Newspaper of True American, October 2, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 2, 1838 Page 2
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A H W aea ' n o 'tre - & nt i .d, y lapt 30 . d op Re V es ap oanodre 1.and rpo heDITI COUltT.Tl Statem u toble apIhe. anb a o r ,t.b-ter oe..nan k n Mopf brle/ toph, t i trl iter ah ykrd , o herd te o of bato, lomy.l e F`rs dc a k 4h rio . . a F, rirmO E LA oaim Whe fan amli h t t t hoapeo.r eptrd & Huow 9Brile, Watt to Lorhhart, Yearn 4 h onlri seet the saoec w ort L. n i . . .ei PEore .NNisnD ormit*, ro k L Coe;t Valis ourt As ch ea;A HIla nr. ce.t PatR H Muca t; , 1Keflopue rcco;A Kowtwn ter A Judnjielto ~ re lc leatlean, Ilet It ent; H Lenorb e c. a.; S WWoR tewdedsh te dolks Canyr d not SC h H yrin e).*neV S I. d hae ithsroe o L reet n. on h Snee th 4n r Voora chree I forur. a thirs-Pec ret semetr Unitad ftttec..T C Ttesbrll anti pTe, C M DeAr·ni., Thos Griffin; W s Iroietl a e- on deck. h lateame s tmoiee.. Wie ; ni m. F. t rphy, tfi thryi t Wter ItH Wodncok, J Fihne, hunk, ro throenf o eto miculy. y mmeru Wm Wl-E"i.. .' Tandy, ' "cs Delevemas. Ecndr IUIORANDA. l whay test lt.reft It Leot sh pt ome , r ieeuipni drodin ad oen At l ey r ev the .panel.l e ,:d tN ,d athe ad mnca roLn r eLd ar t th, 'e t opeeCort ereun, report that ithed a.e id M1 tnd 7S ICOrti e, tll i rielth rek of brig i.tu Smens. rlM tdin, m.ettlser lotned. hnoth rmean goes twih leth lia a, withr .11f tw ells t and riig ettleced; euesiAt elore incth e bou iude:da o n the qiar tor deph. Ast cudcithi saired apote the nride r dary not fiowr, havrig lrent ow boat ien gae n tw in ptereena e eAttarey Pike., at me panrt, reports let 33 if. oa the Yee egato Ldo ia. en th e G irsffl hn w tu W t enry. Wialdo. whieb aeged hece its ioot. for Rtichmnnd. (Vt.) rampletniy B4ATE OF LO)UINIAN T-FIRST JUlDICIAL A DISTRICT C3UKT.-The tate of Leouisianr, TI all whom ;beesprerecte shnll coone, tmreoitng: Whanas, Henry Williami Palfrey baora porchasoer j[tmle moade by the anydic et. hcredilor if :dn ardd htioaen the property herein after e crieibed, hoen p. tlIed to thl court the a2 leh of Selteliar, A. a. 18i, - T or anonitilt or eaitdieriettnth it coformity te an 4 ·,c ofthe lepiclatar of rite Slate of Louisiana, entiiled SAcnt. or the further oosnnile of tilles to porhae musat ýlodial to slel" approved the tenth day of Now,. therefore knon ye, end all personste interetei herpin, re hereby cited and admonshed iin tihe oname of .thesaiitero oosiywaa, and the First Jydicial Uoeirli t ,Court, who can set up any ritlt. tiilbror cloim iin oid to the proetperty htreinafne drrihsed, in coDn8quence of aw infornmality ir the order, :rcrro of judgmento of the con t unelre hich the eale as maode, or any ith regouloity or illegality in the appriroemente and .ader. tlaeti eirin tor, cor aner, of teate, dfir any otlier 'dfcrt whatnoeer, to rhow cauoe, itrhin thicrty day .e the daiy thi nioniton in, o feit oin'tied in the publil pape., why the tale so toads aohuld nit he onorior sed hicn ntopaed. lriots r and es solid hy the yndie aumresmid em the twenty-ifth day sif June ilaet, A.DI. 1838, y ir tue ofe dirne of thi coult, trndired no the f elt day efoersy, A. u. h 33. in the rotter of Edvard s arltman cc ills Credititori, N. 15,01, of the dtrcket of thin court,e a whic. eleH llrory V. Palfrey berone the porchlsnr fir tie price 0o3 7.00. IrTerlption leproperty ae given in thie Judiciol Con t. ivde tats oy groutd, designated by the ntumber ethgt, nine, rac nr, and tqohe~r, in qtwec r , ed jning tachotLher, situate in tie polisi of JelERson., etd eanrutig in all ine hundred and iicritsvy.;rv n ret rte athi hafinche f.otnt on Levee stsret, one hun ded and fitly tort front on Scondl street, by one hulln dred nd e ntytiiir,, ithree tneon, slad li lies in de: Ih on thle tile diriding them frodt lot No feyen, nod fet in depth, nd lfroi n ·JesFftentiraet. 2. Twnelove lots of grnund. aituate in anidCnrrolln end drirnated by the number , f&einitolre to tweny three itcluoaire, i. sqllare i; tsaid lot n twelve, miensu chlg thirt f let rot in Thid nrt, hy ont hundred d lIfty f oet in odepith, and betrtin parallel lies; raid Ionts from thirteren to Ireot-iio inelivied, mettlrigl each thli y teet iront oUn Jrlforsoo notl, by out ho,, den and twenty foct in depilt, brf' ino parBlcel liner; and said lot No fenl, three measrriin thirtyan feet froent on Hortie nieet, h i tne hundred and fity eeeti in detltstetwveen parallet liies. S.I wony four lots of groiund, situatoe in eal Caronll. tom. med dhsignated by tih nub tcr Irod; oen to tnven - ty eeur inclusive. fortino the whole cqiirc J, btninded hb Camtroet, Tnhdi, Jeffeoonr ed Zibrozl cierelo, the whole in econformito wit a crtais ptItan d _an by Lous Briger, survernor goeneir, ntend it Mirlchs, 1111 d iepolired, in hat office of H B Cenar, iotary 4. Aod e certin piece or paroci of ground situate 'n said tJarrdlli . ncnenring two hiundred and eleven LSt eleren itches iront on Lever sireet, and etxetiding he deoth iwohndrcedend lifty fret to the public rotdno whek it han a like ront of tn hendrh d and eleven feet elevon loches, bounded on the loner tide by Jef. brite street, and on the Upper side hy property beloog Ig to William Jones. All which said lots ofgnood make partof the p.r,. ham snurretdered hy eal insonlvenit E talsztoon to his ocei tles atd are she mine which he hod purchseit from H 0 PaIfrey, hy oct before H R Cenas, dutary afereecld, 6tho J.tuary, 1837. ltditneso, the HonorbloeA. )t. Buchc. ean, Judge tffoid court, this twdotiotih day of aepembtr, 18)8. THEO. LEWIS, er1-3it DIepuoy Clerk. I1Y Ai' uas LA t.ULLylANi--Chur u premier I. lat)riet Jodielire.-L'.iat de Is dalanse.--A -tes cenx qu nees pr6wsntme conrernell, Sut:-At sendaqu honsrv'vW,Paltreyayaot oches6A nsvesi-t itne par Is syndic de Edward alzmsan, la propri6t, et apres dcsdits, a'est adresoa a greffe de cetae ur aI I.te veson t lut enr rtstre Is I.eme jour de septem. mde 'do 'aun6s 1838, pour un avis coslorm6nielos i un naeo de la Le.islature de I'Etot de la Ltuisiirr, ii 1tel "Acts pour onfirmer lea titreo des ac louet urs aUvoentes judiriastre," approuv6 le 10 mares 1834. Qu'il suit counu, et noutes personnee intreses6es cont par ce, pr6oeotse ooa.mes au ncomr de I' de In Lisaisnse at do Ia Cour du premier diastrict judiciaire, gai pourraiest avuir drouit A la proprit6 ci apres d6 ite, ans cmr.6quence d'un d6tlut do firme dane l'ardre, l dcreton lejugement de Ia cour, sn vertu do quel la vents 616 faste, ou de route irrigularite ou itI.aliti dsne I'eslitnat on, I'a is on Is teas st ls s da dIla , ate ou pour une sitro casue qneicomque, dc 0airevir,, dae tretse journ I dater de In publicution de eetuvis, pouri-unt In reute ainai faite e seruil pas aellrsiame at hsosslosut . La dire proprilt6 ft vendee par I soyndie suedit le 256 ume jourde juin de I'asr6ae I88, en vertu d'un d6 eret de cetas eon rendo Is Sme.jour do mai de I'ann6e 1888, danas iaffaire de Edward SOlszmon COlttre se crmanriere, No. 15,'0 du dockrtde cente cour, Ilu eplio vente H. W.Palfrey a'est tendu o qu6reur pour i-ei prix ,o $79m0. tascriptmsn do Ia opapriet6 d'opres le transfer jndi ohdie, nc -irt 1. cinq lont de terra, d6signos pa, leenumros 8 9,10, 11, 12, uit, neuf, din, ouoe os doene, dons l'ilet C, no jnignsttt,oitu6 i Carrollton dons In paroioso Jefferson, at mecrurnt ensemblestent qaltre vitlgtdiox 0pt Ilede, trme procn et den,, face A In rue t Is i. Lev6e, cent einquaute pieds du foes our In rite Serendte por cent Pso anle et trail pieda, eroi Iuoeucs et cing ligeis de prsfasdeur at face a lh rue Jefferson. 3' Dlnsu lots de terra situsA don Is dlit Carroll te aet dsign6a par lea ntumroc de dourc a vinot trois dta I'ilrt G, le dit lot In. douse mecursnt trenty pitdode fare cur Il rue 'third, par cst ciquenote podd de profondeur lea lignres a.lll paral.llee, lea disc It d reize a vingt deux imlus. Chnac nmeaure tItl. apia de face ala rue Jefferaon par cost VsIsI plads propodeur lea ligtsas .tant paralellec, oeslo d lot no. ingtr trols msneaunt tr6e peda de face Ai tirUil Brthae irenut einquaute picda de profoodeur ablg lIls'm. paresl6lle. I3 Vint quate liot de terre itu6s dnns to dit Cur llton, d.aEs.gnes par les ass, d. un i vingl quolt inolws.rssapt tot 'ilet J. bonsa par lee rues Cam. brn, Third, Jsebron et Zimple et menurnnt nases. bl tis cent plods d fase aLst., ebcsutn des dieo ruons ietes conformCmntt t uon eertin plan, deneoe par e sBrisnrm'nyeer .cnesal, dat loe pnemer mars Waitr tbpoa d 'ns Pt'tuie do H. B. Cuen. oltaei ,Et En sertain moreeau de terre eitl. dans Is dit Carratlon., steuMsa dcalsent plede, onMe pour. o earleA a radoe Lamsh, at s'etendaut n prof"deui d tex int ciptntto edsau lisemin public,sur leise in a e[ * blbe dedeux cent onec piedion e i p an.ip u .hpar tL rue slfermn, t per n dL d sare foenomat paries del;a pro le ditinsolveable F. 49aIt ioa sea scnsl', 5t ea mimes qu'il rait arberi an dit ew. w pale p ardtwa t If. B. Clisas nosaioe ube A. M. eebtrsun Ju de Is . ;, dsP gefbr. 1i USl -Sa ewe a wreath of sta Rllm Cattler h aprflcro, Thsete ar AkeCam i heasts thin nigh','Linlt "a rlady lev swh e diasout d (e te'e i recnalaw. Jast rcstvsethand fI r sa C far Pl, r c Mal Mamic esa ttil s Can e. ace. Haganle at osakteda rl w a ot al Views of oss oai is twelve dlacauresa ,4~-~P41:.' · I a ll, tst! rres sat. .mee " 'll . TRTU AN RICUAN. * T , h V f lr* 1AV, " . TUESl Aly....... CTO R0 i 838 The Express Mail brought ts noitlips yesterday, c from Charleston, which were of the 6bth We republish below from the Bee the decision of the Committee of the Battalion of Artillery upon our remarks in relation to the expulsion of certain of the members ofihat eorps. The Com. mittee are unwilling to "reeognise in as the right of ndesorshipof Iheir preceedinge," but we have the right, aend shall always maintain it,of approv ing or censuring any act of any public body. We held, the Battalion of Artillery, to be a public body, subject to the laws of the state and to the bre.laws adopted by them, and approved by the, the Governor of the State We should not think of intruding upon the private affairs of individuals, nor of corporate or other bodies, further than the public are interested, or on individual finds himself aggrieved. In the pre. sent ease a sentence, intended to dishonor and incapacitate several worthy citizens, wsee passed without form of trial; the sentence that was thus in secret passed, against these tndividuals. wasee prom ultated pubhrly at the head of lhe Battlion, a public corps, responsible to superior powers for their conduct. We werecalled upon by a part of rth expelled members, who thought themselves argrieved, and who feared that the sentence of expulsiod might operate injuriously to their repn. tation to publish the missives sent them with their remarks; we did to, and had a perfect right so to do, and although in the opinion of the Committee we may be ignorant of some subjecta, we can Sassure them with our duties we are perfectly ac. a quainted. , P. 8. See Mr. Van Ostern's Card. Tob te EdiFor f Uhe Bee. Stat:--Ve were much surprised to see our con a duct animadverted upon in one .o the public prinls in this city: it but too often happens that editors of newspapers in tthr proud consrciusness of wieiding San independent press, sufficiently meddle with subjects of which they are totally ignorant, and   0ivetheir oreaular opinions in the most unqualified L anner. This we are easiefied, is tile case wvilth L MrJohn Gibson, when he undertaker to cordentn a, the course which we pursued in the trial and ex -. pulsion of Mr. VinOsrern snd others fromt the rd battalitn of arlillery. As we do not renogrise itn p. lhat gertlemen any right of censorship on our ii, proceed:nge, we shall not eondescrend Io justily mn oureelsee before his tribunal As I.r Mr. Van id Otertn, it is stffilient to state that his expulsion a was gr.,ndedt on tile villatilon of a bh.lIuw cut of scribed by himrself, witl respect to, the sulicient:y of the proof, we are the proper and the unly of judges. lT e_ CoMITTrrT OF THe BAtTALION OF ARTaLL rd --- - -- - CS We understand that an individual has arrto. in ir this city within a tew days, fromn Europe via New "'o Yrk, who claims the property on either corner of Canal and Ch rtres street, one hundred and eighty rd feet on each street on each corner. This property id we behleoe was sold by the city on a ground rent, ir- and a compromise has been spoken of, the lat y marnt agreeing to receive sixty thousand dollars, as fr what is worth half a million. We give the he above as we heard it, tus a rumour, but repeated tio n- us by persons of good understanding, and sedate d- Thi suit and that o the Heirs of Dubreuil, for alarge portion ofthe lower part of the city, if n- maintainedl eainst the corporation, will c:use rather a large diminution of the general sinking d tund. The Council of thelfirst Municipality passed ao ordinance at their sitting of last evening, to con tract for about 100,000 yards cubic stone pavement The round atone pavement of Levee street is to he tal,eti up in its whole exteni, and the cubic stone subtsttuted in its place. The St. Charles opened last night to a toler ably full house. Of an opening night, little of course is to be said. The Salle has been mech improved in its decoration by Mr. Holland, and it anything is rather gorgaous. The effect of the magnilicent chandelier is greatly increased by an inverted cone placed at the top, and which appears to form a part of the ceiling. The orehes tra is full and elficient, and we particularly noticed the leader Mr. Jonas, who appears to be at home in his business; the first violin, 'Mr. Kruger, is' very superior; the trumpet, Mr. Rodn, is also very geetl; besides these there is Cieffi, trombone, Luciani on the hautboy, Haller first flute, anl Gardanehi, double base and others that ulass in the first rank. Of the pieces or the acting, we have no right to speak, it was an opening on the lot of October with but a porlin nl the company. When the whole troop and hand shall rnve arrived, the at. trrc*inn at the St. Charles will he unparalleled. We had like to forgot the prettydonserte Med. Ravenot: she only wants confidlenre, which she will soon aequtre, to become a great favorite. The Election commenced in Georcin, yesrtrday. The eontest will he between the Union party and the Nullifiers, but as some of each party are in fa. vtr of ithe uhb Treasury, we searcely k now how to draw the line. The Union party have been con sidered the strongest. One thine is pretty certain theatate is opposed to Mr. Von Buren, and when the question is 'put upon that issuo it will. be found on. The Gas Workl, have been for sime time an badly managed, that the city is frequently threat. ened to be left in total darkness. Coitineal comploints are made to us by citizenn and keepers of public housre, & forner own part we have a just right to complain, fur we are now actually writing in a room with sleven large burners, on!g six no which will efford any light at atll, and that a dint, flickering gloom through which we can scarcely see the impression we are making upon the paper. We h-vre applied often.ennogh at the office to have our fixtures put in order, but in vainta man is sent who does something we know nit whet, but whose labour certainly af.ords us nt more light. We are forced to pay he exorbilant price of seven dollars the thousand cuhio feet of gas, which should and can be as.e.rdd at four or five dollars, sad what is fornished us ta an impure that it not ouly gives a bad light but atops up tile pipes and burners, and is excee dingly dieaareable, and in jurioua to walls ar.d furniture. The Gas company had better pay a little more attention to this branch of their business, or the grievance may lead to enquiries that might eventntste to their lose. I have no time nor diplleotin to enter into a 'newspaper controversy with "The Committee of the Batralion of Artillery." But I feel it due to myself, to deny the statement mnade by said con. mitter of yesterday, that I had violated any rule; alld lurther if the Committee will take the trouble to examine .hey will find that 1 never aigned any or rule or set of rules. BENJAMIN VAN OSTERN. New Orleans let October 1838. A fire broke out yesterday morning near day light, and consumed an old building at the corner of Bourbon and Custom House street. The Wm, Wallace Mail Steam Packet between this and Mobile, taw, Sept. 30 at 5 o'clock P. M. off Mobile Point a vessel, which from her lenpth was supposed tobe a ship, with painted port holes, misen moat gone, fore and main mast gone below the teps, was standing in under foreasil and jib, wind at the time . S. E. We understand from unquestionable authority thea the Mleicao Minister in Washington has desptohed a mitnhtget ' +to Meauo, and that the i Collector of this Pert essreeceived initructions to send him on in the Revenue Cutter. J 1 The Electon. The Canvas in New: York isi conducted with great spitIt by Ilh'paertlis. The N. Y. Courier, says of it: Great solicitude prevdlls throughout the countay do in reference to the New York Elections-ThRi M state is reglarded as the battle ground of the ad. Fr ministralion. It has suffered more thean any orh- h er section of the country Irnm the evilsof misrule. to Three of the most distinguished irhitects of ruin. th on the stage-Mr. Van Buren, Mr. Wright, and w P ambrellin-bhave been armed by her citizens th with their capabilities of miechig~( New York is bi held responsible for' their ill-advised and cold ci blooded councils, and for all the wretchedness which they have brought upon the country.- at From thisresponsibility she can escape, only by cr rejecting the men who have disgraced, insulted ci a nd oppressed her. If the citizens of the Empire tI State endorse and jusllfy the vulgar insolence of t Caombrellitu, th* jesuitienl scoundrelism of Wiight o and acqtliescent imbeelity of Van Buren-ono i them, and On them alone, rests the respolsibil- I itIt is the nature of despotism," said Mr. Burke, in one of his abtlest political treatises--every word of which is directly applicable to the steate i n things now existing in our Republie-"it ia the It nature of despotism to abhor the power held ty tr any means but its own momentary pleasure, and to annihilate all intermediate situations botween u " houndless strenlgh on its own parr, and total de- I bililyon the part of the People. To get rid of all r intermnediate and independent imtportanes, and toi secure to the Court the unlhniled and uncontrolled t d use of its own vast iflluence, under the sdle dil- I is cretion lf its own private favor, has been for some years the great object of policy. Government I miight then Ise carried on without any concurrence a out the part of the people " We would call upon our fellow-cirizens to weigh well Ihis imptressive admonition; and to upply it to of the policy of their own Goverlnment for the last five es veals. " hat is the meaning of mte Sub.Treasuryl What means the doc rine Io Mr. Vane Buren that the Government should manage its own tunds try i. its own indivldlt lagents! That the enncerns of ir the Gvernment and the people are very different thi1ngs, capable(f beingenlldtcled withrut mlututl to rference and rlainio,? That there should be tine ne currency for the Government, and another curren ey for the Peotple? Thaltrhe offiee-holders should receive gold and sliver. and the c netituelcry . be conenlted with paler? Whence its war up 'n the Unlnks- war of vennuance and exterlnltno. tioll? Irs crusade agrtLItns Commerce ant Croedtl? The Army anld the Novy? Agairst our Manu facrtr,.e? Aenanat all Corporaltions. It is hecause - "DIESPOTIsm abhors all power" which it does not o. wield-wo.uld "'tnnihtlale all intermediate situs' ol tlons between boundless stregtlh on its il own part, tg and the total dehblity"on the part of the ct)llalltt h elcy, and carry ln tile tGovernmenlllllt not tlelnly td Wnlhout the "cotcourrence of the People," but to i 'ite of their Ilnmentatiornal n The Courier parcels the state out into election ' a- aering districts, for trhe Tores as follows. Cros ie well of the Albany Arcgu, takes Buffarli and the air adjacent .coutry; Governor Marcy Navy Island y and the river countie, with an oeccasionl trip to the West the city is left to the Custom House Pa. triote, Mail eontrantore, Pist Masters, and no money is spared, and thire Mails daily groan with dueuments and pamphlets A powerful writer in the Charltetnn Courier, who has most ahlv and triumrphanrly defended Mr in Clay from the malirnant charres of his enemies, . h trte cnncludee his last letter-Loisr Journtl 'of he name I have attempted to vindicate, wna one of a golaxy South Cnrolin otlice delighited t t .y hIonr--n gliritnou cemllpan-Cltevee, Lowndes, rtv Cllloun, lrld Cla -tney flBno a broad hltrie up. on tlie elntds of war, and converted thie hour of our tt, country'a dnrhttet gloomr,into its brihlts(a gllrr. at. The name I hove mrtempted tovindicote, is that ye, which won the friendship, and poaseserd the drv nl confidenee of o[re who, whilst living, illts he traed in his conduct all we have delin.hted tot to honor in the character of Sntth Carnlina,in her palmiest day--whose spirit in its gentioness, its S courage, re magnannimity, its elevatiuon, its enllt. ners, etelrred the emhbdied genius of old Coarliin; orneed I add the name, deer its veneratile, he red nas lovdlelhrolghour the length and brenath lt' this if repue'lic, William Lrowndrr. I was aboutl tol cnm te down to a more recent junectnr. - pas oliver the 3lissonri erisir, in which thre mine lof Ltowndes '1 and Cloy became forever asantiatedl in a great alroggle of pntroiatn-i-bt this I will ep ire tno't as well as ltyseli',-and will onlv ask if Al r. (ias n deserres nothiing ele at tihett hallds .t S.uth Cat. in. nit ntr. can he rot lay claim to niggard jnuttau{ and noeld truth? int (iW\Ve lern Ifrn the H.ruthord, Ct. Con:ieo , that Mr. -ilnblrd, IUI. S. District Attorney and Po+otmater at \Vinchlester in that State, hailng deposited the pubk;io funds ond. :I o ld lc ratcn,h wo ke uI 0 one orning alld found Ith whole io:+ ing. A coulired wolan had run wny with trn sure and trealery. It saems ile was perfetll oware of the ctnstitutionl provl in i llthat nl aino ney shall be drawn f oni the Ireasury hir in a r seqlence of appropirialtio nlmade hy law, anat so instead ofdrwning ihe money out of chois tking, he tlook stocking and all. luns not our govern ment achieved wonders for the sa('leity of the ,ouh lic funds hy tltinmlitllnn them first from the U.S Batlk to a hundred Ilcal hank, end secoIIly Iron ShIundred loo,. bnhoksa to 511000 dirty thcki:gs - Louisualle Journal. zTpThe disease now prevntling in Indiann, ,s said to bhe really ala mine. 'Th La Porte Her.Id saas the plysicine are 'failitg, from f.itione and exposure toottei.d to thile pratice ol heir profess. atotn; nd under thia state of things, m.lny cases lmust pIrove total, from no other tau.e than the want of medic itst atlletaee. As yet, how. ver i w dreaths oave oreonred lt mIany faoni'iea here oar not sluicientlly wellttnes to attend io tle l ick. ant still physical aid cannot be prucuret'.-L'in. Daily Tribute to falor -On Monday last wats Cfrmon:ly presented t( Gen. HIIut Hrady, a magnificent (. rd, voted himi by the Legislature Iof Pennsyl .,ai*a. It was inude in Philadelphin, and e,.t v80f. 'iThe inesrtpion is on its blade. Presetttedl yh Pennsylvania ItI General tHug Brady, in tiken of the ligh s nue of his uollantryi and services in ihe late war with Great Brtii!n, en tertained by tie citizens of his native Stlte." T'he cerenlot' to.k to plaote in the loll of Repre. asntatives at Harrihurgh,in presenllce o a tlhrongd aludionce, amongo wholllt were Coollllllloreo El;l) and Blddle, and a lnrge numtber of officer ol' the army an navy -N-. Y. Sun. Exposure of the Infants in NAw York.--Wilhir. the last Iorlnigoht hr-e fotundliios hnav been taken from the streets, where 'hey had been abaItnd.sned by their unnatural parents, and taken to a pltee desinialetd Cfrthat purpose by the Coilutissoiners of the Almea Itihoe. One oll the little innonent, :t sweet child it thlete weeks of aere, was found by snlue gentlemen O nieht or two auoin a bhnket, in Elizahe h,.net lousaion street, nenly dressed, and left upn tile aide walk, oquealingilike a eiuckl Ipi for patron the tgentleman placed the liulle bundlenl hum t nity in the custody and satfe keeping ofl Mr. Wins. hlw, the keeper of the Alms Hlouse office at thte Park. Two other infant, similarly exposed. onn left in the middle of the day in an entry of I0 Jantmes at. and the other left in the early part ofl the eve ing It tlhe area of the premniles of Mr. G(eorg. B II, 44 Warren street, were humanely taken up, and dispoledof in the same munner. INFANTICIDE -The orntuoner held an inlquest yes terday in view of the body ofl a fen. -li intanut Iound mttd up in a cloth and hanging the latchl of otin of the g.ote of tihe Catholic hurytln ground, on the lt Avenuce curner of the 131h e ret. WVhen found by Mr. Kane, the body was still worrm. The in oont had undoubhtdly been left alive in th-t hor. rible condition by its unnatural porens, and carne to ita death in consequence. and thi. jury rendered a verdict to that off et--N. }; Wlitg. Great ProJfb-a feet.--A flrmner in Belcherrown Inst year purclhased $1000 worth of the Morll Multiouilts, with wltich last spring, heatoSrked thtreefouritis of an acre of ground,oulv. tie Iha just sold ilte product of that three fourths of an lcre fCr $6000--making a neon profit of .nearly $500! If any one of our agricultural Irienda l ve a stouter story than this to tell, we shoauld like to -hear it. We had tie facta frnro tihe lucky man himself.-lamps/hire lnass. Gas. Mrtl. I'ackfour Squeers.--The readers of Nicho. lea Nickleby will be somewhat amused to learn that the litlhograph portraits of Mr. Weckford Sqieers, the schooltmater at Dothaboy's Hlll, are actu Ileaturesa f a schoolmnster in Yorkshire. It ias stated in an English newspuper, that twoi tre. vellera sught the pritncipal of a seminary in that part of the country, and while tine engaeed with him in an interesting eonversation respeeling the educatiotn of some hopeful youth, wi.ntn the inter rugatur proposed to send to the seottnarv, the other traveller was busily engaged with his pencil and sketch book. The book never came; and ite worthy schoolmaster was even left in igni race of the notte and abode of the inquirer. Ru mor however at the neighboring town hegan to assign to the persons of the two travellers the names of Charles Dickens and George Cruikoshnk. Certatn it is, that when the firt numnber of "Nt choles Nickleby" eamp out, the prints gare the positive likeness of the schoolmaster,- ho it is said, more influenced by the rascally character given of the seminary by the use thus unfairly made of his visage, threaetse an seritm against Mr Dickens. This may he all very true--or it may e a atick of the English trade to puff the bno k. I ty itsl praballe that Boax o Cruik htJk, or atni aflbnd of one of the publielters, remembrts hifl the birch of Mr. Wactfiord Sqaeers.--N. 'k CHARLESTON, Sept 26. he Fbeer --The repo:t of the Board of Health, published this morning, shbwlw that we were hap, pily correct in our remark, made last webk, that a decrease would be nhseerved in the next Bill of p Mortality. Thirtv-night deathe, by Stranger's 1 Fever, are reported by the Board. being thirty less I hanll ocourred in thelast; but we are constrained to say that this reduction has arisen solely from the scarcity of subjects; Several physician", with whom we rconversed a day of two since, expressed the decided -,pinion that the disease had not habated but, if any thing, had assumed a more virulent character than during the preceding week. Tite last two days have been quite cool for the season, rendering thtek clothing necessary for cornfort,and we have reason to hope that this may check the lever; indeed we feel uratified to express the bell f that our afflictions are approaching termination: and that there is,at present,a prospeot of an early trost, which aline can be look-d to is the certain assurance of our being relieved from the dreadful malady that has made such havoc amlong our tranllient population. The ..Iormon Tlotables -We were politely fur nished, yesterday, whit the following extract of a letter to a gentleman in this city, dated LEXIrGTtn, Moa Sept. 14th. There is nolhi6g of any account bi way of news, unless I mention the Mormon diimculty, of which [ suppose onu receive exaggerated aceounas. I returned yesterday train an excrseion oa, bhuliness into the western tart of RHy county. and found thei people all in artne. A company of shout two hundred and fifty lefi yesterday under co.mntnd of Gen Atchison, of Lioerly I conversed with him upton the subjelt, and find hle Intends, if pop. sitle, to prevent the effnston of blood; but the citizens generally are of opinion that there will be a severe ballle. A foru I'ru Clay eorn'nty started two days since, elo from Carroll and Divles, fully bent on fight. A company of some twenty iten frolm this county stiared yeoterday. rThe issue will be known in a lew days. Ole thing is very certain, unlesb the citnzens march to the ground with a very eauerior for e, iii cnes of a hattle, the Mlrmon, will over. power ltern.. Tney are in cotplete order anrd discipline, and have every inducement for exer. Io,, as Jo flith tellsla Ihett It tihey are h.iten they heed fdtr except a testing place this side ol heaven. TO THE PROPRIETOIRS OF PROPERTY SN the 3rd ward, Saconl Mannie'pality, tan days no. lice from the dlote hereof in hereby given to the tproperty holders in the old 7th ward, now the 3rd ward; in all tt.e teiaining portiol of the 3rd ware, nit inca parated and inTprm ided for, to mnake them ban lnetea of bhot gunnels, aid fot pavements of bruahk, in front of their reepective properties, situated in that part of the unineornorated suburbs of the 2.d and 3d warda. from e0 leer west of nApollo 'trefst, to Dryades rtreet. so an to inlule both sides of so id Irydek e trer; to the upper limits of the 3rd ward. and that by an ordinance of tte City Council, approvIed Sitelmber tile Bilth, 18:15, requirine the proa riotert of property to make them ban. quetlt of fl .t boat gunnel, andl font oivnmenta ofbrick, witlin a delav off tilr emonthe from the passge of aid ordinance those refusing or neglectitnt an to do, shall le subject to fine upan each lot of thirty teet or lees, for every day ano nroIlectin o refusing thlerafter, of ten dollars per day; aid fir tlet be recovered beftore any competent tributail for the use of this corpuration. H B S'rRI.AEIt, 0Oet2-lot Com. 3rdWordr, 2d .lunicipality. Auz proprictaires de terrainn doan te 3e dtrtrct, Seeonde Municipalite. Di.uX J')URd, B d tter duj lur de et avi., avis eat I l(unai atnx propritiraes do Ia 'naoien 7e district, maintenant le 3. district, danas In portion restanto do 3e. district,an invorpore c et pour lequel uarune pro vision, do fire de fair p!aeIr dies bhanuetten del iha de ehelan, et de faire paver ea htiqten, Ia dovnntora de Iaurs proprihtts rerpeetivees sitofe duna cette parttie den faIiniorga tn0 inocrpnree do °eet 3e district do 120 tietist trient de In rte Apollita, a In rue Dr aura, te taniars r iiadlure lea dele cx t dendla rue I'topdrea, r juaen'oux limiter aitfri~ors dot 3 district, eu nvert ldttan erdendntice dt conseil de ville,approuv6 le t18 teptembe il835, exieannt tes proeriflairea I'erectiou do haiqrettcnt de dn ehalan et le pavage an bwrique, anus undrl-i d ilott im loinle lit datle IC cett ordou nance; en coa dee rtin onii gligeno il sarout coomiE A uAone amel. ear hnolqne io lodia 30 ids, ponr chaque jour, de 10 pialoses; .liue atieids reeouvrble ewlant aneutl trilunal retlllttao; , i l'oltfo cde In CorIretioia. locto II B S'RI \(i EI, Coio. 2e hltunacipolite I REFINEI WVIIAIE it 1., , -51 batretl- tlw Baledfornl erilud Whiairle (!il at otpeior quehltt; 12casks Neo Bdl!ifr-l wiiter oil, wtrantel aute, nowu landing from barque lenriu. frotn tItnio, ifr .=oe by JOSEPHl COCK.AYNE, _o ,. .5 G i*r r, NCIIIDENTS o'rrvI i, ("rer.'e Turker, Russit an !lad Pounl: by Ihe ltr .i 'In ihe trc rf Travel in Eg'pt, Arabia- 'elrrei a.l, the dotly ;.and'-with a nmp ani I enPraving ,iu 2 vols. :e I'fln, aIna ine of le citv ficr tlh Dir't inn The'ltlntt r irirrd te cthe b teretr etl fntre ItitiRt. eion of ll.,cful lttrrat ld, errls IX atd X. Pir cetie W iliiea t l'rnt I ler. ,i.t l edili,,ln ;f olt. t iU;h1 'l'leatic o n hlon lle i;h;Ilrnut'.; Ira ch i ,,prTvd ne P en1 laredl; iranslaled fron the (aIr'l'llr; .sVi lhte Iblcoi itm brow aeltS f tIa iie ltor illein te lterst Lwtdoaeeditito. by .aints t .isdrie (lir'tctt, '1 I ilallot'a MItdidle Age. Nr:w edition;eo :tnptrl t in ithe New 'ardi, for I11'38 ,. !8:19 Alice; or. the Mysterriee, 2 vr'e; by HBewer. I.iett; or, the Sici'e rfGrelda, bv dtn. 'Ithe Rogher, e tl.,, in 2 (oIs bht Jiree. Ilarper's Family I.i rary; 8 elb lr, complete. Just received ftnd sale by WM. McKEAN. 2ocl2 cornrCa.rpsal endlCmon t c _1 ANANA S' iAL-t-\Vthitce and, Box Sr. g re, of r prime quality, I 'tlinr and fur sale by SG BLAtC.ttHARD. tet2 :13 Gtrtvierst A' S a LItFoEE otlt t prOte qaihi u shrea I r and lauding, sai for s;le by S G "LANClARD, Octr 33 t;rvier at PIINTEL \VWANII:DI. A JOURNEYgV IrN Printer wanted; none need ap. ply except well tcqtlaitted with Job Work,. both Case and Presas; apply at DAVID FELT & CO., NY dtltaners' llall, Chrtre 't AI.SO- Lad to to ak it a Pritting O18ce, and Book binder,; apily as l ovre. TMBRtELl.AS-6,I aa )elanetua U-'breila, Ifadiag f ro3 aiip blidtssatipp. frr cale by ISAAC Bit ID;E & CO, ('ct2 134 iMagazine st. S1 5, SOAP, &c.-Wier beleealted Srertn Ntil; Fall bleache I Spert ril1, la pntra artiele. No 1 and 2, Soap ot Valentine Rald nth' t uitord R--J ldd's Pa teat S1Per Can ilKa, sled a scall lot of Spanial Princi pa Sgar of supTerior rlualily, i b staer and ftr sale by S T u BLANCHtARID, Octi 3 Gradier at A-PERM IL-Im casks purte, bleachtetdaasuatmer iSperm Oil, landing frot ship Missarsippi, for sale by ISAAC hIRIDGE l, & t., Oct2 134 Magazine it. Fn LOTIsING--4 cenaw Liverpolt stniped twilled ale, recuaeived aad f nir rale hv WINSTON & SHALL, sop25 7 Front Leven C1LARETr. IANE-IO bhUxaeClhateau La Fiti, 300 boxet .Idorc, a coan article, fiar sale by WINSTON & SHALL, C ept5 7' Front lerve JAMES' NEW NUVLL, &c. JHE ROBIIER, a Tole, by the author of'Rich' elieu,' 'The Gipsey,' 'Attiht,' &a. in 2 vol.. THE Lo c CAe, a Comedy, in five acts, by Janeoa Sheridan Knowles, author of 'Virginius, Tlte oD.ihtkter,' &e. &e. Ion, a Tragedy, it five acts, by Thomas Noon Ta:taurdl; 4th edition. SOCIETT AND MANNrtS isn Aeatec t; ay Harriet ihattineaau, artlher of 'Illnstrationa of Political Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Pracental Suanritiry of the Law and Usage of Bills of Echanger and Promissoery Notes; togeth. or with a aeries of tables, showing when bills, notes and koane, drawn or aespted at any date will fall due; to wltiea are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of payments, anti general infer. artion connected will busintre of the counting house; by B F Foster Aoeountant, author of 'A Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'The Clerk's Guidl,' &c. Tmei Ln TLe SKeTCIt B.een; a course of very easy lessoens in Landac.ors, Figure, &re. by George Childa; let andd ut aeries. Just received and for sale by WM MeKEAN, jy8 cor. of Camp and Common ate. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe. rirnents of Living.--ltving within the Mseant, Living up to the Maas.--Living beyond the Means;" "Sequel t othe Experiments of Living;" 'The Harcourtla;" "The Saving'. Bank," &a. URit) CLI'I'aiS, LI.NI'2EYS -& kli.IrlEYS r be aubhcrilles offer for sale, landing from ship Concord, 2 bales plait riixed negro clt bale Cwilled mixed negro cloth; 18 bales liaseyc, asserled dtilors; I bale wiite swan skinba, i case praed kersys; Ibales heavy mixed Cordova aereeye; baleuniniebed eve kerseys. ISAAC BRIDGE a eo, j3-t2 134 Magazite stree ('CARPENTE'lR'S Fluid Extract of eurparila and - Rowtud' Taeic tlixtute, receiveed by t1 BOQNABEL. sept "1'chbpitalatc W HISKEY--50 btltsiu store, for sale by aug2l Gt DORSEY, 14 New Levee.. ROWLAND' TO'NIC MIXTURE, CELEBItATED for the curae arFesver and Ague, and general debility. 20 gro. of this invaluable medieite has been received by te sauscribrrs, direct fTrmn the manufaetory, who are prepared to supply dealers and country nmerchant, on the moat reasona ble terms. JARVI8 & ANDREWS, W'cl.salte 4 Retail Agents for Loumiaaa, .sec corner of Carition & Tehopitoulace St. itL1 rles Theatre. SECOND NIGiT OF TIlE SEASON. This E wreutg, October 1d, 1838 the Will be perfoesred the petit Opera of the dl POOR SOLDIER. Patriek, Mr. Plumer, me Darby, " Cowell, oc Dermalot, Page, an Norah, Mrs. Thielinan, tal Grand Pa. Saul, by Mad'llo Raracot. he Two Overtures, and the National Airs. en To conclude with the fares of THE FAMILY JARS. B Oct2 I NOTICE. - rThe Packet ship Mississippi is now dislterging opposite the Vegetable market. Consignee will please attend to the rcceipt of their goods. J D BEIN of A COHEN, Octll 90 Common at AVANA COFFEE-59 bags prime green tiara na Coffee, of the new crop, now landing romn brig Charles Carroll,fur s le COCKAbNE, JOdHEP COCKAYNE, Oct1 25 Oravier t T. IAGO COFF -E-loul sacks o! superior quati. SLATER & TRIER, Octl 40 Poydruestrret. Cis-PART'I'N :.K.HItP NUTICE. I-HE Co-parmercoip heretofore existing under the firm of GLUYD & McDONNELL, in the Exn change Hotel, has been this day dissolved by mutual consent. John Mlc tonnellis charged with the setile meat of the affairs of the late copartnership. and tile name of the filr will be used only in Liquidation. let I-I 8 l8 MkLYOItALI Y OF NEW O:dLEANe. HE prie of freh flour to-day is $8 "!5 per barrel, 1according to the rariflf; the bakers shall give do riln the pr seot week (frem Monday let OGet.) 37 eu ees of bread for a hilt. Bread of l'the eenond quality in required to weigh 25 percent. ,nore, vi: 433 outees. sep 2. C. GENOIS, bMaor. COUKE. ITjHE price efCoke fom and after the let day of J.October, will be fifty cents per barrel in the Gas Work's yard, and if taken in quantities of one hun dred barrelt, will be delivered free of drayage. The advantage that this article offuel possesses o ver the antlirucite ad bituminoos coals, igniting more readily than the former, and free fromn the unpleasant u,toke of the latter, shnuld induce every family to make use ofit. Orders reeivred at the Gas Office in Bank Alley. K WV WELLS, sep29 Sec'y. ROG.NS, IOOTS, &c--60 .sss, coitaining atMean let &'nd quality kip Brogana; Boys and t Youth's kia pegged do; Men's peggeld morocco do; Men's calf, senl and morocco, sewed and pegged bootse, landing from shili Seamna and Cierkeeo, lor sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, aep27 134 Magazine at SPEt8M CANDLES, Sugar &c-:I00 boxes New ,I Bedford Sperm Candles; 50 boxen white Hava. na Sugar, 112 bass Havealn Uoffre; 300 hoxre No. 1 S ston Soap. Jackson's brand; 20 Cook's Ioofing II Zinc; 350 sheets assorted lraziser' Copper for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, S s.ep29 25 Gravier ns SI HILAZIER'S Copper & Zinc-35ta sheets BIra i zier's Copper;9 Cook's Iloafilrg Zinc, lust re ceived per ship Eliza Ann. fira Ploston, and for sale by b JOSEPH COICKAYNE, sep?9 25 Grnvier at $1U KE t AltU )t iANAWAY on the 28th inst., ANN. or MARY t, ANN, a light griffe, five feet 7 or 3 inches high; abut f arty sears of age, high cheek bhnc, down look, busby hair ever her left eye, nnd a sear cu the is rilht tidle of her m uth; wore aeay a strew Ihat, faded calicol Irek, green apron with blue strings; tIererly belonged to N. lIorray, 'lriton Walk. 'rit above ie Sward willbe paidlIr lier delivery at No. 8J IDeltrI st. nsepl9-3t AVA AA COUFFFE--L1) ii ags superior qulihty, it lauding fkrot echr Itiaden fir srale by 8 STETS'ON & AVEiRY, e epl9 88I Gr.vier st , VY--afl.. IelI budles Enasen. Flay for ale [ -t LEVI II iALE, r sep' 93 Conmmon et It AlGINto e IrA,.l ILt>P'r--tl0U ltics bgging L100 coils ro1 , for m ale blv I.aW\\'.REN. &. LEGENDRE, sept9 2t or 2J New Levee ,hOI S I l.e- I're iii steari, eashiiitmr, will iet S a;,pari ael rt:aklr.,ase!Ie iow lies at Ie Cuortti street wharl. Terms lberil: apply tIo WINSI'ON & SHAII., ep23 7 Frnt Levere l11 ["TY )1 O.tAIS ILEWVAILI r ITILL be mid r tliriie e lirn in rl c. vie tV hthinefor thivr wil nntertd my i tore, No. l 33 Gravier strr t, lot irht, the "7. h l7 i t., anI broke an e nant st n le bl l contents of' sevetlf trlnns, i lnlttilu itCg relldy Im.e Chotlikiit f di'ti renti descrilptions of1 i sommer .'nd wlcnt reihn',hter, of ddl.Gr ent ki is l 3t .I qu'l *ihs.-ilt it er,n i nr.I rek P er nd oder pei r ils are re -o isted to be (#, t it- look not Ibr urn.ics, or snvi tI owu persoas, .:lErin: Buch ortiel,"s I, r sale, end the above t lward will ba , paid et c e.ovlti,,un f ilel it ' I LL..t A , , o-- etr ltl'res ,h a, lc pric qo hey, foe asp39 ptl Podrtu st AVN%. GraenT;iice W S;; .ree, iTudtier Soulct qualities of f r sale Iv NLA'IR S,. 'it'if.I, seip?9 4l PI'ovldrs at UIJIUNDY 'Wirini.atllthtn ealu bly d ii .ACT I3 & 'ir ,.;,. seop2 40 I'aydr tne t IOLJ 0I'l114. eoa-S, e npireii a:r a-slrtmenin Beof 0 te:cet lhoundJ.lckets, I)PanItlolons lid V\est; Blue Dcrrv silll Cltotlnnael)leolelle; Ileavy Liver. pnla striped trilled enl cottotl shrt:; Whir, Acgcola Flannel I lence shirts, . t nll Lowell e1ttonade Frocks, llading from ship Elon ia Aa, fier sale by ISAAC d n RIDiE & COl, sep27 131 tleoaniner t (ON:l Cl. )I'l , &.--5 ease, Ilillslnr 4.4 lin en-'olld bleatnh.d shii'tingo, nled 10 ble, Danvis. aills braon 5-. Leo, tl.thsa, laodiag from slhij Chero kee nld Seameno, aud for sale nv Id.IAC BRIDGE & Ct), sep27 134 olatneine st SA;IIntNG & Rope. 4i0 n Ic lagbihg nd H lu canile ronpe, n sture and for sale by I.AY'I' & .AMEI.UNG, sep25 17 co.'maer-e at O,--9i-20 hbl tleise;'.5 hleds elar; 12 bhln soft el-oa; t80 bhih soft mnso; Il chbl shnulders; 20 bbls h1 O Pork ie stare, nold fi,r sale by LAYET I & AIELUNG, Prse, ?5 7 Commerce te FLOUIt-24I1 bit, snprfilne; 120 blls fine fl lour new Swheat in slo e aed'ler sacfe by LAYE.T & A'IELUNG, sep27 17 Commerce st ]AC,.lN SIDES--Sl1 ilhdes Ilaun Sides, iu store or and efor saie by LAYEI' & A,.MEI.UlG, eep27 17 Commerce st ,Pn iES ItEa IOU I.E1--5 khepgs uprior quali. I ty Western butter, rcenivedl and lor eale by S'I'ET&ON &, AVERY, sep97 38 (inejiJr st STATE OF LOUISIAN , Parislh Coee for the Parish neil Cily of N. Orle ,e. Presete the I on ClhareIca :lerars, Judge. No, 1 I 1M9. Jlohn Wh te in eat -el crestody. ea. h:s credit. ors and the creditors of White & Fomley. September 13th, 1838. UPON Leaing LOn4 filing 'he petition and selsedu'e in this case, it is ordtainll by the Caourt llat a meet ing oftlan ceditors of Jcen Whlte, and of White & Fe. ley do take lace i open Courtl oa thei 6th day lof ce. oul, r next, then and theree t delhberatle on the alair. of John Vhite in his inlividual eaplac y and as a member of lel firm of WhYlite & Fole, and 'o shew canese why the said Joltc White shoold not he dih charged according tlo lw, and in the mean time all eroeedings again t his lperson and property are stay d. Order o tie Court. Clerk's Offi e, New t rlenns, Septemler 13th. 1833. sep 15 2iolmd J. Il.LIF.,Clerk. OT.\T DI LA L)IT6 SIANE--rote de Paruiese pour laparoise et villdee Io Nruvelaele Orlae., Present Hon. Charles Maurian, juge, oepteaerce 13, 1838-N.e 1' lc133-Jcn Whitee cntre see crranreiere et lea crchnneers et Ica crbaneiere de W ite & Fole- Sur leclue et enraigistreetnt d 7C la petiticna et tableau donseette afairs, ite t dereeth par lac rour qt'cneas semblBe des creaaeiers an John White at de White & Foley nit lieu en pl&n, coner Is 6d'oetlehre prochlain, pour y delibh6ereur lee cffaires de John While dens soe enpeOile indnviluelle, et cgemme un menbre de In no. ci6th de White & Foley, et pour faire savoir pour.tnoi ledit Jehn White e seren pas d6eherg6 b elo's I e lot et en attendant toute pcrsuites centra nt persenne .et sea prsprit6a. sent arr6t1s. Par ordre dela cour. Non veile Orleans, sept. 1838. _septl5 J OLIE, Diputb Greffier B UTTER. -8 kB- gs oesarn Butter n store, and U will be sold by LAYET & AMELUNO , _ sep2 ___ 17 Commerce st. eACON SIDES. 65 Hhds WVeetern Bnaon Sides, in fine shippina order, for Male by LAYET & AMELUNG, se20O 17 Coamerce st. C LEAR PO)RK-.-6 barrels clear pork in store and for sale by LAYET 4 .MELUNG, seepl 17 Commere street. TABILE SAI.T: 30 Cases: 60 boxes each: fine ta blesalt,for sale by READ 8t BARSTOW. septll 7, Bank Place. COMPAGNIE. D'ASSURANCE CONTRE LE FEU--De li Nouvelle Orl-ann. ES act;ennaiees de eells comps!na osent notifies que lI 4e veenement est do et pcyabls le 9d'ect bre prochain an bureau de laoompagnie. 8 sept E I. T'tACY,seretaliro. FIRIEIEN'" INSURLANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. f HE Stockholders of this cnmpany ae hereby no tided, that the fourthiuatalment on their tBock i due, nd paable on tihe ninth day of October next, a the ofie, of the company. EST CY New Orleans, sep8. Ser'y. TOBACCO--200 exeso manufactured tobacco, 8s, 1 129, and pound luops, of various braedoand qua lities, fur sale by sep15 ISAAC BRIDGIE & Co, 134 Magasinv et ST. CHARLES THEATRE, rHI magnideent structure has undergone, during .. the recess, anentironew order t emhellishmenll the whole ol the interior has been repaired: the Gthn delier has ieen taken to pieces, and its 13 cwt. of et -laeeiadse and drops leaned and polishedt nothing has been neglected, either In the building itself or in engagemente, which lhave bee made with the firet dra matic talent in the country, to promote the high char h act-r widh tile St. Clarleo has obtained both at homet and abroad, for its being oe of the first dramatic Es tablishments in the Wotld. The Orchestra, heretofore acknowledged superior, has been cons dertbly increased in number and talent, rnd former deficiencies in particular members of the Pragcue Bond. Daring the eaneon the most eoccesful dramas of the day will biproduced,and in a style which it s pres auteti will give general atkfarletion. 'Th following l.dies and Gentlemen are in tteaty with, and eneageid. JOHN Ii. BARTON, Stage Managers EDWIN FORREST, JUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTH, J. R SCOTT, Ii. J. FINN, JOHN BARNES s. T. BROWNS, and GEORGE HOLLAND. Messrs. Harrison Mesare. lounmer, Pearsot, Page, Farrmel, Porter, Williams, Davis, Cowel, Parett Dehar, Dennlson, And others in treaty. CELESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHILNE CLIFTO%, Mrts. Barnes, Afius Charlotte Barnes. Bleadames Farren, Mend'lles. Sidney Cowel, Cowel, Jones, Debar, Chester, Plomer, Sett, Harrison, C. Smtith, F. Brown, Ravenot, Mfadden, Smith. S AM. LEE, Principal .Arlist. N. Lwis, Costumer, Well, Tailor, S. Wallis, Properties Maker. ORCHESTR. r Mansre. Croce, Messrs. Hoeller, Ganlenari, Myers, Jacobi, Storm, Zitterhort, Lucianl, Doesoages, Charltan, Carl, B. Hopt. Fay, Eberhardt, Krugmer., lney, Holland, Smelger, Foster, Ciofa. Ctaduit, .strella. l'trmi, Cripps, C itope, Even Patterson, And other, in treaty. H. W. JONAS, Le'der It. W. Elliot, Head of oli crier. arri. asp27 +URB & GUTTERI S l'ONl:S---30,t(fi runnilg I feet of curb and gutterstones of the following di mensions, 1'd in;, 16 in., 18 in., 211 in., 26 in., and 28 in., expected to arrive between the ist of October and 15thI January next, will be sold by tie subscribers on arri. vine, by the invoice. TPerms. Cash on the delivery of the bill of Inding. Perolsn applylg shall receive the stones as they or rite, in the order of their application. PETERS & MILLARD. sep 27-tf .Ietr,'t'-itSUN A.,ADI 1,IY. 1)REPAit't)ItY to Jefferson Coloet and to oth era conducted by II. Giranet, I. L i). Exchange Alley, between ; nid Itienville. Thei situation wars tIe most eligible that could he found; ' eing entirely free from the roise of the streets and the rattling of trays and carliages. The Jeffarsun Academy is divided into two depart. Set:ts. The .luiorr r elementary depurtnent fr tile d varbouas brnhaees feonno n education iu French ald Y illEgli'h--l'beI Senior lepartettt Ibr I.ntin, tGr-k, tlnlhnatics, &c. Punctuality, order ant discipline are strictly enjoiined ad observed. Terms. Juniot Iepartlment,per nonth; $10 Stnitr do 1: Spanish slet. Bons, sis es, paper, &c. charted sepnrattlv; t nd. A Aonth once began, tO be rOid in full; 3rd, Nt. deduction for abse.ce nor for hol days: 4ih. Pyentt: s to be mado roeularly every oontth. , school tours Iroutl 8 1-2 to 3 o'clock, excoept Thulra days. sepit7 - ,;:N IL ''S Culcied ilagtet-a tnst received r per -J shi 1 ano7 frarot New Yiok, a few groce of In ry's Cenutlle culliae, hMaguesli, for sale by the doz. or groco by e D).VII) FELT & CO, se't7 N NT Ett o.ts Ilall, 4 h'bnrtre tat it rlE public is hereby iottliell that on the IireI day il' N tlthltobcr next, 1hw City Ilotel, kuwrn Itismha IIup's,OU (ommon street,will Ie .losedl-pr-.pareatry to) pubi sale otlr the furniture antd nitoveublestlelougt. tt the under igned, who :'Idet tahe'i, espctfnl akinwl e IgnlOnts 1,hr IIE hbcr:al patronage which hleVy have atie ,f" e s ~prpto.1) C WATi ERMAN & CO, -lilS Iittii. or the edu'ation of oun . i men. wdi co, inso operatiu lt the tirol day oI .le et ýorll@," I.:,.tl'¢,letCII t ald t'), l'lt, wl etlll(r the dl, o tllliol .1 nai . in several olleges of the north, and who is a rllnduatet oft' o of the itst celelrated utiversati s ot 't U ro e. r- 'lTe course of studies to be pursued ill this selmil.t rv will hI- toulerohended in the fitllowing division, tiz: I. 'lte I';.llta h depaunllm nt, e.thraciug all Ithe t of thltorough uud oa o.tptliled l nglishl ed i. T'he classical department, comprellending the ot Latin ad Greek languagees. 3. The d' paralnetl modern loenarll ng es, ill whicllh will be tught ile Fren hI, S.panish and tiern lan at I 4. ''e I tlhematical and plilt'so ,hica department enolprehelditg A gebr, Geomeiry, the two 'ligotne. ctrie with tllheir pra:lical applicai. on "u-veiug, N vigat on, Astronomay c. N.turdI Philosophy aud; Che:.istry,illustrated bv appropriate expetiments. LJEv.mtog landes in the tltd rn Languages will be forlted andn attend.d to romn the Ist October. - CJ II\I)Ilt'AN.N, AMI. REFERENCES: J GIBSON Etq, REv PKSocotoI T SIANNON,Lousianra Col'ege et Jacnitot. J I c to' CA tLUZrNBERG, L C DIINCAN ':tq, J NICIHOLSON 1:,, New Orleans. t ser23,1838. fSO.aP-- ':I0l boxes u apltroved I'rnds for sale low to t0 close. WINST:ON & lHAII,, nsept 5 7 Fr tt Levee 'Of10tFt:lC-5llsl tka liavnt, and 400 tacks Rit,, a in i grass sacks, a superltr article, in store and for a oaleo, WINS'TON & S11ALL, tepl5 7 Front Levee (Il.O'I'It lNi--'7 cases, ct uprioiog all assorltlent ' eofueonanabie clothing, ladling frmn sllhpa Se:a e men nad Cherokee, for sole by ISAAC BRMI)GE & CO, se.p5 131 lMaenzi.e st t iOW.EL| cCttcns &c.-- holes blue mi xeO J Cotonndes; 20 hales heavy 7-8 and 4-.1 Lowell Cotton, an i 7 boles plain and twilled I.owell I indseys; landing .ron ship Cherokee, anOd for atle ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, sep"p6 131 M~agazine at G UNNY HAGS-5,i00ll , 2J, 3and 4 bushel sizos in stoae and for sale byv ISAAC BRJI)DGE & CO, sep25 134 Magazine st. ACON SIDES--40 casks superior Cilinnati i cured, in stare and for sale by G DORSEY, sept'5 44 Nev I.evee. lt o' NEW ' UtlaK. The ship CH ARLES, Capt. M'Lana thn having 3-4th ofher cate enga gedand going on board will meet with immecdiate des patch. Fr freight of 1i11 tons Lead and 1:20 bales cot ton, apply to LEVI H GA LE, sep 29 93 Common at FOIL NEW YORK. To sail on the 6th October. Louisiana and New York Line. 'The aspledid aid fiat Bailin~ packet ship YAZ )O, Gardinhr, muster, will have im meeliate despatch for the above port;l fi freighttor 350 bales cotton or the bulk thereof, ir pas. snoe, havi g scperior accommodationo, apply to the Captain on board,opposite the Vegetable marker, or to J D BEIN &. A COIIEN, sep29 90lComnmon st FOR HAVRE. -k The fine fast sailing At ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, master, will have immediate despntch. For freight of 30110 bales citton, or passage, apply to LEVI H GALE, seop20 93 Common st. FOR ALEXANDRIA. The steamer DENMARK. will run as a regular packet during low water, from month of Red River to Alexpndria2 or particulars aply to seplZ2 JNO H GRAIHAM. "FOU LOUISVILLE, ANl) INT ER3DIA'rTE LANDINGS Thea splenrlid stecamer DIANA, F. Carter, Master, will leave forthe above portson Tl'htrsdav, 4th lanst., at 10 o'clock, A. 9.; for freight or pasge apply on board.or to LAWRENI E & LEGENDE, Ort2 28 alnd29 New Levee Oflie oflhe New Orleans & Nashville Rail Road,. Sept. 18it, 1832. ) FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. A BSENTED himself,a nareg man named RIPLEY, aged alMut 22 years- thias slave was re.ently mported into this state by Riiny J. Sorrell, Esq. of Dallas county, State of Alabama. The above reward will be paid for his apprehension, or on his being to d 2ed is any of the jails of thils slate. JAMES H CALDWELL, sep20-6t President. .ATRAYED.-On the loth inst. a Scotch White n TIerrier Slut, black on the point oftlhe nosea, hair a little rough. Wiemver has tie aamt will dlease to return her to this office they will be liberally re ward.ed, ag 2'1 KtoPE & OAKUM. F ORTY Il,des of Oakum and 150coils Manilla rope ' assorted aizes,just received andlor sale by S LOCKE & CO. aug7 " Ofd Le SECOND MUNICIPALITY, ITERE brought tothe Pound oftMe Second Muni ieipalitve in Barone street. betweel Heel. and Girod atre ,on the 2n3rd intant, the following animal via: A"narge I ty Muli. The twner i requedeod to prove property and lake hi, away I fire tdturdoy, 6th Oictl eror he will be told by P '. Guillot, Auctioneer. II S IIARPER, sepe Captain of WatohtL TL a h6t o dbpot de Is l d e Munieipalit6 rtne Bate e Hetia aatir bdleo3, one gandet mu bae. ri~ti tire eat requis de venir paro rvetos pro l e I'emmener avant eanedi, 6oatne bre, o ell ean cotle par PA Guillot, ienea teori, 36 I S HARPEt . Cap Watch,idee Mun. EDGEHILL SCHOOL, Prineetoen, N. J. till iastitution has hets noav nine years ihatl Sessful operation, during which time it has re ceived the approbation and patronage of Mr. Clay, Mr Sout ird. Mr Biddle, and many other distinguiohed gent omen, who have elected it as a place forlte edo otiou tof their sonse. It ia believed, from its plat, to euomide te essential advantages of private ana puth lie education; and to afford an opportunity of no otdt nary character to those desirous of giving their aaons thorough eduaotion. Theoyattne of instruction pursued in this Seminaet cloaim uo affinity to the called easy methods whia propose to remove all labour and drudgery from the acquisition of knowledge. The subacriber cannot proan mits any It aly valuable and mental acquioilion, wrhih' is rnot tie oesult of a alon., patient, pains-taking pro cess on the part of the pupil himself. What he doee promise', is, by every mean in bins power, to stimulate the pupil to thisi invigrating process. His object ids to lay deep and broad the foundation of a good aluine. lion--not to make more learned, boys , but to subject boys to a disciplin by which they may Ibecome learn et aid able mew. While therefore the studies ponred, and the time devoted to each, very anomwhat aecrnrd ing to the dlestination of the pupils for commercial or professional tile; it is hai constant m, to make the in truections in each department of the most rigid and' thorougl-going kind. Boys stodying G.eek and Latin' are constantly exrcised in making tlouble translations from the English itto these langeagev, and te areerse, and as soon as nufficiently advanced, aere rquired to' compose in these laoruages, and to' rit t Latin and Greek verses after the manner of the eelebrated Eo" glish and European schools. Boys ho are intended' for coanlmerial tire, ntd whost'parPents oa this eaerout do net wiash them instructed in the AncenetLanguagee. are roined to aeouraey and promptanlo in tilt proatt' cal applicatioos of mathematics, and receive more ttplep olpptrtutities for a practical aCquainittet with k the Modern Languages. Thte French is etntdied with a view to its beinga a npoken, nd rot a titrtea lan guage merely ;andto this end it is the tnly mediuan of communirat ou allowed at the .dbte, do wal as at the recitations in that department, and the emole ta vanled oloer are reqired to employ this .na.genH in recititg ill other departmente. "itoe school onittantely .f boarderser no dae oeol ars Ibeing received. Tint teachers and tupil live with the princlpal, eating at the same table, eleepltg under the sanne roof, and constituting in all retpectsone Fi mily. The discipline it entirey of thelpuental kiryl. 6 Iteligiouo iostruction is setlulnasly attended tto, ritlly from the Scriptares themselves, and without insisting apon the peculiarities of anny one sect. The grounds, It ate ample, affording abundant opportuntity for healttfuth i. spellat In the open air, as wel as for the exercise of in gentuity atnd taste in gardening and variolas mechanieall .itt to those who are daspoaed to amuse themselves in - thlis manner. No boy is allowed to leave the premins' except by the permissit of the principal, and thbe us ally ihcomnpay with a teacher.The astrtctest atteo tittn is paid to keeping tlae dormitoriea welt ventilated, dry ant cleana. The teachers sleep in tle dlormitorieo with tile boys, ant Ihe ltter are not permitted to speak, nor to old any communieatio.n with each other, from the titn of entetiang tile drliteory till that of leaving it. tpportuoitiet for vict. are entlirely exeluded, the eisckoil Ieitt situated witlhout the town, and apart fron ;II other buillitgs, and the bovo being never oitlhot the presouo. nod osopervision of the prin.pal' or oneo of his aasintooto. Pocket money is distributend; weekly by the principal, the amoont dlepooding upon Smthe oldyct f the pupii duriog he week,thougt never texceeding twenety-fivo cents. I ii not desirable nor Scostolnoary to receive boys over twelve rears asr. T 'TIooe eight or nine yearsoold are preferred.tloe sheol year is divilded in two sessions andi two vacations, the wintertoseiro cotmmenecing the first day ofNovemher, af d Ie snnummer session the first lay of MIv, and the vi ncantions being thle atuths ot Aprit and Oct.ter. 'ITo stutdies ehmbraced it the pIlan of Itks Seminary are lte G(reek, Latin, F'ench ad lSpanishb I.anoguagee; :(reek and Rotitn Antiquities; Aritlttetie, Algebra. Geo entry, aud surveyiac; Spelling. Readiag. Eaglish (trloltltor, tEltlh Cot(..osttiom anol ilocution; Geot gtaply, Aatotltl n l and Modelr.; liatltv, .Ancient and ttf 3tlal Evidenlrcees of ('llhrtirtintit; I te.iatli ,tl ,ook lt, eig.attSa.led MusNtic; tite lent thi tis lohbes. rod the Lltelet't ..t Astroita ao lutt'd Nuttirat liotoary. "t t Icharge lior each pupil is tihto hatndd dollarn t I r llnllum, Iltavn lt, smli.ltnnttolly illt atlan te. 'Phis tm tison itllf or all Ite 'tititi, tof whltet roltracter whirch tle pla.n ofthe, stchlol emlrace-; fir boarding, tl lodgi t, wtlntog, mlttdiltg, fuel. lightl, including alan the ut of bedding, hloksa, otationtery, itts, glohee, li sbrlnr.c nmil otlh r Ipri ileges. a'lle tinrllllr gouardica will hlve no exotran h rgteo exrta tor etoatiesadvana e-dl or ntrtieles u, plrocured ut his dileslion by tle prrincipl, fur btlnlt ill t at'll tll tlitttt or flr mnediesl tttta luone, iti at ny tittle it should bteelte oeceCssry. JttIIN S. lIAtRT, l'ritcipal. RFtntcR:otcsa-Tit filltwlti pegSyttns are refered in, e lto a ltt tail ottans or tat'.kI ill tlhe sclltt:l. Ken. tlucky, lnll lrtcnrv (:lhv: New Jv.rlv, Hlhn. t mnel L e- Suallrd: Peln,. Ivl,n ichtolas tld'Ile, Flntida I cittn (lielh: IDciwtturo, lltt.J J ' iutta: tI.,tmhere. t 1 t,11 ;, Pa., t. (itan .terc lhooul 'CetP : tnrilelt(.ollll N.J B- Dr.\iileratd Ilttcg, atd,' Itr:; liitatst Athenas, Gee. eltecrv JItlrktl, .l,. It: lexingtoll)n, titn. JItseph H. a Ionmhkio, Eity N pchee, Miso.., lr \\ i lout Douoar, H \V tlootiald n, \Viliinttl lHowell, tIatso: New O. I n- leIan .a. J ,at lraia, I.,: IAtholles, sal Mlartin Dn. : ralde, aEsq: Dontttladttavillh 1.t, Ft toy Il'ta I, Eq : le :,lcc, l'ln i t.,i I,. l)r II. Ilollertl: Cittia tatti , (,hio, HO.. d- Jame Hall: Fantsvaille, AlIt, (',.hart Fearn, Euq: C.I hlwhn, AI , .elaA,.Ic [enep, t s.e t: li a ll oli, , C,'leb ye -taccer, Etq : I.ynchh',ry, VY, Joh nl M Oey eot Woalhngtil Ciity, Mnjijr (t'h J Ntorse, Ballaimorm, clh \V lrni, I. W Stlocklon, J W Itoftinu, uod J Tad n- lhuoter. EResre: 'yoopervtown, N Y, John M Bowers,. Evt: New Iledfittld, Nine, J It Ataittuny and William ir nlohe, asq : New York City, Rev I; Sltewar, tlil Downiuenc S "rusev sn J G Stacery, E'sqt: Phll.. te lltlit, Alexandel r ler tlrv, M 'oweli,G Gleotwrlnh, I; Mutloew Arriton, C Matan!otrrS and W Weloh,PEsgs: Rev Jihn Clhtalber,, Mrs Harriet Colman, and tMn ll Molria Bllicht: 0llah, nz, Cuba, D)on AntonioMartdta. Set"r1.-3 MASON'S CHALLENGE BLACKING! 3 AS. S. M.SA iN, of 'hilnd Ipbin, heas respectfully to opprte thet iechante and public. Generally of New Orlcant and I.,,tnsiana, that he has "petisted Mesisra. Reena & I)' e, tlhsole agents lor the sale of hi. tneqtalled and iaiithle CHtILL. NG2E BOOT AND SHlOE BLACKING ia this setion of cotntry; on article which stends pre. mincnt forits Iheantit'al lusre, and uniformity of nil ity T ie nmnuf.cturer warrants theChallenge Black ing to retain its virttues in ney climate, and preserve tie leathter to which it is applied. He offers $1)1 pto tniun to any persona who will produce its aupeiior. Cortifiatesr can bIe seen at thle store of Ree. and D'Lange, from merchants of the highest repeti- ' hility, Ibearin teo timony to its leautnv atd supernorite over evely tIther Blacking in tlhe United Statee. All orders for this article in N. Orleans, or any pat tfthis section of the Union, mast bha forwarded to the Sale Agents as abhn e, oh) will pay particular attention tS tile same, and fill them at the manufacturer's prices. JAs. S. MASON Philadelphia, sept. 0l, 1838. 95 Caolowhsll t. RRESE & D'LANGE, Comh and Fancy Store, 18 Camp street. I} READ-50 bbla Pilot Brtnd in atoe, tOr salh by S CIIAMPLIN & COOPER sep22 82 Julia N. LIME-ktS10 Casks PThonateon Lime leanding fre brig Chieftain, and for sale byWHIT S & J P WHITNEY: au4d 8 Cnti strell. ` OAP-200 boxes Valentine's No I Soap, in start and for sale b . LAWRENCE & I.EGENDRE; sepe2 . it8 & 29 New Leee. SrlIAt-l8t hil, fin e shipping order, itt stare, sad I for sale bv LAWRENCE ik I.EGENDRE, sep20 28 4 29 New Levee. CORN-10r 0 anI ieshels white Corn in prime order, I for sale by CHIAMPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia t. O.A' S--250 sacks Outs in stre, for sale yh SCIIAMPLIN & COOPER, saep20 82 Juliea . T''ATE OF .LOUISIANA, PariohCourt for S Parish attd city of New Orleans. Preseale Honorable C earies Maurien, Ju.lge. September 20th 1838. No. lntk8. William Kenyon, vs. His Cred. itnwr, Upon resding andl filing tile petition and sehed ale ittthi c nee, it is ordered by the Courtn that a mes ing of the insolvent creditors do take place In oals court, on the lIth day of October next, at 10 u'olckr. A M,then and there to -hew canse why the said inml. vent should not be discharged according to law, and he the mean time all proceedmings against his person and property are stayed. ARMAND PITOT sep22--t:a:w •iek. TAT DE LA L'UI-IANE-UCour de Par'ares Sponr la paroisseet ville de la N-Orleans-Na.S.kI -Prebsent I'Hln Charles Maurian, uge-- . epteem.. bre 18t-8-William Kenyan co tr sea rreaaeltsrs Apron lecture et enreiementment de Ia peCti(ie e dti tableau dona rette anire, It eot dchtbt qun'he assemhblde de l'inaolvahle aura lies en pleains eme I lie joer d'octobre prochain a 10 heare dn matia pour dednirelas raisons pour lesquelles ledit inselva. le ne seraitpaa ltbhre: an attenatant tontes pouernite judiciaires contre as persone on ses propribtasele arreotees. 22 sep:3 ARMAND PITOT,Greler. sPERM OIL, CANDILES, &c.-..3 casks New ile S fordVinter Oil; 2t baoxes do do Sperm Cadles 20 casks roofing Zmo, lt hosxes Ba.ton Mould Candlia 300 sheets Bratiers' Copper. In store, for sale ts JOSEPH COCKAYE, ap20 25 Gravier eset. IMPERIAL Sesers0.1 rsai sep 13 SLATFR&TRIFR, Pnydrtas t. BHITE HAVANA SUOARh-50 boxes s prim Sqoualiy, in store, fe.e dle by SLATER 4. TRIER, ug21 40 Poydra sutea SIIAIKE Notice no bill against t le Fsleng I Dock, sitned da approved by Jamm Disk, wi hereafter be paid by the owners of thte Floating Dy Dock. tihe said James Dirk having never bseen authoir. ised to make any contracts. Moreover, all bills from this date will have to be proved ana signed hy the aeent . f the Floatin y I 23ek. IIERMGIE BROIl N & Ct'i , aug23 9 Coati at.

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