Newspaper of True American, October 1, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 1, 1838 Page 3
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tor VERY DESCRIPTOlN, EEDILtI mAND.OMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED Fot AT TfR OPPIzo OP THE True .mericau, 1T. CHAhLES STREIET, NEAR POYDRAS. the m23 aft LOUISIANA VURNITURE WARaROOMS F' No,. 53, drenvlll street. ' I'LLIAM R. CARNEr, (flr rmarl of thre firm of Y Flint i, Carnes,) would. re'pStlcully iafrmn his S i-auds and the public that he is i:oaetruitly reeivig 1 S ramu Nw York and Borstn a ngod assortlaont o1' Fgrar i tue, such as mahogany chdirs, eoufrl,' ed tend, it- a Ise and painted chairs, mnple and cherry bedetead., tie mahogany and cherry tables if all descriptiEn-, fiu- Itl renau, toilets, tecretarye, writiag doiks, w ardru es of mahogany and charry, wash slands, luakitng glasses, feathers, heddi g, &c. &c. NB. Furniture packed for transportation with great -pn bare. jei MRS. ANDERSON'S F PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, lemocr d front 17 Ctomilionttse St. aet '10 NEXT DOOR To eST. CIAlIES TIHEATRE, Coaan oa PUYnaas &. Sn. CaranI.Es TREET. augg--1838. L -S - in']'S-- girs wine ' and 100 graossnt porter lbuters, ier nile by tl)LrIE"S & MIllS, (. n.r men efbusiaeses, tear the Lenvee and the New 7 n'clPange. Ithe faile willbe well supplied andi atteded to, alnd the hotarge moderate. Boardere wishlilg tm iave ldgiinz, can e Ineommo date at diNerent pices, with claommonTdious furilhtd rooms. Boarders will have the anlihifal tlito i et tt there, person atpeaking thi French, English and Span ish Orauigagn,'t iau i3n PENSION BOURG(EOlSE, Rue Totulrte. n. 13, Entace toae de Ve. cIrTann. n ET tahlieseemeit eat alacieCux, et oe Iretio sitaU Jprea d. l Lehe et lie ta Nauvtile Baourse, c'e.t dire an ea.rte des iffdlres. La table ai ra bicn fouanin, proprenentt tenor ct untprix modere. eus qoi prenant pe.nsion rdesireraient y loer aii ront dee appartemnena de diffireni prix, bicn garlnis et c commodes. V Lee penetianrnireraarnt tag iaert d'y trrmaer el ii de pereonncs parian\ lee larguln fero:uirla, nniriise :,ALAtuA \Vind.,sawrt rmd Jry, ill q......r ....ks, JLti rdiaA bbls., for sale hK READ & lTR.I'l R, aug2i 7 IlBrk Pioree. S "URNITUtE-Jut reerinilig t - Lp. I fron Naw York ant Iroston Pern in want ni FUR NITURE. worId do well to. ci at 5:3l Binaville street before purehaiing eleawhere. T'erms Casuh.,orgood city aceeptance R CANE. augt25-2w IEDICINE---. PAINiS 'rit & OILS--A large ad neral aesortrnem nn ihoIidfulr sale laniry JAItVIB & ANIIUE\Eae, or Coummon &I Tchop itol it T HE Copnartterthr heretoiire existing in thg city bintween the ealerilree, rurrder tire inrm or Lane Van Wyn rr. o., in New Yrk, Inallaw . Co., and in atihen, Mils., Van Wyckh Laidirw rn C., is di.. ol ed by untial conseint. Jrr I.aidhlw, Petltr S. VaniI yck, and Tharare V. Vat Wyck are artlhorlzedl It sae the name of the aira in liquidatioin only. JOHN LAIIILAW, ANIIRF\V L\NI?, PIT. ItS. V\N \VYCK, THOMAS W. VAN \V YCK, New Orleans, aug,. IBth, 1833. CO-PAItITESIHIP. The subscriber have frulredl a cnpartnershipl in *thils city nrder the hfirt of Van \\'yak & r t, and inl New Ybrk undoer the firne f Joha Ir.iidlarn A Cor. JOHN LAIII..\,V. PETER S. VAN Win'i, TO'I'IMlS %V. VAN WVCKR S aogll--,l38. /'.Ir/IIINU-lll n(-'es, eol nrri-ie hlo.rrn .(nrltl Sflannels; Liverpool striped, twIdlll, anil whiIe u . ton siltt Ils eer Iblue str ri rrd r rt It nal e pJurrlrh'r1r n lamding from ship lUoeortinruri fir anlt Ihe ISA mC IlilIlutiE & CO, espg 131 3I attrirre n t. -. AVANt COIJFI".--ntl Irga in soloe, aud hor l el sale byllhr I'ltl.V8'L 00 r j Ir. O R Y .L F:,-- . p rin tin· o . s: , c ,,m pi ) 1 o' .ll th anot rtal neclssary f, r a nw-pl eor. Ana aesort ent iof F re lch I'ntIl; aeVern fnt. .ln T Y P E; a au rg e. x lra i n i te ti: l p re s. .l, N \ , &1 , w ill he , ,,oh i - chea., and on ea.y teanmn-. an ixc llant ahan for one intm lin t o e:th1 a l:lolllllr. pai lvr lolld ti] ln' e Ja nte. ttle a. aier t ye t* will h,; n,& I rald lrate t. a /ertl'rle pros h sh h u I td re err -,ni t ll e] . dae the purchlaser. Aplly at thi. liipc-. H NEW PI'tttl.I'Ao'I'I NS. Tales of ay Veihborhood, by the autlor of "The C.alegiana," in vols. Agnes Serrn, by he authorof "'I te llcires," in two ysolaumns, Elmenn of Intlernattonal Iawer, with a sketen o-f the Histanorv oftheSdcelnla, by Ihnr \Vhlllot , I,. It. A Petatdieal Treatise on'olise En,.asa n uponn Rail f ay.; a a-rk intlnded to slolw the C(nutroetmi , the mode of acting,and the efeet of thLoe e.ies i sonesying henavy lrds; to giaothe abIa lIaaa of ,:,ertaill. lhg nia nrnaspewtian ot the load, and the result.a it ill produce ualer narious r l.nat:e .nd nal d dfle~rntEnt- Io. alities; to detealine tile quatllntit' of fuel an water itt will require; to fix the aproortions whit t nought to be adoptedin tl r e clttrnntla off n engine, to innoks an- - swerany intended purse, e..: wilth IraclicL l tables, giving at oae the results of the fblrllniy ulled IIuIon a great maal new eriet, u large scale, ia a daily Nractie on the LI.vertpo. anaI . tn latileter Railway, with many di7tl:rent etle es . an d co.nidna r tal erainaaafcarriaga, to whia i" doadde all apn)endti, shown ng the expense or converayi ,g G-ooen by ILnoting glen on raairoads, by Ctev. F M11i de Itat houlea'ro - streived and for sale bLy .\I MI'EAN. insate- rof Calllap and ColllllOn st(r PERM CANL)LES--For ale hby REAI) &' IItALSTO\V. sepl1 7 Bank Place. MOICKLES--100 bUo. Underwood, & w Ilan kell'A Pickla s , et, sale a by J \REIN & ANDIRE\VS, ,epll aeornre or"fln. om . d , ", 'laLitunlas, r AGGING-And Iale Rpe, flr .alte by B READ & IlARtST't\\, septll 7 Iank Place S(BoMAN CEMENT--d.irare fretm I.andon. fn asoe b REAl) & ItAR.i'tti\V. Astell 7 Balk Plance I AGro ING--70 pieces I, rav Inverness Iaging, Bi an store, and tar sale by Hol)IMES & tIIIL.S, sepll 9 Bankt 'lace. L EMON SYRtUP-50 hbnxes uperior Lnnetmn t rua , for sale by IREAD & BARS'I'(T)V, sepl i Graviertreart. I ALAGA WOINE-Sweet ata DIry .Otalana Wine tin re asks and Indi ,n h[ts, entitled to dclantarea for sale by READ) & BAItA TOW, septl1 117 Gravier st. PEIPKtI CANDLES & a.tAaP--2U011 nxe Inew A Bedford Sperm Candles, best brands, and assert - Ad.Biz.O 19) boxes Boston Soap, Jackson's brands,inow land ngafrom ship Plato faom Baostn, for sale by JOSEPH COCIKAYNE, sepl 1 25 (Grvier ast. IHALE OIL-75 barrelt first q.alty lRefined Whale Oil, landing from shia Arno, for sale by ISAAC IBRIDGE & CN), septl2 131 t Magaziane st. j' NI. -.- DL S"---I'T5 tane : fperm Candles brand of JH C Valentine, londing f don shtip Aral,, fir sale by ISAAC rs BRIADL i & CO, sep22 131 amazia.e st. TOLLASKS of one and h eslfpilnt, i o salle by t k o c I OaNN a BEL, sep22 corner uf Nntehhz & T ahopitolllns st. 1 PSOM SALTS--Few berrels lnding and for sale i by II itaNNAaEt., sep2`2 eorner of Natthez a Thttpitatolas st. UGS-Of one, two and three gltOns, i erntas, land ing and for sale by ep22 curtaor of Natchez &t'tehnllitultis st. AiTOR OIL f the btst qafin ality. 50 galls i b rresa,just received by H BONNAIEI . sep22 corner of Natchez and 'cttpimulat st. ALT-l10ease, eontaining 5 doran han salt in tore and for sale by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, sepI22 82 aJuli at. ITORAGE-10il bbls r the bulk thereof, will be I takelt on aecotnmoaitting terms, by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, sep22 ' 2 Julin at. APt.l..I CA DLES-I -10. bnxes New Bedfnrd ktCpeann Candles, Georgae lowlanda brand, landing iro Sip Kensington, ana 'or sale by slPth ISAAC IIRIIDGtE oen _________E-___ 0 bogstin nffnte tttfi tt quality lauding from brig Champion, for sale bh STETSON & AVF.RY. jyt- 28 Gravier streets. I'W lE.-" 30- ha prime lavana coffee,just reeei "ed and for sale by S & J I' WHI TNEV, augll 8 Conli street. CE.-l5 tiercearica, landing ex (trig Daniel SWebster front Charltesto,, f,,er F te by SI.A'ER & I'TRIER, s.p 13 I40 Pydrats at. 'I'ORK-50 t1d, Mess tand Primte Peo,, landilng fromn Sflathoalts, fr nale by I.\AYIT & AMEI.UNa,. netat 17 Cnmaee stetree TrlA&--3011 kebrn Tr in store., for aale b *enap ': ,.lJin rt.r For the Interior. For Siringfieldl, (Livillgstat Cy) Ptas lnaoahac,mouth Ste. Andte 'lanchilahu and intermedtte lndinge. i 'iE well kn.wn and light draught SStraaer UUACItiTA, P. Ricord, .mastter, will leave the Lake end of ton S adn R Wednesday mrnling the 19thl inst., t thle arricale tfr 9o'clock itre. For freighn or oft raog, amdlv to (lEO. WtII'CMIAN, ptn. OI). ad S. I 1Office, tinder thle Exehange Hotel, St. Chauraos et, New Orleans. sep 15 FOR I,fUISVII.LLE,CINCINNATl, AND ALL INTERM ;EDIA'TE PORTS. The subletantial slteam hoat j . GOV. SHEL.BlY J Kerchenal, ' ..- tnl asler, is hourly expected to arrive, and will hlettcleupatch fbr the above ports. For - freight or passage, having eujferior accommodatimos, a IAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, Ite repO 28 & 29 New l.vel. t PI'LEASURE EXCUSIO.N wi TO BAY ST. LOUIS ANI) PASS CHRISTIAN. Fare .2.50!! The , flt rnninc steamboat M A . .~ 2 EPP A,Chptan n orifflin, leaves tile S lake i eond of tll e rail rood, at the arri- ts vnl f tihe7 oaclcek ars, on Saturdayo eve: the 18th inst. at otd every tenning Saturday. Ieturting, will reach tih tie rail road by 6 o'clock on Mondoy ia.trnal . P Acpply to GEO. WIIITMAN, tat New Orleans A" Molile Mail O tfice. ktgl18 Iander the Exchtiuge ltntel. t Charles st. l The low pressvrle steam boat c . ] _..A C \ROil. NE, al ill leav t he New Orleans '-' foer Mobile every 'Thursdaty and It Sundaye at 12 o'cllk, M. tltoleuintg at ill the waoering pl hcs at which passengers t oaiy wi lh to land. For at 'uirther partieslars, apply to n GEO. WVIIITMAN, jv24 Eclhange HIntel, St. Charles at. at Jar alMobile and all Iilermediare Lat1,ilar W. ' , ~.-M .'rlte filest runnin andni splendid steam t ~~ ~IIs..t..T W i\V. WALLACE, t..tirely i, " . slatet reuolns, will 'eive New Orloans h fir Malolile, atl all iatermiedinte wateriag places, , every Tuesday andl Saturda, after the arrival ufth s, 12 o'cloci cars. CCv. WVHITMIAN, iv24 EIxthang,'. Itotel. St. Charles pt. SAl-UlIOIAf EVEWINOi aND SUNDAY EXCIIURSION t T') MANtIIVIItIE & 0t, )IONVII,tE. ITe setaer SiUTI AI,AtBAMA, . . Cfipt. t,.T. Knightwill leave the lake ed altle rail-rood I'or the ahove pia etas very 'attti3 tvenini , nl the arrival of thea2 ' elohk cart, aid retui the ' rih e igt,--anind leave Sun Iapy to rnirlg on the arrival oifthe o'clock cars; return in tao Is.Vl.aliril. .... o'clock, P.-t. it.,it IAIeVI. i Irlnl l, wl AND Vll.lE & toVINOT,;N. . ¢'.'tf,'. ''l'hTe fast r m ng and splendid steam -n A Kniiglht mnaster, will rn as at ragf l na Iiat tar tto, h labove port~ on Mondays, Wedeia Sduts a id rriday,, after tile urrital of the 8 i'clock cars, A 1. M Retrnina, leaves Covingtml 'I'uesdas, TIhurn ana nld .titurdal.s, at 8 o'clIock iA M. V Itt All tgaate Illd parctels aitthe risk of the own Ifs,llone a bill f lading is signel. GU:O WltI't'I AN, New OrleanUand Molbile lMail Office, d 02 Exchanie Ilildinga, St Charles st. , T lhe stamnboat Dl ZEPPA will , leaev the Lakeend oflhto Rail Road _ on Mondayvs, Wtdnesdav sand Ili t Nays, en iliarivl' of the I o'clock cnr, iouclhing at ihey St Ltia, coo Clriati lo IliloXt & ; reluram I- will lave P'asaoula at day liht, and arrive at UOr , tlenis at 3 clock P.M., tonuBhieg at all the watering )plaees iln ay light. I" re yteNew I&rlcans to Ilavn' St. Iouia $2150 . , pans 1hristian 4510 Biloai 400 G O t. WHITIFMAN, a2 Exelltang" Hitel, St.Charles street. i.R\VEII.IER S gloing" to 'olobile y the Mail Line in III . htilavs, \VWelnetlays lcd Fridays, will regisa' nil eer 1tii " alls ltla tllch ta ,d e t it amlaca cn le eecurud . .. . It . "tlu t Pa o a.......... I. n the,,,above Ina e,.d days, lo-.lllerIIa (llltln a be Ilatito ion tiltc way bill. 1 '1141er oo nav) e wl eavy l e i.e rat ranve it taken Jiralt ti ile by i aty ibats dnoriacc tc wcok exee, 1 tillfI P I )ltJVe mllallled days. ti W , i50 hor.JS ,.hcese, Sb boxes hal[l l raLisintI Il Imxes it i pel ial tinr IU b,r,'ls cte ry. u Im le, ill Ill h'lrelt lllhl )l Ulket :, hbrrer a:ooked tungues, aIt . Ixc, 1 ,t c ab i t,. .u box .ilh cll'a .1urch., A e.,e eled 1 0lcr a Kllr ll for sot" by jyl l' ~. .+ 'ltd -I. LI.ARI). A fy a1 or1,3 1 G itt2/1,1.1 no vuri jr-- t 4, .\. Le. 2,1i " , tiTri'lit . 1 ..i'IiL .ut , ci '.,, o .....t 1i y ol tJ ic0,l0l tt Imll utI te ., I'uertint luup e rlentenr nlld ni r o wcil p'rn.,I. 1ll u the ellon e w.truvutd dle - t I llu o, le b Ibqcvir ea b t111 . (llleluN. Hair Oil, rise lais , Nall and tI'erplt Irr cte."ul oL. &e. ly :1 ILi .il..S & L',, 4i Caoitel street. h-i e.iit -i - l'ih iit o n- nd ,iaidji teu Ie .i r I Ard.,:to,, t olll' l th tlrile titliilllx it ra stllo with kitlchn, pastry, and iut-ltouset , &e'. ,ply to JA,.VIJ \. Alla.E\S, Jytl their'iiitiulas &a t e t Cotitnti lreepI. ELE.\F LA.l ti a"ll.itl kies . t Clii Urticele, in tine spin 0hord, r o d lor sall tb i. iUtEbi, jyi 44 Na Letee. 111A L I"1''' "" T 'i'- " Tl : R. -r J u s t r 7' t +'.+iv ro n i th e B r ou d y . , 2111 " als l rase t S o olllittle blueR letter p pel for al, wlltle.ale itd .tAilt, iev i) FELL' Co, w 1 or i r uutiurii ers' lild, jy1 &1 tCtrtres streert.t lIt) ltl'I),Al'i-e',o-t'ssiiueie itn ittitiidlitr'ly, the I flouse ie the Btdth Iitil Riotd nlirar the Loak S iore. I to le Ltui I iliOl , in lati, iIleU 1118 tile (v tilltioll adI l a.ihtillc' htnil Ltted. nicertl; Rollomls in tle Car Ilonse oi thi t lltlll haIl line CiiialIy. four lie t I ip t IL LIJN A i i., -- at rne inr N.ilnlcuie. TI'clo o uil ti s . et. L: t''it'il ALl--71 cnsks Scotcll ale, (qurti aind tllhltsE I'r le by Illt l rE& MILLI, N lyl Billlk Alley. C IALI'EN'I'EIL'S Fluid E.orlrt'i of Saoaporitlla- - J lld tll thler C jalenteir's i 'rellltlittinls, received latel Iby11 itiNNALI CEL, y't coTr TliupitoitoulnO &, inlchez sis C I E\I(lN SoRUP in b Ixes el 1 do. enach for In L ale by READ & BARSTOW, ,Ili aug4 7, Bank Plue. a A LL R 'I'LAYEIL &. CO oAgT3 74 Poydrsast seet J i'tIt ikl. Cu, oug23 74 I oydloue irt'el. 1H A vASS: Sr Ilntin--in tilde, tiorcie and bbls. in 6 arurel, and otr a le by LAYEI' &. AAIEI.UNG, aeg23 17 rCo:lweree street. LNe.S 4 Liqouro--6 assets Cham,.pogneo S WVinet ,(Ctogreso branod.) 100l dlt, wine, (LfiY.ite i ,rat,,l;d Iti piptes Madeirt; 250 qr. caeks ieituieul Madloiro wine, in store and lorsnle by IIEsMOILt\N BROILWN 4 CO, oug23 9 Conti st. UOL.AST ES-t7l birt, in store, thir Ele by - II LAWRENC:E LI'tGENDRE, nuaTNl w28 and ya t New Levee. rIIICEASCURY Notes--1000 dolls. ftie sle b dJ 'I't.tYEIt :& CO, aug23 74 L'oylrao etreLt. UFF;ICE OFr 'r'ILD: nI\EW LRLEANA1NO NfASH VILLE RAIL rIttAl). DRAFTS on New York at sight, for sale at 4 per Cantll, premium. JAMES H CALDWELL, e 3ep8 o reet. L 1S' L'PUB.IlCA'I'IONS. In ;IlE Novetl ofn Jne Austli, containig 'Pride nnd SBrejudice' 'Ian.nlell I',rk.' 'Sense and Sensi bility' rmtnla' nd 'Nlortganger Abbey' to whichi is prefixed o biogruallical notice of it e author-in-oooplete ill one volume. Nis. 3 & 4 of 'Thel Life end Adoventlres of Nickolas N. iekleby,colltaining a faithbfil eeouunt of the firtunes, "isolbrietuoes, dowuoollitlgn, and coomplete career of ie Niokleki Family. Edited by 'Boz'-with illustrations by "Phiz.' t. ALS ), An additional supply of No I,'Niekolas Niekleby.' 1'Oliver 'L wist,' part first, and 'Piekwtck Papers,'justI received, lcod for sale by WM. MI'KEAN, tnellp8 corner of Gelnn Le . ,,in n i ioct S 4011 DOLLARS REWARD. I OST or stolen firom oin lood skip KENSING ST'ON, while lying at the .Lee.e, 95 Coluonbian o and5lnMexian Doulilotns-ibe aloverewnordl -ill be lpatid fr any information that hIoy lead to the discovery of the same. nlpil 1838 ."ANI)LiS-L175 lbtioxe lnern candles, best brands. S LiLnduiIg from slhip Pluti, ftr ale by 'ISAAC Bll llGr. &1. CO, g n.pS 134 Magaznine sat. XCII:ANteii o Bostlni--ln sums to suit pur echasers, r sio by Iv STETSON & AVERY, ulgOR 88 (;ravier st. t 'ILAIIPAl(IINE ILrsnd-ln pip. and half pipes, Sa very superior old article in store and for sale by 'T LRI HIDe & BRO., ',I28 39 Comnttln, Cer e a It- OLAE -31 I t s Irllne order fcr sale by t LAWEENIJE & I.EICNDI'E, sep13. 2 cnd'l9 New Levee. el II11E-7IIn larrels oif lie; 250 Bales Hoy, land ing fromu brig Carotlio, cid for sale by LEVI H (;ALE, engl I 93 COmllnon street. ANA\V\1' front th slillbceriler the yellow boy RIlICIIAR.l oalbut 32 years oldh 5 feet I inoche et high, stnlt and well bllnilflat fiorehead, ndd whleo sp ken to rather dtown toukin sad stow of speech. Ten ddl ndir a sall bi paid to nit pereti rPturning him to tiO e:lbcriber, at 5:.etb v ,erve. &l CO PRtYS SHIPPING. Por SEope. FOI MlARMlILLES. The fast sailing brie CAROIINE, Capt. h a. Thompsor. will haive imaedliate despartch for *the aboe port. For freight o, 50 bIalecs t- to ton, or passage, apply to EVI HG LE, LEVI H (ILF., aug23 9:1 Common .t. FORK TRIIES.E. The fast sailing ship HELEN MAR, Capt. -, htaving full cargo engaged, will have despatch; for passree a plv Ito S & J P \VillI'NEY, aur23 8 Conti st CoastWise. JUiT receivedl at the Louisiana Furnitara Ware SRoulrs, rE Ilienville street,20 l Maple a ,d Cherry IBedateads. a first rate article. Also, a good aasort menr of taple. Walnut, and Painted Chuarg, which will be sold far the lowest Fnrli prices. W It tAtNE.s. j7? 5t Bi.aville street. VARIII'TY STORE, N9o. 18 Camri scree r.aI-e der Bishop's Hotel-The subscribers at. nw s"le.s "l' ; at their new stand, an extensive assolt mellt cm srtt aes "a their lilne, nomprising every variety oelComhrl, trail'es, Pe.fumey I.onoking Slasses, Playing Cards ad * - laite numdrer of Fancy articles. Thre tallowin mt trr"t r descrippon: S1 BS-.I'ortoiseannl Brazilian high toptcek, p-al and carved; do, do. dotwist, ong, neck, pall; side, tner and dressing, ivo"ry Hl! horn; fine Laortlh, dressingllna, pocket comis; horn, redding and naers radms; w(odle, dlrcesing, fins tooth 8nrrrponket con,.. PERFUMEIlY--A general asse.,r.atsa of French andtl American Perfumery, aonsintinck. a .. t '.nd wattr in bottl f a pe and ll r siane ; nlas ..r, Florida, roe, orange, lemon, jessaramie, bergrrma, elllerflenir, etc.e fancy soaps ofenery ta:criplloli; mnecasar, atligqon, and vetetablle hair oil anI eurling fluidl; lchlorine tooth wash, narbonicanl chlorine detrrlrice; acentedand plain toilet plowdler; tnmatm: prleston salts, etu . liUSHhES-Comprisingi a great variety of cloth, hair, ihat, fleth, tooth, nail, consl, lshaving, ,late, healrth, fine airl plain l dcstig, sweeRpig, cing tb fuirnitre, scrulbintg allt white wash, ihorse, oe anel tnsner's conring, pIalh and vare ish brushes. and sash and grain tg tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSFlfA -Co;.prising git frames at arioas sizes, 5, d, f and I draw toilets; AermrW statinc toilet l Inmoket cglrCo n firvlng rIto Iars, etc.r IPLAYING CAltltS1-magle, IHOiy 8th, Broom, Hightlander, USpiele aten, French and whitne ack l'lac ing Cards. FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-- A arpe rior assortment ofptritable desks, ladies' and gertle mena's lressing eases and ladlies' worlk aoxes; fancy oi es of varioss leenriptioupc, enitlr far thIe iew yeaa and Christmas' gifts; pcket boska ot al saris; sunpen dnrs, aiusiheboxes, lead lelrclls, crayons, violins, bead bags and tnrses, an assortment of fancy behads, sueprrir e uahty billiard balls, iaste blackin; hone, rshirt, vest, ll and suspender buttonss Ipearll uitons r aallid lirt srdils, razor strops; gas machines for creatinlg light Slanishl anl nmelee segars; inaeeotba, Paris, rappee nad Scntch n safl's; an assortment o tilaic anl solral canes; hack ggalnmon boards; dice, Isrney sereens, opties, Jews Mortats, armonlicas, luncitcr matches, Iinsr, leedles, Iercnsslon capls, Idrllking cape, Ihunting flasks and game hags; steel, msletr and platedl npectalesa; thiiblas, twine, etc., a halmlns e assoritmrnt of englaviings, and a lare saltie ty of oter articles, all of awhich will be solmad fr low ti prices, for cash or city acceptances. mly4ItEFS . t D,LANGFE 10.0-1 B IlRLS 1. 1 handing -rn:brig Utclr d wLtL' ai, for oane by i. jyl9 & J P WHlITNEY S150 ounces Fre.oeh (uininiae, 10 bhls Epsonm Snlrh r- casks Pearl Ashes 4 casese Calomel. Itua c.. Jnlop, ig lhubarl, &e. &c.. landing frlom brig WVilliam, frorn Bostln, andsfor sale bkyAVI ANR W Wholesale l)regiseia, jr7 cur CoLnmmun'b ellhliturlas street. S'HE IRVING'S NEW \VOIIIC &c. S'ITHEROCKY IOUNTl'AINS-r.Orseete ircidents I and ldventures in "tlire Fur Weal," digested from, be journalnof Ciptuin I Il. E Iluonevtlle, ail the Army aof thie United -latee. and illuhntned fromn various Other in- eosree, by WVanhinstn Irving, in '2 vanl.. d 'TIF. VICTI.Its l)F Socrll'b'Y-Ily Ithe Countes osBI ofllesirlton, in vile. Just re dired mad faer ale by en . UI EAN rt) I.'tP nTttil 1s r t uv tr nt; the eletant I Dwellinn ilouse, No 117 et. Jtselt streel. Apply at No. 74 IPydrns street. jyl9 I '~t lS'Ir' G.ifK )O--I.awl'encr VC 1Cu IoIhevy I/tlbrtl. ieeo't S Jackson L('' 0 -t'ol inch brolwt Th eltirltns. LJ', ellh No I &L t r co. I hvIw, ethm FoIr sale N Si'n..r 'Sa)N &l AVltea, ng Gra rvier ltrere ej auh4 I aL ,tr, cord er oJust .re ,I' Asierl ra-l ,. kiln e, i'lm New Y ork. ~); i~r"u r, i( , . a Ca,,rie Attt t 5Ier.. . l',r '=:: lr++ d.. C,' k 'tt .l it fll .evr elv sttl llle e lllllll th 111 ellolhlla. ~ a Meat vuri of u grayn llS fur clue Ilv (olt . ''.Ci U tll sin g le B y 1) l '1)8 4 I 11 l.' & (C1, Seb N Y Stati'necr's 11ll ,24 Chlartre.: R. , ILh b4 -al ,at the i, ber A EW k <r ther avnprelm.o-ne l the Iony A5II°2 \V, who ti,semInlled on tl.eI:,tl i in.t. Sal b ,v is t.r.iet5 elrs apge.5 lest lilI, Ilak Iflae, and very an l lo,,kin,4 allln lirt s lorken l., he Slp.akst tilo.k lil l ot. cIlnlels It Mllll-- htd tIi, 4 , lie 01. ief l,,4 e Lttl, llltde IIllls, nlllt ..hil lel hil anlld o+tll, h Al3t. Jui.N UR +W, llN, ell·n I3 Exclllh P et. -t ) UhIn Re--.rd pi p tier--tu r- d iv tien redul-ell lrl, thlIdvonU vey finein bluT rec.iord L. oth pIl abin A NlIREWi S ek Bi'olthers haeP renloved their( Count .lin tiuse to No.S51 Cilpl street. Ct"It 1lt IN .--5h kesr('urreat., r sperior artieclP, , 'or sarole by LA 48 itENE k LlIEt:i:.\IiR1, sep 1:1 i lind "'9 'e ievee. Iil4RLa. tea quality Linated Olit, ra sale bey 38)G. It3.14 S r8, S epS 5 44 New I.evee. NAIi.S-5- l kegs aos.rtel, tr stile Iy - AI)AMS W WIIITAI.L, sep 15 tf 67 Gravier street. FALI, & WINTE. 'OI TIIINE;. J p. FREIEMAN & CO., No. 3, Magazine street, J are ramceiring their sipjlies of Fall andt Winter Clothing, and woill t'oItillU" tl, reelive ShilplmaeOts relu larlv thremgl'ot the asnatse. i''lir asslrtlnent being Inrge wril ennal.l Ithem to Ceupmly m rchalrt froml tile country at tile shortest otoleet for sale wholesale Ond retaeil, an acelnut rodating terms. sep"9 ori TilE GIeAT PIIAIRIE-A Trait of Cars nwill lae l rthe Dnpot at thie foot oCannal st. lor thei R.AIRIE CIoJ'I"'AGtiE, ro InsR. Departure-- a tti-4 it, t-Ielltrni 12 m.-6 p tn Sundus--6 a m--10 a mn-4 p m-8 a n-I p n This rrangemento till flrthctr notiee. Sept 14 JAMES H CAI.I)WtEI.I,, Presd't t--sl . 5 1 -1 t a now landin fr."n' - harleston, for St. esale y S G IILA'DCII IAD, jylS 3t Gravier street Tr LE.'r--Thr Hotse nsitulted it the corner ov Sj Orange and Reli.ious streets; aptiy ti J i HEIN & A COHEN, S tjyt4 90o Cmonon street. M DICAL, PAINT & OIL STORE, Corner of Conlmon & Tellopitouola streets. A LARdtE and general 8 ssortntt of Medicines, T aints and ,isla conntintly oi h'uid, and Bor seal t. othe Amost reasollable termsl, b JAh\'L9 & ANDREWS, s p8 corner ofCoAll.lln & 'I' ) EE--I, tre tii un t liandilge. 251 hlags prinm 1r tquality o lainnta Cofferr, ftrs slev SG tinLANC(nAgID. eep 8 3: tirvier slrert AOO'PlS, Shoes allld imtgan, eonltriint g a getteral assortment, .tuitble for the city or country Strade, landing frome ship Ceneordit, and for salo low i- far oaeh,orappioved paper, by CHA F DUNB\I & CO, sep8 - 21 Custom Hou.a to TO RENI'. a, r'HOSE large premilses in iired street; ne lot from te Blrron.ethe. frot on Girt is 1i8a feet, by a as depth of ti0--theimproven'a consist nfo dothle lrattm dwelling Hitouse and kitehen,-and the rear lot adjoitt ing has a brick Ibilding 311 by bt--divided itlto three Stenements. 'iThe whtle will be let on reosonable terms 'St toagood tenant. Apply to DOYLE & MAY, sep4 8 Canrondelet at - NEW ORLEANS COMMERCIAL LIBRARY. G- HE fo owing new t rkb have been rec ved an bhy tile Librar' Society. at their room in the be Mar hanst' Exctateg', fronting on Royo street, ry viz: Lady of Lyons. by Bales,; 1 vol. 2 copi s. SHumphrey's Taurt rough Great Brittain Fr onoe and B Igio ,. in 183; nto 2 vole 2 copiesa. Love, by Ledy C. Btrry; 2 vals. 5 coples. at. Tie Two Flirte, attd other Tales; by Lady Bise. .inaton, Bulwer, and others; 2 vtlo. 5 copies. lHivors and tle Desert. by Mlisc Pardt,; 2 copies. Th Robber, by G P R James; 5 copies. at. The Adventures o Ntiholas Nleleby, by Baa, e5 ropies. CIIAS. RI'TCHIE, Librarian. ale - CiTVI IlANKl, New Orleans, '25 Au~., 1838. I rlT S Bank is hecking on New York at dighl. l oI' . J. PAL Ffl)Y, aug8 Cnrshier. --EAr-il sacks German Pean ill storte, for sale r CHAMPI.IN 6& COirPER, od erpl 82 Julia st LO- A.SSE S Cok.-50O Sioloaesn ilittis. il Stair, het. for sale by CIIA)IPLIN &. COtiPEIR, eepB tr ) Julia st. -y Al'V. 300 l' as iNrtlern Tetothy Hay in store, o • faor sonl ly Ps CtlAMPLIN & COOPER. to epI h 82 Jtlin Ft. ýýi,)f. st r..rttsOa'bod.ftrt rho '-1 '1 .l'l .IN r', tOPER. ,'' Jla ta FASIIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 CharIrae gSrees $ i IAVE a euot.otant pply f erery article perra ting to gentleon,'s drees, ut the latest style, at New York prices dce 20 TEa'TH* STLTCE()OUl METALLIC TEETif. SPECIMENS of these henurliul teeth, andi te man Kt ner oi aettiag thew,,may hb seen at the office of J. 13. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal treet. T'hese teeth never change roloor and are by mtan, and in many cases, prefteable to the ai IDr. lt. will wait upon ladies at their residence, requ sted. -p9il eI S. A. -PERl lt'.-ll. =, IDROCIIANT TAILOR, at 67 Common street, SEGS to inform trl public tiht having purch ased f. tom Messrs ItOUGJH, SKEGGS '. CO. part ol their stock, he weill otitne tihe business at their old et -teed, eplosite Bhllop's Hotel, wlere he hopes t toeri at a shemre fthl"r atrmluet . lie aos mode arrooeeonente at tle North to be supplied monthly with tile latest and most fasiol able goda teer 14 CLAY&CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 109 iv oydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURFRs oF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of'all description.. IVARM, COLD, AND SIHOIVER BATHS Fixed on the most nnproved principles. MILL'DI) LE.I), PIP'ES, &c I:J3irders executed it any part of the Southeln States. mer 9 Dr. itobert F. Lindee. E.ctIANOr E HorEct. Cm - iLA-V-& CLARi, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 10i Povdra. street, K. ErP on ant a eo otot sup ply of lead Pipe, - Srom 2 in. diameter down to 3-° in. dialtter, Bir ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRIn.TING ESTAIBLISHMEN I', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Batnks' Arcade. WILL.d.0I GREENAE, PROPRIETO'R SIH. PARKER Comnii.hion and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRs. New 30'intro Fre._____ JARVIS & AND)REWS, WIIOlIE,..tALE ANT RET\iii. I).\LERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE SI'IUFF'S .e'D Vl.\'IVDOIV GLASS, Crnoer of Common and Tchoupitoulas streets, NAThIIAN JARVIS. JtOIN W. ANItRiEWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE, AlaA S. I. & I. . JONES, r AUCTIONtMERS. Gro, Nos. 61 antl f3 WATER StREET. peril ,ie V ,, TIo rntedrifoed hatoing esthalisthe themhostorin ot,it k It thif fr tior pl 't ie of trao. acting tho A ottio Fl. nnd Comloi.blm Iurinf,. in its vnrioo brntrhes, Ieg oeve to inlleorm their fri d t t o purnti that they PCle roe nooo prepared to reeieve coastnt,etdnlt, and 'ke O liherol advances on the same, either fot privteI or public ;Dro fale nt.OOAN I. J)NES, 11 SISRAEL I. JON;'.* Iuoer Refer to Walker. Knight &dCo. New Orleans. Moblile, Feb 9, 183. feb 13 SAtUEL SLATR. ABRAHAMl ToRIER. ForwardI igr & iutm' ssio0 Merchants, NF W OF RIAI N S. Ai They will devote their particultr ttention to the ao f 73; ol \oestoro Ptrduce. ohq References. Kinlu S1 , New orleatth. Ilort .31 ShN illtNeO r s . tle A t Ni. o no t, I 'ut 'ict r-ger hthid \ tto. BI tt I s veret r n Thomas. n New York. 1tt 1 Vfn Ph'I & e Gill. . t S6 N fo. lrd ~. s nvis. s St Ln . r vNw POreaS & Du1nlap1. e Alt gn. s Cto I.otl anarsh dSlo.I.5 - trin . -ecat.-- t. STotCE. "tt . S T O N E. Formt ardrny and to \ ' A hItNISII.EtS tOF SHIP A ND BOAT STORES, f No. I 1.1 TSioeI rot,, S 0 TItEET, Nr.w-torleans. EmEWNdEt Loa P i Co ý B. AN. II' T ltEY CH & Co. New York. 'R. P'UTNAM, WRIGH SmiTH n of J. & o Pu . HOLLAND, Cmibnntti O.u 61 ,et oro. If(tn, Th . t s O h DAVID -TONE, IDarrell v ¢i* It. CostotoCK ot ht Co lll.C u "l '). N. AI DItICH, & CO.. I.eitnsllle, f y 1 \G III. tIS,.TtIVES I tirts t LobuiN Mo rb. A. IC . I oRF . AltonR, Ill. oV Et . 'ra Ol. W, itttshville, tL. i . . P. Iot s Al tt ,, ara, SOLOmiON r Ieli . New tt:lear.s. fItI.1EALEItS IN AMERICAN & oENGLISf CROiWN GLASS, No.3 IttCAtOntDEt.E'r STttnE e'Tte. I1 e' Itru.' tte EN'S of SINSURIilANCE COMI'ANY sir )F N1" ,EW. ORLEANS. n Iv 'Thi Company artt now prtreprtd to tako RISKS AGAINST FIRE. tet N o. 84 M on' ttg Mu Canal Bttert. h , .E 1. TRNACY, Ot tr New Oroeano, Bty lt ,183t. Se etary. or WILLIAM IRWIN -Commissioni anid iForwarditg Merchant, ot (CINCINNATI, oHiO. E L Refer to .Layet & Atnhtt, New Orlaot. or Jos. Landis .L uo. o i o l fen o r ole v et a a of HOUSE AND SIGN pFAINTER a No. 12 Csi p street,f Wt. toolesale IDealer in Pain'ts, Oi, Varnihet , Brusrhes, If -m3 Wilndw and Picture Glse, An. ,.,c, :T. W. COLLINS - ; ATTORJEY & COLU.SEI.LOR .1T LAIr f .t)V Wtraetisin - i thle Stote oant City Courts. Cli entt , ill fittd htit at the Clerk's olfeio, U r (ireruit 0.Coutrt, in the Custom House builditg. joB AiR T HE undersigned havt ope tt ed a hoRtioe in this oity, .L tor Ihe tparttooe of tratntaettttt mGENEtRAL C)tl\ ISSION IIUSINESS. t7 OFFICE, No. 10 GRAVIoR STREET, lit' STAIRS. t Ot 11 i' L.t;VY. The httuse at Graod Gulf, Mlis.. will be cotinuoed in the above name. Refereonces. Godfrey, Laor e& Stttttlf, Now Orf not La. Peters & bliltr d l ea . 1IB Iet ill H f Co, Llutiooille, Ky. me .ohn h Giilmore, V'ickshburg. tiis. ill HalrprerC.trptt & Co Grad Gulf. Mfiss. Free Bluir, Moo1lrc. Co, as Sifts Lillard, Ntfchez, Mtss. New Orletns, J t l I, 1888. jy 1 ot A CARI). NATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located him Self in New Orlefns for the purpose of transectitng oaf General Agency and',tno.iot?. busmesstwould re t fe spectlolly solicit fruom the puhblic a share f their pia rot, Ironaoe. t leviai " heouse in Texas, he wtill attentd tl he trans acting otoil y business that may be de,:red in that country, and ,,.ill guaramnee roo . ,t a ld unrennttedant n00 toni to all bott.ies e ntttrtted it hits oChIargie. tn a ttthfuf atlicalon (tin accordance with ino tructiooa ) of all lndls that msy tome inttis htands. lee. Oftioe in Neo " ftchange. on tilovier rtrso, oposite to Rea Mr Clap's church, and aljtining Gtaon's le e. li ortt rl ta.slig tft 'e it 't ulell t New Urlranst, Novetber 2., 1137. z, :referenes.. Messrs Ilillyer, Bush & Co. New York. 8. Alvar~z F pk, Natchez, Olis. m oh B 0i Ytrlnh r St Ltta-. Ott. J, ht T t;r v. Louisville, Kv. Ier.lfot t fire . hoopk t oOfilletKy. .28 6m hires -- - .,y FBIRMEN'S INSURANCE COMIPANY oF NEW tfRLEON., t Ofce No. 24 Musson's Bmi~diag t jef, C CANA'.L ,TREET'. S. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY IrOR t the Sttwo of tisi.n,.n, nd Cities of New Or F0, lans n fve tta; for rale hv -"r fM, FF 4. Imnt car Camp tnd Cotmut sitos. tot If_ r t,~ .. ... .. tt......... f..... t... [. . . . TIUSU AMINEBICAI OFIfICt. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, Fon ThIl PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, -ill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circu:ars, And every description ofJob Work thati 4 may be required. Iv t1 [R The p.' orietor respectfully calls the attention of ture the public to . asbove Card, ant assures themn that se all work intrnate. o his care shall be done at the short- ev st notice, in a st9). unsurpassed in this city, and r, at the lowest rates. nts w-ý I - ' Teil P1\PER, aquit, steel pens, ink, fluid, wafers sealing Bnl I sax, iaia rubber, black sannd, ponncened every rfirt other article ot'astti,nety, of the very best qualitc .on- like stantly on hnnd ad for sale by nnir lAVIt D FF'LTT(. C I ree dl9 N Y Statlnnerr ' Hall, 2 Clhurtres st. rest ro MERCHANTS. Hal -i ERCIt4ANT'IS can have a beautiful ircunlar struck 111 ottf at two hours notice,ly colling et Ithe Orleans a Lithoeraphicl t sice, 53 l sganzie astreetopposite Banks has Arcade. iln4 ter, Ij ACKEREL-35 half bbls. 'oA .lnckerel, for sale 'I by READ & It. t'T'. 'W, i the m-t ti7 iravier street. Inha LEAF LAD-tlihO0 kegs in ntore, ar al by sea ( it iDORtSIY, tiv. jv12 44 New Levee. 7EN''ULKI' BnIOjGINtI-Il1 n Its ot saile lay L3 tHOLMlES & t MII.LS, jytl Bank Alley. C I CnlI IttGINnI -0'. heave sconoih o;gging C43 incllts wide, fur sale hIv IIOLrIES & MILLS,1 jyl2 Bank Alley the .II. XIHANGt ON NEW YORK ftir sale by =t AIWRENCE & I;,Eil"i IIRIE, jv 12 28 & 29 New levee. N h i i t u1) n ny Iso TII Amnerican )renncralt. or hintna on thie snciol and ynh civil releaionn nf tie Unied States. Bl y J. Fean- /tnI itnnr Connper. at Th,'l To flirlet or, Adventures in a Collntr HtousoP; an anit other tlle, In .dyv Ittlessingtn. F: L t Iulnvere, sine sl .Normn, Blrv Cornwall, aIrs Gore, Captain. laedlnin, nold otherst i 2 w.t ce The Rirer and the srI)nCrl, b Miss Pardon, autlhor of ntie ait ,I' the S ou ine e 'le Cask, nt of Gee , tihe Gift of an Uncle and Aunt w hll fine ooed encrvihalf bI W Aideonh o r Just reguvaind ol fir salte bi Wi MacKEAN, thn jetrl car Il raI) andi COulnmaon arn. ROSIN I nI'OS--7i bIlt reoin drss, Iannling and hI air sal by J 'lIlA' ER & Co, it jy 14 74 1'vdras street. traciltd' Sr rllt, fr tiln e cure oflantinate eruptions of the sknl; piLnlins or pastul. of thie i'are; biles whRi t arite iron a n impure n tte of the I bilood; scaly eru lons; p inn in hie bones; clronic rhuuts; i e trelt r; erufuin., or hing's evil; whnit o ,rlling; syphilitnc dneasos, and all dlnardrsde arising Irout ai ilpotr state of the bloodn b it long resnderne inL a he, olintes, or the Rnjudicious use af mercury. E Alto,'Cave &R Schaff r's Worm 8yrAp, or In. d fonRt PesnrvativeN : tre best prnpaTration ow n extant. Among which are tine funllowng:-lnndiaon Dye, for cal ring the hair; Bearts Oil; Rnssian Bear a Grasn'l; lPonatulm; iohaw' FreI.le Wash: ens. peerier Pearl Ponwder; Lily Wintt; Creuln of Roses; Vngetanble Rounge; Otto of Rue'; Lip Salve; Kra. in e Toothn Wanll; Carbonic Dentrfioe; Orange inFlower Water; Powder Pffs an , Boxes; Anoert. ean Charcoal, neatly put up in four otrance vials P estton Salts; Cninngoe; Kreosoto Tonth.aclne ic Drops; Hair Brn;lhes; Engial Dressing Coutbs I nan Illair Oil;--with a varilety of otear Pnrfu merlne, &. Fonr sale laby t L W GLENN'S PERIFUMERIES. J C 'TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourboal streels PARKER'S ROCKY MOUN'I'AINS, &c. t"OURNAI, iof un Exploring 'four beyond the al Relky Monnatnins, under the dlraelioe if tleb A 1 C uF , tprforhcnd in the years 1835, '36 and mIl 7; contailning a dnacrinpnioa of the geographyY. g. i ngy, clanuta and productions. and tle nlano' ml ninnainuers anlld tstoans i the ni ativel; with a Map of Oregon T'rnltory, by RIve. S.ill, el Parkler, A M. SIe Ili iver nd lie Desert; or Racolleolions of the RihnIne and tll 'Llnartreus.e; by Mis Pardnee, a n cthor t hot yit e o(. 8 ,1 tan , &A . in n v ols. lie R hnner, nn 'ala , ' ithe autalor n Rnineoli en, 'rTi, GDinv, Alttila; inn o ' I hlle' l'.wo Flirts; or Ad.."',ur in a Counlty Inoln-, anl otlher Talc, by Ladly Bilossinlgtan. E L I Bln'e, .lin r Norton, Barroy (ornwall, Mtr Gore,n I CnIr tnn I:dwmn, aand olthers; in n oI v2ls. Inin L!in illnl Advountures n I NItcol'is Nil'rbey, odi ted by Buz, wit'h llulntrctinns by Pniz, No. 1. Just r ruied owed ,,or Salola bv BIJN JAMINY LEVY. -- -I-L --AN - LT I -OGRAPIIIWO- FICl. I tO. N,.. . a,.i o 0 ,.n -, , 0 ,' no n ., ri,- 'I'Ai3.SI SIIF fnr the exeO'ution nf ,nai.s, lnlan! :S , mo tne IlrnllSen pIn er, anntIle:n ,rcn ' snid dintnn'lOiaell ' nlli in l ellgcks, dra v rcneipt s, &n. uiut tn n a.nd iexecutt d in acleall uld exlpeditio'ns sryle, Inc iie pcnnrilietnnr. SNB. Banok Notes ncI.Lv executed. md I 'ii'X Ihi tittt.. -U ST1 received eIr hirte arvrihts fro New Yolk, Ji fesb hi tnhionnlle Css lrtetelt of IIATS. ll 'Tfe ttri.t er wouldd partieularly calll the uotttti. at t of the t ll e to a -tile of lIe:ver !nt of ta sllpreri set in 'Be teat e, it nd a itd t ttintol Itturc: hiro to t \ J a ti oIIORN, 34 Craip streer. N. City 0 l t country laliers are itnvited t otltl. l PO- IT1i-T PAKNTZWG. bet 1 'l I altie s rt ttltt ttt ll llt abli te a Ist Slie will ret n fl d t h nl Newe yo iirletnh oir .ttturposee t aintinttO be RonrtR torner Wll CourOl and St Charles, in Clhoulre be ne Culiedht Panrly & I.lo. U L entiuti,wheresltperi te1s A of hi" patitti.g can Ie seen. Entrttnee i Adt Clt'le OFe street. t,8itt OF .V.OLteSA -I'-1 IN IVAIRE IANtil'. C.I et I ltiCE & Co., No. et Old Levee, have in Su ore, t2 fi thid let tttr-d oh laoe, .cpper tensive p asitl scot olrf tiv Den war lllerhiht y inite deal o 1 ki ; o l llol.ers; C1i11 do. Slogar Ladlles; hi 0d th. Cop'Ier I tin. Copper and Lin gutter put up on t e l r li Coto~e. - r_ t ENV LISII, FIRENCH ANl \IANIIti tAi LT. al 1 lY. als I)ROFEfSSOR 11MOR1'CYasitntrdIy rentlemenitt ofe . prttler qtutlifictaiot atlltd e,t heitttte it Its p"ie d 11 tan A ttden y, it ti. Iik burtiitgC telttilUlt to dVtit. rosod Eq.. sIoil t he. iIleranl In St. Chanrles trer.l, wtlte.e tottin genitlemen, eall IlpoiedI, C illi et otite a golld edutio. CttI ase. rs . eoicit thie tortoll.otio of hiSfTrietds end ihoe rfletll ill rno. to eltble Itmt to tnder t ia iolt i tufin ut erl and l u er p t . lo e 1 T I uJt TO Tl E PUBL;C.U tiutdd Cet eoteoes o-f tlhe undereigted hittg .nso out. Ie; or discontled Iliare old ttd lon g etratlishedt d GARDEN SEED STORE, 1 .Me 13t I sIesom houser SIrenle (oavieg bren most iled ttriivtty circulited by erlf. b f in tretend plrtiier ts iat d. ucroher bgs to aure hIso ia irnet ld genr'"llv, td t.rie p lic at olrge, tot aeI clill cdn.tinue; w d itintl two iooert oi lat C.e, or Il eel, r thend, lo tlesle ortseti witl, ta ll nnd e x tonsrioe lyrs eti all tit tarined indi solf kitoheut or vegettabie so lrdra I id, of tlhe grotiat and ia. I pert o tle prseest rsont e 1837. S aner lt.d eorly pot t Shpret astoasm, te srn e ,I Nc t e ed alple cstllptleop, byth te pcket ltipo V rk. I burg, Ktontlrky, athd Arkintar all arraird i tlort itll pacoages, direlt frota New York. By ite Mlwsii. ippitr nd t anoite pernki hed is in dail and expt. ' rieeb of t a supply of Frtit rtesr and Aeparagus Roetn, haoing already recoiv3ad invoica threcot'by a The subnrriire begl further .to asouro te public at at largeE ththe ir at letl a well e nabled to II cmst anci ccde orders for all tie kitnds .f Gsarden S teds, illther whocetiale ar retailn, c li e pvert Saincoltis first establioithtent in Janttary, 1822. Ceotatry Doolera ettd Mtlanket Gardhtncr; orders firlld of Lite lowtlr and mutt resonablaorates.y I i- stltt poud weighr, and golln or btteltmespurbte. iC Ctltogue, , rit rhe in PreNch irt Eas gllit, nay nalways eobtained on prLtialt ppitntion arnd - a usual, to WC, S MICH, G.' ldern Soued Slore, 85 Cusaltoaouse street. C siNOcPE-A constaInt l nupply of Bird Seed. either 'a mixeda or ploitt; pulverized roup i telts, and Shakers' dried iterbs,-wt ia n arlpply r penas and beans. f CIea ChLOt Iow S-3tI ptkraesoa I htlereys, Err C -tai. \e, .suitable In Frc Gor ilh t a isli 13t MIToanr w. 1L! ) 'E-tt tttbealit quplity, a if ne ie jut olan ded ferom t seamer rs, nd fshalerby dr h6 4t uNew Lenee. G CIr Ll)TtIS--31) p0 ackags Iii l- do aeyKrts in o tore,.or sitale Io rDICI PLIN & COOYER, erpoli 8! Julia S' T1) lijA ; IN( a lll sa IeltlluaS) llggitg, In t 1 and for saloby S I.AYET & AMELU\ G, )r , otO C.. .. 1 Gomt rt i'. ,1C.ClllTl" NI)IE.S-Cnre , eolt ttit day. tntit 1 :i4".bili"'reabirv ttte. arid .5f2(t CiovernrrCen . ti t . ibt..,ou litn ciank of A etnrica, t .t , York. it n dtler - t ilt etuts. p, 'p ;it Ithe otli.c of S-p l F\v.h o it. ;it e , l.-it 'htt , e "t I gke Anl R4TD1EqR. li'a, S PA BEAUTIFUL he.d tf hir in thb ernndt'st erna Ar ment belongin' tu . the human frame. Ilow utrrangm Iv the losl of it thannet the e.unrnr net' and frema rly Irine on the Ipenmarnee ofold age. which:t u l me a rny to rPecil at heinr nueoverrd. and sometimes it even to sh. to avoid the b ete anld sneers of It their requnair.ttnee: tll. r.maludrlor theiri lives are.n .cn aequanttv spe,.t tn retihrmrnt. In ihort, not even the w hna , t ropertf fill. tile gelrut. t thinkbing yoth with l lint ernvv ainkini e.i llm a lne. the onss of hi, hair. vot TI. avert alI thse anlIe p nat eir.t marnnePrs,fOldride' nnlm of Colmlumia stlp Ihe hair from fallinre nfftn the firIl anplienltion, ni a faw inttle, restnres it anlin. It likewuisr tpt.I'dte'P eh ot a. whitskrs: prmven r the anir from turn nta era, meke. it enrl bautifull ., and creea ilt rnm ,etrf. N.tmerrtll. ertifiteat 'of tl firAt h it tpren ilhilitv in supp.rt of the virtues of Oldridge iltt Haln, are ';own by the propriytert. lt Rend the following:- Robert Wharto.n, Esq. late Mayor of Philndelph anl has certifier' as mnav hI seen below, to the high chara ter of lie flihwina, gentletnen. rte Trhp underrigued dn he Ire certify that webave t red the 1dim of oIt!lmbi:a di+clavered by J. Oldridge. and have f uand it hieihlv r·.lai'eahle notanla a a preventive lars auainat the falling offof hair, but alsoa aertam r tater tiva. Al WII.l.AI A TIHATCIITFR. Senior, Methodist Minister in St i tergL e harre. JOHN P INGLIS,321 Aeh street. JOHN AD THOMAS. Ml D, 163 Rcesnt Ll JOHN S F iREY,lfil Spruce street. HP'ltlI M3lCHllIIY.21Il nuth 2d at. JOHN fGARtD,Jr, 123 Arch street. It is known that three of the above signer are nmore Itan 50 years of nae. utd the others not less than 30. edt [lr'nbr the Mlavor.1 Cu Comunanatealth of Pen.slvaani., I, Robert Wharton. Mayor of anid city of Philnde. bra llie, lo bel'byv certify tllt I nl:u urll aniqnitiled with llestrs J P tlnalit. Julimtn Fe andl Ilgh Bl Culrd, - whose tnanet are signed to tlwealov~erartificten,ttht they An are t.entlunlert of ilraeter and reniSectahilittv, and slau atich full cretditl halt.d lie jiven tt tthe satd eer ifieate. In witnr,alw.rrealf have Ihereunto set my hanll on and lanarl the seal of the city to be .ffixed, this by 6tih davn of Dcrmhler. &e. [L. S.] RtIlEllT WItAHT'I'ON, Myor. . . OlISEl l E that each bottle of tle Genuine Hilm ha d a splendid ternaved wrapper, oni which is reprae nter ill t ae IFll .ut \iaoart, &c Sld at h.lesled te ld retail by the soale eent for Antne D riln, o 2 Flerche' street, nealr niden I.nne, one io0la belowr1I)arl utreet, atd by most druggistsand perfumers b country. IARVrIy & ANDREWS, at9 Wholesale Aents., New Otrl.ans. PROSPECTUS. TIHE subscriber proposes to plublish, in tile be. ginning of the wi'ter, a Condenantion t'I_ gthe twenty volumes lo the Old and New Serie, of p Marten's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in faour volutnes, 8.o., according to the model of Peters' Condcuaed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton IHarrison, Esq.. of this city, assisted by William F Brand, Psq. The Editor Is alse permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judgttes, tIn expect f'rom their personal supervision all the advantage which Snay naturally he reaped from their experience; Such a work is becoming every day more ne eesnt.ry, as tie original is voluminous, expensivo, and scaree. An iancreasing curiosity tod is mani fest, in thle other States of the Union, inl reference to the penlltarjjuriuprudence of Louisiana; and the circumstance of the numerous principles here deb Scided in the adjustment of onfltets of laws,. makes the knowledge of our adjud.ed Casos of prime uti lity to thejurists of the Whole Union. Moreoves, the rising republic of T'exra has adoptod our codes, and titus there isa great denand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indlcating tim parallel eases decided in Louisiana, and nceasionally those in the more althoritative forums of the other States, will re he added to each case. e lThe work will formn four volumes. royal oretan, ad and will be dehveretl, hound, to subscribers at $i P. per vol.; in ca.e it shaull be found practicable to e, colprtes it into three volumes, tie price to sab p scriber, will be $7 per vol. '. Subscriptions received by of WM MeKEAN. a, je erar Caort and ('ornmon ats. T, Thia eoutet. itettteed 'er} llt' flls. ,, A o'clhtk y '. \t., for exeratuin. ett tl t difl'rrtlt braulmaes tftc i 'Je L.itellaala' haid a'mnaraial Iaatitute ftr voting e' g u e laumaa i elen,. bort t Io'elauak A. M., to 5 o'clock P. M. tlulfth.arding cholars ladlmitte y, 1' A AUBERT. S .,p -I tlt--tt l:_ NEW OUILEAN'S i hl 3IMERCIAL INS.l. - lurE ,,J. PIeca viri l, ii tliici IVorrat ind Caarierio, stibL'. bta FSPEC]I. Course of Blook Keepinc.--'hle ennrse ofe , Hio.Keepmg lpa.dll sice iiveratal onthl, will A. e in a ,ewi neiv . lEv itns.y n. ltlAn/tatI along wlom are aentle mLen u [hall II s tlllll nill I, . ]tiIIII'R wa tl te rl e i lera u-i cULs oillred h r atilthe la nebhe f,'nlv.. I e At leW VuillnglcI l siilt e ti Illlrnvi niI soo it' aiai if i F'or fgea't .iIIi..i el ilc i i thle .ia prt pIirt of tie cit y.i , ias iall Pveniil v c cilt.s, i rhre l yelO r t w C i yili hiei oeliedit a te c rb r I dll . o tlni. aild W.x Iagi Place, f sub- c t AL.siet uatlicv arndia fvu ieti9. NOTICE lt, TO tUIt$m'ItlIoR .) NAIIOFFICE N AT NATIONAl W I'HH+A iF'!.'II t+ 30,1: 28. Ill, Nll . 1 thrienvill d e illu n Newt- mil lld Ila v l tinil, rit .i t aiir Iicilerfr " eII ia oriVi a f fh, It da u s 'ribi; p a o 'Ntilh II ri, l ,ll . EELE, An u COl,,, t'. ti, llnd r tile deihvl.ry of the nul_ mber._ there0 to ullser'i lni F W RENOUGWILKIN ISON. OFFICPUTY OF TRVEYOR GIENERA'L OF LOUISI WANA d No 1 Hiavilh svilert. New Oarleans. i in . .ubi.e'i liua receivd-n l aa eal. Nu OIiMit AN,S i SiEELE, CO. tili PRED. WILK.INSON. DEPUTY gI)RVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, O FFrR: S ,is servicd es o t I- puhlie c ; te- deparnt - q O ") "i+ f oi:: ":veiyl log t ('Jell "l, i-rieit , btolh in Itowe dia td inlltl i alci t i illnir ierile exiferct ite e ilr I Asi cartfi- ittnnsg r o n pro c lrnem, ant. fidelilt I, ie executiln o II aneIi. icll ) hl lno h e la one toi nelti out ct i ,e ast le 'ofie ii plal roi a; e. Iew li' tso IM astll e ar d I ll ulln't" I f w lli nniI ti oexraanlilns . i lce No ,b a ;rtIic aretretsect nd- sort shek. -3[ p' k a`--- i l',.ir ,'---I ttihq it it Ti \VOt tely frnmeiwl inlt te il n lii c and itc en , t I \"l ., . |iii-ted in I'id. street, b t iiween pila a ,p4 "IAoGLIA E i\" AIY. a i t. uv t lttaiit iN ltae .r It tlae i Is I iii daiidi Ati ii iie Init C im a diat itnt nt in fI, iu Ire ie l rl tri eI j t i.inlr-tip inl Fitii ei ttn Irtee F t rn.l el"ir-- o.1 6549 -1.a rnasion des lrop i[, I6 do p~tiiollvnnire nynnl tt. nre acrie par lI emir pou r t o , i6 nbfic" dl , r rle i ' yr o ie r., it rat dl -4t(, q in a It ln e :In s ns llllnl e d e +!it s c r + ln tvie r w n it i tll a ll rlpr e al e id e I p r chin. Y . u .(e ul i-, not. I nh . i"odn a ti c oY re pro- . 1h'nin a 10 he reolrfl ilnltih, nhoi de Itlicp n rer rttr In tlffdir-.. do i I i p omiilr,, eten TI Ptndrnl ltutsr p nr IUites enle d, lhera.e or inet p trim t ton t nn i rrt1-c thlei "'luniin 'tllhn. A. MI. tuchanan, jng de In cotr ci dasslun ce 1 Fepi'lnbre 1838. ueI isut::t h cU ' LEWIS, Dtp.CGriltlR r. . . IAPI+ OIF" LICUISIANA. FIRSvT JaUDICIAt. liSTcl T (lOUT. - j itM FULlER, vrI. lia tr elitii; ,No. 1,54. 1 o I li Tii cessiht. oa lth Peiaiitu er's Irn.levy haeevi t Icen nccptuldb by the Co.iil, tIr lie benefitifltis eredi rI tII t . r I h i n i ld s eting f hitt t id ei edilt ari t o Stake place at lih toffice of \I illim T. I.enta, .ntary Puhllir, on i 1r-div lnlt 4ih iof ct nlier next, tillt A/lel'rk A, i., for 1h Ilrpoae alf delbernltin g i n tihe Ycalaitl t nl maid Ietiloane aidl in thi mini iilte allju diciall p orleeding - neag inst Ihis Iperson an i pr nperty, are slav.ed. Wilne.s the Ion. A. M. Bnchanan, Judge of o the Ceurt aftresaid, thlisa I st Sceltitl es' 1i83. SG W I.FEWIS, tiepl--3t I ep'y. CI'k. i COMFPAO\iE IWIIUT ANUECL C-\lRWitLE FFU--D, In NncttcllP Oleln.. i ES nrtionnnir dn lr i relti tnmi:nia isnt notifie Jqte le 4e Cersenirni eat d atd paavblh le 9d'oetobre proihnin n Iureauadel In iconpagnie. II6 sept EII'I EtAPY.erOiFNirE. FI-Rt.MEN'S INSCIIANCE I'iOMPaN". OF N.i W ORLIEANS. Ti ritE S.tuekh,.lder o[ his enmpnny aro hereay noa t lifted. that the fllw o in.atlmenr "n the'ir stuck i dineau l I t-lll nbl itnn te inith Iday ci ittlber nexi, a tilhe olhei, f tlh ciaimpnv. ESTRACY New Orl.env.. tip. S°_';' %RTIN II i/i /V.Ri/ U/ a [ttiec itr tai'n rea erC I ti/IY q a n.'i a perl nr Irltc int n il+he iron, frm l 9 to 15onI. weight. Alan, a qinntitv of Engliah ahre ai Irn.I na. recirved a semnrtm ,nt nfCnok and Parla it-Y ene iftthi lhit-s p'llterns at i, Tcntiloulalae street rlIl AC(i--/09 hixean mnnallttetulred tobcnco, ie, is c L ., nnd pound iu nps, of various branda and quo sepl5 1I( ACC BRIDGE & &n, IC M1raNintsnt S cir by t lAI'N H DVERTFc Usj t -cppip - I -etCroeeriariie Pt. 1" If, r ru rlnl--nlo- hint firht t ,er. perfor. ler. ll meet np:Ily .at the (iintcrg Rocs of theilt dicar oa the let', . " Colti,*t. v\NTU " Al-'l,. as ,,l~. " T:ný,I,,, u, Cain e it-f • A ruri ca ... I-i - , t " the. .,nliutro tiit.t' LATE PlIIHLICA'I'IUt4S. C"HESS MADE EASY- beintg a ew iMr J to the rudiments ol Itat eiltlik game. By George Wslker,TTenachero of .h ,-" , Uncle ouraee. a noveL by airs 8 C Halllttlh Sketches of Irish Character,The Buocameh, Ilk . The Spirit of tl. Woe, ilhlolated by eblong r gmvil.g,. Iby throhf ittnfl'hR Meal of Flowmm. Fioren's Viwew of Porte and Harbourof Gntoetlye' Isora's lGeo, or tlhe Trealnrot of the Partbeof Iwl onUquets,drnan fnnd 'oured from natdte,bZJmis Anltrews: ito h piterienl illsetrhinl ne,b, omlittU Aun' I' an ltev, auth nr ,,f'J'l n R niooln. of A Glnn.ary of Terms in ed in ri ir lom ,nnhmts. Ita~ lint, andt (icnhie Arelhtetiner;' the euollerentlt. eml I r,, d; exe. plitlifi by ,00) v.¢ d c:ute. Ah nck' ~ng ,neir ' Pullel+ B,.+<,- for tho` r' 14 ' rith an Allmnllton; by HPnrv AddnnOb,, Civil mloatiir. Wnorke lf Ldord It(enn' mith inrodu.'tory et.oe C lld a pointnl; h ew N dition, ,plrte in 2tvols. nt Hi-hop Burnetl' Hl.tntrv in hi ono Tine: iff.O reotnretion of Chtnree aI. in the treaty of peace W. ltrelht, inthe n en ln Queen norne. A new editR"nO Cvitl is torie ~a. +IionhraIlh,cIt n dte cormplete i.ral volume. Jutl receid anld for oale by 111F: pobolin are repeortIfIuly nfncnonl tlathit (hee -. J htiltn it eteitnd on the noil impromtd panit, ind o.-In siv lllnd lost, dmirabile tustion, in the 'htSrl2n lnnnnlin, upon ite railroead, one milLe from the ot ki ni O InOnldne in larre and montcnlanmdi tn yIdIei d inti nplrtoellt. tbr koeping separate ditf srnt &lauRR, anil nl.fPre4nt dieae.en. The Enpytplied with tee mnst hkiltul a011 nttentive nmle and foellte nulseland lpIhk.Hg Flt'ir ,ious moerne lalneu nusn.a t PrivAte ,rooni may be had bnt entolemen at eilie. nlart Iper d mv, nerilin lttentd:li . &e. tterns in the or inurv warda. ton dllas e po tiye, Slsve, also two dollrue. omall Pn to ordiaryu n ard;i. fiv dollr . All aplitn -t eicnl opertion extre. The reniel+nt phs inian is ODr \Veddelmn,to whom' apjhliaiion for adrlnineont mstn be made. ur to er C, A Let plltl .le , Nol 7 Ramppn rlt street. a hr( , - NE \' WOR+Ks. THE NATO RA l.tIT'3 OWN BOOK-..~Conmpdi . deeritt nino nod authentlic naaocdote of qttadodap eds; Feientificlln arranged eccnrdine to tile svelytm Cu let hby tile antlor of thle "YoUll Man Oan Bonke 'THIE NATURAL. HISTORY "0W INSECTS-oln' two voluIles--vol t,fndiiing nt. 74 of the "Fatil? Li brain". A diner of the tLAW or , te nOStAL Cae, -hbyHenrnv thonen, Esq. with notesini d n lotethemO tu Ameniean decision, anud in the Enelith reotmti law mad ecclesiastical reports by Genore lhnrtwonf. ON )naoonUtni uo I)sai:nt:s of iha (:HEna'P-lttdP} on tile tonmparnson t f their physical and gaoma.l.o.,t by V 1' Gerlihtrd, M I) PRINCIPLES OF IATiHOLOYio, AND PRoACTntL C I'invsnc--ly J,,ohn htBluckintok. I D., from thlnl eta.IA don edition oith notes and uddlitins, by Satrmual a.O. itortoni, M1 ii, in 2 .I'm. TaHo AM+ntatinN UAnRTnOi.Y RytVIEW-NO 36 foer Demelnber U3.i. Juslt received aind for sale by t12 VM, 1cK EAN.rurloer oftCanO and Co. i t AC Itl)lO A 41: S nthil,,on-oii Io .d gfroee ) O ,onai l nertal WVynel fr tn i3 I.AYIT r i.IIf U.IN " 17 Cu, sIoe estreet. iLnUUJP'. 'IIICiEV, I' lCt i. & BI.F--14lh bbi eF Fpini'e ail 15-' di fml ,ll,,r; 1i1 bole cotnllOe ~n,' 46 lb iits lectltted w ,i.ln; 7 Itbis mese nti n 15 bbl f prime prte; 2ibblo prim bet ; tlte ClnnU o a flat buoat libr salta low, tou clos, .AI'ET & AMELLNG, . y 17 Ctmlnit rce IIittet. gtt ii 1 i- t n H \S-7ti4 ecnnettined Family Hams ' , sal e nritr qualitin,li nn h'om steatmboat a\lun t, iton fale by Al E'J & AMIELUNIt,. je'ti 17 Cemmerte snre,. S0 -n o-- balrels Rosi. lnndine and for tale oy h IL S & J b wHIt'tne;Y, Cnnti trieeC 1'I Ai'i IA tIt l:G.,\bloitFN ofiif OrgiaS;t trn~ii i os SLTER &' RIER, r, nnetd 40 Pn drts str'e i - T CHA\tnE o e nobile wanted bh n EAtABIJAIi FISK, .n _ ug_4 __ 1I. A.itt)'-- L bio 41h proof ,therio:n brandy fo Ssle by IaAAC BItIGttlE & Co, ne l u,4 134 Monraine trteln o AVANA .EG A tS--e'ul bno oIlteen coffee land SI ifr ton acltr I.iloti, andll d1111 Ilnas in 00a tN lb, aintlly hitV*'Ea S TRIER, I I augl 4II Pnydrns street. I. LE Ill ,cask Philoitlrlphia dle, Abbot' roAd C lusoil eceived. fn:d lrh"d lt by O j) 24 90 Comnmno el'tlt. New" Oren nl on1 o . r lllroll tu R i11 l tod .\ r mlcrP_, ni l flllllllll ' m ilhe cars flll| this dltail IFtROo (,R0nl.l0T10 Fuoe Now (IRLEAIs,, The hor., ecor at 4 'el.' A I Steaoo ear at 7 A M S....on tr 0 d do to ft dh dhi ldo do do do 1t do do 111 do do do I et,.m. cur 1"J don do, eo't roe at 3 do sitraoin r 2 to P A do do O5 dd I sn 4I do do do 7 do do do i do do do do 9 do I 0 8 do do Tit Jarobn o treet crs and tloenvetro. hnlf antE to'.ock A 31. tCalll street at i, o'clk A bM, and run ni Ilhoolrl it 7 o'clock. 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ORLEA \S L7TH' oGRAPHIC ES7TABLIBl ME.i T, 5.t MAIGZI\'E dftREET, OPPOSITT. 0BANo's ACAt.E IV GlIETNI r;u;rl:s hIls siueore thank. to tia Iriwidllsn~l a Ih tilulblic (f rew (lrle.ane. for lll' rironnllr bes:lowPd ol hi, Itl the last ton yeAer, atd oees IL-aLc to a-sure them Ih th all orders comnliette) U Is c.harge shall he pInoiiully ateolded to; te wltl an uul, keep 1thle olieo oipen du;ring the silnmer. and shull hb alwals so Ild to .lrlhe it" merehant'e eiren. la,, ho ioes ,lld tddics ciartds, fnll ral )Oticee.wnape, plls, oit dorlwins, of1 every ducoriptir at et he holllst noticel and on th1 most reasonable tera. eing asse-d iy artit iupecriortl oany other estnablinh SInlni inll the (it. lll, Irnd los experience in the lilllllphiclilto ," Ie Iices s conlfident l of giving oentire IN II A lilhecnrtie and dlrlgnists' labels executed in no good otyle sos oplperplate eolgruving. and at one third of Ilt exponse. jv°4 YP..:ifl. LANDF.S-25s boxes belit New 1edf6ttl Sand .nanttuekoetolnads, tor saol tic ISAAC tIHRIIFE & Co, - ir1s 134 Magazine sthber arS- l it Isi:olotly at f nerltnol .ithtgreo 1 p tloo P in' l c'tatl'ioihment 53 Magtiilie str.wo, n Ptinter and l'iteroon stilone. tone need apply hut those who are foll io illllo.l.ll orpl5 ., l-- 1I., box t IltoIltol \, I ,itiap. tioJiEk o n 11 Braod. now Isollsg frout oitili Coneodin. frtle" tloston, a'd for sale by J .SLPIl CO;KAYNkE, sept 6 25 Commonn stree )AGiING AND R.ofttP-tisot coil.t Kentucky I) - RipP, 800 pi ce, Keriimkv BHaoLing, i I(t ire ano Sfor osale by I.AWltENCI & LEGENDLRE, S ptl 6 .8 and 2 New I.evea e kEAllBtIRANDti. AfeeWools old peb triady e 1 for sale by RAD & ARSTOW ofREAD & BAARSTOW, f eplt 7, Bank Place ~ -PERM \\'alo il--1500 gollons aihter sperm oil: F all7 11allon n utner il; :"1 lol remfined F. whale for co by WHI'I'BRDII4' A CO. aug21 1.0 Magazine t. i ' RCUIAK-, C0rclnla:r Circulars!--Merchbltf re )'wishing to hae a hbeautiful circular struck of at the eholrtet uitice, Ions o. l I in all it tin Orlean Li iliograpmii &offce 53 Mllgozine eta oppiosite .nkiwL %V Arcade. p u Ott IAS te.nrs, toUtISO1i for onto by S eilAS I . SATER & 'RIRIO,40Poydrmatst S tEGKuf i:LOTtTIS, Lt~ EiSS .A. K9RSEYS IN ' he uslcrihers olffer for sale, landing from ai 'onenrd 2 bales 'jalo mixed ogrm chlit bie ,/ Cwilled mixeid olio rloith; 18 ibaela lieeyn, ao.roo I dttloren; I hale white 0w.n skinm; I oame printdd keran.rt 9 S2baes heavy ;nixed Cordova kerse)s; I balekoniano i , ova k'r:.aye. , i ISAAC BRInGE d bo, er jytS, 1i:4 tMog4iitne etwelt - c t ENTi t luid Extrat ootof bas i aji il ,t RooHud's Toolic lixture, recevcd L u- H EBOQNAlEk. dept Tchopitoulasaso iv FI.EY-oU bhlaiiu w . at la te 1 , "ag'21 to LioREY,44 - hlo.. " a KOWiLAi)Si TONIG MIit r/ d FIEHRATEID for the enre ll o , ao-l otral dewilj gt the medieilth bo been reooive ht from the gonufattiorn, whor al dealers sndaoWnotry tow, . d drr blib nro D r rr ýbýeNnotu ,ý ýf t P')l

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