, 7 eorner CtaaIlp & .lalthon tat,. NFW\Y MUst(;. r ishtba Hollr; Ia she nIrat pasniaiaar; Ol this an I.cOV; otalhing: Iiita v i.0, IlYv awilaCar Ilaao;a Ittllli Ia.lllltOyleat Ita ald; 1all lit Illa a - hrokllll Vii;a Slotretaiwcll in tillt' . 1aalaaaa;all; \V: hall III IIIIa e 5.trt; Ilantt, ) Cnlallle; CUlttilet alre el ai aallllllllalldc Ageatfhladia thtber i),tv i iaia , tch, Iiailaaaac; ['hl hal.l a t ol Ilirila; Mily liglht Briv Dzina ; t lh da a ti MAn l'ae.rell; Jeanaiv J;ne; I'lhe Y'i r i'id.w; ataat fit e tll, i.l.arta \Viah; Ital;l at ar lahve It a t t" IS v.'; Slall1 er, .er ia a .t ari la ; Wtaa ho I ; lac lllll. hca ic litsa i.,tsit lla ia J l.te ! farl tha'. IiattIe;r - Aaa' i boa la a- a aih.t" ; alt .'Ilraai, lvaaltir v.vriI by Ii..Iama; Still -. Itl.l I y o'rll. la t-alia , ttlri lle/ hg t rlllllY Iavl-i a-- l rIte ,air' !ru, opareLta it era, vaaaad by F I' uuala; ateau ties of tlta. cnolelr, i i ta;ra t 't a at at'lay V ilalliua, ' f,.a ltrorila t a ira ls a str oplra I l'itnui, illrvnll ,hl aarrv cnac'ltthaiFlitanatllaaa I iatitaat Ila ural he tt: l aaa.fVelarr; i,'r-cw ll \ahllz yr I. iaa'aaaaal, te2lr.'-, It cvarita I taae; A are s,.t oI'llutallion, from ths )t. ae It Maa,., Far stlItI" aaa Piana Forted aald tdllin 0teree. am ' il a1a: -facet. SCollection o oflh nI I'hr. sn rv.ry r. ir n oe.aroy to, maintain converr.nion, trrl:ro;lc lilndr i trent hedea , with ntolloerfns remulirk.s o lle prrulilr pIOlllheilltllrnr rinidse fvulriollltt wtol. 'l'l't wllllH o l d'llpoed as Censoderibly to tr cilitllot tile ctd niilionll If I ornter ironOnciation of tihe Frlch. Ily .1 BIr' ohr, t new dItrionl reviwed oud coietront:'d. A orele:tion a o t rne haudrel of P.trrin's Tables,t lecorm-k panied with at key, courta ing the text, alithrae eel free ralltioll, arranged i such a noner I toint out 'krdilreraee between the French and l':nIeliell idlhon, .o.p fignored pronunciation of the Frencll, a.crodling it , tins heat French works exxmton the subject. Th'lh. wimle ,tre ed el by a hlort treatise on1 tilhe sunmllIldt O f tile F .rench anguage,eompared with those of the Ellnlisi. A L'roaouneing French Primer, or thile Solar's (;uid to tite accurate pronunciation and tothography of thi French Langl age, containin. tits olrtr ctaenording Io the best Osage, Jy Bernsd' Tronohi, j'lst received nnd or eale Ly WAI MCKl AN, rg __ Cr C(nmp r Cnoin ate. li UE'TYLP UR SPRINGS. GREENRltEtr COUNTY, VIRGINIA. Sti llfavorite Watilerin pilae in lthe oolnllatii,a I Virginia, t mileswes of Lewioburr', old 21 from the Wlite Sulphur, will be open in due sttason for the reception of company. Many important imorovements have been mudr.asinee thelatsensaon. A slplcios hall room, and aumlber of single-btidedi rooms have b lreen added and now 'fnlishing; aftordintg acoloandlllrdtions, by the lntrf, for 25'l viitor. An excelltnt tarn pate read eas been oonstructed passing by the springs, and intarsectitg tile Kanawhn turnpike near Lewsa burg. Over thei read, Ly direction of tie pIel icuet Sndeprttaent, Messrs. Beldin, Walker & co's. liene of toail aoahesa will run. A Islt rotlie heing established art te sprigse, vieitoro nas rcteivo rews,nnal Cilron ond daily, east and welt. tf ithe tmedicinol nnlitie nf these wetern, tne proprietors aeed ot lllseak. Th'ley have been aar lysed hb aible m l prlfssed chetmist, li nand to hold in solartia all the valuarl einrtedieans ol the Inst celebrated sprinogs in Virginaa. Tihe eobination 'tla ito meht Salphlrettdll ty drlrenU, dlp.atlo uf nagreeia, Stulphate of, C.r orttte of Lase, Sonllal.e of Sold, Muriate of hodi. andl Ml'iateldf MagresiL , the N sulntary effects ofl' vtiel are lexhiited itl distneOea incideot to femnles;and chrorn ic af"ectiortl of the rtloaeh, liver, tand btowels; int utt tneon at.erirots or driseaes ofti, akin n i o reetady more potr'ent ot eccioun c ant Io foundl. Extensive bathing establishments liar ttth eexes hive been erectd contiguouas to the slrittgs. Visitors cao at ll t y the e putreliatr atvnntaged of their be. nitgn ad wholesome effects. Major William fas will eootietne tie superinterl noca of the spring. vern exertiton on his part, tnd oti tire iart of ite lroprietrs, shall he rendlerd tt itstrt' fohe r te Bluea ulp ler alitralelare of rhe bi cpalt ranage. Tlhe priiprietors of the Blune Sulphur Sprilgs wRil ie, iletal in the re'eirt of notes rffniit I thorn and VWe no Banlks whic are consideree soliv :;.aL par. MARIA MONK, &c. A WFUlldielosuree of Maria Monu of the Hotel Dieu Nuonery ' MttlMtrtal, t, .i l, with an ap peodlit, cotfitie, pa,'l 1, tleeeo tio an. t firtcditiion part 2d, Seqtel of Iher arrtative;, Review of tthe case. Alote, a ospplert, mt, giving more particulars at the Nurnoery andi greond, illetratcd'by a'plar of the Nnanery, rc. Maria Monk and the Nunnery ,.fthe Hotel Dieu--e-. ing an actat ote ta visit to the Convents ofMMontreal atd refutotion of the "Awful DiTslosures;" Iy Win: L. Stolle. Fourth experinent of Living. l.i'ing without means. rho BrStudent's lstrletor it lDrawing und wrkinog "'rite Five rtlCero of Architecture," fully xplaine.g the methosla for satrikitig regvllar and quirked moutldtc ; for diminishing and gluiorg ofcrl tli rsntd CalittsI; tir finding the true diameter oft an olardrt ta ny given Ihejghrt; for strrking the lonic Volute, circula r ,r elipticula with tniashed exanples, on a large scale, of the orders, their tionehoire, St:.;and tome designs Ior ia)r cases, ale .atly engravers oi fortv-one .olltos, with explates--by laeter Nieholson, architect, author of tile "Mlrotnict's Cootpanio'l,'- rCaartoatar'e Nr w (Gltide," "Carpenteor's ant Joiner's Assistant," "dc. "A Prat ti iesl 'freati on thr Cu:lttre of Silk,' adolnpt ed to tihe slil and climate of thei United Satotes--by J. (l. Comttoek, oeretary of the Hrtlr'li countty Silt S.o iert, and editor of the "Silk Cultdrist." "'rim Sill Raoirar's Manuanl, or the art of roititg nol feeding silk worras, and of caltivaling the M hlberry tree--by M. Morin. Tihe Clerk's.Guide, or Cmacmreia l Correspon lenee; cotmprtsing letters of usieiwss, laa rs o,!ill , iivoices, teeount-nsales, anld shoRilketpers, eqatiaon oft payments, commercial terms, &A.--bv B. . Foster. "History of the War n ilte Pnninsida and tlre South of Frnroe, front tihe year 1807 to the year 1814' by W. F. Pi. Nalier, (C. B.,vol V.;to whieh are/erfixed on. srers tt aome oltaoks it Robinson's Lite of Peton, and int th Quarterly R,'eview; witlt ctouter retnlorke to rar. I)lltIey MaottagU lPercival's remarks ulo .olne pn00r. goin Colnnael Napier's forrth volutme of the Pleninular, War. Jnrtreeivedd ntlfor ale by m-. '1C PERL,-d- t bble, in store, ttr sale bry G G)ORSRY, Ir'i 44 New Levee. S UtIAR-50 hlda, prime atticle, for male hr G laORSFhY. , je_6 " 44 Nnew Levee ORK--Ill blo lees, I'ritme and uatnr de-cri it For sale l'" STETS,)N &, AVIdRY JJaLt' N. lrower & Co. S[AYE just -seeivedat their "nrsisohipg Ware-hote RI No. 17C esls streetb 'recent tsrrvalt from EI, rop, anod the North, large adeltions to tiseir stock of ose'ual tad ornoaoentut AoTelrepe/ing srtiosla, whicb eel tectively (they believc) form an assortsmeot more gener ,l cos esompllete than it to be foual in any sttnitar estab Ilshmeont known; consistingof SILVER WARE. Coffee sad tea sets; pitchert, waoter,, eaitor;, conole. tioeks, eups, tumblers acl goblets; table nd dea ert tbrk,; table, desert and tet spoons; marrow and gray, or ra-. goat spoos; sugar toosg; sugar, ssaue and onp lao ea; satter, frait, ipdtting and fish koives; tickle tadl desert oniveso andf ourks, nopkiuis, rilegs, tc. princiltaty froo the t.oa loetory of Mr B. Genrsinor, of Peaw York, whose long establislled reputat;on for the manlofatulre of silver wr.a is suefficient guarlantee of its superior sinldity. 1PLATEI) *.&Ri OP IIHEFFIELD AND BIR MINGHAM. el' ando cotire ure, tea setts; castors, liqitor and cor dit ltosct; sueperb raeadlebosl an. Eplcruaes with elr roer tlatcaux, for enotro of tie dioller or topper table; waters round aold bilong, from 8 to 11 inohei; beef steik ood vegetao;e dishes; rich dsho, covere; cake alid breed baskets; tdeanttor stmadt; mootle atid t hinter etllolestioks; wise stulsera; coolers tad sylyphos;; deeto ter labels, claret corks, tea strailers, table bells, tea, to. ble, egg and muatrdl spoons; egg boilers asd standss tlast races, te. SILVER ON STEEL WAItE. Table and desert knaves, forks ttd sepoonls; sOUp and aoe ladles; aiutter and fish kives, clheese scoops, as iargui tonegs, vegetable forkia die. JAPANNERY. Pave Goihic Sandwich anQ rounod eoroet waiters, in setai atel single, from 8 to 31 inches; tt ofpapiermahei b red, cheete, and knife trays; large upright Ilate maorere; epic, sogar and eah lsoXes; prtSSin eagest; Indlia to tables it! aets, matddlis Jsappsmui tnd of rich toroise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive asortmtmlt, among wmno re At lss lamps, Il bronzed lel gilt, and of riot el cut elass nAltle lamlp dso, do, etch plait and with iglas prisms; very spletalhil eut gloss doi broaized nndJapanlped sidi or bfllekl·t tall is. iCIIANIDELIEItS ANt) HANGIIG LAMPS. Elaglislt and Freta h cd t e lass clhandeliers o. Ilslls of 8,I11, il5, it, 2tliosod 2L lightst; Fencr blrolole! tas gilt Grecian olms, 1 4 nsS 8 iliits; hall Illa IIs Ia hn terasa rich brolnze lHt or centre Inps otr dilrMwing otmes, from 1 to 1 ligats, lamp shades, glasses ulal wicks. MAN'TLE CLOCKS, .:ANI)LtEIIIt S AND VASES. lIronzed antd marble; bronzed anl gilt, ansall gslt, .ith fixtlres, ete; eouatiag house tanI kitchen otonks; ilslzat iokstanots, aega rto; Iaper weights, thermonse era, cori racks, caonslesticks etc. CliINA WA .E bit PIIRCELAIN Eaglish and French dinillg dIetrt, tea and coat'fee ser vices oi liain while, gold eldge, and very riell fniCv ttyles; tplerlldid toilet rsets; lwater al milk pitlcherls, latllle rascs; faEey carda racks oand Iaskets. EALT'ILENWA I. tllti.g, desert, tea, cotile, breaktfist and supper mitts; toilet ware; titchlers. Also, C(altonl sslsia ditnner selts, tie. CUT GLASS. I)iscaltels, pitchers; ciaret allld corisn ed hokt deeatres; tawls, s eiseles, celery vases, slet slalds. slgrgltl howls, lbuttcrer tuss, fisger hsosns, tumblers, wine, chalomsiaige, claret, esordials, lenslasllle audt juily gl:ases; line cohOred Ilookginases. Also, eoslle shllres. TAltLE CtJfUTLIY. Fisse ivrto' Illonlalce ilisllts, self tit tned Ihutk hsnltdl knlivers n. tlls of(t lan 5 and Illces, ir Iby sIb dllel ivltrv Io tlle ksivsonlo- for Lisat .l. sibrks; gi ngs-d alId un"i'e canvern; lonIg sllces iiiiiii] the I' alf oltli, knlive,$, tss Creeakoos aII plebat; sstlltao lrlrai'st Cisl.k t't:.s tLr. Illt. ANi A AN It Itt.(iJKTi IN \VAItE. Tel a u IoIso ettltl, setlts tl t: a III s1s1 tilh osIcl 2 liuict-es, sllitbllc for hotels atll sstalnlltoss ,ls. -unsm.d :lth,; I l dishs-s I itth ctels, tslol stltl.,trS l , lh:distk ]tiast l ilt csverse, ststassatas cottlte t .T-gs; its ksttles '. ,tas wilth be, c4g Il llbs, Uic. t'ANIJ Itlla Alll ll, El~ll· Illlln t .I:III) I.'F.. I:I6111 illsl, sil wi e I snle rssl bl asos ll slllllll; o slll rl 1ttosesl liltveils:uol tong, de; co rIltqr .oal hIl,,s nml punch ket. tires; itssstsso t t tllttils, ittll ill sttsks; I s .tls-ttt-s hI itsI so ,li lo-oshses; cs-iass;ag lno is" lUhtes; tui,'thi stads, grist latiosti ruhi l. ts. I¢.II'GlI'\ lL'RN 't~ll'--!olmllht~f~., ill, brials,, ('opperln, ma lid "wiOd#~l ellY!ilt, i tt t enths(lss n os i' iallt } nit lslt i ln Int ei splhi'Ced 555 U I l s l.t t aIt ' cost to tisssln ts tit i b t.siterand ,dultised wasr.epir nl Ie nishalts itcw. iTIapS r'pairedi :u,,I ll',,III· L IareC :;1 'o 4< I ) 4I, .., J <4.. L III, ) 1444ii .: ( . lll i(teolln e I ' l '1 1 r CO.V ( I 11i p 1Er ; s )!w or 7 0 4, wh nd, r d . $6 it. sa,,,.1(10 O10 Fo'4r dI. of I1 laws. n do. or s. saws in, a IN1:I (:INS. For 44 sin4gle '14I441 4S4 Soow 4 1nl' more4 , with 4o4 4 4ct of feeders, <44n44, &c. at $f6 per saw, bs$180 < FIur4,1. of 604 4ws, with leeaders,,&r at $3 33., ersw, 30 00 For . do. 1410 - alws, with feeders, &4c. t6 .5 rI, sawl 300 0,l. F or do. of 41 saws, with leeders, &S. It a7 50 . per saw, , 150 0i Extra teedh where desired, r for tieers, s;pplied :+ ilconts e.ahi; the oumr .r of teeth ellio about equw o the nudllr of saws. .. Oe set of e eeders, it is con sider.ed however, will weal out twe or three sets oIl sows. Extra sawssupplied at 8) cents achl. The d(ins ordered, will be delivered to the agents of planpers in .ar of the sea purl towns of the cotton plan li ra St4tees, 4 thhe alr.e prie4sr , te4aglle4s, sppvi4gt4ed it4gl, o' the sah1te nu4e.n New Yletok, 4.444 slest eni4 . I 4iana4444 i4,r 44e 4m.unt of the (4in. A Giln wright willbe seol with the G;ins to put them up where de sired; tile callerges fur whose services will e extra, boat moderate. Iron running gearean e sllo he ordered where desir1ed, oil reasonable bIel s, but will be charget d extra. phors ilpower, ofany descriptio, ceal 4 e t4arnished oil like terms. Samall steame elngies call also e ordered if de Is irldefsi44ble, when planters give for A Gins, theyl should etcompany hem with their views ip n regard to 4 ari4rth ge4tent4 l rsaw, breaos11s, brushes, &c. II is C and the4 di4fe4 :1 4 o4pinion. S4ome desi4re14 Sa of lr.'rlr dIiila eter the others. The most core mninr size is 9 or ll inches; .'' some wish them lclr inchesa. Some, wish 5 or 6 rows I b.rushles on an nxle, while odthersl d4o4 not 1t atmore th.l+, nw t. ouslt. Su4i.e ishr saws with 81 orY Iteetlh tol the inch, while oherslv want 10 L arI. V . uch di sc repancy, we pr.efer thely 4should, o4t thle tile of giving horders, tlrnish 4 a statellent of their wishes, and the manu 1hturerse can flfl tlthemw in eovtery particular. Where it is left to o4 discrfetin, we wshll make them on the most modern and approved plan. 114An o4ree can he 4exeute4d, itom thie time itis rece ved, tie placed4inl the hands of the facto. To 4he in 1 lme til tie next crop, all orders uight to he in the hands oft is hes 4n4 .uturers Iv the first o4r niidle of .It ay; exept for pla ntations wll e they trelnte in commencing to pick or gin eotton. N. 11. 'l'T he P utet Right, for atny one of the certon growing states, willbe sold or n rewsou;atlehterms. tt 41m03 1mos STATE OF LOUISIANA.-First Juoic4al District: r 1HE STATE OF IUISIANA, To Ill whom these 'resents shall come, Greeting:-Whereas William .)lackey having pullrchased at 4 sale 4made iv the Sheriff of the pnrish of Orlean4s, the npropert hereinafter described, hal s applied to1 the clerk of0 t ifs cor1t, in whosi e alice the ared of ,at e was recorded on thie 5th1 y of Mai, A. I). 138, for a monition or ad vertNmm.ent in coniratity toh, an act of the eI.gilature of rie State of Lt Ii la, entitled "An act for the Ifrther assurance of titles tpI purchasers at judicial sales;" atp proved the4o1thd1 y of aur4h,41834. NO W, the4frefore, know e. and aill ersons interested hoWill. tloke Ihiey aited and 4arli nchedo t in thse 4140e14of y1he Shter of t.ouieiann andr of 1th e Fir th J iicial )4atr4ct Court, who can set t4p l44 right1 title or claim in and to rhoe p raers dehereinhfter deeerbed, ied otothge ler of aty irtil i w tol e t inl thre order,llered or judgm ent of th e ount under twhich the soale wAs ma1de, or any irtrengulto0 or Illerl lity in the appraistments and advertisementsht in tihneo, or manner of sale, eo ifr ner n other defect whets, ever, to show ciall4s, within th1iry days flu4 n t44 e 4day thir tuhoenjs firee in seroed i n the pablir paeers, why Iroile r id Ioproiaty 4.s444od iby the Shaeriff of the0 p4n4 il4 a ore0ipt 0 oil tie 3o4ert1 a of iApil, A. It. 13il, Coy virt er ofi dereo of thwa c, le. r ren arellc" the 3did of rla444 A. 1). 4 l, in h a srit a n boiiled William wLack 4vr. ;Nt. Ilt ll, No. t15 hr5 of the docket of thi y court, t hlic4 i sale 4ld 'rillity as l4oel y hecioe t4he per A l ertoin lot of gr44und, togather 4wie ail thle boilr inea rd itprotvem utn tllereon, Sit1atee d in the parish of Orlene, in the 0are boulnded bI New Levee, SLouaisl, I'aul soil I)rlord streets, desigaatel by the No 44I,4i.0ra tlrtt144 Llh41V C. Fp Zilolpel. I)Dep4tyV S1rveorI 4 I.0euera4 , ont t144 1o1441 Ieoinber, 183L; aiid dellosie1d a4. 4i4n No 44t, ill 4e 1oollk 441 p4044 ol Felix G0rimi, notary 1,4lie. Said lot nleotsuret 04 f.el II inelle. front en - New I.4veP 4 Ireel4,751 fet in depth oil n4he side ajiljlining lot No1 8, 0nd 80 feet 7 i47 he4 s u4 d 4 lines ill depth lll tl Mille adjothing the property now, or |latly, hehlngihi g to N l ood.le, and 119 leet It inl<es w4idth in ilh rear4 +t here it fronls on all ailley o thrle feet ninle inares in cala4oa Ion lois No. 1,5, 1.,7. 3 a11d 9. ('lerk's Cice, 4("4 3l14. ll,41<8. nll6t 6l WIEWIS lep (0lerk. t R.. WILLIAMS, OCULIS T, t s LOUISVILLE, Jut. 21. t ills on o oil that t ran wnny ,tllll Louis Ville snad (monn other plcet) had mlade trucks If, thll resolved on Tne. y last, triI to Cincinnati, far oone day only; I returned sgnin Ins tiptht. I beein to tfe tltul I It na very intprta i nll. .vilsol, as tllts instant the Journal of this city wats put iotar .y haad, ettin0, namolnsat a great anny orsh, things, that I had uctalavl run aory from Loulsrill to eaelltthe efects of thle wonderful mognertis nec ti of doctor Snip, tile kniglht of the thimble, atias, A a S, My return, hlwevcr, proves that th1 tolble of the o o tnnd wolf, is alpplicoble to the Journal. Tihe fable is "A lost woas elnployed t watch anti tlvn the alarm, whreihet wl.lfnoloeares; e Ieiig eittera 'fotsotan,'; ttlthO.'eOtt It, or altir, frqcoe:ly cried ot't Ite wolfio tllitg,' tohtile greaLtdismY of tihe citizens Ts a v a: last afound out his real ehltraeier: that Il was o lior, andt nt tote bttlicved leven when tatt spoke the trntlh." The r ito is, that cases mast taroduce their effects. lie it will iproveof the oll-wise writers, Dr. Snip & CO., in tihe Jtornal. would advise them to provilde thtm selvaes wih a steam nagioe proas, in order to meet lhe woullerflldeandd n t insreas of that paiper, as it is well known, taere ore nany wto seek fpr nothing but fnlsehiod,oot of sheer Itve to the oenders'of that urti cle. Iut onftrtunaotely for Goli0 h S.nil, of needle oanl tlhimble elelrity, tile groant nass of thti nillitns of A merian people, are fao eiltdnd far flmed obs loveas n t trultl. Therefore they will, (as ffecto Iloduted iv the nus[so) aturallv suay, I wont to read )tauer, Ititol I ntay rely on, ttherefos I will sRel out such, ntl Iteonos s subtm tiler to tile uther joturnal, whooe sttrltslnttt twill fo rT.i,, false. Their Its lntaeearlts ore te Ital pnsle to retalern rcfatntionL yet I will sate: sto. Illlt .lmlt tollts liel. 2d. ''I*t I teulltrsonlall thtl the 31st Jol., 'theo I) Snip & Co., have sent oe at letter thrrateaing Illy lifs, if t remained after tltaiOth. 3d. I'htt frmln tlis,I shahll Iproceed to Cicincnoti, for fourtsen dnay only, of whilch'l with l)r nit, & Co. to inform the afticted, i their own ratittala never fails to bring nte ptlttiltn. 4th. That from Cincinnati I shall proceedti to the Falls otf the Niotyara, to It at Il.ilfalo, (if t)r Snlip & Co. Sdo rot take away lay lifc,ttnt tice Ist t' Septe.olher, an ' tNetw 'orktn ithe int of 'Nverlber, sln, d the wholt of the neit swotuner, in order 'o lout lt tt all tie wholll Plhilistitnes;. Its inedical tGolittst of lscol,,, ntltiltlsl. )lhi,, tatioldlli Nashlville aatI I svivile wU wiei rolttltlt. (lbeflre tt t tiome arrives dulors, oish I st, l, ope and thre (Glcllh . Crtrier &e. Grittt makes fur lsses, stties, &,t. Golitll tlth. Corn cstter. Gli l 5th, Paits tinld I rutlt sa, os Apici.le storc. Gulith fit the most tangilcenst of Illl, Iei. dtlip, tlios 1hll, s&o pnlccralhtll t thle plr4prietors nd editllorsllf the, Jotrnal. I.taslv. I wotl hlve the" nohlle I)tr. Stil, & CO r know c latilotlitgls.lre the tae tcit it ttllread o neser iie,or spletld it illster, lI ind been fior years, in the hlll it of ruestytitg ainlt to the bllindl, w itha ha too me o w olicvr ofhis Mglesty'ra s ouste, t t litt rit t 0i0. toss t t(hetll tO ettloyoel. Dill tIt ttreto splatter; the clllrricri the harness makee~rlir for sses; the tr o --Sntttr; i sits ltttand d custoe havkeen inttlhe ntrgniisett dcittr sttip[, er, even s lst, th1ol drown tof leig aiie to oaor leike ?I wvisi the Joo ue o toh alnte, Iail heceive nodie andrro stto wges fatt i itI A MI. o.nd uttleo lfro f 3o to Is 'clock I5 At. sovtr tll'rst, tllll soioi laJolevr oullile c r. c t r fldlo obtaliLn lily (opihlion Wither'lt fele as Usler In great haste,. JGHN 1VII.1.lA.1iS~t~culint Jefrerelll house, Louislville, July 21, 11137, t. F.-Sinect'itiagin y laO t I htt e bo r n i'li cttet. thlti of thile olloase, alt tih e lpoor Jot+' loe of tha Jotarottu, nod Itia ttdletcn cttoaatre s, well tletsed wecc' ttltt,ia, thr tot tooteatite tlheta together, in toe Iot rso ,ctoks,~ rites Othys tretfeetti a ,stttlei etaclt alies, t[tey liltil tile ultgel ,ls tbI's lof al,'iuter flock togstherl" 2i. Fer asil cttticcgcit' Iloter, Alr. P'tetticet, alias. "knight tt Il the roil; ' td' the colony of al (.enter bun', Maw "hoitlsittol tltereaerI.h''tc tot 'suttchtt di'ootstfcro, ttnssu Il. 11 i tue, he liglht hae*0 heen so eleltev ll, aone tlleillint d Iwith tur, Hllld t11,t tIoltu l eo g f aelro. , ail " l is awn dung-hill," wl., tuy ".al ...ri, dO d trvl n lnl his IIIrl il s w, t tfi , ty s ,ttett hi tor,5 thtr alltt wre" burnt alive, othersi Ih f Ie t: atl,, whlh, ttsam wcre rtt is t to fle elllltprorts Ite taLrtLa' , Ibe klnigIhts oI thel rail. t'ht)lttoh ti tae t ty IIhe e ttttt tt orlhly klilht ise eto a t only aliv, lt n, 111a t, fite Ill s r elitil' o a ln ' ti jt n hi s bo '' t eral :a kn'.t f h't i tail i l l ilcl e " is Whe hl, hit is. 5 1 still illt t perilwel hf'.hhbi.I and h;llioinll liu 14 fall Ibowa r-.s- - tic'inlv h Ihe c lr ilh , e t to, tl ov igtrt , t i llo ne, . ito ie itof ittttt. t l '1Ce'i' tI r. Ihell, '1i i, S. keih t os the Ihiulnlelhle &(,'. wl· il 'x it I t hI liltIt'I hi dVig" te t ori'550 alil''tsn" f t'oe t 'tti ,", als's rtms, ,i ttI e t nt t ttt iia ll i t ','ts f t t li i IS P lie,'d tI, lull, ,l ll ttitttt i llll,'rt itt, ' ' ,ii l '''Ott' li l l , r o.'sit'etnlro. ohs'hcfoo so' tilie othiýsa cies l ,t:41I1·III)I. 'T'hi (llmnontll. I'endI ll~lls'ee'ndp· hl ,it,' ol if tits a tibl 'cit uistet I t it o .t letts i titr toiticnt f ord:. ut Il hI l l . hoky L ol' ht)11, I w 'littettel Ittast' s ,stao Itltilto tiecl't' tiittc' wl oet ly tts JItteilll licly tc't' reoc(liogk aI 'l s i t 'ive lelt h,,t. hi- ll e, ru a .t s bruin 1' , ttl. li:fll. tlthe I t, iath t ot l ,lll 'ellv tr, , oill )silt IIlt ar trs os,ill I t1In I haid, si:.utt o It .'llritntle I n)ttt . t It ' +is 1 t11 ll ill'o ( c i t' olti o t:Ie el i' tc, C ie is It, 1 ,'- i,'l. s i.h r, amt , vii i blu+e lie hllhh ii . hl lfie Tho N;' olillt.t to.llo' ij as r et. Icsl Itatas, ttttI Nilat betII l,, ll· I r. thoi liteaI t h , it'I tme.l o Il lllr l"ef t t - SI.,I t htht'e ' Iltetetttii tti't ittttt iaollllstl tit tlllih' lttt t ,. sh.." l 'll;i o a hickl ware l'ul, hiib i ti ll tl) u e. ' h cn ct i ott' i oe li lis i thsottlttt iits ltl igsie iht, iLts Itol iise iloglf whropl. Illal. le u iwarll' Irls V ila nude Io lme. Thas o .",e] le, the og orlhv pa i.ll th Of tI I In l dem the f lldlhd n , will aehll~eiy nIltr1 k 5 l0 ath v IlT n++r· rin iheoill "nt it tits ette Ills tttty g nt lstto it, att e. at files rir lll if hr tJoLr· Ilw+ the llre iteie wi h wh rt·ic lllrlill ;Ilt . rlet ll' o t a it r .y e ntirs, pllt lIrell tvfss l$l) ien tacov ali rliul5 au. Iotu e llr tmrlupwaa , oit0) weiy e H'I',+llllth tt'; (penfth rr ify " whihllev o IIf th their irtv fib l'lk. J littl Ia . i N`. II.--I Illie jasl recelvcd~n hi~ter, cp·d tIhl +3stJa g, itit( f r a l lo v madkin g o Irwonltll ltrey Ill tse ill ri.sts and thiy millont wrilers some th elnoV e Kenit rhC Icals l trnp eteitus oh atr rv ul,'rs, athd r lt h in my 10st htttlr. TIFuIc y Iavr lfirssei, ! dhid not kn ow hor yvell s411 iloct lly mlhlhis till ath lgy Ito t ts drogil L isvillie yet, if the cut lit, fially gllflelut lie to st o colurse wcea it, tlough not intended by wle. J.W Jeli,'smiHrousen , Sntnrdray, O2d July,11837. JEFFERSORN0 Huoc, ItOUISVItE, July 13, Ill:.7 To Ite Editor of Ir/, Cty Gl3 ette: lll--lt-l ingg listenedl t tio ti enltreaies if my plon ' I etc, c , IIt reuted, illy heaIlth pcermits, to re. ucic ii this city till the cid oi i July. 1. TI'o try t ilo them llre c.nodl. 2. 'T cville i the ihlilcilnuts thail thie vie apc thats the Medicaullioliis S. ec, chise cppliedl toi e, belong to thlem, as Ihir lawful ri h.I 3. '1h it Iin roldy to deposite two hundred dollars in notes of the U. S. Bunk, in the hainds oif its Nlhni thie :lavor of this city, uglinist similr suin to be de positeld by tll llte gr at anid m ghty uIctori S. & CIo. that 1 restor tI ciliht more alged, olddiln-aged, eyou icisuuc i and chicileit who were titaci cr it Icrittiol blitdl, thou ftihey di ; ccidl thus I ci cinildi to cure iI gretiter umihb of shnirtt wcak hr rson dcrciiiu, shoct, thutlhey dn. ietl wilIhl ua uiy w ite almlllllators to rall ill to thei aid all the vern ilesrvedly celebrlatedlc i sll·slrs d ct I)ucurseol' ll lth. colleges, ait well as nil the dlloctors and qu ck doltors I he louud in private praictice, (who tiro lit few! ill the Statesof Kentcllcy, Ohio, Inldilna aund ve inl enullesse; where there rt utindeed slue two .Itllr. ItllOnos doctor, whosll names l ug t to e hanldd diow as low as Iposible to late sti ioteerity. 4. It Iii lie clearly ullcrstnuti that till the cures if, on ,bth sides, .ust lie iprove' shall Ihave been. pleclredc ,eithout the aid of any surgical o,.erutiol 5. 'tihose who really merit the elithets tliey hive st lillberlly appli el d l ciii e, chill liirfiii the 4llill li, tl' benefit ofllIe calmcc housesl ill thli city, and ile lother par ty lshall take lack his oitwn $2Oil, whoiecr lie or tlies mty lib. If even tcle UiglhtyV neciical Ilciuhuccgel Si shotll inrovu c cn of( the suc.'csItll ecandihltec, I will fulfil til old provierb, nd give the "old gentlemanl " hii 0i. At all eventl I would advise the last named (loi liah S. notto nllfer that letter to stand ulone, as it gone for "sis lctou" un well as "slpient," both 9yesterdap and tO.dyI-^ but I aid~se hint to and to it its legititllllul conmplliolns, A h placed Ibetore it, in alphabetical order then the indlelpendentt inhalbitaullt of the city would al ways know the writer bv tile mlod i of his voice. JO1IN %l Il.lIAMS, Oculist. '1 was iyeak enlloullh t reall thi liaius of falcsehood. signeld ., whlchll deserve noIltting but iIy silent coil tempt. ltad I kllown lull rovelig of tile great iotrlncrnee ol A S SI, should hclivt treutecl tille leut If tle tihrcee lue what dilirnlitlv: but let tlint pass. I Will. huoever compliment his mister of the Jcturcel,l for is sgt " itiy to ellcply the flitruer lknight (icl cIfltit gcrter or of ite thistle, hut) ofh the ile iedc elc tlsilllelh, in orelr that he nmay kill twoi iridsl with ille istonie, i. e. I' Ipatch the holes that aiyi he i ln ili natural or pliticil gnruienlt and, if I uiy judge'irolt- thai txeellent liper, the Ad vertiser, Ir. Slui.p' master is, politically, ill ,onslulll need ol'his servic... W\hen all ciruiccnlictacceuribs, whetherdolnesticulhl or politiclly, whllich re.i.itree a bIlister, whlether on hi. iwn noce or ni thie repuLtlien olftlse who do not hapil sea to ilease himl, uteiug unlike hic, (which lmustl be h great misfortulne) tenlit is he rings his I iELL, whice efterall is ulhile Illmorn than if it was' sounding bras, or ettinklicg cynlbal;" t et, to view it thIuc-lr. lhell looks well; hbut with clI. 1). A. S. S. lihr it, Iappearc magnificent!!! KI[AVA" A ici bIKl'.t :A'l'S'--In acure and ticr caul _ ira" ('omeccou cnd MNtg netc ci. TIHE handlsomel STO'I)REI and hack Kitchens f oi the ulinsement story of the ''True Atc ri cu Ilatlitce, two dItes from Si. Cblhalr'l The atre. A filtt rate stand litr Coftie Ioiie. Alld to 118 JO)llN Gllst'11N, ElIdlitr 'T'rue Aisericaii. N AII.S.-A primei' ucnrtunet of a'it Nails to 1 ¶ld,finrrstle b y CIAIAS & cNEY,}, tinl (' Illis strcet. MILES' COMPOUND KXTICTALn" OF TOMATO. A 6UaSTIrUTE Volt CAPLEL. frTHEIt loCtil-ine promulgated with nso ncl ssumance JL y taony empitari of the leset da, that one me dicine Will cure all diseases, is not, anld tver can' be trae; and he who asserts it, is either fol ol' oa, il Itistr. But it is a fltillelemonstrable by experlience, that combinalions of medicine mlay be fornled from the VtEGEiTAHLE KNGDOM, that will lCet so llliVeroailany o the system, wheni tiken seasonanly, and injudlicious pro iportions .As to cure, inll nlie cases ot of tell, all diseases within tihereach and power af medicine, From tme well known and nstablislthe reputation of Calomel, it has long been employed iby, siul scientific physician, as one of the most powerlid agents for the removal of lisease. By the former, al most every Illn h:as been delged with nostrums, that tlrir authors claimed as specifics in every diase iaod dent to the human t'aliJy. The iolly ofa these pretel sions vnees nonommaenl, for curlate cheorllieal illvesti gation has shown, that the baseof amost of the Palnceais, ahllOliUcons &e. which lhav been trumipettedbetforeit thle communityl , with so much assarance, is Caloinel, or mercLiry in some torm. Now, if this fiotet aoti.:lee even ii the ihans of the most skilfnl physieian, frtpteot ly exerts an influence on thile human syote, unforeseen, anllt entirely leyoind the control ofart; underminling th, coanstitution, anl brininging on lremature old aie, diseam atal loath, what result shotd be texpected when pre teribed hy the ignorant? Could itUeifr tiany thousandt victims speak, a voice from the tomb weull poll dispel hle 'specific' delysion that now swayis thie tild of tile living. Humane Physicians deplore the sad evils resdtiong from the mercurial ainutice s and will gladly hail the in troaluctit of ant article that can safely be-substhtutedtfor ealoanel. They feel, asul that keenly, the uniceraitltv of its Irimarj opiration €ttoy eyaooot nay whllether it oili Iet faworahle or maianranlle. They also humas, amnl it', that lits ause is continned for any hoinsiderahle time, in jitrious secondlary toaseqoonnot mus t tfllow. ltat they tast schiooshethoe tast oR two evils: they know no other article that will arouse a tmid illiver, remove obftruoc tiou, and set in fare ation them whole gloutular system, imi it being indisipeasntly Ilecessary to tdo iis, they conillne its use, notwithlitanting the evil cirqnueores whichl fillow. thley halve long desired nml sought an artiely that wnould produce the good eficts of this drug, without sub tlcj- g tile patient to its deleterious results. Such a desideratum, it is beellvrdti, l at lenlgth blell obltaine,' in the article now itpre-ietlel to the ilblic. The proprietors otf this artitle keeping in view tile loci, tha:t a "wise and beerl'vole et lg,lu Iha pIacied with ini the reach otf all, remedlies ilaiLdota to the lioastes in cidet tote climate he i they inhalbit; and knowing, like wise, that most of tile diseases of the South ad tllest :are lasedil 1upon 10 rgalli or funlctiomal dlecrngtelent of tlie liver; directed their attention to tllose articles whial act'nore aesicially on the hiliarc organs. After long, lahai'iin, wit expensiir research, they hAve suceededl in extractilg a sulstance from tahe I' 31 ATO, which, fiom its peouliar effct upon the hepa tic or biliaro organs, tihey have denominated Ilepatiae. It is a mediataethat will produce all the bhreficial results of Calomel, in botht acute and chronic diseases, without the possibility of producing thle leriousde teon se uencescomtmon to that article. Its action luponl the constitution is lliversal, no.pOart of tae - statn escaping-its iinfluence. It is. howetvr, ilon the org'an of secretion and excretionl, that its gi e't power n IunrtiulahUly manifste.d : helnce it s pe culii'ly algCis toi to. . tricataunt of bi/ions fSevers nod ither diseases in which a torpidity Ur congestion of the liver and portal circle prevail. It is adlnissible in all eases, wlhere it is necessary to cleanse the stomach land boiwels. It removes ohstrue tiol, and excites a quicLk and iealthy action of the liver onil other glaghiullar rvicea of the ablldomen. Being dlit tiuabile in its opitotion, it produces 'ia ee cirlcltionl ill the vttssls onl the sllrlee of the body, aecompllaniedl y a gentle inprspinltion. It dloes not lexhalust like drat - tie puages; still, its actionl is ore universal, nid ilat otien be rlleatld,u it inltely with a.lfil but witht ge:s Ibn fit l'his becomes indi.ilenanl nioi essl) 'r in i ea .. of lhng standing; fori iii theiln incse teUplo Y ilmproe ainlr mllade by strnllg nmedicines, seldom, if ever, do good; but lend to illjlllue the stmnina of file stitu int . it is cleansing al, hoariyking to the syatenl, nets in perfict harnIlny with the known laws of life, rtod is ullloubtedll? IU eof the inost vnllaable hlticles ever of er iui i ipuoblil tri;ll anl inspeterliolo l co.ll, e iel te this mlli clial is l -rn.ed intllo grl l pills. TLh white pills are rathartie, alterotit,, dia I/lorelir ad dihttir. ' t'he tyellow illsaoretonict,ostin tulatut and tlittjhtnetic. The follotwt a o xtact ot tle t nltet t ttt itam the Cintint ut i Jturntt. MILES' TO\IATO MEI)ICINE..c SThc vhtus or the ''ol i-, Itot hnh"' tt aI dalciotu vet:gtable lor tIe tabhle, hIu alno tt at medicine, have Itw .oleble tq imL pt, aItttttatd t little attenthon lh tu.beeu helh, ved to po4,ess ulnti-bilioust qualitis hs',,ich, it they conlli he effeC tu.hll extrac ted, oi· St'lal'atCd l'CIonlll the slll,.rlluos n , tuIr, ttttj he itvalutiah-. This hasutt lenll charaC teriz,'d s: a iliollns r'ounltr'. A lhuge iii1Prioli ol the h +eanus wise from ,lisod'ed livels, n" frOml de rangemenls in the ghlatulh st etlt. This is elspcial thtl ca:e int It t u so the aoth. II le wld-ll? , ealsy a blltie a ijt lttut l i o 1t Olltl trll illl m tll ItlY lg t hla o t, staitli~aln u tim i tti d, co I d h l. is overe .d t fl i rt Iiiius corlait:ts, this would ttites'tldntlltlti) be tamtnti the moist tdti tlatttesi tttt tatW ha. Onaloanel hasbkeen the shalthl ull'iersal ret.dY Fr tr d lsetses of lit.s cDarallter. lt it is : realesty hUthing but necessity shluld iInUee ith use oI. h Itlu m fi be cousidethd at h' pasoio g on the pttite, of ayother tl trtt Oilol thto toak Ial thit,)et e imay ha atirlnitted to t exatltss Utl alltr s otIo n ictioI tl lll talllltl C:lllllOt ht . use Ia wilthu t it ju 'Itlt s ud latio ta li. . Lts 1pt n the l y- ti tUIIl, e.ttetl 1o . t5r, itleaoldillg to thIte Illlalitiea talk lla, andll the llquenc ofli. 1 its 1he l, and the consltitlltionl elthe , l tnlit. A sllbstlitute fitr this, to.llOlrr, floll the vt-, i getalae hkilldo is a daosilrlaltll F i t this couahtrii. lWie beliate tllis desidetrIatum his been disctt int he Ttmiatoi. lr. Milet , ofthis city and ahis ass(ciatet t with jillhuch o llor a ntePrtla, as pllllllershtanllt, lItve slllcri~eede Ill I1Jlllillitll.. SIICh) :Iul .t·XlnC tllOlll tlhli le;elll-Il llic as, it 18 hollull, gill l,e fi~lllld( 11I1 elflbletlal8 slllisitullU. \re h ot take t sttte ttis to ehtt uire tnot t mediititta. mltlt iad ol heli w o tl e sllll eititI ai 1111ttirie s o its efifcts anl e ti-cl well satisfied that It will trotv a; ilio t vaalt renledt ill Il ni coltllaitos, ,o to l as we hav' b+el aide to ilit1'1a it itoreluced ttte lerleh elct., olleeatillg to prot ucERiohealth) attlit n o'the livelr, I'Pul.tlprlli. bdhluSl discharges wlhenl tleedled, Illan ill s1n)B iillsaller ~lullellkg ol J't;jeot s. witll evett llto lo. e ertaillty allll ill a /llll~llel• 1illlt! th.Il .alomelC: Fill..llii. ul. bilious enlladche, it has-been found a good eem, dv. 'lhose I wlo have useld it say that it dles not lotLhile tltdcllii ating iicts of t satothe ra tdropurjatiie tmediCinell I thltothie is llao ilcreased dllnger iootl l ti cola t .trt i use, and wlhere large doses'of calomel woulb Ihe l ,tle this <lplrates witlaut ely danger of the distlessmg aml i y w l ro n s e llfc t s o f c a l ol u cl w 1 1ie i I I r o d ihul a l tI a ltluln tAst elllr hIv resn lo hoila ftrom our i llavtsutinlli Ils extret of thl T'ollmluto a ill Irllte a sulsh.tltlle 1 alorel ill W a Kort vtliaety of itetsit. wh t La. ard it us a blassitig to te l huhm lanil. il le'fietat i ltik , and Ira e lyra.I t "ail allillr i. l llila Jltatlllo i" io , o 1llll ae l-l sllhl illalrllatl fllyv tralta 'ta I4nliits. t \\t Itioe eery ao ul stle The above oedicinle en' be ohinined only of the Ge. .,lissitl" *iell(·d hvy".\. Milesr Jhelr' E:. M\."t'.". dIII' cliutrigned bl It & IIt T Sltole, General Agetis oIbr Loui.1ular," Itllti bearing ttit ipaatlllllltlly sealo List of Ltccln A., E s H 1T8tole, Ge.eral Agellas for L*olisiana, NelI ittellll lolatta Flirto t . l alar Jtr C to. I -Nttl L.o ee Itreet,-ipposilte teg ti Paul talrtid, ct r old -lat Itiad Haolpil (trOel. Wit aShert , eat r Catoe laynld J ulti sreet 8ty t rMuellier, eor Tdhouldlus stree t atl St a1lr'1 tlalrkc~t. J P .11arlhtt &. Co, eorler Tehouphouhls anld Girt,d J 1'P HaIlwell, lIA vou 1arI Lu. l)r W tht Clltliatsry, N itt:llilach" io, I. i ThoIllll a 111 -sJlIUriI' Itou llo, Txit. Ffdeitnl a tlll g olll otr t lllyis an Id lliCimlllp at. (h~~u Jonesr;' 'livoli C~lile. a \Itr. ati ortIo. tti4 I tuillld it Uo. low. AppihIn.lllll tlrllgelell rs, or inllieilci by wllolesalle imu ,.l II" Im e to tLt (illlllll Agl tsI IIu I P w t IlaPtluS. All letterSl, 'o lid w ill be l'oilalllla.llla i idied to. m178 Il 8:I'ATII ol.1i O i.\hI A. it AI ISH COURT.t for Il e I'arish and City of New S orlelas, Presrn thile II n. ChaRtls Malrnlll.i , Julldg. J iie 1llh, 11311 --Ni. l1,!8l.h.-Jllluqlles oltier vs. his ercditlIlr.---Iilliaatrldlg iinil tati. Itollitiood tilled111e ilt thi a-e, N I at alorrt , h thl e qi lllr ithat the enldit(orf the illnolvlllt dalhlllV (ho ia.s lt iiell eourt on Suturda Ithe 7th de) iff July,,ll3,3, why he shouhl \not bodischargedtIIlleullll$ 111 n1 w; ianlll in' tlih iit IInlil rl rlceelligs against his per.onll and pm ertv are satye1. Clerk's Ollier New Orleslls, J tna l , .1838. 1el I· 1aw l ~.% ti'jm Ac;- Cn I I~laI', Clerk. Ie ilur la pir iirte e la ville ,le li Noilivelle Or Sletuns.--Presenlt I'hon. (Charles A~lrnian. juge, 14 jr, n, l, ;ll8.--.o.10,l34.ll --J:,cqei .s' Polier colntie s1.s el'r n ciP rII.--~I.ECIu lectllre (:Itlz lre l.ihlllplltit.jU. I~l e lil l, htL sc~li.,dlllo dullii eelle lfl'l!.6"Ira Pil est d'errZl· pa Ij1% I SOll qlle les clallh'm ' iersd fnlyl I~h.lle A~ire~savoir leurs. rai sonsti c~ll u r ouveih, Silli,.lli 7 deo jllillet, I(:1R( PlIlllrll~Oi iil le FI,,rait p~lhilt dpeh IrFf6 I'OllfiiTI1llllhlll~n . 11 1lUi, et ,'n1 attLidanllt ioltes Ier mllrtes ceLore sva elrsolne ol her I"rl 'il.lie. R~l\" Irrelti.'. plnlrIeIal de ouretair Ollveile Orleans.11 jnill. I S. je!. 2aw AI., ti\.11 I'T Tr, Gte r. l IS!.l'.l) ()11.--10 Irbls, hmih1.' fom , Ll lbl~lll, for rsnle lly i)()llliEY. j.l.. 44 New IIev.,r.. , T ARILY''S SUP'ER[llil IIAIIS Now laldillngflroi I'A ste aioatl Su illtan, a supldy of the lbove, put u1p inl lhids, hbiiiItls; tfw sale hyMICUG I.AYFT&," .4 \ll4.UN(';, jetl? 1i ' o rllllll e mwee .tr. i IN,'ICEI", OIL--l9 hbis unit 2 elsks tht,.r Lins,,,d . • Oil, now handing from alhip Na-hrilhe, anl for nh. l- by JAKVIS , .A .Il>iEWS, W\' l)ruggif*, jiel3 { n.llllllln nllld 'T'halllltllllul s 1t. jn'llTE" casks (i, ,{,,d ,Iart,) ini .h,," and thir saheby ; gHLl{bld~l, &I till.l.i., jet9 "Ihtink A. l.1. A 'I'S OILS (GLASS, IIRUSIIES, &c.--Jllst 1B6.t1Nttt ufelana, mest qualith, . firom iXIO tt I iX2.; 31keges w'ite ltead purn.; :1:0 Id green millt, in 25 libr. ket" 4 io. Ja/,ared tials Ibr rniga;tl li lh6'_ litblragv 2i don splendid I )i i gronad ibrushe-a, also el'l alai 00l0 do; tases erorpe green in powder; suawrier article (to tO tIn'; it la;rge odsrtll)ellt of Rtilh tools oft every i:. t nd qlalitv; sabe pencils fir artists; flat aarkinr bru'llae fitr mercrlnts; artist's colors in oil retady a par:l,ia hlxes, littred "" I Hith all necesot.ry brusltes; ertist'a tools, &c. Flake and, trmnity white; 60 aceks gold lent'; white and yellow wax; gunm tralic; and a large nlla choice as strltlnllt flpaiutta, 4ry colore oil, tLrpeItine, vareisb &l:., fur salerwholeale and, at tle hwe[t pricer, by M.NI)ILLI., st8t 5i Caw, sat. .VYEW EDITION OF THE' CIVIL CODE OF J0L0L 01001.. IT bee been for some t imae de known lt the public that the subscrihpre are eaga-oed ill preparing tar the press a new edition of tile Louisiana Civil Cod.- 'lhey were.l Iran the tirt, aiware If the great dilicullty and reespmnatitilit attending tihe puhalinti on of the work, and it wna not without great hesitati" that tlhey con senotdl to the undertaking. Jut the present elitiol amoanting to .Dollt three thousand copies, undl which had cost tile Stat, more thjan thitty thusandll dnlliat, wa.entirely out of pritt: For.nlore tlha two years past, the nattal price of thile work has been from thirly to fiftyRv dolltars. It is a systemn of written rules wni'h no immediately toperates pl'on every ialdividhnl of the state, interetetl eillher in apicultiure or ,con erea anti which gtverrs thedislosattion of so Inuch property colling to 10 tfrtn other stntes, that--unlike afinot, anl other treati se upon law-it is ans tcih the Itxlt-aOk t and unillntl of the merahlr atttd the tlanhtr, ts it is of tile private gentle man un t tl Irthrofe iationl odvtc.te. i The lawyers ofthemljoitit states, and itn fact o al ihonse tatloa t1hta the (hlit and Mlisisaippl rivers whlich finll n art for their produlle in Louislnan, nver la fre q tnt ncessitv lof referene to tile code, and matke it all aillislaentfblea riqaisite to ieir'li nrien; atnd ill the ;its tof New Orle ,a Itl ook is tli .nltr 1u t I.t ftillln in tihe Iurchant's cnnting roalm, as uapn the desk of the tlilhct, or tle table f the atttitllrv. It in lit autltllrisiig Ihrr'ftro hlait thie orst ediil 'ile work was so oitit trance uito yI dilSllstd of; aind nlthotgh la ertt rtltrilt onl' it would-i ih smle mneasure lpll Ithe ipublic neers-ity, vet it wlloaiidhe imperfecta uinsitislitlory untlle;a tIlunttared with referet'nes to 1th1 o tltlarts a tllllilte , in order to ell racothe tinumerinrui Iameslldllllllts whliell hllr b. an tlnde by tile Ltgilatrt , alld thie ilportlnt decisions and nlstrulltills whill It hae len giveln upon mny its articler llr t it Sup ooglllre o taoutrtl 'I'he publisheri hanvd 'sect'redi , fl r the general super intlildence and editorial d.partltent of th;e work, tile plrofessional services of t letilotai S Upton, E.q. i Io. icrl tile Nw Or leans Itar. i e Hlti. J(lll Bulitrd, Judie ieronn des., and Ilon (George Elustis,. have each kindit assisted Air Upton with the vIitallale notes which thle;y hlave eollected in the course of tllheir studies andl prartice;and to Mir N R. Jennings,the part nor of Mr Uipton, who is also enraged in the work, Gee Strawbrhladg, Esq. Ihans lreenteld tlu great maaa of refa rentan nuOttitled in his foece cotpy tif ilte oe,i atnl which nllave been imade by hIlil dturing the whole period ato Ihis di:inguished prolesnional labors . 'The publish. ers Itaa therafitrn well trust that tile nnoltationa of tie work will lie all thait indlustry and labour, assisted by learning and lexl ri,ren'e, elln pcrfilrln. in pitting forlth this prsapetust tactt soliciting oene tiutlnbsribers to tthia work, the n ultishria take pride in the fact that the Ligislatitre of aituisitlna has authorized tihe oItinir to aorder one tlloitand copies of it fia,'the ftllr lie ol'tlfe ilState. 'lThe reatlineoo wilthlic h hii itner was takanl Iy tile Aossrellv, evillced their usrt sensae of thie valef thelR work;nd ithPe thereby extend ell that eofiiderce in the aility of the )tblortt rniIi edlilors Whlllbcit is be .~e( is llllt e"hvJv .llydehIservPd. ThIe work woll ti a rinted i Freuch ul tidghsht, pl poall tn laerlllltd with tclilr itpe; nor will o-litr ip'lilr Jr canle Ino spltred to iliUke ltle In hIIlle lnliuviieitl exeenlijoll l it correpond wh 1ith itlonlt illlllrtl'Idner • It will polbaly lie ready llior dilivery in tlr montth tf SRptt'leirtltt'al; Intttl tin t "tprice w-ill i,, to lallisoritcrt'-, iftlernti dtllhit--fito diolltrs to be paidl at tithetet tif ui, scribieg. will h* hentytdollars titr tttt. ip ' E JOtn't tiaegNS & CO. l'atlilshers. I 1 r'uil NI-W Y1ORK. [Louiiniau ald New York of Packets.] Fr a+11 shillps 1l0psinr this liars waft sal Inlm NewI ( I O leanl-and New York n ht eery other Monhcv- Calllllll(eueln on Illh.' 30tll l noemlllhl.r curlll Ilo illllore thlh st'ictest Iul(.tulity in the r time ofl sailing, tIto line a t ill hereaIfter cousist of five Shiis viz: Ship )r o, (Captain TraPk to etave on the 2tth nov. Slhipl Ieicrille, Cap)tic PIalmer, to Ihavo it the 4th slhip Huttctille. Captain Elh'i Iger to leave on tlhe 18th Ilecti s I. Shiil lVieksburg, Captnin Wuuodhoust to leave on the ihi Jnle in re. 1 1hip 1listi.jtppi, Ciptul Datis, to leave on the 15th I I Tim ahove ships are all new. of the first cluns, : rrrk rxpmke lv filr the rllde. 7'lh plies of Ires nll,_,. lisedll tt one hurldred dollatrs. 'Their esiclll la l r. fitld Ipl lthe I.iimpral llved a4cotlveientplan,t -l i fiNisIted i. epll and eleeniht stole. Ample i rtores of tile tiro qIity will Ibe provideld, anI euver regard hlad o i , iho cltlll andent111 eU satisiaLtimn lllll possenieLwho. e will pilese taite lltie that l n berth llel-c be t ctuilted nul tll aid for at t le ofice of thle consigelrees. 'I hi.e packets are commtanded t byl C Cptni well ex perieneed in the trade, who will give every allention, t and exert Ihemlselves Io acconllmodate. 'Ilhoy will ut i all time hetoe towed tipc tnd ct. theu Misyiseipr)i by .rtrllllc lltuttcsc ile it l'ictest tg un.tilallty ohserved ill i lThe oIters of Ithese hipls will not be responsible hfor let r, ptrcel .or .ttccl}ge sent Iby ortputttlltItol.dl il elm.ltntle.s Ret rceetlctill r t l.diit eiete ltgneil tlt creftiti at the ni ntintg house of the iagents or ownllOrs. For r partiular, y IIEIN & A COHuEN; nlov 13 911 Comnluon sit. W TA fund Lcfi- uloMsi It the Ilelize,intihe montth W " of .ulv,a ahirge laundh, F,(English huilt) copper r fittln-ld, acnd hlna beell coppetrel, she, is .2 eeret lIong, cndu eight fi-et beam; nlll hits eIon sloop rigged, as tltre .. e iron sltraps frwacd fle" ripitig. WWhoever re e.cgttes ueid" llunch, will pl;cce call atcNo 70 (11l Leverr, I l PIENSACOLA MANSION HOUSEI NEW\ CITY, PENSAC LA..\. rlII~( tlmcilHerchaovite purchased tll le Iase .nd r I I tit ucrolf this well khlWc calablih-ltttment, ifrlm Mt Ts.,ylur, tIe te iproprietor, will bh ready to rereive vi: ilhrs hv the lIt of April iext. Nmrnan, and costly illprovemrent will he foulld ill the alrrangetlllelet of the MaIIsion Housel . New Iand llllre crllUtlllllOtclt h hltll[lilng hlluset will Ie bIlliltl lll w rltl I ,li- will hIe Irovtiediltdtlll ll llrt . A lcuble will be hellllllLd to tlle lllsose, with gool d ceum dalll d- I li tll horses alllld curriiat oe. First rate hltri es . nuld ailrriages will also bie kep t i hir hire at lmoderate prices; alld lail anld low b.llts, withll tpelnlls to mtl .ge theim filr tilte e f vidlttrs. Itii hlls and other anselllln. l ueailly cound t cLateringplIes, will also be lhruished, atld sotilcnducted as out to interrlie with the i'ntlierl iad uiet of the IhaderslT. ihe inls and liquors will be uf the bhest 4lculiuy, tand to ensure ita ull Iipily of ica, a cro s lreadv .eu rdred, whick will ri~e lut hthhe 1t etlMay. " Mre Frederick Iehlrrd, who formerly kept so popullar i hotel at W\ashington city, will eondact -Iis hit el tlr tihe propirietor, wh, with s iitch aid,co-fidetlv e.sumtie the iltitrre of lst year, etltl hic frlletls getllelel ly tht they will rccmive every iposible alttentionI; e l thereby exl'e'ts o give g'lrt u1.S:ulislaliUn. 'x'l local idv11 te rs Islt hoouse arel' too -Ull known to need it lengt. ened decriptii.n here. Tor ficls tilt I'ernt . lll is ill Ilargest iurtal stltionl of the (iGtt 11.tPtt.t ; tilhe geC.IrC l ri ePIIIIiezlIs Of it e (tull 'stmllltd run; the oltlwva ol'i s c iminnte rh.fleshied costnuth du b. ...lh llellr0r Iolllmllle by tile olrlllh'st I rT ,ee l.Olll. s rlm (i'lli tile hetltty of the 1 bay .n thle neighbouring ilald nd rivers; ilem lbundance mlid delientcv uo the fish wit which thll waters .boeund; aund its proximitt to the hlst Soulhern markets, cive l'elsaeollc the pre f[rence over till other places ill Ithee latitulles, as it ilealthy tad delighttifl Iimuuicrrreent., Fiirst rlte bhats ill ru'l between Pelelleoln lnd t10 bile. and will t aill times he Ll t to takhe Ipssengers from the New Orleans lbots. N 11 ARNOLD. SPenaeeola, Fel,. 15thtl, IP8. U hlentleimen wlahilg to enoage rootms for their fuimilie-, can address the pnrorillUtr, et ':llalnola, or Mr I ewell T'i Tylor, the fiortar proprietor,nl New Or leans. I, . luven, . T Sanford, Eql, Mr C Ctillumt, It hleAlpin, Esq., iLt. Kibhlh in Mob lI; S T Tylh,, PiP l'n1, Eq, in Net 1, ' S--.\ letter bsg, to re'eive communications for Spersons at tthe hove hotel, is pti'I ct Gee \W'hitmnii 's Spftice, .l -t t Charles Exict e lei. FLOKII)DA IROU' IT FVOl NEW YORK. i a 'r'raveIllrs desirous of taking l the Florida route, ti vi ellsetchla,to thie North, are it:frletmd that firs ritts boatslIE will constantiv runll fron. Mobilh t,, I'enacohla, Iltavinte M olie tml e a liensacnllevery otherr lnv after the Ist i May. Good staglles will alwtays e irovided h y tile suhsteriert bie in relulines to tike ptsiesllgers from Mobililel inse of the filure efthe boats. N I1 AtNOI.DI. The steltamboat Ch:.lpion Ieaves Mobile flr 'ensa ,la h twuice it wvtek fb 3I ly Jrel2 4 INl"snl eve TItll'PillEY S FtOREItGN 'JtOUR, &c. IE.1T IIll I'AIN, FRANCE and I hIGlIUM, i a e short Tu -r inll I:I--ity Himan IlIunpltev I). )., I'r ler l ut of Auhllurt t'otllact , inl 2 vols. hlac IWorke of/ Mrse. lherrroodu.-In t-.'n he only cotnlet e .nI unalri ediittion, ever I'ublishetd in If - | ntitl 1-lates, vol. I.5. 11Just ireivt bf and for ,lrte .. .::t .. Col r CamIiii ii n .'ic- tilel 1 S DR W. EVANI' CAMOMILE PILLS. T1 T1H5 highly valrable reldicino .ry be rhad whole ole ond retnil. at New York prices, orf .II.ES & D'l.ANCGE. 18 Camp street. It is confideu v rceecomendred lfor the filollrwine lis e Itse: t)rsepsici in all its t,, r.e; hilio' ncod liver al licnrr.i o. . evy stage .Iand degree; .en.ate sicku ,.h*I more particularlv the incidlent to rmothers; flor nllrtt, fever cllld tue, ireitient ¢ltrteriptiollll or de clone, whether orf tle liver or lungs, hltelairhe or giddi rteoei osc "f rtppretri', rnerveo s tremors r ioehriatitn or d eliriulul trelneen, nm ,l odic afflctirn of oall kiondP; rlheu maorion, whther celronic or injlllmultory; nervous or bilious flvers, of everv varilety; "rofnlln, salt rherm. R on Ial llntohre, hod huotrs, rrd iorpre clno plxio of ire ki; re- tlearosss ui right, r.nd dilyv irrithbiiity and Irell;chor'v; the srnmer complaint, o nod cholera aluse or t 1 di rrl:.. in gr wn I err o .relS aont lll IlecV with Iad ioLrnth; chlortssi arrtpalpitntion s of the hurt eru. herad; chlnntge offenlt ceonstllteon; noll for ilnp tiren and disorganizod etOitittiol, n in either sex; which havo not Ieren oiernttt'otlv rliieCed by n0V other iltedicineo A inleri tril edlt" r W EmOs' inedieieO ill any of lito.e caes, will irrotldco sorrh rietfts ir I will in.. dlinv e hir'ioncule, herile suierioritv and induce esuch o tre oflthel ns will insrre a SPpLeNr t TAllod clletilOa tl iure t )irect ilrl fotr Irw oacoeltt inglIil W therlll. NJ r rterous certificrtcs o rl'ei roh wrill ie srlown, as from tihe letitt tf rille euto:loueit is implientible to gpre them Inllirity throlgh the omdirtf of a nerworPirer. on Dh Evant' enofttlrg toheruter aupwardrl olf 250001 cases, aind n this city we can orfer to rolny rIerttnrn" wirlt Itt beO leliever, oand in some inrrt ani'e entirely luret of lung rstn liHg liseases, h L. Eraon' Canorilte ubill. nnoL loto S'I'ATE OF iUlOUIiANA-tFirt JudiialD. Conrt. Inr T 1'A'I'R OF I.OPl iS.\NA, To tt! whom tlt'i- Preorcents . hall cowo, (.It'rtillg:-Whteles, Jumles Ill'crs )tiggs hla'itg i l h: i .eo ntt a rle laeritl by lthe SI-triffof ithe iariosht of Orleanr thle property hre inaftee drcritedi, ihas applied to tile clerk of Otis collot', in whose tr ire tldu detd of le was reretleodt- on thile 't Say of April, A. 1) . 18i38, fora eronitite or aelvrertie enot ill eoollnrRrits to tn dl of thle Legisltetorc of the State of Inri.ioiarlo tretritled ,Aln act fore te frthi r u noit ra-ice of titlre to Inlrttch rs at jdintliil tIcsl;" aprovedtI rile e11th day of Moer, arc 18 . . NOi', tlereore, [krow ye, :ard l It psons lneteoestedi hrtini i,;e sinerry citd HodI mAnonihed i tilhe Insn n Il tile Sdtr teot L.aui .t, Ritl ef the First J ticial Distr ie Gortert al in.i seot u taolr right, title or elain ill lld o tile itrr :rtt herei.anel ilttied, in etollsequtence if anoy iltfrt, nloi it in tile orer, let r or jltlgntLt of thlectlt utdetr wtitc tile Sutie was nlade, or cllv iorleglarl.itt n1y illreli t, inr thre aoiplttisomeets and drertrisenots , in tilm., el mann iti olsae, or fd :try e iothsdeltr de inthll-n eve; to howeotre, woithrin thirty dtt fromt the d rir tis otion is i i liue r toetled i tihe Iilie lipers, whie the sale to mdlehl oitee s rhttld lttlmtficnrttlnd hoologa''tet. TIle reitl iproperty w:ts sold oIr) the Sitftl'uif ci tire Il'rish :ailrcs: erd on the 311th ida or lMte ro, A. It :1:, br vier toe of a o lerre of Istior e rellllt errelrd rt the 2o dl.ll ot tlri Jallll'y, A. t. 1838 in iu sirit ent itled J.laes Iltles I)iggs tS. ilfuo t Grreene, o 15,191 of the dokrt of this Con.t, at which sole ouit Jornes Barnes i)igg hecorne the pur9ehaser for tihe Irice of twent -five thousaood dul ars. esoerirlpion of poplerty'a given in the Judliial Corn. vt3 nlce, vlz: Aoeerrtlu plite of Irntoeriy or itparel ofr g Louli trigothe with i oltihe Iiihlitgsr url imlprtovementa t hereoln, tight s Cprivllegs, t. theretllltlobhel gilg, or' inll otiv tieX ,entaiint;r , situaLte itn fliuIourg Attotnrintiorr, httote thlis oitr anti mleasrillg ill nltglill measure, tlhlree Jitor-d tl fifr'-six fiCet rn R ollr-eighit an of a lu ienh f'root on thie I ipulic ionrolo l New levee st, three Irondltrit l otixt -e Otto feet cit irhrhesmld'o tf r-ei hlths oftao ioeh fiout o ln Celeste s, I wro hulrledl att fility.fie feet nine inrelsadeo l two-eighltrhs of l irnch on r line fr'otllrig on Old iLevee street, uctil it strikes tihe Iolrlndv lile of Laoorelt tlil ludol'ollocrperty, at thoe t'orrelro'Old Levee llld .ullNs street; thter firorting a iight lllde, anl extt.lding I eigihty-fire feat orid titree iofteo deet altong the itoundarth liuc of said lillaudon's lrro lert[ i'rolel to rtlestr st'eCet lete flornllllll a tighlt nglle,.lr1d extelllldg lit.t litreltl frett colr icths ruttrllet1 ergtr lis lf i lt irni h irf tihle iteorie- liie orf L.,tti )llet,'t I', rlralile Ito O1)' la.vete slr-er;thIee Inr.rirg a.'rtlere rigitoloue, aIc olextntig forty two 1 et tor erll itchers t ol lite eightgsl of l ilchll lho thI ttldntv line otif i. Dedtcrt rrro rerl, arallel lto ('rehste sLtre'et tllte.l.r lif'tlltg tnnother rIgiltI eagle, ,ltll rtttetoirg one hlhtt'ltrd and Wellltt seven elrt ten ilethes al l foern . :ighths tf A. irinch tI he ho o.,irt. liln l'ooird LDelde' Ilrriert) irollel to thle pIuli road alld Nvi Irvoe street, adl eeeettty oix oliti foor ilnloles olllo frtlleirilhi ol rllli rrll 1'rrit oitr m drtot stt'o cct, seertd iug trot planr ir J. Pilith, City Sr'vcvtite, made 12.1 Jan vto', l53.8.S ao rdItl to an tot iptswd before Louis 'I Core, N,.oter) Ptlic, on the thirr Ji .i ty, 18r3o , i. Witneto tie re lice A. M. Iii.hoer.lrhldge of tire Coturrt oforesaulthii IPith April, 18398. rtlt323,or3&13 P I.E IiLANC. heir. Clrk. SANC'TIOII I) BY THE YACULTL OF MED CINE. HI IlON'S Comlpounl EoxtIac of Copaiba and Srsan paruilla -A certain, ~ilo, and mslt effectual reme Sdo ever iltscotvertted te tholl cure tIt Gonorrtthea, (leets, SStricturs, Whites, Pains in the back amllnoin, semunal oweaknes, ftectlions of the kidnies, gravel, toltbitic eruptiottns. O.. Sliht intrtduction of a medicine ptossesing the useful anil active virtue of the one now offered to the publio, ito ie proprietor lnls but to refer to the nmllmeros rm menlcldaions rtceived from t111l most eninclit of tile me diool tfeulty in luroope, believing that it will itt dulty appreciultd when its lmrits are mqore filly known. lThe Io.slnt of Copotiba, so extensively used, has lust mucht of its creditt from thle dislike which patients itornerly xpr.ess d rega'ding its disagreeable taste, dlsturbance produied in the btowels auld stomach, and its heretofor Sinefliciet s when Ised in the inflaminatooy stage. The proprietor hts made an analysis of the Bulllun, cotnceio tog that the more active qtollities wold thetlal y hIe much tmore o a)Iceetltad tod td more ust.fuily adminiisteId to1an .i thle prescnt sltate. The ohove nmedeille comlbines I glrlients which lare ill the lhighest reput oetllo( tile most scientific and learned in the plliossin. Each drug in tile ,omlposition of this plrltlpatiot inclae tlhe elticvo h ot tte other, producing an o ptation truly onto nishing, tld surpalssing the most sanguoin eopec'ttionus; pototsi1goat tihe sate litte thle olnlvatage ot its thilng admllsticred with perfect sumoeos inl th clifotret attgeo of the above disease. Tihe most eminent physicians and surgeons of the present day express their decideld ap pro.ation inl fater of Sarsaparilla, whilst its use in the principal hospitals and public medical institutions has he o, and still contoltue, veryo extensioe. It was o tov otte remtel"y with the oelerlated Dr Abernethy in al venetreal oaffotilons, and ill obstinate cutaneoms ernoplios, arising fi;pm a disordoered state of thedigestive funtions. Having been submitted to the test and experience of the most celebrated anmoig thie faculty; they have expressed their sathliction of its.oextraordinary efticacy in evers case under their toorge, by sdIotiIg it loth in their bulic and privateo practice. lheir oh ervations will be inset'lt itreaofter. Preplared by J B Thorn, Chemist, London. Pr'ice $1 50 per pot. TESTIMONIALS. From A II Stimon, Eoq, F It 8, St.pgeon to tile St 't'hislll Hospital, andt I.erur o n All ltoniy. IThe triail whicd I halve nlmade of sour preirulation in a variety oft'eses, both auale and feti le, inl its results have proved so highlly favoumtle, that I lto nlot hesitate in pronouncing it one of tile most valuable lltand elitoiotn emedlies ever offered to the public, oatl one itl hich, froot experielnce, can place every reliance, whilst it Ioes notprtoduce thte staue Snplestant clfects usually ex perieweed from copaiba. From G H t wtl.jword, 1 . C S, Physician to the St M larylelhne IDispensar.y, f I take great pleasure in niding my testimony to the SvahtiIdoe pronertties of your prepttration, wishingi yoi tlhe success you so full' dieserve, in an anmpl rewaot foro tr tile r labor anl exoense incurred in bringing it to such eonl plete prftcl-tIon. From WV 0 Cooper, F It S, Sulgeon to Guy's II+ 'I tlihe uniform succesrs which ls a en totlt hel admitii I tein gouo l mtldicite sntoo g my patientls afflicted wilthi tile alboo diseasos, ositmllly satisfild nle thint it has othy to be kown to be truly apprlllltlated. Mlay tie success you so well doeseve, ampnllly and steedilty epay u for your valuable petparation. From Sir A Coopert FR SPR C S, e. L . liting Cbeen induced to try your iln several oasesof violent (ionorirhuoa, which hall hiltllerto Ilttled every lpr"rsriptiont administelred ,ty oile, having ftnolu Sure slld Ispeedy cres effected by it, ill tt few day-I terl nol self in dulty lound it atoe that I now in nivl plrat tice both public ald private recommend anil use nione romu G W Blair, M D, Physician to Guy's Hos The striet test which I have given your medicine itr otng ti) ptatietts and i tstot, tial sucres, thus far, or will induce me to persevere inl ts use, tLIndt I deemli it but an aot oft justice and of dility to add oty feeble testi nlltial ill comendation of its virtols. Froml I C Tho'mpsoni, .1 D F t S L. I return you my soiere thanks for t e valuable plr l sent of your Extioct for the ctro of ioonnoll.llua o t& . I feel graltefil tllat you hvl at Inst broughlt a mediciione into use whichll will prove a dridelatlum longll sought ior ill the 1medica: Vl hld-a sure, speedh and eflctuwd cure in eases,,f the abnse class. It aliordS mle great pletasure ilt, iulrlishing to tlhe world the valuable qualities of' nur Were it neceosary, ltet proprietor could here fornlish runar m otat teimonials equ o:ll as conlulmendatory as the al.tet; buot to.usts tlilt its peat ucllessh itherto-he care &e expelnse at whilch it hils been peilared, will proseits greatest recomlmendlation lamonllg a discerning public One rcommenlldtoll this prelparation njoys above all otleo is its neat, |po|tt e toost--1oet olt in plte-lho oalde in which it oay be take, being ltodt e-y and a ple alt--itst.stelo noture, ith no I0striotion in dies, or olnfinentent fromt buhsiness. Tratclers especially wouhtl lll thittis mteicitne higihly usefull , tand ought net' to he unplriiiedl with a tprelpaation possessing the al vantageswhlich the preseLt rone ooltnibies A rottlaltvitgt tie Medicine is , oalolhlot Itata-St eoro ofltthe dlittlrtlt sttges of hlir itisle, withoult ally cl ce chaltge, onllliltwg full and ampll| directliol. t mr 14t3aw43n 4t Coanal soret. F1 AliC ?- sl t bly i ntiidSInKE t" & CiO. IeD , Shoruldrs Clnlt nlalti oullra, hi;tding frunl steatu , ero, air for sale by & V oTE t' N , rAVRI'o .Y, "|,I.'t he (I; raviLd Zethl. THiE Fr.RIDA STAGU COMEtR TaOoGH IN Five ANI A U ALr L aa, PromA Mobilo (Alabsrsa) to AalLs et.(a.) L EAVES Mobilte ever ots doth, iesa.slr dy nlel the arrivl th the mail fromh New Orlekans, lthe steamboat Entrnsi, to ltlnkely, tsot bato PageaSl steam.oats (et'r Penamenhs lu , Itor sed and . d thtelhie Hiier anidllay) to (fJear Blet', coahes thae via Marionna, Chttlnt.rnsi eel (tnIrrliv Mount Vei non,) Biiihbrldge, Piilere; n aswki.sw nia en d Lhei. rifle, to KA p .Mso ..eeqAIdh ,shet aM bile is in no dangee of hoetg dtflwt", e1 eh pwrear by other eonding i ntah a the tl6W DA NE is but oen eaoneer e, and en e t'nlg.lout, and may rely ot. bmt.lrrtlo .a . a arrls) at Aoglsla in ti.ns spedtlsl, trelei as.i w er and at any Ieasmo, unless some mostllnflaseeatc troypla slhol i occur. The .reat New Or(easa Mail is oorri.d y this rone. 'The Agent foranesasg. tilo, T ems, CoachessndM era a test ipa the sosthern country. Th'e smooth, hard, natural roads, the soar a0 i esr m rwater navigatlon lte tie n -- lat oin the traveler speller, doertail, ao sd a aa' log varletr; ooanecteo is it were wittitheja Ioad l!arleston, S. C n. asd the 14rse.t s Nlow Yaor. travelers eno roea New York frioNewHlle La TA* X Il etATn4Vyaehlwgk s shy inal_, Clsllhttahoolnee, Florida,. we hriars Lira via Qehicy aso Talloahas, tt lj, 4 $ M.e. post toaches, also twmBehes feca s lsthainns ire to Milledgeville, anda osce to M t1o f sk re A notwrA, 9roh Jan. 1181. ftir.Mn eMansio nnrmooe Mobile el)ist:,.e, New r Omrleans to Mortie, 1nt "lit 1,5iori Mo,, hilre h rt to hi lto, I d, Argo",r tok:: , 2 q ated.., C(lhrleston tO hew c oVak, 9c0- 1i0 'T'ime, N.w Orlrsnm o Moile, 93 Iessl Mobile toAo.naor, I,5 ,, AsIgists to Chuuaseso , 19 a. Chalestlon to New Yorlk, - et Msloig I fiR mirels Ie. day. or 7 miles per har, ldc sire of ail etopltges. as 1o N. It. I og leave to inform the puldL otaa thal hbirigos nor ithe Ciotohooo swoas, sod tHars! Lassr creek hav-jost oLoen eompleted ij the geessl ga.yr, o, (ie .llyh obstarcles ooeatisg agsinst this safe a It Iopte.rey .l le lo ib thus hl.tly resooed; and I heave the sa,, ilnvert lotll ot s are o the finst oIahw ad o to the wtetrl' rolie ri"o t'ensacola toI.eitsr luhff, it is admit. e Ia hy all who have Imeal tI.rotl g it to he unarpasi. ii iovalties beaoty std otd'ety. The bhidn. thb (Grotia IAove olso hoeonrepaired. J M C U4... HARDWARE. 29 MAnAZINg 13r, NEW-ORLEANS. JOSEPII KNETTLE, & Co..lmporlnas oatfdrseat idll )Iesiotio Hardwoosare reoeiviss frLm rope aid tit Atlnntic Cities, direct from tie Manueac tiers, tn extensive assr'tmentol of Fancy and Bey Fardwatirp comprisg every article in the lI wha iiosntry Merchantsr and others se smvited to ran sad oxomine their stock which consistsin pat, aof ablt iiiteher's, pocket, saddler's oorstraw knive plted 0d r oitanio tea spoons, eesdes, pin, hooks adeyes, asho velaandspader. tong. shovels, ?saders, aadissa, Brit teanri d lookg ed wares r, bruieso, lankt books h nd pa lerl, looking glases, a.invils, vices, serw platea, hand. otrlece ood soil hlormero, sislitir soellows,, Isriosan cud Eloglirsliiior,iest, hssear, (iGremn atd ocwley steel, Sploa. omould trace, onnoi log chain, wedsing Louis amr imd gruhhing hnue Mtltrcka, pick axes,orn snd gross scythles, Calliins"i Kigs and shlmoea thopping ixss, .,roiughS , torse ond iouto il, rot to aS woe Icrld, oiulfee titll corn oilltlplteBs and pll rle, g.gres, locks, si, irnie, lhooks sad pistols, shot, iowder and llUorfleake,per poLtver, tolihlli bhr sa aid bell Metsl klnl chest, trnuk and pad I okels, bidlo U1SAIo N k;-C.CoSu doa Preuto,, Wi tliot Jlioioeuiw. SL'ET'AT DE LA 'LoUISIANE.A s , e,, quo ces prexnt' tol0 nOlnlllt, Sodlu.-t-ALlemdu qua Janmen Blanes e iiggs, ay70ut inhde Ai tle solte uithe Ir le Stherif de In paioirse d'Olrlcano i po mliint eii-apro1 decrite, ' iest ,dese aU GItffe de sete' (lur aa ti dle wrotle fito eoregiostee Ie a cite jour CAlvoito Lannae 1 888, pour ll utio cdollofollllnlel a un aae de h LgI.. oo,,~ in l'Etot dle to Lotuisisun, iotilulte a An. pour oo,,tiotrlteo litres dnes ctu L.u.Oaae vetlotjudistureao nlolloto ele ho IMra 18,o . Quoilaigt aoauan e tuter hOPOO'tttl e 000 r0e0,e 0 t par eea pr'Oal nsloniusl o ,oo, e.1'Iatoe Iho. l Lo.iis,,oeet Al. to Coeu d4euadr Ihrttrin Joudcinire, yui poooboieatumvi draoitos to et!c ieui-aIs d' r ., on c olaqueneCroe d'u i tfo llde nirnen dnt I' ondrno le detet onu lejugeent do in our. eltl v nltllullutodenle I'eontntoioko, i nle Nute inos. laeri d oat i.ovoalit6ocntl It0ert.llottio, l'.0i on I oneat •o .on d.e Io nt, lat .O.tmlSae utmre ue rihe p do oltio Voiti dNlls treiltejour. A doter de I.pubflrjsia Lde rettieos,,rtjolrIo ncr.e sd kite le selti por o o fllptoe tSlhlllot ,l'. ,o eI La ilite prt .lAtoo int Im'ele parl i Shrit, su.rdid le SO sinre aildri re dlmHe Panlnme 1888, ell vlet dhl, derrt drthne tounr ono,,u Iehnsin Jooocneoohn as,,Eo 1838, oeino 1',i+ ,i, do Jatooo B..... , Diyh;i ea o Rufus o, No. 15,191, dioo Icek lInto.' Cotir.a Ito ldelle inte i'ea' rnlldu 'ilolta l oonoipiut |Ipot I ,pl k ritgi. c I.niUl plodoti. tmtato Desuription do In* Plnprints don anes le tuestior Ja'F roao,. I$voi,. U,, celntlo tlrl'n.enu 0It tnle toee onllte , I lilso.s ,t atrliohoiu t ll ti a'. tonoluoootl ntoo tqui no4l j l,' pr'xdgas Al.+ . ,,p.r..,.a d'.,ne malUr quelo.unque altaor tI InullxbLiOU Antoiuiutiur, OOro iI (motut " englnui) trodl went ilqutn tuix drie I{s elt goo's ir ens d'uovlloomrlile au Clbo nin poluihuee . !i r de In noutelle Lev6e,tro]. tent Jsirmale tit pgeit Iton 2h tlUto hiititesrleliehuis rue (Js liaa liea t oo ,4 I ouaoe cinq ieols 0nlllo Ioun eotoot huitep e sna ma Iigstler 1e I imie de In veillle Iavle, Ji fmnlpir in Ii lililtrolhen, In prol lil , do tlsoo MkISafq A 1'oaolg1-ue tits rues Veille-Lrv~e, at des N o e, ' d M furmnt on angle irok "sneteom'Ss da, a, ,. , riIl.1i1 duct troi:y t YOuces PprofgIQtlauriols ds ligna hlmincllplledt 1 pun onew " din M~hiialan, p hllel A in lre CeJes(t,,le lk fbrmlnt .... ....drm t apip totobotoot de Soixn n,, t. .ri o pds eotes, , Is a Ii.i a0i00, ut la ligee limiour-le die II - ren Ide toLnouispInl, pnralll d o rae in Lo" :e a IIA,. i n'mw lt ulrl llrr angle drolt 'et S'lnet utl d e q ,ntob deal nt pids nel + rt net eeiilq 1litel es Igol oinlluttolde e In It prri le O lit.1 ..l e -n: rue (Jleste ; delh S olplnpll ull ntl IaIgle dtlmlt et jitle - d41ii de cent vingl se'' I|ulsd di potn ol.ule tr hui temes= sur In lege limitrodle de . II uopihti do dit Loede pbtrllielch nl0 bl0l0 eeiiun - our t redole NoU. veUll Leote et aoixtt e see aie piedms qua9twi Ites to q u 0trt Ilu0itelnes Bi-e, It rue des Nonnea, senfrallme, tin plan dress pimr J. Pilie Voys. d Si villa, a.e 881 Jtr I 8ll: 2, nlolted a Oi8oteriobopa deout Louis T C.olt, tIot l c, Itutlie, lha Jsnvier t1s. Temoien I'Ho.n. A. M. Buelnua, Jugso de It Cparotle .16 A,ril 838. P. LJ lll #ANCs too 21 St Srf110r. bTl'Al 1)A LA LIUIISIANE-...C eo dU haonder Die tri ' uJioiare,. 'ETAT 1) l)E tA tlSIAi\E, A lonl eeri quo J etn prsentrtr eonnernemt, balit:--Aueidu quo Willioto Motkoyu .y,,,t t nchetb a u0e 'onte faile ar Ie Sllel ole hot oiroileo d'( ileans, to prmari8t oi-ajp.o drrrit,, ddldoonel (t Girele de coenoeitor ou Indite nooile lt erngiotiree i to eiUe joer de Mai, de 'Inoein 18:18. tour il avii rntofolrtln toeit stMtle de ta Legis Ioe t P 'Et.t11 tiP in Itlllisins, ihimlh "Ante pour e ttlilr lO I is ttl,: 0.e0 eCquereuat oo vneonatjudici oloren,"olpiu,lie I ill Maro, 1831. Qu'il otlenu, eo Iooten teel nt-ln llo.i'feioto art enopeeopneneteaeOm. 00(0e ,0 .o0re o Itt d at 'o e It LouNinle et de a Cmlr d Premonier )ii.lrict Judicinre, qii pnurraintc avoir droit t In ploopriPl, ci-.lott dcrite, en consequenced'in do lInt de foUite dUnS 'rdre, In decret uu lejugeme.ont de fu Oollrolln vPrtu dot ( tiel I veaoe .ile tFia., u de toea irroegtulrlto uu il,.ogdioi done l'esoioliona,l''svia on It t(noon Ine nodo de la vnite, oo peou use 0utle eaus quo cniooeo de olire oi r, dneo treoll jou, Ir ,iileh do Ito publie:intio de celtte avis,pourquoi in vnote aiii tfaite ne serail s cenfionte en humoloUgue. o ica tut vendoe par le t horhf, une-adit eI Le3ineo jour l Av ,lde . 1838n n v . .. d'8 de-e lOtret de cll euur redo leto eitea de Atan, de I'onite 1858, dtil* daffain o de Willitam Macbykay . Iamue Boll, No. I.l53t du docket de ltte Colur, a Ique le v olt h dit Williton Mackoy, .'oet rendu acuilreur iouir t prix d . $3,10 enoltllntal. Deoocrilttion de in Propriflo d'nprtioI leaoluner Judici ire, Savolr Un ertailn lot de ter.y eol loris toelee hoDaserl etooooooltolntinon, Siti no It d'Orlbano, oian litt iorei. boor In rues de I No ulvenle I. ee, Louisa, SPa ttl ad iotlordt d. rilg , par ie No 9 d'pmr onu plea tires par C F Zinrpelli, Depute U oyer Ceaernl, Is ]16 Ilrccmlrrea 183, et Illpoae en I'etwM do Felix tiimr\ n-itaire pub~lic, rlllmlm plan No 14, Is alit lot deter,,, rllmrlll icuetodho , u oset pen tae A In rot, Ala Nouvelle Lenh6,, oixentequins pieds deprofoeocflrr l, nute qui onaehe Is lrt No 0, et ere vingl pieod. afpa o ponen et gents, ligooo Ott prefoadoor oh note qoi ottucbc to rupritti iprhcst, 00 droniernuaid appoooo. nolt iA N lodallnd. 0 oyanl tio neuf 'iep-o onoe paticn do larg doenola iro too dm on it tirelae J uteha atiea o. toia petie nrw t pone, d ot calh. aver t. o ptos nort 1 r5,6, 7,8 0no 9. 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