Newspaper of True American, October 5, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 5, 1838 Page 2
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F W ORLEANS. ' L.A ANCi6. le 11, gete, Havana J ilealer AiRIVAIA. 'f"^ Nelsin, lM. metos Range. COMMERCIAL. - tam e Dan. F t~( .......9.. Wahnlwatoe , Sept ......26 k Ctu.slltt. Sept ........2 ~1t.......... ,iill. Sept... .. 2 A :.......-..... I s , s pt .. ...... 1 I pi~ .. · s...i..... 1g .lverpel, Sept, ..........1 I 6la.)L ) Ang ....."i PeL. Sept ............ S "M A ... ........ N4 isad.. Wept ....... ll aand w ..........po n Ie.e Sept ............. r " kit u h... EXPORTS. l&NA-lPlehl wl Cliedebu..eirgol 1,746 kegsp lad, 18 S lel.b , I0 bphxos; ad I hbd. pork. rE' "01S PRODUCE. PiegmesarteM ioer..raaut: S haleoeteto.. ' iteoe Iy 1 do and 2 badl caist, A l ýUOotd-kb h Ib suglr 3 blear mos. FP Jouard, 19rt 6. n 46. 19 bde IS ulblut l .. bllelsgr, £ isade; et 6ul rouo, J S Pltsebs V ct; IU m D aa.n eo; 3d do. oe ourdian teanet; 3 Ydo MdW R Tolasete;40 doi J Matinl 9 do; Peyruuz, i1 +0t ar1, Atain y r Troutlet I2 hhd anud e,-P ..ty, esadr lo hotrane, t, IJAM!636P5 boadr S PATSENGERS. otM Ine. -r sreamer HMriaer..peneenelo IH Field' at 4 .1eron o5 evot A Delbt and l.dy, MnS Child !1L2 a tI Hl y ead lody. P Foley. J eplhers, J Salvao, Sic e s ARore C e De A1nl. J A In. nts Myers. J IPWk Le... OR Fe~ld, J Hesrpenn. V Leldsae, Gury, W ,E ., A stsaurlne. ot and servnts., J Maters, H . k ahn asoL H eNi , olery, Nefoeartel-8I oil deck FALL & WINTE.R CLOTHING. j , FREEMAN & CO., No 3, Magazine street, w ae nmreaiigl their snppli.e of Fall and Winter Ubldnetl and will eeltaiuu to receive rhiplnent regsu lauly atbinhout the sessatn. 'their asrtment beinteg is *51 euble them to supply m rechanl from r.h.p. .t th.e shortemt noltce; for sale wholesale a1lteegei.S n accommdating termr. IIF IL-.I casks pore, bleached, sunltler S .. m Oil, landing from ship Mi.Ysssoppi, suitable plinttiads. ud ror sale by ISAACI.iI16GC F 2 (fO, Opt4 134 Magazine st. tihRo COTTONS -100 bales Lowell Nrgro Cot Iton 7-82th.. 4-S. for eale by STETSON & AVERY, oct2. 88 eravier et - Mlrnlln clear, tols mesK, and o s, d esr l o for an br -h ieTbrSON &r AVIIEY, Oci4 88 Gravier st SPLOATING i:rT l'H. THE Floating Baths amro removed a few squares fuerbtrdowe train their Ibomer l cttiosn. ' he Cotton Prd Illtlbuas nIes nlrlby 5t the Ires. eat locaetoo of tie Bath. 'Iha price of a bath it e-. draed toil 1+ cenlts. J INSEYS.--tl bales Lowell Linseys, auoe . d Splais,of asertesd colors both nrror said aide in Ltreand lot o n r Oc by Sictal 6r e by STE'SON f AVERY,. octR 4 E iravieras 1 00'15, Swse anB d Dr o-44-r cased proot, L Snea armd Bropatie, landing from shipsr ( ahe keel Elita Ann, ad Hervy, totlpreing a gfodl assort mOt, and sutauble for thec ilty or nolltry trade, and which willbelod on the most aeColtdtottdln terLs. A N IUNBI.tIL & CO, oct4 2l Custol,, Y ooue st. L AiA sStohr 13to t9-Jsu-i toablihd ho ler . h, tchs and Plaonter'e Almnalnoc for 183p; with ae slaet ioare or the .o it and out1, w etern States, particularly Louisiana. .lisa'ailpl sand Alabaoma, or usa by the gs., d cze or incl e lt . Io , ewAOreD I EI.T & CO, NY Statt,ine ra' Hall, 24 Chortr 1at NOICE.L. ti The Shi; Hnotibol, Capt. ullmford, foo New sorb. l now dischlargine opptaite the Miat. Con. signesa will pleas sttesd to the receilpt of th, it goods. LLVI i GAILE, Agelt, .63 93. ConIoIoo at A F1KST rate Mlchl Cow Ior sea. Apply to Copt (Oardiner on board lshil Y.ouo, oposeito Vegeta. e .mrket. ra13 iu'l'sIclo ''t) 6V0Alt IIEA.lEL.ItS. THE attertlico of persons who denl ill water, is e alld to an ordinance of Ite first Plunieipasto, pawed at their sitting of the S2u1, of A ugast Il.t,--tile Caomoercialt Vater Works, having 0o'loletel thie Public Hydrants. will, on tlhe 4 Ill et., be ready to de liver water omay perselt. as may deciro thi ee.lti; the tlichets or boas for , atet, sca:i be had at :he 1 tfihe ll t le Caomlsjoy, too. II, lMagazine estret Office hours Irolll 9 A 9I, to 3 P M, atld 5 uotil nighl. ELIOTT, mtt7-3t Ser'v LULUIR-4-f0 bhlI tolsl lr, tio sole rs y net 14 New .Levee ED BEANS-l0 seachs in store ad for sale by l l I)It)RSEY. oct3 41 Nw Levee r F'PEIRAS---I bbls ilt.tore 0ai foIr sile by sot3 41New Levee '11 ,NS:EI) OIL snt store and for sale by oct3 44 New Levee i [IS, OAP,' &c.-Viute- bleahted S erot Oil; Fallbl eachel S r, I S , il. a pttr arlile. No. 1 and 2, Soap of Valentin e anti itht r liralldt -J ltdd's P, teosSperts Canllue, atd a swelol lot of Sptnish Prhilci pe Segara of superior qoality, in ortre aod or sotle by A U BLANtllAl llt, Oct2 33 Gra.ier st C THINGi-4 cooes Lierptot ltipd twilled .firints,laoding from Park llotrv for ale by ISAAC BKItilliE i ttO. SOct 1b4 t;agozine t PRINTER WANT'ED. JOURNEYMAN Printer wanted; none leol apt A ply esxcept well acquainted with Job Work. both Caue and Press; apply at DAVID FELT & Co., N Y toltoetrs' Ilall. Clluortre st ALSO-a Lad to work in P'rinting Olfce, anod Book binder ; apply .s hove. froa latuip Missisippi. for oae by ISA.C UIIlIIJGiE & CO. Oet2 1,t4 Mlgazine st. -EFINE) WHALE OIl., do-Z barrels Ney; I e lldford refineld WhaIle Oil of lperitr qunlitw e12 aesks New Bedford winter oil, warranted ptIe, no landing from burqtie Ietlrv, frttt Ilostottllltr oale by .IJfEI'H COCIKAYNE, Oct2 O Graoir st A 1OKING YARN-1017 Eels cf aporiurhotali Sclge, eeived and for sole bh' WINS'I'ON & SHALL., up25 7 Front Levee S R sNE-100T xPa Clttlteo' L.a Fioit, 3UC boxes Medoc, a good article, for sae by WI NSToUN ;-HALL, ept5 7 Front Levee CiY ?AI NIE D'ASSURANC-. - CUNTIRE L: F.U-)-D' I. Nouvoole I)ll hln. .I.E-MEN' . INSURANCE CO,.1P-NY sip NW ORL.EANS. THE Stoekhhtldersof this otlepany pare lerlby 00 tifiod hatbtu e frstlolhttliachelttt osn tir neC, das,attd psvbleh o ttIe oinsh day of ttooer 0 xt,, New Orlenns.ea, ep. Sec'y VUOBACCO'.200 borns mananfactured toberco, 8, 2tre., and pound ln ap, of various brands and qua- s litie. fur saleb by sep15 ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine t a B UTTER. 80 kegs Western Butt ern state,d will be sald by P LAYET & AIIEI.UNO, sa21 17 Comnnteree at. L AR PORK.-6 larrels ciear pork ia store and for sale by r ,iGKU ULU',THd, LIIt- & 8 KEKSEYS ' 'Ihe aubsribel offeri fr sale, odinaug trom ship Caeernd, I bales plaih mined aegrao cit bale awrl ata id aggro eplu ; I bales lilcy, aMerted a •dtolup; bie whffe swum skin. 1 case prloed kerheyeo 2 i hoary mired Cordova aereey.; 1 bpleuurinciaed t eey. ISAAC BRIDGE 4s, o, S134 Magneine stre t IARP TER'iS Flui td Eract of tar-apariila and - Rowaad's Tenic .Mixture, receved by H BO'-bABEI. r 'c'chopitou as W l II ---540 btlsain sturn, flr sale lby SIulZ C. I)ORSEY, 4 New Levee. I" O LAND'S TrONIC MIXTURE, ('ýLEBRAI.ED for bthe curae of Feer and Ague, \, and general debility. 20 gro.of this invaluablre mdiaeinbae beena received by Ibe souecribarer, dirrret fr 'tba amnimfsltry, who a pre ppared to sulply dealrsa nd couatry merkbanta, on the moat reuaou-. bis teiss. JARVIS e AND)REWS,. Whtlsade & Retail Ageants for Lousianas, saw carer of Common & Teholpitoulso I USIDES-3.5 ciaks superir Ciinsnuati eaurnd; in stare nd for sal. by DORSEY, Ot 4I4 New Levee. fl4N SIDbS- kilada Bacon aides,i sitore S L -' `, , d r e . L A Y E T ' & A M E L U .G , I a7 Cnearael at I E~r . 1L.-l , .--'.15 kas >ujwrior, qali VTW- , .fme bhr ad for bale by " " ".: t'rETSON di AVERY, it .IFTY DOLLAR$ REWAID SiLL.maid for ate dtsaetiun b ni cunrice V.4. tt .seo.s tbivsea Wbho atered say isarb Uj1 bsoetI s t Wt, tie 271h ib0. ,nd open snd itI tli q pteneal s atselml tranks, son lIg puidy- alolbdig or tdifereat deseripmiu ' wipr r elor-iag, ndil...ent kindsa .nd qsId sbapb eatsces ' aed isar pereons are re i tbe Ita slt out fir aegruse, sr asuiti - sah aselebe al e.%rP. , s. d thei abovtre weseaslrevlr be paid ono As¶0 4J.fR 13 G·S aier at nea THEII I'RUE AMERICAN. 'th EDITRD .I Jn .Wt SIll)IO. feel _ !iTaV0R . A FD ANes. NIHrW OR L.EANjt, , FRIIDA I ............... OCTOBER 5. 188 as Mr. Clay -The Bee seizes with avldity on an the expression in the Boston Atlas, to the effect that col a portion of the Whigs would not supplrt Mr. Clay put for President, and on this text preaches a lengthy mo homily, laboring to prove that Mr. Clay is the tho weakest candidate who could be opposed to the pill all powerful Van Buren. But the Bee is-not the mra first gunner who, in his eagerness to hit, has over. -i shot his mark. If Mr. Clay he indeed the weak- pul est candidate, why take such infinite pains to drive ing him from the field? As victory is the only point me aimed at, the object of a partisan would be to oft induce, if possible, its adve:sary's slightest force sur o fight tite battle, yet every effort of falsehood, or tili misrepresentation is used to drive away this weak tha fie, and substitute a giant for him. The Beegives '"t it as his opinion, that Mr. Webster is more of a of statesman, a scholar. and anorator, than Mr. Clay; and that General Harrison has more strength than on eitherof them, and hence thinks him the beat can. to didate the whigs could select. How wonderoes ev kind it is in these generous loco.flcns, thus to Ti show us the easesat way of beating them! What frr singleness of mind! how magnanimous! how th kind, in But with all its good feelings to Gen. Harrison the Bee takes care tocast a slur upon him, which di it well knows, it once believed, would mar his th chances of success. Nor is it content with sland' to ering General Harrison alone, but it couples Mr . Clay in the same denunciation : and that, tonn, in si utitter defiance of our own lately expressed opinion. Tie Bee says " General Harrison is liable equally it withMrClay to the imputation of favoring the cause of ibolition " fine the Bee no speedily forgotten its words ? Does it not remember that, scarcely three months ngo, we brought forward Mr. laf's at anti.nhnition resolutions ; his anti-abolition speeche, and declaration : his eats on all oces. sions when the Isubject was mooted in Congress, and other overwhelming evidence to refute this calumny when uttered before, and that on the next day, it acl.nnwledged itself mistaken, and candidly absolved Mr. Clay from the charge of abolitionism ? Are its declarations on important a matters so lightly made that they are no sooner L announred titan forgeten ! or is its a trick of p party, still to reiterate a potutlar libel in defiance 1 of constant. and clearest refutation ?I The Ree e has already declared Mr. Clay "not guilty" of I ahulitiontism, and when sot prejudiced a judge bhe Sconmes convinced, there can he little griands for r doubt : if therefore Gen. Harrison be only equally liable, he too is free from the obnoxious charge. t This is the plain state of the case. thugh we can " place little reliance on either the justice, or cat. I r dour, of n Journli that, on proof, pronounces an ac:qittal, vet so speedily repeats the accusation. t The Bie of yesterday had an orticle on paving, in which as argued the advisability of giving a more extensive trial to hitumen. or asphaltum. In this we cordially concur. If the object be to obtain the hest, give all a fair trial. For our own Spart, we still continue a personal preference for wood in hexagons, for we are at a loss to unier stand how the Bee would make rylindricnl blocks availoblie fir paving. The partial failure in the to rent experitent made in Chartres street, is by nno menus firly attributable to thogencrnl principle of bituminous pavements, but to the insuffici. ency of the materiln employed. The composi'ion there used cs in lite of asphaltumn is immeanura o bly inferior to the original article, and ifrur eoun y ils be enrnesily resolved on having a fair trial, eI thy should no, waste their time, and energies, on an imperfe, t subetitu ., but import the genuine e I asphalttm from the neighboring West India Is! ansld, where it may be iprocured ashundantly, ,a quickly, and choap'y. It is, also, imrperatively ie; necessary in making a fair test, to form the turho of granitre: wood bheing totally unanited to either i- stone. or asphalt rnt. The report ol Mr. Duclos contains much interesting information respecting at bituminous pavements. as they exist in France, d but it should not be lIst sight of that they are formed of the native materials, and not of such a r frail compositior as that used in Char'res street. OS The section of chain belonging to the Dreldgrs at the Balize, was not on board of the t Kentucky, but tie Eola Hand, fr..m Philadelplh a, k for this pirt,--wre ki'd, and carried into Nassau. Information has been received that the chain in question is asoe, and will be forwarded here at the earliest opportunity. It was coiled in three large boxes, the weight of which proved their safety: w the goode thrown overboard being thitse more easily raised. The delay in the proceedings of the oflicers at lhe Balize, we are happy to state, will nlt be aslong as was anticipated. A committee of tie 143 cabin passengers on ee board the Great Western have published a card in thie northern papers expressing their decided approbatton of the performance of the big boat, te and of her able and vigilant commander, Captain Hoskin. They orate that the Great Western was er detained one, or two days at leas , by the adverse n e'emners, as she enctuntered heid winds, and heavy seas, for thirteen daye. The Journal of Cimmerrce eatsrmates the re. eeipts iti hhe Great Western as follos: tO 140 lpasegers ni 35 gui asi $4.000 a 150 rots ,,nrchaodise, at £3 per ton 2,160 Letters I,thlO y. $27.,850 A very lrandonoe busine's for 16 days runmnng s, and teit days in tort. The prbhlem of Atlantic t' sneam navigation is solved, both as to fcasnbility)' ad pa ifit. Tle Great West.rn brigsi 6i750 letters, and the Polatd .boutu'2100. - .. allowed by royal Decree ., sendeall their unmarried daughters toCovents. In what respect to this lnw in a civilized enmmtun nity less barbarous than theJuggernaut law which immolaaes the female progeny of Asiatic Roy. alty. To make all single women nuns by ftree Is little less cruel than to put them to death in in fancy. It is well for our bachelors and maidens that the laws dooms none. uch here. As putalic improvements are certainly the moat important subjects that now occupy the mindsol our citizens, and pavements, of the various kinds, the most anttertal ofthese, we hope our readers will hold us excused if an unusual portion of our columns is devoted to this subject to-day. We have beforesaid, that of all tie expariments now in progrees our personal predilections are In fa vor of those formed of ht sagonal blocks of wood; and assn opportunity is now offered for witnes ting two specimens of thaet in their complelesl form, we request the personal inspection of our e ,inenegenerally in a thorough examination of them. The square occupied by the Mint has now two aides, rent and rear of that building, com t pleted in every way with wooden pavement in hexagonal blocks, and the parties who Laoe laid it down now publicly invite the examination of stll. We have not had time to give it so careful a survey as we think it deserves, but intend to avatl ourselves of the invitation to-day, which we sin cerely trust will le generally accepted. The sub ject is too important to hbe alighted by any. The pablio dinner to be given to Dennis Priear iIgqr., takes place to-morrow. It will doubtless e be most numneasly attended, for apart from all poliical fooligs few men in our community nuboor so uetsflisv aeiio of warm riende as s the worthy ex.Mayor. Dennis Prienr on his de. parlre for Europe will bear with him the warm feeling of a very large portion of our community. th flgSThe AcaPydae tries its little hardest to re tars on us the propensity to puff and praise, and M as they are things which it is so much mote so p customed to thsowe are, it is quite at home upon the matter. As at least two thirds of its leading column, is datly devoted to puffs onnstpam boats, puffs on papers that puff it :puffs on every bar room, and bar keeper; puffs on every advertiser, though he only sell pickles: puffe otn Brandreth's pills,-for though they should kill a score, what ualttrs; so that the advertisements are profitable? -it is as laughable to hear tt charge another with puffing, as to observe its throes of agony at find s ingitagame exposed. But the funniest part of the t matter is its charge of eifputffing! ha! ha! ha!Out ofl every six paragraphs in its petty columne,there is sure to be one wholly devoted to its own glorifiea. tion and such is its enlarted hump of s.lfesteem, j that it appropriatea as serious praiso the ironical compliments of Prentice, Noah,& other wage who laugh at it, instead of wilh it! Even the twaddle of an old woman like Mrs. Royall is reprinted f with delight. Nine tenths of its contents form only a silly autobiography of itself; for every visit t to the street corner, is converted into an item and s every nod from a chem, glorified in a paragraph. o Truly a charge of pulf atg our.own, comes well from the Picayune, when self, and self praise are thesoft soapand pipe bowl from which all its inflated bubbles ate blown. 'n The Cincinnati Races seemn to have been pr'o h ductive of much sport: not less so to visitors, from s the good order and discipline of the Couree, than to the horse Inving gentry, from the closeness of the cm'ntest, and the excellence of the pace--on in sidering that the track was quite new. n. Second day, 26th Sept. Proprietors purse $500, Ty two mile heat. se Msj Conover's b h Chilton, 5 v o I I G N Sandelis h f .Iar.arc carter, 3 y o 22 Time 3 51 -400. A very close contest. Second Race. Proprietor's purse $100, one mile n oG H Sander's h m Solly BLurn, 4 y o I a. G Cffn'sbhgYoungSall Pele. 5 y . 2 Ws, WV M Anderson's ch r Adrian, 3 yu 3 is Lewis Sanders, r f Caliclo. 3 y a 4 he G N Snnder's b f Brighton Lau, 3 v o 5 Time 1 50 A enmtal Rceo. of (l' On Saourday .fre'nooo n xt, the Mazeppn nt will leave the rail road on a trip to Pass Mlnchar, or Lake Mauripas, Springfield, Rome, and other 0f planesin Livingston County. The rivers Amite, ce Tanchipaho, and Notalhany, are well worth a ee visit, and nfftrded mouch pleasure to those who of partook of the last trip made to tils new region e- of excursions. ll, .Iirth in prospeet.-'lThe Menus of the day. te. George Holland. commences an engagement of on eight nights to-morrow. His first appearance in it. to he in Paul Pry, the inquisthive, whimsisal Pry, an and Sunday he enaert his "enuine cookerr" in the favorite romance of Peter Wilkins, Wh're George Holland is, there is sure e be sntme fun, 't' end George Colman is tardly more the author of S Broad Grins," than G rtee H ,ll.nd. Some of the visitors it tlhe Carrollton Hotel to vesterday inform us that the turtle soup was exn wn cellent, the dinner still better, and the good cornm-. f nor beet of all. One of the narty was so over ler- flowing with ro.d feeling for his good cheer, that khs I, inenntinenlv hburst forth in Boron'v son- the "Here's a health to thee, Tonm laoore!" by Honor to wh/om honor is due- n speaking of iple the 'lte militia review, and of the advantages 7c1 likely to be derived hv our municipality f om the ion late law, we accidentally omitted to nam trn- that we are entirely indebied for it to Ihe public un- spirit of Brigadier General J. W. Jusramond, coen. in!, mantng the first hricule of' Militia, ,on who, wa the whole, and sole norlhr of the Law, line It is hut merelyjustice teoG-nral Justamnod, that I- while we feel the food effeels of this new, nil desirable enactment, we should not forget to name tfy, the man to whomle p.trioic feelings we are i p. rely debted for the good we price. her It appesrs that Champatne is not alwavs greon los ine, although it collmes from Ftnner. One huast alone, in the South, fnbricates 100,000 hortles nil as'urious qualitv ouat f the quantity it tends to Ihis te, enunrry. Newark Cider wouldhbeat it, and give are it six in a dozen. ha Why does the nshvitle Union copy so mach from Ihe Louisville Advertiser? Thi one is hut the little else than a transcript of the otler. [Pieo.aune. the Why does the Picanone copy so extensively S, frontm Joe Miller's Jeae Bobk? The one is litte ,_u -'- - .. .. _.. r.. . 1.: _ : . ^ r... ^ ,,.t e FCnOTCNUCATFDI To the Editor of the True ..merienn. Sn.--Y-our previus remarks having called the ti ntion of the Con.misanrv of the 3rd Ward it he removtl of .ertnin steam boat hbihers in his listrirt "whih hod hbeen a noisance" and hri a - injured the Ocrb stone. you would prohbh.I - bhliue the undersigned hv giving a hint of th.' uisaneec still existine in his iiroi, : of I h Ie ,neralstraving of ho.e, cows &e, mlnch to h D, mnnoyanre of passeneere, and the danger of chi'- i iren. There is nlmn another I ou!tht not to foroel. tiz: oar side walks are frequently and for man itl lave tIog.ther blocked uip with Ilttnhe., anl if the thote an Inn r existing ntoiane a wtere atteind, d to we should he much better satisfied with h, tiecharge of his duty. A SUBSCRIBER.. We publish the above communication as the fit. lii est reply to :he angry denial made to our form 'r remarks. It will be seen by the haove, that. hough the existence of any evil in the 3rd ward was mo indignantly disclaimed, the itens bat - boilers, or chimneys, or whatever they were, have been removed since '.our previous remarks." We shatained front noticing the denial, not wishing then to do more than remove the nuisances com plained of, and the work of reform has apparently gone on "since," we speak only ofwhat woe -` - I a week ago. The complainot _0 to oP ated .te urnrer ii onre, ..oHe that Foucher at. - t o tha Fo .c lah rstcd ith, vehicles, in avoiding the ohetecles, destroyed the newly formed curh stonee. That Apollo st., between Triton Walk and Calli pie, was grealls inconvenienced by obstruotions f various kinds: thlat in Polymniium, near Naya ter, refuse timber from the rail road, with long projetaing spikes, not only lay there, but had cai fed severa. injuries to individuals walking aliong in the darkness-visible of those oily delusions, call d .lamps." That there are, also, wooden buildings now erecting, without hindrance, in a square, or squares, prohhiited by existing ordinancees; and many other complaints whit h, if incorrect, we shall always be glad to deny, but it in quite clear, by the subsequent removal of the old boilers, pre vilouly complained of, that oar remarks were not inaccorate, nor unproduectveof good. To ConRsonronurNTse.-".ecod Ward" la as sured that his request will be complied with. The pot lication is in hand, and will bhe ready for de, livery, it is believed, on Saturday or Sunday. The author has very liberally underlaken to comply d with the washes of "Second Ward," and many others who have made the same request. "Anolther Voter" is received, but his communi. cation came too late for insertion to-day. He shall be attended to to-mo rrrow. c (7-The general invitation to inspect the new wood pavement back and front of the Mint will he found in our editorinl collmtns. The Express Mail of yesterday brought qs no slips from New York, nor any tidings why they - were not forthcoming. Indian Treubte -The St. Louie Bulletin gives the following, on theauthority of the Jetfersonan -; We are authorised to state, that in cons. quence of the recent Indiestiona of Indian dlffi. ulties on the frontiers of this State and Arkansaa, and the recent civil disturbances in the counties of Davies and Caldwell, the Governor has ordered three thousand mounted men to be raised sand held in readiness to meet either costingency.--nTh people of the frontier counties may safely caieu tate rn being protected, as well from eremeltes within, as from those without our horders, and w at the supremacy of the laws will be maintain ed. Price, of Fiaur-The Wheeltng Gazette of Monday, the 24th Sept. has the following scale of pries at the latest dates. r Wbheling, $575 25 Richmnd, 8 0) a 8 2 i Norfolk, 7 76 Tor SLvnchbureg, 5 01) a 6 60 r ?iew York, 8 12 • 8 50 Philadelphin, 6 70 a 7 75 Baltimore, 8 50 a 9 01 Alexandria, 7 00 it Buffllol 5 75 s 600 Pe S P,hkeepsie, 7 00 a 7 25 Sir b Stennth, 88 50 9 76 Charleston, 7 50 a 9 50 Lniasevlle, 650 6 75 Tb e Mobile, 8 00 a 8 25 New Orleans, 7 00 a 7 50 t , Maysville, 5 00 a 6 50 is Cincinnati, 6 00 650 Th . Bstrrn, 7 50 a 8 50 Prtsburre, 6 00 a 6 50 na I A ooel ,etok elare at L.rl, ttonr , opposite To Cineinnhlt, on the 24th Sept. between Mr. P.,rter, r of the N tional theatre (asld of the Charles, we s presum ) and Mr. Powers, a merchnnt. The diet ed tri* arose ao a privces partr;--he dlslance witt m 12 pares with pislhls, aenJ rhugh neti her waa hurt, blth are represented to have behaved with li becoming firmnes. s .d ,... ...mmu h. GOLDLE4F. ell TO SOUTHERN & WESTERN MERCHANTS. re rHE ubscriber itakes ti i oppotrtnity of infierm S ing hies riends and custonmrs, th t he still con i tiunes to mnuaetutre the firlloing tintee rti.leR; Giold and ilrver Leaf, Gold endl Tin Foil BroInzres, &rc., anlld warrants them superior to any manufactured in on Sthe United Stata. WI' I.IM BRADY, m No. 10 South ifth st., Philad lphiis. a AlIl orders thankfully received and punctually aitt rued to. r The 'Courier' Charleston, S C. 'The Trre Ameri. erniNrw 'rlents,in'l '.Vhg' Cincinnati, Ohlio, will please nrert the habove 6 times, and sendl their billr toIi the offe oftice f Nat lt ona iotil Itonio,' Philadelphia, with 00, papers lentaining the adverti.ement. --Oi)FISH--5l0 boxes white and dry Cdllish, for Ssiare by ISAAC ItRIDrE . CO, = oet5 134 Margarzine st ROIWN SHEITI'INIS & Shirin lg--II Ibshles enln oriaing a eeenrel e.rorlenl ti 3-4th4,7- the and 4 1Sirtinga and Sh, etin;a. in store adl for sale by ST'ETSON & AV.:tIIY, 1 nug25 88 Grt', ier st S T RENT'I'. h 3 THE four story roof brick store in Campy Ssreet, at present occupied by Messrs. A 1 Wallace & Co. a The three story brick store at the corner of Bank Al lee and iNatI.Pz street, at present ieupied bV ilessra. Heath & Co.; the third st ry being fitted for a bed room tp Also, the 3rd story of the brick store in Bank Alley, ar, 4thd or from the last nanmed-the 2nd and 3d stories being well fitted up. 'her oesiln to bn given on the I st November next" tie, ots5--tf CHAS. A JAC rBRS. a h J ') 0i 0Ar mess '"2-:re bl r ehl-; It! tb is sot Ocler ; 8t0 bihles srfu mii.; 301 hl sleoulders; 20 who blus I O Pork in store, and fir sale b LAYE'L' & AiE.iJNGI, on mt3 17 Commerce st '1LOUIJR--250 htln suierfine tlt bbls fine fliur new I' wheat in stote and bIId Ule by G day. LAYE'T i AMEI.UNi, of octS 17 Canmorcr ** ei A --4b0 Keen Prime lert Lard in stolr .r, sale by LAYET & " \ EI,UNG, Pry, oct5 17 C me erce rt "" in TTN DOLL.RS REIO iRi). re Roewny fim the Carollton Ma chine shop, a gripe annt, nadJ O; I N BULL, aged abont thirty years. Said lr of sve is situt built,5 fietli iroes in heigh, les a alight scar rpon his tell cheek, speaks EIgli.h not a little French. The above reward will be paid upon his de. .0cc livery to theo subscriber. GEORGE IEI.:11CK, r oct5-t Chief Engineer N. O. & C. R. R. roer- -sP kEi CAN taLES, Suirgar &i t-li0 boxes ero Itlrdrlc rlpermi Ca dledir; 5 Ibxrn white Ilnva tntite eeSuar' i1 l. boes I1hotaie Cutfe; 300 loxes Noi. I BHoton soapi Jickson's branti;d 20 Cook's I otfnin Zinc; 350 iheers assortedl lrcietr's CItoppie fir rale by JOdEtPII CiKAY NE, sepl9 _ 5 Grviero tg of ----- agre l.AZIEt'S Copiter & Zint:-3511 shelts lira zle r'r (o:p cr; 9 Crt"kos Itteli .2 Zit. just re h eived per ship Eliezl Ano. e:'r.!t .oston, nditortl s.le hm9v "ri ' C,, r.vier et tunic p ..efrni , r rte jerX.kS MoY.iIhY-$180,1't'ro".,sury tis tor ale cam. kv '1' Il I t'lfli t, II itIelER, IIIMVtu "y 20 ,0 C om .,tet.' l'ieatlltin at that UST receivedla fn e ip;es of lroeal Vietws of Corn t eroe rcietiy lid Pe,,itic, d,nLoul'se b, 1l v. Orvil Dc0ev. For il ry "s mIrAV1 Ft"Ie T S t, N Y Statiot,rsr llail, i ilnlrres at. o '" iPI . IAL - rzrso,'i.l); tir sole lhv ea e l tO o .t l'tieIt & t'1T IIe it, 4di P ytlran rt. A ACON SIDES. 65 iltlds \\'esteri Ilaco r i eaF, tie lin e shipping orelr, Ifr alle by IAb.Tf bL:1 AIIki !.U\ti, ars20 7 Cllllllttce atir ,mlllll .Ail 'r. r,. .'nsr,.. fn ht,,.x, o(ath fiteim. IIABI.E slI.T: :10 Cases: 60 boxes each: line to .Ida salt, for sale by READ h B& .,Ial-TOiW. septll 7, Bank [lore. STItAYEII.-lon thl 111th nist. a S lcotch Vhidte I'eTrier Slul, bltck ,liti thie pIoilt oo'tte n.e, IhaB a little righ. eVl,'ever his the ta ne will ,else tIo return her tto this office tley will be lilteraly re warded. aug it IltOPlE" & OiKUIl. IIORTY R:lle of Oakum and 15t0coils Mntill role assortted sizt, ,j tst received ani Ior sale by S LOCKE & Cii. aug7 ,COd I.e HITE HAVANA SUG \1-50 boxes of lprime NV quality, in store, for sole hv wL.ATbIR 4. TRIER, ,0 t'tyd as siree 'B1AKE Nnti'e to hill aeuinst the Fioutitg Dry I lock, o.onedl and apprived by James Dick, will hereafter be stid by tine owners or the Floating Dry Dock, lire said Janes Ili k having never been author. iaed to make any eountrlets. Mireover, aol bil . from this date will have to be ap proved and signed by the agent of the Flaotitg Dry I)Dck. IIEIRIUGINE BROWN 4. Cii, aug23 9 oni st. PRI )OIL., CANDI.RS &:c.-311 casks NOew iItt tford Winotr Oil; 1Off boxes d do i S per Canudlie I casks roofinl Zmo t,ll i boxes Ioston tlotld c;andles 300 sheets Braziers' Copper. It store, for sale by JOSEPI COCKAYNE ap2O 15 Grter streeort. S oKAI-RO50 bbla ilot 1IrtItd iln s e, Wer sale by L o CIHAMPLIN & COOP, R, _sep22 88 Julio ot. sepau I.tlg--5o0) Casks 'henaston Lime CTOYlllg frm Sbrig Chieftain, a..d for erl b M N S --o r Ca~mp n or ss. auz4 `OA 20 fooesaleoVnine's No I Soap, io store AS Handfor ntBox es %and for siKRES NCE & LEGENIRE; ·-· 9Y8 & 29 New Levee. ri. AIl-8l lbihl, in oe shipping order, in store, ond r for sale be LAWRENC I L.ECGENDRE, _ep20 28 &B9 New eI.tee. OERN--000 ausle-ls white Courn il irtime uade, in for sale by CHAMIPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia st, kU to ER Ohii-1000 gallns o a slo or s ctrind Tper d oil. fir sale by WhITll) E & CI, split 15 76 31Ma azine stret. fomson .SUr9 I a . Di)PRUOTORY hOE thie tate l Luitiaiata, and Cities of New Or i le:ms and Lafayette; for salen by nM o 4N. tam23 car Camp and I 'outnmuo-to as. (ASH.e Ban Boaxes,-iust received by ( i II ItE &CV OLASij ,t-31t II' s iarine order tlr ale br i. rLAWRENCE &.. IptNDtiE, sep 13 2 and P9 New Levee. SIINE-701 Barref. lof-L.tie; 5:I Bales Hay, land IL ing faro. brig Caroline, and Lor sale by LEVI H GALE, autll 93 Commoo street RI".\:A RD. I) ANIA\VAY frotn bt saubscriber the yellow boy I1 fICHARD, abnut '2 years old, 5 feet Ill itel) hi.tlib stlt anld well built, lflt lirehead, and whetoipte ket to rather down ltkili attid slow of sipeech. let dollars shall boe paid to any person returnintg him It the saubscriber, at 52 ew Levete. S & W G BRYAN. I-kiOGhANS, Shots nanl t ,ller-i-I caies, culn. I prising an assortment otf lMen's anl Boy's kit, kip, pegged anm Rusetrt Brogan; IMen and Boys ,tit etalf sils; oen's and woeintu's pumps atnd slipplers olillrens and inant.t boots, shoes nil ankle ties.; land, ilg fotst ship Ohio, and tor sole by ISAAC B:tll rE & CO. sugll 134 Magazine street ) ICE-2t tioreos fresh E'ritlitt, prime gqatlity, lot Ssale by SLA 1'ER & 'TIlER, sop39 4o P, dras ni L] AVANA (rre1v Celt'ee; White. Suitor, ant difeor, S eat qualities ofwegaro, oIbr sale by SLA'PER " 'PITIER, eep29 410 Poivdra ti .UIRGUNDY Wine i boxes .lI;r sale by SI.ATER & TRIER, sep29 40 Poydras sn uAltOiND & Kope. tilt0 pluggingtad k00coil: B rope, in store and fir sale by I.AYEr' & AIIELUNG, septC 17 Coentt,esc si St. Charles Theatre. FIFTH NIGHT OF TIIE EASON. This Evening, October 5th, 1838, rod Will be performed the laughable farce of THE BATH ROAD, iio Rambleton, Mer. Plumer, Virnish, Burke, Tonm, is let oppearance, S.Cowell, Ellen, Mrs. Cowell, pri After which the petit comedy of We NO! NO! NO! Frederick, Mr. Plumer, Sir George, Page, Marir . Mod'e Thielnaun, oat uni The Folly Dance, by Mad'lle Ravenot. Two Overtures, and the Notional Aire. hil sol The performance will conclude with the musical En. tertainment call d the WATERMAN. I te Tom Tug, . r. Plumer. In r, Oct5 to 0 IC E-5 casks now landing from Charleston,for R salehy S G BLA CH RD, Jyl" 331 G vier Ptreet rh 'I LET-The tIouse situated rn the corner of L Orange and Religious ltreetr; iarly to itt J i) BEIN & A Cf)II.N, o1 jy.24 90 Common straetr. n 'i. 4cc - . DICAL, PAINT & OIL STORE, A o- Cournerruf CUomon &3 lchopituttla, strects.o ee; LARtiE and aenoeral aueorennurt if todlicineo, th Plijtas and u ,rhtcono.tntlt on hIrltd, atd trseul Pt in o the most reasonable terms, by JAloVid & ANDRE\VS, sep8 corner ofCoutm n & I'tl, pit ,ulae. ( rlOb FEE-In stare ndi lanl'rg, "51 bhogs prirre . qtalty ol oHavuata Ctoffe, Gr sule ir - S G BLANHIIAR D, bh sep 31 Irirvier s ^o SoI3 OLAMOsE S Casks--500 Molasses Ilirsl. it 01ate, ri 1h for saleo hy ir for sale by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, - for sale by tHAMPLIN & CO JPER, sep120 82 Julian Pt. W OOD. St curds Oak wood, fotr anle by the CIIAMPIN 8 CO()IIER, rah tep0 8'2 Jllin st. st dre asorf'lthee; How sweet the Chimel ; Iucy - Derl! .Lucy Dear! othn Nltt why nt.; Mv enilhthotl hours farewell, Barnett; Yes! think mue htippy. Smpr rle In ttis Cotaloe he lived, Cooke; Warrio eet rest te l .fm lirlh; Thy love Al nd Mine; !.ondf l.rve; SMng of theBtell; \ iroa tlR e i peyerle Itore ul Engglard; U!. to the FIrrert; Hal pvI e oresB, P.rghit, Bright \\Wie; tlI Mountain Pite; .t i ite Ilray • w t have fallen no tbear we Ie tow. Rus cl';ei Tl 'he pree or thte Valley, Ialfie; tor wnv atross tihe xs Iounosnt ohi 1 rli el ,t the Tyrol; RBr 'in-id'SA ore; AI Capo rlelUa .lorilt, iuizettili; I Itt,n,Tondolili; Se rivre non polt'io, Mlarlianie entuck grand umrrel; 8Altrivernetre Qruick Siepi; Carnival \WVie,; UIe Perle W. lte, Ilitrttul Carnivnl Waltze, Str:ruse Victoria tof WVaItz; L n iesc WVhltes Src. hv Sir .. .e L a Fleurs ,t' .20 Italie, I 3 4: Ilemembranelre Ran I,., Dhlicos de lOire. rto lalien; Spolish Sorrgljrut re 9 biveei by - ' It t" It..V*ld S t' Sc V "11 ' er, I -t0sS, Shtoes ,tr.d.rlu , cr .n r.te a ý.,at S asortlnternt, uithimle fr itle city or rOllltrv trade. laudina frolr, hipr CPneordir, and firr sale low fr eashl,ortpploved Ipaper, b' rA F DUN \RI & CO, s e p 8 2 1 C o so l tl I l o ,. -e er e EGAI.IASI Serors, 1511,)1O: forsale by - L op 1r3 SI.AlEIl & Tt' TEl(, 40 Itovdrrr t. M o- Ill 1.F:1) IE'i'Tf'E . & CAi' ' AIR R. T uIN tRH.vltl rears . .rperhrcr Iwirte rotter CoCp, rried; t 0 do lowitt rie. el it: witire C,. t, rr.':l, er le 511 drt coerieerblu tt& white lette r,rut d; little lust rceived and tur sale y de. .\VIDl FEll' & I :t, Novw t ork Setralln's Ilall, septl t 4 r:harllt .t. R o. t', t Pi"..r, -Itt e t)rfor t ait le N', I ' & a er, of Vaelletiro 'n I other branhls. ew J dd's whi e a ed c rloreid i telt Slrrrenn .'nndle, a Slee tl iiur article. Fa I a r interllte bleached r perlll oil N n J I in stlo a r stile y i afine r S BLIANCliARl), le Iy ep :t rvi r tpdi'),.\'dl OFbI'IE. , , FOR, SIE,-1, pinting ot:e , en I In thc ttur n rialn necrs ary lir l newip- terI .%, a sort , ent -f n reacf h F .,.t. - ; severn Il-a al .IoHn 'l'ro:'a I rIe(gXl rll ilul w'il Ire,-, &r, . ' w. will 1,1be s -lor loe i tlingci P-tillo he c(oiutt tOrt't ItII n il- I0 I'r Jo I r,.. 1"'lrl . ll l :Il t1. L' Il III'O" b : - 1.1 l' i) ut date the purchaser. Aplty atIlt It ., alienre T hio \ics . I , froe I t ol E,i- le o- 0 do I'nr ,.'s doo ldo ah,"t pel=; I111 iu II II I)bl'l'i: lien= t i''o cliu rl - p ' -o15 b1"a " b Ilb, ' o ;rC.: of c t,"l tgo" f oi c he b the auhrdr f i "i y FEINT & 02 N Y "St ti ocrr "cl, sent! St " I'hva I ret n troitt E/ l e nncl f I.rve'r s strilol' w, iv led, l I while rt,:t landing l:ru , I . ......ll . C lie, fir ..... h by' I" sell - 131 \I i.aiP It. e* . hy eb SL.\'IIC R & TRI|ER. Auts Serle, by he authoryv ""I hle Iciress," l two 'hpilBes, Elemenls of Ilnernariona Lair, with a Skelca of the ,storv fthe Sclenc, Ily Herv \Vhe atun, L. I..I . A I'roctial Tre'atise'oa Loonwtiee Eg,, Of'etnapo Roil lays; t o ork intlcd to schow tile Cotruclclll, thcodeode of acting aIda the effeet f tlto tt elliltrtt il Wing, oul alolop.'tct of ltl odad te reult it o1 prluce unller triousc irc 1toee .od otl Mladineretlll - entiies; to dater"l ne tile oruatilv of fuel all waterl it will retir,; to fix the prolortl on which otlltit It be a!tod io tie. con stroc to of olt elgile, to ;ake an sA.,e lly itllc ldel par lloe, etc.: with ractil tableN , v Igivng at ne tile results of tile f lrlllliT foded upon lt a great matly eorw e erilllellstclade In a large icale,, y n a daily practice ot he livoeoavr l outl i, ucitesotr iRnilwav, with any ditferent e ustt iend cllo.lT era lr traits oiearriagoa, to whibh is ndle t an appendtx, sboo e ing tile explense of cotveyi t g-oul by I.lonotltiC. y 0es 0n railroads. hV Clev. F 11ti de l'amlho,ttl:aa'ro sotreeivedlandfrsateiby M\VI1 B't(EAN. in.swev r of CNap and l.,eowne l stet n A dGIN --Atnd Slale Ropie, for leU by d RCEAD & BAIRS'',OP, septll 7 Batk Place LEMON SYIRUP-50 boxes superior ,.etm'nty ruI,i forsalteby READ & I \II.'1 'tV' t sep j l 7 'traier stre " .1 Si i qr cask s a nd Ini 's, entitled t . .l,'l . It reo for sdle tov REAL) & BA lR i'O\\'. Sorptl'l 67 G.bay el' st. SPEtM CANDLES-FFl r LaIl by _ t RE I) &B.\RSTOW, gal,,. 7 Batk Pd-. "ANDI).ES--I'?5It pr-erlmCa Cndes tbraid of H b C Valeatihte, laodtino Il"t,.. tlt Art, fiCtr sal e Iby ISA IC BItIl)tlr. td epS2 - 131 'tlgazitli t.. 11.MAN C E MENT.-direct frt I.andoe, tir cnae e by e" Sentll 7 IlBalk Plae, A, fG'it\G--70 pieces heavy Inverness Ilotgng, in sttre, and tur satle by t sneptl 9 BalLk 'laoce. -I xPE'.Rlt% C \NDLES & SoAP--O0 Iboxes Newo BedlLrd Splarnn Candles, best bralns, and assort ed sizes. 190) Iboxer Boston Soap, Jockson's brandsl, now land iiig rioul shll Pltuo from tustottll. for sale Ih JObEPl COCKAYNE, Ir sepl L 25 tirvier st. HAl.,. til, . te, I t first qtahty telintd by hal.ale il, lhdilg f om slhipArmn, for srle by ISAbAC BRIDGE & C ), septl2 131 Magazine st. 'iTORAGE--II0 ibll or the bulk thereof, will be S tlkaa on aeccomlnntdalltg terlns, by CLHAMPILIN & COO)PEIR, se ,22 82 Julia at. d LASKS ofl'ou anj Ilalft,,ntOO t sale by .1 l) BBO.,NAB L, a: 2 e,rner fNNatehez, & .Tclltpotalt,. st. SLPSOM S.L'T'S-Fr w btrrels landing Asod fot sUle bp If , ,'.NA,Ž.Et., er_ se22 y corner of N.tlchez t. 'Ittltltitoulas el. be - -------- - co (1OFFEE- 30 bago orite Ia.avao..o ffce,just recei n ve 1 and loroone ba sto & J P WIIITNEY, tloig 8 Colti steetl iAST'Olt tIL tf Ithe qotty. 501t golls in S barels,just received by II BoNN.\BEI. Il e'alT corner of Natcloz and I'ell,.pttoulas st. ti AL I'-ID cases, coatining 5 dozern Iox salt in store ye, and for sale by A &COOPER, ao1 2: 82 Julia et. .. 3r lAt-OUU 0a Fr itll store, Ihr s le by or CiIA.Il'LIN & CUt)Ell, sep50 s2 Julie at. t Pr.lLot Co ULiLt;S-1iS ottoes 8ew Ieldfrd tc Sperc Ca:tlles, Georgs IIcowlanls brand, latlding fro it liKetigtoln, cod or sale bh sepllt ISAAC ;ill) :E P co ot 3)10 Ctº) FtEL:I-I logs ,tin ocofe'e cl localottlooli, landing froliol brig Chalotiot. s b yoroa Icy IS'TLSON t; AVIEIRY. at jyl2 It ;rruvier streets. o 3K.--50 t bls Iles t and Primte obrk, lan liag frno flat boats, for salt by LAYFbI' & AMEI.jiN;, st i 17 1 . t. :,. SECOND MUNICIPALITY . }['AS brought to the P and of the 2nd Municipal-t itY in auronne astreet, between Hevia and Gi- del d streets, on the 26th Sept., 1848, it A large liar Ilornr. The ownel it requested to prove property nnod take an.i,, or ie wilI be sold by P A uiltloat. Auction-el r, on Saturday, tile 13th inst. IIARPE H S iARPER, p0 oct5 ('alptain of Wte h Lo bib --intr e o tn t e dbpo ar d I t, le 2i se rtembnlre, un grad chltval b:: Ile pro- h rietaor eat prib de veuir pruver nsa poprirt(t et l'eoo ir.let; attre lent if sera vends a ir'eernn poo P A P il lu te,encanteur, rsamtli to 13du courant. 5uct HI IaARPEIRICnait. r.\ncl. "al' Ar n. t LVERR trounht thail'e I tlld ofitt a.eot.u.a.un.LtI aL S ire ipralitv, in HIlanne aritet. betunelr Hev ld Gired tire , on thie 3,ad instant, the following w nieal, v;iz: A.lnro r iv Mule. The. .one s reqanetd in prove properly anll take alt away t fi tiardr', hut Octoeur,or ire will be old by P . Guillot.Anucioneer. II S HIARPER. sep9 Captain or Wratch IL a bt£ aIenre dt d6liot debtl tile ,tlunicipalit6 rue loatonne et Htio et tirotl, le 23, one grosse nlie bale. Lepropribntare e-t iequis de venir prou rera prrprit6 eit tI'mmener avnot snmedi, 6ooto nobre, ono e ae e iran mi ,n rot te par P A Guillht.eecalt r, s36 hI S HAItPER, Cop it ctch, 2de l lai STATE OF IJUISIAN , ParishC urt ibrthe Parish and city of New Orleano. Present the Iolnurable U aries ,lturian, Ju.lge. Septeiiber 201h 1::a. No. 1t .l. I Williin Ker, nn, vs. Hie Cred irors; Uoni rrelang an filinre tile prtitiien and rotted tale rtaii case, iit i torlder,.l by the Court thit O arert inrgo tire inoalvent tretltors dti take place in open oart, In, ite I ith day oftiOelhber ncxt, et 10 o'clock, A At,thlen and there to hew case i why the said ineal. atnt shoull ator be dis:hi'rgd accorodring to lawi, and in tile cean ti e all ricocdlngd against iis person aod iroperty ue stayed. ARMAND PITOT, aep'.?-t:a:wu lerk. UTATP liE I.A L'Uil INN' --Uur de I aorain Ijlpnar Innpanroicelviltle e In N-(lrln+--Non 11128 -Irialnt I'H 'rr Chiarlec Mtlrainn,Jugae--klt +eprttm bre 1d::3--\t illiaut Kcnvon coutro am cresanelor- uii)res ]ectnro rct euleritr;loenl tie In prtitioet i dti rraleau nti-ri crrre tftfire, II eat decr tb ql'une isserllllSe due I'inalvable aore lien en pleice coot; e Il Itor 'rioetbre Imrclhanit a 10 heurios dol miilt juliciaires cntroe to pears-lie oni oS pro. rilet s~ant 22 p:t.1 AR4M1AND PITO ", ir flier. - MASON'S CHALLENGE BLACKING! J AS. S. . AS" IN. of Phil.l Ialbin, han re spectfl lly f in unr tlltrilled anl irir i mital le Cl \AI.LF:N(iE tO. T AND S IlE BL.ACKING in tilsti elltirn of crotaryl ; ain nrticle whirth slands pre aomriant foriti hIenntifrll'l n lre, nlt unilorniyv of qranl tv 'I tai Iollnll.'t',tlrr warrints thr Chale agic llibek rnt to retain its viiies i alla t imate, etld Irrenirve 11 leatlrr nto . . ic it i titan i.l. lt oflers*c O liaror arilU to y rersrt who wilat'l trolrro e, its ert .ior'. trtRiarler cono Ire roain r ta the etoare tif Ancetls. eeoce anl I)'i.atger , Ilr ll a rehratla of thlu alhie-t respecti ility, hearillle ti n1m to its leautI all pr orer itlly overever teilr tlnckga in the oUnited Slitat. All atrder frri this ariale in N. Orlelr., otr an pl tota.thls sectliol o ftth, nilla, musrt Ie frrwnrd''d to fthe r it e A ierats irs rtrh t e, I') ill ay ) artitclar atentrlltillt to iten same, anti fill thal art tie arU1F.letnr.r')n lCes. JAi. S. AtitSa., Philadelphiia, el 1t in. t0, , . ca' loevbill st. ISlSIES, & It.ANiItE, Conllr anl cr F llonr St.rrr Ill tonllrt street. -AV - 1 iu .9-i"tl':E-5n bo',s-rit-n gr. t itti -1. ar Cortt-, f rih i t r'rap, nco Iardinag raro brig Ctalelk Caoall , fr r erlr, by * Ji).SPI't COCKAYNE, OetI L25 (;ralter ot S1'. I AiGal a ir E t 'i.%Ct--it.t racks tr aaipoairtr qrttii Sty, inr sale by SI ATt':R & TRIFtt, Dell 41i tPotdrai str.i t. firm tr o f Ini; I 111 \hI l )1 IY NNl.lI., in the I) .x crl e I . ee thi day di ve by uitial Pitl C a ROa YM. JOl)Ult lli 'lltnlli mte llr aed wia the st le , mu e ill t1 iir., ofl " teie hltc 'L ) I lnll 'e lllr 'hi'1' tl, w l e [it i :, I, -- thet i e oL ai I t 'oe I o aly o e li t, rytitsou t. oa\lrta ih irr itoaat no-trt, i4o$; .5t t barrel, riaaalitah pr ae I w taek rain tolyaraI-t a haairt:i t ot , ct' o . bn,>a, I " t I'i~tr la a f nIe r o , he . a ('i l it v i r t taF: trh'e tt"a',e f- inn ar t tr r ta te Tt day nf I- ;trr ,a wilt h a liit < t" ltm + pr hlriliil ir rta' I \V'rk"+ ttirt, urI if' otkeo i l '11ilirt of une' ht it h. d b l t tl' r , aai.l I' . ara, r1, a' in - t l ir:il : tta'. - a loal artt. 'r n ir'a a r' ifte a p -I i o. 'et art ta r t , + a il ha llo 't' + 1,ot t -a , igt itat i o i ri twlll l tart:ar., aot I ' l ter 'o'. 1111 e "tlt fro it Iii iirot at' .l o r .'I ti:: h tr. L .a d i lt h t ..rey titt ily ti nks Ord rt o ':c iced att' 'ltar' i ta)ai, r in rat'k \' l, at t it ile'a t Itit ilt V auter atai I. aatl impl ta o . ri t I ta .,ll. ItI .... r tc . . . . . tr I tit 1 t t't i r nlI I. i i ' I t, ' tirt.ittl i tnI Ia tat1 n II ro tit o r .ll it r ' aui tooh l froa tLno h o I.-,h Ihv . G o IS\AC , RIDE)(;F & CO, ii t t'1r 1 r h.b _ittno 'P Nta fi-t a -i '.eda ai I fil utop 4.-1 lia SI J itii- ol I t.Iaut : 1 (t li'atio li-e - At-tar t J ll hi] t I -vi villa br . I 3d t, I + ItI'ht ni.r llllilat 1 iad ,'hit Chlie - 0t ke tnio a rSall lll tlllr Iet lll- IIVta 1, \AC IAIRIIt;B IDE &CO, s p27 I:14 M lltenlirne cooitto n i' 1'l1'E ta 1 ,alr.rla ie nPaish Co'tlr for t'il, I'lirel iln Ia (ll itr f .'. Orle, u a.i Ji .1. ur' \1 tle ia n a l an .e od a, ea. n:a r.dil rt n id t he craittore s art W hitlt e & a ni o ny. aJelltalttir Irllh, 1,t. t!POn e b a i t lt I tlIIit1 t IlP )'eililltail e 1n sh. thui a, '- e, I.rECuer hi tfrt ce da i tl, llWr ao I ln Itt N enr tillle n al r.:ci a'lnLar i 'eill ohid I ae rau alid iaulell.Y ar slatn tin. r aier n ilill aga- rnnt e b'r Clei'k' " r +l i e, th e w ,)lie .n ', :lc elle l er 13l. aIll;3 111iT n IIehll L it A trite . alen clour e v til a ric It "rtr hir ofe airmi e t It ll'ttet lat lluin dleli s Si toserain if* et Is crJalt'i rs (Pe \Vhoite nob .'oIPV al oI:eue otir.gllagaiotra io ern Ia Apiti'l)n or arAttlllt otealthet'ttrto' it t"ato t dcriaoa liar l'atonr qclirlle ht Rtlll- tii eirtrO.t na Jllth, hite Ct t AVde \' tin t e [+ rr v oiaaeat nm i ptooooaollo onr [ 6'oc:toiccra .rhli. Cle r' ]illOfti to, \ow Itien,, le 5-u a13 33 P· iiI11'lhl1 ert. in I v,,iut'lle, e. e ,uuea u'l lee i Cbre+ kle I -it otri 't t'ti noa lln. Pn D- L r irtireintvoir pote Noa el. ptoywtaet Iulle etl. ila re Niv liciallne PI ite alto h(litionlaln, ruijt. aS j of seol115 JS ' LI' , Dil lh art derfiee it PARKERS ROCKYr MOUNTAINS, &:. PARKER S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. IOURNA , of an Exploring Tour beyond the , J .Lt, Mountains, under the drrarelirn of the A B C F M, pt:,',rmted in the years 1835, '36 and 73; contaiing a description of the geography, g-. ltogv, climate and productionis and the nulm oe. nanners anld usttorm o the lutives; wilt a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sam el Parker, A M. ' he River and he Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and the i"hartrause; by Miss Pardoo, .author ofthe I ity of . S tall, &c. in 2 vole. The Robber, a Tloe, ' the author ol Richeliel, I- Tti Gypsy, Alltla; in 2 : 'I he Two Flirts; or Ad. -nlure in a Country IHouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blossington. E L B. Bulwer, Mrs Norton, Barry , ornwall, Mrs Gure, d C ptain Medwin, alnd otherr; in 2 vola. The Llie anJ Adventures of Nicholtls Nic' heby, edited by Bza, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just re, eivod and r nmale by ,e BENJAMIN LEVY. ljWil'tlI IGdE .. Co., hliv. riiit ived oi No. t76. Magazine shiteet. sept 14: 3hi NEW ORLEANS COMMERCIAL LIBRARY I HE I' owillg new w rks have been ree Ived . by the Librar. Society, at their room in the Mar ailant' Exchang., fronting on Roya, street, I,ady of Lynns, by Bulwe ; 1 vol. 2 copi A. Htuimp trey's ITourt rough Great Britain, Fr nee i and B Igau . in 183 ; lo 2 vols 2 cospies. Love, by Ldy C. Brry; 2 vols. 5 copiea. The l we FItrte, anld uther Ttles; by Lediy Bleo. ington, Bulwier, and others; 2 vitls. a copies. 0 vItv. and the Deesrt by liss fiardoe; 2 copies. The Ralb.r, by G P R Jane; 5 eoptes. T lut Adventures io Nicholas N.ckleby, by Biz, 5 copies. CHIAS. RII'TCHI., Ihtrari'nl. yA'RNIsil.-- tlare an extani-tie noe. m Vithe nullllaactorye of P 11 Samillh . Ca. ompllllrising iti pirt tlit foll wing: extra poli.hing ,o 1i, d o o2; fulrlliltare nio t dio in 9, do t,.t co.lbrh Vi nil rII ido no 2: varnidll no I, 2 an,3 fr r use; blluck alnd brown jaamn, for sale by L l t.9 It. CLANNf)o, t12 Cump m t dI 1\E-- It00 caske Ilia-ii-in,.tiic, for -o y - SL) iEltMourl. IE lKo ti N & CO, erptl9t II toai rt IOPik:--ai O oils rie, a firnt rate article al store Ifor ual, by SE:COND It UNICIPALII'Y S'I'EAM FEI:tIY CtO, A irtl AilE hooks ul aubsenrpt.on el the stock of the "di lIt Mumiclpalitr oteanu Ferry Co. are Inh..cribero will please take ,olice that tile second in stallinent fail dui on the 1l:I ilst, and will he payable at the Flremnen' Inrunrtce Office, No. ý 4 Musson's lhtlrlingr, Canal street -.p Is d4t ST. CHARLES THEATlRE. HIS magnificent structure has undergiene, during the recess, an etir new o s en sn isaliihmen .th whole ol the interior has beeu repaied: the .ha - eiier has ieen taken t, pirees, eand its 13 em. ofaurl gaiss beads ant drap clcated and apolished; nothing las been neglected, eittier in the huilding itself or ie - afiegsuleen alicelie aeeen cede mitts the ireats n ac leha in the cacte, tegpea h high char ncpr wbCh cte tStI lltc eb hTs etOOin l dbttd ~n n nanIbrni , t ,fsrniheiig cne UF the fst dcanatic E , talJishbeirl in tle Wmld. The t)rchleenric heretorore acknowledged rupertar, bac teeo cone sicably increasel in ncmber and talent, cnd foreeer ilelinieanciea m particular memlbers at ie A Penuer Wnal. i)ring tile season the most suecessfi dramas of thde day will be cprcdied, and in a stylewhich it is pere sume will gv ner atictcliona." The fllo adiers and (tentltesen are in trents ig with,scnnierc(I. JOE N It. BARTON, StagPe Maneger, EDWIN FORRIEST' ee JUNIUS BRIUTUS BOOTH,. ed J. R scOTT, m tl . J. FINN, , b JOItN BARNES, S. T. BROWE, and G6ORGE HOLLAID. ii iensrs. Harrison t eesrn.. Pl'utit ; ak PeIrtm I'ana, S Fasrren, Poitm r, Wdiams, eak is, i Msr.Crimet, Me Ib.H esalers, Cetl, pre, Debar, Drnnilon, be And onllers in trens. it CELlSTES, d- ELLEN TREE, JOSIPHINE CLIFTON, re WE i.mrs. Beres, et Misa Charlottre B irons. a Mlenesdaes Fehaler Mbid'llets. Sidney Comre. t Cowhel, JonAs. in Debar, thbete, ad tPlcmer, Sc tt, Harriscon, C. eLmith, F. Iwa s, a l venot t b. snMidden, r - Smith. 9 .51M. LEE, Prncipal' Arlistl; n- N. Lewis, Castaumaer, Writ, Tailce, die S. Watlle, Poieriee iMalrkr; eie ORCHElSTdA i lt esara. Cromen, ltesssrs. Hillere,m cc lh lieuari, o tyers, Jn, Jiscibi, Sosrm, Zistcstart. Lueiini. )etnorges, Charltarn, Carl. B. Hopt. Fan, Elerhardt, Kcr~er, tiass, Hoslland, Snielger, Sty Fost. Cil.f C iin dlu its t as i ,le. i tarits, Cripp r, SC Ilh iit, F.venl Pnateson. And othere in trsanC. I It. W. JItNAS, Li'nder I. W. Ell;tt, IHead ofe ollce. eep'!7 eb. b v111& il 'L.R S 'ONiccl.l--- W, rueraing 'rae 5) o isscinciaitndetca 1mretses, nite'nllamieldsti-n f f1t t omcurbl anti gutter socunes ofbe fo if dahi cl+;1 tiiuli..dBin. 'u.,dfiai.,nadnt] ias.,. xI iCotd c nrVe blwnese tile st ulle h tberr sad 1 eve in ar. natl, will ble sold Iby the subscribers on erri. ciiv, a v tbye imuvsnicc. Tis Iericle. Cnsh on sle delivery of tile bill of lading. Perc.nse epslyln shll recrive te sentones as they ar ti cve in tile order o l' hth eir plication. t"El.bEtkIt & MIlLARD. sese i A o7--hf J , '. 5·r~l~rI .t t t A . Ol+.+I Y. E)RPATLAr )IhY te JIefernc Cl C an nendto oth * re cctsdlsht, hiy rIt. irnuets, I, I).i ex mling Alley, hIteira nllianl iaenvlles. Thi aitsumlil .n. m the onal e linihll thsbi cossld ie foend;, hlcEaisaolitely lree Irlc tile I esii e ii tile streets and the iellla ornilng I sii raiieees.siaryh etea figot TesJic'soincirn A 'camiei i is eiin wdepar Ito IuK* (l ps pnr, New Orlelans et O 'P-1 ft ubor-r era )cl irary dep rart setwf tom s'5riu Is)rn se 7lelllle lie ii Frane i eend :Ill '.gl ~It- thelllli 1 Iuor 1epart: ,*etr t for; Iti u, (;r .'ek - atIIllrelnlstc, c )nac iiCuiit, nrderna. disciplines ne r l b i r actl e sackdne aotl b e r8 < t d N an. al- 'ellnl Imut ,iln ii tllnli to Iii c ralii oh & O. 5. noine do 1ii ciid,+ 6 let. itacac.eluire, pnaper iie. chare'ed senseetely;. h Is l A s, lls lls t In. sic itls sit slu;e I a lest Niliiiis-sicilaelll for selc) e isnirtb hldnyit sinaihdii hoIr- crscs l-bs Ice ccl o'clcki eaceyptnTh.r s sepin espnt -s Jo 4 _Flis ' C.ed MUD 1i ,iust rc4beceivei.r -b h t t i ns, fr mml N Yw-., a fs-en gins,.sit' Iltll'vt .s lizo i llcn s st nlo . l n ini Inc sale bylm O d 5zl Si els e o r g r oi neet r rI\VII) FEI.T k CO, NailI IIK. rf Ilt- pails- in isis by.,~ sisilili I sthns cn stir fiert mly s-i niiiyell.l ccn de ity iIIte I , cr tiel iII I, esO Il lIlillllll -Iusstll ilII sss C Le -t-s I rII )lle ore t II g v th11 t sale111 ,,II I lt" ftl lll ltt11· lll' l 11ttid 11 hO e llb e lhollgllll to it i lt I i itliid-lll iS , llsi - ll -ssl thnll Il 'lliisl LIIekutOw l Sin i-'lcnnllt+ isr lilt Is~s'rnS nttrennngnn whit'hnhylhsaesre I, C \.'TERJIAN & CO. ill ll lug i it n1sh ' llvlin14o s +le l' i ,nsi- lhe tlici sily sit tic. IIY. ·* I tI' t a it+ aV llt IIt~eo II · 1)11ll, le, ~ ltC m th A I • liii , inls llth Ssilsssl I h-s n cleu ll llled h-ll t r Ill' I llt lh i · lnauli ,', ill "It? (letill · I~iiH*.t'+ (11'ih*+ ll,,rthall l (W~ho) id a sin, +issllin -, lL5 -Isics If li lledi ast sissi nf t. Sin"ie+. sbis, a isss lll sstl * ll sthin ie n(i •. ~ I~II. r t-.tb~ lllnirn c Is,'t llili sici , ii lIsi ariam i hr itulch l-siof ssthselhsd u Isssi , ssdlItsieisdsittu-isahse:i tl ' h isaI siuclss.. Sc'ul snc', i.... . c reu cls- ing nil th lstniuIGre elstaeiscit acseirstc 3l.l cusS dci Isrlll, ll iiii~de r ll I 1laguages, In e sill hiutiinR sIs'srsll Lst ct SIHIulltaail nselrasn lltan I. ThSe inseheisatijncl catd itsitisec bices depnrtmese s-cnsjurmiccicsg A cleibrinsicislllyTetaa Ici~gaitoi a.sit s ile the ir iticsls aliiicalisi in c ul e Fie ig, SCI1,,nee,utistr itecstrtin nbv~ clp~~rilesiengcselinita-.s Tgrt. caI ii,,qtg tics ne-a inli te tlicI rni Lainsineae mitt ucI~rnnni-dnnslllattnd di in nrsiesl theIso Untlcr. tCi It hl)lnL~Atni.tA li. J11 GIBISON I'q+ n Iidl in Panatatec ri ,t1 NNsiN, Loulsiansta Cailaeg Jacklson. 31. )In I; A UZIKNBEit.G~, 1 , C IlUNe. d A. s-q SI0C1-Ili.St(N EIq, Nrw Orleans. &lF~-- esii'i18:SIS, "ii'- Qitl·ll(. se-- n at ........I.. i rnanlfiei Sa.. nl.... aiii cIsInIm. WINS.Ti) &. "HAI.L, In w 5 5' " 7 F ein m Levee (jOF slK 15'1 aI's--els tlnaans., and lis0 sact Ri'-s ic ,,rats sacks, a snuea'l lr srtlele, in toare and tee y tnablea" W IN\STON & S, I4LL, s ap 'S 7 Fr ,,n t t r erne ti]. f lts)Itii Iiyn- cc, % tIsipilslllt gll tan normeelt ci. eflenasonenble chlshtiusi, laondilg furen sbhpi Sea inL'n ohd t'eronce, For +,fle by ISAAC BRII6E trCO, -i. ecpSe5 131 _litaci'e sr mio·irs ti I- sWlisie I e.---bales- bluUc e ssiui ILi COtLonndes .; bales irehivy ;7-8 and 4-I Lowell adlseusi COIssuss. an i m hl r plain f nid twilledA III.iell I indseye; ,e a-- landing from slip (:helokee, san frsaule sitc -ISAAC BIILItGE t.& CO, Ansirhll P). "h its si np"IS 131 Alsgazlne an nsn aly . , . ti, tts , 33and 4 buaiset sizua in jo a ) e Slid ir sale hV I ShAAC Bitll)GOR & CO, Sai es sopc5 134 Mngzins ses Non- t. .. . .. . .. . FPOl IIAViE The fine fast sailing At ship ZOTOFF;: Jacob tMerrll, master, will have immediate. d'e1slatich, andl wonlt 81 bules cotton nto com plete her cargo; for treight or parsage, apply to ;.VI It G.tLE, oct3 93 Comn on at. FOUI NEW Yo.RK. SThte fat sailing brig CAROLINE, Thon pson moater 'savig been detained for want of eteo'n will Ileave the Levee to-in mrrow eve. nino, at 6 o'clock; for of 75 ba as cotton, or bulk thereof, apply on board oppolnte t. Joseph street, to PETEK LAIDLAW, 2, Bank Place or, aGEO H ABBOTP & CO, oct.5 9 Camp street F'O NEW I 018K The ship CH:AKI.ES, Capl. 1'I.anna -. ath, having ;I.4th of her eat o euga ed and ..going on board wll ne t with itmedist des-e patcll. Fr t'reight oufl( 1tuos Leanland 1' 201 alea sot ton, apply to LEVI H (IALE, sept9 93 Cnmoo n at FOR, NEW YORK. To 'nil on the 6.h October. Louisiana and New York Aine. S 'Ihe splendtid atd gnsutmilng packet ship - AZ It, (Gardinor, e.rtsom , wllt have imn ntenlte despatch for the aitoe port; foe flresgbt , 350 habol cotton or the hulk thereof, or pas eaee, Ihvi g tuperior acco nmodations, apply to toe Captain on banrd, oppooi'e tile Vrgetnte marklet, or to J D BEIN & A CJIIEFN, sep29 i1 Common at FOR AI.I:XANDRIA. T'he eatner I)DNIIARK. wilt _- run s a regular packet luring low . .-walneo', fitt oomoth of led REer to Ale'.t r't. For partiulars a nply to SJN) I GAtllAIAM. .) -LOUiSVtLI.R, .A1) In MhI~f)IATB LIONOINON S Tic splendid ateatuer DIANA, F. Carter, Auastnr, will lesave Itrchq ttl ottt'lh, A.M.;fotr rtifltg htr aptty OI board.orto LAWRE1CE & I.EGi\lity o k-IU . ,1 COFh'Eti .dt t btgs ratcejor ytansi' ____ _nding . _ achetr olia deem n.,r i ol . snp8t Grvter at -i t -aduatl-q bundlesa )lsorn Hay FGr nale h y LEVI· I! GALE, _sp29 93 Common, ad 13 .ltea o\Nt I&c 'lI, &to--O -oapen, e"ntajaing .l )IPuw'ot S& '2 quthlt kip Brolgat; Boys and lotdt'o kihl pPegetiI c, Leon's pegged mcnaeor do; .lnt canlf, seal mitt morornoe seowed and pegged hoots, landtig from shil t1 amun nod Cherokb.e lot sale by iSAAC IlRIDG & CO, ..rp27 134 Magazine at. coa ltc ROPRB-.atttlj Iboec buggiag ll oo0 tiu 1!4 a, foae hne oAWREN(LE & LEGF.NDRE, ,p..pM! :$ rlr "9 vt.. Lerce

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