Newspaper of True American, November 6, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 6, 1838 Page 4
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'" 1 haol Iot r.nlnitsiaa Hotel, LARY IIftKIAND roepettidlly on . '.-. {o her friends and the public gone. . a.ln- u .ipreparpor d to ncootmmodato thoem at " abovey ntabli.shmtet, andt hope6 fr Iher i ona ti mnd r vinit or cou iert'blr., to reeivet . tliottiitnoc offorontr favor, Ste fit"o l cnnflh. lent tlthit portaonu visiting nevigtto du3ttring the tImmer monthl, nat0ot find bltter tieet oto.dl, tins tan shes an afford them, on mtar., liberal termso. rr hoseo s plooasntly sitttted, anold well nopttlied It everyi onvenitnce; theo hatr is frnisohed with mot chotice liqiutrs, &e. in short,tslt promises y t'i out lingshall hI wonatig ott her patt to give 6t·lt Ofttistactinn to all whoe may 1,atronize tie d diam tppti And L.oniolano lintel. jý3 studied~t under Dr. S tl.tidt ot Cherleston, t;';$eth Carolina, and for somno ynnrs his aserita.nt in S .1e praction of medicineo and lurgery, has the hon t.or % offer his pronleeionnl etrvirs in this alty. ''Jlaºuree the ladineoand gentlemen that, the ,oost attention "ill hb paid to thao calls wthich PTay 5 made; and also olThrs his services to the ot idorn of larve, beitl well acqtninut ni wih the ..itoases Conmtlon to tlhemo, ha:vint attended themt i ''th augar noutn in Cha:rlestntr. S''hefantonot anti hilious pills alterthe enmposition Sl.Profesrnr Smolletto, with directions, can be had fthe undersigned. Tihe ermet which they have 0.;rod.uod in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest succes,. to which the Iost of r-.forenOa can be given. Apply at No. 166 MXia. mis street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLLOW WAf 1C001) 1CWREws, oAD IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beoklan street, New York, have o-eeivod the paot season, and are cor.stantly re-.eiing large and extensive additions to the stock eof the above goods, which now consists of the oltowing assortmont, suitahlo for the southern and woetern markets. Hollow ware of slperior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 difftrent sirl, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 31) gallons, Kettles, 15 izes, frwot 3:8 to 18 gallons, B :kepmns or Ovens, 7 dilf,:rcnt hizcr, 'Ta Kettlos, 0 d. Hkilletr, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spidors, 2 do Ornddles, . .. 4 do Fire Dogs, . do -Wagon boxes from, 11 4 to 4 3 4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and rarse, from :8 inh., No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2.1 of a ruperior quality aid finish, and loss than Jame's imported proces. Sad Irons. assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retaliling. Tailor's and hattor's Ironr, assorted. :cashl wights, 1100 tons, assorted front 1 4.4 to Bells for Pl',ntotios, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also stoambaats and other machinery mnade to order. Thie above asoortment of goods is particularly recommended to tle attention of SoeIthcro and Western merchanls, and are offcdrd for sile at lo:, prices, aod upon the most liberal terms ; it is he lieved to be the largest andi best rasortmeint ever offered for sale by any one ostabhlunmcnt in the United States. Merchants, by forwardieg a request by In:il, can have a prin'rd circular, willt dcorriltin, oif ' gods, pricesand terms, from which no devlation is ever anode, fnrnished by retorn of mail. Allt orders will receive immnlediat attention. Now York, 1838. j' 3 -ESit)N SYIUl' & I'lKLIiS -,o'nder:nd' IX - moon St:i iloid PioIcoI1, :.iedil sizo,'"; Ilso, fit ýrnnsionbht, hy JAR.VI: b .\hItIII\VS, _l o :l (I.c b . fCotelll:n in 'laclit,:.illlitc O).\|'--wii hllei ,II boXos No lteIa, ro ll cl'Ja-l., Cshld fforo alcly ISAC Bll lli).: .'ei hli. i' t I.T. O() Esln dellife llllme on T'rllct stierr, &' tween TI oli ('irclc anol ( nraldao l -Irt.. IIIRI.IAI{IROWVS, &c--!5 \,l celba.rrts.+ :.V 1dirt do. in stol lle., flll I&P Y m15 &'.I11h t IP l-l til'l ) I ('LT & CO. t31 N taion ', i ll,. llllt t J O .F - 0. 4 l r nl d :al, : n cr er , . s1 do o fI2 erI I L. PrI lllll I: Ad ll doLof' do l l holwn' Sr.r h ( , r I. 1(. . tANK I. il I. T I : l' . Ig =A N NV .... ory bilnto h1 tlll), i ',atrre 5 1rt. ,ItS I '. -ll \ l'" Jo t II I l',ot, l ii; lr( A NEW i oi'c hoo I,. I a,', siw,. .h r lonrI Lrom thei Sco'd Jlunicinalit y : lldnntt :iiir steort. Rnt very :i w, c:s'e: mll liven uInediatey 5 0 C OKS 'II etAC iON ri fi r 0n0c 0v 5 rn99 S ) ,)' 4'f New L'v-r. .A 5toilsope, atuig froint Alimba-ndo,f, rsle by LAYET ,', .\'311,11A ,, ml9 17 Collnerce st. IF et. ttcc (caWa iim'.. ml~ltlk il~la Ice ll Y(llKI(, ISI'II flefRA, NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA it..w (), h; qls, i'%.vIY.I, 11i';7, A OLrT tilx menlhh eg I hIall tIhe li..lArci-se to ,l7 In ascret diFlal, lilr wh iclh I hlnve ai·pliedl Ito p, e rlll dqallo r. ['r/ a clrr e aill( rlllv dlid nlll(l'llre tll"c +,I0 lO\ o1! ,tile rIlrlle (lle 1Illlil#ll IlerIl·L~Ililer til,. tPlllP |f Ilctl1llil Hueta lnd lexltlihh ttt ( . tra illc c 1cth ,limthe tlel li ealte git wr tt-e, so a1U Irenk out in IIrct e i erl.n to tl'e umbentller ix or eillt on ta Ii leg, alied nil ov'r tily liio, nlln, elthroIlll. nl hot abIle to work ilt h. lire.-ent tiit, .' eaclici, .,f the dl~ie','.. Il.'t.e iltrn the riehl t;ile of Ilth thecatl. I ncli itl it- le n.ltl eltilellctly under tle care olf lI)r. lhlet, clf PIiSt. Io bIe pieratIly curerld JullN II;AN. (cr IAIl lO C1~lERIT lFY llll tile rit mo nIlltoilt1d diseaseC is qlire welll i'n r t to Iy al wn alicelir iii, lncr i hi:h I tlhnlk lit. Ilel.; mncl ciioiel l I rin erte tihti the auti - 1.ille I hlau. tlal illk ~ ei ta l ilte, 117 I l t ill llrc' III, n ahh .11;il theref-re I dndi-, l lae notihneeanl sulplv to lIr A. linet, 1.1 ('cnll ~rr~el, hetwals ii ll ll~l,; lllill JIll~llrll'l~l IllfP,'~l. 1Dr. Ile in tlaith Irao,. itel-ath..\ .I. until I P ,I. They will liad a tie litr Idtr tw inntl r shrint. llll3IIN '1.'iN, Ill cirn. ,+r +IrePt. if t1t tnc wntlt i to .ee. n,tce-all at NtI. -1 ail'ariel ctie t ant1 tl ry waill lhe a:lli i ld. To ie publinled at tle otitii'l of I)DI. Tllelt. JullIN Ilt4N. Niete Orlaltll. Rl'i' I. |,1113. f·h 1I h. "J iliIR ( uieleaie lll., Ilal-c,,,,I.,,,t' ,c-.,t cii,,ie hltund, ic tt up' in baltlks aitt, Ih. hl- rito j-fbll .cnts oech, coltiltltn the itrnethCi of tlltre' it lleP- cta I.vewort, ht.ti Irt e intt rtllteci.. Illt Y Illlltrt roilts ilnd lherbt ktlo.n a.lmng ,he Inldit,,,nri e. fliCenciou,.. i tlurilng pnlnionry ett plinlnlt . The Ii li'itled sullersol which line nttendeld Ilia ,le of th1is ihe.tlUmle nIhnnllrll wherelver il blaLs belelln intlr. dt)eet, hlln.cldl:lilled theconuene -nd oIn,:olln dn t whas tf,'eit e phyician,,, r the olr, , , ou.. , cedr, pli l lltal isde, wlllwa af reat, .lilttillg oF bl ull, lirvr conmplnint,&e. To whom it lylv onncerm. Trllir i to, (.errt)l thl ,,e l. hnae in our prltetieec filreqluliypre)PILtrIht11d Mrs. c(irlr lhen% liditt tlal, r r .iverwllrl'a illvrllllill 1 dneidtliedlo elt'e;it ie cain thereforer Irllr te k -ll,. tedtgn f ethlea Initerials it is male Iron1t, lnd (i Ise'vatioI annd rilorialel'e, neolnlliell~l it .-s 1t rllllper··I'l" ,rs, t ill l or all thn.e lcictttiu l. t f tllt I ttt'.a F, alr w I i i itmmnidell. AIiIR R VII. I.t t S, .1. ID. CALVIN ErI+IS 116l. Dl lemlther of Ith louitoll Med1ical .Asacnitiiln. Coston, Oitober S,. sahlby JILVIS c ANIIR.lT, -l a.J 'tl. rrt'lI I p ri e ntt1 Ii, " -" ; Lcc·,,,,,r;llileTi..d',)"lle 3lailcil le·luliv. - e',,headaclte, aidtitv ifthe IllHRtaiail lcltyi Pn. tietee'S Efttrveretacidiai'tin Aeri nttat t ianetl, elaNleear di.a·*r, Stout rveel, ke.anetrIh.uil aaod asa g itts EOOinaliet. , caaltn'l Thii desirahle preparatli hiln received the ntlrorn e~ of mml7l etlunilmnlher.L~r of r.,, pl·Ir- ~l;.i ,Illd fre. a discerpine[ Ilnhlie mrney re. .lr~rll r nbhrld III~l nai1l a timilinlt i'fitl etllt tctt a .inedtcl I'ihve hieli. . jIled. Wiltl all thie ple.tit;g qiualities tf a rline of eaia wae r, it p.iaeatres thI cti:ive meiilieilnl prlpertlies of thenaiil ttnlipr taJnu lintallrttlePa; nit Is Ilenianit to Ihe.Ptlle,aa l aietll iil(llleUll. W1idIIITANT CAUTIOn--'I'Th ierrneiei rcpiln. tiqlln l Zrean delihd for lautaI ,'s Io.flrverec t cca.Int, 5lirjAbrtintt. has been an iidaeetletnt (ter ttheL c , naf tja tl, itatiasn tthln vcllairhhle tele aile. Pltt,aaer._ pMlr:ieulaly warned of this fact hllot lil'.yniv be istleir alid int pi-tenetr nimllrm t rtiee.. " : .The jiahiLb atrereeeptrtldlly tlater el, thlit itlrilhneri. hr-. anrl ie noeililll v .appie~d ,. i;hl the .lrirllliill nln ge ,ii. epe petLaratt no. Far," wh- €+;a d re,+il. SICK1I.ES & CiO. Arent, mi15 40 Cenl a relt. N '. ..ti ,AMl'Ii Vegetaaile aitr 01hir, tilie rcctaraalul -af dih of Hair, giving heaIhaltid beauty,ana ai.rl Oil wes nRolrel ta the uitilic, it hd bin d unbdieere.faeseof Irs nenlnl , Ihitnell , aeeti . # leoiathe ihair, and il every inetnllcei it talallry • slaste ben realiaed. It haanet erfailed to prielue $ heaftlifll growth of hair oil he:ul nlriadv eaet wherer it blecrtei dry antI tecPr to eroi -taill vrce. uicl s rac.. r it Il.lti'iynnld, IdrmIII.. weedad hea atirlll gntleih Iltit er. weithtlt the lena, ay tl he.hadul. Thisa Oil gives all agrrmelet fra. ance sand is prof ealton any other I ir ni forr per .alecg, eur'.na seat glaing the hair. The h ir acbe ,jf aliry ela. g Ii For sale. at I' I " T trel. .*L ,~idOEI !IARTT & CO, naa nnw arecitagran en bonrd tlhlp Orlell.n y. E .e, liig'laielr, l'kc r leirc +.,artw, 'rnrh lfica Gc.rn play aetrll; Bac-k ardlmn.c Rcnle; CbeI, i he 2 1-4 and 2 3-8 midc IHi card alis; 8,.i0 ndl Ih ? inch hbade fnwin Knives: L.t'c er anc , otl'er traveling l )re ini g Cane.: ialt. +hl¢lrt hnrrelhlir Gi.'r...* G tn e lnnr; ic~it. Pc s,+'+ o tod il h I )l r .ahe na-I ilc tl.lia Ptt. Int,!' Cl us; i eic Ip+r-ro plp; l i·1t Hk i: rl-c lr dc r e:P l lr I ielcc Ncr ld sc tnric-a-n-cc Gil Ca p fiie r 'l ticlic Irlice fIccili Cciii N·;- e l~l l icc ricic- lcc 11r-i larnc'ciltcccc SIccI.iht'lcctc~l rionlh lwftr n 1'.1 ',-t an n ( ,"4 r v S ,l Twist; ill n I.,.itne defy'; whm ihdrnImritio to their om r s-ock ,,: hae,r alte mll .~h esseii r i n'l rea - W oI .l c't i sri io 11 .1 tccc-.r 'clltcl c cccltlltcct ;c , .ll- ccet .er - Icetecl cttec -c Itc \ Ic . I c kl . cc rc il t. 1 P o-.- eic c ka'ti t 'm111 l Jah . (;ita,111 9,iiervd Ih'+.! l.: Cl~ndi'n Ilur. lhit ll n Picinc s: She ll, c r11 ici irie in c r C I. i Ii+, Ic 1le dilti her so ic-i circe M ailc r t ihni d ,Lnle: (iho ir l a< nrlll+=lCillf wry ¢' lllC le('m and w t\i. s a cki r·inllets: negro pe"n\ ; (:CIrnesn1 :III1 el·I(! French cloge onlwcr'cc, c cl-ecti t cHcI c clcli; caclci ',d nadtitn ice-ti t 01 sudc: tiIerw PIr-cuclios the hl.. cc ni" :(c)li | i 7llli.·. " If l p t (l cnrs al ' wC- t s.C - tll i I i 41 II,-rl· 5r ,%-E . Il-cc,' nccicctc c ,eccuc cc ncr -ncilec- Cemdc '&c &c.ciciicicr rlccc TIi.e .i t I , l lc.iin l ito n Nr o .Im ' nO C a tnle Ic"les, ma very ecr nl. L .,,!. ii .I ph,,t. FOrl ofe Pai- and o I). l' is the g o . ... G r , ''), no o If t I·h I Ii timr i nc The unelrr. i ge, <rvis iE e "arotr s, w.ill ' . e h rep r bu il l ne of le . lIII I &, A Kellt hi1PS n mc S i ' I Mf ci he ctic()' . ..firm .illce. acer, Fec-cu ccci ilicciaci dccc 'Ii-::: I mr.llin ,li m ,I . e wriell pI s e nt i vi e a.i." "'Impclr ship·11·1: lh.t~ lt% Rt+...h, 3h~rr An dh·1 w, TP li-l/-( I n e:,, lr i cc: (ci in:n cll .l ',, dc iim It 1 ' IIcc I cc c-a tcelticr , nhfd Ir el cco pii l ri e wer k drnllc. a. cd nc tci r s.,ic l S h,. ccki'ccccirin-ccrgr-c1treir. -cirr Ite S Ic Ia Cccncrci IIl Ithe eI.t illln-i t iiln o bl i iccIe hPre rcc icc leek 'c n c II I c lc i" "e' c lrlr ce , bi l c rceclc cu tc " ec c . ci. i r 11 - a'cl'-l'cc'i- cictclcc,r' tec , li I irec hecwt kic icotich, esrlc ii ic"ei l te reaet iccilci etld'~l htlim thtand r id t k hser b.l i e a ilchT,- c ne cilil wm re~il ll- cItet;. !l il uIII l l im , i chi cal:l ree ec i.hi|c ; Thccl I c hih( r Oilll i'ell lll' i i( ltll I i to hic prteI i - i l i Ik- llld w all't fn'cimc i eii a 'le i+i i 1, h etirlicc;t cvtcc "ll sth ti in, lun l ns j .:ltlml,' ll ie luil. : ull cur. sl-n t'l' Ii1211:tic Ilet~vc lccciic'et ccc Thich are oiaI h i el n it lr ', I rt bs . ok f Iv ny cill 1 ii iihc. . c d Ic.... I oid o, ll~kilA lIce\ clccceii',c-lccccc tcI ccc1I erei-, CII ilc ci iccc cricclt accckn iccc.cnpo nccc. cclciii cc-cc-c t is nt ccilci lC Il c rl'i-ll Ir h i llc'cigi c cc oic tIcic llici-i w ) andlmrl v i es, wivrht. re nl r in i n l. "t ll li iii' -- (-s mel.ciifc' litcic i'ii l1u, m hllc; ;iic ieii i Ic hi s ttsll , c iltl;n, l i a; l cIccei l (t :rri. r& .. . 1" t·acelhr . icl Ilil rr,' I ccli . til e c ., c 'tlcb taiace'', t ill-cl h. e, ,,u hei l nl',llnu ifly a llnd lilFr e IrI . I e I 1d:l llh ne crnyon ii, nn lcciOK,tcc'ttce lcpicc tiil iccicice' en till lh'tc Ii cll lllsci of h ri c i , ulc iiir pc--c Th,.d lhrui~nedso knrit ,. raor • n r. i I r• v, r_-be, e rIollan- en cl li. c a i ecc'cin cl lccclit eli n+ ol e ic cci cli G llhricc sc wII-cecc- iltmc l hc , i t IN-lic'.: cccL [·Lth b me& iir ci . itm+, lhc-icicc cciiitic-ic-i'h -Il-ai- hriK l ce l ( .l illl l cl i on d r elclc c wc , c i. cc he sltlnl.· ,,t(lhclcli lr it iccec id'Kchi- i , .c llll &- . (ic-ic .Icici +% t'lr r llh. i s. ''hlr, iil IIII Ii l\·,hp .eI eral tirnisw·ll l lle'III· I Ii',l llll IiI ; i kilgllllnil c"|h+e m u1.2 II mont ei ts it f irm' nr P 1 Nrn.i e r oli.'till. hI'it Ill., ului( ; (ri~ll tS . :Is I In.- li ( ~lh, · w itIha t . illlv. tl. hi t h I ("II \RII , Uric-icc' I ccii. c+ li. t-:I.N"i\ 111W' t-'tt' i,' cc I : ii N. I, c -Ii,'cl- W. IIT! I iii cce -i eccn'l' tc nl . lh ~llll )r ( ' ci-', .:, it t i~''i~i~ l +'lr i hll · lll l' 111, hv Jlli Ii ll, n.+e or Sil...l • .b lill,,.- nll-n ;1, Ill?'n.h~lI \ +Ih.III p11I ,wlil,.+.l n dl~Tir~I nllll Ii I ''ccx,' ihill |n iii+I I liilil Ii( icilel fq * ..I 'i • . ,ilhi , L'i llk III ,|u rrccli- c .i-c tI llc I c ii ' tiLci t 1ii -'rcci, ill Il+ i II.I illll LTk a<,~ ~ . +I>ii rd' ) I i'.plll I:lhh' IjJ:ilr l ( ·119 . )o i "l'.', lT'P f hll nlt'l",1 |+lllj l :l ]l· 'll\· l l lt llt I|V VVief IiP l'ih (l !:l.I.I f. ,F III ·slrl.vilh+- l~e itm..rv in li'tl~llllil., i+"rlf i - !' ''c-c ccii ccc 1 1 1cc Tliii iCIcicccccccc hi ccct, lpiii' t e Ii'ccc hlc-u n ccci icc rii'r tclcc ah :lith-c, chc lir, c ,,Ih c ilc c ii l hll i-cc- i . I- ior i ii tl iicccic-c I cicU~ici ccci fic-h cii I.e' li-cr, a , - hc.Ii ,ilcc lllll jiccl tlic-iIrIcici clic ihci ict cichci leer r .i cehinL' IN (i 1 ll li c iciciicciic t1.1icce , & Y hzio.n at, T:II,·tv lhrti. ·ll~. I ~n+.,rl i ccccl-ccii c rl Ih'cc ,i c i ii c - (cciic-; i lu li h ' Iiii I hcicIc .h c I.'. e ilc c ei. ic· ' i+,rl,' ! ctIi' dI c i hlnii-, n(Iii-III ih'ir l ,,rt I cijill I'ItI' . 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I, t N, I, Ir~l+ i. {ot ', ,w forkrl~ I'llll:lnn r' .C1. 11~hid, It pu lliII ull , d," I I (; l II' ftnwr+, uud ,.Amok, And1111 i+ 4-.u4-,,111 e. tl lr rI..-o,,: of a11ll 0c-. I.:lrlrr . ;Intl CCII 1 ,01o il r 111, It,"d IO(-· li and ,">, nlll il nr tile .Vle I''mI 1.-.-')lR114 art, Rived it 14-~!1 111,11-.4 u+ Hialv shlit 1111" I'lme* i ac II ulln e and to I , Ir c,· of Iloi i in nrl· r li~ rtl of 11 t..xj s. it I~uI,' LIII] 1'-r~ na bovine fo:ir one " , tr.+r" of lr jllchl·(·Il( d1I\I'II IXIo lleu I 111tH llw w rk I ~ uJ11, , IlI( h.IIIEN wIIIIlllI1 I\~~i~l .'l IgF.)IIIV 1:.l It & 1\1'* 111((1111' 11 ( aIlled Ithe S I tilo.' . ,) do; ju). hr "u 1 ,", .1 NVIfiDU ' h, (II ho. , hgh olt Erglll tild nod ll t 1 0bnl, v oie i+.''lolna IM I e r.1 1·'l()11 lM l L Cb t l ,011o h1. - e-14-.411 Ahi- . o r~ II' :ISCA yd N IrU.., WI!. Aloltamo1 nolro1111 i,.o, I, 0(( n , iooillhe folyd -,Ii l0(11100011 I"nr'1ru o I hi+ hyr" (; clley' olited Th 1, e i. alt- , l 0 01 having Noto,.u t º - a Pan4- w tore ...:Pivrd of 1U Iner call awl 7+t ln. nr rtnalt, 111 4 Ito En' I,,., t Hotel. Cel :1 L'! 11":111 (1 I. 1:, ll glilla . I r, ,In ter d,,,, 1 A prm )iincsk en ,!). o _,l J.11t '1S 1 a VI.E'(+: q MR. WI,.LIAMSt, OCU.IS'rT, Now AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFF0ER0ON STREET, T. the Edilnr of lthe Lotti.eille . drAertliie: lIt--lt appror by the observatinn., of the Edit.or hor the NashvVille Prtnhvterrnn, Uno n and Tl'rnst crilt, a. 'well ts thile edtt' of tie o Meonplhi Enquirer, ethle te "ohIl gentlemo " i. among the Dotoraos. Tis ir pmeove.rl lihits ell ra., knoey eewin that Iir ti the hi at short, antle that ot indepenldent Aoteeri0on0 frolelt ir e llt, tle jotetrec i er 'ceor-rneteo what tore pll .4 stil rtnpwit v. 'elee'" nole.'Yeditors alto ore' (le tore, eeeeenrel j Itroto, reoll erere letter foont o teeto l I have' t e'r. to singht :ee lei ll.,ve plhceaes, 1 m...1.. I. Th'e I;frt it, t!, u I 1 n'ver haentlel m h gret rsutcesr wiihin e.e iuated lee rid his el el r twelve dha. One of ho was aertod whate flver trs, who head ony- hseen the li t h 'om his birthe, eme e to tee t oe ow ele ie lis hti ter te any hotel, ieeteel ef eritt' eoalliae' te le toet bv ' . 'Two r v1 n. la, llw hot thlt Ireach lst the sigeht f one eI te r to 'en .tort and the otiher feer eecarlv rtwo nersn Irvi l111e ol tllher tile other e re v'ey oivenk eetelch of tlSr youetlneliea ht wene ee t " te tehe hotl wites, whih therllIt Ile pledgel lyself eill icontinue, e eli een they are under tile influenee e r dco iatp e fo ih,- elleei I)tletrso. Aeothler is tir e eee r e orst mae: oe mer, khnnt. whosene e Ih ante outne d never tee nrtie.c (as he eeid me tee fees), who said she had Ioel t i i.ght rt one rer ftee throgr i . t e of II Ieeeetl s, heut that peeii' tlow h ei el to read large 'etlers wite tre other evey tle tileecvt ero. To' the dolet dIlretors dt.ew, o- tle g'llhhratumo to lldcno hiof l t he.llh ced-itr tht tlv Ilk dghltv h te nficre of t int hft ict Te st Is rill llllil io R IIs telerl enotlerall l It the niioC e of neleee, nea:rly eeventy o eas'lo., of age, wh.oclecuted oIeh li ,y h bi lelilrle i l e o k toe lllho a e ll i t t he e'eule tlres nt Nasthville ut toe, aerd himselfe tehl e lie hadl eeid t elr'rh insertoe whatever ther y ditr dedl, well dteclar e I ill that leer llt t th e ll o totaoll deprived of the esi.t f ei toee he froem fh kr after lirolhirth, eeiheb li: r votle'r stelt'd teo It... oceviretels yt c th e Itha eos or ?ltnll i ; thI t i te ic e tctllld not only rer tier light of the ulro thel te first time that Ie recollects, b t thie tr o , e l 'tc ee, e o'eeal t"ginnieg to distingeReish ellealler lrr; al'lTl did, hefrre left thIat e ;li ' givle tleol II pr io t ter t t c lel ar see to wlllk ahlb llt eill stre ets ith tile other r e. on e tele l eelesed. He seaid cie h e bee len at i:oer el; fleh Mhtclict Eepircopal Cherch ter ne rtt flit lel rs, su Ithe t I a his wi e ll. iverer idolt .el thiol hte tl'e whole course ofhli life. n h \ e. oI l tl.l t i . nlal eilver greatr llcerr lthaln ait Ntllrville; and tl'.t 'Ia ieledlic:a and Alerica! rloctors heI heverecrtemel e Icll rea on to be to nraetd. llthe '!nec- ialignatioe a: to' R. clericel Dor Semitle proves, tharl "e stated to me tlthet ellllot oix entr I)eertltoc wVII rIecolll't' frcl m e it o eerr rct ili.e lel l to I. eve ill the eaoftrin s oftIter blt., lhat he meo It have edeen etrinftie error--thllt I ois ,lYe Iav lle I l I I Itit t belfre Ihla iend of o-bi yalr t h EOl) IIhe Chtcleld be iollverted fretl hies i trelit o, as th t he i hi tr u le er of ith Speatefril nied beigne doctrinres of tile Chritian religiol lnes tnet treetle' eeeit deetruletion,, ctletntnv nord fif.eiheed to te at e rit medical friends, ognieer tlie eehtae wIlene le, heklr 111 dollCe o tnoete:c toed, oed no in it le. lte ,o e . Acllll ti le. i t ostetoef Nlleilletlls ke, lif the grett Rc eer l hantd, t-l'vept thm lierla i tet ellrteo,. .ollee otftt o alto ha bee illfl rllle ored le r Y1 u tll of tie lerir tpef lllll e on his tetalltv blidl r tve. 3. The r' nceees e ia'hi S. oft'lhi torwn;,prtn, ll that I ht.ot Iot the lahrels I gained in the Nor th, si"ce mly nreivl in thel S.lrtllohwrst. Thbi proves, hteew.'rr[l hl, a1n that I kept them a ntil I arriemd in thin section. I I . nel llle in tle llorte, I oughl to have e illell anlth ur ill ther "ch II d Ill el e ellheo t, Ultld I still hope le wear thenrrn f e'.' very vloulhfll lbrow el tlhe day I Irove, in spitea .ft ' el itpere tion of t he gretl t tlr., if h I my I-jlde e r1onti h Ihe l netec l are olread' brenefitetl in tias ctv u. hit In t wlere ( ;tvs. j. T'Ihe nolect ft thpe rerent 'ist irtrrn the me'i - rll ( li all s alnd erlitors of tlr It epllel hliclne Ind' rnll serif.t, a we'll as the 'erieceal Dr Smith of the C. irem. tellril e lad of tl l. e 1llilll Uie ,o f N hli lleo o 1il t.e l s . her er;liter ae.lo l erdirael editor of the Metelmphis E. rer i - ri trcce alse tlhe mreei Liedial tli:el edlii Cf Ilethi ".lyt, tle tll'llt )r e' tl.llth I e hllle ht i lr a iolle s tle'em a ,l11te r vic t pe' 'ratlie, sl rl,lnd r or c' tl , inv t di oncle otter my eeeival in New Yar', ' to well cc g.anost !eeid f "f tI eI¢ ivs tuillll I have brethlll eht ice oIleer tef el cIev e c ,cdie leil ol. of the r tIcllh, tI 1 welll atlls e slrilh iaci th wel't, to lhe grhinstolle! The 'llli..te+ here oolr, mrlle c ree c o oclei / tlllllaf ee llrirc the wol o ec of eI cVl.tllv it I New York, o lere letters, psll aid, and mo tciih ee'rs, "il lt hesre In e' ch Ife. .''ll iultrl| the ullblic lhlt lhe Iprrf; Call led, Io , ii h l e.oec Iex- ceticrie l e" converted infidteel o r l'e'd w wrete lfoee1' illhol,'les w 'itlll" lioe lltha a n'll .e ii e r Ir n ui ollh'r e f er fill e R v. I). lowelle, who ret d it i toy plreso,·· ll eI w til thoutllll mnI rii tl li l Falilne disalppirohlloba rtion "o til i ma i rll r1rv, toIok it I il St ldv aed i ,(11|:1 -e1 i t in wi tIh tpere tetllll i tht I wanted to hibhe hi from h;l 1dof Iyl, os vr maidll irPerole e to olrllr tl h t ereo h t t 1 e)el I ioa "ws tl e tls I -il efore the ptc l lilllllh d e i ollOt ei' lllllill. l lerereel te 'r,&e.r C .tll.el' e I're It le llelt Ita I iiai n a it i rle 1-'ll0 100 i= I., well ii fl ie whollle of iii p trir t-,ll i l r elpt inv I. ith anohller tlllrgynhallll itoot li t11, hlr'o alll ti l otl fo h nooitbhel i l, ani all lil f luti' tte e be. lll"n'lmotr i:b ll , i l trlll c hi ieeeecce could hoe've hb.eel hntlned ll.e h\I i hll ll l l 'lllls t r a Illn l ii InY ll.h d I1 dlrticle ia?, e v eeceieeeI II 'el etff er pitill leti lll, lad I llreqed it toi ' r h,)rttrio~li( bl, dl loot ot'll. S .P 1 { :llol I tle. f;. NC, wmorrh+ the ear igrhitel medical (;oliahsa of ' \a. hvlhll, took the ll0lx. ,;ll ud' thl erefore iued thir ef n. 'Il". l to eei tit Ilf o Il a -l ,.' s, - llh ir lcis. i,.d anod iotellec P l forte of f il.r vid t"-b.-h,-ern rlet i clrrie'nl iet 1-h.ei. \' eali the Bi bl e e thi at I ' tl r te.e isd koII. . Io " its t .en I da(:r. aI y (tilk onv rtllel ihfidel ] l.r .rlllht '-i llll ee' 0 h l' C Act ceece.t r poeee''eoit e l that n. eleeeleeaf 7. ' I ' l ie rl, eth htic w de .ec t ieeeel'er L er-o l l h'r ,i, ;re. to :e ma t, tv chewing that he ,:t. abhve he ling to arlcl etic' orl .rted In fclc Ihelho intltfril e Ilt Ii c il I'rar eal i ce tf l 'ic Iivinie Master, hi .tlele 1,1 Ii., i 'IcIt c ll r'llettl e Iof eI ere o Cr'l e " r. y a leerete t ece" h it IceI c00 II illele l oii o tcc i iiort lo ccc ri ll' h i' t1 be.O.idel ell al, by iunv)' ont'e'sl i lt IV- u1 t even cq'I ] to lhe rull th IlIt "f :.+ll lho rl,'0itl r's |tie, of $l per slin :,re m. te.. iletl lelect ic h ,ie hc l cr r le e l'elethee ori t le timct inell,'c Ieec eceei c Ieee Union and rul iior joorf'il, hod 1 han-t ?;:hilt, hit reollr ti,',, islo atd of $ t, whticlh, ill all 1-hairlity, Iv' wc hld hav rr .etladhl req ivedo s hnielt fie iaiir1 nte i r ic o re ()tehiceei Iii ' ( el r if el l b p hee'lll n Ilubi of ot'111 n1.1 i ib It p I .houldh I're tillehl e d'oite t 'eil e 't't h've i a ellql lelled h mee nU )ree . i- i.L l+ld lhe I rev. )ll"l r barn molly Ivon red hve erlil Ised ii to loar and le vflelami e e'elly tes e'eilh ihelise' lfd he ooepal Z.dlelue'to e10 !). I mltlac be 1 reallyv eti criedt l I t w l nnt' c to. toot o it is ,-ct kltee cr, rIr ricoe rrlertoland whirh Icrr c tel-lle ipc e iiiv to ac lrel Iisome arte ofl E uro' pe. Ill t0l. tocbi -l. e lit'h ileeteecer s ee oi g eii e'oereee'rterr Ihur 'leal'ter',if Ia .o bra lcee'l' roestreiced ro loti p neiee h:g hie olthe ie "cc h Iee vi vite ena t bind'las Ol him. ahitk he' hil., e riaoh' tr , e tl he .lericat inoeceirehe, ee000ll-r he i a cerivere'l infirdtel tee l e h s not-aR all ln:l1t t" sle'ie well of the e ridgese h e .r'e o safetel hoer. 1 tlv the gailhut lice p ea lt(rl'nd'oint evariol o ehr cemi le yount£1.. lilen of Naqlvilh, reiollce' e t ell tiht- t,;nut of this. pious xpoudlo er of the Holy e' ). 1 i'la r saw lel't a deoni ill ehemel thepe a lhe .lR . e' te'r oll'e e''e e, dtle l I t ae el n tI rt ree e ae o wt itet hin, h- rh'e mtleened s'y gtiey hairs wiih au uplifted ig:ltlie arm i, f li ltie would Ih te e.e'd t lc tlo e tie wift ecelaticg gallclet tf to p nio llra isoter .1,d t'rreri hi- dt'tv, hli, ihbribe of :10 ireree of aiver! 'e'lly' li{c:lle l l'ee te hle i te ' ole d lee nt lelman" hct d NIi;t I I. I sl lly derblre before god, ale nm i ir t e frite d oeii ll Iliad toeelc wifr t t I eivtae, ie the whole dBoehr-e I i'r ce''', ! l el: e 'eoefl l m. l ienl il o ne ie'e'e . Ii felrr I . Io' oe caa tr cr sly aente ea itor ie uee lriet ivill ly 1 e :nglinh c tll ( !it. (ljlrdJ/e.rlal the S. i. A.dyrat of the itlh June, 19:17. A, theIlil r,",Inr', ol, f )" r. Willialllms, we ilnser the lid!,". i llor tl l UIIII It . lOlt.i'lTlll ,rilsr in a ln A tll ictlt, wio, it nil tlt ),ir t S eX lined tie tliplolls and otlld (iler o rir . liv Iti , VI III .' t I t l tlt e Ih lutir l l l .t I t u lic rtllr - d i nIt,~ In lit'iilpllllec e .l tu necident, ll; llr will r, nlin in N l.nllaltle n wlilto d s lonIlger thI ln hle l t irst i -lllt.lded--+ll y th 1 t ull. . , liev. Mr '1111ri. rd:-I luvin beein rIequeste by Dr. W illi·amn , the ortll -t', ltnw in tll N t Ii'i y toI ex:amIe e his hi vompmiJ wi it vahlnd fyit'end dond .o with ielter n set (,'lM.r d'+llhlires of the Kin_ of tile" Flre nch', t Wuhid tonl uhI rT s ed to Dr. VIilliams, t -t Ifving the Xýlill( teli o fi trom tihe 1Ki.4.. o'ra.e,, Ilh.Ieion, Sr. as ce*ll tt hloe from tle ilelical .ocie= ri lsl' f, rlrle. l ha lll.4 alerouem vouchers flrom men Iwll to he l f Ilih rlpl tation in this collry, retl ie illoe his ollu itlal in the1 United Sit , drttll l lin inlsltll. ic. of ;rer' so: ll..rlrss in tle rellltoration of iht to l heil :r..nal. I have sen n. sly all hi: poor paieote in Ihis e'}. I kn w aoi, l of li II, rt I ue l li to thri c min; 1:1; er Ilknrh Llt til I have seen say 1hi y ore ,in illI'T. II. C HIIOWl N .hvili.', JIne '., 1 ;:17. I'. 5. oit'e itiIglhe no. ve,oneof Or. Willirtns' , t ieIll has cIl Itl Ip n rll e 1 n d s I v I lls h ad ll .ull i t ' hit 11ow e11 llare him.ltif oei I ; tIal last night, for the fir,, time in his liit that hI. can recollect, le could dis tillo-til.i illl Ilil l 'e ,lllv e w ofthe p Ollmil'tll, tort. in el 11 rdUltn, 'lCd says Ihalt been a .liethodilie diige liar ' \lu IIIIIIN I loe T UNITED N TlleTiE i leLInt m ertieivl pltrilied frmt e the stIg Stl YOIl Kr. HROIi itt . hi r llwt l .i Tnp 1 lmis l t tilh Itom IEIni e TH hi" ti IiN I " ' H I . II I 1 11nn I ClINIC . r til ith c+Ulrv, carefully compiled from the beat ,au. 'THE INI M N'S PANAUEA. SOR the cue of rheunmotism,.n'crfuta or kingsevtl,gfmt, s aoiatica or hip gout, ioi;,iont ent cers, sat rheas. siphilitlo aot menrniaol diseases, particularly ulcers and pailllLaffections ofthe bones, ulteratedthroatan.d nos tils, ulcers of every desription, fever sores, nsod internal t abseex i, fitullas, 1iles, scad head, scurey, biles, chroI ile sore eyes, ryalpelis,hhbthes, ald ever'y variety ofol' tareurn atlretion, chronlic Uiarr, hoad oache proceed ing flrm any acrid humor, pain in the stomach and l.s pepsin prneerling from variation, aoli'ctions of the lii'te, chronic inflammation ofthe kidneys, and genepn d debili ty us by a torpid ation of the vessels of the skin. It is ebin'laly effioocious renovti ro ting those eostitutions whi:tih have een broken down l y ilnjldicious trelatmnt, juveaoil irregullrities. In gener:d terms, it is reom-. mended in all those disease which larise from impurities of the blodl, or intiatiion of thle humors, of whaterer name or klnd. Sorme of thveabove complailttsmay require some tri. fling asistait applications, r hieh theeiroerttances of the case will dictaio ,; hut for a ,enerral remedy or Porificator to remverthetcatse, the Ilt)IAN'S PANACEA will gerelrnly be f'olun sufleilent. T'IO T'HE PURLIC. How hue I it is that modern Physicians, in their am hitillon to excel in their iorool'esio.;oexplore tile vast iels itis ot'Lseience v thle aild not'ehlistr, nlll seek ost lew re medial a-osets; in sho't, to arrive at iarlfectito in the prlctice by means of art atone,--entirely overlook ullt I negleet, as belleththe oite n lle, therich .and ibounteous t stores oflmedicine, wlhich the Almnightly has caused to spring out of lth earth in every clime! Andt how muceh more true isittlht awhile the American Physician looks I to tillr'igno eontries foir many of hIis most ecommon asdt orcesrmnyarticles, peelretuailly hanngig as they are at the dlitates offashion orfoll, lie in .edetl i. Ihis own cotlntrv with oan endless profusion of medical pants, ntffcitoit toanswcr.A.y iomliootirn in dinsease or to cure tiny etl-ablu liOl.der; andl vet ie is of thelr vlr. ties, and they are oolteredio 'wastetheir heali.g on the desert air.' 'l'he etectsof vegetable medicines upon the system ore temhmr"y--those of mineals latino. The i;torer ex ert their eltecls ant pass i'--the latter, meroury in per ticulr, act chemically lpon the' solids, the hones and unldermininl the constitution by a slow and sure destrulction. 'The congeniality, emicioency mnd SAFITY ofvegetn loe remedies ever nilneral, mr:w tbe estimated hv enntrast ingthe ancient practce wtiee with tmodern ; or, to brig it imoreimmedliately or ownll obsirvntion, ith Inllo oan practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, has not kown ollr heard of r cpated instances wherein somelno tlee''iil, uonpretenrding femaloie tlliin, by means of hier simpe o remedies alone, has, ffeoted the ,est Iapid amllnsto.ishing cures, aftlr'the 3llleire ,oediee of ltle "ommo practice, directed ill tile lost skilftll nlaollcr, ihas foiled? Aidn w'o lhas not beer surprised at tile cou. parntirveense And t:eitity with whicll thie Indian frees hitm self 'iirnn aon' disease, mlo at the almiost tota alstinence ofchrnitle disease among them? Who has eser he:,trl of aln lolian withe oollstitutioo brlokU n olloo l ricel ill treatment? A.:d catn a idout exist thiat this hapyr ie emoption of the savage from most of the ills whicl the Ilesr tof ian is heir tio. is thielly owing to more l.'tli anlldl saililnt lles whicll hie emplo.ys 'This aoollish ing dinferenee in success, is a fair exemplificltio l of the ifioite solperiority of the simple nitd safe means of ncrel* hichl (;,oi hlas created for the ooeneft of his childreo, over those a hicb the pride and the art of man have in vented. From a long residence among a portion ofthelborigiln atiliooahitaotsof t'tisconotry, anlta intimiiate i nac. tlnce with the, methollds of core of some of their most nscessfill op.ctitioners, thie proprietor eot 'IThe 1l0i0all's l'ahcs,'alquiireld a knowledge of some of thie most powerflialtd trvnloiteremedies. Fronmtheseheselected such as were most efficacious and appropriates, andl after vaI ious expleriment to test their priceiplles and strengtgh, Ihe hase ombined them in the f'orm here llreseint,l, as the most pert et a.ld beoeficial for the ipurpnose for which it islrecol menalene. 'tlhe prop'ietor offers this pIreparation to the public, wilth the consooiotlluiess that he is placintg withiitheir sia'o, r remeir' 'a.llllle ofclociieg otouiy of is alllicted t 1 t1 Olow bei;gs, who ane snc.i oingt ,der . the var'i(olus is l..oiC Ih ooollb lostilalte etotmllaillts to whiohi It is aplqdicalte. To such it will prove of incalcable allle, as tile lmeatllns, asnt i nany caies, thie only neansof r'elioinlgtlheirsol ferilgsg alld t.estorillg them once mole to health and hopl pioess. Thisis iot ollired ask co1tionoo remedy, that omy per chance e e eqllu'dlt good with moatty others now in use, but as role o hichl is calable of uo ioig life io iotoy extremle cases hichal th oullsull enellslllil. This it has dlone repeteelllyl and tills is tie reputatioo ithasob tained wherever it has heen IntlOdled. It is nrot:'olotothi'ise vetoa sillce this prepallt'in as prs.ted iol thle pllblc:ibutl in tioat shoot sIo):IOce (oi litc, silnehlllaofloolo' | I eoo)olSolsgallilgt e otnnll, iall oVtollll solelnlotv decllel lhat thley believedlt. tllthel lives t ert savcd by it, ahd in mot.as0esalier they h:l trial many 111 terthaps nl the .onmmoll relnedie in vain. Wlt er ever it is koowWn it israoolly cinonitg into o use, ioo l this affords the moe't subslantaland convincing proof of it merits. 'Thle valuee .f thlle lna.o l i iost consliello s in those |(long s1ta1nilln Ignld SVllhliliC sldl ,1 I crh~lnls (ai..ti' itl tllose cases o ,herle l'eio "'ro ' Is iot.o so o l vi s !0 0 il00 as to caFuse distresshlg pains inil the 'bolles, tiokllos, iornltI rIialulcers, deleagemnent of the digestire orn-:Js, del. 'l'hese it ci pltl.'lv iralilv si l i, inall caesi l t ii . eii Iv rladicates lhe diseatse, .not o.thers of Il(ercllrS, rIo.lll Iote:I 'slth cl stitlltion, mid hl: vlme the pllienlt s llla l atll well. In I InIm dtionl b I nu itC tkll ntd lIhlll r Sl'e ihrio.i i1s Thl: s in'llil 1ero d s es i n i ill I's. 'aladl t I hres ,tn i - eost s l ,lilloot e s1e r . tal i , e if o: ins wi eL't"I n tllo 'c(h w n t m' l t (o 1tll· hui l it, l hi ir5 .lt, ste,.i lt inve r: li I- ileltll: ll l I ti, lli , ill n i I: sllx tnsllltcl tllke, i in lal l n llll ld ; si','l't'llillll at sw r all its 'Thiss eil cine hlasl ben th lultlll highh" n.,efrul il imnyill ambiguorln diseases~ ool hre s o cileitcllo I it has In i0 i 1the filloih Wode rfill elcclss ,i a S loril Ilil ai ll h iooell'r, h tvhose the 'I0 re sltihr Itocotntsl o Ihto t l o cl , sits wllooo o wl to sit to . of three0 hoo"i oles i Slti.t plltro e.o lo . etltnl a dl so. I hiltkl ils e' ih' h st i, tctl i s'al 'l1 iore a.roldrtohe maot%- •than t inns n pict ohith nigto e blroctr.0ot, r 'oe l.ivonoto ollow oiho o lloi'ct o' 'o nalo leo ihssogtl rio rio ' oo .teo t'co '0 rum'iocoo.. o i.i ............. " ........CASES OF'F IR.til"V.LI liGI11'.il..Sl 11... (telalrTc, iN, Nov. 15, litS. txllilel' e iii hael w althelr. I Ilw i tlilke geat ,lea.1. ' iil s .t dil i., cIjlt s Ix hollies oic te Ion's Plllll .,., I'l:c1Olrr n in ll rlit . t l nllld I euontllll ltly n et enlld it to tll similarly .aflicted. ,IOIiN FILTGUSON, Kilnst. (, iAe l Til .G , t .w arclih ,. '2 18.1 I wtas spizetl sIbot three ell,» sille, w ilh a istlcs.lgl rheulltlliiSm, caused Ii\ takingl asevelr col, Ittile llllle thleinflue.leofl t~llyt .ac WlIe h Ich has d..dled ri fl.iml business nearly vurt since. lhlrilg .is p1 iod have Il n tat latime in the.le arine Ilospial in his it upwards tl Itlr nolths, alll .rlyv Ihe mune ledgtlh" tinle il the lBltimorel lita l ,a tietld llllmst lr relmedy, with little lbenell . On thle Ith oif leUlllliai' last, aitlhat time ClltCely ablet to move iIal lbo! n cIl.t es, I commenced the use of Indian's Panacea. In one onlthll I iUllnl myselflhotircly Il'ocl frmlll pain, Und.ll ir niow halppyl to state Ithal I col.hlernlself Ilrlictl, wetll. CASES 1OF SCIIILFUI.AUS UIL.tEItS NEir YOII, Selpt. Ill, Is'o. This ea' certilf that in the ItIl lo IS3. I wal s seize will, a swellillgii e)n Iy cIk anid tce, whidell nternvati ulceratedt and became large ghastly uilcers it ny ne. Aftleli) inllg se'e dll pllasieials toll, l lantage, "I s'un to PhIlildelphllil, ll pl:lceld myll)self undeiilIr the I.e I I)rs. Phi sie and, hen, ater receated sali.allol to noeffct, I was pronounced utterly incurable. Atier. wards It,.ok tweeaty lbottlesaiSwaiin's Pa'tcea stiIet c Iottles ol Potter'a C.atlhtiaon, withl no t laterlt l Ibcnelil Despairingit of lile, whichl had now beeome a hir:then tI me, l returned to l ll larents inl New York, in 18I39, a: gwtvenyselt'ulliptn a lingerting ieltth. Ileltril, of tli greet steeets of lehe InllioI'is llaaea llo wevci. ill tcaw similar to mlly own, I was perstalded tltr it, as a last iv. sort. ITo i' Igreat sritp'isei ls wtllas sltsltlation, sooof and Ih nasyfltteatidly reeaeernlga:rad upon eai . fen ,tttetle, tllearladettetl.d tIedI iecaae pletfcttl well il the course oftwo molths, and ha:ve remanedl o ever since. I Inake this statetnl ali wish it published t-r tlhe benefitofthose whoare suffering unler similar moritlous or syphilitic laffections, that they may know what hit ererldone wlho ha;s sullered every thing but deatlh, ad who considers his life saved by tle above v. WM. IIlNi.\t Olian.!.. terel . J.iiy it, i, Ai. I ewa afIffiele', fiat vears withan ulcer i the leg, .w . I t 'iltlileli'lelltelopli tli d with' crsisi iplatOllus ilnlllla atii ald excessive vlin in the lhg and icle joilt. Sevaltl I eminent phyicians eIertel tihlrskill upon it, but wilh oult .rocti.anent benefit. In this case five bottle Inlli'o tl Illea mallde a plei.l eled re. MAIIGAIIET A WEIST, 121. IMalet lFor sile b~l IENlRY IIONNAIIBEL, diruggist age. to. tII Ipcopitorls, 'ehoupitollas atret Iet NEW ORLEtANS & NASIVILLE I11AIL ILotIn C(IMPANY. rltll stoklholdlers of thllis c pany are lee ll no,. tilitl tll h beeI reallltiall of the Illrd of e idleei. tcnl psseed on tile 19!I ilnt. tle call iade ioi them i n Ithe ih ~l, Fiebrlilr Inal, inr the aei tllll of liv dolllar e a shlii, elllll l.-rilllted, It ail the said scik khlilcrs lrp fu hi'h r nylilid that in oi'II,.IElO . , Ila it tetslltiaon of tit hoard , d i o ilt ahe I!lhll . alis l lla la iet c oade oh ttfirol tliehlder c of Iliel New rlanis ein Nalshville Rail Ieo:llad oiIanl fir thln fIo lel d Itillo lh I)l Ihane flipt e tr atli I rk h nl i.I.-h'C ti trly Iy tlilll, vie:-lti , di lli:al i ityler shthlirl , ti . i he ir d y ll arll i ik ie two e r i sllari s p r s;u an, allaolw the tit "ie tof her payr ntx nto Iwol l'iunr 'te halre . tlel, o thie Ii t tliav of .larch ii ·ti. mN t beoiF t elo'll .ol ed p that alcds s rt an t of tiis conl illl s.hall iil ll lilt' Ih ar llhrs llr 1 nlI throlugh the oil l lul Inte ol i the hr tilh il. n ilnlr ll') withl~ el tRixl i tl.'l of ift c , tillL,'eIIr peryhid Ii., . pet l liii piiiiii llI ' i llalt in a ilt thGe stock o i il inllll n}l nell l t aeit I ol- i11 f sixlt dIllay fs, liii1 1 P lrtno •fter t Ill' ion el icl h it ia tllld l fitt llec with iell expt ., oll-. dliton Iltivrrc Itlht if ieii"; rei lly paid with ia llt 1I a iil-rollel tilion ol six $ ilrat , Irnit ltli l fitlterl" l ,dil v oil whilh ishoillllldl lllhd he'il nblltnl lidltnrot lC tie; stook t whta ichaafidt t,l t.'.osloulehae Ltaettmade,ii liid fri il "': :Ofl'lyll ol l l he Cloi -itlll, tir ha I rlll oil taei11i talli prollter to pt c fitha e piihh tlht tei e itaite it, the elnd tie dditional sixtya's which tlhe itarh te tllws athe., tar totiihdtltatt tae favmetit oft -wo d.a ars lllpthare cllad lirand auhol0 t thi e fit of ell f aid clirter, nil the:llt tae of Oltob.;r ulla thatl tilt paemi nt io: iw dollher tier haric called or, tad de atithe filtidcply o tecenbea r eaxt, tay le olet. tOtod until the lullh dief Jlnat ae tttllnd tla papy iteiit o1 twe dillar, p.r stlia craled filr and d 'liett tie fretl day of Siiech atat, laity bhe olleta,'d util tlhe hid, day ofC'April anal. Extraetil ot til a tminues firf he henil. jcne `ll A R McNAIR, See'ry. , 0(lfi1.1 hAiI' in caese--25 th.zen watite tVoic VHta, flicer sale JOHltN II [ILIiJAMi. stp t STAlPE (IF' LOIiIIANA.-Parieehe Ceern her the Parish and City nf New Orlt'ntw. m jII7E STATE OF T.OUI9IANA.''Tee ellwom te Iresente shnll tere e, (reetnil --t-W- -eatC, Jnet l-ntese rng atied at salproved evy the fterilt t tilteelith i elenn of the piset IThe rp lrrtinnlta e decrihed, la, s ne t lie.i I he clte rk of itd cultltt, i tlc ronltic eiei.ll.e y he s de ae e f.a renteeded onl 1e 21 tny cOi April, A. i). tIc8 fi en oneitian rndvr eienertnetin ennrlrnit i to tn nc f tie I.eeeitn t hen ub ntite I :Il tale `| I.ori~iallon llt e lrl.dd "A actl filT tiI le llrlherIIIPU. - rtlle(: Olltille to n ipe rctte ers ieijediC t iuel s" rInt d thel It d;l" i tneh 1ne jin ne eten.d IN5\ Il heereI,r kn ye, and cil rnOn .llteRt.d he r n eari hre edt eit de l Nlt ise t iiell e n fl. 'h lTATe DE LA is UIanINml.t A til Prs tc,, q, ittpr steerefteee io enei"ted itt : e ttt enteofune inlbreaivr ine lhe jmr dcrce or iudl e l'antee 1I'Tl cour inn'l un ver 'chthement .. t e n e et t' la irneurity tee Eta dela ouiiun, hdjlie ut jeetietin enfirmer enet ie e.eal ertts cienid venths tncniieendi'e nd htene. iuI lit he, Irlll rll ltr s of 'l, t lr for IIs tioi et 'sileft Itepnrs - vde·r l ihw en llSct e t r in t ;rtvee 'N li "o nl tille eriev te n I'onidie le d h.e o le iumn t dl e la cuhli pap er to. Tle.llo~l. 0i(Il t de; ill?,hoP~ d ll l be olllrllled a~nd ho·lllll "l' tl 0eoIlte sai p r ler l \v l oldo v ihe Serif fll T1 epar ilti air esite f e tll . s et, Ion el' ttt tet ttyA r I ntn irtuelslteie de r tl' Ilie Itee s regI te " it t tiln e e le IICnt 'tfe ints 'dsLestennt'o, til (t e tymie e' nlex nder Cuitt dwell t.e.e Jre s Haletee, elo 1iei7 cf tine dcktte of thie eetlte a whine e tlo. the t it J(ieeu,. .' l..vheUme Ihe Iilltret se i t ent Ih e ptis e e rte it , y olsle sntluall D)e*t:ription of PrnperiT I given ill ltle J udicill Ctal, ... l~yultlie, vz: p ' certain it eI erllnd Pitll:lu ell nh Iu lnrl, I n 'ttitih .nn trlitna , itnlll le retef i lle netd n i ls er itetio ~t, ti0 feet (,n l ata,+ae du 111 \s1:' (, stlet'T. in '1111 t I c1( r thlt s lid lotiiiee ollld is iT feCt e ie e tn t oeIs e] at ae o"s , eIle s llre ithe r It t t tl e i e elller with (o(tenst, hient lolse froatllF 1 o l'l "]ehlllli~lllllnn lilT·I'[LT (Ih- i i: P 'll Ill 11u pndc5 5ictt tenlso Tilee dti'Tillere ,* C't lllllll lit+ crele thecreoll tnint ohll1r Illullidlin-s 1 ( illl'tIIIIIO1S v ll s l Inalchin,.rv, utens~ilri, ilele san xlle bhq in ito saiddstley d ea J tt a tendcier s aItpee 't e ces. I.T ti r t', I !p tion IllntulnriiA fees sher et sn. or ii y It ite t n i d leerte nitindel s n Oi e (.Yler!-"s Iliilce New Or~ceall' Rtt,.. 7, 183n. linelr 1;t Iltl' (:t s ill,. lIe ht N II Il~el eI~l'lean .l" '. IEAIliE ILx I,iUISIANiY.--A tele nces aqtee' ll ,lames []anse .raal~lltlle . in I] vrlxtt+ e'itie II:I • e S eriTF I enlehepatsie se e'ih'heen it, s' it t altll st ee+, .sl GI Iie ties netTe Ieten. ntu he tilts ve'tlne 'lit ete.giesht.e !r5 nete i55 tes a de I'e ie e 1t Isr, t Iii ni 9 cllv $ l~il'.:lem:l ~ir]it I1III ne(T.lie la Ll·Riblallll~el C ,1 1 Etel de It Lslleeisl,e u i ' nt i llle cnnlilltler It lill·er des a sell' s lees teeltes li t'ilii ef're .I lllsOtll+ le III . tlltrs 1 sti. y ietl snitenlleltle t tOlln s petirt enes itnttric tee stollt tir nes lr'stIlea snl~lln(rr tll Ct m t le 1e <ti t i e p Is Iee isinle Cienl It Cour flu ( i an r is, uli ~po rrlell:i nt avnir· drll it la I r ',s e '-pi, 'cte'iesi, ll eoes llllllC d'slll tee j felae de fe ' nlt l lell.e I'ol'tll'el: |e: i e~let on h.! jllgrellrlt l~lle |l ~1 1 eol~l .+'(l'tll l I~lv'glre, oilal I)lslilntlli, ll I'a· i O~ll le IlrClm~lllllti ((e (itlol lr, dlillls tcl~lqtr jllilrls n lI..Terl lit 111 i~Ihlllll~icll~ lle l'elt{ ct ll ~ innnleeot i en litenttee'etietntefstee, I itee r tit tiesll ar It he" S ii'u dit It Y , se 'tetlet is e ette et,llr In .. de tie ,riter ties I'llllls+'l It:IH. titta.l Iteeflie .sttirIe 'hx eteiss ('tisshlwell, elllree JI tees, Ilelt, N'I It| R.. dll hltcl, de ie t' s lt ('otire' ite hlltllelns i, elll le ]111it JIiiii. 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Il.lll. ,rll ,,:IIIt ICI·IC1rtI ,,I. eljl Lill'- o;I VI ihe iita l " aiitl d, l l a-ni i ithi, ," I.? uA ti. aliae, Illll lWa? (n il ilIli and [ r tl'lu Pupil f G ai itaIan ft luh .l.kid lHiaI.M H expt ritlnce a n t.lau ..ul n l k l ti,' u i t · Illl lin x I lil~tll 1ll I111,· li~ltllll\ :ilnl n,,h/il~l+. nhdI . I ll 'I i t"1 1 <III1I L r! pstanim inti L h .t ant l'i:lla i hllc i ll ali . lih'ilaliln'4 ,I 1" II III·· (ul lhv l .tll',h·lli~ ll 111 1" 1 :11111 ill h i stllli lli ill t n I lll wir , It i nu,.t :I a l.l ri.Ir b no l in u f ilil Itl 'h¢. 1. liln 111i. 11 I'a ~ lni H ii ; l111'i 11hlll'rm l ji l u1;e II" I h·111 1. nq i)( Ii.i<, 1 , iih ih~lll,:( rH ii I"'""(ill 1, Illi,+l .:l h Ihu ptP 1·il· c h !],.'1)1· 1 ,<1,~ 11 :I d -rlu 1 , r r I, .1I I . II I i . 1t 1 - , h I i Ala , Ii, i, k1 . It t.k,,, ii. lll~llli I I· .,h i lib P , .... . q Jll~ Il ..(\',.ll I !,,I Hiil I l·h ili. .1. Ast.n K ml, h.,' ". 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'l , p i ad' bar 1: Ihis etat:fithment |me lhe ph'a ill ' Ilt'laltl'.tt it" ill I,'. i t ' re k, e.8 tIler enrt t c e!v oF neat kol'th t 1 Intel, ire t te St ioiargl ehe sntd ( n'latt'tt I A ,,llll,,ls Itp lll ' n I lll| llld i lth 11 5 illV .U:5 I s llnll. t I Hl unk aP dltl ])l',).r g F , dour r and wlin: ol eltw hooks I %,C l.t rd I ii illal r IIi'I alll oi~ lnl h ]"alllaIlld lrlll in lClopper;l lllNl . ttal siloril go d e l)lllel, At11 isllt' il t Il lll tl -lS I t(h rd a n sIiv tll 11hhl il, ch Iamllel h,,.l lllllr i ' I' lltl sti. l.r[ h llle llt v e ilrm l, hby I I llI 1Al. . " ll Nll tlt I i IIQ il t lill. C . 53t1) llll0 lleve e MDAIL ARRAN.GEIIENT Norhern Mal ue Every Day at l I. Clas s Everv dayv at 'li A. M Weern a .riil, I De every m audny, W\edin:nday an y r .ay aJ t ai Friday, by , r. SI C(ana, .Claroses every Mihlln, V Wedqela antld nturdii ,'hv 9, P. Si. Thr l.I Mail ( nver ; e IPiadny, Thursdny, an eL iir, l iu 5 5, P. If. l Cloes every Slnlllday, Wednesday TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I EPARTUIlP DISTANCV &c. ofl . it Express Mail, belwna Moaile and New Yihk-leaving lllobile dailyl at 3 P. N. Nortltwaf New York daily at 5 P. b Sounthward. Arrives Arrive Nlrthward. Diatance. ime. Ilretllrn'g M aont.zmerv,Aln, I apm. 19nn' 23i I 12 a. Columlnls, to. l14 I1 911 31 a. SMill-dgaviille. Ga. 2 3 :1 14 2 p.m Columbia S. C. 7j am. 1C> 174 10 lRali-ih, N(. . 4 235 22 12 Iafrretlin, Va. 1- r in. 55 n Ai Pet.rahurg, Va. Il pi.. p 10 9an. M Rieliinil, Vn. lain m. 21 3 6 FredericksbFhtrg, 67 7 I p md Washltimgton citr, 9 plm. 61 6r 5 al iiiinre, 64 " d8 4 ro hllildelplia, 14 am. 00 II e92 1 New York .2 tpin. 90 4 llle Idti. or 31 Norlihanl. i Co g.oic' ona ard , the tlnm is sin bwifS less Iatii(i dil.v an 117 hours. TN liOlI..AIS REWARIID. RINA AY frran 169 lroandelet corner of He1i1 trets, on lle night of 301h of AugR t, slid was aen ;im ney t noraing in Paydra street, a negro boy namedl CIIAIIES, nbt t7 years of age, lnd 5 fee aor tiherebollli in lillht, vere black, nil has an imledo illent in is speechi Onl of hisa logs is ere, oecasioned iy a recent hlrtli hIll on when lie went away a whiit cotton or lihmn mhirt slid while riltton Iitnlalinn. Masters n f veessel andl sienal boits ore cautioned' a gCinst reeivilg or larboringi said nreo, ans wells el iotler yersons,i, ilhs Iiliiiast rigonr ioftle liw will li calltremd li niat thIn. l'ie asove rewnad will be pain fnrdeliveriaaglh int ny iftlie jailts of either of I do1U"icipnliics, 169 "Cri t ...ldeL, .oaier of llevia d d rNrtn ou Witt No Sil' a l r:--I- cl,. lai;tira, , hril, t Cnfu - ore tfe tiig d niler ti firim of Iluolni o Garretoll, ihna blen dislolved. T'I' subriber will lihaitae the .allir o e eoncern in ti cty, aid requires all permnnMintleb. e mak a tl, net him only, anl d all ltosaehwni elains, tlirlrl-teii h rlla oetalreatnii. _., 0-1TI I! GARRETS9O W. W. SWVAIN A'n. ICanannl trei.t Are Orlanne TI. tA alnt)a onnaInd c(tit nl ly k rieeivin OnD. Sul Dyes, Lchllesiane ld Piat.s o.u g n ilet or, illownn:i ltll JGC. DYES; Antia.iny, neIruda Atgels, red, ldo Igll.llbt Aiinitato, SLtar . Arnsllic, erlle, Alala. do ltllatl w dell..d Ih'azillette woos. .als-c ellaavia. mCoihilinal, Doi Amc c a Cappettle , Amterienn, 1 do relilel. Culplbeanr, Iirnl.tone, cutale, Fottlie, l'nmpleo ito roll, do 00i, do ra rlr, tIn (lp itie, Ilirnn inh, renl In irlit., C('stir nil, Indigo, Ileigal, Cn"om t:rhlr, ado Alllilla, Ltuiharlres, tIn (.eeratcat, ( lni aloes, do (:talTmanls, d:ll ssalttild, omi St D)omi go ill lh , o Ia liel JaI nalenea, S.,,i.,,' [nltwooll n nd Jalc , tant nd strapii d, Nicauragin, IotmnIre, lnl S Atlna e iilale n do Cr.-l., to. ....... h(or, ....... o l.,n ...ib o dII rt lit dor pathLt. 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A ,m ai t enl r fir Nr .1 t Iwn w r p e onh ' rn lg I th t.f wrd' itt lic lJ' e ,j pnc e d i n " rctw h. i\ ('·l"--·\ Fnltl~lllT1 Illlltri+Zl~l~ll (I~IIl:~·.i IJIP)ll+ Fr I it n IItch T ull r,.t'rptIrc .iltttcar t en \'l.,:t.', ,·ir ( lll'lhl , Iiliw Clllll l h~, UII l~ li l (1Iil 1t'lll illhll8 ,t"IIahi4h i n/ldi,. nI toi w ll, r I lru' ent·, nu rlr or!, index of name s, Att'a,..f~ * :'mh lt I' :#t;'Tih/ I)iclittl,t~it'. crofu4li l o ' K in ' v'iTH t t l ' I h entien gy "l ic,' Iu ,, , ru ltlles P 'Ain i tte t eI-Iyi'n .ro ,the 1 h be ing in' c it t us 1 - icu r - y elu n · Pi 1 I'ireraene, cnd jt lare t nd'.d gra -- hril~ltl·,t it||jill v'l'llll ,l' lpl. 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I r1 i( Il~t l(of(~ t) Llllj~ Pci-c $1 Cmli a0 rltle. Add cly n it SWAIN II I t u,. I IMent otrety, r It ItThis veryI· col:Pl~llr:1illtld 8Vrlll il!C ]illreplr'a 1 w th th g hat t lltrelll t gt telil ullta, tllneit. a the eli - grielt cthrivCaItllllc'cetof tiartlll ,,rmdc i citim md 11 nill to knwn e·llti Inaiey. l ~trdl~io lt ieSld ceTemlemrtItl {Iccoidhrtu i- hp scle -a Ioeliibll n h~irlge? · nlllll thv lf Yai·apn 1F ~llll aaaia dosl il.ll I(<li· ob1tined hll'l l pte narat on-- tley b~ule I PI illieilfs tIfI 'tlllrittitPDe E niT l O1 Di R e Celtlly t I ttre til gtentfi in• ielrti ic tef Rottie Ilrtttn (wlitton,, ealttdi ii gcltVerlliitey Poftter'shh Cinfer Itli .rliIteltltilr tre lmirttitlm l n tm worken lare nnt itgener tttotlititttntt eof l ti i d ofus, l nitii e ttts l (Iohl~.-\'lllitci's tlrla n Fof cx e l]n~i l stor ofe Ro~ 14 InrlSlhmtgrtjtllitce eet hileliiriccl Notes. nnltl qties tele i Et e llitttglttnn llom ot til en m ill" ticcli O.eti. II. Itcettlutlltlhr m w , vetralgtin ionmt otl,tby Atheroiln (rome olajtceemroed" I. dice~ eflr cOchlet i ths Hinter)y nol'len d meelud, tIhe heeceiee ef Jelionnk nrtlnli. elif1 tlenl" eor ge 'ld tieth al cetllintuneiei In the yeC 1ii" WVi~httuetilS fcr clloettiti Ilenl a tlee itid tion edtlEt throetoitiu the worId. CeIt eitinn illtbeI of tlntl~lllll Nel'liru Hoeriegn aoilc ietlnen piersnna loltcec iephtlcetot yeelltn, Reieor on the pall [aoe. aimc cict~r tn itorottice if the nege An o•timic, the toenotttiotme &,.&el~. mllhectratod Ity ieaty teigro of ittilthn SoewI crotiee no,. tim e ice of thlbeh." el Aciierienn etlhitutt, whhl authlitiolti ntiil icqtc~elnnnii i elci ne tepltttillm Clleoc abtlUlmneticul pnrt entl'h Ai r hlt i Allnilc. Ju·! reeived anid foturole hlv WjVt M'KEAN .ii ....... iorlr moC nlp I tll Caidnallin olh It IAI.IR't I.AySICAI. I.IIlttAtLY . jfOtlA .],lr mistatud liy I'lillilt Fcilat.iiI) I), with I I aa t ttmh-. C~etcitigtl at ettiaiccnl varinIne oedh, licit J.IocLoi, CUoaty, hlilIto, DrydUn 'olte t\lldooti, 0titft CIlttlerete, i tVecauiedld d.hraom dot'ylln, cod ofe. l uIllme ctll e i lnillclrtittc .of tl I II(EDIRUS, with tie olpl teoin , ;uI iclit tillsla Ltd I)V t:htrimt, eh llet t:uit ill 'e V tllcrlltlti. VC lmIil8.! 1 anmd l:,ttI'"llirer'cChtcocicl L rcrvc Stlllt liii,, tec vh atem.ici c tl.m .tttlhoc, liy 'f~ittita to7 ItecettlU. .Ho .dtll *I iCW hll t,,t cith Il ietritlolt;t by (ti °!'lIBE I.'SI; n e'l'tl hy thlenIctititr of lichtinIi liac Etmlrgclctly" Ac., ItIe uOttill ce 2 vo l.uesplr ii uil.,. ('hUt. I.IFFtllt1)-hty lite arlior oa "Psrlt.. 'fit, "iI; ' el' Icil l ritt ..elace V c.t.. tier .4 noftm cre Cnuc·ltew Ve-bCUlILI. Jal rVtcsireI a s ule l) " UW M M lS K iAN ACON t.tiL)S--3i6 ccobs Ciltiiacltli iil,* lanhnlgf, 'non ttec 1 i'ttic,llllllltlm IcIIn, aoc tar nlt I hOtE;s'r &. 1AW!

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