Newspaper of True American, October 2, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 2, 1838 Page 3
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orf ppvT DSCRtIPTION, mVIMBtY,n IANDoOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED Fo AW TaU orOrsc0 or TH True dnseriaeIl, IT. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS, 5h a~-- ah alt LOUISIANA pgnT.URam W1AlSEOOMS No. 53, dietvlle street. W ILLIAM R. CAIrNEd, (ftrtrrly of the firm ol Fliet & ,rnet,e) wouldl reospctlullv linfrn his and the pnblie that he is contaitly receiving ear Ne. York and Boston a good aasorttont e f Fur tri tenoha mamohgny sh frs, rlsed tedo, mao- am Is and painted chairs, maple and cherry bedsteads, re mahogaad and cherry tables of all description., hu. ap rac,o toIlets, ecretarys, writi.. dahn, wt.rrcl ska t mahoganY and cherry, wash rSantls, booking glasses, leathers, bedding, &e. &e. "Nl. Furdltue packed for tran pot.tin with grea T Scaire.- - j MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Cutlomhouse St. a 'TO NEXT DOOR ToST. CHARLES THIEATR il or Pov'ans & ST. CHARLES STREET. aug9--188.a " I I pN & IORTERt BOI'l'LF:id51 gross mine and 100 gross porter bottles, for sale by HIILMES & MILLS, jy2t Bank Alley. ATE OARDING HOUSE, Na 13, Toulouse at,- By Mrs Hoffmar.n. il HIS house is epasioun onn conveniettlv nituated . for mea of business, near the Levee andi the 1New Exchange. The tlde will be well supplied and attended to, and thebs charge moderate. Boarders wishing to have lodginm, can be accommo dated, at different prices, with nomnodious furnished rooams. Boarders will have the sntisfaction to meet there, person s.peaking the French, English and Span iauhlanguges .. aong'3n3a c I tpi NON BOURGEOISE, Rue Tolouser. n. 13, tenue par.Mdr re. fmoaonn. ET btabllissemett eat spaoieux, et me trouo itnu6 , Jcre. dIn Lev e at de Ia Nouvelle Bourse, e'eat dire nucentre des ffo.ires. La table s ea bien fournie, proprement tenue et A +u· priz modkrk. 0.e qui prenant pension dksireraient y loner ant rent des appartemens do difftrens prix, bitn garnis 1 er Ttommodes. W Lea pensiona ires auront Ietag, ent d'y trouver del personnes parlant lea Inngues francaise, a nelani is 'etepagnole. _S-_ L2au ALiAI1A Winesweet and dry, in quarter casks, . k ,.Idin.bbln.forsalIrt1A . BAI ETI'O. augO5 7 Batnk Place. PURNITUE--lust receiloing , n - plyfro' New York anl Boston Ps at I5n I want of PURNITUIRE. woul da well t call o3 d isanrill street before prchasing lsewhere. Termo Cash, or good city acceptances. R CARNES. sug2. -2w EDICINES, PAINT'. & OIILS-A large and , aern, . .a... a Artnenn lstnnd,fr s;lL. lak Y AeIeal SL ATIII &ETRYb, or Common &l clnoup iton Ia . NOTII'E. ' HE Coperrmershrp, Lremtolore alsingin tlhi city Sbetween the aubshe ilhers, under the firm of Lane Tan ryetntot., in New York, IsidlVa. &C., anad in i Natleher, Miss., Van Wyck, Laidlaw CI., is lisol red biy uistualconnett. Jlhnt L..iilnw, Peter S. Van Wyck, nod Thomas W. Van Wyck ore authorized to P Ilesht Inamne ofthe fil tt in liq idatLon oly. SJOHN LAII ).AW, ANIIrIII-W LAN ;, Psi T. R .. V %N WhCK, TH)OMAS \V. VAN WYCK, N.w Orleans, asn. Iith, 1838. CO-PA It I'N';KSt itP. T'he suhbcrihcrh have frtnel a tcopartnership In tis cityr nnder thefirt of Van \Vck h A I', and it New York unde, tle firm ofJohn I.itllhtw d Co. LJON iAlltl, \V PET'EICIItS. VAN WVICK, TIlOMAS WI. VAk\ 01'r, .J Ilne ls; Lverpool str ipedtl , tiv le, .I wl.e ' <it , tonl shit.4. h.ervv hluc strlue striped . o"Int m :i , ' ,,'1ý . -... lndint g tuon shi Cerol-r i, r tin sah h IA.kC U liliit.E & COi ept8 131 )Itotzitlte at. H AV.N COTlEEE--t5l logs it, aod ifr SLATIfl. & 'RIFRR rep8 4 P'lvdras street. - ' -'r l. l'7.n ; ( ,"/"/ '.+. UOt t 1kI.E,--t prninin, ndlv, c,,mport ll u' allI l t ,llat'ri;lh ftr it new-Is ,r. An a.sort 'leoat lf Irelch at clnti; anvetra, fll,, o JoB iTr tc. ltIcg Petrta itmpe.ia t prots, : i, inc,wll he sold alher, riadl olmii y tam. Tltlt It lt cc xllentthan e [ s intendlin to e~tnhlivh a celllltv p)a .r end vii Ileor Jo'tlIlec. ITue type ,V: toill It: sti ,I elratell from tile Irrsc shlinld suh 'in arrtgt'In.en aecmnmo date the lurohascr. Aipply lit this ollive. NEI-W P'IIIL.ICIATII)NS. Tales of my .Veighborhood, bIy thlr athor of '"Peil Collcgins," in 2 voIl.. Agnes Serle, by lie nttior , tf "'Ie Iltireos,' in two aollmes, Elemenft of laternatioosl laa, with a Sketcn of the isterv ofthe Sctenct, by hlenry WVheaton, L., I.. I . A I'racliol Treatise on Locomoiive Engtraes epoe Roil WVli; a 0 ork i;,lnde d to cklcw tile Construtilcon, the iitde of actig,a ind the effect of tlihev eogitees in convoying heavy loads; to give the oillii8n of asrertaiia lIg, oaaitali ttlitonol ie loadlanld tihe results it will prduced , alnr ,arious clrcultitdtlltceaalln in dlflrelt Ic cnalities, to idteline the quainltity ofel slid water it will re nire. to Ox the proportions which ought to he adopted in tte construction of an engine, to inake an swrany intended purpose, etc.: with practical tables, giving at on.e the rts lto of the forlnotie, hounded upon agreat nma.y new ixporneits ,lndeon a large scale, in a daily practice o the Liverpool lld lMaocheister Railway, with many diilertit engitnestdlltl ctosiderale trains ocaruriagon, to which is dtldodl n appendix, showe ing the expense of cotveyi ig goods by ImomootiC. gges on ralroads, bykChev. F 31 1. de PaI'mboun3,ia'ro ustreceivedandferauleby W31V M'KEN. in _____, r of CaLmp slid (CloililOn tlre SPEiIM CANDLES-Fr sale by READ & BARSTOW solp1 7 Ballnk Pice. P CKLES-1 b o . , Lewis & Has keli'a P.ckles. ALS , & A WS sepll corner of 'l'uomlon l as. L AG(ING-And Bale Rope, for sale by READ & BARS''OW, papqttl 7 Bank Place R MAN CE ME:r--dirert from London, for sale by a ILEAD & IBAI.I'OW, ep4 l 7 Bank Plae. B Atr2NG-70 pieces Iheavy Inverness Ilaggtng, in.ptore, and tar salebYLMES & MILS sepll ' 9 Bank Place. EMON SWILIVP--50 boxes superior rLemon Syrul, L fur sale by IWAI)D , BA& 'Tt)W. sepl1 67 Gravier street. AL[ GA WINE'--Seret an Dry lMalna Wine .l in qr casks naualndiaen bbls, entitled to debenture tfgf sale by REAL) & IIAIISTOW, * nptIl 67 Granierar. vPERMi CANDLES & SOAP900I boxers New S Bedford Spnem Candles, best ands, and assort .d iites. 1911 boxes BostonSuop, Jackson's brands,now land ing from,ship Plato froSm t r IAYNE ,p sepl l 25 Granier st. SIHALE 1-OI 75 barreldfirst qadlity Refined Whale Oil, leanding from ship Arn, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & C)O, -' septl2 131 Magazine st. C ANDLLE1-- 25 b.nxes of Sperm Candles brand of U4 XValen.ine, Ilading ltam ship Arno, for sale by ISAAC BRI)(; &Ct)O, . sepl. 134 Magazine st. 1FLASKS of one and hllf int lit saNe by H It, tN iBEL, sep22 wnrnerTf Natchez & Tchopitoulna at. "PSOMH ALTS-Few barrels landing and fe, sale epby II B )NNAIIIP., . sep2 orner of Nitcher &. Te'hopitoulas st. -UG-Of one, two uad three gah ase, in crates, land ing and for sale by i BONNABEL, sep22 eor erof Nutclhe l'clthopitoulan st. SASTOR OIL of the b st quality. 500 galls in barrels,just received by N BONNABEI. sep22 corner of Natchez and rchtpitoults st. S AL P-I0 eases, contaiing 5 dozen b al in str and for sale by r a CHAMlPLI' & COOPER, sel.22 - 8 Julia st. STORAGE--00 bbls or the Ib i<w thereof, ,ili be J takell on accommudaltLg ,r' i.h C HAMI'LIN & Go)' P I".l sep22 82 Julio st. A"-_RM CA DLb.S-. 0.1 bones New Bedford oiu Spirm Candles, Georga Hlowlands brand, landing frots sip Kensington, and or sle byDGE co ISAAC iRIDt E cae ,i5 l .iW E- 1 slie coffee offiIestquality i landing from brig Champiou, for sale by STETSON & AVERY. jy2t 28 Gravier streets. SVFFE-30 bags prime Hlavana coffee, jut recei ,laasd orsalebv S & J P WHITNEY, aug14 8 Conti street i &caurie, lanrding es Brig Daniel i tonfor sale &bE .l .ATER & 'PRIER, .p 13 40 Poydras at. LK--50 bhsl Mes tand Primt Pork, landing from P fat boats, for sal I by lA.YLYT &. AMELUNl2, an 17 Com ce street r oe narc Ju in trore, obr -lc Iby S.:IIAUPLIlN & (COOPFR. p'. Julia st. Z'or the Interior. For ereingfiel, (Liringsto n Cj) Posa Moa nhaermo utnhs of lhet Alnite, Tnnehipaho sandilermedinte landings. h .ICB, 'F . well known nodligltrlrarght ,..Steamer OI.A.CII.'I'A, P. Ittoeord, omaster, will leave th oake enLd of hre Ra r -d on Wedneeday morning tie 19th inot., o Ier tie arrivnlt thre 9 o'clock Cara. For freight or sage,applyi to CEO. WlITMAN, pas. O. aid U. S. I Office, noder the Exchange HOtel, St. Chars e.t, New Urkans. sep 15 FOR LOUISVIILE.CINCINNATI, AND ALL IN'I'EFRM1EDIA .TlE PORTS. The suhstantioal steam host OOV. SHELBY J J Kemrcheval, "disabtr, is hourly expected Io arrive, and w ill have - rlecpat ch Sr r the above y x ro t s. Ftr or treiht orpassage, haviing superior accommodations, LAWRENCE & LEGENI)RE, . cep8 28 i "L9 New Levee. PLEASUREl EXCURSIOJ wi TO BAY ST. L.OUIS ANI PASS CIIRISTIAN. Fare oL,51rr S r 'hef s rtrrnnninsrtenamboal Mrah ZEpP A, tapparc H riltin, leaves the or b lobe end of therm il rea, nalntleorri- a vol of tire -a'o'l-'ro .car s n on Saturday evr: tile ith rn mt. rrt rldevery ensuinag Saturday. tleirniog, wtill reaLI th tire rail road by 6 'clrrh o n Monday mr nli g. pr Ap ply to r. GEO. WHI'lMArtN, t New Orleans v h onhile Mail Oftee. aug18 Udder the Eoctrarrge ItItrrl. St Chnrles st. -T'oe Mobile, and -ll Iclnroxedite Lteaditrgs Tire trrw prrssure r team boat 90 , CROtINE ,iillaxoe Nex Orleans pr frr IMobiler. overn Thnt'udry and n Sev, at 1 lock a .l oclring r all tile waxerrng pces at which passengerrr may wital to lad,. eor ax iarepnTictl V, piyL LOr, lUO AA Furthr pnrtlcular, pply toGEO. WiITIMIAN, cc jy24 Excharge Iotel, St. cihorle at__. t For Mobiie and all Irarltredile Ianudirxo'e. I.' Thefact runnint ad plendird steam rrt Wt. WALIACE, entirely in ctnte raoms, will erve New Orl;ans hr fhrr oile-and all intermediate wrrternr plar'.c, eoery Tnurayand Saturdry, after tho arnival l th L' i o'loch ears. GEO). WllITMtAN, jvy4 Exchange Ilotel, St.Charles stat.._ - MATURIIAY EVEI4NING AND SUNDAP UZCURSION a TO MANDOEVt-lEf .00 MN ttE cIONVI.LE. ti-".,,tiDt The teoamer Od)UTH AIABAMA, JTR.,V.r. Conpt. tL.T. Knigltrwil le ave the lke er ek ·nde oftheradlcrod Icr trea boe pinv - p cecs, nery Sag at cvenrxa, on ttlre arrival of the o' elrrekcace, and return the stare nOiolr-nerr levne Sun- or lay morlrtrer na the aprival of the 8 c'clck car; recturn tn leoave Mrronvillo at 4 o'clock, P. tM. a'. ,'t aw .hlr IUlk K.DIA,1 'VII iE, LOUI'ItULt MTANDE-d " Vti."E & UOVINOTIrN. h c . 'he fHt roUrrrc and splendid csteam (Ul ] -. b.Ir'rlt SOUI'II AIAbaAIA, I.. T. - re nit mraster,will, run as a rgr r mai boat ior the V r, p on ll~ondays, W ednes dasaand Fridryso, eatxert re rcrarl othe lok ears, a A M. Keauroiag. leaves ,viaogtoun I'uesdaA0, Tlr r. days and StInrdays. at 8I 'clckc, hA SI. ::la l a Le iM COft Ioanultet N It. All bartae and pan , rl ot herisoft lroso - er unocssa biyl oflladig Is rg.. ..rola .. thYe bc l r mOl Wv - .ttI MAN, a New Oreanlo' aol Mobile Mail Oline, sa2 Exchrer aneor r llrdi, t ta rl C cles t. FARE REtUO :d >0! The atenmrlooi M1AZEPPA will _ O leave tile Lake endr oflboe ail tRoad r on ri ond; 1 w \Vae dn p'edaYe and F'i rayo.ron the arrival of ite Lo'cloek ca,', tourrc.rine t ay St Louis, Poras triaro ltxiira ' &li retrn, wi l cave tPorasnoula at day lihot and arrive at tir leaoren t 3 r'clock, P. at., tcari t rll nr the nxtelrnlt plrrces in day Irgiro. o areian anc o I enhrole ansto Il rv Stl. trril .m n S ,, " Ilxi 4r) p o l GtEr. VI'tTMA N, oa2 Erxcbongr itrtel, St.oCorlen sareel. NO'I'iCES . piRAVELLERS gorisg t0 0lller by the Mail Line !.n Mrr NTlonay, \Vedtreloys u rd E rida oys, wil regic- I er trlr u.rnrr el l tir rlt . e r., 's n tea r allr loe recurved I'li.t tgr at laasct·oula c b l ,buoy lameld ay, yl:lrem c.r ra1 s Ire Prared eIr tro rlxy rill. 1'llronr wllr olre hrearvy b:lo'ng rr erlll love it taleon Jirtr:lOtu c ob le by nlycooyrtS dtorlllrg lore wek,exccl o rh t'' I ElooiS Fr.Cohll torollEN 13U1l"l~allr [ ,t dwltbove muhed clss. GJ IIdt i .. boettY'.h rtlihls, LUI rlboxes Irhrrlin te, | i oblrrr c hte rri hr llole, l0 ball rr .rr'ls OO ,I1r h lCtaket 191 Ilo o l 10.crYt' r ollr orrrrrrr e ior barrels rlllrkl~r toupees, lit irora P Jb~' trh lreceovrel per eillor I lsl0'lor sa> t bv jyrO - c 0 to rrrulr . J'11t A r0t. a - r sale i y 00 , .0lIre., d -' Ilt'l~lii I,.r.TllL.Od.I'.l+r +..-r-A orrjrqoy xf Culol inr JllSrrt llltnrrr r, t'rrrut lIIII PnIrorrlo0 rr cord "In 'tr Il'UO lrlr. Li o ul rhe ,0 rIorr jrrrrord rlre-I orrr'rrorerl ri r , hllrlJ irirlo:I,,I'. r+l'c, , Cl .[le crLtctt , llln O tlllllld)ill, \\"+trd' flair Ul, flnle lizi,, r~al] slid Il lolth |rnlal*.+l .=t+. Je. 000.0 oorrolrcxr.i orrrrorlrniroCulalrreo10 .I L,,,, · .I' cllIei,.:+ ct.. Celt 4,1 CaIHb' stell)( Acadoolo.l, totl Tlvh coolocrirco lllt.lillln , ox IOO.III0 V. l[I kitChe+lalrvl ~llly Ulld ,.ut-IhmUlses, t·c. 'l' ,I) I. JAIr+h r,' .\A.\'Olnl'\\ I, J5 v 0. eororor' 'l'ch.orriritorrr ________lll ___trats L .AP.A I.Ai)+i.0alI .egs 00l1l0teult0.00 , i0 1 0 llc olhiojioag nrter, a.crd lPr colr0 Iy {r IUIlrEY, J' jy _______ li.rIoree. Sowiore .is, 'ol. rise orpl'tilie hlno letter l010el II cLlOs vero loow prireodi 1ro cll s s Ilelilm white lell 1000ll0pel li ua str s tlllU lillk rcrier Ilrlol'iloo r rroFCoUx lel i0nt0 pr(AcKet p.l0t h1rg* -ize; 2 cada, supcrlille elre, i as,ri eulullls; g cus .s ..U )llrli oCtavoI asUrtled CJlUrS; fnor eal, wlllcsoile and ortail, oy D FEh.Ll ' Co, , oew locrk ithrlnoers' liao, _jyl _____ 1 Cllrltres slreet. 030 IttEN'l'--'oeasseecion ,i'ell illllrrlledlolo'y, lhe 1 House ox the BBodl Rtri Road roear tIre 1ucrr Ie Slteore. tire tax l'uvillolla IIo Hull, ileor ohe iec. Urlorares anol ,\alviolltIxol lItoord. 0evera lxRrooms in tire Car LLouse rot tIhe Btil cail iotod oulnpaony. For I co tihe oarriuulare aIrply to II IOINNAIIEIo., inrit rrrtrrr Sorinhcz It.''lol'oirlritloorloorFts. qoarljy l Al . recha Ntclh ala. I'uhourtous lx.d Sinrtoe obrsale by IIULtoIES & IILL C, Jyrt Boank Alley. C. KRPENTEIL'S FlxurdotEract of Sauraapaille- uuo d ool uther CaoIrprenter's Plcrcpraitulj rereived la1el ky II tOkeNNAttEL, jyzL ccr +r]Coeioipoulus &L Nalchez sis L E1 ON SYRUP in boxes fl diA. each for ,ale by ILEAU & BAIRSToW, aug4 7, Bank Place. SUGAi--Ifoue lo1lasues--2 0 barrels ifor senle by A7. J TIIAYER & CO, au 3 74' Poydra ieseet S-25 casks Kice, just received and br sale by J I'H.A Y EILt 4 CO, eug23 74 Poydras street. A,.VAtSn.IlHana-in hldsi-atircenand bbl. in store, and lur sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, ang23 17 Commelrce street. + IN.eS d Li quors--6t uskets Cnaleagne I Wine, (Cuongress br.nd,) 1l0 do wine; (Laf.yette Ira d;) It pipes nIadeirn; 250 qr. casks initation dladrira wine, In store and Ioranle by IIELttLiuGINI BULVLUWa"r & cU, aug23 9 Conti st. ,EOLASSES-70 bid-, in stre, fr sale bhy IV~VILAENELE ' L i EN IA RE, aug23 28 and 29New Levee. irK EASURY Notes--10J I dull . fir sale b d '11'..YIt L & CO, aug23 74 I'oydrae street. OFFIIE OF tI'E NEW (t)RLEAN .- N NASH. VILI.E RAIL RiAD,. RAFTS on New York at night, for sale at 4 per ant. premium. JAMES H CALDWELL, sep8 Pres't. L S r IPUBI.ICATINS.. 'I HE Novels ,ofJune Austin, centaining 'Pride and I Brejudice,' Mansfield 'lark,' 'Sense and bensi bility' 'Emma' and 'Northanger Abbey' to which is prefixed a biographical notice of tha author-complete in one volume. Non. 3 & 4 of 'The Life and Adventures of Nickolas Niekleby,cootainiinga f.aihful acouut of the fortunes, n.isfrtunes, dowlanllings, and complete career of the Nihklesh Famly, Edited by'Bz'--with illustrations ALS ), An additional supply of No 1,'Nicholas Nicklebiy.' 'Oliver I wist,' pert first, and 'Pickwick Papers,'just received, and fir sale by WM. M'KEAN, sept8 corner of Camp v. cmnm ai .t C1ANILES-I 15 hre sperm candles, bes, branld. C landing froml, shlp Pluto, fr sale Iby ISAAC BRIlltcG; - CO, .ep8 134 lnlaacine st. EXCH.NGEL n Uoston--In sums to suit pur l chasers, for nain by STETSON & AVERY, aug28 88 travier et. C HAMPAIGNE Brady--lIn pipes and half pipes, a very superior old article in store and for sale by ' It llYDE & B11t, aug,8 39 'Co'nmen, e a z U OLASSES-31 b I s ,lme ordev r for anle b I.31 LAW\REN'CE & LEGENDRE, sep 13 2 and 29 New Levee. 1 IIE--70:,I Berrel: fLime; 2.50 Iales Hey, land ilag fromn brig Caroline, and for salte by LEVI H (IALE, aug1l 93 Comnmon street. R ANAWAY from the subscriber the yellow hey ItICHARD.t about 2 years old, 35 feet 0 inche Sigh, stout and well built, flat forehead, and wlhen ps ken to rather down looking and slow of speech. Ten dollars shall be paid to ally person returning him to the subscriber, at 52 New Levee. S & W G BRYAN. serp20 .Rt)GA tNVS, Shoee ait, ,-lippeeln-1 . caes, rum. prising an asisrtnmelt of Men's and Bov's fine kip pegged ant Rni nelt Brogatn; Men and lUoys filne cnlfrsoes; leoi's ad wonen'u pumps and slillppers= childrens and infant houtea, ea s ato t ankle tics; land ing fronm ship Ohio, andtl ,r al & by I. IS AC .RaNI nGE & CO. eullgt 134 Magaziae etreet. 'SHIPPING. For Europe. - FOR MARSEILLES. The fast sailingbrig CAROLINE, Capt. Thamveon, will have ome.diate dpch for *.the above port. For freight at 1511 hales cot- in ton, or passnge, apply to griL LEVI II GALE, asug23 9:1 Coa oni .t. FOR TRIESTE. The fast sailing ship HELEN MAR, Capt. -, havlo full nargo eanaged, will have despatch; fir passage aply to S J J P WHIfNEY, au;23 8 Conti st ---- No Coastwase. an UST resrtr I at the Louisiana Furniture Ware .J Roose, 53; Bienville rstreet,20ll0 Mtapleaid Cherry ra BHedsteids; a first rate article. Also, a good asuort ilrnt of Maple, Walnut, and Palnted Chairs, which will be sold for the lowest carh prices. W RCARNIS. jy7 61 Dianville street. SIltL.SALI; AND Ili:"AIL ti.' i) AN-I VAIlFT'I'Y STORE. No. It Camp stree .u-, th der Iltishop's Hotel-The suberibhers a. qe Ipe g at at their new stand, al extensive nasnatrt t atn arttesel at their line, oorprisig every variety of Conhs, strates, mi Perflimery, Looking Glossres, Ptla ing Cards na a large inlnber of Fancy articles. The followiba s prit a descript ion: COM BR-Tortolise ant Brazilian high top taek, tal and cnrved; do. do. twist, long, neck, pui'; side, poate anid dreasiag, ivory and horn; ine to b, dressing seat pocket combs; horn, redding andt n.rt somr'nba wootlen, lt'.nliang, fin tooth and pocket con... PERFUMEIIY--A general semeajat of French and American Perfumery, consisting .,. . "l aine water in bottles, of all shapes and sizes; lat rnder, Florida, rose, orange, lemon, Jessarine, hrgamae, ,nmllertleus, atc.; fancy soaps of eery tlseription; mcmamssr, antilque. and vegetahle hair oil anil curlin huiod; chlorine tooth wash, carbonic andl chlorine dinuu lieee; eented ind plain toilet Imwderi ponmatun; paentou salts, etc. IRUSHl)S-Ctomtarlsig a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, troot, nail, chmb, shaving, plate, earth, fine asit plain dlusting, sweeping, crutmb furniture, serubking atd white wash, hore, shoe anil tonner't couring, paint and varnish brushes. *ad sash and graini og tools tf all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Co.iprlsing gtlt frames of various sizes, 5, s, 2 and I draw toilets; German st ati, toilet and pooket glass, magnifying minors, etc. a PLAYING CAtDL.-l agle, Hlnry 8th, Broom, O Highlander, Spiel Garten, French and whlit hack Play ing CatrIs. FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A supe rior assortment of portable desks, ladies' aml gentle men's dlreming casets ani ladlies' work boxesi fancy box es of various descriptions, suitalble fo thie new yrr and Christmas' gifts; iocket bhoks of all sorts; suspen ders, mllsie.boxes, lead ipencils, crayons, violins, bead - tags aea tpurses, an assortment of faIncy heeati, suprior Iq;oIty billiard balls, paste blackitng; i rne, shirt, vest, C Efli and suspender buttons; pearl I itons and shirt studs, razor strops; gas machines for creating light; Spanish anI melee segares macothan, Paris, rappee and Scotch sanuls; an assortment of plain anil sa ordl eanes; back. gamonln hoards; dice, flancy screens, optics, Jews hatrps, harmonicas, luciter nmatches, pins, needles, pereussion caps, drinking cups, utanting flasks and game bags; steel, sliver iand plateld spectacles; thimbles, twine, etc., a hlandone assortment of engravings, ani a Iuige rvarie ty of other articles, all 'of which will be sold fur low prices, for cash or city neceptinices. may 4 IEErrS Is D,LANGE ll.h at I4 KRELI.S 1.1~1 landing fron, brig Uncle Ilt Sam, for sale hy jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY t UININE, EI'O)M SAtIT, AND CALOt) i.. 1511 ounces Ir'aeh Quiltile, It) bilo Epsom Salt, 3 enaks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Colonel, Ipeso c.. Jalop, Ithllubrh,&c. &e.. landinlg from brig William, from lioston, andgfor sale by JAR\ IS & ANDREWS, AWholalestle Dr tegies, jv7 car Colman a, TI'clhoupIitooulaus treet. IRVING'S NEW WORK &c. Silie ROICKY MOUNTAINS-Or seees, incialents I and adventures in "the Far ;P'eot,"digested fromo i.ejiouranraof (Capain l I loonneville, of the Army of t'tie United Statee, and illustrated from various other ',;a tebrtvolv aahitia'"n 'lanat,in o vo.. T11 '" V'IC' I'II'. S'I aUll'IY-- ly the Couitess of 1fil.e 'itcton, in 2 vols. jllt rit, ried t d fur ale by .V \liK'EAN tlt ,..l','I' vItil I~t Novlember next; thie eleganlt I Dwellinh: loIner, Noi 117 it Juseab etreet. Appla 4t No. 7"- i"lsdrms street. jyi9 )U.011, oI ' t ')OD--l. ;wrence . Co i-i heavy SIrowen sheetil. 1s .la:j'en it Ca 5- J inch Irow t a.irlings. L.oeaa1 'e, 1i I.brolw cotont . FI rsale l'ET'atl) , & AVERt oatgl h GraierYstree S)1\ at( a ir [ , '3' ' t.c sacs'a pet viii' A.r ><1. ka iVs, fn~m New york. '; grfeet American t'Cotnl l.'\lllt c ft"r i'il) ,' 1rl. Crckel 'so A ,llottnll iI . 9. i' I . I'et lct1'+thl; I;noin flrt 1ai1t9. C.otamn 8 b' l eVely stl ti i tie Unlilll, anti clllltllilil ng a great Varilrt', ofg grnavings, t.r sole ythe gracei, tIItalleind SUI.D ien.rd Paper--Just r vrtdein a few resas P Idson' -ety ine blue re,,trd CrF, Loth plain . nll ruled, torsleby V as 'ii N aSutianrr's tBlal, .2i Ch'trtree. S NI)RIE.\ S k .,thla s lhave removed their Cutn:t Sing flou'e to N.e 50 Cunup slest. ,e 1(OF'Iti-tI11 Lt.r Ria. -a14 do. Hanin;lai. For I sale Ily 'Pt.'1i',SON . AVEII '. nug4 LO G (uvier t lee t e ll TI \N 'S--57 kegs Currants, a ntiprila article, '.or sale Ily i.A .\ LEN:E & LIlt ,lI,liRE, ,ello and 2 SNew Iee. f 0 BBL.. firt quality Linseed vil, for sale by eap I_ 44 New Levee. N Al 'S--51l. kegs etasttied, for sale by iAI)AMS & W ilIITALL, t sar p 15 tf 67 Gravier street. hi I'LL ,i WINIEIit CL 'LtiINil. Z P. FRE'EMAN & CO., No. 3, Magazlin street, J* are reeciting their supplies of Fl II and Winter or fCClthine, and Iwill e lotinu to) receive shipments regu larlyv Iroughout the season. Their assortment being Ilarge will enable them to supply m rehants from nd tile country, at tlhe shortest nole;for sale wholesale and retail, on accommodating terms. sep29 ST)ltR TIIE (1 iREAT PRAIRIE-A Train of Cars ed will !eav the iDepot at the foot of Canal st. for the PRAIRIE CO'I"TAGE, every dar. its Departure-8 a In-- p ma.-lteturn, 12 m.-6 pm Sunda s--6 a m-10 a m-4 p --8 a ma-- p m This arrangement till further not:e s. Sept 14 JAMES H CALDWEI.I., Presd't )IC)E--ll5 casks now landing Iroml:ilaIIieti ou, tor i,, saleby sG BLA aCII \HD, et jylI 31 Grvier stroet y r 0 LET--The Hoae situated on the corner of n J Orange and Religious streets; apply to r J BoEIN &r A CiOHEN, in jy24 9O Ccmmnom sueet. .1 DICAL, PAINT &i OIL STORE, Corner of Common & Tcllopitoulan streets. A LARIGE and general assortment of Medicines, Paints and . hl constantly on ha'nd, and for aseal on the most reasonable trmsn, by JAhVIS & ANDREWVS, sep8 corner of Co,on,,n a& Tcoitpit.ulas. S F oE--I, te and ]aattrding, 250 bags prime fqnality o ltavuna CoTce, for sale by S G BLANCHARD, sep ;:1t: trnvier street 3 OUTS, Shoresn n itrognau, con, irin-i.g a ngeerao S aasortmentr, uitoble fSr the city or country trade, landing from ahip Cencordiu, and for sale low for cash,,orspptoved paper, by A F DUNR 1 & CO, sep8 t1 Cuslom House i ULASSES Caske-500 Molasses llds. in tol:e, ill for sale hy CHIAMPLIN & COOPER, sep20 82 Julia ast. A. 3011 bales Northe 'r.nTathy Hay in store, R for sale by CIIAMIPLIN & COOPER, sep20 82 Julia at. t)OD. 5t1 cords Oak wod, or sale R, CHAMPLIN k COOPER, sep25 82 Julia at. S -EW-USt--a o Troubadout I tine fromt d re.ams fThee; ow sweet the Chimes; I.ncy Dear! lucy Dear! John Nott why not; My caililhood hours farewell, Iarnett; Yes! think me happy, Sprole; Ih this Cotten he lived, Cooke; Warriora oIltte; Let te rest in tite ltud of ry tlirnh; Thy love and Mine; !.and of I.ove; S.,n of the Bell; \iotoria tie peCriernle. oe of England; Ut,! to the Forrest; Happv Faree 13eohlr,eBrghlt Winte; MY Mountain Pine; itn the Brav, w.+o have falled no tear we be tow. Rus ell; The peace of the Valley, Balfp Our way acrnos the loutaran ho! Mlinstrrel r the Tyrol; Raggio d'Alnre; AI Campo della ;loria, Donizetti; La Luna, Tadolini; S river non prae'in,;Kenlutkv grand manrch; Anniversary Quick Step; Carnival \Waltte; Une Perle Waltz, tlanten; Carnival Waltzes, Stru.ns; Victoria Wlltz; La lies Waltzees .e. hy Straust; La Fleurs a' Italic, I '2 3 4: Remembrance handao; t liees de I'Ope. ra Italien; Spanish Song,uet received by eett t6 l CASEY, 19 'amnp streeft, RtILED ,ETTER - CAP PAPER. 'ITHIRITY reaoma superbfi blue wote Cap, ruled; S 310 do do while do do 50 do Inw priced blue .4 wllit Cap rut'd, 50 do assorted bnue & white letter, rul d; Just regeired and htr rale by DAVID FELT & CO, New York Ststioner's Hall, sepll 24 Chartres t. OAP, GANAtttE,' .c -In storeand for sale No I k & 2 sap, of Valentine andt other brsnds. r Judd's whie and colored potent Sperm Candles, a superior article. Fall and Winter bleached sperm oil in store and for sale by S O BLANCIARD. aep8 :3 Gra vier TEEL PENS-Just received (om New York per ship Vicksburg, Il groce Gsillott'a Enagle Pens: 10 do Perrey's double ;:atret pens; 10 do India rubber pens; 5 Pao National penr; for aale by the groce or sin. g rd FELT & Co, N Y Stationemr 1nal,, sept6 '21 Chartres street PEGA I.AS Segars, 1s0,t for saleo I e sep 13 SI ATERI & TRIER., in Ptydrao et. 8USINESS CARDS. PASHIONABL GLOTHNC TAYLOR & HADDEN, Ne, 14 Chartres Screet HAVE aoonstantenpply of every article pertrainig to geantlemen's dress, of the latest style, at New York pries dec 20 TEI e'iTH. SITT,TCEOUS M ETA LLIC TEETH. PECIMENS of hose beautiful teeth, and the man ner of setting them, may hr seen at the oflice of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Cnnal siret. 'Ihese teeth never change colour, nod are byhv many, and in many cases, preferable to the ttlarol teeth. lI- I)r. R. will wait upon ladies at their residence, the requeested. p9if all S A.:'EIROt SIER. eat MERCHANT TAILOR, at 47 Common street, ea EGS to infort the public that having purchased Sfrom Messrs HOUGH, SKEilGS M CO. part of r their stock, he will continue the businese at their old eth stand, opposite Bishop's Hotel, where he hopes to merit eta a shalre oft'tear atron.age. He henade rran nt at the North to he supplied mothly with the and most fashioohble goode tar 14 - CLAY & CLARK, 1OUSE AND SHIP PLUMDEB II, Lit No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, Ar MANUFACTURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps O' all descriptiont. WARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BATHBS Fixed on the most nyproved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &c Ie [POrders executed in any part of the Southctln States. mr9 D. Rolbert F. Lindee. oFFICE EXCHANOn HOTEL. fim CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Maaufacturrers, No. 102 P.tydran street, KEEP on hand a constant suppi, of Lead Pipe, I from 2 in. diameter down to 3.o n diameter, fir ORLEANS LITIIOGRAPHIO PlRINTINUO in ESTAHLISIM EN::, an No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banke' Arcade. WILLIAM.M GREENE, PROPRIETOR th nrt wi J H. PARSR Comnmission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New t:lens,P Feb. 2 : JARVIS & ANDREW$, WIIOL.ES.tI.R AND RE'I1I. DRALERS IN e MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS ft DYE STUb'SI'8 .AND WYLVDOIH GLASS, bi Corner of Common and Tchoupitoulas street, i NEW ORLEANS NATHAN JARYIS. JOIIN W. ANIDREWS. a A large upply of Oarden Seele, warranted the growth of 1.37. n AT MODBIL, Ala, S. 1. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 alnd 63 WVATER STREET. r'tIE undersigned, liaing est,,hhlicheatlttmelsos in Mobile for the plrpose of tratencihtg tha Atetion and Commission business in Its varo br henches, leg leave to intorm their frienus and toe puolic, that they are nov prepared to reeivr eolngole.ents, nd make 1 lilberol advances on the sanme, either for privateor public 1 sale. SOLO IIAN I. JONES, I ISRAEL I. JON.S.e. Refer to Wahiker. Knight & Co, New Orleans. Morile, Feb 9,18:18. feb 13 A CARD.E SAMUIL SLATER. AIae.aeIA TRIER. SLATER & TRIER ForwardingI & coml.m Sniont Merchants, No. 411 Poydras Street, NIbW 0)Rl, EA NS. They will devote their partincuar attention to the sale ol It sortr Produce. I References. Ahijah Fick, Ceq. ) S t, lhltnchord, tIart 1 SImiF; New Oiltans. le rs, otihn. aron & Co. J 1) & 1 Vt iliam, ) Strig s, \Vid & Co. I Boston. 't'ho.i VPoe Esq. ) . .b rt Ilr. tlrer & Co. LcvIert &iT'll tnao. New York. Stanford & oavis, St Louis. Gin.lgow, Shaw , Totnts. S Rider &. Co. A 1 awlev, Pa Dta,. .t.A it. SFUIRNISIERS OF SIllP .ND BOAT :TORI.S, - No.t I1I 'ctoril rO.oAS STnRET. N w.Orleans. SRelfere nce o : Messso. .tt Blnrt t Co. A. t 31mcu & Co. New York. Cincinn ti O. A S V. STOoN, D .yt o o . I. Con&vocE & Co. Colan.eS.E . N. A iloCotcH, &k Co.. L.ouiavrle, &y SWELR.lC ,rv . (NCT.rcO.t LoAi oS, - t. IRoeF, Alton, Ill. g We VM. \VITHrOoin, Itushvillle, 111. No J. P. P.1 AtnTWLL, Blanyo ara, La. -I SoLonon lhitt. New OilcaS . jan O221 . i I)OYL, R & COeAT, SI)EA.EA IS IN / AMERICAN & ENPHLISIN CiOWN GLASS, r IUSDS ANAINST PAInTR I- A. It. CFF CAloNl i No.4 Mnusson'o luding, Canal slrce,. of|" EL T'K ACY, New OrlntOn, Mlay P1, 1838. SNecrtnry. r WIEIAS IRWIN -l Commission IuIld folwarding Merohant, C|INt'INNATI, OHO. RefEr to lIayet & ANnrluni, Nw LOr. .Jlo.Landis Co. . mt4 lot HoSE AND SIGN PAIlNTER No. Il CanTp sitreet, Tholisol me ealber it Pains,Oil, Varnihe, to rnsbes, e oIn l a Windywand Pion1re Olee3 , S.e tac. .T. W. COLLINS .ATTORNEY & COULNS~LLOR Tr Ld W. ATOW prnetisin- in the State ad City Conurlts. Cli-. n en will fin. d bim at the Clerk's office, US Lirenit Court, in the Custom. Hounse building. je8 A CARD. I T HE undersigned have opened a house in this city, I Sir the purpose of transacting a GENE"tAL CO ,.lISSION IoUSINE9S. OFrFICE, NO. 1l Gnavtcn STREET, UP STAIRS. H P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be contlinued in the above minae. References. Godfrey, La rie & Srall, Net Orlansa e La. Peters & Millard, S H II Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John Al Gilmore, hicksburg, Miss. Harper, Crpenter & Co Grad Gulf, Miss. Muir, dlCore & Ceo, a ,il s I.illard. Natchez, Mise. New Orleans, July I!, 1888. jyli A CARD. ATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located him nel" n New Orleans for the1 purpose of transactiug a Genernl Agency end 'n'uoIiidlo housiness, wlould re spectlully solicit from the public a share of their pa tronage. Having n house in Texas, he will attendte the trans. aling ul any business thit mo be deired in thst eountry anll will guurautee prommt and onremitted of tentien to all bu.ile.e ellntrusted i his ihlure, and a taithfoul npplieatino (ii accordance with ioetruotinos) of all lunde that mny come into his hands. Office in Nen Exchanoge. on iGravier sarne, opposite to Roo Mr Clappl's church, and a.lj.iining Gieson's reading ro n.sig of tile Texian Consulate. New Urlans, eovember 25, 1837. Slleferenrer. Merse Hillver. Bleet I. Co. New York. Burr We e.ane. Alvarez F sk, Natchez, Hins. R M Strlh r S. LoesI., o. J haIT ri t i . .Lo iseille Ky. I)r Jhl A Sie e, i topkievln le, Ky. man8 6m OF NEW ORLEANdS, Of.ce No. 24 Massuoa' Dl:,lafg Jet. CANAL STREET. r BSON'S GUIDE AND DIREPWORT UOR the State of Lmuisiana, and Cities of New Or leans and Lafayotte; for sale by WM M&cK'F N. m23 cor Camp and Commel tue. (AtiH-er Uekl Hvlne,--lust re. iv.ed be ot vK t , \.l.eei : - "..-TlUy-, AhrnII ANU&PIOC . BYO)K &k &OPEW~ in coonecoion with thib Office is a 5-tNDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, mph t FOR TIE PRINTING OP ~'amphetu Dank Chocks Cataloganes Blls of Lading L.baels, Dray Receipts, Legal Noticesr, Auction Bill-, Bill Forms, Show Bills Stream Boat Bills Oircuars, And ereey deecriplioln fJob toesk atss maT bhereqnre d. Il'.The p., lrietor respectfully calls tIe attention of stl the plublic to ,.e above Curd, anl aniurcs lthem that seo ll work tntruste, I his care shall be diolne at the shllort est notice, in a st0.. unsurpassed in this city, aod eo at tle Ii, oNst rates. I PtAPR;' qolle, cto pens, "ink, fluid, ouwfer selin r loan, iddia rulbber. black aonl, pounel,, antl every Br other orliclo of statinnerv, of Iho very best qualit)l .con- lk tlatlly oo hand sid fur ~nle by to l)AVID FtI.T&CO. ro o119 N· Y" Stationrc' Hall, 21 Chotl~ lec I. - O MERCIhANTS, l t M1 ERCHAINTS can have a beauifll cirdltlar i off at tio hours notise, by callin, at the Orleans Lithoraphic (tlilce,.53 MngazIne treetn,opplositBanks t Arccade. oot t 3 ACKEliL-- 5 halfthls No 2 Mackerel, for sale bl v READ & BARLiT'W, th mall 67 ircotrostreet. It LEAPF LARD--tI10 kege in 1tore, ftr eelo- ly jyl 44 l Newl L ve Il [ ENTUCKY 1BAGGING--100I psf sa le by HOLMES & 3ILLS, jylt Banlk Alley TCiJ CMH IAAGGINti -81 p hleavy Ncotchll agging 43 inche'd wide, for Fac 0 y HOLOES & t1ILLs, jyl9 Blhk Alley tI 53XCHANGE UN NEW YORK for sale hr I' .AWRtENCE & I.KGENI)KE, jv 12 28 & '29 New Levee. qTiIF American Dctuocrat. or Iitl lotLhtOnilad to a ivilrolotionsof OLhUnited tIes. lIy J.P'eui- / The Two flirts; or, Adventurs ill a Country iouoe; ail other tale i, by Lody 4Ileca.incton, E L Bulwer, llte ,orlon. Barty Cornuwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwi., nod o,tlers, i1111v1nls. "Ile iiver and the Desert, cby Mss Pardoo, author of the City if the Sultan. Thet Ciatt If (iu 0, tIle Gilt of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wllod enquoio.lh is Atllersoe.l . Jui t rece v d s lr sale I y 1 W MeKF.AN, jel6 cor Camp andl Commnon stS. R otSIN Itl'Ol--. 7 bile. roin dr..... lanodl,.d "d h fbr uole b. J THA.. EK E&Co, tl jy 14 74 Poydrat street. Ci 1E & SCHAFFER'S Compou.n F ,id Ex tract I.f arst.parItll. for thle eure of oUstinate oruptions of the skinll; pimples or pultulls of thle fuce; hileo whi hI arise tron an imlpure state of tilhe blood; bloly eru ions; p ins in Ihe bones; chronic : rhenurosrnsm; tet r; scrofula, or kiog's evil; whit s rIling; syphilitic disonases, and all dsorders ( arising troi, an imnpure state of the blood, by a lotg irsideoe in a ho, olimtle, or the Injudicious use of I mercury. Alo,--COave & Sehaff r's Worm Syrop, or In. faLnt Preservative: thc bhst preparatlion iow Rextant. Among which are the followong:-lndiian Dye, for c,l ring tlhe hair; Bear's Oil; Rnssian Bear a drease; Pooaotumi iclhaw's Freele Washo: su. periur Pearl Powdero; Lily Whlte; Creamu of IRots; rogetable Rouge; Otto of Rues; Lip Salve; Kre. osito Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dontraflice; Oralnge Fluoer Wa cr; Powder Puffs anl, Boxes; Ameri. canl Churcoal, neatroly put up ilt four otnce vialse P eston Sills; Colgne; Krcooote T'ooult.undo Droeo; Hair Braothes; Englisl I)resoaing Co .,bs. o laoe liir Ol[;--iith a variety of olthlr Pierf. meraes, &O. FIr eole by L We G 1BNN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TIINCHiARD, Corner of Canual std Bourbou streetso or~LEANbI Lh~TUoGitaKNiC OFFICE "1 STA tLlSItEI) fnr itie execution of m011, dl0ane Ij.a nd drltnwitls, oiiircl.ain'ts ecalars, busiinesi 0ad Itlldle·r cnrd.l at ever y deseriptio une al Cil.Cntr- oil dlee1p ilorUrnielO pa llr, ono oohery llld di l4giSot'lubelo; tmllk checks, 4rav receel ts, &e. lllill| "d .t*.ll t·XeeUt( d ill acheap acd expeditions otyh, hlv the lropEietor. 11\V'1,I.IAM IIIF2.NE. NB. Bank Noteo i .v exeoI:lltedl. mi24 N;:V flA'T Sl'oltal. lUST' reeeived er late ecrrioli frlom New Yolb, I .] re-h al, I ril~ihibht liao.rn'o.otll Il.f FlA'PS. -The snlbmcriber woubl particularly caXll tlae attentione of 11th il ,lic t1, a otlle of b.iaver .,at1 of a sullperiel tiliehl fiestextlre, ric sad Io:aitiful lus re;ulo to a olite Id ,in ilnUd.llolio ot ofurperiio qie ltualiy 001d ulso 0 sI rldildl artie ilf il IhtI, to.,'tl eC nitlb 0 FIIeral II o naort tie t ttmsludluctU t Id biiooell, expresily fcr this tnallrlet, whohesale andl r,'tait J W OseolOItN,34 Camnp stoe. N. I Cit and ceuintry dealero are ivited to, :all. i _ jb 8 c. ] R. P.kitC i.t t .e lth . a,,ls ti public tlat . le w |il renlal l l hlO t i ii il . ew Urletns lor e olurilooeliie llfCttitilt iiolr~ohloloioliloie t urools c trla, r untl pL' irettrhai. Chalur o, in rihe honse ociolie l by l'armly ie l.ynllnliollisls,whlelrolispeeilm0eo ofl' his pouili.g canll be seen. Etlemhce ill 01t (Charloed street, inat8 1Inl WiILoLESA I.E TIN WARE \I ANUFAC'CIORY SI.LOC:KE Ct)., No. 22 Old Levee, have in 1st0le,0 l" their own i0n0tlultiare, a lIate a01 ex toeltive asortlle nct of li i ware, wtble they ivllte deal er ih tile tradle to .xainle; eiaol li Colop-'r, .$oeur hIouse ski .,tiers; "21) do. Sugar Ladles; 201 dou.. Coppler sugar ltmps; 7 Batth tlllbs,. assolrted sieos; 31 gross assorted sized t:olfoe Gruigl;s. N. 1JJ--KouF ofr bo;ldidgo covered with n ine, cnpler , ti,. Coplper and till gu.t.e. p11 up o. lte .hu ror o0li.e. 0 ,,0 7 o ENGLISH, fRENCH ANi ePA~oibli ao.y. EbIY. 5)ROVE~R SOt MORlPHY,assosced by pentlemen of ptroter quulifcatoions no end e.riene.Ihs0e,, olsnedl a Acaodemoy. ili 0t01 Icrhuick ulliogbtelo~gingR too Wiln. ItRnod E jq.. Ooljoiliirilei eICalhld 10 0t, Charleso street, whe:e vyn0n gentlemoen, cell disposed,l will re eoine a golod edlocation. tr. II. solicits toe co-operation of his frideds andl thoose ofedloeation, to enable hii to relnder this insti tution u-l'eul and peranment. OTICE TO THE PUBLIC.-Untidnded po rumors of the undersigned having sold out, It or discoitnoued Ilis old and long esnlslished GARDEN SEED STrORE, iio U5 .vnstont house Strrel, alI Having been most industriously circulated by self. interested parties, the subscriber bogs to assure his friends generally, and the publio at large, that he de still continues withlin two doors of his late, or tormer stand, to he thirmshed with a full and ex. tensive supplly of all tihe standard kinds of kitbhen or vegetable wiarden Seeds, of the growth and iam. port of the present season, 1837. be Since the early part of September, he has re to ceived ample suppines, by the packet ships Vieks. to burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short P, passages, direct from New York. By tihe Missis. I' siplpi and another packet, Ihe is in daily expoota. at tieo of a supply of Fruit ''res and Asparagius di Roots, having already received invoioes thereof by mail. The subscriber begs further to assure the, publio at large, that be is ut present as well enabled to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was to since his first establilshment in January, 1822. Ir Counttry Dealers and Market Gardoner,' orders t filled at the luwest and most reasonable r.tes. by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. ( Catalogues, either in French or English, may L always be obtained on personal appllaation as ro usual, to WM SMITH, tie Garden Seed Store, 85 Customthouse street. v, NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, either rm mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' c: dried lerbs,-with a supply of peas and beans. EGR( O CI.'THS-30 packages I.indseys, Ker. bh sens , e , suitable li" ntegroes, fur sale by I ISAAC ililtll)iE & CO, Itl i31 .ltagizlne at. Ii rtLOUR--lll bbls lnst quality, made of new slhest I tI just landed from steamer rz tar, Il for sale by s sept fl 44 New Levee. a di IA N si i To-.lrti ucaa lerun-iu doslorts e i Li in storee,for sil" by In CHAos FLIN & COOPER, aep'% 8: Julin a, t AGOING sO p's Kentucky Boggitig, in N and for sale AYET & AMEIUNG, _AYET t ltAnn'niLrret sep20 ., . . I C om mi erce ot ar .RnLEASURY NOTES-For sale this day, onlt t 1 ,0S0l!reaeurv ,iotes and o10 iO ioveninitei heebks on the Bano of America, New York, ii diOer tt entsums. Apily at the oficen of UEO. WHI'TMlAN, .ep . Fxrlneanre Hotel. nt. Ch ires st t v to Itt/IliJ I OUGCOe iialU toiUil ltiulli1ie, h t Curer, No. 277, Cam er::eet, New-Orleans, wishes to inform his trlemls and the publie in g.nestl iluattl ienow preW~nrl to furnish anp thibt, in the above business, andl has constantly fof a le the followmg articles: NU Rose, (German Ralt7een. oMaiehyl English Pri :e legentt, Altariat lttappeeei Nstchito .ltis, d smltalel., Amelrican getleron's;i liergalnt, Julttett allaikie, I iislt Blackgens'd, St. imar, C.ieon, Paris, P1 .lrSparish, HIall cotire Raplpe, baotlh, anel Bnuine toth powder. IOBAC .O. Ymle clt chewing, sweet scented ot plain. Fine out smoking, of varilts qmlitii-i. ltib-foet Virgnia, Spaids, kw. The soe rll tiales ar. it nI rwie d altg d, itint at prior to lloit hbig nf :te lkirt importil. n wll nit he mnt bennin , the hmn ram, ow ran Iv the loas fit iehange: lir c2unwan*'eeand prima L &e Immy to recoil t hed u haioverd. ahnd ormntentas r nr a ttl aeino n, n~uth e hnntan 'ra r. t in It a tik ie t rn ut i efu ihn r un rn'er a pre ts t iar ateIIr .iFUL head ten hair i t he o rindlies mrie nitricgntqttert tuerton, res.iInt. -nyor ,t t P'i en he l es ert hten fials the rmeneon' thin. How trngth uit v tnhe lontrn i itinnge lnta ceutu thrlean d pramh 1, thtrelv rin ki on the. npcn an dnr e o'ta ne. ohi ha u . - T ent allt thin ltuIn deanivered, ter. anOldridetimr hver to Phlun osi hhy to avoirl the not l and Carre til 1 taltr aret ai u a tte ef nitungr tret thlir lliveng areton fires tnpirt fillt t, te genf-b ,n thinki, rt str h it a hri. t Delae of raMinistn er in the hair ffom falling ,,Ron the fir, first ap'liatioHn, Nll LI,39 b Aob, rehtore t it Pal. It for likhewiseprctttneK et.eub-owanl a whisker; preventa the u air trom n rluina` ran mIke it Arl Daetif, ll3 , nd irnet it rom n'nrr. Nhtlnrllmo crrtifieatne rs'nl Itfir st tnrrnetnhility in aupnort of the virtlsl of Oidrllge ha Banlm are shown by In the pritrt.o Cm ROead lhe fadlting:- Mh Robert Wharton, Merq. late Mayor of Philndelph has certifier' an inav h seen belo'w, to the hItgh clnt ra iterof he f rllacwino .rertleelnn. The anderigcaeddo herebheltiefv th't ehnve uned I the If ('ualhbia dlitcnvered by J. OldridgNe ard have f.and it highly al. ieealea notanly na a preverttiave I aainstl tle ling hff out hair, but also a eertain rester Wllt.tAt M TH ATCHtEB, Senior, Methoddist Ministre nar inet era n'e ,are. No h6 North Fifth et. JOHi.l P InlAtS,321 Areh trleet. JOttN i 'rltlt)MAs, M D, 163 Rrest JOHN i FtI'ttCiitt tprte, strent. 4 NHUlH b ltercItII)Yl3u.,t h'2d ant. JOHN AttRI),Jr,tl3 Arch str'et. it is knuowr t hhet inrre of the aeov nren arin tee on than 510 yearn of!e, u ldr the others not ollea thain 30. j [Freli tae Niavnr.) fe S Commotwealth ;f Cit{ lt Philadelphlina. I, Robert Whanrton Mayor of'-aid aity of Philde. Shia, do hprehy certily tlhut ! au well acqudninted with Metsrs J P Inglis. Join Fare r, hd ieog IM Caurdv. i whole names are aired to tire thove ,elrtifieonte,tr t Ierv are entleenen tof ltricter and resnteetaliltv, andl ai anch lull credit elhttle he' iven t tihe na id eertifitefe. a in witnrswhdreoafl have hereunto set im nhnud l esd caused the saInl ofrhte els, to be filxet, rmis S 6trh daly ofe I)renelher, &e. [I. e.] RI)IIEII' WtlAIITON, Mltvar. ' t OBSt15lVE tthat eael bottle oftlr (liiteuiee Rilln has t a Ncl'adid eng.vrd wrtpper, on weileh is repr.t ntelfi the Fulls of '.itaren, ICa Soetl a IhleRal antd retail by the uolr anentra fr Ant, riea, No e Flpetlle stree'ls nr tailtde Lanr, nne ,Iole below Pearl stret,and bly most druggismeild iewrfumerr through h eoustrv. IARVIS &. ANDtIEWS, m9 n Vldhoeale A'edeoi, 'ew Orleasi. PROSPEC'TUS. a itIE subscriber p-opases to pUblish, in tiloe e. giosing of the uieonng winter, a Condensution cfo t thetwenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiaa Repatots, to be comprised tn e four volumes, 8oa., according to the tmodel of Peterst' Condensed Reports. Z This work is now ia preparation by J. Blrlten I Harrison. Esq. of this cily. a.risted fy William F Brand. Erq. The Editor is also permitted by a dintingngilhed retired Jtdge atof the Supremee Ceurt, no ad lby one aer t the itting Judges, to expect nron1 t their persanuiI itporvrsion ell tit, advantnae lwhichlt Sary natulrally be rattpod from thuair exparience. Such a work is beemoning l'ery day nlor no. i neecary, as tile original is aolhtinoaus, expensive, and scarer. An ineroaniug curiosity too is mnuni otert. i the other States of the U:tni,, in reference to tlhe p.etiliarjarisllrudneee of L'esianu; and tile Scircumstance of thie n ueterou s principles here do. a idod in tihe adijustnlent of iaanflitet of ia ', inakes Sthe knowledge of our adjudged cnttes tIf prime till. lily to thejerirts of thu whole Union. Moroveat, lihe rising republie of Texas has adopttd our codes, afid thus there iou great nle,, ,l"l !enor the Louisiana ldeeisains f a fa'rtseh qt::'nr. r Conveeient nothn, ilotlll'rIli lin parallel eases Sdecided in Louisiai a n, tld tt·e\lay , it:olly those in the itrlre authoritatiie r orulta , tiet lli othler States, will ce Ia atiddld' to rallh c:tst. te TFhe work will farm folr voleamte, raynl tlorn. tl and will be dellverred, htnrtNd, to suisectetra , $'t , it per vol.; in oease It lstoul he f)tlonl itieaCtiaclle to il t etlllreoi it itll three vluiaen, the p-iee to sout serianrs will Io a, 7 p$er evl. Sultlerlltiituen leOervced by WIl MecKEAN, _ , e5 nor Camp ,,ntit. Ceoman sta. lI Thie course is opelled every t!nv, ram 5 to 9 o'lPlh k o -i'. erl eor lr, ciini otnh drei ift t hraCe ll o. ne. r tltie tneraryt an d Cmmeed ciayl Intitu ane ac, Panil! NEbW SItLEAN'S CENEPL hi IAL ISNk'tI. Fi ERS h.e. rvulf i es d to theliolr i a tted depar S'1' A AUIIERT. Pt cs/flreel, bltircen .atnd a,' ntld Caacaelra , inb'b. a lrFr drors e e ie e S PECIAL Citrse of Book irppilng.--'ttt e alter f Il f Bole, lie.,pitg opelled ienet .aetli i.utlIse,. its wilclotein a tiw atis. I c Alane good lcldlratontt, anraong whol .anre entle len Puihigh stoliIIIng in buslneas, will be lim e helor- I cert onltred to thie aubile patrolfge, e e eA OW eVtllietlei lass will he teed ai Aeran a t nPf t In ieltl ntn,liler tof atlo ecrilers Piil tette lretcnotlttlltuid; " itail eteen ia Neaeeiler nxt. el- For gelemtlltent residitg in the uppet part oft tihe cit. tar at evenitn class, tihlree tih.n ta eek, will to opelntd ter t ie eorner of St. Iluli and Echaongte Pace, ilt ub. aae sciplt'ns are reNei Ced. [ FtZD. WILKINSON trt DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPRAL ;r LUUISIANA', FFEItS hIis services o the putlic i , tile depart nent tal aSurveilg antd CivilEngiuerril.leg, both in atoewli d eoltlrv. Fnrolt c,.,ideruble exleriellce at oF his lrofessLln, hd" by iroillltr lls riad (ideiil, ili the ted xeletiol ot" busine's entrngoed tet Ili die loth s to alterlt slid leeive a sharron puolie patronage. lew.l' lea also Inet;ure aned alculate the Louetents af wnllt asil xetxcavations. O.tie, No tch:trtresntreoet,asecond atory L~ack, j!7 Adu it'orerier di'trie jidi imire--illamn Fuller eoll. tre ee crbat.cirre--No, Ii49--.a enssior dea pro1ril bse rit irtooaire nysnl bib aceeeptle parl cour pour Id pnificede sea cirbuiersi is ei t ddbrbi lt qure u c asseluilbe de-dits crbunciers ait lieu ano reflH de M Wm. V. I.esis, not. rul .jiudli e 4 re hre pro.. oh'ein i 10 heureeuu matin, afh| de dtl;lbereur le affire. p1tiinllllnair, etel n tendant toures ) ur suites eontre sa pretsonus onu ad prnl.rif',e snlt arrn '(h1moin l'Hon, A. iM. P.nchanrno,juge deIn emir ei dessus ce I I septrenlbre 18311. II pt:3 (1 V LEWId, Dep. r'tlir S I'A'NE Ilb' iIIIf,'IANA, FIRST JUDCIALut Ils'ra T olulbTr. HIRAM FUL.I.iE, vs. Hie t'reditors; No. 1t,543. lIThe cession of lih Poeitioner's property harinle been necupted by the Couor, ir the benetfiIt of h . redi tors; it is ordered trlt ,I meeting of his stid ceditors rio take place at the office of \\ illiam T. I.ems. Notrv I Pubhli, on I hurrday, the 4th of October next, at i I o'elor k, A, M., for the purpose of delleorating on the afairs on anid i'etiionr, sail in the mean tinl ell ju dicirl proeeedings against Ihis persan and property, re slavesd. .'itees Ithe Iton. A. Il. Ilnrclunm, Juldge of the Court af.resaid, this let Septeom er, 18:38. G W IEWSIS, eepll-3t 1)ep'y. Cl'k. R3 ARTIN 11H IIEVERE'UX XiArstsr sr a large 1i. quantits ofsuperno Ruoo'in sheeit it n, from 9 to 15oz. weight. Also, a qurlnity oif Ergp ish alre Iron. Just received an assortm nt nfConIk mld Parlo strvess tlfl Intest patIerns it 26 .'Pehoituo his street RUSIITON & ANPINALL'S SOMPOUND T'ONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy and ce. tsin cur for the Fever and Agur, remnittent and iltermtitteot fevers; prepared froul the original recipe. Used w;!h eminent and ni versal success in 1832, by persons of tle highest I ruspectablllty in this city, as slated i u the annexed ter tifates. This nmedicine is highly ree-onmendesd, and has been extensively used in thie above dasoases with such distinguished success, tilat the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to tihe pth. lie iii its present form. in the hope that it Imay be the means of relieving many, of those who are .suftfring under the scourge of one cunuilry. It is a medicine possessing groat virtue, and when used aeccordiing to the directlonsl has never failed of eoftectstg a cure, even in tihe most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is tint at all disagreeable; and persons of the wean.uet stc,rach, and children may take it withoi lpnunity. It retrengthens tim tigestlve organs, ereates an aipp, tit, and seldomn realirre more than nlie, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to eff t a cure, Timru is neither mercury nor arsense in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. Thei proprietors are so well convinced of Its etfiecy, the.t they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directiohs and has not efi:etod a a pcr. ct cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agrnt for New Orloans , at his wirholoeale and retail drag and mnedricns slere, curner of Bienvilie and Chartres strects. For Distriet Agencies apply to je5 T.W. Sl'.IT, 48 Coneni tl. TO KEN.'. r tHOSE large premines in. iired street; one lot Irom 1 Ilroetne, th fro te t on Lir is 121 feet, by it depfth of tii--tllo imeroeils conssr t os i doeble frame dwellin; Hlouse and kitei ens--and the reur lot adjoin inghas a brick neiluding 31 by o-ditided into tlhr.e tenhmente. The whr!e writ be let on reasonable terms tma good letuaoul.' Apply to DOYLE & MAY, sep I 8 Caroudelet at Ne.s Orleans, =5 Aug., 1838 HtI Bank incchecl.ingon N.v York at ighl. J. o11. J. PALFithY., ang18 t achi . r CIlM t Jt I'IN S t.t.rR, mop'i S: Jultw.a t T utin is erectedl the fll.ust i+.o jf in an airy ad hunti.lstjtati.h tetlm t Frnulkli, upon tiM rnlauld, oe miler Mk m i1tr rUb int, prt, ots. or kPli,trg sepbrate dil'eft asltti and fftreut didiurelr. 'I'.he institution is nepplied with the ttnot . i.tuI,.dl Sutintvi mnal an.d fetnal uu.. .,and sjieak IhV rinn minnerln Ianguo.tea. privte roe , my b had be gentlemenl at ive. d lare per. e'., iunltidin,, attendtneentt . &n. oerms in lo to~.itm)airy wardt, two nkllnra .reiMrp ' Nlave. oin two dollar.. rmall Plax in an ut roI waerd, five dolrrs. • - AIl e rpitli esrgictl oLteratinn 6xlrit.. 'rie relent phsk'iiat is lir ut nlientiou fir mhust te niade. uitO Drot A LJtetiberg, Nt 1c Batupart streetM. tOltHN, SAC -S ST'I:S--I J hhde bacon .icr,l .d .g| .af'. o bnt oert' Wayne, fu' at b}3 º,AYE'I (c ,hll' 1t;i , jn.. 17 Co 'mme .ste.(; ' LitUtR, WIIISKEV, PORK & I11'.FP--148 l.,lL s' rlerfne and 152 dt o ia fonIr; lilhnla col mat tn. 46 Ib a rettified wiikey; 7 hbl mere ad ie blAJi prime ltrk? 2i itis ritne bhut; thu erg oft' a fat hiatt tur a tine iow to cloue, v. nAYET & AMFn EI.+ NOI. S 17 Cure tnettel retl.' it tit superior quality, tadtling onits .rtaepulaSo lounenrti, for sale bn . AYET t& A MELIiN(. je2 o 17 Commeree fol .std T OS kN-io5n t uei ro iue anding arid t far 01' nt t IS & J PWHItNl':,1 tJAbANA, iA i-5iiO00 uf Prtfit $ruY Sitl stolc, tbr sale by b , e : -XCHIANGE n nobil ewanted Ite 14 AIJ.II A ISK, -ug'4 I ." ADI--5 bule 4tb pIrot A ntinulu-neun:uly Id f ,.le rIy IeAAC BRItDE & t;o, rsug4 134 Magazine aetret. (I j AVAN A SEGAt.iS-O8t baest'ilueen conldeeoind t .LI iog frt sclerE Liberty, uandtl1) a, in aie for u rite lie SLAY'ER it T1l'B I,E tuglb4 40t I'tydriasa rets . SLE thu nocoukuk tPhilardephii Al, ibhb ch e Is i. it r.eseiv. d. anid for sale by J ) BEIN & A c'OHEN, laj24 911 Cmmotinl erlnpt. New Osrj laau nad nderwlhlolen lRialdit bp ;elntlllt t itr Coe lllllcg tile ars tn nm tills dlte. I)ua1 Cat.t eal.LieS Fales NEW (lltRLmtS.' . Toie tteecer ttt 4 ti'el'k AM team ti antl 7 A Il steaettnll 6 do (iti do do 9 t toi 8 do d .i do L t ino d l t Cin ti do I st..h cr 12 tido do atote o'ar i 3 do' sttem aer 2Ido P Mn dtu o 5 do' ido do 4 do to do' dou 7 do' Ilo d,l 6 do how dn do 9 do' d- do 8 do do 'Th'e Jackison treet cars and tlIalhvettld . etlftpaet o'.rctiA Mi. attinal streen at t, o'leckt M,'and run-ti nius huirly at 7 o'clock. n leir ears will encomtleinet rutlnin eiver hldt hoar. nttd otlllun thtu'ghuut the' i nt it til7 telonk, P dM. f eb'hrnrranelen:et for the I. Course streerat Uce t' rinttlet ils fbr Jankbut street. 1'. .,Atlit) nt " Eli:, ": it itunti in tl0, rieeied t pr... t' brig Star in store, lr tale by SLA'T' 1R & TRIER,' mn3 411 Poydras mtelet. I.CE tulxsciber has been sor ,e ties i'n premarnin. .tt itrn Plw verey tel r tarl tde ilnretl, a new ed, It lu at tile t ode it Practice, ittot r tI plait I.tih cannaot t.tLi tO htIt'nCIIe uefut tle profesraion, ill which e is nesisled t, a few nod his I'rseditd, tle exterietee in the law o oolllll ofhriom dntes I uote titl e.lablishment ol i. our judicial s,.ete nad under a hose eep.cial ditectioni' thre ulattlr hIns lel preplaed. Sine the allpnearl.e f the el tueri ren no Iu , fr l the Civil C. de, published Iv l ette . E..I ithlls & Co.. It nie tIuught advisaile' t in toblith the Coude ti Pre'tici" itp tl.e ame te ur, that' i Ihslte t whlt dt.ire it, may be enubletd to Iind tl.e tw+' S(;oden Itgether. 'i l arrn igen ent, howeven3i uii ie tlli'ernt. After eolleceg OIf the decisiouns of the t.tpt.tlnt yoturt uton n tile rule ttt practice t hliech en ' i, l itt t nrit .lesr en., (allied rr tile I'ode, the" hate twe nteerlted sad pie* cad unlder cash aplllnrolriate ."ticle, in the sb-vpe ola to; together wath reft re:tees to le malnt; se that tite' i tles'er Ibt turnlillty to nv article f thle Code of Pen-" Ii ties, will at atte know tihe dletisittn ulin it. 'Thel Walk will ulsn contni lla thet ll ti tutlnttlltttll tite Coda i o Practice its teel :es the Itts ltrlttllng and ietul.ting t tt t C uil" ,,lts of Nevt Orltatst, wtill u complete in. dI x t,,h t..," w l.i . i, a ' t:e fir-t ttlf , n. chI l le t n lnidI nt o e in u lld tl.sala-' Illll ,heepl collulln lowf Lindii.g,.-oldat eix DOL.LARS 51. CIRIlNEl. cIc°_-- lm At Ill'ner at Lunt A Curd. OR!iEA .' LITHIIOGRAPHIC ESTABLI.Z S 11E.1 T, 5I MIIIC.AZIA'E S''REET, orPusrrT: ..lN'S AttCAr.E, t G'i+lFc ifNet rtritms his sineere tLunks to Iii t.l friends an t the `tlltic of N ew Otlsans, for thu -,utronaee hestowed oil hi II loIt the last t-, 6"eares'and hal e I t a-su. t tleln thet bill ordert i Oumen:i;li.d tt' _ lhs ehm't..e ."!ll Ihe punctuallv allel,:drd t,; he will as niitu:l, knep Ihe t:pae o'tpet ldtrint g tt suttttulner, and shall lie mit4ais ru adv Ito strike ttff merchant's cirlu tar., bn-inets, and oddre.t cr'nI, linI' ral t tticen.mapt, i. lats, and drawings, of every description, at tht. nhilrtes nrtice, nnd irn file ni-1t rtaeinnble ternni: ee eit" as.isin d u € rtists nlritr' Ieny tlheter esoblish llel-1 in lhe ci ty and s iom Ifrml::. exp erienee in the' tthtgI phenp line, hlie heels cntfidcut t oif giving entinre - a la n elloii. 'N IN ])thllecaries andl drIgi'?te' InheI exetICted in a eond vstyle tis eOpller,lute egrnvilng. utltll at one third ofth,." _xpene, jt.24 k ad Nantutcktbnt, unes, uorl bhe V. ISAAC t1rll)it6 &, Co, tl teil" 131 Mndti"it ntrese. t* P-125 box. .stluo \to I oapo. Geo Jackso n 'anod. nowl bi, ding from chip itoncordi,, frnen hIsI'oi, i td for sale by JJ£ Il.PtI COC:KAYNE, l pt ii 2l5 Commllon street A, G G IN ti A A D ILO P l ,-- I ttl0 cr il., K -n l t.rkvT o tii· 8Rtill Pi)en liiillltl retllh Ir Hope, 800 pieces entucky lingcirg, ii ertre and tr sale by LAIVIIENCI & LIGIKNDRE, p'lit i; .8 and 2.1 New I.eve lE.' H iiitANIU. A fee Ibls old peach biatild Sfor sale by READ & EARSTOW, rf11 ll 7, 7 ank I lied S PERI IW Vrhale Oi-15010 rllono winter sperm oil tl00 oalhlits uinlluer ,oil; ltll'n wllloea it illened whal aleby WIIlTBRIDiIE CO. 130 tioagaozineet. IiCUtI.AI, Circu!ats! Circulars l- Merehants 1Iwishirlg to have a beautif.,il cricular struck of at the shorest ntlllice, his only I e I ot the tOrlelens Li; thlog;hlici t.lfle 53 'lkaginine its opi.ori'.e Bank's . rae,'l . Sept 15 .lE (IORlILOIDS. lAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fletion.--This e:; - to traordinary chtemical cornppition, the rteult of scionce, land the tIlve!ntlln o: a colabrated medi al tttan,il the introdu ot , n of wlich to the public was invested r+it, te s(olemnity of a deathbed hIquest, hasl ilnde gained a reputalion unplarlleled, ially nuatllining thIl eorreethese of the lantli6nted Dr (rlidlry' looat confed.ion, that 'ltie dared not die witlhout giving td posterity the benefit 6f isid knowledge oni tlhid slbject," and he therefore b.qlucnthed to his( fi.nd and attendant, Sulotmon Ibays, the recret of him discovery. It is now used ill the priiciprhl ionits.als, and the private practice in our countlty, first and moai certainiv foir the cure of the Piles, and so exten sively and eff ottially as to baffle credulity, unblti whler its effects are witeorsed Externally in' tli' following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating eettaordialuiy aboorphiolt at oce. All .wellings-Reducing them in a few hours; Rhieurtatiam-Acute or Chrooic, giving quack ease. Sore Thront--By Cancers, Ulcer. or Colde. Croup and %lhlopong Cougil-Externally, and over the Cheat. All Berrmes, Sprains, and Burns-Curin ain at ,brei auld Ulcets-Whether fresh or lno stand.ll,. and fvlir soros. Its operationu upon adults and children in rdatL ing rheumatic swehlitgs, antd loosening COlrghsaiL tiglhtnesi of the clheat y relaxation of the parts, has been surlprising boyrrnd couception. The-: crnllnon remark of those who hbave uaUd it in thI Pult., is ' It act like ao harm." TI'H PliES-Thie irice, ~l is refunded to Iny person who will use a bottle of Hay's Linianent for the Piles, and return the empty bottle witheuf being uired. These are the poderlie orders of the proprietor to the Agenrts; and out of nmany thin'. sands sold, not onle has been unsulcesuasful. Wi night insert ertltlcate. to any length. ,ha prefer that these who sell tue article, shrodd ea Ihbit thie riginal to purchatera. CAUTION-None can be genuine withtat i splendid eigraved Wrapper, on whlch! is rly uame; aod alo tllhat of the Agents. E"OLOMON HAY8: Sold wholesale and retail, by COM'S.TOCG & Co, New York. and by 0on Druggist in evatly town in the Union. For sale by the Whollsale Agents, efstnd oof Com.on & Teholopitoulao atreet, and by tlii .Apothecaries gueerally. jeo. TO OWNERS AND USE.8 Or 8 llt C. 8URGEON WALDURLAVE'S CON.MTJN POWDERS, &o. N. L.-Tlna iLirterih i been introduced into the country but ebbtl i lg. mnoo ha, and the aumseling demand it bb)i MQi witll ilas entiely exLuded thei maet ligilnl hopua of the prop i-t-r. Nsarltieoyaioer tlil etl and a great ,numiber of goitlemltuin watig bues* - hve useti and are deliguutd with" it. 3t not mly.. improves t u prent appealraene of -thb heats. i ia of pIermanent and must deilded inm.eilt. to tIh deuggistl gerafull4'. ) quality, Itr wile y l q . •DAVD " l4.T &.i - S la.g y . N T St: 16 lt &t - .

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