Newspaper of True American, November 7, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 7, 1838 Page 2
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tt". ýýCLF.liAlbCis. Noember ýjarrlitl'a(thl Tar Hoeton, aga. o J. Iiiey xtia, aP Ireita, Citulceloaw J H Abbrldgo I c k h . ; ; P h;.t "'P4Lofii Cao, Pe totw . To, t o. MterI.. 00.liaso& wto, aod C Fooloot Ilo ooo th toth, am 5t.t. e' p, 0 ?tooori btok 2ot, btog Jit Aohhtldod i4bbbb in. bbbbbbbbhbbbbb ii the otbnIn;I, nor nothing new in the Exp.d day. from Narita to Megere-cargo, wine, b.G R` Sae. 13 days fro Naw Yarrk. to George i', tod radial I Brij omrst, Mat Ttempa, Oa, with tramp., *(kp IrIhinrun ua I l d\s fro davane th. trIteewr, oordale, I':day. fro Philadelphia. to C. hos Gmper. from the paslm. Towed t. sea hip i n oS a t Ie.ha(no n Vl, Brougbtup ship Wmdlmy sad Nmmaa. N E: Pa as A M noting i siht to tbs oIL,. Uai l ri A t uchnt In 16e Pas.. Wto to~otuml Wound 144'~for. frotm hoi.ts C ogt t IWnaollo1w. Thompoo. 17 dof fr.. om Neooth,, to ogo " - Mter. POla allphin; au'dl mds. Cam llp under COMI MERCIAL.I = to oa' Datot ett * U ·toto ....... ..1t ttltO B\tot. (o ......M Igeo Voa. do ...............0Ciriroi Ott...... 1 'Pei edat do. IA Idy.I too. tOklo.ttt.....t.....:1 R l Rumoo t....o d...o th t t. I.t ..koo t . ... .......1 ttk Nor..... .h.p...I Woo Stny. o ltt.....N.P... .9 U*...t. law) A··.....lil Parl. (At.......... . 1 9 teM, OAt .............. ti oot h ept ..... t t 4 Moootort- ........... 31 Have,. Sept.......... ...9 U ttoN, Toa.-PaWsloot p 11.01 i01.,oB..ttoa. cA bta hpW dotttp Ihootopoo to at., ,0 4 oh, ot hojo nmtas~e., IA Iuxrs rngarr, 741 nut-s ro~~li~h. 5 lo. horritgo I ,I 2 voahit.,ooorunks drtkt. 29 ito bb'k pomtt . . I lot ioodiooo and I cOt . 0mill0 PhltodA.. .. ]lth wrir Hopo t. d Su.00 . 440 half io rr.. ant . 2ttitrct s rI. . ttl wh.ooi.,il. CIIA*WOOBtN..Pe, ach .oMori., 1o7jool. corditl.; 0Pb hot ea(llaf ugar, ) ntierces and 57tg.llto rift.. loafetagler aod I base. tnnrehaaliott o PBIYRACOLA..Ver Behr Diary J ,ll, a3sl h I· gol. Tan 1 rark rit,0botw ottdi,.. I tok. o..t. to nd. louith U iiilltoh t h....h.......or .thetl . toot Otoytoo1) ot Corn ot IMIPORT+.. 't.oo . tb lrhiothodotiro. 2 bltoomnt ir, 6tstnt otton. tites, 2 104f 5n e d1 t,0. a lntmde. NAIJTZ..Plrooog Zompo. Wine, prhsertes l ndtruiot COS~NSIGNE: BNSACOLA.P bergln Zomphr Ototot. Gitol 0. -togo.e, lRoeto * Albert, rodonto U.looo, (iuoirn &. P uvtooin, Jt& l) tr. vier. tori(t poo V t...n. Phillltelphin-.Per hrig Ci·1ras, J Uri Ige F co, Jn WVhite to Bird ' Bioren, W J Itynall,.tdnln k Ilerlw*:l. N k Dirk . . o. Armourh I~oko D - Mlllo . y, 'rvlnr, D500 tryIto, C Donne, St~rioklloo k sheer.,t otioooo.o otolno Ittootoot o.t 4oott.Voo Dhotooorto, J o. riogtct. J It Filrd. C HyQotoio W W J Oliver, I~nbdie v Jac uo!tnr, J C I'onlx),, \Voall A Sin," sloes, I'arnal. Arenecil or to, Cn~lloer k G(ridley, Vicariate. bslho co, toro.dou 0Codo;t W Longo tooodoiw idot, Go N Mar~ron Phitoston. pershiopt Notimotoi tlo \hotrrmln R Whit, .ooirdd.DoootW id o \".r ttooo..Iern A rt Cal l co. ttth j , tillo, Roo,!jo., nJ 07 Po ,oo . W,,&l I.0rig, ot.*ooFo& Avory, AdamotoC,,dOrt;Wloott tlooollo \V II Nil. well, C Girard; J A Moo,'~l. F: If Hyden Flvalt t Crrllr, S&r Whitey. p C .hlp 5' Itooo Ilo.-,t. h'oO6c. Ileoot trxu ol Gtoint'. toler o Wol.o t looo. \ t V'Ioloooo. Wt'lkr. N0 ho 4 totoooD, oitoo& Ittoooo. Jlplttt',olbo.W tirral. c,.ttotoo ototlA Story, .11 . \'tttty e k tto. . noni WioRitootoiC'tlW nooooo l~.t (1 IIoOr~o..h nlOOoo.tto olbtooo~o.0 0.h0,ar.,,4, olo. & odnr, Io5111;ooPoo V V.0 W b . . C C Clpp, ordor; aid .andry preen". o ~n board.l 0Ne. tolo.. por shIip Foot do lto'k.. Joopl W.o0 I *o~o otoo P M Gll,3Ht Fi k to, :oo t. . O llt, ol. , 11 ltarouxobP Moyot OLidie. t, pe 4 c~l~olo, to Motill., RVadl Jr oo~, A 0.' Cp. ootIot ooooo o. P AOOF.Nfo 0709. Po tworkO-Per .hit, Aooooo.. Mr Porki,,. tod l tdT. Me Rihtrdo. Ot Storm MOto 00,oooo, Mr tlryltury, Mto Fooody MeI Ralm",n, *aid 175 *rrru.0., Neo Toook..Po,o .101 Nooooooo.W,\\ Weaontod. K'iooooor,l, WVohlbotoo. Clole. loger, ohilolooo.h, tolo, P'lait tond ottdy; toond 27 *tootnce. Phi Pelrolphiau..Par brig Siiter..tlr and Arel Johlnmo and family, Me and Mrs Moody, Mr sad M r. Rord tend (amity, Me ttnnott. tt..r.o i'orlor, Ado,., Coo:int, Nook.noo, Wig. Httop. per, toAtory, Mrs Sutot. The l fie eI0,N. N* now madelv to re~eive rarnn roa ill hav.e drruth;fo feihtor pnsr·nge apply on board, orto SlTETSON & A1'EfRY, nn1r7 88 t i rv ier o Fur, jloaehuflrr, ti:ckobor., (fr.::,L+ P;t.; rodney, } ulrheuond ollinto'',,rdon L~oud,:tos. Positijely n11 I'I::rnovo,2t!1inst. It 4 r::'douk, M. M 'r' ll,! fine :,oerr Nt 0'1'I Al ' . AttA'A,3n,. At. (:rice ra,tMl "' lavec Tlm sds, at4 1'. It. Fr fright or puosag upg:y I hoard. or if) UtOVEtt & BIIOENH tIt. nov7 :Il 'omrp rt N It-Allt olrttrga "s l rn goo's hIppe:1r.d Iby tthjo boat. 'I hr real nr :a0ket low prcrlurf '- traine~r (:Ii kb tIF, ('apt. Otoilor. will coav'tle hike :r:: of theo Unit ill1UltStAI'r & SA'tttbttAAru 1 a fer the RrriruI thy;t 12otd:'oluok rnr:, and ot her re turn, leuao Mob~iler, evry T'ooodoyouod Ftridyo. For passuge apply on to::d to CA rr. stt.WtLtS P S-Wtaraoorr o rnotit nturmllatr ot'pnssernrr. off'r the. Otiroff silt tout ,a a t no o' the itror-uodiutu In oltogo, open pru nrouu uotir:e beintg girve to ('apt. mrittr. noaP-ti GOVERNOt'S IIOR:K (. Ot'.ttl)-!! .tI T-l'fi.vT10.v!! Y OU areorderoed totoarloade no Iut:outr+r? Squure, in filtl winter :tniforro, :on t'l:oord.y Ith 131: Nor. instnot, at to'clo:ck precisely. By oanbore oUoeIt:. C(ror. JOHN GOIBOtN, nors6 OFFICE N. ORlt.EANS & NAOItVII.t.E It. It Co: lIEChott'pe r :fhuoror eIoI n o'atar1- : E VERY DlAY, Irondtuyo erxceprted) a train of Pao. sarro Cara will Iloppnrt from the · lelmpl ilia foola ofCanal utreet,tfor Bah urad tIho OirorII rnrie. It:pulrto re. Iean 21'31 4 ' SU'NUAI'.Y. Departure. R rr it In 6 AM Pt' I º0 " 1 A 211514 I1' At JA)ItFA It 'At.tIOVEt.I, Prerod't ltrIPnsoro geoaora lirster oto t re to toh e Som fro te goCurs.. aoo.'t-tf S OAP-t tu boxer iuitoti:on No. I, soap, Ibrond of S lorge Rubbi::r, luodi::g from, rlat Charler ton, for sale byy ISAAC tIkttl(;IE & CO. nnv5 13 lerriri SIIEIPI'INtIS k I~ltttI.I\t N: lo- 1 bI o. I - rt Sh Olteetintg-, nd 10 to :eti ro ll II :p:1-tcli: Itit linogotodine to mlr ttoip: D0:3 o:,::::, oar o::dU tby ISAAC tltltt:tf iCr, nnv5 :11/nies (ý\I81 & ItA1tILKIS-3Ohl Lnoee~ ('edllirb-51111 em~p t"tt It I' ta iturrolu, i:: Sntnu:: order. AppyrLt: ohip DOlm:tatio, or to LEVI It t.At., rs)Vg !I:t 1'unnomr of L I UNNY lfl:. ýi; I 1-7 Ilmlec b11-irel bags in stalre noo5 44 Now Leve otJCandle Jackson's brand now lanoi .: Salaro obip Ialolttin, riol tor salut:y JOSEP1II Clcl('1tAVS. nov5 2 rrira S UGAR-ItO I lihi o sl otth plantatoon, neor tr o 3 the city, fo HERMOGENE, IIPtOWN t. (t,, nnv5 9 Cu:::ti o `FOVNE --4il Storoo tundin:g ta:,: oliti): II :::trnilta, somel o whicht are o:,onti elr new Iu Ittrrn:s-nI 9]tnt r.Pool's atet coral stores; 23 conical cookingo Ittoono. ilstoro nod for ontr eb S LOCKtP: S co, N. B-Staov Pie maden, and pt:tuP i anyb port uf tht oIty a0 ohuot notlior. US l' roceivrd per thipl.ouisvioit fron: Nao Volk, Blunt's Nott~uut AtnAlmtauci to'r 1t39 R luntu' Nautical Attanaoo for 1816. Itltttt'. Coaot Iliott, to oot es4itiuo. Etcltago Totrtlr. I':tt1ou :t oftoadaano and Dicounot. Advaono Tablesu. Ato::, ''urilf~ or 10048, 11M, atol 1810, ursalob t DAVID) FFEI:Tdc Cllr New York and Stationer'. Htll, flQs _______ 4 Ctartresoroa hYtro Northrrtt ItnyajooJ L ootaj war 11$ ship Falotht, attd (ur auto by oel~lu''rkh ; SINNOT, at _7 QCommon oft A -SELE:CT and fresh supptly of t1ry (.liars oIf r A tryr dearrit,tion. for Scenae painting;: Oil andd a ter coior** Ioruohea nod atltist toos,, an::, aot vxntetir atook"ooouloiour VARNISIIES. Imo an ot manufaholrvof P II ttnittt&r C..aouu11ritina $ 2 Ourriiorrri Nus. I N. crrcch t un~i.1h, ·.d itj rdpr do ueua Blan~k Japan, non Brownrl do. AIopaW W OCronaO greeno in 2o5 to. conk, around in il gttoo.loserou lrtnr Prnchb arre, otto to d I0 it· uf 'urlpot tttr and Itdilud Oil. &ae.Raeves 4r rtun, ittdtott snd %e·fwaorLotefofr sale at Ithe t uial ote of or. AU-W-N.1 TUVE AMIER*CAN OFFICE. o in connection with tnis Oflice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE rVn TUt PRNTINU O o Ptampblets Blak Cheek Bills of Ltding Label Dray Receipts, Lerl Notices, Auction Bills, Dill Forms, Show Bills Steam Beat Bills Circulars, Amd every descriptioam efJob Work that may e rqelrted. IRTlrle proprietor respectfully calla the attention of I the public to the above Card, and aa.lres them that ail work intrusted tn his care Anll be dorne at the short at notirce, in a style unsurpassed in thia city, and at the lIoest rates. TIlE TRUE AMERICIAN. EDITlD n1' JOn' s ltllwON. FAITRF.UL AND BOLD. N ORil I EANV: WEI)NESD Y, NOVEMBER 7.I1I3. Pay -While hundreds of our ofice holders of little use to the country at large, althur.h servie. able to the power that creates themn by their poli tical alrtherviency are paid enormouts ritms, not for their oflicial duties so m uch as for their industry and recklessness at elections, the highest offices in the people'sa ift are frqrrently ill paid,nr become a positive burden to their poneeerars. Sub.treea. aurers throughout the states have not onlly lrge incomes allowed to thern, hat have the power -and use it tn-- f helling themselves to any quantity of tile public funds. Who then can wont der at the open mouthed ndvocry of the subr treasury arhe re by nll ihe disinrtrerrled holders, or espectan's of ofnice! The daily exposures of fru aslid peculation, prrodre notl he slirehet r effect on these shbmsless rrphrlders of thbues. 'To such nr these all that which it iniqtitoums In other, in virnous and patriotic in those they support. When the general expenleturnc under President Adams amounted tol ,ut relre miilionr, nthiing else could be heard for the lond outcries of the loco .res of that day t gainst the extrarvgance, and lestru.rtive predigality of tlia ovcrnmeant. nut now that their own darling Id., siels in the executiver hbin, tho' thte expenditure 'xere Is lirty millions annnuall, not a word is stid shout un tnecreary expense, or crrrptllling llnutlv. The hope of shating In the s'nil ,.. ngrnrbly In Ihe avowed principles of tlhe presrcnt administralnn s'utl, tip thelir neniht,c .and ears: .4 frllnr ferl;eir tinthra tus wrn iotst kind. C lltector,l poI tllnlla ers, nld contractors, pinched try perry bllr ysrtlrdnta, revel int we 'li and luxury t-lnay; for though useless in their offices they are potnt in election,, and take the victor's share: while many of the g-,vern,-r's of our states are motnr uaetly remunerated for their all imp,,rttant fhrnti na. 'Thl'e alary of tihe (G.vrnor of I.oisiani'ia $7,501"; t(,ovrnortof New ork arol P,"nr sevlvania, 4.00t0; of 11atsachsnterte. ,r3,1Gt; '-outh C('rotin, 3 5i): of Vireinia, 3,333; of t:rormi, 3,000; ofr lMarlanid, 3,Ilttn; of Mti*slinioi and K.ntnrrky, 2,500 each: ol Now Jrrsev', North I' nrlina, Ala hbar an t Ternnreape, 22,000 each; Mline nd ll is .suri, 1.500 earch; Di)'claware, 1,23:1; Ohi, I.2l il; Conn'ectlcln anti New mrimplhire. I,I00 each; Indirha And Tl'li,.,i 1.000 each; Vrmoinat 750; Rlhu.o Island, 403 Not a dan pnsers tn uto tetrrre. 'itt arguo nments , elrn;r as truth isel, in tfavor of internal imlprnvnlmentl in proof of the ner't'sity lI prompt action n thle part of our leollatlule -and of ithe certain sutc .e o oi our olperatin.I with, nlid of Iheir necerenry failure witholt, slaten aotlance. It wanr the mtart of Loiiitna, fn r t ,rer pint, r hat her nmIrrchn, pltlltters, and public menl, hld mrll energy than those otf otlher ae, yet note) Ihey .o.rm to halvl evidently tsn. New t)rlaent. wanr the first city to mtnve in the plan of Ocean S~eatr' Navlrntion, yet while she mats only talking of it and pr claiinmitt its adl ntan ges, the E:'rlilsh went to work in anrlrert, and carried the plan into sne .esnel openraion New York hta from thia de r!vedall the advantages which mightl have been onrs;nnd while we retmain supine, and wondering at our own inertnerr, Philadelplhir and [laltimore, are follhwing lenely an the h,,ls ni New York, and ver nol the first step is taken in the nsttar here! Will New Orleans for ever thanw away her advantages, and enrich others with what should render her wealthy? In New tlrleaias was firt pr,,jee'cd the running ofa line of raill roads, to traverse the interinr of the great states lying back of our own towards the great weear, and tlhutl riectually eeoure to our nlves all the unnt trtie which was gradually bheng diverted from nus, by the rntural inpedlnlments ofl our preearinou internal nanvigation, and the energy and grasping spirit, of neihhringl state.: and thoug.h renerea was rea iered palpable tall, nor legielaturo bty a total indillerence to our real wel. fare, is suff-ring tihe great object to tail and fall throngh, while the intelligenre, and superior on. ergy, of Carolina in about snatching Irto our out stretched hand tie almost pnosseted treasures! Will notlhin rouse our dormant energies? Munst we still go on frmnn day to day, projecting plans of ce tain wealth, yet leaving thenmto be carried out by others? North Ctrolina ihas cast fromn her escuthron thile bar sinister of being thie 'Rip Vanl Winkle' of the confederacy! & are our once active citizens nanious that Louisianna should sssuine it From the P'tlomn eastwanrd, the elates hi've avail ed themnselves to Ilte utmosntet of internal imtprove. merlt, and are frlilri inll them mninle of national, and wealth. Last year, Pennsylvania rrceived a tmilli m in canal and rail rmad tolls, and New York mucrah more: will n sit caaenli looking or, and see Sollth C(arlthnn, y her supr. rir rnergy, take twice atn mchl nut of her cItnal gressp? Virginia, too, is ronusing p, and talkeof throwing out her arms of rail roads to our own rich valley of the lMiesissippi, and thus in to her Atlantic ptrts those vast prodners which Louisiana is too indolent to avail herselft f. Had out own legl.llatrre done half ne mauh for tus, ase that of Caroline haa done for their state, the Naih ville Rail Road would be running ovnr a hundred miles into the interior; nor shltol we he even threatened nith this, hilt ton, prh bahly. altceersful rivalry. Let tor le tl'ttlr e take this plain view of the case. The Road, if conmpleted, would be the certain means of almnrnt untonunded wealth: our legielators, and they alone, can carry it nu ti asuccessful issune, for the canll do it without te outlay of a dollar, and no other body can be even look, d to in the undertaking. The stockholders cannot do it fromhe nitude of the nagniruda oresponsi biility; and they rerl.not, hbecause,for the paltry aid already given, the legislature has a mortgage on every portion of property tie company posaeCses. But beyond this plain canue, we hold that the le. gislatnure is morally bound to finish it. The Charer' granted to the company,lla is by thle granters, ten. dered voti, urtess slltt:iUott charters front the several states, through which the road is to run, can bhe procured : these have bee obtained, and as I the legislature currld suppose a few iortivtdlulse conlmpetent to so great all undertaking, nonr could the state in its severeign capa,.ity rrquire these charges from neighloring states, it was but a fair inference that when those necdful instruments were proenred the road would becoml a national work. The state can crulsh i in a mInomlent, the state can complete it without loss of time, or tlo ney: it cnldaestroy the property embarked in it and render it a by. word, a dlrgrace, or II can nmake the mleans of bringing to our city undreamt of trade:it can by its means bring to nour ciisens the needlul staples of other states at about one half their present oeas:t it can give an incr ass to our city's growth which will startle the most a n guame! Which course then will it pursuel Legis. ators of Louisians, these vast desttnies are in your handl. If any new inonied institutions are to he chartered at the next seslion, we wnuld recona. mend to our Irgislastre the notion of a i" allost. soe Ba'nk: it woruld be sure of populariry, for raue qu ",et an perrt Ier r h ,it Ilto I4 re d.clrto ra much quicker than any aoher creatures we know of. -ta (l.-We have tried to laugh with the Picayune in utletrple at funniment "many a time, and ofl;" lbut have lately abandoned the hopeless effort in despair. ilia hmnilies are grown too dull even for sermons, without bring half so instructive. Buit it we cannot laugh at his borrowed wti, we can at his natre renceil, and that, too, moat heartily. llis nations about "backing out," are truly whim sical. IH. seems to h'ld opinions with certain ecolds who think the sole triumph in a contra. ' versy is the gI ,ry of havind the loat word! He gatintoa squabble which the has not wit to go through with, and when ho becomes too dull to be replied to, raises a loud 'crow,'and deems him selfa victor! never suspecting that his opponent flels tha force of thte old adage, "'tit lost labour to pelt a scavenger.' If he thinkas ie has backed os out, he is easily satifitld.*llie complaceney at hie fancied triumph, reminds us of a scene we once witlnelssd, and will now narrate. It will form good story for him to tell as an original some time h*nea when its aplieation is forgotten. 'llarry,'-one namle is enough for an anecdtre was a fop in manners, but a line fellow in feeling. Though neat inldrese,.nd finnticking in habits even to apparent effeminay, he wast, in fact, as true ,s ateel: a skilful swordsman, and celebrated every where for the use of his fists,-a -a Belcher! They who knew him beat, forgot his feppery, for they admired his bravery. Ilia heart might have said to his body, ne uan in hisapettiecoate, said to Babe, t.end now I etrust or every body's sake, -'Tha this 'disguiee' may lead to ne mistake.' But it did. At a public: rendeolrous a bully hearing of his prowess, and observing only his spotless dress, and drawling words--addled an insult on him o fr the sole and avowed putrpose of having a trialby battle,con vinced before hand that aconquest was but a matter of sport. They adjourned toa neighboring enclosure to settle the matter, and in a very short time the "volun teer" returned to the room with a face awfully wounded, anmd difsgurred; and his dress covered with mud from sole to crown. Panting and fuming, he rashed in, while all observers were left to a-certain his feelings by his voice, for his features were too much de-faced to retain the power ofexpression. "Here, waiter-shou ted hae in interjectional bursts-bring me some water, quick:-cerape me a raw potato-never mind, I've whipt him!-that's a had cut, ell! I can hardly ree: waiter, send me some sheets of sticking plaster, andl let r your boy bring a esraper to clean my coat! but never mind, l've lick'd hita:"-anle thus he went on rejoicing in hi, triumph, while dressing his wounds: sati-fled with an iamaginnry victory, and apparently unconscioua of the Snmauling he had got in the process. Anon, in came the conquered Ilarry! as clean, anl bright, as a newly etnamped dinle: Ili dress nas spotless as baefre, his very shirt frill unrufllcd as his temper, anid his hat, cane, and gloves, as nattily paraded aits though nothing had laalr. penal. "Why Harry-anid a friend,--how is thin? he says he has whiip you." "Yes, that's true, said lHarry, I gave it tp. The fact is, that the last time I knocked him down, lie rolled into the kennel, and got into that d filthy conrlitios ou sec him in now. I totl him if he a would go homne and charge hi dreas, e that he could a fight like a gentleman, I liad no objection to accnmmo s date him further, but as he refused I was not going to I soil my hands with all that mud, ar I gave it up! Igave it up! You see how he has whipt nme-but the gen le man is perfectly satisfied, and so am l." "Ouer story's ended." We disclaim any intended personality in giv. ing this "ease in point:"-if with sach a backing out as ours, the Picayune is perfectly satisfied, so are we. For the fourth, or tilth time the period for com. mencing the fall meeting over the Louisiana Course has been changed. By the last intelligence we had from official quarters the day fixed was the 23th DecembIer, and we annonnced it as final, but since then the advertisement has been put forth fixing the beginning for the 20thI instant. Whether this arrangemenlt wall, or will not be ad hered to is irontosslble under circumstances to stay. ET-The Express Mail of yesterday failed to bring any intelligence from beyond Charleston. By the slip from tile Savannah Georgian of the Ist Nov. we learn that the ship Spartan arrived at that port from Liverpool bringing intelligence three days later than previously received. This is the second time, observes the Georgian, within 3 days that we have by direct arrivals at this port anticipated the mails front the North. We suhjoin all that we find inera.esing in theeotracts from Engliash papers. lafailtre ofany ver? interesting general intelliganre we extract some valuable details of the Cotton Mlaket. enam Ito lalifin No, Reotias.-Government thas decided on establislinag a linle of etecaln packers betwoeen thitl coultry eand Ilali ax, Nova Scotia, and the contract will be thrown openp for public compelion. We neted n rt aoint nuthe advantage to onulerciaie comuni cutiatns whiih wil result.--Globe. The steaners to and from New York will, in all pro bailiey, take the cntract. The deviation wou'dl llt naure a delay of more than thirty hours.-Ed. Albion. Pennsylrania.-It appears by the last nceounts finm Pennvlvanin, that the Whiga nill harve a majority in the I.,ilalureiin joint ballot. A Whlig will of ceatrve ie elected n tile Senata of the U. S. Moreover it is now acknowledgedl on all hands, that the Governrr elect is not a sub treneasury man but a strenuons enser entivr-the political friend of Ingham, McKean, and Risen. ARed suchis the upshot of the great loan-foce "eleto re" in Pennaylvanla. We have a word of advice for rile loco-ficos. "Count not your chickens before they are hatched." Or, as our friend of the Philadelphia (iartere more leas iaellv expresses it-E-"Eunterate not your adolescent pullets ere they come to be oviformt." Tire Frertma L.vr.aroor.---This fine vessel, which has bn'en purchased from Sir John Tobin, ty thie ''rnnsatlantic Steam Company, is now in course of outfit for thire trade between this port and New Yark. She is a superb vessel, and, like those steamers which have been most successful in their voyages to distant lands, she is of great length. This is obvious enougch from the quay, biut it is not until a person stands on the deck, that he has a proper noraon of the great distance from stemn to stern. Thae engines of the Liverpool are from the mretaniactory of Mesers. Forresler & Co. In point of -peed, it is exp-cated she will evince qualities of the highest order. Stoch is the forward state of her preparatiotns that she is expected to be ready by the end tf next week, to take an experimental trip tn Dubliv. lihe iron shap, of which we have made frequent mention, will, we understand, be launched on 'l'ttrsday next, from tile building yard oe Meessrs. Johnson & the south dock. hIas Sea.:. VESSEr..--Wo have been favored with the following extract of a letter fromn a naval ollicer, who has made passage in the iron steam. sip Rainbow,to and from Antwerp,and in whose lpinions we place the greatest confidence, fromt lhie having commnanded large asteamcrs lot ten or twelve years: Ioneuo, Sept. j3th, 1838. "We arrivedalongside Brunawick.UI nckwll, at 13 minutes past five this morning, making the pnesago, upwards of two hundred miles, (inclu t stolllpplages,) In 1i hours and 50 minutes. I dol't know a fioer veassl; she is perfectly easy, and lanes ihe least tremulous motion of any steam er l ever was in; and it is a curious fact, that, both in ginn and returning, there was not one ease of sea-sickness on board,although there was sufficient ino!inn to have caused it in any other vessel, but there was not the slightest smell of bilge water or the engines. "With respect to the local atrraction of the iron on the compass, I have no hesitation in saying, Professor Airy has perfectly mastered it, and that I should have no objections to take a ship of any dinmensions, built in the same way, to any part ol tile world. The favorable results above detailed, as to the speed and other qualities of the Rainbow, her pow. er to proportion to tonnage being very small, are highly creditable to Liverpool builders and engineers, and quite decisive as to the superori. ty of iron vessels, for all purposes, but more rape "ially for long voyages, when speed, small eon sumption of fuel, and greatly diminished, if not entire removal from all risk of fire, are of such vi tal inportance. By the London papers of Thurs. day last, we see that the Rainbow has again arri ved at Antwerp, after a remarkably quick pan. sage. The Act for the alaoliahinr imprisonment for debt, excrept in ertain cres, comes nto operation to day, ihbe I-a Oetller. Mt A RKT i....rS. IYiVEOlOOI., Oct. I. VWe hlse had I fair dlemnd for C.ason throullolt tha woek. lte trade tlailld thk lr usual daily pity llies., Wlich they are elatlled t, do without prolueiin tat f orarble imprcts illl oU prices,. b.llers oo'Ameriecaa etlaug the demand feirly, but witlout easaure, acd the ooltveh.bnge that can abe naned Ls ill tle olllmaln atilr milddle qu al tivs, atr h r allUnlldln t and hlane been old is pnrlial inletaeem, at ld rsdtclieon e sm last rseehl qotatiunl. It lrantll Ihere i no cIhlnse to notice. Its Ilatsoerd tavraohetl are iLa limited demand iianid darfa llfo solt. Percltmeiar ie iucrsedtl demoand aied more readily seteabe at previours rotes. ua arc ill fr airdeland, both for tle traUdenlld for exllrt, lbut are very freely utoered,s and the b)yer haa rather the •dtltate. 2aO atd 100c aurals bare been taken fur rapurt. 010 o.o tolnlod t1a hit 324u0 lllanda 51 a St: t96 Mobile to. o. -: S 1 ,mete tNv rlstlu 5O1 aIe: 9 c0 rtaolian atl a 1t1: Lal)t Perueotal &re.t a!J; 10 Iaahie ke.,i ; 590 .tLrran. homf 7na 9 o: nwxioloed t a o: 6 o relnrare Ac a t Itlf: TOU Lonuayrn 7i a Oitll Su a , Iacttor Iadia 7: 100 Soertl A. ti·tat. The Cotton ,arket nho. btee extremely dull Dalet 4l.00 bales. P.IRccbarely, etd n.u ilt every itstaac, sl tlead. Taken on speculation thi yar. y bale 0.9t80 Same in t, 117e0 Stoek it Liverpool De. S31 1337. 17"0.8008 Sate tihe 1836, 2ti4,t)lt Forwarded uneold this year, 23,710 Sme in IK7., 443o00 Increase ofimyport this year compared with the lame date lst Y'eart 3,71 Ihere.e nf Stck, 214,70 Intrea~oe ofqtnntit, Ltoke for coeuttmption, 102.001 of Decroase of quantity taken foCr 7,xrl, 1"4935 COMIIPUTED STOCKS. Septoember 2, t'IS, 482.4l8 Mieme period, 1837, 27i.700 1 Comprativoe view of the oImprot and expnrts fr Cotton intot and from til h lewlhl kiltdomo, frotlm the lt tof January to tile 2Jd inst. nlld l the ilpurt. ie d edpoy t for the amet perlod let year. Into the Kiigdom this year: Amerirnnt, beg. I1.01,55 South An'rican, 10.,3967 Weslt Intlore, D oearer deA. 4358 d East Indisn, 79,143 Egypt, &. ..250 I Total of atld de.cription, 1,9s27,7 Same t9riltd last yeore Americ:an. heag 7549, .,utht Aonerican. 97,528 l9'ent Indi.t. IDemoraran, e. 4.357 Etst Itdae, 114.4114 Egypt, & . 33.945 .--_101,42.44 lacrea.e of importtn. acn.mpnred with tho onnlnt perioted, 18:17, balg 263,064 Exportt ieb 183; Amrriean, 37.7,7 Be,)0, 6.661 East lodies, 34.342 Teota in, 10780, 70,P81 Sme perid in e037, 10U3,593 Prom the I.vierpoel Albion, Oct.). Shat. Maorket, Saturdny.-The tranoletinns thil eehn il thles htv-.e Iern rthelr nnluttrout, hot at the rlure .of th, mrketthe of rail-way at a decline. I oondon lnd Birmlinhm opetonedl t 1767, but have line been done elt 1734. 1711 ond 17!4. and the quertets at 304., 30 ald 261; the Gand JeuntioLo which ha sold at 191, has alo eince declined to 18t, the new shares have brought 54l, .iver prot nnd Mtllcheol er hulves 7T ; Mntchester. Boltor and Itury 7t1; North t:uinl 7'21 ant 72; Ltcds and Mln:hetrrl 549; lendloetcr anot Ilirninollghlt 111; lNorth Mlidlandl 571; (tret Westernst 82, 0 alc178; Etsteru Couotiee 5j and 5; L.ondon Cand lrieghton 11 , 91 l ant S; L.ondon lld Southampton 49. end onew 3; COheater aod Clrkenhead 28; Chester and Creoe 9t; Edinl-lro ol (edlaogow 44. Money lMarket, Frlday.-The blu.illnce of the stock mtlket g.hortly h:tb Ilee very unimtortant, and nothing has occur red in tile Englis fnund, tocall for remark: they have all been n set;id, with vry lilt)tlO flCuttione. The premium, upon texchotquer bills I ratller lower, anot monoey may be generally ,considered us imiore illP deltlld, otl this cireumstance ariten solely t'rnl, tIhe ap,,roaching pyaymnt by the receivera gtne. rap into lth Ex,'blhl tr, ollneqllent upon the terminations of thqe r he qurlr. h railwy .hlre have not supported the pi. ne eatwhioh the) woereenrrent last weeok. Nothing it known of the receipts of London tlnd Birmingham during tile lastl six days; ond ao thot e parttis who are known to be informed on e the oujetd, and wotoo t cok esidelable pains to spread the good leport of lnot week. maintai a enautioue silenco, it is tuppo.ed tlhat Ihe gret t succeso of thatperiod tas purely acien ottal (;risio g. molnct other causes, from the throng of r pt.ens l wil vioited o ot cter titnner;) and hence the sharoes have declcold nearly to tie extent of the late ri.e. Great C Western have fallen in ,iillar degree; ae bhae, inded,a.l h nt all tlloseo tlhat were illUellced by the improvement which we Iotlire ill or )c ,t report. oturdnly....e halve very little doing. Tho English fucds o .t gen crllyo per cent.( bigher tlan yesterday, Consols being P:li 1 for Ahcet, nnd 94 to t cr oneunt, New Three and a half oercents. ro Ion 161 Enlxchquo r billt and Indin Bonds the Ialle, vlz 68 70 rpi0t. In tlhe.foreigll market prieoa are all Sn tinrotll. Tlere i no v.lriantion ill the prices of tho rilwy ehnr.; L.ondn I d Illd..n.ha 8t 2 to 8 o4 tremo; Sotlhimp totoo 4 41. I0,4; Croydunl 16 to 171; GreeOnwian 1690 174 per Ssthare; Groat estoroln 1341 to 141 pre. F-LOUR-700 bhbl. Peane brand, in store and IT.r smale by G I)ORSEY, nov7 4 New I ever P 41'R, INK, A-'r.--'l'he suhrirers are now re ceiving a ful supply ofall the various qualities of paper, ink, (quill, s.nsal pens, wafers, sealing wax, p Iing annd bll k cbards, blank looks of every sine and l·~t~e I s heant boat books wrhiing parchment, bronze in'keande. sand hoen., red tapa, nire fire, lend weights, India rubbaer, pounce, &c. %e-. For sale by IAVIT) FELT & CO, New York Stationers IHal, nnv7 4 Cbartres Pt "1AI'41I--10l) r'ams nheatllu Paper in stnre and P r f ale Ial S l J P' WIIITNEY, , S S J P' WIITNEY, nvl7 8 Conti st il1ýOFEFl S FF ',l.r, Pienlo, n hile, B e ggin ; C 300 n s I .i I, C(rie, 150 hnxes white Hiavnna Sugar, 0110 bal nm. fanl Ira Piento, 6f01 pieces Kentucky Baggian and 11001 coils ltope, for sale by nov7 A FISK. O.lIlIEN CIlESE-50 lors Goshen ):In se( . _ now landing from Now York, in store, nrd far eurln by T R IlYD) E & FIRO,, ornt3 car CommOlnaln linglzine street WTINE & I'tlTEl IIOTTLI.ES-5( gros, wine, a and 100 gro.s pofrr Irtler, for male Ib Ill)L1I1,S & 111I1.1.n, nnv7 Inlk Alley. T R 11IVI)E & BRO, nov7 rar ('onrmnlll & thnrlainr Pt L" IVl11lqp) L n)t,. In truk no f .iwl- sue. to Suit p1:11 Fers, for lr lIOI\IFIS & 14II1..., lnv7 91 Ilnarr Iner P3AI I S 'I, iF canne fa -1air by , I'.. Ft IhI)1E. & S)n . nov7 err (Com n & li' Mng zine at , .OF IE:-50 b t1'.; ialinvaotrl , C 08 FO I Ito do :10i1 Ilo il. IDomllingo do., landing per ebrip i.ane Ilirke, folrralr by IAWVI ( NCl: & I.F(: ENI)IE, nit 211 a 29INewLrene Camp street nnov7 - - Tn It EN T. ..... A N Office on the Snleod floor of Na. 66 Camp st. Apply on the Ilremi-es. nov7 1111.-i5i) bmarirIs . ime Olr , r .-i lv I' :'rPER l.AIDI.AW, nov7 i 6 Camlp at TIIEAS--3011 T71h Loxes Inmlerial Tea and Gun powderr Ten 170 13 lb 1 dor d oo . do 175 cises Canliser do do do 47 I-2 (Chll'esis Ioutlhong Ten 40 boxes Smochong landing fronm ship Isaac iliekb, froml New Your, for sal' by I.AW\YIENCE & I.EFGENDIIE, nc7 2l & 29 N Le Levee UTT"IhIlt--lll) keg. (ilUrleun Uniry Buttler, of firstal quality, lnuding anld fr srale hi r'1'F''Ihl1 &' AVERIY, o1v7 Ii (rravier iPt l-.-linlE 'TO IREN'r. That erlomfortableh dwelling house in PoI dnM F rIe nret, ldjrilrinlg I tile niow Me'lclulcl SChallrel; it isllnewlyr Iilnlred n nllirted ull nndl hasv nal conllinr odation for am anril . A1(lilv to lOuF0 h A' MAY, nr,7 3 Carloldelet at GiUNNY IBArS--O0 bllren ,ra,orted siazes lading frlUUc ship IDelli, at I or saile IbY ' J' I II W TNEY, nov6 8 Conli st 1 I1hIE-il-/1 raeks al'blruauton Lime, landing in good . order, nsld for Stale by S, & J 'F WHITNEY, noFv6 I Conti at Ii' lNING Of lie .Vaw Orlean, Yroun;g MIerchatcll c .Jl.lchaniec' [NSTIT T 11 ' E, 1 N Ice FI.rln, Itoonr , in the ilIrrselren of the Meth lodist (t'lllrul, corlnlr o1 I'uydrs land Carondelet streets. L:ctrUlce on l'ardrarl street. Orrwing to tile rluhlir,,rclrle aslte of the weather on lanst Satllnrlay, tilh Illllling aldrlreR to be delivered by L. C. IJuucrat EnrlI. Iuia bcer Iostponed until to mor row 17ti irust.) rt 'rring,7 o'rlrork. The friends of the carue rof Educatilon, Ladies and Gentlrcnen, are rlespctfully ivited to attend. nvl---Jt B ACON SIf)ES-411 cb s uperior" Cincinnati . curd, in and fir rslry bIy G DORSEY, nv6 44 New Levee EWVI CtIiP liA It--lil0 Ihdis Irime lfr sale on illlnrtaiiau, nbovne ir, eity, by L 'BAAD no BAFRISTOW, nont 7 Bank Place I)AGU ING-And Bale Rlrpe, for le bl irv B READ & BARS'r'OW, noan 7 Bank Place. IRIAIA(i. \V'INI -Sweet inir Dry Malrrt cinr; L in qr eaka uld Indlli i bills, entillell to debelnlure for sale by RtEAll & FBAIRSTOW, nv 67 Gravir ct. 'LO'TIIING--30 carscnaearnllnabhe Clolchig, eo-n Spriling an asrlr nnei of sarinet jackets and pan Inloons; I)erry and actt unlade pntll; heavccly white cu. iOn; Calicor, .ierlol streried tnilletd, and Flannel shiirta, lauding frol, ship I)cll linti, lir ce bin IS.AAC B1IDGE & CO. nnvl 134 Magazine t SliI. YS-A Ie' Cicrirnrli Dirays an huld ,.orla, J i, G DOIIS'Y, novi 44 New Irv.ev CIf IIOC -I.A''i--I 16ruen1V rrest (nhocoiate, lading fIrou ship )Dallnatin, fur s rle rvy ISAAC FF1DIi)E & CO. anafi 131 .Magnazie t 1"ll 'K-ri lrl.h U X Ilorcia Fiuck, per ship Cuit. FF tof, ilc store auadr for hsale hb \FIIFrTIthIiGE & CO, nov° 76 Milnazine Li ctFlcils u Il\Ib IFOPE--51iil pieces bagging ci711 cUile care, lbrsarle bly LA\'ItENIE ,`' LEGENI)RE ilIV_ 2ill or dl New I.evee r l.c.n. in hole uad hiu.llbrrrcls, Nan. F ill for ale bv IAWIRENCE & I.EGENDI)RE, nm'2 ~I l: i New Levee M. d IlrI tmru acurline Folio f'asl, .1 superior qu .. it)', fr sale how lby IDAVI' FI .l' & CO, Nera aork nrnrd Slilalinr'd hlali. rctR1 "r ('hnr~nen st a vL.\.yr,, c, ,'.a-8, baleis r Ar. 1.2 buaerel bagr , i"ill teno rind for sohe by ISA.IcC liIF1I)M. & SCt), ('131 134 Mlagazire at i3-Fs llii Irrýl' r lI hhr Cfra ic priue dnat CAI.1)11'1.N & FIOF'EFR, ut I 3 12r Julin 't. 1AY-l bodes prAlnt flay latntlg froti elidp Los?| L isa, and for natl by J'D) BILIN & A COHEN, nov5 99 Common n - iE( S I'tllt-4 bbl Ales anod (iB bbls stilt 1 Pork, in store and fIr be Aby RY, ST'EI SON & AVERY, - nov5 88 (Iravier at T( oVERSn--lading fromn shlit Vistula a an orttn Ien. f lPeoples Crookiag Q:t svt't"anld :nulltino llnans. ofl iffertnt iaesr, from No. to 5, of the latest pattern., ititable for teamt boats; fr raleH byv Ti nl H'I)EVEREAUX, Ph oo," 5 26 'Ti'hnptoalnau tD nov5 26 'T'ehopitounam at NEW PUIILICA'TIONS. H OW TO OIISERVE.-Morals satd Mannoers. By _ HIarriet Martineat, in one volnne. r Publie and Private Etonomy. Illetrated by heber vations made in England isl the year 1831i, Iy T'heo dora Sedgwiek--part second. Oddities of Lord-n Life. Ily Paul Pry, author of Little Pedlington, in 2 volsR. I ie Inlpernul, a Cihri utoss and New Year's present Ct forl 1S S Tie Wonrks l I.. E. I.nndon-complete in one vol. Iliawer's Works, witll illuetrations, complete in one volume. Just received and for sale by Weal NI'KEAN, oetl2 cor Camttp CtttlllOn at TO iIERCHANTS. at IJ3MERCIIANTS enn have a rBEtrrtrU. CIRCa- ol Lan struck off at four hour Notcrr, by callingat Lthe t C'ompting Rtoom of TRiE AMERICAN PRtaTIro Ii OFFICEt, St. Charles Exchange, adjoining the READ- n1 ton RooM at Corner of Graier street. NOCURE NO PAY. I"R.JOIINSON, Office IiI Ilienville street, con D tine II prN i ette t te treatlntt of Venerenal I)i.eae. ,t all its difoirent frutn. C Dr. Johnson, from a residenlce of tIllonv yoears ill o, pitull in Eurol, dvot-ed to the treottoenot of Venereal tliteases, adftt rom, his iresllt xt,.asive platn.lice in that particlnrlo branch of tlh profe.eion, guarantees a leoafle, speedy and erlletunl otre toIn sch peresons as are tobled witht aty of rthe following diseases, viz: t iGonorrhoea. Gleet,t Strictutes, ChnnereP, Iluknbo, °Setlinal Veakness, Alfetriots of the Illudder, Kidtrys, Loins, Urethra, Protrate tiland, Swelled 'I esticle, P Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Tlhroat, Paion in the f hJoAdi the n.umerous symptomI. s .which generally follow this digseae. Recent enses cured in two or ltte-.e .Ioys withoolt the Y ule of Mercury, interruption nrom business, or altera- 1 tion in I le,,totd of living. A Aledicine toi prevett Venereal Disease can be oh-t tained of DIr.Jobnsot. It is friom the recipe of the Baron Lorry, a celebrated Fretlch Surgeon, and was used bIy hit duoritng tIleseveral cualnpnio ino which Ie aserved-, Surgeon (iGeneral ill thl Frlellb Army. S Sold by Dr. Jtlutton, tt hi oullice. 'Illosne irrsons is hhoing anly afrt lion of Venereal Dfisease, and slcnt Staking sea voyager, or rerlovilg to the countrv, would do well by giving Dr. Johnson a call, ts proper oedi- I cities Ior their cure in tile sborlct time can be pat upl 1.with written directiot" foth tlteir e. t Office open frot 7 in ttoe morning until 10 o'clock at r Snight. S AIIEINETIIY'S LDY)dPPEl'l C ELIXIR. l or. Aber.ethlv, the greatest of Englilb surgeons wns oll of opinion tlt nine-.tenths of lthe dulcas s that af*lie ry manakiltd originate in the stomnach. 'rhic Elixir oans P ied bvy hIiom with the most tulpreeldeoentlted alltweei itl Shis prioate ind plublic practice liar ltowards oif forty yearn, fitr tile remtoval of :e followting dliseses:t Loss ofoapetite, Flatulence, )iotetiotin of the Stoatm d ocl, P'itn in Ilto sRie, Ictlevinj,, of thle Ilead alt i.oli nati to eleep,lrregularity of the lowel, and in all ee ( tcs w here Indigestie or a to..tire hblilit is found to exist. r This Imedicine must not be numletd among tle host noqtlnock ltottrus ot nt fore thet pultie, ltf i is tle d olo illvtlntiontt ttile ar leo t ndtt most Iot 'ielllfie Sllrgeotll Eurlp eveor Inrodltced, and ti t secret uf n rilng it e s Ichald blv tile ncteat lior a nvervy lrge shri. II is ,areeale tol IoImuctto thtle t-te, nt:It"a a mil aIer ianttlaen blepo lire borwel free, ilparth vigor and lrrengtr to r the rlateI , ,td lheerl ulllss to tile n liad; ntlid a ew pottlec remot- tilhe tlmoot ieolllnirmel inasesia tn I)lrplta or lndigetion, and prevtetsa returnrt atly old limuore period Non' Yotntli7tht Aougst, 1832. ;15 :a1l3mnin l·,n-t. ti SalR:-elll cnn ieq nef Ylealdig it sedenItary life, I have beet n tr, tlolld, ,notore or Iets, with I[.oli0esttion tor At ten veers; fr tile last lthree YearR Io, slllto'lillgS t io e Ibeeti intuenportmblo. I hitve triled metrul phyvic*intts tat"d a nllollbrotf qttek :,ollioiieS, withltlI driot inol t ino 0 Sbenefit. I di:silted of ever obtainitg lnv perlnllretot relictf, al reritneol lwyelft o tte Inlot hopeless despair. I was perms nl ded b"illmy friends tro ry Ahernelylw' yspe tie IElixir. I hate t now fiuietnol d tI,, ftirtotl, ot. etle. aoll kollow not o Ihwo e rss Ire ndnliratien of ils 1'e, wonderlal virtues anl the tnita.le it has performemd in restorihg mm' o obnf 1 llt whlich w e I [ I( thloot lol-t oort ever. ,eld mle h;alf 11to dl nz ,ll l molree+ ll1olt,, land teXce pt r et hanks bar tl"i.i+ you inv, rooli~rred t hy rf ,1i., torillg llnt toperle tt htllhh. i rpll tiaia woirl, Tihe, n-ent hao in hi' o.o.i.i n reseverl hllllreI reA fti~n dva... .... . .~pit e ta M r Flared ch i fly for I(,r II.IIY . I)·(·(lI)III· " oral ýotdrntsl r fit l f ln h f 19 rt1k.ret f iit ool .7 ailn,,(Iok i.jorhi ,·, nl told I't' i . a I; le is If. ll The o s . F A t 'rip ItRtonln.i'- of 1.1001, ho i fo f h 1nte t:.(;,,.t' lor Iole, by1 ( 111. II, is, iIh I 3i carCbs moT,3& blglazin llreOlI S in ir piedw 11ho0, ill Notes 11101w 515011 near New- Lot.-... ap14ly t Cie 013 cr 01Co. 11111 31nnlgeo stoot lIank Check., Bills of I.ndloy, Auction Bills, PamphletS, Show bills, Cala logues, &c. dc. ()"]'ORDERS for the hboor, and sIlrry other des eriplio of j'PIRIN lIN(irf1 cooeiroed a1 t omplisg Roorn of'l5TRE AMIERICAN," ill Sr. CHARL.ES EX CHA~cE, 3, door front Grovinlr atroct. E.etessire sod Beaultjil Blo,,o snd Jlon FoUNTS fr-s the beost Fondrijs is the Uinted .SOates, bhare jsi beon added to the olredly srell-stoslool IEstablish IIot: -andt OlliEos rill be eroosled as Iot, ao Chesply, Eslpditidously sd lalnd lltifillls, soost ooy olIer Oflooc in he LCitv. nsol-lf '11 I)ILITGISOIlo. lIUST reelsed perolriplOlloola fronN YoSk m 11 grac blackbColurt l 'laister, 49 dol Foslis co11 11o 2 do hellsrv'os calcined 3l:gll-oin; 2 1o Itloter'sA ilorijlet 11 2 do S11lilz Id01'Oo'ra. fob de I0 1131,ID I-lEI1' & CO., sotlL N Y Stlliooro' Illmi(tbohrtre rs - - - NI-sFCsF - - Y1liEs underille first llofl-olt llI 1110 & SIN NOTT, d solicit a l ontinualllOceo If t1 paltrolnllge re ceied b1y thleir Jon 111ChritlO, Ilile tal llllllCIinL busi llnIls inhi on n50e, as Wlllloleols Urscor snlld (Olulisoion MIerIcatllt. JOHN CItI ISlIE, nos2-So N. SINNFI'Il',Jr. Exehaiage 4s slloney Brokers. ST. CHARLES THI EATRE ARCADE. A 13.l1. of Exchnlgls so Nos Yolrb atlsilglh, for $500, for sale1 Uncsrrenosmossey, (0old slnd Silver, Bills of Exchalnge ; I'rolissory Notes, Ionk lsolld other Stobks, Boughtll, oldlutexchanllgell. ise2--:t CARDS (ti PRINTEI) atthe thoorbest Notice, in the moss eleIst msnnsrc, in Bslackl or Colored IsNs, on 00nnnrel led, Whtie Flake, or l'Isill .9llrfoll CARIlS, 1a0d (5t P1rice vcery reasonable at1 TRUE AMIER1CA N OF FlCE, corner of Pllodrao soat St. Chorles ets. &osrest NEW sod Ibsilllfuil FouintO of t(Y'o: hIae jLst besn alddle to the Establishme nst. Orders reoeived so CoIstptin RooIn, St. Chsrles Erchape, 3rd door fFroll. Grsvior at. noel-tf _ Mondelli di Reynolds, ARCIIITEC'I'S AND) BUILDIERS, i AVE remo0ed1t ihLei oics to rho iMlEscsoT'a il EscNOE, 21n Slory, No.'!. Esirance troai Elchange Piace, near tbhe I'oi Office. A CARD. CIHRISTIE R. SINNOTT, Whbolesole Grocers and CoI,101seoioi .Melrchant, No. 27 Clomon Stelet, New Orlenll. (13Particularrlteltenfis paid to thle putting uip of Stafta bo~lat find Ship "laures. nov2 '(lE D~OtLLARS LEWO A Ill). R UN az on Ihe lonme1i11g ofl he 3Sthb IobeIr, 11he ý "lave L~A'I'HARISINE5 n putc, agedl about th1irty Yseas;opeebsFresnch ldo llgllolio o(llIIillollllld bill "ry to pass sll-rolf as free. Tle lalore rward sill he [ail ror her doliosrv to 1h 1111s o eelribcr. - O'l.fII MAY, :3 Coroulolol 01 olo l"llm sod-Lakio, aw01r hosrbslrilllg thie ubLte n Iiord slase, oIlber ite penraliy OIr tile l loo s TUS'r reoivell at thle Louijillal Ieurnitllra Wore 11111519 71 t ,{111 5eill 10o11.,clu 31010 C1h1er1 y lied-tend.;: a first rate article.. Alsol, a eood assurlri 11111 of Mapl110, OVilolno, 5n1.1 l'olllald Clhlor, whichl, will be 00111 Iso teIlsl oslll1tiri cer. ti. jP7 5.1 IlilleSlllO 011t. P llll,-I3 INRN-%oalbs sod 25 boxes fleilllclnlse. Lb ill -tre snd for bslo 115 II C.NNNiN, 'osllll II F-os -tart St. Charles Theatre. Second niight thir ereaon of Ithe. Drammn o DON JUAN OF AUSTR'IIA. ON T'HIS EVENINt, NOV. 7, Will be performed the Tragedy of DON JUAN OF AUSTRIA. Charles 5th, Mr. Pearson, Philip Soi, Iebar, Si Don Jan, Harrison, JO Peblo., S Cowrell. C Floridaln, Nrs. Farren, Si Dorothea, Smith. An Overture by Orchestra. Grand Pas Stal, Mad'e Iaveot. - Ares which the new Forn:e of THE LOAN OF A LOVER. h Peter Spyk, Mr. S, Cwell, S Capt. Alnerefort, I)ebr, (1 Swyze, Williams. (Gertrude, Mrs. Ilebar, Ernestine, Plamer. S- -- ------- ------ I EXCHIIANGE RRDIGtD G ROOM. fo TlIE proprietor hoa re-lIrted his lReading IRoom,in lThe St. Chnrlerho Exellnnrec, Corner o Girateir and St. Charles street, I tlhe neaetrt anelner. lesider .oal thre Rrit.ipal apers of tie Ualit.l Stalerr, of every oiy said slate. rtle CaiMndasliexs nd tMexi ro rnli I al rranna, re, ,roin is rregularrly antdi xeinsva yIv rrpplied wih tlhe latest Eutr;pelanp parte, .l I.ed'a Iiat. rnod Prie. sPrie (3rrrelr-t. Also with neairr ml all the Literary Perirlienls o 'tlte dnay, ant has there puldicatioma .f the London, Edinhotrg, Wee.rinsterie , -Metropolitan Reviews rnd tliachkwonds llgnzine. Tilre North Atorican Revrierw; thre SouoIern I.itern.rvKniek Irooker,Tlhe Americanr Joarnal atf ceinerce anti Arts, Cnhabiat Ali4cellany DeIontoir lic IlReview, (ientleraen's It n gai, AneAmeriean ttn ontili Ienll y'tl' Misceltlny, the SMeaori Clrirrrgieal Reviewa, and a variety of othelrs. ktAll tee works are regolnrlv soerrihedi tbr od reaen. red. The rooml is alsio PrijlliIed ,aith a hrg'c vlariety of maps nnod rliases, N'itele regiater, I.evy's rice Cur. rentfroml its conrmencement, Gallzatcerr, and a variety . of works ofreference. p The most active & intelligent news collectors are em iploved, to give tle erliest arrivals, and no painanor ex d Spease will be sparred to render this Reading Roorm tile first the Unilrted Sltes. SS.b.cripltions are respectfully receive I. octlr--tl FA1E FSHIONABLE PARIS MIINERY. 7f HIE subscriber thas te ionor r inforoing the I-r of informin Sdies, that ire hao receivrd per shipa Iafayette aranld Marengro, ot supply of frll mrtl winter Millinery, of athe ltelatrst ad richett materials in Paris, which tlra. SScanln expects to have opened ant ready for exam 1e ination on Monday and Tuesday next. D P SCANI.AN, nov tt5 (hnartre st Id MAYO)RAI.L'Y )F NEWV ORI.EANS. S. ml'1S rive of Fresh flour to-dny is $12 511 per barrel, I' ri to tile urtli. tie aikers shalle give dlu-, rirg tire trsell week (frhtr Modaiyv 5t itlar.i) ouran tt cps of bread fora hilt. llread of the sPcond quality to required to weigh 25 per cent, more. viz: :r t olnces. rro3 (C. IGENOIS, Mnto-r. N ENVELt)I' PAPlK--Just rreceived t fiw rmnm OIfv fervatperip r Envelopre olr Post Otlice Paper, I medium, royal and imperial Mlwi, oIbr sll by a urr AVIDc I"E ]T & CO, r New York Stationers lhll, nov3 I21 Chartres at , EAII lir:i()NS --Jst recv Irrw eopies l of tie Mlerhant's and Seanlen Elxpediliun li GMea.arer -I- Rudie IlRekonemr, fnir sa it b I)AVII FI-I.I.f & CO, toNew York Stationer' M if , nov3 3 AI Chartrei st Is r\i UR'.EN'I'iNE--15 barnrls tpirils "ol'I're*.-ies Slanding from s. I'.'rdonue t, fi)r rste by it DLA I)I g it ,I I ir t ettr ord (lnrntn ra n &. Trchrl0oeJ ud' st ur '1ll.JIU"--20,Ili Princ+ip of sllperior qutlity now ill store, r anr ftor al n, t by ISAAC BRIIDE &. C), nor:l I:3I Magazilne at rIrAVANA ,l!,:AIllt--Whtitre and trorln, Box r n l gaTrs, of a prime qualihv, I..ding and filr sale by y G iLAnNC1ARI'. nv3: 334 (;nvier at far -. A--A-I - (+ 1'F "';+-o llnle quality in sItore cSG II.ANCIIAiD, . I l d ValRetine broI ol. i1) Iboxes Judd's pIatent iv' hllie alid olo rerd Sprm ('allsi t tn Ilrior article. SFalanltil rd Wi 'er ,ntlrltid Srper'm It), pare ntrrche. t __ n t3 . .. 3 ;1ir icr Ft 24 " I.A R<;I:: n.dl .Ollllllrtitill.4 l: lo,+l nver I.ev,'. ou tion st orer , .l irra,,e.irl, sinrr . tr At , , " tO tlt; I , i Lih , r 'llr' iri r hrd r l lliit, s N II- Tile iiea iil \olll illlkt"n iu ulll drill ranIt.l i 11.1'. l l MII(-. It rll ll. r n i :Oll l toll l I r M. le 0121 ohl NI I n .i Ialli, nov5 a".l i 2') New Ieve ()( ''T.1'I'( )I:' '- 7:(11 iha'*l 'rr- I'lntr, ., of It lplriu ale ln'iylity, Iul'ivnl t "l.'r mtr'l ri: .,l | l Mins ionl lonae hoI el BALL ROOM. Noi:. '1ew 1 i ):):)., Tlll.. ea nbli-bna nr l ill ,ln on Till 'llaJi Y be \ I .1: rI. 1" Il. ,I h lil ni inre will aen li OiNla1 Tl i, iair will Ih rlve good order l hi I., 11C Itloom, fIr wi hu l plrtlpl he fats engaged oflieers of the I'ylhte.-. titt. 17. a ll l l laaa- , &. co, nlvl 7i lManazine At ( A : I'PAiP.lItS---J tt i,,, , it,,a a ,ra .t,+ve-' per new i nd splendid uilicle, Irreati by sca l5 NY "Sr tniilllar' IaIa1a a1 ibartra s At (i ACKN III I:i -l- - I, aa r I aNI hllackereNl;a 10-i. S No 'a l iull a lore anald N irala a, n 7i MlagalzinNe O1 IItIIE Oflhe of thli New Orlealn and Mobilhn Mail Line is relmoveid, froll under thIl e I:xcllH ngel Ilotel uL No.7 8 Pli'lr ldl s treet, at wh hich pla a lelter e uP g wlll l e kept oeInl until I_- to I . % b1. Fe'elr v letters the Peest Olice at 310e i e. Inol l Ia,, ". WIIII'MAN, l,\IRESII JIMWiC S-Now 1 ndi g froII & hips S Ilinnabler alnd Coihumbus; 131 packages oif + lleti. hineA, elehcted unlllder ouir plersollnal observatiOtn, expreA ly fil tlhi mlgrkltl. .'ler ic ae t:aln el, l'thre do plowhdered Ilark, 4(10 olulllacea. JSulphate Quinile, Twi .'ases pulr. E lelai, 'TeIn harrelas Ire IAllaial T'hree casesl Lit miiii ee nantec ''awellnty I .,i.b.a il Vi riNa Jal .lVISL & AND)REIIWS, \Vholesah.e Druggists, iolrl Cor Colm n llllr l tll T tloll iltuada atl Itw idozen (Coititon \Veigller's (,wll llook, ruled and bound ill the netes mllllller, or sae by ')AVII) FaFL'IT & Co, 4c10 New Yo Lk StLiOIaer' Hall, oct,0 '21 (lllrlrs at 'lInAS-1- 1 b'us (i unpowder teu, aahl 3l l.-.dan l 100 Ib boxes Imlperial l'ea, ih store, allnd for '1' TJ A 'YER, cr30 74 I'oydllras aEPI'nIt-- bas I'Pep1er landing from hip Col. I ulbusi anldi b la Vi sal by J TIIAI.,:R &CO. i'L aafaa 4PlLaaalrti I 7ana tilaai . aaCohuabus, alid for sale iaaaby a . J THIAYER &CO, net30l l 71 Poydra. st .^ACKIId I Eaad Col A l bln . " N. tlanall1 luckerel, hnl whalt,, ad hallt barrels- 2110 boxes ofCod Fish, ill store awl ftr sale lby ED1. S.PRA GIUE. _ oct30 9 Ctulllo Honse a FIO ACO--S loxel No, I la anuftalrella Palh tie 21 llloey Delw. laliadin a lnd fap sale h; & JP WHIT+~INEY, oct30 8 Conti st SP:ERM 1CANI).LES, Oill, e. 310 Ilxe New lledlrd SlrL Candalles; 411 barrels Refined \Whole 0 il; 4 C.ask New Bedafrd Winlter Oil; 15 C(sks Roofine Zinc; a 01l b lxl s Nol. I alItIl aBoa; Il| I bg. Ilnvana (olfce; 50 boluxes whie HUvana Sugar, superior qual hty, in tlolre sld for sale by Ji)SEPIH COCKAYNE, n- till 2.1 ru vier at / .lINi Sl'tUP in Luxes " 1o ,ntea/.h r L sale by RK.tD & IIAIASI'O\V, jIrAiirESIA;-n lalalara tia Ilaa'a n,. M1.1Cad nesin, and llutler',, Mllallenilal Aperi el l w t.. ranted gerninle--ju received by the siubsaribean, " var h r .a ab Ia r a ra h ry ulI blCak aa d SITCKRLES &n Co, "'; vurris l tit) I, i am , iaa tara ur:iuand Jane; blanck Ind brow.n japa.a far saie by srpC R. CI..tINN, 1 Colnlp at Nl))'i'lE. A TIIIa F'IIEI-TN'S IINSU.tIINCE lOFFICE hbi t be ll A te lora rilv rlloved It ii 4 .Il .....t, lnext I he lMerellhlat'. slid Traders Bfunk. [_tAVI--I1. Illlnnrel i'A . rsecadis Pl lpie i r te mon nrleintnl Imnlls.plrl ai Ino 45, rue in canal ioi, g l 1t la I aalllalae tl.;Arti:llala. nol liISLtDY WINE-50 bxes in lk Rre.aa Zilae boy an a Sla A'I'alt l 'I'a aiurl n a Ilaa Caal;ba. r; tE - ' S" 7R a ,dn. .a tl Camp St. Thieatre. Firt nightfi tl. eihaeu of hln Cnmedy ol 'rTHE SCllt)I, FOR SCANoDAl, - This Evening, Norember 7. -Will ie performed the admired Comedy of THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDALI Charn. Surfance, Mr.'Barrett, Sir Peter Tlenle, Jollhnstl, Joepihi Surface, Fredelrick, Crabltree, Ilrown, Sir Oliver, . IadvyToazle, irs. Barrlett, iMrtr Candour, Green. Oterture,by the Orchedlra. The whole to eonclude with the farce of RAISING THE WIND, Jeremy Diddle,, Mr. Barrelt, alltt, Ilrre. I )ld I'leiawar, lhallcly, nMis I)irahble, Mrs. Andretro, JUST received few dozel of Silllmon'a patent onnting hobre Ink lltalol't, il wit tawo hlcttlalutla for loack and onfarred injk,fLr f l c by I)AVII)D FEI.T Ce, New York Stationller' Hall, oct29 24 Chartres at SUIRVEVYOR'S OFIFICE--.F.COD M91UNICIPAL ITV. IOTI(CE in herel) given that in conformity with a I reolutiLno fthl Couacil of thile Secondl MuAnici ality, psell at their pittingcof ''CResdiy,the 23rd inst., I will receive at lly onche, till T'hltrslalv, the 81h of No vmbr iext, propals tor flurnish all ilice Ihlbeer reqaic rail flr brihlceealca the olher Mlnni,:ipnl workt . Ir one year fromt date of colntract-exelrnive only of sucl tlie ler i. hca alrecdy been contracted, to bs fiirlished for the wharvea. JO. l'11.1IK, Soc t'.. ýurveyor. iUItHAU DU VOYVR lIE LA hd MUNICI 1'ALI'FE. VIS fot par I prlcortl drtltfl rql'cen colicnllilt p LA d'clc reoalutill du Couaeil d. I 21 2 nlnticipa'ihb, pansev dans et soanee dtu '3 de ce mcois, je recovrai l' Itner hcreau jtc qci'an jeadi 8 de Noveahre arcclcellain de offre proulr la foarnitre pendant till ac llarter dtll e jour du contrea de tole Ilc blis nCcensaires aux poats et nutree ouvrages de In Munlicilitei, (nux de'ja con tractsa poor le wharfs excelots.) Les hlois aeront de cipre seia eau moulin ct lie loeillrao r .Vcliic . Il. P.ILIi, V e r'. Nouvelle Orlean, le 29 Octobre, 1838. SURVEYOR'S OFFICE-SECOND A IUNICIPAL SNOTICE i hlereby given that in eonfcrmity witlh a at theireittieg ot'Iuesday the 16th inst., I will receive, at my office, till Wednesday, the 7th day of Novelmcr a next, propoaols for elapplyiog and delivering all Illte - rirksthat oay lIe reqauired by sal Munticipnlitv for twelve innlht from, dote of rIce eontract. 'll'o bid r1, bricks deliverable in such quatlities and at suchl plU. e- esas iiay, fromc ione to tie, be required hy the eitr aveyor. Jt)S. PILIE, to octS29 Sutrveyor. IIIII-EAU DU VO .'KIt lIF L.A SECONDII MIU NICIPIALITE. A VIS eot lar lrc pr(senelt dlone qu'en eonformif dr, VI I'an risolutioll do Cllnseil dle hi Seode Illl t polit palt.e dells Si a.oanece diu ii e ce mooia, jo re-c cevrai lmon bureau jsqllu'al 7 de Noverlbre proclaicp des lotrroe poerl fcrair et drllivrcr ioutes l.n brilqCes qu, lt In lcnicllalcce icclcrra avo ar besc n hlclrl tin ac A es(irtirde la dale du eonllnt. Lee litechrhcirnrle cce nt in ecre du la et do lin ncillelre rqlalit eI l seront dlivrekla pIrr ,lunltilil' et alux ilaces qui serout do terls u utres dea;igics par le voyer JIl. PII.IE, Voyer. ct Nouvelle Orleans, le c Oc " (lobre, Pll.. o ICILY'V MAl Ir.itA WINE-1 hI a's Li. P; Collic º andl d eiza broload, ic pipes, Ialf cipec. qllarter casks, l n ed ctes, lr Ilcng frtoml c lip Icllci, fr Dole by ISAAC III lc . O n· cl, lt oric 9 131 allllgliln so IAl.T-l 8: Icag I.iverlpal Salt, ortlhington brand ' Incling fromal ship DeItoli, flr eale Iy ISAA C IIIIll(iE &CO, roctt9 I:t KI lteazille tt 4n" 11HE TOKE N FOl 118:19, a&. IP\T1C"'lokeh lalld Allnclie Sllc'llcoir, e Chnritllclas y andl New Y'car's prerseant itr l39--Edlctdcd Iy S. G. Goodrich. Ilitotry of the Reign f Ferldinand and lcn.ihl, the re Calholic,by Williamc II. Prescott, in 3 vole, c ndedition Just reclivod andl for aale ly K N r et cctl? ear (clnmo, and Common at' a -- NIICH()I.AS NICKLEItIY, No. 5, &c. cnc HlE tile andccc Aldnturerr of Nicklleby, contlining ce i . filcfccfl nircciclt l Illhre frlle-tu , nriec,'ll-mcc, Ip Il. riSihllccc doa, clccciclicand Cclc lclie crer ol tihc Nilcle y itccucily. Itedliced by loc., wr.iih illccolr ..i.. by ST'lIe 0.ilenrirlni Almennre amd rc!prehory of utlhfl' knel.bdlge, for ith year IMOI. cArleni of Scince nnl Arl--Or c .t-nl ,1I RtIe'i-c, oI" useful inveli ln uniiad ilmpi r rrol rsve ni, di-.r s,'r,. win Itris in lerchanica, hl'emlllslr lll en a liolltrl e Ilitory andu i I. clicinl eccIcLdy, wc lt h el:c llcrcig, who I;I. e Ii c oII l lcc icrac 0r, ll hc theccVc l ii,. J l,h lli-i nr iral lRom.ce, by T'choma+ l ilhler,ulllrcl ro .1 I ic al - the od, tlch cties at thel I ou tryll inll 1 , 1I l crc Iholunti, or ithe Icll'ae , . T iof Ih' Se Ily ih' n l a tholrl illTh I'llit,cThe SpV , rl.c v alc. Rberit Ira Ehw' new che:. lln ilod c.IornIs. deli'-i of iinlccI, fcr ltlcc ccp "h niyl'sc acnrc , ccc, ie, Di 7 'lln . e l.r '.... a dalc ' cc I te Itio h l; ,,, i ', f i .i' In.ul lll, lFIlll r IhR llic&c l c . it n.c r.ic d un t hir .el l " b \V \. b 1'11' : 1N. St ,lo) li,.ti oll('lllll nlld Ie(lllcl.l2cl ccc 1.51112 Fl l tlnu -ld I 4- l)l(8 L i, l'lim'.r \%llr -l," (oil; wcill i5 " Spei nI mcies, In i2store 1and I r aile blv W INlil ilr (;I.A1iv-l ~no,, a II lI, I" WZilo i hilons; X11 hl ove- 21,, bi I I .,.ll d"; h.r Iv I nct 29 car~IR1CReon Cannon I4 '1' hf ýJII. is e given tol any permit! that wib~ll ird ll a~lly). h la - e JI: l. 1 is i JI 1 sll She s ll ý I.,tw re n 1e St Vb r JAM 1.:O LAMI Iti:R ao -I v) ll- hS r t(' u Ill r m(INI 1-12 Iroroo ,. D1 oil, 11 llolkigý, hndliog bss 'hiji Rllh',wl, tin sale by IS C blt Illtred & CI1, 12 l'l' 111 ll" go .ine ii Drcfs & :-aolterade Ball, ZVASHUNGTO)N BALL BO4)0M Slt. I'tiIno 111 illeOwnoo Iinal & It, Marltn. flr o~ at to Ina freuda and the public for the , puial jllead l aotro e bestondon lunytorv. segsonse I renpeailolly inforin' theti tha tie ontnthliahioi, O ha b ieieneilged for the ieooio t ueien, of o it.-, nd cu dergon im iens , irn. Tbnbeiwll hejy nm y n one in quality uliqiore and aod Ileo nl u ill kepto by th ellesl IRentOurateur in the United Stlad . 'jb lutWilre-open on Silatllrday oeteng, 3rd o N.,eler next, booa (iRIN71t DIutENS.& MASQIIERADER 115ll., andwill Inhk elaice ion uul every lMnmnldayW, l.rn nnly and Sedaveo'ng, daring th... oenin, n icl will an.d no un lo t of lMay, 11239. N.ilt. The Greates itentieoin iitlte acid to keep big perfect iorder throughiout th., eniahlie haint, a u d. ninl~looli.nllcer s duneneastbmeltw b. difrn ir n oraslw A VID F'El~l & cl), New York nod Stntionueenlnia oote') 224 Cbartretea II AI'O4-one ino. 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