Newspaper of True American, October 12, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 12, 1838 Page 2
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Srott?#bfug of ouatifl. TUESDAY, 9th October 1038. Mr. Minturn did wot offer to pave with square -tone as acatodition if to e committee would allow him to pavelt ,000 yards of round stoor pavemenl: the Connoil Aiste net agreed to allow Mr MAnturn to inatease the quantity of round atone puavemeont Ie 50,000 yards at hisnption; nor have they agreed that he shall at his toption make only 50,00:1 yds. square stole pavement. A.:t discretionary power has beenoarefully norsrved to the Coauncl to aug. meat thaqtuantity of round and square stone pave. ment, havlmg been unwillig to accede to tlhe pro. position of the minority ofathe eOmmiatten oti Streets and Lapdinga to bind the Munltzrplity to receive 35000 yards block lfavaolnut oft Mr Mlaturn witih oet knowing wist it would cost, but which, info-. eastion in possession of the Council shewed wooul1 hie less tha l $5 5U per square yard: beeldtes Mr Mirturn had offtred to make 5011) yards otfthe 95,0d0 at 4 50. In order that tiCerne iay be no mnisndorstanding oft he subjectthe commntitt ee. body in their report, the ordinance a. it was aunpo. sd, and also tile proposeua amendment of tine iti. tIved, That the Mayor he and he is hereby .othorissd. .ontruct with Jno, Minturn, op be halt of tlnlicipalily for continuling the piang of the et the fbleowng condtitios. Said4stitura il loagree to pave with round stones .Efp moot app ted kind: the pavement made l Qhiltb to be fily equal to tile best pavement f; OL f within this municipality, atdiLto the entifasetlen t of the surveyor,-from 20,000 50,0O00 square yards as lthe council may StPaO to time determlnc; to commence with street at tile point where the pavement no 'titninates, and to continue said street to the upper lineut the municipality--an, then to pave cuch street or streets as the council may d sigtate. Said work to prograess without delay, as tast as the materials can be procured. The compens,.tion to said John Minturn for said pavement to be three dollars anid fifty cents per square yard, an to be paid in cash ott the ce:rtii. cats of the surveyor forheums of not less than tell thousand dollars, or i bonds of the municip:,lity, payable in twenty five years, bearing six er cetnt per annum interest, at ninety dollars for one hun. dred, at the option of te council. Said Minturn ftirther agree, to pave 25,000 -equar yards in ench streets as the council may designate with square granite blocks, of the kind to be us d in paving Gravier street, frotm Tchonitou lIs to Magazine street, fot the price of $4t 50 per square yard, payable in cash or Bonds as auoresatd. Satd Minlurn to have the privilege of discontinu. ing the square block pavcetaet after laying 5000 square yards, in case he c- nnot mtake tt thlle price agreed ot , but to lay the remaining 20,0110 wrtttse yards, provided the councli will agree to allow such extra compensation as tile coat of materials and work may render necessary, Tihe amenldment proposed by the inuistrtly ,. come ather tile words "said Mlultturll" in thet last .paraglaph and which wt s rejected is as ollows: it being understood that after liying 5000 S qalttre .yards said Minturn shall satsltfacturlly prven to thlte council that he cannot ottnue tlIh work at tthat price, then raid Blliturn siall be bound to coiitiil. no said tquaro stones pavement till the etmllpletlotl of asid 25,000 square yards, and saild M11turn shall receive such additionltal remune:ratiol Ihrefrs.r .as shall cover the cost. This extraordinary favoritism of thl Council seemed to be butt little understood by Mr AMinturn, .or he was very desitqus thLt the amcndImelt should be adopted; and it is quite certain it woulld lhavnt aved him from 31100 to L5000 on the tfirt 5.000 equate yards block pveoleltt. What were the wlshes of the minority is unknown Itt your 4ommitter. It such as lie states, it ulst be ad;llmtted Jom was very unfortunate in emibutlyinlg theml in tlis amendmentl. The mitnority assiduously slrives to inculcate tihe opinion that roud stone pvemensts are aballndoned by the northern cities, anld thlat by persistlig it. luchl pavemeent here, we are suljectllng ourstelve to the ""seeet" of their ilnhabittils: there is as muelh truth i.: tilts assierion as there sto dignity in thle argutment. Tihe roulld pebble Ltonue Ia igoeo rally iaud by lhe cdil s "of 'hiladpnuliut, N. Ylork Boston and t altmlnre, and t tet, tr Iltodes of pave mantstre being ried ill tIe lost of thLtse U lis:t as they arn here, merely I rixptrnetally anl, e rla;und tloue paveumLeIta laid by M, liintrln during tile last two years are adslated to le seuperior to inoh t ol the pavements in tlhoeo citlis. CircuI.IIestattcen might render it tbir tile ilterests of the Ipl.opio n New tierlcains to ,.e a ,tSerial that would ItI be suaitable to the cities ofel the Nottis, io wilc etas. it ia to be hoped that ourt cli lze wt ,ll ho ,ulid d by ther uWu waii, re gordless of theila "ltt-b'e I the peop'e el the Nortr, rlt ally tither cet.inery. 'l'Ie llinortliy, itn lhas address, seUtkt to IldlrV ahlue .mocat unillrly Ithe roulesttaOlt.'e paveIeLeIt t tiIt. tly Air hMintlrUt, twh.ts It i delart:ta tv o be io tie" rrry worst sot t oft/te itery w ttgt, tave- at," aud lat ttgu very same spirit t, ,at.y liit I s lie ulvent.. gee of the equhlre ga.:u:e bla.k ptlevntunt, keep,,-l carefully out of vlw lmany it thie dllittutIts thiat attend its aeueil . ion ll llll . k glll g s, atta- ti ttt a is feels shlcwit g ti, ow iprice at whichi tt ei." ti, pro cured, anal the liulg qu,llilily titlt l tall be iltli,,lh y thurnel.lld, nlll:.stlll by any Ievlduine in pues seion of the Co.ouit, an1d indee ito diit-t oppuet.u. to the opinion of tt oUllCtu, wol, It h opelti u formed from the be.t ImtotLiLatioi that coulld be procured. So far from offeirs having been mado to furnisll a supply of cubical slone e\cee dllng in quantity 24,000 yards annually, thst quanttites that has been turnished by thie presOent (o tractor; say 74,000 yards per annumR , at $3 50 eta per square yard: t appears from the ano.exed cumnluoia It, no from tihe secretary of tie Councll, that thei only defilite off r that hats ever , een madc., wa that of Mr Atkmu, of Maine, of 1000 yards at $380 -only 600 of u1ick he .ha· yet delivered, and on .which he declarr he he as lost 60 cents per y ld. Were these exaggerations ad asesoerluots t , r nmain uoleontradlcted the Council would eemtn to I o clearly in the wrong, and its conduct wouln; appear quite inexI licable; tbr it is the unanimous opinion of the Cuunci! that thle square granite block stott makes a pavement vastly superior in most respects to the round atone, and is worth conridura ly more th. n tile lot Cr. The expurimlenlo made by the municipality have cost the treasury or the contras. tors between 45 60 and 5 70 per oquaro yard, or 60 per cent more than I t.l round itote pivement. The new pavement in Gravier retrect tus cist the municipality and thta contracltr c6( 40 per yard. No offera 'tv I.oen made by sotffictently rc.puonsi. ble personsto make any large qt Iutty of this .pec les of pavlelment. It would tqtlut at east five years to do as mluch paving a ith the rqtare granite ,blocks as can be done in one yeer witl the round stones. Gravier Otrert is sttrd as aan instance ofthe want .of durability oat round stone pavement, and that it was repairs d at an expense of 1.,000 dlllar--St. Clharles from Commont to Gravier street is also ci ted, which repaving is stated to have cost 5000 dollars. The important facts were doubtless for. gotten that Graviet street was dug tp and thie arch entirely dslaroyed by the Gas and Commercial banks, whichl was also the case with the portion of St Charh:s linatld, which besides ha;d been much injured by the heatvy granito o the E xhllange Ilo. tel and the bulldisgns opposite, and that the Illtunli. polity has denmanded damages freal all these par ties tLr these same injuries. It is not stated that most of the stme materials was used in repaving. The exp rnse, instead of being 20,000 dollars, was $15 331, but should have been but $6535. See ilte burva)ur' e~atu mate. 2Te gentleman states that the entire of New Le. weowtroet must be immediately relaid at i cost of 315i31000, and that it has not been in use on all average over five years. New Levoe street Int front of the faebourg St Mary, which is in bad order woelaved ill 1027, 14 years ago. It as h bCee .twioe cut up by the Gas and Water Works and re quires to be relaid: the materials are giold, and the expense will be tabtut $19,0011, irtoad ot £1560,0 0--diferenseo 137,000. See t t surveyor's estimate annexed. During many years, New Levee street was the only thoroughliare paved above !'anal street and eaerly all the cvat products of thle wst were trans. Iitted upon it. It ts indeed surprising that tnderr these eilcumstooces it has stood so well. It is not as fair to cite this street as a proof l'the little per maneney of round stone paveaenrt as it would be to refer to St Anne and St Peter streets to prove thle opposite positiont, wllicl otreetes werel paved iti 1832, have tinter reqatired tny repairs and are nows in excellent cotndltiut. Althe' all must a mit the solperiority of the square granite block pavemeot, it ntst also be nc. corded thia the round ltono pavementeis infinitely p.-eferble to roulo. Prev;ous to the pyvmtte io our trreets, i o(iten ecorred, that Irom 50 cants to 3t per balo'of cotrto was pauid for dr.tnagt; sooal would have been the case apgan pr, E:sely I thel gentleman's oppottir.n to tle paving conttract made with Mr. Mitturn in 1136.hbd plaevaitd. Drayage in New Orieans t now os cheap as in aoy ctty o the Union. Mltlitons have btern savrd tt to e owl era of our vast exports by the rapidl:y aittt which the paving I as progressad in thlis eltt curing the last ten years. Commterce woui no n dlbtt .e greatly bentfilted if the cost of drnyagtr couid be entirely saved, as is suggested by tihe tinuorty in his address : for ho estimates ttlnt tlhedtintOttol of that expense' must be at least $1 500,1100 w.te. is total of the amlount charge ftrtray.tge iethtis city according to t cale latlun nl do with much care by e commlittee of the Ch. mbsr of Comn mnrce is Dscember last: but it isdlifclult to conl. cesve how this large rum should find its way into the peekets of the people here, unless our mer. heants Ihou'd ontinueos to charge thle owl.era of prodees and he purchasers of goods the aestal ste of draye when drayage would in fact be du (i pr Most of the statitical state. menli aid calcultlioes of the mnonrimy ,r1 o'ia 5 , milar character, and us the undersigned ha.. .i- ri titer time, nor disposition to analys. them; they tI submit these as fair speenmene of all. Itii urged by the minority that the Council has been regard. p less of the public interests in contracting with Mr. o Mlisturi ait $5 50 per square yard for round stone paving. wheI aon offr was mUado by Mr. Owen 1i Cook it $3, and that it would have yet been more proper, to have advertised for proposale and have. awarlded thie paving to tile lowest bidder. A!, a gonural rule, tile correctness of this position can not be denied, but that there may be exPrtptions culled ithr by the public interests, the minrrity him. self adlrits by warmlyv advocating a colltract with Mlr. Minturnu for 23,0i00 square yards of square stone parreront, end wiihult even fixing the cost. Thbe nliders gbed were not ut opinion that Mr. Owen Cooke possessed t' o ability to performl a Coltract. involvlrog an expenditure of $400,00 and req.lniringl a outlay at same period of 50,O03. They have no reanl, ir oowrevr, to dorht. le Ionesly of his intentions. The eommlittre w..hlr niot oeijet to a coitract with Mr. Cook to pave to alln xtnt commensurate with his means, but trley cannot believe thalt either the interest of of tile public or that of Mr. Cooke would be con suited wero he to undertake more. It is easy to show that one contractor possessing extensive meanas can execute tlhe pavenrorlns at a lnotch lower rate than ally contractor could; for by augment. 1 ing tile lnumbter of contractors, their competition I augmnlrot tiie price ofstonus at the North, as well as of the freight, and also of the labor here: an all parent gain lby eoutractirg at a lower rate for the paving with many persons, will genorally result in disapporinlmrent and eventual loss. As to award. ing these contructs, to the lowest bidder, without regard to the pecuniary means anId responsibility of tile contrauctors, the experience of our city dur. ing the last fiteen years proves itto be worse than useless: Io contraict of tie kind ever having been perfortied. Wihlin Mr. Minturn proposes Iis first contract to tile city some years ago, several offers at lower rate wvre sent in by irresponsible perslns: these offers tlirnished good ground tlt violent op. position to the cnltract, but tire good sense of tihe courncil prevailed; and It is a fact well knlown to the President of this Coluinil that during the en suing summier, more than one of tle competitors of Mr. Miiturn, who proposed for a contrlct of half a rulhei ol dollars of paving, were buried at the public expense. There ir ns w ioe reason why the Council should awald sulll a conir ct to tile lo, eat bidder, than there is why all individual wlshing to build a house within a gilvin tune, should advertise for proposals and contract with hits whoof lredl to build it at the loweist price withoui r^glirtl o his abilities to do it. The great permanenciy of tile square stone pave molt in tile opinlio oef tie minority is so import ult thllt all colulnderationi urged agaiinst that spe. trio if pavement, oit matter how weighty, must give way beftire II: the singular iicotnistency of advocating at the samlle time $32i0,00)0 worthi of wooden ipaveenltlll, wHIch is ackilowledged tobe tire least durable that has ever been used, and con sequently tile most expensive, cannolt escape the attentionl of the Colun I. All the argumernts of the gen lelint in favor of his project of square stone pavemlci t oni tire score iof prnmanency, are so many good reasons urged against hlis other pro. ject of the wood pavement, which requires to be lonewedl every lew years. In conclueiron, your a emmitteo beg leave to re. mlark tliit tire tirlbers of tinl Council are selested by their fellow citizens of tihe Second Municipality til condult their public afftirs in such manner as imilay be rilllust conducive to their interests; they are eosuon, it in but ftir to pr euole, beenause they are relieved to be i lhonest, anld to be capable, and tmay thirelore be safely charged with the important trust. They serve gratuitously their constituents, having no other clulpon-ation than their esteem all clmfidence, and tile consciousness of faithfully plrletrlmlnl their du ie-. Under tblsel ir:umistances it would be inexcusa. ble in tllis Coulncil to acquiesee b, its silencee, si tile ilil tatliOlli of gnoraece, of being guided by duJlolnorale imloives, by a desire to perpetuate abure , alid of orwan of patriorllOt, with wirich the address o t tihe inoirity oel tie comllnittee of streets sad l annllllg its replete Tile eomlniittee have tl,tretlru left It to be a dilluty to lay before tile Council a lilll refutation of tile assertions and ar. gutments nI said rd ress, in order tllat tie Councl omay staold exroilr.aied from tile grrounldless clarges cunlilluiU tiourni, lmade too by one of ls owi iirerrrbeis. New Orleans, Oct. GOt, 1838. Mr Jserp!h Pilhe, ulvt.iyoir Second Munlicipality. Sir--It pleased to state fur the information of the CUlmittie on Ontru.ts and Landings, your an iwers to the tsllowing questions: 1. What quantity of square yards of pavImenst wot li t i t.axable hlunts of the munsiespahity, is il'lr.lacd it thie rdinance on paving propostd by \Itr Clul.ll ? 2. \;t .ill be thie expelnse of paving St Mare street with in xarttlal ihocks Ifs wood 7 3. \Viite wua New Livce strs:et praved in front t tLhue tubu; ug Ct iMry , 4. \Vut. wilt i t .it io repair ii ! i5 esau Jiial p.-t of New Liev, e natret above Dlu. lurd u. tlt r. tue to be repa.ivd, and wi .ut ex. uies.. ihl be n, to put it iin perleer order ti. Whatlt was tait txpenutso f rutislvig grav.ii st ."t, aint what atihuld hvove hnte thee xpuntie .dl ao o.f t tjCha'l hlrl o i C.iioniiu to Grdvieur. 7. 1r hlls Ibin statie.! ltl .t lAr Misturn receives! lle centsI pue tliot for itakiing the crossings it tLhe illtr.etluis uof the streets rand that the Council fultssi ts ll the mauterials; 2J: pleased to taute if ill is a llct. 8. Ine pieated tostate also whalt is the actual cost of tile grateo pavemenlt (per square yard) recently laid in Gravitertreet. Yours respetifully, SAM'L J. PELE'I' S, Aldermans, Scostl Ward. Sure yort's O.rce, Second .Alunicipauily, New Orleaus, October 8, 1838. Samuel J.1 Peters, L.q. Sir-In compli.nace with your letter of the Pfih instant, r.'qilr ig ftr the iforimalion of thIe Coim. olittee on r:reits ild Landings, Iny reply to sevre. ral questino an relation to paving, I have to state it ao.swer t query No. I. 'l'Tt ithe quantity without the taxable limilts, eotracedi in lite o sdltutce, proposed by Mr Caldwell aoimutis to 33.,156 t quare y.rds. 2. That to pave St Mare stre.rt with hexagonal wooden blocks, froln Commonl to sl via street, being its whoule rxtent, will take 6414 square yards which, if the work can be executed at $4 par yard, will ert $.5,676, with side walks the cost will be $31216. 3 The paving of New Levee street, in front of the thu ouig Lt .Mary, from Ca(nl to St Joseph atroete, was cumpletod Nov. 16, 1827. 4. To relay the paving on New 1 eveo street, it front of ithe Iubolurg St Maiy, Irom Canal to St Joisph street. wili be 108u0 squar yanrds, at $1 02 per yard, $16 320. 5 That part of New Levee street above Delord strt et dues not require to be rep:lved-a slrt ofr loss than t3.U0t 0 will put it in very good order. 6. The expnosu of lepavinig Gr vier treet tre Ia TcelapltoulI s street to 142 Itrot briow Carnldl.t street towards Blaronne, amounts to $12,291 60. deduction being made of trhe old paving stone re imbursed by Mr Mmuttuirn; and this exlsnse ought to bu taut t$5012 16, viz For 461il square yards, at $1 02 54702 02 For gul, altuoe, crossirgs, &o, 344.1 square feet, at 9 ets per tout 309 96 $5012 16 7. It is a fiet that 9 cents per runni.g toot haIs been paid to Mr Minturo for making the eroasiogs at itersrctrons of tile streets, but the mnaterials Ikave been lurnished only inl part by the Council, rthe -anl d anld shulls, bedding thie saei, being inva. rlably laurllllshd by thie contractor. 8. 'The square blocks of granite pavement laid in Gravi.r street, between 'rlchpiloulas and Mag azine streets, will cost $5 60 a 7 per *quare yard, ald to lay ithe same with mortar, would coat 3 cts 30--muur or $5 64 cts per yard. Your obedient Serv't, JH. PLIE, Surveyor. Tile cost of repairing St Charles street, from Conituon to Grhavier street, amiounits to $3643 61 (thrier thousand and florty three dollars, sixty one coot.); deduelso being made of the old paving stolaes lotilburard iy M1r Minuorill and this cost aughtI to lhav, been $1523,90, vnz: Eor 1146 7-9 quarte yrrlal , at $1 02 $1475 8 Grolstrig 514,76ti quare feet, at 9 ci. 48 1 $1523 90 New Orleans, Got. 3rdi 838. Mr, John Gibson,, S. eet ry to the Council, 2d Muniiepnality. Sir,-Ito pleased to inslfror me what ut.fnrs ha ve been made to the Council to furnish grantes blocks thr paving the streets, sr to make pavements of that spriet of stone, stating 1. 'l'Thio rollo of tile person or persons propos iig Ian. their ssaurilies i ainy. 2. The quantity sofstone proposed, or tile extent of to. pardismint. 3. The time in which the stones were to be deiered, ortlhe work tobe done. 4. T'eo price, . nd mode of payment. Very respectrflly, yours. SAM'L,. PI'EERS, Aldermlan, 2d Ward. SAMI. J. PET RS, EDW. W. SEWELL. New Orleans, Oct 3, 1838. To Saml. J. Peters, A derman 2d Ward, Second tuon cipahty. Sir:--Io reply to your note of this morning I have to stale that, alto due searoh I find only the to owing offers to cootract for square block pave. no t. Owrn Cook proposed on the 4;h Sept. ultimo to pave tilly thousand square yards granite blocks at $5 per square yard, to era, ive in payment the bonds of the Municipality at 23 or 30 years, 6 per cent interest, Et 9o Eants oa the dollar. No seet. rity is named. No tine llzed for the'thpletion of the work. Robert Aiken, 6th March, owaposed to furnish ptu re 'olocks of granite for lOit square yanri savron at $3 8t1, N ut--''his proposal wan accepted and the stone fornished. Saiml Fraher, agent of the New Orleans and Or. land Granite Co. propo ed to contract lor any quantity reqoired on as good terms as any quarry in the United Stales. Mr. Aikean ab t tile 4th Sept. mate I think another iroposal, but t is not in mily possession. Rcspectnhiy your obedient earv't, ,OItN GIBSON, Secretary. Mr John Gibar , Se:cretary of the Council Second Municipa ity. I have reetived yViur niote of this morning with documents, no:ne Ihowever havilng any relation to the quaesion in mnlme of yesterday, excepting Ai. kits' offt r to 1itrni-h 10044 yard!s quatro granite block stone, O. Cook's offer to make 50,0t111 vyrds of pavement ft tlhat Iateriatl; and Siunl Fther's offir to furnish any quantity wanted of square stones as cheap as any other quarry in the UnitLd States offering neither reference nor security. If th so are all the documents in possession of ti e Council proposing to contract to furnish square block stone, it results that the only defiti to ofier is that of Mr Aikin, which was acceptod. 'this ac. cords with my recollection and you will oblige ime by stating it I am in error. Youre repealifully, (Signed,) SIAML J. PETERS, Alderman 2d Ward P S.-- returnr to you herewith ill the docu ments New Orleans, 5th Oct. 1838. Seml. J Peters, Esq. Slr-lntai.politirl'e has prevented me returning all earior anIswer to yollr niote of yesterday. Tihe information I gave you in my first note is all that Is In my poisession, as far as rmy memory and the researches I have made serve lne. Mr Aiken's proposal for 1000 square yards is cer. tainly the mostr definite, and as you ay, it was no. cepted, and he centract partly complied with. Neither of Ithe other proposare offered security. Respectfully yslrc obedient servant. JOIIN GIBSON, Secretary. Be it rorolved, that the projected ordinance on Pavieg, provuling for paving with wood and sqeare granite blocks, 86,000 yards Jf the forme . and 80, 000 yards of the latter-a considparblh ponrton f Swhlich paying is for streets wit out the taxable lim. its, is inexpedient and illcga', and is hcruey rej et. ed e Resolved, that the Council hierehy ires the priv a lege it ac iitd io the cutitract with Jnt, Mihturn, eof icrerasing the q'irit t iof rolun I stone pavement fromt 20,000 to 50),00 yards. e Reolved., That Mr. Minturn bs and Ihe is here e by required to oyt with rotno stones under the new contract, the following named streets and parts e of streets, cottntnoeilg with those nearest the riv er in tile first td secotd wards; The paving in e id wards to prog ess sinultaneously with the pa. d ring in the third ward. y Canal street fromn B one to Circus. a Baronnr street froln Canal to Triton walk; so Ssoon as the radl road shall be removed from said e street. y Circus street in its who'e rxtent, and all the st wreets and parts of streets within the limits ef the i estreets above nained. i Also, Gravier street. fromr Circus street to the y taxable limits of trhe Municipalitp, and Camp street f ear Delord to Julia street. Mr. Caldwell made tile following counter re. port. COUNTER REPORT Of the Minority of the Committee on Streets and Landings. As a iinority of the Committee of Streets and Landines I I, g to epresa ny unqulahfied dissent to the report of tihe nijoitly, conceiving my grounds of objection strons and oust. As the o dmanecon pay ig offtro I by Inme two weeks ago, is now bheoru tlhe Council, as the "Order of the day" it is not less inlecoronue to the body, than it is discourteoous to rnselftto off r any asbstittlle for it, at this stage itof tim proceedings. This ordinance has inever beenl referred to the Commitioe, andl I behreve it is contrary to to th usages of the Council an to all Paer iamentary unage', thus to forestall the action of' thl Coincil: it is contrary to all law and custom, and Ind, corn a ., th feelings of other hoi ,ir.,ld inI'.ib:ert. I is tilm enough for any Ii. t ti ol Ithe Cottiiileo f Streets and Landings to ip .s upn tin Is matier, when it las b ont sthmit ted to t alr r i x io iitioli; hot present it is legally be usle he g'. i r.e, C it cil oii ;but it isvrlullI y ta k in out ol their IiIaI , t tihe iIn joriiy of t!h Co(:ir. titl t Iae 11 tlle 'ui,.wte d to fif r a so litutitltl e tir it lie. Lore it ilL,. eULu io', y this IIUInorable bo. iiy. Thisr ordhinnre o, p-virl.a ns - reel iTy rb fir eon sid raorl,, in rder to tlte the enslie of the Cotnlll i on it.,' pro .sition to ilip.oris.' with thie tne of roulnd tlnlle s i'r pua les. in tutullt fll ;It el ts of this Mlno eipalit;; and ie the public is greatly enlhted in the mte rirerl and I truly ho. lieve,anxious irth its sucerssr.l object to the nsuhtitle for it, as it gons to recomnmond the partial continu ance of round stone pavelments. As the m nnrity of tihe Conmmitter, I hog to re. port gainst the necessity to complete Mr. Min urn's contract. Il e contract has been fulfilled as can ie evidenced by Mr. 3Minturl 1 own letter to the Council, and if round tolles are to be continued in use the public voice will be disregarded, its wish es dofeated and pit lie improvementa in our streets retarded for at least halh a century. Hiaving had noopportunity to mako e r ply to tlhe argunttits ofthe moojority, in favor of round seon pavemnrnt-tle report of tllth majoily of tile (CoOnlll;ttl , which cmnloil'tee only ltet on fonda , OctA, P. ., neridis (l Council now nasero Indl et ait 5 P, M I , Oct. 9; I 'her bie dissent to Io dispo nition on thihs sl!,jijet In.night, and claim time to make my more g.enral answers ag inst lwhat I eonsiiv 'o lie so unconevincilng anl argunnie't. Tte ('otncilthen piroeeded toe thI consideration of tlle su: I iltlte otrired by Mr. Peters Oni motion for the adoption of the first reso!u. tion, Mr. called for the ayes and nays, which resulted in G'oyd, thail, Lnckott, Meux, Peters and Sen oll votin; in the affllirmative anid .Mr. Caldwell in the negative. The other sectio no wa then taken up and adopt ed. J.' If;ES Ft, GA.l.lW ELL. Mr. Peters iltlroducne the following resolutions, thle rules being dispensed ! ' ill tie first was adopt. ed, and tih siecond was madrl tie order of tihe day far the next merieting. Resolved, h'lint lth Surveynor hi and he is here. by nuthoris.ed to proeurn! trle the In, o'f be Piy,trns `t Miak to, 21 tio t ot o lonl;ll ti ei ai number of brooms as may be necessary I;r cleansing said In.artl. rensolved, That tIle Conotrnl!er be and he is hereby aouthori.sei tIo arij ieutie Ito thi iti He st bid der, all t u buI ltlings ;aoi! lther iobs~lrte ioins vithl ii the lines il IiIIe iew street extending froml r Pr9.V dris to Girod street, beitweaen Thotpitoulas arid Maoaziin catreels, alter giving five daya notico, re quiringeaid Ibuldings anld obstructions to bhe rC moved within fitterem d ys after the adjulicetinn; and the Surveyor is hereby authorined to take pose session of said street, lay out and leel the same, after thirty days notice is given, to tlhe owners and occupanhts of land and buildings situated within the limits thereof. bin motion of Mr. Lockett, the rules being din. penned with, it was Resolved, That (500) five hundred copies of the last two rlports of the Commlnlitte on Streets and Latudings, onl the subject of paving, be printed in puamphlet form, for tihe nfoerluation of the citizens uf thil second Munieipality; and thr CLomlptroller is hereby autllorised to attend to the publlcation of the lme. 'TI'. Council then proceeded to the election of Colmmissioners Upon counting the ballot it was found that A. Plckard had re etveod 7 votes Kibourg one, for the first ward. For thle second ward IR. . Barry re. ewived 8 vote-; For the 3rd ward S. Krbourz recei ved 8 votes. For Commissary ot St. Mary's Mar. iket, Win 51 Carter received 5 votes, Elliott 3, of the B.tture, Patrick Ward, G votes; N. Nlch ,lsi 1; one blank. 'Tno that A. Pickard, R. D. Barry, S..ilbourz, Wrn. M. Carter, alnd P. Ward were duly elec ed. Mtr. Caldoell handed in the following which was adoplted. To ire Prreident and merbore of the Council of the 2nd Manceipality. I i.g to re's go my seat as Chairman and nemlner ofa the Lonnnmttee of Streets and Land. Inge. JAMES 11 CALDWELL. Aldernlman. T R' lecrdier a;ipointed in place of Mr. Cald wul. S, t.ler Gl.,)l E.q. 1 oI'n,.,Int n (It'Ini.iI ashjourted to Tuesday next it. to.iir, at . o'clock, r. M. JOHIN GIBSON, Secretary. t-Ji'i' OF \F,' U1I,1I;AE s. (LI:A'KANCi:E. rll Ivlsor. Ablineg. tltavan. it GrCniag & r :otr tlotnni Moiill, tlluwllll o, Tampa nay. 8 Y J 1' tVhituey ARRIVAL . Towlbot t'P.cite.frno ti the Pes, Ieft 101th. 4 pa m; broehe u. bark Won.mflUlld, rou Ne'w York Iiini in Natchez; uotlllllg rnore uothlllan Ite. ill the anli e n e Stemnler llliucr , ol laudl. rom ",atnn tt ooue. iteun ir P'nloee. l ICaro ., I illo' oo ld .tlOua . i4teaeo, r It on R .ii(rn Ira ei, neo para. Ol,'Io eloi o.ei it, Lalroor, t.,toou tilaa. COMMERCIAL, Imsetl lDates. Chetson. Ot ..........., S W.hleton, Oct ...... 3 ew York, do .............. 3 Cioein ,ti, Oct ........ S 'hdiadept,t do............ 3 Ioutsvilie, Oct .......... 5 llttieore do ............... 4 St. Lui, Sept....... 8 Staannt. Octr.......... I.verpoo, Sept ......... 21 tousten ('tssts) Aug..... 15 Psri. Sept .......... 5 leteou. Oct....... I I.dnn, Sept. ......... 7 Nashville Ot-........... 6 Havre Sept............. 6 EXPORTS. IIAV.NA-Per berit Ivnthoe..e aro 35 bales cotton; 3deo, Sessetoewtte stilk. TAMPA BAY..1er .chr Aslueet Morih.. earpO 4 boxes sweet tmet., I bit t.enuesesboxer rordnee , 5 bSs pilot bread, do ollstrdtI 0 do ereisie. S kse t butler. d30 bnes herritgs, 5hbblh smckerel. 5 do slrop, 3 bli wtine, l. d flour, 4 bnde. dry goods. 5 ctaks poi ter. 10 kegs whlte lead, 50 bble lime 557 sockl eur,, 140 butdltes hy, fItCtEIPTS PRODUCE. St Leiis...Per stsemrr Pneee..enro 196 coils hle rope' 1iqr eeks kewine, F Pehbe.eok c ,. I bod aedeze. A Jaciahs; h id t.-b.eo. P -J Fereunnt; 50 i fi,.lllr Stetse'. & Avery: SChees -mdze, A HI Lwtes .to-; A II lawes e& so; 17 bbl all , i). " \I Oascy t re. 4 hild to ceti, Johin Jtrhie; Ltti bas i.its. C W L.avll'ebeeuvre; 4 dIis a pl,..,S imgt os.ats, 57 ktter butler, J Vsriei , cn; .50 k, I. utter and 1e 1t bble appldes, F '1 urnes i cu; 75 ligs etc eed oei.ts todeifeyi'e ..ttt; I bid,.. esisers oe, boarl; 3 bledt do I0,4 t.l ....t. ani uti, hIlls olettn, t.l headl setle, Marker t Lynch; 125 bbls tlimr, c ptCnrvllel.b ttmt teeou.. Peertstesner It beles ettloe t h.Vitse cE; 5 batles do, A Aermlll:; 46 4e t, aurt l, to; i hides eigtr; t Iteren.e; 15 tetes mess. F Juurditt; i bl gie , I dA. ienedy, t detttj Mdeirae ce, I [,a mlede, D O J N link;s 2i bhieet mse Devugsto 4 Dose;t; 12 bbls putelett and suedry lots chil ell ill coy p.. Ilteee SOara..Per steamer Baton RBeeP.. stps tOt bales coletulo, 0t Lee; t I; dn')Tsylor (tardset a co; 67 d- Rtrke Watt e co; 5l tdo Benneltt, Ierrllay & co 47 do(iaelt t Stewert; i9 do 3 W WOukey ct;sl do Pcrrett; 21 do t White 4 co; 18 do Hrries, Clegg & coee I do N Flower; 16 do Csr ruthers. Mlrrs, & co; It do J Ars ns; 12 do L.ndemelry; 10 do CLIdwell , Ilickey; I do A K.vardes r~i; 6 do Bass & Hawthorn; Odu OGardler . P.-ueis; 4 di MaNlth, Plea.stet & co; 13 do to order; 13 do L-nbettb iI :homlleos; 6 cot e rspe. S V O..key p. co; I t.dli i on rods, Taylor. Gardner 4 to; kox md.e. P ,r n.'. eurt.. I'll ete otses I, .rrnt..' eT ISO ha'es cotten, A L.eduex ,A co.; 1l37 d I.soibeeth & Tomlps n;i 6O de Finlay . t coi; ll do Iturkn, Wet; co; 65 do Byron, Ardet & co3 do \ Fwe.rt; 57 do W itV (iOkey & re; 46 doll t Lee, 3A de iraeder, AStiKellns & c; 42 do lteyvslds. B)reo s co; 45 do Wealtln & ios; 3 doi White A ,o; 45 do' Tiylur. h;ardlse, co; 24 dou s Iiet Hlawthorn; 28 do eennett. FerditJy 4 o; O2 do J It Piau-ha & co; xt de R Bruger; 16 dt R ftoEt; I do IS Lsndlmier, '2 do J A ori; doe II Wallaces co,; 7 dIo Fo lie.Kelolg & o; 7 do Lane, Fotasne S c; do J O Strk. R t'o to.rder. I bbl whiskey, I do pork A Dedou, bbl and jar, It Keft. PASSENGERS Per steamer Bntnn fyllti..R Beoyd, M Parceti L Palos, Vil lers, n' , asert. IA Cofftl, BIuroules. E Slnugbhter, M Moure. pley, (iles J ClV Chinn, nd 2 servants. E Archward. E Loves iand .ervaent. D Blemeelt. o:s Baton and soevents. tMrs Put n.n, child, elll servt. Ilanse Seloae, 5e on deck. Per to mer larillser..Dr Slougah,llady And sert, msdsms Srh.utt d serdLs ntt.. A; Rosttlii. J(iS Baks. Dr JuS ten- tee a Chist setJ Younei Curti.A As Foley, M Itirdail, A LtIItry, , Blretter,jr. V (iourder ed eIsett. N tOtudren.. ser.tJ lio, jr.j Clemens, Mr Leith. a7 on deck. Psea stemer Pawnee. t IV Loue., Sell. 1 Limihlton, g W Oilsoen. It ,bew, J Colsid et Soiith, J It tsrker. StoDowell, HtInit. Cpt Slc kalan, A5 I.milh ned l-,yV, G BIntdl I C Ro berts. JoIdll, 0 t Hcll.Heoli, Beasy. I A Setesen.ll, Nor and lady, ttrsc (rliilost ed i.ter.J AlFkio, M .orris. Cros,°-ud 40 ,- deck; landed 140 eay passengers Per atetmer Iovtet ..J J Cres. J Ktlnntr, Vanderhender. W Harvey, F Boyer. H S Nix. E (olombo, AA E li R R teere w. o o Vn,, t r O lertent, Sl Feetlnan, T stnplepiet, WV 'listoru. M Paddour, ) tlickeyy, Deslury. t Holelti, trt Vernis iatul fAmily, liss NiLcholsii seAd ervant. Miss Eilesr and s Iliht, SBrsix,,,I" H ohertson. V 3S.ete. t Pra doe-, t ItIetarrow, f Piloe, J Slidell, Sl ills, A Peidarre, G Detls, C toederosutse. BlEMtOR SNDA. Lon St Louis n the 31;11ti, it St I.ouis at inllridlge; on tIst inst met Prallett at y Wtil.'s Island, sloppelad ut wlesk el'Cfas and took her passeegecrs. net of wlsoht swre fotr Viekbur,. met Rienzi 50 SOsls below St St Loues; osteon, tst Oet..Clearcd, ship Nsttekeeael, Spragle, for N Orleans. Neaw York, 3d Oct..Arr ship St Mary, Foster, NOrleans... Cleared; sloop Onera, Soule,N Orlt llarkets. NOSEY ARKEt'P, & c. .October 1, Exchaoge nn England is seasca. sld hei advaned ta 10 Sper ent 'T'he Great Western. which leavese to-morrow ter noo ftur 'ristol, wil- takeout aeonsidersble tslt lit sovereillls. .txcalghp ,l. Itratees | St1,t bhe OtsalliCs Ioankiel .Issetnritlsncoenmmeem bouisnt on MSolday. Thho depesitson sthatidey were about $tl4(,ls)i. Flosr i st tedy at 9; e-orblla brandy has adwned to $1 425 Vi 1t 4,5. '11Hb titLE A l ItUANJ idkII'EkD 5:Y Jonlan GiBNaO. FAITHI.UL AND BOLD. i+:n' OR I E.fAN.s: FRI I)A ............OCTOBER 12. 1l.' . Yetarerday the locernltive traversed the Nash ville Rail Road, efor the distance oif fiften miles, hein, thre miiles beyond the Prairie Citintrt , oid along the e shore, is h, re tie only twi sp,.ts likely to give any tr.ble'e in parniue, have been thinly, and er rcs ely aind. i01 this most irrp rt' i work, more has been temll tel d wniit n 1.t , months, than had beeln i. . mpllhheld i s . i lim n y+e rs eIl re; ani d if'o r Stlat, Lfl, eila u e t take eetI i. Il I: lll their iie llor=l, nd ml te atI icra pi i ap i' ilitt s, theiy t i:1 dt e, iiimore nd tot this Si, e ig e n llt, andrce i i eli- ccy p c rieii l. iiha h: eve nectnet cr-ted h1 el the powi vcrksi hie:tto I..etakin. The cinchitt ,tt ant Chta 'ecl, ., R .l RoI d, lias ic.ei ied ti oe-tc b, i. Ra asst scance from Ihc StalitJ tlieru ch wi.icil It to pos, and ns w bids lairhr nr n imor pf ptlllll eIIl pletin Ihlan ntiy o her b loilk Ilof qlal n let I titiitlld in thie tsii ; tit; at title lit Nts a lie Rioad, his ci bei r tbee n nealectI d by ter legislature llogetlh er, ore only rlecleived siinian:e at suchi a i pare and tiagard tile, 'en alst nt to render it utselss. Yet, of whal vast importance would it be to ut, wire it pronllpily liiislied! A giiood rIieIund thleugh the States tof Loliesltan'i, MIissillippi, and Tenessee, w iul I he to our own city ihke another river, with t ie added advantage nI being controlled at will, and not Iahlhe to Ihe annilties of tile sens&r s , pr1st". , v , t he waters above stps allf ir it , r a r c "s it.i ti h )ill and Its tributa rles, the K atueli, t' e''enerrsee, and others, and nlny fears are eiiteritai nd tha thetre will be no scfltcient rise until tile spliing. Should lilte prove the case, the vast produce of the iupper countrie cannot fe brought to market, until tile planters are nearly ruined by delay; but it the Nacnlville Rail Road were now completed, every bale of cotton could be sent to the city, as read'. lBut apart froem this consiideratiotn, there is another of vital impllrtance. On the l cniled line of the road are vast reglnp , th r riclhesl seil, now left c laclured, bIsaeu se it is by nature slt ieat front ..i nttlarltet . A vart pertolllll of the lan s in Cloclaw nation are mi thi preruieUenet. Debarred rion raeachi l the 3lisstislrpi by an intervenin btelt a impllaSSatle sewUimp, there are neithet nivi. g.ble waiter courses, nor recte, by wtlttchi ceart ed, its proidue eoutl he brought forward: buri I this roeiI were mide to lraverse it, tee fertility w tuld insure at speedy, andl xtentled cultivation. If any doubt upon tlis point, we would aoll she atltenlioh of sceptics to the instance of the Ca nal formed through the state of New York. are now the rihrst antd most populous, pornao.'s of that vast state, were valueelas, snd unlena'-ted, before the ferlnation of that work. The v, 'Y first year after its completion many thousand be rrels of flour were rent to the city from districats were not a single barrel was exported tIe5 fore; and the town of Rochester, which in 1813. consisted only of 'tlree bouses, now numbers a pop. ulation of 25,000, aiCd has mella that make from 1500 to 1800 barrelso of flour daily. The same or even a treater may be looked for, in the rich country of tile Cheet w natlo, sliand tlhe sur. rounding districts, not now .nllivaled for wacit of an outletr. Let but titis road be complored, and their abundantt and varied prodlets will instantly flow into our city' the tide of entjvration will natl wally f1llow where riche.e point tile way: and the s:aplte of fertile Tennessee will n., longtr remainil locked up by the nemply Cunibtrlatid or Ille dry It is in the power of our Sta:e Legislaturer and of tlhenl alone, to complete this l oer l iL. pol.tonl work. What the siale of New York did, Lnui s ,ena shtonld copy" what the city of Now York is, New Orleans lmay speedily becomle. a.f that is wanted, is a loan oi Ihe credit of the state: not a dollar of outlay to needed by It, and not a single risk can it run. Nowe Y irk lnoca her credit to the Er e Canal, and it now returns her a natiluloa revenue! She gave her countenance to the pro ject and fertilhty arose it tIhe wilderness. and busy Sloplleoit in o desacrted wilds. The advocates of pub IC improvemltet urged upon her Legislature that hberalrty, tn nati.,tu l p.ojeers, was the trues ectlliomye; land we now point to her weal*, her P"Iu elation, and her prosperity, to prove their pro. phecies were true. Let but our l.eialalure follow t':a exatple, and Ihre ile if the Nashvi le Rail fi .ad, like that of the Erie Canal, wt I Ie clothed iti r cilir tvnii low;.: its Iusv Ithoroue hfare alive witih prordue: Ihd i te loble Missisesppi crowded T with ships to bear the cotton of almost unknown lands, to all the markets of Europe. It is to the state alone, we have a riglt to lIk for - the completion of this greet natinral work! the legislature is the only proper body to undertake it, for it is both unjust and inexpedient to let so important on undertaking rest on indlviduals. Evon if they ultimately succeed, the progreasof the work must be slow, and its condition incom. plete: while the power of the state could at once ratlize all its capabilities. Look at the acts of other states, and see too, their results. There, as soon as tithe Legislaturre assumes a public work, its ouete.s no longer admits of doubt. The state of Pennsylvania has appropriated thirlynine millions I to her public works, and they are proving minr aof wealth to her. New York, the great pioniee· n the mnarch of improvement, Itos twenty seven millions appropriated in like manner, yet are they not the means of prolific increase to all! Maryland has fifteen tnillios, Illinois twelve, and Indtana len ! while Louisiana, with the richest field for opera. lions in the world, permits herself to remain be hind all, and has yet to make her first movement in the great work of internal improvement. The late gales were fearfully severe at Nassen. Extraets front the papers atthat place give a fright. ful pieture of i's ravages. The American sehoon" or Butterfly, John B. Corn-irs, 17 days from Balti more is a total wrotk. Her earre, with about 15 head of cattle were saved. At Eouma, the bur. ricane appears to have been still more vitilent. Scarcely a single house remains standing on the Island, and the inhabitants were obliged to throw I themselves on the groitnd to avoid the sale. The s.aill craft belonging to the place are more or lessen injured: the cattle greatly harmed, the erops de striyed, houses and trees blown cdown, and the whole a scene of desolation and distress. The Am. schr. Polly, of Wilmington, N-C" Z. Baker, I mster, was totally wrecked on Little Extuma. Captain and crew saved. The slaope Lively, be t longing to Johu P Dean: and Favorite, to John Adderley, were alsi lost. Am. brig Vindicator, ir i New Yorkr houid to Apal-achntcla lost: crew : ad passengers saved. Att. salop Union, lost on Gratnd Bahi.ra. Masterti.s atved. ELECTIONS. .nluryland.-As far as leard from the elections Shave gone in favor of the Whig cause. We learn t Irom the American the result in tle city of Basti. iture For Governor. Steele, (Whig) 61911; Gra sall, (V B) 6074; majutlty for Steels, 117. In tile electinus for the State Leglslature, the Whig ma t rity is still greater. For senator, Stewart, (Whig) 6202; Stump, (V B) C039; majority for Stewantt 16;. For Delegtres the Whiig rote was,-Pittea i 6226, Ridgoly, G.205, Leary, 6201: Watson, 6145; Collins,6198. The Van Buren ticket was, Belt, 6040; Gallagher,6037; Stansbuty, 6025; Sciden stricker, 626G. The average mtajority tlo tihe Wh ig Delegates, 163. Georgia.-Returns have been received from 52 counties which shew an average majority hfr the State Rights patty of 4071. In the same coetl ties at the lust election. Gilmet's majority over SSchiley was 3786; his majority in tile whole state 762 Titus every where tise administratton party loses ground. Freedom of Elcltions.-If any man doubt that it s a settled principle with the Ilcofocos to use via. leice at elections, when they cannot carry thean by conviction, let them peruse the incendiary opin ions of C. J. Ingersoll, the government candidate in Philadelphia. These nmiscalled legal opinions are reprinted and scattered in thousands all over the state Ito excite the violeno, and scare the timid. rsIf a man sinscoll yeou or yoor property with force, you riy y dtll'sd yuPeIrl or best hit tt by Itrce ol thre vpot.slld lrce nt blo utld It wait w l the law itelf alt, tile insadeqult rrmcy, orfutlarl prutelt of I.0 w If your s-AItIIt i iI urt or killd it .oticb rsllt.,lnLs to tll wrong; yn are NlOT' itU'll. TY. ".o the kit re eaught cheatirng yait of your prnelrty in onit., Ih vtiung wholl anI wh o i.e knowo ht ht . I:Oa rlthl, it1+.jt ng r ntr lt trtvl rvoytlni. vtle t , t r uthcw. e .v lllltllll i .el . iti.a-rcy. It mould be u.rles tiu l him doi the roig, ancd ithenproaects fora it, after ithe nihihef is dale andc : cannt d bet remcedied. t rl t .ray I, tilt wtc Irr no.t reoull titn to iirr'ntai :.t l ru't - mil Io llatll our rights off s,,fglat. ,,.letel hly lta",1, a.1y monE th I d IInv f It ; bit a;my re-rat nllll pr lln t stc'h wrnllu il the lal e h thl e e alen l because n oceCss of lag in a n in I ri;un ra nitp atit.l lie 'eir'ilu it, .l? 'li' h .llsig iparlyu ev.'n ...t"' r 'pc ttisld tlitItes hl a i lev.r ullade thei a[rls frotm reaon t vile I, t LThecy hvek nte ve r -truck blow at elr tie n, ilthoiiitier ter nlnv Hlovr relurned one. m I, the wttile history of vit lerncer rlectiiono the 'aiiue is ulweya Iravenble It ltr oppinente, and well it Ialey when such Inet n-. diary dotrines l as the abovle are spread abhiot amlong item. Bitt we trust that tie firm and c, n aistnIt citiyenol c Philadelphia will so guard their sIred rights of franchise that viellence itself shall iull todisturb thcir quiet enjoyment. Block and Wood Potrelnenah.-The Philadelphia Gaz.elle says :--"It is now precisely one year sine hei wooden pavretment in Wanut street in frerrrlt ,f rile exchange las boreen in use, and the exp, r'. ment appearsi ) hove teen ertiireiy euceet.sel. The surface is hard as a floer, end we unders!atnd thsr at n, time have tiny of the locks wotkce'! iut if their placrs. H e do nt how durable block pavement may te, bit i ii very cerlaie that a year's friction on the Walnut street pavamett with much more travelling over it than there used tt ire over the atone pavement that previously exn isted, does not aplcar lt have worn it away in the least." We levrn with Ilttallre tbhlt theb fever heas eased to rage in Alexandria, D. C. Tie physicians ft. pert the city healthy. In B ntionnre copiitre retins have (allen and oe, hal frteh hulter, araues oale Iuttttng out, snd sois the 'he President returned toh Wasltingtn on the 2I1 fernt his visit to the Virginia Springs, and Mr Rivea. The carmen who made the wanton attack on the returning troops near New York was well enough to walk next day alter giving bail. A severe hurricane visited Rum Key on the 5th and 6t1h ult. which blew down some houses, and blew out 2 louops tosea. T'Ihe loop were bonnd it, Nassau, and have not alnce been heard of. Three men one shre were killed, and several wounded, and 100,000 busbels of salt destroyed. Souh ,$mereia.--The invading (insorgent) army made an sttack on Montevideo, on the 18th Aigust, but were repulsed, after five hours, with censiderable loss. A letter dated front thatcity on the S1th, says: Sitrce our last we have had several arrivals from the United States with lumber and assorted car. goes, which have supplied us generally at present, but they brought no tflur, and from other partsywe have received only 2500 bbls so that breadstufafs corntinu to ba scarce; wholesale price has itern 25 dollars, and by retail 26 a 28 while 23 a a 25 dot. lore may be qroted as the rates at present. Wheat ha been sold as hish as 15 dollars per 195 Ibs. Rice has declined to 18 a 20 rls. for Carolina lum bar 37 do;e per thousand feet. Salt-I I a 12 rls per faneg on board. Mr W. B. Hudgson has arrived with the ratified treaty between the United Stales and the Peru Bolivian confederatioln. Hostilities still existed baoreen Peru aid Chili on the 13th July, wlhen Mr oi. left Callao. lThe mvodilg expedition of 4000 men was to sail about 20th July. Isdeati ,uatisn was sitnie port eo Nor if Poru. The Anor, tea n quoadron was at Callauo, whiith port had bee5 ter orsne weeks blockaded by the Chiliau squad. Sc'haa. F. iuoy, Eat. the new aheriff, bha appointed Wm. E. Murphy, as hit deputy. Mr lMurphy has been ring known in the toffice, and fom ai, expelreonce ilikely to giveoevry alisfac. tion tn his new nppointmeto!. T1 R DKUGGSTS. SUST received perslipsltrlenoi from N York, i611 grol e black Court Piaitter, 49 do Flesh oold do i do H.erv'a calcined Mageasia; 2 io futler'a Aperient do 2 do .eidliti Powdtermfor sale by DAVID FEIl' & CO.. t N Y lsationers' Ilal, Chlytire re t. Charles Theatre. 12TH NIGHT OF TIIE SEASON. This Erening, October 12th, 1838, Will be performed the beautifil comedy, called TOWN a& COUNTRY. Reuben Gluroey, Mr. Pet rson, Cotey, honrrel, Hawbuek, S. Cowell, Rosalie, Mrs. Farret, Two Overtures, and the National Airs. The performance will conclude with the musical EC tertaiament called TURN OUT. Restire, Mr. Williams, Di. Cruckle, Ferrer, Ureg:ory, S. Cowell, t bnarrin Ramsay, Mrs. De BUr. Oct12 IIi. J.& F. ). Newcontb, jAVEopent-d a house fr the trnsanting of a gen .11, eOral Coddeisoon businaess at Natt1 z, and any bouittecs confided o tctem shall be faithliully attended(I io Referencees: H C Cammack &m Co., ) Maunnell Whote & Co. New Orleans. Caldwell .& ttacky, net 12-roll m. lU L.'t'. _ The base .ent lt.o: of No. lt:3 ue, 1 , S' the corer at Camp s.ree ; uilmtu, t , 00;i,:l,+ L ol r stor rouoms. Apply wo the psae- r ,o SW 'CA..stacK, orst ll .aul LCaunk. ATtEN 'TIOA!!! GOVERjNO1i'S GUJ IIDS, Y OU will attend drill ever evening, >undays ex cepted,at the drill roost, ,lagatle street, mext dror li the Atelcalalay t Baok, at 7 o'clock, Ileetesly. Illhe greatest pnctualit is requested, as nit astr is engaged to give lease . in the sword,-xercise. By eu der of Captain Osborne Cross. JO111N GI3SON,. oct2l OIrderly Serg't. SUNNY BAGS--40 Batles o .td t)- h.ndle, 2 bushel Ga(luty Bags, in store and fcr sale J THAYIEI & CC), octl° 71 Poydras st P EPPER--40 bags mn atare ail for sale Iy eI l ~ J TIIAYER( & CO, octl2 74 Poydtca t .IMENTO-60 bugs Pimento in oat.e, and for sale bL y J THAYEI. & CO, irtl2 74 Poydras at. I AVANA COFFEE-'200 bags seperior quality I landing from brig Triumlchant, part new crop, for sale by STETSON & AVERY, octll 88 (cravier at POIlK-2.5 bhils M a ast : Prime Pork, lading from lnat boats, for sale bty LAYET & AMELUNG, octl2 17 t'oammetre street i1LOUR--00 b1,1s duper lice flour, just received; LAYET & AMELUNG, oetl 17 Commerce st SARD-O50l kegs Pinme Leaf Lard in tore and for sale by LAYET & AMoEI.UNG, oetl2 17 Gommsrcer s jIAGGINCO & RUI'E-5I00 ps Kentucky Bagging; 1 500 coils do Bale Rope; 500 do Nolhtetn do do. In store anmd for sale by STETSON & AVERY, t soctl 88 Graeierest SUPERFI.'E FLOUR-3II00 b11 fclr salehv SLATER & TRIIP.R, rctill 4 Poyti r.sreert. )RU:sS-40I large packeson Itrugs ndt Medti. , eines, receiocd Iby the ship C)rleoam, aldi for sale by H BONNABIIEI., oct12 cer Natchez & Tclctpi:,m Ins l IAL5-t00 evce ansorted, Irolt l)yett'e Intafac. 1 tory, for sale at cost, by II BONNABEI, octl2 ror NArches & T'clopitotmle SUltYEYlRt'S OUFt "I- SECJONU it.tU t1Ut'Aa.t. ITY. N O'LCE is herebhy given tha in confurmityv tn a reslution of the Council ,f tile <Sctrd Mtu. nieipality, passed at their sittintg a1 Titelday, the I1hIt oft .\ gnt last, I will at nateon o the. 'th I at tole.r, 1138,, adjudiesate at my office to the lowest bidder' the fur nishiug thle tieiter, reetiret d atr llte atr, firtom Ihe date et thle adjudicatti ontfr tar dges anh d et a r he m nici pal works, ex Inslive onl.,f the timber alrradlv contracted to e frrnished ti tlhe wllarve. 'iThe w lld t tte , a 'ep cvpress of gaod qualeit,frees 1to1a I.and witllhtar aw ofalu k lind. tati-factoly security in the sum of $10116f ill he re xuired. New Orlcans, Oct. 10th, 11t318. JOS. PII.IE, - nerill S. ye BUREAU DU VOYF:IR aut. de M1UNICI'A LIT' 4 N cI .m rm3 ,itc dI'iune r. solution nll (c 's d di la [t2y A meniripalitb., pnteai'e dae.s in. sincett de m ttral, IoOllt dellliler, %is r-I doIne qu,' lv :11 d' ,a tlh.r 1:;:3 , I Iill i. it 1 tm n i.t e l, I'l djul gat.trml al lr li a i-a ll I1 ere d. Ifo t hrlins de hli h r lrnt* IIIlt la Inllltliti H'hH p r it ti it r lhett nin po' r t j s trt vnjt pint n . pail er lu t juro d I' edju iat' I ; Is b. i; djan,, I'a tlcs, nott r It s whid ls ste\+. -; + lio .. .il d4 ,, I to. e'wil all l l h oumn qlIlltlI1I I llll .ll·· *,,II i .lllll· l la $1(1111 sern ll exaee I tt'll'+ . e't -h*rtjI l titllll et t t 12 el Illatl il- ,I-tt.l irll oiut .l II. ta ll- .l T'. V,.vY r C.U1'.i'r1.1 I.L , IR'-S oil.Fit Cl--51+O I .lt t :gt t N"w tIlr anlr +. l oIt - I1 he 1,133. rcoiv, R. th ai, ' t , . , ,ill Tf let la I i' Cv , 1il; d i t'lllv b r ni.a t titr l ahr te i L, nhrd ' bh ll Iollars B nrls i 'hit nh i pl i el, iaya tble I Inthi rt y ea Suit bh urilln' six li'r cellt pt'r main itrl ll t hat tl . lerest ,i t bd` semi-,htua IIy in London, ew llk or Now t Irl,,- nlb er,, oan eh heir Ie payable in Iht Unite . iS o+, a Id -,r ; . _ s Ch, f thy i nere' i he tble in L idto l T he ,re ' , al ;0.. end r ate d rttr , el, lil Ia.ll t .is , l J, IN CAl II It . cureal I utre Er -cecod.a " uiri ; t.,ovhle Ial("i 10 t t It .i. CItaNtIeteMdEeeata tt t uc l ctI l t tm du, uti ,a nernt Iccus ace bureau jusqu'a iiiirllh, Is 'l.jllll Id n velb.e irochnlllll, puler Iri t, rent Inide ai;t>.r, d, IButids decele mnicici!ei, p:,yahblla s h r,, N -a . eI t i urla t an iter tl ' ae six p llr c nli t I ' t, i. t ' vyabie pur srelestre dntes L.ondlra+, New FY u ii i a l. ve le. ritnll, ullllt e I rr lle lllnv llll Le- hels du;v- .: Ir: poulr mill., pins y.-c a line ali l'interelt et ,- .ai : alnsl le 1-:ntls Untii I pIllr dtkux cent. inqur,,tom itvreat s terlin j'it sjcnt t it ables nI.r . tr eB Irao oui ions dlveont etri lre-sees "l "'rulosuls F r Blclkds " IOtact JotiN 'I.tittl.N.Come a c . STATE Of L'tUlte .tA-t'tenh otUat our it e SParish and city of New Orle,,ns: Pl.ellt the lion. Cho.ltleu clanrain, Jludge, NI. -- , (Octa 8il, 1838, Jath White, insolaent debtor, in actual clastody va. his credators and thte creditors of White & Folly. On nlotiona of C. hl'Alillien, ('o tnsel fitr the lnsolvent atd oil giving Ite Court to mllerstand thl tau ntlttiient nulmber of c.editars in numlllber lad uatnliu hadl ot t ap pearedat the esaetitg of creditort to autlorise a dis eharga under the Ilnt. It is ltherefceoirdered hv the court, that the second meet ag of tile erediitors o' the petitioner .,nd of White and Folley take place in open Court on lheday, d29th day of Otitoeter, 1833, then and there to dealierate o tie affairs a af the petitioner, ald to -hew cause why the said iusolveht should not be diaehaged. Hxtrat.t from the mitutes. Clerk's Ofice, Oct Bah, 1838. A 81 GUYIL, ocll0--2twltd 1)'y Clerk TAT DR Lt LtLIISlAN.;C-atonr ic Pataaisc pour ls paroiser et ville de it Nouvelle Orl ea.s, Present lieon. Charles Maurian, jug , otc bra 10, 1838-No, -Johtt White, dbbiteur ilsaTlvble, etuell lement en prison centre ses cet'atciersa t ea crbsanciers et Ise erhtaciers de White & Foley-Sur motion de U McMillen, avocat do I'iusolvabl ,e et en foisaut ea tendre a la colr qu'un netabre sutllsant des ereeanier en lonmpre at montant n'est pas peru a I'a-semblee ded creunciera pour autoriser uue delhnrge setol la loi; dans cette affaire, ,i eat d6er6t6 par lacoutr qtpune se conude assemble du petitionnaire et de ccux de White & Foley sit itsu en pleine cour, ludi le 9 d'octbhre 1838, pour y dhlibrer cur las allhires de John White, laur fitir saenir pumqaoi ledit Jbhn White se ere pes dleharg srelon Ir a loi. Extrait des mitutese-Bn. reau du grefller. 8 oetloar 18381. In oct A M GUYOL. depate greffier, COMPTRIOLLEi'S OFFIICE-a'tuu .enruCs PAII'TY. New Orleans, October, 10th, 1838. EALED proposals will be receivd at ethis ofice Suntil Friday, the 19tht instant, for the furnishing of this Municipality with live thoualnd gallonas ffirst quality winter artained Spermt Oil, to be delivered at a ttma to be agreed upon. Proposals to be ndorsed ePrepsnals fmo Oil." JUiNV CALIIOUN, oltl0:9t Comnptroller. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. Ranaway loem the Carollton NMa chale shop, I griflle mat, nated JOiIN BULL, aged about thirty years. Said lave is stout bIauilt,3 5 eelt in.ches ill height, itas a .:ight star upon his left eheeh, speaks Eaglisi asti a litlle French. The above reward will be paid upon hisde livery to the subscriber. GEORGE MEiRRICK, oct5-t- Chief Engineer N. tI v ' 11 It. T'i RENT. THE four story fire proof brick store ill Camp street, at present occupied by Messrs. A Hi Wallseu & Cu. The three story brick satreat the corner of Bank Al ley and Natcieze street, nt lreseat occupied by deslr.. Heath & Ce.; the third st ry bcing fitted for a bed room, Also, the 3rd story of the brick stare in Bank Alley, 4th doaor frott the last nauaed-thea tld snd an d stdoriea heing well fitted up. Poasensinn to he given oal the I t Noventber next' OCst-tl' cHAd. A JACtI I1. " "URB & IIUTTEK r', o i utittg SJ feet ofcurb and gatter stones of the followinte dl aliesun, It in;. 16 ,. 18 1 iltO iti.2in., ald ilt ill., eptcled to arrive between the tat oel)etober at 15tt, JtAiunr. nelt, will he sold y llte saubecribers uit arri. illa., by the invlice, VIerms. Cheash o tile delivery of the bill of ldiltr. Perellis applying shaltl receive tlls -tunes as they ar rea, ia the order af their application. t" ET ';IKS R. MILL.ARD. rap 27-tf SUtAi.ti Hlouse barrels for .lte by J "I'IItAY1 tI & CO, e'ctl0 71 I'tdrna .etet SECOND MUNICIPALIITY. W AS brought to the Pound of the nSd Municipal s itv in lurnone, betwee i lovia and Gi rod streets, on thu2iult Sept., 1848, A large Bay Herse. Tie owner in reo lqrstod to provr property and take hini nwayr tR le will be vold by P 1A iuillot. Auelion eer, on Sntutrdny, the L3ih inet. hI S HARPER, octl Captainof Watch *I1.a iitt mia nu~ 6epi frTi;~ lnde Monicapa. k itt, le oi6 seplimbre, on greld clrval hba: le pro prietaire eat prir de vrnir prouver ea tropribt6 etI'em metner; ouitrement it sera vendu I P'enen par P A Ouillotite,oocaoteur, ooetedi to 13d courant. oSut H S IIARI'El, ,Capt. Waeth,2 de Mon., ST. CHARLES THEATRE. tnH iS mntifiicenti slructure has undergne ,during tthe recess, n entire inew order ai enthellinhlanlt; the wbhole rl the intelir I has beer repaired: lthe Lhan slier Ih eau el, ttlltokII t) pieces, nod its 13 ewh ofeut glass bcrln ati' drnpas lented atii polished; nathing Ias beetn negietild, eilther in lhe hnilditg itself or in eignglgmenttl i, which haveborn made with the first dra tutit .nlntent ill the euntnlr, toIt proloter the high char actr whlich the St. CIrtee halis o btined both at homr and abroad, for its being one of the first dranatie Es lslishnlenl ini tihe \Vold. tline lnth(enttti, herettfore sacknowledgedl speiar, Ila. beeni cons derlhbly ,noreaset in iutiiilter and talent. r ed fir e eticiottcies m pseticular ntmnhber of lth Prn.un , nd. f)r ,tie ,l, steno the Mrit aeteesnruf dranmas t th, I va I. ." 1r , r, he ed,ardl a in i yle w hie h it I apro. nor l- I a.tti-fortion. t". i I: te t iland Genitlemen are in treaty JOtiN II I\ltrON, StaIgo Manager, EDWIN FORREST, JUNIUS RIIUTUS BOOTH. 3. IR ('OT ', II J FINN, JOHN BARNES, e. T. BROWNE, and GEORGE HOLLAND. Messrs. Harrison Mleslrs. Plumer, Pearson, I'Page, Pnrrmlet, Porter, SWllisms, Davis, ,1wel, Paret, r. Denaiuot, And others int treMy. CELESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHINE CLIFTON. Jlrs. Barnes, Jirss C/harlotle Barnes. Mesdames Farren, Mead'lles. Sidney Cowel, Cowel, Jones. Debar, Chester, PIttumer,, larriso, C. Smith, F. Browa, Raeanot, ta ddn t, S .11. LEES, Principal Arltist. N.l.ewis, Costumer, 'cil, 'Tailor, 3Wallis, Properties Maker. OICllS'II'I.Tlt. Messre. Croce, Messrs. Hoeller, Gulleanri, Mlyers, J acobi, Storm. Ziiterhbrt, Luciani, )etofurges, Charltan, C13ll B. Hopl. Fay, Eberhardt, Kruger. Rove, IlIlloil, Smelger, ostenr, Cirefi. Conduit F:el)ella, Parmoi, Cripps, C hp, Even IPale,son. And other, in treaty. It. WV. JIiNAS, Leader R. W. Elliot, liead of Polie. NEW OIRLI'AN A\I RAI.I'IORE LINE OF PACKE TE. ETHIS, lino will cosl-t of the following vessels whichl Ilbare beea built, or purthased espressly for tll. tratl , viz: .hil R.',.llAN, Captain Miner, rque ,1. , Niekerson, lI t 1U F'FIRY, (new) Sltevens.,. " oloaatoN AAI'lU.,, Brie Al I 'I'TE'', Glwr.. Tree'.e re"rl m .lf the first class--haun-hndleome fttraIhbed er.onmnual ti as, and .re aof o Ia hehdnafl o.: wat'r, aso n- to nadlil of tl sir er lt,,in: anmldiJacharing Itheir , nrg,-s i1i l;,ldmr atr tnlit Cl y. Fr, ight will be takle for ports in the Ctheratpekeor on Jamet ' River, and t brw rnl; Iy tthe agrent, liesara. Clark & Kelloggr at nlitimnr,; I:xl apnss on gtoods shipped will be ad. ' h I ,r.'E " t' "rue is fixed nt $lfl-emple stores of a u; sd tadown the lMiss.inippi will be taken on gobr 1, aigIht or tl, a ag' apI uEF It R (- EltaI lI: BEI)FORD, II --II . Itirtnill eJa 'Ih- e flh lit-t -.lIlng Al thip ZOTOFF; J tib lt,,Ill, , ,ateo,, a ill h v,,'se imn edinso . i - h ant ta tll It) .ti elton to rom lrht," 1h, , 1'lllll; h"r lf.ight or Ipas-'ce, apply to ,...VI II Ii t.E , ocl 9:aa Caommon at. .' l I l\ i l . . Thý , '1 '" hip ,AI.. L NCIE; Ferwanltl . lPot r h vi, all h, r cargo englaged. ex .. (11 .01.t a,0 tt. t, aoug, Iv t ra gtrolal which,ap t & J 1' \l'ITING, eH ,! l Conti stret Ni Et 1 Vt1 F1K. Park.[J , be I fta innt. L) I'II tN /1 ADi 11/r.%% INtPE. rtl .cla lSll'' II't'I, lliere', 'mater, will i- c iIl a, "hov; fitr reigltht ,r pa.age, haaing 1 gt,'to ,ttltlll ' 1, a3ltt, ,i t1t, ' Iu an btoartl abo pdriat the J D 1IELY . A COHIEN, 90 t Commo, at P I/a IT 1 111/, , -hip 1: \ h111 l , Copt. Ml' in- l l-th hr1 ajara etgagedand o I, , w, ne1 t wjilt itmudinted eo 1 r t",ghl ,I ilU tolan d llllllld 120 hales cot LLEVI II (,ALE, 903 (Commaon The firsl t Iteas ship HARROLD, Howes . N ta1ter, ltaviag mosnlt aI her cargo ingaged. .lIm t with;atch. IFor remainder of te ghlt,tr ptaisag.apply an boanrl r tA St'ETSON & AVERY, onlt 2 88 Graie er st5 S ORl AlIEXANDRIA. 7 l ' The steamer DENMA RK. will - run t s aa regaIr paakel (turing blw: --raI.. wnaler, froam moathof Red River tI \lexanJmi., Fur particulars al ply to .,'l, . .INU H GRAHAM. oji. GlNG 1. 11.F al~it Z E 0 pieces bagg g 10t11 oils ro e, fr tsale by LAWVILENCE ,& LEGENDRE, sep°9 218 r 29 New Loe. I)REPAIA1I't aRY to Jeflerson Col.ego and to oth EI r conchcted by It. Granet, LL I. ). Exchatnge Alfey, hltreenl , onti an BieMnille. Thi. itation waIs thle most eligible that could be found" being entirely free tramn the roise of the streets and the rattling of drlays and ecrriaee. The Jet4lrsonn Academy is divided into two depart. l'ents. The .lunior r elemloentary depsttmeat for the various brallchs of conum on education iA French and in E.gli-h--The Senior department for Latin, Grerk nlltemauties,&c. I'unctuality, order ant discipline are strictly enj.ined and observed. 'Terms. Juntio ltlp;rtmentper month; $l0 Setior do 15 Slpanish 6 lot. Bocs, siase, pper, &e . cr te(e sateptely; '2nd. A cuclth otea beguo, to be paid in full; 3rd. N deduction for absence no for for holidays: 4th. 'asotn-ls to be mode regularly every month. School hoers trom 8 1-2 to 3 o'clock, except Thurs days. yep2T H .NIt?'S Calcinedc Magnsria jest r.ived per ship h uzua, from Now York a few grace of Helry's genuine calciumd Magnesia (or sale by the doz. or grove by or goe by AVID PELT & CO. csp'?7 N Y Stationera Hall, 24 Charre st LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. FUH1S Ins.ituion foIbr the education ofyong gentle. Smen. will go into onleration on tie iret day of O toher, in the basement etory of the Mlethodiat Church. corr ofCaroudltdt .aind Poydras, under the direction ofthe undersigned who has uoceupiedthe chair of math emnatica int sveral t'ollegen of the north, and who is a graduate o' one of the most celebrated universities of Euromt, l'he courso of studioes to ha pursued in this semina. ry will be co lprohe.ed in the following division, rio: I. Thet Eaglishl deparltnent, embracing all the branches of a thorough antd nocomplihted English ed, ucatiou. 2. 'The lasisical department, comprehending the Latin and (;reek languuges. 3. TIhe dlprtmteot of modern languages, in which wilt ho tangltt the Freot'h, Spotnisa and Gierman lan guages. I. The mt thematieal and pltiloso;+hical department ernsprehending A Igebrn, Geometry, the two Trigonom. erits with their prtaticul apliction to Sturveying. N.vigot no, Astrotnomy No. Natural Philosophy and; Che:,,iutry,ilhstated by appropriate eaperimenta. fEuvttnmg Cta-uer in the Main rn Languages ill be formled td atlt ttedd to trom the Ist Octoler. CJ IIADER.ANN, A M. rEFFRFN(?I.: J GIIISON ERql, cLtEV PRE5cstENr .S IANNON, Louiaiara College Jackson. 1)c C A I.UZENEKtG, 1, C IUt..NCA.\, I sq, J NICIIOLLSON E.q, New Orloans. A..s\ILLS F . R 1839. 11 (tEIF't: C ithri.ttit anod New Year's present for 1:;33tJ; hited hbr li.. Leslie. The iohls, a cthrlstuoss and New Year's gift, and Birth Ithy pretet. eor .:13t Edited by Biss Leslie. Go .t-it.dt. Thu lo ckutt Athnat c ler 1839,. con a ililsg adalturesu, exotits, suroee and serupld in the tWe s, lil altd ttanners in tle banckwoodo. The AtnerieOt ('osic Almlunac or 11.9, with whims, eoraps natl odlities, Ira t he land of Johnny Bull, UBrotlher Jonathuan oudl Muttier Ngtonongpaw. The Puultl.'s A hnstce of Usltut amd Entertaining Kuun ldge, Ior 1839, just received and fir sale by W1M MeKEAN, o uut.%.--t blt in slurt acd t et r sale bhv J Ttl.\I ER & CO. I. til 71 'poydras at

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