Newspaper of True American, October 12, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 12, 1838 Page 1
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PRles 12; CENTS. NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MOCRNING, OC'TOBER 12, 1833 VOL.--VI No 103 .. .... .... __-- .-_ _ ~ _ ....-". ...,,~,i '"I lice. Ii' i c13a e..i..cjI y ulltry papIlrr, payable .,c tear in avdallde, wbhere no city lreercasc e give,. abe(Lirtilia wilc be di qeatlrinuel until arreartuaa Dttle I. Ii ease if di ecitinlalcr, rne weekh's 1eat weiling nasit b: ivariab y givenc, irevioas to t pittion of lubscrilptlon. r ,tIr.a,.- Ire doIllar per snuiIre for the firse narti:cn, aal hIll tih it price for each tIh.Ce uest on • :hI at a ittlri.l atarctioal Ir.i 1113 t origilrl adverticelneet alI wiiU be chargel at a naw onee. ysaaL. Aevcetirels.-~r erchtlata and 'rra era, orty dolliata fel gl;a$ll aelon, an a sixty lur both ln- iti Yt.b ks, nsedra:ne I)l.L, an, otherr si.nilar t pabli anstLtltilona, fifty d llats in Earelieh only, ani d milItt' for both llac.l l.e1; Ship and detrrletl Fac. a,, or Co t Itesicln merchants sirty dollrci in English ki us, nndeighttv for hittl lagrlaese. I ltactaaUo s, t)olrºi. .Nolicee., and articles enll the attentilon nf tle pallic tor ales c property, a rcds of passeargr, beaoith, &ie. &e. will be ercer sae dollar per square for tie brat illsertilon in each ltlIt galae. CocalNuCAcra7l . at r Advertierements, ot any persao aI nt'lire. whhs adtl,lsible, shall be charged doable, nnd in aol at Ic A dc-i,' f twstrrelr 11percent. will he made t Aucticeieranea,. tie, Kletecrcrr of Wills, aiI MIarshalsI one ities if r tn tat tuolialetl in thalth langnsgr., st utd ::ll prr cont. In ,aghliah slottt: tn percent.conscaltce of other property. c AvrlghbrtSKCrt of the direct line of l .sic.a .i of the aireettier, arth as lell, aecticln, nal plartt I, iolt lales, runawav slr esr, stray lanllrlai, fLc. ke. will i bo chargei foir sC;cc.ately, and at thIe ordinrary rter. ADeaRTISrEirT$ norel enrlifll Ias to tile, wil. be vblished ene monthl, ad ctrlrrted accnr l.lllvy. LNo ndvertiiern elite al' hahkruplciee will Irbr prrrltlcted Sa y ca.r, irdene. paid tire preilou.t t. ir.errl., or a lteet .uaralteed b a rraeslltslible terrOn in totr. 'Theatnres and other jelnces cf1 nrltsemlt, adverlirsi'r sily tr the iea.o),. to he charged $101 fitr lEnglilsh a. .rone, and $150 in both languages. IIi nralounacenents af csaliiiat es fict prllitreel ne'ir'e be charged double the pric r of tilet adverties x: "i..' to tile ilnmene Inee erslatinerd by newraprti lprtetel., they have crlme to tire c eclltiois tIri tre of per ilrrlrS wlh rel aecllrlti havr ot lrin I l I withn one monlith after prle , 'ntartio, ehall Ite clmle knuax (so fir saq recticnbi hlet rlcr othtr -theyl oblih gatin1 tihecasris not to alvettire or prtnle r frratc delinq crntcre ueel in case ot adrairec pen.,accls. iciguned J.tC. I t. It31rt:S J. IiAYt:', pi. p. It I'.c J. C. tll:,')ERGAST, JOlHN (ilt.I)N II °fi..)b;N. Nerely Presr.--"Ve, th* tlrl.teigleld, rc.c.e to altide , the a rave c n litiour, as Ictr ita trey Ire aplciecalllc to nmtiejalc ccapers. . E."ie"cd" A n. Lw'.C , i4$ cia euhecriptiaae are ctlran frrr less char, G Creroalth. Ltters ,het, ill oI csir.r, hbe lst pll.ll " PAIN IL, VI';ITE!) by tie althorol ".t year in .1 I"'AP !eP.IrgII~P hr nre citrclcrctcr "A\ veer icc ,Sir riln"lr ri.rt*- larry :ilcrerya nl.,el, Iby eu acltllrr orf"Coeil.r Tvledr" ini' vli., a r 'Ae r l ,te IP .ii I, cccll a rIther'tI, I ,rv 1!rvw alul r 'i "The F arci .n," in 2 ,lrerre. i tr, I's c -lter il rir;ttracetlnt .lrtt rr llc ,,rri ltic n lr+ i.lll, .t1 cl,. lI c , rtwi irrl t ccc. I. a • l . l cr'I lt - . . ,111ifII, i Pi l)l e i 'dcr). I o.,«l, Ia wha cc lrt , c 1 rl ll, Xi unt, iree 1 .nrrl ,ni 'alcg .lli , i call i . lc lten tI ,cir;l , it. le.a .rc 1icliccc'O Arrcccnutcccnorrcr, try C.t. t lcilirit', IL. N'cl.ccrcc" Stlhe "l ife Uorf Sailor,' .Y~ it S .,,1, . (l.,tn'hna , r arieh o e ity Jutriscrdee. c.nrlinirteri in a 'l Slnl Atreric ,biy.I Joe hte t ry, I. . i) . ti t, .n !sled Icr I)rydtn, Pal, Cr clornrce, lcltdlhsi c.wlther", in " cd!. f crlning No .'c lol 11d of "lttarlcl r'f Clnaecnl Lithrr v." Illlatry 'll c tiec rlr rlles for ,'!xri(" rld m .t ioeu vres o f l-t e U nited States' u slf trv, ll v Iln lor r.rcrerl rScott, U. S. Army, in 1 vole. Jrtt ieeteive crcl lilr inae qy tc. t cKI... 'l, 7 corner (cCtlrl1 c C(clrlrorrn lstr. E ' the 1t I I c . ite Iot )nic. fair; O! this t. I I; Otiril Ie err I)IV I. l. IIV Swiler rMraor; 'atly; ilecilterrrc .t Lncr [rell 111t ,' Il' br-en Vows; d i rt e l ic, d. .ll .n 1.. ........ : tll; clt: sL ct, I. a , l , ir ea; .':t r,1 co ic , e,(eallPnIt aire esnilt cutl il.c; 'v *tlt ln ; fiv h-tt alrig liar; ()h do noll se Far y ell; J..c d l v J g I .t e .llV i irllr ; tc .,dc cs l ' 1 ri i .VIle; irV !llle It I a c .cv a , I1:v,; Shllr w .ivr ,r n ".I * rcltlu ..ilc I rt'vlt1 bollr are Cclinn;Si0c h cl. r tt e cIt tle' A, ima litn - allSt "i ; l I.'or 1 is 11 (air un.t I, ie i, .by lII ls; Still so a; : Ir, '. 'l rt.1rcc if ll ,rrr r5I Irrg by C Ild. 'cli a.ll· tie. cr fr r cpr1~ Cl n cite air fror It q) r.1 1 Lc a / r, c 'it ..blh Ir lle Iel, liel lir if ' I't Corielrah .d o erI Ir Nt r 'r , hI I' V Ilhli ,; 1Tree la: l.ld air, lf's'li '.c o er 1 I t rrl r tiirt.rc sir 11l .'I Ste rte1 l ri in l" i P 'll , on|t Ildier hrrc t'"I f r"d Flit l`tce ;I . lo v Sirce. i: c1 V cn ccl..e; r",.,tell .MIlIlc.hv I, ,Ct eitncl tJ:loka' t" +' .e t \ , by II. . ra l', lhohht , .t:.; !`sl. ital'. "tvr *, , c r.-; +i. Iow is cl. "Cotlhlac l tcfrnl tihe )p ra tl L \tIlar'or- Fccr sile nl Pan For'. il 19,-II #bletre. etF ll tie tl'u,?t0 h Ceoleltion t llolllegal I h'1r 5 r.1,n every topic nl t ce.acte a eslina coaver.nretil,, t irrclaueeae e ,-I l F rlerellt Ieacta, wtlsee t eru rCIelnrke onel Ill.cltinr F ;l, ,Zitrtion rdl use sl.e lol wll l r .. le e' c w o n sis se, ieea+ .nuralelye tlo Ns'. ileh te tll h l ltioe .t" n cllrrell pn e liioal f the Fre.c,. liv A liclcear, II mew e rlnitiou, revised slui correct cI. sarlection o " t e hundredl ,it " h'rrri hln ''lhlhll e t, lco ml ,,.1r I with a key, C eltmilln g tle itext, n lh.aecl uln free altnsldeat, nrr aned ill uch as e.nner an l;. tpoit 4inuI e alit ectlcsre bletweell the ('Fenh nit E mnglldn llllllll, F a figured nprIiun teisal ntaheb French, waccoring to he beat Fre h wrkso e etent on tinu subject. 'erie whole precellel by a stwort treatislheredh soeneled oftthe French ngage, 'ompe ared whih thosae orfhe t.uelisa . F At I'aoeu aciig Frenlch If lher,oer the tel eler' (linar ie accurate ro llalcatlle nead .bthgrastlIy oef th 'reuch l rsl ae, e, cotaiingill it etltlts accosrelidne tos e best usage, ry Bersrd 'rciulchie, 'let rceived an or sale s WI )lcKKAN, tmg (rar Centis & mous sne. ',hl E tr'LP'IIJ SPRI Gi. . (EcNBltl I Ert COIJV I'V, VlIRGtIlN. ' itlll favorite ~latlring F lace in the nnntaelsa J SVirginia, It waiten'sa of I.le.vivaesir.aeldl iTero, thle Whito o.1 ehllr, will be open in ell seualll r .the .ecepltioll )f lesenp aly. Ail. i i ilslp rte It ia lllrovellellts asve be sn lse stsee inse lse sInselsons. A Iilearclieit hall O Ln, t | It Ill nber of sine gle bid led r eallolas sve ,ren addsel s niv sc lhinsl e6 ,rding r ce, ,banalytson ,. . o P th eIst 't J.stl , b bi r s 'l vi intor. An esx ellent ta,,e - Isk.- real Ihr haen caal.rctlte."l pinitle by hetle s rinaa i j111¢1 l[..retin: tile Ka44llt tulrmpi'i;" m'ar INew iL- v rrAr. )ver in esrpad, h. y diecti In of ther e'omie,t se de terto e it, Nee<.rn. Ileldil, Walt'rr .Y e'e line of aeail co Whesn wil ren. 1 past ,ltlaee bIeins ealehliehelds ahe serisage, ve.ilor. In-t , r'ceive news.aenn cver.s enel .aily,e.sIt sandl w t. t ie nsedlicinaIl q-lNLhier ot th es wsltet, rs, srslrietore' leedll .s, i 1"'t. T'ev lave beaeSl asalvsed le ablee srl' prliea., chesisst "ean sLilt s Ill htid ill sltti n all tis vllst, ths e illeruelie,t s Il tte nnstscelebrtsnd s,,ril,ln in Virg.anit. Phbe n!i s:lt i In ' castai. ll .llThsas lrl ettel Ily trosen, esl al ate f fite .;e1ia, pul ah tse of I.i -, +.letate of Litle. Snlphite ef esttt ,I trltte aft .Solda, ssd i t sisteo f .lttsn;:ea," the serLesarY aelfeesa ,sslil'll are e hi lltedel i. etlie,tse ' inesid lt to aEs ;;le i; ttlet I cs lles ie al'ecti ti t of tIle etaslch., ivce, sUal elveli; islelta 0eslsa aelactisesaor ,lineaaes oI' lss' skin a, reltady seir posteet sr fli'ncious nut Ie lisad. 5X elltrsvei seitesi eg taslhia i:clsls .s)r loth *ea.s I.ave be en erected cale tie tlees Ilet i spr l ,. eiissr c se i at all ti ,ese eljsv tie IeeaClir a IraL ages of tt.eir ble siga esl Ishliae setstsere. ilet ,r .Vitli a V:isaa witl cletinesee the aslp-ries'esl ance +I the s llpring Ev r[e xer ti ono e r i his ris mnd ll lih p crt s sf tle tw o rU I ,to lri 4ia ll en rendered tor i sere br te luei.saliu esl r alilsral ahlre of the pbtlil. pea 'rIe iroprietirs tf i'tse lisu Sulephsr 1lprings ws's he iherell il. the recilpt .fl otsall of h . thern asi \VWen n Ltaee ,eoni lorer clv t.tpasr. tb1\Ii 1 II N(. .c. * bVFJli .deleaee.-rc of ,lttsriai 'la sf the lintel 1.llpl' e Ic'ol ,lll5,t ity 1, Le;'ti l h t .i ells tlo; can& . 1.s t :, s lc letlelelt - i 'll . ing eelre | ertie Oa he l' t laer, ae I gro al1,IllciUtt s| by t ltl f teil MaLri. ..look and the 'unlessearv fi " tt l.1 It 'l lien-b-he Ig an accuint tie a visit to the Cls l vene oa f e td o tretle anI relutation of the "Awfmel DtUelosttre=;" bly Wee. I.. sFoesth ea lper eslllnt of tliin . Lie, l wiecllOist ieis. "he elsadent'a snstructoer in [raweist aesd werkieg "The Flive ordeere of Architecture," llely iexpl.itese ltheb sneshs te r sirk reg utr c ane slll quirncel esoualers; fardimeaishiac aed glseses aeei eesoehnsanel ealitelss;lor fsndtsn the trnse diameeter of'an srd rs to any gciven h ight; for strshilg the I onsic Voltee, circuhlr or eliptical: with Isieheed esapleas as a large scale, of the osdere, their panssesecs, &c.; aesd ncte deliags es r a hor cane., ele gaatly engraesed on Iearty-one phlte with explttes--be Peter Nicl.siona, arccitect.athor e f ile si is c elll ce' Cusnlinnie ie - "'alrellcter'a New lliltes," "C.rapentr'e ed Jeillesr'l Aaci.tae.t," &tc. "A 1'r5eticl 'realina ons till Culture of Silk,'" adapt ed to the mnil unrl citielte of thle' Ueiteld States--by J. i(G. Culettstak. secretary of thle I Itlrtl;r I eonetsy Silt s 4e1tv, .tel editer of the "'tilbk CultericIt." a [rfit .ill; Itaiser'a Alaald, or thet art of reisesg en e0elmsinilk weor sandel of ulltivatieg the Al Iberry Cree--by MI. MIrin. rith Clerk'l leside. or Cemnerecial Cnrresepon ence; eonsl,riine leiters of lsitsll as, leor 1a of bills, invoicees, aac.seell-stle, tnllet slikeels erle. 1ltion of Ipalymtecnts, .eo nlneria terms. ce.--bv iB. F. Foetelr. "leltorv of tle Wsr itn he Peesine,lla and tihe Snoutl of Fr;elee, from the year Ies?7 to tise vear 1811" hy W. F. P. NnlierC. B., evol V.; to wllish sr* perfixed an swerel iteoe ne atsae in Rshinnnoa's i.ile of 'ictlll.n andl is tte'ltetarterly RPeview; wits eluter remnark te I[s. Deley ,lSteesgsltll Pereival's reearks e llllll mle Iessa gsmie Colonel Naplier's fourth vciutne e atthe Peainsule, War. Jett nr eivedsl nt tr ale by .,"tPPERAS--i2 bhle, ie store, or eale hy '1fC G tEl tCi"V, ije5f 44 New Levee. t US GARcO - hde, prims article, fer sale be 4t N w Lover P OeRK-'I I bhles Mess. I'rile nnsd other deelssritiin' p For *e I s"i': ET'a, N & aVFIIY hi. tirOe r &k Cc. "'AY.i"Inst s.:eive hIt heir "ttistlintg Wore-holS.e L NI. I7 CaiIp sreet. tIY recetot 'rIt:ds hiot; K.,. * it, ,it thie N oth, torge ottlitiuot to thoir stock ot Itiltl d onia:len;ltl ho,'etkeeapieti orticles, which col octivoly ({they belilcat) foret, :oo, smirtoneotl tllore geolrr it iatl co~otl ttle ltitttl i f,, batty sco1)i il Illllib eestlb. anrt:ut khotwnj; a tioil tin of SII.VEII 1 ARE. Coffee adl teR sets; tpitchers, waitera, cstnrs, ceandlel ticas., Cutis, tumlears a.ld goblets; table nid desetl horksI' ttakle, laesat old tea spoons; allrrow alld .gry, no ri* goat spoots; sogor tt!ltgs; su.tlr, sallce mll sol, lallles; atter, frill, tt'lotinttg sod sh knlves; pickle ol dlesert hnives aolt forks, tlgtons, rilltgs, tc. toia'oipIttv trona the mioootoetory ot Mlr n. Cai|'doner, of Peo'York, t whose Itng eslabllishetl relutIation for the mloanlfacture nla silver ...e is ·flicient gtlarrnteeof its slIcrior ,Imllitv. I'LA'EII '1'rIWE OF tHFFIE.LD ANt) 3i11. 1IINGHIhM. 'l'e.nand colea Ilrn, te setts; acstorS, liqep r t It | cor dial stiotatt Italperb collethras, aid Epel;goes wilh mir trar plteauix, for coenOt of the diller or ' tpier tldlet w-'ters round ndll obloog, fromn 8 to I' ilones; luf steak ad veaeta. le dishes; rick dish clovelrs; cke olltl retI! Iaskets ilecanter stolisl; nla otlh ind chrnmhr c ollletsticks; wine strl:llers; coalers lald svthoos;tt deill. ter Inhels, claret corks, tea strsicers, talle bclls, trl., ts. Ihle. egg si and luatral slpoons; gegg ioilers altd at*ndts, toast laues, le. SII,VEII O. ST~'El.I, WAtIE. ldl,' aot deserta khtives, forks andl spolls; soup oll alce tatles; tlllllter anllt flh klives, cheese scoops, as-, ca'cgtut ttangs, vegetalite fi rhs, etc. ,IA I5ANN IIY. Fee Gtlhie Sbi dlwilch an l rountl o la'aet waiters, in saetls csul sitllle, lln I It o t iachess; lo oflp'pier omaklo; lreal, cheese, dl knife tler'a ltroCe tipriohl ,lote warlllerst slie, lsugor alll' caslh boaxes; I~tsigll cass: ; Inldia ten tables in tests, callslel J.latpii:.nlmel nl of rich i tortoise shell, etc. L.A.l 'S. All etsensive lssletlllt, amllg we. nl .e o;inlts,all Il~rlttd atll gilt, ml ol'f rich ctll t lass; mnlllil Iron s ,Io, ,do, elmh plinls I,.I wit ll, pIr Iisms a v'ery tphltliil tit gliss lto; bionlzed aid Japtnmle si'la or ItA I I ANI) HAlljS, I.Ah55S l'gl;th an ill'enoh eotlls Kl oa chmolliC.ts or tI Iors l a, , Is. a , 9 lonol 9,' liglhits,l French Irolnzted -o ' i) tGrecian lams,% .1 4I andl I Illhis: hall la upl, .t Ira, t etmrch brse' M'o 0 conr e ugtesrs ,oistsI f'rom I to f ligtts. ll4t att lllels, gtlcass .llltl wicks. TECOCS l I~iiA M lkNt 'll'II tIC'KOl IkNlIlI,lASll~i AXt) V L'tt'S. Itltonr;) aosl at. eitr; tiiattionzeta ilto gilt. att di ill''; with tlitlols, etl" collltilltg hlollse ll at) kitcla cthckh; Ieoloeld inkslllls, cegar Ito; tritic weig.itis, ilerllllmosm ers, carcI s, allllltesitis erc. L(.liiAt \AiE silt I st PtIIlE I.AIN noblislh ail Irlench sllinog tles;l, lea.ln sea ices I lotin whaite, g";ld elgae, atl'l veta r'ic'llt:llc Isalesllit; leit;tt itilecttosnt tr milk iil;c'ts,' olatle ss;ascst e. .ac 1,hkeEt's. t, hlfII:YUti ih''bt.\It liti cv* .trt,caa, oobiebreokhiastno~t stttirtatta;I acts''ear piotra~a. Also Cootto; litta lime; ersts, CI'c' I" fLANS. ltan teres, 1tctoltt't cl'tretl ;';Iol, t11 htark becrt'care'v toolntaise'5tci'ltetyti'ts, uiltottands, urnw, itooriads, btingrthacto, imbootdr,,wnca;~ge ;t'art~ ciati~lstiettol c c')~l ('it) galosses;)~l::I 1(V* Awelt. Ewnlli~ lelalr lsal, tlelll nhilyl "gIaslsl finehlll rEdI~ll Atoltool s s ,i1ll..s 'I SllY, CUl'IEILl'. I"ie ivory b.lanee .tltak s, self titp ail ittek bIutlle kilrs Itlllks il" 54 e Sl .o l plieceas sr by Ihe d|lozenl ¥1P}r iiiideraj [,lH ic'S Ofrl ;1 rrltnll 1.1'.,+ [II I'*l~i iIIII itettell e qas ; l' 'sick. ives 'f ll')etr libc rkl.s. t i, u a . totneak tirer ta;msle otogrrotmttet', rothaternv IIIII'I"I'A.,A AN I) ItIIC.c). 'l'l1 N AItI' To iii colceittoant Is, t i'th I ttt ot 'l'2toteta, slitlal l or hi otels at;' steattolt'tstli dlltotllllttts latlel, et' ers, , liltc h;it'ters, cE"li| -' · c e t."e' k ttals s o etla .di with tlie'atclrs, L' ,tihil'',altll. V F',-.'Y IIAI+I{IIA\' II. I lh9ras and wirleU t.lhlU s. 11.,rISi ulnirons; it.11 il'1tUl s tel trtlalltlol, alllll llll '', etcal c.It-i't ttatl sd;' 'ttstl atrtlc keL hl~lr e 17. 1 iIe 'en.Ptl~l Illl·)l:S· tsi ll~lt: I~It· ll sI iIHII :1iiiii1ii t hl.llt llls ; l'ilililll d t IltilO Ill e:sll t. I lllloltO: l 1 1tat; , ) 1 .e I.Lot l ' in t t) w c:11 ;. ilates. a;I'111\ Iot'lr';Ult-l;'c-ntt'O inr'l otll /; ,,ra s, cop/erPmllllal woorlnlr el'a, bluilln a cllletl lllon of 3 i il It I,·sl:sasunit rI l lliv. ell tdIr· :llllell rly illlrploskesl alld i irl, b 1 set ll Im'¥i+t e e lrticeI wteI iv " kee ' e ,[: b'ihb'n'm. ,ilated w,,,a+ repair.:H :an reiolish+'d a: n. e ,, 1i,11 paire a1 rebri t . ehi . . . 3t IRiDRlS:l I..:C, IVE:l DJ FI-),' .14'N)CV' 1t1 TOi:'.' CO i'/O. \'," ; lV, 'rTo 4IEl.\ TFACTIYI.':44 IN .V :\I:14' Xl'j Y 1 ROlMi4t 1' dluO & CU. on SC.3LF OF PI4uUES-IDb5D1., (;.4n. For adouhle (hin of (1, -:-ss or mnle -, ..:h Iv c) liner, kill Ili) G ,l 16 s., i i t lhe Inmlm , with ilbesh r , hamis, a&. at $6 ,e'r sa, o' $960 (o et4 F- r a M uihe {;i. of 613 a es .,n",t na linkier, l. 42 44,aw4, ill ( h. st.o l,4 ic8le r., ' ..4 . a X1 F4r4o.4 f 4444.4Ano .r" 4.,o , s 4aws 'n 4 st; 1, at $6 1. Joe i l-er ilw, to 510) (A i in hor dIol. ill' w4on llil,. or -0 slaws in a Itand, rs .6. St per sw, or 960 th SING( 4 . G INS. For a single gin of .So :saws or more, with ole set of lt8eers, brands, 4ie. at $6 per 4 Ilh sitr, $430 tN) the n"rtin". of 6.) sas, wlith feeders, &r t $6 tiG 310 4pel' saw, S90 W sn Fo"r o.n ofall 40as, with feeders, &e. $6 mi 75 per s"aw, 300 ON 44. Fr" do. lof 20satws, willh ldt'cers, &c. at $7 S 51) per sow4 151) In di 4xltat4eeth ehe'rede4ired4 , fir felllers, 4.44ppplied a It lln- tsl talh; tile inii ofteeth bei, a liblot ulalll v. o the 1.numlb.'1r lof ItUsI h)IIe set of -teelde'r, it iscen In silleted lhowever will wear out I4w 4 4 thllree .s of Si sows. Ixtlm a Sas snppleld at 11O . 4eits tI44E 04 The (Gil4 4.., rde4'. , 'A Ill be deliverl'ed to the' a'g.tnts 1ey plalters in:.o Illof the sea pIrt twnl, il tlie c.lnol l no 4i444 Suitn., ni464,1" al84e 44ices44, 444, eg4',4 it4 inLn t4 e c li'eigit o, trie ·tale i'r, fo l Ne.w Y irk, and (IC·(eelnil I%' on,n il 4e l 4r th allnlllll t ll' the G in. .4 8;.14 4444ll4 willhe stilt with 1ine ..ill t p t thelin i to de wil'll the cl:ogrgs ibro wllhose service, will Ie extnla. hll Iron rnnin:ll ge.,r can also lhe" ortellrell where desied. h"I reasonable te:lns, bilt will hl charge I extra. IIuno ,lwer, ofall de prition, can be fstrnishtd fit, like t lltlrl. Smalnll steln engillnes canll all be ulrdered If de It i:desira blh, when planters give orders foro Gins, t thl.,I'ahol l a I IIUCca(I n) (UthIII11i wilth Iheir v-iews ill Iregal' totnearialrgementlt saws, Lreast.s, brunshe., &c. il is tll andl 1h" )tdiffe a nlloiol. omue desihl re ,awe ol f 4larg.:r di:un4t4eLr th, o4thlerl . The o t. colm . Ol l olx t S9 ur lo inhes; slne a isa tihe,. I2 incheh. Slos with 5 I' ti rows hbrushes on Hn axle, whii othehls .lit, +li wno t nesnt. an 4 it iit 1. .4 n l. 1 " I.. •, I~ h N woIr i la IIto the inclh, while ihl-lrs waollt ll.l.0 II , 4 et ll4 hwrep.tc4 , we 44e4er he. 4 in4 11. i, a. I 4 .lthe tinae o' o:ning orode'rs, In'lihh n il4atemenllt li thri( l ( i 4ll4:e , the nanll tEll. l tnlln ers tlaI I4 l ll4 ' 4 helli in. e(t4li 4 :mrl€.olur. WVh'err tl i 1h I't I.o nr dsal'cr 'n, a ".hR ll n 'n44e4'44'44o'44 ,4t44 t 4o, 4er4 4,4 4 44o444 4l lao. 1 11i t t4 . f4 ' igllt r ini e weekl , un itl4 4 ;ill . olivt e i tihne plihccdin the handi of the alctor. To I t in troit irir the inext 'crop, all ,r le's o,4 44t444 to Ie in the hlnds o4 4 the ,eonullfcatiieihy the t0irt or ,niddle of lay; evelpl fior Jl.tlionsI wherellhey are Ilate in colnmm nc;ill t I i , 1.1In The It. teot Itighn, for env ,re of the eettnt zrow ! g states, wi be soldo rdo aouaole terots. 1l ArI.E UV L )ULL t h t.--VFrst au..tcae I n .ct. Court i'll; 1':$ATE OF i.UlIlAN.1, T" all win:t. I the-e Presents shall co:le, iJet:ng:ll--\Vhere \VWilamln u44e h8mlll44 Ipllrc4ha-e.I at a it4e 4i4a e I o 4til4e h41 4rif 4 of1 tihe 414 ,10 .I t4rleaus, |te pr 4.h. t a. lerei,,alier d,,crieal, hula a pied tolu tn' cler, l t is I. ollr, I. whoe olticu tie d ed of a4le wll reolllnrlted 4 n i tile 5th day of .taii,. . U. l.Id ', I;,r a mIl'niti Ino or ad. s; verhsemeut in conlurnlit to an u,.t of the ,.egislture of I ar Ie !tlle of .Lnll-i ni. entlrlllled "A aset fIlr the Iurther I1; assuralnce of titles to punrchasers at jud cial sales;" ap. th urved the 10th dlay o! Mlarch, 131. ir N 4V, thereftue, know ye. and all peren4 interested herein,. re hlereby eitell and auhntioiitedtd llthe. namiie Io t, th4e 4tte 4f Loui 4i4ltan 4. d 4of the Fnat J idiei,. l I)i4t.rtc S llCort, wIho can met up any right, ttlel or clhi " in and t., 's Ithtproperlf . hcrinerheinlterd, rthedit, ,co.eqence oany Infortality in the order,declre or judgmet of the eou;t it llnder whiclh th sale wn ~,dale. or av ir'.ularityv olr J. II rulit h in rt ai l r inin llnt and advertielnell.l*, in - tulne or lanner of.aile,lor lor lt oiler tldelf whlltsu . eve rt so o ,v .a,.e, within chl lrty day. n -dln the day Sthti Inaoniliollln is ,irt in.,, tad in Ihe poodlie papers, why 4th4e sale 'o mde ho4 uuld not h4 culnr'lled lnlm hoool'l galted, The ,,aid prnperly was snhl by the Sherilfof lhe par. la, i.4h . ,re4ui4. .4 th4 "3d day of . ril, A. I). I.130, b4 4, virl4te of n4 wree ill tit44 c44n 4 . 4 4r4l44'l n Ibe 3d dav of ilarnh, A. I). 181i,in al a tentitled William ,lhckLe th 4,. anln ItLll, N4 . I4 1,.515 of the dlcketof tisi. colur, N. -t which sale illd .Villianll lackey became the pur v4v4 ,yan 4 'v44 as A certain loIt of ;r ,lnd. to.etller with all thile build la ings and i tprvo ,,i.nts thereon, oituantd in the plrih ,f O)rlerm, in the .qlmro h ounded by New Levee, Louia, 1'.~au and )elhrd streets, den.gnated by the No 4I,4. 4 a Innh draw4 by C4 F. Zi iipcl. i4eputv 4 urve4or 4 cn1ra. . "n Ihe Ulith (ic4,ll-her 4 a31 a4ind d4il4itei a4 l in No 10,it the hbolk lf plalns of Felix i'ima, n tar) e e. ,mllie. Sai."·.leslre 20 fet 11 inthns fromn en - ew Lev,-e Itr.el 75 faet I depih on the iide adjoining 'of Nu 8, and 8 t fe 7 inches and i lines in depth on the aide ndj tning the prnpnlty n ,w. or lutel)-, h nlhllnygr tn .oe V vnodale, and 19 feet I1 inrh., width in tih roar, a herm it fronts on an alley lf tlrem feet nine iuchek in on commnn to Inlt Not 4,5, 5, ,7, 8 and 9. Clrk'l OfLfce, 11 De lyU 1838, tt6 , W I EWl44 PI, i .'ernk. MR. WILLIAMS. (OCULIST, I.OUiSVII.LE, JULY 21. It hal been said that I riu away froll Louis ville adni l(along iother places) had tratha o. the \iaarra-trlelefore resolved on T'urday last, trill toCincinanti. for ione iy onlyv; I retlaed lagain a Is night. I i.'ein to f ellthat I aia very molllrtant inldi ridth,, as this inatant the Jouril of t ,i city wai put h" iltll ' v hland, orating, anllltt a ureat tmany othe ~ thinglltllt I hall actuallv runl aIvy from ii.nlvill i to e(ilcaethe effects if tie ndlllerful lilYallntic aPe i, of doctor dnip. th ' knight of the thiinh e, 'ins, .t , I My retarllhwever, provei that the fabile if e ho and aolf. is appli'thleta to hle Jiturnal. The fitili is "A tha was eiploaed tor watch nlid rlve the t Iarhi, Shen thet wldf appleaned; he hebei g either a 'fottlan,'. tiilor't in p, or a liar, flleqiien:il cried out 'the wolf f. m ttilte,' ti thregr .tdismay of the citions. Tit v I last fiunld lut his ren, ehaliacter: that he was a liar anl not to be bel eed evelt when h a spoke the truth.' Ihe fact i , that cause ntlllt produce their effects. St it will prove,.f the all-wise writers., Dr. Snip & i 'o., it the Jorn:Iel. I wolld advise thker to provide theml elves with a etailm engine press, in order to meet tlit n'lflerful demand and increase of that paer, i a it it vell knowlt, there are many who seek for nothing iti' falehtrud,out of cheer live to the vendera of that .,rti elr. But uanfrtunatelh fir tiolish tnilp. . f ieedle anl thinble celebrity, thle reat manes of the milliens of A. 1 ineieailllnpele, ar, famial, anl far lf'a led reloveres of truth. Ther,.ere they wull. (i ifelct proitllaed iby th i. c0lii citl atarllIv raev I Welltll rtretd a iJapler, itL I a' rty relyio. tli.relfrre I will seek out mach, antil i,nIIe a to the otilier journal, whose statemet aill not proa. fase. lTheir Is atae,neals are to pal I able tol regltn. ..futatinni yet I will statc: 2d. 'f it I dhal rmea i 1 he 31st Jul , 'tha Itl rnip & t ., it. ,e sent me a letter threatening my liie. if I remt.ined ater thedle'i.o. :II. Pht fr fmill r, i hidll priceed to rilclannatifaoi fourteenla s anly, rl' which I wish Dr Snip &. Ca., ri infrll the tleir own atu linllu oUrer fails titLrian le petiant.: 4th. l'lhail ,afro ineiinnat l shlll prnreedl to tri P0lle of the Viagern,t hent l Iilt.lf, (ifl Ir hi lip . Co -I, nolt lake .away ny I, (fea llon tih I' t f. z;(e ,lire, '0n11 a ew l'orkoa tile isia '.,.,nlieri illpeincl rh ho' r'tha next oilil teeoi trler I, lachi i t all the o,.h:l' Phili-tine ; tit, -· "r-lical i'ilisln of Itotrii, 'li ll; . rI , l eni aphili+, Nahvlille' and l.ouisaille. i , pro iebft.(herfetlh tu' t,rrive. dior,,e,diah let, Itope anl I re fI lisp '!d. Ciirier Ae, i:ua nlmak fAr ee , le le, ii ., e, Bolll h 4th. orn e treer. ,, Ih l5th Painti and idrul ., r I pic'Ii le Iore, tf lht, h ttitl ih- most Innaiiih.ent of all, Ili ernipl, a i tn (fll, ie. panhP Il flop proplrietors Hlab1. iditas oif the .iternal, I nlr I i I wnridhlae the til lae tIr. alt , i Cru knhai tinl I ig bufcireth "v were si:t to tihread e nUler ILe,.r spea.Ina istar I llal hee n tr veitrh, in the htinl it of restirin +iehtl t the blitd, and that Ior) when o waaia ii lector of his itajesly' a eii tlIs ii1 tireatl riil a;n. lwasteen then sl empln y ed. Did the threan plnllner; tle currier; the ",uker for aue.; the cnrll ut.1r; tile lpint and Iru stolre keeper; lla thllI claallif..enl lletllr .rllildeVl'r, i vec e n e llrl tiiau' rlllera of lheil lel ti dil. h- litke I wili tCle Jiurnaa , -a te, I -hili receive ildli,- antid ra T-rs frnml ill ti l I. and entilemen friom r i 5 'i,, fe, ? l1. c v. r dly, l obltail lany opinion wirilln t i e i i usual " ll e.great h.s , J t IN VII.lI1 tiitethIllet . l.- linlle writl m rollYl r I have nl t inlirlern thatinel t' cone i, why the poor lcquetit fnirl .o t inr't ,aocsin'iciir ther tuletlher, it In. late re tuarks, tilhey slo ie'fe Iy r seulble enii niler: rhll 2. For not pavin a Ithe lUae . Mr. Prentice, lit. Sklight of the rail." of the Ircund of Cant i ulrt, lase sha usllr.l tshe resptl die t uuelh a diii, i d i e rte. It is tre, lihe inil"ht have been .i elso ei ted, allll trlllament d with l tar, sa t plnlur e of an other 'co n Slllllli own itullln-hll' wiheht uIIv Imortl I irrit, oil iBeteTirg1r liren1; Ye r find byi .I iegillt litoer5 i Il.lillao were bura t olive, otrllrhillh l b v a hahe.l whilrr Iilne iwere raised to be e iperor. or l-valld he knigOll of tli tail. 'i hih al aie ..l hej oui hIlli lve rnlllher he l the knighti if the l lla. Illl i i woIthv knithl is vet not only alive, nIt :rl e. from li prolilfc brain-, to join Iris hr l ihr, l he anigh t if the utlimlbl,in illuminaliu o the 0LIe . l, b.i t is i 1 o . [ill ini Ip rfilet , I'itullani n l bl.llu ii nitai flluff blown r'sa - uii tlrllfaiu Ilhlie criii ie helll e, , t ie 'll al', i ,11 a i 1te rf whichl the eir,-l IoIIliiI, iii e ll, Iti i, . ki , iht a1 ileYiur IhnhIpe.. wills x hilcilllo, I Ihi- 1uuu gaii i¥ii CI the trahmeal u hraeoilogua f tlllt wiluh .w h'lilltSa.I Ie re iv r ln o andll alnd tI t I tharn it .i d hllle plcin illn n r fllme al comel 11rot he 1us1 of aErii Ielek or iil. !o much aa a ppr d of i by nile ladies, d. T'l hi1 meo -i l lill, t'ed fhe la'r elegant 1.p.rel ' Iof of. Ii iruHi savic 's ++th in" atl t the, uh tcf ieGlieh+ lias, knigiint oi fit,' dn illl , t liil tick le s itres If Mrelhiu . T'iia re. v Il f reer N }'urd: but when he spoke of' 'Ut I ','1 hnO n ItI fri, it was t, prove Tht leanrdl hii n iel brth r, ulhe (flI lill-soflthecity, hail actiIall rreetid io i.euilt mire Ito ilu ieell , le.hiiu u: the tll oel e Ihiili lle 4c . u. ce ine Ithe euae, as I h d ,I l re.hred t sigiht, ille gerithiu iii ial ti.y i iti, ail v hoaie s, a thluhi is n thers ."u i rian wlill ilerse thie iil linh. lie hiaI Sn arly lost his sight inToi xis. I le h-t fo a Nw III Ile-, here her hope, i, m . eei me I hal l.ft iar the welte. ie fuf,led ine, cnui ie terdalv IIlo'clock fil c S ecll e Iii patl' t. W ihin l il ne l ii e rll ioii learly ier object, which weer nto visible to him befiure. T' s.- u ta l tallw o t nr 1 hi I r him . Ii l ne " hiti il . ne . uIl no h i.t though he paid a1l the oonly I dllio ijiiiliiid iltutl"il he laid me a lil otI I ait ii ,cllaii hi ihoulId not eile at grateii, hol.h to i:ieo iidl tiiiiie.. l IWhen alked if hlie alrliicd thel remedies with which I Sdresedl his eye, said he wiuhl rather iay $21i, than lose a single drop. lie cae upwards of 20110 miles The steel pen- of the worthy knitilts of the rail as! thle Ihintbiewill ,cit elry cark legiblc, niter reaiing the hb ve haste letter. llowever a Itile ani ly)ie i the form of a dlrink or t or rh ee will set ali right 0and they will nodot i reimre sometlllnt to suit tis ,nental appetite iiof their ealdere, at bre.akfitiit o1 .llea SI ,lyv imercuig. Fortunately for them, there is a whole S hbath day,(ioamurrowl inwlich thuy can do tiit Sdir v work. J WII.IAM.S, N. It.-I have just received a letter, diited :iit Ju At v, insitian rn fat itli cius Ui al itlcly a the drugeirts laf lila city. Tihe writeri stile thea-elvee ":e lo I Screamers,' pretending thatI Illudedl to them in y aIst letter. They nao rl a+s nure , I did iot know or Seven suspeet sly Glih. tha ai, g the duiageiit in Lou iville; yet, if the cap fit asv g.ntlenal ie iust o coarre wcir it, thaugh rat ineaded by ate. . Jeloeroen Ilouse, SatordIy,22d July,1837. JaeFFaRSO Hovsr, LOUItCILL., Julyl 13 18'17. ie the Editor of the Lety (Gaette: 11lt-Having lisleneoI to the entreaties nr ma y poi .ptieite, I am res Ivtld, ilav tellealth permits, to i cmieio i t lls cit ti. the el. el itJuy. 1. To to I to do them more good. 2. 'To cconvieo.o the I llabittts That the vile epl theal the C ledical (;oliiah i, &e, hire allpplled to ,e. belong tote tlem, aill ir lawfutil right. 3. '1Th I aml raldv to depoit. Ivh t a iun il dl lIear in , ot. rt' tfhei U. . Baolk, in the Ihand.l hoc .,, tile blla or of thicily, neui .At a41 .ml~s r s",o i , , i poited by ill the tr at oand caig .v i)ctur- . d,. that I ;resor tto a .ht Ilore laed, in d lie-,;ed, 1o01 i'rlo.e nd hilldrlel , whl, werue toloiih ir fltinilit bind, t an they dt; a' d that I a.n ,d le t, :U0.: greullc nuI o tl . all rt, w, ak ,r dIi, 1S!tt..g iss .eri u dlurihng hie -hlt v'aiit the atile d,. Yet I II il tA cnv ise catleumietr. tocallia tio theliroed als tile verts dens rvedly c Irbr ted pro ea.can and Doctora lo ell i t illedl e1 cdlege-, as e I as all tie dolerio and qutuct doclors e to a.d ic private practice, (who are 1tset few) in the S.ates of Keat eky, thie, nladeiaa aid ese I in telelssee; wahere there are indeedi ;lle two) i ,o e efamoul dloctors, whose names ug t to be hi.etdcd dow a lw aws iposible to latesl poarteritv. 4. It ti at Ie clearly eod1eretmvo that ll the cures if ano, on boit eid a, relet be lir eve i thad lave beeln le torllle I itllet the aid of anly urgical o eratielll lwhatcver. I. 1 hete wh ' really merit te e teilhesi thlev have at liberallh applied to me., , : liil orfra ti e te .iSll tt l t . belnefitatl ilcimtlell c e s atic itll I I+city, .tid die iorllerlar tv oshaIl rtlke back hi. i v 5d $J0 e, ewnaeser ite or ilet I seal It. It e'.e thle t lit c I hltuth e ciger S. oh o'.: prove One of lh -uttcees~atl euad..te.-, I . ait fulo tlie od prover, ad girrle h eld gtle mtllIa"i hi due! (;. At all eveats I woaill advise tile last nated (iue lish n. nole tea ti that letter to stand loeu: ae it ote, 1ir. It lltil tn" is l well as "l"a ia +nt," loutl , yeat++rdulp ano. t. o t * but l lvile ih tto and to i its yegtllllulu cocllpatiale, A S plaoed beraec it, in alpllloetical lco rttat tlien the indeplerdenot ilh ttiteant of tile city would al ways know the writer b, the Inelltly FI T i, otica. JUIlN WIL.LIAIS, uculiet. t* was weak enongh to read the mass of lalehood, signed d., which deserve nothing but ay i ilent .oa teeolitI. [lad I known last evening of the great inportance cl A S ., I rhoulld Iave treated the lant of the three some what differe, ly: but let that pass. I will. t ,w ever colllplliettt hile master of the Journal, for has sa ity) to emelliy lie filrieor kncight (Iat of the uttear rof tle tltistle, but) ofth' neaedle anvl tiilblien Iirdler th..t Ihe may kill two hirds with one lslne, i. . e. Ii atch th. holes hat alay he in hie natural or illitilli trulllrte an I, if I alty judge froit that excellelt ilar, tlthe Ad vertiseri Dr. Sulil's mater is, ltilitic ly, iie 0c uslai eed ofis ieserie.s. When laa eireaetance occurs, whether doairesicall or politically, which requir!e a blister, whether on hi ".In ne or o . tile repleation otftlon whle do not hate seti na please him, be ag ualike hite, (weich tllat he Ireat mintlirtlaie!) then it is he rine bhisa ELL, whico after'all i llltbhing e c than it wan easlndilnl brae. eir a ti klinr cymbalt "vet, to view it tlhuc--l lr. Ilel, looksa el ;hut with an M. D. A. S. . aftler it, apear. eieegnilcenta! naJOIIN WILLIA3S,etculi t. July 14. AVANIA SWEi.T. lEAT'S-la sttre acrd sIlr ale je co r 1r omrmn and llega 7t , e1c n TO Itte:Nl'. THE handsome STORE and hack Kitchens a ol the easement tory of the frue Ameri In j cae Iice, two dors iromln t. Charler'l'he r, acre. A iat rate isead fil be Hote Anplv to i vel8 JOHN GIBSON, E;Dtor Teur Ateerlren. AILS.--A prime assortment o Cut Nails from Cto d, HASE & DXI tml " uewoea Ho . treart. 3llita' CUiItkiOUNtt E:rII AL' OF TOIMATO. A llrrrr''Ir'r FOiR CALU.IL. , st, fl ut it is n tiet demintstb lde by ,experienc, dint combinations of tme tiine mtay t ' fred tlrll tl I 'oKitttttA KL. OILiM, |h l.l witll :tc llai ast11 r:u: li I letil teill N lile'll lak211Se am II))1, m t Ill jlliln i,,l p oll ,.tins as tlo Isa I, i llaine iasesn . t of ten, all lisease.i witlhmn e lir1cl2 , nod power fl' m ,lrlici,".'. Fllrolll te waellk n l no I lhli hied rl' llrlliplll of Calometl, it lits long been el.plt eI b) th) e eniic, .-l Its fis' Ilsst .et t ito a of lli llbse t l, t ilrti- r l nost evenl Inn( I a len dl.,ged with no tlrums, tlnt lven is fhe hunn of .ih . 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