Newspaper of True American, October 11, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 11, 1838 Page 2
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Votetita O f esouutiu. TUESDAY, 9Lh October 1l38. The council met pursuant to adjounrnent: present IIlo Joshua Baldwin, Recorder, Alder. men Caldwol , Gloyd, lll, Lckaett, Mnux, Peters and Sewell. The Journat of the proceding meeting having been re d and approved. The weekly statment ts of the Treasurer for the weeks ending the 25th Sept. & 2nd & 9:h October, were submitted. The first shiowrlg tire receipts to have amounted to $2.717 49. allance .2,. 425,55. Balance last report 418,044.72 Er on diture $11,09m:,30 That of the 2nd Oct., Receipts $10 134 75. Municlpal otelr issued $18,975, Balance e 28,2d,. 73; Balance lost report $26.42 ,55; Expended $30,714,18; notes redeemed -90 75. 'filat of this day. Receiv.ed $4.017 41; issue efnetos $11.675: balanee 9226.331 68; fllianee last report $27.994 29; Exp;ended $13 971 18; notve rodeemed 68 62. T'ie foliownrg communieations and Petitions were read and reterred to the Cumnititee on Streets and Landintgs. Or the N. O. Draining Company, relative to a plin for draining the Muricipality. N. O, a Carroliton Road, praving a com. mitee of conference to adjust the dlfculitiue exist. tog between tihe two corporations. Two proposals of Edward ltigiey to lay the rotn I stone pavement at 50 cents tile qluare yard, and the other to do the flas.giog and guttering of thim Pydras Market. Of the inhabltants of Carrolltn asking aid to complete the Canal Arenuu from tile Now Canal at Carronlton. of Mortlmer Turner, complaining of certain ob. etructlons on tile Levee. Of Stearn Farry Company, and a petition in fa ver of same asking the privilege of estabrulrtg a new Ferry. Of the inhabitants in the vicinity of the Hospi tal, praying that tihe Surveyor bhe requred to give certain lines. Othei inlhabitants in the vici.ity of Hercules strect, praying t, a removal .f houses of ill thmn from that neighlborhood, referred to the P li e. Mr. Peters as ch;rrna , of tile Fulranc, Commit. toe introdecod the following resolution, which, tihe rules lbeing dispened withi, was taken up and adopt. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to Robert Aiken, on the warrant of tie Mayor, the sum of thirteen hundred and torry nine dollars and . ighty four cents, reling the balance due hli for 745 1.3 square yards of paving stones, delivered ni con. ftrmity with a reeolututn of i e Counlle, dated 6t., Marci, 1838, ORDER OF TlHE DAY. The ordinance- ntrodueed by lr. Cald elol at a previous meeti g, being in order, was taken up; the first section under discussian, on mstiot of Mr. Pt. re the sane ordinance was referred to the comom ttee on etreets and Lrndings.. On motlion , Mr. Lockett, it wis Resolved, That the Comptroller be and he is hereby authorise to coutract with tihe Colnmeerlal Bulletin of New Orleans, for all printing not melu. doid in tihe ordmance creating a pri ,ter for th e Muuicipality, and defraying the dulles of that oh firer provided said Comm.rciert Bulletin will charge as low tiherefor, as any other paperer extensive err. eulation. Mr. Peters, in b.helf of thIe mjori yof the corn mitt son Streets and Landings mitds the follow inrg report, accompaled woth tihe subjoined re..oiu. tions, and moved that the rules be drpeinserd with to take he same into consideration, wlhich was .' ried. lThel Committee on Streets and Landings have .examlinde with ail the care its great inportlance merits, tile ordinance referred to thlml, entitled, " An Ordinance on Puoing," and beg leave to repoast a ftoiows : But one maonth lis elapsed sier tile subjiect was .elaborately discuss d, and was reporte ' on by ths commiittee, but i nly in rrrernce to the relative advantages of the squaroe stoen a. d peihblh: stone paveimellt as adapted to the wants anni thir nicanls ofi the pieple of this mnnrioelpldy : thart q nat oni was than settled by a decr.ruln of this Crouncil i,i fvor of the rounld stone paurveent, only one riem-r whr dissenting : yoaur eornlrrinLLeo thereore cannot believe t. at a repletition oft' thIe orginentsri then used, and of the facts then -iat,.d, ca i bo ibenrsxrr, : nor do they deem it esenntial to intlude on th iI. tilrlr of thie Cvuuleii in order to prove the great impropriety of Inveotrig $320,01h 0 in woroden pavrements, wlnch eiglhteenl ilruins ago wgere con demned by thle ulaimronus votrvote o this CoIunlli a a papvmlerit of' general use, and as bcingly ,ntriy unlitted ito ourhlnrale, circullrtnoneo and neanls. A spocial comrnittee then appointed, on lectId n. forimaition frontm '.oropi and thie cllities o the Ni'rth oni the bsbject. all of which wenit to proven cimclu sively, tlate wood as a material fer g strreei on ail extensive salr had been ab irldnaled ill every eityor lath Unltred lttute wiere it had hben used expenaneltally ; an r is, by thie statlement of the street colnrlasioners of Now York, snlown to be tie rnrrateaxpounive anl Lit. least hr ibis sp eplea of parv:niaut p:rh psi ever Iuse,. Sirel, tlhen, your eoumitlteu are awyo of nio new fts ltrvarable to w,oid pavrlnttrr : twe-o uieprrvinnit h vlu Illa tn here, i.eilther of which ha soorrd erll.iienlrt length of title to lire ise i truci inillirrelalnn. It it known Inly, Inl thie wooden ),veiiItienr inl S Clharles reet dlles not nilllwr as frrirn land as eVe ia Won exsp, and that ithe dalrillolnalr i mVlia arising freall ts surface Irll the action of lh , suall, after r tin or damlllp weatr. i is a eise f lllUch an tlnlyaleu to the rir uells ot the ilntn mdiitle vrt.iity. 'fibhis ir:eibed by oinla. to the circuinsllltlclre that the surtface retains nlpure and fitlthy substances thereo pen iupn . which unwholesrme water would speedily druappear from the surlface ofa stoeo pave m~ent. The Committee of Streets and Leanding will proceed to examine the ordinance presented for their consideratiuon: eontfilng Ithnt.elves t. the question of the propriety of the Municipality bind. ing itself through this Counc;l to paero tl e to. lowing named streats, within and wlthout the in corporated or taxable limite, with clun Ibloetis of granite at the probable cost of 473,U00 dollars. to ba made within two years: Gravier etret. from Circus to St Murc stret. Coummn fromn Carondo. lot to Claiborne ; Circus from Canal t ) Julia street leatding; Canal from Baroune to Cltibirne; Poy dras from Baronne to St Mare: Perdido frtom It.. ronne to St Marm; Ctamp irom Delord to tII upper line of the Municipality ; Carondelet from Girod to Triton Walk. And to pave with wood 80 000 -quare yards in the fillowing named a rtete at a probable xpenee of 321,00O dollars wlthtlit and witho.ut tlllh taxoble linta of the .1 tillctpally : He. via asroet front Curond, It to St P. ul; Jackson tromn Bilsi to Claiborne; St M,*re from Common to the Pr .t.itant Cemetery; Franklin, Robertson, 31arais tned Treme streets rour Canal to Common street; I'hllippa Iramn Canal to Jili: ; S. John, St Peter, and St Paul, liom Common to JIht, street landie g; St Mary, Freres and Gi ende roim Commnon to the Protestant Ce'netary. It hse Ieen up to this timne the fixed plicy, f this Council to regulate tile expenditure of the public lands by general consldtratione; iand inasmuch as in the protsperity of commerce depe)nds the pros perity of ou, city, its first attention has been direct Sd to the improvement of the port, by the erection of extensive wherves throughout its whole extent, by extelding antd widening the qulays or landings, &c. The cheaop and easy traneportationr of pro. duae and rertehand ze through our strrets to and fomt ships and steambloata and the etorne s id ware. houses of our murchants was a matter not s.colnd in importance to the first. and consequently the panvig has firet been made ;n those streets of the greateet tonmmercial imnpontance: nd as properly is valuable in proportion to its proximity to bust tress, so has the paven.eent regularly progressed frorn the mtot vrluable and most frequented points, ke* p. ing pace with tihe wants of the comimunity. the ability of property holders to pay their respective proper ions, and thi growing resources of our trIasury. It seemn to the undersigned that a more jtust and equitable rule than is could not be devised, and upi to this period the whole population of this nImu nticipality have acquiesced in its propriety. The eommtittee of streets and landings have troat the period of its organization rigidly adhered to it and ull its r eomrleltdation of public iuprovement have been b..sed on it. The mettber who introduced the ordinancte the provisions of which are now under consideration, has breen the organ which these opinions and these prilc:plee have b en no oiten brought bl.fre the Couureil, anli the Council hasli in every tNutance appidovcad ad ratl. fiLd them. It must therefore not exeite stirprize, ifthe com mitte estneistently adheres to its unvuriable policy, & dissents from the opinion of one of its members although he be their chalrman. In the perfor. manes of their duty they are compe'h.d to rreom. mend to the Council the rejection of the ordinance in question, for the nillowing rusons: tdly, Because it eouftl.ts with the established policiy o this Council in relation to paving treet,. -c policy too whchll is generally approved of by the citizens. Adly, Because it introdurces a orvel, extraordi. nary and illegal fre.tre n the a: minislratiot of the catire of tits city; tlhat nf expe intr h reaynv for ifth improviiment of proptcrty, thil oners Dra which contribute nothimnu to the public revenue and am 6ot liable to taxatinn. Srdely, .Beausel it involves an elpenditlre of $73.000 at a period whel grrIat prudenco and econoemy are of the ulmost nimport nec to the mu. niciptlity when its attnuel reveone cannot sustain the additional charge of the interest of the enor. moue sanm. ably, Broeate there is no necessity for a great porteon of the paving propared by thie erdittaneo, and eoeseqoently the value of property w.i nlot sanctieon seh an expenditure. In atlti thnes objeeties tlhe enm-nitto Inten. lieasily emnt ith maoanr aed seill of p tenment, ennsaenring then pointo as already wottled by the Couneil. Tue firrt reason named, has bees al. ready snfioiently explained. As to the second it is only neceseary tolstato that - 33.056 square yds. ofthe pavement conterop'ated by this ordinance is forstroetassitated without the taxbie liits of thile muuicipality, and that it would be a palpable vio lation of the law to take the money of thl tax p tly ers to improve the property of persons who ply no tax t all: besides, whil, about one half the cost of p lying is reinbursed to the Treasury by our taxablea litens, no part of the , xpnse of paye ing Otreets in the unit . rporalI irts of the me nic.pailty co lbe -ecov. : d from the kroporty holl. ers, it being xapress ly prhilitnt, d by 'n not of ti Legislature aenendatolry of th' ehilarter i the City of New Olleans, approved Ml.irecl 28hi 1t013. Sa that the whole expolle oflpaving fthose slre(t say X165.0110 would t.hl on Ithe tree auryv This alon,, a. luficioent to r'qlir of t' tie Counci in In the op. ioo of the eommlittee, the unlqu bifi d condenma.n tion of this exlratrdinary norllltllae. As to thu 3.1 ohjetetion, the committee must stat, that at this period the annual rvteuue of the, Muni ciplhy is arely sflleiint to utmet its current e penditure ileluding the interest on the de it Mldy creatled; that it will be nicusanry to inctreae that debt from $3 0,000 to $400 000 to meet exlsttng ol.igations anldl to compldut works now inl progress. Thar soiddeniv to augment the (8110,000 more would be to expose tile Municipality to the most serious icotbnvonience, and place in ttntinent dull. g r its credit and Its charractr. Whiile by waiting until th Inc rease of population in tue rear of the Muticip.lity will anction so large an expeonditure there, and when the general prosperity of this par. tion of the city sha I have proauecd a correspond. tog increase ill its annual revenue, the projected amelioration maiy be made with advantage ti, the property ioldera and with eonvttluone to the treasury A. to the 4th and last objection, thile commite have ill invustlg ting this lmutter ascertained some facts that were an surprising .o them as they wtll be conclusive s, thile council, as to the great inmpro. priety of pa'aing some of the streets In question adlnittti'g there were not o or tobjectioPe It is, for instance, provided that St Mare street shall be paived from Common street to the Protestant Cemetery with hetxagnal wooden blocks, which will cost tmetlading side walks $31,216. Your coam. mitteo have visited this street wiiht they had some difficulty in finding, there being few inlhabitants in its vicnmlty, and thlose few ignorant of its location and of its ta tie: however they found it,-but not a builing or a fence was there to indicate its ex intence, except the enclosure of the gas works of the gas bank. The primeval forest yet occupies a eonsiderable portion of St. Mare, as well as of Claiborne street, while inl its whole extent it ie almost an ilnpalesb o morass In order to, asclstain tile valtl of property fronting on St. Mare street, your committee had recourse to the books of the treasurer of the state, an.l find fromi the assessors ea.ittiat, for tis year hat tile value of all hlle squares on thle northll side of said tree, , romn Com. olln to the Protestant Crelle cry, is $19.l00, whiohl is about $3 per Iront feiet around the squ.arr: sup. pr~ing the aplprasaers were wrong. alllt that the property is worth double, then we Ilhve six dollara per running foot whi.e the paving per running foot wwould cost $9. It would thlelore seeme that all the property frouting on thlt street of thie usual depth of two lots excluding tlo gea works is not worth much more tian tiltl panig wou.ld cost! If the valuatlon of ttheo assessor b corrot, the property is not worth mole than twu thirds tile cost of pa.lng tile street: Thle same hbj ,etlens apply to other stretse and part= of streets that it is proposed to pave with grunito a d wood, hut-'to rmle with more Ibrcu than to the one niated. It nmAy be urged in opposition to thi objection th.t aoltho' the propirty tmuy not now bit wi th the eost al till p.ivlng, the p villng wi I tsealf give great additional value to it. 'Tls fat icannot be domied, but it is a fet that hIs no weighlt in the mitnds of thie collmnlittee o streets and laulldngs. It cannot seriously le pretendedl that the lu.and of the Miuno. cp tilly canl be used wilth a view ol'giving a specu aiive va.lue to proerty now pissesosing little or nolne iltriislcoil'y tand uninhabited, while the sl reeot in front of prloperty posseaslig groat vahle and a large pohpulatio remained unp.aved. No portion of the coinmunity w u!d derive any benefit from thle pavinlg ofl aoch streets s St lMarc street, ex capt tie owers nof adj.acent lots and large tracts toi esa up; lands ill the tinmtedlate vicinity otl'lhern. Whilse tIe uIhblc ufflr, first to e uxtent of the expensei, antld scondly by thie Ilisappl icetion of luld. folr pailing where it is tout rquotedl, thereby Itdeprliving ioro iul!lort alt streets iof th. botouti o pavereolltt, III sltuell, buillt Iited qullllty c ltn b Sdeo to . lgiven Iti1et, and as thilerte la IIl' I to our abdlity to bhrrow noisey, Ilamely thit i fixed by our lealls o p ty Itie in tile wIlir debtl. 'o1 rrecnt ontrtct made with John Minturn priovider for 25,0t)10 yards of p Vllot; whlllicl tile Co.nllc ma.y itsue s, t 75 11110); . 0 000 yiards or round .llol ,in-. 2.0111 )tara ql e i+ u, bh lo ks which inl all woud au .ui to $etdi7 50 I1. Twelve or eighlteen motiinithis Iimay ht rl qluired to el ollpl, to this wolrk, oad tuie p)ionog will plrgres, uld.r this coltracl quitse ias I1es as thu II l tu pyI. op ior tih Iioiuo s o 1 tho Ire.l.lry wiIl req- lrt e ad n tit : theretlre, tio tilrtalur oltr.cb tu l ipalvig ire at this line Ir - l s.,rvy. 'rhle ma.ntlllltl e"in tllr ltets natl lallding herewithl lblttt ait reteolution filtig in the l t rats iliua Mr. Mitlurt .halt prc..eud Ito po V"latu:lt a otily witl Mig.lalll aslllrt--ii thel seletill, n lad riider iof palYing, Ihey ih've tlOlm g.l ilted Ily tIle tiivttir.b.l. pah y if the c.1 l1 tiil to Uli.n lla,: t hoIru r iott important to be paved, bUitg tLhe first ill Yo r cami itter ae re'uctintly complled to no. tlie it delonce of tie course of thIs Council, on the alibinet uo paving, ag aaddroes to the public in thelt.litl I p,.r by one of tieo of timlO lt ward and bniag te minority of tour c'tstuilttee. LThi doculen t. purports to be a counter report, that it to said this Council hase arbitrarily relusd to receive, winch assertiun seems to thie udeloeurgn. ed to be as .itslsta.tned by facts as are most of tilhe lsttelcullnto; lthey fool it to be their duty to rolute. T'oe niiobir haid uendeavored to introduce tilsad. dress i. pre atory remarks on introducingant trdi. n ne. for lipaviag, which prslci il g was irregular, anld s prolltlled by the rules iIof Lis Counlcil and ,y tihse oi ally deliberative assembly it. our coln. try, inus.Ilnucii as it 1- cotlulered Iqolpvallnt to ar. gling it qlt soin that cannot bu debltted until after eon or mllore redi go, whale the ortdinanco he was abtout to prolpos had not then boen read once. Your imoniittee wile pasl over the great impropriety of a member of t hiu Connedcl, who dlflcrs ou a questiou of experalency from ila colleagues, appealing to the cltizuiis to influ. o t tllun in ilio decijion of mat ters, it is but reasonable to presumen, have been tiorougily exailneod anld are well understood by tile Cuuncli, ,who by law are alone vested with tine power of deciding on them :-the procoediing is as unprecedented as it i uujutotiable, and is the more remarkable ftr a total dliregaid of all proprto. ty, by beinlg addrtessed to tie citizens generally, in. steaol of is own cotllettuento. 'J'be inember an ioutnces tilat he l Itfluetllced ol!y by the purest patrtotisr-- hit io appears as tie Cilllllauion of I trlth and as teI protol:lr of thle canue ol tie pro ple agatn tile attempt of the Council to wdlfully perpetuate abutes. Your committee will ualstanll Ifrom boktting of their patrotus, nor will thelty s- pire t posseass the oracular power of alonle t.Lipait. a.ig truth, or tile yet mourue xtrauodinary facully of initerprtulng to tiie Council Lti Wathes of thie peo pie, particularly of tlluoo wlo ,ire not their custtlt. uelnt-- llt they, wit all ielorlnc l ep. aed rurptct for tUe honuorable mtlolivs of their colleague, will on. deavor to lshow tht.t tlu address ill questilel con I;lis asscrtitus retpr.usont.d as f.CL tOt i to til0 utl. dernliged sault to have nlo Ioundation In truot ; ae d it uncuutradistld w uld ltd to ullsload tile public anld to dultmotiusth tie coullideCocu of the eOti zoul ottIue ecmntd iuuttlicpaolly iml their repraset. otitves inll thl CoIuncil. The mlinority ton li address to the citizens states: ,ITlie dilf'ract oe o opinioin between the majority of the ltreets alto Lantdilgs cuoSlltttee anild ityscif oil Ote nubjout of tMr. Muitttrn's eoltract, Ie tlls: -I wish to adhere to Mr. Mantutrn's own off r to pave live thousand yards to cubic blocks at .4 50, anld twenty thousand ltlore at eest, without a clnt ol'proftt, and for teh benefit lf the municipality, on cunditiont o a contract Inr 211,000 yards ot'round stocne.--tsTio majority have cltallged this cotiraet, allowiw.g Mr Mmisurn fifty thousand yards of peb bI ptaveellntt, iand perlttlng himI to tihrow up his oflhr to pave 2..0110 yards ot'cule blocks, at celt, it hie filds It unlprt.litable on furnishing 5,000. ItI..ainUnI as tile Counlcl did with greatt unatli. Isity, [tiieru bcing but one dlssentilg vot'] adopt tue uordol tne rep ied oly tile Coltnnitteo of' breste asdll Landing., the intpitatlin of sacr fcing the public inerest tofalsorilism. conrtalned itn thls ex tract, appleso now to the Cauncll. Io be mi ntined. FIthiT of N i t tlth iat .. c:I.l:dA a 1cud. ibip Zototi Merrill, from Harre. AKHIVAIo.. Ptt.m-er Iall Cplvmie, Ili her. from Vi:k lhu.l. Sitosaer hisren Collier. ouer, .n.m tU Loui. Mteo lller tsnlalphrti lark.f um O ..,tto Ktt 0.0, Ch.alrA|out. Oct ......O.. 3j sliitei. i iOi .... ,u,. lurk doil ... i..... tilt Iltl,.lt. Oct ........ PllilldtOn 1 ao...... ... I.llttilte. O(ct .........4 sl.iti s do.............3 t.St l 1. touts. rt... o ilsotii.tIr (lt.... ........ .. I.tsvtlt,. ept,. ........a t O,..tto. tiep.t.........16 I.tiww. Oit ......... 7 .ts.lall ttp ...s...... 30 Hatre 2Ost ........ ... 0 t XPOIL r. IAV t.Per bip Zile.f--II tlilbls celtoi. l43 Diek ·.s, 7 biaw.olid i rate suudrlel. l1t: EIPTOS PRODUCE. nt Lceii.-Pa' se.sser Co .s oCo'lsr-4., e abee hil9s O do. Steos .a,,Oksd do. 4 soes tallo.o lead :io sblI Isur, J a W Dsyr; i.tba s on. J stlly. tI3 bhl dt,,, J i Dio.sertty 931 t. LIe.., .,..nirds., iv s lt appI., 40G hljs bre., 9.t0# nst., ad R btep cbn. Ht Wal. R e; la blh. flaur, Wtahn. e K.".p: I14 5h2. nl,r. cend trut . Poa:rt & iiawthort . It. bbhl. 0r5 1t Grnninhi & co; 523- hall bran. and 100 b1,t flour, Cpt Ilthnovrer; 4t21..l.. Taylor & Gardiner; IOl ha do, Ji fiey $0 bl2 hll. pple... ii 1 V Dwyer; 18 boxes o.e', C II ('oher; 211)hle applres, pa-seser on ihoard; 18 hoe. to b ..o, IIs.E R'de* ero. V chshur-"n,' .tstneler Hlil Ueumbia..4i7 baleh esttno, Penll it. Perrtdav, co;e l1 haes Ido. Hurke, Watt tn: 150 halsn do: N k' J Diik & IO e ii s do. ,E Ford a to; 581 1. do. Lambeth , Thomn,o.; e5 be be do, J H sleverieh ro; 44t hijead. I.yo2.. 1.rre " co; 07 btles do. Ldodul & co; 16 hale, sCaruther; Ilarri. & d: .31 iales Richard Beck.; 14 It es Thor.l, Blrrtt: 14 bllea. Meehan. Dtartng et an: 7 halal do. Rowe e Crens.hw; 8 bale. do. Weem M BeeI 4 ai, do, Nuenet 1.'Pursin; 1 11' Is potat... Weler on board. Oic. It nace-Per ste -Srr emrithnrs-406 bale. eottn. B l.e.a dumn.yT ha do, A n rin O Geelnid; 35 I. L Cartlnter; ' ie d., A 1,,dn &- o; 19 be d.o, C toltednn.; d It. dnt, n ordi lumnes.: Ilei do 4 M;.urin, c 6 Io, nn4 1I bre, ealiheq A I/e.elor; i do. eo, Dee; h I: to nder; 20 roll letter, R.rra" I.yeh: 5 b. m, In owner ml Iao rd, I truck, atrk ndbucae l, .r Ird2; Iht of furniitrel binora, chick... tps, J r on bhadn; I bot sd.d plrcel,Tul bv PAO.qEN. EIrP. rt Len.I-- s- leamrce.rO.,re Coi' ier-Mrs t ermon, M'.s . 11Sou, ro.,dwir , De.ah . wavs, Jannm Na)y, Rohythn., Keloey, IIt.y.nan. 5hits, h Gr.hoi. Juhe.l. I uml., Uiomn. DBl.hli'.d. ald idieit. Jarrus l--. at deei , 16 hted o ealttle, end Ii Vio'iecrurt-Per steamer Ilail rCelnmhl--Mr.,,m th'id: Chaerle Ritehie. , .'Vd'r m 3 J l Minrti, iJtIt tteve snh, Rdman. D lrrell. Thenl 'd, ,.lel-I-3 ,ln ldk. Bnlon Kn -Pen r st.ella. Smanlhl,,'-orrlh ewer W"V'ru tiehad.ou.Jonhe, Widino I. hey A Dreizin i J Duareln bertl, .' ,uy. Duom.n., t Fon.,II I' Ie. lller.., J It N.y I'd.. sIlld :|errnnls. Mr ('id.-llI, J : D.sld 5',; ,lies snd 5 ,rmrriltl. FBDapv, lr H.,rl it. .id ladyo, .hi, J'es.tI S, A,-t. Mr V,.I:er. Atrlle, Alndrewl, iatolai, Potter, L unbth.le, L Perret, pRuy,r and 5 oiherl. New Yorkl. li Oert-( 'ld hirp ien.i, ortenn. orr Ne O i..,.l.. re. t O it. y. Fh-ter heil e: r la e.. el nnim. 'Ia. I', bel. .1t O, ,-CI'd arqae . ..erp li ,, for Itto more. Oct 2.-rll'd brit Exi, sti.u. for I. Orleor Markets. MONEY MARKET. oe...October 2, The vorablie chn e nIlticed . having occurred i. the Stock Market on Saturday, hit Iteeu sustained, prticularly ill Rail toad .StOck.iu rmany descriptitnl of which, a tfrtber im provsm.nt in prieel. loeyelterday realized. United Stae tteS Hi.nk eloed at 1t4, n hich sto qslelnall decline. The Eagle Fire lisurenee Compa.y iha a divil d.lld f 8 liar cesul. for the last Ix moth.l, payable on the 15th illt. The Dunkirk RIaton nntiel. new emilien of rtec dollar Seuutelfeit bills on the fank or Monroe. at Raochetr., i.s fl liso: 4o :16363 check idte; no letter-pay to a L.ngworth, dated ltrch s1,1e8, and signed Rtalph Lester. tIeh'r; J. M. schern.esrhoru, Pret. Th. genuine .i signed A. M bchrmer I born, Fest. 1Ia w e 1ig wih e cud 'l eilk riltt Ao u lv IC1N. f llIl'l'Igkl ItY Jowly 631:10,051 rMT.S . -.. a0 a ..OLD. 11 1,% Oh o9l 3 ' hl'W: THURS ' 1 ....OCTOBER 11. Ie..;.. 6. The Ex.,,e.el w,ail arrived Inle on 'l'uc'day a ghi, bringiig us slips frome New York to theNd Oi,. Their o;.lte'lLtts are very unimportant, aed sueh mcaterr a. have jny inlerest we have placed ,ne o lr columns. We do ns: inagins, for one minute, thai oit n, iglhbr wuold mipugn our motive. in hie phral e lie hiaS extr;la'ed fro,. our recent defence of Mr Clay. A slight error chaneed the entire meaI. Ing of one which was wrlten, 1 nsne adotire ila'ery in tile ebhrrae,.'+ or as In its rilgh, mral ly, egaly ansd religi.;vy, we have lnelher do,u ' nor dread. 5e arrea'lave-4s',t-r n,,', -vld h vyr ihen for tweney years patt, end eo far trci.,i nslI ad. milling it, wr only re.ret th.,t w di,, n5. own mire. Our refelence o iahe warmest .edvi,er. oi Sooirs rigIhts weas aimed on y at tho:e irators in Congre s, who have battled most strongly fir du mieseic slavers, whl' asiyls admit thliat it was tn sailed .poi us, noi iuotitued iv ourselves, and illa ,hough they did not argue is favor oafslavery it, the abstract, y',t e. It existl in ihe South it wan ri'hr, just and legal. We have held eiavee loiI.g and hope to heo'd thres linger, nor have we a serU p e a out the right. 'lo ihe argumenel prresn, ed hiy Mr Clapp Io eavor of docnlestic slaverey s its con-is ency with r.asen, and rcligon: to its undro' nsnbl. superiur;ty over Ibe ol, eken theory of , l.,all iplstton, we 'uily su1,crioe nd have na, un Uianlyl ltre i stated our up wion. Ourronly oibjtc wa toii nard off ih shiafTs whichli inlit e aim, d at hlie alr ians.e I, Henry (;lay : sd to shov Ihe II u| the e of the L'Uoed Stales ie did nr eu h'ciz,, slaviry, as ao atbe'ct questlts, ii was more on ctf rence 1. ihe lpr jodi-es ol othees lian t.lom .lly doiai' iasIiit ci ed td his own mind. ( It appea:. hy toe BDm1neore Cher, nic' tht' 'he siiiqUilUcoo ii sour tellanl nsiy tiiat h tily c,.1.iorui +-it lhre GCil.e, were froi the p'n ol' Thor it Lll ut.o , t io d n oe , n. v'eoso-.< d tile decrctnry ol the N'yvv. \i'e are gl d th'i' 'he rrpl,,-i.I of uc a Ile is .uk Islr.oo ,'e I'.i..r ,slo of Ilr Pla. di, g, ear hlo ,-th t- Somois toi£.elsren may ie t | k.e isa' will make Ii,.i i-so,ur, h.oho.bu wish hiIC e.u d , expull;u tlle , I u ,i lll.O q T'e ", gtrelr. , L s. Le er cotnn d in force in B'lt.lmt re. F r a :.,'t t 1 oi 5 a lie t 'o loco pres . .es have been sirwint c er,, i o ne-ver t.. ho ve tbile blow repenlra by a va.e a, tie b iot aoxil slid Ito cheer thller Itillwllt o, n Ialvn aa t ul itpm a tl Vic hory loud and strop;; in sner, etch patlln. T. listen tot trtitr re ien, .seer ins onIe lli ht levs an:c pated enoaUvefswin v otae seinist the law' tout tilu culrary Is tie case. The Igoud senise e thie eitizens has shown them that to make their Irancillse valuable by prevestaIt false voles, some 1 such law was absolutely necessary. They knew by wielul experiense that the $17 ahead voters not Intruduced Irum a neighboring city farany'ad rantage to them, the Registery law was loruled' -nd the inet election saw the Ilco foco routad urse and loot. Since their defea, aend the ilec ton ot Mr. Kennedy, the sole arm of the party has been to bring ithiin back t. tiheir fortm The vote has n.w beetn akenr, asd tile Rregstl Lw sulained ny a nisj.trity It 710. Health .fCiarles ion. by ttle sletsr acteuris t sappears tolal tll. I, vel w .e in1 thle increase. Do rin the wet k ending on he 2l.I ske numbi r o dealths wea furty-nmne; si Ihe prlrious week they were thirty*eight. Perhaps the most remarkable leature in tsh present epidemuic is thet natives ar sllacked with it, not only in the city aut even on Suthlvans Island hitherto deemed a place ot perfect safety. The past year has been indeed a gloomy rone for Cherlestn, and it will take a long, very iong time to restore her to what she was two years Ia.,. The thcer tmeter on the 291h at 2 p. m. wasee 79. The weather moist, and waris, aid no pron pect of iroas. Striting rare took hIl se ar CoI cinn i, rn the it RdBla, Lady Ki,. DOsffv an. Lard HF,.,. n Inse heats, beae 3 n 5Stwhich .sw wi y Lad: K. tuking the first, second anti f.irr:h heats R,,;!a tok thie Ihrd. Time 2.54,--243--- 44-2 47. Gets Hamilton has negoclaied the two mlllions of Chearleron Rail Rond loan on the best terms. The Generai states hit conviction that O'Conn. II did use theiff naive language a'rributed to hits by Mr Stevenslon : nay, that Ihis words were even more .ff lesive to America than reported. He adds, 5I shao not leave Enlnandl withou going to Blrlnmig he n, investiating the facr., and fixng the ae up. tin hi brass, in indelible 'horabter.s." Two more GtraTffe htave arrived in New York: a emale and female Who knows but they may ,nw become as com.nnn in sie South as other na riv si of Atrira. The resignatio i ot Lord Durham i e ms rn havet hbeen looked for ns a matter of course by the Bri li.h golvernmen, no home, for the recent despatches from Lord Glenertig, the Colnsinl Seer aryr, re ad. itrhe e l to si Erl Durham, or the person admin uisrir,g the gorernment." A special meesenge arr.v, d to ihl Great 'Mrs'ern, I-enrlnga letter frm Se Quen tso tihe Earl. Sr John Collsourne was etpet ttd to tie appointr d Govern,r.-in-Chief. The block.ds of Bui nos Ayres sti'l con'inurd o the 21il Juot. All v, asels had left the her: or Th, re re n' " .ppe rualr sf any int. nion ton crn p'y with tile diman a of France. The army of the Argentine Cuosedert lion lhad been every wher, sneese fd'. 01r political opponents ret itgeninuo in mtal ing the best ut a bad l argain. 'hely say that the reasons why only whig triumphs are heard of from Pennylvania is heranuse the whr g papers re fuse to publish any retuirn but Iheir own. Tlhis is Ecnstollntry lngic truly. [lave the democrats no j, urn I in the K, S-nlln nrlar.I A fine new new ship calleu Ihe St. Luuis, boilb at New York, has arrived at Phlladelphia in raft'l, -she it int. nded as a packet between Philadal' pttis and New Ol-,ans. The nteatner Niellhez, S orey, left Nurfolk for this port onSlnt:rln l -y tIh. 29 S·I Josenph Bul .tupurt, th. LuuIts de Survilllers. has allive. in New Y -rk. Fe..atrrt't. AFFRAt. -Le1 ent llyg a out dusk, so 'he wt. rigIte. were re urna -an r.en fInr'm to I te fi y .Ilnnr the third arenal., the tltird rt lgu tle.l Itre n is advanre, -II- weret itel by crar .an nm i l iMichael Healey, hall drunk, driving a very eplllled hlses in a cart; when firsl se, n, at I gentle pure. When, ha ' ever, withlllln a few rude of the tro isa, he tlok one of the L'rungs" out ef It c e,"rt and lashed the horse sn vtlllletl . IIh t the anint I madldened with pain, runhnd into r o mai 'lt .I' " t, .,. n' ,hrtughl l the whll.le liLe, knuckn_ down some forty or lity nen, m eaor I s . h t. I.L u g a m ,j rlty oit Inel,. O went Ithe horseaud cart, HeIdY holeding Ihe re a ...nd, as it a said, mInlitiouual guiding it t the matir stof the irun. Alerdtash rg '--ugh the third regiment, they n'-t arlne uno tlhe nlntrh, where nores men were knack*l d wn alnd bruised. O te at the dr-.laons aw kun-oked off hl. horac, ttndl ,ecrived rn h d a hull that It is thought hit life is in 'anger. By th a lime the exirtement wns tremtned -ua. '-verwhe . ing,amor sting It rnadnes--all aubordln:iantln was at an end. Vain was it for otficers to u ll uap n the meal to maintaln the liscipline-then rushe upon the miserablt eartman in such rnnfusion and so, cmpletely o'ser mastered by passion that they cut and thrust st at'h ouhe'r, whereby saev oral of them were severely injured. It was re ported that two mtn were thus killed and many others datlueruasly wounded At this tite Alder. man Charles II. hale, at the risk of his Ihfern had i eno Ihemalda of the frightful ineles and rescued hfe certman with scarcely a spark ot f life remnin ug. he hhaving bteen cl and slashed most htrri. lnly. Olfic s It {Ine ntd Jntes hap,,eninr tIo hr . the srpot, th poor wletch wa* eiven inl cue t dey, ern l s : tit. c.v...i ,.t to uD .r pis t wheirl hisa wst nl lr ier.^ I ... s.'ely Idrtssed. He ,rctived one sabre woun no ,ie re d that ts rnt scitrrre,- dnnteronlts Bn - Isa a-couun s, how ever, le wm.s still aliv.-7-7lmes. The Louinville J.urnnal snyv: lThe lecl'in for slayor and Aldermen of Nashville sl. k place on Saunrday leat anti created extr ordinary exI-tt elntl was still kept p in connequlene f all, lltr ell illenl voltinl and the refua.l of ionle the Judals of thq electians in the Firas Wlrd t. ntu tlentitate fte returnls. Th re Jde asned divers reasna llrt his refusal. Ilen lledgset-Iirnt, that undue means were aced to procure sn lers, anti, that illegal voters were p Im--, "in the Ju.lges by - rn a nis and ol-ter perso sa having tis i tIh, re .-Reconn"ly, 't's n m nurt agr eent was e, nter,. ;, , hetnt.-e-n itle J ,htges, Clerk anod Re. e Iv r 'of t , fah u ,r I . l.n, t.. olj -urn an :n-,It fhr Ilntlr, '-Lt tt.t te lln plltl. m woret nOned five I - ill t a ni.wards theIli irtantcel-n a inad las e r!olst l i Ill r. wen a~i - rueh ll , tt - i .- .rend e i,, iwe, s.,lhe judpei a Ili lul ,, I'alllsilc lllrJi were e rt . Itnr ' constitute a .le al vlt. . e he re arns , the v to ,r Ila ti , il nt,- ,i i ttnt II, stood thue-:ftolhlingawrn h 41JJ IfI, J tbu 407. MAuanuA. STATE ELECTION. -The flrst general electiont it ai Itr)leltd, under the ret'irlnmed c s i tuitio n, will take Ill re to day. l'he ileltiln as on of mnre Ihnl ordilnry inprnlnne,n It iru, in,, us it dons Ih.- cho:ce of a Governor, who is to serve ithree ye.rt; a Stite S- tnt' ofI twenty o. ime i ieers, o e third of whlcu are to serve. six years, .nso -hird 'our, and tha other 'hird iwa- years; nld tn nlllier- orf the H ul e rit Delealtes, to serve lne eart. E thl ouuly and her t'iy of Bla tiOnr wi .etc 1 Ot r senalltr; and the n-,mbh r oi d I. gate -it .he I'mw- r Illus- r nlges Iaetlm iI r e t-, five Itr e.a h 'ouny and lhe eriT, ,u.ordiug to - , uila don.- T'hose whIctn will eel live d lenl r eat It, I en lua inari ,t ', B. i[,t re ciun vrl n nd be-drick uu I.t: ,hose wHtch wvil el t loen d. ea l a atr inna Alut- el. l)tr-h s er S-,,,era ., W-.rrster. Prlt.e- Go rge'slinrl it, a lltntig .nery,Ca.ira l aid IIn ehittag tt sourn ine; and hatee w'hil It til ea ct three d le.rten atre tci', Kent, Qnl en Anne's t a tesle, Taltbot, S tt -'lir'"- , t'turlee, Calv.r, slid Allieh ,un countities.- almererun lN X t t ANIIi., fRE tllri.\. ( illD, f it H E p ioprietor has re-itled hili leai lhdi g R no m ,i i S thle t. litIt ie xc. llleu t a n tl I riere alnd t. itut - tle tr, e, itn i the Iltlea et altlner t blketdre aalltlttintct.u I alta :ratIeL trt1d ntres f al-nert 'ity and nttt,l t th eIlls. .n I '.l u- i-ld .ntltxi. co tlid i 'at ll a. tiec r Ini i e rgu.i.ry and tnt ll ". Iv tuppli e w lhl, t ilar e r.t.lair y ar I'" leu.a, Iou, d' , alslt.,'llt P aC.' Po a 'n t ,., Ale ,li ..,I iho I it eiii Pier,, d~ell, il lis c dug , . rd h Io.e .ln. litnlalllill naitn tt lt I.ad1ee,+ it d sort, 11' elllen td, it-naniatolta t Iea,,enii litc tl -odueannt I e. "I ,s N-,rdt-it rtill fle aew; lntie anUita L teruntar t: k bIcker, Ine .-n.i..-'I. oulnLt i at -tcer: Iand Arts, n i e.-t Ili-ceh .. It e ,etol n- ie a t en c-n, tie L-aner'ts llauulnoe, .Alelttcn n.anttitt llen Iy'n hIiuca'l ti, ;he AIl lte A d unkL arlet-. ulan nhlb-creitad ur alllnl retel sed. h ht rlltit i" aluo -lltl led .th a tn e veriely red alnten, l'tirles itglseter, Lev 'a lrice LCur. Iantlr.brtl it: ct :llt rc nellt, fiaun.lcern, and it variety on e.o utlref recuer. 'Tte rnstatlirtie hiltelligent nea t :olectrs re em plut.el, t. e thie arliest at rieul,, tld no p.ns tnor nx ,enae willbe tutoreted to render Ithia ,lteadiug ftuutlt the Irnt Ihe United States. are respectfully reeies . nI t '' '- 1 SUi..YcAl;'o UoFt'eC:-etLCuNsD SLh\IC PAL. SO I'CE inlharelv given thai in eniifimilt to a resiN tlhon 0 zti h te, iluri i tl' aIh.' eeeoild 1t... sicipality, passed at tlhiroitin, at Tie-d .y, the 5st t iguist I wst, I wit noon tithe 2 th ,eciohe.r,t 138, adjudicate at n y office to the lo.tesl idih ,1 I to Ir nilhing of al tinber, re noite for one von, Iro ll le date el the adjldieaiou, for b, idged, end e h r dlu i nicipal work, ex lusiver onlyof tlt telnher ale-a,lv contranctcd to be furnished lor tle lharves Tie w., d to . ansoed I vprees ol'goud qualty, free sIreo sap nd wilthout flaw o abn, kid. sati.factoly security in the sum of $10tlfi will be re xuinred. New Orleans, Oct. 10th, 1838. JOS. PILIE, oeill Suiveynr COMI'TRttuLlER'S OFFICE-SECOND MiUNi CIP .1 ITY. New Orleans. Oct 1nth 1838. 1' GR EABLV tn a resoluion of tIhe C. uneil; dalrd 1 .51b erllemher, l,,:t.. ,er I i r po-alh will be ro i ivied it the , (fi ', It !., . , "- 1i 7 h1 .1st, Novrmem er rie t, or . h , , i - r ,i1 " o iat d lolal', Bl.ndsl I 'Ii ·,IIIIIn.c ' i.. I' ? ' .h It ,hirtl y ears, anol beoarine i. r c .e it .l 1 ttn1 butted ItI nl ill eredt ayane Rneni-alrtu ly ill London, ..ew York or 'ew Illnall t aen llhem le agrtd on. The Botde to hb- flr $l t0 ,rch, if tha interest he tpyal*' inl.0 ULote ie Sates, ad 'or £ ..l rl each, f the ,aere-t be hpit able in L.o docn The prolposals t be endorsed 'Proposals for bonds.' JOAIN CAI.HtUN, ctlli Comptroller. BUREAU DU VOYRR DIA 2e, MUNICPALITE N. r of e)lot ite d'une r*. olution 'n c,n.eil dela 2c I' llot iripoil, pIea duida la saoneo de m nri. 15 noot !elnicLr, vis e-t dnlnelqe it"le 20 d'o tobce, 1838, Sutiii. A non huesttl 's ijuerna anl rthlis la fIllt. ni ere 4 toat b ,- .le char en;e do t :a mun.cilolile por iit t.iir he-ioii pot sea irvtn iu e italln tin no t. , ir du j.r r e Iadju ' o'ie ; e h i deja ei. itnl l , oil. leI wh'a 1 excep e; lee boi tonollt de epet a ta thu qunat,, |tin- oth r, i.tol,,. r ul rt, aI piqure. Is.- cauton suli-ltisea - ti$eI' 0' at,- exngee. Ile0 it .IOR PItl .',VVoyer, Bareau da controelur-- j econde0 uniCipaite, I~(NFOllNME5t\T a une resolrclitn dou t'ansil en dntedu 25 septmhre Ir 838,des offe e ethete a rsennt ecua crhe bureau jusqu'a murdi, le 27e jl.l de novenlhe prochil, ,pour .ruts cent ildle piastlre. den Bon,mtiiee Cetet mnnicltatire, paoable dtsn trente aiis, it b ont ern int rect P insi c . en I 'aineret Inahlbe liar tse,oestre dco t I.candrei, New Y.rk o a Ia \onve le, 'rlicans, comme I -era convenu. Les Ions diiveit etro pour Inil iianltresrhaque ni I'intcrat crt oayatle. dens le, l:.ats Unis. et +cur dei sl' cet intenl ate livre storlina 'ilt s,,nt pat tblet a I.tonlrs. I. .e, rolOrt'iniat dolvelo etrrodres.ees 'ProposllIs for B,'t Ula " t0olt J titN Ctt1,HltUN.omni ptroleir. 'T T D: La L ttitN .-Cotr d, Paroises I /1 ia Ia )rtIroistaet ville te Ia Nouvelle i trle ,, - Preoent lion. CIharl. Monrite, juce , oct,,bree I, 1838--Na--.ohl , 'Vhite, dlibit'ur Ivt, ie, acru-l Irmeit e.l prisn onlaro se. ar,,eiers et Ie, errnnri.rl. et Ia .re.imlcc.rdt tc e hlit,' & lciry-Sar ioiltin d C Mehlllion, uv . at it Il'i"to attle ,et en Linsatll e1c. tonnde a Ia cla tr qtl'un nhmbro aoulnant dese ren it it a en no'mre llr t mInotltl Ilt -lt lne ITU aa Iei emie'In dei - dtnt cclti- aitir ,il t dtltc,'ret Ior laaeour qitlIi.e. cPrlsd .msen! I e du p-tlionllltir et dre c n de WVhit, & F.l,y ai Ion iu leine rour, hneli le t O d'ilthr tl,3e, Ipor y ditih roe r Ice r aoffniers te Joltl Vhit', Ipour fLire stlror iaoulquoi hddit J- hn White iie rers pas dtharg s el la In lhi. Extrait det minttea--Bn reau 1,it g 'retfier, 8 oeto o 1t835. IO ct A I, GUYOI., depnte grellrer, R.,WN,, sHit:t".'ltNtiS & e hier,'tig -tit ial. i ro ritihg a goerl aa-orioellt 7t -3h.i.h. th and 4 Ili Sirtigs sod St etih,'. ini store ail tfCeor sale Ii 8sIE'r.sIN & 1V-":IlY, asoic5 88 C.rait er st SLEIt'tO--.5 boxea Lemone ie. god ctder eod nto ,ene by tIAD f lAItSI't, V, crt1 7 Btnlk Pinae PICKi E:, Curir PIwder, .e.--A small invoice jtstreci.ed aid itr ae hy REA1) & B:\R.Tr \W. ret18 7 Bank P nee L:xvdiiiiir iijtnd dry Cl'fiT, lot sate by SAAC IIRIDGE CO, I ct15 134 Msa.aei a St. Charles Theatre. TENTH NIG H IFTIIE ,EA SON. First aIppeara.n e lis season of MR FARREN. This Evening, October 11th, 1838, WVill be performed the bautiful comnedy, oilledl ENGLISHMAN IN INDIA. oir Matlthew Scr.ggs, Mr. Furreou, liirora, I'eilson, !'ln rape, S 1owol1. Sall. Scraggs, Mrs. Farren, Two Ovortnres, and tile National Airs. IThe performance will collncltde with the serious Es tsertailloanel cllnd CLHAIRLES XII. Charle 19th, Mr Penron, Adolllcoroek, !Foarren, uDavlll, li)e liar, Iuudiga, Mries. lIe Uar. (lctl I IltLI) IE uF" TO SOUTHERN & WESTERN MERCHANTA . r I- IE t.olubtcrihler takes tl~i olnlttrtunilt ,tf ittfi rti - inc h olriende and ctilltot, t,1 t it sto i cu tiliesa to nniulitclure thle thlhi,*·ine n~ine~l itrli~l es; Gold asld eiiver Lonl Glhl litd Tlin Foil Iltr.nze. hc.. a Ilwasrrttns Ielnm superior to any nloctufct.,redl it Ihe United -0E1 s. W[ I hl BRADY, No. In ,out,, Fiflh l., Pbildlldo11i.t. iRET'All orlders nk.uly received sid punctuolly olt, nled to. The ourier' CharlelonS C. 'lThe Trl e Ameri coon'. h-w 'rleullso, l i Vh1 ' (:lneillolti, i'hi ,, wI leo'e itnsert tlr ttlte fi thneo .nd en 0 th0.i0 Inil]. in ies tilre oif l it '.iltltitt I niool,' Pllilodelphio, oitll Ipapers ocnleiniig theItdveril-ement. 00t5--flt S TA I'E 01 I.011.10 tNA--il, rtch C;oolt til n sPArisl atd cloy oiNw Ole r l: Pro-eol th. leoi ClI.rler toaurio, Judge. No -- lc. 8th, 838. John Whitte, Insoolvnl dottor, in lclnol cutoetdy n. his rdtlltor and tlfe o'redittor of thltite & Folly. n Inoti,,n of C. NI'Sillien, C'ounoel ftor the Intoelntl, andot tiving the Coturt to understand tlhat a sufliient numherof Eceditors in ,,umber and aolllo tr lihd not op: eeared at the nlletihg of eredllitnrs to iutlorise ea di . ehlr ttuntder tlhe oIt. It is Ithlerfiore ordered by the court, tllt the aselond Inoet ng of the esliltrst of thtc Ietiddllnernnl of'tlhileti li olllv tlko ploro i.t open Court ,on lhMod ly. t9t:h ,Itv of t ltler. 1831, then anti thereto delilberao on tIhe iffor' of he petiionerl and to lew cnusoe why the said insolvelt stouldl not bhe discito ged Ixtorot from Ihe mlutes. Clort'e Olton, Oct 8th, 1838. A 1I GIJY')L, nctlOn-'twŽld I)'y olerk Ito RENT. IjIHE fotur otoory ftro roof bhrirk store in Caitn Iia rel at prre.eut ocotupiedl by Mlessro. A ii Wolloce &. tIo. The ilroeotor, boick slorel t ile corner of Rsank A1= ]ev Rlo d \ao tII-o otlrettt at ' ,c,npi d by idesr< l-leatll CO.; theo tird st hc biilog fiood tih el roolu Ole, tIde the clorn or the brick store in Rank Alley, 4Ilhd ,or Fneon the lanst uoaood--tlle oiod and 3,1 storiero biing well fitted up. l'oooseson to he given on tile I1 e November rrext oci5--I CHAN. A JAIenS. ''EN DOM' I,!.B II' tR ol1t1) Rantwao i'lom the 'ronlt ,n Ii chhitnel aol, erto e nlllco nolllm-d JO!.N IUL.1 , ooned thllnl tllhltv Vtelot. aid shl8 v ie toulbuitt,5 :,, t • I t h.e-ol Ilei- , hl I iilt scar 'O c n hi.s leit ooltek, site~tllo bttgttol ott 0 littI jOreu, h lone IIOYP reWItie l wih tool Icli. dw liovery t, le oaorrih r. Scl-t1r ("itt ,,ot ioo ite o . t I t t :n I rce IoniI H drt, il vol .uletnirt Io old llloo too tiso n'llo llll t. Ilorv I I ito eralnre 4 v.: I. l' ,e I ar s f ltt, b llip Sldney, in 3 v I-; Atnacllrsis' Trvels 0 v to1 .O. li ittlio.n .lult citk, tl ,eoi . ,.f Itl to, Atotti- erT I .' ; imo no Vlrkr; C, I " e In • C l ollltop o -Ol,' (t' Olo " rt" '-, I-'ltlto o1toeots ral'oto -gV,oicovl.'8,tto, Tl'e o "ttttr" Ootholor I totitI . Je.'rvolletnlhoont'ollootio(tale ',Jud olcol Eldv ~ ..w t' o hl i ia n ' s i l ,! c o d i. v i . %i n ; lY l H i -t o r y oI f lhe P e - toinsuoti W'ar, 5 vol-'; IlnitI-h'. to cnical (;ordener, 2 vols; tiallery . f ritish Arolto, I v4, I; Inew:on'a Pritc,,oit. ,ools; Sottt's Poiet t \t o kso ho' llele c~ircrsiee l,,,ia Ileiiiohts f Iiri h,,il. IbyI Iiieol -e l' I o .dtle, vlI; ie lirle l's t lrlnro Io I, s otlf Iiit -. o11 h nIett, cotn.lte it l vol. juItl ectioed ilt ohr oal, r a ,\I toClmo i, oct t;rner .dfl 'oiniltoontoltoiot nn o s .iii I It I... I[ ' iCoilaie.lle of tlhe goIo s 'tnrked P II -i , St c C. tal tei., and ' J Co., . ( t Los, er ihp x t110 813 Itt t' i , tF I tl e1 1 1 t1 1 l; S t -- - OSl' It S dal Ilt .:.g, itl.' 7th ittnst ialn , t X iC IlI t "lI 'Clet.l , ill nlu iLLel ,rI· .. u line. God Ioi, i.cte, .nlit it Is tewr -St. C. 't'.'t i Ino .l. l to lid, li t. tidnr o ill itcit l 'i t h. i.tie , whl. ten me. the edl hioi i t \.no, \]U.IIZlI e (i"I, Ii t sn i ;e udded Ihe oiwnel.' bli ko, gLIA--ltIr a i i i n n 1a 1:.+ -I: lu6a l oo in ty ý t s s'I.TSd.N & AVIYIL, nttl0 .. . . i Bruv er ti 1:.." I '1'1. \--5J buxd d ai a wvder 1 ena ill nied 13 blb boes. 50 do ,uiilr'al do in h i and 13 lb d,1; 128 do I. ung Ityso in 3do, L2t ctlenls liroa utlloll, Jist re l ive d rand by JJli'lIl .tCiiAI .r., ietilt) '", UtlaIr t CO.liPTItULLER'S OFFICE-.- ECUO.\D ILittl. P.e L 'l' . New Ihletn-, ictlober, 10th, 18:1t. SEALRED prolos+l, will Ie received tsl title oltice unlit I'lllly, .a1f Ilm mlta l, or mie lUm.lS,] , o' thil nuli l llletih t witlt lv, itou asld got i lll ou co tl quality w ut i ron t I .t p rill it, o be tlt tlyted ,it a •twe lu t1.e" _reed up.. i'ropurais to loe tlidorsed lProLpsals fl (+." .Ol1h. Cal.ilt , oat l :91 o t ler. SUARll Huise 9lolasse--40 bIrres ir rib.le by ct19 7I' ydRes .seet i\WINE-80 bales in store, and for sale by t IJ TIII hLtt .. oI'. octa0 74 Poydras It SIAPPING Paper-51tIl re tin single and 511i S ldo double Wraplping ip, ter, n store at d for salebt J 'allr ,lt & CI), r. It0 774 ovdrae st ALo\UO L F IR 1839. I I lli l Il : Ia clirtlt an i an ' ' leal's Present hlot l io el,a i ll htla s s at. .,-tt, el ha sift, anI Birth iy pit.-e f lr i l rt .diei . I b its e.:e. U., A-ldl' re III coktt it taloc ,Cr1 .J9 Col." . "'tI" i, a0,1 lolleoin Iti e baeo t.lillld+ 'lie tlrit'.n CImlit As e ll t e r 1 9, ih . l n ctr1ta l ad ditldi"-o, h t'lllit and ofl Jtitll bllly lt BU..Iither Jonaitlhnl atnd tlOn.ier o.git Itgpaw. Ti. P.o le' Altt itc II1 I selil asit .uiteltaini.g Kno l, [ r 18,9, jstrtceiild au l hr ale I .1y ~dren; on w itu is wll Ae t a l a lid I wo c8ul _ _ cor Camplica. r c~o i.ill ll s l l I.rl I rre ADl 011e ed w u lerior I ti, l le i5 Lood and lior ait b y Jne.l A.. .,\INe RE Ie, oct cur orCoioiiiii & Tclhoitts'illhs It A.'TII--A tttnoit . tlke cat.-,e-of tfir cnhl dre oirOe a , llo I_ wtll to 1 t ar , le, to widrk a iil seto i, r A..i eltcall. I uilel.t.r o' lt. wo .,ld l he .r lirred. \oils ieed1d upi w ilut ihe It.t t r.clt'i. .tin.n. AlpIl silati otic oell I' ' ',A vlrit ni u. oct i. U-NNRY Itb . hl- basl 's - are L -2tire bgs, ill store, and rueuor sle A9 44 ,elt " I.ov >e' WiltrI A G I ; O) ilo lilh e a iy froil i It to 16 t ,ofllra tiferi, to workt It 7rlltiJ llitce sidl,,o'k l drr; ito a t ooi, Uh Ser ll ii 1l iO call be had in a r,,, i hel WtIIAtL F+I.I & CO, t8 114 Clh.thllrre st A1.t-7l85 bags hoIvtony a ilt 'ard sllwtire Sclt, Salnlig bo,,,nt, hidTE.uuuON or Ale by ell IAA l bBi 8,l'. raverC r d ge td 4ila Itllte s I tAN\\ER'S 011.-31 berrh 'l'otieo"'a Ui, i . at,-re 1 ald f r s ale by tWIIITRIDGE & CAO, ocn8 l76 Oltiozine st L.I".''INI-57 cases blachlied ad brown shletl c R ing,fcsivel ale by WII RI ;E t Levee', tent8 "6 , ogazint lit N. .111.S -til kboo 'it.len .\Nids. tll sole. low io cle.s HIKY-d 0 es, is r sale b r a ST I'ETI ON & AVERY, IVORY BLACK- 11 torels, f.r sale bS I S'I'STION A AVERY. oelt .l ravnier streets. )ACKI\G YAR1~ -11t7 Rcels of a uperir r arti cur, . stivored ad for sale bI' INe'l'JN & SIIAI.I., tHISKEY--50 bIt Is ini ettri, for nale In satgtI tI ItItRit ':Y, 14 Nt. L l170r.ED IL, i.l stnre sid oitr sale biy G lItI99SEY, octl8 44 New Levee RED BEANS--t0 sackb in slole and ftr tale bty tli DR'.)lSEA+. B ACO. SIhES-4taokea riupeiotr Ci-tiihniati B cured, hi sturs anil for sial, by is ItiRSEY, Cltr1 44 Na's laer.. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. TASl Irolght to the P und of the 2nd \luuicipal" itv, itan iuroutn Street, between Il evin and li . rod streetso, oht the2ith eptl., 1848, A large ltac Hors'. The ownol is requested to prb a property anti ltake hill tae,or lie aill hbe old by V A Gullor. Auctioni ear, un Saturdoy, tile 13th inst. H S IIAIIPEIt, ct15 Captain of Watch 1LTi bFin iii" fiiti deir Inl Secnoe nlunicipa I e ep, en 2repietalrre gri iranld cliral bit: le pro prietaireesl prlk de veuir pronver co praprlrtk et 'eni nimlee; atlitte lrent it serna vend i I'lentln par PA ( IIhn tle, ocnutetur, .smeli lo 13u elr cocant. -5ete It I AllttPEttll,Cl rt. iV otrlilh de Mi ne. S'TAT'E II' i riUIS"IANA, PI'rieh urt 'or the Paiish slid city of New (rleanl. Preselt the Ioni, able C ur on .laulrill, Jl,ge. Seplelllbrr 21It 11.:18. No. IIth. W illinores Kene, vs. Hil Cred titrs Iol irralinol and lilhir tle" rihtiin ani relied lt ittllli .ce.,t iti ordered bathe ilior tlhet mIeet ina o, tile illsolvnt acred.tore do take ploce in copen eout., n tihe I th dr of lnt'ther it xlat, at III o'click, A it, thelrn and therf to hew cause why the sail inaul lent should inot ie discharg d iaccordling it law, slid in trile ean ti n e all , rocerdllogs against ii person anld property nne stayed. ARnAND PIT'O'P, srpt--it:n:w a lerk. nTAT DE LA L 'UI I tN --lour dae I'amnin a i ponor ln plrolsi eil villede la N-(Orleoa--No tl tll -I'rbsent I'1I 11 Charles Mtarian, Juge--lle septelm bre 18t30-\t illinm Kenyon contre sea creanciar- lpres l.eture et enreesl.tromnent de la petitionll t da tillenu certe afliric, II eat d@lcrir16 ql'une ase.rrilhlie de I'insoulvlle inra lieu en pleine coant; le I le joir d'octohre rocihain a 10 ieures du nmrin mpor diedire In ralison ptour lesquellesa edll iltsolva ble ire serna lns ll.bre: en attelndant toutes iplurauntes junliciir's contro ea persotne on ses pro,,rleka seait arsel i ts. r,: AMll 4 WD PITO ". Gr fher. MAct(i)N'S CHALLENGE BLACKINGI J AS... Jl.lSON, of 'hilad Ihlne, hIre respectfully to i prisae ,he inetchune anid public i enrally of sew Urlrit andl I.riia, ,ni lria, lht hle lro pl ,piltid '.esrr. lReese & l'l.nt e. tic sol/e agents fo rho t ale aufmi hinearinlledl snrlirirititihle (IIAIt.I.N IE H i)tT ANI SII)iiE BL.ACKING illlin this eetio ll f contlrv: lin article which talll s pre minent forite leautilift, awtl uiariilr itiy ottqual ity TI. a nufa c turer warranen tl iheCl :.age b.clt ,no to retain its in llly climate, and plrrerve tho lerileer to hi iici ir nl llierl. ie oflers ot li re Illlllt Itn any Iferalllll wlho awill inrllire I' i slllo'e r. Catrlficlte ean be bern tIt hetre noref e,. tcf ,ele and l'i.atgle, ittir taercealla of the t hellel reprrseti hliliv, Ieanrillg e tierlrrn to is Ilenutr attn rpllller Orll ovelrsetlo thar Illaeking in the United lStailn. All iorlera for thin arliela ill N. i()rleell, ir l an leit oltlls secl:ioll o th I'ni ll, m tst oe forward, ai to thl ":lt Arlnts i llho e, oh t will ply i riculeolr aitellion to i Ia lll , ld fi8l Illi at ie manU litl urer' , ie. JAn S. IlAroN. 'ihilad" ,phia, e;it Iti, 8 3"1. 95. t' iwlrrill nt. I1.,ESI2A lI'LA\t:, Corb a id Fancy 4utrel, 18 ( al, p streel. I \ \ t*( (+ I4iC'i--..9 blr*n i' gii ligne. ina Clfee, of thie it crop, now I rdmg hnIo brig Charles Cairull,fur sanl il JtiSICPII COCIKANNE, Octl 25 (iraoner et T. 1IG ) COIFF'iI-L01 ser ofac aperior quaii SL.ATER & "tRItIt, C t-t'.\ial'N eIr'l11r . atol; net. nIItl I rlt-Iilrlliereili ti her t~olire eaietihig iater l the ri .rlie r l11.il1'1t &,, in tie Inx. chnge IIotel, hIl Ibeen llis day disllslve I by tiIttuil consll.lll. Johrl 1,' ounellois cllarlrle with tlIhral tlle l .ifih tr llftirs -irf te liate ,opartrer-hip, ni d r ire lire e oif the lr ill be use.I only in .iq'ridltiOll. 'tell-- n8 pirlt pirice'"M lke fern nlitd lft or ith lt itdlnv of Ittr'i rr, wilrhel . ire y cenito ter htirel itn he Gar ,1'fhk's yard, and if Laken in lunlhtitie. ol o01nie h n dredll brirre l , ill re ily i redl lire oft i 'ae. The advlllnte thil thin arlnclo tf fuiel poserseP. o ver the a d hitt I uni t oails, ilillnmg ino-e readily tian the formler, and Irel Ifrll the ult.tsnent a ',n o r the la.ttr, shilrtd inlltlue very lalllily. o make use of i, Orders rec 'ived at tile Gane t)lliL in Blltik Alley. rel,9 Sie'v. n, par-l and taekl, ass . noi, 3v Ile- att he Cuo li . tr et wha il. T erm s ,i!,be l : app y to IVIIN. 'U).N & .3l 'II .1, lv 9 7 I:ront Lev e i/ | .en .. ld ,'let t n ti . l i , II' n ri 1e w .r.I Ill nr 1 -1 I r-tiil. I'` .I t .,,,v , l, ion lil. |C hel.'k.",/ ii Inlel ,e nn , a 1.0,r:1 .: Iilti iiC & (1, . I id, .. '33lo . 33,." 3 33 . 3 33 I ts J en-I 1 F h 1 ''1 . llC . N"' :oll :I bh iWn I)3 li--. il' brown - I e '' thei . i 333li 33 fun 3l n 11 3 Chte, k le 1101 Sel th h. llll lll uLd . Tu rl snt, t t - 31 -- '3 ', l F I"I a s t\ I\ [Fit 1 11)1 1100:. n J l 11. Flt 'Y & 1 No :I. \.\0 IIIYIH &" ( , t. 'i 3 . .l il 11 t tl ,- -, p,, l 1 l l' ' tall i ( I 'I i tL.e I f Nd 33 3h'n l ill 3 'e t 3'.r i 'lll h ,i --3lNt I 1, ,. e d rnbl,?e Ien e Inth l day r, 1, Icto , I,,.,,, Ne rINl' b. . i313E f t l-,' 13 ' I t l3 3irll3ill l lllll3 a blllle 11, 1' (, I 1 . 11 tI ll ll IN rL ; I ill I 'LF- 1.1: t .rt.'. e3 3 - -te lr I3. l, 1 n3 . l t oifi-, (3,,7 38 3I333i3rt 3p q I le le , r-a lm rm hev 11 rl'pllt i I ll o F, Irt rlll tu4 - l'rt 1 fnd u Ie u, all Il, ll Ir m )lllc l t h. sv luI N f rie mt- err; o clerel re. r l elll tn tonul e trohry ,1 wllri cn n y are r hereby nnu , S iirr ,l tht ll In rl I o-tIIllla lIrlt o ti r & lll l - d in'lel p mi nll ,e r tlllllr llth l ' 7o 3 1 lc lb, T l)ext SNew Ofbreald r a ime . ISr'. o te scn lt I 3R . . S Nl. E A A'd''.Nl S '1T e S I.d r;i .114 I' 3I r3 o 17 Ou rI nlnrl3 e Ie t e c ,esel elnt ttrl ; 3 '. l ',d -I I aI ir ler IUsa r h sep33 7 38 t3r3 3i.3r s u r , ,e' 'I3.en a ' ~,aun. n i 1 ' . 3-3 i E. 31 .1E0I, I . AIll ! (rI rthNE, lnd i x l eer nd .tenI , yp t t benl st uIl mi , ' l or l3Vll3 thile3 sl i3 , hi, tr llll ' ii thei l nll r y,r Wh Iare prepare I tlollellIl llgl den ll' l · lld mllllrry mte 1llll'l+, on the Inltll ri.+el hoeaekee. Eli3 AnI3etail A3l'l r rsi n 1a .Oll0 sl1t3 , in etnI s on l ile-r tile city O r cn ntll y lchll It . nll IMT OBAI TlN IR llIS ,AMP l.IG,of.1 varu". ri z311.E, juf lre eiveu a o-d r y i+ 1 , 5 per baNe rl cor t, ,p l il', bak l ull iv, ,h ring ,[in rlle I week frm ra ,nyhr 7lh lyt- ) :c 2 frm oct6 C ('. (;E.,, ., Ins r. 1`1n Io, n e.ure old, fir-t l.01 veam+resived Sxcel eldll r,i ; It l. , l. t D t r ndiw inlelr od r. h3vinl u3c u i3o nu rn. rsl,'.-. \l i t py II ( ("NA EI, ort3 enr Nl chr .I 'l'clholpitula 1a t O L I- 1 il .. ....... I e , ,im , rk, la.ndSlg o,,i I lah beoate for3yll , for s i le,, 3 ! d sA le Ind r13i3 by II II tINNAIr ,1, OC33 333r 3No-i her, &3 . T3 .h3 it',u3l3 3 3 t ro)~e, n Store and BF - 4s117 b& tLo, S sl ndl, ia degclllfordr, Illdr fh- o : kee. Elizm An13,a.a.3 Ile3.r . . lllr LE a a g3 3 d 3( 3 ort i L " It , I' ,lo l le ir tI h " o ily . lllll y dllr a Idei .ll wiver, n Ill ber o 3ld 'n hed I 3o 3 33lr Icn n 3 ter . -No I di d wiUNIIig comp _oct1 21 3 'llst,3 3 , loose st '1 ' T'IAC 111-" 0 I318 sArIP Intin,,of Vatu rud To I baco, lwjust rceive d, will bn ile iby W1.AT A\IKEAN, ct.'1 cor Canm3p &3 , 1 tOnI3 at Lal ,u ,11 3 t dnI "r \rn3 1,r ,' lv-. c-he. t rrin Lcnt,,n, m N Yiuleitlld by l ll"t . 0.,Cnh rece . d late, u d f3i, ru3 0n1,3 Ithe Do' tor it w a i Ye31 d ior hlavia tno fur it nt plreset. I, ply to II I" INNABIEL, o 3 33333nr 3'11 3'3 . 31 1 '3 T 3 3o3,i1-uia 33t Uo ik--5m InI3 \es rn Prime lork, l.nld3g tiOm tBtt boa s , fur I.tle 'y LAYTV & A)ELIT N COI, octr, I ( , illlllllele Cb~ltlra fl 3A3 3 1 & (I333ope3. 3,,( i 3 3.3 ggingnl3 d 500cnilh I rope3, tin tlore and or a re 3y AI.cAYT & FEL UNG, C, ca 3 (7 ('3omaller3-e a t . 1 IS, n 3len .,, in 3 (cellent order, h31d3 1" from barque13 n. cleer, Yu 7, Third 1Iue3icipl3itv, f(331e by , 8 .J I1' W (IIIEVI' I ; . . . .t. e .1 , 'Al 1.. . LION i41. 1A3l3.I I,.3 (3l 3 0 1 he3other side of the liver, wilt be . -,e.,eed lot -he Iesn. N B--No Inde1s admitted with3uut being accompan. ' .i33IIAC 12.--I 1,3333 31ia(333ri 3nlinu3r33 ,tnr3 e To bacI o, low t3nc, d, will be sld a bk , gain to close, consi'nme33t, by LAY1.T & AlIELI NC., 31t36 17 (70'1omuel at 333'OT N 3'333igl 33r' B.ok- J..t.e.eiveJ fe'- -w . 3 gr c3 ,333 he , orlon 3 ,3ig 3er's l3k, 33 very e, a3 li3le, f3r 3 al3 by (hl3 d33 or 333.le, 3y 4).Vli) FII,?T ' CO; ectll N Y (3a33io 3e3 llll, 14 Clrilre,1 at Pll II lNI) INK. UST received 3 fc33 ke33 of 3.1133133131 3r3, y 83ite riur 3Newe Ink, for 33al. by ((AVID FERIT & Co. octf3 N V (33ti33n3er3 1hill,'24 Chall3, + et lSUST 3rer333ed a lew g3n3on of eIams Bank Books; 3 L3.333 few )Iedi3m Bannk Uooks,'33r sale by the 3r33ce, d ,3en ,1r s3i3lgl by D\VI0 FEI.T & CO, n316 N Y Sh1ti83,33r3 Ia3lI, 24Clta,(3es 8t IL- l0l ga3ll3 Sum 3er)Oil, hi -t13re 33 d f3,rsnle by 1V1I'13I 33liE .3 3 0, ,-3 ti i Mag3rilte i3i ST. OHARLES THEATRE. T HIS muoeifreeretrerretcireeelens eedorctee,dsrirsg I the recess, en entire new orer d eel lellelliihmenot; tle wheler ol tile intheror las brel reaeired: tiee than delir iaroa Irle takes tel pieces anted irs 13 cwt. of Eut lansb eed en.l drape nliret d aed poelished; nouring iro been aergleeted, either irsrehenildireg iotself or in e efgemeete, which have been mdes witi tir firat drea sraneit .lent in tile clrla trO, ter rrasls ihe hligh char, epr wlllcll thtre S. CIlr es ele etained both a' horne rnel nirercl for lee irilrrg rne rf tsle lirse dramatic Es snNisierrelern ire le WrlTl. lire Orchestre r hertofere orknowlhdged superior, heeh. . e neois derablye ierenrcee in eulader aud talent, red ferecere leeiellcee e en pnriceular eelnbers of the wieh Jn e. ReAfTONT Stug Managor, EDWIN FORREST. JUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTH,, 3. K SCO0~'I"', II. 3. FINN, JO1N BARNES, S. T. BROWN , and GEORGE HOLLAND. Delnre. esrrieson Mestirs. Plmesr, Wellir dase Dy cis., Purdi|gv enersn 'V alnfete Farren Porars, W me, D s~on, And odhere in Ireaty. ELLEN TREE, JOSEHuINEE CLIFTON. .Mre. erOes,, . isG CT. arloWN e Barnes. Mlesdames Farren, M esd'lle. Sidney Cowrrel, Crensl, Jones, Iebnar, Pherter, Pleerwe, Sc It, Harrison, C. Smilth, F. herotn, Reosnot, Smith. S M. LEE, Prineip.l sirlisl. N.eoia, CestumOr, P cii eroierer , . Wallir, Preperties o Mker. UACiEd it. Massre. fnec, Haoller, ficciec~ri. Sycrer, Jlewih, Stere, erirlreTa Loeor ni, Weli, I {,pele Maker. Ken cc, REvs, IIsr. W ~c , L Mdnate.-rs. in o reatr , GHerlled,ea. d yerscn, t'aI.B. Hoph. ,'. v, Eb+ rh.rdt, He. Oer. T re, Fo.e,.r, Cidffi. Certduit. e strella, l'arneu. Critpps, C Ilehpl, Even Ftees1inc. Ari oeher, in treaty. It. It. Jre\AS, Le'nder It. It. IlletK, lead ofPolle. nror '7 eU--t- il.- eT.t" + UII'I. ,-'e)N' e'--301,ecliireoentieg • /fetoi~enrrblrnd geettreertc'ns.seftihe freliowiere de nSerhrieo li, 1 ins;, 16iie.IB h eilr, ite, b iel.,sandril hr. enxl'perd to errivle htwee teile st letcrtorber and 15th IJlnrar neln, sill ie sold ly the subscribers on arri. vizre, len tile . ('feh oe the delivery of tile bill of lading. Peccres n.ppcijng ler ll receiv.e thel stones as they ar rive, ire tile orer el lheir Applicatonln. rE'I'EltS & MILLARD. i aep 27--tf Jeacr',tlin lN A- ADEe.I . I)REPA!Lr s\''RY te Jefferson CIl ege and to oth* ers calre cted rr by II. irleetLt IIS. Excnhallge Alley, beiceren enti. nd I ileneville. Thil; sitansio ,n~ wa miwoens eligibhle thll could he found beilr ntirelv friee roly tile roise of tile streets and the racricrtgrefrinr'?snratircer-igersn. 'rlee JPl' rnc AcaJrl.y isn dividedl into twe dapsrln I erits. lThe nriler rr eleelltearv depart sent frr tle vlrillll 'rnllchb s l colillllln educalnon in French and n I', gi Ic-- he l elneor ,elearteceelrt for L.ntin, Greek +athea~ll~tic, h' nuunclullly', elder an discirline anr elrcl rnjllined asld rllservell. TerisCT Jua ins Iepartmenet, per monthl; ,t@ Svehlr do 15 Spantish 6 ddtys. sep7 lit.Y'S Cnhciual. Mange -I ina j receive6 p( r "+sihl Ip > .,o, IIromlz New Y,,k, a l.w gn of tie fle , ni nlll ne c ploelc, l rgues il, lor sale by the tlz or glou e by rt\VID FEI.T &L CO,~ re A. c.......Nrle"e " tretee rs flr , e 24 rdie _rtrefi t 1 !Ill.'; In-, ittllillll hIr theP Odtli,,llln el'SUls{F IIellll h11l11-r· i:l 1llt 1It+,I IIlt'lt +lllrV 01llr tlhe *~,lll~l. Cl·nrch, ledr~eedrter aet ,ind ca ernsa, a er the dlyecton II11e tht reorelr Ioch le hel enlClies hie cll r of llllllh rellleintl a -rterla n letIeal Io reIII elrbh, aslnl who i a eluat, - ol r oee c r y t celteg r.ti d uuivereit-ed pr •? w It,il t1~ 1.lltlZ.' 11,I ]1 th' 111 th, ' f++llbr/illg dirti ,i n~ +Iz: I i . t. c l- ]ich (II rt.)it tln"t, olllhire nil g all the I ati.I i ek reer l nraerehn ge,'rnsshif ril r nr l ch a li. aa r , I, lulgiarah ilnd laerlalns htlh. i. cIcP i athernIHlr( ai ll a lnhllon hicn deraartmet ,. +i-ltt 1111F .&-lrtlllltl:.lT :,(. &.l Cir'l ) ,hllo)oph?`alid. prehphNI 'rlreerrmereestnle,24rletoeeent t h ,· tr ,zlhlstrated by Appe ,rlTite eleri mellln . i lee\rv' n ('a-+e4 in Ilhe hl rn Lanuari es wic U lh forll,.j lel attetld d to rlln t le I lcel e r e. J ccGIBSON EhEq, I(EV JREHWIIEr.T $1IANNON. Louisiarna Col!es I)ck I A ILUZENHElRG, yL~t DUiNCAN I sqt, .1 Nlt'llrc.SON E r, e NewOrlesll. hea ., ,1838. 'cacereeaeaa'c ler ecueririrrcerrernirceeirrrl SO) 0l'-1'10 buses~ Iull ,vesl rlnd, fur sale low to cl ut'. ' A 'INSTO. & SHAll.., Seplt5 7 Fr.nlLevee a' 1ll'l,:l*:- l srks Ilusun,. and 41110 ,socks Rin, I is era~ascks, ar.1'... b r .Irtssle, in slore and for *,leb, WtLo S I'ON & St1I.LL, 71'r.ntLsrev 'i11 I,·'1 ; i- '7 s''ten, co ujprini g alt aasorlent . efeaseoable ebll'tlhis, laudidng froun uhpa Sea. .ln ntl,d Cnerukssl for ole by ISAAC BRIDGE &f'O, sep^?5 131 Magzrine "t * -,Al j·:l;TuT~I uIII ur~~-S~ rn~-i-k u; isa o7 li IA Colnasd.n; III, le" hut, 7-8asid A I.oIateU 15nt5111. 11 an l7 W - plI l art] tIIel lnelllI indseys; ldllilg fItIIl. ship naI , andl Irlsid* ISAAC IuiliGE & '0O, ePr.; l 131 t Itgaeilesl 11.- li :lud 4 bushel 1.', :.\r: i1:IilIt'l & CO, s p 5 1:11 Magazine ac. 11 blL Thlssine fa-t uaalisg Al ship ZOTOFF; JWa' ,Jb ,:,tai, mtullt-t, will 11a5e irntilldija "I . :n.t'l, ad " lllloads 81tls rlltiun to rm .St e je cai5I; tarlrsiglitor putsenee, ap,l) to i.FVII G\IL.E, "iCtO 93 Commrn it. FuIR NERW' (ui K Puckse osf w I M instl. LOUtot.ANA ANTs \t.A 1sti:. 'Ile c peleI and rspper hfubl ned puck. 4& e hpIlSSluIs~t1'Fl -lere master, wl evl to alble; fTr reight .r osoarge, honing 9 glglout 'lIIusII uIludti''nu ,I4l3 on oardtl 3lpusite the V selahle gtrsrk', to ,5 J D REIN 4 A COHEN. (ist8 90 7oolnmoaat F'RlR Nr.W YslllK. 1: Thetaut1 RilingriCA" TholnpIoI muster "an ln been d oti o ineiedI want of ate ua* willIB* lee he Levee to-murrn~w eve. sin~.a u oI'Ilock; lbs I'rei~hl uof 7bu escotlon, or hulk Ibersul, apply oil buurd opsilltlt, St.. Iseph sirert, to PETER LAII)LAW, 26 Bank Pl'l.. or, GE') II ABIIOT'T & CO, __ _ _ X9 Camp staert I ORt NEW I OuR d Tihe hip .l-,AIRL:SC, Capt. M'Lana. hanhaing 3-1il1 nfbsr saeosagr ennd sadt );.uilgs o hoard will me00t with imlulediate les. planlI. F.r hieight uP 11U tInns Lenld antd 120 hales coti lull, alpply to LEVI H I. ALE, orplOt 93 Couimonn t FOl NEWV YORK. TIo -nil -it thre 1lh Oltolbr. Louisiana and Nea York Line. Th'lbe nll'nddld .tire: sailiug packet ship YAZ Il, linsliu-r, muller, will hate In. tlc"lultS despatclh fur the above porl; for IrO"h ilat 311 haoirs slllluln ur tihs hulk thereof, nr pas ruse, ongi g supejiur IulsClulldudliune, applu thet C'apluis on btdI uln luposite bhe Vegetable market, or to I) lREIN & A COHEN.. ee'29 lCn,,ma non at FolR AIJ'XANORIA. TIl sleslller D)ENIARK.ncill run iuna regular packet during low - 4Yls- wals20 , frullltluoth If Red ivesr to Ilon sdrius. Fur puctilulnrs al'ply to JNt Hi GRAHAM. luudilln g froum bchr Iliudntl hintuis by STETSiON & AVERY. erP=9 8 Or sine In L A1-afloa-t-jlt bhandles Enter~n Hop fur sale by LEVI I (GALE, esrn"9 93 Comnnnicn '.ýRoli INS, 11(5)1'S, &rc--60 -once, a Rtsuu·n blea's Isi & 5t sd gustily hip flruanu; Baya and Ynstb't hip pggedl Il.; .loa's peggLel uosaee di; MIn's ealf, seal and nsorurs,sewsedtnld pegged hoots, ladndig lruou shi1 Seumsu anod Clheroerfolur ale by IsAAC BRIDGE nK CO. eepu? 134 Mlglaine It Y ttililNlj; A" HlAE llllPb-illlu sns bugging 11 lllllsoils ro ,GL sale hs LAWRENCE - LEGENDEE, eep29 1.8 or 29 Nw Lne." A LiIANACS for f 8:e19-Jnl podlished the Mar elms b' s sand Planter'n Almanac for 18139, with * ulrul~lslula lfr the Slki sad South Western Staten. puttsuluslu lol s ( snta. ktisusrtupi led Alabame. for Ia by the gIoce, duzsu or nssljc etpn by N lAVTID FELT &i ('kC N y atinesn's Halt, O'1 ('homes r

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