Newspaper of True American, 27 Eylül 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 27 Eylül 1838 Page 2
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tt'OalingU of coumnII. TUESDAY, 2Sth September 1838. 'Th Council met pursuant to adjournment. hn ts the Hon. Joshua Baldwin, Recorder, Al. e Cadwell, Hall, HalM , Nixon, Peters and The Jlpemal of the preceding meeting was gW Ot approved. a-' i alpe from the Mayor was received return. w .i h e objections, the resolution passed at the ' .dlttilg authorisinlg he payment to Gloyd and ae~ell a certain sum for refreshments furnish. ltheJdgees during the electien in July last. Upen motion of Mr. Peters it was Icecoud, that the Council do persist notwith. .mY ,dla the objections of their Mayor,in their reso ,lct of the 18th instant authorisng the payment * Olleyd McDonnell ofone hundred and forty dml_,- for refleshmente furnished the Judges of - lehels iih July last. Upes the adoption ofthis resolution the yeas and were em led for, Mers. Caldwell. Hall, , i et. P rs and Sewell voted in the affirmative Mr. Nixon in the negative. , petition was read complaining against comn. Elliott which was referred to the Police S eter. t as chairman of the Finance commit. WL sde the following report accompanied with ~ sane zed resnltutons; which the rules being dis. #eb4t with, were taken up and adopted. The Flasne Committee deem it important to ,.Il the attention of the Coancil to the subject of 4 It lame ofemall Municipality notes now amount. to $671,439. iately after the suspension of specie pay l aetsby the Banks throughoutthe U.S. in May 3K], all the espeie previously in active circrsls. tlteseesed to perform the functions of a currency, Ad th publie convenience rendered the emission of mail notes under the denomination of five flae, ea imperative duty of the Council; the aie ause produced the same effects in nearly all the cities of the Union, and so great was the noe. qsity, that in many cams, altho' in open viola. . ltrntive authorities at first, theim issue of small Swa renrtmd to as the only safe means of *lelisg a circulation to replace that withdrawn. The ordinance of the 20th May 1837 authorising lice eliesion of them notes, stipulates that they hall be at all times redeemable in current Bank etme at the Treasurer's offrie, and in specie so en as the Barks shall have resumed specie pay. MeU The first provision has been strictly ad. Lsed to, and to that circumstance nay be ascribed thevery general circulation that these notes have 'Attined in Louisiana and neighbourmng states The anes which led to the issue of these notes ilt soon cease to operate, the Banks having de llnod to resume their payments in specie on time lest Monday in January next; it therefore becomes thiduty of the Council to make arrangements to emplty with the second condition, and be pro. pard to redeem them notes ii specie, at that pe. wind. The finance committee consequestly sub. sit to the coeensideration of the Council a resolu. tien aethorising the comptroller to advertise for prposeale for three hundred thousand dollars bonds of this mnicipality, payable in thirty years, bear. tng an interest of six per centum per annum, paable semi.annually. Thesinking fund of the Municipality will amply peovide for the payment of these bonds, as well on all others that hlave been issued, so no provision is neeesary rto that object. The fund wrll amount Wo nearly $400,000 in January next, and if it con. tlanes to be prudently managed, it will amount to more than two millions dollars at the maturity of these bonds, and after having paid all those that have been issued to this period. SAM'L. J. PETERS, JOHN HALL, Chairman. Resolved, That the Comptroller be and lie is hereby aithoriznd to advertise during one month in the True Amermncn and Bulletin of this city, in the Courier & Enquirer and Journal of Commerce of New Yora; and the National Gazette of Phi. ladelphia, for proposals for $300,000 bonds of this Meunicipality, payable in thirty years, and bearing imx per centum per annum interest. The isnterest payable semi.annually in London, New York or thee city, as may be agreed on. The Bonds to be for $1000 each if the interest be payable in the U. States; and for £250 stg. each, if the interest be payable in London. The propo. rele to be sealod and endorsed "Prepasealefor bheeods" and to be received until Tuesday the 25th day of ovembher next. On motion of the same gentleman, the ruoes be. Mpg dispensed with, it was eslved, That the Comptroller he authorised, after advertising ten days for proposals, to con. (rant with the lowest bidder for the futsishing of this Municipality with five thousand gallons of rstaquality winter prevsed eperts oil, to be deliver. ed at the time to be agreed upon. Be it further resolved, that the Comptroller be and is hereby charged with the distribution of said Mr. Caldwell, as Chairman of the Committee on Itreets and Landings, introduced the following res elutions, which, tihe rules being dispensed with, were taken up and adopted. REPORT Of the Committee on Streets and Landings. Resolved, that the Wharfiinger be, and lie is hemby authorised to employ an assistant from the let day of October till the lst day of June next, p~ovided that the monthly salary of said assistant shall not exceed seventy five dollars per month. Resolved, that the Recorder be autthorised to or. der from the Gas Co. the erection of four additional lamp posts on La Fayette Square; vin: One in the sentre of the N. E. S. W. corners of said lquare, and that the same shall be lighted with gee, in conformity ith contract for the lighting dthls Muanicipality. Resolved, that the Wharfinger be, and he is hereby authorised to order an iron buoy for the ae of this Municipality, provided the cost of the shme shall not exceed the onm of $200. Resolved, that the Wharfinger be, and he is hereby authorised to advertise all the unclaimed . qeicles new in the public store, for sale, after 10 dayeprevieus notice in two newsp.pers, in English and in Freneh, and hand the proceeds to tle Tren. msr, by him to be paid to the proper owners Mgdeef, after deducting the fines, cost and clharge. JAMES H. UALUWELL., EDW'D. W. SEWELL, SAM'L. J. PETERS. Oit motion of the same gentleman it was Resolved, that the Mayor be. and he is hereby onthorisedto draw his warrant in favor of Joseph tils. for sixty five dollars. for plans executed for te ase of this Mumnoipality. Mr. Peters, in behalf of the majority of the same .oommittee, presented the following report and res elation; to which the chairman, Mr. Caldwell. made the nubjoined counter report; on motion the nals. being dispensed with, the report and resolu. tion ofthe majority was adopted. The Commentre on Streets and Landings, to whom was referred the communication of the Coin. trtry of St. Mary's Market, in relation to the stae said building, report the following resolu. lion. SAM'L. J. PETERS, EDW'D. W. SEWELL. resolved, that the purveyor be and he is hereby sIthort.ed to repair the roof of St. Mary's Market witheet delay. The Chairman of theCemmittee on Streets and landsge does not sign tile report of the majority eeWeltation with a competent architect he is of epinion, that tile covering is radically a bad one, iad eannot be repaired without continued annoyan SeSomplnted of by the commissary, of continual e-tL--le chairman reports that nothing less than Mw .evering of slate can make a permnanent and JAMES II. CALDWELL. ORDER OF THE DAY. The ordinance. introduced by Mr. Peters at a p peisine sitting in relation to the Poydras Market bi order, was taken up motion by section, and uhnlaticn amendments adopted ua follows. AN ORDINANCE Ceerning the Poydras st. market,and providing ftr fIrming the revenue thereof. Thi seoncil of Municipality No. Two ordain as Art. 1. On the first of December, in each year, e eeomptroller shall adjudicate or cause to be ad. jaditaed, it ha office. the collection of the rove. ree of the Poydras street market, for one year. ei shall give ten days notice in the official ga. mette of the municipality of the day and hour at whbch said adjudication shall take place. ALt S. The contract to be entered into with the oemptroller, by the farmer or lesase for the col lestiem of the revenue of mid market, shall be for s year, om the first of January of each year ; nd atthe end of said year, said contractshall be awred in the manner prescribed in the proceeding As 3 The farmer or lessee shall within five day. after said adjudication, furnish his promissory nets., endorsed to the satisfaction of the councii, Sfrom the firat day of January at 1, 2, 3,4, g, 7, s9, 1 ,11 and 12 monthe. Should he re. *es or neglect to furnish his notes as aforesaid, Ihe eemptroller is authorised to cause a new ad. jll."itan to be made, for the account and risk of paid .hreor or lessee. Art 4 For the more ample security for the pay. mient of the notes furnished for said leas, the tar. o oer lessen shll afgeetnnd mortgage, in favor of thib mnoicipality, all the rights on which the eMLeties of eid revenue is hereby farmed, so tha in default of payment of any of the aforesaid ans tohir boohming due, the mnniscpality may =am te power of miens proisemnally the afore. s riltbe so afetd and mortpgaed se pledge; wJbt sll be lnthe duty of the Tres rer to do, toeba thre days after the protect of any of the st nid bills or.promnssory .ot e. Art 5 'The farmer or lessee of eaid revenue haJ. not be entitled to collect other duties than those t bhereinafter mentioned, to wit: d For every head of large horned oattle, eighty o seven end a half ent., or seven bits. For every head of veal, mutton, pork or venison twenty five moents or two bits. (It being well un derstood that when the forequarter of a veal shall weigh more than forty pound., the farmer or lea- ii se of the revenue may levy forthe sale of said vealt eighty seven and a half cents, or seven bits, in- p ste rd of twenty five cents or two bits.) For each stall and half table including the frames with hooks on which to hang the meat,twen ty five cents or two bite per day. For every bench for the sale of fish, twelve and I a half cents, or a bit per day. All butchers and retailers of fish shall be an. I swerab e for tie frames with hooks, so rented to t them by said farmer, Art 6 All kind. of meat, fowls, game, fashll, ve. getables and all other articles destined for the daily i suapply of the city may be bought and sold at said market. Art 7 The surveyor is required to cause chains to be placed at the ends of the two streets running parallel with said market, in order to prevent the I of earriegee during market hours. Art 8 soid market shall open at tie dawn o. day, and shall olose at twelve o'clock precisely from the first of April to the first of November,and I at one o'clock in the afternoon during the remain. der of the year: and the closing of the market shall be announced by the market bell, which it shall be the duty of the commissary to ring or cause to be'rung, Art 9 The two sides of the middle Alley of said market front Circus street to the end near Be. ronne street with exception of the four feet pea. sages and the space occupied by Philippa street, to be for butchers-and in case all the tables of said Alley are not taken up by the butchers, the west. era extremity of the same to he alloted to retailers of salt meat: provided always that whenever any or all of the tables are in demand for Butchers, or required for them; that the said vendor or vendors of salt meat give place to the Butcher or Butchers applying for the same. The South Alley to be divided into six portions, from the eltranc at Circus street to that near Ba. roane street. The first portion situated at the west. ern extremity of said Alley to be for Fish. The second for salt meat. The third for poultry and game, The fourth and fifth for groceries, and the sixth situated at the eastern exrremity of said Al. ley to be for fruit. The cross passages and the space occupied by Philippa street are excepted. The North Alley in its whole extent from Circus street to the end near Baronne street, with the exc. caption of all crossings, to be for vegetables. Art 10 When the various places within said market are taken up, or occupied, the farmer to be, and he is hereby authorized to let the corres. ponding spaces on tihe footway without the market, ranging them immediately along the outer line of the columns, and in such way as in no case to ob. struct the cross passages from the sides of themarket or the entrances at either extremity or end of it; and preference must always be given to retailers o, such articles as are sold or exhibited for sale on the inside of the market agreeably to Art. 9 of this Ordinance. Art 11 When the stallsor tables in said market appropriated th, refer, shall not be occupied by sell. ers of fresh meat, the farmer or lessee rmay lot them to retailers of salt meat. In eases where all the tables and stalls shall be occupied by sellers of fresh meat the venders of salt meat shall be placed outside of said market, and make their sales on benches or tables furnished at their cost, and for which they shall pay to the farmer or lessee, twelve and half a cents, or a bit per day. Art 12 During the half hour immediately follow. ing tile closing of said market, the butchers and otlher persons hiring or occupying stalls lhall be boundi to scrape, wash and cleanse their respective stalls and tables so as to keep the same in the high. eat state of cleanliness, and every persen neglect. ing to comply punctually with the dispoeitin of the present article, or who shall not quit the said market at the hours specified in article eight of the present ordinance, shall pay a fine of five dollars foreach l offence. And no person shall be permited to sub-lease any stall or table under a penalty of filty dollars, Any Butcher, or other person vending in said market, ifabsent therefrom three days, leav. ing his stall or table unoccupied, shall be deemed to have abandoned the same, and the farmer may hire rt to another. Art 13 It shall be the duty of the foarmer, or other persons authorized by this municipality to collect the above established duties, to keep an exact register of tile persons to whom he loue the stalls, ltands, tables and frames with hooks, at market hours, and deliver certificates thereof to, persons occupying the same. Anyperson occupying any table, standor stall without the consent of the said farmer or collector, and who shall rofuse to deliver up tire same on the first request which shall be made t to the by tile eommissary ot the market shall pay a fine of ten dollars for each offrence, and shall be compelled to conform to tihe 1provisions of the present enactment. Art 14 No person shallt place within the market house, on the footway thereof, nor on the space si. tuated between the two ecetions of said market any other stalls or tables than those fixed there by authority of this council under a penalty of five dollars for each offence, and the said tables or stalls shall besides be removed by tihe conmmisaary of the market. Art 15 If any person shall sell or expose for sale within the market aforesaid, any blown, stale, imperfector unwholesome provisions, or meat of any animaal that died of dsease, such provious or meat shall be seized by the commissary and be thrown intothe nuisance boat, and the offender shall be fined from ten to flifty dollars for the first offense, and for the second he shall be deprived of the right of vuelding in said market or of hiring any stall within its limits. It shall be the duty of the commissary ofthe market, alone, or with two assis. tants appointed by tile Recorder and sworn before him, daily to make a strict inspection of thie hutch. ers' meat and of other provisions exposed for sale at the said market and to enforce the strict observ. anes of this regulation. Art 16 Butchers, or other retailers of butcher's meats shall not expose them for sale elsewhere than at the markets established by law, under a penalty of 25 dollars for each offence. They shall be compelled to saw the bones of the meat; and they shall not, under any pretext break them down withl a hatchet, or cleaver, under a penalty of five dollars for eaci, offence. Art 17 It shall be obligatory on the commissary of the market always to have in the said market scales and weights, to be used at the request of any person, who, at the time of purchase, may desire to prove the right weight of any meat or other provisions, and no scales and weights shall be used in said market, unless they are proved antd stamped according to law, nor shall steelyards bho used within said market under any circumlstances whatever. Any violation of the provisions of this section, or selling by false weights, shall subject the offender to a fine of 810 for each and every offence. Art 18 Any person who shall forestall or cause to be forestalled any provisions at the market before ten o'clock in the morning, shall pay a fine of twenty dollars for each offence. Art 19 It is expressly forbidden, under a penalty of fifty dollars tor each offence, to sell or cause toIs be sold, within the said market or on the footways which surround it, any spirituous or ardent liquors. Art 20 It shall be the duty of every butcher or other person selling buteher's or other meat at the said market to be cleanly dressed, and moreover to wear in selling the same, a large white apron, which shall constantly be kept in the greatest stets of cleanliness, and it shall not be lawful for any person vending inl said market to smoke while to employed within said market under a penalty of five dollars for each offence if the offender is a free person, and ten lashes if a slave. Art 21 It is forbidden to all hawkers and pedlars to sell any sort of goods or merchandise in tile said msrkot,or on the lbotwaya surrounding tile samt, under a penalty often dollars for etch otrt,.., t,' tile offender be a free person, and ten lashles if a slave, unloes thse master prefer to pay said fine. As , Tih. °s..o eor shall ean- t ..toumns to be painted and the ceilings to be white.washed of saidl market on or about the let October of each year; at which time Butchers and other persons occuping stands in said market, shall be bound .o repair, clsanee and paint in a proper manner their respective stalls or stands, under a penalty of twenty-five dollars. Art 23 All vegetables, melons, potatoes, onions, fish, shrimp, crab, crawfish, turtles and game, des. tined for the daily supply of this Municipality shall be brought to the markets, established by law for the sale thereof, and all persons exposing for sale any of said articles in the streets or in any other part than at said markets during the hours prescribed by thei ordinance shall incur a fine of from five to fifteen dollars for every offence. Art 24 Carts or wagons for the conveyance of all supplies whatever to said market shall be placed under the inspection of the commissary of said market. Art 25 All persons are forbidden to stand, sit or lie on the stalls or tables of said market, under a penalty of two dollars if the offender Le free, and ten lashes if a slave. Art 26 The farfer shall furnish, at his own ex. pense, all things necessary for sweeping and clean. ing said market, the footways thereof included. The sweeping and eleaning of said market shall be done by thes negroes belonging to the chain gang under the superintendance of the overseer of said negroes and of the commiscary. Art 27 It shall be the duty of the commissary of said market to see that the ocdinanses relating thereto are fully enforced, and that no offence is perpetrated against the farmer of the duties of said market; to keep order in said market, to have ar. rested all persons who disturb the public peace and to conduct them before the mayor, tile recorder, or any other magistrate, to be punished according to law. The said commissary shall always be present sn said market, during market hours, except in case f asickness anAd in suchl cas he shall give notie to the mayor, who shall place another to do his duty until the Council shall act thereon. In case of neglect of his duties, the commissary shall pay a fine oftwenty dollars for each offence, andfurttrer, he shall be liable to be removed by the council. Art 28 The said farmer shall be bound to comply I with all the regulations contained in this ordinance in all that relates to him. He shall not be entitled to any indemnification fromt the Council under the pretext that the ordinances, by virtue of which he has formed his contract are not sufficiently clear or are not enforced, either by the negligence of the I officers of the police nominated to protect them, or by violations committed by individuals; the farmer having the right to prosecute the said officers or individuals as the case may be, to have them punished with the fine or oth r penalties fixed for these olffncos. Art 29 The farmer shall not under any pretext whlaevor,exact or receive feeI of any person selling inany other places than those designated by the present orlinance, under a penalty of twenty dollars for each offence. Art 30 All lines fixed by this ordinance shall be recoverable before any court of competent juriedic. tie n for the benefit ef this municipality Art 31 It all toan be the duty of the commissary of the market to cause to be posted up, at all times, in at least six places in said market, this ordinance, in tile French and English languages. Agreeably to previous notice Mr. Caldwell in. troduced the following ordinance upon paving, which on motion, was ordered to be printed and made the order ofthe day for the next meeting. AN ORDINANCE ON PAVING. Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the Council of Munici pality No. 2, of this city of New Orleans, that tile following streets be paved with cabin blocks of stone, like the pavement now being made in Grarier street between Tchoupitoulas and Magazine ats., and that said streets be paved in the following order, to wit: Gravier street from Circus to St. Marc street, Common from Caroudelet to Claiborne; Circus from Canal to Julia street landing; Canal from Baronne te Claiborne; Poydras from Baronne to St Marc; Perdido from Baronne to St. Marc; Camp tromo Delord to the upper line of the Municipality; Carondelet. Girod to Triton Walk. See. 2. Bo it further ordained; that the following streets be paved with hexagonal blocks of wood; and in the following order, to wit: Hesia street from Carondelet to St. Paul; Jackson from Basin to Claiborne; St. Marc from Common to the Protestant Cemetary; Franklin, Robertson, Marais and Trerne streets fromo Canal to Common street; Phrilippa from Canal to Julia; St. John, St. Peter and St. Paul, from Common to Julia street landing; St. Mary, Freret and Girondo from Commton to tile Protestant Cormetary. See. 3. Be it further ordained, that to facilitate the paving of the foregoing streets. iThe Mayor be and he is hereby authorised to advertise, in three newspapers in the following cities and states eacih, in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Maine, Con. necticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and in New Orleans, for three months, that this Council will receive proposals for tile delivery on the land. ings of tie Municipality of 86,000 square yards of enbic Ilocks of granite of the following dimensions: 6 to 8 inches by from 10 to 24 inches on the surface and from 6 to 8 inches deep, squared at the sides and ends so as to form a close joint; to be delivered within two years from the time of the contract, in not lees than 10,000 yards every 90 days after tile first delivery, which is hereby fixed for the Ist day of May next, 1839. Sec. 4. Be it further ordained, that payment to the contractors for the aforesaid stone shall be mado in the bonds of the Municipality, having 30 yrars to run, and at par, and hearing an interest of 6 per cent per annum, which interent shall be paid at the Treasurer's Office, of the Municipality, or in the city of Now York, at tile option of the contractor, provided that the payment for the stone aflresaid, shall be made in the bonds aforesaid, at par, upon the delivery of each and every 10,000 square yards. Sec. 5. Be it further ordained, that the Surveyor be and he is hereby required to adjudicate to the lowest bidder, on the 4th Monday of October next, and after twenty days previous notice, in two news. papers ofthis city, the furnishing of 80,000 square yards of hexagonal wooden blocks, and also the laying of the same, agreeably to a plan and specifi. cations now in his office. Ou motion of Mr. Nixon, the rules being dis pensed with, the following resolution was unani. mrously adopted. Resolved, that no alderman or other officer of this Municipality shall be either directly or indirect. ly interested in contracts for works to be done for, or for supplies to ha furnished to this municipality; that no alderman or other officer of this municipal. ity shall either by himself or by any other person tfor him, be lessee or farmer of any branch of the revenues of this municipality; and that no aider. man, (luring his continuance in office, shall receive or he paid any commission or compensation for ser h vices renderedor to be rendered to this Murici. pality. O tr motion the Council adjourerd to Tuesday it next, the 9d October, at 5 o'clock. P. M. JOHN GIBOON, Slecretary. CLEAILANCES. Ship Coneordi., Marson. RosBton, J A Merrittl Ir Cot Its ltos, Iterry, Rvesr s1t Josephs, I) Guld.ansb Sebr EliabetL". Frsyt.l, Pnsuacul., Iark1 E M Miller, Tampa. T H Jenkins I'scket shlp Vcksburg,IV bitienore, Now York. Bril Alvlr, Sppri sler, Havalla, E Lral.s. Bark aillaleo, Lombard, New York, G H Abbott & co ARRIVALS. Steamer JohnI Jy. Cothran, Paducah.;a s, Post Ilsy, suhtll.nfrom the Pas.s; brullght up hllip Elis Allll and schr Mount M1. oial . Lsll 25tl, ,spurui. nolltug 4U eigt, pt eithler Pas. ShOp Elm a Ann, B raiur from Bostonr, to MuIaer. U dehra ...unt Moriah, H, wt,,or,, 46 hlours from St Mark, in ballust. to S & J P Whtney. alled lu colollany wtlh brig lUOerasbt andII IC Lir Helry. otlh i Nl tile rivrr. steanler elaulltore. Llark, Baton ltouse. Btemmer slMarir, Noland, Batoe Rouge. COMMERCIAL. ST JOirPIIS-- chr Col De Ilose.,rarg: U. Staeos . toreds, BOS'L'ON-Ship Coordis..sargo: 4 Ait l4 tobacco,. 31ablole/ eouaon,l4,2f pil lenad, o3 kegs bil er. trusnk PENSACOLA--ralr Eliszaeth..cargo: 45 bbilts bread, 64 doI flZour 1I do nolasses. t100 do whiskey. S0 do vinear,, '.5 do lime 10 csrks rie, 34 boxes. sandes., 60 luske wine, 10 bags cuor, 33 kegs llntesr, 1 oss.oaes Jdze. TAMP. AY-Bark E IM Mlller..largn : United States stores, HAVANA--'e r brig Alvira..cnrg. : L i:i bblts tlur, 31 hhdsc tobncrod `,1110 kehi lbrd, 4 boars clear pork. NEW YOILK-Per shlip Visksburs..cargo: 6,180 piPs lend, 563 blles, clon, 50 bhads loblsco, 1rO lies tolblacco. 171 wet hide, 20 bhh vinegar, 157 do pork, .3 do, 2 do tallow. sundry hIos,. Crunks. sid cases, dry goods and clotlling, c., 2 casks gi74s n. -- hash .snlosa.. 5.133 pig. lsd, 322 bles. iotion. 113 hlds . 5,hecso, 1: bils Ouxseed, 33 bunldle snake root, 4 boxes sake roul, 3 casIk n7utmegr. IMPORTS. hOSTON-Per ship Eliza An..eargo: assorted mlze, ut H Lssg &Aldrs.slJ Ciuiiays, J Bsidga, 7 edder & Hioll. P WV BearliE C Flnt. F arltol, t W Kenyon. S Slater, R 3 BlcGilt, J Belly, C Ilon.e, C Toilsain, G Grees, J N IRoberts. J L Iltochiore Vinm. & Terrill. AT Dunbar, :tetnon Avery, W s J Gssqust .siod0.ey, Laurie 4' lsall, I.ivermorse & Csu, Nu.e.t, 'lurpiu . so, A Oliver t order. RECEIPTS PRODUCE. Paducah-Steamer John Jsy--cargo: 100 bales cotton, W BRogsrt; 6l do. ILent Perridly & co. s13 do L C MMrell. 30 bbl flour, P & J FPergson; 35 s do, Forsyth & Leverslh; Ill do, J W Dwyer; 150 do, WV E lauchsoan; 3W0 do, 20 soil mlpe 1 pl baggllg, Ogden & S utblgte; 44 cabin and way passengers. HBair Rouge-Pei steamer Ssmaphnrs...nrco: 32 bales cotton, to Prescott, Jones s co, 1s do, M I hslte co; A0 ds G t Lea; 15 io, A M ursn s& eao; 4 d It Laudiumny. 7 di, A Rivsra s ds. t i; 6 do, Bullsi. Be ocq & deelo3 5 bhls IO l*@. JWSstilwesl & co,3 hhdssugar, J H Leverieh s". Baton LRoue--Par steamer Mariner..enrgs. 4 tle canllus, t. A l lele >K' r. nouu le t I j ,3 blr m o ln ese s, 43 d o su g a r . B rau ll & ý w " k 9ý.,, .. , J... i . . ..... "le1. 51i· ssolao,., R lr.gier; sundriesif osde. PASSENGOERS. oslon--Per ship Eliza Auu.. Mr Lemuel Gay ad OGeorge Adam.. Bayou m, a.phore..Dr slused & lady, Mr Bleaurtl o2 ladles. E Fortier & lady. is. R.lnondet, '' Slod. J P Tilluoney, A .,.chuos , J Lowry, Dcor. R J Foad, J F Davis, C Murrasy, JEmmset and g deck. NOTICE. Messrs. Beaucherry, DItilloy, Salvador Fernsandse, Chas. Vsuillarmet, and Visnier5, consignees per ship Zotsff, from Havre, are relluested to call at ths subh sriber's allies, and receive theirgo+,ds. LEIs H GALE, .ets__7 93 Common Ie ATTEN'I'IOR !!! AGOVER.NOR'S HORSE GULIRDS, oC U will attend mnlster ill fall winter uniform, st Sthe drill room, or intpeclion, lMagazine street, next door to Ihe Atclhafalaya Bannk, on aturday ee ninjsgat 1.-2past 7 o'clock, precisely. By order of alstain Osborne Cross. JOHN GIBSON, se.- Orderlyv SerIg't. f'LO'IEIING-I I cases, copptising a.p assortmens J of salt:ntl Ieond Jnckets, LPahtlools and Vesta; I Blue Berrsy ad Coltotsde psataloons; HeIlavy Liver-' pool stripId trilled asl cotton shlrt,; Whlite Angola Flnnel Uner s hlirts, antd Lowell lotuonde Frock.s, landing from ship Eliza Ann. for sale by ISAAC IBRIDG;E & CO, ,op27 134 Mlsgasines t ONG CLO'EL'H S, 6c.--5 ease. Ilillsoro 4-4 lis en-fohI bleached shirtings, and 10 bales Duvis. villa brown 5.4 Lone (C hstA, lanldisg from ship Chero kee slid Seamas, and for salIe hv ISAAC( BRIDGE & CO, sep27 134 Mlsazine at f AtiGING & Rope. 4 pIs Baugging sod 0 etoil. rope, In orteand fi)r sale by I.AYET A& AIEI.UNG, sep95 17 CommerceaIt f tORK--2l lbl. melss; .5 bbls clear; 1"2 bills soft I cleas; 50 bbls soft mass; 30 hbl. shoulder.; 20 bbl0iM O P'ork, in store and for sale by I.AYET 25 AMEI.I.NG, s..)_ '7 Commerce ts apt TIHE TRUE AMERICAN. bri EDITED BY JOn.R eI U *n)M FaT1aVUL AND BO3m. d, !V rW OR LEA1VMs et TH $S)AY...SEPTEMBER 87, 18~8 It bi Th Express Mail arrived yestrday, but al t no intelligence from beyond Charleston. a THE MILITIA REVIEW, Yesterday, as by law appointed, the fourth regi. ient of Louisiana Militia mustered on Lafayette C Square, under the command of Cl. M. White ' Lt. Colonel Kelly, Major Willard, Adjutant Da. kin and other officers. The muster wee, highly r creditable to the Municipality, for naarly two thousand men appeared under arms, among whom Is were several uniform companies that would be rt an honor to the oldest corps in the country. The gallant Washington Guards, under their old Cap tain Honey were at the right of the line, while the ti Louisiana Greys took their place on the left. Of these two established and elegant oompanies it is needlees to speak, as their soldierly appearance, F and discipline are so well known. Capt. Johns' companyofOrleans Dragoons, now attached to the 4th Regiment, were also there, and by their martial bearing attracted much notice and high commendation, although they did not mum. rerverystrong owing to the unusual degree of f sickness in the company. One of the most grati fying portions of the Review, however, was to see the new companies turn out that had eo recently been formed among our spirited young men. Of these there were no less than five, and all embo- i died within two or three weeks. The Louisiana Rifles, Captain Pickrell made a t most elegant display in their new uniforms of green. This spirited company, although only two weeks in drill, might have been shown well and I proudly even in the presence of veterans. They marched with the precision of old soldiers, and I heir whole manual must have been admired by the [verieset martinet in the regular service. Thy Rifles formed the centre, and had the honor of I bearing the State and RegimentalColours through. out the review. Besides these there were several other new companies on the ground, although they did not appear in their uniforms, owing to the brief preparation allowed them. There were the " Black Watch," Captain Taylor, but under the command of Lieut. George Pore. Thieeompany presented an elegant appearance, for although not in military array their citizens dresses, their march, and carriage, were as uniferm as though they had been long embodied. The Lafayette Guards, Capt" Dalahousie, mustered strong, and gave evidenceef being eventually a very fine company. The Pulaski Cadelsr recently called the "Delawaresn, were there under the temporary care and charge of Mr. Shepherd of the W eshington Guards, although regularly commanded by Captain Pickett. The guns were admirably served by the new company of the Washington Artillery, Capt. E. L. Tracy, and the whole effect of the scene was such as our Municipality may well be proud of. Before the 8th of next January, not only will all these com panies be completely drilled, uniformed, armed, and equipped, but many others new in embryo will appear on parade to give full effect to the honors shown to that immortal day. One of these is the Governor's Guards, Captain Cross, whosm uniform, horses, and equipments could not be procured in f time for yesterdas's " turn out," but the gallant Captain was on the ground, and by his chiralluus, and soldierly aspect presented an admirable speci. men of what may be expected when the full company is seen upon the field. The new Militia Law undler which this great Simprovement in our armed olurce has progressel oe and still progresses, to daily commending itself to all well judging atme. The great neceessty for ;disciplined force int a commtunity like oure ,o pal pable to a1ll, and ic promptitude with wlhich the law has been complied with ias ot less a proof it t in alate necesstty, hllan ol he good senste ofour citizens inl so cheerullyv compnlying with its enact. ments. Great credit to due to the oliterse of the Le Iienta for the great exertions they have made in toserring the mlllitary ardour of our sptrlted youngmeni, and in assistmg to organize an many unllrnl comlllpatnies, that in a few months our mllu incipality truolps will not be surpassed by anty to the Union. Col. Kelly, Major Willard, and Ad. jutantt Daktn have been indefatigable, and deserve tile warm thanks of all their Iellow eitzens. ti Not an appearantce of disorder, or even of a. intdecorum, was manifested throtuuout: all seem ae illpressed with the necessity ol obedience and atientiun, and even tile uninittiated citizens ell. doavoured to make up bty care, wlat they lacked ht in practice. On the 8th of Juonary, the uniform companies of the lourth Regiment of Louisiana Militea, will be a credit to any city in the Union. ' BAD WATER. Although we have been for two weeks past apprised of the existence of one of the greatset evils under which a large city can labour, we have desisted from raising our voice against it, purely from the hope that the cause was temporary, and would be remedied by the parttes concerned, from a sense of publie duty and justice. We advert to the shamefully impure state in which the water is sent through the pipes, and hydrants, for the sup. ply of the city. If there be one means more con. ducive to general health than another, it is an ample supply of pure water, yet from some cause or other the element, as meted out by the Com mercial Water Works, for some time past has been unfit for human use. There is scarcely to be found any one citizen, dependant for his supply upon the Water Works, but has been obliged to put up with a filthy fluid which even cattle would refuseo to drink. Why this is so, we do not now take upon us to say, but that it should ne be so requires little logic to prove, and losee to make believed. The Water as now given by the "Com. mercial" is unfit for food: it is impure even in aspect, is nauseous to the palate, and filthy to the senses. The citizens are not to be poisond by wholesale in order to save the Water Works from the expense of more frequently refreshing, cleaes ing, and filling their reo..ruitr. Though mea be not all chemists thtey know full well that Misil sippi water when left tn a stagnant body for a length of time. is unsuited to the health and uses of man; and we hope the directors of the Water Works will, now that they have learned the exist. ing evil, save un the rurtner trouble of prosecuting this complaint, and our citizens generally from stench and impurity, with their cosequent un healthiness, by giving-as they are fully capable of doing-an abundant supply of fresh and whole, /suie water. .3E The St. Charles Theatre opens on Monday without fail. Many of tie actors have already arrived, sufficient for a commencement,and others are daily heard from, or are pouring in. On fSaturday weshall be enabled to give a list of the Company, and some slight sketch of the ensuing Campaign. Mr. Barrett has already sailed from Now York with his Camp Street Company, which is both full and complete. Of the talent of its different mom. bhers, the northern critics speaks in terms of high praise. Many of them are already known to a large portion of our citizens, and the strangers cutome recommended to us by the best of characters. With two fine companies at the St. Charleh and the Camp: with both theatres entirely, and ele. gantly re-decorated: with an abundant supply of novelties, and a liberal supply of the best artists our conming theatrical season is bound to be one of unexampled brilliancy. Ellen Tree, Celeste, Clifton, Barnes, Shaw,-Booth, Forrest, Power, Finn, Browne, Scott, Barnes, cum murtus oski&, form a galaxy ol stars seldom ven is any one winter. 97 Nearly forty vessels bound to this pert from tile North are yet due. Many of these have been detained by calms, and many more by adverse winds, and stormy weather, lately so prevalent upon our coast. The reeent change will doubrtess bring many of theme involuntary truants into port, and with them will coma many a wished for old friend, and many a welcome stranger. A few t days will doubtlessa produce an extraordinary dif- di ference in the business aspect of our wharves and atresets. Judging from the multitude of invoices, r bills of lading, and other commercial intelligence already received, these absent ships will bring to our port so large a quantity of goods, that trkde will have a moot unusual, and sudden impetus The season will begin briskly, and no doubt will continue active throughout. We may well con* gratulate ourselves therefore on tihe opening of a a fresh and most prosperous season, and with the reaction ever consequent on such a depression ae * have lately experienced, we may fairly eateu late that the success of the coming year will remove entirely the losses of the past. 0..-Jack Frost Esqr., that most welcome visi. tor, has been seen in our neighborhood although not officially announced among our city arrivals. We have ist on positive, dependable authority that Ftrot was seen on the Metairie Ridge on Tuesday morning last. We would not so positively de elare this setting in of "fall weather" were we not perfectly persuaded of its truth, from the correct sourea our information come from, backed by the experience of all long residents who are fully aware that Frit is always found in the sub urbs, before he visits the city, and that too from palpable and evident reasons. We are therefore perfectly satisfied that all fears of an epidemic are at an end, and that our absent aitizena may return in perfect safety. That many feel and know this fact, is evident frem the number of fresh fcaes congregating in our streets, and the, downcast, disappointed looki of so many of our MD's. Their gigs have long bean sacrificed to pay their horse I feed, and now their uncalled for stockeof drugs and fluids have as melancholy a look as empty I bollte have with more convivial cits. will be perceived that Mr. Caldwell has proposed an Ordinance for paving the majority of the yet unpaved streets in the second Municipa lity with cubic granite, or hexagonal blocks of wood. We would willingly go into the argumsnts in favor of this proposition, but hope the public spirited proposer will find some way of letting our citizens know the reasons that prompt to achieve this great public good. Why does not the Commissary of the 3rd ward it ee to the removal of the many annoyances now d existing in his district? Numbers of thestreets in]his whereabouts are gobstructed by pales of irub. bish, steamboat shimneys, and other nuisances which have remained untouched for weeks and weeks, and are yet unnoticed, and likely to con. tinue. These obstructions should have been long h since taken away, and we hope we shall not be again obliged to advert to their unlawful presence y by breaking our shine over them at night, or list a tsning to complaints of the neighbourhood all day. 0 Our whole establishment is filled with white washers, painters, scrubbere, and others of that genus, who whtenecer they begin to set to rights are stirs to set to wrongs. The Council proceed ings are so lengthy, and so intportant, that they i occupy the greater portion of our columns; and ' from the paucity, and meagrenees of the mails, we t have ar little intelligence that is either interest ing or agreeable, that we are compelled to make our editorials somewhat too brief to-day. When II we are clearf f our rubbers, and scrubbers: ni-en we have less legislation, and more news, we will a, endeavor to make amends to our readersby givinc 1 them all that i ilmportant, all that is agre;.ab'e, and more that is new and strange tihan any Caleb .I- Quotem would require in a iwelvemonth. tri Many uories we see are afloat regarding th. Sunkhappy duel which took place at BIly.u St. to Louis on Mlondaoy mliorning. Our object in nam dc ing the matter is not to enter minutely into the subject, but to correct somle of tie nmany errors that have crept into the press upon this subject. The parties quarrelled on Saturday, and were o Fiound over to keep the peace within this state l0 Louisiana. Tnis was the reason for the journey to the Bay, that place being tn lMiasiasippi. TI.ey ad fought with broad, and not small swords: there ' was but one blow given by each party: the ed thrust of one took effect in the lower part of his ad a versary's abdolern, close upon tile groin: the blow ill of the other fell while dietinded on the lunge, ma king a most severe cut through the right shoulder, and slightly wounding the head. We rejoice to s learn that the wound of the former, Mr. C- 1, ae has not proved lutal, how his adversary fares we o have not heard. While our own city is absolutely revelling in the enjoyment of robust health tidingeof sickness reach as from all quarters. In Charleston the Strangers feveris committing awful ravages among the la boring people lately arrived there. In Louisville, we also learn, there is some sort of fatal fever which carries its victims to the grave in one or two days. The city is extremely unhealthy. In Knoxville, Tenn., a fatal epidemic is now raging, and has carried offlarge numbers of the inhabitants, inclu ding the post master, Capt. Crozier. In Florida, also, there is much sickness, and secounts from the troopsare greatly disheartening. The South Carolina 6 per cent. State Bonds, is sued for the re-building ofCharleston, have been readily sold in England at 95, Gen'l. Hamilton having disposed of a million at that rate immedi ately on offering them. ..lrmy and Navy.-The let regiment (10 com. panies) U. S. Infantry aerived at Plattsbarg on the 6th inst. Col. Worth has been appointed to the command of the new regiment (the 8th) and has chosen Sackett's Harbor for his head quarters,. Col. Cutler has been ordered to take command of Fort Gibson. GEERnaL ORDER.-An official note fromthe Ad. jutant General's office, Washington, under date of September 6th, directs the several field and company officers temporarily detached front their regiments, for service on the Northern frontiers, or elsewhere, and all officers absent on leave, to proceed without delay to join their proper regi ments and companies in Florida, the Cherokee country, and the southwestern frontier. Thegra duates of July 1838, appointed second lieutenants, and subsequently ordered to service in the field, are to join their respective regiments without delay. NAVAL MovzEwxNs.-The frigate Constellation d sloop of War Concord will shortly return to the North from the West India station. The fri. gate Macedonian will be the next flag ship of the Weat India squadron. Commander Breese has been relieved from the Ontario, and Commander Williamson, from his orders to the Vandalia. Commander U.P. Levy is under orders for the Ontario, and Commander F. Forrest for the Van delia. No officers have yet been ordered to the Ohio, 74, and a Surgeon only, who resides at a distance. to the Constitution. Dr. Edwards, Fleet Surgeon, of the West India squadron, has permission to return home, but no suceesuor is yet appointed. The Levant and .Warren, it is understood, will return to the West Indies, and the St. Louts be sent to the Mediterranean. The orders to the several officers mentioned in the Chronicle of the 30th ult. to take passage in the Levant, have been countermanded, some of themt are to proceed immediately, and others are to hold themselves in readiness for future orders. FLOUR-240 bbla superfine; 120 bble fine lour new L wheat in store and h,r sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, sep27 17 Commerce at A BACON SIDES-50 Hbds Bacon ;ides, in store and for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, sep27 17 Commerce at W ES'TERN BUbIkER-5 kegs superior quali. v ty esters butter, received and or ale by STETSON & AVERY, sep27 38 Gravier at ST. CHARLES THEATRE. THIS magnificent structure has undergone, during the recess, an entire new order of emllellisahlent; the whole of the interior has been repaired: tile than . telier has beer taken to pieces, and its 13 cwt. ofcut ned lasbheads and drops cleaned and polished; nothing anii js been neglected, either in te hbuilding itself or in engagements, wbich havehbeen made with the first Ira matie talent in tile eountrv, to prtomote the high chnr- hill etrer which tilhe St. Charle has obtained both at homen saol and abroad, for its being one of the first dramatic Es talelishmente in the World. The Orchestra, heretofore acknowledged superior, hao been cons derably increnased in number and talent, I end former dlefleisenes in particular mesmbera of theI Dring the season the most sucese ful dramas of e the day will be produced, and in a style swhlicb it in pre-r h sumed will give general satisfnetion. te The following Iladies and Genllemen are in trenty with, and eneaged. JOHN H. BARTON, Stage Manngerr EDWIN FORREST, JUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTH, J. R SCOTT, ce H. J. FINN, Sr JOHN BARNES, ge S. T. BROWNE, and ed GEORGE HOLLAND, to Messrs. Harrison Messrs, Planer, lit Pearson, I'age, o Ferrene, Porter, th Welliams, Davis, c Cowel, Paret, Debar, Dennison, P, And others in trealty, at CELESTI, is ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHINE CLIFTON, c JMtrs. Barnes, pt .Mist Charloele Barnes t. Mesdames Farren, Mesd'lles. Sidney CowHdt, Cowel, Jones. he Debar, Chester, Plumer, ScJtt, Harrison, C. Snamitth, a . Brownet, lavenot, i Madden, pi Smith. 8. J.. LEE, Principal .rlist. at N. Lewis, Costumer, Weil, Tailor, at B. Wallis, Propoerties Maker. ORCHESTR... Me·sr. Croae, Messre. Hoeller, i Gnllenari, lyers, d Jaeobi, Storn, Zilterbare, Luciani, e Deseforges, Charltan, a Carl. B. Hops. ii Fay, Eberhardt, a Kruger, ReIa, g Holland, Stolger, Fostor, CinE. II Conduit, Fstrells. Parnni, Crippe, is C Hopt, Even Patterson, And olther in treaty. a H. W. JONAS, Lender R. IV. Elliot, Head of Police. sep27 CURB & GUTTER SrONIS-.3o,ti0t runattig feet of curb and gutter stonesof the following di- f mensions, 12 ina, 16 in.,18 in., 21I il., 26 in., and 8 in., expected to arrive between the let of )ctober and 151th 1 Januarv neat, will be sold by the subscribers on urri., vine, by the invoice. oirrms Cash on the delivery of the hill of lading. Persons pplying shall receive the stones as they ar- t rive, in the order of their application. PETERS & MILLARD. sep 27--tf JEFFEIRSON AGAUtl:.IY. REPARATORY to Jefferson Colle.a and to oth erse conducted by IL irunet, L L It. Exchanges Alley, between (onti nd Ilinville. This situation was the most eligille that could ie funead; being entirely free Irom thle rois of tile streets andl the 1 rattlingofdrays andnarniages. Tile Jefferson Adeemy is divided into tw, depart ntents. The Junior or elementary department fr thle a arious branches of common education in French ani1t in Eglish--Tl'hc Senior department fotr I.ulati, (ireek, Mathematice, &c. Punctuality, order unl discipline are strictly eluoined and observed. Terms. Juttio liepartnent, per monthl; $10 Senior do 13 Spuoish 6 let. Books, slater, paper, &c. charged separately; 2nd. A tmouth once begu, to be paid i to'ull; 3rd. No deduction for abseace tor for hltdayas: 4th. Payments to be nmade reularln evary llonth. School hours esl 8 1- to 3 o'Seoek, irxcept T'ttur. Y days. se p2 ENRY'S CIcind llagnemia just recLet per ship Yazoo, from New York, a few grene of lIlery's genuinecalcineJ Mlaguesia, for sale by its doz.or groce by DAVID IlEIT & CI), Sep27 N Y Statinere Italll. 94 t hetres ini HE public is hereby noitiied tht on thl lfist day .1 o lisctbe r nexn, the Cit Iliotel, ku wn a + ish op's,ont ColttottO street,will le closeId-prepI.ratIorv t,, a public etle I' tithe furniture ll d tno·venbls beli.lg to tile uner nedl who tendellr ltlhun espeetrt'flll ntl.ktlltwl edgments tar tihe Ihertal Jpatrnlltage which hngy have re e reirodot preptieOttos. vd pr ier) C \WATER+MAN & CO. ep t21--tdo. n- I.IIISlANA ..IN .'i li' i- C illiS lle.eitutiotn thr the adnelti etin of l ng e ntle w uen. will go iiaml Olll'l'dtiutl lll tilt; fiTrs Ih;l?· a I Iu t O - tbo rr, il the +t Iu. t atnL ry tt the I leh,.lioI t'ittr ih, coro erof Cartl detrle t Il 1nd tltydruo, itller thel diretion.t i ofh is ulldersignet wllh 1lia1 occupiedthlllle chair of aiiilb elealines ite erne seeranl ll'ge s oln the e lleri thl d \rlt e is a craduate of one. eof it mIls eetrlebtnd Ullive ritis of Europne. t' auelllrst of stmllier to ble plursued inl this iemllin - ry will bte comprohended in ltitl -lowing doit-mion, vii: S I. Tite EIglish departmoUt, t.nhranitg all the branches ot'f a thorough aud le lt'nglish ed a ucation. y . The clasnical departtent, comprehending tile Latin and (ireek languages. S3. T'rm dpuiarleie of modern languges, ill whicll will h, taught the Fren,:lh, Splanish aud idrtltan n gnaget. - 4. The mnltheeatical and philtn ,hietat departIentt Setuprellenditlg A Igebra, iGeometry, tle two 'T'rcgollonll etries with their itraicol apnplitatio.t to tn nveyo ig, t- Nvigoalltn, Aslroulto y tic. Niturel Pllilool cltvud; SChetiastry, illtstrted by apprepriatt experimentts h E. nlng Classes i tile Mod rn I.uoguaaea will he formed and attended to rliom tle Ilt Ocltobher. C J IIAIIEIL.IANN, A 1. rRErcERaCES: J GIBSON Esa, Rov PnoeneoNr SIIANNON, .ouisiaela College Dc C A LUZENBERG, L C DUNCANI Esi, is J NICHOLSON E.q, New Orleans. rses25,183n. _OAP-.30 bnresapf iproved r.l'id for sale low to close. WINSTON & SHAIL, sept25 7 Fr mt Levee COFFEE-- 00 sacks Havana, and400 s.cks Rio, in grass sacks, superior article, in store ald lor sale by WINSTON I n& ALL, sep25 7 Font Levee CLO'rHINi-27 casese, pering a usortmeut o fseaeoranle clothing, landing from ahgpi Sea men and Cherokee, for stle by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, LA Cottionde; hales henav 7-8 and 4-I Lowell Cottons, and 7 iales plain and twlled l.owell indcyse; landing from ship Clehokee, and for sale ISAAC BRLIDGE & CO, sep56 131 Magazine at ACIKNG YANs--l107 Ires sf a superior-arti c rle, received and for sale by WINSTON & SHALI., sep25 7 Front Levee C LARET OVINE--100 boxs Chaeu La Fittl, 300 boes Medoc a good article, for sale by WINSTON & SHALL, sept25 7 Frout Levee G UNNY BAGS-15,00.1 I, 2, 3and 4 bushel since in store andl Ir sale by ACON SIDES-40 casks supeior Cincinnati curad, in store and for sale by G DORSEY, sept.5 41 New Levee. FOR NEW YORK. Louisiana and New York Lie. 'Il Tie splendid and fIna sairng packet ship YAZOO, GFardirer, mnlster, will have im mediate despatch for the above port; fon freight or painage, hart g aniatior aieeinn,llnation. apply to the Captain on board, opposit the Vegetable a.rekt, or to J D BEIN & A COHEN, sep25 90I Comon st. FOK NEW YORK. STo soil the day after lo-n.morro.) LouaIAstA AND NEW Yuna LINE. The coppred and copper fastened plak et ship VICKSIIURG, will pohaltirely sail as above. For freight of 30 bales cotton, or passage, apply on board opponsite tI Vegetol l oar ht, ort J 1) IEIN & A CIPHEN, sep25 90 Common stn FOR NEW Y')RK. rp Tl2sr oper lastened and noppered brig CHIEFTAIN, King, master, will hale dea patch for the hove port; for freight or pas sage, appily to S el J P WIIITNEY, sepd22 8 Conti at. FOR HAVRE. The fine fast sailing At ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrin, master, will have immediate des patch. For freighnt o1300 hales ceiton, or passage, apply to SaCVI II GALE, sep20- 9:1 (.Onanno t. FOR ALEXANDIRIA. The n teamer ININMIARK. will O Nb run ns a regular, packet during low owaer, from Inmonth efld Rietr to Alerandrin. on puaticulars 1lply to sep22 JNO "i GRAIIAHI. Oficeofthe Newi Orleaes & .Nohville Roil Road, Sept. 18th, 1833. FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. ABSENTED himself,a noern nan nnmed RIIPLEY, aged about 22 years; this sla woas retently mported into this state by Wiley J. Sorrell, Eel. of IDalllas county, State of Alabama. The aibve reward will be paid or his apprehension, or on his being Ial ged in any of the jails of thio state. JAMES II C.LII\VLI., aep2f-6t Presidenl. tOSIN DinselO0 bbl. Raoinltern-e, in asC-e, tor L naleby J '1 1. El8 CO, apc dran .."e SECOND MUNICIPALITY. 'VTERE brought to the P. und of the Second Muni. `` icipality, in Htonne street. between Hevia and Girud street, on the 23rd instant, the following anillt, viz: A.Isrge Bay Mule. The tWuer is reqnested to prove property and lake hito away befor t Snturday, 6th October, or e will be sold by i' A Gt(illot, Auctioneer. H S IIARPER. sp'27 Captain of Watch' -L a bt n atcio no dfpot de Ia flde Municipalith6 rue liao t e, ente flevilet tirod,le 23, uone grosse mule hale. i.e propribtaire ost requis do venir prou ver so prprithr et de 'smmener avwnt sanledi, 6octw bre, ou ellesera mino en vete pnr PA Guillotencae teur, s36 i S HA0IPER'L, Cap Watch, 2de Man. EDGEHILL SCHOOL, Princeton, N. J. T HIS institution hlas been now nine years in suc cessful operation, during which time it haa re ceived the approbation and patronage of Mr. Clay, Mr Sonubhard. Mr Diddle, and many other distinguished gentlemren, who have selected it as a place for the eduncatim of their sons. it is believed, from its plan, to contilue tilm essential advantages ofpriveate and pub lie education, tid to nflrd an opportunity of no ordi nary clharacter to those desirous of giving their sons a thorough education. The systclt oit instruction pursued in this Seminary claimsn aofinity to the called easy methods which prepose to roemtve all labour and drulgery from the acquiaitieo of knowledge. 'The soelcriber cannot pro mise any truly valuable and mental acquisition, whi:h is not the resuI of a slow, patient, pamo-taking pro cess on the part of the pupi hinlself. What he oes pronise, is, by every i eans in his pownar, to stimulate the pupil to this invigorating process. His object i to lay deep, nd broad tle foundation of a good educa tion-not to inse nero learned, boys, but to subject boys to a discipline by which tiey may become learn ed and able men. Whille therefore the studies pursued, anid tle time devoted to each, vary soeawblat ecord ing to the destination of the pupils for commerrial or professional ile, it is is constant aim, to make the in structions in each departmrent tof the most rigid and thorougi-going kind. Iys stuodying Greek and Latin are constantly exercised in making donble translationa from the English into these latgengea, and ttle reverse, atnd as soon as sufficiently advaned, ore required to oomposa in these Ianguages , and to rll n .atin and ireek veres after thie manner of the eelebrated Ea glish and Europelan schools. BIoys whoare intended for comnnreial life, nnd whosO parenas on ers aecunta ldo not wish them instrueted in tlie Ancient Languages, are trained to accuracy and .ptaptnesa ,l thee preali eal applicationsof manlhenlleati, and receive more ample opportunities for a praclice acqunintance with tile Modern Languagea. rhie French is seadied with a view to its being it spokes, aud not a wgeit lan guaga nmerely , and to this end it ie the cnrt medium of conlmnieat nton allowed at the table, as aeasnl at tile recitations in that deportminol, ao te or5i vanced classes are required to employ p lies oiwf, in reciting in otherd lerttnneCl Tb'ie schnul consiituctively of' lhoriler, nolby selo. nrs bting eceived. 'Tur teachers rid Inuils lire with the prio,ipalscting iat the same table, slotnping under tie soame roof,ant constittltilg in all respectns aone fa oily, The discipline in entirely of tle parental kind, HReligiis instructiut it sedulonsly attended to, chiefly fron tihe Scriptures tblemselvees, and without inelisting upo tine pieculiarities of tiny one sect. The groundd are ample, uffordiu. abtundant opportlaity fir healthful' spurtsL i tie opei air, as well as for tie exercise of in grnuity andl taste in gardoCing and various oMeehanies liltt to tlose who are lispt.elu to aluse temsieltvers in tllis mninur. No my is allowned to leave the pre.sniso xce t by the permissioin of th principal, andlthen sually in cotltany with a teacher.The strictest alste tio is paid to keeping thIe dormnitorins well ventilated. dvy an cleat. Tihe tacbers sleep in the dormitonriea tie toys, anti tie latter are not permunittedl to speak, lr to lold any coUimuniction with each other, fromI ihe le of uetering the dormitory till ttait of leaving it. Opprtuituiies for vico are elitirely excluded, the chlol leilnC sitnated wuithoiit the town, ani apart ifrom ill otler builtings, and tlhe hove being never withl the preseucue alid snervislion of tile principal or one of his aUssitats.i Pocket loner is distributed' weekly Iy tie triucipal, the alnOetot delending upon tine eionduct of tile pupil durig thll week, tbough never ixceedig twenty-five eents. It is ntiI desirable nor csti.,lary to receive boys over twelve yeare of age. Tlls eigi t or ninie yeuar old are n'crfirretl.'lTin school vear i divided in two sessions asil two tcattion, the wvinter eas:uou cnlluntueilcg tie flirst day of Novenmber. asd Ihe sunnner session the first dlay of Mey, . nd the vacationt being thle louths iall Arilt and Octoiber. T'I e studies eIlbrl:d in 1the olno of thii Seminary are tIh Gireekhttii, oFrencih and Spnisi h ILanguagesi t(;reck anl Roman, Antiquities; Arithmetic, Algebra. Geouuetry, and Surveyiec; Spelling, lRendiug. Englif, (iir mn " Enli sh Caopmmitten sadl Ehontion;Geo - lr lt,, Anricot and bloders; istorv, Aneient end av1leltttl; Evidentes of t hrisditu it.t lu'eanAhip, ooka k"eplng. Satiredl Mlsihc tihe itne oi tihe Globe. oud tile Ete tut, ts of Astvrtllllii andll 'l tlttitti Ilistory. "I'h .hir Irco etlvy pupil is tIhtr Ilv ulldlued doollare: I per altnlt t payalble, vus .l tt In lV ill aldvaln(e. "rais stim i, itiu ll tO r nil tihvll, tiitt,,n, o w intetr chnarcter whrilch Ie )hlti te e scho ititiillebrtce, fiTr ounrdiag,. lo.lgi.. , iwahing, alitllillg Ifu' l, light, includiog also' the tine ofliet dieg, hloks, siti tic ery t itiev lV,as glolh , li bbre rito, aitid othr rivitilegfo. l'hti i rent tor guardiI will l t, iterl, ' I xttr i 't'p citjt rt ifiOttiensadvnasr. -d er ilrlllcn It, oI hlulhillm 1icitrt'ue :It his diieetin bhy thie ivrhli'i l], for hiiv , nIi n t itti niont s, or for tmedical 1t 1i44 hluse t it iitlly lillmll it sIIould becltO neceaary. J1tl1N S, IttItAlT, Principal. Iet:Frtr,,iiUr-ThuI i liloitlc iif llllstn are relerredI tif, ln Io whom had sm(ns 1 r tcur. Is ltlir onhoIc. Ken - leiint1ui.iil (' Iv('hy: N.t w Jitrsi thn, uniSanmelnL. - t*tle trclt: ItLit in I tw in. Iilelt N i thhlu u ltddle, n,tqi: Floid. , t,,i. ('I l+.h: I)IIItwarI , ,u.J J J llt , igtIt : t Ii nle herq a Sllr~in,,, fil, . (;iv ,or ('illt llllt rM: irillrton, N, J Rev )rsVrliller tilld Itt 1,.;C,. uj d t1 r.; INiihion: Atheiim, Gres.. Iler h ,In tcn, LWh l It:ut, I. V lntlolvn, ,,ioph Hi f Illllltt ill, oires' NI IttlezvtiaN, , )r \ iliUIIm DtunhIw r II \V * innint'Un \\'illelnm Il Howel, : New Or - u1 'av. I. er, \lh Mrtie, . IL A ttiode, and Miartin Dam t),, ,Inq ,,i,, R S ldtimtdee, il1r 11-m Stncy sqat. Phita. eAlexttiKlX.hI't. lIr Ie. BIalhrd: Ccinria, llit;hio, Ho-. .h 1,.. 1lhdh1 I].tflsvilh', .1\Is, Itlld rt F'earn, Flq: Co italtit, A I, Jesse Iheene, ;*lq: e r idd, tunil , N n,'ale. e p.npnr, F'q : I.yn,:uhbnrg, Vsa, John M. Otey Eno: t\Vainintoo Citiy, nlr's IumJ Noise, BuCltmo, iord, F ItW t rn,, IL, W Slautkon n, J W Ili, Antu, ,inand J Tnd huoter, r I:nrs: (Cooperstown, N Y, Jlln M Bowel , Enin: New BRedford, Mass, J It Anthony and William I' Koch,. 1"..q.: New York City, Iev C: Stewart, B H I) Dwoing S tllsev, null J (i Stacey, Esqs: Philo= d, ell'lhia Alexaedrr IlenrvA M Iloweli, G Glentworlh,. 1; Ilatblw Arriaou, C Mmavo.eoer, S .lid W Welsh,Eqs: R~evJohn Clamber, Mrs MiHarriet Colhnn, aoud M Maria Illight: 1utn.nasn, Cuba, Don AntonioMartinex. Seor!1-3-: MASON'S CHALLENGE BLACKING! J As . . M AISON, of Philad. lphin, be. respectfully to ppiea the mrechots n and public generally of New Otrlrens and I.outianua, that he has appuinud Messrs. Reese & I)'l.snee, the ie agents ort the sale ofi h i qull a ed d illt ilnmita le CIIAI.It NtiE BOOIT AN) SIIOE BLACKING in this section of country; article which stands pre Sminent tfir its hiotitl laaare, oal oanifortlity of qual Sty The triaufa trera weorrants tle Challenge Bslak. ilg to retain its virtues in any climtts, and preserve the leatlher to which it is applied. He offers $100 pre Iliall to any person wh w will produce its superior. Csrtaficates can be seen at the store of Metaers. Reese and I)'l.unge, fromn merchants of the h1b ast respecti hility, beariua te-tiaatunv to itsbeautty aod uparorty over evel other IBlacking in the United States. tll orders fior this article in N. Orleins, or any pan tuftlI section of the Union, tuust be forwarded to the Sole Agents oan bove, wit) will pay particuthr attention to tile same, and fill thelm at the ianufactureer' prices. Jae. S. lMsoN, Philade lphia, sept. 10, 1832. 95 Callowhill st. REESE & D'LANGE, Combt and Fancy Store, 18 Camp street. srp22 1K READ-50 bbls Pilot itred in slle, or sle by B CHIAMPLIN & COOPER, se5 s 82 Julia at. LIME-1500 Casks Thomaaston Lime landing from brig Chieftain, and for sale by S & J P WHITNEY, aug-I Conti estreet. `OAP--00 booxes Valentine's No I Soap, in store ond for sale by LAWRENCE & L.EGENDRE; sepl0 28 & 29 New Levee. ?f AR--l0 bldls, in fine shipping order, in store, and for sale by LAWRENCE &I LEGENDRE, sepf0 28 28 29 New Levee. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. I ('ST or stolen from the etbscriber on the 17th IA inst., a small dun colored Scotch Terries Slot. W hoeer will return said log shall receive tlse above reward. G DORSEY, eelp20 44 New Laevee. frstLsN--100 oI nlsi.lsL white Corn itn prim order. fiur sale by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia st. AS-- l-j50 sacks Oats in etre, for etla e CHAMIIPLIN & COOPER, erpf.O 82 Julia tl. MAYORALITY OF NEW ORLEANS. T Hr pip e el fresh floub r to-day is 7 871 per beare according t- the tariff; the bakers shall give do. ring the presenlt week (froet M otady 24th inst.) 37 oa-. es of blrood fort titt. lBread ofthe second quality required to weigh 25 percent. more, viz: 45 ouues. sep 2 . C. GENOIS, Mayer. S TATE OF- LOUISIANA, Ptish C. art for I Parish and city of New Orleane. Present t Ilonortale Clarles Maurine, Judge. September 20 1838. No. li".8. William Ken)on, vs. His Cred itolrs; Uapot reading ntd filing tile petilion and lshe. tle in this case, it is ordered by tle Coutrt that a meet ing of tihe insolvent creditors do take place in opetn court, on tlte 11th day of October next, at 10 o'cloek, A 11, then and there to ,hew cause why the said insol vent should nlot It discharged sccoring to law, and in tlth mean tirne all protceedings against his person and property are staycd. ARMAND PITOT, sep221--:a:w Clerk. E TAT DE LA LOUIIANE-- our de Paeorsei Iipolr in paroijseet villede lI N-Orleaus--No 11128 --1Prtsent I'tlue Churles Mauriau, Juge--0e eptem bre 1338--lWillium Kenyon contre ses creanears- Apres le:tura et enreeaetremnent de la petition eat du tableau donts celte iffaire, II est d6cr6tt qu'nne assemble de l'inalvble aura lieu en plains coul; It Ile jour d'oclohre prochai a 10 heuros du matin' poar dedaire lis raisons pour lesquellesledit insolva bl ae serait pasn lhbre: ell ottendant toutes poureuites judiciaires contre oa perdsone on aes proirithesooet urretees. "e22 sp:3 ARMAND PITOT,Greffler. v PEItRM OIL., CANDLES, &ac.-3ll casks New Ieu U ford \VWiaterOil;SlL) boxes du do Sperm Candle 211t casks roofing Zainc, ltI boxes Bostou Mould Candles 300 sheets Braziers' Copper. In atoe, for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE. atp20 25 Oravire stretl. I sep13 SLAY'lEIt &TRII:R,40 P,ttrles st.

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