Newspaper of True American, October 2, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 2, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 12. CENTS. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 2, 1838. VoeL.-.. llr... 14 tri-.a. tycot i.try ipa.l ir, payablo " wear in advance, wilere i1i city relerenle is given. slubu;ription wil be discontinued until a.ttl e. In casoe of di contin.tlnce, one weuk's nit a woriting nil hts i twlriab y given, previous to the expiratioa of ulbscription. dPtr ftvit.-- I) i II)Iir per fir the firs nloiitiunI an.i half thl it t rice fr eaclh tshequeat oil' : ,e ,:.,nmtteri d ahwtthlu tr.o at the original adlvertisement ei ll be ehargdt ia a new one. Ytan.r AOuvittrisatso.-' lIerehaLt and Tra era, o.ty dollars fil IEnglish alone, an I sixty flr both lan aas itlak,, loiura ie O fai:as, al other si.nilah r public tititution, fifty dlliar in E:,nlish onlly, sa!l cigtthy fur'both tl .illluces; Ship andto udolNta..t Fue " re, or C.n Ili4ii:v Inrc!iehi iti sixty dOIllra it longlish -ae, oadeiihtv for both larlti rlees. ' rS. aotLis, ".)aI r aY .Norices, 1and artirel enll the attention lif the ptbllie tio 'ale o property, ards orf paay.ngcra, heui-liti, &e. &c. will btehretr., `fae6 d, liar per square for the hbrt insertion in each lan 5. Il.c'i IATtOvcP ,O or .Alvertisements, of any perlln ' ete. rwheni aod.assible, thall be chtirgol double, t in tlvar *, l t ii f twntyfive percent. will lie oac!, to if 1tonrsealI sits, I{=.ianr+ of lVills, nml Mlarshals otsle. r oo r itet. ptiiisihl ia both la-iatggs-, 1 Ol 5qi er cent. ca Eng'lei atlone: LO ptr cont. on salos of other pilel "rty" Au >ferlstT'i neTit SiloiBecl ai to titime, wil. ie tlhfimlttt onme "lonth, and charge d secor lingly. p'.ifevlrtis5eeelste ictf bankr;ptcies will It isblishedl a , Chre, ,llesS Ipaid oar previous t, inserlio., or batLigt g'utrnitesb it ieilll.l, a ic person in tuwn. TirOa inti osther ,laces iT l asIisemaii, rlviertisiuih ail 41tA oiioto be, chargedl lOul for baglisl u &lltnlloInclntlnen iits' iici+,lilott +t fur polit cal ohltcee .e chlaredl doables the price if othler advertise +it .' to tte imnsl soa oiiitttl il lie byth nosrlpoier Yeiti ito. thie liave coine to tlier a ,nIe llal Iltot ti" nbyg th f aro in.uitio.ns a tn Ida th.v Ilret Il1 II c aid ¢vi(lttn ono croii tol h alter prtpca ntation, shall Ie ontlde tlo. r I (en fru is prat ltiil)tcl c l PdeI oiti'Pr-theV i blii gathi, thenstlves iio to a ,lverltie hor prit fir Iseucht kelintilasn unless im earse ol adaitee pinateeilts. isigned) J. C. )e rS'r. tIEOSt" J. IAYoiN, J. C. ':It.lNtE.GAST, JOl1 GISttiON I.U MSIU SIN. SVeeh7g Press.--We, th,- uiileririnedl, sgree to abide by. thie aboe coi.litions, au tar as they re i applieoahle to ihklv oopers. (litned) A. t. I.AWRENCE,, fl Ni shcrplioni aress token fsr le e than 6 minthl. etteOrs irst, tl , (ir au l, ilbe _t a1id. S Stll)gLL' ll'.'.i ItI.VlSI.I'dI),&ic. t.ItAIN It1.ISl !) b the ile utL'l" "A sear ian 1 pain," in 2 v ,tl- II;trr L'rl eerl, Ri novel, iby le a tibir of "Cecil Io de," inl'r vols. Ih'e Acress of Padtt, atnd oilier tiles, by the uminier i iThe FTorst kt.w I iii 2 vol. Nii trl ld's lutinI l'ours iiaterpeerse l will caracteeristic anecdote++, savilugs v.%.l :ll)oings of iairtitg Altn, iiciv tilug notices iih lil'e iiincilp l crack Jle of Englanud tili nitli t c nll.ttil icotnlltsiu .nte'Il des allaiooe, itoltichlh Ilre aldedl, Nimnrod'c L..ttcrtlsu "iig ,Ilounds, i 2vits Reh trice, the latolt Nlel ,'s Akessueuuuout, IIv CUct. Ch. lllijr, It. N.,aiutlor el the 'Life ofa dSailor," '&c. in : volI. (:Ciiieutarier aft E lt ity Jurislrudel cv. is a s duiaii stere dl I:t-.. h!nd idAiu eria, ly Joselli Story, I.. L. I). Ovid, ti..n+ aIet edl IDryden, Popl., (Ciiteeveu, AddllisonI notheorl . i ttiit. feinring Niit0 indl ut2l if "lhore>er's Clialical Lirarv." Inltuitry t'alic, ie r rdes fi the exircii e 3,11 tlne114ite resof thie United Statletsnfiaitry, by iiajor .Serl eiScoltt, U. S. Army, ill 3 vol. Jst eecrivedt sad lor sale qy 5V,1. SIcKtN, 7 corner Gawap .I CuOlleon ntl . i- .istthe Ilter; ls Site not plitos fair; O, this is ltdy; Illlteo in i; i Land; ll n,, m" of brekt-,n Vuiw; ,ars; lten.ll' I ) t.Gontle; .tilt iit l'e gaily r u ucllldici'; Aletf ,.huito i.:, ti, s It it clii Ifucub' tr in'I ihw; Phire' i i.,, l it'hi lititiiu, t l 11i;0,ti lc t ilt i d 'f nt al' Ithbelia','r ,Vain; ISl' m e Iy lve a luv1 r Iii v ; Shall w v1 .r i .r "". "i ,l; \\'Ill ovenm,; be ll rer Chi~nitn ; iii hay' f1," the l Ililh,; A Ldu hin I1l Iti ch ,'; .Iit 'lre nii l (,tie vi hr, I.) by ltlhiti; Sutil nIi rie' air ftul l i, 'l' . i o1 s 0 i i I t y lt, itn V u li itn i a o. f, r t ill, t rait",. ,[,l ,".rt lY a 's lllib V', Iby V h i ltin'g', lfai'rOs '+)ril n ,h'u ii il1I 1; ,h't I,, % e i llll l t ll . '1 u airiag.' I ;i'lih, iht ti i . I':, C li I i<hlit , I,' viii by CiV' l.a'," Ii-ll i-II e - lo onTI Du',i if :. , ,t It, ,,"tlit, Ii hs et', .,uliii \ ht .; Csla1i-re' l.vtc il , i ; 1. t l ,, if '"ol ,'tilhth + t roe, lhm +',)11 ,rs of no .m ). |+,," sl It ai jaw li 19 1 "p-ite. S(ollection of tf loh .I,111 Phr,)'.I"eo r y.rv to pie tie e.a, ITr) t l iti1ntu . co1verATmi n a Ill'nll.'lued 111 unir i l0r It Ilbie n , vill Iin er1111ro s r'ml rksllll on the pl ccliar IprO.Lciatiun and use of vlrio ll l )wori. 'he while: soI disposed Ias tout·hR. lV Io (:t:illli : Ihe lllltll(ltl l tt t correct p'ot u ot thtt lotoh. B . Iloiutir, 1 new ellilio n, revi ted at1tin t (l rrrlll i I. t A seli trolldn t tne hundret t tt I .l'ril- . ' l'll. lies1.llll paniedl witll a ky, conlltili thie te It I htiI aitt l .ree .lnan aal oiu ll. arral edl ill Suc'il It iii1illr l r II ) I o) utllllll i lot.lifflelrre between lhe 'tl rnTilt amt I,:ol li*h idhhoy ..ou a figured prolncitioll olte Fr1'hl ent, tcortlldill to tle Lbeyt Frelll l wvorks exltlltoUnll tI ulllject. l'lf e wllhole nreaeoedI by a shoalt irelltise oi tIh1 siu)1nd,' Iof the Irencth |engnlnp- .omptared w ith those ofl Ih. ~ il,_,lisht. A lrloua.l Lneilg lerench Primer, m"r tlu" s lllar'. (rlld, totlin eaccuralte proull iaholll in. I.Lography of the French lang: e, c ulliltlll its l 1:1. It l aelordingli to the belt usage. oy lernlurd 'I'rouohl, It., reive allllnd or ealet \V1 1M11e IiAN, mr.lC(r Ca.op & .ot sts. P.ATIE ST'LP IIIR SP ivaGS. GRI.:NII;tFl; L CiOUN I'Y, VI II. NIt.. r HIS favorite watering plile ill Irhe lnllntins a Virginia, I _ silae voo of Iewi'ltr.,a:u11 'front she Wh;to illlbll r, illbe o ll. ill Iuoo season...lrl tile receptliol of emntany. ,ll ni, ilnportltt imtlllrovenlllltm t have beeon tsti ino thle Iltt tantoa. A sptcious aIll romfn,an.I i Itot e of single-it .dle rooms lhVe hen adiletl a ll n i v filini;ing;.: i ,ltn eI. lllllOdli llo . byrth' let if Jly, lior %i! vitsitor, Ai ex*ollent I;tr, plk reoa II. h, aull co tl-lrl: t I tpaitilnt by t Itte trinlg, a.di bt.rseotingthe Knliut tWla f'piie nea" r Lewit burg. ()ver tllis road, hv dirrti to of lth Ipo.t offic department, .le~rt. Ilellin, tV.l'er do co's, linae of mail co tches w ill rana. .1 post 'ti,:e !Iwing entatblished atthle sorings, viiltors Imay r clive Iew..,enllll cIo.''r ponai ly,e.tttmld w s. ()f ti: It ttedicinll qtulitie ofthbee wtt-or, t raotrttrietort cted t ,p) Thr? eld to, htold in soloti ta tll tIeo valuable ingredients Il the tn.otcelebrotted etris,.. in Virtiai:l. 'ke eombnlintio tI 'cn1tlti r l l:ht :alpltureltIoted y draeten, oIlp a10 of Ilgotoot, f iltoa-, Co-ll botote of Lit, ShSllthe ottt l.'t it, 1, riiatt of ..oda, i hifioerioll of the Itomalhlitivor, and II wels; illtlla netoaifnetliolls or iliet es ofl tlh skin nol remedy more potent or ilioo.eti olln oa Ie totlld. Ex.eosive llatitig estolitontttttl fior bolth sexes have been erected erntigtStot IIt, tle tlri'tos Vioitors cto at all titnesejov lhe ttecottli r i Ivloaltges of their beo nigb'tnd wh tleho ,te oiotos. aIjor Vitliaot Vato will cottiinue tlhe uperin'enod ance ofr the sprin. Evoenexertiol ota his plrt,and on ite part'fil the prolprietor, shall be to isure tertee Blue .uplur a liberal sbhra of tile public par 'le'propi retors of the Blue Sullphur Springs wit Ibe iheratin ilto recetipt of notes ol'all S.tlther and \Ves o Balnkswhieh treonoioiiderei4 sol t.alpar. A WFU. doisclosures of Alari Al on of the Hotel Dieu Nunlery of Monlltotl, i 1, with an ol pendi' eontaining,part 1. leceP tiotot t fir tediti-n; par.-d, Sequel olf her iotrrttliv; parl. I, Review oflthe ease. Alst, t ll lttlmttlotn , givilg l te iartictlilltlt o the Nunlerv antl groondl., illuslratotd by a plan if the Nnunar), d&oe. Maia ilHonk and the Nunnery of the Llotel Dieu-be in Gtrna eeaat of a visit to te Colnvelnts f ,Ilontrsel anarelutation of tho "Awful Disclosoreso" by Wtn. L 'tene. Fourthb ecxperiment of Living. Living without means. 'Phe Studeat's instructoor itt Drawing and working OThotPive ordern of Arehitectureo" tlly olexpiining thde'nethnedis for strikig regtular andt quirked aouhlers fordiiniishino and glueiog ofcolumnsnano d tcltitalsl; for il ille tort, diotnleter of atn tordr to any given heiglt; forlltriing the lonir Voltute, circulor eli pical: with fint tedalexatop ies, on a large stltle of the ilders, their plooelterse, &c.Lt; tnttlt mo doesigs fior ,h-or es, le g'anily engravell on litte-one Uiloto, with etaxptes-by rietr'N ichuloon, torchitet, altther of iltoe ,"*lehlih 's CottLuoiot.' "iortrlllttetr'o New GHi-le," "Caropelntir'n andt Joiler's Asintaat," ot:. "A Praetion l'reotiso on tit' Culture erfilk," adopt ed-toeto rsoil and olimate of the- Unilted States--hy J. (G..otoototk, oeretay of tll Iloartfitl I couotty Silt So eietv,.ald edlitor of tltn "ilk Ctliiriet." "Tio h. ilk taiser's MAonual,l or the art of risitg and aedtn silk worms, and of oultivating the 51 Iberry tre, M. Mherin. 'I.r;tlerk'a Gtitide, or Comnmercinal Correspon lenee; onpll iting letters of husin as, fortms of bills, invoices, aceolnt-sales,,, llll sllltlikeeloers, eqlltlion of payments, eemt otoal terms. &e.-by iB. . Foter. "History of the War in the Pdllinsttla andi the South of lpjitteo from the year 1807 to theyesr 1314" by \V. F. P.Naioior, ti. B., voL V.; to whlich arr' pertflxe an .ta?' tL oaoaie ottaheka in Roltinoo's Lieof P'iottn, ond in the Quarttrly Revioe; witll colnter remarks to Mr. Dudley Hontttou Percival'o retntnrks IuptiI mttle .l posies iA (.lonnal Napier's ftonrth voltlle of the Pentosular War. Just received nJ for aln b olgo 'CPPEhiAS-2- i bbls, in store, t:r vale by lj.e6 1 Neow Levee. S iGAR.-50 hlhd, prime article, for sole hv ,7 G DOitSI.IY; .jeW4 11 New Levee POlRK--li bbls MlTes, I'roi nod other d.l.cripliri For isa e l' .S'2yi;T;N & iVFRRY ·ia tl. fIrower & Ce&. jAY'ljust ttteivelat their utrnishinog %Vure-house SNo. 17 Ua,,p street, by recenlutr v:lls from I,." i'pt, ul tile Northt, la:re additiOllS to their stockl 01 Isloli In nllllll /; .losmekeepi, g rticles, wtllh ctl lectivoely (thleyl blieve) forma :I asseortenl msore genet. al satalcoplfete t,:n iSto he ralll ill ay sltailar eslaub. slimet known; illtsiting of SILVERII WVAl. Coffee and tea sesl; pitclters, waiters, ostrs, eanmllr sticKs. cetit, tumblers anll oblets; table ald desert fIotks .alle, tteset anl ten spoons; Iatri'w 'nllll gl.ivy, lr ri eoat Sttsmlmnt Suttgar tongs; sllgr, itlalLce aIl solt littlile; atter, truit, I'ttlitg attil fish httnes; tIckle tot desert ktives held forks, aqtkina, rintgs, .a. lllecipllhl leely lhe malllhctort of Mr B. Gardilder, of N.ew Ytok, ,hose. lotg estallishetl I ep.ttatieon lo. the nulll.tlthettnre of silveF twace is sufitcient gt.utrantee of its superiorl I'LA'1'EII ".rtlt OF SIHEPIFLI) AND 11III. )IINGIIH 1. TLe and l afferllrn, tea setts; eastrs, litquor sa cor dial stllands; slperb le.mllel as, andt E .gues willh lair ror plateaux, for eellt: of the dinner r o splter lahle; waters routod adl oblong, from 8 to ib inches; beer. steak lld vegetah.e dishes; rich disih covers; aeke and irea.l haskels; decanter standl; lxntle andl cehlehr untileastcks; wine stllllelrs; coolers anil Svphons; lecx. ter 10els, elaret corks, tes stttlinlerst table bells. tea, ta tle. eVg. and mou;ttael slollns; egg boilers .tldstttllds tl:tsl hoets, re. SII.VEIR ON S'I'RrEL VAlE. Ta'le allt d ,lestrl klltes, fl'rks and sp.ons; stoup and a,,ce holles; lItter 'lll fish knives, cheese scoops, as iaragus longs, vegietlhll forks, ite. .IA'ANNEIIY. Flme Gothic Sandwch all I round earnlet waiters, ill ettes all single, from 8 I0 31 inches; do of papier maule; iltwl, ehlleere, allll klife taits'; large uipright plate wamlers; s saice, s eelr m1l enUth hornes; pressingeases lldia te. tatlles inll ests, eallles llappllnau and of riech tortoise s hell, etc. IlAM PS. Al extensive otssonlltlllt amng wanle re Astral IlaIsIII all llbronzed llli gilt, and ot 'rieh cot Flass; maontl alals llo, Io, ealth plain wel with glass' prisms; coot idpl t sid cut glass do; broezed aud.laptutlled silde . CIIANI)I.IEIlS ANI) I.ANG'4 I .G LAItt'S, I'ugllsh Astd lreuch cut glass chanlldelies orl I :res of :, l0t, 15, 18, 20ltd ligllts; Frellch ibronzed iuld ill G;teeinl lants, 3, h anil lights: hall lamps andt leIt. erlla, rich bronlze l)o at or centlr l:lamps for drawing eloaas, from I to 6 ligets, lamp slledes, glasses and wiaoa. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLE:II.\AS AND VASES. llrozed alntl maelrtle; brotnzedl And gill. and all gll, wih lixtr'es, etc; counltinlg house :tnl kitchclholocks; iinllzetI itkahtllllls, aegr ilo; I)pter weights, therlaome ets, ctdt niLcks, callllotieca etc. CIII NA WAItE. 01t PtlRCgELAIN. ElIiglish saltl French dining desert, lea atd coffee ser i(.s ilih white, gold edge, antl ver rich llhouc atelea; sllettlidl toil se ltts ; ater untl milk piiteltrs, antle vasvs; falrncy erdI rlcks And haskets. IAltTIHE'N WAI RE. I)ining, deserl, tea, co!fee, Ilreakfast alld sulpper selts; ol0et wlrei pitchers. Also, Caltoll china dllttler setts, CLC'r GLASS. Itwcanters, plttehersclaret ano ti 1,o)lt ed hock deeantres; bowls, dishes, relelr vats, sanlt standsll, sui.r Iowls, blltter 1111ts, tilngel bato.a, tellnborlers hiin, cialaiglle, hlaret, olrdials , lemonasde tus i jelly glasses; tille colori e hunkglasses. Also, eanllle shadles. 'lAIILE CU'ILEIIY. Flue ivory hllonce lalltles, self tilt aend Iuck handle lnives ldllI forkts of 51 nat 53 pieces, or by the dozen; vory huiele knives only ftor siio r forks; guard and 'e carvers; logsllices fort rounll beef, oyster knives, it Clteks ekste i aegare tles, l oA c SatkWe , etc. IIIl'"I'ANIA AN It L.)CII "FIN WAIIIE. ITen allno coIllo settS I lll.ans, with I alnd 2 I't(llCets, llitable for hotels and stea os sea sa lonlsl r Il ladies: easonl dishes w ilh covers, am stersor tlaflglan.ll.; dish ov.le', plate Ileat'rs, cotite gritcgs; tea kettles oil standlll ith Ilheatlers, eoe billors, etc. FANCY II.\illI\VAltE. ] nld wire lenderls, blras'L nlllihnls; )l'rassndl steel thoi.oIlsl t cnlligSi etc; co)ppli ttll Ils and plllllilll kt Its; a ;sti ,tt.) tllilllltn Iptik.; . l lllt.l )b.r ss aIllll I'nzre l: ll l l,- ,t'ar th I ln') rs, 14oe b( .lllt," ht lhws a pld _lll. mob mlashest; crimping mll ad tl luthilg .rhines; umbrella soIIii s, -r.l.:it"• ,-ljohnt~ll fr l' Wollli. I. I p I'S. KIlill':\ 'Itllll 1 1. 1 e-osic it gftir,, til, ri.7.rj i oipper" ai loden O'lla, hlttl, biitt coil(llection of "tI 'eII I ' I;90lsn ly r lll' l folr , tllil llr iroses, a dll ... • ,ief:,tbr se . very toile ,,mei I, n.... e Lk ,epers, l ill l h.l.), tllllh l l ' IltI 'lI ' I. It I I iIr;int i ,i, l I wt e t. ai' ,I a ndl rep olishted i 1ew. Lamps , eaire It a tp l l l lnzelt Iet) .01 . iV , ' '1' . I . (t ) I" ). '" r: l.. 1)i 'tih. · Inii , , \ ,). , 11:.: I aP cl sho. el Nv tk . i leant, TO 111 i VRn, F° .'. ' lt.. ' t . .\I:'1 Y'l| 131 ,li O)i!+i -IICl. ilh t ('i. s r Fl" ,n :dIo le lilnl tl l ot sat i s irt' r . lt 1 i !t li"t M a l: GiT l t o/i'i.a ' i0 acy!ieler, ,. I.t siaws in tlhe ts:led, leeru, re, &o. *01 per saw, or 731 0 10" dol. of -i0 sawa on to. or S saws in a Sttlni), at $ i 'Z5 per ow, or 50i. Jr d,. ilf2ý11" n s ol llo. ori" 4l) saws in a tsl tol, i l.0 per ta0e, or 260 0li INGI.E GINS. Fllor single gLinoa i So sws olr moreI', with ont set of leeti ers, itIdsa, &c . at $tu per h:l,$4810 old 'lor di. of fit sawt , ewilleeders, &r wt $6 '01 pr tat, 300 tilt "ied. ol.40 aws, ,it h feelers, &c. $6 5 per l 0s, 50:1 Oi "or do. of :u scws, with fieders, &c. at $7 50 ptrt saw 150 tilt exlra teetlh vloer lde ireld, Ir ders, Slpplled n n the ouiber of saws. Ioe net of teless , it is en sid led I wlwcr1 , will "eIm oLt ta or tnte lls ofia so1w 5F. axtn saws slutpplied at 30 cll[ts tnihl. The Glins llrderell , l ll be delivereEd tIo lire a lgents of l)n]t us its ty of thet se:a port t0lhwSt it the cot.olI. plan .i e SUIs, ot1 tie ahttte tr'cts, tlheornitil aoling the l i e to ir t tIII ih II m ,ttt f .om lit fork, tcltt l teat'o te It spanlble folr theL: nlol of the ltio. A I ie wrght wille seal llwith c et; gis T I ilt thll ipo wlthie de.t i'hred; the challrlls t iwhose berwices will ble extra lll hat I'iol nningIi getar canlalso t' l teit wloilet.e tl wherle deir.l. in reasoatll tolse tlll, it wl ill et chal- e I extlra. iHo ower,eoflay destcriptli,,'canl l he fi'ninhed +cu like actls. Small stc elteI eginl eull;isal tbe llclcil it del It indesiralle, when pll lteos give ordero fCor Cins, IIt" shouhl gcempsn) then) with their views in regard to iellenlegraenieltl, saw, Ibreasts, llbrushes, &c. It is f iIUtl n the t hli: opintioan. Soumi desire saew of Igll'r di:'Cle'tb th others. IThe most comati ton sizl is it or I0 inclles; some wish thca IS inches. Some wi.h 5 or Ii rows brushes oln Ani a.tae, while others do noot watt more t.uIb 4t tis.. . t'e wish saws with t or teletlh to thie iutih, while others want 10 or II. IV "ll th'elrepalcy, we relfer they shouldlt, at Nie time of giving orders, l l isht a satetiett of their wishes, anll the malinoellierlfl s Call lthtil them ill everl pltcllrl '. Where it is left to eu discetionl we shall make them o. the most mollern and upprSoval plan. A s oat'r canit beexeooteld, foti, lhetitule it is receivled, in tdie stacefil'ughtigt tctitie wetoks, AtihtlIe ('iti in that lithlac ~heetlirtthe ha.t of the rotter. To be it le iti the text 'crop, all orders ot' hlt ti e in the haulls of tlia toteetulre'rsaby the irsot or mitdtle tof Sly; exeptt tora thut..t.atioS cwhere th.ey .eel tte.n acom.etaieicihg to pick or gib cettoe. N. II. The Patent Ill-ht, irot au ote of the aetteo grulwid g Sties, will be sold ell reasoolutle terms. autO I IIaIo ST'AA' 01 LOlOUi.LANA.-F'irst Ju,,ictal .jitarict Court 'rIHE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whomn I these Presents shall come, Greeting:-Whereas William Mlackeh having pourchaed at a sale male by tile Slheriff oi. lle a.ial i Ofrlaens, the property hereinafter ldescried, has applied to the clerk of t is eaurlt in whooe ilfice the dyed of sale wac n ret:ordd on thle 5th day .1f Mai, A. D. 18336, for a nonitio or ad. verlttrstnet in conformity to an arct oftlhe Legislature of the S cate of L.i-i o, entllitled "A nect for the further nssnrance of titles to prcaiareas at judicial sales;" ap proved the 11th day oi'larecb, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye. and all person. interested herein, arc hereby cited and adottnished in the nante o the State of Louisiana and of thie First Judicial District Court, who can set up any right. title or cloin in and to the property lrreinlterdescribed, in, oonsequence of any ilirtnnlitv it tile orderdecree or jadgmeOt of tle court under which the sale ar manode. or any irregularity or ill gtlity in thte apraiemleats and advertiseect, in time, or manner of sale, or for an. Itlher defect whatso ever;, to show canose, within thirty dova faom ithe day this monitioa is lirst interted in tile public poaters, why thle sale so made should neao lot i confirmed and Itomolo. gatel. Tie said property was sold by the Sheriff of tile par iah a oresairl on the 23d day of April, A. D. IH38,hy virtue of adecree of thoa conit, rendired ,in the 3d day of March, A. D. 1838,in a a it entitled William Mackey vr. amuel Bell, No. 13,535 of the docketof this court, at which sale said \Villian Mlackey became the par ohaser for the plice of $3,:01l, castl. IDeseription of Prnperty as given in tie Judicial Con veyan :, vlz: A certain lot of ground, togetter with all thebs build inog and iatprovem.nts theereon, situnated in tle pariah of Urlens, in tie nqnare bounded by New Levee, L.unisa, Paul and t)lard rtreets, ldesignaleld by the No Pon a plan drawniby C. F. Zimpel. I)epnty Surveyor (;enelr, on the Illth lecember, 1831 and deposited as p in No 10, in the hbok of iplns tof .elix Grimitt, nltary , blie. Said lot ,enasures `ll0 fet I inches front e New Levee street,75feet i, depth on the side adjoiningt lot No 8, and 81 feet 7 inches atd : lines in deptlh on the aidle adj tning the prpettyt n tw, or latitl, beicnoirng to N ioodale, ant 19 feet II in:hea widih in the rear, t here it fronts on a alley B'f three feet nite inches in conttllnn to lots Nns 4, 5, i,7. 3 and 9. Clrk's Otie, t1 t " 1a . 1838. ott6 tO it I EIWO1 try (lehk. M. WILLIAMS,' t)CULIS'I', I.OUISVILLE, JULY 21. It has bleen sakid ta I ro:n way frol L.oulis vitle nol(:iiof+, ther ilacof) lad nite truckh for thle " ie.^rar.'theleftore resolved on Ta.tduv lost, tript to Cincillnt ti. for one Iday onl; I retlurneal goaii Ins 'light. 1 tieia to f. el lat I alt a very r;portant itdi avid., atis t slta pl le tile J ourll ol' tis city was put "tlu a gt ha nd ethi lo+id lly ,)lt It reIt I oty eotler tllingc,'t'tntat I h all actalt~ly llun a utat fr om Ll outevill· to e'cpethlo eflcts ie 1 of the cerful tinulletic nee lo of d,:tor 'nip. rh knihelt of tile tlhiml e, oa as, A S S. ill. retfri, however: Oiho-et toit ho ible of he ho andl hll; is npplirttbc t to thle Jurnal I. Thie fatle is ".A hoey wR t vilotd oVllt watch ald rive tilia alrI, the fct ifn la en tfl u Ill'r he l i g eittt r a 'foutltl.t, a tailolt sit p. or a liar, f,.ei Iv orel out ite wolf it, oif,nin' fol, tlel gre I tdioay of thie eitir... Th v t loat (1unl oiut hie reaellharacte: tii tll Irh was a oiar, lo notl ihtol be I evetlevett l u Irl ,l spoke thtetrolh.' h'l'h fact I I tatilltetites mst prduce treir effctt. So il giif trottelof tie t'l-wire writers, )r. Snip & Co., it: Ile lJjarn',l I w ldt iAllviote tltel toprovide tloeo a selves titlla sltoa enile reas, in orler o meetll wiln lterfutOeilol Oianl ieri.tol If tllat1t:ler. n ir it wrll ko', thlole alre foulay who eek for nlltlillng Il1 flselle llol,,o of li leer liVe l ttl e t 'lte Lttert oif thal t rti' rle, B llllloI, ttlnteP , fir G olliath ol,, of eele ol tIliihle celtehritrl tile great mest of the of A leO il0n pol)lle,'itro fue I, pader flr eole, os eoleo ers fle troth. 'lhernf,rtd tbhey well (.eleet esrotduced ly ther ctloes t noturily sayo wMa ttl reid a l er, dat I aItV rely o:tI thfltiole I will seek out e ol,lo lt'e EI te am sirtN'lPcr t til e oher jortnleti, wOse Rtfl (llefllt, Will uit prlI, false, 'Theire a Stoatenells are too pal Ihtle tol rtelflout .lotatin; yet I willo y .te: lot, I it, 0e l i tollst h'itel. 2d. 'Thloht I rhnllremuau. tt I he 31st Jul, 'thl Ilr S.,,i & C'o., IIhave it t' a letter llthreatening lty lile, if I rethinedlifter theOlt. t 3il. 'htl fr m Ilt I hltill proeeed to Ciooonati,fol fottrteenlo .o ioly. ,f wtij.i I widl Di' "tltp & Co.,I inform the tflliitei,,in thelr own otoial ,o'ver failp t Ibrinog le pifllonta. 41h. 'Flnat fromn C:ioloant lI shall proenc to tre Pall if tlhe Nioo:ra, ti te ti I.tll.ui l,, if r S( leip &; Co. dI not tnlke oe'y my ire, on thlle I'i fZ.le'iteiiloeft oao n New Yllrltill the lelt o Nv.elnelr, toollelll ho,: thote 'ith' aexlt'snneeinoerdeller o Itosoh at all Ithe whoil "h~iimfiae; the ileoial Goliihs of llonton, Phi'tdet. p)hn 00e11hiso, Naohville inud L.oisville, wtho wei prahl ef-. (hPtfe Ih ,t time rriveo lthrt,ftilith Ist Rtiop oaln lire GOllinl 2d. C'lllrier &e. Golta make fr nsoc, Inlle.-, &e. Golilh 4111th. Cern ellttef. (;lli h 5th, l'uiits ndol leiru a 1 flinkldstore. . lrflial fhtlh ll. lm'ot iifonili'tit Ilf ol l, tle, onip, a'ia Hell, e Oe, ptloih"' to tleIP pr)llietors aild eilittla of the Jotirnol. I.ntlh' I wolllt:ive th noble IDr. Stilp t Cot knos, tli;at Ilogl, belorfethllt were abe to thotwd a nrer tleortpe..ldit Iflistfr, I tall lteoen itr yeart, in the Itoh ay o ll Itceoll Olia .Mahjety'o cuftotii te (tiresa HBril. ain. 1 .00even rtlletl f ellmloyel. Dt liep I lleno spinnepr; thle cuirr; tiir; tte iiiohes[maker fur 00se0001he corn motor; the I soiuandl r tiehtor kpepei, andtoilth Omgniocrif dIoltotiitnitIIftYi'e, Ifon oloree thoun dreeo of brine aele to lhl liket I wioh the Jootool i. atote,loIh.,lteceivohut:otn nild streO Gera 'low ilhttI A Al. .anldesetlonien fronif 3 to 5ii'elne,, o AI. evert dcy,to ohtoin tioy olltillno t withlo't foe, as uonol In Beliont ste, III g rIreret te, JollhN W1Lt.I.A "MS,Oetulft Jetierset Honue, Louiovile, JlI . i.1837. P. S.-Since writii mg y last, I have leen inforrnen that olne of tlte cer-,P, 'thy he poi r Iacqltee of tle JouIrlnl, saill hi noI hlle lrtare svn a ec tpledil' e Wit' l'i, for lst e srotoittiielt thet totgethert in mlate re lanrk+n ,thhye , efelr rntllel. eaLh opirf th ilttil the adage, "hirels of eI fcatitr tchik tonetlher," 2. Fornot praing the lantte, Mr. Prentice, alias. "knigha tf the raili." f the eounty of Caentel buryv lase nrllrlluset's, tiel respIlr dle to stttll 1t di.Itfier, t er.rt t aPe. 1 istrne, llh alige t have bta e litn o lrated, l oment d wlithtr. arlnd the illrrng co' rnoetlcr"ceo.n I lHmIr lt twtn t!ltg-hill," witrlrt tny lorel loerit, do ieser'ving "tu his nlllt; as w, t find by ach;ait ht torit that hnOletere ,blunt alive, hrterlls n byar hallte whiltr mtlr e were , rlis to Ie e prlllllors, ri.. " ed haver.her lbeen thle kerg ie o ie tite r .ll ti o wrclthyhkllilt is y'etn not only nlivrc e alalr' I, frn plU lillic Ionia- to join his br ther ,:e kni t " I the e thics m tlct rrojrrtit, inreri n il ee s Ihlt ib ith lrith int o rr In h ell u i, te n, dg th i Or w' I lr,rIil. w ll e4 v lll tll r i a ull hisdl g;i svea - Jetheson - i+oue, ar, 22 July 1c 1 i A . l i t y i ll , e. t Ir a a e l t . t' p 1' F tfth ]:ilt, sva v ' ie:'tr ine l acrtr lty h , lia t e ,I II'.rIe tem pI . 'a ',+ ;h r telw nl es ii retl. rt N yehut llnu Le r ktr o r,e' llnt 111 wes Ih)r e ail itt l ,lei t hto iWer t it , h a h. th e o IIo . r ti e (io deservrtdlyy rahl er'.t re r do rfa milt 'l t rle e h , ' a' wd at', t ll rt; etocl-d ' ano l,t mu re isl' tll tllart lill tlt 'I . wile te I ler' I), . le. tt I aouls , d, r, h ose tln , m, 1t ee n I. I o lll' Ibe th e d te hart'. l il',I th, t , o~a 't IIht. yorr! la olree t it.-t It raree l I re,'th It ,l eIllr. ido" u ri le c l dc e airly i Ire nl r t hed I lr ary ntl ilet, ert rha, a l ti i ctrei n c :,v id r c'.t1 ler11t i e eo tt ctl l t cc dl in titillr as earon al pttrrl rievn er r . Ir .. y 1'.- hc I.. -cr.t icufl hir ino h ,ll.s , fhalOl rll e it "all lia .y I diih o n i,,,l; nocd ithtat l:l t I aelt il I r It ( a td .e, rll ter ir rlmt'ftet If' ecer hthertttrrr shul d rovt oe of . ie trtrear, rr ito ated rd to ill. \hlln oa-kd if pre oilprbnwcd i, "I ed eale n w hice 1 :1h' t-set h I ever t said rat ileee tl t rther en t he oo.y a ingl e irp e O it tin Ld of r1ite 0 e liese Ito te' a e t re titelo inhd Tecseel pr nr of the worthy kic hts of the raol ti tih thlriblre, ill a trlet" re arkt aleil ail terr eirat canif . etr udetr mtlhtt.nexcay er i c r, c yth e A ver, cee a, ttas a atere ai' ttetde lihy rc. ont;, the iorl odf c trink the utto or tl e wll set a righ antl -llae clll it nhi eit hcnlllre ti ,l to o I t tiet mluie ntd nIJl, tir., rnlf clir , r ian es Iit I rc eern stl n elar lolhtlgt.r Inrt. :I eyIV fthir thnl,, lere. who S l thc'.,(tao-nolrrw' ll t wlcl they eant da teheis r'. I.-- I ietr jntt received a letthel, dateld IintJu - nv ti all itc lln oy to the dru egist, lo fllls cty. TIa toli elclra tni tllcenh-atle "iellntue Ser tinll.,"ep c ten t il: ti l e t (lhth Ir tre i C ll t n Ie ti-t letter. 'yi le t maytlre1t ameul', I tllc dpt knnw car eu"t ik Gi·a.ilctr ti, tl . . t.. ee' dle th iy c i,, tolin hilel; etr, i t' t re p fitsL ally gtlartretraI he d Ullst c I eAlrae wear It, thutp ea Ot enilte nd do rt by ale. h To the Editor eaf kle Ctty f eAret e: `ot ait--Having listeneh t thin entreaties of my pren Irpititt, In ltriee Ivedtl if tv hec ultl Iplelec itc to ret lim it. thit e city til a t ie e nttl of J tuly. I i. ''a t av tno et theml miore peood, 2. 'Ih o calitiute h rile rnIlnllitilnts thoat the vile rpo thItrs thile Medical oliu is S. &r, laete applled to me. belong tr theoo , a' tire r lawful right 3. r ot I am rtIdv to leplosito twoh Ia 'ed dnolliardr in ''utt·s of tat:: U, S, (tank, it, the hnds of his. Hthnuo thle \lavur lofitl'hiscity, satIIsst a similar sulm t be de Isieutd by all tie gr at mnd m htY Illte tors S. &. CG. the S .oaser' to traiert more lger , an ddlre-oed, young l'rson:'io nui:lyhialr.o , who we Iotally or phllartglin blindtir, t Au tv dlo ad theat itl Ita lraned t cure e greater numbl of shodrl, weak itr dil-slghted i lereod during mo y n hort vis itr th the dotla. Yet I w I aIlo *y w isoe cunllrniatorg l Call in to thetr aid all tlhe vett deservedly e lebr~tcd pro esdllra uuid Dottoral r all t medhi iel clleens, as well as all the doctors and quack doctors ., be wi'ld id private prnticeht (who ire n'tt faw! in the States of Kant eky, Ohio, Ildiana and vs I ill'1 nlless nwlere teres oireg iaded sgo Iwl tra to Ie ihmIou h hlr, who'te mnele reug t to bel h:dcd duw as low as )ostl ible to latest aastperit.I 4. It es st Ie c leary utr erttuud that all the cures if any, ol bnoth rid 's, m alllnlr hle isiar 1 eshall have been iterroelat tcitlluul tile aid oatlly surgical o ertioUn whatever. 5. ToPo a wla really meroit the epithets they have sAt lilWerall r ap'lied Illt ie, shIe I 'orfettit l de ttll for t It btellil otfile i cllh h qollt.e i o hllieityc, and Ihe otllerpar ty shnll take baek hli, owu $20,1, wlhoever he ir tihe nlUv tie. If eeill the miglhtyv imedic ii Ilumbugger St shaulae ortt l a of Ilpa sueeeselfl cetoandidatea, 1 will nftuh toie old proverb, and give th "'old geltlelmai " hir due! ci. At all eventi 1 woulr advise the last named Goce liah S. nolte sRtfer that letter to stand ;lole, aa t goBe for "eimplectn" as wall as "sapient," hLat-, yesterdasp ant. :oday;* but I advise him to and to iti ise$ititmaln etompnniuell, A S planced before it i. alphabet ical artae then the independent inhabitants of the city would al ways know the writer b " the melody of his voier. JOHN WILLIAMS, Oculist. •I was weak enIugh ta read the mast of taltehoods signed S., which deserve nothi ng but my uilent con teullt. jiad eknown lat evelog of the great i:portanee oel A S , I shouhl ]have treated the last of the three somna what differently-: but let that pass. I will. however T hmpoliome ct hi t master of the Journal, for his aga ity to e olnoy Ithe finrmer kaighot (o of the garter or of the thistle, but) ofthe needl andlt tkiuiblh+, in order that he may kill two birds with one atoe, i. e, tu patch the h nllea that lUUv be in Ilia natural or political garments anI if oaiy judo tfroi that excelle.eieo IS.p, C hel Ad vertise. Ar. corilt a oi.ltIr is, politiaelly, in cunsltnl ined of his aervi;e. 1Vheu Iinla elrauulstellsedce etr whether domeaticallI or politienlh', which requires a Elister, whetler oi hi lwll Iose noreu the repntation of those who do not hao sea to please him, be ng unlike hia, (which neuat be I groat uialbrttuiie.) thou it is lie riugs his BEiLL, wlhiee aftelall is nothing inmo,'m than if it waait souiudhlt braes oratinikling cymibal;" yell to view it thui--lDr. Bpll looks well; jlit with au M. !. A. 6. S. after it, appears uiagnicunt!i JOIIN WILLIAM1S, O<ulirt. July14. H AVANA S t1 EE.TMEEA'I"S--In tlslre anid Ilr l by T I` HYiE & BRO, je', eor Common and Magazinp ser, THE handsnone STORE and hack Kitchens oil the easement story of the True Ameri. e1an lIMiee, two doollrr Irson St. Charles The atre. A flt t rale stand fit a f'n+f,.e Hnlloe Asple to 1ul18 JOHN GIBSON, Editor True Auiericn. NAILS.~-A prime nsenrttment of Codt Nails from Ito 25!d. fot snlahy CHASE & nIXgV. ml nIils oun HlnsseCtrtt. lMILE' Ci..ColPOUNI) IX'ItAC.r OF TaOM A TO: , 'A SeSTITUTE. FUor CAmnosL. I F. H doct ilb e - OInic ult llt il with sl nll nh nssuRlance L by ma lly liries of tihe pese t ,eI.i that one Ille I liciue will ul tt all Iisases, is l t ot, i l Ivel call l e lltrue; andl lie who asserts it, is either a fIb.l ol. aii patorh~' I~lut it is a thiat dmnonstrable hy ce perience, illlt comtbinutiois of nedlicile Imay Ibe forld tluilm thu VlEGTABLh KIiOUMII, thalit Will iIt so uiilersallly oil tile sI stclle, eu takell sceasnllillly, ndl in jlliCihlus i ou irti 'osllr :.s tol u rei i lile cLasei o fll 1 1' Iten , all diseases willlll the recll all power oIf mledillt.l (l*olm tle well kllolln allld estalblisheldi re tiollltlnn of Calomel, it Its luongb beeii emloei by l em llit i, itllll.cielltiil Illhls:ein1, as olle oit tile u1ost ionuitifil ,Ige ,ts lr thu re o ul 11 of d jia Se . B . It .e Ibform er, 1I umst every land Iis been dehlgelt wlith inostr.ulin Ithat th ir IunllI(oIs claimell as spelifics iu e.elry Ilibeare illni gullt be tile hullmln iuillfh. Ttte foll of tlles iietnll Siilll iiIets llo ollllllUnelt, for ieiiac heiilr l ill.sti gtiOnll Ils lltnll, hlllr ihe baleb mi st of tlhe Plfllncetlse Uittoliieut,, keu. C hict hitive bentrl lliiitetli lllubte tiltel eounltllln,li with o nituch asuo.Uiiulle, is Calnel, or ilerl.cllv ill slolllm 'loi. Nuo if Ilhis titnii ialtidler 'ven itis hl'lis of tile most skilful illysiieiu, lirllne t i euer't Iill l nll le'cu lthe lltFi i ll'uhl, u 'eseenU d ettirel'lllllR tw llo theelltrol o|'11'11 arIl ndellrn Illnng collstitution, acil irinsugg on l 'rmlul e t hinge. lisease ll tlhlii, hit rtllli.esllt shlll' lie eixlelel whbcll w Ihcr sclcd by ihe igiiifn-alt? ~cul- their ilntlli i heunseini 'ictims itrplkI, uvoice fronl te tolllb wlooi l t o1 ilin.el ihe -pecifJc' delusiuon tlat lnow awa s the mindts of itetr livtlg. Hiv unne Physitians lde ltile the sad' resunltti I tberr I. iuI1 a inT tliu'n t iidctlnd will hlY hiil llhe in rldcuicioitu ofii lu' ide tliut eu't it, elb" be tci'ltillllul) til. elii'tel. T'hrie feel, asud thai keenly. he n crlertillulv of il prlrimal, rep-ipeUtlhthey eallot saily wtilletr it 1il lie f rvonflle or nll levo.llle i Trey ullt ketoii, iand feel, th I i its uts is. doinne:l for alny coriidiirluble lini, in Jiiui olls .rcalilllli cironFelellelnce .t tlllowiu. Fllel ieu IuII Ut choose the ulst of two evils: they knllw iuo thter article thai will arlIs a tlourpid liuverl, renlole cibtlrllt tioll, 1i seti ill fle action the wlile gliitiltrhl si)steml ind it beig indislpei.,lt necesrslry Ito d, Ilnis, Iher conlltilUt, its use, ilotwithtllrlndliig Ihe eril oollslulellccs whicth fijlolt. Tileu Itlng desired inI soutght ln article tha wouhlitlroIne thle goil erfects Cf this idrut , wiithoul sujl. etling tle iatiet Ito its del'ielious restltsu. Suhel a li lertimlll it is uIielrell. llH at iiigltll iheeu o!tiulllle.. in thu artic.le now i.irsiulried to I piabli. Tile rIoPlrieiuul'e ,f this artiul keeping in iew tihe tact., a itl a we ciii benevuwent u ein i c. iliuecid wtil li tie reci it all, rei-lthes aattitutetio et itlstlnses ii cidet tli tle clinulte they ihlabiit: alld kunwiug, like w;si, tha luost of thle diselses of the Solth nutdi We.t re Ibasel loll "Anllie or funetioultt ilerugnicnlmeil ii tile lier -ir.clihltedl theile t. ntitnt t1 those articles which acl mlore esii ciclly on thie idlir. orgoaus. Alter hulog, Iliorioii, ciii expellsive rteerch, they hve succeeledt in extraclilg a stbslltnce from tle T'O M ATO, wllicll, fuiom its lpeculii effet "tpiol tle Iepa lie or biliiry orgitIS, Itiet hatut iletutiiiinateit Ilcputlie. I iu a IleliUi .e thlat 'ill tIlu:ue all th' e bui licit l relslts ouf CUloiilII ill built otlle lld chllOllit i ieiulSes, ~iilthlt -iie ilisililit of i irmlc uiug the leerictutltsde tcon setptenrces Fumnslon to thate aticle. its utiiin i ui.iil m te iilnu llstitllioi is utitsllll.1, lio pul of tile ytell cesCcalindi its illfltellce. It is., howew.r, u gO t 11 ttt olgllls of beeretion tli excrlelio, thal-t its gie't Iowerl' is artlctiulily iulll.tstid helceit it s pte culiarly hlupledl to t..e tIlreltelll of bilicc fevelir Mitii otler disreases il whicl a tlerpidity or congetioll of tihe liver aid prtal citrcle i1rcail. I is HllliSiblt ii all Uisus, whtler it is neeessarty tn cleansete shtoalll alulil bowels. It I'enrtcts cbultine tion. ald exCitilet1 a quick and healthy tlliout of the liver and olther gl1ulular vlcera ou the Clibdomei. rBeiig tlil fsltlblei ii o its ottIO it lPoduces a fiee eiculatin ill tile vess. Is ol tile sIurfe of tile bIelv, accollrllanicd hy a geitle ierslliratioi It doles niot exhaust like dhas 1ie il''ge; still, its action is more uivelrsall, allldl nllt oftein Ile reileaedotl mlTrely wittlllslily bult wilb gl'els I1l11nt Thi. becomllles indlispetnllllllby ilecess81ry in enlsle oC loug suaiilinig; for il thetnlilellse temloratlir imllre ioll inolcme by striiug lediciies, seldoum, if erol, lIo Igooll; bullt tell to iujre tile slnl:li of tile calistliltu ioll. It is ttcllillg aud1 IIui'yiing to le sysitel 1s ill iIu'etiel iloltriiy with bllino iieil i ,tiiI lilt.. al.I is IUlllioruietly one oUl tie Ilst r~ulunble inrticles etir oltuel i thrl utlllic tlriialt1t illpectilllli Folr cnlll'elliellne, Ihis nlcdicine is formed into S grlalil 'ills. The whiteil'etiF e cath-rtic, altrrati/e, diu p,:'retlic iiidiretic. TheySr llyu pillharlec lic, utim Iula: aidl iapho'retic. The foilutwig extract on tile subject is from thie Cincin unti JTbti c. );F.LE'?S' "T.O.ATU .11EDI(CIXlt. The viltlues of the1om"|Ol11o, lnot onlly lls a delichous vegelble i r tile 'ble, buit asl as a muiii ille, ille lir ' PIoI lll i blllle iml.' ilasf lltl, 'atlt , Ii1 o little att nlllillllo , hlaIlbele nrbiei llvto olssssa;i li-biliou. qullie s wiiiciut , it cthy iouliu llle C illfe a:ly etciLaCcdi I.i. s- rtAiill ttri i the sUlperfluous Iattel', wouhl be iuvwllnalle. Tlhis hias been AnI-ete' ze, as a bib "us cutry lil. A 1111' pu. ionlil iii theditt scusei l istd t-li-oiii .Iici'tired li . r mII iii t 1angenets ( I th glmbhe isi..%tm. Thi. is eSl,.oinlly trle c',le us tile w.tL, : d1111 sill mor11· e se . tlhe .soith. If / r iirlll, eis, '-it, ,elicitu:ilin i llopeS, r at, i l lll nlo:I\ h i!g t: C.o h l'it,,i , u nlp:srcd, cll uhl tl .: Ilhlrelrhsente Lr o i (.bilious c ImIlltill1, tle w ill(I ui itsie cltin ll e lu ilg the mo1)st Ilaltl ClinolStts ihllIhe wold.ll. Coalonliel Is b.llenR the 1|entillU uiviet'sall refl ely I'th Ilaeicits of his ctl hai t til t i'. It Iti e O is l' e e11 " 1 it Intll, but iecessii y shouh hnui e lit use ol .hn be cll illdeell is tteli llasie ut tille pOIuiu h e fanotn h-oli:'siou to i k ,e iil-s, i eltdi we lI lii i ermiiti td ioi ex 'tss oIul strIoIn .cI cllition tall t CahnmIeL cniiniLtI be ltes, .eiIute ol ltii, icIilrdicigll ttile quteilies takid n, We'I VPitc I·'r lubll olc!.ile icii111 iii llli~p ~111·U anl the i 't.livuency l i Cs Ier itnud tle c.llleiio ll IC ltec Falic nt. A Mibi t o etiu l ir ihii therefore,l irom I he viu - qeutabl khlgdolml is a desdllUratuO n ill this contil li'r\ lit-i bl'ievi' this siRielllr1io lh beitn dlelhltel'ed in ihe TlultL. DbIC . 1tiiu s, u f thui t iti , ltlid lue iiea.(i uiccIe.. eded in ohlibtaillg wlbd uL xtriict lIami his I egIn*l he us, it is lo ed ls llil b e llot a .elf ctuil il -ubslltsite. 1 hi'llRe i11ktIei (lom 11ailntoI l eqll uil' UaUmlong mICl'ediall[ IIm1e1 1 l the.l. \llhO hIqt rt Ihi.s lnl editinelll , s llto itl efects, ti 'er ttti wel l saliefied that it c ill -ill e a ilti b evatlu:11.2 Welme ii llbHioUs l·nlnllh ill. i I11 us we hi1. befit .ble Lctleti, it hi-s lutit u eFu tick iire efl.t olrtnetg t. lrOllucer1ei tIltt.i lotiion Cill the livel, liouni.e lllitre lieal tlarge llhel ieellel ul d ii ll bllltitl ih stillcuS bl'eokt il lotels, wHiot ei uls cl tallyl anaiiin a shlorlter' IItunth n c~alaml:lll For11 hic.1. oi Inhlious ieltllnclhlles it hs benloIuhd 1 .o11 d ir . Tho se wo te ite n.I it lo t u Ill t III leclt titei tilihe dtilii itil l.ftectLof ll it othr ki is of ourg tible mibheiei i uhlu therl io uo. tcuhoiucasd ilgr Ilnl cuucus I11 :ts ti atut h u lte iiige diistl oi itiii wouli bi ii tded thi . lrates wlllt ut aitlny rige othe dMst eltl g i i ino hisil'iousl teff*¢ts of ~dame'l wluen pro)duchng .111aitatio Ctis wle au'u 'earof to hoCe i0otn ut. iiito ,igttion, hii exlatd be fcmittiitt.o Stil krove u s sbsibtitbie 's alual~l~. ill I gr'eat val iely of'cases, we t.a111 o a-.d it as n Iblessing to th'e huulas. thenih. 11111 plieerblh ysr a11.nul Ire~e gram all m'iner is hl to we.leadb oft it and w e Iruitthai ilssurono s liillly te~led by F~it I €. Vl have eIIVeryI: 16aal eUbB .otne... 'The above medicine can be obtained only of the Ge neral Agentsl anld tilhoe rnetil .c geocl iv ang a cisniool cigned by "A. Miles, "Praot I",. Il. C." ,ol couantrsigued by 'E 11' ' Stione, Geineral Agents Ibr Louisiana," and bearing tie Cumpany seal. Lat f J.lgeners. E & B T Stone, General Agents for Louisiana, 114 Iie dr & Co. 133 Old Levee street,opposiire Veg ta ale Markes. Paul Martin, car Old Lever and HoIpirll street. WVII SMie r, car Camp and Julia streta. nr Mueller, or Tclloupitoulnas stre t and St Mlary' nmarket J P Ilarbat & Co, corner Tchoupltoulas and Giin.d streets. J & PP Hart:vcll, Bayou Sara, La. l)r Win Sansbhury, Natehiltches, La. Thomlas ,tansbnry, Houston, T'exas. Frederick Serda, corner P.ydras and Canp sts. Gnu Jonesa,'l'ivoli Caccle. Wm. Evans no. 4 Building Co. tow. Application foir gencies or medicines by wholesnle must bc madel to te General Agents at New U leans. All letters, post paid, will be promptly atteided to. STATE OF LOUISIANA. .ARISH COURT. for tile Parish and City of New 1 Orleans. Present the Hon. Chairls Maunrian, Judge. June Ilhh, 1838-No. 10,984.-Jacques I'utier ov. his creditors.-Upon reading anid filing the peition and sahedule in this ca., It is ordered by the Court that the credito a of thei inlrvent du rllow eanse n open court on Saturdai the 7th day of July, 1838, why he should not beddisclarged according to law; and In the meantime all priceedlngs against his person and pro erty are stayed. Clerk's Othic, New Orleans, June II, 1838. je4Idaw AIRMADI) FI'TOT.Clerk. ELTAT DE LA LOUlISl.te..-CGour tie laai,a.-e, Spour la parnoise et la ville de la Nouvelle Or leana.-Present I'Hon. Charles MAantles. juge, Il jin, 1'38.--No. (1,984.-J:ccques Potier centre sc s erentn eiers.-Snr lecture et earregiaeient de la p-titiin ei In a sclhdnle dns cette aflfare, II eat deerlht par nla our qua lea ertan:iers de I'insolvablels ire savoir leri rlui nonsen our aouvet, Sn cdi Tlde inillet, 1 838,pctinrq ui iln e serait pllnt dech rg conformernent la lci, et en nttendant Ionaes poluraniles contre an peraonne on sea propri sent aent nrrtkher. Bureau de grelier, Noluvelle Orleans. I1 ruia. 1838. jetl4 2aw ARM tNI) PI'TO'I , (Grele. INSEED O(Il--0 bbls, landing fca tenaulcon L Albany,for sale by G I)OI*EYO . jel3 44 Ner I evee. ARLY'Sa UPER IOI IIAIS--NoO landing oom in steambona Saltana, a rue.lly of the above, put up in hhda, tieccea and bihls; for sale by I.AYETr' " AIMEILUNG, jel3 17 Commerce street. INSEED OIL- -I bl andl eoaalcceo Lineedc Oil, now landing from ship Na 'hville, and for ale by JARVIS & A..DRKWs, Wholes.le Dru-nistn, jl.¶ Comiaon and 'tchnpitnnla ast. COTCH A - casks (pints and n ucar)l .i -store e nd fralaleby HOLIES & MILlS, je1lO al lln a 3111 kegs wllite lead, pure; 3i0 do green paint, in 24 linr, kens; 24doz intedrins lhrsiusi;till0lb lilihraes 26 doez splendid 1001) gnround Ihushe sins, o fillOtt als i)00 do; 2 raees crenme green in pwde1. SUerior :vri:e l no dl IIt csao; t Iirgs anssortoennt of sash inols ffcve.rv size nud quality; st le pencils for artists; liat mnrking Slrushen frimerchants; artist's colors in oil r ire pnrel,i hoxes, litted s ith all aecesrl.ry brusben; artist's tools, &::. Flake and ,mulitr wlt"; 6D0 iacks gold leaf; whlte and yellow wax; gnm arabic; and a large anl choiCe ns nouctelee of pnilet, dry colore oil, turpltie varUish &.,i fer sale,whelesale anld ,ctail, at tile lowest prics, by MONI)ELLI, a28 58 Canllp t. rt ktePh.; I Uc. .YEW EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISM N.1. IT has been for som time made knnown to the pulihc 'hat tilhe Rlterllhners re enaeed ill prepars g for tie pres a mew edition olf the Louisiana Civll C,5nl - I'hev weren. rn the firt, aware i tilhe great ditliculty and respos1ii,iiitv attending the publication it' lte work, nd itt was noit wilthat great lileitati. that they cniti sellted to tilhe lndlrtlkillg Bt tle Iresent eiliiont. a.nountine to bout three thousand copies, nnl 1 hlich had cst tile State miore than thirty do,llars, was entirelyouudlf print. For molre than two years lwst, the t'.sal p ice of tile work has been from thirly to fifiy doller. it is a system of written rules wnieh rit immediately operates nullt every ihdividual of the statr, interested either in agsiculture or conuerce end which .nterns the disiaosiin of so tnteh property .onnillg to ils frIII dtither stores, thn--unl ke aluens. a v other treatise ill ,n law-it-it eas moeh the exl-h.bok "end ItIunnel of thit merchant asld the nier, as it is of the private gentle manl unsa the profersioaal a slvoc it. flle lawyers of the adjoicnig starea, anti in fact of al itose sltes'l upo the )hi ahnd ,!is issit.i rivers which lind a marn for their irondce in Louisiana, have a tfre qluet nee, sityv f ecference to the code, and make it al idli lensable ";rqttsiie to their lilraries; and in tle nvit of New rie ns tile hook is as sure to L siUod is thie ierchalnt's counting room, os upn he desk, i Illo e Illde, ior Iie table of tlt" artts)tie. It is nact e5llpri.ieu Ihetelefre thna tile first edition of the work was so qoick ly disposed of; and although a ere reprintl of it wouhl il tsome oleasre supplyv fihe public neces-ite, set it w'ould be imper'ect ned unsatisthlt ry unle's annlltated with referncens to tie Reports and Stntllle , in or,' r to el race te nimnereose amsendments which Ilav bh enl made by the I.egislatre, and the ilportap t dPecislnll and eltsteretinos which tie l bee given peon tllany its articles hby tile Supremee Court.e The publishers have secored, lhr the general stuper intendncne alld editorial deparonent of tie wotk, tile prilessonalls seriees el thpleeleck S Utntn, Ecq. . mte.l'erof the New Orle na linar. Trie itsn. J.lee Iullard,.lnd-e Berlmdes, asnd Ilon GCl rne Eustis, have each kindli assisted tir Upltonli with the valiable notes whihi they have collected in tihe Iollrse, o their studlis anUndpractice;lind to Mr N R .lennins, the part nerof ir i ton, who is also enraged in the work, lieo Strawbridee, Esq. iht presented the great mass of tet rm.aes oontaiied in his office coptv of tile clde, end wtich nave been nmde hly him durilg the whole period ol his dis:inguished irof.cesional labors. The pulhlish erI ina tc'erefire well trelst tint tie anntltinnn of tle work eill be aill thitl iidulstrV and laboher, nilted by learning and experience, Cen perltrinl. In putting forth this prsleetes and solicithing eene ll sahscrihersti the work, tee iibli~hers lase rile iii Itse fi't that the Leislsature of Louisinlt has authorized the I;overnor to order one thllousand cllies of it flw the funltllre Iuse of thle State. The readiaesi Wilk whlich this luntrm was take by ethe Aeaetll, eviccd their ji't sensee of the vslae olilhe wlrk;tlld tlhey tltcrev eXlttcn edt that confidence in the ability of the publislhe's and elditors which it is he ed intr tiwholv nd.eserveP . Thile work will he printed in French and EnzleIh, upon good paper and with clear t~Yir; nor will ani ax ellse ore are e spared to make the whole mechanical execlltiln ol it cllteesOl witi its l reat imolrtance It will iprobtbly he readly fhr delivery in ile nmoth of Septsmlbr next; and thi.e prine winll he, ito llhcriltr fifteen dollars-five dollars to be paid at tls tune of sub scrihieg. 'ile stnicription lists once closed, the store price h ill be twenty'dollars per copy. aip v l E JOHNS & CO. Publishers. rUR N'EW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packe*s.] rl I I sill hips cmepi ellhlg tlib IU wIll nisll uh1ll Nw S leanl d New York oil every other ilMolldav e nnllllllelil oil tha 20th ovebll ell.r all to in lure thIL slricli lt pU etuality i the r rile I saoili.g, tll lil.e ni ill hereafter consist of five Ships iz : SI i i'azoo, I aptalin rask ih leavet the 2sthe ntv. Sit1 Louisville, Captaini Palmer, to leave on the 4th1 1hip llunteillOe. Captain Eldridger to leave on tie IX1h1 I)0,celh t. -Sh111 Ieksbure, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the .st hop tery. Ship Vistasstppi, Captain Duvis, to leave on tie 15th i, ''lhe nhbovCe ships are all new. of lthe fir.t clas, ,,ll'pr -r d nltd coppe r laslen.d, and nIpward, Ii ' 50 11 Ino urichln, are of h'lt drllhl of watetr, bien' bilnl Iln .ew ottrk ex lresly Ibr the trhde. The iriee p'a se is fi,,ed at one hundred dollars 1hir rN hine ire lltled ulion tile IIII R ilove )OVld ul convelliPnient )pl, anlld li ished ill aneat and eleeant stile. Ampllle stores rl the first qll lity will Il' Ilrrviled, atlll ever, regard Ihad in thle "..lfr tiand entire saltiletilo Ilf lnsse l-r s, whl w ill pl ase take nolice ihat ni ber:h ulln be seemled ni tml plid tor ait tie oiice If the coneignlls. ',se I aeklts are commandeld by Ciptilh. well ex periecrle in tilhe trade, who will _ive every aillemioi, [llll exert lthemielves to accollnnodate. 'I le will a all I;nes be towed up an:d doIl the Missisillppi h, slenl'llatl, and the strictest punctuality observed il, the li rll' of sailing. The owners of these hips will not be responsibh!e I i-. let er, ipalcel or epc.age eent by or pue i IIneostl m) !lem, unless a regular hill oadit ellilie lagned thinfor t tihe c'.'nting itonsa of t Ie agellts or o, inersi. Fc ortle r particulars, apply to 1it BEIN & A (O)1EN; nov 1:1 9} h illltln n st. rAS i; uld lilty loil ut!r ) Ih ele l.I ,lle, ltl. i I1t 1II of July,a iurge laun:h. ( Eneglio huill) collppe faitened, and llhas been collered, she is l fiet ill and elght lethe ellli alld has Leni sloop rigged, II. thllere e re iron straps firwnd filr tigging. Wlhoever re c-gni'es said launch, will pl.eate call t No 70 tOll Lover, a 0 - Us AK.-InRil hlids, a prime artinle, tor sae by Je2l 41 ispe!t ever flU\IPilREY'S FOil I;N I OUR. &v. G REAT BRI I'AIN, FRANCE and tIlEGIU,i, 1 a short Iur in LP:l5--Bv len -llrl hlrev, 1). I)., itlestdlent if Alllert t', in 2 vons. The Works of" Mrs. Nherreood.--Banllg the only cml,| ele anld aln.tlrim eldition ever Ipblished in tile United Sstes, vol. 15. Just rerenved and for sale by 1WM i 'l AN, = Corner Camp &mCmon .streets. P1NISACOLA MºANSION IIOUSE NEW CITY, PENSA.\CLA. T HE sub riber havinug ipuriared the laase ud fur nitureof this well known asnablilhmenit, ftrin dIt Tl'ylhr, the late prDnrietor, will be ready to reerive vi. iter bl t te Iat f April next. Numerius and costly improveenments will be found in the arrangements of the Mlunsiun House. New and more commodious bathing houses will be built, and warn b th. will be provnided at all hoIrs. A stable will be attached to the house. with good accommn,lda tions far horses and carriages. tFial rate. n orr S and currtares will also be kept for hire at Iolernte ;iricer; nlll sail and tow bants with pearnsa to nalluage tlhell for the ure of relters. llilliurdrs and otrbl ausLeent ntP l raually tliunl at watering places, will nlsobe nirnished, ald so itonducted a. not too nlerfere with the llllltiiret and quiet of the boarders. The wines and lhqlor will be of tih best quulily, and to ensure a ull supl ly of ice, a cargo has lre ady been ordered, which will arrns Mr Frederick Barnard, who oernerly keptl soa pulri a hotel at Wasbirgtan city, will conduct Iid a Ir el fir tile proprietor, eho, with such nirl,acofiderntly assllre rithe v isitra of last year, aid his frireids generally, hut I they will reeive every possible ctteanton; and tilereby exreeta toi give gnral satlisacrion. 'ehe local advantr ges of th hi ole are too - eil known to need a lengt. ened de-cripticn here T'le facts that Pensacola is the largest naval station of tile Gverrnernrt; tibe general rendezvo:ls of the iGulf squad. ron; the salubrity tof is cimate relfrelshed eeansturrtlv de ting the surmmer months by the coolest t reeres froul the OGul; tire lertly of the bay ant tile neighbonrring island- and rirer; Ire ahundanlce and drlicaucy of the i Srl with which the waters ebound; and is proximity to ilhe best Southern matrkete, gire 'enaucola the Ire. felnece over all other places in these latitrdes, as a healthy and delightfil sumrierretr'r . First rate boats willru i between Pensacola and Mo bile, sid will at all times hm able to take the passengers frnm the New Orleans boats. N B ARNOLD. Pensacola, Febt lith, 1838. r (Gentlemen wishing to engage rooms for their families, can address the propriltor, at Pensacola, or MIr Sewell T Taylor, tie former prolprletor, at iew Or leans. References. T Sanford, Eeq, NMr C Culm, B MeAlpin, tir., Lt. Kibbv, in Mob It; S T Taylor, P P Aea, Eiq, in Ne, Orleans. Pi S-A letter heg, to receive communieations tir perons at the bdve hotel, is placed at Geo Whitmnan's tiffice, 51 St Charles Exah nge. FLORIDA RoU'TE FOR NEW YORK. 1 Travellers desirous of taking the Florida route, via Penatoleula,t the North,are inf.rmeed that fire rate boats will constantliv rnu from. Mobile t Penieacola, leaving Mobile and Pensacola every tither day aler th, stt of May. Good stages will alwrays be providea my the subscr;elrto be in rrealineen to take pasaengersfrot Mobile, ini ruase of tie failore of thre bant. N B At.NOLD. The steamboat Champion neer-e Hnhile for 'ensa col twiear a week feb '8 Iv I'siE LF.b)ItlA FAl'a tr; Co -'_--i LH1) l'l4TW 4I R (OtT IL IN " OrioTGfl 12 Ft iVE ANO A tAOS Asi, From Mobile (Alabama) to Au;ustR ((tcoJ T EAVIS Msdile every otlher t1., iman..ietely allte L_ tihe arnial l" the mil ItFroam Sew Otleansi, per tIe tstenlitnst EaMELiE, to HIhkele. Etaches to Pentssel ttttltmhowt (es Pe.l'etol Ilnl St itRe outdl andl C(hoe t:,hahelie IRi· er and BHy) to C.l'd¢ alof.; colaeis thenb vii .l1tittntt, Cleittnh!ochee, (foTm-lttlY Mo19 t Ve. non,) lainilt lhe, Plderlton; Illinwkillville and l,oie ville, tt Aigusta., A ]asengeeritakitl his sent at M. Itilt- is ill ilto tittri of i twg iettw out ot Itosgni htl p ie erene be intl te dolietinog interestsl, ar the PLOIU I)A LINE is btt eL tenllecern, and ultnde loe on tro thrnll'tlnll, aell(I e tv rma elyl Wlt eOTAinSTY uine his alrinlani Anaeita itntime speifiedl, throlgh tll nwelth el Iall t at any scasoe, unolen some mnet utfolnesee e atat , t.o' hes h all oll cu o rell*. The (;lGrt New OrJllans Mlai is carried lv this route. The Agents for adeottemod' tilln, Teams, CoallesandnDrivepse are ioL sustllltted ibm so'iten se ttotlt . The snmotll, Ialv, n:ettral roads, the sofe nnd inter eSnillg nntelt Ilavieiation, tile time land aeeomnlodnlatisn alftord Inl- tilavelerl teleend ceint, eon fo11t, aollt a pleas m,*. v:uielyV: conniected :as it were" with tle l{.il lIoan IClhatlohstoln, S. C:. llll tihe steam ipackets In ew Yrk I tlfeler c:nt ret ,lh New Yol-k ftlom New Orleans LEtt Ta 1 .ItteAS-lAitshingtotn eitv int 12. 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Ipl ele rIoH' dit ied6. eJTBI E la~ ' 'Hle, IAolestle i d.l ilr ill(ilnvlcltle l.r e i P i ejt e11 e. et soifll lle seI i ilt- eer . vr~il IS9$. P. it: BIANf't st' 91 kl.G,.llr ETA't )E LL Lo)UI.IA\,E-Cour du Prenier Lie tiritiJduetre. 'ETAT DE IrA LOUI.IA.\E, A tous eerx quo I.ur I ,rxe .t... cu..roeo.... ,llanl:-Aite, d qIue cViijon dlackeiv aynrot ichr l A air vltranis e ucpar le ilaeriilo Is pa hoir i'iir ei'a, In praorito e (-ipr's ltr.C, ueIt ,lllnet an P l dl 'i loed Cotr loIadeIrr veute llt enlregAilrope Ie 5eiwIpjar dt Mati I. n lle 1838, hour utl avi. ronfilra. + ttrlle Atn at, r e Is Legit lattirede 'ltt n ule na .uis a ioiul "AtIn p lultirtlner tlas tiles tie a(qillerr X Yudenr a ieliOjiid i aires," ppron.ic I310 Mar,, 181. Quit - it ii no, i tuutes pal iln'`ere ilrrbl P (ýs st oull liar "es pro-, eatenom. Cuo+a nu nm de I'l:tat tri Ia I.mi osita e et de ia oiur do Tre mier Ii- arice Jndii re ce, nI lITairjl ai'ir dlhoil i to prtlpriilt ci-na.i dIt:ril en ell nnsequlee el'l:n de lent de to lnel dan f'ordre, le darel ,t Mej ne slmt de I ctlllr, Pr veril illiqtll la VenIe a .te fieitl old tilioelu ilrroi oillll eil i lg d.Ilns I'eatiniait 'avis on IIa teoin et il iodr de la vente, anu oetr u e alnt e cause qade o Lae. de Ihire voir, dolls inlla jauresk A htr de a Apbricbit an ad cette arvisrnrpqui lou.eten Ta fai ite ie oer.iit acs eolirmre rt hiimolugues. Lran ito plpriet flt vendur par Ie ller auif, -dit It '2letie jlar d'Avril,de I'noran 18b, en vertu to in d,: onret de ettn ctlr aend Ii :-esime ieo iars, de I'asnte 18.;8, dona I'afaoire da Willinm larkay v.n. anmel lel;, Ni,. 15,535t d i dorket de lieo i ,;r, A ltaqlnllc riatt It edit aViltian Mancka, sa'st rendu nrqnureur Gtir le prix de t:1,30ll co septnau. eascription dela Pprinlp tlr nea in transfer Judici fie, Sdvoir: Un certain lot de lerrery conapris tuat lee batisoe et aarhoratione, eitni nll In Iamr.eno d'urIl'an. dan 'ilie borut par leo rlnes de Ia Nonhelle LePa i Loanisa, Panl and Delord, d-sigah per le No 9 djIprn ln plan Sdreees par C I, Zimpe. Depntia Vover (irenerl, Io Pt; ltrcembre 1834, el t etroek ell 1'tude d e Felix Groitr itnire publico, conme plan Io 13, Is die lot deeerr mntiram vinet pird, one ponrues 'ie n I Ireta del Nouvelle L'it,eniaante quine pliedl deprtpfoddurdu ct: lui touche It let No 8 et qaltre vingt piedo, oopt oves et quaiir ligues prkinIder do In i cl qat tonehe In propritlt aprascni, in derinierer mu aIlrlatpre nlmt A N Goodalll. at iyanl dis leuf picc nonze pioulr de largo datla InaeIoi dlur.ou it al It.eI Aone alIi de rtri- piedo. neufpulpiee en commune avre Ia, I-* Noa 4,5, i, 7, 8 anno 9. lilr il du Gr '|ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE Wanotoh sk, SCustomlhouse etreet, opposite tile pont. miife. The rsulaorihern are new receiving from their fee. lorios ii New York, and will keep onstantly on Ihnd a general assortmont.,if Marble Mantle Pieces ofsuperinr wnrkmanehip, and of the latent patlerns, made of the heot Egyption, Italian, Irish and American nmarbleo. Also, Monuments, Tomha and (Grave Stoneo, moulded and plain sills and lintelsc maorble facing, hlearths ant boundiry atone. plaster fl'Paris, Roman a Hydrauliei Cement and Plaster. Oag f;lir, together with a Ppletdid 'assortment ot brho mounted and plain Gratee and Rusia Iron Grates ofl the newrstl and moot approved pattarnan Ltlotring done in the neateet manner and at the sharpret notice. They hare irat rate workmel t. net the above a ark. c5 JI- 1ES KAe" & ITR'O(lY jlb t ever a A '" CAin ift tlnslL LS. clHIS highly vauabl e medicine a may-blhunlgh -"sal aud retail at New York prices, ol REEa.rfr. D'LANIE.18 Camp asent. ' It is confstantl y reeommendtlnl tot hf, foll i eaea: Iyseprpais in all its fasts..; bilious And liver at iaosn as. in every stage and degree; fenmatle ailnseS,s more particularly the nanta itus cdent to alus, ferver and ague incirsil ot elu 5Ds eli es, th other of tlte liver or lusn.g, hea nrsee-, loss of appelttie, nervoat' tremlnor, r delinum tremens, . upr e odie o a.ef n ofnsaii eanisatl, whether ehronie or inflammtorydnerno 5 farO bilious Ievers, ot every variety, gCretulu, C.khklna• and all hlotches, had humors, snd tmtlnre s. B. n.,ml oflheskin; re sio.lessaut night, tn9 dall' ittl b.5 and itelonrlo'v; the summer nomptaint,' nd s olera" norhbn or ditrrhl., in grown pere t wnasmrntmr.muAI enter, widls had hath;ehnorosis and p'a~pilttios5l s h·oit hsd head; shalges of female constlustior ; onU thM impaire,: and diroroanizrd eottnostthm in erihe1ti. t which have not teon pe manotly relieved by od'ltfle4 medicines Asiutletrial of Dr W Esso.' uediqtipe4,$ any of those oases, will produe, satch elleots usnwin - dir(ite their incomprahe superiorir, and indtse uate Suse of Ithe as will inur. a speedsv and nnnqtesoda' bie cure. Dirrctions for tne aer tlmsnyiog them.' Nusserouscertificates of cure will he shows, 0 f the leoI lh of the cat lotue it is inlpo.rible o inve to .llieity through th i e medium of a sewmpatter. r Evans' estoo'slogt thertnre u!lardtaofs5,OO fd 3 and in this cit we arn sefer to many pertaons elen sohlieved,uand in ,otna inrsta ee entirolye odfo t luTg salohing diseases, by Dr Itenas' Lamon' te pie dla-_O lot Sl'ATE OF' LOUI.IS A-NA-First Judssbi:l Coonr TIIE STATE OF LOUISIANA, o D thb J. these Preents abt Cnome. GreWtieg.e f.Blr James Bores Diggs hasing pnrhnaestd asa l~l.v i.s1e the ther.ff if thle p.rialits ' epts the prth Sie liafirr described, has applied to the clerk dof thioalt in wloae opiere tie tdet of -ale was reo'roded onthe d dre of Al"il, A. U ). tIP,, frra tn it;ion rr advertise pIer., inl eslormits to an eat of thIe Iegcisatore of tlld State of Losiaioot,entsitled "At nt Ifor tihe further latiti rtnee of titles to u ltrhasels at judiuisl osinae" approved the Ilih lay r of Masrht, a8. f NOW, therefore, know s e, and all presons Interested Ileril, are iherayv cited soud aeolisthc itl the otme s6 the Stterol L;ioi:nra, and oflahe Fir'st Jldieial Dinerilt Cotlo,'h cto seot n p any trigh~l title or claim in and to the ptrop,rtl hteretafter dtel crihled,i eintseoaeee of atly itfsornlil.t i tishoe ore, dltcer orjuoldlgent of the da't under wetich the sale a ,de, or any ierreularityoedi illegality il the appraistenrtes andt advetiteehst'lln time, or mltsier of sale, or fom ary .iter detect whatloe eser; to hslw cause, withli tlieity ane from the dev sik motion is e irst inserted in th Ie pblic .tti rts, why tin' sale ro mode shottd ,tot be ctenfirnued ans hltoloil . The saidl (pl erty was sild telthe ilhtrif, of sthe trith afolesaidr oi the St lh lay oft hledtl, A. DI ItiS, lbe sir toe of a decree of this elurt, ren .rrd nott the i20th dinly Jauoury, A. D. 1838, in a suit etiltled .lmes Boonm ilggs vs. ltfRe GreerP, No 5,191 ofo tie locket of t Court, at which sale said Jamens Bu.nes iggs bees ' the purceslnlr for the irice of twenty-fiue thousand df i0eseliptien of properlty as gien in the J dictai veyantce, viz Aeerntai piece of pree.r'y otr tpares t ofgroundotl.oher' wil t all the btiltlil osald ipt po emrents lsreon, rightrl Intivleges, sl . tllerenttobelolgitg, or inl aety iseap pelailhng, nisiatte in fasboiOs .Atmtnei lion,t above this cit odtl theansm'itg itt Eltflisl tteotsrte, {here hundred all lihy-Slo fr.euatd hoIUr-e;ghtitas ofat iach frost on the public ioadcrll oN N e L eet, tsle t hunreld and sixty; .n. feet six iaihosandlfiur-eiphll s at a. inch fi'mlt oK (eleste s. two hundredtt atlta flltltstelt'rtttt-is ierhsalRti twn-lseil5tths ofall iltch (t, it lite folttling o Old01 Levee street, oulltl it nstrikes the lttllllli'V lihal of Laurent Mil lsttdalt's pitOl)erty, i1 ltt co, ter r.Itldt Levee nsod Nus ureett; tltere forttiag a righlt tgloe, antd exteriting o i rt-fist'ret aestdalret itchrs dtp n[slttgtheIutlatrnsy lit of . ild Millaudoon's ipropertye porn let to Clerst street; rthel fAorst a l an igelt autl, ad extendig ai sty.e three f Witesve, i sches ils thre eighlths nf losslst s el ilhe hbaevt lir:e of Lotis Diede's i. r,el'sr, pmsorle lto' O1I1 Leeoe stuee othere Iorttint anotlhl; er ightaull,ui extelitg fhrlv eto feet stfel ierltl hes asl five eighths of sa itts ,it the ' oudtrisv lise if a:tid l)tde's tproerly i srallel to Celeste soer.t; there st'nsliog oaother right asgle, ast llu nXsteigioll s (ill idrtea ald tweosty seenll It mre' inche,., and ml fur eighths of useihdl Idminie hteredan linte ol'saild lee's prnper. T itta tltl si tn ombhlic oiad ande Nw' Icvee swaeet., stl!seteIh sit reI.t fotu ialshes and Ibaereigltos ot asiteth lSat alo Nu'as street, eeord ig ltou planlty J. Pilie, Cilty Stsve.or, t tde 3,st J.aui so"r,, 1 nll3. mxed to a acet plass. I efoiee Louis T Calnhit, Nsithe uolttie, asit (le osttt Aitnen'se, 1032. oilimess the Htim A. t Bldlleltao, Judge of the Crourl afolresatl,lthis Irth .t pri :l, 103. n.p'23,m;i&13 P. LE BLANC. Drll. Clerk. oANU.'Itiloin U BY 'rillT uE'ACULs, l'Y OI MEBi UIN 1:: .IlOIN'ta Comnpatln td El'xh's t of Cotisba and Sarst eI natilla -A etHillu, slle,r Sallet irst,l 'etol feare dy ever dieoverthd folt the lt'lre tl (iollrheatt Gleets, Sticturel llIps ties, Pains in the ackn as d otnisio semnato weoakess, affl ctios of thi e kidttier, gratel, scorbittid In the iltrle uclini a on a medthrini, ptssersing shetreful tml satise virtue of the tne torw oflred to tle publin , tee nr,.ietlor has but to elferlto s(ie Ittrlretus lb.tus oelll ltions rcreiedl flioml ihe naost eminlt oft the me d'tal feeuhy is ELtopie, Itliesing that it will .e y'il alprecsated whenr i ts mlsrit arore nltre fulls kTow., The Balsamit of (;oribo, stooextnivetl used, has lst hoith of its credlit frots thIe dlislike lshiel psieoal tsorlnerl express I re-gardlg its disgreesabhe tose, slisturbanee produced io the howels asd satomach, sIdI its hrestofort iotfciseles when ina d is tlr illstntsyl'UO " setage. Tl'he prol'ielor hts "dte an soalysis of the Btluism, soneosit lag titt te mtore eti iequa ies wosllsl therey be mish toees rOllceltrltd slats ne uselidll osthninitierendthn in the 1tresett stater. ''lie tmorse smel sine Eotbinesin glrdlieants wlhil are i thIe hilghest r'ltlse amosg the mosnt scieltifi and tlef'sled lt Io e lprofsssio. _Each dleug it the romtositian of tis jtlu'artioll inleauses thL eliccsoy of the otlher, prllaucillg ao ojeltttioa truly au tttishilg,t al su')asnissing the mrost sllilglltt exot5fatiott4 oeS.sig at the smll e litte the advalultage of ito being _ldministred wih perect stcrese s ini the difterelt snrsa f rie above disrase. 'lhe most eloillettt tphysuieiana'sn tr'geaot of the present dpy ex:tress their deiid epi p'o.atios is fsavorof Smosaporilla, whilst ssuse in the principal Ithtpitals nttl uoli mtelical itstitliots huas e tt, atd still ototiuaes, tees exltesive. II was a flv otlre remelv withl thle celebritetl Slr Ahertrhy' in all veoereal atfrllios, sasl i obsafine ottta.tleous ernptimao arising from t dlismodredl statle of hedtigeslivefinmtins. Hauting been submited to the test lnd experienen of the most celebrated namong ithe faculty, they Ibaveexpreost. their salist:rttion ,f its extost'ldinsrey efllcuov in every ease losder tlheir ularge, ' atdoptittg it Ioth in their ] thlic and private practice. Th'lteir cl, ervotioss will be Inse ed heres fter. Preporeld y J B °L'ho'n, Clte.t Lonldon. Price $1 50 per pot. TESTIMONIALS. From A Hl Salmon, Esq, FR a, Stuigeod to f St Thoms Hospital, atl Leeurer in Anatolv. The trial . Lich I ohave mlde of your prepeeal liotn ii i variety of eases, both nmle anld feo.le, in its igoltin have proved so highly favoutablr, that I do not heiltate in pronouneing it one of the mort valuable and eflicaciols remedies ever offered to the pohlic, and one in which, fromn experien.e, I can IIlace every eiiance, whilst it does not plrodce the same unpleasant etfets usuall e.i perielced from copliha 'From G H, M RC S, Physician t ttlhe St Mar lehuone I )isiclstitry. I lake great lerlsuee in adding my testithnnn to the vanable roperties of lyour preparationl, wlishig itou the srccess yol so fully deserve, ill anll ille irewrld fo the laborand expelers ilncured ih bringing it to sech con. plena ernfection. From W O Cooper, F R S, Surgeon to Gty's lls pital The unitorm suress whideh has a'tended the adminis tetitng yoir metlicine among nlv atietllls ilffieltr willh the nbheo dliseses, has fully stitfie.l lte that it ihas otly to te klnowni to be trilly aI,.precite.l. May the sleo yoe so well dleisse, nmply and speedily tepay fou fr your valuanle plmlre tioln. From Sir A Cooper, F R S P It CS, &e. ie. H tving heen indlied to try yoar Extltlt in serel oasesof violent (omit.arlioI, wlilch had hitterto hiflte every plescuiltiot adminlistered bt mea haiing fbtod suire and spedy cures effected bh it, i a few dayiS--. leel mt self illul) dti oundlt to stoie thlt I how ili y ptle. lice both public atd private reco ineoen d iad ueli other. Flto m GW Blair, M D, Physician ( Gnyt)i-. pidtl. The strict test which I have given your mtstillee. among ni) Ia(ients, oil its itvari:ble s.uieso thus fiar will induce Ine to tereevere in its lns, llol I dleei it bet an act of juitice and of duty to odl ipy feeble teeth monid ill comuntllatioi of ikvrittuos. From LC Thompsin, M I) F It S L. I return you my smeere thlks or t e valtanhl pre sent od'.mrEiEttx t for the cuts of Gnnonothe, ke. r el agrtcul itlt you hane ait lstn ought a ildielno into lse l1h.l i will prove a deslierattim n hi, in theitsl-ihal wo tn -- srenlteet a.l eplf - a inc easenf the shore class. It atiori tmo "n t inll publislhitg to the Worldl the valunblle qilillal . Extract. Were it necessay, the proprietor coltislte ifseht mnan morete ale t nitls equalllan as hpelulln e4 hlot el bot t tins that its greant ses hiiherlo.l....iI & expehse at which it ins bceen lhtioeleti nill gerniea eteootmo daiitil n lnoni a di " ail othersis its neat, portah e iutocl.- tup i ii male it whieih it may be taLken, hete both enis plea stitits t ele tatore,with to r6stletion t' t * or nofinemetnt ftiOt-business. Tra.hllersn il si' would And this menodlieie highly uheful, and ect el to he unpOetinJeed with a preparation possePLo gvtga aultages which the lre~,olt be . Aneoompanuitg tlie Medeile tea pa pJt ' tnt eygf thhttliItA ltnpg! of thel ditien, wiltiti exltt hha eioantini hllil aaple diio l it| .ll a' For ale by SIKI.t f4rk- mre 14 iw.Imn - or BacLefet.e i. t r ISae U

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