Newspaper of True American, September 11, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 11, 1838 Page 4
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Ises i le ote, 111j liIlr ld A] l reapbota"lly an. Lally atito hei.irands and the public gene. S 1. as, pnepared to actoramdae then at he Iomo establishment, and holpes fratm her Srtese rtltlder vilitors nonvlortable, to receive &t tolS lno edof Tfthror favors. Shte feel confi. 4el tafiN i ~iloi rvinitinh Covaigton duri'tg the omes ImriatheanroLLot itid bOtter neconimodna tionsa tb abl ,sh nafrordl them, on mrcre liberal terms. S t pleasantly stituated, and well supplied wilt *itosroninor; tie bar is furnished with thitl Shoice liquors, &c. in short,she promises 'lat Oelihing all ia he winttigeon her part to give teei satiieslfotln to all wiro rnay patronize thei 3i st I and Luitaiana fl!atl. je3 +. lO. UPjifl4(i:·..4hrui i-.dnroign::d. l,.v,,g. . tudlo * undu-. Dr. .l'nhmidt ofT (Charletona, Seuth Camlins inml for sone years his saittaot in 1I* prnibte of etmediolloe tnd snrgrry, has I he honor ,to 01 r' hlis iprolvemanatael service. in this city. f'itsti7$. the ladi8 antd gentlmoen tlul the most .pref plteotisn,will be paid to the culls which mtl it4ei ard ne noaffers his errvices to the holdeas nn.e . ~1vit ell OacquaintedwitI the St ' ., I hving atteuded thac in S an1.bitlioeus pill a i ter the composition S *4thlolltt, awith directions, can be had of the updesiged. The effect which they have d',PrW.And other cItieoshas b'en ittended wilth lshdtemst catncss. to which the aest aof , alferesas e lphe given. Apply at No. 166 Mnaga. t ilalrt . ' JNO. M'LORING. H O WR "U dChtt(W5, SAS IRONS, &c. riE UOWEItL:WORKS COMPANY, No. ?}t.,., tAtr, tJ.r,B3akta.n street, New York, have receivd the' pant season. and are constantly noe log large and the stock of th.le - 's ~olas, which nnw consists of the olaowldagibeoittdllal, suitable for the aouthpr itand Wpieir markeote. ILoIter ware of slpleripr.quality, consisting of alot 1i5l htbeie via, 4Ps fi oft 'lfforet sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettlas, 15 sItes, from a:8 to 30 gallons, Keftlel, I5$lieb, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, . t. Ov t na. 7 daIftr nt sizes, lai cre . 6 do tCoveired Sphlers, 2 do Oraddlaee, . 4 do FirD iege, . det WaMon baoen rrom .1 1-4 to 4 3 4 inches. Cart do. 5 to7 ilnches. Wood Seraesri, 2.0.00 gro,s, iron and brass, from 3S18inh, No. 8 to 3:9 inch, No, ý4 of a supceror qilaity and iniast, and less Lhan Jaio's imnported prices. fSad Irons, assortad, in caoks.of about 500 lbs for retailing. T.iloirs an.a hcttor'r Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tLosa, nrsotrld from 1 4.4 to Belle for Plantatioas, steamboats, ohurchos, &c. made to order, Also teamlnbeatn and other machinery made to order. 'he above assortment of goods is particularlv recommended to il, attrention of Seou:thern a:nd Westernmerchants, and are offered Ifr sale at low ptlebi, and upon the most liberal teru ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and asortment ever olffred for sale by ay any 'establishlento l in the United Stat es Merchants, by forwarding a request by miril, ca base a plrelned ircular, witl deocription of g.oaid, pricesapnld errs, from which nodtovertioa is cver mande, ftnaiehed by return l amail. All orders will receoiv ianrrodiate attention. New Yosk, 1838. j'e3 O-I O1 V &ýtP alP;rfitLtuIoraraardr, ' Le .. ion.Snvrup end Pickles, arsorted sizes; r lro, t0l loses of Lewio & llHaakeli'ia. ktilr ter seae tv €roer a cousgnmanet,by JARtiiVISk t)KDREWS, e rarr ConmmonrlTa and Tchlotpionte ia I lOAN-il1 iW1tl h t, I na, ahrand ot'Jul a Gould, for sale ny IS.AC I:tltltIr," & lt ). ml 16 dl.4 Malgazinoe street. "'oa LETI'. b.In..r- dallin. hors on Triton stree, he .t tvern Tirvti t'ircla noadl 'armdalelt -:treat. nvai. Anily to J OfT, W HEELIAARROtWS, &c--l 5 \roeellhrrows, '5 dirt do. it Slae , tir solr lra' ItA.llPLIN& COOl'ER, m15 82 iul'nst .AIrtIN ten ruledea l ,! rul LitirPer yr-r. rof all y1a . litte, eraastilg ol very sti tprior l laid, bllr alaa whiitewre,anCi rltia IIa ad rutal rough dge l- e -trurd l c.ll, cett ntitly on land ard lot soale bv 1 IoAVID rFLT & CO. aS31 N Y Setnotioe ' Hall, 24 Cllhatrr st.c 100 f AG l Soara i .. ..... ... ... 54 1 boxes *fl do eachi Mtoselie rr irer 18, a:: 5 do ofl du a - J81 'l 50 do of' o I L Port, ' 16; Al do cf i. dir I.' browr Sharrv lilt Ia, l ipes e xtra noat r e r F ir I,. l il, HERMOGIENE, BROWN & -CI. a e .ar ....(:.rrit'et. bII ftp LANK B1O1S, raf rrrrrnaerivvrallt aruliarg nald I 5. lbindihg, ronslniitlv r ill h llla ',inire'alla, tiuliin anrl Binding neatly execvled, nt ura rt nltice, lie i mno " N 1 Vliationers' Ilrll,2l Chartrats.-l. U'itP -.1 inourth 1ou.l Aerican Baud. I larditng, gr la . b ' co ISAAC 1RIIItGE & C'r. et m2il 11 iaaaguziae srltreet. al n ..i two storn hrick loaa, sitiltale 5 doors tli A frem tlI Sceondl lunicinalitr H'Irlar, S otthariesr streen. Kent very Inwr posesasona given 'mmediately qi, .qeire. dtte rmlamlaires, lCt, af'. ale "ILUURe-500 bbl s f Flotr. for sal. hv d,, Sml0 (4 Dttlt.rSEY. 44 New Leve. gra I. CASKS BAUIi N ide ftrn e voe ,y m2 12 G I)OitFVY. 4.1 NRew a eve, 0 10LUi'o..1 si imo .ea i. t.iinm,thii 150 coils Roep, landing from Amhoaenadr.; fir sale Tby LA YET & AMIELUNG, m19 17 Cinnmo'ae at. iI fRln strainer Udn Wavle. anl for sler Iby YORKE, Ilttol'HE Rý, Jr6 . i5 Camp, trent. NO MEROURY NOR COPAIVA Gew Urli:msN, Na.14, 1:17. A BOLT six months ago I had tia naisfortune to arl as sreter diotams, for a hieh I hllve appied ty seve rnl demrsfor a ctre, and they did Inot ttce eII. o nw on the above dat 1 lti inyatoif under Lii colte of Dotnto, aet,s aad extpoiet him to cure me. Since that time the di.nam got worse, an as to break out in large Ialers to the number of six r eight on e' h leg, and iall brt my face, and sore thront, and not able to work at hri peerat tiam oia aaaeat of tile dieease; nrte sleeer ithe right side of t the roat. I al n an opilting r s . eaalhletly aeder the care of lr. Iluet, i.(PPari, to be perfeetly cured ' JOHN I)EAN. hl 14 ly T DO CERiTIFY tliat the at ve mentloned ditsease qtlae well cured to myv.wo satiedfotinii, for which I hnak lih. Huet; and mooerver I that the medi role I have taken itiLer me lit, antl l di rtit injure iiy nesnlt at all; therefore I advise tt f Ilnw suffenrers to los no til n ai l apply to Dr A. tllnet, 15 Itt)ittiitit at. 'utey will find a trute dctor tar this camplinit. JO)IIN l)EAN.lt0 J ayer treer. If anyM one tanta on sep nat, rll at Ni. 40 tirtoao. bteet, and tkny will he satlisriled. To be published at the optittn of Dr. dlrNt. JOlHN. DE!N. New OaJaans.. 1lI. I It t , 1. ' enubrlCle al.ati rlttiuoiot,.,. ,t .t, ,a tItond, is pat up in hottlt. at tht low price of 51:i .atuae ach, contaiinag th o trtltgti of thllae otcea Ilt' Lavetlnwort, heal lea the virlnes ot many othltr rutti and herbs known among the India*n as aefiacioaus in curing pulmoaary complaints. The u irivalled aaecess which has attendled the .se of thie iitesttmabla Balsam wherever it his beea intro dicea, has otaiodal the aotfi.dnce oa reoi cnldena tiiia of respectarble ptysielatl, for ine inre. otf pogUas, colds, pain in the tide, want iof rest, spitting a blood, liver compaint, &oe. To wham i m;ty conaern. T'his is to etrtify utat we hnaove .t oel praetio freqauently preasried ltru Gartl ner's tldian Balam of l.lraarwor aid. tlorltotbmd, with a deaidead gol treet: we ran thirofer., from the know logea o0f* mataciala it is made frwa, tndl t tai'vaston oal e sxidoe, raommead iti a aupeolioe, preaharhtiot or all thbie aleetionl of the lun0s for whielt it is re nmmadated. AtI.lhR I' WII.L urt, N. l.D. CALVIN ElI.IS .Ir. D. Membea of tre Boston Merdicnl As.n;oeiotiun. lBoston. Outober W20. lby ' JARVId & ANDIIEWS, nl 19 " ' ,!, tut "' t',tv ,ll ,ta k.eCmmended hy tihe Medlicil F,,enitv. I)ULTLBR'I ElIrevecent Mogneaian Aperriett-Fir JJ yta or inligestion, nervous debhlit", giddi n ,eat, dhe,aeiditr itf the etatoach, habiltal coa tivaeali'sataeLLtU di.aesegoaut grtatel, e . and tunotl valuelt it aatela, eolin pnirgative. lThis deaaitl pmrparalnaa lind rueivald the b atr.n ae of mauly emilaaent nmembears of tie prolbstiit., an, fram a dlieraiag public atty realraatlte alt uuseali-. citedl tatilaoaiaas ofitt eEn a,'o u a medicie have aheer, elitited. WithL all the plMiaig qaolities of a glorss o soda eaoer, it paucaaealt a ottato toadiCtinal prI)pertie of the mnnt p*lpoaatid amlia purgaairre; it IS pleasant to the ptllte, Iapd grgte4" t u tit stu.a.h. thdPOiT,~TiP AUTION--rh Inreasing reptte tion ad grat demand loreatleita ifiervamett Mntagr pla Al te ata has bet a.induMalaatt fr others to 0' faretia Ot d athi awluable timed ia. Ptrrchasers aore a'oloy warred or thia fact that they may ha na ther ga el, ati not proor at il orun iritel.e T1' I.taIh a re ·tnpeotltlly infur ed that lt,. saubser bhre crneontantly anttppled tiutt tihe origintl and go Yeia prejaratlm. Paw sale who esali a d wpail. BICKLFIs ,w CO. Ageam., 15 40 Canal slreet, N O. 'WtTARD'S Vegeibla Hlair Oil, lr lthe rei'toraion S raun ipwth pf Iar, giving hlealth and beauty, and Isfs thie Hdir Oil ws aforer d t tthe phblic, it had 0-ea tadia hbadrda of caaeaof alddnes, thinness, nal t-lg Ed.aFlte hair end inerery iaslaneer its ealularv bIas hi eenraried. It hbleaarltfailed to lirodue a ,sirsed heutifl growth of hair ea heada alrelady ld; 1 saemwhse it ahssinoa dry ead reasesn to grow dhIa OBlI~ esiamb£oon cmode It Itealthy,. ad prodta.. 7 ill sea 1 eaet hid growth nf h, without the least P-jt I l. "ria Oil giesse. agreeahle Fra. i pfechle to an. other Hir Oil for per - ! ad glssnlgate hair. The hi s -rtlf.'r ".re i For sale at " t &n ,LN.g.:g., t. • E8 & D'LL.i,. e t 4Irt.SN : iA-TT'r& CO, ase nw reeeivmngtfro en board ship Orleans. Eagle, Hlighlander, 'eko Wely Andrew, Frenrh ed Germannn play cards; Bu ,neon rleh c i: s'hcsmsen., 1-4 and 2 3-3inch Ii it r adlells; 8,9, ! n nt 19 inch blade Bowie Knivale irerLser and sothr truvelln Dresseine Casesa; Be' ?.cltr, lsr's,nsne, n ned niuliae Pistols; doible a L einie habrelhd Gnl;-5 Game Bea,-; Stit Belts; Powd. end Plstol I'laOka; (Irat Bottle end I)rinkilng Cp e re seion r'cp. anl Cap Iloldter; Cloth, fuir, T'no tied Neil ..rlsh÷.: Orrisnoll Cilno"ine Tooth Weeo Vitnt Powlder 'l'oiltr nnd Shavin n Soaps, ienrnot v d eiret: Illo t eir Nrid,t R inlets ald Frizetten; Pea h 'n, Poilet Powder: Emery tnces; n'v-ry TPb Conbien iatet Slides ar Garter.s aum Elee'ic Suspernder sIe t der Ps anld BeeRnxns; i Clhniaes, Seals aid Key S':erd-aope; Walst h Beklae trnenletsc ; Bead Necklecs tl Cbnitse Oilt' and Siisesmd Brade; Indian Beadl aells end Plume:s She I Twiets Mide amel Dresin S tib;whlech l i h dditiodii totheirfomer atns ick in hn enakes their neaorrmncn very eonmltlpts, nd will he oel ew and on liberIl terms, at th sirn of thet Goldr C atch. i2-sf 70 Chertrees streat. S1t' I'tl " tribet, Agents fe tbr etnleniverhouse IV. & . MItetrler, Rheffeld Englandl, Iae jet cetervd var xry ets-vt sst ofn. f t t e, eplifino r 'Table and 1)e"D rt Intiler o"er r.. -"l eri;tiio, Pet Pomket, eirk. and pear pnoint enivess Ilazore. Seis som,[ Eddie Tor . &tc. which they are prpnae 5 e ibe~.tin Ithe trae for or;tera. Ternis lnd condition still he rndrltet-nee nt tih tire. null J. I1.BEIN &.A C(tulRN 9l Comnmon st. "e /lsMlsOa PlA~RT'[& CO--Are nanw reerirss s j-ershiip Ietuisveilble, ale, Merry Anshew, IIilh 1'ae+s r, Fo'uelt and lotratm.du'tle htat ltlint'reits stur,tolt tld plkbet gintdt, Ltbilt, ribbed ad Sli ettaina colts; to;t Inldrstt; '.eiss I'rs, lns trs, I ves; ;illtl'.a cottnieicial and nts-i- steel reis: \Vin ees Violia sreinas; shell, ivmrT d n l rll eo,;nla ..ialdier k, bead ant leInlar istrsest hair ltenild, friest til *eok ri.aI'ep i negro pls; (Gernrl:al nd Plrench oelnee afIr'.. R.ttleanils nreesaeer oil. iitntioes do; :li iiuIs aut t ts'tttllt ortlab lile deksbstd tire..lg.arlrtt: irt htckl;t,; eetatl:dlH toilel gldecen,s: coeretx tii'rrs; A1 1.vrs, and tm..; Is-ndi tnds eadac , isn.s stit ul im etarlt-an; whir- Iwine; Hilret ted shavy ' napqs torile oactlre,¢',metie wtse tnails; .aSsRln -t tilt eullSi'l' n potl ads; see'rew aesltbite fraee brad prihls sefll netkhacws; billi:ar halls; Ipcket bonus dsal w:dlettq Gelnn h Ihnes;rtzor er, a lai; t killb e,.olll.esrie n isn ;lartire Fst)-sslrr-, garner:Is- BelilS llluifri ntchtes; sil 'a l{eellurdlt C'e-nIHe &I Lc. [he tin e nitl dditien to rt,l firnmr stock of fane' stieltrs, neresdriae s'nlo'tticol t verrv seetleto. For e ", osohb-alceoas firrl lal; o essIeOflse Geldt iltCllre siJ0 ssentrrlt-it s I-2AR. ".T'!H:If -'Neew - ll 'l,,p t;.erhip of .e -v+'l~r ,,, 3l fao h N1, New trrtl : aso. hrr, &Ci., of Natchez telIlerrie, KeIb- &Co., nf RodeV, wast diasolveiI hefl t of oMav lset, tv the sleath of SaIuesl A Mason eIle th pnrtners e lhe fre. Tile untalriecod osrviivng itrtete,. will be char.e; with .e. ertlited ,-nsl. elss aid beusior at "Iolloce LeviC Ilarris will ato.n to tes e aelUlis o'tt,- bnsini . fI 3loae, Slee arrla& i.. ;it tNachlez;' snl tilrris, Inn er &re C.,at r t drlnev.; d Henry Ki. ', will trlteld 't hesertline oif th businesn of le ller, ll-st-oes & ti9 i lNcr i)rtirns. The ,tircs of I"n crcv-al firtsr will,, nxe. i. liqasdatiitson nv l'hlbse ilbled to e.sid firsn are ae:inr:ll rersetj.oc colrer frnlerd and aketear erlv aerelet- ei i t htntgs clplaits swill leaa precept them witisr t deh !IiVI C HAIti;:,111 H-SRY K\ Niew-rl,;nS JllG n .u, In 7. I -.,1.X:'. "ff.Tit-Pl FAAix'ý ;t,,;-6i.oGNE wIT P+il j . ee t . -re of this C+pOriOortol . e wair I. jl.lI rrcelvd :ail t0r so le Iov f ledozet or esises' bodti-. Al-o o rnoisens and h'enrll tslet psr-I'eee, is'tel ronlals~rxs. ad es, lcher m't ile . a+* • s eu tic wavl bules, iilk of roses cos mei ie ol creae , e xr, tr te Iltla, kepahrt, \V. rd's vegetebsle solir nil, anate ,mlrle de pflae, Florid lin Issu-es rse tind bto v wte trs jn!y 8r 711 f'bareres stre:t. Ei W-e-'foee b-e.l.s411;.;;.ip.; ha Itt ea, eel0 eernesi s Scnivin+r Tron\ on b{I ard +hi ,s Yazoo, an I Sarat+ + i Tndorig Crcalrdia frmill N.t Yorkbl a Erunc.; ; ei l coe lo es tlire lrto , wnlichl tngatrer wish t.the wilr a.elk onit Ihna, nllky otlfr aeshro n nle vclrvi e llete oThmb olndwin crolpsose a I)rti e ll twhli-ie o..r.- ;i itask ntlreisenfeliitIstrdo e I s lsrsl, tr diu nblsber sil adS wors Ies lc iltje &artPrcounor r gins elnitfe stsepaalee', wlhoo rt .(l o .udiofer nahelc se staidlite etowder, oivdaesrplfir ani boekos, eel i lowsr pocket sooks asd wallets, snsedle Iookse, Ishel, ptrl, irsry asltsrtse : anl ctres, e. orrtlnclrts, ilainco-l nil Indsi, netcklaleas anl nreligeer , e;t dlirals, bcits necekiccs, ct gnelne ed pl ila,.eed,silver .iil gtltbeds, Indian beads, bells antd l inat"; pistol lo d.tli i e ,oi . telrl ebks,sots l;elts, holsr bIjl. p bisketel nlt teiing cistl;s doublerand single snanelle grne Perwre kbotti eoel dirks, scisior.,hte ars, pocket klg.ceene5 chain:, aed ribl ons, onisa btuc:kles.elc o !, I)ir, oot nal! c .n b) -seosi,. ,, li.lte..lfo r and daietla brlnebe Coitre , Flhrnrbsi [tbnerr rodee ars bay tcrin4l.-5p rt(.ited eal niIl Ixtrrtcsl lnac.aasnl.r iear, stoliss, tsis, s \srci 's v - srstdie ]air stilt edavisiig nrui 'i it-it ismpsn - eli st iriptintes, lathe" and fentletirsltsl deas-,- Pl ise',,- - eaesr, hair Irie'ilrse fnizettes el Isdii , plaill, fils a.ds niusiral work bloxes, plainl anlt, cilfiear d,e .t '" ll vest lltttas, pealtr nd ivory shirt lo, shilt stltiu tgoldI I5d silver ipencil eaten, Itoothllicks lt t twrezerspri ttel 'tnd e l gilt lcketi, 'initullre sit, sil r, lsr-ts- Idsto¶ oel hilseisii, tirko ani eyesI, hair ping isaitoaios li-sit, ik nod nedliluk,ssl blaelcintrvilcits" otl geril;rsriobrt d tollpltidnl rtsslni l ln sel ps, lists I twilln , c need, cnet . ien5utold PrlI siler eta rei ai lntirn Isttr i lar, t -' e Imgs, rntm. w n isa wnlkin. ('af ',l v . gcalis, ihO gFold, pIlitel tld nilt ji.sels. Let"r iThe lbover toetlher Nitl es gs.e't va- iritelt-olht- r ar=i - lcs are oisfslred at wltslcaale or retail on ac utis dttdstiusg, teresms. - ' " Ni" Shbll cotabs repaired. rllW tr1 wI: s.'TFICffl i .tll VIIET'Y S'rOlRE -nst ;re s s of tilea giosler ernb, Ito 7i Clst rtro ntecert. "'iess" e-iberi. levs "s ceived,'in addition so tlseirprec'its.s st. L sit Is-sond a fisll ndl cisaplete psrtleltnt of n16tailel ill tlherr lie viz iomnlbt, lerslleare, Jcwuells, brshcle, Ialkinsi glcass:, stiev ni'tieles, &ei. rCsisitistr in Iot i s foll ws: (3)C311i--tortoise sbell, -wrot .ot l in ioin ..tsckt stlt, qiiillod back, loog round lreessine, sir 1def, cllraeni rPct-l, l'arnilise combsi of iv - es:rice tionl lhich enrr. senle Mxiean nlttrsI l y Ivo s s of PervCerv dsscrinloin, liorn dreting nudslpsi'Iets tsrothsr witsh a generl It:O'rttetntofFro.t hilllt Aetnecrll. , • PERFt'alE11Y-Coloege, ].erst:,dj'ir, Firisda lstlhte, bay, rose,aeid orange nlower waor"s rr ee orer sizeratpd d,. erilioa, ciesphorato.d Colonllce eretrttsf Borgtnnot, lancrfeonpn of ll kinds, sllarins do in cakes ant n otls , ream sos sIdo, iWtrsl' veoetabl litair iil, bnarn Isis asit qeado. l'ruestlOn'n smelling salrt5 plain ahdl irerfiared tolet wdcrerr,, peepo erpuef atd b enes po lateninlott andl reloil'lsoit iadlclrine toss t wch andl powdew, wtad a gcnoeral anssortment of JEWIEI.L.I sm ame ofthIe lateten d a msst snd t alionta hle sdtt, ernoisting oftwhite Resl red coar!ies yf, eas et eardrsps, act in filagree, brres h1iur oaLe grea' ,ea, y of porsns, watch triaomli e s, t ltj and silvr d accuer si'cer ihkitbles, silrer and gollt pia slo hs.d gourdl s tsaints IIRUSIIES-Cl-othl, ioi, du sotfcahrr Itherstllltlh eatdsJ,f at 9eflsh, Itlhl, ;late, nb Neilk, lavit g, lshne old w.lteWoash ba ru e... LOOKING1 GiLASSES-Gernuin stntia and' toilet closi, miagnifying and e'rach draesing glasss, home do, with a vari.iv of othternkinds not'elltirtit.l. IFANCY ANI) VARIETY AR''ICl.dS-.French and American portpble idalta nled cre.aing c tea,scale v ery rich saed findy uistaAd na1die work IaSi ald d"ea sielllbeae, c ith atit withr muleic, ,i ca le I xes A coadiallnts n arios kind, violias ulld gditar, silher i nd ilated pemAilrandleadandec 1)o peipisr c'arprters and etayona, intlncl: c e ,gmimvgssditadpieiist witl and witilltt ea.s, allpa. lrlciio ca ll Cl 'hgerr, wnp rle nacr,w ldivr; alhotn blta,gnane hnre, paster blnciiaei: ttm trf saert, Indianlednld of every koiti, Ias and ,r , fineaad camntan knivers, raznnin nysd scisiors, tai.l.als, needles, piia, ilver plated, steel and coi itoni.neetaR. alen, pomket books and wapleta of varioue kinds, veai ing cards and calrd cases, playing cards of French, oernaaet and Aerican emlrniutcture, Iolls. itlitation lia it;anu lboxes, prnts of various kinds, Sain,ldla' s. pne,,iy'., Elnneran 's, Hilimra'sa aild llactkin's razor strops and metallic hmnedirks, ~)nhcy hnead acklace.te, do Wltll ., dfrtPe,teov achsa, ,pearl buttons, powdaer flasks, co. and plaino aed beads, giivr and oii iier , guat elhitte uaaem dern, dld gartear, plilit sind wod ) ame,, bIamkgnllal boards, dine, optical vimletijeisharpsa locoibao match ae and drinkintg rps, with t great variety o other urti ales, all al'wluh i will be anid or h cit adceeptan con an 1r2 montta credit. 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WINDOW (;LAS, Amenrican, Ernglish and Frenchm tn --nit0, various sizre atd qualities.t Bolton lrown do.--00 boxes, coasiganeit,t will beal old low. Alanso, d gnaeral uasornrent oa artists' calmlrs aid cI tools, for sale y A W SCA'I .E, Noadi 46atmnal street. I' N B. Alb.utna note takall at p r, and Miarissipri hi aotes will Le rsceivred at 10 per cent discount for goods, r hi payment ofdebts. jn I Iw LOUR-- I0 anding from alteanaer lndend-. ( lane, dae O IORSiY. 418 New l.vee. SATMi.+ WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THJIERSS0oN I[OUSE, JEFFERSON STREET. ib the Editor of the fLoniJri/e .lderrth'er: SIt-l aoppenrs by the obhervation.' of the Fdtuscr t.o ofhe IhoNshvile Proohyterhon, IUnion otd 'Tris d oipt, as well as tite edstors of the iMemphis Etnqoilmr that tle "Old Gentleo '" is oarea theDoo th 'h oi pnovod by his hinstly rage, kntmwi ty thot his time iS Shut hers, and that the iodoneodeot Aotri:a neotler re ohio So joder othet t hotose s woro to iotfoe odh ni itopositionTot.'Fhhos o w-ltyet: -tt o o ro st o, or, tIne prrtooo, t e ors oe o aub-ellitolrs of the ao he o aalnedjIourol, r'l evort lettre from pnoerons hoane riprra to Eiat in to bove placr, ptl'r. hI. Te fact is, tlaot I oover haro oun- gSrot snuchs Swhin io limited a period os ten or ttelte dssv-. Otto oitooh- wtsri sod't ten yers, who hod itlyseen teho helihtfro hin birth, bhotni to ee to fllow tis moitr toony hotel, inetand of heing obnigae to en Ied bh titt. Id To roong t:dies oho had rc~hchot tom sight of noe ree, onet fio troo yro. otl she other fr Iteonrv two seers, ha int bhot c th ohemt the 'ibtt r e Vr y Ptve ssritefec of those vron Ilediroh bea to ae eitl bvoth yeS, theich Ironettr I pliedge vsioftit oolllueras. Ex Cr apting they as nder tile inotuenlce oit tominatin of the Mrdicro eottors. Ath torr in tie daughte ofta respestahletmeaeth-ant wtoh. name I idm holotnonlve ; foeotior,(as huipsid me toy foes), swoist noitie sod Inot ti, aiht of one m,'e from the e of 1tt moth-, ""Io n20 cons shoo" iiosh hebat thaot toeow bhgids to read liSrge l wodi il ite tottr ore eo-tiplitetl or st. This tsle dttot editeors kbe,, s ihe osoltlmon tio me hlnesflthe hotd con de wod Ittis ilaueohtl o the oWellc of ste mtdical cditore. Sthoathery onitot be infittncd of the fact " she last 1 shall I- on o is on elderly conmn by tshe nme of bootsr nesrly .Ppivwn cf ao loellcl la1 i is by Iertt;ra ndintobto- re ic to ot ha tnilto nntoeo titNnhthtlottieres cor cttdhIy hletfstd Ioto hie hadysid nor itell t he etrtttnn hotarcirutt der-ndPt o h t deotar. tomn in tho . aoter that his ' l oa eetirn doirt o h th t f hooeore furfhi liother his hirth, pthltc reIo e oi t orttrotd to r ho. alterrsiesod b tasio t oroathotti tntso. t rS rde ttsd olere octoys the belief fthe doctrines he* cr ol not Ini s thate toor-t o f tt t for c tte fsor toine ta .tf it rotcthe .Hp ebnrelyconverted ta ~¢. e'atti,."t he icve nt D ,b hot sIle stats otot st o ttd o e r hegithnig to dionisettih oorohtrot. cftiletoscd hirfttleof that h h tv, ise tro o orn proof rthot he niottt h ee ito hsan-ln o tth ) eItri-s otth te otihe eve totnr c ttlmetn oioel. line rtod 'ho hi co o hc oelnltr a thttlrite oute tru ntoeor of t hlre hor nl:c et aorc o ses t. o. s h f tile h"is: obrl is-nt ocrr dor ht, rd ottreats tgh ath eotdezet aocltistf t i rio d. ?·Lreport-Ii--l o:iH onevrtrdbrnsro-lcoso titsoos Nhrtiden to tstte i i suedicaio e Iro t orta nosdt onorhsfr',n o h olt reenon to ior ameed. h r t ot p ndoion t oi t let-.eterittn tlrstnhht poorr, evono·eHrtet~ 1!· too- ntSh rtot sitos ojeeno coot t, -s-to~l tth oeetrtfro'r'm onfin hperoiofott.ito toliro in othe Ih e f hs ttte iait, tttoI talnt tt St lotre ttotttn o triin g thair, lnttetoot h voo ottt orltll o, towe h theftoro ho rod otfot I kln t , ohe t ti l h coarrovd a hi ot- 1 hei finidetnor, no Ittooiairis of the tette tottititor of iho I ganee d r o ld ,astie ot lrtittro eOlof tihoe ,,triotioIollli oltt does I.t. t~~ub tooltts tttti otottoeio, onyc, c~unl ~c Cr llrJ0 1 f lp ,lh (Itl'd+ +,th wes t tludiC l fiiI st i il . z~tl w e = tmfn lo n tto vntery ynthl ti t'll in tO1 tlet ( lto t l illt 00i0 +t too th e hon stt'p rtit ttotet n t ttile r t DPs . 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I r.t Itt ,eltooo o i e tllt ol s too hl e ro ) dv hi o tll, l,., oertohol [fi,+., I r otootlltlr clt oo.-r o dr oiorW. o J ilptT ,I\Ih nt ,, , il , Ii dt, '. I , }e er il e~ll [ Il nm r I) the,~ IiI,f )i+I<{ i L{ 'e all [':-' o hrlntci; tll to ile thn ollotor tLtdI " Gonttrnootnotu l ti t l -t IO[ ttO {l t o . ltt0 ttnI ort.tncn tt i: o s t lll}ft ] i ,, I Itrrotto or, t-olb tool Aentto osse "e tmtm i . i- , ) " feo. itonht,1nhlr irte o]rflloloohn IhI h coo,0, i rttttloettttttt htcttteoltoe .iosrttitw t t Ita' "lctt)},. letottia tttaetts l toto , dlu ett tayt v ll led Inonold ntt tt , nte)-t o lot to. t 1t.ol-t I ,I), ,. isltttnofoetnt Ire re tlnt i too t t tth, fthit edliottmoht ei" 'etfo;trfoetlro e.ctlteeil haveon Iu iim llsf~, to [''']R.t!e~uiuI ' i on otothoe ott Ast t , ne eehm I l) ot"l , " tt, I otl th Ie tlnttnl e OBttfrottn tloItr t r thohtl - wlltl|¢ .t Cis wellu know arle. Illir nml e u s ,id wllict too illt.l or tnt alle il 8ole t l t.fttto \ oott otttti oh t'latdt t tt ti o on llto l i-ln te r llff ti t . tleg rt tr and elt onll rts "i toti 1 is i loot rottno,,e, o h i ofo too Isor threea tr ho To te d R ,tato ton Or g .h Intot Ntllt Itt ieo rto tiotot iti Iha atottrttonttaooc tt other aot-d ohibt-e Vyooaro, t e l per, and oblige yours, the. Ita haste, JOHN WIILLIh A1!,st. Louisville, J.'v 1837. the English Ocut. Cied frem tIe S. it. C. Adnoeate otf ithe th Jer, e 1 7. At the rd u. te vst JuP. \Vlli, wu iusrlhe ' du' ina hso enttttied the d iplttino an till eher tin-t Ill~llls~icive the Docker's nliaitin to poblic patron. of, Ia .eit o elce o it iatidt,t, U r. \V wit ll rW tt, Iitn tishvldleiaae dfyt Iongte thannlhe ilt ,irt il tot nl--nay the t et Jultr Iev. r atrnll fel in-lri ten been requeted bi y Ir. Wi i i tne, t ilti, en i to iti, t h oI E , I nlerous t iine sasd lher an tellnlcnt ret iviurt oi .is tlitsi to , nulicd cnfitnlt in tis prolntsitttlieg tte p-n ctiiiqinunt wiih duttitIonu ftienddttite so wittiP pleotienre, AImgt Ie uI raend u lel R ro t . ." P rgeott pr. ilel aor LLe d'Ait of thie KinY ot tit e Franch, It i e\V ..'hlg tringtnnd dehl: to DIr. Wiiamns, uestilodiny thle hiinino o olut litt, nledipuln tltti ine tingy of Frnmleehi oel. ihot net well L s l Ith -nro the . iedilcl ucie. tiel lr diranpi. H, has nunler do vouchers ll fratt e n nhiwlnlo 6llu o nugh re lnlib tillnhscontry, res i ved siullchis atvivul itu hle Uinited Atu re' ce[ ofHgreKt success in P L.e resLPHrat I-ofrsiht iy the Allid.nI have |e. Itu n a l ttr hipero r intio tr nt, in ti i eilty. hIrgnew te d fl t hel l t le . iuulls the f le omint itshler Iriad cure; b~lt till to r eW n sy hltesy re it. teihti oiUbly benc'S.oHd. i i e, P. 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Iet. ti'H INI)IAN'S PANAIEA,. , ORtiecure o'rheumu;itm,scrfulsorklngseavil,"o T aelatiia or hip goal, incir.icnt cncers, ult rheul hiphilitic and amercrial 'tailsases, Ipar icularly alcers av ,s painvll'ltvtions ofa the Pines, ulcerated throat r ,a n. s trs, iersof eers r dear rlp tionl, fever sores, and intern r, absesaesa. istuls, piles, scarl hlai, s.urvy, biles, cl~t 'a ilesore eyes, vi' elivdlotitrla, awl every xarie ofe'at s wal is affection, ehrotie Ctarmlrh. head ache Iaoacei le ing tl alny aUrid Ihumo1r, pain ill the stomach 'al i1v Id pepsia proaeAi'ng fitom v:a'iaation, ilfel tionsf the live , clhronic inwammation of tie kidneys, antl gener;a l <Iil e ty ,awusl hy a torpid action of the vessels ~rthe kin e iin :iarly etr caSos in retrvatin. thaose onstitutiml al i '0 hive been Iatkeo lowna hv ilijadiein s ireatinea ja"jm'tiirhr iregularites. 1 hevii'al terms, it is enuon ie ,indt mall thosediseaues walitLarisa te, iimniuirti toftlhe Ilo a, or iitiatioa of the humors, of atamtenr fI' lame ork.ed. 1 aaio of tie shalove eomplaintsmav requirt some tr fling ,istlat applieiatinna, a hic rtwheeirmstanves of til a easerrill dliata',; but Ifh a .enel earemely or Pi'jfieatr eto emove the vuilrt e 1N1)IAN'S PANACIA wi generally be found sufficient. STOD THE PUIIUIC. a t lm. true it is, that modlen Plysicians, Ii thlirt am bitit to eerl ihttheii prof*essio ; exiovte the vast field jof siene by v he aid ofehemastr, aswl seek mar new r i mtlial ageals; inshoart, to arrive alpt'vl9etion in ti practice by meana of art alone,-a- t rely overlook an biglect, as heeaahtlherrl louce, tl rie and r ohmlteor stores ofmelitiasY, wehie h the Ashtigttly has caused t sprlilg outlf the earth i evelry ctise! Antr how nle l mare te ist that'while the Amereea ' PI ysician lol kfto l owvttir'igini ivto i for ilany of his moast or mon arv *,ieoesray msatieles, perpe'isily caitglning i they ares ethe tetates olathssibn ort filly, he is suirrndeid in hi d owa cauntry wiih au endtlessprofmtioo of medical ptanal s.altehfinict tdosaswesrty indiitioh in disease or to er itI ally etrablo t.ishle;l anl vet r e is ignorant of their vlh , tiles, aid thiu aile.aateri.d to 'wastethetr ea ig oni th ide t airtoi.' 1 Ta '' flbevts of vegethOlse mediclnes upon the system ar , temporar'y-rtit ofa miherals Isting. 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'T'is alIo is I i .ii l lt'i f inll 0v frri is tl I fir iemll' li li] i f I1,, t illnille slupe ioricny11' thIe simp le lntlIII rtifl e m u io to" 1 iaiitrihvi t f the beneflit ' if Iis cihilrea 0:\tr souse \slial thor prtfire and hii art ta i ut il vellled. Frloh :a long rceidr. r', amenli a portioo nl'l of lheo r ,i a]iiih t.s'othiitimutay, mLau inlimateii llntW taihe as hhi tle mltllhls i f ee of ia some (iiiit' ' s Sc iiesstall ivaetitlolm's, the pai)lretoiv of v rht' Ilai:all s l)u,ancotly aqluired n. of sous or,+ the stns liO' ,.atviltllll a :dolnvdiea Ivs. Fiiom lta s vIleseleet sich 1 sweI' U IOul. .iit riloittSaudap ro(lsl)ei:llS, :ll IadUe \,iliu'ihatvatnti al, taiS ttI e tith ir t lercipilisra sregtllh ibe ha+onlhined tlhem in the form here pitl.ea.ite , is it is I-'s(.lllllnell rlel d. 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CI:lout'.tsI lotn '7, l.8. t ai e b e. i ht u tihri tearsice, ti ichpi distressing ]rhet ainil , -Cil ittle.t . bi takin ll i f-e. e cO le II, l i rii .e i tielliitc of millliericu ,eil w.nch hs i h " ii 'l't)o l bul tllts s nealris avcl· i ie. |)[ll.ill!. thiS pelrio d Iup ards ol Ifm)11 ntlll) it:S ill ld t.l I usmile leeg h," tilt int the ll.hti \or.e flsl il`l.:mIi tried al asl st et' ,last, :iti'tlt ,i; e siii cel y i tbie to i ove illouti upeol .r uth'l Scol it ci e l tlie gse riltil iti .oft e r. 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I mlk0 his sdnte| til e Wii. i ie pusbi h ed fil. lthi helfitof thoel whlrl e w lt i g ntilderin Siilap sce,,lltSou l syphilitic mfl.ctices that tiey i a ktow wlad hlie lcured .ie who has sutci flced ee o it.t hillI :ed ethi,: lic t I l Ioslis his lifi ed ii) t nylicepebt ;i tl \V.\1. I\II IA tat lL.flllo_ . July 1t.L L .i." u I wa:s afflicted, inc jutae s Withe on ulla', ia the legI tIn ~leie llmcll ci iiculurpmiiaiclt ith euljSitlpetlltic jttidatuat cuclic io ibe clie ilcth g aill Hcile jii' SeCir. enciullt \ccllsioitatiiebiieei'elskili uiirr it, iot nilj I)l ierlttnenounllenit Inihisile liie ettlit Itltin"tr's Pautacea maitie i d lietaint S.tor .Per sile by 1+1 , N I. IIONN A -BEL, drriggist, - gee o"i c11 Ip4o trie i to ts. Ideh.u ilolis ccltieet 16i NEW PLE:ANS "-i NASHV--LL L AIL -. l1)A l11: sto1kholder's ol'this cotnp6nvare erebv no ti!ied lth t bvyu 'resatlutim of' the boan'd of tI "t -' ;,ldnipssed ol te !111 illt. the calleieto'l the oil Ihe ItJth ?'obruart.. pa.t, tir the 'payl,menlt of live dollars shale'wbtls retc-inded, ill llh stockholders 1 re I'urtlter Itifllie hlatn \VII ILELS, by a resolution of thls boml- passled o the l1t h ii ll . ti et ll hie n |ieel adb o tlle stoi khohhee ,ttl r the foll,,ein).l' v,llrits i tI he fllfe stock l ld res ec. itielt by teinla .iz--tw u Itciiaru, te i.J'hr, payabIi itlyable llflle lirdst dav of Decelmber teat; nld two41 'dolltrmlolr share pert i le oil the 1. st dllyv ol'Aiarc ( ai' thils omp y V.t all uotify the Hitare h e 'ld ++ thelrei Jlnougli pli' pr l i tlse Of eiice l ie tl tiiiil n in lti till r i ' tll u it-ie il seci ' oi " tie clhutc.i , t lheeilnc e he rmi l|.l o postpoe acvii - pni.yioi l c alle iih il te stckibe 0 ' . n I ceililutiy fi 'thi lerllle of siuty dlls, fiom sic d c 1di tle dlay I i lwhich ict Ieliln lllep cblc., witl tcde iirltb, i -ll -t HATOS, i(w'vt'i, lihot oc act i' llrly pn i d c itein In c cid Pllr"llcicliOc( t ixty doIls, [i'l i I an t i' hiuo " on which it shll6 l hlvel h le llt id, thl litei the Shllit irine ' flri t .ihyd t he th'e h.o rly rl r n e . trr at pIintlilvng ihulmlp tive. In con. "o'i y lier tin . l t i+ ,t", j rnll,ll si nii o1 tie -,oeklt . k di + ill "sad I.l I"em, Illlr k o i il " lt, v , ts on t , r I Ih d"CIA of fhe iIt, <,trnn l six lly' Idys tllw ih tare "h ite, |ll wVs lll riilll, i'O lilitdthat di' 1 t:li t 'ter ~ ",, ,.'I ihr payelatrlt of IWo dlll a pIer s hare e lleddbr1.Itilr II ", 'lIP I unlltjl the Guth day of JryttLP1ry ne6.*(llnld t Ih0| ti neat f tw o lh llar : .her shre tolledI fur nuod dr tte n,+ " i+ . irstdhy of Marelh next, wlua be psrtponed mlllil the 3Utltll Icy of April neat. Extracts o| tfle minutes of thel bard. june .1 A K llcleAIRr, See'ry. .V Hats,forsale JOLN I1 (itI.' li. ap16 STATE OF LOUISIANA.--Parish Court fIr the S Paristh and City of New Orleans. Is r.iHE STATE OF LOUISIANA. To oil whom 1 those Presents shall rome Greetng:-Whereas, SJmes Hanse having purchased oat . sale made a by he Sheriff of the pasirh of Orlenan the properly o hereinalerdesribed, us applied to the clerk of this Scourt, in whos ofice the ddla ol sale oas reorde 0 on L- he Aldus' of April, A. ). 1838, fior a muition or tisler s tiousernt in oulbritv to an act of tii Legisoature of tihe ir, e of i.ouiiana, enstiled 'An act bir thie furler anssu. - nce ofitles to murchaoero atjudiciaul sales;" ppraovd It fhe 10th da, of March, 1834. NOW, hlerefiwe know yre and all persons interested I Relrin, are hereIby i, ed sld admonished in the sineole athe State of Lauisiann, and of the Parisih q 1 ourt nwho can set p any right, title or claimo in ann to 00 thepropertvhereinafter. lc.-iled in coosequeoceoi anv Siai,,nalitvin the o.rorde cree or iud',et io't thue ourt under whIch the fale wt e made, w or ay irregularity or illegality isn tie rauprisrlemets and ad'rertisem, nts, in otime, oromanner ofasle, or for ty osher 'efect whlatae ver;, toshow ause, witin thirus days fron the tay this l monition is fist imlurted ilo i suhl e pa er es,.y thie sale so mtoe should not be ulSirmd and hlee. lognted.ililr The s..idproperty war sold bv the Sherif of tIhe par ish Iforesaid on the 14th day o1" Aprv, AI D. 11508, by virtue of a dereee bf this Court, rendered in the 5th dnv sof Febnary,A. i1. 18:18, n a suit entitledl Alesxaldser ol Caldwoll os. Jameso Hanse, No 1,367 of the diskest of i this Court, at which sale the said James lhono becuame to the purchbaser for the price of twenty vssue tlsusasl s dollars. t)Description of P'royperty as iven in the Judicial Con a - veyPner, via: at Acerstain lot of rround sitaied in the suburb An is nuoeittion elias Lacourse of this c ty.i sqi are INo .5, nd lot having irenbch nuseasr e, 6blet furot ,T.lchou Spimlhss etrdes,:,611i feet [ronr.on ()rangers stsreet, and r 0 feet on I.afaoeade dT Ilarelb str.Rets, in such umonner Sthat saidhlotof ground is 60 feat wide from onis side of the square to the rtiter,' ogether wits a dwelling house fronting ddl Tshoupitoulaas street, the kitchen ansl 'le. Spentlneies, .lso the distilley estahsis;hlteru ts dofeted Iheret and 'other buildings ald impr.remeitts, the machinry, uesstels implednents and fixtures y)lsipissg g to said diostillevy, itsilepbadencius and .lt aroaers. ao d the rights, actions,aund privileges thereto belonsisg or hc any fise nappertaininsa. Clerk's Office, Now Orleutns, May 7. 1838. m- ss,4,4&j:l J. ilt.I , llssotv Clerk. - ETA' hl).- L\ L)Uf s A;Ei i dCe. dPrmaso Ipsor In jsnsoisse et vill setla'Nru rllh Otledsus. T L'TAT 1) LA LOUISANE.-- A tous ceux qone i eria t 's cllerlllel Satluot: Atteoind sir SJames ilanse uas t aehei . Arlit o tstes fairte ia le Shrif rtlelupstoioe 'O. lr(hleas Ila propsisht ei -.os'hr declite. . s'est all.srs oss Greffe de erise Collr o In diste seste filt eltrgisstr s'e le esmcjootr de Mat tie I'usee 1838, lpoor 0 avtis vonfosn'it cs id osn auste; e Ia Lbgislutn'e de Ir E tat de la Louiaideo, intstuls ', Aste poure consrume los nuitres ies Ovqsrrreuoss oi s vsstsjodiciais'es ;" plnsousv S10 Mtalts 1834. stu'ilsoilot uuis, et nouses I5s5soesvtc il"t('rls eos"e sntin linte ce presellnes sotillnes anl 1,tin doe IPatio de la Lolisinse ct de In Coar tie Paroisse, qui puurrsient avoir droit A Is ira rielte ei-al ..s lo len eo lojene i d'urn Isliit tde forme sa as s I' dl'tte It, eerct oil le jnls aeilt e i a cusc ns , e21 il 'lslt du sul la vents s ite t:itsu' oid e touts ersbs'nla, ii: , I't. 'le, Oil Iaur s i antiic llSe elso cis nso dol l faire ei lmaotohgutr s r'znisllle slour d'avlil s I'l Plmie 1838, ien 'r ntl' is n is eta lde'ettecaur le5 de "iv a'u sd e I'vnoe 185th 1duns 'al~ltire d'Alex+ der Calliwoll, etmtre .nlunre. Iltinstc No 10,ii 7 d l dncst tie Beitv Cofr 1 Its luIellc oents le lit James 'anlso s'est retsla acIe cl r s our Ie pri'x Is' $5 l,01P. [caeriuptisln sdela Proprsie'i d'daprs letr isssfc'J ndi3iare, Savoi ls o 'n Iertsail s.tde terresitu ai fal tborrg v i'e I'A - ialon alias l acsuirss tI e tei ei ille, lims ailet NO 5, is dit lot de tirre+ [mes re ter ,n I fisy,] stuix te Ipld ii lte fac a 1tI 1 lla a Te suipo ilo 'lus, troii s ie t 4sels i Ie lace i ilhi rue s les ri nil't et sioii t lne pi, i di Ilt loide vrlis ia oixsnl e tis i ds di s r- er di'ui IImt i" 'ilIeti i 1'aulltrt s' - llts ble i llu alllts! fi[r lt Ifa etl rue ' hln't ilitolll Is, l ills f,, or' I, d nh·.i, mo in thstilt. "o sl rul ts sin' •l lit h st l eIn ls.' Is;! ili'- I 's lall s'lur'stif>ssattt;sI; soul itt;s loo "n 1ih,. i l i ..t ui ·il , app eIIIIi.a ·p r ut 'ir Ia c,lit, d,1' stiil,'i ,s iii d. I a d i ullc' s, a tellll narte nces .'t to, er ait-,, action., ct !,rivi,, ,eSi I . lj:ll/ It Ittlt l -,,u....~,:t _I ,, atilt' t .a,,. :I l\' s lii ''I'lN(; nt, 5 o- " I ''-s-tI s,- . -ss N I ,. ' (, 1 1g, f s c nsi I t itt 's"t • ItI Ni 'aci l'a l Irides , t 'i--setas lu,. ois til)' , ti, , h, , .'. , si , " ,,t, .I.,;,. ion ,I , . .il ;, l ·. ... 1 , .: + , t. ` v ' I. lu,,,tnl.a, J):"ll,..i is, N o II C:,tut! \' ,',I t • :,"~,t·l'l' ,'to nlll e Sill. ot:l ,i ,ltl sia . i t>; i t .I'.:'okt, . . . e ,. . :f ,' !.I1; ý ol, I ,,, :I, d low r tdoei' ,.',l ' lit .go , N h:I. , 0 o:lli; F; onll0 r l'm ,, FI'w"I , a11.+,.CI~ lth ' tlt. "l 'vI :" LPs r'..n ; nt l pttiti. ro ge ad , u w s :so .sogtuet 1 1151s11 h o rI' e' le cqlalfo l . cnd , co . os Ado d o t2ee alil,; do rulf'd I awed sllto t wtotx pg,g. .. b t o pmo t llI. , ro' Ist o ll k iO esI 'og s, , .lpets nel'sl, e e rl` anli ki d o ugiteI sio i so i roglmis; dlo .1,,; 11i stout kip Cull 0 011 pegged shuie ld brt m'.liS gellttl niL, il bIst tu:0ilt< calflse,'i ' 's 1 o'alilo s g' ndt .tooack o otn)Iti i , do i. crllo aII ..l01,l:con I0 I ckle shooo os I' e; osd r o a li ts nd , o ' t, ., 1 olall sllous dg b li d ll.c." do c.:ll, bull m m seaLr sh ,ols; lr.ys', nii;ses' iud cll ildllh.euIs ljag+o; :ol sa b oga:ul, l shi o , f 0ever )-ltut lt, oI hto yI tl l a . I. A olso na ,e nrtl:l i t01I ellnlit o e ol S sto)llu wa II to S l5 111001lt :om . e1111n(o.15 tOn ) lltie',13 c la 111) 1 f h .l , 1,n nI et iL atit r s T 'll T C'a' . 'ila l I 1 od;s, ihLl e.:pr.ssh" !or I;!: il i ft' l 0; ".; ' Il.erv ti i;L of il.i eth,) h all i 6 Icullt l s I k tt I t," '.I Lttditjr' ofineed t 1n not and n , i - It L I l; ,aL i I 'Oltl iw tt ll.. M Io t, ttt Itrtl, ,ll "I l t r tll titsIlnI O l Iite s d ol otle l t, S iL b verdyo tr so, llo, i ii n ilil i h1 rtI o tiol b tlro t Itl aro l io e's ,n l , l. ' k: los. stiort ilapplledt slls c ri e . It It h:11 "e s e t,'s to t o oerent gltditieso to l. Illr.',, i', nllt rot ) 15 black an11 o lb wt O Ot t s f " ;lloiuut:, it: ;,,s, Wilt i O otljlt; d asotrotmtet n t ot bos' lin ni i I' i llt " I I " cltil ll ckets,( llm0 0Il0 . 01otlo unie itil ,,a, l , t', 1l r 10i a11iil toll (11 UII lltO datinJ Cr( · s l lll. e l - li' r A7lll(l10, e]stbldished piua ) I ioni lalltl fill.ll0lL rest I .: • Ilao llti l Idio l hIis elo.r ,tirlu ru dv of pi'h, l dl i roi tertil tto of ih, r e otlh, ha, itodtedrll c so. -trib-r 00 $1r it to I oe. Allltr t nttl pu0111'. .\l ' ':i,,vuts h111 hee01 maIdt. tol suptlyll v ._eots i1 oi III e lilutill11 mId tows in the Utto i. o S. t , so i- I tt plhce it it ijhl lie1000lt L r1gti 1011 ,, Itt ultlto i arrttdi lIot tllort! ttilo L."t l, and relieve's thI t soreles" i , Lhichl'l t sI li uttlh tIlt I ltla a1111,, ,r of'persons i dl difiir lb i. n t s.Ill I roollltly' toat to velre rofd t xt eritt 'et -,to t to! h . 't olhd alllry el'Lel I t ale 1 e r IlI |l , re ' o o ur.i t I totro t b 0ll Eod te "IX ,I¾ 1 v t it. - r',vtled qihllet"0t h iUrto t ''1,>aii r m II, 10lI"' ' g.ltg uhlh Ill I' 1111un0x ret di0. 1 t . 11i 01 t ,, II I' to $l let buleh. So;hi tI, _llt ulr.1 Cill'' ('llllll lli '|".:·lihl.. J-1 \ A ihutl alh0 re. With challil 100III10 t E I.i.CO 00 frngul ell lnd . fn lllo S. ]iv he 1;I ; ..1. IlTludn.h'l Recollectiol, of II,,: `I..11,0 olf %llI ux filmd the toar 101111/ tie 0 0t I'.L, l . u . I ' J li,' p -': + l Nfl ethlls f e , is rnti n l l-.-- , " i I ·r Fiv o i ll eeeived hndt r lor tle by \ ", ' U.Itl rO·l:iLtccs "Grolu,' N. JUST PUBLISHEDflROI STEREOTYPE LJTES, The 1ilth Edilio, of ROWLETT'S TABLES OF INTEREST: T O which is now adled sH Average 'ime Calculs. tor, or easy methods ftr inig tle nverage time on storage, notes of hard or bills of goods, when pr cltmsed c:t dliffetient dates, t dliffEl'oe,.t credits, cand Ir cm ' l,.u s a10 rlo lnl . be sidel s a tIctI'L i lsi oll l tO ete listkli ui Tine TI ale; the best that ca be contrived. sm that fi gores caMl r tluce witlit the samen nolodscod compass, and ize oft) pi. AJn atvertisen:met in t'eoUlook is in oearly the follow. ic words: The high dittsimttion this work ihats rsceved throi g Ilthe tet gislativt acts prefixed to tlh title page, is a re. elnmnnndit tinll i itseslf so necommon,, and o oct e hl sle, te nesthinog is ne esaary miore aic by way of d. Vertiselrte.i toegiove eonletrrd virs cofsonie ofits pre iolictitics: to for instaace, tste Iitttrest bls been eocmpts ed frocm,aed conplared wilth, what is etqLivoleIt to foulr leen ietscfeahiulaione, examiue nisn the press thirl1 fice linmet, anod irited trom terreelype pIlates esfr( thirtyty-one times, 1fiom all m hich it most h,. eviden even to the skettic (especially n tit pe.sonatl of the de toil of proof in tid preface) that thle work most e cRIth oetit.'hly itnfalible, and in enlfirteioentn f tais beliof, tt'estsiet of two Itunraol sod fifty dollars. is now othcr st for the sdetetion of an error co toent in the presrn or fifth elition, as re ltossed in tie pr tfce, naineg fivl i laslo pemions lolre for thmesaose rror sincethe fire pnllilatinn in the year. M'. One of tim mos st eonsiollou fieitres of the tables i in the nrotgpment o! thle Timse sll Amossnts, whlsl for exlpedit inll, referenee ondperapin.tity, with the iell oftt tilh e iand itlex, cotisos be excelled and tlte sat' ty :t I ease witl ohidl the ic:etosl can bhe foutd:tosth oex.totof genesal bhsinss, cwilhoet doblishg of sel is tidhesd a convenince ao esrsltial, tit inothe estlmae ton of some so the mrost sco s et oolt clid leCtieal bho nass men a netlpblie ofiteiss who hote *"ssdegreat out of thleWork, it Ils beeil distiagu isld bytho honsotle ii lti eatinlor fots "master pltiora. Ad eonsiderit tle i llibility of the nethod originally sdopted is composing tile work, ad Itle extraordinary uty ber ant variety osthe exarminations, mid tests of every edtlion ii ohaspassedtinithe ipress, eotwithttandingthie wloleisit stereotpce, eonslderitng, in sh6tt, 1he positive aceoaur seunredl by the ins eetpedetd metan s esnloleoott, the vo lomei his 'Ieen Iold up aoi emIhatieially stylel " tlhI most wodielfll book ti the waslks" mnost certainly nu mani co tnames figure work nof lt same extent, wlticll since Ugie Iegi tigt orgotio, ties has O t he same suti. Ier inel variety of lests in ie s lame numler of editorss nio, iltir one Ihll"the number, as is olearly shosw it tihe ltleee. . tlesides, attest anil stahdarl, itlhas been tried ant proee'in nearlly allthe bakth and pullic offimes in the U;oteo States, adi by the publid geonerally, during thie hlog period ofthirtic-fe,tears, yet no error of ihe rl .llntons Iesever bieen 'oettnd it Ilent, slihongh onltillu olly tchallenoged by thie flsbrof very largesnrmiums. . 'Ihe t, ihot ext.essly adopted by all the onrts oflaw l ise',rtal ofthe Stles its the "ratef a' lcunsilit firatatlte interest," eslso. Iby taw for baek isterest, aceordilio s tlhe hoonk is usetd, not oas tray- le se, in opart, by .,,t nacces thile scihosritrss, loa few of tle ulbsequent ptrlcsers, inthle list t theenol of alt biok, stin liosescsitone evelrv lossuf tcitizo s in cterU qila;i ts of Ihe Uit ed Stales. It is moreover i ell klbow' that, ltts rearlt check, it tots to ulofitler teel ted lrg ot, er,, It. .ftse tllit were oth,, t by t Io iilht most e':fal n d ost cimoeteot :iaitllciiohiis, fiat itts Hsefulness, anl tIe alsoslte Ie cessgity f its ts- haveto been xtecsiyPIe insisted ,.II,,,i ,o ntvto:tcle, ihocd, have brcn ito tlsat lttýesc un its saiogs, tl,t, seoetrll c (,ai'sagI, co ilst thefiro t etitioa was scbt, alind out ofplriot, a g'eat Its , of sott lld hIlllo tnsiitd WieId s olltits lit)l, so tic to a gli t oIIIstCC. otAd psitllesd' :lt 5an'iol ,ls p i s ther cd.oul ,Vc: ninn oill be plick.ed np tat from -tatto $25 per coops,:ild some lpRrsous htl:1e. l'ec, ll . V declared, tol i ,lns]:oCo coul1 l,u rjlotatl that they weould p $511, $ay 10, col Stl) tbraIeilp, ifnot to be bad for lessts di, l inividuas ill thln butl'r instance po:'ticvhtrl, Ihiving at the s1ons Oite clxillit,-d tslit tortor apoft 1Iel tll'ons ,. •se;at tlhat to) hhn it was rIeally worhth Illnt 1otoory o 00or,0 Itooolgh the sa\ing ofl, s st..v vawI b eit tlinC ,e bcingl ii t.0' It rich mautoIi ill hnblscotfitc Itsislikcxoiscwont"vof Io tceo , o ilnlel e ..) 'r, to inlsllne v, d1t fIth is th' natosre oi " l'fiu to work .ii llcltto ]i, thesw ai log~, ht a lltl s thil o q k or its lI lllole l el m,+ n r rd+ in t It+ ! , Ith iee u'u 1 t loo'!, t ile m s)t t..)l Iceta calculatot ill tilt' W I(}l!tl) :oIl I t rftl'Xlal.S r ll.i'lts d1` a11(t wodud, :h0",0,t to ai moonltai000v hair hioen III I111, i to t' nr:il t d 11· 11 ro' "t, +111t 1, a li l' l Y.i ..A a is t e p-fi le doI+i ,. - h rlp expdahts. IHot so) perfle)e t't ,ll taitutdhle lu:te the Maeon, \011 iI t_+ I'.i olol:lrt-\ls so lt:l x 11 iI Lxt lild x· llh)n tloo...,gnit iro.' hn' IIlly gro' u 'ee fit, (thrv oe (by coldvcu'tis(.n .Itd) rooo'yoot lya1 k r:t in I )· lj( ca f s11 ,t'i-l ,t t I~ ll~llltoP il):fl ll~id Ijlllllilh ~it'hl.ll, 11t010 :·: io 1t"ll tI Ix 000 i- t! i yl tdicl s, coh I I I a I Nl 111, I It 00r0e0 oo t d ,',: s f'I :,0.r, fi r I ' +" l t , ' 0 I 0 , et 1 ,: 1, ;'I \ l' - illo hdml l p :6.1 ',i, o e0, xt ++I "', [+,l I*', ht i·'11 +,,,'~i., 11 1 1h111:,t;l.d r.,, loli-h, "t . n i l,tl Ii ..... n::I !,6,r l i m , h n+ ·iit I ,' r Iit' It ..,, " . ,' I)+' i..i " [, I t , ,I tt doII- ,r ,Y h h + 0,i0i 0 0 , i 0t Ir . +'' ~n oflC .11, J.)RIN1; 4 t ut r I , I "ton ", tll. II 1 y rl'tlr11l ) it oi tie r,, 1 t tn Illl llel t 1 fr , .i i o rni pil o In t n ih t, at o ill se l+t". ,-' I o'oto I ly ool e.nt' i.a. l ui l nune, h I odoo('.nhi, to Itl" Ilt,0o000 10 oevn :ll o d Si- c hlloi(, :n ,"ll l [.|llt a,,llll I ll~ l b'11 1 a r','.[+n :!:· ' of I ve· yi . e u ll I. f lOi, 1.I orl- k dunllll l, hIii 'h l Illte Ir. Jk I o ilo . ot ra i'e .'0 ily to llo 0 a0 lo "Flot t.oto l' oh, 'a ,,Idll " h II1I"I olllf l e ltllwe .t lVl l . co(n. i i il l' nl tlll' t hr '0 l t 0 l l flh t0I0,Fllci llo h p I )t ll oo iloli toro, Ja 1' struo., ýnlinl't ll a ' rlZ eh r,r Allie.ti ula t' i ,l . IcI:v t, o."t lo'tlu't uonoinoo , atit mllge rnIraly !'"ll l . Iog., I. Iell or til-u'ealteI e euds atI' VenerI . • erofuluu., , ore uit+ernlttt le;srwlll W~ lrlll] wu rus ll ();]d bly L Sil ple meth S id " treull , u nthllll wItout nrlntrictiU in diet or inro rrol. 0 ti l fl llll ruoil lerle. r o I n ol. d llosillhl no ill the dountlll ln whoflfl e rli h. ra:te1'11 oo; ltolimg ithe ir floiltv lolvsi. l.n, by senolioga d el ( l ell' lt ~ ' thell rl ca: se b~oL ' e (111 e1l )0 t paid w ill 0e ltrolltlnel lt, with lledicinoe, lleeetnr t to b t used, t irw lu r eptlr e o icesa t ,ridied "uwhere lutieuts can never o" colltl iii c'llfntt Wlth eloe h oIb er. no A 101.1t OIl; . ob'Il " O'till ulntlil ligltl, at 113 Cut tolll I l l('oull t tions o trielly eonltfldetiu l in all cases. l ] - uc U 13 in '(\I :1 to 01 AV, Iou. , Sign, not, (Jrot lyo i o o I'aairoN odul u Sotrdl, two dol.s lfonm' oionI M o u tte I I IES. j .l:dIoog u, .E ptit. blacnk and gohld, )u:lk, Gi:ola .nod Arlin.,., . 0'tin \ \oodI r tion:c ohir oood, D 0le or B ondelho, limet .aoo AnolFi.t'on (ley Ash lW hile :'k, h. i to. -, F 0 ,0ol l,, 10 s;l l a, L q'oal toish, to. oi nal, tl itor s ote. - .il uud handle irnm, N.,.ell tlassrtd.. }(ltole, scroll a + rod n, naiitOll . or hll um bllr, Iollotwo' \w 'taoo, clit r n odgrluootltots o l k likes Zine, block tilt, mill :and grinud -Lo...+, bit kettles F /lnll ciabled, .0,tcciOs, hoies Oix, I t o t tliotace (tio, h lill ln; mills Wire, oheot, pit! all b'r lead;olol tl (,i. not ltoln, lrtngs -ttr lhlook turl pl:tl hillges, dolo,.11 lnil ool,,, books Collins, lluuts, 0h0.'s, a1dl IWtF . xesS rllh allllt hhl ti: g llcll ol d; \n Ai , • tuir 10int0, linsooxl o.od sl,.o'o oil .0/ oh 10il a0s0m10, I.0 ll oll r' Itlo ''o'wne 'n il ii i chlotlrle,'-, 10000.00,0 bo1 Iooobo, ,ond oich too oollo't' '.oI Ootl o ton t0 0. 0 ito.,')\ in.1, 10' 531 lo -p ' o'oln"I t lv '.llllbt , ' \ ololo. u J'; ._11 S JOI:lN/l' ItO.IL . .lEW 0 * t liP ionnprit' ret, ' loin teltablishomn halns tiP plea- u f e' l ltl, +lthIat tt twill tein ltain to tte.s toll e attlino ,iali-, wive i-ihers. Ir wll shoot n tylte li' tltn'Io eir{lj of(lhoe ol a i t ,l-,Illte. Iltltr nC l oo Inee bo'J l ar.g ttu'l l tul[ " I InI,; nd o1, t her11o l o w o l' o o nlt 1no nit d t din "'nI4 )!o 't... Ii 1 . r plel{i{ , ,t lm0 I roo ill eottl.o hIt 'i!.+I-h' tl0I tlo netll..lllluiwlu i te ll0'1 IIrI0 r niuob' r tan ;.,cl-nltlr, r . , i ti I tP ltl o li 00,llle Oltlooll,[nt.lo, l 1uiii , 1u un c:uItllol: o o , 13totl o itPloo I rt) sIo , )r 0. ,t " ho' I I lr,'' or 'i tl h o.oo .arge.o 1,bi', . d l yru to nn, eouol nnIg it pmihh lIti n i ti' I i ete i,'il iL s I otrll ) eC 1: t ll s genl e Tl llyt. , o -:i, .. i th o ot .nf th toortone gend'.olltr t, '..oi , .",f id` ttues, wilt be .tnllh at'thi'. The I e-" .' . , I. IanI vrll be illno lls[. ui auttllil 'el tat the 00 o oll( l o to nill oail lirthsel t'd' t. is npttntunitts ., 0i rte'turooio his ootn oi~ned Ihaooks otr Io,. o +enry I btnl i olll[qlrl iell hI Im l l o e sonoiointI I.pos Iov tlhe o te t,- - In 'unl-,: tuit h live lh.m , aul in i))l]irmiu). and l Pxthding lYr II,- lla , O mlmllllllu IU l to Illt'ltil to Ibllnl pnlllllonn g ,h l 1: pk Its e lntt. s eas~ i" , t..I b t ' Jl tN no' M i0sir ii,, do lto oot (;I Io),'. '.l'o '' "o ,,ii I' .ilz. '.. I i 4+ +,. .. ;r i'll 1lilt i 'n " . 1 - s, MAIL ARRANGEMIENT Norbrra ail, IDue Every Day at 15 9. Closes Every day t 104 A. M West . l, f every uS uya WFrd"a day an uby coay of the lay, 'by , , Wdnsd Ca ' Clos every rt' dav, Wodnesda m, "v , and Saturday, by 9, P. 1. gThe l.akeMail ( )re every Tuesday, Thursday, an SThe ake Mil S turda t; 5 " - ' Y' via Closes every Monday, Wednesday . . EXPRESS MAILj. TIMES OF ARRIVAL,I)EPARTURE DISTANCE gh tec. of the Express lail, betwo-m Moeil and New York--leavin Mobile dall"m at 3 P. M. N portmar i~- New York dly at 5 P.M Southward. - Ao rrives Arrive Nnriht urd. Dsistne. Time. oetrn'g - Montgomery,Alea. 2Spin. 1918 m's )3h T12m. Col- umbus, Ga. 11 819t 3 S i l e.133 f , e) tmol hmbia, S C . 7 am . 163 17J 10 Isl aeigh, 4c C. 5 15 2 O 12 kI- Warrenton, Vwa. m. 55 At in Pe- 'tersburg, Vh . 1I pm. 8.' I 9 9a. t. SRichmond, Va. l am. 21 3 64 , Fredericksbrp , 8 67 7 tI p i. Washington crty, f pm. 61 lut aoltimore, 6 38 4 Ire I'bildelpiia, 6 am. 100 2 rat New York 2 pmro. I 8 ,is 131)- 143.s. or e d 2d l Northward. Coming, SouthNwardrtha time n six bour less; elangp5 days ana 1?7 hours. T lE -TE.N LASREW IIAD. - the ANA AY from 169 Crondelet eeomg of Hevin ins 1. slreets, o he night of 30th of August, and was - seen le next morning in Podrens stree, a negro boy al- named CHAtRI.ESI about 17 years of age, on 5fee e or thereabouts itt hei-l,t verv black, and ans an imped le iment in his speech, oneof his leags is sure, oeeasioned tag by a recent hurt; he had on when he went away a white Scotton or linen.shirt unid white cotton pentldones. ed Masters of vessels andi steam boats ape cautioned a t gainst oreeoving orharboring said negro, as well as ail in uther persons, as toe uttnst rigour of the law will ho enforced against them. The above reward will be pai d fordelive:ig him into any of the jails of eit her of the lie mnicipolities, or at 169 Carandeleti corner of levi. Ssteret. p " p ri 1.1 pt alt '1N0ýT C1- ie eapatnership h....ebrettr existing a - under the firn of I)ulheis & GOretson, has bees. ,lodissolved. The subscriber will liqtilate the aliti rso lie tle concern in this city, and requires all persons indeb ad to make pvment to him onlty, and all thosehaving. ic llnits, to pleselt tbheta forsettleatent. lie Oln --7t H ARRETSON le W. W.s A . l A'- o. 1lCanal S.reet A-Nte Orlenos IleSA J al)vayh mthand coantantly & raeeiviloy Dr, I1 1)yes, Chemnicals,and tliat:s, amonag tit or" oil er rUGr. DYES it, Ani n, urde, Argols, red, Ie Altiat"i, crle, Alutm, k, do iowdcrudl, Bazilleltc wosn, I-oalat enlao via, Coehineal, .oa tx lee lCoptle, a, inlerican, , 'lo tfined, Cltpbear, tBrimstolne, eruetl, Fuatie, T'ampieo, t do roll, do Cuba, ed- o flower, o hMailner, It, livnoth, Prench L.,'ries, Is Castoroil, tndigo, Blengal, Clteat Itarts, I i Manillas, t Canttharidoo tie C 'raneaas, . (a ablees, do GL. taomalt, - A.tedbeid . I.o.dwel, Canmleanhy Scl do assnftatida, , St D)ominlgo a animncni,., do Jamieaa, t Iao btnztiu, (.nawootl, d t co t tt, 'ough, Mlldder, onbtio, de ao lo setlaled, Nioaeuragua, Eonaltre, td to d SAelsetic, do Coreo, t o ., .cra.e, do laracaaib o I do rt lit . dlo Illelhe. tit gatetic, o CFIEMICALS. do L'kieo, AetI, nitroos, I1 mtlotatic, dlo a narsiatie, d o opium, do sol )hurtv,', ti obshelhc, Illu vitriol, ihs utttdlnt. .orlosivt stltblimltio it1o tirtettho , ,Ilorid of lime, G.,attget 'ge": m wells, .I4ilt ip t l tcrr, Ale, eo ,r ,.ll,,.nr n enstie , l lt I ll.k Foteigc, fLIe'itt i itate, t" t:i. iHs v, t aiglh, Rohthlle, OdoA Aottricu, lRed chroaate ipot.tssa d ) do sots, ulu olippt., tortice bhll, Stger: ICet, ia oNilloy Sul zinc, i 1 iSaltp q iine. il vio,, hcgnt elttlm. tinttc, I,:nd t-tittC ll.lllllitc relloo, dr., ol i i,,, in , d 0 ' blh altIt t : a1l la k E a h h, yltlll'lt. , ib arge r l +) m +il. JrttOi l,awtt ý, Alo, h l let',, n *.''. t a h w+.l re l ,I..... i 1 d 1., ac.l.IIo, , i, hIh.',, ,.I ,aI , ,o, c( ...,,. rted . mn, i,, ,,O\i' ,tI, tiilll ,l al~lotnl' taI V',,h, .hrtie ?uli.,, .I), . f IIll'laii " •lr It t, 12'111!I+' ".II ' I ) I" ll d i oilt itt ( il t ail (.tlirksiltlr, i dl llllll.' !, d20--pln .(1-- n "..... . ,e p e. S NE~W~ Y) I is i lllia the f~ec/¢r Inc tin, author of 'l'one D .m'le' &o si (ru.l,,;s, r or a Winter nt Stits tnhs i.,field in L.oe Stvri, by h Capt, a Basilo Hlll, I/otao Nuvy, .L 1 o'I oo/d, a rtalanet y Alton Connoi gal v," 'litpa eel te.o rittentoy h/i' Iaf, ij vols , /Cotird,,,i s Hiotoro ofta/,, traI..lated from tioe torteaooo totlon, y ntlonniel (Green, in 1 vol. for (ni,' No. 71) of /arper's oEoanilt Library. Vols. 3 & 4 of tihe new caomplet and uniform editll/o o[ 1' asnhigton Jria,'s FI'ar ks. l'or'oo Fr'1aCh otd , u.ngish Di/t0/mry, in I vol, 3oo I IYutot'. FreFch. 'tound li.oJA Die/i naro. AtosA--A to ,ore h+po/ oof Conino )'iPhrenology 00 "Iellcoi.",earge urvevtr'os(-'nonoo.Otsuf0ertior qua I or,'with chainso utiliiti tI .ktof.34. and 2 JS inchoe (iilot's improuved letalie 'cns,Japaned papers, wccihtlg t &c. &c. &,.. Just reoveod, nnd for saeo by .. ... IENJ. LEVY. ! SPAIN REVISITED,&c. &c SPAIN REVISI'TED e by tihe nauthorof A year SPAIN Spaie,' in 2 colsY 7Traito /alndenz ,'/oreteroa generaly appllieable to the Abtori;in ie of Nortt.o Aeorieh, by t(i TurnCtr, Eq Vols. 'loe Political Ctnratmar, f' the United States, or a tolete view of the theory and tractio ofe tte gnera alld mII er goorollnlts witl/ the rolatioas btoeno thons J--ltdlicrl d acll.tdpltcd to the )ia/O 0en of the United Stale. sb h E D) .'+ 'field 1 , E q. ,o E it ,,t11o td, Hot1. Nimrod's Huoiie T ours iuterspersed with character tic ielanedo.tes, saygs and ,hdogs Of sltrtin ment, in c tttin. notiets of the priteciul . oru.k riders ot Enghld wth il::,tiC; eal, nd gener.l inde. of naooes, Snritnlt or Kig's o"il.,t CUirotietI .thro.tin, Clirontie Cutoacoos Dio- Pains in the Honot, by free Joases, use of Mercury the hlued being in vitiated Slate. This vrc eroencenttraed Syrupt is preared with the |greultet plblrnaceutwil: care til uoortrany, and cintont [the a otive r· ode of p a'i oteocrs ptritll in th nos t cotnuen trated degree, cotmbined with other vgoetabo e substance of kllo II elfi'acy. 'Theo crwot desideratom with physicians in hoing abl to exhibit it large na ntity of Saoeaonnoo ito I0a sa0 ths, Ihas biteen obtained ia'this Iretollnrtioont.i-they, bein. lilly rovittcetl onfits nmerits, eontidently adminiter tile course ulftlheir praeti ec. iPrice $t 50 toer botltt. Solti only at SWAIN IH()TtbI'ItEb'S drtog otoro, Not 1]CCn)l otreet, who' ,uay be utoo, frett atnd getnin, diree tfront the troTric tuer, Swuilt sno Ioooto Snot d Vertoifilge, P)otter's Cotaon) eon, Ciarnpetor's Pcpura otis, and latnrge ond genera oasortlent ofo fresh drugs, no4 IPINNOCK'S ROMJO, &." ,INNOCKt'S bMPROVED ElITITON OF DR Gouldsith's Abridgnment of the History of Rooe to which is /0 etxedd an Itotrodortion to tte Study o R/ttttotIinttrc, ot t ttgreaotcvcicty ofcvnlttle otror ototion .odted 'ttrocttp1lt tomt tOwrkton tly a e lonstitoution, 0 oto A atltllotioR Of the Ro sao i e; with n e monous biogrojphical mid historical Notes; and quden tnoln tbtr enoxltloot/on nt tth end of each seton. II lusmluted with thirtyeugrvings oon wood, bt Atherton '.n gtn', s IttprovedtoEto tit of Dr Goldfjnitt'O istor) of' Inglaald, Ernal the hntresion of Julius Ctosar to the death of oGerrge /di, with a noOtintatiou to the yea 1tJA. \Wito questions for examninaotion at tie eond o ',nh eto tion. B.)sides atriety n f rcy loobl e iaforlln.. i/ott ottodco thuOnghooto, thIo oerto. CoosisOtiorftt I" ,ni"" ".g,+, .,,.rC.. g of table of eot.llloo'nnhy Sovcreign, and eoninent eprso n toionus exprto/nooto y notes0 , lteolllark Uot tlte otli tion, tmee'rs and iternratre oftthe aor. An outliotei doe Cooootautioo0, c. &e. tllhltaoted ty manty eng/r U'n EI.E.o..t..r or. A nronoto not an Aurid.me0 ofNKith's New Treatine on the Use of Globes'o Nt Aoeoorioae edtitiono, wmth adhlitions and /mpro/o etNo to M ont e . .. i . . . .. ..ical part of It e A rn tt creceied anldlfbr sale by WM IIKEAN v - olrner ol Caomp altd Coimmn ate IiAi ~ jkS 1.5S1UL I.II:GdlAy. O1 hli.IE I stud . " .hilli) Francs,. .) Uv with al- e ia f lix, Litt illtitllg t alisa . of l ario) s ales, &c. lay ell• Junau, C.o wley, Milton, n )l don '0/oe Adhiioll, n/ift t;on.u ttorta, )0 oVrtli oo ""so , ./O e and 00a.0 of 0toll.. . O d..o . OPdht/o o/o-otoreo pouo0tso of tin i'lhED,.U:3, with the appoadix at ;d usra trausla d v C"istopeti .art, i B v ratl' voltnas 18 tioe /,.io larper's jt. soioadl L brdyv e ottdon " lid t'Iy t.I.NK.R, by, no0 t lto to, .1 o/, w ith a le s fi r of't he A uthor, ht'on', •ristn . ai+,s0n Wklilll Vtll Iatraildl~ asB hy Glt 'JbiE dPY' n T'altt', ytvettthrof t Iti,'loaott hoot o//!oegnoiiytt,,. Svaoo onlolr /t., o i u ., oto eotditioo, o v e qtfe !'AUL ,I I 'L'l"'FOltD. I, :UIue antlur l' " Pulh h,'l~ie i t I +d," It,,, bhfiu/ 'Juute 11 el tic new eat ;ale,) oa,. t ',ncied Wr/ M cW KAN l.1J:)N S tDo/--3 o Cio oioooo.,to, ;2.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ llCnit )+n• , +.. l t3, ,1 _ tbItloo, •athdtt tO, ooood oJ.ovfLeJr UUtbiu,'r & 1& iA )V' "

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