Newspaper of True American, September 8, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 8, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DP.TCRTPION, SPEltDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED F AT THE OPFFIC OF THE Tru[e admerican, ST, CIARILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. ·-- --- ý o LOUISIblANA FURNITURE WAREROOMIl S No. 53, Bienville street. S.ILLIAM t. CARNES, (formerly of he firm r l Flint & arntes,) woull respictully infirml us frieods and the pnbiit that he is cooltantly receiving from New York andl Boston5 a uedl'assortlent of Fur riture, such es umahogany eb:cir, sofle, ledrteads, ra- vi ile and painted chairs, moalte and cherrv bedsterda,s mahoganV and cherry talres of all descripitions, itu- a reause, toilets, esrcretrys, writing denkr, wardruhes of nahoFgany and cherry, wash stands, looking glasses, feathers, bedding, &e. &c. a Ni. Furniture packed for transpolrttion with .reat MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed front 17 Cutlomhouse St. 'TO NEXT DOOR TOST. CIIARLES THEATRE, it CoNesn OF PoaYn. s & fIT. Cnent.Es STREET. aug9-183S. rIN & PORTER OTTLS-i groas wioe and 10O gross Iroer otts, far eeie by HOLMES & MILLS, jyl Bark Alley. PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, No 13, Toulouse se,--y Ira Hlloflfmane. HISi house is spacious and conveniently situated f1 or men of business, oear the Levee and thle New pnchalnge. The table will be well supplied and attended to, and ,ihc cherge moderate. i ardlere wishing to have lodgieu, can be nceommo-. dated, at different prices, with cnmmtadious furnishedl rooms. Boarders will have tiheeaiisful.tioai to meet tlere, persons speaking the French, English and Span idh aiguages, cng23:c3m PENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Tououuse, n. 13, tenue par .Mde Ve. Il fmaenn CET btablissement cat spacious, et so trouve sitsu tJwee do In Levoe et do to Nouvclle DBource, c'rest dire al centre dee affaircs. Lalable sere bie urn loiu, proprcment tenu et A un prix.modirt. 'sen qui prenant pen.ion d1.,ireraient y loger au rent does appartemens de dilffrens prix, bieo garlis et L.ea petiauonaoires accraot Il'aglaiet d'i trouver r des persiotles parlant les lfangues francaise, atnclnise ct sepagnole. 3 au 11.ildion bhbl., for osle I " KEAD 5' BAHSTO\)W, aug25 7 Hank Place. .UNITUlIIE-Jeust an ddilicm It ln' vffrot Now York ai d BHi t.lle Por in want of FURNITURE. woulecl (lo wl ti call i 53 llienville street befiworoparhasing elsewhere. Termn Cnsh, or good city acceptanee. CARE W 1 CARNES. aug.5-2w HA MORRHIOIDS. H AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.--'his ex. traordinary chemical conposition, the result of science, and the invention .f a celebrated medi. cal mon, the introdcation of which to the public was invested with the solemntty of a deathbod bequest, has since giined a reputation unplaralloled, fully sustaining the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that " ho dared not die without giving to posterity tile beneuofit of his knowledge on this subject," and he therefore baquoathod to his friend acndattendant, Solomon llays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and most certainly for the cure of the Piles, and so exten sively and effeitually as to bhalll credulity, uniehssI where its effects are witnessed Externaily in the following comtplaints: For Dropsy-Croating extraordinary absorption i at OCte. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours. Rhlumatism--Acute or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Coles. Croup and Whooping Cougih-Externally, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcer--Whether frese' or tlang standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and childirn in redoilc ing rhoulalic swellillng, and ltotalltig colghs ialln tighttites of the chest !y elahxation of tile parts, has been surprising beyond eooceeptltnl. The comlnon remark if thu \whlo lhave usad it in tlhe Pales, i. " It nets like a chlart." '1'IE PILES--The priet, l1 is rerciedid to any person who will use a bottle of Ily'. Laltttelt fir the Ploie, ttd return thle iepl)ty bottte withiut beingt cired. 'Thllese ar lie psitlive orders of tihe prcoptietor to the Agernt.; and out of lmany tiou. stlleds notl, not one Ihss been ntlnecuasti'l. We .neight insert cerlihlatas to any .lengthli, but prefer tha:t tIloe who a, II the article, houldl e x tlhit the Originail to pcrlichsers. CAUTION-Nonit can be goninle without a splehdiloengraved wrapper, on whic!t is a.y nalimte, adl also thrat l' the Agients. t:OL(IMON HAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by CO)MSTOCK & Co, New York, aild by one Dlruggist in every town in the Union. For sale by thle Wholesale Agoents, corner of Commonn & Tchoupitoulas street, and by the Apothccarics generally. je0 PE01 Whale -lel-lStn g5dlaonat winteer oril; gat)00 gallloa aunllier ill 301l ,gnllolau relinedal whale. Ibr sale by WI|ll'a (I.II),l la CO. nlugl 131) Jlaguzine st. EjI t.t l' a 1 TIo a LA'I' a s l -..-U- -.pu g bI dck till , 10I ,loxes tiln plate, and 15 casks zlnc, ill More, fbr sale by S LOCKE & Co jyl4 r 2 Od ve / IIISKEY-50- bls il store, btr oale by • ng'2l IIORS'Y, 4.1 New ILevee. It.-200 bbls in shere, lor mine by (1 DiRSEV, aug21 44 New Levee. jTAC -N SI bllS--1Olclsat, s aapeb're..ili cured Sinlstore aed for aile lby G It)IItSEY, aug'1 44 New Levee. W OTO D CUTTI',I'ts wanted on tile New Orleaus and Nashville rail ruad; a Asl N o ft. .ONNS I FH., Corner of Natchez 4- Teholitaoula street. aungl PllL.N.T'I.3'G( OFk'ICE. F Ot SALE,-A printing office, of all the materials necessary bor a newlpaper. An assortnlllt of French aeceant; several fants o Jon 'T'urr; a large extra imperial aress, &e, &c, will be told cheap, and on eao y temst. This is an excellenechance fur one inltrending t establishl a country paper, and vil Inge Jotltficc. rile type .'. will be sohl separately frotl thle press alnhld tllt anl arrangetlnnt acconlllno datte hc urchaser. Apply at this ofice. EI)ICINES, PAINTS & OILS-A large and general assorutnent n hahnd, for sle low, by JARVI S. ANIIREWS, jy28-hn.ia.c or Comemon & T'l'obul itlloncr NOTICE. T IlE Cepartnorahrn heretofore rexting in thi city, betweao the sulbaerlibere, undar tl firm of Lata Van Wyck 4- Co., in New York, Laidlaw A. Co., and in Natchet, Mliss., Van Wyck, Laidlaw & Co., is dissol ved by uomataconsent. John Laidlaw, Peter S. Van Wyck, and Thomaus W. Van W\vck are authorized to lsts the name of the firtn in liquidatin only. JOHN LAIDLAW, ANDREW LANLE, PET;:R S. VAN WYCK. TIHOMAS W. VAN WYCK, New Orleans, augn. 18th;, 138. CO-PARTlNEtISIIIP. lThe subscriblaers have frned a colpartnershlp in this oity ltler thle firm of Van W'yck A Co., and in Ndew York undel the raln of John L.aidlaw t Co. JOHN LAII)LAW, PETER S. VAN WYCK, THOIIAS \\. VAN WYCK, nugl8--l30. ENGLISII, FRENCH AND 6PANISH ACAD EM1Y. I ROFESSOIt MORPIY, assisted by pentlnlemn of proper qualifications and exptrienre, has opened il Academy, i till brictk bualding belonging to WIa. tranad Eaq.. ljoainitg tle Ycrandu all St. Charles street, where voutg gentlemen, well disposed, will re calve a good education. A\lr. Al. solicits the co-operation of his friends and those ofeducatioln. to enable him to render this insti tution usetul and permaneat. aug23 - WHOLESAIRl TIN V ARIE.M ANUFACTORY S IO)CKE & CO., No. 22 Old Levee, have in store, oftheir own manulocture, a large uat ex teasire naoortmenttol tin ware, which they invite deal ers in tile trade to examine; also 200 Copper, Sugar house skia.mera; 250 do. Sugar LadIes; 20 do . Copper osgar lampsa; 7 oBath tubs. assorted sizes; 30 gross assorted sized Cofoke Groigl'. N. B1-4ofof, buildiaags covered witl zinc, copper Stlat. Coplper ad tilt gutters put up ou tIae talo rtres -.o.-210 bbls,prio t o soft pria,. & silaulders t foraleby G DORSEY, aug7 44 New Leve,. U NDERWOOD, icrkles, Ketchnplt ud Mustard, in tturn and for sale by J THAYER & CO, alug 16 74 Povdrao atreet. .It D 0.- kegs ver- superior leaf Lrd tor le ly OSEPi CO ClSEVP Y , '23 Gr.vier .treel. aug 16 AgIlXAS iMONEY ior sale by 1 oT R HYDE & BRO. u;l ~ :l l IC:olno st., coruncr of Mlaguainu For the Interior. FOR LOUISVILLE, CINCINNATI, AND ALL INTERMEDIATE PORT1S. The substanltial steam bloat GOV. SHELBY J J Kercneval, mlaster, is hourly expected to arrive, F' •ld vilt ble e epatch for the above ports. For ac or passage, having superior acconomodations, appy AWRENCE & LEGENDRE, seplo 28 & 29 New Levee. v ALEASURE EXCURSIOY TO B.AY ST. I.OUdS AND PASS CHRISTIAN. Fare $2.50 ! ! The fast ruonin. steamtbot MA 2Jt..y_ ZEpPA,Captluin Grilfn, sleores the lake end of te rail road, at the arr val of the 7o'clck cars on Saturday evce: the l8ths in-t. oll every entsuing Saturday. lReurning, will reashr the rail roal by 6 o'clock o Monday morsi 'g. to Apply to GEO. WHI'TMAN, New Orleans Mokbils Mail Officr. acgl8 Itder the Exchange Hotel. St Charles at.' j.oxt & pAS(CAiOUI.A, Twice da teek. . . The fine low p ressure steamer r GIRAFFE, Caltc. Swiler, will leave or the above places on the morniogs of WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS, immediately after ts uarrival ofthe 7 o'clock eare, and return on slbhurdnys and Mondays to the Rail Road The public may clpend uponm great Iunctualitv. AuC 14 oar passago apply to Captain Swiler. For HMoble, send sll Iensdixie i-a tLadinsg The low presscre steam boatsrt . C AROLI NE, ci leavce New Orlotans in for Mobile. every Th'rsday nd n OSs KP, at lock, a. tMouhing at all tile waering places at which passengers may wish to land. For frlher particulars,rapty to . kGEO. WIIITMAN, je2l Exchange Hottl, St. Cbarles st. --W U--E-'-'O Y. For Mobile and all olermediatle L,artdires4 . - " 'Phe fast running atd .p!eedid steam 1 ot Wil. WALLhACIr, eatirelv in Sc state rooms, will cave New Orleans fr oie, d all isteradiate wcterintg ln'ces, every 'uesdatc oml Sclaturd, after toe arrival of It 1 0 uoclhsk cars. cat at Ic. WVIIITMAN, jvi Exehancoe I otel. St. Charles ot.p - A- itURAY EVENING A.\ND SUNIS I T- MANlIVIIfLlEX&, ttN :ONVl I.E. I" The soearer soUTHl A .A IAMA, 1 .? _ -= C a p t I.. T . K n g b t,w i le .,v e t be la k e - -;e . endolfrtherail-road fur tih above pln ec . etvery st a ) evenin -, on the arrival of tlte 2 o ehlck cars, ant return the samae nlht,--nad leave Sun clay mornonc on the arriehl ufthe 8 o'ecloc cars; return ing leave Yadiaonville at 4 o'clock, P. l. "a :itaw 2m FUIR IAI)IONVII.LE, LIlI.Sl.iUIG, MIANHE VIItLEL & COVINTtIN. a Ts. e The fsct runnig andi sapledild slteam 4f .JI c- boat SOU'I'llI ALAIAMIA, L.. 'I'. ; Ko lighit master, will crun a c regu t ler maii coot ror the above porse oil loldadys, VWdea da cc acl Fridays, aftelr te yrriral of tkte o'clock cears, I A 'i. Returnigr , leoave Cocincton "l'aesdavs, Thurs- f da d ansd Saturdays, at 8 o'clock, A M. N . All tgglcte anol parcels at le risk of the own crsH, Unoless a bill of lading' is cigsedt. GIEO WL[IIITIAN, New Orlocan and Mokils Mail Office, ac tcclxlcrh Iltillilsn Stc Coharlers t st l--.. AE REDUCID. cThe steamboat MAZEPPA will _ leave sle Lake end ofthe Rail Hoadl on Mondayc;.Wtd\v es days and FPi ciay te crrte l or f cIe L o'clock cars, touching at tIn St I.ocis, Pass Chlristian, liloxi, &c ; retuanilc, will leccr' Pas goutla us ,lay light, and arrive at or Icansct ot o'clcrk, PL. M., teoc.cigt tit illc tie watering plcces day tghlt. Fare tciUft Ncw I)rleac to IBlav St. Icoit $2150 'a Pass Clristian 2 511 Biloxi 400 GDlEt. WIIIT'MAN, ao Exelhang iloterl, St. Charles street. I NO'i'ICI . r0\VI 10.0:lt goicg cbll If hv the Mail Lice IL nMltulaycs, Wedtesdalys ond Frilays, will rcgis cc te olagr at lcaccaoula on the lbove cicned day.l , I lels shunt lluln be plaed ell the waly bill. o w, ol n e hnav e b avv b I t ,,g e c u rt I: a v o it ta k e n directc to libil becy u cy lots dclarincg (Icc ,erk, exccc lnr Iletbcve uamcned lcys. Gil') WIll'.l A N, F ))llK--'riclcoc a isd Mesra 'ork,fall branded, P I' to, Jill) pieces Kertucky IB.gihcg, t85coila Rope; fir ale by Ii P I-V' & cs. . jc' I ey 10 cira, i'-r st. LIl stairs. .*.) Bagging, I.duing Icrcll s. b. curihtthia, ir sIcle Icy l.. t2IELNCE c LE(IENI)KI', jelt; _ti atltd " N,,w l.ecr.. ¶U FSTFIII N iI'T't'I;R-:t' kc gs i ctr, Icer sal., V tilk t I' 1111'R i11. , I1 _r_' 4I. ln. di . sresi . i)U1j l.k I S .h t kis lay, ttlt i tcltilh ll. rc ilctec" l. try ofxae . 'luuiu sainllt lolllrlx vie cutr , by t .. .INIi, & 13.kLl': IctI,:-1Sll Is KeIt acky S_ lc igingi 12a oils tit batle ,e, l ctoo anld lIc 111c by IcUclaco .'.. lil'.tS, n ycl'I (i., ll,' l : sliett. .5 botris chces 'cey , ,6 b'oxes I' a lllRse, f- jy28 __ + l,'rE:ii2& _MILI.ARI., Juli-l blt A , 15 biits chillu, ut eceived, I or sal. i y Ii L +."t El "e', jrug 44II New Levee. -ULED CAP & LETTIERl PAI'ER--On hadr, ae Ibrge assortment ul low pirced nidee ver etulr BSine amdl White, \VWove ISt] Blue Laid Ciap all Papefrte DA U lID IFL:L' & Usti, pe r a by New York Ituttiotrs' Hill, jyrtsl 24 Chartres strrit LE- A,' LARHIS-Ittt segs, iI, tune shtippscg rirer, ul aupes lurqual tylat the d.usdllg, iossalte by jy3 41 Now l.ever. AUDI'I'UI.' D.ltt 'T.o--oft tie'! retstr'y ul"l'eau .l purettietd by AA'lI'li. TUOWi.r.i.ND, jyi IExchage letulel, tiratrer shteet |.ItI-2t----tUic a inL good order, our bourd S\'eltIune, laying at Uranlgestreet wtltrt, lur sale by U,IaINE & DIXLV, jy28 (CLustulutwaseo street. Is A. I'll-Ll LI: l'.TiE WRillIr:-Justs'rdeeted, 1 sn cleganllt ua.ultlslllt u of lllltld Letter Wia Itef, atlne haltf Iound, lor tihe Coulttitg Htuae, and sottle neatly dolne all iI ircurceo eraste with bdcks for Iravelling, a very usefll litd covellictt artlch, Ibt sale Iy 1) lEi.t Is. Cl(., New York and stationers Hall, jv31 24 Lthartls street. liloKt. --it bbls rectiied witis..ey, lauding t a. trulst eambot t Ilulstttll, 1it, do,lu stod , ur sale by LAb-LT ' AMIELUN ri, JytL i I iit C titeece sires r Ut'L'Li is'IsRL.IEb2lb, ac.-A supply of Cupping i stlruleults, aI'ulent Pullp yringes, anld stotuul PL'umps, ull ol tile uusl iuprouvd dea cerutill, received by tie, eahl.cribete. tlou, Cologlle Vater UIlut ltl Clilumabia, Ward's Llair il, , id ,ail, cnail and 'ToutI Brusiles,..o. &cc. jy l9 ICtiLES &. Co, 40 Canal street. 10r KLA I'- TheI Houe uanrd tirdn adjoinug Ilarby's . Asadeay, on Tivoli Circle contuaing six ruolts sith kitchen, puatry, and out-hleusc, &e. .ipply to JAItVIe & ANI)ItEWV, jy 21 eoroer 'I'Tehllpitoulas s omtmOllnll streets. EAF h .Ilti--2IttUt kega rulterier article, ill tlt shippiug order, and tear st by Li l5R e,.y, jy' 44 Nod a Levee. L I.TiER.-.A lEPl .-- J 11i t received leestite 'lra-T wine ilMtts, icases atupuittlet blue letter pipet sole very low priced; 1u cases alteltliute white lotto paper, delut craes tinnpink otter paper; 4ces supel lits piakct hid lerge size; 2 cases superlile a tel aiiorted c elurs; ' cass suuperliue oetlvo assorted colors; Ibr sale, wholesulo and retfil, by D FELT c Cs, .'ew 1 ork. tationers' Hall, jy5l Y4 Chartres street. 1 TlildIiEN''--uassesstu given immerdiately. the I /use oa te /ste Rails Rdlad netr ire Lake Shore. The two Pavilihoas it Bath, lnea the New Orleans and a thvilla tull ta Road. several Rooms in the ar seCue ofsse tthe Bath lail KRnd Company. For tile palticulars aplply to H BU.NNAIELc., jy2l acutler Natchelz i Ttlultiloulas slta. aCui'CII ALE-7.2 cass Scutch ale, (quarts iand Clatsl) for sale by IIOL.TIES & MILL.., jy21 Bank Alley. S1 ARIPEN'I'ER'S Fluid Extratl of Sareaparilla- SlmiAd all osher aurpenter'sl Prpuratits, received lately by H IOUNNABEI., jyd2I cr Tchtoupitoulus & Natchez sts EMION SYRUP in bixes of 1 doz. each for L sale by READ & BARS'TUW, sug4 7, Bank Plute. SUGAR dHoue Atolasses--JO burrels so sale by , J THAYER & CO. aug23 74 Poydras si eet CE-25 csases lice, just received ans d fr sale by J TIIAYEl CtS00, 1ug23 74 Poydrau street. ( 1ANVA.SEI) Hams--inl hhds,.tierces and bble. in store, anud tfr s.Ie by LAYET & AMELUNG, aug23 17 Catmnerce street. 7 IME-O1000 asks 'i'hiumatot Lime, fir ntsra-l S HEI tMGINEI"lBO N B lR N CO, aug'd Conti st. W INE ~n LiCqurs-6U0 buskets Champlagu.e Wine,(Congress brand,) 100 do wine, (Lafayette bruad;) 19 pipes Madeira; 2n5 qr. casks imitation ladeir w , in store anld tor sle by hIEItMOGIN, BRIIOWI . (CO), an23 'J Coati st. I()ASSEr-71- bll-. in .ori, lotue ele be 1 LA\WLIENCI:.. / I.:tIiINti).:2, tuiua3 21 and 2lJNew Levee FjiISt:t uHR NItesa-utI1 dlls. fersale bh I'J TIIAYErI &, Cit, aag!:l 7. Poydru. treetl. bHIPPING. For Europe. P )R LIVIElP(OOL. ,fl_ Te coppered and capper kttened ship CUMBERLANO, Capt. H.ast, liaving tmot Al t ier cargo engaged, will have desltchl. it For tfreight nflil0) lales or passage having superiar p accomnaodatione, apply to S & J P' WHITNEY. july31 8 Conti street. FIll AIdAISEII.LES. The fine. fist sailing bhrque NOBLE, Capt. Manson, will receire despatch. For passage onlydapply to LEVI hI GALE, aug21 113 Common street. aug FOR MARSEILLES. T L The ft sailing brig tA ROLINE, Capt. a 7'Thautiloin, will leave inmmediate deasputch forir ilte above port. For freight ai 1l50 bales cot ton, or passage, apply to LEVI Ih G \LE, -- iigl _3 Cmwn:iten. FOR THIES'I'i'. The first sailing ship HEI.EN MAR, Capt. - , having full cargo engged, will heare despatchl; fir pasuousag plv to S & J P WHIQII-EV, augt3 8 Conti st Ooastwise. - FOR NEW YORs.. l.,airsiaua ald New York Iine. S 're egular anil fast sailing Packert ship VICKSiUG(i, Ward. ma-ter having print of her cargo enogapge will meet with iamsediate despatchl-for the remainder at freight or passPge hay ing slegiat a: eonlnodatitlo, apply to lthe Cuptain on board, oppoaite the vegetable market, or to J UBEIN "A tCOHlEN, sep8 90 t onn,,n street. JUSfT received lat the L.ouisiann Frnitra \Vare RaomIRs, 5:1 Bianville rteeetAl0I Maple ant tlerry Bedstedlds; a first rate article. Also, a gaod a.osret sent of tuple. Wailnut, nad Pointed Chairs, which will be sold Ior the lowest cash ricers. 1V hI CA tiNES. jy7 ' 51 ltinnville str: et. W -5-IOI..SAL, - A\U1 I-II.I (Jtii illt A'\1: VAltIIRTY' S'I'O()IE, 'No. It Caon; stre+ .11 - der Itishlip's llolcl-Tl' e asbslcibers ast anw ipr" l t'' at thleir new landari et, enlsiiisiosnrttal nt- O itt I their lile, a 1i.prising every vnriry of Clo(.lb, strailes P "erillmerv., Iookiig clashscs, Ilaying (;rdsa arl a large anulbelr of Ilmne articles. Thle illnodile It C(aM HIS--lortoise al iBrazilian higl toptIck, tlot .t oenerdn; dti. do. twistn Inng, neck, tnit;fiile, poine adll dr"esi.g, ivory sld horn;ll t flo ioth, dreasiloi ana imokelo ollts; horu, redlillng en n.ra,+ 4nllllls; aoode"*, dIussing, fint tooth and pocket cooe,. PERFUMIEIIY-A general asr,,aaust of French andil American Perfumery, consistink ., - .tl tge water in bottles, of allshapesl n sizes; la anter, Florida, rose, oreng, lenlan, jessratine, bergumoa, nadlerfleurs, etc. ; ilaey loaps of e'eray i.seription; mcaassr, nntiqne, and vegelillt hair oil andtIll rin t fluid; clehlorine tooth wash, earbonic and chlorine dentrfice; seemnted and plain toilet lpowder; poanatni; preston salts, etc. 1RUSIH:ES--Comp-ising a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, nail, aohb, shaving, pllte, hearth, floe antl plain lusting, sonteeing, erumb furiiture, aeruhhing ani white wash, Ihorse, sloe anil t:tllllre' c'ouring, pIint and varnish brushes, adll sash and grain ng tools of all sizes. LOtOKING GLASSES-Co-.'prising gilt frames of various sizes, 5, 3, ' and I draw toilets; German statian, toilet anl poket eglarss, ngmnifyiig anstinors, etc. PIAYING CAIlDS--EEaglo, Imhoy Sit, troom, Highlander, Spiel GaCten, French a nlsd ita back P'l) lag Guerds. ANCY ANI' VAIRIETY- ARTICLES-A supe rinr assortment of portable desks, ladies' and gentle men's dressing e ases and ladies' work boxes; fancy box. es of various descriptions, slitable for the new year andi Christmas' gifts; pocket books of all sorts; suspen ders, music-boxes, lead pencils, nrnyoua, violits, head bagas nd opares, an assortnent of fahey beads, superior quality billiard balls, paste blackiht; bone, shirt, vest, fall ani suspender buttons; earl ioittns and sltirt studs, razor strops; gas machines folr ereating light; Spaialdh ani melee segaget ntacnuhb, Paris, rappee nod Satielt anllrt's n asolrtalent of pleain sil sallla (Atellas; -back gaulllnon boards; die, ftnly enrcent, optics, Jews it-ps, harmlonicas, lociter matchls, pins, needles, percussion caps, drhiking cups, hItuting flasks and game bags; steel, slver and platedl spectacles; thilbles, twile, etac. a ltnolnonolr iie assrent of engravings, and a large arie y of otlher articles, all oaf 'hilh will be soldlba low priceS, lilt cash or city nce"ptanoes. at 4 IIEES k I).I.ANGE 1 )0 ) IIAlit-iELS ONi liding frn,, brig Uncle jyl r al & J P W\VIlINE UIINN , I-l 1' i ll S .TMS, ANI) C1AI).111l.l. r Ili ouncia Fre ih Quinine, 10 bhl. Epsom -olts 3 oisks Pearl' Ashle, 4 case Culunel, Ipec c...hinl-p, Ithlalulrl, &c. &c.. landilg frut brig Williat , i'o) fiuull atii, in i[r sale by\ I igW NI W, S r J.RVIS -". ANlIlirW , Wholeslee h)rie.i-ti, iv7 cor Comuln T''hollitoolotts street. ... 11.... NG S.Cl)L AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, Opposlde .Ilaladrihlle st'rlee, hrd .llhu riularlty, law sq uarets beltw te liud RIoud. Il"XI:I1ICIS', CI.EANI.INES.S, 'I.E.19UIS " AND rp1Ill irrance:lolnta..r this ostlibhllllnt Ure now R compileted 'hllel'roprientorc tave iroidl ed r Sling wtiell Iay tend to tthtILo-mfort lit i IlUirs. Te r doltla, rlolll ar now pre id-eld w ith lllr)l under o elo uni kis+i hll'hllro lln rolloes awprrpartn d hir nt.ldil rllllllslul~l) IIII~l; it (.I'oa,( i .tt ll lly ,l'to llto-it irYli lll+ - is kept I'r It billhera . 'tl fi nllille ich l ilro I nlu Irleate tit' altle hver the bItl, li'rinig the Iheml c f llo luy, is iow nulllire eh.:alted InId .dlows a free t.,rculation of air. Il i'ellt l.nilnasc plying he ween ('nail stme'l naid thil lower ntit priess, pass every lallhuur waithin lify tll:llS ot- il -Stillet. B o' >uLrlytiloliri o.ii h rt f.r uy3i Illt D-1th Itorta are open fiomt 4 t'clo. k .1. 31. in.til 10 P. 11. T'I'h se balhs p atrl It gradullated Jepth of water of'3 to I7 eet, lorted by an ernlosed basi. :0 ti t LmUg by 30 brnal, protected by l u railings f, the strnn airr,"t of the river, mll yet >tullnciutlll open to taldw ,a lree pat - AC)N-4II cask Citneinnad Carld, lin t ire, 1 -oolr, by i. l)Vttt1 Y,' jeLS 4 I New Levee. I\LOUR-400 bbls, in store, for sale by I jel8 G.D(t1tiLEY, :4 New I.ene. IEF IARKD--500 kogs, in inr solillpig order. for itsale by G. Dt, sNEY, jeIS 44 New levee. -IRVI.\G'S NEW WO()RK &c. 'r1l HE ROCKY MOUNTAINS4-Or senes, incilents Sand ,ldventures in "tthe Fr West," digettled from he jonrnrotllr taptlaiaB lI. 1 Ilottoeville, of the Army of the United atrree, and illu.trated feMr various other aotn:,-. by Waohiont n lrvinz, in 2 votl. Tl'H. VICT'aIM (iOF 8t&IO'lI'Y-By the Countess of Bilessiroitn, n 2 vols. Juset ret-ived ,t for salt by W - rI,'KFAN 1) I. il'ET ntil sot Novenmber teol: the elegaut Dit velline House, No 117 1t Juoseh street. Apply t.t No. 74 l'oydras street. jyl9 I kO.ilLSTIC (GOlDS--L.nwrence & Co 1-4 heuvr J broon stheetings. Jackson & Co0 l inch brownI shirtings. Looell Nos. 1 & 2 brown cotton. Ftr sale StI'E''SUN & AVEIY, aug4 ang Gravior ntree IP BROGANS-40 rases, of oarhios qnalitis for meu noll boys. foer slle b ISAAC BRIIDGE & CO, ooug3 134 lMaenaine st. A LM^ANtStort 1t139, just received per shit, Ar kuatlls, from New York. '24 grtce Amelricatl ('omiA nllaalmas t.r 1039 25 do. Crockett's At lauaes for 1839. 15, o. People's A anacstt for 1839. Calolan ted for eery state ill the Unio, antid contaiing a great variety ofU cgravintgs, fitr le hy tlle grole, doren and togleby IAVII) P 8.r & (o, N Y Stationer s Ha1ll,24 Chautes st nug30 2. DOLLARS REWARID .- - W T11.1. be.paold forthe nlaprheosion ol tile toy AN SI)ILE W, who absconded from tht snbscriberon he 5thindt. Said hav is about 15 years of age, bount fivre feet high, blrlk faee, and r ther good hookirg. sprbks ia1t and little stammeting when first spoken to; had on whon ho left, eottouottaeltts, striped shirt and Itraw hat. JOIIN URN, aug_2!-5t ,aeF_ loe OjtiPxl .AS--20n bb: sofpperao, in stor for rale hy angl6 44 Now Levee. %lY IhFKEY, Pork, Bacon Sides, Flour'and Lard, fl in store for sale by G DORSEY, augl6 441 New Levee. SUORN.;-b iogs wehte omrn oin shioipnl g order Sin store, four J THAYER & CO, on 16 74 IPovdrns street. LOUR-3---0 blls Iresh ground flour, landing fronm 1 flat bot, for sale by LAYET & AMELIING, augl6 17 Commerce street. O SHEN IIUTTE'lR-2 kegsa primoe Goshen but alter, uding and for sale by I.tWRENCE 8d LEGENDRE, aug'3 28 & L9 New Levee. F OR SALE-Fronm 18 to 22 ewt. f scrap Zinc, by CLAY ." CLARK, Plummnn rs, aug`3 10Poydra.n street. P ORK.-411O hbls Mless M O,primeand softll. rimr just i fspected,filr sale by G. DORSEV, jy2G 44 New Levee. 50 0 SACKS SALt'. Irndinr from brig snteo and John, for eel hv jel6i J P WHI 'rNEY. HJAMSiolbnedSouler-t0 'tihds. 1Picld rnot and Sshouldlers, landing from flaot boats, fior sale Ibyv LAYEr' & AMEI.UNG, augl6 17 Comlerce streeti. 12 SLATER & '1TR.IER, nug::0 411 Poydia st. hOiiAs.\S-3-:i Cases Meno and lloys fine to,. Spegged tlh.gan=, for anle by S r, ISAAC BRIlGliE & Ct). ate X1:1134 Mlairnic strect. BUSINESS CARDS. PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Clbarres Street HAVE a'.oestant aupply of every arteicle pertailing tolu retlenen'sa drem, Eof the latest style, at Newr York priers " Le 21) " 'TEa' 'li. S.LTCERIiUS MI FTA LT,IC TFEETil. ' PECINIENS of thete Ieualtiful teeth, and the man t e nor of eting ther,umay be a'en at the oitlie of ,.E. . Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 461 Canal treet. 'These teeth never change elouir, and are I y many, and il many caiss, preferable to the Rtlelllnl teenh. Ij Dlr. R. will wait upon ladies at their residence, requelied. ap 9if S. A. PEROl()SIEit, MERCHANT TAILOR, i7 Common treelt, BEGS ti inform thi uhllit that havineg purchaned fa ronl Mentra Itt)UiiI, SKEtItit & CO. pan aft their tocek, he will onltinlle tl* baimesan at their old At.nd, ulllosite fliaullp' tlotel, wlere lie hopes to meri ua hare oftlaier ,llltrltlea. lie ian ada nrranagllnlata at tl.e Norlh t hIe supplied inunhly withl the nl iniiiir tinlhionabll , ie .or 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND. SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 10: Poydras street New O)rleans, MANUFACT'REiRS F Lead Pipe, Water C:o.ets, and Pumps O 'all descritio, I. WA.4RM, (OLD, AND SOI WER lBA TI. Fixe.d on the sti t nUproveII principales. MI.L' t IE ll, PIP.S, &e ' ti Ird ers iexO'uted iii any part of the Southeani Staten. ii. . ,.ntert . Lindoe. :+:xcillNoa ItIorL,. a dim , I.Y & ('.LARK, P:umbers and Load Pipe Manufacturers, ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHICO PRWINTING I>TAIlthillaiiiENT', No. 53, lagazinte Street, (ppolaite lanks' taradel . WILbD.Vt GiR EENAE, PROPRIETOR S H. PARKER Uoml.iksiontt antid Forowarditu Merchant, No 6. FIiONlI LEVEE, rr STAIRS New J I an-Pe n Feb. ree JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIiUi.iOL4At.E ANI) IRE".1lI. tEhLltES IN MEDICINES PAINTS OILS DYE STUE .S .4N'l) PYI..VDOJIt (LASS, ornitr of Commona l nd Tehoupitoulane treeta, No E6. ONT LEAN A NAI'HAN JARVIS. JOiHN W. ANAtIIENWS. A large ujaply of Garden Seqis. warranted tiie growth oft a37. AT MOBISE AOa. S. I. &' I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. S No. 61 and .3i WATER STREET. Mobilar fir thii 1air8en Of tia nrairaetn the gArtia ntl Coammiision huiiieanainitsn aaribaaiaaaeheaniieg tclae to iformn their friiria aild tihe puift, that tay are now prepared to reaaivt coanaeiainents anndmiiake lihicia udvuaicn bii the aatie, eitihe lier privata or pablic t t,. -- - - Si(AN I. JNEl7., Refr . IRAEl. 1. JONlES,. Rer t Wnlkerne e. Kini egi Co . New eOreals. Molbile , etile , 1838. fm telt I A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. - SLATER & TRIER Porwarding & cOiInI atSºOlt Merchants, No. 411 Poydrus Street, NE W ORLEANS. They will devotr tleir partcieulhr attention to the sale, uf 'e.utorl Produce. Reforences. Aibijnh Fik, Rsq. S ; Ihclrlcl d, ic Ih rt M h) New Odecana. A 1f Natlin, 1 K(ht. alrton & Co. SDf & tM Willtium, , t clgs, Wihlc & . C Il.aston, 'cii Voeat E1. ) reverct &'lciecs. j New York. VoA PItcl & MI c till. Stanufird & Ia.,is. St Louis. iginsgow, Shiw & Tatnum. S Rider c& Co. Ilavlei, f'na & Dunlap. I Alt n. A II S:kildmire .' eq. ) n&. .T.STONT. Fhortyardiln uadl .Conlei.niola ,lereaunlse, F'URtNISIl.ItS OF :111' .Sf Ni) .IliaT. ST'OI:sEt, No. 11I TcIIUPIou r,,uLA. .'LLEL r. N.w. Orlr'ans. IteleAtencia : o!r.alYi. BALL., BAKERc.: (. a) I1sIt, AsE.NSEER B' A..K ta.0 A. If Afion &. New York. It. PcTNAM, J & I'. Ilot.i'ti, Cienluanti, U. Wtaria K So ti m I)tvtt STONE, I)ivt. I, O ILCuaocO &+ (ao. Cohlln s ts i N. A.h.uIwH, 'o.. Iecailll, a' \VILLISaSTEtEc ... 'cn~s. cSt Leuis l11 A. I. Il tOvF, fi iio, l ll. VM I.n Irfixanw, Inshiill,, M1. J. &.P. '.w:'AU'EuL., liayusurn, La SOLOMON IInU. New U :It+lU. . AMllEIIC '. & c ILISl: CI lAVN GL SS, No. :1 CIAciNiELI" Lc IRr lT. oI INSUItA.(CE COIP1AI Y - OF' NEic t)IILE·AX c. This Company are now prepalred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 nusson's. flil1n1, ('anl rt tr,,". E L. 'TIIACY. New Orlanse, aylny-b. 18381. Sererttary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission .and Forwarding Merclhnt, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to Iayret AueLg, New Orlmens. Jon. Landis & Cu. N ei lfa OBLERTf CL-NN)N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Cncap street, Wholesale Dealer itn Poaints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, IUl30 Window aid Pic.aie Glass, A~ . Ac. T. W. COLLINS . ATTORA'EY & COULNSELLOR .AT L 11:1 OW prtctirsina in the Stota' anti CitY Cortos. Cli ents ruill find hine t the Clerk's office, U S Circuit Court, in the Custon t uuse building. jel A CARD. rIliE undersigned have opened ia house in this citi, ". Ibr the purplose of trenactiug u GENER tAL CO LMILSSION lifUSINESSS. OFeICE, NU. L0 GRna.vs T Set'r, UP STAIRm . II P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Misse, will be continued in the above namne. Rteferences. Godfrey, La rie& Small, iNe Orleans.La. Peters & Millfti, r u H B Hill & Co, Louisvillea, Ky. John NI Gilmore, Vicksburg, lisf. SHantrcrperC lnter & Co, 1 IfndG it . Ill o, cooure , Co, Si t Lieand. Natchez, Mifs. , New OrlesaS, July It, 1888. jyl2 A' CARD. NATIIANIEI. TOWNSEND having locuted him I1self in New Orleans for the purpose of transacting r It General Agoelev alt 'oi lllllilsoll clsineoas, would rc spetfully solicit frum the piullic a nihare of their Iu liar " a house in' Texna, hle will attendl t tie trans acliag ot any bfsiness that mnay In desind i. Ihnt countcry, nud will guarulntee pranit ecd uoremitted at Istlitil to elJ bustueoo entrusted to his chnrge. edl a Ifithfuf allp licaion (in accordulnce withl iotcruptilot of all luancd tlat intc oetc intoe his hads. Office in New 'xelange, on travicer otree', nopposite to oev Mr Clnp'sln ehttc, and a:Ijiieicag Gcbanc's reading runcn.sigic of the l exaiu s nt t e eula In . New Orleais, Novembcer 25,1837. S:forencres. Messrs Hillyer, Bsh & Co. New York. Burrc Wakekonin. , Alvarnz F ski, Natchez, liss. R M NStroth r, St Lo.,tt tlo. John T lr i.,. Lutisville, Ky. Ift ticic A Scae e, ff,ckiicilRill. Ky. mcll 6It -IRIMiN'S INSURANC 0COMPlANT OF NEW ORLE \NS, Of5fi No. 24 Mnusson's arting Jel2 CANAL STIEE'T. GIDSOW0S GUIDE AND DIRBECTORY OR thae Staole cl L.unisiaen, and Cities of New Or Slens nod L.sfay.elttl for stle cF4N. WM .h I.F4N. mtl cor Camp and tCnluneort st. ' ASH,or DLtnklloxe.or,-Jut rverivtdl by 'a.) I IIfICi. I 7 C_ it, e cy2a 7 Cca trcct TIORI AMEUCIIAN OFWIICE. lu conneclion with this Ollice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, roLU THE PRiINIIN OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Logal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Stcam Boat Bills Circruars, And every decriptionl of Job YVork thal may be required. EPI-The proprietor reslecthilly calls the attention ot the lpublic to tihe above Card, and ustures them that all ork intrusted Ito his care shill be done l the shorll t erllll nlotice, in a slyle unsurpassedl ill tlhs city, aid at the I Ivest rtlls. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE Li CITY OF .lVet Orleans and Lafayette f V AS pubhlished ofit lllMa y, lnsl fay, and is now n for sale at the otlltlltllo' l n ofrl tihe pttttlishe-, Exchange Ilotel, St Charles s.tret,-and at the Iook. n store of 'iloessr. E. Johuis & Co.ctrner 8t Charles uti Itd C'llnlllll l str'ects. tl i3 IP "., , inldia rolbber, . bihckmtll, pttl ne, wii everl It othier article of staltintery, of the very best qutllit col.i 1 lstatly u.hannd and fur uah V: &y liA'VID FI".LT k CO. . ml19 NY Stutiiners' Hnlll, 28 C(h:rtres t. I. t iontl etr Texasi for . ale by. "I.A'irEt & T IEIER, 40 Poydraslet JOLHN HOEYr NRoddle, Ilarnelt anld T',rnk Mlanufaceturer, and far .iaher of Military Iqnipymentx ofewery description. No I18 I'CHUUPIToiUI.AS STtEET.E. I hIAVING in employ several Military Workmen, I he is ready to executo work in the aslove line I s tile shortrst notice, itdlld ol etile ltt riaeoiiloh e tlerl tL Mirelctnto' and Iedllers' Packhlg Trutnks of every der scrilptin, conllstantlllv on hland. .eRRN MIL.L--I 0 cornll mills, of Slater's lentCl, J luninied. One lIn co ll lrih 2l or( 3t bu-heils ,f rnlh per dreem with these lui.le, asd thiey call be ut Iached utl In rttn gin, Milld are particularlI chlculated for iplultir's use. AprplNy to IHIIA PIIN & COnIIp h, lll5 U ,I .I ulllt ctreet. SEII.ICHAN'I' ll h ye k it bn otifnill circular struck L 1f at two hiurs notire, by l lling at the Oyleans I.titrhorlphic (ilicet t 1lugllogite street, lopposite Banks Arcde.l. 0 il4 SLC .E/-35 tI- bul e is ,o l.iackirel, tor sate jll h. " IlREA) & 11. rI-T t 1W, 1i7 oravier street. COeI II esk{i prit e t ueui .alas1, r.ceived per B " ( 8leln IDuuiel W r sIllh. yIV ILVA h llINCE & I.ElE~)DRE, jel1 _8 &' L9 Newo I.evie / • NO1VlTICE.- i1tHE suoberibers oa tl day assoiatedl thea i selves in Ihu liras, under the lirm of Ilannay t . RobePt.on. and ollici it continuance of the putrioitne loxperiePtced by I .\I Hilllna wtlilPecoitdtucigt ltusinessiei in hisR win ll e, as Uletirial Agent tand Cllotmissiot ROIIERT' M HIANNA.Y, Sjyl2 RtlI' A HlittlElth'ION, I AF A' A1 )--1100 kegs in .tre, ir sale by Sti iIl ( lORSEY, jlt 44 New Levee SENTUL'CKY'. I NG-iI- -10'} ps ar sale by LHOLlMES & MILLS, jyl? Iltl Alley -- -CUICHi;:llaIN' -8(14 to eavry coatrdal aggling 43 inclte widet, Ifir tcole il IIOL Isl & illll.l.e, jyl'2 iaink AIlev I AXCIIANGI/ I N ,EW I IIK felr mile Iv ýJ I,AWIIENCE & I& ,l(li-:1hiilill, jy 12 2W E~ 9 .ew Ie.evee. ipound cdelhof IllTIpowd'r Iand llmnperitl rtes, 2, cases of ennister impes aal tand1. Snpolwder. 21 11lull chests of puiteoetr tet;i one enitk ,f BrhI nutmegs, and a g!enerAl u,.senlek t of eralerio, fo! s. l e low by I. k IWtL1.\CI lit JI1:(iE.\htlF, ivI" 2.&.0 L-lliNew e ee STlATE iF IOISIANA. )ARIS4II C RIlifler tlihe Parishcl ilNewo rien.llll. . Pre-en the Honorable I htltito ..tritant, Judge, All:lill Ilith, Ib31 i. 1i1. , . · N ·. lil lM nd lihilchrd S. ostl, v Tl'llhir Creditors itild ite Creditors of Mrltill itll to t. The cstsion of prop ertIy by tihti ieitl i h ii hIt acc tii he Court f r the bete Illltt -iuhll erl idilora lltt l lhly l ll at ihe = ie oft, J. D l. Mlrks, Ecq., Not. P':,, nn VWednesdaty. the 12tle of September nielr; therie and then ti dlibIerite ill the illeir of tlle ptitioUers, alnd in the slteitiluie all the piloceediug Ha.ifu~l their persons ull lr-p ,iI are etayved, It is fitriheriorlered tlhat (;ioee i1t. It.c+ ov, Igq. be ui, -poitd io represeint the i .ou creidiors. Exi4ltr.t from the lein ieete-Clek 4 ( iie. A !3'd. I'ITI )T, nn: e l ,-'1138. Clerk. i'i'6qt: I'l.I, Clarles Morioe, June I1TM N Mlartii, el Riichl S I out "entre lours crhr a I cierset les 0" ranciels ie Mhrtin & ost-No 1 I0l1-i10 Aout l311-La ession dies propriiths faite ipLr t.,t I itiilllnl.ires Ilyontla I, c ptl.. par Ih, eur, Ipour le h~6folo: do eallrs 'rilll:ier; il est o.tnloe ,ir la cour qtle. lesdits creanciers s'assnblslerrnt ell I'6tude de J B Marks, Esq, nit pul., mercredi,12 sap. elmbre prock:ain, potr prendre en elosiderltilnll lel allaires des p6titiunnni;es or on attendoant, i . toutes r suitels contre l pcrsonle et Isea roIpri(t6s soiette do. n01ure sUI pendlces. Et 1I eOt de plus arreth title Goe, K lougers, ELq, suit ovunne pureprbJseter Io enr.a. Par ordre do to (oul. BIlreau du Grelfier,Nouvelle Orlbnno o 0aoutl 83I ARMIIANI) Pill'', Grnether. IIIF Amnerican Ihkv4oerat. or hlilooo tlhe cola andlI civil relations f thle Unied Stales. By J. oeni vlre Cooper. ''hI, lTo E'lirts or, Adontoareo in n Conltry liontv, and r.tlr iloe.+, hy Lady Blessinglton, K I. LBilwer,M llJ, Norton, Btrv Cornwall, Mrs (Gore, Coaptain Medwin, snd olthers, in 2 vol... The River vnd thel li esort,by Mo ss Prdle, author of the City df tie Sultan. TIh. p.oskt of Gems, the Gilt of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wol eolravnril.g ohv.Antllerelt,. Jl.t received lond Cfr onl Ihv WM McKEFAN, jel(i car (.Umpi anl Coonaon ois. R OSIN I(11.)81--70 b1is rosin dros, Il.ling and lntr sale by J 'I'IA It: & Co, jy 14 74 Poydrus street. AVE .' FFER C-.opu-. n Finid Ex tract of Sarsaparilla, otr the cure of ouslinate eruptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the ifae; biles wli'lh arise trlo an impure state of the hlood; soaly eructone; p ins no the buonU; chronic rlhourmatil; toest r; ayrofuia, or kilg's evil; white swelling; syphilitic diseaose, and all disorders arising trnm aon impure sute ot' the blodr, b) a long residence in a ho elfoimter, or tile injudicious use of mercury. Also,-Cava & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or In. fant Preservative: the best prcl-.ration Inw extant. Among whiskh are the fvllow`ig:- Indioa Dye, for olnriog the hair; Bear's Oil; -Rnssiana Bear' Grease; Pomatum; ichaw's Freckle Wash: so. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roner; Vegetable Rougo; Otto of Rose; Lip Salve; Kre. onito Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentlrlice; Orango Water; Powder Putls and Boxes; Amleri. esn Charcoal, neatly put allp in four ounce vials; P-eston Salts; Cologne; Kraousto Tooth.aoch Drops; Hair Brushes; Enghsli Dressing C('obs Il. an. Hflair Oil;-with a variety of other Parfu alreroe,. &.. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C 'RINCIARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. OURNAl, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of ithe A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of tie geography, go. olegy, elinmate and productions and the nnm or, manners ondI a autolm of the notiveo; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sam, el Palker, A MP. 'I he River and 1he PCeart; or lReculllqtions of the Rhone and th,. Clhartreuse; by Miss Pardno, author ofthe City of, ,o taol, &d . in. vole. The Rubber, a Tale, the aouthor of Iiceolioo, The Gypsy, Attila; in 2 ' The Two Flirts; or Al. a'tre in a Country Iouse, and other Tales, by Lady Bieosinigton. E L Bulwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vole, The Liebb ad Adventures of Nieholas Niekleby, edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Phlia, No. 1. Just re eived and afor sal by BENJAMIN LEVY. ORLEANS LITHiOOMAPHZIO OFPOlI-f N.. .: .uagaozre .lretesoppoue tihio' Ascaue, ISTABILISHED for the execution of maps, plans E uand drawings, oerchants' circulars, bustime, at addlesa cards of eve-r descrilption, funeral ciicular, on doeel.p ourning paper, a.uthecary and doIgglits'lbliels; bank checks, d.ra receipts, &c. plintd Ilul execuat d in aclheap and ex editiono style, Iil IylprietEr. NB Bank Notes exe.l'tedl. m24 NEtI lAT S"1'ORKE. JUST received per late arrivals frolel New Yolk, ptrsh anl fashbonlhle IssortoPo t tl( 1 IIATS. The wubsiber wold partiellrly e.:li the iuetienon of the iole lic a tstle of b laver !Ihat of i soieri finilsh, imfe oxture, i ald o lwlllifult lure-ae: lo t ao fble pl.itu Ruia intal ofasul.prior quality; 11,1 .1 , al rFlemlid article ol'rlk bat, lgeltl er .lll a Gneeral a a rtollel inlltnollflclted by illll l. t, zp1eslvy Lor at,,, J \V ilSBOlN, 31 Caop >ltelt. N. B Ciio and co.ntry dl.alerr ar,: evited t+< all. i.he ;; ROGANS-40 oaes Mea's and Boys' Kip amnd Rueseic tlroanu, Aar sare &,v ISAAC BRIDGE & CO., jy9 134 Magazine arset. RM . SAlIJE. SHAKIsPEAIK is my authorieed Agent luring my absence frou Ite' Nty. j9-lgw4w.r .wi S.- EI'TIFIT.l henad of hair ir the mmPeps nri o ment helonsine t.l the human frame. IHn o.Irrage v tihe loss of it chnaure thIe CeotPrmenranr, ned promne' tlrely brint s on the appearanee of old nr*'. a hic e o : ,rnr inr ton recoil at h.ier nelnrovere.d. nd ormnetooee even to hny <,riety to avoid the jneo.. nnh 1 mrnrr of io heir orqrnai.tnce': the re mninder orl tieir lives arer car equItilyV sp.,t in retirement. In short, not even the i eas I.f proprert' 1i1lo the lrreerreo thlnkingre oth with tlrot nevv snkrinr loom un dnr. the loe of his hair. ir, T'o nr er nIl therPe niple.n nt eirerrtrnnnerOrtlridee'n ipolan of C.llnrin .rre e r the hbir from fillir n off en te lrst npplieatin, and o few hIrotrles resresn it arnin. It ikewi*e pr.odue evehrows and whiskrero: pretvet. ri, ni.r rom litrnine grav, makes it curl hbentifllrv, and renerit from rerf. Nulmerous certifiates 'of thie rstl . eslwelability in slpport of the virtues of Oldridge lialh, are shown hv the proprietors . 1EJ Read the lilllowint- Robert Wharton, Esq. Into Mayor of Philndelpht rhas certifier' rs rlao h- rei below, to the high elhar trr of he fdlowrine gentlomen. ot 'l'h unl.rrigned dr hlerlv reetifv thlt , el bnre se 1. the hubrr (irt'rrmrhia di-ereverel b J.Oldridtlie cd have f.ondit highly servicahlenr only n a prelnntive against the foling ,off of Iair, but alson certam rester live. Il.' IL.IAM 'rItATCItR, Senior, Methodlist Minister in St Geirree chlr. . r No 8tt North Fifth sc. JOHN P INGI5.I.,2i Arh lltree. e JPoH l1) TIHOMAS, M I), 10) Isrent JOIIN S FjILEf. Il)ll'rprua, treet. Ilti,11 leCtJRlI)Y.hl:tnunthOd et. t JOlHN GARI,Jr,e l3Arnh street. It is knol a thalt three of tilveanvrr signers are more than 50 years of age, and the others not less than 30. [Ferol tiltr Mvoyor.] Cooullonawealth of Pensovlvanin. Civty f Philadelphia. I, RobIert Wharton, Mavor ofienid rily of I'hi lee. whin, dln hrehyv certiy thlit I am well acquainted with Ir hlernt1J I' I.lio. John S Fare, nlul Hogh l -Cordv, v hoe narmes are signed to tlheo hone certifente,that they are gentlreorePr eo clanreoer and reserretnolilirv,ond as scli fillrl hrerdit rrrr yIr en'toi tlrre o.. r certifietr e. in witterre whereof I have hereunto set myv Iand nld elusedl the sealn ofthe city t be. ffxed, this fith dev of December, &er. [l.. S.] - E0IElIt't WVHAII'ION, Mrmer. (OISE0 VE that e lr hrrttle of tIe iraire ltlr .tier o tlrlid erroodavrdl wr ppeor, on which is reproeente' tii o'rllrrrf Niunara, &c Soldl a htothsnilr and retail by the sole nnttau frr Amn rica, No 2 Fletcher street, i:r r Maiden Lne, l ene deal below Pearl street,and by lmot driggisrsand perfumere tlrough hr. country. ,ARVIS & ANDREWlS, m9 ol flolesale Agents, New Orleans. PROSPECTUS. THE subscriher proposes to publish, in the he. ginning of tile onsuing winter, a Condensation r f the twenty voluanla of tihe Old and New Series of Martin's Lnuisiaan Reports, to be comprised in faotr volumes. 8th., according to the model of Petere ' Condensed Reports. This work is rlw in preparation by J. flurton llarrison, Esq., of this city, assisted by \Williornr F. Brand, Esq. Tih Editor is' als perslttnd by a distinguished retired Judge of tthe Supreme Corrt, and by one or tihe sitting Judges, to expect' fron t their perasa r nl urvio all th advantagse which may naturally be rooped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more on ceesnry. as the origmnnl is voluminous, expensive, and scareS. Ari increasing curiosity too is mnlli fest, in tihe other States of the Union, in refermbin to the pecrlir jurisprudence of Lounsiana; and the circumstancee of the numeronus rinciples here dhr. cided in the adjiustment of conflict* of laie., mnakes thu knouwtreir of oui ladjudged cses of plrilme uti lity to the juri.oa el the who:e Union. Mnreovel, the rising repllbo of 'l'exas hIs adopted our cods,, and thus there in a great demand for theI Louisiuna decilsons from u.frethr qlnrter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel eases decided in Louisiana, and ocensrionally those in the more authoritatiro lorunls of tihe other States, will be added to each ease. The work will fornm four volumes, royal ootanv. and will re doihvered, bound, to sluasribelrs at $6 per vol.; in case it alou'l Ibe tiound practicakin toI eoslpre.s it into three volurlue, the price to nub. scribers will be S~ per vol. Subscriptions leceived by WM MeKEAN, Sju5 cer Cuamp and Cnnn,. sate. tamiis fruni thU city, ir sale oby T IIt 1ITE & BROTIHR, mnt9 39 Comnano, at eurler ul Maganue rt. MIBRELLAM & PA ASO.L"-2 Silag al nainerliutllt f Ilunttl a & ilnlal.n Uie brell ti a nI Paraaaule,landing frolm liaque iNet Hand for atle by I.19J I.4 IAC JIRIDGE & CO, 134 3M1gizhi at 3)WETEltS' Pills, Iraudlreth Pille, Mane Liaiment, L udkma' Ointmenlllt, G(;urlan liai e pille, Butler's Il4;rvetetet Mugnesia, Balin of Coilubltat, .n. ite. lulding amd for sle by H BUOANAb:L, m"5 car Naltcen and T'Iehlpit.ulnea t° Sto LE'--A Hone an Canl ttal iret,.,v" 1 Mari liso i'dell re et, suitable I.r family. rApply to DOYLE & MAY, je28 3 Cnr.,telen strent I tIl.--2 ti bhltl suwrfulr, resh uand wilt keep r, lt souring flr sname Itne, fir rsle by G. IODSFY', je.s 44 New Lever. A .VNA CIIFF E-I;-51 bnag rren Coffee, petr B ehr Ilero, from Iluna; fit rode ib SLATEIR &I'RIER, jet4 40 Poydren street. I tuare andflr eae by the aubaribetes, SO d Peaeh Bruly ittn bl.e; American Brady and Gin in dr, No 2 M.lckercl in helf do; Table jSlt in casesof 6t hoxes; Mainte % ine, weet and l)r n,A qr cakse and I dint bibs, (eptitled todb lruture.) Spani.h Matting; I.ttilan It 1ter and A hl Lemon Syrup, Pthil0ad,'Iki White It.ed. No I; t.udlisall boxes; Ctt'llon Gills, READ & IIARnI'OW, 1112. h(7 irnvair trtree GOSHEN BU'a m EI"i-6--- ab-I werior (;ohen buatter put ull exnreaiv for fnsilv, tine, for ale low, to cluse aconi Igmllrln, v R I.AWRENCE t, IF.GI,.DRE, S n 17 217 t-nlrNe I.e tre.t 1Inn.14), -T 5 f ht .tR +n lb a ghh;e'ed, (+o r tmily i us e . illa pe ri tr artiehr, in store, ti t s alv blA L ELl'T & AMELUNG, jy17 7I Cm.tetrce street. H AN -7 lil tal' t Ti UnI, bF t dkety eceed IBaok, every valhled t ill tl, lagged idin, pult rilt (nily onen a eleri rri adile, inpttre, aer unea by jy7ll 17 (lat.ree sncntree. ro ui (by f 1 P ol l by 4l'lD.l'lgt & TEIER, jyl7 74 tPo.ltdrt street. LOLANK -.l S- ant rt tt,rhnd l bn tr tnlt t rivla jyel 4 INhartres Lrre. tr eal nyianee la , ntlr sale iv rY Iind j -ara6 74 ultl i hi ldt e telret. i jr 1e7n Cl nul ercellt t reee. enla nttdenteintn tuer Atlbttti.nv etek, tnr salett I t S 'TESO. YE& A& C, .7 8374 (tdrater street 7 nsoea 1fr v s.( sale u.2 h ova S LAWREN & LEGNII R DRE, elt-5 "44 INew Levee. GN &IA GRiP--lgAI H ir GAINt "iay ) beOTlggiNg, 9t1cils ntelt..tnll eni, insgtenret., nr nforalehy LANET &AMIE:LU:Ne, 7sons wishing o purctse r ivitd t.,o C l and ex amine the ading.,mn at the ofAlhairice of STETSON & AVEIY, L NATIENE LE TOWNSEND , nAg11 n lnedlO aNeat Ir'oncaeca iF2t Exchiange lhotel, Gretier at. 1 yrtakl by Ith t tSEY, je3 41 New Levee. A sal EA'I' .I ANSTW, 1 LI.bje given in" a h, P 7eal SraUer S .II h CL(OTHING, te lan. a e lnigt nnnt. l'r nsnt'iashing tparemcser Naretes nvid th nill and e. amine the enunee, a o the , tice f p he NA'rH'L TOWNSEND, .r21 Eneta.ngs lintel, Grainer at. utttugraph ut the manitacturer, palasm Fatrna by G LitilLSgY, j.13 41 New Leren. LIT in qr cas*kn aid mdi it bite, entirlIneo diabentnu; fur aela I.e READI I IARSTOW, je7 - 67 G~raner at. 0I. UtNE WA'I'LER-Itinet:iy inapnted frtem Ce car Nataitt andi 'FtehpittttPlnanr 0I 'The eenainnaetn ng the e'tiile it retted lty the autograpth ul atIe .attatactutar. dtaitn 9l at FPaittn.. np24 Uame. Raj Indi" a,,lar .in, If (.Ih , "hketshes ef Irish ChlO.E t'l'be i. am eM'l t a' vole. 'lhe Spirit of tIa Wliooa, illutstrated s loused ea gravhor, bII te nUtl n hr of Ih Morat o lotem. - Fi den's Views of PeortU Id Harboe ofi. It 'l. lain. iFlora'n Ge.Ie, or the ¶'reoCnrre of the PlaRtwit 1 IMsllqtete, drlwn mnel eonnar fmte n natu blu, /yMotte Aiirelrnn: aoisi pntin.l Ii l4 A5 " 'I'wamev, auithor .fli Tle kaomane- of Nature. A lissberry of Terms ued in (irriena. Rs..nrb.lq lies. eand ;slhie Arnlsit.rture; bhe cesmnd editiue, e* Inredl; ly .Oil wosdi rats. Aildosk's Engisnern' P',skS tlsssk. firs ihey o IMP., with an Almasnae by IHetry Adlsoxk, Civil ..Alt.l. Wrks "f Itord iarcone, with an inmtredmis.y I ssy id a portrsait; new edilion, eomplete bi.t reoll . Hi loa Blnsrsnte Histoesrysf hi ,w 'iest: olialthe in..tretion of Chnrlesa II. sI thI treaty of eaIet at sreClnit, inithe e.n o Qlutee Anne. A ie d . witlhhilsssi.sre ti hleoraplieiel iles; eo.all'tii-. v.dluno. Just received a Ibr sale by -5 m31 cur Camp anli Clramm . • r ppd Mt stemrefoIAUdu hIIe bliliding is larse and moeteonmmodionslydiield int- npnrtntents, fitr Lkeeping separate dilfferen Iles, astll diffrent s The inst itiln is slnpplied with the most kletll tml nllentive malo nll femane nsae inms d speakingltheee riour miulrn langanne.. Private rooms may be had by gentlemen at Ae doe ilhs per day, including altelrnl selot. ea P'er, in the is rinnrv wnard. theo ollamme la dau. Slav.Ie icale two dollars. Satlel Poe in hel id Pards, five dollmre. All sapital surgisnl noleratoin eottra. Tie resideo phvsleiasl in I)r W leddelnnan,towitn applieition for nlmioiaion isatis he made. otO mIl O A l.I.zemlrg, No 17 Ranmpart mreot. anpI t LEAF LAI)S-lIO0 kegs iillloen, fr Hale (I DOlUIET a 44 New e. NEW WORKS. T HtR NATUIALIST'S OWN BOOK,--.OinpeWE I i.r-ritlns au[S nuthenlin aowedotane of QmaElp ads; s.ientifially orrollned s eeordhig to the eytm a lCuvaet by the anthir of tile "Yoing Man's Onwe Mik 'I'H E NAlTUIRAI. II.'T'ORY OF INIYOT$I-. a two vo, l ses--unl ,,fosnsing no. 74 of tihe "sFaily Li A ;lieest of the I.AW or rv Essscn In CRIMInAl. c013 --iY ltelrv I l'es l.I. wit. wtoa and refesmnae to A5suriean sdecisaion, i1n to thes Enoliah omInoae low mand is, eIs.ilnstial relrtse bv George Shaowoesl. i1)v lAGnnea Ue llteAS.rS oftlul CallT-,lsnIedup on tile IoIIrisontiI e tlheir S yl aical and ganeral igabe I jy W W erierlrd, M D. PRINclLK.ra O) PC'drHFOl.N , NlD PtCoT ¢ 141 PltnIc--B Josls Mtaekilltnek, :il )., from the lat ILeu don sdiliion with notes slid addlitions, by Slamouel ie. lstosll, lM , isl '2 vsl'e. THn AMLUnCAcN tllUATtIII.Y RrvIsW--No 86 fat I)eesllbr lli8. Just received ad for s ale by fiI" iWhis selIAN.naormnr ofCaono anld C.o. I L EAF LAIRD--4lt 2iegp Sitsasts. lug ta atsUlnlbot G sneisl 'vntar, for salr hb LAYE''' & AMl.}iNf, j__ 17 CIsmmemeot t. Si CO.. Il) 1--I:i nlsll lecon sides,loading from l) a loat siiri se Wavse, fir aleh by - IAYT El & A.MELUR iy2 17 Commercee trel. 4 ]-y-l' lT i,\I It--wo arts, si tin %- asiout liu' loge, Ihigleat Cuarrenllon. fi.L ea T It iin DE & RaO'I'HeR. jt2 (iors Csn liallin s Miathtine tomsasL slupe, fill' anlld lj2 do fnll, dentr lo Mbble coleon l; 46 Ihlls recrifield elhiikey; 7 hlble mese and 15 bhle i ies iark; ' hull prisss bnu.; tlo nsrgo of boat lir esal low, to cloe, lIV .l'AYET & AMELUNG. 'jy 17 Cosmsmerce tient. a A Il'I'-3f e (rein l.Hen each) table salt fet ale Rs: AI) i. AARISTOW. joe" 7 7lank Place. t MA N CEM1EINT-li-' lle bV ,IEAD A $ARSTOW, jo G 7 Rork Plaee. GlilG-NG--50 pis Kestl:rkyv Ihagiig, fsr Iale by I REAID & BARSITOW, jii 7 Bank Place. ./ILY IIAMS-74 W, l cn.. crassed Famoily Hats ot ouolior qgadilv, lhndlien fro rom aulmlat So,~uonrreh, for srle Ity LAYET 1c AMELUN(,. joeti 17 Commerce street. A O.iN-75 harrels Cooin, laoinl and for oale Sy S & J P'WHIT'NEY, Conti street i A% ANA SGAI -.0.80iiob4o di' inrti b r-ids, in stone0 , .:r sale by SLATER & 'IRIER, ugl I 411 Poydro atmet SXUiIANtLa os, Mobile rwanted by E 4 AdIJAII FISK, i A?.Is'-5, bidt 4th oroof Americ.n brandy, for 1 sale by ISAAC MIIUDtEt & Cu, nugl4 134 Magazine street. SA VA N A SI".t K-..l1ibagse ofgseen cofne land iog omllr Liberty, aw 21111 Itas in ator tr s. r by SL.'L'TEIR. TRIER, tautll" 4 Poydras street. llT'L'E HAVANNA Sti.J'IAR-5 boxes prim T I aqliry, landing. fro.m brig Peacher, ier rate b.'Ell & 'IRIER, anu l 411 Poydras street 1i:i)Hlf Rit.WN1lt. A fet ,its oldtcncastty 1 fr oale by READ & RARSTOW, augl 7, Bank liaee SLKE Ilm enak I'hiladelphia Ale, Altlle riwd, jus roeceived, anIa t Iro sale by J t BEIN oc A COHEN, jv24 Ui Cmtmualnesstt. New Osrbamn cad tEIsrOetOec a I " Arrnugementl for ruuning the crsfrotm'this date, Fo.n CAntot.T.rTon Fou. Nsaw Oal.aa. The home car at 4 o'l'k AM Steam car at 7A steam car 6 do do do do 9 duo du 8 do do do do ll ,to do 1 do d do I 1t do do eam.....e at do otetn car 2 to I'll ldo do S do do cto 4 do do do do 7 do dodoo 6 do dl do dol dst da do 8 do do t The Jckmn street cara and Jlcel 4atp 6 ,'.kcbk, A 3M. Castl dtreot lt b to'•leA . I. oyOI ,inle Ihollrly at 7 .'tlock. lhelse catrall.J rllltllntgverv hltl ottur. 00d rotl ea'then'ds gl.oo the dcnv tail7 o'clhok, IP M. I'The arnrrnaeet fr the La C.oursa sel e ae lth sanle nt li J eekln raret. 1. . JAti(o C FE,in graa o go,,-1i6, reeived ti per lrieg Star, iu stolwhisorle bv aSLA'I.'R & 'TRIIER, m"2 40 I'oydrae siant. i IN'oAotEli, --8 gallons bet ritll lt red tail, .low Itdtling fon hrig Willtsefleu Wata. 1 l itclmllt Iforeiign aod erherl mnanlsemtmsd s lhljeed oil, in tsks intl lbrrel, in storeu. and ibr s sl w byI JARVIS & ANDIBWIS, W htsieahol~sesai t )) 7 ctr Coitmmon o T, l l sraits jA Ibseo Nt. .imop, brand ofan0is asaaal . landing Irou bri" Wilim, Ifor tale .b ISAAC kllDIEl&C, jy? 134 Maga -ents AI,l' I --151t coils bale iNla alt r qua1l~. Iti ease AAC BRI3E Lo PORK-215 bblo MAos and Prine N I sad P 0 l Pork, fir sale inw ty I.AWRENCE .& l.r6SRNS ftIABlIE SALT: s30 Caoes GIlostes eash: basta Ite salt, for al by READ Is BRRMT6*. jolly 19 7, Lank e. 'oi.uOll+-1--1tu bblb, Ianding from sinLmb.w ee . Mills, for l by G INO M tI, . ,lf k of lbesar.or. Irwin, Hall & Wal, w routill ne to t ransact a a Wholesale Grscery aod C n.iolol Bullsionas. He has on a bai gel "rel a ll Ille of STTo B iOAT Sroaa,ahibbhe hen a for on moderate teorms, and eolscita the platroog u friends of the liormer contern, and the public si g rot. jyl4.7t JOIN CHIIITTIR, lacklhart' Life of Walter Soott, a. p lRT'l7th and Ist, o f Lobk Lih' etdlr Walter Laove, by the atther of Flltation, T . Ilie~esd, &e. n 2 rlos. Iho Worksfr Washington lkvig,aeweodloira,vols. 10.11 stool tI . IThl Amrriean Jornal of the ttedi el Stease No 43, for May, 11138. . Jst rceivad nd for ostoby W M MeIK eta Cesp auld Ceeeillae esn. Ats, fa thor snpply a Abs as tshe ps"soln a requel to Kimeel tAla ttm__. _ _ 111 LI for esle by READ By i. ra r IMreled Pk. Ot k Ie h e La WoIACE f L.OEIgl Rl3 V ISlVotplendioletr ale by ( IDORSIRT 4l .. Rw Leve. tyllI a JHA Yt ait~ee IlldIU Cltt ul rhJ0 j14 tria. , alt lsa b R AI R R VHYI. 5. ..iosAs HIams. UIl hawas IIM III qlo kto.C ttoe,jA l for try , .IL , . aotit h T 1c

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