Newspaper of True American, October 5, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 5, 1838 Page 4
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' . KIIRKLAND reemotlotlly an. _ h rf hi'ndn.mnd the pnhlic ene.o r to eocornreodale ihcr at 2 1 ete t, and hopeo f'rm bar -, rehr Vitior eloairctablc, to rmcnivr g t.l t ueore tfrfo~. fvbrh. She foali coael. deat that rpemwnsl visitiG Covi.rion during tLh I i iaf ltttnt.:nt fldd bsttr ;rccomtnlnd.rioms 'li. e n afford, on mort, liberal tearm.. Hler hues'is pleatm.tly situated, and well alplilied gts )amaancr;i the ibar is f.rnished with U.4.qqO cttelalote, Ac. itn ahort, she promisei *'tbt shall be wanting on her part to give Ai» liOetetia n to all who m'ay patronizn Ihe lr -filip#l.and Lilanfoi Iitel. je3 .4eO Tljt PUBLC-.Ttuhund rrsrni d. hvnl¢ . t"Atnt t.oier1 Dr. Stl midt of' Chrl.eton, 4h ;ror#1 ant far someo year bhis assistnt in the p'Ls.e eftmlr and surgaery, has ho lthe ,or nIa rle eknfmimionIal ýervieea in this oily. "Jw ll~ti~h the Illiehd a~getlo.tlen that, the mosut S t i t: i yen gill Io til p in the calls whie Mthadi also ofths his ervce to th dot . being well acquanited wit the DL 0ttihnntit TI t Tinm, having attended them in I14W g ptj~,ga*In C.acthetoin. oiaitio-tiouspillsa ttrthbacottposrtion *?7rif r *otrertte. ith directions, can be hadi Oti(oderigned. The ff o t which they have rt la t cas plntlpt itie, heis beean attialred 'ui0 greatest success. to whichl the hb.t oif eau:bogieiven. Apply nt Na. I6i6 Olaa. -lee street. J¶O. IAIORIIN;. IRONS, &&. TIU.Sl.)VEg. woRks COMIPANY. No. . 8 Watbr,' .er Buekmian i treet, Nw York. Ihe.-sc-aand the pact mtason, and are cor.aslaatly s tiorso . and lflleniive additions the ra ,ack *!Jk tled gnlt ds, Wirlthich now tinnishi of lthe no, suitablo for the soulthern and - l markoets. I qb w are or sullperior qualilty, eonrsioing of *hrt t L2Ulltoo, ira, AQthidtt ditfrenrt s;zec, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettle., 15 srzes, from 3:8 to 30 gallolte, Aetlleloe,51 mins., from 3:8 to 18 gallons, tkakeat or dvoan, 7 dlifferent nier, Tea fdttais, 6 do rMileslt, . . do Flat gpi a . 6 do goj Spiders, S do Oriddle, - . 4 do - qr +Diu , 6 d e Waguon boxes fromt 11 4 to 434 inches. ecrt do. 5 to 7 inches. VWoSprewr, 920.000 gross, iron and Iraes, from SCehrNs. 3 t, 3:1b inch, No, 24 of a superiror la and tinish, anid les tlhan J.nte's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks oi about 500 lbs for Wtif~ets annd hattor'e Irone, nesorte'. 'Sash ttighits, 100 tonsl, naorted from I 44 to I (l. fer..Pntation, stnaiibhoatl churches, &ure, c. madea to Order, dAneo ietn·beits and other machinery maide to Theahpcn assortmlent of gooais is ptrtlicularly r rcoameanded to tha aittentio n ofl Southern and A Western morchants. and are cifarri d lir saleo at laow pricesr and upon llto most liberal termi ; it is Ier. Roeoed tl be tle largest and bhust assortment ever B'red. for nal. by any one . .tabiialtl.o.ent in the )oited StatIes. " Morchans. by forwarding a reqtuest by mail, can :] hlere a prinord circular. wviLli deocrliptrrr of loriai.od gricdeand terms, from which no doviatiaui is over Mlade, Ihrnlshed ty returo of maidl. l All orders will receive immediato attention. New York. 1838. j 3 S -~i i YtlP L& PICKLIS-Und ~r 1 e mia IlSIra and l'i1iitlIra, aroiltrtei oaro; *,lr, 0l :1l -ltxeonf Laanis& ilHaskel i e.Pcklo; tbr satin alt , : d t teo-i coment; by JAIlVI. k .,iDILt ,IV. T : ?r- i .c (' ' nln. I l. id Tehr npite ll t . 1 ll eAi ithll rl ' . irar l rliirr l a tr Juura din - uld, foar csn by lS.A.\l BI;hliiiS : trl). 'i t.- in ltt dawellin l bo ainl+ n Trith atlest, a e "l, weaio T illli ('ircli anid t rtio liletr ,in r llvt. r 1 . l YApply io I 1 r -', .ýIy11EElI',ARtItOhW, he--".5 i heelblrro.a 55 It Scdirt do. iii saw ea rIo' tale Irv C,.I/'L'i'N & COOlPER. (11 ll L '&ei e in : l1,l 0l ilitl ooieiiig ol ' 'rc rv I . h ,rinr l iid ani oid whilae iwtull, llll ni'l ItI& ruild rulth tidio . r cr.rd oall ctlittlly oil lulld ai li is iale [v b ,N'AiI FI t La 1I. tro .r 0"31 I V ' tlall, :: (l ilt'hn tn at. i l lI l boIae .13 dui. :aicl lfoelie I1 in.r,"e , I al Stin iO raf dir tirain Mi'ary tflll ,1 [10 pilfe ex'ma 4.,leira. I'Fr .It lv r n , tlRiOtr i 4tlhliii rt trIi. thr ..N ue'.u~i gon, hi -- 1 luticy(ln ..f Crr uit of rlico i.iuittgr, .toala tlctcmthand Olilthtl'ng,litolu L~ ~ ~~r~r ll llitligoay oo.t, and Biludiag aeatiy eaecull"lfll ·Ilorr nmiu"c, Ilv 1a31 i N W-4ci lot"ueI,' I :,!ttsc 5Inh ltatr t .Lliarding, fir sale by ISA IC Sit ISE 1158&(0I. m24 1:71 itc'.ezioe itreet. 0 hlF I'ET A NEWk totory bri, hck ituns', citltrtl 5 atrm frot thle Se s~d .tiactats iini, k tihrr En ttflr, er the rl·.elllj e=. _ l k,29, ., fjlL' ,it-clititicss. I ' hIttr. fr.l- b 1n10U (: III Ii( ItC 14tlw.Y. 1 .\r re. lC nti B.5 CON .ike for aislel it2 1:It. M I~l * I! tl8:oto I )13511 coils Rtjla, Itoditig tootil Aloft ndor lr t iel by LA.'{Ei &, 5518:1 lieD Srcy.{ r ta$lnt O Cat itle It'. 0 t lSt cln_ It tl frmn stn'~ner 1't ill u'". Int It.rsl"s oh ~ t": ISfit Iilc , NO9 M2RCURY 38)1 COPMIVA .,w tor .", A-.cIll 1137 n flOUi' dniao oi;hr ago Li I hit hr atprttidr is cot r-lddcltorsfor a cure, and rfte ,lid cutttoile fife, se it.... as ihe shote date I t lint yrl 'toier Itl, icro cC o Itrets' hiatt, and I expert klil tes can otto tit5 l thin toc titrdlj'e as )tot wtcofe, s as Inh brekt out illarrrs ulcer to ltheroi mber ofr sif r rietttton, It !ft ,talIoticccur mry locs, and lratt.hrooh nt t f ble tit r\rl, at If t prrielt c titat tfoil cl astto t ., f c tt ediseae; I:rre o cr m the rightr aile of the tttottet. 1 o a rtttaustitn ttttoh eoefrlr.rtly underrtht care of Dr. Huet, o i' Pitil Ott bperieotly cored edJ.tliA itEAN. ia. 14 tj T tn CICRTIFr Yhclt dr,e tahItrottoted haecern is tittqtl well otctito n stitotato I.elta iir ailr i I ttrcat1lOr. ittllo IlottIndoreeoveoi.oa to tlhateseit d injue l stea tht ciollf; thereforre I advicir let f 11'lw suflerel. it: itteaottimer anld applyto i)r IA. ielt, 121 Caoel, brcceen iiijfhttt stllr tlurcttattrolrrtee. Itt Iittt iar t rtar foron Itts'elock, A At, until 4 I' if. I'laywt ifrind a rtn.e drro., lom' rtlt r conlplailt JO142; ItE.SS, l4its anteestreet. If, aty one wants to ge Ie r e, c.ll itt No. Iff tIctrit, irceet. and tifey cell ht sttistird. '1rtbe publisrhd to tie opot'r of It. httitt. JIYIN 1ll55. Necw Orleana. Feb 1, 8:18. tii It t t YIftrrtcnuie ctts.itpi aoftctlcit lre',as ,I, I h;,,ln?, is flat rip( in haul'. at if.,lI lain price sf 511 .Ctrtoaocfr, oCrttaitiorg the strettglth tI tittoc tottitro if' L ererotor.ftri eIe fittBrats't tt 1tatt othter.t,t retotttf herbs ekirawn ciotigrrlte itfitatto rlleaotttoo int curttlf t tIn; iscrv rcomplarintt t 'ouri at riaroldoa toieen whichiha Iato Itoa,',cl he lt oo I ¢tered, has tdgstned the lcnl~ilfeice u'd m rs~clilll ulra tintdo ftafcottltaefi, rcrtiattns, for Ith cat. oi cItiotid, odds,~ pain to the aid', want ofl rcil, n5 i;til,,5 o Maud, I tse eromfJtinti, 4e. roo thotttittnccv t~eeett. 'I'tis ic to conies thlt we hraeerg.e opcar ratrirt farettrtty fttwettritod tit s ,ttf.l nor's Iadioat Bcnloctt it iverwnrt a I I o hs5,lll, with it Ieeiofd godicoff.lct: ra call tlt,"rtto ticlt ltcs, the w ioi130 ocfa thcatrials itrirs mareffrm. ,mfl hose, tv is, ant eetxerirsrloc reematttrtenI it -it- rtett;,i,+ !' ".l'nhn .rrcoll thdse ti. etit of A he 1555..t Witth, iis re mmcnd ded. A1.HMII' IVII.LI:tlý 31. D. CALVIY ELIfIS 1t. Ii. Mgtbr aof tle ]lrt n lcidicd .1ooteicticn. Rloton, ietolesr 21. aWefo{ J.SVI &h .N:ttIUEisS, t.ef lttt,,ltyl tlfo't.iat'.l to s -y I' h:TLEfR' Effeccee" eat 11,itet at ho ot-i-tr ot'0h,%8str+ eegtir ~t~y ci the stu:tretti, hrnbirtal co. ternstaor. torraentdisera ee gnus gra.el, c. and ucI esdawitaid Sheaeth, coaling pitrccti. . Thisdesi-ahleirprerrararietm hIf aocoijed tile oarte axe oa nitlroeriaetcrmemmhtt Io tO e ltlfiaotl~usand frostp dfstrdpric pubic aitany at ctrc lfo i am I((oait. ci tpC trg~lo ito srfioay ae a medictirltccbas lben t i'ld. Wtet all ttb pfccoitow iltllilirsof a 0 loes c aliiroý ft ýplascaart'lte saleas tolieiotict prtpertioo of theaRmotar1 rpr cad saaitt·roepocrires. it it pleasantr r15r11teirssba, .1 lfreafiaut " th rMtttaluil. hI PhhhCg.&S'i' CAU'tiiO Itte inroes.isu repotla :inn anagato diemadrl fr itutl o' f ifervc-fit Magti Fita Aolrfittnt. has beean t if :d'orit t for lithe tfto rfl feraif imitttticntsfm* allrahe nerrliriire. llnrhahfiar ant otieot'warfod oat tohitt t, t tothey 11Cllr beo ols flit,.i d tsort, tpt stulrt alt tinptrir nYrrc c b oTtr6ie, , fire'aps: tllctcttltto ' tot bn ttftroie~u'c btcs a.eroisttAt4cppo e t gl "Trot ;tl5rlntb. G1 t 'c to. 7,oalertl(Piiin a.tea re ler it ."'altlv, and .'iliac 1 so lid lied M~sondil trot of bhair, ulit'ruur the jest ifj yl'ýlýga9T1'1,isOii gicra n " oocrr-thtc lre qmspoadl r'is iimlrriabi to any artier it Oil for per Olitthrurl ting and giarriag tiae hair. T~ Ie io let bees or dry aier oritg it For role at y 011 sros s rat. 3I67 at arl RItlt; t 0 n rd it" ieoh hlabte liowiRe.Kiiver r Pnther t.l oh.r tr o) e t·onr"i stlsorin Caons; tlIt S·ndle hJ'.T~l l.lPJ,., t~il:;(Lnln Rally,"hn ,.Etlelt..; P ~w It: nl Pitorl liaorks; Dnm , Bon ttlirs Pno Tlrlo!oe Cotpo: C"'oYan Pap. and Cap Ilo! rto Clothflfttir, Trot, l'd rni lrr shr'rT: Orr i an d ('hlorinoe Totntl Wnsl, ol lt Ir'to'loor? t rl n n 'I thnve l. Prnno or in t'h van. . tr: In n!lr rlir; d% R n el~ t wnI e'riselte. Pn m' h "( Tirr Pmvderr rlnclmv liar% h'nrv Tllh Couthi It," . 'l,rw,|,r PrlltuF ntltl Rn'.e.. file ".l,iia cns, Sel,: lid..ev.: F,,, o lrltlo ('\oo it o Iot , Io. di,. 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Wh er ., Ib.zlrl. 1I1l l N e: 1 1 1, o ' e to. riopord. p"01 rt:1111* rh'lru:. 'I!IP!I i f'i, llr; F; lllr llu.l t el~llll. . :15.1.. k. h v. . l l :il imr..:Ilr h,;i d% Enl'llll l m:(IlI oIItio . aol'.'.?ll'rt tt rll~lll II .. I l ll; alit-owl . or ollr, o lltltol llld beIr , il~; ClrVIlleIIR ,K k . i . lell;i. .h lckh,.;, · t rot,:rlli t l h 'c,,, ot(ll, pO littlol, - lot?? otr '.tt lri I I root k:oI; lll itt LoI . II. l , ,tlld ,t rlR l i t- Wllrv ("~. I1 ' Iile l I lll, ,11..l L it) ij~l tIpl ]!iI Ilr~llq, oII: .lIn.tllvtle ',vl.ih ll ; ll' Ildulluc "~ lilll 1 /..d.S non,' ?'ror'onrloorr tot,,o, tfinrror. Tlrrtnnttt'rtt ~lo~to k ' I,nrr torro rt nr . otto?? I e o~~rtrtl o "-FmC:~ lri \(i l 'sl lllll e .;I",'C''.to lll l n·II!;" ' h"0 1 ch;l'l " 'II e o h htoror bo'l:rlr rt .to tr o lt.,e C toiro wt o lll 1ll i fi, ·lq'lli I rll... lid~llr . $I .i.;I ATdiv ; ~lltlk l rfl.11 11 1 1ioi ll r.or i;ot lll .I.too ' lPnlto o'frIr' t oo I i r"T o ill h Id otootrrl;( ?H,]lrt'oo'rr olo rtol' , llrrl *e l D . (. i i . oi e-. o ]t h i ho,,e, l . 'lo o hliio rrotoo€,ro I; rodle r tr . , Krffa , l:\ .,l.r lotrro no, F I t,~i ',,, C olr'S V~.~ o rrto lrolro ltr|rll,, trllo"oll (qrot,. It ll'lolll'"ro l'.O i . I|IIV.' ee' 1:lillll I S'XI O" 11111 C110 1 'l tlll I'nr..,pl, t l .1 I tLLr, i IITI! Il';[-(T' V.---'I r..m (·(rrnnlshi: (III ,) rl : ."ll , I\r l I, nllp II ~lnlr .,'P \)r lal,·l| ; .~ tnl /hlsn, ., rt'i . p, ll a lll, c 1 Jf llr'iX 0111e '?lto..~ C~,.IF'tt,Xps i ,11''R, h o,~ ttCtooooot/ .tr I . IrIotr toI1mel t .oo" tro?,. itot? to?' er .'' rt-to tirt' ro. t O t or. , ll I'?rr,ll ,tl ?otor 'or o v toii 'i, wto''ottllo t 0i00 0 ' ill+rlh ol'nooo r 00i000 tro.s t t . e" ol, trrrorttooto ~ ,rrrtr'ru '''0c . 0 300, tovio 'rlh . 00ll Fr i rll l tot, rilelr l Il o' ofo rr irot dfHr o ./flllltI H Itr].(o tlll r Ji t REIIL P J) 1(IY | rI. fel by , ' nrtittle Iti r 11111.?. !att11 I,, lilew~P~ I llrh )(ll... P The C uames ( of e telrl ~l~ lirm l ,:cIIIIP II !r,ckeI i~lrl, Ih;I ll a llti. , ,, lvt. la llkP I B/ rl( TIhrl~l++ rllll/ist+. ;os.I,1 IllrmS'P,+ er I e rlrne ilttv r ,I·II) j e rtP i 1wrdat 1 IInke IP C e ~lrh. FPIIPHPII. timir Illlr,. N E W . rtritl t wi,,ll i,,,,, ,. to,,, t ,o ,Mlh lelay. otro C(r oon, . . Root' 7, ro8: t. oooo o poo,? ori..n}le d l + .r, tr, tr, ooot o rt'r r'oo If,, ' 0 ,..i~ rrtkotvrtt r .oll fitrl, h Iorro roroo rto r rotl?,l? . tl: I.s I~rlll )11111Iiel(lll )·li b lkl '.~ lll. ~lidh't p wll .'r% Il.,,ll er~lll I trlllt root tlolo, t ltll, ro, ? ie Iortot-t? otnti~twa' oir to ort'., rotod" r , trlot lo,? t loCtrt t,'t,,,, itxl or,, l all~rIIHi. 1 ,eph lrlln \ lirS' velelllh hnlj'rlll ri l/,l l I I tttt l~lltllril tr or rrot'ot.'orrortro1 ttt'l.r o , rtrrt ' i r o ot' ort o, h , w r OIhe.." alr,'..tlr h re lv ril Pry1'4 I~llll~i i . IIII i :,. v ,' tll i~ll - ( tol, hdl:r ,,i!l, rrr'o'rooe o' ,,, ( t ro ' ,rroroto t ro 'Ici l,.bl l .h.l h I lllliif lll P· Y Iiii€| I!!111 ,~ lr .e t tlll r w Ijill k root Io,,lii a toltrot 0 0lrlY trrortor...o, rotit)Oh 'orh, . to, oi 'tot "?oou o r Le. o.l. or ,fr osal toh t r.oottoo r . rtti]o o obt'lrt "otort .Ito 3rt]M oot, root'{T 'oon O,ttr,, o t .ilfv 6 (} t?,oolr 'tre t~rtoot.. Ottodl iltlroro orhrr trot,' twhio trth to oeh ro, tol e ire , otm . n Iiirii it or, ?o~l t.le i r r too r o, toov rt i ot etoo ollrrkraurttot.,tlloo'o'tonoo iir ioo t ortoo tooth? . otti ot r otobr, il roo. o t'tr 0. 'lot,~ , t o rlol'rrooo Ctolltl'l oIne o'ltotis lorno' h oou, rio-too . tI tooot.i h . to,]rono )totrooo otr t~tlfl'. o oil r'h t x r, , t nor' I,)l( t oo()) tot,,I ,altor ,, l'toror ] to k'too .0 ,tt oetrlt n~or? oi a torooro',,. 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I' Ii P Is t'to' t l hhit kinlIv miSe, kn',,wilo tlht tii time i b it Ishort. ll,[ t t that ik idel eontle nt Ameri,'ais 'eou: le . re a ntl to julae:hrr ltemaelves what are puIls and so l, 'niitions. Tilh. 0. thy editors who a.r e hIe nr , t ie llthepr mria too, r editors or sub-er litols of tile alrlv Sin; , llle innornals eal every letter ifrio cseons I have .'. o.silfnrl to sislat in tli nhieve ploae-, pofo. V t: 1. Thre fI t is, t'iot 1 n ii .r hn I ruha er tir Qatei. ihh wi o hn limited a i riel an ten or twelve odto. One tswho wan nelle a: ot eni year, who d onrw sen ha the, v ii t fr ll ] Ile tli, le.I) on to see t) fiill]oo I;i s ma'tPr irl o" n liotel, in-tend of biein oblit e l.e i lie l, Iv hiii iol u' rounlo Ildies, lar, ho ll each Iist the tflhl af sme . 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Air I.owell, of Na hvdll,, to tlk Soil o f tLhIl' 1S, uh W..terl +%hli,:ian A cl 'l. te, who, it iall e -. hits ex milled thel i lllls and o' l er c Lu lu-uts,eviacive il the Dlo.tor'+' tlainl to public itronl +lia n I in .nill n llie i &tl" y l e' thnan la e at 61-fi t imt'rl.d--oy the let July. tev. ,r e.Strinnfiel +:--liuvng" been ieqursted by f)r. 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Silica w\,'lilglthee u e fO Y f Dr. V ,'it;i B1an1 ' patii'ell'h e caie'I a ll i) ,Inll- ld .-ia, e lu InI a.iil lia ttnd1) luhlliv faut tins ei,.ht f of Viley "yd or erve ly care, lIlt icw declare- himeelrf Ptler;lin t' Ira 'l'rglltf .lr t!l' f irst li le i t r his tle I.,l Ie can raculleu l e r o.lld dis ill lt li h , w ith I t ' l a ri' +le ril t re O "l rpiii i ti i tr s frt, )}urs. " lolre, truly, al-t0 R. .B. C. IT. Ir|1 -. -l 1 ' 1 Cit I T -I \ ., \l" ..,., 3i tELLt a, TantA )Ll ten' tnten.EnTeinG rol - rIE - stLee; &i lemap, of ehe ereeid, dirta h steato c boat and calanl retrL, caLC j"et Ieeirne d il rienI rle ,+ Il+.'+, ' U. 1'lllF,, ,:, I ,.1. ;.--Pi L r tI' l-" r h'r tIC--,FIN[hit iti. GtlOTEth tS, 51T H L J/l..II.R. G I1P T~VI. TI I 'lKi IN)iAN'S I'A;NAiK4. r, ORthetireo'tfrhektlinim.*ir l dnorkingsevll,gmit, i inties or hip g outl, ri.ilnt can er, salt rhll0l, siphilttic citd t erclrial ii.iltases, pItltIcutlle y iIlterit .alltl tIiltli:d .ffti oinst oflhe bonslo ulceratedc hloat t.i * ls Irils, uie 1.ofevern deslcripltion , Ifeversoel Sole, nl inela.l r allsesr si 6 as, poiles , se . l, c ral hea se ty, liles, chro blh sort ey.., ts sipliohlfthe kihs, cand eiery vfrietrl e -t -ts lnue atflecton. chlumlsic C:ttatrh, head ache proceed Slag ti'm anay mihd humaor, patin in the stomach tnot dt, dI epsia psr c'ligls Frim vnv.iltion,ad Hetion, slof the liier. , -hrnlic in.h.mnmltion of the kidlers, ee !thene rd Iheili SIv cas.5 ' I nv tlrplactiot oi'the'esIelsoflhe skin. it us i. ll.tsr'.efllcPsiclin r-nnvaticlgthose constitltiolns Itii ' ihave tbeen ,nkeu down by iijiudicious ireaottmt, ilt . iille i'trei -l lrities. 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" STATE O1 LOU ISIANA.-Parish Court Ihr the Parish and City of New O)rleans. r.IIE STATE OF I OUISIANA, To all whom r nte I'erents shall aer (reee ie:-- 'herene, Jiresf Hlnea Irr.rirg I-llenleed at e ae l.nds rby e1h r he rail alit Ie p -leIh f t)lrol rtr pirlrr irr hIrinaliter ine scrih ~dr, ee erph, tee, r terk ol his ' arll r tarll e dies . llll wrt,[ ne a slli ma; oaI aIr. eral' l rnae'. l,.\ . t. riatall craic-ln i r ite da "i Ire.!o e I sfl irstr l nee I. n l1 r th pubulic l pn r.,why vtisene$rl ell eoll ili to nn r il l ttile, el n 'tre t ' tnie rlec aii tlea t illl rl','hIljelr I j air rrrrltreUlrl rrr v d der iltlr aa, tt rtrrc rh, 136ilr.rtrr r iOr arran, IIrP Il. 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TABLES OF INTPEREST, to *'ill, or e IIt·l ll~rnar rille s \'l as I a daies, 1.11r , li r, rFii* , is, NaIll I. v~ll icrr, limo ,wI; Ilesifle~a; a itsI'm .IIIr enllpllrl Rlccki'.i F",In cll r slice tsilhrI the anIlle sshs.., ,,, itd izv fII,',e. fIII ix., I I in1(· Il,./ I l I' lsi In Aelrlthe iii low- i l~15sordlllfs: SIkl siilll isslilni.I .,is wkIr Inicisius 1'IsqsIss I 51og11 I i . tll Ir r. r . l t l t i t e sera p \( fixl l ihl i . the lint, lneIi) s a m annex'^d fit". it, S rll 11·1111 1.(·( 111 )(· 'HI·Q IoblII, lvsllki ns,,s.iis' isf . 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Idmn ili l o II s he' id s a· I.( ill vl 1.11 . sseni a i, llitlt II I, em Inc- = II tllIic hri m- Im illl\c Il' tarsi o I. rli wll I fne l ellI: t Ike irilitllihillll. i t the nlellmd 11 ii4a1 1 fI()l l IIi 'omission~~(1(·II1I1\ Is omk ) aw .hv x H's -:Il IP 1·(e hero al 'm ielp nllllll1111:1··, ille vxalltill:.I ,ll e l nl ests lIv u Ilet liki . it Ila pas ed n he rv at nl illsl(l1lrl th e w ale is t, Iv vnl il , r)Isdtrir , t, e il i I·I :III\ PII t r t t!Il·I (li p I r (. eCII1;I·r·rn lllrx n ; (Ce ' ,m-1.III ! aecavd I. lly a es pl 11 a , n i, Ihl1 1111(.· 1( *.CI 1~1 ( tr...IPII)(E lms " been ItIII n 1 'el eI1:II1· 1ie :1 R' a t led " thel IN roost Ifll.CI t tfi i oli in the (·I· :(Et" l\ I·I I1II Ilrelt IN , Milli Cll morn a fi'.,"re work ofthv site'rx Il\·III' :I 111· d ish1 ·1·:11. t he s' ilam III Iv'Iltir s has had Ill): smile mlwl-1 h, ramli tIi u iett 'til, Ic I~t, inll III,- .em.i Inrnhe m el··~s nn, ..sauna half the number, its is else It shove it, tic t,,,,., lil es1;dIro, as tact amt stand ard, it has I liCI (1 1 Ir ll·d 1:ll I'r, nylll in iam 1,;,I I le ha wk 1. )1 ci· I i' '11 i -ea ll d etll I SIlilli\ I eat 1 I t, (I il t rl.l i rmo t'( lit h1 ri- Il se1I· 111(1 i \lm r, II( I il t--: trl ;Ie.·l I 'i .e vs t 1, ""m...... 1'1 IT dw 1eal- ( c"I:I· iI( has I'm - ai r 1I I n)I. I l a pi il tl I·· ll :llllII; II1 I I*illli t I'ortalllli,· lil·, 1l c s ic, h t :l II ··I I l lln i 1111·((s! uc :m.11"g os lse I. I i i s t cd, rn; l as sa, It" s em i illil. pc, elll "j I. ..Pleat vloasml cillz . ms ill start gent1 111 Iv cf~·: i~ii ~~ I ·· : iiic c ·.d ,ones. ·:, ,,,I,..~ I t. .. "d., etyll is ~ III ,, .I; ·\ III· Il and ttl 1 m· I II.1 lpe eli· :,:lulu, Bella. , 1":dI it. n :·c l" I·..Isi I.ts led I·I): a . smirde m - ;1; i1 t . 1o! it, a'7, I1111, ··il! ll 1 ' ·: 1111itii j l.;( i Iilli ,I, I I 1 ,o ," II II 1I, 'ie - i c ite I . . ·.. 1 i t s i t , 1 -I , a , S I ; , a l , s e r v a l I , its,,,, , .l Bls ijm te ts Ili e. i :o: \l mi l al' III .1 .I a 1II. I U 1 IIlbu I if u- · c I ty It i ii :1 Inuit 111. 1. I:t . 1 111,a1 ,ll I : I 1p IIrit s e Iad 1,t"I's , , i ritd 1 t in te Inlv iuP ' l~c" p rt itlr lt hu 'ci nl 'rv sca r"-'u t1 .\ i." , ..,.,1. ", c.1, I"..I, ,t in u c- I :~I.. 'ii B8; Ii'C -O- , I Ii i1,Ii " ý ,. I. . 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Sca na utat c h B i,, a,,fle lt hit t'p3ttrlattat'Y 5 h i \ O'1,1 l ILA iRI'", . fr crlttllata l~u oma.,!c r !lac Sio k am I ' el a d line \1 "n, 1, \t,,cri n re Asls \\ bite Oa , 1 111 1. & tee. ·Il -~~· I.~~~;~~~i~~ Il ii iiS-llnl t , a rl Illlr'?/ "'ll roll; ;I ili I I!111 , nail rods told II [ lou,''l C..?I, i iermn n, I·11 u i , hli i err~ d, spring, she et II 1 11".11,., "u"-,cut nd ro gh iils1 1spkra Z'..5., hl. iek tin, mill , rI. stones, salt k C le s "aly I .1II d tl'ill :18 I'.I( c o n mills1 1 iceserP l i·, 11 ,1- cnror. 1~ 1.1 II Iv r r- A.... a, l3"11ldI:1-I~', am elt . libr' / ad r()1 shovels t1l uII.. ,-, a I Jh ra c i'n.... n"~ . l 1oilla m logs, lie, H., lm n ins o HIM lu'd .siclolR 1.. cuppe!hR !"; oa1, d darns ffr h A t *lI:Iv ·r er."I.I "1 1ardwu a awl s'.ii tmoer nll I,,.r.,. 1-I t run "11..11111 n n.· Coumor 7'IIREE " .i ··11~O-f;RNEY FROM SL TV. . Or ,~i1w , kMa il lDn Et-n Day atl.SMl , n Narulerna .a . . Olnarn Ever. day at 10t4A. 1 . - A aea eaery Srndrvur\Yed sdna an \IVIestr IaVAFrilnv IEP Ut 1)I., " b. a ... 'i 4 3 t .sFridny, Iv 3, P. IVI. tuonsa, rnnantr whr,'l . WI a nn a rt n) e.', il y, hurly, an Thr Ina Al, a/i t aturd, tha 1 x o'. o 1 Clos a en rv ohrrlarnv, \'eesltaj TIl 29 rI: O P , 33 VU I\AI., I)Ij.I'A ttt'I13j..j I)ST I N/au V ks. o h-i n Xarng, ulAi , jr-I'-," Ajr Jl ar ir, n l New. Yo k--lea t ln ohih.· .lvilrj' nul I'. ,t. Nrilhraar Nnn York dailya5pr,; IrtlrourhWad. A i riveu Arrive t Iviurl hwanl ijrun nrl istne i Inu llurn'g 3', rr-. u. 114 8t 94 1 t m liid e.Ilrrs . IGd a l. 3 133 l 4l 24 , ) l',,irurn, . , ,,,ni. 1:3 174 J) " h im hn, r-clrN (7.35 32 lat 2 1 Wui'rtlrrllrraVr. 13 in. 3 .3 c-a ', I r la . lll tjn. 2:1 I In. S2irhrnail, Va. t un g Hj 64O i,,rr,,r,.i.j ,,u , ru I .. 6 7 U . = llailhuirn,.tnrty, Qla. 61 (34 5 Iluraahi 434 31 4 0| hihi i ,dan , I ur. 1(0 Ii I 7/a ir r'k , ark 2 an. /0 24i P1305 kt h. ,urn Sd 2b > AIAW Y ft J . ; de le nr II f j levi. ) AAII lAIAlll ,r almu 43 7 ira lrar ru'aur .rC urn (lte A llllllllHll l I u1larat ilyrar' a n l. S n - il1111 1·lll('lll l l li S tool , ),)o l. il( Io.¢ln Is s l)re ,,s " e I- t '.r It rir P irr hal- I, ii IIrirr1r h ilg jirlllla n wirrr d nlpa iing awl, a it it I'lllll )P lll , llrr( ,. llhr- I mi alll Ir-rir t a l)lnn l rl rltl - a II 1) I-a ri Iiltll) .s ,, i'e~sQ 01 filIIILIII· I hl~lll.. IYL1'o UIIIlll€ I1e 1I. rllr! Iriill rlitilrlr a '.rll"llll IIrair aII j ia al PI I 1, I' 11.1(1 Ifllil~lll!l ( 1 11. Illl 1111\· "ewn~ 11 11 e h11 in iar'l e h t 433 rrrlhari e rir- fim r e l-r IIl~il'llll· ie 1 o1··111' i 1fi9 (llr*lllldlt.l'l.| C~llri1" l·i Iro rr suirrtrs .4 I ri . i (jArat.nrrn a Iol'l h e r Cung ited thero t hSro I · l un rrrrr r rarr .. tlrrir ' o lu~~. (itr sl ,hll')e l,',l ....llla ,. D ll,.... i o hlll [(I ,)lll,', ,, l ih sl'.lel ,r rI.:, LlrmC i rrrrrr1 Ir'II:,rrrrdrrj. llrrrnUirnn 11 unuh fl ak, IriI c(. 1 i . .h iii i22 allISON II01~. m i )\'H 1 ll .\ Il, A)'I1- l aed. hI'. Wl . A II N.I l , Ii i,A'. ari tia annual i rlll i (i ll i1, 1 l illlll. 5 ro irrlrirhc rnl, Iii. ,h mr I a il in , A nurr ro r all , lhiu TIa lltn - h fte , ,In 1 4(' Ilin~lhi~iriand, ItT rarl' a h I n : 1 It I 'i ( lil t fI i,,1,:) it (I; 'l l[I') lo ., I ltl') ,h; as.Mkid% do a amlg( hI rar Al il , Iurlilat, i-r na-r-rja-ri ,,l .iran -' hanI .")ltll llO I A Illl'la i a I I lln Xi.ilI .) I 'mr i tl l l) hAt i111 rlir1ririr 3 I: I- l alrrg , . rn I . II-r hm'il lI r.h Ih IIt aa-r 'Irk- Srrrn'IIuI' ll III illil l). l "%1il~ll m ll. I I hr l' t i ' l r - \I,,.? ~ ~ ~ 5111 ,'iI: Iq, ll.hlh~ll.;,h. I - iIIII Ii l l r Illl1) ii , MI. I% .,!: l'hr irti ar I.) r~l.rlr,ric anl t' h -,, in hI t I t, i t 4'343 h' ' I' AI Nip I.- ~I·!,1 ,,,,,,,l.l:ilr |.ln L', lll I( I d,, ,.,,,,, ,h.. lit) h~ll )I t'Plit CI ,) II ill n l ii ) i1,1 "|'d llll .) (I:II:, I 1I i 1 i 111. F ilI·s ,I1!1 HI),,. qllo [1 t.lll) i!] t--- ----- h',l I I4'T\IN .A i.Y T' ' Nti V E,. It~1t(]i t/Ie tl&t!,, by tha author of Philr S i ior.e,.e 1(' m i. .., m" n Vh0 r kit hloss I hli., llhl in I.u.. Il . i all , It' tl N( vv, ' . L ' r n v iln i rt .i n ,I v.i S(:., i pell lndltil ' /li+nx" [[,.,lorry 21 1/y, el it f llB· i, lic io;'l lli, Ihauli ell i by lllll(·l (:ern,:, inl el fir lr ;! Itl i r:, i V icnl,:ev el' h1 u ar/-+ i of I q i. . . l 'a .dl'x I"; I'te ,. &"Iof lh /ixh Dictlio lr . h Poli,/irl ir mm r, ,l, lof I, ise ses tahen, tr a H-' ul' rtt iii e un n of the t l A irtsd a t| rll i' r i r l us i n lrgede knnd leh rby L P sN INNLt K It ItIS eIIe f &e.m if 'dyar INN III.lI.,' ItPEI 2 E N vuoh n R 7'r/n li44r/ . /, i eharni, a i, nai en erIal , llpplini to ih'.eliA aeiln s o Nlrth Anelica, by (I 'nllr , Esq de l'n/ie/n(.el rammarii of Ilie trinit Stiie', r na it'l . lh vliie, the th ern w kitn i ,r i.rliuie . e.r to ra n lll,, llii t I: lii .rtlloh ltIn , th.e .5 i ,* it'sl n II '.tei.tll Y TI ierspersd wltth chlarater :lir neit nl sn i.h InCinl n l dl iamll , i' t Lin t neri in d~ing at..tirs 'he rmi' Ial erna,i ridhernmItlteltld Lwit ll nnhii rl (nlterlt, il d ogen Oll index Ao nmlene,2 F l ln TntE n rli e Oi l Srf ulor i' s N 'l Ev lil, hrntih e Ul i eu 'ntlo s.ins , lhimrloi" Cinlmitaeioun i- l ih, a in in the l nroiee, by fnre eem, itsa of Milereury thlle llhul being imn vits l atn, e Lhis vern C InIPIiitel Syri.[i iprept r 1e wih thei Ithe ttic' ipredtin of ll i n p illaitin K R r h stl , y, ex lg-ibit a l ie i m rnieitv ief . n,« i ri l, i n ite Ill<lllli il i r himtY o l irit, midntlyimi ,ttr th i or cunsPe f vllt, r }lr ietice . Imlert, i ,l 11 lalr bilitoi of t nilye Alti siv, A Y lIi ll Erll'iF y ne i ti , will. l I l.iunao by Atrot wlt may ILc' bd, fr.ih ttnd g.ilnii , dilrertinltrm the prin. tn', ,w ain 's lanacea and l'ermn iiit .e, P titer's C, t.ion h cu, 'ar ielltr ' IPnre rnaltions, lnd illargn Alld glenera s.ertmientlln o fhrlleviiderugk ill t'INN(It'.iS ItOME, &e. I)INNOCK't IMPiitVtED RItilTION OF lilR Tll lihlSY Aibmlllein ti o iltho fistoryiin of iRoite t Cwihh in lrenixed n al Inrditi uon to ilte etiy oe V uall I rli i iovlcl Iim greil t variety ofva l i le infoi l titi u ailllldd ed "th r nl g h n etl ilt tl o rk , O il th e lll lller tmlttiit ni,, u md Amtiliniti'e of the iniitnttn; withi to I Ierou m I gitlirhicoiil aild hitorin al Note; anto tlinie i c li er exltlll iin it ii th i e ed l c iti sn licn. II ln.rcislt rl witih ilimitvc irmi. gnll, nl d n lby Atherlntr otficl l nlm,n cii t, iitiinn.nile of Juiumts teit' r to thr delt orimreogr Ad1, with n catInIUllioi i to the yea I111$2. With estionm tfiui, exb umiltttion tit the ird tI eict sectiii. li[idoIe i cnli'ry Iof vhlttn o itformta t ,uhdd ilirou ,n. the work. Cmtsistmng ofn inble of cmlnnll'erasny ovoeigun mid enminert persona Copious exlnntry notCs. rL, emLrks n rthe pitol tics, manners ;ildll literanr ofn the nee. Atl outlineir ihe ton nstituonu, &c. &c. rllsltrated by niny engrel tiltr' IELtreEen rnit Annrnntc., and an AoriLgmen cf Keil's .Ncw T'reatise am tcn Use of Ulolen. Net' Aimeritcn edition, w titm nddilons and titnrtrotlelet and il elpialtlin il" tiin ttelaiiomiicil rtftr e An. .tut rcci ned 4 fltl or sale by WI 31'KEAN nov ::, corner on Camp and Gutuconi te iibttl'EitI CLASSIUbl .II tEAItR'. UO t eil:It , lranshiod Iv Pitili b'rancis, tI t, with .i nii , no -tllntnitn 1 tl'tl aidl tecil O i Vtrian : .ilt t. by ie JI m t tli J '., y, itir mcAlt [ , Orlidoa 'II' ,lmeiiisn, Aswnft : i.retui ,Veaikeinld, Pronirs airn all,. nnd muc iot toie Uaaentiamentltn nt of tli hi'l t IlRUS,, winh the rapeidinx f ctidits trcehia led bm Cmnei'.htp cer .Snar,r i 1 evinlt nll+%l; eli ct man t(! aId itnufi";c tlr'n Clsiirail Lmir.nrv 'tim Ilpxl adtr,.u of :l/tlni-t't. PJLINKER, by S;,nllett, .11 it, witn ,. otn ir ofn th Anthor, be 'Poe n tier.noo, Esr., uuntedttion, with illtieusratms, by tin T" E E IP SY ; t Ti leh x tlr e a ttit e ro o v o le .ntj, PAUL '°L[FI'OriDy tihe aunae, re "Pelhe ieo Otm rm i," itic, l'ecta roelutte IV ni ten new e nroe"ic atcres Complepir Ybsl. uli.t rereived eale t IV)V BIoKKIAM B;zACON SIUES--3i eakch Cincinnati aemn" !Iand'ili f,' le sleBmthoat Ephe. (a, maor ma ilt(;1+llr & IIAlwr

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