Newspaper of True American, October 12, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 12, 1838 Page 4
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.ia.lllsippt a.'I" r.,ltantaaa otlel, ; aOnlWrTON, La N'RS. MARY KittlaLAND reepeetlfally an. ' ionnens to her friends and the publie grr. ally titt she is pfparod to aclonmmodnte tuheat it %u above esta'li.hment. and hopes from hler tsortiono to render visitors comfortabil, to receiV" i. eontintlance of fournr f.voro. She fe.,le co~li. Ict. that persons viiting Covilgteon thlri'r tilt ummer months, .n inot find bottr iacclnltnote it lots i-tn shbe cant uffrd them, on mere lihbral terms. lHer hitne at ple.a..tly situated. and well entptlitIe with every convicience; the bar is furnished with ohi tIoot ehoiue iqlotere. &e. in .hLrt, she prolni.~v "':at ntt.hing shahll Ibe wnting on her part to give tir' ia'liefet'in to all who may patrnoli't the ireioeippi 'aol L liisana lintel. jd.3 *[o 'ti(lt: PURLIC-TiCeuietdrsh t.htt r . etdlind un lor Dr. Sel midt of Ch-trlelton, f.t tlt Cartlilsa, andl for .inn years his aseittint int lio praetict of ,lldie;he and stlrgry, has the hllnr to otfer his prol'tioenal services in this city. H1: ae.ureis thle ladis and geittlttmen that the tielt prmpt attention twill be prid to the calls which may he hmade'; andl :l offier his service , tollhe hldtrr of' tlaiver, beinlg wmll nequointell wil the disees eot)mmnet to tlill, hitving attended them in t.e sugar htnsn in Charlhstm. Tihe anti hiliotn pill. a ter Ihr enmptation i Pronfessnr Smtollette. with directions, can be had fltho nndersigned. The eff.ct which they have produetd in thl andc othIr eities, has been attended t'ith the gre.teet snecess to which the th t of' oia'ronara can be given. Apnlv at N' liG 'tl a. rhan street. 'JVO, W'I~t)ING. TTOLTlOiW hWARlP 001) yC1hS, SAt) IRONS, &c. r'T l fi.TnWF.L. tustlK. COMPANY, No. S238 Water, near B.'okman street, N.,w Yolk, Nave r.eaived the part season. and are eohstantly recelvrin large and extensive additions to the ent'k lof the itene goods, which now consists of tile o!owinlegassmtment, suitable for tile southern and w'tertl markets. tohllow were of snperior quality, sonsisting ol st'.it 1500 taoe. viz, Potse ol'tl dit.reat eiz^e, fromn 2:8 to 50 gallons, KIttles, 15 aiewe, from 3:81 to 30 gatllons, Kerttles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, D :kpane or Ovens, 7 differenlt siies, T.t Kettles, 6 do Skiller, . 5 do Fi. t Sptd,'rs . 6 do .lnvie-cd Spidere, S de Or!d hte,. . . 4 do Fnre D.t, . I6 do . gora b* e t frate 1 1 1 to 43.4 inches. (l.t id. 5 to 7 i.heas. WVoeod Sl.I e', 20. .(6 gIross, iroe and brass, from eb ine, N,. 3 w 3:9 Ilch, No, 24 of a superior ". ty iand fitish, ated less thano Jantl's imported ". 1I rains, assorted, in cashe of about 500 lbs for 't'tiillep T.:iortc and hlattr's Irons, easorted. weights, 100 tuln, arsrted Irotm 1 4 4 to iBils for Plantations, steambeato, churches, &c. m.dl: to arder, Alteo stenbeats and other machinery tmade to order. 'Ite al.ove aerortment of goods is particularly reolllmended to t!le attenttilo of Southlern avid W .stertn merchants, and are off'ered for saln at ltow yrice, n.d upon the most literal termni; it is be. iToved to be the largest and beat asrortment ever for sale by any one establishmentoo in the tiiitd States. Merehants, by forwarding a request by mail. ca.n have a prin,*d circular, with descriptto- of goods, prices and tIrse, from which no devlation is ever itde', furnished by return of mail. All ordera will reneive immediate attention. Ir:w Y-rk. 1838. j, 3 a ;i "N ;4 IkIIP L PItKLtO-'Uoil r" d't I r" n trol S4ttt. 1 and Pickler,. .iienel tinon ; deoe , 611 ,nte' of is & tllakell'+ Pickle-; lr .oi I i. 'lte a nin-oiou eit, by JAIltVl In lit I {)l '. ' .. r1. car Cnl.t tllllin t :A l 'Ohiellpittllo t ýt it -l'.-hits hull teares io I itH pI ii ,. tr .i l es t uould, for sale by Il.\AA tlllllltil; ia Ci. mlll 13.I ; lulgnrizi , lrrcPr. \,v- i dielling hotans an Triton tert, e j tavern Tsv.1i ('irece and t arundaletI tart. art . Apply (t J OTT, I. "II. t! '.tWS -, lc-: nlheelbhrtro s, 5 1 :lisl du. ill etue,* l" eol by 'lý .1IAII'L'INt. COOPER. ni' l\ Ii el Cap and Le:tar P T l itr f all In i t1. l i/ * e ,i1.l0lllelll o l t/cr .i l fell lr DIIII. InId, hIll, i.,p, ctitt t in Itand and a rIt aleItb hO< thAVII) ItILT ('I. 'l. N V . tinni' Hull, h- t'har s e . Ti r. -, 1 :.,t ; ( .... ,.':( rn01a1 3 do. nach nlonelie \\ inn, ih , S' do of12 doo 1. Phron ih-rlr, i n J idi I ,lat excllr \n eia. For ale b e 'I. or NV·tati onr ' (l .irsll rtrel et.l {, f .;' 1A ' i- L ,i\l o ,l ,rtroo v, sri iv ,i r aoln. ; I nt:'i 1Bh ,di eatly e t th ' l- r niin c r eet. a " I\IllE.T. c.T C. ttsel. 1: i ver0, hi ; p lossess t given nne inleld Iii AC 1.,, irsetyiw..i f' t I:I.--Did bbs f 1'hlo Jor ll i b i- iti A"A , - -Ist 1~'h.'!l. i . . r,. Ii l 15 ctoils I. n,.phli nl Iri .lua nha-lldor. ,, r nalei by I.I YE'I' .A A III .U .t., tll 17 C(.llllllmT te i At. m 61 I le t Ck m I U -tm , t h int3 we user Gia n I na t.I r0 IVl.ElsRY NOn 01rA IV B o oT 1" i! noioih, ago I had illhe lisfirllusue et, cat Sa eocrt :l1i nnr 0 till . .l hick I have allplirll to, .,le n,' the lbo/e date Iut tllnyslllun dller ll-" nle of t)l-t.r ), ilt.ot. anl I I rill to l re In . t i. l ne t hat time the di e iti ot wnlr. ne as It bre.ak out ill large ulcel I *inllnumber of rig or eight on re. h le, and all ,Ivel. my lace, anti enre thllrl, and Inllio Iablel if, worlk Ui h-. p-Rud. limter a. l ol ac|nunt ( the dJlremr; blr-e ahver oil *• 1, riht si. e of the throat. I am n0 , p0 4 hi0ing m l conefl 'elt! v Ulnder thLl cure of .r. Hluel, .f Porls, " to oe p'rl.eily.cured JUlli DI,.E\N. to, 14 Ii I Do C"ITIFY that tile antve ment'onlnd dlilan is Sqgitw w,: currd OIi.ln tnltiealetion,ieii for wlnie.a tiete I 0lla i n etttliideiit fl, a d.d iit t ie t lle iei. i.,,l!l l t! ; •lh,refa,r e I atvi*,o Ily 1( Ihliw sullib er , iI, Into n l cii ln ranl a:l, p Iv to ID r A . I hle t, 1l` C lut ,l Sr-tt, elip w,,+ I)llll lllu n" llld BoRnurboI silreps . Itor fiu e t in o I:, ,lie f lr o nf 'r l c k .t , m, i i l 4 P i .t lOH. IE.iN.i t, dt itiatlt r I rnelit If n aiv an wants to see ime. ull at N.,. i tlUtuIie itrers, e:.d thliy will be adlblslled. To be tubli. ed at he plis,,n of Dr. I uEt, New Orleane. Fell 1, 18,8. i-,h I4 I v I n"iit a ton ill hIdtalli itaitiil,, 1l.l: ": li , tat , Iea ti hon td, is p utiti p in hotllvi at Ilt.e low prile of 511 ,antt each. clttaiitnglte stlren3th of three uatlltneta i tivm wor., Iiei tea tht tirueia i nl litV l ltr rl (t.atlil n barbs known amolng tihe Indians as iicacious il curitng pamnaeat l eatmllaiti ri-l u rivall t ued sue-swhichis astedlled the ne o" thi. ntentabhl llalsam wherever it hlas been llllo i oned. hae ibtiined the confadence na d rc:nun, nda tiins of reptable phylsicialns, for the lore of, con:ld, paini the eide, want of root, salilhtiang Io blood, tinr complaint, &e. lo whmca it finty concern. This is to certiry that we Ave iln orae praetiee f.uently irearihtlti tiro iard ier's lndian Btllnmol lverworl a "d tloarhlunil witlh I deield s.l etet: we can thereflre,f t rolm the klnoll ieie of the materials ht i t made fromln, and .bre ivntol pit e paiele, reeoel ll it aa a nulleria pjrvaaraeil.l fr i1 tha illetanaiona i the hllaa ln il wichl a is re CALVIN ELIS t. I~l Memshers of Iht Boston ledicat Association. Btalrn. OAtola r ta. is.1eby J. RVIS , ANIDREWS, i 1 e l tlltlta til t't ill; Illt lie re1 ,mhreedat a y e . .1ia lttti tin t )'tLER..' Efibr.ecent h4,lnesian Arnrienlt--For l dy.:np; or il.geelil',n,,sero u ,ebllit , el,,!i iwaemp.ulin.cetainaaita of Ihe aittelil'h, Ibi tia eci tlarenllieIatnnll uni alnaaefs,Latil ra eslt audimuch Ialued e a gentle., colinle llrni ve' . Thit d-timilh e preparatlin has rmecived the atlren age of ,iinuvyelinentl mllimber of t pt of. :it.l, a ii 1:n. a discerning public nl. 'y re.plecablle : ad unll-i;. titotl trtmlonlliull fits effrlt'm' ao s mddleil,: Iin,ehersll aliel ei. Wilh all the pltlnh uitn iies if a ,ilta nf enIL wa erl tp p (l:(0t t'le "cie sll iii iilllll pr, IOertc of Ihe most a,'gr red mlinnus purea irre; it Ul Ipleaanl to ihe Aularr, .lid gr r Wl t th sLn,,Sllt,. IIPOIt'r.NT CAUTION--'he inereaing rteprln tin anld reat demnand fr Blasin 's I.fervesent altgn. it. Ap~erient.has bea an inlldnee t fo Il the to f-. htr an illlaltn of tlhis waluahle nepd einet. Prrhaerre atre priec .Iwly warind of thia fact ht tlhey mlly be an h.i' g~rdl, alid not prcrmr an impure arlicle. 'the pIblii are respilelllly infer ede Ihat thi nhseri tirti ate eaat'lfd.y ephed 1,hi i ht tra lriRc nai in, ge eliti peratila raa. ara hled at, whiela I hi tre ail. OICKLER. r OO. lenls. trt5 40 Canll streer., N n. aILnyiia eilita Oil,.,tathe a epne...iith.a tI end imni hofHair , iffianainetlhaitt"ei ate nd a'ei tthis ItIdr alt.w otfJhe et , othe ,llatar it haa , :.ern I tiII in biidrl ide - f easel of hIllhle, , I hi_,nnr . nile| atlln afn eflt Ir air, eatl illrrery iminttie, iti tnll.erv -no th;I trlot rnu lidl. It biel er fried io pt.ttlee h " tl., nn ' ' Celiittl ( -otlh i t h ani. ii p he tll . nlra'lv lt , whnti e inye n • ea dtit 'a enlat e teat Align. arn:latr "ailr ii h 'tt ltb , a iI e. , .itianir ( ollth of baia wf t 'tt tllh t',o nLi ti. i:e:l:., ab t te. t pit eiLta ..a...t . .. Ina i a t itt. tnitel ti are e-ltat"ttirtty alalr tn til taatcn aaatle niltdniI lanlialm a ~ I~i,4aai- - *lIain'I a' & Cl'. 'ava, 'a'" ,aanivlflalrn flbar hp Olanaa Faasle. Inaeldanalar, 'annar MCI Faara Aladr -a. Crea 1 and 2r-3-in p lnear; in"1' I Inamrn asls nnrls llcin 11 a "I~l'3 nin i~ii llaa , .9. a n nn41"n iahlan llani foltie KlUnvt: l " 'n-kel-i. Hnrqaa-,,aa' nl lanlln Piaralal a'laa nia |anal 'innlaa, n .pll.l Iannai ait nme Il-n.i; dihot Rlelti Powader la.h anal PlasnaRl~laaaka; raa~a n-ntl .aad fl,iakni'r flap"~F 'aI ""'-'Can:r.-n (apa al f lanp 4ldl-l-h-r flnth, 'lalr ',pmala /h "d Nail l Ilaaip4: Onianal a1'1hlnnia' LPalOth \naWlh' i I'nail Pawr,.n: 'r.l'. an'il .haviaani na. , in g.ant ..aa a " .nf. la naln irR ni l' llla i.'.e't, a'Rl CI:'.' Ca: Pa' rI ' ia -,, 'r,,il .r Pno,.,er: . ,m rv lnao ·; Irory "Tqh ..altdlioni'1l, " ,t en ' ,h desr . r Gna rter.; . ul . bSt'l -lie %m n owlre, r ' "a') rla1 P ae adan'1r : naat a'le. Sards h 1nn" L v ": "rar- ,91n.; lnni=t nB .kl .-: (r'an let Rra!al aalant. "' .t Y'hatin=: Gilt nnd .,iiv.-*, liendl=: hpli~an l11.nd* i i'aal" 'n' alnmea: a'hl'- Tinnt: fi, and aireapina vdlh': hiahaina'flditiona l".taaaillr a rnr.nilaa n i aa ld mnkel their Paorn ',nr ii very 'mnlrtai anal will hl aa'e osw anI on libarnl tnrlll, a te °nll o the naa l a .',a io..f 7n'lanalrlnlr. nnPPt. nnn filrsl)' an 'lcn.aan- 4an-aa I-.' tha ~~~~ Inll ) WV. , S. Icl(.her. Sh,'dfip"hl En kndl. hnv· in+. erivrld n vrv ,,rtnrirZ. I of I.t a , ". -nai lin- of ), P-hl- nd Ineert and iv"a on pai -" nnpa I da'llll. n Pr. nicl aat. ai ak.nna l'ltAnra Iln''i Rnve n: Raall an.ral Ii :ors. l+r+ "l'.er, T . k-. Ne. ke. which tho are Irr++.roIr I,+ Sexhihit to the trath alnr ,rrhi,-m. TeIrln andr coniliti ,+ li vi I' nmal knla'n n th, n i"n' np. mill J. lI. B[EIN (n 5llll,.'N'n ('an,m , . -I)lIN'q. l'knrra 'fO.--.lranoa 'a reaa ita, --per sip , lhmt ille.. , 1,,rry .," ~twh,*w. 11i rh. a lder. Ir'ha a'a . lC.,p '. stn h- heI IalVainL'·Ira l, ,Iter l.h ll use prketl pitl s: n l ubs . i nhb, l~h d awll ,ql i. anlnr: la-l nmnl a'I Tlca, a a taa l ai.Pa r ntei 'l'llae : I 11 kl .al aald aln llhlr alllIala: hallir -ls.''i, faio' Ia ll a nlek Rnull , lls: neg r ~r, on1 : l.Gerl :m*lvll , i"Zc cln selt vlta.l R, .alaal anl a' m aanaer oil., ami·an atil' all; a'ila' ne| hea.r, oil: parth!Pl sle,.k+ .<wl dr'eathl. tctse: ipt-1 sla'kinlt aat','ii'n l talla|a elnan e' a . a I' rrnl'; ol - '' 1eewe vi'e'-'' Inlieak ''aa a la alaaanwlph Inaaia - . - nai-l.t wn .an I.aa il. a 1dll .hai l a .a iJlla lli: lI o e 'I aa1a aal aa: '.lW -'a'''ll'): went i hatl lalilve e llhh p ol st1'an-: I''w Il .: Ri-ei- l '-l a ,a-ahain na tCk'. hteI:I l h iir.cIt halll+ prtFl* AlI HII.I u alll llell m -a enaaaa)'nan oe anar saps fn, w own "t IIHSic Powmpt* nle'lP.L ,zvuah~r·'ie : l11ct s havlt'i tr ml l ltdlchsl; i Tiae alaaanaunlitiiaat'nan laramr atank af fruen' prrna'ai'-a aa~l~'a,aaa.aae.a-a Irtich 5a, makes mar ll .s 16·1 nt very1 1 o n~l\. II .ILl· Vw II·· ir~lll"??" lil, l+1llln~l·It·I (i++l 'll lllll VI'I' i.ll~lltl +. ll' q.1|,1) ,:1·rlth'd ti l . rl't'lr h lit, lilt. RI~,llr. h.[,h .I .,n . t I Th II'al ';r R-an il a te sia n l rth i" ll a . lo, (a.l .a^. of ""w irhllnlr : n111sw. I ,rria &1 , . f al t+, ib x U lrrilsi . lh e &(oo f lIt-- p rl n ".ln I,, I ni l.'ir rf i al-ltlla hi ll ealh aa lp millt a Pialdlnana a)naiip aa'allmnarmana'tlaa" fin',l'. ian l a 'apal 'n-larin a the r " hai- lanilerlla ana . a) rl ivi an r par tr, will e cl |al. I ai C th and "eiin an Ilsa+ -ia tan ,a .t' inaa ad' - in LeviC |tlurrlit will alttelnd hothe" setth'l. of the blumines. l" rinso iniharra& Co., t Nntlhen; an lanrri, Ki al ni aI. a nn-;na llnd I ellalnrn ela v ,ll nan ala toa eselin of the basia' afKella, Wa -a nh C a .. at .ew lrlran.s. phe l:tmlls of Ile several Irms will be "eaafli'paa 1 i n n on a ')' I I nre e-arne'e laa re na aitei an 're I ranllr art a alll ,keenllv etlllellnl -; an11 thonl a ea lanintg clanau naill pleasaa e a .ien. ll; n wifi ut delay.I •'IIn lll ll jrar, L EVI' InFl lr " l l~na'alnlna- laa lENRtY iEI.R Y. niui P I:lnlirn"UPOl~nF \'.ail, f,-n.Turina"r27,-1837. . \ ..IN il lRI FC TlNA'S CO.'----1 -O lr. NI'EI WV ITE!{ iJ . ea.+e,, IT re·111 olllf4 th 11i I,,-(i,:r PIh.,,e wre. nll'l t I na ie al,,- I a' i r ale I | i o.. al n .i' n arn ,il'' a' l.tti a - I. Als1o .Am ,erien intl l<'+nclh tilet p w~iel"I, powderI~ d ' - ani ' a a.ox'aaa 'lhiu iian tilea ap'' . ,i' nete "ar un ll, milk na-- ra ,+, co- leti c' crlIeram, n.xtr ' ao tllatnk, ke rtl, P , lhh ant'\" vI el hle hnir oil, I aIl\tlm ntll. 'a' Ia nliaa a, Ili-. Ia,, 1 -' III C l.LI ll nr lv re .'e ( utsf Mursille cll, r, r ind Itirlun ~l rlnllv l bl'. a ,-l', Cll. n| e Ia l In11n ,- nlllllnllll" tl' r ln to ,w s,,l a 'ol/lolt r oi aa (ll . ,allril a i alnl arah tp , tahar aaital n adti on a ''') ilp of f a- hi ahala har a ln h'iil c'eomllbs al td j, eln hr , ('e In w Iit hI l''')e or r all l ·:' i lll l· by llli "1 P1.U.I( ).. I ii A|T Ilt. .itl :ll ' t|,illl \v * ju~zv 70 .hartre-+ tre ,t. ... "+ rll--_ . 1:~ 111 ..iC· ILt' I/C, y 1;Ia, )~ c1V Gin til~ineaaaaaiaa ilanlae &ihteifrn ,Ior n ha a ,and, analaathira a e. . 1,t a ,ra let , a r' ,her. n' ilk n .,an n-orsted " aa -thp arne'% ,III I - Usak+ ' te shot betsn~r hor'+ Ih, o be t.l poc t andi ncili'h.. 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TIhse i,,h ri, '- . Ir e . Ire r oisPed, iund il oan ro their previo ,sl ..k oi I. Iin t fal c ,llllps ' rrliPie r'., J. cePllr\'iy rl; h,+"l ll lhi i11' it o : s fir'v ertiiier ,&r'.rrrlse.tie-ir err rea fr,!riw: ('(III l".l- tr, ise it ll, vr elt Al plin te',.vi t, ,piilled h:.k, lonm ralod, dretraln , ild 1Il; curl ) l" 1 neck, Brazilial cosiie h f reery dl'lsritilon nion.I whi h tnre. . d le nt s pr rri.u I , Ivory tn sh+ of eve I deel·iption, ornl dresi . IIne i pcllket, t,'elher writh ": I,, r rosend irplller, lo~i err wafro ol'orerv q iin Nnd di-i ription .ported .C.lo.r, e, traCt of notl, mn"* alr 'p.of til l ki enIt, rhavin ' Il, l ases a dl d tt., airen.s N .oipl, 1V a,. r•..t., e·h h ar oil, lear Inan a -ll ,lllltmulll in It.(. 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'te Io tllhveditorsn who n"e I)ltt ort ,otl' ' tIe rpr'riettnrn, r lditors a sttb-'liilr"e of the oove It caus lmnPed nll rnllll! l ' evrvr letter from nemrons I have is ston e.t oreal to uilcht ill Ilth nblve elee·r punt. li -, I. T1he tlet s, t of i over Ih 1 u "h vreat nucress jus til , ilhl .o lilmited n 'eind as tell or twelve di . 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The nlltieted,nfheretai ti i II or, ll n a " t ttlttt en tm i l I n l. e div lln Ile eol. or ,:' I ' I ex l ve ar u ( e t ork, ,i here letti lt lol pi e id, and it' 1i t io lothier -. ill I e -rehre ., t reach 1fe, l on t l ,5. o o lb ,o t the ulr et' h il o tiei., 0 elt'nt , o l S e rlih. tei !rev. tlhrr ill t Inn erled ia fidel ' "enot itd v'alI Itt wtll ft .tt'lim 't tf w civi ten oar o ;tunt th n e oroitrt S o tt'ld i t.ti d e lire it e r iy. i)t . niwelo l, w ei hi rea il in 'tli , rs I, ,11 Illl" f 1' 1 u nhont m nnif' ll' i n %In diel,) I., lit(H I . 0'i I Ithe I' tt h.i ito. to'hli a II l' ~ln len ee 1u ,! Ire hem w to he d id, whi clihe .to d he a 'ho nhlo tuhln, ho' 'ro lw r l,ypur,,os.e htlc; h'le deiIlverel lhne t h tit t ,r ', a awib.oi pret er Iot tint IIw |W lln I t the bll "il, Its . dl ty it ne,. rin tll m l re w. lldh re t t F pm t e an dtl' . o l, w r o ly n uth lr n r in t ' a 1dra a" f Iir ii le rey f i, Sexam,no I. 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A Ill, JlfTe. tlt I tin t.n \no tonlder nti te11' r . -i· lltel .edi el (n. a at i h.f I trbil ille i ook thIt e hitola ",i d hieIal i llo iied t el e- ii ' l l ,t t nt i ,i , t lt t I l be a I, il- v e fttl ,lnt h t l:tie pat 11 Ih e i . oi tir. l .I.Itl h oi. t a otof . io o Itnt .oo thoa nt I ta el eletin l infidtel. e re nd in the 1ibe tha 'a tr,- isI i,- . lhe i ted I lt.i .oliI tdI titta toe. ha r iq et beti t r li tiler n wn byis its flirm s: o t rh a I co ahn tred th 1 heln t'li ' foe ttte nr-' re of .1 , I h. l e, ileld tr walnt t h ta bll i tasl'sn mnrIl h r ule .-r nI - a a+, ery .tIewi tz f1r t l he wn ,o l o b h, m 1e , 1 hIt I ,l I ut o ther. ll lner llr fe n oi Ih ¢ l irl v of i -,Ivor will i'l. 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CaaII hileell asii o1 thi a oieiholduert ,ll "h,, sew Or'. ls am]d Naeshville ll.ui[ Io.,d Cmlllpa lny ,'r te fll ,wii in p):niyr.lts ni tile ie stock h,.id rcspic. r i, i by z. tnavi:-tWo nulurn ier' elair,, payable oin t:e Ifrst d.v iIl td ilelptle hegllext; twO " tiIara pIr er sltlre luvail, ii the tfirst tinV of I)eDenhcr next; tld two illars per Share pvultile Onil the ii et cd'y Iof ,lArch cx. .No..lw lh.leral~ire h it resolved, Chtl tte seer.lary ai I tsi c ati i i n' ia h.i l n oitify thl s la re h o le r . t le ei , it iiii iII It i aic lar st oft the ciiy,lhnl in elitlllrlily v ith tie ixt. ncti , tiof the cniarer, iiyala ieniitlid iti iriii an illy 1i .ii ipayntcled i.l, the stick I'asjd c..i:ui.fiti tihe terI.aiaf u.iXy dlys, irom.i aid alter the II, oi wh.hc i it I uitde paiyalile, wit th le exitela ear d iIi iowavei', tint if nlt reiularly pilI willlthin ithe Rain' Alrl -no latio, sixty dalys, tillll u ll lift r Ilhi dae on v, hile it a.h hlidhavehbeel; auhl, allillll tile sl.ta:k i.iuv h.i..1,lidiiVIinltait shiiuild hive h.enllnnie, i srid r,lli, 'ii liciteidl ti the aollpllay, the eharter iii thai pouint ion inperlutie. Ii cllritaity thierefore, to naslli. cllia h, ltk oli the anckhohler il said iilliiany, as thisk plropier io pat nit tle psliilllti In thir steck to thei lcl nt ' thle id titiini nleixty'daya, 1nhich tile eliaer Illana. tim.", ar notiielld that the patentlll of two dul licelr plur nIIn' Cnail filr,nud due iln tile irt of Selp. ainlier next. iny lie pntatl(ed ulder the dixth setilon t' said chartier, until the 31at dry Of Octolaer uextlltat llh l[allltena i tw in dlllli per share culled it, anll dule llhl Iist daiiy if Deceitir next, lliy he poet maie Illlntil ithe tith day of JIIanary n e\llnd the pay anee.,i twodotlars pier lihare cailed ficr and I!le io the ,fit.t tav if .lalch iexl, may hbe poltlltu d ullntil the iukh *lav of Apiril net.l atitialta o i' tiu minutes of the board. yine 2' A Mc.INIR. Sec'ry. ; Oli_ . t Fie', il_ u t.. s Pi uaun whinie W. . fl~ats, for sal VJOHN II GIL IIARE. STATE OF LOUISIANA.-Praish Coutn for the *ifE Pariah and City ofl' New Orleans. HlE STATE OF LOUISIANA' To all whom Ithlhe Prsents shall come, Greetinse.-Whereaee nm tlonle Holtse hbovinl ptnelhlted noc sale made by tite Sleriff of tile poni.-t of itteolse ith pproPlrty Wi lieroinsleer darcribed, ao appldie Ite the clerk tl this e court, in whooe offier the ded et ele aon recordedl n 'he ed dee of April, A. It t.g1 . fir. moniihn o r udloer- 'The tineeent in eoontorenitoso an retof tee. eeislat'ire ot the pow tale of l.oui'ians, miled "An act for the frlther nodu la o tiles to percha.ern atjtdicialsules;" alnprnovd thielIth dosn o8 March', 18f4.. irg' NOW, liereflrr, know ve. and all pereone initertled Iherein, nre herrebyv cited and adnmoni.·d it thb ame if Ithe lie Stlate of IenisiUn., sad tf the Palish Iseurt, ron who ean set op any right, title or claim in and ito ile propetto bereen ailer dtecrihed in eqornquen'rll oiny ie intibrleslite in the t.rdcr,dcree or Judetlnen el Ihe ciot € 'dr Innder nbich the .nl waon otuli l.r nny irreoularilty tlr ill, ponltv in the appnrnieeente attet neLerrti'emeno te e tine. lor'e"ater nf.nle, rorf nny oher o efec!t wht,. 'verr, t show enune, wi thin hirtvdeny fretn the dao thli ne tseition is ermt inserted in the tthlic pnere, nhty ttit ithle ud.e hi so ae should notbe coimeoird sund hom oIne ted. 001 'he l ad prrpaSoerly mat oddi hy the Shteriff of the pnr- tte ,sh fore.aiI on the 141t1 day of April, A. 0. Is:v8. by e eirtne If I dcree r of thin 'ort, rendered n ittin e lJit51 dno cfFebrev , A. 1. 18:8,in a rtl eni tlll d Alexnandr o Caldwoll .ns. Jaso se e Hn tP o tS,3i of the docket tef tr o thit Conet, at whinC raleInhe seaid Ja0tes Hli olne becaneh thoe plrchatrer for the plier of twrnty tore tItuaned i de dlore. h ne Itecription oaf Proert s pies iein the Jrondicil Con f or eeyanee,tiz: of: A certain ot of teeoend titr'ted in the esuherb Ans - nueni hin sPins Lteonrrse of thin aliy ln nqosre %5, o X, nd Itio h rin r Irbnch meusln e, fin0 l tl l re't nteolu pitotlaas treet, fist fetl Itronti ten( ,. pos' etreet, ni tie 1m0 fee on I eal: ade dnlo re h ttren littn es Itbt nnitner thoI said eltutertnd is fi feet wdie hn nio e idea of sn h re q rihtsc th n thee, logelher wit', a dwelliet blner frnts t pn'l'eopitnolh s st et, the kelthesll ae7di- tI pendrcmeil, nne the dittilley estillei h11 nste elretd tie theeeont and otleir bitinAis nn.l ietproveeenrte, tile moebh 'nev, uterlilte, ilnple l en sn d fist oll e . t tsitsp i enai d'tillev, it' dpeLtdtpdciLN seld oteto' lentn .e. ' and oes righhiact'ofsnns Iperivilegno theret. he.longhlg "I or im any wine appert:nini lr.r e rert's ectffer, ew Orleans, lmay 7. 188. to - tnldihjt | J. ce,1 .It.. tnete'lv iprk to -ErAT lEF Lb Lt,ULttA.>--.en tie ,..m uttetsr nei.froeisene till letn N'nitthi Ovleios. ti [ :I'TA'I liE I.. }IUISIANL.--A tent, i'etss llw Is eea ia1Leirel einttereeit e Atet po r s: Attor.lls tlee Jthleso H aor e rtsnvt eAnteFju lr n ienat " ftite r oe Steeif 'le I etliesae i1t34 tl'le ait tnl6th tI- 'inltC' pitCetse ta tRnett'shont Grc rlrtle retes .tolr n1 In tt, ivellle Itft et reg ice hte't Sm.jer dte .tet dle folice 183r, noner t1ti Hein niseettrln'lmtt ' let n Aemt. o e si c Bi+ 1 1t 4i Iel I' *Ito te nhl i o Literia, itfitiuel nt d.te toute ireCenellrt le titel'e e h otllpmeete111 sett eeielle jni!sio~iti'"ee' niit.ap'toiti ~Ile IO Mars 1834. B .'il secullll catlt nl lyrltes |)t'¥+nl1le eiStll'B6eesnillt pIae tesprmea Soiollo . all n'sm tde li' Etot ti lO tl.stiintle tt tr dela Cten tie d.,renois.. Sai polnrileelt sasir tdlait a e 51ir tib l c i-nlftrte i)ldlb t Ie .' *P~ o, e s i| e cl l .it i I *o c " tile I cll tot 'ie 11 tt e rte eto litte o d e j llnltg rii e tllllclle nt', Is ttaettre iocll e'ratitotitnl'der oui le Is p c't le tMis l, ti oi tesue, s1 7det tettt nttt t le tto ne its rcI ll pest. Ieqait'. Ion s .teeeJtes a d tee trIot ped p cuhlieti oun 1erte rotict tnt eei t eitt orittrsi s itie trafeoitt ntoficitu' et blnttnl ttpttfie, iii "' IarIn ,i t 'eI trre supnr le ,hi arllnit , le qnn rIs ttonlittbtba tursedos pettesbilet ndn Itleqsa 0o5 ti rue o tdet'aenhe 15r8 e ovrtrtl dnnn at d1zie aer A la fing de i'n mne du utc .d most q~ua Il~ ,* fClet h Ic ' e r de ter . e ri r rde Iwlene e IX:0 , m Ife.,e 'itllir' d'ellteier n timbler re lolose '¼. irue\Tsh*ioitelydts mooiettsettses topntAloqcles. 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S11LOtf31VllI.. an Histori at Novel, b. the author o a " The lrotlhers," Ec. ill : vol. t Popular lMelicine, or F.amily Advisor; consicoing ol OutlIr. oIf Alotmoy, I'hyhicloe.. a01 llyogiene, wilh took 1hill a oil 1l0e pr0 tice 'f Phyolc. 0n111d it Sliaases f Owomenil and chillren, as may prove us·Eill in falilieo when regular hvysicitna Eca011111 h1e prredl: ibeing a colmlpaio and guidl far it,'llie'ent irie,,cpalt Sof mnu nc.lorie, ,h lntalions, lndI bll.d ng houol . n head of faeilie.Oe, masters of vesels, missionaries, or ttr.alellrl';lnd IoluefulI sketch for yolnllg men cOnIoe..e Sialutl laudyv ofind~litn'. IIf Iteynell Cotet, M. I). " e'er Parey's Universal listory- on the kaors of Geroraphy. for the use of families, Illastruted by maps 0 l oalgrsvinlse, in 2 vois Jst received and orsaleby W MoKEA.N. n09 ur tamp oad Commoen sta. NOTICE.-The ewnerotfsveral packags merchan . dine m hrked Madins V. 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Joh,~1, 'sl'ox,,;ire n ,.ortunt Ito .u 'I of the meet eL+.rurattd | lo , ll in m [uro e, cxclati-v Io devot)e to till. trc Ilelnalten. ri o ra: Si l ihNltttic i cou ]) a tr :"a -t frotlls froIm re. olrr o live yen a In ir New lot hk ui 'g , irilh It i te Ier Jooei . l " tile I hie race ilce solely to the ttr tolle t otf Ilo e h ll o st , · l i the Iro)s IIuprr,".cd1"ctrI I o' L.t, lbel I iis rPltlulcd I, re ll I~v* ltl~m i ll* lhP lll tIJV w i. 'I~lollle ii It- ill l'e ,,dl Ill 'Ill ,v other .elet. riot t.inhedine, A httt ri it,, isleo, Se.tiitlle .Jelto I t.eVPoko.g, Aaliliollts _' I'lld d.r . idnevs Prostate (ilandnd Lns (it" hiLhoI n rlllr one tr tilti f nll'eltioll wio '0 getallllr y olll oI neg.. V ot ot ol,,!-Ireuteal calS'Z of VCe erial. " crol',lhou: -url'e ulcerated =ego aud worluatrtnvest I| a ",illlle IIImeh ol I|" treatl'lll without rostriclin in diet or tdot'rroo. lionll frollmt lill.est. terloll re iltlc in the ctuntry, andi whlo el deli atina esaito lg their 1 olijv pltosiclant, it so nlito a tttrotell t t their 'tote fiy tllrer (pitl paid with t ies en'|o'~d) lal [llave )I. oihll..o' s ad ic , tr ti . tr owl 3 reatmlellnt, with ellticinell, i etary ito be sd, llwar deld. Separaoe nlticea pr.vided where patienlts t n never Aolletl, n.toet liei, eo i It t night, at 113 Cu-tolo i (ojt i'oltatiols strictly rconfidential in all cases. .el. 13 _ II 1)11.1'. oI.\Y, llooar, Sigtll, :oo)lli tllltas I loiielts, N ..i o (illlelllil street, two Slath.'sl 'loo' :tiotlllll 1111,l' • 5Hat. of h ie followinhg Wooods and nmoo rbles, ecntdlll. nt. , lr . io o.l.t, . W.oii M 4It E4. Mahliguny, " lfEplino ll:lk a ,d gold, 'lorllatdo, lit or ilorit u t-ted llo tlilue,l S:clt Wood, iotoinuse, I lair Wood, line or Bhordello, Yew Tree, linian \Vhite, Co:ronlutnlle or Ilack Sinuon and Itrcetella, IRose Wood, AnlCeri in (;rey, Adh \\ hlie Oak, ke.k & e. Cuhied olm, I tcilluwsll tnIn te seean i thl shotsl. Villlts, cil. tsol sul.1trnish, ,t. oe ohad notoa \.III "h a .IiI , h .I I I \ 11\ Iii i Y , 11l - IIII" , ,Igoo, 1 101 hnUdle ira, m.aiI a.ot' les. II.,,, 'roll ald rIi i nslllll, lu il sollll ni p0i~I C.It, (G.iriii, .hear, blisterld, spring, sheet nor: CruIo . lt sleel Zitl, block ti, etill oottigried toiooe, all ket.les Cluhn:. t.blet, ou chors, ,lor, hew I1., Itg at l Ir t h:irs, corn mills A.\ttils, tiers, il.t erseotd hellows \Vir'n ahc ,l llu l Elll l Itllle r les h alot Co] l, .lt ukiltt.ol.illt oe Ala , it.ltoil' r lol In thi elllltettttI shovels Ilook os 111ite higes, idoor anid w.lduw hooks :(ollt., Il,I Oorpl,T ar etllher ales I:lr'd atii l .liila oiogt, ,lieis ah d twine i ih a It ll llleo lllltitog e llle, lll Navtl stoles .ones, lll I et andli serm illllli il A ulti aianttl.a oft hallwllre and I sip clos.nletr, til war is on hland, i which aroe ilttl d f r ldi ti whole sae ori real, eoat te motsi fttonile itttto., ly t \VTI I', k o. S311 I rever HARROWGATZ SPRINGs TH'IREE DAL S JOURNEY FR O.I NE IV ORLEANS. tIfFd. prdpriet rcl the restalishmnrt hts the plea ineotat atoel, i tl lie w ill .' , reiun-.v the illrei day ofe ehoe r aei r vi-iter+.a le will also les for the tro. lsti ofith, IaIot ati-taeoltrot there nllla trV en arteg' inroielent o.o llmdo llt d o hllertt no l uint oll ol nd i0 eapid i erorea e for ttplititt, wo Ihch will cioeale t1he cholloer her to tlcolollt aot itl htc l orgir nmber thiant in ereturloin hio unrit the a.tlll ie to thl vtry libril Fa u ili~prt can be aoeoo ooaoll.atld itpeh gl rotoml r. tiones tat phave Cab large in i i rov itched fradin the tint buiu hllg. It io deeoed Utloeese.:.rv to 000 anythitg in partienl or Il. the' olmmodl ter , ho mert w ie, Is it ai generll ly believed thIat tl'S are LLot iAirior to any in the Soith n ,trfluau. Ar the n fbmec, nthkt and rms eerlith ih. al t.VF er aind crtaitye, wain he sLin hder t . het usic that this partl of lth tnnttrv t iarof , hlstltt hobee. ogLa ld. and will Ie ih n oont at attendanen at the SSprins dtring the whioit eeaslon. 1 lite.itoatlotlb I will avail itiselfof ehis upmnroinitv tin retuorilng iti nt'eieottd titattke ftor th very liberal tr eunpnrt givtn hicn lsot eieeon. snd hopes ito the eaer. eijne that have been ,iaden c itprovitg and exweiding hi than boltdains t merit aplietio. i pA ter nag the Srseit eid. ON' CRAM., TO 'IE. LADIES. a TEINSON'S DEPILLATOKIY,for remooving pil 1L periloostaa sair from the fane, neck and arrs, woitt whiter than beire tne applicition. A freo, suppli MAIL AIRANMEIIMNT Norheos9 Mailc Cloue Ever u by t A M , Cleans Every day at l2) MA. 0H 1 l Due eveF rd unyyb Wedyd.y, .l Western Mail, Friday b y W edy a by a of the Clser ve ry Monday, Wednesda (:ORat, toed Satiurday, by 9, P. M. TllakbMaill Doe every1'; lyv5, .M Thursday, an via ( Closes ever Mondlay, Wednesday EXPIIESS MAll.. TIMES OF AIRIIIVAI.;I)EPART''UltF DISTANCL Ar. of hie Express Mail, belt-' M1 loils and New Yo k--leaving Mllobile dail at '3 P. M. Nortlhwau New York daily so 5 P. 111 bouthward. Arrives Arrevi Northward. Distance. Tlime. Rteura'd ,Montomery. Ala. 2 pin. 198 n's '23 h a12n. ColoolioGc, tie. 1l 91 94 Alilledre ille. Gn. 2 133 14j 24 p. ld (Colcoiio. S. C. 71 am. 163 17j 10 Illceih, N C. 5 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 A0 a I'ertoerlrg,Va. 10 pm. 83 I0 9a. m. Rii.lcool , Va. I am. 21 3 64 Frederi.kslc og, 8 67 7 I p m. Wnhincaton city, 2tpm. 61 64 lalli ore,. 6 38 4 0 IPlhiledelpia, 6i am. 1010 11 New York 2 pr. 90 84 1305 141 h. or a542 Northward. Coming Southrwnl, the lime is ix houri Ir.c: hline5 firlnva un 17 hlrr. 1'. ,14t),LI.AIS REWARD. I) ANA WAY If ih 1691 I rl:delet corner of Hlevi' Sr.reetl, on ,e nieah of 3 tl of A uaus. and ase seen .lie next miorhig in I'e.eadolreet, a ngro boy naimed ('IIAII,IS, nabout 17 years of age, oin fee or therlenhallni il tizhil, very lack, and haseon isnled itnelt in his pleelch, olc of his lego is antee,tea.icnel by b recenllt hurtibe hbd ,n wthel b he went wav a white Irttoln or linen shir and while eitilon i naltlaone. a.atso r of vessels and ete:,m hoots are cautioned a s ga'inat receiving or hnrboring ethl negr, as well mIs til other errsons, a. trhe utmosta rigour of the law will htI enftrred against them. The above rewa r will loepail fo rdelive:itg him int any of the jails of either of the municipahtie, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of Hee. ternet. sept N Ti'l't;E-The cop aciierlshi,. heretoiliere existing lllunder lthe firm ol lubmnl & Garretsen, hlae I.e dissolved. The atuscrilber will liquidatel thea l ilre the concerO in thi si city, and requires iall pt sions in lAc. S I.d to Ioke pvlllenl to him onitv, and nil tslasnehavil t chlaims o r ell het m i brc i etlllc ce. l a.ei nc I r-71 tc UiAlITSON, W. W. SWAIN. I. No. 11 Ca.iat o.reet Acir Orlcans ITA A$ oiwarsv onhand etn tantly k receivin. fire. Iar lYie, tChemicals,and toam n,along lbec. at lItIUC(US. DYES, t% lnlili~, lcrlle, Argolts red, I rricltct " hl An iiolti, Sicbb'. ,. du r g,,. t ll Aill' ;o hii.,lo , in hAre~otte, AOupm.u, ict , oe b-ril, It cccil, rtr ooah , klroIcir -, i " l ,l I Ic Irh'il, h,,h., Ikg,. ( tirani tarlets clii lailla, S Cilahaci deas d 'I lllalls, a liam ilors, den1,l 0.. altm aa , de ,.idt, Lodo cnad, oI1iclcme, fi. c ,ctillanlitl, cdii StI )ot tiingi tIn Jamais, clsot c1pn l, rua's lcciltcr, i.lo l ic, Ilo iee so apilt ,- 14 ro eo1 o Llantre, lldo the rtitc do |lCoire. lo i aon ro1iL. dotll IIiAL e d khin, AalAnd, nitmloa, i ic tluiclia, d l m t.lalic, , do shnill o~,' lhice ta t.icln, ,, .doC .: 1. str eoc t i lol del., t ic, ,lo 4.i i lic r iin, oeti oatL I litr s ti-a I, I it ii. l c.iU t hi l ill" o t Ihai*r, dirl cio l.riorts Suc o .lcoo ,It cwn ali, i-o-'c Icar l1otncti e ii -ilc icei, Ic t .lcoit thti I ii.t .h 0hit ,', . . ..l.. II•I.S. ,I i t kior iint, c l i lilelir.t l l to. .In Imb1 6 , itle tlte L d riiniki, In alls, iit do oricnwatu i Soialtldios l c incc e r 1. l io, 'oml sic i.' ,itse r~-l 'I" 'lo LAmercic:4 I.iql,;,wic ball, Siigla' Ita ;.lI al )ii tail Ciei Ili i iea , allow, cit , ti di I h, -ulcl in ii ol. , - , I, I,,llli ,li. 'in'lii' e rl - I , i Ip e oai c ll .ilo e n I'o lionil nl ry, h,- do t t -ol A-prien r e liisl. ilacn iSti, t c n inc il. l .I rl- lhurc , li-ilal t:1 , Pu I tnlle. is 1\hi lin ii"ci. .r .n w in l/ s Io n it iirt. I.iiharg , A... l:l'ih, dl d o ll'l ll~lo' f, P a ri llhhli inroc crcci t li c hi, ondoi.r i I 9o id er ,i, i w inii llin kr e.,. it t.-( id i cc:lll illh ~1 n ii- , \.. ., d r. , . C -.,"IN AItt y.vAT's NEW NOVELS. ai/llian the Refer, by the aurhor of Peter Simiple, aw I un mint,-or a 'Winter ait Schitiol Ilei-ield in I.o.. S. in I vol. norl Relde.a, a romance. by .Allan C.unlingbham, v hIeptard L.e. written iby himelf, n 2 vols. d CLomipedioos hlltorly / :taIly, translated from titl nriinatl Itahlan, byl Nantlhmel (;reene, inl vol. for ting No 719 of Ilrper's iEtnily Libraery. Vole. 31 I iof thel new complete nnd uniform editiont .f Washingtton eIrine's t l'rks. Roglr's French and English Dictionary. in I uel, l1ee .u..At's F ench and English Dirlionarn,. AIu.a-A lfw more elpienlnf CIobeie I'hieunology "lniezi." Silrvevolr's n'( e ani Rti ofnuperior qua itn, wih chaius, Blillia 5d Itllst(fl-4 and 2 I-2 intiol i illot'r i npoved lunetalic,Jlapaned papers, weights &c. &c. &e. J .sl received, and for sale by u1:1 BENJ. LEVY.. SPAIN IIIVISITEI),&c. &a S PAIN RIEVISITEII , e., by the author of 'A year Sin Spainl,' innvole. 'r aits of nladS,. rhernerre, o yenernllr applicahble to the Aborigitnies of North America, by ti Turner, Eeq 1vols, SThe Political rammarn , of the United Staten, or a tItpletei view of the theory ain raetice of the genera n tllllate lernllletlllS, il, the relitionn ibtween them. -lelliantede cll edlll ltl the t ntg iten of the Ultletl8 Slnes,h l I.v I 1) Jai:afeld, E1lq. Nii,' ur'd IHuutint Tours iterspersedl with character 'stir n dlutes,+n vines adll ,hoings of sportinl men, in ihlhllilne noticesoe f ltin lrt iaci I ereCk riders of Engl nd with nillytictl contntnli nilt general index of nalmes,? t;s T)oY. Cl:Itx or Strintlit rntltit:il's a Evil, (hinirle Ithetnntismin Chielii CLutICnus c l)>- It'in ill het Iloees, by frel ea, usn of Mercury the hi. being in itiited stanl . T lie vtylv ctnitntrated Styrl is prepared with the greilrest phIIrnul, IItIt:l care ':al nlccurlr , andll contain tie active prilciplie ttf iurr alrln n illia in t iIe st COllnt.e telted degree, iombihned with other vegetable aubstancea ilo klnown lli'iIctv. 'I'he crentl deetldelrattlnl with phvrsiians in beine shl ,, exhibita larfe ,iitlntit y if .-ir.a,i illa in a a "lit dosen, ml. bllel Ibthined lI this ltireptltuoe--they, bnhill tilly iconvinced of its mnrit, conlfiIdently administer ti t coor~e tleir practice. Price $1 50 pllr hottie. Sold only at SWVAI' li(til'll KER'S dtrug store, No. I IC:inal etreet, who lillle hll id, frtehitd loelllninl, diree tfrolnt the ir-f rin tors, I.nill'n P'tnlcin aitd Vn.nllfilfe. P(otter's C.l.tli.l clnl, Utrpeter's PIreparationt, and a large and geslna assortlment of' fresh t dru gs, I'I N GIK'lS ROMIE, &.e., I)NNtCIK'S i4'iPRLOVEI) DI)ITION OF IDR iGoldnmith's Abrldglntl of the History of Raioa tll wlliil is prelixed an lntrdutlion to thie ntllu o RliltUni Ilislorv lind a ngreant variety of raInhble inofn Inu titi a15eld "ltrllhutttl titi work, on the Mlntlter. Iltitultions aend .itiluitins of the Rounleue; with no notronls ighigrnuhol atd historical Notes; and qule tilln fiin ettUll.stion ill the enid lf each lnetion. Ie or luslntetd with thirty onpreviiln on eotil, by Atherson. Pintoriu's hplnroved in i n of ler Goldimith'o Hintare a Elgland, fIutu the linviueL of J lliua CAn lr to tin death s oNf ieorge d, with a eeitliltatiuai to the yea L rinn. \ith qunasttins tbr exalitnaion at tihe enld ich seetlion. Beilen a earlety of vtltabla itfrulta tion td ided t troughlt te work. L'osistiing of table of couttetinenosy Sovernigi~ andt etninant peroeIeN . Cnlpious explintoerv iollte. ,eiarkh on the ilpli tins, iiuulner anu litceratrer of lie age. An uittlitle the oAtintnutinu, &c. .c. illitatrated by many eagei iGUS' ELEP. et i .'Irroar, and anl Anridginct of Keitl,'s New Treatise on the Use of Olnbe. New' Aiiieri.e n, editinll withn additioula ni.a imIiprovemeni ar anti cxplantiin ul' tie a omtrniicnal part of the Aa hieand tiniaec. J ust received ted f or sale by VM MKEAN novt 1 coner o' Caml p ead Comnmona ate IIAII'ER'S CI.AISICAL LIBRAIIY. SOlAlu.,tal.ltah by Pllipii Francis t I)e , witbh In a p lelii ciutai;io truinllutlatont, variole ole, &L. by BsY Jausoll, C wlhey .tliltof, i rvdonel IPope Adill.ull, S.iift Caitem-tu, iLi ,Vaknlild, Porieal Briany, c. and e em nl'th uoI'eeniltllt lote oulf th Ptl'ED U w, with tihe apin:dix Jt :iudine traslla ted by Christiolltier Seta, ii vilel fornar; lerulaiata lf Sand lIi l'uar-er'i Celalical Librnrv 'lPha elpedluo of HtJIIl'tt,; CLI.INKER, by SneollNtt, .sl i.I with a tnamulr of 'lh Authtr, by Tlotm t itn uatee, .eq.. new edition, with illanarttaam, by G (ruikblhaenk T THE iLPSY; a Taleby thleuthbu of aRlinlii Mary ol lnrgundy," lno., a w •ditioni, ioee toeyl I'PAUL 'LIFFODtthy the aumelr em "Patlh. The it t raid," Ac, relay _elune lI lte moew. *I ' uof"kt o ners etaplew V . al. Joenr leilee Isle,) lMtl MoeKKiAtN B lACON SIU1RS-d6 casks Cincionati sioe )ttAoRT fe'nllAt r

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